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					                                                                    WebEx AIM Pro Business Edition

                                                       Connect users any time, everywhere—
                                                       with secure, affordable business IM.

Standardize instant communication on a single,
secure, encrypted messaging platform.

Boost productivity with advanced business
functionality in a familiar, easy-to-use interface.

Improve collaboration effectiveness using
instant desktop sharing.

Streamline deployment and management
with centralized administration.

Minimize IT investment with an affordable,
zero-maintenance on-demand solution.

Get the reach and flexibility of instant messaging, plus security,
compliance, and centralized administration—with WebEx AIM Pro.
Improve productivity by enabling everyone in your organization      Adhere to corporate policy guidelines with flexible security
to communicate securely and share information right from            level configuration. Set and enforce corporate policies—from
their desktops—instantly—with the WebEx AIM Pro Business            relatively open to highly secure. Fulfill SEC 17a-4, HiPAA
Edition service. Meet all your collaboration needs with the only    and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
business IM solution that’s easy to use, deploy and manage.
                                                                    Safeguard your network.
Increase corporate effectiveness with business IM.                  Get WebEx AIM Pro delivered on-demand over the WebEx
Give your users advanced functionality designed for business.       MediaTone™ Network, a private global network. Ensure that
Make it easy for employees to get more done with an ad-free         all your sensitive communication stays private with end-to-end
console. Plus, use the tabbed interface for one-click access to     128-bit SSL encryption.
an Outlook directory, calendar and upcoming schedule, multiple
individual chats, group chats, PC-to-PC calls, file transfer, and   WebEx AIM Pro creates a standardized profile of all enterprise
video. Extend the IM experience; collaborate on documents           IM use, and authenticates every user. The system automati-
or applications during a chat using instant desktop share.          cally scans file transfers, blocks SpIM to reduce the spread of
                                                                    viruses and worms, and protects against IM and P2P threats.
Add rich, multi-point online meeting capabilities. Pair WebEx       You may also configure URL and content filters to prevent the
business applications with AIM Pro. Integration is seamless.        loss of intellectual property or confidential information.

Manage users and ensure compliance                                  Avoid added infrastructure with a hosted solution.
with secure, centralized administration.                            All WebEx applications are delivered on-demand. There’s no
Control usage for individuals, groups, or your entire enterprise.   up-front investment, and no maintenance or upgrade costs.
Maintain a uniform, professional image for your organization by     Just a predictable monthly subscription. So it’s easy to imple-
assigning screen names based on email addresses.                    ment, and easy to scale as your needs change.
Redefine IM for your organization
with these powerful features.
Centralize administration.
Add, update, deactivate, or reactivate users easily with batch functionality. Manage
enterprise usage by creating any number of domains and sub-domains.

Protect your network.
Eliminate threats to your enterprise with highly secure user authentication, end-to-end
encryption, URL and content filters, and SpIM blocking.

Secure all communications.
Count on the WebEx MediaTone Network—a private, real-time, carrier-grade
network—to provide better than 99.99% reliability and multi-layer security. Information
exchanged during desktop share is not stored, ensuring confidentiality.

Manage compliance.
Monitor, log, and archive instant message, voice, and video content in a time-
stamped, audit-ready format.

Administer domain names.
Create a professional image by choosing screen names based on your corporate
domain name.

Adhere to policy guidelines.
Set policy using a range of security options—from relatively open to highly secure.
Control users’ access to specific features or even to other groups.

Connect users anywhere.
Make it easy for employees to collaborate with suppliers, partners, and custom-
ers. Identify and federate your extended enterprise. Connect to the AIM Network
or its federated partners, including Microsoft LCS, IBM Lotus SameTime, Jabber,
                                                                                                                Accelerate business communications with advanced
and GoogleTalk.
                                                                                                                features like VoIP, video and desktop sharing.
Manage contacts.
Add contacts directly from global and personal Microsoft Outlook address books.

Communicate in multiple modes.
Escalate chat conversations easily to VoIP, video—even desktop sharing sessions.

Conduct group discussions.
Initiate group chats, VoIP conference calls for up to 10 people, or optional, multi-party                            Meet all your collaboration needs
web conferencing.                                                                                                    with WebEx AIM Pro.
Integrate calendar management.                                                                                       WebEx business applications maximize
Give users the ability to send meeting reminders, invite more participants, or start                                 productivity in every department. Launch
instant WebEx meetings—right from the WebEx AIM Pro console.
                                                                                                                     any WebEx application directly from the
                                                                                                                     WebEx AIM Pro client and:
                                                                                                                     • Eliminate back and forth email
                                                                                                                       and accelerate projects with
Give your users business-powered                                                                                       WebEx Meeting Center.
instant collaboration.                                                                                               • Stay on top of every deal with
                                                                                                                       WebEx Sales Center.
Use WebEx AIM Pro—the only                                                                                           • Provide instant follow-up to
on-demand business IM solution                                                                                         interactive training sessions with
                                                                                                                       WebEx Training Center.
featuring desktop share and seamless
                                                                                                                     • Give your customers access to instant
integration to WebEx applications.                                                                                     support with WebEx Support Center.
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