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									                       Old Songs, Inc., PO Box 466, Voorheesville, NY 12186
               Resource Directory for Acoustic Music & Dance
Bill Ackerbauer                              early American traditions, including Civil   Nick Barr
7 Prindle Ave.                               War music and tunes from the colonial        28 Cleveland St.
Johnstown, NY 12095                          era, on modern instruments in interactive    Albany NY 12206
Phone (518) 210-6181 (cell)                  settings. We share lively instrumentals,     (518) 489-2369
E-mail: smokinbill@aol.com                   lush vocal harmonies, singalongs, and        Email: nebgrass@verizon.net
Web site:                                    great joy in bringing this music to 21st
www.myspace.com/billackerbauer               century listeners. Favorite places to play
                                             include local and regional historical        Solo performer playing various
                                             societies, Lindenwald National Park Site     instruments (guitar, fiddle, mandolin,
Old-time and original acoustic folk and      (Kinderhook, NY), Saratoga Battlefield       banjo) with vocals. Performs songs
blues. Simple and somewhat wholesome         National Park, and libraries.                from the bluegrass music genre, and
entertainment! Acoustic guitar, banjo,                                                    some country and folk, as well as
harmonica and vocals, with occasional                                                     original compositions.
forays into other instrumental territory.    Annie & the Hedonists
(Available for kid- and family-friendly      Contact: Jonny Rosen
performances as well as grown-up gigs.)      110 Benjamin Street                          Banjo Bert & Friends
                                             Schenectady, NY 12303                        Contact: Kitty Murphy
                                             Phone: (518)356-7909                         Phone: (518) 732-7578
Alien Folklife                               Email: Arosen@nycap.rr.com                   E-mail: bertandkitty55@gmail.com
Contact: Joan Kosby or Paul Mercer           Website:
28 Academy Street                            http://home.nycap.rr.com/anniehedonists/     Banjo Bert & Friends play upbeat sing-
Greenwich, NY 12834                                                                       a-long music from the early nineteen
Phone: (518) 692-2405                                                                     hundreds to the nineteen fifties. The
 cell: (518) 526-2742                        Annie & the Hedonists features lead          group plays plectrum banjo, tenor
E-mail: info@alienfolklife.com               vocalist Annie Rosen, guitarist Jonny        banjo, and wash tub bass. They are
Websites: www.alienfolklife.com              Rosen, multi-instrumentalist Steve Fry,      available to play at parties, libraries,
                                             and bassist Betsy Fry. The group plays a     parks, nursing homes and senior
                                             mixture of acoustic styles including jazz,   residences.
Alien Folklife combines offbeat funny        swing, bluegrass, blues, old timey, and
songs with emotional ballads to produce      folk and is available for coffee houses,
their trademark blend of “wrist-slitters     festivals, weddings, and special events.     The Bard Rocks
and side-splitters.” On the funny side,                                                   Contact: Roland Vinyard
this duo of Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer                                                    Phone: (518) 673-3212
writes about cats, dogs, soap operas,        The Bagpipe Connection                       E-mail: roland@thebardrocks.com
termites and telephones. On the flip side,   Maureen E. Connor                            Website: thebardrocks.com
their repertoire includes moving songs of    904 Beaver St.
loss, love, hope and healing. Joan and       Schenectady, NY 12308
Paul have toured regionally as well as in                                                 The Bard Rocks. And he might play
                                             Phone: (518) 374-6034
England. They are regular performers at                                                   almost anything, so long as Trad Ano
                                             E-mail: meconnor@earthlink.net
Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, and have                                                  wrote it - Irish, old timey, humorous
appeared at the Old Songs Festival.                                                       songs, blues, gospel, Child ballads
Joan‟s warm contralto and Paul‟s clear                                                    (from his album "Hits of the 1600's"),
baritone combine to produce a vocal blend                                                 old love songs, stuff from the Great
reminiscent of sibling duos. Both Joan and   Performs highland bagpipes at a variety      Folk Scare of the '60's... --- you name
Paul play acoustic guitar, with Joan         of events including concerts, benefits,      it. With a name like "The Bard Rocks",
adding English concertina to the mix.        festivals, and community events.             the audience should expect to hear
Alien Folklife has two CDs, Double Vision    Workshops (education seminars) and           something about chickens (if you don't
and Down to Earth.                           lessons (private and group) also             get it now, it just proves that you are a
                                             available.                                   city slicker). And he might play any
                                                                                          number of instruments, 6 or 12 string
Ampersand Heritage                                                                        and slide guitar, banjo, autoharp, or
Contact: Beth Lawton                         Rich Bala                                    banjo-mandolin, all fully punctuated
Phone: (518) 766-9697                        PO Box 179                                   with jokes and wisecracks. Also
Email: Email Ampersand                       Billings, NY 12510                           available as a duo or trio.
Website: Ampersandmusic.org                  Phone: 845-227-7293
                                             Email: baladeer@aol.com
                                             Website: www.richbala.com                    The Barefoot Boys
Ampersand Heritage is a group of                                                          Contact: Rich Bala
musicians that brings a love of music and                                                 PO Box 179
an interest in history together. Led by      Rich performs authentic, traditional folk
                                                                                          Billings, NY 12510
vocalist and guitarist, Beth Lawton, and     songs and more recently written ones
                                                                                          Phone: 845-227-7293
Rob Sunderland on bass guitar, guitar,       from the Hudson Valley and
                                                                                          Email: baladeer@aol.com
mandolin & vocals, the group often "adds-    Catskill/Adirondack Mountains on guitar,
                                                                                          Website: www.richbala.com
in" other musicians, including Chuck Irose   harmonica, and mountain dulcimer. His
on stand-up bass, guitar & vocals; Gail      programs illustrate the history of the
Cashen on hammered dulcimer,                 region from colonial times to the present,   Rich Bala and Tom White perform
concertina, & tenor recorder; and music-     and has performed at schools, libraries,     traditional folk songs, ballads,
historian-in-training Chris Lawton on        museums, historic sites, coffeehouses,       square dance tunes and
vocals, penny whistle & percussion. This     concert series and festivals throughout      instrumental medleys on a wide array
group interprets music from the folk and     the northeast.                               of instruments, including guitar, fiddle,

banjo, mandolin, concertina, and both          coffeehouse, benefit, private party,              (518)452-1154
mountain and hammered dulcimers.               farmer's market, or open mic. Together,           E-mail: schulzbob@aol.com
They''ve played at coffehouses, folk clubs,    Smokin' Bill Ackerbauer and Roland
concert series, festivals, and square          Vinyard (The Bard Rocks) play a good
                                                                                                 International folk-dance band;
dances from Boston, Ma. to Beaufort, NC.       dozen traditional instruments, though
                                                                                                 instrumental and vocal. Instruments:
They also perform as a trio with the           rarely all at once.
                                                                                                 clarinet, violin, saxophone, tambura
addition of a standup bass player.
                                                                                                 (mandolin), various flute, accordion,
                                               Dan Berggren                                      tupan (2-headed drum), dumbek
Bates + Barr                                   Sleeping Giant Records                            (single-headed drum), bass. Folk
28 Cleveland St.                               99 Grove Street                                   music from Bulgaria, Macedonia,
Albany NY 12206                                Ballston Spa, NY 12020                            Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary,
(518) 489-2369                                 Phone: (518) 490-1809                             Israel, Greece, Turkey, Russia and
Email: nebgrass@verizon.net                    Email: dan@berggrenfolk.com                       others. Available for folk-dance events,
Website: www.batesandbarr.com                  Web: www.berggrenfolk.com                         parties, weddings, concerts,
                                                                                                 workshops, community events.

Bob Bates and Nick Barr perform a              Fresh, acoustic folk rooted in
variety of music, from country and             mountain tradition - songs about                  Chrissy Budzinski
bluegrass to rock and folk. While mainly       neighbors, lovers, and hard-working               13 Mahican Way
performing on guitar (Bob) and mandolin        folks, written with wit, soul and great           Catskill, NY 12414
(Nick), they are both capable of playing       choruses. The 35-year folk veteran is             E-mail: chrissybudzinski@aol.com
various instruments. One of their              known for his Adirondack programs                 Website:
specialties is music from the Louvin           presented with guitar, banjo and a strong         www.myspace.com/chrissyfromcatskill
Brothers. Both have played with Charlie        rich voice. "Dan is a throwback to the old
Louvin, and Bob played regularly with          role of the folk singer . . . he's articulating
                                                                                                 Acoustic Folk with a touch of the
Charlie for several years, making              things that need to be said right now." -
                                                                                                 Blues: Introducing Chrissy, a folk
numerous appearances on the Grand Ole          author Bill McKibben. Available for
                                                                                                 singer/songwriter whose style of music
Opry. In addition to the duo, Bob has his      concerts, coffeehouses, festivals,
                                                                                                 ranges from beautiful heartfelt ballads
own band and Nick plays with various           community events and Arts in Education.
                                                                                                 to upbeat and outrageous fun songs.
                                                                                                 Her warm crystal clear voice and
                                               Beverwyck                                         awesome acoustic guitar playing will
Bells & Motley Olden Music &                   Contact: Britany Orlebeke                         spell bind you. She‟s truly a performer
                                               265 South Main Avenue                             you won‟t forget!
Contact: Sondra Bromka, John Bromka            Albany, NY 12208
36 South Street                                Phone: (518) 427-0537
                                               E-mail: bochapin@mindspring.com
                                                                                                 The Buskers
Marcellus, NY 13108                                                                              Contact: Steve Herubin
Phone: (315) 673-2995                          Website:petesiegel.com
                                                                                                 Phone: (518) 435-9794
E-mail: bellsandmotley@earthlink.net
Website: www.bellsandmotley.com                Beverwyck is Kristen Hislop, Britany
                                                                                                 A hard-working trio composed of Don
                                               Orlebeke and Peter Siegel. The group
                                                                                                 Hinman on guitar, Conor Smith on
Authentic historic music performed in a        plays high-spirited traditional music for
                                                                                                 fiddle and mandolin and Steve Herubin
lively interactive style that engages all      contra, square, circle, couple and family
                                                                                                 on whistle, harmonica and percussion.
audiences for concerts, schools, and           dances, with a blend of Irish, French
                                                                                                 We all sing. We play Irish tunes and
festivals! For over 25 years the Bromkas       Canadian, New England, Scandinavian
                                                                                                 songs along with a healthy amount of
have presented concerts for adult and          and recently composed tunes. Britany
                                                                                                 bluegrass and a judicious selection
family audiences; participatory singalong      plays fiddle, Kristen plays piano and
                                                                                                 from modern pop.
storytelling for children; taught historic &   fiddle, and Peter plays everything else,
traditional dance workshops (French,           including guitar, mandolin, banjo and
English, and Renaissance); entertained,        percussive feet. Their name derives from          Byrne and Barrett
produced, and scripted Madrigal dinners        the original Dutch name for Albany where          POB 2551
and Renaissance Faires; appeared at            Kristen, Peter and Britany met and began          Albany, NY, 12220
Colonial American and Victorian historic       playing music together in 1993. For               Phone: (518) 767-9595
sites; and regaled the public with Holiday     dances, weddings, parties and concerts.           E-mail: glennw@albany.net
concerts and pageants. Their mastery on                                                          Web:
an exciting array of historic instruments                                                        www.celticguitarmusic.com/setceltic.ht
includes a variety of bagpipes, hurdy-
                                               Kate Blain
                                               Phone: (518) 899-6504
gurdy, hammered dulcimer, Celtic and
                                               Email: kate@kateblain.com
medieval harps, Renaissance wind band,
                                               Website: www.kateblain.com                        Tradtional Irish and Scottish music by
button accordion, medieval and traditional
fiddles... 3 Recordings.                                                                         fingerstyle guitarist, mandolinist and
                                                                                                 harmonica player Glenn Weiser and
                                               Mellow, acoustic folk - originals and
                                                                                                 singer, piper, whistle player and
                                               covers. Open mic host at Caffè Lena,
Bentwood Rockers                                                                                 guitarist Gregory Schaff. This versitile
                                               Saratoga. "She has the qualities that
Contact: Roland Vinyard                                                                          duo covers the full range of Celtic
                                               spell success for a modern folk musician
(518)673-3212                                                                                    music, including jigs and reels,
                                               - a beautiful soprano voice, interesting
Email: roland@thebardrocks.com                                                                   O'Carolan's harp melodies, pipes
                                               stories, poignant ballads, engaging wit
Website:                                                                                         marches, and songs. Available for
                                               and good guitar skills. Her shows are
www.myspace.com/thebentwoodrockers                                                               weddings, coffeehouses, festivals,
                                               immediately engaging for newcomers
                                                                                                 workshops, and other occasions.
                                               and regular fans alike." —Caffè Lena
Featuring an eclectic mix of old time
country, hokum and Piedmont blues,
                                               Bobba Culpa                                       Caryn and Andy, Fiddle and
mixed with the right amount of humor and                                                         Guitar Duo
                                               Contact: Bob Schulz
just enough scholarly infusion, The                                                              Phone: (518)479-3438
                                               8 Victoria Drive
Bentwood Rockers will play for you, be it                                                        E-mail: carynlea11@gmail.com
                                               Guilderland, NY 12084
Caryn Niedringhaus and Andrew Davis,             Dawn Collins                                   Ted Crane
a husband and wife duo, bring renditions         87 Sunset Drive                                PO Box 6886
of Celtic- American fiddle tunes to life.        Stuyvesant, NY 12173                           Ithaca, NY 14851-6886
Beautifully played fiddle music and              Phone: (518) 758-8369 home; (518) 424-         Phone: (607) 273-8678
inventive guitar accompaniment creates           2342 cell                                      Email: oldsongs4@tedcrane.com
color and diversity in their musical             Website: www.expressiveartscenter.net          Website: http://tedcrane.com
collaborations. Musical selections from          www.oletsmakemusic.com
USA, Ireland, Scotland, Shetland Islands,
Sweden and range from fast paced jigs                                                           Traditional music and dance for
and reels, waltzes, polkas, to slow airs,        Vocals and acoustic accompaniment on           regularly scheduled dance events,
and songs. Experienced performers and            varied instruments (guitar, banjitar,          parties, weddings, meetings, and pretty
players, they are available for country          mountain dulcimer, percussion) for             much anything you could think of.
dances, weddings, festivals, concerts,           childrens birthday parties; historical         Teach and lead traditional,
workshops, community or private events,          events, libraries, cultural associations,      contemporary, and original contra
demonstrations and lectures.                     community events; senior settings;             dances and squares, and couple
                                                 weddings and special occasions.                dances (waltz, schottische, hambo).
                                                 Certified Music Practitioner, National         Live music available.
Andy Caruso                                      Music for Healing and Transition
- Hammered Dulcimer                              Program, providing palliative music for
Lake George, NY                                  chronic and critically ill, and the elderly.   Jim Davis
                                                                                                17 Prospect Ave.
Phone: 518-668-3391
                                                                                                Catskill, NY 12414
Email: quietplaces2@verizon.net
Web: www.andycaruso.com
                                                 Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann                    Phone: (518) 943-6559
                                                 Contact: Jen Hedderman
                                                 399 Wellington Road
                                                                                                Celtic harp for weddings, restaurants,
Composing and playing his own music on           Delmar, NY 12054
                                                                                                parties and nursing homes.
the Hammered Dulcimer is Lake George             Phone: (518) 439-6467
musician Andy Caruso's real passion. He
also includes Irish, Scottish and American                                                      The Dawnland Singers
                                                 An international organization, Comhaltas
Folk tunes in his repertoire. An avid                                                           Contact: Joe Bruchac
                                                 is devoted to promoting traditional Irish
outdoorsman and ADK '46er' Andy's                                                               PO Box 308
                                                 culture, including music, dance and
compositions are inspired by his                                                                Greenfield Center, NY 12833
                                                 language. The Comhaltas performing
"trampings" through the Adirondack                                                              Phone: (518) 583-1440
                                                 group performs traditional Irish music
Mountains of Upstate New York. Available                                                        Fax:(518)583-9741
                                                 on traditional instruments. Accompanied
for Community and Fundraising Events                                                            E-mail: asban@together.net
                                                 by singing and dancing. Available for
along with Coffeehouses,Festivals,                                                              Website: www.ndakinna.com
                                                 events and festivals. Donation accepted.
Wedding Ceremonies or Special "Family
                                                 Carol Connolly                                 Traditional and Contemporary Native
                                                                                                American music and storytelling.
Cavanaugh & Kavanaugh                            Contact: Carol Connolly
                                                                                                Our focus is on the history and culture
                                                 1100 Niskayuna Road
2280 Duanesburg Rd.                                                                             of the Abenaki and English. Storyteller
                                                 Niskayuna, NY 12309
Duanesburg, NY 12056                                                                            Joe Bruchac, linguist and drummer
                                                 Phone: (518) 786-1271
Phone: (518) 463-7103                                                                           Jesse Bruchac, singer and historian
                                                 Email: talesntunes@earthlink.net
E-mail: music_and@hotmail.com                                                                   Margaret Bruchac and singer and
                                                 Website: www.talesntunes.net
Website: www.cavandkav.com                                                                      percussionist James Bruchac make up
                                                                                                the group.
                                                 A professional storyteller for over 20
Versatile folk duo playing original and
                                                 years, Carol performs for both children
traditional songs and tunes in the Irish and                                                    DayLily
                                                 and adults at schools, libraries,
Southern Old Time tradition and more.                                                           Contact: Gail Griffith
                                                 museums, colleges, cafes, nature
Coming from very different musical                                                              345 Totem Lodge Rd.
                                                 preserves, festivals and conferences,
backgrounds, they blend their two styles to                                                     Averill Park, NY 12018
                                                 and for professional and civic
create unique, exciting, and heartwarming                                                       Phone: (518) 674-3052
                                                 organizations in New York, New England
performances. “This … duo, who just                                                             E-mail: geg345@gmail.net
                                                 and North Carolina. Her constantly
happen to share the same last name in
                                                 expanding repertoire includes myths, folk
pronunciation if not spelling, have been a
                                                 and fairy tales, literary tales, and modern    DayLily is a band that plays beautiful
long time part of the Capital District music
                                                 "real-life" tales. In addition to her solo     traditional American, French-
scene…talented multi-instrumentalists
                                                 performances, Carol is a member of the         Canadian, and Irish music for
(banjo, guitar, piano, mandolin, dulcimer,
                                                 highly acclaimed storytelling quartet,         dancing and listening. It includes
fiddle, limberjack) who share a
                                                 Four Stories High and the multi-award-         Vonnie Estes on piano, John Guay on
commitment to music as a way of life.” -
                                                 winning musical storytelling duo, Tales        hammered dulcimer, Terry Klein on
Caffe Lena. Available for workshops and
                                                 `n Tunes.                                      fiddle, Patricia Kernan on harp or flute,
performances for children and adults at
coffee houses, festivals, weddings, parties                                                     Marilee Urbanczyk on pennywhistle,
and other special events.                        Corelli Clash                                  and Gail Griffith on concertina (or
                                                                                                dance calling - see her separate listing
                                                 Contact: Ole Christensen
Veena Chandra                                    334 Sand Creek Road
                                                 Albany, NY 12205
25 Garling Dr.
                                                 Phone: (518) 446-0811                          Ed Degenhart
Latham, NY 12110
                                                 Website: www.corelliclash.org                  22 Holloway Lane
Phone: (518)786-1309
                                                                                                Averill Park, NY 12018
                                                 Corelli Clash is an Early Music                Phone: (518) 674-5247
Performing Classical and Light Music of
                                                 Recorder Trio based in Colonie, New
India, Devotional Music. Instruments:
                                                 York. The group performs for Retirement        Contemporary folk music on piano
sitar, tabla, flute, violin, harmonium, luraj.
                                                 Communities, Church functions, and             and guitar; covers and originals. Lena
Tapes and videos available.
                                                 Civic Organizations.
Spencer referred to Ed as "A voice that        A "maximum solo acoustic"                   occasions. Please visit
deserves to be heard." Available for           singer/songwriter & painter who             http://hammerdulcimermusic.com for
concerts, fund-raisers, benefits, festivals,   merges the brevity and energy of his        info and mp3 samples.
libraries and community events.                punk rock youth with a broad, passionate
                                               knowledge of American roots music
                                               (check out his musical portraits on the     Flood Road
Liza DiSavino & A.J. Bodnar                    website). Three solo albums. Member of      Contact: J. Peter Yakel
c/o Vane Pig Music                             Ramblin Jug Stompers and The Gospel         Phone: (518) 810-5285
880 Stanley Roseboom Rd.                       Train. "Like a louder Townes Van Zandt,"    E-mail: flood_road@yahoo.com
Schenevus, NY 12155                            No Depression.                              Website: www.myspace.com/floodroad
Phone: (607) 434-1164 (or 1162)

                                               Fairview Avenue                             Flood Road hail from upstate New
Escapees from New Jersey, this versatile                                                   York, playing an original recipe of
                                               Contact: Scott Hopkins
multi-instrumental/singer-songwriter                                                       “Acoustic FolkGrass”: a blend of
                                               Phone: (518) 569-4481
duo plays original acoustic music,                                                         Americana, Bluegrass and Folk. Their
                                               Email: email Fairview Avenue
traditional and contemporary folk,                                                         rootsy song mix cooks up a batch of
classical, and jazz. They do concert                                                       memorable toe-tappers and eye-
programs, contra dances, ballroom                                                          weepin‟ ballads as varied and
dances, Wassail programs, workshops,                                                       unpredictable as the northeast
festivals, weddings and parties. One or        Fairview Avenue is a bluegrass band         seasons. The quartet features Tom
both have won national competitions,           featuring three distinct lead singers,      King on mandolin/guitar/harmonica,
been played on NPR, and have done              harmonies from two-part to four-part,       Pete Murphy on bass, J. Peter Yakel
National and European tours.                   passionate instrumental picking, original   on guitar and vocals, and Chris
                                               tunes from every member's pen, and a        Schultz, on banjo. Homegrown
                                               professional and fun stage presence.        music...easy to enjoy...that's Flood
Dudding, Kate                                  They also play some non-bluegrass           Road.
8 Sandalwood Drive                             songs in decidedly bluegrass fashion
Clifton Park, NY 12065-2700                    with tons of enthusiasm and energy.
518-383-4620                                                                               The Foothills Trio
E-mail: kate@katedudding.com                                                               Contact: Bill Engelhardt
Website: www.katedudding.com                   The band features Scott Hopkins on          3205 Birchton Road
                                               banjo, dobro and harmony vocals. Liz        Ballston Spa, NY 12020
                                               Hopkins plays the upright bass and sings    Phone: (518) 885 - 4726
With entertaining, heart-warming and           beautiful lead vocals. Tony Califano        E-Mail: Bill@FH3.com
memorable stories, Kate Dudding has            plays the mandolin and is the band's        Website: www.FH3.com
become an award-winning author and             primary lead singer and song writer.
storyteller. For example, she won the          Morrie Safford plays lead and rhythm        The Foothills Trio hails from the
Story Slam at the 2010 National                guitar, sings lead and harmony vocals       Saratoga/Mohawk Valley region of
Storytelling Conference in Los Angeles         and also writes tunes for the group.        New York State and is a
and each of her two CDs have received
                                                                                           folk/Irish/maritime music group in the
national acclaim. She enjoys telling many
                                                                                           tradition of the Kingston Trio, the
kinds of stories to all ages. A particular     Fiddleharp                                  Clancy Brothers, and Schooner Fare.
interest of hers is giving a voice to people   Contact: Frank Orsini
                                                                                           The Trio's emphasis is on their unique
from the past who have made a                  59 Sherman Ave.
                                                                                           and high energy vocal arrangements,
difference. She has told stories at many       Glens Falls, NY 12801
                                                                                           especially their three part harmony.
venues in the Northeastern USA, including      (518) 792-7986
                                                                                           They can be heard on two studio
The New-York Historical Society (New           E-mail: chromatx@verizon.net
                                                                                           recordings: "In Good Company"
York City, NY), The Clearwater Festival
                                                                                           (released in 1994) and "Songs for a
(Croton-on-Hudson, NY), First Night
                                               Frank Orsini (fiddle, viola, vocals,        Winter Night" (released in 1997).
Saratoga (Saratoga Springs, NY), and The
                                               storytelling) and Darhon Rees-
Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge,
                                               Rohrbacher (Celtic harp, vocals,
MA).                                                                                       Adam Foster
                                               percussion) provide fine acoustic music
                                               for your special occasions.                 E-mail: adam.foster@adamfoster.com
                                                                                           Website: www.adamfoster.com
Chris Dukes
725 New Salem Rd #3
Voorheesville, NY 12186
                                               Bill Flanagan: Hammered                     Singer/songwriter. Voted "Best Local
                                               Dulcimer                                    Songwriter of 2003 - Reader's Choice"
                                               Capital District Region and Saratoga        by Albany's Metroland newspaper,
Email: Chris@dukesmusic.com
                                               Springs, NY                                 Adam is a direct descendant of
Web: www.dukesmusic.com
                                               Contact: Bill Flanagan                      legendary songwriter/composer
                                               Phone: (518) 384-1602                       Stephen Collins Foster. Adam's
Duo Dolce                                      Email: Bill@HammerDulcimerMusic.com         musical and lyrical style draws
Phone: (518) 785-7842                          Website:                                    comparison to such musical legends
Email: joehetko@aol.com                        http://hammerdulcimermusic.com              as Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, and
                                                                                           Bob Dylan. If you listen closely, you
Acoustic guitar and flute duo with Joe                                                     can hear the presence of these
                                               The hammered dulcimer has a                 luminaries as well as a distinct original
Hetko and Alison Jacob. Classical and folk
                                               wonderous, magical sound... a full, rich    voice.
styles for weddings and other special
                                               tone with glorious sustain. Once it gets
                                               into your soul, nothing else quite comes
                                               close. The simplest melody can take on      Four Stories High, A
Michael Eck                                    an intimacy and a fullness far beyond the   Storytelling Quartet
PO Box 1461                                    actual notes being played. Bill Flanagan    Contact: Carol Connolly
Albany NY 12201                                performs a variety of celtic, medieval,     1100 Niskayuna Road
518.432.6634                                   seasonal and contemporary instrumental      Niskayuna, NY 12309
Email: mandhand@aol.com                        music with a new age flair... perfect for   Phone: (518) 786-1271
Website: www.michaeleck.com                    weddings or other intimate social
Email: talesntunes@earthlink.net                 After twenty years of teaching Marni         compositions has thrilled audiences
Website: www.albany.net/~hello/four.htm          Gillard now works as a storyteller-in-       from small coffee shops to large
                                                 the-schools or literacy consultant,          venues.
                                                 performing,working with teachers, and
Four Stories High is a storytelling
                                                 helping children sing and tell tales. Of
quartet which brings both traditional and                                                     Gail E. Griffith
                                                 Marni‟s CD of life stories "Without a
modern tales to adult and family                                                              345 Totem Lodge Rd.
                                                 Splash - Diving into Childhood
audiences. Composed of Jane Ainslie,                                                          Averill Park, NY 12018
                                                 Memories," harpist Lucy McCaffery
Carol Connolly, Barbara Palumbo, and                                                          Phone: (518) 674-3052
                                                 says,"These tales are so honest, so real,
Mary Murphy, the group has been called                                                        E-mail: geg345@gmail.net
                                                 so touching. I couldn't stop listening!"
"the perfect picture of what storytelling is
                                                 Teachers rave Marni help students of all
all about." Four Stories High has appeared
                                                 ages and abilities claim their voices, and   Dance caller. Gail teaches and calls
at Albany's First Night, Troy's Victorian
                                                 the classroom community becomes more         traditional American, English, and
Stroll, The Norman Rockwell Museum,
                                                 cohesive. Marni‟s books, Storyteller         Welsh dances as well as Colonial
NYS Imagination Celebration, Caffe Lena,
                                                 Storyteacher: Discovering the Power of       American and Victorian dances.
and Sharing the Fire Storytelling
                                                 Storytelling for Teaching and Living         Specializes in working with beginners,
Conference, Boston, MA., as well as in
                                                 (Stenhouse, 1996) and Give a Listen:         and doing family dances.
school, library, and college settings.
                                                 Stories of Storytelling in School (edited
                                                 for NCTE, 1994), offer educators tips on
Martha Gallagher – The                           working with children as young language      Gigue-a-Bit
                                                 artists. Gillard has served on the Board     Contact: Yonnie Estes
Adirondack Harper                                of Directors of the National Storytelling    Email: Vonnieestes@hotmail.com
11021 Rt. 9N
                                                 Network and offers programs for adult        Website:
Keene, NY 12942
                                                 groups wanting to share stories or elicit    www.myspace.com/twobitsstringband
Phone: (518) 576-2055
                                                 them from elders.
Email: martha@adkharper.com
Website: www.adkharper.com                                                                    Gigue-a-Bit plays mostly Celtic,
                                                 Steve Gillette and Cindy                     Contra and Quebecois genres along
                                                 Mangsen                                      with original tunes by John Guay, the
On Celtic harp, bold and beautiful, and
                                                 Contact: Cindy Mangsen                       hammered dulcimer player and
with vocals from powerful to poignant to
                                                 PO Box 1501, Bennington, VT 05201            spoons/podorhythmist. Patty Rutins
hilarious, Martha Gallagher enthralls her
                                                 Phone: (802) 442-6846                        usually plays the fiddle (she sure can
audiences with original music of many
                                                 E-mail: cindy@CompassRoseMusic.com           sing, too); but we've replaced her with
diverse influences, traditional music and
                                                 Website: www.CompassRoseMusic.com            David Kaynor, Colin McCoy, Bernd
surprise touches of jazz and country. Her
                                                                                              Neumann or Maura McNamara when
dynamic stage presence, insightful songs,
                                                                                              she can't attend. Vonnie Estes rounds
and superb musicianship make for an
                                                 Nationally-known touring artists,            out the group on piano/pump
exceptional performance.
                                                 performing original and traditional          organ/keyboard.
                                                 songs with warmth and humor. Fine duet
Melinda Gardiner                                 singing, accompanied by guitar, banjo,
22 West End Road                                 concertina, and fiddle.                      Susan Hamlin
                                                                                              FloodWood Music Productions
Hillsdale, NY 12529
                                                                                              PO Box 823,
Phone: (518) 325-5546                            Ron Gordon                                   Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
E-mail: harp@taconic.net
                                                 801 Lakewood Ave.                            Phone: (518) 587-5456
                                                 Schenectady, NY 12309                        E-mail: tunes@susanhamlin.com
Harper and singer available for parties,         Phone: (518) 372-4172                        Website: www.susanhamlin.com
events and weddings. Also, as a Music            E-mail: mavasam@aol.com
Practitioner, playing palliative music for ill
                                                                                              Singer, acoustic guitarist,
and/or dying people. Melinda specializes
                                                 Performing acoustic music in the             songwriter, recording artist.
in the gaelic (wire-strung) harp, and also
                                                 following styles and instruments: Guitar -   Recognized as one of the region‟s
plays the lever harp.
                                                 traditional Delta and Piedmont blues,        finest performers of Celtic,
                                                 classic ragtime, swing, and country;         Appalachian, traditional & original
Jim Gaudet                                       Banjo - old time clawhammer styles;          music. Performs solo or in ensemble.
10 Kakely St.                                    Mandolin - old time, ragtime, blues and      Concerts for audiences of all ages,
Albany, NY 12208                                 celtic styles. Currently performing solo     school and library programs, private
Phone: (518) 438-1297                            and with Mandolin Madness for a              functions, weddings, traditional
                                                 variety of municipal and private events.     dances, workshops. Celtic/folk style
                                                                                              rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals,
Singer/songwriter. "The allure of his                                                         studio sessions.
songwriting is built upon his storytelling       Christopher Gotzen-Berg
prowess, which is at once captivating and        Classical/Flamenco/Composer
convincing. Gaudet has that rare ability to      46 Pleasant Ave.                             Harper's Delight with Martha
relate the very essence of being human           Centereach, NY 11720                         Gallagher, The Adirondack
with an engaging performing style and the        Phone: 518-866-1736
                                                 Websites: www.gotzenberg.com
clever use of wit. His songs honestly
                                                                                              Contact: Martha Gallagher
portray contemporary life in a refreshing        www.myspace.com/
                                                                                              11021 Rt. 9N
way." - Andrej Pilarczyk, The Source.            christophergotzenberg
                                                                                              Keene, NY 12942
                                                                                              Phone: (518) 576-2055
Marni Gillard - Storyteller                      Christopher Gotzen-Berg, a                   Email: martha@adkharper.com
833 Parkside Avenue                              Classical/Flamenco Guitarist on the          Website: www.adkharper.com
Schenectady, NY 12309                            WEPA Records Label, has been
518-381-9474                                     performing throughout New York State
                                                                                              On Celtic harp, bold and beautiful.
E-mail: marngillard@earthlink.net                for over 10 years. His unique
                                                                                              and with vocals from powerful to
Website: www.marnigillard.com                    programming of Spanish Classical
                                                                                              poignant to hilarious, Martha Gallagher
                                                 pieces, traditional Flamenco, and original
                                                                                              enthralls her audiences with original
music of many diverse influences,            This eight-member ensemble                     HOME (toll free)
traditional music, and surprise touches of   specializes in singing unaccompanied           E-mail: paul@homespun.biz
jazz and country. Led by Martha and her      music of the Medieval and Renaissance          Website: www.homespun.biz
Celtic harp, Harper's Delight fuses flute,   periods. Their repertoire includes a wide
whistle, fiddle, viola, hammered dulcimer,   range of sacred and secular music of
                                                                                            Families are invited to participate in
and percussion into a band with wonderful    such composers as Machaut, Morley,
                                                                                            community dancing from around the
music, a terrific stage presence and         Byrd and Monteverdi. The group is
                                                                                            world with an emphasis on American
creative arrangements. They are truly a      available to perform at festivals, church
                                                                                            dances that originated in Europe and
delight for audiences.                       services, weddings, parties and other
                                                                                            Africa. This includes singing games,
                                                                                            folk, square and contra dancing.
Harpist Lucy McCaffrey                                                                      Homespun Community Dancing with
Phone: (518) 478-0413                        Joe Hetko                                      Peter (Davis), Paul (Rosenberg) &
                                             Phone: (518) 785-7842                          George (Wilson) teaches the origins,
                                             Email: joehetko@aol.com                        sounds and uses of traditional folk
Harpist/singer with 33 years performing                                                     instruments, including fiddle, banjo,
experience.                                                                                 mandolin, guitar, clarinet,
                                             Solo acoustic guitar performance,
                                             classical, jazz, folk and standards for all    pennywhistle, and recorder. This
                                             occassions. See also Duo Dolce -               program helps children to develop an
Kim and Reggie Harris                                                                       awareness of what life was like before
Contact: www.kimandreggie.com                guitar/flute duo.
                                                                                            electricity, especially during the 18th
Manager: Vivian Niwes
                                                                                            and 19th centuries, when families and
 VNI: (303) 814-1500                         Chris Holder                                   communities made their own
E-mail: vniviv@compuserve.com
                                             Storysinger Productions                        entertainment with homemade music
Website: www.kimandreggie.com
                                             14663 West Lake Road                           and dance.
                                             Hammondsport, NY 14840
Music, History & Stories. The music of       Bus/Fax: (607) 868-7249
the Underground Railroad; Music and                                                         Meg Hutchinson
                                             E-mail: chrisholder@adelphia.net
stories of African-American history;                                                        Contact: Ericka Wilcox, Berkshire
                                             Website: www.storysinger.com
Original music of relationship, peace,                                                      Artists Group
ecology; Concerts, Assembly Programs,                                                       PO Box 781
Workshops for teachers.                      Acoustic folk music, stories,                  Lee, MA 01238
                                             performances and concerts for children,        Phone: (413) 243-6662
                                             adults and families. Fee range: $450 -         Booking: Katie Wells
Hawthorne's Hoedown                          $750 daily. Since 1977 Chris Holder has        Email: booking@meghutchinson.com
Contact: Caryn Niedringhaus,                 been a performer of music, storytelling        Website: www.meghutchinson.com
Musical Director                             and folk culture for children and adults
Phone: (518) 479-3438                        across the country - at colleges, festivals,
                                                                                            The twenty-four year old
E-mail: carynlea11@gmail.com                 libraries, prisons, retirement centers and
                                                                                            singer/songwriter describes her style
                                             schools. He's appeared on Garrison
                                                                                            as "lyric-based, folk-pop, barn-raising
                                             Keilor's PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION,
Hawthorne's Hoedown is a Young                                                              music with perhaps too much idealism
                                             led scores of community and school
Fiddler's Performing Group that have a                                                      and maybe a touch of the real sad
                                             residencies and has 3 cassette albums of
passion for fiddle music and who love to                                                    blues." Her songs are characterized by
                                             family songs and stories. Write for a free
perform! Hailing from the Tri-County New                                                    a weathered but unselfconscious
York Region (Rensselaer, Columbia,                                                          optimism, and a love of language and
Green) and neighboring Massachusetts,                                                       of the natural world. She's an award-
they play authentic renditions of Celtic     Homespun Occasions                             winning Berkshires singer-
American Fiddle Music on violin, cello,      Contact: Paul Rosenberg                        songwriter with two albums, Meg
penny-whistle, guitar, harp, and bass.       538 Providence St.                             Hutchinson and Against the Grey.
                                             Albany, NY 12208-3223
                                             Phone: (518) 482-9255;
HeartsEase                                                                                  Illegal Contraband
                                             (800) 908-HOME (toll free)
Contact: Gail Griffith                                                                      Contact: c/o Duvoo
                                             E-mail: paul@homespun.biz
345 Totem Lodge Rd.                                                                         880 Stanley Roseboom Rd.
                                             Website: www.homespun.biz
Averill Park, NY 12018                                                                      Schenevus, NY 12155
Phone: (518) 674-3052                                                                       Contact persons: Liza DiSavino,
E-mail: geg345@gmail.net                     Traditional music and dance for                 A.J. Bodnar
                                             parties, weddings, fundraisers,                Phone: (607) 434-1162 (or 1164)
                                             conventions, retreats, festivals, and          Email: itsduvoo@gmail.com
A band that plays beautiful 18th and 19th    public contradances. Providing leaders         Website: www.duvoo.net
century English and American music for
                                             for contra, square and international folk
dancing and listening. Includes Vonnie
                                             dancing; also: swing, cajun, Latin, Irish,
Estes on piano, Diane Hamilton Bell on                                                      Psst. Over here. Yeah, I know -
                                             Scottish and English dancing. Live music
violin, Patricia Kernan on flute, Marilee                                                   another contra dance band. But listen
                                             provided, including fiddle, banjo,
Urbanczyk on recorder, and Gail Griffith                                                    - aside from the usual rep, these guys
                                             mandolin, dulcimer, pennywhistle, flute,
on concertina. (Gail can also teaches and                                                   write original tunes. And they play,
                                             harp, piano, guitar, clarinet, accordian,
calls contra- and square dances for                                                         like, 20 instruments between 'em, and
                                             and more.
families, Colonial and Victorian re-                                                        set attendance records at 4 different
enactors, and the general public.)                                                          venues! They sing like boids in
                                             Homespun Traditional                           concert, and smuggle folk, ballroom,
                                                                                            swing and old rock-and-roll into
Helderberg Madrigal Singers                  Community Dancing with                         weddings, concerts, dances, and
Contact: Richard or Dawn Dana                Peter, Paul and George                         parties.
221 South Main Ave.                          Contact: Paul Rosenberg
Albany, NY 12208-2423                        538 Providence St.
Phone: (518) 446-0382                        Albany, NY 12208-3223                          Janes's Gang
E-mail: rhdana@nycap.rr.com                  Phone: (518) 482-9255; (800) 908-              Contact: Jane Rothfield

Phone: (518) 522-7445                           Averill Park, NY 12028                        Website: www.duvoo.net
Email: janerothfield@nycap.rr.com               Phone: (518) 283-4769                         Email: itsduvoo@gmail.com
Web: www.janerothfield.com                      E-mail: clglangley@juno.com
                                                                                              The girl from the right side of the
Rockin‟ Contra and Square Dance band            The Langleys' traditional and original folk   musical tracks meets the boy from the
featuring the fiddling of Jane Rothfield,       music combines the essence of Gene's          wrong side. With Liza's background in
David Kiphuth on Banjo, Allan Carr on           North Carolina sharecropping boyhood          classical music and A.J.'s in jazz, they
guitar and Geoff Harden on Bass.                with the 35 years the couple have lived       meet on the folk plane. From there,
Southern Tinged dance music with a bit of       on their E. Poestenkill farm. Their           they visit many genres, taking their
Celtic Flavor! Available for parties,           vocals, accompanied by mountain               audience along for the ride through
festivals, weddings and more!                   dulcimer and autoharp, "build bridges         traditional music (with a specialty in
                                                from the past and offer hope for              music of the Catskills), originals, and
                                                tomorrow." Available for festivals,           New Orleans jazz. The duo sings and
Michael Jerling                                 schools, libraries, historical societies,     plays a plethora of instruments. They
PO Box 718                                      churches, community events, the               have three albums together and
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866                      Langleys have performed and taught            received a grant from the Puffin
Phone: (518) 587-3307                           mountain dulcimer building/playing            Foundation. Available for concerts,
E-mail: mj@michaeljerling.com                   workshops for children and adults from        workshops, lecture-demonstrations,
Website: www.michaeljerling.com                 Vermont to North Carolina. They have          and events.
                                                recently released their first CD, Speak a
Michael has been a noted artist on the          Little Louder, Please.
                                                                                              The Lockhart Mountain Boys
club, college and festival circuits of North
                                                                                              For information and booking please
America since 1975. His live shows are          Lawson                                        contact:
buoyed by his sharp sense of humor and
                                                Contact: Eric Everson                         Bill Healy: 518/399-3675
his smooth baritone voice is backed up
                                                705 Deans Mill Road                           Email: stringdusters1@aol.com
with consummate skill on six & twelve
                                                W. Coxsackie, NY 12192                        Dick Sausville: 518/656-9392
string guitars, harmonica and
                                                Phone: (518) 756-8273                         Email: Isomabay@aol.com
mandolin.Michael has been among the
                                                or (518) 424-7245                             Web site:
winners of the prestigious “New Folk”
                                                E-mail: curragh_trad@hotmail.com              http://rare-
competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival in
                                                Website: www.lawsontrad.com                   books.com/lockhartmtboys.htm
Texas, and his involvement with the
seminal Fast Folk Musical Magazine in
New York City has led to his song “Long         Tradtional Irish music by Hilary Schrauf      The Lockhart Mountain Boys play
Black Wall” being included in a CD on           (fiddle, bodhran, whistle, vocals) and Eric   traditional bluegrass music from
Smithsonian Folkways celebrating twenty         Everson (bouzouki, guitar, vocals). This      northern New York, hard-driving music
years of Fast Folk. His latest CD, Little       traditional duo focuses specifically on       from the standard repertoire as well as
Movies, features fourteen new original          Irish music, including jigs and reels,        original songs from band members and
songs and has been released on his own          hornpipes and waltzes, O'Carolan              their friends. First organized in 2005,
Fool’s Hill Music label.                        compositions, and songs in the Irish          their new and current lineup includes
                                                tradition. We'd love to play at your          Mac Petrequin, banjo and resonator
                                                wedding, coffeehouse, festival,               guitar; Dick Sausville, guitar; Bill Healy,
John Kirk and Trish Miller                      workshop, or other special occasion!          mandolin and guitar; and Bob Zink,
Contact: Trish Miller                           Check us out at www.lawsontrad.com.           bass. Nick Barr joins the band on fiddle
PO Box 363                                                                                    when available. Their first CD was
Greenfield Center, NY 12833                                                                   released in December, 2007, and they
Phone: (518) 581-0255                           The Living Harp                               appear at all types of public and private
E-mail: quickstep@johnandtrish.com              Contact: Karlinda Caldicott                   events, including the Washington
Website: www.johnandtrish.com                   Phone: (518) 226-0508                         County and Schaghticoke Fairs, the
                                                E-mail: kdcharp@hotmail.com                   ABL Bluegrass Roundup, and the
Fiddle Tunes, Folksongs, and Fancy                                                            Thurman Fiddle Jamboree.
Footwork. John Kirk and Trish Miller            Karlinda Caldicott is a professionally
perform traditional and original music with     trained harpist who plays both pedal          Lost Radio Rounders
clog dance accompaniment. John is a             (classical style) and lever (Celtic style)
                                                                                              c/o Tom Lindsay|
singer-songwriter, prize winning square         harp in many styles, including classical,
                                                                                              P.O. Box 11621
dance caller, multi-instrumentalist, and        Celtic/folk and new-age style. Karlinda
                                                                                              Albany NY, 12211
skillful fiddler. Bluegrass Unlimited says,     has been performing on the harp for over
                                                                                              Phone: Tom Lindsay (518) 435-1526
"He's one of the finest vocalists in the folk   25 years; she plays in several regional
                                                                                              Michael Eck (518) 432-6634
world." In addition to quicksteppin'            orchestras, gives solo and chamber
                                                                                              Email: Email Mike & Tom
clogging, Trish calls dances, plays banjo       music concerts, as well as playing for
                                                                                              Website: www.lostradiorounders.com
and guitar. They work as a duo and in           churches, weddings, receptions, birthday
larger ensembles featuring Celtic and           parties, and other special events. She
American tunes and songs. Both of them          plays solo harp and can also offer small
teach at Skidmore College; John is also a       ensembles with harp. Karlinda is also an      Tom Lindsay and Michael Eck have
music instructor at Bennington College.         active harp teacher (see teacher listing      been playing Historic American Music
John and Trish have a variety of music          for more details) throughout the Capital      together for over 25 years, and in
and dance workshops for schools, camps,         Region as well as in the Oneonta area.        addition to the Lost Radio Rounders‟
parties and festivals. They have eight                                                        “Songs from 78s” repertoire, the duo
recordings of their own available and are                                                     offers a number of well-researched,
known for community programs for folks of       Liza and A.J.                                 style/artist specific programs, including
all ages.                                       Contact: c/o Duvoo                            “The Gospel Train: Historic American
                                                880 Stanley Roseboom Rd.                      Spiritual & Religious Music,” “Lincoln
                                                Schenevus, NY 12155                           And Liberty: Songs from The Time of
CarolLynn & Gene Langley                        Contact persons: Liza DiSavino,               Honest Abe,” “Wildwood Flower:
QuietCreek Music                                 A.J. Bodnar                                  Songs of The Original Carter Family”
282 Blue Factory Road                           Phone: (607) 434-1162 (or 1164)               and “American Favorite Ballads: Songs

from Folkways.” Lindsay, a music history       Merry Mischief                               Music Mobile is a not-for-profit arts
teacher, and Eck, a nationally-respected       P.O. Box 425                                 organization that performs upbeat,
music writer, accompany themselves on          Jordan, NY 13080                             participatory concerts, workshops,
guitar, mandolin, dobro, ukulele,              Phone: (315) 689-6815                        residencies, special events and
strumstick and banjo.                          E-mail: Info@MerryMischief.net               professional development programs at
                                               Website: www.merrymischief.net               festivals, schools, coffeehouses,
                                                                                            concert halls, parks, libraries,
Peggy Lynn                                     Marilyn Fuller (Merlyn) was raised with      conferences and other community
7456 Hawley Rd.                                                                             venues. Program themes focus on self-
                                               homegrown music in the kitchen made
Red Creek, NY 13143                                                                         esteem, cooperation, the environment,
                                               up by the bushel after family gatherings.
E-mail: peggy@quercusmusic.com                                                              family issues, peace, justice and
                                               Wayne Fuller (Harry) was raised with
Website: www.quercusmusic.com                                                               community building. Weather
                                               famous classical musicians by the score.
                                               Together we learned our own unique           permitting, programs feature the
Peggy Lynn, dubbed "the voice of the           styles and have formed this mischievous      colorfully decorated Music Mobile van
mountains" by poet Marice Kenny, is a          blend of down home low humor and             that will make single or multiple visits
singer with a versatile, sweet, and sultry     highbrow training. Merlyn's Alto voice       to communities on a fee-for-service
voice. She is a songwriter whose topics        delights the audience with a resonant        basis or through grants.
range from the historical to the hysterical.   full-bodied gutsy range you can relate to,
She has released ten recordings, some          while Harry's tenor voice amazes people
                                               with his true blend with Merlyn's voice.
                                                                                            Northeast Bluegrass
solo - original songs of the Adirondacks or
                                                                                            28 Cleveland St.
from a woman's perspective, some with          Together they bring great harmonies and
                                                                                            Albany, NY 12206
Dan Duggan or Dan Berggren - traditional       good picking to their music! Good
                                                                                            Contact: Mickey Bagley, Nick Barr
and original songs and tunes on guitar,        hearted times for all.
                                                                                            Phone: (518) 489-2369
hammered dulcimer, piano, banjo and
                                                                                            Fax: (518) 489-2369
concertina, and as the trio                    John Moak                                    E-mail: nebgrass@albany.net
JAMCRACKERS. Lynn presents programs            2406 Parkville Place
on 1920s Women's Blues, the American           Schenectady, NY 12309
Women's Suffrage Movement, and                 Phone: (518) 370-3096                        Vocalist (lead and harmony), and
combining the previous two with her own        Email: jmoak@nycap.rr.com                    instrumentalist (fiddle, mandolin,
uppity songs, Finally Feminist. She                                                         guitar, bass, banjo) available as solo or
continues to evolve her "Mountain Women        Gospel, folk, church venue. I sing and       to work with groups. Experienced
Can Be Heroes" program. With a masters         play fingerstyle folk and gospel 12-string   master of ceremonies, stage manager,
degree in Women's History and a depth of       guitar.                                      producer, songwriter. Many years of
experience in storytelling through ballads                                                  experience in commercial radio as
and tales, Lynn weaves songs and stories                                                    announcer/producer, writer, editor and
together to challenge perceptions of           Roger Mock                                   publisher. Specializing in bluegrass
women's roles.                                 PO Box 90                                    music.
                                               Altamont, NY 12009
                                               Phone: (518) 765-2815
Kate McDonnell                                 Email: rogermock@hotmail.com                 Robin O'Herin
P.O. Box 437                                                                                PO Box 667
Slingerlands, NY 12159                                                                      Lee, MA 01238
Booking: katemcd@aol.com                       Performing traditional and                   Phone: (413) 243-2271
Website: www.katemcdonnell.com                 contemporary songs and tunes on              robin@robinoherin.com
                                               acoustic guitar and hammered dulcimer.       www.robinoheinr.com
Recently featured in USA Today, Kate           Available for coffeehouses, church
McDonnell, singer-songwriter who plays         services, weddings and other ritual
                                               ceremonies. Can assemble small group         Acoustic Blues and Gospel
upside-down-and-backwards guitar, is
                                               for same (with flute, violin, vocalists).    "The musicians in the audience last
perhaps the musical lovechild of Bonnie
                                                                                            time Robin O'Herin played were
Raitt and Leo Kottke. Fearless and funny
                                                                                            impressed with the Lee, Mass.
on stage, she continues to impress
                                               Mountain Laurel Band                         woman's tasty blues repertoire and
audiences in Europe and the U.S. with her
                                               Contact: Joe Baker                           versatility on three guitars; her
heart-stopping voice and jaw-dropping
                                               Box 332                                      performances are partially a history
guitar work. Kate's songwriting, as well as
                                               Monterey, MA 01245                           lesson, part original, classic and
her recent co-writing with Anne Lindley,
                                               Phone: (413) 528-9385                        timeless throughout..." Arthur Gonick,
has won her significant awards.
                                               Fax: (413) 528-9394                          Bailey¹s Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY
                                               E-Mail: jbaker@berkshire.net
Medicine Hat String Band                                                                    Anson Olds
Contact: Deirdre Oakley                        New England Square and Contradance           Contact: Storrs Olds
46 Park Ave.                                   band includes caller, guitar, fiddle and     Star Rt 62, Box 27, Great Barrington,
Albany, NY 12202                               hammered dulcimer; same musicians            MA 01230
Phone: (518) 426-4083                          working together since 1983. Hold our        Phone: (413) 528-2683
                                               own dances in Sheffield, Mass on 4th
Four-piece acoustic string band                Saturdays. Available for dances, parties,
                                               weddings, schools, etc.                      Repertoire of traditional and original
performing traditional and contemporary
                                                                                            songs and instrumentals, plus
bluegrass music, as well as original songs
                                                                                            yodels. Recipient of guitar, fiddle and
and other acoustic music. Three-part
                                               Music Mobile, Inc.                           song writing awards. Available for
harmonies with banjo/fiddle, guitar,
                                               Contact: Ruth Pelham                         concerts, festivals, coffeehouses, other
mandolin, upright bass. Good PA system
                                               PO Box 6024                                  events. Known throughout the
for any event. Have played coffeehouses,
                                               Albany, NY 12206                             Northeast.
bars, civic events, benefits throughout the
                                               Phone and Fax: (518) 462-8714
Capital Region and the Berkshires.
                                               E-mail: MusicMo@aol.com
                                               Website: www.musicmobile.org                 Frank Orsini
                                                                                            59 Sherman Ave.
                                                                                            Glens Falls, NY 12801
(518) 792-7986                                 for people of all ages in concert halls,       Siobhan Quinn & Michael
E-mail: chromatx@verizon.net                   festivals, schools, cnoferences and
                                                                                              Bowers (with Ben Murray)
                                               numerous community venues. Ruth
                                                                                              Manager: Siobhan Quinn
                                               Pelham's songs bring to audiences a
Free lance fiddle work from one of the                                                        Roundhouse Music Agency
                                               passionate, poignant vision of world
best around. Styles: bluegrass, string                                                        107 S. West Street, #516
                                               peace and social justice, and are
band, Celtic, swing, contra.                                                                  Alexandria, VA 22314
                                               recorded by dozens of artists as well as
                                                                                              phone: (703)-489-9448
                                               on her own recordings which include
Patti Melita Quartet                           Look to the People, Under One Sky, and
Contact:Patti Melita                           Collage. Ruth is also the founder and
P.O. Box 232                                   director of Music Mobile, Inc. (see listing)
Troy, NY 12181-0232
Phone: (518) 274-5356                          Ken Perlman                                    Brimming with compelling songs and
Email: melitapj@verizon.net                                                                   seamless harmonies, Siobhan Quinn
                                               1018 E. University St.
Website: www.cdbaby.com/cd/melita                                                             and Michael Bowers paint dynamic and
                                               Bloomington, IN 47401
                                               Phone: (812) 334 7992                          colorful stories with rich original,
A quartet consisting of Peg Delaney on         Email: kenperlman@aol.com                      contemporary and traditional music
keyboard, Pete Toigo on bass, Paul             Web: www.kenperlman.com                        with a big dash of humor and the
Couch on Saxophone and Patti Melita on                                                        occasional special of electric blues
vocals, the group plays jazz standards                                                        (with Ben Murray). Their CD
                                               Superb instrumentalist, acclaimed              “Dreamers, Lovers and Outlaws,” is
from the '20's through the '50's. It is a
                                               teacher of instrumental skills, gifted         filled with gracious and gritty songs
perfect background for social affairs of all
                                               performer, award-winning folklorist, Ken       and observations of the human
types: fund-raisers, weddings,
                                               Perlman is surely a welcome addition to        experience. These rising stars have
anniversaries, etc.
                                               any festival or concert-series lineup. Ken     been awarded spots at the prestigious
                                               is both a pioneer of the 5-string banjo        2007 Kerrville New Folk Competition
Patti-O & The Hip Hooligans                    style known as "melodic clawhammer,"           and 2007 Falcon Ridge Emerging
Contact:Patti Melita                           and a master of fingerstyle guitar. He is      Artist Showcase, along with multiple
P.O. Box 232                                   considered one of the top clawhammer           regional, national and international
Troy, NY 12181-0232                            players in the world, known in particular      main stage showcases.
Phone: (518) 274-5356                          for his skillful adaptations of Celtic tunes
Email: melitapj@verizon.net                    to the style. On guitar, Ken's sparkling
                                               finger-picked renditions of traditional        Richard Raczkowski
Website: www.cdbaby.com/cd/melita                                                             29 LaGrange Rd
                                               Celtic and Southern fiddle tunes are
                                               simply not to be missed.                       Delmar, NY 12054
As a swing dance afficionado, Patti                                                           518-439-7466
Melita's expertise on "music that                                                             Phone: (518) 439-7466
motivates people to dance" enables her         The Please & Thank-You
to assemble a variety of tunes that defy       String Band                                    Music Style: Instrumental, folk, old-
the listeners not to dance. The Hooligans      Contact: Will Welling                          timey. Instruments: Autoharp, guitar.
is a five-piece band behind Patti on           PO Box 285, Averill Park, NY 12018             Various types of music are played on
vocals, known for it's traditional jazz        Phone: (518) 674-3319                          this uniquely American instrument with
standards from the '20's through the '50's                                                    the heavenly sound, from rags to folk
with a swingin' beat.                                                                         to old-timey. Will perform solo or as an
                                               Contradance band, wedding and party
                                               entertainment, swing and country               accompanist. Workshops and lessons
Sandra Peevers                                 songs. P&TSB is a widely acclaimed             (private and group) also available.
                                               fiddle, mandolin and guitar trio from the      Available for benefits, libraries, and
and Dave Paton                                                                                community events.
Contact: Sandra Peevers                        Northeast. Their original and traditional
On Queue Performing Artists                    approach to instrumental music and
P.O. Box 145                                   songs paints unexpected yet pleasantly         Ramblin Jug Stompers
Cooperstown, NY 13326                          familiar images. With Will Welling, violin;
                                                                                              PO Box 1461
Phone: 607-547-9494                            Bill Walach, mandolin; Dave Howard,
                                                                                              Albany NY 12201
Email: info@OnQueueArtists.com                 guitar - the trio combines humor,
                                                                                              Phone: (518) 432-6634
Website: www.OnQueueArtists.com                passion, and a candid view of tradition.
                                                                                              Email: mandhand@aol.com
                                               More than 25 years of playing music
                                                                                              Website: www.jugstompers.com
                                               together have made this trio substantially
Traditional music of Quebec, Brittany,         more than the sum of its parts!
Scandinavia and Celtic nations. Guitar,                                                       This honest-to-goodness jug band
concertina, mandolin, whistle, some                                                           offers 78 rpm music for the 21st
vocals. Other musicians often join us - ie     Jared Polens                                   century! This quartet features
fiddle and bass.                               366 ½ Houghton St.                             luminaries from the Albany music
                                               N. Adams, MA 01247                             scene including founding members of
                                               Phone: (413) 663-7705                          the Star Spangled Washboard Band,
Ruth Pelham                                    E-mail: jpolens@hotmail.com                    Blotto, Rumdummies, Chefs of the
PO Box 6024                                                                                   Future and other legendary acts.
Albany, NY 12206                                                                              Classic instrumentation - kazoo, jug,
Phone and Fax: (518) 462-8714                  Instrument: Hammered dulcimer. I play
                                               a mix of tunes on the hammered                 washboard, banjo, mandolin, guitar,
E-mail: rupelham@aol.com                                                                      dobro… Classic material - Gus
Website: www.musicmobile.org                   dulcimer - Irish, New England
                                               contradance, Swedish, and more. I'm            Cannon, Memphis Jug Band, Uncle
                                               available to play at weddings, parties,        Dave Macon, Grandpa Jones…
Ruth Pelham is hailed by Pete Seeger as        and other celebrations either solo or with     Included on the “Jugs Across America”
"one of America's greatest song-               Wintergreen. (See Wintergreen listing)         compilation. Currently at work on
writers." She is known for her keen ability                                                   second studio album, “The Last
to make a room full of strangers feel like                                                    Boxcar.”
longtime friends and family, and performs

Rosanne Raneri                                Hartford NY 12838                             Paul Rosenberg
PO Box 62                                     Phone: (518) 632-9237                         Homespun Occasions
Troy, NY 12182                                E-mail: lakotarecords@hotmail.com             538 Providence St.
Phone: (518) 477-4728                         Website: www.heatherrichards.com              Albany, NY 12208-3223
Email: rosanneraneri@msn.com                                                                Phone: (518) 482-9255; (800) 908-
Website: www.rosanneraneri.com                Acoustic Folk/Country - Heather               HOME (toll free)
                                              Richards music is a taste of Sunshine         E-mail: paul@homespun.biz
Singer-songwriter Rosanne Raneri              pleasing crowds from 0-100 with her           Website: www.homespun.biz
combines elements of folk, jazz, pop and      sweet vocals that warm the heart! Here
r&b to create an arresting, unique,           original music portrays uncomplicated
                                              simplistic innocence in a complicated         Caller and musicians for simple
contemporary sound with substance. The
                                              world. You can hear touches of her            traditional community dances
lyrics are full of compelling imagery, and
                                              bluegrass, folk, and traditional country      (contra, square, and international folk)
her melodies and compositions set new
                                              roots within each unique song she writes      with live acoustic music including
boundaries. She is a riveting perfomer
                                              —Fronhofer Multimedia                         fiddle, pennywhistle, flute, banjo,
who delights in sharing the energy of the
                                                                                            guitar, accordion, mandolin, and more.
moment with new and returning
                                                                                            A “homespun” alternative for parties,
audiences. Garnet Rogers says, "In my
dreams I have a voice like Rosanne's."
                                              Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher                        weddings, family dances and
                                              Dragonflower Music                            community celebrations. All dances are
She has been compared to Joni Mitchell,
                                              PO Box 8766                                   geared to non-dancers, especially
Joan Armatrading, Annie Lennox, Shawn
                                              Albany, NY 12208                              those with "two left feet".
Colvin, Patty Larkin and Maura O'Connell.
                                              Phone/Fax: (518) 453-6312
                                              E-mail: harp@dragonflower.com
James Reams and the                           Web: www.dragonflower.com                     Jane Rothfield
Barnstormers                                                                                Contact: Jane Rothfield
Contact: Tina Aridas                                                                        Phone: (518) 522-7445
                                              Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher holds Doctor,          Website: www.janerothfield.com
Mountain Redbird Music
                                              Master and Bachelor of Music degrees.         Email: janerothfield@nycap.rr.com
565 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215
                                              Initially trained as a classical singer and
Phone: 718-965-8490
                                              pianist, she began her harp studies after
E-Mail: tina@jamesreams.com                                                                 Superb fiddler and clawhammer style
                                              moving to Upstate New York. She
Website: www.jamesreams.com                                                                 banjo player specializing in
                                              teaches voice, harp and piano in her
                                              home studio in Albany, is an active area      Appalachian and Celtic styles.
Originally from eastern Kentucky, James                                                     Excellent teacher of all levels.
                                              performer, and a prolific publisher-
Reams has been in NY since the early                                                        Available as solo or with band (Jane‟s
                                              arranger of harp music.
1980s, playing traditional bluegrass                                                        Gang or Red Hen).
music with an old-time edge. James
Reams & The Barnstormers is a crowd-
pleaser wherever they go.
                                              Riverview Ramblers                            Saratoga Faire
                                                                                            Contact: Lise Winne or Jim Lestrange
                                              Capital District Region and Saratoga
Red Hen                                       Springs, NY
                                                                                            P.O. Box 145
Contact: Jane Rothfield                                                                     Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
                                              Contact: Bill Flanagan
Phone: (518) 522-7445                                                                       E-mail: bookings@saratogafaire.com
                                              Phone: (518) 384-1602
Website: www.janerothfield.com                                                              Website: www.saratogafaire.com
                                              Email: ramblers@riverviewramblers.com
Email: janerothfield@nycap.rr.com             Website: http://riverviewramblers.com
                                                                                            Saratoga Faire plays Celtic, folk and
Red Hen is a “new” Old Time Band that                                                       original compositions and tunes
dips into a blended palette of old time,      The Riverview Ramblers play a variety of
                                                                                            from the 16th century to the present
country and bluegrass, with a few Celtic      tunes ranging from bluegrass to
                                                                                            which include both instrumentals and
roots showing. Their repertoire is            newgrass and Americana and a few
                                                                                            vocals. Featured instruments are
traditionally based, mixed with award         things in-between. This is homemade,
                                                                                            hammered dulcimer, violin, viola,
winning new tunes and songs written by        hometown bluegrass music... full of
                                                                                            guitars, bass and vocals. Members:
band members Jane Rothfield and Allan         spontaneity, camaraderie, and the
                                                                                            Lise Winne (vocals, guitar, recorder,
Carr. Boasting four distinctive lead voices   acoustic vibe! Please check our website
                                                                                            cello, whistle) Frank Orsini (violin,
with great harmonies and instrumental         for info, samples, performance schedule
                                                                                            viola), Jim Lestrange (hammered
excellence, Red Hen is acoustic               and more!
                                                                                            dulcimer, bass, guitar, vocals) and Jeff
Americana at its best. Red Hen is Jane                                                      Belding (guitar, mandolin, bass).
Rothfield, Linda Schrade, Allan Carr and
David Kiphuth. Available for concerts,
                                              John Roberts & Lisa Preston
                                              1605 Lenox Road
festivals, weddings and contra/square
                                              Schenectady, NY 12308
                                                                                            Saratoga Mandolin
dances.                                                                                     Ensemble
                                              Phone: (518)370-4166
                                              E-mail: anglo@nycap.rr.com                    Contact: Dick Ahlstrom
Dave Rhodes                                                                                 182 Adams St.
11 Pineview Ave.                                                                            Delmar, NY 12054
Delmar, New York 12054                        John Roberts is well-known as a player        Phone: (518) 439-0568
Phone: (518) 439-7749                         of concertina and banjo, and a frequently     Email: ahlstrom0568@juno.com
E-mail: lrhodes001@nycap.rr.com               recorded singer of anglo, celtic and
                                              traditional ballads, sea-songs and
Songwriter and member of NorthEast            shanties. He has appeared at the Old          Music from the “Golden Age” of
Country Music Association is looking for      Songs Festival many times as singer and       mandolin orchestras (late 19th/early
bands or artists interested in original       m/c. He is often accompanied by Lisa          20th centuries).
material - folk or country. Also plays        Preston, primarily on celtic harp, but
trombone in the Nisky Dixie Cats and          who is also a talented instrumentalist on
                                              several other instruments.
                                                                                            Charles Semowich
Georgie Wonders Orchestra.                                                                  Phone: 449 4756
                                                                                            E-mail: semowich@att.net
Heather Richards                                                                            Website:
PO Box 23
http://members.tripod.com/~rensselaer/ (F         guitar music in an astonishing variety of    Stillhouse Rounders
riends of the Albany City Carillon)               genres: classical, flamenco, jazz, fusion,   Contact: Mark Schmidt
                                                  folk, rock, pop, hip-hop, and more.          9 Sunset Dr.
Charles Semowich performs music on the                                                         Altamont, NY 12009
famous Albany City Hall Carillon.                                                              (518) 861-8783
                                                  Alice Spatz                                  E-Mail: mschmidt@uamail.albany.edu
Special concerts may be arranged. He              PO Box 324
plays classical, folk, popular, original                                                       Web: www.stillhouserounders.com
                                                  Lanesboro, MA 01237
carillon, patriotic, religious, song              Phone: (413) 442-2969
arrangements, contemporary and other                                                           Southern style Appalachian Mountains
music. Dr. Semowich is also a composer                                                         Stringband plays old time rural country
who will create a new piece if requested          Folk and classical free-lance double
                                                                                               and early bluegrass. Available for
for a concert.                                    bassist and folk vocalist. 20 years
                                                                                               concerts and participatory dancing
                                                  performance and recording experience in
                                                                                               (contra and squares)
                                                  folk groups, symphonies and chamber
Christopher Shaw                                  ensembles. Extensive recording
PO Box 609                                        experience. Folk bass ranges from            Peter Stix
Averill Park, NY 12018                            simple to sophisticated. Sings alto and      21 Lenox Ave., Albany, NY 12203-
Phone: (518) 674-8282                             soprano backup and lead. Available for       2005
Fax: (518) 674-2259                               live or recording gigs.                      Phone: (518) 489-9066
E-Mail: chris@chrisandbridget.com                                                              E-mail: pstix1@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.chrisandbridget.com
                                                  Bill Spence and Fennig's All
                                                  Stars                                        Experienced caller and teacher of
Christopher Shaw is a                                                                          contra dance and New England style
                                                  424 Wormer Rd.
singer/songwriter/storyteller who                                                              square dances, and English Country
                                                  Voorheesville, NY 12186
specializes in the songs and tales of his                                                      dances. Programs for public dances,
                                                  Phone: (518) 765-4979 (evenings)
native Adirondack Mountains. He has 10                                                         private parties, wedding receptions,
                                                  E-mail: wspence@nycap.rr.com
albums to his credit, including two holiday                                                    festivals, conventions, groups (singles
                                                  Web: www.billspencemusic.com
titles with his wife, Bridget Ball. In addition                                                groups, church groups). Material
to concerts, Chris also presents                                                               suitable for all ages, from children on
instructional guitar clinics. Chris is a highly   Bill Spence, hammered dulcimer;              up, beginners to experienced dancers.
respected artist educator who presents            George Wilson, fiddle and banjo; Toby        I can handle arrangements for
concerts,workshops, and residencies for           Stover, piano. Celebrating 28 years of       bands/music. I have been featured at
thousands of school children every year.          playing and performing for country           dance events in 22 states, and edited
                                                  dances, concerts, and weddings.              3 collections of dances. I can also
                                                                                               teach introductory international dances
Skuttlebutt                                                                                    for all ages.
Contact: Bill Engelhardt                          Spirites Consort
3205 Birchton Rd                                  Contact: Lise Winne
Ballston Spa, NY 12020                            P.O. Box 145                                 The Storycrafters
Phone: (518) 885 - 4726                           Saratoga Springs, NY 12866                   Contact: Barry Marshall or Jeri Burns
E-mail: bill@skuttlebutt.cc                       E-mail: bookings@lisewinne.com               PO Box 353
Website: www.Skuttlebutt.cc                       Website:                                     Philmont, NY 12565
                                                  www.lisewinne.com/spirites_consort.htm       Phone: (518) 672-7664
SKUTTLEBUTT, from the Saratoga                                                                 E-Mail: barry@storycrafters.com
County area of upstate New York, is a             Renaissance, new age Celtic and              Website: www.storycrafters.com
lively, instrumentally complex, vocally           classical. The Spirites Consort often
powerful quartette specializing in acoustic       performs in costume (especially for          Award-winning tandem storytellers,
folk, maritime and both traditional and           Renaissance festivals, faerie festivals      recording artists, and radio hosts, The
popular Irish music. They perform                 and Victorian Streetwalks). They are         Storycrafters creatively integrate ethnic
at coffee houses, festivals, and other            noted for their new twist on Renaissance     instruments, song and dance into their
venues that cater to a "folkie" and fun-          music and new age style music.               stories. With programs for all ages,
loving audience. SKUTTLEBUTT has                  Members are Lise Winne (vocals, guitar,      they work in schools, libraries and
recently (Dec. 2002) released a CD, Stand         recorder, Celtic harp, cello), Jim           festivals across the US and UK. They
to your Glass, an eclectic blend of vocals,       Lestrange (hammered dulcimer, bass,          host the award-winning family
instrumentals, original songs, and other          guitar), Rick Eckberg (double bass,          radio show "Just Imagine."
acoustic tunes sure to please!                    vocals) and Jeff Belding (guitar). Joe
                                                  Davoli (violin, baritone violin) is on all
                                                  recorded material and is also sometimes      The String Dusters
Erik Sootes                                       part of performances.                        Contact: Bill Healy
Contact: Tanya Toren                                                                           Phone: (518) 399-3675
E.S. Time, Ltd.                                                                                Email: stringdusters1@aol.com
Phone: (518) 475-1218                             Stepping Stones                              Website: www.rare-
Mobile: (518) 221-8280                            Contact: Robin Osgood                        books.com/stringdusters.htm
Email: Houseofmusic99@Yahoo.com                   86 Glendale Rd.
Website: www.sootes.com                           Latham, NY 12110
                                                  Email: robinfiddler@musician.org             The String Dusters draw inspiration
                                                  Phone: (321) 728-7799                        from the deep well of American music -
Erik Sootes is a virtuoso guitarist with                                                       the lonesome blues of Jimmie
an amazing concert program and tours                                                           Rodgers, the folk songs of the Carter
nationally. He is a professional musician         Fiddle and guitar duo. Dance music and       Family, the bluegrass of Bill Monroe,
with a PhD in music composition, who has          songs, specializing in old timey,            western ballads and swing, fiddle
earned himself a name of a "One-Man-              Appalachian and Celtic. Available to         tunes, the hillbilly boogie of the
Orchestra". Erik Sootes succeeded in his          perform from last week of May, 2006 to       Delmore Brothers, and the developing
artistic quest for ultimate synergy of            July 30, 2006.                               honky-tonk sounds of early 40s and
different cultures and various styles in                                                       50s country music. From these musical
music. He writes and skillfully performs                                                       roots they have developed a style that
is familiar, yet uniquely their own, enabling   vocals; Mark Smith - guitar, vocals. We      Nancy Tucker
the group to be enjoyed by audiences of         perform traditional folk and bluegrass       97 Pie Hill Rd
all types and ages. Formed in 1993, the         with some original country/pop tunes.        Goshen, CT 06756
band can boast of more than a century of                                                     Phone: (860) 491-2067
playing and performing experience among                                                      E-mail: Tucker1416@aol.com
the members. The String Dusters are:            Mark Tolstrup                                Website: www.nancytucker.info
Bill Healy, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and        36 Phila St
dobro; Neil Yetwin. guitar; Barry               Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Weinstein, fiddle; and Fred Woodward,           Phone: (518)583-9315                         "An unnervingly talented combination
bass. In addition to entertainment, the         Email: mark@marktolstrup.com                 of master guitar instrumentalist,
band has prepared lecture/concert               Website: www.rootblues.com                   insightful songwriter and stand-up
programs for schools, libraries, and                                                         comic" (Dirty Linen Folk Magazine).
museums.                                                                                     Winner of four Songwriting Awards
                                                With a real passion for roots music and
                                                                                             from Songwriter's Associations in
                                                especially the Delta blues Mark Tolstrup
                                                                                             Connecticut and Washington, creator
Tales 'n Tunes                                  blends blues and ragtime influences with
                                                                                             of a patented guitar invention, and First
                                                folk, jazz and rock, sending you on a
Contact: Carol Connolly                                                                      Prize winner of the 2002 Comedy
                                                journey down the back roads of America.
1100 Niskayuna Road                                                                          Competition in Connecticut. Writer of
                                                Playing bottleneck slide on an old
Niskayuna, NY 12309                                                                          the hit parody "Everything Reminds Me
                                                National Steel Guitar, finger picking and
Phone: (518) 786-1271                                                                        of My Therapist."
                                                singing with a distinctive voice that on
Email: talesntunes@earthlink.net
                                                slower numbers can modulate from
Website: www.talesntunes.net
                                                loving to desolate. Mark‟s live shows are    TuneFolk
                                                characterized by an engaging warmth          Contact: Sue Mead
Tales „n Tunes is a musical storytelling        combined with driving energy. He's one       Phone: (518) 384-3275
duo from the Capital District of New York       of the blues artists who can be depended     email: fiddle@jnsmead.com
State with more than 20 years of                on to put forth all he's got in live
experience presenting programs in               performance, connecting with the
schools, libraries, museums, and at             audience in a relaxed and intimate way.      Add a little atmosphere to your
community events and festivals. They                                                         gathering. Traditional and original
perform stories, primarily from the folk                                                     fiddle tunes as background music for
tradition, with original songs creatively       Tri-County Banjo Band                        communtiy events, private parties,
integrated in them to allow for audience        Contact: Kitty Murphy                        hayrides, farmer markets, bbq's, craft
participation. They also feature songs          Phone: (518) 732-7578                        shows, picnics, reunions, you name it.
between stories. Carol Connolly and Don         E-mail: bertandkitty55@gmail.com             Or add a hoedown or contra dance.
Darmer bring tales and tunes from around                                                     Mix of Old-time, Celtic, early American
the world to audiences of all ages. They                                                     and original tunes; toe-tappin' jigs,
                                                Tri County Banjo Band plays toe-tapping,
are high energy performers and their                                                         reels and marches, and sweet, slow
                                                sing-along music from the early 1900's.
programs engage children and have them                                                       waltzes. Sue Mead (fiddle, mandolin),
                                                The Band has been entertaining
singing and clapping along, and adult                                                        Jim Mead (guitar). Other "tune folk"
                                                audiences since 1969 and consists of
listeners are enchanted by their musical                                                     added, as needed (flute, bodhran,
                                                four string banjos, banjo/guitar, bass,
stories. Together, they bring folk and fairy                                                 bass, banjo, etc).
                                                drums and vocalists who lead the
tales to life for their audiences. Their CD,    singing. Members of the band originally
Travelin' Down the Road: Sing Along             lived in Albany, Greene and Rensselaer       Two Bits Band
Stories from Around the World, was              counties, giving the band its name.          Contact: Yvonne Estes
awarded both an iParenting Media Award          Members presently come from Albany,          Email: vonnieestes@lhotmail.com
and a NAPPA Honors Award and received           Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady,           Website:
a rave review in the School Library             Schoharie and Herkimer counties. For         www.myspace.com/twobitsstringband
Journal. Their second CD, Bunches of            booking information, call 732-7578.
Beasts, received fantastic reviews in the                                                    John Guay (hammered dulcimer) and
April 2007 issues of both the American                                                       Vonnie Estes (piano/pump organ) play
Library Association‟s publication, Booklist     Susan Trump                                  mostly traditional dance tunes of
and in the School Library Journal. It           PO Box 313                                   Scotland, Ireland, Quebec and New
recently won a NAPPA honors Award and           Newtonville, NY 12128-0313                   England in the old style - straight (if not
is a finalist in the Children's Music Web       Phone(518) 357-4018                          crooked) and with no frills (at least
Award Spoken Word category. Their               E-mail: SusanTrump@aol.com                   not enough to get in the way of the
recordings features traditional folk and        Website: www.susantrump.com                  tune) for all occasions.
fairy tales with original songs creatively
blended into them, as well as songs which
stand on their own. Their character voices      As seen in WMHT's "Christmas in the          Valley Bog Players
and toe-tappin‟, finger-snappin‟, hand-         Adirondacks," Susan's outstanding work       Roland Vinyard
clappin‟ tunes invite kids and adults to        on guitar, mountain dulcimer, and            Phone: 518-673-3212
sing along.                                     banjo highlight songs which touch the        Email: roland@thebardrocks.com
                                                heart, recall the past and inspire the       Website:
                                                times ahead. She tours nationally and        http://valleybog.prometheus.to
Three Quarter North                             was voted (by Riffs Newsletter) an "all
11 Pineview Ave.                                time favorite show" at the Caffe Lena,
Delmar, New York 12054                          where her programs are consistently sold
                                                out. Susan is available for community        The Valley Bog Players are a
Phone: (518) 439-7749
                                                concerts, festivals, musical, healing and    traditional Irish band, featuring Kathy
E-mail: lrhodes001@nycap.rr.com
                                                spiritual workshops, educational             Walsh on accordian, John Walsh on
Website: Website:
                                                programs and songwriting workshops for       bodhran, and Roland Vinyard on guitar
                                                schools, family concerts for fund raisers.   & Celtic banjo + vocals. In addition to
                                                Recordings: "What the Hill People Say,"      traditional dance music, they perform
Five piece bluegrass/folk band - Jim            "Tree of Life," "Masters of the Mountain     ballads, love songs, rebel music,
Atkins - banjo, harmonica, guitar, vocals;      Dulcimer," "Live at Caffe Lena."             drinking songs in a simple, unadorned
Mark Bagdon - fiddle; Nelson Gage -                                                          style, much as it would have been
mandolin; Dave Rhodes - bass, guitar,                                                        done in the "auld country". Many of
their performances are centered around         Available for concerts, contradances,       Contact: Billy Drislane
the Mohawk Valley, but they get to             festivals, celebrations for all ages.       64 Charlotte St
Saratoga and the Capital District upon                                                     Burlington, VT 05401
occasion.                                                                                  (802) 864-9212
Nancy Walker                                   The Yankee Doodlas
                                               Contact: Dave Walsh                         The Zillionaires rang out their first
58 Wilton Rd.
                                               Phone: (518)439-0041                        rhythms on the floor boards of the
Greenfield Center, NY 12833
                                               E-mail: dwalsh06@nycap.rr.com               Kinderhook, New York Village Hall in
(518) 893-0390
Email: nwalker@nancywalker.net                                                             1988 and have been entertaining
Website: www.nancywalker.net                   A high energy swing jazz combo that         dancers and listeners ever since. This
                                               features smokin' mandolin soloing,          quintet features string swing jazz
Nancy Walker is first and foremost a           unique and soulful vocal and guitar work    standards, fiddle tunes, klezmer dance
performing songwriter with a message that      and rock steady stand-up bass.              music, and songs new and old. They
is compelling and inviting. She possesses      Featuring Dave Walsh, guitar and vocals;    have played barn dances, contra
a strong, distinctive alto voice that peals    Nelson Gage, mandolin and vocals; and       dances, weddings, garden parties,
“like a bell” (Dirty Linen) through any        bass player Mark Lambert. They play a       celebrations and festivals too
musical arrangement. “Buffy Sainte-Marie       wide variety of jazz standards as well as   numerous to mention. They like to say:
once said that she sings from her toes.        a good selection of gypsy style numbers     “It‟s always fresh! We‟re still working
Nancy Walker sounds like that. Her             and interesting jazz covers. They have      on the first Million!”
original compositions present a fresh and      an extensive repertoire and can play        Centered in Albany, New York, the
spacious landscape. She‟s also a leader        concert performances as well as three       Zillionaires are:
in cooperative, grassroots promotion of        and four set evenings for club work and     Dave Danks on mandolin, banjo-
meaningful music in her community.” —          for a variety of functions.                 mandolin, ukulele and vocals; Andy
Andrew Calhoun / Waterbug Records.                                                         Davis on guitars and vocals; Billy
CD‟s: All These Things and Layers of Rust                                                  Drislane on fiddle, guitar, vocals; Dave
& Time.                                        Michael J. Yates                            Ray on fiddle; and Frank Stettner on
                                               23 Hutchins Rd.                             the bass and vocals.
                                               Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-8836
George Ward                                    Phone: (518) 884-8459, (518) 885-6665
PO Box 201
Rexford, NY 12148
                                               Folk music from the Civil War era sung
Phone: (518) 399-0315
E-mail: mulesong@aol.com                       and played on the piano and acoustic
Website: www.mulesong.com                      guitar. Available for performances;
                                               concerts; any occasion; in-school
                                               performances for students (integrating
American, English, Celtic folksong             music, social studies and other subject
performances, with special emphasis on         areas) and for teachers (workshops on
regional traditions of N.Y. State, based on    integrating this music into study about
35 years of field collecting and presenting    the Civil War). Program length can be
of traditional artists. Programs and school    adjusted to meet students' or teachers'
residencies for children of all ages.          unique needs.

George Wilson                                  Young Fidder's Performing
10 Loomis Rd.                                  Groups
Wynantskill, NY 12198                          Contact: Caryn Niedringhaus,
Phone: (518) 283-4957                           Musical Director
Web:                                           69 Clarks Chapel Rd.
www.oldsongs.org/georgewilson.html             Nassau, NY 12123
                                               Phone: (518) 669-2656,
25+ year veteran performer - solo, with        (518)479-3438
bands. Fiddle - New England, Cape              E-mail: carynlea11@gmail.com
Breton, French Canadian styles; banjo -
old timey styles, Uncle Dave Macon             The Young Fiddler's Performing
expert; Leadbelly expert (12-string guitar);   Groups consist of dedicated and
singer of unusual old and new songs.           talented young musicians who have a
Entertaining down-home commentary.             passion for fiddle music and love to
Plays for dances, parties, concerts,           perform! Hailing from the Tri-County
schools, etc.                                  New York Region (Rensselaer,
                                               Columbia, Green) and neighboring
                                               Massachusetts, they play authentic
Wintergreen                                    renditions of Celtic American Fiddle
Contact: Larry or Alice Spatz                  Music on violin, cello, penny-whistle,
PO Box 324                                     guitar and bass. The Fiddlebuskers are
Lanesboro, MA 01237                            junior high / high school string players
Phone: (413) 442-2969                          and Hawthorne's Hoedown is Hawthorne
                                               Valley Waldorf School weekly group
Instrumental/vocal folk trio performing
                                               Performances are led by husband and
traditional, contemporary and homemade
                                               wife duo Caryn Niedringhaus, fiddle
songs and dance tunes from America and
                                               and Andrew Davis guitar. For
British Isles. Featuring hammer dulcimer,
                                               information about performances &
guitar, bass and intricate 3-part vocal
                                               classes contact Caryn.
harmonies, along with autoharp, mandolin,
psaltery, banjo, recorder, percussion.
                                               The Zillionaires


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