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					                                              Alyssa Kennedy
 Name: Alyssa Kennedy
 Gender: Female
 Age: 14
 Birthday: March 14th
 Hometown: Auckland, NZ

 School: Rangitoto College

 Fav Subject: English and Science
 Hope To Do Occupation: Psychologist                        Would love to get a PhD, and maybe attend Otago
 Fav Quote: “My mind works like lightening. One brilliant   University.
 flash, and then its all gone.”
 New Reading: Twilight                                      I love horses and ride whenever I’m able to, especially up on
 Movies: All movies :o)                                     our family land in Houhora where they are kept.
 TV Shows: The Mentalist
 Musicians: no idea                                         In my home we have more pets than people - and I love my
                                                            huge flemish giant rabbits who are now 6 years old.

Winning Application Letter for Gallipoli

My name is Alyssa Kennedy, I am fourteen years old. I am writing this essay in the hope of being chosen to go to Turkey
next year. I think the trip would be a character-defining and a life changing experience. I would learn a lot about myself and
the Turkish culture. I think I could teach some of them about English culture too, and we could learn a lot from each other.
There are many reasons I want to go on this exchange, but one of the main ones is that I had an ancestor that died in the
war, in Gallipoli. I have heard so many stories at my grandfather’s knee and it has always been a dream of mine to go there.
Here is a background as to what it would mean to me to be able to participate in this exchange programme.
My great-great-great grandmother was Louisa Wagener. Her son, Wilfred Wagener was fighting in Gallipoli; Louisa was
awaiting the arrival of her grandchild from Lillian with much excitement when she received the devastating news that
Wilfred had been killed. Six weeks later, Lillian gave birth to a son. She named him Wilfred. He was my great-grandfather
and he was an amazing man. This history has always fascinated me; my family has always cherished the connection we
have with each other, so I am proud to call both Wilfreds my ancestors.
Before his death, Louisa’s son Wilf wrote many letters home. The letters have all been very carefully looked after and I am
still able to read them today, if I ask nicely. Wilfred had a pleasant turn of phrase; his letters were interesting to read. I
would love to go to the place he was, when he wrote those letters. He found beauty in Turkey as a country, even when there
was so much hate and violence around him. I want to share those experiences with him.
I think I could learn a lot from this because I feel a connection to the land and it would be so interesting to me. I want to
learn more about Turkey, and I would be willing to start studying now, to learn the language. I also think that this trip will
strengthen me as a person, I will gain so much more confidence and learn to communicate well with people that not only
have I never met, I also come from a different county and speak a different language.
I want this trip more because it’s more than just an interesting holiday for me, it’s my history. I think I could teach the
Turkish people I am with so much about myself and my culture and I am also the kind of person who is so willing to learn
from them. I think that if I get this opportunity, I will take away so much more than just some great photos and good
My family will also learn a lot from this experience, as it has always been a family dream to go there. History has always
interested me, and I am so willing to take on this challenge and learn so much more. Thank you for considering me.

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