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									Share your desktop with MeetingZone Glance
 - simple, effective visual communication
Have you ever been in a situation where you've needed to show what's on your PC screen
quickly to someone and not been able to? Frustrating isn't it?

With MeetingZone Glance sharing your desktop is easy and adds a simple, quick
personal and live viewing experience to any audio conference call
with an internet browser.

MeetingZone Glance was developed on the belief that           Why Choose MeetingZone Glance
people want an extremely simple way to conduct business
                                                                Desktop sharing with just one click
when they are physically separated. Traditionally people
have coped by sending email attachments or faxes but            Very simple and easy to use
often find trying to point to things or to describe changes
over the phone extremely difficult.                             Reservationless, fully automated service
                                                                platform available 24/7
In line with the MeetingZone philosophy of simplicity,          Participants need only a standard web browser
MeetingZone Glance is not a conferencing or
collaboration tool with excessive features, complex             On-line billing and reporting functions
interfaces or bandwidth intensive client-server
architecture. Nor does it require extensive training            Fully integrated with audio conferencing
                                                                accounts from MeetingZone
to use it.
                                                                Competitive rates - per minute billing
It's simply a personal conversation tool that let's you         or monthly subscription option
spontaneously show your work in progress to anyone
with an internet browser with just one mouse click.
"With MeetingZone Glance we can run live
analyses for prospects and share the results while
speaking on the phone- so we can really personalise
our sales pitch, giving us a distinct advantage.
We also chose Glance for its no-frills approach;
it's really easy to use, can be accessed
quickly and is very cost-effective"
David Lewis, Technology Manager,
Securities Finance Systems

   Common Applications                         The MeetingZone Difference

                                               See for yourself how easy MeetingZone
      Call centre help desks
                                               Glance is to use..............
      Technical drawing collaboration
                                               ....try it free for a day and you can be
      PR/Design/Marketing Agencies             sharing in seconds.
      - sharing creative ideas

      Software sales demonstrations            To take advantage of this offer,
                                               please call our Customer Service
      Sales process                            team on 0800 0155510

      Document agreement

      Co - browsing a web site

      Financial applications
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