Appendix C Transgenic Knockout Rodent breeding by cuiliqing


									APPENDIX C: Genetically engineered
animal models and rodent breeding colonies

    Important: Please type all answers.
        Fill-in the protocol information table
        Answer all of the questions.
        An [x] is equivalent to a “yes.”

PI Name:                                                                 Date:
Protocol Title:
Protocol #:

1. Genetic Information: Answer a-g for each strain separately.

a. Please describe the genetic alterations you plan to induce or that have been characterized in the
       animal model you are using.

b. Please describe the expected phenotype.

    Should unexpected phenotypes develop, please send a separate memo to IACUC describing the
       development and any effects on the animals.

c. If morbidity is known to develop from the genetic alteration, please describe the steps taken to
        reduce pain and distress.

d. Describe any special care or monitoring that may be required.

e. Provide the name of the source where you will obtain the animals.

f. Describe method of genotyping. (Please note: if tail biopsy is performed in animals older than 2
       weeks anesthesia is required).

g. Please describe method of identification (i.e., ear tag or notch, dye marks, etc.).

2. Breeding Information: Answer a-c.

a. List estimated number of suckling, weaned, and adult animals to be subject to experimental

b. Provide estimated number of:
       i. Breeders held but not subject to experimental manipulations.
       ii. Suckling animals to be euthanized at or prior to weaning, and not subject to experimental

c. How will you dispose of founders, breeding pairs, or any non-transgenic animals?
[ ] Euthanized
[ ] Used as controls
[ ] Other, specify

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