UCLA Fall 2008 Update by eddaybrown


Fall 2008 Update
 Profiles of Fall 2008 Students
 Applied                    55,441
 Admitted                   12,709          22.9%

 Fall Admit Rate            22.9%
                                                                       Five Facts
 Averages (Admitted Freshmen)
 High School GPA              4.15                                     You Might Not Know About UCLA

 ACT Composite Score            29
                                                                            Housing is a priority. UCLA is the only UC campus
 SAT Critical Reading         653
                                                                            that guarantees three years of on-campus housing
 SAT Mathematics              686
                                                                            for incoming freshmen. Transfer student housing is
 SAT Writing                  664
                                                                       secured for one year.

 Applied                  15,224                                             UCLA Math Department adds up to greatness.
                                     35.7%                                   UCLA’s Mathematics Department received the
 Admitted                   5,432
 Fall Admit Rate           35.7%                                             American Mathematical Society’s 2007 Award for
 88.5% of admitted transfer students were from                         an Exemplary Program of Achievement in a Mathemat-
 California community colleges.                                        ics Department. The society declared it “an outstanding
                                                                       model of all that a mathematics department can be.”
 Graduation and Persistence Rates

 FRESHMEN                                                                    Undergraduate research opportunities abound.
 • 64.6% of freshmen graduate in four years or less                          The Student Research Program gives students the
 • 85.9% of freshmen graduate in five years or less                          chance to work with world-renowned scholars in
 • 90.1% of freshmen graduate in six years or less                     the lab and in the field. Each year, hundreds of UCLA stu-
 • 97.2% of freshmen return for second year                            dents present the results of their research at conferences
                                                                       through the country.

 • 85% of transfer students graduate in three years                          Internships give undergraduates hands-on
   or less                                                                   experience. Since 1966, the UCLA Career Center’s
 • 89.2% of transfer students graduate in four years                         Internship & Study Abroad Service has helped more
   or less                                                             than 20,000 students find relevant work in the United
 • 95.1% of transfer students return for second year                   States and abroad. The center advises some 4,000 stuents
                                                                       each year.

 • 3 years guaranteed for freshmen,                                          International education brings the world into
   1 year for transfer students                                              focus. UCLA’s International Institute, a division of
 • 92.4% of freshmen live on campus                                          the College of Letters and Science, is one of the
 • 37.9% of all students live on campus                                world’s premier centers of international study, offering
                                                                       interdepartmental degrees and education abroad. Its
                                  Admit Rate figures as of July 2008   research focuses on major world regions and on global
                                                                       issues that cut across geographical boundaries.

                                  For More Information: www.ucla.edu
UCLA | Fall 2008 Update

Student Services
On-campus Housing and University Apartments
UCLA Housing offers single, shared and suite living arrange-
ments for more than 9,300 undergraduates.
      Phone: (310) 206-7011
      Web: www.housing.ucla.edu

Housing, Community
The Community Housing Office assists students, faculty and
staff find with finding rental accommodations.
        Phone: (310) 825-4491
        Web: www.cho.ucla.edu

Housing, Family Student
Family housing is available in six complexes with one-, two-
and three-bedroom apartments.
      Phone: (310) 206-7011                                        Academic Advancement Program (AAP)
      Web: www.housing.ucla.edu
                                                                   Offers counseling and mentoring services to AAP students who
                                                                   want help planning academic coursework, and provides informa-
Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)                        tion about internships, research and scholarship opportunities,
OSD’s services are designed to meet the educational needs          and graduate and professional schools.
of students who have permanent and temporary disabilities.
                                                                          Phone: (310) 825-1481
       Phone: (310) 825-1501, TTY (310) 206-6083                          Web: www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/aap
       Web: www.osd.ucla.edu

Transfer Alliance Program
Offers community college students a rigorous honors program        Admissions                       Campus Visits
that leads to transfer, as well as UCLA library privileges and     1147 Murphy Hall                 Phone: (310) 825-8764
opportunities to meet with UCLA counselors and students.           Box 1436                         E-mail: tours@saonet.ucla.edu
       Phone: (310) 825-3101                                       Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436       Web: www.admissions.ucla
       Web: www.admissions.ucla.edu/tap                            Phone: (310) 825-3101                 .edu/tours
                                                                   E-mail: ugadm@saonet.ucla.edu    Tours: Monday through Satur-
Community College Transfer Recruitment                             Web: www.admissions.ucla.edu     day throughout the academic
Provides assistance to prospective community college transfer                                       year; Monday through Friday
students, with particular emphasis on underrepresented students.                                    during the summer break.
Student Transfer Opportunity and Mentor Program (STOMP)            Financial Aid                    Reservations are required for
is a volunteer mentor program established by UCLA transfer         Phone: (310) 206-0400            all tours.
students. Members participate in visits to community colleges,     Web: www.fao.ucla.edu
student-panel presentations and campus tours.
        Phone: (310) 206-6222
        Web: www.admissions.ucla.edu/Prospect/Adm_tr/
        Web: www.admissions.ucla.edu/stomp

Honors Programs
UCLA’s Honors Programs favor seminars over lectures, primary
sources over textbooks and hands-on research over abstract
theory. Several programs are offered: College Honors, Honors
Collegium, the Individual Major Program and the Depart-
mental Scholar Program.
      Phone: (310) 825-1553
      E-mail: honors@college.ucla.edu
      Web: www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/honors

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