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									Product ID                                                  Title
    147107 1, 2, 3 John : A Handbook On the Greek Text

    140938 10 Secrets to Successful Homebuying and Selling : Using Housing Psychology to Make Smarter Decisions
           100 Fastest-growing Careers : Your Complete Guidebook to Major Jobs With the Most Growth and
    145999 Openings
    143248 100-mile Walk, The : A Father and Son On a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership
    138292 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills : Great Drills and Skills for Better Fundamental Play
    142093 101 Law Forms for Personal Use {5th ed.}
    125734 15-Minute Cover Letter : Write an Effective Cover Letter Right Now
    150751 18 Unconventional Essays On the Nature of Mathematics
    162389 20 Thinking Tools : Collaborative Inquiry for the Classroom
    138025 200 Best Jobs for College Graduates
           2000 Presidential Election in the South, The : Partisanship and Southern Party Systems in the 21st
     91022 Century
    142034 2006 Information and Communications for Development : Global Trends and Policies
    156405 2006 Little Data Book
           24 Sales Traps and How to Avoid Them, The : Recognizing the Pitfalls That Mislead Even the Best
    148985 Performers
    134906 24P : Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood
    138305 265 Troubleshooting Strategies for Writing Nonfiction
    151534 300 Best Jobs Without a Four-year Degree
    123442 3D Game Engine Architecture : Engineering Real-time Applications With Wild Magic
           3D-groundwater Modeling With PMWIN : A Simulation System for Modeling Groundwater Flow and
    145514 Transport Processes {2nd ed.}
    145998 40 Best Fields for Your Career
    136203 400 Must-have Words for the TOEFL
    125735 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality
    136317 50 Microsoft Windows XP Things You Must Know
           50 Years of Transport Research : Experience Gained and Major Challenges Ahead : 16th International
    156429 Symposium On Theory and Practice in Trans

    142054 50-plus Market, The : Why the Future Is Age Neutral When It Comes to Marketing & Branding Strategies
    158013 60 Ways the United Nations Makes a Difference
    146864 69 A.D : The Year of Four Emperors
           8 Weeks to Vibrant Health : A Woman's Take-charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy,
    135327 and Restore Well-being
    146960 8th Habit, The : From Effectiveness to Greatness : in Summary
    150158 A.J. Tomlinson, A : Plainfolk Modernist
    140981 A+ PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting Field Guide
    150250 Abductive Reasoning : Logical Investigations Into Discovery and Explanation
    138178 Abelard and Heloise
    160188 Abject Object, The : Avatars of the Phallus in Contemporary French Theory, Literature and Film
    155991 Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes : From Simple Signs to Complex Diagnoses
    150130 Abortion and Social Responsibility : Depolarizing the Debate
    148037 Absence of Myth, The
    140988 Absolute Beginner's Guide to a Lite and Healthy Lifestyle {1st ed.}
    140987 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Half-marathon Training
    136319 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Networking
    136323 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Pregnancy
    136293 Absolute Beginner's Guide to WordPerfect 12
     85806 Absolutism and the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1720 : A Biographical Dictionary
    145744 Abstraction, Refinement and Proof for Probabilistic Systems
    132283 Academic Health Centre, The : Leadership and Performance
    135389 Accelerated Project Management : How to Be the First to Market
    143503 Acceleration and Improvement of Protein Identification By Mass Spectrometry
    148546 Accelerator Physics {2nd ed.}
    151264 Access Denied : Race, Ethnicity, and the Scientific Enterprise
    148509 Access for All : Building Inclusive Financial Systems
    145022 Access to God in Augustine's Confessions : Books X-XIII
    138154 Access to Justice
           Access to Treatment in the Private-sector Workplace : The Provision of Antiretroviral Therapy By Three
    141760 Companies in South Africa
145696   Accountability for International Humanitarian Law Violations : The Case of Rwanda and East Timor
136069   Accountability of the International Monetary Fund
155881   Accounting and Financial System Reform in Eastern Europe and Asia
137387   Accounting for Non-accountants : A Manual for Managers and Students {6th ed.}
148120   Accounting Principles for Lawyers
125575   Acculturation and Psychological Adaptation
149114   Achieving National Board Certification for School Library Media Specialists : A Study Guide
158342   Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams
132288   Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition
122677   Acid-base Disorders and Their Treatment
155985   Acoustics of Wood
147471   Acting Beautifully : Henry James and the Ethical Aesthetic
146881   Acting for Singers : Creating Believable Singing Characters
150818   Action and Responsibility
147451   Active Life, The : Miller's Metaphysics of Democracy
145623   Activity and Sign : Grounding Mathematics Education
         Acts of the Witnesses, The : The Autobiography of Lodowick Muggleton and Other Early Muggletonian
151320   Writings
143641   Acts of Welsh Rulers, 1120-1283, The
159004   Acute and Chronic Cough
155913   Acute Ischemic Stroke : Imaging and Intervention
148035   Adam Smith : The Rhetoric of Propriety
165178   Adam Smith, Radical and Egalitarian : An Interpretation for the 21st Century
138333   Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology {8th ed.}
120917   Adams vs. Jefferson : The Tumultuous Election of 1800
150564   Adaptation to Life At High Salt Concentrations in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya
138452   Adapting Minds : Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature
         Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine : Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop, Münster,
150961   Germany, Oct. 19-24, 2003
130064   Addicted to Oil : America's Relentless Drive for Energy Security
135957   Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace
151267   Adman in the Parlor, The : Magazines and the Gendering of Consumer Culture, 1880s to 1910s
136285   Adobe Creative Suite
134930   Adobe Illustrator CS2 Revealed
134924   Adobe Photoshop CS2 : Photographer's Guide
134914   Adobe Photoshop CS2 Revealed
138920   Adobe Photoshop for VFX Artists
143142   Adolescent Lives in Transition : How Social Class Influences the Adjustment to Middle School
150716   Adolescents and Risk : Behavior, Functions, and Protective Factors
150811   Adria Microplate, The : GPS Geodesy, Tectonics and Hazards
147368   Adrift in China
144859   Advanced 3D Game Programming All in One
157306   Advanced Assessment : Interpreting Findings and Formulating Differential Diagnoses
159152   Advanced Civil Infrastructure Materials
149335   Advanced Distance Sampling
150417   Advanced Kick Boxing : A Framework for Success
147244   Advanced Kick Boxing : A Framework for Success
144949   Advanced Lighting Controls : Energy Savings, Productivity, Technology and Applications
136190   Advanced Machining Processes : Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes
150733   Advanced Methods for Knowledge Discovery From Complex Data
138323   Advanced Option Pricing Models : An Empirical Approach to Valuing Options
145347   Advanced Peripheral Nerve Surgery and Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery
151855   Advanced Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Digital Photographers
145555   Advanced Planning in Fresh Food Industries : Integrating Shelf Life Into Production Planning
150752   Advanced Radiation Sources and Applications
151500   Advanced SQL Functions in Oracle 10g
145459   Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis : Worked Examples
150519   Advanced Time-correlated Single Photon Counting Techniques
138471   Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages
145397   Advances in Air Pollution Modeling for Environmental Security
144625   Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence
         Advances in Digital Forensics : IFIP International Conference On Digital Forensics, National Center for
155933   Forensic Science, Orlando, Florida
151000   Advances in Electronic Testing : Challenges and Methodologies
132308   Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptograph
165580   Advances in Intelligent IT : Active Media Technology 2006
138470   Advances in Minimum Description Length : Theory and Applications
145467   Advances in Radiation Oncology in Lung Cancer
151002   Advances in Targeted Cancer Therapy
         Advances in the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide : International Approaches to Reduce
150754   Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions
143339   Advances in the Sign Language Development of Deaf Children
143338   Advances in the Spoken Language Development of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Children
140145   Advances in Web-based Education : Personalized Learning Environments
         Advancing Democracy : African Americans and the Struggle for Access and Equity in Higher Education in
137930   Texas
145558   Advancing Your Career : Concepts of Professional Nursing {3rd ed.}
         Adventure Guide to Maui : Lanai & Molokai : Sightseeing, the Road to Hana, Where to Stay & Eat,
144564   Shopping, Diving & Fishing, Hiking & Boating
157249   Adventures in Paleontology : 36 Classroom Fossil Activities
140650   Adventures in Yiddishland : Postvernacular Language & Culture
149217   Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
149218   Adventures of Tom Sawyer
130572   Advertised Mind, The : Ground-breaking Insights Into How Our Brains Respond to Advertising
119234   Advertising to Children On TV : Content, Impact, and Regulation
143351   Advice and Consent : The Politics of Judicial Appointments
148167   Aelfric and the Cult of Saints in Late Anglo-Saxon England
149249   Aeneid

150566   Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere : Chemistry and Physics of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere
149625   Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature, The : Essays On the Aesthetics of Nature
160122   Aesthetic Experience : Beauty, Creativity, and the Search for the Ideal
146883   Aesthetics in a Multicultural Age
         Affect and Power : Essays On Sex, Slavery, Race, and Religion in Appreciation of Winthrop D. Jordan {1st
140830   ed.}
         Affective and Emotional Aspects of Human-computer Interaction : Game-based and Innovative Learning
163998   Approaches
 81090   Affinity, That Elusive Dream : A Genealogy of the Chemical Revolution
132258   Africa Since 1800 {5th ed.}
152359   African American Criminologists, 1970-1996 : An Annotated Bibliography
125623   African American Dramatists : An A-to-Z Guide
137527   African American Experience, The : An Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide
156644   African American Fraternities and Sororities : The Legacy and the Vision
156442   African American History

152360 African American Soldiers in the National Guard : Recruitment and Deployment During Peacetime and War
       African American Theatre Directory, 1816-1960, The : A Comprehensive Guide to Early Black Theatre
152361 Organizations, Companies, Theatres, and Performing Groups
145895 African Americans and College Choice : The Influence of Family and School
132285 African Archaeology {3rd ed.}
143085 African Drama and Performance
148168 African Politics in Comparative Perspective
152362 African-American Male, The : An Annotated Bibliography
 85859 Africa's First Peacekeeping Operation : The OAU in Chad, 1981-1982
156564 Afro-Caribbean Immigrants and the Politics of Incorporation : Ethnicity, Exception, or Exit
138164 Afro-Latin America, 1800-2000
122095 After a Stroke : 300 Tips for Making Life Easier
165092 After God : Richard Kearney and the Religious Turn in Continental Philosophy
143334 After the Earth Quakes : Elastic Rebound On an Urban Planet
145225 After Utopia : The Rise of Critical Space in Twentieth-century American Fiction
124897 After Whiteness : Unmaking an American Majority
141192 After-dinner Conversation : The Diary of a Decadent
156008 Against Bioethics

138165 Against the Modern World : Traditionalism and the Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century
146838 Agatha Christie
164454 Age and the Rate of Foreign Language Learning
145737   Agent Intelligence Through Data Mining
151030   Agent Technology From a Formal Perspective
155786   Agent-based Supply Network Event Management
143356   Agile Enterprise, The : Reinventing Your Organization for Success in an On-demand World
148993   Agile Project Management : How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements
155846   Agile Software Construction
151742   Agile Virtual Enterprises : Implementation and Management Support
139891   Aging : Theories and Potential Therapies
150799   Agricultural Medicine : A Practical Guide
156329   Agriculture and Development : The Case for Policy Coherence
152010   Agroforestry and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Landscapes
152341   Agrometeorology : Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture
151858   Aharon Appelfeld's Fiction : Acknowledging the Holocaust
130501   Aid, Institutions and Development : New Approaches to Growth, Governance and Poverty
148032   AIDS and American Apocalypticism : The Cultural Semiotics of an Epidemic
151461   AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty
 77705   AIDS Crisis, The : A Documentary History

137903   AIDS Pandemic, The : Complacency, Injustice, and Unfulfilled Expectations {Studies in Social Medicine}
141476   AIDS Pandemic, The : Impact On Science and Society
143047   Ajax in Action
148543   Alan Greenspan : The Oracle Behind the Curtain
145872   Alanis Obomsawin : The Vision of a Native Filmmaker
151443   Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest

145716   Alcohol Problems in Adolescents and Young Adults : Epidemiology, Neurobiology, Prevention, Treatment
141765   Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behaviour : A Cross-cultural Study in Eight Countries
159794   Alcohol, Addiction and Christian Ethics
120984   Alcoholic Empire, The : Vodka & Politics in Late Imperial Russia
150110   Aldo Leopold and the Ecological Conscience
146998   Alef, Mem, Tau : Kabbalistic Musings On Time, Truth, and Death
138685   Alfred H. Barr, Jr., and the Intellectual Origins of the Museum of Modern Art
148719   Alfred Hitchcock {[New Ed.].}
138220   Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho : A Casebook
132278   Algebra and Geometry
135793   Algonquian Spirit : Contemporary Translations of the Algonquian Literatures of North America
149211   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
         Alien Species and Evolution : The Evolutionary Ecology of Exotic Plants, Animals, Microbes, and
156525   Interacting Native Species
135395   All About Dividend Investing : The Easy Way to Get Started
146932   All About Fibromyalgia
136763   All but the Waltz : A Memoir of Five Generations in the Life of a Montana Family
129842   All I Need Is Money : How to Finance Your Invention
125461   All Is Clouded By Desire : Global Banking, Money Laundering, and International Organized Crime
141177   All Over the Map : True Heroes of Texas Music {1st ed.}
150212   Allegiance of Thomas Hobbes, The
155983   Allelopathy : A Physiological Process With Ecological Implications
150567   Allergy in Practice
149254   All's Well That Ends Well
165592   Almanac of American Education, 2006, The
144643   Along Navajo Trails : Recollections of a Trader, 1898-1948
151574   Alphonse De Châteaubriant : Catholic Collaborator
142319   Al-Qaida's Jihad in Europe : The Afghan-Bosnian Network
142325   Alternative Femininities : Body, Age, and Identity
144961   Alternative Krishnas : Regional and Vernacular Variations On a Hindu Deity
155693   Alternatives to Athens : Varieties of Political Organization and Community in Ancient Greece
135419   Alzheimer's Activities That Stimulate the Mind
143255   AMA Handbook of Project Management, The {2nd ed.}
145167   Amartya Sen's Capability Approach : Theoretical Insights and Empirical Applications
147990   Amaze Your Customers! : Creative Tips On Winning & Keeping Your Customers

125534 Amazing Grace : African American Grandmothers As Caregivers and Conveyers of Traditional Values
       Amazing Stories of Female Executions : The Ultimate Collection of Grisly Tales From the Gallows,
146979 Guillotine and Gas Chamber
145799   Ambient Intelligence
145395   Ambiguities in Decision-oriented Life Cycle Inventories : The Role of Mental Models and Values
151576   Ambivalent Author, The : Five German Writers and Their Jewish Characters, 1848-1914
143202   Amending the Abject Body : Aesthetic Makeovers in Medicine and Culture
142523   Amenities and Rural Development : Theory, Methods and Public Policy
137525   America in Quotations : A Kaleidoscopic View of American History
152033   American Attitudes : What Americans Think About the Issues That Shape Their Lives {4th ed.}
149765   American Audiences On Movies and Moviegoing
150204   American Bioethics : Crossing Human Rights and Health Law Boundaries
142694   American Congress, The {4th ed.}
132370   American Constitution and the Debate Over Originalism, The
151330   American Domesticity : From How-to Manual to Hollywood Melodrama
152031   American Generations : Who They Are and How They Live {5th ed.}
125627   American Geographers, 1784-1812 : A Bio-bibliographical Guide
152038   American Health : Demographics and Spending of Health Care Consumers
151148   American Ideal, The : Literary History As a Worldly Activity
152016   American Incomes : Demographics of Who Has Money {5th ed.}
137813   American Independent Cinema
140682   American Indian Biographies
161000   American Indian Contributions to the World. Medicine and Health
161001   American Indian Contributions to the World. Science and Technology
140685   American Indian Culture
144036   American Indian Languages
143340   American Juvenile Justice
138209   American Law in a Global Context : The Basics
151132   American Legal Thought From Premodernism to Postmodernism : An Intellectual Voyage
152017   American Marketplace, The : Demographics and Spending Patterns {7th ed.}
126571   American Policy and Northern Ireland : A Saga of Peacebuilding
143352   American Popular Music : The Rock Years
156632   American Racist : The Life and Films of Thomas Dixon
125605   American Revolution, The
145194   American Soldier in World War I, An
147568   American South in a Global World, The
 85791   American Transportation Policy
145585   American Way of Peace, The : An Interpretation
152013   American Women : Who They Are & How They Live {3rd ed.}
         Americanization of the European Economy : A Compact Survey of American Economic Influence in Europe
143368   Since the 1880s
152039   Americans and Their Homes : Demographics of Homeownership
145580   America's First Olympics : The St. Louis Games of 1904
151762   America's Founding Food : The Story of New England Cooking
134325   America's Historic Stockyards : Livestock Hotels
147013   America's Lab Report : Investigations in High School Science
140849   Amerikanuak : Basques in the New World
146132   Anaesthesia Science Viva Book, The
         Analog Circuit Design : RF Circuits : Wide Band, Front-ends, DACs, Design Methodology and Verification
150939   for RF and Mixed-signal Systems
130824   Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS : A Practical Guide
139770   Analysis of Evidence

146374   Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Operators. II, Differential Operators With Constant Coefficients, The
151493   Analysis of Variance and Functional Measurement : A Practical Guide
143478   Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems
163070   Analytic Philosophy and History of Philosophy
151452   Analyzing Bach Cantatas
145786   Analyzing Computer System Performance With PERL::PDQ
132279   Analyzing Grammar : An Introduction
148606   Analyzing Inequality : Life Chances and Social Mobility in Comparative Perspective
         Analyzing T Cell Responses : How to Analyze Cellular Immune Responses against Tumor Associated
150568   Antigens
         Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms. Volume Two, A Practitioner's Guide to Pension, Health
142022   Labor Markets, Public Sector Downsizing
159581   Analyzing the U.S. Content of Imports and the Foreign Content of Exports
145635   Anaphora and Type Logical Grammar
142538   Anarchy, State and Public Choice
139642   Anatomy of a Guerrilla Film : The Making of Radius
149847   Anatomy of Power, An : The Social Theory of Michael Mann
151580   Ancestors and Gods : Margaret Laurence and the Dialectics of Identity
143607   Anchorites, Wombs and Tombs : Intersections of Gender and Enclosure in the Middle Ages
165161   Ancient Greece : From the Mycenaean Palaces to the Age of Homer
138989   Anger, Revolution, and Romanticism
163342   Animal Architecture
143086   Animal Pragmatism : Rethinking Human-nonhuman Relationships
138163   Animal Rights : Current Debates and New Directions
157631   Animals, Ethics, and Trade : The Challenge of Animal Sentience
139154   Animator's Reference Book, The
144044   Anne Orthwood's Bastard : Sex and Law in Early Virginia
152363   Annotated Bibliography of Jazz Fiction and Jazz Fiction Criticism, An
152085   Annual World Bank Conference On Development Economics, 2006 : Growth and Integration
144649   Anónimo Mexicano
150356   Anonymous Elect, The : Market Research Through Online Access Panels
122502   Ant Colony Optimization
146460   Antarctic Ecosystems : Environmental Contamination, Climate Change, and Human Impact
147369   Antarctica On a Plate : Memoirs of a Polar Chef
155974   Anterior Knee Pain and Patellar Instability {English Language Ed.}
151424   Anthology in Jewish Literature, The
138952   Antiepileptic Drugs : Combination Therapy and Interactions
141453   Antigenic Variation
126759   Anti-genocide : Building an American Movement to Prevent Genocide
122495   Anti-individualism and Knowledge
155899   Antioxidants and Cardiovascular Disease
149255   Antony and Cleopatra
135399   Ap Microeconomics/macroeconomics
135430   AP Physics B and C
135403   AP World History
150050   Apocalyptic Year 1000, The : Religious Expectation and Social Change, 950-1050
149767   Appalachians and Race : The Mountain South From Slavery to Segregation
165248   Apple Way, The
143504   Application of Apoptosis to Cancer Treatment
155980   Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology
         Applications of Gene-based Technologies for Improving Animal Production and Health in Developing
150469   Countries
136238   Applications of Information Systems to Homeland Security and Defense
148582   Applications of Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms
150453   Applications of Simulation Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics
132331   Applied Choice Analysis : A Primer
146114   Applied Evolutionary Economics and the Knowledge-based Economy
150252   Applied High-speed Plate Penetration Dynamics
148544   Applied Nonlinear Time Series Analysis : Applications in Physics, Physiology and Finance
155813   Applied Semi-Markov Processes
146220   Applied Surgical Physiology Vivas
151546   Applied Theatre : Bewilderment and Beyond
158601   Applying Social Cognition to Consumer-focused Strategy
158802   Appraising Genji : Literary Criticism and Cultural Anxiety in the Age of the Last Samurai
144968   Apprehending Politics : News Media and Individual Political Development
132367   Approaches to Class Analysis
159367   Aquinas On Being
144971   Arab Women Writers : An Anthology of Short Stories
126568   Arab-Israeli Conflict and Conciliation : A Documentary History
156334   Arable Crop Sector, The
150031   Arabs in History, The {6th ed.}
         Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives On the Native Peoples of Pampa, Patagonia, and Tierra
 85863   Del Fuego to the Nineteenth Century
149790   Archaeology of Liberty in an American Capital, The : Excavations in Annapolis
143465   Archaeology of Plural and Changing Identities, The : Beyond Identification
138443   Archigram : Architecture Without Architecture
150092   Architecture of Reason, The : The Structure and Substance of Rationality
149345   Architectures of Knowledge : Firms, Capabilities, and Communities
132287   Archytas of Tarentum : Pythagorean, Philosopher, and Mathematician King
139801   Arctic Climate System, The
138264   Are We Hardwired? : The Role of Genes in Human Behaviour
158549   Arguing : Exchanging Reasons Face to Face
132357   Argument Realization
143424   Argumentation Methods for Artificial Intelligence in Law
142685   Aristotle and the Science of Nature : Unity Without Uniformity
139789   Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics : An Introduction
138321   Arithmetic and Algebra-- Again : [Leave Math Anxiety Behind Forever] {2nd ed.}
127252   Arkansas Politics and Government
150409   Arm Bars and Joint Locks
142743   Armies of the Young : Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism
150410   Arm-locks for All Styles {1st ed.}
132120   Army Architecture in the West : Forts Laramie, Bridger, and D.A. Russell, 1849-1912
150253   Aromatase Inhibitors
152432   Arrest Discretion of Police Officers : The Impact of Varying Organizational Structures
151859   Arrest the Music! : Fela and His Rebel Art and Politics
145569   Arrow Rock : The Story of a Missouri Village
137820   Art and Advertising
137821   Art and Science
141180   Art in the Cinematic Imagination {1st ed.}
143209   Art Nature Dialogues : Interviews With Environmental Artists
         Art of Commedia, The : The Study in the Commedia Dell'arte 1560-1620 With Special Reference to the
160146   Visual Records
142966   Art of Subversion in Inquisitorial Spain, The : Rojas and Delicado
140869   Art of Teaching Science, The : Inquiry and Innovation in Middle School and High School
140871   Art of Teaching, The
146931   Art of the Infinite, The : The Pleasures of Mathematics
149331   Artful Universe Expanded, The {Expanded Ed.}
112158   Articulated Experiences : Toward a Radical Phenomenology of Contemporary Social Movements
150510   Artificial Economics : Agent-based Methods in Finance, Game Theory and Their Applications
137410   Artificial Intelligence in Second Language Learning : Raising Error Awareness
150987   Artificial Life Models in Software
140158   Artificial Neural Networks in Real-life Applications
155958   Artificial Oxygen Carrier : Its Front Line

147486 Arts As a Weapon of War, The : Britain and the Shaping of the National Morale in the Second World War
160061 Arts in Exile in Britain 1933-1945 : Politics and Cultural Identity
       As Pastoralists Settle : Social, Health, and Economic Consequences of the Pastoral Sedentarization in
145378 Marsabit District, Kenya
148939 As Seen in Vogue : A Century of American Fashion in Advertising
149256 As You Like It
142738 Asbestos and Fire : Technological Tradeoffs and the Body At Risk
150118 Asceticism
146108 ASEAN and East Asian International Relations : Regional Delusion
 86613 Asian American Playwrights : A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
145717 Asian Economy and Finance : A Post-crisis Perspective
143087 Asian North American Identities : Beyond the Hyphen
 86614 Asian-American Poets : A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
156244 Asking the Right Questions About Electronic Voting
138902 2.0 Demystified
 92045 Assassination of Herbert Chitepo, The : Texts and Politics in Zimbabwe
138239 Assembling the Tree of Life
       Assessing and Developing Communication and Thinking Skills in People With Autism and Communication
141435 Difficulties : A Toolkit for Parents and Professionals
147011 Assessing and Managing the Ecological Impacts of Paved Roads
150387 Assessing Fitness for Military Enlistment : Physical, Medical, and Mental Health Standards

155856 Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions : Dissemination, Methods and Procedures
136240 Assessing the Value of E-learning Systems
157854 Assessing World Bank Support for Trade, 1987-2004 : An IEG Evaluation
       Assessment Methods in Recruitment, Selection & Performance : A Manager's Guide to Psychometric
137378 Testing, Interviews and Assessment Centres
142489 Assessment of NIH Minority Research and Training Programs : Phase 3
150254   Assessment Reform in Science : Fairness and Fear
135357   Asset Dedication : How to Grow Wealthy With the Next Generation of Asset Allocation
157935   Association Schemes : Designed Experiments, Algebra, and Combinatorics
134778   Asthma Prevention and Management Guidelines
138442   At a Distance : Precursors to Art and Activism On the Internet
139254   At Berkeley in the Sixties : The Education of an Activist, 1961-1965
136418   At Home in Nature : Modern Homesteading and Spiritual Practice in America
102056   At Play in Belfast : Children's Folklore and Identities in Northern Ireland
144684   At the Crossroads : ICT Policy Making in East Africa
163123   At the Heart of Teaching : A Guide to Reflective Practice

120929 At War With Ourselves : Why America Is Squandering Its Chance to Build a Better World {[Pbk. ed.].}
145202 Athletic Crusade, The : Sport and American Cultural Imperialism
142980 Atlanta Jobbank, The

141762   Atlas : Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources : Global Concerns, Implications for the Future
141766   Atlas : Epilepsy Care in the World
150499   Atlas of Breast Surgery
150471   Atlas of Clinical Hematology {6th rev. ed.}
150819   Atlas of Morphology and Functional Anatomy of the Brain
150571   Atlas of Practical Applications of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
155901   Atomic Spectroscopy : Introduction to the Theory of Hyperfine Structure
148559   Atoms in Electromagnetic Fields
150102   Atrocity Paradigm, The : A Theory of Evil
156016   Attachment and Bonding : A New Synthesis
152088   Attacking Africa's Poverty : Experience From the Ground
148616   Attention and Implicit Learning
150837   Attitudes and Changing Contexts
148365   Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators : Challenges of Interpretation
152253   Auctioning Public Assets : Analysis and Alternatives
144620   Audience Response Systems in Higher Education : Applications and Cases
136419   Audiotopia : Music, Race, and America
131593   Auditory Cortex, The : A Synthesis of Human and Animal Research
155950   Auditory Signal Processing : Physiology, Psychoacoustics, and Models
         Augustan Succession, The : An Historical Commentary On Cassius Dio's Roman History, Books 55-56 (9
138211   B.C.-A.D. 14)
151860   Augustine and Postmodernism : Confessions and Circumfession
150147   Augustine's Invention of the Inner Self : The Legacy of a Christian Platonist
142981   Austin/San Antonio JobBank, The
156364   Australia
148617   Australian Languages : Classification and the Comparative Method
136233   Authentic Learning Environments in Higher Education
         Authority of the Security Council Under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, The : Legal Limits and the Role of
132957   the International Court of Justice
130741   Autism : Mind and Brain
151335   Autobiographical Inscriptions : Form, Personhood, and the American Woman Writer of Color
164822   Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The
149131   Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The
150255   Automatic Differentiation : Applications, Theory and Implementations
         Automating Business Modelling : A Guide to Using Logic to Represent Informal Methods and Support
145430   Reasoning
136309   Automating Microsoft Access With VBA
146780   Automotive Production Systems and Standardisation : From Ford to the Case of Mercedes-Benz
150075   Autonomy, Gender, Politics
160200   Avant-garde/Neo-avant-garde
156580   Average-cost Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Systems
145458   Avian Navigation : Pigeon Homing As a Paradigm
141767   Avoiding Heart Attacks and Strokes : Don't Be a Victim - Protect Yourself
143600   Awakening Children's Minds : How Parents and Teachers Can Make a Difference
146861   Away Down South : A History of Southern Identity
         Axonal Branching and Recovery of Coordinated Muscle Activity After Transection of the Facial Nerve in
146600   Adult Rats
162412   A-Z of Management Concepts and Models, The
152036   Baby Boom, The : Americans Born 1946 to 1964
157888   Baby Boys : An Owner's Manual
157889   Baby Girls : An Owner's Manual
149055   Bacchus and Civic Order : The Culture of Drink in Early Modern Germany
148455   Backpacker, The
135366   Backpacker's Handbook, The {3rd ed.}
147087   Backpacking Safety : A Guide to Enjoying Any Trip Safely
158513   Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics {5th ed.}
151436   Bacteriophages, The {2nd ed.}
143236   Bad : Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime On Screen
147370   Bad Karma : Confessions of a Reckless Traveller in South-east Asia
143323   Bad Language : Are Some Words Better Than Others?

147593 Balkan Family Structure and the European Pattern : Demographic Developments in Ottoman Bulgaria
151472 Balkan Idols : Religion and Nationalism in Yugoslav States
       Ballistic Missile Defense and the Future of American Security : Agendas, Perceptions, Technology, and
126747 Policy
160148 Baltic Postcolonialism
       Banking Careers : Clerical, Professional, Managerial : From the Neighborhood Community Branch to
141206 Global Finance to Internet Banking-- Growing Employment Opportunites
143410 Banking for Family Business : A New Challenge for Wealth Management
138978 Baroclinic Tides : Theoretical Modeling and Observational Evidence

145725   Barriers and Biases in Computer-mediated Knowledge Communication : And How They May Be Overcome
155654   Barriers between Us : Interracial Sex in Nineteenth-century American Literature
151879   Base SAS 9.1.3 Procedures Guide {2nd ed.}
151878   Base SAS® Guide to Information Maps
127253   Baseball Before We Knew It : A Search for the Roots of the Game
         Baseball Maniac's Almanac, The : Absolutely, Positively and Without Question the Greatest Book of
138319   Baseball Facts, Figures, & Astonishing List
144344   Basic Italian : A Grammar and Workbook
148933   Basic Research in Information Science and Technology for Air Force Needs
150916   Basics of Aerothermodynamics
150464   Basics of S-Plus, The
152072   Basil Wilson Duke, CSA : The Right Man in the Right Place
150772   Basis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias
136772   Bataan : A Survivor's Story
148323   Battle of Adwa, The : Reflections On Ethiopia's Historic Victory against European Colonialism
147029   Battle of the Otranto Straits, The : Controlling the Gateway to the Adriatic in World War I
         Battle Over Hetch Hetchy, The : America's Most Controversial Dam and the Birth of Modern
138160   Environmentalism
155729   Battling Terrorism in the Horn of Africa
150413   BBQ & Campfire Recipe Book, The
136207   Be a Successful Remodeling Contractor
143128   Bear River Massacre and the Making of History, The
147249   Beasts of the Earth : Animals, Humans, and Disease
146858   Beat the Flu : How to Stay Healthy Through the Coming Bird Flu Pandemic
         Beating Diabetes : The First Complete Program Clinically Proven to Dramatically Improve Your Glucose
135418   Tolerance
147470   Become Who You Are : With an Additional Essay "The Old Woman"
140588   Becoming a Visible Man {1st ed.}
145219   Becoming Western : Stories of Culture and Identity in the Cowboy State
156647   Bees in America : How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation
148608   Before Imagination : Embodied Thought From Montaigne to Rousseau
138918   Beginning Game Graphics
134902   Beginning Game Level Design
138929   Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games
140112   Begonias : Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History
130097   Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing, A
149107   Behavioral Ecology and the Transition to Agriculture
101702   Behind the Backlash : White Working-class Politics in Baltimore, 1940-1980
152286   Being Góral : Identity Politics and Globalization in Postsocialist Poland
143139   Being Made Strange : Rhetoric Beyond Representation
146841   Being Positive and Staying Positive
164182   Benders' Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology
156782   Benjamin Britten : The Spiritual Dimension
152069   Benjamin Franklin's Humor
156633   Bennetts, The : An Acting Family
152074   Berea College : An Illustrated History
140647   Berlin Electropolis : Shock, Nerves, and German Modernity
 85798   Bertrand Russell On Nuclear War, Peace, and Language : Critical and Historical Essays
147595   Beserk in the Atlantic : Sailing to the World's Most Uninhabitable Continent
135314   Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Into College
151531   Best Jobs for the 21st Century
 99082   Best of Intentions : America's Campaign against Strategic Weapons Proliferation
141174   Best of No Depression, The : Writing About American Music
138027   Best Résumés for College Students and New Grads {2nd ed.}
         Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One, The : How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L
137780   Industry {1st ed.}
151393   Better Angel, The : Walt Whitman in the Civil War
129259   Better Than Prozac : Creating the Next Generation of Psychiatric Drugs
150145   Between Eden and Armageddon : The Future of World Religions, Violence and Peacemaking
159133   Between Enterprise and Ethics : Business and Management in a Bimoral Society
149891   Between Transcendence and Historicism : The Ethical Nature of the Arts in Hegelian Aesthetics
138181   Between Two Empires : Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America

135447 Between Warrior Brother and Veiled Sister : Islamic Fundamentalism and the Politics of Patriarchy in Iran

130576   Beyond   Branding : How the New Values of Transparency and Integrity Are Changing the World of Brands
150257   Beyond   Cartesian Dualism : Encountering Affect in the Teaching and Learning of Science
155655   Beyond   Casablanca : M.A. Tazi and the Adventure of Moroccan Cinema
139717   Beyond   Chutzpah : On the Misuse of Anti-semitism and the Abuse of History
135767   Beyond   Conquest : Native Peoples and the Struggle for History in New England
130524   Beyond   Conservation : A Wildland Strategy
146878   Beyond   Idols : The Shape of a Secular Society
142482   Beyond   Realism and Antirealism : John Dewey and the Neopragmatists
139641   Beyond   Reality : A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming
146880   Beyond   Rigidity : The Unfinished Semantic Agenda of Naming and Necessity
164130   Beyond   Survival : Protecting Households From Health Shocks in Latin America
138219   Beyond   Talent : Creating a Successful Career in Music
149791   Beyond   the Multiplex : Cinema, New Technologies, and the Home

164133 Beyond the Numbers : Understanding the Institutions for Monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies
146106 Beyond the Regulation Approach : Putting Capitalist Economies in Their Place
138956 Bible and Empire, The : Postcolonial Explorations
151119 Bible and the Narrative Tradition, The
138139 Bible in History, The : How the Texts Have Shaped the Times
156804 Biblical Mourning : Ritual and Social Dimensions
125633 Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel García Márquez, 1992-2002
152365 Bibliography of African American Leadership : An Annotated Guide
143639 Bibliography of Welsh Literature in English Translation, A
147387 Bi-cultural Competence and Academic Resilience Among Immigrants
157967 Big End of Town, The : Big Business and Corporate Leadership in Twentieth-century Australia
135360 Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs, The : 555 Fully Conjugated Verbs
138325 Big Yellow Book of German Verbs, The : 555 Fully Conjugated Verbs
143245 Bigger Isn't Always Better : The New Mindset for Real Business Growth
163062 BigNum Math : Implementing Cryptographic Multiple Precision Arithmetic
158589 Bilingual Education : From Compensatory to Quality Schooling {2nd ed.}
160242 Bill of Rights, The : A History in Documents
159452 Bimanual Phaco : Mastering the Phakonit / MICS Technique
155858 Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty : Proceedings
158526 Biochemical Mechanisms of Detoxification in Higher Plants : Basis of Phytoremediation
150820 Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts
152335 Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems {2nd ed.}
151425 Biodiversity in Drylands : Toward a Unified Framework
143302 Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Conservation in Northern Mexico
       Bioelectromagnetics, Current Concepts : The Mechanisms of the Biological Effect of Extremely High Power
150755 Pulses
161240 Bioethics : A Systematic Approach {2nd ed.}
160131 Bioethics and Social Reality
150870 Bioethics in Cultural Contexts : Reflections On Methods and Finitude
 86185 Biographical Dictionary of American Sports. Baseball
       Biographical Dictionary of Women's Movements and Feminisms in Central, Eastern, and South Eastern
147586 Europe : 19th and 20th Centuries {1st ed.}
138226 Biography of a Subject : An Evolution of Development Economics
150686 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor
145789 Bioinformatics Technologies
145019 Biological Anthropology and Ethics : From Repatriation to Genetic Identity
146170 Biological Diversity and Function in Soils
       Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment : Proceedings of the 14th
155962 International Nitrogen Fixation Congress
146134 Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo
150399 Biological Science and Biotechnology in Russia : Controlling Diseases and Enhancing Security
156584 Biologically Inspired Algorithms for Financial Modelling
156549 Biology and Pathology of Trophoblast
143313 Biology of Aggression
132366 Biology of Blood-sucking in Insects, The {2nd ed.}
145871 Biology of Genetic Dominance, The
150405 Biology of Lakes and Ponds, The
149336 Biology of Soil, The : A Community and Ecosystem Approach
159160 Biomechanical Engineering of Textiles and Clothing
132257 Biomedicine and the Human Condition : Challenges, Risks, and Rewards
144617 Biometric Image Discrimination Technologies
150663 Biometric User Authentication for IT Security : From Fundamentals to Handwriting
145102 Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane Signaling
150826 Bioreactors for Tissue Engineeering : Principles, Design and Operation
145796 Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control
135798 Bioterrorism : A Guide for Facility Managers
159381 Bird Ecology and Conservation : A Handbook of Techniques
148015 Birth of the Khalsa, The : A Feminist Re-memory of Sikh Identity
152215 Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited, The
139769 Birth, Distress and Disease : Placental-brain Interactions
142742 Birthing Fathers : The Transformation of Men in American Rites of Birth
152366 Black and Right : The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America
147572 Black Arts Movement, The : Literary Nationalism in the 1960s and 1970s
163357 Black Authors & Published Writers Directory. 2006/2007
152367 Black Book Publishers in the United States : A Historical Dictionary of the Presses, 1817-1990
145224 Black Cadet in a White Bastion : Charles Young At West Point
137782 Black Death in Egypt and England, The : A Comparative Study {1st ed.}
125477 Black Demons : The Media's Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype
158540 Black Education : A Transformative Research and Action Agenda for the New Century
156818 Black Experience and the Empire
145195 Black Gun, Silver Star : The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves
143233 Black Haze : Violence, Sacrifice, and Manhood in Black Greek-letter Fraternities
151759 Black Life On the Mississippi : Slaves, Free Blacks, and the Western Steamboat World
149776 Black Male Fiction and the Legacy of Caliban
141404 Black Narcissus
129769 Black Pilgrimage to Islam
152368 Black Soldiers, White Wars : Black Warriors From Antiquity to the Present
151287 Black Zion : African American Religious Encounters With Judaism
140649 Black, Brown, Yellow, and Left : Radical Activism in Los Angeles
146920 Black, White, and Indian : Race and the Unmaking of an American Family
146215 Blacked Out : Government Secrecy in the Information Age
118215 Blackout : The Untold Story of Jackie Robinson's First Spring Training
       Blacks in the American West and Beyond--America, Canada, and Mexico : A Selectively Annotated
152369 Bibliography
142715 Blair Effect 2001-5, The
151758 Blessed With Tourists : The Borderlands of Religion and Tourism in San Antonio
       Blissful Data : Wisdom and Strategies for Providing Meaningful, Useful, and Accessible Data for All
148994 Employees
141514 Blood Group Antigen Factsbook, The {2nd ed.}

152065 Blood in the Sand : Imperial Fantasies, Right-wing Ambitions, and the Erosion of American Democracy
 92046   Blood, Land, and Sex : Legal and Political Pluralism in Eritrea
144041   Bloody Constraint : War and Chivalry in Shakespeare
137997   Blue Revolution : Integrated Land and Water Resource Management {2nd ed.}
149115   Blueprint for Your Library Marketing Plan : A Guide to Help You Survive and Thrive
161002   Blues
135416   Bob Miller's SAT Math for the Clueless : SAT Math
146993   Boccherini's Body : An Essay in Carnal Musicology
147464   Bodily Dimension in Thinking, The
146889   Bodily Sensibility : Intelligent Action
150800   Body and Practice in Kant
 69331   Body/politics : Studies in Reproduction, Production, and (Re)construction
150064   Boethius
137845   Bolt From the Blue, A : Coping With Disasters and Acute Traumas
160215   Bombs Away! : Representing the Air War Over Europe and Japan
150097   Bonds of Freedom, The : Feminist Theology and Christian Realism
150180   Book of Evidence, The
150179   Book of Job in Medieval Jewish Philosophy, The
143216   Book of Love and Pain, The : Thinking At the Limit With Freud and Lacan
151297   Book of Revelation, The : Apocalypse and Empire
151413   Book of the Year, The : A Brief History of Our Seasonal Holidays
124856   Book On Bush, The : How George W. Bush (Mis)leads America
152355   Book On Management, The
160057   Books in Motion : Adaptation, Intertextuality, Authorship
125677   Booktalker's Bible, The : How to Talk About the Books You Love to Any Audience
143219   Boom for Whom? : Education, Desegregation, and Development in Charlotte
165267   Boost Your Presentation IQ
160145   Bordering Biomedicine
         Borderlands of the American and Canadian Wests, The : Essays On Regional History of the Forty-ninth
145201   Parallel
143234   Borders of a Lip : Romanticism, Language, History, Politics
126692   Bosnia and the New Collective Security
158401   Boss of the Whole School, The : Effective Leadership in Action
142982   Boston Jobbank, The
148587   Bougainville Before the Conflict
136699   Bound for Santa Fe : The Road to New Mexico and the American Conquest, 1806-1848
160080   Bounds of Freedom : Popper, Liberty and Ecological Rationality
159375   Boys in Khaki, Girls in Print : Women's Literary Responses to the Great War, 1914-1918
         Boys Who Were Left Behind, The : The 1944 World Series between the Hapless St. Louis Browns and the
145205   Legendary St. Louis Cardinals
148618   Brain and Being : At the Boundary between Science, Philosophy, Language and Arts
156966   Brain and Culture : Neurobiology, Ideology, and Social Change
119735   Brain Damage and Repair : From Molecular Research to Clinical Therapy
125978   Brain Fiction : Self-deception and the Riddle of Confabulation
137767   Brain Injury and Returning to Employment : A Guide for Practitioners
143536   Brain Repair
145756   Branch-and-bound Applications in Combinatorial Data Analysis
143538   Branching Morphogenesis

134107   Branding Unbound : The Future of Advertising, Sales, and the Brand Experience in the Wireless Age
152370   Brass Music of Black Composers : A Bibliography
145480   Brauer-Hasse-Noether Theorem in Historical Perspective, The
129759   Brave New Brain : Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome
146970   Brazil : Life, Blood and Soul
 99155   Brazilian Economy, The : Growth and Development
163902   Breaking Through : Essays, Journals, and Travelogues of Edward F. Ricketts
158813   Breaking Through to Teens : A New Psychotherapy for the New Adolescence

125712   Breakthrough Management for Not-for-profit Organizations : Beyond Survival in the 21st Century
126691   Breakup of Yugoslavia and the War in Bosnia, The
145387   Breast MRI : Diagnosis and Intervention
163936   Breastwork : Rethinking Breastfeeding
156399   Bridge Over Troubled Waters : Linking Climate Change and Development
158430   Bridging the Literacy Achievement Gap, Grades 4-12
146944   Brief History of the Paradox, A : Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind
       Brief Summary, Institute of Medicine Regional Symposium : Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity :
150395 Focus On Communities
       Brief Summary, Institute of Medicine Regional Symposium : Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity :
159585 Focus On Industry
150003 Britain in Revolution, 1625-1660
149860 Britain, Soviet Russia and the Collapse of the Versailles Order, 1919-1939
163376 British Government and Politics : A Comparative Guide
131398 British Interventions in Early Modern Ireland
       Broaching Frontiers, Shattering Boundaries : On Tradition and Culture At the Dawn of the Third
151578 Millennium
145377 Broadband in Europe : How Brussels Can Wire the Information Society
149769 Broadcasting Freedom : The Cold War Triumph of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty
126680 Broken Crescent, The : The "Threat" of Militant Islamic Fundamentalism
137731 Broken Hegemonies
147457 Broken Whole, The : Philosophical Steps Toward a Theology of Global Solidarity
155742 Brookings Trade Forum 2005. Offshoring White-collar Work
       Brothers Across the Ocean : British Foreign Policy and the Origins of the Anglo-American 'Special
137814 Relationship' 1900-1905
141188 Brown Gumshoes : Detective Fiction and the Search for Chicana/o Identity
141173 Brown On Brown : Chicano/a Representations of Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity {1st ed.}
151398 Brown V. Board of Education : A Civil Rights Milestone and Its Troubled Legacy
142953 Brute Force : Animal Police and the Challence of Cruelty
139704 Buddhism : The Ebook : an Online Introduction {2nd ed.}
150105 Buddhism in the Modern World : Adaptations of an Ancient Tradition
143195 Buddhist Women and Social Justice : Ideals, Challenges, and Achievements
156408 Budget Support As More Effective Aid? : Recent Experiences and Emerging Lessons
       Building a Business Through Good Times and Bad : Lessons From 15 Companies, Each With a Century of
 86616 Dividends
152238 Building a Dynamic Europe : The Key Policy Debates
       Building a Parenting Agreement That Works : How to Put Your Kids First When Your Marriage Doesn't
142094 Last {5th ed.}
163137 Building Academic Success On Social and Emotional Learning : What Does the Research Say?
144595 Building and Managing Enterprise-wide Portals
142724 Building Assets, Building Credit : Creating Wealth in Low-income Communities
148661 Building Blocks of Meaning, The : Ideas for a Philosophical Grammar
129960 Building Diaspora : Filipino Community Formation On the Internet

130212 Building Interactive Worlds in 3D : Virtual Sets and Pre-visualization for Games, Film, and the Web
147116 Building Jewish in the Roman East
142517 Building Knowledge Regions in North America : Emerging Technology Innovation Poles
       Building On the Promise of Diversity : How We Can Move to the Next Level in Our Workplaces, Our
139845 Communities, and Our Society

120932 Building Reputational Capital : Strategies for Integrity and Fair Play That Improve the Bottom Line
       Building School-based Teacher Learning Communities : Professional Strategies to Improve Student
158409 Achievement
150134 Building Strengths and Skills : A Collaborative Approach to Working With Clients
141344 Building Student Literacy Through Sustained Silent Reading
131093 Building Sustainable Peace
       Building Wealth in a Paycheck-to-paycheck World : 10 Steps to Realizing Your Dream No Matter What You
135291 Earn {1st ed.}
135698 Building Wealth One House At a Time
 99089 Bullet or the Bribe, The : Taking Down Colombia's Cali Drug Cartel
151314 Burden of Modernity, The : The Rhetoric of Cultural Discourse in Spanish America
143335 Burdened Virtues : Virtue Ethics for Liberatory Struggles
152287 Buried Caesars, and Other Secrets of Italian American Writing

143133 Burning Down the House : Politics, Governance, and Affirmative Action At the University of California
144037 Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson : A Study in Character
141075 Business and Religion : A Clash of Civilizations?
       Business and the Beautiful Game : How You Can Apply the Skills & Passion of Football to Be a Winner in
142061 Business
144603 Business Applications and Computational Intelligence
165270 Business Calculus Demystified
         Business Careers in Advertising : You Manage the Campaign: From the Creative Side to the Client in This
132489   Fast Paced World : High Paying, Exciting Work in Accounts Services, Traffic, Research, Media
156378   Business Clusters : Promoting Enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe
141214   Business Education Teacher : The Challenge of Business and the Satisfaction of Helping Others
150228   Business Groups in East Asia : Financial Crisis, Restructuring, and New Growth
         Business Guide to Information Security, A : How to Protect Your Company's IT Assets, Reduce Risks and
142055   Understand the Law
157646   Business Guide to Sustainability, The : Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations
155795   Business Idea, The : The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship
 90792   Business Objects : The Complete Reference
144599   Business Processes : Operational Solutions for SAP Implementation
112704   Business Services Orchestration : The Hypertier of Information Technology
165593   Business Statistics of the United States {11th ed., 2006}
121672   Business Systems Analysis With Ontologies
137388   Business to Business Market Research : Understanding and Measuring Business Markets
142166   Business UNusual : Facilitating United Nations Reform Through Partnerships
147600   Busy Body, The : Stress-free Posture for Modern Life
134907   Buying & Selling Jewelry On EBay
         Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom : Finding and Evaluating the Business That's Right
135703   for You
140553   By the Hand of Mormon : The American Scripture That Launched a New World Religion
160998   Byzantine Philosophy and Its Ancient Sources
140971   C Primer Plus {5th ed.}
165247   C# 2.0 : The Complete Reference {2nd ed.}
146877   C.S. Lewis Then and Now
140972   C++ Primer Plus {5th ed.}
137746   Caged in Chaos : A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free
148619   Caging the Beast : A Theory of Sensory Consciousness
159781   Calculus of Retirement Income, The : Financial Models for Pension Annuities and Life Insurance
149111   California : America's High-stakes Experiment

148031   California Dreaming : Ideology, Society, and Technology in the Citrus Industry of Palestine, 1890-1939
146985   California's Frontier Naturalists
149193   Call of the Wild, The
158576   CALL Research Perspectives
145014   Calling Cards : Theory and Practice in Studies of Race, Gender, and Culture
159776   Calvin and the Bible
150832   Calvinism's First Battleground : Conflict and Reform in the Pays De Vaud, 1528-1559
138941   Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution, The
138939   Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development, The
146146   Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing, The
132280   Cambridge Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning, The
146207   Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia, The
130105   Camera Assistant's Manual, The {4th ed.}
146893   Campaigning Online : The Internet in U.S. Elections
163390   Can Good Economics Ever Be Good Politics? : Case Study of India's Power Sector
155730   Can We Say No? : The Challenge of Rationing Health Care
156369   Canada
147475   Canada's Economic Apartheid : The Social Exclusion of Racialized Groups in the New Century
141146   Canadian Cultural Poesis : Essays On Canadian Culture
139890   Cancer : The Role of Genes, Lifestyle, and Environment
         Candidate Strategies and Electoral Competition in the Russian Federation : Democracy Without
146169   Foundation
149250   Candide
150578   Cannabinoids
145375   Cannabinoids As Therapeutics
151730   Cannabis Dependence : Its Nature, Consequences, and Treatment
148069   Capability Report for Catching-up : Historical, Empirical and Policy Dimensions
138225   Capital Adequacy Beyond Basel : Banking, Securities, and Insurance
130284   Capital Investment & Financing : A Practical Guide to Financial Evaluation
157921   Capital Punishment : Strategies for Abolition
         Capitalism At the Crossroads : The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the World's Most Difficult
140937   Problems
149356   Capitalist Diversity and Change : Recombinant Governance and Institutional Entrepreneurs
157088   Captive Woman's Lament in Greek Tragedy, The {1st ed.}
 69800   Captivity, Flight, and Survival in World War II
136202   Car Stereo Cookbook : How to Design, Choose, and Install Car Stereo Systems {2nd ed.}
126830   Cardboard Castle?, A : An Inside History of the Warsaw Pact, 1955-1991
145714   Cardiovascular Disease in AIDS
         Cardiovascular Technologist : Healthcare Technician Assisting Physicians : Diagnosing and Treating Heart
147276   Disease
         Career As a Biomedical Engineer, Bioengineering : Integrating Principles of Engineering, Medicine, and the
137113   Sciences to Contribute to the Hea
         Career As a Bookkeeper : Accounting and Auditing Clerks : They Keep Track of the Vital Financial Records
137202   of Every Type of Business and Organ
         Career As a Business Lawyer : Largest Legal Specialty : Advise and Represent Corporations and
147259   Government Agencies As They Navigate Today's C
         Career As a Certified Public Accountant : CPA : Crunching the Numbers and Advising Businesses and
147261   Individuals On How to Manage Their Financi
132483   Career As a Chef, A : The Creative Cook Is the Key to a Successful Restaurant
132490   Career As a Community Health Nurse, Public Health Nurse
         Career As a Computer Network Architect Administrator : Connecting Computers Within an Office and
 41275   Around the World
         Career As a Computer Support Specialist : Enabling Business and Individual Users to Navigate
156673   Increasingly Complex Technology
156670   Career As a Corrections Officer : Prison Teacher, Nurse, Drug Treatment Specialist
141211   Career As a Court Reporter : New: TV Broadcast Captioning : Thousands of Jobs Nationwide
         Career As a Criminal Lawyer : Your Career Can Include Private Practice (Solo or a Large Firm), Public
156655   Prosecutor or Public Defender
147275   Career As a Database Administrator
137116   Career As a Dental Hygienist, A : Helping People Achieve and Maintain Optimal Oral Health
         Career As a Dentist : Increasing Demand Reported for These High Prestige, High Earning Healthcare
147258   Professionals
         Career As a Foreign Correspondent : Investigate and Report the News of the World From Where It's
147270   Happening
156653   Career As a Funeral Director : Mortuary Science

137131 Career As a High School Teacher : Secondary School Education : Helping Students Reach Their Potential
       Career As a Librarian, Public Libraries : Managing Knowledge and Information, Making It Available for
137122 Everyone
 49940 Career As a Massage Therapist, A
132491 Career As a Naturalist : Wildlife Conservation Professionals
132484 Career As a Photojournalist, News Photographer, A
       Career As a Physician Assistant : High Level Professionals Working Directly With Doctors in Delivering
141216 Healthcare
147272 Career As a Podiatrist : Doctor Specializing in Foot Healthcare
141218 Career As a Police Detective : Inspector, Investigator
147281 Career As a Registered Nurse (RN), A : Helping Others By Combining Science With Compassion
147273 Career As a School Psychologist
132485 Career As a Social Worker, A
137130 Career As a Tax Attorney, A : "In This World Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes"
137114 Career As an Analytical Chemist
132492 Career As an Anesthesiologist
       Career As an Archivist : Manuscript Editor, Historical Editor, Archival Management : Caretakers of the
147274 Treasures of the Past
       Career As an Economist, A : With a Degree in Economics, You Will Be Prepared for an Exceptional Variety
147269 of Exciting and Rewarding Careers
 50969 Career As an Electrician Electrical Contractor
 49942 Career As an Occupational Therapist : Healthcare Professional
147277 Career in Cinema Studies : Film Critics, Historians, Archivists and Educators
132486 Career in Fashion, A : Merchandising and Marketing Management
       Career in Foreign Languages, A : Translating, Interpreting : in Our Interconnected World of Commerce
141213 and Culture the Need for People With Bilingual skills continues to grow
       Career in Geriatric Nursing, A : Taking Care of America's Elderly : Fast-growing Healthcare Career : Aging
141225 Population Requires Great Level of Nursing Services
       Career in Home Furnishings Retailing, A : Providing Useful and Attractrive Furnishings for American
132487 Homes
       Career in Modeling, A : You Don't Have to Be a Glamorous Supermodel : Opportunities Today for People
141208 of All Types and Looks
137127 Career in Professional Politics

132488 Career in Urban Planning, A : Managing Healthy Urban Growth While Preserving a Community's Character
141227 Career in Warehouse Management, A : Shipping and Inventory Logistics
147279 Career Opportunities for People Who Have Physical Disabilities

147264   Career Opportunities in the United States Marine Corps : Wanted, a Few Good Men... and Women
135690   Careers for Born Leaders & Other Decisive Types
135689   Careers for Class Clowns & Other Engaging Types
135414   Careers for Color Connoisseurs & Other Visual Types
135321   Careers for Courageous People & Other Adventurous Types
135319   Careers for Financial Mavens & Other Money Movers
135320   Careers for High-energy People & Other Go-getters
135691   Careers for Legal Eagles & Other Law-and-order Types
         Careers for People With Disabilities : Special Opportunities If You Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing : Using
147278   Today's Technology You Can Succeed in Any Mainstream Profession
135317   Careers for Self-starters & Other Entrepreneurial Types
 49948   Careers in Auto Dealerships : Sales, Management, Ownership
 49945   Careers in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology : Genetic Engineering-- Gene Therapy
         Careers in Camera Shops : Photography Retailing and Service Industry : Turn Your Hobby Into Your Life's
141212   Work

       Careers in Clinical Research Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry : Helping Develop Medicines and
137115 Treatments That Will Save Countless Lives : Discover New Genetic Therapies to Cure Disease
       Careers in Commercial and Institutional Architecture : You Can Create the Cities of the Future, From
141226 Skyscrapers to Shopping Malls
132493 Careers in Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking
135322 Careers in Communications
       Careers in Computer Desktop Publishing : Use Your Artistic and Writing Skills to Create Publications for
141228 Freelance and Franchise Shop Clients
 49939 Careers in Computer Sales
132495 Careers in Cosmetology : Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, Skincare Experts
       Careers in Digital Film and Video Production : Use Your Visual Arts and Technical Talent to Join This
       Creative Wave of the Future, From Features to TV Commercials to Industrial Training Videos, Great
141223 Opportunities for New Talent
141343 Careers in Farming, Agriculture-- Agribusiness
135323 Careers in Finance
141209 Careers in Health and Natural Foods Retailing : Rapidly Growing $9 Billion Industry
135685 Careers in Health Care

132496 Careers in Historic Preservation : Saving Districts, Buildings, and Structures Significant in American History
       Careers in Human Resources : Help Your Employer, and Your Employers Employees Enjoy Simulating
137120 Work, Plenty of Opportunity in a Growing Field

       Careers in Information Technology Management : The World Runs On Information Provided By These
141224 Computer Experts : You May Rise to the Top Corporate Job of CIO (Chief Information Officer)
135684 Careers in Journalism
       Careers in Journalism : Writing, Reporting, Editing : Newspapers, Magazines, Websites : Local Students
       Follow Their Joy of Writing, Decide to Become Journalists, Discover They Can Get Paid For Doing Their
137121 Homework
132497 Careers in Management Consulting : Sharing Expertise and Knowledge
       Careers in Mathematics : Teacher, Statistician, Actuary, Operations Research, Computer Programmer,
132498 Systems Analyst
132499 Careers in Medical and Scientific Illustration
       Careers in Meeting and Events Management, Hospitality Marketing : Increasingly Important Business
137125 Function Planning Everything From Sales Meetings to Major Conventions
132500 Careers in Music Stores : Using Your Love for Music in a Profitable Business
132501 Careers in Professional Baseball
132502 Careers in Project Management
132503 Careers in Public Relations
147280 Careers in Radio Broadcasting : Interviewers, Announcers, Talk-show Hosts, Newscasters

147260 Careers in Recreation Leadership : Enhance and Enrich the Quality of Life Through Organized Activity
       Careers in Reproductive Healthcare : Medical Doctors, Nurses, Technologists Devoted to Helping Couples
147271 Enjoy the Blessing of Children
141205 Careers in Residential Architecture
141219 Careers in Satellite Communications, Technology and Engineering
       Careers in Scientific Computing : Conduct Research Into Fundamental Science As Theorist, Designer,
141221 Inventor
       Careers in Service Station Operation : Serving the Needs of Travelers Nationwide : Opportunity to Own
141210 Your Own Business
141222 Careers in Soccer : Player, Coach, Referee, Administration
       Careers in the Health Insurance Industry : Rewarding Career in the Forefront of America's Vast
141217 Healthcare System Helping Individuals, Famili
       Careers in the Landscape Nursery Business : Landscaper, Landscape Contractor : Use Your Love of Plants
141220 and Gardening to Start and Own Your O
       Careers in the United States Air Force : Beyond Pilots, a Range of Over 150 Career Specialties From
152120 Engineering to Communications, Avionics to Band
       Careers in the United States Coast Guard : Now More Than Ever in Our Nation's History These Guardians
147265 of Our Shores Are Essential to America
147263 Careers in the United States Navy
147262 Careers in the US Army : Serve Your Country and Get a Great Education
       Careers in the US Department of Agriculture : You Can Become an Important Part of the USDA, a Vital
       Resource for Farmers and All Who Are Interested in Agriculture, Preservation of Wildlife, Nutrition, and
137134 Economic Growth
       Careers in Today's Dynamic Real Estate Business : Developers, Appraisers, Rehabbers, Property
147268 Managers, Agents
 50972 Careers in Winter Sports : On the Slopes and in the Rink As a Pro or Instructor
147266 Careers in Zoos and Aquariums
       Careers With Nonprofit Organizations : Working for Charitable and Philanthropic Organizations : Executive
137126 Positions in Administration, Advocacy, Fundraising, Public Relations
132504 Careers With Sports Vehicle Centers
       Careers With the IRS, Internal Revenue Service : New User-friendly IRS Is Dedicated to Helping and
141215 Educating Taxpayers, Many Varied Career Positions Opening Up
150021 Carmelites and Antiquity, The : Mendicants and Their Pasts in the Middle Ages
160179 Carmen : From Silent Film to MTV
142983 Carolina Jobbank, The

135421 Carpentry and Framing Inspection Notes : Inspecting Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Construction
138183 Carry Me Back : The Domestic Slave Trade in American Life
142710 Case for the Enlightenment, The : Scotland and Naples 1680-1760

127281   Case of the Ugly Suitor & Other Histories of Love, Gender, & Nation in Buenos Aires, 1776-1870, The
155800   Case Studies in Spatial Point Process Modeling
129873   Case Study Designs in Music Therapy
129810   Casebook On Roman Family Law, A
142968   Cases in Call Center Management : Great Ideas (Th)at Work
151751   Cases On Database Technologies and Applications
151752   Cases On Electronic Commerce Technologies and Applications
151756   Cases On Strategic Information Systems
151757   Cases On Telecommunication and Networking
151753   Cases On the Human Side of Information Technology
130272   Cash Flow Forecasting
156716   Cash for Your Trash : Scrap Recycling in America
136673   Cash, Color, and Colonialism : The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgment
135376   Cashing in On Wall Street's 10 Greatest Myths : What You Can Do to Consistently Build Wealth
         Castings : Monuments and Monumentality in Poems By Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, James Merrill,
140589   Derek Walcott, and Seamus Heaney
167241   Castle Valley, America : Hard Land, Hard-won Home
         Cataloger's Judgment : Music Cataloging Questions and Answers From the Music OCLC Users Group
125653   Newsletter
149116   Cataloging Correctly for Kids : An Introduction to the Tools {4th ed.}
147008   Catalyzing Inquiry At the Interface of Computing and Biology
150579   Cataract and Refractive Surgery
138265   Catastrophe : Risk and Response
156302   Catastrophic Risks and Insurance
148538   Cathars, The
         Catholic Modernity?, A : Charles Taylor's Marianist Award Lecture, With Responses By William M. Shea,
151365   Rosemary Luling Haughton, George Marsde
         Catholicism and Community in Early Modern England : Politics, Aristocratic Patronage and Religion, C.
156565   1550-1640
160253   Catholics in America
146922   Causal Models : How People Think About the World and Its Alternatives
122500   Causation and Counterfactuals
 77784   Causes of the 1929 Stock Market Crash, The : A Speculative Orgy or a New Era?
150577   CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells : Origin, Function, and Therapeutic Potential
164003   Cell Biology and Instrumentation : UV Radiation, Nitric Oxide and Cell Death in Plants
139886   Cell, The : Evolution of the First Organism
150324   Cellular Automata Modeling of Chemical Systems : A Textbook and Laboratory Manual
138172   Cellular Computing
148583   Cellular Neural Networks, Multi-scroll Chaos and Synchronization
 69815   Central Powers in the Adriatic, 1914-1918, The : War in a Narrow Sea
         Century of Musicals in Black and White, A : An Encyclopedia of Musical Stage Works By, About, or
152372   Involving African Americans
150786   Cerebral Monitoring in the OR and ICU
 85866   Certain Ideas of France : Essays On French History and Civilization
149777   Challenge and Change in Appalachia : The Story of Hindman Settlement School
 85768   Challenge of Cultural Pluralism, The
142524   Challenge of Public-private Partnerships, The : Learning From International Experience
 69301   Challenge of Same-sex Marriage, The : Federalist Principles and Constitutional Protections
156418   Challenges of CAFTA : Maximizing the Benefits for Central America

126829   Challenges of Sustained Development, The : The Role of Socio-cultural Factors in East-Central Europe
156756   Challenging Humanism : Essays in Honor of Dominic Baker-Smith
146924   Challenging Inequities in Health : From Ethics to Action
139753   Changing Conceptions of National Biography : The Oxford DNB in Historical Perspective
163372   Changing Constitution, The
138261   Changing Face of Christianity, The : Africa, the West, and the World
160191   Changing Face of Corpus Linguistics, The

146163   Changing Lanes in China : Foreign Direct Investment, Local Government, and Auto Sector Development
132277   Changing Role of the Embryo in Evolutionary Thought, The : Roots of Evo-devo
151499   Changing the Guard : Developing Democratic Police Abroad
129815   Character Strengths and Virtues : A Handbook and Classification
146810   Characterisation in Federations : Six Countries Compared
145110   Characteristic Based Planning With MySAP SCM : Scenarios, Processes, and Functions
145464   Charged Particle Traps : Physics and Techniques of Charged Particle Field Confinement
152212   Charles Taylor
151375   Charles Wesley : A Reader
125664   Charleston Conference Proceedings 2002
125669   Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2003
158497   Chassin's Operative Strategy in Esophageal Surgery
147991   Cheap : The Real Cost of the Global Trend for Bargains, Discounts & Customer Choice
151311   Checking Theory and Grammatical Functions in Universal Grammar

143390 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in China, The : Opportunities and Threats for Foreign Companies

146982   Chemical Maze, The : Shopping Companion : Your Guide to Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients
148493   Chemical Testing of Textiles
136672   Cherokee Medicine Man : The Life and Work of a Modern-day Healer
142984   Chicago Jobbank, The
137800   Chicanas and Chicanos in School : Racial Profiling, Identity Battles, and Empowerment
149780   Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson of Kentucky : A Political Biography
163130   Child As Critic, The : Developing Literacy Through Literature, K-8
150198   Child Health and the Environment
         Child Health in Complex Emergencies / C William J. Moss ... [Et Al.] ; Roundtable On the Demography of
147006   Forced Migration, Committee On Popula
162377   Childhood Bilingualism : Research On Infancy Through School Age
142956   Children and Animals : Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty
125634   Children and Youth in Sickness and in Health : A Historical Handbook and Guide

158439   Children Don't Come With an Instruction Manual : A Teacher's Guide to Problems That Affect Learners
157243   Children in Medical Research : Access Versus Protection
158318   Children of the Father King : Youth, Authority, & Legal Minority in Colonial Lima
142695   Children of the Queen's Revels : A Jacobean Theatre Repertory
125493   Children of Victory : Young Specialists and the Evolution of Soviet Society
 69163   Children Who Murder : A Psychological Perspective
151473   Children Without Language : From Dysphasia to Autism
137833   Children, Cinema and Censorship : From Dracula to the Dead End Kids
138424   Children, Ethics, and Modern Medicine
137775   Children, Youth and Adults With Asperger Syndrome : Integrating Multiple Perspectives
141761   Children's Health and Environment : Developing Action Plans
141147   Children's Health Issues in Historical Perspective
143088   Children's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
158584   Children's Thinking About Cultural Universals
135417   China : Its History and Culture {4th ed.}
142616   China Candid : The People On the People's Republic
148096   China in a Globalizing World
126839   China Inside Out : Contemporary Chinese Nationalism and Transnationalism
142725   China's Peaceful Rise : Speeches of Zheng Bijian, 1997-2005
149792   Chinese American Voices : From the Gold Rush to the Present
         Chinese Century, The : The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact On the Global Economy, the Balance
140942   of Power, and Your Job
125698   Chinese Culture, Organizational Behavior, and International Business Management
144990   Chinese Discourses On the Peasant, 1900-1949
125706   Chinese Economic Transition and International Marketing Strategy
143210   Chinese Philosophy in an Era of Globalization
144988   Chinese Theories of Reading and Writing : A Route to Hermeneutics and Open Poetics

126815 Chinese Triangle of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, The : Comparative Institutional Analyses
127277 Chinnubbie and the Owl : Muscogee (Creek) Stories, Orations, and Oral Traditions
147571 Choice & Coercion : Birth Control, Sterilization, and Abortion in Public Health and Welfare
140555 Chomsky's Minimalism
       Choosing & Using Consultants & Advisers : A Best Practice Guide to Making the Right Decision and
157223 Getting Good Value
142703 Choosing White-collar Crime

152374   Choral Arrangements of the African-American Spirituals : Historical Overview and Annotated Listings
121036   Choral Masterworks : A Listener's Guide
150223   Christian Philosophical Theology
165173   Christian Philosophy A-Z
142775   Christine De Pizan and Biblical Wisdom : A Feminist-theological Point of View
149144   Christmas Carol, A
150581   Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
133574   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
162229   Chuck Hagel : Moving Forward
155656   Church Divided, A : German Protestants Confront the Nazi Past
164128   Church of Women, The : Gendered Encounters between Maasai and Missionaries
156794   Cicero the Advocate
150036   Cicero, Rhetoric, and Empire
155657   Cinema's Conversion to Sound : Technology and Film Style in France and the U.S.

158838   Cinemas of the Other : A Personal Journey With Film-makers From the Middle East and Central Asia
149827   Circuitry of the Human Spinal Cord, The : Its Role in Motor Control and Movement Disorders
145208   Circumpolar Lives and Livelihood : A Comparative Ethnoarchaeology of Gender and Subsistence
149573   Cisco PIX Firewalls : Configure, Manage, & Troubleshoot
136324   CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram 2
145633   Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation
151007   Cities in Transition : Globalization, Political Change and Urban Development
137893   Cities of the Dead : Contesting the Memory of the Civil War in the South, 1865-1914
149862   Citizens Abroad : Emigration and the State in the Middle East and North Africa
146905   Citizen's Guide to Ecology, A
138228   City Government in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor
121468   City of Light : The Story of Fiber Optics
158440   City Schools and the American Dream : Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education
152433   Civil Commitment of Sexual Predators : A Study in Policy Implementation
142691   Civil Partnership Act 2004, The : A Practical Guide
136146   Civil Society and Political Change in Asia : Expanding and Contracting Democratic Space
163343   Civil Society in British History : Ideas, Identities, Institutions
163369   Civil War in American Culture, The
         Civil War Pharmacy : A History of Drugs, Drug Supply and Provision, and Therapeutics for the Union and
152344   Confederacy
165159   Civilian Conservation Corps in Arizona's Rim Country, The : Working in the Woods
136152   Civilization and Its Contents
112128   Civilizing Globalization : A Survival Guide
152375   Claiming Place : Biracial Young Adults of the Post-civil Rights Era
130066   Class or Nation : Communists, Imperialism and Two World Wars
120290   Classic and Romantic German Aesthetics
140108   Classic Houses of Seattle : High Style to Vernacular, 1870-1950
161003   Classical
         Classical Form : A Theory of Formal Functions for the Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart, and
151257   Beethoven
150917   Classical Geometries in Modern Contexts : Geometry of Real Inner Product Spaces

146242 Classical Methods of Statistics : With Applications in Fusion-oriented Experimental Plasma Physics
144016 Classical Myth & Culture in the Cinema
150258 Classification Algorithms for Codes and Designs
       Classification and Modeling With Linguistic Information Granules : Advanced Approaches to Linguistic Data
155914 Mining
133961 Classroom Strategies for Helping At-risk Students
147216 Climate Change : Turning Up the Heat
138960 Climate Change and Africa
146101 Climate Change and the Economics of the World's Fisheries : Examples of Small Pelagic Stocks
143511 Climate Change Impacts for the Conterminous USA : An Integrated Assessment
132341 Climate Change in Prehistory : The End of the Reign of Chaos
       Climate Dependence and Food Problems in Russia, 1900-1990 : The Interaction of Climate and
126834 Agricultural Policy and Their Effect On Food Problems
150115 Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response At Long-term Ecological Research Sites
       Climate Variability and Water Resources Degradation in Kenya : Improving Water Resources Development
146860 and Management

148307   Climbing the Equator, Running the Jungle : Adventures in the Jungles and Mountains of Ecuador
146888   Clinical Applications of Evidence-based Family Interventions
112152   Clinical Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment : The Target Cities Experience
150583   Clinical Bioethics : A Search for the Foundations
146130   Clinical Guide to Inherited Metabolic Diseases, A {3rd ed.}
126101   Clinical Knowledge Management : Opportunities and Challenges
146886   Clinical Mycology
151731   Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke, The {2nd ed.}
145428   Clinical PET and PET/CT
146890   Clinical Science of Neurologic Rehabilitation, The
159466   Clinical Skills for the Ophthalmic Examination : Basic Procedures {2nd ed.}
147185   Clinical Skills in Infant Mental Health
159473   Clinician's Guide to Gastrointestinal Oncology, The
159454   Clinician's Guide to Liver Disease, The
155777   Clinician's Guide to Medical Writing, The
159455   Clinician's Guide to Pancreaticobiliary Disorders, The
146140   Clinician's Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, A
129696   Cloning Sourcebook, The
 70143   Close Protection : The Politics of Guarding Russia's Rulers
137897   Closer to Freedom : Enslaved Women and Everyday Resistance in the Plantation South
 65862   Closing of American Library Schools, The : Problems and Opportunities
159158   Clothing Biosensory Engineering
135305 Coaching High School Basketball : A Complete Guide to Building a Championship Team
       Coastal Fluxes in the Anthropocene : The Land-ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone Project of the
145163 International Geosphere-biosphere Programme
148446 Cobble Circles and Standing Stones : Archaeology At the Rivas Site, Costa Rica
132313 COBOL Programmers Swing With Java
163077 Co-compounds and Natural Coordination
138438 CODE : Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
143355 Coding for Data and Computer Communications
135443 Coffins On Our Shoulders : The Experience of the Palestinian Citizens of Israel
151290 Cognition and Emotion
146156 Cognition and Multi-agent Interaction : From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation
148620 Cognition and Technology : Co-existence, Convergence, and Co-evolution
131384 Cognitive Developmental Change : Theories, Models and Measurement
146867 Cognitive Dimensions of Social Science
144048 Cognitive Foundations of Musical Pitch
148123 Cognitive Linguistics
163366 Cognitive Linguistics : An Introduction
138175 Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging : Linking Cognitive and Cerebral Aging
158581 Cognitive Vulnerability to Emotional Disorders
       Cognitively Informed Systems : Utilizing Practical Approaches to Enrich Information Presentation and
144612 Transfer
156969 Coherence in Natural Language : Data Structures and Applications
156713 Coining for Capital : Movies, Marketing, and the Transformation of Childhood
151343 Cold War and Soviet Insecurity, The : The Stalin Years
126816 Cold War Strategist : Stuart Symington and the Search for National Security
       Cold War's Odd Couple, The : The Unintended Partnership between the Republic of China and the UK,
147489 1950-1958
125665 Collaborative Electronic Resource Management : From Acquisitions to Assessment
       Collaborative Entrepreneurship : How Communities of Networked Firms Use Continuous Innovation to
148603 Create Economic Wealth
155976 Collaborative Networks and Their Breeding Environments : IFIP TC5 WG 5.5
144639 Collected Leonard J. Arrington Mormon History Lectures, The
 75280 Collection Management for the 21st Century : A Handbook for Librarians
149117 Collection Management for Youth : Responding to the Needs of Learners
143427 Collective Bargaining and Wage Formation : Performance and Challenges
145117 Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems
143207 Collective Preventive Diplomacy : A Study in International Conflict Management
       College Majors Handbook With Real Career Paths and Payoffs : The Actual Jobs, Earnings, and Trends for
106963 Graduates of 60 College Majors
135330 College Matters Guide to Getting Into the Elite College of Your Dreams
150664 Color Atlas of Chemical Peels
150547 Color Atlas of Histopathology of the Cervix Uteri {2nd ed.}
142985 Colorado Jobbank, The
155838 Column Generation
151839 Combat Kick Boxing : Realistic Self Defence
149276 Comedy of Errors, The
145405 Comets : Nature, Dynamics, Origin, and Their Cosmogonical Relevance
144856 Comfort Zones : Planning a Fulfilling Retirement {5th ed.}
125555 Comic Art of Europe Through 2000 : Volume 1 : An International Bibliography
125556 Comic Art of Europe Through 2000 : Volume II / : An International Bibliography

149054   Coming to Terms With Democracy : Federalist Intellectuals and the Shaping of an American Culture
151458   Coming to the Edge of the Circle : A Wiccan Initiation Ritual
143089   Command Failure in War : Psychology and Leadership
143090   Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland
         Commitment Dialogues, The : How to Talk Your Way Through the Tough Times and Build a Stronger
138294   Relationship {1st ed.}
140757   Commitment, The : Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family
         Committee Decisions On Monetary Policy : Evidence From Historical Records of the Federal Open Market
138486   Committee
138021   Common Law for Europe, A
138247   Common Morality : Deciding What to Do
158009   Common Security in Outer Space and International Law
149246   Common Sense
131136 Common-sense : A New Look At an Old Philosophical Tradition
147580 Communicate to Win {2nd ed.}
       Communicating Process Architectures 2005 : WoTUG-28 : Proceedings of the 28th WoTUG Technical
164004 Meeting, 18-21 September 2005
146843 Communicating With More Confidence
126788 Communication and Organizational Crisis
143153 Communication and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making
156608 Communication in Plants : Neuronal Aspects of Plant Life
129875 Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome : Do We Speak the Same Language?
100038 Communication Researchers and Policy-making
138665 Communicative Action and Rational Choice
 85876 Communism in History and Theory. From Utopian Socialism to the Fall of the Soviet Union
 85875 Communism in History and Theory. the European Experience
158417 Community Genograms : Using Individual, Family, and Cultural Narratives With Clients
143304 Community Interventions and AIDS
138223 Community Schools in Action : Lessons From a Decade of Practice
138633 Community-driven Regulation : Balancing Development and the Environment in Vietnam
120000 Cómo comprar su primera casa
120304 Compact Blue-green Lasers
150203 Companion to Clinical Neurology {2nd ed.}
       Company Tax Reform in the European Union : Guidance From the United States and Canada On
155814 Implementing Formulary Apportionment
158010 Comparative Analysis of Evaluation Methodologies in Weapon Collection Programmes
148534 Comparative Analysis of School-based Management in Central America, A
150584 Comparative Corporate Governance : Shareholders As a Rule-maker
142949 Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America
142962 Comparative Cultural Studies and Michael Ondaatje's Writing
156562 Comparative Law in a Global Context : The Legal Systems of Asia and Africa {2nd ed.}

142692 Comparative Politics : Interests, Identities, and Institutions in a Changing Global Order {2nd ed.}
145284 Comparative Roles of Suspension-feeders in Ecosystems, The

         Comparison of the Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems, A : Proceedings of the Sixthe Alexander Von
150825   Humboldt Colloquium On Celestial Mechanics, Bad Hofgastein (Austria), 21-27 March 2004
132260   Compensation for Personal Injury in English, German and Italian Law : A Comparative Outline
151450   Competing in the Information Age : Align in the Sand {2nd ed.}
130340   Competition and Chaos : U.S. Telecommunications Since the 1996 Telecom Act
139792   Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
151176   Competition Policy in America, 1888-1992 : History, Rhetoric, Law
155946   Complement and Kidney Disease
131244   Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States
122091   Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy
142969   Complementing Latin American Borders
156476   Complete Book of Corporate Forms, The {2nd ed.}
135409   Complete Guide to Investing in Undervalued Properties, The
         Complete Guide to Option Selling, The : How Selling Options Can Lead to Stellar Returns in Bull and Bear
135318   Markets
147483   Complete Guide to SAS Indexes, The
         Complete Guide to Zoning, The : How Real Estate Owners and Developers Can Create and Preserve
135404   Property Value
         Complete Hiring and Firing Handbook, The : Every Manager's Guide to Working With Employees Legally
120011   {1st ed.}
118608   Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting, The
142097   Complete IEP Guide, The : How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child {4th ed.}
145431   Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol, The
137376   Complete Mind Makeover, The : Transform Your Life and Achieve Success {1st ed.}
135408   Complete Thyroid Book, The

150940 Complex Artificial Environments : Simulation, Cognition and VR in the Study and Planning of Cities
156571 Complex Manifolds and Deformation of Complex Structures

155861 Complex Networks of Economic Interactions, The : Essays in Agent-based Economics and Econophysics
148153 Complexity and Cryptography : An Introduction
142520 Complexity and the Economy : Implications for Economy Policy
150261   Complexity in Landscape Ecology
138998   Complying With Europe : EU Harmonisation and Soft Law in the Member States
143395   Component-based Software Testing With UML
143325   Composer As Intellectual, The : Music and Ideology in France 1914-1940
151353   Composers At Work : The Craft of Musical Composition 1450-1600
163333   Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control : A Guide to Essential Practice
141580   Comprehensive High School Today, The
140153   Computational Economics : A Perspective From Computational Intelligence

144616 Computational Intelligence for Movement Sciences : Neural Networks and Other Emerging Techniques
150777 Computational Intelligence in Time Series Forecasting : Theory and Engineering Applications
132333 Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, A
       Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing : 6th International Conference, CICLing 2005,
143120 Mexico City, Mexico, February 13-19,
150263 Computational Methods in Transport : Granlibakken 2004
100078 Computational Models in Political Economy
121534 Computational Noncommutative Algebra and Applications
132494 Computer Security Management
       Computer Simulations of Liquid Crystals and Polymers {NATO Science Series. Series II, Mathematics,
145757 Physics, and Chemistry ; V. 177}
150734 Computer Viruses : From Theory to Applications
145421 Computer Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum
       Computers and Commerce : A Study of Technology and Management At Eckert-Mauchly Computer
138476 Company, Engineering Research Associates, and Remington Rand, 1946-1957
150896 Computers and Productivity : How Firms Make a General Purpose Technology Work
150956 Computing Attitude and Affect in Text : Theory and Applications
138266 Concealment and Exposure : And Other Essays
112510 Concepts in Programming Languages
146171 Conceptual Foundations of Antitrust : Oliver Black
144035 Concerto, The : A Listener's Guide
149126 Concise AACR2, The {4th ed.}
152342 Concise Encyclopedia of Bioresource Technology
152340 Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology
142963 Concise Guide to Program Management, A : Fundamental Concepts and Issues
132269 Concise Handbook of Movie Industry Economics, A

155863   Concurrency Theory : Calculi and Automata for Modelling Untimed and Timed Concurrent Systems
147525   Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training : Research and Practice
157332   Confederate Chronicle, A : The Life of a Civil War Survivor
146959   Confederate Emancipation : Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the Civil War
 86619   Confederates against the Confederacy : Essays On Leadership and Loyalty
 69338   Confessing Christ in a Post-Holocaust World : A Midrashic Experiment
148022   Confession and Bookkeeping : The Religious, Moral, and Rhetorical Roots of Modern Accounting
149142   Confessions of St. Augustine, The
149584   Configuring Check Point NGX VPN-1/FireWall-1
157556   Configuring SonicWALL Firewalls
149118   Conflict Management for Libraries : Strategies for a Positive, Productive Workplace
150056   Conflict of Interest in the Professions
147562   Confronting Captivity : Britain and the United States and Their POWs in Nazi Germany
143225   Confucian Democracy : A Deweyan Reconstruction
159747   Confucianism and Women : A Philosophical Interpretation
146142   Congress and the Cold War
147379   Congressional Participation As Amicus Curiae Before the U.S. Supreme Court
147467   Congressional Preemption : Regulatory Federalism
149216   Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A
146974   Conquering Anorexia : The Route to Recovery

143295   Conquest By Law : How the Discovery of America Dispossessed Indigenous Peoples of Their Lands
138564   Consciousness and Persons : Unity and Identity
142024   Consensus, Confusion, and Controversy : Selected Land Reform Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
131005   Conspiracy Narratives in Roman History
140163   Conspiracy Theories
146969   Conspiracy Theories {Rev. and Updated.}
152376   Constitution and Race, The
138019 Constitutions, Courts, and History : Historical Narratives in Constitutional Adjudication
152246 Constraints in Phonological Acquisition
148622 Construction Grammar in a Cross-language Perspective
       Construction of New Mathematical Knowledge in Classroom Interaction, The : An Epistemological
150701 Perspective
147448 Construction of Space in Early China, The
 98783 Constructivist Leader, The {2nd ed.}
142098 Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements {5th ed.}
148122 Consultations in Dermatology : Studies of Orphan and Unique Patients
       Consultative Real Estate Agent, The : Building Relationships That Create Loyal Clients, Get More Referrals,
143250 and Increase Your Sales
145629 Consumer Health Informatics : Informing Consumers and Improving Health Care
152338 Consumer-- or Else!, The : Consumer-centric Business Paradigms
143470 Consumers, Policy and the Environment : A Tribute to Folke Ölander
       Consuming Literature : Best Sellers and the Commercialization of Literary Production in Contemporary
136141 China
       Consumption Structure and Macroeconomics : Structural Change and the Relationship between Inequality
145532 and Growth
       Container Terminals and Automated Transport Systems : Logistics Control Issues and Quantitative
145655 Decision Support
155897 Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water : Volume 10: Successes and Challenges
142788 Contemplative Church, The : Joachim and His Adversaries
115412 Contemporary American Independent Film : From the Margins to the Mainstream
133116 Contemporary Cryptography
160185 Contemporary Issues in Education
140156 Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Information Technology
148545 Contemporary Multivariate Analysis and Design of Experiments
156795 Contemporary Women's Writing in German : Changing the Subject
147123 Contending for the Faith : The Church's Engagement With Culture
138253 Contending With Stanley Cavell
152248 Contention and Democracy in Europe, 1650-2000
162288 Contested Borderland : The Civil War in Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia
147115 Contested Christianity : The Political and Social Context of Victorian Theology

132346 Contesting Citizenship in Latin America : The Rise of Indigenous Movements and the Postliberal Challenge
 69170 Context of Youth Violence, The : Resilience, Risk, and Protection
159114 Contexts : Meaning, Truth, and the Use of Language
159376 Contextualism in Philosophy : Knowledge, Meaning, and Truth
159123 Continental Crosscurrents : British Criticism and European Art 1810-1910
138198 Continents and Supercontinents
155869 Continuous Optimization : Current Trends and Modern Applications
       Continuous-time Sigma-delta A/D Conversion : Fundamentals, Performance Limits and Robust
155938 Implementations
125693 Contracts As Reinvented Institutions in the Public Sector : A Cross-cultural Comparison
150264 Contrast Media : Safety Issues and ESUR Guidelines

145557   Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound in Clinical Practice : Liver, Prostate, Pancreas, Kidney and Lymph Nodes
150941   Contributions to the Science of Text and Language : Word Length Studies and Related Issues
158794   Control of Yellow Fever Field Guide
150265   Controlled Markov Processes and Viscosity Solutions
149361   Controlling Strategy : Management, Accounting, and Performance Measurement
125700   Controversies in Competitive Intelligence : The Enduring Issues
143205   Convergence Amidst Difference : Philosophical Conversations Across National Boundaries
149885   Converging Alternatives : The Bund and the Zionist Labor Movement, 1897-1985
150099   Converging On Culture : Theologians in Dialogue With Cultural Analysis and Criticism
121462   Conversation and Brain Damage
150403   Conversations On Consciousness
         Conversations On Consciousness : What the Best Minds Think About the Brain, Free Will, and What It
146955   Means to Be Human
138194   Converting Women : Gender and Protestant Christianity in Colonial South India
145640   Convex Polyhedra
149123   Cool Story Programs for the School-age Crowd
151207   Cooperation Among Animals : An Evolutionary Perspective
155940   Cooperation in Primates and Humans : Mechanisms and Evolution
164135 Cooperative Financial Institutions : Issues in Governance, Regulation, and Supervision
       Cooperative Systems Design : Seamless Integration of Artifacts and Conversations - Enhanced Concepts
164008 of Infrastructure for Communication
148623 Coordinating Constructions
155830 Coordination of Large-scale Multiagent Systems
135328 Coping With Chemotherapy and Radiation
152055 Cora Wilson Stewart and Kentucky's Moonlight Schools : Fighting for Literacy in America
132312 Core Topics in Airway Management
142688 Core Topics in Pain
147371 Corfu Banquet : Five Seasons in a House By the Sea
149257 Coriolanus
155896 Cornea and External Eye Disease
150735 Coronary Heart Disease in Clinical Practice
145113 Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics
145369 Coronaviruses With Special Emphasis On First Insights Concerning SARS

148998   Corporate Conversations : A Guide to Crafting Effective and Appropriate Internal Communications
145734   Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing
130496   Corporate Governance Adrift : A Critique of Shareholder Value
159127   Corporate Governance and Firm Organization : Microfoundations and Structural Forms
132295   Corporate Integrity : Rethinking Organizational Ethics and Leadership
157217   Corporate Investment Opportunities in the New Europe
155807   Corporate Performance Management : ARIS in Practice
         Corporate Reputation, the Brand & the Bottom Line : Powerful Proven Communication Strategies for
137379   Maximizing Value {3rd ed.}
130286   Corporate Social Responsibility : A Case Study Guide for Management Accountants
148624   Corpus Approaches to Grammaticalization in English
160216   Corpus Linguistics Around the World
135367   Correct Your Spanish Blunders
156523   Correction Lines : Essays On Land, Leopold, and Conservation
148440   Correspondence, The
143444   Coryphantha : Cacti of Mexico and Southern USA
159002   Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics : Drugs Versus Cosmetics
145504   Cosmetic Dermatology
145651   Cosmic Explosions : On the 10th Anniversary of SN1993J
144955   Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam : An Architectural Reading of Mystical Ideas
142957   Cosmopolitanism in the Americas

147440   Cost of Being Poor, The : A Comparative Study of Life in Poor Urban Neighborhoods in Gary, Indiana
131269   Costa Rica Adventure Guide
137142   Cost-benefit Analysis and Water Resource Management
137761   Counselling and Psychotherapy With Refugees
100069   Countering Terrorism : Dimensions of Preparedness
126754   Counterinsurgency Lessons From Malaya and Vietnam : Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife
146178   Countervailing Forces in African-American Civic Activism, 1973-1994
161004   Country

143408   Coupled Models for the Hydrological Cycle : Integrating Atmosphere, Biosphere and Pedosphere
143332   Couples, Kids, and Family Life
145406   Coupling of Climate and Economic Dynamics, The : Essays On Integrated Assessment
132472   Courting Business : 101 Ways for Accelerating Business Relationships
152226   Courting Democracy in Mexico : Party Strategies and Electoral Institutions
142965   Covering the Business Beat : Strategies for Publishing What You Write
151310   Cowboy and the Dandy, The : Crossing Over From Romanticism to Rock and Roll
158326   Crafting Civilian Control of the Military in Venezuela : A Comparative Perspective
130073   Crafts and Craftsmen of the Middle East : Fashioning the Individual in the Muslim Mediterranean
147757   Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning About Weather
142699   Cranial Nerves : Functional Anatomy
129844   Create Your Own Employee Handbook : A Legal and Practical Guide {2nd ed.}

104236 Creating a Strategic Human Resources Organization : An Assessment of Trends and New Directions
       Creating an American Lake : United States Imperialism and Strategic Security in the Pacific Basin, 1945-
 69310 1947
 99101 Creating Cultural Motifs against Terrorism : Empowering Acceptance of Our Uniqueness
143342   Creating Language Crimes : How Law Enforcement Uses (And Misuses) Language
137389   Creating Passionbrands : Getting to the Heart of Branding
 86622   Creating the Congruent Workplace : Challenges for People and Their Organizations
149124   Creating the Customer-driven Library : Building On the Bookstore Model
158438   Creating the Ethical School : A Book of Case Studies
143312   Creating the Twentieth Century : Technical Innovations of 1867-1914 and Their Lasting Impact
         Creation of American Common Law, 1850-1880, The : Technology, Politics, and the Construction of
152234   Citizenship
147398   Creativity : When East Meets West
158599   Creativity and Innovation in Organizational Teams
156595   Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry
150586   Creativity, Psychology and the History of Science
138001   Credit Repair {7th ed.}
127260   Creeks & Southerners : Biculturalism On the Early American Frontier
155736   Crescent of Crisis : U.S.-European Strategy for the Greater Middle East
145604   Crime and the Administration of Justice in Buenos Aires, 1785-1853
149870   Crime Drop in America, The
156004   Crime State Rankings 2006 : Crime in the 50 United States {13th ed.}
 99149   Crime, Gender, and Sexuality in Criminal Prosecutions
147570   Crimes against Children : Sexual Violence and Legal Culture in New York City, 1880-1960
152442   Criminal Justice and the Placement of Abused Children
         Crisis Imperative, The : Crisis Rhetoric and Welfare State Reform in Belgium and The Netherlands in the
141886   Early 1990s
151483   Crisis Intervention Handbook : Assessment, Treatment, and Research {3rd ed.}
158582   Crisis Management By Apology : Corporate Responses to Allegations of Wrongdoing
146994   Critical Cinema 5, A : Interviews With Independent Filmmakers
145398   Critical Graphicacy : Understanding Visual Representation Practices in School Science
150269   Critical Infrastructures At Risk : Securing the European Electric Power System
126789   Critical Issues in Israeli Society
149846   Critical Perspectives On Activity : Explorations Across Education, Work, and Everyday Life
126846   Critical Studies in Art & Design Education
149690   Cross and the River, The : Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile
148625   Cross-cultural Perspectives On Parliamentary Discourse
148044   Crossing National Borders : Human Migration Issues in Northeast Asia
162376   Cross-linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon

136750 Crow Is My Boss : The Oral Life History of a Tanacross Athabaskan Elder=Taatsá?a?' Shaa K'exalthet

135290   Crucial Confrontations : Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior
139705   Cruel Delight : Enlightenment Culture and the Inhuman
148599   Crusades, The
132330   Crystals : Growth, Morphology, and Perfection
160817   Cuba : Between Reform and Revolution
138207   Cultural Animal, The : Human Nature, Meaning, and Social Life
129242   Cultural Defense, The
137835   Cultural Geography : A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts
148612   Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment, The : Comparative Perspectives
151558   Cultural Memory : Essays On European Literature and History
163122   Cultural Miseducation : In Search of a Democratic Solution
129710   Cultural Nature of Human Development, The
142955   Cultural Shaping of Violence : Victimization, Escalation, Response
         Culturally Contested Pedagogy : Battles of Literacy and Schooling between Mainstream Teachers and
147449   Asian Immigrant Parents
133602   Culture and Customs of Egypt
 86624   Culture and Customs of Ghana
133609   Culture and Customs of Russia
133607   Culture and Customs of Venezuela
158424   Culture and the Arts in Education : Critical Essays On Shaping Human Experience
163131   Culture of Education Policy, The
151112   Culture of Sentiment, The : Race, Gender, and Sentimentality in Nineteenth-century America
133611   Cultures in Conflict : The Arab-Israeli Conflict
156001   Current Concepts in General Surgery : A Resident Review
138297   Current Essentials of Surgery
138298   Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care. 2005
150911   Current Role of Geological Mapping in Geosciences, The
143485   Current Themes in Theoretical Biology : A Dutch Perspective
146951   Curry : A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors
138240   Curse of the Self, The : Self-awareness, Egotism, and the Quality of Human Life
136698   Custer Reader, The
152339   Customer Advisory Boards : A Strategic Tool for Customer Relationship Building
144861   Cut the Cord! : The Consumer's Guide to VoIP
115449   Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide {2nd ed.}
144624   Cyber Terrorism : Political and Economic Implications
137822   Cyprus : A Modern History
149163   Cyrano De Bergerac
145727   Cytokines and Cancer
138227   D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers : A Casebook
160143   Dada Culture : Critical Texts On the Avant-garde
156337   Dairy Policy Reform and Trade Liberalisation
142987   Dallas-Fort Worth Jobbank, The
149762   Dame in the Kimono, The : Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code {2nd ed.}
141195   Dames in the Driver's Seat : Rereading Film Noir {1st ed.}
139570   Dancing With Strangers : Europeans and Australians At First Contact
121491   Dangerous Harvest : Drug Plants and the Transformation of Indigenous Landscapes
137978   Daniel Webster and the Oratory of Civil Religion
158837   Danish Directors, The : Dialogues On a Contemporary National Cinema
130293   Dante & the Unorthodox : The Aesthetics of Transgression
144972   Dao of Rhetoric, The
         Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics : Proceedings of the International Conference DARK 2004,
150270   College Station, USA, 3-9 Oct. 2004
147399   Dark Matter in the Universe {2nd ed.}
138271   Dark Times, Dire Decisions : Jews and Communism
146992   Dark Tree, The : Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles
164123   Darkest Dawn, The : Lincoln, Booth, and the Great American Tragedy
 85881   Darwin and Archaeology : A Handbook of Key Concepts
145529   Data Analysis and Decision Support
143308   Data Analysis for Chemistry : An Introductory Guide for Students and Laboratory Scientists

150271   Data Analysis Using the Method of Least Squares : Extracting the Most Information From Experiments
156628   Data Management and Reporting : Made Easy With SAS Learning Edition 2.0
145081   Data Mining in Bioinformatics
146646   Data Mining With Computational Intelligence
132305   Data Structures and Algorithms Using Visual Basic.NET
144601   Database Modeling for Industrial Data Management : Emerging Technologies and Applications
151448   David Hackett Souter : Traditional Republican On the Rehnquist Court {1st cloth ed.}
148589   Day of Reckoning
150424   Dead or Alive : The Choice Is Yours : the Definitive Self-protection Handbook {New Ed.}
138969   Deadly Connections : States That Sponsor Terrorism
148368   Deaf Identities in the Making : Local Lives, Transnational Connections
148363   Deaf Women's Lives : Three Self-portraits
141184   Death and Life of Drama, The : Reflections On Writing and Human Nature {1st ed.}
143346   Death By Design : Capital Punishment As Social Psychological System
156719   Death of a Disease, The : A History of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis
 69297   Death of Psychotherapy, The : From Freud to Alien Abductions
138964   Death, Grief and Poverty in Britain, 1870-1914
163913   Debt Relief for the Poorest : An Evaluation Update of the HIPC Initiative
155831   Decentralised Government in an Integrating World : Quantitative Studies for OECD Countries
132353   Decentralizing the State : Elections, Parties, and Local Power in the Andes
         Decision Making for Complex Socio-technical Systems : Robustness From Lessons Learned in Long-term
150272   Radioactive Waste Governance
129319   Decisions for War, 1914-1917
157959   Decline of Life, The : Old Age in Eighteenth-century England
138491   Decline of the Welfare State, The : Demography and Globalization
150454   Decoherence, Entanglement and Information Protection in Complex Quantum Systems
137407   Decolonisation, Globalisation : Language-in-education Policy and Practice
157100   Decolonizing the Sodomite : Queer Tropes of Sexuality in Colonial Andean Culture {1st ed.}
147456   Deconstructing Sport History : A Postmodern Analysis
150919   Deep Impact Mission : Looking Beneath the Surface of a Cometary Nucleus
160149   Deepening Our Understanding of Wittgenstein
146133   Defender of the Peace, The
138150   Defending God : Biblical Responses to the Problem of Evil
158543   Defending the First : Commentary On the First Amendment Issues and Cases
150396   Defending the U.S. Air Transportation System against Chemical and Biological Threats
130137   Defense Mechanisms : Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives
138205   Defining Creole
144996   Defining NASA : The Historical Debate Over the Agency's Mission
138995   Defining the Jacobean Church : The Politics of Religious Controversy, 1603-1625

137896   Defining the Peace : World War II Veterans, Race, and the Remaking of Southern Political Tradition
150229   Deflationism and Paradox
156526   Defying Ocean's End : An Agenda for Action
147520   Deinstitutionalization and People With Intellectual Disabilities : In and Out of Institutions
145010   Deities Are Many, The : A Polytheistic Theology
156815   Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies
165167   Deleuze and Philosophy
165168   Deleuze and the Contemporary World
165162   Deleuze and the Social
138666   Deleuze Connections, , The
131388   Deliberative Politics in Action : Analyzing Parliamentary Discourse
147385   Delinquency, Schools, and the Social Bond
142081   Dementia : Mind, Meaning, and the Person
155658   Democracy and Music Education : Liberalism, Ethics, and the Politics of Practice
120921   Democracy and the News
136151   Democracy and War : Institutions, Norms, and the Evolution of International Conflict

142726   Democracy At Risk : How Political Choices Undermine Citizen Participation and What We Can Do About It
148155   Democracy Derailed in Russia : The Failure of Open Politics
163375   Democracy in Britain
 69319   Democracy in Desperation : The Depression of 1893
136145   Democracy in Immigrant America : Changing Demographics and Political Participation
162287   Democracy Rising : South Carolina and the Fight for Black Equality Since 1865
100058   Democracy, Governance, and Economic Performance : Theory and Evidence
149849   Democracy, Society and the Governance of Security
         Democratic Challenges, Democratic Choices : The Erosion of Political Support in Advanced Industrial
150221   Democracies
138233   Democratic Constitution, The
142735   Democratic Discourses : The Radical Abolition Movement and Antebellum American Literature
137807   Demosthenes, Speeches 18 and 19
131001   Demosthenes, Speeches 27-38
129714   Demystifying Anorexia Nervosa : An Optimistic Guide to Understanding and Healing
142712   Denial of Justice in International Law
136198   Dental Floss for the Mind : A Complete Program for Boosting Your Brain Power
145536   Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding : Interfacial Phenomena and Related Properties
147512   Depression in Later Life
138304   Dermatologic Therapeutics : A Pocket Guide
156536   Descartes : A Biography
150232   Descartes's Theory of Mind
145021   Desegregating the City : Ghettos, Enclaves, and Inequality
150779   Desertification in the Mediterranean Region : A Security Issue
145016   Deserving and Entitled : Social Constructions and Public Policy
         Design and Construction in Romanesque Architecture : First Romanesque Architecture and the Pointed
152251   Arch in Burgundy and Northern Italy
145718   Design and Performance of 3G Wireless Networks and Wireless LANs
165271   Design for Six Sigma Statistics : 59 Tools for Diagnosing and Solving Problems in DFSS Initiatives
145495   Design of Adaptive Finite Element Software : The Finite Element Toolbox ALBERTA
145437   Design Performance
143500   Designing and Evaluating Value Added Services in Manufacturing E-market Places
145658   Designing Democracy : Ideas for Better Rules
148089   Designing E-government for the Poor
157922   Designing Federalism : A Theory of Self-sustainable Federal Institutions
155854   Designing Human Interface in Speech Technology
130224   Designing Sound for Animation
149771 Designing the Centennial : A History of the 1876 International Exhibition in Philadelphia
       Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments : Sociotechnical Issues and Challenges : IFIP TC8 WG 8.2
150920 International Working Conference
 69211 Despite Nationalist Conflicts : Theory and Practice of Maintaining World Peace
148505 Detecting Allergens in Food
120299 Detection of Light : From the Ultraviolet to the Submillimeter {2nd ed.}

143333   Determination of Complex Reaction Mechanisms : Analysis of Chemical, Biological, and Genetic Networks
148004   Detroit Receiving Hospital Emergency Medicine Handbook {5th ed.}
164453   Developing Minority Language Resources : The Case of Spanish in California
150455   Developing Statistical Software in Fortran 95
151459   Development of Social Engagement, The : Neurobiological Perspectives
155903   Development of the Inner Ear
         Development of the Perineum in the Human, The : A Comprehensive Histological Study With a Special
145657   Reference to the Role of Stromal Components
149843   Developmental Contexts in Middle Childhood : Bridges to Adolescence and Adulthood
150143   Developmental Influences On Adult Intelligence : The Seattle Longitudinal Study {Update.}
158517   Developmental Neurobiology {4th ed. }
158814   Developmental Origins of Aggression
156543   Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
139754   Developmental Psychobiology of Aggression
155944   Developments in Spatial Data Handling : 11th International Symposium On Spatial Data Handling
148125   Devil and Demonism in Early Modern England, The
150104   Devil in the Details, The : Asymptotic Reasoning in Explanation, Reduction, and Emergence
151286   Devil's Lane, The : Sex and Race in the Early South
156263   Devils Will Reign : How Nevada Began
133577   Diabetes : The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide
148626   Diachronic Clues to Synchronic Grammar
148627   Diachronic Perspectives On Address Term Systems
150473   Diagnosis of Endometrial Biopsies and Curettings : A Practical Approach {2nd ed.}
155968   Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
125472   Dialogue On the Internet : Language, Civic Identity, and Computer-mediated Communication
         Diaspora Networks and the International Migration of Skills : How Countries Can Draw On Their Talent
163389   Abroad
150142   Diaspora of the Gods : Modern Hindu Temples in an Urban Middle-class World

 99921 Dictators, Democracy, and American Public Culture : Envisioning the Totalitarian Enemy, 1920s-1950s
157976 Dictatorship in History and Theory : Bonapartism, Caesarism, and Totalitarianism
125678 Dictionary for Library and Information Science
165097 Dictionary of Information Security : Robert Slade
146147 Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations, A
150248 Dictionary of Neurological Signs, A {2nd ed.}
 81898 Dictionary of the Holocaust : Biography, Geography, and Terminology
142779 Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed? : Some Basic Questions for Pneumatology
142740 Different Paths of Buddhism, The : A Narrative-historical Introduction
160056 Different Three Rs for Education, A : Reason, Relationality, Rhythm
138880 Differential Equations Demystified
155882 Differential Equations With Symbolic Computation
150591 Differential Information Economies
145478 Differential Models : An Introduction With Mathcad
137597 Differentiation in Practice : A Resource Guide for Differentiating Curriculum, Grades 9-12
130791 Difficult Conversations in Medicine
135363 Digestive Wellness {Completely Rev. and Updated 3rd Ed.}
134908 Digital Abstract and Macro Photography
150988 Digital Astrophotography : The State of the Art
136196 Digital Cinema : The Revolution in Cinematography, Postproduction, and Distribution
138484 Digital Crossroads : American Telecommunications Policy in the Internet Age
145134 Digital Design of Nature : Computer Generated Plants and Organics
138885 Digital Electronics Demystified
138924 Digital Filmmaking for Teens
144860 Digital Food Photography
       Digital Hand, The. How Computers Changed the Work of American Manufacturing, Transportation, and
140552 Retail Industries
158563 Digital Health : Meeting Patient and Professional Needs Online
145791 Digital Holography : Digital Hologram Recording, Numerical Reconstruction, and Related Techniques
151854 Digital Image Processing With Application to Digital Cinema
151852 Digital Intermediates for Film and Video
       Digital Libraries : International Collaboration and Cross-fertilization : 7th International Conference On
144670 Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL 200
138595 Digital Library Use : Social Practice in Design and Evaluation
138919 Digital Music Making for Teens
138436 Digital Phoenix : Why the Information Economy Collapsed and How It Will Rise Again
155873 Digital Photogrammetry : A Practical Course {2nd ed.}
130118 Digital Photographic Capture
161988 Digital Photography
159154 Digital Printing of Textiles
138921 Digital Printing Start-up Guide
134911 Digital Sports Photography
138459 Digitizing the News : Innovation in Online Newspapers
150237 Digressive Voices in Early Modern English Literature
147954 Dilemmas of Family Wealth, The : Insights On Succession, Cohesion, and Legacy
135412 Dimensional Selling
156802 Dionysus Since 69 : Greek Tragedy At the Dawn of the Third Millennium
162380 Directions in Applied Linguistics : Essays in Honor of Robert B. Kaplan
130569 Directors' Dilemmas : Tales From the Frontline
141128 Directory of Mexican Corporations {12th ed.}
       Dirty Dealing : The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism {fully
147995 rev. and updated 3rd ed.}
147490 Disaster Management and Civil Society : Earthquake Relief in Japan, Turkey and India

143243 Discipline Miracle, The : The Clinically Proven System for Raising Happy, Healthy, and Well-behaved Kids
       Discipline Without Punishment, : The Proven Strategy That Turns Problem Employees Into Superior
148971 Performers {2nd ed.}
144652 Discord and Direction : The Postmodern Writing Program Administrator
148629 Discourse Across Languages and Cultures
139787 Discovery of Islands, The : Essays in British History
120679 Discrete and Continuous Nonlinear Schrödinger Systems
155884 Discrete Element Analysis Methods of Generic Differential Quadratures
143401 Discrete, Continuous, and Hybrid Petri Nets
145745 Discrete-time Markov Chains : Two-time-scale Methods and Applications
145426 Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear Systems
156419 Disease and Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa {2nd ed.}
150209 Disease Ecology : Community Structure and Pathogen Dynamics

146891 Disentitlement? : The Threats Facing Our Public Health-care Programs and a Rights-based Response
152379 Disfigured Images : The Historical Assault On Afro-American Women
150275 Dislocation and Degradation of Proteins From the Endoplasmic Reticulum

147250   Displacements and Diasporas : Asians in the Americas / Edited By Wanni W. Anderson, Robert G. Lee
132309   Dispute Settlement in the UN Convention On the Law of the Sea
146136   Dissecting the Social : On the Principles of Analytical Sociology
163119   Distance Education : The Complete Guide to Design, Delivery, and Improvement
148941   Ditches Across the Desert : Irrigation in the Lower Pecos Valley
144610   Diversity in Information Technology Education : Issues and Controversies
155937   Diversity of Gastric Carcinoma, The : Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Therapy

147581 Diversity Training Handbook, The : A Practical Guide to Understanding & Changing Attitudes {2nd ed.}
       Diverted Dream, The : Community Colleges and the Promise of Educational Opportunity in America, 1900-
151079 1985
143337 Divide and Conquer : A Comparative History of Medical Specialization
142479 Divine Beauty : The Aesthetics of Charles Hartshorne
150174 Divine Mother, Blessed Mother : Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary
149783 Dixie Limited : Railroads, Culture, and the Southern Renaissance
146948 Django : The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend
139643 DNA Conformation and Transcription
155908 DNA Methylation : Basic Mechanisms
145078 DNA Methylation, Epigenetics and Metastasis
149340 DNA Topology {2nd ed.}
148598 Doctor Who

137935 Doctoring the South : Southern Physicians and Everyday Medicine in the Mid-nineteenth Century
131139 Doctrine of the Analogy of Being According to Thomas Aquinas, The
 70210 Doctrine Under Trial : American Artillery Employment in World War I

138468   Document Engineering : Analyzing and Designing Documents for Business Informatics & Web Services
151849   Documentary in the Digital Age
163906   Documenting Domestication : New Genetic and Archaeological Paradigms
159772   Documents in European Community Environmental Law {2nd ed.}
156014   Does Consciousness Cause Behavior?
160196   Dogs' Tales : Representations of Ancient Cynicism in French Renaissance Texts
147054   Doing Business With Serbia
158533   Doing History : Investigating With Children in Elementary and Middle Schools {3rd ed.}
144984   Doing Philosophy At the Movies
149182   Doll's House, A
145477   Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering
135776   Domesticating the West : The Re-creation of the Nineteenth-century American Middle Class

157964   Domesticity and Dissent in the Seventeenth-century : English Women Writers and the Public Sphere
134921   Dominate Your Fantasy Baseball League
148308   Don't Lean Out of the Window! : The Inter-rail Experience
141543   Dopamine
125592   Dostoevsky Encyclopedia, The
136154   Dostoevsky's Religion
132311   Double Affine Hecke Algebras
145441   Double and Multiple Stars and How to Observe Them
146805   Double Fertilization : Embryo and Endosperm Development in Flowering Plants
149149   Dr. Faustus
149230   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
149143   Dracula
142708   Drama, Theatre, and Identity in the American New Republic
148149   Dramaturgy : A Revolution in Theatre

108549   Draw the Lightning Down : Benjamin Franklin and Electrical Technology in the Age of Enlightenment
150392   Drawing Louisiana's New Map : Addressing Land Loss in Coastal Louisiana
144583   Dreaming the Great Brahmin : Tibetan Traditions of the Buddhist Poet-saint Saraha
139702   Drift Smoke : Loss and Renewal in a Land of Fire
147374   Drug Testing in Law Enforcement Agencies : Social Control in the Public Sector
150593   Drugs and Poisons in Humans : A Handbook of Practical Analysis {1st ed.}
150873   Drugs for Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism
150548   Drugs in Ophthalmology
147450   Drunk From the Bitter Truth : The Poems of Anna Margolin
150897   Dryland Ecohydrology
149197   Dubliners
151340   Duns Scotus
148570   Dust in the Universe : Similarities and Differences
145072   Dynamic and Robust Streaming in and between Connected Consumer-electronic Devices
143428   Dynamic Asset Allocation With Forwards and Futures
155920   Dynamic Characterisation of Analogue-to-digital Converters
148580   Dynamics and Bifurcation of Patterns in Dissipative Systems
145476   Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity : A Global Geometric and Probabilistic Perspective
         Dynamics of Mercury Pollution On Regional and Global Scales : Atmospheric Processes and Human
145728   Exposures Around the World
138999   Dynamics of Multibody Systems {3rd ed.}
145460   Dynamics of Rods
145401   Dynamics of Thought, The
142074   Dyspnoea in Advanced Disease : A Guide to Clinical Management
122096   Dystonia
147491   Eagle's Nest : Ismaili Castles in Iran and Syria
 86627   Early Globalization and the Economic Development of the United States and Brazil
150127   Early History of Heaven, The
150000 Early Medieval Settlements : The Archaeology of Rural Communities in Northwest Europe, 400-900
132962 Early Metallurgy of the Persian Gulf : Technology, Trade, and the Bronze Age World
       Early Nutrition and Its Later Consequences : New Opportunities : Perinatal Programming of Adult Health -
145410 EC Supported Research
112467 Early Prevention of Adult Antisocial Behaviour
141142 Early Trilingualism : A Focus On Questions
156715 Earning More and Getting Less : Why Successful Wives Can't Buy Equality
150476 Earth Observation With CHAMP : Results From Three Years in Orbit
150277 Earth System Science in the Anthropocene
156264 Earthquake Nation : The Cultural Politics of Japanese Seismicity, 1868-1930
130525 Earthscan Reader in Environmental Values, The
137994 Earthscan Reader in Forestry and Development, The
137995 Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Agriculture, The
150278 East Asian Economic Regionalism : Feasibilities and Challenges
138887 Eat, Play, and Be Healthy : The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids
162284 Eating As I Go : Scenes From America and Abroad
       Eating With Your Anorexic : How My Child Recovered Through Family-based Treatment and Yours Can
138884 Too
       EBay Photography the Smart Way : Creating Great Product Pictures That Will Attract Higher Bids and Sell
134102 Your Items Faster
130443 EBay the Smart Way : Selling, Buying, and Profiting On the Web's #1 Auction Site {4th ed.}
146811 E-business @ Print : Internet-based Services and Processes
144592 E-business Strategy, Sourcing, and Governance
148008 ECG Notes : Interpretation and Management Guide
147218 Echidna : Extraordinary Egg-laying Mammal
145515 Echinodermata
151137 Eclecticism and Modern Hindu Discourse
136311 Eclipse 3.0 Kick Start
131381 Ecohydrology of Water-controlled Ecosystems : Soil Moisture and Plant Dynamics
143221 Eco-justice-- the Unfinished Journey
138212 Ecological Orbits : How Planets Move and Populations Grow
150844 Ecological Responses to the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens
145777 Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic Reptiles
157980 Ecology of High-altitude Infancy, An : A Biocultural Perspective
149844 Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy, and Public Policy {2nd ed.}
156410 Economic Cooperation in the Wider Central Asia Region / William Byrd ... [Et Al.]
148133 Economic Development {4th ed.}
142043 Economic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation
148099 Economic Development in Africa : Rethinking the Role of Foreign Direct Investment

142533 Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship : Government, University and Business Linkages
       Economic Dynamics in Transitional Economies : The Four-P Governments, the EU Enlargement, and the
152330 Bruxelles Consensus
138607 Economic Growth {2nd ed.}
142530 Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks, The
132261 Economic Implications of Aging Societies, The : The Costs of Living Happily Ever After
150279 Economic Liberalization and Integration Policy : Options for Eastern Europe and Russia
146137 Economic Organization of the Household, The {2nd ed.}
148164 Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy
125697 Economic Sanctions : Examining Their Philosophy and Efficacy
132318 Economic Systems of Foraging, Agricultural, and Industrial Societies

         Economic Transformation of the United States, 1950-2000, The : Focusing On the Technological
142952   Revolution, the Service Sector Expansion, and the Cultural, Ideological, and Demographic Changes
156785   Economic Transformations : General Purpose Technologies and Long-term Economic Growth
150891   Economics : Complex Windows
150226   Economics and Happiness : Framing the Analysis
137139   Economics and Policies of an Enlarged Europe
137990   Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management : Renegotiating the Commons
156548   Economics of Cancer Care, The
138482   Economics of Contracts, The : A Primer {2nd ed.}
130500   Economics of Deforestation in the Amazon, The : Dispelling the Myths
150081   Economics of Ecstasy, The : Tantra, Secrecy, and Power in Colonial Bengal
151728   Economics of Education, The : Human Capital, Family Background and Inequality
135868   Economics of Entrepreneurship, The : What We Know and What We Don't
142540   Economics of Environmental Conservation {2nd ed.}
132340   Economics of Financial Markets, The
151727   Economics of Franchising, The
         Economics of Information, The : A Guide to Economic and Cost-benefit Analysis for Information
 80809   Professionals
146109   Economics of International Integration, The : Miroslav N. Jovanovic´
138483   Economics of Microfinance, The
132344   Economics of Mobile Telecommunications, The
157962   Economics of Self-employment and Entrepreneurship, The
142535   Economics of the Digital Society, The
142713   Economics of World War I, The
142544   Economics Uncut : A Complete Guide to Life, Death and Misadventure
142518   Economics, Evolution and the State : The Governance of Complexity

145634   Economics, Sustainability, and Natural Resources : Economics of Sustainable Forest Management
143091   Economy, Culture, and Civil War in Sri Lanka
150594   E-content : Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market
112735   Eco-phenomenology : Back to the Earth Itself
         Ecotoxicology, Ecological Risk Assessment and Multiple Stressors : Edited By Gerassimos Arapis,
150758   Nadezhda Goncharova and Philippe Baveye
         ECSCW 2005 : Proceedings of the Ninth European Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work,
150965   18-22 September 2005, Paris, France
         Ecumenical Theology in Worship, Doctrine, and Life : Essays Presented to Geoffrey Wainwright On His
151364   Sixtieth Birthday
165616   Eczema
147552   Eden-Eisenhower Correspondence, 1955-1957, The
144374   E-development : From Excitement to Effectiveness
129800   Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth : A Casebook
149865   Educating English Language Learners : A Synthesis of Research Evidence
143173   Educating for a Culture of Social and Ecological Peace
150921   Education and Labour Market Outcomes : A French-German Comparison
147444   Education Empire : The Evolution of an Excellent Suburban School System
155739   Education Gap, The : Vouchers and Urban Schools {Rev. Ed.}
152380   Education of African-Americans, The
149183   Education of Henry Adams, The
125507   Education of Minorities and Peace Education in Pluralistic Societies
163132   Education Programs for Improving Intergroup Relations : Theory, Research, and Practice
 85797   Education Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa : Paradigm Lost?
156395   Education Trends in Perspective : Analysis of the World Education Indicators {2005 Ed.}
152436   Educational Attainment in Immigrant Families : Community Context and Family Background
144587   Educator's Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems, The
125595   Edward Albee : A Research and Production Sourcebook
143230   Edward Said At the Limits
143300   Effective and Emerging Treatments in Pediatric Psychology
137390   Effective Internal Communication
146913   Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms
137391   Effective Media Relations : How to Get Results
156928   Effective Philanthropy : Organizational Success Through Deep Diversity and Gender Equality
145554   Effective Tax Burden of Companies in European Regions, The : An International Comparison
145709   Effective Tax Burden On Highly Qualified Employees, The : An International Comparison
135513   Effectively Managing Natural Gas Costs
163915   Efficient Learning for the Poor : Insights From the Frontier of Cognitive Neuroscience
135446   Egypt As a Woman : Nationalism, Gender, and Politics
136232   E-health Systems Diffusion and Use : The Innovation, the User and the USE IT Model
145434   Eigenvalues, Inequalities, and Ergodic Theory
         Einstein Dossiers, The : Science and Politics--Einstein's Berlin Period With an Appendix On Einstein's FBI
155826   File
158528   Einstein, 1905-2005 : Poincaré Seminar 2005
156397   E-learning in Tertiary Education : Where Do We Stand?
150148   Electric Folk : The Changing Face of English Traditional Music
135422   Electrical Inspection Notes : Inspecting Commercial, Industrial,and Residential Construction
136192   Electricity Demystified
145769 Electrochemistry of Immobilized Particles and Droplets
156607 Electrodiagnosis of Retinal Diseases

151013   Electromagnetic Aquametry : Electromagnetic Wave Interaction With Water and Moist Substances
150985   Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars, The
150456   Electron Scattering : From Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei, and Bulk Matter
146376   Electron Scattering in Solid Matter : A Theoretical and Computational Treatise
140554   Electronic and Computer Music
120311   Electronic Basis of the Strength of Materials
126104   Electronic Business in Developing Countries : Opportunities and Challenges
150526   Electronic Noise and Interfering Signals : Principles and Applications
136193   Electronics Demystified
139000   Elementary Number Theory in Nine Chapters {2nd ed.}
132329   Elements of New Testament Greek, The {3ed ed.}
120977   Elements of Psychophysical Theory
149820   Elements of UML 2.0 Style, The

150243   Elephant and the Twig, The : The Art of Positive Thinking : 14 Golden Rules to Success and Happiness
146107   Elgar Companion to Health Economics, The
163973   Eli Heckscher, International Trade, and Economic History
145221   Elias Cornelius Boudinot : A Life On the Cherokee Border
125565   Eliot Tracts, The : With Letters From John Eliot to Thomas Thorowgood and Richard Baxter
145764   Elisha Bartlett's Philosophy of Medicine
121544   Ellipsis and Nonsentential Speech
150688   Elliptic and Parabolic Problems : A Special Tribute to the Work of Haim Brezis
155659   Eloquent Body, The : Dance and Humanist Culture in Fifteenth-century Italy
151568   Elusive Transcendent, The : The Role of Religion in the Plays of Frank Wedekind
112732   Emancipating Cultural Pluralism
156576   Embedded Security in Cars : Securing Current and Future Automotive IT Applications
118359   Embedded System Design
107458   Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World
146138   Embodiment and Cognitive Science
151352   Embodiment of Bhakti, The
143201   Embodying the Dharma : Buddhist Relic Veneration in Asia
121024   Embracing the East : White Women and American Orientalism
157936   Embryology, Epigenesis, and Evolution : Taking Development Seriously

148369   Emergence of the Deaf Community in Nicaragua, The : With Sign Language You Can Learn So Much
134007   Emergency and Backup Power Sources : Preparing for Blackouts and Brownouts
160218   Emergency Medicine
150853   Emergency Neuroradiology
145063   Emergent Computation : Emphasizing Bioinformatics
         Emergent Economies, Divergent Paths : Economic Organization and International Trade in South Korea
156530   and Taiwan
138242   Emerging Adulthood : The Winding Road From the Late Teens Through the Twenties
138488   Emerging Capital Markets in Turmoil : Bad Luck or Bad Policy
150524   E-merging Media : Communication and the Media Economy of the Future
151426   Emerson Brothers, The : A Fraternal Biography in Letters
140075   Emily Dickinson's Gardens : A Celebration of a Poet and Gardener
149198   Emma
150090   Emotion, Restraint, and Community in Ancient Rome
141585   Emotional Development of Young Children, The : Building an Emotion-centered Curriculum

138970   Emotional Experience and Religious Understanding : Integrating Perception, Conception and Feeling
130526   Emotionally Durable Design : Objects, Experiences and Empathy
158598   Emotionally Intelligent School Counseling
121446   Emotions, Stress, and Health
150016   Emperor Worship and Roman Religion
151721   Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty : His Life, Times, and Legacy
146988   Empire At the Margins : Culture, Ethnicity, and Frontier in Early Modern China
138193   Empire of Love : Histories of France and the Pacific
148310   Empire of the Soul : Journeys in India
163387   Empires of Belief : Why We Need More Scepticism and Doubt in the Twenty-first Century
150596   Empirical Techniques in Finance
142522   Employment of Women in Chinese Cultures : Half the Sky
140160   Empowering Marginal Communities With Information Networking
151468   Empowering People With Severe Mental Illness : A Practical Guide
146961   E-myth Mastery : The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company
150280   Enabling Social Europe
146987   Encountering the Sacred : The Debate On Christian Pilgrimage in Late Antiquity
143159   Encounters With God in Augustine's Confessions : Books VII-IX
160800   Encyclopedia of Addictions and Addictive Behaviors, The
 77735   Encyclopedia of African American Business History
136125   Encyclopedia of Cancer, The
118362   Encyclopedia of Coastal Science
126818   Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies, and Secret Operations
136242   Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management
140183   Encyclopedia of Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories, The
126113   Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining
126111   Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications

126110   Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities With Information and Communication Technology
144637   Encyclopedia of E-commerce, E-government, and Mobile Commerce
136129   Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders, The
125632   Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature
140143   Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction
160801   Encyclopedia of Judaism
136244   Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management
136130   Encyclopedia of Men's Health, The
136126   Encyclopedia of Men's Reproductive Cancer, The
 99108   Encyclopedia of Modern American Extremists and Extremist Groups
126795   Encyclopedia of Modern Worldwide Extremists and Extremist Groups
160803   Encyclopedia of Protestantism
136128   Encyclopedia of the Heart and Heart Disease, The
160802   Encyclopedia of the Palestinians
136243   Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies
151270   End of Magic, The
136310   End of Software, The : Finding Security, Flexibility, and Profit in the On Demand Future
125515   Endangering Development : Politics, Projects, and Environment in Burkina Faso
138145   Ending Intimate Abuse : Practical Guidance and Survival Strategies
150087   Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die
163938   Ending the Affair : The Decline of Television Current Affairs in Australia
156631   Endkampf : Soldiers, Civilians, and the Death of the Third Reich
146865   Endocrine Disruption : Biological Basis for Health Effects in Wildlife and Humans
155887   Endourological Management of Urogenital Carcinoma
145012   Enemies of Civilization : Attitudes Toward Foreigners in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China

146901   Enemies of the Enlightenment : The French Counter-Enlightenment and the Making of Modernity
158003   Energizing the Global Economy
143479   Energy and Environment
150477   Energy Dissipation in Molecular Systems
148566   Energy in the 21st Century
146208   Enforcing Obligations Erga Omnes in International Law
149757   Engagement With the Past : The Lives and Works of the World War II Generation of Historians
156955   Engine, Not a Camera, An : How Financial Models Shape Markets
158527   Engineering and Managing Software Requirements
142954   Engineering in a Land-grant Context : The Past, Present, and Future of an Idea
126852   Engineering Nature : Art & Consciousness in the Post-biological Era
         Engineering Studies At Tribal Colleges and Universities : A Letter Report From the Steering Committee for
150393   Engineering Studies At Tribal Coll
150001   England's Elizabeth : An Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy
151068   English Atlantic, 1675-1740, The : An Exploration of Communication and Community
155684   English Constitution, The
159386   English in the Middle Ages
         English Language Learning and Technology : Lectures On Applied Linguistics in the Age of Information
148631   and Communication Technology
163356   Englishness and Empire, 1939-1965
149759   Engulfed : The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of Corporate Hollywood
144623 Enhancing Learning Through Technology
       Enhancing Participation and Governance in Water Resources Management : Conventional Approaches and
148045 Information Technology
       Enhancing Regional Cooperation in Infrastructure Development Including That Related to Disaster
158004 Management
147016 Enhancing the Community College Pathway to Engineering Careers
156386 Enhancing the Performance of the Services Sector
140164 Enlighten Up : The Keys to Kabbalah
151428 Enrique Granados : Poet of the Piano
       Ensuring an Infectious Disease Workforce : Education and Training Needs for the 21st Century :
150389 Workshop Summary
144950 Enterpreneurship, Innovation and Technological Change
143416 Enterprise Architecture At Work : Modelling, Communication, and Analysis

144618   Enterprise Information Systems Assurance and System Security : Managerial and Technical Issues
100068   Enterprise of Science in Islam, The : New Perspectives
140930   Enthusiastic Employee, The : How Companies Profit By Giving Workers What They Want
150112   Entrepreneurial Economics : Bright Ideas From the Dismal Science
130518   Entrepreneurial Small Businesses : A Resource-based Perspective
144608   Entrepreneurship and Innovations in E-business : An Integrative Perspective

148516   Entrepreneurship and Self-help Among Black Americans : A Reconsideration of Race and Economics
 86630   Entrepreneurship in Africa : A Study of Successes
145722   Entrepreneurship Policy : Theory and Practice
142512   Entrepreneurship, Money, and Coordination : Hayek's Theory of Cultural Evolution
146352   Entrepreneurship, the New Economy and Public Policy : Schumpeterian Perspectives
150282   Entropy, Large Deviations, and Statistical Mechanics

156401   Environment and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises : Corporate Tools and Approaches
150942   Environmental and Health Risk Assessment and Management : Principles and Practices
143433   Environmental Chemistry : Green Chemistry and Pollutants in Ecosystems
156333   Environmental Fiscal Reform for Poverty Reduction
122503   Environmental Governance Reconsidered : Challenges, Choices, and Opportunities
150283   Environmental Health Impacts of Transport and Mobility
         Environmental Management Systems : A Step-by-step Guide to Implementation and Maintenance {3rd
157628   ed.}
157629   Environmental Management Systems : Understanding Organizational Drivers and Barriers
144991   Environmental Policymaking : Assessing the Use of Alternative Policy Instruments
147093   Environmental Regulation and Food Safety : Studies of Protection and Protectionism
138894   Environmental Science Demystified
150285   Environmental Security and Environmental Management : The Role of Risk Assessment
156338   Environmentally Harmful Subsidies : Challenges for Reform
160810   Envy
127250   Ephraim George Squier and the Development of American Anthropology
132262   Epidemiology and Culture
150951   Epidemiology of Alimentary Diseases, The
145505   Epigenetics and Chromatin
122092   Epilepsy : Global Issues for the Practicing Neurologist
157237   Epilepsy and Pregnancy : What Every Woman With Epilepsy Should Know
149867   Epistemetrics
160066   Epistemological Contextualism
151453   Epistemology and the Psychology of Human Judgment
151491   Epistemology of a Priori Knowledge, The
132253   Epistemology of Development, Evolution, and Genetics, The : Selected Essays
150024   Epistle of Salim Ibn Dhakwa¯n, , The
158006   E-procurement
150788   EQ-5D Concepts and Methods : A Developmental History

147582   Equal Opportunities Handbook, The : How to Deal With Everyday Issues of Unfairness {4th ed.}
141887   Equations, The : Icons of Knowledge
152147   Equine Respiratory Diseases {1st ed.}
142036   Equity and Development
150479   Equity and Efficiency Considerations of Public Higher Education
140545   Erotic Word, The : Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Bible
150286   Erythropoietins and Erythropoiesis : Molecular, Cellular, Preclinical, and Clinical Biology
157639   Escaping Poverty's Grasp : The Environmental Foundations of Poverty Reduction
120924   Escaping Salem : The Other Witch Hunt of 1692
150079   Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance, The
147206   Espresso With the Headhunters : A Journey Through the Jungles of Borneo
160799   Essayists and Prophets
150862   Essays in Dynamic General Equilibrium Theory : Festschrift for David Cass

145733 Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield : The Economics of R & D, Innovation, and Technological Change
151194 Essays in Quasi-realism
160156 Essays On Music and the Spoken Word and On Surveying the Field

157875   Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion, The : Don't Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon Without This Book!
100034   Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of Consciousness
157878   Essentials of Mathematics, K-6, The : Effective Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
152261   Essentials of Paediatric Intensive Care
165272   Essentials of Risk Management, The
138968   Essentials of Statistical Inference : G.A. Young, R.L. Smith
150288   Essentials of Thyroid Cancer Management

147527   Estado Nacional y conformación de una alianza dominante en la Argentina agro exportadora {Ed. digital.}
143156   Eternal Bonds, True Contracts : Law and Nature in Shakespeare's Problem Plays
138311   Ethernet in the First Mile : The IEEE 802.3ah EFM Standard
135695   Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
         Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education : Applying Theoretical Perspectives to Complex
158536   Dilemmas
140687   Ethics {Rev. Ed.}
146197   Ethics and Nostalgia in the Contemporary Novel
138237   Ethics and Research With Children : A Case-based Approach
139774   Ethics Done Right : Practical Reasoning As a Foundation for Moral Theory
150597   Ethics Expertise : History, Contemporary Perspectives, and Applications
         Ethics for Behavior Analysts : A Practical Guide to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for
158566   Responsible Conduct
143489   Ethics in Agriculture-- an African Perspective
133769   Ethics in Practice : Lawyers' Roles, Responsibilities, and Regulation
143343   Ethics of Animal Experimentation, The : A Critical Analysis and Constructive Christian Proposal
151485   Ethics of Care, The : Personal, Political, and Global
150047   Ethics of Killing, The : Problems At the Margins of Life
143166   Ethics of Ontology, The : Rethinking an Aristotelian Legacy
158431   Ethics of School Administration, The
138513   Ethics of the Body : Postconventional Challenges
156791   Ethnic Conflict : A Global Perspective
152383   Ethnicity and Sport in North American History and Culture
134109   Etiquette Edge, The : Unspoken Rules for Business Success
149822   EU Enlargement and the Constitutions of Central and Eastern Europe
136422   Eugenic Nation : Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America
141880   Eureka! : European Research Universities and the Challenges of the 21st Century
149833   Europe and the Recognition of New States in Yugoslavia
139794   European and US Constitutionalism
138492   European Central Bank, The : Credibility, Transparency, and Centralization
141879   European Cinema : Face to Face With Hollywood
148174   European Company, The. Volume I
142527   European Economic Integration and South-east Europe : Challenges and Prospects
137618   European Forest Sector Outlook Study : Main Report
141757   European Health Report 2005, The : Public Health Action for Healthier Children and Populations

151560   European Language Teacher, The : Recent Trends and Future Developments in Teacher Education
162488   European Migration : What Do We Know?
138966   European Revolutions, 1848-1851, The
136147   European Union, The : a Polity of States and Peoples
137141   European-American Trade and Financial Alliances
120531   Europe's Foreign and Security Policy : The Institutionalization of Cooperation
 69805   Europe's Nightmare : The Struggle for Kosovo
147238   Europe's Quest for the Universe : ESO and the VLT, ESA and Other Projects
160128   Euroscepticism : Party Politics, National Identity and European Integration
144375   Evaluating a Decade of World Bank Gender Policy, 1990-99 {1st ed.}
156335   Evaluating Agri-environmental Policies : Design, Practice and Results
156327   Evaluating Public Participation in Policy-making

130567   Evaluating Public Relations : A Best Practice Guide to Public Relations Planning, Research & Evaluation
149680   Evaluating Reference Services : A Practical Guide
158492   Evaluating the Organizational Impact of Healthcare Information Systems
150801   Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics
146476   Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints, The
153778   Evaluation of World Bank Assistance to Pacific Member Countries, 1992-2002 {1st ed.}
146967   Eve : Sex, Childbirth and Motherhood Through the Ages
 86631   Events That Changed Great Britain Since 1689
142100   Every Dog's Legal Guide : A Must-have Book for Your Owner {5th ed.}
142101   Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide {2nd ed.}
163340   Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court {11th ed.}
100110   Everyday Engineering : An Ethnography of Design and Innovation
156787   Everyday Life : Theories and Practices From Surrealism to the Present
156506   Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Co-op, Condo, or Townhouse
150289   Evidence-based Imaging : Optimizing Imaging in Patient Care
146212   Evil and Human Agency : Understanding Collective Evildoing
132301   Evolution and the Common Law
151432   Evolution Illuminated : Salmon and Their Relatives
         Evolution in Four Dimensions : Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of
138451   Life
157322   Evolution of American Investigative Journalism, The
         Evolution of Civil-military Relations in South East Europe, The : Continuing Democratic Reform and
150493   Adapting to the Needs of Fighting Terroris
156012   Evolution of Morality, The
156531   Evolution of Phase Transitions : A Continuum Theory
152218   Evolution of Population Biology, The
126714   Evolution of Special Forces in Counter-terrorism, The : British and American Experiences
         Evolution of the US Airline Industry, The : Theory, Strategy and Policy {Studies in Industrial Organization
145053   ; V. 25}
156942   Evolutionary Computation : A Unified Approach
158515   Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization
132273   Evolutionary Foundations of Economics, The
132289   Evolutionary Game Theory, Natural Selection, and Darwinian Dynamics
145086   Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization : Theoretical Advances and Applications
145729   Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition Systems
155735   Evolving Pension System, The : Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform
152009   Ex Situ Plant Conservation : Supporting Species Survival in the Wild
120314   Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations
147682   Excel for Teachers
149970   Except Education : The Spectrum of Secondary Education
150225   Exceptional Manager, The : Making the Difference
138493   Exchange Rate Economics : Where Do We Stand?
138490   Exchange Rates Under the East Asian Dollar Standard : Living With Conflicted Virtue
150599   Exchange Traded Funds : Structure, Regulation, and Application of a New Fund Class
143297   Excitatory Amino Acid Transmission in Health and Disease

143092   Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories From the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, The {Rev. Ed.}
132010   Executive Coaching : How to Choose, Use and Maximize Value for Yourself and Your Team
156637   Executive Secrets : Covert Action and the Presidency
125554   Executor's Guide, The : How to Administer an Estate Under a Will
147082   Executor's Guide, The : Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust {2nd ed.}
151430   Exiled Royalties : Melville and the Life We Imagine

121473 Expanding the Boundaries of Health and Social Science : Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Innovation
165090 Experience of God, The : A Postmodern Response

157080 Experiencing Nature : The Spanish American Empire and the Early Scientific Revolution {1st ed.}
145453 Experimental Rock Deformation--the Brittle Field {2nd, completely rev. and updated ed.}
125737 Expert Résumés for Computer and Web Jobs {2nd ed.}
125738   Expert Resumes for Military-to-civilian Transitions
138156   Expert Versus the Object, The : Judging Fakes and False Attributions in the Visual Arts
147382   Experts in Civil Cases : An Inside View
164131   Explaining South Asia's Development Success : The Role of Good Policies
148562   Explanatory Nonmonotonic Reasoning
156598   Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data : A Systematic Approach
138973   Exploratory Social Network Analysis With Pajek
145379   Exploring Ancient Skies : An Encyclopedic Survey of Archaeoastronomy
 85795   Exploring Nationalisms of China : Themes and Conflicts
149826   Exploring the Syntax-semantics Interface
136682   Exploring With Lewis and Clark : The 1804 Journal of Charles Floyd
150290   Explosion-resistant Buildings : Design, Analysis, and Case Studies
149693   Exporting Democracy : Rhetoric vs. Reality
148515   Exquisite Rebel : The Essays of Voltairine De Cleyre : Feminist, Anarchist, Genius
151446   Extending Ourselves : Computational Science, Empiricism, and Scientific Method
150291   Extreme Events in Nature and Society
150759   Extreme Financial Risks : From Dependence to Risk Management
120309   Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy
150845   Extreme Weather Events and Public Health Responses
146210   Eye for an Eye
156521   Eye of the Whale : Epic Passage From Baja to Siberia
151184   Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis, and Radical Modernism
150211   Fables of the East : Selected Tales, 1662-1785
150010   Fabulous Science : Fact and Fiction in the History of Scientific Discovery

147028   Face to Face With Orchestra and Chorus : A Handbook for Choral Conductors {2nd, expanded ed.}
151246   Faces in the Clouds : A New Theory of Religion
157224   Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring & Coaching
157231   Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis
150078   Facing the Future : Agents and Choices in Our Indeterminist World
156936   Fairness in Adaptation to Climate Change : Edited By W. Neil Adger ... [Et Al.]
150062   Faith and Narrative
162485   Faith and Reason {2nd ed.}
140543   Faith in Nation : Exclusionary Origins of Nationalism
 91632   Fallen Astronauts : Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon
143314   Fallen Blue Knights : Controlling Police Corruption
162245   Falling Room
147563   Fall-out Shelters for the Human Spirit : American Art and the Cold War
159757   Family Feuds : Wollstonecraft, Burke, and Rousseau On the Transformation of the Family
135390   Family Practice Examination & Board Review
143293   Family Psychology : The Art of the Science
151083   Family Venture, A : Men and Women On the Southern Frontier
143160   Fanning the Flames : Fans and Consumer Culture in Contemporary Japan
151299   Fantasy Pieces : Metrical Dissonance in the Music of Robert Schumann
135781   Farmers vs. Wage Earners : Organized Labor in Kansas, 1860-1960
157094   Farming, Hunting, and Fishing in the Olmec World
145198   Fascism and Democracy in the Human Mind : A Bridge between Mind and Society
137380   Fashion Brands : Branding Style From Armani to Zara
130463   Fashion Under Fascism : Beyond the Black Shirt
142313   Fashion Zeitgeist : Trends and Cycles in the Fashion System {English Ed.}
147027   Fashioning Africa : Power and the Politics of Dress
138872   Fast and Simple Diabetes Menus

146962   Fast Second : How Smart Companies Bypass Radical Innovation to Enter and Dominate New Markets
146950   Fat Politics : The Real Story Behind America's Obesity Epidemic
130380   Fatal Future? : Transnational Terrorism and the New Global Disorder {1st ed.}
142483   Fateful Shapes of Human Freedom : John William Miller and the Crises of Modernity
138511   Fatigue As a Window to the Brain
130688   Fatigue in Cancer
140831   Faulkner and His Contemporaries
153777   Fault Lines Exposed : Advantage and Disadvantage Across Australia's Settlement System
151401   Faustian Bargain, The : Art World in Nazi Germany
138026   FBI Careers : The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job As One of America's Finest {2nd ed.}
147187   FE, Functional Equations
150420 Fear : The Friend of Exceptional People : Techniques in Controlling Fear
120949 Fear : The History of a Political Idea

135410 Fear Is No Longer My Reality : How I Overcame Panic and Social Anxiety Disorder -- and You Can Too
150227 Fear of Knowledge : Against Relativism and Constructivism
157336 Fearless Women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War
       Federal Law Enforcement Careers : Profiles of 250 High-powered Positions and Tactics for Getting Hired
159731 {2nd ed.}
146201 Federalism and Economic Reform : International Perspectives

132368   Federalism and the Market : Intergovernmental Conflict and Economic Reform in the Developing World
132298   Federalism and the Welfare State : New World and European Experiences
125524   Federalism, Subnational Constitutions, and Minority Rights
147375   Feeding the Fear of Crime : Crime-related Media and Support for Three Strikes
129894   Feeling's Unmutual, The : Growing Up With Asperger Syndrome (Undiagnosed)
         Felony Disenfranchisement in America : Historical Origins, Institutional Racism, and Modern
147377   Consequences
143178   Female Ascetics in Hinduism
148727   Female Crucifix, The : Images of St. Wilgefortis Since the Middle Ages
144964   Female Infanticide in India : A Feminist Cultural History
150100   Feminist Poetics of the Sacred : Creative Suspicions
151263   Feminization of the Clergy in America : Occupational and Organizational Perspectives
146845   Fewer, Shorter, Better Meetings
148541   Feynman's Thesis : A New Approach to Quantum Theory
145574   Fiction Refracts Science : Modernist Writers From Proust to Borges
151121   Fictional Republic, The : Horatio Alger and American Political Discourse
159366   Fictionalism in Metaphysics
147561   Field Armies and Fortifications in the Civil War : The Eastern Campaigns, 1861-1864
         Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada, A : Identification, Natural History, and
143341   Distribution of the Cicindelidae
156585   Field-based Coordination for Pervasive Multiagent Systems
142048   Fighting Fire With Fire : Safeguards and Antidumping in Latin American Trade Liberalization
         Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State : An Integrated Model of Research, Intelligence and International
164018   Law
138197   Fighting Unemployment : The Limits of Free Market Orthodoxy
100039   Fighting Words : Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia
151301   Figures of Play : Greek Drama and Metafictional Poetics
151494   Figuring Genre in Roman Satire
156481   File for Divorce in North Carolina {4th ed.}
146871   Filling-in : From Perceptual Completion to Cortical Reorganization
130094   Film Directing Fundamentals : See Your Film Before Shooting {2nd ed.}
151851   Film Production Management {3rd ed.}
163360   Film Remakes
143143   Film Voices : Interviews From Post Script
159384   Fin De Siècle Beirut : The Making of an Ottoman Provincial Capital
147439   Final Arbiter, The : Consequences of Bush V. Gore for Law and Politics
155743   Finance for Development : Latin America in Comparative Perspective
155732   Financial Crises : Lessons From the Past, Preparation for the Future

150512 Financial Market Imperfections and Corporate Decisions : Lessons From the Transition Process in Hungary
142671 Financial Markets and the Real Economy
140719 Financial Sector Assessment : A Handbook
162393 Financial Sector Assessment Program : IEG Review of the Joint World Bank and IMF Initiative
       Financing Information and Communication Infrastructure Needs in the Developing World : Public and
142340 Private Roles
157893 Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life
145571 Finding People in Early Greece

137112   Fine Art As a Career : Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker : Portrait of the Artist As an Intriguing Individual
150292   Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology : Diagnostic Principles and Dilemmas
150667   Finite Model Theory
156372   Finland
145992   Firestarters : 100 Job Profiles to Inspire Young Women
156814   Firm As a Collaborative Community, The : Reconstructing Trust in the Knowledge Economy
125508 First Among Friends : Interest Groups, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Right to Privacy

162293 First Cold Warrior, The : Harry Truman, Containment, and the Remaking of Liberal Internationalism

159131   First Course in Logic, A : An Introduction to Model Theory, Proof Theory, Computability, and Complexity
163010   First English Empire, The : Power and Identities in the British Isles 1093-1343
139842   First in Thirst : How Gatorade Turned the Science of Sweat Into a Cultural Phenomenon
136415   First Lady of Hollywood, The : A Biography of Louella Parsons
148632   First Language Attrition : Interdisciplinary Perspectives On Methodological Issues
143213   First Outline of a System of the Philosophy of Nature
141178   First Texas News Barons, The
144645   First Time Up : An Insider's Guide for New Composition Instructors
137395   First Time-manager, The : First Steps to a Brilliant Management Career {3rd ed.}
100073   First to Arrive : State and Local Responses to Terrorism
138030   First-job Survival Guide : How to Thrive and Advance in Your New Career
         First-principles Calculations in Real-space Formalism : Electronic Configurations and Transport Properties
148553   of Nanostructures
137143   Fiscal Policy in Economic and Monetary Union : Theory, Evidence, and Institutions
159143   Flammability Testing of Materials Used in Construction, Transport and Mining
147598   Flat Feet, Full Steam : Around the World in Every Way
146986   Flavor of the Month : Why Smart People Fall for Fads
125492   Fleeing the Famine : North America and Irish Refugees, 1845-1851

147392   Fleeting Footsteps : Tracing the Conception of Arithmetic and Algebra in Ancient China {Rev. Ed.}
156593   Flexible AC Transmission Systems : Modelling and Control
162405   Flexible Working : Latest Best Practice for Employers and Employees
157891   Flipping the Switch : Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ!
152277   Flood Myths of Early China, The
142988   Florida Jobbank, The
143348   Flow Cytometry for Biotechnology
139809   Fluent Aphasia
140646   Fluid Borders : Latino Power, Identity, and Politics in Los Angeles
         Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology : Advanced Methods and Their Applications to Membranes, Proteins,
145793   DNA, and Cells
150922   Flux-corrected Transport : Principles, Algorithms, and Applications
         Flying On One Engine : The Bloomberg Book of Master Market Economists : Fourteen Views On the World
140764   Economy {1st ed.}
147205   Flying? No Fear! : Conquer Your Fear of Flying
130218   Focal Easy Guide to After Effects, The : For New Users and Professionals
141158   Focal Easy Guide to Photoshop CS2, The : Image Editing for New Users and Professionals
145345   Focal Liver Lesions : Detection, Characterization, Ablation

148633   Focus Structure in Generative Grammar : An Integrated Syntactic, Semantic, and Intonational Approach
150943   Foliations and Geometric Structures
161005   Folk
137943   Following Muhammad : Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World
159389   Folsom : New Archaeological Investigations of a Classic Paleoindian Bison Kill
162295   Food and Everyday Life On Kentucky Family Farms, 1920-1950
144096   Food in World History
159570   Food Marketing to Children and Youth : Threat or Opportunity?
158518   Food Powders : Physical Properties, Processing, and Functionality

156235   Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Surveillance Systems : Proceedings of an Iranian-American Workshop
159156   Food Spoilage Microorganisms
148488   Food, Diet and Obesity
145133   Foot-and-mouth Disease Virus
142309   Football and Fascism : The National Game Under Mussolini {English Ed.}
143227   For Better or Worse? : How Political Consultants Are Changing Elections in the United States
136142   For More Than One Voice : Toward a Philosophy of Vocal Expression
146468   Force Sensors for Microelectronic Packaging Applications
155967   Forefoot Reconstruction {2nd ed.}
137520   Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Competence : An International Investigation
150708   Forensic Neuropathology and Associated Neurology
150293   Forest Inventory : Methodology and Applications
143375 Forest Policy Analysis
130528 Forests in Landscapes : Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability
135791 Forever Red : Confessions of a Cornhusker Football Fan

 91029   Forged in War : The Continental Congress and the Origin of Military Supply and Acquisition Policy
164137   Form a Partnership : The Complete Legal Guide {7th ed.}
148171   Form and Function in a Legal System : A General Study
156484   Form Your Own Corporation {Sphinx Legal; 5th Ed.}
142102   Form Your Own Limited Liability Company {4th ed.}
148634   Formal Approaches to Function in Grammar : In Honor of Eloise Jelinek
150482   Formal Modelling in Electronic Commerce
145191   Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs : Modular Product Systems in Network Markets
143404   Form-oriented Analysis : A New Methodology to Model Form-based Applications
147957   Formula, The : Secret to a Better Life
132133   Fort Bowie, Arizona : Combat Post of the Southwest, 1858-1894
145223   Fortune Teller's Kiss, The
156328   Fostering Development in a Global Economy : A Whole of Government Perspective
156385   Fostering Public-private Partnership for Innovation in Russia
131393   Foucault and Classical Antiquity : Power, Ethics and Knowledge
         Foundations for a Disequilibrium Theory of the Business Cycle : Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative
142711   Assessment
135865   Foundations of Cryptography--a Primer
112539   Foundations of Cryptology. [Volume 1], Basic Tools
148552   Foundations of Photonic Crystal Fibres
150116   Four Illusions : Candraki¯rti's Advice for Travelers On the Bodhisattva Path

135701   Four Pillars of High Performance, The : How Robust Organizations Achieve Extraordinary Results
138861   Four Weeks to a Better-behaved Child : Breakthrough Discipline Techniques That Really Work
138256   Fourth Power, The : A Grand Strategy for the United States in the Twenty-first Century
150528   Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System
148564   Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory {2nd ed.}
155798   Fracture Classifications in Clinical Practice
140113   Fragrant Orchids : A Guide to Selecting, Growing, and Enjoying
146174   Frameworks for Thinking : A Handbook for Teaching and Learning
148635   Framing and Perspectivising in Discourse
160217   Framing Borders in Literature and Other Media
156376   France
156400   France
 69820   France and European Integration : Towards a Transnational Polity?
150029   France Since 1945 {2nd ed.}
159377   Franco's Justice : Repression in Madrid After the Spanish Civil War
149221   Frankenstein
 99186   Frankenstein Film Sourcebook, The
152384   Frederick Douglass : Oratory From Slavery
125637   Free Jazz and Free Improvisation Volume I, A-J : An Encyclopedia
125638   Free Jazz and Free Improvisation Volume II, K-Z : An Encyclopedia
133766   Free Pages and Other Essays : Anarchist Musings
148128   Free Speech and Democracy in Ancient Athens
150128   Freedom and Moral Sentiment : Hume's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility
137804   Freedom Colonies : Independent Black Texans in the Time of Jim Crow
146206   Freedom of Religion : UN and European Human Rights Law and Practice
147575   Freedom of the Streets, The : Work, Citizenship, and Sexuality in a Gilded Age City
149057   Freedom's Promise : Ex-slave Families and Citizenship in the Age of Emancipation
155986   Free-radical-induced DNA Damage and Its Repair : A Chemical Perspective
149623   Freewheeling Through Ireland : Enfield Pedals the West Coast
138224   French Beans and Food Scares : Culture and Commerce in an Anxious Age
145203   French Colonialism Unmasked : The Vichy Years in French West Africa
144957   French Connection in Criminology, The : Rediscovering Crime, Law and Social Change
151318   French Cultural Politics & Music : From the Dreyfus Affair to the First World War
127256   French Navy and the Seven Years' War, The
148718   French New Wave {[New ed.].}
142705   French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629, The
146884   Friday's Footprint : How Society Shapes the Human Mind
158803   Friedrich Nietzsche On the Philosophy of Right and the State
146876   Friendly Fire : American Images of the Vietnam War
150980   Fringe 2005 : The 5th International Workshop On Automatic Processing of Fringe Patterns
159388   From Afro-Cuban Rhythms to Latin Jazz
129513   From Alien to The Matrix : Reading Science Fiction Film
148137   From Apology to Utopia : The Structure of International Legal Argument
126676   From Bad Policy to Chaos in Somalia : How an Economy Fell Apart
149882   From Ballroom to Dancesport : Aesthetics, Athletics, and Body Culture
152385   From Black to Biracial : Transforming Racial Identity Among Americans
148961   From Calcutta With Love : The World War II Letters of Richard and Reva Beard
159573   From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor : Lost in Transition :
150909   From Cells to Proteins : Imaging Nature Across Dimensions

157951   From Classical to Quantum Mechanics : An Introduction to the Formalism, Foundations, and Applications
126758   From Cold War to New World Order : The Foreign Policy of George Bush
121464   From Complexity to Life : On the Emergence of Life and Meaning
150162   From Conflict Resolution to Reconciliation
         From Crisis to Stability in the Armenian Power Sector : Lessons Learned From Armenia's Energy Reform
151604   Experience
138990   From Dickens to Dracula : Gothic, Economics, and Victorian Fiction
135790   From Dominance to Disappearance : The Indians of Texas and the Near Southwest, 1786-1859
156382   From Education to Work : A Difficult Transition for Young Adults With Low Levels of Education
138977   From Elections to Democracy : Building Accountable Government in Hungary and Poland
150063   From Frege to Wittgenstein : Perspectives On Early Analytic Philosophy
157949   From Hope to Despair in Thessalonica : Situating 1 and 2 Thessalonians

140949   From Ice Cream to the Internet : Using Franchising to Drive the Growth and Profits of Your Business
130566   From Idea to Profit : How to Market Innovative Products and Services
152131   From Inside Brazil : Developments in a Land of Contrasts
129698   From Jim Crow to Civil Rights : The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Racial Equality
163901   From Marriage to the Market : The Transformation of Women's Lives and Work
149858   From Modernism to Postmodernism : American Poetry and Theory in the Twentieth Century
138500   From Monkey Brain to Human Brain : A Fyssen Foundation Symposium
151227   From Morality to Virtue
143198   From Motherhood to Mothering : The Legacy of Adrienne Rich's Of Woman Born
         From Neuroscience to Neurology : Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, and the Therapeutic Transformation
141567   of Neurology
160807   From Olympus to Camelot : The World of European Mythology
138136   From Penitence to Charity : Pious Women and the Catholic Reformation in Paris
148357   From Pity to Pride : Growing Up Deaf in the Old South
138518   From Resource Scarcity to Ecological Security : Exploring New Limits to Growth
141145   From Sermon to Commentary : Expounding the Bible in Talmudic Babylonia
         From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis : Towards Practicable Foundations for Constructive
149339   Mathematics
144969   From Snake Pits to Cash Cows : Politics and Public Institutions in New York
137596   From Standards to Success : A Guide for School Leaders
150122   From the Erotic to the Demonic : On Critical Musicology
 69315   From the Normandy Beaches to the Baltic Sea : The Northwest Europe Campaign, 1944-1945
165172   From Trocchi to Trainspotting : Scottish Critical Theory Since 1960
         From Underdogs to Tigers : The Rise and Growth of the Software Industry in Brazil, China, India, Ireland,
150214   and Israel
147565   From Welfare to Workfare : The Unintended Consequences of Liberal Reform, 1945-1965
132323   Frontiers in Applied General Equilibrium Modeling : In Honor of Herbert Scarf
150923   Frontiers in Chemical Sensors : Novel Principles and Techniques
150725   Frontiers in Planar Lightwave Circuit Technology : Design, Simulation, and Fabrication
155902   Frontiers in Water Resource Economics
 99218   Frontiers of Economics : Nobel Laureates of the Twentieth Century
150391   Frontiers of Engineering : Reports On Leading-edge Engineering From the 2005 Symposium
150296   Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology
148452   Fruit Flies Like a Banana : England By Canal and Classic Car
148561   Frustrated Spin Systems
155977   Fuel Cell Technologies : State and Perspectives
125574   Fugal Composition : A Guide to the Study of Bach's '48'
149773   Fugitives : Evading and Escaping the Japanese
143516   Full of Life : UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Model Regions for Sustainable Development {1st ed.}
158428   Full of Ourselves : A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health, and Leadership
147460   Function of Theory in Composition Studies, The
139755   Functional Analysis for Probability and Stochastic Processes : An Introduction
151444   Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of Bats
148636   Functional Constraints in Grammar : On the Unergative-unaccusative Distinction
155907   Functional Neuroanatomy of Pain
         Functional Structures in Networks : AMLn - a Language for Model Driven Development of Telecom
145794   Systems
143435   Functional Ultrastructure : An Atlas of Tissue Biology and Pathology {1st ed.}
143367   Functional Verification of Programmable Embedded Architectures : A Top-down Approach
148637   Fundamental Aspects of Interpreter Education : Curriculum and Assessment
149859   Fundamental Solutions in Elastodynamics : A Compendium
151470   Fundamentalists in the City : Conflict and Division in Boston's Churches, 1885-1950

152349   Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education : A Guide for University-level Faculty and Policymakers
152347   Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research
149120   Fundamentals of Children's Services
110046   Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management
135372   Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis
148129   Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation
125702   Fundamentals of Customer-focused Management : Competing Through Service
158503   Fundamentals of Forensic Practice : Mental Health and Criminal Law
136189   Fundamentals of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control
130475   Fundamentals of Laser Dynamics
149121   Fundamentals of Library Supervision
148490   Fundamentals of Metallurgy
122090   Fundamentals of Neurologic Disease : An Introductory Text
142257   Fundamentals of Physician Practice Management
138957   Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics : For Solid State Electronics and Optics
148968   Fundamentals of Sales Management for the Newly Appointed Sales Manager
148557   Fundamentals of Solar Astronomy
151023   Fundamentals of Virtual Colonoscopy
138982   Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
144678   Funding and Implementing Universal Access : Innovation and Experience From Uganda
161977   Fundraising On EBay : How to Raise Big Money On the World's Greatest Online Marketplace
158539   Funds of Knowledge : Theorizing Practices in Households, Communities, and Classrooms
152075   Funeral Festivals in America : Rituals for the Living
152352   Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants : Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic Engineering
         Fungal Genomics : A Comprehensive Treatise On Fungi As Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied
150298   Research
145427   Future Interaction Design
126689   Future of Islam and the West, The : Clash of Civilizations or Peaceful Coexistence?
151240   Future of Southern Letters, The
146937   Future of the Brain, The : Promise and Perils of Tomorrow's Neuroscience
150084   Future Pasts : The Analytic Tradition in Twentieth-century Philosophy
156821   Future People : A Moderate Consequentialist Account of Our Obligations to Future Generations
145578   Future Without a Past, The : Humanities in a Technological Society
145420   Fuzzy Control of Queuing Systems
145261   Fuzzy Database Modeling With XML
140144   Fuzzy Databases : Modeling, Design and Implementation
150944   Fuzzy Logic Applications in Engineering Science
145424   Fuzzy Logic, Identification, and Predictive Control
150738   Fuzzy Modeling With Spatial Information for Geographic Problems
143327   Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment : A Casebook
130275   Gabay's Copywriters' Compendium : The Definitive Professional Writer's Guide
150300   Galileo Galilei, When the World Stood Still
152240   Gallery of Fluid Motion, A

151733   Gambling As an Addictive Behaviour : Impaired Control, Harm Minimisation, Treatment and Prevention
152249   Gambling in America : Costs and Benefits
118546   Game Design : Theory & Practice
134909   Game Producers Handbook, The
134932   Game Programming for Teens
134901   Game Testing All in One
155934   Gaming, Simulations, and Society : Research Scope and Perspective
155688   Gandhi : A Very Short Introduction
145003   Gandhi's Pilgrimage of Faith : From Darkness to Light
143145   Gardens of Desire, The : Marcel Proust and the Fugitive Sublime
159140   Gas Turbine Handbook : Principles and Practices {3rd ed.}
150197   Gastrointestinal Oncology
126796   Gathering Biological Warfare Storm, The
145015   Gathering of Reason, The
156015   Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning
144837   Gender and Economic Growth in Uganda : Unleashing the Power of Women
148143   Gender and Elections : Shaping the Future of American Politics
140591   Gender and Nation in the Spanish Modernist Novel {1st ed.}
142310   Gender and Spanish Cinema
         Gender Divisions and Working Time in the New Economy : Changing Patterns of Work, Care and Public
146112   Policy in Europe and North America
144997   Gender of Desire, The : Essays On Male Sexuality
160814   Gender Through the Prism of Difference {3rd ed.}
149354   Gender, Modernity, and the Popular Press in Inter-war Britain
147484   Gender, Time Use, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
151571   Gendered Spaces in Contemporary Irish Poetry
159132   Gene Genealogies, Variation and Evolution : A Primer in Coalescent Theory
139888   Gene Therapy : Treating Disease By Repairing Genes
139644   Gene Therapy of Autoimmune Diseases
151178   Genealogy of Disjunction, The
148132   General Relativity : An Introduction for Physicists
142697   Generation At Risk, A : The Global Impact of HIV/AIDS On Orphans and Vulnerable Children
152035   Generation X : Americans Born 1965 to 1976
145680   Generic Chaining, The : Upper and Lower Bounds for Stochastic Processes
145494   Genes On the Menu : Facts for Knowledge-based Decisions
146898   Genesis : The Evolution of Biology
152351   Genetically Modified Crops : Their Development, Uses, and Risks
151445   Genetically Modified Planet : Environmental Impacts of Genetically Engineered Plants
146149   Genetics and Christian Ethics
145343   Genetics of Adaptation
141406   Genocide in the Age of the Nation-state. Volume I, The Meaning of Genocide

141407 Genocide in the Age of the Nation-state. Volume II, The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide
150899 Genome Instability in Cancer Development
145288 Genomes and Genomics of Nitrogen-fixing Organisms
       Genomic Revolution, The : Implications for Treatment and Control of Infectious Disease : Working Group
159576 Summaries : National Academies Keck Futures Initiative
147548 Genomics and Society : Legal, Ethical and Social Dimensions
142835 Genre Across the Curriculum
126854 Genre Matters : Essays in Theory and Criticism
125522 Gentlemen of the Raj : The Indian Army Officer Corps, 1817-1949
145277 Geobiology and Ecology of Metasequoia, The
       Geographic Information Metadata for Spatial Data Infrastructures : Resources, Interoperability, and
146677 Information Retrieval {1st ed.}
144598 Geographic Information Systems and Public Health : Eliminating Perinatal Disparity
156786 Geography and Economy : Three Lectures
143130 Geography of Hard Times, A : Narratives About Travel to South America, 1780-1849
152437 Geography of Immigrant Labor Markets, The : Space, Networks, and Gender
142727 Geography of Opportunity, The : Race and Housing Choice in Metropolitan America
138190 Geography of War and Peace, The : From Death Camps to Diplomats
132317 Geologic Time Scale 2004, A
       Geological Atlas of Africa : With Notes On Stratigraphy, Tectonics, Economic Geology, Geohazards and
150854 Geosites of Each Country
146095 Geology of Southeast Alaska : Rock and Ice in Motion
142668 Geometric Programming for Communication Systems
145404 Geometric Topology : Localization, Periodicity and Galois Symmetry : the 1970 MIT Notes
146175 Geometry and Topology
150864 Geometry for Computer Graphics : Formulae, Examples and Proofs
132259   Geometry of Efficient Fair Division, The
141182   Geometry of Modernism, The : Vorticist Idiom in Lewis, Pound, H.D., and Yeats
145568   George Caleb Bingham : Missouri's Famed Painter and Forgotten Politician
143180   George W. Bush : Evaluating the President At Midterm
142773   Gerauld De Cordemoy : Atomist, Occasionalist, Cartesian
146875   Geriatric Palliative Care
152279   German Invention of Race, The
140645   German Modernism : Music and the Arts
138985   German Tradition of Psychology in Literature and Thought, 1700-1840, The
148638   Germanic Standardizations : Past to Present
156371   Germany
135761   Germany's Colonial Pasts
140585   Gertrude Stein and the Essence of What Happens {1st ed.}
146619   Gettering Defects in Semiconductors
155733   Getting Choice Right : Ensuring Equity and Efficiency in Education Policy
146892   Getting Even : Forgiveness and Its Limits
159746   Getting Started With SAS Enterprise Miner 5.2

137595   Getting the Grant : How Educators Can Write Winning Proposals and Manage Successful Projects
158407   Getting to Excellent : How to Create Better Schools
156926   Getting Under the Skin : The Body and Media Theory
147567   Ghaza¯li¯ and the Poetics of Imagination
         Ghost Dances and Identity : Prophetic Religion and American Indian Ethnogenesis in the Nineteenth
142621   Century
         Giants of Sales, The : What Dale Carnegie, John Patterson, Elmer Wheeler, and Joe Girard Can Teach You
148974   About Real Sales Success
147103   Gift of Story, The : Narrating Hope in a Postmodern World
151129   Gifting God, The : A Trinitarian Ethics of Excess
162286   Ginseng Dreams : The Secret World of America's Most Valuable Plant
124893   Girlfighting : Betrayal and Rejection Among Girls
146844   Giving Confident Presentations
 85897   Giving Meanings to the World : The First U.S. Foreign Correspondents, 1838-1859
136705   Glass, Brass, & Chrome : The American 35mm Miniature Camera {Reprint Ed.}
         Global Account Management : A Complete Action Kit of Tools and Techniques for Managing Big
157221   Customers in a Shrinking World
158516   Global Archaeological Theory : Contextual Voices and Contemporary Thoughts
151420   Global Banking {2nd ed.}
157915   Global Capital Markets : Integration, Crisis, and Growth
158795   Global Capitalism, Democracy, and Civil-military Relations in Colombia
160805   Global Cities
104925   Global Cities : Cinema, Architecture, and Urbanism in a Digital Age
165588   Global Data Management
130502   Global Development and Poverty Reduction : The Challenge for International Institutions
         Global Development Finance II, Summary and Country Tables. : The Development Potential of Surging
156424   Capital Flows, 2006
142026   Global Economic Prospects 2006 : Economic Implications of Remittances and Migration
158565   Global Entertainment Media : Content, Audiences, Issues
         Global Environmentalism and Local Politics : Transnational Advocacy Networks in Brazil, Ecuador, and
143238   India
         Global Forecasts and Predictions for the ESCWA Region : The Roles of Investment and Public Expenditure
148110   in Economic Growth
138441   Global Genome, The : Biotechnology, Politics, and Culture
142174   Global Governance : Lessons From Europe : Gunnar Myrdal Lecture
143310   Global Governance of Financial Systems : The International Regulation of Systemic Risk
150200   Global Inequalities At Work : Work's Impact On the Health of Individuals, Families, and Societies
144607   Global Information Technology and Competitive Financial Alliances
136239   Global Integrated Supply Chain Systems
142045   Global Integration and Technology Transfer
145577   Global Perspectives On Industrial Transformation in the American South

 91024   Global   Political Campaigning : A Worldwide Analysis of Campaign Professionals and Their Practices
158429   Global   Politics of Educational Borrowing and Lending, The
142728   Global   Public Management Revolution {2nd ed.}
161223   Global   Religions : An Introduction
158371   Global Sourcing & Purchasing Post 9/11 : New Logistics Compliance Requirements and Best Practices
125532   Global Underworld, The : Transnational Crime and the United States
152252   Globalization and State Transformation in China
143168   Globalization and the Environment : Greening Global Political Economy
156552   Globalization and the Future of Labour Law
156968   Globalization and the Poor Periphery Before 1950
145687   Globalization and Urban Development
156819   Globalization, Globalism, Environments, and Environmentalism : Consciousness of Connections
148159   Globalization, Politics, and Financial Turmoil : Asia's Banking Crisis
144958   Globalization, Security, and the Nation-state : Paradigms in Transition
143140   Globalization, Technology, and Philosophy
147468   Globalizing Interests : Pressure Groups and Denationalization
152386   Gloria Naylor : A Critical Companion
148111   Glossary of Terms for UN Delegates, A

150910   Glycobiology and Medicine : Proceedings of the 7th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium
142792   God & the Modern World
138151   God and Other Spirits : Intimations of Transcendence in Christian Experience
150059   God and Time : Essays On the Divine Nature
143347   God On the Hill : Temple Poems From Tirupati
149067   God Who Comes, The : Dionysian Mysteries Revisited
143164   God, Evil, and Human Learning : A Critique and Revision of the Free Will Defense in Theodicy
150154   God, the Devil, and Darwin : A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory
132036   Goddesses and the Divine Feminine : A Western Religious History
149880   Gods After God : An Introduction to Contemporary Radical Theologies
149883   Gods and Technology, The : A Reading of Heidegger
150155   God's Man for the Gilded Age : D.L. Moody and the Rise of Modern Mass Evangelism

142476   Going   Coed : Women's Experiences in Formerly Men's Colleges and Universities, 1950-2000 {1st ed.}
144862   Going   Digital : The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists
149369   Going   Places With Youth Outreach : Smart Marketing Strategies for Your Library
158400   Going   Public With Our Teaching : An Anthology of Practice

150026   Gold Standard Illusion, The : France, the Bank of France, and the International Gold Standard, 1914-1939
147576   Golden Haze of Memory, A : The Making of Historic Charleston
129227   Gone to Texas : A History of the Lone Star State
156944   Good and Real : Demystifying Paradoxes From Physics to Ethics
127257   Good Growing : Why Organic Farming Works
150718   Good Laboratory Practice : The Why and the How {2nd ed.}
143187   Good Life, The : Psychoanalytic Reflections On Love, Ethics, Creativity, and Spirituality

158002 Good Practices On Strategic Planning and Management of Water Resources in Asia and the Pacific
151139 Good Taste, Bad Taste, & Christian Taste : Aesthetics in Religious Life
163133 Good Teacher Mentor, The : Setting the Standard for Support and Success
149619 Good Vibrations : Coast to Coast By Harley
136677 Goodbye, Judge Lynch : The End of a Lawless Era in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin
147094 Gospel Hoax, The : Morton Smith's Invention of Secret Mark
139251 Gospel of Matthew and Its Readers, The : A Historical Introduction to the First Gospel
152229 Gottfried Semper and the Problem of Historicism
130529 Governance for Sustainable Development : A Foundation for the Future
156326 Governance in China
138996 Governance in Contemporary Germany : The Semisovereign State Revisited
130506 Governance, Multinationals, and Growth
148604 Governing China's Population : From Leninist to Neoliberal Biopolitics
       Governing Europe Under a Constitution : The Hard Road From the European Treaties to a European
155844 Constitutional Treaty
       Governing Knowledge : A Study of Continuity and Change in Higher Education ; a Festschrift in Honour of
145338 Maurice Kogan

151467   Governing the Modern Corporation : Capital Markets, Corporate Control, and Economic Performance
156797   Government of Scotland, 1560-1625, The
157343   Governor Lady : The Life and Times of Nellie Tayloe Ross
139706   Graceful Exits : Catholic Women and the Art of Departure
165156   Graduating Class : Disadvantaged Students Crossing the Bridge of Higher Education
138260   Graham Greene's Catholic Imagination
155836   Grammar of Graphics, The
141078   Grammar of Our Civility, The : Classical Education in America
148119   Grammar of Society, The : Nature and Dynamics of Social Norms
138668   Grammar of the Multitude, A : For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life
157897   Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies : A Guide to Language for Fun and Spite

150703 Grand Challenge for the Future, The : Vaccines for Poverty-related Diseases From Bench to Field

148447 Grand Excursions On the Upper Mississippi River : Places, Landscapes, and Regional Identity After 1854
137905 Grand Old Man of Maine, The : Selected Letters of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1865-1914
       Grandparents' Rights : Your Legal Guide to Protecting Your Relationship With Your Grandchildren {4th
156485 ed.}
157248 Granite Landscapes of the World
146491 Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Algorithms : Interdisciplinary Applications
163066 Graphs and Homomorphisms
151720 Grappling With the Good : Talking About Religion and Morality in Public Schools
138997 Gravitational Radiation, Luminous Black Holes, and Gamma-ray Burst Supernovae
157937 Gravity and Strings
132321 Gravity and the Behavior of Unicellular Organisms
       Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions : GGSM 2004, IAG International Symposium, Porto, Portugal, August
150604 30-September 3, 2004
126716 Great Debates At the United Nations : An Encyclopedia of Fifty Key Issues 1945-2000
147958 Great Escape, The : Ten Secrets to Loving Your Life and Living Your Dreams

149359   Great Game of Genocide, The : Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians
135688   Great Jobs for Accounting Majors {2nd ed.}
135369   Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors {2nd ed.}
135374   Great Jobs for Music Majors {2nd ed.}
135708   Great Jobs for Theater Majors {2nd ed.}
163076   Great Minds in Management : The Process of Theory Development
135696   Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders
124896   Greater America : A New Partnership for the Americas in the Twenty-first Century
142994   Greater Philadelphia Jobbank, The
147256   Greatest Ballpark Ever, The : Ebbets Field and the Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers
143331   Greatest Fight of Our Generation, The : Louis vs. Schmeling
148454   Greece On My Wheels
146940   Greed : The Seven Deadly Sins
151222   Greek Comedy and Ideology
145005   Greek Concept of Nature, The
138232   Greek Mythography in the Roman World
159129   Greek Tragedy and the British Theatre, 1660-1914
149624   Greek Wars, The : Failure of Persia
149818   Greeks in Australia
142528   Green Accounting in Europe : A Comparative Study
122504   Green State, The : Rethinking Democracy and Sovereignty
151421   Green Tiger, The : Costs of Ecological Decline in the Philippines

145470   Greenhouse Gas Emissions-- Fluxes and Processes : Hydroelectric Reservoirs and Natural Environments
155877   Grey Information : Theory and Practical Applications
148482   Gringo Trail, The : A Darkly Comic Road-trip Through South America
165095   Ground of the Image, The
156962   Group Cognition : Computer Support for Building Collaborative Knowledge
132326   Group Formation in Economics : Networks, Clubs and Coalitions
129801   Group Work With Populations At Risk {2nd ed.}
150306   Grouping Multidimensional Data : Recent Advances in Clustering
139645   Growing Bone
         Growing Business Handbook, The : Inspiration & Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs & Fast Growing
142050   UK Companies {8th ed.}
140107   Growing Hardy Orchids
141080   Growing Up : The History of Childhood in a Global Context
157083   Growing Up in a Culture of Respect : Child Rearing in Highland Peru {1st ed.}
121037   Growing Up With Jazz : Twenty-four Musicians Talk About Their Lives and Careers
138487 Growth and Empowerment : Making Development Happen
141518 Growth and Lactogenic Hormones
148664 Growth and Maintenance of Linguistic Complexity, The
155956 Growth Dynamics of Conifer Tree Rings : Images of Past and Future Environments
       Growth Gamble, The : When Leaders Should Bet Big On New Businesses and How to Avoid Expensive
132510 Failures
145740 Growth Hormone/insulin-like Growth Factor Axis During Development, The

 85770   Growth of Social Knowledge, The : Theory, Simulation, and Empirical Research in Group Processes
150874   Growth, Trade, and Economic Institutions
156316   Guaranteeing Development? : The Impact of Financial Guarantees
151377   Guardians of Letters : Literacy, Power, and the Transmitters of Early Christian Literature
157082   Guatemaltecas : The Women's Movement, 1986-2003 {1st ed.}
126677   Guerrilla Conflict Before the Cold War
         Guerrilla Marketing Research : Marketing Research Techniques That Can Help Any Business Make More
148478   Money
152387   Guide to African American and African Primary Sources At Harvard University
145741   Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux
146868   Guide to Biblical Sites in Greece and Turkey, A
144948   Guide to Electric Power Generation {3rd ed.}
149806   Guide to Energy Management {5th ed.}
139749   Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics, A {2nd ed.}
145385   Guide to RISC Processors : For Programmers and Engineers
142493   Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
163336   Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria
150094   Guilty Creatures : Renaissance Poetry and the Ethics of Authorship
149205   Gulliver's Travels

 85805   Guns in the Desert : General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition
148026   Gurus in America
162426   Gurus On E-business
162428   Gurus On Leadership
156602   Hair Follicle : Differentiation Under Electron Microscope : an Atlas
145488   Hand Bone Age : A Digital Atlas of Skeletal Maturity
143093   Handbook for Beginning Choral Educators, A
162392   Handbook for Evaluating Infrastructure Regulatory Systems
163332   Handbook IMCI : Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
129691   Handbook of Affective Sciences
150307   Handbook of Atopic Eczema {2nd ed.}
145715   Handbook of Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Girls
143303   Handbook of Community-based Clinical Practice
137146   Handbook of Critical Information Systems Research : Theory and Application
130258   Handbook of CRM : Achieving Excellence in Customer Management

129787   Handbook of Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies : Policies, Programs, and Legal Remedies
145731   Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research : An Interdisciplinary Survey and Introduction
145250   Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research. Interdisciplinary Perspectives
145648   Handbook of Epidemiology
146579   Handbook of Face Recognition
152328   Handbook of Formulas and Software for Plant Geneticists and Breeders
         Handbook of Geometric Computing : Applications in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision,
145523   Neuralcomputing, and Robotics
143307   Handbook of Girls' and Women's Psychological Health
130504   Handbook of Global Environmental Politics
148500   Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry
         Handbook of Inflation Hedging Investments, The : Enhance Performance and Protect Your Portfolio From
165265   Inflation Risk

133771   Handbook   of   International Adoption Medicine, The : A Guide for Physicians, Parents, and Providers
146144   Handbook   of   International Law {1st ed.}
152354   Handbook   of   Market Segmentation : Strategic Targeting for Business and Technology Firms
150726   Handbook   of   Mathematical Models in Computer Vision
145719   Handbook   of   Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families
127262   Handbook   of   Narrative Analysis
         Handbook of Nature-inspired and Innovative Computing : Integrating Classical Models With Emerging
156579   Technologies
145057   Handbook of New Institutional Economics
138144   Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation
152157   Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare {1st ed.}
140566   Handbook of Psychotherapy Integration
142537   Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Management
151747   Handbook of Research in Mobile Business : Technical, Methodological and Social Perspectives
151749   Handbook of Research On Informatics in Healthcare and Biomedicine
152348   Handbook of Seed Physiology : Applications to Agriculture
         Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics : Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data
165595   {9th ed., 2006.}
159773   Handbook of Wisdom, A : Psychological Perspectives
145408   Handbook of Word-formation
142508   Handbook On Contingent Valuation
150309   Handbook On Drowning : Prevention, Rescue Treatment
130505   Handbook On Responsible Leadership and Governance in Global Business
137155   Handbook On the Knowledge Economy
         Handbook to the Construction and Use of Insect Collection and Rearing Devices : A Guide for Teachers
143490   With Suggested Classroom Applications
151652   Handel and the English Chapel Royal
145381   Handhelds in Medicine : A Practical Guide for Clinicians
146847   Handling Confrontation
144935   Hands-on Environmentalism {1st pbk. ed.}

157084   Hanging in Nacogdoches, A : Murder, Race, Politics, and Polemics in Texas's Oldest Town, 1870-1916
152388   Hanging of Old Brown, The : A Story of Slaves, Statesmen, and Redemption
151548   Hans Friedrich Blunck : Poet and Nazi Collaborator, 1888-1961
138329   Hardcore Windows XP : The Step-by-step Guide to Ultimate Performance
134114   Hardwarezone : A Singaporean Success Story
142693   Hardwired Behavior : What Neuroscience Reveals About Morality
140110   Hardy Rhododendron Species : A Guide to Identification
155677   Harm and Offence in Media Content : A Review of the Evidence
145281   Harmful Cyanobacteria
138022   Harmonization of Civil and Commercial Law in Europe, The {1st ed.}
140155   Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics
136194   Harrison's Manual of Medicine {16th ed.}
149871   Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine {16th ed.}
         Hartree-Fock-Slater Method for Materials Science : The DV-Xa Method for Design and Characterization of
150310   Materials
135709   Harvard Medical School Guide to Achieving Optimal Memory, The {1st ed.}
135693   Harvard Medical School Guide to Healing Your Sinuses, The
135694   Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol, The
138306   Harvard Medical School Guide to Overcoming Thyroid Problems, The
 63682   Harvesting Minds : How TV Commercials Control Kids
         Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas, The : Photographic Atlas for Meade, Celestron, and Other SCT Telescopes ; With
155782   216 Figures
138210   Hating America : A History
 71224   Haughty Conquerors : Amherst and the Great Indian Uprising of 1763
149758   Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky
138214   Haunting the Buddha : Indian Popular Religions and the Formation of Buddhism
         Hazards of Nature, Risks to Development : An IEG Evaluation of World Bank Assistance for Natural
163911   Disasters
157637   Hazards, Vulnerability and Environmental Justice
138510   Head Direction Cells and the Neural Mechanisms of Spatial Orientation
146862   Healing Children's Grief : Surviving a Parent's Death From Cancer
         Healing Flow, The : Artistic Expression in Therapy : Creative Arts and the Process of Healing : an
129934   Image/word Approach Inquiry
152438   Health and Behavior Among Immigrant Youth
150230   Health and the Good Society : Setting Healthcare Ethics in Social Context
133755   Health Assessment Through the Life Span {4th ed.}
156370   Health At a Glance : OECD Indicators 2005 {3rd ed.}
156005   Health Care State Rankings 2006 : Health Care in the 50 United States {14th ed.}
131245   Health Implications of Perchlorate Ingestion
142258   Health Policymaking in the United States {4th ed.}
149832   Health Psychology : A Critical Introduction
165273   Healthcare Informatics
143336   Healthier Societies : From Analysis to Action
138229   Healthy, Wealthy & Fair : Health Care and the Good Society
138221   Hearing Bach's Passions
142324   Hearing Cultures : Essays On Sound, Listening, and Modernity
146903   Hearing in Time : Psychological Aspects of Musical Meter
151354   Hearing the Motet : Essays On the Motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
151411   Heart and the Fountain, The : An Anthology of Jewish Mystical Experiences
158993   Heart Failure : A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
141478   Heart in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases, The
149206   Heart of Darkness
155679   Heart of Europe : The Past in Poland's Present {New Ed.}
149622   Heartlands : Travels in the Tibetan World
148014   Hegel and the Other : A Study of the Phenomenology of Spirit
157924   Hegel On Ethics and Politics
143631   Hegel On Freedom and Authority

150669   Hegel's Idea of the Good Life : From Virtue to Freedom, Early Writings and Mature Political Philosophy
143200   Hegel's Theory of Imagination
148024   Heidegger and Aristotle : The Twofoldness of Being
148017   Heidegger and Rhetoric
139766   Heidegger On Ontotheology : Technology and the Politics of Education
156501   Heidegger, Rorty, and the Eastern Thinkers : A Hermeneutics of Cross-cultural Understanding
135782   Heideggerian Marxism
136149   Heidegger's Volk : Between National Socialism and Poetry
148144   Heights in Diophantine Geometry
138479   Heirs of Archimedes, The : Science and the Art of War Through the Age of Enlightenment
163072   Heirs of Plato, The : A Study of the Old Academy, 347-274 B.C.
146954   Heirs of the Fisherman : Behind the Scenes of Papal Death and Succession
151567   Hélène Cixous and the Theatre : The Scene of Writing
162296   Hell in the Holy Land : World War I in the Middle East

129915 Help for the Child With Asperger's Syndrome : A Parent's Guide to Negotiating the Social Service Maze
144056 Helping in Child Protective Services : A Competency-based Casework Handbook {2nd ed.}
       Hepatology : Principles and Practice : History, Morphology, Biochemistry, Diagnostics, Clinic, Therapy
150997 {2nd ed.}
150091 Herbaceous Layer in Forests of Eastern North America, The
132307 Herbarium
140587 Herman Melville's Whaling Years {1st ed.}
142879 Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1900
124891 Heroic Efforts : The Emotional Culture of Search and Rescue Volunteers
149819 Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, The : Constructions and Reconstructions
150607 Heterocycles From Transition Metal Catalysis : Formation and Functionalization
149351 Heterodoxy in Early Modern Science and Religion
141403 Hibernate in Action
143044 Hibernate Quickly
129785 Hidden Cost of Being African American, The : How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality
147257 Hidden Victims : The Effects of the Death Penalty On Families of the Accused
150311 Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences
151198 High and Low Moderns : Literature and Culture, 1889-1939
146527 High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics
150312 High Noon in the Automotive Industry
       High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '05 : Transactions of the High Performance
155905 Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS) 2005
130113 High Performance Organization, The : Creating Dynamic Stability and Sustainable Success
155932 High Thermal Conductivity Materials
165257 High Visibility : Transforming Your Personal and Professional Brand {3rd ed.}
142843 High, Wide, and Handsome : The River Journals of Norman D. Nevills
145484 High-energy Spectroscopic Astrophysics
143123 Higher Education in the Making : Pragmatism, Whitehead, and the Canon
147473 Higher Wisdom : Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics
148640 Higher-order Theories of Consciousness : An Anthology
       High-impact Interview Questions : 701 Behavior-based Questions to Find the Right Person for Every Job
139844 {1st ed.}
132479 High-level Resumes : High-powered Tactics for High-earning Professionals
155818 High-linearity CMOS RF Front-end Circuits
       Highway Building Careers : Working to Keep America Connected : Excellent Earnings Operating Heavy
137119 Machinery and Managing Huge Construction P
140541 Himalayan Hermitess : The Life of a Tibetan Buddhist Nun
150076 Hindu God, Christian God : How Reason Helps Break Down the Boundaries between Religions
140089 Hispanic Marketing : A Cultural Perspective
157081 Hispanic Methodists, Presbyterians, and Baptists in Texas
156234 Hispanics and the Future of America
138967 Histiocytic Disorders of Children and Adults
138478 Historia : Empiricism and Erudition in Early Modern Europe
115803 Historical Atlas of Immunology
150205 Historical Dictionary of Psychiatry, A
150051 Historical Guide to Edgar Allan Poe, A
150117 Historical Guide to Emily Dickinson, A
151325 Historical Guide to Ernest Hemingway, A
151384 Historical Guide to Henry David Thoreau, A
150093 Historical Guide to Herman Melville, A
151433 Historical Guide to Langston Hughes, A
151442 Historical Guide to Ralph Ellison, A
151321 Historical Guide to Walt Whitman, A
143235 Historicizing Theory
157257 Histories of Infamy : Francisco López De Gómara and the Ethics of Spanish Imperialism
137415 Histories of Tourism : Representation, Identity, and Conflict
139602 History and Geography in Late Antiquity
151471 History As Propaganda : Tibetan Exiles Versus the People's Republic of China
149764 History of Appalachia, A
145275 History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects On Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems, A
137522 History of Brazil, The
127978 History of Germany, The
127963 History of Holland, The
114716 History of Homosexuality in Europe, A : Berlin, London, Paris, 1919-1939, Volume I & II
148362 History of Inclusion in the United States, The
144998 History of Men, The : Essays in the History of American and British Masculinities
150044 History of Philosophy in America, 1720-2000, A
137521 History of Portugal, The
163067 History of Roget's Thesaurus, A : Origins, Development, and Design
127956 History of Russia, The
151415 History of Scepticism, The : From Savonarola to Bayle {Rev. and Expanded Ed.}
139341 History of Spain, The
149059 History of the European Economy, 1000-2000, A
155689 History of the Jews in Modern Times
156568 History of the Soviet Union From the Beginning to the End, A {2nd ed.}
140648 History of Wine in America, A : From Prohibition to the Present
151315 Hitchcock's America
141881 Hitchcock's Motifs
138932 HIV and Psychiatry : Training and Resource Manual {2nd ed.}
150020 Hobson and Imperialism : Radicalism, New Liberalism, and Finance 1887-1938
163129 Holding Accountability Accountable : What Ought to Matter in Public Education
145004 Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education : Breaking New Ground
130216 Hollywood Drive : What It Takes to Break In, Hang in & Make It in the Entertainment Industry

147494 Hollywood Genres and Postwar America : Masculinity, Family and Nation in Popular Movies and Film Noir

147495   Hollywood's New Radicalism : War, Globalisation and the Movies From Reagan to George W. Bush
152057   Hollywood's West : The American Frontier in Film, Television, and History
148721   Holy Grail, The
149348   Holy Land in English Culture 1799-1917, The : Palestine and the Question of Orientalism
150070   Holy Men and Hunger Artists : Fasting and Asceticism in Rabbinic Culture
142103   Home Business Tax Deductions : Keep What You Earn {2nd ed., updated for 2006.}
138889   Home Networking Demystified
147569   Home On the Rails : Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity
142311   Home Truths : Gender, Domestic Objects and Everyday Life {English Ed.}
120013   Home-based Business Kit, The : From Hobby to Profit
143154   Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity : The Uncanniness of Late Modernity
150945   Homotopy Methods in Topological Fixed and Periodic Points Theory
162220   Honest Horses : Wild Horses in the Great Basin
138162   Honest Patriots : Loving a Country Enough to Remember Its Misdeeds
 85796   Honor and Loyalty : Inside the Politics of the George H.W. Bush White House
140527   Honoring God and the City : Music At the Venetian Confraternities, 1260-1807
143629   Hope and Heartbreak : A Social History of Wales and the Welsh, 1776-1871
         Hope, Hype & Reality of Genetic Engineering, The : Remarkable Stories From Agriculture, Industry,
138222   Medicine, and the Environment
121017   Hormone Use in Menopause & Male Andropause : A Choice for Women and Men
132356   Hormones, Signals and Target Cells in Plant Development
147220   Horse Safe : A Complete Guide to Equine Safety
         Hospital Transports : A Memoir of the Embarkation of the Sick and Wounded From the Peninsula of
144962   Virginia in the Summer of 1862
149223   House of Seven Gables, The
152015   Household Spending : Who Spends How Much On What {10th ed.}
147114   Houses of the Interpreter : Reading Scripture, Reading Culture
156303   Housing Finance Markets in Transition Economies : Trends and Challenges
137619   Housing Finance Systems for Countries in Transition : Principles and Examples
         Housing the Stranger in the Mediterranean World : Lodging, Trade, and Travel in Late Antiquity and the
152225   Middle Ages
140550   How Congress Evolves : Social Bases of Institutional Change
143094   How Congress Works and Why You Should Care
         How Far Is America From Here? : Selected Proceedings of the First World Congress of the International
160092   American Studies Association
149125   How Libraries and Librarians Help : A Guide to Identifying User-centered Outcomes
148173   How New Languages Emerge
142056   How People Tick : A Guide to Difficult People and How to Handle Them
146919   How Poets See the World : The Art of Description in Contemporary Poetry
132325   How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science : To the Icy Slopes of Logic
124903   How the Vote Was Won : Woman Suffrage in the Western United States, 1868-1914
159385   How Things Persist
156486   How to Buy Your First Home {2nd ed.}
149579   How to Cheat At Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
149583   How to Cheat At IT Project Management

165096 How to Cheat At Managing Information Security : Mark Osborne ; Paul M. Summitt, Technical Editor
149591 How to Cheat At Managing Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
149587 How to Cheat At Managing Windows Server Update Services
161979 How to Do Everything to Fight Spam, Viruses, Pop-ups and Spyware
165249 How to Do Everything With Dreamweaver 8
165250 How to Do Everything With Flash 8
161991 How to Do Everything With GarageBand
161983 How to Do Everything With ITunes for Macintosh and Windows
165252 How to Do Everything With Photoshop CS2
135707 How to Do Everything With PHP & MySQL
161980 How to Do Everything With Your BlackBerry
161978 How to Do Everything With Your Dell Axim Handheld
161984 How to Do Everything With Your Dell DJ
161993 How to Do Everything With Your Sony Vaio
120037 How to File for Divorce in Georgia
120080 How to File Your Own Bankruptcy (Or How to Avoid It)
156483 How to File Your Own Divorce {6th ed.}
159759 How to get a job in the United States
130573 How to Grow Leaders : The Seven Key Principles of Effective Leadership Development
       How to Invest in Real Estate and Pay Little or No Taxes : Use Tax Smart Loopholes to Boost Your Profits
135326 By 40 Percent

135312 How to Live With a Nut Allergy : Everything You Need to Know If You Are Allergic to Peanuts or Tree Nuts

       How to Make a Fortune With Other People's Junk : An Insider's Secrets to Finding and Reselling Hidden
138300 Treasures At Garage Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Antique Shows, and ebay
135433 How to Make It Big in the Seminar Business {2nd ed.}
156487 How to Make Money On Foreclosures {1st ed.}
       How to Make Money Online With EBay, Yahoo!, and Google : A Step-by-step Guide to Using Three Online
161975 Services to Make One Successful Business
143256 How to Negotiate Like a Child : Unleash the Little Monster Within to Get Everything You Want
147603 How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker : The Game Played On Internet Poker Sites
135379 How to Raise Capital : Techniques and Strategies for Financing and Valuing Your Small Business
       How to Retire Happy : The 12 Most Important Decisions You Must Make Before You Retire {Rev. and
165268 Updated}
120109 How to Start a Business in Georgia
142051 How to Succeed At an Assessment Centre {2nd ed.}
133962 How to Teach So Students Remember
135714 How to Thrive As a Teacher Leader
130530 How to Win Campaigns : 100 Steps to Success
158420 How to Work With Standards in the Early Childhood Classroom
126072 How to Write a Business Plan {7th ed.}
157220 How to Write Great Copy : Learn the Unwritten Rules of Copywriting {2nd ed.}
138678 How Users Matter : The Co-construction of Users and Technologies
139180 HR for Small Business : From Hiring to Firing and Everything in between
130278 HR-- the Business Partner : Shaping a New Direction
137992 Human and Environmental Security : An Agenda for Change

120289 Human Biologists in the Archives : Demography, Health, Nutrition, and Genetics in Historical Populations
 86638 Human Diet : Its Origin and Evolution
155925 Human Ecology : Biocultural Adaptations in Human Communities
135762 Human Family =, The : Menschenkinder
149816 Human Identity and Bioethics
130571 Human Resource Development : Learning & Training for Individuals & Organizations {2nd ed.}
146100 Human Rights and Capitalism : A Multidisciplinary Perspective On Globalisation
       Human Rights and Prisons : A Compilation of International Human Rights Instruments Concerning the
148080 Administration of Justice

142177   Human Rights and Prisons : A Pocketbook of International Human Rights Standards for Prison Officials
148087   Human Rights and Prisons : Trainer's Guide On Human Rights Training for Prison Officials
163975   Human Rights in the Global Information Society
142696   Human Rights in the 'War On Terror'
152431   Human Rights Litigation Promoting International Law in U.S. Courts
132959   Human Rights of Aliens Under International and Comparative Law, The
         Human Sacrifice, Militarism, and Rulership : Materialization of State Ideology At the Feathered Serpent
132276   Pyramid, Teotihuacan
120907   Human Side of M & A, The : How CEOs Leverage the Most Important Asset in Deal Making
139604   Humanitarians, The : International Committee of the Red Cross
147447   Humanities, Culture, and Interdisciplinarity : The Changing American Academy

150222 Hume's Enlightenment Tract : The Unity and Purpose of An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

143162 Humoring Resistance : Laughter and the Excessive Body in Contemporary Latin American Women's Fiction
149248 Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The
       Hunchback's Tailor, The : Giovanni Giolitti and Liberal Italy From the Challenge of Mass Politics to the Rise
 69293 of Fascism, 1882-1922
150082 Hungry Are Dying, The : Beggars and Bishops in Roman Cappadocia
 80593 Hunter-gatherer Archaeology of the Colorado High Country
142322 Hunter-gatherers in History, Archaeology and Anthropology
       Hurried Woman Syndrome, The : A Seven-step Program to Conquer Fatigue, Control Weight, and Restore
135411 Passion to Your Relationship
130348 Hutchinson Dictionary of American History, The
130346 Hutchinson Dictionary of Quotations, The
130364 Hutchinson Dictionary of Spelling, The
130361 Hutchinson Dictionary of Symbols in Art, The
130360 Hutchinson Dictionary of World Mythology, The
130357 Hutchinson Dictionary of World Religions, The
130347 Hutchinson Inside American History
130352 Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Cinema, The
130351 Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Classical Music
135423   HVAC Inspection Notes : Inspecting Commercial, Industrial,and Residential Construction
150927   Hyberbolic [I.e. Hyperbolic] Conservation Laws in Continuum Physics
145293   Hydrogeophysics
136204   Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis
158926   Hypertension : Principles and Practice
150224   I : The Meaning of the First Person Term
147555   I Am a Man! : Race, Manhood, and the Civil Rights Movement
158384   I Compagni : Understanding Children's Transition From Preschool to Elementary School
127274   I Foresee My Life : The Ritual Performance of Autobiography in an Amazonian Community
149122   I Found It On the Internet : Coming of Age Online
165091   I Must Be a Part of This War : A German American's Fight against Hitler and Nazism
142781   I Never Was a Coward : Questions of Bravery in a Civil War Regiment

132025 I Should Have Known Better : A Life in Pop Management-- The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Elton John

143193 Ibn Al-?Arabi¯'s Barzakh : The Concept of the Limit and the Relationship between God and the World

138251   Icarus in the Boardroom : The Fundamental Flaws in Corporate America and Where They Came From
148943   Icons of Loss and Grace : Moments From the Natural World
165163   Idea of Continental Philosophy, The : A Philosophical Chronicle
114227   Idea of Identification, The
143231   Idealism Without Absolutes : Philosophy and Romantic Culture
         Idealization XII : Correcting the Model : Idealization and Abstraction in the Sciences {Poznan´ Studies in
160144   the Philosophy of the Sciences an
145452   Ideals and Reality : Projective Modules and Number of Generators of Ideals
130531   Ideas for Development
138681   Ideas That Shaped Buildings
132351   Identification and Inference for Econometric Models : Essays in Honor of Thomas Rothenburg
156242   Identification of Promising Naval Aviation Science and Technology Opportunities
138157   Identifying and Understanding the Narcissistic Personality
150153   Identifying the Mind : Selected Papers of U.T. Place
144994   Identity and Institutions : Conflict Reduction in Divided Societies
138631   Identity and the Natural Environment : The Psychological Significance of Nature
143228   Identity Matters : Schooling the Student Body in Academic Discourse
145229   Identity Politics of the Captivity Narrative After 1848
152425   Ideologies of Hispanism
150167   Ideology of Religious Studies, The
112156   Idioms of Distress : Psychosomatic Disorders in Medical and Imaginative Literature
142039   IEG Review of World Bank Assistance for Financial Sector Reform

130220 If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die : The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling {1st American pbk. ed.}
149191 Iliad, The
158019 Illicit Drug Markets
       Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases, The : A Visual Dictionary of the Most Useful
135393 Charts in Technical Analysis
       I'm, Like, SO Fat! : Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices About Eating and Exercise in a Weight-
158818 obsessed World
145525 Image Processing Using Pulse-coupled Neural Networks {2nd, rev. ed.}
100099 Imagination and Its Pathologies
150611 Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Trials
150670 Imaging of Kidney Cancer
155965 Imaging of Occupational and Environmental Disorders of the Chest
150671 Imaging of Orbital and Visual Pathway Pathology
150672 Imaging of the Hip & Bony Pelvis : Techniques and Applications

150086 Imagining a Place for Buddhism : Literary Culture and Religious Community in Tamil-speaking South India
164457 Imagining Multilingual Schools : Languages in Education and Glocalization
135760 Imagining the African American West

138606   IMF Essays From a Time of Crisis : The International Financial System, Stabilization, and Development
 99132   IMF-World Bank and Labor's Burdens in Africa : Ghana's Experience
150903   Immanent Realism : An Introduction to Brentano
163904   Immediate Struggles : People, Power, and Place in Rural Spain
159390   Immediate Struggles : People, Power, and Place in Rural Spain
147386   Immigrant Education : Variations By Generation, Age-at-immigration, and Country of Origin
145582   Immigrant Women in the Settlement of Missouri
132316   Immigrants At the Margins : Law, Race, and Exclusion in Southern Europe
125509   Immigrants, Welfare Reform, and the Poverty of Policy
156444   Immigration in U.S. History
150550   Immunobiology of Natural Killer Cell Receptors
150690   Immunology and Immunopathogenesis of Malaria
141475   Immunology Guidebook
         Impact of Globalization On Infectious Disease Emergence and Control, The : Exploring the Consequences
159571   and Opportunities : Workshop Summary
148152   Impact of Human Rights Law On Armed Forces, The
150483   Impact Tectonics
         Impacts and Risk Assessment of Technology for Internet Security : Enabled Information Small-medium
145626   Enterprises (TEISMES) {Advances in Inform
160248   Imperialism : A History in Documents
127276   Impertinences : Selected Writings of Elia Peattie, a Journalist in the Gilded Age
         Implementation Strategies for SAP R/3 in a Multinational Organization : Lessons From a Real-world Case
144622   Study
150848   Implementing an Electronic Health Record System
145396   Implementing Environmental Management Accounting : Status and Challenges
149227   Importance of Being Ernest, The
159108   Impressions of Hume

148931 Improved Seismic Monitoring : Improved Decision-making : Assessing the Value of Reduced Uncertainty
148967 Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching {2nd ed.}
       Improving Employee Performance Through Workplace Coaching : A Practical Guide to Performance
142057 Management
142498 Improving Evaluation of Anticrime Programs
156304 Improving Financial Literacy : Analysis of Issues and Policies
158426 Improving Instruction in Algebra
158427 Improving Instruction in Geometry and Measurement
142038 Improving Investment Climates : An Evaluation of World Bank Group Assistance
156233 Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance-use Conditions
159575 Improving the Regulation and Management of Low-activity Radioactive Wastes
148487 Improving the Safety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
147005 Improving the Social Security Disability Decision Process : Interim Report
143253 Improving Your Project Management Skills
136717 In Custer's Shadow : Major Marcus Reno
       In Darwin's Shadow : The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace : a Biographical Study On the
146933 Psychology of History
143628 In Defence of Multinational Citizenship
151434 In Defense of Sentimentality
143199 In Deference to the Other : Lonergan and Contemporary Continental Thought
112153 In Gotham's Shadow : Globalization and Community Change in Central New York
151337 In Hope of Liberty : Culture, Community, and Protest Among Northern Free Blacks, 1700-1860
       In Larger Freedom : Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All : Report of the Secretary-
137620 General
150123 In Nature's Interests? : Interests, Animal Rights, and Environmental Ethics
151497 In Praise of Blame
 86640 In Search of an Equitable, Sustainable Globalization : The Bittersweet Dilemma
 72698 In Search of Greatness : Russia's Communications With Africa and the World
131100 In Search of Sustainability
146946 In Search of the Promised Land : A Slave Family in the Old South
135784 In the "Stranger People's" Country
138435 In the Bubble : Designing in a Complex World
142338 In the Desert of Desire : Las Vegas and the Culture of Spectacle
144956 In the Game : Gay Athletes and the Cult of Masculinity
140955 In the Line of Fire : How to Handle Tough Questions When It Counts
146906 In the Line of Fire : Trauma in the Emergency Services
148019 In the Name of Terrorism : Presidents On Political Violence in the Post-World War II Era
147446 In the Public Domain : Presidents and the Challenges of Public Leadership
137815 In the Shadow of Vesuvius : A Cultural History of Naples
158395 In the Spirit of the Studio : Learning From the Atelier of Reggio Emilia
136205 In the Wake of the Jomon : Stone Age Mariners and a Voyage Across the Pacific
150612   In Vitro Culture of Mycorrhizas
136138   Inbreeding, Incest, and the Incest Taboo : The State of Knowledge At the Turn of the Century
150121   Incarnation and Physics : Natural Science in the Theology of Thomas F. Torrance
 86641   Incidents and International Relations : People, Power, and Personalities
146911   Inclusion in the American Dream : Assets, Poverty, and Public Policy
145415   Inclusion of Other Women, The : Breaking the Silence Through Dialogic Learning
158406   Inclusive School, The : Sustaining Equity and Standards
145058   Income Elasticity and Economic Development : Methods and Applications

138238 Inconsistency, Asymmetry, and Non-locality : A Philosophical Investigation of Classical Electrodynamics

145768   Increasing Climate Variability and Change : Reducing the Vulnerability of Agriculture and Forestry
146627   Index and Stability in Bimatrix Games : A Geometric-combinatorial Approach
125542   Indian Fighters Turned American Politicians : From Military Service to Public Office
131392   Indian Mutiny and the British Imagination, The
152204   Indian Princes and Their States, The
137776   Indian Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction : First Nations' Voices Speak Out {1st ed.}
146199   India-Pakistan Conflict, The : An Enduring Rivalry
156422   India's Undernourished Children : A Call for Reform and Action
145190   Indicator Systems for Sustainable Innovation
150855   Indicators of Children's Well-being : Understanding Their Role, Usage and Policy Influence
150165   Indispensability of Mathematics, The
 86642   Indispensable Traitors : Liberal Parties in Settler Conflicts
125675   Indonesian Folktales
         Industrial Applications of Semantic Web : Proceedings of the 1st IFIP WG12.5 Working Conference On
155930   Industrial Applications of Semantic Web
138520   Industrial Transformation : Environmental Policy Innovation in the United States and Europe
163350   Industrial Transformation in the Developing World
 86643   Industrialization and Imperialism, 1800-1914 : A Biographical Dictionary
143095   Inez : The Life and Times of Inez Milholland
149986   Infamous King of the Comstock, The : William Sharon and the Gilded Age in the West
146139   Infants' Sense of People : Precursors to a Theory of Mind
158494   Inference in Hidden Markov Models
145380   Inferior Colliculus, The : With 168 Illustrations
156488   Infertility Answer Book, The {1st ed.}
156788   Infinite Cosmos, The : Questions From the Frontiers of Cosmology
150900   Infinite Dimensional Algebras and Quantum Integrable Systems
156591   Infinite Groups : Geometric, Combinatorial and Dynamical Aspects
138489   Inflation Targeting, Debt, and the Brazilian Experience, 1999 to 2003
150613   Influence and Power : Variations On a Messy Theme
147199   Influencing Through Argument {Updated Ed.}
         Information and Communication Technologies and Real-life Learning : New Education for the Knowledge
155931   Society
         Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life : A Concise Introduction and Research
142315   Guide
         Information and Communication Technology for Peace : The Role of ICT in Preventing, Responding to
148113   and Recovering From Conflict
150614   Information and Its Role in Nature
         Information Communication Technology and Economic Development : Learning From the Indian
142539   Experience
148071   Information Economy Report. 2005
139589   Information Efficiency in Financial and Betting Markets
         Information Literacy and Information Skills Instruction : Applying Research to Practice in the School
125657   Library Media Center
164025   Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XVII
         Information Networking : Convergence in Broadband and Mobile Networking : International Conference,
145926   ICOIN 2005, Jeju Island, Korea
143361   Information Processing and Security Systems
         Information Processing With Evolutionary Algorithms : From Industrial Applications to Academic
150459   Speculations
145665   Information Sharing On the Semantic Web
155957   Information Systems Development : Advances in Theory, Practice, and Education
         Information Technology and Lawyers : Advanced Technology in the Legal Domain, From Challenges to
150315   Daily Routine
143462   Information Technology Auditing : An Evolving Agenda
150236   Information Technology Policy : An International History
132359   Information Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life
145419   Information, Interaction, and Agency
141882   Ingmar Bergen : A Reference Guide
155741   Inheriting Syria : Bashar's Trial By Fire
145781   Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphataes
159035   Injectable Dispersed Systems : Formulation, Processing, and Performance
150187   Innate Mind, The : Structure and Contents
         Innermost Kernel, The : Depth Psychology and Quantum Physics : Wolfgang Pauli's Dialogue With C.G.
145669   Jung
130545   Innovation : Applying Knowledge in Development
         Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology, an International Perspective : Concepts, Theories and
146102   Cases
146205   Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Japan : Politics, Organizations, and High Technology Firms
126000   Innovation and Incentives
137144   Innovation and Institutions : A Multidisciplinary Review of the Study of Innovation Systems
145681   Innovation Cell : Agile Teams to Master Disruptive Innovation
146103   Innovation Dynamism and Economic Growth : A Nonlinear Perspective
156390   Innovation Policy and Performance : A Cross-country Comparison
150615   Innovation Policy in a Knowledge-based Economy : Theory and Practice
142531   Innovation, Unemployment and Policy in the Theories of Growth and Distribution
158551   Innovations in Instructional Technology : Essays in Honor of M. David Merrill
158797   Innovations in Teacher Education : A Social Constructivist Approach

155853   Innovative Comparative Methods for Policy Analysis : Beyond the Quantitative-qualitative Divide
138141   Inorganic Polymers {2nd ed.}
162965   Insectigations : 40 Hands-on Activities to Explore the Insect World {1st ed.}
121558   Insects As Natural Enemies : A Practical Perspective
142780   Inside Islam
         Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job : The Most Effective Search Methods for Both New and
145995   Experienced Educators {3rd ed.}
165628   Inside the Classroom (And Out) : How We Learn Through Folklore
         Inside the Politics of Technology : Agency and Normativity in the Co-production of Technology and
130342   Society
         Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments : What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to
135400   Know About Finding and Financing Your N
149588   Insider Threat : Protecting the Enterprise From Sabotage, Spying, and Theft
148130   Insight in Psychiatry
148496   Inspection and Monitoring Techniques for Bridges and Civil Structures
155660   Inspired to Serve : Today's Faith Activists
         Institutional Interaction in Global Environmental Governance : Synergy and Conflict Among International
156013   and EU Policies
130523   Institutions and the Environment

145002 Institutions and the Politics of Survival in Jordan : Domestic Responses to External Challenges, 1988-2001
       Institutions, Industrial Upgrading, and Economic Performance in Japan : The Flying-geese Paradigm of
130516 Catch-up Growth

150740 Institutions, Sustainability, and Natural Resources : Institutions for Sustainable Forest Management
130124 Intangible Finance Standards : Advances in Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis
144600 Integrated Approach to Web Performance Testing : A Practitioner's Guide

149393 Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding By Design : Connecting Content and Kids
143317 Integrating Mission and Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations
144611 Integration of ICT in Smart Organizations
145278 Integration of Phonetic Knowledge in Speech Technology, The
145403 Integration/interaction of Oncologic Growth
       Integration-ready Architecture and Design : Software Engineering With XML, Java, .NET, Wireless,
146115 Speech, and Knowledge Technologies
135700 Integrity Is All You've Got : And Seven Other Lessons of the Entrepreneurial Life

161017 Intellectual Disability : Understanding Its Development, Causes, Classification, Evaluation, and Treatment
132354 Intellectual Property : Economic and Legal Dimensions of Rights and Remedies
148150 Intellectual Property for Managers and Investors : A Guide to Evaluating, Protecting and Exploiting IP
       Intellectual Property Management : The Role of Technology-brands in the Appropriation of Technological
145186 Innovation
       Intelligence, Espionage and Related Topics : An Annotated Bibliography of Serial, Journal, and Magazine
126823 Scholarship, 1844-1998
150849 Intelligent Document Retrieval : Exploiting Markup Structure

126105   Intelligent Learning Infrastructure for Knowledge Intensive Organizations : A Semantic Web Perspective
133122   Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends
151793   IntelliJ IDEA in Action
145541   Intense Electron and Ion Beams
150674   Intensive Care Medicine in 10 Years
160114   Intentionality : Past and Future
150850   Interacting Particle Systems
155900   Interconnect Noise Optimization in Nanometer Technologies
156923   Interface Strategies : Optimal and Costly Computation
145384   Interfacial Nanochemistry : Molecular Science and Engineering At Liquid-liquid Interfaces
155999   Interleukin-10
150875   International Bibliography of Sikh Studies
148048   International Commissions and the Power of Ideas
138983   International Conflict and Security Law : Essays in Memory of Hilaire McCoubrey
146191   International Dispute Settlement {4th ed.}
143459   International Economic Policy Coordination

112690 International Financial Governance Under Stress : Global Structures Versus National Imperatives
164136 International Financial Reporting Standards : A Practical Guide {4th ed.}
130507 International Handbook of Women and Small Business Entrepreneurship

143487   International Handbook On Globalisation, Education and Policy Research : Global Pedagogies and Policies
146216   International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law : Treaties, Cases and Analysis
156300   International Investment Law : A Changing Landscape
156299   International Investment Perspectives {2005 Ed.}
         International Libel and Privacy Handbook : A Global Reference for Journalists, Publishers, Webmasters,
147952   and Lawyers {1st ed.}
142020   International Migration, Remittances, and Brain Drain
130515   International Monetary Policy After the Euro
147455   International Regimes for the Final Frontier
148011   International Self, The : Psychoanalysis and the Search for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
142028   International Trade in Health Services and the GATS : Current Issues and Debates
145547   Internationalization and Economic Policy Reforms in Transition Countries
150966   Internationalizing Higher Education : Critical Explorations of Pedagogy and Policy
137147   Internationalizing the Internet : The Co-evolution of Influence and Technology
136241   Internet Strategy : The Road to Web Services Solutions

155852   Interorganisational Standards : Managing Web Services Specifications for Flexible Supply Chains
138937   Interpreting Chest X-rays : Illustrated With 100 Cases
146863   Interpreting Epidemiologic Evidence : Strategies for Study Design and Analysis
143329   Interpreting the Musical Past : Early Music in Nineteenth-century France
151449   Intersecting Pathways : Modern Jewish Theologians in Conversation With Christianity
143169   Interstate Economic Relations
150316   Intersubjective Temporality : It's About Time
         Interviewing As Qualitative Research : A Guide for Researchers in Education and the Social Sciences {3rd
158421   ed.}
150675   Intestinal Microorganisms of Termites and Other Invertebrates
         Intifada Hits the Headlines : How the Israeli Press Misreported the Outbreak of the Second Palestinian
139708   Uprising
136199   Into the Bermuda Triangle : Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery
148645   Intonation Units in Japanese Conversation : Syntactic, Informational and Functional Structures
150833   Intraspecific Genetic Diversity : Monitoring, Conservation, and Management {1st ed.}
132256   Introducing Phonology
146135   Introducing Second Language Acquisition
146116   Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine, An
132328   Introduction to Color Imaging Science
150561 Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables
139768 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

155875 Introduction to Computational Optimization Models for Production Planning in a Supply Chain {2nd ed.}
148131 Introduction to Computational Physics, An {2nd ed.}

155833   Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Uses : With DEA-solver Software and References
163363   Introduction to Early Modern English, An
145624   Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, An {2nd ed.}
148571   Introduction to Electrospinning and Nanofibers, An
130089   Introduction to Media Production : The Path to Digital Media Production {3rd ed.}
129890   Introduction to Medical Dance/movement Therapy, An : Health Care in Motion
145817   Introduction to Modern Number Theory : Fundamental Problems, Ideas and Theories
150840   Introduction to Modern Portfolio Optimization With NuOPT and S-PLUS
159111   Introduction to Old Yiddish Literature
163353   Introduction to Parallel Computing : [A Practical Guide With Examples in C]
132338   Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
130269   Introduction to Project Finance
146123   Introduction to Sieve Methods and Their Applications, An
148547   Introduction to Stein's Method, An
143378   Introduction to Sustainability : Road to a Better Future
157963   Introduction to the International Criminal Court, An {2nd ed.}
150616   Invasive Plants : Ecological and Agricultural Aspects
136697   Inventing Los Alamos : The Growth of an Atomic Community
150178   Inventing Temperature : Measurement and Scientific Progress
100052   Invention of Hysteria : Charcot and the Photographic Iconography of the Salpêtrière
160073   Invention of Politics in the European Avant-garde (1906-1940), The
145738   Inventory and Supply Chain Management With Forecast Updates
138888   Investing Demystified
147048   Investing in China : The Emerging Venture Capital Industry
147953   Investing in REITs : Real Estate Investment Trusts {3rd ed.}
130547   Investing in Strategies to Reverse the Global Incidence of TB

134111   Investing in Your Company's Human Capital : Strategies to Avoid Spending Too Little--or Too Much
147056   Investors' Guide to the United Kingdom
147074   Investors in Your Backyard : How to Raise Business Capital From People You Know
151416   Invisible City : The Architecture of Devotion in Seventeenth Century Neapolitan Convents
151197   Invisible God, The : Earliest Christians On Art
145090   Invisible Hand, The : Economic Thought Yesterday and Today
157244   Invitation to Fixed-parameter Algorithms
160117   Inwardness and Morality
161974   IPod and ITunes : Quicksteps
126644   Iran After Khomeini
126705   Iran and the United States : The Rise of the West Asian Regional Grouping
126701   Iran's Military Forces in Transition : Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction
147496   Iraq and the War On Terror : Twelve Months of Insurgency, 2004/2005
141423   Iraq Confidential : The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy
 91030   Iraq's Burdens : Oil, Sanctions, and Underdevelopment
147070   IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans : Taking Your Money Out {7th ed.}
150039   Ireland and Scotland : Literature and Culture, State and Nation, 1966-2000
140111   Irises : A Gardeners Encyclopedia
         Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan : Letters and Memoirs From Colonial and Revolutionary America,
133772   1675-1815
139775   Irish Writer and the World, The
148549   Iron Dominated Electromagnets : Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Measurements
135473   Irrelevant or Indispensable? : The United Nations in the Twenty-first Century
127279   Irving Howe and the Critics : Celebrations and Attacks
145485   Is It Safe to Eat? : Enjoy Eating and Minimize Food Risks
159582   Is That Real? : Identification and Assessment of the Counterfeiting Threat for U.S. Banknotes
151498   Is War Necessary for Economic Growth? : Military Procurement and Technology Development
146923   Isaac Newton
160055   Isaiah Berlin : A Value Pluralist and Humanist View of Human Nature and the Meaning of Life
142612   Isami's House : Three Centuries of a Japanese Family
165152   Ishmael On the Border : Rabbinic Portrayals of the First Arab
139709   Islam   : Its History, Teaching, and Practices
142477   Islam   and Social Policy {1st ed.}
138268   Islam   and the Blackamerican : Looking Toward the Third Resurrection
148038   Islam   in Modern Turkey : An Intellectual Biography of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

139710   Islam, Charity, and Activism : Middle-class Networks and Social Welfare in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen
139711   Islamic Activism : A Social Movement Theory Approach
150066   Islamic Humanism
150098   Islamic Leviathan : Islam and the Making of State Power
126704   Islamic Political Culture, Democracy, and Human Rights : A Comparative Study
150151   Islamic Political Identity in Turkey
130244   ISO 9001:2000 for Small Businesses {3rd ed.}
130243   ISO 9001:2000 in Brief {2nd ed.}

155953   Isodual Theory of Antimatter : With Applications to Antigravity, Grand Unification and Cosmology
150872   Isotopes in Paleoenvironmental Research
150617   Isotopes in the Water Cycle : Past, Present and Future of a Developing Science
132284   Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology
133612   Issues of War and Peace
137393   IT Governance : A Manager's Guide to Data Security and BS 7799/ISO 17799 {3rd ed.}
152427   It Shouldn't Be This Way : The Failure of Long-term Care {1st ed.}
148170   It Takes a Candidate : Why Women Don't Run for Office
146176   Italian Encounter With Tudor England, The : A Cultural Politics of Translation
150981   Italian Mathematics between the Two World Wars
142948   Italian/American Short Films and Music Videos : A Semiotic Reading
144634   IT-enabled Strategic Management : Increasing Returns for the Organization
         It's Not All in Your Head : How Worrying About Your Health Could Be Making You Sick--and What You
158819   Can Do About It
132282   Iustitia Dei : A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification {3rd ed.}
150610   IUTAM Symposium On Laminar-turbulent Transition and Finite Amplitude Solutions
155949   IUTAM Symposium On Physicochemical and Electromechanical Interactions in Porous Media
         IUTAM Symposium On Vibration Control of Nonlinear Mechanisms and Structures : Proceedings of the
155954   IUTAM Symposium Held in Munich, Germany
148007   IV Therapy Notes : Nurse's Pharmacology Pocket Guide
160244   Ivan Pavlov : Exploring the Animal Machine
         I've Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They've Got Nothing On You! : Business Secrets From the
139843   Ultimate Street-smart Entrepreneur
 92707   J.S. Bach's Great Eighteen Organ Chorales
137898   Jacksonian Antislavery and the Politics of Free Soil, 1824-1854
145007   Jakub's World : A Boy's Story of Loss and Survival in the Holocaust
147441   Jamaica Kincaid : Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother
149766   Jane Austen in Hollywood {2nd ed.}
159380   Jane Austen's Textual Lives : From Aeschylus to Bollywood
137909   Jane Grey Swisshelm : An Unconventional Life, 1815-1884
146999   Janitors, Street Vendors, and Activists : The Lives of Mexican Immigrants in Silicon Valley
135436   Japan : It's History and Culture {4th ed.}
149108   Japan in Print : Information and Nation in the Early Modern Period
138201   Japanese Language, Gender, and Ideology : Cultural Models and Real People
148536   Japanese Martial Arts
138673   Japanese Morphophonemics : Markedness and Word Structure
163974   Japan's Great Stagnation : Financial and Monetary Policy Lessons for Advanced Economies
135706   Java : A Beginner's Guide {3rd ed.}
112380   Java Frameworks and Components : Accelerate Your Web Application Development
143016   Java Reflection in Action
138893   JavaScript Demystified
143534   JavaServer Faces in Action
139810   JavaTech : An Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing With Java
161006   Jazz
149065   Jefferson's Empire : The Language of American Nationhood
136692   Jesse Chisholm, Ambassador of the Plains
157345   Jessie Benton Frémont, Missouri's Trailblazer
131143   Jesuit Health Sciences & the Promotion of Justice : An Invitation to a Discussion
147096   Jesus and His Death : Historiography, the Historical Jesus, and Atonement Theory
147111   Jesus and the Ossuaries
143204   Jewish American and Holocaust Literature : Representation in the Postmodern World
138236   Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945
150107   Jewish Messiahs, The : From the Galilee to Crown Heights
146209   Jews and Heretics in Catholic Poland : A Beleagured Church in the Post-Reformation Era
138230   Jews and the State : Dangerous Alliances and the Perils of Privilege
163947   Jews in a Graeco-Roman World
146128   Jews in Australia, The
135788   Jews of Bohemia and Moravia, The : Facing the Holocaust
103208   Jews of Europe in the Modern Era, The : A Socio-historical Outline
143176   JFK, LBJ, and the Democratic Party
150073   Ji¯mu¯tava¯hana's Dayabhaga : The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal
151342   Jiha¯d : The Origin of Holy War in Islam
155997   JNK Signaling Pathway, The
151532   Job Search Magic : Insider Secrets From America's Career and Life Coach
143241   Job Search Solution, The : Ultimate System for Finding a Great Job Now!

145991   Job Seeker's Online Goldmine : A Step-by-step Guidebook to Government and No-cost Web Tools
148596   Joel and Ethan Coen
143237   John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy
139252   John Dewey and Moral Imagination : Pragmatism in Ethics
143170   John Dewey, Confucius, and Global Philosophy
135351   John Douglas's Guide to Landing a Career in Law Enforcement
 99181   John Guare : A Research and Production Sourcebook
139606   John Lydgate and the Making of Public Culture
163371   John Mills and British Cinema : Masculinity, Identity and Nation
151291   John Scottus Eriugena
152208   John Stuart Mill : A Biography
142741   Johnny Depp Starts Here
152222   Joining Society : Social Interaction and Learning in Adolescence and Youth
151551   Joint Ventures : Authorship, Translation, Plagiarism
148956   Joseph Conrad and Psychological Medicine
129807   Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness : A Casebook
160818   Journalism : The Democratic Craft
137892   Journey of Hope : The Back-to-Africa Movement in Arkansas in the Late 1800s
157225   Joy of Money, The : A User-friendly Guide to the Financial Maze {2nd ed.}
160072   Joyce, "Penelope" and the Body
         Judiciary and American Democracy, The : Alexander Bickel, the Countermajoritarian Difficulty, and
147465   Contemporary Constitutional Theory {SUNY Se
163373   Judiciary, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, The
143185   Julia Kristeva : Psychoanalysis and Modernity
149258   Julius Caesar
149247   Jungle, The
144640   Junius and Joseph : Presidential Politics and the Assassination of the First Mormon Prophet
         Just Enough Project Management : The Indispensable Four-step Process for Managing Any Project,
135345   Better, Faster, Cheaper
138255   Just Marriage
143157   Justice for the Past
129246   Juvenile Justice in the Making
150166   Juvenile Justice Sourcebook : Past, Present, and Future
145138   Kanban-controlled Manufacturing Systems
147443   Kant and the Culture of Enlightenment
151478   Kant and the Empiricists : Understanding Understanding
159130   Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy
142959   Kant and the Unity of Reason
146152   Kant On the Human Standpoint
150129   Kant's Theory of Knowledge : An Analytical Introduction
149888   Karl Popper and the Social Sciences
137837   Kazakhstan : Power and the Elite
149551   Kazakhstan's Energy Cooperation With Russia
156520   Keepers of the Spring : Reclaiming Our Water in an Age of Globalization
143311   Keepin' It Real : School Success Beyond Black and White
149344   Keeping Better Company : Corporate Governance Ten Years On {[2nd ed.].}
143244   Keeping Employees Accountable for Results : Quick Tips for Busy Managers
141569   Keeping Mozart in Mind {2nd ed.}
135785   Keeping the Circle : American Indian Identity in Eastern North Carolina, 1885-2004
151541   Keeping the Sources Pure' : The Making of George Mackay Brown
130574   Kellogg On Biotechnology : Thriving Through Integration
130575   Kellogg On China : Strategies for Success
156648   Kentucky Weather
155859   Key Aspects of German Business Law : A Practical Manual {3rd ed.}
142717   Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement : The First Ten Years
146837   Key to the Da Vinci Code, The
149231   Kidnapped
125736   Kids' College Almanac, The : A First Look At College {3rd ed.}
147101   Kierkegaard On Faith and the Self : Collected Essays
147442   Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Becoming : Movements and Positions
143501   Killer Lymphocytes
142686   Killing Trap, The : Genocide in the Twentieth Century
126703   Kim Il-song's North Korea
151405   King David : A Biography
149259   King Henry IV, Part I
149260   King Henry IV. Part II
149263   King Henry V
149262   King Henry VI. Part I
149264   King Henry VI. Part II
149261   King Henry VI. Part III
149265   King John
149266   King Lear
149782   King of the Mountain : The Nature of Political Leadership
149267   King Richard II
155678   Kings & Queens of Britain, The
144974   King's English, The : Strategies of Translation in the Old English Boethius
138159   Kinship and Behavior in Primates
149383   Kissing : Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life's Sweetest Pleasures
143191   Kitchen Capitalism : Microenterprise in Low-income Households
148722   Knights Templar, The
         Knockoff : The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods : the True Story of the World's Fastest Growing Crime
142059   Wave
156813   Knowability Paradox, The
156711   Knowing What We Know : African American Women's Experiences of Violence and Violation
151734   Knowledge Accumulation and Industry Evolution : The Case of Pharma-Biotech
146904   Knowledge Capital : How Knowledge-based Enterprises Really Get Built
135768   Knowledge Contract, The : Politics and Paradigms in the Academic Workplace
160125   Knowledge Cultures : Comparative Western and African Epistemology
145065   Knowledge Discovery From Legal Databases

150946 Knowledge Integration : The Practice of Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
136237 Knowledge Management and Higher Education : A Critical Analysis
       Knowledge Management and Management Learning : Extending the Horizons of Knowledge-based
145736 Management
 76008 Knowledge Medium, The : Designing Effective Computer-based Learning Environments
112695 Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Declarative Problem Solving

155966 Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated Enterprise : Interoperability Strategies for the Enterprise Architect
       Knowledge-based Software Engineering : Proceedings of the Seventh Joint Conference On Knowledge-
165590 Based Software Engineering
150719 Köhler's Invention
       Korean War Order of Battle : United States, United Nations, and Communist Ground, Naval, and Air
 85790 Forces, 1950-1953
145357 Kramers-Kronig Relations in Optical Materials Research
145318 Kristian Birkeland : The First Space Scientist
       Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State : Evolving Identities, Competing Loyalties, and Shifting
143226 Boundaries
149879 Kurt Vonnegut's Crusade, Or, How a Postmodern Harlequin Preached a New Kind of Humanism
147532 La economía mundial y América Latina : Tendencias, problemas y desafíos
148006 Lab Notes : Guide to Lab & Diagnostic Tests
122537 Labor and the Environmental Movement : The Quest for Common Ground
129748 Laboratory Guide to the Mammalian Embryo, A
146111 Labour Market Adjustments in Europe
138302 LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communications
143138 Lacan in the German-speaking World
149063 Ladies and Gentlemen On Display : Planter Society At the Virginia Springs, 1790-1860
136728 Lady's Ranch Life in Montana, A
149772 Lafcadio Hearn's America : Ethnographic Sketches and Editorials
162290 Lake Monster Mysteries : Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures
155941 Lake Verevi, Estonia : A Highly Stratified Hypertrophic Lake
 85906 Landlords and Lodgers : Socio-spatial Organization in an Accra Community
143135 Landmines and Human Security : International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy
152336 Landscape Agroecology
150531 Landscape Amenities : Economic Assessment of Agricultural Landscapes
150986 Landscapes, Genomics and Transgenic Conifers
       Landslides : Risk Analysis and Sustainable Disaster Management : Proceedings of the First General
150619 Assembly of the International Consortium

130214 Langford's Starting Photography : A Guide to Better Pictures for Film and Digital Camera Users {4th ed.}
137411 Language and Aging in Multilingual Contexts
       Language and Learning : Philosophy of Language in the Hellenistic Age : Proceedings of the Ninth
132290 Symposium Hellenisticum
146214 Language and Mind {3rd ed.}
163385 Language and Politics
125642 Language and Social Identity
131411 Language Contact and Grammatical Change
137404 Language Decline and Death in Africa : Causes, Consequences, and Challenges
       Language Development and Learning to Read : The Scientific Study of How Language Development
138523 Affects Reading Skill
162374 Language Diversity in the Pacific : Endangerment and Survival
158552 Language in the Schools : Integrating Linguistic Knowledge Into K-12 Teaching
162382 Language Learners in Study Abroad Contexts
143215 Language of Battered Women, The : A Rhetorical Analysis of Personal Theologies
131246 Language of Life, The : How Cells Communicate in Health and Disease
       Language of the Eyes, The : Science, Sexuality, and Female Vision in English Literature and Culture, 1690-
148018 1927
159112 Language Origins : Perspectives On Evolution
125640 Language Teacher's Portfolio, The : A Guide for Professional Developmen
146124 Language, Cohesion and Form : Margaret Masterman
156547 Language, Culture, and Society : Key Topics in Linguistic Anthropology
162386 Language, Space and Power : A Critical Look At Bilingual Education
146623 Large Eddy Simulation for Incompressible Flows : An Introduction
139579 Large-eddy Simulation of Turbulence
145803 Laser Dermatology
148498 Laser Shock Peening : Performance and Process Simulations

158521   Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks : LACONA V Proceedings, Osnabrück, Germany, Sept. 15-18, 2003
149784   Last Days of the Big Grassy Fork, The
159749   Last Great Wilderness : The Campaign to Establish the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
149195   Last of the Mohicans, The
145214   Last Street Before Cleveland, The : An Accidental Pilgrimage
125644   Lasting Change in Foreign Language Education : A Historical Case for Change in National Policy
141198   Late Archaic Across the Borderlands, The : From Foraging to Farming
133604   Later Swing Era, 1942-1955, The
125580   Later Thirty Years War, The : From the Battle of Wittstock to the Treaty of Westphalia
158033   Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy. 2004 : 2005 Trends
125626   Latin American Dramatists Since 1945 : A Bio-bibliographical Guide

156959   Latin America's Political Economy of the Possible : Beyond Good Revolutionaries and Free-marketeers
149368   Latin Classics in Medieval Hungary : Eleventh Century
138167   Latina Legacies : Identity, Biography, and Community
158538   Latino Education : An Agenda for Community Action Research
145818   Lattice Boltzmann Modeling : An Introduction for Geoscientists and Engineers
148560   Lattice Gauge Theories : An Introduction
156820   Laughing With Medusa : Classical Myth and Feminist Thought
137763   Laughter and Tears : A Family's Journey to Understanding the Autism Spectrum
130639   Laughter in the Living Room : Television Comedy and the American Home Audience
156489   Law (In Plain English) for Restaurants and Others in the Food Industry, The {1st ed.}
148165   Law and Economics of Cybersecurity, The : Edited By Mark F. Grady, Francesco Parisi
150131   Law Book for the Diaspora, A : Revision in the Study of the Covenant Code
163945   Law in Perspective : Ethics, Society and Critical Thinking
162463   Law of Non-contradiction, The : New Philosophical Essays
142197   Law of the Sea, The : A Select Bibliography, The : 2004
         Law of the Sea, The : Enforcement By Coastal States : Legislative History of Article 220 of the United
148098   Nations Convention On the Law of the Sea
136155   Law On the Screen
         Laws of Armed Conflicts, The : A Collection of Conventions, Resolutions, and Other Documents {4th rev.
132976   and completed ed.}
132369   Lawyers and Regulation : The Politics of the Administrative Process
151837   Le Bella Vita : Life, Love and Food in Southern Italy
145708   Lead Markets for Environmental Innovations
152392   Leaders From the 1960s : A Biographical Sourcebook of American Activism
137526   Leaders of the American Civil War : A Biographical and Historiographical Dictionary
139848   Leader's Tool Kit, The : Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Developing the Skills You Need
149349   Leadership and Management in the 21st Century : Business Challenges of the Future
157226   Leadership Crash Course, The : How to Create Personal Leadership Value {2nd ed.}
162407   Leadership for Leaders
130498   Leadership for Sustainable Futures : Achieving Success in a Competitive World

135970   Leadership Lexicon, The : A Handbook of Leadership Competencies With Skills and Development Action
125687   Leadership, Management, and Innovation in R & D Project Teams
143242   Leading Leaders : How to Manage Smart, Talented, Rich, and Powerful People
159110   Leading Russia--Putin in Perspective : Essays in Honour of Archie Brown
155868   Leakage in Nanometer CMOS Technologies
164221   Learn Excel From Mr Excel : 277 Excel Mysteries Solved
147380   Learned in the Law and Politics : The Office of the Solicitor General and Executive Power
156383   Learning a Living : First Results of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey
162367   Learning Along the Way : Professional Development By and for Teachers
146525   Learning From Clusters : A Critical Assessment From an Economic-geographical Perspective

143299   Learning From the Left : Children's Literature, the Cold War, and Radical Politics in the United States
145754   Learning in Cultural Context : Family, Peers, and School
135934   Learning Points : 100 Activities and Actions for E-communications Excellence
135933   Learning Points : 80 Activities and Actions for Call Center Cervice Excellence
158414   Learning Power : Organizing for Education and Justice
138018   Learning to Change : The Experience of Transforming Education in South East Europe
148930   Learning to Think Spatially
         Learning, Teaching, and Community : Contributions of Situated and Participatory Approaches to
158548   Educational Innovation
142105   Leases & Rental Agreements {6th ed.}
145029   Leaving Us to Wonder : An Essay On the Questions Science Can't Ask
148551   Lecture Notes On the Mathematics of Acoustics
163976   Lectures On Antitrust Economics
149681   Legacies for Libraries : A Practical Guide to Planned Giving
129318   Legacies of Colonial English : Studies in Transported Dialects
138213   Legacy of Fischer Black, The
156805   Legacy of Simone De Beauvoir, The
157853   Legal Aspects of Financial Services Regulation and the Concept of a Unified Regulator
 62739   Legal Battles That Shaped the Computer Industry
147075   Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business {4th ed.}
132336   Legal Reason : The Use of Analogy in Legal Argument
156490   Legal Research Made Easy {4th ed.}
149793   Legend of Mar Qardagh, The : Narrative and Christian Heroism in Late Antique Iraq
150096   Legislating Morality : Pluralism and Religious Identity in Lawmaking
149347   Legitimacy in International Society
151431   Leibniz : Nature and Freedom

145328 Leibniz and the Natural World : Activity, Passivity and Corporeal Substances in Leibniz's Philosophy
130103 Leisure Marketing : A Global Perspective
         lements of Résumé Style, The : Essential Rules and Eye-opening Advice for Writing Résumés and Cover
134108   Letters That Work
146509   Leptomeningeal Metastases
120940   Lessons From the Edge : Survival Skills for Starting and Growing a Company
140152   Lessons Learned
         Let the People Decide : Black Freedom and White Resistance Movements in Sunflower County, Mississippi,
151761   1945-1986
163121   Let's Be Friends : Peer Competence and Social Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs
149113   Let's Get to the Nitty Gritty : The Autobiography of Horace Silver
135427   Let's Talk Defense : Tips, Skills & Drills for Better Defensive Basketball {1st ed.}
146150   Letters On the Kantian Philosophy
146995   Lever of Empire : The International Gold Standard and the Crisis of Liberalism in Prewar Japan
148969   Leverage : How to Get It and How to Keep It in Any Negotiation
148996   Leveraging Web Services : Planning, Building, and Integration for Maximum Impact
156803   Leviathan After 350 Years
148127   Levinas and Theology
150968   Levinas Concordance
139712   Levinas, Judaism, and the Feminine : The Silent Footsteps of Rebecca
142706   Lévy Laplacian, The
142702   Lexicalization and Language Change
150023   Liberal and Fascist Italy : 1900-1945
 92050   Liberalization against Democracy : The Local Politics of Economic Reform in Tunisia
158801   Liberation As Affirmation : The Religiosity of Zhuangzi and Nietzsche
150149   Libertarian Accounts of Free Will
137907   Liberty & Equality in Caribbean Colombia, 1770-1835
138155   Liberty of Strangers, The : Making the American Nation
 75514   Libraries and Librarianship in India
149371   Library's Crisis Communications Planner, The : A PR Guide for Handling Every Emergency
139800   Lie Algebras of Finite and Affine Type
160077   Life and Death in Freud and Heidegger
150012   Life and Society in the Hittite World
143136   Life in the White House : A Social History of the First Family and the President's House
131140   Life of Antoinette Micolon, The
155692   Life of Constantine
127280   Life of Elaine Goodale Eastman, The
112352   Life of Erasmus Darwin, The

151380   Life of Prayer in a World of Science, The : Protestants, Prayer, and American Culture, 1870-1930
134905   Lightwave 3D 8 Revealed
138522   Limits of Culture, The : Islam and Foreign Policy
138215   Limits of International Law, The
155981   Limits of Logical Empiricism, The : Selected Papers of Arthur Pap
120291   Limits of Nationalism, The
157344   Lincoln's Defense of Politics : The Public Man and His Opponents in the Crisis Over Slavery

127271   Line Which Separates, The : Race, Gender, and the Making of the Alberta-Montana Borderlands
145814   Linear Algebraic Monoids
138962   Linear and Projective Representations of Symmetric Groups
150742   Linear Models of Optimal Test Design
163367   Linguistic Awareness in Multilinguals : English As a Third Language
158568   Linguistic Diversity and Teaching
 85807   Linguistic Perspectives On Language and Education
149857   Linguistics and the Formal Sciences : The Origins of Generative Grammar
148647   Linguistics Today : Facing a Greater Challenge
155929   Link between Inflammation and Cancer, The : Wounds That Do Not Heal
         Linkages of Financial Groups in the European Union : Financial Conglomeration Developments in the Old
126835   and New Member States
157253   Linking Science & Literacy in the K-8 Classroom
144980   Linking the Americas : Race, Hybrid Discourses, and the Reformulation of Feminine Identity
140974   Linux Kernel Development {2nd ed.}
134925   Linux+ 2005 in Depth
138149   Lion and the Lamb, The : Evangelicals and Catholics in America

143578 Liquids, Solutions, and Interfaces : From Classical Macroscopic Descriptions to Modern Microscopic Details
158441 Listening : A Framework for Teaching Across Differences
       Listening for Change : Participatory Evaluations of DDR and Arms Reduction in Mali, Cambodia and
148109 Albania
136420 Listening to the Sirens : Musical Technologies of Queer Identity From Homer to Hedwig
135713 Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12 : Reinforcing the Threads of Reading
141345 Literacy Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction
151582 Literary Marriages : A Study of Intertextuality in a Series of Short Stories By Joyce Carol Oates
149855 Literature and Favoritism in Early Modern England
150018 Literature and the Irish Famine, 1845-1919
150217 Literature of Ancient Sumer, The
157988 Literature of Satire, The
138972 Literature, Gender and Politics During the English Civil War
152220 Literature, Satire, and the Early Stuart State
146179 Lithics : Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis
148479 Little Book of Breaks, The
161012 Little Book On External Debt 2006, The
161013 Little Green Data Book 2006
147482 Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide 3.0, The
 92051 Little Strangers : Portrayals of Adoption and Foster Care in America, 1850-1929

141740   Little Stuff Matters Most, The : 50 Rules From 50 Years of Trying to Make a Living {1st American printing}
129935   Little Windows Into Art Therapy : Small Openings for Beginning Therapists
149213   Little Women
144653   Living Folklore : An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions
125608   Living in Prison : A History of the Correctional System With an Insider's View
124892   Living Outside Mental Illness : Qualitative Studies of Recovery in Schizophrenia
         Living Through Breast Cancer : What a Harvard Doctor and Survivor Wants You to Know About Getting
135415   the Best Care While Preserving Your Self-Image
141079   Living Through Pain : Psalms and the Search for Wholeness
147077   Living Together : A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples {13th ed.}
159460   Living With a Below-knee Amputation : A Unique Insight From a Prosthetist/amputee
135710   Living With Fibromyalgia : 4 Steps to Manage Pain and Lead a Fulfilling Life {1st ed.}
150150   Living With Nietzsche : What the Great "Immoralist" Has to Teach Us
145215   Living With Strangers : The Nineteenth-century Sioux and the Canadian-American Borderlands
155695   Livy's Exemplary History
142736   Local Acts : Community-based Performance in the United States
151020   Local Cardiac Renin Angiotensin-aldosterone System, The
164134   Local Governance in Industrial Countries
152243   Local Remedies in International Law
139713   Local Women, Global Science : Fighting AIDS in Kenya
155662   Locating Bourdieu
150621   Location Theory : A Unified Approach
146165   Locke, Shaftesbury, and Hutcheson : Contesting Diversity in the Enlightenment and Beyond
157939   Logic and Theism : Arguments for and against Beliefs in God
100040   Logic of Political Survival, The
143125   Logic of Sexuation, The : From Aristotle to Lacan

138142   Logic, Meaning, and Conversation : Semantical Underdeterminacy, Implicature, and Their Interface
145830   Logica Universalis : Towards a General Theory of Logic
131394   Logical Foundations of Bradley's Metaphysics, The : Judgment, Inference, and Truth
143429   Logistics Systems : Design and Optimization
145153   Logistics Systems Analysis {4th ed.}
152066   Logos Reader, The : Rational Radicalism and the Future of Politics
163069   London and Paris As International Financial Centres in the Twentieth Century
151145   London Calling : V.S. Naipaul, Postcolonial Mandarin
132300   London Literature, 1300-1380
148480   Lonely Sea and the Sky, The
         Long Arm of Papal Authority, The : Late Medieval Christian Peripheries and Their Communication With the
138024   Holy See
148728   Long Night's Journey Into Day : Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan, 1941-1945
150054   Long Time Gone : Sixties America Then and Now
150042   Longest War, The : Northern Ireland's Troubled History
156375   Long-term Care for Older People
158373   Look Forward Beyond Lean and Six Sigma : A Self-perpetuating Enterprise Improvement Method
137899   Looking for Longleaf : The Fall and Rise of an American Forest
148439   Looking Glasses and Neverlands : Lacan, Desire, and Subjectivity in Children's Literature
100064   Looking Into Pictures : An Interdisciplinary Approach to Pictorial Space
135775   Looking Through Taiwan : American Anthropologists' Collusion With Ethnic Domination
142990   Los Angeles Jobbank, The
         Lost and Found in Translation : Contemporary Ethnic American Writing and the Politics of Language
158305   Diversity
138231   Lost Knowledge : Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce
152060   Lost One, The : A Life of Peter Lorre
151441   Lost Paradises and the Ethics of Research and Publication
151014   Lotus Japonicus Handbook
143220   Love and Politics : Re-interpreting Hegel
152257   Love Online : Emotions On the Internet
150009   Love-letters and Privacy in Modern China : The Intimate Lives of Lu Xun and Xu Guangping
149268   Love's Labour's Lost
151012   Low Power VCO Design in CMOS
157238   Lower Limb Amputation : A Guide to Living a Quality Life
160100   Loyalty, Dissent, and Betrayal : Modern Lithuania and East-Central European Moral Imagination
135772   Lt. Charles Gatewood & His Apache Wars Memoir
143018   Lucene in Action
156801   Lucian, Selected Dialogues

155663   Lucky Few and the Worthy Many, The : Scholarship Competitions and the World's Future Leaders
147099   Luke the Theologian : Fifty-five Years of Research (1950-2005) {2nd rev.ed.}
122998   Lung Injury : Mechanisms, Pathophysiology, and Therapy
141474   Lung, The : Development, Aging and the Environment
150649   Lung-air Sac System of Birds, The : Development, Structure, and Function
146956   Lupus Book, The : A Guide for Patients and Their Families {3rd ed.}
 69216   Lust for Virtue, A : Louis XIV's Attack On Sin in Seventeenth-century France
144584   Lydia Cabrera and the Construction of an Afro-Cuban Cultural Identity
 69180   Lying : Man's Second Nature
149139   Lysistrata
143541   Lysosomes
144881   Mac OS X V.10.4 Tiger
136316   MacAddict Guide to Living the ILife
149269   Macbeth

160081   Macbeth Multiplied : Negotiating Historical and Medial Difference between Shakespeare and Verdi
149350   Machiavelli - the First Century : Studies in Enthusiasm, Hostility, and Irrelevance
146188   Machiavelli's Liberal Republican Legacy
155878   Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security : Methods and Applications
145316   Machine Learning in Computer Vision
         Machine Trades : Machinist, Tool and Die Maker, CNC (Machine Tool Computer Programmers) : the New
137123   Manufacturing Careers for the 21st Century
143381   Macrocyclic Chemistry : Current Trends and Future Perspectives
120294   Macroevolutionary Theory On Macroecological Patterns
136292   Macromedia Contribute 3 in a Snap
136312   Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Unleashed
145670   Macular Degeneration
145222   Mad Seasons : The Story of the First Women's Professional Basketball League, 1978-1981
144989   Madness and Death in Philosophy
146997   Madness At Home : The Psychiatrist, the Patient, and the Family in England, 1820-1860
129803   Mafia Brotherhoods : Organized Crime, Italian Style
138184   Magic Prism, The : An Essay in the Philosophy of Language
149332   Magic Universe : A Grand Tour of Modern Science
165154   Magical Progeny, Modern Technology : A Hindu Bioethics of Assisted Reproductive Technology
141736   Magical Worlds of Narnia, The : Symbols, Myths, and Fascinating Facts Behind Chronicles
150781   Magnesium Technology : Metallurgy, Design Data, Applications
145702   Magnetic Monopoles
150760   Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Ischemic Stroke
143252   Magnetic Selling : Develop the Charm and Charisma That Attract Customers and Maximize Sales
150358   Magnetospheric Cusps, The : Structure and Dynamics
151427   Mahler Family Letters, The
139756   Maimonides On the Origin of the World
146213   Mainstream and Formal Epistemology
145443   Maintenance Theory of Reliability
150958   Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design : Creativity, Engagement and Learning
144959   Make Me a Man! : Masculinity, Hinduism, and Nationalism in India
134103   Make Million$ Selling Real Estate : Earning Secrets of Top Agents
125671   Make Mine a Mystery : A Reader's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction
156717   Make the Connection : Improve Your Communication At Work and At Home
156491   Make Your Own Simple Will (+ CD-ROM) {4th ed.}
         Making a Difference in Teacher Education Through Self-study : Studies of Personal, Professional and
150319   Program Renewal
131249   Making Better Drugs for Children With Cancer
158820   Making Cognitive-behavioral Therapy Work : Clinical Process for New Practitioners
143369   Making European Merger Policy More Predictable
140951   Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit From It
125563   Making Kedjom Medicine : A History of Public Health and Well-being in Cameroon
151440   Making Magic : Religion, Magic, and Science in the Modern World
138512   Making Medical Decisions for the Profoundly Mentally Disabled
         Making Millions in Direct Sales : The 8 Essential Activities Direct Sales Managers Must Do Every Day to
136195   Build a Successful Team and Earn More Money
142486   Making Morality : Pragmatist Reconstruction in Ethical Theory
136156   Making Multiculturalism : Boundaries and Meaning in U.S. English Departments
139172   Making Music Your Business : A Practical Guide to Making $ Doing What You Love {1st ed.}

151455   Making   Nature Sacred : Literature, Religion, and Environment in America From the Puritans to the Present
147497   Making   of Modern Romanian Culture, The : Literacy and the Development of National Identity
150060   Making   of Sikh Scripture, The
152137   Making   of the American South, The : A Short History, 1500-1877
130456   Making   of the Modern Kitchen, The : A Cultural History
138480   Making   Parents : The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies
142701   Making   Sense of Heritability
158442   Making   Sense of the Holocaust : Lessons From Classroom Practice
148047   Making   States Work : State Failure and the Crisis of Governance
146964   Making   Strategy Work : Leading Effective Execution and Change
152224   Making   Technology Work : Applications in Energy and the Environment
163065   Making   the EMU : The Politics of Budgetary Surveillance and the Enforcement of Maastricht

136143 Making Waves : Politics, Propaganda, and the Emergence of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1868-1922
150624 Malaria : Drugs, Disease, and Post-genomic Biology
157903 Malaria Vector Control and Personal Protection : Report of a WHO Study Group
       Malik Goes to School : Examining the Language Skills of African American Students From Preschool to
158583 Fifth Grade
150359 Malliavin Calculus and Related Topics, The
156599 Mammalian and Avian Transgenesis--new Approaches
136148 Man Awakened From Dreams, The : One Man's Life in a North China Village, 1857-1942
146947 Man Behind the Microchip, The : Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley
162408 Manage to Win : Revitalize Your Business, Wrong-foot Your Competitors
123002 Management of Morbid Obesity
150320 Management of Technology and Innovation in Japan
126096 Management of the Object-oriented Development Process
162425 Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies, The {3rd ed.}
142106 Manager's Legal Handbook, The {3rd ed.}
165258 Manager's Step-by-step Guide to Outsourcing, The
 77741 Managing Business Collections in Libraries
126097 Managing Business in a Multi-channel World : Success Factors for E-business
134768 Managing Business Risk : A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Business {2nd ed.}
150834 Managing Care : A Shared Responsibility
143519 Managing Closed-loop Supply Chains
148932 Managing Construction and Infrastructure in the 21st Century Bureau of Reclamation
146490 Managing Cyber Threats : Issues, Approaches, and Challenges
137149 Managing Emotions in Mergers and Acquisitions
145492 Managing European Coasts : Past, Present, and Future
122492 Managing European Union Enlargement
150803 Managing Failed Anti-reflux Therapy
125692 Managing Global Finance in the Digital Economy
135354 Managing Investments

 86651 Managing Knowledge With Artificial Intelligence : An Introduction With Guidelines for Nonspecialists
140149 Managing Learning in Virtual Settings : The Role of Context

138199   Managing Pension and Retirement Plans : A Guide for Employers, Administrators, and Other Fiduciaries
162427   Managing People for the First Time : Gaining Commitment and Improving Performance
147993   Managing Projects in Human Resources, Training and Development
139812   Managing Services
136236   Managing Successful IT Outsourcing Relationships
142521   Managing the Embedded Multinational : A Business Network View
146104   Managing Value-based Organizations : It's Not What You Think
135356   Managing Virtual Projects
129903   Managing With Asperger Syndrome
148986   Managing Workplace Chaos : Solutions for Handling Information, Paper, Time, and Stress
150133   Mandaeans, The : Ancient Texts and Modern People
148053   Mankind and the Oceans
146706   Manual for Soil Analysis : Monitoring and Assessing Soil Bioremediation
145746   Manual of Benirschke and Kaufmann's Pathology of the Human Placenta
150513   Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Infectious Tropical Diseases
145572   Manuel Zapata Olivella and the "Darkening" of Latin American Literature
 86653   Manufacturing the Gang : Mexican American Youth Gangs On Local Television News
161220   Many Faces of Philosophy, The : Reflections From Plato to Arendt
150360   Many Scales in the Universe, The : JENAM 2004 Astrophysics Reviews
124742   Many Ways to Be Deaf : International Variation in Deaf Communities

148548   Many-body Theory Exposed! : Propagator Description of Quantum Mechanics in Many-body Systems
139165   Maran Illustrated Computers : Guided Tour
139162   Maran Illustrated Knitting & Crocheting
139163   Maran Illustrated Microsoft Access 2003
139164   Maran Illustrated Microsoft Excel 2003
134916   Maran Illustrated Microsoft Office 2003
134903   Maran Illustrated Microsoft Windows XP
134939   Maran Illustrated Microsoft Windows XP : 101 Hot Tips
156790   March of Unreason, The : Science, Democracy, and the New Fundamentalism
151547   Margins of Dictatorship, The : Assent and Dissent in the Work of Günter Eich and Bertolt Brecht
147221   Marine Parasitology
152003   Marine Reserves : A Guide to Science, Design, and Use
139772   Marital Violence : An English Family History, 1660-1875
145581   Mark Twain in Japan : The Cultural Reception of an American Icon
125487   Market and Society : Two Theoretical Frameworks
142733   Market for Virtue, The : Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility
138625   Market Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa : Theory and Evidence
155806   Market-conform Valuation of Options
130111   Market-driven Thinking : Achieving Contextual Intelligence
159368   Marketing Communication : New Approaches, Technologies, and Styles
         Marketing Für Arztpraxen : Individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen Organisieren, Kalkulieren Und Verkaufen
145663   {1. Aufl.}
159141   Marketing Green Buildings : Guide for Engineering, Construction and Architecture
152356   Marketing Information : A Strategic Guide for Business and Finance Libraries
152350   Marketing Management : Text and Cases
150113   Marketing Power of Emotion, The
         Marketing Revolution! : The Radical New Approach to Transforming the Business, the Brand & the Bottom
142060   Line
152325   Marketing Your Business : A Guide to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
162424   Marketing Your Service Business
136187   Marks' Calculations for Machine Design
130296   Mark's Other Gospel : Rethinking Morton Smith's Controversial Discovery
132505   Marriage and Family Therapists
149595   Martin Luther King, Jr

135406 Martin Pring On Price Patterns : The Definitive Guide to Price Pattern Analysis and Interpretation
126791 Martyrdom : The Psychology, Theology, and Politics of Self-sacrifice
143232 Marx and Whitehead : Process, Dialectics, and the Critique of Capitalism
       Marxism and National Identity : Socialism, Nationalism, and National Socialism During the French Fin De
149887 Siècle
150744 Marxist Philosophy in China : From Qu Qiubai to Mao Zedong, 1923-1945
146158 Mary Astell : Theorist of Freedom From Domination
140834 Mass Media and the Shaping of American Feminism, 1963-1975
157931 Mass Oratory and Political Power in the Late Roman Republic
145573 Master and the Dean, The : Literary Criticism of Henry James and William Dean Howells
136201 Master the Cast : Fly Casting in Seven Lessons
138923 Mastering Digital 2D and 3D Art
       Mastering Digital Photography : [The Serious Photographer's Guide to High-quality Digital Photography]
144857 {2nd ed.}
130238 Mastering Statistical Process Control : A Handbook for Performance Improvement Using Cases
151479 Mastering the Art of Performance : A Primer for Musicians
       Masters of Small Worlds : Yeoman Households, Gender Relations, and the Political Culture of the
151169 Antebellum South Carolina Low Country
137906 Masters, Servants, and Magistrates in Britain and the Empire, 1562-1955
150677 Material Flow Management : Improving Cost Efficiency and Environmental Performance
159151 Materials for Engineering
138312 Math Proofs Demystified : [A Self-teaching Guide]
138879 Math Word Problems Demystified
155731 Math You Can't Use : Patents, Copyright, and Software
132271 Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics {2nd ed.}
       Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On : Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium On
145335 Mathematical Morphology, April 18-20, 2005
149357 Mathematical Theory of Minority Games, The : Statistical Mechanics of Interacting Agents
145770 Mathematics and Culture II : Visual Perfection : Mathematics and Creativity
158547 Mathematics As a Constructive Activity : Learners Generating Examples
150552 Mathematics for Computer Graphics {2nd ed.}
150361 Mathematics of Arbitrage, The
150804 Mathematics of Uncertainty : Ideas, Methods, Application Problems
160098 Matrix in Theory, The
138963 Matrix Preconditioning Techniques and Applications
125577 Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception : A Basis for Sharing the Earth
150883 Maxillofacial Imaging
143096 Maximilian Voloshin and the Russian Literary Circle : Culture and Survival in Revolutionary Times
140151 Maximize Business Profits Through E-partnerships
157092 Maya Tropical Forest, The : People, Parks, and Ancient Cities {1st ed.}
136188 McGraw-Hill 36-hour Project Management Course , The
135712 McGraw-Hill Guide to the PMP Exam, The
138318 McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
138313 McGraw-Hill's LSAT
138331 McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code Handbook
135439 McGraw-Hill's Praxis I & II Exam
144633 M-commerce : Global Experiences and Perspectives
148648 Meaning Predictability in Word Formation : Novel, Context-free Naming Units
158376 Meaningful Learning Using Technology : What Educators Need to Know and Do

144966   Meaningful Urban Education Reform : Confronting the Learning Crisis in Mathematics and Science
129247   Meanings of Social Life, The : A Cultural Sociology
121455   Means to an End, A : The Biological Basis of Aging and Death
149270   Measure for Measure
145808   Measurement Uncertainties in Science and Technology
137895   Measures of Equality : Social Science, Citizenship, and Race in Cuba, 1902-1940
125663   Measuring for Results : The Dimension of Public Library Effectiveness
141515   Measuring Immunity : Basic Biology and Clinical Assessment
147014   Measuring Literacy : Performance Levels for Adults
132294   Measuring the Mind : Conceptual Issues in Modern Psychometrics
122555   Measuring the Tax Burden On Capital and Labor
145607   Measuring Time With Artifacts : A History of Methods in American Archaeology
138988   Mechanical Behavior of Materials
145656   Mechanical Ventilation
149866   Mechanics of Solids and Materials
138015   Meddling in Middle Europe : Britain and the 'Lands Between' 1919-1925 {1st ed.}
125483   Media and Neo-populism, The : A Contemporary Comparative Analysis
152255   Media and the Path to Peace
112186   Media and the War On Terrorism, The
138440   Media Ecologies : Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture
143624   Media in Wales, The : Voices of a Small Nation
165171   Media Regulation, Public Interest and the Law {2nd ed.}
163362   Media Talk : Spoken Discourse On TV and Radio
152005   Mediated Modeling : A System Dynamics Approach to Environmental Consensus Building
143158   Mediating Effect of Public Opinion On Public Policy, The : Exploring the Realm of Health Care

144973   Mediating Globalization : Domestic Institutions and Industrial Policies in the United States and Britain
143148   Mediation : Positive Conflict Management
148042   Medical Biotechnology : Achievements, Prospects and Perceptions
150695   Medical Law and Moral Rights
145502   Medical Retina
         Medical Treatment of Intoxications and Decontamination of Chemical Agents in the Area of Terrorist
150773   Attack
136416   Medicare Matters : What Geriatric Medicine Can Teach American Health Care
143290   Medicinal Chemistry : A Molecular and Biochemical Approach {3rd ed.}
         Medicine and Philosophy in Classical Antiquity : Doctors and Philosophers On Nature, Soul, Health and
132339   Disease
152209   Medicine, Science and Merck
157953   Medico-legal Back, The : An Illustrated Guide
150043   Medieval Law and the Foundations of the State
149334   Medieval Marriage : Symbolism and Society
142611   Medieval Music and the Art of Memory
149346   Medieval Narrative : An Introduction
         Medium-range Weather Prediction : The European Approach : the Story of the European Centre for
150696   Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
143190   Medusa's Ear : University Foundings From Kant to Chora L
         Meeting Basic Learning Needs in the Informal Sector : Integrating Education and Training for Decent
145073   Work, Empowerment and Citizenship

157634 Meeting Development Goals in Small Urban Centres : Water and Sanitation in the World's Cities, 2006
145870 Melatonin : Biological Basis of Its Function in Health and Disease
       Membrane Trafficking in Viral Replication {Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, 0070-217X ;
145114 285}
142687 Memory and Forgetting in English Renaissance Drama : Shakespeare, Marlowe, Webster
137900 Memory of the Civil War in American Culture, The
149752 Memphis Tennessee Garrison : The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman
 70214 Men against Myths : The Progressive Response
152256 Men of Blood : Violence, Manliness and Criminal Justice in Victorian England
       Men, Women and Property in England, 1780-1870 : A Social and Economic History of Family Strategies
131402 Amongst the Leeds Middle Classes
144323 Mencken : The American Iconoclast
       Mental Health : Facing the Challenges, Building Solutions : Report From the WHO European Ministerial
141764 Conference {Updated.}
137762 Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome
158821 Mental Health Screening and Assessment in Juvenile Justice
152334 Mental Illness and Psychiatric Treatment : A Guide for Pastoral Counselors
142134 Mentoring in Action : A Practical Guide {2nd ed.}
149277 Merchant of Venice, The
120913 Merciful End, A : The Euthanasia Movement in Modern America
143251 Mergers & Acquisitions From A to Z {2nd ed.}
151447 Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking and Finance : What Works, What Fails, and Why
149278 Merry Wives of Windsor, The
143477 Metabolome Analyses : Strategies for Systems Biology

158558   Metacognition in Literacy Learning : Theory, Assessment, Instruction, and Professional Development
145732   Metaheuristics : Progress As Real Problem Solvers
151004   Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids
145697   Metal-hydrogen System, The : Basic Bulk Properties
145466   Metallopolymer Nanocomposites
147121   Metaphor, Analogy, and the Place of Places : Where Religion and Philosophy Meet
138250   Metaphysics of Dante's Comedy, The
163345   Metaphysics of Hyperspace, The
163071   Metaphysics of the Incarnation, The : Thomas Aquinas to Duns Scotus
163068   Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics in Ancient Thought : Themes From the Work of Richard Sorabji
147498   Metaxas Myth, The : Dictatorship and Propaganda in Greece
150947   Methodology for the Digital Calibration of Analog Circuits and Systems : With Case Studies
155918   Methods and Procedures for the Verification and Validation of Artificial Neural Networks
         Methods for Impurity Profiling of Heroin and Cocaine : Manual for Use By National Drug Testing
148100   Laboratories
150321   Methods in Gut Microbial Ecology for Ruminants
145701   Methods in Nonlinear Analysis
143506   Methods to Study Litter Decomposition : A Practical Guide
141643   Metrics for Software Conceptual Models
142992   Metropolitan New York Jobbank, The
142999   Metropolitan Washington DC Jobbank, The
152439   Mexican Migrants and Their Parental Households in Mexico
142620   Mexican New York : Transnational Lives of New Immigrants
156377   Mexico
142615   Mexico : The Struggle for Democratic Development {2nd ed.}
150807   Micro Cogeneration : Towards Decentralized Energy Systems
         Microbe-vector Interactions in Vector-borne Diseases : Sixty-third Symposium of the Society for General
149378   Microbiology Held At the University of Bath, March 2004
156603   Microbial Activity in the Rhizosphere
120972   Microbial Models of Molecular Biology, The : From Genes to Genomes
138217   Microbial Phylogeny and Evolution : Concepts and Controversies
138890   Microbiology Demystified
141449   Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases
155841   Microeconometric Evaluation of Labour Market Policies
138992   Microeconometrics : Methods and Applications
150322   Microflows and Nanoflows : Fundamentals and Simulation
150709   Micromanufacturing and Nanotechnology
         Micro-organisms and Earth Systems--advances in Geomicrobiology : Sixty-fifth Symposium of the Society
149380   for General Microbiology Held At Keele Univeristy, September 2005
146444   Microorganisms in Soils : Roles in Genesis and Functions
145776   Microscale Diagnostic Techniques
136301   Microsoft Access 2003 : Forms, Reports, and Queries
134923   Microsoft Access VBA Programming for the Absolute Beginner
140963   Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Unleashed
134926   Microsoft Excel VBA Programming for the Absolute Beginner
136320   Microsoft Office 2003 for Healthcare
136298   Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac in a Snap
136296   Microsoft Office Access 2003 in a Snap
161997   Microsoft Office Excel 2003
161996   Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
161987   Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
161999   Microsoft Office Word 2003
165251   Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer's Guide
140966   Microsoft SQL Server High Availability
140968   Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Unleashed
140967   Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 Unleashed
134904   Microsoft Windows XP : Guided Tour
134927   Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner
155909   Microwave Dielectric Behavior of Wet Soils
150181   Middle East, The : A Cultural Psychology
151464   Middlemarch in the Twenty-first Century
149253   Midsummer Night's Dream, A
159149   MIG Welding Guide
125491   Migration : Immigration and Emigration in International Perspective
158079   Migration and Citizenship : Legal Status, Rights and Political Participation
125635   Migration and Immigration : A Global View
159128   Migration and Inequality in Germany, 1870-1913
146597   Migration of Organisms : Climate, Geography, Ecology
156373   Migration, Remittances and Development
121440   Militant Suffrage Movement, The : Citizenship and Resistance in Britain, 1860-1930
126684   Militarism in Arab Society : An Historiographical and Bibliographical Sourcebook
126804   Military Balance in the Middle East, The
 91026   Military Education : Past, Present, and Future
126659   Militia and the National Guard in America Since Colonial Times, The : A Research Guide
159387   Millennial Monsters : Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination
126712   Millennial Visions : Essays On Twentieth-century Millenarianism
152034   Millennials, The : Americans Born 1977 to 1994
148077   Millennium Development Goals, The : A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective
138324   Millionaire Real Estate Investor, The : Anyone Can Do It--not Everyone Will

135299   Million-dollar Sale, The : How to Get to the Top Decision Makers and Close the Big Sale in Just Two Calls
131407   Milton and Gender
138991   Milton and the Idea of the Fall
120953   Mind : A Brief Introduction
148649   Mind and Causality
149358   Mind and Emergence : From Quantum to Consciousness
138481   Mind and Hand : The Birth of MIT
138148   Mind As a Scientific Object, The : Between Brain and Culture

135310   Mind Magic : How to Develop the 3 Components of Intelligence That Matter Most in Today's World
157981   Mind World : Essays in Phenomenology and Ontology
138195   Mind-altering Drugs : The Science of Subjective Experience
158822   Mindfulness and Psychotherapy {1st ed.}
146935   Minding Animals : Awareness, Emotions, and Heart
160070   Minding Evil : Explorations of Human Iniquity
147007   Mineral Tolerance of Animals {2nd rev. ed.}
150982   Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery : A Surgical Manual {2nd [Completely rev. and expanded] ed.}
145258   Mining Sequential Patterns From Large Data Sets
151606   Minority Games
148613   Misrepresenting Islam : The Racism and Rhetoric of British Broadsheet Newspapers

145440   Missing Data and Small-area Estimation : Modern Analytical Equipment for the Survey Statistician
148321   Missing Gene, The : Psychiatry, Heredity, and the Fruitless Search for Genes
138187   Missing Link in Cognition, The : Origins of Self-reflective Consciousness
151417   Missing the Revolution : Darwinism for Social Scientists
147737   Mission of Addition, The
150323   Mitigation of Natural Hazards and Disasters : International Perspectives
145735   Mitochondria and the Heart
143149   Mixed Race Students in College : The Ecology of Race, Identity, and Community On Campus
151177   Mixed Race, A : Ethnicity in Early America
131572   MMPI-A : Assessing Adolescent Psychopathology {3rd ed.}
137396   Mobile Revolution, The : Making of Mobile Services Worldwide
150502   Mobile Virtual Work : A New Paradigm?
163128   Mobilizing Citizens for Better Schools
148605   Mobius Strip, The : A Spatial History of Colonial Society in Guerrero, Mexico
151015   Model and Design of Bipolar and MOS Current-mode Logic : CML, ECL and SCL Digital Circuits
156307   Model Tax Convention On Income and On Capital {6th ed.}
145537   Model-driven Software Development
         Modeling Foundations of Economic Property Rights Theory : An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic
145161   Agreements
145636   Modelling and Control of Mini-flying Machines
145442   Modelling and Identification With Rational Orthogonal Basis Functions
139761   Modelling and Managing the Depressive Disorders : A Clinical Guide
143449   Modelling Community Structure in Freshwater Ecosystems
132264   Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis
155855   Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data
145533   Models in Cooperative Game Theory : Crisp, Fuzzy, and Multi-choice Games
134784   Models of Viral Hepatitis
132263   Modern Architectural Theory : A Historical Survey, 1673-1968
163381   Modern British and Irish Criticism and Theory : A Critical Guide
163380   Modern European Criticism and Theory : A Critical Guide
148554   Modern Foundations of Quantum Optics
160816   Modern Latin America {6th ed.}
163379   Modern North American Criticism and Theory : A Critical Guide
144636   Modern Software Review : Techniques and Technologies
146202   Modernist Novel and the Decline of Empire, The
151557   Modes of Co-reference As an Indicator of Genre
149204   Modest Proposal, A
150326   Modular Forms
138473   Modularity : Understanding the Development and Evolution of Natural Complex Systems
146918   Mohawk Saint : Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
         Molecular Autoimmunity : In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the First Description of Human
158509   Autoimmune Disease
141455   Molecular Biology of B Cells
150678   Molecular Chaperones in Health and Disease
100106   Molecular Computing
152337   Molecular Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees
145667   Molecular Genetics of Lung Cancer, The {1st ed.}
159056   Molecular Imaging of the Lungs
130472   Molecular Imaging Through Magnetic Resonance for Clinical Oncology
160220   Molecular Imprinting of Polymers
145100   Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement
143535   Molecular Mechanisms of Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, The
156000   Molecular Mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophies
150793   Molecular Mimicry : Infection Inducing Autoimmune Disease
139852   Molecular Quantum Mechanics {4th ed.}
144581   Monarch of the Flute : The Life of Georges Barrère
137825   Monarchies and Nations : Globalisation and Identity in the Arab States of the Gulf
155893   Monetary and Fiscal Policies in the Euro Area
157929   Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policies, and Labour Markets : Macroeconomic Policymaking in the EMU
157965   Money and the Early Greek Mind : Homer, Philosophy, Tragedy
         Money for Ireland : Finance, Diplomacy, Politics, and the First D´ail ´Eireann Loans, 1919-1936 {Praeger
 85915   Studies in Diplomacy and Strategic
138191   Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought : A Global Study
142666   Monocular Model-based 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects
         Mono-cycle Photonics and Optical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy : Route to Femtosecond Ångstrom
158525   Technology
143623   Monstrous and the Dead, The : Burke, Marx, Fascism
160203   Montaging Pushkin : Pushkin and Visions of Modernity in Russian Twentieth-century Poetry
150327   Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2004
138216   Montessori : The Science Behind the Genius
151723   Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women
150494   Moon and How to Observe It, The
156569   Moral Corporation, The
151489   Moral Creativity : Paul Ricoeur and the Poetics of Possibility
151235   Moral Dilemmas and Moral Theory
150328   Moral Education : Beyond the Teaching of Right and Wrong
138249   Moral Imagination, The : Art and Soul of Building Peace
137843   Moral Lessons of Twentieth Century : Gorbachev and Ikeda On Buddhism and Communism
135794   Moral Motivation Through the Life Span
132303   Moral Significance of Class, The
132337   Moral Veto, The : Framing Contraception, Abortion, and Cultural Pluralism in the United States
143208   Moral Warrior, The : Ethics and Service in the U.S. Military
161227   Moral, Believing Animals : Human Personhood and Culture
138257   Morality : Its Nature and Justification {Rev. Ed.}
157945   Morals and Villas in Seneca's Letters : Places to Dwell
150074   Morals From Motives
157640   More Urban, Less Poor : An Introduction to Urban Development and Management
144641   Mormon Vanguard Brigade of 1847, The : Norton Jacob's Record
151274   Mormons and the Bible : The Place of the Latter-Day Saints in American Religion
136773   Mormons At the Missouri : Winter Quarters, 1846-1852
150173   Morocco : The Islamist Awakening and Other Challenges
150727   Morse Theoretic Methods in Nonlinear Analysis and in Symplectic Topolgy
139170   Mortgage Answer Book, The : Choosing the Right Loan for You {1st ed.}

135301 Mortgage Encyclopedia, The : An Authoritative Guide to Mortgage Programs, Practices, Prices, and Pitfalls
155664 Mosaic of Believers, A : Diversity and Innovation in a Multiethnic Church
140540 Moses in America : The Cultural Uses of Biblical Narrative

143141   Mothership Connections : A Black Atlantic Synthesis of Neoclassical Metaphysics and Black Theology
137400   Motivate to Win : How to Motivate Yourself and Others {3rd ed.}
162387   Motivation, Language Attitudes and Globalisation : A Hungarian Perspective
151481   Movement and Silence
136197   Moving the Earth {5th ed.}
150780   MR Cholangiopancreatography : Atlas With Cross-sectional Imaging Correlation {2nd ed.}
150623   MR Imaging in White Matter Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord
132254   MRI From A to Z : A Definitive Guide for Medical Professionals
150928   MRI of the Heart and Vessels
         MRT Des Herzens Und Der Gefässe : Indikationen, Strategien, Abläufe, Ergebnisse : Ein Kardiologisch-
150318   radiologisches Konzept
143542   MTHFR Polymorphisms and Disease
149271   Much Ado About Nothing
145308   Mud Volcanoes, Geodynamics and Seismicity
140846   Mulatta and the Politics of Race, The
145743   Multi-agent Programming : Languages, Platforms and Applications
141175   Multiculturalism and the Mouse : Race and Sex in Disney Entertainment {1st ed.}
         Multiculturalism in the United States : A Comparative Guide to Acculturation and Ethnicity {Rev. and
152393   Expanded Ed.}
145713   Multidetector-row Computed Tomography : Scanning and Contrast Protocols
145356   Multidetector-row CT Angiography
150823   Multidimensional Diffusion Processes
145676   Multidimensional Screening
150794   Multidisciplinary Methods for Analysis Optimization and Control of Complex Systems
148013   Multi-governance of Water, The : Four Case Studies
150216   Multi-level Governance
145285   Multimodal Intelligent Information Presentation

145188 Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in Africa : South African Perspectives
158508 Multinational History of Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, The
145432 Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms and Applications
158379 Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary Classroom : A Teacher's Toolkit
156237 Multiple Origins, Uncertain Destinies : Hispanics and the American Future
122094 Multiple Sclerosis : A Self-care Guide to Wellness {2nd ed.}
145456 Multiscale Methods in Science and Engineering
129487 Murder and the Reasonable Man : Passion and Fear in the Criminal Courtroom
145024 Murder On Trial : 1620-2002
151378 Museums in the German Art World From the End of the Old Regime to the Rise of Modernism
142782 Music and Philosophy
163909 Music and Revolution : Cultural Change in Socialist Cuba
143298 Music for the Common Man : Aaron Copland During the Depression and War
150014 Music for the People : Popular Music and Dance in Interwar Britain
137523 Music of the Civil War Era
141883 Music of the Twentieth Century : A Study of Its Elements and Structure
142475 Music Scenes : Local, Translocal and Virtual {1st ed.}
147522 Music Therapy and Neurological Rehabilitation : Performing Health {1st American pbk. ed.}
137759 Music Therapy in Children's Hospices : Jessie's Fund in Action
       Musical Representations, Subjects, and Objects : The Construction of Musical Thought in Zarlino,
155665 Descartes, Rameau, and Weber
       Musical Symbolism in the Operas of Debussy and Bartók : Trauma, Gender, and the Unfolding of the
140522 Unconscious
161982 Musician's Guide to Pro Tools, The

142729   Muslim Civic Cultures and Conflict Resolution : The Challenge of Democratic Federalism in Nigeria
145027   Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English
147553   Muslim Networks From Hajj to Hip Hop
145270   Mutual Funds : Fifty Years of Research Findings
134112   MVine Ltd. : A Case Study of a New Digital Music Label From Conception to Launch
148012   My Beloved Toto : Letters From Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo, 1833-1882
157898   My Friend Leonard
148118   Myelodysplastic Syndromes : Clinical and Biological Advances
151008   Myocardial Ischemia : From Mechanisms to Therapeutic Potentials
146930   Myself When I Am Real : The Life and Music of Charles Mingus
136289   MySQL : Language Reference
143197   Mystic Experience, The : A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis
159113   Mystical Encounters With the Natural World : Experiences and Explanations
151400   Mystics and Messiahs : Cults and New Religions in American History
165160   Myth of Evil, The
147560   Myth of José Martí, The : Conflicting Nationalisms in Early Twentieth-century Cuba
129485   Myth of the Imperial Judiciary, The : Why the Right Is Wrong About the Courts
156784   Myths, Stories, and Organizations : Premodern Narratives for Our Times
         NAFTA, WTO, and Global Business Strategy : How AIDs, Trade, and Terrorism Affect Our Economic
 86656   Future
148991   Naked Employee, The : How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy
 69799   Nanking : Anatomy of an Atrocity
148550   Nanoporous Materials : Science and Engineering
159144   Nanostructure Control of Materials
         Nanotalk : Conversations With Scientists and Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, and Belief in the
158586   Development of Nanotechnology
142718   Narrative and Media
147514   Narrative Identities : Psychologists Engaged in Self-construction {1st American ed.}
 86658   Narrative Inquiry in a Multicultural Landscape : Multicultural Teaching and Learning
149171   Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass : An American Slave
164851   Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, The : An American Slave
144951   Nascent Entrepreneurship : Empirical Studies and Developments
158529   NASH and Nutritional Therapy
151153   Nasser's Blessed Movement : Egypt's Free Officers and the July Revolution
142323   Nation in Barracks, A : Modern Germany, Military Conscription and Civil Society
136720   Nation of Statesmen, A : The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815-1972
120282   Nation, State and the Economy in History
         National Identity and Global Sports Events : Culture, Politics, and Spectacle in the Olympics and the
148033   Football World Cup
133670   National Pastime : How Americans Play Baseball and the Rest of the World Plays Soccer
151454   Nationalism and Irony : Burke, Scott, Carlyle
147499   Nationalist Myths and Modern Media : Contested Identities in the Age of Globalization

157979   Nationalization of Politics, The : Formation of National Electorates and Party Systems in Western Europe
133600   Nations Without States : A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements
135779   Native Athletes in Sport and Society : A Reader
152006   Native to Nowhere : Sustaining Home and Community in a Global Age
 99136   NATO After 2000 : The Future of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance
 91025   NATO for a New Century : Atlanticism and European Security
148611   NATO in the "New Europe" : The Politics of International Socialization After the Cold War
145684   Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture : Impacts and Mitigation
132310   Natural Hazards {2nd ed.}
141584   Natural History of Place in Education, A
122541   Natural Minds
136681   Natural West, The : Environmental History in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains
132299   Naturalistic Hermeneutics
122526   Naturalistic Realism and the Antirealist Challenge
138246   Nature of Design, The : Ecology, Culture, and Human Intention
143543   Nature's Versatile Engine : Insect Flight Muscle Inside and Out
         Navaho Expedition : Journal of a Military Reconnaissance From Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Navaho
136741   Country Made in 1849
136694   Navajo Legacy, A : The Life and Teachings of John Holiday
147251   Navigating Interracial Borders : Black-white Couples and Their Social Worlds
150329   Navigating Numeracies : Home/school Numeracy Practices
120253   Navigating Social-ecological Systems : Building Resilience for Complexity and Change
130446   Nazi Chic? : Fashioning Women in the Third Reich
151395   Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies, The
 86659   Nazi-Deutsch/Nazi-German : An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich
157925   Neanderthals and Modern Humans : An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective
156924   Nearest-neighbor Methods in Learning and Vision : Theory and Practice
150362   Near-surface Layer of the Ocean, The : Structure, Dynamics and Applications
151248   Necessary Madness : The Humor of Domesticity in Nineteenth-century American Literature
       Nectar Gaze and Poison Breath : An Analysis and Translation of the Rajasthani Oral Narrative of
151439 Devna¯ra¯yan?

147254 Negotiating Ethnicity : Second-generation South Asian Americans Traverse a Transnational World
144978 Negotiating the Holistic Turn : The Domestication of Alternative Medicine
149868 Negotiating Trade : Developing Countries in the WTO and NAFTA
135358 Negotiation Fieldbook, The : Simple Strategies to Help You Negotiate Everything
147072 Neighbor Law : Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise {5th ed.}
146866 Neighborhoods and Health
140546 Neither Saints nor Sinners : Writing the Lives of Women in Spanish America
138961 Neoconservative Revolution, The : Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy
165165 Neolithic Scotland : Timber, Stone, Earth and Fire
163328 Neonatal and Perinatal Mortality : Country, Regional and Global Estimates
149577 Nessus, Snort, & Ethereal Power Tools : Customizing Open Source Security Applications
143259 Net Worth Workout, The : A Powerful Program for a Lifetime of Financial Fitness
150841 Net-centric Approaches to Intelligence and National Security
156368 Netherlands
158095 Network Coding Theory
147002 Network Science
149581 Network Security Evaluation Using the NSA IEM
149580 Network+ Study Guide & Practice Exams : Exam N10-003
134928 Networking Strategies for the New Music Business
148138 Networking Wireless Sensors
146902 Networks in the Knowledge Economy
156793 Networks of Innovation : Change and Meaning in the Age of the Internet
148651 Neural Basis of Consciousness
138577 Neural Correlates of Consciousness : Empirical and Conceptual Questions
145540 Neural Networks : Methodology and Applications
144609 Neural Networks in Healthcare : Potential and Challenges
148146 Neural Plasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System
142083 Neuroethics : Defining the Issues in Theory, Practice, and Policy
141479 Neurologic Involvement in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
143345 Neurology of Autism, The
149841 NEURON Book, The
112687 Neuronal Substrates of Sleep and Epilepsy
146885 Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child
       Neutrinos and Explosive Events in the Universe : [Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute On
151017 Neutrinos and Explosive Events in the Universe]

136678   Never Come to Peace Again : Pontiac's Uprising and the Fate of the British Empire in North America
148316   Never Trust a Local : Inside the Nixon White House
158394   New Agenda for Research in Educational Leadership, A
156588   New Algorithms for Macromolecular Simulation
143372   New Algorithms, Architectures and Applications for Reconfigurable Computing

147190 New American Dream Dictionary, The : Complete Language of Dreams in Easy-to-understand Form
146952 New American Militarism, The : How Americans Are Seduced By War
       New Astronomy, The : Opening the Electromagnetic Window and Expanding Our View of Planet Earth,
150882 The : a Meeting to Honor Woody Sullivan On His 60th birthday
149300 New Bankruptcy, The : Will It Work for You? {1st ed.}
142730 New Campaign Finance Sourcebook, The
151005 New Challenges in Superconductivity : Experimental Advances and Emerging Theories
152002 New Consumers, The : Influence of Affluence On the Environment
143440 New Corporate Governance : Successful Board Management Tools
149785 New Departures : Rethinking Rail Passenger Policy in the Twenty-first-century
       New Developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics : Proceedings of the Sixth International Nobeyama
150795 Workshop On the New Century of Computatio
145753 New Directions : Efficiency and Productivity
146105 New Economy and Beyond, The : Past, Present and Future
142529 New Financial Market Structure for East Asia, A
150330 New Frontiers in Angiogenesis

142509 New Frontiers in the Economics of Innovation and New Technology : Essays in Honour of Paul A. David
138029 New Guide for Occupational Exploration : Linking Interests, Learning, and Careers {4th ed.}
142080   New Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research, The
151018   New Horizons of Parallel and Distributed Computing
139482   New Husserl, The : A Critical Reader
144094   New Individualism, The : Emotional Costs of Globalization {1st ed.}
144621   New Infrastructures for Knowledge Production : Understanding E-science
145686   New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis
157305   New Leadership Challenge, The : Creating the Future of Nursing {2nd ed.}
135425   New Markets, New Strategies : Wealth-building Habits for Intelligent Investing
100062   New Media, 1740-1915
142510   New Monetary Policy, The : Implications and Relevance
148988   New New Economy, The
159734   New Old Damascus, A : Authenticity and Distinction in Urban Syria
         New Old Economy, The : Networks, Institutions, and the Organizational Transformation of American
163352   Manufacturing
150631   New Paradigm for Re-engineering Education : Globalization, Localization and Individualization
145209   New Perspectives On Native North America : Cultures, Histories, and Representations
151134   New Red Negro, The : Literary Left and African American Poetry, 1930-1946
125495   New Season, A : Using Title IX to Reform College Sports
150071   New Simonides, The : Contexts of Praise and Desire
         New Teacher Identity and Regulative Government : The Discursive Formation of Primary Mathematics
145256   Teacher Education
159045   New Techniques in Oncologic Imaging
         New Trends and Technologies in Computer-aided Learning for Computer-aided Design : IFIP TC10
155888   Working Conference: EduTech 2005, October 20-21
145691   New Trends in Macroeconomics
156606   New Trends in the Theory of Hyperbolic Equations : Advances in Partial Differential Equations
145346   New Trends of Surgery for Stroke and Its Perioperative Management
138161   New Unconscious, The
142971   New Woman in Early Twentieth-century Chinese Fiction, The
157340   New World, Known World : Shaping Knowledge in Early Anglo-American Writing
126850   New-brutality Film, The : Race and Affect in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
125571   News Ombudsmen in North America : Assessing an Experiment in Social Responsibility
147381   News Piracy and the Hot News Doctrine : Origins in Law and Implications for the Digital Age
         Next Big Investment Boom, The : Learning the Secrets of Investing From a Master and How to Profit
157227   From Commodities
146929   Next Christendom, The : Coming of Global Christianity
         Nicaragua : The Imagining of a Nation : From Nineteenth-century Liberals to Twentieth-century
148320   Sandinistas
160136   Nicolaas Van Wijk (1880-1941) : Slavist, Linguist, Philanthropist
151789   Nietzsche and Embodiment : Discerning Bodies and Non-dualism
159115   Nietzsche's Critiques : The Kantian Foundations of His Thought
151372   Nietzsche's Middle Period
150177   Nietzsche's New Darwinism
144839   Niger River Basin, The : A Vision for Sustainable Management
         Nightly Business Report Presents Lasting Leadership : What You Can Learn From the Top 25 Business
140952   People of Our Times
150632   Nimesulide--actions and Uses
150973   Nitrogen Fixation in Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology, and the Environment
138192   No Exit : What Parents Owe Their Children and What Society Owes Parents
         No Greater Threat : America After September 11 and the Rise of a National Security State {2nd ed.,
148586   Completely updated.}
150202   No Margin, No Mission : Health-care Organizations and the Quest for Ethical Excellence
135792   No One Ever Asked Me : The World War II Memoirs of an Omaha Indian Soldier
157339   No Ordinary Joe : A Life of Joseph Pulitzer III
135444   No Place Like Home : Locations of Heimat in German Cinema
         No Place to Call Home : The 1807-1857 Life Writings of Caroline Barnes Crosby, Chronicler of Outlying
144642   Mormon Communities
140950   No Such Thing As Over-exposure : Inside the Life and Celebrity of Donald Trump
147401   Nobel Laureates in Search of Identity & Integrity : Voices of Different Cultures
         Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics, The : An Introduction to Their Careers and Main Published
137160   Works
147012   Noise and Military Service : Implications for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
150331   Noise-induced Phenomena in Slow-fast Dynamical Systems : A Sample-paths Approach
142107   Nolo's IEP Guide : Learning Disabilities {2nd ed.}
138008   Nolo's Simple Will Book {6th ed.}
146497   Nonblocking Electronic and Photonic Switching Fabrics
146196   Nonequilibrium Ecology
146182   Non-governmental Organisations in International Law

148555 Nonlinear and Parametric Phenomena : Theory and Applications in Radiophysical and Mechanical Systems
150679 Nonlinear Continua
145140 Nonlinear Dynamics and Heterogeneous Interacting Agents
156540 Non-linear Dynamics and Statistical Theories for Basic Geophysical Flows
145724 Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle
150332 Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems : A Special Tribute to the Work of Herbert Amann
150333 Nonlinear Ill-posed Problems of Monotone Type
143481 Nonlinear Optical Crystals : A Complete Survey
150554 Nonlinear Oscillations in Mechanical Engineering
146481 Nonlinear Problems of Elasticity
150536 Nonlinear Smoothing and Multiresolution Analysis
       Nonlinear Workbook, The : Chaos, Fractals, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms,
       Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hidden Markov Models, Fuzzy Logic
148568 with C++, Java and SymbolicC++ programs {3rd ed.}

125630   Non-medical Influences Upon Medical Decision-making and Referral Behavior : An Annotated Bibliography
145266   Non-native Language Teachers : Perceptions, Challenges, and Contributions to the Profession
158505   Nonparametric Monte Carlo Tests and Their Applications
155998   Nonsense-mediated MRNA Decay
155935   Non-viral Gene Therapy : Gene Design and Delivery
157970   Norms in a Wired World
100050   Norms of Nature : Naturalism and the Nature of Functions
152394   North Korea : A Strange Socialist Fortress
152395   Northern Labor and Antislavery : A Documentary History
143537   Northwestern Handbook of Surgical Procedures
159750   Not Just a Pretty Face : Dolls and Human Figurines in Alaska Native Cultures {2nd ed.}
159735   Not My Mother's Sister : Generational Conflict and Third-wave Feminism
156446   Notable African American Writers
156443   Notable Latino Writers
140691   Notable Playwrights
150138   Nothing to Admire : The Politics of Poetic Satire From Dryden to Merrill
117699   Nova's GRE Prep Course
148437   Novel and the American Left, The : Critical Essays On Depression-era Fiction
164036   Novel Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
136318   Novell Certified Linux Engineer (Novell CLE) : Study Guide
140977   Novell ZENworks 6.5 Suite : Administrator's Handbook
136287   Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting EDirectory
 69192   Novels of Samuel Selvon, The : A Critical Study
150651   NPY Family of Peptides in Immune Disorders, Inflammation, Angiogenesis and Cancer
         NPY Family of Peptides in Neurobiology, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders : From Genes to
156601   Therapeutics
150990   Nuclear Fusion Research : Understanding Plasma-surface Interactions
         Nuclear Proliferation in the Indian Subcontinent : The Self-exhausting "Superpowers" and Emerging
126710   Alliances
138933   Nuclear Superfluidity : Pairing in Finite Systems
121728   Nuclear Tipping Point, The : Why States Reconsider Their Nuclear Choices
142320   Nudity : A Cultural Anatomy
140956   Number : The Language of Science
145689   Numerical Methods for General and Structured Eigenvalue Problems
150404   Numerical Methods for Structured Markov Chains
139580   Numerical Methods in Engineering With MATLAB
139577   Numerical Methods in Engineering With Python
155860   Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations On Parallel Computers
148565   Numerical Solution of Systems of Polynomials Arising in Engineering and Science
143184   Nurse Educators and Politics
133757   Nursing Diagnosis Manual : Planning, Individualizing, and Documenting Client Care
145559   Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice {2nd ed.}
158383   Nurturing Talent in High School : Life in the Fast Lane
147009   Nutrient Composition of Rations for Short-term, High-intensity Combat Operations
158791 Nutrition and an Active Life : From Knowledge to Action
155709 Nutrition and Behavior : A Multidisciplinary Approach
136740 O Tempora! O Mores! : Cicero's Catilinarian Orations : a Student Edition With Historical Essays
132134 Oatman Massacre, The : A Tale of Desert Captivity and Survival
155960 Observation of the Earth System From Space
       Observational Research in U.S. Classrooms : New Approaches for Understanding Cultural and Linguistic
152219 Diversity
145439 Observer's Year, The : 366 Nights of the Universe

133587   Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : Practical, Tried-and-tested Strategies to Overcome OCD {2nd ed.}
143196   Occasional Deconstructions
159732   Occupational Outlook Handbook. 2006-2007
159465   Occupational Therapy : Performance, Participation, and Well-being {3rd ed.}
150503   Oculoplastics and Orbit
125576   Oder-Neisse Line, The : United States, Poland, and Germany in the Cold War
149192   Odyssey, The
156278   OECD Regions At a Glance
156336   OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook, 2005-2014
102404   Of Golden Toads and Serpents' Roads
162457   Of Liberty and Necessity : The Free Will Debate in Eighteenth-century British Philosophy
156720   Of Paradise and Light : Essays On Henry Vaughan and John Milton in Honor of Alan Rudrum
127272   Of Passionate Curves and Desirable Cadences : Themes On Waiwai Social Being
150168   Offering Flowers, Feeding Skulls : Popular Goddess Worship in West Bengal
135313   Official Gold's Gym Beginner's Guide to Fitness, The : Authority On Fitness Since 1965
135303   Official Gold's Gym Guide to Getting Started in Body Building, The
151501   Official New Features Guide to Sybase ASE 15, The
132347   Offshoring Information Technology : Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce
142314   Offside Racism : Playing the White Man {English Ed.}
138206   Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! : The Enduring Phenomenon of Gilbert and Sullivan
126708   Oil and Geopolitics in the Caspian Sea Region
149884   Oil, Globalization, and the War for the Arctic Refuge
136776   Ojibwa Warrior : Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement
151374   Ojibwe Singers : Hymns, Grief, and a Native Culture in Motion
142308   Old Clothes, New Looks : Second Hand Fashion
138507   Old New Logic, The : Essays On the Philosophy of Fred Sommers
156721   Old Spain and New Spain : The Travel Narratives of Camilo José Cela
 81401   Old Wine in New Skins : The Role of Tradition in Communication, Knowledge, and Group Identity
152037   Older Americans : A Changing Market
         Old-fashioned Recipes for Modern Cooks : Foods With All the Flavor You Remember in Grandmother's
149373   Cooking
149147   Oliver Twist
145011   On Austrian Soil : Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate
148652   On Becoming Aware : A Pragmatics of Experiencing

143247   On Cloud Nine (An Inspiring Tale) : Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace
 91027   On Different Tracks : Designing Railway Regulation in Britain and Germany
138189   On Female Body Experience : "Throwing Like a Girl" and Other Essays
148036   On Jameson : From Postmodernism to Globalization
152064   On Jordan's Banks : Emancipation and Its Aftermath in the Ohio River Valley
142837   On Location : Theory and Practice in Classroom-based Writing Tutoring
150068   On Our Mind : Salience, Context, and Figurative Language
142473   On Our Own, Together : Peer Programs for People With Mental Illness {1st ed.}
158404   On Qualitative Inquiry
 85919   On Teaching Foreign Languages : Linking Theory to Practice
         On the East-west Slope : Globalization, Nationalism, Racism and Discourses On Central and Eastern
147589   Europe {1st ed.}
148156   On the History of the Idea of Law
142511   On the Reappraisal of Microeconomics : Economic Growth and Change in a Material Change
146953   On the Take : How Medicine's Complicity With Big Business Can Endanger Your Health
156573   On the Topology of Isolated Singularities in Analytic Spaces
145798   On the Uniqueness of Humankind
132125   On the Upper Missouri : The Journal of Rudolph Friederich Kurz, 1851-1852
127251   One House : The Unicameral's Progressive Vision for Nebraska
160184   One Less Hope : Essays On Twentieth-century Russian Poets
145567   One Voice of James Dickey, The : His Letters and Life, 1970-1997
135797   Oneida Lives : Long-lost Voices of the Wisconsin Oneidas
149370   One-person Puppetry Streamlined & Simplified : With 38 Folktale Scripts
138506   Onflow : Dynamics of Consciousness and Experience

136234   Online Assessment and Measurement : Case Studies From Higher Education, K-12 and Corporate
136235   Online Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation : Emerging Practices
126098   Online Assessments and Measurement : Foundations and Challenges
159382   Ontological Categories : Their Nature and Significance
148097   Open Access for Africa : Challenges, Recommendations and Examples
156260   Open Innovation : The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting From Technology
162397   Open to Desire : The Truth About What the Buddha Taught {1st Trade Pbk. Ed.}
122104   Open, The : Man and Animal
 85772   Opening New Markets : The British Army and the Old Northwest
         Operation Yao Ming : The Chinese Sports Empire, American Big Business, and the Making of an NBA
141732   Superstar
         Operational Freight Carrier Planning : Basic Concepts, Optimization Models and Advanced Memetic
150829   Algorithms
150334   Operator Algebras : Theory of C*-algebras and Von Neumann Algebras
149337   Operator Algebras and Their Modules : An Operator Space Approach
155951   Operator Theory in Krein Spaces and Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems
159463   Ophthalmic Medications and Pharmacology {2nd ed.}
135680   Opportunities in Acting Careers {Rev. Ed.}
135682   Opportunities in Allied Health Careers {Rev. Ed.}
135373   Opportunities in Beauty and Modeling Careers
135371   Opportunities in Broadcasting Careers
135377   Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers
135681   Opportunities in Nutrition Careers {Rev. Ed.}
135370   Opportunities in Overseas Careers
135679   Opportunities in Paralegal Careers {Rev. Ed.}
135368   Opportunities in Photography Careers
135683   Opportunities in Physician Careers {Rev. Ed.}
135678   Opportunities in Teaching Careers {Rev. Ed.}
136139   Opposing Suharto : Compromise, Resistance, and Regime Change in Indonesia
145481   Optical Properties of Photonic Crystals
150774   Optics in Astrophysics
159475   Optics, Retinoscopy, and Refractometry

145061 Optimal Control and Dynamic Games : Applications in Finance, Management Science and Economics
145721 Optimal Control of Distributed Systems With Conjugation Conditions
145767 Optimal Real-time Control of Sewer Networks
       Optimization in Economics and Finance : Some Advances in Non-linear, Dynamic, Multi-criteria and
145055 Stochastic Models
150555 Optimized Bayesian Dynamic Advising : Theory and Algorithms
150152 Opting for the Margins : Postmodernity and Liberation in Christian Theology
138898 Options Demystified
151006 Optoelectronic Devices : Advanced Simulation and Analysis
       Oracle of Oracle, The : Story of Volatile CEO Larry Ellison and the Strategies Behind His Company's
148989 Phenomenal Success
143134 Oral Arguments and Decision Making On the United States Supreme Court
150877 Orbital Tumors : Diagnosis and Treatment
112140 Order and Agency in Modernity : Talcott Parsons, Erving Goffman, and Harold Garfinkel
140592 Ordinary Enchantments : Magical Realism and the Remystification of Narrative {1st ed.}
159736 Ordinary Germans in Extraordinary Times : The Nazi Revolution in Hildesheim
155952 Organ Microcirculation : A Gateway to Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions
150905 Organization Structures : Theory and Design, Analysis and Prescription
146168 Organizational Encounters With Risk
       Organizational Innovations and Economic Growth : Organosis and Growth of Firms, Sectors, and
130517 Countries

162461   Organizational Knowledge in the Making : How Firms Create, Use, and Institutionalize Knowledge
112121   Organizational Structure in American Police Agencies : Context, Complexity, and Control
 86661   Organizational Success Through Effective Human Resources Management
145366   Organizatorial Principles for Multi-agent Architectures
140978   Organize Your Family's Schedule-- in No Time
136326   Organize Your Personal Finances --in No Time
136144   Organizing Through Division and Exclusion : China's Hukou System
135746   Organizing U.S. Foreign Aid : Confronting the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century
150156   Origin and Evolution of Cultures, The
151170   Origin of the Gods, The : A Psychoanalytic Study of Greek Theogonic Myth
149061   Origins of African American Literature, 1680-1865, The
148654   Origins of Language : Constraints On Hypotheses
144585   Origins of the Southern Middle Class, 1800-1861, The
138446   Ornaments of the Metropolis : Siegfried Kracauer and Modern Urban Culture
138180   Orson Welles's Citizen Kane : A Casebook
159383   Orthogonal Polynomials : Computation and Approximation
149576   OS X for Hackers At Heart : The Apple of Every Hacker's Eye
148744   Oscars, The
149272   Othello
         Other Daughters of the Revolution, The : Narrative of K. White (1809) and Memoirs of Elizabeth Fisher
165151   (1810)
148511   Other New York, The : American Revolution Beyond New York City, 1763-1787
163927   Otolaryngology : Basic Science and Clinical Review
151429   Ottaviano Petrucci : Catalogue Raisonné
139599   Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922, The
145196   Our Landless Patria : Marginal Citizenship and Race in Caguas, Puerto Rico, 1880-1910
142117   Our Parents, Ourselves : How American Health Care Imperils Middle Age and Beyond
129741   Our Secret Constitution : How Lincoln Redefined American Democracy
147559   Our Separate Ways : Women and the Black Freedom Movement in Durham, North Carolina
129258   Our Studies, Ourselves : Sociologists' Lives and Work
162429   Out of the Box Marketing : How to Build a Super-profitable Business
156650   Out of the Inkwell : Max Fleischer and the Animation Revolution
135780   Out of the Shadows : African American Baseball From the Cuban Giants to Jackie Robinson
152396   Out of the Woodpile : Black Characters in Crime and Detective Fiction
142841   Outcomes Book, The : Debate and Consensus After the WPA Outcomes Statement
         Outer Planets and Their Moons, The : Comparative Studies of the Outer Planets Prior to the Exploration of
150652   the Saturn System By Cassini-Huygen
137826   Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film
144626   Outsourcing and Offshoring in the 21st Century : A Socio-economic Perspective
147997   Outsourcing Handbook, The : How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process
143383   Outsourcing to India : The Offshore Advantage {2nd ed.}
159737   Over the Wall/after the Fall : Post-communist Cultures Through an East-West Gaze
146963   Overachievement : The New Model for Exceptional Performance
104926   Overcoming Hearing Aid Fears : The Road to Better Hearing
         Overcoming Secondary Stress in Medical and Nursing Practice : A Guide to Professional Resilience and
143321   Personal Well-being
138032   Overnight Career Choice : Discover Your Ideal Job in Just a Few Hours
143127   Owning the Genome : A Moral Analysis of DNA Patenting
164129   Oxbridge Men : British Masculinity and the Undergraduate Experience, 1850-1920
161014   Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry, The
143599   Oxford Companion to American Theatre, The {3rd ed.}
130792   Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations
138146   Oxford Handbook of Comparative Syntax, The
133770   Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education
142068   Oxford Handbook of Dental Patient Care
138158   Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, The
155686   Oxford History of Modern Europe, The {3rd ed.}
155687   Oxford History of Modern War, The
155685   Oxford History of the Crusades, The
148029   Ozone Depletion and Climate Change : Constructing a Global Response
156722   P/herversions : Critical Studies of Ana Rossetti
157097   Pachangas : Borderlands Music, U.S. Politics, and Transnational Marketing {1st ed.}
140835   Pacific Skies : American Flyers in World War II
158496   PACS : A Guide to the Digital Revolution {2nd ed.}
145455   Paediatric Musculoskeletal Disease : With an Emphasis On Ultrasound
155696   Pagan City and Christian Capital : Rome in the Fourth Century
150019   Pagan Monotheism in Late Antiquity
158312   Pages From the Past : History and Memory in American Magazines
130209   Paint Shop Pro 9 for Photographers
130221   Painter IX for Photographers : Creating Painterly Images Step By Step
163914   Pakistan : An Evaluation of the World Bank's Assistance
157087   Palaces and Power in the Americas : From Peru to the Northwest Coast {1st ed.}
         Palladium Emissions in the Environment : Analytical Methods, Environmental Assessment and Health
150335   Effects
142073   Palliative Care Consultations in Advanced Breast Cancer
         Pampered Child Syndrome, The : How to Recognize It, How to Manage It, and How to Avoid It : a Guide
158461   for Parents and Professionals {rev. ed.}
138502   Panpsychism in the West
135429   Papa Bear : The Life and Legacy of George Halas
150144   Paradise of God, The : Renewing Religion in an Ecological Age
151347   Paradox of Subjectivity, The : Self in the Transcendental Tradition

143203 Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture : Contemporary Women Writers of the Indian and Afro-Italian Diaspora
       Parent Management Training : Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children
138170 and Adolescents

142108   Parent Savvy : Straight Answers to Your Family's Financial, Legal & Practical Questions {1st ed.}
158569   Parenting : An Ecological Perspective
152429   Parenting and Professing : Balancing Family Work With an Academic Career {1st ed.}
138869   Parenting Your Adopted Child : A Positive Approach to Building a Strong Family
         Parenting Your Complex Child : Become a Powerful Advocate for the Autistic, Down Syndrome, PDD,
148972   Bipolar, or Other Special-needs Child
124743   Parents and Their Deaf Children : The Early Years
         Parent's Guide to Special Education, A : Insider Advice On How to Navigate the System and Help Your
134101   Child Succeed
157233   Parkinson's Disease : 300 Tips for Making Life Easier {2nd ed.}
157984   Parliament and Foreign Policy in the Eighteenth Century
150215   Parsimony, Phylogeny, and Genomics
143171   Participating Citizen, The : A Biography of Alfred Schutz
         Particle Physics and Cosmology : The Interface {NATO Science Series. Series II, Mathematics, Physics,
145763   and Chemistry ; V. 188}

145662 Particle Physics and the Universe : Proceedings of the 9th Adriatic Meeting, Sept. 2003, Dubrovnik
121735 Parting Ways : The Crisis in German-American Relations
       Partnering With Purpose : A Guide to Strategic Partnership Development for Libraries and Other
125467 Organizations
141413 Past and Present : National Identity and the British Historical Film
150762 Past and Present Water Column Anoxia
147756 Pasta, Fried Rice, and Matzoh Balls : Immigrant Cooking in America
156817 Patent Inventions--intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel
142109 Patent, Copyright & Trademark {8th ed.}
138514 Paths to a Green World : The Political Economy of the Global Environment
158825 Pathways to Change : Brief Therapy With Difficult Adolescents {2nd ed.}
104132 Pathways to Knowledge and Inquiry Learning
147541 Patient Satisfaction : Understanding and Managing the Experience of Care
158585 Patient Treatment Adherence : Concepts, Interventions, and Measurement
146917 Patrons and Adversaries : Nobles and Villagers in Italian Politics, 1640-1760
149999 Patrons, Clients, and Empire : Chieftaincy and Over-rule in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific
135333 Pattern Recognition and Trading Decisions
152227 Patterns of Legislative Politics : Roll Call Voting in Latin America and the United States
158800 Paul Ricoeur : Tradition and Innovation in Rhetorical Theory
151830 Pavement Arena, The : Adapting Combat Martial Arts to the Street
162000 PC QuickSteps
137626 Peace in the Middle East : P2P and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
143223 Peaceful Persuasion : The Geopolitics of Nonviolent Rhetoric

126793   Peacekeeping in the Abyss : British and American Peacekeeping Doctrine and Practice After the Cold War
138477   Pedagogy and the Practice of Science : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
150729   Pediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas
123066   Pediatric Minimal Access Surgery
155996   Pediatric Neurosurgery
150504   Pediatric Oncology : A Comprehensive Guide
155895   Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Genetics
157938   Pediatric Orthopedics for Primary Care Physicians {2nd ed.}
146874   Pediatric Psychopharmacology : Principles and Practice
150680   Pediatric Surgery
127104   Pediatric Ultrasound : How, Why, and When
135384   Pediatrics : Just the Facts
165274   Pediatrics On Call
156542   Peer Relationships in Cultural Context
145001   Peking University : Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898-1937
149341   Pendulum, The : A Case Study in Physics
150955   Pendulum, The : Scientific, Historical, Philosophical and Educational Perspectives
140836   Peninsula Campaign of 1862, The : A Military Analysis {1st ed.}
142017   Pension Reform : Issues and Prospects for Non-financial Defined Contribution (NDC) Schemes

152087 Pension Reform and the Development of Pension Systems : An Evaluation of World Bank Assistance
129817 People Themselves, The : Popular Constitutionalism and Judicial Review
       People With Autism Behaving Badly : Helping People With ASD Move On From Behavioral and Emotional
137844 Challenges
 70138 People, Press, and Politics of Croatia, The
125590 People's Health, The Volume 2, Public Health in Australia, 1950 to the Present
125589 People's Health, The. Volume 1, Public Health in Australia, 1788-1950
137827 People's Stage in Imperial Germany, The : Social Democracy and Culture 1890-1914
141131 Peoples Temple and Black Religion in America
145622 Perceiving Geometry : Geometrical Illusions Explained By Natural Scene Statistics
146907 Perception of Faces, Objects, and Scenes : Analytic and Holistic Processes
149590 Perfect Passwords : Selection, Protection, Authentication
       Perfect Phrases for Customer Service : Hundreds of Tools, Techniques, and Scripts for Handling Any
135398 Situation
135702 Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview
135402 Perfect Solutions for Difficult Employee Situations
151535 Performance : Recasting the Political in Theatre and Beyond
128344 Performance Appraisal Handbook, The : Legal & Practical Rules for Managers {1st ed.}
156578 Performance Evaluation and Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet
147992 Performance Management : Key Strategies and Practical Guidelines {3rd ed.}
141081 Performing Israel's Faith : Narrative and Law in Rabbinic Theology
149886 Performing Marx : Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition
157093 Performing Women and Modern Literary Culture in Latin America : Intervening Acts {1st ed.}
149273 Pericles
136421 Perils of Dominance : Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam
127102 Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound : How, Why, and When {2nd ed.}
150537 Permutation, Parametric and Bootstrap Tests of Hypotheses
 85920 Perpetration-induced Traumatic Stress : The Psychological Consequences of Killing
132372 Persistence of Subjectivity, The : On the Kantian Aftermath

132314 Personal Autonomy : New Essays On Personal Autonomy and Its Role in Contemporary Moral Philosophy
134104 Personal Brilliance : Mastering the Everyday Habits That Create a Lifetime of Success
       Personal History of CESR and CLEO, A : The Cornell Electron Storage Ring and Its Main Particle Detector
147390 Facility
 86664 Personal Policy Making : Canada's Role in the Adoption of the Palestine Partition Resolution
158514 Personality in Intimate Relationships : Socialization and Psychopathology
150132 Persons and Causes : The Metaphysics of Free Will
150991 Perspectives and Policies On ICT in Society : An IFIP TC9 (Computers and Society) Handbook
150931 Perspectives On Aspect
       Perspectives On Disability, Discrimination, Accommodations, and Law : A Comparison of the Canadian and
147388 American Experience
153779 Perspectives On Fiscal Federalism
138469 Perspectives On Free and Open Source Software
       Perspectives On Imitation Volume 1, Mechanisms of Imitation and Imitation in Animals : From
148726 Neuroscience to Social Science
       Perspectives On Imitation Volume 2. Imitation, Human Development, and Culture / : From Neuroscience
138501 to Social Science
130092 Perspectives On Intellectual Capital
129911 Perspectives On Rehabilitation and Dementia
148999   Persuasive Business Proposals : Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts {2nd ed.}
156572   Perturbation Methods and Semilinear Elliptic Problems On R[superscript N]
132320   Perturbation of the Boundary in Boundary-value Problems of Partial Differential Equations
150336   Perturbations of Positive Semigroups With Applications
         Peruvian Traditions / By Ricardo Palma ; Translated From the Spanish By Helen Lane ; Edited With an
146945   Introduction and Chronology By Christoph
144979   Perversity of Poetry, The : Romantic Ideology and the Popular Male Poet of Genius
145028   Petrified Intelligence : Nature in Hegel's Philosophy
126700   Petroleum Economics : Issues and Strategies of Oil and Natural Gas Production
139622   Petroleum Geology of Africa : New Themes and Developing Technologies
145018   Petty Capitalists and Globalization : Flexibility, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development
138243   Phanerozoic Carbon Cycle, The : CO2 and O2
121582   Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory (1898-1925)
165263   Pharmacology Demystified
159036   Pharmacotherapy of Asthma
136186   Phase-locked Loop Synthesizer Simulation
145621   Phase-modulated Optical Communication Systems
120749   Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics, The : From Confinement to Extreme Environments
163918   Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
145388   Phenomenology of Life : Meeting the Challenges of the Present-day World
165084   Phenomenology of Prayer, The
149384   Phenomenon : Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal
121485   Phenotypic Integration : Studying the Ecology and Evolution of Complex Phenotypes
156754   Philadelawareans, and Other Essays Relating to Delaware, The

141132   Philanthropy, Patronage, and Civil Society : Experiences From Germany, Great Britain, and North America
165093   Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe : Representation and the Loss of the Subject
140530   Philoctetes
131408   Philosophical Chaucer : Love, Sex, and Agency in the Canterbury Tales
158796   Philosophical Dialectics : An Essay On Metaphilosophy
151362   Philosophy After Objectivity : Making Sense in Perspective
150170   Philosophy As Fiction : Self, Deception, and Knowledge in Proust
142793   Philosophy As the Interpreter of Holy Scripture (1666)
146873   Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel, The : Studies in Science, Explanation, and Rationality
152073   Philosophy of Film Noir, The
165175   Philosophy of Mind A-Z
148655   Philosophy of the Brain : The Brain Problem
145583   Philosophy, Literature, and Politics : Essays Honoring Ellis Sandoz
150338   Philosophy, Science, Education and Culture
149585   Phishing Exposed
         Phobic and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents : A Clinician's Guide to Effective Psychosocial
129722   and Pharmacological Interventions
164451   Phonological Development and Disorders in Children : A Multilingual Perspective
         Photoautotrophic (Sugar-free Medium) Micropropagation As a New Micropropagation and Transplant
143495   Production System
145355   Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation
140961   PHP 5 Unleashed
150878   Physical Acoustics in the Solid State
150783   Physical Approach to Short-term Wind Power Prediction
146125   Physical Foundations of Cosmology
150210   Physical Relativity : Space-time Structure From a Dynamical Perspective
155919   Physical Testing of Rubber {4th ed.}
139595   Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium, The
139578   Physics in Molecular Biology
145526   Physics of Birdsong, The
130474   Physics of Solid-state Lasers
140171   Physics of Superheroes, The
158592   Physiological Bases of Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders, The
150884   Physiology and Molecular Biology of Stress Tolerance in Plants
132275   Physiology of Flowering Plants, The {4th ed.}
152397   Piano Music By Black Women Composers : A Catalog of Solo and Ensemble Works
151832   Picnic Food
149228   Picture of Dorian Gray, The
160087   Picturing Mind : Paradox, Indeterminacy and Consciousness in Art & Poetry
150164   Picturing the Human : The Moral Thought of Iris Murdoch
151475   Pilgrimage of Love : Moltmann On the Trinity and Christian Life
150427   Pins : The Bedrock
138186   Pioneers of Jazz : The Story of the Creole Band
138303   Piping Systems & Pipeline : ASME Code Simplified
         Pirates of the Digital Millennium : How the Intellectual Property Wars Damage Our Personal Freedoms,
140940   Our Jobs, and the World Economy
156757   Place in the Story, A : Servants and Service in Shakespeare's Plays
156723   Place of Exile, The : Leisure Literature and the Limits of Absolutism
130108   Placing Shadows : Lighting Techniques for Video Production {3rd ed.}
129249   Plague and Fire : Battling Black Death and the 1900 Burning of Honolulu's Chinatown
140979   Plan a Fabulous Party--in No Time
147076   Plan Your Estate {8th ed.}
 91981   Plane Truth, The : Airline Crashes, the Media, and Transportation Policy
147546   Plant Identification : Creating User-friendly Field Guides for Biodiversity Management
156635   Plant Life of Kentucky : An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora
150932   Plant Resistance to Arthropods : Molecular and Conventional Approaches
138947   Plant-provided Food for Carnivorous Insects : A Protective Mutualism and Its Applications
163905   Plants On Islands : Diversity and Dynamics On a Continental Archipelago
158495   Plasticity in the Visual System : From Genes to Circuits
157242   Plato and Aristotle in Agreement? : Platonists On Aristotle From Antiochus to Porphyry
144976   Platonic Philosophy of Religion, A : A Process Perspective
160193   Plato's Cratylus : Argument, Form, and Structure
149829   Plato's Meno
138185   Plato's Symposium
156964   Play between Worlds : Exploring Online Game Culture
156724   Playhouse Law in Shakespeare's World
138706   Please Pay Attention Please : Bruce Nauman's Words : Writings and Interviews
138234   Pleasure and Change : The Aesthetics of Canon
149355   Pleasure and the Arts : Enjoying Literature, Painting, and Music
155776   Pleuramesotheliom
136315   Plone : Content Management Essentials
149060   Plotting Terror : Novelists and Terrorists in Contemporary Fiction
138310   Plumber's and Pipe Fitter's Calculations Manual

135424 Plumbing and Piping Inspection Notes : Inspecting Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Properties

135302   Pocket Mortgage Guide, The : 60 of the Most Important Questions and Answers About Your Home Loan
156816   Poetics of Psychoanalysis, The : In the Wake of Klein
150119   Poets' Jesus, The : Representations At the End of a Millennium
142839   Poets On Place : Tales and Interviews From the Road
149755   Pogue's War : Diaries of a WWII Combat Historian
139758   Poincaré Duality Algebras, Macaulay's Dual Systems, and Steenrod Operations
161212   Points for Profit : The Essential Guide to Practice Success for Acupuncturists {New Ed.}
160997   Poison Paradox, The : Chemicals As Friends and Foes
150637   Poisson Structures and Their Normal Forms
145955   POJOs in Action : Developing Enterprise Applications With Lightweight Frameworks
145216   Poland's Threatening Other : The Image of the Jew From 1880 to the Present
150461   Polarization Mode Dispersion
146507   Polarization Optics in Telecommunications
151414   Police Stories : Building the French State, 1815-1851
 99148   Policing and War in Europe
146184   Policing Gangs in America
         Policymaking for a Good Society : The Social Fabric Matrix Approach to Policy Analysis and Program
155849   Evaluation
139853   Policy-making in the European Union
146936   Polio : An American Story
158594   Political Agendas for Education : From the Religious Right to the Green Party

130520   Political   Crises, Social Conflict and Economic Development : The Political Economy of the Andean Region
155810   Political   Economy of Fiscal Policy, The : Public Deficits, Volatility, and Growth
149817   Political   Economy of Poland's Transition, The : New Firms and Reform Governments
136140   Political   Economy of Protection, The : Theory and the Chilean Experience
143620   Political Economy of Scotland, The : Red Scotland? Radical Scotland?
136048   Political Education : National Policy Comes of Age
133606   Political History of Modern Iran, The : From Tribalism to Theocracy
112142   Political Identity and Social Change : The Remaking of the South African Social Order
 86665   Political Leadership for the New Century : Personality and Behavior Among American Leaders
138971   Political Movements and Violence in Central America
138987   Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism, The
142964   Political Pulpit Revisited, , The
125499   Political Support in a Frustrated America
156798   Political Worship : Ethics for Christian Citizens
151118   Political Writings of Samuel Pufendorf, The
148157   Politics and Power in Early Medieval Europe : Alsace and the Frankish Realm, 600-1000
152062   Politics and Religion in the White South
147453   Politics in the New South : Representation of African Americans in Southern State Legislatures
150363   Politics of Adoption, The : International Perspectives On Law, Policy & Practice
144986   Politics of Air Pollution, The : Urban Growth, Ecological Modernization, and Symbolic Inclusion
142304   Politics of Citizenship in Germany, The : Ethnicity, Utility and Nationalism
131400   Politics of Constitutional Review in Germany, The
146166   Politics of Crisis Management, The : Public Leadership Under Pressure
137996   Politics of Decentralization, The : Forests, People and Power
159126   Politics of Electoral Systems, The
138248   Politics of Equity Finance in Emerging Markets, The

132281 Politics of Judicial Co-operation in the EU, The : Sunday Trading, Equal Treatment and Good Faith
143147 Politics of Multiracialism, The : Challenging Racial Thinking
 85947 Politics of Peace in Mozambique, The : Post-conflict Democratization, 1992-2000
       Politics of Prostitution, The : Women's Movements, Democratic States, and the Globalisation of Sex
152259 Commerce
138179 Politics of Public Housing, The : Black Women's Struggles against Urban Inequality
156809 Politics of the Poor, The : East End of London, 1885-1914

145020   Politics of Turkish Democracy, The : Ismet Inönü and the Formation of the Multi-party System, 1938-1950
159124   Politics of Working Life, The
149701   Politics, Parties, and Elections in Turkey
145748   Pollination Ecology and the Rain Forest : Sarawak Studies
143229   Polls and Politics : The Dilemmas of Democracy
157638   Polycentric Metropolis, The : Learning From Mega-city Regions in Europe

167243   Polygamy On the Pedernales : Lyman Wight's Mormon Villages in Antebellum Texas, 1845 to 1858
150135   Polymath of the Baroque : Agostino Steffani and His Music
159145   Polymer Nanocomposites
146957   Pope's Daughter, The : Extraordinary Life of Felice Della Rovere
152399   Portrait of an Abolitionist : A Biography of George Luther Stearns, 1809-1867
149196   Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, A
139640   Poser 6 Revealed : The Official Guide
143165   Position of Women in Islam, The : A Progressive View
         Positioning Techniques in Surgical Applications : Thorax and Heart Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Visceral
150835   and Transplantation Surgery, Urology,
152011   Positive Impact Forestry : A Sustainable Approach to Managing Woodlands
143315   Possible Scotlands : Walter Scott and the Story of Tomorrow
150516   Post Mortem Technique Handbook {2nd ed.}

143214   Postcolonial Narrative and the Work of Mourning : J.M. Coetzee, Wilson Harris, and Toni Morrison
144799   Postcolonial Wales
145026   Postcolonial Whiteness : A Critical Reader On Race and Empire
143619   Postcolonialism Revisited
152326   Postharvest Oxidative Stress in Horticultural Crops
159738   Post-Holocaust : Interpretation, Misinterpretation, and the Claims of History
144985   Post-Marxist Theory : An Introduction
125578   Postmodern Short Story, The : Forms and Issues
140970   PostNuke Content Management
160096   Poverty : A Philosophical Approach
114228   Poverty and Charity in Middle Eastern Contexts
156421   Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Reforms : Lessons and Examples From Implementation
145873   Poverty and the WTO : Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda
149110   Poverty in America : A Handbook {2nd ed.}
138272   Poverty of Riches, The : St. Francis of Assisi Reconsidered
149789   Poverty Reduction and Growth : Virtuous and Vicious Circles
152231   Poverty, Progress, and Population
138993   Poverty, Work, and Freedom : Political Economy and the Moral Order
         Powder Diffraction : The Rietveld Method and the Two-stage Method to Determine and Refine Crystal
151009   Structures From Powder Diffraction Data
146122   Power
141140   Power and Identity in the Creative Writing Classroom : The Authority Project
140556   Power and the Spirit of God : Toward an Experience-based Pneumatology
148975   Power of Charm, The : How to Win Anyone Over in Any Situation
142791   Power of Less, The : Essays On Poetry and Public Speech
142618   Power Shift : China and Asia's New Dynamics
158411   Powerful Magic : Learning From Children's Responses to Fantasy Literature
135769   Powwow
130106   Practical Cinematography {2nd ed.}
152217   Practical Conflicts : New Philosophical Essays
151857   Practical DV Filmmaking {2nd ed.}
125696   Practical Financial Economics : A New Science
151125   Practical Guilt : Moral Dilemmas, Emotions, and Social Norms
155874   Practical Methods in Cardiovascular Research

155817   Practical Pathology Informatics : Demystifying Informatics for the Practicing Anatomic Pathologist
150797   Practical Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
143458   Practical Real Time Enterprise, The : Facts and Perspectives
165174   Practical Research Methods for Media and Cultural Studies : Making People Count
140109   Practical Science for Gardeners
151053   Practical VoIP Security
143206   Practice and the Human Sciences : The Case for a Judgment-based Practice of Care
135420   Practice Makes Perfect : English Grammar for ESL Learners
132315   Practice of Liberal Pluralism, The
         Praeger Handbook of Black American Health Volume I / : Policies and Issues Behind Disparities in Health
125636   {2nd ed.}
         Praeger Handbook of Black American Health Volume II / : Policies and Issues Behind Disparities in Health
125718   {2nd ed.}
100088   Pragmatic Bioethics
148656   Pragmatic Markers in Oral Narrative : The Case of English and Catalan
160181   Pragmatic Moral Realism : A Transcendental Defense
         Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy, The : Contemporary Engagements between Analytic and Continental
143129   Thought
127268   Prairie Dog Empire : A Saga of the Shortgrass Prairie
138147   Praxial Music Education : Reflections and Dialogues
138177   Preaching Eugenics : Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement
138326   Precalculus Demystified
         Precursors and Chemicals Frequently Used in the Illicit Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic
158037   Substances
149661   Predicting New Words : The Secrets of Their Success
159778   Prediction, Learning, and Games
151360   Preface to Romans, A : Notes On the Epistle in Its Literary and Cultural Setting
138541   Preference, Belief, and Similarity : Selected Writings
144965   Preparing for Inclusive Teaching : Meeting the Challenges of Teacher Education Reform
         Pre-schoolers With Autism : An Education and Skills Training Programme for Parents : Manual for
137751   Clinicians
151026   Presenting and Representing Environments
135745   Presidency in a Separated System, The {2nd ed.}
157329   Presidential Leadership : From Woodrow Wilson to Harry S. Truman
         Presidents and the Politics of Agency Design : Political Insulation in the United States Government
104233   Bureaucracy, 1946-1997
164127   Press and Political Culture in Ghana, The
128151   Preventing Childhood Obesity : Health in the Balance
141756   Preventing Chronic Diseases : A Vital Investment
         Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments : Towards an Estimate of the Environmental Burden of
163330   Disease
156236   Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars
158580   Prevention of Eating Problems and Eating Disorders, The : Theory, Research, and Practice
143296   Price of Assimilation, The : Felix Mendelssohn and the Nineteenth-century Anti-Semitic Tradition
149202   Pride and Prejudice
146928   Pride of Havana, The : A History of Cuban Baseball
 69291   Priestly Tribe, The : Supreme Court's Image in the American Mind
120312   Priests, Witches and Power : Popular Christianity After Mission in Southern Tanzania
141193   Primacy of Vision in Virgil's Aeneid, The {1st ed.}
145661   Primary Retinal Detachment : Options for Repair {1st ed.}
120306   Primary Succession and Ecosystem Rehabilitation
163374   Prime Minister and Cabinet, The
158502   Prime Numbers : A Computational Perspective {2nd ed.}
157948   Primer of Conservation Genetics, A
149220   Prince and the Pauper, The
134949   Prince of the City, The : Giuliani, New York, and the Genius of American Life {1st ed.}
149225   Prince, The
143618   Princesses of Wales
156243   Principal-investigator-led Missions in the Space Sciences
158981   Principles and Practice of Burn Surgery
129905   Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy : Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetics
158994   Principles and Practices in Cutaneous Laser Surgery
161952   Principles of Critical Care {3rd ed.}
132255   Principles of Glacier Mechanics {2nd ed.}
158530   Principles of Immunopharmacology {2nd rev. and extended ed.}
146809   Principles of Network Economics
161094   Priorities for GEOINT Research At the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
156231   Priorities in Space Science Enabled By Nuclear Power and Propulsion
147454   Pristine Dao, The : Metaphysics in Early Daoist Discourse
145755   Privacy and Technologies of Identity : A Cross-disciplinary Conversation
144627   Privacy Protection for E-services
146141   Privacy, Property and Personality : Civil Law Perspectives On Commercial Appropriation

104226   Private Life Under Socialism : Love, Intimacy, and Family Change in a Chinese Village, 1949-1999
130102   Private Real Estate Investment : Data Analysis and Decision Making
125597   Privileges and Immunities : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
138922   Pro Tools 6 Power!
134910   Pro Tools Overdrive!
155943   Probabilistic and Randomized Methods for Design Under Uncertainty
146520   Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics
150462   Probabilistic Symmetries and Invariance Principles
155835   Probability : A Graduate Course
138317   Probability Demystified : [A Self-teaching Guide]
150339   Probability, Statistics, and Modelling in Public Health
151275   Problem of Pure Consciousness, The : Mysticism and Philosophy
151080   Problem of the Essential Indexical, The : And Other Essays
         Problem With Evangelical Theology, The : Testing the Exegetical Foundations of Calvinism,
147098   Dispensationalism, and Wesleyanism
139600   Problems and Solutions in Quantum Mechanics
         Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium On Autonomous Minirobots for Research and
150681   Edutainment (AMiRE 2005)
135981   Process-based Organization, The : A Natural Organization Strategy
145682   Process-based Strategic Planning {3rd ed.}
148507   Processes and Mechanisms of Welding Residual Stress and Distortion
151853   Producer's Business Handbook, The {2nd ed.}
141156   Producing for TV and Video : A Real-world Approach
142707   Product Liability in Comparative Perspective
149892   Product Market Structure and Labor Market Discrimination
130251   Product Marketing for Technology Companies
155921   Product Platform and Product Family Design : Methods and Applications
145183   Product Standards, Exports and Employment : An Analytical Study
145425   Production Rendering : Design and Implementation
121732   Productivity in the U.S. Services Sector : New Sources of Economic Growth
147113   Professing in the Postmodern Academy : Faculty and the Future of Church-related Colleges
         Professional Careers in Music, Perfomer, Composer, Conductor : Your Passion for Making Music Can
137135   Become a Fulfilling Lifelong Career
125716   Professional Ideologies and Preferences in Social Work : A Global Study
134920   Professional Musician's Legal Companion, The
145326   Professoriate, The : Profile of a Profession
162280   Profiles From the Kitchen : What Great Cooks Have Taught Us About Ourselves and Our Food
138597   Profiling Machines : Mapping the Personal Information Economy
137382   ProfitBrand : How to Increase the Profitability, Accountability & Sustainability of Brands
145707   Prognoserechnung

150948 Programming for Peace : Computer-aided Methods for International Conflict Resolution and Prevention

130120   Programming for TV, Radio, and the Internet : Strategy, Development, and Evaluation {2nd ed.}
136286   Programming in C
145422   Progress in Colorectal Surgery
150857   Progress in Industrial Mathematics At ECMI 2004
         Progress in Nano-electro-optics IV : Characterization of Nano-optical Materials and Optical Near-field
145805   Interactions
145809   Progress in Turbulence
137383   Project Disasters & How to Survive Them
         Project Management Life Cycle, The : A Complete Step-by-step Methodology for Initiating, Planning,
147998   Executing & Closing a Project Successfully
         Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Come Forward As Science : With Selections
157944   From the Critique of Pure Reason
148027   Promise and Betrayal : Universities and the Battle for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
147445   Promise of Memory, The : History and Politics in Marx, Benjamin, and Derrida
132478   Promotable Woman, The {4th ed.}
156367   Promoting Adult Learning
158792   Promoting Oral Health : The Use of Salt Fluoridation to Prevent Dental Caries
151605   Promoting Social Cohesion Through Education : Case Studies and Tools for Using Textbooks
147573   Prompt and Utter Destruction : Truman and the Use of Atomic Bombs against Japan {Rev. Ed.}
132304   Pronouncing Shakespeare : The Globe Experiment
150234   Proof and Disproof in Formal Logic : An Introduction for Programmers
165586   Proof Technology and Computation
146129   Property Law : Commentary and Materials
149385   Prophecy : What the Future Holds for You

145197 Prophets of the Great Spirit : Native American Revitalization Movements in Eastern North America
 99246 Proposal Planning and Writing {3rd ed.}
132362 Prosecuting International Crimes : Selectivity and the International Criminal Law Regime
       Prospero's "True Preservers" : Peter Brook, Yukio Ninagawa, and Giorgio Strehler--twentieth-century
156725 Directors Approach Shakespeare's The Tem
142737 Protecting Home : Class, Race, and Masculinity in Boys' Baseball
148030 Protecting Our Environment : Lessons From the European Union
       Protection, Control and Accounting of Nuclear Materials : International Challenges and National Programs
150402 : Workshop Summary
145501 Protein Folding Kinetics : Biophysical Methods {2nd ed.,rev. and extended.}
143539 Protein Movement Across Membranes
144647 Proverbs Are the Best Policy : Folk Wisdom and American Politics
147556 Provincials, The : A Personal History of Jews in the South
156596 Pseudo-differential Operators and Related Topics
151182 Pseudo-Dionysius : A Commentary On the Texts and an Introduction to Their Influence
145804 Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis : An Integrated Approach
148005 Psych Notes : Clinical Pocket Guide
       Psychiatric Cultures Compared : Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century :
141884 Comparisons and Approaches
151726 Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment
143137 Psychoanalysis At the Limit : Epistemology, Mind, and the Question of Science
138945 Psychobiology of Personality {2nd ed., rev. and updated}
142689 Psychodermatology
143350 Psychological Injuries : Forensic Assessment, Treatment, and Law
143174 Psychological Jurisprudence : Critical Explorations in Law, Crime, and Society
138200 Psychologists' Desk Reference {2nd ed.}
158826 Psychology and Law : An Empirical Perspective
140683 Psychology Basics
138695 Psychology of Art and the Evolution of the Conscious Brain, The
149848 Psychology of Nuclear Proliferation, The : Identity, Emotions and Foreign Policy

158555   Psychology of the Language Learner, The : Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition
138143   Psychotherapist's Own Psychotherapy, The : Patient and Clinician Perspectives
165158   Psychotherapy As Religion : The Civil Divine in America
131358   Psychotropic Substances
147376   Public Defenders : Pragmatic and Political Motivations to Represent the Indigent
         Public Health and Politics in the Age of Reform : Cholera, the State, and the Royal Navy in Victorian
147501   Britain
145546   Public Nature of Science Under Assault, The : Politics, Markets, Science and the Law
120285   Public Participation in Sustainability Science : A Handbook
148050   Public Participation in the Governance of International Freshwater Resources
152402   Public Policy and the Black Hospital : From Slavery to Segregation to Integration
122516   Public Policy and the Economics of Entrepreneurship
145192   Pulmonary Involvement in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
147118   Pulpit and Politics : Clergy in American Politics At the Advent of the Millennium
146474   Pumps, Transporters, and Ion Channels : Studies On Their Structure, Function, and Cell Biology
143161   Punk Productions : Unfinished Business
144593   Purchasing and Supply Chain Management : Strategies and Realities {1st ed.}
157930   Pursuing Equal Opportunities : The Theory and Practice of Egalitarian Justice
120896   Pursuit of Fairness, The : A History of Affirmative Action
150406   Pursuit of Perfection, The : Aspects of Biochemical Evolution
156645   Pursuit of Truth, The : A Historian's Memoir
 86668   Pushbutton Psychiatry : A History of Electroshock in America

139696 Put the Moose On the Table : Lessons in Leadership From a CEO's Journey Through Business and Life

 75282 Putting "Defense" Back Into U.S. Defense Policy : Rethinking U.S. Security in the Post-Cold War World
143518 Putting Knowledge Networks Into Action : Methodology, Development, Maintenance
149137 Pygmalion
151215 Pyrrhonian Reflections On Knowledge and Justification
151462 Pyrrhonian Skepticism
137839 Qajar Pact, The : Bargaining, Protest and the State in Nineteenth-century Persia
       QCD and Numerical Analysis III : Proceedings of the Third International Workshop On Numerical Analysis
145823 and Lattice QCD, Edinburgh, June-July
145726 Quadratic Programming and Affine Variational Inequalities : A Qualitative Study
145367 Quadrature Domains and Their Applications : The Harold S. Shapiro Anniversary Volume

149360 Quakers, Jews, and Science : Religious Responses to Modernity and the Sciences in Britain, 1650-1900
137801 Quality Education for Latinos and Latinas : Print and Oral Skills for All Students, K-college
165266 Quality Management Demystified
132364 Quality of Life and Human Difference : Genetic Testing, Health Care, and Disability
145411 Quality-of-life Research in Chinese, Western, and Global Contexts
145239 Quantifying the World : UN Ideas and Statistics
139750 Quantile Regression
       Quantitative Health Risk Analysis Methods : Modeling the Human Health Impacts of Antibiotics Used in
155870 Food Animals

148657   Quantum Closures and Disclosures : Thinking-together Postphenomenology and Quantum Brain Dynamics
149352   Quantum Entanglements : Selected Papers
146802   Quantum Field Theory in a Semiotic Perspective
150978   Quantum Hall Effect, The : Poincaré Seminar 2004
165578   Quantum Information Processing : From Theory to Experiment
150556   Quantum Interferometry in Phase Space : Theory and Applications
148563   Quantum Mechanics in Nonlinear Systems
146744   Quantum Statistics of Nonideal Plasmas
132274   Quantum Transport : Atom to Transistor
150398   Quarantine Stations At Ports of Entry : Protecting the Public's Health
150784   Quasi-optical Control of Intense Microwave Transmission
150343   Quasispecies : Concept and Implications for Virology
148435   Queer Mythologies : The Original Stageplays of Pam Gems
151336   Querying the Medieval : Texts and the History of Practices in South Asia
132335   Quest for Identity : America Since 1945
142515   Quest for Moral Leaders, The : Essays On Leadership Ethics
129518   Quest for the Ark of the Covenant, The : True History of the Tablets of Moses
144059   Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture, The : Indo-Aryan Migration Debate
150176   Question of Identity, A : Iberian Conversos in Historical Perspective
165939   Question of Sacrifice, The
143186   Questioning Platonism : Continental Interpretations of Plato
150172   Questions of Possibility : Contemporary Poetry and Poetic Form
148970   Questions That Sell : The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants
141742   Questions to Ask Before You Jump Into Bed, The
148995   Quick Hits : 10 Key Surgical Strike Actions to Improve Business Process Performance
159739   Quick Hits for New Faculty : Successful Strategies By Award Winning Teachers
159476   Quick Reference Dictionary for Athletic Training {2nd ed.}
159467   Quick Reference Dictionary for Massage Therapy and Bodywork
159453   Quick Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology {4th ed.}
161976   Quicken 2006 : QuickSteps
151486   Quixote's Ghost : The Right, the Liberati, and the Future of Social Policy
146469   Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics?
142784   Quodlibetal Questions On Moral Problems
147105   Quoting God : How Media Shape Ideas About Religion and Culture
146927   Rabinal Achi : A Mayan Drama of War and Sacrifice
152068   Raccoon John Smith : Frontier Kentucky's Most Famous Preacher
152403   Race and Crime : An Annotated Bibliography
101700   Race and Nation in Modern Latin America
139483   Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy
140837   Race and Sport : The Struggle for Equality On and Off the Field
143294   Race and the Making of American Liberalism
143961   Race and the Writing of History : Riddling the Sphinx
148442   Race and Time : American Women's Poetics From Antislavery to Racial Modernity
139484   Race for Sanctions : African Americans against Apartheid, 1946-1994
         Race Mixture in Nineteenth-century U.S. and Spanish American Fictions : Gender, Culture, and Nation
137928   Building
150052   Race On Trial : Law and Justice in American History
137918   Race Over Empire : Racism and U.S. Imperialism, 1865-1900
 85924   Race to the Front : The Materiel Foundations of Coalition Strategy in the Great War
135799   Race Work : The Rise of Civil Rights in the Urban West
         Race, Ethnicity, and the Politics of City Redistricting : Minority-opportunity Districts and the Election of
143212   Hispanics and Blacks to City Co
147373   Race, Law, and the Desegregation of Public Schools
151437   Race, Nation, and Religion in the Americas
152014   Racial and Ethnic Diversity : Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites {5th ed.}
146173   Racial Politics in Post-revolutionary Cuba
152405   Racism in Contemporary America
         Radiation and Environmental Safety in North-West Russia : Use of Impact Assessments and Risk
155948   Estimation
150763   Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists
155924   Radiation Toxicity : A Practical Guide
145013   Radical Feminism, Writing, and Critical Agency : From Manifesto to Modem
150101   Radical Interpretation and Indeterminacy
145896   Radical Relevance : Toward a Scholarship of the Whole Left
148148   Radical Right : Voters and Parties in the Electoral Market
132361   Radiogenic Isotope Geology {2nd ed.}

143437   Radiologic-pathologic Correlations From Head to Toe : Understanding the Manifestations of Disease
156361   Railway Reform & Charges for the Use of Infrastructure
143480   Raising Capital
138877   Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves
125676   Raising Voices : Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes
         Raising Young Children in an Alaskan Iñupiaq Village : The Family, Cultural, and Village Environment of
 85808   Rearing
159740   Raja Nal and the Goddess : The North Indian Epic Dhola in Performance
129761   Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man : A Casebook
146499   Ramanujan's Lost Notebook. Part I
149620   Rambling On the Road to Rome
145082   Randomized Algorithms for Analysis and Control of Uncertain Systems
137934   Rape and Race in the Nineteenth-century South
138182   Rapture Culture : Left Behind in Evangelical America
145309   Rare Earth Elements in Groundwater Flow Systems
152205   Rational Design of International Institutions, The
152233   Rational Herds : Economic Models of Social Learning
138504   Rational Imagination, The : How People Create Alternatives to Reality
145642   Rationality At Work : Logics of Collective Action in the Labour Market
125612   Reaching Out to Religious Youth : A Guide to Services, Programs, and Collections

145832 Reaching the Poor With Health, Nutrition, and Population Services : What Works, What Doesn't, and Why

147502   Reaction and the Avant-garde : The Revolt against Liberal Democracy in Early Twentieth-century Britain
156726   Reading Barbara Pym
145240   Reading Hegel's Phenomenology
142950   Reading Plotinus : A Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism
137840   Reading Six Feet Under : TV to Die for
149877   Reading the Beatles : Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four
151312   Reading the Zohar : The Sacred Text of the Kabbalah
165164   Reading Virginia Woolf
163948   Reading With Meaning : Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
147181   Ready Set Remember : Short-term Auditory Memory Activities
146949   Ready to Learn : How to Help Your Preschooler Succeed
155837   Real and Complex Clifford Analysis
150139   Real Estate Investment Trusts : Structure, Performance, and Investment Opportunities
         Real Estate Investor's Pocket Calculator, The : Simple Ways to Compute Cashflow, Value, Return, and
143249   Other Key Financial Measurements
165256   Real Estate Millionaire, The : How to Invest in Rental Markets and Make a Fortune {1st ed.}
122505   Real Natures and Familiar Objects
146620   Real Options Valuation : The Importance of Interest Rate Modelling in Theory and Practice
157090   Realer Than Reel : Global Directions in Documentary {1st ed.}
151466   Realistic Decision Theory : Rules for Nonideal Agents in Nonideal Circumstances
151480   Reality and Rationality
149756   Real-life X-files : Investigating the Paranormal
139841   Real-time Contact Center, The
146576   Real-time Vision for Human-computer Interaction
         Reaping the Benefits of Genomic and Proteomic Research : Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation, and
156238   Public Health
150466   Reappraisal of the Ascending Systems in Man, With Emphasis On the Medial Lemniscus, A
139157   Reason 3 Ignite!
139159   Reason 3 Overdrive! : Expert Quick Tips
134912   Reason 3 Power!
         Reason and Inspiration in Islam : Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism in Muslim Thought : Essays in
141414   Honour of Hermann Landolt
151371   Reason and Religion in Socratic Philosophy
151351   Reason, Freedom, & Democracy in Islam : Essential Writings Of ?Abdolkarim Soroush
145241   Reasonable Radicals and Citizenship in Botswana : The Public Anthropology of Kalanga Elites
138579   Reasoning About Uncertainty
151339   Reasoning Practically
148010   Rebel Without a Cause : Approaches to a Maverick Masterwork
143344   Rebellious Nuns : The Troubled History of a Mexican Convent, 1752-1863
143179   Rebirth of Dialogue, The : Bakhtin, Socrates, and the Rhetorical Tradition
156241   Rebuilding the Unity of Health and the Environment in Rural America : Workshop Summary
148658   Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing III : Selected Papers From RANLP 2003
151033   Recent Advances in Optimization
         Recent Developments On Money and Finance : Exploring Links between Market Frictions, Financial
150858   Systems, and Monetary Allocations
150345   Recent Work On Intrinsic Value
156806   Reception of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers, The
151283   Reclaiming Dietrich Bonhoeffer : The Promise of His Theology
143188   Reclaiming Narrative for Public Theology
167242   Recollections of Past Days : The Autobiography of Patience Loader Rozsa Archer
145639   Reconfigurable Distributed Control
132373   Reconstructing Honor in Roman Philippi : Carmen Christi As Cursus Pudorum
138503 Reconstructing the Cognitive World : The Next Step
152408 Reconstruction in the United States : An Annotated Bibliography
135783 Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens : Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness
       Recovery and Restoration : U.S. Foreign Policy and the Politics of Reconstruction of West Germany's
126727 Shipbuilding Industry, 1945-1955 {Intern
143254 Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees {4th ed.}
150975 Rectal Cancer : New Frontiers in Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation
159148 Recycling in Textiles
149238 Red Badge of Courage, The
160102 Redefining Europe
156727 Redefining the Modern : Essays On Literature and Society in Honor of Joseph Wiesenfarth
143330 Redemptive Self, The : Stories Americans Live By
143240 Rediscovering Wen Tingyun : A Historical Key to a Poetic Labyrinth
144970 Redreaming America : Toward a Bilingual American Culture
130534 Reducing Poverty and Sustaining the Environment : The Politics of Local Engagement
147515 Reducing Stress-related Behaviours in People With Dementia : Care-based Therapy
       Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness : A Report From a Global Programme of the World Psychiatric
138935 Association
152086 Reengaging in Agricultural Water Management : Challenges and Options
138943 Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic, A
152210 Reference Grammar of Russian, A
144646 Refiguring Prose Style : Possibilities for Writing Pedagogy
149062 Refiguring the Map of Sorrow : Nature Writing and Autobiography
142516 Refining Regulatory Regimes : Utilities in Europe
162984 Refining Russia : Advice Literature, Polite Culture, and Gender From Catherine to Yeltsin
138677 Reflections and Replies : Essays On the Philosophy of Tyler Burge
146943 Reflections of Osiris : Lives From Ancient Egypt
162278 Reflections On Constitutional Law
163344 Reflections On Meaning
145330 Reform and Change in Higher Education : Analysing Policy Implementation
138974 Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion
151361 Reformers in the Wings : From Geiler Von Kaysersberg to Theodore Beza {2nd ed.}
158843 Reforming China's State-owned Enterprises and Banks
149353 Reforming European Welfare States : Germany and the United Kingdom Compared
148040 Reforming From the Top : A Leaders' 20 Summit

148049 Reforming International Environmental Governance : From Institutional Limits to Innovative Solutions

138203   Reforming Mary : Changing Images of the Virgin Mary in Lutheran Sermons of the Sixteenth Century
152132   Reforming Regional-local Finance in Russia
165155   Reforming Schools : Working Within a Progressive Tradition During Conservative Times
168243   Reforming the Investment Climate : Lessons for Practitioners
145172   Refractive Lens Surgery
150639   Regional Disparities in Small Countries
         Regional Initiatives On Nuclear- and WMD-free Zones : Cooperative Approaches to Arms Control and Non-
158008   proliferation
126695   Regional Security and the Future of Central Asia : The Competition of Iran, Turkey, and Russia
148054   Regulating Bioprospecting : Institutions for Drug Research, Access, and Benefit-sharing
 69279   Regulating the National Pastime : Baseball and Antitrust
149836   Regulation of International Financial Markets, The : Perspectives for Reform
146603   Regulation of Sertoli Cell and Germ Cell Differentiation
160347   Regulatory Frameworks for Water Resources Management : A Comparative Study
143324   Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury
151392   Rehnquist Court and the Constitution
151477   Reign of Relativity, The : Philosophy in Physics, 1915-1925
148512   Reinhabiting Reality : Towards a Recovery of Culture
 99135   Reinventing NASA : Human Space Flight, Bureaucracy, and Politics
150233   Reinventing the Retirement Paradigm
147554   Relative Intimacy : Fathers, Adolescent Daughters, and Postwar American Culture
140959   Relativity : The Special and General Theory
150346   Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime
156009   Relators and Linkers : The Syntax of Predication, Predicate Inversion, and Copulas
156592   Relaxation and Decomposition Methods for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
165380   Religion & Reconciliation in South Africa : Voices of Religious Leaders
151251   Religion & the Order of Nature
151157   Religion and Mental Health
151154   Religion and Society in Russia : The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
152409   Religion and Suicide in the African-American Community
151322   Religion and the American Civil War
151110   Religion in Psychodynamic Perspective : The Contributions of Paul W. Pruyser
137929   Religion in the American South : Protestants and Others in History and Culture
157096   Religion of the Etruscans, The {1st ed.}
150028   Religion, Culture, and Society in Colombia : Medellín and Antioquia, 1850-1930
143616   Religion, Education and Adolescence : International Empirical Perspectives
 69806   Religion, Law, and Freedom : A Global Perspective
160121   Religions View Religions : Explorations in Pursuit of Understanding
150055   Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity
156792   Religious Condition of Ireland, 1770-1850, The
150950   Religious Education in Public Schools : Study of Comparative Law
137732   Religious Experience and the End of Metaphysics
157337   Religious Foundations of Francis Bacon's Thought, The
151341   Religious Reading : The Place of Reading in the Practice of Religion
130289   Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Sardis and Smyrna
145017   Religious Studies and Comparative Methodology : The Case for Reciprocal Illumination
150017   Religious Warfare in Europe, 1400-1536
156265   Remaking the Song : Operatic Visions and Revisions From Handel to Berio
160162   Remapping Reality : Chaos and Creativity in Science and Literature (Goethe, Nietzsche, Grass)
152221   Remarkable Physicists : From Galileo to Yukawa
150185   Remembering Abraham : Culture, Memory, and History in the Hebrew Bible
156812   Remembering Socrates : Philosophical Essays
160106   Re-membering the Black Atlantic : On the Poetics and Politics of Literary Memory

147402 Remembering the Manhattan Project : Perspectives On the Making of the Atomic Bomb and Its Legacy
158301 Remembering the Past in Contemporary African American Fiction
       Rememb'ring Our Time and Work Is the Lords : The Experiences of Quakers On the Eighteenth-century
156728 Pennsylvania Frontier
145294 Remote Sensing of Coastal Aquatic Environments : Technologies, Techniques and Applications
151495 Render to Caesar : Jesus, the Early Church, and the Roman Superpower
140644 Repeating Ourselves : American Minimal Music As Cultural Practice
152435 Reporting Sexual Assault : A Social Ecology Perspective
142111 Represent Yourself in Court : How to Prepare & Try a Winning Case {5th ed.}
152235 Representation Theory of Finite Reductive Groups
155912 Representations for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms {2nd ed.}
151487 Representing Agrippina : Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire
156922 Re-presenting the Good Society
       Reproductive Health : The Missing Millennium Development Goal : Poverty, Health, and Development in a
164132 Changing World
       Reproductive Health Indicators : Guidelines for Their Generation, Interpretation and Analysis for Global
163327 Monitoring
120293 Reproductive Science and Integrated Conservation
160700 Republic, The
149229 Republic, The

158320 Republican Women : Feminism and Conservatism From Suffrage Through the Rise of the New Right
151556 Requests and Culture : Politeness in British English and Japanese
138699 Requiem for Communism
145423 Requirements Engineering {2nd ed.}
143132 Rereading Freud : Psychoanalysis Through Philosophy
150515 Rescuing the Enlightenment From Itself : Critical and Systemic Implications for Democracy
150490 Research and Technological Innovation : The Challenge for a New Europe
150347 Research and the Quality of Science Education
145914 Research As Resistance : Critical, Indigenous and Anti-oppressive Approaches
158573 Research in Applied Linguistics : Becoming a Discerning Consumer
150640 Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management
158828 Research Methods in Family Therapy {2nd ed.}
       Research On Altruism & Love : An Annotated Bibliography of Major Studies in Psychology, Sociology,
165381 Evolutionary Biology, and Theology
148043 Researching Conflict in Africa : Insights and Experiences
137384   Researching Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty : How to Find Out What People Really Think
159741   Reshaping Reason : Toward a New Philosophy
138254   Resilient City, The : How Modern Cities Recover From Disaster
156640   Resisting Rebellion : The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency
159603   Resort City in the Sunbelt : Las Vegas, 1930-2000
145166   Resource Allocation in Project Management
156344   Resources to Reserves : Oil & Gas Technologies for the Energy Markets of the Future
151407   Rest in Peace : A Cultural History of Death and the Funeral Home in Twentieth-century America
143291   Restless Giant : The United States From Watergate to Bush V. Gore
146934   Restless Universe, The : Understanding X-ray Astronomy in the Age of Chandra and Newton
150140   Restoration of the Republic : The Jeffersonian Ideal in 21st-century America
135742   Restoring Fiscal Sanity, 2005 : Meeting the Long-run Challenge
143217   Restoring Paradise : Western Esotericism, Literature, Art, and Consciousness
138485   Restoring Trust in American Business
138645   Restriction and Saturation
135380   Resumes for College Students and Recent Graduates
135381   Resumes for Education Careers : Includes Sample Cover Letters
135687   Resumes for First-time Job Hunters : With Sample Cover Letters
135686   Resumes for Sales and Marketing Careers : With Sample Cover Letters {3rd ed.}

119848   Resurgent Voices in Latin America : Indigenous Peoples, Political Mobilization, and Religious Change
125717   Rethinking AIDS Prevention : Learning From Successes in Developing Countries
152258   Rethinking Homicide : Exploring the Structure and Process Underlying Deadly Situations
147438   Rethinking Islam and Liberal Democracy : Islamist Women in Turkish Politics
100107   Rethinking Media Change : The Aesthetics of Transition
163073   Rethinking the Mediterranean
138020   Rethinking the Rule of Law After Communism
130521   Rethinking Voluntary Approaches in Environmental Policy
134933   Retro Game Programming : Unleashed for the Masses
147519   Revealing the Hidden Social Code : Social Stories for People With Autistic Spectrum Disorders
         Revealing the Inner Worlds of Young Children : The MacArthur Story Stem Battery and Parent-child
129243   Narratives
         Revelation, Redemption, and Response : Calvin's Trinitarian Understanding of the Divine-human
151205   Relationship
159584   Review of Goals and Plans for NASA's Space and Earth Sciences
159583   Review of Nasa Plans for the International Space Station
         Review of the Department of Defense Research Program On Low-level Exposures to Chemical Warfare
147019   Agents
159578   Review of the Department of Energy's Genomics,GTL Program
142492   Review of the HIVNET 012 Perinatal HIV Prevention Study
162410   Reviewing and Changing Contracts of Employment : A Specially Commissioned Report
158564   Reviewing the Arts
146486   Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty

158506 Revisiting Discovery and Justification : Historical and Philosophical Perspectives On the Context Distinction
138263 Revolution and the Word : The Rise of the Novel in America {Expanded Ed.}
       Revolution in Favor of Government, A : Origins of the U.S. Constitution and the Making of the American
150108 State
129956 Revolution Question, The : Feminisms in El Salvador, Chile, and Cuba
150045 Revolutionary France : 1788-1880

126682   Revolutionary States, Leaders, and Foreign Relations : A Comparative Study of China, Cuba, and Iran
125624   Revolutionary War Era
156524   Rewilding North America : A Vision for Conservation in the 21st Century
152284   Rewriting Early Chinese Texts
129957   Rewriting White : Race, Class, and Cultural Capital in Nineteenth-century America
152353   Rexall Story, The : A History of Genius and Neglect
142823   RF and Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio
146495   RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
157307   RFID Security
141144   Rhetoric and Reality in Early Christianities
147097   Rhetoric At the Boundaries : The Art and Theology of the New Testament Chain-link Transitions
143163   Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks
145075   RHO Family GTPases
147773 Rhyme and Punishment : Adventures in Wordplay
161007 Rhythm and Blues, Rap, and Hip-hop

137913 Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight : Race, Class, and Power in the Rural South During the First World War
149274 Richard III
137919 Richard Nixon and the Quest for a New Majority
       Riches From Atlantic Commerce : Dutch Transatlantic Trade and Shipping, 1585-1817 / Edited By
132886 Johannes Postma and Victor Enthoven
156729 Riddle of the Sphinx, The : Interpreting the Human World
150245 Riding the Magic Carpet : A Surfer's Odyssey to Find the Perfect Wave
144580 Riding the Rails in the USA : Trains in American Life
148558 Riemann-Finsler Geometry
 91071 Right Blood, The : America's Aristocrats in Thoroughbred Racing
139781 Right War?, The : Conservative Debate On Iraq

137921 Righteous Propagation : African Americans and the Politics of Racial Destiny After Reconstruction
138166 Righteous Riches : The Word of Faith Movement in Contemporary African American Religion
       Rights Before Courts : A Study of Constitutional Courts in Postcommunist States of Central and Eastern
143491 Europe

147389 Rights of Corporate Speech, The : Mobil Oil and the Legal Development of the Voice of Big Business
142683 Rights of Refugees Under International Law

141133   Ring Out Freedom! : The Voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement
145317   Rio Chagres, Panama, The : A Multidisciplinary Profile of a Tropical Watershed
138959   Rippling : Meta-level Guidance for Mathematical Reasoning
 99941   Rise and Fall of the Brezhnev Doctrine in Soviet Foreign Policy, The
 86698   Rise of the Medieval World, 500-1300, The : A Biographical Dictionary
148358   Rising of Lotus Flowers, The : Self-education By Deaf Children in Thai Boarding Schools
148609   Rising to the Challenge : China's Grand Strategy and International Security
145820   Risk and Asset Allocation
156539   Risk and Resilience : Adaptations in Changing Times
130570   Risk Issues and Crisis Management : A Casebook of Best Practice
         Risk Reduction Strategy for Human Exploration of Space, A : A Review of NASA's Bioastronautics
156239   Roadmap
143146   Risking Difference : Identification, Race, and Community in Contemporary Fiction and Feminism
155851   Risk-sharing in the Pharmaceutical Industry : The Case of Out-licensing
156730   Ritual Unbound : Reading Sacrifice in Modernist Fiction
156731   Rivalry and the Disruption of Order in Molière's Theater
132296   River Variability and Complexity
150344   RNA Towards Medicine
         Road Ahead, The : Middle East Policy in the Bush Administration's Second Term : Planning Papers From
135743   the Saban Center for Middle East Policy
151570   Road From George Orwell, The : His Achievement and Legacy
139846   Roadmap to Strategic HR : Turning a Great Idea Into a Business Reality
152214   Robben Island and Prisoner Resistance to Apartheid
136730   Robert E. Lee in Texas
151293   Robert Grosseteste
157348   Robert H. Gardiner and the Reunification of Worldwide Christianity in the Progressive Era
151456   Robust Design : Repertoire of Biological, Ecological, and Engineering Case Studies
161008   Rock and Roll
121026   Rogue Regime : Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea
145143   Role of Apoptosis in Infection
         Role of Communication in Large Infrastructure, The : Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project in Post-conflict
164219   Sierra Leone
147459   Role of History in Latin American Philosophy, The : Contemporary Perspectives
143496   Role of Mathematics in Physical Sciences, The : Interdisciplinary and Philosophical Aspects
156566   Role of Policymakers in Business Cycle Fluctuations, The
131329   Roll Back Malaria : The World Bank Global Stragegy & Booster Program
110353   Roman Catholicism : The Basics
150013   Roman Patrons of Greek Cities
150015   Roman Revolution, The
140845   Romance and Rights : The Politics of Interracial Intimacy, 1945-1954
       Romances of the Republic : Women, the Family, and Violence in the Literature of the Early American
151192 Nation
157247 Romantic Indians : Native Americans, British Literature, and Transatlantic Culture 1756-1830
147463 Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative : Schlegel, Byron, Joyce, Blanchot
146996 Rome and the Mysterious Orient : Three Plays By Plautus
149275 Romeo and Juliet
149333 Romulus' Asylum : Roman Identities From the Age of Alexander to the Age of Hadrian
149153 Room With a View, A
150348 Root Physiology : From Gene to Function
156732 Rooting Multiculturalism : The Work of Louis Adamic
145392 Roots and Patterns : Hebrew Morpho-syntax
149786 Roots of Appalachian Christianity, The : Life and Legacy of Elder Shubal Stearns
137749 Roots of Musicality : Music Therapy and Personal Development
120308 Rotational Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules
       Rotten Foundations : The Conceptual Basis of the Marxist-Leninist Regimes of East Germany and Other
 85776 Countries of the Soviet Block
151419 Rudolf Serkin : A Life

150785   Rule-based Evolutionary Online Learning Systems : A Principled Approach to LCS Analysis and Design
137385   Running Board Meetings : How to Get the Most From Them {3rd ed.}
156630   Rural Life and Culture in the Upper Cumberland
156324   Russia : Building Rules for the Market
165940   Russian Baptists and Spiritual Revolution, 1905-1929
126678   Russian Foreign Policy After the Cold War
138014   Russian Foreign Policy in Transition : Concepts and Realities {1st ed.}
143301   Russian Identities : A Historical Survey
149550   Russian Involvement in Eastern Europe's Petroleum Industry : The Case of Bulgaria
145242   Russian Peasants Go to Court : Legal Culture in the Countryside, 1905-1917
155681   Russian Revolution, The {2nd ed.}
131410   Russian Roots of Nazism, The : White Émigrés and the Making of National Socialism, 1917-1945

151373   Russians Are Coming! Russians Are Coming!, The : Pageantry and Patriotism in Cold-War America
127285   Ruth Benedict : Beyond Relativity, Beyond Pattern
151383   Ruth Crawford Seeger : A Composer's Search for American Music
151435   Sacred Passions : The Life and Music of Manuel De Falla
149597   Sacred Path Companion, The : A Guide to Walking the Labyrinth to Heal and Transform

126640 Sacred Places and Profane Spaces : Essays in the Geographics of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
147010 Safe Medical Devices for Children
142193 Safeguarding Space for All : Security and Peaceful Uses : Conference Report 25-26 March 2004
       Safety Improvements Through Lessons Learned From Operational Experience in Nuclear Research
150715 Facilities

150364   SAGES Manual, The : Fundamentals of Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, and GI Endoscopy {2nd ed.}
150767   SAGES Manual, The : Perioperative Care in Minimally Invasive Surgery
151760   Salt of the Earth, Conscience of the Court : The Story of Justice Wiley Rutledge
151158   Sam?nya¯sa Upanis?ads : Hindu Scriptures On Asceticism and Renunciation
147461   Sama¯dhi : The Numinous and Cessative in Indo-Tibetan Yoga
140973   Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days {5th ed.}
140975   Sam's Teach Yourself Microsoft SharePoint 2003 in 10 Minutes
140976   Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP
142996   San Francisco Bay Area Jobbank, The
         Sanctions and Honorary Whites : Diplomatic Policies and Economic Realities in Relations between Japan
 86673   and South Africa
144982   Sappho in the Holy Land : Lesbian Existence and Dilemmas in Contemporary Israel
135311   Sarah Laughed : Modern Lessons From the Wisdom & Stories of Biblical Women {1st ed.}
152413   Sarah Vaughan : A Discography
149582   Sarbanes-Oxley : IT Compliance Using COBIT and Open Source Tools
147372   Sarong in My Backpack, A : Adventures From Munich to Pushkar
156626   SAS 9.1.3 Intelligence Platform : Security Administration Guide
151880   SAS 9.1.3 Language Reference : Concepts {3rd ed.}
158831   SAS 9.1.3 Language Reference : Dictionary {4th ed.}
158833   SAS 9.1.3 Management Console : User's Guide
158832   SAS 9.1.3 Output Delivery System : User's Guide
156627   SAS for Mixed Models {2nd ed.}
137998   SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry
149809   SAS® Intelligence Platform : Overview {2nd ed.}
143473   Saudi Arabian Economy, The : Policies, Achievements and Challenges
149109   Sauropods, The : Evolution and Paleobiology
139806   Saving Languages : An Introduction to Language Revitalization
142731   Saving Social Security : A Balanced Approach {Rev. Ed.}
143306   Saving Souls, Serving Society : Understanding the Faith Factor in Church-based Social Ministry
138295   Say It With Charts Workbook
160469   Scalable Infrastructure for Distributed Sensor Networks
156747   Scandal of Images, The : Iconoclasm, Eroticism, and Painting in Early Modern English Drama
104231   Scandal of the Speaking Body, The : Don Juan With J.L. Austin, or Seduction in Two Languages
156734   Scandalous Truths : Essays By and About Susan Howatch
         Scanning Probe Microscopy : Characterization, Nanofabrication and Device Application of Functional
145761   Materials
136667   Scanning the Skies : A History of Tornado Forecasting
149224   Scarlet Letter, The
143043   SCBCD Exam Study Kit : Java Business Component Developer Certification for EJB
135697   Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Beginning Chemistry
135362   Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Beginning Finite Mathematics
160161   Schiller : National Poet - Poet of Nations ; a Birmingham Symposium
149362   Schiller As Philosopher : A Re-examination
152244   Schizophrenia, Culture, and Subjectivity : The Edge of Experience
141346   School Leadership That Works : From Research to Results
150146   School Violence in Context : Culture, Neighborhood, Family, School, and Gender
158415   School-family Partnerships for Children's Success
163125   Schools On Probation : How Accountability Works (And Doesn't Work)
138273   Schumann
145723   Schur Complement and Its Applications, The
158071   Science and Culture for Members Only : The Amsterdam Zoo Artis in the Nineteenth Century
150141   Science and Partial Truth : A Unitary Approach to Models and Scientific Reasoning
146151   Science and Politics of Global Climate Change, The : A Guide to the Debate
156445   Science and Scientists
 85794   Science and Social Science in Bram Stoker's Fiction
148530   Science and Technology of Materials in Automotive Engines, The
         Science and Technology of Semiconductor-on-insulator Structures and Devices Operating in a Harsh
145759   Environment
165397   Science and the Bible : Evidence-based Christian Belief
165382   Science and the Renewal of Belief {Rev. and Updated}
138168   Science of False Memory, The
144981   Science of Knowing, The : J.G. Fichte's 1804 Lectures On the Wissenschaftslehre
165383   Science of Love : The Wisdom of Well-being
151323   Science, Explanation, and Rationality : Aspects of the Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel
138252   Science, Religion, and the Human Experience

150775   Scientific and Technical Issues in the Management of Spent Fuel of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines
151317   Scientific Controversies : Philosophical and Historical Perspectives
143322   Scientific Values and Civic Virtues
150983   Scientific Visualization : The Visual Extraction of Knowledge From Data
140934   Score! : A Better Way to Do Business: Moving From Conflict to Collaboration
165166   Scotland and the Abolition of Black Slavery, 1756-1838
141429   Screening for Perinatal Depression
164061   Screening Notes : Rehabilitation Specialist's Pocket Guide
149881   Scripting the Black Masculine Body : Identity, Discourse, and Racial Politics in Popular Media
143020   SCWCD Exam Study Kit : Java Web Component Developer Certification {2nd ed.}

143494 Sea Change, A : The Exclusive Economic Zone and Governance Institutions for Living Marine Resources
149134 Sea-gull, The
152434 Search and Seizure of Digital Evidence
144650 Search for a Common Language, The : Environmental Writing and Education
155871 Search Methodologies : Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques
125599 Searches, Seizures, and Warrants : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
       Searching for Peace in Europe and Eurasia : An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
149703 Activities
112628 Searching for Sustainability : Interdisciplinary Essays in the Philosophy of Conservation Biology
148162 Searle and Foucault On Truth
144682 Season of Hope : Economic Reform Under Mandela and Mbeki

142619   Seat At the Table, A : Huston Smith in Conversation With Native Americans On Religious Freedom
142997   Seattle Jobbank, The
145435   Second Generation Wavelets and Applications
137405   Second Language Writing Systems
138457   Second Self, The : Computers and the Human Spirit {20th Anniversary ed., 1st MIT Press ed.}
155683   Second World War, The : A People's History
152414   Secret Doctors : Ethnomedicine of African Americans
149208   Secret Sharer, The
         Secrets From the Innovation Room : How to Create High-voltage Ideas That Make Money, Win Business,
135296   and Outwit the Competition
         Secrets of Economic Indicators, The : Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment
140939   Opportunities
139847   Secrets of Special Ops Leadership : Dare the Impossible, Achieve the Extraordinary
158507   Secrets of the Old One : Einstein, 1905
152059   Secrets of the Sideshows
150114   Secrets, Gossip, and Gods : The Transformation of Brazilian Candomblé

137386   Secure Online Business Handbook, The : E-commerce, IT Functionality & Business Continuity {3rd ed.}
149586   Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise
126671   Securing the Covenant : United States-Israel Relations After the Cold War
164050   Security and Embedded Systems
145739   Security in E-learning
142825   Security in Wireless LANs and MANs
149571   Security Log Management : Identifying Patterns in the Chaos
150350   Security of Water Supply Systems : From Source to Tap
148041   Security Sector Reform and Post-conflict Peacebuilding
156331   Security System Reform and Governance : A DAC Reference Document
136321   Security+ Lab Manual
158410   See You When We Get There : Teaching for Change in Urban Schools
143349   Seeds of the Kingdom : Utopian Communities in the Americas
151358   Seeing Krishna : The Religious World of a Brahman Family in Vrindaban
160782   Seeing Spatial Form
138517   Seeing the Forest and the Trees : Human-environment Interactions in Forest Ecosystems
141134   Seeing Through God : A Geophenomenology
         Seeing Through New Eyes : Changing the Lives of Children With Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Other
158460   Developmental Disabilities Through Vision
158398   Seeing Through Teachers' Eyes : Professional Ideals and Classroom Practices
125662   Seeking Meaning : A Process Approach to Library and Information Services {2nd ed.}
146991   Seeking Refuge : Central American Migration to Mexico, the United States, and Canada
140147   Selected Styles in Web-based Educational Research
144613   Self, Peer, and Group Assessment in E-learning
146971   Self-defence Manual, The
         Self-determination in East Timor : The United Nations, the Ballot, and International Intervention
149704   {International Peace Academy Occasional Pa
141436   Self-healing Through Visual and Verbal Art Therapy
143316   Self-Help, Inc : Makeover Culture in American Life
156735   Selfish Gifts : The Politics of Exchange and English Courtly Literature, 1580-1628
140594   Self-made Men : Identity and Embodiment Among Transsexual Men {1st ed.}
         Sell Your Own Home Without a Broker : Insider's Advice to Selling Smart, Fast and for Top Dollar {1st
156492   ed.}
152345   Selling in the New World of Business
139850   Selling to Anyone Over the Phone
147999   Selling to Win {3rd ed.}
         Semantic Web and Peer-to-peer : Decentralized Management and Exchange of Knowledge and
156582   Information
151422   Semantics : A Reader
138332   Semiconductor Heterojunctions and Nanostructures
138330   Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook
138475   Semiotic Engineering of Human-computer Interaction, The
150538   Semiparametric Modeling of Implied Volatility
149203   Sense and Sensibility
143177   Sense of Space, The
145412   Sensing Issues in Civil Structural Health Monitoring
141541   Sensory Systems : Anatomy and Physiology
142305   Sentenced to Everyday Life : Feminism and the Housewife
146131   Sentencing and Criminal Justice
150169   Sentimental Rules : On the Natural Foundations of Moral Judgment
148938   Separate Sphere, A : Dressmakers in Cincinnati's Golden Age, 1877-1922
156736   Separate Theaters : Bethlem ("Bedlam") Hospital and the Shakespearean Stage
131775   Serial Killers : The Method and Madness of Monsters {Electronic Ed.}
 77703   Serials Management in Academic Libraries : A Guide to Issues and Practices
144858   Serious Games : Games That Educate, Train and Inform
162411   Serious Money : How to Make and Enjoy It
147122   Sermon On the Mount, The : A Theological Investigation {rev. ed.}
         Serosal Membranes (Pleura, Pericardium, Peritoneum) : Normal Structure, Development and Experimental
155891   Pathology
148477   Servant Leader, The : Unleashing the Power of Your People
138979   Service and Dependency in Shakespeare's Plays
155850   Service Franchising : A Global Perspective
125613   Serving Homeschooled Teens and Their Parents
125604   Serving Older Teens
149342   Set Theory : Boolean-valued Models and Independence Proofs
163349   Set Theory and Its Philosophy : A Critical Introduction
150136   Setting the Moral Compass : Essays By Women Philosophers
147566   Settling Scores : German Music, Denazification, and the Americans, 1945-1953
151533   Seven-step Job Search : Cut Your Job Search Time in Half
159743   Sex and Character : An Investigation of Fundamental Principles
142316   Sexing La Mode : Gender, Fashion and Commercial Culture in Old Regime France {English Ed.}
149875   Sexploration : The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Truly Great in Bed
156493   Sexual Harassment in the Workplace {1st ed.}
161009   Sexual Misconduct and the Clergy
129470   Sexual Rights in America : The Ninth Amendment and the Pursuit of Happiness
156737   Sexuality, Gender, and Power in Iris Murdoch's Fiction
139771   Shakespeare and Republicanism
159106   Shakespeare and Women
151410   Shakespeare in the Movies : From the Silent Era to Shakespeare in Love
156738   Shakespeare in the Romanian Cultural Memory
146145   Shakespeare's Humanism
156800   Shakespeare's Sonnets
132345   Shakespeare's Tragedies : Violation and Identity
156739   Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida : Textual Problems and Performance Solutions
         Shakin' Up Race and Gender : Intercultural Connections in Puerto Rican, African American, and Chicano
141191   Narratives and Culture (1965-1995)
 69183   Shamanism : The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing
147959   Shape Shifter : Transform Your Life in 1 Day
130257   Shaping Your HR Role : Succeeding in Today's Organizations
146159   Sharing Executive Power : Roles and Relationships At the Top {1st ed.}
         Sharing Lights On the Way to God : Muslim-Christian Dialogue and Theology in the Context of Abrahamic
160210   Partnership
143122   Shattered Vessels : Memory, Identity, and Creation in the Work of David Shahar
137818   Shattering Tradition : Custom, Law and the Individual in the Muslim Mediterranean
150058   Shenoute & the Women of the White Monastery : Egyptian Monasticism in Late Antiquity
136704   Sherman Tour Journals of Colonel Richard Irving Dodge, The
156740   Sherwood Anderson : An American Career
141410   Shi?a of Lebanon, The : Clans, Parties and Clerics
126838   Shifting Obsessions : Three Essays On the Politics of Anticorruption
138208   Shifting Sands : The Rise and Fall of Biblical Archaeology
156741   Shifting the Scene : Shakespeare in European Culture
145204   Shiloh : A Battlefield Guide
135343   Shine : A Powerful 4-step Plan for Becoming a Star in Anything You Do
139698   Short History of Las Vegas, A {2nd ed.}
157633   Short History of the Future, A : Surviving the 2030 Spike
113862   Short Stories, The
149621   Short Walks in Shangri-La
135699   Shortcuts for the Student Writer
138657   Shortest Shadow, The : Nietzsche's Philosophy of the Two
151356   Shots in the Mirror : Crime Films and Society
145625   Shoulder Arthroplasty
145579   Showdown in the Show-Me State : The Fight Over Conceal-and-carry Gun Laws in Missouri
143175   Shut Out : Low Income Mothers and Higher Education in Post-welfare America
137904   Sidney Poitier : Man, Actor, Icon
126660   Sieges : A Comparative Study
140643   Sight Unseen : Whiteness and American Visual Culture
138259   Sign Language Interpreting and Interpreter Education : Directions for Research and Practice
142826   Signal Detection and Estimation
145121   Signal Extraction : Efficient Estimation, Unit Root-tests and Early Detection of Turning Points
148444   Signs in America's Auto Age : Signatures of Landscape and Place
 91041   Silenced Angels : The Medical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Shaken Baby Syndrome
149761   Silent Heroes : Downed Airmen and the French Underground
121480   Silent Scourge : Children, Pollution, and Why Scientists Disagree

146433 Silicon Quantum Integrated Circuits : Silicon-germanium Heterostructure Devices : Basics and Realisations
146980 Simple Thinking : Intelligent Fighters : Why Wing Chun Works II
137754 Simplicity of Dementia, The : A Guide for Family and Carers

150514   Simulating Combustion : Simulation of Combustion and Pollutant Formation for Engine-development
150809   Simulating Continuous Fuzzy Systems
130122   Single-camera Video Production
155922   Singular Sets of Minimizers for the Mumford-Shah Functional
139767   Singularities : Landmarks On the Pathways of Life
148025   Sitcom Reader, The : America Viewed and Skewed
144999   Sites of Autopsy in Contemporary Culture
130273   Six Sigma and the Product Development Cycle
138296   Six Sigma Demystified
165264   Six Sigma Financial Tracking and Reporting
140926   Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions : Foundations, DMAIC, Tools, Cases, and Certification
         Sixth IUTAM Symposium On Laminar-Turbulent Transition : Proceedings of the Sixth IUTAM Symposium
150957   On Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Bangalore,
138626   Size of Nations, The
129814   Skeptical Linguistic Essays
140157   Skills for Managing Rapidly Changing IT
149569   Skype Me! : From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond
135692   Slam Dunk Cover Letters {2nd ed.}
140839   Slavery and Frontier Mississippi, 1720-1835
140838   Slavery and the American South : Essays and Commentaries
150067   Slavery in Early Christianity
157983   Slavery in the Development of the Americas
150002   Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography
138986   Slavery, Philosophy, and American Literature, 1830-1860
151142   Slave's Narrative, The
143189   Sleep As a State of Consciousness in Advaita Veda¯nta
159474   Slit Lamp Primer, The
141420   Slovenia 1945 : Memories of Death and Survival After World War II
         Small Business Taxes Made Easy : How to Increase Your Deductions, Reduce What You Owe, and Boost
135437   Your Profits
155923   Small RNAs : Analysis and Regulatory Functions
126748   Small States in the Post-cold War World : Slovenia and NATO Enlargement
147203   Small Steps With Heavy Hooves : A Mother's Walk Back to Health in the Highlands
151572   Small Town in Syria, A : Ottoman Hama in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
142821   Smart Antenna Engineering
146399   Smart Business Networks
127273   So You Want to Write About American Indians? : A Guide for Writers, Students, and Scholars
152266   Soaring On Your Strengths : Discover, Use, and Brand Your Best Self for Career Success

146097   Social   and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Management : Learning Studies and Lessons From Asia
156742   Social   and Virtual Space : Science Fiction, Transnationalism, and the American New Right
148510   Social   Authority of Reason, The : Kant's Critique, Radical Evil, and the Destiny of Humankind
160811   Social   Blueprints : Conceptual Foundations of Sociology
148028 Social Circulation of Poetry in the Mid-Northern Song, The : Emotional Energy and Literati Self-cultivation
       Social Construction and the Logic of Money : Financial Predominance and International Economic
112123 Leadership
157917 Social Costs of Underemployment, The : Inadequate Employment As Disguised Unemployment
143319 Social Injustice and Public Health
130537 Social Learning in Environmental Management : Towards a Sustainable Future
       Social Movements and Free-market Capitalism in Latin America : Telecommunications Privatization and
147458 the Rise of Consumer Protest
132352 Social Movements and Organization Theory
156796 Social Power and the Urbanization of Water : Flows of Power
158830 Social Psychology of Good and Evil, The
148141 Social Rights and Market Freedom in the European Constitution : A Labour Law Perspective
156262 Social Roots of Basque Nationalism, The
145468 Social Security, Demographics, and Risk
       Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions : Get the Most Out of Your Retirement and Medical
147084 Benefits {11th ed.}
139807 Social Traps and the Problem of Trust
138218 Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice
146900 Social Work With Children and Their Families : Pragmatic Foundations {2nd ed.}
138017 Socialism : An Analysis of Its Past and Future {1st ed.}
157927 Sociolinguistic History of Parisian French, A
150175 Sociolinguistic Variation
138948 Sociological History of Christian Worship, A
157961 Sociology of Norbert Elias, The
150643 Sodium Channels, Pain, and Analgesia
156011 Software Abstractions : Logic, Language and Analysis
151028 Software Agent-based Applications, Platforms and Development Kits
100057 Software Development Failures : Anatomy of Abandoned Projects
100089 Software Ecosystem : Understanding an Indispensable Technology and Industry
156007 Software Engineering for Internet Applications

150683   Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems : An Object-oriented and UML Approach
149578   Software Piracy Exposed
145720   Software Process Modeling
132265   Soils : Genesis and Geomorphology
151438   Soils in Archaeological Research
109391   Solaris 10 : The Complete Reference
145520   Solar-type Activity in Main-sequence Stars
148449   Soldiers Once and Still : Ernest Hemingway, James Salter & Tim O'Brien
140840   Soldier's Son
 99087   Soldiers, Statecraft, and History : Coercive Diplomacy and International Order
160443   Solid State Ionics for Batteries
138508   Solidarity : From Civic Friendship to a Global Legal Community
132319   Solidarity in Europe : The History of an Idea
150977   Solitary Waves in Dispersive Complex Media : Theory, Simulation, Applications
149807   Solutions Manual for Guide to Energy Management {5th ed.}
157918   Somatoform Disorders : A Medicolegal Guide
148481   Some Like It Cold : Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions

150085   Some Wild Visions : Autobiographies By Female Itinerant Evangelists in Nineteenth-century America
148438   Something We Have That They Don't : British & American Poetic Relations Since 1925
149805   Sonar 5 Power! : The Comprehensive Guide
160120   Song and Significance : Virtues and Vices of Vocal Translation
149222   Song of Roland, The
150080   Songs of Ecstasy : Tantric and Devotional Songs From Colonial Bengal
         Songwriting : Methods, Techniques and Clinical Applications for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators and
147508   Students
138975   Sonnet Sequences and Social Distinction in Renaissance England
149236   Sophocles' Oedipus Trilogy
138269   Soul Searching : The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers
129743   Sound Advice : Becoming a Better Children's Choir Conductor
151856   Sound and Recording : An Introduction {5th ed.}
130223   Sound for Digital Video
139155 Sound Forge X Power! {2nd ed.}
145522 Sound Images of the Ocean in Research and Monitoring
135800 Sounds of Defiance : The Holocaust, Multilingualism, and the Problem of English
140529 Sounds of Milan, 1585-1650, The
143474 Sourcing Strategy : Principles, Policy, and Designs
156641 Southern Political Party Activists : Patterns of Conflict and Change, 1991-2001
144069 Southern Renaissance, A : The Cultural Awakening of the American South, 1930-1955
       Sovereignty Matters : Locations of Contestation and Possibility in Indigenous Struggles for Self-
135763 determination

144983   Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society : State-society Relations At UN World Conferences
126717   Soviet Military Assistance : An Empirical Perspective
152250   Soviets, the Munich Crisis, and the Coming of World War II, The
160062   Space in America : Theory, History, Culture
150860   Space Weather, Environment and Societies {1st ed.}
138976   Space-time Coding : Theory and Practice

138290   Spanish Around the House : The Quick Guide to Communicating With Your Spanish-speaking Employees
148046   Spatial Disparities in Human Development : Perspectives From Asia
150810   Spatial Filtering Velocimetry : Fundamentals and Applications
150034   Speak : A Short History of Languages
140980   Speak Basic Spanish-- in No Time
135711   Speak Like a CEO : Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results

151573 Speaking Divine Woman, The : López De Úbeda's La Pícara Justina and Goethe's Wilhelm Meister
149890 Speaking Power : Black Feminist Orality in Women's Narratives of Slavery
144993 Speaking the Lower Frequencies : Students and Media Literacy

147523   Special Brothers and Sisters : Stories and Tips for Siblings of Children With a Disability or Serious Illness
136288   Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
136299   Special Edition Using FileMaker 7
136295   Special Edition Using WordPerfect 12
130062   Special Needs, Special Horses : A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
141430   Specialist Support Approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder Students in Mainstream Settings

131007   Species At Risk : Using Economic Incentives to Shelter Endangered Species On Private Lands {1st ed.}
146910   Species Conservation and Management : Case Studies
135331   Speck On the Sea, A : Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels
151130   Spectacular Politics : Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte and the Fête Impériale, 1849-1870
149343   Spectacular Power in the Greek and Roman City
155963   Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earths in Optical Materials
145000   Speculative Management : Stock Market Power and Corporate Change

121477   Speculative Truth : Henry Cavendish, Natural Philosophy, and the Rise of Modern Theoretical Science
156748   Spell of the Song, The : Letters, Meaning, and English Poetry
147184   Spelling : Approaches to Teaching and Assessment {2nd ed.}
155910   Sphere of Attention, The : Context and Margin
150057   Spiderwebs and Silk : Tracing Evolution From Molecules to Genes to Phenotypes
157079   Spilling the Beans in Chicanolandia : Conversations With Writers and Artists {1st ed.}

138458   Spinning the Semantic Web : Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential {1st MIT Press pbk. ed.}
159374   Spinoza's Heresy : Immortality and the Jewish Mind
165385   Spiritual Caregiving : Healthcare As a Ministry
142684   Spiritual Dimension, The : Religion, Philosophy, and Human Value
147578   Spirituality and Health : Multidisciplinary Explorations
156743   Spirituality and Politics in the Works of Hrotsvit of Gandersheim
145615   Spitting On Diamonds : A Spitball Pitcher's Journey to the Major Leagues, 1911-1919
142690   Splintering of Spain, The : Cultural History and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
145289   Spoken Multimodal Human-computer Dialogue in Mobile Environments
135795   Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols
135391   Sports Medicine : Examination & Board Review
135392   Sports Medicine : Just the Facts
150684   Spread of Yield Management Practices, The : Need for Systematic Approaches
143019   Spring in Action
152418   Spying On America : The FBI's Domestic Counterintelligence Program
130254   SQL : Practical Guide for Developers
140090   SQL for Microsoft Access
140969   SQLite
150936   Square Kilometre Array, The : An Engineering Perspective
142958   St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success
145368   St. John's Wort and Its Active Principles in Depression and Anxiety
138270   Stability and Justification in Hume's Treatise
150366   Stability of Matter, The : From Atoms to Stars : Selecta of Elliott H. Lieb {4th ed.}
152061   Stages of Evil : Occultism in Western Theater and Drama
145009   Staging History : Brecht's Social Concepts of Ideology
156744   Staging Modern Playwrights : From Director's Concept to Performance
141135   Staging the War : American Drama and World War II
152285   Stairway to Heaven : A Journey to the Summit of Mount Emei
 91969   Stalemate : Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock
141621   Stalin's Great Science : The Times and Adventures of Soviet Physicists
125536   Stalin's Slave Ships : Kolyma, the Gulag Fleet, and the Role of the West
150558   Standardization and Expectations
158419   Standards-based Mathematics Assessment in Middle School : Rethinking Classroom Practice
151203   Standing against the Whirlwind : Evangelical Episcopalians in Nineteenth-century America
135364   Stapleton's Powerboat Bible : The Complete Guide to Selection, Seamanship, and Cruising
158520   Star Clusters and How to Observe Them
144058   Stardust Melody : The Life and Music of Hoagy Carmichael {1st Oxford paperback ed.}

 70804 Stars and Stripes Across the Pacific : The United States, Japan, and Asia/Pacific Region, 1895-1945

135413 Start Small, Profit Big in Real Estate : Fixer Jay's 2-year Plan for Building Wealth--starting From Scratch!
136308 Start Your Own Home Business --in No Time
       Start Your Own Law Practice : A Guide to All the Things They Don't Teach in Law School About Starting
156494 Your Own Firm {1st ed.}
129854 Starting & Building a Nonprofit : A Practical Guide {1st ed.}
149056 Starving On a Full Stomach : Hunger and the Triumph of Cultural Racism in Modern South Africa
132306 State and Life Chances in Urban China, The : Redistribution and Stratification, 1949-1994
138519 State and the Global Ecological Crisis, The
127286 State At War in South Asia, The
140536 State Banking in Early America : A New Economic History

148034 State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century. Volume 1, The Politics of State Constitutional Reform
       State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century. Volume 2, Drafting State Constitutions, Revisions, and
149878 Amendments
       State Immunity Controversy in International Law, The : Private Suits against Sovereign States in Domestic
143423 Courts
155857 State of the Art for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
159372 State of the Union : [Unionism and the Alternatives in the United Kingdom Since 1707]
156002 State Rankings 2006 : A Statistical View of the 50 United States {17th ed.}
151021 State Space Method, The : Generalizations and Applications
112703 States in the Global Economy : Bringing Domestic Institutions Back in
147462 States of Liberalization : Redefining the Public Sector in Integrated Europe
146500 Statistical Analysis and Optimization for VLSI : Timing and Power
145749 Statistical and Computational Inverse Problems
145752 Statistical and Inductive Inference By Minimum Message Length
156789 Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials : What Do the Data Really Tell Us?
145390 Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution
155789 Statistical Monitoring of Clinical Trials : Fundamentals for Investigators
150351 Statistical Physics for Cosmic Structures
145507 Statistical Tools for Finance and Insurance
150352 Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials {3rd ed.}
165261 Statistics for the Utterly Confused
125621 Statistics With Common Sense
156315 Statistics, Knowledge and Policy : Key Indicators to Inform Decision Making
132270 Statius and Epic Games : Sport, Politics, and Poetics in the Thebaid
140502 Steal These Ideas! : Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star {1st ed.}
149574 Stealing the Network : How to Own an Identity
148569 Stein's Method and Applications
139889 Stem Cell Research : Medical Applications and Ethical Controversy
       Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering for Cardiovascular Repair : From Basic Research to Clinical
158501 Applications
155988 Stem Cells
145023 Step Back, The : Ethics and Politics After Deconstruction
145993 Step-by-step Resumes : Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps
147285 Stepping Twice Into the River : Following Dakota Waters
150353 Sterile Insect Technique : Principles and Practice in Area-wide Integrated Pest Management
121724 Still Stuck in Traffic : Coping With Peak-hour Traffic Congestion
155803 Stochastic Calculus of Variations in Mathematical Finance
145730 Stochastic Linear Programming : Models, Theory, and Computation
       Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing Systems : Advances in Design, Performance Evaluation, and Control
145828 Issues
159379 Stochastic Processes and Models
       Stock Market Rules : 50 of the Most Widely Held Investment Axioms Explained, Examined, and Exposed
135396 {3rd ed.}
159107 Stoic Life, The : Emotions, Duties, and Fate
147771 Stop and Go, Yes and No : What Is an Antonym?
155796 Storytelling : Branding in Practice
158372 Straight to the Bottom Line : An Executive's Roadmap to World Class Supply Management
152419 Straighten Up and Fly Right : A Chronology and Discography of Nat "King" Cole
       Strange World, A : Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD-NOS : a Guide for Parents, Partners,
137748 Professional Carers, and People With ASDs
135778 Strangers At Home : American Ethnic Modernism between the World Wars
144590 Strategic Alignment Process and Decision Support Systems : Theory and Case Studies
156409 Strategic Alliances to Scale Up Financial Services in Rural Areas
148610 Strategic Behavior and Policy Choice On the U.S. Supreme Court
150354 Strategic Competition in Oligopolies With Fluctuating Demand

130538   Strategic Environmental Assessment : A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience
148607   Strategic ERP Extension and Use
147994   Strategic Human Resource Management : A Guide to Action {3rd ed.}
162486   Strategic Learning and Its Limits
152329   Strategic Management : Formulation, Implementation, and Control in a Dynamic Environment
135716   Strategic Management of Information Systems in Healthcare
150077   Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge, The
130095   Strategic Marketing Management : Planning, Implementation and Control {3rd ed.}
126746   Strategic Threats and National Missile Defenses : Defending the U.S. Homeland
150894   Strategic Trading in Illiquid Markets
143442   Strategy and Organization of Corporate Banking
143305   Strategy As Action : Competitive Dynamics and Competitive Advantage
145271   Stream Data Management
138515   Street Science : Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice
152058   Street Smart : The New York of Lumet, Allen, Scorsese, and Lee
149779   Street With No Name : A History of the Classic American Film Noir
150400   Strengthening Long-term Nuclear Security : Protecting Weapon-usable Material in Russia
163910   Strengthening the World Bank's Role in Global Programs and Partnerships
146853   Stress & Time Management : The Easy Step By Step Guide
147207   Stress Buster : How to Stop Stress From Killing You
143167   Striking Cabbies of Cairo and Other Stories, The : Crafts and Guilds in Egypt, 1863-1914
149770   Stroheim

133590 Stroke : The Comprehensive and Medically Accurate Manual About Stroke and How to Deal With It
       Stroke Rehabilitation : A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet
129591 References
145822 Structural Change and Exchange Rate Dynamics : The Economics of EU Eastern Enlargement
120317 Structural Equation Modeling : Applications in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology
150979 Structural Framework for the Pricing of Corporate Securities, A : Economic and Empirical Issues
150954 Structural Theory of Automata, Semigroups, and Universal Algebra
156927 Structural Unemployment in Western Europe : Reasons and Remedies
148665 Structure and Development of Self-consciousness, The : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
145518 Structure Formation in Solution : Ionic Polymers and Colloidal Particles
159125 Structure of German, The
143222 Structure of Religious Knowing, The : Encountering the Sacred in Eliade and Lonergan
146915   Structures and Beyond
135764   Struggle for Self-determination, The : History of the Menominee Indians Since 1854
104225   Struggle for Water in Peru, The : Comedy and Tragedy in the Andean Commons
156745   Struggle Over the Modern : Purity and Experience in American Art Criticism, 1900-1960
145008   Struggles Over Difference : Curriculum, Texts, and Pedagogy in the Asia-Pacific
148124   Student Grammar of Spanish, A
136683   Student's Catullus, The
152420   Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws On the First Amendment
123191   Student's Guide to Studying Psychology, A {3rd ed.}
156393   Students With Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages : Statistics and Indicators
145079   Studies in Legal Logic
151488   Studies in Music With Text
133006   Studies in the History of the Exact Sciences in Honour of David Pingree
141139   Studies of Fossilization in Second Language Acquisition
156751   Studio of One's Own, A : Fictional Women Painters and the Art of Fiction
138327   Studio Recording Procedures : How to Record Any Instrument
146154   Study of Language, The {3rd ed.}
165085   Styles of Piety : Practicing Philosophy After the Death of God
144039   Subject Inversion in Romance and the Theory of Universal Grammar
156017   Subjectivity and Selfhood : Investigating the First-person Perspective
157246   Subnational Democracy in the European Union : Challenges and Opportunities
150235   Subordination
148016   Subsidizing Capitalism : Brickmakers On the U.S.-Mexican Border
145084   Subspace Methods for System Identification
150960   Subtle and Mysterious Machine, A: The Medical World of Walter Charleton (1619-1707)
106798   Suburban Sahibs : Three Immigrant Families and Their Passage From India to America
137747   Succeeding With Autism : Hear My Voice
129488   Success Without Victory : Lost Legal Battles and the Long Road to Justice in America
155793   Successful Decision Making : A Systematic Approach to Complex Problems
149127   Successful Library Trustee Handbook, The
136191   Successful RFPs in Construction : Managing the Request for Proposal Process
152236   Sudden Death in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence {2nd ed.}
150137   Suffering and Moral Responsibility
158306   Sugar, Slavery, & Freedom in Nineteenth-century Puerto Rico
161954   Sun Certified Security Administrator for Solaris 9 & 10 Study Guide

161953 Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 Study Guide : Exams CX-310-200 and CX-310-202
146634 Sun, Solar Analogs and the Climate, The

132035   Sunset Limited : The Southern Pacific Railroad and the Development of the American West, 1850-1930
150765   Superdense QCD Matter and Compact Stars
143396   Super-flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises
150397   Superfund and Mining Megasites : Lessons From the Coeur D'Alene River Basin
         Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning : Concepts, Models, Software and Case Studies {3rd
145449   ed.}
150645   Supply Chain Management On Demand : Strategies, Technologies, Applications
         Supply Chain Management With APO : Structures, Modelling Approaches and Implementation of MySAP
145448   SCM 4.1 {2nd ed.}
146485   Supply Chain Optimization
116748   Supply Market Intelligence : A Managerial Handbook for Building Sourcing Strategies
150647   Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
         Supporting Children in Public Care in Schools : A Resource for Trainers of Teachers, Carers and Social
147518   Workers
         Supporting Local Health Care in a Chronic Crisis : Management and Financing Approaches in the Eastern
147004   Democratic Republic of the Congo
144886   Supreme Court of the United States, The : A Student Companion
138138   Surface Chemistry of Natural Particles, The
155889   Surface Evolution Equations : A Level Set Approach
146417   Surgery for Sleep-disordered Breathing
158997   Surgical Critical Care {2nd ed.}
151861   Surmounting the Barricades : Women in the Paris Commune
146195   Survivability and Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Networks
         Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses, A : Dealing With Bullies, Idiots, Back-stabbers, and Other
143257   Managers From Hell
         Survival Guide for Working With Humans, A : Dealing With Whiners, Back-stabbers, Know-it-alls, and
149000   Other Difficult People
148567   Survival of the Fattest : The Key to Human Brain Evolution
159371   Surviving Armageddon : Solutions for a Threatened Planet
137774   Surviving Fears in Health and Social Care : The Terrors of Night and the Arrows of Day
143370   Surviving Globalization? : Perspectives for the German Economic Model
138235   Surviving Transformation : Lessons From GM's Surprising Turnaround
138137   Susan Glaspell : Her Life and Times
143172   Sustainability and Spirituality
         Sustainable Development and Biofuel Use As a Way Towards the Kyoto Protocol Implementation and
137601   Enhanced Complex Utilization of Raw Wood Material and Peat
146110   Sustainable Development Indicators in Ecological Economics
155872   Sustainable Development, Energy, and the City : A Civilisation of Visions and Actions
145295   Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society : Personal, Technological, or Social Change?
130565   Sustainable Enterprise, The : Profiting From Best Practice
163946   Sustainable Land Management : Challenges, Opportunities, and Trade-offs
148052   Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources : Research From Africa and India
125689   Sustainable Mobility : Renewable Energies for Powering Fuel Cell Vehicles
152332   Sustainable Soils : The Place of Organic Matter in Sustaining Soils and Their Productivity
133963   Sustaining Change in Schools : How to Overcome Differences and Focus On Quality

130512 Sustaining Growth and Performance in East Asia : The Role of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

121731 Sustaining Nonprofit Performance : The Case for Capacity Building and the Evidence to Support It
149133 Swan Song
       Swarm Robotics : SAB 2004 International Workshop, Santa Monica, CA, USA, July 17, 2004 : Revised
145922 Selected Papers
159378 Sweet and Blessed Country : The Christian Hope for Heaven
156952 Sweet Anticipation : Music and the Psychology of Expectation
145433 Switched Linear Systems : Control and Design
137993 Switching to Renewable Power : A Framework for the 21st Century
 85950 Sword of Damocles, The : U.S. Financial Hegemony in Colombia and Chile, 1950-1970
143017 SWT/JFace in Action
149382 Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams {Electronic Ed.}
147503 Symbol of Authority : The British District Officer in Africa
146253 Symbolic Integration I : Transcendental Functions
138934 Symmetry and Its Discontents : Essays On the History of Inductive Probability
152424 Symptoms of Unknown Origin : A Medical Odyssey {1st ed.}
158995 Synaptic Plasticity : Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Applications
146192 Syndromes of Corruption : Wealth, Power, and Democracy
140565 Synesthesia : Perspectives From Cognitive Neuroscience
163063 Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook
155955 Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions
150160 Syntax of Anaphora, The
145762 Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond
150355 System Level Design of Reconfigurable Systems-on-chip
156925 System Modeling in Cell Biology : From Concepts to Nuts and Bolts
146127 System of Ethics, The : According to the Principles of the Wissenschaftslehre
152254 Systematic Theory of Argumentation, A : The Pragma-dialectical Approach
150766 Systemics of Emergence : Research and Development
145438 System-level Test and Validation of Hardware/software Systems
149864 Systems Biology : Properties of Reconstructed Networks
148936 Systems for State Science Assessment
131406 T.S. Eliot and the Art of Collaboration
151367 Taboo of Subjectivity, The : Toward a New Science of Consciousness

 86681   Taiwan in the Global Economy : From an Agrarian Economy to an Exporter of High-tech Products
 85935   Taiwan's Modernization in Global Perspective
147095   Taking Religious Pluralism Seriously : Spiritual Politics On America's Sacred Ground
148992   Taking Stock : A Spiritual Guide to Rising Above Life's Financial Ups and Downs
142732   Taking the High Road : A Metropolitan Agenda for Transportation Reform
149145   Tale of Two Cities, A
152067   Tales From Tennessee Lawyers
150183   Talk That Counts : Age, Gender, and Social Class Differences in Discourse
143124   Talking About a Revolution : The Languages of Educational Reform
158798   Talmud's Theological Language-game, The : A Philosophical Discourse Analysis
149279   Taming of the Shrew, The
152260   Taming the Sovereigns : Institutional Change in International Politics
         Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets : How to Manage and Measure Your Company's Brand, Patents,
135382   Intellectual Property, and Other Sources of Value
         Tank Wastes Planned for On-site Disposal At Three Department of Energy Sites : The Savannah River Site
142495   : Interim Report
147504   Tantric Body, The : Secret Tradition of Hindu Religion
147073   Tax Deductions for Professionals {1st ed.}
135375   Tax Guide for Traders, The
142112   Tax Savvy for Small Business : Year-round Tax Strategies to Save You Money {9th ed.}
155790   Taylor's Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges : A Handbook
146536   Teacher Professional Development in Changing Conditions
163126   Teacher Research for Better Schools
158575   Teacher's Grammar Book, The {2nd ed.}
158416   Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World : Multicultural Education for Young Children
158396   Teaching and Learning in Two Languages : Bilingualism & Schooling in the United States
147201   Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Thinking Classroom
140150   Teaching and Learning With Virtual Teams
147104   Teaching As Believing : Faith in the University
163135   Teaching As Inquiry : Asking Hard Questions to Improve Practice and Student Achievement
141431   Teaching At Home : A New Approach to Tutoring Children With Autism and Asperger Syndrome
147524   Teaching Children With Autism and Related Spectrum Disorders : An Art and a Science
150157   Teaching Durkheim
140547   Teaching Freud
145417   Teaching in America : A Cross-cultural Guide for International Teachers and Their Employers
144614   Teaching in the Knowledge Society : New Skills and Instruments for Teachers
         Teaching Language and Literature in Elementary Classrooms : A Resource Book for Professional
158571   Development {2nd ed.}
158577   Teaching the Dimensions of Literacy

144604   Teaching With Educational Technology in the 21st Century : The Case of the Asia-Pacific Region
141347   Teaching With the Brain in Mind {2nd ed., rev. and updated.}
146519   Teaching Writing in Chinese Speaking Areas
135715   Teaching Writing in the Content Areas
143150   Teachings and Practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoist Masters, The
132506   Technical Careers in the Telecommunications Industry
125527   Techniques of Inner Leadership, The : Making Inner Leadership Work
142532   Technological Change and Economic Catch-up : The Role of Science and Multinationals
142534   Technological Superpower China
148513   TechnoLogics : Ghosts, the Incalculable, and the Suspension of Animation
144597   Technology and Problem-based Learning
138593   Technology and the Dream : Reflections On the Black Experience At MIT, 1941-1999
156956   Technology Matters : Questions to Live With
156428   Technology, Adaptation, and Exports : How Some Developing Countries Got It Right
141179   Technophobia! : Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology {1st ed.}
125617   Teen Gangs : A Global View
 99213   Teen Life in the Middle East

156495 Teen Rights (And Responsibilities) : A Legal Guide for Teens and the Adults in Their Lives {2nd ed.}
149815 Teeth

134106   Telebomb : The Truth Behind the $500-billion Telecom Bust and What the Industry Must Do to Recover
144677   Telecentres, Access and Development : Experience and Lessons From Uganda and South Africa
155867   Telecommunications Planning : Innovations in Pricing, Network Design and Management
149763   Television Histories : Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age
135309   Tell It Slant : Writing and Shaping Creative Nonfiction
136715   Tell Them We Are Going Home : The Odyssey of the Northern Cheyennes {Pbk. Ed.}
 76054   Telling a Good One : The Process of a Native American Collaborative Biography
149280   Tempest, The
145617   Tempting Tropicals : 175 Irresistible Indoor Plants
156519   Tending Fire : Coping With America's Wildland Fires
142115   Tending the Wild : Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources
143439   Tensile Fracturing in Rocks : Tectonofractographic and Electromagnetic Radiation Methods
132268   Terence and the Language of Roman Comedy
146799   Term Structure Modeling and Estimation in a State Space Framework

150201   Terrorism and Public Health : A Balanced Approach to Strengthening Systems and Protecting People
145243   Terrorism and the UN : Before and After September 11
156305   Terrorism Risk Insurance in OECD Countries
127981   Terrorism, 1992-1995 : A Chronology of Events and a Selectively Annotated Bibliography
100065   Terrorism, Freedom, and Security : Winning Without War
 99102   Terrorism's War With America : A History
149987   Testing and Balancing HVAC Air and Water Systems {4th ed.}
143453   Testing Commercial-off-the-shelf Components and Systems
155745   Testing of Genetically Modified Organisms in Foods
132030   Text As Father : Paternal Seductions in Early Maha¯ya¯na Buddhist Literature
148501   Textiles for Protection
148489   Textiles in Sport
160111   Textual Ethos Studies, or Locating Ethics
141136   Texture of the Divine, The : Imagination in Medieval Islamic and Jewish Thought
131399   Thailand's Secret War : The Free Thai, OSS, and SOE During World War IIHistories}
150159   That Moaning Saxophone : The Six Brown Brothers and the Dawning of a Musical Craze
147252   Theaters of Time and Space : American Planetaria, 1930-1970
137414   Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation : A Practitioner's View
137902   Themes in Religion and American Culture
132302   Theological Hermeneutics and 1 Thessalonians
151460   Theological Incorrectness : Why Religious People Believe What They Shouldn't
151188   Theology and Narrative : Selected Essays
146897   Theology in Stone : Church Architecture From Byzantium to Berkeley
145168   Theoretical and Experimental DNA Computation
145389   Theoretical Knowledge

142669 Theories of Entrepreneurship : Alternative Assumptions and the Study of Entrepreneurial Action
       Theories of Financial Disturbance : An Examination of Critical Theories of Finance From Adam Smith to
130522 the Present Day
148140 Theories of Judgment : Psychology, Logic, Phenomenology
161331 Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves
150540 Theory of Association Schemes
138258 Theory of Ellipsis, A
149338 Theory of Neural Information Processing Systems
145436 Theory of Random Sets
159471 Therapeutic Exercise in Developmental Disabilities {3rd ed.}
134805 Therapy of Crohn's Disease
138936 Thermodynamics : Fundamentals for Applications
139581 Thermodynamics of Natural Systems {2nd ed.}
145742 Thin Films and Heterostructures for Oxide Electronics
       Think Like Your Customer : A Winning Strategy to Maximize Sales By Understanding How and Why Your
135365 Customers Buy
129737 Thinking About Crime : Sense and Sensibility in American Penal Culture
163348 Thinking About God in an Age of Technology
141137 Thinking in the Spirit : Theologies of the Early Pentecostal Movement
152063 Thinking Outside the Box : A Contemporary Television Genre Reader

135315   Thinking Parent, Thinking Child : How to Turn Your Most Challenging Everyday Problems Into Solutions
112154   Thinking the Limits of the Body
143194   Thinking Through the Death of God : A Critical Companion to Thomas J.J. Altizer
139253   Thinking With Heidegger : Displacements
137799   Thinking With Things : Toward a New Vision of Art {1st ed.}
126735   Third Option, The : Emancipation of European Defense, 1989-2000
156411   Thirty Years of World Bank Shelter Lending : What Have We Learned?
151732   Thomas Paine and the Literature of Revolution
150213   Thought, Reference, and Experience : Themes From the Philosophy of Gareth Evans
150182   Three Faces of Desire
141141   Three Is a Crowd? : Acquiring Portuguese in a Trilingual Environment
149852   Three-body Problem, The
145699   Three-dimensional Cephalometry : A Color Atlas and Manual
162285   Through Mobility We Conquer : The Mechanization of U.S. Cavalry
140590   Through Survivors' Eyes : From the Sixties to the Greensboro Massacre {1st ed.}
149212   Through the Looking Glass
145025   Through the Reading Glass : Women, Books, and Sex in the French Enlightenment
155737   Through Their Eyes : Foreign Correspondents in the United States
150428   Throws & Take-downs of Greco-Roman Wrestling, The
150429   Throws & Take-downs of Sombo Russian Wrestling, The
146989   Thucydides' War Narrative : A Structural Study
135438   Thyroid Sourcebook for Women, The {2nd ed.}
150126   Tibetan Assimilation of Buddhism, The : Conversion, Contestation, and Memory
         TICs en las PYMES de Centroamérica : Impacto de la adopción de las tecnologías de la información y la
144681   comunicación en el desempeño de las em
129008   Ties That Bind : The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom
 85952   Tilt? : The Search for Media Bias
148539   Tim Burton
140689   Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bulbs
         Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire : Al-Sa?di¯'s Ta'ri¯kh Al-su¯da¯n Down to 1613, and Other
132906   Contemporary Documents
165389   Time & Eternity : The Question of Time in Church, Science, and Theology

150937   Time   Continuity in Discrete Time Models : New Approaches for Production Planning in Process Industries
146869   Time   Exposure : The Personal Experience of Time in Secular Societies
134105   Time   Mastery : How Temporal Intelligence Will Make You a Stronger, More Effective Leader
146925   Time   of Our Lives : The Science of Human Aging

120287   Time-series Analysis and Cyclostratigraphy : Examining Stratigraphic Records of Environmental Cycles
130138   Time-to-contact
149283   Timon of Athens
138309   Tips & Traps for Bathroom Remodeling
138308   Tips & Traps for Hiring a Contractor
138334   Tips & Traps for Remodeling Your Kitchen
135329   Tips and Traps for New Home Owners
123222   Tissue Augmentation in Clinical Practice
138152   Tissue Engineering : Engineering Principles for the Design of Replacement Organs and Tissues
149284   Titus Andronicus
135774   Tlingit Indians in Russian America, 1741-1867 , The
165943   To Export Progress : The Golden Age of University Assistance in the Americas
143613   To Hell With Culture' : Anarchism and Twentieth-century British Literature
147557   To Marry an Indian : The Marriage of Harriett Gold and Elias Boudinot in Letters, 1823-1839
137926   To Walt Whitman, America
146921   To Your Health : How to Understand What Research Tells Us About Risk
156750   Tocqueville and Beyond : Essays On the Old Regime in Honor of David D. Bien
148666   Tok Pisin Texts : From the Beginning to the Present
         Tolerance, Suspicion, and Hostility : Changing U.S. Attitudes Toward the Japanese Communist Movement,
125573   1944-1947
149787   Tolkien's Art : A Mythology for England {Rev. Ed.}
155945   Toll-like Receptors in Inflammation
147505   Tomb Raiders and Space Invaders : Videogame Forms and Contexts
136300   Tomcat 5 Unleashed
143131   Toni Morrison and Motherhood : A Politics of the Heart
151265   Toni Morrison's Beloved : A Casebook
158834   Toni Morrison's Developing Class Consciousness {2nd ed.}
142613   Too-good Wife, The : Alcohol, Codependency, and the Politics of Nurturance in Postwar Japan
144615   Tools for Teaching Computer Networking and Hardware Concepts
         Top 100 Health-care Careers : Your Complete Guidebook to Training and Jobs in Allied Health, Nursing,
125732   Medicine, and More {2nd ed.}
130252   Top Pay and Performance : International and Strategic Approach
         Topics in Dynamic Model Analysis : Advanced Matrix Methods and Unit-root Econometrics Representation
150984   Theorems
150371   Topology in Condensed Matter
 70212   Tornel and Santa Anna : The Writer and the Caudillo, Mexico, 1795-1853
150542   Tort Law and Liability Insurance
129730 Tort Law in America : An Intellectual History {Expanded Ed.}
148172 Torture Debate in America, The
160101 Totally Un-English? : Britain's Internment of "Enemy Aliens" in Two World Wars
148667 Touching for Knowing : Cognitive Psychology of Haptic Manual Perception
       Tough Management : The 7 Ways to Make Tough Decisions Easier, Deliver the Numbers, and Grow
135705 Business in Good Times and Bad
137403 Tourism and Intercultural Exhange : Why Tourism Matters
141143 Tourism Ethics

147110 Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation : The Challenge of the 21st Century {3rd expanded ed.}

 70447 Toward a Naturalistic Political Theory : Aristotle, Hume, Dewey, Evolutionary Biology, and Deep Ecology
155738 Toward an Evolutionary Regime for Spectrum Governance : Licensing or Unrestricted Entry?

138509   Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain : Implantable Biomimetic Electronics As Neural Prostheses
158064   Towards a Social History of Early Modern Dutch
141755   Towards a Sustainable Information Society : Deconstructing WSIS
143456   Towards Environmental Innovation Systems
159574   Toxicity Testing for Assessment of Environmental Agents : Interim Report
149616   Toxocara : The Enigmatic Parasite
145129   Traceability in Chemical Measurement
152263   Tracheostomy : A Multiprofessional Handbook
151496   Tracking Reason : Proof, Consequence, and Truth
         Trade and Development Report, 2005 : Report By the Secretariat of the United Nations Conference On
148073   Trade and Development
120431   Trade and Industrial Policy Under International Oligopoly
156306   Trade and Structural Adjustment : Embracing Globalisation
162413   Trade Secrets of Business Disposals
         Trade Secrets of Using E-learning in Training : How Best to Plan, Design and Implement E-learning
162414   Training Programmes
163354   Traders : Risks, Decisions and Management in Financial Markets
         Trading in Lives? : Operations of the Jewish Relief and Rescue Committee in Budapest, 1944-1945 {1st
138016   ed.}
129294   Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry
145628   Traffic Grooming in Optical WDM Mesh Networks
133601   Tragedy of Arms, A : Military and Security Developments in the Maghreb
143328   Tragic and the Ecstatic, The : Musical Revolution of Wagner's Tristan Und Isolde
156807   Trajectories Through the New Testament and the Apostolic Fathers
139158   Traktor DJ Studio Ignite! : The Visual Guide for New Users

150895   Transaction-level Modeling With SystemC : TLM Concepts and Applications for Embedded Systems
127278   Transatlantic Slave Trade, The : A History {rev. ed.}
145292   Transboundary Water Resources : Strategies for Regional Security and Ecological Stability
145244   Transcendence and Self-transcendence : On God and the Soul
100072   Transcritique On Kant and Marx
150712   Transendoscopic Ultrasound for Neurosurgery
137750   Transfer Boy : Perspectives On Asperger Syndrome
151404   Transformation of American Religion, The : Story of a Late-twentieth-century Awakening
148051   Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe : Towards Globalization
142526   Transformational CEOs : Leadership and Management Success in Japan
150372   Transformations in Medieval and Early-modern Rights Discourse
148101   Transforming Africa : An Agenda for Action
145750   Transforming Health Care Through Information
130259   Transforming HR : Creating Value Through People
         Transforming HR : How to Get Shared Services, Outsourcing and Business Partnering to Deliver What You
132028   Want
         Transforming Training : A Guide to Creating a Flexible Learning Environment : the Rise of the Learning
157222   Architects
142033   Transit Regime for Landlocked States, The : International Law and Development Perspectives
126843   Transition and Development in Algeria : Economic, Social and Cultural Challenges
126679   Transition to Democracy in Latin America, The : Role of the Military
148668   Translation in Undergraduate Degree Programmes
142200   Transnational Corporations and the Internationalization of R&D
       Transnational History of a Chinese Family, The : Immigrant Letters, Family Business, and Reverse
156712 Migration
       Transnational Politics of the Environment : The European Union and Environmental Policy in Central and
138680 Eastern Europe
151469 Transportation Experience, The : Policy, Planning, and Deployment
 70146 Transrealist Fiction : Writing in the Slipstream of Science
139759 Transvestite Achilles, The : Gender and Genre in Statius' Achilleid
144967 Trauma and the Teaching of Writing
155676 Traumatic Encounters in Italian Film : Locating the Cinematic Unconscious
159109 Travel in Twentieth-century French and Francophone Cultures : The Persistence of Diversity
149232 Treasure Island
       Treating Infectious Diseases in a Microbial World : Report of Two Workshops On Novel Antimicrobial
148934 Therapeutics
161209 Treating Pediatric Bed-wetting With Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
158916 Treatment of Pediatric Neurologic Disorders
147226 Tree-kangaroos of Australia and New Guinea
145376 Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation
140542 Trial and Error : The American Controversy Over Creation and Evolution {3rd ed.}
151492 Trial Consulting
152207 Trials of Nation Making : Liberalism, Race, and Ethnicity in the Andes, 1810-1910
140985 Tricks of the EBay Masters
136755 Trickster of Liberty, The : Native Heirs to a Wild Baronage
 86701 Tricolor Over the Sahara : The Desert Battles of the Free French, 1940-1942
142785 Trinity, The : Retrieving the Western Tradition
147506 Triumph of Military Zionism, The
142716 Triumph of Technology, The
149285 Troilus and Cressida
160150 Tropes for the Past : Hayden White and the History/literature Debate
150750 Tropical Fruits and Frugivores : The Search for Strong Interactors
137158 Trouble With Trust, The : Dynamics of Interpersonal Trust Building
147466 Troubling Play : Meaning and Entity in Plato's Parmenides
163355 Troy and Homer : Towards a Solution of an Old Mystery
142525 Trust and Entrepreneurship : A West-East Perspective
143318 Trust and Honesty : America's Business Culture At a Crossroad
148997 Trust or Consequences : Build Trust Today or Lose Your Market Tomorrow

142513   Trust Under Pressure : Empirical Investigations of Trust and Trust Building in Uncertain Circumstances
149830   Trusts Law : Text and Materials
146823   Truth About Eating Disorders, The
146824   Truth About Fear and Depression, The
134929   Truth About the Music Business, The : A Grassroots Business and Legal Guide
145245   Truth and Genesis : Philosophy As Differential Ontology
138658   Truth and Justification
150072   Truth of Ecology, The : Nature, Culture, and Literature in America
129500   Truth, Autonomy, and Speech : Feminist Theory and the First Amendment
145322   Tsunamis : Case Studies and Recent Developments
165269   Tuberculosis & Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections {5th ed.}
150543   Tumor Prevention and Genetics III
142116   Tunes for 'Toons : Music and the Hollywood Cartoon
145637   Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale {2nd ed.}
150373   Turbo Code Applications : A Journey From a Paper to Realization
136200   Turbo-machinery Dynamics : Design and Operation
131321   Turkey : Economic Reform and Accession to the European Union
145399   Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science
140557   Turks in World History, The
149187   Turn of the Screw, The
145765   Turn, The : Integration of Information Seeking and Retrieval in Context
156771   Turning Up the Flame : Philip Roth's Later Novels
150704   Turning Up the Heat On Pain : TRPV1 Receptors in Pain and Inflammation
150685   Turnpike Properties in the Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control
130091   TV Commercials : How to Make Them, Or, How Big Is the Boat?
149286   Twelfth Night
163377   Twenties in America, The : Politics and History
125500   Twentieth-century Cause Cèlébre : Sacco, Vanzetti, and the Press, 1920-1927
156772   Twentieth-century Epic Novels
163370   Twentieth-century German Political Thought
 70136   Twentieth-century Roots of Rhetorical Studies
155691   Twentieth-century South Africa {2nd ed.}
143181   Twenty-first Century Confronts Its Gods, The : Globalization, Technology, and War
150249   Twenty-first Century Guide to Aldersonian Marketing Thought, A
156753   Twice-told Tale, A : Reinventing the Encounter in Iberian/Iberian American Literature and Film
147000   Twilight of the Mammoths : Ice Age Extinctions and the Rewilding of America
156266   Twilight People : One Man's Journey to Find His Roots
151368   Twisted Muse, The : Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich
150374   Two Cultures : Essays in Honour of David Speiser
149281   Two Gentlemen of Verona, The
165157   Two in a Bed : The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing
143309   Two Men and Music : Nationalism in the Making of an Indian Classical Tradition
 69330   Two Views of Virtue : Absolute Relativism and Relative Absolutism
138307   Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook for Women, The
149058   Tyranny of Printers, The : Newspaper Politics in the Early American Republic
147078   U.S. Immigration Made Easy
127282   U.S. Intervention and Regime Change in Nicaragua
140686   U.S. Legal System, The
150035   Ulpian : Pioneer of Human Rights {2nd ed.}
165255   Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job After Residency, The
145996   Ultimate Job Search, The : Intelligent Strategies to Get the Right Job Fast
146762   Ultrasonography in Vascular Diagnosis : A Therapy-oriented Textbook and Atlas
134934   UML for the IT Business Analyst : A Practical Guide to Object-oriented Requirements Gathering
112708   UML Xtra-light : How to Specify Your Software Requirements
165946   UN Voices : The Struggle for Development and Social Justice
150120   Unaccommodated Calvin, The : Studies in the Foundation of a Theological Tradition
142053   Unamerican Business, An : The Rise of the New European Enterprise
         Unauthorized Teacher's Survival Guide, The : An Essential Reference for Both New and Experienced
138031   Educators! {3rd ed.}
         Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over 50
135432   {2005-2006.}
156954   Uncertainty Underground : Yucca Mountain and the Nation's High-level Nuclear Waste
149138   Uncle Vanya
156755   Uncomfortable Authority, An : Maria Edgeworth and Her Contexts
125521   Uncommon Americans : The Lives and Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover
144838   Under New Ownership : Privatizing China's Enterprises
121016   Under the Banyan Tree : A Population Scientist's Odyssey
129811   Under the Cope of Heaven : Religion, Society, and Politics in Colonial America {Updated Ed.}
         Undercover Economist, The : Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich, the Poor Are Poor--and Why You Can
146958   Never Buy a Decent Used Car!
124907   Underground Codes : Race, Crime, and Related Fires
158595   Understanding and Treating Obsessive-compulsive Disorder : A Cognitive Behavioral Approach
144519   Understanding Anita Brookner
144520   Understanding Anthony Powell
158397   Understanding Assessment and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
144521   Understanding Bobbie Ann Mason
157219   Understanding Brands
133964   Understanding By Design {Expanded 2nd Ed.}
138176   Understanding Child Maltreatment : An Ecological and Developmental Perspective
129483   Understanding China's Legal System : Essays in Honor of Jerome A. Cohen
140841   Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery
143046   Understanding Enterprise SOA
 55240   Understanding Eudora Welty
         Understanding Fluorescein Angiography = : Fluoreszeinangiografie Verstehen = Entendiendo Angiografía
158523   Con Fluoresceína
151476   Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers
136414   Understanding Global Slavery : A Reader
144527   Understanding Graham Swift
         Understanding How Asperger Children and Adolescents Think and Learn : Creating Manageable
147511   Environments for AS Students
144528   Understanding Ian McEwan
163064   Understanding Industrial and Corporate Change
150376   Understanding Industrial Transformation : Views From Different Disciplines
156430   Understanding Iraq : A Whistlestop Tour From Ancient Babylon to Occupied Baghdad
144529   Understanding Isak Dinesen
144530   Understanding Jack Kerouac
144531   Understanding James Welch
144532   Understanding Jill McCorkle
144534   Understanding Julio Cortazar
         Understanding Knowledge Societies : In Twenty Questions and Answers With the Index of Knowledge
137621   Societies
158596   Understanding Language Teaching : From Method to Post-method
140842   Understanding Mental Retardation
156799   Understanding People : Normativity and Rationalizing Explanation
157989   Understanding Phenomenal Consciousness
159369   Understanding Pictures
144540   Understanding Robert Coover
         Understanding Sensory Dysfunction : Learning, Development and Sensory Dysfunction in Autism
147510   Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities
168245   Understanding Supply Chains : Concepts, Critiques, and Futures
         Understanding the Medical Diagnosis of Child Maltreatment : A Guide for Nonmedical Professionals {3rd
143320   ed.}
144542   Understanding Thomas Mann
151333   Understanding Truth
144544   Understanding W.G. Sebald
144545   Understanding William H. Gass
132071   Unemployment Compensation Throughout the World : A Comparative Analysis
 91023   Unequal Partners in Peace and War : The Republic of Korea and the United States, 1948-1953
129723   Unfinished Bombing, The : Oklahoma City in American Memory
 86704   Unfinished Business : Telecommunications Reform in Mexico
         Unified Theory of Party Competition, A : A Cross-national Analysis Integrating Spatial and Behavioral
132342   Factors
145566   Union On Trial, The : Political Journals of Judge William Barclay Napton, 1829-1883
156921   Unit Operations : An Approach to Videogame Criticism

159370 United States and Western Europe Since 1945, The : From "Empire" By Invitation to Transatlantic Drift
140684 United States At War, The
136752 United States Cavalry, The : An Illustrated History, 1776-1944

125625   United States Entrepreneurs and the Companies They Built : An Index to Biographies in Collected Works
126751   United States Military Assistance : An Empirical Perspective
144963   United We Stand? : Divide-and-conquer Politics and the Logic of International Hostility
149863   Unity of Plato's Gorgias, The : Rhetoric, Justice, and the Philosophic Life
150776   Univariate Time Series in Geosciences : Theory and Examples
156594   Universal Joints and Driveshafts : Analysis, Design, Applications {2nd enlarged ed.}
145416   Universe of Fluctuations, The : Architecture of Spacetime and the Universe
152441   Unjust Sentencing and the California Three Strikes Law
156534   Unknown Boundaries : Exploring Human Evolutionary Studies
156649   Unknown Dead, The : Civilians in the Battle of the Bulge
159577   Unknown Quantity : A Real and Imaginary History of Algebra
135744   Unleashing Change : A Study of Organizational Renewal in Government
133067   Unleashing Leadership : Aligning What People Do Best With What Organizations Need Most
138883   Unleashing the Power of EBay
156497   Unmarried Parents' Rights (And Responsibilities) {3rd ed.}
157327   Unplanned Life, An : A Memoir
150125   Unprincipled Virtue : An Inquiry Into Moral Agency
 86700   Unraveling of Island Asia?, The : Governmental, Communal, and Regional Instability
158422   Un-standardizing Curriculum : Multicultural Teaching in the Standards-based Classroom
149112   Unsung Heroines : Single Mothers and the American Dream
147558   Untidy Origins : A Story of Woman's Rights in Antebellum New York
137531   Untying the Knot : Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait
140154   Unwired Business : Cases in Mobile Business
147378   Uprooting Children : Mobility, Social Capital, and Mexican American Underachievement
156773   Upstart Talents : Rhetoric and the Career of Reason in English Romantic Discourse, 1790-1820
144995   Urban Education With an Attitude
150495   Urban Forests and Trees : A Reference Book
152007   Urban Sprawl and Public Health : Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities
158435   Urban Teaching : The Essentials {Revised Ed.}
150731   Urethral Reconstructive Surgery
143540   Urological Oncology
143055   Use of Dreams in Couple Counseling, The : A Jungian Perspective
145315   Use of Humic Substances to Remediate Polluted Environments : From Theory to Practice
144605   User-centered Computer Aided Language Learning
156810   Uses of Curiosity in Early Modern France and Germany, The
143611   Uses of This World, The : Thinking Space in Shakespeare, Marlowe, Cary, and Jonson
146914   Using Cost-effectiveness Analysis to Improve Health Care : Opportunities and Barriers
125654   Using Open Source Systems for Digital Libraries

         Using Patient Friendly Composite Endpoints to Measure the Success of Acute Migraine Medications :
134807   Proceedings From the 4th Annual MigraineMeeting, Budapest, Hungary, October 15-17, 2004
158436   Using Technology Wisely : The Keys to Success in Schools
136751   Utah Historians and the Reconstruction of Western History
149245   Utopia
132363   Valency and Bonding : A Natural Bond and Orbital Donor-acceptor Perspective
145490   Validation in Chemical Measurement
150377   Value-based Software Engineering
135988   Value-centered Ethics : A Proactive System to Shape Ethical Behavior
150658   Valued Fields
159569   Valuing Health for Regulatory Cost-effectiveness Analysis
142536   Vanishing Growth in Latin America : The Late Twentieth Century Experience
151408   Vanishing Voices : The Extinction of the World's Languages
145429   Variational and Potential Methods for a Class of Linear Hyperbolic Evolutionary Processes
150836   Variational Bayes Method in Signal Processing, The

159373   Varieties of Capitalism and Europeanization : National Response Strategies to the Single European Market
138942   Vascular Disease : A Handbook for Nurses
145690   Vector Optimization : Set-valued and Variational Analysis
158307   Veiled Visions : The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot and the Reshaping of American Race Relations
138951   Velo-cardio-facial Syndrome : A Model for Understanding Microdeletion Disorders
127287   Venereal Disease and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
155904   Venous Thromboembolism : Prevention and Treatment
156808   Venture Capital Contracting and the Valuation of High-technology Firms
164059   Verification of Infinite-state Systems With Applications to Security
145496   Vertical Scar Mammaplasty {1st ed.}
146193   Vessel-source Marine Pollution : The Law and Politics of International Regulation
144987   Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition, The
         Vibrational Spectroscopy With Neutrons : With Applications in Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science and
148581   Catalysis
137891   Vicksburg : The Campaign That Opened the Mississippi
156718   Victims As Offenders : The Paradox of Women's Violence in Relationships
141082   Victorian Fantasy {2nd rev. and expanded ed.}
129791   Victorian Soundscapes
146194   Victory Through Coalition : Britain and France During the First World War
160349   Video Conferencing Over IP : Configure, Secure, and Troubleshoot
151850   Video Systems in an IT Environment : The Essentials of Professional Networked Media
148957   Vietnam and Beyond : A Diplomat's Cold War Education
148952   Vietnam Chronicles : The Abrams Tapes, 1968-1972

136736 Vietnam Veterans Since the War : The Politics of PTSD, Agent Orange, and the National Memorial
139648 Vignettes On Surgery, History and Humanities
136153 Village Governance in North China, 1875-1936
       Village Phone Replication Manual : Creating Sustainable Access to Affordable Telecommunications for the
142199 Rural Poor
 92059 Violence and the Body : Race, Gender, and the State
152440 Violent and Non-violent Disputes Involving Gang Youth
145006 Violent Woman, The : Femininity, Narrative, and Violence in Contemporary American Cinema
138140 Viral Fitness : The Next SARS and West Nile in the Making
150184 Virgil Recomposed : The Mythological and Secular Centos in Antiquity
156749 Virgin Mary As Alchemical and Lullian Reference in Donne, The
152070 Virginia At War, 1861
142998   Virginia Jobbank, The
150885   Virtual Colonoscopy : A Practical Guide
134110   Virtual Handshake, The : Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online
163138   Virtual High School, The : Teaching Generation V
143126   Virtual Peer Review : Teaching and Learning About Writing in Online Environments
149575   Virtualization With VMware ESX Server
150089   Virtue Epistemology : Essays On Epistemic Virtue and Responsibility
163919   Virtue Ethics : A Pluralistic View
150812   Visa Policy Within the European Union Structure
151423   Visible Identities : Race, Gender, and the Self
151511   Visibooks Guide to Access 2003, The
156227   Visibooks Guide to Base 2.0, The
156228   Visibooks Guide to Calc 2.0, The
151512   Visibooks Guide to Dreamweaver 8, The
151513   Visibooks Guide to Excel 2003, The
151514   Visibooks Guide to Fireworks 8, The
151515   Visibooks Guide to FrontPage 2003, The
151516   Visibooks Guide to HTML & CSS, The
156229   Visibooks Guide to Impress 2.0, The
151517   Visibooks Guide to Linspire Five-O, The
151518   Visibooks Guide to Mac OS X Tiger, The
151519   Visibooks Guide to MySQL Basics, The
151520   Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices, The
151521   Visibooks Guide to PERL Basics, The
151522   Visibooks Guide to Photoshop CS2, The
151523   Visibooks Guide to Photoshop Elements 3.0, The
151524   Visibooks Guide to Photoshop Elements 4.0, The
151525   Visibooks Guide to PHP Basics, The
151526   Visibooks Guide to PowerPoint 2003, The
151527   Visibooks Guide to Publisher 2003, The
151528   Visibooks Guide to Windows XP, The
151529   Visibooks Guide to Word 2003, The
156230   Visibooks Guide to Writer 2.0, The
158412   Visionary Middle Schools : Signature Practices and the Power of Local Invention
120951   Visions of Utopia
150938   Visual Astronomy Under Dark Skies : A New Approach to Observing Deep Space
145638   Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D : XML-based Technologies for the XML-based Web
133592   Vital Diabetes : Your Essential Reference for Diabetes Management in Primary Care {3rd ed.}
142734   Vital Signs : Perspectives On the Health of American Campaigning
145463   VLSI-design of Non-volatile Memories
145066   Vocationalisation of Secondary Education Revisited
         Voice Actor's Guide to Home Recording, The : A Money- and Time-saving Non-technical Guide to Making
134917   Your Own Voiceover Demos and Auditioning
146189   Voice and the Victorian Storyteller
 99228   Voice From the Holocaust, A
135786   Voice of the American West. Volume 1, The Indian Interviews of Eli S. Ricker, 1903-1919
155690   Voice of the Past, The : Oral History {3rd ed.}

157091 Voices From the Global Margin : Confronting Poverty and Inventing New Lives in the Andes {1st ed.}
147200 Voices in the Sky : Radio Debates

135787   Voices of the American West. Volume 2, The Settler and Soldier Interviews of Eli S. Ricker, 1903-1919
132350   Volcano Adventure Guide, The
145247   Voluntarism, Community Life, and the American Ethic
147100   Voyages With John : Charting the Fourth Gospel
 99236   W.E.B. Du Bois : An Encyclopedia
160209   Waiting for Pushkin : Russian Fiction in the Reign of Alexander I (1801-1825)
142961   Wake Up Your Call Center : Humanize Your Interaction Hub

149386   Walking a Sacred Path : Rediscovering the Labyrinth As a Spiritual Practice {1st Riverhead electronic ed.}
151562   Walking and the French Romantics : Rousseau to Sand and Hugo
120920   Walking the Tightrope of Reason : The Precarious Life of a Rational Animal
125473   Walking With a Shadow : Surviving Childhood Leukemia
129819   Wall Street : A History : From Its Beginnings to the Fall of Enron {rev. and expanded ed.}
127081   Walls and Bridges : Social Justice and Public Policy
151735   Walrasian Economics
137832   War & Peace in the Balkans : The Diplomacy of Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia
152223   War and Social Change in Modern Europe : The Great Transformation Revisited
138940   War and the Law of Nations : A General History
151563   War Culture in Action, A : A Study of the Literature of the Crimean War Period
149064   War Hits Home, The : Civil War in Southeastern Virginia
151245   War in the Hebrew Bible : A Study in the Ethics of Violence {New ed.}
         War That Wasn't, The : Religious Conflict and Compromise in the Common Schools of New York State,
148514   1865-1900
146180   War, Aggression, and Self-defence {4th ed.}
146204   Warfare State : Britain, 1920-1970
150886   Warranty Management and Product Manufacture
143258   Warrior Mind, The : Ancient Wisdom From the Martial Arts for Living a More Powerful Life

134321   Wars Within War : Mexican Guerrillas, Domestic Elites, and the United States of America, 1846-1848
138204   Was Hinduism Invented? : Britons, Indians, and Colonial Construction of Religion
148023   Watchman Fell Asleep, The : Surprise of Yom Kippur and Its Sources
126661   Water and Peace : Water Resources and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process
148436   Water for Life : Making It Happen
145103   Water Institutions : Policies, Performance and Prospects
148965   Water On the Great Plains : Issues and Policies
156010   Water Resource Economics : The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects
137157   Water Resource Economics and Policy : An Introduction
149795   Way Hollywood Tells It, The : Story and Style in Modern Movies
149665   Way We Cook, The : Recipes From the New American Kitchen
146894   Ways of Listening : An Ecological Approach to the Perception of Musical Meaning
149794   Wayward Women : Sexuality and Agency in a New Guinea Society
119844   We Are Not Babysitters : Family Childcare Providers Redefine Work and Care
151463   We Are Poor but So Many : The Story of Self-employed Women in India
156774   We Must Have Certainty : Four Essays On the Detective Story
132292   Wealth of Ideas, The : A History of Economic Thought
149594   Wealth Shift : Profit Strategies for Investors As the Baby Boomers Approach Retirement
159748   Wearing Cultural Styles in Japan : Concepts of Tradition and Modernity in Practice
146939   Weather Bird : Jazz At the Dawn of Its Second Century

132293 Weather Derivative Valuation : The Meteorological, Statistical, Financial and Mathematical Foundations
124901 Weathering Change : Gays and Lesbians, Christian Conservatives, and Everyday Hostilities
       Weaving the Past : A History of Latin America's Indigenous Women From the Prehispanic Period to the
143292 Present
148669 Web Advertising : New Forms of Communication On the Internet
140148 Web and Information Security
156581 Web Communities : Analysis and Construction
145812 Web Component Development With Zope 3
150465 Web Content Delivery
144602 Web Portfolio Design and Applications
144619 Web Semantics and Ontology
140146 Web-based Intelligent E-learning Systems : Technologies and Applications
143045 WebWork in Action
145220 Wedded to the Game : The Real Lives of NFL Women
136150 Week the World Stood Still, The : Inside the Secret Cuban Missile Crisis
138322 Weight Training Basics : A Complete Guide for Men and Women
145310 Welfare of Cats, The
144582 Welfare of Children, The {2nd ed.}
150369 Welfare of Dogs, The
162289 We'll Always Have the Movies : American Cinema During World War II
150370 Well-cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty, The : Theory and Practice
 67472 West of the Border : The Multicultural Literature of the Western American Frontiers
152004 Western Confluence, The : A Guide to Governing Natural Resources
142063 WFacilitation Made Easy : Practical Tips to Improve Meetings and Workshops {3rd ed.}
146941 What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam
147102 What God Knows : Time, Eternity, and Divine Knowledge
151490 What Hitler Knew : The Battle for Information in Nazi Foreign Policy
135394 What Is Corporate Governance?
143239 What Moves Man : The Realist Theory of International Relations and Its Judgment of Human Nature
158408 What School Boards Can Do : Reform Governance for Urban Schools
       What the Face Reveals : Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using the Facial Action
150186 Coding System (FACS)
156535 What Works in Corrections : Reducing the Criminal Activities of Offenders and Delinquents

138328 What Works On Wall Street : A Guide to the Best-performing Investment Strategies of All Time {3rd ed.}
156920 What's the Beef? : The Contested Governance of European Food Safety
135426 What's Wrong With Me? : The Frustrated Patients' Guide to Getting an Accurate Diagnosis
148355 What's Your Sign for Pizza? : An Introduction to Variation in American Sign Language
       When Church Became Theatre : The Transformation of Evangelical Architecture and Worship in
150095 Nineteenth-century America

160054 When Cultures Collide : Leading Across Cultures : a Major New Edition of the Global Guide {3rd ed.}
158299 When I Was a Child : Children's Interpretations of First Communion
150386 When I'm 64 {1st ed.}

138301 When in Mexico, Do As the Mexicans Do : The Clued-in Guide to Mexican Life, Language, and Culture

149778 When Slavery Was Called Freedom : Evangelicalism, Proslavery, and the Causes of the Civil War
141197 When States Kill : Latin America, the U.S., and Technologies of Terror {1st ed.}
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152030   Who's Buying for Travel
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133068 Love
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134922 Winning Secrets of Online Poker
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146856 Writing Articles and Newsletters
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         You Want Me to Work With Who? : Eleven Keys to a Stress-free, Satisfying, and Successful Work Life-- No
152273   Matter Who You Work With
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145994   Young Person's Career Skills Handbook
138028   Young Person's Character Education Handbook
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135338   Your Best Body Ever
132507   Your Career in Plumbing
         Your Credit Score : How to Fix, Improve, and Protect the 3-digit Number That Shapes Your Financial
140948   Future
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