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									Cal State University Fullerton
Spring 2011
Student Organizations Public Contact Information
List is current as of March 4, 2011

         Organization          ClubType               Description                          Email

                                          This organization is a social group for
                                          undergraduate and graduate students
                                          of English who wish to obtain their
                                          Master's of Arts and/or PhD. We
                                          feature speakers, usually CSUF faculty,
                                          who describe their own educational
                                          journeys and experiences, as well as
                                          their current research projects.
                                          Students obtain invaluable information
                                          that will facilitate their own
                                          educational experience and help to
Acacia Group               Departmental   build their academic vitae.             acaciagroup@gmail.com
                                              We are an effective campus
                                              organization that creates a medium
                                              between students and professionals.
                                              Our goal is to provide numerous
                                              opportunities to interact with potential
                                              employers and increase your
                                              knowledge of the accounting
                                              profession. Interacting with firms
                                              benefit members in the recruiting
                                              process. The earlier you get involved,
                                              the better. That way, you will have
                                              enough time to sharpen the skills that
Accounting Society             Departmental   recruiters seek.                         info@csufas.org
                                              CSUF Ad Club is a premier
                                              organization offering members a forum
                                              for creative growth and a bridge
                                              between the gap of college and career.
                                              Our purpose is to offer opportunities in
                                              networking, meeting new people with
                                              similar career interests, and learning
                                              more about the advertising industry
                                              from guest speakers. The types of
                                              events we hold include a Creative
                                              Competition, advertising agency tours,
                                              and a Resume/Book Critique. For
                                              further information please email
Advertising Club, CSUF         Departmental   csufullertonadclub@gmail.com             csufullertonadclub@gmail.com

                                              We strive to provide African American
                                              students with the tools, support, and
                                              encouragement they need in order to
                                              pursue higher education and careers in
African Americans in Science   Departmental   various health professions.            aascsuf@gmail.com
                                                   The purpose of this organization is to
                                                   create a sense of community for
                                                   African American students on the
                                                   campus of Cal State Fullerton. It
                                                   stands to be a Mecca of information,
                                                   educational assistance, and culture to
                                                   campus community. We stand to
                                                   enhance the African American college
                                                   experience in its entirety by
                                                   networking, community service and
Afro-Ethnic Student Association     Cultural       outreach opportunities.
AIGA Professional Association for
Design                              Departmental   Professional Association for Design

                                                   APAC main goal is to provide unity
                                                   among black males on campus, and to
                                                   promote the consciousness of our
                                                   African-American history of yesterday
                                                   and today. We also promote. The
                                                   consciousness of modern issues that
                                                   concern people of African decent from
                                                   all over the globe. APAC secondary
                                                   goal is to ensure that all members are
                                                   academically eligible and are on track
Alliance for the Preservation of                   to graduate. Membership is open to all
African Consciousness               Cultural       majors with a GPA of 2.0 and above.    csufapac@gmail.com
                                               The purpose of this organization is to
                                               advocate for underrepresented
                                               students achieving higher education,
                                               particularly those from migrant
                                               communities, first generation college
                                               students, and low income families. We
                                               strive to educate students, faculty,
                                               staff and our community regarding the
                                               struggles and the needs of these
                                               students, and to provide resources to
Alliance of Students for an Equal              these students whether they are in
Education                           Cultural   college, university or high school.    aseeofcsuf@gmail.com
                                               Alpha Chi Omega is a social sorority
                                               that provides its members with
                                               educational support, raises money for
                                               victims of domestic violence, and
                                               encourages fraternal relations in the  axoannouncements@gmail.co
Alpha Chi Omega Sorority            Greek      CSUF Greek system.                     m
                                               Alpha Delta Pi is the first secret society
                                               for collegiate women founded on May
                                               15, 1851 in Macon, Georgia at
                                               Wesleyan Female College: the first
                                               college chartered to grant degrees to
                                               women. Alpha Delta Pi strives to
                                               enrich the lives of its members
                                               through the promotion of social
                                               responsibility, sisterhood, scholarship,
                                               and service to others in order to
                                               inspire the growth of well-rounded
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority             Greek      women and the leaders of tomorrow.         adpititan@yahoo.com
                                                    To cultivate and encourage high
                                                    scholaistic and ethical standards. To
                                                    promote unity and friendship among
                                                    college women. To study and help
                                                    eliviate problems concerning girls and
                                                    women. To maintain a progressive
                                                    interest in college life and to be of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority        Greek             service to all mankind.                 jls92708@yahoo.com
                                                    Mission Statement: To investigate
                                                    humanity for the purpose of service.
                                                    Activities: Organizing Sociology Week,
Alpha Kappa Delta International   Honor Society -   sociological discussions, volunteering,
Sociology Honors Society          Departmental      networking                              csufakd@gmail.com
                                                    This is not like any other business club
                                                    or fraternity. AKPsi is a co-ed
                                                    professional business fraternity that
                                                    accepts all majors and helps members
                                                    improve areas of their lives that are
                                                    relevant to the business world. As they
                                                    are being challenged through various
                                                    activities, projects, and presentations,
                                                    members will develop skills in areas
                                                    such as leadership, public speaking,
                                                    socializing, and networking. Through
                                                    AKPsi, members will gain a family who
                                  Honor Society -   will help bring out their hidden
Alpha Kappa Psi                   General           strengths.                               fullertonakpsi@gmail.com

Alpha Lambda Military Science     Departmental      ROTC co-ed fraternity.                 auirborneranger35@gmail.com
                                             Alpha Omega purpose and our mission
                                             comes right from Matthew 28:18-20
                                             where Jesus said "All authority in
                                             heaven and on earth has been given to
                                             me. Go and make disciples of all
                                             nations, baptizing them in the name of
                                             the Father and of the Son and of the
                                             Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey
                                             everything I have commanded you.
                                             And surely I am with you to the very
                                             end of the age." Our goal is to remain
Alpha Omega (Sold Out)             Faith     unified in this mission.                mattflores@csu.fullerton.edu
                                             The mission of Alpha Phi Alpha
                                             Fraternity, Inc. is to stimulate the
                                             ambitions of its members to prepare
                                             them for the greatest usefulness in the
                                             causes of humanity, freedom, and
                                             dignity of the individual. To encourage
                                             the highest and noblest forms of
                                             manhood and to aid down trodden
                                             humanity in its efforts to achieve
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.             higher social, economic, and
(Iota Psi Chapter)                 Greek     intellectual status.                    myahia06@gmail.com
                                             The purpose of this Fraternity shall be
                                             to assemble college students in a
                                             National Service Fraternity in the
                                             fellowship of principles derived from
                                             the Scout Oath and Law of the Boy
                                             Scouts of America; to develop
                                             Leadership, to promote Friendship and
                                             to provide Service to humanity; and to
                                             further the freedom that is our
Alpha Phi Omega- Omega Sigma                 national, educational and intellectual
Chapter                            Service   heritage.                               osig.president@gmail.com
                                                      The purpose of Gamma Rho chapter is
                                                      to recognize and promote academic
                                                      excellence among students pursuing a
                                                      bachelor’s degree or minor in
                                                      criminal justice. Members of this
                                                      organization will receive expert advice
                                                      on how to succeed in the criminal
                                                      justice field and learn about the career
Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice   Honor Society -    opportunities available in both the
Honor Society                      Departmental       private and public sectors.              aps_hs@fullerton.edu
                                                      We want to interact with other CSUF
                                                      students, staff, communities, through
                                                      alternative sports for the pursuit of
                                                      furthering education. We would like to
                                                      reach out to our communities in aiding
                                                      them in search of higher education.
                                                      We also would like to share our
                                                      common interests with others, and
                                                      those who would like to learn any
                                                      alternative sports such as
                                                      Skateboarding, BMX, Surfing,
                                                      Snowboarding, Hiking, Rock Climbing,
Alternative Sports for Education   Special Interest   Mountain Biking, Rollerblading, etc.   alexsanchez87@gmail.com

                                                      ACDA is a "music-education
                                                      organization whose purpose is to
                                                      promote excellence in choral music
                                                      through performance, composition,
                                                      publication, research, and teaching".
                                                      We believe that we can make a
                                                      difference in music education and do
American Choral Directors                             so by helping future choral directors be
Association                        Departmental       more prepared and apt for teaching.      mr139540@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                The goal of the American Marketing
                                                Association here at Cal-State
                                                University, Fullerton is to assist all
                                                members involved in developing skills
                                                and obtaining knowledge outside of
                                                the classroom the will prove to be
                                                beneficial in their professional careers.
                                                With an elected Executive Board of
                                                Directors, that are strictly volunteers,
                                                we will conduct networking events,
                                                social activities, and professional
                                                events involving some of
                                                California’s most successful
American Marketing Association   Departmental   business professionals.                   csuf.ama@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of AMSA is to provide an
                                                environment that supports creative
                                                ideas of physicians in training. To
                                                serve as a forum to discuss health
                                                issues and promote programs that
                                                enhance the quality of healthcare in
                                                our community. To develop healthcare
                                                leadership and increase knowledge of
                                                health information among members of
                                                the public. With AMSA you will have
                                                numerous volunteer opportunities to
                                                reach out to the underserved
American Medical Student                        healthcare populations in our
Association California St        Service        community.                           CSUFAMSA@gmail.com
                                                  We are a Professional non profit civil
                                                  engineering organization that was
                                                  initially developed under the mission:
                                                  “To generate resources for the civil
                                                  engineering profession―  . ASCE
                                                  ensures that the profession of civil
                                                  engineering is represented politically
                                                  and that the practice remains ethical.
                                                  As a student chapter of the American
                                                  Society of Civil Engineers, we are here
                                                  to aid civil engineering students in
American Society of Civil                         developing professional skills and to
Engineers                          Departmental   encourage social networking.            csufasce@gmail.com
                                                  The ASEI is an organization linking
American Society of Engineers of                  engineers of Indian origin with each
Indian Origin                      Departmental   other.
                                                  The American Society of Mechanical
                                                  Engineers (ASME) consists of
                                                  mechanical engineers of all levels,
                                                  from college students to corporate
                                                  executives. ASME offers a wide range
                                                  of social activities. As well as
                                                  professional competitions and
                                                  conferences. One of the competitions
                                                  is the MINI-BAJA. ASME provides good
American Society of Mechanical                    fellowship among engineering students
Engineers                          Departmental   and the their instructors.            csufasme@hotmail.com
                                                Student Association focused around
                                                the academic discipline of American
                                                Studies, examining areas of American
                                                life and issues with race, class, gender,
                                                sexuality and labor. This is an
                                                incredibly interedisciplinary and open-
                                                minded group. Students interested in
                                                cultural analysis, politics, popular
                                                culture, art, literature, and theory in
                                                reference to the American self and
                                                experience will feel at home in this
American Studies Student                        group. Student events & discussions
Association                     Departmental    planned regularly. Student Association csufassa@gmail.com
                                                The Anthropology
                                                (ASA) serves as the umbrella
                                                organization for all the department
                                                clubs, including Lambda Alpha, Titan
                                                Archaeology, Roots n Shoots, Visual
                                                Anthropology, and Primate Student
                                                Association as well as representing the
                                                department in the Humanities and
                                                Social Sciences Inter-Club Council
                                                (H&SS ICC). ASA allows students to
                                                learn about topics in the field of
                                                anthropology. ASA-sponsored events
                                                may include symposiums, student
                                                colloquiums, and department
Anthropology Student Association Departmental   activities.                               csuf.asa@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of the Archers of Cal
                                                State Fullerton is to further the
                                                expansion of the sport of Archery and
                                                join together as a team to represent
                                                California State University, Fullerton in
                                                Collegiate and Olympic level
Archery, CSUF                   Sport           competition.                              archery.csuf@gmail.com
                                                 This is a club for students who are
                                                 interested in art education. Students
                                                 do not need to be Art Ed Majors to
                                                 belong to this club. We will organize a
                                                 number of activities to prepare
                                                 students for a career in teaching art,
                                                 including attending conferences,
                                                 galleries, and museum teacher             arteducationclub@csu.fullerton
Art Education                    Departmental    education nights.                         .edu
                                                 The AICC is a liaison for all arts clubs.
                                                 Our organization hopes to increase
                                                 communication between all College of
                                                 the Arts Clubs, promote the growth of
                                                 a unique artistic community, aid the
                                                 continual success of all Arts clubs and
                                                 organizations, promote school unity
                                                 and serve as an advisory board to the
                                                 Assistant Dean for the College of the
                                                 Arts. Some of the ever expanding
                                                 benefits we provide are funding for on-
                                                 campus workshops, provide monies for
                                                 the students to travel to
Arts Inter-Club Council          Council/Board   workshops/conferences.                    csufaicc@yahoogroups.com

                                                 The Asian Pacific Islander Student
                                                 Association's purpose is to support the
                                                 objectives of the CSUF Asian American
                                                 Studies Program, serve as a unifying
                                                 force among Asian American groups on
                                                 campus, the Asian American Pacific
                                                 Islander Community Resource Center,
Asian Pacific Islander Student                   and to serve Asian American
Association                      Cultural        communities in Southern California.
                                             The Association de Alumnos y Ex-
                                             Alumnos de Espanol (Spanish Majors
                                             Student/Alumni Association) was
                                             founded on April 29, 2000. Students
                                             interested and majoring in Modern
                                             Language Spanish will benefit from the
                                             enriching academic and cultural
                                             activities AAEE hosts each semester.
                                             The purpose of this association is to
                                             create an entity at CSUF for all
                                             students of Spanish on campus. AAEE
                                             provides leadership skills through the
                                             involvement of club sub-committees
Asociación de Alumnos y Ex-                  and board, as well as academic
Alumnos de Español            Cultural       support.                               aaee_csuf@yahoo.com
                                             ACM (founded in 1947) is an
                                             international scientific and educational
                                             organization dedicated to advancing
                                             the art, science, engineering and
                                             application of information technology
                                             serving both professional and public
                                             interests by fostering the open
                                             interchange of information and by
                                             promoting the highest professional and
                                             ethical standards. The CSUF student
                                             chapter provides a continuing forum
                                             for exchange of ideas and
Association for Computer                     announcement for all the students on
Machinery                     Departmental   campus that share an interest.           acm@acm-csuf.org
                                                 ACS is an organization that strives to
                                                 unite Chinese students and students
                                                 interested in the Chinese culture. The
                                                 three main purposes of this club are to
                                                 bring cultural awareness, build
                                                 community, and inspire students to
                                                 become proactive in the Asian Pacific
Association of Chinese Students   Cultural       Islander community.                     acs.csuf.gmail.com

                                                 The Association of Chinese Studies
                                                 provides opportunities to obtain
                                                 knowledge of the Chinese language
                                                 and culture, helps students get
                                                 familiar with the Chinese business
                                                 environment, publishes students'
                                                 authentic internship reports and case
                                                 study writings, and offers cultural
Association of Chinese Studies    Cultural       events and other gatherings.
                                                 AITP is a national organization that
                                                 has both student and professional
                                                 chapters. We are dedicated to the
                                                 technical advancement of our
                                                 members through guest speaker
                                                 meetings and general member
                                                 meetings. AITP is an organization
                                                 dedicated to enriching a student's
                                                 college exdperience by providing a
                                                 warm, social atmosphere to explore
Association of Information                       and learn management information
Technology Professional           Departmental   systems.                                aitp.csuf@gmail.com
                                                 To learn and promote the pricing of
                                                 Bahai faith: race unity, euality of
                                                 women and men, oneness of
                                                 humanity, oneness of science and
Bahai Club, CSUF                  Faith          religion and world peace.               jcrawford@fullerton.edu
                                                We, Ballet Folklorico de CSUF, exist to
                                                preserve and promote cultural
                                                awareness of the Mexican Heritage by
                                                celebrating the diversity and beauty of
Ballet Folklorico de CSUF     Cultural          Mexico's folk dance. student-run
                                                Behind the Scenes is                    bfdecsuf@yahoo.com
                                                organization for entertainment
                                                business students interested in
                                                networking with and learning from
                                                professionals in the
                                                entertainment/tourism industry. The
                                                alliance invites industry experts to
                                                participate in Human Resource panels,
                                                Brown-bag Q&A sessions, Student-
                                                Industry mixers, and much more! In
                                                addition, it also provides its members
                                                with Resume Workshops and Mock
                                                Interviews in order to help them
                                                prepare for careers in this exciting and
Behind the Scenes             Departmental      competitive industry.
                                                Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary
                                                organization open to students seeking
                                                undergraduate or graduate level
                                                degrees in Accounting, Finance, or
                                                Information Technology. The primary
                                                objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to
                                                encourage and give recognition to
                                                scholastic and professional excellence
                                                in the business information field. This
                                                includes promoting the study and
                                                practice of accounting, finance and
                                                information systems; providing
                                                opportunities for self-development,
Beta Alpha Psi Business and   Honor Society -   service and association among
Financial Information         Departmental      members.                                   bap.deltabeta@gmail.com
                                                Beta Upsilon Delta is a brotherhood
                                                like no other. We are a fraternity that
                                                values the differences in everyone and
                                                promotes social integration and
                                                diversity. We live by our belief that a
                                                person does not have to compromise
                                                his true personality just to join a
                                                brotherhood. BUD encourages its
                                                members to be true to themselves,
Beta Upsilon Delta Fraternity    Greek          have fun, and strive to succeed.        betaupsilondelta@gmail.com

                                                Provide undergraduate biology majors
                                                with volunteer and research
                                                opportunities. In addition to increase
                                                social activities and networking
Biology Club                     Departmental   amongst students and staff.            csufbioclub@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                provide opportunities for association
                                                and interaction between students,
                                                faculty, and the administration of CSU
                                                Fullerton. The benefits that may be
                                                derived from membership, in addition
                                                to the above interactions, are
                                                availability of the funding through the
                                                NSM-ICC for presenting scientific work
Biology Graduate Students Club   Departmental   at conferences.                         bgsc.csuf@gmail.com
                                            The Black Student Union fosters
                                            student growth and development
                                            through diversity, academics, and
                                            community services and outreach. We
                                            provide an opportunity for students of
                                            all races to celebrate black culture,
                                            lifestyle, and history. We hope to
                                            accomplish goals no single
                                            organization can on their own. In the
                                            spirit of cooperation, we will enrich the
                                            lives of students, faculty, staff and the
Black Student Union       Council/Board     community at large.
                                            The purpose of this organization is to
                                            provide opportunities for Business
                                            Honors students with similar interests,
                                            skills and academic abilities to interact
                                            with each other outside of the
                                            classroom. Events including
                                            community service, workshops and
                                            guest speaker events will be carried
                          Honor Society -   out to facilitate a strong academic and
Business Honors Society   Departmental      professional learning experience.
                                                 The purpose of the BICC is to facilitate
                                                 greater and an improved degree of
                                                 communication between the student
                                                 business-related clubs, organizations,
                                                 societies, and fraternities affiliated
                                                 with the CSUF CBE. In addition, the
                                                 BICC shall strive to foster and promote
                                                 school unity within the entire student
                                                 body of the CSUF CBE, to facilitate and
                                                 aid in the continual existence and
                                                 success of all chartered business
                                                 organizations at CSUF, and to enhance
Business Inter-Club Council      Council/Board   the reputation of this body at CSUF.     eyong@fullerton.edu
                                                 The purpose of this organization is to
                                                 provide peer mentoring to all of the
Business Peer Mentoring Institute Departmental   business students on campus.             bpmi@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                 This organization will provide the
                                                 opportunity for students to learn about
                                                 the sport, develop/improve training
                                                 techniques, and compete together at
                                                 organized triathlon events. This club
                                                 includes organized swim, bike, run,
                                                 and strength workouts, educational
                                                 club meetings, team competition, and
                                                 the opportunity to make friends who
                                                 share the same passion as you. We
                                                 welcome novice, intermediate, and
                                                 advanced triathletes! Be the best and
California State University                      fastest triathlete you can be and join
Fullerton Triathlon              Recreation      the Triathlon Club!
                                                   CALPIRG stands up for the public
                                                   interest, working to make higher
                                                   education affordable, stop global
                                                   warming, make health care work, and
                                                   fight poverty. We use research,
                                                   advocacy and organizing to make
                                Political/Social   change happen on the issues that
CALPIRG Students                Action             matter to students.
                                                   The purpose of the Calvary Campus
                                                   Bible Study is to facilitate spiritual
                                                   growth through the teaching of the
                                                   Bible, discipleship, encouragement,
Calvary Campus Bible Study      Faith              and fellowship of other believers.     ccbs@integrity.com
                                                   Cambodian Student Association of
                                                   Fullerton strives to support and
                                                   promote awareness and to address a
                                                   variety of subjects that relate to the
                                                   Cambodian American community. Our
                                                   purpose is to share cultural
                                                   appreciation with all interested
                                                   students, alumni, faculty and staff at
                                                   Fullerton and surrounding communities
Cambodian Student Association   Cultural           as well.                               csufcsa@gmail.com
                                                   A Photography club interested in
                                                   promoting interaction between the
                                                   students with the World of Fine Art
                                                   Photography, and increase our
                                                   knowledge about different methods
                                                   about photography with critiques and
Camera Absurda                  Departmental       presentations.                         cameraabsurda@gmail.com
                                                    Campus Crusade for Christ is a
                                                    worldwide inter-denominational
                                                    Christian organization of students who
                                                    believe in the life changing gospel
                                                    message of Jesus Christ. Our vision is
                                                    that every student at Cal State
                                                    Fullerton would know someone who is
Campus Crusade For Christ        Faith              a true follower of Jesus.              jonathan.whitmore@uscm.org
                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    promote the use of song, dance, music
                                                    and expression in a cultural and an
                                                    ethnically diverse setting. The music
                                                    and dance of peoples from around the
                                                    world will hopefully be promoted and
                                                    shared. Free expression of one’s
                                                    philosophy and religious expression is
                                                    encouraged with a multiplicity of color,
                                                    national origins and diversity of races
Campus Outreach                  Faith              is hoped for.                            bnjicecreamisgood@gmail.com
                                                    OUR MISSION... to help those students
                                                    struggling with the opportunity to
                                                    achieve their educational goals and the
                                                    financial strain that often leads to not
                                                    accomplishing it. We collect and
                                                    distribute thousands of lbs. of food,
                                                    thousands of dollars in clothing, and
                                                    hundreds of bags of other basic
                                                    necessities. In addition we support
                                                    several other events focused on
                                                    helping any student in need and
Caring S.H.O.S. Irvine Chapter                      connecting them with on and off
(Students Helping Other                             campus organizations for particular
Students)                        Special Interest   needs.                                   dameionrox@yahoo.com
                                               The purpose of the Ceramics Club is to
                                               promote and support ceramic art and
                                               artists. This is accomplished by raising
                                               funds, either by selling art, tool kits, or
                                               other, and turning around to use the
                                               money to sponsor guest lectures, slide
                                               presentations, and workshop
                                               demonstrations by invited artists,
                                               historians and visionaries. The primary
                                               goal of the club is help students gain
                                               more exposure to art and ceramic
                                               communities beyond the academic
Ceramics Club, CSUF            Departmental    setting.                                    csufceramicsclub@gmail.com

                                               The purpose of this organization is to
                                               provide information pertaining to
                                               opportunities and careers within the
                                               fields of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
                                               while facilitating association and
                                               interaction between the students and
                                               the faculty of the Department of
                                               Chemistry and Biochemistry.
                                               Furthermore, this organization is to
                                               assist in familiarizing students with
                                               opportunities within the Department,
                                               as well as a sense of community
                                               outreach which promotes a positive
Chemistry and Biochemistry Club Departmental   perception of scientific education.      chembioclub@fullerton.edu
                                                      Chi Psi Phi exists to provide
                                                      recognition for student leaders in the
                                                      residence halls and the CSUF campus.
                                                      The amount of members in Chi Psi Phi
                                                      is limited to the top one percent of
                                                      student leaders in the residence halls.
                                                      Membership applicants are accepted
                                                      by nomination only. A large part of Chi
                                                      Psi Phi is selecting the best program,
                                                      individual, or anything else on
Chi Psi Phi chapter of the National Honor Society -   campus. For example, best resident
Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) General                advisor of the month.                   chipsiphi@gmail.com
                                                      The purpose of this organization is to
                                                      encourage its members to interact
                                                      with one another, be productive
                                                      members of the community, learn and
                                                      share various Asian cultural
                                                      backgrounds, and excel in everyday
Chi Sigma Phi Sorority             Greek              goals.                                  chiladies@chisigmaphi.com
                                                      The purpose of this organization is to
                                                      bring together Chicano Studies
                                                      Students with aims to mentor each
Chicana & Chicano Studies                             other and reach out to the Academic
Alliance                           Departmental       Community                               casacsuf@yahoo.com
                                               This organization is to help students
                                               develop leadership skills, professional
                                               skills, and knowledge for children as
                                               well as provide opportunities to
                                               interact with fellow students and
                                               faculty in an atmosphere that fosters
                                               social networking. Members will have
                                               the opportunity to meet other CHAD
                                               major students, and CAS faculty,
                                               participate in community service
Child and Adolescent Studies                   events as part of CASSA, and earn
Student Association             Departmental   graduation cords.                       csuf.cassa@gmail.com
                                               The purpose of this organization is to
                                               provide students of faith with a space
                                               and community of peers to engage in
                                               connecting with spiritual beliefs and
                                               maintain a safe zone for individuals to
                                               express their faith while also
                                               connecting with a strong central
                                               spiritual and educational support
Christ Our Redeemer AME North   Faith          group.                                  cor_north@yahoo.com
                                               Christian Students is an organization
                                               for anyone who is interested in
                                               knowing about the Christian faith.
                                               What makes this club unique is that
                                               we all have a portion of Christ to share
                                               with one another. Therefore, we
                                               encourage everyone to participate.
                                               Corinthians 14:26, "What then
                                               brothers? Whenever you come
                                               together, each one has a psalm, has a
                                               teaching, has a revelation, has a
                                               tongue, has an interpretation. Let all
Christian Students              Faith          things be done for building up."         christianstudents@gmail.com
                                                  Circle K International is the largest
                                                  collegiate community service
                                                  organization in the world. We work
                                                  with a variety of groups such as
                                                  children, the elderly, environmental
                                                  organizations, and the poverty-
                                                  stricken. Many of our projects are done
                                                  with other Circle K Clubs from all over
                                                  California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Circle
                                                  K provides opportunities to build
                                                  leadership skills and creates a great
                                                  network for future careers. We aim to
                                                  make lasting friendships by working
Circle K International            Service         together for a common good.             csuf.circlek@gmail.com
                                                  Our organization provides free lawyer
                                                  referrals to CSUF students and all
                                                  members of the public. Additionally,
                                                  we hold free attorney-client
                                                  consultations for our students. The
                                                  weekly consultations provide our
                                                  clients with an opportunity to discuss
                                                  their legal problems with a practicing
                                                  attorney. Without our organization,
                                                  many needy people would not have
                                                  access to the legal system due to
                                                  restrictive costs and intimidating
                                                  barriers associated with hiring an
College Legal Clinic Committee    Service         attorney.                                csufclc@gmail.com
                                                  We represent all credential and
                                                  graduate students enrolled in the
                                                  College of Education. We also help
                                                  students with expenses related to
                                                  educational leadership trainings and
College of Education Inter Club                   seminars. Additionally, we provide
Council                           Council/Board   funding for SCEC and SCTA.               hohmannk@fullerton.edu
                                                    The purpose of the HHD-ICC is to
                                                    facilitate greater and improved
                                                    degrees of communication and
                                                    cooperation between the student clubs
                                                    and organizations within the California
                                                    State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
College of Health and Human                         College of Health and Human
Development Inter-Club Council   Council/Board      Development.                            hhdicc@fullerton.edu
                                                    College Republicans, CSUF is the only
                                                    conservative group on campus. We
                                                    exist to educate our members and
                                                    others on the platforms of the
                                                    Republican party, to train and equip
                                                    future leaders to assist the GOP with
                                                    events and elections to work with
                                                    other groups such as the College
                                 Political/Social   Democrats to promote bipartisanship
College Republicans, CSUF        Action             and friendships.                        csufgop@gmail.com
                                                    The American Cancer Society's (ACS)
                                                    Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)
                                                    Organization is a nationwide
                                                    collaboration of college students,
                                                    faculty and staff dedicated to
                                                    eliminating cancer by imitating and
                                                    supporting ACS program in college
                                                    communities. This organization
                                                    provides the university community
                                                    with: (1) current information on
                                                    nationwide advocacy initiatives and
                                                    developing plans and projects related
                                                    to cancer, (2) promotion and
                                                    education on cancer awareness, (3) an
Colleges Against Cancer          Special Interest   outreach to cancer survivors.         csufagainstcancer@gmail.com
                                                  The purpose of the CPRLA is to further
                                                  the academic study and interpersonal
Comparative Religion Student                      awareness of religion by fostering inter- yg134709@student.fullerton.e
Association                       Departmental    religious dialogue.                       du
                                                  The purpose of this organization is to
                                                  achieve unity among the Copts and
                                                  anyone else that is interested in God
                                                  at CSUF, through joint activities. Also
                                                  the purpose is to serve the needs
                                                  spiritually and educationally among
                                                  the students through special services.
                                                  We will also outreach to other people
Coptic Orthodox Christian Club of                 about Christianity through services
CSUF                              Faith           and missions.                             csufcopticclub@gmail.com

                                                  To provide a forum for honor societies
                                                  to meet and discuss issues relating to
                                                  the campus and honor societies inter-
                                                  club relations. Provide leadership
                                                  assistance and a voice for member
                                                  organizations to ASI and the student
                                                  senate. Also, to promote honor
Council of Honor Societies        Council/Board   societies' growth in all departments.   NA
                                                  The purpose of this organization is to
                                                  gather any and all students with a love
                                                  for jewelry and metal smithing to talk
                                                  and practice their craft with others.
                                                  Also to inform students of what
                                                  practicing artists are doing in the
                                                  industry and expose them to ideas for
Crafts Jewelry Club               Departmental    their futures.
                                          The purpose of this organization is to
                                          provide the opportunity, location and
                                          environment where writers of fiction,
                                          drama, and poetry can partake in
                                          honest criticism of each other’s
                                          work. The Creative Writing Club (CWC)
                                          is also dedicated to networking,
                                          attending and holding readings, and
                                          constructing a literary journal
                                          consisting of members’ works as
                                          well as the submitted work of writers
Creative Writing Club      Departmental   nationwide.                               csufcwc@gmail.com
                                          The purpose of the Criminal Justice
                                          Student Association is to establish a
                                          network between students, faculty and
                                          staff of all academic programs, who
                                          are interested in criminal justice
                                          related topics and criminal justice
                                          related careers. Members of the
                                          association will be given the
                                          opportunity to share and expand their
Criminal Justice Student                  social network with others of the same
Association                Departmental   interests.
                                          CSUF Aquatics Club is a sports club
                                          that offers students opportunities to
                                          participate in aquatic sports, including
                                          swimming and water polo. Students
                                          will be able to increase their skills and
                                          abilities and be able to compete at a
CSUF Aquatics Club         Sport          college level.                            csufwaterpolo@gmail.com
                                  CSUF Club Baseball's main purpose is
                                  to provide a secondary source of
                                  baseball for players who do not have
                                  the opportunity to play for our NCAA
                                  team on campus, but still have the
                                  interest and urge to compete at an
CSUF Club Baseball   Sport        intercollegiate club level.
                                  The purpose of this organization is to
                                  educate students on how to fence,
                                  provide more experienced fencers a
                                  place to enhance their skill and to
                                  enhance this organizations reputation
CSUF Fencing Club    Recreation   at CSUF                                  jedi.guitar@gmail.com
                                  The purpose of this organization is to
                                  provide students in the college
                                  community a place where we can unite
                                  and create music in reverence to God.
                                  It is our hope that students will be
                                  able to build memories, and become
                                  encouraged and strengthened through
                                  their commitment to the organization.
                                  The organization will be available and
                                  open to perform at events on campus
CSUF Gospel Choir    Cultural     and in the community.                  Chor_Prez@rocketmail.com
                                          This group exists to further expand the
                                          knowledge of the Japanese culture by
                                          providing fun activities and events for
                                          CSUF students and members of the
                                          community. Some of these activities
                                          include bi-monthly movie nights,
                                          Language Exchange Parties, field-trips
                                          and other fun events!
                                          だ®ã‚°ãƒ«ãƒ¼ãƒŕだ    ¯æŕ¥æœ¬æŔ‡å
                                          ŒŔだ       ™
                                               «å¯¾ãã‚‹ç               、
                                                            †è¤£ã‚’深め 国éš
                                          ›çš„だ              ™
                                                       を促ãç›®çš„だ ¤è¨­ç«‹ã
CSUF Japanese Culture Club   Cultural           ¾ ŕ Ÿã€‚
                                          ¥ã‚Œããã                              csufjcc@gmail.com

CSUF Judo                    Recreation
                                          The purpose of this organization is to
                                          provide the (male) students of CSUF
                                          the opportunity to play competitive
                                          volleyball. The team plays locally
                                          against club teams like UCI, UCLA,
                                          UCSD, and USC but also in large scale
                                          tournaments like Las Vegas and team
                                          Nationals. So if you are looking to play
                                          volleyball, work hard, have fun, and
                                          make a lot of new friends then this
CSUF Men's Club Volleyball   Sport        club is the right place for you.         michael1m@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                 We want to empower others to
                                                 perform and spread the value of Salsa
                                                 dancing throughout the community.
                                                 Through our passion we want to
                                                 invigorate and unite everyone under
                                                 the common love of dance. We strive
                                                 to provide an enjoyable learning
                                                 experience in the most exciting
                                                 environment for all its members. Come
                                                 add us @ facebook.com/CSUFSalsa.
                                                 Contact Info: CSUFSalsaClub@gmail or
CSUF Salsa Club               Sport              (714) SCLUB36                         csufsalsaclub@gmail.com
                                                 We are a part of the SCCSC. The
                                                 Southern California Collegiate Snow
                                                 sport Conference, Inc. is one of eleven
                                                 collegiate ski & snowboard conferences
                                                 in the United States Collegiate Ski &
                                                 Snowboard Association (USCSA), the
                                                 governing body of ski and snowboard
                                                 racing at the collegiate level. Since its
                                                 inception in the 1970’s, the SCCSC
                                                 has been the regional stepping stone
                                                 to the USCSA National Championships,
                                                 which brings together top caliber
CSUF Ski and Snowboard Team   Sport              athletes.                                 csufsnowteam@gmail.com
                                                 The purpose of this organization is to
                                                 share our applied sport psychology
                                                 consulting experiences to further
                                                 develop our knowledge and
CSUF Sports Psychology Club   Special Interest   understanding of our practice.            csufsportpsych@gmail.com
                                            CSUF Student's Recycle is a volunteer-
                                            based club. It is a great opportunity to
                                            improve the environment by recycling
                                            used bottles and cans with the
                                            proceeds being used to purchase food
                                            for local soup kitchens. It builds
                                            leadership skills and improves
                                            character, and allows the development
                                            of lasting friendships. It is a great way
                                            to establish references for future
                                            aspirations, to establish strong
                                            communication skills, and to expand
                                            awareness of our service to the           studentsrecycle.csuf@gmail.co
CSUF Student's Recycle   Service            community.                                m

                                            The purpose of this organization is to
                                            provide a highly competitive rugby
                                            team to play against other such rugby
                                            organizations/clubs throughout
                                            California, the U.S.A. and if allowed
                                            foreign nations. The club will do this
                                            with integrity, honor, and fair play as
                                            to best represent California State      ashleymalone09@csu.fullerton
CSUF Women's Rugby       Sport              University of Fullerton.                .edu

                                            To energize students about politics and
                                            provide a resource for involvement in
                                            local, state, and national level politics.
                                            Act as a local voice for the Democratic
                         Political/Social   party platform to local students, and to
CSUF Young Democrats     Action             inform students of that platform.          csufcollegedems@gmail.com
                                            The Daily Titan is Cal State Fullerton's
                                            student ran newspaper. It runs daily
                                            Monday - Thursday. It houses an
                                            editorial department and an
Daily Titan              Departmental       advertising department.                    ads@dailytitan.com
                                          The purpose of dance association is to
                                          provide opportunities for dance and
                                          theatre majors at California State
                                          University of Fullerton to support the
                                          Theatre and Dance Department and to
                                          participate in activities relating to
                                          theatre and dance.This club allows
                                          students to make connections and
                                          broaden their concept of dance in the
Dance Association      Special Interest   arts.                                  dacsuf@ahoo.com
                                          The DC Internship Club was
                                          established by former Cal State DC
                                          Interns. The club's main function is
                                          aiding future potential applicants on
                       Political/Social   how to go about finding a Washington Lorenzofrausto@csu.fullerton.
DC Internship Club     Action             DC internship.                         edu
                                          We, the members of the Delta Chi
                                          Fraternity, believing that great
                                          advantages are to be derived from a
                                          brotherhood of college and university
                                          men, appreciating that close
                                          association may promote friendship,
                                          develop character, advance justice,
                                          and assist in the acquisition of a sound
                                          education, do ordain and establish this
Delta Chi Fraternity   Greek              constitution.                            Darioc@csu.fullerton.edu
                                               Delta Sigma Chi is a co-ed fraternity
                                               organized to form a closer union
                                               among college men and women. It
                                               provides for enhancement of social,
                                               community, and intellectual life,
                                               raising the social consciousness of our
                                               members with a multicultural
                                               emphasis. Although the majority of our
                                               members are predominantly Latino, we
                                               have many members who are of
                                               different ethnicities, cultures, and
Delta Sigma Chi Co-Ed Fraternity Greek         nationalities.                          dscgamma@gmail.com
                                               Delta Sigma Pi is a professional
                                               fraternity organized to foster the study
                                               of business in universities; to
                                               encourage scholarship, social activity
                                               and the association of students for
                                               their mutual advancement by research
                                               and practice; to promote closer
                                               affiliation between the commercial
                                               world and students of commerce, and
                                               to further a higher standard of
Delta Sigma Pi Co-ed Business                  commercial ethics and the culture and
Fraternity                      Departmental   civic welfare of the community.          info@csufdsp.net
                                          Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a
                                          private, non-profit organization whose
                                          purpose is to provide assistance and
                                          support through established programs
                                          in local communities throughout the
                                          world. A sisterhood of more than
                                          200,000 predominately Black college
                                          educated women, the Sorority
                                          currently has over 900 chapters
                                          located in the United States, England,
                                          Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany,
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.           the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the
AD-HOC                            Greek   Bahamas and the Republic of Korea.     csufchick10@csu.fullerton.edu
                                          The purpose of Delta Zeta is to: -build
                                          up the character and cultivate the
                                          truest and deepest friendships among
                                          its members; -to stimulate one
                                          another in the pursuit of knowledge
                                          and the attainment of a high standard
                                          of morality; -to inculcate elevated
                                          sentiments and noble principles and to
                                          afford each other every possible
                                          assistance and to incite all to the
Delta Zeta Sorority               Greek   attainment of a memorable fame.         csufdzprez@yahoo.com
Destino                           Faith                                           caitlyn.hutchison@uscm.org
                                               Divine Servants is a Christian
                                               organization seeking outreach and
                                               evangelism in the college community,
                                               with an emphasis on the African
                                               American Community. However, we
                                               invite persons from every race and
                                               creed to worship with us; Jesus is for
                                               everyone! We promote community
                                               outreach, community service, Bible
Divine Servants                Cultural        Study, family, and friendship.             divineservants@gmail.com

                                               The Earthquake Engineering Research
                                               Institute is a national, nonprofit,
                                               technical society of engineers,
Earthquake Engineering Research                geoscientists, architects, planners,
Institute                       Departmental   public officials, and social scientists.   jorgeron87@gmail.com
                                               The Economics Association is a group
                                               of students who have a common
                                               passion for Economics and its
                                               applications. The association provides
                                               students with opportunities to network
                                               with professors and other business
                                               professionals outside of the classroom
                                               setting. We regularly host or attend
                                               events where students, professors,
                                               and corporate speakers can interact
                                               informally. These events provide
                                               students with opportunities to learn
                                               about and experience various
Economics Association          Departmental    industries within Economics.           info@csufeconclub.org
                                                 EOPSA is a student organization that
                                                 works towards building a positive,
                                                 social, cultural, and academic
                                                 community for EOP students and non
                                                 EOP students. EOPSA is an
                                                 organization that promotes educational
                                                 equity through the recruitment and
Educational Opportunity Program                  retention of underrepresented students
Student Association             Cultural         into higher education.                 peermentor@fullerton.edu

                                                 The Engineering & Computer Science
                                                 Inter-Club Council is responsible for
                                                 allocating funding to student clubs and
                                                 organizations, provided by the
                                                 Associated Students Inc., within the
                                                 college of Engineering and Computer
Engineering and Computer                         Science. Our office is E-24A. Our
Science Inter-Club Council       Council/Board   website is http://icc.ecs.fullerton.edu/ ecsicc@gmail.com

                                                 ETC is a group of students interested
                                                 in pursuing a career in the broad field
                                                 of entertainment and tourism. We plan
                                                 activities and events that expose
                                                 students to the industry so that they
                                                 will gain a true understanding of what
Entertainment and Tourism Club   Departmental    the industry has to offer.              csuf_etc@yahoo.com
                                                 VISION To become the most active
                                                 student club on campus, initiating
                                                 business ventures, innovations, and
                                                 philanthropy. MOTTO "no risks, no
Entrepreneur Society             Departmental    rewards"                                escsuf@gmail.com
                                               The purpose of this organization
                                               (ESSA) is to provide opportunities for
                                               association and interaction among
                                               students, employers, faculty, and
                                               administration at CSUF. The ESSA is
                                               also interested in uniting people who
                                               enjoy learning about and discussing
                                               current environmental issues in order
                                               to work together to solve these issues.
                                               Activities include social gatherings,
Environmental Studies Student                  clean-up opportunities, hikes, and
Association                     Service        much more.                              essacsuf@yahoo.com
                                               The words Epsilon Nu Tau are the
                                               Greek letters E-N-T, which is short for
                                               Entrepreneurship. Our belief in
                                               ‘entrepreneurship’, however,
                                               differs from the ordinary definition. We
                                               do not focus entirely on being a
                                               business owner or how to run a
                                               company. Instead, we focus on having
                                               the right mindset in life. This mindset
                                               is about resisting fear, creating
Epsilon Nu Tau Fraternity -                    connections, putting ideas into motion,
Gamma Chapter                   Departmental   and making things happen.                info@csuf-ent.com
                                                   The CSUF Equestrian Team will allow
                                                   all students to get involved with
                                                   horses and the university. The club
                                                   sports team will allow us to compete
                                                   against other universities at all levels.
                                                   The team is open to all students;
                                                   however competing students follow the
                                                   IHSA guidelines: full time student,
                                                   undergrad, and 4 year eligibility in a 5
                                                   year span. Even if you haven't ridden
                                                   before, there are still competition
                                                   opportunities. Open to beginning to
                                                   advanced riders. Competitions provide
Equestrian Team, CSUF            Sport             the horses.                               csufequestrian@gmail.com
                                                   Eta Sigma Gamma is more than an
                                                   honorary; it is a tradition and a
                                                   commitment to promote the highest
                                                   ideals of professionalism. The honorary
                                                   acknowledges student's scholarship
                                                   and encourages activities to assist in
                                                   professional growth. Through the
                                                   honorary, students and professionals
                                                   with similar academic interest and
                                                   professional careers come to know one
                                                   another, offer mutual support for
                                                   professional endeavors, and work
Eta Sigma Gamma Professional     Honor Society -   toward the advancement of their         president@etasigmagamma.cj
Health Education Honor Society   Departmental      professional disciplines.               b.net
                                                  The European Studies Society (ESS) is
                                                  a cultural and departmental
                                                  organization designed to provide
                                                  opportunities for students and to
                                                  promote the study of the past,
                                                  present, and future of Europe and its
                                                  interaction with the rest of the world.
                                                  The ESS prides itself on its
                                                  interdisciplinary collaboration in
                                                  bringing the most knowledgeable
                                                  scholars, politicians, and living
                                                  witnesses of history to California State
European Studies Society           Departmental   University, Fullerton.                   cgranata@fullerton.edu

                                                  The purpose of FCA is to serve athletes
                                                  at CSU Fullerton by providing a place
                                                  for them to fellowship, grow, develop,
                                                  and encourage one another as they
                                                  strive to become champions in their
Fellowship of Christian Athletes   Faith          sport and in life.
                                                  We, as a group of interested students,
                                                  have formed into a Finance Association
                                                  in order to realize the purpose and
                                                  benefits of the field of finance. The
                                                  purpose of the Finance Association, Cal
                                                  State Fullerton shall be: To uphold the
                                                  high ethical standards, spirit of
                                                  scientific inquiry, and educational
                                                  endeavors in the field of finance; to
                                                  promote friendly relations between
                                                  students, faculty, and business
                                                  community and enhance the
                                                  reputations of the Finance
Finance Association                Departmental   Department, College of Business         membership@csufinance.org
                                           Flying Samaritans at CSUF is a non-
                                           profit organization that is a sub-
                                           chapter of the larger Palomar chapter
                                           of Flying Samaritans. This organization
                                           intends to aid in the provision of free
                                           medical care to citizens of Mexico who
                                           lack health care. We also represent an
                                           opportunity for pre-health students,
                                           social science students, and Spanish
                                           translators, to gain international
Flying Samaritans at CSUF   Service        volunteer experience.                   flyingsamscsuf@yahoo.com
                                           The purpose of this organization is to:
                                           (1) promote increased understanding
                                           and sensitivity towards issues of
                                           diversity (for example, race, ethnicity,
                                           gender, socioeconomic status) among
                                           students, faculty, staff, and the
                                           community; (2) empower students to
                                           promote and shape programs that
                                           advance greater diversity awareness;
                                           (3) create opportunities for association
                                           and interaction with faculty and
Freshman Programs Student                  administration of California State
Association                 Departmental   University, Fullerton                    fpsa@fullerton.edu
                                                The Purpose of the Fullerton
                                                Dragonboat Rowing Club is to provide
                                                opportunities for students and faculty
                                                to learn how to row and to advance in
                                                the sport of Dragonboating. We will
                                                not only cover techniques of rowing,
                                                but we will also have scheduled beach
                                                practices to apply those techniques on
                                                the water; Dragonboat, paddles, life
                                                jackets included. For those who are
                                                interested in competition, we will be
                                                racing in the Local Long Beach
                                                Dragonboat Race in May but
Fullerton Dragonboat Rowing Club Recreation     participation is not mandatory.        fd.rowingclub@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                enable students and community
                                                members to express their interest in
                                                the Flute and the Fullerton Flute      fullertonfluteensemble@gmail.
Fullerton Flute Ensemble         Departmental   Ensemble.                              com

                                                Fullerton University Artists’ (F.U.
                                                Artists) purpose is to help members
                                                become more successful visual artists
                                                and arts professionals. We organize
                                                numerous group exhibitions on and off
                                                campus, attend museum and gallery
                                                openings in Orange and Los Angeles
                                                counties, conduct workshops, and
Fullerton University Artists     Departmental   invite artists to speak at CSUF.      fuatistsclub@gmail.com
                                                   The PURPOSE of this organization is to
                                                   further the academic success of African
                                                   American undergraduate and graduate
                                                   students within the professional field
                                                   of Education; to provide opportunities
                                                   for professional and leadership
                                                   development, professional newtorking,
                                                   research, and emotional/spiritual
                                                   support. TYPES OF ACTIVITIES:
                                                   Professional and leadership
                                                   development workshops, networking
                                                   receptions,&"Let's Talk" (monthly
Future African American Model                      dialogues regarding the future of
Educators                       Special Interest   Future Business Leaders of America - csufullertonfame@gmail.com
                                                   Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) is the
                                                   nation's largest student business
                                                   organization comprised of high school
                                                   students, college students, and
                                                   professional members. With its mission
                                                   to bring business and education
                                                   together through positive working
                                                   relationships through innovative
                                                   leadership and career development
                                                   programs, FBLA-PBL offers its
                                                   members chances to compete for
                                                   scholarships, create vital networks,
Future Business Leaders of                         and attend various leadership
America-Phi Beta Lambda         Departmental       conferences.                           titans@csufpbl.org
                                                   The International Risk Management,
                                                   Insurance, and Actuarial Science
Gamma Iota Sigma                Departmental       Collegiate Fraternity.                 grand@gammaiotasigma.org
                                         Gamma Phi Beta was installed at Cal
                                         State Fullerton in 1971. Gamma Phi
                                         Beta is a social sorority that provides
                                         members with numerous opportunities
                                         to get involved philanthropically,
                                         socially, and through leadership
                                         positions. Some of our events include
                                         exchanges, formals, volunteering with
                                         our international philanthropy, Camp
                                         Fire USA, as well as weekly dinners
                                         and meetings. In promoting the
                                         highest type of womanhood, Gamma
                                         Phi Beta seeks ladies who are
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority   Greek          dedicated to scholarship.               gphibcsuf@aol.com

                                         The Geography Club offers individuals
                                         a chance to plan and participate in
                                         events throughout the year. Our
                                         purpose is to promote geography
                                         awareness and knowledge of the field
                                         of geography. Also, the club is a great
                                         forum to bring geographers together.
                                         We invite students from all disciplines
Geography Club            Departmental   to celebrate these events.              csufgeography@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                (a) Provide opportunities for
                                                association and interaction with the
                                                faculty and administration of at CSU
                                                Fullerton.(b) Support initiative of the
                                                Geo-Institute to increase student
                                                membership and participation. (c)
                                                Increase awareness among civil
                                                engineering undergraduates of the
                                                geotechnical field and graduate school
Geo-institute Graduate Student                  opportunities. (d) Facilitate planning of   beenaajmera@csu.fullerton.ed
Organization                     Departmental   annual events within the department.        u
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                unite geology majors and others by
                                                providing related information and
                                                volunteer activities on and off campus.
                                                There is promotion throughout the
                                                semester of the Earth Sciences with
                                                planned field trips, speakers, and
                                                announcements of professional
Geology Club, CSUF               Departmental   geological meetings.                        geologyclub@fullerton.edu
                                                Global Medical Brigades is a secular,
                                                international student-operated
                                                volunteer organization whose mission
                                                is to provide sustainable health care to
                                                underserved communities throughout
Global Medical Brigades          Service        the world.                                  naulpaz@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                    Golden Key International Honor
                                                    Society honors the top 15% of juniors
                                                    and seniors in all academic fields. The
                                                    mission of Golden Key is to build
                                                    global communities of academic
                                                    achievers by providing opportunities
                                                    for individual growth through
                                                    leadership, career development,
                                                    networking, and service. Golden Key
                                                    has 350 chapters at colleges and
                                                    universities in the U.S., Australia,
Golden Key International Honour   Honor Society -   Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, South
Society                           General           Africa, U.A.E., and the Bahamas.        csufgkihs@gmail.com
                                                    Graduate Counseling Student
                                                    Association is to promote
                                                    communication between all student
                                                    members and to promote
                                                    communication between student and
                                                    faculty. Graduate Counseling Student
                                                    Association supports the College of
                                                    Health and Human Development.
                                                    Graduate Counseling Student
                                                    Association upholds the policies and
Graduate Counseling Student                         standards of CSUF, and to participate
Association                       Departmental      in campus events as a group.
                                                The Graduate Economics Association
                                                (GEA) is a student run organization by
                                                and for graduate students of the
                                                Economics Department. GEA strives to
                                                improve the quality of student life for
                                                graduate students and foster growth in
                                                the field of Economics. GEA's objective
                                                is to increase interaction between
                                                members, faculty, and other students
                                                and cultivate members to become
Graduate Economics Association   Departmental   leaders is an academic, professional,
                                                GSACS in Economics.
                                                and social network designed for
                                                Communication Theory and Process
                                                (CTP) seniors (undergrads) and
                                                graduate students. The goals of this
                                                organization include promoting
                                                graduate student development,
                                                sequestering funds for conferences,
                                                providing leadership, and a forum for
                                                voicing CTP students concerns. All
                                                seniors and graduate students in the
                                                Human Communication
Graduate Students Association of                Department’s CTP academic
Communication Scholars           Departmental   program are eligible for membership.
                                                Graphic Design Club is an organization
                                                that promotes creative growth and
                                                awareness of this art as a culture and
                                                a community. Graphic Design Club will
                                                give the opportunity for students to
                                                network and support each other with
Graphic Design Club              Departmental   visual feedback.                       csuf.gdc@gmail.com
                                           Greeks Advocating Mature
                                           Management of Alcohol (GAMMA)is to
                                           provide an opportunity for leaders in
                                           the Greek letter organizations to
                                           address important health issues with
                                           their peers. These issues include
                                           alcohol, drugs, safe sex, sexually
                                           transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS,
                                           violence, mental health, nutrition,
                                           fitness, stress management, and other
                                           related topics. Research has shown
Greeks Advocating Mature                   peer education is one of the most
Management of Alcohol            Greek     effective ways to educate students.   gamma@fullerton.edu
                                           The purpose of this organization is to
                                           achieve measurable energy savings
                                           through no-cost behavior; to educate
                                           students, staff and faculty members,
                                           and the greater community about the
                                           importance of energy efficiency and
                                           conservation; and to develop the next
                                           generation of energy professionals
Green Campus at California State           through green workforce and training
University, Fullerton            Service   opportunities.                           greencampus@fullerton.edu

                                           The purpose of this organization is to
                                           bring the message of Jesus Christ to
                                           the world through multicultural events,
                                           sports, and the arts in association with morimori_zenkoku_ku718@ho
Heavens The Limit Christian Club Faith     other clubs and organizations.           tmail.com
                                             We are a non-profit organization which
                                             empowers Latina women to strive for
                                             higher education, personal growth,
                                             and community leadership. We are
                                             guided by three pillars which include
                                             academics, community service, and
                                             social events. We are the seventh
                                             chapter which allows us to provide our
                                             members with networking
                                             opportunities covering all of southern
                                             and northern California. Our motto is
                                             "Poder de la Mujer" which means "The
                                             Power of Women" and symbolizes the
Hermanas Unidas de CSUF       Cultural       strength each hermana possesses.       hau_csuf@yahoo.com

                                             The purpose of this organization is to
                                             provide opportunities for association,
                                             interaction, and networking with the
                                             faculty, professors, students, and
                                             administration at California State
Higher Education Leadership                  University, Fullerton interested in
Organization                  Departmental   postsecondary educational leadership. helo.csuf@gmail.com
                                                    Hillel's mission is to enrich the lives of
                                                    Jewish undergraduate and graduate
                                                    students so that they may enrich the
                                                    Jewish people and the world. Hillel
                                                    student leaders are dedicated to
                                                    creating a pluralistic, welcoming and
                                                    inclusive environment for Jewish
                                                    college students, where they are
                                                    encouraged to grow intellectually,
                                                    spiritually and socially. Hillel helps
                                                    students find a balance in being
                                                    distinctively Jewish and universally
Hillel at Cal State University                      human and to support Israel and
Fullerton                        Cultural           global Jewish people-hood.

                                                    Overall personality development with
                                                    different type of mind twisting
                                                    activities, physical activities with         vaibhavjoshi84@csu.fullerton.
Hindu Yuva                       Special Interest   spiritual and knowledgeable lectures.        edu
                                                    The purpose of the organization is to
                                                    produce positive activities and
                                                    performances through the structure of        titanshiphop-
Hip Hop Team, CSUF               Special Interest   Hip Hop Choreography.                        elevate@hotmail.com
                                                    The Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar
                                                    Chapter is dedicated to advancing the
                                                    college education of Hispanic
                                                    Americans. Members of the HSF
                                                    Chapter will serve as role models to
                                                    the community and participate in
                                                    outreach events. HSF members will
                                                    develop skills necessary to become
                                                    leaders through bi-weekly meetings.
                                                    HSF helps to further develop the
                                                    academic and professional lives of its hispanicscholarshipfund.csuf@
Hispanic Scholarship Fund        Cultural           members.                               gmail.com
                                                    The History Student Association
                                                    promotes history education, events,
History Student Association      Departmental       socials, and professional activities.   jburgtorf@fullerton.edu

                                                    The Honors Student Activities Council
                                                    strives to build a strong community
                                                    between honors students and faculty.
                                                    Students on this council are dedicated
                                                    to lending their creative and
                                                    intellectual talents to help coordinate
                                  Honor Society -   events for the students and faculty of
Honors Student Activities Council General           the University Honors Program.           sjacobsen@fullerton.edu
                                                    To enjoy the relaxing effects of hookah
                                                    in between stressful study days on
Hookah Smoking Society           Recreation         campus.
                                                    The Mission of this organization is to
                                                    help raise the funds for the needy
                                                    women across the world by exposing
                                                    their hidden talent in arts and jwellery
Hope for Women - International   Service            design.                                  vidhi_bhagdev@yahoo.co.in

                                                    The Hot Glass Club promotes
                                                    education and awareness of glass art
                                                    by sponsoring guest lectures and
                                                    demonstrations by qualified glass
                                                    artists and historians. The club also
Hot Glass Club, CSUF             Departmental       disseminates information promotion.     friendsofglass@gmail.com
                                                    The purpose of the Human Services
                                                    Student Association (HSSA) is to
                                                    promote professional and ethical
                                                    development of its members and to
                                                    provide opportunities for association
                                                    and interaction between our
                                                    membership, faculty, CSUF
Human Services Student                              administration, and the greater
Association                      Departmental       community at large.                     hssacsuf@yahoo.com
                                                 This organization is a funding council.
                                                 It provides CSUF students the
                                                 opportunity to travel to conferences,
                                                 as well as to bring lectures on campus.
                                                 The organization prides itself on
Humanities and Social Science                    helping to demonstrate the academic
Inter-Club Council               Council/Board   strength of CSUF.                       hssicc@fullerton.edu

                                                 ISA gives a platform for helping
                                                 students understand the cultures and
                                                 the heritage of India, while branching
                                                 out and networking with the Indian
INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION       Cultural        community of Southern California.
                                                 The Indonesian Student Organization      hkjhaveri@gmail.com
                                                 Of Fullerton has been a part of the
                                                 nationwide Indonesian Student
                                                 Organization. We are dedicated to
                                                 promote Indonesia cultures and
                                                 heritages to non-Indonesian
                                                 community. We are also committed to
                                                 assisting members in all aspects such
                                                 as academics and accommodations.
                                                 Additionally, we are also focusing in
                                                 cultural & sport events, encouraging
                                                 all members to get involved in our
                                                 local community, and forming long-
Indonesian Student Association                   lasting friendships with exchanging
(PERMIAS)                        Cultural        experiences.                          permiascsuf@yahoo.com

                                                 The IEEE CSUF Chapter supports the
                                                 Electrical Engineering student body at
                                                 CSU Fullerton by providing laboratory
                                                 components and parts, tutoring,
Institute of Electrical and                      community, projects, additional
Electronics Engineers            Departmental    academic activities, and social events. ieee.csu.fullerton@gmail.com
                                                 IEEE-CS encompasses all aspects of
                                                 theory, design, practice, and
Institute of Electrical and                      application relating to computer and
Electronics Engineers Computer                   information processing science and
Society                          Departmental    technology.
                                                 •Maximize the effectiveness of
                                                 practitioners and organizations
                                                 worldwide in order to advance the
                                                 science and technology of
                                                 instrumentation systems, and
                                                 automation to benefit industry and
                                                 humanity. •organize meetings
                                                 where technical information is
                                                 exchanged by experts, •organize
                                                 tours of local facilities to see i.s.&a.
                                                 technology being applied, •organize
                                                 local training programs, conferences or
                                                 exhibitions •offer scholarships to
Instrumentation, Systems, and                    deserving students, •contribute to
Automation Society               Departmental    the local community                      lilianatortega@gmail.com
                                                 Governing Council for all the national
Inter-Fraternity Council         Council/Board   social fraternities on campus.           ifc@fullerton.edu

                                                 International Association of Business
                                                 Communicators (IABC) is the leading
                                                 resource for effective commutations.
                                                 Club membership provides products;
                                                 services activities and networking
                                                 opportunities to help people and
                                                 organizations excel in public relations,
                                                 employee communication, marketing
International Association of                     communications, public affairs, and
Business Communicator            Departmental    other forms of communications.           iabc.csuf@gmail.com
                                              ICF provides opportunities for
                                              international students to build
                                              relationships with other students
                                              through trips, activities, host families,
                                              and weekly meetings. An on-campus
                                              weekly meeting is the "English Corner"
                                              . . . This will give student contact with
                                              community and campus people to
                                              discuss various topics. Off-campus
                                              weekly meetings will provide
                                              international students an opportunity
                                              to explore how to have a relationship
                                              with God through worship and bible
International Christian Fellowship Faith      study.                                    rbhartley06@yahoo.com
                                              The International Student Association
                                              (ISA) is an organization that was
                                              founded with the purpose of creating
                                              awareness of the cultural diversity that
                                              exists within CSUF. Individuals from all
                                              over the world will be able to interact
                                              with each other through a variety of
                                              activities. Students will learn about the
                                              fascinating lives of people outside of
                                              one's own culture as well as contribute
                                              to the enlightenment of others about
International Student Association Cultural    their own.                                csufullerton.isa@gmail.com
                                              IYF provide opportunities to university
                                              students to develop a global mindset.
                                              It is a place of diverse cultural
                                              fellowship and union among university
                                              students from all over the world, going
                                              beyond the barrieres of culture and
International Youth Fellowship     Cultural   language.
                                                 Inter-Tribal Student Council provides
                                                 students with information and events
                                                 based upon the American Indians. We
                                                 discuss current events about the
                                                 Native American Culture and enjoy
                                                 learning more about other tribes.
                                                 Although some of us are Native, we
                                                 invite everyone to join! Come and
                                                 Check us out in McCarthy Hall Room
Inter-Tribal Student Council        Cultural     104C.                                 itsc_3603@hotmail.com
                                                 In response to God's grace, love and
                                                 truth it is Intervarsity’s hope and
                                                 vision to see students transformed,
                                                 campuses renewed and world changers
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship   Faith        developed.                            iv.stripeshirt@gmail.com

                                                 The purpose of Iranian Student
                                                 Association is to raise awareness about
                                                 issues pertaining to Iran and Iranians
                                                 by holding cultural, social, and political
                                                 events, and to provide opportunities to
                                                 facilitate the interaction between the
                                                 Iranian-American community at CSU
Iranian Student Association         Cultural     Fullerton and the rest of the campus. isa@fullerton.edu

                                                 The Italian Language Club's purpose is
                                                 to share the lifestyles of the country
                                                 through practicing conversational
                                                 language and participating in activities
Italian Language and Culture Club Departmental   the Italians cherish.                    ItalianClub
                                                Japanese Anime club is dedicated to
                                                enhancing its member’s
                                                appreciation for Anime, and Japanese
                                                Culture. Our activities include viewing
                                                various genres of Anime, discussion of
                                                Japanese culture in Anime, and
                                                participating in social activities. Come
                                                see us every Monday and socialize
Japanese Anime Club            Departmental     with your fellow Anime fans!             sleeperhold2000@yahoo.com

                                                Jumpstart Club will participate in
                                                events that help pair college students
                                                with under privileged children to
                                                promote literacy and language skills.
                                                Our goal is see the day where every
                                                child enters school to succeed.
                                                Jumpstart Club will be associated with
Jumpstart Club                 Departmental     the non-profit organization, Jumpstart. jumpstartfullerton@gmail.com
                                                Kappa Omega is the local chapter of
                                                Chi Sigma Iota, the International
                                                Honor Society of Professional
                                                Counseling. Kappa Omega provides
                                                social, academic and professional
                                                networking opportunities for
                                                counseling students and faculty both
Kappa Omega Counseling Honors Honor Society -   on campus and in the counseling         csuf_kappaomega@hotmail.co
Society                       Departmental      profession.                             m
                                                    Kappa Omicron Nu is the National
                                                    Honor Society for the Human Sciences.
                                                    The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is to
                                                    empower leaders through scholarship,
                                                    research, and leadership development.
                                                    This mission will enable the
                                                    organization to prepare scholars and
                                                    researchers as leaders for the 21st
                                                    Century. Membership is available to
Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society                      professionals and majors in the fields
for the Human Sciences, Nu Pi  Honor Society -      of Kinesiology, Human Services, and
Chapter                        Departmental         Child & Adolescent Studies.            csufkon@yahoo.com
                                                    The mission of this Chapter will be to
                                                    recognize the students at CSUF in the
                                                    Visual Arts/Art History Department for
                                                    their outstanding artistic talents and
                                                    academic achievements; to link the
                                                    visual arts department to the
                                                    community. And also to provide a
                                                    networking and communicative base,
                                                    and the means of contemporary issues
                                                    in dealing with the art world; to serve
                                                    the students with organizational
                                                    workshops, projects, and events to
Kappa Pi International Honorary   Honor Society -   enhance their development and
Art Fraternity                    Departmental      knowledge of art world.                 kappapifullerton@gmail.com
                                                 The Mission of the Key Executive Club
                                                 is to provide students with the
                                                 opportunity to learn and discuss real
                                                 business situations and problems that
                                                 are happening in the work
                                                 environment. Students will have the
                                                 chance to network with local Orange
                                                 County CEOs and Business leaders to
                                                 learn what it takes to be successful as
Key Executive Club                Departmental   they prepare for life after college.

                                                 KSA wants to create a comfortable
                                                 environment for students to exchange
                                                 ideas, skills and knowledge pertaining
                                                 to kinesiology. KSA also gives
                                                 networking opportunities and creates a
                                                 sense of belonging for students. KSA
                                                 offers support to our peers and invites
                                                 students to interact with each other
Kinesiology Student Association   Departmental   and faculty at CSU Fullerton.           csufksa@yahoo.com
                                                 Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
                                                 (KCCC) at CSUF is one of several
                                                 campus ministries all across America
                                                 committed to helping to fulfill the
                                                 Great Commission as stated in
                                                 Matthew 28:18-20: "All authority has
                                                 been given to me. Therefore go and
                                                 make disciples of all the nations,
                                                 baptizing them in the name of the
                                                 Father and of the Son and of the Holy
                                                 Spirit; and teaching them to obey
                                                 everything I have commanded you.
                                                 And surely I am with you always, to
Korea Campus Crusade for Christ Faith            the very end of the age."                 kccc.csuf@gmail.com
                                   The CSUF Kung Fu Club aims to share
                                   the benefits and knowledge of Asian
                                   martial arts by providing classes to
                                   students, faculty, staff, alumni and the
                                   community. Participants learn
                                   everything from blocks and strikes to
                                   weapons training and prearranged
                                   movements called kuens. Our classes
                                   develop fitness, discipline and self-
                                   confidence in a fun and safe
                                   environment. Guest speakers and class
                                   field trips are also a part of the club's
Kung Fu Club, CSUF    Recreation   program.                                  csufkungfu@yahoo.com

                                   CSUF Mens Lacrosse Club is a means
                                   for all students who are interested in
                                   the sport of lacrosse to congregate and
                                   participate in activities involving
                                   lacrosse. Established Fall 2005, the
                                   team is in the Southwestern Lacrosse
                                   Conference (www.slc-lax.org) in the
                                   Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association
                                   (www.MCLA.us). Traveling all over the
                                   country the team has contended with:
                                   UCI, UCLA, USC, UoP, SJSU, UNLV,
                                   CSULB, Concordia, Biola, Oxy, Emory,
Lacrosse Club, CSUF   Sport        Missouri State, SDSU, and others.       colestaff@csu.fullerton.edu
                                              Lambda Alpha is a National Collegiate
                                              Honors Society for Anthropology. Cal
                                              State University, Fullerton is fortunate
                                              to offer our CSUF Eta Chapter of
                                              Lambda Alpha to outstanding
                                              Anthropology students.
                                              Undergraduates, who have completed
                                              12 units of anthropology coursework
                                              with no less than a grade of B in these
                                              courses and a cumulative GPA of 2.5
                                              qualify for membership. Graduate
                                              students must be in good standing and
Lambda Alpha Anthropology   Honor Society -   have no less than a 3.25 cumulative
Honor Society               Departmental      GPA.                                     csuflambdaalpha@gmail.com
                                              Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) has active
                                              chapters at four-year colleges and
                                              universities worldwide. LPH represents
                                              what Aristotle described in The
                                              Rhetoric as three ingredients of
                                              persuasion: Logos (Lambda) meaning
                                              logic, Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion
                                              and Ethos (Eta) defined as character
                                              credibility, and ethics. Lambda Pi Eta
                                              recognizes, fosters, and rewards
                                              outstanding scholastic achievement
                            Honor Society -   while stimulating interest in the
Lambda Pi Eta               Departmental      communication discipline.
                                      Lambda Sigma Gamma is a
                                      Multicultural Sorority , the 1st in
                                      CSUF. We are part of the umbrella
                                      organization called The Multicultural
                                      Greek Council. By joining our sorority
                                      you can gain life long friendships,
                                      academic encouragement, community
                                      involvement (Boys & Girls Clubs, Head
                                      Start, etc.), and have an opportunity
                                      to network. We welcome women from
                                      all walks of life, and we do not
                                      discriminate based on color, ethnicity,
                                      beliefs or sexual orientation. Feel free
Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority   Greek   to contact us for more info.             csuf_lsg@yahoo.com
                                      The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha is
                                      to provide a sisterhood based on the
                                      principles of unity, love, and respect.
                                      As an academic sorority, Lambda
                                      Theta Alpha strives to support the
                                      achievement of scholarly excellence by
                                      all sisters. Through participation and
                                      development of political, social, and
                                      cultural programs, the sisters of
                                      Lambda Theta Alpha are able to
                                      develop the leadership skills necessary
                                      for success. Additionally, service to the
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin              community is an integral aspect of this
Sorority                      Greek   sisterhood.                               soriamarivel@gmail.com
                                                Our mission is to promote scholarship,
                                                Latino unity, respect for all cultures,
                                                and above all Brotherhood. Lambda
                                                Theta Phi has set out to accomplish
                                                these goals through responsible
                                                political and social actions. By working
                                                in the surrounding communities, the
                                                fraternity hopes to provide both
                                                services and positive role models as
                                                well as enhance the image of the
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Greek         Latino Culture.                          ferrell06@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                inform and provide students with
                                                programs and activities on Latin
                                                America. Such events will help achieve
                                                a better academic balance as well as, a
Latin American Studies Student                  more enhanced cultural knowledge in
Association                      Departmental   this area of study.                      csuf.lassa@yahoo.com
                                                LBSA was created to develop business
                                                leaders of tomorrow, through
                                                professional exposure, community
                                                involvement, and social interaction.
                                                Our goal is to provide members with
                                                highest constructive and positive
                                                business experiences that will prepare
                                                college students for the future. We
                                                demonstrate excellent civic
                                                involvement that will develop our
                                                members with the community. In
                                                addition we want to provide a socially
                                                rewarding environment that keeps
Latino Business Student                         member dedicated to the benefits of
Association                      Departmental   organization.                          csuf_lbsa@yahoo.com
                                                     Legacies Student Org is about
                                                     changing the world one extraordinary
                                                     person at a time. Our theme for the
                                                     2010-11 year is "Peace and Non-
                                                     Violence Towards Children of the
                                                     World". Come volunteer with us at the
Legacies Student Organization of                     Irvine Global Village Festival and the
the Irvine Campus                  Service           Art Miles Mural Project.                  legacies.csuf@gmail.com
                                                     The goal and purpose of the Liberal
                                                     Studies Honor Society (LSHS) is to
                                                     enable well-educated members to
                                                     realize their full academic potential. To
                                                     achieve this goal the LSHS will be
                                                     hosting lectures, studies, and
                                                     advocacy work with the highest values
                                   Honor Society -   such as integrity, respect, and
Liberal Studies Honor Society      Departmental      collaboration.                            csuflshs@gmail.com
                                                     The Liberal Studies Student
                                                     Organization (LSSA) offers many
                                                     benefits to Liberal Studies Majors.
                                                     Through field trips, the LSSA organizes
                                                     trips to places of educational interest.
                                                     The LSSA hosts other events, such as
                                                     potlucks, where both students and
                                                     faculty attend. These events allow
                                                     students to form relationships with
                                                     their instructors as well as other
                                                     students. The LSSA also organizes
                                                     study groups and invites guest
Liberal Studies Student                              speakers to address topics relevant to
Association                        Departmental      the students.                            lssafullerton@gmail.com
                                                 The LSA is an academic club that
                                                 provides opportunities of linguistic
                                                 nature to anyone who is interested in
                                                 languages or the field of linguistics.
                                                 We also attend cultural events to
                                                 better appreciate the groups who use
                                                 various languages. Our approach is to
                                                 create interdepartmental bonds and
                                                 reach out to individuals with unique
                                                 backgrounds and interests. We enrich
                                                 the lives of club members through
                                                 support networks while furthering the
                                                 study of linguistics through research
Linguistics Student Association   Departmental   and discussion.                        lingclubcsuf@gmail.com
                                                 The Mainland of China Student
                                                 Association (MCSA)is a membership
                                                 association for students interested in
                                                 the culture and perspective of
                                                 mainland of China. One of the purpose
                                                 of this club is to help students who
                                                 come from mainland of China to adapt
                                                 this new American environment. In
                                                 addition, we also promote
                                                 international culture integration. So
                                                 more and more people can know about
Mainland of China Student                        what's happening in Mainland of
Association at CSUF               Cultural       China.                                 haoxukun@live.com
                                                 A fundraising program designed for
                                                 college organizations, such as student
                                                 governments, athletic teams and
                                                 Greek organizations, interested in
                                                 contributing some of their time and
                                                 energy to help grant the wishes of
                                                 children with life-threatening medical
Make A Wish Club                  Service        conditions.
                                                 The purpose of this organization is to
                                                 provide opportunities for MSW
                                                 students and, the members of the
                                                 university community to enhance the
                                                 lives of those in the local community
                                                 as well as within the university
Master of Social Work Association Departmental   through public service.
                                                 The Math Club promotes involvement
                                                 for students and faculty in the
                                                 mathematical community. We
                                                 encourage students to start joint
                                                 research projects with faculty and
                                                 attend conferences nationwide for
                                                 observation and/or presentation. Our
                                                 activities bring together all levels of
                                                 math majors in one setting, such that
                                                 new students can be involved. Most
                                                 Math club members continue their
Math Club                        Departmental    education as a graduate student.          mathclub@fullerton.edu
                                                 The purpose of this organization is to
                                                 provide graduate students with
                                                 opportunities for association and
                                                 interaction with the faculty and
MBA Association, at Fullerton    Service         administration at CSU Fullerton.          ACAvanessian@gmail.com
                                           The Medieval Swordsmanship Club
                                           trains in the authentic art of the
                                           medieval sword and tries to raise
                                           public awareness of Historical
                                           European Martial Arts (HEMA). The
                                           club studies historical sources from the
                                           1300s-1600s. Learn techniques and
                                           spar. We also study the historical
                                           significance of the art. We hold regular
                                           practices in European longsword and
                                           other European martial arts. Affiliated
                                           with the HEMA Alliance
                                           (http://www.hemaalliance.com), an
Medieval Swordsmanship Club   Recreation   international nonprofit organization.    csufsword@gmail.com
                                           Mesa Coorperativa was founded in
                                           1992 by Chicano/Latino Students and
                                           faculty members interested in a
                                           support network for student
                                           organizations on campus. Mesa
                                           continually brings cultural, social and
                                           educational events to the CSUF
                                           community. Hallmark programs:
                                           Bienvenida, Dia de los Padres,
                                           Chicano/Latino Heritage Month and
                                           The Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Mesa
                                           has also serves as a network to all the
                                           Chicano/Latino students on campus.
                                           Organizations in MESA promote and       mesa_coorperativa_csuf@yah
Mesa Coorperativa             Cultural     support each other's events.            oo.com
                                                    The main purpose of the Middle
                                                    Eastern Student Society is to raise
                                                    awareness about issues pertaining to
                                                    the Middle East and to provide an
                                                    accurate image of the Middle Eastern
                                                    people and cultures through hosting
Middle Eastern Student Society   Cultural           cultural, political, and social events.  mess@fullerton.edu
                                                    Provides additional instruction to those
                                                    in POSC 361 (Model United Nations)
                                                    and Teaches debate, negotiation,
                                                    diplomacy, lobbying and bargaining in
                                                    a mock international forum. Our
                                                    mission is to make sure our members
                                 Political/Social   are properly trained in the ways of
Model United Nations             Action             diplomacy.                               cshamim@fullerton.edu
                                                    Creative skills and talents to be used
                                                    to add worth to people and places.This
                                                    club is an invitation for Artists and
                                                    Engineers to come together: to share
                                                    and expound on ideas, to gain a better
                                                    understanding of different creative
                                                    processes, and to implement their
                                                    stored innovations. If you are
                                                    interested in or passionate about using
                                                    your skills and talents to add value to
MOMENTUM: CSUF Artist and                           your community, then this group is for
Engineer Club                    Special Interest   you.                                    annecynn@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    promote the development of oral and
                                                    written arguments, provide instruction
                                                    in the study of jurisprudence, and
                                                    support the advancement of legal
Moot Court Association, CSUF     Departmental       advocacy.                               csufmootcourt@gmail.com
                                                    MEChA is not a Mexican organization.
                                                    The term Chicano is a term based on
                                                    cultural, social, and political
                                                    consciousness. Therefore, it is
                                                    grounded in a philosophy and NOT a
                                                    nationality. MEChA is inclusive of all
                                                    RAZA (irrespective of nationality,
                                                    sexual orientation, and gender) that
                                                    strives for empowerment and
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana y Political/Social   liberation of our "gente" (people)
Chicanos de Aztlan               Action             through higher education.                mechadecsuf@gmail.com
                                                    We are a professional music fraternity
                                                    whose focus is on music, friends and
                                                    fraternity. Our main purpose is
                                                    "service through music." In doing this
                                                    we provide music for those in our
                                                    community. We teach and share music
                                                    with young students, give to non-profit
                                                    organizations, play concerts for the
                                                    community, and strengthen those
Mu Phi Epsilon Music Honor        Honor Society -   musicians on our campus and             executiveoffice@muphiepsilon.
Society                           Departmental      campus's around the area.               org
                                               The purpose of the Multicultural Greek
                                               Council at Cal State Fullerton shall be
                                               to create and maintain high standards
                                               in the lives of fraternities and
                                               sororities; to perpetuate constructive
                                               fraternity and sorority relationships; to
                                               foster an understanding of the
                                               structure and method of operation
                                               among the affiliate organizations; to
                                               address, coordinate, and develop
                                               action strategies on matters of mutual
                                               concern to the affiliate organizations;
                                               and to serve as the conduct for such
Multi-Cultural Greek Council   Council/Board   actions planned.                          mcgc@fullerton.edu
                                               The Muslim Student Association of Cal
                                               State Fullerton's main purpose is to
                                               educate the CSUF community about
                                               Islam, and represent it accurately. We
                                               also aim to be active and friendly with
                                               the CSUF community and establish
                                               relationships with various student
                                               organizations. The MSA stands for
                                               justice and peace by being vocal on
                                               major issues throughout the world.
                                               The MSA is also a place for Muslims on
                                               campus to call home. It strives to
                                               strengthen the bond between Muslims
Muslim Student Association     Faith           regardless of background.               msa@fullerton.edu
                                                   The National Pan-Hellenic Council is
                                                   the governing board of the historically
                                                   Black Fraternities and Sororities. The
                                                   council assists in maintaining a distinct
                                                   identity as a service based
                                                   organization. Membership of the
                                                   combining organizations will provide
                                                   updated information on upcoming
                                                   events in order to promote unity
                                                   among all nine historically black Greek
National Pan-Hellenic Council    Council/Board     Community.                                nphc@fullerton.edu
                                                   Mission: To increase the number of
                                                   culturally responsible Black Engineers
                                                   who excel academically, succeed
                                                   professionally, and positively impact
                                                   the community. The goal for the Cal
                                                   State Fullerton Chapter is not only to
                                                   uphold our organizations mission, but
                                                   to include those students willing to
                                                   promote higher education and
                                                   community service throughout their
National Society of Black                          educational experiences, and careers
Engineers                        Departmental      without regard to their major or race.   nsbe_csuf@yahoo.com
                                                   NSCS is a non-profit organization that
                                                   recognizes, honors, celebrates, and
                                                   inspires high academic excellence
                                                   among first-and second-year college
                                                   students. Also, NSCS promotes and
                                                   encourages scholarship, leadership,
                                                   and service, the three pillars on which
                                                   we are founded on that is used
National Society of Collegiate   Honor Society -   throughout one's collegiate experience meganbrodsky@csu.fullerton.e
Scholars                         General           and beyond.                             du
                                                The National Student Speech
                                                Language and Hearing Association
                                                (NSSLHA) is an organization for
                                                graduate and undergraduate students
                                                studying the field of human
                                                communication. There are 300 local
                                                chapters in universities and colleges
                                                across the United States. NSSLHA
                                                gives students an opportunity to meet
                                                professionals in the field, as well as
                                                build a union between the faculty and
                                                students. Each academic year our
                                                chapter raises funds to donate to our
National Student Speech                         on campus clinics and the ASHA
Language Hearing Association    Departmental    Foundation.                            csufnsslha@gmail.com
                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                provide opportunities for association
                                                and interaction between the students
                                                in the College of Natural Sciences and
                                                Mathematics, the faculty, and
                                                administration of the College, as well
                                                as to provide additional opportunities
                                                to those students by pooling the
                                                resources of the various organizations
                                                from academic subunits of the college.
                                                NSM-ICC aliquots funds to students to
                                                travel for various conferences so that
Natural Science and Mathematics                 they can expand their professional
InterClub Council               Council/Board   network.                               alicel@csu.fullerton.edu
                                      Vision: To impact the life of Chinese
                                      speaking students in California State
                                      University, Fullerton with the Gospel of
                                      Jesus Christ. (Romans 10: 13-15)
                                      Mission Statement: • Discovering
                                      Jesus Christ through worship, prayer,
                                      study of the Bible and activities •
                                      Obeying the Words/Teaching of Jesus
New Heart Chinese Christian           Christ • To live, love and serve like
Fellowship                    Faith   Jesus Christ
                                      The Newman Catholic Club is a
                                      community of Catholic Christian young
                                      adults whose purpose is to foster a
                                      more mature spirituality to promote
                                      community service, and to have fun!
                                      We invite you to help us build a
                                      Catholic Christian community with
                                      other young adults through programs
                                      and relationships which promote
                                      openness and trust, honesty and
                                      cooperation; creating a climate where
                                      students can develop friendships and
                                      share their struggles, questions, and
Newman Catholic Club, CSUF    Faith   joys with one another.                csufnewman@gmail.com

                                      We exist to provide biblically-sound
                                      Bible Studies and Christian Doctrine
                                      courses on campus. We also desire to
                                      connect CSUF students to NewSpark
                                      (English Congregation of Dongshin
                                      Church) as their local church: a
                                      community being transformed by
                                      Christ to make disciples of the people
NewSpark Bible Study          Faith   at CSUF and beyond.                        doxapriest@gmail.com
                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    promote Japanese American culture
                                                    and political awareness among the
                                                    student body; as well as to organize
                                                    social and community service
Nikkei Student Union             Cultural           activities.                              csuf.nsu@gmail.com

                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    provide opportunities for students to
                                                    read nobel prize winning literature in
                                                    chemistry and biological sciences and
                                                    engage in discourse involving the
Nobel Prize Association of Cal                      experimental procedures and its          grant_brennan@csu.fullerton.
State Fullerton                  Special Interest   influence in modern technology.          edu
                                                    To encourage and support all levels of
                                                    Nursing students: pre-nursing,
                                                    bachelors and masters. Opportunity to
                                                    meet and network with one another.
                                                    Act as a resource group. Social Event,
                                                    outreach, fundraising, guest speakers    csufnursingstudents@gmail.co
Nursing Students Association     Departmental       and job Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was
                                                    Omega fair.                              m
                                                    founded at Howard University in 1911,
                                                    it was the first men's Greek letter
                                                    fraternity to be founded at a
                                                    historically black college. Their
                                                    purpose is to bring about a union of
                                                    college men of similar high ideals of
                                                    scholarship and manhood in order to
                                                    stimulate the ambitious of its
                                                    members; occupy a progressive and
                                                    constructive place in the political life of
                                                    the community and nation; foster
                                                    humanity, freedom and dignity in its
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity         Greek              individual members.                         ab127659@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                 Orange County On Track organization
                                                 has been helping the underserved
                                                 communities for over a decade.
                                                 Orange County On Track has extensive
                                                 experience in the fields of violence and
                                                 drug prevention, mentoring, youth
                                                 leadership development, and
                                                 community collaboration. On Track at
                                                 CSUF would be a club that strives to
                                                 create a safer and healthier
                                                 environment for at risk youth.
                                                 Specifically through our mentoring of
On Track at CSUF: Mentoring                      children program, we provide mentors
Children of Prisoners         Service            for children of prisoners.               csufontrack@gmail.com

                                                 The purpose of this organization is to
                                                 provide a forum and club for students,
                                                 staff and faculty in the spirit of
                                                 cooperation so they can exchange
                                                 their ideas, beliefs, feelings, and
One by One                    Faith              concerns in the university setting.      bnjicecreamisgood@gmail.com
                                                 The Oral and Public History Student
                                                 Association will promote a community
                                                 for those who desire to go into the
                                                 field of oral or public history. We will
                                                 promote oral and public history
Oral and Public History                          education, events, socials, and
Association                   Special Interest   professional activities.                 mantenesse@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                The Orange County Chapter of the
                                                Society for Conservation Biology seeks
                                                to increase the involvement of Orange
                                                County citizens in local conservation-
                                                based science. OC-SCB facilitates this
                                                involvement through guest lectures,
Orange County Society for                       outdoor activities, hands-on habitat    shannoncrossen@csu.fullerton
Conservation Biology         Special Interest   restoration and research opportunities. .edu
                                                Honor society for members of the IFC
                                                and PHC fraternities and sororities
                                                based on scholarship, leadership,
Order of Omega Greek Honor   Honor Society -    service to chapter, campus, and
Society                      General            community.                              omegacsuf@gmail.com
                                                The PABS Biotechnology Club is an
                                                opportunity for students to pursue
                                                their interest in biotechnology.
                                                Students of all backgrounds are invited
                                                to participate, especially those in
                                                business and science majors.
                                                Membership in the Biotechnology Club
                                                will strengthen your resume for a
                                                career in biotechnology or other
                                                related fields. The goal of the club is to
                                                supplement the knowledge that the
                                                student already has and introduce
                                                CEO's, researchers, and guest
                                                speakers of biotech/pharmatech             pabsbiotechnologyclub@gmail.
PABS Biotechnology Club      Special Interest   companies.                                 com
                                                     Purpose of PSA is to bring together all
                                                     the students around the campus
                                                     regardless of race, religion, ethnicity
                                                     and color. We aim not only to make
                                                     friends but to bring about awareness
                                                     of our beautiful country PAKISTAN and
                                                     brilliant culture throughout the campus
                                                     and its students through the
                                                     experience and celebration of Pakistani
Pakistani Students' Association   Cultural           cultural events.
                                                     The Panhellenic Council serves as the
                                                     governing body of the six national
                                                     Panhellenic sororities at CSUF.
                                                     Panhellenic sororities provide personal
                                                     and professional support within a
                                                     larger university environment.
                                                     Academic and leadership development
                                                     is fostered through attending seminars
                                                     as well as holding officer and
                                                     committee positions within the
                                                     chapters. Panhellenic hosts various
                                                     educational programs throughout the
                                                     year such as Campus Speakers and
Panhellenic Council               Council/Board      alcohol awareness events.               panhellenic@fullerton.edu
                                                     The purpose of this organization is to
                                                     promote healthy behaviors and
                                                     practices to fellow California State
                                                     University, Fullerton students and
                                                     assist with programs provided by the
                                                     Health Education and Promotion
Peer Health Univeristy Network    Special Interest   Department.                             phun@fullerton.edu
                                                  The Pencil Mileage Club is an
                                                  organization of dedicated animators,
                                                  illustrators and game designers that
                                                  provides members with training,
                                                  networking, and social opportunities to
                                                  supplement their education and aid
                                                  them in establishing a strong work
Pencil Mileage Club             Departmental      ethic in future careers.                pencilmileageclub@gmail.com
                                                  Phi Alpha Theta is The National History
                                                  Honor Society. The CSUF Chapter
                                                  (Theta Pi) promotes history education,
Phi Alpha Theta History Honor   Honor Society -   events, socials, and professional
Society                         Departmental      activities.                             jburgtorf@fullerton.edu
                                Honor Society -
phi beta delta                  General                                                 ieoffice@fullerton.edu
                                                  Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was
                                                  founded at Howard University in
                                                  Washington, D.C., January 9, 1914, by
                                                  three young African-American male
                                                  students. The founders, Honorable A.
                                                  Langston Taylor, Honorable Leonard F.
                                                  Morse, and Honorable Charles I.
                                                  Brown, wanted to organize a Greek
                                                  letter fraternity that would truly
                                                  exemplify the ideals of brotherhood,
                                                  scholarship, and service. The founders
                                                  deeply wished to create an
                                                  organization that viewed itself as "a  thetaupsilonpbs1914@yahoo.c
Phi Beta Sigma                  Greek             part of" the general community.        om
                                            Phi Kappa Tau is the oldest social and
                                            academic college fraternity in Orange
                                            County. Our mission is to champion a
                                            life long commitment to brotherhood,
                                            learning ethical leadership, and
                                            exemplary character. We excel in
                                            academics, social events, leadership
                                            opportunities and community service.
                                            Our 60+ brothers invite you to come
                                            check out what the Phi Taus at the
Phi Kappa Tau                Greek          Barn are all about!                    gophikappatau@gmail.com
                                            The object of this Fraternity shall be
                                            for the development of the best and
                                            truest fraternal spirit, the mutual
                                            welfare and brotherhood of musical
                                            students, the advancement of music in
                                            America, and a loyalty to the Alma
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia        Departmental   Mater.                                 phimualpha@fullerton.edu

                                            Brotherhood, Scholarship, Character,
                                            Fraternity The Cardinal Principles that
                                            the organization were founded upon
                                            and the ones we live our lives by. We
                                            are an organization that makes the
                                            transition from high school to college a
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity   Greek          little less overwhelming.                psk_csuf@yahoo.com
                                                      Established to encourage students who
                                                      have an interest in philosophy to meet
                                                      other philosophy students as well as
                                                      the philosophy department faculty.
                                                      Weekly meetings are held to discuss
                                                      various topics of importance in
                                                      philosophy such as metaphysics,
                                                      epistemology, existentialism, and
                                                      ethical issues. In addition to this, the
                                                      club helps plan the yearly Philosophy
Philosophy Club                     Departmental      symposium.                               hdrose84@gmail.com

                                                      The purpose of the CSUF Physics club
                                                      is to provide opportunities for
                                                      associations and interaction of upper
                                                      and lower division students. The club
                                                      organizes lectures from guest speakers
                                                      as well as several events a year. All
Physics Club                        Departmental      CSUF students shares offices and staff
                                                      Pi Alpha alpha are welcome.
                                                      with the National Association of
                                                      Schools of Public Affairs and
                                                      Administration. NASPAA is a
                                                      professional education association
                                                      dedicated to the advancement of
                                                      education, training, and research in
                                                      public policy and administration. The
                                                      Association's membership consists of
                                                      the undergraduate and graduate
                                                      education programs in public affairs
                                                      and administration of more than 250
Pi Alpha Alpha, Honor Society of    Honor Society -   academic institutions in the United
Public Affairs and Administration   Departmental      States.                                  csuf_pialphalpha@yahoo.com
                                                      A well respected and established social
                                                      fraternity whose main goal is to
                                                      develop all of the qualities and
                                                      character of each of its members. Pi
                                                      Kappa Phi Fraternity builds better men
                                                      in all aspects through scholastic
                                                      achievement, leadership opportunities,
                                                      athletics, community services, and
                                                      building lifelong friendships. Pi Kappa
                                                      Phi enjoys a strong 19 year tradition
                                                      and is continually the top fraternity on
                                                      campus @ CSUF approaching upon our
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity            Greek              20th anniversary this year!              nickcobb@csu.fullerton.edu

                                                      The purpose of this organization is to
                                                      offer political science students with
                                                      academic achievement the opportunity
                                                      to have a forum for their voices to be
Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science   Honor Society -    heard in the department, on campus
Honor Society                      Departmental       and nationally.                        csuf.psa@gmail.com

Pi Sigma Epsilon                   Special Interest
                                                      Our mission as a club is to teach and
                                                      spread our cultural knowledge to our
                                                      members, Fullerton community,
                                                      family, and friends in hopes of creating
                                                      a better awareness of the Filipino
                                                      American experience. We would like to
                                                      also create a comfortable environment
                                                      for newly introduced members in our
                                                      community. We hope to create future
                                                      leaders in our society through
Pilipino American Student                             engaging involvement in our club and
Association                        Cultural           community                                president@csufpasa.com
                                                     The Pre-Law Society provides its
                                                     members with information about the
                                                     legal profession and law school
                                                     admissions. Our goal is to establish a
                                                     relationship among students for the
                                                     study of law as well as to provide
                                                     invaluable resources to prepare them
Pre-Law Society                   Departmental       for their future in the legal field.    csufprelawsociety@yahoo.com
                                                     The purpose is to inform students
                                                     about the field of optometry and help
                                                     them prepare for the admission
                                                     process. We will view schools together,
                                                     prepare for OAT and serve as support
                                                     for each other by engaging in fun, safe
Pre-optometry club                Special Interest   activities.
                                                     The purpose of the organization is to
                                                     provide President's Scholars with a
                                                     connection to their peers, the
                                                     university, and the community through
President's Scholars Student                         social, university, and community
Association                       Special Interest   service activities. promote primate
                                                     PSA's goals are to                      scholars@fullerton.edu
                                                     conservation, inform students of the
                                                     latest issues in primatology, and to
                                                     link the department's primatology
                                                     program to the community.
                                                     Coordinator works with faculty advisor
                                                     to develop projects that promote
                                                     educational experiences involving
                                                     nonhuman primates (fieldtrips,
                                                     workshops, etc.); through the ASA
                                                     Board, works with Treasurer/Fund-
                                                     Raising Coordinator and DAC
                                                     Coordinator to request funds for such
Primatology Student Association   Departmental       projects.                              psa.csuf@gmail.com
                                                      The Printmaking Club is here to
                                                      provide education to students on all
                                                      things printmaking. We are here to
                                                      pass along knowledge in the form of
                                                      workshops, demonstrations,
                                                      educational trips, and critiques. This
                                                      club also aims to have a collective
                                                      exhibit showcasing the works of
                                                      members and any other willing
Printmaking Club                    Departmental      printmakers.
                                                      Purpose of our club is to spread
                                                      awareness regarding the various
                                                      issues of human exploitation. These
                                                      issues include, but are not limited to,
                                                      human trafficking, genocide, violation
                                                      of human rights, war crimes and
                                                      crimes against women and children.
                                                      The intention of promoting awareness
                                                      on such issues is to spark interest in
                                                      our generation and contribute to
Project People Against Trafficking Political/Social   making a change in the world we live
and Human Exploitation             Action             in for a brighter future.                 projectpathe@gmail.com
                                                     Psi Chi is open to all
                                                     graduates/undergraduates registered
                                                     for a major/minor in psychology.
                                                     Students must maintain a cumulative
                                                     GPA of 3.2 and a psychology GPA of
                                                     3.5. Psi Chi aims to provide
                                                     recognition of academic excellence,
                                                     particularly in psychology, encourages
                                                     excellence on the part of all members,
                                                     as well as in others, interested in
                                                     psychology, develop a forum for
                                                     obtaining information and develop
                                                     perspectives about the field of
                                   Honor Society -   psychology, and finally, reach out to
Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society   Departmental      others.                                csuf_psichi@gmail.com
                                                     Every student is eligible to become a
                                                     member of the PDSA. Meetings are
                                                     held on the first and third Thursday of
                                                     every month to discuss relevant
                                                     information and to ensure that all
                                                     students are getting the most out of
                                                     their education. Discussions on
                                                     graduate schools, preparing for the
                                                     Graduate Record Exam (GRE), what
                                                     you can do with various degrees in
                                                     Psychology, and other important topics
                                                     will be addressed. PDSA informs
Psychology Department Student                        students of current news and issues in
Association                        Departmental      the Psychology Department as well.      pdsaatcsuf@gmail.com
                                                  The declared purpose of PRSSA is to
                                                  cultivate a favorable and mutually
                                                  advantageous relationship between
                                                  students and professional public
                                                  relations practitioners. The student
                                                  society aims to foster the following:
                                                  • Understanding of current theories
                                                  and procedures of the profession •
                                                  Appreciation of the highest ethical
                                                  ideals and principles • Awareness of
                                                  an appropriate professional attitude
                                                  • Appreciation of Associate
Public Relations Student Society                  Membership in PRSA and eventually
of America                         Departmental   accredited membership                  csufprssa@gmail.com
                                                  The purpose of this organization is to
                                                  provide a safe, non-threatening
                                                  environment for people of all
                                                  orientations and cultural backgrounds.
                                                  The QSA provides a place for learning,
                                                  sharing, and promoting queer culture
                                                  and identity as viable, growing, and
                                                  valid. QSA is a resource for
                                                  information and a network of
                                                  supportive people for the school and
Queer Straight Alliance            Cultural       surrounding communities.               lgba.csuf@gmail.com
                                               The purpose of the CSUF Real Estate
                                               Association is to advance the study of
                                               real estate by providing a medium
                                               through which its members may gain
                                               practical knowledge and insight into
                                               the real estate field. This is achieved
                                               by a program of periodic presentations
                                               to students by real estate industry
                                               executives who discuss their view on
                                               current topics of interest and the
                                               industry in general. The association
                                               recruits speakers from all areas of the
                                               real estate industry and from all
Real Estate Association        Departmental    organization levels.                     elainetimoteo@fullerton.edu
                                               The purpose of this organization is to
                                               promote and bring unity to all
                                               Christian believers on campus through
                                               the Word, fellowship, prayer, and
Reconnect                      Faith           worship.
                                               The Resident Student Association
                                               works in association with housing and
                                               residence life to build a foundation for
                                               student leadership and community
                                               living as well as social flourishing
                                               among the residents and greater
Resident Student Association   Council/Board   student body.                            rsapresident@gmail.com
                                               Christian students interested in
                                               worshiping God, studying the Bible,
RISE Christian Students        Faith           and building family.
                                     The purpose of the Cal-State Fullerton
                                     Rugby Club is to promote the
                                     awareness of the sports and culture of
                                     the Rugby Union Football here on
                                     campus and the community. The club
                                     competes in tournaments and matches
                                     throughout the year, league play in
                                     the spring, and tour overseas in the off-
Rugby Club, CSUF      Sport          season.                                   president@csufrugby.com
                                     SACNAS is a society of scientists
                                     dedicated to fostering the success of
                                     Hispanic/Chicano and Native American
                                     scientistsâ€ŗfrom college students to
                                     professionalsâ€ŗto attain advanced
                                     degrees, careers, and positions of
SACNAS                Departmental   leadership.                               sacnas@fullerton.edu

                                     The Sailing Club at CSUF will consist of
                                     teaching members how to sail boats.
                                     This club will allow CSUF students to
                                     gain an interest for the sport of sailing.
                                     With hands on approach members will
                                     be able to take this skill and apply it to
                                     competitive collegiate sailing, or just a
Sailing Club          Sport          recreational past time.                    dcooley@csu.fullerton.edu

                                     SSC is a gathering point for all Saudi
                                     students and other students from
                                     other nationalities. SSC does not has
                                     any preferences, directions, links,
                                     political goals nor activities that are
                                     against the law. Our mission is to
                                     exhibit the Saudi Arabian heritage to
                                     the others through different programs
Saudi Students Club   Cultural       and activities.                           aalmalki@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                  The purpose of this organization shall
                                                  be to facilitate respect for evidence-
                                                  based debate and decision-making in
                                                  politics and at all levels of
                                                  government. Including by educating
                                                  the community about science policy
                                                  issues, educating our members about
                                                  the political process and ways in which
                                                  they can effectively participate in
                                                  elections, influencing elected officials,
                                                  and ultimately holding politicians
Scientist and Engineers for    Political/Social   accountable through the dissemination
America                        Action             of accurate and timely information.       zafarinam@gmail.com
                                                  Musical group is in the process of
                                                  becoming a chapter of Sigma Alpha
                                                  Iota, a musical fraternity. Our purpose
                                                  is to support and encourage women
                                                  musicians, support and promote
                                                  successful and innovative educational
                                                  programs in music, cultivate
                                                  excellence in musical performance,
                                                  and to promote programs and
                                                  activities that stress the love and
Sigma Alpha Iota, Lambda Chi   Departmental       importance of music in our lives.       sailambdachi@gmail.com
                                                  Since the birth of this organization in
                                                  1992 the Brothers of Sigma Delta
                                                  Alpha are committed to the continual
                                                  growth of this organization. Brothers
                                                  of Sigma Delta Alpha are university
                                                  men who embody the spirit of
                                                  Brotherhood to assist each other in
                                                  achieving academic and personal         fullertonsigmas@yahoogroups.
Sigma Delta Alpha Fraternity   Greek              goals.                                  com
                                                  Sigma Delta Pi is a Hispanic Honor
                                                  Society dedicated to promote the
                                                  Hispanic culture. Our events include
                                                  academic presentations on Latin
                                                  American and Spanish topics. They
                                                  include from poetry, anthropological,
                                                  literary, political and students works.
                                Honor Society -   Events are open to Spanish and non-
Sigma Delta Pi                  General           Spanish speakers.                         carolinassantillan@aol.com
                                                  Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was
                                                  founded November 12, 1922 at Butler
                                                  University, in Indianapolis, Indiana by
                                                  seven school teachers. Sigma Gamma
                                                  Rho Sorority’s aim is to enhance
                                                  the quality of life within the
                                                  community through Sisterhood,
                                                  Scholarship, and Service. These three
                                                  principals are the hallmark of the
                                                  organization’s programs and
                                                  activities. Sigma Gamma Rho
                                                  addresses concerns that impact society
                                                  educationally, civically, and
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc.   Greek             economically.                           omicronmu1922@yahoo.com
                                       The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority
                                       is to unite its members in a bond of
                                       sincere friendship for the development
                                       of character and the promotion of
                                       social, literary, and intellectual culture,
                                       to support and further the program
                                       and objectives of colleges where its
                                       chapters are functioning; to strive for
                                       high standards of achievement-
                                       scholastically, socially, and spiritually,
                                       and to make a constructive
                                       contribution to the communities in
                                       which its collegiate and alumnae
Sigma Kappa Sorority           Greek   chapters and clubs located.                 SKPresident@hotmail.com

                                       An organization dedicated to living by
                                       the ideals of Love, Truth, and Honor.
Sigma Nu Fraternity            Greek   We create ethical future leaders.        sigmanu@fullerton.edu

                                       Sigma Phi Epsilon is part of a national
                                       organization which was created in
                                       1901 to ensure young men's success,
                                       both in college and throughout their
                                       lives. Sigma Phi Epsilon teaches its
                                       members to be "Balanced Men" which
                                       means being leaders, scholars,
                                       athletes and gentlemen. Sigma Phi
                                       Epsilon is the largest college fraternity
                                       with over 14,000 undergraduates and
                                       280,000+ alumni at 260 chapters.
                                       Through the Balanced Man, Sigma Phi
                                       Epsilon is "Building Balanced Leaders calomegapresident@csu.fullert
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity   Greek   for the World's Communities."             on.edu
                                    Sigma Tau Delta is an international
                                    English honor society that recognizes
                                    the successful, hardworking individuals
                                    within the undergraduate, graduate,
                                    and professional levels of study. Our
                                    mission is to promote an environment
                                    of literary exchange and discussion, to
                                    provide opportunities for scholarships
                                    and publishing, to help students make
                                    connections within the English
                                    department, and to create a
                                    community for like-minded individuals
                  Honor Society -   who want to talk for hours about the
Sigma Tau Delta   Departmental      books they love.                        csuf.sigmatd.pres@gmail.com
                                    Sistertalk is dedicated to exploring the
                                    changing roles and concerns of the
                                    African American women on campus
                                    through meaningful dialogue and
                                    special events focusing on
                                    relationships, community concerns,
                                    leadership, and friendships. The group
                                    provides opportunities for discussion,
                                    learning and promotion of issues that
                                    pertain to African American women.
                                    Benefits of Participating: Sistertalk
                                    provides a dynamic forum for African
                                    American female students seeking to
Sistertalk        Cultural          create unity among women.                sistertalkers@yahoo.com
                                           The goal is to increase mentoring and
                                           advisement at the undergraduate
                                           level. This entails monthly meetings
                                           with students to introduce them to
                                           each other, establish collaborative
                                           study sessions, and provide consistent
                                           access to advisors. Focus of meetings
                                           will include how to be successful in
                                           Math courses, strengthening content
                                           knowledge, relation of undergraduate
                                           courses to successful high school
                                           teaching, connection to tutoring in
SMART Girls Support Group   Departmental   schools, and networking.               smart@fullerton.edu
                                           THE socialART project is a creative
                                           project that will explore and inspire
                                           the relationship between community
                                           activism and art. We are locally
                                           focused, sustainable, and oriented to
                                           make a difference in the community.
                                           Our goal is to employ various
                                           collaborative artistic mediums and
                                           people’s individual creativity as a
                                           way to enhance community
                                           involvement and efforts at social
Social Art Project          Service        change.
                                                  The purpose of SIRE is to explore
                                                  evolution as it pertains to human
                                                  behavior and provide an opportunity
                                                  for interdisciplinary collaboration
                                                  between students and faculty. SIRE
                                                  promotes reading and critically
                                                  thinking about evolutionary based
                                                  research by hosting discussions on
                                                  selected works. The organization also
                                                  sponsors speakers to informally
                                                  discuss topics of interest with students
                                                  and faculty and is dedicated to raising
Society for Interdisciplinary                     funds to assist students presenting
Research on Evolution              Departmental   their research at national meetings.
                                                  The Society of Automotive Engineers
                                                  (SAE) is an organization on our
                                                  campus that is involved in many
                                                  design projects including the
                                                  Supermileage vehicle, Mini-Baja, a
                                                  formula style race car, and the aero
                                                  design radio controlled aircraft. SAE
                                                  will conduct weekly meetings to
                                                  discuss current and future projects,
Society of Automotive Engineers    Departmental   fundraisers, and events.                 csuf.fsae@gmail.com

                                                  SHPE is dedicated to providing a
                                                  supportive environment to Hispanic
                                                  students. Through the development of
                                                  intensive programs for recruitment,
                                                  academic excellence, and successful
                                                  graduation, the chapter establishes a
Society of Hispanic Professional                  base of future success for all scientists
Engineers                          Departmental   and engineers.                            shpe@fullerton.edu
                                              MAES purpose is to promote the
                                              professional and personal development
                                              of the Mexican American's pursuing
                                              degrees in engineering and science.
                                              MAES is not meant to be affiliated with
                                              political issues rather individuals
                                              expressing their own personal views.
                                              The California State University,
                                              Fullerton Student Chapter of MAES
                                              welcomes student membership from
                                              all ethnicities for the purpose of
                                              increasing the number of Latino youth
Society of Mexican American                   that enter and complete engineering,
Engineers and Scientis         Departmental   computer science.                       maes@ecs.fullerton.edu

                                              Society if Museum Associates (SOMA)
                                              is a group made up of those working in
                                              the field of, or aspiring to participate
                                              in, museums and/or galleries.
                                              Members provide a crucial network for
                                              those looking to participate in the
                                              areas of curatorship, conservation,
                                              education, collection, management,
                                              exhibition design, preparatory
                                              positions (gallery technicians) and
                                              other functions that support
                                              museums/galleries. Members stay
                                              current on related topics through        alyssacordova@csu.fullerton.e
Society of Museum Associates   Departmental   lectures, workshops and gallery visits. du
                                                   The Society of Professional Journalists
                                                   works to improve and protect
                                                   journalism. Founded in 1909 as Sigma
                                                   Delta Chi, SPJ is dedicated to
                                                   encouraging the free practice of
                                                   journalism and to stimulating high
                                                   standards of ethical conduct. Each day,
                                                   journalists benefit from SPJ's work.
                                                   Our members provide fast and
                                                   thoughtful answers to questions about
                                                   access. They provide job leads. They
                                                   produce educational programs and
                                                   host online discussions that spawn
Society of Professional Journalists Departmental   story ideas.                            spj-csuf@fullerton.edu

                                                   The mission of this organization is to
                                                   stimulate women and men to achieve
                                                   full potential in engineering careers as
                                                   leaders. To expand the image of the
                                                   engineering profession as a positive
                                                   force, improving the quality of life and
Society of Women Engineers        Departmental     to demonstrate the value of diversity. csuf_swe@yahoo.com

                                                   To promote and encourage awareness
                                                   of the cultures and traditions of the
South Pacific Islander Cultural                    South Pacific Islands such as Samoa,
Association                       Cultural         Tonga, Hawaii, and Guam.                spica.csuf@yahoo.com
                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    provide opportunities for association
                                                    and interaction between students in
                                                    club sports, and members of the
                                                    campus community. The SC-ICC is
                                                    also devoted to providing additional
                                                    opportunities for students and
                                                    assisting them with gathering
                                                    educational resources from various         Shaidehartline@csu.fullerton.e
Sports Club-Inter Club Council   Council/Board      departmental organizations.                du
                                                    The National Melanoma Awareness
                                                    Project is a medical and undergraduate
                                                    student run, educational outreach
                                                    program directed at local middle
                                                    school and high school students. It is a
                                                    community service project that
                                                    educates all participants about skin
                                                    safety and skin cancer with an
                                                    emphasis on melanoma prevention
                                                    and self-screening for earlier
                                                    detection. You are invited to join us in
Spot A Spot- National Melanoma                      spreading the message… Spot a spot,
Awareness Project                Special Interest   save a life!
                                                    St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
                                                    Group, CSUF (SJCRH) is an
                                                    organization that is in partnership with
                                                    St. Jude's Children's Research
                                                    Hospital. The organization's goals are
                                                    to promote awareness of pediatric
                                                    cancers and help raise money toward
                                                    the research and treatment of
                                                    pediatric cancers. The organization
                                                    holds year around events and money
St. Jude's Children's Research                      drives that accomplish the two goals
Hospital Group, CSUF             Special Interest   mentioned above.                         StJude
                                                    The purpose of the Student Alumni
                                                    Ambassadors is to promote, foster,
                                                    and create mutually beneficial
                                                    relationships among the
                                                    University’s students, alumni,
                                                    staff, faculty, prospective students and
                                                    the campus community for the
                                                    betterment of Cal State Fullerton while
                                                    working hand- in- hand with the Cal
                                                    State Fullerton Association’s Board
Student Alumni Ambassadors       Special Interest   of Directors and Alumni Relations staff.
                                                    The purpose of this organization is to
                                                    provide services and outreach for
                                                    student assistants employed at the
Student Assistant Voice          Service            Pollak Library.                          pollaksav@gmail.com
                                              The mission of the SAAC is to enhance
                                              the quality of the student athlete
                                              experience at CSUF. Student Athlete
                                              Advisory Committee is dedicated to
                                              connecting students athletes or
                                              athletic training student's to the
                                              university and to one another, making
                                              voluntary involvement with athletics a
                                              lifelong experience. SAAC recognizes
                                              the unique concerns and
                                              responsibilities of being a student
                                              athlete; comprehensive programming,
                                              including academic, athletic, social
Student Athlete Advisory                      career and community service           gr8gymnast9@csu.fullerton.ed
Committee                     Council/Board   projects.                              u
                                              Student California Teachers
                                              Association is a pre-professional
                                              organization for college students in
                                              California who are pursuing careers in
                                              education. Our mission is to offer the
                                              tools necessary to foster interest in the
                                              education profession, as well as
                                              provide pre-professionals information
                                              about their rights, responsibilities, and
                                              support systems necessary to become
                                              a committed part of the education
                                              profession. SCTA Constitution Fullerton
Student California Teachers                   chapter serve as a forum for working
Association                   Departmental    with other student.                       csuf.scta@gmail.com.
                                                   The purpose of this organization is to
                                                   provide opportunities for future
                                                   teachers of science and to: 1)Promote
                                                   and support aspects of effective
                                                   science teaching, including new
                                                   technologies and instructional
                                                   strategies 2)Encourage the natural
                                                   curiosity of learners at all levels
                                                   3)Increase scientific literacy and the
                                                   application of science to everyday life
                                                   4)Assume a leadership role in
                                                   advocating for science education and
Student Chapter of the California                  creating an understanding of the value
Science Teachers Association        Departmental   of science.                             csuf_csta@yahoo.com

                                                   Student Council for Exceptional
                                                   Children seeks to support the mission
                                                   of the International organization,
                                                   Council for Exceptional Children (CEC),
                                                   by helping to prepare future Educators
                                                   for roles as advocates as well as
                                                   teachers. SCEC is the focal point of
                                                   professional preparation of any student
                                                   interested in services for children and
                                                   youth with exceptionalities. We also
                                                   promote programs designed to inform
                                                   students of special education and to
Student Council for Exceptional                    encourage them to give service to
Children                            Departmental   exceptional student.                    csuf.scec@gmail.com
                                                     We are surrounded by our natural
                                                     environment everyday no matter
                                                     where we go. But do we ever think
                                                     about what would happen to our world
                                                     if our environment stopped providing
                                                     for us? We as students, as the youth of
                                                     America, have the opportunity to make
                                                     change happen. To create change in
                                                     our own way, with our own ideas is the
                                                     only way to truly live. "Activism is the
                                  Political/Social   rent we pay for living on this earth"-
Student Environmental Activist    Action             Alice Walker.
                                                     SHPA is dedicated to informing
                                                     students about the opportunities
                                                     available in the various health
                                                     professions. Furthermore, the club
                                                     provides volunteer opportunities for
                                                     students to get involved in the
                                                     community, campus life, American Red
                                                     Cross blood drives, and work closely
                                                     with the Health Professions Advising
                                                     office which is dedicated to assisting
Student Health Professions                           students in getting admitted to health
Association                       Departmental       profession graduate schools.           csufshpa@gmail.com

                                                     The purpose of the SLI Club is for
                                                     students to practice their leadership
                                                     skills and have the opportunity to
                                                     network with other students with
                                                     similar interests. The organization was
                                                     created to provide a meeting ground
                                                     where students and alumni alike can
Student Leadership Institute Club Special Interest   learn and grow from their experiences. sli@fullerton.edu
                                                  To manage a fully funded investment
                                                  portfolio, furthermore, promoting a
                                                  closer affiliation between the
Student Managed Investment                        investment community and students of
Fund                              Departmental    business and finance.                csufsmif@gmail.com
                                                  SOAR-CICC is a funding council for the
                                                  students and clubs at the College of
                                                  Communications. ASI gives SOAR a
                                                  budget to provide funds for students
                                                  that want to attend conferences and
                                                  host on-campus events. SOAR has
                                                  elected representatives from
                                                  Communications clubs, Members-at-
                                                  Large, ASI Reps, a student Executive
                                                  Board, and advisor Peggy Bockman.
                                                  SOAR encourages clubs and
                                                  organizations to work together by
                                                  exchanging ideas, enhancing growth
Student Organizations Accessing                   outside classroom, and promoting
Resources / Commun                Council/Board   unity and diversity.                   pbockman@fullerton.edu

                                                  This organization is intended to
                                                  encourage learning in science through
                                                  student tutoring, mentoring,          studentsciencealliance@yahoo
Student Science Alliance          Departmental    networking and organized group study. .com
                                                       Student Veterans Association (SVA) is
                                                       an organization that is committed to
                                                       assisting fellow student veterans at
                                                       CSUF in successfully navigating
                                                       through the academic environment
                                                       through camaraderie, networking, and
                                                       advocacy. Furthermore, SVA will
                                                       provide resources and enable student
                                                       veterans to exchange information and
                                                       establish connections. In addition, SVA
                                                       will advocate for student veterans
Student Veterans Association        Special Interest   rights and needs.                       SVAFullerton@gmail.com
                                                       Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
                                                       is a diverse group of students, faculty,
                                                       staff, and community members
                                                       centered at the California State
                                                       University, Fullerton and organized in
                                                       accordance with democratic principles
                                                       to promote justice, human rights, and
                                    Political/Social   the right of self-determination for the
Students for Justice in Palestine   Action             Palestinian people.
                                                       SNA encourages its members and
                                                       leaders to actively participate in issues
                                                       regarding accessibility on campus and
                                                       the community at large. Students have
                                                       unlimited opportunities to partner with
                                                       established community organizing
                                                       groups and create change through
                                                       advocacy. We want you to get involved
                                                       and to help make access a reality for
                                                       individuals with disabilities. We are
                                                       open to ALL students, and are working
                                                       toward providing scholarships and
                                    Political/Social   internships and service learning
Students Navigating Accessibility   Action             opportunities.
                                                       SAAPSA exists to promote substance
                                                       abuse awareness and prevention to
                                                       CSUF students, faculty, staff and
                                                       community members through
Substance Abuse Awareness and                          education, outreach and community
Prevention Student Association      Departmental       service.                                  saapsacsuf@gmail.com
                                                       Swing Dance Club of CSUF seeks to
                                                       teach the methods and practices of
                                                       swing dancing. The history behind the
                                                       moves will likely be explained as well,
                                                       so the members feel as though they
Swing Dance Club                    Recreation         are part of history.
                                                   Titan Table Tennis was created as a
                                                   sports club to bring together Students
                                                   and Faculty of CSUF who enjoy the
                                                   sport of Table Tennis. The Club
                                                   participates at a recreational level as
                                                   well as a competitive level. Group
                                                   Lessons, Recreational Matches, and
                                                   League Matches will be included
                                                   through out the academic year. Check
                                                   out the NCTTA.org or USATT.org for
                                                   more information on the competitive
Table Tennis Association, CSUF   Sport             side of Table Tennis                    csuftta@gmail.com
                                                   TSA is formed by a group of warm-
                                                   hearted and volunteered Taiwanese
                                                   Students. TSA is dedicated to help the
                                                   new-coming Taiwanese Students, to
                                                   foster closer friendship among
                                                   Taiwanese students and the
                                                   community to acquaint people with
                                                   activities intended to promote the
                                                   awareness to Taiwanese culture to the
                                                   community. The membership benefits
                                                   include cheaper tickets for free to
                                                   certain events, discounts from our
Taiwanese Student Association    Cultural          sponsors and meeting new friends.         tsacsuf@gmail.com
                                                   Tau Beta is an engineering honor
                                                   society. Membership is by invitation
                                                   only. Students are chosen based on
                                                   exemplary character and
                                                   undergraduates must be in the top 1/8
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor    Honor Society -   of their junior class or top 1/5 of their
Society                          Departmental      senior class.                             tbpcac@gmail.com
                                                     Tau Theta Pi is an academic, social,
                                                     and philanthropic multicultural sorority
                                                     that does not tie itself to one cause or
                                                     purpose because we believe that being
                                                     a well-rounded individual is essential
                                                     to being a woman of character and
                                                     strength. Tau Theta Pi harbors
                                                     arguably the most diverse group of
                                                     women in any sorority. However, the
                                                     diversity of our organization stems
                                                     from beyond our ethnic backgrounds.
                                                     The fusion of our individual interests
                                                     and personalities enhances the
Tau Theta Pi                      Greek              strength of Tau Theta Pi.                president@csuf.tauthetapi.org

                                                     The TESOL Club provides opportunities
                                                     for networking professional
                                                     development and service in the field of
                                                     teaching English to speakers of other
                                                     language. Working with the
                                                     department, the club sponsors
                                                     seminars, conferences, and cultural
Teachers of English to Speakers                      and social events for students and
of Other Languages                Departmental       interested community members.           femia@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                     This group aims to advance and
                                                     expand our understanding about
                                                     teaching composition. We hope to
                                                     facilitate discussions and events that
                                                     will better prepare English graduate
                                                     students to teach beginning
                                                     composition at universities and         teachingwritingcsuf@gmail.co
Teaching Writing Club             Special Interest   community colleges.                     m
                                              CSUF Tennis Club is an organization
                                              that aims to facilitate interaction
                                              between students with a common
                                              interest and preferably experience and
                                              some skill in the game of tennis. The
                                              club offers motivated tennis players an
                                              opportunity to improve their game by
                                              training and competing at a non-
                                              varsity level. Members will benefit
                                              from a structured practice routine and
                                              possible coaching. The interaction
                                              between tennis players will create new
                                              friendships and an environment for
Tennis Club                    Sport          positive peer feedback.                 csuftennis@gmail.com
                                              The Classical Guitar Society's mission
                                              is to share the majesty and grace of
                                              classical guitar music with the campus
                                              community. It is our mission also to
                                              reinforce the intellectual knowledge of
                                              the students, to maintain a high spirit
                                              in the music community as well as to
                                              transmit a level of excellence and high
                                              confidence in our academic
                                              performance. The CGS is also a forum
                                              for existing members to perform,
                                              share ideas on technique and musical
The Classical Guitar Society   Departmental   expression.                             ccma86@csu.fullerton.edu
                                        The French Club of CSUF fosters
                                        cultural and social exchanges between
                                        students, faculty and community
                                        members interested in the French
                                        language and culture. Although we are
                                        a small club, we have organize
                                        academic and cultural events such as
                                        poetry nights, theater, outings,
                                        cuisine, soirées, lectures, concerts and leclubfrancaisaCSUF@gmail.co
The French Club              Cultural   films.Phi Rho redefines "fraternity". By m
                                        creating a genuine and strong
                                        brotherhood that sticks to true values,
                                        ideals, and the Distinguished
                                        Gentleman way of life. We exist as a
                                        movement to break down the negative
                                        stereotypes of the current fraternity
                                        system and transform this system into
                                        one that can serve and respect
                                        students from all backgrounds.
                                        Ultimately, we seek to positively
                                        impact our campus and community
                                        through promoting scholarship,
                                        leadership, service and respect for
The Future of Zeta Phi Rho   Greek      women.                                  laum@csu.fullerton.edu
                                                  Students interested in the medical
                                                  field (especially oncology), or just
                                                  have/want to learn more about the
                                                  fight against breast cancer should join
                                                  this club! We present insight into
                                                  breast cancer research (i.e. internship
                                                  opportunities). In addition, our second
                                                  focus is to present fun annual events
                                                  to not only raise awareness but also
                                                  funds towards The Pink Ribbon Club
                                                  Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the
                                                  Cure, and The Breast Cancer Research csufpinkribbonclub@gmail.co
The Pink Ribbon Club             Service          Foundation. Come check us out!!         m

                                                  SPAA aims to explore job opportunities
                                                  in the field by linking students to
                                                  national and local practitioner
                                                  organizations and to provide hands-on
The Society For Practicing Applied                application of anthropological skills
Anthropology                       Departmental   through community projects.
                                                  THE STOKED SURFERS CLUB (SSC)
                                                  This club is all about surfing and
                                                  everything great about it. We want to
                                                  bring people together to learn and be
                                                  aware of the ocean. We will do
                                                  anything from fundraisers for charities
                                                  to beach clean ups. We will have world
                                                  surf trips. We want to share, teach,
                                                  and learn surfing. We want the whole
                                                  hang loose mentality. And most
                                                  importantly of all..... JUST HAVE A FUN
                                                  TIME! Be happy and super chill.... Just
                                                  kill the motor and let things flow
The Stoked Surfers Club          Recreation       man.... SWEEEEET!!!!
                                             The purpose of this organization is to
                                             provide theatre professionals of
                                             tomorrow with opportunities for
                                             association and interaction within
                                             California State University,
                                             Fullerton’s Department of Theatre
                                             and Dance, as well as with similar
Theatrical Professionals Of                  organizations of other
Tomorrow                      Departmental   colleges/Universities.                    csuf.tpot@gmail.com
                                             Multicultural Filipino based fraternity
                                             who dedicates themselves to
                                             intellectual awareness, social
                                             responsibility, personal integrity, and
Theta Delta Beta              Greek          brotherly love.                           president@fullertontdb.com
                                             The Titan Archaeology Club (TAC) is a
                                             campus organization that offers
                                             educational programs and activities for
                                             individuals who are interested in
                                             exploring achaeological topics. The
                                             purpose of the organization is to
                                             stimulate interest in archaeology, and
                                             to provide opportunities for association
                                             and interaction with people who are      http://anthro.fullerton.edu/as
Titan Archaeology Club        Departmental   interested in the discipline.            a/tac.html

                                             The purpose of this organization is to
                                             provide opportunities for students to
                                             participate in the sport of Hockey.
                                             Students will have participation in the
                                             American Collegiate Hockey
                                             Association and/or the National
Titan Hockey                  Sport          Collegiate Roller Hockey Association.     titanhockey@charter.net
                                           Titan Radio provides currently enrolled
                                           CSUF students with support of their
                                           extra curricular activities in
                                           broadcasting and provides hands-on
                                           portfolio building experience in radio.
                                           Virtually all of Titan Radio's
                                           programming is produced by student
Titan Internet Radio    Special Interest   volunteers.                             titanradio-gm@fullerton.edu
                                           The CSUF Titan Paintball Club will
                                           provide a forum for those interested in
                                           recreational paintball, speed ball, x-
                                           ball, and competitive paintball.
                                           Information on safety will be provide
                                           and how to play the game
                                           competitively. Competition will occur
Titan Paintball, CSUF   Sport              against other college teams.            csufpaintball20@yahoo.com

                                           We dedicate ourselves to helping each
                                           other improve in the areas of public
                                           speaking, social interactions, self-
                                           confidence, and overall happiness and
                                           success in life. We will be practicing
                                           these things first hand to improve our
                                           skills as well as invite speakers who
                                           can share their insight as well. Group
                                           trips to debates, public speaking
                                           competitions, and other similar events
Toastmasters            Recreation         will also be included in our activities.
                                              True Vine encourages interaction with
                                              others on spiritual and philosophical
                                              views, encouraging discussion on the
                                              differences between the world's
                                              prominent belief systems. Symbolism
                                              and ceremonies of various religions are
                                              demonstrated. Ethnic and religious
                                              celebrations are encouraged to
                                              promote understanding between           joshua.chandra@csu.fullerton.
True Vine                      Faith          groups of different faiths.             edu

                                              The purpose of this organization is to
                                              provide career preparation, establish
                                              personal excellence, and promote
                                              camaraderie for students with an
U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY                    interest in public service through the
TITAN DETACHMENT               Service        U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.              vabruno4@gmail.com

                                              To provide opportunities for students
                                              at CSUF to compete in the
                                              intercollegiate sport of Ultimate
                                              Frisbee. It helps to bring college
                                              students together to compete in a
Ultimate Frisbee, CSUF         Sport          friendly yet competitive environment.    csufultimate@yahoo.com
                                              The purpose of this organization shall
                                              be a 501 c3 non-profit organization
                                              committed to a prosperous and
                                              sustainable future for our nation
United States Green Building                  through cost-efficient and energy-
Council CSUF                   Departmental   saving green buildings.                  zafarinam@gmail.com
                                             University Praise promotes the sharing
                                             of song, dance, music and expression
                                             of peoples from around the world in a
                                             culturally and ethnically diverse
                                             setting. Free expression of one's
                                             philosophy and religious expression is
                                             encouraged with diversity of colors,   joshua.chandra@csu.fullerton.
University Praise             Faith          nationalities, and races.              edu
                                             The purpose of the Video Game Design
                                             Club is to develop, design, and enjoy
                                             video games. Enhance a community
                                             relationship with different departments
                                             and students of all majors involved in
                                             the video game design and
                                             development process. Provide
                                             opportunities for association and
                                             interaction with the faculty and        csufvideogamedesignclub@gm
Video Game Design Club        Departmental   administration at CSU Fullerton.        ail.com
                                             This tightly-knit group provides
                                             emotional/spiritual support and
                                             challenges personal growth. Our vision
                                             for this year is to focus on "GIFTS"-
                                             Grace in Friendship + Support. Our
                                             group gathers weekly for prayer and
                                             sharing. We host school events that
                                             represent the Vietnamese Catholic
                                             culture. Most importantly, we
                                             emphasize the importance of each
Vietnamese Catholic Student                  individual member's inner healing and
Association                   Faith          growth process.                        vcsa@celhost.com
                                                The Vietnamese Student Association at
                                                California State University, Fullerton is
                                                committed to cultural awareness,
                                                community service, and providing our
                                                members with a safe and inviting
                                                environment to learn about
                                                Vietnamese culture, become involved
                                                in our local community, and form long-
                                                lasting friendships. We welcome all
                                                CSUF students interested in learning
                                                about Vietnamese culture and
                                                encourage all our members to
                                                participate in our various cultural and
Vietnamese Student Association   Cultural       social events.                            info@csufvsa.org

                                                Explores the visual in culture,
                                                expresses culture visually, and inspires
                                                the minds eye. Promotes student
                                                projects, provides leadership skills to
                                                members, and coordinates field trips
                                                to film festivals and photographer
                                                gatherings. Provides outreach projects
                                                to the community, provides graduate
Visual Anthropology Club         Departmental   application and thesis support.          lisaviva@csu.fullerton.edu

                                                The purpose of this organization is to
                                                provide opportunities for students to
                                                get involved with different community
                                                service and social justice programs
                                                which include: Community Connection,
                                                Hunger Coalition, Project Earth, Project
                                                Read, Project Buddies, Blood Drives,
Volunteer and Service Center                    Hunger & Homelessness Awareness
Student Association              Service        Week and Students ACT.                   volunteer@fullerton.edu
                                                     We do low-income individual and
                                                     family taxes for free. You can be a
                                                     volunteer or a client. A volunteer will
                                                     receive free IRS certification and
                                                     training on taxes. A client can get their
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance   Special Interest   income taxes done for free.                 csufvita@gmail.com
                                                     We are dedicated to promoting the
                                                     sport of lacrosse in a positive and
                                                     competitive environment, while
Women's Lacrosse, CSUF            Sport              encouraging student success.                csufwomenslax@gmail.com
                                                     WGSSA is to organize women's and
                                                     gender studies-related events,
                                                     activities, career guidance, and
                                                     campaigns to raise awareness among
Women's Studies Student                              women and men about current gender
Association                       Departmental       and sexuality issues.                       wgssa.csuf@gmail.com
                                                     The purpose of the Volleyball Club
                                                     Team at California State University,
                                                     Fullerton is to provide opportunities for
                                                     association and interaction in the sport
                                                     of volleyball in a manner suitable for
                                                     competition and sportsmanship at a
Women's Volleyball Club, CSUF     Sport              collegiate level.                           csufwclubvball@gmail.com
                                                 Wushu Martial Arts takes part in
                                                 fundraising as well as competitive
                                                 events, where we convey the beauty of
                                                 the art, no boundary or limitation is
                                                 set in regards to recruitment. Anyone
                                                 can join. People who are physically
                                                 and mentally prepared compete in the
                                                 art. Wushu Martial Arts is a respect
                                                 sport at the professional level. The
                                                 CSUF Wushu Team is known
                                                 throughout the martial arts circuit and
                                                 known as one of the world spirited
Wushu Club, CSUF              Recreation         teams.                                  fullertonwushu@yahoo.com
                                                 Our goal is to cast the leaders of
                                                 tomorrow and reclaim the policies,
                                                 candidates, and direction of our
                                                 government, and spread the ideas of
                                                 limited government, free markets,
                                                 sound money, non-intervention, and
                                                 maximum individual liberty at
                                                 California State University, Fullerton.
                                                 We are liberty-minded individuals:
                                                 Constitutionalists, Classical liberals,
                              Political/Social   Objectivists, Libertarians and
Young Americans for Liberty   Action             Voluntaryists.                          csufyal@gmail.com
                                  The mission of Zeta Tau Alpha is to
                                  make a difference in the lives of our
                                  membership by developing the
                                  potential of each individual through
                                  visionary programming which
                                  emphasizes leadership development,
                                  service to others, academic success,
                                  and continued personal growth for
                                  women with a commitment to
                                  friendship and the future based on the zetataualpha@csu.fullerton.ed
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority   Greek   values and traditions of our past.     u
Office Location     Meeting Frequency     Meeting/Day      Time   Meeting/Location

                  Monthly               Wednesday       7:00pm    Library
          Weekly   Tuesday     1:00pm   TSU-Titan Theatre

TSU 265   Weekly   Wednesday   7pm      TSU Alvarado AB

          TBA      TBA                  AARC/Rec center
            1st and 3rd   7:00pm-        African American
Bi-weekly   Tuesdays      8:00pm         Res

Monthly     Monday                  7:00 not sure yet

Weekly      Tuesday       7:30pm         Presidents's Room
Weekly   Fridays   1:30pm    TSU

Weekly   Monday    6:00pm    Chapter House

Weekly   Monday    6-10 pm   Titan Theater
        Bi-Weekly                Sunday               3pm            TBA

        1st & 3rd week of each
        month                    Tuesday                       7-Jun College Park 925

TBA                              Thursdays            7:00pm         TBA
                                 3rd Friday of each
E 319   Monthly                  month                1200-1500
            Wednesdays and
Weekly      Fridays          7:30pm      Cal State Fullerton

Bi-Weekly   Sundays          3pm - 5pm   TBA

Weekly      Mondays          6:30pm      TBA
                Monthly                    TBA       TBA           TBA

                1st & 3rd Tuesday of the
                week                       Tuesday   3pm           TSU

PA Building -                                        6:00 p.m. -
127A            Weekly                     Tuesday   6:45 p.m.     PA-225
                      5:30 PM - 6:30
Bi-Weekly   Tuesday   PM             Titan Theater

Monthly     Fridays   TBA            TBA
E-10 A/B   Monthly   Thursdays            7:00 PM E-101
                     11/2, 12/7 etc,
                     (First Tuesday of
           Monthly   Every Month)         3:00 PM Unknown

E-21B      Weekly    Tuesday             12:00 PM E-21
UH-313   bi-monthly             Wednesdays              6-May TBA

         Alternate Wednesdays   Wednesday    6:00PM          MH 420

         Weekly                 Friday       6-9 p.m.        Soccer/Track Field
Monthly   wednesday   7pm           VA 180

Weekly    Mondays     12:00PM       VA 103

Monthly   Tuesday     2:30-3:30pm   UH-210B
         Monthly   Monday      7pm

                                           ACM Office or
CS-209   Monthly   Wednesday   4:00-5:00   CS209
Weekly          Tuesday   4-5pm          Alvarado AB

Twice a month   Mondays   6-7pm          SGHM

Weekly          Friday    12:00 (noon)   MH280
Weekly   Monday & Tuesday   7pm-9pm       On Campus

                                          MCBE Tutoring
Weekly   Thursdays                        Center

Weekly   Thursdays          1:00-2:15pm   TSU Theater
Weekly       Monday       8:00PM    on campus

Bi-Monthly   Wednesday    12:00pm   DBH-268

Bi-Monthly   Wednesdays   6:00pm    MH 328
Monthly   Tuesdays   6:00pm      H-222

Weekly    Monday          5:15 PM TSU
TSU 254   Weekly      Tuesdays   12:45pm       Student Club Center

                                 3:30 - 5:30
          Bi-weekly   Saturday   p.m.          Library

          Monthly     Tuesday    7:00p.m.      Titan Student Union

                                 on campus (not
Weekly   Thursdays   7:00pm      sure)

Weekly   Mondays     4:00pm      TSU Gilman-AB

Weekly   Thursday         4:00 PM VA 295
TSU 254       Weekly    Wednesday               12:00 PM Titan Theater

                        2nd Friday of the
          271 Monthly   month               12-1pm        Quad or front of MH

                                                          Irvine Campus
              Weekly    Every Monday        11:15~11:45   Room 2
          every other week   Wednesday   11:00 AM VA-127

MH-500A   Monthly            Thursday        1:00 MH 500A
                                     Cypress Study
Bi-weekly    Thursday   6:30PM       Room

                                     TSU Legislative
Weekly       Tuesday         8:00 PM Cham

EC 553   Weekly   Thursday    12:00-12:45   EC 167

         Weekly   Sundays     11am-1:30     TSU Pub

         Weekly   Wednesday   1:00pm        Hetebrink A/B
TSU 259   Weekly      Thursdays        6:00 PM TSU Alvarado AB

TSU-258   See Above   Mon-Fri     8am-5pm      TSU-258

          Bi-weekly   Mondays     7:00pm       EC 303
          Weekly             Every Wednesday          4:00 PM EC605

          Every other week   Mondays           12PM          TSU (room TBD)

TSU 257   Monthly            TBA               TBA           TBA
                             To be
Monthly     Monday/Wednesday mail

Weekly      Mondays                   9-Jul TSU

Bi-Weekly   Thursday         TBD             TBD

Monthly   Last Friday        4-7 PM    UH-317

TBA       TBA                TBA       TBA

          Monday, Tuesday,
Weekly    Thursday           4pm-9pm   KHS pool

202 Weekly   Thursdays   5-7pm    Kinesiology Building

   Weekly    Wednesday   6:45pm   TBA
Weekly   Thursdays         9:00pm     TBA
         Tuesday or
Weekly   Thursday          1-5 PM     SRC

                           7:00pm -
Weekly   Monday, Wednesday 9:00pm     Titan Gymnasium
Weekly               TBA   TBA   TBA

twice per semester   TBD   TBD   TBD

Weekly               TBA   TBA   TBA
                         1st friday of every
               Monthly   month                 12:00pm       Dan Black Hall 267

                         Mondays &
               Weekly    Wednesdays            3:45-6:30pm   intramural fields

               Weekly    TBD                   TBD           TBD

College Park                                   9 a.m. - 5
660/670        Daily     Monday-Friday         p.m.          CP 660
                       10:40 and
Weekly    Wednesdays   12:40       PA 182

Monthly   Monday       1:00pm      uh-511

Weekly    Sunday       9:00pm      Titan Student Union
Weekly   Sunday   7:30pm   Titan Student Union

Weekly   Monday   7:00pm   Various
           Third week of every
           semerster located in
semester   the AARC             TBA   AARC

Weekly     Monday              6pm    Delta Zeta House
Weekly     TBA                 TBA    TBA
                      6:00pm to
Weekly    Wednesday   7:00pm      H-222


Weekly    Varies      varies      Varies
                                    11:00 - 12:00
UH 126      Weekly       Thursday   pm            Uh-126

E-24 A      Bi-Monthly   Monday     8am            E-101

            Monthly      Monday     7:00pm         Varies

SGMH-3280   Weekly       Tuesday    2:30-3:30 pm   TSU Tuffree-AB
                                          Center for
Every Othr Week   Thursday   5pm          Sustainab

Weekly            Mondays          4:00
      Monthly   Wed              7pm      TSU

                1st Tuesday of
TSU   Monthly   every month      7:00pm   KHS 221
   Bimonthly   Monday          12-Nov H-112 or MJs

                         8:00 pm-
   Weekly      Tuesday   10:00pm      KHS

265 Weekly     Monday    5:15pm       TSU
Monthly   Friday          12:00 PM TSU

Weekly    Thursdays   4pm-5pm     TBD

Monthly   Friday     10am   CPAC

Weekly    Tuesdays   7pm    room VA 164
Weekly    Tuesdays    3pm      Library

Weekly    Wednesday   4:00pm   Gilman AB

Monthly   Tuesday     5:30pm   LH-203A
Weekly   Monday       6:00-9:00 pm   Chapter House

Weekly   Wednesdays   12:00pm        H-422D

          Third Monday of
Monthly   Every Month             12:00 PM MH-341

          Wednesdays        7pm           TBA
TBD   Monthly      Monday   12:00 PM TBD

      bi-monthly   Monday    3:00 PM EC 130H
Monthly   TBA        7pm       TBA

Monthly   TBA        Evening   CP-420

TBA       Thursday   12pm      VA 160
TSU 271   Monthly   Wednesday           4:00 PM Titan Student Union

T-250     Monthly   Friday        9am           T-250

                    Tuesday and
          Weekly    Thursday              2-Dec TSU
Weekly    Wednesday   7:00pm   TSU-Hetebrink A/B

Monthly   TBA         TBA      TBA

                       10:00AM to
Weekly    Friday       11:00AM      TSU

          Monday and
Weekly    Wednesday    7pm          SRC

Monthly   Tuesdays     5:00-10:00pm undetermined
          Monthly   Friday                6:00pm       H-815B

PLN 120   Monthly

          Weekly    Tuesday               1pm          outside

          Monthly                        2 7:30pm      Cal State Fullerton

          Monthly   First Monday                4:00 PM VA 140

                    third week of each
TSU       Monthly   month                 12-1pm       EC building
H-114   Weekly      Fridays     1pm          H-112

        Monthly     Thursdays         6:00 PM CSUF

        bi-weekly   Tuesday     4-5 pm       Lobby MCBE

E-423   Weekly      Monday      7:15PM       E-423
        Bi-Monthly   Thursday    5:00pm    E 423

E-204   Weekly       Thursdays   11:30AM   E-204
        Weekly       Tuesday     6:30pm    TSU

        Bi-Weekly    Tuesday     7:00pm    CP 650-32
                               7:30pm-    TSU and Private
Weekly      Tuesday and Friday 9:30pm     Home

Bi-weekly   TBA               TBA         TBA

Weekly      Thursday          12~3pm
                                   12:00 -
MH-104C   Weekly      Thursday     1:00p.m.   McCarthy Hall 104C

          Weekly      Wednesdays   7:30pm     Titan Theatre

TSU 265   Bi-weekly   TBA          TBA        Titan Student Union

        Weekly    Monday   3:00pm     TSU- Alvarado AB

LH212   Weekly    TBA      TBA        TBA

        Monthly   TBA                 Different Locations
          Second Tuesday of
Monthly   Every Month         6:30-8:00pm   KHS122

          3rd Thursdays of
Monthly   the month           6:00pm        VA 103B
Monthly         Tuesday             4:30 TSU

every 2 weeks   Thursday   2:30pm       KHS

Weekly          Tuesdays   5:30pm       Titan Theatre
                            10 a.m. to 12
Weekly   Saturdays          p.m.            KHS 202

         Monday, Tuesday,
         Wednesday and
Weekly   Thursday           3-6:30pm        Rec. Field
bi-weekly   Wednesday   6:00 PM MH 420

Monthly     Weekends           CP Building
bi-weekly   Mondays     7:30pm       Varies

Weekly      Wednesday   6:45pm-8pm   presidents room
          Weekly   wednesday    7:30pm      TSU

                   Mondays &
TSU 271   Weekly   Wednesdays        3:45 PM HUM-735C

          Weekly   Monday       4pm - 5pm   Bradford
Weekly    Wednesday   1:00 p.m.   Irvine Campus Quad

Monthly   Friday      Afternoon   H-223

Monthly   Varies      Varies      LBST Department
Weekly     Mondays                7pm          TBA

           First Friday of each
Monthly    month                  4:00-5:00 P.M TUS

biweekly   Tuesday                630pm        TBA
         Monthly               1st Saturdays          10:00 AM TBD

                               2st Wednesday of
MH-187   Weekly                month              2:30-3:30pm   TBD

         Bi-weekly/as needed   Thursdays          5:30-7pm      US
Weekly       TBD      TBD      TBD

Bi- Weekly   Monday   5:30pm   UH 205
Monthly   Wednesday           4:00 PM Titan Student Union

          Tuesday and                 Quad outside
Weekly    Thursday      11am-12pm     Humanit

Weekly    Thursday      7:30pm

          Monday and
Weekly    Wednesday     2:30 - 3:45   UH 500
          Weekly   Friday    1:00pm       MH 104B

PA- 238   Weekly   Tuesday            7:30 PA- 257
Weekly             Thursday   7:00pm    Varies

Every other week   Thursday   6pm-9pm   TSU
Weekly    Wednesdays   4pm      Room

Weekly    Tuesday      6:30pm   E101

Monthly   TBA          TBA      TBA
         Monthly   Thursdays         5:00 PM TSU Theater

                               8:00AM to
MH-488   Weekly    Friday      9:00AM        MH-488

Weekly    Thursday     7:00-9:00pm   St. Juliana's Church

Weekly    Wednesdays   7 p.m.        TBA

Bi-Weekly    Monday        Noon      McCarthy Hall

Monthly      2nd Tuesday   12:00pm   TSU

Bi weekly    Wednesday     7pm       Fullerton
Twice a Month   Tuesdays                 6:00 PM TSU

                3rd Friday of the
Monthly         month               12pm-1pm    Quad or front of MH

Monthly         Tuesday                    2:00 COPH
         Monthly              Friday   12:00 PM TSU

         3 times a semester   Thurs          1 on-campus

MH 201   Weekly
            Monthly   Thursday         5:30 PM TBA

                                               TSU Legislative
TSU-257     Weekly    Mondays          4:00 PM Cham

                                 10:00 AM -
SHCC -103   Weekly    Friday     11:00 AM      TBD
Weekly    Wednesday              12:00pm      VA-184

Monthly   Friday                 6:00pm       H-815B
          first Friday of each
Monthly   month                  12:00 p.m.   UH-244

                                 7:00 pm -
Weekly    Wednesday              9:00 pm      Library
         Weekly   Sunday   5pm         TSU

PA-340   Weekly   Sunday   7:30-9:00   PA-257

         Weekly   Sunday   7:00pm      Chapter House
                                     12 noon-1:00
Weekly                   Wednesday   PM             Plato's Cave

important meetings are
called when required                 12:00pm        MH 612

Varies                   Varies      Varies         Varies
Weekly    Sunday      7:00pm     TSU Theatre

Monthly   TBA


                      4:00pm -
Weekly    Wednesday   5:00pm     TSU Ontiveros
         Monthly   Thursday                    2:30 PM TBA

         Weekly    Thursdays, Fridays    11:15-2:30     opportunity center

LH 801   Monthly   Monday                5:30pm         TSU

         Weekly    Every other Tuesday                12 MH 426
Monthly   tueday   7pm        va 181

Weekly    Monday   12pm-1pm   TBA
                     Wednesday or
H-521D   Weekly      Thursday            5:00pm         H-525

                     1st and 3rd
                     Wednesdays of the
         Bi-weekly   Month               6:30-7:30 PM   H-525/H-112
          biweekly   Wednesdays         7:00 PM TSU

                                  6:30pm to
TSU-256   Weekly     Thursdays    8:30pm       TSU Gabrielino
              Weekly    Thursdays          5:00 - 6:45 PM Visit Website

              Monthly   TBA                TBA            TBA

CRH- office   Weekly    Wednesday          5:30pm         CRH-MPR

              Weekly    Thursday and Friday 8:00 P.M.
             Weekly     Tuesdays/Thursdays 4pm-6pm         Intramural Fields

                                           To Be
In Process   Biweekly   To Be Determined   Determined      MH 488

             Weekly     Wednesday                   6:00 PM UH 206

             Weekly     Friday             2-4 PM          on Call
         Bi-Monthly   Tuesday's        7:00 PM CSUF

PA 312   Weekly       Sunday           8:00 PM PA 254

         Weekly       Tuesday     7:00pm      President's Room
every two weeks   Thursday   7pm   TSU 271

Monthly           TBA        TBA   TBA
                               2100 E. Wilshire
Weekly   Monday        7:00 PM Ave

Weekly   Sunday        6:00 PM Chambers

Weekly   Sunday   10:00pm      Ontiveros ABC
Monthly   Thursday    5:00p       UH-317

                      5:00 pm -
Weekly    Wednesday   8:00 pm     UH-205
TSU 271   Monthly   Various    Various   McCarthy Hall

          Weekly    thursday   7pm       campus/off campus

                           Tuesday and
E-21A    Weekly            Thursday      9am          E-21

                           Mondays or
cs 201   every two weeks   Wednesdays    12:00-1:00pm E-101
CS-201   bi weekly   Tuesday   2:00PM       Varies

         Monthly     Monday    am           VA-107
                        Meeting Dates
                        Announced on Web   Wednesdays at
CP-650-32   bi-weekly   site               12pm          TBA

            Weekly      Thursday           6:00-7:00    E-101

            Weekly      Wednesdays         4pm          TSU Rooms
TSU 254   Weekly   Friday         1:00 PM TBD

          Weekly   TBD      TBD          TBD
               Weekly      Sundays              3:00 PM TSU

Alumni House   Bi Weekly   Thursday    7 p.m.          Alumni House

               Bi-Weekly   Wednesday   9:00AM          PLS - 260
Monthly   Mondays               12:00 PM LH 215B

          1st Tuesday of   1:00 pm -
Monthly   every month      2:00 pm      Alvarado AB
Every Other Week   Thursday             5:00 to 6:00   MH- 641

                   Every 2nd Thursday
Monthly            of the Month               7:00 PM CP-125
          Weekly                 fridays     12pm         UH 547

          Weekly/Every 2 weeks   Friday      1:00pm       TSU

tsu 235   Weekly                 wednesday   11:00 a.m.   TSU-250
            Weekly    Thursday    7:00pm       SGMH 5133

                                  5:00 pm -
CP-650-32   Weekly    Tuesday     6:30 pm      CP-450-05

            Monthly   Wednesday   6pm or 7pm   TBA
Weekly   Thursdays   4:00-5:00 PM   UH 205

         tba         tba            tba
Every Other Week          TBA       TBA         Library

Officer meetings monthly,
Club meetings monthly     Friday    TBD         EC Building

Weekly                    Tuesday   4:30-6:30   Kinesiology 202
                                    Tuesdays 4-
                                    5pm @TSU
                     Tuesdays and   and Fridays 3-
         Weekly      Fridays        5pm @SRC       SRC/TSU

                                    Approx 11AM-
         Weekly      Sunday         130PM        Penera Bread

CS-24B   Bi-Weekly   Wednesdays     7:00pm        Raytheon Room
Weekly     Mondays             8pm-10pm        TSU

                                               SRC Conference
Weekly     Tuesday             2:00 p.m.       Room

           Every 2nd and 4th
biweekly   Monday                          5:00 UH 317
Weekly   Monday, Thursday   1pm        TBD

Weekly   THU                1:00 P:M   PA 120
                   11:30 a.m. -
Weekly   Mondays   1:00 p.m.      MJ's Cafe

Weekly   Monday    8pm            TSU
Weekly    Tuesday             3:30 McCarty Hall


Weekly    Friday    12:00PM        Seal/ Huntington
                             11:00 - 12:00
Monthly   Thursdays          pm            PA 115

Weekly    Sunday             7pm           Tsu

Monthly   Wednesday                7:00 PM MH 420

          Sunday, Tuesday,
Weekly    Thursday           7 PM - 9 PM   Anaheim
PLS-51   As Needed   TBA       TBA          TBA

                               9:00 AM to
         Weekly      sundays   3:00 PM      Action Star Games

         Weekly      Mondays   2:00pm       TBA
                       2nd Friday of each   10:00am to     McCarthy Hall:
TSU 271   Monthly      month                3:00pm         Quad

          Monthly      Tuesdays                   7:00 PM Call for info.

                       Monday and           7:30P.M.-
          Weekly       Wednesday            10:00P.M.      Casa Loma Park

          Bi-Monthly   Monday                     7:00 PM CSUF
                    2nd Friday of each   10:00am -   McCarthy Hall:
TSU 271   Monthly   month                3:00pm      Quad

CS 302    Weekly    Monday-Thursday      Afternoon   CS Building

                                         6:00 pm -
TSU       Weekly    Thursday             10:00 pm    TSU-Stearns
          254 Weekly   Tuesdays    4pm - 7pm   varies

             Monthly   Wednesday   3:30pm      MH-422

TSU-002      TBA       varies      varies      tsu-2
LH 203A   Monthly   Friday              2-6pm      LH 203A
                                        4:00pm-    CSUF Recreation
          Weekly    Tuesday, Thursday   6:00pm     Fiel

          Weekly    Tuesday             6pm-7pm    H326

                                        6:30pm -
          Weekly    Tuesday, Thursday   10:00pm    Titan Gym
Weekly       tuesday     7:00-8:30pm   KHS 202

                                      Library Study
Bi-monthly   Wednesday        5:30 PM Rooms
                           TSU or Chapter
Weekly   Monday   7:00pm   House
              Web Page                  President            President Email        President Phone

http://www.acaciaclub.webs.com/   Christen McGaughey   cmcgaugh@csu.fullerton.edu   (949) 413-1971
http://cbect.fullerton.edu/acctsociety/   Shonali Sondh   SSondh@csu.fullerton.edu

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Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
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Pramod Pandya   ppandya@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-2574

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Esiquio Uballe       euballe@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4941

Kimberly Tarantino   ktarantino@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3932

Mohsen Sharifi       msharifi@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2230
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LaTanya Henderson   lhenderson@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4975

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Emeline Yong   eyong@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4577

Emeline Yong   eyong@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4577

Lee Brown      leebrown@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4605
Scott Spitzer     sspitzer@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3771

Esiquio Uballe    euballe@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4941

Anthony Ragazzo   aragazzo@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7734

Linda Kroff       lkroff@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4754
Chalrles Tumlinson   ctumlinson@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5523

John Reid            jreid@fullerton.edu        (714) 278-5897

Marsha Daughetee     mdaughetee@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-1655
Nobuhito Nishigawara   nnishigawara@fullerton.edu (714) 278-3059

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Jason Curtis         jcurtis@fullerton.edu

Charity Hammond      charity@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-5221

Alexandro Gradilla   agradilla@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4210
Katherine Bono          kbono@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4376

Davida Hopkins-Parham   dhopkins@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4089

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Lea Beth Lewis   lblewis@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4471

John Bedell      jbedell@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8218

Chandra Khan     chandra@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5439
Mohammed Ibrahim   zibrahim@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8241

Nashat Saweris     nsaweris@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3326

Deanna Merino      dmerino@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4084

Christina Smith    chrsmith@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7633
Stephen Westbrook   swestbrook@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7039

Amy Cass            acass@fullerton.edu

Lenny Wiersma       lwiersma@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3806
Jamaar Walker       jwalker@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-7335

Brenden Richard     brichard@fullerton.edu

Stan Breckenridge   u                          (714) 278-7003
Setzue Shibata      sshibata@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5219

Esiquio Uballe      euballe@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4941

Carolyn Zimmerman   czimmerman@fullerton.edu (714) 278-7751
Daniela Rubin      drubin@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4704

Nathan Longcrier   nathanl@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7468

Andrea Becker      anbecker@fullerton.edu
Eriko Self       eself@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-7388

Andrea Becker    anbecker@fullerton.edu

Esiquio Uballe   euballe@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4941

Robert Sage      rlsage@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4275
Debra Noble         dnoble@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-7041

Stephen Stambough   sstambough@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2933

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4664
Juanita Razo    jrazo@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4648

Daryle Nagano   dnagano@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7153
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
Pamela Caldwell     pcaldwell@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7128
Vita Jones        vjones@fullerton.edu

Anne Lemnitzer    alemnitzer@fullerton.edu

Emmanuel Lartey   elartey@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-7298
Janette Hyder    jhyder@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3920

Victor Delgado   vdelgado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3099

Henry Puente     hpuente@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-8253

John Jackson     jjackson@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3233
John Bock     jbock@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-5574

Glen Hatton   ghatton@fullerton.edu
Matthew Llewellyn   mllewellyn@fullerton.edu

Michele Mouttapa    mmouttapa@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-8436
Cora Granata   cgranata@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3568

Juliana Max    jmax@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-7572

Xiaoying Xie   xxie@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-5389
Mary Lehn-Mooney   mooney@fullerton.edu

Maruth Figueroa    mfigueroa@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3584
Patricia Craig   pcraig@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-2078

Cynthia Ellis    cellis@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3282

Jade Jewett      jjewett@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2081
Fred Lipscomb   flipscomb@fullerton.edu

Emeline Yong    eyong@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-4577

Sojung Park     sopark@fullerton.edu
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Mark Drayse         mdrayse@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-7593
Binod Tiwari     btiwari@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3968

Nicole Bonuso    nbonuso@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-8451

Alison Wittwer   awittwer@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4511
Trista O'Connell   toconnell@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8353

Sapna Chopra       sapnachopra@fullerton.edu (714) 278-5622
Andrew Gill    agill@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3076

Jason Teven    jteven@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4755

Theron Moore   tmoore@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2077
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

John Bock           jbock@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-5574

Min Jung Kim        minjungk@fullerton.edu
Cristina Rodriguez   crodriguez@fullerton.edu

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Mark Filowitz    mfilowitz@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2945

James Santucci   jsantucci@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3727

Patricia Hymes   phymes@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-2135

Juanita Razo     jrazo@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-4648
Jochen Burgtorf   jburgtorf@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3560

Susan Jacobsen    sjacobsen@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7443

Esiquio Uballe    euballe@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4941

Esiquio Uballe    euballe@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4941

John Leighton     jleighton@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2771

James Ruby        jruby@fullerton.edu
David McKenzie    dmckenzie@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2969

Anthony Ragazzo   aragazzo@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7734

Jean Hotta        jhotta@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-7625

David Cheng       dcheng@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-3734
Kiranraj George     kgeorge@fullerton.edu

Sang June Oh        sjoh@fullerton.edu

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Cynthia Kang        CKing@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-4092
Jeanette Weir    jweir@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4093

Jean Hotta       jhotta@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7625

Esiquio Uballe   euballe@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4941
Rosalina Camacho       rocamacho@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3928

Benjamin Price         bprice@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-5215

Kevin Mofid            kmofid@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-7249

Michela Santostefano   u                          (714) 278-2137
Meiko Shimura    mshimura@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-2208

Joie Taylor      jodtaylor@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4406

Lea Beth Lewis   lblewis@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4471
Michele Barr    mbarr@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-5919

Elisa Mandell   emandell@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3175
Teeanna Rizkallah   trizkallah@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5767

Kathy Webster       kwebster@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4757

Haely Lee           haelylee@fullerton.edu
Jason Taylor   jasontaylor@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8719

Michele Barr   mbarr@fullerton.edu         (714) 278-5919
Tricia Gabany-Guerrero   guerrero@fullerton.edu

John Reinard             jreinard@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7176
Deanna Merino       dmerino@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4084

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
Maricela Alvarado       malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Sandra Perez-Lingerji   splinggi@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-5347

Esiquio Uballe          euballe@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4941
Marsha Daughetee   mdaughetee@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-1655

Joe Gonzalez       jgonzalez@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4599

Joe Gonzalez       jgonzalez@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4599
Patricia Schneider-Zioga   pzioga@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3479

Dana Reemes                dreemes@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7832

Genelle Belmas             gbelmas@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3116
Debra Saxton    dsaxton@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4297

Scott Annin     sannin@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7678

Howard Forman   hforman@fullerton.edu
Jason Taylor       jasontaylor@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8719

Rosalina Camacho   rocamacho@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3928
William Haddad     whaddad@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3712

Choudhury Shamim   cshamim@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2051

Maneli Jodat       mjodat@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-

Pamela Fiber       pfiber@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3467
Janette Hyder   jhyder@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3920

Nicole Baker    nbaker@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5200
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Murtadha Khakoo     mkhakoo@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2247
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4664

Sergio Guerra       sguerra@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-3879

Nancy Fernandez     npfernandez@fullerton.edu
Terry Saenz      tsaenz@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3823

Rochelle Woods   rwoods@fullerton.edu
Phillip Lee    philliplee@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2778

Nancy Jimeno   njimeno@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-

Grace Choi     gcho@fullerton.edu         (714) 278-3283
Thomas Fujitarony   tfujitarony@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3869

Maria Linder        mlinder@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-2472

Barbara Doyer       bdoyer@fullerton.edu        (714) 278-5614

Ernest Bridges      ebridges@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-7672
Susan Sy           susansy@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-5338

John Reid          jreid@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-5897

Benjamin Cawthra   bcawthra@fullerton.edu
Michael Horn        mhorn@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-3707

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

David Dyer          ddyer@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-7260
Banafshe Sharifian Attar   bsharifian@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2244

Maricela Alvarado          malvarado@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4664

Jaclyn Blyleven            jblyleven@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7460
Cliff Cramp         ccramp@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-5602

Jochen Burgtorf     jburgtorf@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3560

John Hickok         jhickok@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4394

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Mark Garrabrant     mgarrabrant@fullerton.edu (714) 278-3353

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
John Davis       johndavis@fullerton.edu

Ionel Tifrea     itifrea@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2769

MyungJung Kwon   mkwon@fullerton.edu
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Sarah Hill          shill@fullerton.edu

Samuel Broyles      sbroyles@fullerton.edu

Anthony Ragazzo     aragazzo@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7734
Max Dery        gdery@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-3593

Merri Casem     mcasem@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2491

Deanna Merino   dmerino@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4084

Peter Fashing   pfashing@fullerton.edu
The Nguyen        thenguyen@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3471

Jeffrey Kottler   jkottler@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7537
Dr. Kritin Beals   kbeals@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3136

Barbara Cherry     bcherry@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3035
Dean Kazoleas     dkazoleas@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3271

Anthony Ragazzo   aragazzo@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7734
Michael LaCour-Little   mlacour-little@fullerton.edu (714) 278-4014

Esiquio Uballe          euballe@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4941

Sharnette Underdue      sunderdue@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4379

Esiquio Uballe          euballe@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4941
Andrea Becker          anbecker@fullerton.edu

Rochelle Woods         rwoods@fullerton.edu

Delia Tijerina         dtijerina@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7656

Mohamadreza Ahmadnia   mahmadnia@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7149
Hyunjoo Kim          hykim@fullerton.edu

Laura Lohman         llohman@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-5158

Alexandro Gradilla   agradilla@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4210
Pilar Valero-Costa   pvalero-costa@fullerton.edu (714) 278-5205

Juanita Razo         jrazo@fullerton.edu        (714) 278-4648
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Shay Layman         slayman@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3281
Lana Dalley        ldalley@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2452

Rosalina Camacho   rocamacho@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3928
Margaret Kidd   mkidd@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2547

Alison Cliath   acliath@fullerton.edu
Aaron Goetz     agoetz@fullerton.edu

Peter Othmer    pothmer@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3014

Sergio Guerra   sguerra@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3879
Sergio Guerra   sguerra@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3879

Mike McGee      mmcgee@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7749
Elizabeth Evans   bevans@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7558

Harmonie Hawley   hhawley@fullerton.edu

Andi Sims         asims@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4942
Jamaar Walker    jwalker@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7335

Robert Wheeler   rwheeler@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5974
Ioakim Boutakidis   iboutakidis@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8562

Katrina Loff        keberly@fullerton.edu

Joy Lambert         jlambert@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-4055
Michael Miles     mmiles@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-2867

Jennifer Ponder   jponder@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4149
Megan Tommerup   mtommerup@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5283

Debra Cote       dcote@fullerton.edu
William Julius    bjulius@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-8227

Christina Goode   cgoode@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7105

Juanita Razo      jrazo@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4648
Joseph F. Greco   jgreco@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-2375

Peggy Bockman     pbockman@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7083

Michael Dubuque   mdubuque@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3366
Joseph Chang      jjchang@fullerton.edu

Murtadha Khakoo   mkhakoo@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2247
Paul Miller   pmiller@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3779

Lori Phelps   lphelps@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7792

Craig Ihara   cihara@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-2753
Joshua Smith       josmith@fullerton.edu

Jeeloo Liu         jeelooliu@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-7560

Maqsood Chaudhry   chaudhry@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-3901
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

Juan Gallego        jgallego@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-2562

Sheryl Fontaine     sfontaine@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4861
Aaron Thomas   athomas@fullerton.edu

David Grimes   dgrimes@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3598
Helene Domon        hdomon@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-3498

Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664
William Hoese            bhoese@fullerton.edu       (714) 278-2476

Tricia Gabany-Guerrero   guerrero@fullerton.edu

Alain Bourgault          abourgault@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3702
Debra Lockwood   dlockwood@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4515

Esiquio Uballe   euballe@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-4941

Edward Knell     eknell@fullerton.edu

Steven Jobbitt   sjobbitt@fullerton.edu
Leesta Bentley   lbentley@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2998

Jeffrey Knott    jknott@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-5547

Elliot Kushell   ekushell@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3171
John Reid      jreid@fullerton.edu      (714) 278-5897

John Brockie   jbrockie@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5479

Ryan Nichols   rnichols@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-3394

Hyunjoo Kim    hykim@fullerton.edu
John Reid        jreid@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-5897

Michael Shafae   mshafae@fullerton.edu

Trang Le         trle@fullerton.edu
Tu Uyen Nguyen     tunnguyen@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-4157

Barbara Erickson   beerickson@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-5697

Amy Mattern        amattern@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3504
Kathleen Wright    kwright@fullerton.edu

Jamaar Walker      jwalker@fullerton.edu    (714) 278-7335

Karyl Ketchum      kketchum@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-2261

Dr. Kritin Beals   kbeals@fullerton.edu     (714) 278-3136
Wei Wei          wwei@fullerton.edu

Esiquio Uballe   euballe@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4941
Maricela Alvarado   malvarado@fullerton.edu   (714) 278-4664

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