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									   Colony       Founded   Founded             Reason           Importance
Virginia          1607  London           Economics/profit First representative
                        Company                            assembly – House
                                                           of Burgesses
Massachusetts    1620   Pilgrims         Seeking religious They wrote the
                                         freedom           Mayflower
                                                           Compact which
                                                           served as the
New York         1626   Originally       Founded for       Was taken over by
(Originally             founded as a     trade and furs    the British in 1664
called New              Dutch                              when Peter
Amsterdam)              settlement by                      Stuyvesant
                        Dutch West                         surrendered
Maryland         1633   Lord             As a refuge for     Maryland was a
                        Baltimore        Catholics           Proprietary colony
Rhode Island     1636   Roger            As a refuge for     Williams bought
                        Williams         those seeking       the land from the
                                         religious and       Indians. Rhode
                                         political freedom   Island was a
                                                             Corporate colony
Connecticut      1636   Thomas           As a refuge for     In 1639 the colony
                        Hooker           those driven        adopted the
                                         from                Fundamental
                                         Massachusetts       Orders
Delaware         1638   Originally       Trade and furs      Sweden established
                        founded by                           a colony only to
                        Dutch settlers                       lose control to the
                        who were                             Dutch in 1655 but
                        killed by                            they lost control to
                        Indians.                             the British in 1664
New              1638   John             As a refuge for     Started as a
Hampshire               Wheelwright      people banished     Proprietary colony
                                         from                but became a Royal
                                         Massachusetts       colony in 1679.
                                                             Adopted the Exeter
North            1653   Virginia         As a buffer for     The northern
Carolina                colonists        the other           region was called
                                         colonies            Albermarle.
                                                             Obtained a Royal
                                                             charter in 1729
South            1663                                        Actually the first
Carolina                                                     European
                                                        settlement was in
                                                        South Carolina
New Jersey     1664   Sir George     Profit from the    Originally a Dutch
                      Carteret       sale of land       settlement between
                                                        Virginia and New
Pennsylvania   1682   William Penn   A refuge for       Adopted the Frame
                                     Quakers            of Government
Georgia        1732   Gen. James     As a place for     Started out as a
                      Oglethorpe     English debtors    Proprietary colony,
                                     and also as a      becoming a Royal
                                     buffer between     colony in 1752
                                     the English
                                     colonies and the
                                     Spanish in

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