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                       DVD Programs
                        Commerical Animation
                                  Motion Graphics

                           October 2008
                            Catalog Number: M2100C

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The world's most outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion graphics on DVD - 12 times a year.

STASH delivers the planet's most innovative and outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion
graphics plus insightful behind-the-scenes extras in a monthly DVD magazine. Also tucked inside the
STASH DVD case is a companion book of color stills, details on the featured work, credits and tech

STASH is the essential resource for ad agencies, broadcasters, animation and VFX studios, designers,
post houses, production companies and schools.

STASH is a trade publication sharply targeted at the leading producers and buyers of animation, VFX
and motion graphics in the advertising and broadcast industries.

STASH does not accept advertising from companies directly involved in the production of animation
and effects. STASH does accept advertising from industry supporting players: software and hardware
makers, festivals, awards shows, etc.

STASH offers all contributors the opportunity to include behind-the-scenes material with their work.
These mini-productions may include story boards,conceptual art, maquettes, wire frame models, render
and compositing tests, director/animator/producer commentary etc.

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

STASH SIXPACK 4 – Issue 19-24
                                           This limited edition SIXPACK includes the complete disks from issues 19-24
                                           of STASH DVD MAGAZINE .
                                           This brand-new, limited edition six-disk set includes:
                                           • The complete disks from issues 19-24 of STASH DVD MAGAZINE
                                           • Over 140 international studios
                                           • Over 170 outstanding animation, VFX and motion graphics projects
                                           • TV and cinema commercials
                                           • broadcast design
                                           • music videos
                                           • branded content
                                           • virals
                                           • game cinematics
• short films
• behind the scenes extras
• Hi-res PDF files of the 40-page companion book for all six disks
• All six winners of the 2006 Soho Shorts Film Festival
• Stash Mini-fest 1: “Solo animators x 3”
• Stash Mini-fest 2: “Wanda's Twisted Shorts x 3”
• All six Psst! Pass It On films
• “Never Like The First Time” the multi-award-winning short from Filmteknarna director Jonas Odell
• Shorts from the Supinfocom class of 2005
• Universal Music Publishing Group
• Nature Sounds
• Consumers Research and Development
• Cookshop
• Bastard Jazz
• The Agriculture

6 DVDs US$138.00
Stash 19 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  "POSTMAN"                                                      LENOVO THINKPAD
                                  Self promotion film                                            "VIRUS",
                                  Director: MISCHA                                               "ROLLCAGE"
                                  ROZEMA                                                         TVC :30 x 2
                                  Production/design/ani                                          Agency: OGILVY &
                                  mation: POSTPANIC                                              MATHER

                                                                Director: MOTION THEORY
                                                                Production/animation/VFX: MOTION THEORY
                                  TOOHEYS NEW
                                  "CATAPULT"                                                     ADIDAS
                                  TVC :60                                                        "MODULAR MAN"
                                  Agency: SAATCHI &                                              TVC :30 x 2
                                  SAATCHI, SYDNEY                                                Agency: 180
                                  Director: GARTH                                                AMSTERDAM
                                  DAVIS                                                          Director: ARVIND
Production: EXIT FILMS                                                                           PALEP
Animation/VFX: FIN DESIGN & EFFECTS                             Animation:1ST AVE MACHINE

                                  FEDEX "STICK"                                                  PRO WILDLIFE
                                  TVC :45                                                        "FIGHT BACK"
                                  Agency: BBDO NY                                                TVC :30
                                  Director: TRAKTOR                                              Agency: JUNG VON

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  CANAL+ "MARCH                                              BET BRAND
                                  OF THE                                                     REDESIGN IDs
                                  EMPERORS"                                                  Broadcast design
                                  TVC :40                                                    Client: BLACK
                                  Agency: BETC EURO                                          ENTERTAINMENT
                                  RSCG                                                       TELEVISION
                                  Directors: THE GLUE                                        Director:
SOCIETY                                                        UVPHACTORY
Production: RADICAL MEDIA PARIS                                Production/animation/VFX: UVPHACTORY
                                                                                            CHANNEL [V]
                                  BUDWEISER "THE                                            "VALENTINE'S
                                  WAVE"                                                     DAY"
                                  TVC :30                                                   Broadcast design
                                  Agency: DDB,                                              Director: AH C LEE
                                  CHICAGO                                                   Production: STAR
                                  Director: PAUL                                            TAIWAN
                                  MIDDELDITCH                  Design/animation: STAR TAIWAN
Animation/VFX: METHOD STUDIOS                                                               MTV "HISTORY OF
                                                                                            DANCE" SHOW
                                  MOBILE ESPN                                               OPENS
                                  "SPORTS                                                   Broadcast design x 3
                                  HEAVEN"                                                   Client: MTV
                                  TVC :60                                                   NETWORKS
                                  Agency: ARNOLD                                            Director:
                                  WORLDWIDE                    UNIVERSAL EVERYTHING
                                  Director: JAKE               Animation: RENASCENT
Production: RSA , USA                                                                       TV 2 BUMPERS
VFX: BRICKYARD VFX                                                                          Broadcast design
                                                                                            Client: TV 2
                                  ATARI "GETTING                                            NORWAY
                                  UP"                                                       Director: RUNE
                                  Game trailer                                              SPAANS
                                  Client: MARC ECKO                                         Animation: TOXIC
                                  Directors: TODD
                                  MUELLER, MARCO                                            "STUNT JUNKIES"
                                  SPIER                                                     TITLES
Design/animation: PSYOP                                                                     Broadcast design
                                                                                            Client: CBS EYE TOO
                                  MTV ASIA                                                  Director: BIG
                                  MOTOROLA                                                  MACHINE DESIGN
                                  "VIOLENTLY                                                Design/animation: BIG
                                  HAPPY BUGS"                  MACHINE DESIGN
                                  Mobile phone content
                                  Client: MTV ASIA                                          FOXSPORTS
                                  Director: FONS                                            "NASCAR 2006"
SCHIEDON                                                                                    TVC :60
Design/animation: FONZTEEVEE                                                                CD: ROBERT
                              THE SOUTH BANK                                                Production:
                              SHOW TITLES                                                   FOXSPORTS
                              Broadcast design                 Animation/VFX: BUF
                              Client: THE SOUTH
                              BANK SHOW /                                                   "FREERANGE"
                              MELVYN BRAGG                                                  Interstitial trailer (spec)
                              Director: SSSR                                                Director: SEED
Design/animation: PASSION PICTURES                                                          ANIMATION
                                                                                            SEED ANIMATION

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                            JOSH PYKE                                                         NIKE "ROBOTS AT
                            "MIDDLE OF THE                                                    PLAY"
                            HILL"                                                             Spec
                            Music video                                                       Director: MAKE
                            Record label: IVY                                                 Animation: MAKE
                            LEAGUE RECORDS
Design/animation: MATHEMATICS
                                                                                              KIWI "CANNON",
                                  "ZAKITI LE'EHOV                                             "RACE"
                                  (TO LOVE)"                                                  TVC x2
                                  Music video                                                 Agency: THE
                                  Director: OFER                                              RICHARDS GROUP
                                  RUBIN                                                       Director: SAIMAN
                                  Design/animation:                                           CHOW
                                  HANDSUP!                     Production: ROKKIT
                                                                                              "TREAD SOFTLY"
                                  AMD "THE LITTLE                                             Short film
                                  FELLA"                                                      Director: HEE BOK
                                  Online viral                                                LEE
                                  Agency: DIGITAL
                                  LIFESTYLE GROUP
                                  JACK MORTON
Director: TOKYO PLASTIC                                        Stash 20 includes these outstanding projects:
Animation: TOKYO PLASTIC                                                                          NATIONAL
                                                                                                  LOTTERY "THE
                                  THE HANDSOME                                                    BIG WIN"
                                  PANTHER "THE                                                    TVC :60
                                  UNDERWATER                                                      Agency: AMV BBDO
                                  JUNGLE DISCO                                                    Director: MARC
                                  (WITH JELLY                                                     CRASTE
                                  ALIENS)"                     Production/animation: STUDIO AKA
                                  Music video
Director: PINTHIN                                                                         RENAULT MEGANE
Design/animation: PINTHIN                                                                 "HEADS"
                                                                                          TVC :30
                                  THE HANDSOME                                            Agency: PUBLICIS
                                  PANTHER "THE                                            LADO C
                                  UNDERWATER                                              Director: SMITH &
                                  JUNGLE DISCO                                            FOULKES
                                  (WITH JELLY                  Production: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS, THE LIFT
                                  Music video                                                 JUICY FRUIT "ANT"
Director: PINTHIN                                                                             TVC :30
Design/animation: PINTHIN                                                                     Agency: ENERGY
                                                                                              BBDO, CHICAGO
                                  BANCO REAL                                                  Director: DANTE
                                  “TREADMILL”                                                 ARIOLA
                                  TVC :60                                                     Production: MJZ
                                  Agency: TALENT               Animation/VFX: ASYLUM
                                  Director: LOBO
                                  Design/animation:                                           WINTERFRESH
                                  LOBO                                                        “ROAST PIG",
                              UNITED AIRLINES                                                 TVCs :30
                              "DRAGON"                                                        Agency: ENERGY
                              TVC: 60                                                         DDBO
                              Agency: FALLON,                                                 Director: KARL
                              MINNEAPOLIS                      ACKERMANN
                              Director: JAMIE                  Production/animation: MILKY ELEPHANT
Production/animation: DUCK STUDIOS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  HUBBA BUBBA                                                 FUELTV
                                  MAX                                                         "DOGBOY",
                                  "CHAMELEON",                                                "REVEAL" IDs
                                  "POLAR BEAR"                                                Broadcast design
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                                Client: FUELTV, FOX
                                  Agency: BBDO,                                               NETWORKS
                                  CHICAGO                                                     CD: TODD DENVER
Director: PETER PEAKE                                          Production/animation: INTERSPECTACULAR, FUELTV
Production/animation: AARDMAN ANIMATION
                                                                                              BRIT SCI FI
                                  TOYOTA "SKATE"                                              PROMO
                                  TVC :30                                                     Broadcast design
                                  Agency: WEST                                                Client: SCI FI UK
                                  WAYNE , ATLANTA                                             Director: MAINFRAME
                                  Director: JANUSZ                                            Design/animation:
                                  KAMINSKI                                                    MAINFRAME
                                  Production: SPACE
                                  PROGRAM                                                     TV2 “THE
                                  VOLKSWAGEN                                                  GETHERS” IDs
                                  "FROG"                                                      Broadcast design
                                  TVC :30                                                     Agency:
                                  Agency: DDB ,                                               INKPROJECT
                                  BERLIN                                                      Director: PHOEBE
                                  Director: HENRY                                             GLASFURD
                                  LITTLECHILD                  Animation: MONKEY LAB
Production: OUTSIDER
VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC                                                                           MTV HD "CROW"
                                                                                              TVC :90
                                  ADIDAS “ADISTAR”                                            Client: MTV
                                  TVC :30                                                     NETWORKS
                                  Agency:                                                     Director: MARCO
                                  AMSTERDAM 180                                               SPIER, MARIE
                                  Director: PLEIX                                             HYON
                                  Production: CHASED           Production/animation: PSYOP
                                  BY COWBOYS
Animation: PLEIX                                                                              MTV CANADA IDs
                                                                                              Broadcast design
                            COCA-COLA                                                         Client: MTV
                            "DOGGY", “MR.                                                     NETWORKS
                            HAPPY: CLOUD”                                                     Director:
                            TVCs/virals x 2                                                   PLAYAIRWAYS
                            Agency: WIEDEN +                                                  Production:
                            KENNEDY                            ELECTRIC COMPANY
                            AMSTERDAM                          Design/animation: PLAYAIRWAYS
Animation: PSYOP                                                                              VH1 "MIXTAPE
                                  EMILIE SIMON                                                Broadcast design x 5
                                  "FLEUR DE                                                   Client: MTV
                                  SAISON"                                                     NETWORKS
                                  Music video                                                 AUSTRALIA
                                  Director: NOBRAIN                                           Design director:
                                  Production: COSA             GARRY JACQUES
                                  Animation/VFX:               Design/VFX: THE LAB
                                                                                              MORE 4 "THE
                             "VH1 CLASSICS"                                                   STATE OF RUSSIA
                             IDs                                                              "
                             Broadcast design                                                 TVC :30
                             Client: VH1                                                      Agency: 4 CREATIVE
                             NETWORK                                                          Director: JÖRN
                             Director: CREATIVE                                               THRELFALL
                             BUBBLE                            Production: MORE 4, OUTSIDER
Design/animation: CREATIVE BUBBLE                              Post: SMOKE & MIRRORS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  THE FREELANCE                                               DIESEL
                                  HELLRAISER                                                  Spec
                                  "WANT YOU TO                                                Director: TED GORE
                                  KNOW"                                                       Design/animation:
                                  Music video                                                 TED GORE
                                  Record label: UGLY
                                  TRUTH – SONY
Director: JON YEO                                                                             HURT "RAPTURE"
Production: POP / THE PAUL WEILLAND FILM CO.                                                  Music video
Design/animation: JON YEO                                                                     Record label:
                                                                                              CAPITAL RECORDS
                                  "NULBÜR"                                                    Director: CUPPA
                                  Self promotional film                                       COFFEE
                                  Director: SYLVAIN                                           Production/animation:
                                  GIGNAC                        CUPPA COFFEE
                                  SYLVAIN GIGNAC                                              "YEAH – THE
                                                                                              Film (work in
                                  “BLANC"                                                     progress)
                                  Short film                                                  Director: VADIM
                                  Director: PIERRE                                            DRAEMPAEHL
                                  MAGNOL                                                      Animation: VADIM
                                  Design/animation:             DRAEMPAEHL
                                                                                              "TALE OF HOW"
                                                                                              Short film
                                  COLDER “TO THE                                              Director: JANNES
                                  MUSIC”                                                      HENDRIKZ
                                  Music video
                                  Record label:
                                  Creative director:            Stash 21 includes these outstanding projects:
MATT CLARK                                                                                        BUENOS AIRES ZOO
Production/design: UNITED VISUAL ARTISTS                                                          “TOGETHER
                               “SINESTRO"                                                         TVC :30
                               Short film                                                         Agency: DEL CAMPO
                               Directors: BEATRIZ                                                 NAZCA, SAATCHI &
                               HELENA RAMOS,                                                      SAATCHI
                               MIGUELVILLALOB                   Director: LOBO
                               OS, PETER                        Animation: LOBO
Production/animation: DANCING DIABLO                                                          SURE “GO WILD”
                                                                                              TVC :60
                                  CONVERSE                                                    Agency: LOWE
                                  GALLERY FILMS                                               Director: NOAM
                                  Virals x 4                                                  MURRO
                                  Directors: CHRIS                                            Production: BISCUIT
                                  ELSNER, FRANCOIS                                            FILMWORKS,
                                  VALLA, LAURENT                INDEPENDENT
                                  BEBIN, SEAN HAN,              Animation/VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC

                                  NOKIA " PARIS "
                                  Cinema and TVC :60
                                  Agency: BATES ASIA
                                  Director: JACI
                                  Production: WANDA

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  COCA-COLA                                                  “L‟OR ROUGE”
                                  “WHAT GOES                                                 Short film
                                  AROUND”                                                    Director: KENT
                                  TVC :60                                                    HUGO
                                  Agency: MOTHER                                             Animation: KENT
                                  Director: NAGI                                             HUGO
Production: NEXUS
VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY                                                                   STAR TREK 2.0
                                                                                              “STILL KICKIN‟
                                  DODGE “TOO                                                  IT”
                                  TOUGH”                                                      TVCs :30 x 3
                                  TVC :60                                                     Client: G4 TV
                                  Agency: BBDO NEW                                            Agency:
                                  YORK/DETROIT                                                72ANDSUNNY
                                  Director: BRIAN               Directors: DAN O’BRIEN, NICK LITWINKO
                                  BELETIC                       Production/animation: ROGUE CREATIVE
Production: SMUGGLER
VFX: MASS MARKET                                                                             G4 “X-PLAY”
                                                                                             TVC :60
                                  SOCIETE                                                    Client: G4 TV
                                  GENERALE “LE                                               Director: BUCK
                                  COUP DE POUCE”                                             Animation: BUCK
                                  TVC :30 x 2
                                  Agency: SAATCHI &
                                  Director: JULIEN
TROUSSELIER                                                                                  VH1 “METAL
Production: WANDA                                                                            MONTH OF MAY”
Animation/VFX: MIKROS                                                                        TEASER
                                                                                             Broadcast design :30
                                  CHEVY “NATURAL                                             Client: VH1
                                  SELECTION”                                                 Director:
                                  TVC :60                                                    ALEXANDRE
                                  Agency: MCLAREN                                            MOORS,
                                  MCCANN,                       UVPHACTORY
                                  TORONTO                       Production/VFX: UVPHACTORY
                                  Directors: MARK
GLASER, JOHN ALLARDICE                                                                       SEATTLE
Animation/VFX: SWAY                                                                          INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                             FILM FESTIVAL
                                  FULL FRAME                                                 Trailers/TVCs x 2
                                  DOCUMENTARY                                                Agency: WONG
                                  FILM FESTIVAL                                              DOODY
                                  “MARCH OF THE                                              CDs: JUSTIN
                                  PENGUINS”                     LEIBOW, WILL HYDE
                                  Film festival trailer         Design/animation: FAD
                                  Agency: MCKINNEY
& SILVER, DURHAM                                                                             MTV “FLASHER”
Director: KEVIN DONOVAN                                                                      PROMO
Production: FORM                                                                             ELEMENTS
VFX: SUSPECT                                                                                 Broadcast design
                                                                                             Client: MTV NORDIC
                                  GINN RESORTS                                               Animation:
                                  “GET READY”                                                AGAINSTALLODDS
                                  TVC : 60
                                  Agency:                                                    SKY HD “FEEL
                                  CARMICHAEL                                                 EVERYTHING”
                                  LYNCH                                                      Cinema :60
                                  Director: ENDA                                             Agency: UNITED
MCCALLION                                                                                    LONDON
Production: EPOCH FILMS                                                                      Design: VENTURE
VFX: RING OF FIRE                                                                            THREE
                                                                Animation: THE MILL

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  SUNDANCE                                                      PLANET JANET
                                  CHANNEL                                                       “LETTUCE”
                                  Short films x 3                                               Music video
                                  Agency: J WALTER                                              Client: PLANET
                                  THOMPSON, NY                                                  JANET
                                  Directors/animators:                                          Director: ADAM
                                  MIKE STOLTZ,                                                  KAUFMAN
BRADY                                                            Design/animation: ADAMAME
                                  GONZALO                                                       PLAYSTATION 2
                                  GUERRERO                                                      “MONSTER FARM
                                  “KENK”                                                        5 CIRCUS
                                  Music video                                                   CARAVAN”
                                  Director: FELIPE                                              Game cinematic
                                  Design/animation:              Game distributor: TECMO
DAF                                                              Director: GOH FUJITA
                                                                 Production/animation: DIGITAL MEDIA LAB
                                  Short film                                                    TOYOTA YARIS
                                  Director: MÅNS                                                “SPIDER”, “MP3”,
                                  SWANBERG                                                      “PIGGY”
                                  Animation/VFX:                                                TVCs :30 x 3
                                                                                                Agency: SAATCHI &
                                                                                                SAATCHI, LOS
                                  AVIAN INFLUENZA                ANGELES
                                  Medical animation :60          Director: TOKYO PLASTIC
                                  Executive CD: JEFF             Production: PICASSO PICTURES
                                  JOHNSON                        Animation: TOKYO PLASTIC
                                  HYBRID MEDICAL                                                STARBURST
                                  ANIMATION                                                     “FACTORY”
                                                                                                TVC :30
                              X-WIFE “PING                                                      Agency:
                              PONG”                                                             TBWA\CHIAT\DAY
                              Music video                                                       Director: MATT
                              Record label: NORTE                                               ASELTON
                              SUL                                Production: EPOCH
                              Director: KALLE                    VFX: RING OF FIRE
Production/animation: LAS PALMAS FILMS, TUHRU                                               SEARS
                                  “THE FOREST IN                                            TVC :60
                                  WINTER”                                                   Agency: Y&R
                                  Short film                                                CHICAGO
                                  Directors: JAKE                                           Director: RUPERT
                                  PORTMAN, BILL                                             SANDERS
                                  SNEED                          Animation/VFX: METHOD STUDIOS
                                  Animation: JAKE
PORTMAN, BILL SNEED                                                                             AIDES “SUGAR
                                                                                                BABY LOVE”
                                  JEREMY                                                        Short film
                                  WARMSLEY                                                      Client: AIDES
                                  “DIRTY BLUE                                                   Agency: TBWA,
                                  JEANS”                                                        PARIS
                                  Music video                                                   Director: WILFRID
                                  Record label:                  BRIMO
                                  TRANSGRESSIVE                  Production: WANDA
RECORDS                                                          Animation: MIKROS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  STASH SHORTS                                                      Production: MJZ
                                  MINI-FEST 1                                                       Animation/VFX:
                                  “LOST BELOW”                                                      DIGITAL DOMAIN
                                  Short film                                                        PEUGEOT 307
                                  Director/designer/anim                                            AUSTRALIAN
                                  ator: MATO BILIC                                                  “PONG”
                                                                                                    TVC :30
                                                                   Agency: EURO RSCG MILAN
                                  “LOVER‟S                         Director: FRANCO TASSI
                                  SUPPLANT”                        Production/animation: TAX FREE
                                  Short film                       Animation/VFX: EDENLAB
                                  CRANKBUNNY                                                        RK-FORSIKRING
                                                                                                    TVC :30 x 2
                                                                                                    Client: LIVING
                                  “JINNIKU NO                                                       BRANDS
                                  UMAREKAWARU”                                                      Production/animation:
                                  Short film                                                        GHOST
                                  ALESSANDRO                                                        CITROËN C1
                                  PACCIANI                                                          “PARKING”
                                  Stash 22 includes these                                           TVC :45
outstanding projects:                                                                               Agency: EURO RSCG
                                  “TYGER”                                                           Director: FRANCO
                                  Short film                                                        TASSI
                                  Director:                        Production: TAX FREE
                                  GUILHERME                        Animation/VFX: EDENLAB
                                  Production:                                                       “DIESEL VIDEO
                                  TRATTORIA,                                                        SS006”
GUILHERME MARCONDES                                                                                 Viral
Animation: BIRDO STUDIO                                                                             Client: DIESEL
VODAFONE                                                                                            Director: VASAVA
                         “SOLUTIONS”                                                                VASAVA
                         TVC :60
                         Agency: BARTLE                                                             “ONE RAT SHORT”
                         BOGLE HEGARTY,                                                             Short film trailer
                         LONDON                                                                     Director: ALEX WEIL
                         Director: DOUGAL                                                           Design/animation:
                         WILSON                                                                     CHARLEX
                         Production: BLINK

                                  SPRITE “OMNIBUS”                                                  G4 MIDNIGHT
                                  Cinema :60                                                        SPANK
                                  Agency: CRISPIN                                                   Broadcast design
                                  PORTER +                                                          Agency: BBDO
                                  BOGUSKY, MIAMI                                                    Director: PETER
                                  Director :HAPPY                                                   SLUSZKA
                                  Production:                                                       Production/animation:
SMUGGLER                                                           HORNET
                                                                                                    G4 “E3” IDs
                                  LEXUS ES 2007                                                     Broadcast design x 4
                                  “ROBOTS”                                                          Client: G4 NETWORK
                                  TVC :30                                                           Production: 72 &
                                  Agency: TEAM ONE                                                  SUNNY
                                  ADVERTISING                                                       Animation: FULL
                                  Director: VICTOR                                                  TANK

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  MTV AVMAs 2006                                            “WARHAMMER:
                                  IDs                                                       MARK OF CHAOS”
                                  Broadcast design x 3                                      Game cinematic
                                  Client: MTV                                               Client:
                                  NETWORKS                                                  NAMCO BANDAI
                                  Director: ASH                                             AMERICA
                                  BOLLAND                                                   CINERGI
Design/VFX: UMERIC                                              INTERACTIVE
                                                                GAMES WORKSHOP
                                  RUSSIA MUSIC                  Director: ISTVAN ZORKOCZY
                                  AWARDS 2005                   Animation: DIGIC PICTURES
                                  Broadcast design
                                  Director: ANTON                                           BELLX1 “ROCKY
                                  SAKARA                                                    TOOK A LOVER”
                                  Design/animation:                                         Music video
                                  MTV RUSSIA                                                Record label: ISLAND
                                  PUCCA IDs                                                 Director: SSSR
                                  Broadcast design x 4                                      Production/animation:
                                  Client: JETIX                 PASSION PICTURES
                                  Director: GREG                                            HONDA
                                  SULLIVAN                                                  “ZOOMER”
                                  Design/animation:                                         Viral
STUDIO B PRODUCTIONS                                                                        Agency:
                                  NICKELODEON                                               Director: TAKEO
                                  “SPONGEBOB                                                HATAI
                                  SQUAREPANTS”                  Animation: LE PIVOT
                                  Broadcast design                                          NIKE SOREDEMO
                                  Client:                                                   TATAKAE
                                  NICKELODEON UK                                            HYBRIDS
Director: MAINFRAME                                                                         Viral
Animation: MAINFRAME                                                                        Agency: DAIKO +
                                                                                            DAIKO BRAND
                                  OFFF BCN 2006                                             DESIGN
                                  OPENING                       Director: TAKEO HATAI
                                  Event design                  Production: DANCE NOT ACT
                                  Client: OFFF                  Animation: LE PIVOT
                                  Director: DVEIN
                                  Design/animation:                                         FIREFOX “THIS IS
                                  DVEIN                                                     HOT!”
                                                                                            TVC :30
                                  GNARLS BARKLEY                                            Client: FIREFOX
                                  “CRAZY”                                                   FLICKS
                                  Music video                                               Director: DANNY
                                  Record label:                                             ROBASHKIN
                                  DOWNTOWN RECORDS,             Animation: MAKE
                                  WARNER MUSIC
                                  Director: ROBERT                                          WRITE GROUP
                                  HALES                                                     “STITCHED UP”
Production: HSI                                                                             TVC :30
Design/VFX: BL:ND                                                                           Agency: SAATCHI &
                                                                                            SAATCHI, NEW
                             THEE MALDOROR                                                  ZEALAND
                             KOLLECTIVE                                                     Director: GLENN
                             “PILOT – MAN                       ROBSON
                             WITH THE MEAT                      Animation: KALEIDOSCOPE ANIMATION
                             Music video
                             Record label: ODE666

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                              MTV “SUZUKI GSR                    Stash 23 includes these outstanding projects:
                              600”                                                                 AXE / LYNX
                              Promotional film                                                     “MILLIONS”
                              Client: MTV                                                          TVC :60
                              NETWORKS                                                             Agency: BBH
                              Director:                                                            Director: FREDERIK
                              PRECURSOR                                                            BOND
Production/animation: PRECURSOR                                                                    Production: MJZ
                                                                 VFX: THE MILL
                                  Short film                                                     ALBERT HEIJN
                                  Director: STEPHANE                                             SUPERMARKET
                                  LEVALLOIS                                                      TVC :30 x2
                                  Production: QUAD                                               Agency:
                                  PRODUCTIONS                                                    TBWA/NEBOKO,
                                  3D: EXVOTO                                                     AMSTERDAM
                                                                                                 Director: YOES
                                  “MY FRIEND                     BENLI
                                  MARJORIE”                      Production: BIKE FILM
                                  Short film                     Animation: NOZON
                                  Director: LOUISE
                                  WILDE                                                          BECKS “FOUR
                                  Production: MODEL                                              STEPS”
                                  ROBOT                                                          TVC :40
                                                                                                 Agency: LEO
                                  MTV ASIA                                                       BURNETT
                                  “CODEHUNTERS”                                                  Director: DOUGAL
                                  Short film                                                     WILSON
                                  Director: BEN HIBON            Production: BLINK
                                  Production:                    Animation/VFX: PASSION PICTURES
                                  Animation: AXIS                                                VODAFONE
ANIMATION                                                                                        “SPEECH
                                  PSST! PASS IT ON...                                            Cinema and TVC :60
                                  Short films                                                    Agency: JWT
                                  Production:                                                    Director: WALTER
                                  GROW DESIGN                                                    STERN
                                  WORK                           Production: ACADEMY
                                  Participants include:          Animation/VFX: FRAMESTORE-CFC
                                  Aaron Stewart of
Hornet Inc.                                                                                      CINGULAR
Adam Gault                                                                                       “FLIPPIN”
Bran Dougherty-Johnson of Grow Design Work                                                       TVC :30
Buck                                                                                             Agency: BBDO NY,
Carlo Vega                                                                                       BBDO ATALNTA
Cassidy Gearhart of In Secret Agreement                                                          Director: ALEX WEIL
Chad Colby                                                                                       Animation:
Athletics                                                        CHARLEX
Emmett Dzieza
Jason Koxvold of bubble&squeak                                                                   PLAYSTATION
Jon Cannon of Transistor Studios and Double Outline                                              TVC :60
Mathias Steinforth of MateUniverse                                                               Agency: TBWA,
Matt Tragesser                                                                                   PARIS
Michael Waldron of Nailgun                                                                       Director: THOMAS
Cary Janks, Doug Purver and Felipe Posada of Modulation                                          MARQUÉ
Nation                                                                                           Animation:
Ryan Waller of Thingmaking                                       DEF2SHOOT
Ted Kostaftis of loyalkaspar
Victor Newman of Freestyle Collective
Noah Conopask of Pathogen with Anthony Vitagliano of

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                           LEVI'S SLIM JEANS                                                 RAIA 2006 “THE
                           “SLIM VS SLIM”                                                    FUTURE IS NOW”
                           TVC :90                                                           Event design
                           Agency: JWT,                                                      Client: ROYAL
                           MUMBAI                                                            AUSTRALIAN
                           Director/producer: E.                                             INSTITUTE OF
                           SURESH                                                            ARCHITECTS
Animation: FAMOUS HOUSE OF ANIMATION                                                         Director/design:
                                  UNITED NATIONS
                                  ASSOCIATION OF                                              NICKELODEON
                                  CANADA                                                      IMAGE CAMPAIGN
                                  TVC/PSA x 2                                                 Broadcast design
                                  Agency: SAATCHI &                                           Agency: MEWE
                                  SAATCHI , CANADA                                            Director: LUC JANIN
                                  Director: SAM CHOU,                                         Animation: WER3D
                                  SPACE                                                      “SHONEXT”
                                  Broadcast design                                           Broadcast design
                                  Client: SPACE                                              Client: SHOWTIME
                                  NETWORK                                                    NETWORKS
                                  CANADA                                                     Creative director:
                                  Director: NICOLAS                                          BEAT
                                  KADIMA                        BAUDENBACHER
Production/design: MONKBOT                                      Design/animation: LOYALKASPAR

                                  ARTE TRASH                                                  MTV HD “GOOD
                                  Broadcast design                                            LUCK SPELL”
                                  Director: VELVET                                            Broadcast design
                                  Animation/design:                                           Client: MTV
                                  VELVET                                                      NETWORKS
                                                                                              Director: SAM
                                                                Animation/design: FRIENDS WITH YOU
                                  ANIMAL PLANET
                                  “MAGIC CAT”                                                “WOFL”
                                  Short films                                                Short film
                                  Client: DISCOVERY                                          Client: UCBTV
                                  CHANNEL , ITALY                                            Director: DAVID
                                  Director: CELYN                                            O'REILLY
                                  Animation: NEXUS

                                  JAPAN'S 2006 MTV
                                  VIDEO MUSIC                                                “MICROVERT
                                  AWARDS                                                     FRAGMENT
                                  Broadcast design                                           #5306A”
                                  Agency: KESSELS                                            Short film
                                  KRAMER                                                     Directors: NIKA
                                  Director: ARVIND                                           OFFENBAC, DEVAN
PALEP                                                                                        SIMUNOVICH
Production/animation: 1ST AVE MACHINE                           Animation/VFX: C-TRL LABS

                                  THE KNOW                                                   SPARKASSE
                                  OPENING TITLES                                             SAVINGS BANK
                                  Show promo                                                 "WORK"
                                  Client: XYZ                                                TVC :30
                                  NETWORKS                                                   Agency: JUNG VON
                                  AUSTRALIA                                                  MATT
                                  Director: JOEL                                             Director: SEHSUCHT
PRONT                                                           Animation: SEHSUCHT
Design/animation: COLLIDER

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "WARTIME                                                          BONUS FILMS: A
                                  MUSIC”                                                            COMPANY
                                  TVC :30                                                           CALLED WANDA
                                  Agency: KNSK                                                      Hardwish:
                                  WERBEAGENTUR                                                      Director:
                                  Director: JAN                                                     Jean-François
                                  SCHULTCHEN                                                        Moriceau & Petra
VFX: OPTIX DIGITAL                                               Mrzyk
                                                                 Producer: Jean-Luc Bergeron
                                  LUCKY STRIKE                   Post-producer: Benjamin Teisseire
                                  “THE SWARM”                    Sound design: Goldfish
                                  Cinema/TVC :60                 3D animation: Frederic Mayer
                                  Agency: KNSK                   Edit Box finalization: Serge Dautheribes
                                  WERBEAGENTUR                   Bubbaloo:
                                  GMBH                           Director: Julien Trousselier
                                  Director: ANDREAS              Producer: Claude Fayolle
POHL                                                             Agency: TBWA
Animation: OPTIX DIGITAL PICTURES                                Music: “Pop'n Gum” by Superbus
                                                                 Post-producion: Sparx
                                  ESPN “BELIEVE”                 Flame: Frederic Brandon
                                  TVC :30                        3D Manager: Thierry Grizard
                                  Agency: WEIDEN +               Shakedown:
                                  KENNEDY , NY                   Director: Wilfrid Brimo
                                  Director: MARK                 Producer: Jean-Luc Bergeron
                                  GUSTAFSON                      Graphists: Team Chman
                                  Production/animation:          Label: Panoramic Records
                                                                 Stash 24 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  “TRI-P”                                                          CALTEX "FLIES"
                                  PSA x 3                                                          TVC :60
                                  Director: SL-CO                                                  Agency: GEORGE
                                  Animation: SL–CO                                                 PATTERSON Y&R,
                                                                                                   Director: GRAEME
                                                                 Production: FILMGRAPHICS
                                  NIKE                           Animation/VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC
                                  Promotional animation                                      HP "HANDS"
                                  Director: TODD ST.                                         TVC :60
                                  JOHN                                                       Agency: GOODBY,
                                  Animation/design:                                          SILVERSTEIN &
                                  HUNTERGATHERER                                             PARTNERS
                                                                                             Director: MATHEW
                                  VERSION2 AICP                                              CULLEN,
                                  SPONSOR OPEN                   JONATHAN DAYTON , VALERIE FARIS
                                  Event design                   Designers: GABE DUNNE, JOSH NIMOY
                                  Director: VERSION2             Production/VFX: MOTION THEORY
                                  VERSION2                                                          SAMSUNG
                                                                                                    TVC :30
                                  B@BY SOUL “A                                                      Agency: CHEIL
                                  LIFE TRIP”                                                        COMMUNICATIONS
                                  Music video                                                       MÉXICO
                                  Record label: EPIC                                                Director: JORGE LUIS
                                  RECORDS, JAPAN                 VAZQUEZ
                                  Director: TAKEO                Production: CENTRAL FILMS
                                  HATAI                          Animation/VFX: CLUSTER STUDIO
Production: KIRAMEKI
Design/Animation: LE PIVOT

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  SPECIALIZED                                                    FUEL TV "ADAPT",
                                  "HAPPY                                                         "IMAGINE THIS"
                                  ENTRAILS"                                                      TVCs x 2
                                  Viral                                                          Client: FOX CABLE
                                  Agency: GOODBY,                                                NETWORK'S FUEL
                                  SILVERSTEIN &                                                  TV
                                  PARTNERS                                                       Director: SHILO
Director: TOM KOH                                               Production/design: SHILO
Animation: BL:ND
                                                                                             X GAMES 12 "EYE",
                                  GAP "JEANS TAKE                                            "HEART",
                                  SHAPE"                                                     "BRAIN", "SMILE"
                                  TVC :30                                                    TVCs x 4
                                  Agency:                                                    Agency: GROUND
                                  LAIRD+PARTNERS,                                            ZERO
                                  NEW YORK                                                   ADVERTISING
                                  Directors: SHILO,             Directors: AGAINSTALLODDS , PSYOP
FRANCIS LAWRENCE                                                Production: BLACKLIST
Production: DNA                                                 Animation/design: AGAINSTALLODDS, PSYOP
Design/animation: SHILO
                                                                                                  CHANNEL NEWS
                               COCA COLA                                                          ASIA
                               "INSPIRATION"                                                      Broadcast design
                               TVC :30                                                            Client: CHANNEL
                               Agency: WEIDEN &                                                   NEWS ASIA
                               KENNEDY                                                            Director: ELIE
                               Director: JAMES                                                    ZACCOUR
                               PRICE                            Production/design: English & Pockett
Production/animation: TRANSISTOR STUDIOS
                                  REMA 1000                                                      Broadcast design x 3
                                  “LOURINGBEEF”                                                  Client: GAME SHOW
                                  TVC :60                                                        NETWORK
                                  Agency: MCCANN                                                 Creative director:
                                  Director: RAMUS                                                JUDY KORIN
                                  SIVERSTEN                                                      Production/animation:
                                  Animation: QVISTEN            CONCRETE PICTURES

                                  FOX SPORTS                                                     MTV K LAUNCH
                                  "LADDERS"                                                      PACKAGE
                                  TVC :60                                                        Broadcast design x 3
                                  Client: FOX SPORTS                                             Client: MTV
                                  Directors: ROBERT                                              NETWORKS
                                  GOTTLIEB,                                                      Director: FREESTLE
                                  GUILLERMO                                                      COLLECTIVE
LECUONA                                                         Production/design/animation: FREESTYLE
Production: MARSHA HUNT PRODUCTIONS                             COLLECTIVE
                                                                                                 DJ YODA
                                  KAYAK.COM "TRIP                                                “WHEELS”
                                  IDEAS"                                                         Music video
                                  TVCs x 4                                                       Record label:
                                  Agency: THE                                                    SANCTUARY
                                  BROOKLYN                                                       RECORDS,
                                  BROTHERS                                                       ANTIDOTE
                                  Director:                     RECORDS
LOYALKASPAR                                                     Director: NO-DOMAIN
Production: DRIVER. LOYALKASPAR                                 Design/animation: NO-DOMAIN

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "BLISSFUL"                                                  WYMAN WONG
                                  Short film                                                  “ZUI JIE WEI ZHI"
                                  Director:                                                   Music Video
                                  LEFTCHANNEL                                                 Record label:
                                  Design/animation:                                           WARNER MUSIC
                                  LEFTCHANNEL                                                 HONG KONG
                                                                                              Director: KO FAI
                                                                 Animation: FAT FACE
                                  THOM YORKE
                                  "HARROWDOWN                                                 "THE REALITY
                                  HILL"                                                       PROJECT"
                                  Music video                                                 Short film
                                  Record label: XL                                            Director: DOMENICO
                                  RECORDINGS                                                  BARTOLO
                                  Director: CHEL                                              Production/design:
WHITE                                                                                         21-19
Production/animation: BENT IMAGE LAB
                                                                                              NOKIA 6265i
                                  SUNDEK "WINTER                                              "EXPLOSION"
                                  IS BAD"                                                     TVC :30
                                  Viral                                                       Client: NOKIA
                                  Client: SUNDEK                                              PRODUCTS
                                  INTERNATIONAL                                               CANADA
                                  Director: LORENZO                                           Director: ALEX
                                  FONDA                          WITTHOLZ
Production: MERCURIO FILMS                                       Production: HI-FI FILMS,VANGUARDE ARTISTS ,
                                                                 HELIOS DESIGN LABS
                            "GIFTS OF DANCE                      VFX: HELIOS DESIGN LABS
                            AND MAGIC
                            TRANCE"                                                           THE HORRORS
                            Short film                                                        "SHEENA IS A
                            Client: HELLO                                                     PARASITE"
                            KITTY'S SECRET                                                    Music video
                            HOUSE EXHIBITION                                                  Record label:
Director: JONATHAN GARIN, NAOMI NISHIMURA                                                     LOOG/POLYDOR
Animation: PINTHIN                                                                            Director: CHRIS
                                  ORANGE "KIDS"                  VFX: GOLDEN SQUARE
                                  TVC :60
                                  Agency: MARCEL                                              MADONNA "GET
                                  Director: ANTOINE                                           TOGETHER"
                                  BARDOU-JACQUET                                              Music video
                                  Production:                                                 Record label:
                                  PARTIZAN MINI                                               WARNER BROS.
MINUIT                                                                                        Director: LOGAN
Animation: BUF                                                                                Production: LOGAN
                                                                 Design/animation LOGAN
                                  Exhibition promo                                              COCA-COLA
                                  Director: ALI                                                 “VIDEOGAME”
                                  TAYLOR                                                        Cimena & TVC :60
                                  Design: TADO                                                  Agency:
                                                                                                Director: SMITH &
                                  "STAND"                        Production/animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS
                                  Short film
                                  Director: STEPHEN

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

Rushes Soho Shorts Winners

                                  THE VUE
                                  „RABBIT' – Director:
                                  Run Wrake with Sclah

                                  THE SONY MUSIC
                                  VIDEO AWARD
                                  The White Stripes
                                  „THE DENIAL
                                  TWIST' – Director:
                                  Michel Gondry with

                                  THE ADOBE TITLE
                                  SEQUENCES &
                                  IDENTS AWARD
                                  „COME HOME TO
                                  THE SIMPSONS' –
                                  Director: Chris Palmer
                                  with Gorgeous

                                  THE ASCENT
                                  MEDIA SHORT FILM
                                  „CUBS' – Director:
                                  Tom Harper with Free
                                  Range Films

                                  THE ARRI/ARRI
                                  MEDIA NEWCOMER
                                  „GOODBYE MR
                                  SNUGGLES' –
                                  Director: Jonathan
                                  Hopkins with Between
The Eyes

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

STASH SIXPACK 5 – Issue 25-30
                                             This limited edition SIXPACK includes the complete disks from issues 25-30
                                             of STASH DVD MAGAZINE .
                                             This brand-new, limited edition six-disk set includes:
                                             • The complete disks from issues 25-30 of STASH DVD MAGAZINE
                                             • Over 150 international studios
                                             • Over 180 outstanding animation, VFX and motion graphics projects
                                             • TV and cinema commercials
                                             • broadcast design
                                             • music videos
                                             • branded content
                                             • virals
                                             • game cinematics
• short films
• behind the scenes extras
• Hi-res PDF files of the 40-page companion book for all six disks
• 2006 Global Student Animation Awards winners and runners up
• Bermuda Shorts Shorts
• “One Rat Short” by Alex Weil and Charlex
• “Moloch” by Marcin Pazera and Platige Image
• Stash Mini-fest 3 - Three experimental films
• All nine films from round two of Psst! Pass It On
• Universal Music Publishing Group
• Sub Pop Records
• Mush Records
• Definitive Jux
• Scatalogics Records
• Warp Records

6 DVDs US$138.00
Stash 25 includes these outstanding projects:
                                   GLOBAL STUDENT                                                DISCOVER CARD
                                   ANIMATION                                                     “SCISSORS”
                                   AWARDS 2006                                                   TVC :60
                                   ANIMATION                                                     Agency: THE
                                   WINNER / BEST OF                                              MARTIN AGENCY
                                   2006                                                          Director: PHIL
                                   “HUMANS!"                                                     JOANOU
Director: THREE LEGGED LEGS                                        Production: MJZ
                                                                   VFX: FRAMESTORE NY
                                   PEUGEOT 407 "END
                                   OF GAME"                                                      LUX "HOT AIR
                                   TVC :45                                                       BALLOON"
                                   Agency: BETC EURO                                             TVC : 90
                                   RSCG                                                          Agency: SANTO
                                   Director: ANTOINE                                             BUENOS AIRES
                                   BARDOU-JACQUET                                                Director: NACHO
Production: PARTIZAN                                                                             GAYAN
Animation/VFX: BUF                                                 Production: STINK
                                                                   VFX: GLASSWORKS
                                   INFINITI “FMX"
                                   "G-SPOT"                                                    T-MOBILE “FLAT
                                   TVC :30 x 2                                                 WORLD”
                                   Agency:                                                     TVC :40
                                   TBWA\CHIAT\DAY                                              Agency: SAATCHI &
                                   Director: PLEIX                                             SAATCHI
                                   Production:                                                 Director: KIM
BLINKINK                                                                                       GELDENHUYS
VFX: THE MILL                                                      Production: ACADEMY, EGG FILMS
                                                                   VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY
The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "THE PINK                                                     "DIESEL DENIM
                                  PANTHER"                                                      CAMPAIGN F/W
                                  Title design                                                  2006"
                                  Client: MGM /                                                 In-store video
                                  COLUMBIA                                                      Client: DIESEL
                                  PICTURES                                                      Director: LO IACONO
                                  Directors: KUNTZEL                                            Animation: LO
+ DEYGAS                                                        IACONO
Animation: NEXUS
                                                                                                PUNGA VISUAL
                                  MTV BRAND NEW                                                 CONSORCIO
                                  CHANNEL                                                       Recent MTV Latino
                                  Broadcast design                                              work
                                  Client: MTV                                                   Director: PUNGA
                                  NETWORKS                                                      Design/animation:
                                  Director: POST                                                PUNGA
Design/animation: POSTPANIC                                                                     VESPA
                                  "NICK TONICO"                                                 TVC :60
                                  Broadcast Design                                              Agency: DENTSU
                                  Client:                                                       Creative director:
                                  NICKELODEON                                                   GLEN HUNT
                                  LATIN AMERICA                                                 Animation: CRUSH
                                  COLORBLOK                                                     MADAME
Design: FANTASIA INK                                                                            TUSSAUD'S
Animation: COLORBLOK                                                                            PLANETARIUM
                                                                                                "THE WONDERFUL
                                  GLOBAL                                                        WORLD OF STARS"
                                  TELEVISION                                                    Event film (excerpts)
                                  “TVTROPOLIS”                                                  Director: STEFAN
                                  Broadcast design              MARJORAM
                                  Client: CANWEST               Production/animation: AARDMAN
                                  Director: ELAINE                                              GLOBAL STUDENT
CANTWELL                                                                                        ANIMATION
Animation/design: SPARK                                                                         AWARDS 2006
                                                                                                VFX WINNER
                                  GLOBAL STUDENT                                                “DIVERSION"
                                  ANIMATION                                                     Director: AIDAN
                                  AWARDS 2006                                                   GIBBONS, SIMON
                                  MOTION GRAPHICS               REEVES
                                  “NIKE ID                                                      CALIFORNIA
                                  CONCEPTION”                                                   COASTAL
Director: TED GORE                                                                              COMMISSION
                                  MTV “BARRIO 19”                                               SPECIES"
                                  Broadcast design                                              TVC :30
                                  Client: MTV                                                   Agency: GOODBY
                                  NETWORKS                      SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS
                                  Director: MODEL               Director: STARDUST
                                  ROBOT                         Animation: STARDUST
BERMUDA SHORTS                                                                                  TIME TRUMPET
Animation: MODEL ROBOT                                                                          "TESCO WARS"
                                                                                                Client: BBC
                                                                                                Production: TOMBOY
                                                                                                Director: BEN
                                                                Animation/VFX: BEN WHEATLEY

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  HUAXIA 2                                                     GLOBAL STUDENT
                                                                                               ANIMATION AWARDS
                                  Game cinematic
                                  Client: SHENZHEN                                             AUDIENCE CHOICE
                                  DOMAIN                                                       WINNER
                                  Director: WANG                                               “TRAVEL DIARY”
                                  SHANG                                                        Director: KENG
                                  Animation/VFX:                                               MING LIU
                                                                                               "BENDITO MACHINE"
                          THE KNIFE "WE                                                        Short film
                          SHARE OUR                                                            Director:
                          MOTHERS'                                                             ZUMBAKAMERA
                          HEALTH"                                                              Animation:
                          Music video                                                          ZUMBAKAMERA
                          Record label: RABID
                          RECORDS                                                              Stash 26 includes
Director: MOTOMICHI NAKAMURA                                     these outstanding projects:
Animation: MOTOMICHI NAKAMURA                                                                  TRAVELERS
                                                                                               TVC :30
                                  JOSIE "HELL'S                                                Agency: FALLON
                                  KITCHEN"                                                     MINNEAPOLIS
                                  Music Video                                                  Director: DANTE
                                  Director: KO FAI                                             ARIOLA
                                  Animation: FAT                                               Production: MJZ
                                  FACE                           VFX: WETA DIGITAL

                              MEGA BLOCKS                                                      "DRUMLINE"
                              "CREATIVITY TO                                                   TVC :30
                              THE RESCUE"                                                      Agency: THE
                              Viral                                                            RICAHRDS GROUP
                              Agency:                                                          Director: JOHN
                              STRAWBERRYFRO                                                    ALLARDICE
                              G , NEW YORK                                                     Animation: SWAY
Production/animation: WORLD LEADERS                                                            LOTTO "FISHMAN",
ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                  "NUMBERS",
                                                                                               "WASHING MACHINE"
                                  BUD LIGHT                                                    TVCs : 30
                                  "ALIEN"                                                      Agency: DDFH&B
                                  Spec spot :30                                                Director: RORY
                                  Director: JAN CHEN                                           Production/animation:
                                  Production/animation:          BROWN BAG FILMS
                                  COCA-COLA                                                    "DECOY", "TRAP"
                                  "SUMMER",                                                    TVCs :30
                                  "FRIDGE"                                                     Agency: CRISPIN
                                  TVCs x 2                                                     PORTER & BOGUSKY
                                  Agency: MOTHER,                                              Director:
                                  LONDON                                                       TOMORROW'S
                                  Directors: ACE                 BRIGHTEST MINDS
NORTON, CHRIS CAIRNS                                             Production: OIL FACTORY
Production/animation:PARTIZAN                                    Animation/VFX: ZOIC STUDIOS

                                  THE FORMAT "THE                                              COCA-COLA "THE
                                  COMPROMISE"                                                  TVC :60
                                  Music video                                                  Agency: PUBLICIS
                                  Record label:                                                CONSEIL PARIS
                                  NETTWERK                                                     Director: SÉBASTIEN
                                  Director: BRYAN LEE                                          CHANTREL
                                  Animation: NYLON               Production: PREMIÈRE HEURE
MOTION                                                           VFX: PREMIÈRE HEURE
The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  GM “ELEVATION"                                              MR. SUB "BUTTON
                                  TVC :60                                                     POP", "WORLD
                                  Agency: DEUTSCH                                             TILT"
                                  INC                                                         TVCs :30
                                  Director: PHIL                                              Agency: ZIG INC.
                                  JOANOU                                                      TORONTO
                                  Production: MJZ                                             Director: JAMER
VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN                                              PATERSON
                                                                 Production/animation: ELECTRIC COMPANY

                                  APPLE IPOD NANO                                            "WELCOME,
                                  “COLORS”                                                   LITHUANIA "
                                  TVC :30                                                    Music video
                                  Agency:                                                    Design/animation: PET
                                  TBWA\CHIAT\DAY                                             PUNK
                                  Directors: MARK
EXOPOLIS                                                                                      "BEAUTY IS THE
Production: ANONYMOUS CONTENT                                                                 PROMISE OF
Animation/design: EXOPOLIS                                                                    HAPPINESS"
                                                                                              Short film
                                  DREW LIGHTFOOT                                              Director: JON YEO
                                  Recent music videos                                         Animation/design:
                                  CONSTANTINES                                                JON YEO
                                  FULL-TIME"                                                 AIDS WOLF "SPIT
                                  Record label: SUBPOP                                       TASTES LIKE
                                  / THREE GUT                                                METAL"
RECORDS                                                                                      Music video
GUSTER "ONE MAN WRECKING MACHINE"                                                            Record label: WYLD
Record label: WARNER MUSIC/REPRIS                                                            FILE PRODUCTIONS
                                                                                             Director: E-ROCK
                                  E4 MUSIC                       Design: SERIPOP
                                  Broadcast design
                                  Client: CHANNEL 4                                          TELEMETRY
                                  Director: JAN                                              ORCHESTRA
                                  BRZECZKOWSKI                                               “UNDER THE
                                  Production/animation:                                      CHERRY TREE”
                                  PREMIÈRE HEURE                                             Music video
                                                                                             Record label:
                                  CHANNEL V "TOP                                             UNDERCOVER
                                  100 LOONIES"                   MUSIC
                                  Broadcast design               Director: DAEL OATES
                                  Client: CHANNEL V              Design/animation: ANIMAL LOGIC
                                  Director: LULU LI                                          NIKE "ONE TIME
                                  Animation/design:                                          ONLY"
DIDELIDI                                                                                     Virals x 3
                                                                                             Client: NIKE
                              TV6 SWEDEN                                                     Director: TODD ST.
                              Broadcast design                                               JOHN
                              Client: VIASAT                                                 Animation/design:
                              BROADCASTING                       HUNTERGATHERER
                              UK LTD
                              Director: DAN                                                  ANORAK
                              CAPSTICK                                                       "RUNNING OUT OF
Design/production: ENGLISH & POCKETT                                                         MEMORIES"
                                                                                             Music video
                                                                                             Record label:
                                                                                             RHONDA RECORDS
                                                                                             /HOUSTON PARTY
                                                                 Director: CANNONBALL
                                                                 Animation: CANNONBALL

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  FOREIGN OFFICE                                                  PRAVDA ONE
                                  Recent work for Nokia                                           MINUTE FILM
                                  Design/animation:                                               FESTIVAL
                                  FOREIGN OFFICE                                                  "MATCHES"
                                                                                                  TVC :30
                                                                                                  Client: PRAVDA
                                                                                                  Design/animation: PET
                                  ZERO 7 FEATURING
                                  JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ                                                   “PUFFING AWAY”
                                  "FUTURES"                                                       Short film
                                  Music video                                                     Director: ISAAC
                                  Record label:                                                   KING
                                  ATLANTIC                                                        Animation: ISAAC
                                  RECORDS / TIME                                                  KING
Production/post: 2MINDS                                                                           "EXIT"
                                  "ROOTSNINE"                                                     Director: SATOSHI
                                  Short film                                                      TOMIOKA
                                  Director:                                                       Animation:
                                  MONKEYMEN                                                       KANABAN
                                  Design/animation:                                               GRAPHICS
                                                                                                  BERMUDA SHORTS'
                                  SHELL “THE                                                      "DIRTY MIND
                                  CHASE”                                                          GROOVE"
                                  TVC :45                                                         Short film
                                  Agency: JWT                                                     "MIRROR MASK"
                                  LONDON                                                          Feature film (excerpt)
                                  Directors: MARIE               "THE C.M.O.N.S."
                                  HYON, MARCO                    Broadcast vignettes
Production: FILMWORKS DUBAI                                      Stash 27 includes these outstanding projects:
Animation: PSYOP                                                                                    CITROEN C4
                                  DUPONT "HI SCI"                                                   "MUTATION"
                                  TVC :60                                                           TVC :30
                                  Agency: OGILVY                                                    Agency: SCHER
                                  NYC                                                               LAFARGE
                                  Director: LOBO                                                    Director: NO BRAIN
                                  Production: THE                                                   Production: COSA
                                  EBELING GROUP                  Animation/VFX: NOBRAIN
Animation/design: LOBO
                                                                                                  JOHNNIE WALKER
                                  MATCH.COM                                                       "HUMAN"
                                  TVC :30                                                         TVC :60
                                  Agency: MARCEL                                                  Agency:
                                  REPUBLIQUE PARIS                                                BBHDirector: DANTE
                                  Director: THOMAS                                                ARIOLA
                                  TYMAN                                                           Production: MJZ
                                  Animation: EX-VOTO             Animation/VFX: THE MILL

                                  MTV 48 FEST                                                     DOVE
                                  Event film                                                      "EVOLUTION"
                                  Client: MTV                                                     Viral
                                  INTERNATIONAL                                                   Agency: OGILVY,
                                  Director: JULIAN                                                TORONTO
                                  GREY                                                            Director: YAEL
                                  Animation: HEAD                                                 STAAV
GEAR ANIMATION                                                   Production: REGINALD PIKE
                                                                 VFX: SOHO

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                               LUX                              MELBOURNE
                               “PROVOCATEUR”                    Director: MASATAKA KAWANO
                               TVC :45                          Production/animation: MASATAKA KAWANO,
                               Agency: SANTO                    INDEPENDENT FILMS
                               Directors: CHEL
                               WHITE, RAY DI                                                 CBS RE-BRAND
                               CARLO                                                         "WE ARE CBS"
Production/animation: BENT IMAGE LAB                                                         Broadcast design
                                                                                             Client: CBS
                           NISSAN "CROCO",                                                   Director:
                           "COUGAR"                                                          TROLLBÄCK +
                           TVC :30 x 2                                                       COMPANY
                           Agency: TBWA                         Animation/design: TROLLBÄCK + COMPANY
                           Director: LIVEN VAN                  www.trollback.com
                           BAELEN                               NBC RE-BRAND
                           Production: LA PAC                   Broadcast design
Animation/VFX: MIKROS IMAGE LAB                                 Client: THE NBC AGENCY
                                                                Director: NBC MAGIC
                                  GORDON'S GIN
                                  "GIRAFFE",                                                 THE SCIENCE
                                  "GEISHA"                                                   CHANNEL
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                               TVCs :20
                                  Agency: BBH                                                Client: DISCOVERY
                                  Director: PETE                                             CHANNEL
                                  CANDELAND                                                  Directors: MICHAEL
Animation: PASSION PICTURES                                                                  UMAN, LUIS
                                  MICROSOFT ZUNE                Animation: INTERSPECTACULAR
                                  "TWO LITTLE
                                  BIRDS"                        "TIME TRUMPET”
                                  Viral                         Opening titles
                                  Agency: 72 & SUNNY            Client: BBC ENTERTAINMENT
                                  Director: MOTION              Director: ARMANDO IANUCCI
                                  THEORY                        Animation/design: FRAMESTORE CFC
Animation/design: MOTION
                                  THEORY                                                     CHANNEL "BIG
                                  I LOVE YOU BUT                                             SCIENCE"
                                  I'VE CHOSEN                                                Broadcast design
                                  DARKNESS                                                   Director: JEANNE
                                  "THE OWL"                                                  KOPECK
                                  Music video                                                Production/design:
                                  Record label:                 CITIZEN PICTURES
                                  SECRETLY                      Animation/VFX: MOTION504
Director: EMMANUEL HO                                                                   DEMANDER
Animation: EMMANUEL HO                                                                  “HOLLIS”
                                                                                        Music video
                                  THE MOVIE                                             Director: NORMA V
                                  NETWORK                                               TORAYA
                                  Broadcast design                                      Production:
                                  Client: ASTRAL                                        ELECTRIC
                                  TELEVISION                    COMPANY, CURIOUS PICTURES
                                  NETWORKS                      Animation: CRANKBUNNY
                                  Director: BUZZ
IMAGE GROUP                                                                                  GNARLS BARKLEY
Animation/design: BUZZ IMAGE GROUP                                                           "GONE DADDY
                                  TRIPLE M                                                   Music video
                                  "ESSENTIAL                                                 Record label:
                                  COUNTDOWN"                                                 DOWNTOWN
                                  TVCs x 3                                                   RECORDS, WARNER
                                  Agency: GEORGE                MUSIC
                                  PATTERSON Y & R,              Director: CHRIS MILK

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

Production: @RADICAL MEDIA                                                                   TOYOTA
Animation: SABOTAGE                                                                          "SPORTIVO",
                                  "KILLING THE                                               TVCs :30 x 2
                                  FITTEST”                                                   Agency: MOJO
                                  Short film                                                 PUBLICIS
                                  Director: SANTOSH                                          AUSTRALIA
                                  KALE                          Directors: JONATHAN NOTARO, JENS GEHLHAAR
                                  Animation/design:             Design/animation: BRAND NEW SCHOOL
WORM                                                                                            HOLDEN CAPRICE
                                  GE "GO BIG"                                                   TVC: 30
                                  Event film                                                    Agency: MCCANN
                                  Director: TRONIC                                              ERICKSON
                                  Animation/design:                                             MELBOURNE
                                  TRONIC                                                        Director: GRAEME
                                                                Production: FILMGRAPHICS
                                                                Animation/VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC
                                  Recent work                                                   " BATTLE OF THE
                                  www.pattern.tv                                                AD BANDS IV"
                                  FLOWERMASCHINE                                                Viral
                                  Short film                                                    Client: FLUID
                                  TOPLINE                                                       Director: UGLY
                                  "FOTOCOPIA"                                                   PICTURES
TVC :30                                                                                         Production: CURIOUS
Client: ARCOR                                                   PICTURES, FLUID
Directors: SANTIAGO IDELSON, SEBASTIAN MALFE                    Animation: MAN VS MAGNET

                                  YELLOW                                                        "WINDOWS
                                  “SCOOTER                                                      MASKS DOORS"
                                  SQUAD”                                                        Short film
                                  TVC :30                                                       Director: SARAH
                                  Agency: GEORGE                                                ORENSTEIN
                                  PATTERSON Y&R                                                 Animation/design:
                                  Director: TIM                                                 SARAH ORENSTEIN
Production: XYZ STUDIOS                                                                         "RAYMOND"
Animation: XYZ STUDIOS                                                                          Short film
                                                                                                Directors: BIF
                                  AMERICAN                                                      Production: THE
                                  EXPRESS                                                       MILL
                                  “ANIMALS”                                                     Animation: THE MILL
                                  Cinema 2:00
                                  Agency: OGILVY
                                  Director: BRYAN                                               "ONE RAT SHORT"
                                  BUCKLEY                                                       Director: ALEX WEIL
Production: HUNGRY MAN                                                                          Production/animation:
VFX: BIG SKY EFFECTS                                                                            CHARLEX

                                  TOYOTA "NESSIE"
                                  TVC :30
                                  Agency: SAATCHI &
                                  SAATCHI, LOS                  Stash 28 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  ANGELES                                                          COCA COLA "THE
                                  Director: RUPERT                                                 GREATEST GIFT
                                  SANDERS                                                          Cinema and TVC :60
Production: MJZ                                                                                    Agency: MOTHER
VFX: METHOD STUDIOS                                                                                Director: KERRY
                                                                                                   Production: LOOKING

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

GLASS FILMS                                                     Director: THEIRRY POIRAUD
VFX: FRAMESTORE NY                                              Production: PARANOID US
                                                                VFX: BUF
                                  PLAYSTATION 3
                                  "RUBIK", "BABY                                            MTV EUROPE
                                  DOLL", "EGGS",                                            MUSIC AWARDS
                                  "DRIP"                                                    2006
                                  TVC :30 x 4                                               Broadcast campaign
                                  Agency:                                                   Client: MTV
                                  TBWA\CHIAT\DAY,                                           NETWORKS
LOS ANGELES                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL
Director: RUPERT SANDERS                                        Design manager: SOPHIE HOWARD-JONES
Production: MJZ                                                 Animation/design: MTV NETWORKS
VFX: ASYLUM                                                     INTERNATIONAL

                                  GEARS OF WAR                                                  RUSSELL BRAND'S
                                  "MAD"                                                         GOT ISSUES
                                  TVC :60                                                       Opening titles
                                  Agency:                                                       Client: VANITY
                                  MCCANN-ERICKSO                                                PROJECTS
                                  N SAN FRANCISCO                                               Director: BLAC
                                  Game distributor:                                             IONICA
EPIC GAMES                                                      Animation/design: BLAC IONICA
Animation: DIGITAL DOMAIN                                                                       RUFF MERCY
                                                                                                Recent broadcast work
                                  TVC :60
                                  Agency: MCCANN
                                  ERICKSON, MEXICO
                                  Director: THE
                                  EMBASSY                                                       OLD PARLIAMENT
Animation/VFX: THE EMBASSY                                                                      HOUSE "PRESS
                                  MOTLEY BIRD                                                   TVC: 30
                                  "LOVEBIRDS"                                                   Agency: ZOO
                                  TVC :35                                                       ADVERTISING
                                  Agency: THIRD SKIN                                            Director: EYE
                                  Creative directors:           CANDY ANIMATION
                                  MARIE HYON,                   Animation: EYE CANDY ANIMATION
                                  MARCO SPIER
Animation/design: PSYOP                                                                         MTV OVERDRIVE
                                  HONDA "BIRDS"                                                 TVC :30
                                  TVC :30                                                       Agency: MTV
                                  Agency:                                                       CANADA
                                  VILLARROSÀS,                                                  Director: WENDY
                                  BARCELONA                                                     MORGAN
                                  Director: NACHO               Design/VFX: MTV CANADA
Production: AGOSTO                                                                              WILDSCREEN
VFX: EL RANCHITO                                                                                FILM FESTIVAL
                                                                                                Festival ident
                                  NISSAN TITAN                                                  Director: BOBBY
                                  "THE CHASE",                                                  PROCTOR
                                  "THE CHASE 2"                                                 Production/design/ani
                                  TVCs :60 x 2                                                  mation: AARDMAN
                                  LOS ANGELES

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  WAY2QUIT.COM                                              MINI LAUNCH
                                  Virals x 5                                                Outdoor films x 4
                                  Client:                                                   Agency: WCRS
                                  GLAXOSMITHKLIN                                            Director: CHRIS
                                  E                                                         CAIRNS
                                  Agency: ARNOLD                                            Production:
                                  WORLD WIDE, NEW                                           PARTIZAN
YORK                                                            Animation: DISQO, GOLDEN SQUARE
TRUSSELL                                                                                     SPACE.NK
Production: BLACKLIST, TRANSISTOR STUDIOS,                                                   "DISCOVERY"
JOEL TRUSSELL                                                                                Cinema and TVC :60
Animation/design: SAIMAN CHOW,                                                               Agency: WEIDEN +
FRIENDSWITHYOU, JOEL TRUSSELL                                                                KENNEDY,
                                  THE SOFTLIGHTES                                            Director: UP THE
                                  "HEART MADE OF                RESOLUTION
                                  SOUND"                                                     Animation/design: UP
                                  Music video                                                THE RESOLUTION
                                  Record label:                                              NIKE HOLIDAY
                                  MODULAR                                                    "RAIN", "SNOW",
                                  RECORDINGS                                                 "WIND"
Director: KRIS MOYES                                                                         In-store films x 3
                                                                                             Client: NIKE
                                  SUBTLE "THE                                                Director: NANDO
                                  MERCURY CRAZE"                COSTA
                                  Music video                   Animation: NANDO COSTA
                                  Record label: LEX
                                  RECORDS                                                    MADVILLIAN
                                  Director: SSSR                                             "MONKEY SUITE"
                                  Animation/design:                                          Music video
PASSION PICTURES                                                                             Record label: STONES
                                  "BANANA                                                    Production: SUPER-FI
                                  SWITCHAROO”                                                Director: DANIEL
                                  Short film                    GARCIA
                                  Director: AARON               Post/VFX: VERSION2
                                  Animation/design:                                          "THE TECHNICAL
                                  AARON STEWART,                                             HITCH"
WILLIAM                                                                                      Short film
                                                                                             Director: JON
                                  ONECALL                                                    DUNLEAVY
                                  TVC :30 x 2                                                Production: SCREEN
                                  Director: BUG                                              EAST, UK FILM
                                  Animation/design:             Animation: JON DUNLEAVY
                                                                                             Short film
                                                                                             Director: DARREN
                                  TYLENOL "SNAKE"                                            PRICE
                                  "BULL"                                                     Production:
                                  "DRAGON"                                                   BLACKWATCH
                                  "ELEPHANT"                                                 PRODUCTIONS
                                  TVC :15 x 4                   Animation: DARREN PRICE
                                  Agency: MACLAREN
                                  MCCANN                                                     LI NING SPORT
Director: AGAINSTALLODDS                                                                     “PLUMB
Production: BLACKLIST                                                                        COLUMNS”
Animation/design: AGAINSTALLODDS                                                             TVC :60 (Director's
                                                                                             Agency: LEO
                                                                                             BURNETT BEIJING

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

Director: XIANFENG ZHANG                                                                    AUDI "SKATE"
Animation/VFX: MOTION LOGIX                                                                 TVC :30 (spec)
                                                                                            Director: MATHIEU
                                  CINGULAR                                                  WOTHKÉ
                                  “BLACKJACK                                                Animation:
                                  FLOURISH”                                                 FREDERIC
                                  TVC :30                                                   BONPAPA
                                  Agency: BBDO NEW
                                  YORK                                                      NIKE "POOL",
                                  Director: SHILO                                           "TIME OUT",
Design/animation: SHILO                                                                     "DUNK"
                                                                                            TVC :30 x 3
                          MICROSOFT "ZUNE                                                   Agency:
                          ARTS"                                                             WIEDEN+KENNEDY,
                          Virals & TVCs                                                     PORTLAND
                          Agency: 72 AND                        Director: STACY WALL
                          SUNNY                                 Production: EPOCH FILMS, BICOASTAL
                          Directors/animation/de                VFX: RING OF FIRE
                          sign: BENT IMAGE
LAB, BITSTATE, MOTION THEORY, OGREMAGI,                                                     VOLVO C30 “A
SUZANNE DEAKIN, SSSR, TOKYO PLASTIC                                                         PRODUCT OF FREE
                                  "MOLOCH"                                                  Viral and TVCs :20 x 2
                                  Short film                                                Agency: EURO RSCG
                                  Director: MARCIN                                          / FUEL LONDON
                                  PAZERA                                                    Director: NATIONAL
                                  Animation: PLATIGE            TELEVISION
                                                                Animation/design: NATIONAL TELEVISION

                                                                                            IRN BRU
Stash 29 includes these outstanding projects:                                               "PHENOMENAL
                                   NIKE “ META 7”                                           XMAS"
                                   Branded content                                          TVC :60
                                   Client: NIKE ASIA                                        Client: A G BARR
                                   PACIFIC                                                  Agency: THE LEITH
                                   Agency:                                                  AGENCY,
                                   WEIDEN+KENNEDY,              EDINBURGH
                                   TOKYO                        Director: ROBIN SHAW
                                   Director: PAUL               Animation: SHERBET
Animation: NANOSPORE                                                                        UNILEVER
                                  XBOX 360 HALO 3                                           PRETZEL"
                                  "STARRY NIGHT"                                            TVC :30
                                  Video game trailer                                        Agency: BAUMANN
                                  Agency:                                                   BER RIVNAY
                                  MCCANN-ERICKSO                                            SAATCHI &
                                  N, SAN FRANCISCO              SAATCHI
                                  Director: JOSEPH              Director: ILAN BOUNI
KOSINSKI                                                        Animation: GRAVITY
Animation: DIGITAL DOMAIN                                                                   SKANK
                                  ONCE                                                      Music video
                                  TVC :60 (director's                                       Director: LOBO
                                  cut)                                                      Production: THE
                                  Agency: DELVICO                                           EBELING GROUP
                                  MADRID                                                    Animation/VFX:
                                  Director: CARL                LOBO
                                  ERICH RINSCH
Production: TESAURO

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  FUEL TV                                                   "FUORIFUOCO "
                                  SIGNATURE SERIES                                          Short film
                                  Recent broadcast                                          Director: CRISTINA
                                  design                                                    DIANA SERESINI
                                                                                            CRISTINA DIANA

                                  ALT TV "GUY N                                             NO MOON
                                  ERIC "                                                    Recent work
                                  Broadcast IDs
                                  Director: ANT BELL
                                  ALT TV

                                  TV LAND "THE                                              "INHERITANCE"
                                  HAND",                                                    Short film
                                  "FOOTWEAR",                                               Director: MIKE
                                  "HAIRSTYLES",                                             WEISS
                                  "TEEVEELAND"                                              Production/animation:
                                  Broadcast design                                          DELICIOUS
                                  Client: TV LAND                                           NOUGAT
Director: BUCK
Animation/design: BUCK                                                                      CO-OP "EXQUISITE
                                  "VIRTUOSI"                                                Student film
                                  Music festival show                                       School: SWINBURNE
                                  open                                                      UNIVERSITY OF
                                  Director: MARCELO                                         TECHNOLOGY
                                  GARCIA                                                    Creative director: JON
                                  Animation/design:             GORMAN
                                  MARCELO GARCIA
                                  FUEL TV "NEW                                                 "JAWS OF LIFE"
                                  POLLUTION"                                                   Music video
                                  Show open                                                    Record label:
                                  Production: LAMBO                                            LABWORK MUSIC
                                  Director: JUSTIN                                             Director: SEAN
                                  HARDER                                                       WAINSTEIM
                                  Animation/design:             Production/animation: SEAN WAINSTEIM , JAMES
                                  LAMBO                         MEJIA

                                  BIGFM                                                      THE KNIFE "LIKE A
                                  "SPEAKERS"                                                 PEN"
                                  Cinema and TVC :45                                         Music video
                                  Agency: JUNG VON                                           Record label: MUTE
                                  MATT                                                       RECORDS
                                  Director:                                                  Director: ANDREAS
                                  AIXSPONZA                                                  NILSSON
Animation: AIXSPONZA                                            Animation/design: ANDREAS NILSSON

                              COLDCUT "SOUND                                                D.SOUL THE SOUL
                              MIRRORS"                                                      SAMURAI "DONT
                              Music video                                                   SET YOUR SELF
                              Record label: NINJA                                           ON FIRE"
                              TUNE                                                          Music video
                              Director: UP THE                                              Client:
                              RESOLUTION                                                    ZEROFEEDBACK
Animation/design: UP THE RESOLUTION                             Record label: DEJINE:REC
                                                                Director: SL Co
                                                                Animation/design: SL

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "AIR"                         Stash 30 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  Short film                                                       VOLKSWAGEN
                                  Director: ELENA                                                  PHAETON
                                  WEN                                                              "GALANTY
                                  Animation: ELENA                                                 SHOW"
                                  WEN                                                              TVC : 85
                                                                                                   Agency: GRABARZ
                                                                                                   UND PARTNER
                                  "LOOK HERE KID"                                                  Director: MICHAEL
                                  Spec music video              REISSINGER
                                  Director: WES                 Production: DELI PICTURES
                                  RICHARDSON                    VFX: DELI PICTURES
                                  Animation: WES
                                  RICHARDSON                                                    QWEST "WHALE",
                                                                                                TVC :30 x 3
                                  THE PAINTED VEIL                                              Agency: MCKINNEY ,
                                  Feature film titles                                           DURHAM
                                  Client: JOHN                                                  Production: SHINE
                                  Director: KYLE                                                LLOYDS TSB "FOR
                                  COOPER                                                        THE JOURNEY"
                                  Production/design:                                            TVC :60
PROLOGUE FILMS                                                                                  Agency: RAINEY
                                  "THE CROSSING"                                                Director: MARC
                                  Branded content                                               CRASTE
                                  Agency: BBDO NEW              Animation: STUDIO AKA
                                  Director: ERIKA                                        VOLVO C30
                                  AKERLUND                                               PROJECT
                                  Production: HSI                                        Virals X 5
LONDON                                                                                   Agency: FUEL
Animation: ERIKA AKERLUND                                                                LONDON
                                                                                         Directors: COAN &
                                  "SAMURAI"                                              ZORN, PIERRE &
                                  Branded content               BERTRAND, RACHEL THOMAS, STEVE SCOTT
                                  Agency: BBDO NEW              Production: NOT TO SCALE
                                  Director: THREE                                               ORVILLE
                                  LEGGED LEGS                                                   REDENBACHER
                                  Production: GREEN                                             "DIGITAL MUSIC"
DOT FILMS                                                                                       TVC :30
Animation: THREE LEGGED LEGS                                                                    Client: CONAGRA
                                  EXPERIMENTAL                                                  Agency: CRISPIN
                                  MINI FEST                     PORTER + BOGUSKY
                                  "SUZANNE DA                   Director: DAVID FINCHER
                                  CRUZ VERSUS DEL               Production: ANONYMOUS CONTENT
                                  WIRE"                         Animation: DIGITAL DOMAIN
                                  Short film
                                  Director: XAVIER                                            RESFEST10
CHASSAING                                                                                     Opener, teaser, idents
Production: NACOPAJAZ                                                                         Client: RES MEDIA
Post/design: WIZZ                                                                             GROUP
                                                                Design/animation: TRANSISTOR STUDIOS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  CLARK "HERR                                                THE DISCOVERY
                                  BARR"                                                      CHANNEL
                                  Music video                                                "TOYOTA : ONE
                                  Record label: WARP                                         AIM"
                                  RECORDS                                                    Documentary excerpt
                                  Director: R JAMES                                          Agency: BROTHERS
                                  HEALEY                                                     AND SISTERS
Production: COLONEL BLIMP                                       Director: STEVE SMITH
Animation/VFX: R JAMES HEALY                                    Animation: TRUNK

                                  AMAUTALAB                                                  NANDO COSTA
                                  Recent work                                                Recent work
                                  RESFEST10 BUENOS
                                  Opening titles
                                  TOKYO NOW
Broadcast ident
                                                                                             ARBY'S ACTION
                                  ESPN-NBA                                                   SPORTS AWARDS
                                  "CONTENDERS",                                              Show open
                                  “FEATS”,                                                   Client: FUEL TV
                                  “YOUNGSTERS”                                               Director: SHILO
                                  TVC :30 x 3                                                Design/animation:
                                  Agency:                                                    SHILO
Director: CISMA                                                                              FOX SPORTS
Production: BLACKLIST                                                                        "GALAXY"
Animation: CISMA                                                                             TVC :60
                                                                                             Directors: ROBERT
                                  NTH DEGREE                                                 GOTTLIEB, ROB
                                  Recent work                                                HOOVER
                                  TURNER CLASSIC                                             Production: FOX
                                  MOVIES                        SPORTS
                                  DISCOVERY                     Animation/VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN
                                  CHANNEL "BABY
                                  WEEK"                                                      U2 "WINDOWS IN
                                                                                             THE SKIES"
                                  NICKTOONS                                                  Music video x 2
                                  Broadcast design                                           Record label:
                                  Client: NICKTOON                                           INTERSCOPE
                                  NETWORKS                                                   RECORDS
                                  Director:                                                  Agency:
                                  ADOLESCENT                    MODERNISTA!
                                  Animation/design:             Director: GARY KOEPKE
ADOLESCENT                                                      Post: THE MILL NY

                                  ECKOTV "EPISODE                                              GOTYE "HEARTS A
                                  3"                                                           MESS"
                                  DVD video design                                             Music video
                                  Client: ECKO                                                 Record label:
                                  UNLIMITED                                                    CREATIVE VIBES
                                  Director:                                                    Director: BRENDAN
                                  HEAVENSPOT                                                   COOK
Animation/design: HEAVENSPOT                                    Production/animation: PICTUREDRIFT

                             CHANNEL FOUR                                                    O.LAMM
                             FINLAND " SOHO "                                                "AERIALIST"
                             Broadcast design                                                Music video
                             Client: CHANNEL                                                 Record label: ACTIVE
                             FOUR FINLAND                                                    SUSPENSION
                             Director: FAKE                                                  Director:
                             GRAPHICS                                                        MUMBLEBOY
Animation/design: FAKE GRAPHICS                                 Animation: MUMBLEBOY

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                             NIKE "BORN FROM
                             Virals x 3
                             Directors: PHUNK
Animation/design: PHUNK STUDIO, BURACA DE

                                    TOWER 8 “THE
                                    FACE OFF"
                                    Music video / short
                                    Director: TOWER 8
                                    Animation: TOWER 8
                                    VERTICAL CAT

                                    Music video
                                    Record label:
                                    Director: CELYN

                                    HEAD GEAR
                                    Recent work
                                    RECRUIT IRELAND
TVC :30
Virals x 3

                                    THOR MX
                                    TVC :30
                                    Agency: CURTIS
                                    BIRCH, VENICE
                                    Director: RICHARD
Correction: this spot is a national and Canadian :30 second
spot for top motocross gear and apparel maker, Thor
motocross. The spot will play all year on the Jumbotron

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

STASH SIXPACK 6 – Issue 31 - 36
Released Oct 2007

                              This brand-new, limited edition six-disk set includes:
                              • The complete disks from issues 31-36 of STASH DVD MAGAZINE
                              • Over 150 international studios
                              • Over 180 outstanding animation, VFX and motion graphics projects including:
                              • TV and cinema commercials - broadcast design
                              • music videos
                              • branded content
                              • virals
                              • game cinematics
                              • short films + Behind the scenes extras
                              • Hi-res PDF files of the 40-page companion book for all six disks
                              BONUS FILMS:
                              • Two short films from Italian street artist Blu
                              • The “Field Trip” series from Impactist
                              • The first two episodes of “Roger dans l’espace” from Exvoto
• “Inside the Happiness Factory - A Documentary” from Psyop
• Multi-award winning short “Dad’s Dead” from Slinky Pictures
• Nine winners from the Cannes Lions 2007
• nice + smooth
• Human
• Monitor Records
• Jagjaguwar
• Friendly Fire Recordings
• Melodic

6 DVDs US$138.00
Stash 31 includes these outstanding projects:

                                  ARE.COM                                                        COCA-COLA LIGHT
                                  Virals x 5                                                     “FRIDAYS”
                                  Client: SCION                                                  “CATERPILLAR”
                                  Agency: ATTIK                                                  “CORNY
                                  www.attik.com                                                  MOMENTS”
                                                                                                 TVCs :30 X 3
                                                                                                 Agency: SANTO
                                  AUDI TT                        BUENOS AIRES
                                  Viral                          Director: NES BUZZALINO
                                  Agency: THE ONE                Production/animation: GAL CINE / ALT
                                  CENTRE SYDNEY                  www.galcine.com.ar
                                  Director: MATT PYKE
                                  Animation:                                                     MILLER GENUINE
                                  UNIVERSAL                                                      DRAFT
EVERYTHING                                                                                       “CONVERSATION”
www.universaleverything.com                                                                      “COLLECTOR”
                            SNICKERS “DON‟T                                                      TVCs x 3
                            STOP”                                                                Agency: YOUNG &
                            TVC :90                              RUBICAM, CHICAGO
                            Agency: IMPACT /                     Director: PSYOP
                            BBDO DUBAI                           Animation: PSYOP
                            Director: JOERI                      www.psyop.tv

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  CHRISTIAN                                                   S4/C
                                  BEVILACQUA,                                                 Broadcast design x 4
                                  THERAPY                                                     Director: SIMON
                                  Recent work                                                 RATIGAN
                                  SAMARITANS                                                  Production: PROUD
                                  “DOODLE”                                                    CREATIVE
                                  Viral, cinema, TVC                                          UNIVERSAL
PARKERS "DODGY DEALER"                                          EVERYTHING
Viral                                                           VFX: PROUD CREATIVE
                                                                UNIVERSAL EVERYTHING
                                  JEEP COMPASS                  www.proudcreative.com
                                  “FUN IN THE                   www.universaleverything.com
                                  CITY”                         www.rushes.co.uk
                                  TVCs :30 x 2
                                  Agency: BBDO                                                CBS SPORTS NFL
                                  DETROIT                                                     Broadcast design
                                  Director: JONATHAN                                          Client:CBS SPORTS
NOTARO                                                                                        Director:
Animation: BRAND NEW SCHOOL                                                                   IMAGINARY
www.brandnewschool.com                                                                        FORCES
                                                                IMAGINARY FORCES
                                  “SHINOBI BLACK                www.imaginaryforces.com
                                  & WHITE”
                                  Branded content                                           HP “ORANGE
                                  Client: ADOBE                                             COUNTY
                                  Director:FURI FURI                                        CHOPPERS”
                                  COMPANY                                                   TVC :30
                                  Animation: FURI                                           Agency: GOODBY,
FURI COMPANY                                                                                SILVERSTEIN &
www.furifuri.com                                                                            PARTNERS
                                                                Director: ANTOINE BARDOU-JACQUET
                                  JL DESIGN                     Production: PARTIZAN LA
                                  Recent work                   Animation: BUF
                                  www.jldesign.tv               www.buf.com
                                  THE COUNCIL FOR
                                  CULTURAL                                                    QUADROPLASTIC
                                  AFFAIRS                                                     Self promotion
                                  Image ID                                                    Director: MAXIM
HAKKA TV CHANNEL                                                                              ZHESTKOV
Broadcast re-brand                                                                            Animation:

                                  TELETOON                      http://quadroplastic.com
                                  Network re-brand
                                  Client: ASTRAL                                              G&G SINDIKATAS
                                  MEDIA, TELETOON                                             “BURNING SNOW”
                                  Agency: BRAND                                               Music video
                                  NEW WORLD                                                   Director: JUSTINAS
                                  Director: 4STROKE                                           VINEVICIUS
Animation/design: 4STROKE                                                                     Production: RGB
www.4stroke.tv                                                                                FILM & VIDEO
                                                                VFX: RGB FILM & VIDEO
                                  TMF AWARDS 2006
                                  Event titles
                                  Client: MTV
                                  Director: MISCHA
Animation: POST PANIC

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  “DON‟T DIE DING!:                                       NIKE 6.0
                                  A HOLIDAY                                               “VERTIGO”
                                  SPECTACULAR”                                            TVCs :15 x 4
                                  Short film                                              Director: BRANDON
                                  Director: CURIOSITY                                     SCHOESSLER
                                  GROUP                                                   Production/design:
                                  Animation:                                              NEMO DESIGN
CURIOSITY GROUP                                                 www.nemodesign.com
                                                                                          AUDI RS4
                                  BBC “FETCH”                                             “EMOTIONS”
                                  Short film                                              TVC :30
                                  Director: DANA                                          Agency: DDB SPAIN
                                  DORIAN                                                  Director: DAVID
                                  Animation: AXIS                                         RUIZ
                                  ANIMATION                                               Production:
www.axisanimation.com                                           Animation:METROPOLITANA
                                  “AIR”                                                   AUTO TROPHY
                                  Opening titles and                                      2006
                                  montage                                                 Event open
                                  Director: RYAN                                          Client:HEINRICH-BA
                                  DUNN                                                    UER VERLAG
                                  Animation/design:                                       Agency: BUREAU
VITAMIN PICTURES                                                                          FJM
www.vitaminpictures.tv                                          Director: TIMO SCHADEL
                                                                VFX: SEHSUCHT
                                  GRIZZLY BEAR                  www.sehsucht.de
                                  Music video                                             PELEPHONE
                                  Record label: WARP                                      "TERMINATOR"
                                  RECORDS                                                 TVC :30
                                  Director:                                               Agency:
                                  ENCYCLOPEDIA                                            GREY/ADLER
PICTURA                                                                                   CHOMSKI &
Production: GHOST ROBOT                                                                   WARSHAVSKY
VFX: ENCYCLOPEDIA PICTURA                                       Director: ILAN BOUNI
http://encyclopediapictura.com                                  Production: MULLA PRODUCTIONS
                                                                Animation: GRAVITY
                                  CHIN UP CHIN UP               www.gravity.co.il
                                  “THIS HARNESS
                                  CAN‟T RIDE                                              MODEST MOUSE
                                  ANYTHING”                                               “DASHBOARD”
                                  Music video                                             Music video
                                  Record label:                                           Record label: EPIC
                                  SUICIDE SQUEEZE                                         RECORDS
RECORDS                                                                                   Directors: MATHEW
Director: ERIC DAVID JOHNSON                                                              CULLEN, GRADY
Animation: THE UNIBROS                                          HALL
www.unibros.org                                                 Animation/VFX: MOTION THEORY
                                  Feature film trailer
                                  Director: SATOSHI
                                  Production: PAPRIKA
                                  FILM PARTNERS
                                  SONY PICTURES
Animation: MADHOUSE

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "J LEAGUE
                                  WINNING ELEVEN                                              “COLIN MCRAE
                                  10 + EUROPE                                                 DIRT”
                                  LEAGUE"                                                     Game trailer
                                  Game cinematic                                              Game developer:
                                  Game                                                        CODEMASTERS
                                  distributor:KONAMI                                          Director: WIEK
DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CO                                                                      LUIJKEN
DIGITAL MEDIA LAB                                               www.axisanimation.com
Animation:DIGITAL MEDIA LAB                                                                   ALTOIDS
www.dml.co.jp                                                                                 “AUSTRALIAN
                                                                                              DOUBLE BACK”,
                                  BONUS FILMS                                                 “BLOW HOLE BOB”
                                  BLU                                                         TVCs :30 x 2
                                  Short films                                                 Agency: LEO
                                  CHILD                                                       BURNETT,
                                  FFWD                                                        CHICAGO
                                                                Director: TIM GODSALL
                                                                Production: BISCUIT FILMWORKS
                                                                VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC
Stash 32 includes these outstanding projects:
                                                                                              AIR ACTION
                                  SAAB                                                        VIGORSOL
                                  “BLACKBIRD”                                                 Viral and TVC :30
                                  TVC (spec)                                                  Agency: BBH
                                  Director: JOSEPH                                            LONDON
                                  KOSINSKI                                                    Director: BEN
                                  Production:                                                 DAWKINS
                                  ANONYMOUS                     Production: STINK
CONTENT                                                         Animation: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY
Animation/VFX: SPEEDSHAPE, LOS ANGELES                          www.moving-picture.com
                                  XBOX GUITAR                                                 “IMPOSSIBLE IS
                                  HERO 2 “HERO”                                               NOTHING” 2007
                                  TVC :30                                                     Cinema and TVCs x 4
                                  Agency: MCCANN                                              Agencies: 180
                                  WORLDGROUP,                                                 AMSTERDAM,
                                  SAN FRANCISCO                                               TBWA WORLWIDE
                                  Director: PETER               Directors: DEAN MARYON, SEAN THOMPSON
CANDLELAND                                                      Animation/design: PASSION PICTURES
Animation: PASSION PICTURES                                     www.passion-pictures.com
                                  GATORADE                                                    “REFACE”
                                  “WHAT‟S INSIDE”                                             Broadcast IDs and
                                  TVC :60                                                     cinema promo
                                  Agency: DOWTOWN                                             Client:
                                  PARTNERS DDB                                                NICKELODEON
                                  Directors: GRADY                                            Director: STEVE
                                  HALL, MATHEW                  SMALL
CULLEN                                                          Animation: STUDIO AKA
Production: MOTION THEORY                                       www.studioaka.com

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                            TCM                                                              WARHAMMER AGE
                            “UNDERGROUND”                                                    OF RECKONING
                            Broadcast IDs                                                    “WARHAMMER
                            Client: TURNER                                                   FANTASY”
                            CLASSIC MOVIES                                                   Game trailer
                            Director: FREESTYLE                                              Game developer:
                            COLLECTIVE                                                       MYTHIC
Animation: FREESTYLE COLLECTIVE                                    ENTERTAINMENT
www.freestylecollective.com                                        ELECTRONIC ARTS
                                                                   CD: TIM MILLER
                                  MTV MOBBED                       Animation: BLUR
                                  Show package and                 www.blur.com
                                  short films
                                  Client: MTV ASIA                                               FAITHLESS “MUSIC
                                  Director: FONS                                                 MATTERS”
                                  SCHIEDON                                                       Music video
                                  Production:                                                    Record label:
FONZTEEVEE                                                                                       COLUMBIA
Animation:BIRDO STUDIO                                                                           RECORDS
www.birdo.com.br                                                                                 Director: LUIS NIETO
                                                                   Production: PARANOID US
                                  DIE LUDOLF                       Animation: MIKROS IMAGE LAB
                                  Broadcast design                 www.mikrosimage.fr
                                  Client: DMAX
                                  Director: TOMAS                                            “THE LEMON
                                  DIEGUEZ                                                    TREE”
                                  Animation: PUNGA                                           Short film
                                  VISUAL                                                     Directors: WILL
CONSORCIO                                                                                    CAMPBELL, TUYET
www.punga.tv                                                                                 ANH VU
                                                                                             Animation: WILL
                                  “PURPLE AND                      CAMPBELL, TUYET ANH VU
                                  Broadcast interstitials                                    “LE GRAND
                                  Client:                                                    CONTENT”
                                  NICKELODEON UK                                             Short film
                                  Director: RICH                                             Director: CLEMENS
                                  WEBBER                                                     KOGLER, KARO
Animation: AARDMAN                                                                           SMITH
/www.aardman.com                                                                             Animation: CLEMENS
                                                                   KOGLER, KARO SMITH
                                  MTV                              www.clemenskogler.net
                                  Virals and broadcast                                       “ARGYLE
                                  promos                                                     BROTHERS”
                                  Client: MTV                                                Self promo
                                  NETWORKS                                                   Client: ARGYLE
                                  Agency:WDDG                                                BROTHERS, LOS
Director: CLAY WEINER                                                                        ANGELES
Animation: HORNET INC.                                                                       Design: YOHO HANG
www.hornetinc.com                                                  YUE
                                                                   Animation: CRUSH INC.
                                  ESPN NASCAR                      www.crushinc.com
                                  “NASCAR NOW”,
                                  “RACE”                                                     IDEAZON
                                  Broadcast opens x 3                                        Virals x 5
                                  Client: ESPN                                               Agency: JOHN ST.,
                                  Director: THE                                              TORONTO
SYNDICATE                                                                                    Director: ALEX
Animation/VFX: THE SYNDICATE                                                                 WITTHOLZ
www.syndicate.tv                                                                             Animation: HELIOS
                                                                   DESIGN LABS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  LABORATORY                                                       Animation: LUNG
                                  NOISE “YOU                                                       “HELP ME!”
                                  CREATED A                                                        Short film
                                  STORM”                                                           Director: ISAAK
                                  Music video                                                      FERNÁNDEZ
                                  Record                                                           Animator: ISAAK
label:RECURRING ACCIDENT                                         FERNÁNDEZ RODRÍGUEZ
Director: JON YEO                                                www.isaakfernandez.com
Animation/design: JON YEO
www.jonyeo.tv                                                                                      “A GENTLEMAN‟S
                                  TARGET                                                           Short film
                                  “MARBLES”,                                                       Director: FRANSCISO
                                  “REVOLUTION”                                                     RUIZ, SEAN
                                  Outdoor branded films                                            MCNALLY
                                  Agency: CATALYST                                                 Animation: BLUR
                                  STUDIOS                        www.blur.com
                                  Director: TRONIC
Design/animation: TRONIC                                                                           “FIELD TRIP”
www.tronicstudio.com                                                                               Self promo short films
                                                                                                   Director: IMPACTIST
                                  PROPEL “STRESS                                                   Animation/design:
                                  MONSTER"                                                         IMPACTST
                                  TVC :60                                                          www.impactist.com
                                  Agency: ELEMENT
                                  Director: BAKER                Stash 33 includes these outstanding projects:
Production: HARVEST FILMS                                                                          GROOVE ARMADA
Animation/VFX: ASYLUM                                                                              "GET DOWN"
www.aardman.com                                                                                    Music video
                                                                                                   Record label: SONY
                                  HALSINGIN                                                        BMG
                                  SANOMAT                                                          Director: PLEIX
                                  “SARDINES”,                                                      Production: CHASED
                                  “SIBLINGS”, “GAS               BY COWBOYS
                                  STATION”                       VFX: MACGUFF
                                  TVCs :30 x 3                   www.macguff.fr
Agency: HASAN & PARTNERS                                                                      RENAULT MÉGANE
Director: VELLU VALLA                                                                         “ROADBLOCK”
Production: ALSO STARRING                                                                     TVC :45
Animation: FAKE GRAPHICS                                                                      Agency: PUBLICIS,
www.fakegraphics.com                                                                          FRANKFURT
                                                                                              Director: DANIEL
                           MASTERCARD                                                         BENMAYOR
                           “JUST A LITTLE                        Production: 539090 FILM PRODUCTIONS
                           PIECE OF                              VFX: EL RANCHITO
                           PLASTIC”                              www.elranchito.es
                           TVC :30
                           Agency: AGENCY                                                    FANTA “NO PLAY
                           CREATIVE                                                          ZONE”, “LET
Directors: PARKORN BUPPHAVESA, HAEJIN CHO                                                    THEM PLAY”,
Animation: PSYOP                                                                             “CAUGHT IN THE
www.psyop.tv                                                                                 ACT”
                                                                                             TVCs :30 x 3
                                  TRANS AM “TESCO                                            Agency: OGILVY, NY
                                  V. SAINSBURYS”                 Directors: MARIE HYON, MARCO SPIER
                                  Music video                    Animation: PSYOP
                                  Record label: THRILL           www.psyop.tv
                                  JOCKEY RECORDS
                                  Director: LUNG

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  COCA-COLA                                                 FRANCE 24
                                  MOTHER “LEMUR”                                            “LITTLE GIRL”
                                  “TURTOAD”                                                 TVC :30
                                  Virals x 2                                                Agency: MARCEL
                                  Agency: PUBLICIS                                          RÉPUBLIQUE
                                  MOJO, AUCKLAND                                            Director: STÉPHANE
                                  Director: ADAM                                            HAMACHE
STEVENS                                                         Production: WIZZ
Production: ROBBERS DOG                                         www.wizz.fr
Animation: PERCEPTUAL ENGINEERING                               Animation: DEF2SHOOT
http://perceptual-engineering.com                               ww.def2shoot.fr

                                  REYKA VODKA                                               BULGARI
                                  Virals x 3                                                “CURARE”
                                  Agency: DEAD AS                                           Music video
                                  WE KNOW IT, NEW                                           Record label:
                                  YORK                                                      ROLLERBOY
                                  Director: BARNEY                                          RECORDINGS
                                  CLAY                                                      Director:
Production: HSI PRODUCTIONS                                     PISTACHIOS
VFX: CLEAR LTD.                                                 Production: BLACKLIST
www.clearpost.co.uk                                             Animation: PISTACHIOS
                                  “ROBOTS”                                                 “ESPN WORLD
                                  TVC :30                                                  FIGURE SKATING
                                  Agency: BBDO                                             CHAMPIONSHIP”
                                  MOSCOW                                                   Broadcast ID
                                  Director: ALEX &                                         Client: ESPN
                                  STEFFEN                                                  Director: STEVE
Production: SPY FILMS                                                                      LAWRENCE
Animation: UNEXPECTED                                           Animation: TRANSISTOR STUDIOS
www.unexpected.de                                               www.transistorstudios.com

                                                                                            GET SMARTER IN
                                  CRAVENDALE                                                A WEEK
                                  “THE LAST                                                 Broadcast design
                                  GLASS”, “OUT OF                                           Client: BNN
                                  STOCK”                                                    Production/animation:
                                  TVCs :40 x 2                                              SHOP AROUND!
                                  Agency:                                                   www.shop-around.nl
Director: PIC PIC ANDRE                                                                     MTV BAHAMUT
Production/animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS                                                     Broadcast open and
www.nexusproductions.com                                                                    bumpers
                                                                                            Client: MTV ASIA,
                                  MATCH.COM                                                 TAIWAN
                                  Viral                                                     Director: JL DESIGN
                                  Agency: MARCEL                                            Animation: JL
                                  PARIS                         DESIGN
                                  Director: NICOLAS             www.jldesign.tv
                                  Animation: MR.                                            MTV PRIMETIME
HYDE                                                                                        LAUNCH
www.mrhyde.fr                                                                               Broadcast design
                                                                                            Director: JAMES
                                                                TRANSISTOR STUDIOS

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  “TREKANT”                                                  AT&T “BAND
                                  Feature fi lm titles                                       POSTERS”
                                  Client: DIAPERDOG                                          TVC :30
                                  PICTURES                                                   Agency: GSD&M,
                                  Director: JONAS                                            AUSTIN
                                  SMENSGARD                                                  Directors: JONATHAN
                                  Animation:                                                 NOTARO, JENS
KOMPOST PRODUCTIONS                                             GEHLAAR
www.kompostnyc.com                                              Production/animation/VFX: BRAND NEW SCHOOL
                                  P.A.C.E. “PURSUIT
                                  ACROSS EUROPE”                                             “TRIVIANT”
                                  Viral                                                      Game show elements
                                  Client: BMW AG,                                            Client: ID-TV / TROS
                                  MUNICH                                                     Director: HAN
                                  Agency: INTERONE                                           HOOGERBRUGGE
                                  WORLDWIDE,                                                 Animation: HAN
HAMBURG                                                                                      HOOGERBRUGGE
Directors: JENS-ERIC PETER                                      www.hoogerbrugge.com
Production/Animation: ELECTRIC UMBRELLA                                                      NOW LOOK WHAT
www.electric-umbrella.com                                                                    YOU DID
                                  BJORK “EARTH                                               “TRASH”
                                  INTRUDERS”                                                 Virals x 2
                                  Music video                                                Director: MAKE
                                  Record label: ONE                                          Animation: MAKE
                                  LITTLE INDIAN LTD             www.makevisual.com
                                  Director: MICHEL
                                  OCELOT                                                     CRUNCH FITNESS
Production: NORD-OUEST                                                                       “THE
Animation/VFX: MACGUFF                                                                       CRUNCHERS”
www.macguff.fr                                                                               TVCs x 3
                                                                                             Agency: MOTHER,
                                  LUX “NEON GIRL”                                            NY
                                  TVC :60                                                    Director: UGLY
                                  Agency: SANTO,                PICTURES
                                  BUENOS AIRES                  Production/animation: CURIOUS PICTURES
                                  Director: DANIEL              www.curiouspictures.com
                                  Production:                                              BIG YELLOW
RATTLING STICK                                                                             STORAGE “TIDE”
Animation: FRAMESTORE CFC                                                                  TVC :30
www.framestore-cfc.com                                                                     Agency: CHI
                                                                                           Director: DOUGAL
                                  TELENET                                                  WILSON
                                  TVCs x 2                                                 Production: BLINK
                                  Agency: TBWA                  Animation: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY
                                  BRUSSELS                      www.moving-picture.com
                                  Director: SIRI
                                  Animation: TRUNK

                                  V ENERGY DRINK
                                  TVC :30
                                  Client: FRUCOR
                                  Agency: COLENSO
                                  BBDO, NEW
Production: WANDA
Animation/post: DEF2SHOOT

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  MONKEYLAB                                                  PLAYSTATION 3
                                  Recent work                                                “RESISTANCE:
                                  COCA-COLA                                                  FALL OF MAN”
                                  “ENDLESS                                                   Cinema, TVC, viral
                                  SUMMER”                                                    Agency: TBWA
                                  TVC :60                                                    LONDON
                                                                                             Director: REUBEN
Agency: SINGLETON OGILVY & MATHER                               SUTHERLAND
Director: OCTAVIO DE LELLIS                                     Production: JOYRIDER
Animation: MONKEYLAB                                            Animation: JOYRIDER
www.monkeylab.com.au                                            www.joyriderfilms.com

FOXTEL ON DEMAND                                                                             RENAULT
TVC :30                                                                                      “FISHERMAN”
Agency: AREA 51                                                                              TVC :30
Director: OCTAVIO DE LELLIS                                                                  Agency: PUBLICIS
Animation: MONKEYLAB                                                                         PARIS
www.monkeylab.com.au                                                                         Director: EBEN
                                  KRAFT “GEYSER”                Production: STINK, PSYOP
                                  TVC :30                       VFX: MASSMARKET
                                  Agency: JWT                   www.massmarket.tv
                                  Director: RICHARD
                                  ROSENMAN                                                   HEWLETT
                                  Animation: HATCH                                           PACKARD
                                  STUDIOS                                                    “GONDRY”
www.hatchstudios.net                                                                         TVC :60
                                                                                             Agency: GOODBY
                                  “ONCE UPON A                                               SILVERSTEIN &
                                  TIME”                                                      PARTNERS
                                  Student film                  Director: OLIVIER GONDRY
                                  Director: CORENTIN            Production: PARTIZAN
                                  LAPLATTE,                     VFX: EIGHT VFX
                                  SAMUEL                        www.eightvfx.com
JEROME DERNONCOURT                                                                           CULTURA INGLESA
School: SUPINFOCOM                                                                           “LIFT”, “SAVE”
www.supinfocom.fr                                                                            TVCs :30 x 2
                                                                                             Agency: LEW LARA
                                  “ROGER DANS                                                PROPAGANDA LTD.
                                  L‟ESPACE”                                                  Directors: RICARDO
                                  Short fi lms x 2                                           CARELLI,
                                  Director: XAVIER              FERNANDO SANCHES
                                  LECOMTE                       Animation: DINAMO DIGITAL
                                  Production: NOZON             www.dinamodigital.com.br
                                  Animation: EXVOTO
www.exvoto.com                                                                               TOOHEYS NEW
Stash 34 includes these outstanding projects:                                                TVC :60
                                                                                             Agency: SAATCHI &
                                  “CITY OF GOOD”                                             SAATCHI, SYDNEY
                                  Short film                                                 Director: TOM
                                  Publisher:YOUWORK                                          KUNTZ
                                  FORTHEM                                                    Production: MJZ UK,
                                  Director: SHILO               WALKABOUT FILMS
                                  Animation: SHILO              Post: FANATIC FILMS
                                  www.shilo.tv                  http://fanaticfilms.com.au

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  TOOHEYS                                             G4 REDESIGN
                                  “HARVESTED”                                         Broadcast design
                                  TVC: 90                                             Client: G4
                                  Agency: BMF                                         NETWORKS
                                  Director: STEVE                                     Directors: ONESIZE,
                                  AYSON                                               YU+CO
                                  Production: THE                                     Design/animation:
SWEET SHOP                                                      ONESIZE, YU+CO
VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC                                               www.onesize.nl
www.animallogic.com                                             www.yuco.com

                                  “LOVE STORIES”                                      MTV “FALSE
                                  Short Film                                          TEETH”
                                  Agency: TBWA PARIS                                  Broadcast design
                                  Director: WILFRID                                   Agency: YOUNG &
                                  BRIMO                                               RUBICAM
                                  Production: WANDA                                   Director: AGUSTIN
                                  Animation:                                          ALBERDI
DEF2SHOOT                                                       Production: LANDIA
www.def2shoot.com                                               VFX: ALT
                          SAMSUNG MOBILE
                          “MILLIMETERS                                                TCM “NOW
                          MATTER”                                                     SHOWING”
                          Viral                                                       TVC :30
                          Agency: THE VIRAL                                           Client: TURNER
                          FACTORY                                                     CLASSIC MOVIES
                          Directors: RICHARD                                          Director: EXOPOLIS
DE ARAGUES, STEVE DOWNER                                                              Animation:
Production: MAD COW FILMS                                       EXOPOLIS
Animation/VFX: RUSHES                                           www.exopolis.com
                                                                                      SCIENCE CHANNEL
                                  MINISTRY OF                                         “SPACE WEEK”
                                  TRANSPORT                                           Broadcast design
                                  FINLAND                                             Director: JEANNE
                                  “CRASH TEST                                         KOPECK
                                  DUMMIES”                                            Production: MRS. K
                                  TVC :30                                             Animation:
                                  Agency: PUBLICIS              MOTION504
HELSINKI                                                        www.motion504.com
Director: ALEX & STEFFEN
Production: SPY FILMS                                                                 LATV
Animation: UNEXPECTED                                                                 Broadcast design
www.unexpected.de                                                                     Agency: KR8TIVE
                                  THE HORRORS                                         Production: HEROIC
                                  “SHE‟S THE NEW                                      Animation:
                                  THING”                                              BUILDESTROY,
                                  Music Video                   WONDERMINT
                                  Record Label:                 www.buildestroy.com
                                  POLYDOR                       www.wondermint.tv
Director: CORIN HARDY                                                                 GAMES FOR
Production: ACADEMY                                                                   WINDOWS
Animation: ACADEMY                                                                    “EVOLVED”
www.academyfilms.com                                                                  Event film
                                                                                      Client: MICROSOFT
                                                                                      Director: REZN8
                                                                                      Animation: REZN8

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  MTV “GLOBE”                                                HAVAIANAS
                                  Broadcast design                                           "LIBRARY",
                                  Agency: OGILVY                                             "WAITING ROOM",
                                  LONDON                                                     "BUS STOP"
                                  Director: UBIK                                             Virals x 3
                                  Production: PICASSO                                        Agency: BBDO NEW
                                  PICTURES                                                   YORK
www.picassopictures.com                                          Directors: XYZ, THREELEGGEDLEGS, BITSTATE
                                                                 Production: THE EBELING GROUP, GREEN DOT
                                  “FOOD FIGHT”                   FILMS
                                  Short film                     Animation: XYZ, THREELEGGEDLEGS, BITSTATE
                                  Director: STEFAN               www.xyzstudios.com
                                  NADELMAN                       www.threeleggedlegs.com
                                  Production/animation:          www.bitstate.com
                                  TOURIST PICTURES,
                                  CURIOUS PICTURES                                              ADIDAS "HEAD
www.touristpictures.com                                                                         VERSUS HEART",
www.curiouspictures.com                                                                         "TABLE
                                  “ME VS. HEIDI”                                                Virals x 2
                                  Student film                                                  Agency: 180
                                  Director: MAREK                                               AMSTERDAM
                                  OKON                           Directors: PIERRE+BERTRAND, MAN VS MAGNET
                                  Animation: MAREK               Production/animation: NOT TO SCALE
                                  OKON                           www.nottoscale.tv
                                  JUSTICE                                                     PRESIDENTTI
                                  “D.A.N.C.E.”                                                “FANTASIA”
                                  Music video                                                 Cinema & TVC :40
                                  Record labels: ED                                           Agency: SEK &
                                  BANGER RECORDS,                                             GREY OY
                                  BECAUSE MUSIC                                               Director: ALAN
                                  Director:                      BIBBY
JONAS&FRANÇOIS                                                   Production: FRONT DESK
Production: EL NIÑO @ 75                                         Animation: STARDUST
Animation: EL NIÑO @ 75                                          www.stardust.tv
                                                                                                FAITHLESS COCA
                             THE FRATELLIS                                                      COLA
                             “OLE BLACK „N‟                                                     Music video
                             BLUE EYES”                                                         Agency: DRIVER
                             Music video                                                        Directors: SOPHIE
                             Record label:                                                      GATEAU, FRANÇOIS
                             UNIVESAL ISLAND                                                    VOGEL
                             RECORDS                             Production/animation: PARANOID US
Directors: JON YEO, JOHN SUNTER                                  www.paranoidus.com
Production: WEILANDS                                             Post: MIKROS IMAGE
Animation: THE MILL                                              www.mikrosimage.fr
                                                                                              ATI “COLD
                                  “NOW AND                                                    BLOODED”
                                  NOWHERE”                                                    Branded content
                                  Film trailer                                                Client: ATI
                                  Directors: BRENT                                            TECHNOLOGIES
                                  BONACORSO, JESSE                                            INC.
                                  ATLAS                                                       Director: HARRY
                                  Production: BRENT                                           DORRINGTON
BONACORSO                                                        Animation: RHINOFX
www.nowandnowhere.com                                            www.rhinofx.tv

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  ANMESTY                                                 SCION XD “FABLE
                                  INTERNATONAL                                            OF THE
                                  Short film                                              DEVIANTS”
                                  Agency: TBWA PARIS                                      Cinema :60
                                  Director: PHILIPPE                                      Client: SCION
                                  GRAMMATICOPOUL                                          Agency: ATTIK
                                  OS                                                      Director: SHILO
Production: MR. HYDE                                            Production: SHILO
Animation: MAGIC LAB                                            VFX: SHILO, LOLA VISUAL EFFECTS
http://arthur.gordon.free.fr                                    www.shilodesign.com
                                  INSIDE THE
                                  FACTORY" A                                              CITROËN
                                  DOCUMENTARY                                             “JUNGLE”
                                  Animation: PSYOP                                        TVC :33 (director’s cut)
                                  www.psyop.tv                                            Agency: EURO RSCG
                                                                                          Director: DANIEL
Stash 35 includes these outstanding projects:                                             BENMAYOR
                                                                Production: RCRFILMS
                                  “TRANSFORMERS:                VFX: MIOPÍA EFECTOS VISUALES
                                  THE GAME”                     www.miopia.es
                                  Game intro/trailer
                                  Game developer:                                         COORS LIGHT “THE
                                  TRAVELLER’S TALE,                                       SNOW”
                                  ACTIVISION                                              TVC :60
                                  Director: BLUR                                          Agency: CHEMISTRY
STUDIO                                                                                    Director: RICHIE
Animation: BLUR STUDIO                                                                    SMYTH
www.blur.com                                                                              Production: BLINDER
                                                                Animation: PIRANHA BAR
                                  MAIL ON SUNDAY                www.piranhabar.ie
                                  Cinema                                                   POLYNOID “458NM”
                                  Agency: BARTLE                                           Student film
                                  BOGLE HEGARTY                                            School:
                                  Director: TRAKTOR                                        FILMAKADEMIE
                                  Production:                                              BADEN-WÜRTTEMB
PARTIZAN LONDON                                                                            ERG
VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY                                                                Directors: JAN
www.moving-picture.com                                          BITZER, ILIJA BRUNCK, TOM WEBER
                                                                Animation: ILIJA BRUNCK
                           WRIGLEY’S “TAB”,                     www.cgportal.de
                           TVCs x 2                                                       EBONY BONES
                           Agency: DDB                                                    “DON‟T FART ON
                           SYDNEY                                                         MY HEART”
                           Director: JONATHAN                                             Music Video
                           BAKER                                                          Director: TEAR
Production: WINDOW PRODUCTIONS                                                            VFX: TEAR
VFX: FUEL VFX                                                                             www.tearapart.tv

                                  SPRINT “DREAMS”                                         MTV ME “STAYING
                                  TVC :60                                                 ALIVE”
                                  Agency: GOODBY,                                         Virals x 5
                                  SILVERSTEIN &                                           Client: UNFPA
                                  PARTNERS                                                Y-PEER
                                  Director:                                               Director:
                                  DAYTON/FARIS                                            OCEANWARMAIR
Production: BOB INDUSTRIES                                      Animation: OCEANWARMAIR
VFX: BRICKYARD VFX                                              www.oceanwarmair.com
The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                                                “TAKING LIBERTIES”
                                  ESPN X GAMES 13                                          Documentary film
                                  TVCs :30 x 3                                             excerpts x 4
                                  Agency: THE                                              Distribution:
                                  MARTIN AGENCY                                            REVOLVER
                                  Director: SUPERFAD                                       ENTERTAINMENT
                                  Animation/design:                                        Director: SIMON
                                  SUPERFAD                                                 ROBSON
www.superfad.com                                                Production: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS
                                                                Animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS
                                  MTV SWITCH                    www.nexusproductions.com
                                  Broadcast IDs
                                  Agencies: LOWE                                            FORD “WIND”
                                  WORLDWIDE, NY,                                            TVC :60
                                  180 AMSTERDAM                                             Client: FORD
                                  Directors: NO                                             ARGENTINA
                                  DOMAIN,                                                   Directors: PUCHO
PISTACHIOS, PANDA PANTHER                                                                   MENTASTI,
Production: BLACKLIST, PANDA PANTHER                                                        FRANCO BITTOLO
Animation: NO DOMAIN, PISTACHIOS, PANDA                         VFX: BITT ANIMATION & VFX
PANTHER                                                         www.bittanimation.com
www.pistachios.se                                                                           FOX “DO NOT
www.pandapanther.com                                                                        DISTURB”
                                                                                            Broadcast design
                                  MTV “SUMMER”                                              Client: FOX LATIN
                                  Broadcast design x 3                                      AMERICA
                                  Directors: JONATHAN                                       Director: LOBO
                                  GARIN, NAOMI                                              Animation: LOBO
                                  NISHIMURA                     www.lobo.cx
                                  PANDAPANTHER                                              SONY "DON'T
www.pandapanther.com                                                                        WALK ALONE"
                                  LOW IN THE SKY                                            Agency: VANKSEN,
                                  “COOL SANSON”                                             BUZZ &
                                  Music video                                               COMMUNICATION
                                  Record label:                                             AGENCY
                                  PATTERNBASED                  Director: SANTA MARIA
                                  Director: TYLER               Animation: SANTA MARIA
                                  JAMES                         www.santamaria.tv
Animation: TYLER JAMES
www.tylerjames.tv                                                                           “FLIGHTY”
                                                                                            Short film
                                  JUSTIN                                                    Director: LEIGH
                                  TIMBERLAKE                                                HODGKINSON
                                  “LOVESTONED”                                              Production/representati
                                  Music video                                               on: SLINKY
                                  Record label: JIVE                                        PICTURES
                                  RECORDS                       www.slinkypics.com
                                  Director: ROBERT
HALES                                                                                       SWISSCOM MOBILE
Production: HSI                                                                             “PLAY THE
Animation: BL:ND, SUBVERT                                                                   BUTTON”
www.blind.com                                                                               TVC, cinema, viral
www.subvert.us                                                                              Client: SWISSCOM
                                  “TRUE COLOR”                                              Agency: PUBLICIS
                                  Student film                  ZURICH
                                  School:                       Director: UWE FLADE
                                  SUPINFOCOM                    Production: MARKENFILM SCHWEIZ AG
                                  Directors:                    VFX: DAS WERK
                                  PIERRE+BERTRAND               www.das-werk.de

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  “LIFE CYCLE”                  Stash 36 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  Short film
                                  Director: SL CO                                                 LIVE EARTH “TEN
                                  Animation: SL CO                                                THINGS YOU CAN
                                  www.sl-co.net                                                   DO TO THE
                                                                                                  Short film
                                                                                                  Client: SOS/LIVE
                           HELIO                                                                  EARTH
                           TVCs x 3                             Director: ROMAN COPPOLA
                           Client: HELIO                        Animation: RC STUDIO INC
                           Director: GRÉGOIRE                   www.romancoppolastudio.com
                           Production: TETSOO                                                     MILLER LITE
                           PRODUCTIONS                                                            “BREAK FROM
Animation: TETSOO PRODUCTIONS, WIPIX                                                              THE CROWD”
www.tetsoo.com                                                                                    TVC :60
www.wipix.fr                                                                                      Agency: CRISPIN
                                                                                                  PORTER +
                                  SMIRNOFF                                                        BOGUSKY
                                  “SIGNATURE”                   Director: ZACK SNYDER
                                  Viral/cinema                  Production: BELIEVE MEDIA
                                  Agency: JWT NEW               VFX: METHOD STUDIOS
                                  YORK                          www.methodstudios.com
                                  Director: EDOUARD
                                  SALIER                                                          YELLOW PAGES
Production: PARANOID US                                                                           “PARTY”,
Animation: DEF2SHOOT                                                                              “COMPARE”
www.def2shoot.com                                                                                 TVCs :30 x 2
                                                                                                  Agency: SAATCHI &
                           PLATFORM                                                               SAATCHI,
                           INTERNATIONAL                                                          AUCKLAND
                           ANIMATION                            Director: MARK MOLLOY
                           FESTIVAL “BOX”                       Production: EXIT FILMS
                           Event titles                         VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC
                           Director: SMITH &                    www.animallogic.com
Production: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS                                                                     LEARNING SKILLS
Animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS                                                                      COUNCIL, “INNAT
www.nexusproductions.com                                                                          E SKILLS”
                                                                                                  TVC :60
                                  “PUPPET DREAM”                                                  Agncy: LEO
                                  Short film                                                      BURNETT LONDON
                                  Director: CHRIS                                                 Director: CARL ERIK
                                  DELAPORTE                     RINSCH
                                  Production: WIZZ              Production: RSA LONDON
                                  www.wizz.fr                   Animation/VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN

                                  "DAD'S DEAD"                                                    NIKE / DICK'S
                                  Short film                                                      SPORTING GOODS
                                  Director: CHRIS                                                 "THE LINE"
                                  SHEPHERD                                                        TVC :30
                                  Animation: SLINKY                                               Agency:
                                  PICTURES                                                        WIEDEN+KENNEDY,
                                  www.slinkypics.com                                              PORTLAND
                                                                Director: CISMA
                                                                Production: PSYOP, BLACKLIST
                                                                Animation: CISMA

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  SOL                                                         TNT “THE
                                  Viral                                                       COMPANY”
                                  Agency: SAATCHI &                                           Opening titles
                                  SAATCHI,                                                    Client: SCOTT FREE
                                  AUCKLAND                                                    Creative director:
                                  Client: DOMINION                                            MATT MULDER
                                  BREWERIES                                                   Animation: DIGITAL
Director: JAMES MCLEOD                                          KITCHEN
Animation: SAATCHI & SAATCHI, AUCKLAND                          www.digitalkitchen.com
                                  ZUNE ARTS                                                   CHANNEL
                                  “DOGFIGHT” “LOS                                             Broadcast design
                                  CORAZONES”                                                  Client: HALLMARK
                                  “FLOAT”                                                     CHANNEL
                                  Virals                                                      Director: ELAINE
                                  Client: MICROSOFT                                           CANTWELL
                                  ZUNE                          Production: SPARK
Agency: 72ANDSUNNY                                              Animation: T2
Directors: PUNGA, FULL TANK, VITAMIN                            www.t2.tv
www.punga.tv                                                                                  MTV PRIME
www.fulltank.tv                                                                               Broadcast design
www.vitaminpictures.tv                                                                        Client: MTV LATIN
                                  LYAPIS                                                      Director: TOMÁS
                                  TRUBETSKOY                                                  GARCIA
                                  "CAPITAL”                                                   Animation:
                                  Music video                   OH!SÄGAS
                                  Record label: DETI            www.ohsagas.com
                                  Director: ALIAKSEI                                          FUEL TV
TSERAKHAU                                                                                     Broadcast Idents x6
Animation: COSMOS FILM                                                                        Animation: BUCK,
www.cosmosfilm.tv                                                                             FREESTYLE
                                                                                              COLLECTIVE, SALT,
                                  “SYMPHONY IN                                                SHADOW
                                  RED”                                                        ANIMATION,
                                  Film titles                   STARDUST
                                  Client:                       www.buck.tv
                                  KONZERTHAUS                   www.freestylecollective.com
                                  DORTMUND                      http://saltmine.tv
                                  Agency: JUNG VON              www.shadowanimation.com
MATT                                                            www.stardust.tv
VFX: SEHSUCHT                                                                                 BNN “AFKICKEN”
www.sehsucht.de                                                                               Broadcast design
                                                                                              Client: BNN
                                                                                              Director: SHOP
                             “MAD MEN”                                                        AROUND
                             Opening titles                                                   Animation: SHOP
                             Client: AMC                                                      AROUND
                             Directors: MARK                    www.shop-around.nl
                             GARDNER, STEVE
                             FULLER                                                       NICKTOONS
                             Production: U.R.O.K.                                         “THREE HEADED
PRODUCTIONS, IMAGINARY FORCES                                                             MONSTER”
Design/animation: IMAGINARY FORCES                                                        Broadcast design x 5
www.imaginaryforces.com                                                                   Director:
                                                                                          R NY
                                                                Animation: INTERSPECTACULAR NY

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                          FUJIYA MIYAGI                                                    MODFUNK “WE
                          “ANKLE INJURY”                                                   GOT GAME!”
                          Music video                                                      Music video
                          Record label:                                                    Record label: SEEK
                          GROENLAND                                                        RECORDS
                          RECORDS                                                          Director: KAROL
                          Client: MARTINE                                                  ZAKRZEWSKI
MCDONAGHY @ MANAGEMENT                                          Animation: LUNAPARK
Director: WADE SHOTTER                                          www.ropastuff.com
Animation:                                                                                  TARGET “ART
YUKFOO                                                                                      EVOKES”, “ART
www.yukfoo.net                                                                              CONNECTS”
                                                                                            Outdoor Branded
                                  “SOLAR”                                                   Films
                                  Student film                                              Agency: CATALYST
                                  School: CUMBRIA                                           STUDIOS
                                  INSTITUTE OF THE              Directors: DADE ORGERON, WILL CAMPBELL, WILL
                                  ARTS                          JOHNSON
                                  Directors: IAN                Animation: SUPERFAD
                                  WHARTON,                      www.superfad.com
Animation: IAN WHARTON, EDWARD SHIRES                                                     LIVE EARTH
www.ianwharton.com                                                                        TVC :15
www.edshries.co.uk                                                                        Agency: THE GROOP
                                                                                          Director: LAUNDRY!
                                  LIARS "PLASTER                                          Animation:
                                  CASTS OF                                                LAUNDRY!
                                  EVERYTRHING"                                            www.laundrymat.tv
                                  Music Video
                                  Record Label:
                                  MUTE RECORDS                                            PERRIER “SEXIER”,
                                  Director: PATRICK                                       “HEALTHIER”,
DAUGHTERS                                                                                 “CRAZIER”
Production: THE DIRECTORS BUREAU                                                          Virals
VFX: METHOD                                                                               Agency: OGILVY NY
www.methodstudios.com                                                                     Director: MR. BINGO
                                                                                          Animation: MR.
                                  KWOON “I LIVE ON              BINGO
                                  THE MOON”                     www.mr-bingo.co.uk
                                  Music Video
                                  Director: YANNICK                                       CARTIER “BALLON
                                  PUIG                                                    BLUE”
                                  Animation: YANNICK                                      Corporate film
                                  PUIG                                                    Director: H5
www.yanim.net                                                                             Production: H5
                                                                                          Animation: MACHINE
                                  “ONE WEEKEND                                            MOLLE
                                  BOOK”                         www.machinemolle.com
                                  Short Film
                                  SEBASTIAN                                               “8848”
                                  GERBERT, CURT,                                          Student film
                                  HEY-PRESTO                                              School:
Animation: CURT                                                                           SUPINFOCOM
http://curt.org.uk                                                                        Directors: MAËLYS
                                                                                          FAGET, GRÉGORY
                                                                                          JENNINGS, KEVIN

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                           STARCRAFT II
                           Game trailer
                           Game developer:
                           Creative director:
                           NICK CARPENTER

                                  CANNES LIONS
                                  Winners Showcase

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

STASH SIXPACK 7 – Issue 37 - 42
Released Apr 2008

                              This brand-new, limited edition seven-disk set includes:
                            • The complete disks from issues 37-42 of STASH DVD MAGAZINE
                            • Over 150 international studios
                            • Over 180 outstanding animation, VFX and motion graphics projects including:
                            • TV and cinema commercials - broadcast design
                            • music videos
                            • branded content
                            • virals
                            • game cinematics
                            • short films + Behind the scenes extras
                            • Hi-res PDF files of the 40-page companion book for all six disks
                            BONUS FILMS:
                            • Ps3 “Heavenly Sword” Virals X 5
                            • Student Film Mini-Fest 1
                            • “Terminus” By Trevor Cawood
• 4 Films By Mamoru Kano
• Three Halo 3 Virals From Neill Blomkamp
• Recent Game Work From Blur Studios
• Ghostly International
• Brassland
• Thrill Jockey Records
• Type Records
• Secretly Canadian
• Paper Bag Records

6 DVDs US$138.00

Stash 37 includes these outstanding projects:

                                  GUINNESS “IT‟S                                            PHILIPS “THE
                                  ALIVE INSIDE”                                             ROBOT”
                                  TVC :60                                                   TVC :60
                                  Agency: IIBBDO                                            Agency: DDB
                                  Director: STEVE                                           LONDON
                                  COPE                                                      Director: BRUNO
                                  Production: RED BEE                                       AVEILLAN
MEDIA                                                           Production: SHORT FILMS LONDON
VFX: THE MILL, LONDON                                           VFX: WIZZ, EXVOTO
www.the-mill.com                                                www.wizz.fr
                            MTN “STICKIES”
                            Cinema/TVC :60                                                     SONY BLU-RAY
                            Agency:                                                            “LASERS”
                            JHB/METROPOLITA                                                    TVC :90
                            NREPUBLIC                                                          Agency: FALLON
                            Directors: CRAIG                                                   Director: BRETT
                            WESSELS, ROB                                                       FORAKER
MALPAGE Production/VFX: WICKED PIXELS                                                          Production: RSA
www.wickedpixels.com                                            FILMS
                                                                VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  Game trailer/TVC                                          HBO “VOYEUR”
                                  Client: 2K GAMES                                          Viral, TVC, outdoor
                                  Agency: RDA                                               Agency: BBDO, NEW
                                  Director:                                                 YORK
                                  EYEBALLNYC                                                Directors: JAKE
                                  Animation:                                                SCOTT, CHRIS
EYEBALLNYC                                                                                  NELSON
www.eyeballnyc.com                                              Production: RSA FILMS
                                                                VFX: ASYLUM VFX
                                  ONITSUKA                      www.asylumvfx.com
                                  Viral/In-store                                            SCI-FI CHANNEL
                                  Agency:                                                   Broadcast design
                                  VITROROBERTSON                                            Director: KEN
                                  Director: BELIEF                                          LAMBERT
                                  DESIGN                                                    Production: INK
Animation: BELIEF DESIGN                                                                    PROJECT
www.beliefdesign.com                                                                        VFX: UNDERPANTS
                                  AMP “AMP
                                  CHAMP”, “BONES”,                                          NICKELODEON
                                  “BIG AIR”                                                 Interstitials x 5
                                  TVCs :30 x 3                                              Client:
                                  Agency: BBDO NEW                                          NICKELODEON
                                  YORK                                                      LATIN AMERICA
                                  Director: THREE                                           Directors: ADRIANA
LEGGED LEGS                                                                                 GENEL, BEATRIZ
Production: GREEN DOT FILMS                                     RAMOS
Animation: THREE LEGGED LEGS                                    Animation: DANCING DIABLO
www.threeleggedlegs.com                                         www.dancingdiablo.com

                                  CITROEN “RUBIK‟S                                          FRIED PICTURES
                                  CUBE”                                                     Recent broadcast
                                  TVC :45                                                   design
                                  Agency:                                                   MTV ARTBREAKS X
                                  SCVERLAFARGE                                              3
                                  Director: NO BRAIN                                        MTS “FM TOP 20”
                                  Production: COSA                                          Director: FRIED
VFX: MAC GUFF                                                   PICTURES
www.macguff.fr                                                  Animation: FRIED PICTURES
                                  WRIGLEY’S 5
                                  “COBALT”, “RAIN”,                                         “ROBO”
                                  “FLARE”                                                   Short film
                                  TVCs x 3                                                  Director: CHRIS
                                  Agency: ABBOT                                             DELAPORTE
                                  MEAD, VICKERS                                             Animation: WIZZ
                                  BBDO, ENERGY                                              www.wizz.fr
Production: MJZ LA                                                                          “EQUILIBRIO”
VFX: THE MILL LA                                                                            Student film
www.the-mill.com                                                                            School: NEW YORK
                                                                                            UNIVERSITY FOR
                                                                Director: TOMAS SALLES

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  THE YOUNG PUNX                                            SKITTLES “GO
                                  “WAKE UP,                                                 SKITTLE
                                  MAKEUP, BRING IT                                          YOURSELF”
                                  UP, SHAKE UP”                                             Virals/TVCs :30 x 5
                                  Music video                                               Agency:
                                  Record label:                                             TBWA\LONDON
                                  MOFOHIFI                                                  Director: THE
RECORDS                                                         BROTHERS MCLEOD
Director: HAN HOOGERBRUGGE                                      Animation: AARDMAN
Animation: HAN HOOGERBRUGGE                                     www.aardman.com
                                                                                             GNIST “GNIST”
                                  MENOMENA “EVIL                                            TVC :30
                                  BEE”                                                      Agency: SMFB
                                  Music video                                               Director: GAUTE
                                  Client: PF FLYERS                                         HESTHAGEN
                                  Director: STEFAN                                          Production:
                                  NADELMAN                                                  PARADOX
                                  Production: SCHATZI           Animation: TILNAERMET LIK AS
MARKETING                                                       www.tilnaermetlik.no
www.touristpictures.com                                                                     HALF.COM
                                  “LANTERN FI                                               Agency: BBDO, NEW
                                  SHES”                                                     YORK
                                  Short film                                                Director: UGLY
                                  Director:                                                 PICTURES
                                  ADAM GAULT                                                Animation: UGLY
                                  Animation:                    PICTURES
                                  ADAM GAULT                    http://uglypictures.us
                                                                                            “CHAINSAW IS
                                  “YEAR OF THE                                              FAMILY”
                                  POLYGON”                                                  Short films x 4
                                  Short film                                                Director: THOMAS
                                  Client: BOARDS                                            ROGERSTAM
                                  MAGAZINE                                                  Animation: THOMAS
                                  CREATIVE                                                  ROGERSTAM
                                  WORKSHOP                      www.vurpa.se
Director: GURU
Animation: GURU                                                                             “SLOUP”
www.gurustudio.com                                                                          Short film
                                                                                            Director: IMERY
                                  “FISSION”                                                 WATSON
                                  Short film                                                VFX: IMERY
                                  Director: KUN-I                                           WATSON
                                  Animation: KUN-I              www.plansforamachine.com
                                  http://kunichang.com                                      CHEMICAL
                                                                                            BROTHERS “THE
                                                                                            SALMON DANCE”
                                  FERNET 1882                                               Music video
                                  TVCs/virals x 4                                           Record label: VIRGIN
                                  Client: PORTA HNOS                                        RECORDS
                                  Agency: MADRE                                             Director: DOM & NIC
                                  (MOTHER BA)                   Production: FACTORY FILMS
                                  Director:                     VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC
                                  AMAUTALAB                     www.framestore-cfc.com
Animation: AMAUTALAB

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  COCA-COLA                                                 XBOX HALO 3
                                  “HAPPINESS                                                “BELIEVE”
                                  FACTORY – THE                                             TVC :60
                                  MOVIE”                                                    Agency:
                                  Viral                                                     T.A.G/MCCANN
                                  Agency:                                                   WORLDGROUP
                                  WIEDEN+KENNEDY,                                           Director: RUPERT
AMSTERDAM                                                       SANDERS
Directors: TODD MUELLER, KYLIE MATULICK                         Production: MJZ
Production (live-action): SEVEN SENSES, MADRID                  Miniatures: STAN WINSTON
Animation: PSYOP                                                VFX: METHOD
www.psyop.tv                                                    www.methodstudios.com

                                  HEAVENLY                                                  HEINEKEN
                                  SWORD                                                     “CONTINENTAL
                                  Virals x 5                                                SHIFT”
                                  Client: SONY                                              TVC :60
                                  COMPUTER                                                  Agency: BATES ASIA,
                                  ENTERTAINMENT                                             SINGAPORE
                                  EUROPE                                                    Director: LANCE
Game developer: NINJA THEORY                                    KELLEHER
Director: BEN HIBON                                             Production: 8 COMMERCIALS
Production: BLINKINK                                            VFX: POSTMODERN
Animation: CHASE ANIMATION                                      www.postmodernsydney.com
                                                                                            NIKE “LEAVE
Stash 38 includes these outstanding projects:                                               NOTHING”
                                                                                            TVC :60
                                  HARMONIX “ROCK                                            Agency:
                                  BAND”                                                     WIEDEN+KENNEDY,
                                  Game trailer                                              PORTLAND
                                  Client: HARMONIX                                          Director: MICHAEL
                                  MUSIC                         MANN
                                  Director: PETE                Production: ALTURAS FILMS
                                  CANDELAND                     VFX: ASYLUM
Animation: PASSION PICTURES                                     www.asylumfx.com
                              SONY BRAVIA                                                   “HAKKO”
                              “PLAY-DOH”                                                    TVC :60
                              TVC: 90                                                       Agency: OGILVY
                              Agency: FALLON,                                               BEIJING
                              LONDON                                                        Director: FREDERIK
                              Director: FRANK                                               BOND
                              BUDGEN                            Production: SONNY LONDON
Animation director: DARREN WALSH                                VFX: THE MILL
Production: GORGEOUS PRODUCTIONS                                www.the-mill.com
www.passion-pictures.com                                                                    HIFANA
VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY                                                                 “CONNECT”
www.movingpicture.com                                                                       Music Video
                                                                                            Agency: W+K
                                  MOTOROLA                                                  TOKYO LAB
                                  “EXPERIENCE”                                              Directors: +CRUZ,
                                  TVC :60                                                   WOOG
                                  Agency: CUTWATER              Animation: W+K TOKYO LAB
                                  Production:                   www.wktokyolab.com
                                  Director: MICHEL                                          MHD REBRAND
GONDRY                                                                                      Broadcast design
Animation: FLY STUDIOS                                                                      Client: VH1
www.flystudio.com                                                                           Animation: TROIKA
                                                                                            DESIGN GROUP

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  MTV “FAUNA”                                                ROYAL ELASTICS
                                  Broadcast design                                           "FEILFRI"
                                  Broadcaster: MTV                                           TVC/viral :30
                                  CANADA                                                     Agency: FURST
                                  Director: ANTHONY                                          MEDIA,
                                  BURNS                                                      MELBOURNE
                                  Animation: MTV                                             Director: ASH
CANADA                                                          BOLLAND
www.mtv.ca                                                      Animation: UMERIC
                                  CN REFRESH
                                  "FALL MUSIC                                                DAIRY FARMERS OF
                                  VIDEO"                                                     CANADA “MILK
                                  Broadcast design                                           DOTS”
                                  Client: CARTOON                                            TVCs :5 x 10
                                  NETWORK                                                    Agency: DUE NORTH
                                  Director: SHILO                                            COMMUNICATIONS
Production: SHILO                                                                            Director: HEAD
Animation/design: SHILO                                         GEAR ANIMATION
www.shilo.tv                                                    Animation: HEAD GEAR ANIMATION
                                  LATIN AMERICA                                              OTTAWA
                                  Broadcast design                                           INTERNATIONAL
                                  Director: TOTUMA                                           ANIMATION
                                  Animation: TOTUMA                                          FESTIVAL
                                  www.totuma.net                                             Event titles
                                  VPRO 3VOOR12                  Animation: FILMTECKNARNA
                                  Broadcast design              www.filmtecknarna.com
                                  Production: KARMA                                       DOUGLAS
                                  Animation: KARMA                                        COUPLAND
                                  www.karma.tv                                            “ROGER: PART 1”,
                                                                                          “BETHANY: PART
                                                                                          1”, “GLOVE POND:
                                  “SHORT”                                                 PART 1”
                                  Short film                                              Virals
                                  Director: ANDRAS              Client: RANDOM HOUSE CANADA
                                  KETZER                        Production: CRUSH INC.
                                  Production:                   VFX: CRUSH INC.
                                  JOYRIDER FILMS                www.crushinc.com
ANDRAS KETZER                                                                                THEY MIGHT BE
www.joyriderfilms.com                                                                        GIANTS “I‟M
                                  NIKE "DOUBT &                                              Music video
                                  BELIEF"                                                    Record label: IDLE
                                  TVC :30                                                    WORLD
                                  Agency:                                                    RECORDINGS / ZOE
                                  WIEDEN+KENNEDY,               RECORDS
                                  SHANGHAI                      Director: ROB SHAW
                                  Director: ASH                 Production: BENT IMAGE LAB
BOLLAND                                                         Animation: BENT IMAGE LAB
Animation: UMERIC                                               www.bentimagelab.com
                                                                                             THE SEA AND CAKE
                                                                                             Music video
                                                                                             Record label: THRILL
                                                                                             JOCKEY RECORDS
                                                                                             Director: LUNG
                                                                                             Animation: LUNG

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  "ODYSSEY IN                                             HUMMER
                                  ROME"                                                   “SELECTOR”
                                  Opening titles                                          TVC :30
                                  Client:                                                 Agency:
                                  FILMMAKERS                                              MODERNISTA
                                  ENTERTAINMENT                                           Director: JOSEPH
                                  Director: JOOST                                         KOSINSKI
KORNGOLD                                                        Production: ANONYMOUS CONTENT
Animation: RENASCENT                                            Animation: DIGITAL DOMAIN
www.renascent.nl                                                www.digitaldomain.com

                                                                                           “KEY LIME PIE”
                                  TOMTOM “CLIENT                                           Student film
                                  MEETING”                                                 School: SHERIDAN
                                  “HOSPITAL DASH”                                          COLLEGE
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                             Director: TREVOR
                                  Agency:                                                  JIMENEZ
Director: MISCHA ROZEMA                                                                    “ADJUSTMENT”
Production: POSTPANIC                                                                      Student Film
Animation/post: POSTPANIC, QUADRIGA FX,                                                    Director: IAN
CARTOON SALOON                                                                             MACKINNON
www.postpanic.com                                                                          School: ROYAL
www.quadrigafx.de                                                                          COLLEGE OF ART
www.cartoonsaloon.ie                                                                       www.rca.ac.uk

                                  BANK OF IRELAND
                                  “BOGEYMAN”,                                             “THE LEGEND OF
                                  “ELF”                                                   BORUTA”
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                            Student film
                                  Agency: IRISH                                           Director: BARTOSZ
                                  INTERNATIONAL                                           (BARTEK)
                                  BBDO                                                    NOWAKOWSKI
Director: RORY KELLEHER                                                                   School: EMILY CARR
Production: COMPANY FILMS                                       INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN
Animation/VFX: GLASSWORKS                                       www.eciad.ca
                        DOVER                                                              Student film
                        "ONSLAUGHT"                                                        Director: JACQUES
                        TVC :60                                                            KHOURI
                        Agency: OGILVY                                                     School: SAVANNAH
                        TORONTO                                                            COLLEGE OF ART
                        Director: TIM PIPER                                                AND DESIGN
WORLDWIDE PRODUCTIONS, STEAM FILMS                                                         "TIR NAN OG"
CANADA                                                                                     Student film
VFX: SOHO                                                                                  Director: FURSY
www.26soho.com                                                                             TEYSSIER
                                                                                           School: ECOLE
                                  HONDA FIT “EYES”,                                        EMILE COHL
                                  “GAS MILEAGE”
                                  TVCs/virals x 2
                                  Agency: RPA
                                  Director: ANDREW
                                  Animation: A52

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

Stash 39 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  SATURN “PIXEL”                                             “TIPPING POINT”
                                  TVC :60                                                    TVC :60
                                  Agency: SCHOLZ &                                           Agency: BATES ASIA,
                                  FRIENDS, BERLIN                                            SINGAPORE
                                  Director: ARVIND                                           Director: LANCE
                                  PALEP                                                      KELLEHER
                                  Production/VFX: 1ST           Production: 8 COMMERCIALS
AVE MACHINE                                                     VFX: POSTMODERN
www.1stavemachine.com                                           www.postmodernsydney.com

                                  CASIO G-SHOCK                                              GUINNESS
                                  “ATTACK”,                                                  “SECONDS FROM
                                  “GRAVITY”                                                  GREATNESS”
                                  Viral/In-store video                                       TVC :30
                                  Client: F.                                                 Agency: AMV BBDO
                                  CONNECTION LTD.                                            Director: MARC
                                  Director: ALEXEI                                           CRASTE
TYLEVICH                                                        Production: STUDIO AKA
Production: LOGAN                                               Animation: STUDIO AKA
Animation: LOGAN                                                www.studioaka.co.uk
                                  SONY                                                       “CHICKEN
                                  PLAYSTATION 3                                              ROMANCE”
                                  “UNIVERSE OF                                               TVCs :30 x 3
                                  ENTERTAINMENT”                                             Agency: DDB,
                                  TVC :60                                                    PRAGUE
                                  TBWA\CHIAT\DAY                Director: WOLFBERG
Director: SÜPERFAD                                              Animation: STILLKING FILMS
Animation: SÜPERFAD                                             www.stillking.com
                            TOYOTA                                                           Music video
                            “HARMONY”                                                        Director: JÓZSEF
                            TVC :60                                                          SÁNDOR
                            Agency: DENTSU                                                   Production: STUDIO
                            AMERICA, INC.                                                    BAESTARTS
                            Directors: ERICH                                                 Animation: STUDIO
                            JOINER, BOB                         BAESTARTS
RICHARDSON Production: TOOL OF NORTH                            www.studiobaestarts.com
VFX: THE BASEMENT                                                                            “3:19”
Post: R!OT, NICE SHOES                                                                       Feature Film Titles
www.rioting.com                                                                              Client: VOLYA
www.niceshoes.com                                                                            PRODUCTIONS,
                                  LEXUS “POP-UP”                                             INTERACTIVA
                                  TVC :30                                                    Director: ROGIER
                                  Agency: TEAM ONE              HENDRIKS
                                  Director: OSKAR               Animation: ONESIZE, MUCHO MOTION
                                  HOLMEDAL                      www.onesize.nl
                                  Production:                   www.muchomotion.com
VFX: A52

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                        DISCOVERY                                                             “HOW WE MET”
                        CHANNEL                                                               Viral
                        “CHOP SHOP:                                                           Client: SAMSUNG
                        LONDON                                                                ELECTRONICS CO.
                        GARAGE”                                                               LTD
                        Broadcast design                                                      Director: JAKE LUNT
                        Client: DISCOVERY                                                     Production: THE
COMMUNICATIONS EUROPE LTD                                        VIRAL FACTORY
Director: RICH THRIFT                                            Animation: SPY PICTURES
VFX: RUSHES                                                      www.spy-pictures.com
                                                                                              “JOSIE‟S LA LA
                                  NIKE 10K                                                    LAND”
                                  TVC                                                         Short film
                                  Agency: MOTHER,                                             Director: EB HU
                                  ARGENTINA                                                   Production:
                                  Production/animation:                                       HYBWORKS
                                  PEPPERMELON                                                 Animation:
http://www.peppermelon.tv                                        http://hybworks.co.uk

                                  PICTOPLASMA                                                 “PROCRASTINATI
                                  “CHARACTERS IN                                              ON”
                                  MOTION”                                                     Student film
                                  Event trailer                                               Director: JOHNNY
                                  Production/animation:                                       KELLY
                                  PEPPERMELON                                                 School: ROYAL
                                  www.peppermelon.tv                                          COLLEGE OF ART
                                  SOCLES “THE
                                  RISE”                                                       LOLLY JANE BLUE
                                  Viral                                                       “WORMS”
                                  Client: SOCLES                                              Music video
                                  Director: RX                                                Director: SIL VAN
                                  Production: T42                                             DER WOERD
                                  FILMS                                                       Animation: SIL VAN
Animation/VFX: CONDOR                                                                         DER WOERD
www.condor-post.com                                              www.silvanderwoerd.com

                                  “ERES UNICO”                                                JOSÉ GONZALES
                                  Short film                                                  “TEARDROP”
                                  Director: HECTOR                                            Music video
                                  MONERRIS                                                    Record label: MUTE
                                  Animation: MEDIOS                                           RECORDS
                                  Y PROYECTOS                                                 Director: ANDREAS
www.mediosyproyectos.com                                         Animation: ANDREAS NILSSON
                                  “NEILS WAS
                                  ALIVE”                                                      SUBARU “WRX:
                                  Short film                                                  THE LEGEND
                                  Director: HEATH                                             REBORN”
                                  HINEGARDNER                                                 TVCs :30 x 3
                                  Animation: HEATH                                            Agency: MOON CITY
                                  HINEGARDNER                                                 Directors: WARNER
ILLUSTRATION                                                                                  BARNES, ALAN
www.trustheath.com                                               BIBBY
                                                                 Production/VFX: THE 50 YEAR STORM

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  COUNCIL FOR
                                  TRAFFIC SAFETY                                                  “LITTLE ATOMIC
                                  “TAKE 10 OFF”                                                   BOMB”
                                  TVC :30                                                         Short film
                                  Agency: THE AID                                                 Director: ADAM
                                  AGENCY                                                          LONG
                                  Director: FREDERICK                                             Animation: ADAM
CALLINGGRAD                                                                                       LONG
Production: FAR FROM HOLLYWOOD                                  www.paperhousefilms.com
www.ghost.dk                                                                                      ORANGINA
                                  OPTUS “RACOONI                                                  JUICY”
                                  BROTHERS”,                                                      TVC, viral
                                  “HISTORY”                                                       Agency: FFL, PARIS
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                                    Directors: TODD
                                  Agency: M&C                                                     MUELLER, KYLIE
                                  SAATCHI, SYDNEY               MATULICK
                                  Director: PHIL                Production: STINK , PSYOP
MEATCHEM                                                        Animation: THE MILL, LONDON
Production: FILMGRAPHICS PRODUCTIONS                            www.the-mill.com
Animation: FUEL
www.fuelvfx.com                                                                            “TERMINUS”
                                                                                           Short film
                          D & A “THE                                                       Director: TREVOR
                          FACTORY”, "SEA                                                   CAWOOD
                          OF GLASSES"                                                      Production: SPY
                          TVC :30                                                          FILMS
                          Agency: DLKW                                                     VFX: THE EMBASSY,
                          Director: BEN GO                      RAINMAKER www.theembassyvfx.com
                          Production: BRAND                     www.rainmaker.com
Animation: BRAND NEW SCHOOL                                     Stash 40 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  PIONEER KURO                                                    CHANNEL
                                  “ENTER”                                                         “FOOTPRINT”
                                  TVC :60                                                         Short film
                                  Agency:                                                         Client: DISCOVERY
                                  TBWA\CHIAT\DAY                                                  CHANNEL EMEA
                                  Directors: WILL                                                 Director: MATT
                                  HYDE, JUSTIN                  LAMBERT
LEIBOW, JOHN HILTON                                             www.dielamb.com
Production: SÜPERFAD                                            VFX: JELLYFISH PICTURES
Animation: SÜPERFAD                                             www.jellyfishpictures.com
                                                                                              SONY “MEET THE
                                  “T.O.M.”                                                    ENTERTAINERS”
                                  Student film                                                TVC :60
                                  Director: TOM                                               Agency: TBWA
                                  BROWN, DANIEL                                               LONDON
                                  GRAY                                                        Director: NOAM
                                  School:                                                     MURRO
                                  INTERNATIONAL                 Production: BISCUIT / INDEPENDENT
FILM SCHOOL OF WALES                                            Animation: THE MILL
Animation: HOLLBROOKS FILMS                                     www.the-mill.com

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  TER “LE PREUX                                             SOCALLED “YOU
                                  CHEVALIER”                                                ARE NEVER
                                  TVC :30                                                   ALONE”
                                  Client: SNCF                                              Music video
                                  Agency: TBWA\PARIS                                        Record Label: JDUB
                                  Director: ARTHUR                                          RECORDS, NEW
                                  GORDON                                                    YORK
Production/VFX: MAGICLAB                                        Director: BENJAMIN STEIGER LEVINE
www.magiclab3d.com                                              Production/VFX: BSL PRODUCTIONS, COLONEL
                                  SNICKERS                      www.colonelblimp.com
                                  TVC :30                                                    OFFF NYC
                                  Agency: BBDO                                               Event titles
                                  MOSCOW                                                     Client: OFFF
                                  Director: ALEX &                                           Directors: THE
                                  STEFFEN                                                    RONIN, DSTRUKT
Production: SPY FILMS                                                                        Design/VFX: THE
Animation: UNEXPECTED                                                                        RONIN, DSTRUKT
www.unexpected.de                                               www.theronin.co.uk
                                  JOH KUEMMEL
                                  Student work                                               “MR.
                                  School: INSTITUTE                                          MAGORIUM‟S
                                  OF THE                                                     WONDER
                                  FILMAKADEMIE                                               EMPORIUM”
                                  BADEN-WÜRTTEM                                              Film titles
                                  BERG                                                       Client: WALDEN
www.animationsinstitut.de                                                                    MEDIA / 20TH
GREENPEACE “RAINBOW WARRIOR”                                    CENTURY FOX
Spec TVC                                                        Director: DANIEL DELPURGATORIO
NIKE “IMPOSSIBLE”                                               Animation: REEL FX ENTERTAINMENT
Spec TVC                                                        www.reelfx.com

                           STELLA ARTOIS                                                   VH1 CHRISTMAS
                           “LE PASSAGE”                                                    BRANDING
                           Viral                                                           Broadcast design
                           Agency: LOWE                                                    Client: MTV
                           BRINDFORS                                                       NETWORKS
                           STOCKHOLM,                                                      Director: MAN VS
                           LOWE LONDON                                                     MACHINE
Director: ALPHABETICAL ORDER                                    Animation: MAN VS MACHINE, DARKSIDE
Animation: ALPHABETICAL ORDER                                   ANIMATION
www.alphabeticalorder.com                                       www.manvsmachine.co.uk
                         SAGEM “X-RAY”
                         Cinema :45                                                          NICKELODEON
                         Agency: BBDO,                                                       KIDS CHOICE
                         PARIS                                                               AWARDS
                         Director: SAAM                                                      Broadcast design
                         Production:                                                         Client:
                         PARTIZAN LAB                                                        NICKELODEON
VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY                                                                  Directors: AKIN
www.moving-picture.com                                          AKINSIKU, JANE LAFFEY
                                                                Animation: MAINFRAME

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  E4 BRAND                                                   BORESNORE
                                  IDENTITY                                                   “MEGAMIX”
                                  Broadcast Design                                           Music video
                                  Client: E4                                                 Record label: SKIN
                                  Director: NOAH                                             TRAX RECORDS
                                  HARRIS                                                     Director: DIETER
                                  Animation:                                                 WIECHMANN
HOTHEAD PRODUCTIONS                                              Animation: PERISH FACTORY
www.noahharris.co.uk                                             www.perishfactory.com

                                  MTV CANADA                                                 MIKA “LOLLIPOP”
                                  “WINTER FAUNA”                                             Music video
                                  Broadcast design                                           Record label:
                                  Director: ANTHONY                                          CASABLANCA
                                  BURNS                                                      Director: BONZOM
                                  Production/animation:                                      Animation: PASSION
                                  MTV CANADA                                                 PICTURES
www.mtv.ca                                                       www.passion-pictures.com

                                  AICP/MIDWEST                                               “FOT”
                                  Event opener                                               Short flim
                                  Client:                                                    Director: ALEX
                                  AICP/MIDWEST                                               DRON
                                  CHAPTER                                                    Animation: YUKFOO
                                  Director:OPTIMUS                                           www.yukfoo.net
                              “POP QUIZ”                                                     QUECHUA
                              Student film                                                   “LE GRAND NORD”
                              Director: TALLI                                                Viral
                              PELED                                                          Agency: YOUNG &
                              School:                                                        RUBICAM, PARIS
                              BOURNEMOUTH                                                    Director: RUAIRI
                              UNIVERSITY                         ROBINSON
http://ncca.bournemouth.ac.uk                                    www.wanda.fr

                                  ZUNE ARTS                      NANOSPORE Recent work
                                  “INTERGALACTIC                                             XM RADIO
                                  SWAP MEET”                                                 “XMERATOR”
                                  Viral                                                      TVC :30
                                  Agency:                                                    Agency: LOWE, NY
                                  72ANDSUNNY, LOS                                            Director:
                                  ANGELES                                                    NANOSPORE
Director: AGAINSTALLODDS                                                                     Production:
Production: BLACKLIST                                            BLACKLIST
Animation: AGAINSTALLODDS                                        Animation: NANOSPORE
www.againstallodds.se                                            http://nanospore.org

                             ZUNE ARTS                                                       COKE “GRIP”
                             “MASKS”                                                         CAMPAIGN
                             Viral                                                           Virals x 2
                             Client: MICROSOFT                                               Agency: PUBLICIS
                             ZUNE                                                            MOJO, AUCKLAND
                             Agency:                                                         Director:
                             72ANDSUNNY                                                      NANOSPORE
Directors: JONATHAN GARIN, NAOMI NISHIMURA                       Production: BLACKLIST
Animation: PANDAPANTHER                                          Animation: NANOSPORE
www.pandapanther.com                                             http://nanospore.org

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  TARGET‟S TWO                                                      MAMORU KANO
                                  DAY SALE                                                          Director’s showcase
                                  TVCs/virals x 4                                                   “SCRAMBLE
                                  Agency: BBDO                                                      CROSSROAD”
                                  WORLDWIDE                                                         Short film
                                  Director: LOBO                                                    “PEOPLE FOREST ”
                                  Production: THE                                                   Interactive media art
EBELING GROUP                                                     “NEW MOON”
Animation: LOBO                                                   Event film
www.lobo.cx                                                       (Microsoft Office 2007 Japan)
                                                                  FORD MUSTANG “AURA”
                                  MITSUBISHI                      Viral
                                  LANCER “SAFER”
                                  TVC/cinema/viral                Stash 41 includes these outstanding projects:
                                  Client: SONY
                                  TROPFEST,                                                         GREENPEACE
                                  MITSUBISHI                                                        “SUNSHINE”
                                  Directors: JAMES                                                  Viral :45
CALVERT, EDDIE WHITE                                                                                Agency: ESCAPE
Animation: THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF                                                                 PARTNERS
ANIMATION                                                                                           Director: SVEN
www.thepra.com.au                                                                                   HARDING
                                                                  Production/VFX: PARK VILLAGE
                                  GALLYGOWS “THE                  www.parkvillage.co.uk
                                  Music Video                                                 ADIDAS
                                  Record label:                                               “TOGETHER”,
                                  FIREYELLOW                                                  “FOOTBALL”
                                  Director: ALEX                                              TVCs x 2 :60
                                  VILLAGRASA                                                  (director’s cut)
Production: NANOUK FILMS                                                                      Agency:
VFX: ALEX VILLAGRASA                                                                          TBWA\CHINA
www.alexvv.com                                                    Directors: MARIE HYON, MARCO SPIER
                                                                  Production: STINK
                                  “THE WAR”                       VFX: PSYOP
                                  Short film                      www.psyop.tv
                                  Director: SHILO
                                  Animation: SHILO                                             MICROSOFT ZUNE
                                  www.shilo.tv                                                 “ACADEMY OF
                                                                                               “THE BALLAD OF
                                                                                               TINA PINK”
                                                                                               TVCs :60 x 2
                                  VIRGIN AMERICA                                               Agency:
                                  In-flight safety video          T.A.G./MCCANN WORLDGROUP
                                  Agency: ANOMALY                 Director: PATRICK DAUGHTERS
                                  NYC                             Production: THE DIRECTOR’S BUREAU
                                  Director: GORDON                VFX: SÜPERFAD, METHOD STUDIOS
                                  CLARK                           www.methodstudios.com
WILDBRAIN                                                                                           FLAUNT
www.wildbrain.com                                                                                   MAGAZINE
                                                                                                    Experimental film
                                                                                                    Clients: FLAUNT
                                                                                                    MAGAZINE, DIESEL
                                                                                                    Director: ROYALE
                                                                                                    Animation: ROYALE

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                JEEP “TEN LITTLE                                                 MTV BRAZIL “MTV
                                VEHICLES”                                                        HD”, “VFMD MTV”,
                                TVC, cinema, viral                                               “VIDEO MUSIC
                                Agency: KNSK,                                                    BRAZIL”
                                HAMBURG                                                          Broadcast design x 3
                                Director: MICHAEL                                                Director: VINICIUS
                                REISSINGER                                                       COSTA
Production/animation: DELI PICTURES                             Production/animation: VINICIUS COSTA
www.delipictures.de                                             www.vinareel.tv
                                                                Animation (Video Music Brazil): ANIMATORIO
                                  NET10 “SHARAK”                www.animatorio.com.br
                                  TVC :45
                                  Agency: DROGA5                                                SCI VS. FI SHOW
                                  Director: MICHEL                                              Broadcast design
                                  FORAN                                                         Client: SCI FI
                                  Animation: WORLD                                              CHANNEL
                                  LEADERS                                                       Production: GNET
ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                   MEDIA
www.wleaders.com                                                                                Animation: CTRL
                                  INTERNATIONAL                                                 TOSHIBA
                                  FRANCE “BULLET”                                               “LOVEBIRDS”
                                  Viral                                                         Viral
                                  Agency: TBWA PARIS                                            Agency: DENTSU,
                                  Director: LES BLIN                                            JAPAN
                                  Production: FESTEN                                            Animation: CTRL
FILMS                                                                                           www.c-trl.com
www.chezeddy.com                                                                                “LEO'S SONG”
                                                                                                Music video
                                  THE WITCHER                                                   Director: IMPACTIST
                                  Game cinematic                                                Animation:
                                  Game developer: CD                                            IMPACTIST
                                  PROJECKT RED                                                  www.impactists.com
                                  Director: TOMEK
                                  Animation: PLATIGE                                            “MAJORIEDAW”
IMAGE                                                                                           Short film
www.platige.com                                                                                 Director: CONKERCO
                                  E4 “ZOMBIES”                                                  ACADEMY FILMS
                                  Broadcast design                                              VFX: MOVING
                                  Client: E4                                                    PICTURE COMPANY
                                  Director: OLIVER              www.moving-picture.com
                                  VFX: HOT HEAD                                                 EASTERN
                                  FILMS                                                         CONFERENCE
www.hotheadfilms.co.uk                                                                          CHAMPIONS
                                                                                                “THE BOX”
                                  E4 CHRISTMAS                                                  Music video
                                  “GRAN                                                         Record label:
                                  TACLORES”                                                     SURETONE
                                  Broadcast design              RECORDS
                                  Client: CHANNEL 4             Director: ELLIOT JOKELSON
                                  TELEVISION                    Production: GHOST ROBOT
                                  Director: DARREN              Animation: HUMOURING THE FATES
DUBICKI                                                         www.fates.com

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  “CAT MAN DO”
                                  Short film                                                 SONY PS3
                                  Director: SIMON                                            Viral
                                  TOFIELD                                                    Client: SONY
                                  Production: TANDEM                                         COMPUTER
                                  FILMS                                                      ENTERTAINMENT
                                  Animation: SIMON                                           EUROPE
TOFIELD                                                                                      Director: RED
www.tandemfilms.com                                             DESIGN
                                                                Production/animation: MAINFRAME
                                  NEWSROUND “THE                www.mainframe.co.uk
                                  WRONG TRAINERS
                                  - SAMARA‟S                                               MERCEDES BENZ
                                  STORY”                                                   “ANTICIPEZ LES
                                  Documentary segment                                      DANGERS”
                                  Agency: CBBC                                             Viral
                                  Director: LAYLA                                          Agency: PROXIMITY
ATKINSON                                                                                   BBDO
Animation: TRUNK                                                                           Director: AKAMA
www.trunk.me.uk                                                 Animation/VFX: AKAMA STUDIO
                                  “THE KINGDOM”
                                  Feature film titles                                        ASICS “TOP
                                  Client: UNIVERSAL                                          IMPACT LINE”
                                  PICTURES                                                   Viral/retail
                                  Director: PETER                                            Agency: DENTSU
                                  BERG                                                       INC., OSAKA
                                  Animation: PIC                                             Director: QUAYOLA
AGENCY                                                                                       Production:
www.picagency.com                                               ONEDOTZERO
                                                                Animation: ONEDOTZERO
                                  ELECTRELANE                   www.onedotzero.tv
                                  “IN BERLIN”
                                  Music video                                                HIT “COCKROACH
                                  Record label: TOO                                          MOSQUITOES
                                  PURE / BEGGARS                                             QUIT INDIA”
                                  Director: CASSIANO                                         TVC :53
                                  PRADO                                                      Agency: PUBLICIS
Production: EMENES                                                                           AMBIENCE ADVT.
Animation: NOIS                                                                              PVT LTD.
www.nois.tv                                                     Director: RAM MADHVANI
                                                                Production: EQUINOX FILMS
                                  THE HAPPY                     VFX: PRIME FOCUS
                                  BULLETS “THE                  www.primefocus.co.in
                                  VICE AND
                                  VIRTUE                                                     TOTUMA +
                                  MINISTRY”                                                  PLANTA XMAS
                                  Music video                                                2008
                                  Record label:                                              Viral
UNDENIABLE RECORDS                                                                           Directors: TOTUMA,
Director: NADER HUSSEINI                                                                     ESTUDIO PLANTA
Production: RICK ZESSAR                                                                      Animation: TOTUMA
Animation: NADER HUSSEINI                                       www.totuma.net
                                                                                             TVC :45
                                                                                             Agency: TBWA
                                                                                             Production: CHEZ
                                                                Animation: CHEZ EDDY

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                    “CIRCLE                                                KIT KAT “THE
                                    SQUARED”                                               ULTIMATE
                                    Viral                                                  BREAK”
                                    Client: NY TIMES                                       Viral/TVC
                                    Director: TODD ST.                                     Agency: JWT, PARIS
                                    JOHN                                                   Director: AKAMA
                                    Animation:                                             STUDIO
HUNTERGATHERER                                                  Production: WANDA PRODUCTIONS
www.huntergatherer.net                                          Animation: AKAMA STUDIO
                                    ELEPHANT GIRL
                                    Short film                                              CCM
                                    Director: DAVID                                         “ANATOMICAL”
                                    LOBSER                                                  TVC :30
                                    Animation: DAVID                                        Agency:
                                    LOBSER                                                  CRAMER-KRASSELT,
                                    www.dlobser.com                                         MILWAUKEE
                                                                                            Director: BEN
                                    HALO 3                      Animation: THE SYNDICATE
                                    Virals x 3                  www.syndicate.com
                                    MICROSOFT/BUNGI                                         GUINNESS “DOT”
                                    E                                                       Cinema, TVC
                                    Director: NEILL                                         Agency: IIBBDO,
                                    BLOMKAMP                                                DUBLIN
Production: WETA WORKSHOP                                                                   Director: EBEN
VFX: ORIGAMI DIGITAL LLC, HT LIMITED                                                        MEARS
www.origamidigital.com                                                                      Production: PSYOP,
Stash 42 includes these outstanding projects:                   Animation: PSYOP
                                    MONSTER “LEGS”
                                    TVC :60                                                 FOX SPORTS
                                    Agency: BBDO, NEW                                       NASCAR “ENGINE
                                    YORK                                                    CITY”
                                    Director: RUPERT                                        TVC :30
                                    SANDERS                                                 Client: FOX SPORTS
                                    Production: MJZ                                         Directors: MARK
VFX: MASS MARKET                                                                            DENYER-SIMMONS,
www.massmarket.tv                                               JASON SCOTT
                                                                Production: FOX SPORTS
                                    FEDEX “CARRIER              Animation: BUF
                                    PIGEONS”                    www.buf.com
                                    TVC :30
                                    Agency: BBDO NY                                         CHANNEL 4
                                    Director: TOM                                           “RAMSAY‟S
                                    KUNTZ                                                   KITCHEN
                                    Production: MJZ                                         NIGHTMARES”
VFX: FRAMESTORE NY                                                                          TVC :40
www.framestore.com                                                                          Client: CHANNEL 4
                                                                                            Director: SIMON
                                    COKE “IT‟S MINE”            ROBSON
                                    TVC :60                     Animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS, SIXTY40
                                    Agency:                     www.nexusproductions.com
                                    WIEDEN+KENNEDY              www.sixty40.com
                                    Director: NICOLAI
                                    Production: MJZ

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  CN REFRESH
                                  “ELIJAH RAP”                                                “ME AND MY
                                  Broadcast design                                            GOLDFISH”
                                  Client: CARTOON                                             Branded content
                                  NETWORK                                                     Client: GOLDFISH
                                  Director: SHILO                                             BANK
                                  Production/animation:                                       Agency: GREY
SHILO                                                                                         LONDON
www.shilo.tv                                                     Directors: ARNO SALTERS, LOYALKASPAR,
                                                                 FOREIGN OFFICE, ADAM MARKO-NORD
                           CARTOON                               Production: STINK DIGITAL
                           NETWORK UK                            Animation: ARNO SALTERS, LOYALKASPAR,
                           Broadcast idents                      FOREIGN OFFICE, ALPHAVILLE
                           Director: CLAIRE                      www.arnosalters.com
                           UNDERWOOD                             www.loyalkaspar.com
                           Production:                           www.foreignoffice.com
                           HANRAHAN FILMS                        www.alphaville.se
www.pesky.com                                                                                 LES SAVY FAV
                                                                                              “WHAT WOULD
                                  FUEL “BELOW                                                 WOLVES DO”
                                  DECK”,                                                      Music video
                                  “SACKRIFICE”                                                Record label:
                                  TVCs :15 x 2                                                FRENCHKISS
                                  Client: FUEL TV                                             RECORDS
                                  Director: RYAN                 Director: RYAN QUINCY
                                  HONEY                          Animation: RYAN QUINCY
Animation: BUCK                                                  www.ryanquincy.com
                                  “MEUS PRÊMIOS                                               Short film
                                  NICK”                                                       Client: CARTER
                                  Broadcast design                                            FILMS ROMANIA
                                  Client:                                                     Director: WE ARE
                                  NICKELODEON                                                 OM
                                  Director: RICARDO                                           Animation/VFX: WE
                                  CARELLI                        ARE OM
Animation: DINAMO DIGITAL                                        www.weareom.com
                                                                                              “RAPT SODA”
                                  DISCOVERY                                                   Short film
                                  CHANNEL                                                     Directors:
                                  “LOBSTERMEN”                                                ALEXANDRE ADA,
                                  TVC :30                                                     CÉDRIC JEANNE
                                  Agency: FRAME BY                                            Production: AKAMA
                                  FRAME                                                       STUDIO
                                  Director: JUSTIN               Animation: AKAMA STUDIO
HARDER                                                           www.akamastudio.com
www.justinharder.la                                                                           “SEAT 29E”
                                                                                              Short film
                                  MICHAEL FAKESCH                                             Director: ELENA
                                  “BLACKBIRD”                                                 WEN
                                  Music video                                                 Animation: ELENA
                                  Record label: K7                                            WEN
                                  RECORDS                                                     www.elenawen.com

The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges

                                  PLASTIC                                                     HORNBACH
                                  OPERATOR “HOME                                              BAUMARKT AG
                                  2070”                                                       “PROJECTS
                                  Music video                                                 HAUNT YOU”
                                  Record company:                                             TVC :30
                                  FINE DAY                                                    Agency: HEIMAT
                                  Director: PETE                                              WERBEAGENTUR,
CIRCUITT                                                        BERLIN
Animation: BITSTATE                                             Director: CARL ERICK RINSCH
www.bitstate.com                                                Production: MARKENFILM
                                                                VFX: FURIA DIGITAL
                                  THE BLOOD ARM                 www.furia-digital.com
                                  FEATURING ANAIS
                                  “DO I HAVE YOUR                                             VOLKSWAGEN
                                  ATTENTION?”                                                 “THE MOVING
                                  Music video                                                 CITY”
                                  Record label:                                               TVC :45
                                  BECAUSE TV                                                  Agency: DDB ITALY
Agency: WANDA                                                                                 Director: ANDREW
Directors: ANTHONY LIU, PJ RICHARDSON                                                         HARDAWAY
VFX/animation: LAUNDRY!                                         Production: PARCO FILM
www.laundrymat.tv                                               VFX: THE EMBASSY
                                  FAIR & SQUARE
                                  “DOTS”,                                                     “INSIGHT”
                                  “PATTERN”                                                   Short film
                                  TVCs :30 x 2                                                Director: SALVADOR
                                  Agency: BBH                                                 SIMÓ
                                  LONDON                                                      Animation: THE
Director: CHRIS DOOLEY                                                                        WORKSHOP,
Production: NOT TO SCALE                                        VIBORG
Animation: NATIONAL TELEVISION                                  www.animwork.dk
                                                                                              BLUR STUDIOS
                                                                                              Recent Game Work x 3
                                  FORD ECOSPORT                                               HELLGATE:
                                  Virals x 2                                                  LONDON
                                  Agency:                                                     Game cinematic
                                  DIGITAL@JWT,                                                MX VS ATV
                                  ARGENTINA                                                   TVC :60
                                  Director:                     EMPIRE EARTH III
                                  STUDIOCHU                     Game trailer
Animation: STUDIOCHU                                            Animation: BLUR
www.studiochu.tv                                                www.blur.com

                                  RAC “NODDING                                                “HISTORY OF
                                  OFF”                                                        AMERICA”
                                  Cinema :30                                                  Short film
                                  Agency: AMV BBDO                                            Director: MK12
                                  Director: BLOOM                                             Production: THE
                                  Animation:                                                  EBELING GROUP
                                  PARTIZAN LAB                                                Animation:MK12
www.partizanlab.com                                             www.mk12.com

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