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Omar Al Zabir
Objective         Develop exciting and creative applications that make difference in people‟s lives.

Experience        2005 to-date                Pageflakes, Inc.             San Francisco, CA, USA
                  Acquired by Live Universe, Inc – Founded by MySpace founder Brad Greenspan
                  Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
         is a Web 2.0 personalizable Start Page, built on cutting edge
                  AJAX and .NET 2.0 technologies
                            Design Software Architecture,        Database     Architecture      and    Physical
                             Deployment architecture
                            Ensure scalability, reliability, availability and performance of the production
                             and partner websites
                            Run production environment
                            Head of operations in development centers in Bangladesh and Malaysia
                  2006                        IntelliSoft Corporation        Los Angeles, CA, USA
                  Contract Developer
                  Developed a License SDK for .NET and Java products which any desktop and web
                  application can use to conveniently and securely enable licensing, hardware
                  protection and payment system in their product.

                  2006                        Zereba PTY Ltd.                     Sydney, Australia
                  Contract Developer
                  Developed a content subscription system which aggregates content from
                  heterogeneous systems (RSS Feeds, Medical records, Database, HTTP, FTP, File
                  System) and presents desired information to the user via a .NET 2.0 Smart Client.

                  2005           Tangible Engineering GmbH                     Germany
                  Contract Developer
                  Developed a specialized UML designer for Tangible Architect (
                  using .NET 2.0

                  2005 - 2007      Somewhere in...                    Dhaka, Bangladesh
                  Head of Ideas
                  It‟s a Nordic company developing some really interesting solutions for the two
                  top most GSM Mobile Service Providers- Grameen Phone and AKTel. I work as a
                  technical consultant. They tell me what needs to be done, I tell them how it
                  needs to be done.
                  Somewhere in… is also the Escenic Bangladesh. Escenic ( is a
                  Norwegian company that builds the most popular Content Management Solution
                  in Norway. Escenic, the CMS product built on J2EE, runs about 400 online
                  publication websites throughout the world. I worked with Escenic to build the
giant website that hosts Computer World, CIO, PC World Norge
magazine websites.

2004 - 2005              Velocity Global Ltd.                 Houston, USA
Contract Developer
   Develop “HP Product Advisor” for Hewlett-Packard, USA.
   Develop a .NET based new and advanced replacement site for largest prepaid
    ATM site which has more than 171,000 card holders.
   Develop, a web-based credit earning system via
    marketing emails. A solution for marketing emails without being considered as

1998 - 2005      Orion Technologies (Onirban)           Dhaka, Bangladesh
Lead Software Architect
   Work on outsourced projects from PCi Inc. ( which has been
    acquired by Bankers Systems (
   Working as a technical consultant in several projects developed for large
    clients in US including Bank of America, Federal Reserved Bank, CitiBank, First
    National Bank, Wells Fargo, WAMU.
   Enhance existing product‟s security, performance, availability and scalability by
    conducting continuous R&D on leading edge technologies
   Developing Service Oriented Applications based on XML Web Service, SOAP
    and MSMQ.
   Develop solutions based on Visual Studio Team System. I have developed an
    enhanced MS Project integration with VSTS for offshore development and also
    a complete MS Outlook VSTS Add in for Team System which is more advanced
    than MS Project/Excel add ins.

2002 to-2005     American International University- Bangladesh
Project Leader - Software Development Team
   Developing a complete web-based university management solution which
    includes web-based advising, registration, accounts, collaboration among
    students and teachers
   Provide technical support and consultancy to development team.
   Develop .NET Smart Client based Administration application using VS 2005,
    .NET 2.0 which talks to .NET 1.1 XML web services deployed on central server.

2004 - 2005              Vital Blue Solutions            Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chief Technical Officer and Partner
   Lead a .NET development team to work on outsourced projects from
    Performance Marketing Agency (PMA), Las Vega, USA.
   Lead a PHP development team to develop a web-based documentation and
    publication system for Elegent Technologies, Texas, USA
   Develop and implement own Object Relational Persistence layer in order to
    reduce amount of code spent in data access layer and boost programmers
   Develop and implement Content Management architecture for ASP.NET
    applications in order to eliminate security, path and file organization problems
    typical in regular web projects.
2002 to-2004    Zanala Bangladesh and BETS           Dhaka, Bangladesh
Software Consultant
   Developed web-based international educational portal specialized for IELTS
    and specialized test training including MCSD, OCP, SCJP etc.
   Lead development team to implement leading-edge technologies using .NET
    framework in order to meet the business agility required in their projects
   Implemented Extreme Programming (XP) methodology which contributed a
    significant boost in productivity and quality of deliverables.
   Developed a real time web based customer support system which requires no
    plugin, ActiveX or Java on client browser. Similar to LivePerson™ but works
    without the Java Applet in order to support Windows XP and future version of
    Windows which will have no Java VM.

1998-1999       CSL Software Resources               Dhaka, Bangladesh
Software Developer
Developed several local projects using Visual Basic 6.0 and MS SQL Server

1993-1997       SAfeworks Ltd.                       Dhaka, Bangladesh
Software Developer
   Started as a Junior Developer participating in commercial projects developed
    in C++ and Borland C++ for Windows using Object Windows Library (OWL)
   Developed a command based vector graphics drawing application in C for
    DOS, similar to AutoCAD at that time.
   Contributed in a graphical Bangla word processor made in C for DOS
My Book on ASP.NET 3.5

                                From O‟Reilly Press release:

                                If you think you're well versed in ASP.NET, think again. This
                                exceptional guide gives you a master class in site building with
                                ASP.NET 3.5 and other cutting-edge Microsoft technologies. You learn
                                how to develop rock-solid web portal applications that can withstand
                                millions of hits every day while surviving scalability and security
                                pressures -- not just for mass-consumer homepages, but also for
                                dashboards that deliver powerful content aggregation for enterprises.

                                My truly unique, Golden Web Award winner + 58 top web
                                awards winning web site:

                                (Internet Explorer only)

My blog that shows my work and interest:

Self-developed Open Source Projects

      UFrame – DIV meets the IFRAME
      Google IG like Web 2.0 AJAX Start Page
      Freehand Sketch enabled multi user UML diagram designer
      Ensure – a Javascript library to facilitate Rich Interactivity in web application
      RSS Feed Aggregator & Blog tool with Outlook integration
      Store Front 2004 – ASP.NET postback concept simulated in JSP & JSF

Prominent Articles

      Fast ASP.NET web page loading by downloading multiple javascripts after visible content and
       in batch
      Fast, Scalable, Streaming AJAX Proxy - continuously deliver data from across domains
      Build Google IG like Ajax Start Page in 7 days using ASP.NET Ajax and .NET 3.0 (Super hit!)
      10 ASP.NET Scalability and Performance Secrets
      ASP.NET AJAX under the hood secrets
      StickOut - .NET 2.0, VSTS, Outlook Addin, MS Word/Excel integration
      Deployment made simple with Powershell
      Using COM safely inside "using" block without requiring interop assembly
      MSDN - Creating MS Office style architecture for your .NET applications:
      An ideal .NET 2.0 Smart Client working with .NET 1.1 SOA based web service collection
       (CodeProject Smart Client development contest winner)
      RSS Feed Aggregator & Blog Tool
      Distributed Command Pattern - a new design pattern
      IDisposable, safe, latebound strongly typed COM – no more interop assemblies
      Simulate Windows Service using plain ASP.NET in shared hosting environment
      SwitchNetConfig - Laptop users, quickly switch network and proxy configuration in different
      Convert HTML to XHTML and clean unnecessary tags and attributes

All my projects and summary

Project Name                                   Summary

1. Pageflakes                    .NET +        Web 2.0 Ajax Start Page.
Pageflakes Ltd, USA              AJAX
1. HP Product Advisor            Flash &       Graphically rich animated expert system which
Hewlett-Packard, USA             XML           simulates the expertise of HP Server Product
                                               experts to the customers for convenient decision
                                               making on product purchase.
2. VS Team System Products       .NET 2.0      Enhance MS Project integration with VSTS for
PCi Corporation, USA                           better Offshore project management. Develop MS
                                               Outlook add in to integrate it with VSTS including
                                               email, task, and appointments.
3. Smart UML                   .NET     Freehand sketch enabled multi-user UML diagram
Open Source                             designer. Best for Tablet PC
4. RSS Feeder                  .NET     RSS Feed aggregator & Blog Tool - Newspaper
Open Source                             view, Outlook style 3 pane view, Store feeds in
                                        Outlook folder. No Outlook overhead, hang or
                                        delay. Blog to Wordpress/.Text/Movabletype/B2.
                                        Newsgator import. Auto Update. Post to weblog
                                        from Outlook folders.
5. WizEnterprise               .NET     XML Webservice based service oriented application
PCi Corporation, Boston, USA            providing Edit Check, Geocoding, Submission, Flood
                                        analysis, OFAC and Reporting service for Large and
                                        medium banks in USA.
6. Loanexchange                J2EE     Provides community banks with an open, secure
Medici, Boston, USA                     and neutral market for commercial loan
7. Virtual University with     .NET     Web & Smart Client based solution for complete
total University Automation             university automation including web-based                            registration, councelling, distant study and Smart
                                        Client administration application.
8. Project Officer’s           PHP      Web-based collaborative book authoring, editing
Handbook                                and publishing system with rich editing UI,
Elegent Technologies, Texas,            compliance check and workflow management
9. Property Sales              .NET     Web-based inventory and sales management
Automation                              system for real-estate companies
Performance Marketting
Association, Las Vegas, USA
10. Documenter                 Visual   It enables loan officers and administrators to
Medici, Boston, USA            Basic    accurately and efficiently automate production of
                                        transaction specific loan documents from the initial
                                        commitment/proposal letter through completion of
                                        UCC-1 Financing Statements
11. CRAWiz                     Visual   CRA Wiz is an easy-to-use very powerful, software
PCi Wiz, Boston, USA           Basic    tool that analyzes the distribution of lending and
                                        deposits using tables, graphs, and maps
12. eWiz                       J2EE     EWiz is a service that provides all of the above
PCi Wiz, Boston, USA                    analysis capabilities of the Wiz software and data
                                        but without requiring the client to either own or
                                        operate the software.
13. Sales Force Automation     J2EE     Web based complete Sales Automation Portal
Portal                                  Xavient, USA
14. FundRunner                 Visual   Financial Interactive's products provide specialized
Financial Interactive, USA     Basic    solutions for client relations, investor reporting,
                                        fund analytics/reporting, website design and
                                        implementation, compliance management, and
                                        private equity tracking
15. FLCA                       Visual   Incorporates the latest issues raised in Federal and
PCi Corporation, USA           Basic    state investigations and provides corrective
                                        feedback scoring to the Challenge taker
16.          .NET     Web-based online educational institute specialized
BETS, Bangladesh                        in IELTS Training and certification tests like MCSD,
                                        OCP, SCJP etc
17.       .NET     Online secure, reliable, instant pre-paid payment
BETS, Bangladesh                        solution first ever in Bangladesh with own pre-paid
18. Enterprise Exchange        .NET     Web based Knowledge Management System for
                                        collecting and organizing digital resources within an
19. PMTC                          Web           Web site (
                                                Project Management and Technical Consultant, UK
20. Mission of Mercy              Web           Web site (
                                                Mission of Mercy Bangladesh, USA
21.                               Multimedia    Local Multimedia Tourism promotional product with
                                                music, video and hundreds of photos
22.                               Multimedia    Multimedia Edutainment software for teaching
                                                alphabets, poems, stories to pre-school kids
23.                               Multimedia    Multimedia Edutainment software for teaching
                                                Chemistry to teenagers with audio, video and 3D
24.                               Multimedia    Multimedia Astronomy Education for teenagers with
                                                audio, video and 3D animation
25. Digital Path Portal           Web           Web Portal
                                                Digital Path Ltd. Bangladesh
26. Voice Keeper System           Visual        TCP/IP based distributed billing solution for Voice
Administration                    Basic         Keeper VoIP system
                                                Digital Path Ltd. Bangladesh
27. US Mission Recreation         Visual        Inventory System for USMRA
Association Inventory System      Basic         US Mission Recreation Association, USA
28. Rent It!                      Visual        Generic customizable inventory system
                                  Basic         CSL Software Resources, Ltd.

Skills          .NET
                Most of my recent developments are in .NET platform including ASP.NET AJAX,
                Smart Clients, XML Webservices and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
                implementation. Besides my .NET skill, I am well equipped with a rigorous
                development background in J2EE solutions. I have also built Distributed
                Solutions for Banks using Visual Basic utilizing COM+.

                Software Architecture
                My key role has been to develop software and physical deployment architecture
                for all of my projects. I am well experienced in implementing design patterns in
                real life scenarios and gained enough experience in their practical merits and
                demerits through real life implementations.

                IT & Security Expertise
                I have real world experience in maintaining full proof secure Windows Servers
                with IIS, DNS, FTP and SQL Server on public network under constant attack. I
                have worked as IT Administrator and deployed domain based network in a
                University having intranet & public website using Windows Sharepoint Services,
                Live Communication Server for instant communication between employees,
                Exchange server with Outlook integration on employees‟ desktops (around 150
                desktops on 5 geographically distributed campuses). Such experience has
                significantly affected my software architecture design approaches and decisions.

                Software Testing
                I have done extensive research on Usability Testing of web solutions and have
                implemented them in my recent web projects with great success.
                Automated testing, unit testing using NUnit, system and integration testing and
                QA are also my key interest areas. I am experienced in implementing source
                control using Subversion, StarTeam and Source Safe. I am currently doing
                extensive R&D on Visual Studio Team System for offshore development.

                Analytical Problem solving
                I have taken participation in several programming contests including ACM
                Programming Contests which have helped me develop a sound background in
solving analytical problems.

Technical Leading
I am a technical Leader. Throughout my development career, I have worked as
a technical leader, delivering cutting-edge technologies to my team members
and guiding them to make their way to successful implementations.

Program Management Skills
I have developed technical specs for most of my foreign projects. Developing
functional specs, project timeline and „making it happen in time‟ are also my
key skills.

Technical Interview
In last 5 years, being a technical consultant, I have taken nearly 300 interviews
for recruiting programmers for my companies.

Business Communication
I have to maintain communication with my clients at US for all of my projects. I
have the skill to effectively collect requirements from clients and pass them to
the developers till successful implementations and finally returning customers
exactly what they want.

Community Building - .NET User Group
I am the president of .NET user group in Bangladesh authorized by International
.NET Association (
I provide technical presentations in seminars and workshops regarding .NET,
performance, security and scalability. I also used to run a training service for
software developers who are actively working in real projects in order to
improve their architectural skills and broaden their technical know how.

Design Skills
I have designed user interface for desktop solutions and also web projects
following user interface guidelines from very well known User Experience
Experts. I have extensive skill in Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and
Adobe LiveMotion
Awards           Best Competitor, First Programming Contest in Bangladesh, 1992
Received         I received the Best Competitor award in the First National Programming
                 Contest arranged by Computer Jagat in Bangladesh. I stood first in my own
                 group and achieved highest mark of all competitors in all groups. All the
                 prominent dailies, IT magazines and most popular TV shows highlighted my

                 Best Thesis Award, B.Sc. in Computer Science, 2005
                 I have received the best thesis award for my thesis project on a sketch
                 enabled multi-user real time collaborative UML designer.

                 12th in National Computer Programming Contest (NCPC), 1998
                 I achieved 12th place in National Programming Contest (NCPC) in Bangladesh
                 when I was in school. The contest was for Universities only. But due to my
                 outstanding programming background, I was nominated to take part in this

                 Honorary Editor, Computer Jagat
                 For my extraordinary contribution in software development field, “Computer
                 Jagat” the topmost IT magazine in Bangladesh, made me Honorary Editor for
                 one day.

                 `Best Software Award’ by Notre dame College, 1997 and 1998
                 My multimedia projects won 1st prize in 1997 and 1998 and they were
                 rewarded the „Best Software‟ award by Notre dame college, Dhaka,
                 Bangladesh. These projects were highlighted in several IT magazines and TV

                 2001 - 2002 Golden Web Awards
                 My personal site has won the prestigious Golden web
                 award by International Association of Webmasters and Designers along with
                 other 58 top web awards.

Publication     Articles
                I have been writing in local IT magazines regularly since 1993 on various topics
                including Design patterns, Unified Modeling Language(UML), WML, HTML, ASP,
                JSP, Java Programming, Edutainment Software for children as well as various
                Microsoft based technologies like DirectAnimation, ASP, Microsoft Transaction
                Server, .NET framework, Advanced Visual Basic programming.

                Multimedia Publications
                I published an educational multimedia CD in 1998 which contains four award
                winning titles developed by my team - 'Oboshor Group'. This CD has drawn
                much interest in foreign Bangladeshi communities as well as in local market.

Certification   Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visual C#
                Awards received on 2006, 2007 and 2008

                Microsoft Certified Application Developer – Charter Member

                Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

                MCP ID: 2572373
Education    B.Sc. in Computer Science
             American International University-Bangladesh (
             CGPA: 3.88 out of 4

Biography    Date of Birth: Sep 5, 1982
             Nationality: Bangladeshi by born
             Sex: Male
             Religion: Islam

Interests    Long Drive, visiting rural areas and natural resorts, reading books, watching
             documentaries on Discovery and National Geographic Channel, 3D animated

References   Will gladly furnish personal and professional references on request

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