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					 A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                        It starts here
 Assembly District 12 - Leland Yee, D- San Francisco                                                         UC alumni in this district: 20,049

                                                                                                                UCSF Employees: 13, 800
 UC in Your District
 The University of California’s reach
 goes well beyond its 10 campuses,
 five medical centers and three
 national laboratories. The
 University’s presence is felt in each
 of California’s 58 counties through
 a wide array of exemplary
 community partnerships, enriching
 cultural resources and innovative
 research programs. From health-
 care education for rural physicians
 to agricultural research advice for
 local farmers to college preparation
 efforts in nearly every public
 school, UC has a direct influence in
 your community. Find out more
 about UC programs in your district
 by visiting:


UC SAN FRANCISCO                                 INSTITUTE FOR QUANTITATIVE                UCSF MEDICAL CENTER
                                                 BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH (QB3)
UC San Francisco is one of San                                                             The hospitals operated by UCSF and
Francisco’s largest employers,                   QB3 is a cooperative effort between       UCSF’s affiliated hospitals are
contributing more than $1 billion                UC and private industry aimed at          among the world’s greatest health
annually to the Bay Area economy                 developing the cutting-edge research      care institutions. The medical
and spawning biotechnology                       discoveries that will continue to drive   center, consistently ranks among the
enterprises. UC San Francisco has                the field of biomedicine. QB3 will        best hospitals in the nation and with its
created three Nobel laureates in the             drive the new technologies and            affiliated hospitals, handles one-half
last decade and is a leader in patient           research that will spawn a host of        of all hospital admissions in San
care, biomedical research, and                   biomedical innovations and train          Francisco and a disproportionate
graduate health science education.               thousands of researchers in the Bay       share of the area’s poor and
UCSF-Mission Bay, located on 43                  Area. QB3 will be housed at two new       uninsured.
acres in San Francisco’s Mission Bay             buildings on the UC Santa Cruz
district, will feature cutting-edge bio-         campus, a new UC Berkeley facility
medical facilities, libraries, open spaces       and a site at UC San Francisco’s
and parks. The long-range goal is for            Mission Bay campus.
biomedical and high-tech companies to
spring up around the new campus, with
workers living close by in Mission Bay
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Assembly District 12 - Leland Yee, D- San Francisco                                                              UC alumni in this district: 20,049
                                                                                                                   UCSF Employees: 13, 800

The Bay Area Social Services Consortium (BASSC) is                                                                       The History through
composed of county Social Service Directors and the graduate                                                             Literature Project
social work programs at UC Berkeley, CSU Sacramento, CSU                                                                 within the UC Berkeley
San Jose and CSU San Francisco. BASSC develops                                                                           International/Area
educational, applied research and policy development programs                                                            Studies department,
in collaboration with county agency administrators and staff.                                                            builds curriculums for K-
http://cssr.berkeley.edu/bassc/                                                                                          12 teachers on topics
                                                                                ranging from China’s literary history to the spread of Islam.
                                           The UCSF Center for                  Seminars and an online database of lesson plans support
                                           Science Education                    thousands of teachers statewide.
                                           and Outreach                         http://www.ias.berkeley.edu/orias
                                           coordinates programs
                                           that help                            UCSF’s Breast Cancer Early Detection Program Regional
                                           underrepresented                     Partnership, at the Comprehensive Cancer Center, provides
                                           students explore their               breast cancer screening, diagnostic services, and outreach to
                                           academic interests                   low-income women over 40 in this district. UCSF is a national
and plan for college. One affiliate, the Science & Health                       leader in breast cancer research, treatment and prevention
Education Partnership, a collaboration between UCSF and                         services. http://www.ucsfbreastcarecenter.org
SFUSD, has developed advanced K-12 science education
programs. http://student.ucsf.edu/ucforyou/home                                                                UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of
                                                                                                               Science Alliance for
UCSF research was among the first to identify HIV as the                                                       Collaborative Change in School
causative agent of the disease and the campus continues to                                                     Systems (ACCESS) works with
lead in HIV treatment and research programs. UCSF AIDS                                                         the San Francisco Unified School
Health Project is the sole provider of HIV-specific mental                                                     District to strengthen the capacity
health programs and HIV InSite, is a comprehensive resource                                                    of secondary schools to prepare
for treatment, prevention and policy, which links UCSF                                                         students from historically under-
expertise with academics, doctors and patients worldwide.                                                      represented groups for college.
http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/InSite.jsp                                            http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/

                                 UC’s Early Academic                            The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley has an
                                 Outreach Program (EAOP)                        interactive electronic tool that helps schools build better
                                 has provided academic                          curriculums in world history, culture and geography. Students
                                 support, career advising,                      use simulated atlases and other techniques to explore the
                                 college counseling and                         history, culture and economy of Asian countries.
                                 motivational/skill-building                    http://ecai.org/projects/projectexamples.asp
                                 workshops to help over
                                 85,000 California students                     UC Cooperative Extension advisors at the San Francisco
                                 realize their dreams of a                      and San Mateo county offices work with families, children and
college education. In the Bay Area, EAOP works with                             local agencies in several languages to improve nutrition, reduce
disadvantaged students in 37 high schools and 37 middle                         child obesity, and engage youth in educational 4-H activities.
schools in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and                             http://ucanr.org
Santa Clara counties. http://www.eaop.org
                                                                                For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
The Mental Health Research Group at UC Berkeley's School                        our online database at: www.universityofcalifornia.edu
of Social Welfare works with California counties to pursue
timely research on issues in mental health such as residential
care, psychiatric emergency services and homelessness.

UC Berkeley's Environmental Sciences Program and the
Department of Ethnic Studies have worked in partnership
with the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology and
the Urban Watershed Project to implement a three-year high
school environmental science course – which incorporates field
study, mentoring and web-based learning under the guidance of
the National Park Service at the Presidio.