Choosing the Right Mobile
Technology and Mobile
Marcus Perryman   Chung Webster
Consultant        Consultant
Microsoft         Microsoft

   Mobile Growth and opportunity
   Diverse Devices
       Pocket PC, Smartphone, Tablet, SmartDisplay
   Next Generation Pocket PC and
    Smartphone Platform
       What‟s new!
       Development for Ozone
   Choosing the right development
       Thin client solution vs Smart client
       Development tool choices.
    Mobile Growth
   Software Platform for Clients
       Worldwide shipments of high-end smartphones will reach
        45M by 2007 - Arc Group, 16 April 2003
       "Worldwide, there will be 1.7 billion mobile connections at
        the end of 2007", 'Mobile Terminals: Worldwide, 1997 to
        2006' report (TCMC-WW-MS-0374), B. Prohm et
        al., Gartner
   Services to Subscribers
       2,154,246,090 cellular subscribers World wide by 2007 -
        EMC World Cellular Database, April 2003
Supporting The Developer
Developer Tools
   eMbedded Visual Tools
   VisualStudio.NET
   .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF)
   ASP.NET Mobile Controls

      Mobility Developer Conference
         First MS Mobility Developer Conference a huge
          success in London
         Bigger and better follow-up events in US, Europe and Asia

            Partner Program
               Designed to help developers build applications
               Provides marketing support for product launches and PR

                     Certification and market delivery of mobile applications
                      designed for Pocket PC and Smartphone
                     Empowers ISVs to generate incremental revenues through
                      mobile operator relationships
                     Extends customer reach and reducing time-to-market
Mobile Device Strategy
   Microsoft‟s vision is
    “Empower people through
    great software any where
    any time,
    and on any device”
   OEM differentiation in
    hardware and capability
                                                  Pocket PC
   Excellent platform for LOB
   Excellent mail linkage with    Pocket PC
    Outlook and Exchange
   Rich environment
                                  Phone Edition
    online and offline
   Rich photo and music

                                  Tablet PC
Diverse Devices
Pocket PC
Smart Display
What is Smartphone 2002?
          Mobile-handset
          Communication
           management tool
            Mobile Phone, Outlook, Web
          Up-to-date
            Great sync to desktop or server
          Manageable
            Over-the-air configuration
          Extensible
            Partners, carriers and customers are free to
             extend/ enhance featureset
            Install applications, take advantage of HW
What is PocketPC 2002
   Improved UI
       Themes
   Improved software
       Pocket Office, PIE
       Media Player, Terminal Services
   Corporate Network Access
       VPN, Network Browse
   Hardware
       ARM Standardization
       FLASH ROM in all devices
   Developer
       Connection Manager
       Notifications
       MAPI
       Many more documented API‟s
Microsoft PocketPC Phone Edition
    Developer
        Access to phone functionality
        Cell Core library
            SMS, SIM, Phone
            WAP, TAPI
    PDA First
        Extended apps to take advantage of phone.
    All the PocketPC 2002 functionality
        Office, Instant Messenger, Media Player
    Mobile Outlook
        (Unified inbox) Inbox, SMS, vMail,
        Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
    Always up-to-date (GPRS)
    3rd Party Extensible
 Introducing the Tablet PC
 Full Function Mobile Business PC
    Runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
     (superset of Windows XP Pro)
    Runs all existing Windows applications
 Enables New PC Usage Scenarios
    Unprecedented PC mobility
    New Pen and Speech technologies
 A Powerful Platform
    Enables a new generation of business solutions
    E.g., MS Office, many third party ISV applications
 The Smartest .NET Client
    Most mobile PC, most powerful OS
    Includes full .NET framework
                 Windows Powered Smart
                 Display: What Is It?
   The Evolution of the Monitor
   Does for the home PC what the cordless handset
    did for the home phone
   Liberating
       Free yourself with a secure cordless connection to your
        Windows XP-based PC from anywhere in your home
   Empowering
       Extend the power of your personalized Windows XP
        experience and the rich features, applications and services
        you use most
   Convenient
       Access your PC instantly whenever you want to with devices
        that are simple to set-up & require minimal maintenance
Next Generation Device
    Pocket PC Ozone Platform
   Next Generation Smartphone
Brief History of Time
Pocket PC         Pocket PC            Pocket PC
                    2002                Ozone
April 00            Oct 01               H1 2002

           SP 1                  4.1       4.2
 June 00               Jan 02

      Win CE 3.0                 Win CE .NET
     Embedded                     Embedded
   Visual Tools 3.0             Visual Tools 4.0
What‟s New in Ozone?
(Part 1)
   New OS version: Windows CE 4.2
       Security – Trustworthy Computing Initiative
         Trusted CE devices as part of a corporate network
         L2TP and IPSec
         802.11 Native AP support, including 802.1x, TKIP,
           WEP rekeying, etc
       IPv6 protocol and applications
         Improved pIE with IPv6 support
       Multimedia
         Windows Media 9 codes/DMO wrapper
       Real Time Communications
         RTC IPv6 Support
         Sync with latest MS Messenger technologies
What‟s New in Ozone?
(Part 2)
   File System Filters
       Sit on top of the FS, intercept FS calls before FS
       Useful for…
         Encrypt / Decrypt; Compress / Uncompress; Virus
   Device management
       Configuration Manager
       Delivery through: RAPI, CAB, XML, WAP
   Shell changes
       Background execution (e.g. screen off)
   PIE
       HTML 4.01, XHTML, CSS, WML 2.0, Jscript 5.5
   Messaging…
Backwards Compatibility
   Goal is for 100% back compat
   But, be aware:
       New OS (major revision from 3.0)
       Same MFC, rebuilt ATL
       COM objects are now free-threaded
       eVB/ADO runtimes have been rebuilt
       Some CEMAPI constants no longer supported
       Few APIs migrated from one .h to another
   Test, test, test!
Remote Device
SMS Interception and
Development For Ozone
                   Today                Next Gen
                PPC 2002   SP 2002   PPC Ozone   SP v.Next
  WinCE OS        3.0        3.0        4.2         4.2
      eVC         3.0        3.0     4.0 (SP2)   4.0 (SP2)
        eVB       3.0         -          -           -
     VS.NET      2003         -        2003        2003
     .NETCF       1.0         -         1.0        1.0*
        MFC        X          -         X            -
        ATL        X          -         X           X
eVB (runtime)      X          -       X (RAM)        -
     SQL CE        X          -         X            -
   ADO.NET         X          -         X           X
     MSMQ          X          -         X           X
Web Server         X          -         X            -
Development Choices
API                   Strengths
Microsoft Win32        Smallest and fastest .exe files and DLLs.
(C / C++)              Lowest memory overhead.
                       Required for device drivers, control panel applets, shell extensions
                       No runtime required; Windows CE .NET is the runtime.
MFC / ATL              Object-oriented. Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism
(C++)                  Classes support arrays, lists, and simplify data handling.
                       Type safety
                       Complete MFC/ATL source code ships with tools.
                       Good tool support & wizards
.NET Framework         Well-designed programming interface.
(C# and Microsoft      Object-oriented. Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism
Visual Basic® .NET)    Classes support arrays, lists, hashtables, dictionaries, and stacks.
                       Type safety
                       Namespaces.
                       Automatic garbage collection eliminates memory leaks.
                       MSIL / CIL, provides binary portable of executable (.exe & .dll)
                       Web service clients are quick and easy to write.
                       Great support for handling XML.
                       Great tool support — Forms Designer
 Runtimes and Tools
 Pocket   PC Ozone, Smartphone v.Next
   Native Code Development
      eVC++ 4.0
      eVC++ 4.0 Service Pack 2 required
      PPC: eVB/ADO runtime supported,
       but no eVB SDK/Tools
   Managed Code Development (C# / VB.Net)
      .NETCF in ROM
      Visual Studio .NET 2003

 Allnative and managed code development
  requires PPC/SP SDKs
Native Code Development
 Improved   Debugging
   JIT debugging (attach to dead process)
   Attach to already running process
   Multithreaded application debugging

 Updated   Compilers
   SEH and C++ exception handling
   STL (Standard Template Library)
   Intrinsics (generate in-line code)

 Updated   Remote Tools
   Call Profiler
   Performance Monitor
New Debugging Features
New Remote Tools
Managed Code Development
Visual Studio .NET & .NET Compact Framework

 Visual   Studio .NET 2003
   Provides all development tools for the device
   Includes Compact Framework CAB install

 Compact    Framework in ROM
     Pocket PC Ozone

 More   later…
Ozone SDK (Beta)
All you need to develop against Ozone…
   Plug-ins for eVC++ 4.0 (SP2)
   Plug-ins for Visual Studio .NET 2003
   All required headers / libs / etc. (x86/ARM)
   Runtimes and components:
       eVB runtime
       HTTPD (Web Server)
       MSMQ
   Emulation images
       Pocket PC
       Pocket PC Phone Edition
       Pocket PC Phone Edition Virtual Radio
   Updated samples collection
   Design guide
   Reference documentation
Choosing the right
development approach
Tools vs. Devices
                 Smartphone   Pocket PC   Tablet PC

  Embedded          Yes          Yes
    Tools        eVC++ Only
 (eVC / eVB)
    .NET                                  (via Tablet
   .NET CF         (future)      Yes

ASP.NET Mobile
   Controls          Yes         Yes         Yes
.NET Device Programming
Two approaches – one model, one tool

           ASP.NET Mobile          Smart Device
              Controls            Programmability

 Thin client                                       Smart client
               Remote Web Pages
                                      Local Code

               Mobile Web          .NET Compact
                Browser             Framework

                  Device Operating System
Server Side or Smart Client
Key questions
                           Server side
                                Broad device support
                                Server side logic
          Server Side           No client installation
                                Browser or messaging UI
                                Online only

 ?                         Smart Client
            Smart               Target smart clients
            Client              Client side logic & data
                                UI flexibility
                                Performance
                                Offline & Online
.NET Device Programming
Server Side Development

          ASP.NET Mobile

Thin client
              Remote Web Pages

              Mobile Web

                 Device Operating System
Mobile Development Situation
ASP.NET mobile controls

   Write-once mobile web pages
       From a single code base target multiple devices
       Separate code from presentation layer
   Support for a variety of devices
       Web enabled Cell Phones, PDAs and Pagers
   Support multiple mark-up languages
       WML1.1 (WAP); cHTML 1.0, and HTML 3.2
   Customizable and extensible framework
       Add new controls and support for new devices
ASP.NET Mobile Controls
.NET Device Programming
Client Side Development

                        Smart Device

                                         Smart client
                            Local Code

                          .NET Compact

          Device Operating System
.NET Compact Framework
   Lightweight version of .NET Framework
   Designed for resource-constrained devices
   Compatible with VS.NET, C#, VB.NET
   Runs applications securely on-device
       High performance JIT compiler
       Guarantees robustness and security
       Highly interactive, offline, and networked experiences
       Makes it easy to consume web services
   Tunable size and performance
.NET Compact Framework

   Mobile technology industry is diverse,
    fast paced and growing very quickly, with
    no one device able to solve all problems.
   Microsoft offers a rich suit of flexible
    software to cater for a wide variety of
    devices and solutions.
   Visual Studio.NET provides a „state of the
    art‟ development tools for managed
    mobile solutions.

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