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									  A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                          It starts here
  Senate District 6 - Deborah Ortiz, D- Sacramento                                                         UC alumni in this district: 15,005

                                                                                                               UC Davis employees: 20,000

   UC in Your District
   The University of California’s reach
   goes well beyond its 10 campuses,
   five medical centers and three
   national laboratories. The
   University’s presence is felt in each
   of California’s 58 counties through
   a wide array of exemplary
   community partnerships, enriching
   cultural resources and innovative
   research programs. From health-
   care education for rural physicians
   to agricultural research advice for
   local farmers to college preparation
   efforts in nearly every public
   school, UC has a direct influence in
   your community. Find out more
   about UC programs in your district
   by visiting:

CENTER                                                                                       TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH IN THE
                                                  The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at
                                                  UC Davis is the only veterinary            INTEREST OF SOCIETY (CITRIS)
UC Davis is a premier research
university, the largest employer in               teaching hospital in California and        CITRIS is a collaboration between UC
Yolo County and has an annual                     provides services to more than             Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced, UC
economic impact of more than $1.4                 27,000 animals each year. UC Davis'        Santa Cruz and private corporations,
billion. The UC Davis Medical                     Center for Equine Health is leading the    established to sponsor collaborative
Center in District 6, is the region’s             way in research to unravel the             information technology research that
only academic medical center and                  mysteries of colic, the painful            will ultimately provide solutions to
ranks among the nation's best                     abdominal malady that is the number        challenge social and commercial
hospitals. The medical center operates            one killer of horses . The School of Vet   problems affecting the quality of life of
an AIDS Clinical Trial Unit, a Nursing            Medicine’s new Kenneth L. Maddy            all Californians. Research will focus
Research Center and the Center for                Equine Analytical Chemistry Lab will       on energy efficiency, transportation,
Health Services Research in Primary               provide drug testing for California        environmental monitoring, seismic
Care - which provides research on                 racehorses as well as studies              safety, education and health care.
primary care costs and quality. The               evaluating the effectiveness of
UC Mondavi Center for the                         medications and other products on
Performing Arts hosts a wealth of                 racehorse performance.
cultural and artistic performances in
District 6.
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Senate District 6 - Deborah Ortiz, D- Sacramento                                                            UC alumni in this district: 15,005
                                                                                                                UC Davis employees: 20,000

                           UC’s MESA (Mathematics,                              The UCSF Fresno Alzheimer's Research Center (ARC)
                           Engineering & Science                                conducts research and offers treatment, counseling and
                           Achievement) works to prepare                        caregiver support for patients, families and health care
                           educationally disadvantaged                          professionals. ARC is the only resource of its kind in the Central
                           students for four-year colleges at 87                Valley.
                           K-12 school sites in the
                           Sacramento area. The MESA                                                       UC’s Early Academic Outreach
                           California Community College                                                    Program (EAOP) has provided
                           Program increases the number of                                                 academic support, career advising,
math and science majors who successfully transfer and receive                                              college counseling and skill-building
degrees from 4 -year universities and works with Sacramento                                                workshops to help over 85,000
City College.                                                                         California students realize their
                                                                                                           dreams of a college education.
The Mental Health Research Group at UC Berkeley's School                                                   EAOP works with multiple K-12
of Social Welfare works with California counties to pursue                                                 schools in District 6.
timely research on issues in mental health such as residential
care, psychiatric emergency services and homelessness.                          The California Policy Research Center (CPRC) applies UC’s                                               research expertise to the analysis and implementation of state
                                                                                and federal policy. CPRC provides policy-relevant, UC-led
The UC Latino Center for Medical Education and Research                         research to the state legislature and to the public. CPRC hosts
(affiliated with the UCSF-Fresno Medical Center) addresses the                  the Welfare Policy Research Project (WPRP), the California
persistent under-representation of Latino physicians in the                     Program on Access to Care (CPAC), the Latino Policy Institute
Central Valley by assisting local Latino students to compete                    and the California-Mexico Health Initiative (CMHI).
successfully for medical school admission and attracting them
to the study of health care issues of importance to Latinos.                    ArtsBridge is a UC arts education and outreach program that
                                                                                works with California public schools to provide high quality arts
                           The Puente Project increases                         education. ArtsBridge has active programs in 14 schools in
                           the enrollment and retention of                      the Sacramento area, including Alice Birney Elementary in
                           educationally underserved                            District 6.
                           students in four-year universities.
                           To date, Puente has provided                         The UC Davis Health System is a leader in the field of
                           mentoring, teaching, and                             Telemedicine. Since 1992 UC Davis has linked hospitals and
                           counseling for over 20,000 under-                    primary care practices throughout Northern California to the
                           represented students and runs a                      medical center in order to allow physicians to care for their
program at Sacramento City College in District 6.                               patients locally.
                                                                                                                The UC Davis Mondavi
                             The Center of Excellence in                                                        Center’s Arts Education
                             Women’s Health at UCSF is                                                          and Community Outreach
                             developing a new standard for                                                      Programs help K-12 kids
                             health care which focuses on the                                                   and the larger community
                             needs of all women – by                                                            appreciate the performing
                             developing integrated clinical                                                     arts through performances,
                             care, research on women's                                                          teacher's guides and pre-
                             health, professional education                     matinee classroom talks. In 2001-02, 25,000 K-12 students
                             for female healthcare providers                    were served across the greater Sacramento area.
and community outreach. UC is also a national leader in               
breast cancer research, treatment and prevention services.
UC Berkeley’s Environmental Health Sciences Center                              The Information Center for the Environment at UC Davis is
focuses on the link between breast cancer and the                               a cooperative effort by environmental scientists from over 30
environment – including pesticide use in agricultural areas.                    private, state, federal and international organizations. The
                                                                                center applies natural resource science to issues of local,
The UC Davis California Raptor Center rehabilitates injured                     regional and national significance.
birds of prey and serves Yolo, Solano, Sacramento and San
Joaquin counties. The center provides training in the care and                  For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
management of birds of prey a nd provides educational                           our online database at:
programs to the public.

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