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					                                Marc Douglas Leger
                2000 E Arapaho Road#2116 Richardson, Texas  75081
                                   (214) 704-0015
Skills Summary: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WinForms, SQL Server 2005/2008, SQL Server CE
2.0, HTML, DHMTL, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, .NET Framework, Visual Studio.NET 2005/2008/2010,
.NET Compact Framework, Entity Framework 4.0, LINQ, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Microsoft .NET Developer – KidKraft
August 2010 – Present

Contractor. Developed dealer website using Microsoft .ASP.NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008, AJAX Control
Toolkit and WCF services. Created warehouse dashboards using Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 and Telerik
RadControls for Silverlight.

Microsoft .NET Developer – OnSiteRx
March 2010 – August 2010

Contractor. Developer on a comprehensive medication tracking and dispensing system. The system is
architected using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The core design is
based on the Entity Framework 4.0 and LINQ. The following are the primary components of the

      Barcode Labeling
      Inventory Control
      Packaging
      Workflow Management
      Remote Dispensing
      HRSA 340B Drug Processing

Microsoft .NET Developer – Flexjet
December 2008 –March 2010

Full-time. As a software engineer, I developed both ASP.NET and WinForm applications that support our
internal flight booking system. These applications are developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using
C# and Microsoft Sql Server 2005/2008. Also, maintained public faced web applications using HTML,
JavaScript, AJAX and Web services.

Microsoft .NET Developer – NewData Strategies, Inc.
AEGON Direct Marketing Services
February 2008 – December 2008

Contractor. Assisting development team providing enhancements to customer websites in C#.
Implemented framework created at SOURCECORP. Monthly presentations describing framework to
team members.

Microsoft .NET Developer – SOURCECORP, Inc.
December 2002 – August 2007

Full-time. Team Leader – Responsibilities included working with the architect in creating a new Object-
relational mapping framework in C# in, code reviews of team members, monthly presentations of new

The framework incorporates custom entities, collections, simplified data access using stored procedures
and asynchronous data access. The framework, initially created in VS.NET 2003, upgraded to VS.NET
2005 to utilize generics and Ajax enabled controls. LINQ capabilities somewhat duplicated.

Developed web based application, Physical Tracking. Physical Tracking is a document tracking
application that tracks document location within a warehouse. Developed .NET Compact Framework
application installed on a Symbol (Motorola) barcode scanner. Documents are scanned at various
locations of the warehouse.

Developed various Windows Services for importing/exporting data and monitoring.
Developed WebService for the barcode scanners to transmit data to.

Microsoft .NET Developer – Vergetech, Inc.
Horizon Lines, Inc.
September 2002 –December 2002

Contractor. Assisted development team providing enhancements to web based intranet applications.
These applications provide new customer entry, customer assignment to sales representatives and sales
representative contact management. Web development includes HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and
VBScript. Performance improvements include moving inline SQL statements to stored procedures and
views in Microsoft SQL 2000.

Developed new PocketPC application, DASTrac. DASTrac was developed using Visual Studio .NET
2003 Final Beta in VB.NET, .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server CE 2.0. This tool will be used by
Dependable Auto Shippers. The application is used as a data collecting tool using Intermec 700
scanners. The data is then transmitted to a webservice via the internet. Screen shot available on my

Designed and developed DASTrac Control Panel. This is an ASP.NET application that serves as an
administration tool. Developed using VB.NET.

ASP Developer – Computer Staff, LLC
Talon Global Solutions, Inc.
July 2002 – September 2002

Contractor. Assisted development team on a web-based multi-level marketing application. The site was
created using ASP, HTML, DHTML and JavaScript. Middle-tier COM components were created in
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Database development included creating stored procedures in Microsoft SQL
Server 2000.

Microsoft .NET Developer – NewData Strategies, Inc.
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
April 2002 – July 2002

Contractor. Designed and developed a document management system that will assist volunteers to
easily manipulate Microsoft Word and Excel documents and publish them to the web. The system
consists of three parts:

The client “helper” application was developed to assist non-technical volunteers. Application was
developed in Visual Basic 6.0 with Infragistics ActiveX controls. Utilizing Visual SourceSafe Automation,
the application connects to a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0c database. Word and Excel documents
are checked in/out utilizing the exposed interface. Double-clicking on a filename opens it with its
associated application, Word or Excel. The purpose of the helper application was to minimize the
document handling procedures.

The back end consists of using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0c as a document storage facility, taking
advantage of the check in/out methodology. Then, a Windows Service was developed in Visual Basic
6.0. Through Automation, this service logs into SourceSafe and retrieves documents. To simplify
viewing system requirements on the web, the Windows Service converts certain Word and Excel
document to a PDF format using Adobe Acrobat. Then, it dynamically creates XML files to facilitate the
TreeView control in ASP.NET.

The web site was created in Microsoft .NET 1.0 using C# as the chosen language. The web site mimics
Windows Explorer. The left side consists of a TreeView control, which represents the folders. The right
side dynamically displays the files in the selected folder. From here volunteers can download and view

ASP Developer – VergeTech, Inc.
PFK, Inc.
March 2002 – April 2002

Contractor. Assisted development of an e-commerce site for Nokia resellers, connecting sales
representatives nationwide. This was a short-term project, requiring immediate value in assisting the
team to meet a tight deadline. The site was created using ASP, VB, COM, HTML, DHTML and
JavaScript. An additional project required images to be extracted from an Oracle database and imported
into a SQL Server database utilizing Visual Basic 6.0.

ASP Developer – TekSystem, Inc.
Public Systems Associates, Inc. – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
November 2001 – February 2002

Contractor. Assisted development of a legislative web-based DMS (Document Management System).
This system tracks all bills introduced in the Louisiana House of Representatives and State Senate. The
intranet was created using ASP, HTML, DHTML, Javascript. The middle-tier consisted of COM objects
created in Visual Basic 6.0. The data storage utilized Oracle.

Developed reporting module by embedding ActiveReports ActiveX control by Data Dynamics in an ASP
page. The report contents were database driven. The contents of the report were dynamically created by
traversing through its XML based report layout using Microsoft XML 4.0 objects. The reporting module
also allowed emailing of reports. These reports were exported into HTML format and then emailed
through the use of Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO).

ASP Developer – TekSystem, Inc.
Cube Studio, LLC
August 2001 – September 2001

Contractor. Assisted in completing ASP development on an e-commerce site. Utilized VBScript, HTML
and Javascript. Back-end development using Microsoft SQL 2000. Created tables, indexes, views and
stored procedures utilized by ASP.

Microsoft .NET Developer - Orisyn Research, Inc.
March 2001 – July 2001

Independent consultant. Full development life cycle. Created new Orisyn company website utilizing
HTML, DHTML, Javascript and CSS. Site created with Microsoft .NET Framework SDK Beta 1and Visual
Studio.NET. The site is running on Windows 2000 Server, IIS 5.0. Data stored in Microsoft SQL 2000
Enterprise Edition. Created tables, views, indexes and stored procedures utilizing three-tier architecture.
Business rules and data access reside in COM objects created using C# (c-sharp).
Created a web service to demonstrate capabilities. All font attributes handled by cascading style sheets.
Website allows clients to login and view order data and status. Site address:

ASP Developer – NewData Strategies, Inc.
JC Penney – Dallas, TX
October 2000 - April 2001

Contractor. Created financial reports in ASP, VBScript, DHTML, CSS and Javascript for marketing
department and top executives. Reports generated from Microsoft SQL, Teradata and DB2 mainframes.
Created COM objects in Visual Basic 6.

Application Programmer - Axys Solutions, LLC
April 2000 - October 2000

A team member who assisted in the development of an Internet based payment system. Microsoft
technologies utilized included Visual Basic 6.0, IIS 4.0, COM, DHTML, HTML, ADO 2.51, VBScript,
Javascript, ASP and SQL 7.0. Created COM objects utilized by ASP in Visual Basic 6.0. Assisted team
members with design of ASP pages. SQL duties included writing stored procedures, triggers and
creating tables and related indexes.

Client/Server Programmer - Orisyn Research, Inc.
November 1999 - April 2000

Independent consultant. Full development life cycle. Designed, developed and implemented the Orisyn
Production System. Application replaced legacy Microsoft Access system. The Orisyn Production
System is a multi-user client tracking system. Its purpose is to maintain order, client, appraisal company
data and track order data such as time entered, customer information and appraisal company
assignment. Client application developed in Visual Basic 6.0, back-end database architecture in
Microsoft SQL 7.0. Screen captures available at my website.

Web Developer – Intelecon Services, Inc.
March 1999 – April 2000

Independent consultant. Assisted internal graphics designer in creating company website for Intelecon
Services, Inc. Website created using HTML, DHTML, Javascript. Website address:

Client/Server Programmer/Analyst - Webbcooley Company
February 1999 - April 1999

Independent consultant. Assisting development on new system, Centurion. Centurion is a three-tier
application written in Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 back-end and Microsoft DAO 3.51 Object
Library database connectivity.

Client/Server Programmer/Analyst - Countrywide, Inc.
January 1998 - February 1999

Designed and developed the complete graphical user interface to InterAct. InterAct is an appraiser
contact and information manager. InterAct is developed in Visual Basic 5.0 utilizing Microsoft SQL Server

6.5 and Microsoft Remote Data Connections (RDO) 2.0. ActiveX controls used include Sheridan’s
ActiveToolBars, ActiveListBar, ActiveThreed and ActiveTreeView, GreenTree’s DataMask and DataList
controls. Created design specifications for various aspects of the project. This included creating logical
and physical models of SQL tables, system solution flow charts and pseudo code.

Designed and developed InterAct Maintenance. InterAct Maintenance is an administration tool which
allows users to update various SQL tables.

Designed and developed Quality Control Tracking v1.10. QCT is a complimentary utility to InterAct,
which allows users to save appraiser evaluations. QCT is developed in Visual Basic 5.0 utilizing Microsoft
SQL Server 6.5 and Microsoft Remote Data Connections (RDO) 2.0. Created requirements and design
specifications. This included creating logical and physical models of SQL tables, system solution flow
charts and pseudo code.

Utilized Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Excel 97. Created macros that extracted data
from spreadsheets. A connection to a SQL server using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.1 was
established. The macro executes a SQL stored procedure that processes and saves records to a table.

Technical Support/Junior Programmer - Greenleaf Software, Inc.
1993 - 1998

Provided technical support for Greenleaf Database Library. It is a C/C++ library, which allowed
developers to create and maintain dBase compatible .DBF files, indexes such as dBase MDX and NDX,
FoxPro CDX and IDX, and Clipper NTX files. Provided assistance to customers via phone, email and
support BBS. Worked closely with author on source code maintenance, developed numerous examples
demonstrating library usage.

Provided technical support for Greenleaf ArchiveLib. It is a C/C++ library, which allowed developers to
create PKZip compatible archive files. Created a Visual Basic module to interface with the DLL to support
Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0. Created numerous examples in Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 to
demonstrate proper usage. Provided assistance to customers via phone, email and support BBS.
Assisted senior developer, Mark Nelson, with development tasks such as testing and creating C/C++
examples. Solely developed two maintenance releases, 2.11 and 2.12.

DeVry Institute Of Technology
Bachelor Of Science Computer Information Systems (CIS)
GPA: 3.45
Graduation Date: February 1991

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