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History of
in America
• A thanks to God for blessing
• Oldest American Holiday
• Story about the Pilgrims – foreigner, alien
  or wanderer
Who Were the Pilgrims?
      • Christians who felt they must
        separate from the corruption
        they saw in the Church of
      • People who left England to
        find religious liberty -- first
        to Holland, and then to the
        “New World”
      • Men, women & children –
        Average age: 32
   Who Were the Pilgrims?
1534 everyone required to join Church of
Two types of Pilgrims:
Puritans – purify or clean
Separatists – want to leave the church (still
  called Pilgrims).
        Trip to Leyden, Holland
•   Moved in 1607
•   Poor in new country
•   Children forgetting English
•   Wanted to start new life in America
  What was their journey like?

• 102 people left on
  the Mayflower, on
  Sept. 6, 1620
• Many very seasick
• Mocked by the crew
• Cross beam broken
• Blown off course
  What was their journey like?
“After they had enjoyed fair winds and weather
for a season, they were encountered many times
with cross winds, and met with many fierce
storms…one of the main beams in the mid ships
was bowed and cracked, which put them in some
fear that the ship could not be able to perform
the voyage…”

Of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford
   Their Arrival - Nov. 11, 1620
“Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought
safe to land, they fell upon their knees and
blessed the God of heaven, who had brought
them over the vast and furious ocean, and
delivered them from all the perils and miseries
thereof, again to set their feet on the firm and
stable earth, their proper element.”

Of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford
• They land in
  Massachusetts, not
  New York!
• They sign the
  Mayflower Compact:
  predecessor of the

• They find a landing place
  that is already cleared
  but is uninhabited!
           Mayflower Compact
1.   To take Christianity to new areas: “having [begun], for
     the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian
2.   To build a new home in the New World: “…to plant the
     first colony in the northern parts…”
3.   To make a united form of government: “combine
     ourselves together into a civil body politic”
4.   To make only the laws that are good for everyone:
     “…make such just and equal laws… for the general
      That first winter
The Mayflower stays to provide
 shelter from the weather and
 protection from possibly fierce
 Indians while the Pilgrims begin
 the work of building the future
 town of Plymouth.
         That first winter

Forty-seven die during the “General Sickness”
           In March, 1621, the
           Pilgrims meet two
           unusual Indians…

      Who was Squanto?
• An English-speaking
  Indian, who has been
  Captured in 1605
• Freed by Christians
• Return to American in
      Who was Squanto?
• The only remaining
  member of the fierce
  Pawtuxet tribe who once
  lived on the very land
  where the Pilgrims were
  now living. The rest of
  the tribe had died of
  disease while Squanto
  was in England.
      Who was Squanto?
• Someone who could teach them
  when and where to catch fish
• Someone who could
  introduce them to local
  crops, such as corn, and
  teach them how to
  cultivate those crops
      Who was Squanto?
• Someone who was able to
  serve as translator
  between the Pilgrims and
  Massasoit, the leader of
  the Wampanoag tribe
  (the nearest Indians to
 With Squanto‟s help a
“Peace Treaty” is signed
  with the Wampanoag
   The Pilgrims have a good
       harvest in 1621
With Squanto‟s help and in peaceful
co-existence with the Indians, the
Pilgrims are able to grow enough to
take them through the next winter.
In October, 1621, Governor
Bradford declares a day of
public Thanksgiving to God
Massasoit is invited and
arrives a day early with
NINETY other Indians!
The Indians go hunting
and add 5 deer and more
than 12 wild turkeys to
the menu!
        Thanksgiving Day s
                     One day becomes
                      three! The Pilgrims
                      and the Indians
                      spend time eating
                      and playing --

•Shooting contests
with guns and bows

“For three days we entertained
  and feasted…
…by the goodness of God, we are
  so far from want that we often
  wish you partakers of our

 From a letter written by Edward Winslow
                    to relatives in England
Their losses had been great -
  Almost half of their original group
  had died in the previous year –
  including 14 of the 18 adult women
  who had come on the Mayflower.

 And yet they gave thanks to God...
 …For      Friendship with Massasoit
    “By providence” landing in an area with
    peaceful Indians
                        A good harvest

Land that was already cleared for
planting when they arrived.
                        A safe voyage from
     The survival of almost half the group
 Squanto’s friendship and help
Accomplishments of the Pilgrims
• Laid the foundation for religious freedom
• Made and kept treaties with the Indians
• Wrote the Mayflower Compact
• The Compact was later used as a guide for
  the United States Constitution
• Began the tradition of the Thanksgiving
         George Washington
“Whereas it is the duty of all nations to
acknowledge the providence of Almighty
God, …I do appoint Thursday, the 26 th day
of November 1789…that we may all unite
to render unto Him our sincere and humble
thanks for His kind care and protection.”
         Thomas Jefferson

“I appoint a day of public Thanksgiving
to Almighty God…to ask Him that He
would pour out His Holy Spirit, and
that He would establish these United
States upon the basis of religion and
            Abraham Lincoln
“We often forget the source from which the
 blessings of fruitful years and healthful skies
 come. They are the gracious gifts of the Most
 High God.
 I therefore invite my fellow-citizens in every
 part of the United States to observe a day of
 thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent
 Father who dwelleth in the heavens.”
           Abraham Lincoln’s
    Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863
After listing blessings that the nation was enjoying despite the
fact that it was in the middle of the Civil War, Lincoln said:

“No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal
hand worked out these great things. They are the
gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while
dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath
nevertheless remembered mercy… I do therefore
invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United
States…to set apart and observe the last Thursday
of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and
Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the
         Samuel Eliot Morison
 “Bradford’s history is a story of a simple
 people inspired by a deep faith…It is
 this story, told by a great human being,
 that has made the Pilgrims in a sense
 the spiritual ancestors of all Americans,
 of all pioneers.”
Harvard University, March 1952
 For what can we be

The horn of plenty called a cornucopia which
means abundance.
         The Bible

Thanks be to God for His
indescribable gift!

2 Corinthians 9:15
      Visiting an American Family
1.    It may be new for your host
2.    Write down your name if they have difficulty
3.    It is ok to not eat food served to you
4.    American Families tend to be informal
5.    Smoking Policies
6.    Use the opportunity to exchange culture!
7.    Many Americans have pets
8.    Americans sometimes tell jokes
9.    Americans are open about „disagreeing‟
10.   Some families like to hug
11.   You are not expected to bring a gift.
          Acceptable Practices
1.   Ask to see the house
2.   Ask your host to repeat what they say
3.   Ask about viewpoints of Americans
4.   Ask for an extra blanket for your bed
       Usually not acceptable
1. Don‟t ask about ages, how much money
   they make, or why they have no children.
   Don‟t ask how much their home costs.
2. Don‟t stare at a person steadily
3. Don‟t ask for financial or legal help
          Thanksgiving foods
•   Turkey (hen, geese, duck, or ham)
•   Stuffing - bread & corn
•   Mashed potatoes with Gravy
•   Yams - Sweet Potato
•   Cranberry Sauce
•   Vegetables (asparagus, corn)
•   Pies (Apple, Pumpkin, Mince Meat)
      Eating Etiquettes (Manners)
•   Wait for your host to pick up his/her fork before eating
•   Don‟t use your fork, knife or spoon to gesture.
•   Butter bread on the plate, never in mid-air.
•   Don't pick your teeth, apply lipstick, eat with your mouth open, or
    comb your hair at the table.
•   When temporarily leaving the table, place your napkin on the seat or
    arm of your chair.
•   Ask the host when desiring the bathroom.
•   Put your cell phone on vibrate & answer it only if you have to
•   When someone asks for salt or pepper, pass the two together.
•   Put the napkin on the plate when you are done.
       Christmas Party
                        International students, visiting scholars and
                        your families are invited!

Saturday, December 8    Sponsored by International Friendships, Inc. (IFI)
   Meet at 5:20 PM,                    Parkside Christian Church
return around 9:30 PM
                              –delicious homemade dinner
                              –drama and lots of beautiful Christmas music
                              –other fun activities
                              –time to just sit, talk, and relax after final exams

                        Reservations required - go to

                        For more information, contact Pat Durst, 513-541-4192 or

                                                Meet behind Morgens Residence Hall
                                                 or at 510 Riddle Road to get a ride
•   DEC. 26, 2006 to JAN. 2, 2007
•   Cost $385 (plus additional money for 1 park entrance fees and 10 meals)
•   Registration on first-come, first served basis. $25 late fee after 12/1
•   To register by December 1, go to and
    send payment of $385 to
           InterFACE, 3070 Palomino Trail, Mason, OH 45040
•   Trip includes
     –   morning conference sessions
     –   3 nights of Christian hospitality with a host family
     –   Sea World is paid for
     –   You may also choose to visit the Magic Kingdom
         (DisneyWorld) and EPCOT Center or
         Universal Studios is paid for
•   For more information, go to or contact
    Shaun Rudolph, 513-265-1957
               Basketball Game
       Indiana Pacers vs Houston Rockets
               Friday, Feb 1st, 2008 ,
               Meet at 3:30 PM at Morgan Dorm

               $10 per seat [cheapest seats = high up]
               Additional small cost for transportation
               Please register at
see Yao Ming

               Give or mail check to
                 Shaun Rudolph
                 3070 Palomino Trail
                 Mason, OH 45040

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