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									Author             Title                        Summary                                         AR     Call #    Page
Adams, Peter.      Early loggers and the      Tells how the pioneers cut down the trees               634.9 ADA 64
                   sawmill                    to clear their land and the various ways the
                                              trees were used. Also discusses the first
Alter, Judy        Extraordinary women of the Chronicles the exploits and achievements                920 ALT    288
                   American West              of more than fifty women in the past and
                                              present of America's West, including the
                                              guide and interpreter Sacajawea, journalist
                                              Jessie Benton Fremont, and author Willa

Armstrong,         Black-eyed Susan : a novel Ten-year-old Susie and her father love            5.1    F ARM     120
Jennifer                                       living on the South Dakota prairie but her
                                               mother misses their old life in Ohio.
Arrington,         Bluestem                    With their father away and their mother          4.1    F ARR     140
Frances                                        traumatized by some unknown event,
                                               eleven-year-old Polly and her younger
                                               sister are left to take care of themselves
                                               and their prairie homestead.
Bauer, Marion      Land of the buffalo bones : Fourteen-year-old Polly Rodgers keeps a          5.9    F BAU     221
Dane               the diary of Mary Ann       diary of her 1873 journey from England to
                   Elizabeth Rodgers, an       Minnesota as part of a colony of eighty
                   English girl in Minnesota   people seeking religious freedom, and of
                                               their first year struggling to make a life
                                               there, led by her father, a Baptist minister.

Beatty, Patricia   Lacy makes a match           A 13-year-old living in a turn-of-the-century          F BEA     222
                                                California mining town determines to marry
                                                off her adoptive brothers and discover the
                                                identity of her real parents.

Bentley, Judith    Brides, midwives, and        Describes the roles of women pioneers in              978 BEN    96
                   widows                       settling the West.
Bentley, Judith    Explorers, trappers, and     Describes some of the roles of early                  978 BEN    96
                   guides                       pioneers.
Bial, Raymond      Frontier home                Describes the challenges that American                 976 BIA   36
                                                settlers faced when they left the farms and
                                                towns in the East in their Conestoga
                                                wagons and headed for the prairie.
                                                Provides a record of pioneer tools, homes,
                                                and daily life that testifies to the
                                                indomitable spirit of the early settlers.

Blashfield, Jean The California Gold Rush       Describes adventures and disasters in the       5.5 979.4 BLA    48
F.                                              lives of people who rushed to the gold
                                                mines of California in 1848 and explains
                                                how this event sparked the state's
Blashfield, Jean The Oregon Trail              An introductory history of the Oregon Trail 5.7    978 BLA   48
F.                                             and its significance in opening the west to
                                               settlers, including information on the
                                               people who opened the Trail, their reasons
                                               for going west, modes of transportation,
                                               and a description of a typical day on the
Blashfield, Jean The transcontinental          Discusses the history of the                6.2    385 BLA   48
F.               railroad                      transcontinental railroad, including the
                                               construction of the Central Pacific, Union
                                               Pacific, and other related railroads which
                                               joined the east and west coasts by
                                               meeting at Promontory Point, Utah.

Blos, Joan W.    Brothers of the heart : a   Fourteen-year-old Shem spends six              6      F BLO    162
                 story of the old Northwest, months in the Michigan wilderness alone
                 1837-1838                   with a dying Indian woman, who helps him,
                                             not only to survive, but to mature to the
                                             point where he can return to his family and
                                             the difficulties of life as a cripple in a
                                             frontier village.
Blumberg,        Full steam ahead : the race Illustrated history of the building of the           385 BLU   159
Rhoda            to build a transcontinental transcontinental railroad in the United
                 railroad                    States, beginning in 1862 when President
                                             Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad Act into
                                             law, and ending on May 10, 1869, when
                                             the final, golden spike was driven, uniting
                                             tracks from the east and west.

Blumberg,        The great American gold    Describes the emigration of people to                 979.4 BLU 135
Rhoda.           rush.                      California to pursue the dream of
                                            discovering gold.
Brill, Marlene   James Buchanan : fifteenth Describes the early life and political career   7.5    92 BUC   98
Targ             president of the United    of the man who served as president in the
                 States                     years just before the Civil War.

Brink, Carol     Caddie Woodlawn               The adventures of an eleven-year-old         6      F BRI    275
Ryrie                                          tomboy growing up on the Wisconsin
                                               frontier in the mid-nineteenth century.
Bruns, Roger A. Jesse James : legendary        Traces the life of the renowned bandit,     7.6     92 JAM   128
                outlaw                         from his childhood in Missouri, through his
                                               years as guerilla fighter and outlaw,
                                               exploring the development of his legend
                                               and the romanticization of his illegal
Byars, Betsy     Trouble River                 When he builds his raft, a twelve-year-old 4.9      F BYA    158
Cromer                                         boy never dreams that it will serve as the
                                               sole means of escape for himself and his
                                               grandmother when hostile Indians threaten
                                               their prairie cabin.
Calabro, Marian The Perilous Journey of the Uses materials from letters and diaries          7.2 979.4 CLA 192
                  Donner Party              written by survivors of the Donner Party to
                                            relate the experiences of that ill-fated
                                            group as they endured horrific
                                            circumstances on their way to California in
Calvert, Patricia The Snowbird              Following the murder of her parents              5.2    F CAL    146
                                            Willanna faces an uncertain future as she
                                            and her younger brother move from
                                            Tennessee in 1883 to the Dakota Territory
                                            where she trains her first horse.

Cannon, A. E.    Charlotte's Rose               As a twelve-year-old Welsh immigrant         4.1   F CAN     246
                                                carries a motherless baby along the
                                                Mormon Trail in 1856, she comes to love
                                                the baby as her own and fear the day the
                                                baby's father will reclaim her.
Casey, Jane      Millard Fillmore, thirteenth   Examines the life of the president who       8.4    92 FIL   98
Clark.           president of the United        helped postpone the Civil War with the
                 States                         Compromise of 1850 and who was
                                                considered to have destroyed his political
                                                career in order to preserve the Union.

Cavan, Seamus Daniel Boone and the        Examines the life and times of Daniel              9.8   92 BOO    111
              opening of the Ohio country Boone.

Cushman, Karen The ballad of Lucy Whipple In 1849, twelve-year-old California Morning 5.8          F CUS     195
                                          Whipple, who renames herself Lucy, is
                                          distraught when her mother moves the
                                          family from Massachusetts to a rough
                                          California mining town.
DeFelice,      Weasel                     Alone in the frontier wilderness in the      5           F DEF     119
Cynthia C.                                winter of 1839 while his father is
                                          recovering from an injury, eleven-year-old
                                          Nathan runs afoul of the renegade killer
                                          known as Weasel and makes a surprising
                                          discovery about the concept of revenge.

Dolan, Edward    Beyond the frontier : the   Describes the journeys west made by             7.2   978 DOL   112
F.               story of the trails West    many settlers in the mid-1800s--mostly
                                             overland, but also by sea--discussing their
                                             reasons for going, the difficulties they
                                             faced, and life on the way.
Duncklee, John   Quest for the eagle feather Recounts the story of Quiet Water, an           6.1   F DUN     85
                                             Anglo boy found by Indians after being
                                             separated from his pioneer parents in a
Durbin, William   The journal of Sean         In 1867, fifteen-year-old Sean experiences 5.9         F DUR      188
                  Sullivan : a                both hardships and rewards when he joins
                  Transcontinental Railroad   his father in working on the building of the
                  worker : Nebraska and       Transcontinental Rairoad.
                  points west, 1867
Erickson, John    The case of the midnight    Hank the cowdog investigates the mystery        5.5    F ERI      110
                  rustler                     of a cattle rustler who works by night.

Faber, Doris      Calamity Jane : her life and Examines the life of the Wild West heroine            92 CAL     62
                  her legend                   who was transformed into a legendary
                                               figure in the public mind
Fleischman,       Townsend's warbler           An account of the 1834 cross-continental              508.73     52
Paul                                           journey of naturalist John Townsend and                FLE
                                               his many discoveries, including the warbler
                                               that bears his name.

Flynn, Jean       Annie Oakley : legendary    Recounts the life of the markswoman and 6.6           92 OAK      128
                  sharpshooter                performer who achieved fame with Buffalo
                                              Bill Cody's Wild West Show.
Freedman,         Cowboys of the wild West    Describes, in text and illustrations, the             978 FRE     103
Russell                                       duties, clothes, equipment, and day-to-day
                                              life of the cowboys who flourished in the
                                              west from the 1860's to the 1890's.
Freedman,         Indian chiefs               Biographies of six Western Indian chiefs              920 FRE     151
Russell.                                      who led their people in a historic moment
                                              of crisis, when a decision had to be made
                                              about fighting or cooperating with the white
                                              pioneers encroaching on their grounds.

Fritz, Jean       The cabin faced west        Ten-year-old Ann Hamilton finds herself to      5.1    F FRI      124
                                              be the only girl and is lonesome but learns
                                              to appreciate her role in settling the
                                              wilderness of western Pennsylvania.
Garland, Sherry. Valley of the Moon : the     The 1845-1846 diary of thirteen-year-old        6.2    F GAR      218
                 diary of Maria Rosalia de    Maria, servant to the wealthy Spanish
                 Milagros                     family which took her in when her Indian
                                              mother died. Includes a historical note
                                              about the settlement and early history of
Garland, Sherry A line in the sand : the      In the journal she receives for her twelfth     5.6    F GAR      201
                Alamo diary of Lucinda        birthday in 1835, Lucinda Lawrence
                Lawrence, Gonzales,           describes the hardships her family and
                Texas, 1835                   other residents of the "Texas colonies"
                                              endure when they decide to face the
                                              Mexicans in a fight for their freedom.
Gillespie, Sarah A pioneer farm girl : the    Excerpts from the diary of Sarah Gillispie,     5.7   977.7 GIL   32
                 diary of Sarah Gillespie,    a pioneer in Iowa in the nineteenth century.
                 1877-1878                    Includes sidebars, activities, and a timeline
                                              related to the era.
Gipson, Fred     Old Yeller                       In the late 1860's in the Texas hill country,   5       F GIP    158
                                                  a big yellow dog and a fourteen year-old
                                                  boy form a close, loving relationship.

Glass, Andrew    The sweetwater run : the         Buffalo Bill Cody recounts his adventures              F GLA     41
                 story of Buffalo Bill Cody       as a teenaged rider for the Pony Express.
                 and the Pony Express             Includes a history of the Pony Express and
                                                  facts about Cody's life.

Graves, Kerry A. Going to school in pioneer       Discusses the school life of children in              370 GRA    32
                 times                            pioneer times, including lessons, books,
                                                  teachers, examinations, and special days.
                                                  Includes activities and sidebars.

Greenwood,       A pioneer sampler : the      Tells the story of what life was like for the             971.3 GRE 240
Barbara                                       Robertsons, a pioneer family living on a
                 daily life of a pioneer family
                 in 1840                      backwoods farm in 1840.
Gregory,         Jenny of the Tetons          Orphaned while traveling West with a                4.8    F GRE     119
Kristiana                                     wagon train, 15-year-old Carrie Hill is
                                              befriended by Beaver Dick and Jenny.
Gregory,         Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Having returned from living with his friends            5.3    F GRE     128
Kristiana        Express                      the Shoshoni, seventeen-year-old Jimmy
                                              Spoon grows restless again and seeks
                                              adventure by taking a job with the Pony
Gregory,         Across the wide and          In her diary, thirteen-year-old Hattie              5.5    F GRE     163
Kristiana        lonesome prairie : the       chronicles her family's arduous 1847
                 Oregon Trail diary of Hattie journey from Missouri to Oregon on the
                 Campbell                     Oregon Trail.
Gregory,         Seeds of hope : the gold     A diary account of fourteen-year-old                5.5    F GRE     186
Kristiana        rush diary of Susanna        Susanna Fairchild's life in 1849, when her
                 Fairchild                    father succumbs to gold fever on the way
                                              to establish his medical practice in Oregon
                                              after losing his wife and money on their
                                              steamship journey from New York.
                                              Includes a historical note.
Gregory,         The great railroad race :    As the daughter of a newspaper reporter,            5.7    F GRE     203
Kristiana        the diary of Libby West      fourteen-year-old Libby keeps a diary
                                              account of the exciting events surrounding
                                              her during the building of the railroad in the
                                              West in 1868.
Gunderson,       Pioneer farm cooking         This book discusses the everyday life,                    641.5977   32
Mary                                          family roles, cooking methods, and                          GUN
                                              common foods of pioneers who settled in
                                              the Midwest.
Gunderson,       Oregon Trail cooking         This book discusses the everyday life,                    641.5978   32
Mary                                          family roles, cooking methods, and                          GUN
                                              common foods of pioneers who traveled
                                              west on the Oregon Trail during the
                                              nineteenth century. Recipes are included.
Haberle, Susan    The Mexican War, 1846-      Examines the causes and effects of the       5.8 973.6 HAB 48
E.                1848                        Mexican War and its importance in the
                                              westward expansion of the United States.

Hahn, Mary        The Gentleman Outlaw and In 1887 twelve-year-old Eliza, disguised as 5.5        F HAH     212
Downing           me-- Eli : a story of the Old a boy and traveling towards Colorado in
                  West                          search of her missing father, falls in with a
                                                Gentleman Outlaw and joins him in his
                                                illegal schemes.
Harness, Cheryl They're off! : the story of     Relates the history of the Pony Express           383 HAR   32
                  the Pony Express              from when it began to carry messages
                                                across the American West in April 1860
                                                until the telegraph replaced it in October
Harrell, Beatrice Longwalker's journey : a      When the government removes their tribe 5.4       F HAR     133
Orcutt            novel of the Choctaw Trail from their sacred homeland in 1831, ten-
                  of Tears                      year-old Minko and his father endure
                                                terrible hardships on their journey from
                                                Mississippi to Oklahoma where Minko
                                                receives the name Longwalker.

Harris, Edward   John Charles Frémont and A biography of the nineteenth-century            9.7    92 FRE    111
D.               the great Western          soldier, politician, and explorer whose
                 reconnaissance             many expeditions helped open up the
                                            western territories to settlers.
Harvey, Brett    My prairie year : based on Nine-year old Elenore describes her                   E HAR     40
                 the diary of Elenore       experiences living with her family in the
                 Plaisted                   Dakota Territory in the late nineteenth
Harvey, Brett    Farmers and ranchers       Settling the West from the point of view of           978 HAR   96
                                            the farmers and ranchers.
Hermes, Patricia Westward to home           In 1848, nine-year-old Joshua Martin           3.1    F HER     108
                                            McCullough writes a journal of his family's
                                            journey from Missouri to Oregon in a
                                            covered wagon. Includes a historical note
                                            about westward migration.

Hester, Sallie    A covered wagon girl : the Excerpts from the diary of a fourteen-year- 5.3      978 HES   32
                  diary of Sallie Hester, 1849- old girl tell of her family's journey along the
                  1850                          Oregon-California Trail during 1849-1850.
                                                Includes sidebars, activities, and a timeline
                                                related to the era.
Hilton, Suzanne. The way it was--1876           Discusses such topics as the home,                 917.3    216
                                                illnesses, school, sports, playing, traveling,
                                                women, and celebrations of special events
                                                in the centennial year.
Holland, Isabelle The journey home              Two orphan sisters in the late 1800s leave 4.6    F HOL     212
                                                New York on the orphan train to seek a
                                                new home in the West.
Holm, Jennifer L. Boston Jane : The Claim       The arrival from Philadelphia of her spiteful 5.1       F HOL      230
                                                nemesis Sally Biddle and the return of her
                                                corrupt ex-fiance Richard Baldt spell
                                                trouble for seventeen-year-old Miss Jane
                                                Peck, who has survived on her own in
                                                Shoalwater Bay, a community of white
                                                settlers and Chinook Indians in 1850s
                                                Washington Territory.

Holm, Jennifer L. Our only May Amelia        As the only girl in a Finnish American     4.8             F HOL      253
                                             family of seven brothers, May Amelia
                                             Jackson resents being expected to act like
                                             a lady while growing up in Washington
                                             state in 1899.
Holm, Jennifer L. Boston Jane : an adventure Schooled in the lessons of etiquette for   4.9             F HOL      273
                                             young ladies of 1854, Miss Jane Peck of
                                             Philadelphia finds little use for manners
                                             during her long sea voyage to the Pacific
                                             Northwest and while living among the
                                             American traders and Chinook Indians of
                                             Washington Territory.

Houghton, Gillian The transcontinental          Describes the people, circumstances, and         8.7   385 HOU     64
                  railroad : a primary source   events surrounding the building of the
                  history of America's first    railway system across the continent in the
                  coast-to-coast railroad       mid-nineteenth century.

Hudson, Jan       Sweetgrass                    Living on the western Canadian prairie in     4.2       F HUD      159
                                                the nineteenth century, Sweetgrass, a
                                                fifteen-year-old Blackfoot Indian girl, saves
                                                her family from a smallpox epidemic and
                                                proves her maturity to her father.

Hughes, Holly     Hoofbeats of Danger           In 1860, eleven-year-old Annie, who lives        5.3    F HUG      130
                                                at the Red Buttes Pony Express station in
                                                the Nebraska Territory, asks Pony Express
                                                rider Billy Cody to help her find the person
                                                responsible for sabotaging her favorite
                                                pony Magpie.
Irwin, Hadley     Jim-Dandy                     Living after the Civil War on a Kansas           5.3    F IRW      135
                                                homestead with his stern stepfather, 13-
                                                year-old Caleb raises a beloved colt.
Isaacs, Sally     Cattle trails and cowboys     An introduction to cowboys, ranch life, life     5.7   976.4 ISA   32
Senzell                                         on the trail during cattle drives, how
                                                cowboys contributed to the expansion of
                                                the frontier, and why cattle trails eventually
                                                were no longer needed.
Isaacs, Sally     The Oregon Trail              Explores the great westward migration on         5.6   979.5 ISA   32
Senzell                                         the Oregon Trail in the nineteenth century
                                                and the experiences of those who traveled
                                                that way
Isaacs, Sally    The first railroads           An account of the early railroad era in the     6     385 ISA     32
Senzell.                                       United States, describing the first trains,
                                               progress in train development, the growth
                                               of railroad networks, and the contribution
                                               of trains to the growth of the country.

Isaacs, Sally    Life on the Oregon Trail      An introduction to what life was like on the   3.9    978 ISA     32
Senzell.                                       Oregon Trail, describing the wagons, daily
                                               routines, food, clothing, Native Americans
                                               encountered on the way, and dangers.

Isaacs, Sally    The Gold Rush                 An introduction to life during the California 5.6     979.4 ISA   32
Senzell.                                       gold rush that includes information about
                                               Sutter's Mill and the discovery of gold, how
                                               people made their way to California and
                                               the impact upon the cities, the mining
                                               camps and boomtowns that eventually
                                               became ghost towns, and more.

Isaacs, Sally    The great land rush           Describes the events that led to the        5.8 976.6 ISA 32
Senzell.                                       Oklahoma land rush in which the
                                               government gave away cheap land that
                                               was primarily Indian Territory.
Kallen, Stuart A. Life on the American         Discusses how people on the American        7.4 978 KAL 108
                  frontier                     frontier lived, including trailblazers, fur
                                               trappers, mountain men, Native
                                               Americans, miners, cowboys, and
Kalman, Bobbie Early settler children          An examination of what life was like for        305.2 KAL 64
                                               children in the early years of the United
                                               States, including clothing, expectations of
                                               their parents, labor, and poverty.
Kent, Zachary    Zachary Taylor, twelfth       A biography of "Old Rough and Ready,"        8   92 TAY   98
                 president of the United       hero of the Mexican War, who became the
                 States                        twelfth president of the United States.

Kimmel,          One sky above us              Having settled on the Kansas frontier,          5.7    F KIM      177
Elizabeth Cody                                 young Bill Cody and his family try to make
                                               a home for themselves, coexist with their
                                               Kickapoo neighbors, and stand up as
                                               abolitionists in spite of their neighbors' pro-
                                               slavery beliefs.
Kozar, Richard   Daniel Boone and the          Presents a biography of the legendary           7.6   92 BOO      63
                 exploration of the frontier   frontiersman who explored Kentucky and
                                               the route to the West leading to American
                                               expansion of the United States.
Kurtz, Jane        I'm sorry, Almira Ann         Eight-year-old Sarah's high spirits help    4.1        F KUR     120
                                                 make her family's long journey from
                                                 Missouri to Oregon more bearable, though
                                                 they do cause both her and her best friend
                                                 Almira Ann some problems.
Lasky, Kathryn     Beyond the divide             In 1849, a fourteen-year-old Amish girl      6         F LAS     297
                                                 defies convention by leaving her secure
                                                 home in Pennsylvania to accompany her
                                                 father across the continent by wagon train.

Lavender, David The Santa Fe Trail               Describes the history of the Santa Fe Trail            978 LAV   64
Sievert                                          from the encounters with blizzards and
                                                 Indians, to the effect on trade, and the final
                                                 demise of the trail caused by the building
                                                 of the railroad.
Lawlor, Laurie     Addie across the prairie      Unhappy to leave her home and friends,           4.9   F LAW     128
                                                 Addie reluctantly accompanies her family
                                                 to the Dakota Territory and slowly begins
                                                 to adjust to life on the prairie.
Lawlor, Laurie     Gold in the hills /           When they are left with relatives in             4.2   F LAW     146
                                                 Colorado, ten-year-old Hattie and her older
                                                 brother depend on their friendship with a
                                                 recluse who lives nearby to make their
                                                 lives bearable.
Lawlor, Laurie     Addie's Dakota winter         In her new pioneer home of Dakota, ten-          4.6   F LAW     160
                                                 year-old Addie finds an unlikely friend and,
                                                 stranded alone during a blizzard, learns
                                                 about courage.
Lawlor, Laurie     George on his own             Addie's twelve-year-old brother, George,         4.4   F LAW     191
                                                 doesn't think anyone appreciates his
                                                 musical talent, and when his father
                                                 threatens to sell his trombone, George
                                                 decides to run away from the family's
                                                 prairie home.
Levine, Ellen      ..If you traveled West in a   Explains what it was like to travel and live           978 LEV   80
                   covered wagon                 in a covered wagon as a pioneer on the
                                                 way to Oregon.
Lightfoot, D. J.   Trail fever : the life of a   A biography of George Saunders, a                       F LIG    75
                   Texas cowboy                  cowboy who endured cattle drives,
                                                 stampedes, and skirmishes with Indians
                                                 on the Texas frontier during and after the
                                                 Civil War.
Lillegard, Dee     James K. Polk, eleventh       A biography of the eleventh American             7.6   92 POL    98
                   president of the United       president, whose term in office saw great
                   States                        expansion of the western frontier.
Love, D. Anne    A year without rain          Her mother's death and a year-long            4     F LOV    118
                                              drought has made life difficult for twelve-
                                              year-old Rachel and her family on their
                                              farm in the Dakotas, but when she learns
                                              that her father plans to get married again,
                                              it is almost more than Rachel can bear.

Luce, Willard    Jim Bridger; man of the      The adventure of the early nineteenth-             92 BRI    80
                 mountains                    century mountain man, Jim Bridger, as he
                                              guides wagon trains west, scouts for the
                                              U.S. Army, and explores the region which
                                              became Yellowstone National Park.

MacBride, Roger Little house on Rocky         n 1894 Laura Ingalls Wilder, her husband, 4.2      F MAC     353
Lea             Ridge                         and her seven-year-old daughter Rose
                                              leave the Ingalls family in Dakota and
                                              make the long and difficult journey to
                                              Missouri to start a new life.
Macy, Sue        Bull's-eye : a               A photographic biography of Annie Oakley,          92 OAK    64
                 photobiography of Annie      discussing her early life, her prowess with
                 Oakley                       a gun, her stint with Buffalo Bill's Wild
                                              West show, and her enduring image in
                                              movies, books, television shows, and
Markel, Rita J   Your travel guide to         Takes readers on a journey back in time in         978 MAR   96
                 America's Old West           order to experience life in the American
                                              West in the 1800s, describing clothing,
                                              accommodations, foods, local customs,
                                              transportation, a few notable personalities,
                                              and more.
Marrin, Albert   Cowboys, Indians, and        Describes life in the American West and      6.8   978 MAR   196
                 Gunfighters : the story of   the growth of the cattle industry, from the
                 the cattle kingdom           introduction of horses and cattle by the
                                              Spanish through the reign of the cattle
                                              barons in the late nineteenth century.

May, Robin       Daniel Boone and the    Briefly describes the life of Daniel Boone              978 MAY   60
                 American West           and the times in which he lived. Covers the
                                         pioneers, gold strikes, Indian wars, law
                                         and lawbreakers, and the settlers who
                                         tamed the wilderness.
McClung, Robert Hugh Glass, mountain man A fictionalized biography of the legendary  6.2         F MCC     166
M.                                       hero of the Old West, who as a fur trapper
                                         in 1823, survived an attack by a grizzly
McGraw, Eloise Moccasin trail            A pioneer boy, brought up by Crow           5.8         F MCG     247
Jarvis                                   Indians, is reunited with his family and
                                         attempts to orient himself in the white
                                         man's culture.
Meigs, Cornelia   Swift rivers                 After being turned out by his mean-spirited 7        F MEI    269
                                               uncle, Chris Dahlberg decides to harvest
                                               some of the timber on his grandfather's
                                               land in Minnesota and float the giant logs
                                               down the Mississippi River to market in St.
Moseley,          Davy Crockett, hero of the A profile of the woodsman, politician, and            92 CRO    80
Elizabeth         wild frontier                soldier whose decisions were abetted by
Robards                                        his motto, "Be sure you're right, then go
Moss, Marissa     Rachel's journal : the story In her journal, Rachel chronicles her        5.6    F MOS     52
                  of a pioneer girl            family's adventures traveling by covered
                                               wagon on the Oregon Trail in 1850.
Murphy, Jim       Across America on an         Combines an account of Robert Louis          7.8    325 MUR   150
                  emigrant train               Stevenson's experiences as he traveled
                                               from New York to California by train in
                                               1879 and a description of the building and
                                               operation of railroads in nineteenth-century
                                               America. Includes archival photographs.

Murphy, Jim       West to a land of plenty :   While traveling in 1883 with her Italian      5.2   F MUR     204
                  the diary of Teresa          American family (including a meddlesome
                  Angelino Viscardi            little sister) and other immigrant pioneers
                                               to a utopian community in Idaho, fourteen-
                                               year-old Teresa keeps a diary of her
                                               experiences along the way.

Murrow, Liza      West against the wind        Fourteen-year-old Abby seeks both her         4.6   F MUR     232
Ketchum                                        father and the secret of a handsome but
                                               mysterious boy during an arduous journey
                                               by wagon train from the middle of the
                                               country to the Pacific coast in 1850.

Myers, Walter     The journal of Joshua        In 1871 Joshua Loper, a sixteen-year-old      5     F MYE     158
Dean              Loper : a Black cowboy       black cowboy, records in his journal his
                                               experiences while making his first cattle
                                               drive under an unsympathetic trail boss.

Nixon, Joan       Aggie's home                 A clumsy twelve-year-old, Aggie is sure no 4.2       F NIX    116
Lowery                                         one will want to adopt her when she rides
                                               the orphan train out west, but when she
                                               meets the eccentric Bradon family she
                                               begins to have some hope.
Nixon, Joan       In the face of danger        Deeply unhappy about her family's           5        F NIX    151
Lowery                                         separation because of poverty, Megan
                                               gradually finds contentment and purpose
                                               in her new home on the Kansas prairie
                                               with a kind and loving adopted family.
Nixon, Joan       A family apart               When their mother can no longer support        5.4    F NIX      162
Lowery                                         them, six siblings are sent by the
                                               Children's Aid Society of New York City to
                                               live with farm families in Missouri in 1860.

Nixon, Joan       Keeping secrets             In 1863, eleven-year-old Peg Kelly is           5      F NIX      163
Lowery                                        drawn into the dangerous activities of a
                                              mysterious young woman who takes
                                              refuge with the Kelly family in Missouri
                                              after fleeing the attack on Lawrence,
                                              Kansas, by William Quantrill and his
                                              Confederate raiders.
O'Donnell, Kerri The gold rush : a primary    Uses primary source documents,                  8.3    979.4      64
                 source history of the search narrative, and illustrations to recount how            ODO
                 for gold in California       the mid-nineteenth century California gold
                                              rush affected Americans and immigrants
                                              and how it shaped history.

Patent, Dorothy   Homesteading : settling      Chronicles the activities of the                     978 PAT     32
Hinshaw           America's heartland          homesteaders who settled the vast
                                               American prairies during the late
                                               nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Paulsen, Gary     Tucket's home                Francis, Lottie and Billy survive a series of 5.2     F PAU      93
                                               hair-raising adventures while on their way
                                               west to the Oregon Trail, where they hope
                                               to find the Tucket family.
Paulsen, Gary     Call me Francis Tucket       Having separated from the one-armed           5.5     F PAU      97
                                               trapper who taught him how to survive in
                                               the wilderness of the Old West, fifteen-
                                               year-old Francis gets lost and continues to
                                               have adventures involving dangerous men
                                               and a friendly mule.
Paulsen, Gary     Mr.Tucket                    In 1848, while on a wagon train headed for 5          F PAU      166
                                               Oregon, fourteen-year-old Francis Tucket
                                               is kidnapped by Pawnee Indians and then
                                               falls in with a one-armed trapper who
                                               teaches him how to live in the wild.

Paulsen, Gary     Tucket's gold              Fifteen-year-old Francis and the two             5.2    F PAU      97
                                             children he has adopted travel across the
                                             Old West, evade Comancheros, discover
                                             a treasure, and wind up rich beyond their
                                             wildest dreams.
Retan, Walter     The story of Davy Crockett Describe the life of Davy Crockett, one of       6.2   92 CRO      106
                  : frontier hero            the Old West's outstanding hunters,
                                             frontiersmen, and legislators.
Rivera, Sheila    California gold rush       Discusses the early history of California,       5.7   979.4 RIV   48
                                             focusing especially on the gold rush
Roberts, Willo    Jo and the bandit             En route to stay with her uncle in Texas in    6.2    F ROB      185
Davis                                           the late 1860s, twelve-year-old Jo
                                                experiences a stagecoach robbery and
                                                becomes involved with a reluctant young
                                                outlaw aiming to change his ways.
Ross, Nancy       Heroines of the early west    Stories of women pioneers                            920 ROS     178
Rounds, Glen      Sod houses on the Great       Tells how settlers on the treeless plains         693 ROU 32
                  Plains                        built houses from the prairie sod itself.
Russell, Marion   Along the Santa Fe Trail :    In 1852, seven-year-old Marion Sloan         5.2 917.8 RUS 40
                  Marion Russell's own story    travels with her mother and older brother in
                                                a wagon train along the Santa Fe Trail,
                                                experiencing both hardship and wonder.

Salas, Laura      The Wilderness Road,     Discusses colonial America's need for a        5.4 973.2 SAL 48
Purdie            1775                     route to the west, how the Wilderness
                                           Road developed, early explorers and
                                           settlements along its path, and the impact
                                           it had on western expansion.
Sandler, Martin   Pioneers                 An overview, in text and illustrations, of the      978 SAN 93
W.                                         pioneer experience in the American West,
                                           from the first settlers through the
                                           development of towns.
Savage, Jeff      Cowboys and cow towns of Focuses on the personal experiences of              978 SAV 48
                  the Wild West            the cowboys, ranchers, and businessmen
                                           who established the cattle trails and cow
                                           towns of the Wild West.
Schaefer, Jack    Shane                    Shane rides into a Wyoming valley in 1889 5.5        F SCH   214
Warner                                     and becomes involved in a feud between
                                           big cattle dealers and homesteaders.

Sinnott, Susan    Chinese railroad workers      Discusses the contributions made by the              331.7 SIN   63
                                                Chinese Americans to the building of
                                                railroads in the United States.
Spies, Karen      Buffalo Bill Cody : western   Traces the life of the legendary               6.9   92 COD      128
Bornemann         legend                        frontiersman, from his childhood in the
                                                Kansas Territory, through his adventures
                                                as military scout, Pony Express rider, and
                                                buffalo hunter, to his creation of his Wild
                                                West Show.
Stein, R. Conrad The Oregon Trail               Charts the 2,000-mile journey over plains,     6     978 STE     31
                                                rivers, and mountains, and the determined
                                                people who made the trip.
Stein, R.         The Transcontinental          Describes the building of the first railroad   8.2   385 STE     128
Conrad.           Railroad in American          to join the eastern and western part of the
                  history                       United States and the effect of this
                                                transcontinental link on the future
                                                development of the country.
Stevens, Eden     Buffalo Bill                 Easy-to-read biography of the frontiersman            92 COD      63
Vale                                           whose many careers included Pony
                                               Express rider, Indian fighter, scout, and
                                               star of his own Wild West Show.

Stewart, Gail     Trappers & traders           Describes the life and activities of the              978 STE     32
                                               trappers and fur traders in the Old West in
                                               the first half of the nineteenth century and
                                               recounts stories of such colorful individuals
                                               as Jim Bridger and John Colter.

Stotter, Mike     The wild West                This book includes information about                   PB 978     64
                                               tepee life, ranches and ranchers,                       STO
                                               westward expansion, fort life, outlaws and
                                               gunslingers, and railroad construction.

Sundling,         Cowboys of the frontier      A brief introduction to the day-to-day life of 4.9    978 SUN     32
Charles W.                                     cowboys in the American West.
Sundling,         Pioneers of the frontier     Describes what life was like for some of       5.6    978 SUN     32
Charles W.                                     the pioneers who went west during the
                                               second half of the nineteenth century.
Talbot, Charlene An orphan for Nebraska        Orphaned on the journey to America in                  F TAL      208
Joy                                            1872, a young Irish boy finally makes his
                                               way to Nebraska where he goes to work
                                               for a newspaper editor and learns to do the
                                               work of a printer's devil.
Van Leeuwen,      Bound for Oregon             A fictionalized account of the journey made 5.3        F VAN      167
Jean                                           by nine-year-old Mary Ellen Todd and her
                                               family from their home in Arkansas
                                               westward over the Oregon Trail in 1852.

Van Steenwyk,     The California gold rush :Describes the 1849 California Gold Rush                  979.4 van   63
Elizabeth         west with the Forty-Ninersand life for the miners during and after the
                                            gold rush.
Vestal, Herman Jim Beckwourth: Black        Biography of the nineteenth-century                      92 BEC      80
               trapper and Indian chief.    hunter, trapper, Indian chief, trader, gold
                                            seeker, innkeeper, and rancher who
                                            discovered a pass in the Sierra Nevadas
                                            which bears his name.
Wallace, Bill  Red dog                      Living with his family in the rugged, often        4.4    F WAL      185
                                            dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the
                                            1860's, twelve-year-old Adam finds his
                                            courage put to the test when he is left in
                                            charge of the household during his
                                            stepfather's absence.
Warren, Andrea Pioneer girl : growing up on Tells about the daily life and activities of a     6.2   92 SNY      96
               the prairie                  pioneer girl growing up on the prairies of
Whelan, Gloria.   Next spring an oriole       In 1837 ten-year-old Libby and her parents 4.5       F WHE      60
                                              journey by covered wagon to the Michigan
                                              frontier, where they make themselves a
                                              new home near friendly Indians and other
Wilder, Laura     On the way home; the diary Describes the sights and events a frontier          9.17.8 WIL   101
Ingalls           of a trip from South Dakota family encounters travelling from South
                  to Mansfield, Missouri, in  Dakota to the Ozarks.
Wilder, Laura     The first four years        During their first four years of marriage,     5.8   F WIL      134
Ingalls                                       Laura and Almanzo Wilder have a child
                                              and fight a losing battle in their attempts to
                                              succeed at farming on the South Dakota
Wilder, Laura     Little house in the big     A year in the life of two young girls growing 5.3    F WIL      237
Ingalls           woods                       up on the Wisconsin frontier.
Wilder, Laura     These happy golden years Laura has her first experiences as a              5.6   F WIL      288
Ingalls                                       teacher, and is courted by Almanzo
Wilder, Laura     By the shores of Silver     Ma and the girls follow Pa west by train       5.3   F WIL      290
Ingalls           Lake                        where they make their home at a rough
                                              railroad camp and plan for their own
Wilder, Laura     Little town on the prairie  Pa's homestead thrives, Laura gets her         5.4   F WIL      304
Ingalls                                       first job in town, blackbirds eat the corn
                                              and oats crops, Mary goes to college, and
                                              Laura gets into trouble at school, but
                                              becomes a certified school teacher.
Wilder, Laura     The long winter             After an October blizzard, Laura's family      5.3   F WIL      334
Ingalls                                       moves from the claim shanty into town for
                                              the winter, a winter that an Indian has
                                              predicted will be seven months of bad
Wilder, Laura     Little house on the prairie A family travels from the big woods of         4.9   F WIL      335
Ingalls                                       Wisconsin to a new home on the prairie,
                                              where they build a house, meet
                                              neighboring Indians, build a well, and fight
                                              a prairie fire.
Wilkie, Katharine Daniel Boone : taming the A brief biography of the skilled woodsman             92 BOO      72
Elliott           wilds                       and fearless frontiersman who opened the
                                              West to thousands of settlers.

Woodruff, Elvira Dear Levi : letters from the Twelve-year-old Austin Ives writes letters   5.3   F WOO        119
                 Overland Trail               to his younger brother describing his
                                              journey from Pennsylvania to Oregon in
Yep, Laurence    The journal of Wong Ming- A young Chinese boy nicknamed Runt              4.8    F YEP       219
                 Chung : a Chinese miner      records his experiences in a journal as he
                                              travels from southern China to California in
                                              1852 to join his uncle during the Gold
Yep, Laurence.   Dragon's gate   When he accidentally kills a Manchu, a        5.3   F YEP   273
                                 fifteen-year-old Chinese boy is sent to
                                 America to join his father, an uncle, and
                                 other Chinese working to build a tunnel for
                                 the transcontinental railroad through the
                                 Sierra Nevada mountains in 1867.

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