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									University of Kansas       School of Social Welfare     1545 Lilac Lane      Field Education Office     Lawrence KS        66044

                                                                                  BSW Students                (2012-2013)


The field practicum is integral to the BSW curriculum objective of preparing students for social work practice at the entry level. The focus
is on preparing students for generalist practice, including the provision of resources on behalf of clients. The practicum curriculum consists
of a set of learning assignments, primarily focused around problem-solving activities with clients, and work with other helping
professionals and organizations. To read about additional Field Education roles, responsibilities and policies, please feel free to review the
Field Education Handbook found on-line at:

Field Education Staff

                                Freda J. Herrington, Director of Field Education
                                 Heather Jones, Assistant Director of Field Education hjones@ku.ed
                                 Ann Lundberg, Assistant Director of Field Education
                                         Alberta Wright, Office Manager

Field Education Placement Procedures

    If you intend to be in practicum in 2012-2013, please carefully observe the following instructions to ensure a suitable placement:

    1.   Small group information sessions are available to students who would like to hear more about practicum, or who have questions
         they’d like to ask. Dates and times for small group sessions will be emailed to you.
         Please complete the on-line Practicum Planning survey, sent to you by email, no later than December 16, 2012: Materials
         submitted after December 16th will not be considered until after all other placements have been made.

         Please note: You will be asked to upload your resume at the end of the on-line practicum planning material survey. An example
         outline and resume are down below. In addition, please keep the original copy of your resume for your own files and one for your
         interview at a practicum agency.

    2. Once the Field Education Office receives your on-line practicum planning material survey and resume, we will begin to contact
    prospective practicum placement agencies on your behalf. Descriptions of agencies that have served as practicum sites are available in
    the Field Education Office and online at:

        Please note: There are limited placement opportunities in Lawrence. Most practicum students who live in Lawrence should
    expect to commute to Kansas City or Topeka.

    3. Once our office identifies a placement referral for you, we will email you a placement letter which will include the name of the
    agency and agency contact information. Once you receive the placement letter from the Field Education Office, please phone the
    agency to schedule your interview. The agency is expecting to hear from you within 10 days of the date of the letter. Please take
    your resume with you to the interview. Consider this interview as you would a job interview. The student and agency
    representative should determine together at the interview if this is a good match for both of you.
    4. Following the interview, inform the Field Education Office by phone or e-mail of the decision reached by you and the prospective
    agency regarding your placement in the agency. Please complete this step -- the Field Education Office is waiting to hear from you.

Field Placement Requirements
    Practicum is an academic year-long required course in the senior year of the BSW Program. It extends over the fall and spring
    semesters for a minimum total of 480 clock hours per year--240 clock hours per semester. Most students are in practicum two full
    days (16 hours) per week. Clock hours cannot be done solely in the evenings and on weekends. Students should plan for at least one
    “regular” eight hour day (8-4, 9-5). No credit is given for partial completion of practicum requirements.

Academic Requirements for a student to be eligible to be placed in Practicum:

    1.   Student must have a 2.5 GPA in social work courses and cumulatively
University of Kansas       School of Social Welfare      1545 Lilac Lane       Field Education Office      Lawrence KS        66044

    2.   The following SW courses will be completed prior to entering practicum:
           SW 220 (or equivalent)            SW 530                      SW 540                            SW 555
           SW 510           SW 532

    3.   The student will have all remaining general education requirements and electives completed prior to entering practicum (Transfer
         credits cannot be counted until they have been formally accepted by the University and the School of Social Welfare; If
         you have transfer credits from another College/University, please request them to be transferred to KU now).

Eligibility for practicum placement will be verified by both the student’s academic advisor and the BSW Program Office prior to
practicum planning. Students in practicum are expected to follow the principles of the NASW Code of Ethics, which are listed in
the School's catalog.


The student is responsible for travel to the field practicum setting. Most settings require students to have transportation available to fulfill
agency assignments.

Insurance and Health Checks

1. Professional Liability Insurance. Your placement agency may require that you carry professional liability insurance. If required, you
will be informed of this in your placement letter. Professional liability insurance may be obtained through:

    a)   Membership in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). A NASW student membership costs $42.00 and allows you
         to apply for professional liability insurance at a cost of $35.00. Membership in NASW also provides you a subscription to Social
         Work , to the NASW newsletter, and to membership in your state organization.

    b) Enrollment with CPH and Associates for a cost of $35.00.

    Application forms for NASW membership and both insurance policies are available on the Field Education website at The premiums quoted above are for coverage of $1,000,000
    for individual claims and $3,000,000 for aggregate claims.

2. Automobile Liability Insurance. If your placement requires the use of your automobile for transporting clients, check with your
insurance company regarding appropriate liability coverage.

3. Physical Health Exam and Background Checks. Your agency may require proof of a recent physical examination, TB check, and/or
drug screen as well as criminal background checks. You will be informed of such requirements prior to the interview, but please double-
check with the field site about any and all requirements.

Placement Location

BSW Seniors are typically placed in Topeka and the Kansas City Metropolitan area. There are a limited number of Lawrence placements.
Because Lawrence placements are typically fewer than the number requested by students residing in Lawrence, any Lawrence placement
request must contain a legitimate rationale written in your materials.

BSW students are not eligible for Employment Based Practicum’s.

University of Kansas    School of Social Welfare   1545 Lilac Lane   Field Education Office   Lawrence KS      66044

                             OUTLINE FOR FIELD EDUCATION RESUME
                                         BSW Students

This outline and the sample resume on the back of this page are to help you prepare your resume for use in a practicum

Your resume is an essential part of the placement process. It allows the Field Education Office to match you with a suitable
practicum setting. You are urged to be as complete and specific as you can to support a match with a setting as close as
possible to your own special interests and concerns. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your practicum
setting will reflect all of your preferences, but we will work diligently to meet as many needs as we are able. The
resume should meet professional standards—and should not have spelling or grammatical errors. You should feel free to
format the resume in whatever way you wish. The example below is only an example. Finally, note that the resume must be
completed and ready to be uploaded when prompted in the on-line practicum planning survey. Be sure to keep an original
copy of your resume saved, for your own files, and one hard-copy to take with you to the agency interview.

Include each of the following items:


Current Mailing Address, Phone and e-mail: Summer mailing address and phone (if different).
(be sure to include current email address, since that is our primary mode of communication with students).

Education: Specify institution, location, dates of attendance, major, degree(s).

Work Experience: List social work and other work experiences. List most recent experiences first. Specify organization,
location (including name of town and state), dates of experience, and work assignments.

Volunteer Experience: List social work and other volunteer experiences. List most recent experiences first. Specify
organization, location (including name of town and state), dates of experience, and volunteer assignments.

Special Interests and Concerns: The Field Education Office refers senior BSW students to agencies with the capacity to
provide learning experiences appropriate to the BSW curriculum and a generalist practice. In this section of your resume you
are asked to identify any matters that might be useful in the placement process and in maximizing your learning. Examples:

   1. Do you have a particular career goal upon graduation? A long-range goal? Keep in mind that it
       is OK to have neither at this point in time.

   2. Do you have any preferences with respect to any of the following: type of setting, type of
       client population, type of treatment issue, geographic location?

   3. Do you have special skills, i.e. a foreign language, sign language, etc.? Special skills are not a placement prerequisite.

    4. Special scheduling issues that need to be considered (children in daycare, employment outside of practicum) etc.

University of Kansas    School of Social Welfare   1545 Lilac Lane       Field Education Office   Lawrence KS   66044

                                                     SAMPLE RESUME
                                          610 State Street▪Anywhere, KS 66666▪
                                        Phone: 913/000-0000 Email:

                                                   Amy SMITH
                             Dates attended                   Major                   Degree
State University             9/2005-5/2007                Social Work               BSW to be completed May 2007
Anywhere, KS 66666
JFK Community College       9/2003-5/2005                 Liberal Arts              Associate of Arts Degree 2005
New York, NY 10022

                                Dates                         Position
Townsville SRS                   6/05-9/06                Case Manager
Townsville, KS 66666
                                Intakes; case management for Adult Protective Services; nursing home screenings.
Office Supply Store:            12/03-6/05
Townsville, KS
                                Answered phones; ordered supplies; used cash register.

Caring Hospice                  9/05-5/06                 .
Anywhere, KS
                                Assisted director in training volunteers;-Served on the interdisciplinary health team; Co-
                                led a grief group.
Special Olympics
Anywhere, KS                    2/04-5/05
                                Duties included helping to organize events, fundraising, and serving as a “game day”

My professional goal is to be a social worker with the aging population. I would like experience with older adults, preferably
in a public welfare office, a hospital, or a home health agency. My home is in Topeka and I would prefer a setting in Topeka,
or close by. My past experience has given me solid skills in group work. Also, I speak fluent Spanish. I do have a job that
requires me to be at work by 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.


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