Through the Tunnel by XZX8QW


									Through the Tunnel

      Doris Lessing
• Content Goal- to focus on the internal
  and external conflict plus a variety of
  C.A.T. questions
• Language Goals- 1.) to make
  connections to the text through
  journaling and 2.) to write answers in
  complete sentences restating the
  question in the answer.
• (+2)
   Pre-teaching Vocabulary
Copy down each word. Mrs. Davis will read
  you part of the paragraph it comes from in
  the story. Guess at the definition based on
  the word’s context. (+6 guess and +6 define)
1. contrition
2. promontories
3. luminous
4. supplication
5. frond
6. convulsive
            Doris Lessing &
           Literary Elements
Write down an important
  detail about Doris’s
  life. (+1)
• Doris Lessing p. 218

Define the following
  terms in your own
• internal conflict (+1)
• external conflict (+1)
• Being rebellious. Think of a time you did
  something you were told NOT to do.
  Why did you do it? Was it worth it? Did
  you lose your parents’ trust, did they
  not care after all, or did they never
  find out?
• Elaborate in a journal of five or more
  descriptive sentences. (+5)
                 During Reading
• Hot dog and double
  hamburger your paper
  (or notdog and veggieburger it).

• Number the eight
  sections (p. 221-228).
• For each page we
  read, write a summary
  of the events and
  conflicts (internal and
  external).                         An underwater cave
             Conflict Guide (+16)
p. 221                 p. 222
internal –             internal –
external -             external -

p. 223                 p. 224
internal –             internal –
external -             external -

p. 225                 p. 226
internal –             internal –
external -             external -

p. 227                 p. 228
internal –             internal –
external -             external -
• You will receive an index card with a
  character’s name on it. Write this
  journal in that character’s voice.
• As this character, how do you feel at
  the resolution of the story? What has
  changed and/or what has stayed the
  same? What will never be the same?
• Elaborate in this character’s voice for
  five or more sentences. (+5)
       Post-reading Activity
• Your name card becomes a name tag. For
  the following activity, you will be acting as
  this character.
• This is an interview. Questions you ask and
  answers you give must be based on
  information in the text. (Based on
  information will give you some room to be
• Here is a copy of the stem document to
  base your questions on.
• Jerry (6)
• Mom (6)
• French boy (4)
• Goggles (4)
• Fish (4)
• Tunnel (4)
      Bloom’s CAT Questions
Comprehension 1-3       Analysis 5-7      Thinking 8-10

main idea           conflicts          author’s purpose

theme               compare &          decision making
summarize           cause & effect     treatment of
inference                              generalizations

prediction                             conclusions

 Assessment – CAT Questions
1. (LC02) Write a summary of Jerry’s swim
   through the tunnel including three details
   from the story. (+3)
2. (LA07) What effect does Jerry’s interaction
   with the local boys have on him? Include
   two details from the story in your answer.
3. (LT09) Was Jerry’s attempt to test the limits
   of his skills a good idea? Why or why not?
   Include two details from the story in your
   answer. (+3)

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