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TÍTULO                                                               AUTOR                               IDIOMA
 A man very well studyed : new contexts for Thomas Browne                                                eng
 After thirty falls : new essays on John Berryman                                                        eng
 And never know the joy : sex and the erotic in English poetry                                           eng
 Beachhead Don : reporting the war from the European Theater, 1942-1945Don, 1908-                        eng
                                                                     writings of Albert Camus
 Ces forces obscures de l'âme : women, race and origins in the Margerrison, Christine                    eng
 Closer to the truth than any fact : memoir, memory, and Jim Crow    Wallach, Jennifer Jensen, 1974- eng
                                                                     Holwitt, Joel Ira, 1981-
 Execute against Japan : the U.S. decision to conduct unrestricted submarine warfare                     eng
 Family Support : empowerment af forældre i internationalt perspektiv                                    dan
                                                                      study of the natural world, 1820-1885
 Good observers of nature : American women and the scientific Gianquitto, Tina                           eng
 I sat alone : Jeremiah among the prophets                           Avioz, Michael, 1967-               eng
                                                                     Steiner, Riccardo
 It is a new kind of diaspora : explorations in the sociopolitical and cultural context of psychoanalysiseng
                                                                     Buch-Hansen, Gitte
 It is the spirit that gives life : a stoic understanding of pneuma in John's Gospel                     eng
 I've been black in two countries : Black Cuban views on race inHay,USthe Michelle A., 1960-             eng
 Mixed blood Indians : racial construction in the early South        Perdue, Theda, 1949-                eng
 My dear friend : further letters to and about Joseph Conrad                                             eng
 Our solar system and home planet-- the Earth                        Thakoor, Shama                      eng
                                                                     Singh, Reenee
 Race and culture : tools, techniques and trainings : a manual for professionals                         eng
 Recevez ce mien petit labeur : studies in Renaissance music in honour of Ignace Bossuyt                 eng
 Sustainable university : holistic approach to sustainability in higher education institutions           eng
                                                                     Roberts, Carl W
 The fifth modality : on languages that shape our motivations and cultures                               eng
                                                                     Davis, Gayle
 The cruel madness of love : sex, syphilis and psychiatry in Scotland, 1880-1930                         eng
 The only efficient instrument : American women writers & the periodical, 1837-1916                      eng
 The original explosion that created worlds : essays on Werewere Liking's art and writings               eng
 Truth is a divine name : hitherto unpublished papers of Edward A. Synan, 1918-1997                      eng
                                                                     Nyamnjoh, Henrietta Mambo
 We get nothing from fishing : fishing for boat opportunities amongst Senegalese fisher migrants eng
                                                                     Arnold, Edwin
 What virtue there is in fire : cultural memory and the lynching of Sam Hose T                           eng
                                                                     Tatum, Beverly Daniel
 Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? : and other conversations about race eng
 Wild apples and other natural history essays                        Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862 eng
                                                                     Ba, Alice D                         eng
(Re)negotiating East and Southeast Asia : region, regionalism, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(Some of) the adventures of Carlyle, my imaginary friend             Hazners, Dainis, 1957-              eng
                                                                     Tan, Edmund                         eng
.NET compact framework 3.5 data-driven applications : build robust and feature-rich mobile data-driven applications with the help o
                                                                     Bernstein, Jack                     spa
¡Consigue ese trabajo! : consejos para crear un currículo y presentarse a entrevistas para los recién licenciados = Get that job! : re
100 inspiring Rafflesians, 1823-2003                                 Tan, Guan Heng                      eng
100 must-read books for men                                          Andrews, Stephen E                  eng
100 must-read classic novels                                         Rennison, Nick, 1955-               eng
100 must-read crime fiction novels                                   Shephard, Richard                   eng
100 must-read historical novels                                      Rennison, Nick, 1955-               eng
100 must-read science fiction novels                                 Andrews, Steve                      eng
100% condom use programme in entertainment establishments                                                eng
101 boardroom problems and how to solve them                         Mina, Eli                           eng
101 global leadership lessons for nurses : shared legacies from leaders and their mentors                eng
101 quick and easy secrets for using your digital photographs Bamberg, Matthew                           eng
                                                                     Falcone, a guide to progressive discipline & termination
101 sample write-ups for documenting employee performance problems : Paul                                eng
12 steps to power presence : how to assert your authority to lead    Baldoni, John                       eng
150 years of quantum many-body theory : a festschrift in honour of the 65th birthdays of John W. Clark, Alpo J. Kallio, Manfred L. R
1880 - 1930 : orígenes del movimiento obrero en Argentina                                                spa
19 stars of Indiana : exceptional Hoosier women                      Maurer, Michael S                   eng
1917 : beyond the Western Front                                                                          eng
1920 : the year of the six presidents                                Pietrusza, David, 1949-             eng
                                                                     Shanken, Andrew
194X : architecture, planning, and consumer culture on the American home front Michael, 1968- eng
2007-2008 assessment of the Army Research Laboratory                                                     eng
21st century innovation systems for Japan and the United States : lessons from a decade of change : report of a symposium
31 ways speech, movement, and visual aids improve your presentation  Davidson, Jeff                      eng
                                                                     Hillar, Gastón C                    eng
3D game development with Microsoft Silverlight 3 : beginner's guide : a practical guide to creating real-time responsive online 3D ga
3D visualization                                                                                         eng

                                                   Page 1

4QInstruction : sagesse et eschatologie                            Rey, Jean-Sébastien                  fre
                                                                     the epilogue
4QMMT : reevaluating the text, the function, and the meaning ofWeissenberg, Hanne von                   eng
50 greatest political thinkers                                     Vermani, Narendra                    eng
983 preguntas y respuestas sobre cine, vídeo y televisión          Roca, Juan Ramón                     spa
9XM talking : WHA Radio and the Wisconsin idea                     Davidson, Randall, 1959-             eng
A basic Dao : an introduction to the way                                                                eng
A basket of flaming ashes : poems                                  Ashuntantang, Joyce B                eng
A beauty that hurts : life and death in Guatemala                                                       eng
                                                                   Lovell, W. George (William George), 1951-
A beggar's art : scripting modernity in Japanese drama, 1900-1930  Poulton, M. Cody, 1955-              eng
A beginner's guide to the deep culture experience : beneath the Shaules, Joseph                         eng
A beginning teacher's guide to special educational needs           Wearmouth, Janice                    eng
                                                                    and Asperger A
A best practice guide to assessment and intervention for autism Wilkinson, Leesyndrome in schools       eng
A bibliography of East European travel writing on Europe                                                eng
A bibliography of English etymology                                Liberman, Anatoly                    eng
                                                                   Brown, Kate
A biography of no place : from ethnic borderland to Soviet heartland                                    eng
A boy named Sue : gender and country music                                                              eng
A breath of fresh Eyre : intertextual and intermedial reworkings of Jane Eyre                           eng
                                                                   Powers, John,
A bull of a man : images of masculinity, sex, and the body in Indian Buddhism 1957-                     eng
                                                                   McCabe, Anne Elena                   eng
A Byzantine encyclopaedia of horse medicine : the sources, compilation, and transmission of the Hippiatrica
A call for heresy : why dissent is vital to Islam and America      Majid, Anouar, 1960-                 eng
                                                                      Tecolote Canyon area, Santa Barbara County, California
A canyon through time : archaeology, history, and ecology of theErlandson, Jon                          eng
A careful longing : the poetics and problems of nostalgia          Santesso, Aaron, 1972-               eng
A case study approach to human resources management                Sadri, Sorab                         eng
A castle in the backyard : the dream of a house in France          Draine, Betsy, 1945-                 eng
A casual revolution : reinventing video games and their players Juul, Jesper, 1970-                     eng
A century of nature : twenty-one discoveries that changed science and the world                         eng
A century of science publishing : a collection of essays                                                eng
                                                                   Ritzen, J. M. in
A chance for European universities, or, Avoiding the looming university crisis M Europe                 eng
                                                                   Madden, Deborah, 1970-
A cheap, safe and natural medicine' : religion, medicine and culture in John Wesley's Primitive Physic  eng
A child from the village                                           Qu.tb, Sayyid, 1906-1966             eng
                                                                   Tomlinson, Patrick,
A child's journey to recovery : assessment and planning with traumatized children 1962-                 eng
A Choctaw reference grammar                                        Broadwell, George Aaron              eng
A chosen path : the ceramic art of Karen Karnes                    Karnes, Karen, 1925-                 eng
A city so grand : the rise of an American metropolis, Boston 1850-1900 Stephen                          eng
A class of their own : Black teachers in the segregated South Fairclough, Adam                          eng
A clinical application of Bion's concepts                          Sandler, P. C. (Paulo Cesar)         eng
A clinician's guide to psychodrama                                 Leveton, Eva                         eng
                                                                   Al-Hassan, Abdullah
A coincident indicator of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) business cycle                             eng
A colour handbook of heart failure : investigation, diagnosis, treatment                                eng
A colour handbook of oral medicine                                 Lewis, Michael A. O                  eng
A colour handbook of renal medicine                                                                     eng
A commentary on Book 4 of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica            Murgatroyd, Paul                     eng
A commentary on Ovid : Fasti book VI                               Littlewood, R. Joy                   eng
A commentary on Plutarch's De latenter vivendo                     Roskam, Geert                        eng
A commentary on the gospel according to S. Luke : Part 2                                                eng
                                                                   Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, ca. 370-444
                                                                   English, Beth
A common thread : labor, politics, and capital mobility in the textile industry Anne, 1973-             eng
                                                                   Powell, Jefferson, 1954-
A community built on words : the constitution in history and politics                                   eng
A community called atonement                                       McKnight, Scot                       eng
A community of Europeans? : transnational identities and public Risse-Kappen, Thomas                    eng
A companion to Juan Luis Vives                                                                          eng
A companion to Richard Hooker                                                                           eng
A companion to second-century Christian heretics                                                        eng
A companion to the crying of lot 49                                Grant, J. Kerry                      eng
A companion to V                                                   Grant, J. Kerry                      eng
                                                                   Jackson, Samuel A
A comparison of ancient Near Eastern law collections prior to the first millennium BC                   eng
A comprehensive dictionary of biology                                                                   eng

                                                   Page 2

A comprehensive dictionary of inorganic chemistry                                                        eng
A comprehensive guide to bibliography of world history                 Sharma, Sita Ram                  eng
A comprehensive guide to Chinese medicine                                                                eng
A comprehensive laboratory manual for environmental science and engineering Pillai, P. R., 1961- ng      e
A comprehensive text book of applied chemistry                         Chander, Jagdish                  eng
A comprehensive text book of applied mathematics                       Rakesagupta                       eng
A comprehensive text book of applied physics                           Kumar, Manoj                      eng
A conquering spirit : Fort Mims and the Redstick War of 1813-1814      Waselkov, Gregory A               eng
A contrite heart : prosecution and redemption in the Carolingian Firey, Abigail                          eng
A covenant of creatures : Levinas's philosophy of Judaism              Fagenblat, Michael                eng
A Creole lexicon : architecture, landscape, people                     Edwards, Jay Dearborn             eng
A critical rationalist aesthetics                                      Agassi, Joseph                    eng
A cultural history of Madrid : modernism and the urban spectacle       Parsons, Deborah L., 1973-        eng
A cultural history of modern science in China                          Elman, Benjamin A., 1946-         eng
A cultural history of tarot : from entertainment to esotericism        Farley, Helen                     eng
                                                                       Olegario, Rowena
A culture of credit : embedding trust and transparency in American business                              eng
                                                                       DeVries, Kelly, 1956-
A cumulative bibliography of medieval military history and technology : update 2003-2006                 eng
A Daoist theory of Chinese thought : a philosophical interpretation    Hansen, Chad, 1942-               eng
A dark trace : Sigmund Freud on the sense of guilt                     Westerink, Herman, 1968-          eng
                                                                       the work of Edward
A Darwinian worldview : sociobiology, environmental ethics and Baxter, Brian, 1949-O. Wilson             eng
                                                                       National Research Council (U.S.) eng
A database for a changing economy : review of the Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
                                                                        debt relief
A debt overhang model for low-income countries : implicatios forKoeda, Junko, 1976-                      eng
A deeper freedom : liberal democracy as an everyday morality Anderson, Charles W., 1934-                 eng
A desert calling : life in a forbidding landscape                      Mares, Michael A                  eng
                                                                       Brower, Benjamin Claude
A desert named peace : the violence of France's empire in the Algerian Sahara, 1844-1902                 eng
A dictionary of Iowa place-names                                       Savage, Tom, 1945-                eng
A different three Rs for education : reason, relationality, rhythm                                       eng
A different wisdom : reflections on supervision practice               Henderson, Penny                  eng
                                                                       and seeking truth in the sciences eng
A discourse on the method of correctly conducting one's reason Descartes, René, 1596-1650
                                                                       Breger, psychoanalysis
A dream of undying fame : how Freud betrayed his mentor and invented Louis, 1931-                        eng
A European mandate for financial sector supervisors in the EU Hardy, Daniel C. L                         eng
A failed empire : the Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin toZubok, V. M. (Vladislav Martinovich)    eng
                                                                        origins of Sheila, 1949-         eng
A fair day's wage for a fair day's work? : sweated labour and the Blackburn,minimum wage legislation in Britain
                                                                       Hall, Stephen G. (Stephen Gilroy), 1968-
A faithful account of the race : African American historical writing in nineteenth-century America eng
A Falklands diary : winds of change in a distant colony                Austin, Jean                      eng
                                                                       Vanderwal Taylor, Jolanda         eng
A family occupation : children of the war and the memory of World World II in Dutch literature of the 1980s
A field guide for science writers                                                                        eng
A final arc of sky : a memoir of critical care                         Culkin, Jennifer, 1958-           eng
A financing facility for low-carbon development                                                          eng
A focused issue on identifying, building, and linking competences                                        eng
A foundation for evidence-driven practice : a rapid learning system for cancer care: workshop summary    eng
A framework for financial market development                           Chami, Ralph                      eng
A framework for independent monetary policy in China                   Goodfriend, Marvin                eng
A free city in the Balkans : reconstructing a divided society in Bosnia Matthew T                        eng
A garden of quanta : essays in honor of Hiroshi Ezawa                                                    eng
                                                                       Yi, Dongshin
A genealogy of cyborgothic : aesthetics and ethics in the age of posthumanism                            eng
A genealogy of literary multiculturalism                               Douglas, Christopher, 1968-       eng
A general history of quadrupeds : with figures engraved on wood        Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828         eng
                                                                       Delen, G. P. A. J
A global perspective on sourcing : over de maatschappelijke impact van IT-sourcing                       dut
A glossary of Targum Onkelos according to Alexander Sperber's edition  Cook, Edward M                    eng
A Gorgon's mask : the mother in Thomas Mann's fiction                  Lawson, Lewis A                   eng
A grammar of Anong : language death under intense contact Sun, Hongkai                                   eng
A grammar of murder : violent scenes and film form                     Oeler, Karla                      eng
                                                                       Borchers, Dörte
A grammar of Sunwar : descriptive grammar, paradigms, texts and glossary                                 eng
                                                                       Weisenburger, Steven
A gravity's rainbow companion : sources and contexts for Pynchon's novel                                 eng
                                                                        Great Alex
A great idea at the time : the rise, fall, and curious afterlife of theBeam, Books                       eng

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                                                                 Seaich, Eugene, 1925-              eng
A great mystery : the secret of the Jerusalem Temple : the embracing cherubim and at-one-ment with the Divine
A gringa in Bogotá : living Colombia's invisible war             Erlick, June Carolyn               eng
                                                                 Singh, Narendra                    eng
A guide on project work : guidance on project work, basics of management in practice, guidance on the sample list of topics for proj
A guide to native plants of the New York City region             Gargiullo, Margaret B., 1942-      eng
                                                                 Kinchin, David                     eng
A guide to psychological debriefing : managing emotional decompression and post-traumatic stress disorder
A guide to research for podiatrists                                                                 eng
A guide to the Latin American art song repertoire : an annotated catalog of twentieth-century art songs for voice and piano
A guide to the top 100 companies in China                                                           eng
A hacker manifesto                                               Wark, McKenzie, 1961-              eng
A half-century of automata theory : celebration and inspiration                                     eng
A half-century of greatness : the creative imagination of Europe,Ewen, Frederic, 1899-              eng
A handbook for classroom management that works                                                      eng
A handbook for public prosecutors                                Chipeta, B. D                      eng
A handbook of inorganic chemistry                                Desai, K. R                        eng
A handbook of 'Phags-pa Chinese                                  Coblin, W. South                   eng
A handbook of practicals in zoology                              Rao, C. Vaman                      eng
A heart for the work : journeys through an African medical schoolWendland, Claire L                 eng
A heart full of peace                                            Goldstein, Joseph, 1944-           eng
                                                                 Dain, Bruce
A hideous monster of the mind : American race theory in the early republic R., 1967-                eng
A historical study of women in Jamaica : 1655-1844               Mair, Lucille Mathurin             eng
A history of cant and slang dictionaries : Volume II, 1785-1858 Coleman, Julie                      eng
A history of chemical and biological weapons                     Spiers, Edward M                   eng
A history of contemporary Chinese literature                     Hong, Zicheng                      eng
                                                                  New Zealand
A history of early childhood education in Canada, Australia, and Prochner, Laurence Wayne, 1956-eng
A history of Egypt : from earliest times to the present          Thompson, Jason, 1950-             eng
A history of ideas about the prolongation of life                                                   eng
                                                                 Gruman, Gerald J. (Gerald Joseph), 1926-
A history of Iran : empire of the mind                           Axworthy, Michael                  eng
A history of the book in America : Volume 1, The Colonial book in the Atlantic world                eng
A history of the book in American : Volume 3, The industrial book, 1840-1880                        eng
A history of the Federal Reserve : Volume 1. 1913-1951           Meltzer, Allan H                   eng
A history of the Federal Reserve : Volume II, Book One, 1951-1969Meltzer, Allan H                   eng
A history of the Federal Reserve : Volume II, Book Two, 1970-1985Meltzer, Allan H                   eng
A history of the heart                                           Høystad, O. M                      eng
A history of the modern Chinese Army                             Li, Xiaobing, 1954-                eng
A history of the native woodlands of Scotland, 1500-1920         Smout, T. C. (T. Christopher)      eng
A history of the Osage people                                    Burns, Louis F                     eng
A history of U.S. feminisms                                      Dicker, Rory Cooke, 1969-          eng
A hole in the head : more tales in the history of neuroscience Gross, Charles G                     eng
A Holocene prehistoric sequence in the Egyptian Red Sea area : the Tree Shelter                     eng
A home in the West, or, Emigration and its consequences                                             b. 1835 or 6
                                                                 Rockwell, M. Emilia (Mary Emilia), eng
                                                                  Holy Roman Empire,
A house divided : Wittelsbach confessional court cultures in the Thomas, Andrew L c. 1550-1650eng
                                                                 Buehrens, John
A house for hope : the promise of progressive religion for the twenty-first century A., 1947-       eng
A hundred and one days : a Baghdad journal                       Seierstad, Åsne, 1970-             eng
A hundred horizons : the Indian Ocean in the age of global empireBose, Sugata                       eng
A Japanese Robinson Crusoe                                       Oyabe, Zen'ichiro                  eng
                                                                 Dolhinow, Rebecca
A jumble of needs : women's activism and neoliberalism in the colonias of the Southwest             eng
A key to Dutch history : report by the Committee for the Development of the Dutch Canon             eng
A Kineño remembers : from the King Ranch to the White House Cavazos, Lauro                          eng
A laboratory of transnational history : Ukraine and recent Ukrainian historiography                 eng
                                                                 Reséndez, Andrés                   eng
A land so strange : the epic journey of Cabeza de Vaca : the extraordinary tale of a shipwrecked Spaniard who walked across Amer
                                                                 Gordon, Robert B. (Robert Boyd), 1929-
A landscape transformed : the ironmaking district of Salisbury, Connecticut                         eng
                                                                 Katz, Ruth, 1927-
A language of its own : sense and meaning in the making of Western art music                        eng
A lawyer in Indian country : a memoir                            Ziontz, Alvin J                    eng
A legend of the dead                                                                                eng
                                                                 Asong, Linus T. (Linus Tongwo), 1947-
A life in public health : an insider's retrospective             Breslow, Lester                    eng
                                                                 Bell, Stephen, 1956-
A life in shadow : Aimé Bonpland in southern South America, 1817-1858                               eng

                                                   Page 4

A life on paper : the drawings and lithographs of John Thomas Biggers Ollie Jensen                       eng
A little book of language                                             Crystal, David, 1941-              eng
A little history of my forest life : an Indian-white autobiography Morrison, Eliza, 1837-1921            eng
A long goodbye to Bismarck? : the politics of welfare reforms in continental Europe                      eng
A mad, bad, and dangerous people? : England, 1783-1846                Hilton, Boyd                       eng
A magic web : the forest of Barro Colorado Island                     Ziegler, Christian                 eng
A man of letters                                                      Sowell, Thomas, 1930-              eng
A man of many parts : Gissing's short stories, essays and other works Rawlinson, Barbara                 eng
                                                                      García-Arenal, Mercedes
A man of three worlds : Samuel Pallache, a Moroccan Jew in Catholic and Protestant Europe                eng
A mansion's memories                                                  Mathews, Mary Chapman              eng
A manual for biochemistry protocols                                   Wenk, Markus R                     eng
                                                                      Goldner, Morris, 1925 or 6-
A match made in hell : the Jewish boy and the Polish outlaw who defied the Nazis                         eng
A Meltzer reader : selections from the writings of Donald MeltzerMeltzer, Donald                         eng
                                                                      Núñez Muley, Francisco, Kingdom    eng
A memorandum for the president of the royal audiencia and chancery court of the city and1492-1570of Granada
A Missouri railroad pioneer : the life of Louis Houck                 Rhodes, Joel P., 1967-             eng
A modern approach to operations management                            Roy, Ram Naresh                    eng
A modern history of Hong Kong                                         Tsang, Steve Yui-Sang, 1959-       eng
A modern introduction to quantum field theory                         Maggiore, Michele                  eng
A moral military                                                      Axinn, Sidney                      eng
A morning in June : defending Outpost Harry                                                              eng
                                                                      Evans, James W. (James William), 1929-
                                                                      Pegg, Mark
A most holy war : the Albigensian Crusade and the battle for Christendom Gregory, 1963-                  eng
                                                                      Levenstein, Lisa
A movement without marches : African American women and the politics of poverty in postwar Philadelphia  eng
A multi-industry model of growth with financing constraints           Ilyina, Anna                       eng
A nation by design : immigration policy in the fashioning of America  Zolberg, Aristide R                eng
A nation for all : race, inequality, and politics in twentieth-centuryFuente, Alejandro de la, 1963-     eng
A nation of agents : the American path to a modern self and society James E                              eng
                                                                       of the Stephen, 1968-
A nation of counterfeiters : capitalists, con men, and the making Mihm, United States                    eng
                                                                        late eighteenth-century Ireland eng
A nation of politicians : gender, patriotism, and political culture inHiggins, Padhraig
A nation of speechifiers : making an American public after the Revolution Carolyn                        eng
A Nation of victims? : representations of German wartime suffering from 1945 to the present              eng
A natural history of Latin                                            Janson, Tore, 1936-                eng
A need to know : the clandestine history of a CIA family              Goodall, H. Lloyd                  eng
                                                                      Brown-Saracino, Japonica
A neighborhood that never changes : gentrification, social preservation, and the search for authenticity eng
A neurolinguistic theory of bilingualism                              Paradis, Michel                    eng
A new architecture for functional grammar                                                                eng
A new biology for the 21st century                                                                       Committee on a New Biology for
                                                                      National Research Council (U.S.). eng
                                                                      Ward, Douglas and the origins of market research
A new brand of business : Charles Coolidge Parlin, Curtis Publishing Company, B., 1961-                  eng
A new history of penance                                                                                 eng
A New Jersey anthology                                                                                   eng
A new Keynesian model of the Armenian economy                         Mkrtchyan, Ashot                   eng
                                                                      Dean, Amy B., 1962-
A new new deal : how regional activism will reshape the American labor movement                          eng
A new open-economy-macro model fiscal policy evaluation                                                  eng
A new paradigm of knowledge engineering by soft computing                                                eng
                                                                      Avesano, Renzo G
A new risk indicator and stress testing tool : a multifactor Nth-to-Default CDS basket                   eng
                                                                      Marx, Ive
A new social question? : on minimum income protection in the postindustrial era                          eng
A new sound in Hebrew poetry : poetics, politics, accent              Segal, Miryam                      eng
                                                                      Fletcher, Angus, 1930-
A new theory for American poetry : democracy, the environment, and the future of imagination             eng
A new youth? : young people, generations and family life                                                 eng
A nice place to visit                                                 Gilbert, Sky, 1952-                eng
                                                                       of molecular chaos
A non-equilibrium statistical mechanics : without the assumptionChen, Tian-Quan                          eng
                                                                      Avraham-Krehwinkel, Carmelite
A non-violent resistance approach with children in distress : a guide for parents and professionals eng
A nuclear winter's tale : science and politics in the 1980s           Badash, Lawrence                   eng
A passion to preserve : gay men as keepers of culture                 Fellows, Will                      eng
A path to peace : fresh hope for the world dramatic explorations Marcel, Gabriel, 1889-1973              eng
A pattern of madness                                                  Symington, Neville                 eng
A peacock in the land of penguins : a fable about creativity & courage                                   e
                                                                      Gallagher, B. J. (Barbara J.), 1949- ng

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A perfect picture of hell : eyewitness accounts by Civil War prisoners from the 12th Iowa               eng
A performance assessment of NASA's heliophysics program                                                 Committee on Heliophysics Perfo
                                                                      National Research Council (U.S.). eng
A phenomenology of love and hate                                      Hadreas, Peter J., 1945-          eng
A philosophy of fear                                                  Svendsen, Lars Fr. H., 1970-      eng
A philosophy of gardens                                                                                 1942-
                                                                      Cooper, David E. (David Edward), eng
A philosophy of pain                                                  Vetlesen, Arne Johan, 1960-       eng
A physicist remembers                                                                                   eng
                                                                      Weiss, Richard J. (Richard Jerome), 1923-
A Pikes Peak partnership : the Penroses and the Tutts                 Noel, Thomas J. (Thomas Jacob) eng
A place between stations : stories                                    Allen, Stephanie, 1962-           eng
                                                                      Thurston, Harry, 1950-
A place between the tides : a naturalist's reflections on the salt marsh                                eng
A place for consciousness : probing the deep structure of the natural world Gregg                       eng
                                                                      Stevens, Sharon McKenzie
A place for dialogue : language, land use, and politics in Southern Arizona                             eng
A place to be : Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Mexican immigrants in Florida's new destinations             eng
                                                                       narrative' in Exodus 7:14-11:10 eng
A plague of texts? : a text-critical study of the so-called 'plagues Lemmelijn, Bénédicte, 1969-
A poetics of courtly male friendship in Heian Japan                   Schalow, Paul Gordon              eng
                                                                      Zapatista insurgency
A poetics of resistance : the revolutionary public relations of the Conant, Jeff                        eng
A point is that which has no part : poems                             Waldner, Liz                      eng
                                                                      Lia, Brynjar
A police force without a state : a history of the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza eng
A politics of understanding : the international thought of Raymond AronReed M                           eng
                                                                      Institute control hypertension    eng
A population-based policy and systems change approach to prevent and of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Public Health Priorities to
A posteriori estimates for partial differential equations             Repin, Sergey I                   eng
                                                                      Cormack, Bradin
A power to do justice : jurisdiction, English literature, and the rise of common law, 1509-1625         eng
A practical approach to linear algebra                                Choudhary, Prabhat                eng
A practical guide for studying Chua's circuits                        Kiliç, Recai                      eng
A practical guide to care planning in health and social care          Lloyd, Marjorie                   eng
                                                                      Taylor, Chris, 1951-
A practical guide to caring for children and teenagers with attachment difficulties                     eng
A practical guide to disaster management                              Jain, A. K                        eng
A practical guide to fibre science                                    Kaplan, N. S                      eng
A practical guide to outcome evaluation                               Hoggarth, Liz                     eng
A practical guide to using Second Life in higher education            Savin-Baden, Maggi, 1960-         eng
A practical manual of renal medicine : nephrology, dialysis, and transplantation                        eng
                                                                      Berg, Andrew
A practical model-based approach to monetary policy analysis : overview                                 eng
A prelude to the welfare state : the origins of workers' compensation Fishback, Price Van Meter         eng
                                                                      Papaioannou, Michael manager eng
A primer for risk measurement of bonded debt from the perspective of a sovereign debtG
A primer of special relativity                                        Sardesai, P. L                    eng
A primer on fiscal analysis in oil-producing countries                Medas, Paulo A                    eng
                                                                      Leruth, Luc
A principal-agent theory approach to public expenditure management systems in developing countries      eng
                                                                      Giorgetti, Chiara
A principled approach to state failure : international community actions in emergency situations        eng
A projectile point guide for the Upper Mississippi River Valley Boszhardt, Robert F                     eng
A Protestant theology of passion : Korean Minjung theology revisited Volker, 1962-                      eng
A psychodynamic approach to brief therapy                             Mander, Gertrud                   eng
A qualitative stance : in memory of Steiner Kvale, 1938-2008                                            eng
                                                                      Lukitz, Liora
A quest in the Middle East : Gertrude Bell and the making of modern Iraq                                eng
A question of justice : New South governors and education, 1968-1976 Gordon E. (Gordon Earl), 1967-     eng
                                                                      Zelner, Kyle F
A rabble in arms : Massachusetts towns and militiamen during King Philip's War                          eng
A rainbow in the night : the tumultuous birth of South Africa         Lapierre, Dominique               eng
A reassessment of Asherah : with further considerations of the goddess Steve A                          eng
A re-definition of belonging? : language and integration tests in Europe                                eng
                                                                      Calvin, Jean,
A reformation debate : Sadoleto's letter to the Genevans and Calvin's reply 1509-1564                   eng
                                                                      Bowen, brain
A relational approach to rehabilitation : thinking about relationships after Ceri injury                eng
                                                                      Ali, Souad T
A religion, not a state : Ali Abd al-Raziq's Islamic justification of political secularism              eng
A review of English literature                                        Abraham, Father                   eng
A review of the NIOSH roadmap for research on asbestos fibers and other elongate mineral particles      eng
A rule-based medium-term fiscal policy framework for Tanzania Kim, Daehaeng                             eng
A Russian psyche : the poetic mind of Marina Tsvetaeva                Dinega, Alyssa W                  eng
                                                                      Eastburn, Kathryn
A sacred feast : reflections on sacred harp singing and dinner on the ground                            eng

                                                    Page 6

A safer world-- ?                                                     Debieuvre, Luc                    eng
                                                                      Bruce-Lockhart, Jamie
A sailor in the Sahara : the life and travels in Africa of Hugh Clapperton, Commander RN                eng
                                                                      Kusch, Martin
A sceptical guide to meaning and rules : defending Kripke's Wittgenstein                                eng
A scholar's tale : intellectual journey of a displaced child of EuropeHartman, Geoffrey H               eng
A scientific assessment of alternatives for reducing water management effects on threatened and endangered fishes in California's
                                                                      Crofts, Daniel W
A secession crisis enigma : William Henry Hurlbert and The diary of a public man                        eng
A second domesday? : the hundred rolls of 1279-80                     Raban, Sandra                     eng
A second genesis : stepping-stones towards the intelligibility of nature Flores, Julián                 eng
A secular age                                                         Taylor, Charles, 1931-            eng
                                                                      Gross, James
A shameful business : the case for human rights in the American workplace A., 1933-                     eng
A shattered nation : the rise and fall of the Confederacy, 1861-1868  Rubin, Anne S                     eng
A short guide to ethical risk                                         Rotta, Carlo Patetta              eng
A short guide to fraud risk : fraud resistance and detection          Samociuk, Martin                  eng
A short guide to procurement risk                                     Russill, Richard, 1943-           eng
A short guide to reputation risk                                      Honey, Garry                      eng
A short history of distributive justice                               Fleischacker, Samuel              eng
A short history of French literature                                  Kay, Sarah                        eng
A short history of secularism                                         Smith, Graeme                     eng
A shorter commentary on Romans                                        Barth, Karl, 1886-1968            eng
A small foreign exchange market with a long-term peg : Barbados       Worrell, DeLisle                  eng
                                                                      Wee, Herman van der                its
A small nation in the turmoil of the Second World War : money, finance and occupation : (Belgium,engenemies, its friends, 1939-19
A society adrift : interviews and debates, 1974-1997                  Castoriadis, Cornelius, 1922-1997 eng
A sociology of spirituality                                                                             eng
A solution to two paradoxes of international capital flows            Ju, Jiandong                      eng
                                                                      through its art
A sourcebook of Nasca ceramic iconography : reading a culture Proulx, Donald A., 1939-                  eng
                                                                      Durham, David
A Southern moderate in radical times : Henry Washington Hilliard, 1808-1892 I                           eng
                                                                      Klein, Adam
A space for hate : the white power movement's adaptation into cyberspace (Adam G.)                      eng
                                                                      Ford, of learning                 eng
A special mother : getting through the early days of a child's diagnosisAnne, 1943-disabilities and related disorders
A state of nations : empire and nation-making in the age of Lenin and Stalin                            eng
                                                                      Girard, Marion
A strange and formidable weapon : British responses to World War I poison gas                           eng
A structural account of mathematics                                   Chihara, Charles S., 1932-        eng
                                                                      Einstein, Albert,
A stubbornly persistent illusion : the essential scientific writings of Albert Einstein1879-1955        eng
A study in business ethics                                            Raj, Rituparna                    eng
A sudden terror : the plot to murder the Pope in Renaissance Rome     D'Elia, Anthony F., 1967-         eng
                                                                      Forum on the
A summary of the February 2010 Forum on the Future of Nursing : education Future of Nursing eng
                                                                      radar, David E., 1932-            of the
A summer bright and terrible : Winston Churchill, Lord Dowding, Fisher, and the impossible triumph eng Battle of Britain
A superior hybrid cash-flow tax on corporations                       Zee, Howell H. (Howell Hang)      eng
A survey of attitudes and actions on dual use research in the life sciences : a collaborative effort ofeng National Research Council a
A tale of false fortunes                                              Enchi, Fumiko, 1905-1986          eng
A tale of two cities                                                  Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870       eng
A text book of bioinformatics                                         Sharma, Vinay                     eng
A text book of bio-instrumentation                                    Machve, K. K                      eng
A text book of botany                                                 Singh, V                          eng
A text book of engineering mathematics : Volume 1                     Pandey, Rajesh                    eng
A text book of engineering mathematics : Volume 2                     Pandey, Rajesh                    eng
                                                                       'O', 'A' & B level
A text book of multimedia : for BCA, B.Sc. (IT), MCA, M.Sc. (IT),Singh, Vishnu P                        eng
A text book of signals & systems                                      Kumar, Imadabattuni Ravi          eng
A text book on systemic pathology of domestic animals                 Rao, D. Gopalakrishna             eng
A textbook of applied chemistry : II                                  Sharma, Shanta S                  eng
A textbook of environmental chemistry & pollution control             Dogra, S. S                       eng
A textbook of financial cost and management accounting                Periasamy, P                      eng
A textbook of human resource management                               Mamoria, C. B                     eng
A textbook of medical instruments                                     Ananthi, S                        eng
                                                                      embryology, anatomy, ecology, physiology, biostatistics, cytology a
A textbook of practical botany : II, Taxonomy, economic botany, Bendre, Ashok M                         eng
A theory of narrative                                                 Altman, Rick, 1945-               eng
                                                                      Rao, Ramesh rate,                 eng
A theory of the firm's cost of capital : how debt affects the firm's risk, value, taxK. S and the government's tax claim

                                                     Page 7

A Thomas More source book                                                                               eng
                                                                       Shannon, Lisa, 1975-
A thousand sisters : my journey into the worst place on earth to be a woman                             eng
A time for every purpose : law and the balance of life                 Rakoff, Todd D                   eng
A time for peace : the legacy of the Vietnam War                       Schulzinger, Robert D., 1945-    eng
A time out of joint : a journey from Nazi Germany to post-war Britain Roland, 1920-                     eng
A time to speak : speeches by Jack Reed                                McKenzie, Danny                  eng
A timeless vale : archaeological and related essays on the Jordan Valley in honour of Gerrit van der Kooij on the occasion of his six
                                                                       Counihan, Carole, 1948-
A tortilla is like life : food and culture in the San Luis valley of Colorado                           eng
A touch more rare : Harry Berger, Jr., and the arts of interpretation                                   eng
A tractate on Japanese aesthetics                                      Richie, Donald, 1924-            eng
                                                                       Craig, de                        eng
A translation manual for the Caribbean (English-Spanish) = Un manualIan traducción para el Caribe (Inglés-Español)
A transnational poetics                                                Ramazani, Jahan, 1960-           eng
A trauma artist : Tim O'Brien and the fiction of Vietnam               Heberle, Mark A                  eng
                                                                       Hervaeus Natalis, d. 1323
A treatise of Master Hervaeus Natalis (d. 1323), the doctor perspicacissimus, on second intentions eng
                                                                       Londhe, Sushama
A tribute to Hinduism : thoughts and wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture    eng
                                                                       Johnson, Michael P., couple
A typology of domestic violence : intimate terrorism, violent resistance, and situational1942- violence eng
A typology of verbal borrowings                                        Wohlgemuth, Jan                  eng
A university for the 21st century                                      Duderstadt, James J., 1942-      eng
                                                                       Edwards, warming
A vast machine : computer models, climate data, and the politics of global Paul N                       eng
                                                                       Hill, C. N
A vertical empire : the history of the UK rocket and space programme, 1950-1971                         eng
A very mutinous people : the struggle for North Carolina, 1660-1713    McIlvenna, Noeleen, 1963-        eng
A Vietnam War reader : a documentary history from American and Vietnamese perspectives                  eng
                                                                       Mix, Deborah M
A vocabulary of thinking : Gertrude Stein and contemporary North American women's innovative writing    eng
A walk around the pond : insects in and over the water                 Waldbauer, Gilbert               eng
A war to be won : fighting the Second World War                        Murray, Williamson               eng
A watershed year : anatomy of the Iowa floods of 2008                                                   eng
                                                                       trade relations                  eng
A Weberian analysis of business groups and financial markets : Segre, Sandro in Taiwan and Korea and some major stock exchang
                                                                       Gift, Nancy, 1971-
A weed by any other name : the virtues of a messy lawn, or learning to love the plants we don't plant   eng
A whole empire walking : refugees in Russia during World War IGatrell, Peter                            eng
                                                                       Paine, Halbert E
A Wisconsin Yankee in confederate Bayou country : the Civil War reminiscences of a Union general        eng
                                                                       Suchon, and moral writings
A woman who defends all the persons of her sex : selected philosophical Gabrielle, 1631-1703            eng
A world history of physical and health education : ancient periodSonkar, Satish                         eng
                                                                       García, Matt
A world of its own : race, labor, and citrus in the making of Greater Los Angeles, 1900-1970            eng
A young Palestinian's diary, 1941-1945 : the life of Sami `Amr `Amr, Sami, 1924-1998                    eng
A Zen wave : Basho's haiku and Zen                                     Aitken, Robert, 1917-2010        eng
A zero-tolerance juvenile alcohol law : why legislation won't workLewis, John A. (John Allen), 1957-eng
A.H.M. Jones and the later Roman Empire                                                                 eng
Abacus and mah jong : Sino-Mauritian settlement and economicCarter, Marina                              eng
Abandoned images : film and film's end                                 Barber, Stephen, 1961-           eng
Abject relations : everyday worlds of anorexia                         Warin, Megan                     eng
Abnormal psychology : objective type                                   Kumar, Prerna                    eng
Aboriginal family and the state : the conditions of history            Babidge, Sally                   eng
                                                                       Mitchell, scholarship
Abortion and the apostolate : a study in Pauline conversion, rhetoric, and Matthew, 1974-               eng
                                                                       Needle, Rachel B
Abortion counseling : a clinician's guide to psychology, legislation, politics, and competency          eng
Above the clouds : managing risk in the world of cloud computing cDonald, Kevin T                       eng
                                                                       Kamudzandu, 4
Abraham as spiritual ancestor : a postcolonial Zimbabwean reading of RomansIsrael                       eng
Abrasive erosion & corrosion of hydraulic machinery                                                     eng
Absent minds : intellectuals in Britain                                Collini, Stefan, 1947-           eng
                                                                       Goris, Wouter
Absolute beginners : der mittelalterliche Beitrag zu einem Ausgang vom Unbedingten                      ger
Abstract algebra                                                       Choudhary, Prabhat               eng
                                                                       Dowd, Guattari
Abstract machines : Samuel Beckett and philosophy after Deleuze and Garin                               eng
Abstracts of Karl Rahner's unserialized essays                         Pekarske, Daniel T               eng
Abu Dhabi : oil and beyond                                                                              eng
                                                                       Davidson, Christopher M. (Christopher Michael)
Abysmal : a critique of cartographic reason                            Olsson, Gunnar, 1935-            eng
Academic freedom and the social responsibilities of academics in Tanzania                               eng
Academic nursing practice : [helping to shape the future of healthcare]                                 eng

                                                   Page 8

Academic skills of teachers for student performance                  Murthy, G. S                      eng
Acceptable risks : politics, policy, and risky technologies                                            eng
                                                                     Heimann, C. F. Larry (Clarence Fredrick)
                                                                     Eifert, Georg H., 1952-           eng
Acceptance & commitment therapy for anxiety disorders : a practitioner's treatment guide to using mindfulness, acceptance, and va
Accepting authoritarianism : state-society relations in China's reform eraTeresa                       eng
Access to knowledge in Brazil : new research in intellectual property, innovation and development eng
Access to knowledge in Egypt : new research on intellectual property, innovation and developmenteng
                                                                      of the machine age               eng
Accident prone : a history of technology, psychology, and misfitsBurnham, John C. (John Chynoweth), 1929-
Accidental ethnography : an inquiry into family secrecy              Poulos, Christopher N             eng
Accountability : patient safety and policy reform                                                      eng
Accounting and financial management for I.T. professionals           Simha, Vai. Pi                    eng
Accounting discretion of banks during a financial crisis             Huizinga, Harry                   eng
Accounting for global dispersion of current accounts                 Chang, Yongsung, 1966-            eng
                                                                     Fortin, Henri, 1964-
Accounting for growth in Latin America and the Caribbean : improving corporate financial reporting eng to support regional economic de
                                                                     National Research Council (U.S.). eng to Advance a Research Pr
Accounting for health and health care : approaches to measuring the sources and costs of their improvement
                                                                     Ramagopal, C                      eng
Accounting for managers starting from basics : an exclusive & comprehensive book covering revised UGC syllabus
Accounting for output drops in Latin America                         Lama, Ruy, 1975-                  eng
Accounting in China in transition, 1949-2000                         Huang, Allen                      eng
Accounting savvy for business owners : a guide to the bare essentialsGoodman, Philip B                 eng
Accounting, auditing & accountability journal : Volume 21, Number 2, Into the light and engagement : 20 years of the AAAJ
Accounting, auditing & accountability journal. Volume 2, Number 6, Accounting as codified discourse    eng
Accrual budgeting and fiscal policy                                  Robinson, Marc, 1955-             eng
Achaemenid culture and local traditions in Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Iran : new discoverieseng
Achieving against the odds : how academics become teachers of diverse students                         eng
                                                                     National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Achieving effective acquisition of information technology in the Department of Defense
                                                                     Lawler, Edward E
Achieving excellence in human resources management : an assessment of human resource functions         eng
Achieving interoperability in critical IT and communication systems                                    eng
Achieving permanence for older children and youth in foster care                                       eng
Acoustic interactions with submerged elastic structures : Part 3, Acoustic propagation and scattering, wavelets and time frequency a
Acoustic interactions with submerged elastic structures : Part II, Propagation, ocean acoustics and engscattering
Acquaintances : the space between intimates and strangers            Morgan, D. H. J                   eng
Acquisition of word order in Chinese as a foreign language           Jiang, Wenying, 1965-             eng
Acting emotions : shaping emotions on stage                          Konijn, Elly, 1959-               eng
Action                                                               Stout, Rowland                    eng
Active Directory disaster recovery                                   Rommel, Florian                   eng
Active sensors for local planning in mobile robotics                 Smith, Penelope Probert           eng
Activities for adults with learning disabilities                     Sonnet, Helen                     eng
Activity theory and workplace learning                                                                 eng
Acts and texts : performance and ritual in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance                         eng
                                                                     Bhatia, postcolonial
Acts of authority, acts of resistance : theater and politics in colonial and Nandi, 1963-India         eng
                                                                     : Volume 8                        eng
Acute exposure guideline levels for selected airborne chemicals Committee on Acute Exposure Guideline Levels
                                                                     : Volume 9
Acute exposure guideline levels for selected airborne chemicals National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Adam Mickiewicz : the life of a romantic                             Koropeckyj, Roman Robert          eng
Adam's fallacy : a guide to economic theology                        Foley, Duncan K                   eng
Adaptation and innovation : theory, design and role-taking in group relations conferences and their engapplications
                                                                     Williams, George
Adaptation and natural selection : a critique of some current evolutionary thought Christopher         eng
                                                                     Deppman, Hsiu-Chuang
Adapted for the screen : the cultural politics of modern Chinese fiction and film                      eng
Adapting to climate change in Eastern Europe and Central Asia                                          eng
Adapting to the impacts of climate change                            National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Adaptive control of robot manipulators : a unified regressor-free Huang, An-Chyau                      eng
Adaptive governance : the dynamics of Atlantic fisheries management  Webster, D. G., 1975-             eng
                                                                     Bifet, Albert
Adaptive stream mining : pattern learning and mining from evolving data streams                        eng
Adaptive thinking : rationality in the real world                    Gigerenzer, Gerd                  eng
Addiction : from biology to drug policy                              Goldstein, Avram                  eng
Adding Indonesia to the global projection model                                                        eng
Adding Latin America to the global projection model                  Canales-Kriljenko, Jorge Ivaán    eng
Addressing domestic violence in the workplace                        Lee, Johnny                       eng

                                                   Page 9

Addressing the barriers to pediatric drug development : workshop summary                             eng
Addressing the threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis : a realistic assessment of the challenge : workshop summary
                                                                    Pamungkas, Bayu Cahya            eng
ADempiere 3.4 ERP solutions : design configure, and implement a robust enterprise resource planning system in your organization
                                                                    Wender, Paul H., 1934-
ADHD : attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults                               eng
Adhesion aspects in dentistry                                                                        eng
Adjective classes : a cross-linguistic typology                                                      eng
Administration and role of elementary schools                       Rao, K. R                        eng
Administrative law                                                  Saiyed, I. A                     eng
Administrative office management                                    Chopra, R. K                     eng
Adobe audition ignite!                                              Grebler, Eric                    eng
                                                                    Singh, Vishnu of Photoshop CS4 eng
Adobe Photoshop CS4 : a professional image editor's guide to the creative usePriya
Adolescence : growing up in America today                           Dryfoos, Joy G                   eng
Adolescent health services : missing opportunities                                                   eng
                                                                    Marcum, Catherine Davis, 1980- eng
Adolescent online victimization : a test of routine activities theory
Adolescent psychopathology and the developing brain : integrating brain and prevention science eng
                                                                    Levesque, free speech
Adolescents, media, and the law : what developmental science reveals andRoger J. R requires eng
                                                                    McFerran, Katrina, 1972-
Adolescents, music and music therapy : methods and techniques for clinicians, educators and students eng
Adolphus, a tale                                                                                     eng
                                                                    Leinarte, Dalia
Adopting and remembering Soviet reality : life stories of Lithuanian women, 1945-1970                eng
                                                                    Honda, Jiro                      Liberia?
Adopting full dollarization in postconflict economies : would the gains compensate for the losses in eng
Adoption in America : historical perspectives                                                        eng
Adoring the saints : fiestas in central Mexico                      Lastra de Suárez, Yolanda        eng
Advance directives in mental health : theory, practice and ethicsAtkinson, Jacqueline M              eng
Advanced classical field theory                                     Giachetta, G                     eng
Advanced clinical social work practice : relational principles and Goldstein, Eda G                  eng
Advanced concepts in multiple sclerosis nursing care                                                 eng
Advanced cost accounting : (methods, tools & techniques)            Sharma, N. K                     eng
Advanced cost accounting : (theory, problems and solutions) Arora, M. N                              eng
Advanced electromagnetism and vacuum physics                        Cornille, Patrick                eng
Advanced English grammar and communication                          Makodia, Vipul V                 eng
Advanced Excel for scientific data analysis                         De Levie, Robert                 eng
Advanced financial management                                       Satyaprasad, B. G                eng
Advanced financial management : (modern methods and techniques) Satyaprakasa                         eng
Advanced inorganic analysis                                         Agarwala, S. K                   eng
Advanced inorganic chemistry                                        Agarwala, S. K                   eng
Advanced mathematical & computational tools in metrology & testing VIII VIII (2008 : Paris, France)eng
Advanced morphology of angiosperms                                  Baruah, Akhil                    eng
Advanced natural gas engineering                                    Wang, Xiuli                      eng
Advanced phase-lock techniques                                      Crawford, James A                eng
Advanced Photoshop CS4 trickery & FX                                Burns, Stephen, 1963-            eng
Advanced physical chemistry experiments                             Gurtu, J. N                      eng
Advanced practical chemistry                                        Singh, Jagdamba                  eng
                                                                    Kar, Ashutosh
Advanced practical medicinal chemistry : theory, methodology, purification, usages                   eng
Advanced public financial management reforms in South East Europe   Tandberg, E                      eng
Advanced semiconductor heterostructures : novel devices, potential device applications and basic eng properties
Advanced studies of flexible robotic manipulators : modeling, design, control, and applications      eng
Advanced topics in nonlinear control systems                                                         eng
Advanced UNIX programming                                           Venkateswarlu, N. B              eng
Advancement in library & information science                        Ralhan, Punit                    eng
Advances in ABC relaxation : applications and inventories                                            eng
Advances in artificial intelligence for privacy protection and security                              eng
Advances in biotechnology                                           Jogdand, S. N                    eng
Advances in chilli research                                                                          eng
Advances in coastal and ocean engineering : Volume 7                                                 eng
Advances in diagnostic medical physics                                                               eng
Advances in geosciences : Volume 10, Atmospheric science (AS)                                        eng

                                                Page 10

Advances in global leadership : Volume 2                                                              eng
Advances in global leadership : Volume 3                                                              eng
                                                                    International Conference on Advances in Materials Technology for
Advances in materials technology for fossil power plants : proceedings from the Fifth International Conference, October 3-5, 2007, M
Advances in mergers and acquisitions : Volume 8                                                       eng
                                                                    International Conference Oeil malade et mauvais oeil (2006 : Collè
Advances in Mesopotamian medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates : proceedings of the International Conference Oeil Malade e
Advances in microbiology                                            Mukherjee, Arunima                eng
Advances in military sociology : essays in honor of Charles C. Moskos Giuseppe                        eng
Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy : Volume 15                                       eng
Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy : Volume 16                                       eng
Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy : Volume 19                                       eng
Advances in Old Frisian philology                                                                     ger
Advances in patient education                                       Redman, Barbara Klug              eng
Advances in photodynamic therapy : basic, translational, and clinical                                 eng
Advances in rotary kiln sponge iron plant                           Prasad, K. K                      eng
Advances in soil-borne plant diseases                               Jenkins, Rob                      eng
Advances in surface acoustic wave technology, systems and applications : Voume 2                      eng
Advances in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder : cognitive-behavioral perspectives        eng
Advancing the science of climate change                             National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Adventure of Sherlock Holmes                                                                          eng
                                                                    Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930
                                                                    Joyner, David, 1959-
Adventures in group theory : Rubik's cube, Merlin's machine, and other mathematical toys              eng
Adventures in mathematics                                           Moskowitz, Martin A               eng
                                                                    Scheffer, Thomas
Adversarial case-making : an ethnography of English Crown Court procedure                             eng
Adversarial legalism : the American way of law                      Kagan, Robert A                   eng
Advertising : the social aid challenge                              Prasad, Rajiv Rangan              eng
Advertising and consumer behaviour                                  Pant, Himanshu                    eng
Advertising and media                                               Pant, Himanshu                    eng
Advertising and personal selling                                    Rajput, Namita                    eng
Advertising, marketing and sales management                         Mehta, Jogender                   eng
Advertising, sales and promotion management                         Chunawalla, S. A                  eng
Advocacy after Bhopal : environmentalism, disaster, new global Fortun, Kim                            eng
Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the gods                                                   eng
Aereality : on the world from above                                 Fox, William L., 1949-            eng
Aesthetic anxiety : uncanny symptoms in German literature and Johnson, Laurie Ruth                    eng
                                                                    Hagman, George
Aesthetic experience : beauty, creativity, and the search for the ideal                               eng
Aesthetic materialism : electricity and American romanticism        Gilmore, Paul, 1970-              eng
                                                                     hoaxes, and counterfeits
Aesthetics of fraudulence in nineteenth-century France : frauds, Carpenter, Scott, 1958-              eng
                                                                    Urban, as kulturkritik
Aesthetics of renewal : Martin Buber's early representation of Hasidism Martina                       eng
Aestimatio : critical reviews in the history of science. Volume 1, 2004                               eng
Aestimatio : critical reviews in the history of science. Volume 2 (2005)                              eng
Affaires de famille : the family in contemporary French culture and theory                            eng
                                                                    Panksepp, Jaak, 1943-
Affective neuroscience : the foundations of human and animal emotions                                 eng
Affine Bernstein problems and Monge-Ampère equations                                                  eng
Affirmative action for the future                                   Sterba, James P                   eng
Affirmative action in medicine : improving health care for everyone Curtis, James L., 1922-           eng
                                                                    Philips,                          eng
Affluent in the face of poverty : on what rich individuals like us should doJoseph Pieter Mathijs, 1974-
Affordable housing and public-private partnerships                                                    eng
Afghan frontier : at the crossroads of conflict                     Schofield, Victoria               eng
Afghanistan                                                         World Trade Press                 eng
Afghanistan                                                         World Trade Press                 eng
Afghanistan : money & banking                                                                         eng
Afghanistan's political stability : a dream unrealised              Qassem, Ahmad Shayeq              eng
                                                                    Salinas Aguilar, de Larra y Ricardo Palma : revisión histórica de la
Afinidades y diferencias de dos periodistas-literatos del siglo XIX : Mariano José Luzmila Cecilia spa
                                                                    Myers, Jim,
Afraid of the dark : what whites and Blacks need to know about each other 1941-                       eng
Africa and archaeology : empowering an expatriate life              Posnansky, Merrick                eng
Africa and Fortress Europe : threats and opportunities                                                eng
Africa development indicators 2010                                                                    eng

                                                   Page 11

Africa writing Europe : opposition, juxtaposition, entanglement                                    eng
Africa yearbook : Volume 3. : Politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2006            eng
Africa yearbook : Volume 4, Politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2007              eng
African alternatives                                                                               eng
African American actresses : the struggle for visibility, 1900-1960 egester, Charlene B., 1956-    eng
African American folk healing                                        Mitchem, Stephanie Y., 1950-  eng
African American fraternities and sororities : the legacy and the vision                           eng
African and European readers of the Bible in dialogue : in quest of a shared meaning               eng
African Catholic priests : confronting an identity problem           Nyenyembe, Jordan, 1959-      eng
African cities : competing claims on urban spaces                                                  eng
African development report : 2005, Africa in the world economy, public sector management, economic and social statistics on Africa
African ethics : Gikuyu traditional morality                         Wangeci Kinoti, Hannah        eng
African political elites : the search for democracy and good governance                            eng
African refugee resettlement in the United States                    Mott, Tamar, 1975-            eng
African re-genesis : confronting social issues in the diaspora                                     eng
                                                                     Lee, Rebekah,
African women and apartheid : migration and settlement in urban South Africa 1974-                 eng
African women writing resistance : an anthology of contemporary voices                             eng
                                                                     Hartley, Jean
Africa's big five and other wildlife filmmakers : a centenary of wildlife filming in Kenya         eng
                                                                     Monson, Jamie                 eng
Africa's freedom railway : how a Chinese development project changed lives and livelihoods in Tanzania
Africa's new peace and security architecture : promoting norms, institutionalzing solutions        eng
Africas of the Americas : beyond the search for origins in the study of Afro-Atlantic religions    eng
Africa's winds of change : memoirs of an international Tanzanian     Kassum, Al Noor               eng
                                                                     Davies, Rebecca
Afrikaners in the new South Africa : identity politics in a globalised economy                     eng
After Bali : the threat of terrorism in Southeast Asia                                             eng
After harm : medical error and the ethics of forgiveness             Berlinger, Nancy              eng
After Ike : aerial views from the no-fly zone                        Carlile, Bryan                eng
After mass crime : rebuilding states and communities                                               eng
After Oedipus : Shakespeare in psychoanalysis                        Lupton, Julia Reinhard, 1963- eng
                                                                      in the twentieth century
After progress : American social reform and European socialismBirnbaum, Norman                     eng
After representation? : the Holocaust, literature, and culture                                     eng
After the beginning : a cosmic journey through space and time Glendenning, Norman K                eng
After the Gold Rush : tarnished dreams in the Sacramento Valley aught, David, 1958-                eng
After the orphanage : life beyond the children's home                                              eng
Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's film philosophy                                                    eng
Aftermaths : exile, migration, and diaspora reconsidered                                           eng
Aftershock : the ethics of contemporary transgressive art            Cashell, Kieran               eng
Against all hope : a memoir of life in Castro's gulag                Valladares, Armando           eng
Against all odds : aiding political parties in Georgia and Ukraine Bader, Max                      eng
Against civilization : readings and reflections                                                    eng
Against essentialism : a theory of culture and society               Fuchs, Stephan, 1958-         eng
                                                                     Breen, Claire
Age discrimination and children's rights : ensuring equality and acknowledging difference          eng
                                                                     Davis, Oliver, 1977-
Age rage and going gently : stories of the senescent subject in twentieth-century French writing   eng
Ageing and spirituality across faiths and cultures                                                 eng
Agency and embodiment : performing gestures/producing culture        Noland, Carrie, 1958-         eng
Agency in the margins : stories of outsider rhetoric                                               eng
Agent engineering                                                                                  eng
Agents of translation                                                                              eng
Agglomeration economics                                                                            eng
Aggregate of disturbances : poems                                    Glazer, Michèle, 1958-        eng
                                                                     Cooke, Jamie Lynn             eng
Agile principles unleashed : proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organisation
                                                                     Cooke, Jamie Lynn             eng
Agile principles unleashed : proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organisation
Aging and biography : explorations in adult development                                            eng
Aging and disability : crossing network lines                                                      eng
Aging and ethnicity : knowledge and services                         Gelfand, Donald E             eng
                                                                     Lamb, Sarah, 1960-
Aging and the Indian diaspora : cosmopolitan families in India and abroad                          eng
Aging and the meaning of time : a multidisciplinary exploration                                    eng

                                                 Page 12

Aging in East and West : families, states, and the elderly                                        eng
Aging mothers and their adult daughters : a study in mixed emotions Fingerman, Karen L            eng
Aging, society and the life course                                  Morgan, Leslie A              eng
                                                                    Banaji, Jairus, 1947-
Agrarian change in late antiquity : gold, labour, and aristocratic dominance                      eng
Agribusiness and innovation systems in Africa                                                     eng
Agricultural biotechnology                                          Rawat, Hemant                 eng
Agricultural botany                                                 Hasan, Iqbal                  eng
Agricultural chemistry                                              Pradhan, A. K                 eng
Agricultural drainage and water quality                                                           eng
Agricultural extension : worldwide innovations                      Umrani, Ramesh                eng
                                                                    Organisation                  eng
Agricultural policies in emerging economies 2009 : monitoring and evaluation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Agricultural price distortions, inequality, and poverty                                           eng
Agricultural process engineering                                                                  eng
Agricultural sciences : topics in modern agriculture                                              eng
Agricultural technologies and tropical deforestation                                              eng
Agri-food commodity chains and globalising networks                                               eng
Agroforestry : systems and practices                                Umrani, Ramesh                eng
Agro-industries for development                                                                   eng
Agroterrorism : a guide for first responders                        Moats, Jason B                eng
AI game engine programming                                          Schwab, Brian                 eng
Aid scaling up : do wage bill ceilings stand in the way?            Fedelino, Annalisa            eng
                                                                    Prati, Alessandro, 1961-
Aid volatility and Dutch disease : is there a role for macroeconomic policies?                    eng
AIDS and governance                                                                               eng
AIDS and religious practice in Africa                                                             eng
AIDS in French culture : social ills, literary cures                Caron, David                  eng
AIDS in India                                                       Ambedkar, Shilaja N           eng
Aim for the heart : the films of Clint Eastwood                     Hughes, Howard                eng
Aimee Semple McPherson and the resurrection of Christian America Matthew Avery, 1975-             eng
Ain't that a knee-slapper : rural comedy in the twentieth century Hollis, Tim                     eng
Air pollution and plant biotechnology                               Bhaskar, P                    eng
Air pollution impacts on crops and forests : a global assessment                                  eng
Air transportation : a management perspective                       Wensveen, J. G                eng
Airline finance                                                     Morrell, Peter S., 1946-      eng
Airline marketing and management                                    Shaw, Stephen, 1950-          eng
                                                                    Burghouwt, Guillaume
Airline network development in Europe and its implications for airport planning                   eng
Airplane flying handbook                                                                          eng
Airport competition : the European experience                                                     eng
                                                                    Spink, Walter M
Ajanta : history and development. Volume four, Painting, sculpture, architecture year by year     eng
AJAX and PHP : building modern web applications                     Brinzarea, Bogdan             eng
                                                                    Ngwafor, E. N
Ako-Aya : a Cameroonian pioneer in daring journalism and social commentary (an anthology)         eng
Akrasia in Greek philosophy : from Socrates to Plotinus                                           eng
Alabama in the twentieth century                                    Flynt, Wayne, 1940-           eng
Alain L. Locke : biography of a philosopher                         Harris, Leonard, 1948-        eng
Alan Moore : comics as performance, fiction as scalpel              Di Liddo, Annalisa, 1977-     eng
Alanis Obomsawin : the vision of a native filmmaker                 Lewis, Randolph, 1966-        eng
Alasdair Gray : the fiction of communion                            Miller, Gavin, 1971-          eng
                                                                    MacIntyre, Alasdair C
Alasdair MacIntyre's engagement with Marxism : selected writings 1953-1974                        eng
Alaska at 50 : the past, present, and next fifty years of statehood                               eng
Albania                                                             World Trade Press             eng
Albania                                                             World Trade Press             eng
Albania : money & banking                                                                         eng
Albert Camus : from the absurd to revolt                            Foley, John                   eng
Albert Camus in the 21st century : a reassessment of his thinking at the dawn of the new millennium
Albert Camus, elements of a life                                    Zaretsky, Robert, 1955-       eng
                                                                    Martin, Mike
Albert Schweitzer's reverence for life : ethical idealism and self-realization W., 1946-          eng
Alchemical laboratory notebooks and correspondence                  Starkey, George, 1627-1665    eng

                                                Page 13

                                                                         Newman, William Royall
Alchemy tried in the fire : Starkey, Boyle, and the fate of Helmontian chymistry                              eng
Alcohol and injuries : emergency department studies in an international perspective                           eng
Alcohol problems in older adults : prevention and management Barry, Kristen Lawton                            eng
Alcoholism in America : from reconstruction to prohibition               Tracy, Sarah W., 1963-               eng
Alcott in her own time : a biographical chronicle of her life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and
Alexander McQueen : genius of a generation                               Knox, Kristin                        eng
Alfonso X, the Learned : a biography                                     Martínez, H. Salvador                eng
                                                                          to install, use, and customise this powerful, free, open-source Java
Alfresco : enterprise content management implementation : howShariff, Munwar                                  eng
                                                                         Shariff, customize, and administereng powerful, open source Java
Alfresco 3 enterprise content management implementation : install, use,Munwar                                  this
                                                                         Bendre, Ashok M
Algae, fungi, lichens, microbiology, plant pathology, bryophyta, pteridophyta, gymnosperms and palaeobotany   eng
Álgebra : Vol. I                                                         Izquierdo Guallar, Enrique           spa
                                                                         International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Algebraic approach to differential equations : bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt, 12-24 November 2007eng
Algebraic aspects of digital communications                                                                   eng
Algebraic models for accounting systems                                  Cruz Rambaud, Salvador               eng
Algeria                                                                  World Trade Press                    eng
Algeria                                                                  World Trade Press                    eng
Algeria : money & banking                                                                                     eng
Algeria in France : transpolitics, race, and nation                      Silverstein, Paul A., 1970-          eng
Algonquian spirit : contemporary translations of the Algonquian literatures of North America                  eng
                                                                           the transformation of urban California
Alien neighbors, foreign friends : Asian Americans, housing, andBrooks, Charlotte, 1971-                      eng
Alkali-doped fullerides : narrow-band solids with unusual properties     Gunnarsson, Olle                     eng
                                                                          public Martha 1830-1900
All bound up together : the woman question in African American Jones, culture, S                              eng
All city : the book about taking space                                   Paul 107                             eng
                                                                         Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede,
All international politics is local : the diffusion of conflict, integration, and democratization 1971- eng
All my bones shake : seeking a progressive path to the prophetic voice Robert, 1958-                          eng
All over the map : true heroes of Texas music                            Corcoran, Michael Joseph, 1955- eng
All rise : somebodies, nobodies, and the politics of dignity             Fuller, Robert W. (Robert Works), eng1936-
All sturm and no drang : Beckett and romanticism : Beckett at Reading 2006                                    eng
All the way from Yoakum : the personal journey of a political insider Marjorie Meyer, 1914-                   eng
All together now : common sense for a fair economy                       Bernstein, Jared                     eng
Allah's mountains : the battle for Chechnya                              Smith, Sebastian                     eng
                                                                         Ruan, Xing, 1965-
Allegorical architecture : living myth and architectonics in southern China                                   eng
Allegory and sexual ethics in the High Middle Ages                       Guynn, Noah D                        eng
Allenby's military medicine : life and death in World War I Palestine    Dolev, E. (Eran), 1939-              eng
Alleviating poverty through trade                                                                             eng
Alliance and illusion : Canada and the world, 1945-1984                  Bothwell, Robert                     eng
Alliance management and maintenance : restructuring NATO forDeni, John R   the 21st century                   eng
Allowances for corporate equity in practice                              Klemm, Alexander                     eng
Almost a miracle : the American victory in the War of Independence       Ferling, John E                      eng
Alone together : how marriage in America is changing                                                          eng
                                                                         Qushayri, `Abd al-Karim by Alexander D. Knysh
al-Qushayri's Epistle on sufism : al-Risala al-qushayriyya fi'ukn ak-tasawwuf ; ; translatedibn Hawazin, 986-1072 ; reviewed by Muh
Altered egos : how the brain creates the self                            Feinberg, Todd E                     eng
                                                                         Sheftall, Mark David, 1968-
Altered memories of the Great War : divergent narratives of Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada        eng
                                                                         Hug, political
Altering party systems : strategic behavior and the emergence of newSimon parties in Western democracies      eng
Alternative comics : an emerging literature                              Hatfield, Charles, 1965-             eng
Alternative economic spaces                                                                                   eng
Alternative Indias : writing, nation and communalism                                                          eng
                                                                         Garber, unknowns
Alternative litigation financing in the United States : issues, knowns, and Steven, 1950-                     eng
Alternative media                                                        Atton, Chris                         eng
Alternative project delivery, procurement, and contracting methods for highways                               eng
Alternative publishers of books in North America                         Anderson, Byron, 1944-               eng
                                                                          study in origin and history of targum Jonathan
Alternative targum traditions : the use of variant readings for the Houtman, Alberdina                        eng
                                                                         Bouhga-Hagbe, Jacques
Altruism and workers' remittances : evidence from selected countries in the Middle East and Central Asia      eng
                                                                         Field, Alexander J
Altruistically inclined? : the behavioral sciences, evolutionary theory, and the origins of reciprocity eng
Aluminum-silicon casting alloys : an atlas of microfractographs Warmuzek, Malgorzata                          eng
Always die before your mother                                            Woodcock, Patrick, 1968-             eng

                                                      Page 14

                                                                    Dodson, Aidan, 1962-
Amarna sunset : Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian counter-reformation            eng
Amartya Sen's capability approach and social justice in education                                     eng
                                                                    Chaganti, the cloud
Amazon SimpleDB developer guide : scale your application's database on Prabhakarusing Amazoneng        SimpleDB
Ambient intelligence perspectives : selected papers from the second international ambient intelligence forum 2009
Ambiguous spaces : NaJa & deOstos                                   Jackowski, Nannette               eng
                                                                    Wawrzinek, Jennifer
Ambiguous subjects : dissolution and metamorphosis in the postmodern sublime                          eng
                                                                    Henriksen, Line
Ambition and anxiety : Ezra Pound's Cantos and Derek Walcott's Omeros as twentieth-century epics      eng
Ambrose Bierce and the dance of death                               Talley, Sharon, 1952-             eng
America and the Americas : the United States in the western hemisphere Lester D                       eng
America and the political philosophy of common sense                Segrest, Scott Philip             eng
                                                                    Chollet, between                  eng
America between the wars : from 11/9 to 9/11 : the misunderstood years Derek H the fall of the Berlin Wall and the start of the War
America is the prison : arts and politics in prison in the 1970s Bernstein, Lee, 1967-                eng
America Jewish loss after the Holocaust                             Levitt, Laura, 1960-              eng
America town : building the outposts of empire                      Gillem, Mark L                    eng
                                                                    Herrin, Dean
America transformed : engineering and technology in the nineteenth century A., 1958-                  eng
                                                                    Herrin, Dean
America transformed : engineering and technology in the nineteenth century A., 1958-                  eng
America, Amerikkka : elect nation and imperial violence             Ruether, Rosemary Radford         eng
American abyss : savagery and civilization in the age of industryBender, Daniel E                     eng
                                                                    Gardner, Bruce
American agriculture in the twentieth century : how it flourished and what it cost L                  eng
American aloha : cultural tourism and the negotiation of traditionDiamond, Heather A                  eng
                                                                    Whitley, Edward
American bards : Walt Whitman and other unlikely candidates for national poet Keyes                   eng
American book of the dead                                           Gold, E. J                        eng
                                                                    Smith, Mark A. (Mark Alan), 1970- eng
American business and political power : public opinion, elections, and democracy
American cinema of the 1910s : themes and variations                                                  eng
American cinema, 1890-1909 : themes and variations                                                    eng
American Congo : the African American freedom struggle in the Woodruff, Nan Elizabeth, 1949- eng
American constitutional law : Volume 1, The structure of government Rossum, Ralph A., 1946-           eng
                                                                    Rossum, Ralph A., 1946-
American constitutional law : Volume II, The bill of rights and subsequent amendments                 eng
                                                                    Billias, perspective
American constitutionalism heard round the world, 1776-1989 : a globalGeorge Athan, 1919-             eng
American drama in the age of film                                   Brietzke, Zander, 1960-           eng
American empire : the realities and consequences of U.S. diplomacy  Bacevich, Andrew J                eng
                                                                    Blankley, Tony
American grit : what it will take to survive and win in the 21st century                              eng
American gun culture : collectors, shows, and the story of the gunaylor, Jimmy D., 1973-              eng
American hungers : the problem of poverty in U.S. literature, 1840-1945Gavin Roger, 1968-             eng
                                                                     in World War
American inquisition : the hunt for Japanese American disloyaltyMuller, Eric L II                     eng
American karma : race, culture, and identity in the Indian diaspora Bhatia, Sunil                     eng
American legal injustice : behind the scenes with an expert witness Tanay, Emanuel                    eng
American liberalism : an interpretation for our time                McGowan, John, 1953-              eng
American nursing : a biographical dictionary. Volume 3                                                eng
                                                                    Novak, American
American painting of the nineteenth century : realism, idealism, and the Barbara experience           eng
American places : encounters with history : a celebration of Sheldon Meyer                            eng
American pogrom : the East St. Louis Race Riot and Black politics   Lumpkins, Charles L               eng
American political plays after 9/11                                                                   eng
American politics, then & now and other essays                      Wilson, James Q                   eng
American project : the rise and fall of a modern ghetto             Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi          eng
                                                                    Shulman, George M
American prophecy : race and redemption in American political culture                                 eng
American prophet : the life & work of Carey McWilliams              Richardson, Peter, 1959-          eng
American religions and the family : how faith traditions cope with modernization and democracy        eng
American romanticism and the marketplace                            Gilmore, Michael T                eng
                                                                    Murphy, Angela F., 1967-          eng
American slavery, Irish freedom : abolition, immigrant citizenship, and the transatlantic movement for Irish repeal
                                                                    American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers seismic design criteria for structures, systems, and components in nuclear facilities
                                                                    Environmental and Water Resources Institute (U.S.). Hail Suppress
American Society of Civil Engineers standard practice for the design and operation of hail suppression projects
American spikenard                                                  Vap, Sarah                        eng
                                                                    contesting containment,
American theater in the culture of the Cold War : producing and McConachie, Bruce A 1947-1962         eng
American universities in a global market                                                              eng
American wars, American peace : notes from a son of the empire eidler, Philip D                       eng

                                                  Page 15

American wilderness : a new history                                                                   eng
Americans all! : foreign-born soldiers in World War I               Ford, Nancy Gentile, 1954-        eng
                                                                    Bon Tempo,
Americans at the gate : the United States and refugees during the Cold War Carl J. (Carl Joseph) eng
Americans first : Chinese Americans and the Second World War        Wong, Kevin Scott                 eng
America's battalion : Marines in the first Gulf war                 Lehrack, Otto J                   eng
                                                                    Malavet, Pedro A
America's colony : the political and cultural conflict between the United States and Puerto Rico      eng
America's first network TV censor : the work of NBC's Stockton Helffrich Robert, 1951-                eng
America's geisha ally : reimagining the Japanese enemy              Shibusawa, Naoko                  eng
America's response to China : a history of Sino-American relations  Cohen, Warren I                   eng
America's three regimes : a new political history                   Keller, Morton                    eng
                                                                    Baldwin, Maria T                  eng
Amnesty International and U.S. foreign policy : human rights campaigns in Guatemala, the United States, and China
Among empires : American ascendancy and its predecessors Maier, Charles S                             eng
Among the Iranians : a guide to Iran's culture and customs          Koutlaki, Sofia A                 eng
Amphibians & reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia                                                   eng
Ampliación de fundamentos de matemática aplicada                    García Alonso, Fernando Luis      spa
Amplification of nonlinear strain waves in solids                   Porubov, Alexey V                 eng
Amplitude equations for stochastic partial differential equations Blömker, Dirk                       eng
An African centered response to Ruby Payne's poverty theory Kunjufu, Jawanza                          eng
                                                                    Tyler-McGraw, Marie
An African republic : Black & White Virginians in the making of Liberia                               eng
                                                                    Dyer, Christopher, 1944-
An age of transition? : economy and society in England in the later Middle Ages                       eng
                                                                    Alichi, Ali
An alternative explanation for the resource curse : the income effect channel                         eng
An American hometown : Terre Haute, Indiana, 1927                   Roznowski, Tom, 1951-             eng
An American in the making : the life story of an immigrant                                            eng
                                                                    Ravage, M. E. (Marcus Eli), 1884-1965
                                                                     of the Cape Fear
An American trilogy : death, slavery, and dominion on the banksWise, Steven M River                   eng
                                                                    Saxon, Mike                       eng
An American's guide to doing business in China : negotiating contracts and agreements, understanding culture and customs, marke
                                                                    Hurst, Charles
An Amish paradox : diversity & change in the world's largest Amish community E                        eng
                                                                    Nasr, Seyyed Middle Ages and beyond from Mu`tazili and Ash`ari t
An anthology of philosophy in Persia : Volume 3, Philosophical theology in the Hossein                eng
An anthology of philosophy in Persia : Volume I, From Zoroaster to `Umar Khayyam                      eng
                                                                    Jirjis, Majdi
An Armenian artist in Ottoman Egypt : Yuhanna al-Armani and his Coptic icons                          eng
An assessment of external price competitiveness for Mozambique      Vitek, Francis                    eng
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.). eng
An assessment of NASA's national aviation operations monitoring service                               Committee on NASA's National A
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.). eng
                                                                                                      Panel Laboratory fiscal year 20
An assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Materials Science and Engineeringon Materials: Science and
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.). eng on
An assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Physics Laboratory : fiscal year 2010 Physics
An assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building and Fire Research eng   Laboratory : fiscal year 2010
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.) eng
An assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory : fiscal year 2
An assessment of the SBIR program at the Department of Defense                                        Committee on Capitalizing on Sc
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.). eng
An assessment of the SBIR program at the Department of Energy                                         eng
                                                                    National Research Council
An assessment of the SBIR program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.). eng    Committee on Capitalizing on Sc
An assessment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track Program
An atheism that is not humanist emerges in French thought           Geroulanos, Stefanos, 1979-       eng
                                                                    Marzec, Robert P
An ecological and postcolonial study of literature : from Daniel Defoe to Salman Rushdie              eng
An ecological approach to perceptual learning and developmentGibson, Eleanor Jack                     eng
An educated man : a dual biography of Moses and Jesus               Rosenberg, David, 1943-           eng
                                                                    Mwase, Nkunde
An empirical investigation of the exchange rate pass-through to inflation in Tanzania                 eng
An Englishwoman in a Turkish harem                                  Ellison, Grace                    eng
An enquiry concerning human understanding                           Hume, David, 1711-1776            eng
                                                                      on algebra and                  eng
An essay by the uniquely wise `Abel Fath Omar Bin Al-KhayyamOmar Khayyam equations : algebra wa al-muqabala
An essay on the art of ingeniously tormenting                       Collier, Jane, 1715?-1755         eng
An essay on the restoration of property                             Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953        eng
An ethic for health promotion : rethinking the sources of human well-being David Ross                 eng
                                                                    O'Brien, Kevin J
An ethics of biodiversity : Christianity, ecology, and the variety of life                            eng
An ethics of interrogation                                          Skerker, Michael                  eng
                                                                    a sustainable peace : key aspects eng
An ethnographic study of Northern Ghanaian conflicts : towards Awedoba, A. K                          of past, present and impending c
An evaluation of the world economic outlook forecasts               Timmermann, Allan                 eng
                                                                    World Bank
An evaluation of World Bank support, 2002-08 : gender and development                                 eng
An evil meal of evil                                                Langmia, Kehbuma                  eng

                                                   Page 16

                                                                   equality in Washington, D.C.
An example for all the land : emancipation and the struggle overMasur, Kate                         eng
An exposure of feminine psyche in some novels of Anita Desai Patel, M. F                            eng
An impact evaluation of India's second and third Andhra Pradesh irrigation projects : a case of poverty reduction with low economic
                                                                  Silver, M. S
An index number formula problem : the aggregation of broadly comparable items                       eng
An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations Smith, Adam, 1723-1790               eng
An instinct for war : scenes from the battlefields of history     Spiller, Roger J                  eng
An institutional and normative analysis of the World Trade Organization Mary                        eng
An intellectual in public                                         Wolfe, Alan, 1942-                eng
                                                                  Bonell, Michael Joachim           contracts
An international restatement of contract law : the UNIDROIT principles of international commercial eng
                                                                    of equals
An introduction to accounting and managerial finance : a mergerBierman, Harold                      eng
An introduction to biocomposites                                                                    eng
An introduction to early childhood : a multidisciplinary approach                                   eng
An introduction to genetics : Vol. 1                              Arora, Mohan P                    eng
An introduction to healthcare organizational ethics                                                 eng
                                                                  Hall, Robert T. (Robert Tom), 1938-
An introduction to hospitals and inpatient care                                                     eng
An introduction to medical ethics : patient's interest first      Lim, Arthur Siew Ming             eng
An introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis                                                eng
                                                                  Reddy, J. N. (Junuthula Narasimha), 1945-
An introduction to quality assurance in health care               Donabedian, Avedis                eng
An introduction to quantum computing                              Kaye, Phillip                     eng
An introduction to string theory and D-brane dynamics             Szabo, Richard J., 1966-          eng
An introduction to the basics of reliability and risk analysis    Zio, Enrico                       eng
An introduction to the Bible                                                                        eng
                                                                  Rogerson, J. W. (John William), 1935-
An introduction to the classification of amenable C*-algebras     Lin, Huaxin, 1956-                eng
                                                                  Lewis, Marvin dictatorship
An introduction to the literature of Equatorial Guinea : between colonialism andA., 1942-           eng
An introduction to the study of medieval Latin versification      Norberg, Dag Ludvig, 1909-1996 eng
An introduction to Zimbabwean law                                 Madhuku, L. (Lovemore)            eng
An introductory history of education                              Sifuna, D. N., 1944-              eng
                                                                  Goswami, Mangal
An investigation of some macro-financial linkages of securitization                                 eng
An island called home : returning to Jewish Cuba                  Behar, Ruth, 1956-                eng
                                                                  Toman, Cynthia, 1948-
An officer and a lady : Canadian military nursing and the Second World War                          eng
                                                                  Glad, Betty                       eng
An outsider in the White House : Jimmy Carter, his advisors, and the making of American foreign policy
An Oxford companion to the Romantic Age : British culture, 1776-1832                                eng
An unlikely prince : the life and the times of Machiavelli        Capponi, Niccolò                  eng
An utterly dark spot : gaze and body in early modern philosophy Bozovic, Miran                      eng
Análisis de la rentabilidad económica : tecnología propuesta para incrementar la eficiencia empresarial
Análisis financiero : enfoque proyecciones financieras            Baena Toro, Diego                 spa
Analog days : the invention and impact of the Moog synthesizer Pinch, T. J. (Trevor J.)             eng
                                                                  Zijlstra, Hielkje, 1962-
Analysing buildings from context to detail in time : ABCD research method                           eng
                                                                  Watson, Rod
Analysing practical and professional texts : a naturalistic approach                                eng
Analysis and design of control systems using MATLAB               Dukkipati, Rao V                  eng
Analysis and designs of steel structures for architects           Singh, Harbhajan                  eng
Analysis of transaction cost                                      Shah, Manoj                       eng
Analysis of woven fabrics                                         Barker, A. F                      eng
Analytic aspects of quantum fields                                                                  eng
Analytical and computational methods in electromagnetics          Garg, Ramesh, 1945-               eng
Analytical and numerical aspects of partial differential equations : notes of a lecture series      eng
Analytical chemistry                                              Kaur, H                           eng
Analytical chemistry                                              Chatwal, Gurdeep R                eng
Analytical chromatography                                         Chatwal, Gurdeep R                eng
Analytical mechanics : an introduction                            Fasano, A. (Antonio)              eng
                                                                  Billmeier, of Georgia
Analyzing balance-sheet vulnerabilities in a dollarized economy : the case Andreas                  eng
Analyzing fiscal space using MAMS : an application to Burkina FasoGottschalk, Jan                   eng
Analyzing the effects of policy reforms on the poor : an evaluation of the effectiveness of World Bank support to poverty and social
Anaphylaxis                                                                                         eng
Anarchism : a very short introduction                             Ward, Colin                       eng
Anarchism and authority : a philosophical introduction to classical anarchism Paul                  eng

                                                  Page 17

Anarchism and its aspirations                                     Milstein, Cindy                    eng
Anatomical terms and their derivation                             Lisowski, F. Peter                 eng
Anatomies of narrative criticism : the past, present, and futures of the Fourth Gospel as literature eng
                                                                  Ayres, David M., 1971-
Anatomy of a crisis : education, development, and the state in Cambodia, 1953-1998                   eng
                                                                  Hayslett, Simpson
Anatomy of a trial : public loss, lessons learned from The People vs. O.J. Jerrianne, 1941-          eng
Anatomy of regional disparities in the Slovak Republic            Banerjee, Biswajit                 eng
Anatomy of writing for publication for nurses                     Saver, Cynthia, 1955-              eng
Ancient and medieval                                                                                 eng
Ancient Egypt in Africa                                                                              eng
Ancient Gonzo wisdom : interviews with Hunter S. Thompson Thompson, Hunter S                         eng
Ancient Greek lyrics                                                                                 eng
                                                                  Dickey, Eleanor
Ancient Greek scholarship : a guide to finding, reading, and understanding scholia, commentaries, englexica, and grammatical treatises
Ancient Maya traders of Ambergris Caye                            Guderjan, Thomas H                 eng
Ancient muses : archaeology and the arts                                                             eng
Ancient Nasca settlement and society                              Silverman, Helaine                 eng
Ancient perspectives on Aristotle's De anima                                                         eng
Ancient philosophy                                                Kenny, Anthony, 1931-              eng
Ancient religions                                                                                    eng
Ancient scepticism                                                Thorsrud, Harald                   eng
And her soul out of nothing                                       Davis, Olena Kalytiak              eng
And let the earth tremble at its centers                          Celorio, Gonzalo                   eng
                                                                  Livingston, Gordon
And never stop dancing : thirty more true things you need to know now                                eng
Andean cocaine : the making of a global drug                      Gootenberg, Paul, 1954-            eng
                                                                   treatment of Civil War Confederate prisoners
Andersonvilles of the North : the myths and realities of Northern Gillispie, James Massie, 1969-     eng
Andokides                                                         Norton, Richard                    eng
André Green at the squiggle foundation                            Green, André                       eng
Andreas Capellanus, scholasticism, & the courtly tradition        Monson, Don Alfred                 eng
Andrew Fisher : an underestimated man                             Bastian, Peter (Peter Edward)      eng
                                                                  Shaheen, body
Androgynous democracy : modern American literature and the dual-sexed Aaronpolitic                   eng
Anetso, the Cherokee ball game : at the center of ceremony andZogry, Michael J., 1966-               eng
                                                                    early Bogdan witnesses
Angelomorphic pneumatology : Clement of Alexandria and otherBucur,Christian Gabriel                  eng
Anger, mercy, revenge                                                                                eng
                                                                  Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, ca. 4 B.C.-65 A.D
Anglicanism : a very short introduction                                                              eng
                                                                  Chapman, Mark D. (Mark David), 1960-
Angola                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Angola                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Angola : money & banking                                                                             eng
Animal behaviour                                                  Mathur, Reena                      eng
Animal behaviour                                                  Mathur, Reena                      eng
Animal behaviour                                                  Arora, Mohan P                     eng
Animal capital : rendering life in biopolitical times             Shukin, Nicole                     eng
                                                                  Wolfe, Cary
Animal rites : American culture, the discourse of species, and posthumanist theory                   eng
Animal waste containment in lagoons                                                                  eng
Animals and agency : an interdisciplinary exploration                                                eng
Animals as disguised symbols in Renaissance art                   Cohen, Simona                      eng
                                                                  Groot, Maaike
Animals in ritual and economy in a Roman frontier community : excavations in Tiel-Passewaaij         eng
Anime Studio 6 : the official guide                               Murdock, Kelly                     eng
                                                                  Society of African perspectives eng
Animosity, the Bible, and us : some European, North American, and South Biblical Literature. International Meeting (2004 : Gröninge
                                                                  King, Anna Matilda, 1798-1859
Anna : the letters of a St. Simons Island plantation mistress, 1817-1859                             eng
Anna in the tropics                                               Cruz, Nilo                         eng
Anna Seward, a constructed life : a critical biography            Barnard, Teresa                    eng
Anne McCaffrey : a life with dragons                              Roberts, Robin, 1957-              eng
Annihilation : the sense and significance of death                Belshaw, Christopher               eng
Annual report on exchange arrangements and exchange restrictions 2006 Monetary Fund                  eng
Annual review of cybertherapy and telemedicine 2010 : advanced technologies in behavioral, social and neurosciences
Annual review of development effectiveness : 2009, Achieving sustainable development                 eng
Annual review of gerontology & geriatrics : Volume 25. Aging healthcare workforce issues             eng

                                                   Page 18

Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics : Volume 20, Focus on the end of Life : scientific and social issues
Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics : Volume 21, Focus on modern topics in the biology of eng aging
Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics : Volume 22, Focus on economic outcomes in later life eng : public policy, health, and cumu
Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics : Volume 26, The crown of life : dynamics of the early postretirement period
Annual review of gerontology and geriatrics : Volume 27, Biopsychosocial approaches to longevity eng
Annual review of nano research : Volume 3                                                             eng
Annual review of nursing education : Volume 1                                                         eng
Annual review of nursing education : Volume 3, Strategies for teaching, assessment, and program eng   planning
Annual review of nursing education : Volume 4, Innovations in curriculum, teaching, and student and faculty development
Annual review of nursing education : Volume 5, Challenges and new directions in nursing education ng  e
Annual review of nursing research : Volume 22, Eliminating health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities in the United State
Annual review of nursing research : Volume 23, Alcohol use, misuse, abuse and dependence.             eng
Annual review of nursing research : Volume 24, Focus on patient safety                                eng
Annual review of scalable computing : Volume 4                                                        eng
Annual review of scalable computing : Volume 6                                                        eng
Annual review of south asian languages and linguistics : 2009                                         eng
Another country : queer anti-urbanism                                Herring, Scott, 1976-            eng
                                                                     King, W. D. (W.
Another part of a long story : literary traces of Eugene O'Neill and Agnes BoultonDavies)             eng
Another South : experimental writing in the South                                                     eng
Another's country : archaeological and historical perspectives on cultural interactions in the southern colonies
Answering your call : a guide to living your deepest purpose         Schuster, John P                 eng
Antarctica : exploring the extreme : 400 years of adventure          Landis, Marilyn                  eng
Anthropologists and Indians in the new South                                                          eng
Anthropologists in the public sphere : speaking out on war, peace, and American power                 eng
Anthropology and antihumanism in Imperial Germany                    Zimmerman, Andrew                eng
Anthropology and the individual : a material culture perspective                                      eng
Anthropology beyond culture                                                                           eng
Anthropology's wake : attending to the end of culture                Michaelsen, Scott (Scott J.)     eng
Anti-American terrorism and the Middle East : a documentary reader                                    eng
                                                                     Institute of Medicine workshop summary
Antibiotic resistance : implications for global health and novel intervention strategies :(U.S.)      eng
Anticapitalism and culture : radical theory and popular politics Gilbert, Jeremy, 1971-               eng
Antidiets of the avant-garde : from Futurist cooking to Eat art      Novero, Cecilia                  eng
Antidumping exposed : the devilish details of unfair trade law Lindsey, Brink                         eng
                                                                     McLellan, Brigades, 1945-1989 eng
Antifascism and memory in East Germany : remembering the InternationalJosie
Antimicrobial agents : antibacterials and antifungals                                                 eng
Antiplane motions of piezoceramics and acoustic wave devices Yang, Jiashi, 1956-                      eng
Antiquities of southern Phrygia and the border lands                 Ramsay, W. M                     eng
                                                                     McDonnell, Gerald E
Antisepsis, disinfection, and sterilization : types, action, and resistance                           eng
Anti-social behaviour                                                Millie, Andrew                   eng
Antiviral research : strategies in antiviral drug discovery                                           eng
Antun Sa'adeh : the man, his thought : an anthology                                                   eng
                                                                     Coetzer, Rudi
Anxiety and mood disorders following traumatic brain injury : clinical assessment and psychotherapy   eng
Anxiety disorders in adults : a clinical guide                       Starcevic, Vladan                eng
Anxiety in mosaic                                                    Ngolle-Metuge                    eng
Anxiety, depression, and emotion                                                                       (1st
                                                                     Wisconsin Symposium on Emotioneng : 1995 : Madison, Wis.)
                                                                     Balani, Naveen
Apache CXF Web service development : develop and deploy SOAP and RESTful Web services eng
                                                                     Chillakuru, Vamsavardhana Reddyeasily
Apache Geronimo 2.1 : quick reference : develop Java EE 5 applications on Geronimo quickly andeng
                                                                     Ching, Maria Odea                eng
Apache Maven 2 effective implementation : build and manage applications with Maven, Continuum, and Archiva
                                                                     Kummel, Bart                     eng
Apache MyFaces 1.2 : web application development : building next-generation web applications with JSF and Facelets
                                                                     Thomas, David
Apache MyFaces Trinidad 1.2 : a practical guide : develop JSF web applications with Trinidad and eng  Seam
Apache OFBiz development : the beginner's tutorial                   Wong, Jonathon                   eng
                                                                     Romero, Alfonso V                eng
Apache Roller 4.0 beginner's guide : a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to set up, customize, and market your blog using
                                                                      test, and deploy                eng
Apache Struts 2 web application development : design, develop,Newton, Dave your web applications using the Struts 2 framewor
                                                                     Barnard, Rita
Apartheid and beyond : South African writers and the politics of place                                eng
Ape                                                                  Sorenson, John, 1952-            eng
Ape to Apollo : aesthetics and the idea of race in the 18th century  Bindman, David, 1940-            eng

                                                   Page 19

Apes, monkeys, children, and the growth of mind                       Gómez, Juan Carlos, 1959-        eng
                                                                      Jarkins, Stephanie K. anthropology
Aphrahat the Persian Sage and the Temple of God : a study of early Syriac theologicalSkoyles           eng
Aplicación del pensamiento sistémico : al fortalecimiento de los servicios de salud                    spa
Apocalypse never : forging the path to a nuclear weapon-free world    Daley, Tad                       eng
Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi'ism                                 Amanat, Abbas                    eng
Apocryphal Lorca : translation, parody, kitsch                        Mayhew, Jonathan, 1960-          eng
                                                                      Bohn, Willard
Apollinaire on the edge : modern art, popular culture, and the avant-garde                             eng
Apophatic bodies : negative theology, incarnation, and relationality                                   eng
Apostles and agitators : Italy's Marxist revolutionary tradition      Drake, Richard, 1942-            eng
Apostles of modernity : Saint-Simonians and the civilizing mission in Algeria Osama                    eng
Appalachian children's literature : an annotated bibliography         Herrin, Roberta T                eng
Apparitions--of Derrida's other                                       Saghafi, Kas                     eng
                                                                      Asia-Pacific Physics Conference (8th :
APPC 2000 : proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 7-10 Augusteng 2000 : Taipei, Taiwan)
Application of GIS technologies in port facilities and operations management                           eng
Application of neural networks and other learning technologies in process engineering                  eng
Applicatives : structure and interpretation from a minimalist perspective Youngmi                      eng
Applied agroclimatology                                               Bishnoi, O. P                    eng
Applied animal endocrinology                                          Squires, E. James                eng
Applied ethics in nursing                                                                              eng
                                                                       client health H. (Mark Howard) eng
Applied exercise psychology : a practitioner's guide to improvingAnshel, Mark and fitness
Applied fisheries and aquaculture                                     Singh, B. K                      eng
Applied linguistics : Review 1, 2010                                                                   eng
Applied microbiology                                                  Kale, Vinita V                   eng
Applied microbiology                                                  Parihar, Promila                 eng
Applied nonlinear programming                                         Sharma, Sanjay                   eng
Applied plant geography                                               Pagare, Pramod                   eng
Applied soil ecology                                                                                   eng
Applied thermodynamics                                                Oanhara Singha                   eng
Applied zoology and biotechnology                                     Khanna, Avinash                  eng
Applying equine science : research into business                                                       eng
Applying theory to policy and practice : issues for critical reflection                                eng
Appraisal processes in emotion : theory, methods, research                                             eng
Appreciative inquiry : a positive revolution in change                Cooperrider, David L             eng
Approach to aesthetics : collected papers on philosophical aesthetics Frank, 1923-1996                 eng
Approaches to phonological complexity                                                                  eng
                                                                      Sislin, workshop on
Approaches to reducing the use of forced or child labor : summary of a John, 1965- assessing practice  eng
Approaches to training and development                                Sardar, Niranjan Kaur            eng
Approaches to urban slums : a multimedia sourcebook on adaptive and proactive strategies               eng
Approaching the Qur'án : the early revelations                        Sells, Michael Anthony           eng
Approaching Yehud : new approaches to the study of the Persian period                                  eng
Appropriative rights model water code                                                                  eng
Aprendizaje, desarrollo y disfunciones : implicaciones para la enseñanza en la educación secundaria    spa
                                                                       on Rails Javier                 eng
Aptana RadRails : an IDE for Rails development : develop RubyRamírez, applications fast using RadRails 1.0 Community Edition
Apuntes de psicodrama (Freudiano)                                     Cortes, Enrique                  spa
                                                                      Crow, Garrett E                  eng
Aquatic and wetland plants of northeastern North America : a revised and enlarged edition of Norman C. Fassett's A manual of aqu
                                                                      Crow, Garrett E                  eng
Aquatic and wetland plants of northeastern North America : a revised and enlarged edition of Norman C. Fassett's A manual of aqu
                                                                      Baines, Susan
Aquatic exercise for pregnancy : a resource book for midwives and health and fitness professionals     eng
Aquinas on the emotions : a religious-ethical inquiry                 Cates, Diana Fritz               eng
Arab cinema : history and cultural identity                           Shafik, Viola                    eng
Arab national project in Youssef Chahine's cinema                     Khouri, Malek                    eng
Arab painting : text and image in illustrated Arabic manuscripts                                       eng
Arab television today                                                 Sakr, Naomi                      eng
Arabian nights' entertainments                                                                         eng
Arabic dialectology : in honour of Clive Holes on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday                eng
Arabic manuscripts : a vademecum for readers                          Gacek, Adam                      eng
                                                                      modern Nissim
Arabs in the mirror : images and self-images from pre-Islamic to Rejwan, times                         eng

                                                 Page 20

Arbitrary justice : the power of the American prosecutor              Davis, Angela J., 1956-           eng
Archaea : molecular and cellular biology                                                                eng
                                                                       space Reid A                     eng
Archaeoclimatology atlas of Oregon : the modeled distribution inBryson,and time of the past climates of Oregon
Archaeological approaches to market exchange in ancient societies                                       eng
Archaeological prediction and risk management : alternatives to current practice                        eng
Archaeological researches at Teotihuacan, Mexico                      Linné, Sigvald, 1899-             eng
                                                                      DeJarnette, River L. (David Lloyd), 1907-1991
Archaeological salvage in the Walter F. George Basin of the Chattahoochee David in Alabama              eng
Archaeologies of English Renaissance literature                       Schwyzer, Philip                  eng
                                                                      World Archaeological Congress (5th :
Archaeologies of placemaking : monuments, memories, and engagement in native North America eng2003 : Washington, D.C.)
Archaeology and capitalism : from ethics to politics                                                    eng
Archaeology and women : ancient and modern issues                                                       eng
Archaeology at Shiloh Indian mounds, 1899-1999                        Welch, Paul D., 1955-             eng
Archaeology of Frankish Church Councils, AD 511-768                   Halfond, Gregory I                eng
Archaeology, history and science : integrating approaches to ancient materials                          eng
                                                                      Polk, 1972-2002
Archaeology, history, and predictive modeling : research at Fort Anderson, David G., 1949-              eng
                                                                      Fairbanks,                        eng
Archeology of the funeral mound, Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia Charles H. (Charles Herron), 1913-1985
Archibald Monteath : Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian                                                           eng
Architects draw                                                       Gussow, Sue Ferguson              eng
Architectural photography the digital way                             Kopelow, Gerry, 1949-             eng
Architectural regionalism : collected writings on place, identity, modernity, and tradition             eng
Architectural variability in the Southeast                                                              eng
                                                                      Ronnes, Hanneke
Architecture and élite culture in the United Provinces, England and Ireland, 1500-1700                  eng
Architecture and the sciences : exchanging metaphors                                                    eng
Architecture for the poor : an experiment in rural Egypt              Fathy, Hassan                     eng
Architecture from the outside in : selected essays                    Gutman, Robert                    eng
                                                                      McEnroe, John
Architecture of Minoan Crete : constructing identity in the Aegean Bronze Age C                         eng
Architecture's desire : reading the late avant-garde                  Hays, K. Michael                  eng
Archives and archivists in 20th century England                       Shepherd, Elizabeth               eng
                                                                      Balk, G. L                        eng
Archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the local instiutions in Batavia (Jakarta) : Arsip-arsip Verenigde Oostindische
Archivo Gomá : documentos de la Guerra Civil                                                            spa
Arcimboldo : visual jokes, natural history, and still-life painting Kaufmann, Thomas DaCosta            eng
                                                                      : a quantitative Bora
Are asset price guarantees useful for preventing sudden stops? Durdu, Ceyhun investigation of theeng     globalization hazard-moral haza
                                                                      Clements, Benedict J
Are capital controls effective in the 21st Century? : the recent experience of Colombia                 eng
Are more competitive banking systems more stable?                     Schaek, Klaus                     eng
Are the French happy with the 35-hour workweek?                       Estevão, Marcello M               eng
Are you okay? : a practical guide to helping young victims of crime   Wallis, Pete                      eng
Areal diffusion and genetic inheritance : problems in comparative linguistics                           eng
Argentina                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Argentina                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Argentina                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Argentina : stories for a nation                                      Kaminsky, Amy K                   eng
Argentina and the United States : an alliance contained               Sheinin, David                    eng
Arguing comics : literary masters on a popular medium                                                   eng
Ariadne auf Naxos = Ariadne on Naxos                                  Fisher, Burton D                  eng
Aristophanes and the carnival of genres                               Platter, Charles, 1957-           eng
Aristotle and Plotinus on memory                                      King, R. A. H                     eng
Aristotle, emotions, and education                                    Kristján Kristjánsson             eng
                                                                       Plato and                        eng
Aristotle, On the life-bearing spirit (De spiritu) : a discussion withBos, A. P his predecessors on pneuma as the instrumental body o
                                                                      Vagelpohl, Uwe
Aristotle's Rhetoric in the East : the Syriac and Arabic translation and commentary tradition           eng
Ark : poems                                                           Isles, John                       eng
Armed servants : agency, oversight, and civil-military relations Feaver, Peter                          eng
Armée et politique au Niger                                                                             fre
Armenia                                                               World Trade Press                 eng
Armenia                                                               World Trade Press                 eng
Armenia : money & banking                                                                               eng
Arminius, Arminianism, and Europe : Jacobus Arminius (1559/60-1609)                                     eng

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Army of shadows : Palestinian collaboration with Zionism, 1917-1948 Hillel                               eng
                                                                     Cross, James U. (James Underwood), 1925-
Around the world with LBJ : my wild ride as Air Force One pilot, White House aide, and personal confidanteng
Arqueología, sociedad, territorio y paisaje : estudios sobre prehistoria reciente, protohistoria y transición al mundo romano
                                                                     Austin-Broos, Diane J
Arrernte present, Arrernte past : invasion, violence, and imagination in indigenous central Australiaeng
Art and religion in eighteenth-century Europe                        Aston, Nigel                        eng
Art and the human adventure : André Malraux's theory of art          Allan, Derek                        eng
                                                                     Toraja, Kathleen
Art as politics : re-crafting identities, tourism, and power in Tana Adams, IndonesiaM., 1957-           eng
                                                                     Verhoogt, Robert, 1971-             eng
Art in reproduction : nineteenth-century prints after Lawrence Alma-tadema, Jozef Israels and Ary Scheffer
Art of conversation                                                  Smith, William                      eng
Art of dress designing                                               Davis, Michael                      eng
Art of editing                                                       Puri, Manohar                       eng
Art of journalism                                                    Puri, Manohar                       eng
Art of professional photography                                      Robinson, Linda                     eng
Art of reporting                                                     Puri, Manohar                       eng
Art of shoe making                                                   Brown, William                      eng
Art of textile designing                                             Martin, Jennifer                    eng
Art of war                                                           Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527 eng
Art of writing and publishing in agricultural journals                                                   eng
Arterial blood gas analysis : an easy learning guide                 Foxall, Fiona                       eng
Arthropod-borne infectious diseases of the dog and cat                                                   eng
Arthur Miller's America : theater & culture in a time of change                                          eng
Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman                                                                      eng
                                                                     Brems, Eva
Article 14 : the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion                                   eng
Article 20 : children deprived of their family environment           Cantwell, Nigel                     eng
Article 21 : adoption                                                Vité, Sylvain                       eng
Article 24 : the right to health                                     Eide, Asbjørn                       eng
Article 26 : the right to benefit from social security               Vandenhole, Wouter                  eng
Article 28 : the right to education                                  Verheyde, Mieke                     eng
Article 3 : the best interests of the child                          Freeman, Michael D. A               eng
Article 34 : sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children        Withit Mantaphon                    eng
                                                                     Schabas, William, 1950-             eng
Article 37 : Prohibition of torture, death penalty, life imprisonment, and deprivation of liberty : a commentary of the the United Nation
Article 4 : the nature of states parties' obligations                Rishmawi, Mervat                    eng
Article 40 : child criminal justice                                  Van Bueren, Geraldine               eng
                                                                      the right to know and be cared for engparents
Article 7 : the right to birth registration, name and nationality andZiemele, Ineta                      by
Articles 43-45 : the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child         Verheyde, Mieke                     eng
Articulating reasons : an introduction to inferentialism             Brandom, Robert                     eng
                                                                     Fogel, Joshua A., 1950-
Articulating the Sinosphere : Sino-Japanese relations in space and time                                  eng
Artifact classification : a conceptual and methodological approach   Read, Dwight W., 1943-              eng
Artifice and design : art and technology in human experience Allen, Barry, 1957-                         eng
Artificial intelligence in wireless communications                   Rondeau, Thomas Warren              eng
Artificial intelligence methods in software testing                                                      eng
                                                                     Wivace (2008 : Venice, Italy)       eng
Artificial life and evolutionary computation : proceedings of Wivace 2008, Venice, Italy, 8-10 September 2008
                                                                     Makdisi, Ussama East
Artillery of heaven : American missionaries and the failed conversion of the MiddleSamir, 1968-          eng
Artisan workers in the Upper South : Petersburg, Virginia, 1820-1865 Barnes, L. Diane                    eng
                                                                     Hoorweg, Jan
Artisanal fishers on the Kenyan coast : household livelihoods and marine resource management eng
Artisans of empire : crafts and craftspeople under the Ottomans Faroqhi, Suraiya, 1941-                  eng
Artist                                                               Thompson, Maria                     eng
Artists and intellectuals and the requests of power                                                      eng
                                                                     Coholic, Diana, 1966-               eng
Arts activities for children and young people in need : helping children to develop mindfulness, spiritual awareness and self-esteem
Arts in exile in Britain 1933-1945 : politics and cultural identity                                      eng
Arts therapies in schools : research and practice                                                        eng
Arts unknown : the life & art of Lee Brown Coye                      Ortiz, Luis                         eng
                                                                      of Qumran J
As below, so above : apocalypticism, gnosticism and the scribesFairen, Glenand Nag Hammadi               eng
As big as the West : the pioneer life of Granville Stuart            Milner, Clyde A., 1948-             eng
As if silent and absent : bonds of enslavement in the Islamic Middle East Ehud R                         eng
As light before dawn : the inner world of a medieval kabbalist Fishbane, Eitan P., 1975-                 eng

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                                                                   Freeman, Christopher, 1921-2010 eng
As time goes by : from the industrial revolutions to the information revolution
ASCE standard, ASCE/EWRI 12-05, ASCE/EWRI 13-05, ASCE/EWRI 14-05 : standard guidelineseng the design of urban subsurfa
Así empezó el cristianismo                                                                              spa
Asian American X : an intersection of twenty-first-century Asian American voices                        eng
Asian cross-border marriage migration : demographic patterns and social issues                          eng
Asian equity markets : growth, opportunities, and challenges       Purfield, Catriona                   eng
Asian material culture                                                                                  eng
Asian Physics Olympiad (1st - 8th) : problems and solutions                                             eng
Asian religions in British Columbia                                                                     eng
Asian settler colonialism : from local governance to the habits of everyday life in Hawai'i             eng
                                                                   Asian Symposium on Nanotechnology
AsiaNano 2002 : proceedings of the Asian Symposium on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience 2002eng and Nanoscience
Asia's flying geese : how regionalization shapes Japan             Hatch, Walter, 1954-                 eng
Asinaria : the one about the asses                                 Plautus, Titus Maccius               eng
Ask & tell : gay and lesbian veterans speak out                    Estes, Steve, 1972-                  eng
Asking questions : using meaningful structures to imply ignorance  Fiengo, Robert, 1949-                eng
ASM ready reference : Electrical and magnetic properties of metals                                      eng
                                                                   Thakur, ASP.NET applications quickly and easily
ASP.NET 3.5 application architecture and design : build robust, scalable Vivek                          eng
                                                                    manage, and extend your own content management system
ASP.NET 3.5 content management system development : build,Christianson, Curt                            eng
                                                                   Siemer, Andrew                       eng
ASP.NET 3.5 social networking : an expert guide to building enterprise-ready social networking and community applications with AS
                                                                   Balliauw, Maarten                    eng
ASP.NET MVC 1.0 quickly : design, develop, and test powerful and robust web applications the agile way, with MVC framework
                                                                   Medialdea Cruz, Jesús
Aspectos de la personalidad y factores estresantes en pilotos de avión : repercusión en el sistema spa   inmunológico
Aspects of Hobbes                                                  Malcolm, Noel                        eng
Aspects of reason                                                  Grice, H. P. (H. Paul)               eng
Aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillosis                                                                 eng
Aspergirls : empowering females with Asperger Syndrome             Simone, Rudy                         eng
Asphalt mix design and construction : past, present, and future                                         eng
Assert yourself : how to find your voice and make your mark                                             eng
                                                                    the case of Venezuela
Assessing banking sector soundness in a long-term framework :Blavy, Rodolphe                            eng
Assessing change in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of children and adolescents : today's challengeeng
                                                                   Pineda, Emilio, 1974-
Assessing exchange rate competitiveness in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union                         eng
                                                                   Vladimirov, Andrew A
Assessing information security : strategies, tactics, logic and framework                               eng
                                                                   NATO Advanced Research Workshop The Role of Independent Sc
Assessing the threat of weapons of mass destruction : the role of independent scientists                eng
Assessing the United States Institute of Peace Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship                      eng
Assessing tuberculosis prevalence through population-based surveys                                      eng
                                                                   Schipper, Cor, ecosystems and human health
Assessment of effects of chemical contaminants in dredged material on marine1957-                       eng
Assessment of explosive destruction technologies for specific munitions at the Blue Grass and Pueblo chemical agent destruction p
Assessment of feigned cognitive impairment : a neuropsychological perspective                           eng
Assessment of improved crop production technologies                                                     eng
                                                                   National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Assessment of intraseasonal to interannual climate prediction and predictability
                                                                   National abundance
Assessment of sea-turtle status and trends : integrating demography andResearch Council (U.S.). eng     Committee on the Review of Sea
Assessment, learning and employability                             Knight, Peter, 1950-                 eng
Asset market participation, monetary policy rules, and the great inflationFlorin Ovidiu                 eng
Asset pricing                                                                                           eng
Assia Djebar : in dialogue with feminisms                          Ringrose, Priscilla (Priscilla Marie)eng
Assisted living administration : the knowledge base                Allen, James E. (James Elmore), 1935-eng
Associations and the Chinese state : contested spaces                                                   eng
                                                                   Materu, Peter (Peter question,       fre
Assurance qualité de l'enseignement supérieur en Afrique Subsaharienne : etat de la Nicolas) défis, opportunités et pratiques posi
Assuring safety in long-term care                                                                       eng
Assuring the quality of health care in the European Union : a case for action                           eng
Assyrians in Yonkers : reminiscences of a community                Ameer, John Pierre                   eng
                                                                   Carpenter, Colman                      IP
Asterisk 1.4 : the professional's guide : implementing, administering, and consulting on commercialengtelephony solutions
Asterisk 1.6 : build feature-rich telephony systems with Asterisk Merel, David                          eng
                                                                   Simionovich, Nir                     eng
Asterisk Gateway Interface 1.4 and 1.6 programming : design and develop Asterisk-based VoIP telephony platforms and services u
                                                                   Asterisk-based                       eng
AsteriskNOW : a practical guide for deploying and managing an Simionovich, Nirtelephony system using the AsteriskNOW software
                                                                   Portuguese Meeting on Astronomy and    CENTRA, Lisbon, Portugal, 27-
Astronomy and astrophysics : recent developments : proceedings of the 10th Portuguese meeting :eng Astrophysics (10th : 2000 :
Astroparticle Physics : proceedings of the first NCTS workshop : Kenting, Taiwan, 6-8 December 2001     eng

                                                   Page 23

Asymptotic methods in the buckling theory of elastic shells         Tovstik, P. E                     eng
At home and abroad : historicizing twentieth-century whiteness in literature and performance          eng
At home with computers                                              Lally, Elaine                     eng
At the barriers : on the poetry of Thom Gunn                        Weiner, Joshua                    eng
At the brink of infinity : poetic humility in boundless American space der Heydt, James E             eng
                                                                    Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-
At the edge of the precipice : Henry Clay and the compromise that saved the Union                     eng
                                                                    Tovell, Quadra
At the far reaches of empire : the life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Freeman                      eng
                                                                     works of Marguerite Yourcenar and Julien Green
At the periphery of the center : sexuality and literary genre in theArmbrecht, Thomas J.D             eng
At the roots of Christian bioethics : critical essays on the thought of H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.   eng
At your service : service-oriented computing from an EU perspective                                   eng
Atavistic tendencies : the culture of science in American modernity Seitler, Dana                     eng
Atención de enfermería en el paciente politraumático                García López, A                   spa
Athabaskan prosody                                                                                    eng
                                                                    Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody (2000 : Moricetown, B.C.)
Athena Polias on the Acropolis of Athens                            Cooley, Arthur Stoddard, b. 1869 eng
Athenagoras : philosopher and theologian                            Rankin, David (David Ivan), 1952- eng
Atlantic Creoles in the age of revolutions                          Landers, Jane                     eng
Atlantic history : concept and contours                             Bailyn, Bernard                   eng
Atlantic loyalties : Americans in Spanish West Florida, 1785-1810                                     eng
                                                                    McMichael, F. Andrew (Francis Andrew), 1966-
Atlas of electromyography                                           Leis, A. Arturo                   eng
Atlas of procedures in surgical oncology : with critical, evidence-based commentary notes             eng
                                                                    Morgan, Joe
Atlas of radiology of the traumatized dog and cat : the case-based approach P                         eng
Atmospheric science (AS)                                                                              eng
Atomic force microscopy for biologists                              Morris, V. J                      eng
Atomic physics                                                      Foot, C. J                        eng
Atomism in late medieval philosophy and theology                                                      eng
                                                                    Ecke, Yolanda Herda in California, U.S.A.
Attachment and immigrants : emotional security among Dutch and Belgian immigrantsPetrus van eng
Attachment and new beginnings : reflections on psychoanalytic therapy Jonathan                        eng
Attending madness : at work in the Australian colonial asylum Monk, Lee-Ann                           eng
Attention and creation : growth in the vertices of W.R. Bion        Egenfeldt-nielsen, Fin            eng
Attention in early development : themes and variations              Ruff, Holly Alliger               eng
Attila                                                              Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901        eng
                                                                     the life J. E                    eng
Audacity, privateer out of Portsmouth : continuing the account ofFender, and times of Geoffrey Frost, mariner, of Portsmouth, in New
Auditing                                                            Saxena, R. G                      eng
Auditing and finance management                                     Tripathi, Mahesh                  eng
Audun and the polar bear : luck, law, and largesse in a medieval tale of risky business               eng
                                                                    Ward, Koral, 1958-
Augenblick : the concept of the 'decisive moment' in 19th- and 20th-century western philosophy eng
Augmented landscapes                                                Smout Allen                       eng
                                                                    Schmalz, Geoffrey C. R
Augustan and Julio-Claudian Athens : a new epigraphy and prosopography                                eng
                                                                    Guillin, Vincent                  eng
Auguste Comte and John Stuart Mill on sexual equality : historical, methodological and philosophical issues
Augustine : a very short introduction                               Chadwick, Henry, 1920-2008        eng
                                                                    Teske, Roland of essays
Augustine of Hippo : philosopher, exegete, and theologian : a second collectionJ., 1934-              eng
Augustine's invention of the inner self : the legacy of a Christian Cary, Phillip, 1958-              eng
Auld campaigner : a life of Alexander Scott                         Robb, David S                     eng
Austere realism : contextual semantics meets minimal ontology Horgan, Terry, 1948-                    eng
Austin Harrison and the English review                              Vogeler, Martha S                 eng
Australia                                                           World Trade Press                 eng
Australia                                                           World Trade Press                 eng
Australia : money & banking                                                                           eng
Austria                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Austria                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Austria : money & banking                                                                             eng
                                                                    Hill, Jennifer
Authentic dialogue with people who are developmentally disabled : sad without tears                   eng
Authority matters : rethinking the theory and practice of authorship                                  eng
Authors of the storm : meteorologists and the culture of prediction Fine, Gary Alan                   eng
Authorship in film adaptation                                                                         eng
Autism and loss                                                     Forrester-Jones, R. V. E          eng

                                                  Page 24

                                                                    Graham, James
Autism, discrimination and the law : a quick guide for parents, educators and employers             eng
Auto CAD 2006/2008/2009 : with 3D tools                             Singh, Vishnu Priya             eng
Autobiography : a scholar's life                                                                    eng
                                                                    Broughton, T. Robert S. (Thomas Robert Shannon), 1900-
                                                                    Kuhn, Bernhard Helmut, 1969-
Autobiography and natural science in the age of Romanticism : Rousseau, Goethe, Thoreau             eng
Automated people mover standards : Part 1                                                           eng
Automated people mover standards : Part 2                                                           eng
Automated people mover standards : Part 3                                                           eng
Automated people mover standards : Part 3 : electrical stations guideways                           eng
Automated people mover standards : Part 4                                                           eng
Automaton biographies                                               Lai, Larissa                    eng
                                                                    lost places of leisure
Automats, taxi dances, and vaudeville : excavating Manhattan's Freeland, David                      eng
Automotive engineering                                              Hall, Daniel                    eng
                                                                    Liu, Jiming, 1962-              eng
Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems : explorations in learning, self-organization, and adaptive computation
Autour de l' enfant : du droit canonique et romain médiéval au code civil de 1804 Anne              fre
                                                                    Geertz, Clifford
Available light : anthropological reflections on philosophical topics                               eng
Avant-garde and criticism                                                                           eng
Avant-garde film                                                                                    eng
Avant-garde/Neo-avant-garde                                                                         eng
Avengers of the New World : the story of the Haitian Revolution Dubois, Laurent, 1971-              eng
                                                                    Shepherd, Samuel Claude, 1948- eng
Avenues of faith : shaping the urban religious culture of Richmond, Virginia, 1900-1929
Averting disaster : science for peace in a perilous age : the Erice International Seminars on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencie
Aviation & aeronautics                                              Martinez, Barbara Lopez de      eng
Aviation visual perception : research, misperception and mishaps ibb, Randy                         eng
Avoiding archaeological disasters : a risk management approach      Stapp, Darby C., 1954-          eng
Avoiding heart attacks and strokes : don't be a victim - protect yourself                           eng
                                                                    Symposium                       eng
Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter : symposium 2010 on Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfi
                                                                    Schantz, Mark                   eng
Awaiting the heavenly country : the Civil War and America's culture of death S. (Mark Saunders), 1955-
Awakening the kind heart : how to meditate on compassion            McDonald, Kathleen, 1952-       eng
Awakening the performing body                                       McCutcheon, Jade Rosina         eng
Awakening through love : unveiling your deepest goodness            Makransky, John J               eng
Awakenings : the story of the Kate Chopin revival                                                   eng
Axel Munthe : the road to San Michele                               Jangfeldt, Bengt, 1948-         eng
Azerbaijan                                                          World Trade Press               eng
Azerbaijan                                                          World Trade Press               eng
Azerbaijan                                                          World Trade Press               eng
Azores : poems                                                      Yezzi, David                    eng
B is for balance : a nurse's guide for enjoying life at work and at Weinstein, Sharon               eng
Babes in boyland : a personal history of co-education in the Ivy League Regina                      eng
Baboon metaphysics : the evolution of a social mind                 Cheney, Dorothy L               eng
Baby boomers : can my eighties be like my fifties?                                                  eng
Bacchylides : politics, performance, poetic tradition               Fearn, David, 1975-             eng
Bach                                                                Boyd, Malcolm                   eng
Back on the fire : essays                                           Snyder, Gary, 1930-             eng
                                                                    Van Emde Boas, Ghica            eng
Backbase 4 RIA development : create enterprise-grade rich Internet applications using the Backbase Client Framework
Backlash against the ADA : reinterpreting disability rights                                         eng
                                                                    Cincinnati fire kites,          eng
Backyard ballistics : build potato cannons, paper match rockets, Gurstelle, William tennis ball mortars, and more dynamite device
Bacterial pathogenomics                                                                             eng
Bad blood : freedom and death in the White Mountains                Sherman, Casey, 1969-           eng
Bad boys : public schools in the making of black masculinity        Ferguson, Ann Arnett, 1940-     eng
Bad Land pastoralism in Great Plains fiction                        Cella, Matthew J. C., 1974-     eng
Bad Land pastoralism in Great Plains fiction                        Cella, Matthew J. C., 1974-     eng
Bad medicine : doctors doing harm since Hippocrates                 Wootton, David, 1952-           eng
Badfellas : crime, tradition and new masculinities                  Winlow, Simon                   eng
Bagels and grits : a Jew on the bayou                               Moses, Jennifer Anne            eng
Baghdad bulletin : dispatches on the American occupation            Enders, David, 1980-            eng
Bahamas                                                             World Trade Press               eng

                                                 Page 25

Bahamas                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Bahamas                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Bahrain                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Bahrain                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Bahrain : money & banking                                                                            eng
Bai Ganyo : incredible tales of a modern Bulgarian                 Konstantinov, Aleko, 1863-1897 eng
Bakhtin and genre theory in biblical studies                                                         eng
Bakkhai                                                            Euripides                         eng
Balance of payments anti-crises                                    Kumhof, Michael                   eng
Balance of payments statistics yearbook 2009 : Part 1, Country tables                                eng
Balancing your life : executive lessons for work, family and self Clawson, James G                   eng
Balkan breakthrough : the Battle of Dobro Pole 1918                                                   1950-
                                                                   Hall, Richard C. (Richard Cooper),eng
Ballads of the lords of New Spain : the codex Romances de los señores de la Nueva España             eng
Ballenger's otorhinolaryngology : head and neck surgery                                              eng
Baltic postcolonialism                                                                               eng
Bandas juveniles, inmigracion y ciudad : España y México                                             spa
                                                                   Robinson, David in mid-Ming
Bandits, eunuchs, and the son of heaven : rebellion and the economy of violence M., 1965- China      eng
Bangladesh                                                         World Trade Press                 eng
Bangladesh                                                         World Trade Press                 eng
Bangladesh : money & banking                                                                         eng
Bank competition, risk, and asset allocations                      Boyd, John H                      eng
Bank credit management                                             Murali, S                         eng
Bank efficiency in Sub-Saharan African middle-income countries     Chen, Chuling, 1973-              eng
                                                                   Herdegen, European
Bankenaufsicht im Europäischen Verbund = Banking supervision within theMatthias Union                ger
Banking                                                            Somashekar, N. T                  eng
Banking : theory, law and practice                                 Gordon, E                         eng
Banking crises and crisis dating : theory and evidence             Boyd, John H                      eng
                                                                   Bernhard, William (William T.)
Banking on reform : political parties and central bank independence in the industrial democracies eng
Banking on small business : microfinance in contemporary Russia    Buyske, Gail                      eng
                                                                   Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli, 1961-
Banking on the principles : compliance with Basel Core Principles and bank soundness                 eng
Banking spreads in Latin America                                   Gelos, Gaston                     eng
Banking stability measures                                         Segoviano, Miguel A               eng
Bankrupt : global lawmaking and systemic financial crisis                                            eng
                                                                   Halliday, Terence C. (Terence Charles)
Banks as coordinators of economic growth                           Ueda, Kenichi                     eng
Banks during the Argentine crisis : were they all hurt equally? : did they all behave equally?       eng
Barbara Jordan : speaking the truth with eloquent thunder          Jordan, Barbara, 1936-1996        eng
                                                                   D'Angelo, Edward, threatens democracy, civil education and the pu
Barbarians at the gates of the public library : how postmodern consumer capitalism 1932-             eng
                                                                   Gould, Philip, 1960-
Barbaric traffic : commerce and antislavery in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world                 eng
                                                                    thought                          eng
Barbershops, bibles, and BET : everyday talk and Black politicalHarris-Perry, Melissa V. (Melissa Victoria), 1973-
Barnstorm : contemporary Wisconsin fiction                                                           eng
                                                                   Colvin, Margaret Elizabeth
Baroque fictions : revisioning the classical in Marguerite Yourcenar                                 eng
Barriers to retail competition and prices : evidence from Spain Hoffmaister, Alexander W             eng
Barsanuphius and John : letters. Volume 1                          Barsanuphius, Saint, 6th cent     eng
Barsanuphius and John : letters. Volume 2                          Barsanuphius, Saint, 6th cent     eng
Bart Giamatti : a profile                                          Moncreiff, Robert P               eng
Barth, Israel, and Jesus : Karl Barth's theology of Israel         Lindsay, Mark R., 1971-           eng
Barth's theology of interpretation                                 Wood, Donald, 1969-               eng
Base politics : democratic change and the U.S. military overseas   Cooley, Alexander, 1972-          eng
Baseball in America and America in baseball                                                          eng
Basic concepts and models for interpreter and translator trainingGile, Daniel                        eng
Basic concepts of electrical engineering                           Subramanyam, P. S                 eng
Basic concepts of information technology workshop                  Babu, G. Praveen                  eng
Basic documents ; including amendments adopted up to 31st May 2009 World Health Organization         eng
Basic electrical engineering                                       Mallick, M. A                     eng
Basic electronics                                                  Tayal, D. C                       eng
Basic electronics                                                  Taylor, Charles                   eng

                                                  Page 26

Basic engineering for medics and biologists : an ESEM primer                                           eng
Basic fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines                         Husain, Zoeb                      eng
Basic molecular biology                                              Upadhyay, Avinash                 eng
Basic physics and radiation safety in nuclear medicine                                                 eng
Basic principles and practical applications in epidemiological research Jung-Der                       eng
Basic principles of learning and teaching                            Sharma, S. R                      eng
Basic synonyms                                                                                         eng
Basics of horticulture                                               Simson, Sharon Pastor             eng
Bastide on religion : the invention of candomblé                     Despland, Michel                  eng
Bastions and barbed wire                                                                               eng
Bataille's peak : energy, religion, and postsustainability           Stoekl, Allan                     eng
Battle cries : Black women and intimate partner abuse                Potter, Hillary, 1969-            eng
Battle grounds : the Canadian military and aboriginal lands          Lackenbauer, P. Whitney           eng
Battle in Iraq : letters and diaries of the First World War          Hammond, J. M. (Josephine M.) eng
Battle of Surigao Strait                                             Tully, Anthony P., 1961-          eng
                                                                     Leidholdt, Alexander
Battling Nell : the life of southern journalist Cornelia Battle Lewis, 1893-1956                       eng
                                                                     Green, Laurie Boush
Battling the plantation mentality : Memphis and the Black freedom struggle                             eng
Bayard Rustin : American dreamer                                     Podair, Jerald E., 1953-          eng
Be a freelance writer                                                White, Susan                      eng
Be of good mind : essays on the Coast Salish                                                           eng
Beaches, ruins, resorts : the politics of tourism in the Arab worldHazbun, Waleed                      eng
Bead International 2008 : Beyond Basketry                                                              eng
                                                                     Bead International (2008 : Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural A
Beasley's surgery of the hand                                        Beasley, Robert W., 1930-         eng
Beautiful TV : the art and argument of Ally McBeal                   Smith, Greg M                     eng
Beauty of the father                                                 Cruz, Nilo                        eng
                                                                     Berengaut, Julian, 1950-
Beauty queens and wallflowers - currency maps in the Middle East and Central Asia                      eng
Beauvoir and Sartre : the riddle of influence                                                          eng
                                                                     Westerberg, Tim
Becoming a great high school : 6 strategies and 1 attitude that make a difference                      eng
Becoming a word learner : a debate on lexical acquisition                                              eng
                                                                     Jendian, in central California
Becoming American, remaining ethnic : the case of Armenian-Americans Matthew A. (Matthew Ari), 1968-   eng
                                                                     Smith, Charlie                    eng
Becoming an emotionally healthy school : auditing and developing the National Healthy School Standard for 5 to 11 year olds
Becoming British Columbia : a population history                     Belshaw, John Douglas             eng
Becoming ecological : an expedition into community psychologyKelly, James G                            eng
Becoming God : the doctrine of theosis in Nicholas of Cusa           Hudson, Nancy J., 1966-           eng
                                                                     Williams, F. and
Becoming leaders : a practical handbook for women in engineering, science,Marytechnology               eng
                                                                     Suzuki, literature
Becoming modern women : love and female identity in prewar JapaneseMichiko and culture                 eng
Becoming visible in Iran : women in contemporary Iranian society onarbin-Holliday, Mehri               eng
Becoming within being                                                Noica, Constantin                 eng
Becoming Zimbabwe : a history from the pre-colonial period to 2008                                     eng
Bees in America : how the honey bee shaped a nation                  Horn, Tammy, 1968-                eng
                                                                     the early modern world
Before disenchantment : images of exotic animals and plants in Mason, Peter, 1952-                     eng
                                                                     El-Rouayheb, Khaled
Before homosexuality in the Arab-Islamic world, 1500-1800 : Khaled El-Rouayheb                         eng
Before Jim Crow : the politics of race in postemancipation Virginia  Dailey, Jane Elizabeth, 1963-     eng
Before norms : institutions and civic culture                        Jackman, Robert W., 1946-         eng
Before Roe : abortion policy in the states                           Nossiff, Rosemary                 eng
Before the killing fields : witness to Cambodia and the Vietnam War  Fielding, Leslie, Sir             eng
Before the storm : a year in the Pribilof Islands, 1941-1942         Martin, Fredericka I              eng
                                                                     Davis, Rocío G
Begin here : reading Asian North American autobiographies of childhood                                 eng
                                                                     Feilner, Markus
Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9 : build and integrate virtual private networks using OpenVPN                   eng
Beginning the quest : law and politics in the early work of Eric Voegelin Barry, 1943-                 eng
Behavior & its neural control in gastropod molluscs                  Chase, Ronald B                   eng
Behavioral neurology                                                 Pincus, Jonathan H., 1935-        eng
Behavioural dynamics : research insights                                                               eng
                                                                     Metres, Philip,
Behind the lines : war resistance poetry on the American homefront since 1941 1970-                    eng
                                                                     and culture
Beijing opera costumes : the visual communication of character Bonds, Alexandra B., 1950-              eng
                                                                     Gutschow, Kim
Being a Buddhist nun : the struggle for enlightenment in the Himalayas                                 eng

                                                   Page 27

Being a foreigner among domestic banks : asset or liability?       Claessens, Stijn                   eng
Being and becoming indigenous archaeologists                                                          eng
Being and some twentieth-century Thomists                          Knasas, John F. X                  eng
Being boys, being girls : learning masculinities and femininities Paechter, Carrie F                  eng
Being colonized : the Kuba experience in rural Congo, 1880-1960 ansina, Jan                           eng
                                                                   Marcus, Paul, 1953-
Being for the other : Emmanuel Levinas, ethical living and psychoanalysis                             eng
Being Prez : the life and music of Lester Young                    Gelly, Dave                        eng
Being the chosen : exploring a Christian fundamentalist worldview  Jones, Julie Scott, 1966-          eng
Belarus                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Belarus                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Belarus : a perpetual borderland                                   Savchenko, Andrew                  eng
Belarus : money & banking                                                                             eng
Belgium                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Belgium                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Belgium : money & banking                                                                             eng
Believers : does Australian Catholicism have a future?             Collins, Paul, 1940-               eng
Believing scholars : ten Catholic intellectuals                                                       eng
Belize                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Belize                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Belize : money & banking                                                                              eng
Bella Caledonia : woman, nation, text                              Stirling, Kirsten                  eng
Bells chiming from the past : cultural and linguistic studies on early English                        eng
Belo : from newspapers to new media                                Segura, Judith Garrett, 1944-      eng
Belonging in an adopted world : race, identity, and transnational adoption                            eng
Belowground pipeline networks for utility cables                                                      eng
Ben Love : my life in Texas Commerce                               Love, Benton F., 1924-             eng
                                                                   Feldkircher, Martin                eng
Benchmark priors revisited : on adaptive shrinkage and the supermodel effect in Bayesian Model averaging
                                                                   Castonguay, Julie                  eng
Benchmarking carrots and sticks : developing a model for the evaluation of work-based employment programs
Bene Israel : studies in the archaeology of Israel and the Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages in honour of Israel Finkelstein
Benfor's law and macroeconomic data quality                        Gonzalez-Garcia, Jesus             eng
Bengali women                                                      Roy, Manisha, 1936-                eng
Benin                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Benin                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Benin : communications                                                                                eng
Benjamin Shambaugh and the intellectual foundations of public history Rebecca                         eng
Bequest : al-wasiyya                                                                                  eng
                                                                   Ibn al-Jili, `Abd al-Ma.hmud, 1919-1973
                                                                   Grey, Robin, 1962-
Bereavement, loss and learning disabilities : a guide for professionals and carers                    eng
Berg water project : communication practices for governance and sustainability improvement            eng
Bermuda                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Bermuda                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Bermuda                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Bernard Williams                                                   Jenkins, Mark P                    eng
Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650)                                                                         eng
Berryman's Henry : living at the intersection of need and art      Dodson, Samuel Fisher              eng
Bessie Head : the road of peace of mind : a critical appreciation Johnson, Joyce                      eng
Best American political writing 2008                                                                  eng
Best American political writing 2009                                                                  eng
Best business practices for photographers                          Harrington, John, 1966-            eng
Best human resource management practices in Latin America                                             eng
Best of British : cinema and society from 1930 to the present      Aldgate, Anthony                   eng
Best of times, worst of times : memoirs of a political education Laqueur, Walter, 1921-               eng
                                                                   Kaufman, Kenneth P
Best practice financial management : six key concepts for healthcare leaders                          eng
                                                                   Davys, Allyson,
Best practice in professional supervision : a guide for the helping professions 1952-                 eng
Best practices for state assessment systems : Part I, Summary of a workshop                           eng
Best sex writing 2009                                                                                 eng
                                                                   Anyangwe, Carlson
Betrayal of too trusting a people : the UN, the UK and the Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons  eng

                                                   Page 28

Betrayed : scandal, politics, and Canadian naval leadership                                            eng
                                                                   Mayne, Richard O. (Richard Oliver), 1971-
Bettelheim : living and dying                                      Fisher, David James                 eng
                                                                   Hellin, Jon,
Better land husbandry : from soil conservation to holistic land management 1965-                       eng
                                                                   implications for institutions       eng
Better than conscious? : decision making, the human mind, and Ernst Strüngmann Forum (2007 : Frankfurt, Germany)
Between a river & a mountain : the AFL-CIO and the Vietnam War     Wehrle, Edmund F., 1964-            eng
Between chora and the good : metaphor's metaphysical neighborhood Charles P                            eng
Between dancing and writing : the practice of religious studies LaMothe, Kimerer L                     eng
                                                                    and peacemaking
Between Eden and Armageddon : the future of religion, violenceGopin, Marc                              eng
Between home and homeland : youth aliyah from Nazi GermanyAmkraut, Brian, 1969-                        eng
Between Jew & Arab : the lost voice of Simon Rawidowicz            Myers, David N                      eng
Between movement and establishment : organizations advocating for youth                                eng
Between nihilism and faith : a commentary in Either/or             Harries, Karsten                    eng
Between reason and experience : essays in technology and modernity Feenberg, Andrew                    eng
Between sacred and profane : researching religion and popular culture                                  eng
                                                                   Shantz, Douglas H
Between Sardis and Philadelphia : the life and world of Pietist court preacher Conrad Bröske           eng
Between the lines : readings on Israel, the Palestinians, and the U.S. war on terror                   eng
Between the social and the spatial : exploring the multiple dimensions of poverty and social exclusion eng
                                                                   Zhang, Donghui, 1976-
Between two generations : language maintenance and acculturation among Chinese immigrant families      eng
                                                                    and praxis
Betweener talk : decolonizing knowledge production, pedagogy, Diversi, Marcelo, 1967-                  eng
                                                                   Chami, the presence of remittances
Beware of emigrants bearing gifts : optimal fiscal and monetary policy inRalph                         eng
Beware of small states : Lebanon, battleground of the Middle East  Hirst, David, 1936-                 eng
Beware the drives                                                  Akombi, Sammy Oke                   eng
Bewegung und Beharrung : Aspekte des reformierten Protestantismus, 1520-1650 : Festschrift für mul     Emidio Campi
Bewick's swan                                                      Rees, Eileen C                      eng
Beyond Berlin : twelve German cities confront the Nazi past                                            eng
Beyond Bogotá : diary of a drug war journalist in Colombia         Leech, Garry M                      eng
Beyond borders : cross-culturalism and the Caribbean canon                                             eng
                                                                    causation, and holism in John R. Searle's philosophy of mind
Beyond conceptual dualism : ontology of consciousness, mentalVicari, Giuseppe                          eng
Beyond continuity : institutional change in advanced political economies                               eng
Beyond control : a mutual respect approach to protest crowd-police relations                           eng
                                                                   Papan-Matin, Firoozeh
Beyond death : the mystical teachings of `Ayn al-Qu.dat al-Hamadhani                                   eng
Beyond degrees : professional learning for knowledge services St. Clair, Guy, 1940-                    eng
Beyond Earth Day : fulfilling the promise                          Nelson, Gaylord, 1916-2005          eng
Beyond failure : forensic case studies for civil engineers         Delatte, Norbert J                  eng
Beyond game design : nine steps towards creating better video games                                    eng
                                                                   Lee, Frances E
Beyond ideology : politics, principles, and partisanship in the U.S. Senate                            eng
Beyond justice : the Auschwitz trial                               Wittmann, Rebecca, 1970-            eng
Beyond metaphysics? : explorations in Alfred North Whitehead's late thought                            eng
Beyond proprietorship : Murphrees's laws on community-based natural resources management in southern Africa
Beyond rationality : the search for wisdom in a troubled time      Hammond, Kenneth R                  eng
Beyond redemption : Texas Democrats after Reconstruction           Williams, Patrick G., 1957-         eng
Beyond reproduction : women's health, activism, and public policy  Baird, Karen L., 1961-              eng
Beyond settlement : making peace last after civil conflict                                             eng
Beyond the Alamo : forging Mexican ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861Raúl A                           eng
Beyond the catch : fisheries of the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic, 900-1850             eng
Beyond the founders : new approaches to the political history of the early American republic           eng
Beyond the HIPAA privacy rule : enhancing privacy, improving health through research                   eng
Beyond the learning curve : the construction of mind               Speelman, Craig P                   eng
                                                                   Lawley, new Africa                  eng
Beyond the Malachite hills : a life of colonial service and business in the Jonathan (Jonathan Coldstream)
                                                                   Viefhues-Bailey, in modern 1965- eng
Beyond the philosopher's fear : a Cavellian reading of gender, origin and religion Ludger H., skepticism
                                                                   Goldman, Karla,
Beyond the synagogue gallery : finding a place for women in American Judaism 1960-                     eng
                                                                     street Kamal
Beyond the victim : the politics and ethics of empowering Cairo'sFahmi, children                       eng
Beyond uncertainty : Heisenberg, quantum physics, and the bomb     Cassidy, David C., 1945-            eng
Beyond war : the human potential for peace                         Fry, Douglas P., 1953-              eng
Bhutan : traditions and changes                                                                        eng
                                                                   International Association for Tibetan Studies. Seminar (10th : 2003
Bi Tirga                                                           Kouraogo, Emmanuel                  fre

                                                   Page 29

Bible and canon : a modern historical inquiry                       Zaman, Luc                        eng
Bible and poverty in Kenya : an empirical exploration               Sakwa, Maurice Matendechere, 1969-eng
Bibles and Baedekers : tourism, travel, exile and God               Grimshaw, Mike, 1967-             eng
Biblical humanism and scholasticism in the age of Erasmus                                             eng
Biblical narrative and the death of the rhapsode                    Kawashima, Robert S., 1966-       eng
Bids, tenders & proposals : winning business through best practice  Lewis, Harold, 1933-              eng
Big boy rules : America's mercenaries fighting in Iraq              Fainaru, Steve                    eng
Big dead place : inside the strange and menacing world of AntarcticaJohnson, Nicholas, 1971-          eng
Big studio secrets for home recording and production                Dochtermann, Joe                  eng
Bigger than chaos : understanding complexity through probability trevens, Michael                     eng
                                                                    Escoffier, Jeffrey
Bigger than life : the history of gay porn cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore                           eng
Bike lust : Harleys, women, and American society                    Joans, Barbara                    eng
Biliary tract and gallbladder cancer : diagnosis and therapy                                          eng
                                                                    Turner, in postwar America
Bill Bright & Campus Crusade for Christ : the renewal of evangelicalism John G                        eng
Binding violence : literary visions of political origins            Fradinger, Moira                  eng
Bioactive medicinal plants                                                                            eng
Bioanalysis & biosensors in agriculture science                                                       eng
Bioarchaeological studies of life in the age of agriculture : a view from the Southeast               eng
Biochemical imbalances in disease : a practitioner's handbook                                         eng
Biochemistry                                                        Powar, C. B                       eng
Biocontrol of plant diseases                                                                          eng
                                                                    Stojanowski, Christopher M. (Christopher Michael), 1973-
Biocultural histories in La Florida : a bioarchaeological perspective                                 eng
Biodiversity                                                        Dahiya, M. P                      eng
Biodiversity and environment                                        Krishnan, T. S                    eng
Biodiversity conservation and legal aspects                                                           eng
Biodiversity conservation and management                            Krishnan, T. S                    eng
Biodiversity of mosquitoes                                          Sathe, T. V                       eng
Biodiversity utilization and conservation                                                             eng
Bioenergy and biofuel from biowastes and biomass                                                      eng
Bioethics and biosafety in biotechnology                            Krishna, V. Sree                  eng
Bioethics and social reality                                                                          eng
Bioethics and vulnerability : a Latin American view                 Luna, Florencia                   eng
Biofertilizers & organic farming                                                                      eng
Biogeochemistry of estuaries                                        Bianchi, Thomas S                 eng
Biographical memoirs : Volume 90                                                                      eng
                                                                    National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
Biographical memoirs : Volume 91                                                                      eng
                                                                    National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
Biography : a brief history                                         Hamilton, Nigel                   eng
Bioinformatics : a primer                                           Narayanan, P                      eng
Bioinformatics : theory and practice                                Chikhale, N. J                    eng
                                                                    Floreano, Dario
Bio-inspired artificial intelligence : theories, methods, and technologies                            eng
Bioinspired intelligent nanostructured interfacial materials        Jiang, Lei, 1965-                 eng
Biological control of plant pathogens, weeds and phytoparasitic nematodes                             eng
Biological safety : principles and practices                                                          eng
Biologically-responsive hybrid biomaterials : a reference for material scientists and bioengineers eng
Biology for chemists                                                Agrawal, P. K                     eng
                                                                    Carlson, Robert
Biology is technology : the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life H., 1970-            eng
Biology of breeding poultry                                                                           eng
                                                                    Ansermet, François
Biology of freedom : neural plasticity, experience, and the unconscious                               eng
Biology of physical science                                         Saxena, R. K                      eng
Biology of soil science                                             Jhonson, Charlotte                eng
Biomaterials from aquatic and terrestrial organisms                                                   eng
Biomechanics at micro- and nanoscale levels. Volume III                                               eng
                                                                    Whitmarsh, Ian, 1975-
Biomedical ambiguity : race, asthma, and the contested meaning of genetic research in the Caribbean   eng
Biomedical engineering entrepreneurship                             Lee, Jen-shih                     eng
Biomedical informatics in translational research                                                      eng
Biomedical signal analysis : contemporary methods and applications Fabian J                           eng

                                                   Page 30

Biometric recognition : challenges and opportunities                                                eng
Bion's dream : a reading of the autobiographies                     Williams, Meg Harris, 1951-     eng
Bioorganic chemistry                                                Chatwal, G. R                   eng
Biopharmaceuticals                                                  Jogdand, S. N                   eng
Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics                               Venkateswarlu, V                eng
Biophysical chemistry : (principles and techniques)                 Upadhyay, Avinash               eng
Biophysics                                                          Chatwal, Gurdeep R              eng
Biorational tree fruit pest management                                                              eng
Bioremediation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems                                                eng
                                                                     and the rule P
Biosecurity in the global age : biological weapons, public health, Fidler, David of law             eng
                                                                    Sánchez-Paniagua López, en medios
Biosensores amperométricos de tirosinasa para la determinación de compuestos fenólicos Marta spa acuosos y no acuosos
Biostatistics                                                       Arora, P. N                     eng
Biostatistics : the bare essentials                                 Norman, Geoffrey R              eng
Biostatistics and computer applications                             Nageswara Rao, G                eng
Biotechniques : theory & practice                                   Rana, S. V. S                   eng
Biotechnological approaches in entomology                           Sathe, T. V                     eng
Biotechnological inventions : moral restraints and patent law       Mills, Oliver                   eng
Biotechnological processing steps for enzyme manufacturing                                          eng
Biotechnology                                                       Arora, Mohan P                  eng
Biotechnology                                                       Lewis, Christopher              eng
Biotechnology : a text book                                         Ahmed, M                        eng
Biotechnology : current perspectives and potential applications                                     eng
Biotechnology : secondary metabolites : plants and microbes                                         eng
Biotechnology and food processing mechanics                                                         eng
Biotechnology and its applications in agricultural science                                          eng
Biotechnology for agricultural breeding                                                             eng
Biotechnology in environmental management                                                           eng
                                                                    West, Darrell M.,
Biotechnology policy across national boundaries : the science-industrial complex 1954-              eng
                                                                    Gerstein, Daniel M., 1958-
Bioterror in the 21st century : emerging threats in a new global environment                        eng
Bird skin coat                                                      Sorby, Angela                   eng
Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas coast           Eubanks, Ted                    eng
Birds of Costa Rica : a field guide                                 Henderson, Carrol L             eng
Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea : an atlas of distribution            Ash, J. S                       eng
                                                                    Sandilands, Allan P             eng
Birds of Ontario : habitat requirements, limiting factors, and status. Volume 1, Nonpasserines , waterfowl through cranes
Birds of the Horn of Africa : Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Socotra Nigel                   eng
Birds of the Yukon Territory                                                                        eng
Birmingham's rabbi : Morris Newfield and Alabama, 1895-1940 Cowett, Mark, 1951-                     eng
Birth and death in nineteenth-century French culture                                                eng
Birth of a salesman : the transformation of selling in America      Friedman, Walter A., 1962-      eng
Birth quake : the baby boom and its aftershocks                     Macunovich, Diane J             eng
Bite me : food in popular culture                                   Parasecoli, Fabio               eng
Bits of life : feminism at the intersections of media, bioscience, and technology                   eng
Bit-string physics : a finite and discrete approach to natural philosophy H. Pierre                 eng
                                                                    Anderson, Mark David, 1969-
Black and indigenous : Garifuna activism and consumer culture in Honduras                           eng
Black beauty : aesthetics, stylization, politics                    Tate, Shirley Anne              eng
                                                                    Sklaroff, Lauren
Black culture and the New Deal : the quest for civil rights in the Roosevelt era Rebecca            eng
Black dogs and blue words : depression and gender in the age of self-careKimberly, 1972-            eng
                                                                    Regester, Charlene and indexed bibliography of the Pittsburgh Cou
Black entertainers in African American newspaper articles : Volume 2, An annotated B., 1956-        eng
Black Greek-letter organizations in the twenty-first century : our fight has just begun             eng
Black identity & Black protest in the antebellum North              Rael, Patrick                   eng
Black liberation and socialism                                      Shawki, Ahmed                   eng
Black Los Angeles : American dreams and racial realities                                            eng
Black Marxism : the making of the Black radical tradition           Robinson, Cedric J              eng
Black masculinity and the U.S. South : from Uncle Tom to gangsta    Richardson, Riché, 1971-        eng
Black mass : the Irish mob, the FBI, and a devil's deal             Lehr, Dick                      eng
Black men can't shoot                                               Brooks, Scott                   eng

                                                  Page 31

Black middle class delinquents                                       Hassett-Walker, Connie R., 1969- eng
Black on the block : the politics of race and class in the city      Pattillo, Mary E                   eng
Black rice : the African origins of rice cultivation in the Americas Carney, Judith Ann                 eng
Black Rock : a Zuni cultural landscape and the meaning of place      Dodge, William A., 1951-           eng
Black Sabbath and the rise of heavy metal music                      Cope, Andrew L                     eng
Black sexualities : probing powers, passions, practices, and policies                                   eng
                                                                     Thompson, P.
Black soldiers of the queen : the Natal native contingent in the Anglo-Zulu War S. (Paul Singer)        eng
Black superheroes, Milestone comics, and their fans                  Brown, Jeffrey A., 1966-           eng
Blackland prairies of the Gulf coastal plain : nature, culture, and sustainability                      eng
Blacklegs, card sharps, and confidence men : nineteenth-century Mississippi River gambling stories ng   e
Blackness in the white nation : a history of Afro-Uruguay            Andrews, George Reid, 1951-        eng
                                                                     Dorman, Andrew M., 1966-
Blair's successful war : British military intervention in Sierra Leone                                  eng
Bleeding borders : race, gender, and violence in pre-Civil War Kansas Kristen Tegtmeier, 1969- eng
Bleeding red : Cameroon in black and white                           Ndi, Bill F                        eng
Blended learning and online tutoring : a good practice guide         MacDonald, Janet, 1950-            eng
                                                                     Anders, Michel                     eng
Blender 2.49 scripting : extend the power and flexibility of Blender with the help of Python, a high-level, easy-to-learn scripting langu
                                                                     Brito, Allan                       eng
Blender 3D : architecture, buildings, and scenery : create photorealistic 3D architectural visualizations of buildings, interiors, and en
                                                                     animating                          eng
Blender 3D 2.49 incredible machines : modeling, rendering, and Brito, Allanrealistic machines with Blender 3D
Blind conscience                                                     O'Neill, Margot                    eng
                                                                     Winslow, Edward, 1954-
Blind faith : our misplaced trust in the stock market--and smarter, safer ways to invest                eng
                                                                     Jordan, Lee                        eng
Blogger : beyond the basics : customize and promote your blog with original templates, analytics, advertising, and SEO
Blood and belief : the PKK and the Kurdish fight for independence    Marcus, Aliza                      eng
Blood and fire : Godly love in a Pentecostal emerging church Poloma, Margaret M                         eng
Blood Moon's guide to gay and lesbian film                           Porter, Darwin                     eng
Blood Moon's guide to gay and lesbian film                           Porter, Darwin                     eng
                                                                     Owens, II and beyond
Blood on German snow : an African American artilleryman in World War Emiel W., 1922-                    eng
Bloody Lowndes : civil rights and Black power in Alabama's Black Belt Hasan Kwame, 1973-                eng
Blowin' hot and cool : jazz and its critics                          Gennari, John                      eng
                                                                     Whaley, Preston
Blows like a horn : beat writing, jazz, style, and markets in the transformation of U.S. culture        eng
                                                                     Jones, Howard,
Blue and gray diplomacy : a history of Union and Confederate foreign relations 1940-                    eng
                                                                     siege of Peter, 1965-
Blue helmets and black markets : the business of survival in the Andreas,Sarajevo                       eng
Blue Shadows Farm : a novel                                          Apps, Jerold W., 1934-             eng
Blue studios : poetry and its cultural work                          DuPlessis, Rachel Blau             eng
Bluebeard : a reader's guide to the English tradition                Hermansson, Casie                  eng
Bluebeard's legacy : death and secrets from Bartók to Hitchcock                                         eng
                                                                     Bradley, Mark
Bluecoats & Tar Heels : soldiers and civilians in Reconstruction North CarolinaL                        eng
                                                                     Mayer, Brian,
Blue-green coalitions : fighting for safe workplaces and healthy communities 1977-                      eng
Blueprint for disaster : the unraveling of Chicago public housing Hunt, D. Bradford, 1968-              eng
                                                                     Gailey, Christine Ward,
Blue-ribbon babies and labors of love : race, class, and gender in U.S. adoption practice1950-          eng
Blues music in the sixties : a story in Black and White              Adelt, Ulrich, 1972-               eng
BMP technology in urban watersheds : current and future directions                                      eng
Boat data book                                                       Nicolson, Ian, 1928-               eng
Bodemdaling langs de Nederlandse kust : case Hondsbossche en Pettermer zeewering                        dut
                                                                     Boucher, Daniel                    eng
Bodhisattvas of the forest and the formation of the Mahayana : a study and translation of the Ra.s.trapalapariprccha-sutra
                                                                     West-Pavlov, Russell, 1964-
Bodies and their spaces : system, crisis and transformation in early modern theatre                     eng
Bodies and voices : the force-field of representation and discourse in colonial and postcolonial studieseng
Bodies in commotion : disability & performance                                                          eng
                                                                     Sutton, Argentina
Bodies in crisis : culture, violence, and women's resistance in neoliberal Barbara, 1970-               eng
Bodies/machines                                                                                         eng
Body and image : explorations in landscape phenomenology 2 Tilley, Christopher Y                        eng
Body and soul in ancient philosophy                                                                     eng
                                                                     Gesellschaft für antike Philosophie. Kongress (2nd : 2007 : Univers
Body and story : the ethics and practice of theoretical conflict Terdiman, Richard                      eng
Body heat : temperature and life on earth                            Blumberg, Mark Samuel, 1961- eng
Body, remember : a memoir                                            Fries, Kenny, 1960-                eng
Body, sexuality, and gender                                                                             eng
Bohemian New Orleans : the story of the Outsider and Loujon Press    Weddle, Jeff                       eng

                                                    Page 32

                                                                     Gelbspan, fueling                   eng
Boiling point : how politicians, big oil and coal, journalists, and activists are Ross the climate crisis--and what we can do to avert di
Boletín mercado de suelo urbano en el gran Concepción                                                    spa
Bolivia                                                              World Trade Press                   eng
Bolivia                                                              World Trade Press                   eng
Bolivia : money & banking                                                                                eng
Bombarded Britain : a search for British impact structures           Stratford, Richard                  eng
Bombast and broadsides : the lives of George Johnstone               Fabel, Robin F. A., 1934-           eng
Bombs and ballots : governance by Islamist terrorist and guerrilla groups Krista Eileen, 1971-           eng
                                                                      the Gulf Rafe
Bonapartists in the borderlands : French exiles and refugees on Blaufarb,Coast, 1815-1835                eng
Bond markets as conduits for capital flows : how does Asia compare?  Eichengreen, Barry J                eng
Bond markets in Latin America : on the verge of a big bang?                                              eng
Bone morphogenetic protein and collagen : an advances in tissue banking specialist publication eng
Bonebeds : genesis, analysis, and paleobiological significance                                           eng
                                                                     Todorova, Mariia Nikolaeva
Bones of contention : the living archive of Vasil Levski and the making of Bulgaria's national hero eng
Bones of the Maya : studies of ancient skeletons                                                         eng
                                                                     Singh, Vishnu colleges and also useful for hardware engineers, pc
Book of PC asembling : covering syllabus of various institutes and engineeringPriya                      eng
Books and the British Army in the age of the American Revolution     Gruber, Ira D                       eng
Books in motion : adaptation, intertextuality, authorship                                                eng
Border bandits : Hollywood on the southern frontier                  Fojas, Camilla, 1971-               eng
Border citizens : the making of Indians, Mexicans, and Anglos inMeeks, Eric V                            eng
Border games : policing the U.S.-Mexico divide                       Andreas, Peter, 1965-               eng
                                                                     González, John Morán
Border renaissance : the Texas centennial and the emergence of Mexican American literature               eng
Border transits : literature and culture across the line                                                 eng
Border war : fighting over slavery before the Civil War              Harrold, Stanley                    eng
Bordering biomedicine                                                                                    eng
Borderless borders : U.S. Latinos, Latin Americans, and the          Paradox of interdependence          eng
Borderline Americans : racial division and labor war in the Arizona borderlands Katherine                eng
                                                                     Stagg, frontier, 1776-1821          eng
Borderlines in borderlands : James Madison and the Spanish-AmericanJ. C. A. (John Charles Anderson), 1945-
Borderscapes : hidden geographies and politics at territory's edge                                       eng
Borges and his fiction : a guide to his mind and art                 Bell-Villada, Gene H., 1941-        eng
Boris Godunov and other dramatic works                                                                   eng
                                                                     Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837
Born again : evangelicalism in Korea                                 Lee, Timothy S                      eng
Born losers : a history of failure in America                        Sandage, Scott A                    eng
                                                                     Skach, Cindy, 1967-
Borrowing constitutional designs : constitutional law in Weimar Germany and the French Fifth Republic    eng
Bosnia and Herzegovina                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Bosnia and Herzegovina                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Bosnia and Herzegovina : money & banking                                                                 eng
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a textbook : with exercises and basic grammar Ronelle                        eng
Botanical companions : a memoir of plants and place                  Knobloch, Frieda                    eng
                                                                     Collins, Jane Lou, 1954-
Both hands tied : welfare reform and the race to the bottom in the low-wage labor market                 eng
Botswana                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Botswana : communications                                                                                eng
Botswana : money & banking                                                                               eng
Bottled and sold : the story behind our obsession with bottled water Gleick, Peter H                     eng
                                                                      the Grand Concourse in
Boulevard of dreams : heady times, heartbreak, and hope along Rosenblum, Constance the Bronxeng
                                                                      complex for Mexico and             eng
Bound in twine : the history and ecology of the henequen-wheat Evans, Sterling, 1959- the American and Canadian Plains, 1880-1
Boundaries : a casebook in environmental ethics                      Gudorf, Christine E                 eng
                                                                     Burgis, Michelle L                  eng
Boundaries of discourse in the International Court of Justice : mapping arguments in Arab territorial disputes
                                                                     Bush, Central
Boundary conditions : macrobotanical remains and the Oliver Phase ofLeslie L Indiana, A.D. 1200-1450     eng
Bountiful harvest : technology, food safety, and the environmentDeGregori, Thomas R                      eng
Bourdieu on religion : imposing faith and legitimacy                 Rey, Terry                          eng
Bovine anatomy : an illustrated text                                 Budras, Klaus-Dieter                eng
Box boats : how container ships changed the world                    Cudahy, Brian J                     eng
                                                                     Parille, Ken
Boys at home : discipline, masculinity, and the boy-problem in nineteenth-century American literature    eng
Bracing cold-formed steel structures : a design guide                                                    eng
                                                                     Dion, perspectives : including the Braiding histories stories co-writte
Braiding histories : learning from Aboriginal peoples' experiences and Susan D., 1959-                   eng

                                                     Page 33

Braids : introductory lectures on braids, configurations and their applications                       eng
Brain and visual perception : the story of a 25-year collaborationHubel, David H                      eng
Brain architecture : understanding the basic plan                  Swanson, Larry W                   eng
Brain arousal and information theory : neural and genetic mechanismsDonald W., 1939-                  eng
Brain gain : rethinking U.S. immigration policy                    West, Darrell M., 1954-            eng
Brain signal analysis : advances in neuroelectric and neuromagnetic methods                           eng
Brain-based teaching in the digital age                            Sprenger, Marilee, 1949-           eng
Brainteaser physics : challenging physics puzzlers                 Grimvall, Göran                    eng
Brainware : bio-inspired architecture and its hardware implementation                                 eng
Brainwashing : the science of thought control                                                         eng
                                                                   Taylor, Kathleen E. (Kathleen Eleanor)
Branching solutions to one-dimensional variational problems        Ivanov, A. O. (Alexander O.)       eng
Brand imitation                                                    Kaptan, S. S                       eng
Brand immortality : how brands can live long and prosper           Pringle, Hamish                    eng
Brand management                                                   Mallik, Sadhna                     eng
Brand management for international hotels                          Patricia, Maria                    eng
                                                                    in the Irish republic
Brand new Ireland? : tourism, development and national identity Clancy, Michael                       eng
Brand, organizational identity and reputation in SMEs : an overview                                   eng
Branded customer service : the new competitive edge                Barlow, Janelle, 1943-             eng
Branding Texas : performing culture in the Lone Star State         Clemons, Leigh, 1967-              eng
Brando unzipped                                                    Porter, Darwin                     eng
Brazil                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Brazil                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Brazil : money & banking                                                                              eng
Brazil on screen : cinema novo, new cinema, utopia                 Nagib, Lúcia, 1956-                eng
Brazil's living museum : race, reform, and tradition in Bahia      Romo, Anadelia A                   eng
Brazing                                                            Schwartz, Mel M                    eng
                                                                   International Brazing and Soldering Conference (3rd : 2006 : San A
Brazing and soldering : proceedings of the 3rd International Brazing and Soldering Conference : April 24-26, 2006, Crowne Plaza R
Breach : poems                                                     Cooley, Nicole                     eng
                                                                   Broeders, D. (Dennis)
Breaking down anonymity : digital surveillance on irregular migrants in Germany and the Netherlands   eng
                                                                   Dickinson, Sara
Breaking ground : travel and national culture in Russia from Peter I to the era of Pushkin            eng
Breaking news : how the Associated Press has covered war, peace, and everything else                  eng
Breaking silence : the case that changed the face of human rights  White, Richard Alan, 1944-         eng
Breaking the ashes : the culture of illicit liquor in Sri Lanka    Gamburd, Michele Ruth, 1965-       eng
Breaking the sound barrier                                         Goodman, Amy, 1957-                eng
Breakthrough business models : drug development for rare and neglected diseases and individualized therapies : workshop summa
Breakthrough communities : sustainability and justice in the next American metropolis                 eng
Breakthrough strategic IT and process planning                     Lientz, Bennet P                   eng
Breathe, you are alive! : the sutra on the full awareness of breathing Hanh, Thích                    eng
Breathing space : how allergies shape our lives and landscapes Mitman, Gregg                          eng
Brecht and political theatre : the mother on stage                 Bradley, Laura J. R                eng
Breeding and crop production                                                                          eng
                                                                   Largent, Mark A
Breeding contempt : the history of coerced sterilization in the United States                         eng
                                                                   Soennichsen, John Robert
Bretz's flood : the remarkable story of a rebel geologist and the world's greatest flood              eng
Breve historia de la lengua española                               Pharies, David A                   spa
                                                                   Brinkman, Inge                     eng
Bricks, mortar and capacity building : a socio-cultural history of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Bridginess : more of the civil engineering life                    Brenner, Brian R                   eng
                                                                     of Legislative Affairs           eng
Bridging the constitutional divide : inside the White House OfficeWhite House Congressional Affairs Symposium (2003 : White Burk
Bridging the evidence gap in obesity prevention : a framework to inform decision making               eng
Bridging the gap between graph edit distance and kernel machines   Neuhaus, Michel                    eng
Bridging the gap between social and market rented housing in six European countries?                  eng
Brighton & environs : a sketch book                                Hampton, H. G                      eng
Bringing the passions back in : the emotions in political philosophy                                  eng
                                                                     Versailles to the end of World War II
Britain and Arab unity : a documentary history from the Treaty ofRizq, Yunan Labib                    eng
Britain and Poland-Lithuania : contact and comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795                    eng
                                                                   Holland, R. F. (Robert F.)
Britain and the Hellenes : struggles for mastery in the eastern Mediterranean 1850-1960               eng
Britain, the empire, and the world at the Great Exhibition of 1851                                    eng

                                                  Page 34

Britain, the Euro and beyond                                          Baimbridge, Mark                    eng
                                                                      Chang, Elizabeth Hope
Britain's Chinese eye : literature, empire, and aesthetics in nineteenth-century Britain                  eng
                                                                      Berridge, Geoff
British diplomacy in Turkey, 1583 to the present : a study in the evolution of the resident embassy eng
British film design : a history                                       Ede, Laurie N                       eng
British food journal : Volume 109, Number 11, Animal welfare : the case of pig farming                    eng
British foreign policy and the Anglican Church : Christian engagement with the contemporary worldeng
British library and information schools : the research of the department of information science, City eng University London
British military and naval medicine, 1600-1830                                                            eng
                                                                      Fan, Fa-ti,
British naturalists in Qing China : science, empire, and cultural encounter 1964-                         eng
British popular culture and the First World War                                                           eng
British rail, 1974-97 : from integration to privatisation             Gourvish, T. R. (Terence Richard) eng
British Romanticism and Italian literature : translating, reviewing, rewriting                            eng
British state romanticism : authorship, agency, and bureaucratic Frey, Anne, 1972-                        eng
British subjects : an anthropology of Britain                                                             eng
British vocational qualifications : a directory of vocational qualifications available in the UK          eng
British women poets and the romantic writing community                Behrendt, Stephen C., 1947-         eng
Broad money demand and asset substitution in China                    Wu, Ge                              eng
Broadcast journalism : techniques of news writing reporting and Singh, Rajesh K                           eng
                                                                      Schwarz, Daniel R
Broadway boogie woogie : Damon Runyon and the making of New York City culture                             eng
Broca's region                                                                                            eng
Brock Chisholm, the World Health Organization, and the Cold War       Farley, John, 1936-                 eng
Brodsky abroad : empire, tourism, nostalgia                           Turoma, Sanna                       eng
Broken fathers/broken sons : a psychoanalyst remembers                Gargiulo, Gerald J                  eng
Broken glass : Caleb Cushing & the shattering of the Union            Belohlavek, John M                  eng
Broken mirrors, broken minds : the dark dreams of Dario Argento cDonagh, Maitland                         eng
                                                                      Gross, James A., 1933-
Broken promise : the subversion of U.S. labor relations policy, 1947-1994                                 eng
Brokers and bureaucrats : building market institutions in Russia Frye, Timothy                            eng
Brokers of public trust : notaries in early modern Rome               Nussdorfer, Laurie                  eng
Brontë, Eliot, Joyce, Hardy                                                                               eng
Brookings papers on economic activity : Spring 2009                                                       eng
Brookings papers on economic activity : Spring 2010                                                       eng
Brookings-Wharton papers on urban affairs : 2009                                                          eng
Brooklyn is : Southeast of the island : travel notes                  Agee, James, 1909-1955              eng
                                                                      Petersen, Silke
Brot, Licht und Weinstock : intertextuelle Analysen johanneischer Ich-bin-Worte                           ger
Brotherhoods of color : black railroad workers and the struggle for equalityEric                          eng
Brown in Baltimore : school desegregation and the limits of liberalism Howell S                           eng
                                                                      Basrawi, Fadia
Brownies and Kalashnikovs : a Saudi woman's memoir of American Arabia and wartime Beirut                  eng
Brunei                                                                World Trade Press                   eng
Brunei                                                                World Trade Press                   eng
Brunei : money & banking                                                                                  eng
Brutes in suits : male sensibility in America, 1890-1920              Pettegrew, John, 1959-              eng
Buccaneers of the Caribbean : how piracy forged an empire             Latimer, Jon                        eng
Buddha at the apocalypse : awakening from a culture of destruction    Spellmeyer, Kurt                    eng
Buddhism & science : a guide for the perplexed                        Lopez, Donald S., 1952-             eng
Buddhism and empire : the political and religious culture of earlyWalter, Michael L                       eng
                                                                      Mollier, Christine
Buddhism and Taoism face to face : scripture, ritual, and iconographic exchange in medieval China         eng
                                                                      Konik, Adrian
Buddhism and transgression : the appropriation of Buddhism in the contemporary West                       eng
                                                                      International Association for Tibetan
Buddhism beyond the monastery : tantric practices and their performers in Tibet and the Himalayas Studies. Seminar (10th : 2003
Buddhism in modern world                                              Jatava, D. R                        eng
Buddhism of the heart : reflections on Shin Buddhism and inner Wilson, Jeff (Jeff Townsend)               eng
Buffalo Bill in Bologna : the Americanization of the world, 1869-1922 Robert W                            eng
Buffalo soldiers in the West : a Black soldiers anthology                                                 eng
Build your career in aviation industry                                Chaudhary, Jyoti K                  eng
Building (in) the future : recasting labor in architecture                                                eng
                                                                      Cook, Sarah
Building a high-performance team : proven techniques for effective team working                           eng
Building a learning community in the primary classroom                Martin, Margaret                    eng

                                                Page 35

Building aerodynamics                                                 Lawson, Tom                          eng
Building an ark : 101 solutions to animal suffering                   Smith, Ethan                         eng
                                                                      Lia, Brynjar                         eng
Building Arafat's police : the politics of international police assistance in the Palestinian territories after the Oslo Agreement
Building broadband : strategies and policies for the developing world Yongsoo                              eng
                                                                       chain concepts and
Building competitiveness in Africa's agriculture : a guide to valueWebber, C. Martin applications eng
                                                                      Rajshekhar, A.                        with
Building dynamic Web 2.0 websites with Ruby on Rails : create database-drivenPdynamic websites eng this open-source web applic
Building engines for growth and competitiveness in China : experience with special economic zones and industrial clusters
                                                                      Picher, Michael W                    eng
Building enterprise ready telephony systems with sipXecs 4.0 : leveraging open source VoIP for a rock-solid communications system
Building envelopes : an integrated approach                           Lovell, Jenny, 1967-                 eng
Building houses out of chicken legs : Black women, food, and power    Williams-Forson, Psyche A            eng
Building leadership capacity for school improvement                   Harris, Alma, 1958-                  eng
Building monetary and financial systems : case studies in technical assistance                             eng
Building more effective unions                                        Clark, Paul F., 1954-                eng
Building on early gains in Afghanistan's health, nutrition, and population sector : challenges and options eng
                                                                      Mercer, Dave, 1955-                  eng
Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6 : build your own professional blog, forum, portal or community website with Dru
                                                                      creating groups that can             eng
Building powerful community organizations : a personal guide to Brown, Michael Jacoby solve problems and change the world
Building security in the Persian Gulf                                 Hunter, Robert Edwards, 1940- eng
                                                                      Salter, David
Building SOA-based composite applications using NetBeans IDE 6 : design, build, test, and debug eng        service-oriented applications wit
                                                                      Goncalves, a high-performance telephony system
Building telephony systems with OpenSER : a step-by-step guide to buildingFlavio E., 1966-                 eng
                                                                      Goncalves, Flavio E
Building telephony systems with OpenSIPS 1.6 : build scalable and robust telephony systems using SIP       eng
                                                                      NATO                                 eng
Building terrorism resistant communities : together against terrorism Advanced Research Workshop on Together against Terroris
                                                                      Walsh, Casey
Building the borderlands : a transnational history of irrigated cotton along the Mexico-Texas border eng
                                                                      Washington, Michael Harlan           eng
Building websites with DotNetNuke 5 : quickly build and deploy your own feature-rich website with DotNetNuke 5, VB.NET, C#, and
Building websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6                           Murphy, Leonard                      eng
                                                                      Graf, Hagen, 1964-
Building websites with Joomla! 1.5 : the best-selling Joomla! tutorial guide updated for the final release eng
Built environment and car travel : analyses of interdependenciesMaat, C                                    eng
Built for speed : a year in the life of pronghorn                                                          eng
                                                                      Byers, John A. (John Alexander), 1948-
Bulgaria                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Bulgaria                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Bulgaria                                                              Crampton, R. J                       eng
Bulgaria : money & banking                                                                                 eng
Bulldozed : Kelo, eminent domain, and the American lust for land      Main, Carla T                        eng
                                                                      Wenzel, Jennifer, 1969-
Bulletproof : afterlives of anticolonial prophecy in South Africa and beyond                               eng
Bunker archaeology                                                    Virilio, Paul                        eng
Bureaucracy and development administration                            Das, S. L                            eng
Bureaucracy and public administration                                 Trikha, Rajeshwar                    eng
Bureaucrats and bleeding hearts : indigenous health in northern Lea, Tess                                  eng
                                                                      Lee, era
Bureaus of efficiency : reforming local government in the progressive Mordecai, 1948-                      eng
Burket's oral medicine                                                Burket, Lester W. (Lester William),eng1907-
Burkina Faso                                                          World Trade Press                    eng
Burkina Faso                                                          World Trade Press                    eng
Burkina Faso : money & banking                                                                             eng
                                                                      Jordt, Ingrid
Burma's mass lay meditation movement : Buddhism and the cultural construction of power                     eng
Burning for the Buddha : self-immolation in Chinese Buddhism Benn, James A., 1964-                         eng
Burning to read : English fundamentalism and its Reformation opponents James, 1954-                        eng
Burnt offering                                                        Metelerkamp, Joan, 1956-             eng
                                                                      Rudwick, M. J. S
Bursting the limits of time : the reconstruction of geohistory in the age of revolution                    eng
Burundi                                                               World Trade Press                    eng
Burundi                                                               World Trade Press                    eng
Burundi : money & banking                                                                                  eng
Burying Don Imus : anatomy of a scapegoat                             Awkward, Michael                     eng
Bush on the home front : domestic policy triumphs and failures Graham, John D                              eng
                                                                      Coulter, Chris, 1969-
Bush wives and girl soldiers : women's lives through war and peace in Sierra Leone                         eng
Business analysis                                                     Johri, Amit                          eng
                                                                      Rostron, Sunny Stout
Business coaching international : transforming individuals and organizations                               eng
Business communication                                                Rai, Urmila                          eng

                                                     Page 36

Business communication                                             Gopala Krishna, C., 1948-          eng
Business communication                                             Rai, Urmila                        eng
Business communication                                             Viswanathan, Rajeesh               eng
Business communication : II                                        Rai, Urmila                        eng
                                                                   Doshi, S. R
Business communication and management : (modern methods and techniques)                               eng
Business confronts terrorism : risks and responses                 Alexander, Dean C., 1965-          eng
Business economics : Volume 1                                      Ve.nugopal                         eng
Business environment                                               Cherunilam, Francis                eng
Business environment                                               Cherunilam, Francis                eng
Business environment : concepts and techniques                     Sharma, Vandana                    eng
Business environment in modern era                                 Dave, Bipinchandra                 eng
Business ethics                                                    Gavai, A. K                        eng
Business ethics                                                    Paliwal, Manisha                   eng
Business finance                                                   Sharma, Nand Kishore               eng
Business group management in Japan                                                                    eng
Business knowledge for IT in Islamic finance : complete handbook for IT professionals                 eng
Business knowledge for IT in private equity : a complete handbook for IT professionals                eng
Business legislations                                              Kumar, Niraj                       eng
Business management                                                Sen, Mridul                        eng
Business management : II, (Marketing and finance)                  Narayana Reddy, P., 1955-          eng
Business of medical practice : advanced profit maximization techniques for savvy doctors              eng
Business organisation and management                               Mahajan, J. P                      eng
                                                                   Juric, process                     eng
Business process driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL : from businessMatjaz B modeling to orchestration and service oriented archi
Business process management journal. Volume 13, Number 6, Mobile customer relationship management     eng
Business research methodology                                      Sachdeva, J. K                     eng
Business research methods                                          Krishnaswamy, O. R                 eng
Business secretariat                                               Sharma, S. K                       eng
Business statistics                                                Chikkodi, C. M                     eng
Business strategy series. Volume 8, Number 6, Focus on technology and processing                      eng
Business strategy series. Volume 9, Number 1, Focus on strategic management                           eng
Business strategy series. Volume 9, Number 2, Focus on perfromance                                    eng
Business studies                                                   Kaushik, Upendra                   eng
Business to business services : multiple markets and multi-disciplinary perspectives for the twenty-first century
                                                                   Grotstein, James S                 eng
But at the same time and on another level : Volume one, Psychoanalytic theory and technique in the Kleinian/Bionian mode
                                                                   Guppy, Crispin Spencer, 1953-
Butterflies of British Columbia : including western Alberta, southern Yukon, the Alaska Panhandle, engWashington, northern Oregon, n
Butterflies, moths, and other invertebrates of Costa Rica : a fieldHenderson, Carrol L                eng
Butterfly, the bride : essays on law, narrative, and the family    Weisbrod, Carol                    eng
Buxton : a Black utopia in the heartland                           Schwieder, Dorothy, 1933-          eng
Buying into the world of goods : early consumers in backcountryMartin, Ann Smart, 1960-               eng
                                                                   Adam, Thomas, 1968-
Buying respectability : philanthropy and urban society in transnational perspective, 1840s to 1930s eng
Buying the big jets : fleet planning for airlines                  Clark, Paul, 1954-                 eng
By noon prayer : the rhythm of Islam                               El Guindi, Fadwa                   eng
By order of the president : FDR and the internment of Japanese Robinson, Greg, 1966-                  eng
By words alone : the Holocaust in literature                       Ezrahi, Sidra DeKoven              eng
Bye-bye Charlie : stories from the vanishing world of Kew Cottages Manning, Corinne                   eng
                                                                   Hillar, Gastón C                   eng
C# 2008 and 2005 threaded programming : beginner's guide : exploit the power of multiple processors for faster, more responsive s
C# game programming : for serious game creation                    Schuller, Daniel                   eng
C++ solutions for mathematical problems                            Ghosh, Arun, 1933-                 eng
Cabinets and first ministers                                       White, Graham, 1948-               eng
Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring : monitor your network with ease! Kundu, Dinangkur                       eng
                                                                   Dorland, : the limits of medical knowledge and memory in France
Cadaverland : inventing a pathology of catastrophe for Holocaust survivalMichael                      eng
                                                                   Gattorna, John                     spa
Cadenas de abastecimiento dinámicas (living supply chains) : cómo movilizar la empresa alrededor de lo que los clientes quieren
                                                                    rapid web development using the eng
CakePHP application development : step-by-step introduction toBari, Ahsanul                           open-source MVC CakePHP fram
Cakewalk synthesizers : from presets to power user                 Cann, Simon                        eng
Calculated risk                                                                                       eng
                                                                   Clark, Mark W. (Mark Wayne), 1896-1984
Cálculo : Vol. II                                                  Izquierdo Guallar, Enrique         spa

                                                  Page 37

Caliban and the Yankees : Trinidad and the United States occupation Neptune, Harvey R., 1970-         eng
Calidad visual en lasik hipermetrópico                              Llovet Osuna, Fernando            spa
California school law                                               Kemerer, Frank R                  eng
Caliph of Cairo : Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, 996-1021                   Walker, Paul Ernest, 1941-        eng
                                                                    King, Kelley
Call her a citizen : progressive-era activist and educator Anna Pennybacker M. (Kelley Marie), 1964-  eng
Call it English : the languages of Jewish American literature       Wirth-Nesher, Hana, 1948-         eng
Calling all cars : radio dragnets and the technology of policing Battles, Kathleen                    eng
                                                                    Shuler, Jack
Calling out liberty : the Stono slave rebellion and the universal struggle for human rights           eng
Cambodge : the cultivation of a nation, 1860-1945                   Edwards, Penny, 1962-             eng
Cambodia                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Cambodia                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Cambodia : money & banking                                                                            eng
Cambodian Buddhism : history and practice                           Harris, Ian Charles               eng
Camel                                                               Irwin, Robert                     eng
                                                                    Piereson, James                   eng
Camelot and the cultural revolution : how the assassination of John F. Kennedy shattered American liberalism
Cameroon                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Cameroon                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Cameroon : money & banking                                                                            eng
Cameroon : the stakes and challenges of governance and development                                    eng
                                                                    Erlichman, Howard Interstate       Texas
Camino del Norte : how a series of watering holes, fords, and dirt trails evolved into J., 1953- 35 ineng
Camp Chase and the evolution of Union prison policy                 Pickenpaugh, Roger                eng
Campaign dynamics : the race for governor                           Carsey, Thomas M., 1966-          eng
Campaign reform : insights and evidence                                                               eng
Campaigning to the new American electorate : advertising to Latino voters Marisa, 1977-               eng
Campus sexpot : a memoir                                            Carkeet, David                    eng
Can anything beat white? : a Black family's letters                                                   eng
Can budget institutions counteract political indiscipline?          Fabrizio, Stefania                eng
Can do! : how to achieve real personal change and growth            Tiggelaar, Ben                    eng
                                                                    crises and fiscal policy
Can good events lead to bad outcomes? : endogenous banking Feltenstein, Andrew responses eng
Can markets compute equilibria?                                     Monroe, Hunter                    eng
Can star systems be explored? : the physics of star probes          Crowell, Lawrence B               eng
Can the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union afford to grow old? Monroe, Hunter                           eng
Canada                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Canada                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Canada : money & banking                                                                              eng
Canada and the British world : culture, migration, and identity                                       eng
Canada, the Congo crisis, and UN peacekeeping, 1960-64                                                eng
                                                                    Spooner, Kevin A. (Kevin Alexander), 1968-
                                                                    Clément, Dominique, 1975-
Canada's rights revolution : social movements and social change, 1937-82                              eng
Canada's voice : the public life of John Wendell Holmes             Chapnick, Adam, 1976-             eng
Canadian residential mortgage markets : boring but effective? Kiff, John                              eng
Canadians behind enemy lines, 1939-1945                             MacLaren, Roy                     eng
Candid science III : more conversations with famous chemists Hargittai, István                        eng
Candide                                                             Fisher, Burton D                  eng
Candide and other stories                                           Voltaire, 1694-1778               eng
                                                                    Berglund, Jeff
Cannibal fictions : American explorations of colonialism, race, gender and sexuality                  eng
Can't I love what I criticize? : the masculine and Morrison         Mayberry, Susan Neal, 1951-       eng
                                                                     for basic research
Capabilities for the future : an assessment of NASA laboratoriesNational Research Council (U.S.) eng
Capital and labour in the British Columbia forest industry, 1934-74 Gordon H. (Gordon Hugh) eng
Capital flows to Central and Eastern Europe                         Lane, Philip R., 1969-            eng
Capital inflows : macroeconomic implications and policy responses   Cardarelli, R. (Roberto)          eng
                                                                    Saborowski, Christian
Capital inflows and the real exchange rate : can financial development cure the Dutch disease? eng
Capital letters : authorship in the antebellum literary market      Dowling, David                    eng
                                                                    Kaletsky, Anatole
Capitalism 4.0 : the birth of a new economy in the aftermath of crisis                                eng
Capitalism at work : business, government, and energy               Bradley, Robert L., 1955-         eng
                                                                    Clark, and the political          eng
Capitalism, not globalism : capital mobility, central bank independence,William Roberts control of the economy
                                                                    Sanghera, Paul
CAPM in depth : project management professional study guide for the CAPM exam                         eng

                                                 Page 38

Capriccio                                                            Fisher, Burton D               eng
Captain Alex MacLean : Jack London's Sea wolf                        Macgillivray, Don, 1942-       eng
Captain J.A. Brooks : Texas Ranger                                   Spellman, Paul N               eng
Captives & their saviors in the medieval crown of Aragon             Rodriguez, Jarbel, 1971-       eng
                                                                     Peskin, Lawrence
Captives and countrymen : Barbary slavery and the American public, 1785-1816 A., 1966-              eng
Capturing Colour                                                     Malpas, Phil                   eng
                                                                     Goldstein, Cora
Capturing the German eye : American visual propaganda in occupied Germany Sol                       eng
Capturing the news : three decades of reporting crisis and conflict  Collings, Anthony              eng
                                                                     Martínez de interés Ada Nelly  spa
Caracterización de marcadores moleculares para la detección de ténidos Villalobos, humano y veterinario
Cardiac arrhythmia recognition : an easy learning guide              Foxall, Fiona                  eng
Cardiovascular disability : updating the Social Security listings Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Social Security Cardiova
Care of arthritis in the older adult                                                                eng
Care of gastrointestinal problems in the older adult                                                eng
Care of the dying patient                                                                           eng
Career diplomacy : life and work in the U.S. foreign service         Kopp, Harry                    eng
                                                                     Thompson, David, 1969-
Career helium : how to float past others in your quest to reach the top                             eng
Career in event management                                           Mehndiratta, Vaibhav           eng
Career in hospatility [i.e. hospitality], travel & tourism industry Chaudhary, J. K                 eng
Career in mass communication                                         Puri, Manohar                  eng
Career in textile & fashion designing                                                               eng
Career reboot : 24 tips for tough times                              Lees, John                     eng
Caribbean autobiography : cultural identity and self-representation  Paquet, Sandra Pouchet         eng
                                                                     Amussen, Susan Dwyer
Caribbean exchanges : slavery and the transformation of English society, 1640-1700                  eng
Caribbean interfaces                                                                                eng
Caribbean middlebrow : leisure culture and the middle class          Edmondson, Belinda             eng
Caribbean migration to Western Europe and the United States : essays on incorporation, identity, and citizenship
Caribbean wars untold : a salute to the British West Indies          Metzgen, Humphrey              eng
                                                                     Quill, Timothy E
Caring for patients at the end of life : facing an uncertain future together                        eng
Caring, curing, coping : nurse, physician, patient, relationships                                   eng
Carl Jung, Darwin of the mind                                        Lawson, Thomas T               eng
Carl Sauer on culture and landscape : readings and commentaries      Sauer, Carl Ortwin, 1889-1975  eng
Carl Schmitt and the intensification of politics                     Shapiro, Kam                   eng
Carmen : from silent film to MTV                                                                    eng
Carrots, sticks, and ethnic conflict : rethinking development assistance                            eng
Carrying the word : the Concheros dance in Mexico City               Rostas, Susanna                eng
Carter's conversion : the hardening of American defense policy Auten, Brian J., 1969-               eng
                                                                     Short, John R
Cartographic encounters : indigenous peoples and the exploration of the new world                   eng
Cartography in antiquity and the Middle Ages : fresh perspectives, new methods                      eng
Carville : remembering leprosy in America                            Gaudet, Marcia G               eng
Casablanca : movies and memory                                       Augé, Marc                     eng
                                                                     Hamilton, John about the       eng
Casanova was a book lover : and other naked truths and provocative curiositiesMaxwell writing, selling, and reading of books
Case and grammatical relations : studies in honor of Bernard Comrie                                 eng
Case closed : Holocaust survivors in postwar America                 Cohen, Beth B., 1950-          eng
Case studies in archaeological predictive modelling [sic             Verhagen, Philip, 1966-        eng
Casebook for the foundation : a great American secret                Fleishman, Joel L              eng
Cashew : a monograph                                                 Abdul Salam, M                 eng
Caspar David Friedrich and the subject of landscape                  Koerner, Joseph Leo            eng
Castoriadis : psyche, society, autonomy                              Klooger, Jeff                  eng
                                                                     Desjardins, New                eng
Castorland journal : an account of the exploration and settlement of northernSimonYork State by French émigrés in the years 1793 t
Cataclysms : a history of the twentieth century from Europe's edge   Diner, Dan, 1946-              eng
                                                                     Jacobson, Stephen, PhD
Catalonia's advocates : lawyers, society, and politics in Barcelona, 1759-1900                      eng
Catalyst : the power of the media and the public to make change      King, Madonna                  eng
Catastrophic consequences : civil wars and American interests David, Steven R                       eng
Catching up with the competition : trade opportunities and challenges for Arab countries            eng
Catchment2Coast : a systems approach to coupled river-coastal ecosystem science and management      eng
Categorical quantum models and logics                                Heunen, Chris                  eng

                                                  Page 39

Categorization in the history of English                                                                eng
                                                                      Waldmeir, John Christian, 1959- eng
Cathedrals of bone : the role of the body in contemporary Catholic literature
                                                                      Lado, Ludovic, 1970-              eng
Catholic Pentecostalism and the paradoxes of Africanization : processes of localization in a Catholic Charismatic movement in Cam
                                                                      Houliston, Victor, 1954-
Catholic resistance in Elizabethan England : Robert Persons's Jesuit polemic, 1580-1610                 eng
                                                                      Sniegocki, John,
Catholic social teaching and economic globalization : the quest for alternatives 1963-                  eng
                                                                      Cato Institute
Cato handbook for Congress : policy recommendations for the 108th Congress                              eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2001-2002                                                            eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2002-2003                                                            eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2003-2004                                                            eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2004-2005                                                            eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2005-2006                                                            eng
Cato Supreme Court review : Volume 2006-2007                                                            eng
Católicos : resistance and affirmation in Chicano Catholic history    García, Mario T                   eng
                                                                      McCabe, disequilibrium system eng
Cattle bring us to our enemies : Turkana ecology, politics, and raiding in aJ. Terrence
Causation and explanation                                             Psillos, Stathis                  eng
Causation and explanation                                                                               eng
Causation, physics, and the constitution of reality : Russell's republic revisited                      eng
Cause, condition, concession, contrast : cognitive and discourse perspectives                           eng
Causes of climate change                                              Malik, Ashok                      eng
Causes, benefits, and risks of business tax incentives                Klemm, Alexander                  eng
Causing his name to live : studies in Egyptian epigraphy and history in memory of William J. Murnane    eng
Cautious beginnings : Canadian foreign intelligence, 1939-51 Jensen, Kurt F. (Kurt Frank), 1946- ng     e
Cavitar o no cavitar? : la inevitable ubicuidad de las burbujas Dopazo García, César                    spa
Cell and developmental biology                                        Sastry, K. V                      eng
Cell and molecular biology                                            Gupta, P. K                       eng
Cell biology                                                                                            eng
Cell biology : fundamentals & applications                            Mukhrajee, Arunima                eng
Cell biology : immunology and environmental biology                   Arora, Mohan P                    eng
Cell biology and genetics                                             Sreekrishna, V                    eng
Cell diagnostics : images, biophysical and biochemical processes in allelopathy                         eng
Cell signalling                                                       Powar, C. B                       eng
Cell-based biosensors : principles and applications                                                     eng
Cells biology                                                         Hill, Lisa                        eng
                                                                      Guraya, Sardul S                  eng
Cellular and molecular biology of human oogenesis, ovulation and early embryogenesis : fundamentals, biomedical and clinical imp
                                                                      Lim, Song Hwee, 1965-
Celluloid comrades : representations of male homosexuality in contemporary Chinese cinemas              eng
Celluloid vampires : life after death in the modern world             Abbott, Stacey                    eng
                                                                      Hernández, Marie Theresa,
Cemeteries of ambivalent desire : unearthing deep South narratives from a Texas graveyard1952- eng
Centenary reflections on Mark Twain's No. 44, the mysterious stranger                                   eng
Central African Republic                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Central African Republic                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Central African Republic                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Central America : structural foundations for regional financial integration                             eng
Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages : a cultural history                                      eng
                                                                      Berger, Helge
Central bank boards around the world : why does membership size differ?                                 eng
Central European Pragmatist Forum : Volume 3, Education for a democratic society                        eng
Central sites, peripheral visions : cultural and institutional crossings in the history of anthropology eng
Central standard : a time, a place, a family                          Irelan, Patrick, 1943-            eng
Central works of philosophy : Volume 3, The nineteenth century                                          eng
Central works of philosophy : Volume 4, The twentieth century : Moore to Popper                         eng
Central works of philosophy : Volume 5, The twentieth century : Quine and after                         eng
                                                                      Knowles, Diaspora                 eng
Centrality practiced : Jerusalem in the religious practice of Yehud and the Melody D in the Persian period
Ceramics before farming : the dispersal of pottery among prehistoric Eurasian hunter-gatherers          eng
                                                                      Steponaitis, Vincas P
Ceramics, chronology, and community patterns : an archaeological study at Moundville                    eng
Ceramography : preparation and analysis of ceramic microstructures Richard E                            eng
Cerebral reorganization of function after brain damage                                                  eng
                                                                      National Research Council         Commitee on Certification of Sus
Certifiably sustainable? : the role of third-party certification systems: report of a workshop (U.S.). eng

                                                   Page 40

Certifying personal protective technologies : improving worker safety                                  eng
Cervantes, Swift, Shelley, Flaubert, Stevenson                                                         eng
                                                                   García Barrios, Ana
Chaahk, el dios de la lluvia, en el período clásico maya : aspectos religiosos y políticos             spa
Chad                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Chad                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Chad : money & banking                                                                                 eng
                                                                   Borges, Marcelo
Chains of gold : Portuguese migration to Argentina in transatlantic perspective J                      eng
                                                                    Austin, Texas
Chainsaws, slackers, and spy kids : thirty years of filmmaking in Macor, Alison, 1966-                 eng
Challenge of culture in Africa : from restoration to integration   Fonlon, Bernard Nsokika, 1924-1986  eng
                                                                   National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Challenges and opportunities for education about dual use issues in the life sciences
Challenges and opportunities in using residual newborn screening samples for translational research : workshop summary
                                                                   International Conference on Fundamental Sciences: Mathematics a
Challenges for the 21st century : International Conference on Fundamental Sciences, Mathematicseng Theoretical Physics, Singap
Challenges in granular physics                                                                         eng
                                                                   Devlin, Julia, 1966-
Challenges of economic development in the Middle East and North Africa region                          eng
                                                                    Asia : proceedings of the 4th International Conference on South
Challenges of economic growth, inequality, and conflict in SouthInternational Conference on Southeng (4th : 2008 : Singapore) As
Challenges of the third age : meaning and purpose in later life                                        eng
Challenging the boundaries                                                                             eng
Challenging the boundaries of slavery                              Davis, David Brion                  eng
Challenging the secular state : the Islamization of law in modernSalim, Arskal                         eng
Chance & choice : memorabilia                                      Chung, Kai Lai, 1917-2009           eng
Chance, literature, and culture in early modern France                                                 eng
                                                                    War memory
Chancellorsville and the Germans : nativism, ethnicity, and Civil Keller, Christian B                  eng
Change and continuity in writing about change and continuity                                           eng
Change careers successfully : how to make a job switch work for you                                    eng
Change leadership : developing a change-adept organization Orridge, Martin, 1947-                      eng
Change management                                                  Murthy, C. S. V                     eng
                                                                   Adams, Marilee G., 1945-
Change your questions, change your life : 7 powerful tools for life and work                           eng
                                                                   and planning
Change, choices, and consequences : a guide to mega thinking Kaufman, Roger A                          eng
                                                                   Koornstra, Matthijs J
Changing choices : psychological relativity theory: a mathematical theory and the multidimensional eng analyses of judgment, preferenc
Changing climates in North American politics : institutions, policymaking, and multilevel governance   eng
Changing direction in educational administration                   Sharma, R. S                        eng
                                                                   Frock, Roger, 1936-
Changing how the world does business : FedEx's incredible journey to success : the inside story eng
                                                                     on the Naomi
Changing how you manage and communicate change : focusingKarten, human side of change                  eng
Changing paths : international development and the new politics of inclusion                           eng
                                                                   Sherwonit, Bill, 1950-
Changing paths : travels and meditations in Alaska's Arctic wilderness                                 eng
                                                                   Murdock, Caitlin E
Changing places : society, culture, and territory in the Saxon-Bohemian borderlands, 1870-1946 eng
Changing politics in Japan                                         Kabashima, Ikuo, 1947-              eng
Changing relations of welfare : family, gender and migration in Britain and Scandinavia                eng
                                                                   Dickinson, David, 1963-
Changing the course of AIDS : peer education in South Africa and its lessons for the global crisis eng
Changing the IT leader's mindset : time for revolution rather than evolution Robina                    eng
                                                                   Bashir, Republic
Changing the trajectory : education and training for youth in Democratic Sajitha of Congo              eng
Changing values and beliefs in 85 countries : trends from the values surveys from 1981 to 2004 eng
Changing values, persisting cultures : case studies in value changeHalman, Loek                        eng
Channel management and retail marketing                            Dhotre, Meenal                      eng
                                                                    in Iraq
Channels of power : the UN Security Council and U.S. statecraftThompson, Alexander, 1972-              eng
                                                                    working class,
Chants democratic : New York City and the rise of the AmericanWilentz, Sean 1788-1850                  eng
Chaos : a very short introduction                                  Smith, Leonard A                    eng
Chaos of disciplines                                               Abbott, Andrew Delano               eng
Chaotic systems : theory and applications                                                              Applications International Confe
                                                                   Chaotic Modeling, Simulation, and eng
Chapaev                                                            Graffy, Julian                      eng
Character is destiny : the autobiography of Alice Salomon          Salomon, Alice, 1872-1948           eng
Characterizing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa : time for strategic action   eng
Charity and giving in monotheistic religion                                                            eng
Charlemagne, Muhammad, and the Arab roots of capitalism            Heck, Gene W                        eng
Charles Dickens                                                                                        eng
Charles Johnson : the novelist as philosopher                                                          eng

                                                   Page 41

Charles Olson and Alfred North Whitehead : an essay on poetryBram, Shachar                         eng
Charles Taylor                                                      Abbey, Ruth, 1961-             eng
                                                                    Perrone, Sean T
Charles V and the Castilian Assembly of the Clergy : negotiations for the ecclesiastical subsidy   eng
Charles W. Chesnutt and the fictions of race                        McWilliams, Dean               eng
Charlotte Brontë : the imagination in history                       Glen, Heather                  eng
Charlotte Perkins Gilman : a biography                              Davis, Cynthia J., 1964-       eng
Charm offensive : how China's soft power is transforming the world  Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976-     eng
Charting churches in a changing Europe : Charta Oecumenica and the process of ecumenical encounter eng
Chasin' the bird : the life and legacy of Charlie Parker            Priestley, Brian, 1946-        eng
                                                                    Vickers, Graham
Chasing Lolita : how popular culture corrupted Nabokov's little girl all over again                eng
                                                                    Fowler, Corinne
Chasing tales : travel writing, journalism and the history of British ideas about Afghanistan      eng
Chastity : a study in perception, ideals, opposition                                               eng
Cheche : reminiscences of a radical magazine                                                       eng
Chechnya                                                            World Trade Press              eng
Chechnya : money & banking                                                                         eng
Chechyna                                                            World Trade Press              eng
Check in check out                                                  Ghosh, S                       eng
Check it out! : Great reporters on what it takes to tell the story Athens, Art                     eng
Check your English vocabulary for business and administration Wyatt, Rawdon                        eng
Check your English vocabulary for FCE+                                                             eng
                                                                    Palmer, Colin A., 1944-
Cheddi Jagan and the politics of power : British Guiana's struggle for independence                eng
Cheeky fictions : laughter and the postcolonial                                                    eng
                                                                    Neufeld, Zoltán
Chemical and biological processes in fluid flows : a dynamical systems approach                    eng
Chemical and metallurgical thermodynamics                           Prasad, Krishna Kant           eng
                                                                    Nitzan, Abraham                eng
Chemical dynamics in condensed phases : relaxation, transfer and reactions in condensed molecular systems
Chemical pesticide markets, health risks and residues               Harris, Jeremy                 eng
Chemical vapor deposition                                                                          eng
Chemistry practicals                                                Rastogi, K. N                  eng
                                                                    Greenbaum, Jamie
Chen Jiru (1558-1639) : the background to development and subsequent uses of literary personae eng
                                                                    Johnston, Carolyn, 1948-
Cherokee women in crisis : Trail of Tears, Civil War, and allotment, 1838-1907                     eng
Che's Chevrolet, Fidel's Oldsmobile : on the road in Cuba           Schweid, Richard, 1946-        eng
Chesnutt and realism : a study of the novels                        Simmons, Ryan, 1969-           eng
Chess metaphors : artificial intelligence and the human mind        Rasskin-Gutman, Diego          eng
Chester : a sketch-book                                             Pike, Joseph                   eng
Chewing gum, candy bars, and beer : the Army PX in World War II     Cooke, James J                 eng
Chiastic designs in English literature from Sidney to Shakespeare   Engel, William E., 1957-       eng
Chicago '68                                                         Farber, David R                eng
                                                                    Baldwin, Davarian L
Chicago's new Negroes : modernity, the great migration, & Black urban life                         eng
Chiefs, scribes, and ethnographers : Kuna culture from inside and out James, 1944-                 eng
                                                                    Williams, J. Michael, 1954-
Chieftaincy, the state, and democracy : political legitimacy in post-apartheid South Africa        eng
Child day care management                                           García, Elizabeth              eng
Child development problems and issues                               Ambedkar, Shilaja N            eng
Child domestic workers in Zimbabwe                                  Bourdillon, M. F. C            eng
Child health and development                                        Gupta, Jyotsana                eng
Child health in America : making a difference through advocacy Palfrey, Judith                     eng
Child labor and the transition between school and work                                             eng
Child labour in South Asia                                                                         eng
Child protection in America : past, present, and future             Myers, John E. B               eng
Child protection reform across the United Kingdom                                                  eng
Child psychology                                                    Allen, Brian                   eng
Child survival, health and social work intervention                 Choudhary, Premanand           eng
                                                                    Honeyman, the early            eng
Child workers in England, 1780-1820 : parish apprentices and the making of Katrina industrial labour force
                                                                    Bergmann, Claudia D            eng
Childbirth as a metaphor for crisis : evidence from the ancient Near East, the Hebrew Bible, and 1QH XI, 1-18
Child-centred attachment therapy : the CcAT programme               Raicar, Alexandra Maeja        eng
Child-centred education : reviving the creative tradition           Doddington, Christine          eng
                                                                    Lee, Nick,
Childhood and human value : development, separation and separability 1968-                         eng

                                                 Page 42

Childhood education                                                 Bhatia, Mamta                       eng
Children and adolescents in trauma : creative therapeutic approaches                                    eng
Children as pawns : the politics of educational reform              Hacsi, Timothy A                    eng
Children at play : an American history                              Chudacoff, Howard P                 eng
Children bound to labor : the pauper apprentice system in early America                                 eng
Children in custody : Anglo-Russian perspectives                    McAuley, Mary                       eng
Children of a new world : society, culture, and globalization       Fass, Paula S                       eng
Children of Achilles : the Greeks in Asia Minor since the days of Freely, John                          eng
Children of colonialism : Anglo-Indians in a postcolonial world Caplan, Lionel                          eng
Children of immigration                                             Suárez-Orozco, Carola, 1957-        eng
                                                                    Blake, John                         eng
Children of the movement : the sons and daughters of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, George Wallace, Andr
Children on demand : the ethics of defying nature                   Frame, T. R. (Thomas R.), 1962- eng
                                                                    Broadhead, Pat,
Children, families and communities : creating and sustaining integrated services 1951-                  eng
                                                                    Sabatello, Maya                      right
Children's bioethics : the international biopolitical discourse on harmful traditional practices and theeng of the child to cultural ident
Children's dreams : from Freud's observations to modern dreamColace, Claudio                            eng
Chile                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Chile                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
Chile : money & banking                                                                                 eng
Chilean modern architecture since 1950                              Pérez Oyarzún, Fernando, 1950- eng
Chile's structural fiscal surplus rule : a model-based evaluation Kumhof, Michael                       eng
                                                                    Bonnicksen, Andrea L
Chimeras, hybrids, and interspecies research : politics and policymaking                                eng
China                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
China                                                               World Trade Press                   eng
China : money & banking                                                                                 eng
                                                                    Santoro, Michael change in the coming decade
China 2020 : how western business can--and should--influence social and politicalA                      eng
China among unequals : asymmetric foreign relationship in AsiaWomack, Brantly, 1947-                    eng
                                                                     theory in China 1917-1979
China and Albert Einstein : the reception of the physicist and hisHu, Danian, 1962-                     eng
                                                                      for sustained growth              eng
China and India : learning from each other : reforms and policiesChanging Economic Structures in China and India: Domestic and R
China fictions, English language : literary essays in diaspora, memory, story                           eng
China marches west : the Qing conquest of Central Eurasia           Perdue, Peter C., 1949-             eng
China off center : mapping the margins of the middle kingdom                                            eng
China safari : on the trail of China's expansion in Africa          Michel, Serge, 1969-                eng
China watcher : confessions of a Peking Tom                         Baum, Richard, 1940-                eng
China with a cut : globalisation, urban youth and popular music Kloet, Jeroen de                        eng
China, India, and Japan : a review of their relations               Amravati, Mallappa, 1935-           eng
China-EU : a common future                                                                              eng
China's Christian colleges : cross-cultural connections, 1900-1950                                      eng
China's cosmopolitan empire : the Tang dynasty                      Lewis, Mark Edward, 1954-           eng
China's emerging middle class : beyond economic transformation                                          eng
                                                                    Holz, Carsten
China's industrial state-owned enterprises between profitability and bankruptcy                         eng
China's last empire : the great Qing                                Rowe, William T                     eng
China's social development : analysis and forecast                                                      eng
China's trapped transition : the limits of developmental autocracy  Pei, Minxin                         eng
China's west region development = [Zhongguo xi bu] : domestic strategies and global implications eng
Chinatown gangs : extortion, enterprise, and ethnicity              Chin, Ko-lin                        eng
Chinese capitalisms                                                                                     eng
Chinese city and urbanism : evolution and development               Xue, Fengxuan                       eng
Chinese community leadership : case study of Victoria in Canadaai, Chuenyan David, 1937-                eng
                                                                    Bai, Jianhua                         dian
Chinese grammar made easy : a practical and effective guide for teachers : [dui wai Han yu yu yanchi jiao xue 150 li]
Chinese healing exercises : the tradition of Daoyin                 Kohn, Livia, 1956-                  eng
                                                                    Kurpaska, Maria, Chinese dialectseng
Chinese language(s) : a look through the prism of The Great dictionary of modern 1977-
Chinese medical qigong                                                                                  eng
Chinese migrants abroad : cultural, educational, and social dimensions of the Chinese diaspora eng
                                                                    Lu, Sheldon H
Chinese modernity and global biopolitics : studies in literature and visual culture                     eng
                                                                    Tjon Sie
Chinese new migrants in Suriname : the inevitability of ethnic performing Fat, Paul Brendan, 1966- eng
Chinese poetry in times of mind, mayhem and money                   Crevel, Maghiel van                 eng

                                                    Page 43

Chinese Shakespeares : two centuries of cultural exchange                                             eng
                                                                     Huang, Alexander C. Y. (Alexander Cheng-Yuan)
Chinese stock markets : a research handbook                          Su, Dongwei                      eng
Chinese women and the cyberspace                                                                      eng
Chinese women organizing : cadres, feminists, Muslims, queers                                         eng
Chinese writing and calligraphy                                      Li, Wendan                       eng
                                                                     Workshop on Chiral Dynamics: Theory and Experiment (3rd : 2000
Chiral dynamics : theory and experiment III : Jefferson Laboratory, USA, July 17-22, 2000             eng
                                                                      of China's consumers
Chocolate fortunes : the battle for the hearts, minds, and walletsAllen, Lawrence L., 1960-           eng
Choctaw prophecy : a legacy of the future                            Mould, Tom, 1969-                eng
                                                                     Stephane, Hess                   eng
Choice modeling : the state of the art and the state of practice ; proceedings from the Inaugural International Choice Modelling Conf
Chomsky on anarchism                                                 Chomsky, Noam                    eng
Choose and focus : Japanese business strategies for the 21st century Schaede, Ulrike, 1962-           eng
                                                                     Chai, Sun-Ki
Choosing an identity : a general model of preference and belief formation                             eng
Choosing an open source CMS : beginner's guide                       Mehta, Nirav                     eng
Choosing children : genes, disability, and design                    Glover, Jonathan                 eng
                                                                     Maxwell, Alexander, 1969-
Choosing Slovakia : Slavic Hungary, the Czechoslovak language and accidental nationalism              eng
Choosing the republic                                                                                 eng
                                                                     Patmore, G. A. (Glenn Anthony), 1961-
                                                                     Heppell, Timothy
Choosing the Tory leader : Conservative Party leadership elections from Heath to Cameron              eng
Christ in Japanese culture : theological themes in Shusaku Endo's literary works Emi                  eng
Christian doctrines in Islamic theology                                                               eng
                                                                     Thomas, David (David Richard), 1948-
Christian humanism : essays in honour of Arjo Vanderjagt                                              eng
Christian inculturation in India                                     Collins, Paul M                  eng
Christian mysticism : an introduction to contemporary theoreticalNelstrop, Louise                     eng
                                                                     Beasley, Nicholas M
Christian ritual and the creation of British slave societies, 1650-1780                               eng
Christianity and American democracy                                  Heclo, Hugh                      eng
Christianity and liberal society                                     Song, Robert                     eng
                                                                                                      of the
Christianity and monasticism in the Fayoum oasis : essays from the 2004 international symposium eng Saint Mark Foundation an
Christianity and monasticism in Wadi al-Natrun : essays from the 2002 international symposium of eng Saint Mark Foundation and th
Christianity and resistance in the 20th century : from Kaj Munk and Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Desmond Tutu
                                                                     Prochaska, F. K
Christianity and social service in modern Britain : the disinherited spirit                           eng
                                                                     Grafton, Anthony
Christianity and the transformation of the book : Origen, Eusebius, and the library of Caesarea       eng
Christianity in Korea                                                                                 eng
Christianity on trial : arguments against anti-religious bigotry     Carroll, Vincent                 eng
Christianity, truth, and weakening faith : a dialogue                Vattimo, Gianni, 1936-           eng
                                                                     Pignot, Hélène
Christians under the Ottoman Turks : French and English travellers in Greece and Anatolia, 1615-1694  eng
Christmas in Germany : a cultural history                            Perry, Joe                       eng
Christopher Marlowe : poet & spy                                     Honan, Park                      eng
                                                                      Elizabethan underground
Christopher Marlowe and Richard Baines : journeys through the Kendall, Roy, 1943-                     eng
Christopher Smart and satire : 'Mary Midnight' and the midwife Wild, Min                              eng
Chronic illness in children : an evidence-based approach                                              eng
Chronicle of a war foretold : how Mideast peace became America's fight Norman, 1949-                  eng
Chronicle of the Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry : discussions, decisions and documents                    eng
                                                                                                      Douglass), 1901-1988
Chronicles of faith : the autobiography of Frederick D. PattersonPatterson, Frederick D. (Frederick eng
Church and society : the Laurence J. McGinley lectures, 1988-2007    Dulles, Avery, 1918-2008         eng
                                                                     Willis, Jonathan and identities
Church music and Protestantism in post-Reformation England : discourses, sitesP                       eng
Churches and charity in the immigrant city : religion, immigration, and civic engagement in Miami eng
Churchill's promised land : Zionism and statecraft                   Makovsky, Michael, 1963-         eng
Cicero on the emotions : Tusculan disputations 3 and 4               Cicero, Marcus Tullius           eng
Ciencia hoy : revista de divulgación científica y tecnológica de la Asociación Ciencia Hoy            spa
Ciencia y interculturalidad : revista para el diálogo intercientífico e intercultural                 spa
                                                                     Ridgeway, Greg, 1973-
Cincinnati Police Department traffic stops : applying RAND's framework to analyze racial disparities  eng
Cinderella in America : a book of folk and fairy tales                                                eng
Cinema : a visual anthropology                                       Gray, Gordon (Gordon T.)         eng
Cinema and television in Singapore : resistance in one dimension     Tan, Kenneth Paul                eng
Cinema beyond film : media epistemology in the modern era                                             eng
Cinema entertainment : essays on audiences, films and film-makers Alan, 1935-                         eng
Cinema Houston : from Nickelodeon to Megaplex                        Welling, David, 1958-            eng

                                                  Page 44

Circles and lines : the shape of life in early America                 Demos, John                      eng
Circles in the sky : the life and times of George Ferris               Weingardt, Richard               eng
Circles of exclusion : the politics of health care in Israel           Filc, Dani                       eng
Circuits of culture : media, politics, and indigenous identity in theHimpele, Jeffrey D., 1965-         eng
Circular villages of the Monongahela tradition                                                          eng
                                                                       Means, Bernard K. (Bernard Klaus), 1964-
Cirrus                                                                                                  eng
                                                                        edge to crack L
CISSP in 21 days : boost your confidence and get a competitive Srinivasan, M. the exam                  eng
                                                                       Miller, John,
Cities divided : politics and religion in English provincial towns, 1660-1722 1946 July 5-              eng
Cities of the Mediterranean : from the Ottomans to the present day                                      eng
Citizen bachelors : manhood and the creation of the United States      McCurdy, John Gilbert, 1972-     eng
Citizen hobo : how a century of homelessness shaped America DePastino, Todd                             eng
Citizen of Zimbabwe : conversations with Morgan Tsvangirai             Chan, Stephen, 1949-             eng
Citizen speak : the democratic imagination in American life            Perrin, Andrew J., 1971-         eng
                                                                       Cohler, Deborah
Citizen, invert, queer : lesbianism and war in early twentieth-century Britain                          eng
Citizens, democracy, and markets around the Pacific rim : congruence theory and political culture eng
Citizenship across the curriculum                                                                       eng
Citizenship and identity in a multinational commonwealth : Poland-Lithuania in context, 1550-1772 eng
                                                                       Román, Ediberto
Citizenship and its exclusions : a classical, constitutional, and critical race critique                eng
Citizenship in diverse societies                                                                        eng
Citizenship papers                                                     Berry, Wendell, 1934-            eng
Citizenship policies in the New Europe                                                                  eng
Citizenship policies in the new Europe                                                                  eng
Citrus mites : identification, bionomy and control                     Vacante, Vincenzo                eng
City and cosmos : the medieval world in urban form                     Lilley, Keith D                  eng
City bound : how states stifle urban innovation                        Frug, Gerald E., 1939-           eng
City building : nine planning principles for the twenty-first centuryKriken, John Lund, 1938-           eng
City economics                                                         O'Flaherty, Brendan              eng
City fictions : language, body, and Spanish American urban space       Holmes, Amanda, 1972-            eng
                                                                       Walkowitz, Daniel J
City folk : English country dance and the politics of the folk in modern America                        eng
City in sight : Dutch dealings with urban change                                                        eng
City of God : Christian citizenship in postwar Guatemala               O'Neill, Kevin Lewis, 1977-      eng
City of Industry : genealogies of power in Southern California Valle, Victor M                          eng
City tourism : national capital perspectives                                                            eng
City watch : discovering the uncommon Chicago                          Anderson, Jon, 1936-             eng
CityEvents : place selling in a media age                              Rennen, Ward                     eng
Civil engineering body of knowledge for the 21st century : preparing the civil engineer for the futureeng
                                                                       and skills S                     eng
Civil engineering practice in the twenty-first century : knowledge Grigg, Neiland for design and management
Civil engineering technology                                           Gray, Kevin                      eng
Civil rights in wartime : the post-9/11 Sikh experience                Sidhu, Dawinder S                eng
                                                                       Kotchegura, Alexander            eng
Civil service reform in post-communist countries : the case of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic
Civil War leadership and Mexican War experience                        Dougherty, Kevin                 eng
Civil War weather in Virginia                                          Krick, Robert K                  eng
Civil works for hydroelectric facilities : guidelines for life extension and upgrade                    eng
                                                                       just another drill?
Civil-military cooperation in response to a complex emergency : Rietjens, S. J. H                       eng
                                                                       Zamora, Emilio
Claiming rights and righting wrongs in Texas : Mexican workers and job politics during World War II     eng
                                                                        on purpose
Claiming your place at the fire : living the second half of your lifeLeider, Richard                    eng
Clandestine crossings : migrants and coyotes on the Texas-Mexico borderSpener, David, 1961-             eng
Clash of identities : explorations in Israeli and Palestinian societiesKimmerling, Baruch               eng
Classed intersections : spaces, selves, knowledges                                                      eng
Classical and quantum electrodynamics and the B(3) field                                                eng
                                                                       Evans, Myron W. (Myron Wyn), 1950-
Classical Indian philosophy of induction : the Nyaya viewpoint Chakrabarti, Kisor Kumar                 eng
Claude Cahun : a sensual politics of photography                       Doy, Gen                         eng
Claude Rains : an actor's voice                                        Skal, David J                    eng
Claytie : the roller-coaster life of a Texas Wildcatter                Cochran, Mike                    eng
Clean : a history of personal hygiene and purity                       Smith, Virginia (Virginia Sarah) eng
Clean electricity from photovoltaics                                                                    eng

                                                  Page 45

Cleansing the city : sanitary geographies in Victorian London Allen, Michelle Elizabeth                   eng
Clear leadership : sustaining real collaboration and partnership at work Gervase R                        eng
                                                                     in Western Europe
Cleavage politics and the populist right : the new cultural conflictBornschier, Simon                     eng
Cleopatra : last queen of Egypt                                     Tyldesley, Joyce A                    eng
Cleopatra and Rome                                                  Kleiner, Diana E. E                   eng
Clerical celibacy in the West, c.1100-1700                          Parish, Helen L                       eng
Cleveland Amory : media curmudgeon & animal rights crusader Greenwald, Marilyn S                          eng
Clever maids : the secret history of the Grimm fairy tales          Paradiz, Valerie, 1963-               eng
Climate change : what it means for us, our children, and our grandchildren                                eng
Climate change and crop production                                                                        eng
                                                                    Verheyen, Roda
Climate change damage and international law : prevention, duties and state responsibility                 eng
                                                                    Jaggard, Lyn
Climate change politics in Europe : Germany and the international relations of the environment            eng
                                                                    Gillespie, Alexander                  eng
Climate change, ozone depletion and air pollution : legal commentaries within the context of science and policy
Climate cover-up : the crusade to deny global warming               Hoggan, James, 1946-                  eng
Climate strategy : between ambition and realism                     Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het eng   Regeringsbeleid (Netherlands)
Climate variations, climate change, and water resources engineering                                       eng
Clinging to mammy : the faithful slave in twentieth-century America McElya, Micki, 1972-                  eng
Clinical advances in cognitive psychotherapy : theory and application                                     eng
Clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice           Corcoran, Jacqueline                  eng
Clinical bacteriology                                               Struthers, J. Keith                   eng
Clinical leaders : heroes or heretics?                              Robertson, Elizabeth M                eng
Clinical neuropathology : text and color atlas                      Haberland, Catherine                  eng
Clinical neurophysiology                                                                                  eng
Clinical nursing education                                                                                eng
Clinical pediatric neurology                                                                              eng
Clinical use of pediatric diagnostic tests                                                                eng
Clio/anthropos : exploring the boundaries between history and anthropology                                eng
Clio's warriors : Canadian historians and the writing of the world Cook, Tim, 1971-                       eng
                                                                    Downey, Gregory John
Closed captioning : subtitling, stenography, and the digital convergence of text with television          eng
                                                                    Lenoe, Matthew
Closer to the masses : Stalinist culture, social revolution, and Soviet newspapersE. (Matthew Edward)     eng
Closing or widening the gap? : legitimacy and democracy in regional international organizations eng
                                                                    Carstensen, Edward, 1815-1898 eng
Closing the books : Governor Edward Carstensen on Danish Guinea, 1842-50
Clothes                                                             Harvey, John                          eng
Clowns, fools and picaros : popular forms in theatre, fiction and film                                    eng
                                                                    Hauschildt, Sofia                     eng
CMS made simple 1.6 : beginner's guide : create a fully functional and professional website using CMS made simple
CNS clinical trials : suicidality and data collection : workshop summary Sarah                            eng
Coach fellas : heritage and tourism in Ireland                      Costa, Kelli Ann                      eng
Coach yourself through the autism spectrum                          Knott-Schroeder, Ruth                 eng
                                                                    Cook, Sarah
Coaching for high performance : how to develop exceptional results through coaching                       eng
                                                                    Wallace, Peggy
Coaching standardized patients : for use in the assessment of clinical competence                         eng
                                                                    Hawkins, Peter, 1950-
Coaching, mentoring and organizational consultancy : supervision and development                          eng
Coastal processes in tideless seas                                  Kosian, R. D. (Ruben Derenikovich)    eng
                                                                    Quilter, Jeffrey,
Cobble circles and standing stones : archaeology at the Rivas Site, Costa Rica 1949-                      eng
Coca's gone : of might and right in the Huallaga post-boom          Kernaghan, Richard                    eng
                                                                    free compact open-source MVC CodeIgniter framework!
CodeIgniter 1.7 : improve your PHP coding productivity with the Blanco, Jose Argudo                       eng
                                                                    Griffiths, with professional tools, techniques, and extended libraries
CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development : become a CodeIgniter expert Adam                               eng
Codes for error detection                                           Kløve, Torleiv                        eng
                                                                    Tambe, Ashwini
Codes of misconduct : regulating prostitution in late colonial Bombay                                     eng
                                                                    Ankara, Turkey, 18-29 Pure and Applied Mathematics Summer Sc
Codes over rings : proceedings of the CIMPA Summer School : International Centre forAugust, 2008          eng
Coercive control : how men entrap women in personal life            Stark, Evan                           eng
Coffee : planting, production and processing                                                              eng
                                                                    Rehg, William
Cogent science in context : the science wars, argumentation theory, and Habermas                          eng
Cognition and commitment in Hume's philosophy                       Garrett, Don                          eng
                                                                    Raftopoulos, Athanassios
Cognition and perception : how do psychology and neural science inform philosophy?                        eng
Cognition and psychotherapy                                                                               eng
Cognition in emotion : an investigation through experiences withRoald, Tone                               eng

                                                    Page 46

Cognitive and constructive psychotherapies : theory, research, and practice                            eng
Cognitive behavior therapy in nursing practice                                                         eng
                                                                    Feather, Jacqueline
Cognitive behavioural therapy for child trauma and abuse : a step-by-step approach S., 1954-           eng
                                                                    James, with and without dementiaeng
Cognitive behavioural therapy with older people : interventions for those Ian Andrew, 1963-
Cognitive poetics : goals, gains and gaps                                                              eng
Cognitive therapy and dreams                                                                           eng
Cognitive therapy with chronic pain patients                        Winterowd, Carrie                  eng
Cognitive work analysis : coping with complexity                                                       eng
                                                                    Nezu, Arthur approach
Cognitive-behavioral case formulation to treatment design : a problem-solvingM                         eng
Cointegrated TFP processes and international business cycles Rabanal, Pau                              eng
Cold calling for chickens                                           Etherington, Bob                   eng
Cold War and decolonization in Guinea, 1946-1958                    Schmidt, Elizabeth, 1955-          eng
                                                                    Engel, Jeffrey A
Cold War at 30,000 feet : the Anglo-American fight for aviation supremacy                              eng
                                                                    Schreiber, Rebecca Mina
Cold War exiles in Mexico : U.S. dissidents and the culture of critical resistance                     eng
Cold War in psychiatry : human factors, secret actors               Voren, Robert van                  eng
Cold War kitchen : Americanization, technology, and European users                                     eng
Cold war on the home front : the soft power of midcentury design    Castillo, Greg                     eng
ColdFusion 8 developer tutorial                                     Farrar, John                       eng
                                                                    Neville, Graham
Coleridge and liberal religious thought : romanticism, science and theological tradition               eng
Coleridge and Shelley : textual engagement                          West, Sally, 1975-                 eng
Collaborative competition and other readings                                                           eng
Collaborators in literary America, 1870-1920                        Ashton, Susanna, 1967-             eng
Collage lost and found                                              Cirincione, Giuseppina             eng
Collected poems and other verse                                     Mallarmé, Stéphane, 1842-1898 eng
                                                                    Mol, Jurrien
Collective and individual responsibility : a description of corporate personality in Ezekiel 18 and 20 eng
Collective creativity : art and society in the South Pacific        Giuffre, Katherine Anne            eng
Collective excellence : building effective teams                    Hensey, Mel                        eng
Collective resistance in China : why popular protests succeed orCai, Yongshun                          eng
Collective responsibility and accountability under international lawarcy, Shane                        eng
                                                                    Jong, Jacqueline B. de
Collective talent : a study of improvisational group performance in music                              eng
College biochemistry : I                                            Indira, L                          eng
College biochemistry : II                                           Indira, L                          eng
College biochemistry : V                                            Indira, L                          eng
College biochemistry : VI                                           Indira, L                          eng
College chemistry : I                                               Indira, L                          eng
College chemistry : II                                              Indira, L                          eng
College practical chemistry                                                                            eng
College practical chemistry                                         Patel, H. N                        eng
College practical chemistry : II                                    Chatwal, Gurdeep R                 eng
                                                                    Liu, Jinyu,
Collegia centonariorum : the guilds of textile dealers in the Roman West 1972-                         eng
Colombia                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Colombia                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Colombia : money & banking                                                                             eng
Colombian theatre in the vortex : seven plays                                                          eng
Colonial blackness : a history of Afro-Mexico                       Bennett, Herman L. (Herman Lee),eng 1964-
Colonial encounters in ancient Iberia : Phoenician, Greek, and indigenous relations                    eng
Colonial land policies in Palestine, 1917-1936                      Bunton, Martin P                   eng
                                                                    Booth, Anne, 1946-
Colonial legacies : economic and social development in East and Southeast Asia                         eng
                                                                    Burton, H. Sophie, 1966-
Colonial Natchitoches : a Creole community on the Louisiana-Texas frontier                             eng
                                                                    Mawani, Columbia, 1871-1921
Colonial proximities : crossracial encounters and juridical truths in British Renisa, 1970-            eng
Colonialism and violence in Nigeria                                 Falola, Toyin                      eng
Colorado water law for non-lawyers                                  Jones, P. Andrew                   eng
                                                                    Freund, David M. P
Colored property : state policy and white racial politics in suburban America                          eng
                                                                    Shaker, Bonnie
Coloring locals : racial formation in Kate Chopin's Youth's Companion stories James, 1960-             eng
Colossus : the secrets of Bletchley Park's codebreaking computers                                      eng
Columbia chronologies of Asian history and culture                                                     eng

                                                    Page 47

                                                                  Yost, Israel A. S., American
Combat chaplain : the personal story of the World War II chaplain of the Japanese1916-2000 100theng     Battalion
Combat loaded : across the Pacific on the USS Tate                Crew, Thomas E., 1957-               eng
Combat ready? : the Eighth U.S. Army on the eve of the Korean Hanson, Thomas E., 1965-                 eng
Combating terrorism : the Indian experience                                                            eng
Combating tobacco use in military and veteran populations                                              eng
                                                                  Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Smoking Cessation in M
Combinatorial & computational mathematics : present and future : Pohang, the Republic of Korea, eng February 2000
Combinatorics and graph theory                                    Vasudev, C                           eng
Combinatorics of genome rearrangements                                                                 eng
                                                                  Dyson, Michael Eric
Come hell or high water : Hurricane Katrina and the color of disaster                                  eng
Comforting the confused : strategies for managing dementia        Hoffman, Stephanie B                 eng
Coming into contact : explorations in ecocritical theory and practice                                  eng
                                                                  Bérubé, II
Coming out under fire : the history of gay men and women in World War Allan                            eng
                                                                  Gandy Jr, Oscar H
Coming to terms with chance : engaging rational discrimination and cumulative disadvantage             eng
Command and control : the sociotechnical perspective                                                   eng
                                                                  Palmer, Michael A
Command at sea : naval command and control since the sixteenth century                                 eng
                                                                  Marszalek, John F., 1939-
Commander of all Lincoln's armies : a life of General Henry W. Halleck                                 eng
Commemorating the life and work of professor Ross Davies, 1940-2005                                    eng
Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans : Books 1-5               Origen                               eng
Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans : Books 6-10              Origen                               eng
Commentary on the Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch Is.haq                              eng
Commentary on the Psalms : Psalms 1-72                            Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus         eng
Commentary on the twelve prophets                                                                      eng
                                                                  Theodore, Bishop of Mopsuestia, ca. 350-428 or 9
Commentary on the Twelve Prophets : Volume 2                                                           eng
                                                                  Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, ca. 370-444
Commentary on Zechariah                                           Didymus, the Blind, ca. 313-ca. 398nge
Commerce & business management in modern world                    Mahajan, C. P                        eng
Commercial cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants           Desapa.n.de, Dhanañjaya Ja           eng
Commercial floriculture                                                                                eng
Commercial geography                                              Chauhan, R. N                        eng
                                                                  Reinhard, Michael
Commercial mortgages 101 : everything you need to know to create a winning loan request package        eng
                                                                  Zoli, Edda                           eng
Commodity price volatility, cyclical fluctuations, and convergence : what is ahead for inflation in emerging Europe?
Commodity terms of trade : the history of booms and busts         Spatafora, Nikola                    eng
Common factors in Latin America's business cycles                 Aiolfi, Marco                        eng
Common ground : the Japanese American National Museum and the culture of collaborations                eng
Common ground in a liquid city : essays in defence of an urban future Matt                             eng
                                                                   lichenized fungi,                   eng
Common Interior Alaska cryptogams : fungi, lichenicolous fungi, Laursen, Gary A slime molds, mosses and liverworts
Common minds : themes from the philosophy of Philip Pettit                                             eng
Common to body and soul : philosophical approaches to explaining living behaviour in Greco-Roman antiquity
                                                                  Pramor, Marcus
Common volatility trends in the Central and Eastern European currencies and the Euro                   eng
Communicable disease epidemiology and control : a global perspective Roger                             eng
Communicating knowledge : publishing in the 21st century          Feather, John                        eng
Communicating process architectures 2009 : WoTUG-32                                                    eng
                                                                  WoTUG Technical Meeting (32nd : 2009 : Technische Universiteit E
Communication                                                     Rayudu, C. S                         eng
                                                                  Drønen, Tomas Sundnes                eng
Communication and conversion in northern Cameroon : the Dii people and Norwegian missionaries, 1934-1960
Communication skill                                               Kelly, Joshua                        eng
Communication skills for adult nurses                             Kraszewski, Sarah                    eng
Communication skills for educational managers : an exercise in self study N                            eng
Communication skills for working with elders                      Dreher, Barbara Bender               eng
Communication trends and political behaviour : (a study of Kumaun)Sharma, S. K. (Sanjeev Kumar) eng
                                                                  Shastri, Pratima Dave
Communicative approach to the teaching of English as a second language                                 eng
                                                                  Rafeek, Neil to
Communist women in Scotland : Red Clydeside from the Russian Revolution C the end of the Soviet Union  eng
Communities and law : politics and cultures of legal identities Barzilai, Gad                          eng
Community care for an aging society : issues, policy, and services Carole B                            eng
Community care practice and the law                               Mandelstam, Michael, 1956-           eng
Community education, lifelong learning and social inclusion       Tett, Lyn, 1946-                     eng
Community journalism : relentlessly local                         Lauterer, Jock                       eng
                                                                   anthropology of the
Community matters in Xinjiang, 1880-1949 : towards a historical Bellér-Hann, Ildikó Uyghur             eng

                                                 Page 48

Community mental health in Canada : theory, policy, and practice avis, Simon, 1956-                     eng
Community perspectives on obesity prevention in children : workshop summaries                           eng
Community, space and online censorship : regulating pornotopia      Beattie, Scott                      eng
Comoros                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Comoros : communications                                                                                eng
Comoros : money & banking                                                                               eng
                                                                    KIAS-APCTP International International Symposium on Physics (2
Compact stars : the quest for new states of dense matter : proceedings of the KIAS-APCTPSymposium on Astro-Hadron Astro-Had
Compaction grouting consensus guide : ASCE/G-I53-10                 American Society of Civil Engineers eng
                                                                     sustainably, responsibly, and profitably
Companies on a mission : entrepreneurial strategies for growingRusso, Michael V                         eng
Comparative developmental physiology : contributions, tools, and trends                                 eng
Comparative federalism : the European Union and the United States in comparative perspective eng
Comparative Latin American politics                                 Schneider, Ronald M                 eng
Comparative public administration                                   Rathod, P. B                        eng
Comparative regional integration : Europe and beyond                                                    eng
Comparative treatments for borderline personality disorder                                              eng
Comparative veterinary histology : with clinical correlates         Aughey, Elizabeth                   eng
Comparing Asian politics : India, China, and Japan                  Charlton, Sue Ellen M               eng
                                                                    Hart, Jonathan Locke, 1956-
Comparing empires : European colonialism from Portuguese expansion to the Spanish-American War          eng
                                                                    Boskovic, Tanja
Comparing European and U.S. securities regulations : MiFID versus corresponding U.S. regulations        eng
Comparing futures for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta              Lund, Jay R                         eng
                                                                    Elsen, Bob                          eng
Compass for intercultural partnerships : a thought provoking book to deploy the integration of cultures as a source of welfare and to
COMPEL : the international journal of computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering. Volume 27, Number 1,
COMPEL : the international journal of computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering. Volume 27, Number 2
Compendium of brand management                                      Chunawalla, S. A                    eng
Compensation management                                             Bhatia, Kanchan                     eng
                                                                    Subba Pharma S. V. R
Compete or forfiet! [sic] : strategies for sustainable competitive edge in Rao, Ch.product patent era eng
Competencias gerenciales : habilidades, conocimientos, aptitudes    Gutiérrez Tobar, Edimer             spa
                                                                    Plionis, Elizabeth Moore
Competency in generalist practice : a guide to theory and evidence-based decision making                eng
Competing devotions : career and family among women executives      Blair-Loy, Mary                     eng
                                                                    Claessens, Stijn
Competition in the financial sector : overview of competition policies                                  eng
Competition policy for small market economies                       Gal, Michal S                       eng
Competition policy in America : history, rhetoric, law              Peritz, Rudolph J. R                eng
                                                                    Allard, Céline
Competitiveness in Central-Europe : what has happened since EU accession?                               eng
Competitiveness matters : industry and economic performance in the U.S.                                 eng
Complementary and integrative medicine in cancer care and prevention : foundation and evidence-based interventions
Complete and full with numbers : the narrative poetry of Robert Henryson John                           eng
Complete guide to letting property                                  Hodgkinson, Liz                     eng
Completely positive matrices                                        Berman, Abraham                     eng
Complex deterrence : strategy in the global age                                                         eng
Complex knowledge : studies in organizational epistemology          Tsoukas, Haridimos                  eng
Complex political victims                                           Bouris, Erica, 1980-                eng
Complex sleep : poems                                               Tost, Tony                          eng
Complex vector functional equations                                 Risteski, Ice                       eng
Complexity : a guided tour                                          Mitchell, Melanie                   eng
Complexity scales and licensing in phonology                        Cyran, Eugeniusz                    eng
Compliance for green IT : a pocket guide                            Calder, Alan                        eng
Composing with Finale                                               Johnson, Mark                       eng
Compound semiconductor integrated circuits                                                              eng
Comprehensive biochemistry                                          Dwivedi, Surya Prakesh              eng
Comprehensive biotechnology                                         Fernandes, John                     eng
Comprehensive handbook of childhood cancer and sickle cell disease : a biopsychosocial approachng       e
Comprehensive ophthalmology                                         Khurana, A. K                       eng
Comprehensive remedial mathematics for B. Pharmacy                  Patkar, Shyam                       eng
Comprehensive textbook of AIDS psychiatry                                                               eng
Comprehensive transboundary international water quality management agreement                            eng
Comprehensive transboundary water quality management agreement : with guidelines for development of a management plan, stan

                                                  Page 49

CompTIA A+ 2009 in depth                                         Andrews, Jean                        eng
Compulsive hoarding and acquiring : [client] workbook            Steketee, Gail                       eng
Compulsive hoarding and acquiring : therapist guide              Steketee, Gail                       eng
Computation, cognition, and Pylyshyn                                                                  eng
Computational chemistry : reviews of current trends. Volume 6                                         eng
                                                                 UNAM Supercomputing Conference (4th : 2000 : Mexico City, Mexi
Computational fluid dynamics : proceedings of the Fourth UNAM Supercomputing Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 27-30 June 20
Computational modeling methods for neuroscientists                                                    eng
Computational molecular evolution                                Yang, Ziheng                         eng
Computer application in management                               Gupta, Prabhakar                     eng
Computer applications in chemistry                               Rao, R. Sambasiva                    eng
Computer applications in management                              Rathor, Naveen                       eng
Computer basics for senior citizens                                                                   eng
Computer business applications                                   Murthy, C. S. V                      eng
Computer business applications                                   Mohan, P                             eng
Computer course (illustrated)                                    Singh, Vishnu P                      eng
Computer crime, investigation, and the law                       Easttom, William C                   eng
Computer evidence : collection and preservation                  Brown, Christopher L. T              eng
Computer fundamentals : architecture and organisation            Ram, B                               eng
Computer fundamentals and RDBMS                                  Vaze, Smita                          eng
Computer fundamentals with pharmacy applications                 Tiwari, N. K                         eng
Computer graphic artist                                          Rodriguez, Edward                    eng
Computer hardware course                                         Singh, Vishnu P                      eng
                                                                 Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics (5th : 2001 : Matsuya
Computer mathematics : proceedings of the fifth Asian Symposium (ASCM 2001), Matsuyama, Japan, 26-28 September 2001
Computer network                                                 Shinde, S. S                         eng
Computer networking course                                       Singh, Vishnu P                      eng
Computer-aided design of electrical machines                     Murthy, K. M. Vishnu                 eng
Computers for chemists                                           Pundir, Sudhir K                     eng
Computers, schools, and students : the effects of technology Cullingford, Cedric                      eng
Con ellas tras Jesús : mujeres modelos de identidad cristiana                                         spa
Con Thien : the Hill of Angels                                   Coan, James P                        eng
                                                                  in the Laura States, 1890-1938 eng
Conceiving the future : pronatalism, reproduction, and the familyLovett, United L
Concentration compactness : functional-analytic grounds and applicationsKyril                         eng
                                                                 Kragh, Helge, cosmology
Conceptions of cosmos : from myths to the accelerating universe : a history of 1944-                  eng
Conceptions of Europe in Renaissance France : essays in honour of Keith Cameron                       eng
Conceptions of parenthood : ethics and the family                Austin, Michael W                    eng
Concepts & solutions of business ethics                          Mahajan, C. P                        eng
Concepts and issues in management                                Patel, Vinod                         eng
Concepts of modern physics : the Haifa lectures                  Sachs, Mendel                        eng
Conceptual analysis and philosophical naturalism                                                      eng
Conceptual odysseys : passages to cultural analysis                                                   eng
Conceptualism in Latin American art : didactics of liberation    Camnitzer, Luis, 1937-               eng
                                                                 Flegel, Monica                       eng
Conceptualizing cruelty to children in nineteenth-century England : literature, representation, and the NSPCC
Condensed matter theories : Volume 23                                                                 eng
                                                                 International Workshop on Condensed Matter Physics
                                                                 Lord, World War I
Condom nation : the U.S. government's sex education campaign fromAlexandra M to the Internet eng
                                                                 Liabø, Kristin
Conduct disorder and offending behaviour in young people : findings from research                     eng
                                                                 National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Conducting biosocial surveys : collecting, storing, accessing, and protecting biospecimens and biodata
Conducting research in long-term care settings                   Cleary, Brenda Lewis                 eng
                                                                 Tinson, Julie
Conducting research with children and adolescents : design, methods and empirical cases               eng
Confederate colonels : a biographical register                   Allardice, Bruce S                   eng
                                                                 Bernath, War South
Confederate minds : the struggle for intellectual independence in the CivilMichael T                  eng
Confederate reckoning : power and politics in the Civil War South cCurry, Stephanie                   eng
                                                                 Cai, Zong-qi, 1955-
Configurations of comparative poetics : three perspectives on Western and Chinese literary criticism  eng
Configurations of the real in Chinese literary and aesthetic modernity Peter, 1960-                   eng
Confirmation, empirical progress, and truth approximation : Essays in debate with Theo Kuipers. Volume 1
                                                                 Fahey, of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Conflict and consensus : a study of values and attitudes in the RepublicTony                          eng
Conflict and social order in Tibet and inner Asia                                                     eng

                                                Page 50

Conflict, security, foreign policy, and international political economy : past paths and future directions in international studies
                                                                     Huang, Paulos Zhanzhu               eng
Confronting Confucian understandings of the Christian doctrine of salvation : a systematic theological analysis of the basic problem
                                                                     the 1930s
Confronting fascism in Egypt : dictatorship versus democracy in Gershoni, I                              eng
Confronting power, theorizing gender : interdisciplinary perspectives in the Caribbean                   eng
Confronting the new conservatism : the rise of the right in America                                      eng
Confronting theory : the psychology of cultural studies              Bell, Philip                        eng
Confusion : a study in the theory of knowledge                       Camp, Joseph L                      eng
Congregations in America                                             Chaves, Mark                        eng
                                                                     Congreso Mundial y Exposición (20 de octubre 2010 Buenos Aire
Congreso Mundial y Exposición (World Engineers' Week) INGENIERIA 2010-ARGENTINA : tecnología, innovación y: producción p
Congress in context                                                  Haskell, John, 1959-                eng
Congress on display, Congress at work                                                                    eng
Congress volume : Leiden, 2004                                                                           eng
                                                                     International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament. Cong
Congressional communication : content & consequences                 Lipinski, Daniel                    eng
Conjure in African American society                                  Anderson, Jeffrey E., 1974-         eng
Connecting a city to the sea : the history of the Athenian long wallsConwell, David H                    eng
Connecting and cooperating : social capital and public policy        Lewis, Jenny M                      eng
Connectionist models of behaviour and cognition II : proceedings of the 11th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, Unive
Connections : the geometric bridge between art and science           Kappraff, Jay                       eng
                                                                     Asselbergs, of the G. L. (Florine Gabriëlle
Conquered conquistadors : the Lienzo de Quauhquechollan : a Nahua visionFlorine conquest of Guatemala Laurence), 1975-
Conquistadores de la calle : child street labor in Guatemala City Offit, Thomas A., 1968-                eng
Conrad Gessner's private library                                     Leu, Urs B. (Urs Bernhard), 1961- eng
Conrad in the public eye : biography, criticism, publicity                                               eng
Conrad's Victory : the play and reviews                              Hastings, Basil Macdonald, 1881-1928eng
Conscience and conscientious objections                              Schinkel, Anders                    eng
Conscience, equity and the Court of Chancery in early modern EnglandDennis R., 1946-                     eng
Consciousness and cognition                                          Thau, Michael, 1962-                eng
Consensuality : Didier Anzieu, gender and the sense of touch Segal, Naomi                                eng
                                                                     Caro, T. surrogate species
Conservation by proxy : indicator, umbrella, keystone, flagship, and otherM. (Timothy M.)                eng
Conservation medicine : ecological health in practice                                                    eng
                                                                     International Symposium on of a fourth International Sea Scrolls an
Conservatism and innovation in the Hebrew language of the Hellenistic period : proceedings the Hebrew of the Dead Symposium on
Conservatism redefined : a creed for the poor and disadvantaged arry, Patrick M                          eng
Conserving agriculture                                                                                   eng
Consider the eel                                                     Schweid, Richard, 1946-             eng
Conspirator : Lenin in exile                                         Rappaport, Helen                    eng
Constellations of the transnational : modernity, culture, critique                                       eng
                                                                      in the Progressive Era
Constituting workers, protecting women : gender, law, and labor Novkov, Julie, 1966- and New Deal years  eng
                                                                     Sullivan, America
Constitutional context : women and rights discourse in nineteenth-centuryKathleen S                      eng
Constitutional democracy                                             Mueller, Dennis C                   eng
Constitutional self-government                                       Eisgruber, Christopher L            eng
Constitutionalisation of private law                                                                     eng
Constructability concepts and practice                                                                   eng
                                                                     Tomasello, Michael
Constructing a language : a usage-based theory of language acquisition                                   eng
Constructing a sociology of translation                                                                  eng
Constructing and deconstructing woman's power                                                            eng
Constructing forecast confidence bands during the financial crisis hen, Huigang                          eng
                                                                     Chung, Paul S.,
Constructing irregular theology : bamboo and Minjung in East Asian perspective 1958-                     eng
                                                                     Corrie, Sarah
Constructing stories, telling tales : a guide to formulation in applied psychology                       eng
                                                                     the archive
Constructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and Pick, Zuzana M                             eng
Constructing the international economy                                                                   eng
Construction project management                                      Singh, Harbhajan                    eng
Constructions at work : the nature of generalization in language Goldberg, Adele E                       eng
Consumer behavior                                                    Kumra, Rajeev                       eng
Consumer behaviour and advertising management                        Khan, Matin A                       eng
Consumer behaviour and marketing research : (text and cases) Nair, Suja R                                eng
Consumer culture and postmodernism                                   Featherstone, Mike                  eng
                                                                     Hoganson, Kristin
Consumers' imperium : the global production of American domesticity, 1865-1920 L                         eng

                                                   Page 51

Consuming ancient Egypt                                                                              eng
Consuming bodies : sex and contemporary Japanese art                                                 eng
Consuming Germany and the Cold War                                                                   eng
Consumption and wealth in Luke's travel narrative                 Metzger, James A                   eng
Contact angle, wettability and adhesion : Volume 5                                                   eng
                                                                  International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesio
                                                                  contructions of citizenship
Containing (un)American bodies : race, sexuality, and post-9/11 Bloodsworth-Lugo, Mary K             eng
Containing nationalism                                            Hechter, Michael                   eng
Contaminants of emerging environmental concern                                                       eng
                                                                  National Research
Contaminated water supplies at Camp Lejeune : assessing potential health effects Council (U.S.). eng Committee on Contaminated Dri
Contemporary accelerator physics                                  Tzenov, Stephan I                  eng
                                                                  Dakorwala, N. K
Contemporary African-American drama : (from cultural nationalism to the poetics of resistance)       eng
Contemporary art and memory : images of recollection and remembrance Joan                            eng
Contemporary athletics and ancient Greek ideals                   Dombrowski, Daniel A               eng
Contemporary French art : Volume 1, Eleven studies                Bishop, Michael, 1938-             eng
Contemporary French feminism                                                                         eng
Contemporary Israel : domestic politics, foreign policy, and security challenges                     eng
Contemporary issues in education                                                                     eng
Contemporary issues in lifelong learning                          Duckworth, Vicky                   eng
Contemporary issues in mergers and acquisitions                   Gupta, Manju                       eng
Contemporary motherhood : the impact of children on adult timeCraig, Lyn, 1955-                      eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Vol. 7, no. 1 : June 2010                                                  eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 3, no. 1                                                            eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 3.2, Contemporary pragmatism                                        eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 4, number 2, December 2007                                          eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 5, Number 1                                                         eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 5, Number 2                                                         eng
Contemporary pragmatism : Volume 6, Number 1                                                         eng
Contemporary public administration : (ideas and issues)           Rathod, P. B                       eng
Contemporary southern identity : community through controversy    Watts, Rebecca Bridges, 1973- eng
Contemporary views on architecture and representations in phonology                                  eng
Contentious spirits : religion in Korean American history, 1903-1945 David                           eng
Contested categories : life sciences in society                                                      eng
Contested constitutionalism : reflections on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms             eng
                                                                  Bose, Sumantra, 1968-
Contested lands : Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka                           eng
Contested medicine : cancer research and the military             Kutcher, Gerald                    eng
Contested paternity : constructing families in modern France      Fuchs, Rachel Ginnis, 1939-        eng
                                                                  Del Sarto, Raffaella A
Contested state identities and regional security in the Euro-Mediterranean area                      eng
Contested symmetries and other predicaments in architecture Cohen, Preston Scott                     eng
Contested waters : a social history of swimming pools in America  Wiltse, Jeff                       eng
Contesting empires : opposition, promotion, and slavery           Hart, Jonathan Locke, 1956-        eng
Contesting land and custom in Ghana : state, chief and the citizen                                   eng
                                                                  Railton, Ben, 1977-                eng
Contesting the past, reconstructing the nation : American literature and culture in the Gilded Age, 1876-1893
                                                                  O'Sullivan, Mary                   eng
Contests for corporate control : corporate governance and economic performance in the United States and Germany
                                                                  Jiang, Tao, subliminal mind
Contexts and dialogue : Yogacara Buddhism and modern psychology on the1969-                          eng
Continental shelf limits : the scientific and legal interface                                        eng
Contingent lives : fertility, time, and aging in West Africa      Bledsoe, Caroline H                eng
Continuity and change in the Baltic Sea Region : comparing foreign policiesDavid J                   eng
Continuity and innovation in the Aramaic legal tradition          Gross, Andrew D                    eng
                                                                  Conference I. Continuous Advances in QCD (8th : 2008 : William
Continuous advances in QCD 2008 : proceedings of the conference, Williamon Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Minn
Continuum thermodynamics                                          Wilmanski, Krzysztof               eng
Contours of citizenship : women, diversity and practices of citizenship                              eng
Contours of retailing management                                  Chunawalla, S. A                   eng
                                                                  Baumgold, Deborah
Contract theory in historical context : essays on Grotius, Hobbes, and Locke                         eng
Contradictory impulses : Canada and Japan in the twentieth century                                   eng
                                                                  Tillotson, Shirley Maye, 1956-
Contributing citizens : modern charitable fundraising and the making of the welfare state, 1920-66 eng
Control and analysis for food and agricultural products                                              eng

                                                  Page 52

                                                                      Britain, 1918-48
Control and the therapeutic trial : rhetoric and experimentation inEdwards, Martin, 1955 Nov. 23- eng
Control systems                                                      Jagan, N. C                       eng
Control systems : digital systems                                    Lopez, Kenneth                    eng
                                                                      of international financial flows
Controlling capital? : legal restrictions and the asset compositionBinici, Mahir                       eng
Controlling cost growth of NASA Earth and Space Science Missions                                       Committee on Cost Growth in NA
                                                                     National Research Council (U.S.). eng
                                                                     Dodgen, Randall A., China
Controlling the dragon : Confucian engineers and the Yellow River in the late imperial1947-            eng
Controversial issues in prisons                                      Scott, David                      eng
Controversy and confrontation : relating controversy analysis with argumentation theory                eng
Conventional choices : Maritime leadership politics                  Stewart, Ian, 1953 July 2-        eng
Convergenomics : strategic innovation in the convergence era Lee, Sang M., 1939-                       eng
Conversations with great teachers                                    Smoot, Bill                       eng
Conversations with leaders : frank talk from nurses (and others) on the frontlines of leadership       eng
                                                                     Plate, Tom
Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew : citizen Singapore : how to build a nation                            eng
Conversations with the High Priest of Coosa                          Hudson, Charles M                 eng
Conversations with Yogananda                                         Walters, J. Donald                eng
Conversion in the age of pluralism                                                                     eng
Conveyance of residuals from water and wastewater treatment                                            eng
                                                                     Sijs, Nicoline languages
Cookies, coleslaw, and stoops : the influence of Dutch on the North American van der                   eng
                                                                     Sharpless, Rebecca
Cooking in other women's kitchens : domestic workers in the South, 1865-1960                           eng
                                                                     Seiler, Laurie                    eng
Cool connections with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy : encouraging self-esteem, resilience and well-being in children and young pe
Cool to be kind : random acts and how to commit them                                                   eng
                                                                     Boyd, Luke, 1932-
Coon dogs and outhouses : Volume 2, [Short stories from the Mississippi Delta]                         eng
Cooperative strategy                                                 Child, John, 1940-                eng
                                                                     Cooperstown                       eng
Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture, 2007-2008 Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture (1
Copenhagen, Denmark                                                                                    eng
Coping with evil in religion and culture : case studies                                                eng
Coping with risk in agriculture                                                                        eng
Co-production and personalisation in social care : changing relationships in the provision of social care
Coptic identity and Ayyubid politics in Egypt, 1218-1250             Werthmuller, Kurt J               eng
Coptic Saints and Pilgrimages                                        Meinardus, Otto Friedrich August eng
Copy fights : the future of intellectual property in the information age                               eng
Copying the master and stealing his secrets : talent and training in Japanese painting                 eng
Coral reefs of the southern Gulf of Mexico                                                             eng
Core inflation measures and statistical issues in choosing among them M. S                             eng
                                                                     Singh, Vishnu as well
Corel draw X3 & X4 : quick reference to enhance creative skills of professional Priya as for new users eng
                                                                     Madigan, Brian Christopher
Corinthian and Attic vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts : geometric, black-figure, and red-figure eng
Corneal transplantation : an immunological guide to the clinical problem John V                        eng
Cornerstone of liberty : property rights in 21st century America Sandefur, Timothy                     eng
Corpora in the foreign language classroom : selected papers from the Sixth International Conference on Teaching and Language C
Corporal punishment of children : a human rights violation                                              1948-
                                                                     Bitensky, Susan H. (Susan Helen),eng
Corporate accounting                                                 Rana, Girish Kumar                eng
                                                                     Laufer, William S
Corporate bodies and guilty minds : the failure of corporate criminal liability                        eng
Corporate citizenship, contractarianism and ethical theory : on philosophical foundations of business ethics
Corporate communications : an international journal. Volume 12, Number 4, Corporate and organizational marketing
Corporate communications : an international journal. Volume 13, Number 1, Paopers from the CCI eng     Conference on Corporate Comm
Corporate cultures and global brands                                                                   eng
Corporate financial policy                                           Agarwal, O. P                     eng
                                                                      knowledge age
Corporate memory : records and information management in theMegill, Kenneth A., 1939-                  eng
Corporate power in global agrifood governance                                                          eng
Corporate responsibility and strategic management                                                      eng
                                                                     Koebele, Michael                  torts
Corporate responsibility under the Alien Tort Statute : enforcement of international law through US eng law
Corporate restructuring : merger, acquisition and other forms Das, Bhagaban                            eng
Corporate restructuring through disinvestment (An Indian perspective) Harjit                           eng
Corporate rivalry and market power : competition issues in the tourism industry                        eng
Corporate warriors : the rise of the privatized military industry Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren)         eng
Corporations and international lawmaking                             Tully, Stephen                    eng

                                                  Page 53

Corpus                                                              Nancy, Jean-Luc                   eng
Corpus linguistics 25 years on                                                                        eng
Corpus linguistics and the web                                                                        eng
Corpus linguistics around the world                                                                   eng
Corpus linguistics at work                                          Tognini-Bonelli, Elena            eng
                                                                    North American                    eng
Corpus linguistics beyond the word : corpus research from phrase to discourse Symposium on Corpus Linguistics and Language T
Corpus-based perspectives in linguistics                                                              eng
Correlation and dependence                                          Mari, Dominique Drouet            eng
Correlatives cross-linguistically                                                                     eng
Corrosion : understanding the basics                                                                  eng
Corrosion of weldments                                                                                eng
Corruption and technology-induced private sector development Ruhashyankiko, Jean-François             eng
Corruption and the secret of law : a legal anthropological perspective                                eng
                                                                    Manion, Hong Kong
Corruption by design : building clean government in mainland China and Melanie, 1955-                 eng
Corruption, competition, and contracts : a model of vote buying Morgan, John                          eng
Corsican fragments : difference, knowledge, and fieldwork           Candea, Matei                     eng
Cortex and mind : unifying cognition                                Fuster, Joaquin M                 eng
Cortina : defending the Mexican name in Texas                       Thompson, Jerry D                 eng
Cosmetics : a practical manual                                      Saraf, Swarnlata                  eng
Cosmetology                                                         Gonzalez, Anthony                 eng
                                                                    International Physics and Particleeng
                                                                                                        Universe : the Island, Korea,
COSMO-2000 : proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on ParticleWorkshop on the EarlyPhysics andJeju Early Universe4
                                                                    Kidger, Mark R. (Mark Richard), 1960-
Cosmological enigmas : pulsars, quasars, & other deep-space questions                                 eng
Cosmopatriots : on distant belongings and close encounters                                            eng
Cosmopolitan publics : Anglophone print culture in semi-colonialShen, Shuang, 1966-                   eng
Cosmopolitan Twain                                                                                    eng
                                                                    Mani, B. Venkat
Cosmopolitical claims : Turkish-German literatures from Nadolny to Pamuk                              eng
Cost and management accounting : (theory, problems and solutions) M. N                                eng
Costa Rica                                                          World Trade Press                 eng
Costa Rica                                                          World Trade Press                 eng
Costa Rica : money & banking                                                                          eng
Costly habits : stories                                             Makuck, Peter, 1940-              eng
Costos ABC y presupuestos : herramientas para la productividad      Toro López, Francisco J           spa
Cote d'Ivoire                                                       World Trade Press                 eng
Cote d'Ivoire : money & banking                                                                       eng
Cougar : ecology and conservation                                                                     eng
Council of Europe manuals : human rights in culturally diverse societies of Europe                    eng
                                                                    Coleman,                          eng
Counsel for the situation : shaping the law to realize America's promise William T. (William Thaddeus), 1920-
Counseling survivors of childhood sexual abuse                      Burke-Draucker, Claire            eng
Counselling ideologies : queer challenges to heteronormativity                                        eng
Counselling in a nutshell                                           Dryden, Windy                     eng
                                                                    Rose, Richard, 1953-
Count me in! : ideas for actively engaging students in inclusive classrooms                           eng
                                                                    N'Diaye, policy                   eng
Countercyclical macro prudential policies in a supporting role to monetaryPapa M'B. P. (Papa M'Bagnick Paté)
                                                                    Baum, Dale, 1943-
Counterfeit justice : the judicial odyssey of Texas freedwoman Azeline Hearne                         eng
                                                                    Martínez, Manuel Luis
Countering the counterculture : rereading postwar American dissent from Jack Kerouac to Tomás Rivera  eng
Counterinsurgency in Pakistan                                       Jones, Seth G., 1972-             eng
Counterparty risk, impact on collateral flows, and role for central Singh, Manmohan, 1964-            eng
                                                                     inflation targeting
Country experiences with the introduction and implementation ofFreedman, Charles                      eng
Country music originals : the legends and the lost                  Russell, Tony                     eng
Country, park & city : the architecture and life of Calvert Vaux Kowsky, Francis R., 1943-            eng
Coupled processes in subsurface deformation, flow, and transport Miao, 1952-                          eng
                                                                    Slegers, Rosa
Courageous vulnerability : ethics and knowledge in Proust, Bergson, Marcel, and James                 eng
Courting the abyss : free speech and the liberal tradition          Peters, John Durham               eng
Courting the Alhambra : cross-disciplinary approaches to the Hall of Justice ceilings                 eng
                                                                    Montaño, John Patrick,
Courting the moderates : ideology, propaganda, and the emergence of party, 1660-16781955-             eng
                                                                    O'Neill, Mary
Courtly love songs of medieval France : transmission and style in the trouvèreJrepertoire             eng
                                                                    Baier, and Canada
Courts and federalism : judicial doctrine in the United States, Australia,Gerald, 1971-               eng

                                                  Page 54

Courtship and love among the enslaved in North Carolina             Fraser, Rebecca J., 1978-          eng
Couture and consensus : fashion and politics in postcolonial ArgentinaRegina A                         eng
                                                                    Kraut, Alan
Covenant of care : Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America M                             eng
Covering for the bosses : labor and the Southern press              Atkins, Joseph B                   eng
Covert action in the Cold War : US policy, intelligence and CIA operations James                       eng
Cowboy capitalism : European myths, American reality                Gersemann, Olaf, 1968-             eng
                                                                    Mitchell, Pablo
Coyote nation : sexuality, race, and conquest in modernizing New Mexico, 1880-1920                     eng
                                                                    Owens, Lynn, 1970-
Cracking under pressure : narrating the decline of the Amsterdam squatters' movement                   eng
                                                                    Yamani, Mai
Cradle of Islam : the Hijaz and the quest for identity in Saudia Arabia                                eng
Crafting contemporary pagan identities in a Catholic society        Rountree, Kathryn                  eng
Cranial nerves in health and disease                                Wilson-Pauwels, Linda              eng
Craniofacial biology and craniofacial surgery                                                          eng
                                                                    Sarnat, Bernard G. (Bernard George), 1912-
Craniofacial embryogenetics and development                         Sperber, Geoffrey H                eng
                                                                    Nisker, Wes
Crazy wisdom saves the world again! : handbook for a spiritual revolution : featuring The evolutioneng  sutra and Be here wow!
Creacionismo y diseño inteligente frente a evolución : un debateCáceres Vázquez, Emilio                spa
                                                                     memory Anne E. (Anne              eng
Creating a Confederate Kentucky : the lost cause and Civil War Marshall,in a border stateElizabeth), 1975-
                                                                    Murton, James Ernest,
Creating a modern countryside : liberalism and land resettlement in British Columbia 1969-             eng
                                                                     national Massachusetts
Creating a nation of joiners : democracy and civil society in earlyNeem, Johann N                      eng
Creating an Islamic state : Khomeini and the making of a new Iran   Martin, Vanessa                    eng
Creating and managing value in supply networks                                                         eng
                                                                    Knox, Italy
Creating Clare of Assisi : female Franciscan identities in later medievalLezlie S                      eng
Creating community : life and learning at Montgomery's Black university                                eng
                                                                    Carr, Judy
Creating dynamic schools through mentoring, coaching, and collaboration F                              eng
                                                                    Vinea, Ana
Creating families across boundaries : a case study of Romanian/Egyptian mixed marriages                eng
                                                                    for the Southwest
Creating outdoor classrooms : schoolyard habitats and gardens Johnson, Lauri Macmillan                 eng
Creating postwar Canada : community, diversity, and dissent, 1945-75                                   eng
Creating scientific concepts                                        Nersessian, Nancy J                eng
                                                                    Stanonis, Anthony J. (Anthony Joseph)
Creating the Big Easy : New Orleans and the emergence of modern tourism, 1918-1945                     eng
                                                                    Clark, Daniel A. (Daniel Andrew), 1967-
Creating the college man : American mass magazines and middle-class manhood, 1890-1915                 eng
Creating the culture of reform in antebellum America                Garvey, T. Gregory, 1962-          eng
                                                                    Starnes, Richard D., 1970-
Creating the land of the sky : tourism and society in western North Carolina                           eng
                                                                    Ramnarine, Tina K
Creating their own space : the development of an Indian-Caribbean musical tradition                    eng
Creative collaboration                                              John-Steiner, Vera, 1930-          eng
Creative politics : taxes and public goods in a federal system Beamer, Glenn, 1966-                    eng
Creativity, spirituality, and mental health : exploring connections Raab, Kelley A                     eng
                                                                    Kanda, Daniel
Credit flows, fiscal policy, and the external deficit of Bosnia and Herzegovina                        eng
Credit market in Morocco : a disequilibrium approach                Allain, Laurence                   eng
Credit risk spreads in local and foreign currencies                 Galai, Dan                         eng
                                                                    Hudson, Angela Pulley
Creek paths and federal roads : Indians, settlers, and slaves and the making of the American South     eng
Cremona violins : a physicist's quest for the secrets of StradivariWali, K. C. (Kameshwar C.)          eng
Creswell photographs re-examined : new perspectives on Islamic architecture                            eng
Cretan expedition : XXI, Gortyna                                    Taramelli, Antonio, 1868-1939      eng
Cretan women : Pasiphae, Ariadne, and Phaedra in Latin poetryArmstrong, Rebecca, 1975-                 eng
Cricket, literature and culture : symbolising the nation, destabilising empireAnthony, 1966-           eng
                                                                    Moskowitz, Marc
Cries of joy, songs of sorrow : Chinese pop music and its cultural connotations L                      eng
Crime and community policing                                        Sozer, M. Alper, 1977-             eng
                                                                    Bolognani, Marta
Crime and Muslim Britain : race, culture and the politics of criminology among British Pakistanis eng
Crisis and disaster management turbulence and aftermath             Mukhopadhyay, Asim Kumar           eng
                                                                    Konings, Piet                      eng
Crisis and neoliberal reforms in Africa : civil society and agro-industry in anglophone Cameroon's plantation economy
Crisis in North Korea : the failure of De-Stalinization, 1956       Lankov, A. N. (Andrei Nikolaevich)eng
Crisis management in construction projects                          Loosemore, Martin, 1962-           eng
Crisis of abundance : rethinking how we pay for health care         Kling, Arnold S                    eng
                                                                    Shaw, Amy J. War
Crisis of conscience : conscientious objection in Canada during the First World(Amy Jeannette), 1972-  eng
Crisis standards of care : summary of a workshop series                                                eng
Critical advances in reminiscence work : from theory to application                                    eng
                                                                    Butler, Leslie, 1969-
Critical Americans : Victorian intellectuals and transatlantic liberal reform                          eng

                                                   Page 55

Critical code : software producibility for defense                                                        eng
Critical disability theory : essays in philosophy, politics, policy, and law                              eng
                                                                        and Cavell
Critical excess : overreading in Derrida, Deleuze, Levinas, ZizekDavis, Colin, 1960-                      eng
Critical inquiry : the process of argument                             Boylan, Michael, 1952-             eng
Critical perspectives on international business. Volume 3, Number 4, The Internet and its paradoxical nature in international busines
Critical play : radical game design                                    Flanagan, Mary, 1969-              eng
Critical policy studies                                                                                   eng
Critical properties of [Greek letter phi]4-theories                    Kleinert, Hagen                    eng
Critical social theory and the end of work                             Granter, Edward                    eng
                                                                       Leicester, Mal                     the
Critical thinking across the curriculum : developing critical thinking skills, literacy and philosophy in eng primary classroom
Critical thinking in health and social care                            Jones-Devitt, Stella               eng
Critical turns in critical theory : new directions in social and political thought                        eng
Critically engaging CBT                                                                                   eng
Criticism of religion : on Marxism and theology, II                    Boer, Roland, 1961-                eng
Criticizing global governance                                                                             eng
Critique of judgement                                                  Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804          eng
Critón                                                                 Platón., ca. 427-348 a.C           spa
Croatia                                                                World Trade Press                  eng
Croatia                                                                World Trade Press                  eng
Croatia : money & banking                                                                                 eng
                                                                       Gell Noa, 1959-1961
Cronología para la historia de los Comités de Defensa de la Revolución : José Antonio                     spa
Crop production systems management                                                                        eng
Crop protection and environment                                        Deep, Drick                        eng
Crops and livestock farming                                                                               eng
Crops residues and by-products in animal feeding                                                          eng
Cross, crescent and conversion : studies on medieval Spain and christendom in memory of Richard Fletcher  eng
Cross-cultural issues in bioethics : the example of human cloning                                         eng
Crossing and dwelling : a theory of religion                           Tweed, Thomas A                    eng
Crossing borders : integrating differences : psychoanalytic psychotherapy in transition                   eng
Crossing borders, shifting boundaries : Palestinian dilemmas                                              eng
Crossing cultures : nineteenth-century Anglophobe literature in the Low Countries                         eng
                                                                       Esselstrom, Erik
Crossing empire's edge : Foreign Ministry police and Japanese expansionism in Northeast Asia eng
Crossing frontiers : cultural exchange and conflict : papers in honour of Malcolm Pender                  eng
Crossing Hitler : the man who put the Nazis on the witness stand       Hett, Benjamin Carter              eng
                                                                       Biderman, Shlomo
Crossing horizons : world, self, and language in Indian and Western thought                               eng
Crossing over : narratives of palliative care                                                             eng
Crossing the borders : new methods and techniques in the study of archaeological materials from the Caribbean
                                                                       Bowen, William G
Crossing the finish line : completing college at America's public universities                            eng
Crossing the Hudson : historic bridges and tunnels of the river Wolf, Donald E., 1927-                    eng
Crossing the Rio Grande : an immigrant's life in the 1880s             Gómez, Luis G                      eng
Cross-language relations in composition                                                                   eng
                                                                       Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip         eng
Crossroads of culture : anthropology collections at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (John Stephen), 1975-
                                                                        Cherry Blossom Festival
Crowning the nice girl : gender, ethnicity, and culture in Hawaii'sYano, Christine Reiko                  eng
Crucible for survival : environmental security and justice in the Indian Ocean region                     eng
Crucible of power : A history of American foreign relations to 1913    Jones, Howard, 1940-               eng
Crude awakenings : global oil security and American foreign policy     Yetiv, Steven A                    eng
Crunch! : a history of the great American potato chip                  Burhans, Dirk E., 1955-            eng
                                                                       Smith, Damian J
Crusade, heresy, and inquisition in the lands of the Crown of Aragon (c. 1167-1276)                       eng
Cry my beloved Africa : essays on the postcolonial aura in Africa      Vakunta, Peter W                   eng
                                                                       Markov, and V., 1941-
Crystal growth for beginners : fundamentals of nucleation, crystal growth Ivan epitaxy                    eng
Crystal structure refinement : a crystallographers guide to SHELXL                                        eng
                                                                       Chaudhary, B. L                    eng
CSIR-Net life sciences sure success series : (useful for GATE, UGC-NET, SLET, CSIR and other competitive exams)
Cte d'Ivoire                                                           World Trade Press                  eng
Cuba                                                                   World Trade Press                  eng
Cuba                                                                   World Trade Press                  eng
Cuba : money & banking                                                                                    eng

                                                  Page 56

Cuba and the United States : ties of singular intimacy               Pérez, Louis A., 1943-           eng
Cuban currency : the dollar and special period fiction               Whitfield, Esther Katheryn       eng
Cuba's energy future : a policy assessment and strategic approaches to cooperation                    eng
Cubase 5 power! : the comprehensive guide                            Guérin, Robert                   eng
Cui dono lepidum novum libellum? : dedicating Latin works and motets in the sixteenth century         eng
Culinary art and anthropology                                        Adapon, Joy                      eng
Culinary fictions : food in South Asian diasporic culture            Mannur, Anita                    eng
                                                                     Stek, Tesse D                    eng
Cult places and cultural change in Republican Italy : a contextual approach to religious aspects of rural society after the Roman con
Cult, culture, and authority : Princess Li˜êu Hanh in Vietnamese Dror, Olga                           eng
Cultivating health : Los Angeles women and public health reform      Koslow, Jennifer Lisa, 1970-     eng
                                                                     Wonhyo, 617-686
Cultivating original enlightenment : Wonhyo's Exposition of the vajrasamadhi-sutra                    eng
                                                                     Henke, in California
Cultivating science, harvesting power : science and industrial agricultureChristopher, 1969-          eng
Cultivating the mind of love                                         Nh´ât Hanh, Thích                eng
                                                                     Kang, Hye-Kyung Stella
Cultural citizenship and immigrant community identity : constructing a multi-ethnic Asian American engcommunity
Cultural contact and the making of European art since the age of exploration                          eng
Cultural difference on trial : the nature and limits of judicial understanding Anthony J              eng
                                                                      among grassroots activists
Cultural dilemmas of progressive politics : styles of engagementHart, Stephen, 1946-                  eng
Cultural dynamics in contemporary Egypt                                                               eng
Cultural heritage issues : the legacy of conquest, colonization, and commerce                         eng
Cultural history of early modern European streets                                                     eng
Cultural human rights                                                                                 eng
Cultural intelligence : a guide to working with people from other cultures Brooks                     eng
Cultural landscapes : balancing nature and heritage in preservation practice                          eng
Cultural locations of disability                                     Snyder, Sharon L., 1963-         eng
Cultural orphans in America                                          Pazicky, Diana Loercher          eng
Cultural pluralism, identity politics, and the law                                                    eng
Cultural production and social change in Kenya : building bridges                                     eng
                                                                     Stamatopoulou, Elsa, 1951-       eng
Cultural rights in international law : Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and beyond
Cultural seeds : essays on the work of Nick Cave                                                      eng
Cultural tourism in Latin America : the politics of space and imagery                                 eng
Cultural tourism research methods                                                                     eng
Cultural ways of worldmaking : media and narratives                                                   eng
Culture @ the cutting edge : tracking Caribbean popular music Best, Curwen, 1965-                     eng
Culture and anarchy                                                  Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888       eng
                                                                     Vandkilde, Helle
Culture and change in central European prehistory : 6th to 1st millennium BC                          eng
                                                                     Yuasa, Ikuko Patricia
Culture and gender of voice pitch : a sociophonetic comparison of the Japanese and Americans eng
Culture and identity in a Muslim society                             Gregg, Gary S                    eng
Culture and language use                                                                              eng
Culture and management in the Americas                               Behrens, Alfredo, 1951-          eng
Culture and panic disorder                                                                            eng
Culture and politics : a comparative approach                        Lane, Jan-Erik                   eng
Culture and power : Tuscany and its universities 1537-1609           Davies, Jonathan, 1966-          eng
Culture and the middle classes                                       Stewart, Simon, 1974-            eng
Culture and the natural environment : ancient and modern Middle Eastern texts                         eng
Culture counts : faith and feeling in a world besieged               Scruton, Roger                   eng
Culture in chaos : an anthropology of the social condition in war Lubkemann, Stephen C., 1968- eng
Culture in language learning                                                                          eng
                                                                     Malkin, Michelle
Culture of corruption : Obama and his team of tax cheats, crooks, and cronies                         eng
Culture shock and Japanese-American relations : historical essays    Asada, Sadao, 1936-              eng
Culture shock! : a survival guide to customs and etiquette : Egypt                                    eng
                                                                     Wilson, Susan L. (Susan Louise), 1947-
Culture wars and enduring American dilemmas                          Thomson, Irene Taviss, 1941-     eng
Culture, bodies and the sociology of health                                                           eng
Culture, creativity and environment : new environmentalist criticism                                  eng
Culture, performance & identity : paths of communication in Kenya                                     eng
Cultures of commodity branding                                                                        eng
Cultures of mass tourism : doing the Mediterranean in the age of banal mobilities                     eng

                                                   Page 57

Cultures of servitude : modernity, domesticity, and class in IndiaRay, Raka                              eng
Culturing life : how cells bename technologies                      Landecker, Hannah                    eng
Cumulative index to abstracts vols. 1-25                            Govil, J. N                          eng
                                                                    Shah, and securing this powerful printing system
CUPS administrative guide : a practical tutorial to installing, managing, Ankur                          eng
Curating oral histories : from interview to archive                 MacKay, Nancy, 1945-                 eng
Cured of cancer : from childhood to adulthood quality of survivalLangeveld, Neeltje Elisabeth            eng
Curious attractions : essays on fiction writing                     Spark, Debra, 1962-                  eng
                                                                    Grimes, William W
Currency and contest in East Asia : the great power politics of financial regionalism                    eng
Currency boards in retrospect and prospect                                                               eng
                                                                    Chan-Lau, and surveillance applications
Currency mismatches and corporate default risk : modeling, measurement, Jorge A                          eng
Currency of the heart : a year of investing, death, work & coins Nichols, Donald R., 1948-               eng
Currency risk premia in global stock markets                        Roache, Shaun K                      eng
                                                                    Bems, resources
Current account and precautionary savings for exporters of exhaustibleRudolfs                            eng
Current account determinants for oil-exporting countries            Morsy, Hanan                         eng
Current accounts in a currency union                                Decressin, Jörg                      eng
Current issues and trends in special education : Research, technology, and teacher preparation eng
Current issues in generative Hebrew linguistics                                                          eng
Current issues in Islamic banking and finance : resilience and stability in the present system           eng
Current management in child neurology                                                                    eng
Current tools and techniques in library science                     Ralhan, Punit                        eng
Current trends in chemical engineering                              Delgado, J. M. P. Q                  eng
Curriculum 21 : essential education for a changing world                                                 eng
Curve number hydrology : state of the practice                                                           eng
                                                                    ASCE/EWRI Curve Number Hydrology Task Committee
Customer relationship management : a global perspective                                                  eng
Customizing indigeneity : paths to a visionary politics in Peru Greene, Shane, 1971-                     eng
Cyber risks for business professionals : a management guide Kendrick, Rupert                             eng
                                                                    Rogers, Vanessa                      eng
Cyberbullying : activities to help children and teens to stay safe in a texting, twittering, social networking world
Cybercrime and society : crime and punishment in the information ageYar, Majid                           eng
                                                                    Haney, William
Cyberculture, cyborgs and science fiction : consciousness and the posthuman S                            eng
                                                                    Mehan, Julie E                       eng
Cyberwar, cyberterror, cybercrime : a guide to the role of standards in an environment of change and danger
                                                                    Toffoletti, Kim
Cyborgs and Barbie dolls : feminism, popular culture and the posthuman body                              eng
Cyclops                                                             Euripides                            eng
Cynics                                                              Desmond, William                     eng
Cyprus                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Cyprus                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Cyprus : money & banking                                                                                 eng
Cyprus at war : diplomacy and conflict during the 1974 crisis       Asmussen, Jan                        eng
Cyril Norwood and the ideal of secondary education                  McCulloch, Gary                      eng
Cytogenetics                                                        Gupta, P. K                          eng
Cytology genetics and molecular biology                             Gupta, P. K                          eng
Czech Republic                                                      World Trade Press                    eng
Czech Republic                                                      World Trade Press                    eng
Czech Republic : money & banking                                                                         eng
                                                                    Stein, Eric
Czecho/Slovakia : ethnic conflict, constitutional fissure, negotiated breakup                            eng
D.H. Lawrence and Germany : the politics of influence               Krockel, Carl                        eng
D.Z. Phillips' contemplative philosophy of religion : questions and responses                            eng
Dada culture : critical texts on the avant-garde                                                         eng
Daddy Grace : a celebrity preacher and his House of Prayer          Dallam, Marie W                      eng
                                                                    Ware, Robert
Dagestan : Russian hegemony and Islamic resistance in the North Caucasus Bruce                           eng
Dairy chemistry and animal nutrition                                Chhazllani, V. K                     eng
Dairy microbiology                                                  Modi, H. A                           eng
Dalit theology and Dalit liberation : problems, paradigms and possibilities Peniel                       eng
Dam foundation grouting                                             Weaver, Ken (Kenneth D.)             eng
Dame Kathleen Kenyon : digging up the Holy Land                     Davis, Miriam C                      eng
                                                                    Alexeyeff, Kalissa
Dancing from the heart : movement, gender, and Cook Islands globalization                                eng
Dancing many drums : excavations in African American dance                                               eng

                                                Page 58

                                                                    inner-city poor
Dancing with broken bones : portraits of death and dying amongMoller, David Wendell                  eng
Dane County place-names                                            Cassidy, Frederic Gomes, 1907-2000eng
Dangerous curves : Latina bodies in the media                      Molina-Guzmán, Isabel             eng
                                                                   Ritter, Scott
Dangerous ground : on the trail of America's failed arms control policy from FDR to Obama            eng
Daphnis : Zeitschrift für mittlere deutsche Literatur und Kultur der frühen Neuzeit (1400-1750). Band 35, Heft 1-2
Dar es Salaam : histories from an emerging African metropolis                                        eng
Dark crusade : Christian Zionism and US foreign policy             Kiracofe, Clifford Attick         eng
Dark waters dancing to a breeze : a literary companion to rivers and lakes                           eng
Dark writing : geography, performance, design                      Carter, Paul, 1951-               eng
Darwin and design : does evolution have a purpose?                 Ruse, Michael                     eng
                                                                    der Entwurf des Franziskus von Marchia
Das 'Super'-Transzendentale und die Spaltung der Metaphysik :Folger-Fonfara, Sabine                  ger
Data base management design                                        Murthy, C. S. V                   eng
Data communication and networking                                  Murthy, C. S. V                   eng
Data communications & teleprocessing systems                       Housley, Trevor                   eng
Data mining and warehousing                                        Prabhu, S                         eng
Data mining in biomedicine using ontologies                                                          eng
                                                                   National Research Council (U.S.). eng on Modernizing the Infrast
Data on federal research and development investments : a pathway to modernization                    Panel
Data Warehousing : OLAP and Data Mining                            Nagabhushana, S                   eng
Database management system                                         Pathak, Nirupma                   eng
                                                                    : a workshop summary
Databases for estimating health insurance coverage for childrenNational Research Council (U.S.) eng
Dataset shift in machine learning                                                                    eng
Dating Jesus : a story of fundamentalism, feminism, and the American girl Susan, 1959-               eng
Daughter of Gaia : rebirth of the divine feminine                  Pogacnik, Marko, 1944-            eng
                                                                    the book Carleen
Daughter Zion talks back to the prophets : a dialogic theology of Mandolfo,of Lamentations           eng
                                                                    the book Carleen
Daughter Zion talks back to the prophets : a dialogic theology of Mandolfo,of Lamentations           eng
                                                                   Berlanstein, Lenard R             eng
Daughters of Eve : a cultural history of French theater women from the Old Regime to the fin de siècle
Daughters of the Union : northern women fight the Civil War        Silber, Nina                      eng
David Armstrong                                                    Mumford, Stephen                  eng
                                                                   Busch, David
David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D : guide to digital SLR photographyD                           eng
                                                                   Busch, David D
David Busch's Canon Powershot G10/G11 : guide to digital photography                                 eng
David Busch's Nikon D300 guide to digital SLR photography          Busch, David D                    eng
David Busch's Nikon D300s guide to digital SLR photography Busch, David D                            eng
David Busch's Nikon D3S/D3X guide to digital SLR photographyBusch, David D                           eng
David Busch's Olympus Pen EP-2 guide to digital photography Busch, David D                           eng
                                                                   Busch, David D                    eng
David Busch's quick snap guide to photoblogging with Wordpress : an instant start-up manual for creating and promoting your own
David Busch's Sony [Alpha] DSLR-A850 : guide to digital photography David D                          eng
                                                                   Busch, photography
David Busch's Sony Alpha DSLR-A380/A330/A230 guide to digital SLR David D                            eng
David Copperfield                                                  Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870       eng
David Dellinger : the life and times of a nonviolent revolutionary Hunt, Andrew E., 1968-            eng
David Lewis                                                        Nolan, Daniel Patrick, 1972-      eng
                                                                     Railroad in New Russell,
David Ruggles : a radical black abolitionist and the UndergroundHodges, Graham York City1946- eng
David Suzuki : the autobiography                                   Suzuki, David T., 1936-           eng
David's hammer : the case for an activist judiciary                Bolick, Clint                     eng
Dawning answers : how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has helped to strengthen public health                   eng
                                                                   Meyer, Carrie
Days on the family farm : from the Golden Age through the Great Depression A                         eng
                                                                   Cicero, Marcus Tullius
De re publica ; De legibus ; Cato maior de senectute ; Laelius de amicitia                           lat
De regimine Christiano : a critical edition and translation                                          eng
                                                                   James, of Viterbo, Archbishop of Naples, ca. 1255-1307 or 8
Dead end kids : gang girls and the boys they know                  Fleisher, Mark S                  eng
Dead hands : a social history of wills, trusts, and inheritance lawFriedman, Lawrence Meir, 1930- eng
Dead reckoning : memories of the 1971 Bangladesh War               Bose, Sarmila                     eng
Dead silence : fear and terror on the anthrax trail                Coen, Bob                         eng
Deadhouse : life in a coroner's office                             Temple, John, 1969-               eng
Deadly cultures : biological weapons since 1945                                                      eng
Deaf liberation theology                                           Lewis, Hannah, 1971-              eng
Dean Acheson : a life in the Cold War                              Beisner, Robert L                 eng
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt : letters from children of the Great Depression                                  eng

                                                  Page 59

Dear Regime : letters to the Islamic republic : poems               Sedarat, Roger, 1971-              eng
Death                                                               Scarre, Geoffrey                   eng
Death & taxes : Hydriotaphia & other plays                          Kushner, Tony                      eng
Death and the afterlife in Japanese Buddhism                                                           eng
Death and the classic Maya kings                                    Fitzsimmons, James L               eng
                                                                     for the better
Death benefits : how losing a parent can change an adult's life-- Safer, Jeanne                        eng
Death by jury : group dynamics and capital sentencing               Connell, Nadine M., 1979-          eng
                                                                     of AIDs
Death in a church of life : moral passion during Botswana's time Klaits, F. (Frederick)                eng
                                                                    Barletta, Vincent
Death in Babylon : Alexander the Great & Iberian empire in the muslim orient                           eng
                                                                    Hett, Benjamin Carter
Death in the Tiergarten : murder and criminal justice in the Kaiser's Berlin                           eng
Death in twentieth-century American texts and performances : corpses, ghosts, and the reanimated dead  eng
                                                                    Jentzen, Jeffrey medical certainty eng
Death investigation in America : coroners, medical examiners, and the pursuit of M., 1953-
                                                                    Miller, Kenneth W. (Kenneth Wayne)
Death justice : Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas and the contradictions of the death penalty                  eng
Death lore : Texas rituals, superstitions, and legends of the hereafter                                eng
Death, contemplation and Schopenhauer                               Singh, R. Raj, 1948-               eng
Debate and dialogue : Alain Chartier in his cultural context        Cayley, Emma, 1974-                eng
Debate of the Romance of the rose                                                                      eng
Debating China's exchange rate policy                                                                  eng
Debating in the World Schools style : a guide                       Quinn, Simon, 1981-                eng
                                                                    Arnscheidt, J. (Julia), 1970-      eng
Debating' nature conservation : policy, law and practice in Indonesia : a discourse analysis of history and present
Debating the past : music, memory, and identity in the Andes Romero, Raúl R                            eng
                                                                    Swaminathan, Srividhya
Debating the slave trade : rhetoric of British national identity, 1759-1815                            eng
Debussy and the fragment                                            Cummins, Linda (Linda Page)        eng
Decentralisation in Africa : a pathway out of poverty and conflict?                                    eng
Decentralization policies in Asian development                                                         eng
Decentralization, democracy, and development : recent experience from Sierra Leone                     eng
Deception                                                           Marar, Ziyad                       eng
Decision by objectives : how to convince others that you are right  Forman, Ernest H                   eng
Decision making and programming                                                                        eng
                                                                    Kolbin, V. V. (Viacheslav Viktorovich), 1941-
Decision-making capacity and older persons                                                             eng
                                                                      the law
Decisions to imprison : court decision-making inside and outsideWandall, Rasmus H                      eng
Declarative and procedural determinants of second languages Paradis, Michel                            eng
Decline and fall : Europe's slow-motion suicide                     Thornton, Bruce S                  eng
                                                                    Heemskerk, Eelke
Decline of the corporate community : network dynamics of the Dutch business elite M. (Eelke Michiel)   eng
De-coding new regionalism : shifting socio-political contexts in Central Europe and Latin America eng
Decoding the new Taliban : insights from the Afghan field                                              eng
Decolonizing conservation : caring for Maori meeting houses outside New Zealand                        eng
Decolonizing European sociology : transdisciplinary approaches                                         eng
Deconstructing constructions                                                                           eng
                                                                    Jabbour, southern Appalachians eng
Decoration day in the mountains : traditions of cemetery decoration in the Alan
Decorative design history in Indian textiles and costumes           Bhatnagar, Parul                   eng
                                                                    Obiora, Kingsley I
Decoupling from the East toward the West? : analyses of spillovers to the Baltic countries             eng
Dedollarization in Liberia : lessons from cross-country experience rasmus, Lodewyk                     eng
Deed                                                                Smith, Rod, 1962-                  eng
Deep blue : critical reflections on nature, religion and water                                         eng
Deep Cuba : the inside story of an American oceanographic expeditionBelleville, Bill, 1945-            eng
Deep down things : the breathtaking beauty of particle physics Schumm, Bruce A., 1958-                 eng
Deep nature : photographs from Iowa                                 Scarth, Linda, 1941-               eng
                                                                    Blann, Andrew
Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism : a guide for practitioners                                eng
Deepening our understanding of Wittgenstein                                                            eng
                                                                    Heffelfinger, Jim, 1964-           eng
Deer of the Southwest : a complete guide to the natural history, biology, and management of southwestern mule deer and white-tail
De-familiarizing readings : essays from the Austin Joyce conference                                    eng
Default, credit growth, and asset prices                            Segoviano, Miguel A                eng
Defeat : why they lost Iraq                                         Steele, Jonathan                   eng
Defence speeches                                                    Cicero, Marcus Tullius             eng
Defenders and critics of Franciscan life : essays in honor of John V. Fleming                          eng

                                                 Page 60

Defending democracy : reactions to extremism in interwar Europe     Capoccia, Giovanni, 1967-          eng
Defending diversity : affirmative action at the University of Michigan                                 eng
Defending Europe : the EU, NATO and the quest for European autonomy                                    eng
Defense in international criminal proceedings : cases, materials and commentary                        eng
Defensive internationalism : providing public goods in an uncertain world Davis B                      eng
Defiance                                                            Shanley, John Patrick              eng
Defiant dads : fathers' rights activists in America                 Crowley, Jocelyn Elise, 1970-      eng
Defining conservatism : the principles that will bring our country back Jonathan                       eng
Defining harm : religious freedom and the limits of the law         Beaman, Lori G                     eng
                                                                    International Organization for Qumran the IOQS in Gröningen
Defining identities : we, you, and the other in the Dead Sea Scrolls : proceedings of the fifth meeting of Studies. Meeting (5th : 2004
                                                                    Langer, Rosanna                    eng
Defining rights and wrongs : bureaucracy, human rights, and public accountability L. (Rosanna Lillian), 1955-
Defoe's fiction and manliness : contrary men                        Gregg, Stephen H., 1960-           eng
                                                                    Williams, Michael, 1935-2009
Deforesting the earth : from prehistory to global crisis : an abridgment                               eng
                                                                    Boylan, Delia M
Defusing democracy : central bank autonomy and the transition from authoritarian rule                  eng
                                                                    Riser, South, 1890-1908
Defying disfranchisement : Black voting rights activism in the Jim CrowR. Volney                       eng
Degrees of excellence : a Fatimid treatise on leadership in IslamAl-Naysaburi, A.hmad b.Ibrahim eng
Degrees of freedom : Louisiana and Cuba after slavery                                                  eng
                                                                    Scott, Rebecca J. (Rebecca Jarvis), 1950-
                                                                    Thomas, Stephen
Deification in the Eastern Orthodox tradition : a Biblical perspective                                 eng
Deleuze and psychoanalysis : philosophical essays on Deleuze's debate with psychoanalysis              eng
Deleuze's way : essays in transverse ethics and aesthetics          Bogue, Ronald, 1948-               eng
Deleuzian concepts : philosophy, colonization, politics             Patton, Paul                       eng
Deleveraging after Lehman : evidence from reduced rehypothecation Manamohana                           eng
Delhi psychiatry journal : Volume 12, no. 1                                                            eng
Deliberative democracy in practice                                                                     eng
Delirious Milton : the fate of the poet in modernity                Teskey, Gordon, 1953-              eng
Delta-Sigma modulators : modeling, design and applications                                             eng
Demanding choices : opinion, voting, and direct democracy           Bowler, Shaun, 1958-               eng
                                                                    Gray, Obika,
Demeaned but empowered : the social power of the urban poor of Jamaica 1948-                           eng
Dementia and wandering behavior : concern for the lost elder Silverstein, Nina M                       eng
                                                                    Cook, Brian of public
Democracy and administration : Woodrow Wilson's ideas and the challengesJ., 1954- management           eng
                                                                    changing Georg,
Democracy and democratization : processes and prospects in a Sørensen,world 1948-                      eng
Democracy and institutions : the life work of Arend Lijphart                                           eng
Democracy and the European Union : theory, practice, and reform arleigh, Alex                          eng
Democracy and the political unconscious                             McAfee, Noëlle, 1960-              eng
Democracy and the post-totalitarian experience                                                         eng
Democracy and the state in the new Southern Europe                                                     eng
                                                                    Barnes, in the struggle for (and against) the rule of law
Democracy at the crossroads : princes, peasants, poets, and presidents Craig S                         eng
Democracy in modern Iran : Islam, culture, and political change Mirsepassi, Ali                        eng
                                                                    Malsch, M. (Marijke)
Democracy in the courts : lay participation in European criminal justice systems                       eng
Democracy in the south : participation, the state and the people                                       eng
Democracy with a gun : America and the policy of force              Matsuo, Fumio, 1933-               eng
                                                                    Chhibber, Pradeep K., 1956-
Democracy without associations : transformation of the party system and social cleavages in India eng
Democracy, citizenship and youth : towards social and political participation in Brazil                eng
Democracy, intermediation, and voting on four continents                                               eng
Democracy, law and governance                                       Lenoble, Jacques, 1950-            eng
Democracy's lawyer : Felix Grundy of the Old Southwest                                                 eng
                                                                    Heller, J. Roderick (John Roderick), 1937-
Democratic elitism : new theoretical and comparative perspectives                                      eng
Democratic policy and social change                                 Pandey, Bhavana                    eng
Democratic Rep. of Congo                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Democratic Rep. of Congo                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Democratic Rep. of Congo                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Democratic transgressions of law : governing technology through public participation                   eng
Democratic transition in Croatia : value transformation, education & media                             eng
Democratic transition in Slovenia : value transformation, education, and media                         eng
Democratic vistas : the original edition in facsimile               Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892           eng
Democratization and securitization : the case of Romania            Stefan, Adina Marina               eng

                                                   Page 61

                                                                   Davis, Ronald, 1947-
Democratizing pension funds : corporate governance and accountability                                 eng
Demographic changes, a view from California : implications for framing health disparities : workshop summary
                                                                   Brakke, David
Demons and the making of the monk : spiritual combat in early Christianity                            eng
                                                                   Clatterbuck, Mark
Demons, saints & patriots : Catholic visions of Native America through the Indian sentinel, 1902-1962 eng
Demosthenes, speeches 20-22                                        Demosthenes                        eng
Denationalisation of defence : convergence and diversity           Matlary, Janne Haaland             eng
Denial and quality of life in lung cancer patients                 Vos, Martina Sita                  eng
Denmark                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Denmark                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Denmark : money & banking                                                                             eng
Deposit insurance around the world : issues of design and implementation                              eng
Depression and women : an integrative treatment approach           Simonds, Susan L                   eng
Depression research in nursing : global perspectives                                                  eng
                                                                   Monteith, Kathleen
Depression to decolonization : Barclays Bank (DCO) in the West Indies, 1926-1962 E. A                 eng
Depth of field : Stanley Kubrick, film, and the uses of history                                       eng
Der Hofmeister von J.M.R. Lenz : ein Versuch einer Neuinterpretation Angela, 1941-                    ger
                                                                   Botassi, Carlos Alfredo
Derecho administrativo ambiental : normas constitucionales, Ley no. 11,723, residuos domiciliariosspa  patogénicos y especiales, prote
Derek Jarman's angelic conversations                               Ellis, Jim, 1964-                  eng
Derivatives algorithms : Volume 1, Bones                           Hyer, Tom                          eng
Derrida and the writing of the body                                Irwin, Jones                       eng
Derrida from now on                                                Naas, Michael                      eng
Derrida on religion : thinker of differance                        McCance, Dawne, 1944-              eng
Derzhavin : a biography                                                                               eng
                                                                   Khodasevich, V. F. (Vladislav Felitsianovich), 1886-1939
Des éléments aux traces = Elements and traces                                                         fre
                                                                   González Tavares,
Desarrollo del programa de preformulación de un nuevo analgésico : lobuprofeno Leonor                 spa
                                                                   Gil Mitonafide y Amonafide2HCl spa
Desarrollo galénico de comprimidos de dos nuevos anticancerosos Alegre, María Esther                    : estudios de estabilidad
                                                                   Sánchez Ramos, Oliberto
Desarrollo y caracterización de un candidato vacunal recombinante contra la peste porcina clásica spa  basado en la glicoproteína E2 de
Describing and modeling variation in grammar                                                          eng
                                                                   National Research Council workshop Panel
Describing socioeconomic futures for climate change research and assessment : report of a(U.S.). eng on Socioeconomic Scenar
Description in literature and other media                                                             eng
Desert and justice                                                                                    eng
Desert gothic                                                      Waters, Don, 1974-                 eng
Desert kingdom : how oil and water forged modern Saudi ArabiaJones, Toby Craig, 1972-                 eng
Desert voices : Bedouin women's poetry in Saudi Arabia             Al-Ghadeer, Moneera                eng
Design and business                                                                                   eng
Design and construction of frost-protected shallow foundations                                        eng
Design and debris : a chaotics of postmodern American fiction Conte, Joseph M. (Joseph Mark), 1960-   eng
Design and implementation of compiler                              Singh, Ravendra                    eng
Design considerations for evaluating the impact of PEPFAR : workshop summary                          eng
Design loads on structures during construction                                                        eng
Design of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) stacks                                                  eng
Design of latticed steel transmission structures                                                      eng
Design of marine facilities for the berthing, mooring, and repair of vessels John                     eng
Design of masonry and timber structure                             Singh, Harbhajan                   eng
Design of modern highrise reinforced concrete structures                                              eng
Design of pile foundations in liquefiable soils                    Madabhushi, Gopal                  eng
Design of reinforced concrete structures for architects            Singh, Harbhajan                   eng
Design of steel transmission pole structures                       Magee, William L                   eng
Design principles for the immune system and other distributed autonomous systems                      eng
Design processes : what architects & industrial designers can teach each other about managing the design process
                                                                   Hoeksema, R.
Designed for dry feet : flood protection and land reclamation in the NetherlandsJ                     eng
Designing experimental research in archaeology : examining technology through production and use      eng
                                                                   Studio 7.5 PCs,                    eng
Designing for small screens : mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, pocket (Firm)navigation systems, MP3 players, game consoles
Designing modern Germany                                           Aynsley, Jeremy                    eng
Designs on the public : the private lives of New York's public spaces Kristine F                      eng
                                                                    Anne Gary M                       eng
Desire, violence & divinity in modern southern fiction : KatherineCiuba, Porter, Flannery O'Connor, Cormac McCarthy, Walker Percy

                                                   Page 62

Desperate passage : the Donner Party's perilous journey West Rarick, Ethan, 1964-                        eng
Destination Australia : migration to Australia since 1901           Richards, Eric, 1940-                eng
Destructive creativity of Wall St. and the East Asian response Heng, Michael S. H., 1948-                eng
                                                                     of modern psychoanalysis
Destructiveness, intersubjectivity, and trauma : the identity crisisBohleber, Werner                     eng
                                                                    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Detailed tables by Partner Country = Tableaux dtaills par pays partenaires                               eng
Detective fiction in a postcolonial and transnational world                                              eng
                                                                    Torre Binimelis, Rosario de la
Determinación de la actividad de superóxido dismutasa en poblaciones humanas normales y patológicas      spa
Determinants of emigrant deposits in Cape Verde                     Karpowicz, I. (Izabela)              eng
Determinants of inflation in GCC                                    Kandil, Magda                        eng
Determinants of public-private partnerships in infrastructure       Hammami, Mona                        eng
Determinants of Venezuela's equilibrium real exchange rate          Zalduendo, Juan                      eng
Detox your career : 10 steps to revitalizing your job and career Forsyth, Patrick                        eng
Deuterocanonical and cognate literature yearbook : 2009, Human body in death and resurrection eng
                                                                    Mak, in Hawai'i
Developing a dream destination : tourism and tourism policy planning James                               eng
                                                                    Laxton, Douglas                      eng
Developing a structured forecasting and policy analysis system to support inflation-forecast targeting (IFT)
Developing a sustainable economy in Cameroon                                                             eng
Developing an Army strategy for building partner capacity for stability operations                       eng
                                                                    National Research support the school
Developing and evaluating methods for using American Community Survey data to Council (U.S.) eng meals programs : interim rep
Developing and learning in organizations : an international journal. Volume 21, Number 6, Learningeng technology
Developing college skills in students with autism and Asperger'sFreedman, Sarita                         eng
Developing countries and the WTO : policy approaches                                                     eng
                                                                    Forde, in Australia
Developing dialogues : indigenous and ethnic community broadcasting Susan                                eng
Developing effective assessment in higher Education : a practical guide Sue                              eng
                                                                    Kalamas, David J
Developing employee capital : setting the stage for lifelong learning                                    eng
Developing exemplary performance one person at a time               Sabbag, Michael, 1966-               eng
Developing language and literacy with young children                Whitehead, Marian R                  eng
Developing metrics for assessing engineering instruction : what gets measured is what gets improved : report from the Steering Com
                                                                     services : research, policy and practice
Developing multi-professional teamwork for integrated children'sAnning, Angela                           eng
                                                                    Bedford, Kate, 1975-
Developing partnerships : gender, sexuality, and the reformed World Bank                                 eng
Developing skills for distance learning                                                                  eng
Developing translation competence                                                                        eng
Development aid and economic growth : a positive long-run relation  Minoiu, Camelia, 1977-               eng
                                                                    Andrews, Matt
Development as leadership-led change : a report for the Global Leadership Initiative                     eng
Development co-operation report 2009                                Deutscher, Eckhard                   eng
Development in an insecure and gendered world : the relevance of the millennium goals                    eng
Development of modern statistics and related topics : in celebration of Prof. Yaoting Zhang's 70th birthday
Development of nominal inflection in first language acquisition : a cross-linguistic perspective         eng
Development of plants                                               Hussain, Iqbal                       eng
                                                                    Pavlovic, rewards
Development of the commercial banking system in Afghanistan : risks andJelena                            eng
Development tourism : lessons from Cuba                             Spencer, Rochelle                    eng
                                                                    Schrijver, Nico, 1954-
Development without destruction : the UN and global resource management                                  eng
Developmental biology                                               Sastry, K. V                         eng
Developmental geography & economic theory                           Chander, Y. S                        eng
Developmental theism : from pure will to unbounded love             Forrest, Peter, 1948-                eng
                                                                    ECMWF Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computing in
Developments in teracomputing : proceedings of the ninth ECMWF Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computing in Meteo
                                                                    Fishbane, Simcha
Deviancy in early rabbinic literature : a collection of socio-anthropological essays                     eng
Diachronic syntax                                                   Roberts, Ian G                       eng
Diagnosis and management of peripheral nerve disorders                                                   eng
                                                                    Grob, Gerald N.,
Diagnosis, therapy, and evidence : conundrums in modern American medicine 1931-                          eng
Diagnostic hysteroscopy : a practical guide                         Römer, T. (Thomas)                   eng
Diagnostic medical parasitology                                     Garcia, Lynne Shore                  eng
                                                                    Minnick, Lisa
Dialect and dichotomy : literary representations of African American speech Cohen                        eng
Dialectic and dialogue                                                                                   eng
                                                                    Nikulin, D. V. (Dmitrii Vladimirovich)
                                                                    Worrell, Mark P
Dialectic of solidarity : labor, antisemitism, and the Frankfurt School                                  eng
Dialogues in Cuban archaeology                                                                           eng
Dialysis access : current practice                                                                       eng

                                                 Page 63

                                                                      Offer, Daniel
Dialysis without fear : a guide to living well on dialysis for patients and their families               eng
Diaries of girls and women : a midwestern American sampler                                               eng
Diaspora : Jews amidst Greeks and Romans                              Gruen, Erich S                     eng
Diaspora and memory : figures of displacement in contemporary literature, arts and politics              eng
Diaspora without homeland : being Korean in Japan                                                        eng
Diasporas in conflict : peace-makers or peace-wreckers?                                                  eng
Diatomaceous earth filtration for safe drinking water                 Fulton, George P                   eng
                                                                       novel Kelly
Dickens and the rise of divorce : the failed-marriage plot and theHager, tradition                       eng
Dictatorship and demand : the politics of consumerism in East Germany Landsman, Mark, 1966-              eng
Dictionary of banking and finance                                                                        eng
Dictionary of biotechnology                                           Thangadurai, D                     eng
Dictionary of contemporary slang                                      Thorne, Tony                       eng
Dictionary of information technology                                  Gupta, Praveen                     eng
Dictionary of Louisiana French : as spoken in Cajun, Creole, and American Indian communities             eng
Dictionary of social work                                             Pierson, John                      eng
                                                                      the 12th International Symposium eng
                                                                                                         on Lexicography, Copenhagen, 2
Dictionary visions, research and practice : selected papers from International Symposium on Lexicography (12th : 2004 : Copenhag
Did Botswana escape from the resource curse?                          Iimi, Atsushi                      eng
Did I give back enough?                                               Lim, Arthur Siew Ming              eng
Die Erzväter in der biblischen Tradition : Festschrift für Matthias Köckert                              ger
Die Kestoi des Julius Africanus und ihre Überlieferung                                                   ger
Diesel mechanics                                                      Sanders, Frank                     eng
                                                                      Aitken, Kenneth                    eng
Dietary interventions in autism spectrum disorders : why they work when they do,Jwhy they don't when they don't
                                                                      Villegas Paredes, religiosas del siglo XVII español : retórica ecles
Diferencias léxico-semánticas de documentación escrita en las diferentes órdenesGladys                   spa
Differential and integral equations                                   Collins, P. J. (Peter J.)          eng
                                                                      Dutton, Paul V                     eng
Differential diagnoses : a comparative history of health care problems and solutions in the United States and France
Differential diagnosis in adult neuropsychological assessment                                            eng
                                                                      Poznyak, Alexander S               eng
Differential neural networks for robust nonlinear control : identification, state estimation and trajectory tracking
                                                                      to courage
Difficult topics in group psychotherapy : my journey from shame Gans, Jerome S                           eng
Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder                       Welberry, T. R. (Thomas Richard) eng
                                                                      Esquinas Sancho, algebraica        spa
Dificultades de aprendizaje del lenguaje algebraico : del símbolo a la formalización Ana María : aplicación a la práctica docente
Digging up the dead : a history of notable American reburials Kammen, Michael G                          eng
Digital and other virtualities : renegotiating the image                                                 eng
Digital baroque : new media art and cinematic folds                   Murray, Timothy                    eng
                                                                      Venegas, Cristina, 1959-
Digital dilemmas : the state, the individual, and digital media in Cuba                                  eng
Digital dragon : high-technology enterprises in China                 Segal, Adam, 1968-                 eng
Digital electronics                                                   Brewster, Hilary D                 eng
                                                                       and builds intense brand loyalty eng
Digital engagement : internet marketing that captures customersHarden, Leland
Digital era governance : IT corporations, the state, and E-government                                    eng
Digital fabrications : architectural and material techniques          Iwamoto, Lisa, 1963-               eng
Digital libraries : principles and practice in a global environment Tedd, Lucy A                         eng
Digital material : tracing new media in everyday life and technology                                     eng
Digital network                                                       Thakur, Vinit                      eng
Digital performer 4 ignite!                                           Grebler, Eric                      eng
Digital principles and circuits                                       Agarwal, C. B                      eng
Digital research in the study of classical antiquity                                                     eng
Digitising command and control : a human factors and ergonomics analysis of mission planning and battlespace management
Diglossia and power : language policies and practice in the 19th century Habsburg Empire                 eng
                                                                       of microeconomics
Dilemmas in economic theory : persisting foundational problemsMandler, Michael                           eng
Dilemmas of desire : teenage girls talk about sexuality               Tolman, Deborah L                  eng
                                                                      United Nations and US foreign      eng
Dilemmas of internationalism : the American Association for the Johnstone, Andrew (Andrew E.)policy, 1941-1948
                                                                       number one
Dillinger's wild ride : the year that made America's public enemy Gorn, Elliott J., 1951-                eng
Dim sum for managers : advice and ideas for the hungry mind Furnham, Adrian                              eng
Dimensions of inequality in Canada                                                                       eng
Dinarchus, Hyperides, and Lycurgus                                                                       eng
Dinner roles : American women and culinary culture                    Inness, Sherrie A                  eng
                                                                      Wear, Hellenes
Dionysius the Areopagite and the Neoplatonist tradition : despoiling theSarah Klitenic                   eng

                                                    Page 64

                                                                      the modern world
Diplomacy between the wars : five diplomats and the shaping of Liebmann, George W                      eng
                                                                     Clark, rights norms
Diplomacy of conscience : Amnesty International and changing humanAnn Marie, 1960-                     eng
Diplomacy with a difference : the Commonwealth Office of High Lloyd, Lorna 1880-2006                   eng
Diplomatic departures : the Conservative era in Canadian foreign policy, 1984-93                       eng
Diplomatic practice : between tradition and innovation               Kleiner, Jürgen                   eng
Diplomatics in the eastern Mediterranean 1000-1500 : aspects of cross-cultural communication           eng
Diptera diversity : status, challenges and tools                                                       eng
Direct compositionality                                                                                eng
Direct payments and personalisation of care                                                            eng
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing : summary of a workshop           Institute of Medicine (U.S.)      eng
                                                                     polluted bays
Dirty water : one man's fight to clean up one of the world's most Sharpsteen, Bill, 1954-              eng
                                                                     Higgins, Martina                  eng
Disability and child sexual abuse : lessons from survivors' narratives for effective protection, prevention and treatment
Disability hate crimes : does anyone really hate disabled people?    Sherry, Mark, 1966-               eng
                                                                     Eyler, Joshua
Disability in the Middle Ages : rehabilitations, reconsiderations, reverberations                      eng
                                                                     Gillibrand, John, 1960-
Disabled church - disabled society : the implications of autism for philosophy, theology and politics eng
Disarmed democracies : domestic institutions and the use of force    Auerswald, David P                eng
Disaster risk assessment and mitigation : arrival of tsunami wave in Thailand                          eng
Discipling the divine : toward an (im)political theology             Fletcher, Paul                    eng
Disclosing intertextualities : the stories, plays, and novels of Susan Glaspell                        eng
Discourse cohesion in ancient Greek                                                                    eng
                                                                     MacCallum, Diana
Discourse dynamics in participatory planning : opening the bureaucracy to stangers                     eng
Discourse, of course : an overview of research in discourse studies                                    eng
Discourses in contemporary Egypt : politics and social issues                                          eng
Discourses of denial : mediations of race, gender, and violence Jiwani, Yasmin                         eng
Discourses of the vanishing : modernity, phantasm, Japan             Ivy, Marilyn                      eng
Discoveries in the Attic deme of Ikaria, 1888                        Buck, Carl Darling, 1866-1955     eng
Discovering patterns in mathematics and poetry                       Birken, Marcia                    eng
Discovering the Dutch : on culture and society of the Netherlands                                      eng
Discovering the nano-electronics                                     Yadav, Rakesh K                   eng
                                                                     Garrow, Laurie A
Discrete choice modelling and air travel demand : theory and applications                              eng
Discrete oscillator design : linear, nonlinear, transient, and noiseRhea, Randall W                    eng
Disease control priorities in developing countries                                                     eng
Diseases of small grain cereal crops : a colour handbook             Murray, Timothy D                 eng
Diseases of the spine and spinal cord                                Byrne, Thomas N                   eng
Diseño mecánico con Autodesk inventor : paso a paso                                                    spa
Disintermediation and monetary transmission in Canada                Roldos, Jorge                     eng
Disjunctivism : contemporary readings                                                                  eng
Dispensing medical countermeasures for public health emergencies : workshop summary                    eng
Dispersing power : social movements as anti-state forces             Zibechi, Raúl, 1952-              eng
Displacement, asylum, migration : the Oxford Amnesty lectures 2004                                     eng
Displacing desire : travel and popular culture in China              Notar, Beth E., 1963-             eng
Disposal of activated carbon from chemical agent disposal facilities                                   Committee to Examine the Dispo
                                                                     National Research Council (U.S.). eng
                                                                     Veatch, Robert M
Disrupted dialogue : medical ethics and the collapse of physician-humanist communication (1770-1980)   eng
Disruption management : framework, models and applications Yu, Gang                                    eng
Dissecting Taylor rules in a structural VAR                          Choi, Woon Gyu, 1960-             eng
Dissent from war                                                     Ivie, Robert L                    eng
Dissent in dangerous times                                                                             eng
Distance education                                                   Puri, Usha                        eng
Distance education in social work : planning, teaching, and learning                                   eng
Distance learning technologies in education                          Choudhary, Premanand              eng
Distance-to-default in banking : a bridge too far?                   Chan-Lau, Jorge A                 eng
Distant provinces in the Inka empire : toward a deeper understanding of Inka imperialism               eng
Distilling knowledge : alchemy, chemistry, and the scientific revolution Bruce T                       eng
Distortions to agricultural incentives : a global perspective, 1955-2007                               eng
Distress in European banks : an analysis based on a new data set     Poghosyan, Tigran                 eng
Distributed cognition and the will : individual volition and social context                            eng

                                                  Page 65

Distributed reduplication                                              Frampton, John, 1937-              eng
Distributed situation awareness : theory, measurement, and application to teamwork                        eng
                                                                       Fu, Markov chain imbedding approach
Distribution theory of runs and patterns and its applications : a finite James C                          eng
                                                                       Kpodar, Kangni
Distributional effects of oil price changes on household expenditures : evidence from Mali                eng
                                                                        Southern literature, 1912-2002 eng
Disturbing calculations : the economics of identity in postcolonialTaylor, Melanie Benson, 1976-
Disturbing revelation : Leo Strauss, Eric Voegelin, and the Bible Ranieri, John J., 1956-                 eng
Diversity and equality : the changing framework of freedom in Canada                                      eng
Diversity and systematics of seed plants                               Singh, V                           eng
Diversity and tolerance in socio-legal contexts : explorations in the semiotics of law                    eng
                                                                       Hatch, Sybil E
Diversity by design : guide to fostering diversity in the civil engineering workforce                     eng
                                                                       Lievens, Tomas
Diversity in career preferences of future health workers in Rwanda : where, why and for how much?         eng
Diversity in health care research : strategies for multisite, multidisciplinary, and multicultural projectsng
Diversity in the workplace                                             Morgan, John                       eng
Diversity's promise for higher education : making it work              Smith, Daryl G                     eng
                                                                       Levine, China
Divided by a common language : factional conflict in late Northern Song Ari Daniel                        eng
                                                                       Kaplan, Benjamin J
Divided by faith : religious conflict and the practice of toleration in early modern Europe               eng
Divided China : preparing for reunification, 883-947                   Wang, Gungwu                       eng
Divided cities : the Oxford Amnesty lectures 2003                                                         eng
Divided mastery : slave hiring in the American South                   Martin, Jonathan D                 eng
                                                                       Thornton, J. Mills, 1943-
Dividing lines : municipal politics and the struggle for civil rights in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selmaeng
Dividing the domestic : men, women, and household work in cross-national perspective                      eng
Divine agitators : the Delta ministry and civil rights in MississippiNewman, Mark                         eng
                                                                       Cattoi, Thomas
Divine contingency : theologies of divine embodiment in Maximos the Confessor and Tsong kha paeng
Divine hierarchies : class in American religion and religious studies  McCloud, Sean                      eng
                                                                       Newman, Scott                      tags,
Django 1.0 template development : a practical guide to Django template development with custom eng filters, multiple templates, c
                                                                       Hourieh, Ayman                     eng
Django 1.0 web site development : build powerful web applications, quickly and cleanly, with the Django application framework
                                                                       Tracey, Karen M
Django 1.1 testing and debugging : building rigorously tested and bug-free Django applications            eng
                                                                       Legg, Jesse                        eng
Django 1.2 e-commerce : build powerful e-commerce applications using Django, a leading Python web framework
Djibouti                                                               World Trade Press                  eng
Djibouti                                                               World Trade Press                  eng
Djibouti : money & banking                                                                                eng
DNA markers in plant improvement                                                                          eng
DNA repair and mutagenesis                                                                                eng
                                                                       Dostálek, Libor
DNS in action : a detailed and practical guide to DNS implementation, configuration, and administration   eng
Do debt-service savings and grants boost social expenditures? Thomas, Alun H. (Alun Huw)                  eng
                                                                       West, George C
Do hummingbirds hum? : fascinating answers to questions about hummingbirds                                eng
Do some forms of financial flows help protect from sudden stops?       Levchenko, Andrei                  eng
                                                                       Obiora, Kingsley                   eng
Do trading partners still matter for Nigeria's growth? : a contribution to the debate Ion decoupling and spillovers
Do you know-- ? : the jazz repertoire in action                        Faulkner, Robert R                 eng
Do, die, or get along : a tale of two Appalachian towns                Crow, Peter, 1942-                 eng
Doctoral study in contemporary higher education                        Green, Howard, 1947-               eng
                                                                       Andre, Linda, 1959-
Doctors of deception : what they don't want you to know about shock treatment                             eng
Documentary time : film and phenomenology                              Wahlberg, Malin                    eng
Documentos básicos para la modernización y el fortalecimiento de las Administraciones Públicas en Iberoamérica
                                                                       Kumar, Pawan                       eng
Documentum 6.5 content management foundations : EMC proven professional certification exam E20-120 study guide : master Doc
                                                                       Kumar, Pawan                       eng
Documentum content management foundations : EMC proven professional certification exam E20-120 study guide : learn the techn
                                                                       Tan, Ern Ser
Does class matter? : social stratification and orientations in Singapore                                  eng
                                                                       Ramcharan, topography
Does economic diversification lead to financial development? : evidence fromRodney                        eng
Does education really help? : skill, work, and inequality              Wolff, Edward N                    eng
                                                                       Funke, Katja
Does fiscal policy matter for the trade account? : a panel cointegration study                            eng
Does foreign aid really work?                                          Riddell, Roger                     eng
Does global liquidity matter for monetary policy in the Euro area?     Berger, Helge                      eng
                                                                       Feyzioglu, Tarhan N
Does good financial performance mean good financial intermediation in China?                              eng
Does inflation in China affect the United States and Japan?            Feyzioglu, Tarhan                  eng
Does NGO aid go to the poor? : empirical evidence from EuropeNancy, Gilles                                eng
Do-gen's extensive record : a translation of the Eihei ko-roku Dogen, 1200-1253                           eng

                                                 Page 66

Dogs in the sun                                                     Nyamndi, George, 1950-            eng
                                                                    Roberts, texts                    eng
Dogs' tales : representations of ancient Cynicism in French Renaissance Hugh (Hugh Gerald Arthur), 1977-
                                                                    Aveyard, Helen
Doing a literature review in health and social care : a practical guide                               eng
Doing business in China : a guide for Australians                                                     eng
Doing families in Hong Kong                                         Chan, K                           eng
                                                                    Rose, sentiment
Doing family photography : the domestic, the public, and the politics of Gillian                      eng
Doing good or doing better : development policies in a globalising world                              eng
Doing mathematics : convention, subject, calculation, analogy Krieger, Martin H                       eng
                                                                    Bell, Judith, 1930-               eng
Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science
Dollfuss : an Austrian patriot                                      Messner, Johannes, 1891-1984 eng
                                                                    Straub, Kristina, 1951-           eng
Domestic affairs : intimacy, eroticism, and violence between servants and masters in eighteenth-century Britain
Domestic investment and the cost of capital in the Caribbean Roache, Shaun K                          eng
Domestic partner abuse                                                                                eng
                                                                    Clarkson, Christopher Allan, 1969-eng
Domestic reforms : political visions and family regulation in British Columbia, 1862-1940
Domestic secrets : women and property in Sweden, 1600-1857 Ågren, Maria                               eng
Domestic service in post-apartheid South Africa : deference andKing, Alison Jill                      eng
Domestic taxes and international trade : some evidence              Keen, Michael                     eng
Domestic violence : issues and perspectives                         Shenoy, M                         eng
Domestic violence in postcommunist states : local activism, national policies, and global forces      eng
                                                                    McBride, Richard D
Domesticating the Dharma : Buddhist cults and the Hwaom synthesis in Silla Korea                      eng
Domican Republic : money & banking                                                                    eng
                                                                     civilizing mission
Dominance by design : technological imperatives and America'sAdas, Michael, 1943-                     eng
Dominican Republic                                                  World Trade Press                 eng
Dominican Republic                                                  World Trade Press                 eng
Dominion of God : Christendom and apocalypse in the Middle Ages     Whalen, Brett Edward              eng
Donald Davidson                                                     Joseph, Marc A                    eng
Donna Haraway and GM foods                                          Myerson, George, 1957-            eng
Donor herding and domestic debt crisis                              Khamfula, Yohane Anthony, 1967-eng
                                                                    McNair, Amy
Donors of Longmen : faith, politics, and patronage in medieval Chinese Buddhist sculpture             eng
Don't look now : British cinema in the 1970s                                                          eng
Don't throw this away! : the civil engineering life                 Brenner, Brian R                  eng
Door County's emerald treasure : a history of Peninsula State Park  Tishler, William H                eng
Doormen                                                             Bearman, Peter S., 1956-          eng
Dostoevsky and Kant : dialogues on ethics                           Cherkasova, Evgenia               eng
Dostoevsky, Tolstoy                                                                                   eng
                                                                    Neese, Darren                      put
DotNetNuke skinning tutorial : a simple, clear, step-by-step tutorial to creating DotNetNuke skins toeng you in control of the look an
Double vision : a novel                                             Garrett, George, 1929-2008        eng
                                                                    Kornblatt, Judith Deutsch
Doubly chosen : Jewish identity, the Soviet intelligentsia, and the Russian Orthodox Church           eng
Doubting Thomas                                                     Most, Glenn W                     eng
Dough : a memoir                                                    Zachter, Mort, 1958-              eng
Douglas Rayner Hartree : his life in science and computing          Froese Fischer, Charlotte, 1929- eng
Down home : Jewish life in North Carolina                           Rogoff, Leonard                   eng
Down on the batture                                                 Houck, Oliver A                   eng
Downshifting : how to work less and enjoy life more                 Drake, John D., 1928-             eng
Downsizing the federal government                                   Edwards, Chris (Chris R.)         eng
Dowry murder : the imperial origins of a cultural crime             Oldenburg, Veena Talwar           eng
Dow's dictionary of railway quotations                              Dow, Andrew                       eng
                                                                    Abrams, Jeanne E., 1951-
Dr. Charles David Spivak : a Jewish immigrant and the American tuberculosis movement                  eng
Dr. Mary Walker : an American radical, 1832-1919                    Harris, Sharon M                  eng
Drafting international contracts : an analysis of contract clauses Fontaine, Marcel, docteur en droit eng
Dragon multinational : a new model for global growth                                                  eng
                                                                    Mathews, John A. (John Alwyn), 1946-
Dramas of nationhood : the politics of television in Egypt          Abu-Lughod, Lila                  eng
Dramatizing theologies : a participative approach to Black God-talk Reddie, Anthony                   eng
Drawing : the enactive evolution of the practitioner                Cain, Patricia                    eng
Drawing France : French comics and the republic                     Vessels, Joel E                   eng
                                                                    Marsh, Kevin
Drawing lines in the forest : creating wilderness areas in the Pacific Northwest R                    eng

                                                   Page 67

                                                                      postwar physics
Drawing theories apart : the dispersion of Feynman diagrams in Kaiser, David                             eng
                                                                        school, 1970
Dream not of other worlds : teaching in a segregated elementaryDiehl, Huston, 1948-                      eng
Dreaming in Christianity and Islam : culture, conflict, and creativity                                   eng
                                                                      by Northwest
Dreaming in the rain : how Vancouver became Hollywood North Spaner, David                                eng
Dreaming souls : sleep, dreams, and the evolution of the conscious mind Owen J                           eng
Dreams and experience in classical antiquity                          Harris, William V. (William Vernon)eng
                                                                      Diouf, Sylviane A. (Sylviane Anna), 1952-
Dreams of Africa in Alabama : the slave ship Clotilda and the story of the last Africans brought to America
Dreamworlds of Alabama                                                Shelton, Allen (Allen C.)          eng
Dress behind bars : prison clothing as criminality                    Ash, Juliet, 1949-                 eng
                                                                      and activism
Dress culture in late Victorian women's fiction : literacy, textiles, Kortsch, Christine Bayles          eng
Dressmaker and design                                                 Henderson, Matthew                 eng
                                                                      Gingrich, Newt
Drill here, drill now, pay less : a handbook for slashing gas prices and solving our energy crisis       eng
Drinking, conduct disorder, and social change : Navajo experiences    Kunitz, Stephen J                  eng
Driven from home : protecting the rights of forced migrants                                              eng
Driven to darkness : Jewish émigré directors and the rise of film Brook, Vincent, 1946-                  eng
                                                                      Clarke, Deborah, 1956-
Driving women : fiction and automobile culture in twentieth-century America                              eng
                                                                      Bali, Michal
Drools JBoss rules 5.0 developer's guide : develop rules-based business logic using the Drools platform  eng
Drosscape : wasting land in urban America                             Berger, Alan, 1964-                eng
Drought frontiers in rice : crop improvement for increased rainfed production                            eng
Drug addiction and drug policy : the struggle to control dependence                                      eng
Drug discovery and development for Alzheimer's disease 2000                                              eng
Drug house management                                                 Agarwal, N. P                      eng
Drug interventions in criminal justice                                                                   eng
Drug policy                                                                                              eng
                                                                      Arias, Enrique Desmond
Drugs & democracy in Rio de Janeiro : trafficking, social networks, & public security                    eng
Drummin' men : the heartbeat of jazz : the bebop years                Korall, Burt                       eng
                                                                      Roswell, Marjorie
Drupal 5 views recipes : 94 recipes to develop custom content displays for your Drupal web site eng
                                                                      Green, J. and
Drupal 6 attachment views : use multiple-display views to add functionalityAyen value to your site! eng
                                                                      Green, J. Ayen
Drupal 6 content administration : maintain, add, and edit the content of your Drupal site with ease eng
                                                                      Butcher, Matt                      eng
Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery : putting jQuery, AJAX, and JavaScript effects into your Drupal 6 modules and themes
                                                                       your Drupal framework using Drupal 6 best practice performance s
Drupal 6 performance tips : learn how to maximize and optimize James, Trevor                             eng
                                                                      Finklea, Ben                       eng
Drupal 6 search engine optimization : rank high in search engines with professional SEO tips, modules, and best practices for Drup
                                                                      Ogunjobi, Timi
Drupal 6 site blueprints : ready-made plans for 12 different professional Drupal sites                   eng
                                                                      Noble, business and connect to your customers through blogs, pro
Drupal 6 site builder solutions : build powerful web site features for yourMark                          eng
                                                                      Peacock, Michael                   eng
Drupal 6 social networking : build a social or community web site with friends lists, groups, custom user profiles, and much more
                                                                      Shreves, Ric
Drupal 6 themes : create a new theme for your Drupal 6 site with a clean layout and powerful CSS eng     styling
                                                                      Papadongonas, George               eng
Drupal e-commerce with Ubercart 2.x : build, administer, and customize an online store using Drupal with Ubercart
                                                                      Fitzgerald, Bill, 1968-
Drupal for education and e-learning : teaching and learning in the classroom using the Drupal CMSeng
                                                                        embed and manipulate images, video, and audio
Drupal multimedia : create media-rich Drupal sites by learning toWinborn, Aaron                          eng
Dry Manhattan : prohibition in New York City                          Lerner, Michael A                  eng
                                                                       QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW 12/X4,eng
DTP Course : Windows XP/Vista, PageMaker 7, In-Design CS4,Singh, Vishnu Priya                             Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe P
                                                                      Singh, publishing for              eng
DTP desktop publishing course book : a complete text-book of desktop Vishnu Priya everyone : Windows XP, PageMaker 7, Quark
Dual relationships and psychotherapy                                                                     eng
                                                                        in Chile González, 1970-2000 eng
Dual transitions from authoritarian rule : institutionalized regimesGonzálezand Mexico,Francisco Enrique, 1970-
Dubai : the vulnerability of success                                                                     eng
                                                                      Davidson, Christopher M. (Christopher Michael)
Duchess of Palms : a memoir                                           Eckhardt, Nadine, 1931-            eng
Due diligence and its application to protect women from violence                                         eng
Duke Ellington's America                                              Cohen, Harvey G                    eng
Dumont on religion : difference, comparison, transgression            Strenski, Ivan                     eng
Dune erosion during storm surges                                                                          Simon Marie van), 1978-
                                                                      Thiel de Vries, J. S. M. van (Jacobeng
Durham : a sketchbook                                                 Bertram, Robert J. S               eng
Dusty! : queen of the postmods                                        Randall, Annie Janeiro             eng
                                                                      International Congress of Slavists (14th 2008 : Ohrid, Macedonia)
Dutch contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists, Ohrid, September 10-16, 2008 : linguistics
                                                                      International Congress of Slavists (14th 2008 : Ohrid, Macedonia)
Dutch contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists, Ohrid, September 10-16, 2008 : linguistics
Dutch messengers : a history of science publishing, 1930-1980 Andriesse, Cornelis Dirk                   eng
                                                                      Parthesius, Robert
Dutch ships in tropical waters : the development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) shipping eng      network in Asia 1595-1660

                                                   Page 68

                                                                     Burton, colonial India
Dwelling in the archive : women writing house, home, and history in late Antoinette M., 1961-          eng
                                                                     Salkosuo, Sami                    eng
DWR Java AJAX applications : a step-by-step example-packed guide to learning professional application development with Direct W
Dying and death : inter-disciplinary perspectives                                                      eng
Dying for faith : religiously motivated violence in the contemporary world                             eng
Dying, bereavement, and the healing arts                                                               eng
                                                                     Kress, Nancy
Dynamic characters : how to create personalities that keep readers captivated                          eng
                                                                     Rusinovic, Katja
Dynamic entrepreneurship : first and second-generation immigrant entrepreneurs in Dutch cities eng
Dynamic global retailing management                                  Rudrabasavaraj, M. N              eng
Dynamic state variable models in ecology : methods and applications Colin Whitcomb, 1931-              eng
Dynamic supply chain alignment : a new business model for peak performance in enterprise supply chains across all geographies
Dynamical modeling and analysis of epidemics                                                           eng
Dynamics and mission design near libration points : Vol. I, Fundamentals : the case of collinear libration points
Dynamics and mission design near libration points : Volume 2, Fundamentals : the case of triangular libration points
Dynamics and mission design near libration points : Volume 3, Advanced methods for collinear points    eng
Dynamics in human and primate societies : agent-based modeling of social and spatial processes eng
Dynamics in one complex variable                                                                       eng
                                                                     Milnor, John W. (John Willard), 1931-
Dynamics of human resource development                               Sharma, Vijay                     eng
                                                                     Begum, Farzana
Dynamics of Indian diplomacy & foreign affairs : (in Sri Lankan/South Asian perspective)               eng
Dynamics of industrial relations                                     Mamoria, C. B                     eng
Dynamics of Southwest prehistory                                                                       eng
Dynamics on Lorentz manifolds                                        Adams, Scot                       eng
Dynamics with friction : modeling, analysis and experiment. Part II                                    eng
Dynamics, economic growth, and international trade                                                     eng
Dyslexia, learning, and the brain                                    Nicolson, Rod                     eng
                                                                     Rimland, learning disabled, depressed, aggressive, defiant, or viole
Dyslogic syndrome : why millions of kids are hyper, attention-disordered,Bernard, 1928-2006            eng
                                                                     Harris, W. C. (William
E pluribus unum : nineteenth-century American literature & the Constitutional paradox Conley)          eng
E.M. Forster : an endless journey                                    Singh, B. K                       eng
                                                                     Eadmer, d. 1124?
Eadmer of Canterbury : lives and miracles of Saints Oda, Dunstan, and Oswald                           eng
Eagle days : a Marine legal/infantry officer in Vietnam                                                eng
                                                                     Griffis, Don W. (Donald Warner), 1942-
Ear diseases of the dog and cat                                      Harvey, Richard G                 eng
Ear, nose, throat, and tracheobronchial diseases in dogs and cats    Venker-van Haagen, Anjop J        eng
Early childhood and primary education : readings and reflectionsJohnston, Jane                         eng
Early childhood education and care : policy and practice                                               eng
                                                                     Halbertsma, Tjalling, 1969-
Early Christian remains of Inner Mongolia : discovery, reconstruction and appropriation                eng
                                                                      twentieth-century United States eng
Early detection : women, cancer, & awareness campaigns in theGardner, Kirsten E. (Kirsten Elizabeth)
Early development and its disturbances : clinical, conceptual and empirical research on ADHD andeng psychopathologies and its
Early historic sites in Orissa                                       Yule, Paul                        eng
Early Islamic legal theory : the Risala of Mu.hammad ibn Idris al-Shafi`i Joseph E. (Joseph Edmund)    eng
Early life origins of human health and disease                                                         eng
                                                                     and scientific news discourse
Early modern English news discourse : newspapers, pamphlets CHINED (Conference) (2nd : 2007eng          : Kartause Ittingen)
                                                                     Keul, István                      eng
Early modern religious communities in East-Central Europe : ethnic diversity, denominational plurality, and corporative politics in the
Early pottery : technology, function, style, and interaction in the lower Southeast                    eng
Early spring : an ecologist and her children wake to a warming world Amy, 1965-                        eng
                                                                     Pogacnik, Marko, 1944-
Earth changes, human destiny : coping and attuning with the help of the Revelation of St. John         eng
Earthly plenitudes : a study on sovereignty and labor                Gullì, Bruno, 1959-               eng
Earthquake hazard in Lebanon                                         Elnashai, A. S. (Amr S.)          eng
Earthquake-actuated automatic gas shutoff devices                                                      eng
Earthy mysticism : spirituality for unspiritual people               Sample, Tex                       eng
Easier English student dictionary                                                                      eng
                                                                     Bunker, China's G., 1944-
East Asia and the global economy : Japan's ascent, with implications for Stephenfuture                 eng
East-West montage : reflections on Asian bodies in diaspora Ma, Sheng-mei                              eng
Eat what you kill : the fall of a Wall Street lawyer                 Regan, Milton C                   eng
Eating behaviour                                                     Dovey, Terry                      eng
                                                                     Strickland, Elizabeth, 1956-
Eating for autism : the 10-step nutrition plan to help treat your child's autism, Asperger's, or ADHD eng
Eating identities : reading food in Asian American literature        Xu, Wenying                       eng
Eating well, reading well : Maryse Condé and the ethics of interpretationNicole Jenette, 1976-         eng

                                                    Page 69

Eau Canada : the future of Canada's water                                                             eng
E-Books in libraries                                                                                  eng
Ecce homo : how to become what you are                                                                eng
                                                                    Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900
ECCU business cycles : impact of the United States                  Sun, Yan                          eng
Echoes from the caves : Qumran and the New Testament                                                  mul
Echoes of Scripture in the letter of Paul to the Colossians         Beetham, Christopher A            eng
Eckhardt : there once was a congressman from Texas                  Keith, Gary                       eng
                                                                    Rutten, Martijn
Eclipse : flexible media processing in a heterogeneous multiprocessor template Johan                  eng
Eco-friendly management of phytonematodes                                                             eng
                                                                    Los, Hans, 1951-
Eco-hydrodynamic modelling of primary production in coastal waters and lakes using BLOOM              eng
Ecohydrology : processes, models and case studies : an approach to the sustainable managementeng       of water resources
Ecología y manejo de venado cola blanca                             Fulbright, Timothy E              spa
Ecological assessment of crop biotechnology                                                           eng
Ecological assessment of food crops                                                                   eng
Ecological implications of minilivestock : potential of insects, rodents, frogs, and snails           eng
Ecological methods in forest pest management                        Wainhouse, David                  eng
Ecologies and economies in medieval and early modern Europe : studies in environmental history for Richard C. Hoffmann
Ecology and biodiversity                                            Srivastava, Rahul                 eng
Ecology and environment                                             Sharma, P. D                      eng
                                                                    Williams, Chris, 1966-
Ecology and socialism : [solutions to the capitalist ecological crisis]                               eng
Ecology and the end of postmodernity                                Myerson, George, 1957-            eng
Ecology of a managed terrestrial landscape : patterns and processes of forest landscapes in Ontario   eng
Ecology of fragmented landscapes                                    Collinge, Sharon K                eng
                                                                     rehabilitation van
Ecology, engineering, and management : reconciling ecosystemEeten, Michel and service reliability     eng
Econocide : British slavery in the era of abolition                 Drescher, Seymour                 eng
Economic analysis for management and policy                                                           eng
                                                                    Le Borgne, Eric
Economic and political determinants of tax amnesties in the U.S. states                               eng
Economic aspects of gambling regulation : EU and US perspectives                                      eng
Economic casualties : how U.S. foreign policy undermines trade, growth, and liberty                   eng
Economic citizens : a narrative of Asian American visibility        So, Christine, 1967-              eng
Economic globalization and Asia : essays on finance, trade, andRajan, Ramkishen S                     eng
Economic growth and total factor productivity in Niger              Nachega, Jean-Claude              eng
Economic interdependence and international conflict : new perspectives on an enduring debate          eng
Economic policy reforms : going for growth 2009                                                       eng
Economic prosperity recaptured : the Finnish path from crisis to rapid growth                         eng
                                                                    Chamon, Marcos
Economic transformation, population growth and the long-run world income distribution                 eng
Economic zoology                                                    Shukla, G. S                      eng
Economic zoology biostatistics and animal behaviour                 Mathur, Shukla                    eng
                                                                    the environment
Eco-nomics : what everyone should know about economics and Stroup, Richard                            eng
                                                                    Grigg, Neil S
Economics and finance for engineers and planners : managing infrastructure and natural resources      eng
Economics and psychology : a promising new cross-disciplinary field                                   eng
Economics of agricultural production and farm management            Dhaka, J. M                       eng
Economics of biotechnology                                          Ramamohan Rao, T. V. S            eng
Economics of hotel management                                       Sheela, A. M                      eng
Economies of representation, 1790-2000 : colonialism and commerce                                     eng
Ecospirit : religions and philosophies for the earth                                                  eng
Ecosystem concepts for sustainable bivalve mariculture                                                eng
Ecotourism guidance for tour operator                               Raju, G. P                        eng
Ectogenesis : artificial womb technology and the future of human reproduction                         eng
Ecuador                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Ecuador                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Ecuador                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Ecuador and the United States : useful strangers                    Pineo, Ronn F., 1954-             eng
E-cycling : linking trade and environmental law in the EC and the U.S. Harri                          eng
Edge of crisis : war and trade in the Spanish Atlantic, 1789-1808Stein, Barbara H                     eng
Edge of empires : Chinese elites and British colonials in Hong Kong                                   eng
                                                                    Carroll, John M. (John Mark), 1961-

                                                 Page 70

Edited clean version : technology and the culture of control        Guins, Raiford                       eng
Editing the nation's memory : textual scholarship and nation-building in ninteenth-century Europe eng
                                                                    Smyth, J.
Edna Ferber's Hollywood : American fictions of gender, race, and history E., 1977-                       eng
Eduard Zeller : Philosophie- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte im 19. Jahrhundert                              ger
                                                                    Smith, Daniel organizations in the eng
Educated by initiative : the effects of direct democracy on citizens and political A., 1966-             American states
Educating nurses for leadership                                                                          eng
Education & training. Volume 49, Number 8/9, International perspectives on education, training and learning
Education : theory and practice                                     Puri, Usha                           eng
Education + training : Volume 50, Number 2, Exploring style : enhancing the capacity to learn?           eng
Education + training. Volume 50, Number 1, 50th anniversary commemorative issue                          eng
                                                                    Nelson, Adam
Education and democracy : the meaning of Alexander Meiklejohn, 1872-1964 R                               eng
Education and leadership                                                                                 eng
Education and the culture of print in modern America                                                     eng
Education for new generation                                        Agarwal, K                           eng
Education in the new millenium                                      Khanna, P. K. (Partap K.)            eng
Education of the deprived : Anglophone Cameroon literary drama                                           eng
Education studies : an introduction                                 Murphy, Lisa                         eng
Education unbound : the promise and practice of greenfield schooling Frederick M                         eng
Educational counselling [sic]                                       Dev, Kapil                           eng
Educational development : discourse, identity and practice          Land, Ray                            eng
Educational evaluation : theory & practice                          Patel, Rambhai N                     eng
Educational freedom in urban America : Brown v. Board after half a century                               eng
Educational guidance                                                Tandon, P. D                         eng
Educational guidance                                                Dev, Kapil                           eng
Educational management                                              Deshmukh, Ashima V                   eng
Educational philosophy                                              Lal, B. M                            eng
Educational psychology                                              Srivastava, Neelu                    eng
Educational psychology                                              Dhir, R. N                           eng
Education's missing ingredient : what parents can tell educators Young, Victoria M., 1956-               eng
Edward Said and critical decolonization                                                                  eng
Edward Stanly : Whiggery's tarheel conqueror                        Brown, Norman D                      eng
                                                                     scientific legacy of Edward Teller :eng
                                                                                                          Livermore, CA, USA, Calif.)
Edward Teller Centennial Symposium : modern physics and the Edward Teller Centennial Symposium (2008 : Livermore,28 May 20
                                                                    Thompson, Jason, 1950-
Edward William Lane, 1801-1876 : the life of the pioneering Egyptologist and Orientalist                 eng
Eel                                                                 Schweid, Richard, 1946-              eng
Effective communication                                             Rai, Urmila                          eng
Effective communication : I                                         Agarwal, O. P                        eng
Effective health behavior in older adults                                                                eng
Effective management workout : a case study                         Singh, V. K                          eng
Effective practice in health, social care and criminal justice : a partnership approach                  eng
Effective teacher-parent communication                              Sharma, Ranjan                       eng
Effective writing skills for public relations                       Foster, John, 1926-                  eng
Effects of food processing on bioactive compounds                                                        eng
                                                                    Environmental and Water Resources Institute
Effects of urbanization on groundwater : an engineering case-based approach for sustainable development (U.S.). Urbanization E
Efficiency & governance                                             Rao, V. M                            eng
Efficiency and complexity in grammars                               Hawkins, John A                      eng
Eficiencia empresaria                                               Biasca, Rodolfo Eduardo              spa
Egalitarianism : new essays on the nature and value of equality                                          eng
e-Governance                                                        Pani, Niranjan                       eng
e-Governance                                                        Rao, V. M                            eng
Egypt                                                               World Trade Press                    eng
Egypt                                                               World Trade Press                    eng
Egypt                                                               World Trade Press                    eng
Egyptian customs and festivals                                      Abdennour, Samia                     eng
Egyptian encounters                                                                                      eng
Egyptian origin of the Ionic capital and of the Anthemion                                                eng
                                                                    Goodyear, W. H. (William Henry), 1846-1923
Egypt's culture wars : politics and practice                        Mehrez, Samia                        eng

                                                  Page 71

                                                                   Backscheider, genre
Eighteenth-century women poets and their poetry : inventing agency, inventing Paula R                   eng
Einstein 1905 : the standard of greatness                          Rigden, John S                       eng
                                                                   Robertson, Robert
Eisenstein on the audiovisual : the montage of music, image and sound in cinema                         eng
                                                                   Sikora, Michael                      eng
EJB 3 developer guide : a practical guide for developers and architects to the Enterprise Java Beans standard
Ejercicios prácticos de contabilidad presupuestaria                Quiles Giménez, Jaime                spa
Ejercicios resueltos de microeconomía avanzada                     Pérez Sánchez, Vicente Raúl          spa
                                                                   Webb, Ruth, 1963-
Ekphrasis, imagination and persuasion in ancient rhetorical theory and practice                         eng
                                                                   Ejeda Manzanera, José Manuel spa
El conocimiento sobre alimentación en la formación inicial de maestros
El deseo de un hijo en la literatura psicoanalítica                Doménech Delgado, Blanca Loreto      spa
                                                                   Bosqued Biedma, republicanos enspa prisiones de la Posguerra C
El dibujo, el color y la talla en madera como medio de supervivencia de los presos Ramón                 las
El español en contacto con otras lenguas                           Klee, Carol                          spa
El evangelio según San Mateo                                       Carrillo Alday, Salvador             spa
                                                                   Carrillo Alday, Salvador
El Evanglio según San Juan : el Evangelio del camino, de la verdad y de la vida                         spa
                                                                   Duque, Eduardo Jorge Gomes Da spa    Costa
El fenómeno religioso y sus influencias sociales : perfiles y tendencias del cambio religioso en Portugal
El filibusterismo : subversion : a sequel to Noli me tangere       Rizal, José, 1861-1896               eng
El lector : a history of the cigar factory reader                  Tinajero, Araceli, 1962-             eng
El papel de las organizaciones basadas en la fe en la prevención y la atenicón del VIH en Américaspa     Central
                                                                   Vivas Terán,
El proceso de transformación del Sistema Político de Venezuela, 1959-2004 Abdón                         spa
El Programa Alalba desde la mirada de sus actores                  Andreu Gil, José Luis                spa
El Salvador                                                        World Trade Press                    eng
El Salvador                                                        World Trade Press                    eng
El Salvador : money & banking                                                                           eng
                                                                   Crespo Escobar, Santiago
Elaboración de programaciones y unidades de trabajo en la formación profesional                         spa
Eladio Dieste : innovation in structural art                                                            eng
Elder abuse detection and intervention : a collaborative approach                                       eng
Elders, crime, and the criminal justice system : myth, perceptions, and reality in the 21st century eng
                                                                   Rosen, real results
E-learning 2.0 : proven practices and emerging technologies to achieve Anita                            eng
e-learning for management and marketing in libraries                                                    eng
                                                                   IFLA Satellite Meeting (2003 : Geneva, Switzerland)
Electing a diverse Canada : the representation of immigrants, minorities, and women                     eng
Elections in Australia, Ireland, and Malta under the single transferable vote : reflections on an embedded institution
Elections in the Middle East : what do they mean?                                                       eng
Electoral college reform : challenges and possibilities                                                 eng
Electoral process and the prospects for democracy consolidation : contextualising the African multiparty elections of 2004
Electric circuits                                                  Kularatna, Nihal                     eng
Electrical engineering : a pocket reference                        Schmidt-Walter, Heinz                eng
Electrician : a complete course                                    Price, Gary                          eng
Electricity and magnetism                                          Tayal, D. C                          eng
Electricity deregulation : choices and challenges                                                       eng
Electroconvulsive therapy                                          Abrams, Richard, 1937-               eng
                                                                   Kimura, Jun
Electrodiagnosis in diseases of nerve and muscle : principles and practice                              eng
Electrodynamics of metamaterials                                   Sarychev, Andrey K                   eng
Electromagnetic analysis using transmission line variables         Weiner, Maurice                      eng
Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (XII)                                                         eng
                                                                   International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluat
Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (XIII)                                                        eng
                                                                   International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluat
Electromagnetism                                                   Brewster, Hilary D                   eng
Electron dynamics by inelastic X-ray scattering                    Schülke, Winfried                    eng
Electronic books for teaching and learning                                                              eng
Electronic broadcasting in modern world                            Phadke, S. P                         eng
Electronic circuit analysis                                        Lal Kishore, K                       eng
Electronic devices and circuits                                    Lal Kishore, K                       eng
Electronic elsewheres : media, technology, and the experience of social space                           eng
Electronic marketing in 21st century                               Gopalakrishna, D                     eng
Electronic performance support : using digital technology to enhance human performance                  eng
                                                                   Irkhin, V. IU. (Valentin IUrevich), 1960-
Electronic structure, correlation effects and physical properties of d- and f-metals and their compoundseng
Electronics                                                        Rao, B. V. Narayana                  eng
Electrostatics                                                     Brewster, Hilary D                   eng

                                                  Page 72

Elementary engineering surveying                                   Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar              eng
Elementary signal detection theory                                 Wickens, Thomas D., 1942-         eng
                                                                   Morris, R. G. M. (Richard G. M.) eng
Elements of a neurobiological theory of the hippocampus : the role of activity-dependent synaptic plasticity in memory
Elements of african bioethics in a western frame                   Tangwa, Godfrey B                 eng
Elements of biochemistry                                                                             eng
Elements of biotechnology                                          Gupta, P. K                       eng
Elements of business environment                                   Cherunilam, Francis               eng
Elements of costing                                                Rao, M. E. Thukaram               eng
                                                                   Hannah, Gail Greet
Elements of design : Rowena Reed Kostellow and the structure of visual relationships                 eng
Elements of development-administration : (theory and practice) Rathod, P. B                          eng
Elements of entomology                                             Singh, Rajendra                   eng
Elements of fashion and apparel designing                          Bansal, Puneet                    eng
Elements of optimal monetary policy committee design               Vandenbussche, Jérôme             eng
Elephant                                                           Wylie, Dan                        eng
                                                                   Sharma, using this
Elgg social networking : create and manage your own social network site Mayank free open-source tool eng
e-Libraries in 21st century                                        Kaul, A. K                        eng
Elijah Muhammad and Islam                                          Berg, Herbert                     eng
Elimination of iodine deficiency disorders : a manual for health workers                             eng
Elimination practice : software tools and applications             Wang, Dongming                    eng
Eliot's dark angel : intersections of life and art                 Schuchard, Ronald                 eng
Elites : new comparative perspectives                                                                eng
                                                                    ends Catherine, 1955-
Elizabeth Blackburn and the story of telomeres : deciphering theBrady,of DNA                         eng
Elizabeth I : translations, 1544-1589                                                                eng
                                                                   Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603
Elk in winter                                                      Pack, Robert, 1929-               eng
                                                                   Wilce, James
Eloquence in trouble : the poetics and politics of complaint in rural BangladeshMacLynn, 1953-       eng
Elusive Russia : current developments in Russian state identity and institutional reform under president Putin
                                                                   Gama, India, 1497-1499
Em nome de Deus : the journal of the first voyage of Vasco da Gama toVasco da, 1469-1524             eng
E-mail etiquette : how to get the best results from your e-mails                                     eng
Emancipation's diaspora : race and reconstruction in the upper Midwest Leslie A. (Leslie Ann), 1956- eng
Embalming mom : essays in life                                     Burroway, Janet                   eng
                                                                   Piep, Karsten H.                  eng
Embattled home fronts : domestic politics and the American novel of World War I (Karsten Helge), 1968-
Embodied : Victorian literature and the senses                     Cohen, William A                  eng
Embodied modernities : corporeality, representation, and Chinese cultures                            eng
Embodied texts : symbolist playwright-dancer collaborations        Fleischer, Mary                   eng
Embodiment : clinical, critical and cultural perspectives on health and illness Malcolm              eng
Embodiment and the new shape of black theological thought          Pinn, Anthony B                   eng
Embodiment of a nation : human form in American places             Tichi, Cecelia, 1942-             eng
                                                                   Suzuki, Taku, 1971-
Embodying belonging : racializing Okinawan diaspora in Bolivia and Japan                             eng
Embodying culture : pregnancy in Japan and Israel                  Ivry, Tsipy                       eng
                                                                   Fadlalla, Amal Hassan
Embodying honor : fertility, foreignness, and regeneration in eastern Sudan                          eng
Embracing risk : the changing culture of insurance and responsibility                                eng
Embracing the other : addressing xenophobia in the new literatures in English                        eng
Embryology                                                         Arora, Mohan P                    eng
Embryonic stem cells : a practical approach                                                          eng
Emergence : contemporary readings in philosophy and science                                          eng
Emergency and continuous exposure guidance levels for selected submarine contaminants : Volume 3     eng
                                                                   Stefan, Susan
Emergency department treatment of the psychiatric patient : policy issues and legal requirements eng
Emergency medical services                                                                           eng
Emerging infections : 7                                                                              eng
Emerging infections 9                                                                                eng
Emerging international perspectives on conflict in the workplace                                     eng
Emerging markets : resilience and growth amid global turmoil Kose, M. Ayhan                          eng
Emerging nanotechnology power : nanotechnology R&D and business trends in the Asia Pacific Rim       eng
Emerging perspectives on the marketing of financial services                                         eng
Emerging principles of international environmental law             Atapattu, Sumudu A                eng
                                                                   Godtsenhoven, Karen van
Emerging standards for enhanced publications and repository technology : survey on technology eng

                                                  Page 73

Emerging systems in long-term care                                                                    eng
Emerging technologies : from hindsight to foresight                                                   eng
Emerging topics in physical virology                                                                  eng
Emerging values in health care : the challenge for professionals                                      eng
Emerson in his own time : a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, a
Emerson's nonlinear nature                                          Windolph, Christopher J., 1973- eng
EMI protection for communication systems                            Malaric, Kresimir                 eng
Emigration and brain drain : evidence from the Caribbean            Mishra, Prachi, 1975-             eng
Emigration and wages in source countries : evidence from Mexico     Mishra, Prachi, 1975-             eng
Emil L. Fackenheim : philosopher, theologian, Jew                                                     eng
Emile de Antonio : radical filmmaker in Cold War America            Lewis, Randolph, 1966-            eng
Eminent maricones : Arenas, Lorca, Puig, and me                     Manrique, Jaime, 1949-            eng
Eminent nuns : women Chan masters of seventeenth-century China Beata, 1954-                           eng
Emissaries in early modern literature and culture : mediation, transmission, traffic, 1550-1700       eng
Emma                                                                Austen, Jane, 1775-1817           eng
Emotion and the psychodynamics of the cerebellum : a neuro-psychoanalytical analysis and synthesis    eng
Emotion notions : modeling personality in game character AI         Vick, Erik Henry                  eng
                                                                    Manz, Charles C                   eng
Emotional discipline : the power to choose how you feel : 5 life changing steps to feeling better every day
Emotional literacy : at the heart of the school ethos               Killick, Steve                    eng
Emotions in the field : the psychology and anthropology of fieldwork experience                       eng
                                                                    International School of Biocybernetics (1998 : Casamicciola 19-24
Emotions, qualia, and consciousness : proceedings of the International School of Biocybernetics, Casamicciola, Napoli, Italy,Terme,
Empathy and the novel                                               Keen, Suzanne                     eng
                                                                    Ferguson, Niall
Empire : the rise and demise of the British world order and the lessons for global power              eng
Empire and slavery in American literature, 1820-1865                Sundquist, Eric J                 eng
Empire and the literature of sensation : an anthology of nineteenth-century popular fiction           eng
Empire of emptiness : Buddhist art and political authority in QingBerger, Patricia Ann                eng
Empire of sacrifice : the religious origins of American violence Pahl, Jon, 1958-                     eng
Empire speaks out : languages of rationalization and self-description in the Russian Empire           eng
Empire, politics, and the creation of the 1935 India Act : last act of the Raj Andrew                 eng
Empires of mud : war and warlords of Afghanistan                    Giustozzi, Antonio                eng
Empires of speed : time and the acceleration of politics and societyHassan, Robert, 1959-             eng
                                                                    Hoock, Holger
Empires of the imagination : politics, war and the arts in the British world, 1750-1850               eng
Empirical evidence on the effects of tax incentives                 Klemm, Alexander                  eng
                                                                    Hasbrouck, Joel
Empirical market microstructure : the institutions, economics and econometrics of securities trading  eng
Empirical methods in short-term climate prediction                  Van den Dool, Huug M              eng
Empirical perspectives in capital asset pricing                                                       eng
Empirical theology in texts and tables : qualitative, quantitative and comparative perspectives       eng
Empirical truths and critical fictions : Locke, Wordsworth, Kant, Freud Cathy, 1955-                  eng
Empirically supported cognitive therapies : current and future applications                           eng
Employee relations : Volume 29, Number 4, What work? What life? What balance? : critical reflections on the work-life balance deb
Employee relations. Volume 29, Number 6, People management in the Indian subcontinent                 eng
Employee representation in non-union firms                          Gollan, Paul                      eng
Employment creation and social protection in the Middle East and North Africa                         eng
Employment effects of growth rebalancing in China                   Guo, Kai                          eng
Employment issues and multiple sclerosis                            Rumrill, Phillip D                eng
                                                                    St. Thomas, healing trauma and grief
Empowering children through art and expression : culturally sensitive ways ofBruce, 1948-             eng
                                                                    Cox, Carole leaders
Empowering grandparents raising grandchildren : a training manual for groupB                          eng
Empowering our military conscience : transforming just war theory and military moral education        eng
Empowering the disabled                                                                               eng
Empowerment takes more than a minute                                Blanchard, Kenneth H              eng
                                                                    Peña, Carolyn
Empty pleasures : the story of artificial sweeteners from saccharin to Splenda Thomas de la           eng
Empty words : Buddhist philosophy and cross-cultural interpretation Garfield, Jay L., 1955-           eng
Emshwiller : infinity x two                                         Ortiz, Luis                       eng
Enabling contexts for knowledge creation in organizations                                             eng
Encarnación : illness and body politics in Chicana feminist literature Suzanne                        eng
Enchanted Rock : a natural and human history                        Allred, Lance, 1964-              eng

                                                   Page 74

                                                                   clinical relationship
Enchantments of the clinic : power, eroticism, and illusion in the Ellerman, Carl P., 1943-     eng
Encounter between Eastern Orthodoxy and radical orthodoxy : transfiguring the world through the Word
Encountering nature : toward an environmental culture              Heyd, Thomas, 1956-          eng
Encountering the Chinese : a modern country, an ancient culture    Hu, Wenzhong, 1935-          eng
Encountering the transnational : women, Islam and the politics of interpretationMeena           eng
                                                                   Benardete, Seth              eng
Encounters & reflections : conversations with Seth Benardete : with Robert Berman, Ronna Burger, and Michael Davis
Encounters in my travels : thoughts along the way                  Harris, Dixie Lee            eng
                                                                   Pointer, Richard W., 1955-
Encounters of the spirit : Native Americans and European colonial religion                      eng
Encounters with Karl Rahner : remembrances of Rahner by those who knew him                      eng
Encyclopaedia of brand equity management : Vol. III                                             eng
Encyclopaedia of brand equity management : Volume I                                             eng
Encyclopaedia of brand equity management : Volume II                                            eng
Encyclopaedia of disaster management : Vol. I                                                   eng
Encyclopaedia of disaster management : Vol. III                                                 eng
Encyclopaedia of disaster management : Volume II                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of functional management : Vol. I                                                 eng
Encyclopaedia of functional management : Vol. II                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of functional management : Vol. III                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of functional management : Vol. IV                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of global warming : (Vol. 1)                                                      eng
Encyclopaedia of global warming : Vol. 2                                                        eng
Encyclopaedia of global warming : Vol. 3                                                        eng
Encyclopaedia of global warming : Vol. 4                                                        eng
Encyclopaedia of global warming : Vol. 5                                                        eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. I                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. II                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. III                                              eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. IV                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. V                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of hospitality management : Vol. VI                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of logistics management : Vol. I                                                  eng
Encyclopaedia of logistics management : Vol. II                                                 eng
Encyclopaedia of logistics management : Vol. III                                                eng
Encyclopaedia of mass communication : Vol. I                                                    eng
Encyclopaedia of mass communication : Vol. II                                                   eng
Encyclopaedia of mass communication : Vol. III                                                  eng
Encyclopaedia of mass media : Vol. I                                                            eng
Encyclopaedia of mass media : Vol. II                                                           eng
Encyclopaedia of mass media : Vol. III                                                          eng
Encyclopaedia of retail chain management : Vol. 1                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of retail chain management : Vol. 2                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of retail chain management : Vol. 3                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of supply chain management : Vol. 2                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of supply chain management : Vol. 3                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of supply chain management : Vol. I                                               eng
Encyclopaedia of world great zoologist : (Vol. I)                  Dobriyal, S. K               eng
Encyclopaedia of world great zoologist : Volume II                 Dobriyal, S. K               eng
Encyclopedia of Arab women filmmakers                              Hillauer, Rebecca            eng
Encyclopedia of Civil War shipwrecks                               Gaines, W. Craig, 1953-      eng
Encyclopedia of cremation                                                                       eng
Encyclopedia of medical lab technology                                                          eng
Ending the LDP hegemony : party cooperation in Japan               Christensen, Ray, 1960-      eng
Endkampf : soldiers, civilians, and the death of the Third Reich Fritz, Stephen G., 1949-       eng
Ends of empire : Asian American critique and the Cold War          Kim, Jodi, 1970-             eng
Enduring issues in American nursing                                                             eng
Enduring loss : mourning, depression, and narcissism through the life cycle                     eng

                                                Page 75

                                                                     Larsen, Torben Huus
Enduring pastoral : recycling the middle landscape ideal in the Tennessee Valley                       eng
Enduring questions in gerontology                                                                      eng
Enduring resistance: cultural theory after Derrida = La résistance persérvère: la théorie de la culture (d')aprés Derrida
                                                                     McMahon, making
Enemies of the Enlightenment : the French Counter-Enlightenment and the Darrin Mof modernity eng
Energy localisation and transfer                                                                       eng
Energy of knots and conformal geometry                               O'Hara, Jun                       eng
                                                                     Beerepoot, Milou
Energy policy instruments and technical change in the residential building sector                      eng
Energy production and reservoir water quality : a guide to the regulatory, technical, and theoretical eng for required studies
                                                                     Bayoumi, Canada's
Energy, the exchange rate, and the economy : macroeconomic benefits of Tamim A oil sands production    eng
                                                                      did and did not                  eng
Enforcement and the stability and growth pact : how fiscal policyAnnett, Anthonychange under Europe's fiscal framework
Enforcing fire safety in the catering industry : an economic analysisSuurmond, G. (Guido)              eng
Engaged scholarship : a guide for organizational and social researchde Ven, Andrew H                   eng
                                                                     Justice, read-alouds
Engaging children with print : building early literacy skills through quality Laura M., 1968-          eng
Engaging play                                                                                          eng
Engaging reason : on the theory of value and action                  Raz, Joseph                       eng
Engaging with Beduizzaman Said Nursi : a model of interfaith dialogueMarkham, Ian S                    eng
Engineering : an endless frontier                                    Auyang, Sunny Y                   eng
                                                                      destroyed the (Peter Justin)     eng
Engineering a financial bloodbath : how sub-prime securitizationO'Brien, Justin legitimacy of financial capitalism
Engineering economics                                                Dharmaraj, E                      eng
                                                                     Weingardt, Richard
Engineering legends : great American civil engineers : 32 profiles of inspiration and achievement eng
Engineering mathematics : I                                          Rao, P. B. Bhaskar                eng
Engineering mathematics-II                                           Ganeshi, A                        eng
Engineering mechanics                                                Simant                            eng
Engineering methods and tools for software safety and security                                         eng
Engineering physics : Volume 1                                       Vibhu, Isht                       eng
Engineering physics : Volume 2                                       Chandel, Vishal Singh             eng
                                                                     International Symposium on Tongxi Yu, proceedings of : Zhuhai Sh
Engineering plasticity and impact dynamics : the 60th birthday volume in honour of ProfessorPlasticity and Impact (2001 the Interna
Engineering the Revolution : arms and Enlightenment in France,Alder, Ken                               eng
                                                                     Walesh, S. G                      eng
Engineering your future : the non-technical side of professional practice in engineering and other technical fields
Engineering, construction, and architectural management. Volume 14, Number 6, Sustainable development through culture and inn
                                                                     National Academy workshop
Engineering, social justice and sustainable community development : summary of aof Engineering eng
Engineers' guide to technical writing                                Budinski, Kenneth G               eng
                                                                     Thorp, H. Holden, 1964-
Engines of innovation : the entrepreneurial university in the twenty-first century                     eng
England on edge : crisis and revolution, 1640-1642                   Cressy, David                     eng
                                                                     Carlson, Julie Ann,
England's first family of writers : Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, Mary Shelley1955-             eng
English and American studies in German : 2006 : summaries of theses and monographs                     eng
English and American studies in German : Summaries of theses and monographs; A supplement to Anglia. 2008
                                                                     Smit, classroom discourse
English as a lingua franca in higher education : a longitudinal study of Ute                           eng
English critical essays : (a hand book). Vol. 2                      Jones, Edmund D. (Edmund David)   eng
English critical essays : a hand book                                                                  eng
English dictionaries, 800-1700 : the topical tradition               Hüllen, Werner                    eng
English language communication skills                                Rai, Urmila                       eng
English language teaching : (methods, tools & techniques)            Patel, M. F                       eng
                                                                     study Marianne                    eng
English mediopassive constructions : a cognitive, corpus-based Hundt,of their origin, spread, and current status
English modernism, national identity and the Germans, 1890-1950 PetraRau,                              eng
                                                                     Bache, Carl, appraisal and an alternative
English tense and aspect in Halliday's systemic functional grammar : a critical1953-                   eng
                                                                     Woutersen-Windhouwer, Saskia eng
Enhanced publications : linking publications and research data in digital repositories
Enhanced recovery methods for heavy oil and tar sands                Speight, J. G                     eng
Enhancing competences for competitive advantage                                                        eng
Enhancing food safety : the role of the Food and Drug Administration                                   eng
                                                                     Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on the Review of Food and
Enhancing regional trade integration in Southeast Europe                                               eng
                                                                     Fisher, Douglas, 1965-
Enhancing RTI : how to ensure success with effective classroom instruction and intervention            eng
Enhancing sexuality : a problem-solving approach : therapist guide   Wincze, John P., 1943-            eng
Enhancing the effectiveness of sustainability partnerships : summary of a workshop                     eng
Enjeux du financement et de la planification de l'éducation en Afrique : ce qui marche et ce qui ne marche pas = Challenges of educ
Enlarging the Euro area : external empowerment and domestic transformation in East Central Europe      eng

                                                   Page 76

Enlightened rainbows : The life and works of Shardza Tashi Gyeltsen Jean-Luc                         eng
Enlightening romanticism, romancing the enlightenment : British novels from 1750 to 1832             eng
Enlightening the world : the creation of the Statue of Liberty      Khan, Yasmin Sabina              eng
                                                                     early teachers of faith         eng
Enlivening the past : an Asian theologian's engagement with theSebastian, J. Jayakiran (Johann Jayakiran), 1958-
Enough blood shed : 101 solutions to violence, terror and war Ashford, Mary-Wynne                    eng
Enrico Dandolo & the rise of Venice                                 Madden, Thomas F                 eng
Enrico, or, Byzantium conquered : a heroic poem                     Marinella, Lucrezia, 1571-1653   eng
                                                                    National                         Panel
Ensuring the quality, credibility, and relevance of U.S. justice statistics Research Council (U.S.). eng to Review the Programs o
                                                                    Dimou, Augusta
Entangled paths towards modernity : contextualizing socialism and nationalism in the Balkans         eng
                                                                    Zeiger, Susan, century
Entangling alliances : foreign war brides and American soldiers in the twentieth 1959-               eng
Enter in peace : the doorways of Cairo homes, 1872-1950             Abdel-Gawad, Ahmed               eng
Entering America : northeast Asia and Beringia before the last glacial maximum                       eng
                                                                    Stommel, Wyke
Entering an online support group on eating disorders : a discourse analysis                          eng
Entering cultural communities : diversity and change in the nonprofit arts                           eng
Entering the new theological space : blurred encounters of faith, politics, and community            eng
Enterobacter sakazakii                                                                               eng
Enterprise architecture : a pocket guide                            Graves, Tom                      eng
Enterprise information security and privacy                                                          eng
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) : a managerial and technical perspective S                        eng
                                                                    Murthy, C. S. V
Enterprise resource planning and management information systems : (text and case studies)            eng
Enterprising entrepreneurship : concepts & guidelines               Pande, Jagdish                   eng
                                                                    Kanjilal, Joydip                 eng
Entity Framework tutorial : learn to build a better data access layer with ADO.NET Entity Framework and ADO.NET data services
Entomobryomorpha and Symphypleona                                   Fjellberg, Arne                  eng
Entomology and pest management                                      Chaudhary, Vikas                 eng
                                                                    Desai, Vasant, 1933-             eng
Entrepreneurial development : Vol. 2, Project formulation for small industry formulation-- appraisal and financing
                                                                    Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1845-1880
Entrepreneurs in the southern upcountry : commercial culture in Eelman, Bruce W., 1967-              eng
Entrepreneurship                                                    Kaushik, Upendra                 eng
Entrepreneurship and family business                                                                 eng
Entrepreneurship development                                        Gordon, E                        eng
Entrepreneurship development and business communication Desai, Vasant                                eng
Entrepreneurship development and management                         Saroj, Umesh                     eng
Entrepreneurship development and production management              Srivastav R. P. S                eng
Entropy demystified : the second law reduced to plain common sense  Ben-Naim, Arieh, 1934-           eng
Entropy in control engineering                                      Saridis, George N., 1931-        eng
Environment and metal pollution                                     Khan, R. R                       eng
Environmental biology                                               Saksena, D. N                    eng
Environmental biotechnology                                         Rana, S. V. S                    eng
Environmental biotechnology                                         Rawat, Hemant                    eng
                                                                    Sinha, Rajiv K                   eng
Environmental biotechnology : (role of plants, microbes & earthworms in environmental management & sustainable development)
Environmental chemistry                                             Bhagi, Ajay Kumar                eng
                                                                    Swearingen, William Scott, 1961- eng
Environmental city : people, place, politics, and the meaning of modern Austin
Environmental crisis and techno-economic alternatives                                                eng
Environmental education                                             De, Anil K. (Anil Kumar), 1927-  eng
Environmental health                                                Moeller, D. W. (Dade W.)         eng
Environmental health and nursing practice                                                            eng
                                                                    Drew, Christina H                eng
Environmental health services in Europe 5 : guidelines for evaluation of environmental health services
Environmental impact assessment methodologies                       Anjaneyulu, Y                    eng
Environmental justice and sustainability in the former Soviet Union                                  eng
Environmental management in coal mining and thermal power plants : (Professor Rebati Charan Das commemoration volume)
Environmental microbiology                                          Varnam, A. H                     eng
Environmental philosophy : reason, nature, and human concern Belshaw, Christopher                    eng
Environmental pollution and toxicology                              Rao, M. K                        eng
Environmental science & ethics                                      Mishra, Manmohan                 eng
Environmental skepticism : ecology, power and public life           Jacques, Peter                   eng
                                                                    Condon, Bradly
Environmental sovereignty and the WTO : trade sanctions and international law J                      eng
Environmental studies                                               Thakur, P. C                     eng

                                                 Page 77

Environmental studies                                               Rana, S. V. S                      eng
Environmental studies                                               Narayan, Umesh                     eng
Environmental studies : (for B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com students) De, Anil K. (Anil Kumar), 1927-           eng
Envisioning black colleges : a history of the United Negro College Fund Marybeth                       eng
Envisioning Caribbean futures : Jamaican perspectives               Meeks, Brian                       eng
Envisioning landscape : situations and standpoints in archaeology and heritage                         eng
Envisioning reform : enhancing UN accountability in the twenty-first century                           eng
Envisioning the 2020 census                                                                            Panel
                                                                    National Research Council (U.S.). eng on the Design of the 2010
Enzyme biotechnology                                                Tripathi, G                        eng
Enzyme-mediated resistance to antibiotics : mechanisms, dissemination, and prospects for inhibition    eng
Ephesians : empowerment to walk in love for the unity of all in Christ John Paul                       eng
Epic interactions : perspectives on Homer, Virgil, and the epic tradition : presented to Jasper Griffineng former pupils
                                                                    Espinosa, Mariola
Epidemic invasions : yellow fever and the limits of Cuban independence, 1878-1930                      eng
Episcopal elections 250-600 : hierarchy and popular will in late antiquity Peter, 1956-                eng
Epistemic justification                                             Swinburne, Richard                 eng
Epistemological contextualism                                                                          eng
Epistemology and the social                                                                            eng
                                                                    Mack, Raneta Lawson,
Equal justice in the balance : America's legal responses to the emerging terrorist threat 1963-        eng
Equal opportunities and ethnic inequality in European labour markets : discrimination, gender and policies of diversity
Equal opportunities international : equality, diversity and inclusion. Volume 27, Number 1, Reinventing gender and the professions:
Equal opportunities international : equality, diversity and inclusion. Volume 27, Number 2, The new policy partnership: academic re
Equal opportunities international. Volume 26, Number 7, Equality and diversity in marketing            eng
Equal opportunities international. Volume 26, Number 8, Global knowledge workers                       eng
                                                                    Merin, Yuval                       eng
Equality for same-sex couples : the legal recognition of gay partnerships in Europe and the United States
Equations from God : pure mathematics and Victorian faith                                              eng
                                                                    Cohen, Daniel J. (Daniel Jared), 1968-
Equatorial Guinea                                                   World Trade Press                  eng
Equatorial Guinea : communications                                                                     eng
Equatorial Guinea : money & banking                                                                    eng
Equilibrium wage dispersion : an example                            Gaumont, Damien                    eng
                                                                    McKenzie, Lionel W
Equilibrium, trade, and growth : selected papers of Lionel W. McKenzie                                 eng
                                                                     our heritage
Equity and excellence in the public library : why ignorance is not Usherwood, Bob                      eng
Equity and growth in a globalizing world                                                               eng
Eranistes                                                           Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus       eng
E-religion : a critical appraisal of religious discourse on the World Wide WebAnastasia                eng
                                                                    Sharma, D. managers
eRetailing principles and practice : for management students and practicing P                          eng
Eric Voegelin and the problem of Christian political order          Herndon, Jeffrey C., 1962-         eng
Eric Williams & the making of the modern Caribbean                  Palmer, Colin A., 1944-            eng
Eritrea                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Eritrea                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Eritrea : money & banking                                                                              eng
Ernie Kovacs & early tv comedy : nothing in moderation              Horton, Andrew                     eng
                                                                    Crone, Anna Lisa
Eros and creativity in Russian religious renewal : the philosophers and the Freudians                  eng
Erotic mentoring : women's transformations in the university        Rushing, Janice Hocker             eng
Erotic revolutionaries : Black women, sexuality, and popular culture Shayne                            eng
Erotic triangles : Sundanese dance and masculinity in West Java     Spiller, Henry                     eng
                                                                    Field, Jonathan
Errands into the metropolis : New England dissidents in revolutionary London Beecher                   eng
Escape from Leipzig                                                 Fritzsch, Harald, 1943-            eng
                                                                    Ovadiya, Mirey
Escaping stigma and neglect : people with disabilities in Sierra Leone                                 eng
                                                                    Guzaro, Tomás                      eng
Escaping the fire : how an Ixil Mayan pastor led his people out of a holocaust during the Guatemalan Civil War
Essay on the geography of plants                                    Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859 eng
Essaying Shakespeare                                                Newman, Karen, 1949-               eng
Essays in debate with Theo Kuipers : Volume 2, Cognitive structures in scientific inquiry              eng
Essays in migratory aesthetics : cultural practices between migration and art-making                   eng
                                                                    of David J. Teece
Essays in technology management and policy : selected papers Teece, David J                            eng
Essays on Frege's conception of truth                                                                  eng
Essays on music and the spoken word and on surveying the field                                         eng

                                                  Page 78

Essays on nature and landscape                                      Cooper, Susan Fenimore, 1813-1894 eng
Essays on non-classical logic                                                                         eng
Essays on nursing leadership                                        Fagin, Claire M                   eng
Essays on philosophy, politics & economics : integration & common research projects                   eng
                                                                    Knibb, Michael A. (Michael Anthony), 1938-
Essays on the Book of Enoch and other early Jewish texts and traditions                               eng
Essence of the Upanishads : a key to Indian spirituality            Eknath, Easwaran, 1910-1999       eng
Essential care : an ethics of human nature                          Boff, Leonardo                    eng
Essential cinema : on the necessity of film canons                  Rosenbaum, Jonathan               eng
Essential criminology                                               Lanier, Mark                      eng
Essential finance                                                   Gibson, Nigel                     eng
Essential investment                                                Ryland, Philip                    eng
Essential primary science                                           Cross, Alan, 1962-                eng
Essential radio journalism                                          Chantler, Paul                    eng
Essential texts on human rights for the police : a compilation of international instruments           eng
Essentials of animal physiology                                     Rastogi, S. C                     eng
Essentials of biochemistry                                          Khalsa, Nisha                     eng
Essentials of business environment                                  Aswathappa, K                     eng
Essentials of engineering chemistry                                 Bhasin, S. K                      eng
Essentials of physical pharmacy                                     Derle, D. V                       eng
                                                                    Boddens Hosang, F. J. E           eng
Establishing boundaries : Christian-Jewish relations in early council texts and the writings of Church Fathers
                                                                    Krueger, Russell to               eng
Establishing conversion values for new currency unions : method and application C the planned Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) cu
                                                                    Morris, Jeffrey Brandon, 1941-    eng
Establishing justice in Middle America : a history of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
                                                                    : a guide for medical entrepreneurs
Establishing private health care facilities in developing countriesNah, Seung-Hee, 1951-              eng
Estate planning : for people with a chronic condition or disability Shenkman, Martin M                eng
                                                                    Blavy, Roldolphe
Estimating default frequencies and macrofinancial linkages in the Mexican banking sector              eng
                                                                     response to Yasemin
Estimating demand for IMF financing by low-income countries inBal-Gündüz, shocks                      eng
Estimating how the macroeconomy works                               Fair, Ray C                       eng
Estonia                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Estonia                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Estonia : money & banking                                                                             eng
Estructuras de la edificación : hormigón estructural                Rodríguez Val, Javier             spa
                                                                    Mayo García, Rafael
Estudio de iones de Zr, Cd y Ag mediante espectrometría de ruptura inducida por láser                 spa
                                                                    García Ada, Ramón
Estudio de la flora de las cuencas alta y media de los ríos Eresma, Pirón y Cega                      spa
Estudio de las comedias mitológicas de Lope de Vega                 Valencia López, Natividad         spa
                                                                    Campos Egea, aplicación a la exploración de yacimientos minerale
Estudio geológico y gravimétrico de los granitoides de la antiforma de Cáceres :Rocío                 spa
                                                                    Astilleros García-Monge, José Manuel
Estudio integrado de la cristalización de soluciones sólidas no ideales : (Ca,M)CO3(M=Ba,Sr,Mn) spa
                                                                    Rosa Palacios, Gregorio           spa
Estudio magnético de compuestos de nanopartículas de [gamma]-ferrita dispersas en sílice mediante el efecto faraday y su aplicac
                                                                    Senderos de agua subterránea
Estudio microbiológico de las incrustaciones y corrosiones en captacionesDomínguez, Agustín J spa
                                                                    Broadhurst, Dominic
Ethical and socially responsible investment : a reference guide for researchers                       eng
Ethical choices in contemporary medicine : integrative bioethics Sassower, Raphael                    eng
Ethical formation                                                   Lovibond, Sabina                  eng
Ethical practice in everyday health care                            Walrond, E. R                     eng
Ethically speaking : voice and values in modern Scottish writing                                      eng
                                                                    Zoja, Luigi
Ethics & analysis : philosophical perspectives and their application in therapy                       eng
Ethics and governance : business as mediating institution           Fort, Timothy L., 1958-           eng
Ethics and qualities of life                                        Kupperman, Joel                   eng
Ethics education for irregular warfare                                                                eng
Ethics in biomedical research : international perspectives                                            eng
Ethics in community-based elder care                                                                  eng
Ethics in the virtual world                                                                           eng
Ethics without ontology                                             Putnam, Hilary                    eng
Ethics, economics, and politics : principles of public policy       Little, Ian Malcolm David         eng
Ethics, equity, and regulation                                                                        eng
Ethics, law, and aging review : Volume 11, Deinstitutionalizing long-term care : making legal strides, avoiding policy errors
Ethics, politics, and democracy : from primordial principles to prospective practices                 eng
Ethics, prevention, and public health                                                                 eng

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Ethiopia                                                            World Trade Press                     eng
Ethiopia                                                            World Trade Press                     eng
Ethiopia : money & banking                                                                                eng
Ethnic Amsterdam : immigrants and urban change in the twentieth century                                   eng
Ethnic diversity in eastern Africa : opportunities and challenges                                         eng
Ethnic entrepreneurs : identity and development politics in Latin DeHart, Monica C. (Monica Christine)    eng
Ethnic Europe : mobility, identity, and conflict in a globalized world                                    eng
Ethnic minorities and regional development in Asia : reality and challenges                               eng
Ethnicities and values in a changing world                          Bhattacharyya, Gargi, 1964-           eng
Ethnicity citizenship and state in Eastern Africa                                                         eng
Ethnomedicinal plants of India                                                                            eng
                                                                    Gaus, Caroline                        ger
Etiam realis scientia : Petrus Aureolis konzeptualistische Transzendentalienlehre vor dem Hintergrund seiner Kritik am Formalitäten
Etty Hillesum and the flow of presence : a Voegelinian analysis Coetsier, Meins G. S                      eng
Etudes africaines de géographie par le bas = African studies in geography from below                      fre
EU civilian crisis management : the record so far                   Chivvis, Christopher                  eng
EU development policy and poverty reduction : enhancing effectiveness                                     eng
EU development policy in a changing world : challenges for the 21st century                               eng
                                                                    Dawson, Carl
EU integration with North Africa : trade negotiations and democracy deficits in Morocco                   eng
Eudora Welty's Delta wedding                                                                              eng
Eugene Morel : pioneer of public libraries in France                Benoit, Gaetan M                      eng
Euripides, Freud, and the romance of belonging                      Pedrick, Victoria                     eng
Euro area monetary policy in uncharted waters                       Cihák, Martin                         eng
Euro area sovereign risk during the crisis                          Sgherri, Silvia                       eng
                                                                    Rabanal, Pau
Euro-dollar real exchange rate dynamics in an estimated two-country model : what is important andeng is notwhat
Europa in Nederland                                                                                       dut
Europa! Europa? : the avant-garde, modernism, and the fate of a continent                                 eng
Europe and the euro                                                                                       eng
                                                                    Olsen, Johan P                        eng
Europe in search of political order : an institutional perspective on unity/diversity, citizens/their helpers, democratic design/historical
European bloc imperialism                                                                                 eng
                                                                    Canterbury, Dennis C. (Dennis Compton), 1953-
European business review : Volume 19, Number 4, Current status and future direction : views fromeng        global thought leaders. II
European business review. Volume 19, Number 6, Assessing and building upon Wroe Alderson's intellectual legacy
European business review. Volume 20, Number 2, Business schools or schools for scholars                   eng
European gender regimes and policies : comparative perspectives     Sümer, Sevil                          eng
European integration after Amsterdam : institutional dynamics and prospects for democracy                 eng
                                                                    Ehrhardt, Kathleen 1640-1683 eng
European metals in native hands : rethinking the dynamics of technological change,L., 1948-
European readmission policy : third country interests and refugee rights Nils                             eng
European Union and new regionalism : regional actors and global governance in a post-hegemoniceng          era
Europeanisation and hibernicisation : Ireland and Europe                                                  eng
Europeanization of British defence policy                           Dover, Robert, 1977-                  eng
Europe-Asia interregional relations : a decade of ASEM                                                    eng
Europe's Balkan dilemma : paths to civil society or state-building? Fagan, Adam, 1964-                    eng
EUS pathology with digital anatomy correlation : textbook and atlas Bhutani, Manoop S                     eng
Eva Hesse : longing, belonging and displacement                     Corby, Vanessa                        eng
Evagrius and Gregory : mind, soul, and body in 4th century          Corrigan, Kevin                       eng
Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus                       Evagrius, Ponticus, 345?-399          eng
                                                                    Varó Galvañ, Pedro
Evaluación de riesgo en instalaciones con probabilidad de proliferación y dispersión de legionella spa
Evaluating community collaborations                                                                       eng
                                                                    Akita, George
Evaluating evidence : a positivist approach to reading sources on modern Japan                            eng
Evaluating health promotion programs                                Valente, Thomas W                     eng
                                                                    Abiad, Abdul
Evaluating historical CGER assessments : how well have they predicted subsequent exchange rate movements? eng
                                                                    Guerra-López, Ingrid
Evaluating impact : evaluation and continual improvement for performance improvement practitioners        eng
Evaluating methodology in international studies                                                           eng
Evaluating occupational health and safety research programs : framework and next steps                    eng
                                                                    National for screening cargo at ports of
                                                                                                          Committee interim report (abbre
Evaluating testing, costs, and benefits of advanced spectroscopic portalsResearch Council (U.S.). eng entry :on Advanced Spectro
Evaluating the financial performance of pension funds                                                     eng
                                                                    Jackson, Brian A., 1972-
Evaluating the reliability of emergency response systems for large-scale incident operations              eng

                                                     Page 80

                                                                       of Homeland Security's Planned eng
Evaluation of a site-specific risk assessment for the Department National Research Council (U.S.)National Bio- and Agro-Defense F
Evaluation of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in chronic disease                                     eng
                                                                      Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives.
Evaluation of certain food additives : seventy-first report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives Meeting (71
                                                                      Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE)
Evaluation of NSF's program of grants for Vertical Integration of National Research Council (U.S.). eng Committee to Evaluate the NSF'
Evaluation of the elementary school programme                         Rao, K. R                         eng
                                                                      National Research Council (U.S.). eng
                                                                                                        Committee to Review the Health
Evaluation of the health and safety risks of the new USAMRIID high-containment facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland
                                                                      Labanow, Cory church
Evangelicalism and the emerging church : a congregational study of a Vineyard E                         eng
Evangelio de Marcos : Evangelio de Mateo                              Castaño Fonseca, Adolfo M         spa
Evangelism and resistance in the Black Atlantic, 1760-1835            May, Cedrick, 1969-               eng
Even in chaos : education in times of emergency                                                         eng
Event management                                                      Mehndiratta, Vaibhav              eng
Evermore shall be so : Ficino on Plato's Parmenides                   Ficino, Marsilio, 1433-1499       eng
Every goodbye ain't gone : an anthology of innovative poetry by African Americans                       eng
                                                                      Meacham, Sarah Hand, 1972-
Every home a distillery : alcohol, gender, and technology in the colonial Chesapeake                    eng
Every woman is a world : interviews with women of Chiapas             Walker, Gayle, 1949-2006          eng
Everybody's family romance : reading incest in neoliberal America     Harkins, Gillian                  eng
                                                                      Mandoki, Katya, 1947-
Everyday aesthetics : prosaics, the play of culture and social identities                               eng
Everyday life in Asia : social perspectives on the senses                                               eng
Everyday masculinities and extreme sport : male identity and rock climbing Victoria, 1959-              eng
                                                                      Isbell, Christy
Everyday play : fun games to develop the fine motor skills your child needs for school                  eng
Everything is now : new and collected stories                         Cliff, Michelle                   eng
                                                                      Teresa, Mother, 1910-1997
Everything starts from prayer : Mother Teresa's meditations on spiritual life for people of all faiths eng
                                                                      Moss, ask!
Everything you always wanted to know about birds -- but were afraid toStephen, 1960-                    eng
Everything you know about Indians is wrong                            Smith, Paul Chaat                 eng
Everything you know about sex is wrong : the Disinformation guide to the extremes of human sexuality (and everything in between)
Everything you know is wrong : the Disinformation guide to secrets and lies                             eng
Everywhere being is dancing : twenty pieces of thinking               Bringhurst, Robert                eng
Evidence of my existence                                              Lo Scalzo, Jim                    eng
Evidence-based cancer care and prevention : behavioral interventions                                    eng
Evidence-based cardiology practice : a 21st century approach                                            eng
Evidence-based outcome research : a practical guide to conducting randomized controlled trials for psychosocial interventions
Evidence-based social work practice with families : a lifespan approach Jacqueline                      eng
Evidentiality                                                                                           eng
                                                                      Aikhenvald, A. IU. (Aleksandra IUrevna)
Evolution and behaviour                                               Mathur, Reena                     eng
Evolution and emergence : systems, organisms, persons                                                   eng
Evolution of communicative flexibility : complexity, creativity, and adaptability in human and animal eng
Evolution of fossil ecosystems                                        Selden, Paul                      eng
Evolution of microbial pathogens                                                                        eng
Evolution of the judicial opinion : institutional and individual styles opkin, William D                eng
Evolution through genetic exchange                                    Arnold, Michael L. (Michael Lynn) eng
Evolutionary ecology : concepts and case studies                                                        eng
                                                                      Smajs, Josef
Evolutionary ontology : reclaiming the value of nature by transforming culture                          eng
Evolutionary psychology as maladapted psychology                      Richardson, Robert C., 1949-      eng
Evolutionary theory and cognitive therapy                                                               eng
                                                                      Wu, F. Y. (Fa Yueh)               eng
Exactly solved models : a journey in statistical mechanics : selected papers with commentaries (1963-2008)
                                                                      National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Examination of the U.S. Air Force's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce needs in the future and i
Examining argumentation in context : fifteen studies on strategic maneuvering                           eng
Excavations by the American School at the Theatre of Sikyon McMurtry, W. J                              eng
                                                                      five-star Leonardo                eng
Exceptional service, exceptional profit : the secrets of building a Inghilleri,customer service organization
                                                                      from Sub-Saharan Africa
Excess liquidity and effectiveness of monetary policy : evidence Saxegaard, Magnus                      eng
                                                                      Georgiou, Andréas
Excessive lending, leverage, and risk-taking in the presence of bailout expectations                    eng
Exchange rate assessments : methodologies for oil exporting countries Rudolfs                           eng
                                                                      Iimi, Atsushi                     eng
Exchange rate misalignment : an application of the behavioral equilibrium exchange rate (BEER) to Botswana
Exchange rate regimes in the modern era                               Klein, Michael W., 1958-          eng
                                                                       approaches for firms
Exchange rate risk measurement and management : issues andPapaioannou, Michael                          eng
Exchange rate systems and policies in Asia                                                              eng

                                                   Page 81

Exchange rates and international macroeconomics                                                       eng
Exchange rates and wages in an integrated world                     Mishra, Prachi, 1975-             eng
Excluded ancestors, inventible traditions : essays toward a more inclusive history of anthropology eng
                                                                    Nenzi, status in Edo Japan
Excursions in identity : travel and the intersection of place, gender, and Laura Nenz Detto           eng
                                                                     coastal Carolina 1980-           eng
Executing Daniel Bright : race, loyalty, and guerrilla violence in aMyers, Barton A., community, 1861-1865
Executive development                                               Rudrabasavaraj, M. N              eng
Exemplary tales of love and tales of disillusion                                                      eng
                                                                    Zayas y Sotomayor, María de, 1590-1650
                                                                    Rodes i geometria de masses
Exercicis i problemes dels fonaments d'arquitectura . I, vectors lliscantsRoca, José Joaquín          spa
                                                                    Coates, Paula
Exercise your way to health : back pain : exercise plans to improve your life                         eng
Ex-foliations : reading machines and the upgrade path               Harpold, Terry                    eng
Exile and suffering : a selection of papers read at the 50th anniversary meeting of the Old Testament Society of South Africa OTWS
Exile cultures, misplaced identities                                Allatson, Paul                    eng
Exiled in the homeland : Zionism and the return to mandate Palestine Donna Robinson, 1941- eng
Exiled memories : stories of Iranian diaspora                       Sullivan, Zohreh T                eng
Exiles traveling : exploring displacement, crossing boundaries in German exile arts and writings 1933-1945
Exiting Iraq : why the U.S. must end the military occupation and renew the war against Al Qaeda : report of a special task force
Éxodo, levítico, números, deuteronomio                              Tapia, Omar                       spa
                                                                    Paeth, Scott
Exodus church and civil society : public theology and social theory in the work of Jürgen Moltmann eng
                                                                    Mungall, Elizabeth Cary
Exotic animal field guide : nonnative hoofed mammals in the United States                             eng
Expanded EU : from autonomy to alliance                                                               eng
Expanding access to finance : good practices and policies for micro, small, and medium enterprises ng e
                                                                    Nenova, Tatiana
Expanding housing finance to the underserved in South Asia : market review and forward agenda eng
                                                                    Leonard, Pauline, 1957-
Expatriate identities in postcolonial organizations : working whiteness                               eng
                                                                    Park, Hyun
Expenditure composition and distortionary tax for equitable economic growth                           eng
Experientia, volume 1 : inquiry for religious experience in early Judaism and Christianity            eng
Experiential treatment for PTSD : the therapeutic spiral model Hudgins, Kate, 1953-                   eng
Experimental food chemistry                                                                           eng
Experimental number theory                                          Villegas, Fernando Rodriguez      eng
                                                                    Ekin, J. W                        and
Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements : cryostat design, material properties, eng superconductor critical-curre
Experiments in motivating women leadership                          Ram, Renuka                       eng
                                                                    Webb, Chris                       eng
Expert cube development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services : design and implement fast, scalable, and maintainab
                                                                    Merkel, Dirk
Expert PHP 5 tools : proven enterprise development tools and best practices for designing, coding,eng  testing, and deploying PHP app
                                                                    Ziadé, and distributing your Python software
Expert Python programming : learn best practices to designing, coding,Tarek                           eng
Expert testimony on domestic violence : a discourse analysis Hamilton, Melissa, 1964-                 eng
Explaining Christian origins and early Judaism : contributions from cognitive and social science      eng
Explaining inequalities in school achievement : a realist analysisNash, Roy, 1943-                    eng
Explaining value and other essays in moral philosophy               Harman, Gilbert                   eng
Exploration of a nonlinear world : an appreciation of Howell Tong's contributions to statistics       eng
Exploring developmental psychology : understanding theory andHarris, Margaret, 1951-                  eng
Exploring ecological hermeneutics                                                                     eng
                                                                    Bidet, Jacques
Exploring Marx's Capital : philosophical, economic and political dimensions                           eng
Exploring materials : creative design for everyday objects          Alesina, Inna, 1969-              eng
Exploring site-specific art : issues of space and internationalism Rugg, Judith                       eng
Exploring the history of neuropsychology : selected papers          Benton, Arthur Lester, 1909-      eng
                                                                     skills a workshop summary
Exploring the intersection of science education and 21st centuryHilton,: Margaret                     eng
Exploring the scripturesque : Jewish texts and their Christian contexts Robert A                      eng
Exploring the self through photography : activities for use in group workClaire, 1969-                eng
                                                                    Wong, Sam                         eng
Exploring 'unseen' social capital in community participation : everyday lives of poor mainland Chinese migrants in Hong Kong
Explosive narratives : terrorism and anarchy in the works of Emile Zola Eduardo A                     eng
                                                                    Jain, Khushpat S
Export import procedures and documentation : a complete reference for the educators and the educands  eng
                                                                    Gopal, C. Rama                    eng
Export import procedures documentation and logistics : inclusive of latest computerised customs clearance procedures : an exclusiv
Export marketing : a complete reference for the educator and the educands                             eng
                                                                    Gutierrez, Eva
Export performance and external competitiveness in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia eng
Export/import procedures and documentation                          Johnson, Thomas E., 1948-         eng
Exporting American dreams : Thurgood Marshall's African journey     Dudziak, Mary L., 1956-           eng
                                                                    Kroenig, Matthew
Exporting the bomb : technology transfer and the spread of nuclear weapons                            eng

                                                  Page 82

Exposing lifestyle television : the big reveal                                                       eng
Exposure assessment of microbiological hazards in food : guidelines                                  eng
Exposure to real estate losses : evidence from the U.S. banks Igan, Deniz                            eng
                                                                    Ramón, Jorge                     Ext
Ext JS 3.0 cookbook : 109 great recipes for building impressive rich internet applications using the eng JS JavaScript library
Extending the scope of corpus-based research : new applications, new challenges                      eng
                                                                    National Cancer Policy Forum (U.S.).
Extending the spectrum of precompetitive collaboration in oncology research : workshop summary engWorkshop (2010 : Washingto
External adjustment and equilibrium exchange rate in Brazil         Paiva, Claudio                   eng
External balance in low income countries                            Christiansen, Lone               eng
External debt sustainability in HIPC completion point countries Yang, Jin                            eng
External liberalization in Asia, post-socialist Europe, and Brazil                                   eng
Externalism : putting mind and world back together again            Rowlands, Mark                   eng
Extra high voltage AC transmission engineering                      Begamudre, Rakosh Das            eng
Extraction techniques for food processing                                                            eng
Extraterritorial immigration control : legal challenges                                              eng
Extreme metal : music and culture on the edge                       Kahn-Harris, Keith, 1971-        eng
Extreme poetry : the South Asian movement of simultaneous narration Yigal                            eng
Eye care in developing nations : Larry Schwab                       Schwab, Larry                    eng
Eye emergencies : the practitioner's guide                          Field, Dorothy                   eng
Eye of the century : film, experience, modernity                    Casetti, Francesco               eng
Eyelid tumors : clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment           Older, Jay Justin                eng
Eyes in the sky : Eisenhower, the CIA, and Cold War aerial espionageBrugioni, Dino A                 eng
EZ publish 4 : enterprise web sites step-by-step                    Fullone, Francesco               eng
Ezekiel and the ethics of exile                                     Mein, Andrew                     eng
Ezra Pound & China                                                                                   eng
                                                                    Ezra Pound Conference (18th : 1999 : Beijing, China)
Fables of representation : essays                                   Hoover, Paul, 1946-              eng
Fables of the East : selected tales, 1662-1785                                                       eng
Fabric structure and design                                         Gokarneshan, N                   eng
Fabricating architecture : selected readings in digital design and manufacturing                     eng
                                                                    Catlaw, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1973-
Fabricating the people : politics and administration in the biopolitical state                       eng
Fabulating beauty : perspectives on the fiction of Peter Carey                                       eng
Face, communication and social interaction                                                           eng
Faces of inequality : social diversity in American politics         Hero, Rodney E., 1953-           eng
Facilitating climate change responses : a report of two workshops on knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences
Facilitating Groups                                                 Rogers, Jennifer                 eng
                                                                    to multi-level
Facilitating project performance improvement : a practical guide Julian, Jerry learning              eng
                                                                    Hamilton, Lynn M
Facing autism : giving parents reasons for hope and guidance for help                                eng
Facing north : portraits of Ely, Minnesota                          Goldman, Ann, 1964-              eng
Facing the Pacific : Polynesia and the U.S. imperial imagination Geiger, Jeffrey                     eng
Facteurs de transition : de la micro-entreprise à l'entreprise capitaliste moderne en République démocratique du Congo
FACTS controllers in power transmission and distributio             Padiyar, K. R                    eng
                                                                    Abu El-Haj, Nadia
Facts on the ground : archaeological practice and territorial self-fashioning in Israeli society     eng
Facturación & auditoría de cuentas de salud                         Oviedo Salcedo, Irsa Tatiana     spa
Fads, fallacies and foolishness in medical care management and policy Theodore R                     eng
Failing to win : perceptions of victory and defeat in international politics Dominic D. P., 1974-    eng
Failure analysis of engineering structures : methodology and case histories                          eng
Faint praise : the plight of book reviewing in America              Pool, Gail, 1946-                eng
Fair trade and social justice : global ethnographies                                                 eng
Fair trade for all : how trade can promote development              Stiglitz, Joseph E               eng
Fairness and groups                                                                                  eng
Fairness versus welfare                                             Kaplow, Louis                    eng
                                                                    Niang, Aliou Cissé
Faith and freedom in Galatia and Senegal : the Apostle Paul, colonists and sending gods              eng
Faith and Law : how religious traditions from Calvinism to Islam view American law                   eng
Faith and power in Japanese Buddhist art, 1600-2005                 Graham, Patricia Jane            eng
                                                                     in East Africa
Faith in schools : religion, education, and American evangelicalsStambach, Amy, 1966-                eng
Faith in the Enlightenment? : the critique of the enlightenment revisited                            eng
                                                                    Lindsay,                         eng
Faith in the halls of power : how evangelicals joined the American elite D. Michael (David Michael), 1971-

                                                Page 83

Faith misplaced : the broken promise of U.S.-Arab relations: 1820-2003 Ussama Samir, 1968-           eng
                                                                   Miller, Wm. G. (William George), 1968-
Faith, reason, and consent : legislating morality in early American states                           eng
                                                                   of translation
Faithful renderings : Jewish-Christian difference and the politics Seidman, Naomi                    eng
Falling brick kills local man                                      Kraushaar, Mark                   eng
Falling in love again : romantic comedy in contemporary cinema                                       eng
Fame                                                               Rowlands, Mark                    eng
Families and work : new directions in the twenty-first century                                       eng
                                                                   Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen I., 1957-
Family Bible                                                       Delbridge, Melissa J., 1952-      eng
Family bonds : genealogies of race and gender                      Feder, Ellen K                    eng
Family ethics : practices for Christians                           Rubio, Julie Hanlon               eng
                                                                   Aiken, in between
Family experiences of bipolar disorder : the ups, the downs and the bitsCara, 1964-                  eng
Family interventions in domestic violence : a handbook of gender-inclusive theory and treatment eng
Family learning : engaging with parents                            Mackenzie, Jeannie                eng
                                                                   Virginia Mary
Family likeness : sex, marriage, and incest from Jane Austen to Corbett, Woolf Jean, 1962-           eng
                                                                   Cornillot, Jeanine, deadbeat dad eng
Family sentence : the search for my Cuban-revolutionary, prison-yard, mythic-hero,1965-
Family, law, and community : supporting the covenant               Brinig, Margaret F                eng
Family-based reintegration : effective interventions for juveniles on parole Marcy K., 1979-         eng
Famine that kills : Darfur, Sudan                                  De Waal, Alexander                eng
                                                                   Roberts-Miller, Patricia, 1959-
Fanatical schemes : proslavery rhetoric and the tragedy of consensus                                 eng
Fangs of malice : hypocrisy, sincerity, & acting                   Wikander, Matthew H               eng
Fanny Kemble's journals                                            Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893          eng
                                                                   Donohue, Joseph W., 1935-
Fantasies of Empire : the Empire Theatre of Varieties and the licensing controversy of 1894          eng
Far-fetched facts : a parable of development aid                   Rottenburg, Richard               eng
Farm animal metabolism and nutrition                                                                 eng
Farm business management : the human factor                        Nuthall, P. L. (Peter Leslie)     eng
Farm House : college farm to university museum                     Atherly, Mary E                   eng
                                                                   Watt, Alan
Farm workers and the churches : the movement in California and Texas J., 1956-                       eng
Farmers on welfare : the making of Europe's common agricultural policy Ann-Christina L., 1971- eng
Farming in a changing climate : agricultural adaptation in Canada                                    eng
Fashion online                                                                                       eng
Fashioning the city : Paris, fashion and the media                 Rocamora, Agnès                   eng
Fat : fighting the obesity epidemic                                Pool, Robert                      eng
Fat matters : from sociology to science                                                              eng
Fat talk : what girls and their parents say about dieting          Nichter, Mimi                     eng
                                                                   Mancall, murder
Fatal journey : the final expedition of Henry Hudson-- a tale of mutiny andPeter C in the Arctic     eng
Fatal thirst : diabetes in Britain until insulin                   Furdell, Elizabeth Lane           eng
                                                                   Burgess, Bonnie B., 1946-
Fate of the wild : the Endangered Species Act and the future of biodiversity                         eng
                                                                   Mao, Douglas, 1966-
Fateful beauty : aesthetic environments, juvenile development, and literature 1860-1960              eng
                                                                   Keulks, 1950
Father and son : Kingsley Amis, Martin Amis, and the British novel sinceGavin                        eng
Father of the comic strip : Rodolphe Töpffer                       Kunzle, David                     eng
Fathering at risk : helping nonresidential fathers                 Dudley, James R                   eng
Fatima, daughter of Muhammad                                       Clohessy, Christopher             eng
Faulkner : a biography                                             Blotner, Joseph Leo, 1923-        eng
                                                                   Atkinson, Ted,
Faulkner and the Great Depression : aesthetics, ideology, and cultural politics 1967-                eng
Faulkner on the color line : the later novels                      Towner, Theresa M                 eng
Faulkner's sexualities : Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2007                                            eng
                                                                   Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference (34th : 2007 : University
Fauna and flora, earth and sky : brushes with nature's wisdom Dittmar, Trudy, 1944-                  eng
FBAR, MEMS and NEMS resonator design and applications              Campanella, Humberto              eng
FDR's first fireside chat : public confidence and the banking crisis iewe, Amos                      eng
                                                                   Jenner, Robert
FDR's Republicans : domestic political realignment and American foreign policy E., 1952-             eng
FDTD modeling of metamaterials : theory and applications           Hao, Yang                         eng
Fearful symmetries : essays and testimonies around excision and circumcision                         eng
Febris erotica : lovesickness in the Russian literary imagination Sobol, Valeria                     eng
                                                                   Egwaikhide, Festus O
Federal presence in Nigeria : the 'sung' and 'unsung' basis for ethnic grievance                     eng
Federations : the political dynamics of cooperation                Rector, Chad                      eng
Feeling in theory : emotion after the death of the subject         Terada, Rei, 1962-                eng

                                                  Page 84

Feeling politics : emotion in political information processing                                             and
                                                                      Shambaugh Conference on Affect eng Cognition in Political Action
Feelings : the perception of self                                     Laird, James D                       eng
FEER for the CFA Franc                                                Abdih, Y. (Yasser)                   eng
Female adolescence in American scientific thought, 1830-1930 DeLuzio, Crista, 1966-                        eng
Female offenders and risk assessment : hidden in plain sight Davidson, Janet (Janet T.)                    eng
Femininity in the frame : women and 1950s British popular cinema Melanie                                   eng
Feminism and status of women                                          Mudgal, S. D                         eng
Feminism and women's writing                                                                               eng
Feminism, sexuality, and politics : essays                            Freedman, Estelle B., 1947-          eng
                                                                      gay displacement
Feminism, the family, and the politics of the closet : lesbian and Calhoun, Cheshire                       eng
Feminisms redux : an anthology of literary theory and criticism                                            eng
Feminist alliances                                                                                         eng
Feminist philosophy in Latin America and Spain                                                             eng
                                                                      Greene-McCreight, Kathryn, 1961-eng
Feminist reconstructions of Christian doctrine : narrative analysis and appraisal
Feminist research in theory and practice                              Letherby, Gayle                      eng
                                                                      Snay, Mitchell
Fenians, freedmen, and southern Whites : race and nationality in the era of Reconstruction                 eng
Fermentation technology                                               Machve, K. K                         eng
                                                                      Myers, Kathleen Ann
Fernández de Oviedo's chronicle of America : a new history for a New World                                 eng
Fertility and pleasure : ritual and sexual values in Tokugawa Japan   Lindsey, William R., 1964-           eng
Festal letters 1-12                                                                                        eng
                                                                      Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, ca. 370-444
Festivalising! : theatrical events, politics and culture                                                   eng
Fetal electrocardiography                                             Symonds, E. M. (Edwin Malcolm) eng
Feud, violence and practice : essays in medieval studies in honor of Stephen D. White                      eng
                                                                      Becker, Richard C
Fibrinolytic and antithrombotic therapy : theory, practice, and management                                 eng
Fichte, German idealism and early romanticism                                                              eng
                                                                      Edelheit, Amos,
Ficino, Pico and Savonarola : the evolution of humanist theology 1461/2-1498 Ph. D                         eng
Fiction on the fringe : novelistic writing in the post-classical age                                       eng
Fictions of authorship in late Elizabethan narratives : Euphues inWilson, Katharine                        eng
Fictions of embassy : literature and diplomacy in early modern Europe Hampton, Timothy                     eng
Fiddling for Norway : revival and identity                            Goertzen, Chris                      eng
Field guide to environmental engineering for development workers : water, sanitation, and indoor air       eng
Field guide to the albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters of the world  Onley, Derek J                       eng
                                                                      Brazil, Mark
Field guide to the birds of East Asia : Eastern China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Eastern Russia eng
                                                                      Hipp, Andrew
Field guide to Wisconsin sedges : an introduction to the genus Carex (Cyperaceae)                          eng
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson : a political soldier                  Jeffery, Keith                       eng
Field notes on democracy : listening to grasshoppers                  Roy, Arundhati                       eng
Field observations : stories                                          Davidson, Rob, 1967-                 eng
Field techniques for sea ice research                                                                      eng
Fields of vision : essays on the Travels of William Bartram                                                eng
                                                                      Basile, Salvatore,
Fifth Avenue famous : the extraordinary story of music at St. Patrick's Cathedral 1955-                    eng
Fifty common birds of the upper Midwest                               Gardner, Dana                        eng
                                                                      Anderson, Joan B
Fifty years of change on the U.S.-Mexico border : growth, development, and quality of life                 eng
Fight against fear : southern Jews and Black civil rights             Webb, Clive, 1970-                   eng
Fighting corruption in Asia : causes, effects, and remedies                                                eng
Fighting for Christendom : holy war and the crusades                  Tyerman, Christopher                 eng
Fighting for rights : military service and the politics of citizenshipKrebs, Ronald R., 1974-              eng
Fighting from home : the Second World War in Verdun, QuebecDurflinger, Serge Marc, 1961-                   eng
                                                                      Colloredo-Mansfeld, Rudolf Josef, eng
Fighting like a community : Andean civil society in an era of Indian uprisings                             1965-
Fighting the Great War : a global history                             Neiberg, Michael S                   eng
                                                                      Babou, Cheikh Anta Mbacké
Fighting the greater jihad : Amadu Bamba and the founding of the Muridiyya of Senegal, 1853-1913           eng
Fighting the Mafia and renewing Sicilian culture                      Orlando, Leoluca                     eng
Figuring modesty in feminist discourse across the Americas, 1633-1700 Tamara, 1966-                        eng
Fiji                                                                  World Trade Press                    eng
Fiji                                                                  World Trade Press                    eng
Fiji                                                                  World Trade Press                    eng
Filibustering : a political history of obstruction in the House and Senate Gregory                         eng

                                                   Page 85

                                                                     Belnap, Daniel                      eng
Fillets of fatling and goblets of gold : the use of meal events in the ritual imagery in the Ugaritic mythological and epic texts
                                                                      The Passion of the
Film adaptation and its discontents : from Gone with the Wind toLeitch, Thomas M Christ                  eng
                                                                     Bergfelder, Tim
Film architecture and the transnational imagination : set design in 1930s European cinema                eng
Film festivals : from European geopolitics to global cinephilia      Valck, Marijke de                   eng
Film paintings of David Lynch : challenging film theory              Mactaggart, Allister                eng
Film remakes as ritual and disguise : from Carmen to Ripley          Zanger, Anat                        eng
Films that work : industrial film and the productivity of media                                          eng
Final report of the National Academies' Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee and 2010 amendments to the N
Finance and development : Volume 46, no. 4, Climate change : stimulating green recovery                  eng
Financial accounting                                                 Murthy, Guruprasad                  eng
Financial accounting & appraisal                                     Sharma, N. K                        eng
Financial accounting : II                                            Appannaiah, H. R                    eng
Financial accounting : II : (Including skill development)            Anil Kumar, S                       eng
Financial deepening in the CFA Franc zone : the role of institutions Singh, Raju Jan                     eng
Financial deregulation and integration in East Asia                                                      eng
                                                                     NBER-East Asia Seminar on Economics (5th : 1994 : Singapore)
                                                                      global Charles Amo
Financial development, the structure of capital markets, and the Yartey,digital divide                   eng
Financial globalization : a reappraisal                              Kose, M. Ayhan                      eng
                                                                     Mercereau, Benoît
Financial integration in Asia : estimating the risk-sharing gains for Australia and other nations        eng
Financial integration in Asia : recent developments and next steps   Cowen, David                        eng
Financial integration in the West African economic and monetary unionSy, Amadou N. R                     eng
                                                                     De Nicoló, Gianni
Financial intermediation, competition, and risk : a general equilibrium exposition                       eng
Financial management                                                 Paramasivan, C                      eng
Financial management in health services                              Gruen, Reinhold                     eng
Financial markets                                                    Gordon, E                           eng
                                                                     Desai, Vasant
Financial markets and financial services : ensuring growth, enhancing value                              eng
Financial markets and services                                       Gordon, E                           eng
Financial markets and services                                       Appannaiah, H. R                    eng
Financial mathematics                                                Jothi, A. Lenin                     eng
                                                                     Camfferman, Kees, 1966-
Financial reporting and global capital markets : a history of the International Accounting Standards eng Committee, 1973-2000
Financial sector surveillance and the IMF                            Gola, Carlo                         eng
Financial services and preferential trading arrangements : lessons from Latin America                    eng
Financial services, markets & regulations                            Agashe, Anil                        eng
Financial shocks and TFP growth                                      Estevão, Marcello M                 eng
                                                                     Frank, Nathaniel
Financial spillovers to emerging markets during the global financial crisis                              eng
                                                                     Nier, Erlend
Financial stability frameworks and the role of central banks : lessons from the crisis                   eng
                                                                     Aizenman, reserves
Financial versus monetary mercantilism-long-run view of large international Joshua hoarding              eng
                                                                     Bourbon, Brett, 1963-
Finding a replacement for the soul : mind and meaning in literature and philosophy                       eng
                                                                     Bennett, Libby, 1958-
Finding and revealing your sexual self : a guide to communicating about sex                              eng
                                                                     Eubanks, and
Finding birds on the great Texas coastal birding trail : Houston, Galveston,Ted the upper Texas coast    eng
                                                                     Christian, Diana Leafe
Finding community : how to join an ecovillage or intentional community                                   eng
                                                                     Irlbacher-Fox, Stephanie, 1971- eng
Finding dahshaa : self-government, social suffering and, Aboriginal policy in Canada
                                                                     in the Septuagint of
Finding meaning in the text : translation technique and theology Glenny, W. Edward Amos                  eng
Finding our way : leadership for an uncertain time                   Wheatley, Margaret J                eng
Finite element analysis                                              Lak.sminarasayya, Ji                eng
Finite element analysis                                              Bhavikatti, S. S                    eng
Finite element method vs. classical methods                          Rao, H. S. Govinda                  eng
Finiteness : theoretical and empirical foundations                                                       eng
Finland                                                              World Trade Press                   eng
Finland                                                              World Trade Press                   eng
Finland : money & banking                                                                                eng
Finland, cultural lone wolf                                          Lewis, Richard D                    eng
Fire and the full moon : Canada and Indonesia in a decolonizingWebster, David, 1966-                     eng
Fire pond                                                            Garratt, Jessica, 1977-             eng
                                                                     Luthra, Chandan                     eng
Firebug 1.5 : editing, debugging, and monitoring web pages : arm yourself to destroy UI and JavaScript bugs
First among abbots : the career of Abbo of Fleury                    Dachowski, Elizabeth                eng
First available cell : desegregation of the Texas prison system Trulson, Chad R                          eng

                                                 Page 86

First book of God                                                    Yoreh, Tzemah, 1978-             eng
First civilizations : ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt          Chadwick, Robert, 1941-          eng
First democracy : the challenge of an ancient idea                   Woodruff, Paul, 1943-            eng
First do no harm : making sense of Canadian health reform            Sullivan, Terrence James, 1951- eng
                                                                     Greenwood, Janette Thomas        eng
First fruits of freedom : the migration of former slaves and their search for equality in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1862-1900
First in violence, deepest in dirt : homicide in Chicago, 1875-1920  Adler, Jeffrey S                 eng
First lady of the Confederacy : Varina Davis's Civil War             Cashin, Joan E                   eng
First Nations cultural heritage and law : case studies, voices, and perspectives                      eng
First person Jewish                                                  Lebow, Alisa                     eng
First steps in advertising and sales promotion                       Chunawalla, S. A                 eng
                                                                     Cassedy, Paul
First steps in clinical supervision : a guide for healthcare professionals                            eng
                                                                     O'Brien, Jean M
Firsting and lasting : writing Indians out of existence in New England                                eng
                                                                     Baig, debt matter?
Fiscal and monetary nexus in emerging market economies : how doesTaimur                               eng
Fiscal and monetary policy during downturns : evidence from the G7 Daniel                             eng
Fiscal consolidation in Israel : a global fiscal model perspective Elekdag, Selim                     eng
Fiscal cycles in the Caribbean                                       Araújo, Juliana Dutra            eng
                                                                     Ahmad, Ehtisham
Fiscal decentralization and public subnational financial management in Peru                           eng
Fiscal deficits and current account deficits                         Kumhof, Michael                  eng
                                                                     Fanizza, Domenico
Fiscal determinants of inflation : a primer for the Middle East and North Africa                      eng
Fiscal discipline and exchange rate regimes : evidence from the Duttagupta, Rupa                      eng
Fiscal implications of multilateral tariff cuts                                                       eng
Fiscal incentive effects of the German equalization system           Stehn, Sven Jari                 eng
Fiscal policy and financial development                              Hauner, David                    eng
Fiscal Policy and financial markets                                  Akitoby, Bernardin               eng
Fiscal policy and interest rates : how sustainable is the new economy ? David                         eng
Fiscal policy measures in Egypt : public debt and food subsidy `Abd al-Khaliq, Judah                  eng
Fiscal policy rules for oil-producing countries : a welfare-based assessment Wojciech                 eng
Fiscal stimulus with spending reversals                              Corsetti, Giancarlo              eng
Fiscal sustainability in remittance-dependent economies              Abdih, Y. (Yasser)               eng
                                                                     York, Robert
Fiscal vulnerability and sustainability in oil-producing Sub-Saharan African countries                eng
Fish diseases and disorders : Volume 2, Non-infectious disorders                                      eng
Fish genetic and biotechnology                                       Singh, Braj Kishore Prasad       eng
Fish genetics and endocrinology                                      Ghosh, R                         eng
Fish immunology & biotechnology                                      Prabhakar, Archana               eng
Fish larval physiology                                                                                eng
Fisher's contact dermatitis                                          Rietschel, Robert L              eng
Fishes of the Texas Laguna Madre : a guide for anglers & naturalists McKee, David A., 1947-           eng
Fishing the Great Lakes : an environmental history, 1783-1933 Bogue, Margaret Beattie, 1924- eng
Fit nurse : your total plan for getting fit and living well          Scholar, Gary, 1955-             eng
Fit to be tied : sterilization and reproductive rights in America, 1950-1980Rebecca M. (Rebecca Marie)eng
Fitness evaluation tests for competitive sports                      Nande, Prajakta J                eng
Five emus to the king of Siam : environment and empire                                                eng
Five practices of fruitful congregations                             Schnase, Robert C., 1957-        eng
                                                                     Cihák, Martin
Five years after : European Union membership and macro-financial stability in the mew member states   eng
Five years of IT management improvement : eight cases from the master of IT management                eng
Fixed points and economic equilibria                                 Urai, Ken, 1962-                 eng
Fixing global finance                                                Wolf, Martin, 1946-              eng
Flames from the unconscious : trauma, madness and faith              Eigen, Michael                   eng
Flannery O'Connor in the age of terrorism : essays on violence and grace                              eng
Flares of memory : stories of childhood during the Holocaust                                          eng
Flash floods in Texas                                                Burnett, Jonathan, 1962-         eng
                                                                     Tidwell, Travis
Flash with Drupal : build dynamic, content-rich Flash CS3 and CS4 applications for Drupal 6           eng
Flatland : a romance of many dimensions                              Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 eng
                                                                     Argyris, Chris, 1923-            eng
Flawed advice and the management trap : how managers can when know they're getting good advice and when they're not
Fleeing Hitler : France, 1940                                        Diamond, Hanna, 1962-            eng
Flesh of my flesh                                                    Silverman, Kaja                  eng

                                                  Page 87

                                                                   in American literature,
Fleshing out America : race, gender, and the politics of the bodySorisio, Carolyn, 1966- 1833-1879 eng
                                                                    Flex Satish                           eng
Flex 3 with Java : develop rich internet applications using AdobeKore, 3 and ActionScript 3.0, and integrate them with a Java backen
Flexible manufacturing system                                      Shivanand, H. K                        eng
Flexible working : latest best practice for employers and employeesWilliams, Audrey                       eng
Flight into freedom and beyond                                     Caddy, Eileen                          eng
Flight to freedom : African runaways and Maroons in the Americas   Thompson, Alvin O                      eng
Flood resistant design and construction                                                                   eng
Flood resistant design and construction                                                                   eng
                                                                   Anderson, Edward C
Florida territory in 1844 : the diary of Master Edward C. Anderson, United States Navy                    eng
Flower crops : cultivation and management                          Choudhary, Dewasish                    eng
Fluctuations and localization in mesoscopic electron systems Janssen, M. (Martin)                         eng
Fluid iron : state formation in Southeast Asia                     Day, Tony                              eng
Fluid mechanics                                                    Brewster, Hilary D                     eng
Fluid mechanics and machinery                                      Kothandaraman, C. P                    eng
Focus and background in Romance languages                                                                 eng
                                                                   Romanistentag (30th : 2007 : Vienna, Austria)
Focus on emerging markets                                                                                 eng
Focus on human resource development                                                                       eng
                                                                    calm, and clarity
Focused and fearless : a meditator's guide to states of deep joy,Catherine, Shaila                        eng
                                                                   Rappaport, Laury
Focusing-oriented art therapy : accessing the body's wisdom and creative intelligence                     eng
Foliations and the geometry of 3-manifolds                         Calegari, Danny                        eng
Folk music and modern sound                                                                               eng
                                                                   Fulmer, Jacqueline, 1965-
Folk women and indirection in Morrison, Ní Dhuibhne, Hurston, and Lavin                                   eng
Folklore : in all of us, in all we do                                                                     eng
Folklore in motion : Texas travel lore                                                                    eng
Folktales of the Jews : Volume 2, Tales from Eastern Europe                                               eng
                                                                   Goh, Lai Yoong
Follow the chemistry : lure, lore, and life : an autobiography of Goh Lai Yoong                           eng
                                                                   Speller, Elizabeth
Following Hadrian : a second century journey through the Roman Empire                                     eng
Following Marx : method, critique and crisis                       Lebowitz, Michael A                    eng
Following Putnam's trail : on realism and other issues                                                    eng
Food allergy                                                                                              eng
Food and femininity in twentieth-century British women's fiction Adolph, Andrea                           eng
Food and the mid-level farm : renewing an agriculture of the middle                                       eng
Food hygiene                                                                                              eng
Food in medieval England : diet and nutrition                                                             eng
Food in Shakespeare : early modern dietaries and the plays         Fitzpatrick, Joan                      eng
Food microbiology : an introduction                                Montville, Thomas J                    eng
Food microbiology : fundamentals and frontiers                                                            eng
Food microorganisms                                                Modi, H. A                             eng
Food process engineering : theory and laboratory experiments                                              eng
Food safety behaviour and its implications                                                                eng
Food science and nutrition                                         Satarkar, Archana                      eng
Food, drink and identity in Europe                                                                        eng
Food-borne illnesses                                               Modi, H. A                             eng
Food-borne viruses : progress and challenges                                                              eng
Fool me twice : intelligence failure and mass casualty terrorism Copeland, Thomas E                       eng
Fool's errands : America's recent encounters with nation building  Dempsey, Gary                          eng
                                                                   Service and the British Council in Asia
Footfalls echo in the memory : a life with the Colonial Education Bickley, Verner Courtenay               eng
Footprints of destiny                                              Nchami, Azanwi                         eng
                                                                   Paine, Stuart D. L
Footsteps on the ice : the Antarctic diaries of Stuart D. Paine, second Byrd Expedition                   eng
For a future to be possible                                        Nh´ât Hanh, Thích                      eng
                                                                   Klein, Jennifer
For all these rights : business, labor, and the shaping of America's public-private welfare state         eng
For better, for worse : the marriage crisis that made modern Egypt Kholoussy, Hanan                       eng
                                                                    vice in the L. (Mara Laura), 1967-eng
For business & pleasure : red-light districts and the regulation ofKeire, MaraUnited States, 1890-1933
For Derrida                                                                                               eng
                                                                   Miller, J. Hillis (Joseph Hillis), 1928-
For glory and Bolívar : the remarkable life of Manuela Sáenz, 1797-1856Pamela S                           eng
For God and country : faith and patriotism under fire              Yee, James                             eng

                                                  Page 88

For prophet and tsar : Islam and empire in Russia and Central Asia    Crews, Robert D., 1970-             eng
                                                                       in Illinois, Lisa G
For the freedom of her race : Black women and electoral politicsMaterson, 1877-1932                       eng
                                                                      Wickett, and modern
For the living and the dead : the funerary laments of upper Egypt, ancientElizabeth                       eng
For the sake of humanity : essays in honour of Clemens N. Nathan                                          eng
For your eyes only : behind the scenes of the James Bond films Giammarco, David                           eng
Foraging in the Tennessee River Valley, 12,500 to 8,000 years ago     Hollenbach, Kandace D               eng
Force and freedom : Kant's legal and political philosophy             Ripstein, Arthur                    eng
Forced migrants and host societies in Egypt and Sudan                                                     eng
Forced to be good : why trade agreements boost human rights Hafner-Burton, Emilie                         eng
Forces driving inflation in the new EU10 members                      Stavrev, Emil                       eng
Forces of habit : drugs and the making of the modern world            Courtwright, David T., 1952-        eng
Ford Madox Ford : literary networks and cultural transformations                                          eng
Ford Madox Ford and the city                                                                              eng
Ford Madox Ford, modernist magazines and editing                                                          eng
Ford Madox Ford's literary contacts                                                                       eng
Forecasting ECB monetary policy : accuracy is (still) a matter of Berger, Helge                           eng
Forecasting inflation in Sudan                                        Moriyama, Kenji                     eng
                                                                      Bolton, Matthew
Foreign aid and landmine clearance : governance, politics and security in Afghanistan, Bosnia and eng     Sudan
Foreign aid policy and sources of poverty : a quantitative framework  Mourmouras, Alex                    eng
Foreign banks in poor countries : theory and evidence                 Detragiache, Enrica                 eng
Foreign banks in the CESE countries : in for a penny, in for a pound? Maechler, Andrea M                  eng
Foreign churches in St. Petersburg and their archives, 1703-1917                                          eng
                                                                      Jordaan, Jacob A                    eng
Foreign direct investment, agglomeration and externalities : empirical evidence from Mexican manufacturing industries
Foreign interventions in ethnic conflicts                             Nalbandov, Robert                   eng
Foreign policy and Congress : an international relations perspective  Henehan, Marie T                    eng
Forensic mental health assessment of children and adolescents                                             eng
Forensic rhetoric : the force of closing arguments                    Clason, Susanna Shelton             eng
Foresight                                                                                                 eng
                                                                      Langston, Nancy
Forest dreams, forest nightmares : the paradox of old growth in the Inland West                           eng
Forest echoes : poems                                                 Alembong, Nol                       eng
                                                                      Forsyth, Tim
Forest guardians, forest destroyers : the politics of environmental knowledge in northern Thailand eng
Forest pest lepidoptera                                               Sathe, T. V                         eng
Forestry and biodiversity : learning how to sustain biodiversity in managed forests                       eng
Forestry budgets and accounts                                         Bright, Geoff                       eng
                                                                      Carpenter, and beyond
Forgetting children born of war : setting the human rights agenda in Bosnia R. Charli                     eng
Forgetting Lot's wife : on destructive spectatorship                  Harries, Martin                     eng
                                                                      Guridy, Frank Andre
Forging diaspora : Afro-Cubans and African Americans in a world of empire and Jim Crow                    eng
Forgotten conquests : rereading New World history from the margins    Verdesio, Gustavo                   eng
Forgotten engagements : women, literature and the Left in 1930s France Angela                             eng
                                                                      Hotez, Peter J                      eng
Forgotten people, forgotten diseases : the neglected tropical diseases and their impact on global health and development
Formation of bioactive peptides from dairy products                                                       eng
                                                                      Feldman, Allen
Formations of violence : the narrative of the body and political terror in Northern Ireland               eng
Formative years : children's health in the United States, 1880-2000                                       eng
Forms in early modern utopia : the ethnography of perfection Chordas, Nina                                eng
Formulación y evaluación de proyectos                                 Córdoba Padilla, Marcial            spa
Formulaic language : Volume 1, Distribution and historical change                                         eng
Formulaic language : Volume 2, Acquisition, loss, psychological reality, and functional explanationseng
Forty years in the struggle : the memoirs of a Jewish anarchist Weinberg, Chaim Leib, 1861-1939eng
                                                                       Finland, 31 October-4 Physics and Luminosity Determination at LH
Forward physics and luminosity determination at LHC : Helsinki,Workshop on Forward November 2000          eng
                                                                      Trewin, N. H                         geological past, experiencing the
Fossils alive! or, new walks in an old field : a series of ten illustrated time-travel excursions into theeng
Fostering learning in small groups : a practical guide                Westberg, Jane                      eng
Fostering monetary & financial cooperation in East Asia                                                   eng
                                                                      Westberg, Jane
Fostering reflection and providing feedback : helping others learn from experience                        eng
Foucault and the government of disability                                                                 eng
                                                                        of Islamism
Foucault and the Iranian Revolution : gender and the seductionsAfary, Janet                               eng
                                                                      Nelson, Andrew, 1978-               eng
Foundation role plays for autism : role plays for working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, parents, peers, teachers an

                                                     Page 89

Foundations for paramedic practice : a theoretical perspective                                        eng
Foundations of advertising : theory & practice                     Chunawalla, S. A                   eng
Foundations of Christian music : the music of pre-Constantinian Foley, Edward                         eng
Foundations of education                                           Pachauri, Ashok                    eng
Foundations of evidence-based social work practice                                                    eng
Foundations of health psychology                                                                      eng
Foundations of Hegel's social theory : actualizing freedom         Neuhouser, Frederick               eng
Foundations of human sociality : economic experiments and ethnographic evidence from fifteen small-scale societies
Foundations of mind                                                Burge, Tyler                       eng
Founding fictions                                                  Mercieca, Jennifer R               eng
Four cultures of the West                                          O'Malley, John W                   eng
Foxbats over Dimona : the Soviets' nuclear gamble in the Six-Day War Isabella                         eng
                                                                   Mainardi, F. (Francesco), 1942- eng
Fractional calculus and waves in linear viscoelasticity : an introduction to mathematical models
Fractional order systems : modeling and control applications                                          eng
                                                                   Kaufman, and (John Gilbert), 1931-
Fracture resistance of aluminum alloys : notch toughness, tear resistance, J. G.fracture toughness eng
Fractured borders : reading women's cancer literature              DeShazer, Mary K                   eng
Fragmented melodies                                                Wakai, Kangsen Feka                eng
Fragments of development : nation, gender, and the space of modernity Suzanne                         eng
                                                                   Erler, Steffen
Framework for chemical risk management under REACH : regulatory decision-making                       eng
Framework for implementing integrated vector management (IVM) at district level in the South-East Asia region : a step-by-step app
Frameworks of choice : predictive & genetic testing in Asia                                           eng
Frameworks, artworks, place : the space of perception in the modern world                             eng
Framing borders in literature and other media                                                         eng
Framing consciousness in art : transcultural perspectives          Minissale, Gregory                 eng
                                                                   Paris, Michael, 1960-
Framing equal opportunity : law and the politics of school finance reform                             eng
Framing public memory                                                                                 eng
                                                                   Feldman, can use                    the
Framing the debate : famous presidential speeches and how progressivesJeffrey them to changeeng conversation (and win electi
France                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
France                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
France : money & banking                                                                              eng
                                                                   Minkov, the relief 1975-
Francis Bacon's 'Inquiry touching human nature' : virtue, philosophy, andSvetozar, of man's estate eng
Franciscans at prayer                                                                                 eng
François Mauriac : the making of an intellectual                   Welch, Edward, 1973-               eng
Franks and Saracens : reality and fantasy in the Crusades          Falk, Avner                        eng
Franz Werfel : bibliography of German editions                     Spalek, John M                     eng
Freaks talk back : tabloid talk shows and sexual nonconformity Gamson, Joshua, 1962-                  eng
Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!                                    Rable, George C                    eng
Free access to the past : romanticism, cultural heritage and the nation                               eng
Free trade and uneven development : the North American apparel industry after NAFTA                   eng
Free will                                                          McFee, Graham                      eng
Free will and determinism in Joseph Conrad's major novels          Schnauder, Ludwig                  eng
Free will and reactive attitudes : perspectives on P.F. Strawson's Freedom and resentment             eng
Freedom : reassessments and rephrasings                                                               eng
Freedom colonies : independent Black Texans in the time of JimSitton, Thad, 1941-                     eng
Freedom for sale : why the world is trading democracy for security Kampfner, John                     eng
                                                                   Smillie, grassroots organization that's winning the fight against pove
Freedom from want : the remarkable success story of BRAC, the global Ian                              eng
Freedom in the workplace?                                          Ezorsky, Gertrude, 1926-           eng
                                                                   Clayson, in Texas                  eng
Freedom is not enough : the war on poverty and the civil rights movementWilliam S. (William Stephen), 1970-
Freedom is, freedom ain't : jazz and the making of the sixties Saul, Scott                            eng
Freedom of information : local government and accountability                                          eng
Freedom on fire : human rights wars and America's response Shattuck, John H. F                        eng
Freedom reclaimed : rediscovering the American vision              Schwarz, John E                    eng
Freedom walk : Mississippi or bust                                 Stanton, Mary, 1946-               eng
                                                                   Farmer-Kaiser, Mary
Freedwomen and the Freedmen's Bureau : race, gender, and public policy in the age of emancipation     eng
Freeing speech : the constitutional war over national security Denvir, John, 1942-                    eng
                                                                   Robar, Alex                        eng
FreePBX 2.5 powerful telephony solutions : configure, deploy, and maintain an enterprise-class VoIP PBX

                                                    Page 90

Frege's logic                                                         Macbeth, Danielle                eng
French banks amid the global financial crisis                         Xiao, Yingbin                    eng
French feminists and The Second Sex                                   Shukla, B. A                     eng
French Guiana                                                         World Trade Press                eng
French Guiana                                                         World Trade Press                eng
French Guiana : money & banking                                                                        eng
French minority cinema                                                Johnston, Cristina               eng
French rugby football : a cultural history                            Dine, Philip                     eng
                                                                      Pilbeam, Pamela M.,
French socialists before Marx : workers, women, and the social question in France 1941-                eng
Fresh dialogue five : new voices in graphic design                                                     eng
                                                                      Bourquain, Knut
Freshwater access from a human rights perspective : a challenge to international water and humaneng law rights
Freshwater fishes of Texas : a field guide                            Thomas, Chad, 1970-              eng
                                                                      Strayer, David Lowell, 1955-
Freshwater mussel ecology : a multifactor approach to distribution and abundance                       eng
Freud : a very short introduction                                     Storr, Anthony                   eng
Freud 3 : postfreudismo                                               Oriol Anguera, Antonio           spa
Freudian mythologies : Greek tragedy and modern identities            Bowlby, Rachel, 1957-            eng
Friday's footprint : how society shapes the human mind                Brothers, Leslie                 eng
Friendly fire : American images of the Vietnam War                    Kinney, Katherine, 1959-         eng
Friendlyvision : Fred Friendly and the rise and fall of television journalism Ralph                    eng
Friends of God : Islamic images of piety, commitment, and servanthood John, 1944-                      eng
Friends of interpretable objects                                      Tamen, Miguel                    eng
                                                                      Beerens, Anna (Anna Maria century : a prosopographical
Friends, acquaintances, pupils, and patrons : Japanese intellectual life in the late eighteenth Josephina Josephus), 1957- approach
                                                                      Kaplan, Michael A., 1966-
Friendship fictions : the rhetoric of citizenship in the liberal imaginary                             eng
Frogs and toads of Big Bend National Park                             Dayton, Gage H., 1972-           eng
                                                                      Neocosmos, M                     eng
From foreign natives to native foreigners : explaining xenophobia in post-apartheid South Africa : citizenship and nationalism, ide
From a far country : Camisards and Huguenots in the Atlantic world    Randall, Catharine, 1957-        eng
From a virgin womb : the Apocalypse of Adam and the virgin birth      Welburn, Andrew J                eng
                                                                      Schironi, Francesca
From Alexandria to Babylon : Near Eastern languages and Hellenistic erudition in the Oxyrhynchuseng     glossary (P.Oxy. 1802 + 4812)
From arrival to incorporation : migrants to the U.S. in a global era                                   eng
From bananas to buttocks : the Latina body in popular film and culture                                 eng
                                                                      a working-class woman
From Beacon Hill to the Crystal Palace : the 1851 travel diary of Berbineau, Lorenza Stevens           eng
                                                                      Mody, Ashoka                     eng
From Bear Stearns to Anglo Irish : how eurozone sovereign spreads related to financial sector vulnerability
From behind the curtain' : a study of girls' madrasa in India         Winkelmann, Mareike Jule         eng
From bloodshed to hope in Burundi : our embassy years during genocide Robert, 1935-                    eng
From Blue Mills to Columbia : Cedar Falls and the Civil War           Lyftogt, Kenneth                 eng
From British peasants to colonial American farmers                    Kulikoff, Allan                  eng
From charity to social change : trends in Arab philanthropy                                            eng
From clockwork to crapshoot : a history of physics                    Newton, Roger G                  eng
                                                                      Wenzlhuemer, Roland
From coffee to tea cultivation in Ceylon, 1880-1900 : an economic and social history                   eng
From cosmos to chaos : the science of unpredictability                Coles, Peter                     eng
                                                                      Turner, Fred                     eng
From counterculture to cyberculture : Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the rise of digital utopianism
From crisis to recovery : East Asia rising again?                                                      eng
From Dar es Salaam to Bongoland : urban mutations in Tanzania                                          eng
From detached concern to empathy : humanizing medical practice        Halpern, Jodi                    eng
From early Tang court debates to China's peaceful rise                                                 eng
                                                                      Talani, Leila
From Egypt to Europe : globalisation and migration across the MediterraneanSimona                      eng
From failure to success                                               Mehndiratta, Vaibhav             eng
From few to many : ten years of health insurance expansion in Colombia                                 eng
From floor to sky : the experience of the art school studio                                            eng
                                                                      Neocosmos, M                     citizenship and nationalism, iden
From 'foreign natives' to 'native foreigners' : explaining xenophobia in post-apartheid South Africa : eng
From freedom fighters to terrorists : women and political violence    Eager, Paige Whaley, 1973-       eng
From gamer to game designer : the official Far Cry 2 map editing guideHutchinson, David                eng
From goatherd to governor : the autobiography of Edwin Mtei Mtei, Edwin, 1932-                         eng
                                                                      Scotch, Richard K., 1951-
From good will to civil rights : transforming federal disability policy                                eng
From grain to pixel : the archival life of film in transition         Fossati, Giovanna                eng
From guilt to shame : Auschwitz and after                             Leys, Ruth                       eng

                                                    Page 91

From high art to new art                                               Abbing, Hans, 1946-               eng
From hobbits to Hollywood : essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the rings                                  eng
                                                                       Barlow, Jeffrey
From hot war to cold : the U.S. Navy and national security affairs, 1945-1955 G., 1946-                  eng
From Kant to Hilbert : a source book in the foundations of mathematics. Volume 1                         eng
                                                                       Stone, Mark R. (Mark Richard)     eng
From Lombard Street to Avenida Paulista : foreign exchange liquidity easing in Brazil in response to the global shock of 2008-09
                                                                       Perdigao, Lisa K
From modernist entombment to postmodernist exhumation : dead bodies in twentieth-century American fictioneng
                                                                       Harris, A. Spain
From Muslim to Christian Granada : inventing a city's past in early modernKatie, 1969-                   eng
From naked ape to superspecies : humanity and the global eco-crisis David T., 1936-                      eng
                                                                        the cultural performance of gender
From nation to diaspora : Samuel Selvon, George Lamming andForbes, Curdella                              eng
From negations to negotiations : solving the puzzles of development                                      eng
                                                                        European integration
From neutrality to commitment : Dutch foreign policy, NATO andMallinson, Bill                            eng
From noose to needle : capital punishment and the late liberal state                                     eng
                                                                       Kaufman-Osborn, Timothy V. (Timothy Vance), 1953-
                                                                       Fijalkowski, Agata
From old times to new Europe : the Polish struggle for democracy and constitutionalism                   eng
From Pac-Man to pop music : interactive audio in games and new media                                     eng
                                                                       Somers Wicka,
From phonology to syntax : pronominal cliticization in Otfrid's Evangelienbuch Katerina                  eng
                                                                       Ley, Barbara movement
From pink to green : disease prevention and the environmental breast cancer L., 1972-                    eng
From political won't to political will : building support for participatory governance                   eng
From pride to influence : towards a new Canadian foreign policyHart, Michael, 1944-                      eng
From primitive to indigenous : the academic study of indigenous Cox, James L. (James Leland)             eng
                                                                       Benhassine, Najy
From privilege to competition : unlocking private-led growth in the Middle East and North Africa         eng
                                                                        International School of SubnuclearPhysics (40th : 2002 : Erice, Ital
From quarks and gluons to quantum gravity : proceedings of theInternational School of Subnucleareng        Physics
                                                                       hoe production                    eng
From quarry to cornfield : the political economy of Mississippian Cobb, Charles R. (Charles Richard), 1956-
                                                                       Funes Monzote, Reinaldo, 1969- eng
From rainforest to cane field in Cuba : an environmental history since 1492
From recognition to restoration : Latvia's history as a nation-state                                     eng
From resource allocation to strategy                                                                     eng
From revolution to war : state relations in a world of change          Conge, Patrick J., 1951-          eng
                                                                       the Shireen A
From servants to workers : South African domestic workers and Ally,democratic state                      eng
                                                                       Sesnic, American literature
From shadow to presence : representations of ethnicity in contemporary Jelena                            eng
From shipbreaking to sustainable ship recycling : evolution of a legal regime Tony George                eng
                                                                       SenGupta, Gunja
From slavery to poverty : the racial origins of welfare in New York, 1840-1918                           eng
From socialism to capitalism : eight essays                            Kornai, János                     eng
From soldiers to citizens : demilitarization of conflict and society Porto, João Gomes                   eng
                                                                       Monmonier, Mark
From Squaw Tit to Whorehouse Meadow : how maps name, claim, and inflame S                                eng
From storm to freedom : America's long war with Iraq                   Ballard, John R., 1957-           eng
From subprime loans to subprime growth? : evidence for the Euro AreaMartin                               eng
From superpower to besieged global power : restoring world order after the failure of the Bush doctrine  eng
                                                                       Emanuel, Michelle
From surrealism to less-exquisite cadavers : Léo Malet and the evolution of the French Roman Noir        eng
From the Athenian tetradrachm to the euro : studies in European monetary integration                     eng
                                                                        have changed
From the closet to the courtroom : five LGBT rights lawsuits that Ball, Carlos A our nation              eng
                                                                       Pavón Cuéllar, David
From the conscious interior to an exterior unconscious : Lacan, discourse analysis, and social psychologyeng
From the inside out : radical gender transformation, FTM and beyond                                      eng
                                                                       Jacobs-Huey, Lanita, hair care
From the kitchen to the parlor : language and becoming in African American women's 1971-                 eng
From the land of hibiscus : Koreans in Hawai'i, 1903-1950                                                eng
                                                                         divided Cyprus
From the president's office : a journey towards reconciliation in aVasileiou, Giorgos                    eng
From the Puritans to the projects : public housing and public neighborsVale, Lawrence J., 1959-          eng
                                                                       Maiorova, O. E
From the shadow of empire : defining the Russian nation through cultural mythology, 1855-1870 eng
                                                                       Stein, Stephen K                  Navy,
From torpedoes to aviation : Washington Irving Chambers and technological innovation in the new eng 1876-1913
From transformation to transformaction : methods and practices Gutmann, David, 1950-                     eng
                                                                       Stourzh, Gerald                   eng
From Vienna to Chicago and back : essays on intellectual history and political thought in Europe and America
From war to the rule of law : peacebuilding after violent conflicts Voorhoeve, J. J. C                   eng
Front desk management : 1                                              Perry, Lewis                      eng
Front desk management : 2                                              Perry, Lewis                      eng
Frontier crossroads : Fort Davis and the West                          Wooster, Robert, 1956-            eng
Frontier forts of Iowa : Indians, traders, and soldiers, 1682-1862                                       eng
Frontières de la citoyenneté et violence politique en Côte d'Ivoire                                      fre
Frontiers in soil science research : report of a workshop                                                Steering Committee for Frontiers
                                                                       National Research Council (U.S.). eng

                                                     Page 92

                                                                    Conference Technology, USA, 19-21 May 2008
Frontiers of applied and computational mathematics : New Jersey Institute ofon Frontiers of Applied and Computational Mathematic
Frontiers of diversity : explorations in contemporary pluralism                                        eng
                                                                    Symposium symposium                eng
Frontiers of engineering : reports on leading-edge engineering from the 2008on Frontiers of Engineering (2008 : University of New M
                                                                    Symposium symposium                eng
Frontiers of engineering : reports on leading-edge engineering from the 2010on Frontiers of Engineering (2010 : Armonk, N.Y.)
                                                                    Dichtl, John R., 1965-
Frontiers of faith : bringing Catholicism to the West in the Early Republic                            eng
Frontiers of justice : disability, nationality, species membership Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947- eng
Frontiers of sociology                                                                                 eng
Frontline Pakistan : the struggle with militant Islam               Hussain, Zahid, 1949-              eng
                                                                     report                            eng
Front-of-package nutrition rating systems and symbols : phase I Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Examination of Front-of-
Frozen in time : permafrost and engineering problems                                                   eng
                                                                    Muller, Siemon W. (Siemon William), 1900-1970
                                                                    Abdih, Y. United States
Frugality : are we fretting too much? : household saving and assets in the (Yasser)                    eng
Fruit and vegetable preservation                                    Singh, N. P                        eng
Fruit crops                                                         Choudhary, Dewasish                eng
Fruit of the orchard : environmental justice in East Texas          Cromer-Campbell, Tammy, 1960- eng
                                                                    El-Said, Moataz
Fuel price subsidies in Gabon : fiscal cost and distributional impact                                  eng
Fulgentius : selected works                                                                            eng
                                                                    Fulgentius, Saint, Bishop of Ruspa, 468-533
Fuller in her own time : a biographical chronicle of her life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and
Fumigation for insect control                                                                          eng
Funambol mobile open source                                         Fornari, Stefano                   eng
Functional features in language and space : insights from perception, categorization, and development  eng
Functional jurisdiction in the law of the sea                       Gavouneli, Maria                   eng
Functional requirements for authority data : a conceptual model                                        eng
Functional structure in DP and IP : the cartography of syntactic structures. Volume 1                  eng
Functional-analytic and complex methods, their interactions, and applications to partial differential equations : proceedings of the int
Functions in biological and artificial worlds : comparative philosophical perspectives                 eng
                                                                    Yetter, David N
Functorial knot theory : categories of tangles, coherence, categorical deformations, and topologicaleng invariants
                                                                    International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of M
Fundamental & applied aspects of modern physics : Lüderitz 2000 : proceedings of the International Conference on Fundamental a
Fundamental determinants of the effects of fiscal policy                                               eng
                                                                    Botman, Dennis (Dennis Petrus Johannes)
Fundamental forces of nature : the story of gauge fields            Huang, Kerson, 1928-               eng
Fundamental principles of accounting                                Gangwar, Sharda                    eng
Fundamentalism : a very short introduction                          Ruthven, Malise                    eng
Fundamentals and applications of microfluidics                      Nguyen, Nam-Trung, 1970-           eng
Fundamentals and applications of nanomaterials                      Guo, Zhen                          eng
Fundamentals in hadronic atom theory                                Deloff, A                          eng
Fundamentals of biomedical engineering                              Sawhney, G. S                      eng
Fundamentals of biosciences                                         Verma, S. P                        eng
Fundamentals of building contract management                        Uher, Thomas E                     eng
Fundamentals of computers                                           Soni, Vishal                       eng
Fundamentals of creative advertising : an introduction to branding  Barfoot, Caroline                  eng
Fundamentals of creative photography                                Prakel, David                      eng
Fundamentals of customer-focused management                         Patel, B. K                        eng
Fundamentals of electrochemical corrosion                           Stansbury, E. E. (Ele Eugene)      eng
                                                                    Hampton, risk, J., 1942-           eng
Fundamentals of enterprise risk management : how top companies assessJohn manage exposures, and seize opportunities
Fundamentals of enzymology                                          Meena, Meenakshi                   eng
Fundamentals of illustration                                        Zeegen, Lawrence                   eng
Fundamentals of information technology                              Mohan, P                           eng
Fundamentals of insurance                                           Gupta, P. K                        eng
Fundamentals of librarianship                                       Verma, Renu                        eng
Fundamentals of linear algebra                                      Dash, Rajani Ballav                eng
Fundamentals of magnetism and electricity                           Arya, S. N                         eng
Fundamentals of neutrino physics and astrophysics                   Giunti, Carlo                      eng
Fundamentals of pharmacy practice                                   Agarwal, N. P                      eng
Fundamentals of typography                                          Ambrose, Gavin                     eng
Fundamentals-based estimation of default probabilities : a survey han-Lau, Jorge A                     eng
Fundamentos de administración                                       Ramírez Cardona, Carlos            spa
Funding fathers : the unsung heroes of the conservative movement    Hoplin, Nicole                     eng

                                                   Page 93

Fundraising skills for health care executives                      Fitzpatrick, Joyce J., 1944-    eng
Further Biblical Hebrew : explanations and exercises               Blumfield, Fiona Eve            eng
                                                                   Songhay of
Fusion of the worlds : an ethnography of possession among the Stoller, PaulNiger                   eng
Future directions for the national healthcare quality and disparities reports                      eng
Future matters : action, knowledge, ethics                         Adam, Barbara, 1945-            eng
                                                                   Cohen, Michael H                  and
Future medicine : ethical dilemmas, regulatory challenges, and therapeutic pathways to health careeng healing in human transform
Future of Indian economy                                           Kha.n.dela, Mana Canda          eng
                                                                   Panchasi, Roxanne
Future tense : the culture of anticipation in France between the wars                              eng
                                                                   Brownlee, Fiona                 eng
Fuzzy buzzy groups for children with developmental and sensory processing difficulties : a step-by-step resource
Fuzzy neural network theory and application                        Liu, Puyin                      eng
Fuzzy sets in management, economics, and marketing                                                 eng
Gabon                                                              World Trade Press               eng
Gabon                                                              World Trade Press               eng
Gabon : money & banking                                                                            eng
Gabriel Garcia Moreno and conservative state formation in the AndesHenderson, Peter V. N., 1947-   eng
Gagana Samoa : a Samoan language coursebook, revised edition       Hunkin, Galumalemana Afeleti L eng
Gaining control over home downsizing : inspirational stories       Martin, Karen J                 eng
Galen and the rhetoric of healing                                  Mattern, Susan P., 1966-        eng
Galileo : a very short introduction                                Drake, Stillman                 eng
Galileo's glassworks : the telescope and the mirror                Reeves, Eileen Adair            eng
Galileo's instruments of credit : telescopes, images, secrecy      Biagioli, Mario                 eng
                                                                   Newton, Roger G
Galileo's pendulum : from the rhythm of time to the making of matter                               eng
                                                                   Várady, of patterns
Gallic-Briton-German preludes in making the West : a pamphlet for turnLászló                       eng
Gambia                                                             World Trade Press               eng
Gambia                                                             World Trade Press               eng
Gambia                                                             World Trade Press               eng
Game programming gems 8                                                                            eng
Games and physical education in schools                            Bhagwan, Jai                    eng
Games of empire : global capitalism and video games                Dyer-Witheford, Nick, 1951-     eng
Gandhi and the Middle East : Jews, Arabs and imperial interestsPanter-Brick, S. (Simone)           eng
                                                                    violence are changing          eng
Gangs in Garden City : how immigration, segregation, and youthGarland, Sarah, 1978- America's suburbs
Gao Xingjian's idea of theatre : from the word to the image        Labedzka, Izabella              eng
Gaps and dummies                                                   Bennis, Hans                    eng
                                                                   Dunmire, William
Gardens of New Spain : how Mediterranean plants and foods changed America W                        eng
Gardens of philosophy : Ficino on Plato                            Ficino, Marsilio, 1433-1499     eng
Gargara, Lamponia and Pionia : towns of the Troad                  Clarke, Joseph Thacher, d. 1920 eng
Gary Snyder and the Pacific Rim : creating countercultural community Timothy, 1964-                eng
Gatekeepers : the professions and corporate governance             Coffee, John C., 1944-          eng
                                                                    mind : with Eugenia C          eng
Gates of freedom : Voltairine de Cleyre and the revolution of theDeLamotte, selections from her writing
Gauge theories in the twentieth century                                                            eng
Gay and lesbian aging : research and future directions                                             eng
Gazing through a prism darkly : reflections on Merold Westphal's hermeneutical epistemology        eng
G-d, rationality, and mysticism                                    Block, Irving, 1930-            eng
Gear materials, properties, and manufacture                                                        eng
Gegenwärtige vergangenheit : ausgewählte kleine schriften          Pöhlmann, Egert                 ger
                                                                   Becker, Judith, Dr              ger
Gemeindeordnung und Kirchenzucht : Johannes a Lascos Kirchenordnung für London (1555) und die reformierte Konfessionsbildun
                                                                   Hartman, Harriet
Gender and American Jews patterns in work, education, and family in contemporary life              eng
Gender and apocalyptic desire                                                                      eng
Gender and development                                             Sarkar, Aanchal                 eng
Gender and empire                                                                                  eng
Gender and globalization in Asia and the Pacific : method, practice, theory                        eng
Gender and its relevance to macroeconomic policy : a survey Stotsky, Janet Gale                    eng
                                                                   siècle Paris
Gender and justice : violence, intimacy and community in fin-de Ferguson, Eliza Earle, 1970-       eng
Gender and management : lessons from recent research                                               eng
Gender and sociality in Amazonia : how real people are made McCallum, Cecilia                      eng
                                                                   Smith, of patriarchy
Gender and the Mexican Revolution : Yucatán women and the realities Stephanie J                    eng

                                                Page 94

                                                                   Chicago, Joanne L
Gender and the politics of welfare reform : mothers' pensions in Goodwin, 1911-1929                     eng
Gender and well-being in Europe : historical and contemporary perspectives                              eng
Gender budgeting                                                   Stotsky, Janet Gale                  eng
Gender equality and United Nations peace operations in Timor Leste Olsson, Louise, 1973-                eng
Gender in Bolivian production : reducing differences in formality and productivity of firms             eng
Gender violence in Russia : the politics of feminist intervention Johnson, Janet Elise                  eng
                                                                   El-Katsha, rural Egypt
Gender, behavior, and health : schistosomiasis transmission and control in Samiha                       eng
Gender, caste and class in India                                   Yadav, Neelima                       eng
                                                                   Eriksen, Annelin
Gender, Christianity and change in Vanuatu : an analysis of social movements in North Ambrym eng
Gender, discourse and power in the Cameroonian parliament Atanga, Lilian Lem                            eng
                                                                   Hammons, Pamela S
Gender, sexuality, and material objects in English Renaissance verse                                    eng
Gender, sport, and development in Africa : cross-cultural perspectives on patterns of representations and marginalization
Gender, women and primary health care renewal : a discussion paper                                      eng
Gendered journeys, mobile emotions                                                                      eng
Gendered mobilities                                                                                     eng
                                                                   Yu, Wei-Hsin
Gendered trajectories : women, work, and social change in Japan and Taiwan                              eng
Gendering the nation-state : Canadian and comparative perspectives                                      eng
Gene action : a historical account                                 Maas, Werner Karl, 1921-             eng
Gene biotechnology                                                 Jogdand, S. N                        eng
                                                                   International the October Isozymes congress, Beijing, China, the
Gene families : studies of DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins : proceedings ofCongress on 5-10, 1999(10th : 1999 : Beijing, China)
Gene manipulation                                                  Nadkarni, S                          eng
Gene sharing and evolution : the diversity of protein functions Piatigorsky, Joram                      eng
                                                                   Global                               eng
Genealogies of identity : interdisciplinary readings on sex and sexuality Conference on Critical Issues in Sexuality (1st : 2004 : Salzb
                                                                    first 12 years and
General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) : a reflection on itsEnoch, Charles plans for taking eng        it forward
General enzymology                                                 Kulkarni, N. S                       eng
General equilibrium : theory and evidence                          Bryant, W. D. A                      eng
                                                                   Bewley, Truman                       eng
General equilibrium, overlapping generations models, and optimal growth theory F. (Truman Fassett), 1941-
General systems theory : ideas & applications                      Skyttner, Lars                       eng
Generalized associated Legendre functions and their applications   Virchenko, N. O. (Nina Opanasivna)   eng
Generalized method of moments                                      Hall, Alastair R                     eng
Generation P? : youth, gender and pornography                                                           eng
                                                                   Johnson, Meagan, 1970-
Generations, Inc : from boomers to linksters--managing the friction between generations at work eng
Genes in conflict : the biology of selfish genetic elements        Burt, Austin                         eng
Genesis redux : essays in the history and philosophy of artificial life                                 eng
Genesis, Isaiah, and Psalms : a festschrift to honour Professor John Emerton for his eightieth birthday eng
Genetic engineering                                                Arora, Mohan P                       eng
Genetic engineering and cloning                                    Arora, Mohan P                       eng
Genetic fuzzy systems : evolutionary tuning and learning of fuzzy knowledge bases                       eng
Genetic improvement of solanaceous crops : Volume 2. Tomato                                             eng
Genetic, linguistic and archaeological perspectives on human diversity in Southeast Asia                eng
Genetically engineered organisms, wildlife, and habitat : a workshop summary                            eng
Genetically modified crops                                         Halford, N. G. (Nigel G.)            eng
Genetics : (Volume I)                                              Powar, C. B                          eng
Genetics : (Volume II)                                             Powar, C. B                          eng
Genetics : classical to modern                                     Gupta, P. K                          eng
Genome characterization : basics and applications                                                       eng
                                                                   International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 20
Genome informatics 2009 : proceedings of the 9th annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (IBSB(9th
Genomics and evolution of microbial eukaryotes                                                          eng
Genre fission : a new discourse practice for cultural studies      Barr, Marleen S                      eng
Genres of modernity : contemporary Indian novels in English Wiemann, Dirk                               eng
                                                                   Fonlon, Bernard Nsokika, 1924-1986
Genuine intellectuals : academic and social responsibilities of universities in Africa                  eng
                                                                    : resources, interoperability, and information retrieval
Geographic information metadata for spatial data infrastructuresNogueras-Iso, Javier                    eng
Geographic thought                                                 Naidu, S. V. R                       eng
Geographies of Australian heritages : loving a sunburnt country?                                        eng
Geographies of Muslim identities : diaspora, gender and belonging                                       eng
Geographies of rhythm : nature, place, mobilities and bodies                                            eng

                                                   Page 95

Geographies of sexualities : theory, practices, and politics                                          eng
Geography                                                                                             eng
Geography and revolution                                                                              eng
Geography of British Columbia : people and landscapes in transition  McGillivray, Brett, 1944-        eng
Geometric computation                                                                                 eng
Geometric design projects for highways : an introduction                                              eng
                                                                     Schoon, John G. (John George), 1937-
Geometric methods for quantum field theory : proceedings of the summer school : Villa de Leyva, Colombia, 12-30 July 1999
                                                                     Gilkey, Peter B
Geometric properties of natural operators defined by the Riemann curvature tensor                     eng
Geometrical aspects of quantum fields : proceedings of the 2000 Londrina workshop : State University of Londrina, Brazil, 17-22 Ap
Geometry of nonholonomically constrained systems                     Cushman, Richard H., 1942-       eng
Geomodeling                                                          Mallet, Jean-Laurent             eng
Geophysics                                                           Bolger, Annette                  eng
Geopolitics and globalization in the twentieth century               Blouet, Brian W., 1936-          eng
                                                                     Kuus, Merje
Geopolitics reframed : security and identity in Europe's eastern enlargement                          eng
George Eliot & his works : Silas Marner ; Rev. Amos Barton           Eliot, George, 1819-1880         eng
George Goring (1608-1657) : Caroline courtier and royalist general   Memegalos, Florene S             eng
George Perkins Marsh : prophet of conservation                       Lowenthal, David, 1923-          eng
George Soros on globalization                                        Soros, George                    eng
Georgi Dimitrov : a biography                                        Stankova, Marietta               eng
Georgia                                                              World Trade Press                eng
Georgia                                                              World Trade Press                eng
Georgia : money & banking                                                                             eng
Georgia odyssey                                                                                       1947-
                                                                     Cobb, James C. (James Charles), eng
Georgia women : their lives and times. Volume 1                                                       eng
Georgics                                                             Virgil                           eng
Geotechnical baseline reports for construction suggested guidelines                                   eng
Geotechnical testing, observation, and documentation                 Davis, Tim, 1954-                eng
German idealism : the struggle against subjectivism, 1781-1801Beiser, Frederick C., 1949-             eng
                                                                     Jensz, Felicity                  eng
German Moravian missionaries in the British colony of Victoria, Australia, 1848-1908 : influential strangers
                                                                     Gillerman, Sharon, 1960-
Germans into Jews : remaking the Jewish social body in the Weimar Republic                            eng
German-speaking exiles in Ireland 1933-1945                                                           eng
                                                                     Limerick Conference in Irish-German Studies (7th : 2004)
Germany                                                              World Trade Press                eng
Germany                                                              World Trade Press                eng
Germany : money & banking                                                                             eng
Germany : unraveling an enigma                                       Nees, Greg                       eng
Germany on the road to normalcy : policies and politics of the Red-Green Federal government (1998-2002)
Gerontology : perspectives and issues                                                                 eng
Gestión del talento humano y el conocimiento                         Cuesta Santos, Armando           spa
                                                                     Hayes, Steven C
Get out of your mind & into your life : the new acceptance & commitment therapy                       eng
                                                                     Rudy, Lisa Jo                    eng
Get out, explore, and have fun! : how families of children with autism or Asperger syndrome can get the most out of community activ
Get set and grow : a handbook for medical representatives            Mehrotra, Vivek                  eng
Get the best from a career break : how to make the most of your time away from the office             eng
Get to grips with budgets : how to take the stress out of working with numbers                        eng
Getting a grip : clarity, creativity, and courage in a world gone madLappé, Frances Moore             eng
                                                                     Nieuwenhuyze, Inge van           eng
Getting by in Europe's urban labor markets : Senegambian migrants' strategies for survival, documentation and mobility
                                                                     Sophastienphong, Kiatchai
Getting finance in South Asia 2009 : indicators and analysis of the commercial banking sector         eng
                                                                     Sophastienphong, Kiatchai
Getting finance in South Asia 2010 : indicators and analysis of the commercial banking sector         eng
Getting heard : (re)claiming performance space in Kenya                                               eng
                                                                     Flood, Robert P
Getting shut out of the international capital markets : it doesn't take much                          eng
                                                                     Hiitola, Bethany                 eng
Getting started with Audacity 1.3 : create your own podcasts, edit music, and more with this open source audio editor
Getting started with Game Maker                                      Ford, Jerry Lee                  eng
                                                                     Buelow, track                     build
Getting started with Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 : a hands-on tutorial : fast Heidi your SOA adoption :eng a service-oriented compos
Getting the goods : ports, labor, and the logistics revolution       Bonacich, Edna                   eng
Getting things done when you are not in charge                       Bellman, Geoffrey M., 1938-      eng
Getting to scale : growing your business without selling out         Bamburg, Jill, 1951-             eng
                                                                     Kearney, school refusal
Getting your child to say yes to school : a guide for parents of youth with Christopher A behavior eng

                                                 Page 96

Ghana                                                                 World Trade Press                   eng
Ghana                                                                 World Trade Press                   eng
Ghana : communications                                                                                    eng
Ghost light : an introductory handbook for dramaturgy                 Chemers, Michael M                  eng
Ghostly matters : haunting and the sociological imagination           Gordon, Avery                       eng
GI Jews : how World War II changed a generation                       Moore, Deborah Dash, 1946-          eng
Giambattista Vico : keys to the New science : translations, commentaries, and essays                      eng
Giant : George Stevens, a life on film                                Moss, Marilyn Ann                   eng
                                                                      Rippelmeyer, and 1953-
Giant City State Park and the Civilian Conservation Corps : a history in words Kay,pictures               eng
Gifts from the mountain : simple truths for life's complexities       McDargh, Eileen                     eng
Gilbert & Gubar's The madwoman in the attic after thirty years                                            eng
Gilles Deleuze : key concepts                                                                             eng
Gilles Deleuze's ABCs : the folds of friendship                       Stivale, Charles J                  eng
Giorgio Agamben : a critical introduction                             De la Durantaye, Leland             eng
Girl zines : making media, doing feminism                             Piepmeier, Alison                   eng
                                                                      : sexual identity, the cyberbubble, eng
Girls on the edge : the four factors driving the new crisis for girls Sax, Leonard                        obsessions, environmental toxins
GIS tools for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems               Shamsi, U. M. (Uzair M.)            eng
Give me eighty men : women and the myth of the Fetterman Fight        Smith, Shannon D., 1958-            eng
Given world and time : temporalities in context                                                           eng
Giving circles : philanthropy, voluntary association, and democracy   Eikenberry, Angela M                eng
Giving students effective written feedback                            Burke, Deirdre                      eng
                                                                      Paisley, Fiona
Glamour in the Pacific : cultural internationalism and race politics in the women's Pan-Pacific           eng
                                                                      Kou, application server
GlassFish administration : administer and configure the GlassFish v2 Xuekun                               eng
                                                                      Kalali, Masoud                      eng
GlassFish security : secure your GlassFish installation, web applications, EJB applications, application client module, and web servi
Glenway Wescott personally : a biography                              Rosco, Jerry                        eng
Glimpses of creatures in their physical worlds                        Vogel, Steven, 1940-                eng
Glimpses of emerging trends in trade and development                                                      eng
                                                                       insurance through pension reformeng
Global aging and declining world interest rates : macroeconomicCatalán, Mario, 1972-                       in Cyprus
Global and transnational engagements                                                                      eng
Global built environment as a representation of realities : why and how architecture should be the subject of worldwide comparison
Global Catholicism : diversity and change since Vatican II            Linden, Ian                         eng
Global Christianity : contested claims                                                                    eng
Global citizenship and environmental justice                                                              eng
Global civilization : challenges to society and to Christianity       Boff, Leonardo                      eng
Global crisis reporting : journalism in the global age                Cottle, Simon                       eng
                                                                      Ninkovich, Frank A., 1944-
Global dawn : the cultural foundation of American internationalism, 1865-1890                             eng
Global derivative debacles : from theory to malpractice               Jacque, Laurent L                   eng
Global development finance : charting a global recovery. Volume 2, Summary and country tables eng
Global development finance : external debt of developing countries                                        eng
Global development finance : the globalization of corporate finance in developing countries. Volume 1, Review, analysis, and outloo
Global development of organic agriculture : challenges and prospects                                      eng
Global ecological politics                                                                                eng
Global energy governance in a multipolar world                        Lesage, Dries                       eng
Global Faulkner : Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2006                                                        eng
                                                                      Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference (33rd : 2006 : University
Global fissures : postcolonial fusions                                                                    eng
                                                                      Bangstad, Sindre                    eng
Global flows, local appropriations : facets of secularisation and re-Islamization among contemporary cape Muslims
Global forest resources : geographical approach                       Chauhan, R. N                       eng
Global fragments : (dis)orientation in the new world order                                                eng
Global gender issues in the new millennium                            Peterson, V. Spike                  eng
Global governance and the UN : an unfinished journey                  Weiss, Thomas George                eng
Global imbalances : the role of emerging Asia                         Cova, Pietro                        eng
                                                                      Cova, Pietro
Global imbalances : the role of non-tradable total factor productivity in advanced economies              eng
Global imbalances and petrodollars                                    Arezki, Rabah                       eng
Global Indian diasporas : exploring trajectories of migration and theory                                  eng
Global liquidity, risk premiums and growth opportunities              De Nicoló, Gianni                   eng
Global literacy challenges                                            Bandyopadhyay, Bimal Kumar          eng

                                                    Page 97

Global market conditions and systemic risk                        González-Hermosillo, Brenda        eng
Global marketing and consumer decision making                     Jobanputra, Kuldeep H              eng
                                                                  Sherlekar, S. A
Global marketing management : (under value-based integrated customerised approach)                   eng
Global medium, local laws : regulating cross-border cyberhate Vanacker, Bastiaan                     eng
Global monitoring report 2008 : MDGs and the environment : agenda for inclusive and sustainable eng  development
Global ordering : institutions and autonomy in a changing world                                      eng
Global perspective on disability                                  Shekhar, Ravi                      eng
Global perspective on tropical cyclones : from science to mitigation                                 eng
Global perspectives on war, gender and health : the sociology and anthropology of suffering          eng
Global pollution and environmental monitoring                     Jadhav, H. V                       eng
Global relative poverty                                           Nielsen, Lynge                     eng
Global religions : an introduction                                                                   eng
Global Salafism : Islam's new religious movement                                                     eng
                                                                  National Academy of Sciences (U.S.). Committee on Strengthening
Global security engagement : a new model for cooperative threat reduction                            eng
Global sex                                                        Altman, Dennis, 1943-              eng
Global tuberculosis control : WHO report 2010                                                        eng
Global warning and preventive measures                            Goyal, Arvind                      eng
Globalisation : a systematic Marxian account                      Smith, Tony, 1951-                 eng
                                                                  Moore, Phoebe V                    eng
Globalisation and labour struggle in Asia : a neo-Gramscian critique of South Korea's political economy
Globalisation poverty and culture                                 Agrawal, Usha                      eng
                                                                  Hatziprokopiou, Panos Arion
Globalisation, migration and socio-economic change in contemporary Greece : processes of socialeng   incorporation of Balkan immigra
Globalisation, privatisation and market economy                   Sharma, Yogesh Kumar               eng
Globalization & Indian society                                    Agrawal, Anil                      eng
Globalization : the key concepts                                  Eriksen, Thomas Hylland            eng
Globalization and changes in China's governance                   Yu, Keping                         eng
Globalization and health                                                                             eng
                                                                   and challenge
Globalization and international social work : postmodern changePayne, Malcolm, 1947-                 eng
Globalization and international trade policies                                                       1927-
                                                                  Stern, Robert M. (Robert Mitchell),eng
Globalization and postcolonialism : hegemony and resistance in the twenty-first century              eng
Globalization and the circumpolar North                                                              eng
Globalization, changing demographics, and educational challenges in East Asia                        eng
Globalizations and social movements : culture, power, and the transnational public sphere            eng
                                                                   in the emerging world
Globalizing in hard times : the politics of banking-sector openingMartinez-Diaz, Leonardo, 1976- eng
Go big : lead your church to explosive growth                     Easum, William M., 1939-           eng
Go freelance : how to succeed at being your own boss                                                 eng
Go team! : take your team to the next level                       Blanchard, Kenneth H               eng
                                                                  Crowe, Christopher
Goal-independent central banks : why politicians decide to delegate                                  eng
God and country : America in red and blue                         Kennedy, Sheila Suess              eng
God and Mammon : Protestants, money, and the market, 1790-1860                                       eng
God and time : essays on the divine nature                                                           eng
God forbid : Religion and sex in American public life                                                eng
God in early Christian thought : essays in memory of Lloyd G. Patterson                              eng
God in postliberal perspective : between realism and non-realism  Cathey, Robert Andrew, 1956-       eng
God is red : a native view of religion                            Deloria, Vine                      eng
                                                                  Power, Natsu
God of comics : Osamu Tezuka and the creation of post-World War II manga Onoda                       eng
Goddess as nature : towards a philosophical thealogy              Reid-Bowen, Paul, 1966-            eng
Goddesses who rule                                                                                   eng
                                                                  Buechner, Jeff
Gödel, Putnam, and functionalism : a new reading of 'representation and reality'                     eng
Gods & monsters : a queer film classic                            Tsika, Noah, 1983-                 eng
Gods and mortals : modern poems on classical myths                                                   eng
                                                                  Killinger, John
God's people at prayer : a year of prayers and responses for worship                                 eng
Gog and Magog in early Syriac and Islamic sources : Sallam's quest for Alexander's wall              eng
                                                                  Fuller, Ellen American
Going global : culture, gender, and authority in the Japanese subsidiary of anV., 1956- corporation  eng
Going global : managing the HR function across countries and cultures Cat                            eng
Going lean : busting barriers to patient flow                     Smith, Amy C., 1964-               eng
Going on being : life at the crossroads of Buddhism and psychotherapy Mark, 1953-                    eng

                                                  Page 98

Going organic : mobilizing networks for environmentally responsible food production                 eng
Going pro with Cubase 5                                             Pacey, Steve                    eng
Going pro with Logic Pro 9                                          Asher, Jay                      eng
Going pro with Pro Tools 8                                          Altin, Mark I                   eng
Going to extremes : how like minds unite and divide                 Sunstein, Cass R                eng
                                                                    May, Kirse Granat
Golden state, golden youth : the California image in popular culture, 1955-1966                     eng
Good : an introduction to ethics in graphic design                  Roberts, Lucienne               eng
Good and evil : Quaker perspectives                                                                 eng
Good feelings : psychoanalytic reflections on positive emotions and attitudes                       eng
                                                                    Hare, on the Northwest Coast
Good intentions gone awry : Emma Crosby and the Methodist mission Jan, 1965-                        eng
                                                                    Brown, Frank Burch, 1948-
Good taste, bad taste, & Christian taste : aesthetics in religious life                             eng
                                                                    Schoenherr, Richard
Goodbye father : the celibate male priesthood and the future of the Catholic Church A               eng
                                                                    Hagan, Edward A
Goodbye Yeats and O'Neill : farce in contemporary Irish and Irish-American narratives               eng
                                                                    Papas, Al
Gophers illustrated : the incredible complete history of Minnesota football                         eng
Gordon Matta-Clark : art, architecture and the attack on modernism  Walker, Stephen, 1966-          eng
Gossip and the everyday production of politics                      Besnier, Niko                   eng
                                                                    Pietilä, Tuulikki, 1917-
Gossip, markets, and gender : how dialogue constructs moral value in post-socialist Kilimanjaro eng
Gothic passages : racial ambiguity and the American gothic          Edwards, Justin D., 1970-       eng
                                                                    Lee, A.
Gothic to multicultural : idioms of imagining in American literary fiction Robert, 1941-            eng
Governance and development : towards quality leadership in Kenya                                    eng
Governance and fund management in the Chinese pension system        Impavido, Gregorio              eng
Governance of technical education in India : key issues, principles, and case studies               eng
Governance practices at financial regulatory and supervisory agencies Steven                        eng
Governing and managing knowledge in Asia                                                            eng
Governing finance : East Asia's adoption of international standards Walter, Andrew, 1961-           eng
Governing global electronic networks : international perspectives on policy and power               eng
Governing health systems in Africa                                                                  eng
                                                                    Tsang, Steve Yui-Sang, 1959-    eng
Governing Hong Kong : administrative officers from the nineteenth century to the handover to China, 1862-1997
Governing mandatory health insurance : learning from experience                                     eng
Governing regional development policy : the use of performance indicators                           eng
                                                                    Mitchell, rule
Governing societies : political perspectives on domestic and internationalDean, 1955-               eng
                                                                    Román, Rico, 1898-1956
Governing spirits : religion, miracles, and spectacles in Cuba and Puerto Reinaldo L., 1970-        eng
                                                                    Mullin, Megan, 1973-
Governing the tap : special district governance and the new local politics of water                 eng
Governing with judges : constitutional politics in Europe           Stone Sweet, Alec               eng
Government debt and long-term interest rates                        Kinoshita, Noriaki              eng
Government debt in emerging market countries : a new data setJeanne, Olivier                        eng
Government failure : a primer in public choice                      Tullock, Gordon                 eng
Gower handbook of leadership and management development                                             eng
Grace Jantzen : redeeming the present                                                               eng
                                                                     for faster Java
Grails 1.1 web application development : reclaiming productivity Dickinson, Jon web development eng
Gramática de las inscripciones de la Argólide                       Nieto Izquierdo, Enrique        spa
Grammar lessons : translating a life in Spain                       Morano, Michele                 eng
Grammars in contact : a cross-linguistic typology                                                   eng
                                                                    Ruberto, Laura
Gramsci, migration, and the representation of women's work in Italy and the U.SE                    eng
Grand excursions on the upper Mississippi River : places, landscapes, and regional identity after 1854
Granddaughter of the sun : a study of Euripides' Medea              Luschnig, C. A. E               eng
                                                                    Mongardini, Joannes, 1970-
Grants, remittances, and the equilibrium real exchange rate in Sub-Saharan African countries        eng
Grapes                                                              Creasy, G. L. (Glen L.)         eng
Graph algorithms and applications 2                                                                 eng
Graph algorithms and applications 3                                                                 eng
Graph algorithms and applications I                                                                 eng
Graph design for the eye and mind                                   Kosslyn, Stephen Michael, 1948- eng
Graphic design theory : readings from the field                                                     eng
                                                                      Bantu migrations to           eng
Grasp the shield firmly, the journey is hard : a history of Luo andZedekia Oloo, Siso North Mara, (Tanzania) 1850-1950
Grasping reality : an interpretation-realistic epistemology         Lenk, Hans                      eng
Grasses of a thousand colors                                        Shawn, Wallace                  eng

                                                 Page 99

Grassroots political reform in contemporary China                                                    eng
Gravity sanitary sewer design and construction                                                       eng
Gravity's shadow : the search for gravitational waves             Collins, H. M. (Harry M.), 1943- eng
Grazer philosophische Studien : Vol. 73                                                              eng
Grazer philosophische Studien : Vol. 76                                                              eng
Grazer philosophische Studien : Vol. 78                                                              eng
Great expectations                                                Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870        eng
Great solid state physicists of the 20th century                                                     eng
Great works on urban water resources (1962-2001), from the American Society of Civil Engineers, eng Water Resources Resear
Greece                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Greece                                                            World Trade Press                  eng
Greece : money & banking                                                                             eng
                                                                  Kassimeris, Christos
Greece and the American embrace : Greek foreign policy towards Turkey, the US and the Westerneng      alliance
Greece and the English : British diplomacy and the kings of GreeceDimitrakis, Panagiotis             eng
Greek historical inscriptions, 404-323 BC                                                            eng
Greek philosophers as theologians : the divine arche              Drozdek, Adam                      eng
Greek religion and culture, the Bible, and the ancient Near East Bremmer, Jan N                      eng
                                                                  Schuddeboom, Feyo                  by
Greek religious terminology : telete & orgia : a revised and expanded English edition of the studies engZijderveld and Van der Burg
                                                                  Weibust, Inger
Green leviathan : the case for a federal role in environmental policy                                eng
Green light : toward an art of evolution                          Gessert, George, 1944-             eng
                                                                  Parham, John
Green man Hopkins : poetry and the Victorian ecological imagination                                  eng
                                                                  Allen, William, 1952-
Green Phoenix : restoring the tropical forests of Guanacaste, Costa Rica                             eng
Green planet blues : four decades of global environmental politics                                   eng
Green sisters : a spiritual ecology                               Taylor, Sarah McFarland, 1968- eng
                                                                  Hild, Matthew                      eng
Greenbackers, Knights of Labor, and populists : farmer-labor insurgency in the late-nineteenth-century South
Greenhouse technology and management                              Manohar, K. Radha                  eng
                                                                  Spafford, George
Greening the data center : opportunities for improving data center energy efficiency                 eng
                                                                  Tomlinson, Bill,
Greening through IT : information technology for environmental sustainability 1972-                  eng
Gringa : a contradictory girlhood                                 Hart, Melissa, 1970-               eng
Grit, noise, and revolution : the birth of Detroit rock 'n' roll  Carson, David, 1949-               eng
                                                                  Guardia, Carlos de la              eng
Grok 1.0 web development : create flexible, agile web applications using the power of Grok : a Python web framework
Groovin' high : the life of Dizzy Gillespie                       Shipton, Alyn                      eng
                                                                  Dearle, Fergal                     eng
Groovy for domain-specific languages : extend and enhance your Java applications with domain specific languages in Groovy
Ground rules for social research : guidelines for good practice Denscombe, Martyn                    eng
Grounded globalism : how the U.S. South embraces the world Peacock, James L                          eng
                                                                  Preston, Christopher J
Grounding knowledge : environmental philosophy, epistemology, and place                              eng
                                                                  Hyman, Marve, 1930-
Groundwater and soil remediation : process design and cost estimating of proven technologies         eng
Groundwater contamination by organic pollutants : analysis and remediation                           eng
                                                                  Clement, Tim
Group homes for people with intellectual disabilities : encouraging inclusion and participation      eng
Group-based modeling of development                               Nagin, Daniel                      eng
Groupthink versus high-quality decision making in International relations Mark, 1962-                eng
Grove Karl Gilbert : a great engine of research                   Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-            eng
                                                                  Finlay, Mark R
Growing American rubber : strategic plants and the politics of national security                     eng
Growing and knowing : a selection guide for children's literature Trim, Mary                         eng
                                                                   and ranchers across the
Growing good things to eat in Texas : profiles of organic farmersWalker, Pamela, 1949- state         eng
                                                                  Japtok, Martin
Growing up ethnic : nationalism and the Bildungsroman in African American and Jewish American fictioneng
Growing up in America : the power of race in the lives of teens Christerson, Brad                    eng
Growing up true : lessons from a Western boyhood                  Barnes, Craig S                    eng
                                                                  Fisherkeller, JoEllen, 1952-
Growing up with television : everyday learning among young adolescents                               eng
Growing up with the town : family & community on the Great Plains Schwieder, Dorothy, 1933-          eng
Growth and productivity in Papua New Guinea                       Faal, Ebrima                       eng
                                                                  Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
Growth and reforms in Latin America : a survey of facts and arguments                                eng
Growth management in Florida : planning for paradise                                                 eng
Growth, trade & systemic leadership                               Reuveny, Rafael                    eng
Guam                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Guam                                                              World Trade Press                  eng

                                                 Page 100

Guam : communications                                                                                  eng
Guanxi and business                                                Luo, Yadong                         eng
Guardian of the sea : Jizo in Hawai`i                              Clark, John R. K., 1946-            eng
                                                                   Haines-Eitzen, Kim
Guardians of letters : literacy, power, and the transmitters of early Christian literature             eng
Guardians of the revolution : Iran and the world in the age of theTakeyh, Ray, 1966-                   eng
Guarding the border : the military memoirs of Ward Schrantz, 1912-1917 Ward L                          eng
                                                                   Goutor, David, 1969-
Guarding the gates : the Canadian labour movement and immigration, 1872-1934                           eng
Guatemala                                                          World Trade Press                   eng
Guatemala                                                          World Trade Press                   eng
Guatemala : money & banking                                                                            eng
Guía laboral 2010                                                  Sabogal Bernal, Edinson             spa
                                                                     a mercancías peligrosas
Guía para entender el ADR : cuestionario de preguntas relativasFernández García, Ricardo               spa
Guidance for establishing crisis standards of care for use in disaster situations : a letter report    eng
Guide to hiring and retaining great civil engineers                                                    eng
Guide to the use of the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-02          Mehta, Kishor C                     eng
Guide to the use of the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-98          Mehta, Kishor C                     eng
Guide to wine tasting and technology                               Sharma, V. K                        eng
Guideline for condition assessment of the building envelope                                            eng
Guideline for monitoring stormwater gross solids                                                       eng
                                                                   Environmental and Water Resources Institute (U.S.). Gross Solids
Guideline for structural condition assessment of existing buildingsAmerican Society of Civil Engineers eng
Guidelines for antithrombotic therapy                              Hirsh, Jack, 1935-                  eng
Guidelines for cloud seeding to augment precipitation completed by ... subcommittee editors, Conrad G. Keyes, Jr., ... [et al.]
Guidelines for electrical transmission line structural loading                                         eng
Guidelines for quality assurance of installed fine-pore aeration equipment                             eng
Guidelines for roving security inspections in public venues using explosives detection dogs            eng
Guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis : emergency update 2008      eng
Guidelines for the systematic treatment of the depressed patientBeutler, Larry E                       eng
Guidelines for use of glass in buildings                                                               eng
Guidelines of environmental pollution & control                    Satarkar, Archana                   eng
Guiding principles for the nation's critical infrastructure                                            eng
Guilty creatures : Renaissance poetry and the ethics of authorship Kezar, Dennis, 1968-                eng
Guinea                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Guinea                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Guinea : money & banking                                                                               eng
Guinea-Bissau                                                      World Trade Press                   eng
Guinea-Bissau                                                      World Trade Press                   eng
Guines-Bissau : communications                                                                         eng
                                                                   Sircar, calling from a bunker in theeng
Guns and a butterfly : 'the Black Cats' strike : 'Operation Ashwamedh' : Kaushik                        tiger's den
Gustav Stresemann : Weimar's greatest statesman                    Wright, Jonathan, 1941-             eng
Gut reactions : a perceptual theory of emotion                     Prinz, Jesse J                      eng
Guten tag, y'all : globalization and the South Carolina Piedmont,Maunula, Marko, 1966-                 eng
Guts and brains : an integrative approach to the hominin record                                        eng
Guyana                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Guyana                                                             World Trade Press                   eng
Guyana : money & banking                                                                               eng
Guyana diaries : women's lives across difference                   Nettles, Kimberly D                 eng
Gypsy jazz : in search of Django Reinhardt and the soul of gypsy swing Michael, 1961-                  eng
Gypsy scholars, migrant teachers and the global academic proletariat : adjunct labour in higher education
                                                                   Gliboff, Sander                     eng
H.G. Bronn, Ernst Haeckel, and the origins of German Darwinism : a study in translation and transformation
Ha`ena : through the eyes of the ancestors                         Andrade, Carlos, 1944-              eng
                                                                   Muñoz, Sònia, 1970-
Habit formation and persistence in individual assest portfolio holdings : the case of Italy            eng
Habits of the heartland : small-town life in modern America        Macgregor, Lyn Christine, 1973- eng
Hacienda pública : las finanzas del estado                         Ortega Cárdenas, Alfonso            spa
                                                                     situations encountered by users of the Vim editor
Hacking Vim 7.2 : ready-to-use hacks with solutions for commonSchulz, Kim                              eng
                                                                   HUGS at CEBAF (14th : 1999
Hadronic structure : 14th Annual HUGS at CEBAF, Newport News, Virginia, 1-18 June 1999 : Hampton, Va.) eng
Haemodynamic monitoring and manipulation : an easy learning guide Fiona                                eng

                                                 Page 101

Hafiz and the religion of love in classical Persian poetry                                            eng
Haftarot : the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation                                   eng
Haifa : transformation of a Palestinian Arab society, 1918-1939 Seikaly, May                          eng
Haiti                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Haiti                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Haiti                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Hakuin's Precious mirror cave : a Zen miscellany                   Hakuin, 1686-1769                  eng
                                                                   Shemesh, Aharon
Halakhah in the making : the development of Jewish law from Qumran to the rabbis                      eng
Hallmark : a judge's life at Oxford                                Popplewell, Oliver                 eng
Hamas in politics : democracy, religion, violence                  Gunning, Jeroen                    eng
Hamburger Valley, California                                       McGimpsey, David, 1962-            eng
Hamiltonian dynamics                                               Vilasi, Gaetano                    eng
Hamlet                                                             Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 eng
Hamlin Garland : a life                                            Newlin, Keith                      eng
                                                                   Thompson, George J                 eng
Hammett's moral vision : the most influential full-length investigation of Dashiell Hammett's novels Red harvest, The Dain curse, Th
Handbook for designing cement plants                               Deolalkar, S. P                    eng
Handbook for health care ethics committees                         Post, Linda Farber                 eng
Handbook of avian hybrids of the world                             McCarthy, Eugene M                 eng
Handbook of biofertilizers and biopesticides                                                          eng
Handbook of childhood death and bereavement                                                           eng
Handbook of clinical pediatrics : an update for the ambulatory pediatrician                           eng
Handbook of clinical skills                                        Dacre, Jane                        eng
Handbook of composite organic farming                                                                 eng
Handbook of concrete bridge management                             Branco, Fernando A                 eng
Handbook of disaster management : techniques and guidelines Singh, B. K                               eng
Handbook of edible fruits                                          De, L. C                           eng
Handbook of electrogastrography                                    Koch, Kenneth L                    eng
Handbook of general animal nutrition                               Chahal, Udeybir Singh              eng
Handbook of mobile communication studies                                                              eng
Handbook of multiple choice questions for MBA : Volume 1                                              eng
Handbook of multiple choice questions for MBA : Volume 2                                              eng
Handbook of multiple choice questions for MCA : Volume 1                                              eng
Handbook of multiple choice questions for MCA : Volume 2                                              eng
Handbook of narratology                                                                               eng
Handbook of New Age                                                                                   eng
Handbook of organic farming and bio-fertilizers                                                       eng
Handbook of psychiatry in palliative medicine                                                         eng
Handbook of residual stress and deformation of steel                                                  eng
Handbook of social work in health and aging                                                           eng
Handbook of systemic drug treatment in dermatology                 Wakelin, S. H. (Sarah H.)          eng
Handbook of textiles                                               Barker, A. F                       eng
                                                                   Bandyopadhyay, Surendranath eng
Handbook of verbal reasoning : [useful for U.P.S.C., I.A.S., N.D.A., C.D.S., B.C.S. & other major competitive exams]
Handling, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables                                         eng
Handook [sic] of media and communication                           Gaur, Sanjay                       eng
Hands-on training : a simple and effective method for on-the-jobSisson, Gary R                        eng
Hanging by a thread : cotton, globalization, and poverty in Africa                                    eng
Hannah Arendt, totalitarianism, and the social sciences            Baehr, Peter                       eng
Hannibal's war. Books twenty-one to thirty                         Livy                               eng
Haphazard reality : half a century of science                                                         eng
                                                                   Casimir, H. B. G. (Hendrik Brugt Gerhard), 1909-2000
Happiness : a revolution in economics                              Frey, Bruno S                      eng
Happiness : essential mindfulness practices                        Nh´ât Hanh, Thích                  eng
                                                                   Frey, Bruno S
Happiness and economics : how the economy and institutions affect well-being                          eng
Harbingers of hope : claiming God's promises in today's world Hull, William E                         eng
Hard-boiled : working class readers and pulp magazines             Smith, Erin A. (Erin Ann), 1970- eng
                                                                   Khalifa, Nouha                     eng
Hardship and deliverance in the Islamic tradition : theology and spirituality in the works of Al-Tanukhi
Hare                                                               Carnell, Simon                     eng

                                                  Page 102

                                                                    Johnston, Tim
Harmattan, a wind of change : life and letters from Northern Nigeria at the end of empire               eng
                                                                    Finkelstein, Andrea, 1949-
Harmony and the balance : an intellectual history of seventeenth-century English economic thought       eng
Harmony for computer musicians                                      Hewitt, Michael                     eng
Harm's way : tragic responsibility and the novel form               Macpherson, Sandra, 1964-           eng
Harnessing the Technicolor rainbow : color design in the 1930s Higgins, Scott, 1968-                    eng
                                                                    international 1960-
Harold Laski : problems of democracy, the sovereign state, and Lamb, Peter,society                      eng
                                                                    Pine, Melissa, 1977-
Harold Wilson and Europe : pursuing Britain's membership of the European Community                      eng
Harriet Martineau, Victorian imperialism, and the civilizing missionLogan, Deborah Anna, 1951-          eng
Harrison's neurology in clinical medicine                                                               eng
Harry Huntt Ransom : intellect in motion                            Gribben, Alan                       eng
Harry Markowitz : selected works                                    Markowitz, H. (Harry), 1927-        eng
Hart Crane : after his lights                                       Reed, Brian, 1971-                  eng
Hart Wood : architectural regionalism in Hawaii                     Hibbard, Don                        eng
Harvard A to Z                                                      Bethell, John T                     eng
                                                                     of asset and income inequality in the long twentieth century
Has Latin America always been unequal? : a comparative study Frankema, Ewout                            eng
Hatchings                                                           Eppel, John, 1947-                  eng
Hate crimes : criminal law & identity politics                      Jacobs, James B                     eng
                                                                    Hayashi, Robert Terry, 1963-
Haunted by waters : a journey through race and place in the American West                               eng
Havana and the Atlantic in the sixteenth century                    Fuente, Alejandro de la, 1963-      eng
Hawai`i at the crossroads of the U.S. and Japan before the Pacific War                                  eng
Hawai`i becalmed : economic lessons of the 1990s                    Grandy, Christopher, 1956-          eng
Hawai'i place names : shores, beaches, and surf sites               Clark, John R. K., 1946-            eng
Hawaiian birds of the sea : na manu kai                             Shallenberger, Robert J             eng
Hawthorne in his own time : a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends,
Hawthorne, Twain, Crane, London                                                                         eng
Hayek's challenge : an intellectual biography of F.A. Hayek         Caldwell, Bruce, 1952-              eng
                                                                    Ben-Dov, Jonathan
Head of all years : astronomy and calendars at Qumran in their ancient context                          eng
Headache in children and adolescents                                Winner, Paul, DO                    eng
Headache medicine : questions and answers                           Jamieson, Dara G                    eng
                                                                    Arnold, Denise Y
Heads of state : icons, power, and politics in the ancient and modern Andes                             eng
Healing at the borderland of medicine and religion                  Cohen, Michael H                    eng
Healing bodies, saving souls : medical missions in Asia and Africa                                      eng
Healing Henan : Canadian nurses at the North China Mission, 1888-1947Sonya Joy, 1965-                   eng
                                                                    Smith-Nonini, civil war             eng
Healing the body politic : El Salvador's popular struggle for health rights - from Sandra Cto neoliberal peace
Healing together : the labor-management partnership at Kaiser Permanente                                eng
                                                                    Gangadharan, K
Health and living environment in urban slum : (a micro level analysis)                                  eng
                                                                     United Julie K
Health and medicine on display : international expositions in the Brown, States, 1876-1904              eng
Health and safety : a workbook for social care workers              Collins, Suzan                      eng
Health and social care : establishing a joint future?               Petch, Alison, 1950-                eng
Health care : a complete course                                     James, Raymond                      eng
                                                                    Almgren, Gunnar Robert, 1951- eng
Health care politics, policy, and services : a social justice analysis
Health care turning point : why single payer won't work             Battistella, Roger M                eng
Health education : Volume 107, Number 6, Thinking positive : the importance of resilience and listening to children and young peop
Health education : Volume 108, Number 1, Sex and relationship education : bridging the gap between research and practice
Health financing in Indonesia : a reform road map                                                       eng
                                                                    Northrop, Dorothy
Health insurance resources : a guide for people with chronic disease and disability E., 1942-           eng
Health professionals style manual                                   Fondiller, Shirley H                eng
Health promotion in communities : holistic and wellness approaches                                      eng
Health psychology : a textbook                                      Ogden, Jane, 1966-                  eng
Health research methodology : a guide for training in research methods                                  eng
Health situation in the South-East Asia region, 2001-2007                                               eng
                                                                    Garrido, M. status, challenges andeng
Health technology assessment and health policy-making in Europe : current V                              potential
                                                                    HealthGrid 2010
HealthGrid applications and core technologies : proceedings of HealthGrid 2010 (2010 : Orsay, France)   eng
Healthy competition : what's holding back health care and how to free it Michael F                      eng
Healthy dependency : leaning on others without losing yourself Bornstein, Robert F                      eng
Healthy development : the World Bank strategy for health, nutrition, & population results               eng

                                                   Page 103

                                                                   Dreher, Melanie Creagan
Healthy places, healthy people : a handbook for culturally competent community nursing practice eng
Heart of creation : the Mesoamerican world and the legacy of Linda Schele                            eng
                                                                   Robertson, Stacey M
Hearts beating for liberty : women abolitionists in the old Northwest                                eng
Hearts of wisdom : American women caring for kin, 1850-1940 Abel, Emily K                            eng
Heartwood : the first generation of Theravada Buddhism in America  Cadge, Wendy                      eng
Heat and thermodynamics                                            Brewster, Hilary D                eng
Heat treating : advances in surface engineering : an international symposium in honor of Professoreng Bell and Professor Jerome
                                                                   international symposium in honor of professors Bozidar (21st and H
Heat treating : including quenching and control of distortion : an ASM Heat Treating Society. Conference and ExpositionLiscic : 200
Heat treating : including steel heat treating in the new millennium : an international symposium in honor of Professor George Krauss
                                                                   ASM Heat Treating Society. 2005, David L. Exposition (23rd : 200
Heat treating : proceedings of the 23rd Heat Treating Society Conference, September 25-28,Conference andLawrence Convention
                                                                   ASM Heat Treating Society. Conference COBO Center, Detroit, Mic
Heat treating : proceedings of the 24th ASM Heat Treating Society Conference, September 17-19, eng and Exposition (24th : 200
                                                                    Heat Treating Society Conferenceeng the 2nd International Surfac
Heat treating and surface engineering : proceedings of the 22ndASM Heat Treating Society. Conference and Exposition (22nd : Ind
Heat treatment of gears : a practical guide for engineers          Rakhit, A. K                      eng
Heaven below : early Pentecostals and American culture             Wacker, Grant, 1945-              eng
Heaven forbid : an international legal analysis of religious discriminationAnne-Marie Mooney         eng
Heaven on earth : the rise and fall of socialism                   Muravchik, Joshua                 eng
Heavenly errors : misconceptions about the real nature of the universe Neil F., 1951-                eng
Heavy metal music in Britain                                                                         eng
                                                                   Madar, Daniel, 1941-
Heavy traffic : deregulation, trade, and transformation in North American trucking                   eng
Hecke's theory of modular forms and Dirichlet series               Berndt, Bruce C., 1939-           eng
Hedge fund alpha : a framework for generating and understanding investment performance               eng
                                                                   Silver, M. S
Hedonic Country product dummy method and quality adjustments for purchasing power parity calculationseng
Hedonizing technologies : paths to pleasure in hobbies and leisure Maines, Rachel, 1950-             eng
Hegel : new directions                                                                               eng
Hegel's dialectical logic                                          Bencivenga, Ermanno, 1950-        eng
Hegemony and culture in the origins of NATO nuclear first-use, 1945-1955Andrew M., 1963-             eng
Heian Japan, centers and peripheries                                                                 eng
Heidegger and the question of psychology : Zollikon and beyondLetteri, Mark                          eng
Heidegger, Habermas and the mobile phone                           Myerson, George, 1957-            eng
                                                                   Pickavé, Martin                   ger
Heinrich von Gent über Metaphysik als erste Wissenschaft : Studien zu einem Metaphysikentwurf aus dem letzten Viertel des 13. J
Helen of Troy : and other poems                                    Tsaloumas, Dimitris, 1921-        eng
Helicobacter pylori in the 21st century                                                              eng
                                                                   Crager, Kelly E., 1968-
Hell under the rising sun : Texan POWs and the building of the Burma-Thailand death railway          eng
                                                                   Makrides, cultures of Geece from eng
Hellenic temples and Christian churches : a concise history of the religiousVasilios, 1961-          antiquity to the present
                                                                    the segregated south
Hello professor : a black principal and professional leadership inWalker, Vanessa Siddle             eng
Hell's islands : the untold story of Guadalcanal                   Jersey, Stanley Coleman, 1921- eng
                                                                   Talan, Kenneth H., 1942-          eng
Help your child or teen get back on track : what parents and professionals can do for childhood emotional and behavioral problems
Help yourself towards mental health                                Young, Courtenay                  eng
                                                                   Plummer, activities
Helping children to cope with change, stress and anxiety : a photocopiable Deborah book              eng
Helping children with autistic spectrum disorders to learn         Pittman, Mary                     eng
                                                                   Myers-Shirk, Susan E., 1958-
Helping the Good Shepherd : pastoral counselors in a psychotherapeutic culture, 1925-1975            eng
Henri Michaux : experimentation with signs                         Parish, Nina                      eng
Henrici de Gandavo Summa (quaestiones ordinariae) : Art. XLVII-LII of Ghent, 1217-1293               lat
Henry Grady's New South : Atlanta, a brave and beautiful city Davis, Harold E., 1927-                eng
Henry James & his prose                                            Roy, P. K                         eng
Henry Kaplan and the story of Hodgkin's disease                    Jacobs, Charlotte                 eng
Hepatitis and liver cancer : a national strategy for prevention and control of hepatitis B and C     eng
Her kind of want                                                   Davis, Jennifer S., 1973-         eng
                                                                   Lillios, Katina T., 1960-
Heraldry for the dead : memory, identity, and the engraved stone plaques of neolithic Iberia         eng
Herbal cures : traditional approach                                                                  eng
Herb-drug interactions in oncology                                 Cassileth, Barrie R               eng
Herbert Spencer and the invention of modern life                   Francis, Mark, 1944-              eng
                                                                   Pabel, Hilmar M., 1964-
Herculean labours : Erasmus and the editing of St. Jerome's letters in the Renaissance               eng
Here be dragons : the scientific quest for extraterrestrial life   Koerner, David                    eng
Here beneath low-flying planes                                     Feitell, Merrill, 1971-           eng
Here erred Einstein                                                Sallhofer, Hans H                 eng

                                                  Page 104

Heredities : poems                                                   Martinez, J. Michael, 1978-       eng
                                                                     Hanegraaff, Wouter Amsterdam eng
Hermes in the academy : ten years' study of western esotericism at the University of J
Hernando de Soto and property in a market economy                                                      eng
Heroes and victims : remembering war in twentieth-century Romania Maria, 1968-                         eng
Heroes and villains : creating national history in contemporary Ukraine David R                        eng
Heroes, hacks, and fools : memoirs from the political inside         Van Dyk, Ted, 1934-               eng
                                                                     Pugh, and seventeenth century royalism
Herrick, Fanshawe and the politics of intertextuality : classical literatureSyrithe                    eng
Herself an author : gender, agency, and writing in late Imperial China Grace S., 1948-                 eng
Hidden carers                                                        Cavaye, Joyce                     eng
                                                                     World Health                       for
Hidden cities : unmasking and overcoming health inequities in urban settings Organization. Centreeng Health Development
                                                                     Pieris, Anoma
Hidden hands and divided landscapes : a penal history of Singapore's plural society                    eng
                                                                     Woodhouse, Barbara                eng
Hidden in plain sight : the tragedy of children's rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate Bennett, 1945-
Hidden mutualities : Faustian themes from gnostic origins to the Mitchell, Michael, Dr                 eng
Hidden power : what you need to know to save our democracy Derber, Charles                             eng
Hidden wisdom : [secrets of the Western esoteric tradition]          Wallace-Murphy, Tim               eng
Hierarchically intelligent machines                                  Saridis, George N., 1931-         eng
Hierarchy in international relations                                 Lake, David A., 1956-             eng
Hierocles the Stoic : Elements of ethics, fragments and excerptsRamelli, Ilaria, 1973-                 eng
Hieroglyphs : a very short introduction                              Wilson, Penelope                  eng
                                                                     Davies, Alex                      eng
High availability MySQL cookbook : over 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes focusing on different methods of achieving high a
High crimes and misdemeanors : the case against Bill Clinton Coulter, Ann H                            eng
High magnetic fields : science and technology. Volume 1, Magnet technology anbd experimental techniqueseng
High magnetic fields : science and technology. Volume 2, Theory and experiments. 1                     eng
High performance leadership                                          Iyengar, G. Vijayaragavan         eng
High voltage engineering                                             Wadhwa, C. L                      eng
                                                                     Mamontov, Yevgeny, applications eng
High-dimensional nonlinear diffusion stochastic processes : modelling for engineering 1955-
Higher education and the new society                                 Keller, George, 1928-2007         eng
Higher education financing in East and Southern Africa                                                 eng
Higher education for women in postwar America, 1945-1965             Eisenmann, Linda, 1952-           eng
Higher education in Africa : crises, reforms, and transformation Assié-Lumumba, N'Dri Thérèse eng
Higher education's strategic response to on-line learning : critical perspectives and creative successes
                                                                      : a guide for Einar P
High-resolution ultrasonography for peripheral nerve diagnosticsWilder-Smith,clinicians involved in engdiagnosis and management of pe
High-speed integrated circuit technology : towards 100 GHz logic                                       eng
High-throughput image reconstruction and analysis                                                      eng
Hijacked justice : dealing with the past in the Balkans              Subotic, Jelena                   eng
                                                                     Kanter, Deborah Ellen
Hijos del pueblo : gender, family, and community in rural Mexico, 1730-1850                            eng
                                                                      y amoroso
Hijos felices y equilibrados : bases para formar un hogar estableAfanador Cabrera, Héctor Francisco    spa
Hilary Putnam                                                        De Gaynesford, Maximilian         eng
Hildegard Peplau : psychiatric nurse of the century                  Callaway, Barbara J               eng
Hill Country landowner's guide                                       Stanley, Jim, 1941-               eng
Himalaya's computer and I.T. competency made easy                    Uchchakule, Ashish                eng
                                                                     history, and mythology
Himiko and Japan's elusive chiefdom of Yamatai : archaeology, Kidder, J. Edward (Jonathan Edward)      eng
                                                                     Patel, action
Hindu women's property rights in rural India : law, labour and culture inReena                         eng
                                                                     Totelin, Laurence M. V            eng
Hippocratic recipes : oral and written transmission of pharmacological knowledge in fifth- and fourth-century Greece
Hired guns : views about armed contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom                                  eng
                                                                     Kaufman, Bruce in
Hired hands or human resources? : case studies of HRM programs and practicesE early American industry  eng
Hiroshima immigrants in Canada, 1891-1941                            Ayukawa, Michiko Midge, 1930- eng
Histoires de la terre : earth sciences and French culture, 1740-1940                                   eng
Historic waters in the law of the sea : a modern re-appraisal        Symmons, Clive Ralph              eng
Historical biogeography : an introduction                            Crisci, Jorge Víctor              eng
Historical dictionary of Cyprus                                      Mirbagheri, Farid                 eng
                                                                     Marsh, Arthur Ivor                eng
Historical directory of trade unions : Volume 6, Including unions in: building and construction, agriculture, fishing, chemicals, wood a
Historical influences on lives & aging                                                                 eng
Historical judgement : the limits of historiographical choice        Gorman, J. L. (Jonathan L.), 1946-eng
Historical romance fiction : heterosexuality and perfomativity       Fletcher, Lisa                    eng
Historicizing Canadian anthropology                                                                    eng

                                                   Page 105

Histories of leisure                                                                                   eng
Histories of sexuality                                             Garton, Stephen                     eng
Histories of southeastern archaeology                                                                  eng
History ahead : stories beyond the Texas roadside markers          Utley, Dan K                        eng
                                                                   Bonfil, Robert
History and folklore in a medieval Jewish chronicle : the family chronicle of A.hima'az ben Paltiel eng
History and ideology : architectural heritage of the lands of rum                                      eng
                                                                   Barr, of a millennium
History and ideology in the Old Testament : biblical studies at the end James, 1924-2006               eng
History and its limits : human, animal, violence                   LaCapra, Dominick, 1939-            eng
History and politics in French-language comics and graphic novels                                      eng
                                                                    great leaders of
History lessons : what business management can learn from theGifford, Jonathanhistory                  eng
                                                                   Ellis, authentic sources in print and manuscript
History of the Battle of Bunker's (Breed's) Hill, on June 17, 1775, fromGeorge Edward, 1814-1894 eng
History of the Civil War in America : Volume 1, Book 3                                                 eng
                                                                   Paris, Louis-Philippe-Albert d'Orléans, comte de, 1838-1894
                                                                   Paris,                              eng
History of the civil war in America : Volume 1, Book 4, The first autumnLouis-Philippe-Albert d'Orléans, comte de, 1838-1894
                                                                   Paris,                              eng
History of the civil war in America : Volume 1,Book 5, The first winter Louis-Philippe-Albert d'Orléans, comte de, 1838-1894
History of the Monastery of Saint Matthew in Mosul                 Yacoub, H. H. Mar Ignatius          eng
History of the Russian Revolution                                  Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940            eng
History of the Syriac Dioceses : Volume 1                                                              eng
                                                                   Ighna.tyus Afram I, Patriarch of Antioch, 1887-1957
History of universities. Vol. XXI/1, 2006                                                              eng
                                                                   Meir-Levi, David
History upside down : the roots of Palestinian fascism and the myth of Israeli aggression              eng
History, literature and theology in the book of Chronicles         Ben Zvi, Ehud, 1951-                eng
History, memory, and the literary left : modern American poetry, Lowney, John, 1957-                   eng
History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn                                             eng
                                                                   Clark, Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Ann), 1938-
History's greatest war                                             Bryant, Terry                       eng
History's locomotives : revolutions and the making of the modern worldMartin E. (Martin Edward) eng
History's memory : writing America's past, 1880-1980                                                   e
                                                                   Fitzpatrick, Ellen F. (Ellen Frances) ng
Hitchcock's romantic irony                                         Allen, Richard, 1959-               eng
Hitler Youth                                                       Kater, Michael H., 1937-            eng
Hitler's heroines : stardom and womanhood in Nazi cinema           Ascheid, Antje, 1964-               eng
Hitler's second book : the unpublished sequel to Mein Kampf Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945                   eng
Hitomaro : poet as god                                             Commons, Anne                       eng
HIV and AIDS in South Asia : an economic development risk                                              eng
HIV and disability : updating the social security listings                                             eng
HIV and the pathogenesis of AIDS                                   Levy, Jay A                         eng
HIV interventions : biomedicine and the traffic between information and flesh Marsha                   eng
                                                                   Institute of Health (U.S.). Committee on HIV Screening and Access
HIV screening and access to care : exploring barriers and facilitators to expanded HIV testing         eng
HIV/AIDS : the impact on poverty and inequality                    Salinas, Gonzalo                    eng
HIV/AIDS and older adults : challenges for individuals, families, and communities                      eng
Hobos, hustlers, and backsliders : homeless in San Francisco Gowan, Teresa                             eng
                                                                   Meeks, Lori Rachelle, 1976-
Hokkeji and the reemergence of female monastic orders in premodern Japan                               mul
                                                                   Pani, Marco
Hold your nose and vote : why do some democracies tolerate corruption?                                 eng
Holding health care accountable : law and the new medical marketplace E. Haavi                         eng
Holistic assertiveness skills for nurses : empower yourself and others Carolyn Chambers                eng
                                                                    of evolution
Holistic Darwinism : synergy, cybernetics, and the bioeconomicsCorning, Peter A., 1935-                eng
Hollywood & God                                                    Polito, Robert, 1951-               eng
                                                                   Porter, Darwin                      eng
Hollywood babylon strikes again! : another overview of exhibitionism, sexuality, and sin as filtered through 85 years of Hollywood sc
Hollywood blockbusters : the anthropology of popular movies Sutton, David E. (David Evan)              eng
Hollywood cartoons : American animation in its golden age          Barrier, J. Michael                 eng
Hollywood catwalk : exploring costume and transformation in American film Tamar Jeffers                eng
Hollywood heroines : women in film noir and the female gothic film Hanson, Helen                       eng
Hollywood reborn : movie stars of the 1970s                                                            eng
Hollywood's road to riches                                         Waterman, David, 1947-              eng
Hollywood's Tennessee : the Williams films and postwar America almer, R. Barton, 1946-                 eng
Holocene hunter-gatherers of the lower Ohio River Valley           Jefferies, Richard W                eng
Holy concord within sacred walls : nuns and music in Siena, 1575-1700 Colleen                          eng
Holy fools in Byzantium and beyond                                                                     1956-
                                                                   Ivanov, S. A. (Sergei Arkadevich), eng
Holy mavericks : evangelical innovators and the spiritual marketplaceShayne                            eng

                                                  Page 106

Holy nations and global identities : civil religion, nationalism, and globalisation                    eng
Holy writ : interpretation in law and religion                                                         eng
                                                                       Black Atlantic tradition
Home away from home : the Caribbean Diasporan Church in theReid-Salmon, Delroy A                       eng
Home bound : growing up with a disability in America                 Irvin, Cass, 1945-                eng
Home health care for children who are technology dependent Fleming, Juanita W                          eng
Home is the hunter : the James Bay Cree and their land               Carlson, Hans M                   eng
Home ownership : getting in, getting from, getting out                                                 eng
Home ownership : getting in, getting from, getting out. Part III                                       eng
Home ownership beyond asset and security : perceptions of housing related security and insecurity in eight European countries
                                                                     Verrest, Hebe                     eng
Home-based economic activities and Caribbean urban livelihoods : vulnerability, ambition and impact in Paramaribo and Port of Spa
Home-grown terrorism : understanding and addressing the root causes of radicalisation among groups with an immigrant heritage in
Homegrown Yankees : Tennessee's Union cavalry in the Civil War       Baggett, James Alex               eng
Homemade esthetics : observations on art and taste                   Greenberg, Clement, 1909-1994 eng
                                                                     Karavites, Peter
Homer and the Bronze age : the reflection of humanistic ideals in diplomatic practices                 eng
Homer, Sophocles                                                                                       eng
Homeric voices : discourse, memory, gender                           Minchin, Elizabeth                eng
Homes in the heartland : balloon frame farmhouses of the upperPeterson, Fred W                         eng
Homicidal insanity, 1800-1985                                        Colaizzi, Janet, 1936-            eng
Homilies on Jeremiah : Homily on 1 Kings 28                          Origen                            eng
Homilies on Joshua                                                   Origen                            eng
Homilies on Judges                                                   Origen                            eng
Homosexuality & civilization                                         Crompton, Louis, 1925-2009        eng
Honduras                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Honduras                                                             World Trade Press                 eng
Honduras : money & banking                                                                             eng
                                                                     Burke, John P.,
Honest broker? : the National Security Advisor and presidential decision making 1953-                  eng
Hong Kong                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Hong Kong                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Hong Kong : a cultural history                                       Ingham, Mike                      eng
Hong Kong : migrant lives, landscapes, and journeys                  Knowles, Caroline, 1954-          eng
Hong Kong : money & banking                                                                            eng
Hong Kong and the Cold War : Anglo-American relations 1949-1957 Chi-Kwan                               eng
                                                                     Leigh, Lamin                      eng
Hong Kong special administrative region : macroeconomic impact of an aging population in a highly open economy
                                                                     Shengyan, 1930-2009
Hoofprint of the ox : principles of the Chan Buddhist path as taught by a modern Chinese Master eng
Hope against hope : philosophies, cultures and politics of possibility and doubt                       eng
                                                                     Hickey, Georgina, 1968-
Hope and danger in the New South city : working-class women and urban development in Atlanta, 1890-1940eng
                                                                     Kirk, Sally
Hope for the Autism spectrum : a mother and son journey of insight and biomedical intervention eng
Hopes and prospects                                                  Chomsky, Noam                     eng
                                                                     Tuchinsky, Adam-Max
Horace Greeley's New-York tribune : Civil War-era socialism and the crisis of free labor               eng
Horizon note                                                         Behn, Robin                       eng
Horizontal auger boring projects                                                                       eng
                                                                     Michigan State University. Center for Underground Infrastructure R
Hormigones conductores multifuncionales                                                                spa
Horror zone : the cultural experience of contemporary horror cinema                                    eng
Horrors of slavery, or, the American tars in Tripoli                 Ray, William, 1771-1827           eng
Horticultural, medicinal and aromatic plants                         Sharma, D. K                      eng
Horton Foote : a literary biography                                  Watson, Charles S., 1931-         eng
Hos, hookers, call girls, and rent boys : professionals writing on life, love, money, and sex          eng
Hospice care for children                                                                              eng
Hospice care for patients with advanced progressive dementia                                           eng
Hospitable God : the transformative dream                            Newlands, G. M., 1941-            eng
Hospitalists : a guide to building and sustaining a successful program Joseph A., 1948-                eng
Hosting the monster                                                                                    eng
Hot and bothered : women, medicine, and menopause in modern America  Houck, Judith A. (Judith Anne)    eng
Hot shots and heavy hits : tales of an undercover drug agent         Doyle, Paul E., 1946-             eng
Hotel accounting : 1                                                 Hallock, Mary                     eng
Hotel accounting : 2                                                 Hallock, Mary                     eng

                                                  Page 107

Hotel marketing                                                     Jha, S. M                         eng
                                                                    Bradley, Andy,
House of hits : the story of Houston's Gold Star/SugarHill Recording Studios 1951-                    eng
House of plenty : the rise, fall, and revival of Luby's Cafeterias Dawson, Carol, 1951-               eng
                                                                    Goodhart, C. A. E.
House prices and the macroeconomy : implications for banking and price stability (Charles Albert eng  Eric)
                                                                    Wesson, Cameron B., 1968-
Households and hegemony : early Creek prestige goods, symbolic capital, and social power              eng
                                                                    Baxstrom, Richard
Houses in motion : the experience of place and the problem of belief in urban Malaysia                eng
Housing finance policy in emerging markets                                                            eng
                                                                    Lux, Martin                       eng
Housing policy and housing finance in the Czech Republic during transition : an example of the schism between the still-living past a
Housing policy matters : a global analysis                          Angel, Shlomo                     eng
Houston lost and unbuilt                                            Strom, Steven                     eng
How Barack Obama is endangering our national sovereignty            Bolton, John R                    eng
                                                                    Basdevant, Olivier                eng
How can Burundi raise its growth rate? : the impact of civil conflicts and state intervention on Burundi's growth performance
How did you get to be Mexican? : a white/brown man's search for identity Kevin R                      eng
How different is the cyclical behavior of home production across Blankenau, William                   eng
How do central banks write on financial stability?                  Cihák, Martin                     eng
How doctors think : clinical judgment and the practice of medicine  Montgomery, Kathryn, 1939-        eng
                                                                    Bosseaux, Charlotte
How does it feel? : point of view in translation : the case of Virginia Woolf into French             eng
                                                                    Elekdag, Selim
How does the global economic environment influence the demand for IMF resources                       eng
How East Asians view democracy                                                                        eng
How effective is fiscal policy response in systemic banking crises? Baldacci, Emanuele                eng
                                                                    Scheuer, Angelika
How Europeans see Europe : structure and dynamics of European legitimacy beliefs                      eng
How Europe's economies learn : coordinating competing models                                          eng
How far is America from here? : selected proceedings of the first World Congress of the International American Studies Association
How fat works                                                       Wood, Philip A. (Philip Allen)    eng
                                                                    Bornhorst, enrollment in
How good are ex ante program evaluation techniques? : the case of schoolFabian, 1976- PROGRESA        eng
                                                                    Ashley, Martin, 1953-
How high should boys sing? : Gender, authenticity and credibility in the young male voice             eng
                                                                    Froug, William
How I escaped from Gilligan's Island : and other misadventures of a Hollywood writer-producer         eng
How insurgencies end                                                Connable, Ben                     eng
How it works : recovering citizens in post-welfare Philadelphia Fairbanks, Robert P., II, 1968-       eng
                                                                    Dunbar, R. I. M. (Robin Ian       eng
How many friends does one person need? : Dunbar's number and other evolutionary quirks MacDonald), 1947-
                                                                    Warnock, Francis E
How might a disorderly resolution of global imbalances affect global wealth?                          eng
                                                                    Bartsch, Ulrich
How much is enough? : Monte Carlo simulations of an oil stabilization fund for Nigeria                eng
How progressives rewrote the Constitution                           Epstein, Richard Allen, 1943-     eng
                                                                    Dunaway, Steven
How robust are estimates of equilibrium real exchange rates : the case of China Vincent               eng
                                                                    Peters, Philip G
How safe is safe enough? : obligations to the children of reproductive technology                     eng
How sex changed : a history of transsexuality in the United States  Meyerowitz, Joanne J. (Joanne Jay)eng
How the Arabian nights inspired the American dream, 1790-1935       Nance, Susan                      eng
                                                                     American popular music
How the Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll : an alternative history of Wald, Elijah                      eng
                                                                    Tracy, Brian
How the best leaders lead : proven secrets to getting the most out of yourself and others             eng
                                                                     the impacts matter
How the financial crisis affects pensions and insurance and why Impavido, Gregorio                    eng
How the Indians lost their land : law and power on the frontier Banner, Stuart, 1963-                 eng
How the Obama administration threatens to undermine our elections John H., 1957-                      eng
How the Russians read the French : Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy Priscilla                           eng
How the West was warmed : responding to climate change in the Rockies                                 eng
How to be a green liberal : nature, value and liberal philosophy Hailwood, Simon                      eng
                                                                    Eley, Adrian R
How to be an effective supervisor : best practice in research student supervision                     eng
                                                                    Mortiboys, Alan
How to be an effective teacher in higher education : answers to lecturers' questions                  eng
How to behave : Buddhism and modernity in colonial Cambodia,Hansen, Anne Ruth                         eng
How to evaluate GDP-linked warrants : price and repayment capacity  Miyajima, Ken, 1971-              eng
How to find information : a guide for researchers                   Rumsey, Sally                     eng
How to get a Phd : a handbook for students and their supervisors hillips, Estelle M                   eng
                                                                    Straus, David
How to make collaboration work : powerful ways to build consensus, solve problems, and make decisions eng
How to manage a successful business in China                        Bjorksten, Johan, 1907-           eng
How to manage pain in the elderly                                   D'Arcy, Yvonne M                  eng
How to map arguments in political science                           Parsons, Craig, 1970-             eng
How to organize and run a failure investigation                     Dennies, Daniel P                 eng

                                                  Page 108

                                                                   Barrett, Jim                      eng
How to pass advanced aptitude tests : assess your potential and analyse your career options with graduate and managerial level ps
How to prepare and implement organisation manuals                  Tripathi, J. D                    eng
How to produce effective operations and maintenance manuals Tidwell, Mike, 1956-                     eng
How to read Chinese poetry : a guided anthology                                                      eng
How to research                                                    Blaxter, Loraine                  eng
                                                                   Fisher, John G                    eng
How to run successful employee incentive schemes : creating effective programmes for improved performance
                                                                   Aït-Sahalia, Yacine               eng
How to stop a herd of running bears? : market response to policy initiatives during the Global Financial Crisis
                                                                   Aït-Sahalia, Yacine               eng
How to stop a herd of running bears? : market response to policy initiatives during the Global Financial Crisis
How to study art worlds : on the societal functioning of aesthetic Maanen, Hans van, 1950-           eng
                                                                   Shur, Natasha
How to succeed in breastfeeding without really trying, or Ten steps to laugh your way through        eng
How to survive your doctorate : what others don't tell you         Matthiesen, Jane                  eng
                                                                   Adler, Mortimer                   e
How to think about the great ideas : from the great books of western civilization Jerome, 1902-2001 ng
                                                                    business from
How to win friends and influence profits : the art of winning moreKean, David your clients           eng
How to win the Nobel Prize : an unexpected life in science.        Bishop, J. Michael, 1936-         eng
How to work effectively with consulting engineers : getting the best project at the right price      eng
How to write correct English                                       Singh, R. K                       eng
                                                                   Hayles, N. Katherine
How we became posthuman : virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature, and informatics                 eng
How welfare states care : culture, gender, and parenting in Europe Kremer, Monique                   eng
                                                                   Schabert, Tilo
How world politics is made : France and the reunification of Germany                                 eng
How you can kill Al Qaeda : in 3 easy steps                        Clark, Howard, 1978-              eng
                                                                   Schlütter, Morten                 eng
How Zen became Zen : the dispute over enlightenment and the formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-dynasty China
                                                                   Schlütter, Morten                 eng
How Zen became Zen : the dispute over enlightenment and the formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-dynasty China
Howard's fourth government                                                                           eng
HRM in a knowledge based economy                                                                     eng
Hugo Grotius, Mare Liberum, 1609-2009                              Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645          eng
Hugoye : journal of Syriac studies. Volume 10                                                        eng
Hugoye : journal of Syriac studies. Volume 12                                                        eng
Hugoye : journal of Syriac studies. Volume 6                                                         eng
Hugoye : journal of Syriac studies. Volume 8 (2005)                                                  eng
Hugoye : journal of Syriac studies. Volume 9 (2006)                                                  eng
Human behavior and the social environment : integrating theory and evidence-based practice           eng
Human development : a lifespan perspective                         Bhatt, Nirupama                   eng
Human nature in rural Tuscany : an early modern history            Hanlon, Gregory, 1953-            eng
Human reliability and error in medical system                      Dhillon, B. S. (Balbir S.), 1947- eng
Human resource development                                         Balakrishnan, Lalitha             eng
                                                                   in India
Human resource development : perceptions of bank employees Agrawal, Vinitaa                          eng
Human resource management                                          Shivarudrappa, D                  eng
Human resource management                                          Subba Rao, P                      eng
Human resource management : (text and cases)                       Subba Rao, P                      eng
Human resource management : principles and practices               Chaudhuri, K. K                   eng
Human resource planning and audit                                  Sekhri, Arun                      eng
Human resources for self and social development                    Jatava, D. R                      eng
Human rights : a very short introduction                           Clapham, Andrew                   eng
Human rights : concepts, contests, contingencies                                                     eng
                                                                   into local justice
Human rights and gender violence : translating international law Merry, Sally Engle, 1944-           eng
Human rights and the unborn child                                  Joseph, Rita                      eng
                                                                   Koch, Ida Elisabeth
Human rights as indivisible rights : the protection of socio-economic demands under the European eng Convention on Human Rights
Human rights regimes in the Americas                                                                 eng
                                                                   Cassimatis, trade measures        eng
Human rights related trade measures under international law : the legality of Anthony, 1965- imposed in response to violations of hu
Human rights tasks, duties and functions                           Roy, A. N                         eng
                                                                   Raju, M. V
Human rights today and tomorrow : (the role of Human Rights Commission and other organisation)eng
Human Rights, Inc : the world novel, narrative form, and international law Joseph R                  eng
Human rights, Indian financial system and communication skills Kumar, Vipan B                        eng
Human values and social change : findings from the values surveys                                    eng
Human-centered information fusion                                  Hall, David L. (David Lee), 1946- eng
                                                                   the golden age,
Humanism in an age of science : the Amsterdam Athenaeum in Miert, Dirk van 1632-1704                 eng

                                                 Page 109

Humanistica Lovaniensia : journal of neo-Latin studies. Vol. LVII - 2008                                  lat
                                                                       from John M
Humanitarian intervention and conflict resolution in West Africa :Kabia,ECOMOG to ECOMIL                  eng
Humanitarian intervention and international relations                                                     eng
Hume's abject failure : the argument against miracles                Earman, John                         eng
                                                                     Buckle, Stephen
Hume's enlightenment tract : the unity and purpose of an enquiry concerning human understandingeng
Humic substances in drug development                                 Khanna, Rajesh, Dr                   eng
Humor in der arabischen Kultur = Humor in Arabic culture                                                  ger
Humoring the body : emotions and the Shakespearean stage Paster, Gail Kern                                eng
Humphrey Bogart : the making of a legend                             Porter, Darwin                       eng
                                                                       wisdom and a Harrison              eng
Hunayn ibn Ishaq and the Kitab Adab Al-falasifah : the pursuit ofGriffith, Sidney humane polity in early Abbasid Baghdad
Hungary                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Hungary                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Hungary : money & banking                                                                                 eng
Hunger                                                               Tallis, Raymond                      eng
Hunger : a modern history                                            Vernon, James                        eng
                                                                     Diner, Hasia R
Hungering for America : Italian, Irish, and Jewish foodways in the age of migration                       eng
                                                                     Sandlos, John, Territories
Hunters at the margin : Native people and wildlife conservation in the Northwest1970-                     eng
Hunting for empire : narratives of sport in Rupert's Land, 1840-70 illespie, Greg, 1973-                  eng
Hunting for frogs on Elston, and other tales from Field and streetSullivan, Jerry, 1938-                  eng
Hunza : an ethnographic outline                                      Sidky, H                             eng
Hurricane Katrina : performance of transportation systems                                                 eng
Hurricane Katrina damage assessment : Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi ports and coasts                eng
Hutchins' university : a memoir of the University of Chicago, 1929-1950 William Hardy, 1917-              eng
Hybrid inflation targeting regimes                                   Roger, Scott                         eng
                                                                     Tsai, Jeffrey J.-P
Hybrid parallel execution model for logic-based specification languages                                   eng
Hybrid prints : 'to infinity and beyond!'                            Fishpool, Megan                      eng
Hydraulic design of labyrinth weirs                                  Falvey, Henry T                      eng
                                                                      : relating head loss v/s power loss eng
Hydraulic design tables for pipelines, sewers and drainage lines Joshi, J. N
Hydraulic modeling : concepts and practice                                                                eng
Hydraulic structures : probabilistic approaches to maintenance Wunderlich, Walter O                       eng
Hydrology and watershed management II : Vol. 1                                                            eng
                                                                     International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Managemen
Hydrology and watershed management-II : Volume II                                                         eng
Hydrology of the Hawaiian Islands                                                                         eng
                                                                     Lau, L. Stephen (Leung-Ku Stephen), 1929-
Hyperconflict : globalization and insecurity                         Mittelman, James H                   eng
Hyper-narrative interactive cinema : problems and solutions          Ben-Shaul, Nitzan S                  eng
                                                                     Kabat, of epidemiology
Hyping health risks : environmental hazards in daily life and the scienceGeoffrey C                       eng
Hypochondriasis : modern perspectives on an ancient malady                                                eng
Hypothesis A/Hypothesis B : linguistic explorations in honor of David M. Perlmutter                       eng
I am potential : eight lessons on living, loving, and reaching yourHughes, Patrick Henry, 1988-           eng
                                                                     Ling, John
I can't do that! : my social stories to help with communication, self-care and personal skills            eng
I can't walk but I can crawl : living with cerebral palsy            Ross, Joan                           eng
I didn't want to float, I wanted to belong to something' : refugee organizations in Britain 1933-1945 eng
I don't wish nobody to have a life like mine : tales of kids in adultChura, David, 1948-                  eng
                                                                     struggle Godfrey B
I spit on their graves : testimony relevant to the democratization Tangwa, in Cameroon                    eng
I think I am : Philip K. Dick                                        Rickels, Laurence A                  eng
I want to be ready : improvised dance as a practice of freedom Goldman, Danielle                          eng
                                                                      and molecular evolution
I, microbiologist : a discovery-based course in microbial ecology Sanders, Erin R                         eng
Iberian Jewish literature : between al-Andalus and Christian Europe  Decter, Jonathan P., 1971-           eng
                                                                     Riaz, Ned
IBM Cognos 8 planning : a practical guide to developing and deploying planning models for your enterprise eng
                                                                     Sanghani, Abhishek
IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio cookbook : over 80 great recipes for taking control of Cognos 8 Report Studio  eng
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 : the upgrader's guide : upgrade your system and embrace the eng          exciting new features of the Lotu
                                                                     Chaves, Anthony
IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale 6 : build scalable, high-performance software with IBM's data grid eng
Ibn Taymiyya's theodicy of perpetual optimism                        Hoover, Jon                          eng
                                                                     Eschen, Rainer                       eng
ICEfaces 1.8 : next generation enterprise Web development : build Web 2.0 applications using Ajax Push, JSF, Facelets, Spring, an
Iceland                                                              World Trade Press                    eng
Iceland                                                              World Trade Press                    eng

                                                    Page 110

Iceland                                                              World Trade Press                   eng
ICT and changing mindsets in education = Repenser l'éducation à l'aide des TIC                           eng
ICT infrastructure in emerging Asia : policy and regulatory roadblocks                                   eng
Ideal embodiment : Kant's theory of sensibility                      Nuzzo, Angelica, 1964-              eng
Idealism and liberal education                                       Freedman, James O                   eng
Idealization XII : correcting the model : idealization and abstraction in the sciences                   eng
                                                                     Robinson, Alan G
Ideas are free : how the idea revolution is liberating people and transforming organizations             eng
Ideas that matter : a personal guide for the 21st century            Grayling, A. C                      eng
                                                                     Stiller, Sabina                     eng
Ideational leadership in German welfare state reform : how politicians and policy ideas transform resilient institutions
Identification and treatment of alcohol dependency                                                       eng
Identities in an era of globalization and multiculturalism : Latin America in the Jewish world           eng
Identity and foreign policy : Baltic-Russian relations and European integration                          eng
                                                                     Luke, Learie
Identity and secession in the Caribbean : Tobago versus Trinidad, 1889-1980B                             eng
                                                                     Trieu, Monica M., 1978-
Identity construction among Chinese-Vietnamese Americans : being, becoming, and belonging                eng
Identity crisis : how identification is overused and misunderstoodHarper, Jim, 1967-                     eng
Identity in crossroad civilisations : ethnicity, nationalism and globalism in Asia                       eng
Identity of England                                                  Colls, Robert                       eng
Identity politics in deconstruction : calculating with the incalculable Cruz, Carolyn                    eng
                                                                      it matters
Identity/difference politics : how difference is produced, and whyDhamoon, Rita, 1970-                   eng
                                                                      : CDO perspective
Idiosyncratic and systemic risk in the European corporate sectorChan-Lau, Jorge A                        eng
Idols of modernity : movie stars of the 1920s                                                            eng
If I could write this in fire                                        Cliff, Michelle                     eng
If I'd known then : women in their 20s and 30s write letters to their younger selves                     eng
If not now, when? : how to take charge of your career                Arnold, Camilla                     eng
                                                                     McCarthy, Dennis, 1951-
If you turned into a monster : transformation through play : a body-centred approach to play therapy     eng
If you're an egalitarian, how come you're so rich?                                                       eng
                                                                     Cohen, G. A. (Gerald Allan), 1941-2009
                                                                     International Federation of Library eng
                                                                                                         Associations and Institutions
IFLA cataloguing principles : the Statement of International Cataloguing Principles (ICP) and its glossary : in 20 languages
If--then : architectural speculations                                                                    eng
Ignaz Friedman : romantic master pianist                             Evans, Allan, 1956-                 eng
Igniting the brand : strategies that have shot brands to success Cahill, Jonathan                        eng
Illegal residence and public safety in the Netherlands               Leerkes, Arjen                      dut
Illness : the cry of the flesh                                       Carel, Havi                         eng
                                                                     Blau, Joel
Illusions of prosperity : America's working families in an age of economic insecurity                    eng
Illusive utopia : theater, film, and everyday performance in NorthKim, Suk-Young, 1970-                  eng
Illustrated atlas of the Himalaya                                    Zurick, David                       eng
Imag(in)ing the war in Japan : representing and responding to trauma in postwar literature and film eng
Image and reality : Kekulé, Kopp, and the scientific imagination Rocke, Alan J., 1948-                   eng
Image into identity : constructing and assigning identity in a culture of modernity                      eng
Image-guided therapy systems                                                                             eng
Images of the North : histories, identities, ideas                                                       eng
                                                                     European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, Chania, Gr
Imagin[e,g] Europe : proceedings of the 29th Symposium of the Symposium of the European Association of Remote Sensing Labor
Imaginary companions and the children who create them                Taylor, Marjorie                    eng
Imagination and play in the electronic age                           Singer, Dorothy G                   eng
Imagination in place : essays                                        Berry, Wendell, 1934-               eng
                                                                     Crapanzano, Vincent, 1939-
Imaginative horizons : an essay in literary-philosophical anthropology                                   eng
Imagined museums : art and modernity in postcolonial Morocco Pieprzak, Katarzyna                         eng
Imagining creation                                                                                       eng
                                                                     Shetler, Jan Bender
Imagining Serengeti : a history of landscape memory in Tanzania from earliest times to the presenteng
                                                                     Nepal Himalaya
Imagining the good life : negotiating culture and development in Lim, Francis Khek Gee                   eng
                                                                     Lekan, Thomas M
Imagining the nation in nature : landscape preservation and German identity, 1885-1945                   eng
                                                                     Stella, Regis
Imagining the other : the representation of the Papua New Guinean subject N                              eng
Imagining the Turkish house : collective visions of home             Bertram, Carel, 1943-               eng
Imagining wild America                                               Knott, John R. (John Ray), 1937- eng
                                                                     Kester, Anne Y
IMF data standards initiatives : a consultative approach to enhancing global data transparency           eng
IMF research bulletin : Volume 11, no. 1, (March 2010)                                                   eng
IMF-Egyptian debt negotiations                                       Momani, Bessma                      eng

                                                  Page 111

                                                                   Kim, Jun
IMF-supported programs and crisis prevention : an analytical framework (Jun Il)                      eng
                                                                   Hess, Julia
Immigrant ambassadors : citizenship and belonging in the Tibetan diaspora Meredith                   eng
                                                                   Sardinha, João                    eng
Immigrant associations, integration and identity : Angolan, Brazilian and Eastern European communities in Portugal
                                                                   Keogan, York
Immigrants and the cultural politics of place : a comparative study of NewKevin and Los Angeles eng
Immigrants and their international money flows                                                       eng
Immigrants, unions, and the new U.S. labor market                  Ness, Immanuel                    eng
                                                                   Aissaoui, Rabah                   eng
Immigration and national identity : North African political movements in colonial and postcolonial France
Immigration and the politics of American sovereignty, 1890-1990    Shanks, Cheryl, 1962-             eng
Immigration and the work force : economic consequences for the United States and source areas eng
Immigration detention and human rights : rethinking territorial sovereignty Galina                   eng
Immiserizing foreign aid : the roles of tariffs and nontraded goods okarick, Stephen                 eng
Immortal Austria'? : Austrians in exile in Britain                                                   eng
                                                                    European Convention on Human Rights
Immunities and the right of access to court under Article 6 of theKloth, Matthias                    eng
Immunology & medical microbiology                                  Reddy, S. Ram                     eng
Immunology : introductory textbook                                 Shetty, N. (Nandini)              eng
Immunotechnology                                                   Arya, Sneh Lata                   eng
Impact of technology on successful aging                                                             eng
Imperial College inaugural lectures in materials science and materials engineering                   eng
Imperial ecology : environmental order in the British Empire, 1895-1945Peder                         eng
                                                                   Ooms, Herman
Imperial politics and symbolics in ancient Japan : the Tenmu dynasty, 650-800                        eng
Imperial white : race, diaspora, and the British Empire            Mohanram, Radhika                 eng
Imperialism, crisis and class struggle : the enduring verities and contemporary face of capitalism eng
                                                                   Ives, Christopher, 1954-
Imperial-Way Zen : Ichikawa Hakugen's critique and lingering questions for Buddhist ethics           eng
Implementing colorectal cancer screening : workshop summary                                          eng
                                                                   Heenan, Geoffrey
Implementing inflation targeting : institutional arrangements, target design, and communications eng
                                                                   Steelman, natural
Implementing innovation : fostering enduring change in environmental and Toddi Aresource governance  eng
                                                                   Roys, David                       eng
Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 : explore the new features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, and implement the soluti
Implementing SugarCRM                                              Whitehead, Michael J. R           eng
Implementing sustainable development : strategies and initiatives in high consumption societies eng
Implementing the constitution                                      Fallon, Richard H., 1952-         eng
                                                                    energy, Witacre, Paula           eng
Implementing the new biology : decadal challenges linking food, Tarnapoland the environment : summary of a workshop, June 3-4, 2
Implementing the WHO stop TB strategy : a handbook for national TB control programmes                eng
Implications of quasi-fiscal activities in Ghana                   Chivakul, Mali                    eng
Imported foods : microbiological issues and challenges                                               eng
                                                                   Shaw, and The
Impotence and making in Samuel Beckett's trilogy Molloy, Malone dies Joanne unnamable and How it is  eng
Imprisoned pain and its transformation : a festschrift for H. Sydney Klein                           eng
                                                                   Ballesteros, Jose Sanchez-Alarcos, 1957-
Improving air safety through organizational learning : consequences of a technology-led model        eng
Improving communication skills                                     Barad, Dilip P                    eng
Improving effectiveness and outcomes for the poor in health, nutrition, and population : an evaluation of World Bank Group support
                                                                   National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Improving health care cost projections for the Medicare population : summary of a workshop
Improving hospital care for persons with dementia                                                    eng
Improving institutions for green landscapes in metropolitan areas Evelien van                        eng
Improving managerial effectiveness                                 Rangnekar, Santosh                eng
                                                                    nursing home staff
Improving nursing home care of the dying : a training manual forHenderson, Martha L., MSN            eng
Improving operational risk management                              Grinsven, Jurgen H. M. Van        eng
Improving patient outcomes : a resource for ward leaders           Wells, Alison                     eng
Improving schools through teacher leadership                       Harris, Alma                      eng
Improving state voter registration databases : final report                                          Committee on State Voter Regis
                                                                   National Research Council (U.S.). eng
Improving surveillance across the CEMAC region                                                       eng
Improving test scores in five easy steps : the silver bullet       Quinn, Gary W., 1955-             eng
Impurity and sin in ancient Judaism                                Klawans, Jonathan                 eng
Imre Nagy : a biography                                            Rainer, M. János                  eng
In a maelstrom : the history of Russian-Jewish prose, 1860-1940    Hetényi, Zsuzsa                   eng
In a pickle : a family farm story                                  Apps, Jerold W., 1934-            eng
In a prominent bar in Secaucus : new and selected poems, 1955-2007 Kennedy, X. J                     eng
In a queer country : gay and lesbian studies in the Canadian context                                 eng

                                                 Page 112

In a shade of blue : pragmatism and the politics of Black America laude, Eddie S., 1968-                eng
In Africa's forest and jungle : six years among the Yorubas          Stone, R. H. (Richard Henry)       eng
In and out of Hollywood : a biographer's memoir                      Higham, Charles, 1931-             eng
In Babel's shadow : multilingual literatures, monolingual states Lennon, Brian, 1971-                   eng
In black and white : an interpretation of the South                  Hammond, Lily Hardy, 1859-1925 eng
                                                                     Shermer, Michael                   eng
In Darwin's shadow : the life and science of Alfred Russel Wallace : a biographical study on the psychology of history
                                                                     and human biology
In defense of an evolutionary concept of health : nature, norms, Ananth, Mahesh, 1969-                  eng
In defense of global capitalism                                      Norberg, Johan, 1973-              eng
In defense of negativity : attack ads in presidential campaigns Geer, John Gray                         eng
                                                                     Spicer, Michael W
In defense of politics in public administration : a value pluralist perspective                         eng
                                                                     Saleh, Walid A
In defense of the Bible : a critical edition and an introduction to al-Biqa`i's Bible treatise          eng
In divine friendship : letters of counsel and reflection             Kriyananda, Swami                  eng
In dwelling : implacability, exclusion and acceptance                King, Peter, 1960-                 eng
In excess : Sergei Eisenstein's Mexico                               Salazkina, Masha                   eng
In Gatsby's shadow : the story of Charles Macomb Flandrau            Haeg, Lawrence Peter, 1945-        eng
In gods we trust : the evolutionary landscape of religion            Atran, Scott, 1952-                eng
In government we trust : market failure and the delusions of privatisation Warwick                      eng
In his milieu : essays on Netherlandish art in memory of John Michael Montias                           eng
                                                                     Woloson, Wendy
In hock : pawning in America from independence through the Great Depression A., 1964-                   eng
In hostile skies : an American B-24 pilot in World War II            Davis, James M., 1921-             eng
In memory of Elaine Marks : life writing, writing death                                                 eng
In Mendel's mirror : philosophical reflections on biology            Kitcher, Philip, 1947-             eng
In Mrs. Tully's room : a childcare portrait                          Paley, Vivian Gussin, 1929-        eng
In nature's interests? : interests, animal rights, and environmental ethics Gary E. (Gary Edward), 1957-eng
In praise of copying                                                 Boon, Marcus                       eng
In praise of flattery                                                Regier, Willis Goth                eng
In praise of the common : a conversation on philosophy and politics  Casarino, Cesare                   eng
                                                                     Kessler-Harris, Alice
In pursuit of equity : women, men, and the quest for economic citizenship in 20th century America eng
                                                                     Epstein, Rachel A., 1970-
In pursuit of liberalism : international institutions in postcommunist Europe                           eng
In pursuit of performance : management systems in state and local government                            eng
In pursuit of the Almighty's dollar : a history of money and American ProtestantismJames David          eng
                                                                     Firstenberger, W. A. (William Andrew), 1966-
In rare form : a pictorial history of baseball evangelist Billy Sunday                                  eng
                                                                     Kasten, Madeleine
In search of Kynde Knowynge : Piers Plowman and the origin of allegory                                  eng
                                                                     Oomes, Nienke
In search of a dramatic equilibrium : was the Armenian Dram overvalued?                                 eng
In search of Canadian political culture                              Wiseman, Nelson, 1946-             eng
In search of Hobart                                                  Timms, Peter, 1948-                eng
In search of paradise : middle-class living in a Chinese metropolis  Zhang, Li, 1965 May-               eng
                                                                     Holden, Patrick, 1974-
In search of structural power : EU aid policy as a global political instrument                          eng
                                                                     Miao, Yanliang,
In search of successful inflation targeting : evidence from an inflation targeting 1980-                eng
In search of sustainability : British Columbia forest policy in the 1990s                               eng
In search of the blues : a journey to the soul of Black Texas        Minutaglio, Bill                   eng
                                                                     Marcus, Paul, 1953-
In search of the good life : Emmanuel Levinas, psychoanalysis, and the art of living                    eng
                                                                      reshaped civilization
In search of the lost feminine : decoding the myths that radically Barnes, Craig S                      eng
                                                                     Eicher, trade strongly, but unevenly
In search of WTO trade effects : preferential trade agreements promote Theo S                           eng
                                                                     Lienesch, antievolution movementeng
In the beginning : fundamentalism, the Scopes trial, and the making of the Michael, 1948-
In the Catskills : a century of Jewish experience in the mountains                                      eng
                                                                     in the Italian Renaissance
In the company of demons : unnatural beings, love, and identity Maggi, Armando                          eng
                                                                     Stackpole,                         eng
In the company of generals : the World War I diary of Pierpont L. StackpolePierpont L. (Pierpont Langley), 1875-1936
In the flesh of the text : the poetry of Marie-Claire Bancquart      Broome, Peter, 1937-               fre
In the forest : visual and material worlds of Andamanese history Pandya, Vishvajit                      eng
                                                                      bilingual edition
In the forest of faded wisdom : 104 poems by Gendun Chopel, aDge-'dun-chos-'phel, A-mdo, 1903-1951      eng
In the heart of America, and other plays                             Wallace, Naomi                     eng
In the interests of justice : reforming the legal profession         Rhode, Deborah L                   eng
                                                                     Okrent, Loglan                     eng
In the land of invented languages : Esperanto rock stars, Klingon poets, Arika lovers, and the mad dreamers who tried to build a p
In the land of mirrors : Cuban exile politics in the United States Torres, María de los Angeles         eng
                                                                     Douglas, Eduardo de early colonial period Tetzcoco, Mexico
In the palace of Nezahualcoyotl : painting manuscripts, writing the pre-Hispanic past inJ., 1957-       eng

                                                 Page 113

In the path of an avalanche : a true story                         Bowers, Vivien, 1951-             eng
                                                                     religious movement
In the presence of Sai Baba : body, city, and memory in a globalSrinivas, Smriti                     eng
In the shadow of my country                                        Mbuh, Mbuh Tennu                  eng
In the shadow of Shari`ah : Islam, Islamic law, and democracy inNelson, Matthew J                    eng
In the shadow of slavery : Africa's botanical legacy in the Atlantic world Judith Ann                eng
                                                                    in the Andrew B., Southern renaissances
In the shadow of the Black beast : African American masculinity Leiter, Harlem and 1972-             eng
In the shadow of the moon : a challenging journey to Tranquility,French, Francis                     eng
                                                                   Duncan, James S
In the shadows of the tropics : climate, race and biopower in nineteenth century Ceylon              eng
In the time of assignments                                         Martin, Douglas A                 eng
In the time of oil : piety, memory, and social life in an Omani townimbert, Mandana E                eng
                                                                   Duke, David Nelson, 1950-2000 eng
In the trenches with Jesus and Marx : Harry F. Ward and the struggle for social justice
In the truth room                                                  Roeser, Dana, 1953-               eng
                                                                   Scott, Richard, 1956
In the wake of Tacoma : suspension bridges and the quest for aerodynamic stability Feb. 10-          eng
In the words of our enemies                                        Babbin, Jed L                     eng
In two minds : tales of a psychotherapist                          Valent, Paul, 1938-               eng
In/visible : graphic data revealed                                                                   eng
Inalienable rights : the limits of consent in medicine and the law McConnell, Terrance C             eng
Incentives and political economy                                   Laffont, Jean-Jacques, 1947-      eng
Incest & influence : the private life of bourgeois England         Kuper, Adam                       eng
Incident at the edge of Bayonet Woods : poems                      Bohince, Paula, 1976-             eng
                                                                   Michaud, Jean, 1957-
Incidental' ethnographers : French Catholic missions on the Tonkin-Yunnan frontier, 1880-1930 eng
Inclusion and democracy                                            Young, Iris Marion, 1949-         eng
Inclusion and exclusion of young adult migrants in Europe : barriers and bridges                     eng
Inclusive value chains : a pathway out of poverty                  Harper, Malcolm, 1935-            eng
Income, wealth, and the maximum principle                          Weitzman, Martin L., 1942-        eng
Inconvenient heritage : erasure and global tourism in Luang PrabangDearborn, Lynne M                 eng
Incorporating market information into the construction of the fan Elekdag, Selim                     eng
Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention : global policy recommendations
Increasing awareness of child and adolescent mental health                                           eng
                                                                   Cole, Stephen, students
Increasing faculty diversity : the occupational choices of high-achieving minority1941-              eng
Inculturation as dialogue : Igbo culture and the message of Christ Udeani, Chibueze C                eng
                                                                   Szabo, Jason, 1965-
Incurable and intolerable : chronic disease and slow death in nineteenth-century France              eng
Indeterminacy : the mapped, the navigable, and the uncharted                                         eng
India                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
India                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
India                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
                                                                   Kavalski, Emilian
India and Central Asia : the mythmaking and international relations of a rising power                eng
India in Africa, Africa in India : Indian Ocean cosmopolitanisms                                     eng
India Inc : how India's top ten entrepreneurs are winning globallyPota, Vikas                        eng
                                                                   Burton-Page, John
Indian Islamic architecture : forms and typologies, sites and monuments                              eng
Indian medicinal plants                                                                              eng
                                                                     in ethics, metaphysics and
Indian philosophy and the consequences of knowledge : themesRam-Prasad, Chakravarthi soteriology     eng
Indian science and technology : a status review                    Mallik, Amitav                    eng
Indian work : language and livelihood in Native American historyUsner, Daniel H                      eng
                                                                   Schiwy, Freya
Indianizing film : decolonization, the Andes, and the question of technology                         eng
India's pattern of development : what happened, what follows Kochhar, Kalpana                        eng
India's pulse production : stagnation and redressal                Tuteja, Usha                      eng
Indie publishing : how to design and produce your own book                                           eng
Indigenous African institutions                                    Ayittey, George B. N., 1945-      eng
                                                                   Caplan, Karen Deborah, 1970-
Indigenous citizens : local liberalism in early national Oaxaca and Yucatán                          eng
                                                                   herbal practices
Indigenous herbal medicines : tribal formulations and traditional Acharya, Deepak                    eng
Indigenous knowledge systems and intellectual property in the twenty-first century : perspectives from southern Africa
Indigenous legal traditions                                                                          eng
                                                                   Kronik, Jakob
Indigenous peoples and climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean                             eng
Indigenous peoples in international law                            Anaya, S. James                   eng
                                                                   Gilbert, Jérémie
Indigenous peoples' land rights under international law : from victims to actors                     eng

                                                Page 114

Indigenous storywork : educating the heart, mind, body, and spirit   Archibald, Jo-Ann                 eng
Indigenous symbols and practices in the Catholic Church : visual culture, missionization, and appropriation
Indirect taxes on international aviation                             Keen, Michael                     eng
                                                                     Brindley, Erica,
Individualism in early China : human agency and the self in thought and politics 1971-                 eng
Indonesia                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Indonesia                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Indonesia                                                            World Trade Press                 eng
Indonesia betrayed : how development fails                           Collins, Elizabeth Fuller         eng
Indonesian destinies                                                 Friend, Theodore                  eng
                                                                     Bins, Adriaan Dirk
Induction and analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses in melanoma patients and animal models     eng
Industrial biotechnology : (approach to clean technology)            Jogdand, S. N                     eng
Industrial clusters and innovation systems in Africa : institutions, markets, and policy               eng
Industrial development in Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea                                           eng
Industrial economics and principles of management                    Singh, Manoj Kumar                eng
Industrial management                                                Rao, M. E. Thukaram               eng
Industrial organisation and management                                                                 eng
Industrial poetics : demo tracks for a mobile culture                Amato, Joe, 1955-                 eng
Industrial policy in the Middle East and North Africa : rethinking the role of the state               eng
Industrial relations : a current review                                                                eng
Industrial ruins : spaces, aesthetics, and materiality               Edensor, Tim, 1957-               eng
Industrial tourism : opportunities for city and enterprise                                             eng
Industry environment and pollution                                   Goel, P. K                        eng
Inequalities in young people's health : HBSC international report from the 2005/2006 Survey            eng
Inequality and poverty in China in the age of globalization          Khan, Azizur Rahman               eng
Infantile sexuality and attachment                                                                     eng
Infectious disease movement in a borderless world : workshop summary                                   eng
Infectious diseases in primates : behavior, ecology and evolution    Nunn, Charles L                   eng
                                                                     Stambovsky, Phillip, 1952-
Inference and the metaphysic of reason : an onto-epistemological critique                              eng
Infidel poetics : riddles, nightlife, substance                      Tiffany, Daniel                   eng
                                                                     Mensching, Guido
Infinitive constructions with specified subjects : a syntactic analysis of the Romance languages       eng
Inflation hedging for long-term investors                            Attié, Alexander P                eng
Inflation in Pakistan : money or wheat?                              Khan, Mohsin S                    eng
                                                                     Alturki, Fahad
Inflation in Tajikistan : forecasting analysis and monetary policy challenges                          eng
                                                                      developing Karl                  eng
Inflation pressures and monetary policy options in emerging andHabermeier,countries : a cross regional perspective
Inflation targeting at 20 : achievements and challenges              Roger, Scott                      eng
Inflation targeting in dollarized economies                          Leiderman, Leonardo, 1951-        eng
Inflation targeting under imperfect policy credibility               Alichi, Ali                       eng
Inflation, inequality, and social conflict                                                             eng
                                                                     Crowe, Christopher (Christopher W.)
                                                                      and librarianship
Information and liberation : writings on the politics of information Durrani, Shiraz                   eng
Information assurance for network-centric naval forces                                                 eng
                                                                     theory of market and industry dynamics
Information asymmetries and the creation of economic value : a Roels, J. A                             eng
Information foraging theory : adaptive interaction with information  Pirolli, Peter                    eng
Information modelling and knowledge bases XX                                                           eng
                                                                     European-Japanese Conference on Information Modelling and Kno
Information modelling and knowledge bases xxi                                                          eng
Information science in theory and practice                           Vickery, B. C. (Brian Campbell) eng
Information sources in patents                                       Adams, Stephen R                  eng
Information systems for emergency management                                                           eng
Information technology                                               Gupta, Praveen                    eng
Information technology                                               Panigrahy, Rajib Lochan           eng
Information technology : a practical manual                          Hirwade, Mangala                  eng
                                                                     International Conference on to patient safety
Information technology in health care : socio-technical approaches 2010 : from safe systems Information Technology in Health Care
Information technology network and internet                          Bhunia, C. T                      eng
                                                                     Rapp, advantage
Information technology strategies : how leading firms use IT to gain an William V                      eng
Informed consent : legal theory and clinical practice                                                  eng
Informing an effective response to climate change                    National Research Council (U.S.) eng
Infrastructure reporting and asset management : best practices and opportunities                       eng

                                                 Page 115

Infrastructure risk management processes : natural, accidental, and deliberate hazards                  eng
Infrastructures : time to invest                                     Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het dutRegeringsbeleid (Netherlands)
Ingeniería del medio ambiente                                        Pérez Gisbert, Antonio             spa
Ingenium : five machines that changed the world                      Denny, Mark, 1953-                 eng
Inheriting the Holocaust : a second-generation memoir                Fass, Paula S                      eng
Inheriting the revolution : the first generation of Americans        Appleby, Joyce Oldham              eng
Inhibin, activin, and follistatin in human reproductive physiology                                      eng
Inhuman conditions : on cosmopolitanism and human rights             Cheah, Pheng                       eng
Initial national priorities for comparative effectiveness research Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Comparative Effectivene
Injury epidemiology : research and control strategies                Robertson, Leon S                  eng
                                                                     Stuller, Jennifer
Ink-stained amazons and cinematic warriors : superwomen in modern mythologyK                            eng
Inland waterways logbook                                             Barrell, Emrhys                    eng
Inmigración, integración, mediación intercultural y participación ciudadana                             spa
                                                                     Hope, Donna P
Inna di dancehall : popular culture and the politics of identity in Jamaica                             eng
                                                                     Distefano, Michel G                eng
Inner-midrashic introductions and their influence on introductions to medieval rabbinic Bible commentaries
Innocents abroad : American teachers in the American century Zimmerman, Jonathan, 1961-                 eng
Innovación en docencia universitaria con Moodle : casos prácticos                                       spa
                                                                     Wesley, David T. A
Innovation and marketing in the video game industry : avoiding the performance trap                     eng
Innovation and the pharmaceutical industry : critical reflections on the virtues of profit              eng
                                                                     Breznitz, Dan
Innovation and the state : political choice and strategies for growth in Israel, Taiwan, and Ireland eng
Innovation and visualization : trajectories, strategies, and myths Ione, Amy                            eng
Innovation in cultural systems : contributions from evolutionary anthropology                           eng
Innovation in medical technology : ethical issues and challengesEaton, Margaret L                       eng
Innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry                                                            eng
Innovation policy : a guide for developing countries                                                    eng
Innovation was not enough : a history of the Midwestern Universities Research Association (MURA)        eng
Innovation, the missing dimension                                                                        1954-
                                                                     Lester, Richard K. (Richard Keith),eng
                                                                     a clinical guide
Innovative interventions to reduce dementia caregiver distress : Coon, David W                          eng
Innovative marketing strategy : balancing commercial goal and corporate social responsibility           eng
Innovative methods for numerical solutions of partial differential equations                            eng
Innovative techniques of communication                               Makodia, Vipul V                   eng
Inorganic and physical chemistry                                     Gurtu, J. N                        eng
Inorganic and physical chemistry                                     Gurtu, J. N                        eng
Inorganic chemistry : (Part I)                                       Pimplapure, Sandhya                eng
Inorganic chemistry : Vol. 2                                         Gurtu, J. N                        eng
Inorganic nanoprobes for biological sensing and imaging                                                 eng
                                                                     Raa, Thijs ten
Input-output economics : theory and applications : featuring Asian economies                            eng
Inscribed landscapes : marking and making place                                                         eng
                                                                     Stern, Karen B
Inscribing devotion and death : archaeological evidence for Jewish populations of North Africa          eng
Inscribing sorrow : fourth-century Attic funerary epigrams           Tsagalis, Christos                 eng
Insect pest management                                               Dent, David, Ph. D                 eng
Insect-fungal associations : ecology and evolution                                                      eng
Insects of Texas : a practical guide                                 Kattes, David Hugh, 1952-          eng
Inseparable separation : the making of China's Taiwan policy Huang, Jing, 1956-                         eng
Inside : a public and private life                                   Califano, Joseph A., 1931-         eng
                                                                     Dickerson, James
Inside America's concentration camps : two centuries of internment and torture                          eng
Inside ancient kitchens : new directions in the study of daily meals and feasts                         eng
                                                                     Cohen, Jonathan Matthew            eng
Inside appellate courts : the impact of court organization on judicial decision making in the United States Courts of Appeals
Inside charter schools : the paradox of radical decentralization                                        eng
Inside chronic pain : an intimate and critical account               Heshusius, Lous                    eng
Inside deaf culture                                                  Padden, Carol                      eng
Inside early music : conversations with performers                   Sherman, Bernard D                 eng
                                                                     Cunningham, Jane, marketing
Inside her pretty little head : a new theory of female motivation and what it means for1969-            eng
                                                                     Haynie, life
Inside John Haynie's studio : a master teacher's lessons on trumpet and John J                          eng
Inside nuclear South Asia                                                                               eng
Inside poverty and development in Africa : critical reflections on pro-poor policies                    eng

                                                  Page 116

Inside SharePoint 2007 administration                                 Caravajal, Steve, 1959-            eng
Inside teaching : how classroom life undermines reform                Kennedy, Mary M                    eng
Inside terrorism                                                      Hoffman, Bruce, 1954-              eng
Inside the Cuban Revolution : Fidel Castro and the urban underground Julia                               eng
                                                                      Slide, Anthony
Inside the Hollywood fan magazine : a history of star makers, fabricators, and gossip mongers            eng
Inspiring faith in schools : studies in religious education                                              eng
Inspiring the best in students                                        Erwin, Jonathan C., 1954-          eng
Installations by architects : experiments in building and design Bonnemaison, Sarah                      eng
Installing exhibitions : a practical guide                            Smithson, Pete                     eng
Instant appeal : the 8 primal factors that create blockbuster success Kunkel, Vicki                      eng
Institutional change and economic development                                                            eng
                                                                      from Sub-Saharan Africa
Institutional factors and financial sector development : evidence Anayiotos, George C                    eng
Institutional food management                                         Sethi, Mohini                      eng
Institutional inertia                                                 Valderrama, Laura                  eng
Institutional infrastructure programmes and performance               Desai, Vasant                      eng
                                                                      Erbas, S. analysis
Institutional quality, knightian uncertainty, and insurability : a cross-countryNuri                     eng
Institutional repositories                                                                               eng
                                                                       of Efficiency, 1916-1933
Institutionalizing Congress and the presidency : the U.S. BureauLee, Mordecai, 1948-                     eng
                                                                      during an era of
Institutions and investments : foreign direct investment in China Fu, Jun, 1962- reforms                 eng
Institutions and norms in economic development                                                           eng
Institutions of education, then and today : the legacy of German idealism                                eng
Institutions v. geography : sub-national evidence from the United States Eric V                          eng
Instrument flying handbook, 2008                                                                         eng
Instrumental methods of chemical analysis                             Kaur, H                            eng
Instrumental methods of drug analysis                                 Sagar, G. Vidya                    eng
Instrumentation and bio-analytical techniques                         Gupta, Alka                        eng
Insurance and risk management                                         Nasreen, Reshma                    eng
Insurance management                                                  Sahoo, S. C                        eng
                                                                      Hofman, David
Insuring public finances against natural disasters : a survey of options and recent initiatives          eng
Intangible assets : measuring and enhancing their contribution to corporate value and economic eng
                                                                      Schleifer, Ronald
Intangible materialism : the body, scientific knowledge, and the power of language                       eng
Integrability and nonintegrability of dynamical systems               Goriely, Alain                     eng
                                                                      APCTP Winter School on School :eng  Cheju Island, Korea, 28 Februar
Integrable quantum field theories and their application : proceedings of the APCTP Winter Integrable Quantum Field Theories and A
Integral city : evolutionary intelligences for the human hive         Hamilton, Marilyn, 1947-           eng
Integral drama : culture, consciousness and identity                  Haney, William S                   eng
Integral research and innovation : transforming enterprise and societyLessem, Ronnie                     eng
Integrated experiential coaching : becoming an executive coach Chapman, Lloyd                            eng
Integrated HTML and CSS : a smarter, faster way to learn              DeBolt, Virginia                   eng
Integrated interconnect technologies for 3D nanoelectronic systems                                       eng
Integrated models of cognition systems                                                                   eng
Integrated pest management                                            Sharma, G. D                       eng
Integrated production and pest management                                                                eng
Integrating community service into nursing education : a guide to service-learning                       eng
Integrating crops and livestock                                                                          eng
Integrating geographic information systems and agent-based modeling techniques for simulating social and ecological processes
Integrating poverty and gender into health programmes : a sourcebook for health professionals : module on mental health
Integrating the gridiron : Black Civil Rights and American college footballLane                          eng
Integration of revenue administration : a comparative study of international experience                  eng
                                                                      Kazarian, Elias and regulatory issues
Integration of the securities market infrastructure in the European Union : policy G., 1957-             eng
Intégration régionale, démocratie et panafricanisme : paradigmes anciens, nouveaux défis                 fre
                                                                      the February 2009 summit           eng
Integrative medicine and the health of the public : a summary of Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public (2009
                                                                      O'Brien, of Conjectures of order
Intellectual life and the American South, 1810-1860 : an abridged edition Michael, 1948 Apr. 13- eng
                                                                      Benchimol, Alex                    eng
Intellectual politics and cultural conflict in the Romantic period : Scottish Whigs, English radicals and the making of the British public
Intellectual property : trade, competition, and sustainable development                                  eng
                                                                      Assafa Endeshaw, 1950-
Intellectual property in Asian emerging economies : law and policy in the post-TRIPS era                 eng
Intellectual virtue : perspectives from ethics and epistemology                                          eng

                                                    Page 117

Intelligence reframed : multiple intelligences for the 21st centuryGardner, Howard                     eng
Intelligent transport systems standards                             Williams, Bob, 1947-               eng
Intensifying the fight against malaria : the World Bank's booster program for malaria control in Africaeng
                                                                    Byers, Michael, 1966-              eng
Intent for a nation : what is Canada for? : a relentlessly optimistic manifesto for Canada's role in the world
Intentionality : past and future                                                                       eng
Intentionality, deliberation and autonomy : the action-theoretic basis of practical philosophy         eng
                                                                    Augustus de Morgan Workshop (7th : 2005 : London, England)
Interactive logic : selected papers from the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop, London                   dut
Intercultural relations in Asia : migration and work effectiveness                                     eng
Interest rate determination in Lebanon                              Poddar, Tushar                     eng
Interest rate liberalization in China                               Feyzioglu, Tarhan N                eng
Interface fantasy : a Lacanian cyborg ontology                      Nusselder, André                   eng
Interface problems and methods in biological and physical flows                                        eng
Interfaces of performance                                                                              eng
Intergovernmental reforms in the Russian federation : one step forward, two steps back?                eng
Interior decoration : a complete course                             Morris, Shirley                    eng
                                                                    Morgan, Charlie
Intermarriage across race and ethnicity among immigrants : E pluribus unions V., 1972-                 eng
                                                                    Davis, James L.,
Intermediate technical Japanese : Volume 1, Readings and grammatical patterns 1924-                    eng
Intermediate technical Japanese : Volume 2, Glossary                Davis, James L., 1924-             eng
International and interarea comparisons of income, output, and prices                                  eng
International business environment                                  Subba Rao, P                       eng
International capital flows in calm and turbulent times : the need for new international architecture eng
International capital markets : systems in transition                                                  eng
International collation of traditional and folk medicine : Volume 4, Northeast Asia. Part IV           eng
                                                                    International Conference technologies
International conference on computing and information technologies : exploring emerging on Computing and Information Technolog
International consumption comparisons : OECD versus LDC             Selvanathan, E. Antony, 1954-      eng
International criminal justice : law and practice from the Rome Statute to its review                  eng
International criminal justice and the politics of compliance       Lamont, Christopher K              eng
International currency portfolios                                   Kumhof, Michael                    eng
International differences in entrepreneurship                                                          eng
International differences in the business practices and productivity of firms                          eng
International evidence on recovery from recessions                  Cerra, Valerie                     eng
International feminism : status and political empowerment           Gupta, Prachi                      eng
                                                                    Kletzer, Kenneth
International financial integration, sovereignty, and constraints on macroeconomic policies            eng
International financial management                                  Avadhani, V. A                     eng
International financial management                                  Agarwal, O. P                      eng
International financial markets : the challenge of globalization                                       eng
International flows of invisibles : trade in services and intangibles in the era of globalization      eng
                                                                    Tayeb, Monir H
International human resource management : a multinational company perspective                          eng
International human rights                                          Donnelly, Jack                     eng
International human rights litigation in U.S. courts                                                   eng
International humanitarian law : Volume 3, Prospects                                                   eng
International journal of clothing science and technology. Volume 19, Number 6, Textiles, clothing and design
International journal of contemporary hospitality management. Volume 20, Number 3, How should Niagara region respond to the ch
International journal of culture, tourism and hospitality research. Volume 1, Number 4, Experiential englearning exercises for tourism an
International journal of health care quality assurance : addressing the issues of management and quality. Volume 20, Number 7, Pa
International journal of health care quality assurance : addressing the issues of management and quality. Volume 21, Number 1, Pa
International journal of manpower. Volume 28, Number 7, Labour contracts, wages and employment         eng
International journal of numerical methods for heat & fluid flow. Volume 18, Number 3/4, Selected papers from the International Scie
International journal of operations & production management. Volume 28, Number 4, Relating supply chain management and inform
International journal of operations and logistics management. Volume 27, Number 11, Build-to-order supply chain management
International journal of pervasive communication and communications. Volume 3, Number 2, Computer and information technology
International journal of physical distribution & logistics management. Volume 38, Number 1, Incorporating papers from the 19th NOF
International journal of physical distribution and logistics management. Volume 37, Number 10, Papers from the 19th NOFOMA con
International journal of service industry management. Volume 18, Number 5, Interdisciplinary insights on service activities
International journal of wine business research. Volume 20, Number 1, Direct wine marketing channels   eng
                                                                    Nasu, Hitoshi
International law on peacekeeping : a study of Article 40 of the UN charter                            eng

                                                   Page 118

International marketing                                             Kapoor, O. P                       eng
International marketing                                             Geetanjali                         eng
International marketing : (text and cases)                          Cherunilam, Francis                eng
                                                                    Garg, Arun
International microeconomics & finance : theory & econometric methods                                  eng
International migration : a very short introduction                 Koser, Khalid                      eng
International migration and global justice                                                             eng
                                                                    Juss, Satvinder S. (Satvinder Singh)
International migration and national development in sub-Saharan Africa : viewpoints and policy initiatives in the countries of origin
                                                                    Jentsch, Birgit
International migration and rural areas : cross-national comparative perspectives                      eng
International order in a globalizing world                                                             eng
International policy coordination and simple monetary policy rules erger, Wolfram                      eng
International political systems : (a judicial approach)             Palekar, S. A                      eng
International politics                                              Palekar, S. A                      eng
International relations : a European perspective                    Telò, Mario                        eng
International Review of Biblical Studies : Internationale Zeitschriftenschau Für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete Revue Internatio
International review of biblical studies : Vol. 52, 2005-2006 = Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebi
                                                                    Engel, Charles
International risk sharing : through equity diversification or exchange rate hedging?                  eng
International risk sharing during the globalization era             Flood, Robert P                    eng
                                                                    International Seminar Majorana War and Scientific Culture, Erice
International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies : 26th session : E. on NuclearCentre forPlanetary Emergencies
                                                                    International Thermal the conference
International thermal spray conference, ITSC 2002 : lectures and posters presented atSpray Conference (3rd : 2002 : Essen, Germ
International tourism                                               Mathur, Ramesh                     eng
International tourism development                                   Singh, S. P                        eng
International trade and export management                           Cherunilam, Francis                eng
International trade and health : a reference guide                                                     eng
International trade and payments                                    Da Costa, Genaro C                 eng
International trade in services : new trends and opportunities for developing countries                eng
                                                                    International Workshop on Fusion Dynamics at the Extremes (2000
International Workshop on Fusion Dynamics at the Extremes : Dubna, Russia, 25-27 May 2000 eng
Internationales Jahrbuch für Wittgenstein-Forschung                                                    ger
                                                                    Walton, Whitney
Internationalism, national identities, and study abroad : France and the United States, 1890-1970 eng
                                                                    Singh, Vishnu Priya
Internet & e-mail hacking : know what and how hackers do! : prevent their intrusion                    eng
Internet alley : high technology in Tysons Corner, 1945-2005        Ceruzzi, Paul E                    eng
Internet marketing of tourism                                       Bisht, N. S                        eng
Internet research. Volume 17, Number 5, Selected research papers from the TERENA networking conference 2007
                                                                    Fox, Scott C
Internet riches : the simple money-making secrets of online millionaires                               eng
Internet-based intelligent information processing systems                                              eng
Interpersonal rejection                                                                                eng
Interpersonal skills                                                Wright, Bob                        eng
Interpretation and transformation : explorations in art and the self rausz, Michael                    eng
                                                                    Society Biblical Literature. SBL eng
                                                                                                       Midrash sections
Interpretation, religion and culture in Midrash and beyond : proceedings of the 2006 and 2007Midrash Section (2006 : Washington,
                                                                    Hayward, Robert, 1948-             eng
Interpretations of the name Israel in ancient Judaism and some early Christian writings : from victorious athlete to heavenly champio
                                                                    Thomas, H. Randolph, 1945-         eng
Interpreting construction contracts : fundamental principles for contractors, project managers, and contract administrators
Interpreting landscapes : geologies, topographies, identities       Tilley, Christopher Y              eng
Interpreting television news                                        Schaap, Gabi, 1972-                eng
Interpreting the Middle East : essential themes                                                        eng
Interpreting welfare and relief in the Middle East                                                     eng
Interpretive phenomenology for health care researchers : studying social practice, lifeworlds, and embodiment
Inter-professional approaches to young fathers                                                         eng
Interregional input-output analysis of the Chinese economy                                             eng
Interrogating Caribbean masculinities : theoretical and empirical analyses                             eng
                                                                    LaGuardia, David, the Cent nouvelles nouvelles
Intertextual masculinity in French Renaissance literature : Rabelais, Brantôme, and1963-               eng
Intervenciones                                                      Chomsky, Noam                      spa
                                                                    Wright, Barry                      eng
Intervention and support for parents and carers of children and young people on the autism spectrum : a resource for trainers
Interview skills : presenting yourself with confidence              Jayaprakash, Sajitha               eng
                                                                    Charlés, work
Intimate colonialism : head, heart, and body in West African developmentLaurie L                       eng
Intimate labors : cultures, technologies, and the politics of care                                     eng
Intimate partner violence : a clinical training guide for mental health professionals                  eng
Intimate partner violence : race, social class, and masculinity Mansley, Elizabeth A., 1978-           eng

                                                  Page 119

Intimate partner violence and women's economic insecurity           Resko, Stella M., 1978-           eng
                                                                    Traubel, Horace, 1858-1919
Intimate with Walt : selections from Whitman's conversations with Horace Traubel, 1888-1892           eng
Into Africa : a guide to Sub-Saharan culture and diversity          Richmond, Yale                    eng
Into the black : JPL and the American space program, 1976-2004 estwick, Peter J                       eng
Into the interior                                                   Cliff, Michelle                   eng
Intra-firms trade between India and USA : a structural analysis Tiwari, R. S                          eng
                                                                    Weyler, Karen
Intricate relations : sexual and economic desire in American fiction, 1789-1814 Ann                   eng
Introducción al cálculo diferencial                                 García Sosa, Ricardo F            spa
Introducing Islamicjerusalem                                        Uwaysai, Abd al-Fattaah Muhammad  eng
                                                                    International Conference Maltese Linguistics, Bremen, 18-20 Octob
Introducing Maltese linguistics : selected papers from the 1st International Conference on on Maltese Linguistics (1st : 2007 : Breme
Introducing philosophy of mathematics                               Friend, Michèle                   eng
                                                                    Imam, for Cape
Introducing the Euro as legal tender : benefits and costs of EurorizationPatrick Verde                eng
Introduction to [lambda]-trees                                      Chiswell, Ian, 1948-              eng
Introduction to 2-spinors in general relativity                     O'Donnell, Peter J., 1964-        eng
Introduction to aluminum alloys and tempers                                                           eng
                                                                    Kaufman, J. G. (John Gilbert), 1931-
Introduction to computational engineering with Matlab               Yang, Xin-She                     eng
Introduction to computational neurobiology and clustering           Tirozzi, Brunello                 eng
Introduction to computational plasticity                            Dunne, Fionn                      eng
Introduction to digital signal processing                           Kuc, Roman                        eng
Introduction to electrochemistry                                    Awode, Mahendra R                 eng
Introduction to game AI                                             Kirby, Neil                       eng
Introduction to gauge integrals                                     Swartz, Charles, 1938-            eng
Introduction to international business                              Subba Rao, P                      eng
Introduction to knitting technology                                 Johnson, Henry                    eng
Introduction to LINUX : installation and programming                                                  eng
Introduction to materials handling                                  Ray, Siddhartha                   eng
                                                                    Yang, metaheuristics
Introduction to mathematical optimization : from linear programming to Xin-She                        eng
Introduction to modern analysis                                     Kantorovitz, Shmuel, 1935-        eng
Introduction to phonons and electrons                               Lou, Liang-fu                     eng
Introduction to public law : a comparative study                    Zoller, Elisabeth                 eng
Introduction to random time and quantum randomness                                                    eng
Introduction to social demography                                   Pandey, G. S                      eng
Introduction to soil and agricultural microbiology                  Prabakaran, G                     eng
Introduction to the economics of financial markets                  Bradfield, James                  eng
Introduction to the history of Indian Buddhism                      Burnouf, Eugène, 1801-1852        eng
Introductory economics (micro and macro) : a textbook for class Dutta, Subhendu                       eng
Introductory food microbiology                                      Modi, H. A                        eng
Introductory microbiology                                           Simha, Umasankara                 eng
Introgression from genetically modified plants into wild relatives                                    eng
                                                                    Quirk, Mark E
Intuition and metacognition in medical education : keys to developing expertise                       eng
Invalidism and identity in nineteenth-century Britain               Frawley, Maria H., 1961-          eng
Invasive alien species : a toolkit of best prevention and management practices                        eng
                                                                    Czarapata, Elizabeth J
Invasive plants of the upper Midwest : an illustrated guide to their identification and control       eng
Invectives                                                          Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374 eng
Inventing Luxembourg : representations of the past, space and language from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century
                                                                    Chinn, Sarah E
Inventing modern adolescence : the children of immigrants in turn-of-the-century America              eng
Inventing superstition : from the Hippocratics to the Christians Martin, Dale B., 1954-               eng
Inventing television culture : men, women, and the box              Thumim, Janet, 1945-              eng
                                                                    electronics and D. (Alfred Dupont),
Inventing the electronic century : the epic story of the consumer Chandler, Alfredcomputer industries 1918-2007
                                                                    electronics and D. (Alfred Dupont), with a new
Inventing the electronic century : the epic story of the consumer Chandler, Alfredcomputer industries :1918-2007 preface
                                                                    Samuels, Maurice
Inventing the Israelite : Jewish fiction in nineteenth-century France                                 eng
Investigating identities : questions of identity in contemporary international crime fiction          eng
                                                                    Kiernan, Matthew J
Investing in a sustainable world : why GREEN is the new color of money on Wall Street                 eng
Investing in human capital for economic development in China Chinese Economists Society. Conference   eng
Investing in nanotechnology                                         Yadav, Rakesh K                   eng
Investment management                                               Avadhani, V. A                    eng

                                                  Page 120

                                                                     Noronha, mutual funds
Investment management : performance evaluation of different schemes ofMartina R                         eng
Invisible earthquake : a woman's journey through stillbirth          Ndlovu, Malika                     eng
                                                                      public policy into focus
Invisible hands, invisible objectives : bringing workplace law andBefort, Stephen F., 1948-             eng
Invitation to contemporary physics                                   Ho-Kim, Q. (Quang), 1938-          eng
Invitation to law and society : an introduction to the study of real Calavita, Kitty                    eng
Inwardness and morality                                              Fried, Eric Wolf                   eng
Ion                                                                  Platón., ca. 427-348 a.C           spa
Ion, or, On the Iliad                                                Plato                              eng
Ionizing radiation. Part 2, Some internally deposited radionuclides                                     eng
Iowa farm in your pocket : a beginner's guide                        Murray, Kirk                       eng
Iowa's forgotten general : Matthew Mark Trumbull and the Civil War   Lyftogt, Kenneth                   eng
Iphigénie en Tauride = Iphigenia in Tauris                           Fisher, Burton D                   eng
iPhone 3D game programming all in one                                Alessi, Jeremy                     eng
IPR handbook for pharma students and resarchers                      Bansal, Parikshit                  eng
IQ and psychometric test workbook                                    Carter, Philip J                   eng
Iran                                                                 World Trade Press                  eng
Iran                                                                 World Trade Press                  eng
Iran : from religious dispute to revolution                          Fischer, Michael M. J., 1946-      eng
Iran : money & banking                                                                                  eng
Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf : power politics in transition 1968-1971 Faisal bin Salman              eng
Iraq                                                                 World Trade Press                  eng
Iraq                                                                 World Trade Press                  eng
Iraq : money & banking                                                                                  eng
Ireland                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Ireland                                                              World Trade Press                  eng
Ireland : money & banking                                                                               eng
Ireland social, political, and religious                             Beaumont, Gustave de, 1802-1866    eng
                                                                     Campbell, Malcolm, 1963-
Ireland's New Worlds : immigrants, politics, and society in the United States and Australia, 1815-1922  eng
                                                                     Ahammad, Shamsuddin
iReport 3.7 : learn how to use iReport to create, design, format, and export reports                    eng
Irishness and womanhood in nineteenth-century British writing Tracy, Thomas (Thomas J.)                 eng
Irma : a Chicago woman's story, 1871-1966                                                               eng
                                                                     Frankenstein, Irma Rosenthal, 1871-1966
Iron & steel : a guide to Birmingham area industrial heritage sites                                     eng
                                                                     Bennett, James R. (James Ronald), 1940-
Irony and meaning in the Hebrew Bible                                Sharp, Carolyn J                   eng
                                                                     Crowe, behind?
Irrational exuberance in the U.S. housing market : were evangelicals leftChristopher (Christopher W.)   eng
Irrational security : the politics of defense from Reagan to Obama irls, Daniel, 1960-                  eng
Irregular connections : a history of anthropology and sexuality Lyons, Andrew P. (Andrew Paul) eng
Irregular migration in Europe : myths and realities                                                     eng
                                                                     De Grazia,
Irresistible empire : America's advance through twentieth-century Europe Victoria                       eng
Irreverent photo tools for digital photographers                     Weinrebe, Steve                    eng
                                                                     Fiege, Mark
Irrigated Eden : the making of an agricultural landscape in the American West                           eng
Irrigation engineering                                                                                  eng
Irrigation management : principles and practices                     Burton, Martin, Dr                 eng
Irrigation systems : design, planning and construction               Laycock, Adrian                    eng
Irving Thalberg : boy wonder to producer prince                      Vieira, Mark A., 1950-             eng
                                                                     Kutateladze, Besiki, 1976-
Is America really so punitive? : exploring a continuum of U.S. state criminal justice policies          eng
Is Asia prepared for an aging population?                            Heller, Peter S                    eng
Is diss a system? : a Milt Gross comic reader                        Gross, Milt, 1895-1953             eng
                                                                     Klyuev, Vladimir                    and
Is housing wealth an ATM ? : the relationship between household wealth, home equity withdrawal, eng saving rates
                                                                     Biro, Adam
Is it good for the Jews? : more stories from the old country and the new                                eng
Is it me or my meds? : living with antidepressants                   Karp, David Allen, 1944-           eng
                                                                     Cihák, Martin                      eng
Is one watchdog better than three? : International experience with integrated financial sector supervision
Is rational choice theory all of social science?                     Lichbach, Mark Irving, 1951-       eng
                                                                     Chan-Lau, Jorge A                  eng
Is systematic default risk priced in equity returns? : a cross-sectional analysis using credit derivatives prices
Is the Canadian housing market overvalued? : a post-crisis assessment Evridiki                          eng
Is the rectum a grave? : and other essays                            Bersani, Leo                       eng
Is there hope for Uncle Sam? : beyond the American bubble            Nederveen Pieterse, Jan            eng

                                                Page 121

Isaeus                                                                Isaeus, ca. 420-ca. 350 B.C         eng
                                                                      Aarsbergen-Ligtvoet, Connie, 1961-
Isaiah Berlin : a value pluralist and humanist view of human nature and the meaning of life               eng
Ischemic cerebrovascular disease                                      Adams, Harold P., 1944-             eng
Ischemic heart disease                                                Falk, Erling                        eng
                                                                      Elliott, Sam Davis,
Isham G. Harris of Tennessee : Confederate governor and United States senator 1956-                       eng
Islam & Europe : challenges and opportunities                                                             eng
Islam & Europe : crises are challenges                                                                    eng
Islam and democracy : what is the real question?                      Bayat, Asef                         eng
Islam and nation : separatist rebellion in Aceh, Indonesia            Aspinall, Edward                    eng
Islam and political violence : Muslim diaspora and radicalism in the West                                 eng
                                                                      Azak, Umut
Islam and secularism in Turkey : Kemalism, religion and the nation state                                  eng
Islam in South Asia : a short history                                 Malik, Jamal                        eng
Islam in the Baltic : Europe's early Muslim community                 Norris, H. T                        eng
                                                                      Spencer, Robert, 1962-
Islam unveiled : disturbing questions about the world's fastest-growing faith                             eng
                                                                      Kanra, Bora
Islam, democracy, and dialogue in Turkey : deliberating in divided societies                              eng
Islam, Kurds and the Turkish nation state                             Houston, Christopher                eng
Islam, liberalism and human rights : implications for internationalDalacoura, Katerina                    eng
                                                                      Venardos, Angelo M
Islamic banking & finance in South-East Asia : its development & future                                   eng
Islamic Jerusalem and its Christians : a history of tolerance and Abu-Munshar, Maher Y                    eng
Islamic monuments in Cairo : the practical guide                      Williams, Caroline (Caroline H.) eng
                                                                      modern Sunni Islam
Islamic reform and conservatism : Al-Azhar and the evolution of Gesink, Indira Falk                       eng
                                                                      Ryad, Umar                            his
Islamic reformism and Christianity : a critical reading of the works of Mu.hammad Rashid Ri.da andeng associates (1898-1935)
Islamic spectrum in Java                                              Daniels, Timothy P., 1960-          eng
Islamism and modernism : the changing discourse in Iran               Rajaee, Farhang, 1952-              eng
Islamophobia/Islamophilia : beyond the politics of enemy and friend                                       eng
Island bats : evolution, ecology, and conservation                                                        eng
Island biogeography : ecology, evolution, and conservation            Whittaker, Robert J                 eng
                                                                      Sallenger, disaster that warns of a warmer world
Island in a storm : a rising sea, a vanishing coast, and a nineteenth-centuryAbby                         eng
Island lives : historical archaeologies of the Caribbean                                                  eng
                                                                      Treffert, Darold A
Islands of genius : the bountiful mind of the autistic, acquired, and sudden savant                       eng
Isolationist states in an interdependent world                        Turku, Helga                        eng
Isoprenoid biosynthesis in higher plants                                                                  eng
Isotopes in vitreous materials                                                                            eng
Israel                                                                World Trade Press                   eng
Israel                                                                World Trade Press                   eng
Israel                                                                World Trade Press                   eng
Israel in the wilderness : interpretations of the biblical narratives in Jewish and Christian traditions eng
Israeli culture between the two Intifadas : a brief romance           Peleg, Yaron                        eng
Israel's God and Rebecca's children : christology and community in early Judaism and Christianity eng     : essays in honor of Larry W. Hu
Israel's history and the history of Israel                            Liverani, Mario                     eng
Israel's restoration : a textual-comparative exploration of EzekielCrane, Ashley S                        eng
Israel's tabernacle as social space                                   George, Mark K., 1962-              eng
Issues in conducting research with and about older persons                                                eng
Issues in heart failure nursing                                                                           eng
Issues in human rights protection of intellectually disabled persons  Dimopoulos, Andreas                 eng
Issues in ophthalmic practice : current and future challenges                                             eng
Issues in teaching learning                                           Sharma, R. K                        eng
Issues in teaching numeracy in primary schools                                                            eng
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (26th : 20
ISTFA 2000 : proceedings of the 26th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, 12-16 November 2000, Meydenba
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (27th Cla
ISTFA 2001 : proceedings of the 27th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis : 11-15 November 2001, Santa : 20
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing November Analysis (28th : 20
ISTFA 2002 : proceedings of the 28th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis : 3-7 and Failure 2002, Phoenix Civi
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (29th : 20
ISTFA 2003 : proceedings of the 29th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, 2-6 November 2003, Santa Clara C
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (30th : 20
ISTFA 2004 : proceedings of the 30th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, November 14-18, 2004, Worcester
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (31st : C
ISTFA 2005 : Proceedings of the 31st International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, Movember 6-10, 2005, McEneryd2
                                                                       for Testing and Failure Analysis, November 12-16, 2006, (23rd : 20
ISTFA 2006 : proceedings of the 32nd International Symposium International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis Renaissa
                                                                      International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (33rd 20
ISTFA 2007 : proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, November 4-8, 2007, San Jose: Mc

                                                   Page 122

                                                                      International Symposium and Failure Analysis, November 14-19, 20
ISTFA 2009 : conference proceedings from the 35th International Symposium for Testing for Testing and Failure Analysis (35th : 20
It                                                                    Roach, Joseph R., 1947-           eng
IT framework design parameters                                        Freedman, Charles                 eng
                                                                      Calder, Alan,
IT governance : a manager's guide to data security and ISO 27001/ISO 270021957-                         eng
IT governance : managing information technology for business Norfolk, David                             eng
                                                                      1.02 : eliminate                  eng
IT inventory and resource management with OCS Inventory NG Antal, Barzan inventorying dilemmas by implementing a free & fea
It was like a fever : storytelling in protest and politics            Polletta, Francesca               eng
Italian folk : vernacular culture in Italian-American lives                                             eng
Italo-Celtic origins and prehistoric development of the Irish language                                  eng
                                                                      Kortlandt, F. H. H. (Frederik Herman Henri), 1946-
Italy                                                                 World Trade Press                 eng
Italy                                                                 World Trade Press                 eng
Italy                                                                 World Trade Press                 eng
Italy in the age of the Renaissance : 1300-1550                                                         eng
It's a long way from Llano : the journey of a wildlife biologist      Teer, James G                     eng
It's getting better all the time : 100 greatest trends of the last 100Moore, Stephen, 1960-             eng
It's legal but it ain't right : harmful social consequences of legal industries                         eng
It's the molecule, stupid                                             Noesel, Carel J. M. van           dut
Iwao Takamoto : my life with a thousand characters                    Takamoto, Iwao                    eng
J. Frank Dobie : a liberated mind                                     Davis, Steven L                   eng
J. M. Coetzee's austerities                                                                             eng
J.D. Bernal : the sage of science                                     Brown, Andrew, 1950 Aug. 12-      eng
J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute, 1798-1800                        Estes, Yolanda                    eng
J.J. Rousseau : an afterlife of words                                 Friedlander, Eli                  eng
J.M. Coetzee and the paradox of postcolonial authorship               Poyner, Jane                      eng
Jack London's racial lives : a critical biography                     Reesman, Jeanne Campbell          eng
Jacob of Edessa and the Syriac culture of his day                                                       eng
Jacob of Sarug's homilies on the Resurrection                         Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
Jacob of Sarug's homilies on the six days of creation : the first day Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on Epiphany                                   Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on Palm Sunday                                Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
                                                                      Jacob, of me, satan
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on Simon Peter, When Our Lord said get behind Serug, 451-521                    eng
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the partaking of the Holy Mysteries Jacob, of Serug, 451-521                 eng
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the presentation of our Lord               Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          mul
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the Tower of Babel                         Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the veil on Moses' face                    Jacob, of Serug, 451-521          eng
Jacob's legacy : a genetic view of Jewish history                     Goldstein, David B                eng
Jamaica                                                               World Trade Press                 eng
Jamaica                                                               World Trade Press                 eng
Jamaica                                                               World Trade Press                 eng
Jamaica talk : three hundred years of the English language in Jamaica Frederic Gomes, 1907-2000         eng
Jamaican folk medicine : a source of healing                          Payne-Jackson, Arvilla            eng
James Fenimore Cooper : the early years                               Franklin, Wayne                   eng
James Merrill : postmodern magus : myth and poetics                   Smith, Evans Lansing, 1950-       eng
James Van Allen : the first eight billion miles                       Foerstner, Abigail, 1949-         eng
Jamestown project                                                     Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, 1939- eng
Jane Austen                                                                                             eng
Japan                                                                 World Trade Press                 eng
Japan                                                                 World Trade Press                 eng
Japan : money & banking                                                                                 eng
Japan and the League of Nations : Empire and world order, 1914-1938   Burkman, Thomas W                 eng
Japanese                                                              Iwasaki, Shoichi                  eng
Japanese assimilation policies in colonial Korea, 1910-1945           Caprio, Mark                      eng
Japanese project management : KPM - innovation, development and improvement                             eng
Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism : Myoshinji, a living religion           Borup, Jørn                       eng
Japanese sports : a history                                           Guttmann, Allen                   eng
Japanese temple Buddhism : worldliness in a religion of renunciation Stephen Grover, 1965-              eng

                                                  Page 123

Japan's colonization of Korea : discourse and power                  Dudden, Alexis, 1969-              eng
                                                                     Farris, William Wayne
Japan's medieval population : famine, fertility, and warfare in a transformative age                    eng
Japan's motorcycle wars : an industry history                        Alexander, Jeffrey W., 1972-       eng
Jasmine and stars : reading more than Lolita in Tehran               Keshavarz, Fatemeh, 1952-          eng
                                                                      enterprise Java EE 5
Java EE 5 development with NetBeans 6 : develop professional Heffelfinger, David R applications eng     quickly and easily with this popul
Jazz : the Australian accent                                         Shand, John, 1955-                 eng
Jazz country : Ralph Ellison in America                              Porter, Horace A., 1950-           eng
Jazz diplomacy : promoting America in the Cold War era               Davenport, Lisa E                  eng
Jazz visions : Lennie Tristano and his legacy                        Ind, Peter                         eng
JBoss AS 5 development                                               Marchioni, Francesco               eng
                                                                     Browne, Paul                       eng
JBoss drools business rules : capture, automate, and reuse your business processes in a clear English language that your compute
                                                                     and Ramanujam                      eng
JBoss portal server development : create dynamic, feature-rich, Rao,robust enterprise portal applications
JBoss RichFaces 3.3                                                  Filocamo, Demetrio                 eng
                                                                     Leonard, Anghel                    eng
JBoss Tools 3 developer's guide : build functional applications from scratch to server deployment using JBoss Tools : develop JSF,
JBPM developer guide                                                 Salatino, Mauricio                 eng
                                                                     Vohra, Deepak, 1966-               eng
JDBC 4.0 and Oracle JDeveloper for J2EE development : a J2EE developer's guide for using Oracle JDeveloper's integrated datab
Jean-Luc Nancy and the future of philosophy                          Hutchens, B. C                     eng
Jean-Marie Tjibaou, Kanak witness to the world : an intellectual biographyEric                          eng
Jefferson Davis's generals                                                                              eng
Jennie Carter : a Black journalist of the early West                 Carter, Jennie, 1830 or 31-1881 eng
Jerome Bruner : language, culture, self                                                                 eng
Jerusalem : from the Ottomans to the British                         Mazza, Roberto                     eng
                                                                      B.C.E.-70 C.E.)
Jerusalem : portrait of the city in the second Temple period (538Levine, Lee I                          eng
Jesus and Lao Tzu : the parallel sayings with commentaries                                              eng
Jesus as guru : the image of Christ among Hindus and Christians in India Jan Peter, 1949-               eng
Jesus in an age of terror : scholarly projects for a new American Crossley, James G                     eng
Jewels of authority : women and textual tradition in Hindu India                                        eng
                                                                     Weiner, Hollace Women
Jewish Junior League : the rise and demise of the Fort Worth Council of Jewish Ava, 1946-               eng
Jewish Bialystok and its diaspora                                    Kobrin, Rebecca                    eng
Jewish choices, Jewish voices                                                                           eng
Jewish choices, Jewish voices : Power                                                                   eng
                                                                     Bell, Dean
Jewish identity in early modern Germany : memory, power and community Phillip, 1967-                    eng
Jewish identity in the Greco-Roman world = Jüdische identität in der griechisch-römischen welt          eng
Jewish musical modernism, old and new                                                                   eng
Jewish philosophy and western culture : a modern introduction Seidler, Victor J., 1945-                 eng
                                                                      works of Sarra Copia Sulam in     eng
Jewish poet and intellectual in seventeenth-century Venice : the Copia Sulam, Sarra, 1592-1641verse and prose, along with writings
Jewish renaissance in the Russian revolution                         Moss, Kenneth B                    eng
Jewish theatre : a global view                                                                          eng
Jewish women in fin de siècle Vienna                                 Rose, Alison                       eng
Jewish women in pre-state Israel : life history, politics, and culture                                  eng
Jews and gender : the challenge to hierarchy                         Frankel, Jonathan                  eng
Jews and the Civil War : a reader                                                                       eng
Jews and the making of modern German theatre                                                            eng
Jews in a Graeco-Roman world                                                                            eng
Jews in Nazi Berlin : from Kristallnacht to liberation                                                  eng
Jews in psychology and the psychology of Judaism                     Rich, Melanie S                    eng
Jihadi terrorism and the radicalisation challenge in Europe                                             eng
Jim Crow nostalgia : reconstructing race in Bronzeville              Boyd, Michelle R                   eng
Jimmy Buffett and philosophy : the porpoise driven life                                                 eng
Joan Blondell : a life between takes                                 Kennedy, Matthew, 1957-            eng
Jobs, training and worker well-being                                                                    eng
                                                                     Arpaio, Joe, everything else that threatens America
Joe's law : America's toughest sheriff takes on illegal immigration, drugs, and1932-                    eng
John A. Burns : the man and his times                                Boylan, Dan                        eng
John B. Armstrong : Texas Ranger and pioneer ranchman                Parsons, Chuck                     eng
John Burroughs and the place of nature                               Warren, James Perrin               eng
John Fowles : visionary and voyeur                                   Lenz, Brooke                       eng

                                                    Page 124

John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, 1728-2004 : adaptations and re-writings                                ger
John Hill for the state of Texas : my years as attorney general Hill, John L., 1923-2007              eng
John McDowell                                                       Thornton, Tim                     eng
                                                                    Syrian Orthodox bishop            3-538
John of Tella's Profession of faith : the legacy of a sixth-century Yuhannan, Bishop of Tella, 482 or eng
John Rawls                                                          Audard, Catherine                 eng
John Scottus Eriugena                                               Carabine, Deirdre                 eng
John Searle                                                         Fotion, N                         eng
John Skelton and poetic authority : defining the liberty to speak Griffiths, Jane, 1970-              eng
                                                                     European context
John Stewart of Baldynneis Roland Furious : a Scots poem in itsHeddle, Donna                          eng
                                                                    Zipser, Barbara
John the Physician's Therapeutics : a medical handbook in vernacular Greek                            eng
John Washington's Civil War : a slave narrative                     Washington, John, 1838-1918       eng
John Wesley Powell : his life and legacy                            Aton, James M., 1949-             eng
John Wyclif's Discourse on dominion in community                    Boreczky, Elemér                  eng
John, Jesus, and history                                                                              eng
John, Jesus, and history : Volume 2, Aspects of historicity in the fourth gospel                      eng
Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice : implementation and translation                        eng
Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice model and guidelines                                    eng
Joie de vivre in French literature and culture : essays in honour of Michael Freeman                  eng
                                                                    Materials Solutions 2004 on on Joining of Advanced and Specialty
Joining of advanced and specialty materials VII : proceedings from Materials Solutions 2004 Joining of Advanced and Specialty Ma
Joining places : slave neighborhoods in the old South               Kaye, Anthony E                   eng
Joining the conversation : dialogues by Renaissance women           Smarr, Janet Levarie, 1949-       eng
                                                                    Goertz, Norbert
Joint source-channel coding of discrete-time signals with continuous amplitudes                       eng
Jonah's world : social science and the reading of prophetic storyHandy, Lowell K., 1949-              eng
                                                                    and contemporary perspectives eng
Jonathan Edwards' social Augustinian trinitarianism in historical Studebaker, Steven M., 1968-
Jonathan Swift in the company of women                              Barnett, Louise K                 eng
                                                                    stores Suhreed                    eng
Joomla! : e-commerce with VirtueMart : build feature-rich online Sarkar,with Joomla! 1.0/1.5 and VirtueMart 1.1.x
                                                                    Tiggeler, Eric                    eng
Joomla! 1.5 : beginner's guide : build and maintain impressive user-friendly web sites the fast and easy way with Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 1.5 content administration                                  Porst, Tracey                     eng
                                                                    Kennard, James                    eng
Joomla! 1.5 development cookbook : solve real world Joomla! 1.5 development problems with over 130 simple but incredibly useful
                                                                    Walker, Allan                     eng
Joomla! 1.5 multimedia : build media-rich Joomla! web sites by learning to embed and display multimedia content
Joomla! 1.5 SEO                                                     Van Dinther, Herbert-Jan          eng
                                                                    powerful Timi
Joomla! 1.5 site blueprints : tailor-made plans for easily building Ogunjobi,exciting Joomla! sites eng
                                                                    Silver, Tessa Blakeley            guide
Joomla! 1.5 template design : create your own professional-quality templates with this fast, friendlyeng
                                                                    Chapman, Daniel                   eng
Joomla! 1.5x customization : make your site adapt to your needs : create and customize a professional Joomla! site that suits your b
                                                                    Canavan, threats with this easy-to-use guide
Joomla! web security : secure your Joomla! website from common securityTom                            eng
Joomla! with Flash                                                  Sarkar, Suhreed                   eng
Jordan                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Jordan                                                              World Trade Press                 eng
Jordan : money & banking                                                                              eng
Joseph Conrad : memories and impressions : an annotated bibliographyRay, Martin                       eng
Joseph Conrad and the swan song of romance                          Baxter, Katherine Isobel, 1976- eng
Joseph Henry Lumpkin : Georgia's first Chief Justice                Hicks, Paul DeForest, 1936-       eng
Josephine Lang : her life and songs                                 Krebs, Harald, 1955-              eng
Josie Underwood's Civil War diary                                   Underwood, Josie, 1840-1923       eng
Journal of communication management. Volume 11, Number 4, Papers from the Alan Rawel CIPR eng         Conference 2007
Journal of educational administration : Volume 25, Number 6, Leadership for learning in the context of social justice : an interenation
Journal of enterprise information management. Volume 20, Number 5, Supply chains and globalization    eng
Journal of health organization and management : Volume 22, Number 1, Incentives in health systems : developing theory, investiga
Journal of health organization and management. Volume 21, Number 6, International health and the work of the Nuffield Centre for
Journal of information, communication and ethics in society. Volume 5, Number 2/3, The contribution of information science to the
Journal of intellectual capital. Volume 8, Number 4, Strategic enterprise valuation                   eng
Journal of management development. Volume 27, Number 1, Competencies in the 21st century eng
Journal of management history. Volume 13, Number 4, Our dreams of excellence - learning from the past and architecturing the futu
Journal of managerial psychology. Volume 23, Number 2, The emotions of managing                       eng
Journal of manufacturing technology management. Volume 18, Number 7, Techniques for performance improvement in organizatio
Journal of manufacturing technology management. Volume 18, Number 8, The future of manufacturing      eng

                                                  Page 125

Journal of place management and development : Volume 1, Number 1, Place management : collecting definitions and perspectives
Journal of product and brand management. Volume 16, Number 7, Behavioral pricing                         eng
Journal of property investment & finance : Volume 26, Number 2, The role of property in the capitaleng    markets
Journal of property investment & finance. , European Real Estate Society 2006                            eng
Journal of services marketing. Volume 21, Number 6, Internationalization of services : identifying the building blocks for future resea
Journal of the Canadian Society for Syriac Studies : Volume 9                                            eng
                                                                   Latin                                 eng
Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association American and Caribbean Economic Association
Journey to the East : the Jesuit mission to China, 1579-1724       Brockey, Liam Matthew                 eng
Journey to the Ice Age : discovering an ancient world              Storck, Peter L                       eng
                                                                   Oxfeldt, Elisabeth
Journeys from Scandinavia : travelogues of Africa, Asia, and South America, 1840-2000                    eng
Joyce, Penelope and the body                                                                             eng
Joyce/Foucault : sexual confessions                                Streit, Wolfgang, 1963-               eng
Joyous greetings : the first international women's movement, 1830-1860 Bonnie S                          eng
Joys and sorrows of imaginary persons : (on literary emotions) Wesling, Donald                           eng
JQuery 1.3 with PHP                                                Verens, Kae                           eng
                                                                    popular JavaScript library
jQuery 1.4 reference guide : a comprehensive exploration of the Swedberg, Karl                           eng
jQuery UI 1.6 : the user interface library for jQuery              Wellman, Dan                          eng
JQuery UI 1.7 : the user interface library for jQuery              Wellman, Dan                          eng
JSF 1.2 components : develop advanced Ajax-enabled JSF applications Ian                                  eng
                                                                   Leonard, Anghel                       eng
JSF 2.0 cookbook : over 100 simple but incredibly effective recipes for taking control of your JSF applications
Juan de Mariana and early modern Spanish political thought         Braun, Harald (Harald Ernst)          eng
Juan del Jarro                                                     Torre, Norberto de la                 spa
                                                                   Boteach, Shmuel
Judaism for everyone : renewing your life through the vibrant lessons of Jewish faith                    eng
Judeities : questions for Jacques Derrida                                                                eng
                                                                   Idema, W. L. (Wilt L.)
Judge Bao and the rule of law : eight ballad-stories from the period 1250-1450                           eng
                                                                   Loukaides, Loukes G                   eng
Judge Loukis Loucaides : an alternative view on the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights : a collection of separate
                                                                   Terrio, at the J. (Susan Jane), 1950-
Judging Mohammed : juvenile delinquency, immigration, and exclusion SusanParis Palace of Justice         eng
Judging school discipline : the crisis of moral authority          Arum, Richard                         eng
Julius Caesar                                                      Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 eng
Juno Beach : Canada's D-Day victory, June 6, 1944                  Zuehlke, Mark, 1955-                  eng
                                                                   Harvie, action
Jürgen Moltmann's ethics of hope : eschatological possibilities for moralTimothy                         eng
                                                                   nineteenth and twentieth centurieseng
Juries and the transformation of criminal justice in France in the Donovan, James M. (James Michael), 1948-
Just breathe normally                                              Shumaker, Peggy, 1952-                eng
                                                                   Hopkins, Belinda,
Just care : restorative justice approaches to working with children in public care 1956-                 eng
Just culture : balancing safety and accountability                 Dekker, Sidney                        eng
                                                                   Anderson, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1944-
Just get out of the way : how government can help business in poor countries                             eng
Just past? : the making of Israeli archaeology                     Kletter, Raz                          eng
                                                                   W                                     eng
Just politics : human rights and the foreign policy of great powers alldorf, C. William (Charles William), 1967-
Just war against terror : the burden of American power in a violent world Jean Bethke, 1941-             eng
                                                                   Whetham, David                        eng
Just wars and moral victories : surprise, deception and the normative framework of European war in the later Middle Ages
Just work                                                          Muirhead, Russell, 1965-              eng
Justice and mercy will kiss : the vocation of peacemaking in a world of many faiths                      eng
                                                                   Beattie, Amanda Russell
Justice and morality : human suffering, natural law and international politics                           eng
Justice and rights : Christian and Muslim perspectives : a record of the fifth Building bridges seminar held in Washington, D.C., Ma
Justice and the social contract : essays on Rawlsian political philosophy Samuel Richard                 eng
Justice in the Balkans : prosecuting war crimes in the Hague Tribunal John, 1946-                        eng
Justice, posterity, and the environment                            Beckerman, Wilfred                    eng
Justice, women, and power in English Renaissance drama                                                   eng
                                                                   Vainio, Olli-Pekka                    eng
Justification and participation in Christ : the development of the Lutheran doctrine of justification from Luther to the Formula of conc
Juvenile delinquency : prevention, assessment, and intervention                                          eng
                                                                   Weinstein, Roni                       eng
Juvenile sexuality, Kabbalah, and Catholic reformation in Italy : Tiferet bahurim by Pinhas Barukh ben Pelatiyah Monselice
                                                                   Carlson, Peter, 1952-
K blows top : a Cold War comic interlude starring Nikita Khrushchev, America's most unlikely tourist     eng
Kabuki's forgotten war : 1931-1945                                 Brandon, James R                      eng
Kailyard and Scottish literature                                   Nash, Andrew, 1972-                   eng
                                                                   Maksimov, K. N. (Konstantin Nikolaevich)
Kalmykia in Russia's past and present national policies and administrative system                        eng
                                                                    of aesthetics in Emiko
Kamikaze, cherry blossoms, and nationalisms : the militarizationOhnuki-Tierney, Japanese history eng

                                                   Page 126

Kant and the early moderns                                                                           eng
Kant and theology at the boundaries of reason                     Firestone, Chris L., 1957-         eng
Kant Yearbook : 1/2009, Teleology                                                                    eng
Kant yearbook : 2/2010, Metaphysics                                                                  eng
Kantian thinking about military ethics                            Ficarrotta, J. Carl, 1957-         eng
Kant's impure ethics : from rational beings to human beings       Louden, Robert B., 1953-           eng
Kant's moral metaphysics : God, freedom, and immortality                                             eng
Kants Philosophie der Natur : ihre Entwicklung im Opus postumum und ihre Wirkung                     ger
                                                                  Lehner, Ulrich L., 1976-
Kants Vorsehungskonzept auf dem Hintergrund der deutschen Schulphilosophie und -theologie ger
Karanga indigenous religion in Zimbabwe : health and well-being   Shoko, Tabona                      eng
Karen Horney & character disorder : a guide for the modern practitioner Irving                       eng
Karl Barth and the Fifth Gospel : Barth's theological exegesis of Gignilliat, Mark S                 eng
Karl Barth on the Filioque                                        Guretzki, David                    eng
                                                                  Kettler, David
Karl Mannheim and the legacy of Max Weber : retrieving a research programme                          eng
Kashmir in conflict : India, Pakistan and the unending war        Schofield, Victoria                eng
Katherine Anne Porter remembered                                                                     eng
Kazahkstan : money & banking                                                                         eng
Kazakhstan                                                        World Trade Press                  eng
Kazakhstan                                                        World Trade Press                  eng
K'cracy, trees in the storm & other poems : (composed & written Ndi, Bill F                          eng
Keep me in your heart a while : the haunting Zen of Dainin Katagiri Dosho                            eng
Keeping the whole child healthy and safe : reflections on best practices in learning, teaching, and leadership
Keith Joseph                                                      Denham, Andrew                     eng
Keith Kyle, reporting the world                                   Kyle, Keith                        eng
Ken Smith, landscape architect : urban projects                                                      eng
Kennedy's blues : African-American blues and gospel songs on JFK Guido van, 1950-                    eng
Kennedy's wars : Berlin, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam                  Freedman, Lawrence                 eng
Kenya                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Kenya                                                             World Trade Press                  eng
Kenya : money & banking                                                                              eng
Kevin's glossary of science                                       Bravo, Diano                       eng
                                                                  Cheverton, Peter
Key account management : tools and techniques for achieving profitable key supplier status           eng
Key concepts in teaching primary mathematics                      Haylock, Derek                     eng
Key notions for pragmatics                                                                           eng
Keynes : the return of the master                                                                    eng
                                                                  Skidelsky, Robert Jacob Alexander, 1939-
Keywords in news and journalism stud