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									                                       Co ve r Le tte r
Dear Employer,

   I am writing to apply for the Digital Project Manager position. I would be very interested to work
with your company, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a
very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position

   1. Had successfully managed and developed more than 150 web, iPhone apps, and online
       projects of different scales from A to Z using either Java-based, .NET-based or PHP-based
       languages and technologies then work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine
       Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

   2. Provided exceptional supervision to any technical team whether the team was online or locally,
       and worked on managing and developing digital and media projects for high-end clients at
       different industries from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.

   3. Managed old twofour54 websites and managed the projects of new twofour54 websites:,,,

   4. From my latest projects:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (coming soon).

   With a BS degree in Software Engineering, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of
a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new
technologies as needed.

   I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, +971 55 969 6662 or by email
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speak with you about this
employment opportunity.
                                                                                       Mobile: +971 (55) 9696662

 Oubai Al Hendi                                                                        E-mail:
                                                                                       Age: 26; Nationality: Syrian
                                                                                       Visa Status: Work Visa
                                                                                       Driving License: UAE

               Digital Project Manager / Senior Web Developer
Proven digital projects development and management expertise in a career for 10+ years

  1-    Career Objectives:
           Play a key part in the overall success and smooth delivery of exciting digital projects for
            high-end clients, and be responsible for the lifecycle on digital pro jects starting from
            planning and requirements’ gathering till the successful project delivery, while keep
            monitoring the scope, quality, schedule, team and risk throughout the project progress.

           Technically sophisticated with a pioneering career in media reflecting strong
            programming qualifications coupled with sales and projects management expertise.

           Strength
                     Innovative; critical thinker and creative problem solver.
                     Honest; dedicated, solutions-oriented and self-motivated.
                     Team-based working style and excell ent interpersonal/communication skills.
                     Ability to work under pressure and meet tight projects .

  2-    Summary:
           Develop websites and web systems while a cting as a liaison between
            design, and content team, being responsible for overall feel and look of sites.
           Interpret the clients brief and translate t his into a set of clearly defined
            deliverables including comprehensive documentation .
           Cre a te a n d ma i n ta i n p ro je ct c ha rte r, s co pe, SO W , pla ns , a nd sc h edu le s t he n f ol low
            up o r w or k o n t he p r o je c t d e ve l op m e n t .
           Perfect management to the project and its team in sales, finance, designing and
            development; meanwhile follow up with the client in order to deliver the project on time.
           Ensure creative and technical quality throughout the project management process.

  3-    Education & Credentials:
           Aca demic D egr ees :
                  o   B.S. in Information Technology / Software Engineering (University of Phoenix)
                  o   Ass o cia t e De g re e i n E l ect ro ni c s C om mu n ic a ti on ( U n i v e r s i t y o f D a m a s c u s )

           Certificates:
              Attended around (+300) training hours in authorized centers (e.g. New Horizons ,
              SBS and Sites Power) for the following certificates:
              o Mas t er C I W E n t er pr i se D e ve l op e r (i nc lu d es 7 c er t ifi ca t es)
              o P ro j ec t M an ag e m e nt P r of es si on al (P MP )
              o IB M O b j ec t - Ori e n t e d A nal ysi s an d D es i gn
              o Orac l e C e r tif i e d Ass oc ia t e ( O CA )

           Computer Skills:
             Programming Languages , Technologies and CMS’s
              - JSP - J2EE   -Obj C    -XML -JS   -Joomla -WordPress -TYPO3
              - PHP - AJAX   -ASP .NET –CSS –JSON -Expression Engine     -Magnolia
             RDBMS         -mySQL     -ORACLE    -MS SQL Server
             Applications -Photoshop -Dreamweaver –Jbuilder -MS Visio -MS Projects
                                      -Flash –XCode –Eclipse –Merlin Project Management
     Oubai Al Hendi                                                             Page 2 of 2

          Languages:
         Levels are:  Fluent    Expert     Advanced                                  Intermediate     Beginner
      Language     Conversation    Writing   Reading                                 Listening    Certificates
       Arabic          Fluent       Fluent    Fluent                                   Fluent        Native
       English                  Fluent                 Fluent              Fluent     Fluent               TOEFL

       French                 Advanced               Advanced              Expert    Advanced                TCF
       Spanish                  Expert                 Expert              Fluent     Expert
       Italian                Beginner               Beginner             Beginner   Beginner               -----

4-    Professional Experience:
           Ab u D ha b i M e dia C o m pa ny ( w ww .a dm e d ia.a e )                       J an 201 1 – P r es e n t
               Pro je ct Ma na ger , Di git al M edia Gr o up
                        Manage digital projects of ADMC main brands that include National Geographic, Majid
                         Magazine, Abu Dhabi Television Network, Abu Dhbai Radio Network, Abu Dhabi Media
                         Corporate and The National.

           Fl i p M e dia ( ww w.f li p. m e )                                                      Ap r 20 09 – De c 20 10
            Pi o n e e r i n g i n te r a c ti ve di gi ta l a ge n c y i n t h e M i ddl e Ea s t. 1 0 0 % o n l i n e
               Acco unt Ma na ger , Di gi tal P ro je ct Ma na ger
                        Managed and delivered successfully challenging web projects for high end clients.
                        Managed twofour54 websites’ development and campaigns including extranet and
                         intranet websites.
                        Managed the projects of building the new twofour54 websites:

           Al daw li ya B us in ess                                                           N ov 2 007 – A pr 2 0 09
            Pol i ti c a l a n d F i n a n c i a l N e w s Ch a n n e l
               Head o f So ftwa re De velo pme nt Dept .
                        Managed to lead the development and design team that was responsible for building
                         and running live graphics and news systems in the channel using Ventuz and Miranda.
                        Managed to build the news portal of the channel in coordination with the news team.

           Tak hay al T el e vi si on ( ww w. ta kh aya l.c o m )                             D E C 2 006 – No v 20 07
               Web Ma nag er
                        Managed and developed all web portals that included the corporate website
                         ta k ha ya l . co m , and the first cooking portal in Middle East fa ta fe a t. c om .

           Alr es ala h ( w ww. al r esa la h. e u )                                           A pr 200 5 – De c 200 6
               Fo und er / M ana gi ng P artner
                        E sta b li sh e d t he Di gita l Ser vi ce s Dep t. a nd d eve lo ped ma n y ser vi ce s a n d pla n s
                         in w e b de ve lo pme nt , h ost i ng, netw or ki n g, a n d i nte ra cti ve C D' s .
                        Ma n a ge d a nd de li ve re d s u c ce ss f ull y t o hi gh - end cli en ts m ore t ha n 3 0 ris k - free
                         dig ita l pr o je cts .

           Space Toon (
            T h e Pi on e e r i n g Ki ds C h a n n e l i n M i ddl e Ea s t                   Oct 2004 – Jun 2005
               Java Web Developer
                        De ve l op e d a nd De bu g ged a ja va - ba s ed C M S ca l led Ma g n ol ia i n t he p ro je ct o f
                         de v e l opi n g t he w e b sit e www .s pa ceto o n. t v

           Ab u A l N ou r F o u nd a ti o n ( w ww .a b un o ur . ne t )                     J ul 200 0 – Oc t 20 04
               Web Developer
                        Developed and administered the foundation websites k u fta r o .or g and a bu n ou r. ne t

5-    R e f e r e n c e s a re Ava ila b le up o n req ue st

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