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									                                        Robert R. Schoen
                                1100 Graham Apt 1512 Tomball Tx. 77375
Home (281) 255-6774                                                  
Cell (281) 610-9186

                           Visual Basic Software Developer
                    Motivated - Self Improving - Respected - Resourceful - Dependable

                                        Career Objectives
Join a progressive firm, which will make use of my talents and experience as a Windows application
developer. The ideal environment will be professionally stimulating and will offer opportunities for career

                               Skill Name                Skill Level      Last Used        Experience
    Languages                  VB                        Expert           currently used   5 Years
                               VBA                       Expert           3 years ago      2 Years
                               ASP                       Intermediate     Academic         2 Years
                               C++                       Beginner         Academic         < 1 year
                               C#                        Academic         in study         < 1 Year
                               VB.Net/ASP.Net            Beginner         Academic         < 1 Years
    Tools/Objects              ADO                       Expert           currently used   5 Years
                               RDO                       Intermediate     4 Years ago      1 Year
                               OLE                       Intermediate     5 Years ago      1 Year
                               OLE DB                    Intermediate     4 Years ago      2 Years
                               DAO                       Expert           3 years ago      2 Years
                               XML                       Expert           currently used   3 Years
                               MTS                       Beginner         1 Year ago       < 1 Year
                               COM+                      Intermediate     Academic         < 1Year
                               Crystal Reports           Expert           2 years ago      2 Years
                               Excel                     Expert           Currently used   5 Years
                               InterDev                  Intermediate     currently used   5 Years
                               SourceSafe                Expert           currently used   5 Years
    Databases                  Access                    Expert           currently used   5 Years
                               MS SQL Development        Expert           currently used   5 Years
                               MS SQL DBA                Intermediate     currently used   5 Years
                               SQL                       Expert           currently used   5 Years
                               Transact SQL              Expert           currently used   5 Years
    Install Software           Wise                      Intermediate     6 months ago     2 Years
                               Install Shield            Intermediate     2.5 Years ago    2.5 Years
    Operating Systems          Window 2000 admin         Intermediate     currently used   2.5 Years
                               Windows NT admin          Intermediate     2.5 Years ago    2 Years
                               Windows XP admin          Intermediate     currently used   6 Months

                                   Professional Experience
Affordable Business Solutions                                           Jan 2003 through March 2003
Contract Developer VB6/ADO/MSDE/T-SQL
 Student Tracking System– Designed and implemented an N-tier application and database used for
   tracking student information and financials. Used VB 6.0, ADO 2.6, InterDev 6.0 and MSSQL 7.
   Responsible for the writing and unit testing of each class created for the application. This included
   having to model the database and import data from a legacy system. Used InterDev for developing the
   database structure, stored procedures, referential integrity and triggers. SourceSafe was used to store
   source code, stored procedures and table structures.

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                                       Robert R. Schoen
                               1100 Graham Apt 1512 Tomball Tx. 77375
Home (281) 255-6774                                                 
Cell (281) 610-9186
SimDesk Technologies                                                     June 2000 through Jan 2003
Developer Employee VB6/XML, VB web application
 SIMPIM - Application - Designed and implemented an N-tier Personal information management
   application. This application utilized a proprietary communications layer and file management system.
   It also utilized XML as a data store via Microsoft's DOM API. Responsible for the data model and
   application architecture. There were many constraints as to which 3 rd party controls could be used and
   the compiled binary size was of great concern. SourceSafe was used to store all source code and
   compiled binaries.
 SIMCALC - Application - Modified existing spreadsheet application. Responsible for making the
   necessary object model changes for a major control change. Replaced spread 3 with formula 1. Added
   new file structure to existing application using formula 1 while maintaining legacy compatibility.
   Responsible for all unit testing of this application. SourceSafe was used to store all source code and
   compiled binaries. Application used 3rd party tools such as Formula1 and others.
 COMPILE - Used VB 6 and C++ to compile application suite on dedicated machine. Responsible for
   obtaining all of the source code changes from SourceSafe and compiling them into the application
   suite. This included having to label the files in SourceSafe for the final version that was compiled.
   Archived the final binaries in SourceSafe and on CD. SourceSafe was used to store all source code
   and compiled binaries.
 INSTALL - Used Wise Install Master to build completed set up for application suite. It was necessary
   to write several custom scripts to ensure that the target machine had the required prerequisites
 Other Duties - evaluate regression testing systems to be used by the company. Provide 3rd tier support
   for internal support team. Write test cases for application suite. Manage call center database.
   Manage PCs in call center.
TPG Software                                                            June 1998 through June 2000
Developer/Sys Admin/DBA/Employee VB5-6/ADO/Access/Microsoft SQL6 & 7 VB Financial applications
 Portfolio Genius - Application - Financial instruments tracking software which tracked day to day
   interest, principle and various other properties for both bonds and swaps. Application was started as
   MS Access. Wrote several very complicated financial reports using VBA in Access for this system.
   The application was later upsized to SQL6.5 and visual basic. Upon release of SQL 7.0 the application
   was then ported to SQL 7. Built user interface using VB, ADO, and SQL server with stored
   procedures. The reports for this application were done using Crystal Reports and stored procedures.
   SourceSafe was used to store all source code and stored procedures. Application used several 3 rd party
   tools such as TrueDB suite and others. Used InterDev 6 to write the stored procedures, triggers, table
   scripts and referential integrity for the database.
 Database Updater - Application - Scripting engine to run stored transacts SQL scripts on a target
   machine in a sequential order to update the SQL database for the customer. This application utilized
   VB 6 and ADO. Used InterDev to write the scripts. The scripts had to be advanced enough to remove
   any existing dependencies from the database, rename a table, build a new table in its place, copy the
   existing data from the old table to the new table, put the dependencies back and finally destroy the old
   renamed table. Cursors and temp tables were used in this process to track status and progress of the
   script. SourceSafe was utilized to store all source code and stored procedures.
 Other Duties - Build and install of application suite. Gathering requirements and specifications from
   customer. Initial install at customer site. Update of data structure to accommodate new features as
   they were developed. Documenting the data model. Performance and unit testing. Provided 3 rd tier
   support to customer..
Sola Communications                                                     June 1997 through May 1998
Radio Engineer/Employee
 Radio Tech - Repaired and adjusted Motorola commercial two-way communications systems. Worked
    on both mobile and hand held units. Work was done down to the component level and included
    surface mount technology. Used a radio service monitor, Pace Soldering station, Chipmaster, RF
    detector, RF wattmeter and multimeter.

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                                        Robert R. Schoen
                                1100 Graham Apt 1512 Tomball Tx. 77375
Home (281) 255-6774                                                    
Cell (281) 610-9186
   Part Search - Application - VB5 and DAO for an application that search an existing access database to
    quickly find and calculate prices for a given part number. Installed and configured software
   Frequency track - Access Application - Tracks customer contract and frequency information. This
    database application used a set of Windows API calls to communicate via a COM port to a radio
    service monitor.
   Maintained and repaired various commercial two-way communications systems as well.
Tomba Communications                                                       July 1996 through June 1997
   Radio Service Tech - Maintained and repaired Motorola commercial two-way communications
    systems. Tasks included installation of software, programming micro controllers in radios using
    proprietary software, debugging software and hardware, maintaining shop computer and test
    equipment, component level rework of circuit boards, alignment of RF frequencies and modulation.
   Provided technical assistance to coworker dealing with Access, Windows 95, Excel, Word, Visual
    Basic, and proprietary software.

Member of Hal-PC and VB professional sig
July 2000 to Dec 2002 Visual Basic Sig (Special Interest group) Leader.
 Arranged for speakers and presentations.
 Hosted the meetings once a month and held a question and answer session at the beginning of each

US NAVY from June 1983 to June 1989
   Performed preventive and corrective maintenance on HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave, and multiplexing,
    digital and analog cryptographic equipment. Held a navy secret, top secret and a NATO secret
    clearance. While in the navy I completed the following: Navy Recruit Training, Basic Electricity and
    Electronics, Electronic Technician “A”, KY-6 “C”, KY-65/75 “C”, KW-7 “C”.

   58 Lower Division Baccalaureate Credits, transcript available
   44 Vocational Credits, transcript available
   Present, In self of study of visual C++
   January 1999, Advanced Visual Basic 6.0 Programming Concepts APPDEV
   May 1991, Completed Motorola PERC-5000 paging transmitter training
   March 1991, Graduated from Motorola Coverage Plus FNE
   December 1983 Completed Naval ET “A” school. Awarded ET3; Theory and practical application on:
    digital gates * Boolean algebra * microprocessors * Modulation methods (cw, am, fm, pm, ssb) *
    antenna * wave guide * radar * servos * and CRT’s
   August 1983, Completed Naval Basic Electricity and Electronics Theory and practical application on:
    direct current * ohms law * resistors * inductors * capacitors * alternating current * transistor * fets *
    a,ab,b & c amplifiers * and oscillators
   May 1983, Graduated from Santa Fe High School Involved with the Vocational Occupational
    Cooperative Training Program.

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