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									Laser Mole Removal Techniques
For removal of moles the laser techniques are being used in vogue. The technique is best suitable to cure small sized moles and can remove them
from roots. Through the laser technology flat and new moles can also be removed without any trouble. But if the mole is larger in size and has formed
on your skin for a longer duration then it becomes difficult for the laser rays to penetrate in and heal it. Anesthetized skin You can't directly use laser
beams on the mole without making the skin insensitive or numb. The skin should not be able to feel what is being applied on it. The laser rays are
used gradually by keeping the intensity level low on the mole and the top layer or the pigmentation is removed. You might have to stay in this posture
for some time because everything depends on condition of the mole. If the condition is severe and the mole is of a bigger size you might need some
extra time to wipe out the pigmentation. Painless treatment You really won't feel any difference in your skin while the laser rays are being applied on
your skin. The obvious reason is the anesthetized effect that disallows your skin to feel any form of sensation. But some of you might feel a pulling
effect and tingling sensation. This happens when the duration of the laser being applied is more. This on the other hand reflects that the mole has
reached a severe state. Treatment costs Laser technology in the mole removal process cannot be really regarded as a cheap endeavor. But for every
type of mole removal the cost to be borne is not the same. The lower limit hits $50 for removal of a single mole through laser but in most cases the
expenses are nearly $400 and even more. Effective results Everything is okay till the results are perfect. It won't matter you a lot if you get successful
results through this treatment. What are the probabilities? A successful laser operation will have the following consequences. You will have a reddish
layer of skin at least for two weeks from the operation. You are not supposed to apply any type of cream or sunscreen during this period. After two
weeks you will automatically find the area dried up and the skin gets peeled of leaving beneath the fresh and natural skin. There remain some risk
factors like bleeding if you scratch the area. Infections can grow if you constantly rub that portion. If you pick up this curing technique to remove moles,
you will have to be very much careful and cautious about the post operation situation.

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