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					  Programming in the
Office 2003 Environment
    Corinne Hoisington
         Can I still use VBA?
• Yes, but….
• Doc will always open, even if the VBA code
  doesn’t run (not trusted)
• Office and Visual Studio combine to deliver
  power and productivity for robust,
  secure solutions
• Visual Studio Tools for Office makes writing
  managed code behind Office documents as
  simple as File | New | Project
       MS Visual Studio Tools
• Microsoft® Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft
  Office System provides a new set of Visual
  Studio® .NET 2003 project templates you can
  use to create assemblies that run in process with
  Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Microsoft Office
  Word 2003. This enables you to create
  document-centric solutions that utilize the power
  of the hosting application, which, in this first
  release, includes Excel and Word. Using either
  Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET or Microsoft Visual
VB.NET Coding
• When developers want to test an
  application, they can simply click Start on
  the Visual Studio .NET toolbar. This starts
  up the Word document or Excel workbook
  and runs the custom code. Developers
  can then view the Word or Excel solution
  and observe the results of the running
  code. They can also set break points in
  the code and be returned to Visual
  Studio .NET for debugging purposes.
           Order of Installation
• The order of product installation is important. On a
  developer's computer, Visual Studio .NET 2003
  Professional or higher must be installed first. As part
  of its installation, Visual Studio installs version 1.1 of
  the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET Framework
  must be installed before Office 2003 to ensure that
  the global assembly cache (GAC) is available. The
  Office installation program installs the PIAs for the
  Office applications, including the necessary Word
  and Excel PIAs, into the GAC as part of the setup.
  So, the installation order is:
• Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
• Microsoft Office System
• Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System
               New C#.NET
• Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel
  expose rich programming models, but those
  object models were originally written to be
  consumed by VBA clients. Visual Basic .NET,
  even with Option Strict On, can handle most of
  the requirements of the Office object models.
  Consuming those object models with C#
  requires a bit more care. When writing
  applications using Visual Studio Tools for the
  Microsoft Office System and C#, keep in mind
  that you'll often need to make concessions to the
  differences between the languages
  Access 2003 Programming
• The Access 2003 Developer Extensions
  provide the tools and resources
  developers need to more quickly and
  easily create, test and deploy
  sophisticated Access solutions.

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