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					Alpha Male Qualities: Secrets Revealed
Feminine women are most attracted to men who possess alpha male qualities. Said another way - the more masculine you become, the more that
feminine women will be naturally attracted to you. Why? Because the masculine traits of your personality will allow women to enjoy the irresistible
feelings that can only come from strong sexual polarity (i.e. the natural charge of sexual tension between man & woman). The opposite is also true:
The more feminine you are, the more that masculine women will be naturally attracted to you. What do I mean by masculine women? Well, have you
ever met a woman who was masculine in her behaviors and looks? These women literally make you feel like you're dealing with a man. If you imagine
having sex with her, you may feel a little nauseas. So, start working on developing your masculine traits / alpha male qualities and make yourself
more naturally attractive to the right sorts of women. Here are some Dos and Don'ts to help you understand how this applies to your interactions and
relationships with women: Do Encourage Her When She Huddles into You to Feel Safe: "Yeah, that's right...come here" or "Yeah, that's my
girl...come here," and kiss her like she is your little girl (on the forehead, the cheek, on her closed eyelids) followed by kisses you would give a woman
(her lips, her neck, the rest of her body). Do Subtly Encourage Her to be Feminine in Every Way: An example of a woman's physical desire to be
feminine is the way she wears her clothes. Encourage her to wear sexy or feminine clothing privately and when in public. Be proud of her and her
femininity. Don't try to hide if from other guys in fear that they'll take her from you. If a woman picks up on that, it can often cause a huge loss of
emotional attraction. An example of a woman's emotional desire to be feminine is to feel protected by a man. Don't get angry or frustrated at her for
being scared of danger. Instead, make her feel safe that she has you there and you will satisfy a deep part of her primal being. If you are interacting
with a woman and she starts giggling in a cute/girly way around you, make sure you encourage that behavior. Example: Smile at her like a daddy
would to his little girl and say, "I like it when you get all cute like that. It's sexy." Do Open Doors For Her: Not like a submissive slave, but as her
MAN/protector. She is your little princess and can be a beacon of femininity for you if you allow her to be. Do Take the Lead: Make decisions on
where you are going to go on the date. Do this for at least the first 5 to 10 dates and she will be happy that you are leading the way. Everyone once in
a while, reward her good behavior by letting her take the lead on little things (e.g. What wine to drink). Do Pay Attention to Her, Sometimes: Make her
feel like your attention can be fixed on her at times. Allow her to sense that you are open to feeling and praising her feminine being. But don't overdo
it. Remember the Yin & Yang circle and aim to create the right balance, so that when you do fix your attention on her it is charming. Do Assume That
She Loves Sex: Don't get fooled by her nice nature; she loves to be sexed by a man. Women want you to encourage their submissive side, so they
can fully let go and feel highly emotional during sex. That will only happen if you behave like a man and allow her to behave and think like a woman.
Don't Make Her Behave Like a Man: If you want to experience the amazing feelings that come from sexual polarity, you do not want to treat your
woman like she is a man. You want to evoke and encourage her femininity to be at its fullest potential around you. If you always treat her like a man
and talk and joke around with her like she's one of your male buddies, she will be required to close off her feminine energy and open up her masculine
side. You do not want her to be behaving in masculine on a regular basis. Why? 1) She will become unsatisfied. 2) She won't feel like a woman at
her core 3) She will naturally look to other sources (which may include other men) to give her the feelings she truly desires. Examples of a woman
behaving in a masculine way: Taking the lead. hugging you while you complain and whine about the world or mothering you. If you want to achieve
full success with women & dating, and become the guy that women truly desire and never want to leave - focus on building your alpha male qualities.

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