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									Sites by Domain
Accuracy Rating:
*****   :   Site taken from the maps for the DoD or the Black Box, such as „Castle Ravenloft‟ and
            „Mordentshire‟. Accurate.
****    :   site taken from the maps of other game accessories, such as „Castle Lupet‟ on the map in „the Evil
            Eye‟. Accurate, but of less import.
***     :   Site taken from a reference from a novel or game accessory, of which the exact location is unknown.
            Example is ‟Creeana‟, in Darkon, which was destroyed by the Whistling Fiend, mentioned in „van
            Richten‟s Guide to Fiends‟. Generally accurate, though placing may differ on personal taste. In a
            few cases, the domain is unknown, and is guessed at (such as „Forfarmax‟ in „Children of the Night:
**      :   Site „implicated‟ by a novel or game accessory. These are places based on vague references such as
            „Calum SongMaster slayed the Beast of Pel‟, in „Death of a Darklord‟. May be inaccurate, as place
            names are susceptible to personal interpretation, not to mention that novels are sometimes prone to
            being „ non canon „.
*       :   Site taken from the internet (Secrets of the Kargatane, The Lonesome Road, Alanik Ray‟s website,
            etc.). These are made up by the Ravenloft fans. These are all non-canon, but they are (for the
            moment) included in the maps of the Mordent Cartographic Society, at least until further notice
            invalidates these entries.

Car     :   Carnival
ALitB   :   A Light in the Belfry
ARW     :   Alanik Ray‟s website (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/3090)
AW      :   Adams Wrath
BH      :   Bleak House. Pages numbers refer to the booklet „Homecoming‟
BoB     :   Baroness of Blood
BoC     :   Book of Crypts
BoS     :   Book of Souls. Pages refer to the Word version of this netbook, which can be found at the Secrets of
            the Kargatane website.
BoS2    :   Book of Sorrows. Pages refer to the Word version of this netbook, which can be found at the Secrets
            of the Kargatane website.
BoS3    :   Book of Secrets. Pages refer to the Word version of this netbook, which can be found at the Secrets
            of the Kargatane website.
CF      :   Castles Forlorn. Page references are in the „The Weeping Land‟ booklet
CoD     :   Circle of Darkness
CotNC   :   Children of the Night, Created
CotNG   :   Children of the Night: Ghosts
CotNV   :   Children of the Night: Vampires
CotNW   :   Children of the Night, Werebeasts
D       :   Darklords
DA      :   Death Ascendant
DoD     :   Domains of Dread
DotD    :   Dance of the Dead
DotM    :   Dark of the Moon
DU      :   Death Unchained
FL-CA   :   Forbidden Lore, Cryptic Allegiances booklet
FL-DR   :   Forbidden Lore, Dark Recesses booklet
FoD     :   Forged of Darkness
FoG     :   Feast of Goblyns
FtS     :   From the Shadows
HitN    :   Howls in the Night
HotK    :   Hour of the Knife
HoS     :   House of Strahd
HS      :   Haunted Sites. Pages refer to the Word version of this netbook, which can be found at the Secrets of
            the Kargatane website. Only those sites which could be placed within some reason have been
I6      :   Ravenloft, original adventure module
IoT      :   Islands of Terror
IS       :   I, Strahd, The Memoirs of a Vampire
ISII     :   I, Strahd, The War Against Azalin
KotBR    :   Knight of the Black Rose
KotD     :   King of the Dead
M        :   Mordenheim
MCS      :   Mordent Cartographic Society website (http://www.ttpdiskad.nl/ravenloft)
NMNB     :   Neither Man Nor Beast
NotWD    :   Night of the Walking Dead
R        :   Requiem boxed set. Page references are in the „Necropolis‟ booklet
RML      :   Ravenloft Mailing List
RMCAII   :   Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
RoE      :   Roots of Evil
RoT      :   Realms of Terror boxed set.
SoD      :   Servants of Darkness
SotBR    :   Spectre of the Black Rose
SotK     :   Secrets of the Kargatane website. (http://www.kargatane.com)
TC       :   The Created
TEE      :   The Evil Eye
TFC      :   The Forgotten Children. Pages refer to the Word version of this netbook, which can be found at the
             Secrets of the Kargatane website. (http://www.kargatane.com)
THFB :       TSR Jam 1999 : the Heart‟s Final Beat
ThoD   :     Thoughts of Darkness
THoGH :      Ravenloft II, The House on Gryphon Hill
TLR    :     The Lonesome Road website (http:// www.geocities.com/Area51/Dungeon/6102)
TNL    :     The Nightmare Lands. Pages refer to the Booklet „The Journal of Dr. Illhousen‟
TNLBoN :     The Nightmare Lands, the Booklet „Book of Nightmares‟
ToD    :     Touch of Death
ToDS   :     Tapestry of Dark Souls
ToR    :     Tales of Ravenloft
TSR    :     The Shadow Rift
TSwE   :     To Sleep with Evil
VotM   :     Vampire of the Mists
VR     :     Vecna Reborn
VRGtAD :     Van Richten‟s Guide to the Ancient Dead
VRGtF :      Van Richten‟s Guide to Fiends
VRGtG :      Van Richten‟s Guide to Ghosts
VRGttC :     Van Richten‟s Guide to the Created
VRGttL :     Van Richten‟s Guide to the Lich
VRGttV :     Van Richten‟s Guide to the Vistani
VRGtV :      Van Richten‟s Guide to Vampires
VRGtW :      Van Richten‟s Guide to Werebeasts
VRGtWi :     Van Richten‟s Guide to Witches
VRMHC1:      Van Richten‟s Monster Hunter‟s Compendium I
VRMHC2:      Van Richten‟s Monster Hunter‟s Compendium II
VRMHC3:      Van Richten‟s Monster Hunter‟s Compendium III
WBRB :       Where Black Roses Bloom
WoI    :     Web of Illusion

     Not Included in this list are : The Beastlands, Blaustein, Dominia, , I-Cath, l‟Ile de la
     Tempete, Isle of the Ravens, Nosos, Odiare, Paridon, Saragoss (named Saragossa in the
     DoD), Shadowborn Manor, and the pocket domains, as these domains have too few
     elements to describe.

     Odiare is detailed in [TC], Paridon in [HotK], the Beastlands, I‟Cath, Nosos and
     Saragoss in [IoT], and ShadowBorn Manor in [D].
     Dominia and Blaustein are mentioned in the description of the Sea of Sorrows, l‟Ile de la
     Tempete and the Isle of the Ravens are included under The Nocturnal Sea.

     Also left out are those domains of which we only know the name : Bileplate, Theka,
     Moridana, (referenced in NMNB) and Malkavnia (FoD).

     Necropolis is referred to as Darkon in this list. The name Necropolis is used to indicate
     the domain of Death (formerly Il Aluk).

     Arkandale, Dorvinia, and Gundarak were absorbved during the Grand Conjunction by
     other domains. See the separate entries.

Wounded City, The                                                                 ***        [ToR, pg. 170]
     City of abd-al-Mamat. Current population less than 500
Burning Citadel                                                                   ***        [ToR, pg. 158]
     Citadel of the ramhorned abomination Malus

Lost Mountains                                                                    ***        [ToR, pg. 158]


Absorbed by Verbrek (see there).

Devonshire                                                                        *          [none]
     If any settlement has arisen in Avonleigh, it might be at the shore of Devonshire Pond. Any settlement will
     probably consist of only some crude huts though - it‟s inhabitants consisting of refugees and guerilla rebels,
     fighting the armed forces of Nidala, like some sort of Robin Hood.

Tergeron Manor                                                                    ****       [ALitB, map]
     The residance of the darklord, Morgoroth.
King‟s Highway                                                                    ****       [ALitB, map]
     Road from Tergeron manor to the border of the domain, most likely now connected with Nidala.
Circle, The                                                                       ***        [DoD, pg 134]
     A circle of standing stones. Annual meeting place for members of the Circle, a secret society of Knights.
     Most likely in the sourthern parts of the domain, at the border with the domain of EbonBane.

Old Fens, The                                                                     ****       [ALitB, map]
Phantasmal Forest                                                                 ****       [ALitB, map]
     Also mentioned as being a part of Ebonbane‟s domain. Haunted by the incorporeal dead.
Shrappcroft Marsh                                                                 ****       [ALitB, map]
Avalon, River                                                                       ****       [ALitB, map]
Devonshire Pond                                                                     ****       [ALitB, map]
Wyndham Lake                                                                        ****       [ALitB, map]

Barovia, Village of                                                                 *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Population 500. The windrose on the map of Barovia in [HoS] is pointing the wrong way - it should point to
        the right. The map in [I6] seems to be correct.
Berez                                                                               **         [IS, pg.268]
        Small village south of Vallaki, on the Luna river. Population less than 300.
Cuzau                                                                               **         [ISII, pg.175]
        Small village at the west flank of Mt. Sawtooth. Population 500.
Hoessla                                                                             **         [ISII, pg.175]
        Small village near the border with Forlorn, at the south end of Mt. Sawtooth. Population less than 200.
Immol                                                                               *****      [DoD, pg 43]
        Population unknown, estimated 2,000
Krezk                                                                               *****      [DoD, pg 42]
        Population unknown, estimated 2,500
Löwenturm                                                                           ****       [TEE, map]
        Population less than 200
Teufeldorf                                                                          *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Population 3,000, mostly former Gundarakites
Uselix                                                                              ***        [VRGttC, pg.36]
        A small village on a mountainside, possibly Mt. Sawtooth. Population less than 100
Vallaki                                                                             *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Population 1,500
Zeidenburg                                                                          *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Population 4,000, mostly former Gundarakites

Circle, the                                                                         *****      [VotM, pg 3]
        Circle of large stone soutsid ethe limits of the village of Barovia, in teh Svalich Woods
Devil‟s Descent, the                                                                *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Road between Vallaki and the village of Barovia
Icy Heart Glacier                                                                   *          [SotK]
        A glacier in the Balinoks. Mentioned in a Kargatane news letter (yes, I‟m grasping at straws here).
Latos Estate                                                                        **         [KotD, pg.244]
        Small estate near Berez
Old Svalich Road                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg 59]
        Road running east-west through barovia (from Krezk to Nova Vaasa). Also known as the Devil‟s Pass
        (ToR, pg 316)
Ravenloft, Castle                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg 43]
        Strahd‟s castle, set on top of a precipice overlooking the village of Barovia
Svalich Pass                                                                        *****      [RoE, map]
        Pass between Vallaki and the village of Barovia
Valcon Keep                                                                         *          [HS, pg 49]
        Abandoned fortress in Valcon Forest

Balinok Mountains                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg 43]
        Mountainrange including Mt. Baratok, Mt. Ghakis, and Mt. Sawtooth
Baratok, Mnt                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg 43]
     The [RoT] map, and [IS] name the mountain Mt Baratok, the [DoD] names it Baratak.
     According to [RoT], the mount reaches between 7,000 and 7,500 ft.
     [DoD] states the mount is over 10,000 ft.
Ghakis, Mnt                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg 43]
     According to [RoT], the mount reaches over 7,000 ft, though the map shows it to be less than 5,000 ft, most
     likely the map maker confused Ghakis with Sawtooth.
     [DoD] states the mount is over 10,000 ft.
SawTooth, Mnt                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg 43]
     It is likely that this mountain also has a local (non-english) name
     According to the [RoT] map, the mount reaches between 5.000 and 7000 ft, likely about 6.00 feet.
Svalich Woods                                                                  ****       [DoD, pg 59]
     Woods north/east of the village of Barovia.
Tepurich Forest                                                                ****       [DoD, pg 59]
     Woods west of Vallaki
Valcon Forest                                                                  *          [HS, pg 49]
     Woods north of the village of Barovia

Baratok, Lake                                                                  *****      [IS, pg 229]
     Lake west of mount Baratok.
Gundar River                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg 42]
Ivlis River                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg 43]
Luna River                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg 42]
Nharov River                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg 42]
Saniset River                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg 43]
Tser Falls                                                                     *****      [HoS, map]
     A waterfall for the Ivlis which spills into the Tser Pool.
Tser Pool                                                                      *****      [HoS, map]
     A very small pool near the village of Barovia
Zarovich, Lake                                                                 *****      [DoD, pg 43]

Thaan, Ruins of                                                                **         [FL-CA, pg 13]
     A ruined town on the slopes of Mt. Makab

Badlands                                                                       *****      [DoD, pg 84]
Grysl, Mt.                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg 84]
     According to [RoT], reaches up to 10,000 ft. Certainly higher than Mt. Baratak (Barovia).
Makab, Mt.                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg 84]
     According to [RoT], between 7,500 ft and 10,000 ft.

Several, but none are named                                                    ****       [DoD, pg 84]

Ilvin                                                                             *****      [RoT, pg 69]
        Population 4,000 (in 735). For some reason the DoD does not mention this town, though it is of
        considerable size.
Fortuna                                                                           ***        [CotNC, pg. 17]
        Fortuna and Lelone were never placed in any domain. Borca seemed to me a pretty good place to put it.
        Population less than 500.
Lechberg                                                                          *****      [DoD, pg 55]
        Population 5,500
Lelone                                                                            ***        [CotNC, pg. 17]
        Small village near Fortuna. Population less than 200
Levkarest                                                                         *****      [DoD, pg 55]
        Contains the Great Cathedral of the Church of Ezra. This area also boasts a number of hot springs.
        Population 8,500.
Sturben                                                                           *****      [DoD, pg 55]
        Population 2,000
Tillich                                                                           *          [RML]
        Featured in Jonathan Philpot‟s Town of Evil adventure. I situated the village on the road from Sturben to
        Aerie, near the border with Falkovnia and Richemulot. However, it was originally designed to be part of
        one of Jonathan‟s own domains. Population less than 500
Vor Ziyden                                                                        *****      [DoD, pg 55]
        Population 1,000

Degravo                                                                           *****      [RoT,maps]
        Dilisnya Estate
Lament, House of                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg 42]
        Pocket domain, at the border with Invidia.
Kroenenburg Estate                                                                ***        [CotNC, pg. 17]
        Estate of the ruling family of Lelone
Misericordia                                                                      *****      [RoT,maps]
        Boritsi estate

Doldak heights                                                                    *****      [RoT, Pg.69]
        Highland north of Borca, location of Degravo.
Gries, Mt.                                                                        *****      [RoT, Pg.69]
        A ragged peak „encircled by a ring of mist‟. About 5,000 ft high.

Luna River                                                                        *****      [DoD, pg 42]
Vasha River                                                                       *****      [DoD, pg 42]

Citadel Cavitius                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg 111]
        Skull-shaped citadel of Vecna. Population 10,000.

Roadway of the Brethren                                                           ****       [VR, pg. 9]
        Road from the Citadel to the Burning Slopes

Ashen Wastes                                                                      *****      [DoD, pg 111]
Burning Peaks.                                                                      *****      [DoD, pg 111]
Burning Slopes.                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg 111]
       Area leading up from the Ashen wastes to the Burning Peaks


Corvia                                                                              *****      [R, pg 7]
       City carved out of natural rock formations. Population 4,000, mostly dwarves.
Creeana                                                                             ***        [VRGtF, pg 29]
       Village destroyed by the Whistling Fiend. Remaining population : less than 100.
       John Mangrum placed it at the bend in the road between Nartok and Stangenrad
Dargal Pass                                                                         **         [VRGtF, pg 29]
       Most likely the site of a battle. As there is no pass near the Falkovnian border (or near Creeana, assuming
       the location mentioned above), I assume this battle refers to an ambush by bandits on a trade caravan. In this
       case, it will most likely be either a shallow pass in the mountainous area between Mayvin and Corvia, or
       between Darkon and (former) G‟Henna. The latter seems most likely.
Decimus                                                                             *****      [RoT, map]
       Hamlet south of Il Aluk, Population 200
Delagia                                                                             *****      [R, pg 8]
       Fishing village build on Lake Korst, Population 1,500, mostly halflings
Despondia                                                                           *****      [RoT, map]
       Hamlet north-west of Il Aluk, Population 300
Desolatus                                                                           *****      [RoT, map]
       Hamlet north-east of Il Aluk, Population 700
Devering                                                                            ***        [VRGttC, pg.77]
       A town several days travel from Corvia, so likely between Maykle and Tempe Falls . Southeast of the town
       are the ruins of a former asylum. Population : app. 300.
Il Aluk                                                                             *****      [RoT, pg 67]
       Dead City. Former population 25,000
Introsia                                                                            **         [TNLBoN, pg 9]
       Small (former) town in the hills, burned down by ettercaps. Featured a dwarf, so I thought Darkon.
Jepessen                                                                            *          [HS, pg 19]
       Ruined city in Darkon, most likely in what was formerly Arak.
Karg                                                                                *****      [R, pg 8]
       Holds the „Black Hole‟, the prison of the Kargat, and the „Church of the Sorrowful Dead‟, a temple of the
       Eternal Order. Population 8,500, mostly human.
Malanuv                                                                             ***        [TSwE, pg 37]
       Village South of Nartok on the Vuchar River
Martira Bay                                                                         *****      [R, pg 8]
       City at the Sea of Sorrows. Landmarks include the Black Tower, the Governmental palace, and the Temple
       of Eternal balance. Population 10,000, mostly human.
Maykle                                                                              *****      [R, pg 9]
       Harbor at the Vuchar River. Hold the Clangor asylum. Population 2,000, mostly human.
Mayvin                                                                              *****      [R, pg 9]
       Holds the Patent Hall and the Clockworks, a clock tower. Population 1,500, mostly gnomes.
Nartok                                                                              *****      [R, pg 9]
       Landmarks include Nartok castle, and the temple of the eternal order. Population 7,500, mostly human.
Neblus                                                                              *****      [R, pg 10]
       Hold the Shrine of the Spirits, a temple of the Eternal order. Population 2,000, mostly elves.
Necropolis                                                                          *****      [RoT, 67]
       „City of the Dead‟. Formerly Il Aluk. Mistakenly used as a name for the domain. Population 25,000, all -to
       put not too fine a point to it - undead.
Nevuchar Springs                                                                    *****      [R, pg 11]
       Famous for it‟s hot springs. Population 1,000, mostly elves.
Rivalis                                                                            *****     [R, pg 11]
        Population 5,000, mostly halflings.
Sidnar                                                                             *****     [R, pg 11]
        Main Landmarks is the Brooding Bridge, which crosses the Khoury River.. Population 1,000, mostly elves.
Tempe Falls                                                                        *****     [R, pg 12]
        Mining settlement, built on the top of a fall. Population 2,500, mostly dwarves.
Varithne                                                                           *****     [VRGtW, pg 5]
        A village in North Darkon, „too tiny to appear on most maps‟. Population less than 100
Viaki                                                                              *****     [R, pg 12]
        Population 8,000., mostly human.

Avernus, Castle                                                                    *****     [RoT, maps]
        Castle of King Azalin. Reachable by road from Rivalis and Il Aluk.
Lockwood Manor                                                                     *         [BoS2, pg 60]
        Manor of the Lockwood family. Set on top of a hill in western Darkon.
Richten Haus (Bleak House)                                                         *****     [BH, pg 3]
        The van Richten estate, near Rivalis.
Watchers of the gate, Fortress of the                                              ****      [THFB, pg 37]
        Unnamed, residing in the Mountains of Misery. Stronghold of the order of the Guardians
Whistling Tower, The                                                               ****      [R, pg 7]
        A black rock formation near Corvia, whose natural tunnels emit a mournfulk whistling sound when the
        wind blows.

Boglands                                                                           *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        A large bog, riddled with lakes, in the north of Darkon
Great Salt Swamp                                                                   *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        A collection of lakes, located in the Boglands
Jagged Coast                                                                       *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        Name for the region bordering the Sea of Sorrows, and the group of islands directly at the shore.
Misery, Mountains of                                                               *****     [DoD, pg. 34]
        Mountain range in the south, inclduing Mt. Nirka and Mt. Nyid
Mistlands                                                                          *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        Area in the North of Darkon
Nirka, Mt.                                                                         *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        Volcanic mountain, almost 10,000 ft high.
Nyid, Mt.                                                                          *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        Volcanic mountain, likely over 10,000 ft high.
Nylreave                                                                           *         [BoS2, pg. 76]
        Barony northeast of the Lake of Lost Dreams
Shadows, Forest of                                                                 *****     [DoD, pg. 33]
        A forest in the west of Darkon, site of Castle Avernus
Tears, Vale of                                                                     *****     [DoD, pg. 34]
        A valley in the east of Darkon, near lake Korst.
        Originally known as the Vuchar Valley.
Vuchar Valley                                                                      *****     [DoD, pg. 34]
        Old name for the Vale of Tears

Charcharodon Isle                                                                  *         [BoS, pg 73]
        Island several miles northwest of Martira Bay. Designed by Geoff Kimber.

Apples, Lake of                                                                 *****      [BH, pg 26]
Corvus River                                                                    *****      [R, map]
Dnar River                                                                      *****      [R, map]
Foamung River, the                                                              *****      [R, map]
Khoury River                                                                    ****       [R, map]
     The DoD names this river the Khourx river.
Korst, Lake                                                                     *****      [R, map]
Korts River                                                                     *****      [R, map]
Lost Dreams, Lake of                                                            *****      [R, map]
Nezron River                                                                    *****      [R, map]
Nocturnal Sea                                                                   *****      [R, map]
Placid, Lake                                                                    *****      [R, map]
Redleaf Lake                                                                    *****      [R, map]
Sea of Sorrows                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg. 26],
Somulus River                                                                   *****      [R, map]
     On the DoD map the name is displaced, and erroneously renames the Vuchar river.
Stagnus Lake                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg. 33]
     A lake, located in the Boglands
Tempe River                                                                     *****      [R, map]
Temporus, Lake                                                                  *****      [R, map]
Vuchar River                                                                    *****      [R, map]

Chateaufaux                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg. 31]
     South of this town lies Dr Mikki‟s asylum. Population 1,500.
Chateaunoir                                                                     *          [MCS]
     Village on a road between Chateaufaux and Pont-a-Museau. Population 500
Carlion-le-Duc                                                                  *          [MCS]
     Village at the Musarde River near the Lamordian border. Population 700
Eridan                                                                          ***        [VRGtF]
     A village. Suggested place: halfway between Port-a-Lucine and Carlion-le-Duc.
     Most land of the surounding lands is owned by the Mandrigore family, who have an estate near the village.
     Population less than 100.
Josquin des Fletan                                                              *          [MCS]
     Fishing village in the lake district. Population less than 300.
Port-a-Lucine                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg. 31]
     Population 5,000
Ste Lucienne                                                                    *          [MCS]
     Fishing village at the Sea of Sorrows, on the personal protection of the d‟Honaire family.
     Population less than 200

d‟Hoinaire Estate                                                               *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
     This estate does not have a name as yet.
Josquin, Chateau                                                                *          [MCS]
     Ruins of the castle of former „comte‟ Josquin.
Pierre du Mort (Rock of Death)                                                  *          [MCS]
     A castle, serving as a prison. Located on the Isle de Orleon.

Isle de Orleon                                                                       *          [MCS, RoT map]
        Small isle at the Sea of Sorrows. There is a small village with less than 50 inhabitants. The rest is taken up
        by the prison „Pierre du Mort‟.

Brumes, Lac des (Mist Lake)                                                          *          [MCS, RoT map]
Comte Josquin, Lac                                                                   *          [MCS, RoT map]
Cahagnet, Lac                                                                        *          [MCS, RoT map]
Fletan, Lac (Halbut Lake)                                                            *          [MCS, RoT map]
Gaube, Lac de                                                                        *          [MCS, RoT map]
Musarde River                                                                        *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
Nigramous, Lac                                                                       *          [MCS, RoT map]
Pendus, Lac des (Hangman lake)                                                       *          [MCS, RoT map]
Pernaud Bay                                                                          *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
Sebastian, Lac                                                                       *          [MCS, RoT map]


Absorbed by Borca (see there).

Aerie                                                                                *****      [DoD, pg 35]
        Population 2,000.
Delmunster                                                                           ****       [D#38, pg. 52]
        Hamlet from the Dungeon adventure „Horror harvest‟. Population less than 100.
Grashental                                                                           **         [MCS]
        Existence of this village implied by the occurence of „Grashen Falls‟. Population less than 100.
Lekar                                                                                *****      [DoD, pg 35]
        Population 15,000. The „largest‟ city of the Core, according to the DoD, but this is not correct:
        Pont-a-Museau is bigger. Both are dwarved by Il Aluk. The DoD moved the city to the north, probably to
        stay consistency with the (distorted) Falkovnian map in [DA]. While it is possible to attribute this shift to
        the Grand Conjunction, that does not seem very logical, so I assume the old map is still correct,and the three
        lakes which „vanished‟ in the Red Box and DoD still exist.
Morfenzi                                                                             *****      [DoD, pg 35]
        Population 1,500.
Rigriov                                                                              *          [MCS]
        A fortress near Falcon Marsh. Population 150.
Silbervas                                                                            *****      [DoD, pg 35]
        Population 5,000.
Stangengrad                                                                          *****      [DoD, pg 35]
        Population 6,500.

Great Cathedral, The                                                                 *          [BoS2, pg 52]
        Former Cathedral of the church of Ezra, now abandoned

Falcon Marsh                                                                         *          [SotK]
        A swamp and battlesite. Narrated by Chris Nichols.
Nachtfliegen Woods                                                                   ****       [RoT, map]
      A wood north of Silbervas.

Dorcharhag River                                                                   ****       [RoT, map]
      River which flows from Kriegvogel lake through Silbervas.
Dörst, Lake                                                                        *          [MCS, RoT map]
      The upper of the two lakes at the border with Dementlieu.
Drogach River                                                                      ****       [CoD, map]
      River originally from G‟henna. Now a dry river bed.
Eel‟s Flow                                                                         ****       [CoD, map]
      River originally from G‟henna. Now a dry river bed.
Fest, Lake                                                                         *          [MCS, RoT map]
      The middle and smallest of the three lakes east of Neufurchtenburg. The DoD „forgot‟ to show these lakes,
      probably to stay consistency with the Falkovnian map in [DA].
Grashen River                                                                      **         [MCS, RoT map]
      River implied by the existence of Grashen Falls. This river can not be found on a map, so I guess it is a very
      small one.
Grashen Falls                                                                      ***        [VRGtF, pg 14]
      Cliff and falls several miles south of Stangengrad
Kriegvogel, Lake                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg.26]
Likho, Lake                                                                        *          [MCS, RoT map]
      The lower of the two lakes at the border with Dementlieu. A likho is an evil water creature from rumanian
Musarde River                                                                      *****      [DoD, pg.26]
Rigor, lake                                                                        *          [MCS]
      The upper and largest of the three lakes east of Neufurchtenburg. The DoD „forgot‟ to show these lakes,
      probably to stay consistency with the Falkovnian map in [DA].
Vuchar River                                                                       *****      [DoD, pg.26]
Weinacht, Lake                                                                     *          [MCS, RoT map]
      The lower of the three lakes east of Neufurchtenburg. The DoD „forgot‟ to show these lakes, probably to
      stay consistency with the Falkovnian map in [DA].
Zapadnost River                                                                    ****       [DA, map]

Kaynis                                                                             *****      [RoT, 83]
      Population app. 700 .
Mortillis                                                                          *****      [RoT, 83]
      Population app 500.

Mourfa River                                                                       *****      [RoT, map]

Birnam, Ruins of                                                                   ****       [CF, map]

Caverns of the Dead                                                                ****       [CF, pg. 30]
      A cave at the slopes of the Mouth of Arawn.
Forfarmax, Castle                                                                  **         [CotNG, pg.78]
      Since the castle originated on Forfar, Forlorn‟s home plane, it would be suitable to put the castle in this
      domain. The nearby village is situated in Kartakass. The castle is avoided by Tristen‟s goblyns.
Tristenoira, Castle                                                                *****      [DoD, pg 43]

Arawn, Maw of                                                                      ****       [CF, map]

Kendall Creek                                                                      **         [CotNG, pg. 81]
      River between Forfarmax Castle and the accompanying village
Red Tears, Lake of                                                                 *****      [DoD, pg. 43]


East Riding                                                                        *****      [DoD, pg 75]
      Population 600

Stezen‟s Manor House                                                               ****       [D, pg. 78]

Garn River                                                                         ****       [D, pg. 78]
Sea of Sorrows                                                                     *****      [DoD, pg. 75]


Dervich                                                                            *****      [DoD, pg.86]
      City lying at the Sea of Sorrows. Population less than 1,000.
Zhukar                                                                             *****      [DoD, pg.85]
      City at the Drogach River. Population 4,000

Claws of the Beast                                                                 *****      [CoD, map]
      An odd rock formation in the north
Eye of the World                                                                   *****      [CoD, map]
      Mountain in the Hotath Mountain Range
House of Bones                                                                     *****      [CoD, pg 35]
      Former wizard sanctum in the south
Jackals Run                                                                        *****      [CoD, map]
      Pass near a crossing of the Drogach
Scarred Cliffs                                                                     *****      [CoD, map]
      Cliff of mutulated statues in the Blades mountain range
Vale of the Blest
      Hidden valley in the north, at the misty border
Valuan‟s Windmill                                                                  *****      [CoD, map]
      Windmill near the Claws of the Beast, west from the Frying Pan
Zhakata‟s Tears                                                                    *****      [CoD, map]
      Formerly a waterfall, now a seeping trickle

Blade, the                                                                     *****     [CoD, pg.6]
     Mountain range in the west
Famine Fastness                                                                *****     [CoD, pg.6]
Fertile Valley                                                                 *****     [CoD, pg.5]
     Valley east of Dervich
Frying Pan, the                                                                *****     [CoD, pg.6]
     High desert in the east
Hotath Mountain Range                                                          *****     [CoD, pg.6]
     Mountains in the east
Laughing Terror, The                                                           *****     [CoD, pg.6]
     Mud flats between the Ichor and Drogach rivers, named after a haunting.
Outlands                                                                       *****     [CoD, pg.6]
     Wasteland in the center of the domain
Valley of dust
     Wasteland in the south east of the domain

Blood River
     A wadi, side river of the Ichor
Drogach River                                                                  *****     [CoD, pg.5]
     River running from Zukar to Dervich. Originally ran into Falkovnia, now empties into the Sea of Sorrows.
Eel‟s Flow                                                                     *****     [CoD, pg.5]
     River in the North. Originally ran into Falkovnia, now empties into the Sea of Sorrows.
Ichor, River                                                                   *****     [CoD, pg.5]
     River running from the Mists to spill into the Drogach. Also known as the Kryder.
Kryder, River                                                                  *****     [D, pg.15]
     Darkon name for the Ichor River.
Sea of Sorrows                                                                 ****      [CoD,
     Takes in the north-west corner oif the domain. Originated during the Grand Conjunction.


Absorbed by Invidia and Barovia (see there).

Ramulai                                                                        *****     [DoD, pg. 67]
     Population 2,500
Skansorro                                                                      **        [CotNG, pg. 52]
     A small village in the west of Hazlan, at the Musarde River. Population less than 200
Sly-Var                                                                        *****     [DoD, pg. 67]
     Population 5,400
Toyalis                                                                        *****     [DoD, pg. 67]
     Population 8,000

Black Spire, The                                                               *         [SotK]
     A black rock which serves as a gate to Bluetspur. Narrated by Chris Nichols.
Black Citadel, The                                                             *         [MCS]
     Head temple of Bane
Iron Sanctum, The                                                              ***       [CotM, pg 42]
     Monestary of the Order of the Guardians
Veneficus                                                                       ****       [RoT, map]
     Hazlik‟s tower

Balinok Mountains                                                               *****      [DoD, pg. 43]

Musarde River                                                                   *****      [DoD, pg. 43]
Vitalis                                                                         *          [MCS]
Rumol                                                                           *          [MCS]


Muhar                                                                           *****      [DoD, pg 1-3]
     Population 300

Pharaoh‟s Rest                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg 1-3]
     Ankhtepot‟s tomb

Akir Desert                                                                     ***        [ToD, Pg. 9]
     Name of the desert surrounding Muhar
Abal valley                                                                     **         [ToD, Pg. 9]
     The other valley, running parallel to the Valley of the Dead. Originally, from this valley flowed the Abal
     river, which dried up when Har‟Akir became a part of Ravenloft.
Valley of the Dead                                                              ****       [ToD, Pg. 3]
     The valley holding Ankhtepot‟s tomb
Walls of Ra                                                                     ****       [ToD, Pg. 9]
     The Mists surrounding Har‟Akir


Beltis                                                                          ****       [TEE, pg 57]
     Former logging community, now abandoned.
Curriculo                                                                       *****      [DoD, pg. 52]
     Population 1,000
Karina                                                                          ****       [DoD, pg. 52]
     Population 2,000
Tancos                                                                          ****       [TEE, pg 57]
     Population less than 100
Valetta                                                                         ****       [TEE, pg 57]
     Population less than 200

Dead Man‟s Perch                                                                ****       [TEE, map]
     A small island in the Musarde River.
Hunadora, Castle                                                                *****      [DoD, pg 42]
     At the edge of the Prestige Mountains
Loupet, Castle                                      ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Situated in Vulpwood

Bleak Sisters                                       ****    [TEE, map]
      Twin mountains in the north
Breadth Forest                                      ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Forest in the south
Crmartan Ridge                                      ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Ridge at the edge of deadwood
Crucible, The                                       ****    [TEE, map]
      Elevation in Dreadwood
Dreadwood                                           ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Forest in the center of the domain
Howling Ridge, the                                  ****    [TEE, map]
      Mountain ridge in the west of the domain
Mantle Woods                                        ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Forest in the south-east
Prestige Mountains                                  ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Mountain range in the north-east
Vulpwood                                            ****    [TEE, pg 57]
      Forest in the west

Gundar River                                        ***** [DoD, pg 42]
Musarde River                                       ***** [DoD, pg 42]
Noisette River                                      ***** [DoD, pg 42]
      River flowing from the Musarde into Verbrek

Artan-Ak                                            *****   [DoD, pg. 90]
      Population 200
Kalidnay City                                       *****   [DoD, pg. 90]
      Population 3,200

Ziggurat                                            *****   [DoD, pg. 90]
      Structure in the centre of Kalidnay city

Barren Sands                                        ****    [FL_DR, pg. 28]
      Name of the desert terrain around the city
Bleak Knoll                                         *****   [DoD, pg. 90]
      Hill in the east of the domain
Silt Sea                                            *****   [DoD, pg. 90]
      Sea of loose sand, surrounding the domain

„Very few settlements‟, indeed...

Chebney                                                                            **        [DoaD, pg 54]
        Population less than 500
Chord                                                                              *         [BoS3, pg 125]
        Small village in the North-west of Kartakass. The meistersinger is Ohrinda Nahle.
        Population 65.
Cortton                                                                            **        [DoaD, pg 49]
        Population less than 100
Harmonia                                                                           *****     [DoD, pg 63]
        Population 1,500
Homlack                                                                            **        [FoG, pg 83]
        Population less than 500.
Kuhl                                                                               **        [DoaD, pg 5]
        Population less than 200.
Pel                                                                                **        [DoaD, pg 5]
        Population less than 100
Skald                                                                              *****     [DoD, pg 63]
        Place of the Kartakan Inn. Population 2,000
Tekla                                                                              **        [DoaD, pg 187]
        A town one day travel from Cortton. Population less than 200
Yurt                                                                               **        [DoaD, pg 5]
        Once had a vampire plague, so probably close to Gundarak. Population less than 500.
Kartakan Inn                                                                       ****      [FoG, pg 30]
Kartakan Road                                                                      ****      [FoG, pg 30]
Peasants Way                                                                       ****      [FoG, pg 30]
Road to Harmony                                                                    ****      [FoG, pg 16]
Radaga‟s canyon                                                                    ****      [FoG, pg 47]

Deccan Forest                                                                      **        [DoaD, pg 228]
        A forest with a very abundant rat population.
Mandriel                                                                           **        [DoaD, pg 56]
        Most likely a forest.

Cauldron                                                                           ****      [FoG, pg 30]
        Basin of the waterfall near Skald
Dire Creek                                                                         ****      [FoG, pg 30]
        Small River that adds to the Sing Song near Skald
Minstrel River                                                                     ****      [FoG, pg 20]
Musarde River                                                                      *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Pel, Lake                                                                          *         [MCS, DoaD]
        The lair of the „beast of Pel‟. The beast may have been a creature akin to Aggy of Forlorn.
Sing Song River                                                                    ****      [FoG, pg 30]

City of the Dead                                                                   *****     [D, pg. 19]
        Originally a town in Arak, but displaced during the forming of Keening. Name unknown. Note that the
        windrose in the map of the city points the wrong way (it should point downwards)

Umbra Caverns                                                                      ****       [SoD, pg 46]
     Haunted caverns under Mt. Lament

Goblinwood                                                                         ****       [SoD, map]
     Forest in the south west
Lament, Mt.                                                                        *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
     Main mountain peak

Albia Creek                                                                        ****       [D, pg. 19]
     A small creek that runs from the Kryder River to the City of the Dead.
Cascade River                                                                      ****       [DoD, pg. 26]
     The original name of this river (in Tepestani) is the Kryder River. It seems the river was renamed after the
     appearance of the Shadow Rift, though it is possible that it only refers to the part where it plunges into the
     Rift. [TSR] does not mention this River, (or the Kryder) as a source for any of the cascades, so either this
     river plunges into the Rift but does not pass the misty border that seperates the Rift from the rest of the core
     (i.e. it vanishes), or it bends to the north to join the Corvus River, in which case it would probably more
     aptly be named the „New Kryder‟.
     The name Kryder/Cascade River is also in conflict with [CoD], where the river (or at least the heritage of
     the original) is named the Ichor. However this can to an extent be explained by the use of differing tongues
     (Balok as opposed to Tepestani).
Corvus River                                                                       ****       [SoD, map]
     River flowing in from Darkon
Crying River                                                                       ****       [SoD, map]
     River flowing in from Tepest
Kryder River                                                                       ****       [D, pg. 15]
     See the entry of the Cascade River.
Lynn Kathryn                                                                       ****       [SoD, map]
     Branch of the Crying River
Tears, River of                                                                    ****       [SoD, map]
     Branch of the Corvus River

The entries for Kislova are from the Book of Souls, which is based on „Baroness of Blood‟.

Pirie                                                                              ***        [BoB, pg 84]
     Population 600

Argentine                                                                          ***        [BoB, pg 5]
     Lord Jorani‟s estate
Nimbus Castle                                                                      ***        [BoB, pg 5]
     Capital and seat of Ilsabet Obour
Tygelt, Mt.                                                                        ****       [BoS, pg 78]
     Haunted mountain

Deneri                                                                             ***        [BoB, pg 5]
Kapem                                                                              ***        [BoB, pg 5]
Kopelt                                                                             ****       [BoS, pg 78]
Tygelt                                                                             ***        [BoB, pg 5]
     Mountainous province, named after Mt. Tygelt
Arvid River                                                                       ***        [BoB, pg 5]
        River flowing from Tyggelt to Nimbus castle

Some places in Nova Vaasa have English (as opposed to German) names. I assume that native
    versions of these names exist, but currently I have not come around to renaming them.

Baytown                                                                           ***        [AW, pg.49]
        Abandoned village on the isle of Agony.
Dunkelheit                                                                      ***        [VRMHC1, pg.53]
        The name of this community was brought up by Chris Nichols, on his article at [SotK]. Population (all
        dwarves) less than 200.
Essen                                                                             *          [MCS]
        A small community at the loft side of the Sleeping Beast, guarding the only pass across the mountains.
        Population 200.
Halbweg                                                                           *          [MCS]
     Abandoned mining community halfway on the pass through the Sleeping Beast. Serves as a wayfare for
Leidenheim                                                                     ***        [VRMHC2]
     Formerly a city known for its surgeons and medical university, now desolate and paupered. Population less
     than 500. The existence of this city in Prime Material Lamordia is mentioned at in [M], though it is never
     confirmed that it was drawn into Ravenloft as the domain formed.
Ludendorf                                                                         *****      [DoD, pg. 28]
        Population less than 1,000
Mitternacht                                                                       *          [MCS]
        A small hamlet, originally ment as a wayfare for travelers to Schloss von Aubrecker. In recent years
        populated by shepherds and a small militia. Population less than 50.
Neufurtchtenburg                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg. 28]
        Population less than 1,000

Aubracker, Schloß von                                                             *****      [DoD, pg. 28]
Kadra‟s Hut                                                                       ****       [AW, pg 8]
        Mistakenly named “Eva‟s Hut” on the map in [AW]
Mordenheim, Schloß                                                                *****      [DoD, pg. 28]
Adam‟s Children, Monestary of                                                     ****       [AW, pg 39]
Abandoned Estate                                                                  *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
        Possibly the original Mordenheim family estate

Sleeping Beast Mountains                                                          *****      [DoD, pg. 26]
Musarde Delta                                                                     ***        [???]
        OK, so I lost the reference to this one... sounds obvious anyway.
Great Glacier, The                                                                ***        [FoD, cover]
        And thanks again for Chris Nichols, for noticing the obscure reference to the Great Glacier in [FoD]. More
        info can be found on [SotK].

Agony, Isle of                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg. 28]
        largest island of the Finger, home of Adam.
Demise, Isle of                                                                  *****   [DoD, pg. 26]
      Island between the Isle of Agony and Misery
Finger, The                                                                      *****   [DoD, pg. 26]
      Name for a group of islands at the a Lamordian shore.
      Includes the isles of Agony, Misery, and Demise
Misery, Isle of                                                                  *       [MCS]
      Outermost island of the Finger

Black River                                                                      ****    [AW, map]
Musarde River                                                                    *****   [DoD, pg. 26]
Sea of Sorrows                                                                   *****   [DoD, pg. 26]

Aferdale                                                                         *****   [BoC, pg 50]
      Rather remote town at the west end of Liffe. Population less than 1,000.
Armeikos                                                                         *****   [DoD, pg 78]
      City at Hordum Bay. Population 3,000.
Claviera                                                                         *****   [DoD, pg 78]
      Named “Claveria” in the DoD. Population less than 400
      Note that the language spoken is akin to that of Krynn, while the gods worshipped (Lendor, [BoC, pg 22])
      are from Oerth.
Moondale                                                                         *****   [DoD, pg 78]
      Population less than 1,000

Neverwere Manor                                                                  ****    [BoC, pg 21]
      Manor of Baron Evensong, near Claviera

Hordum Bay                                                                       ****    [BoC, pg 31]
Hordum River                                                                     ****    [BoC, pg 31]
Sound of Liffe                                                                   ****    [BoC, pg 31]
      Name of the sea east of Liffe.

Several abandoned villages.                                                      ****    [NMNB, pg. 19]

Diosamblet, House of                                                             *****   [DoD, pg. 72]
      Markov‟s Estate
Great Stone Men                                                                  ****    [NMNB, pg. 19]
      Set of gigantic statues
Lost, Monestary of the                                                           *****   [NMNB, pg. 45]
Monastery, Ruined                                                                ****    [NMNB, pg. 20]
      Former monastery from [ToDS]

Sea of Sorrows                                                                 *****     [DoD, pg. 72]
Sunset Bay                                                                     ****      [NMNB, pg. 19]
     Bay in the north of the domain

Crawford                                                                       *         [MCS]
     Village near Crawford manor. Population less than 100.
Glenwitch                                                                      *         [MCS]
     Small village near the sea. Population less than 500.
Ildethorp                                                                      ****      [CotNC, pg 85]
     A tiny hamlet nestled in the hills besides a small stream and pond. Home of Lian de Lorance Punchinel.
     Population less than 100.
Mordentshire-on-the-Sea                                                        *****     [DoD, pg 41]
     Named „Port-a-Lucine‟ on the map in the DoD. Population 2,000.
Strathmore                                                                     *         [HS, pg 11]
     Village near the border of Dementlieu and Richemulot. Population less than 100.
Waterford                                                                      *         [TFC, pg ???]
     Village at the branching of the Arden River. Population less than 500.

Bateman House                                                                  *****     [HS, pg 8]
     Haunted house on a hill. Possibly near Waterford.
Vania, Castle                                                                  *****     [HS, pg 11]
     Castle overlooking the village of Strathmore
Crawford Manor                                                                 **        [D#65, pg. 65]
     Manor from the Dungeon adventure „The Unkindness of Ravens‟, a very Ravenloftish adventure. The
     writer, Jason Kuhl, agreed with placing the manor in Mordent.
Griffon Hill, House on                                                         *****     [DoD, pg 41]
     Haunted manor of lord Godefroy
Heather House                                                                  *****     [DoD, pg 41]
     Family estate of the Weathermay family
Lumley House                                                                   ***       [CotNC, pg 21]
     Ruined house situated along a river. Probably just outside the town of Waterford.
On-Arden Estate                                                                *         [RML]
Preston Hill                                                                   ***       [CotNG, pg. 92]
     Haunted estate, which I situated near Glenwich
Wescote Manor                                                                  ****      [HitN, pg 4]
     Manor of the Wescote family. Surrounded by bogs.


Arden Bay                                                                      *****     [DoD, pg 42]
Arden River                                                                    *****     [DoD, pg 42]
Newbury River                                                                  *         [TLR]
Volfen                                                                         *         [RML]

Touraine                                                                       *****      [IoT, pg 12]
       Population 20,000
Canondale                                                                      ***        [CotNC, pg 30]
       While this village was never placed, it was situated in „a big forest‟. The devoutness of the population
       seems to be very fitting for Nidala.
       The English name does not match with those of the domains canon settlements (i.e. Touraine), which sound
       Spanish. On the other hand, Elena Faithold has an „English‟ background, and she might have ordered
       Canondale to be build.
       Population less than 100
Drya                                                                           *          [MCS]
       Population 400
Ricochet                                                                       *          [MCS]
       Population 500
Honeire                                                                        *          [MCS]
       Population 200

Faith Hold                                                                     ****       [IoT, pg 10]

Malcredo, Mount                                                                ****       [IoT, pg 10]
Theospine Range                                                                ****       [IoT, pg 10]
       Mountain range
Phantasmal Forest                                                              ***        [ALitB]
       Forest at the western side of the Theospines. Crosses into Avonleigh and the Shadowborn domain.

Amenta, Lake                                                                   ****       [IoT, pg 11]
Avalon River                                                                   ***        [ALitB]
       River that runs from the Theospines into the Phantasmal Forest.

Nightmare Lands
Nod, the City of                                                               *****      [DoD, pg 126]

Clinic of the Mentally Distressed                                              *****      [DoD, pg 126]
Davion                                                                         *****      [DoD, pg 121]
       Pocket domain
The Ghettos                                                                    ****       [TNL, pg 31]
       Site of Mullonga
Grieving Cathedral                                                             ****       [TNL, pg 29]
       Site of the Nightmare Man
Spire of Sleep                                                                 ****       [TNL, pg 30]
       Site of Hypnos
Theater Macabre                                                                ****       [TNL, pg 30]
       Site of the Ghost dancer
Tree of Suspicion                                                              ****       [TNL, pg 31]
       Site of the Raindow Serpent

Everchange, Forest of                                               *****    [DoD, pg 126]
      Site of Morpheus
Park Primeval, the                                                  ****     [TNL, pg 31]
Ring of Dreams                                                      *****    [DoD, pg 126]

Langour, Lake                                                       *****    [DoD, pg 126]
Langour River                                                       ****     [TNL, pg 29]

The Nocturnal Sea
Graben                                                              ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
      Village on Graben island. Population 1,000
Kirchenheim                                                         ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
      Village on Graben island. Population 300
Meerdorf                                                            ****     [SOH, pg 43]
      Village on Knammen island. Population 150
Seeheim                                                             ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
      Village on Graben island. Population 300

Graven Family Estate                                                ****     [SoH, pg 49]
Lighthouse                                                          ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
      Lighthouse at l‟Ile de la Tempete. Lair of Monette.
Mausoleum                                                           ****     [SoH, pg 55]
Raven Tower                                                         ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
      Tower at the Isle of Ravens

Knammen                                                             ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
Graben Island                                                       ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
Ravens, Isle of                                                     ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
Tempete, l‟Ile de la                                                ****     [DoD, pg. 78]
Todstein                                                            ****     [DoD, pg. 78]

Nocturnal Sea                                                       *****    [DoD, pg. 75]

Nova Vaasa
      Some places in Nova Vaasa have English (as opposed to - probably - Polish) names. I
      assume that native versions of these names exist, but currently I have not come around to
      renaming them.

Arbora                                                              *****    [DoD, pg 69]
      Population 2,000
Bergovitsa                                                          *****    [DoD, pg 69]
      Population 2,000
Drataan                                                             ***      [VRGtF, pg 62]
        a village near Ehrendton
Egertus                                                                             *****     [DoD, pg 69]
        Population 9,000
Hornwood                                                                            *         [SotK]
        Village near the border with Hazlan, north of Arbora Narrated by Chris Nichols in his article on Briarvale.
Kantora                                                                             *****     [DoD, pg 69]
        Population 16,000
Liara                                                                               *****     [DoD, pg 69]
        Population 2,000
Mel Fira                                                                            ***       [VRGtW, pg 57]
        A ghost town in the north of Nova Vaasa

Black Tower Heights                                                                 **        [TEW, pg ???]
        Castle of - at John Mangrum‟s suggestion - the Chekiv family
Blasted Circle                                                                      ****      [CotNV, pg 73]
        Blasted area in the Briarweed forest, centered around a circle of stones.
Clinic for the Mentally Distressed                                                  *****     [DoD, pg 69]
        Asylum near Egertus
Drakkir, castle                                                                     ***       [VRGtF, pg 36]
        A castle at Drataan.
Ehrendton, Ruins of                                                                 ***       [VRGtF, pg 36]
        A region east of the Dnar, Nova Vaasa
Faerhaaven                                                                          *****     [DoD, pg 43]
        Castle of the Hiregaard family
Stonegard                                                                           **        [TEW, pg ???]
        Castle of the Bolshnik family

Briarvale                                                                           *         [SotK]
        Valley west of Arbora. Narrated by Chris Nichols.
Briarweed Forest                                                                    *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Koshka Bluffs                                                                       *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Saniset Forest                                                                      *         [SotK]
        Forest at the Saniset River. Narrated by Chris Nichols in his article on Briarvale.

Borchava River                                                                      *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Borchava River, Little                                                              *****     [SoD, map]
Dnar River                                                                          *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Dnar River, South                                                                   *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Ivlis River                                                                         *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Saniset River                                                                       *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Three Sisters, the                                                                  *****     [DoD, pg 43]
Volgis River                                                                        *****     [DoD, pg 43]

Phiraz                                                                              *****     [DoD, pg 105]
        Population est 2,000
Della Mirandola                                                                  *          [RML]
       Featured in Jonathan Philpot‟s Town of Evil adventure. One of the very few small towns in this domain.
       Situated at the border with Borca. A small road connects the town with Mortigny on the west, and Tillich in
       the east. Originally designed to be part of one of Jonathan‟s own domains. Population less than 1,000.
Madig‟s Ville                                                                    *          [HS, pg. 25]
       Small village north-east of Pont a Museau. Population less than 100
Mortigny                                                                         *****      [DoD, pg. 46]
       Population 8,000
Pont-a-Museau                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg. 46]
       Population 16,000
Rien                                                                             *          [MCS]
       Population 300, location of Richemulot‟s School for Girls
Ste Ronges                                                                       *****      [DoD, pg. 46]
       Population 5,600

Chateau de Marius-Eibenal                                                        *          [HS, pg. 16]
       Mansion south of Ste Ronges.
Glass House, The                                                                 *          [HS, pg. 29]
       Haunted green house south of Mortigny.
Grotto, The                                                                      *          [HS, pg. 31]
       Cave near the center of the domain.

Piper‟s Marsh                                                                    **         [ToR, pg. 107]
       Marsh just outside Ste Ronges, near the Musarde River.

Musarde River                                                                    *****      [DoD, pg. 46]
Lake Lustoire                                                                    *          [MCS]

Fagarus                                                                          ****       [RoT, pg 84]
Kosova                                                                           ****       [RoT, pg 84]
Tirgo                                                                            ****       [RoT, pg 84]

Guirgiu, Castle                                                                  ****       [RoT, pg 84]
Thunder Cathedral                                                                *          [MCS]

Angus Walt                                                                       *          [MCS]
       Forest region
Mitlieben Walt                                                                   *          [MCS]
       Forest region
Radu, Mt                                                                         ****       [RoT, pg 84]
     Over 11.000 feet high

Argus, Lake                                ****    [RoT, pg 84]
Berghitsa                                  *       [MCS]
Borchava                                   *       [MCS]
Drochnar                                   *       [MCS]
Mazliez                                    *       [MCS]
Nier                                       *       [MCS]
Vashna                                     *       [MCS]
Vaughn                                     *       [MCS]

The Sea of Sorrows
Blaustein                                  ****    [D]
Demise                                     ****    [RAII]
Dominia                                    ****    [BH]
Ghastria (see seperate entry)              ****    [D]
Isle of Agony (see Lamordia)               ****    [DoD, pg. 73]
Markovia (see seperate entry)              ****    [DoD, pg. 74]
Whäl                                       *       [BoS2, pg. 89]

Althea‟s Labyrinth                         *****   [RAII]
Castle Bluebeard                           *****   [D]
Heinfroth‟s Asylum                         *****   [BH]
East Riding                                *****   [D]
     Village on Ghastria, population 600

Sea of Sorrows                             *****   [DoD, pg. 73]

Anhalla                                    *****   [DoD, pg 107]
     Population est 2,000

Apophis, Temple of                         *****   [DoD, pg 107]
Tiyet‟s estate                             *****   [DoD, pg 107]

Sandstone Towers                           *****   [IoT, pg 83]
Valley of Death                            *****   [DoD, pg 107]

Dry river beds                             *****   [DoD, pg 107]
Red Oasis                                  *****   [DoD, pg 103]
Shadow Rift, The
Anvolee                                                                         ****    [TSR, pg 120]
        Population mostly changelings
Belivue                                                                         ****    [TSR, pg 121]
        Population mostly sith
Esmerth                                                                         ****    [TSR, pg 120]
        Population mostly shee

Arak‟s Tomb                                                                     ****    [TSR, pg 121]
        Monument at the border between the Greenlands and the Stowndowns
Malachite‟s Palace, The1                                                        ****    [TSR, pg 76]
        Palace of Lolht
Obsidian Gate, The                                                              ****    [TSR, pg 108]
        Magical construct on the top of the D7arkenheights

Black Marsh, The                                                                ****    [TSR, pg 102]
        Swamp in the Southern Rift
Darkenheights, The                                                              ****    [TSR, pg 105]
        Spire in the Southern Rift
Greenlands, The                                                                 ****    [TSR, pg 70]
        Forested region in the Northern Rift
Stowndowns, The                                                                 ****    [TSR, pg 98]
        Mountainous wasteland in the Southern Rift

Biting Tarn, The                                                                ****    [TSR, pg 119]
        Lake in the Stowndowns, formed from the Falling River
Falling River, The                                                              ****    [TSR, pg 119]
        River flowing though the Greenlands to the Stowndowns.
Great Cascade                                                                   ****    [TSR, pg 57]
        Waterfall formed where the Blackmist River flows into the Shadow Rift
Grimfey Flow                                                                    ****    [TSR, pg 57]
        Riverf flowing from the Biting Tran through the Stowndowns
Hidden Cascade                                                                  ****    [TSR, pg 57]
        Waterfall formed where the Hidden River flows into the Shadow Rift
Loch Lenore                                                                     ****    [TSR, pg 119]
        Lake in the Greenlands, formed by the Hidden Cascade
Nightrush                                                                       ****    [TSR, pg 57]
        River which is formed by the Great Cascade

Har Thelen                                                                      *****   [DoD, pg 49]
        Population est 2,000
Hroth                                                                           *****   [DoD, pg 49]
        Population est 1,500
Kendralind                                                                   ****      [WBRB, pg 53]
     Population est less than 500, mostly kender
Mal Erek                                                                     *****     [DoD, pg 49]
     Population est 3,000
Veidrava                                                                     ****      [SotBR, pg ???]
     Population est less than 500, mostly human

Iron Warden                                                                  ****      [ToR, pg ???]
Keeper‟s of the Coil Sanctuary                                               *         [BoS, pg 39]
     Hidden Village in southeast Sithicus, near the Misty Border. Proposed by John Mangrum
Nedragaard Keep                                                              *****     [DoD, pg 50]
     Castle of Lord Soth

Border‟s Edge Mountain                                                       ****      [WBRB, map]
Disappearing Mountain                                                        ****      [WBRB, map]
Fume Woods                                                                   ****      [SotBR, pg ???]
Great Chasm, the                                                             ****      [WBRB, map]
Iron Hills                                                                   ****      [SotBR, pg ???]
Mantle Woods                                                                 ****      [TEE, map]
Merchants‟ Slash                                                             ****      [SotBR, pg ???]
Misttop Mountain                                                             ****      [WBRB, map]
Sithican Woods                                                               *         [BoS, pg 38]
     As used by John Mangrum

Arden River                                                                  *****     [DoD, pg 42]
Arden, Little                                                                *****     [DoD, pg 42]
Endless River                                                                ****      [WBRB, map]
Krellin River                                                                ****      [WBRB, map]
Lake of Sounds                                                               ****      [SotBR, pg ???]
     Underground lake.
Musarde River                                                                *****     [DoD, pg 42]
Widow‟s Tears                                                                ****      [SotBR]

Port d‟Elhour                                                                *****     [DoD, pg 95]
     Population 1,000
Marais d‟Tarascon                                                            *****     [NotWD, pg 13]
     Population 300

Chickenbone‟s hut                                                            *****     [RMCA II]
Misroi‟s Manor                                                               *****     [DoD, pg 96]
Island of the Maiden                                                         *****     [DoD, pg ???]
Tarascon Plantation                                                          *****     [NotWD, pg 22]
Tristepass                                                                   *****     [DoD, pg 96]
     The road from Port d‟Elhour to the misty border. Not very clear on the DoD map.
Maison d‟Sablet                                                                   *****   [DoD, pg 95]
        Natives‟ name for the swamp

Noir, Lake                                                                        *****   [DoD, pg 96]
        Lake in the swamp

Sri Raji

Bahru                                                                             ****    [WoI, pg 54]
        The „accursed‟ city, ruins
Muladi                                                                            *****   [WoI, pg 54]
        Population 8,000
Pakat                                                                             *****   [WoI, pg 53]
        Population 3,500
Tvashti                                                                           *****   [WoI, pg 53]
        Population 2,000

Mahakala                                                                          *****   [WoI, pg 33]
        Arijani‟s temple

Mount Yamatali                                                                    ****    [WoI, pg 54]
Yahasha Mountains                                                                 *****   [WoI, map]

Damuhm River                                                                      ****    [WoI, pg 53]
        The „river of blood‟
Sargossa Sea                                                                      *       [DoD, pg 102]
        Implied sea that links Saragoss to Sri Raji. The sea is east of Muladi.
Veda, Lake                                                                        *****   [WoI, pg 54]

Staunton Bluffs
Willisford                                                                        ****    [IoT, pg 70]
        Population 1,000

Stonecrest, Castle                                                                ****    [IoT, pg 71]

Willis River                                                                      ****    [IoT, pg 69]

Briggdarrow                                          ****    [TSR, pg 11]
        Population less than 300
Kellee                                               *****   [DoD, pg 38]
        Population 3,000
Linde                                                ***     [ToDS, pg.17]
        Population less than 500
Viktal                                               *****   [DoD, pg 38]
        Population 3,000

Castle Island                                        ****    [SoD, pg 25]
Descent, The                                         ****    [TSR, pg 118]
East Timori Road                                     ****    [DoD, pg 38]
Fracture, The                                        ****    [TSR, pg 58]
Hags, The                                            ****    [D, pg 39]

Brujamonte, forest                                   ****    [TSR, pg 34]
Goblinwood                                           ****    [TSR, pg 27]
Wytchwood                                            ****    [TSR, pg 40]

Blackmist River                                      *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Borchova River, Little                               *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Corvus River                                         *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Crying Riverv                                        *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Dnar River, south                                    *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Kronov, lake                                         *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Lynn Kathryn                                         *****   [DoD, pg 27]
Vaughn-Dnar River                                    *****   [DoD, pg 27]

Tor Gorak                                            *****   [DoD, pg. 111]

Kas, Fortress of                                     *****   [DoD, pg. 111]
Karsican Way                                         *****   [DoD, pg. 111]
        Road from Tor Gorak to the Fortress of Kas

Burning Peaks                                        *****   [DoD, pg. 111]

Tamross, River                                       ****    [VR, pg 13]

Habelnik                                                                        *****     [DoD, pg 44]
        Named Helbenik in [DoD]. Population 5,300.
Rotwold                                                                         *****     [DoD, pg 44]
        Named Rotwald in [DoD]. Population 4,000
Ungrad                                                                          *****     [DoD, pg 44]
        Population 1,500

Field of the Damned                                                             *****     [CotNG, pg 58]
        Site of an abandoned temple of Athena, in Northern Valachan, near the Sithicus Border. Before the Grand
        Conjunction, this was actually Sithican territory.
North Road                                                                      ***       [D#42, pg 61]
        Road from Ungrad to Rotwold
Pantara, Castle                                                                 *****     [DoD, pg 44]
        Von Kharkov‟s fortress

Ungrad Valley                                                                   ***       [D#42, pg 61]

Arden River                                                                     *****     [DoD, pg 42]

Abdok                                                                           *****     [DoD, pg 80]

Ivan‟s Mansion                                                                  *****     [DoD, pg 80]

Vesanis, Cliffs of                                                              *****     [DoD, pg 80]

Nocturnal sea                                                                   *****     [DoD, pg 80]
Nostru River                                                                    *****     [DoD, pg 80]

Alyssum                                                                         ****      [TEE, pg 58]
        Population less than 200
Amoria                                                                          *         [MCS]
        Population less than 200, mostly Qui-vari
Fylfot                                                                          ****      [TEE, map]
        Population less than 100
Sable                                                                           *         [BoS3, pg 115]
        Hobert Mannon‟s hometown. Population less than 100
Tricco                                                                          ****      [TEE, map]
        Population less than 100
Ludlow                                                                          *         [TLR]
        Population less than 300
Thoslow                                                 *       [TLR]
        Population less than 300
Rolling Fork                                            *       [TLR]
        Population less than 300
Gillsburg                                               *       [TLR]
        Population less than 300
Siel                                                    *       [TLR]
        Population less than 300

Circle, The                                             *****   [DoD, pg. 42

Howling Ridge, the                                      ****    [TEE, map]
        Mountain ridge at the border with Invidia
Ghost Spires, the                                       ****    [TEE, map]
        Mountain range in the south of the domain

Arden River                                             *****   [DoD, pg 42]
        River along the western border
Arken River                                             *       [MCS]
        Contributaryof the Musarde
Musarde River                                           *****   [DoD, pg 42]
Noisette River                                          *****   [DoD, pg 42]
        River flowing from Invidia into Verbrek
Volfen River                                            *       [RML]
        River in the north, branch of the Arden River
Drain                                                   *       [MCS]
        Contributary of the Musarde
Fester Pool                                             *       [MCS]
        Pool that feeds the Drain

Kargo                                                   *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Kirinova                                                *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Nordvik                                                 *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Novalayenk                                              *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Oneka                                                   *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Siberski                                                *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Torgov                                                  *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Voronia                                                 *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Vorostokov                                              *****   [DoD, pg 98]
        Population 200

Gregor‟s Cave                                           *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Witches‟ Hut                                            ****    [DotM, pg 35]
     Natalya and Elena Zolnik‟s cabin

Grovinekvic Forest                      ***     [DoD, pg 98]
     Main forest of Vorostokov

Bottomless Lake                         *****   [DoD, pg 98]
Trau River                              *****   [DoD, pg 98]

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