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           Who are we?

Ozone, headquartered in Turkey, with group companies in Ukraine and Belarus, is a leading
telecommunications solutions provider of Network engineering, network services and
technical outsourcing for the wireless carriers and vendors.

Ozone is created to design , deploy, optimize and manage wireless networks.

With more than 10000 sites designed and optimized, 1000+ sites Full Turnkey implemented
and maintained, Ozone is a growing front-runner telecommunication services provider with
200+ highly qualified personnel.
            Company Structure

OZONE Group consists of three group companies as OZONE , ONS Global, and ONS UA.

                                          Ozone Group

                     OZONE                 ONS Global                ONS UA

OZONE is the Group’s Turkey based company. Situated in Antalya, provides services as Full
turnkey projects, Roll-out, maintenance, site acquisition, site audit and RF,TR related services.

ONS Global is the Group company which is based in Minsk, Belarus. Full turnkey RF,TR
Planning and Optimization projects.

ONS UA is situated in Kiev, Ukraine and provides services as full turnkey RF,TR Planning and
Optimization projects as well as roll-out, maintenance and site acquisition.
             Our Vision & Mission
                               Our Mission
                               We aim to come up with the most appropriate solutions by the
                               know-how and experience in the wide range of professional
                               services within many different countries. The consultancy, design,
                               engineering and installation support of the whole project are being
                               realized by the certified personnel of our company.

Our Vision
OZONE Group’s vision is to be a world-class telecommunication
services company that supports vendors and network operators
achieve their goals. We will accomplish our Vision through our
commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and
community involvement.
Core Values

   Customer Oriented
   OZONE Group believes that gratifying the customer is the secret to grow
   the clientele and expand the business. The passion to excel in technology,
   competency, resources, and services, makes OZONE Group a frontrunner.
   It believes in exemplifying competence, connection and character to build
   a trusted relationship with its customers.

    Behind every Project, design and implementation OZONE Group emphasizes
    the quality of the work. We understand the importance of the work that we
    do in influencing the future of our clients, therefore we always maintain the
    highest level of quality. We do not compromise on quality and relentlessly
    drive for better, fit-for-purpose solutions and breakthrough innovations.
Core Values - continued

    We provide a complete responsive and resourceful obligation. We not only
    perform to deliver agreed commitments with speed and agility, but also
    provide prompt responses and acceptance of constructive criticisms.
    Carrying out the role and responsibility with positive attitude and
    unwavering commitment is OZONE Group’s accentuation on the sense of
    able duty and best services.

    Absolute and uncompromising integrity is what conducts OZONE Group’s
    business. It is the foundation for trust, communication and living-up to
    commitments, which act as pillars for the company’s existence.
Core Values - continued

   Continuous Improvement
   OZONE Group’s is committed to getting better every day in all it does, as
   individuals and as teams. By better understanding consumers' and
   customers' expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve
   products, services and processes, ONS Global Group is achieving to be the
   best in Telecom Services.

   Team Spirit
   OZONE Group believes to achieve finest results through the resourceful
   teamwork. The company boasts of absolutely trustworthy and competent
   team with 200+ employees, with high expectations to realize the strength to
   overcome the challenges.
OZONE Group has hands-on experience on
below wireless technologies and Standards:

                              WI-FI
           GSM
                              WI-MAX
           GPRS/EDGE
                              HSDPA/HSUPA
           CDMA
                              HSPA+
           CDMA2000
                              EV-DO
           WCDMA/UMTS
                              LTE
    Professional Services

   Network Planning & Consulting
   Radio Transmission Planning & Optimization
   Radio Network Optimization
   Radio Network Benchmark & Drive Testing
   Installation, Commisioning, Integration and Civil Works
   Radio Network Operations & Maintenance
   Site Acquisition Management
   Indoor and Camouflage Sites
   Site Audit
   VAS
       Services – Network Planning
       & Consulting
With more than 10000 sites planned, OZONE Group is highly
experienced in Radio Network Planning. We provide a complete
responsive and resourceful Planning & Consulting services. We not only
perform to deliver agreed commitments with speed and agility, but also
provide prompt responses and quality of work.

Our services include:
Model Tuning
Radio Network design
Nominal Cell Planning
Detailed Radio Network Planning
Field survey/acquisition support
Network initial tuning
Network migration and expansion planning
Traffic modeling
Technology reports, white papers, and
            complete training courses
     Services – Radio Transmission
     Planning & Optimization
OZONE Group provides complete consulting services of planning,
deploying, implementing and optimization of Transmission Network. We
aim to ensure our customers lead and succeed in their business.

Our transmission planning services include:
        Mobile access network design
        Microwave radio network design
        MW Frequency Planning
        Line-of-sight survey
        Tuning & Re-dimensioning of
       Transmission Network
        Transmission Network Optimisation
      Services – Radio Network
With expert optimization team OZONE Group delivers prompt and most
appropriate solutions for wide-range of vendors and network
operators. Our awarded quality and experience in radio network
optimization is the key skill to ensure the success of our customers.

Our optimization services include:
          Alarm Handling
          OSS Statistical Analysis
          Frequency / Neighbor Planning
          Voice / Data Capacity Dimensioning
          Inconsistency / Discrepancy Analysis
          Parameter Tuning
          Radio Network Feature Activation
          Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints
      Services – Radio Network
      Benchmark & Drive Testing
OZONE Group has performed myriads of Drive tests and benchmarks.
With more than 40 DT engineers, 40+ analysis engineers and a large
quantity of DT and Analysis tools in toolpark, ONS Global Group provides
the most rapid and appropriate solutions for all telecom companies.

Our drive test services include:
           Benchmarking
           Drive Testing & Analysis
           Testing after feature activations / re-homing activities
           Testing due to parameter changes
           Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints
    Services – Installation,
    Commisioning, Integration
    and Civil Works
OZONE Group network deployment services are fast and efficient,
enabling our customers to be operational as quickly as possible. With our
technical expertise and our ability to leverage local resources, you can
expect a successful, high-quality, cost effective network launch.
Services include:
    Site Supervision & Safety       Tower & Monopole erection
   Inspections                       Materials Supply
    Technical Site surveys and      Reworks for expansions
   Quality Control                   Configuration changes,
    BTS implemantation including    Downtilts, and isolations
   power and antenna system
    MWR (PDH) implemantation
    Site Installation,
   commissioning, testing, and
       Services – Radio Network
       Operations & Maintenance
OZONE Group takes responsibility for the day-to-day operation
and maintenance of telecom equipments, outsourcing equipments
and civil work. FM teams carry out all the preventive and
corrective maintenance under the direction of NOC (network
operation center). The FM is available 24 hours a day, 365 days in
a year for ensuring the optimal conditions of network in terms of
availability and retainability.
            Corrective/Remedial Maintenance
            Preventive/Routine Maintenance
            Transportation, spare parts and warehouse logistics management
            Owner and power issue handling
            Mobile generators service
            7/24 Help desk support
            Trouble Ticket handling
            OMC Alarm Handling
    Services – Site Acquisition

   Site Acquisition and Technical site surveys
   Contract management (signing & renewing)
   Working project and permitting services
   Sanitary services and labour protection
   Fire Department works
   Architectural permitting
   Re-zoning services
   Legalisations and official payments
   Permanent & Temporary Power management
            Services – Indoor and
            Camouflage Sites
   In-Building Sites for Indoor Coverage
       All necessary Installation and Commissioning Services for
        Indoor Sites

   Environmental Adaptation for Sites
       A robust solution for the sites in dense urban city areas
        where normal site solutions are not acceptable by tenants.
                Services – Site Audit
Site Audit Services
OZONE Group is offering comprehensive Site Audit Services to identify the detailed latest status &
specifications of each site inventory on a mobile network and Site Audit Reports helps to customers to decide
on necessary actions needs to be taken in order to provide better quality services for subscribers.

Site Identification Report;                Technical Information;                              Tests;
 – Location                                    – Power Measurement (AC/DC)                       – VSWR Test
  – Address Details                            – Battery Tests                                   – Return-Loss Test
  – Maps                                       – Equipment Serial Numbers                        – BER – Bit Error Rate Test
  – City Plans                                 – Equipment Inventory                             – Time-Slot Fault Test
  – Road Map with Photos                       – Equipment Bar coding                            – Antenna Feeder Analysis Test
  – Satellite Images                           – Sector Antenna Angle                            – Interference Test
Drawings;                                      – Antenna Type Data                               – TRX Output Power Test
 – Shelter/System Room Plan                    – Feeder Fault Test                               – Cross Connection Test
 – Site Location Plan                          – Air Conditioner Test                            – Alarm Tests
 – Cable Routes                                – Grounding Measurement                           – Obstruction Map
 – Antenna Location, Angle, Tilt,              – Site Check List                               As-Built Report;
 Azimuth.                                      – Fault Reports                                   – Equipment Inventory
                                               – Structural Analysis                             – Damage Report
                                               – Concrete and Tower Tests                        – Structural Analysis Report
                      Site Construction Controls;                            Photographs;
                                                                                                 – and any other needs…
                       – Tower – Mast – Pole                                  – Site Photos
                       – Concrete                                             – Site Access Photos.
                       – Fence                                                – Panoramic Photos
                       – System Room Shelter                                  – Sector Antenna View Photos.
Services – VAS

    Our mission is to provide superior Value Added
    Services and create superior customer experience by
    simplifying their life and entartaining them with the
    help of strategic and long-term partnership relation
    established with GSM companies and content

    We are planning to expand our business toward VAS
    business by positioning ourself as an aggregator and
    a solution provider.
      Our Experience

   Radio Network Operations and Maintenance Project in Ukraine, on-going
    Kharkov, Lugansk, Kremenchuk, Poltova, Summy Regions, 950 Sites, Nokia - Ericsson Equipment
   Site Acquisition Management Project in Ukraine, on-going
    Kharkov , Lugansk, Kremenchuk, Poltova, Summy Regions, 1066 Sites, Nokia - Ericsson Equipment
   Full Turnkey Roll-Out Project for NSN, Ukraine, on-going
    Kharkov, Lugansk Regions, 80 New Sites, Nokia Equipment
   RNP & Full Turnkey Roll-Out Project in Western & Southern Ukraine for Huawei,
    Livov & Crimea Regions, 180 Sites, Huawei Equipment
   Turnkey Swap Project in Western and Southern Ukraine for Huawei, on-going
    Livov & Crimea Regions, 225 Sites, Nokia - Huawei Equipment
   Drive Test&Benchmarking Project, Belarus, on-going
    Bretsk, Gomel, Mogilev Regions, 450 Sites, ZTE Equipment
   Radio Network Planning & Optimisation Project for NSN, Ukraine, on-going
    Kharkov Region, 981 Sites, Nokia Equipment
OZONE’s Partners’ Experience

    Turkcell Drive Test&Benchmarking Project, Turkey
    Turkcell Swap Optimisation Project for Huawei in Turkey
    Turkcell 2G/3G Swap & New site Roll-Out Project in Turkey
    Eagle Mobile 2G/3G Network Planning Project for Huawei in Albania
    WLL Nominal RF and TR Planning for Huawei Turkey
    Wi-Max & TSSR Project for Huawei in Iran
    Avea New Site Roll-Out Project for ZTE, Turkey
    Avea Baby sitting and OMC Support Services for ZTE, Turkey
    Bakcell RF & Optimisation Project for NSN in Azerbaijan
    Astelit Final Acceptance Project for NSN in West Ukraine
    Motorola Logistics & Payroll Management Services in Turkey
    3G/HSDPA Testing and Reporting of Trial UMTS Network for NSN in Turkey
    Providing 3G RF Planning Resources to NSN in Turkey
    Astelit GSM Network Planning Project for NSN in Ukraine
    2G Nominal Planning for NSN in Turkey
    3G Nominal Planning and Wi-Max Pre-Surveys for Alcatel Lucent in Turkey
    3G Nominal Planning for ZTE in Turkey
    Turnkey GSM Network Planning Project for Motorola/Vodafone Turkey
    Vodafone GSM Network Drive Test & Optimization Project in Turkey
    UMC GSM Optimization Project in Ukraine
    Berke-Azerfon GSM Design Project in Azerbaijan
    Kktcell GSM Network Expansion and Optimization Project in Cyprus
      Current Projects - UKRAINE

   Turn key rollout services – vendor NSN
      Started in December 2009 – 54 employees
      9 OAs in first month
   RNOM Fault & Maintenance Services - Astelit
      Started in May 2009 - 85 employees
      Fault, Maintenance and Reworks for all OA sites in regions –
        950 sites
   Site Management Services - Astelit
      Started in November 2009 – 39 employees
      Full service SM for all sites in regions – 1066 sites
      Current Projects - UKRAINE

     Radio Network Operations and Maintenance
     Project in Northern Ukraine for Life/NSN
   RNOM organization consists of 3 major departments and 4 other functions
    managed by Project Manager.
      Major Departments:
         Fault – 41 personnel
         Periodical Maintenance – 22 personnel
         Reworks – 13 personnel
      Other Functions:
         Logistics
         Progress Controlling
         Energy Supply Operations
         Fire Systems Operations
       Current Projects - UKRAINE

     Site Acquisition Maintenance Project in
     Northern Ukraine for Life/NSN
   Site Acquisition
      SAQ works with all technical, legal and permitting considerations
   Technical Site Survey
      TSS works according to vendor & operator standards
   Energy Supply Operations
      Full service
   Projecting of Sites and Regulatory Affairs
      WPs for model site and not standard applications
      Full service permitting
       Current Projects - UKRAINE

     Turnkey New Site Project in Northern Ukraine
     for Life/NSN
   Vendor NSN
   Turnkey rollout services are provided from Site Selection to Final Acceptance;
      NWP
      SA, ESO, PSRA
      CW / TI
   6 Departments managed by PM. 5 installation teams.
Current Projects - BELARUS

BEST Drive Test&Benchmarking Project,

   2/3G Drive Test & Network Optimization Project
   Existing Network - Belarus wide
   Diversity Benchmarker (3 PCM)
   Diversity Optimizer (including EX scanner)
   Diversity Voice Server
   NQDI Server SW and NQDI Client SW Benchmark
   HSDPA Performance
   Cluster, HotSpot, City, Road Tests and Reports
     Current Projects - UKRAINE

Astelit RNP & Roll-Out Project in Western and
Southern Ukraine for Huawei

    Radio Network Planning for
    New sites
    Site Acquisition Support
    Drive Testing
    Cluster/Area acceptance

RF & TX Planning and Optimization   RF & TX Planning, Network Optimization, Benchmarking,
                                    Drive Test Services.

Wireless Networks Installation,     Full Turn-key Radio Network Installation, Integration,
I&C and CW                          Commissioning and Civil Works

Radio Network Operations and        24 hours/365 days fully FM and operations support

Site Acquisition Management         Site Lease, Permit, Survey, Design and Legalization

Indoor & Camouflage Sites           In-Building and Camouflage Sites for Environment

Site Audit                          Site Identification & Construction Report, Drawings,
                                    Technical Information, Tests, As-Built Report, Photography
VAS                                 Value Added Services Development and Implementation
    OZONE Group Advantages

   Highly qualified Professionals
   Multi-vendor / Multi-technology experience
   Fastest and most appropriate Solutions
   Customer Oriented
   Powerful background with national/international project experience
   Optimum Solutions at Optimum cost
   On-time delivery
   Quick Mobilize and prompt respond
   Strong Team Work and Spirit
   Understand every unique need
   Continuous Trust & Loyalty
   Wide-Range of Professional Services
   Customer Satisfaction Driven Approach
   Strong know-how and experience
    OZONE Group Future Vision

OZONE Group aims to provide better, faster,
more competent and more innovative world-
wide services and solutions with more
professionals without compromising on the
Quality in the future of mobile world.

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