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									 Orthodox Institute Northern California Information
                                                                                                                   Registration Form
The Institute is being presented by an outstanding team from the Antiochian             Orthodox Institute Northern California
Archdiocese, the OCEC, and the OCA. Participants are invited to a reception
                                                                                    Name ___________________________________ Email:________________
and keynote address Friday evening, and are offered three sessions on Saturday.
Coursework can lead to one of three certificates of participation:                   Address: _______________________________________________________

             Teacher Training I (Basic) or,                                         ______________________________________________________________
             Teacher Training II (Advanced)
                                                                                    Phone: ___________________ Parish: _______________________________
             Divine Liturgy Special Certificate
                                                                                    Please check your answers to the following questions.
If a certificate is not desired, participants may also choose to attend courses of
interest from any track. Course descriptions are on the back of the brochure.       1. Friday evening reception and keynote address of Bishop Benjamin:

                                                                                              I will attend ( ).          I will not attend ( ).
                        Hotel Accommodations
                                                                                    2. Saturday coursework; you may take all three courses in a track to earn a cer-
 Courtyard by Marriott; Airport (San Bruno) around $100/night (800) 671-9207        tificate, or if you aren’t interested in a certificate, you may choose courses from
                                                                                    any of the tracks. Please check the courses you will take for each session.
 Marriott San Francisco Airport (Burlingame) (800) 671-9207
                                                                                                     Teacher               Teacher                 Divine Liturgy
                                                                                                     Training I            Training II

                                                                                      Session I      Overview of           Enhancing the           Overview of the
                                                                                                     Orthodoxy (   )       Classroom               Divine Liturgy( )
 “Educating Ourselves and                                                                                                  Experience ( )
 Our Children in Godliness”
                                                                                      Session II     Introduction to       Overview of             Church
                                                                                                     Teaching ( )          Moral Issues (   )      Architecture ( )
 The title of the OCEC Teacher Train-
 ing Program comes from the writings of                                               Session III    Curriculum and        Arts and Crafts for     The Bible in the
                                                                                                     Resources ( )         Religious               Divine Liturgy ( )
 St. John Chrysostom, in his epistle to the                                                                                Education ( )
 Ephesians. The OCEC Department of
 Teacher Training offers this workshop to
 improve the quality of education in our                                            PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Fee $30, payable to St. Nicholas
 church schools by providing Orthodox                                               Church, Attention Randa, DUE September 17.
 teachers with knowledge of the faith, and basic instructional
 techniques. For further information contact Myra Kovalak (me-                      Mail completed form to: OI Northern California, St. Nicholas Church, 5200
                                                                                    Diamond Heights Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94131. Contact Randa at (415)
 kovalak@gmail.com).                                                                648-5200, or stnicksf@msn.com.
      Teacher                      Teacher                       Divine
     Training I                  Training II                     Liturgy                                                    Announcing the second
    Coursework                   Coursework                    Coursework

Overview of                  Enhancing the                 Overview of Divine
                                                                                                    Orthodox Institute
 The basic tenets of our
                             Classroom Experience
                              Teachers will be pro-
                                                            Both our minds and our
                                                                                                    Northern California*
 faith that undergird         vided with the tools to       bodies are engaged in
 the revision project are     instruct students in a        this ancient service. The                  Friday, September 21, and
 provided in an interac-      variety of ways, based        major elements of the                    Saturday, September 22, 2007
 tive course that models      on how they learn. The        Divine Liturgy will be               St. Nicholas Church, San Francisco, CA
 a variety of teaching        principles of teaching        explained and discussed.
 techniques.                  special needs students                                              Friday evening Keynote Speaker
                              will also be addressed.      Church Architecture             Bishop BENJAMIN of the Diocese of Berkeley
Introduction to                                             The structure of an
Teaching                     Overview of Moral              Orthodox church is
 Effective teaching is a     Issues                         filled with symbolic                                  Presenters:
 combination of planning                                    imagery, reminding us                  Carole Buleza, Antiochian Archdiocese Director of Christian Education
 and management. Topics       The Orthodox view-            of our place withing the               Myra Kovalak, OCA, and Director of Teacher Training for the OCEC
 include: how to write a      point on moral issues         created order and God’s                 Joseph Tershay, Diocesan Coordinator for Christian Education for the
                                                                                                             Antiochian Diocese of Los Angeles and the West
 measurable objective,        will be contrasted with       supremacy. Learn about
                                                                                                      Linda Funk, Diocesan Coordinator for Christian Education for the
 five components of a          those of our secular          the symbolism and how                          Antiochian Diocese of Eagle River and the Northwest
 lesson plan and ideas for    society. Major topics of      it works with the Divine                 Father Michael Anderson, Former Youth Director for the OCA,
 the presentation of each,    concern to youth will be      Liturgy.                                            St. Christina of Tyre Mission in Fremont
 and how to manage            touched upon through-                                                      Deacon Lee Askin, Saints Peter and Paul, Ben Lomond
 a positive, productive       out the presentation.        The Bible in the Divine
 classroom.                                                Liturgy                       *This event is an abridged version of the fall Orthodox Institute at Antiochian Village,
                             Utilizing Crafts for           Orthodox Christian-          an opportunity for continuing education for Church school staff and interested adults.
Curriculum and               Religious                      ity finds its fullest         Please see the last page of the brochure for course descriptions. On behalf of His Grace
Resources                    Education                      expression in the Divine     Bishop JOSEPH, His Grace Bishop BENJAMIN, and the presenters, we invite you to
 An overview of “best         Easy arts and crafts ideas    Liturgy, many por-           participate in this exceptional event.
 resources” will be pro-      will be introduced for        tions of whch are taken
 vided. Websites valuable     use in the church school      directly from Scripture.
 for Orthodox education       among various age levels      This course will enhance                                        Schedule
 will be explored. Teach-     and different degrees of      your understanding,           Friday, September 21                              11:30 Session II
                                                                                              7:00 Welcoming Reception and Keynote          12:30 Break for lunch
 ers may receive special      abilities.                    and help you speak with          Address by Bishop Benjamin                      1:00 Session II continues
 instruction in The Way,                                    those from Bible-based        Saturday, September 22                             2:00 Break
 The Truth, and The Life,                                   denominations.                    8:30 Registration, pastry and coffee           2:30 Session III
 and The Scribe.                                                                              9:00 Session I                                 4:30 Certificates and Closing
                                                                                             11:00 Break                                     5:00 Vespers

                                                                                        St. Nicholas Church, 5200 Diamond Heights Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94131

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