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					                               VLAD SKOBELEV


     13 years of hands commercial experience in software engineering, 20 years of
      software building experience, various industry fields and platforms; analysis,
      modeling, architecture, design, application development, testing, deployment,
      support and documentation. Over 9 years of professional experience in the U.S.
     About 8 years of experience in architecture, design and development of
      applications using on .Net platform and C#.
     Expertise in core .Net functionality, including reflection, remoting, .Net provider
      models, security, data access. Developing custom web controls, unified class
      libraries, Web services.
     10+ years of proficiency in architecture, design and development of custom
      applications for various Windows based platforms employing wide spectrum of
     Extensive (12+) hands on database design and development experience, expert
      skills in writing complex database queries for MS SQL Server, performance
      tuning, bottlenecks troubleshooting, as well utilizing all Microsoft data access
      technologies including Entity Framework ORM .
     Experience in low level Windows programming using Visual C++ and C#:
      multithreading, windows services, inter process communication, COM servers,
      OLE automation, messaging.
     Experience in outsourcing team managing. Excellent analyzing and problem
      fixing skills.
     Proficient in a full software development cycle: analysis, design from the scratch,
      development, testing, deployment, support, using 3-rd parties and free software,
      versioning and upgrade support.
     Architecting enterprise level business applications. Reach Internet Applications
     Proficient in designing hierarchies of business classes to facilitate code re-use and
      reduce development time. Heavily utilizing business application frameworks such
      as CSLA.Net and CSLA Light.
     Mentoring other engineers, providing architectural guidance, “prove of concept”
      research and development. Constantly learning and trying out cutting edge
     Designing in a way to reduce QA involvement, deployment and maintenance
      costs. Keeping on mind simplicity of functional extensibility, integration and
      performance balancing.
LANGUAGES:                  LANGUAGES:                PLATFORMS:
C#, LINQ, XAML              XML & XSLT, XPath,        .Net Framework 1.0-3.5
T-SQL                       XQuery, XQL, XSD,         SilverLight 2.0
Jscript, JavaScript         DTD/Schema                CSLA 2.0-3.6
VBScript, MS Visual C++     XMLDOM, DOM               WPF, WCF, WWF,
Borland C/C++, Assembler    HTML & DHTML              ASP.Net, Windows Forms
x86, Assembler IBM370       JAVASCRIPT                MFC, ATL, STL, WTL
MapBasic, PowerScript,                                COM, COM+, DCOM
PL/1, Pascal, Fortran                                 PFC

RDBMS:                      DATABASE                  IDE:
MS SQL Server 6.0 –         CONNECTIVITY:             Visual Studio .Net 2002-
SQL Server 2008             MS Entity Framework       2008 SP1
SSRS, SSIS                  ADO.Net                   MS Expression Blend 2.0
ORACLE                      ADO                       Visual Studio 6,
FoxPro, db_Vista            OLE DB                    Visual Interdev,
S-Designer,                 ODBC                      PowerBuilder
PowerDesigner, ERWin        DB Library                ColdFusion,
Transact SQL, PL/SQL,                                 Dreamweaver
DDL                                                   Borland C++

PLATFORMS:                  METHODOLOGIES:            MS Internet Explorer 4.0-
IIS                         OOD/OOP                   8.0
ASP.Net 2.0-3.5,            Data Driven Development   Google Chrome
Classic ASP                 Test Driven Development   Mozilla FireFox

DOS, Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server

05/07 – 05/09   Communispace Corporation www.communispace.com
                Watertown, MA
                Senior software engineer

                Company is specialized in building and managing online
                communities for marketing research purpouses. Company uses
                Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

                Architected and prototyped next generation of the company’s core
                The architecture is multilayered and consists of:
                  Database (SQL Server 2008)
                  Data Access Layer (Microsoft Entity Framework)
                  Service Layer (configurable through CSLA data portal or a
                    custom Web service API)
                  Business Layer (CSLA 3.6)
                  UI layer (CslaDataProvider, but any UI pattern can be easily
                    “plugged-in”, including MVC/MVP/MVVM and Microsoft
                 The architecture has been taken as base for building company’s
                 new generation core application.

                Database model is composed of multiple logical sub models
                including business entities, personalization and security ones. The
                model is designed in a forward compatibility fashion, for example
                to be able to easily add new business entities. New SQL Server
                2008 data types and features are used. For example, datetimeoffset
                - to support localization.

                Data Access Layer implemented as entity model, auto generated
                from the database. LINQ to Entities is widely used to query data.
                Each business class has it’s own object factory to implement
                CRUD functionality.

                Service Layer is currently exposes standard CSLA data portal
                CRUD signatures. Configured either as a local portal or as a
                remote WCF service.

                Business Layer is implemented as a class hierarchy inherited from
CSLA base business objects. Base business classes define
standard validation and business rules/behaviors. Due to existing
company’s business requirements a custom authorization
subsystem has been designed and implemented as collaborative
addition to CSLA framework. All business classes support two
platforms - .Net and SilverLight (both synchronous and
asynchronous clients). All classes support configurable loading on
demand or “lazy loading” to control performance.

Developed and tested a complete “vertical slice” to demonstrate
specific business activity in action. UI implemented as
asynchronous RIA client (SilverLight). Custom authorization
system has been successfully tested.

Created a specialized multithreaded deadlock tracing tool in form
of .Net Windows Forms App. The tool simulates simultaneous,
“racing” connections to reproduce and isolate deadlocks. As a
result, data modification code has been re-written in a deadlock
free fashion. The tool can be customized to practically hunt
deadlocks in any SQL Server database. There is also a variation of
the tool targeting Web services.

Tuned up database queries and replaced some of the existing SQL
scripts to improve overall database performance. Used numerous
features new to SQL Server 2005, for example CTE (common
table expression). Modified existing database schema to improve
performance and data consistency. Re-designed existing data
import SSIS packages which has reduced execution time by about
20 times. Designed numerous data exchange scripts optimized for
speed and size.

Architected and implemented completely configurable integration
solution to bring up one of the MarketSight’s web based data
analysis                                                    tools
(http://marketsight.com/assets/demo_1/marketsight.html) into an
existing classic ASP web app to upload and remotely analyze data,
collected by web based surveys. Extensively employed XML data
formats, SQLXML, Web Services, ASP.Net, SQL. The heart of
integration is a set of SQLCLR stored procedures and a custom
business class hierarchy in C#.

Architected and implemented one the most complex parts of the
company’s application – the Survey Builder module. The new,
multi tier web application business logic implemented as a library
of         CSLA.Net         derived        busyness       objects
                (http://www.lhotka.net/cslanet/). C#, ASP.Net, Web Parts,
                MasterPages, Personalization, Theaming, AJAX, loading on
                demand (LOD), caching techniques.

                Developed “QA tests” application as a multithreaded Windows
                Forms MDI application. New types of tests can be easily added
                with a minimum coding effort. Tests can be created, persisted to,
                restored from configuration XML files and run simultaneously via
                Windows Forms based GUI. .Net Windows Forms,
                BackGroundWorker, Tracing, ADO.Net

02/07 – 04/07   LIN TV, www.lintv.com ,
                Providence, RI.
                Freelance contractor, software engineer
                Developed a Windows application to import electronic copies of
                checks from Bank of America FTP site.
                .Net 2.0 was used to establish secure encrypted data channel.
                SQL Server Agent was made responsible for scheduled running.

03/06 – 01/07   Aspen Specialty Insurance, www.aspenspecialty.com ,
                Boston, MA.
                Freelance contractor, software engineer

                Developed from the scratch and integrated with existing systems a
                new web based application for the property insurance department.
                Active Directory based security. Customizable role based
                application access. Web based pricing wizards help effortlessly
                price property insurance policies. Integrated web based reporting.
                Cookie free design (Personalization).

                Technological features used:
                CSS adapters to reduce generated HTML volume. MasterPages,
                Wizard, TreeView, FormView, GridView, ReportViewer web
                controls. CLR stored procedures, synonyms to access data tables
                from external databases, new SQL Server XML data processing
                syntax, Reporting Services 2005. Personalization.

                Administered SQL servers, developed and tested intercontinental
                disaster recovery routines (Boston to London). Transaction Log
                Technologies: ASP.Net 2.0(C#), SQL Server 2005, Reporting

11/05 – 01/06   Eleven Technology, www.11.com , Cambridge, MA
                Freelance contractor, database engineer.
                High-tech handheld software company provides next generation
                solutions for the CPG industry.
                Data integration project. Designed auto generated merge scripts to
                merge customer’s data into existing system. Was responsible for
                db schema modifications and analysis, DDL generation, db tasks
                automation, db performance tuning, data pre-loading, stored
                Instruments: SQL Server 2000, Embarcadero ER/Studio, SAX

06/00 – 09/05   Eliza Corporation, www.elizacorp.com , Beverly, MA
                Software engineer

                Responsible for enterprise level data processing and automation
                tasks, development of enterprise level data management client
                tools and administering of all SQL Servers.
                Designed enterprise level Windows and web applications.

                Based on internal company requirements, designed and developed
                the information system to keep and manage allocated phone
                numbers and TELCO related information. Speech application
                developers can request new phone numbers for their applications
                through the front-end web interface. Administrative back-end tool
                allows processing requests and automated dispatching of phone
                allocation requests to the telephone company.
                Instruments: C#, SQL Server 2000, Windows Forms, ASP.Net,
                ADO.Net, XML WebServices.

                Development of the next generation real time data exchange
                system which fits in the tier between the existing production
                databases and real time speech applications.
                Instruments: C#, IIS, ASP.Net, Remoting, HTTP, WebServices,
                Message Queuing, taking into an account new features from
                upcoming .Net 2.0

                Centralized management tool was developed on the top of real
                time databases and enterprise level servers. Information related to
                customers, applications, hardware is registered and maintained on
                the enterprise server. If records modified on the central server,
                specified system information gets automatically propagated to the
                production databases through the custom build replication
                mechanism. The second version of the tool has been rolled out to
                 Instruments: C#, .Net Windows Forms, ADO.Net, custom
                controls based on the .Net DataGrid control.
Designed, developed, tested, tuned up for the speed and deployed
real time databases, instances of which are intensively used in
production by high volume speech applications.
Speech applications, written by app developers in Jscript,
communicate with the databases through ADO. Speech
applications receive and register incoming calls in real time mode.
Outbound calls are controlled by the jobs and schedules
Wrote stored procedures, functions, triggers, tuned up indexes,
created DTS packages to import and export data, scheduled backup
tasks, tried out all types of replication, scripted custom one.
Platform: SQL Server 2000 Enterprise edition.

Developed distributed enterprise application which allows human
operators to post-process thousands of call sessions daily. It allows
transcribing speech application sessions in question, such as not
recognized phrases or other real time errors. A very similar product
can be seen here: iTranscriber Main distinctive feature is the
unified .Net hosted application framework which allows fast
creating and integration of a specific logic in form of a separate
plug-in. Each plug-in conforms to the standard interface and is
similar to providers in .Net 2. Plug-ins are loaded in run time from
a separate assembly DLLs by .Net Reflection(C#) mechanism.
Each plug-in can in-capsulate specific business logic or can be
used to process session data for a set of speech applications. Uses
embedded Windows Media Player to playback the audio files.
Session information and files location retrieved from production
databases. Internet Explorer clients work simultaneously due to
custom locking and authentication mechanisms.
Instruments: C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, WebServices, SQL Server

Designed, developed, thoroughly tested and implemented a
distributed application which transfers audio (wav) files and
session XMLs from real time production computers to the
designated file storages. Works in production 24x7 and by
centrally managed schedules.
Instruments: Visual C++ 6.0, ATL template classes, XMLDOM,
ADO, multithreading. Windows service version available.
Management tool released in 2 versions: classical ASP (XML +
XSL) and .Net Windows Forms(C#).

Developed specialized COM server to quickly scan file system
directories with hundreds of thousands files. Improved
performance of existing scripts by replacing the standard
              Instruments: Visual C++ 6.0, STL, ATL classes, Windows API,
              MS XMLDOM

07/96-05/00   Baltros Ltd., www.baltros.ru , St.Petersburg, Russia
              Lead Software Developer

              Real estate property accounting project
              A large scale distributed client/server system which allows
              entering, tracking and analyzing information related to buildings,
              parcels and real estate rental objects. The information system is
              used to collect and process information from the network of district
              offices all around the city. Centralized control, accounting,
              document exchange, analysis of inputs from distributed district
              offices, centralized names and addresses modifications, electronic
              maps are all distinctive features of developed information system.
              Customer - St.Petersburg city government.

              Designed database models, wrote server-side stored procedure
              packages (PL/SQL), triggers, and functions. More than 70% of the
              business logic was implemented in the packages on the server side.

              Developed specialized db utilities, including converters to import
              data from different DBMS to ORACLE and backwards.
              Conducted reverse engineering tasks, ported older databases from
              MS Access and SQL AnyWhere to ORACLE.
              Developed GUI for the front end clients.

              Developed and implemented MapBasic modules using OLE
              automation technology to visualize building and parcel graphic
              schemas. MapInfo served as an OLE server.

              Instruments: PowerBuilder & PFC, PowerDesigner, PL/SQL,
              SQL Plus, SQL Navigator, MapInfo, MapBasic, MultiEdit,
              Sybase SQL AnyWhere, MS Access, OLE, Lotus Notes, MS
              Windows 98, NT.

              Auction builder project
              Offshore project through the Internet in a team developing e-
              commerce web application. The project goal was a web
              application, which could serve as a wizard to build on line auctions
              on the Internet.
              Developed user profiles management module. That part of system
              existed in two versions – for the front end and for the backend.
                 Front-end version allowed a client to enter, modify and remove
                 user specific information: contact information, credit card number,
                 financial information and the preferences. Backend version
                 allowed a system administrator to manage all the user profiles.
                 User passwords kept encrypted in the database.
                 Instruments: ColdFusion, MS SQL Server 7, MS IIS, MS Visual
                 InterDev, ERWin.


                 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer:
                       Enterprise Application Developer

                 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:
                       SQL Server 2008, Database Development

                 Microsoft Certified Professional Transcript:
                 Please use the following credentials to access the transcript:
                 Transcript ID: 811976
                 Access Code: vskobelev

EDUCATION:       Alexander Mozhaisky Engineering University,
                 Saint Petersburg, Russia
                 Masters in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics in 1996


                 Authorized to work in the US.

                 References are available upon request.

                 Brief version of this resume

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