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									                                      Gerald Patterson
                              H: (518) 449-8357 C: (518) 364-1005

Talented Programmer/Developer/Analyst with 14 years comprehensive experience delivering
high quality creative solutions utilizing leading edge technology to diverse business and

   o   Analyst/Architect, Identify, Evaluate, Design and Execute Programs
   o   Strong Communication Skills, Effective with Client Ensuring Success
   o   Database Design/Development /Maintenance
   o   Extensive Programming for Business Applications
   o   Proven record on meeting project Objectives, Mile stones , Deadlines
   o   Current in New Technologies /Applications/Techniques, Continual
   o   Collaborative Spirit /Team Player willing to Manage, Train, Mentor
   o   Web Services Development/Applications

VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Java, JavaScript, CSS, XSLT, C++
SQL Server, Oracle, PlSql, Toad, SOAP, Visual Studio, ADO,C#.Net,
Web Services, Flash, Dreamweaver, ActionScript, XML, COM+
VB/VBA, MS Access, HTML, WPF, WCF, SharePoint, SSRS


Albany Web Works Albany, NY                                          2005 - Present
Contract programming for NY State government.
eCommerce solutions. .Net platform applications

State University of New York, Albany, NY                                1998 - 2005
SUNY Research Foundation
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Systems Architect

Responsible for database design to specifications or utilizing my own discretion.
Stays current with technology.
Working directly with clients and program teams to ensure efficiency with clear objectives
Manage IT staff including hiring, training and mentoring of junior programmers
Reported to State organizations meeting state regulatory mandated statistics and calculations
Received consistent recognition for excellence in performance of duties.
* Data Provider SQL Server, Oracle or MS Access
**MS Access Reporting Engine. (a little known secret!) or/and Crystal Reports
 Before there was SQL Server and Oracle there was Access. This little office add-on
ran both small and large scale businesses. It was the only game in town.

These are just a few projects that I developed for the SUNY System

Project/Client: University Medical Center
Developed in house applications specific to the medical industry
       Environment: VB, MS Access, SQL Server

Project: SUNY School of Public Health
Developed complete accounting applications
       Environment: VB/SQL Server

Project: PEF Members Education
Developed members database to allow on line registration for member services
       Environment: C# /VB.Net/SQL Server

Project: Department of Family Services

Web Service for state reporting agency for class scheduling
     Environment: VB.Net/ASP.Net/SQL Server/Oracle

Project: Administration and Creative Services
Developed General Ledger application
       Environment: VB.Net/SQL Server

Project/Client: New York State, Small Business Organization
       Environment: VB.Net, VBA, MS Access, SQL/Oracle

Contract Work
As I work on more than 1 contract at time it's difficult to put actual time periods for these

Pennsylvania Department of Health Services. Harrisburg PA
Installed a vendor module. Project is mature.
This is a high profile interactive website allowing vendors to apply for WIC status. A federally
funded program that encompasses the state of Pennsylvania WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

CMA Consulting Albany, NY
Senior. Programmer/Analyst
Project/Client Name: Arizona Department of Health Services
This is a high profile interactive website allowing vendors to apply for WIC status. A federally
funded program that encompasses Arizona, New Jersey, Guam and American Samoa. WIC
(Women, Infants and Children) program
Environment: Web Service using,,,, JavaScript, CSS,
XML, Web Services

Project/Client Name: 6N Systems
Commercial applications for health care industry, billing third party insurers including,
Medicare/Medicaid for nursing homes.
Constructed a web based browser application and web service for nursing homes that wish to e-
send claims documents to Medicaid/Medicare.
Environment: Web based C#, SQL Server, Web Services

Project/Client Name: The Wercs
Commercial application for international labeling of hazardous material
Environment: C#/VB.Net/ASP/Web Service

Project/Client Name: Government Agencies - LATS
An employee time tracking database used by federal and state agencies to track employee time
and attendance. Used by over 65,000 state and federal employees
Environment: Web Service using,,,, JavaScript, CSS,
XML, Web Services, Article 508 accessibility

Project/Client Name: Professional Insurance Agency Inc.
Major accomplishment included recovering $65,000 in uncollected revenue directly resulting
from improved database design
General ledger reporting applications
Environment: C#/VB.Net, ASP.Net, DTS., Access
Insurance rate quote database
Environment: C#/ADO.Net, SQL Server
AS400 conversion to Microsoft SQL Server
Environment: ASP.Net, internet/intranet
Magazine subscription database
Environment: ASP/VB.Net

Project/Client Name: Albany Charter Schools
Developed scheduling and reporting web database for academic use
Environment: C#/VB.Net, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005

Project/Client Name: Albany Bar Code
Software Applications for Barcode database, integrating laser scanned Barcode hardware with
tailored specific software
Environment: VB.Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server

Education B.S. Computer Science /Math/Technology 2009
Military: United States Marine Corps

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