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					                                     ARTISAN BOOKS
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                                           Fitzroy Victoria 3065
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        PB= paperback; HC= hard cover; OP= out of print; pp= number of pages; ****= recent arrival.
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**** 1960s Fashion Print: A Sourcebook. Marnie Fogg       192pp.    2008        CL        PB $40.00

1000 Chairs       Charlotte and Peter Fiell        2005    624pp. ING                      PB $34.95

A Century of Design: Insights Outlook on a Museum of Tomorrow.
Florian Hufnagl (Ed.) 1996. 245pp. BW.                                              HC $134.20
A Century of Design Penny Sparke. 1998. 200pp. BW.                                   HC $87.95
A Life By Design: The Art and Lives of Florence Broadhurst.
Siobhan O’Brien.     246pp 2004      ADS                                              PB $24.95
A Visual Language. David Cohen & Scott Anderson 111pp 2006 ADS                        PB $45.00
ABC of 20th Century Graphics S. Polano & P. Vetta      2002 247pp BW                   PB $59.95
**** ABC Spook Show Ryan Heshka          2007 Tow                                     PB $16.95
The Aesthetic Movement Lionel Lambourne. 174pp. BW.                                  HC $137.50
African Designs Rebecca Jewell. 1994. 100pp. T&H.                                     PB $27.45
Agile Rabbit Book of Historical & Curious Maps (incl CD) 127pp 2005 WARN               PB $72.95
Album: Style & Image in Sleeve Design Nick de Ville 256pp.        2003    BW.         PB $89.95
Alchemy & Mysticism (Icon series) Alexandra Roob 2005          191pp     TOW           PB $19.95
****Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum Alexandra Roob 575pp 2006 TOW PB $32.95
Alessi: The Design Factory Meret Gabra-Liddell (Ed.) 144pp. BW.                       PB $72.60
All American Ads: Ed. Jim Heimann. 2002.        926pp.     Tow.                        PB $85.00
**** Alphonse Mucha Masterworks        Rosalind Ormiston   199pp 2007      BW         HC $39.95
**** Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery.
David Attenborough, Susan Owens, Martin Clayton and Rea Alexandratos. 223pp 2007 T&H HC $55.00
American Illustrator 21          2002          317pp          ING                    HC $108.00
Ancient Mexican Designs (inc CD ROM) ed. Pepin van Roojen 2002 128pp WB                PB $39.95
Andree Putman. 2003                   IDEA                 120pp                       PB $32.45
****Animal Collective       Fupete & Jacklamotta   2007            BW                     PB$39.95
Antoni Gaudi Derek Avery       160pp       2004     BW                                    HC $39.95
Antoni Gaudi Ignasi De Sola-Morales           2003       143pp   T&H                      HC $75.00
Antoni Gaudi. 1852-1926. Juan Jose Lahuerta. 2003        146pp    BW                     HC $140.00
Antoni Gaudi. The Complete Buildings. Rainer Zerbst. 2002        239pp   TOW              PB $44.95
Arabian Geometric Patterns – (inc CD ROM) Pepin van Roojen 2004 224pp WB                  PB $39.95
Architecture Drawings      1997       432pp.       MacM                                  PB $45.00
Archilab’s Earth Buildings   Brayer & Simionot         2003    240pp.   T&H              PB $75.00
Area 100 Graphic Designers. 10 Curators. 10 Design Classics. 2003.     BW.               HC $119.95
Art & Design, 100 Years of the Royal College of Art. 2000    Per.                         HC $83.00
**** Art and Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design Intercity 2008        240pp. T&H     PB$49.95
****Art Deco 1910-1939   Ghislaine Wood   2008    CL       317pp.                 PB$55.00

Art Deco. With CD ROM – Pepin van Roojen – 2004 – 112pp.                   WB             PB $39.95
**** Art Deco Fashion (including CD ROM) 408pp           2007          Warn              PB $69.95
Art Deco Patterns & Designs. Phoebe Ann Erb. c2003. 42pp. JR                             PB$16.95
Art Deco Style Bevis Hillier & Stephen Escritt. 1997. 239pp. BW.                      HC $107.80
Art Directors’ Handbook of Professional Magazine Design Hort Moser 2003 288pp T&H HC 155.00
Art Forms From the Ocean Ernst Haeckel        2005      Per                              PB $49.95
Art Forms in Nature Ernst Haeckel. 100pp. Ing. /Per                                      PB $54.95
Art Forms in Nature CD-Rom & Book         Ernst Haeckel. 48pp.       2004   ING/RAIN      PB $52.95
**** Art Nouveau Gabriele Fahr-Becker 425pp                2007         T&H            PB $35.00
**** Art Nouveau. Klaus Jurgen Sembauk.      240pp.     2007        Tow.              HC $34.95
Art Nouveau Designs. [incl. CD Rom]       144pp      2002                Warn           PB $39.95
Art Nouveau Floral Patterns & Stencil Designs. M.P. Verneuil 80pp. Kir                   PB $38.95
The Art of the Bookplate James P. Keenan. 2003. 175pp.          CL.                    HC $24.95
 The Art of the Celts David Sandison. 1998. 96pp.        BW.                            HC $43.95
The Art of Creative Drawing: Mandalas and Cultural Designs        79pp Axiom             PB $12.95
The Art of Faux: Complete Sourcebook of Decorative Painted Finishes.                        Pierre Finkelstein
336pp        1997      BW                                       PB $89.95
The Art of Looking Sideways. Alan Fletcher 2001              535pp        BW           HC $65.00
The Art of Optical Illusions Al Seckel 2000. 160pp.         BW.                        PB $19.95
**** The Art of Placemaking: Interpreting Community Through Public Art and Urban Design.
Ronald Lee Fleming 383pp        2007                     BW                            HC $99.95
**** Art of the Snowflake. Kenneth Libbrecht 156pp 2007           CL                   HC $45.00
Arts & Crafts Movement (The) Rosalind P. Blakesley 272pp 2006 BW                       HC $99.95
Arts & Crafts Style. Isabelle Anscomb       232pp      2004     BW .                   PB $59.95
****Astrology Pictures (+CD ROM) Pepin Press            132pp.          WB             PB$52.74
At Home: A Century of NZ Design. D. L. Jenkins 342pp             2005      Rain         PB $65.00
**** Australian 50s & 60s Décor: Furniture & Furnishings of the mid 20thC. William &
Dorothy Hall     240pp             2007               BW                               HC $59.95

Bacteria & Other Micro Organisms –(inc CD ROM) – concept & series editor Pepin van Roojen
2004 - 128pp.                                                              WB             PB $39.95
Banners, Ribbons & Scrolls (incl CD rom) 48pp           2004     Rain                     PB $33.95
Barcelona Tile Designs. Pepin Press 208pp 2006            WARN                             HC$39.95
Baroque Patterns (incl. CD Rom)             136pp     2006       Warn                      PB $39.95
Batik Patterns [incl. CD Rom]         118pp       2002                     Warn           PB $39.95
Bauhaus Xavier Girard         79pp.             Per                              HC $39.95 Bauhaus 1919-1933
: Magdalena Droste       256pp. Adv. Tow.         2002.           PB $44.95 Bauhaus Lighting? Kandem Light!
The Collaboration of the Bauhaus with the Leipzig Company Kandem          224pp.          2002            BW
HC $98.00 The Bauhaus Reassessed. Sources & Design Theory G. Naylor           1985 198pp CL          PB $38.95
The Beauty of Life. William Morris & the art of Design. 2003 176pp         T&H             PB$45.00
Best of Brochure Design 6 Cheryl Dangel Cullen. 2001 207pp. TOW.                          HC $80.00
Beware Wet Paint!       Designs by Alan Fletcher.    266pp.            BW                HC $107.80
****BibliOdyssey                  PK           2007          160pp.         ING             HC$59.95
Biedermeier to Bauhaus Sigrid Sangl        196pp.         2001        Per.                 HC $96.00
The Big Book of Logos. Ed: David E. Carter. 380pp           1999           Tow PB $70.00 HC $80.00
Bird. Kat McLeod. 3 DEEP           2002                                              Box&HC$399.95
Bizarro Postcards. Ed: Jim Heimann. 2002          Tow.                                     PB $16.95
**** Black Magic White Noise          157pp          2007      BAM                          PB $80.00
Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green Michael Wilcox. 1998. 120pp.                 KA           PB $43.95
Boards. The art & design of the skateboard.         2003 224pp T&H                          PB$38.00
Book Design Andrew Haslam 256pp           2006      T&H                               PB $60.00
The Book of Matchbox Labels Roger Fennings 2001          178pp     Per                 PB $55.00
Book of Colours      126pp.                                BW                         PB $27.95
****Books and Documents Arte Povera 1966-1980 Giorgio Maffei 2007 286pp. BAM          PB $99.50
**** The Book of Plants: The Complete Plates. Basilius Besler 443pp 2007 TOW           HC $75.00
Boring Postcards.     Comp. By Martin Parr                             BW              PB $16.95
**** Box: The Evolution of Character Design       371pp     2008 BW          Cloth Box HC $79.95
Brassai - Graffiti Brassai        1999      160pp. T&H                               HC $140.00
Bright Earth            P. Ball                 Pen.                                Out of Print.
Brochure Design: The Best of : Cheryl Dangel Cullen       207pp.     2001.    Tow      PB $55.00
Butabu. Adobe Architecture of West Africa. James Morris.         216pp 2004 BAM        HC$100.00
**** By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art. Ed: Shu Hung & Joseph Magliaro
175pp                2007               BAM                                           HC $69.50
By Nature's Design Pat Murphy.       119pp.     MacM.                                  PB $43.95

Cabinets Of Curiosities. Patrick Mauries . 256pp        2002    T&H                         HC$120.00
Cabinets Of Natural Curiosities. Complete Plates in Colour 1734-1765. Albertus Seba.
Taschen 25th Anniversary slipcase     543pp     2005       TOW                 (slipcase)   HC$170.00
Car Design Yearbook 1        2002            288pp.              BW.                         HC $67.00
Casa Yucatan. Karen Wityniski & Joe P. Carr            2002       192pp      PER             HC$80.00
Celtic Design: Animal Patterns Aidan Meehan.         1995.     160pp. T&H.                   PB $21.95
Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual. Aidan Meehan. 1991. 160pp. T&H.                          PB $21.95
Celtic Design: The Dragon and the Griffin. Aidan Meehan. 1995. 160pp. T&H.                   PB $21.95
Celtic Design: Illuminated Letters. Aidan Meehan. 1994. 160pp. T&H.                          PB $21.95
Celtic Design: Knotwork, The Secret Method of the Scribes.
Aidan Meehan. 1995. 160pp. T&H.                                                             PB $21.95
Celtic Design: Maze Patterns. Aidan Meehan. 1993. 160pp. T&H.                                PB $21.95
Celtic Design: The Tree of Life. Aidan Meehan. 1995. 160pp. T&H.                             PB $21.95
Celtic Knots: Mastering the Traditional Patterns. Aidan Meehan. 2003. 192pp. T&H.            HC $45.00 Celtic
Knotwork Designs Sheila Sturrock. 1997. 184pp. CL.                                     PB $32.95
A Century of Graphic Design. Jeremy Aynsley 256pp.                   2001          BW        HC $98.00
Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation. Contemporary Native American Art from the Southwest.
  2002                    224pp                       BW.                                    HC $98.00
Charles & Ray Eames: Designers of the 20th Century. Kirkham. 1995. 486pp. Ing.               PB $63.80
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Charlotte & Peter Fiell 2004            175pp     TOW               PB $44.95
Charles Rennie Mackintosh James Steele. 1994. 224pp. BW.                                   HC $159.50
**** Child Kimino and the colors of Japan: Kimino Collection of Katsumi Yumioka.
240pp                  2007                TOW                                               PB $65.00
Chinese Patterns (inc CD ROM) Pepin van Roojen – 2003 - 110pp                              WB $39.95.
**** Chinese Propaganda Posters: From the Collection of Michael Wolf
236pp             2008                 TOW                                                    PB $34.95
Chinoiserie       Dawn Jacobson          1999            240pp       BW                     PB $59.95
Chiyogami Kazuhiko Tajima, Fujindo Nakamichi, Hinako Suguira. 344pp 2005 TOW                PB $90.00
Classic Cafes. Adrian Maddox & Phil Nicholls.2003         175pp    BAM                       PB$65.00
Classical Border Designs (incl CD Rom)            160pp          2001        WARN            PB $39.95
Collecting Modern Design       Sally Hoban     240pp      2001          BW                   HC$69.95
**** Color Sense Creative Color Combinations for Crafters             Susan Levin                       200pp.
2008            CL                                                              HC $25.00
**** Cool Design Hotels Ed: Macarena San Martin 255pp 2007                PER                PB $14.95
Cool Hunting: A Guide to High Design and Innovation.            Dave Evans 2006 BW            PB $24.95
**** Cool Hunting Green: Recycled, Repurposed and Renewable Objects That Inspire a
Greener World.     Dave Evans 2007                  BW                                        PB $24.95
**** Cool Restaurants: Sydney                                             PER                 PB $29.95
**** Cool Restaurants: London                                             PER                 PB $29.95
**** Cool Restaurants: Hongkong                                          PER                   PB $29.95
**** Cool Restaurants: NewYork                                           PER                   PB $29.95
**** Cool Shops: London                                                   PER                  PB $29.95
**** Cool Shops: Berlin                                                 PER                   PB $29.95
**** Cool Shops: London                                                   PER                  PB $29.95
Charles Rennie Mackintosh C. & P. Fiell. 1995. 175pp. Adv.                                   HC $49.50
Chinese Designs & Motifs. Marty Noble          RAIN             2002        76pp             PB$23.95
**** Collect     Ed: Esme West. The Crafts Council       136pp      2007         BW            PB $49.95
Colors Signs. (ICON)                    2006       TOW                                        PB $19.95
Communication Arts. (With c.d., interactive design annual.) 1999 BW                           PB $44.00
Communicating Design: Essays in Visual Communication. Teal Triggs (Editor).
1995. 128pp. CL.                                                                            PB $32.95
Compact Living. Jane Graining 127pp         1999       BW                                    PB $39.95
**** Conceived on a Train: A Book Of Cartoons, Illustrations and Graphic Stories Done in Melbourne Essays by
Danny Katz & Shaun Micallef        60pp     2007 MacM                              PB $19.95
Contemporary Craft Review: Collected Essays on Issues and Themes in
Australian Craft. Jenny Zimmer (Editor). 115pp. Craft Victoria.                               PB $18.65
Country Modern. Aurora Cuito 175pp. 2001            TOW.                                     PB $55.00
The Crafter’s Pattern Sourcebook. Mary MacCarthy 192pp.              1999        HC.          HC $42.95
Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan: Celebrating 50 Years of the Japanese Traditional Art Craft Exhibition. Ed: Nicole
Rousmaniere      208pp         2007           T&H                                  PB $75.00
Creative Lettering Today. Michael Harvey 221pp. 1996, Reprinted 4 times Per.                  PB $66.00
Credit 00: I Love Game Graphics. Tsuyoshi Kusano 172pp               2004        BAM         HC $90.00
**** Crop Circles: Art in the Landscape. Lucy Pringle 111pp 2007 BW                          HC $39.95
Cutting Edge of Wallpaper (The)          175pp       2006      BAM                          PB $80.00

David Hicks: Designer Ashley Hicks           216pp         2003         T&H                HC $105.00
Decorative Letters (incl CD rom)       32pp      1997          Rain                        PB $33.95
****Decorative Art 50s A Source Book Ed. Charlotte & Peter Fiell pp576 2008 TOW PB$34.95
Decorative Ornament Owen Jones 432pp               (1856) 2006     BW                       HC $39.95
Design! A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists & Craftspeople Steven Aimone
176pp                   2004                CL                                             PB $22.00
Design Annual. 35th Publication                       BW                                   HC $99.00
Design Annual 2003:Graphis: B.Martin Pedersen           2003.        255pp.      Tow.     HC $150.00
Design Basics (6th edition) David A Lauer & Stephen Pentak      ING       291pp           PB $125.00
Design and Designer: Alain le Quernec          95pp              IDEA                      PB $27.95
Design and Designer: Christian Biecher            95pp           IDEA                      PB $27.95
Design and Designer: Intergral Ruedi Baur et Associes          95pp      IDEA              PB $32.95
Design and Designer: M.A.D                     95pp              IDEA                      PB $32.95
Design and Designer: Matali Crasset             95pp             IDEA                      PB $27.95
Design and Designer: Pascal Colrat             95pp             IDEA                     PB $27.95 Design and
Designer: Paul Cox                 95pp              IDEA                       PB $27.95 Design and Designer:
Pierre Di Sciullo         95pp            IDEA                         PB $32.95
Design and Designer: Radi Designers            95pp              IDEA                      PB $27.95
Design and Designer: Trafik                    95pp             IDEA                      PB $27.95
Design and Form: The Basic Course At the Bauhaus. J. Itten. 1997. 1135pp. T&H.              PB $65.95
Design and Layout : Understanding & Using Graphics David Dabner           128pp     Tow PB $29.95
Design by Thinking           Ken Cato      210pp.        2000         T.&H.                HC $71.50
Design Directory: Germany. Marion Godau & Bernd Polster 2003. 384pp. HC.                    PB $27.95
Design City: Melbourne Leon Van Schaik          288pp           2006            JW         PB $54.95
Design Directory: Italy Claudia Neumann             2003.         383pp.      HC.          PB $32.95
Design Does Not Equal Art: functional Objects From Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread
      2004                215pp.            BW.                                            HC $98.00
Design for Impact: Airline Safety Cards      2002         175pp. T&H.                      PB $75.00
Design for the Twentieth Century C & P Fiell 191pp           2001 TOW                         PB $16.95
Design for the 21st Century C & P Fiell       191pp    2003      TOW                          PB $19.95
Design for Life: Scandinavian Modern Furnishings 1930-1970            M. Ellison & L. Pina       2002      240pp.
Per                                              HC $180.00
Design: Japan. Michael Freeman & Michiko Rico Nose`. 2004 BW 160pp                             PB$45.00
Design Handbook. Concepts, Materials, Styles. (ICON) Charlotte & Peter Fiell
 190pp            2006                 TOW                                                     PB $19.95
Design in Australia 1880-1970 Michael Bogle. 1998. 156pp. T&H.                                HC $88.00
Design & Innovation 1997: The Handsaw, Tool of the Future. 1998. BW                           PB $54.95
Design In Steel. Mel Byars           159pp.    2003 T&H.                                PB $88.00 Design Island:
Contemporary Design from Tasmania. 76pp.             2004     T&H.            PB $29.95 Design Language Tim
McCreight. 1996. 80pp.             Bryn.                             HC $22.00
Design Now: Industry or Art. Volker Fischer (Editor) 325pp. T&H.                                HC $143
Design Through Discovery: Elements and Principles. M. E. Mevlin. 2nd Edition. HCB.              PB $68.15
Design It Yourself : Newsletters. Chuck Green. 160pp. 2002 TOW                            PB $44.95 Designage:
The Art of the Decorative Sign. Arnold Schwartzman. RH.                          PB $38.50
Designation: Success through the Eyes of Leading Australian Creatives.
Ed: Jennifer Clark.             298pp             2005                                       PB $75.00
Designed for Delight: Alternative Aspects of 20th Century Decorative Arts.
Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts. 1997. 320pp. T&H.                                       HC $137.50
**** Designed for Kids: A Complete Sourcebook of Stylish Products for the Modern
Family. Phyllis Richardson            256pp     2008        T&H                              HC $49.95
Designer's Guide to Color Books 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. 120pp. RH.                        HC $43.95/PB $27.45
Designer’s Guide to Color Combinations Leslie Cabarga. 1999. 144pp. Kir.                      HC $61.55
**** Designer’s Toolkit (The): 2000 Colour Palette Swatches.         Graham Davis
 160pp                 2008                     T&H                                           HC $59.95
Designing and Printing Textiles June Fish          2005     160pp.        PER                 HC $75.00
Designing Australia, Readings in The History of Design. Ed. Michael Bogle 250pp. Uni           PB $39.95
Designing Minds. A Selection of interior design products and prototypes developed by Australian designer-makers in
creative relationship with the industry.    CATALOGUE        OBJ           PB $15.00
Designing The 21st Century Ed. Charlotte & Peter Fiell 576pp. 2002           Tow              PB$ 85.00
Detail: Exceptional Japanese Product Design Andrew Davey            2003 175pp.       T&H PB $88.00
**** Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers 296pp New ed. 2008 T&H                       PB $29.95
Dictionary of Symbols Jack Tresidder.        1997.   240pp.         NH.                      PB $38.45
**** Digital Fashion Illustration with photoshop & Illustrator Kevin Tallon 176pp 2008 CL PB $50.00
Dinosaur Designs         2003.           T&H.                                                 PB $29.95
Doors of the World Jean-Philippe & Dominique Lenclos 181pp 2001 JW                            PB $38.95
Douglas Annand, The Art of Life Ann McDonald 94pp.                     2001         BW       PB $36.00
Dwellings.      Paul Oliver     288pp    2003 BW                                 PB $49.95/ HB $99.95

Eames. Brigitte Fitoussi.      2004        80pp      PER                                    HC $3 8.95
Early Celtic Designs Ian Stead & Karen Hughes. 1997. 100pp. T&H.                           PB $32.00
Essential Art Nouveau.     Paul Greenhalgh    96pp.    2001       ADS                      HC $29.95
Eclectic Style. Ed: Angelika Taschen          2002         Tow.                      PB $16.95 Edward Fella:
Letters on America. Ed: Lucy Bates     2000      T&H                       PB $82.50
El Cartel . Pocko Editions. 2003        IDEA                                                PB $16.50
Elements of Chinese & Japanese Design (with CD ROM) Ed: Pepin van Roojen
2003           77pp.           WB                                                       PB $39.95 Elements of
Design: The Development of Design & Stylistic Elements from the Renaissance to the Postmodern Era. Ed: Noel
Riley     554pp.      2003        BW                   HC $120.00                      The Elements of Design:
Rediscovering Colours, Textures, Forms & Shapes.
Loan Oie & Cecile De Kegel.                       208pp.     2002        T&H               PB $ 60.00
The Elements of Design , Rowena Reed Kostellow & the Structure of Visual Relationships
Gail Greet Hannah               155pp.            2002         BAM.          PB $33.00                 The
Elements of Graphic Design Alex W. White      149pp. 2002 BW                 PB $59.95                 The
Elements of Japanese Design: A Handbook of Family Crests, Heraldry & Symbolism.
John Dower.     1998.    170pp.      Per.                                              PB $49.45
The Elements of Typographic Style. Version 2.5 Robert Bringhurst 350pp. 2002 ING         PB $53.50
Embroidery (incl. CD rom)      2002        128pp             Warn                      PB $39.95
Encyclopedia of Graphic Design and Designers A. & I. Livingston. 1994. T&H.              PB $29.50
The English Archive of Design and Decoration Stafford Clifff. 1998. 250pp. T&H.          HC $98.95
Erte: New Erte Graphics in Full Color (Dover)       48pp      1984   Rain                PB $25.95
Erte’s Theatrical Costumes in Full Color (Dover) 47pp         1979    Rain               PB $29.95
Essays on Design 1    Into. David Gibbs. 1999. 183pp.         T&H.                      PB $32.95
Essential Arts & Crafts Karen Livingstone        96pp      2005       ADS               HC $45.00
Ethnic By Design Dinah Hall. 1992. 180pp. BW.                                          HC $54.95
Ethnic by Design Dinah Hall            2001      180pp    BW                             HC $59.95
8000 Years of Ornament:An Illustrated Handbook of Motifs.
Eva Wilson.            208pp.             T&H.                               PB $46.00 / HC $66.60
Ettore Sottsass Barbara Radice. 261pp. T&H.                                           HC $115.50
The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Works in Cloth, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, Straw and Paper from Cultures
Throughout the World. Mary Kahlenberg (Ed)        1998. 279pp.     T&H.       HC $121.00

**** Fabric: Textures and Patterns 352pp        2007        Warn     (with CD ROM)         PB$43.95
**** Face Food: The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes. Christopher D. Salyers
71pp             2007                 T&H                                                   HC $24.95
Fancy Designs 1920 [incl. CD Rom]          112pp       2003                Warn             PB $43.95
Fashion Accessories         392pp                2006       Warn                           PB $43.95
**** Fashion Prints How to Design and Draw Elisabetta Drudu 2008 159pp Warn                 PB$49.95
Feng Shui by Hemispheres Hermann von Essen 136pp             2003     Axiom                 PB $24.95
Fibrearts Design Book Seven Susan Mowery Kieffer (Ed.) 2004 224pp            CL.            HC $49.95
50s Cars.       Ed: Jim Heimann.              2002                    Tow.                 PB $16.95
50 Tables: Innovations in Design & Materials. Mel Byars. 1997. 155pp. BW.                    PB $76.95
50 Lights: Innovations in Design and Materials. Mel Byars. 1997. 155pp.       BW.            PB $76.95
**** 50’s Fashion: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Ads (Icon) Ed: Jim Heimann 2007 Tow              PB $22.95
 **** 500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs 408pp 2008 CL                 PB $40.00
5000 Animals. (w/ CD Rom)            288pp          2001       Warn           OOP           PB $61.95
Five Tastes: Traditional Japanese Design. Michael Dunn        2001    181pp T&H             PB $84.00
Flora Patterns Pepin Press     120pp         2006                WARN                      PB$43.95
Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives      Helen O’Neill
230pp                2006         MacM                                                      HC $59.95
**** Fly By Night: The New Art of the Club Flyer. Craig McCarthy 123pp 2008 T&H PB $39.95
Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams. Patrick Mauries. 290pp. T&H.                               HC $162.80
4000 Flower & Plant Motifs: A Sourcebook         Graham Leslie McCallum
383pp      2004       CL                                                                 PB $50.00 Frank Lloyd
Wright: Field Guide. Marie Clayton.        2002      480pp       CL             PB $24.95
Freestyle: New Australian Design for Living Ed: Brian Parkes 320pp           2006 T&H       PB $49.95
French Archive of Design and Decoration Stafford Cliff. 1999. 255pp. T&H.                  HC $104.50
**** From Nature to Form. Rene Binet                  2007      PER                         PB $39.95
Full Color Picture Sourcebook of Historic Ornament Auguste Racinet.
1989.     120pp.     Dover/Kir.                                                             PB $49.50
Full-colour Allover Patterns Carol Grafton 90pp.          1999                   Kir.        PB $49.95
Full-colour Floral Designs in Art Nouveau Style E.A. Seguy       45pp.     Kir.             PB $27.95
****Fully Booked Cover Art & Design for Books Klanten, Robert & Hubner, Matthias Eds 2008
BAM         HC$130.00
**** Functional Packaging Prototypes Jinming Chen (CD-Rom)           300pp. 2007 BW PB $49.95
Future Perfect: Vintage Futuristic Graphics. Ed: Jim Heimann. 2002          Tow.             PB $16.95
Functionalist Design: A On-Going History. George H. Marcus. 1995. 168pp. Per.             PB $64.85

The Games We Played: The Golden Age of Board & Table Games.
Margaret K. Hofer       159pp             2003     BAM                               HC $52.50
Garden Book (The) 519pp                 2003        BW                               PB $16.95
**** Garden of Eden: Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration.   H. Walter Lack
576pp            2008               TOW                                              HC $70.00
Gardens of William Morris (The) Jill Duchess of Hamilton, Penny Hart & John Simmons
160pp         2006 (HC 1998)                   BW                                    PB $55.00
**** Gaudi: Complete Works. Isabel Artigas 2007 2 book box set          TOW           PB $75.00
**** Graffiti Argentina Maximiliano Ruiz 151pp 2008          T&H                     HC $39.95
The Grammar of Ornament Owen Jones 2007 (Orig. published 1856)            Pen        PB $39.95
Graphic Frames      2002      351pp     Warn                    (with CD Rom)         PB $45.00
Graphiscape: Tokyo Ivan Vartanian & Lesley A. Martin 2003 127pp T&H                 PB$45.00           Greek
Designs: British Museum      Susan Bird    2003      127pp      T&H             PB $35.00
Greek Designs: British Museum       Susan Bird    2003      127pp      T&H             PB $35.00
Green Style (Icon) Ed: Angellka Taschen 200pp.      2005       Tow.                   PB $19.95

Graphic Agitation. Social & Political Graphics Since the Sixties.    Liz McQuiston
240pp      2003          BW                                                           PB $59.95 Graphic Design
Cookbook. Leonard Coren.         142pp       1989          RH               PB $32.95
Graphic Design and Designers A.&A. Livingston 210pp.                 T&H.                   PB $27.45
Graphic Design, A Concise History Richard Hollis 223pp.                T.&H.                PB $27.45
Graphic Frames. [incl. CD Rom]         351pp      1999            Warn                      PB $35.95
**** Graphics A Century of Poster & Advertising Design
Alain Weill        160pp.                2004            T&H                                 PB $16.95
Geometric Patterns & Designs for Artists & Craftspeople. Wil Stegenga. RAIN 2002 120pp PB $30.95
Geometric Patterns. [incl. CD Rom]         160pp      2000           MacM/Warn              PB $43.95
Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion & Composition
Kimberly Elam           107pp.                2002              BAM.                         PB $33 .00
Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting. Ed. Rolf Toman        520pp 2004     PER         PB $35.00

Handmade in Melbourne: Beautiful Things from 80 Creative People Jan Phyland &
Janet de Silva     191pp     2006    DJ                                                PB $39.95
Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye           383pp      2002          BW         HC $89.95
Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye (mini)         390pp      2002       BW       PB $24.95
Helen Jongerius             2003                    BW                               HC $69.95
Heraldic Designs Arthur C. Fox-Davies. 1997. 62pp. RH.                                PB $17.55
Heraldry: Its Origins and Meaning Michel Pastoureau        143pp 1997 T&H           PB $16.95 Hindsight:
The World’s Leading Designers Answer Their Most Frequently
Asked Questions. Ken Cato (Ed.)      1999.     153pp.      T&H.                      HC $71.50
Historic Ornament: A Pictorial Archive. C.B. Griesbach. 280pp. Lo.                    PB $32.95
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Histoy of Modern Design. David Raizman.      2003     399pp     T&H                   PB$75.00
Home-Made: Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts. Vladimir Arkhipov        303pp
 2006                                 T&H                                             HC $55.00
Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Simon Go 199pp 2003 BAM PB$55.00
Hot Designers Make Cool Fonts Allen Haley 1998 142pp            T&H                  HC $ 60.50
House Book (The) 519pp         2004           BW                                     PB $16.95
**** How Many: Spectacular Paper Sculptures.(Pop-Up) Ron Van Der Meer 2007 BW         HC $34.95
How to Draw Celtic Key Patterns: A Practical Handbook. Andy Sloss. 1997. 192pp. NH.    PB $27.45
How to Fold      [incl. CD Rom]     406pp        2002               Warn              PB $49.95
Humble Masterpieces: 100 Everyday Marvels of Design.     Paola Antonelli 209pp
2005                T&H                                                              PB $45.00
Hundertwasser. Taschen Portfolio. 2002              TOW                                 PB $21.95
Hundertwasser. Harry Rand         197pp         2003        TOW                          PB $44.95
**** Hundertwasser Pierre Restany & Friedrich Hundertwasser 255pp          2008 ING       HC $69.95
Hundertwasser 1928-2000 Wieland Schmied              2005 400pp            TOW           HC $55.00
**** Hundertwasser: Architecture        317pp          2007         TOW                   HC $99.00
Hundertwasser: The Painter-King With Five Skins. Pierre Restany 95pp 2001 TOW PB $19.95
Ich & kar. Concepteurs d’images. 2002 IDEA 90pp                                         PB$32.45Idea Index.
Graphic effects & typographic treatments. Jim Crause 311pp 2000        KIR    PB $49.95
I’ll Keep Thinking. Inflate. Nick Crosbie. 123pp        2003         BAM                 PB $44.50
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols J.C. Cooper 208pp        2004 T&H PB $32.00
**** Illustration Now! Ed. Julius Wiedemann 352pp         2008             TOW          HC $34.95
Images of the Human Body (incl CD Rom) 112pp 2005 WARN                                    PB $43.95
Inside Design Now. E. Lupton, D. Albrecht, S. Yelavich & M. Owens
2002              208pp                     T.&H.                                       PB $88.00
Intelligence, New British Art.       2000    T.&H.                                       PB $66.00
Inspired Shapes: Contemporary Designs for Japan’s Ancient Crafts
Ori Koyama 111pp 2005 BW                                                                HC $59.95
**** Interior Design Ed: Macarena San Martin 255pp          2007     PER               PB $14.95
International Arts & Crafts Ed: K. Livingstone & L. Parry 367pp 2005 ADS                HC $120.00
The International Design Yearbook 1995: Furniture, Lighting, Tableware,
Textiles, Products. Jean Nouvel (Editor). 240pp. T&H.                                  HC $151.80
The International Design Yearbook 2000. Ed: Ingo Maurer 240pp         2000    T&H       HC $148.50
The International Design Yearbook 2003. Ed: Karim Rashid 240pp 2003 T&H              HC $158.00 Irving Penn
regards the work of Issey Miyake.      1999        RH                       HC $137.25
Isamu Noguchi: Space of Akari and Stone. Isamu Noguchi. 1985. 103pp. Chronicle/RH. PB $49.50
Islam: Early Architecture from Baghdad to Cordoba. Henri Stierlin. 240pp. Adv.            HC $43.95
Islamic Designs (inc CD ROM)         2002      128 pp.            WB                     PB $43.95
Islamic Designs Eva Wilson. 120pp. 2003             T&H.                                 PB $35.00
Issey Miyake Mark Holborn. 158pp. Adv.                                                   PB $43.95
Itten: The Elements of Color. Faber Birren (Editor) 95pp. JW.                            HC $65.95
Izastikup: A Unique Collection of Stickers    B0130, The Don, Microbo.
208pp          2005          BW                                                           HC $49.95

James Northfield & the Art of Selling Australia. Michelle Hetherington. 96pp 2006 NGA PB $29.95
**** Japan Style       302pp      2007               BW                               HC $79.95
Japan: The Fleeting Spirit. Nelly Delay          159pp 1999        T&H                PB $16.95
Japanese Beauties. (ICON) Ed: Alex Gross       190pp           2004      TOW          PB $19.95
Japanese Crest Design 399pp             2005                  TOW                     PB $90.00
Japanese Patterns. [incl. CD Rom]         168pp      2003                Warn         PB $43.95
John Rocha, Texture, Form, Purity, Detail.      144pp.    2002             Macm.     HC$120.00
Josef + Anni Albers Designs for Living 2004 160pp         BW                         HC $69.95

Katachi, Classic Japanese Design    Takeji Iwamiya 400pp.     1999       RH           PB $54.95
**** Kawaii Not: Cute Gone Bad. Meghan Murphy         2008       CL            ringbound $19.00
Ken Cato: The Dimensions of Design International Graphic Design Series   2002. BW. PB $29.95
Key Terms in Art, Craft and Design Dr John Skull. 1988. 232pp. Adv.                   PB $10.95
Kitchen Kitsch: Vintage Food Graphics. Ed: Jim Heimann.     2002       Tow.           PB $16.95
Klimt & Fashion. Christian Brandstatter. 80pp      PER         2004                  HC $38.95

Lace (incl CD rom)        128pp       2002                Warn                          PB $43. 95
Language of Flowers (The): Symbols and Myths. (Prestel Mini) Marina Heilmeyer
61pp       2004             PER                                                         HC $14.95
**** Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles Francesca Galloway, Sue Kerry 176pp
2007                          PER                                                      HC $105.00
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man. Alessandro Vezzosi 159pp 1997 T&H                 PB $16.95
Leonardo’s Machines: Da Vinci’s Inventions Revealed. Eds: M. Taddei & E. Zanon                  239pp
2006                   CL                                           PB $39.95
Letterhead & Logo Design 4.      192pp                      1996        Tow           PB $59.95
Letterhead & Logo Design 7.            2001            208pp              Tow         HC $80.00
The Light: Living with Modern Classics Elizabeth Wilhide     80pp.      2000. BP      HC $39.95 Lighting
Design: Sourcebook: Randall Whitehead         272pp.     2002.     Tow.       PB $60.00
Lingua Grafica Ed: Robert Klanten           2001                Tow                   PB $88.00
Living in Japan ed. Angelika Taschen 191pp           2006    TOW                      HC $65.00
Living Jewels: The Natural Design of Beetles Poul Beckmann 2004 per (Prestel Mini)    HC $14.95
****Living Jewels 2: The Natural Design of Beetles Poul Beckmann 111pp 2007 PER       HC $75.00
**** London & New York Apartments Ed: Macarena San Martin 255pp 2007 PER              PB $14.95
Los Logos ed: R. Klanten, M. Mischler, N. Bourquin.    443pp     2002     BAM       HC $100.00
Lost: Lost & Found Pet Posters from Around the World. Ian Phillips    2002 BAM         PB $30.00
Low Fat (DVD, Flip Book, Book)          2003           BAM                            HC $95.00

Magazine Covers          David Crowley.     144pp.        2003         BW                  HC $59.95
**** Magic of M.C.Escher      Bruno Ernst     116pp         2007        TOW                HC $34.95
Making Culture, Crafts, Communication and Commerce: The 1995 National Crafts
Conference Papers. Craft Australia. 103pp. CA.                                            PB $38.50
Mambo: Art Irritates Life. Mambo Graphics. 119pp. MG.                                      PB $31.85
Manhole Covers Mimi Melnick              1994         252pp       AST                 PB $59.95 Marc Newson
Alice Rawsthorn      212pp.      1999          T.&H             cased,     PB $115.50
Marimekko Fabrics Fashion Architecture. Ed. Marianne Aav 2003. 336pp. ING                 HC $105.00
Masters of Their Craft: Tradition and Innovation in the Australian Contemporary
Decorative Arts. Dr Noris Ioannou. 1997. 264pp. T&H.                                     HC $95.70
M.C.Escher       191pp               2006                 TOW                             PB $22.95
M. C. Escher: The Graphic Work.        76pp.      2001      TOW.                          PB $22.95
M.C.Escher. Visions of Symmetry. Doris Schattschneider.   T&H   370pp    2004              HC$60.00
Medieval Designs [incl. CD Rom]               117pp          2006            Warn            PB $43.95
Melbourne Design Guide            316pp          2006                 MJ                    PB $35.00
Memphis: Research, Experiences, Results, Failures and Successes of New Design.
Barbara Radice. 207pp. T&H.                                                                PB $72.55
Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950’s. Cara Greenberg. 1995. 176pp. T&H               PB $56.00
Miller’s Buyer’s Guide: 20th Century Design Paul Rennie 2003 304pp BW                       HC$65.00
Modernism: Modernist Design 1880-1940. Alastair Duncan. 1998. 275pp. Per.                   HC $77.00
More Paperwork: exploring the potential of paper in design and architecture.
Nancy Williams      176pp    2005    BW                                                    HC $79.95
Moroccan Silk Designs Ed. Lucien Vogel         45pp.       Kir.                            PB $28.95 Morris &
Co. Art Gallery of S.A. Christopher Menz       187pp.     2002      T&H           HC $80.00
**** Muerte Mike Giant       2007                  BW                                     PB $39.95
Myanmar Style: Art, Architecture and Design of Burma. Photos by L.I. Tettoni.
1998. 224pp.                                                                               HC $98.95
Mythology Pictures (incl CD rom) 485pp 2006             WARN                                PB $43.95

Native American Designs Penny Brown 2005             KA                             PB $14.95
Natural Curiosities from the Cabinet of Albertus Seba. (Taschen Portfolio) 2003 TOW PB $21.95
Natural Surfaces Judy A. Juracek 351pp.            2002          ING               HC $174.00
Nature in Design Alan Powers      160pp.          1999           RH                 HC $82.50
**** Neighbourhood Rinzen(Australian design collective) 2006          ING          PB $85.00
The New Look: Design in the Fifties. Lesley Jackson. 1998. 160pp. T&H.              PB $60.50
**** New Fashion Print        Martin Dawber 2008            192pp.          CL      PB $50.00
New Media in Late Twentieth Century Art World of Art Series.
Michael Rush. 1999.    224pp.     T&H.                                                 PB $27.50
19th Annual MADC Awards.            2002     274pp.   BW                              HC $125.00
North American Indian Designs Eva Wilson. 120pp. T&H.                                   PB $34.00

123klan. Graffiti writers/ graphistes. 2003      IDEA          96pp                      PB$32.45
Obey: Supply & Demand. The Art of Shepard Fairey            151pp 2006      BW          HC $110.00
**** Objects Martin Parr       2008          176pp.          T&H                          HC $59.95
Objects of Design. From the Museum of Modern Art. 2003 288pp T&H.                        HC$90.00
Objects for Use, Handmade by Design. Paul J. Smith 336pp.           2001 T.&H.           HC$183.00
Occult Images               2001            272pp            Warn        [incl. CD Rom] PB $43.95
1000 Bags, Tags & Labels.         Kiki Eldridge    319pp     2006     TOW               PB $70.00
1000 Decorated Initials. [incl. CD Rom]        287pp      1999      MacM                 PB $43.95
The Origin of Things: Sketched Models, Prototypes. Thimo te Duits 280pp. 2003 MJ HC $80.00 Ornament:
An Essay Concerning the Meaning of Decorative Design.
Robert Nelson.     16pp.           CCV.                                                  PB $7.15
Ornamental Ironwork , Over 670 Illustrations.       120pp A. Durenne              LO     PB $36.25
Ornate Letters & Initials (incl CD rom)                  32pp         2002                PB $33.95
Out of This World: The Influence of Nature in Craft and Design 1880-1995.
Craft Council of Great Britain. 64pp. CCGB.                                             PB $36.30

Pacific Designs Rebecca Jewell & Jude Lloyd. 1998. 98pp. T&H.                             PB $32.50
Pacific Pattern     Susanne Kuchler, Graeme Were 2005 207pp           T&H                HC $75.00
Paint Magic Jocasta Innes. 240pp 1981,87,92,2000 BW                                       PB$45.00
Painted Buddhas of Xinjiang: Hidden Treasures from the Silk Road. 167pp 2002 T&H HC $105.00
Pattern Tricia Guild       208pp     2006 MacM                                            HC $69.95
**** Patterns for Textiles Jinming Chen (CD-Rom) 2007           256pp.          BW         PB $49.95
Pattern and Palette Sourcebook Anvil Graphic Design, Inc. 2005 208pp TOW                  PB $55.00
**** Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 2: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color
and Pattern in Design. Heidi Arrizabalaga 208pp 2007                Tow                   PB $55.00
**** Pattern Design: Applications and Variations Lou Andrea Savoir 287pp 2007 Tow PB $60.00
**** Patterns of the Earth. Bernhard Edmaier        240pp     2007       BW               HC $35.00
Patterns of the 1930s. [incl. CD Rom]       127pp     2003              Warn              PB $43.95
Pentagram            494pp.                 1999       BW                               HC $107.80
Persian Designs (incl. CD rom) 2002            112pp         Warn                         PB $39.95
Pictoplasma: Character Encyclopedia Peter Thaler      395pp    2006 ING                   HC $90.00
Pictoplasma: Characters in Motion (w/ CD Rom) Peter Thaler       95pp 2005 MJ/ING         HC $65.00
Pictoplasma: Characters in Motion 2 (w/ CD Rom) Peter Thaler       95pp 2005 MJ/ING HC $60.00
Pictoplasma: Colour Me. The Character Colouring & Activity Book 64pp 2005 MJ PB $30.00
Pictoplasma: Contemporary Character Design Peter Thaler 2001 209pp BAM                   HC $110.00
Pictoplasma 2: Contemporary Character Design Peter Thaler 2003 223pp BAM                 HC $110.00
Picture Perfect: Fusions of Illustration & Design Ian Noble 2003 160pp T&H                HC $90.00
Picturing and Poeting Alan Fletcher 374pp          2006       BW                          HC $69.95
Plastics: Materials for Inspirational Design Chris Lefteri. 2001. 160pp. T&H              PB $80.00
Plastics and Design Florian Hufnagl. 1997. 161pp. BW.                         spiral bound $132.00
Plastic Culture: How Japanese Toys Conquered the World         Woodrow Phoenix
109pp                2006            BW                                                  HC $42.95
Points of View: The Danner Award 1996. Intro by Manfred Sack. 1996. BW.                 HC $148.50
Pollen: The Hidded Sexuality of Flowers. Rob Kesseler & Madeline Harley 264pp
2004. new ed. 2006.       BW                                                             HC $95.00
Portfolio Design. Harold Linton.       2000     175pp       JW                          HC $73.95
**** Postcards     Martin Parr 333pp 2008           T&H                                  HC $90.00
**** Postcard Agathe Jacquillant & Tomi Vollauschek at FL@33 207pp.          T&H         HC $59.95
Power of Paper in Graphic Design. Catherine Fishel        2002     192pp  TOW            HC $85.00
Process Colour Manual. 24,000 CMYK Combinations for Design, Pre Press and Printing.
Michael Rogondino   2000       256pp          RH                                    HC $67.00
The Product Book. Ed: Catherine McDermott    190pp       1999            BW         HC $148.50

Quotations and Sources on Design and the Decorative Arts Paul Greenhalgh.
1993. 245pp.    EBE.                                                                     PB $43.95

Radical Graphics/ Graphic Radicals Laurel Harper 220pp.            1999    T&H.     HC $60.50
Recycled Reseen      C.Cerny & S.Seriff    1996       208pp          T&H              PB $67.00
Red Stephanie Busuttil-Cesar         287pp          2000       PER                    HC $75.00
Renaissance Patterns (incl. CD rom)      128pp               2005    Warn               PB $39.95
Repeat Patterns: A Manual for Designers, Artists and Architects.
Phillips & Bunce. 1993. 192pp. T&H.                                                  out of print
****Repeating Patterns 1300-1800       Pepin Press        2008 168pp.       WB         PB$43.95
Retail Graphics        Giles Calver             2003    159pp.      T&H                PB $70.00
Ripe. New Design in Australia. Ed: Steven Cornwell.    252pp      2000    T&H          HC $93.50
Robin & Lucienne Day, Pioneers of Contemporary Design. Lesley Jackson 191pp. BW HC $79.95 Rococco
Patterns. [incl. CD Rom]         112pp      2004            Warn               PB $39.95
Romantik.      Ed: R. Klanten         144pp            2004        BAM                 PB $75.00

**** Samuel Flores 2007             BW                                                      HC $39.95
Savoir Faire: Great Traditions in French Elegance. Rival & Baudot. 1995. 240pp. T&H.       HC $108.90
Scandinavian Design. Charlotte & Peter Fiell      702pp         2002         Tow           PB $85.00
**** Seashells: Jewels From the Ocean. Budd Titlow 2007            112pp     CL            HC $30.00
See Design, Hear Design, Speak Design Supon Design Group 202pp. 2001 Tow.                  HC $95.00
Seeds: Time Capsules of Life. Rob Kesseler & Wolfgang Stuppy 264pp 2006              BW HC $95.00
70’s Verses 80’s. Furniture, Glass, Ceramics. Roger Fayet. 176pp      2003      BW          HC $80.00
Shock of The Old. Christopher Dresser’s Design Revolution.
Ed: Michael Whiteman           241pp         2004          ING                            HC $92.00
**** 60’s Fashion: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Ads (Icon) Ed: Jim Heimann 2007 Tow             PB $22.95
Sixties Design. Phillippe Garner      176pp.                              Tow.             PB $49.50
Skateboard Stickers M. Munson & S. Cardwell 144pp            2004 T&H                      PB $60.00
Skeletons    (incl. CD Rom) 128pp                2005           Warn                      PB $43.95
**** Smart Works: Design & the Handmade Ed: Grace Cochrane 192pp               2007 BW PB $39.95
(The) Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty. Kenneth Libbrecht, Patricia Rasmussen
112pp 2003        ING                                                                     HC $40.00
Snow, Wave, Pine: Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design. Sadao Hibi            194pp.
2001                           BW                                                        HC $115.00
Sources of Inspiration. Carolyn Genders        170pp        2002        ADS                PB $55.00
Special Packaging (incl. CD Rom)         423pp     2004      WARN                          PB $49.95
**** Squares, Checks, and Grids Mark Hampshire & Keith Stephenson 256pp 2007 T&H PB $49.95
Stark ed Simone Philippi 191?pp                      2004    TOW                           PB $18.95
**** Stone Primer: Ideas and Techniques for Incorporating Stone In and Around Your Home.
Charles McRaven           271pp          2007          CL                                 PB $40.0 0
Stone Style Linda Lee Purvis 2001. 152pp            CL                                     HC $49.9 5
Stones of Venice Lionello Puppi 2002. 175pp            T&H                                 HC $88.00
Stores & Retail Spaces 6      167pp        2005     ING                                     HC $6 9.95
Street Graphics: Cuba Barry Dawson 112pp          2002       T&H                    PB $46.00 Street Graphics:
Egypt. Barry Dawson 112pp            2003         T&H                     PB $45.00
Street Graphics: India Barry Dawson 112pp           1999         T&H                        PB $45.00
Street Graphics: New York Barry Dawson 112pp             2002         T&H                   PB $45.00 Street
Graphics: Tokyo Barry Dawson 112pp           2002       T&H                    PB $45.00 Street Logos Tristan
Manco 128pp         2004        T&H                              PB $30.00 St. Moritz. Design Summit. 2002.
191pp. BW                                             HC $19.95
Structural Packaging Designs        2003      424pp Warn         (with CD Rom)            PB $49.95
The Style of The Century Bevis Hillier. 1998. 280pp. T&H.                                 PB $45.10
The Surface Texture Book Cat Martin 2005 255pp T&H                                        HC $50.00
Surfaces: Visual Research for Artists, Architects and Designers.
Judy Juracek. 1996. 334pp. T&H.                                                         HC $137.50
Swag: Rock Posters of the 90’s Spencer Drake 160pp              2003     T&H             PB $60.00
Swatches: A Sourcebook of Patterns with More than 600 Fabric Designs
D Sitley Adler & R. D. Adler         2005             T&H                                P B $45.00
Swedish Design. S. Helgeson & K. Nyberg                2002    309pp       BW           HC $135.00
Symbols and Their meanings. Jack Tresidder 2006 (1993)                     HC           PB $24.95

****Tapestry           Pepin Press         112pp. 2007              WB                        PB$43.95
**** Tattoo Darling: The Art of Angelique Houtkamp 80pp            2007         Tow           PB $35.00
Techno Textiles: Revolutionary Fabrics For Fashion & Design. Braddock & O’Mahony.
1998. 192pp. T&H.                                                                           HC $98.95
Ten Years of Australian Country Style Australian Country Style. 1999. 158pp. CL.             PB $27.45
**** Tenugui: Japanese cotton hand towel designs. 231pp 2007 TOW                             PB $65.00
Terence Conran on Design 285pp. 1996. Reed.                                                  HC $65.95
**** Textile Style: Decorating with Antique and Exotic Fabrics. Caroline Clifton-Mogg
192pp                       2007                          BW                                  PB $39.95
Textures: A Photographic Album For Artists & Designers Phil Brodatz 1966/1999 ING              PB $25.00
305 Authentic Art Nouveau Jewellery Designs Maurice Dufrene. 1985. 50pp. Dover/Lo. PB $18.65
35th Publication Design Annual.       271pp          2000       T&H                         HC $99.00
The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages Alain Erlande-Brandenburg           175pp
1995                     T&H                                                                  PB $16.95
The Celts: First Masters of Europe. Christiane Eluere 175pp 1993 T&H                           PB $16.95
The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette Marie-France Boyer, Francois Halard
112pp                  2006                        T&H                                        PB $29.95
The Stones Of Venice. Lionello Puppi. 2002.         174pp    T&H                              HC$75.00
**** This Saint’s For You! 300 Heavenly Allies for Architects, Athletes, Brides, Bachelors,
Babies, Librarians, Murderers, Whales, Widows, and You.      Thomas J. Craughwell
480pp                  2007                     ING                                           PB $35.00
This Way: Signage design for Public Spaces.      James Trulove 189pp 2000 T&H                 HC $80.00
**** The Tokyo Look Book. Philomena Keet            222pp      2007         BW                PB $39.95
**** Tokyo Style ed. Angelika Taschen       191pp 2006        TOW                             PB $19.95
**** Tokyo Underground: Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo. Brian Flynn, Joshua Bernard,
Jeff Dey       121pp         2007                   BW                                        HC $37.95
Tous des k .Designers graphiques. 2003 IDEA          96pp                                     PB$32.45
Traditional Henna Designs. [incl. CD Rom]         231pp      2002           Warn              PB $39.95
Transport Pictures. [incl. CD Rom]       287pp          1999           MacM                   PB $38.50
Treasury of Turkish Designs, 670 motifs from Iznik Pottery Azade Akar 110pp. Kir               PB $29.95
Tudor Designs Polly Pinder 2005                    KA                                         PB $14.9 5
Turkish Designs (incl CD ROM) concept & series ed. Pepin van Roogen – 2002
112 pp.                                                                 WB                    PB $39.95
**** Twentieth-century Fabrics: European and American Designers and Manufacturers.
 Doretta Davanzo Poli       302pp             2007                  T&H                     HC $ 125.00
Twentieth Century Pattern Design, Textile & Wallpaper Pioneers           Lesley Jackson
224pp.                     2002                                BW                            HC $98.00
**** Twentieth Century Textiles: Part 2 Neo-Classicism to Pop. Frances Galloway,
Sue Kerry     196pp        2007             PER                                              HC $105.00
 Two Years on Design Is… 6th Australian Graphic Design Assoc. Compendium. 2 vols.
2003                                                               slip cased, 2 vols   $99.95 The Typographic
Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design
Teal Triggs             219pp.       2003                 T&H.                                 HC $75.00
Typology,Type Design from The Victorian Era to the Digital Age      Steven Heller
196pp.                          1999                      RH.                             PB $49.50
20th Century Design Catherine McDermott. 1998. Pen.                                       HC $54.95

(Un)fashion Tibor & Maira Kalman         1998        T&H                                 PB $39.95
Unspecial Effects for Graphic Designers. Bob Gill 2001 160pp         Tow                 HC$80.00
Urban Chic. Resourceful styles for city spaces. M. Kitchen-Smith 2001 127pp         BW    HC$37.95
US Design 1975-2000      R. Craig Miller      253pp.          2002     Per.             HC $165.00
Uses of Image.                                                                         PB $43.95

The V & A Book of Western Ornament Michael Snodin          96pp ADS          2006         HC $39.95
Victorian Design Source Book Noel Riley. 191pp. BW.                                       HC $65.95
Vienna 190: The Viennese Secession        Francois Baudot 79pp    2006 PER                HC $35.00
Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkstatte Jane Kallir. 1986. 152pp. T&H.                  PB $17.60
**** Vintage Furniture: Collecting & Living With Modern Design Classics. Fay Sweet
223pp                2007               BW                                                 HC $59.95
Visions of Nature: The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel 299pp 2006 PER                   HC $200.00
Visual Thesaurus: Goveia & Hatmaker.        2003.   312pp.           Tow.                 PB $60.00

Wallpaper Designs: with CD ROM Ed: Pepin van Roojen 2003 128pp.              Warn              PB $39.95
Wanders Wonders. Design for a New Age. 1999              64pp         IDEA                    HC $39.00
Weaving Patterns [incl. CD Rom]          128pp         2002                 Warn               PB $39.95
Wedding Designs Sonia Griffin         2005 KA                                                   PB $14.95
****Wiener Werkstætte 1903-1932 Ed. Angelika Taschen             2008    240pp.        TOW HC$34.95
Weird Cures. Ed: S. Salmans & J. Fram         117pp              2006      BW                  PB $15 .95
What is Contemporary Art? Catalogue. Dan Cameron (Intro.) 207pp. Rooseum.                      PB $75.90
Where is Silas? Silas Holmes: Artist/poet/traveler/adventurer/entrepreneur/musician/lover & raconteur
2003                T&H                              HC $125.00
William Morris & Morris & co. Lucia van der Post 90pp 2003              ADS                    HC$59.95
William Morris Linda Parry (Editor) 1996. 384pp. T&H.                                           HC $132
William Morris: Decor and Design. Elizabeth Wilhide. 1995. 192pp. RH.                           PB $21.95
William Morris: Designs and Motifs. Norah Gillow. 63pp. Adv.                                    PB $18.65
William Morris: Full Colour Patterns and Designs. William Morris. 1988. 41pp. Dover/Lo. PB $25.25
William Morris: Patterns & Designs. Phoebe Ann Erb. 40pp. 2002            JRA                   PB $15.95
William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Home Pamela Todd 192pp 2005 T&H                            HC$65.00
Windows of the World Jean-Philippe & Dominique Lenclos 173pp 2005 JW                           PB $32.95
 Wonderful Weiner Werkstatte. Design in Vienna. Christian Brandstatter. 399pp 2003
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eds. Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, Birga Meyer 160pp 2004 BAM                 PB $80.00
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