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									           The New World Order; - The Zionist‘s:
                  “A Branch of Jewish Masonry‖
            ―Y‖           *          ( Founded 1860 )          *          ―U‖
                * ZION =                     $ = SION *
Fiction, ―All you need to know ―J.u.d.a.s‖, plus!                ―Chapter ― Two‖ (417 pages)
The Empire, ‗Babylonian papacy ―Pope‘s‖ (tenure of) office; papal system, empire or vicious (vice)
city; Rome, London, is the Supreme & Wide (political) dominion; absolute control (over);
government in which sovereign is called emperor; territory of an emperor, ‗Holy Roman. ―Caesar‘s
Jesuit soldiers dominate. O‘ what an evil-minded web they weave! The Roman province was once
known as Britannia. It eventually became the British Empire and ‗devoured all the earth at one
time; this empire embraced one fourth of the earth‘s land surface and a fourth of its population.
The whole system was the ―crowned republic‖ of the United British Kingdoms. No single office and
no single brain had ever comprehended the British Empire. In 1783, Britain recognized the
independence of its 13 American colonies. The United States of America eventually became
Britain‘s ally, emerging from World War Two as the earth‘s dominant nation. It still has strong ties
with Britain, resulting in Anglo-American dual world power constitutes this world power is
observant, astute! It ‗speaks grandiose things, ‗dictating policy for much of the world and acting as
its mouthpiece. Joseph Herman Hertz ―1872-1946‖, was the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire. We
must also remember the British (red coat) soldier during the American Revolution and the War of
1812. The Roman Empire, which ‗persecuted the early Christians. Its rulership cannot continue?
Neither can those inferior kings that came out of the Roman Empire. Their rulerships and
territories derived from previous powers have continued to have inhabitants to our day. Iraq, for
example, occupies the territory of ancient Babylon. Persia (Iran), and Greece still exist. Remnants
of these world powers are part of the United Nations. These kingdoms also will perish with the
annihilation of the last world power. All human governments will be obliterated at the war of the
great day of God the Almighty‘ (Revelation 16: 14, 16) exclaimed Daniel. ―With the clouds of the
heavens someone like a son of man happened to be coming; and to the Ancient of Days he gained
access, and they brought him up close even before the One. ―Daniel 7: 13) When on earth, Jesus
Christ called himself, ―The Son of man‖ thus indicating his kinship to mankind. (Matthew 16: 13;
25: 31) To the Sanhedrin, or Jewish high court, ‗Jesus said. ‗You will see the Son of man sitting at
the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven. ―Matthew 26: 64) So in Daniel‘s
vision; the one coming, invisible to human eyes, and gaining access to Jehovah God was the
resurrected, glorified Jesus Christ. ―The holy ones of the Supreme One will receive the kingdom,
―said the angel. Jesus Christ is the chief holy one. ―The other ―holy ones‖ having a share in the
rulership are the 144,000 faithful spirit-anointed Christians, who are Kingdom heirs with Christ.
(Romans 1: 7; 8: 17; 2 ‗Thessalonians 1: 5; 1 Peter 2: 9) They are resurrected from death as
immortal spirits to reign with Christ on heavenly Mount Zion. Hence, Christ Jesus and the
resurrected anointed, ‗will rule over mankind according to the ―Caraites Jews‖ or ―Scripturalist‖
writing of the Old Testament: When gentiles go to confessional (secrets); their confes (sion), is too
Zion: In the ‗Public interest, based on ‗Fair comment‘ and ‗Free-speech‘ under Privilege of anti-
Semitic Jewish Policies ‗Without Prejudice or stand ―Mute‖ of Malice for those persons living or
deceased. The characters and situations in this book are entirely imaginary and bear no relation to
any real person or actual happening! This nameless (indemnified) Outlaw renegade Author, is an
anonymous (treatise), in which there is no prima facie case too answer for e.g., defamatory or
otherwise, because the author has an Absolute privilege in Liberty, and this ‗fictitious story‘

however bizarre ―IT‖ maybe. Has yet to be formally ‗ratified‘ by the ‗Judaeo Court‘, e.g., (make
valid), a good rapport of one‘s allegations that are allegedly contained within this ‗tenor of Due
Process & effect document! I will not be held responsible for any ‗Debt‘s, Legal Judgement‘s, Libel,
Liability, or otherwise. This ‗misuse of ―Man-dacious Law‖ e.g., Maori for ‗Sovereignty‘, and thus
based on the ‗Hexagram‘. And this Author declares ―IT‖ from this day forth, from the 28th March
2001, with or without his written authority, and therefore is (not), responsible; because ‗I recognize
only the ―Second Law of the Universe‖. We must all ‗Pray‘ for ‗Post Judas‘, this Jewish
―Capitalistic system‖ of ‗Usury-network‘, that the Jews call justice, or ‗Just-Us Yids. ―Like‘
Pauline Hanson would say; (please explain) e.g., make one‘s meaning clear and intelligible on how
our governments could justify a corrupt legal system, such as we have here in the ‗Western World?
Because any ‗insurrection‘ too their ‗Rule of Law‘ is quickly putdown? Nothing has really changed
since the Roman Foretimes! Insurrection e.g., Rising in open resistance to established authority. It‘s
a ‗breach‘ of ‗Jewish‘ authority! We ‗gentiles‘ have a privileged right to become the ‗intervener in
the ‗public interest‘, to inform the authorities of their own ‗misprision of treason‘. This law Act,
which has been committed by the ‗aristocrat nobles, ‗birth or ‗rank, and their Jewish Empire,
obtained by stealth e.g., secret (surreptitious) procedure. This pungent devilfish, this ‗Octopus‘
spans the world over with its ten-great sucking arms! The Charter of King John, the Great
Charter, and ‗Magna Carta‘ of 1215 AD. Including trial by jury, the Habeas Corpus Act (of
Charles 11), 1679. The ‗Law‘ may ‗forfeit‘ or ‗constrict their lawful statute powers under the
Constitution Act, and by the Treason Act of 1814. It‘s alleged, ‗Therefore this story is the
unabbreviated written form of fiction, ‗Note, any living or deceased persons named or written
herein, within this document, which may resemble a ‗Gentile mankind ‗Hum‘ beast (goy) person;
or a ‗Yid (Jewish) ―Upper-class‘ Man‖ person of similar named publicly or explicitly named herein
or otherwise. Is purely coincidental, and all responsibility ‗Lay‘ entirely with the reader. There is a
crime syndicate within our mist; a crime organization too corrupt, for no one dare open their
mouth ―Woodrow Wilson‖ (1856-1924). Hopefully this document will go someway towards
smashing ―IT‖ once and for all? Please accept our most ‗humble‘ apology for this sensitive
information contained within e.g., (Mutatis mutandis mutation), without prejudice or Malice etc.
We the public humbly pray that this ‗Petition to Parliament is protected by absolute privilege, and
is of paramount importance for the welfare of their constituents and for all ‗mankind. As a ‗dog‘
e.g., a ‗whistleblower‘ I must divulge; for it‘s our duty too inform the House and the Parliamentary
Members of the Upper and lower House of parliament. Our puppet governments are disguised as
having legitimate sovereignty powers to do as they like, but almost all the western leaders are
moved by wires, and therefore they are guilty of parricide e.g., ‗Treason Felony Act of 1848, is an
offence to stir up foreigners by any printing or writing to invade the kingdom or otherwise! This
offence is punishable with imprisonment for life. Has it ever occurred to anyone out there in the
real world, that the United States of America has been doing just that, over the past 50 years?
Inciting violence to cause a retaliation attack (strike) on ‗Western Interest; bring ―IT‖ on! George
Walker Bush ‗said. This fanatic leader who suffers from paranoia, told the whole of the Arab
World? This ‗buffoon‘, this great American delusive leader has detained thousands of innocent
Moslems in the so-called ‗free world‘, because ―IT‖ suspects they may all have links to terrorist
cells! Is Bush talking about a prison cell with small rooms or what; this ―Man‖ is as mad as a
hatter, e.g., wildly eccentric? A terrorist is a beast (goyim), who doesn‘t agree with the Jewish way?
George W. Bush is guilty of the same thing, e.g., inciting violence under his new terrorism laws,
what a hypocrite? He always ends his speechmaking with, ‗God ‗bless America! These armchair
generals care very little about (beast), e.g., which the Jews call human chattel, the life of a gentile is
nothing more than having a ‗nose-ring‘ for the Jews too pull the rope on? The USA has no legal
right to (trespass), occupy, on or upon Iraqi soil, too do so, is a ‗breach of International Law, and
the Geneva Convention, under the UN; nor can America enforce western laws and western cultures
upon other tribes! This latest trespass on Iraq has cost the lives of over 4,000-Allied soldier, (4,000
in 2008), from 150,000 U.S. troops 2006 A.D; and some 20,000 wounded, + US$200-billion, which

has almost bankrupted America? Yet the ―Great White Father, ‗Bush Jr, is having a banquet.
Meanwhile Iraqi‘s, the death toll that Bush calls collateral damage; goes much higher to 11,000 to
13,000, some say as high as 100,000; the result of George Walker Bush‘s (mental illusion), and this
((spiv) and his government‘s illegal engagement looking for ―phantom terrorist cells? An enemy,
which was created by a narrow-minded Yiddish person? Why didn‘t the UN Security Council
―stop‖ George W. Bush‘s illegal invasion of Iraq, from using American troops without due care;
and for the illegal use of ―Napalm bombs‖ on innocent civilians? Napalm (-ahm), n. Product of
naphthalene & coconut oil (-bomb, one containing jellied petrol. We all knew Saddam Hussein had
no weapons of mass destruction, the War-Lord Bush also knew this; he wanted the ―Booty of
War‖, Iraqi‘s ‗Oil ―George W. Bush Jr and Israel; are ―dead ducks! Congress must ‗bloc
this alleged madman, Dick Cheney from launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran;
it‘s ludicrous, it‘s madness? Donald Rumsfeld the alleged hyena, e.g., a catlike carnivorous
mammal, once sat on a company board that sold ‗nuclear reactors‘ to North Korea! The World
According to Bush; January 2001. Americans have elected a new dictator as their Supreme Leader.
He was not elected; he was appointed; his brother Jeff stole 50,000 votes in Florida, and his father
in the Supreme Court appointed him as President, ‗So much for American democracy. ‗This was a
gross abuse of the Supreme Court powers? If God has spoken to Bush, and said you are going to be
President, you don‘t have to worry about a vote recount or ‗court decisions! He became President,
but he didn‘t know why? And on September 11th ‗He discovered why! And the day before 9/11, the
―Dow Jones‖ fell too 634 points, ‗just a coincidence? I don‘t think so! The Jewish stockmarket
Pyramid was about too ‗tumbledown, and they collapsed under enormous pressure, the bankers
(Twin Towers). He wants to make a mark for good and a mark for right? George W. Bush ‗said, he
admires Jesus Christ the most, but the truth is, Jesus Christ does not talk to the ‗devil, fore ‗He
knows (not) the ‗Man; therefore God did not invoke His spirit upon this Yid; nor does the Holy
Pope! Bush is a spoilt child of a wealthy family! God spoke to him and said, prepare yourself, I have
a mission for you. So he stopped drinking, and he stopped flouncing? In an interview with a Boston
Newspaper, George W. Bush declared, I‘m invested with a Devine mission, to promote a biblical
worldview, in the policy carried out in the USA. The West Wing Bible study of the religious,
Conservative rightwing political party, George Walker Bush said, ‗heaven is open only to those
people who accept Jesus Christ! We have no king but Jesus! The U.S. President is part of the
Christian right foreign policy! Bush declares! Let ‗Us ask for Gods wisdom and presence with what
we are undertaking in this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile! They support
Israel, because it‘s a nation, which knows how to fight, and also there is this strong anti-Muslim
mentality within the White House! The state of Israel must exist at the end of history, that‘s what
they (Bush) ‗believes? Bush is a false prophet, and could even be the anti-Christ? The centre for
public integrity is staffed by a handful of volunteers, who decided to raise the alarm about George
W. Bush‘s reshaping of America, in the name of the war on terrorism, and above all, about the loss
of liberties that this involves? It was the centre that revealed that the Attorney General John
Ashcroft was secretly preparing ―Patriot Act Two‖, endowing the administration with powers of
surveillance, not only of the countries borders and foreign citizens, but also of Americans
themselves. America is a democracy for god sake. Viet Dinh, US Patriot Act‘s architect! When did
America‘s Administration start developing secret legislation that changes their rights and liberties?
The government supervise a workforce of 168,000 persons, and some of those persons do make
mistakes, he said! This repressive measures in this ―Patriot Act‖, allows unrestricted access to
personal data, and secret searches on private property, as well as extending secret telephone taps
across the whole country. George W. Bush signed this new law without proxy consent of Jew or Due
Process, e.g., it‘s illegal under the US Constitution Act? This new (Martial) law allows surveillance
of all commutations used by terrorist, including Emails, the Internet, and Cell phones! All that‘s
needed is a Court Order. Joseph Trento, an Historian, said, they can spy on anybody, they can get
your Phone records, they can get your Credit Card records, and they can even find out which

library books you read. They will go after you, and they do ―IT‖. John Ashcroft, Attorney General,
(operation tip‖-off‘), is asking all US citizens to come forward to the FBI with any valuable
information they have to help ‗Us Jews too apprehend terrorist, or to stop terrorist attacks on us?
The government wants people to report anything suspicious under the ―Jew Process of their ‗Just-
Us laws! The last country to do this to the goyim (goy) gentiles, which was under dictatorial law‘s;
was the Soviet Union, where goys would dobbin other goys to their Supreme Master Stalin? The
public should give George W. Bush the ‗bullet, come Election Day? Civil Liberties ―Stolen‖ in the
name of ‗Patriotism! The U.S. Government today is abusing its Statute Powers! America today is
now a Gestapo Police State under a ‗Fascist regime terrorist Bush cell, called ―Martial Law! Bush
& Cheney are two oil executives. Dick Cheney left his former oil company (Halliburton), with over
US$45 million dollars in stock options, before becoming vice-President of the United States.
Therefore his Stock Options are clearly a conflict of interest! This group of ‗Mafia, White House
executive thugs, are taking advantage of the American public, too fill their own pockets? Prescott
Bush; George W. Bush‘s grandfather, a patriot, had an interesting role in the 1940s, he was the
Investment Banker for Brown Brothers ‗harem, and while he was doing those things, he was the
secret banker for Adolf Hitler, and the Fritz Thyssen family? While George Bush ‗senior was
fighting the Nazis in the Pacific, his father was financing Hitler. All of Prescott Bush‘s ‗companies
were taken over by the ‗Government, due to there cooperation with the Third Reich and for
trading with the enemy; one of his companies operated mines in Poland, using the inmates of
nearby concentration camps as forced labour! The German elections of 1932, when London and
New York bankers helped ―Herr Adolf Hitler come to power with the help of George Walker
Bush‘s financier great-grandfather George Herbert ‗Bert‘ Walker of Brown Brothers Harriman,
who poured funds into the Nazi Treasury: George Walker Bush, and his Egyptian cobra goddess
was also a symbol of immortality, every pharaoh wore a representation of her on his forehead. It
was thought that the goddess protected the pharaoh from harm. What a stir it must have caused
when Aaron‘s snake swallowed all the sacred snakes in Pharaoh‘s palace! But there are many
snakes in the Bush Administration, and it‘s all too hard to swallow their ―bullshit‖ anymore?
We‘ve witnessed thousands of Hasidic Jews who stationed themselves outside a New York hospital,
waiting for their 92-year-old rabbi to give them a sign that he was the Messiah; but was he waring
his (Yarmulke) skull-cap e.g., a skull-cap warn by male orthodox Jews at all times, and by other
male Jews on religious occasions? A major difference from the days of Christ; these Lubavitcher
Jews wore beepers, all the quicker to signal the word to one another. Now that the rabbi has passed
on, his gravesite is covered with thousands of messages and faxes? The Pyramid and the ‗All
Seeing Owl. ‗Looking down from above the roadways within the U.S. Congress grounds and the
two main thoroughfares leading away create an owl sitting on a pyramid around the Congress
Building. The owl is symbolic of Moloch, in the Old Testament, a god of the Jews, to whom their
children were sacrificed for thousands of years. In the United States today, some 50,000 children go
missing, ‗and according to one FBI source, they are been sacrificed too the god ‗Moloch: Jesus
Christ the Son of God, ‗Allah or ‗Yahweh, is due to returns in 2015 or by 2033 A.D; on about the
21st of July that year; probably in the ‗month‘ of (Ab), of our ‗Lord, who was born in the 1st
century B.C.E; and had died in the 15th year of 1st century A.D. Christ died in the 15th year of
Tiberius Caesar‘s reign, this is a fact! When Christ walked this earth, Augustus was the Roman
Emperor from (31 B.C. to 14 A.D. and when Herod the Great (37 B.C. to 4 A.D), died in 4 A.D.
Jesus would have been aged about 18 or 19 years. So when Jesus was born, Herod was in his
twenty-third year as ruler over (Judea), or Judaea, Samaria, and Idumaea? Jesus said, ‗No one
takes my life from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. Two nobles Joseph and Nicodemus,
bury Jesus in a rock tomb! Kerry is a believer in teleology, e.g., teleological argument for the
existence of God holds that order in the world could not be accidental and that since there is design
there must be a designer, because frequently, teleologists have identified purpose in the universe
with God‘s will, and not only that, ‗I myself, have seen God in the night sky in 1960. Christ is the

one who reveals the Father to us, ‗He who sees me sees the Father! Calvary, it is again as king that
Jesus is crucified, and the Jews again reject him. His ―seamless‖ cream garment, which Jesus
wears, is not torn, and John sees this as a symbol of the unity of the church. Jesus dies to gather
into one the children of God who are scattered abroad? Our Lord Christ hovers over the earth in
the firmament of the atmosphere, to watch over His flock till eternity, for Christ is with ‗us always!
Christ will banish the Imperial Upper‖- class Zionist‘s, ‗fore He knows them not! These Nobles,
these Aristocrat Jews! At the annual congress of the Christians Coalition of America in Colorado,
where thousands of ‗Yid‘ peoples gather in this amphitheatre, too proclaim the State of Israel.
Arnaud de Borchgrave, Washington Times, said, ‗You have an alliance in the United States, which
is a very important alliance, its not on paper, it‘s a de-facto alliance, between Christian Right and
the Israeli Lobby; there is a direct alliance there, and its an unusual alliance, and its the first time
he has seen it in his lifetime! Ariel Sharon appearance before the Christian Zionist provokes a
rapturous applause! Israel is the 51st American State. We stand with Israel. What‘s good for Israel
is good for the USA: The Iraq war with Iran cost the Iraqi economy US$65 million in 1989. The
Illuminati had planned to set a trap for Saddam Hussein. He should give England and the U.S. an
excuse to intervene by military apparently to safeguard the world oil supply. In June of 1989 a
delegation with Alan Stoga ―Kissinger Associates Ltd‖, members of the board of the Bankers Trust,
Mobil, Occidental Petroleum and others followed an invitation by Saddam Hussein to Baghdad.
The project at the centre of discussions—the Badush Dam project, which within five years would
have made Iraq independent of food imports—was turned down. The delegation insisted that first
the national debt had to be paid up and thus the oil industry should be at least partly privatized.
Saddam Hussein of course declined. By the end of 1989 the US$2.3-billion George Bush had
promised the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro BNL would block Iraq. Thus at the beginning of 1990
Iraq was cut-off from all loans by Western banks. Now Sheik Al-Sabah, emir of Kuwait and friend
of the English royal family entered the game. Up to now he had channelled money into Iraq, was
forbidden by London and Washington, to keep the eight-year war going that brought the arms
dealers money and Israel political advantages. At the beginning Kuwait was asked to dump cheap
oil on the market despite signed OPEC treaties disallowing this. Several diplomatic advances by the
other OPEC countries tried to keep Kuwait from continuing on this dangerous path, but without
success. The U.S. five-year-war on Iraq is almost totally financed by the Opium trade from
Afghanistan; drugs and oil is what‘s keeping the American economy from total collapse. Kevin
Rudd wants too stop the drug trade from Afghanistan the Sheik‘ Osama bin Laden? The overthrow
of Saddam is overwhelming in the national interest? Its true, ‗that the Zionist controls the
American administration, and most of the world today! The Jews must be in panic mode, and are
desperate to bring forward their planned New World Order? The neo-conservative ‗Yids, such as
Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, the Jew ‗Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, and ‗Desert Storm‘ four-star
General, Norman Schwarzkopf; better known to the world as ‗Stormin‘Norman‘. And George
Walker Bush‘s tail wagging (mutt), it‘s alleged, Donald Rumsfeld is an ignorant blunderer,
dunderhead, jackass; small dog of a mutton-head; he‘s one big practical joker, he‘s a ‗teehee e.g.,
‗laugh? Plus, ―Lieutenant General Charles Horner. These aristocrats, e.g., the Jewish nobles have
undue power and influence over the direction of America‘s foreign policy? They created a pretext
(excuse), for war on the Moslems, on (Islam), by having their own Twin Towers destroyed; and
than too blame ―IT‖ all on Islamic countries? Senator‘ Robert Byrd (D) West Virginia has
condemned the war on Iraq as outrageous! The White House had used Hans Blix, ‗The UN chief
weapons inspector, because Bush needed to make sure that Saddam Hussein had no dangerous
weapons of mass destruction too use against his American invading armoured military force. He
wanted to end Saddam‘s 24-year reign as the Iraq‘s President. Bush was desperate to steal Iraq‘s
oilfields too bolster the ailing American economy! Since the Iraqi prisoners were tortured, Bush
‗said, being President of the United States means never having to say you‘re sorry! Iraq ‗July 2004,
a new player, calling themselves the ―Lions of Allah brigade‖, are kidnapping foreigners to
persuade George W. Bush the ―angel of death‖ with his ―magic wand‖. He who is without wings,

which is ―Sophia or Sophistic wise‖, short (myope); full of ―Sophist vision‖, should withdraw his
troops from Iraq! All the nuclear weapons factories in South Africa are owned by Israel. The
American ―Flag‖ is the most hated symbol, ‗and even more hated in these times than the
―Swastika‖. The only reason Bush sent in the weapons inspectors, was to make absolutely certain
that there were no biological or chemical weapons too use on the invading Allied forces! The culprit
offender‘s George Walker Bush, and company, Tony Blair; and the Australian Prime Minister,
John Winston Howard (born July 26, 1939), these astute (shrewd, crafty) ―dead duck‖ leaders are
liken to the flesh-eating wolf in sheep‘s clothing; all belong in some mental asylum, or put in some
cage in Camp X-ray (Camp Delta) JTF Guantanamo Bay, Cuba;(imprisonment for life), ‗jail or
‗gaol at Camp Delta! Look, ‗their ‗AXIS of ‗EVIL is ‗within the White House, not out-their in some
Middle East desert? These ―Leaders‖ must all face the ―International Crimes Court‖, including the
Israeli Leader ‗Ariel Sharon‘ for genocide against his neighbours. The deliberate assassinations and
targeting of Palestinian Hamas militant leaders, whom are really ―freedom fighters‖ on the Gaza
strip, it‘s a kind of war for the liberation of Palestine, from the injustices of the Israeli‘s illegal
occupation and statehood on May 14th 1948, with a population at that time of some 650,000 Jews,
which came from all over the world (Germany, America, etc), to live in their newly proclaimed
state called Israel? David Ben-Gurion‘s military headquarters quickly established the Israel
Defence Force (ZAHAL or IDF); David Ben-Gurion, born in Poland 1886, Israeli labour leader;
prime minister of Israel 1948: Israeli and French scientists continued to cooperate at the French
nuclear test site in the Sahara, as the experiments became more weapons-oriented. By late 1961, the
French had begun a series of underground tests and were perfecting a series of miniaturized
warheads for use in aircraft and, eventually, missiles. There were further tests in the early 1960‘s of
a more advanced Shavit rocket system, with no more public announcements; CIA analysts assumed
that the long-range rocket was meant for military use. And in 1963, Israel paid $100 million to the
privately owned Dassault Company of France, then one of the worlds most successful missile and
aircraft firms, for the joint development and manufacture of twenty-five medium-range Israeli
missiles. It was anticipated that the missile, to be known to the American intelligence community as
the Jericho 1, would be able to deliver a miniaturized nuclear warhead to targets three hundred
miles away. By spring of 1963, Kennedy‘s relationship with David Ben-Gurion remained at an
impasse over Dimona, and the correspondence between the two became increasingly sour. David
Ben-Gurion‘s responses were being drafted by Yuval Neeman, a physicist and defence ministry
intelligence officer who was directly involved in the nuclear weapons program. ‗It was not a
friendly exchange, ―Neeman recalled. ‗Kennedy was writing like a bully. It was brutal. ―The
President made sure that the Israeli prime minister paid for his defiance. In late April, Egypt,
Syria, and Iraq united to form the short-lived Arab Federation; such unity was David Ben-Gurion‘s
recurring nightmare. He instinctively turned to Washington, and proposed in a letter to the
President that the United States and Soviet Union join forces to publicly declare the territorial
integrity and security of every Middle Eastern state etc. Ben-Gurion requested that the United
States sign a security treaty with Israel? The answer was no, and it was clear to the ―Mapai Party‖
that Ben-Gurion‘s leadership and his intractability about Dimona were serious liabilities in
Washington. Golda Meir acknowledged to Ben-Gurion‘s biographer, ―We knew about these
approaches, ‗we said nothing, even though we wondered. A few weeks later, on June 16, 1963, Ben-
Gurion abruptly resigned as prime minister and defence minister, ending his fifteen-year reign as
Israel‘s most influential public official. A second public scandal surfaced in 1962 and 1963 when it
was reported that Egypt had developed, with support from some West German scientists, what
were alleged to be advanced missiles capable of hitting Israel. Golda Meir and her supporters took
a hardline on the Egyptian-West German activities, warning that the coalition posed a danger to
Israel‘s national security. Ben-Gurion was far more sceptical of the threat posed by Egypt‘s alliance
with West German scientists and, in his public statements, emphasized the contribution that West
Germany had made to Israeli security. What the public did not know was that Ben-Gurion had just
completed a successful, and secret, negotiation with West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

for modern weaponry, including small arms, helicopters, and spare parts. For David Ben-Gurion,
there now was ―another Germany‖, profoundly different from the Germany of Hitler‘s time and
far more willing than France and America to keep Israel armed. Ben-Gurion‘s point of view was
ignored in the wake of press hysteria over the German aid to Egypt, with newspaper talk of
German ―death rays‖ and renewed ―final solutions‖, all of which turned out to be exaggerated. The
public campaign over the West German help for Egypt soon evolved into a wave of criticism and
scorn for Ben-Gurion and his notion of ―another Germany‖. David Ben-Gurion‘s colleagues in the
Mapai Party, especially Golda Meir, who, like many Israelis, wanted nothing to do with German,
joined in the attack. ―The German issue was a never-ending and emotional one for a nation led by
survivors of the alleged Holocaust? Any diplomatic contact ‗resulting in a crisis; there had been
street riots in front of the Knesset in 1952 to protest the initial Israeli-West German talks over
compensation for the loss of Jewish lives and property in the Holocaust. Cash-starved Israel
eventually accepted more than $800 million in German reparations to the Jews, ‗Now ask
yourself, ‗why would the Zionist‘s want $800 million, when they can create money out of nothing?
It‘s because they want to take the money out of circulation to reduce the living standard of gentiles,
‗that‘s what their Usury banking (control) system is all about? They received this $800 million, and
tensions still remained; despite the flow of money; an Israeli violinist was later stabbed on the street
after performing the music of Richard Strauss in public. In June 1959, a furore over the sale of
Israeli munitions to West Germany resulted in another brief resignation by Ben-Gurion and yet
another call for new elections. The Mapai Party held on to its Knesset majority, and Ben-Gurion,
confidence vote in hand, returned to office. Kennedy‘s persistent pressure on Israel stemmed from
his belief that Israel had not yet developed any nuclear weapons; that it was not yet a proliferating.
There is evidence that once Israel actually began manufacturing bombs, as the French had done,
the President was prepared to be as pragmatic as he needed to be. While President ―John
Fitzgerald Kennedy, ‗born 1917; had remained resolutely opposed to a nuclear Israel to the end, he
did change his mind about de Gaulle‘s bombs. Daniel Ellsberg, who would later make public the
Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam War, was involved in high-level nuclear weapons issues in 1963 as
a deputy in the Pentagon‘s Office of International Strategic Affairs. He recalled seeing one morning
a ―Top Secret, Eyes only‖ memorandum from McGeorge Bundy to the President summarizing a
change in policy toward the French. ―We would, after all, ―Ellsberg recalled Bundy‘s
memorandum stating, ―Cooperate with the French and allow them to use the Nevada nuclear test
site for underground testing. ―At the time, the French had refused to sign the Limited Test Ban
Treaty, and de Gaulle had announced that France would continue to test its bombs in the
atmosphere. ―Kennedy‘s obvious goal was to bring France in line with the test ban treaty, whether
officially signed or not. The Bundy memorandum remained fixed in Ellsberg‘s memory; it was
dated November 22, 1963, the day of Kennedy‘s assassination in Dallas Texas by ―5‖ CIA agents.
(Jesuits). The place where George H. W. Bush ‗senior resides?                The Murder of U.S.
President Kennedy 22/11/63. ―Well, while Kennedy was busy shaking hands with all the
well wishers at the airport, Johnson‘s Secret Service people came over to the motorcycle cops and
gave us a bunch of instructions. The darnedest thing was they told us the parade route through
Deadly Plaza was being changed. ―Changed? How, ―Jean Hill asks. ―It was originally supposed to
go straight down Main Street. ―J.B. said, ―but they said for us to disregard that. ―J.B. said. Instead
we were told to make the little jog on Houston and out over to Elm Street. ―Jean felt her mouth
drop open. ―If you‘d stayed on Main Street, Kennedy might‘ve been completely out of range of
whoever was shooting at him. My ‗shooter‘ behind the wooden fence definitely wouldn‘t have had
much chance to hit him from there. ―J.B. stared at her with a straight face. ―Maybe that‘s why they
changed the route, ―he said bluntly. ―But that‘s not all. They also ordered us into the craziest escort
formation I‘ve ever seen. Ordinarily, you bracket the car with four motorcycles, one on each
fender. But this time they told the four of us assigned to the president‘s car there‘d be no forward
escorts. We were to stay well to the back and not let ourselves get ahead of the car‘s rear wheels

under any circumstances. I‘d never heard of a formation like that much less ridden in one, but they
said they wanted to let the crowds have an ‗unrestricted view‘ of the president. Well, I guess
somebody got an unrestricted view of him all right.‖—Jean Hill, JFK. ―The Last Dissenting Witness,
Pelican Publishing, p. 113. ―So, the motorcade route through Dallas was changed, and the reason
given was so that the people would have an excellent view of the president of the United States. The
Jesuit assassins sure did, ‖Lyndon Johnson started ducking down in the car a good 30 or 40 seconds
before the first shots were fired, a little peculiar wouldn‘t you think. ―Texas law prohibits people
that die in the state of Texas from being removed without an autopsy. Leading doctors at Parkland
Memorial Hospital in Dallas were held at gunpoint as the body of John F. Kennedy was removed
from that hospital without an autopsy! JFK‘s coffin is borne from St Matthew‘s Cathedral to
Arlington Cemetery for burial. ―Kennedy‘s assassination was ‗prepared by the CIA members
Orlando Bosch, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and ―Jew‖ Jacob Rubinstein, (aka‘ Jack Ruby) for
whose collaboration the CIA paid his huge gambling debts. Also, the driver turned and put one
bullet into JFK‘s head, whilst Jacqueline, the first lady was shielding her husband. Lee Harvey
Oswald (23) discharged from the US Marines when he defected to the USSR, married a Russian girl
Marina to the USA; Lee had also been a CIA member, but at the time of the assassination he had
been working for ―Jack Ruby, who has since passed away in prison. His death had been planned.
Jack Ruby, proprietor of the Carousel Club, shot Oswald in the abdomen, clutching himself with
an agonized expression on his face, assassinated before he could prove his innocence. Thus they had
a culprit who could no longer prove the truth. ―The CIA hated Kennedy, and also for another
reason to have Kennedy killed for his sacking of the powerful CIA Jew chief Alan Dulles. In its eyes
he was responsible that neither the Vietnam War, the ‗Cuban nor the UFO projects went the way
the CIA wanted. ―When the news about Kennedy‘s death broke, writes a CIA operative who had
also been involved in the ―Bay of Pigs‖ operation in April 1961, all the people in his department
rose and applauded. Many of these facts had been uncovered during the special hearings by the
committee for assassination, but according to U.S. security law they remain secret until 2029. After
the hearings the CIA was prohibited from undertaking any undercover operations within the U.S.
Hard to believe that they ever followed that order. All the 177 witnesses of the conspiracy were
either killed or died of fast-growing cancer that they had injected—the deadly marksman in the car
three weeks after the deed, for example. The official story of the Kennedy assassination according
to the report by the ―Warren Commission‖ was that Lee Harvey Oswald had been the only person
responsible, and it was printed nine hours later in all newspapers of the U.S. The true story of the
CIA-Committee of 300 conspiracies‘ was never told, for-good-reason. You see how easy it is for the
Illuminati to control the news agencies! And once again a whole nation is misinformed for decades
until a brave researcher takes the trouble to dig deep. The ―Jesuits‖ controlled politicians in
Washington; they wanted to continue the war in Vietnam. They wanted to create a Catholic power
in Southeast Asia. They wanted to maintain their control of the international drug market that they
had held for 400 years in the Far East. When President Kennedy stood in their way, he had to be
removed. The Jesuits had John Kennedy assassinated. The second reason for Kennedy‘s
assassination was his intention to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Colonel James Gritz explains.
When Kennedy called for a return of America‘s currency to the gold standard, and the dismantling
of the Federal Reserve System—he actually minted non-debt money that does not bear the mark of
the Federal Reserve; when he dared to actually exercise the leadership authority granted to him by
the U.S. Constitution—Kennedy prepared his own death warrant. It was time for him to go—
Colonel James Gritz, Called to Serve. ―Profile in Conspiracy from John F. Kennedy to George
Bush, Lazarus Publishing, p. 511-512. ―President Kennedy was attempting to dismantle the Federal
Reserve System, which is the central bank of the United States, a creation of the Jesuits! ―The
Constitution of the United States gives to Congress the power to coin money. If the U.S. Congress
coined its own money as the Constitution directs, it would not have to pay the hundreds of billions
of dollars of interest that it now pays each year to the bankers for the national debt, for money that
came out of nothing. This is why Kennedy began to issue U.S. government money that was free of

debt to replace the Federal Reserve dollars we have been using. ―We have seen in previous chapters
who were responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the unconstitutional
operation of this bank that steals money from U.S. citizens. The Jesuits, if you will remember from
chapter two, tried to assassinate President Andrew Jackson for discontinuing the central bank.
They unfortunately succeeded in assassinating Kennedy for trying to do the same thing. The Jesuits
uses the wealth created by the Federal Reserve to finance their murderous deeds. John Kennedy
incurred the deadly wrath of the Jesuits for daring to act as the President and not as their puppet
leader. But you say, ―Wait a minute. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. He was the only Catholic
president we ever had. ―That is exactly right. Even though Kennedy was Catholic, he put the
welfare of the United States before the desires of the papacy. He was not a Jesuit. Here is a very
interesting section from the secret instructions of the Jesuit Order, written by their founder,
Ignatius Loyola. ―Finally, let all with such artfulness gain the ascendance over princes, noblemen
and the magistrates of every place that they may be ready at our beck and call, even to sacrifice
their nearest relatives and most intimate friends when we say it is for our interest and our
advantage, —W.C. Brownlee, Secret instructions of the Jesuits, American and Foreign Christian
Union, p. 47. ―Kennedy‘s brother ‗Robert F. Kennedy who stood also in the way of the Illuminati
had to die on June 5, 1968, as he was about to win the presidential elections. In this case the single
attacker was Sirhan Sirhan. He was under the influence of a drug that was developed by the CIA
especially for cases like this. To be sure that Sirhan Sirhan was not going to miss, one of the body
guards of Howard Hughes fired an ―extra bullet‖ that later was found in Kennedy‘s head. As the
examining magistrate found, the ballistic tests showed that the mouth of the weapon had to have
been about five to eight centimetres from Kennedy‘s head; Sirhan‘s weapon though was nearer that
thirty centimetres. This story, too, was kept from the public. The independent publications within
the ―Council on Foreign Relations ―CFR‖ and the ―Skull & Bones‖ order contained this
information. As No. 12, of the Protocols of Zion says, persons who oppose the ―plan‖ should be
brought nearer to death. The complete story with names, dates and more facts about the Kennedy
assassination, also about the UFO connection of the U.S; can be found in William Cooper‘s book
―Behold a Pale Horse: After reading how these conspirators work; can we now believe Princess
Diana & Dodi al-Fayed were murdered by U.K. Secret Agents, and did the alleged secret agent in
the front seat (the only person wearing his seatbelt) may have deliberately pull the steering wheel to
the left in order to hit the 13th pillar in the Alma tunnel in Paris. Henri Paul, the chauffeur who
also died in the crash, an employee of the Ritz Hotel was not drunk at the wheel, as the inquest into
the crash claim. And was the driver pre-programmed to take that route home? The accelerator
cable could have been tampered with, causing the Mercedes too accelerate faster into the tunnel at
just the right moment? And did the doctor at the seen inject an overdose of morphine into Princess
Diana‘s vane, and why pass two hospitals in order too save Diana‘s life? Why did radio
communications fail at almost the precise time their car hit that cement pillar? I don‘t believe the
story that the driver was intoxicated at the wheel; in fact the car was photographed doing a speed
of 60 km/h before entering Alma Tunnel. How many car accidents have we heard of either before
or since that dreadful car crash that killed Diana, none? And remember Princess Diana was under
oath not to divulge secrets to anyone under sentence of death. She knew too much about the
―Windsor‘s crime network incorporated, e.g., under the guise of been a legal corporation. I know
Diana and Dodi were murdered, because I ―Kerry Hay‖ predicted their death in front of ―10‖
witnesses. I told these witnesses that both of them would be dead in two week, and I hope it‘s not
true. And in two weeks they were both dead to the day. You see I‘m a psychic. I have predicted
dozens of events, everyone of my predictions had come true; even the crocodile hunter Steve
Irwin‘s death, killed by a stingray in north Queensland. I know I told at least three people in
Landsborough; two were Read Estate Agents and another man called Jim. I even predicted the
backpacker murderer, his name and suburb where he lived. You know these things, and yet it‘s no
good telling the Police, because they‘re arrogant, e.g., pompous; they know it all, if you know what I
mean: Since WW11, the United States ―was‖ the greatest industrial power on earth, and its dollar

the strongest currency. The dollar was valued at US$35 /1 ounce of gold. That system lasted until
August 15, 1971, when U.S. President Richard Nixon, at the urging of assistant Treasury Secretary
(and later George W. Bush), George Shultz, took the U.S. dollar off gold. Nixon was coerced to act,
in response to an entirely orchestrated ―crisis‖. From the mid-1960s, when the British allowed
speculative trading in gold, a massive speculative trade in US dollars grew in Europe, which
became known as the Eurodollar market. The market was dominated by the British-German
banker ‗Sigmund Warburg (Australia‘s James Wolfensohn, World Bank president in the 1990s,
started his international banking career assisting Warburg in the Eurodollar market). By 1971,
there were so many US dollars sloshing around in the Eurodollar market, that if they were all taken
to the United States Treasury, to be redeemed for gold, America only had enough gold to cover one
quarter of the dollars—America would have been bankrupted. ―If the trading of dollars hadn‘t
been speculative, this situation would not have been a threat to the U.S; because national
governments which held U.S. dollars would never have tried to redeem all of their dollars for gold
at once: Stolen artwork, by ―false pretences‖. Wilful misrepresentations made to cheat and
defraud; swindling his intended victim, a friend. Auctioneers‘ Christies & Sotheby‘s, Interpol:
- take note. In The Public Interest; ―Without Prejudice‖ or ―Malice‖. ―The almost perfect
crime on a friend. The trouble is Dr. Brand only bought one oil painting from David Galloway,
―The Birdsville Bird‖, the doctor paid Galloway $700.00 for it. ―Now it‘s alleged that David
Galloway had allegedly stolen small donations from the paraplegic welfare association as a former
director in South Brisbane. His employment was quietly terminated of course, for good reason.
Who wants a thief working for them? This disreputable shady character than opened an Art
Gallery at Bowen Hills, called ―Galloway Galleries and Fine Arts Centre‖          on the 17th March
1978. Than went on to bigger things by misleading a friend, and defrauding him of a $20,000
French Masterpiece that was in his care on loan to his gallery, too bolster David Galloway’s success
and image on the Art scene on opening night of his new Art Gallery in Brisbane. During February,
March 1978, he saw the opportunity to mislead his friend so as to swindle this artwork our from
under his victim Kerry Hay. He must have had a keen buyer for this French painting by Jacques
Cancaret, dated 1903, titled, The Dying Artist, Galloway knowing full well the oil painting was not
for sale at any price. He had instructions to label same before displaying the French painting on his
new gallery wall. He went on to steal it from the owner Mr. K. P. Hay, by fraudulently adding this
painting to a previously signed document that was not an official receipt at all. Galloway had sold a
couple of paintings on consignment only ―one was Julie and the boys‖ by Rick Everingham for
$400; and the other oil painting was ―The Birdsville Bird‖ by Mike Nicholas for $700, with 32%
commission on the sale for David Galloway; but NO paintings were ever sold to Galloway, his wife or
his art gallery. ―Galloway at the time had no money of his own. Galloway used previously signed
documents too fraudulently add on another painting called The Dying Artist, the one on loan for
display only; he typed in this Cancaret 1903 painting onto this receipt, so he could sell it to make
money on something he never owned. This 1903 Cancaret masterpiece that belonged to Mr. Hay,
and not belonging to this man David Galloway. This man Galloway has never paid Mr. Hay for this
Cancaret oil painting, which he stole from Mr. Hay by fraud. He forged a document on a false
receipt stating that, David Galloway ‗paid Mr. Hay for two paintings, when Galloway Galleries only
paid for one painting that was on consignment at that time, called The Birdsville Bird which was
worth $700. There was no mention of another painting on the document signed by K.P. Hay at the
time. The other French painting was typed in by David Galloway to state that he paid Mr. Hay $700
for both paintings, which was forged onto this document, and it was not a receipt at all, but a scrap
of typed scribble for a cheque for $700.00 to Mr. Hay for ―The Birdsville Bird‖ painting only, which

was sold to Dr. Brand for $700.00. The receipt Galloway used was just a typed piece of paper that
David Galloway had when he sold one of Mr. Hay’s paintings called ―The Birdsville Bird‖ that was on
consignment and had been sold to a Dr. Brand. ―Dr. Brand‖ had ―no knowledge of this other oil
painting that David Galloway added to this doctored up phoney receipt which included the French oil
painting on loan to the Gallery. Why would Mr. Hay sell a $20,000 painting for just $350, in this
case for ―zilch‖, unless it was taken by fraud? Everyone can now see what a liar and thief David
Galloway is. ―Mr. Hay was still paying for his Jacques Cancaret 1903 painting bought in New
Zealand, when it was defrauded by David Galloway Galleries in Bowen Hills in Brisbane. Galloway
used misleading and deceptive conduct to steal Mr. K. P. Hay’s property out from under him. No
official signed copy of this fraudulent receipt was ever given to Hay too prove otherwise. Not even
Mr. Hay’s lawyers could get a copy from Galloway, Galloway, ‗he would only show the lawyers this
forged document, but refused to give them a copy, because this would prove that David Galloway was
guilty of fraud, and he knows it. Galloway said on the phone to Mr. Hay later on that he bought both
his painting, and that he never had any painting of Mr. Hay’s on consignment, and he owned both
paintings now, then hung up the phone. Galloway said that the only mistake he made was using Dr.
Brand‘s name. This man obviously doesn‘t care about losing his reputation. People who carryout
crimes like this are ‗sick-in-the-head. They don‘t care who they hurt or whose lives they destroy in
the process; so long as they can steal something for nothing, the man is a creep. Mr. Hay had never
sold paintings to David Galloway, or his wife or his Gallery. David Galloway is just a lowlife born
deceptive liar. Mr. Hay has never sold any paintings to David Galloway. They had a verbal
gentlemen‘s agreement, consignment terms only on previous paintings Galloway had sold on Mr.
Hay’s behalf; but never the Cancaret oil painting, and it was not for sale at any price. Mr. Hay never
sold his French painting to Galloway Galleries & Fine Arts Centre. Galloway stole his Jacques Cancaret
1903 masterpiece worth twenty thousands dollars according to the Queensland Art Gallery director
there, who told Mr. Hay what he could get for it on the Fine Art Auction floor. Mr. Hay thought
Galloway was a good honest man and a good friend he could trust with his French painting to hang
in his art gallery on opening night as a favour for Galloway in February, March of 1978 as a talking
point and absolutely (not for sale). Well that was the verbal conditions of Mr. Hay allowing David to
hang this Cancaret painting on display. ―Don‘t trust the word of a thief in spiv clothing. There
wasn‘t enough proof or evidence for the police to have this conman like David Galloway, he should be
charged for embezzlement of this Jacques Cancaret painting. Mr. Galloway is or was in possession of
tainted stolen property that never seemed to bother this art thief from the Gap in Brisbane,
Queensland. The police said he has probably done this same con-job on others. For every year Mr.
Hay’s painting is not returned, there is a 10% ―ten percent‖ compound interest charge owing to Mr.
Hay on his $20,000 artwork that Galloway had defrauded. Mr. Hay demands that whoever is now in
possession of it must return this stolen painting to Kerry P. Hay forthwith. Mr. Hay intends to claim
the loss of his 1903 Cancaret oil painting from Galloway’s estate byway of a caveat placed on David
Galloway’s estate, until the amount of $20,000 plus 10% percent per annum compound interest
commencing from the year 1978 is paid to Mr. Hay’s estate or my Galloway’s own family members.
The man is just a lowlife dishonest ―scumbag‖ to do this to a friend who only wanted to help him
succeed in his business. That‘s why Mr. Hay loaned the masterpiece out to Galloway too hang on the
wall of his new art gallery. Big mistake. Galloway also used Dr. Brand‘s name on the sale of another
painting that he included in the doctored up, false receipt of sale involving the French Masterpiece

oil painting that Galloway typed onto the same-doctored document when Galloway added the 1903
Cancaret oil painting to defraud Mr. Hay of his painting. He said he would take good care of it for
Mr. K. P. Hay. Still heartbroken, he hopes Galloway and his wife rot in hell for what they‘ve done to
him. Galloway’s wife said to Hay‘ that‘s business, No it‘s not business too steal another persons
property, it‘s called theft, hand it back. To do this kind of fraud on a friend is despicable. Galloway
must have been bankrupted when he opened his gallery to the public at the time when he stole from
his good friend. David Galloway would be about 70 years of age now; and if he‘s in a nursing home
somewhere, the staff should all urinate over him. Why should anyone give this man the time of day,
he‘s a thief, and once a thief, always a thief. ―See Public Notice, Courier-Mail, page 26. Dated
Saturday July 1st 1978 and‘ Public Notice, Courier-Mail page 75, dated Saturday June 6, 1981. A
legal claim for the stolen oil painting to have it returned to Mr. K. P. Hay, the rightful owner of the
painting. ―Galloway said, that the only mistake he made was using Dr. Brand‘s name! This Art theft
perpetrated by Galloway, on his friend Mr. Hay, has caused untold damage and grievance on his
person; you must return this oil painting you stole by using deceptive conduct. ―David Galloway, you
Sir, do not own this 1903 Jacques Cancaret oil painting, you stole it by fraud. How can you and
your wife live knowing what you‘ve done, the heartbreak you have caused this person? ―Clear your
conscience, make amends, and hand back the stolen property: - Mutatis mutandis mutation. One
year prior the Jacques Cancaret 1903 painting was advertised in the Brisbane Telegraph
newspaper with photo for sale at $8,000.00: Forewarn, www.hoax-slayer.com:
www.FourWinds10.com: www.headspace.org.au: www.NewScienceldeas.com:
http://earthsci.org/freeware/freewar.html: www.dw-world.de: www.HalTurnerShow.com:
www.truthbeknown.com: Bible prophecy, www.wnponline.org: tellingfilms@hush.com:
Do you believe in Jewish Ritual Killings during Passover, a young boy Daniel Morcombe has
been missing on the Sunshine Coast Qld, without a trace. Passover, a Jewish feast‘ commemorating
the night when the Lord, smiting the first-born of the Egyptians, ―passed over‖ the houses of the
children of Israel. Ex. xii. Look to the second-hand Jew dealer at Forest Glen and their local
synagogue for clues? Now Kennedy‘s goal regarding the test ban treaty, Lyndon Baines Johnson
1908-1973, ‗Vice President at the time, his ties to Israel were strong long before he became
President of the United States. ―Edgar Hoover, chief of the FBI said of Johnson, I‘d much rather
have that ‗fellow inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Two of his closest advisers,
lawyers Abe Fortas (later named to the Supreme Court) and Edwin L. Weisl, St., while not
particularly religious, felt deeply about the security of Israel. Johnson also had known of Abe
Feinberg and his fund-raising skills since the Truman years; Feinberg was among those who had
raised money for Johnson‘s successful 1948 campaign for the Senate. There was a much deeper
link, Johnson had visited the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau while on a congressional fact-
finding trip at the end of World War Two, his wife, Lady Bird, told a Texas historian years after
Johnson‘s death that he had returned ―just shaken, bursting with overpowering revulsion and
incredulous horror at what he had seen. U.S. Army photos taken by Johnson two days after the
liberation of the death camp on April 30, 1945, are held in the congressional archives. Johnson‘s
sensitivity to the plight of European Jews had begun even before WW11 when, as a young
congressman from Texas, he was urged by Jewish supporters in his home district to cut through
Washington‘s red tape and get asylum in America for German refugees running for their lives. See
how the Jews work, they fed Johnson a load of propaganda bullshit about the Nazis. Once the
refugees got themselves into America they started taking over key positions in the government
whenever they could. President Johnson stayed loyal to his old friends. Five weeks after assuming
office, he dedicated a new constructed Austin synagogue, Agudas Achim, as a favour to James
Novy, a long-time Texas political ally and Zionist leader who was chairman of the building
committee. He was the first American President to do so, yet only a few newspapers took note of the
event, because the Jewish controlled newspapers blocked the story reaching the public. ―Jews in

Europe found it extremely difficult in the 1930‘s to get visas for the United States, although
American immigration quotas went unfilled. Between 1933 and 1938, for example, only 27,000
German Jews were granted entry visas to the United States, far less than the 129,875 permissible
under the quotas. More on Johnson‘s early role in support of Jews can be found in ―Prologue;
LBJ‘s Foreign Affairs Background,‖ an unpublished 1989 University of Texas doctoral thesis by
Louis S. Gomolak: Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana USA, Ph. 812-234-7881:
Sodium nitrate, a white compound, NaNO3, used in the manufacture of nitric acid and as a manure.
It occurs abundantly in nature; mixed in with diesel fuel (1) detonator (2) fuse: Detonating gas, a
mixture composed of two volumes of hydrogen and one of oxygen, which explodes with great
violence when ignited: Detonating powder, a powder, chiefly of the mercury fulminates, which
explodes violently when heated or struck; used chiefly to fire other explosives: Detonator, any
contrivance, as a primer or fuse, for detonating the main charge of a projectile, bomb, etc:
Armistice or Truce of the 11th November 1918, between Allied Forces and German Forces. The
advancing soldiers of the 26th Infantry Division, they were one of the divisions delivering an attack,
planned before the Armistice; than cancelled; than reinstated; when there were no confirming
orders to stand-down from the assault. The mind-set that kept the fighting going to the 11th hour,
could be found in a letter sent by a top American Artillery Captain; busy reigning fire on his enemy
to the last second. To his fiancée he wrote; it is a shame that we can‘t go in and devastate Germany,
and cut-off a few of the German kid‘s hands and feet, and scalp a few of their old men, said
Truman. The Jew behind the shocking sentiments was Captain Harry S. Truman, born 1884,
Identity Card No. 129FA; would one day manifest that hardness as president of the United States,
during WW11. ―Harry S. Truman 1945-1953. Ironically, Germany was offering Britain peace
terms. The British were totally defeated, before America entered the war. The war was over;
Germany had won WW1 outright. Then the Zionist‘s from America offered to get America into the
War, if the Jews were promised Palestine after Britain defeated Germany. So the Jews arranged for
Pearl Harbour to be attacked by the Japanese, through the Samurai Jews! Samurai ―Japanese
under the Japanese feudal system, a member of the soldier class of the lower nobility, acting as a
military retainer of the daimios; also, the class itself. Daimio (1) The former class of hereditary
feudal barons in Japan. (2) A member of this class. Also dai‘myo. ( <Japanese <Chinese dai great +
mio, myo name) –dai-mi-ate (di‘me-at) n. The Germans then lost the war, only because they runout
of ammunition on the front lines: When Truman retired as president; he received a war pension of
$112. 56 ―per month, e.g., a bribe! Truman said, ‗If we don‘t make a mistake, what a paradise we
could make of this world, e.g., Adam & Eve: Holy Roman Empire, consisted of the ―Kingdom of
Germany‖ Kingdom of Burgundy‖ Kingdom of Italy‖. An empire in central and western Europe,
established in 962 and lasting until 1806; regarded as an extension of the Western Roman Empire
and as the temporal form of the dominion of which the pope was spiritual head; sometimes
considered as established with the crowning of Charlemagne, ‗See map to 11th century. The land-
mass extended north to the ―North Sea, east to ―Poland and ―Hungary, ―Croatia; south to the
―Mediterranean Sea; west to ―France: Britannia is the Roman name for Britain: Charlemagne,
742-814, king of the Franks 768-814; emperor of the West, 800-814; known as Charles the Great:
D-Day to Berlin; Germany, January 1945; the western allies were fighting the Germans in the
Ardennes Forest, and during the Allied advances, the Germans were fighting as if their lives
depended on it. The Germans tried to hold the Allies; but was forced to retreat against
overwhelming odds, and retreating with their arms and specialised equipment with them. Hitler
had staked a huge amount for the defence of the Ardennes, but had failed. The Fuhrer was told
they couldn‘t capture Antwerp, because the Army Group doesn‘t have enough strength to press for
this goal. The German Officer‘s were forced to admit that this campaign would fail. The Germans
fell back to new positions behind the river Ryan; but this strategy did not deter the Allies. The
Allies were intent on unconditional surrender, there would be no negotiations, and the Nazis are to
be destroyed. The Allies thought that the Germans had to be thoroughly beaten, so they would

never comeback at them again! But for many Germans, unconditional surrender was simply
unacceptable. Unconditional surrender meant that no one had any idea what would happen to
them; would they be treated reasonably, Yes or No? This word unconditional was of cause a great
terror for the German troops. This word of an unconditional surrender; very much strengthened
the German resistance, we have to win, otherwise there would be a terrible end? Dr. Joseph Paul
Goebbels said that the Allies wanted to destroy the German people completely; the propaganda
minister was speaking the truth; and for many Germans, evidence that Goebbels was speaking the
truth, lay all around them. Brunhilde Pomsel was Goebbel‘s ‗Secretary. As well as dropping bombs
from the air, the western allies also dropped leaflets, telling the Germans, ‗Peace with the Germans
‗Yes, and ‗Peace with Hitler ‗Never! The American Government had devised a secret plan to
deprive the Germans of all its industry once the war was over, which they did? The Allies carved up
Germany into pieces, just like a birthday cake. The Morgan Thorpe, e.g., the Jewish senior member
of the American Government, ―Henry Morgenthau, born 1891; U.S. secretary of the Treasury
1934-1945, and his plan was not abandoned in September 1944, on the contrary. See the ‗Yalta‘
Conference of February 4th 1945, and Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill concocted it, with their
division of Germany, with the establishment of four zones when the war ended. The communiqué
issued at the end of the conference, called for the peoples liberation, from the domination of Nazi
Germany, and their ability to create their own democratic institutions. The countries that had been
liberated by the allies should have free unfettered elections. The allies‘ hopeful they had laid the
foundation of a new European Order; but Churchill had his doubts because he planned it that way.
The Jew Roosevelt felt that he could handle Stalin, he told Stalin, we will meet again soon in Berlin.
Roosevelt and Churchill had made Stalin a promise, that they would help his advance into
Germany; Goebbels had guessed what this would amount too. Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels said, I‘m
completely clear how it will all turnout. Of course they will agree at Yalta. We will be bombed,
from East, West and South and levelled to the ground. The ruins left of Germany will be occupied
according to plan! Joseph Goebbels ‗said. ‗In the last few days, we have learned enough about the
enemy‘s plan. The plan proposed by that Jew Morgenthau would rob 80 million Germans of their
industry and turn Germany into a simple potato field. Dr. Goebbels told the German population,
that if they didn‘t carry on fighting, they would be reduced to living off the land, and living in it,
you would be destitute: www.sbs.com.au: http://www.ige.apc.org/millennium/inds:
www.FirstFederalCoinCorp.com:                                                     Dresden 13th
February 1945, On the 13th February, just days after the ‗Yalta conference took place, with the
Yid leaders; Roosevelt, Churchill and the Jewish leader Stalin. Two waves of RAF Lancaster
bombers filled the night sky over Dresden, murdering 135,000 innocent civilians. The British RAF
pilots were told that Dresden was a very important supply centre for the Russian front, and they
were bombing it at the pacific request of the Russian Jewish leader Stalin. One RAF rear gunner in
the first wave of Lancaster bombers; got very excited knowing that there were people burning
below; mostly women and children instantly incinerated, a Holocaust like no-other; and saying he
never seen fires like it before, and suggested that the pilot ―Freddy Hewlance‖ 5th Group Bomber
Command, change course and see the target fires for himself. An eyewitness who was living in the
city, ―Erica Wollams‖, said the dreadful powerful mines, which was exploding and putting this
phosphoresce everywhere, splashing it, ‗it was like a snowstorm, this fire; everything if you wasn‘t
prepare for it, immediately your hair started to burn you if close; this fire sucked you in, there was
no escape! The fire was so concentrated, that it covered ―twelve square miles‖. We were in the
cellar, and in the cellar, that was a dramatic thing, ‗I will never forget it, because that was the end
of our lives. The bombardment for that ―three-quarters-of-an-hour, it was hell on earth. The
Germans were not allowed in the town to see how bad things were. The devastation was enough to
marvel at, without noticing what appeared to be logs; these chard logs, and these were people.
American Prisoners Of War were made too bury the dead. Kurt Vonnegut, a Prisoner Of War was
made to bury the dead in the following days. Then they were sent to work cleaning out cellars; we

would get to a cellar, and people would be sitting there like on a streetcar, waiting for the next stop,
and he guessed it was carbon monoxide that killed them. A British pilot said it was just another
target, which was bombed successfully, ‗I don‘t remember any feeling of remorse, if anything, ‗I
thought of myself as shortening the war. The Allies were prepared to do what was necessary, too
end the war deceivably as possible. As the Yid Roosevelt, said, ‗every person in ‗Germany should
realise that this time, Germany is a ‗defeated nation; the fact that they are a defeated nation;
collectively and individually, must be so impressed upon them, that they will hesitate too start any
new war (England planned this War, some thirteen years before, King George the V, 1926 and
1930. See, Westminster Act 1942, ―Preamble, passed in 1931 declaring War on Germany). What
made the casualties in Dresden so large; at the time of the air raids, the population of the city had
been swelled by enormous numbers of refugees, fleeing the Red Army. Nemmersdort, Goebbels had
lost no time in telling the people why. In Nemmersdort and other parts of East Prussia, the Soviet
Hordes have been given a free hand with the civilian population. There have been bestial acts.
Women have been raped, old men beaten to death and children murdered. Rosemarie Arndt, said,
it was well known where we lived, that the Russians were raping women and young girls; and were
shooting people, ‗so it wasn‘t advisable for us to stay, so we decided to leave. Rosemarie Arndt, a
farmers daughter, and was only 16 years of age, when in January 1945 was captured by the
advancing Red Army. We had to lie down, and who ever refused was hit straightaway with a rifle
butt. Then the soldiers raped them all night long. Most of them were drunk and really stank, it was
dreadful; she was kept prisoner for fourteen days, and raped again and again. After this terrible
ordeal, Rosemarie was sent to a Soviet labour camp in Buchu? Where she was to stay until
November 1948, Dr. Goebbels said, ‗If the Germans people were to lay down their weapons, the
Soviets according to the agreement between Roosevelt the Jew, Churchill and Stalin would occupy
all of East and Southern Europe, along with the greater part of the Reich. An Iron Curtain would
fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union behind which nations would be
slaughtered. With many German cities, including Dresden destroyed; the Allies turn their attention
to Berlin. Dr. Goebbels prepares for a last stand. He told his troops on the Oder front, to give their
upmost, for Fuehrer and Fatherland; this was a hopeless exercise. The Rhine was the only barrier
between the Allied forces and Berlin. On about the 23rd of March, parachutes were dropped on the
east bank of the Rhine River, and on March 25th, infantrymen of the US Seventh Army swarm
across the Rhine in assault boats; and for the Allies, the last barrier to get over: Dresden
devastated, February 14th 1945; 130,000 killed. Dresden, once a showplace city and tourist
destination is now but a pile of rubble after a night‘s heavy bombing. In a night and a day of
relentless bombardment, British RAF and US Air Force heavy bombers have reduced Dresden,
which has a population of almost one million civilians, to a smoking ruin. It is impossible to say how
many people died there; estimates vary between 60,000 and 130,000. And some say 135,000
murdered German civilians. Total casualties could be as high as 400,000. Towards midnight last
night 800 four-engined Lancaster bombers deluged e.g., (Noah‘s flood), the city with tons of
incendiaries and high explosives. Today, at noon, over 400 American B-17s appeared over the still-
smoking ruins and resumed the destruction. Dresden, famed for its 17th and 18th-century baroque
and rococo art and architecture, and Dutch and Flemish paintings, has been compared to Florence.
But the city is also an industrial centre and a communications link with the German armies on the
Eastern Front. Even so, the devastating raids have provoked widespread criticism at Roosevelt,
Churchill and Stalin. The Chief of RAF Bomber Command, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris,
has been accused of clinging to his controversial theory that terror bombing can destroy the
enemy‘s will to fight! Veterans help-line, Call 1800 011 046: www.landser.com:
www.wwiidaggers.com:                                                              The Third Reich
‗Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, the International Military Tribunal held in Nuremberg
and lasting ten months from November 1945 to September 1946. Judgment being completed on 1st
October—placed in the dock the leading Nazis held in captivity, among them Hermann Goering,

―Rudolf Hess, imprisoned for 46-years for trying to stop Churchill‘s war‖, Ribbentrop, and Frank.
Kaltenbrunner alone represented the hierarchy of the SS, but the alleged real killers, Ohlendorf
and Hoess, appeared at this stage only as witnesses. British soldiers before his trial beat Rudolf
Hoess ‗former Commandant at Auschwitz was beaten-up for three days, if he doesn‘t sign their
false confession. We are going to hand your wife to the Soviets to be raped to death, and your son to
a Soviet orphanage, they will never know they‘re German, unless you sign this bit of paper we have
written out for you; that you admit that you murdered ―four million Jews‖ in the gas chamber in
Auschwitz. Rudolf Hoess had no choice but to sign a false confession to protect his family. In 1946,
Rudolf Hoess was ‗condemned to death on the 16th April 1947, hanged by the Poles. The Allies
tortured 139 SS German prisoners of war in their care. They were (combatant) prisoners of war in
Germany. They kicked their testicles so hard with their boots until they extracted a false confession
of alleged Jewish crimes they did not commit. The Jewish people have this intense hatred of the
Third Reich, because the SS were a threat too their usury system. A fair trial under International
Law was denied to the German soldiers put on trial by Jewish trial Judges. Any evidence to prove
that they were innocent was disallowed in the courtroom. The Jews had planned to have them
hanged regardless of any wrongdoing: On the 20th November 1945, the first hearing of the
International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg took place, to try German leaders considered to be
war criminals, composed of representatives from the four Yid Allied powers (USA, USSR, great
Britain and France), it was to Judaeo judge twenty-four major political, economic and military
leaders of Hitler‘s Germany and six groups and organizations of the Third Reich. The hearings
went on until the 1st October 1946. Numerous other trials of less notorious war criminals took place
in Germany. The condemned men were executed on the 16th October 1946 between 1 am and 3 am;
those sentenced to prison terms were interned at ―Spandau Prison‖, a district of western Berlin.
Hitler‘s corpse? U.S.S.R. Marshal and statesman Georgi Zhukov; born 1895. Press Conference
on the 9th June 1945. The Russians could not identify Hitler‘s body. Russian soldiers have found no
trace of Hitler‘s body. ―Maybe Adolf & Eva took flight to Argentina perhaps? ―Bolshevism,
Fascism, and Capitalism, book, an Account of the Three Economic Systems, by George S. Counts
Luigi Villari; Malcolm C. Rorty; Newton D. Baker: The return of the Jews to Palestine,
1939-48. When the Second World War broke out, the Jewish population of Israel had risen from
85,000 (11 percent of the total) to 416,000 (29 percent), the number of Jewish settlements on
Palestinian land from 79 to 200. Agriculture was developing considerably; the area of orange
groves had increased from 1,000 to 15,000 hectares Apart from an Arab minority of about 10
percent almost all the population was composed of a Yiddish immigrants who had been there less
than a century, e.g., (100-years): Churchill, a steadfast defender of Jewish rights and appreciator of
Jewish contributions before, after, and during World War Two. Pre-war, Churchill stood out for
refusing to meet with the fuehrer unless persecution of Jews on the table. As wartime prime
minister, he became deeply troubled when reports seeped in about the alleged liquidation of Jewish
communities on the eastern front and mass murder in the camps. The Allied Declaration of
December 17, 1942, reflects his insistence on frank condemnations of ―this bestial policy of alleged
cold-blooded extermination, ―warning that those committing such crimes would be ―hunted down
after the war and brought to trial. ―At the same time, Churchill, the warmonger, used his Yiddish
influence to support escapes and havens for several groups of Jewish refugees. The controversial
Allied hesitation to bomb rail lines to Auschwitz is lift hanging. ―Note, all the infrastructure, e.g.,
rail lines and bridges in Germany and Warsaw were all but destroyed by 1943, there wasn‘t a cow
lift alive to be eaten, because Churchill turned Germany into a potato-field. How can the Allies say
they hesitated to bomb rail lines; nothing was sacred to them, not even children on the ground: The
Jews throughout history are known to be the biggest mass murderers in the history of mankind.
The Jewish bankers financed WW1 and WW11. They think they are the ―Master Race; God‘s
Chosen People, ‗how pathetic. Jesus said, ‗you‘re father is the devil. Next time the Jews won‘t be so
lucky too all escape: The Longest Hatred, an examination of Anti-Gentilism, book, by Inter City

Researchers: Hitler‘s Table Talk 1941-1944, book, by Hugh R. Trevor-Roper: The
Talmud Unmasked, by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis (Translation of the author‘s Latin Text): Jewish
contributions to civilization, an estimate, book, by Joseph Jacobs (Philadelphia) The Jewish
Publication Society of America, 1919:               Berlin, July 1945. ―Most of the people
involved did not experience the end of the Jewish war on Germany, as a moment of joy: Six months
after WW11, lieutenant colonel Judah Nadich, a Jew, blew the whistle on ―Gen. George Smith
Patton Jr, U.S. Army officer (1885-1945). What Nadich found outside of Munich seemed simply
incomprehensible. ―The conquered Germans, ‖Nadich wrote, ―had complete freedom. ‖Returning
German civilian refugees were being moved into the best open apartment blocks and other
undamaged buildings. But thousands of Jewish survivors of the Nazi alleged death camps remained
behind barbed wire—virtual prisoners, forbidden to leave the ―displaced persons‖ camp where
they were now held, guarded by armed troops under Patton‘s command: American named Varian
Fry saved some two thousand refugees, nearly all of them artists and intellectuals and many of
them Jews, out of the city and away from the clutches of the Gestapo and their Vichy French
collaborators. The list of people Fry saved from certain death includes: - Marc Chagall; Max Ernst;
Jacques Lipchitz; Andre Breton; Andre Masson; Hans Namuth; Hannah Arendt; Wanda
Landowska; Max Ophuls; Otto Meyerhof; Marcel Duchamp; Franz Werfel; Lion Feuchtwanger;
Jacques Hadamard; Walter Mehring: U.S. Naval disaster WW11. In December 1944, Adm.
William ―Bull‖ Halsey commanded a mammoth fleet that had just whipped the Japanese at Leyte
Gulf and was supporting General MacArthur‘s invasion bid to ―return‖ to the Philippines.
Overriding his weather forecasters‘ concerns, Halsey ordered his Third Fleet into what rapidly
morphed into a deadly typhoon packing 160-mph winds and 90-foot-high seas. The storm did more
damage than most engagements with the Japanese. 3 U.S. ships sank, 28 were damaged, 146
aircraft were destroyed, and despite the most exhaustive search in navy history, only 92 men
(among them future president Gerald Ford were rescued while 756 were never recovered. A court
of inquiry squarely blamed Halsey, a much-feted hero, for the debacle, which quickly grew
infamous. But Halsey was never court-martialled; his superiors claimed they wanted to avoid
giving the Japanese a propaganda victory: Danish Society for Free Historical Review,
www.holocaust.nu: www.AustraliaFreePress.org: NSDAP/AO, www.nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com:
HRP, www.ety.com/HRP: www.sbs.com.au: www.auspost.com.au/stamps: www.cua.com.au:
www.speedingfinesaustralia.com.au:                                             Kamerad, German
Comrade; used by German soldiers to indicate readiness to surrender: Germany 1949, the
Soviet Jewish Socialist Government of East Berlin; tried to force West Berlin to conform to
Communism by a system of ―blockades‖ on West Berlin, but failed: Reich (rikh) n. the former
German State, esp. the Third Reich. ‗First Reich, ‗the Holy Roman Empire, 962-1806. Second
Reich, the ―German Empire 1871-1918. Third Reich, the ―Nazi regime, 1933-45. Only Third Reich
is normal historical terminology. (G,= empire): The Fourth Reich, will see to ―IT‖ that
ordinary goyim do not get exploited under their new economic system as they do today under the
―Jewish Usury System‖, e.g., the exploitation of ratepayers, liable to pay rates to these ―Municipal
Councils‖, e.g., Local Council. They do not have legal power to impose rates at all, e.g., no power to
charge a fee on ratepayers. It‘s illegal under the Statute Law of our Australian Constitution. A
referendum must be held for local governments too impose a tax on ratepayers. A majority of
voters in each state of Australia can only give governments this power. Under the statute law,
everyone must be treated equally under the law. ―fee-simple, ―Law, an estate of inheritance free
from conditions. ―Law. An estate of inheritance, either in ―fee-simple, in which the heir has
unqualified ownership and power of disposition, or in fee-tail, in which inheritance is limited to a
man and his heirs or to certain classes of heirs. ―Allodial, Law Pertaining to the absolute ownership
of land, free from rent or service; opposed to feudal. Also spelled allodial. ―Allodium, Law (1) The
interest or estate in lands held in absolute ownership, estate in fee simple. (2) Land so held. Also

spelled alodium. (<Med. L allodium, alodium <OHG alod, allod entire property <all, all + of
property). Rates and Charges overdue. You are reminded that interest is accruing on all accounts
with previous arrears not paid at the rate of 11% per annum compounding daily. I‘m sure if a
―Citizen‘s Initiated Referendum‖ were held tomorrow by the voting public too rescind all our
councils throughout Australia. A majority of over 51% percent would vote in favour to rid these
unfair parasites from our mist. The situation as it now stands for those ratepayers: - the ones who
can least afford to pay their alleged rates are slugged 11% interest compounded daily; and those
who have the cash, the means to pay their council rates are given incentives byway of a rate
discount? This is so wrong. They take care of the rich, and penalize the poor for not paying their
extortion bill on time, and than threatened with legal action if they do not comply. What would they
like goys to do; go out and rob a bank, or would you like the goys to wipeout you low-life bastards.
You all need to be lynched from the nearest tree, and then maybe you Yids will take notice. ―We
don‘t need you councillors. If you want a revolution on your hands, than that‘s what you‘ll get, you
usury network scumbags. No moratorium on arrears, only 11% compound interest daily on the
balance owing. Local rates were imposed during WW11 to help the war effort, and after the war
ended; this levy was to be removed; but then our government renege on their word to remove this
rate tax. Ever since ratepayers have been illegally charge this land tax. We must put a stop to it
now. Our government never had the power under the Statute Act too impose these outrageous fees
and charges on ratepayers; to do so is a breach of the Constitution of Australia. Our State and
Local Governments are therefore breaking the law. Ratepayers now demand a full refund: You
know, it‘s a shame Adolf Hitler never won the war, too finish off the Jews once and for all-time:
Reichstag (rikhstaag) n. hist. (1) the main legislature of the German State under the Second and
Third Reich‘s. (2) The building in which this met (G): Question for 2004, ‗Why is George
Walker Bush terrorizing those poor Moslems in the Middle East, who can only throw small rocks at
their Nazi enemy, the U.S. League of Nations? Swastika, and dawn breaks as a prostrate pilgrim
approaches Tashilhunpo, a monastery near Xigaze. Founded in the 15th century by the first Dalai
Lama, Tashilhunpo some 200 years later because the seat of the Panchen Lama, Tibet‘s second-
ranking authority. Outside the monastery gates, a holy man prays with rosary and prayer wheel,
and inside, inlaid chunks of turquoise from a swastika on a temple floor. An ancient symbol in
many cultures, to Tibetan Buddhists the swastika signifies truth and eternity:
www.abc.net.au/mediawatch: Hitler should have gassed the Jews; instead he let them all go!
www.coastwatch.com.au: K.G.B. In the U.S.S.R. the Commission of State Security created in 1954
to perform functions formerly fulfilled by the Ministry of the Interior (M.V.D), which after Joseph
Stalin‘s death, March 1953, had been incorporated into the Ministry of State Security. <Russian:
The former Russian Secret Service was called, Ochrana: Kremlin, 1 The citadel of Moscow,
enclosing the former palace of the Czar. 2 The government of the U.S.S.R:
http://www.ige.apc.org/millennium/inds: www.krupper.com: www.ww2px.com:
RAF promises to bomb Berlin to nothing, November 25th 1943. Berlin will be bombed
―until the heart of Nazi Germany ceases to beat‖ declared this mass murderer, Sir Arthur Harris,
chief of RAF Bomber Command, today, following three night raids which have reduced much of
the capital to burning rubble, incinerating its inhabitants, babies and all. Even senior German
officials admit that up to 10,000 people may now have been killed by RAF raids over the last 11
months, during which 12,000 tons of bombs were dropped: Renewed attacks on Berlin began a
week ago, when 1,000 bombers pounded factories with more than 2,500 tons of high explosives.
Since then Berlin, the biggest Reich city and a major manufacturing centre, has been in ruins. The
German propaganda machine is threatening retaliation with a secret weapon: 20th January 1944,
RAF Bomber Command‘s onslaught against a defenceless Berlin, which began last November,
continued last night with the biggest-ever bomb load dropped on the Nazi capital. In just over half
an hour 600 Lancaster‘s and Halifax‘s released more than 2,300 tons of bombs, starting at least 30

big fires, and it was wonderful to kill so many innocent people, in a war which the Yid (Synthesis)
Churchill planned back in 1926 and 1930. Swedish correspondent reports from the city that the
sirens sounded at 7 pm. and within minutes the first bombs were falling on the city. Some of the
RAF‘s big four-engine planes dived through a 3,000-ft thick blanket of cloud to unload their bombs
from 200-feet. Upwards of 17,000 tons of bombs have now fallen on Berlin in just two months: The
Jewish Holy War on the Germans, was a war crime, a ―holocaust‖ never before
perpetrated by a small group of Noble Yids, aristocrat‘s ruling the world from Jalta, e.g., Yalta for
over 300 years, and having goys do their dirty work for them. The slope-head Chaim Weizmaim on
September 5th 1939, declared war on Germany: Hungarian Jews face new threat, March 23,
1944; The German coup overthrowing the Hungarian Government has brought fear to the Jewish
population. Until now Hungary‘s 800,000 Jews have lived in comparative safety. Some 50,000 of
them are forced to do backbreaking work in labour camps, but they have not suffered the
brutalities inflicted on the Jewish populations of the other European countries under Nazi
domination. So far they have escaped the shadow of the concentration camps, but reports from
Hungary today say that one of the first of the new Nazi masters to arrive in Budapest is the
notorious Adolf Eichmann, the man responsible for sending Europe‘s Jews to the Auschwitz
concentration camp: 5th April 1944, Hungary; the Germans begin deporting Jews? 1st May 1944,
Moscow; Stalin tells Bulgaria, Rumania and Hungary too declare war on Germany; look! ‗One
minute the Germans are in Hungary, and the next minute, the Jew Stalin tells Hungary too declare
war on Germany? Ustasi (oo-sta‘she), also called ‗U-sta‘chi, A Croat fascist party in World War
11 supported by the German and Italian governments: Allies carve up post-war world at
Yalta, February 12, 1945, the Big Three, warmongers, Churchill, the Jew Roosevelt and Stalin,
tonight announced decisions of far-reaching importance to the future of the world. They have
agreed on how Germany will be finally smashed, divided and punished. They have planned the
invasion of mainland Japan. And they have carved out their own post-war zones of influence across
the globe. All this was done at Yalta in the Crimea, where the leaders have conferred secretly for
the past eight days. Their communiqué about imposing unconditional surrender on Germany stated
that Britain, America, France and Russia would occupy separate zones when the fighting is over. A
Central Control Commission will have its HQ in Berlin. Following recent Soviet military successes,
Marshal Stalin, the Jewish leader arrived at Yalta in a strong bargaining position. This is reflected
in decisions about proposed frontier changes in Russia‘s favour at Poland‘s expense, and in tacit
Anglo-US acceptance of Soviet supremacy over Eastern Europe. The British are uneasy that
President Roosevelt is giving more attention to victory over Japan than to the settlement of Europe:
www.efr.org: www.apocalypse2012.com.au: Pan-Germanism, German nationalist doctrine
aiming at the union of all German-speaking peoples under German rule. Pan-Germanists
considered that not only the German groups in neighbouring countries, such as Austria,
Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland, and Alsace, but even distant German-speaking groups such
as Volga Germans, Baltic Germans, Transylvanian Germans, and German-Americans were linked
by a blood tie to their fatherland. The doctrine originated in the late 19th century, as an instrument
of German imperialistic expansion, and it became particularly vocal after the First World War had
deprived Germany of some border territories and its colonies. National Socialism appropriated
Pan-Germanism; the annexation of Austria and of German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia in
1938 and the German demands for Danzig and the Polish Corridor in 1939 helped to precipitate the
Second World War, which almost made the Pan-German program a reality: The Hague, the
defacto capital of the Netherlands; Dutch. Hague Conferences, the first international peace
conferences, held at The Hague in 1899 (26 states) and 1907 (44 states). The Hague Conventions,
relating to the conduct of war and to the arbitration of international disputes, were adopted by the
conferences, and the Hague Tribunal was created by the first. See Permanent Court of Arbitration,
is a Permanent Court of a tribunal established at The Hague in 1899 for the arbitration of disputes

between nations, submission being voluntary: The word ―Commonwealth‖ really means,
―Common- (wealth), e.g., made up of the common wealth of the Common people? Common, n.
Land belonging to a community, esp. unenclosed waste land; (right of)-, a man‘s right over
another‘s land, as-of pasturage; out of the-, unusual; in-, in joint use, shared; in-with, in the same
way as (in-with all sensible people I hold that in common? Court of Claims, a court at
Washington, D.C., having ―jurisdiction over questions relating to claims against the government:
Jew-baiting (joo‘ba‘ting) n. The act of harassing, harrying, or otherwise persecuting the Jews;
but the Jews are allowed to persecute gentile (goyim), beast, which the Jews have been guilty of
doing during the past 300 years, but because they run our court of Justice system, or Just-Us
system; they cannot be held responsible, because they have immunity under their Talmud Law, e.g.,
Mishnah and the Gemara: Anti-christ (an‘ti-krist‘) n. Any opponent or enemy of Christ,
whether a person or a power; specifically, a great enthroned antagonist, foretold in the Scriptures,
who, as some have understood, is to precede the second coming of Christ; by some considered as
evil personified. See 1 John ii 18: Anglo-Saxon (ang‘glo-sak‘sen) n. 1 A member of one of the
Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) that conquered Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries.
2 A member of the nation descended from these peoples, which dominated England until the
Norman Conquest. 3 Their West Germanic language; Old English. 4 Any one of English nationality
or descent. 5 Colloq. Simple, pithy, unadorned ―English, free of scholarly borrowings or
circumlocutions; the native element in the language being considered more forceful and direct. 6
Colloq. The short, vulgar words of the ―language, as used for their pungency. 7 Loosely, the
modern English language.-adj. Of or pertaining to the Anglo-Saxons, their language, customs, or
descendants. –An‘glo-Sax‘on-ism n: Anglo-French, (ang‘glo-french‘) adj. 1 ―Pertaining to the
English and French jointly or to their countries. 2 Relating to Anglo-French.-n. The Norman dialect
of Old French current in England from the Norman Conquest to the end of the 13th century; also
called Anglo-Norman, Norman French: Axis (ak‘sis) n. A coalition which developed from the
Rome-Berlin Axis of 1936 and ultimately included Germany, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Bulgaria,
Hungary, and others; opposed to the Allied and associated powers in World War 11; also Axis
Powers: German Ocean, A former name for the North Sea: German East Africa, A
former German protectorate occupying Tanganyika from 1885 to 1916: Urundi (U-run-di), A
former district of German East Africa; since 1923, the southern county of Ruanda-Urundi; 10,658
square miles: Germany (jur‘ma-ne) A country of central Europe, known as the German Empire
1871 to 1918, divided in 1949 into; a The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany); 84,634
square miles; capital, Bonn; b The German Democratic Republic (East Germany); 41,700 square
miles; capital, Berlin; German Deutschland, French Allemagne: Jew (joo) n. 1 A member or
descendant of the Hebrew people. 2 Any person professing Judaism. 3 ―Originally, a member of the
tribe or the kingdom of Judah? 4 Obs. A moneylender.-Wandering Jew, The shoemaker
Ahasuerus, fabled to be condemned to wander perpetually for driving Christ from his door; hence,
a restless wanderer.-adj. Jewish; relating to Jews. (<OF gui, jueu <L Judaeus <GK. Ioudaios
<Hebrew y‘hudi descendant of Judah): Latin=enlightened), rationalistic Society founded in
Germany soon after 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. It has close affinities with the Freemasons and
seemingly was organized on a Masonic Plan: Enigma (I-nig‘ma) n. 1 An obscure or ambiguous
saying; a riddle. 2 Anything that puzzles or baffles. See synonyms under Riddle. (<L aenigma <Gk.
Ainigma <ainissesthai speak in riddles <ainos tale). The German ―enigma machine. ‗The enigma
machine was an advanced electro-mechanical cipher machine developed in Germany after World
War One. The enigma machine was used by all branches of the German Military as their main
device for secure wireless communications until the end of World War 2. Several models of the
enigma machine were developed before and during world war two, each more complex and harder

to code-break than its predecessors. The German navy used the most complex enigma model. In
addition to the complexity of the enigma machine itself, its operating procedures became
increasingly complex, as the German military wanted to make enigma communications harder to
code- break. The enigma traitor was the inventor‘s own son, who gave the plans to the British,
because the Nazis refused to allow him to join the army? The enigma spy was the first step, which
started the effort to code-break the German enigma machine; this was the result of treason on the
German side. Hans Schmidt, a clerk in the German Government codes department who got his job
thanks to his brother, which was a senior military commander, lived a complicated personal life,
which led him to contact the French intelligence in 1931 and offer to sell them top-secret documents
for money. Schmidt gave the French intelligence not just the enigma machine‘s operating manual,
but also the setting lists. The French and British code-breakers at those early pre-war years, which
received this intelligence treasure, could not decipher the enigma even with it, so they shared it with
the polish code-breaker. The polish code-breakers realized that even with the available
documentation of the German enigma machine, the only way to ever decipher the enigma messages
was to build an enigma-like machine, which would help them decipher it, and unlike the British and
French code-breakers, they did so in 1932. The enigma machine was patented in 1919,
http://www.2worldwar2.com/enigma.htm: www.resistance.org.au: Municipal Council Rates,
In Australia we are made to pay Council Rates to a corporate governance, under a ―Freemason
Mayor, with privileges conferred by a royal charter. A municipal corporation that can (levy), e.g.,
impose all kinds of illegal unfair fees and charges on its subjects without due regard for its
constituents; and therefore home-owners living near the beach are paying up to $9,000 a year in
Jewish-Freemason Council Rates. ―Fee Simple‖ means absolute ownership, free from rent and
service. One does not have to pay the Council anything at all. The government asked landowners
for a small tax for the war effort, after which time the government would withdraw this tax. Our
government reneges, e.g., go back on one‘s word; change one‘s mind too scrap the tax after the war
ended. What are we all fools to allow this rip-off to go on? Ratepayers should all band together and
refuse to pay this illegal extortion. The ―Mayor on $80,000 plus, the CEO on $300,000 plus; they
have become a corporation (goys, don‘t turn up to vote). What are they going to do, gaol us, or ‗fine
us goys for refusing too vote for these spivs? Now we have to obtain a licence for just about
everything. It‘s an ―abuse of power‖. Technically you do not even own your property when you
hold the deeds to it; and with over one million bye-laws, fines, penalties, and the dispossession of
your property if you do not comply. Your private confidential information is freely sold to Real
Estate Agents on CD-Rom, because they are part of a crime gang called ―CFR‖, Council on Foreign
Relations; and therefore when its time to sell your property for real market value, they make sure
you get nothing from the deal, because they profit from your assets. Their middleman buys your
house, than resold for its real value to another goy or should I say, another bank sucker out there.
The CFR Real Estate agent then deposits ―IT‖ in their secret slush-fund, where other Yids draw
from at low interest rates; other Yids get this money for nothing. Its money they stole from your
assets. Your Estate Agent knows what you originally paid, thanks to their insiders. How can you
receive a fair price, when every businessman knows your business? It‘s unconscionable (unethical),
behaviour on the agent‘s part to do so! The people don‘t need these Councillor‘s to run our lives
anymore. We can sack them all by a majority vote of its constituents. By presenting to Council a
signed petition, e.g., a formal written request to sack them by the majority of voters who pay them
too screw us. We can run the Council ourselves, and save millions of dollars in the process. We need
in this country, a political change etc. We‘ve had ―IT‖ up to our ears with these greedy little pricks
that give themselves huge illegal pay hikes at our expense. They have hijacked us all, by placing the
rateable into financial ruination of many thousands of its constituents into the abyss. We
ratepayer‘s should not be liable for this wrong ‗No-one. Except our councillors who have
committed perjury, by breaching their oath of office to us ratepayers? Give us Adolf Hitler and the
Nazi system above this corrupt Jewish usury network corrupt system we have to live under by

duress. In Germany homeowners do not pay Council Rates at all; they pay absolutely nothing. A
―U-turn or Jew-turn is definitely not the answer. Australian ratepayer‘s demand an end to
Usury e.g., an insistent and peremptory request, ‘that no-man should have to pay ―exorbitant
rateable charges on ones property‖, and therefore all existing bye-laws must be repealed, and
replaced with an ―absolute ceiling (capped) on all council rate accounts of not more than $600 per
annum, and too revoke; (repeal), rescind their corporation powers act within municipal council‘s
throughout Australia forthwith, e.g., without delay, because ratepayer‘s never ascribed to anything
like these rateable hikes, (all councillor‘s, including the Freemason Mayor, will be sacked by it‘s
constituents if council members do not comply with this order:- too reduce these usury fees and
charges upon our person without been threatened with eviction by this illegal Jew process which
charges compound interest on a ―debt of honour‖, e.g., a debt not legally recoverable, which applies
to all rates in arrears outstanding or an uncompleted debt unpaid etc. Still a more sinister
(criminal) plot has emerged; yet the system‘ not only charge you interest. ―IT‖ has the gall to, e.g.,
(humiliate) and employ a debt-collecting agency to harass you forevermore; if the debt is not paid
by the ―Jew or (due by date), with these pathetic lowlife bastards who reap all the benefits which
goys sow! Their corrupt reign is soon coming to an end for these spivs. A political bloc by our
agent‘s in parliament will be sought; together with a petition too force councillors out of our
buildings without remuneration etc; or would they prefer to be dragged out (evicted) from our
building ‗head first? They don‘t even have a contingency fund or (sinking fund), set aside to repay
future council debt. All they do is ‗spend-$-spend-$-spend? A Corporation is a ―dead-body‖ that
speaks for the Jews. A Corporation works on a dishonour system that imposes compound interest
on interest; placed onto the gullible goys within our society, who are unable to pay these alleged
liabilities that is owed without penalties been imposed upon their victims. A Corporation is a ―dead-
body‖ of infested parasites? ‗Look, ratepayer‘s have had enough of been the milking cow. Have you
noticed that most council‘s use Westpac Bank when doing business transactions with infidel
deadheads, ‗Why? Their Reichstag buildings will be burnt down, if they do not comply? We
humbly pray for the mutants to come and save mankind: Corporation (1) a group of people
authorized to act as an individual and recognized in law as a single entity, esp. in business. (2) The
municipal authorities of a borough, town, or city. (3) joc. a protruding stomach. (LL corporatio (as
Corporate): Municipal ownership. Ownership by a ―municipality; said especially of public
services, as electricity, waterworks, etc. A municipality; an incorporated borough, town, or city; an
administrative area somewhat like a county: Usury ―u-su-ry‖ (yoo‘zhar-e) n. pl. –ries (1) the act
or practice of exacting a rate of interest beyond what is allowed by law. (2) Obs. The lending of
money at interest; interest in general. (3) Law, A premium paid for the use of money beyond the
rate of interest established by law. (<OF usure <L usura <usus, pp. of uti use): www.imptv.com.au:
Justice of the Peace ‗An inferior magistrate elected or appointed to prevent breaches of the
peace within a county or township, to punish violators of the law, and to discharge various other
local magisterial duties: www.hoax-slayer.com:                    Westpac Bank is a ‗Usurer‘
(1) One who practices usury; one who lends money, especially at an exorbitant or illegal rate. (2)
Obs. ‗One who lends money on interest; any moneylender. (<OF usurier <Med. L usurarius <L
usura use, usury: Mob law to Lynch these ‗Usury pathetic ‗Bank credit bastards: OzSpy.
www.ozspy.com.au: 100% Home Loan, ―Resi‖: Call 136 126 or www.resi.com.au:
www.cinema.com: www.wise.owl.com: www.HistoryNetShop.com: www.vetcom.com:
www.TechNews.com: www.royal.gov.uk:
The German‘s ‗Lawsuit against Israel and the Zionist‘s, e.g., ―Lawsuit‖ damages
action claim over hardship caused by allied bombing of Germany during World War Two, is now
pending, ‗The Zionist now must pay the German‘s US$500- billion dollars in legal tender bills, and
or in ―pure gold‖ bullion for war damages, plus the reparation cost of the ―German Holocaust
victims‖ of WW11, the deliberate blanket bombing of Germany by the Jewish Allied forces.

Therefore, the Jews (Zionist‘s), instigated the whole Second World War against the German
peoples, and also financed that war through their Jewish Banking Houses for profit. The German
community and its government, hereby demands that the Jewish community and its Zionist
government, pay the some of US$500-billion dollars in war compensation immediately for the
Germans losses between 1939 to 1945 retrospectively back-dated for the suffering (pain, loss, grief),
and their humiliation and or otherwise associated wrong put onto Germany etc. A ―Lawsuit Action
claim is hereby pending: The former Israelites were all wiped out in about the 5th century A.D. By
the ‗Arminians, ‗which the ‗Arminians than joined up with another warlike tribes called ‗Khazars;
whey were originally a Mongol (black and white) warlike tribe of small ‗Huns from Asia Minor.
They attacked the Germanic ‗Teutonic race of Europe. Therefore the Jews today are not
descendants of Judah? The Germans were a tall white Aryan noble race of peoples. Not these
midget warlike Khazars from Asia Minor. Therefore the Germans could not have been Huns, as the
Jews describe the ancient German tribes? The Teutonic Knights or ‗Teutonic Order, German
military religious order founded (1190-91), and in the thirteenth century turned their attention
from the heathen Moslems of Palestine to the heathen Slavs in East Prussia; but were forced to
recognize the feudal sovereignty of the king of Poland. Therefore the Jews today since the foretimes
(early days), and up till May 14th (1948), have no legal claim to any land in the Middle East? ‗I
mean, these Jews have the gall to call the Germans, ‗Huns‘ when they themselves are the Huns
ancestors! The Aryans, e.g., ―German‖ originated from Mesopotamia area; Asia, e.g., Iran and
Iraq region, they were a fair, light white, God people, known as the Master Race from Sumeran-
Aldebaran, who came to Earth from the planet ―Mallona‖ around 500 million years ago. The
Church does not want the goyim to know the truth of mankind, for obvious reasons. ―Jesus Christ,
He was known to be white, and fairer than the children of man, His eyes were light grey; had long
auburn red hair, somewhat darker at the top. ―Jesus Christ‖ or ―Yeshua ben Joseph‖, born in the
fifteenth year 1 BCE, and died in the fifteenth year 1 AD. Jesus called His father ABBA, e.g.,
DADDY. Today‘s Jews were the Nuns, e.g., one of a barbarous nomadic Asian people called
Khazars, which invaded Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries. See‘ ATTILA, 406? -453, king of
the Huns; called ―the scourge of God: Palestine divided. The British partition of Palestine into
‗Jewish and ‗Arab states, with a British enclave from Jaffa to Jerusalem. Faced by the need to
provide an immediate refuge, the Jews reluctantly accepted partition; the Arabs rejected it
outright. Turbulence continued while the government looked for an alternative solution. The
solution, it turned out, was adverse to the Jews. In February 1939, Jews and Arabs were summoned
to a conference at St James‘s Palace in London. Concerned about its position in the Middle East,
the government invited not only representatives from the two rival communities but also
delegations from the Arab states. The conference failed. The Arabs refused to even meet with the
Jews. By this time, with war on the horizon, the British government had decided, since Zionism
disrupted relations with the Arab world, containing not only the resource of oil supply to the west,
but also sitting astride the imperial communications line, to abandon the policy of supporting
Zionist aspirations. Great Britain had no wish to jeopardize her relations with the Arabs and
Jewish support in an Anglo-German war could be taken for granted. On the 17th May 1939, the
government published the White Paper. There would be only limited land purchase and
immigration and after ten years Palestine would become an independent state with a Jewish
minority. The Balfour Declaration was repudiated. The new policy came under heavy attack in
Parliament where Winston Churchill called it a ‗plain breach of a solemn obligation‘. There were
angry speeches, demonstrations, and riots in Palestine, but basically the Jews were unable to
retaliate with force. When war with Germany did come in September 1939, David Ben Gurion, now
the leader of the dominant Labor Party, Mapai, declared that the Yishuv would fight the war as if
there was no White Paper and the White Paper as if there was no war. Brave words, but in practice
this stand, endorsed by all major parties, meant that the Jewish community in Palestine ranged
itself behind the British war effort. The Arabs, having achieved political victory, halted their

rebellion, though their extremists remained unsatisfied. For the most part the Arabs remained
neutral during the Second World War, showing a leaning towards the Axis when things appeared
dark for the British Empire. Some persisted in ‗open hostility. The Mufti, having earlier fled to
Lebanon, spent the war years in Berlin, recruiting Moslems for Hitler‘s forces and encouraging the
Germans in their programme for extermination of the Jews. Although slow to realize that relations
with the British were permanently changed, Zionism between 1939 and 1945 made major
transformation of goals and methods. Before the war political sovereignty had not been a primary
concern. Zionist leaders, including the ultra-nationalist chief of the revisionist movement, Zeev
Jabotinsky, regarded England as the most civilized nation and gladly would have settled for a
Hebrew commonwealth within the empire. But when, even as the dimensions of the Jewish
catastrophe in Europe becomes clear, the local authorities in Palestine and the Colonial Office in
London proved utterly without compassion for the agony of the Jews, when shiploads of ‗illegal‘
refugees were sent back to certain death, and when offers to form a Jewish division to fight the
common enemy, e.g., goyim (gentiles), the Jews were repeatedly rejected, admiration turned to
bitterness. And with the systematic carnage of European Jewry before its eyes, Zionists and non-
Zionist Jews alike adopted the creation of an independent Jewish state that would guarantee
immigration and provide future security as their political goal. In the spring of 1947 a United
Nations Special Commission for Palestine (UNSCOP) was established. It found that the claims of
the opposing communities, some 600,000 Jews and 1,200,000 Arabs, were irreconcilable. 2004,
Israeli has a policy too murder all the ―Hamas‖ leaders using their guided missiles! This war crime
and slaughter‘ of thousands of defenceless Palestinian women and little children in the so-called
safe refugee camps in the Gaza strip and West Bank. Who are supposed to be under a protected
shield, promised by Israel in 1948? Israel at times would use bulldozers too demolish Palestinian
dwellings with occupants still living inside them! These extrajudicial killings are violations of
international law. The word ―extrajudicial‖ means, ‗happening out of court; out of the jurisdiction
of the proper court, e.g., extrajudicially! Talk about ‗Herr Hitler, and the alleged slaughter of six
million Jews, which now turns out to be mostly a Jewish fabrication, because the ‗holocaust‘ was
financed by the Jewish merchant Banker (Rothschild), the name derived from an ancestor‘s house-
sign, a red shield (Rot Schild), and the war planned by the Zionist, with their Holy War against
those innocent German women and children in Cities, Towns, and Villages? The founder of the
Rothschild dynasty was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Jewish merchant in Frankfurt; Mayer
prospered in the latter part of the eighteenth century and sent his five sons abroad as merchants
and bankers. Nathan Meyer (1777-1836) established himself in the City in time to catch the tide of
London‘s fortune! ‗Ariel‘ is a masculine personal name; in Hebrew means, the Lion of God. The
blanket bombing of Germany by this warmonger Churchill, that all came about when a lone
German bomber had strayed into the wrong aerial target over Britain, and unable to find the oil
refinery target, consequently dropped his load of bombs onto a residential target by mistake! Great
Britain, believe it or not, had planned the Second World War in Westminster 1926-1930, under
King George V: July 2004, America is coming to Australia to setup a major joint U.S. Australian
military base at Shoalwater Bay, Training area, Brown Route; at Livingstone, near Rockhampton
in Queensland. It‘s a training area of some, 145,000 Hectares. That‘s all Australia needs now,
terrorist on our doorstep. We Australians do not need this cultural interchange and the American
war machine operating here, unless it is absolutely and equitably necessary for ―IT, ―Keep Out‖
Yankees:         The Holy Roman Catholic Church is Universal, and ‗rules over the Latin Church,
Anglican Church, Orthodox Church, Protestant Church, Lutheran Church, the Roman Church
accepting jurisdiction of Pope as Supreme Head of all Churches, except the Hebrew & Mormon
Jewish Church, Jehovah Witness Jewish Church, their magazine was once called Zion. The Seven
Day Adventist Church? The Emperor Jimmu‘s ascension to the ‗Throne at 660 B.C., and the
Japanese, Sun Goddess. ‗On the animism, the local spirit worship of the native, Jimmu built the
basis for later Shintoism. He added the Continental worship of ancestral ghosts, and most
particularly of the ghosts of his own ancestors who had been born, he said, by the sun goddess. He

showed the shell-fishers a bronze mirror, a bright sword, and a string of semiprecious stones,
rubbed smooth in the foetus shape of cashew nuts, and warned them that these were the talismans
of his divinity, bestowed on him in person by the sun goddess. Jimmu by telling his soldiers that his
mission was ―to encompass the eight corners of the earth under one roof‖. His phrase, ―eight
corners, one canopy‖, would become a slogan nineteen hundred years later for Hirohito‘s
propagandists. Decade by decade ―Emperor Jimmu and his descendants led out his adopted people
to conquer adjoining villages and kingdoms and drive back the Ainu. Like the fertility cultists of
the sun goddess in Kyushu, Jimmu and his retainers were careful not to mix their blood with that of
the aborigines. They sought instead to replace the aborigines by having enormous families of their
own. For five generations they imported women of their own race, whom they called Sacred Ones,
from the home fief in Korea. Each prince and vassal, according to his wealth and power, had as
many wives as he could afford. The old records tell of families with a hundred children. Such
proliferation soon converted Jimmu‘s few boatloads of retainers into a population of thousands.
After five generations, Jimmu‘s Court progeny began to marry their own cousins, the Great
Children. The inbreeding was great, but the original stock had been healthy. ‗A large percentage,
probably a majority of modern Japanese are descended from it! True Story regarding the
Balfour Declaration of the 2nd November 1917, and of the Palestine & Zionist‘s in World War 1,
and World War 11, by a Jewish businessman, Benjamin H. Freedman; this Jewish Defector Warns
America. Introductory Note, Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing
individuals of the 20th century, Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman
of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He
broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder
of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least $2. 5 million dollars,
exposing the Jewish tyranny ‗which has enveloped the United States. Mr. Freedman knew what he
was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and
Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with
Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermeyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and
John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times. This speech was given before a
patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde
McGinley‘s patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this
wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman‘s essential message to
us; his warning to the West; is more urgent than over before- K.A.S. Here in the United States, the
Zionist‘s and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons, too
many and too complex to go into here at this time, the Zionists and their co-religionists rule these
United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country. Now you may say that is a
very broad statement, but let me show you what happened while we were all asleep. What
happened? World War 1 broke out in the summer of 1914. There are few people here my age ‗who
remember that. Now that war was waged on one side by ‗Great Britain, ‗France, ‗Russia; and on
the other side by ‗Germany, ‗Austria-Hungary, and ‗Turkey. Within two years Germany had won
that war; not only won it nominally, but won it actually. The German submarines, which were a
surprise to the world, had swept all the convoys from the Atlantic Ocean. Great Britain stood there
without ammunition for her soldiers, with one week‘s food supply; and after that, starvation. At
that time, the French army had mutinied. They had lost 600,000 of the flower of French youth in
the defence of Verdun on the Somme. The Russian army was defecting, they were picking up their
toys and going home, they didn‘t want to play war anymore, they didn‘t like the Czar. And the
Italian army had collapsed. Not a shot had been fired on German soil. Not one enemy soldier had
crossed the border into Germany. And yet, Germany was offering England peace terms. They
offered England a negotiated peace on what the lawyers call a status quo ante basis. That means;
―Let‘s call the war off, and let everything be as it was before the war started. ―England, in the
summer of 1916 was considering that seriously. They had no choice. It was either accepting this

negotiated peace that Germany was magnanimously offering them, or going on with the war and
being totally defeated. While that was going on, the Zionist‘s in Germany, who represented the
Zionist‘s from Eastern Europe, went to the British War Cabinet and ‗I am going to be brief
because it‘s a long story, but I have all the documents to prove any statement that I make; the
Zionist said; ―Look here. You can yet win this war. You don‘t have to give up. You don‘t have to
accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany. You can win this war if the United
States will come in as your ally. ―The United States was not in the war at that time. We were fresh;
we were young; we were rich; we were powerful. They told England; ―We will guarantee to bring
the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise ‗Us
Palestine after you win the war. ―In other words, they made this deal; ―We will get the United
States into this war, e.g., the First World War, as your ally. The price you must pay is ―Palestine,
after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. ―Now England
had as much right to promise Palestine to anybody, as the United States would have to promise
Japan to Ireland for any reason whatsoever. It‘s absolutely absurd that Great Britain, that never
had any connection or any interest or any right in what is known, as Palestine should offer it as coin
of the realm to pay the Zionists for bringing the United States into the war. However, they did
make that promise, in October of 1916. And shortly after that; I don‘t know how many here who
remember it; the United States, which was almost totally pro-German, entered the war as Britain‘s
ally. ‗I say that the United States was almost totally pro-German because the newspapers here in
the U.S. were controlled by Jews, the bankers were Jews, all the media of mass communications in
this country were controlled by Jews; and they, the Jews, were pro-German. They were pro-
German because many of them had come from Germany, and also they wanted to see Germany lick
the Czar. The Jews didn‘t like the Czar, and they didn‘t want Russia to win this war. These
German-Jew bankers like Kuhn Loeb and other big banking firms in the United States refused to
finance France or England to the extent of one dollar. They stood aside and they said; ―As long as
France and England are tied up with Russia, not one cent! ―But they poured money into Germany;
they fought beside Germany against Russia, trying to lick the Czarism (Tsar), regime. Now those
same Jews, when they saw the possibility of getting Palestine, went to England and they made this
deal. At that time, everything changed, like a traffic light that change from red to green. Where the
newspapers had been all pro-German, where they‘d been telling the people of the difficulties that
Germany was having fighting Great Britain commercially and in other respects, all of a sudden the
Germans were no good. They were villains. They were Huns. They were shooting Red Cross nurses.
They were cutting off babies ‗hands! They were no good. Shortly after that, Mr. Wilson declared
war on Germany. (John Winston Howard used the same tactic when he said that Saddam Hussein
was cutting off babies hands); Continued, The Zionists in London had sent cables to the United
States, to Justice Brandeis, saying; ―Go to work on President Wilson. We‘re getting from England
what we want. Now you go to work on President Wilson and get the United States into the war.
―That‘s how the United States got into the First World War. We had no more interest in it; we had
no more right to be in it than we have to be on the moon tonight instead of in this room. There was
absolutely no reason for World War 1, to be our war. We were railroaded into it; if I can be vulgar,
we were suckered into that war merely so that the Zionist‘s of the world could obtain Palestine.
That is something that the people of the United States have never been told. They never knew why
we went into World War 1. After we got into the war, the Zionist‘s went to Great Britain, and they
said; ―Well, we performed our part of the agreement. Let‘s have something in writing that shows
that you are going to keep your bargain and give ‗Us Palestine after you win the war. ―They didn‘t
know whether the war would last another year or another ten years. So they started to work out a
receipt. The receipt took the form of a letter, which was (worded in very cryptic language) so that
the world at large wouldn‘t know what it was all about. And that was called the Balfour
Declaration. The Balfour Declaration was merely Great Britain‘s promise to pay the Zionists what
they had agreed upon as a consideration for getting the United States into the war. So this great
Balfour Declaration, that you hear so much about, is just as phoney as a three-dollar bill. I don‘t

think I could make it more emphatic than that. That is where all the trouble started. The United
States got in the war. The United States crushed Germany. You know what happened. When the
war ended, and the Germans went to Paris for the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 there were 117
Jews there, as a delegation representing the Jews, headed by Bernard Baruch. I was there; I ought
to know. Now what happened? The Jews at that peace conference, when they were cutting up
Germany and parcelling out Europe to all these nations who claimed a right to a certain part of
European territory, said, ―How about Palestine for Us? ‖And they produced, for the first time to
the knowledge of the Germans, this Balfour Declaration. So the Germans, for the first time
realized, ―Oh, so that was the game! That‘s why the United States came into the war. ―The
Germans for the first time realized that they were defeated, they suffered the terrific reparations
that were slapped onto them, because the Zionists wanted Palestine and were determined to get it at
any cost. That brings us to another very interesting point. When the Germans realized this, they
naturally resented it. Up to that time, the Jews had never been better off in any country in the
world than they had been in Germany. You had Mr. Rathenau there, who was maybe 100 times as
important in industry and finance as is Bernard Baruch in this country. You had Mr. Balin, who
owned the two big steamship lines, the North German Lloyd‘s and the Hamburg-American Lines.
You had Mr. Bleichroder, who was the banker for the Hohenzollern family. You had the
Warburg‘s in Hamburg, who were the big merchant bankers; the biggest in the world. The Jews
were doing very well in Germany. No question about that. The Germans felt; ―Well, that was quite
a sell-out. ―It was a sell-out that might be compared to this hypothetical situation e.g., Treason!
Suppose the United States was at war with the Soviet Union. And we were winning. And we told the
Soviet Union, ―Well, let‘s quit. We offer you peace terms. Let‘s forget the whole thing. ―And all of a
sudden Red China came into the war as an ally of the Soviet Union. And throwing them into the
war brought about our defeat. A crushing defeat, with reparations the likes of which man‘s
imagination, cannot encompass. Imagine, then, after that defeat, if we found out that it was the
Chinese in this country, our Chinese citizens, who all the time we had thought were loyal citizens
working with us, were selling us out to the Soviet Union and that it was through them that Red
China was brought into the war against us. How would we feel, then, in the United States against
Chinese? I don‘t think that one of them would dare show his face on any street. There wouldn‘t be
enough convenient Lampposts to take care of them. Imagine how we would feel. ―Well, that‘s how
the Germans felt towards these Jews, who were ‗traitors! The Germans had been so nice to them;
from 1905 onwards, when the first Communist revolution in Russia failed, and the Jews had to
scramble out of Russia, they all went to Germany. And Germany gave them refuge. And they were
treated very nicely. And here they had sold Germany down the river for no reason at all other than
the fact that they wanted Palestine as a so-called ―Jewish commonwealth. ―Continued at ―A‖
below. No wonder Hitler wanted to kill them during WW11? Everyone thinks that the Jews were
the victims; the truth is, the Jews were the culprits, the instigators of the holocaust on the German
people, and therefore used their Machiavelli trick, by putting the blame on Hitler for the Second
World War. If there were any holocaust Jewish victims during their Holy War; then they brought
―IT‖ on themselves? Hitler did warn the Zionist, He said, if world Jewry brings on another war on
Germany; what would happen to them, because the Jews committed treason against the German
state and its peoples, by declaring a Holy War? The Germans were not all that bad, because on the
15th February 1940, Senior Wehrmacht officers protested to Berlin at the brutal behaviour of the
SS in Poland! Look Poland was left without protection, because Churchill and Stalin planned ―IT‖
that way? In March 1940, Himmler orders the construction of a concentration camp at Auschwitz
near Krakow in Poland. Remember that the Germans had poison gas, and the Nazis never used
their poison gas during WW11. On the 10, May 1940, the British begin their internment of German
and Austrian men aged 16 to 50. On the 2nd of July 1940, a few German bombers dropped their
load of bombs on an oil-fuel refinery, but missed their intended target, killing civilians instead? For
the Germans to invade Britain, it was calculated by the British that the Germans would need at

least 250 vessels to transport a force of about 100,000 men across the British Channel, the most
likely landing places Dover to Hastings sector of the coast. The Germans could only invade England
by parachuting into England, because the Germans never had the transport vessels needed for such
an invasion force. The whole thing about a pending invasion was a propaganda stunt by Churchill!
Churchill sent Lancaster bombers over Germany to blanket bomb civilian targets on German cities
and towns, and it was only then, that Herr Hitler had no other choice but to retaliate in kind three
months later, against these bombings by Winston Churchill of Britain! Adolf Hitler liked the
British people! Hitler never wanted a war with the British: (True Story), continued from ―A‖
above. Now Nahum Sokolow, and all the great leaders and great names that you read about in
connection with Zionism today, in 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, and 1923 wrote in all their papers; and
the press was filled with their statements; that the feeling against the Jews in Germany is due to the
fact that they realized that this great defeat was brought about by Jewish intercession in bringing
the United States into the war. The Jews themselves admitted that. It wasn‘t that the Germans in
1919 discovered that a glass of Jewish blood tasted better than Coca-Cola or Muenschner Beer.
There was no religious feeling. There was no sentiment against those people merely on account of
their religious belief. It was ‗all political. It was economic. It was anything but religious. Nobody
cared in Germany whether a Jew went home and pulled down the shades and said ―Shema‘
Yisroel‖ or ―Out Father. ―Nobody cared in Germany anymore than they do in the United States.
Now this feeling that developed later in Germany was due to one thing; the Germans held the Jews
responsible for their crushing defeat. ‗And World War 1 had been started against Germany for no
reason for which Germany was responsible. They were guilty of nothing. Only of been successful.
They built-up a big navy. They built up world trade. You must remember that Germany at the time
of the French Revolution consisted of 300 small city-states, principalities, dukedoms, and so forth.
Three hundred separate little political entities. And between that time, between the time of
Napoleon and Bismarck, they were consolidated into one state. And within 50 years they became
one of the world‘s great powers. Their navy was rivalling Great Britain‘s, they were doing business
all over the world, they could undersell anybody, and they could make better products. What
happened as a result of that? There was a conspiracy between England, France, and Russia to slap
down Germany. There isn‘t one historian in the world ‗who can find a valid reason why those three
countries decided to wipe Germany off the map politically. When Germany realized that the Jews
were responsible for her defeat, they naturally resented it. But not a hair on the head of any Jew
was harmed. Not a single hair. Professor Tansill, of Georgetown University, who had access to all
the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in his book, and quoted from a State Department
document written by Hugo Schoenfelt, a Jew whom Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to
investigate the so-called camps of political prisoners, who wrote back that he found them in very
fine condition. They were in excellent shape, with everybody treated well. And they were filled with
Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews happened to comprise about 98
percent (98%), of the Communists in Europe at that time. And there were some priests there, and
ministers, and labour leaders, and Masons, and other who had international affiliations. Some
background is in order. In 1918-1919 the Communists took over Bavaria for a few days. Rosa
Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht and a group of other Jews took over the government for three
days. In fact, when the Kaiser ended the war he fled to Holland because he thought the Communists
were going to takeover Germany as they did Russia and that he was going to meet the same fate as
the Czar. So he fled to Holland for safety, for security. After the Communist threat in Germany
was quashed, the Jews were still working, trying to get back into their former status, and the
Germans fought them in every way they could without hurting a single hair on anyone‘s head. They
fought them the same way that, in this country, the Prohibitionists fought anyone who was
interested in liquor. They didn‘t fight one another with pistols. Well, that‘s the way they were
fighting the Jews in Germany. And at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans,
and there were only 460,000 Jews. About one half of one percent of the population of Germany

were ‗Jews. And yet they controlled all the press, and they controlled most of the economy because
they had come in with cheap money when the mark was devalued and bought up practically
everything. The Jews tried to keep a lid on this fact. They didn‘t want the world to really
understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that. The Germans
took appropriate action against the Jews. They, shall I say, discriminated against them wherever
they could. They shunned them. The same way that we would shun the Chinese, or the Negroes, or
the Catholics, or anyone in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought about our
defeat. After a while, the Jews of the world called a meeting in Amsterdam. Jews from every
country in the world attended this meeting in July 1933. And they said to Germany; ―You fire
Hitler, and you put every Jew back into his former position, whether he was a Communist or no
matter what he was. You can‘t treat ―Us‖ that way. And we, the Jews of the world, are serving an
ultimatum upon you. ―You can imagine what the Germans told them. So what did the Jews do? In
1933, when Germany refused to surrender to the world conference of Jews in Amsterdam, the
conference broke up, and Mr. Samuel Untermyer, who was the head of the American delegation
and the president of the whole conference, came to the United States and went from the steamer to
the studios of the Columbia Broadcasting System and made a radio broadcast throughout the
United States in which he in effect said, ―The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against
Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to
starve them into surrender. We are going to use a worldwide boycott against them. That will
destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business. ―And it is a fact that two
thirds of Germany‘s food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the
proceeds of what they exported. So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany‘s
population would have to starve. There was just not enough food for more than one third of the
population. Now in this declaration, which I have here, and which was printed in the New York
Times on August 7, 1933, Mr. Samuel Untermyer boldly stated that, ―this economic boycott is our
means of self-defence. President Roosevelt has advocated its use in the National Recovery
Administration, ―which some of you may remember where everybody was to be boycotted unless he
followed the rules laid down by the New Deal, and which was declared unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court of that time. Nevertheless, the Jews of the world declared a boycott against
Germany, and it was so effective that you couldn‘t find one thing in any store anywhere in the
world with the words ―made in Germany‖ on it. In fact, an executive of the Woolworth Company
told me that they had to dump millions of dollars worth of crockery and dishes into the river; that
their stores were boycotted if anyone came in and found a dish marked ―made in Germany‖ they
were picketed with signs saying ―Hitler‖, ―murderer‖, and so forth, something like these sit-ins that
are taking place in the South. At a store belonging to the R. H. Macy chain, which a family
controlled called Strauss who also happens to be Jews, and a woman found stockings there, which
came from Chemnitz, marked ―made in Germany‖. Well, they were cotton stockings and they may
have been there 20 years, since I‘ve been observing women‘s legs for many years and it‘s been a
long-time since I‘ve seen any cotton stockings on them. I saw Macy‘s boycotted, with hundreds of
people walking around with signs saying ―murderers, ―Hitlerites‖, and so forth. Now up to that
time, not one hair on the head of any Jew had been hurt in Germany. There was no suffering, there
was no starvation, and there was no murder, there was nothing. Naturally, the Germans said,
―Who are these people to declare a boycott against us and throw all our people out of work, and
make our industries come to a standstill? Who are they to do that to us? ―They naturally resented
it. Certainly they painted swastikas on stores owned by Jews. Why should a German go in and give
his money to a storekeeper who was part of a boycott that was going to starve Germany into
surrendering to the Jews of the world, who were going to dictate who their premier or chancellor
was to be? The boycott continued for some time, but it wasn‘t until 1938, when a young Jew from
Poland walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot a German official, that the Germans
really started to get rough with the Jews in Germany. And you found them then breaking windows
and having street fights and so forth. Now I don‘t like to use the word ―anti-Semitism‖ because it‘s

meaningless, but it means something to you still, so I‘ll have to use it. The only reason that there
was any feeling in Germany against Jews was that they were responsible for World War 1, and for
this worldwide boycott. Ultimately they were also responsible for World War 11, because after this
thing got out of hand, it was absolutely necessary for the Jews and Germany to lock horns in a war
to see which one was going to survive. In the meanwhile, I had lived in Germany, and I knew that
the Germans had decided that Europe is going to be Christian or Communist; there is no in
between. And the Germans decided they were going to keep it Christian if possible. And they
started to re-arm. In November 1933 the United States recognized the Soviet Union. The Soviet
Union was becoming very powerful, and Germany realized that ―Our turn was going to come soon,
unless we are strong. ―The same as we in this country are saying today, ―Our turn is going to come
soon, unless we are strong. ―Our government is spending $83 to $84-billion dollars for defence.
Defence against whom? Defence against 40,000 little Jews in Moscow that took over Russia, and
then, in their devious ways, took over control of many other countries of the world. For this country
now to be on the verge of a Third World War, from which we cannot emerge a victor, is something
that staggers my imagination. I know that nuclear bombs are measured in terms of megatons. A
megaton is a term used to describe one million tons of TNT. Our nuclear bombs had a capacity of
10 megatons, or 10 million tons of TNT, when they were first developed. Now, the nuclear bombs
that are being developed have a capacity of 200 megatons, and God knows how many megatons the
nuclear bombs of the Soviet Union have. What do we face now? If we trigger a world war that may
develop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished. Why might such a war take place? It will take
place as the curtain goes up on Act 3; Act 1, was World War One, Act 2, was World War Two, Act
3 is going to be World War Three. The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists
everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them
permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government. That is just as true as I
am standing here. Not alone have I read it, but many here have also read it, and it is known all over
the world. What are we going to do? The life you save maybe your son‘s. Your boys may be on their
way to that war tonight; and you don‘t know it any more than you knew that in 1916 in London the
Zionist‘s made a deal with the British War Cabinet to send your sons to war in Europe. Did you
know it at that time? Not a person in the United States knew it? You weren‘t permitted to know it.
Who knew it? President Wilson knew it. Colonel House knew it. Other insiders knew it. Did I know
it? I had a pretty good idea of what was going on; I was liaison to Henry Morgenthau, Sir; in the
1912 campaign when President Wilson was elected, and there was talk around the office there. I
was ―confidential man‖ to Henry Morgenthau, Sir; who was chairman of the finance committee,
and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with
President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President
Wilson‘s brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve, and I heard
them indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement. Justice Brandeis and President Wilson were just
as close as the two fingers on this hand. President Woodrow Wilson was just as incompetent when it
came to determining what was going on as a newborn baby. That is how they got us into World
War One, while we all slept. They sent our boys over there to be slaughtered, for what? So the Jews
can have Palestine as their ―Commonwealth‖. They‘ve fooled you so much that you don‘t know
whether you‘re coming or going. Now any judge, when he charges a jury, say, ―Gentlemen, any
witness who you find has told a single lie, you can disregard all his testimony. ―I don‘t know what
state you come from, but in New York State that is the way a judge addresses a jury. If that witness
told one lie, disregard his testimony. What are the facts about the Jews? I don‘t call them Jews
myself. I refer to them as so-called Jews, because I know what they are; they are eastern European
Jews, who form 92% percent of the world‘s population of those people who call themselves Jews,
because they were originally Khazars. They were a warlike tribe who lived deep in the heart of
Asia. And they were so warlike that even the Asiatic peoples drove them out of Asia into Eastern
Europe. They setup a large Khazar kingdom of 800,000 square miles. At the time, Russia did not
exist, nor did many other European countries. The Khazar kingdom was the biggest country in all

Europe; so big and so ―powerful that when the other monarchs wanted to go too war, the Khazars
would lend them 40,000 soldiers. That‘s how big and powerful they were. They were phallic
worshippers, which is filthy and I do not want to go into the details of that now. But that was their
religion, as it was also the religion of many other pagans and barbarians elsewhere in the world.
The Khazar king became ‗so disgusted with the degeneracy of his kingdom that he decided to adopt
a so-called monotheistic faith, e.g., either ‗Christianity, Islam, or what is known today as Judaism,
which is really Talmudism. By spinning a top, and calling out ―eeny, meeny, miney, moe, ―he
picked out so-called Judaism. And that became the state religion. He sent down to the Talmudic
schools of Pumbedita and Sura and brought up thousands of rabbis, and opened up synagogues and
schools, and his people became what we call Jews. There wasn‘t one of them who had an ancestor
who ever put a toe in the Holy Land. Not only in Old Testament history, but also back to the
beginning of time. Not one of them! And yet they come to the Christians and ask us to support their
armed insurrections in Palestine by saying, ―You want to help repatriate God‘s Chosen People to
their Promised Land, they‘re ancestral home, don‘t you? It‘s your Christian duty. We gave you one
of our boys as your Lord and Saviour. You now go to church on Sunday, and you kneel and you
worship a Jew, and we‘re Jews. ‖But they are pagan Khazars (Kazakh?), who were converted just
the same as the Irish were converted. It is as ridiculous to call them ―people of the Holy Land, ―as it
would be to call the 54 million Chinese Moslems ―Arabs. ―Mohammed only died in 620 A.D., and
since then 54 million Chinese have accepted Islam as their religious belief. Now imagine, in China,
2,000 miles away from Arabia, from Mecca and Mohammed‘s birthplace. Imagine if the 54 million
Chinese at that time, decided to call themselves ―Arabs. ―You would say they were lunatics. Anyone
who believes that those 54 million Chinese are Arabs must be crazy. All they did was adopt as a
religious faith a belief that had its origin in Mecca, in Arabia, the same as the Irish. When the Irish
became Christians, nobody dumped them in the ocean and imported to the Holy Land a new crop
of inhabitants. They hadn‘t become a different people. They were the same people, but they had
accepted Christianity as a religious faith. These Khazars, these pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-
Finns, were a Mongoloid race, which were forced out of Asia into Eastern Europe. Because their
king took the Talmudic faith, they had no choice in the matter. Just the same as in Spain, and if the
king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So the
Khazars become what we call today Jews. Now imagine how silly it was for the great Christian
countries of the world to say, ―We‘re going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God‘s
Chosen People to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land. ―Could there be a bigger lie than
that? Because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book
publishing business, and because they have the ministers in the pulpit and the politicians on the
soapbox talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that lie. You‘d believe
black is white if you heard it often enough. You wouldn‘t call black ‗black anymore; you‘d start to
call black white. And nobody could blame you. That is one of the great lies of history. It is the
foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world. Do you know what Jews do on the Day of
Atonement that you think is so sacred to them? I was one of them. This is not hearsay. I‘m not here
to be a rabble-rouser. I‘m here to give you facts. When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a
synagogue, you stand-up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you
stand. You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an
agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next
twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the
pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force or effect. And further, the Talmud teaches
that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that
you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them. How much can
you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended
upon it in 1916. We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason.
This article was based on the American Dissident Voices program of May 13, 1995 and May 20,
1995. A cassette recording containing both of these programs under the title, ―Benjamin Freedman

Speaks‖, is available for $12 (including postage) from National Vanguard Books. Further
revelations of Mr. Freedman are available on our two-part series on tape entitled ―The Hidden
Tyranny Revealed, which is available for $9. 95 Plus $1. 50 postage and handling as our item
number 604. For further information write to National Vanguard Books, PO Box 330, Hillsboro
WV 24946 USA. Email address nvb@ix.netcom.com. On reading a book written by a Jew, he said,
‗We Poles have learned some hard lessons in our one thousand years of history. Polish generals, like
Kosciuszko and Pulaski, fought for American freedom in the War of Independence. Polish pilots
have been defending Britain against the German Luftwaffe. But who defended ‗us against the
German‘s on September 1, 1939? He said, ―Hitler‘s national-socialism and Stalin‘s communism
have a lot in common. They both want to destroy Christianity, especially in Poland. ‗Look, the
Germans were mostly a Christian Society, and Hitler was not a ―Dictator‖, because he was ‗duly
elected‘ by the German people! This Polish man said, between the end of November 1943 and mid
June 1944 news continued to filter through to Us that brought much optimism to our family and the
depressed people around us. First, that Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin had met at Teheran; then,
later, that the Allies had landed at Anzio in Italy and that the long siege of Leningrad had ended.
The next particularly significant news gave rise to much euphoria. The Polish Army had captured
Monte Casino and opened the way to Rome. We learned of the opening of the second front with the
Allies landing at Omaha Beach, 6th June 1944 at Normandy in France, and that the Soviets had
captured Brest-Litovsk on their way to Warsaw. Who would be the first to arrive to liberate
Poland? Would it be the Polish Army coming from the north of Rome, the Allies from the West or
the Soviets from the East? I believe some of the SS Gestapo officer‘s mistreated citizens if they
broke the law. They would kick people with their jackboots, and the beatings were extremely cruel
because their toecaps dug deep into every part of the body! Some of the German police
(Schutzpolizei) who at times seemed to lose their sanity in an abyss of sadism, the Germans
sometimes used mindless thuggery for no apparent reason on defenceless Poles. Whenever Poles
passed a German soldier, they were required to doff their caps! In late summer and early autumn
all available Poles were called up to dig trenches along the main routes. There were mainly two
types of trenches; wide trenches to inhibit enemy tanks, narrow trenches to facilitate defending
infantry. On the weekends my father and other Poles were involved in digging a short trench on the
main road between Szamotuly and Lipnica. To our amusement, this was likened to digging German
graves. It was in away, prophetic. These short rectangular trenches were intended to help refugees
on the roads escape from the Soviet aircraft. Later on the advancing infantry and motorised units
used them to dump the corpses of the fleeing Germans. Everybody spoke Polish and the German
guards no longer cared. The guards were now anxious to ingratiate themselves with us. The
situation had changed and was changing more each day. Everyday there was new evidence of the
decline of the German Reich. The main road was packed day and night with Germans, soldiers and
civilians, making their way back to the Reich. A sorry sight seeing the suffering bedraggled soldiers
returning from the eastern front. Some were scarcely 15 years old. The soldiers and others were
part frozen, some without noses or ears, a reflection of how blindly they had followed Hitler? No
one should blame Hitler for the war, because Churchill and the Jewish bankers planned ―IT‖ some
nine or more years earlier! Wherever the Germans retreated, the normal policy was of total
destruction, executions, burning of houses and blowing up bridges wherever they could! Leaders
never learn why they lose a war, therefore one should always treat people with compassion, don‘t
burn houses down, and people will in time, support any revolution with the new occupiers! In
Szamotuly the Soviets wasted no time. Quickly they setup their own commissariat, under ―Major
Grigorij Kuzmicz and Major Kazanow. They were instructed by the Soviet command to organise
throughout the whole Szamotuly region civilian authority, local government and local militia,
implementing systematic Soviet style control. The Reign of the Devil arrived, the Iron Curtain was
coming down, just like Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels predicted. When the agreement was signed at
Yalta on the 12th February by Roosevelt, Churchill and the Jew Stalin giving control of Poland to
the Soviet Union and ensuring that it would be the Red Army and not the armies of the western

allies that reached Berlin on the 20th April 1945. (Wasn‘t Poland the reason Churchill went to war,
to save Poland? This illegal deal with the Russians by Winston Churchill sent shivers of disbelief to
the great masses of the Polish people. The German unconditional surrender came on the 7th May
1945. The end of World War 11, Europe‘s liberation was celebrated on 9th May around the world.
But not for the Polish peoples! The final blow came for one Polish family, and it was totally
unexpected. A party of five Soviet government officials arrived to seize their property, and declared
it was being commandeered and would now become government property. This Soviet Policy took
place all over Poland. The Germans were placid compared to the Soviet occupation of Poland: The
United States had used biological weapons against North Korea? German television network ARD.
August 12, 2002; had broadcast the documentary by Egmont Koch and Michael Wech, titled
―Code-Name Artlchoke‖. The filmmaker added another crucial piece to the Frank Olson story,
corroborating the accounts of Norman Cournoyer and Dr. William Sargant about Frank Olson‘s
final trip to Europe in July and August 1953. Koch and Wech exposed secret CIA Cold War
interrogation centres in West Germany, including a facility in Oberursel, north of Frankfurt,
dubbed ―Camp King‖. Here the CIA conducted torture ‗interrogation experiments on Nazi
convicts and Soviet spies. Among the ‗advisors‘ working at ―Camp King‖ was Professor Kurt
Blome. Blome had been the Deputy Surgeon General of the Third Reich, responsible for all of the
biological experiments conducted at concentration camps like Dachau. Blome had been arrested at
the end of World War 11, and put on trial at Nuremberg, but under a secret U.S. Government
program, ―Operation Dust-Bin‖, had been recruited to teach the Americans how to conduct
innovative interrogations. According to Frank Olson‘s passport, he had been issued a diplomatic
passport in 1950, another indication of his new CIA employment. He had made several trips to
West Germany, to Frankfurt, Heidelberg, and Berlin. Between 1950-53, a careful review by Eric
Olson of his father‘s slides and home movies confirmed he had been at the CIA‘s clandestine
headquarters for West Germany, at the old I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt. In August
1953, he had been at the U.S. Army‘s headquarters in Berlin; where several ‗top Soviet spies were
being interrogated by the ―rough boys‖. Every bit of evidence compiled over the last 30 years now
convinces Eric Olson that his father was murdered to prevent him from blowing the whistle on the
torture, the drug experimentation, the employment of Nazi war criminals, and the possible use of
biological weapons in the Korean War. Norman Cournoyer agreed with Eric Olson. He told the
ARD producers, on camera, with Olson seated in the room, ―But there were people who had
biological weapons who used them. Was there reason for your dad being killed by the CIA? ―I
believe so‖. Dick Cheney ‗the ‗U.S. (vice president), soon to be impeached. It‘s believed he knows
the real story. It took Eric Olson more than 30 years to find his way through the wilderness of
mirrors, erected by the U.S. Government to hide the secrets that led to Frank Olson‘s death. He is
now certain that he knows what really happened. Many of the files remain classified, many have
been shredded, and many of the eyewitnesses to the key events of the summer of 1953 have long
since died, some like Bill Colby, under equally mysterious circumstances. What is clear, and what
was also clear to Frank Olson in the final weeks of his life; was that he became a target of the very
torture ‗interrogation techniques that he had witnessed in ―Camp King‖, in Berlin, and at other
locations. Upon returning from the LSD interrogation at Deep Creek Lake, he told his wife Alice, ―I
made a terrible mistake‖. ―He did not elaborate. What Frank Olson went through at Deep Creek
Lake, and later, in New York, was clearly buried under a mountain of lies, many of them codified
in false accounts by the only eyewitnesses, when the CIA Inspector General probed the affair. Only
Dick Cheney knows the extent to which he had the real story on what Eric Olson now calls ―the
national security murder‖ of his father. What is clear is that Dick Cheney played a pivotal role in
the cover-up of what has all the earmarks of a Government execution, aimed at protecting some of
the darkest secrets of the Cold War. And if the past does illuminate the future, then the Frank
Olson case sheds some important light on ‗the Vice President of torture‖, whose crimes did not
begin with Abu Ghraib or even on September 11, 2001. When Frank Olson no longer had access to
British research; his importance to the CIA had been cut-off. ―When Dr. Sargant learned of Frank

Olson‘s death, ‗I recall him telling me it came in a priority message from the British Embassy in
Washington, Sargant came to the immediate conclusion that Olson could only have been murdered.
‗I recall him telling me that in many ways the staged death was classic almost. ―Classic, indeed. In
May 1997, around the same time that Eric Olson had begun his correspondence with Gordon
Thomas, the New York Times had published a front-page story by Tim Weiner, reporting on newly
declassified CIA documents about the 1954 CIA-orchestrated coup d‘etat in Guatemala against the
government of Jacobo Arbenz. Among the declassified documents obtained by the National
Security Archive, a Washington, D.C. think tank, was a late 1953 CIA assassination manual. Under
a subhead ―2. Accidents‖, the manual reads. ‗For secret assassination, either simple or chase, the
contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little
excitement and is only casually investigated. ―The most efficient accident‖, the manual continued;
in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stair wells,
unscreened windows and bridges will serve; if the assassin immediately sets up an outcry, playing
the ‗horrified witness, ‗no alibi or surreptitious withdrawal is necessary, ‗Care is required to insure
that no wound or condition not attributable to the fall is discernible after death. If the subject‘s
personal habits make it feasible, alcohol maybe used two words ―too excised‖ to prepare him for a
contrived accident of any kind‖. Several paragraphs later, under subhead ―3. Drugs‖, the manual
noted, ―In all types of assassination except terroristic, drugs can be very effective. If the assassin is
trained as a doctor or nurse, and the subject is under medical care, this is an easy and rare method,
if the subject drinks heavily, morphine or a similar narcotic can be injected at the passing out stage,
and the cause of death will often be held to be acute alcoholism‖. And finally, under subhead ―5.
Blunt weapons. ―Blows should be directed to the temple, the area just below and behind the ears,
and the lower, rear portion of the skull‖. Among the approximately 150 pages of CIA documents
that had been handed over to the Olson family by William Colby in their July 1975 meeting, were
two eyewitness accounts of Frank Olson‘s final days, which took on special meaning when cross-
grided with the CIA‘s 1953 assassination manual. The first document was by Colonel Ruwet. Ruwet
had accompanied Frank Olson to New York, on November 24, 1953, for psychiatric consultations
with Dr. Harold Abramson. The CIA‘s Dr. Lashbrook, who also travelled to New York with the
two Army Chemical Corps men, arranged the consultation. Ruwet wrote, ―We arrived in New
York without incident, proceeded from LaGuaria Airport to Dr. Abramson‘s office; arrived there
approximately 5 pm. We left Dr. Olson with Dr. Abramson who requested us to comeback in about
1 hour. After an hour we came back, and Dr. Abramson suggested that we go to a hotel and we told
him we had reservations at the Statler Hotel. He stated that he would come-up to our room about
10.30 with some sedatives and also suggested that we have a ―high-ball‖, e.g., signal meaning to
―goahead. ―At about 10,30 pm. Dr. Abramson came and brought a bottle of bourbon and some
―Nembutal‖ for Dr. Olson‖. Dr. Abramson‘s own account, written on December 4, 1953, made no
mention of his instructions to Dr. Olson to take bourbon and Nembutal, two powerfully interactive
substances. But he did write the following. ―Mr Olson was in a psychotic state when hospitalisation
was decided upon with delusions of persecution. There are two an aspect in regard to the
relationship to the work in which he was engaged. It is well known that it is an occupational hazard
to mental stability to be doing the type of work connected with his duties. Guilt feelings are well
known to occur to a greater or less extent. Superimposed on these guilt feelings which is certainly
an occupational hazard is his participation in an experiment wherein he felt that many of his
feelings became overwhelming. It is well known that many drugs produce this effect. For example, I
have had a patient of mine recently attempted suicide after taking one capsule of Nembutal. A
capsule of Nembutal contains one and one-half grains. This is a therapeutic dose which is taken by
thousands of people daily yet this patient‘s personality structure was so oriented that one dose of
this material taken by thousands of people daily was sufficient to have her reach for the box which
she did. Fortunately her husband was present and caused her to vomit-up the capsules. It is
certainly conceivable and certainly cannot be excluded that Mr. Olson‘s participation in an
experiment in which a drug was administered could in just the same way precipitate a crisis which

would upset the mental processes so that disorientation and the lack of mental functioning might be
produced with the results readily observed. In early May 2001, Eric Olson received an unexpected
telephone call from one of his father‘s oldest friends and closest collaborators at Fort Detrick.
Norman Cournoyer had served with Frank Olson during World War 11, when the two men had
designed the protective gear worn by U.S. troops in the Normandy invasion in case they were met
by biological weapons‖, this quote is from Eric Olson‘s contemporaneous memo on his three-day
meeting with Cournoyer. Cournoyer had recently seen an April 1st 2001 New York Times
Magazine story on the Olson case by Michael Ignatieff, and had decided, after much soul-searching,
to provide Eric Olson with the missing pieces of the story behind the U.S. Government‘s murder of
his father. Olson travelled to Amherst Mass, and met with Cournoyer from May 16-19, 2001.
Among the things that Cournoyer revealed to Eric for the first time in 1946 or 1947, Frank Olson‘s
career turned onto a ―new path‖. He went to work for the CIA, and was drawn into a program
euphemistically called ―information retrieval‖. Under such exotic code-names as ―Bluebird‖ and
―Artichoke, and ―Mkultra. Olson, an expert in chemical and biological weaponry, was drawn into
work on interrogation methods, designed to draw information from even the most tight-lipped
targets. The drugs and other chemical techniques used in these programs were tied to the most
extreme forms of interrogation techniques, often incorporating torture. For most of his time with
the CIA programs, Olson remained in the laboratory at Fort Detrick. But beginning in 1950,
according to Cournoyer, Olson began travelling abroad, taking part in live interrogations of
―expendables: wartime Nazi criminals, suspected Soviet spies, and double-agents: British
America (1) The British possessions in North America; Canada; also ―British North America. (2)
All British possessions in or adjacent to North or South America: Licetec. www.licetec.com.au:
British Commonwealth of Nations, A political association comprising the United
Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Malaya, Nigeria,
Cyprus, and Sierra Leone, and including the dependencies of member nations; official name The
Commonwealth; also called Commonwealth of Nations: Bavaria, A south-eastern state of the
Federal Republic of Germany; 27,119 square miles; capital, Munich; formerly a duchy, kingdom,
and republic; Germany Bayern: Batavi, An ancient Germanic people who inhabited the region
about the mouths of the Rhine: www.r.s.barry.com.au: www.1944Militaria.com:
Black Thursday; Wall Street crashes. It was October 24, 1929, ‗In an unprecedented
wave of fear, confusion and panic set in, nearly 13 million shares changed hands on the New York
Stock Exchange today. Dazed brokers waded through a maze of paper clutching investors ‗orders
to ―sell at any price. At the peak of the panic selling of stocks, the market ceased to function as
such; it turned into a mad clamour of salesmen looking for nonexistent buyers. Stocks were being
dumped overboard for whatever they could bring, and prices plummeted as much as ten points
between sales. Paper holdings became worthless; because the sheer volume of selling caused the
prices to drop sharply, and as prices fell faster and further, spot quotations began to show shocking
collapses in value. Orders to just sell came in from worried punters and boardrooms across the US:
Germany‘s economic recovery 1933, In January 1933, Adolf Hitler told the world that he
wanted to rid Germany of the shackles of the Versailles Treaty in order to make her strong once
more. To accomplish this goal the country needed massive rearmament. His reply in February 1933
to a proposal from the Reich Ministry of Transport to build a reservoir demonstrates the extent to
which, in his eyes were the policy of rearmament, which came before anything else. ‗The next five
years in Germany had to be devoted to rendering the German people again capable of bearing
arms for her economic recovery (not for war). Every publicly sponsored measure to create
employment had to be considered from the point of view of whether it was necessary with respect to
rendering the German people again capable of bearing arms for self-defence and for the
unemployed to enrol in work camps, or be conscripted into military service! ‗No longrange
bombers were ever built; this proves that Hitler‘s warplanes were originally built only for self-

defence? Rearmament could only be possible if the German economy provided the funds. But
Hitler knew next to nothing about economic theory. ‗The Nazi movement was really quite
primitive, ‗confirms the banker Johannes Zahn, who knew Hjalmar Schacht, the man who was to
be responsible for getting the German economy on its feet in the 1930s. Hitler may have known
nothing about how to run an economy but Schacht thought he knew everything. ‗It is clear,
obviously, ‗says Zahn discreetly, ‗that Schacht was very self-confident. ‗In 1923, at the age of 46,
Schacht was made Reich Currency Commissioner and told to stabilize the economy in the face of
runaway inflation; later that year he became head of the Reichs-bank. In 1930 he resigned in
protest at the Young Plan, a regime of reparation payments to the victors of World War 1 to which
the German government had agreed, because it was either sign the agreement, or face a firing
squad. (This duress, these illegal threats too enforce a death sentence or sign on the doted line,
made the agreement null and void). But still the Germans were made to pay the victor huge sums of
reparation, or face further British and French sanction from which Germany could never recover
from, because Germany relied on exports too survive economically. Remember Germany won the
First World War, but were defeated when the Jews got America into a war that was already won by
the Germans. ‗The Jews did the same thing back in World War 11; the Zionist bankers financed
America into the conflict! Hjalmar Schacht turned to Hitler and the Nazis for the solution to
Germany‘s problem. ‗I desire a great and strong Germany, ‗he said, ‗and to achieve it I would
enter an alliance with the devil. ‗Hitler appointed Schacht as Minister of Economics in 1934 and
passed a law giving him dictatorial powers over the economy. Unemployment had already started
to fall sharply as a result of huge work-creation schemes, such as the autobahn construction
programme, and the economy as a whole was beginning to recover from the effects of the Great
Depression. Schacht managed to pay for rearmament via the ‗Mefo bills‘-a form of deficit
financing, which had two advantages; it allowed the risky early stages of rearmament to be kept
relatively secret and meant the Nazis could pay for it on credit. The regime also benefited from an
upturn in the world economy and the effective cancellation of reparation payments, which had been
negotiated by Chancellor Bruning at the Lausanne conference in 1932. Therefore Germany was
unwittingly living on ‗Credit‘ borrowed from the Jewish banking houses, e.g., (Living on borrowed
time?). In time, ‗The Jews demanded 50% or 60% in interest by trying to call in their loans! Hitler
was outraged at this greed by the Jewish bankers! In the short term Hitler‘s Germany seemed like
magic-simply another exercise of his will. He certainly wasn‘t concerned with how Schacht was
working this miracle. He said in August 1942, ‗I have never had a conference with Schacht to find
out what means were at our disposal. I restricted myself to saying, ―This is what I require and this
is what I must have. ‗The army could not have been more positive about Hitler‘s actions. He was
finally ridding Germany of the ‗ignominy‘ of disarmament. ‗This was absolutely welcomed, ‗says
Graf von Kielmansegg, an army officer at the time, ‗and he didn‘t ask about the cost at all. At last,
an army was to be formed which, everyone agreed, was truly capable of defending Germany. The
Reichswehr (German Armed Forces) were not capable of doing this with their 100,000 men. And
don‘t forget, Germany was surrounded by its main enemies, ‗from World War 1. ‗For many of the
soldiers we talked too, rearmament also had a symbolic, almost spiritual importance; it was the
means by which the country regained its potency. Others thought that if the newly rearmed forces
were used to threaten Germany‘s neighbours so that some of the wrongs of Versailles could be
righted, then well and good. Nobody we talked to believed during the 1930s that they were engaged
in the preparations for a world war of conquest. What had been written in Hitler‘s book ―Main
Kampf‖ were not really foreign policy objectives! ―Just remember (all history is written by the
victor, which only tells you, what they think you need to know? Hitler was advised by the school
authorities at Steyr not to continue his education in view of his poor academic record. Hitler first
visited Vienna in 1906, for a fortnight. He moved to Vienna finally before his mother‘s death, when
at the age of eighteen he inherited his share of his father‘s property. I should someday become an
architect. It was an incredibly hard road; for the studies I had neglected out of spite at the
Realschule were solely needed. One could not attend the Academy‘s architectural school without

having attended the building school at the Technik, and the latter required a high-school degree. I
had none of all this. The fulfilment of my artistic dream seemed physically impossible. When after
the death of my mother I went to Vienna for the third time, to remain for many years, the time,
which had meanwhile elapsed, had restored my calm and determination. My old defiance had
comeback to me and my goal was now clear and definite before my eyes. I wanted to become an
architect, and obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. I was determined
to overcome these obstacles, keeping before my eyes the image of my father, who had started out as
the child of a village shoemaker, and risen, by his own efforts to be a government official. I had a
better foundation to build on, and hence my possibilities in the struggle were easier, and what then
seemed to be the harshness of Fate, I praise today as wisdom and Providence. While the Goddess of
Suffering took me in her arms, often threatening to crush me, my will to resistance grew, and in the
end this will was victorious. I owe it to that period that I grew hard and am still capable of being
hard. And even more, I exalt it for tearing me away from the hollowness of comfortable life; for
drawing the mother‘s darling out of his soft downy bed and giving him ‗Dame Care‘ for a new
mother; for hurling me, despite all resistance, into a world of misery and poverty, thus making me
acquainted with those for whom I was later to fight. In this period my eyes were opened to two
menaces of which I had previously scarcely known the names, and whose terrible importance for
the existence of the German people I certainly did not understand, Marxism and Jewry. Hitler lived
a life of bohemian unemployment, buttressed first by his share of his father‘s property (seven
hundred Austrian crowns) then by a small orphan‘s pension paid to him in the belief that he was
studying at the Academy (twenty-five crowns a month), and also on his share of his mother‘s
inheritance. He seems to have run through his money by the summer of 1909. He first registered in
the Asylum for the Homeless in the winter of 1909. The Social Democracy in my youth was
exceedingly little and very inaccurate. I was profoundly pleased that it should carry on the struggle
for universal suffrage and the secret ballot. ‗For even then, my intelligence told me, that this must
help to weaken the Habsburg regime which I so hated. In the conviction that the Austrian Empire
could never be preserved except by victimising its Germans, but that even the price of a gradual
starvation of the German element by no means provided a guaranty of an empire really capable of
survival, since the power of the Slavs to uphold the state must be estimated as exceedingly dubious,
I welcomed every development which in my opinion would inevitably lead to the collapse of this
impossible state which condemned ten million Germans to death. The more the linguistic Babel
corroded and disorganised parliament, the closer drew the inevitable hour of the disintegration of
this Babylonian Empire, and with it the hour of freedom for my German-Austrian people. Only in
this way could the ―Anschluss, e.g., German Political union, with the old mother country to be
restored. The Habsburg or (Hapsburg German family), an ancient German family from which
were descended rulers of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia, the Holy Roman Empire, and Spain; the
male line ended 1740; also called House of Hapsburg. Is it conceivable that the representatives of
the real interests of the nation possible for alliance can put through their views in opposition to the
will of the Jewish mortal enemy of free national states? Can the forces of traditional British
statesmanship, for example, break the devastating Jewish influence or not? This question, as
already stated, is very hard to answer. It depends on too many factors to permit of a conclusive
judgment. One thing is certain in any case. In one country the present state power can be regarded
as so stabilised and serves the interests of the country so absolutely that we can no longer speak of a
really effective obstruction of political necessities by international Jewish forces: Lord Montagu
Collet Norman, born 1871-1950, first Baron Norman of St. Clare, English financier, Governor of
the Bank of England 1920-1944, wanted central bankers to run the world. He financed Herr Hitler,
and smashed Australia‘s sovereignty during the 1920‘s Depression & subsequent 1929 Wall St
Stock-market crash. Lord Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1.), born 1872, and British intelligence
figure Arnold Joseph Toynbee, born 1889, two fanatical devotees of Synarchist World Rule during
World War 11, the uneasy (liaison), allies British PM Winston Churchill, and U.S. Jew‘ President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Gauleiter, a German district leader of the Nazi party: Democratic

Presidential Candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jnr, warns; defend Liberty e.g., a natural state in
which there are no pre-established laws; civil, natural, limited only by laws established on behalf of
community, of conscience, system allowing all members of State to follow what form of religion
seems good to them; of the press, system by which anyone may print & publish what he pleases
without previous permission, and without liability to penalties for publishing libellous or criminal
matters. The right or power to do as one pleases; or too do something; (philosophy), freedom from
control of fate or necessity. A setting aside of rules, licence, (take the liberty to do and deal freely
with rules or facts etc. (Liberty without the Rule of Law, without the (Big Stick). This is Kerry‟s
wisdom and motto; a world without boarders, where one can roam free, where Christ intended his
flock be like-minded; go-forth and plant your seed, too multiply thy glee with me! The People e.g.,
above), not the ―B‖ class people who are below the threshold of full understanding, e.g., ‗The CEC
calls them the ―Synarchist, Nazi-Communist‖. This is the group, which was behind the Hitler
project, behind the Mussolini project, and so forth. This group was assembled in that form, in
about 1920, at the end of World War 1. This is the group of Yid Synarchists. It‘s hard to really
identify; without them wearing their Yarmulke ‗Skull-cap? ―Now, this group has two levels. It has
a political level of agents, and people like Cheney, the followers of Leo Strauss, the so-called neo-
conservatives in the United States, today-whether in the Republican Party or in the leadership of
the Democratic Party. The DLC (Democratic Leadership Council, for example; are Synarchists, of
this category, U. S. official category, ‗Synarchist-Nazi-Communist, dating from the 1920s, 1930s,
1940s. They still exist. ‗Behind the people like the Cheney‘s and so-forth, who are the ―tools‖ of this
corrupt group, are groups of bankers, financial interests, dating back from the 4th Century fondi of
the famous Lombard bankers, that caused the crisis of that period. These small groups of people,
faced with a financial crisis, and with great power leverage from behind the scenes, will say, that in
a crisis of this type, such as the Versailles system collapse, or the present collapse, that they know
that governments, pressed, will tend, under pressure of the people, to take measures which are
consistent with the general welfare of the people and the sovereignty of nations. Therefore, they say,
‗we have to prevent that‘. And the way to prevent that is to install a ‗dictatorship‘, which will
control the situation, under those kinds of financial conditions. ‗Such was the case in 1928-1933.
That is the case today. Small groups of financier interest, and know many of them by name, and
they‘re in New York and elsewhere, today-the same groups, that were behind the Hitler campaign
then. And these are the groups whom the neo-cons (neo-conservatives) represent. As the world‘s
leading economist for the past several decades, LaRouche has highlighted the danger that the
financier oligarchy will orchestrate coups and wars, in an attempt to maintain control over
governments under depression conditions. In an earlier Web-cast on January 3, 2001-nine months
before the September 11, 2001, was a U.S. planned CIA attacks on the Twin Towers and the
Pentagon-he had forecast that this oligarchy would bring about an atrocity. A fascist government
with draconian laws is already within our mist; isn‘t that right Mr. George Walker Bush, John
Winston Howard and Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, are the three ―stooges‖ for the ―B‘nai
B‘rith‖: Jabotinsky, a Jewish fascist. In part at the urging of Isi Leibler, the Australia/Israel
Review was setup in 1976 by Australia Israel Publications (AIP) under the directorship of Isador
Magid and Robert Zablud. Former long-time AIR editor Michael Danby eulogised Zablud, whom
he called the ―organisational genius‖ behind AIR/AIP on the 19th September-2 ‗October 1989 issue
of AIR, noting that Zablud‘s vision of Judaism was inspired by ―his mentor Zeev Jabotinsky‖,
whom Danby called a ―much misunderstood centre-right Zionist ideologue. ‖The notion that
Jabotinsky is ―much misunderstood‖, and is a sick joke. Though nominally Jewish puppet, he was
well known as a leader of one of the international Synarchy‘s fascist gangs of the 1920s and 1930s.
He was an outspoken admirer of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, and set-up a legion of ―black
shirts‖ modelled on Mussolini and Hitler‘s thugs, at a training ground, which Mussolini gave him in
Italy. Israeli founding father and first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion used to regularly refer to
Jabotinsky as ―Vladimir Hitler.‖ Jabotinsky founded the ―Revisionist‖ (fascist) current of Zionism
which directly gave birth to the terrorist Irgun and Stern gangs of the 1930s and 1940s, and to the

Likud Party, formerly led such Irgum/Stern Gang terrorist as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak
Shamir, and now led by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. A central tenet of the Likud, from the
very outset, was that Israel would take over all of what was formerly called Palestine, with no land
for the Palestinians: A Jewess was speaking on radio on religious matters, and then she said, you
know the Jews have to obey 113 commandments, and ordinary people only have to obey 6 of them;
well I thought, what happened to the other four commandments? ―Now in the Concise Oxford
Dictionary. ‗Command‘ment (-ah-), n. ―Divine command (the ten-s, Mosaic Decalogue; eleventh-,
any precept jestingly classed with these). (ME, f. OF commandment (command ‗-ment): The
Zionist bankers and the ―B‘nai B‘rith‖, with its CIA Secret Society were behind the assassination of
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-63): Harold Holt. ‗Holt was drowned off the coast of Victoria in
1967. He was drugged at his home the night before, and then taken out to sea and his body thrown
overboard still warm. Gary Simmons alleges that he was engaged in several clandestine operations
for the Royal Australian Navy, one of which was the removal of the body of then Australian Prime
Minister Harold Edward Holt from his home; taken out to a waiting fishing boat the previous
night, before Holt was reported that he had disappeared while swimming (Harold Edward Holt
(1908-67), was never on the beach that morning of the 17th, according to two eye witnesses). The
disappearance of Harold Holt was on the 16th, not on the 17th December 1967 while allegedly
swimming near Portsea, Victoria, has been placed on Public record in the Brisbane Supreme Court.
Gary Simmons Affidavit files No. BS 1127/04: The Synartesis Beast-man. Yids are the Beast-
man, not the goys of this world? In history, look at the cruelty of the Roman Emperors. Look at
dictators, who win popularity by intimidation. Look into the minds of those who ordered nuclear
bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. Look, today, into the minds of those who unleashed 9/11, or the
Bali bombing, or the train bombing in Spain in March 2004. And look into the minds of those in
Australia, who ostensibly in ―response‖ to these events, authorise breaking down the doors of
innocent people at night or establish concentration camps in the hot dry desert, where even
children are systematically brutalised. Such terror campaigns target immigrants, but they are
implicitly directed against all Australians. Those first two ‗Beast-man were Joseph de Maistre and
Donoso Cortes, were leading ―theoreticians‖ of the genre, who had directly influenced the Nazis.
Then there are two practitioners, ‗Hitler himself, and his admirer Arnold Schwarzenegger. This
same sort of Beast-man personality emerged in the 1930s in Australia in the fascist militias, typified
by New Guard leader Eric Campbell. Look at the affinity to those militias of Robert Gordon
Menzies 1894-1978, a former Nationalists 1929 until 1931, from when the British declared war on
Germany, see ―Preamble, 1931‖ Statute of Westminster Act 1942. Menzies must have known that
war was been planned against Germany? Menzies had kept their mentality alive after World War
11, when he authorised the establishment of concentration camps and had a list of 1,200
―communists‖ to intern, had his Communist Party banning bill been allowed to take effect. That
was the same Menzies who called for the use of atomic bombs in ―pre-emptive strikes‖ against the
Soviet Union. We all must ‗Defeat the Synartesis, Yid fascist World Imperium. Extracts from CEC,
See Website at www.cecaust.com.au: The movie, The Passion of the Christ was poorly conceived,
and was a load of rubbish; I regret buying the CD. John Ashcroft, the alleged racist, promotes this
film. Ashcroft‘s crowd are the biggest pushers of this film. Is Mel Gibson a Sadist? Well I like this
guy regardless of this film; but it‘s alleged, ‗I never knew Mel was a (cruel person), a sadist. In an
interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on February 26, 2004, movie director
Franco Zeffirelli reported how he witnessed Gibson acting and directing Shakespeare‘s Hamlet,
and how Gibson intervened on Ian Holm. Holm was playing Polonius at the moment Polonius dies,
killed by Hamlet when stabbed behind a curtain. ―An animal stabbed to death, ―Gibson said, ―does
not keep his eyes staring, but rolls them, first together, then in opposite directions. ―How do you
know? Asked Polonius-Holm. ―I have seen many of them dying. ―Zeffirelli intervened. ―You did not
answer Ian, how do you know that? ―Gibson answered. ―When I can, to relax, I go too my ranches
and I kill many calves in the slaughter period. ―We were shocked‖, said Zeffirelli. Mel continued,
perfectly at ease, ―but with a gun; those beasts die too quick. You understand better what happens

to the calves through their eyes, when we cut their throats: Nazis set fire to the Reichstag building,
On February 27, 1933, the Nazis set the Reichstag (Parliament) building on fire. They claimed the
communists had done it, and used it as their excuse to seize power under ―Emergency Laws‖ almost
identical to those passed in today in recent years under Yids, the likes of ―John Winston Howard &
George Walker Bush, the self (indemnify), exempt war criminals, and his thugs: (god-dess ―god‘is‖
(1) A female divinity, (2) Figuratively, a woman surpassingly beloved, good, or beautiful.-god‘dess-
hood n: In seven billion years from now, planet earth that we humans (assume e.g., take for
granted, will have no existence, because the sun would have exhumed our earth, and therefore the
sun itself will be no more, dead forever, (extinguished), except if our Lord God in Heaven wills ―IT‖
e.g., reigns down upon ‗Us gentiles and He breathe life into our lungs once more. The ―City of God‖
is Heaven; and therefore Jesus is life: The ―voyager probe‖ left earth in 1976, it passed Jupiter,
than Satan, and now it had left all the planets far behind. After decades in space, it‘s now 9-billion
miles from earth. The nearest star to our solar system, and its over 100 kilometres away, too reach
it, would take the voyager probe, another 25,000 years: Neo-Hebraic, that form of the Hebrew
language used in post-Biblical Jewish literature.—adj. Pertaining to post-Biblical Hebrew: Omaha
Beach, A name given to that part of the Normandy coast where units of the United States Army
landed on June 6th 1944, during the Allied invasion of France, World War 11: Americas twice
saved from execution Baron Fabian von Schlabrendorff, one of the German officers who had tried
to assassinate Hitler. The conspirators had detonated a bomb in Hitler‘s headquarters on July 20th,
1944, but Hitler received only minor wounds. The evidence implicating von Schlabrendorff was in
the hands of the president of the German People‘s Court when a bomb from a raid by a thousand
American planes killed the president. Von Schlabrendorff lived to be released from prison by U.S.
troops on May 4th 1945, as a Gestapo guard was readying to execute him! The German
electrochemist Fritz Haber 1868-1934, devised a method for combining the nitrogen of the air into
compounds from which explosives and fertilizers could be manufactured. This meant that
Germany, during World War 1, did not have to depend upon nitrates from Chile for its explosives.
Because Great Britain controlled the seas, Germany would have been forced out of the war by
1916, if it hadn‘t been for the Haber process. Haber also headed Germany‘s program for
development of poison gas. When Hitler came to power, Haber was deprived of his job and forced
into exile. He was Jewish. ‗We are told that Adolf Hitler gassed all the Jews, but not Haber? The
Germans during WW11 ‗never used their poison gas on anyone? Haber developed the process for
the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen: Stand-United, www.fightback.org.au@hotmail.com:
www.nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com: www.FourWinds10.com: www.truthbeknown.com :
Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg 1856-1921, German chancellor 1909-17: Telemark,
and Germany‘s atomic bomb! Efforts by German scientists to get top-level Nazis support
for development of the ‗atomic bomb was to no avail because Hitler expected a quick victory
through conventional weaponry. Construction of the monster bomb would consume a score of
years, and by then the Third Reich would own Europe? But heavy water production for an atomic
bomb built by the Germans were well underway at ‗Telemark‘ (1941-43) during WW11, in
Norway, but Allied Norwegian sympathizes and British Commando‘s, which collaborated to
sabotage the train carrying a cargo of ‗heavy water‘, too build Hitler‘s atomic bomb. The heavy
water tanks were railed onto a ferry that was heavily guarded by the Nazis up to that point. But the
Germans soldiers did not guard the ferry during the night! The ferry was subsequently sunk in
deep water by planting some time bombs on board inside the hull of the ferry; thus insured an
Allied victory. One of the sapotaceous, they called a ‗hero, passed away aged 84, was Clause
Helberg. There were spy‘s working in the plant producing the ‗heavy water‘ needed for making the
atomic bomb, and the Nazis ‗plans on building the atomic bomb was smuggled out to the Jewish
Allied Command Headquarters. So it was the German scientist who invented the bomb, not the
Americans! In the Second World War, Oslo fell April 9th 1940, to the German invaders and
remained occupied until the surrender in May 1945, of the German forces in Norway. The city

suffered little war damage! The Hydrogen bomb‘ a weapon deriving a large portion of its energy
from the union of hydrogen isotopes! In an atomic bomb, uranium and plutonium are split into
lighter elements that together weigh less than the original atoms, the remainder of the mass
appearing as energy. Unlike this fission bomb, the hydrogen bomb or thermonuclear device
functions by the fusion, or joining together, of lighter elements into heavier elements. The end
product again weighs less than its components, the difference once more appearing as energy. The
presumable construction of a thermonuclear bomb is as follows; at its centre is an atomic bomb;
surrounding it is a layer of lithium Deut ride (a compound of lithium and deuteron, an isotope of
hydrogen having atomic weight 2); around it is a thick layer of material that holds the contents
together longer in order to obtain a larger explosion. This layer, called a tamper, can be of
fissionable uranium 238. ―Neutrons from the atomic‘ explosion fission lithium into helium, tritium
(hydrogen 3), and energy. The atomic explosion supplies the temperatures (of 50,000,000‗C. and
400,000,000‘C. respectively) needed for the subsequent fusion of deuterium with tritium, and of
tritium with tritium. Enough neutrons are produced in the fusion reactions to fission the core
further and to fission the tamper of uranium 238. Since the fusion produces mostly neutrons and
very little that is radioactive, the concept of a ―clean‖ bomb has resulted; one having a small atomic
trigger, a less fissionable tamper than uranium 238, and therefore even less radioactive fallout.
Carrying this progression further would result in the suggested neutron bomb, which would have a
minimum trigger and a non-fissionable tamper; there would be blast effects and a hail of lethal
neutrons but almost no radioactive fallout. The proposed cobalt bomb is, on the contrary, a
radioactively ―dirty bomb‖, having a cobalt tamper. The first thermonuclear device was exploded
in (1952, at Eniwetok) by the United States, the second (1953) by the USSR; in 1961, the USSR
exploded a 50-megaton bomb (equal to 50,000,000 tons of TNT), the most powerful known until
then. Deuterium is the main fuel of the sun, and is burned there at temperatures of 18 to 36 million
degrees Fahrenheit. American physicists conducted experiments and came to understand, with
appropriate awe that a thermonuclear fuel, once ignited by fission inside a hydrogen bomb, would
burn at a speed, temperature, and pressure greater than it burned at in the centre of the sun. A key
to the hydrogen bomb was the initial triggering of a fission device, for only fission was capable of
generating the heat and, as the scientists later came to understand, the radiation needed to burn the
thermonuclear fuel. The thermonuclear device, when successfully tested in 1952 at Eniwetok, an
atoll in the western Pacific, produced a crater 6,240 feet in diameter; more than a mile, and 164 feet
deep. It was 650 times as powerful as the primitive device dropped at Hiroshima Japan. The Los
Alamos team later determined that the fusion of deuterium and tritium, another heavy hydrogen
isotope that is a by-product of lithium, could produce a thermonuclear explosion of fifteen
megatons that is, one thousand times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. When the hydrogen bomb
was tested in 1952, it was more powerful than the total of all the bombs dropped on Germany and
Japan during World War Two, including the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: When the
second atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, in 1945, the United States had only one more atomic
bomb in reserve. But the second attack convinced Emperor Hirohito to surrender. He had
concluded that the first bomb, on Hiroshima, was not a fluke, and that the U.S. could produce more
of the terrible weapons: Our universe was born some 13.7 billion years ago. The African
climate was not always warm. The Nile has frozen over at least twice, in 829 A.D. and in 1010 A.D.
The most recent ice age reached its peak in 16,000 B.C., and it wasn‘t till 8,000 B.C. that the ice
began its final retreat. In 6,000 B.C., the Great Lakes were clear, and for the first time in 25,000
years Canada began to lose its ice cover. It was not until 3,000 B.C. that the ice retreated to its
present location; by then human beings (not Jews), were establishing cities all over the Middle East.
At the height of the various ice ages of the last million years, as much as 30 percent of all the land
on the planet was covered with a ―thick layer‖ of ice: The interior of Antarctica is the coldest place
on earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded was 126. 9 degrees F. (--88.3 C.), at 11,500 feet
above sea level, at the Russian station of Vostok on August 24, 1960: By ―deciphering‖ the Book of
Revelations, a minister in Lochau, in what is now East Germany; proclaimed that the world would

end on October 18, 1533. When it didn‘t happen, the minister, a Michael Stiftel, was given a
thrashing by the townspeople: Kerry‟s wisdom, ‗At sea level there are 2,000-pounds of air pressure
on each square foot of your body area; just imagine if man could harness that energy into pressure
through a Ventura vacuum, void of any air beneath that pressure vacuum too booster that energy;
too increase (psi) thrust force to equal producing the necessary (psi), of free energy to drive a
turbofan in your vehicle, or a cars fan-pump too generate electricity in order to recharge your
battery cells? Einstein said‘ One pound of anything, when it is completely converted into energy, in
keeping with Einstein‘s mathematical equation E=mc2, will produce 11,400 million kilowatt-hours
of energy. Thus the secret Flying Saucer etc: Internal combustion engines lose efficiency at the rate
of more than 2 percent for every 1,000 feet of altitude. At Lake Titicaca, at 12,500 feet in the Andes,
motor cars and powered boats lose about 30 percent of their rated horsepower:          Jordan,
Hashemite Kingdom of the; A constitutional monarchy comprising the territories of
Transjordan and Arab Palestine; formed, with Iraq, The Arab Federation, 1958, but remains a
sovereign state; 37,758 square miles; capital, Amman. Arabic Al Ur-du-ni-yah (aloor-doo-ne‘ya).
Also Jordan. –Jor-da-ni-an (jor-da‘ne-an) adj. & n:              Iraq ―I-raq (I-rak‘,e-rak‘) A
kingdom approximately coextensive with ancient Mesopotamia in SW Asia; 168,040 square miles;
capital, Baghdad; with Jordan, formed the Arab Federation, 1958. Also I-rak: Iranian (1) of or
relating to Iran (formerly Persia) in the Middle East. (2) Of the Indo-European group of languages
including Persian, Pashto, Avestan, and Kurdish. (1) A native or national of Iran. (2) A person of
Iranian descent: Saudi Arabia, A kingdom (1932) in the northern and central part of Arabia;
927,000 square miles; dual capitals, Mecca and Riyadh: Saud (sa-ood‘), King, born 1902, king of
Saudi Arabia 1953; son of Ibn Saud; full name Ibn Abdul Aziz al Faisal al Saud: Azrael, In the
Moslem and ancient Jewish mythology, the angel who separates the soul from the body at death,
(<Hebrew, help of God): Aisha, 611-678, Mohammed‘s favourite wife; also spelled Ayesha:
Baghdad was once the greatest city of the world. It had a population of 2 million, and was larger
even than Babylon in its prime. Baghdad‘s most glamorous and legendary period began in 786
A.D., when Harun al-Rashid, or ―Aaron the Just‖, ascended the throne. The enrichment process is
extremely expensive, and consumes vast amounts of energy at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, enrichment
plant consumes the electricity provided by two 1,000-megawatt reactors; and radioactive tailings,
so-called depleted uranium, containing unusable uranium 238, are left on the ground, because
uranium 238 is an extremely dense material, it is used to make the cores of shells for conventional
weapons, and giving the weapons the capability of penetrating the armour plating of tanks. It‘s
provided free to weapons manufacturers from the government sponsored nuclear industry. During
the six-week land war against Iraq in 1991, at least 10,000 uranium 238 shells were used, and at
least 40 tons of this material was dispersed in Iraq and Kuwait. Children now play with empty
shells. These children have been exposed to external doses of gamma radiation, as well as inhaling
and ingesting uranium particles, which can cause bone cancer, kidney disease, lung cancer, and
leukaemia. The death rate of children under five has doubled, and during the eight months of
exposure too gamma radiation. Some 50,000 Iraqi children have since died from various causes,
including stomach cancer and other ailments associated with uranium 238 in dispersed shell
cartridges. The American Government is dumping ―nuclear waste‖ by putting it in their artillery
shells which were used on Iraqi troops during the 1991Gulf War: Nuclear Madness, is a book
written by Helen Caldicott, its about nuclear war, book No, ISBN 0-393-31011-6. The United
Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority reports that 40 tons of uranium could cause tens of thousands
of deaths and contaminate the soil and drinking water in Iraq and Kuwait forever: In 1993, about
35,000 people worked in the 110-story-tall twin towers building of the ―World Trade Centre‖ in
downtown New York, and about 80,000 more people visit on business everyday, but thanks to their
President, it no longer stands tall after 9/11, for the Wall Street crash was upon America, which

meant financial ruin for many a goy; the ―Dow‖ had dropped to 634 points; it‘s lowest level in
decades. It is said that 5,000 Jews never reported for work on the morning those aircraft hit the
twin towers: In New York City in 1852, police estimated that 10,000 abandoned, orphaned, and
runaway children were roaming the streets of New YorkCity: Zionist‘s homeland in
America, An early American Zionist named Mordecai Manuel Noah tried to establish a Jewish
homeland ―Ararat‖ on Grand Island, forty-eight square miles of white-oak forest, a mile and a half
south of Niagara Falls and just north of Buffalo. A dedication ceremony took place at St. Paul‘s
Episcopal Church in Buffalo, there being no synagogue or even Jewish residents in Buffalo at the
time (1825), and Noah declared himself appointed ―Governor and Judge of Israel‖. He believed
that in all probability the American Indians were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, and he
urged they be informed of their lineage and reunited with the Jewish race. A few days after the
dedication, Noah left Buffalo for good, leaving no one to put his plan into effect: Twelve tribes
of the Israelites: - Judah, an ancient kingdom of the Jews in southern Palestine: -
Benjamin, a masculine personal name (ben‘-ya-me‘no). (<Hebrew, son of the right hand)—
Benjamin The youngest son of Jacob by Rachel; also, the tribe descended from him. Gen. xxxv 18: -
Levi, a masculine personal name. —Levi The third son of Jacob, or the tribe descended from him.
(<Hebrew, joining): - www.wnponline.org:                          The Ten Commandments,
download: - www.gnmagazine.org/booklets: Cain, the eldest son of Adam, who slew his brother
Abel. Gen. iv 1-10: Ursula, A feminine personal name (Ursola) German (<L, little she-bear).
Ursula, Saint, A Cornish princess of the fourth or fifth century, martyred, according to legend, with
eleven thousand virgins at Cologne by the Huns: Germany 1945, Adolf Hitler, the ‗Reich‘s
Fuhrer of the German National Socialist (Nazi) party, did not preach fascism! Hitler promised the
German people he would overturn the Versailles Treaty and secure additional Lebensraum ―living
space‖ for the German people, that was needed for natural development; territory lost through this
unfair Versailles Treaty after WW1 in Paris (1919), the conference of Allied nations responsible for
these unfair treaty terms, were Britain, France, US and Italy. The ‗Yids responsible for ―IT‖, were
the Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain, Premier Georges Clemenceau of France,
President Woodrow Wilson of the U.S., and Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy. Alsace-
Lorraine (Al-sace-Lor-raine), A disputed border region between NE France and SW Germany;
ceded to Germany in 1871, regained by France in 1919, annexed by Germany in 1940, regained by
France in 1945; German Elsass-Lothringen: Germany actually won WW1, and WW11, on a ‗one
on ‗one-battle front. But never against the world of the Jewish League of Nations! Both war‘s were
started because of allied sanctions and boycotts against Germany, e.g., the British and French
‗sanctions were a provocation (incitement, instigation, irritation on the Germans), too get the
Germans to come out and fight and declare war on them. These sanctions on Germany before
WW1, was why the Germans were destroying British and Allied shipping. On August 4th 1914,
Great Britain ‗Declared War‘ on Germany. The only big naval battle was fought off Jutland
between the British and German fleets 31st May 1916. The German inflicted more losses than they
received but the British fleet, under Admiral Jellicoe, was searching for the enemy at the end of the
action. The German High Seas fleet was ―bottled up‖ in Kiel harbour for the remainder of the war.
Meanwhile the British, French, Japanese, and, towards the close, the American navies did their
jobs in their respective spheres, ensuring safe passage and uninterrupted supplies for all the Allied
armies overseas, and compelling Germany‘s mercantile marine to choose between capture at sea,
detention in an Allied port, or refuge in a neutral port. A blockade, vigilantly, continuously and
effectively maintained, gradually strangled German industries and weakened the will to war of the
German people. The German counter-blockade, ruthlessly pressed by submarines, was actually felt
and, at one period, was menacing in the extreme. But with matchless devotion the merchant
seamen, despite their ghastly and terrifying experiences, defied the torpedoes and, in the long run,

prevailed. By the end of 1916 German submarines sank about 300,000 tons a month, and in April
1917 the figure was 875,000 tons. The British blockade prevented Germany from doing business,
(trade) with the world. A trade embargo that prevented Germany from importing its food to feed
her people. And therefore was unable to sell her products to the world, in order to pay for food
imports into Germany or otherwise? The Germans did not throw the first stone! Germany was a
country surrounded by her enemies! It‘s like the wolf at the lairs door, ‗If he barks enough, his
intended victim will come out and fight, or will starve too death in his hole? The League of Nations
has been preying on sheep, (gentile nations) for years; too control the world, called the ―New World
Order‖. Because of the unfair terms in the Versailles Treaty! Hitler contended that Germany
deserved more land to live on. In the early 1930‘s the depression hit Germany. The moderate
parties could not agree on what to do about it, and large numbers of voters turned to the Nazis and
Communists. In 1933 Hitler became the German chancellor, and in a series of subsequent moves
established himself as ‗Leader at a popular election vote of the German people! When, on
September 3rd 1939, Britain declared war on Germany. The circumstances surrounding the firing
of the first torpedo in anger on the day war was declared Lt-Cdr Lemp, in command of U-30,
sighted a passenger liner which he claimed was off the normal shipping routes, had no lights on,
and was steering a zig-zag course. Lemp came to the conclusion that the vessel was a troopship. He
established its identity as British, and acted immediately on his entitlement to attack it. His
torpedoes struck home, and the ship sank with the loss of 128 lives. Unfortunately the ship proved
to be not a troopship at all, but the passenger liner Athenia sailing from Britain to the United
States, and most of U-30‘s victims were civilians. Survivors from the Athenia are taken on board a
Norwegian tanker. The Phoney War was over by April 1940 when the Germans invaded Norway. It
was not until 27th September that the Axis partners signed the Tripartite Pact. At that point
Turkish foreign policy was hardening up in the face of this alarming evidence of a German victory!
The British government and the warmonger Churchill had obtained intelligence by intercepting
letters and telegrams and by breaking the diplomatic ciphers of neutral and friendly nations, and
its impact on the conduct of foreign policy during the Second World War. The Victory Parade held
by Hitler to honour those who fought in the victorious battle in the West in May-June 1940 was the
most glorious day for German arms in history. Girl‘s strew-flowers along Hitler‘s path, hours
before his arrival in Berlin. Tens of thousands of flowers covered the path of the entire parade
route, and thousands more were thrown by the crowds: The Germans had no idea that the British
had Radar in 1940 to detect the position of aircraft and ships etc. How could the British see or
know their positions at night. So to protect this secret from the Germans; they made-up this story
that the British pilots ate lots of carrots; and that‘s how the British could see in advance the aircraft
coming to attack. Remember ‗from 1926, the British had thirteen years prior warning from Jewry
before WW11 to get ready for war on Germany 3-9-1939; and therefore had a technological
advantage over the Germans, because they secretly planned ―IT. Hitler did not want a war, and
would defend Britain. He honestly liked the British people; but he knew world Jewry were planning
a Holy War onto her to annihilate, e.g., completely and utterly defeat and destroy the German
people and it‘s culture from the face of the earth. What did the German Christian people and their
race do to deserve this, ‗absolutely nothing? The Bolshevist that become the ‗Communist party in
1918, were Russian communist or revolutionary socialist from the fact that this faction formed the
majority group of the Russian Social Democratic party in 1903, most probably all Jews? Are these
the same Jews that supposedly fled from the U.S.S.R. into Germany in 1903, too seek refuge and a
safe place to rest their weary heads from further exertion; or was ―IT‖ another Jewish plot to gain
control of Germany like the Trojan Horse trick, e.g., a person or device planted to bring about an
enemy‘s downfall like in Troy in Asian Minor. Is ―IT‖ coincidental that the pagan Khazars, e.g., the
modern day Jews today which came from Asia into Eastern Europe during the 5th century A.D;
are in fact the same Khazars from ancient Russia who fled into Germany seeking refuge in 1903 for
the sole reason of defeating Germany. The German people today are still dismayed by the
doublecross perpetrated upon them, and than use the Machiavelli trick by blaming the Germans

for starting the war, which is totally untrue: During the end of the Reich (1945), the Allies were
intent on unconditional surrender, there would be no negotiation, the Nazi‘s to be destroyed, the
Allied felt that the Nazi had to be thoroughly beaten, otherwise they would come back at Us again,
but for many Germans, unconditional surrender was simple unacceptable, unconditional surrender
meant that no one had any idea what would happen to them. They thought, would we be treated
reasonably, and this word unconditional, was of course a great terror for the German troops. This
question of an unconditional surrender, very much strengthened the German resistance, we have
too win, ‗otherwise there would be a terrible end. Said, Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, Major,
and Army High Command Staff. Goebbels said that the Allies wanted to destroy the German
people completely. Dr. Goebbels Secretary, Brunhilde Pomsel, said, that after the Allied bombing,
there weren‘t any lights, ‗you couldn‘t cook any soup. As well as the Allies dropping bombs, they
also dropped leaflets, telling Germans, peace with Germans yes, peace with Hitler, never! Dr.
Joseph P. Goebbels spoke on German Radio, and said. ‗In the last few days, we have learned
enough about the enemy‘s plans. The plan proposed by that Jew Morgenthau, would rob 80 million
Germans of their industry, and turn Germany into a simple potato field. They were told that if we
didn‘t carry on fighting, they would be reduced to living off the land, the whole country, and
everyone living in it would be destitute, said ‗Helmut Altner, Private, 309 Infantry Division. But
another plan for the future of Germany was about to be concocted, and this one would not be
abandoned. ‗The ‗Yalta Conference, February 4th 1945, it had consequences for the Germans, and
the Allies, that few could foresee. Jew Roosevelt, the Yid Churchill and the Jew Stalin meet at the
Yalta Conference on the 4th February 1945, they were to agree on the division of Germany, with
the establishment of four zones when the war ended. The ‗communiqué e.g., Official intimation that
was issued at the end of the conference, called for the peoples liberation, from the domination
(control), of Nazi Germany, and there ability to create their own democratic institution! The main
points of this agreement was that the countries that had been liberated by the Allies, Soviets,
American and the British, should have free unfettered e.g., (free from restraint), supervised
elections. And so at Yalta, the Allies hoped they had laid the foundations of a new European Order,
One of democracy and freedom? But Churchill had his doubts! Churchill and the Jew‘ Roosevelt
had made Stalin a promise, that they would help his advance into Germany. It‘s alleged, the Soviets
entered Germany first too cleanup the dead carcasses, by placing most of the German dead women
and children into concentration camps, too cover-up the fact that they were murdered by the Allied
Jewish bombing of Germany! Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels knew that the victors would divide
Germany up! Germany in the last days was defended by the Hitler youth, boys as young as 15 or 16
years old. With the Soviets destroying Berlin, it looked like Goebbels predictions were coming true!
People wrote their will, and people committed suicide, ‗it was horrible. The Russian soldiers took
turns in raping the German women for weeks; some girls were younger than 10 years of age! On
the 22nd of April 1945, Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels took his family to the Reich Chancellery bunker
in Berlin. Within 8 metres of concrete, the occupancy was waiting for the end. Hitler himself
wandered around the bunker,‘ He was a wreck, it was like a Jew wandering and still living from
when Christ said ‗Thou shalt wander on the earth till I return ‗as punishment for an insult! Maybe
Hitler‘s spirit is still with ‗Us‘ today? For the people in Hitler‘s lair, they thought, ‗how would I kill
myself when the Russians come? Would I take the cyanide capsules that everyone was given! Then
on the 25th April, with the Red Army surrounding the city of Berlin; five days later, with the
Soviets only 100 metres away from the Reichstag; at 3 pm. Hitler committed suicide 30/4/45. His
body was burnt, and as the flames shot up, his staff stood to attention, and gave their leader a final
Nazi solute! Dr. Goebbels was next, Hitler offered that Goebbels children be flown out of Berlin,
Goebbels had refused; his six children were poisoned, and he and his wife committed suicide.
Brunhilde Pomsel, Goebbels‘ Secretary, said that Goebbels had blind faith, right until the end, and
he proved it until his death! She said, she saw dead horses, and dead people, and Berlin stank of
this dreadful Russian petrol. At 5 pm on Sunday the 6th May, at Shaef Headquarters, Rheims. A
meeting was held, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces,

stayed upstairs, because he didn‘t want to shake hands with a Nazi! The German General‘s said.
‗We are prepared to surrender to the Americans, British and French on the Western front, But not
to the Russians on the Eastern front! Allies said. It was totally unacceptable. You must surrender
on all fronts, unconditionally! Eisenhower said, you tell the Germans, that in 48 hours from
midnight tonight, I will closedown my lines on the Western front, so no more Germans can get
through, whether they sign or not. ‗No matter how much time they take! These 48 hours allowed
thousands of Germans troops that were able too flee from the Soviets, and surrender to the British
and Americans! The soldiers were desperate to surrender to the Americans. By midnight on the 7th
May 1945, the Germans were ready to surrender to Allied forces. With this signature the German
people and the German armed forces are for better or worse delivered into the victors hands! In
this war both have achieved and suffered, perhaps more than any other people in the world. In this
hour I can only hope that the victors will treat them with generosity. The Allies had liberated many
concentration camp inmates at the end of the war, where most inmates died from malnutrition
owing to British and Jewish sanction of essential food imports to Germany. They never died from
maltreatment by camp guards. On the 8th May the war in Europe was finally over. The formula of
unconditional surrender had now been achieved. Europeans could put the horrors of the last five
years behind them. Tom Renouf. Corporal, The Black Watch, sais, you suddenly realised that it
was all over, that you could hear the birds singing, instead on listening for mortar bombs, you could
smell the flowers, instead of smelling dying bodies and cordite, that you didn‘t have to hear
everything, too try to survive, it was like been born again, as it were, like a death sentence had been
lifted, and you were so happy that you survived: Australia, Canberra, 18th November 1943, the
Prime Minister for Post-War Reconstruction, Mr Chifley, says the cost of the 40,000 houses to be
built yearly will be £750-pounds to £1,000-pounds Stirling each. Berlin, 21st May 1935, Hitler
broadcast to the world that Germany wants peace, but will not reduce her armaments for self-
defence. Berlin, 8th August 1941, the Soviet Air Force carries out its first raid on the German
capital. Berlin, 1st October 1941, 163,696 Jews are estimated to be still living in Germany, from a
population of 450,000 to 500,000. (In the whole of ‗Europe before 1939, ‗there were no more than
―two-and-a-half to three million‖ Jews living‖ in Europe. And throughout the whole wide world
before 1939, there were no more than ―Seven-and-a-half million‖ Jews living), and these figures
and this information came from their own Jewish books! Germany, 1st April 1942, the number of
Jews in Germany is now put at 51,257, because most had left for the Middle East, America and
Tokyo. The Jews left at their own accord; also about 5,000 migrated to Australia before 1939. UK,
13th December 1942, British Jews hold a day of mourning for the holocaust genocide victims of
Nazi Germany, which at that time had not even been gassed yet, ‗this proves the holocaust story is a
―Jewish myth‖, a fabrication used by them during their Holy War, financed wholly by them too
starve 65 million Germans with there illegal sanctions against a Christian country: In March 1943,
new alleged gas chambers and cremator were opened, increasing dramatically the killing potential;
enormous wealth stolen from the arriving Jews that flooded through Auschwitz ‗Birkenau; and
contrary to direct orders of the Nazi leadership; individuals members of the SS, took great personal
advantage. They were taking home some gold and diamonds, also other valuables; nobody counted
the cash of different currencies coming through the camp each day, which was taken during the
sorting of cloths. Good cloths were sent to Berlin for the war effort. It was a bonanza for the SS on
duty. For corruption within the SS, life was bearable. One SS officer, said, ‗the special situation at
Auschwitz, led to friendships. Today I like to look back on with joy. Auschwitz main camp was on
the banks of the Solo River in southern Poland; and it was here that the Commandant SS
Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf Hoess, worked hand-in-hand with businessmen, too grow a giant
industrial complex. Ultimately, about ‗sixty million Deutschmarks, or ‗one hundred and twenty five
million £-pounds in today‘s money, would be generated here for the Nazi State. There was not one
Auschwitz camp, but many. Eventually, there were 45 sub-camps dotted around the region. Most
providing slave labour for the armament factories, and other industrial concerns, as well as
Auschwitz prisoners digging drainage ditches at Birkenau. ―On a hot day in the summer of 1942

Himmler plans for the building of the giant synthetic rubber factory at Monowitz, the largest
industrial facility within the Auschwitz complex etc. Heinrich Himmler pleased with the progress
he saw at Auschwitz, subsequently promotes Rudolf Hoess, the commandant, to SS Lieutenant
Colonel. At the centre of this web of slave labour and industry, laid the giant camp of Auschwitz-
Birkenau. The vast complex was now a self-contained universe, a place to live, a place to work, a
place too die? A transport of Hungarian Jews arrives at Auschwitz-Birkenau in the spring/early
summer of 1944. The twin chimneys of ―crematoria ―2‖ and ―3‖ in the background, left and right
of the train. On arrival the Hungarian Jews are first separated by sex; women sent to one side, men
to another; when the separation of the sexes had been completed, a Nazi doctor assessed the line of
male Jews, and a few moments he will decide who is to live and who is to die? ―At the heart of
Birkenau were the alleged gas chambers where 1. 4 million had perished. Selection were made from
arriving transports of Jews from rail stockcars; those thought fit enough were taken away to be
allegedly worked too death? The remainder, ‗the old, ‗the weak, ‗the children, were murdered
immediately? An eyewitness Dario Gabbal 1944-45 said, ‗the Jews were ordered too undress and
were forced towards a room below the building, and then told to take a shower, (the children were
crying, a surviving Jew said); and then the people inside the gas chamber were systemically gassed
using Zyklon B. Yet others lived to tell, so the Nazis would face war crimes, come on now. ‗Why
would they leave any witnesses behind, if the Nazis had something to hide? The fact is; if the bodies
had been gassed with Zyklon B, those bodies would be ―brick red‖, not ―Blue or Black‖ in colour.
Unless of cause this ‗Jewish witness was colour blind at the time? The ovens in the ―Auschwitz
crematoria, each capable of holding several bodies? Crematorium ―4‖, the gas chambers were
above ground; the ―Zyklon B‘ was allegedly pushed into them through hatches in the walls, that‘s
strange, for years the Jews were saying the Nazis dropped ―Zyklon B‘ through holes on the roof?
Crematorium ―3‖, was situated near the arrival ramp in Birkenau. Here the alleged gas chamber
was in the basement of the building. ―I do believe its possible, that the Nazis may have kill many
children in this way during the final months of the Jewish war on Germany in 1944-45, most
probably because they were no use to them anymore, or maybe there was little food available too
feed them all, ‗who knows? It still was wrong for any soldiers too murder defenceless little children
in any shape or form, if that‘s what really happened. But why would they, the war was almost over
for the Germans. Why would they want to commit war crimes during the war, knowing they could
all face the death penalty after the war? There will never ever be any excuse in my mind for a war
crime like this (if in fact it happened at all). The Jews are still-hunting Nazis after 63-years. Dr.
Efraim Zurhoff, Director of Wiesenthal Centre, looking for Nazi SS Aribert Heim, alias Dr. Death
in southern Chile, Santiago-Argentina. Aribert Heim‘s daughter lives at house No. 579 in Puerto
Montt. ―The Jews and Jesuits are the biggest mass murderers throughout the history of the world,
and they know it, but still they hate the Nazis, Why? ―The Jew Roosevelt had 300 Nazi camp
guards executed (murdered), so historians will never really know the truth regarding the alleged
holocaust at Auschwitz death camp, this genocide may have taken place on Jews and others?
Maybe it was to save food that was very scarce at the time, so that others in the camps would not
perish from starvation, ‗who knows what the circumstances might have been? Hitler is not here to
defend himself. What I do know is; the Jews were willing too starve 65 million Germans too death.
What would the history books say about that today; nothing if the Jews have their way? The Jews
are carnivorous, e.g., they feed off the flesh of gentiles. The Passover, a male was slain at sunset
closing the fourteenth day of the month Abib (or, as it was afterwards called, Nisan, (Hebrew
nesan), and it was then roasted and eaten, no remnant of the flesh being allowed to remain till the
following morning (Deut. 16: 4) since decay or putrefaction, e.g., putrid smell, which rapidly sets in
under a semi-tropical climate, was regarded as ritual defilement. (Jewish ritual murder of children
still go on today at Xmas) If your child goes missing without a trace, check out the local synagogue,
a building or Temple where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious observance and
instruction. The Jews sacrificed our Lord, so why wouldn‘t they kill your child for blood: No one
else died during the Jewish Holy War against the Germans. Only Jews suffered, so we are all led to

believe? One former Jewish inmate said after the war, that he saw the gassed people after they
opened the doors to the cremator; that he saw these same people a half-hour before, they were all
standing up, some black and blue from the gas, no place were to go, dead. A few hundred yards
from the gas chambers, was the area of the camp, known as ‗Canada; because ‗Canada was
thought to be a land of untold riches. This is where the belongings snatched from the arriving
transports were sorted, and repacked, and sent back to Germany. For the inmates working in
‗Canada, was one of the few sort after jobs in the camp. They got food and water, and that was the
best working unit for life for us, said ‗Libusa Breder, because we were not beaten by the SS, as a
prisoner at Auschwitz. The majority of inmates who worked in ‗Canada were women, and were
able to snatch extra food‘ from the belongings as they sorted through them. Against the explicit
rules of the SS, friendly relationships could develop in ‗Canada, between the German guards, and
the woman prisoners at Auschwitz. Helena Citronova, a Slovenian Jew who had been sent to
Auschwitz in 1942. Both Helena and her sister survived Auschwitz: At Sobibor concentration camp
barracks, Red Army Jewish prisoners Arkadiy Vajspapir and his friend, tells how they murdered
two defenceless SS guards by luring them to their barracks to try on new boots they had made for
one of them, and then using an axe on the two unsuspecting SS guards, just so they could escape
from the camp to freedom (what a cowardly act). On escaping they came under fire by the
‗Ukrainian guards‘ on top of the watchtowers. They evaded capture and survived the war, and
because of these two men. In the wake of the Sobibor revolt or rebellion, ‗Himmler ordered the
closure of a number of camps in Poland, and the murder by shooting of over 40,000 people; but the
Nazis ―final solution‖ was not progressing as Hitler and Himmler would have hoped. The Italians
refused to deport their Jews; Bulgaria gave-up 11,000, but protested, and refused to give-up
anymore Jews; and Romania refused to cooperate further in this matter. For everyone knew that
the Germans were losing the war in the East, the fight against the Red Army; whole German units
had been captured. Denmark did more than any other country too protects Jews. The Germans
first occupied Denmark in 1940, but it was only now in August 1943 that the Germans imposed full
military rule. Now German brutality was practiced in the open, and the Danish Jews were hugely at
risk. In September 1943, Dr. Best, ordered 8,000 Danish Jews to be rounded up, on the pretext that
a bridge could be built over the Baltic Sea; so the Jews could find a way to Sweden. The politicians
warned the Jews. As a result, ‗on Wednesday the 29th September 1943, word got out to warn the
Jews via Rabbi Melchior, He told the Jews not to be home on Friday night. The operation will take
place on the 1st October, and the Security Police have already received their orders; and on Friday
the 1st of October, when German Security Police visited the homes of Danish Jews, they found that
the vast majority had fled. Most had travelled to Danish ports, where they sought a crossing to
Sweden, and at every stage of their escape, the Jews were helped by their fellow Danes, even by
members of the Danish police: Berlin, 28th February 1941, Hitler threatens a new U-Boat war of
unprecedented fury. Paris, Germans arrest about 1,000 Jews and hand them over to the police:
Germany, 6th September 1941, all Jews over the age of 6, are ordered to display a yellow Star of
David when in public, or a fine of 150 Reichsmarks or six weeks in (gaol) jail: Germany, 26th
March 1942, the Nazis begin the deportation of Jews to the concentration camp at Auschwitz in
Poland: Germany, 26th March 1942, 200 RAF planes carryout a heavy raid on the town of the
Ruhr valley: Moscow, 1st May 1942, Stalin says the USSR has no territorial ambitions in foreign
countries: Germany, 30th June 1942, all remaining Jewish schools are closed: Poland, 29th June
1942, the Polish underground informed Jewish leaders in London, that over 700,000 Jews were
murdered by the Nazis in Poland, and in Rumania 125,000, Holland, and France, Jews are executed
in large numbers daily; they say the Nazis are using a special van fitted-out with a poison gas
chamber, up to ninety men, women and children are herded into such Chelmno diesel fume death-
truck, box-vans; then on the other hand, they say that the Warsaw Lodz ghetto is effectively a
concentration camp with 600,000 Jews living 19 to a room. Deaths from starvation and disease
occur daily, and medical supplies have been denied to children under five and adults over 50 years.
―Hold on; didn‘t we just read, that the Nazis gassed the Jewish children on the very same day they

arrived at the alleged death camp? ‗Look most of them were denied enough food and essential
medical treatment, because of the Jewish blockade of Germany? Not murdered or gassed by the
Nazis, the whole song and dance of the Jews is mostly a propaganda lie? The vans in question were
only a scare tactic, the Jews were not massacred, and they were sent to the camps, because they
were tying up the Germans from fighting for the survival of the Third Reich. London, 4th August
1942, The Duke of Kent names Roosevelt as his second son‘s ‗godfather, e.g., Mafia? Germany,
10th September 1942, the RAF drops 100,000 bombs on Dusseldorf in less than an hour: Germany,
13th September 1942, the RAF carries out its 100th raid on Bremen: Paris, 20th September 1942,
the Germans murder 116 people in retaliation for increasing attacks on German officers. ―What
did they expect would happen, when they go on killing German officers doing their duty? The
Second World War was between Germany and World Jewry, and it was winnable, until the Jews
brought America into the war too fight their battles? Berlin, 4th October 1942, Hitler says that
occupied countries must makeup the food shortage caused by the Jewish Allied blockade of
Germany. Three more years to go until wars end: German soldiers would join two raincoats
together to form a two-man tent; and pilots flying with the Luftwaffe had foot warmers in their
cockpit: Stalingrad, 29th October 1942, 60,000 Germans launch a fresh assault on Soviet positions,
but advance only 50 yards, because Russia was fully industrialised for war, from 1928 to (1932),
using ‗Liberty Ships‘ sent over by the Jews in America, under Stalin‘s ―Five Year Plan‖ Hitler fell
into Stalin‘s Jewish trap, created by Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D. Roosevelt!
Germany 30th January 1943, Berlin is bombed twice today in the RAF‘s first daylight raid on the
city: Berlin, 2nd March 1943, the RAF drops 900 tons of bombs on the city centre in half-an-hour:
Germany, 6th March 1943, the RAF pounds the Ruhr city of Essen: March 15th 1943, after losing
Kharkov to the Russians, the Germans recapture the city; and the Germans have lost 500,000 men
during the winter fighting on the eastern front: Germany, 15th April 1943, the RAF drops 8,000-
pound ―Blockbuster‖ and 4,000-pound ―Factory smasher‖ bombs on Stuttgart: April 18, 1943, the
Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto begins as 500,000 Jews are bottled up in the ghetto defending
themselves heroically for six weeks against attacks by German tanks and artillery, and the losses
are about 5,000 on each side, but the survivors are deported to the alleged death camps. The Jews
are still alive four years into the war, and still going strong? Berlin, 8th August 1943, one million
citizens are been evacuated on Dr. Goebbels orders: October 4th 1943, Heinrich Himmler outlines
in a speech to his Gruppenfuhrer, his plan for the extermination of the Jews? Berlin, 3rd January
1944, An RAF raid hits Hitler‘s Chancellery: UK, 16th January 1944, General Eisenhower takes
over as Supreme Commander of Allied invasion forces in Europe: Moscow, 18th February 1944,
Stalin awards Eisenhower the USSR‘s highest military honour, the Order of Suvorov First Class:
Europe, 10th April 1944, the RAF drops a record 3,600 tons of bombs in a single raid on Germany,
France and Belgium: Europe, 20th April 1944, the RAF sets a record for a single raid, by dropping
4,500 tons of bombs for Hitler‘s 55th birthday: Moscow, 1st May 1944, Stalin tells Bulgaria,
Rumania and Hungary to declare war on Germany: July 3rd 1944, the city of Minsk falls to the
Russians, who capture 100,000 German soldiers: July 20, 1944, Hitler survives an attempt by his
generals to assassinate him; he is injured by the bomb, but not seriously: Germany, 11th September
1944, the US First Army under General Omar Bradley leads the Allies on to German soil: UK, 3rd
March 1944, the RAF admits it is dropping new 12,000-pound bombs on innocent women and
children in its latest raids on German cities: France, 4th June 1944, the Allies drop 8,000 tons of
bombs in a raid on German coastal positions: Germany, 16th October 1944, ‗the weekly bread
ration is cut by 200 grams (6 oz): ISBN 0-7509-3782-3: Germany‘s atomic bomb program,
‗Source, ―The New Order‖ National Socialist Movement. The most controversial weapon being
developed by National Socialist scientists, however, was the atomic bomb. By 1943, their program
surpassed anything of the kind being developed by the Allies. Aware of the Reich‘s lead in atomic
research, Churchill, alerted by Ultra intercepts, dispatched Special Forces to destroy the Norsk
Hydro Company, in Norway, where heavy water production was in progress, on February 27th.

Despite the successful raid, development was renewed, so much so, the bomb-bay of a Heinkel
heavy-bomber (the HE-177 Greif) was specially modified beginning in late 1943, at Letov, near
Prague, to accommodate the oversized a-bomb (Mondey, p.96). The following year, Professors
Werner Heisenberg (born 1901) German physicist, and Carl-Friedrich von Weizaecker were
building an atomic stockpile at Haigerlock. But as late as December, their work was still not
completed. In the last months of the war, Herr Hitler received regular reports about further
progress in finalizing a nuclear Siegwaffe (―Victory Weapon‖), which he hoped could become
operational in time to save his country, even with the enemy closing in on Berlin. But the British
commando raid had succeeded in setting back German atomic research by about two years.
Otherwise, the Fuhrer would have had the ultimate Siegwaffe at his disposal by 1944, perhaps in
time to counter the Normandy invasion. The outcome of World War 11 would then have been
radically different. Imminent appearance of the Reich‘s so-called ―wonder weapon‖ encouraged the
Fuehrer. Also (Fuhrer) to hold the enemy at bay, or, at any rate, slow his advance as much as
possible, to grant time for them to enter the war. Advanced arms technology had already made
possible a renewed Blitz against England and was on its way to recapturing air superiority over the
Reich, operations to bring the war to the United States were underway. In spring, 1944, a six-
engined reconnaissance plane (Junkers Ju-390) achieved one of the great aeronautical feats of the
decade by flying non-stop, roundtrip from an airfield near Bordeaux to New York City (Mondey,
p.131). The record-breaking flight comprised a feasibility study for planned raids on the Big Apple
undertaken by the ―Amerika Bomber‖, a four-engine aircraft already built and tested by
Messerschmitt before the Normandy invasion. Also in preparation was the A-10, history‘s first
intercontinental ballistic missile. At war‘s end, its first example was half-complete, with mass-
production scheduled to begin in late summer, 1945, and attacks on New York planned for mid-
autumn. Before then, U-Boats lying 185 miles off Long Island would launch V-1s toward
Manhattan. Both V-weapons were successfully test-fired from submarines, the most remarkably
futuristic being the underwater launch of a V-2 in the Baltic Sea, foreshadowing future launches of
the U.S. Navy‘s ―Polaris‖ guided missile, in the 1960s. New U-Boats were, in fact, sinking ships off
the U.S. coast throughout the last months of the war, beginning again in March 1945, after a hiatus
of two years. Their return was made possible by Type XI electric-powered U-Boats, the so-called
―Walter‖ submarines, precursors to atomic-powered submersible vessels, able to travel great
distances at profound depths obviating the need for frequent surfacing, and firing acoustic
torpedoes which automatically honed-in on the sound of an opponent‘s engines, without being
visually directed by the captain peering through his periscope. In an early example of its
effectiveness, a single Walter-boat randomly fired its spread of acoustic-torpedoes, sinking five
British destroyers in one engagement. As late as April 23rd, a few days before war‘s end, one of the
new U-Boats challenged its most dangerous opponent, a sub-chaser, sinking the USS Eagle only five
miles off the coast of Maine. In the words of The Boston Sunday Globe (p. B1, March 12, 2000),
―The force of the blast lifted the 200-foot long ship three feet in the air and snapped it in half.‖
Twelve days later, U-853 sank a coal freighter off Newport. Another few months and German
submarines would be lobbing V-weapons onto Wall Street. Had German resistance succeeded in
staving off the Allied at least into late summer, Hitler would have had the new weapon necessary to
turn the war in his favour. National Socialist Movement, ―Box 580669, Minneapolis, MN 55458,
USA. Ph. 651-659-6307. Visit, www.nsm88.com. www.popmatters.com/film/reviews/h/howard-
hughes-real-aviator.shtml-39k, www.rense.com/general140/ani.htm-19k,
www.businesstrader.com.au: www.amren.comlnews/news04/06/10/bardot.html-36k,
www.ypc.org/nrainfolheston.html-7k: Auschwitz 21/6/1944. National Holocaust Museum in
Washington, DC, a photo album has come to light regarding photos of happy Nazis at Auschwitz-
Birkenau concentration camp seen relaxing at a holiday resort nearby with high-ranking SS
Officers, including the butcher Josef Mengele. The album belonged to Karl Hoecker, adjutant to
the commander at Auschwitz; his job was to know everything before the SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer

(Captain), or commandant‘ Rudolf Franz Hoess, and for Hoecker to supervise the team of women
known as Halter Helfereilnen. They were telecommunications specialist in charge of things inside
and outside the camp. When the trains arrived with interns—groups of Jews were separated for
forced labour, and the rest to the alleged gas chambers? These photographs of SS soldiers were
taken at a nearby resort in the summer of 1944, when the alleged slaughter of Jews by the SS was at
its height. The men and women who ran Auschwitz was a hell-on-earth Regina Speigal had claimed.
It was the notorious death camp; a place in the annals of evil, said the Jew Regina Speigal, a
Auschwitz survivor. One of the photos was of Mit dem Kommandanten SS-Stubaf, Baer. Regina
Speigal said she was 18-years at the time, and all the children were gassed as they arrived. ―But
Regina Speigal as a girl would be no older than 10 or 12 at the time, not 18 years old, going by her
photo on arrival at Auschwitz alleged death camp. She claims that on arrival people were separated
from the children and men (true), and made to take a shower before been gassed? Yet she has
survived, still alive in 2008. It‘s a fact; there were no gas chambers at all, only crematorium ovens
according to the International Red Cross. ―Birkenau capacity was expanded; and body disposals
using open-pit cremating. The Birkenau complex included some 300 prison barracks; four large so-
called Badeanstalten ―German ―bathhouses‖ in which prisoners were allegedly gassed to death.
Why would the Nazis need 300 barracks and four bathhouses if they intended to kill the Jews?
There wouldn‘t be a need for 300 barracks, if the Jews were gassed on arrival, and only one
bathhouse would be sufficient to do the job, e.g., gas all the Jews! The Allies boycott of Germany.
The actual number of Jews who perished from disease and starvation in all the Nazi death camps,
numbered no more than 148,743. ―Dateline‖ 12/6/08. See website for more SS photos,
www.sbs.com.au/dateline: Josef Mengele, born March 16, 1911, Gunzburg, Germany. Died
February 7, 1979, Enseada da Bertioga, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alias, ―Angel of Death. ―Nazi
doctor‖ at Auschwitz extermination camp 1943-45, who selected prisoners for execution in the gas
chambers and conducted medical experiments on inmates in pseudoscientific racial studies. He
studied philosophy in Munich in the 1920s, coming under the influence of the racial ideology of
Alfred Rosenberg, and then took a medical degree at the University of Frankfurt am Main. He
enlisted in the Sturmabteilung ―SA‖; ―Assault Division‖ in 1933. An ardent Nazi, he joined the
research staff of a newly founded institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene in 1934.
During WW11 he served as a medical officer with the Waffen-SS, the ―armed‖ component of the
Nazi paramilitary corps‖ in France and Russia. In 1943 he was appointed by Heinrich Himmler to
be chief doctor at Birkenau, the supplementary extermination camp at Auschwitz, where he and his
staff selected incoming Jews for labour or extermination and where he supervised medical
experiments on inmates to discover means of increasing fertility ―to increase the German ―race‖.
His chief interest, however, was research on twins. He moved to Brazil in 1961, becoming friends
with old-time Nazi, Wolfgang Gerhard. ―Mengele using Gerhard‘s identity, died in 1979 of a stroke
while swimming, and was buried under Gerhard‘s name. Dental records later confirmed the
forensic conclusion: Wehrmacht. The ―German armed forces or defense force. In WW11, some
―1‖ in ―3‖ German soldiers died. ―18 million German soldiers fought to prevent Europe and the
whole world from becoming communist controlled. Adolf Hitler had no other choice, but to invade
the U.S.S.R. Germany was alone fighting on two fronts; because Britain and its allies should have
been on the side of the Christians, e.g., the German soldiers who sacrificed their lives too save us
from the devil himself. Can no one see that Yids wearing their skullcap have deceived us all, e.g.,
these armchair generals? Winston Churchill was a communist sympathizer, a traitor to all
mankind, a warmonger siding with the Jew‘ Joseph Stalin, too bring about communism & the
downfall of the free world. If ―IT‖ wasn‘t for the ―Waffen-SS, from stopping Stalin at Stalingrad
for twelve months in below freezing temperatures, the whole world would now be under
communism. ―No, all we hear today is this ―lie‖ about ―six million Jews‖ allegedly been gassed to
death: Heinrich Himmler, May 22nd 1945 Germany, One of Hitler‘s loyal henchman, and
the Head of the brutal notorious Gestapo SS is captured. He is taken into custody by British troops

at Bremervorde near Hamburg. When questioned by Military Police, Himmler wearing a black eye
patch insists that he is a village policeman, named Heinrich Hissenger? But the real Hissenger is
dead. The military still suspicious, the MP‘s refused to allow Himmler too pass through their
checkpoint. Then, when he knows that his bluff has been called, he removes his eye patch, and puts
on his familiar full moon eyeglasses. His chilling features are recognized instantly. Himmler is
arrested and whisk away with the 2nd Army Headquarters at Luneburg. May 23rd ‗Luneburg,
Himmler is stripped searched in preparation for interrogation. During his physical examination
however, Himmler throws his head back and collapses on the floor in convolutions. He has bitten
into a concealed vile of cyanide. Doctors immediately try pumping his stomach and inducing
vomiting; but it‘s too late, 44 year old SS-Heinrich Himmler, ‗Head of the Nazi terror machine, and
a ruthless alleged exterminator of the Jews is dead in less then fifteen minutes. Bill Carrotte, a
British Guard at the time; said, ‗there was a crunch of a cyanide vile, and you could actually hear it
‗glass in his teeth, and the Doc said, we‘ll make him sick, using lots of water; but that was the end of
Himmler. Later Himmler‘s body is moved and buried by two British Army Sergeants‘, in an
unmarked grave; somewhere on Luneburg Keefe, in order of it becoming a Nazi shrine; the exact
location of his grave would never be divulged. One of the most valuable secrets is revealed. In the
custody of US Occupation Forces, S.S. General Christian Burger leads army officers to a small
barn in St. Johann, a village a few miles from Salzburg ‗Austria, there he removes a few
floorboards, and digs down into the loose earth beneath, too reveal eight large sacks and a metal
box. The sacks contained approximately $1-Million dollars in mixed foreign currencies for the Jews
Booty of War. Burger told the officers that he had been ordered by Himmler too hide the money.
S.S. Burger adds, ‗that he knows the location of another Nazi cache, e.g., hiding-place for treasure
that contains more than 700 solid ―gold-bars‖ worth millions. But it would be several more weeks
before the concealed stash is found: The Zionist‘s offer of 10,000 trucks for the Nazis! In return for
―one million Jews. My question is, what happened to the other alleged ‗Five-million Jews, who were
supposed to have been gassed by the Nazis. The Jews all know full well, that there were only ―two-
and-a-half-million Jews‖ throughout the whole of Europe before the summer of 1939: Reinhard
Gehlen, began WW11 as an artillery officer in France, before been transferred to the Eastern
Front. In 1942 he was appointed Head of German Intelligence. His reports and clarity initially
pleased Hitler; but Gehlen was a realist. It was not long before his reports delivered news that the
German High Command did not want to hear; and by April 9th 1945. Hitler disenchantment with
Gehlen, finally boiled over, and he was dismissed as a traitor to the Third Reich; because he had a
tendency to take the worst view or expect the worst outcome, e.g., He was a pessimist. Gehlen knew
the defeat of Germany was inevitable, e.g., unavoidable; and so with a few trusted companions, he
drove-up into the Bavarian Alps, and buried microfilm in which a great deal of invaluable
intelligence was stored. When Gehlen and his staff surrendered to U.S. forces, he was able to
retrieve the data and hand over an impressive archive of information. After the war, Gehlen with
the assistance of the OSS, later the CIA, returned to Germany, and opened intelligence operations,
called The Gehlen organization. The organization main task was to fight a new war, a Cold War,
and gather intelligence on Soviet activity on Eastern Europe. The true value of that intelligence
however is still been debated today. Gehlen retired in 1968, and died more than a decade later in
1979: Hurtgen (hurt‘gen) A village in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, near Hurtgen Forest,
scene of heavy fighting (November, 1944) in World War 11: Berlin, 11th November 1944, Himmler
is given control of the German Army: Germany, 5th December 1944, General Patton‘s troops reach
the Siegfried Line: Germany, 6th December 1944, 20 million Germans are homeless after the Allied
bombing: January 26, 1945, Soviet troops liberate the Polish death camp at Auschwitz, but find
only 3,000 prisoners; the SS have deported the rest to camps inside Germany: The official figure
was that 1.4 million people had died at Auschwitz concentration camp; of which 200,000 were
children, allegedly gassed by the Nazis? ―Note, the transportation of a reasonable 363,000 prisoners
to Auschwitz in the course of the war; so how could the official figure be 1.4 million dead? The

conniving Jews conjure not telling us the whole truth. When it comes to money; money is the root of
all evil. Jews hate all Christians, they want us dead. Jews and Jesuits are behind most of the wars
today, and have been for the past 300-years? Of the 7,000 SS on duty there, who had worked at
Auschwitz ‗Birkenau garrison death camp; only 800 SS were charged with war crimes? Rudolf
Hoess was the Commandant Lieutenant Colonel at Auschwitz ‗Birkenau concentration camp in
Poland! After a trial lasting three weeks, Rudolf Hoess was executed (hung) on the site of his crimes
on the 16th April 1947, but for many former prisoners at Auschwitz, this was only part of the
justice they sought? After the gassing of the children; the ―hardened Nazi ‗Hoess would ride his
horse to clear his mind of such incidence! He wrote that he had no regrets, and showed no remorse
for a wrong committed. Under torture, the reasons behind the extermination program seem to him,
to be right? Frau Hoess, his wife told the British of his whereabouts, whilst in custody. She had
been tricked into believing she was saving her son, if she didn‘t tell! One former SS member at
Auschwitz, ‗Oskar Groning, said, he obversely knew that the things that happened there, did not
necessarily comply with human rights. The thing that happened there he said, was true. The Nazis
gassed the children? In 1945, the escaping SS were captured by an identifiable tattoo blood group
mark under their left armpit. ―Look, the Holocaust story changes as the year‘s goby. The Germans
had been setup by the Zionist‘s aristocrat lobbyist, who had intended to starve 65 million Germans
into submission, with their illegal naval blockade in which the Jews had financed this war, that the
German people never asked for. Orchestrated by world Jewry, e.g., for maximum effect upon a
peaceful people. Hitler knew a world war was not winnable! Germany was bombed too pieces
during the war. The Germans had no food source. ‗So how could the Germans have sent the Jews
back into Germany without a workable rail network still intact? ‗What, ‗by horse and cart? The
Jews have always said ―six million Jews died‖ in Auschwitz death camp; and now the Russians say
that they were all sent to Germany to be gassed by the Nazis? Many of Germans who had worked
in the camp were sent to work on farms throughout Britain. They could earn a little money, and
they were given good food, and treated with dignity e.g., with respect. Germany, 31st January 1945,
Soviet troops cross the River Oder north of Frankfurt, 40 miles from Berlin: Germany, 4th
February 1945, US troops break through the Siegfried Line: Germany, 22nd February 1945, 6,000
Allied bombers pound German transport lines: Germany, 9th May 1945, Goering gives himself up
to the Americans: Germany, 11th, March 1945, 1,000 Lancaster and Allied bombers carried out the
biggest ever daylight raid, destroying the Krupps factory, former VW car plant: Germany, 25th
April 1945, ―U.S. and Soviet troops meet on the River Elbe at Torgau: Europe, 2nd May 1945, all
1,000,000 German troops in Italy and Austria surrender: Europe, 4th May 1945, the Germans
surrender in Holland, north Germany and Denmark: Germany, 4th June 1945, the first German
troops are demobbed and sent to work on the land: Berlin, Allied supreme commanders sign pack
for the occupation of Germany: Berlin, 6th June 1945, the Russians find a body, believed to be that
of Hitler, under the Chancellery: Berlin, 6th July 1945, Allied troops hold a victory parade:
Huns, one often hears this term to describe the German race in the modern dictionary, its said
that they ravaged Europe in the 4th & 5th century, German (esp. Prussian), the truth is, the Nuns
may not be German at all? The Huns appear in history in the 3rd century. B.C., when the ‗Great
Wall of China was erected to contain them. Called Hsiungnu by the Chinese, the Huns occupied
North China from the 3rd century. A.D. Until- 581. Having swept across Asia, they invaded the
lower Volga valley c.372 and advanced westward, pushing the Germanic Ostrogoths and Visigoths
before them and thus precipitating the great waves of migrations that destroyed the Roman Empire
and changed the face of Europe. They crossed the Danube, penetrated deep into the Eastern
Empire, and forced (432) Emperor Theodosius to pay them tribute. Attila, their greatest king, had
his palace in Hungary. Most of the territories which now constitute European Russia, Poland, and
Germany were tributary to him and he was long in Roman pay as Roman general in chief. When
Rome refused (450) further tribute, the Huns invaded Italy and Gaul and were defeated (451) by
Aetius, but they, ravaged Italy before withdrawing after Attila‘s death (453). Their later

movements are little known; some believe that the White Huns were remnants of the Hunnic
people. The Huns have been described as short and as of somewhat Mongoloid appearance. Their
military superiority was due to their small, rapid horses, to which they were practically welded.
Despite the similarity of their tactics and habits with those of the White Huns! I think these same
Huns are of the same Mongol tribe as those Mongol Khazars tribes of Eastern Europe. Hence, ‗the
modern-day ‗Jew‘s today, are calling themselves ‗Gods Chosen People? Now God doesn‘t
discriminate, now does He? The Khazars after 737 established their capital at Itil, ―near the mouth
of the Volga River:           The Rothschild‘s Dynasty & Hambros, (published in 1985;
ISBN 0 297 78738 1), Merchant banking in London was a family affair, but few of the families
remain. Four directors of Baring Brothers (of twenty-seven) are Barings, among them the
chairman. Kleinwort Benson has a solitary Benson; there is a Kleinwort son-in-law, and the holding
company has a solitary Kleinwort, but he lives abroad. J. Henry Schroder Wagg has one Schroder
on a board of more than forty; another director is married to the Schroder daughter, and the
family, it is true, has control through its shareholding. A Montagu can be found in the City, but no
longer at the former family house of Samuel Montagu, which is now jointly owned by a deposit
bank around the corner and an insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut. Montagus faded out
of the firm. It is a not uncommon City story. The family had founded the bank in the middle of the
nineteenth century, later acquiring wealth and a peerage. When the third Lord Swaythling and
another Montagu were there in the 1930s, in offices with thick ledgers and respectful clerks, it had
shrunk to a banker‘s bank with fewer than a thousand accounts, dealing in bullion and foreign
exchange. Lord Swaythling‘ still living in 1984, was a farmer at heart, and played little part in bank
affairs. His son, the Honourable David Charles Samuel Montagu, was the last of them to make a
living from the firm. He did it by climbing the ladder to the chairmanship, too late to be more than
a gesture as far as the family was concerned. In his words, ‗I realised the Montagus had let a jewel
slip. The first Samuel Montagu wasn‘t short of sons, but later generations hadn‘t cared, or hadn‘t
cared enough. According to David Montagu, ‗Even my grandfather was never number one. My
father had an office at the bank and went in three or four days a week to do his farm records, but
he was miserable there. He‘d go back to the country, put his gumboots on and be happy. He became
a formidable expert on dairy cattle. I take my hat off to him. But he was financially able to do it and
I wasn‘t. I had to make my living. I made up my mind I would either be chairman of the bank at
forty or go off and do other things. The then management did everything they could to break my
heart. ‗The bank had picked itself up since the war. David Montagu achieved his ambition a year or
two after the deadline of forty, but when the Midland Bank took over the firm early in the 1970s, he
declined an invitation to stay. The world had moved on again. There are no Montagus on the board,
and Aetna Life & Casualty of Hartford, which owns forty percent of it, now, proudly displays the
bank‘s golden logo in its publicity material, together with the front entrance of what might be
Samuel Montagu but is really the Midland, a mild deception. A red London bus is passing, and a
bronze figure of A Boy with a Goose looks on as if nothing had happened. Exceptions to the rule
survive. Operations at Hambros Bank, ‗still powerful and idiosyncratic among the City‘s elite, are
dominated by the family. Their initials pepper the internal telephone directory, an R. N., an R.A., J.
O., C. E. A. and a C. E., Miss. I once telephoned Miss Hambro. A woman‘s voice answered. I asked
if that was Clare Hambro. The voice said, ‗No. I wish it were. ‗N. M. Rothschild, best known of
them all, is still in the hands of the family and run by a Rothschild. To see either Hambros or N. M.
Rothschild as dusty and old-fashioned would be misleading. Intheir different ways, both have
chosen to retain traditions and styles in the English manner. Rothschild, like Hambros and all the
senior merchant banks, is a member of the Accepting Houses Committee. To be an accepting house‘
is now of little practical importance, but the archaic title is still sought after. All the accepting
houses are debating their future. In N. M. Rothschild‘s case, some of that debate becomes public
property in the 1970s when two of the family, Evelyn and Jacob, quarrelled and parted company.
The Honourable Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, son of Lord Rothschild, left the bank. Evelyn

Rothschild remained as chairman. The day I met him he was smoking the end of a thick cigar from
a lunch in the West End. I had been told a few things about him; the Rothschilds have been
attracting gossip for two hundred years. One banker said that Evelyn was a patrician to his socks, a
man who ‗won‘t know what he‘s doing the next day. People like that don‘t want to know what
they‘re doing next day. ‗Oddly enough, when I followed up a letter by telephoning his secretary for
an appointment, she said that ‗Mr Evelyn‗ was free to see me anytime on Wednesday. ‗Anytime‘ is
not a phrase often heard from bankers‘ secretaries, who prefer to say they might ‗squeeze you in.
‗The bank‘s building is modern, but occupies the site at New Court, down a lane barely wide
enough for a car, that the Rothschild‘s went long ago. The past bears down on the visitor. The story
of the dynasty is well known; how Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Jewish merchant in Frankfurt
whose family name derived from an ancestor‘s house-sign, a red shield (‗Rot Schild‘), prospered in
the latter part of the eighteenth century and sent his five sons abroad as merchants and bankers.
Nathan Meyer (1777-1836) established himself in the City in time to catch the tide of London‘s
fortune. The French Rothschilds seem to have been richer over the years, or at least more
flamboyant, but Nathan Meyer and his descendants happened to be, or had artfully inserted
themselves, in the first centre for world finance. Their popular history is about hard men making
money with bold gestures. It is standard practice among Rothschilds now, even those of Evelyn‘s
traditional cast, to dismiss the legends as nostalgia, unfitting for a modern bank to care about. But
in the same breath they draw comfort from the fact that in the dimmest corners of business-Dom,
the name ‗Rothschild‘ is respected and carries, still, a spark of magic. The legends, although much
exaggerated, like the one about how Rothschilds alone enabled the British Government to buy the
Suez Canal, by finding it a few millions-survive at the back of people‘s minds and create a
commercial asset. N. M. Rothschild regards itself as a ‗Jewish house‘, another nod to its past. It
does this out of principle, putting up with the inconvenience of being blacklisted and boycotted by
the Arabs, and no doubt benefiting as well, as it is entitled to, by being seen to take a stand. The
Rothschilds once cancelled a loan they were organising for the Czar because the Russians began a
pogrom, e.g., organized massacre of the Jews in Russia, as the deal was about to go through. In
recent times N. M. Rothschild has refused to do business with a country because it was held to be
anti-Semitic, a satisfying reversal of blacklists. Evelyn Rothschild chose a small boardroom to talk
in; anonymous ground, perhaps, depersonalised. The view included a greenish cupola and other
firms‘ windows, one of them in a room with a dirty roller towel. The corridors upstairs in the bank
were silent after the entrance hall, which bustled with messengers against a background of pictures
and busts, like a fine-arts gallery. I mentioned the silence to Rothschild. He looked reproving and
said; we do a lot of work. ‗Lean and sunburnt, with gleaming eyes, he seemed years younger than
fifty-two, despite the grey hair receding from the temples; but in profile he was older again, the
features austere and not so English. The family row was about size and style, in particular the style
that inevitably attaches to a family bank. ‗Are businesses more dynamic if you have one or two
people who are actually in control? Asked Rothschild. ‗If businesses are run hired hands who feel
that they‘re faceless, does the entrepreneurial spirit go away? ‗The question seemed to contain its
own answer. But he said the firm was evolving all the time. He had opened it up, bringing in non-
Rothschild‘s as managing directors. N. M. Rothschild was the last merchant-banking partnership
in London, lasting until 1970. ‗It‘s a pretty frightening thought, ‗he said, ‗to be an unlimited
partnership, trading as a bank, with everything down to your socks on the line. If you hire people,
and they go off and do something (wrong), the liability is colossal. So first of all we had to change
the firm into a corporate entity. What we‘ve tried to do and I think successfully, is run a private
company as if it was a public company, with very strict rules. A lot of abuse has been levelled over
the years at people running private fiefdoms and not respecting the degree of decorum there should
be in how you pay yourself, in what benefits they get. We run it in a much disciplined manner. ‗As
for non-Rothschild‘s, ‗the top slots are available. Well, maybe not the chairmanship. But I‘m not
saying that won‘t happen. The proprietorial side is much less than when I came here. I think one
has tried to be egalitarian awful word. But making people feel they belong. ‗There is no shortage of

Rothschild‘s at the bank; the third Lord Rothschild‘s chairman of the controlling company,
Rothschild‘s Continuation Holdings AG; Leopold is an executive director; also on the board of the
bank is Leopold‘s elder brother, Edmund. All these are cousins of Evelyn Rothschild. Edmund‘s
son Lionel is in the investment department. Eric from the French Rothschild‘s is on the board. But
the four managing directors immediately under Evelyn Rothschild –in charge of banking,
corporate finance, investment and overseas operations-are all from outside the family. A former
executive said that traces of resentment were to be found within the firm, ‗though not from senior
people‘, about the family and its position. This is a cross that anyone called Rothschild who runs a
bank called Rothschild has to bear. Imagine, said the former executive, a deal which carried a fee of
£300,000-pound Stirling. ‗Everyone knows that X per cent, whatever it is, goes straight to the man
at the head of the table, Mr Evelyn Rothschild, because he owns the place. Some people find that
hard to bear. That is the problem of working in a private bank. What makes it easier to bear is that
if, for example, someone had to go into the executive committee next Tuesday and say, ―By-the-way,
such-and-such a job is at an end‖-which might mean that Evelyn loses X hundred thousand
pounds-he‘d say, ―That‘s life. You win some, ‗you lose some. ―This is the stuff one expects from
Rothschild‘s no less than from their employees. ‗Anyone who joins the bank, ‗says one of its vice-
chairmen, Sir Claus Moser (he used to be the British Government‘s Statistician), ‗knows that
control and ownership are firmly in the family hands. ‗In particular they are in Evelyn
Rothschild‘s hands. Among N. M. Rothschild directors, his 524,000 shares in Rothschild‘s
Continuation Holdings far exceed everyone else‘s put together. Runner-up is Leopold Rothschild
with 133,000 Lord Rothschild has a nominal holding of one share. The original Rothschild‘s
Continuation was created by, Evelyn‘s father, Anthony, early in World War 11, when the firm was
a partnership with only two partners. Were either to be killed, the entity would survive. In the
event, Anthony Rothschild ran the bank for years after the war. Counting the founder in
Frankfurt, Mayer Amschel, as the first generation, he belonged to the fifth. The bank seemed to
have fallen asleep. Old habits persisted. The door to the partners‘ room was not to be knocked
upon. A clerk or assistant who sought entry had to stand by the glass pane and wait until admitted.
A regular visitor remembers Anthony Rothschild closing up the room at lunchtime. Before locking
the door he drew a curtain over the glass. In poor health for years, he died in 1961. His nephew
Edmund succeeded him, first as senior partner, then, when the firm became a limited company, as
chairman; change seeped into New Court. During the 1960s and early 1970s two young men,
Rothschild cousins, emerged as candidates for long-term tenure of the bank. Jacob, the son of Lord
Rothschild, and a director of the bank from 1963, was an innovator. He had a decent private
fortune, but only a modest holding in N. M. Rothschild itself. He made himself a reputation in the
City, establishing the firm in the new business of ‗Eurobond‘ issues, enjoying himself with an
offspring of the bank, Rothschild Investment Trust. This was publicly owned. Jacob ran it
vigorously, moving in and out of stakes in property and industrial companies. People noticed Jacob.
They remember him in New York at Morgan Stanley, where he worked briefly, learning the
business; they say he had a knack of finding what he needed. The other candidate was Evelyn, also
a director. He was the very rich Rothschild. His ideas were more traditional; he saw the past as the
bedrock of the bank. Evelyn belonged to the sixth generation, Jacob to the seventh, but only a few
years separated them; the fecund Rothschild‘s are a genealogist‘s delight. The conflict that emerged
was complicated by the fact that Jacob‘s father, a distinguished scientist, was chairman of the bank
during a brief interregnum in the mid-1970s, and went on to become chairman of Rothschild‘s
Continuation. Thus Lord Meyer Amschel Rothschild 1743-1812, presided over his son‘s angry and
well-publicised departure from the bank to begin a new career in the city. The interregnum, 1975-6,
must have been when the bank was marking time before Evelyn was ready to assume control. The
decision about Jacob had been taken, and by 1976, a cautious streak had prevailed. ‗Jacob became
non-executive when his father became chairman, ‗says Evelyn. ‗He still sat here and things
smouldered. ‗By 1980 Jacob Rothschild had gone, and Rothschild Investment Trust went with him.
He rewrote his entry for Who‘s Who, deleting the opening words, ‗Director, N. M. Rothschild &

Sons Ltd, since 1963, and substituting ‗Chairman, RIT Ltd (formerly Rothschild Investment Trust
Ltd), since 1971. This told the world that he was still in finance but had no connection with the
bank of that name. Evelyn Rothschild, who is chairman of the Economist, said he thought it wiser
to talk about the row than not. ‗Families do have problems, ‗he said. ‗It is a chapter which
unfortunately is on the record. ‗He praised Jacob‘s skills as an investment banker-‗imagination‘,
‗drive‘, ‗initiative‘, a very good financial brain‘-drawing attention to his ‗opportunistic view of
things in trying to pick the place up‘. He said ‗opportunistic‘ twice, talking cryptically about a
person having to choose how aggressive he should be. It was all history now, he said, but the
problem for each generation was how big a firm ought to be. Theories has arisen that merchant
banks must amass capital and keep growing to survive. He had disagreed. ‗My philosophy, ‗he said,
‗is very simple. We have here an ingredient, which is second to none. I‘m not being pompous. There
are only two great names in banking in the world. One is Morgan. The other is Rothschild. They
are the two, which have stood the test of time. ‗After 1976 Jacob Rothschild built-up the investment
trust (in which the bank was only one of the shareholders). Eventually bank and trust went their
own ways. He found himself at the head of a firm that called itself ‗RIT‘. In 1982 it merged with
another investment trust, Great Northern, to become ‗RIT and Northern‘-RITN. These lacklustre
titles had to be used because the family name became an issue between Evelyn and Jacob. When the
articles of association were originally drawn up for the Rothschild Investment Trust, some prudent
person inserted a clause that denied it use of the name Rothschild if trust and bank had no
directors in common. That situation had come about, so ‗Rothschild‘ was reduced to an initial.
However, there was nothing to stop associated companies in the RIT group carrying Jacob‘s name.
He was a Rothschild and entitled to do business as one. The cover of RITN‘s report to shareholders
(1982) had ‗RITN‘ in large letters at the top and ‗Management Company; J. Rothschild & Co. Ltd‘
in small letters at the bottom. J. Rothschild Investment Management Ltd was also associated with
the group. Perhaps to emphasise his separate identity, Jacob Rothschild had offices a hundred
yards from RITN‘s headquarters. On legal advice the switchboard operators there were instructed
to answer ‗J. Rothschild‘, not ‗Rothschild‘. Among RITN‘s senior directors was the David Montagu
who had been chairman of Samuel Montagu, another exile from a family bank. RITN began to take
on the outline of a ‗financial services‘ group, buying interests in leasing, life insurance and,
significantly. London stockbroking, whose monopoly of securities trading was just beginning to
crumble, and a week after meeting Evelyn and I went to see Jacob. His offices, in the West End,
were being converted from a couple of houses in a quiet street. Reached via staircases with bits of
plaster on them, he sat in an L-shaped room eating a late lunch of sandwiches. He said he hoped I
didn‘t mind and went on eating, looking doubtfully at my tape recorder, which I didn‘t switch on.
It was hard to think of Evelyn Rothschild discussing the bank through mouthfuls of ham sandwich.
Wearing a dark suit, sitting with his back to the light as he unwrapped a bar of chocolate, the Hon.
Jacob Rothschild looked older than forty-six. He might have been making a virtue of being a plain
man, as perhaps Evelyn Rothschild made a virtue of being patrician. His face was more
complicated than Evelyn‘s, his sentences vague, his manner more guarded. He had a subtle air.
Someone had called him ‗Jake the Trader‘ to me. That seemed appropriate. He said RITN was ‗not
really a merchant bank-you shouldn‘t be talking to me. We don‘t directly lend money or take
deposits. But we have a range of financial services. ‗I said something about ‗talking RIT with you‘
when he left the bank. He said, ‗that sounds as if I took it away from N. M. Rothschild. I didn‘t, ‗it
was owned by its shareholders, of whom N. M. Rothschild was one. But I suppose it was regarded
as my show, for want of a better word. ‗He came reluctantly to the quarrel, saying that he saw
‗formidable difficulties‘ in a bank being owned and run by a family if it wanted to stay in the first
division. He had no doubt about the advantages of being a ‗democratic‘ company with access to
outside capital. ‗After all, ‗he said innocently, ‗the virtues of democracy over absolute monarchy in
the latter half of the twentieth century are generally accepted. ‗But within that ‗democratic‘
framework, he seemed to see himself as a figure in an older tradition. Having denied half-heartedly
that the firm was ‗really‘ a merchant bank, he kept walking around the question of what merchant

banking was or should be today. He said that perhaps he could be called a merchant banker after
all, sounding as if he wanted to be one quite badly. At a cocktail party he had overheard his
daughter telling someone that he was ‗in insurance‘. ‗I feel sometimes I have no sense of identity,
‘he said cheerfully. ‗What am I? By the time I saw him again, at the end of 1983, he was answering
the question. In the middle of that year RITN looked towards Wall Street, paying, in stages, $63
million for a half-share in the investment bank of L, F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin. There was
no discernible connection between the Louis F. Rothschild who founded his firm, in 1899, to advise
friends on investing their private capital, and the European Rothschild‘s. This didn‘t stop people
making bitchy jokes over City lunch-tables about Jacob doing the L. F. Rothschild deal to annoy
Evelyn, a suggestion of course denied by all concerned. Robert Towbin, who had known Jacob for
years, says it was he, Towbin, who proposed the arrangement, over dinner in London, as a means of
injecting capital into his firm. Jacob Rothschild expressed interest, and the deal stemmed from the
conversation-‗there was no grand strategy‘. Towbin adds, though, that ‗Jacob had this peculiar
―name‖ thing-obviously it could be eventually not ―LF‖ but ―Jacob‖ Rothschild, and all that
signified. ‗It wouldn‘t be surprising if the thought crossed Jacob‘s mind. It probably crossed their
minds at New Court, where callers from newspapers were told firmly that Louis Rothschild was no
relation. But as it turned out, Jacob Rothschild soon found a way nearer home to write his family
name across the scene. A few months after the L. F. Rothschild agreement, RITN made the most
spectacular of the new deals that were breaking out in the City, merging with the Charterhouse
group to form a financial conglomerate with capital and reserves of £350 million-pound Stirling.
This made it comparable in size to a large Wall Street investment bank. Charterhouse had
industrial holdings and owned a merchant bank, Charterhouse Japhet, a member of the Accepting
House Committee. J. Rothschild was back at the heart of the City, a merchant banker again, if he
chose to call himself one? No doubt the Rothschild‘s of the nineteenth century had similar ideas.
Their reputation was still in the making; muscle was important; they were the Morgan Stanley‘s or
Merrill Lynchs of the day. In France we have Edmond Rothschild, cousin, Guy de Rothschild, and
Baron Guy Rothschild. The Rothschild‘s were the target of the French Government. Under Henri
Philippe Petain and the Vichy Government (during the German occupation of France), my father
and uncle had their assets seized on untenable grounds. We had to rebuild from scratch after the
war. Banque Rothschild was nationalised. The Hambros Bank has an important branch in
Scandinavia, but it produces professors and lawyers, Hambros Bank has a very English air! A
potted history has the usual ingredients immigrants making good and becoming more English than
the English. The family reached London from northern Germany via Denmark. ‗Hambro‘ should
have been ‗Hamburg‘, when a Jewish immigrant to Copenhagen used the city he had left as a
surname. Someone‘s handwriting or speech modified the word, and the family tree began with a C.
J. Hambro, granted a work permit in 1779. He traded in clothes, later in wools and silk. The
Hambros progressed to banking. A grandson had started a bank in London by 1839. By the 1880‘s
the Everard Hambro who would reign over it until 1925 was already in place, his personal income
£150,000-pound Stirling a year; the figure is in the official history, so large in today‘s terms that it
is almost incalculable, 5 million, 10 million, free of tax! Jocelyn Hambro, now in semi-retirement
from the bank and its holding company, Hambros PLC, told me how three Hambros, all chairmen
of the bank, had died in quick succession early in the 1960‘s-Olaf in 1961, then Olaf‘s nephew Sir
Charles, then Charles‘s second-cousin Jack. ‗Charles died in 1963 so Jack took over, ‗he said. ‗Two
years later Jack was shooting with Kim Cobbold, who used to be Governor of the Bank of England,
in December. He shot a very high pheasant and had a heart attack on the spot. ‗Olaf‘s son Jocelyn
became chairman, the sixth. A tank commander in World War 11, he had won the Military Cross
in Normandy, and shortly afterwards had been wounded and lost a leg. This happened on 12,
August, when grouse shooting starts in Britain. Major Hambro is reported to have said, ‗what a
day to be shot! ‗Forty years later he was spending short weeks in the City and long weekends a
hundred miles away, ‗looking‘, as he put it, ‗over a gate in Gloucestershire at a horse‘s arse‘. In
1983 his eldest son Rupert become eight chairman of the bank, succeeding another Charles, a

second cousin (as at N. M. Rothschild, you need a family tree to keep track), at the age of forty.
Charles in turn became chairman of the holding company, succeeding Jocelyn. Rupert was the
youngest Hambro to head the bank since his great-grandfather, Everard etc! Since 1855 the
orthodox Jew‘s from Russia, founded the Banking Houses and Stockmarkets in the western
countries; the gentile (goyim) puts their hard-earned money in, and the Jews take ―IT‖ out. It‘s a
huge swindle:                                                                            The Blue
List, ‗In London, because of the lack of space underground, a ‗War Room‘, rather like Hitler‘s
Fuhrerbunker, was built two storeys beneath the Cabinet Office, near St James‘s Park. In the event
of an invasion, and if the War Room was put out of action, they had another secret location
prepared, codenamed ‗Paddock‘, in the London‘s Hampstead. From this nerve centre, deep
beneath the streets, the top ‗echelons‘ of the War Cabinet, the Chiefs of Staff Committee and the
Home Forces GHQ would direct the situation. The plan was simple. Once everyone was inside
Paddock, they would seal it off and allow the men on the Blue List to go into action. Much of the
British chain of command would be disrupted and our alternative government would denounce
Churchill for the warmonger he was, and welcome a temporary German presence until order could
be restored. Churchill‘s impregnable bunker would be transformed into a prison. Millions of
Britons voted against Churchill at the General Election, and many hundreds in top positions in the
government forces and business, thought that their country was wrong to launch into a world war
over a country such as Poland. Those men were patriots and had believed their politicians were all
set to destroy the Empire. And they were proved right. ― Sea Lion was originally intended to take
place on the 15th September and we were ready but the Luftwaffe couldn‘t guarantee air
superiority and the OKM took too long to gather all their boats together. The operation was
postponed twice and then finally cancelled. The courier bringing the Blue List to England from
Germany was shot down. Still there were plenty of like-minded Englishmen in Germany we could
have sent instead. In the event it was not necessary to send another copy of the list. The people on
the list remained at their posts throughout the war; most of them were unaware that anyone else
was involved. They were not traitors, but most could draw a distinction between organizing a coup
to save one‘s country from disaster and actually passing over secret military information. If all had
gone according to plan, the British Empire would still be triumphant and those men would be
hailed as heroes. Instead Churchill refused to allow the Reich to reclaim territory illegally
confiscated at the end of the Great War, See (Versailles Treaty), Signed on June 28, 1919; and now
we all live in fear of world Communism. They did not know the names of the people on the Blue
List? And there were only a few complete lists and they were classified as top secret. The fact that
our copy; was destroyed along with a lot of other documentation, when the Albrechtstrasse was hit
in the air raid in 1943. A Blue List copy might have been at Hitler‘s headquarters. Of course,
Muller would have had one, for the Gestapo and the NKVD. ‗Why the NKVD? ‗Surely the
Russians weren‘t a part of this? ‗Yes, how little you know he said. The NKVD played a central role
in the plan. They supplied the courier, as well as many of Die Blauliste‘s names. It was a combined
Soviet-Nazi plot to get rid of Churchill. Pro-Nazi sympathizers organized by Soviet moles. The
reason that nothing has leaked out about Paddock, is because it would have showed the ‗noble
Churchill‘s true character! Remember the Ribbentrop Pact with Molotov? Once it was signed the
Gestapo took responsibility for liaising with the NKVD. And when the question of a coup in London
was raised, the Soviets undertook to mobilize their underground networks to support it. This joint
SD-NKVD plots to remove Churchill from the seat of government at Paddock. Gestapo Muller was
a former detective in Munich who became chief of the Gestapo. He had a strong admiration for the
NKVD; the forerunner of today‘s KGB and his behaviour during the investigation of the Russian
Rote Kapelle or Red Orchestra network has led to a lot of speculation about his true allegiances. He
was last positively identified in the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin right at the end of April 1945. The truth
was eventually discovered about Muller; by agents of an independent Jewish revenge organization,
based in Argentina. Muller had in fact succeeded in escaping the approaching Allied forces and had

made his way to Italy where the Vatican provided papers valid for travel to South America. All
went well until Muller tried to contact his fugitive helpers in his new home late in 1958. The ex-Nazi
system known as ODESSA, and they had been heavily infiltrated by Soviet agents and at a pre-
arranged rendezvous Muller walked straight into a trap laid by the Czech Secret Service. Moscow
ordered the snatch and within days the ex-Chief of the Gestapo found himself on a cargo ship
bound for Stettin. Immediately he arrived behind the Iron Curtain, he was taken to Prague where
he underwent a lengthy debriefing, which resulted in the unmasking of many anti- Communist
conspirators. What was never discovered, and is still unknown today, is just how much Muller
cooperated with the NKVD during the war. If Muller knew the identities of all those on the Blue
List, then there‘s a very good chance that the KGB know those names as well. If so, then the KGB
may have been presented with a whole lot of prominent people who had influential positions in
1940, and every last one of them a target for blackmail. At least half a dozen names on the Blue List
are senior M15 men. The list would have to be deciphered and to do that they‘d have to involve one
of the specialist services. M15 would have ample opportunity to step in and monkey about with the
names if they felt so inclined, and perhaps the poor old CID might never find out. The Press and
politicians have their contacts as to where the location of the secret M15‘s headquarters is! With
the German Nazis, known to have been in the Foreign Information Department? The Blue List had
the absolute top security classification. ‗Unfortunately the Documentation Centre doesn‘t have
those facilities; we can only provide information on individual Nazis and their wartime activities.
The Federal Government‘s Nazi Crime Investigation office at Ludwigsburg probably wouldn‘t be
equipped either. At any rate, you probably wouldn‘t get much co-operation from either of them or
the BND, the West German Intelligence Service. In the index of Volume 11, Churchill describes a
still-classified underground site codenamed Paddock, a brief account of him going down it with all
his entourage during a flap in 1940, and the war room probably still exists today. According to Dr
Six, the Soviets and the Nazis got together to stage a coup just as the invasion of Britain was about
to begin. Churchill and the Cabinet were to have been isolated in Paddock, powerless to react, as a
group of Nazi sympathizers took over the reins of government. The British would surrender and
not fight on. Well that‘s what the Germans and the Soviets thought would happen after the coup,
and both regimes had achieved incredible military gains in 1940, through the collaboration of the
Fifth Columnists. Stalin walked into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, all on ridiculous pretexts, aided
by sympathizers. Poland was carved up by ‗Berlin and the Kremlin, and the Wehrmacht took over
France, Denmark, Norway, Holland and Belgium. If this military tactic had worked here! Why not
in Britain? A swift military action combined with political chicanery. The result, enemy occupation!
You can just imagine how keen a man like Gestapo Muller must have been on the idea of a joint
enterprise with the NKVD. A simultaneous move by pro-Nazis, co-ordinated by deep-cover Russian
moles, must have been irresistible! Winston Churchill in the summer of 1914 arranged a big naval
rally and then kept the fleet on an active service footing without Cabinet authority. When the First
World War came, the British Navy, thanks to Churchill, was ready. In the first few months the
oceans were swept clear of German vessels and every hostile warship was either sunk or bottled up
in the enemy harbour. War was Churchill‘s native air, and he plunged joyously into the struggle.
He organized the Royal Naval Air Service to defend Britain‘s coasts, and directed the unsuccessful
defence of Antwerp, which checked the Germans advancing towards the French Channel ports.
Then he planned an amphibious attack on Turkey through the Dardanelle‘s, but Kitchener would
not spare the men and the Navy had to bear the brunt of the attack. Their attempt failed and
Churchill got the blame. When the first Coalition Government was set up in May 1915, the Tories
insisted on driving Churchill from the Admiralty into the ineffective post of Chancellor of the
Duchy of Lancaster. He soon resigned and applied for a command in the Expeditionary Force. On
arrival in France he was sent to the Grenadier Guards, who looked on him as a ―damned
politician‖ and gave him a chilling reception. One general summoned him to a rendezvous in order
to enjoy being saluted by a cabinet minister. While Churchill was keeping his appointment, a shell
obliterated his empty dugout. Presently he was made colonel of the 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers, and

enjoyed himself in the front line, where he had various hairsbreadth escapes. But in May his
battalion was fused with another and he was without a job; so he returned to Westminster. When at
the end of 1916 Lloyd George becomes Premier, he wanted to bring Churchill in, but at first the
Tories would not hear of it. In July 1917, however, Lloyd George made the synthesis Churchill,
Minister of Munitions. At the end of the war, he took over the War Office to superintend
demobilization. He also used this position to support the White Russian forces in Russia against the
Bolsheviks, which made him as unpopular with the left wing of politicians as he already was with
the right! He failed to win a seat in 1923. Although a social reformer, he was always violently anti-
Socialist, and he now swung back towards the Tories. He unsuccessfully fought a by-election at
Westminster in February 1924, as a Constitutionalist, and was returned at the General Election in
the autumn at Epping as a supporter of the Tory Party. The Tories won the election, and Churchill
became Chancellor of the Exchequer. He spent his leisure time writing books, building walls and
painting pictures. He was a master craftsman in all three fields. His history of the First World War
and his life of Marlborough are treasured by the reading public. His paintings, signed ―Charles
Morin‖, were exhibited in Paris and fetched good prices. Churchill spoke repeatedly in Parliament
and in the country, appealing for genuine support of the League of Nations and for maintenance of
the military strength in readiness to resist aggression. His pleas and warnings fell on deaf ears.
When in February 1938, Chamberlain drove Eden from the Foreign Office, Winston declared. ‗I
predict that the day will come; when you will have to make a stand, and I pray God that when that
day comes we may not; have to make that stand-alone! (Churchill‘s planned War). In September
1939, his prediction was fulfilled and Britain had to make a stand. Chamberlain at once
reconstructed his government, and to the delight of the public put Churchill back at the Admiralty.
(Secret legislation was passed in 1931 too declare war on Germany, on the 3rd of September 1939,
e.g., some eight years prior to 1939). During the first six months of King George V, and Churchill‘s
war, the Navy did the only real fighting. The Air Force was dropping, not bombs, but pamphlets,
and the Army waited in French trenches for the Germans to attack. But at sea the U-Boats were
hunted down, the Graf Spee was sunk, and the prison ship Altmark raided in a Norwegian fiord,
where the British captives aboard her, had heard the welcome shout, ―The Navy is here!
Chamberlain was not a fighter, and when the Germans invaded Denmark and Norway, his
nerveless and hesitant handling of the situation dismayed the country. Many of his own supporters
turned on him in Parliament, and when the news came that the Germans had invaded Holland and
Belgium, he resigned and on May 11, 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. He
inherited an appalling situation. The British and French forces advancing to the aid of the Belgians
and Dutch were split in two by a massive German thrust across the Ardennes. Holland surrendered
in four days, and Belgium a fortnight later. In his first speech to the House, Churchill declared; ‗I
have nothing to offer but blood, tears, toil and sweat! But he spoke to the heart of the nation, which
welcomed his tone of grim, unyielding defiance. This ‗warmonger‘ Churchill had pulled the wool
over the eyes of the public that consequently robbed them of sane judgement of the situation, so
that the blind can‘t see him for what he was! Before the end of the month, the British Expeditionary
Force was penned against Dunkirk, and its destruction seemed inevitable. But there followed the
―miracle of Dunkirk‖, in which nearly nineteenths of the Army was rescued by a fleet of small
craft. (No miracle Hitler let them escape as a goodwill gesture to convey peace e.g., a treaty of peace
between two powers at war), France crumbled, and although, in a last desperate effort to rally her
leaders, Churchill offered them a union with Britain. By 21, May 1940 the German army had
reached the English Channel at Abbeville, encircling the Belgian army and British Expeditionary
Force sent to reinforce the Allied front. On 26, May Lord Gort, commander of the BEF, was
authorized to re-embark his army back to Britain, and he began to concentrate the BEF and
remnants of the French and Belgian armies, a total of some 400,000 men trapped on the beach-head
at Dunkirk. The evacuation continued for nine days, from 26 May to June 3, all of them under
ceaseless attack by the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, that‘s a white lie if I ever heard one, under
ceaseless attack, what a load of bull-craps? The heavy German tank companies (Tiger) (FKL)

consisting of 14 Tigers and 36 remotecontrolled B-IV demolition tanks were allocated to Panzer
divisions from General HQ troops. (FKL stands for Funklenk or Funklewagen; radio controlled
vehicle). Finally, there were self-propelled Panzerjager units, which were sometimes referred to as
assault guns. The most powerful Panzerjager units were equipped with such monsters as the 65-ton
Elefant. In 1942-43 there were seven SS Panzer divisions of the Waffen-SS, initially they were
Panzergrenadier divisions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 12th). Britain surrendered to the
Germans at Dunkirk by 1st June 1940, to allow the safe evacuation, which was carried by an
armada of 222 naval units and 665 civilian craft. These vessels succeeded in bringing back to
Britain 224,585 British and 112,546 French and Belgian troops trapped on the beachhead at
Dunkirk, a total of 347,131 escaped with their life, all thanks to Hitler; and some 52,869 may have
lost their life onboard ships? Among the civilian vessels was the yacht Sundowner owned by
Commander Lightoller. Lightoller had already appeared in history; he was the senior surviving
officer of the Titanic. On their way home to safety three enemy fighter aircraft flying high at 2.25
pm. where ships were subject to sporadic bombing and machine-gunfire, and a few ships caught
fire and sunk! Churchill voiced the nation‘s spirit in a broadcast address that registered her
unconquerable determination; ―We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing-
grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets; and even if, which I do not for a moment
believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the
seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet made-up of German vessels stolen in World War 1,
would carry-on the struggle until in God‘s good time the New World e.g., the New World Order,
with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and liberation of the Old, burn the books of
history, and start anew! This statement proves that Churchill was a dickhead, e.g., a stupid or
obnoxious person? The New World Order has shot themselves in the foot, because of the computer
age; it cannot erase the past? ‗Hitlerism is the political system, aims, or methods of the German
Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). Sir Winston Churchill was a drunken idiotic rascal, how erotic!
Churchill was a mass-murderer of the lower order of classes, and for anyone to say otherwise is a
fool! Britain at this stage stood alone, except for the secret deal with the Jews, in return for an
Israeli state that rightfully belonged to the Palestinians, so then the Jews got their promised land by
stealth, e.g., secret procedure, on the 14, May 1948. The word Jew in the concise Oxford Dictionary;
state, One of the Hebrew or Jewish people, or one who professes Judaism; (transf., derog., vulg.)
usurer, trader who drives hard bargains; Jew baiting, persecution of Jews! Now the ‗Mormon‘ in
the foretimes was the Jews! Now the Palestinians are ‗mere e.g., (right without possession), refugees
subsisting on their own land under duress! The Freemasons are under the thumb of the Zionist,
and ‗regalia‘ Royal privileges (now rare); insignia of royalty used at coronations; insignia of an
order, e.g., of Freemasons! So the Jews in the U.S. arranged for Pearl Harbour to be attacked by
the Japanese, in order to bring America into the war to defeat the Germans who at that time had
the war won, fore it was the War Lord Churchill, who done a deal with the American Jews, too give
them Palestine, for getting America into the war? (This is why the Germans started to really hate
the Jews. Hitler warned the Jews what would happen, if world Jewry caused another war on
Germany, because Hitler knew that the Jews, Jesuits, planned and financed the Second World
War, just as they did in the First World War, too starve (cause to perish with hunger), isn‘t that a
―holocaust‖ in itself perpetrated on the poor Christian Germans by the papacy, too force her into
submission is the Jewish way! The Zionist‘s had committed a huge war crime on the Germans; this
was contra to International Law? The Germans have a very good case for a lawsuit of US$500-
billion dollars or (100% of pure solid gold bullion), against the Zionist‘s, and Allied countries,
which waged a campaign of terror on the Germans during World War Two? The war was planned
since 1931 by King George V. Britain just used Hitler as an excuse too bomb Germany into potato
fields, well that‘s what Churchill told the world. This man was nothing short of been a mass
murderer! Then Mussolini had brought Italy in on Germany‘s side, and the whole resources of
Western Europe were at Hitler‘s disposal. Now came the Battle of Britain, when the Nazi aircraft
swarmed across to prepare the way for a German invasion of Britain if it did not surrender. The

German aircraft were brought down in hundreds by the far smaller R.A.F. fighter force. ―Never in
the field of human conflict‖, said Churchill in one of those living phrases he has the gift of coining,
―was so much owed by so many to so few, e.g., many gentiles had died for the glory of a few Yids!
With far-sighted strategy he took the risk of sending all the tanks and guns he could muster to
Egypt to save the Suez Canal from falling into Hitler‘s grip, though Britain herself was threatened
with invasion, but he knew America‘s help was coming soon, thanks to the conniving Zionist
movement! When in June 1941, Hitler turned on Russia; Churchill laid aside his long antagonism
to Bolshevism and promised full support for the Soviet. (You see, Communism and Capitalism are
under the Zionist thumb). Churchill met President Theodore Roosevelt, whom had the Teddy bear,
child‘s toy bear named after him in 1919. Anyway Churchill met with the Jew Roosevelt in mid-
Atlantic to sign with him the Atlantic Charter, setting out the democratic basis for the world‘s
future. Before the end of the year, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and the United States
found herself drawn into the war, because the U.S. deliberately blockaded the Japanese oilfields.
Thenceforward, Churchill and Roosevelt met constantly and together planned their strategy. In
August 1942, Churchill placed Alexander and Montgomery in charge of the North African
campaign. October brought the victory of El Alamein, the turning point of the war. Erwin Rommel
and his Italy-German forces were sent flying, and on November 8, an Anglo-American expedition
landed in North Africa. From this time German forces were almost continually in retreat till the
end, because they had little fuel on which to fight on with. Churchill steadily resisted the clamour
for a ―Second Front‖ until his elaborate plans were ready. On June 6, 1944, the blow fell where the
Germans did not expect it, on an open Normandy beach, which was turned overnight into an
artificial harbour. British and American troops streamed across, and after some months of bitter
fighting broke the German resistance in the north, while another landing, watched by Churchill,
was made near Marseilles. In April 1945, the German armies were surrendering one after the
other, and by May 8th, the war in Europe was over and wildly enthusiastic crowds were cheering
Churchill as their hero leader in the conflict. How ironic, e.g., irony, the use of language that has an
inner meaning for a privileged audience and an outer meaning for the persons addressed or
concerned. This war would never have taken place, if not for the warmonger Winston Churchill, in
which 55 million gentiles died for a Palestinian state called Israel. Churchill, a long-time supporter
of Zionism, he believed firmly that the Balfour Declaration, supporting a Jewish homeland in
Palestine, was a commitment made to Jews in order to get them to back Britain in the First World
War, and had to be honoured. In addition, he saw Bolshevism and Zionism as two forces competing
―for the soul of the Jewish people,‖ as he wrote in 1920, when he was secretary of war—and he was
rooting for Zionism. King George VI conferred a knighthood for Mr. Churchill, but he declined,
because of his political aspirations. He won power again as Prime Minister in 1951. And in 1953,
when Mr. Churchill was yet Prime Minister, he received at the hands of Queen Elizabeth 11, that
honour which her father had proposed and became a Knight of the Garter. He resigned the
premiership in 1955. Whatever his vicissitudes as Party leader in domestic politics, Britain has
known no greater leader in time of war crimes against humanity. Sir Winston Churchill will go
down in history as a soldier-citizen whose courage and eloquence sustained and inspired the plot for
the people in their darkest nightmare, and whose many-sided genius brought them through his
destructive end. God bury him deep forever, so that no seed of his ever sprouts again, and on his
‗tombstone‘ the words, Mass Murderer, and upon the rubble and the grief, this tyrant lay here!
The Nazi Storm Troopers in the 1920‘s was no different to our own YMCA youth movement or the
Boy Scout organization. Hitler gained power after the 1928 election, because the economic and
political situation in Germany radically changed. First an agricultural depression hit home and
then the Wall Street Crash triggered the most serious economic crisis ever encountered in
Germany, as the United States called in its loans. German unemployment grew in early 1930s to
over 5 million. Middle-class families had to agree to work for a lower salary. Huge queues would
stand in front of the labour exchange every Friday, and they would receive 5 marks at the counter,
and there were many who simply didn‘t have the means to buy food. People walked around with

spoons in their pockets because they got a meal for 1 mark from the charity soup kitchens. In May
1928 the Nazi Party received only 360 votes or 2.3%, but this increased to 3831 or 25.8% in
September 1930. The election of September 1930 saw the Nazi Party increase their vote to 18.3%.
The voters of Heidelberg did not vote Nazi because they were entranced by Hitler or swamped with
Nazi propaganda; they supported the Nazis because they wanted fundamental change. Franz Von
Papen, German diplomat, born 1879, lost the Chancellorship in November 1932 to appoint Hitler,
via President Hindenburg. Paul von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg 1847-1934, German
general and statesman; president of the ―German Republic 1925-34. On 4th January 1933 von
Papen and Hitler met at the house of the Cologne banker Kurt von Schroder to discuss the way
forward. It was the first of a series of meetings, which led to von Papen agreeing that he would push
for Hitler‘s appointment as Chancellor, but only on condition that he, von Papen, was made Vice-
Chancellor and there were only two other Nazis in the cabinet apart from Hitler (Goering as
Minister without Portfolio and acting Prussian Minister of the Interior, and Wilhelm Frick as
Reich Minister of the Interior. Hitler agreed. As a result, on 30th January 1933, following these
intrigues, and once von Papen‘s influence on President Hindenburg had finally opened the door;
Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Hermann Goering (1893-1946), Not a war criminal!
He was a German Nazi leader and creator of the Luftwaffe. During the First World War he served
with distinction as a pilot in the famous Richthofen squadron. Goering was one of Hitler‘s earliest
associates and helped to foster Nazi party contacts with industrialists and politicians before Hitler
achieved power in 1933. He laid the basis of the police forces later controlled by Himmler and
authorized the detention camps for political, religious and racial suspects. He was chairman of
Germany‘s four-year rearmament plan (1936). Following the early German victories in the Second
World War, which were due largely to the Luftwaffe, he was made Reichsmarschall (1940). He
remained important in the Nazi hierarchy until at least 1941, but thereafter the failure of the
Luftwaffe to maintain its ascendancy in the air and Goering‘s own indolence reduced his prestige
with Hitler. Towards the end of the war, as Hitler‘s successor-designate he attempted to negotiate
an armistice with the Allies. As a result, and due largely to the influence of Martin Bormann, he
was accused of treason and defeatism. At Nuremberg, in 1946, he was tried and sentenced to death
but poisoned himself. Before his death, he said about the Jews; the world would thank us someday,
or uttered words something like that? Hermann Wilhelm Goering had courage. In the First World
War he was a fighter pilot. His exploits were second only to those of von Richthofen. He
commanded what was known as a ―circus‖ and with it shot down scores of Allied aircraft. When
the war ended he refused to surrender its aircraft to the Allies. Instead he and his officers burnt
them and swore to stand together when the time came for Germany to revenge her defeat. When
they returned to Germany, Hitler was then no more than a soapbox orator. The two biggest planks
in his platform were the danger from Communism and the injustice of the Versailles Treaty. Both
of them appealed strongly to Goering. He was one of the very few well-born Germans who gave his
allegiance to Hitler in those early days. And Hitler owes an immense amount to him. He was in a
position to persuade many wealthy industrialists to support with funds Hitler‘s anti-Communist
movement. He became the first chief of the Nazi strong-arm squads that formed Hitler‘s
bodyguard. Hermann Wilhelm Goering was no wishy-washy idealist who just did not like the idea
of the Communists & Jews wearing their red-hat-bands who shot anyone who retreated or deserted
from there ranks of getting control of Germany, as they might well have done in those days. He
went out with a gun in his hand to breakup the Communist Party. ‗While Hitler did the talking
Goering used every ruthless means in the book to destroy Communism in Germany, including
kidnapping the leaders and having them shot. It was that which enabled Hitler to be elected legally
as Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler acknowledged the fact by promoting him from an ex-
Captain to Field Marshal overnight. But Goering‘s usefulness did not end there. As I have told you,
he has brains as well as guts. Hitler put him in charge of re-creating the German Air Force and for
years he worked like a demon at the job. ‗He became the head of a vast industrial concern, the
Hermann Goering Werk, of which you must be heard. By it he not only built the Luftwaffe but also

became the kingpin in rearming Germany. He was the sort of man who, even if he had been born a
poor boy in the Balkans, would have made his millions. He had an extraordinary grasp of essentials
and was a glutton for work. The Luftwaffe‘s initial successes had tailed off into failure. Fat
Hermann, as the Germans used affectionately to call him, and he lost a great part of his popularity.
Still he was a mighty prop for Hitler‘s throne for Hitler to dispense with. The other Nazi leaders
despised him, because he never subscribed to the socialist side of National Socialism and he was
much too realistic to approve the elimination of the Jews, whom at the time were valuable to
German industry. He did his utmost to protect Hugo Falkenstein, the Jewish millionaire, when he
was the leader of the right-wing Nazi who loathes Goebbels because they knew that, given half a
chance, he‘d turn Germany into a ‗Workers State‘. With his daggers drawn with Ribbentrop, too,
because he never believed that the British people were effete, and he saw the danger of Germany
entering on another world war against the British Empire. He did his utmost to stop Hitler going to
war; but as he failed in that, being the complete cynic that he was, he made the best of things and
turned this place into a vast Aladdin‘s cave of looted treasure for his own enjoyment. Hermann
Goering would dress like a Roman Emperor; he was the nearest thing to Nero at that time! By then
the Nazi Empire was cracking right, left and centre he is debauchery, that‘s where the resemblance
ends; because Goering was what Nero never had; brains and guts too! Someone came up with a
prediction on how the Nazi leaders end would come; both Himmler and Goebbels would take their
own lives and a number of others would die in one way or another, Ribbentrop, Keitel, Jodl,
Rosenberg, Frank and Kaltenbrunner would then all be hanged and Goering would commit
suicide. But Borgmann, Doenitz and Speer appeared to have a good chance of escaping similar
fates. The mystic told Goering this, and Goering said, ‗you certainly seem to have a point there. The
Fuhrer and Himmler swear by this sort of thing; but I never have. I‘m still convinced that the
occult has nothing to do with it! Hermann Goering said, ‗that the false move need not have proved
so utterly disastrous if the Generals had been listened to. We could still have fought the Russians to
a standstill on a line along the Vistula and the Carpathians down to the mouth of the Danube, and
so kept them out of Western Europe, had it not been for the Fuhrer‘s obsessions about holding
every foot of ground, and the Jews. ‗I suppose the Jewish question bedevilled our entire strategy
over the past year. At least you must be aware that Himmler‘s one aim in life is the complete
elimination of the Jewish race, and that the Fuhrer wholeheartedly supports him. ‗I know that in
Poland they died in the thousands, and hundreds of thousands more of the have been collected from
all over Europe? They are not my favourite people, but many of them were intelligent and useful
citizens and there was nothing to be gained by their wholesale slaughter. On the contrary, it has
robbed Speer and the Todt Works Organization of ―the ultimate solution‖, a great part of the
Army had being diverted from the job it should be doing. ‗Surely you cannot mean that the S.S.
have found the job of rounding up the Jews too much for them, and had to call on the Army for
help. ‗Not precisely; but that‘s what it amounts too. Even after the loss of von Paulus‘s Army
outside Stalingrad, and our Northern Army had been bottled up in Courland because the Fuhrer
refused to allow it to withdraw, we still had ample troops to fight a defensive war successfully. But
when Rumania showed signs of collapse the Fuhrer insisted that the front there must be held long
enough to get the Jews out to Germany to be executed. The result was that another sixteen of our
Divisions were encircled and destroyed. The line of the Carpathians was lost and a great gap torn in
our southeastern front. To fill it an Army was moved from Warsaw and its withdrawal so
weakened our all-important Russian front that it caved in. ‗And this madness about putting the
killing of Jews before all other considerations continues, and we had nothing to gain by going into
Hungary. Himmler got permission to send in his Waffen S.S. troops to do the job, instead of their
being employed on a battlefront. Rounding up and eliminating such hordes of Jews takes time; so
half of them are still alive; until Himmler‘s man, Eichmann, has administered ―the ultimate
solution‖ to the remainder of the Jews? Herr Reichsmarschall, I would not have credited it. But, of
course, you know the facts. And how extraordinary it is that indirectly‘ the Fuhrer‘s persecution of
the Jews should have played so large a part in Germany‘s defeat. One cannot help seeing it in that,

the hand of fate. The Fuhrer is convinced that every one of Generals is a traitor. He doesn‘t trust
even that timeserving toady Keitel. It is Martin Bormann who rules the roost today. Bormann is
poisoning the Fuhrer‘s mind against me. What is more, as Party manager he controls the
Gauleiters and under him they are now absolute rulers in their territories. Even an Army
Commander‘s authority is restricted to within five miles behind the front on which his troops are
fighting. Himmler‘s vast private army was overlying the Reichsmarschall Goering and our
Generals. During the four and a half years of conflict Germany had not become geared for total
war. Right up to last summer there were still hundreds of thousands of young, able-bodied men
who continued to enjoy a protected status as Civil Servants, actors, authors, artists, agriculturists,
bank clerks, railwaymen, and in a score of other occupations. Then came the Normandy landing
and Goebbels persuaded the Fuhrer to order a ‗levee en masse. Within a few weeks a million men
were winkled out and called up to form what become known as the Replacement Army. But the
Generals were not given control of it, because after the bomb plot the Fuhrer openly proclaimed
them to be his enemies. He gave the command to der treue Heinrich, as he affectionately calls
Himmler; and, at the same time, permission to increase his Waffen S.S. without limit by any means
he could devise. Goering said Himmler‘s ambition for power is boundless. Naturally, he drafted the
pick of the recruits into his Waffen S.S., and left only the duds for the Army. While he was at it
Goebbels scraped the bottom of the barrel; so it may surprise you to hear that the Wehrmacht now
has units composed entirely of men who are deaf, others of men suffering from stomach ulcers who
have to have a special diet, and others again of epileptics and old dugouts of over sixty. Then
Goering‘ said, that little swine Goebbels had induced the Fuhrer to order me to release half a
million men from the ground staffs of my Luftwaffe stations. Those men now are being sent to die
in Hungary, so that more Jews can be exterminated before the curtain comes down. Nine-tenths of
them, and the greater part of all that was left of our German youth, have been enrolled in the
Waffen S.S. Not content with that, Himmler for once scrapped his race-purity obsession in order to
get another half million men under his command. He made honorary Aryans of Bulgarians,
Albanians, Slovenes, Hungarians and even Russians. His S.S. Leaders combed the prisoner-of-war
camps for anyone and everyone who preferred to put on a Nazi uniform rather than starve to
death. To that he added French, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian and Latvian collaborators by the
thousand; so now his private Army numbers scores of Divisions and is nearly as big as the
Wehrmacht. That‘s why the Fuhrer could not refuse him the command of an Army Group.
Himmler as a General showed that he was helplessly incompetent, but had continued to be a
menace to the success of all the other Army Commanders. You see, Commanders of S.S. divisions
that are allotted to Army Groups come under Wehrmacht Generals only for operations, not for
discipline; so they owe allegiance only to their own chiefs, the Obergruppenfuhrers and, of course,
to Himmler as their Supreme Commander. In consequence, being given an Army Group did not
deprive Himmler of the power to interfere on all the other fronts on which Waffen S.S. divisions
were employed. ‗Sepp Dietrich did a splendid job with his armour in breaking through the
Ardennes front. Had he been properly supported he might have reached Antwerp and delayed the
Allied advance for several months. But the offensive failed for two reasons. The divisions from the
Replacement Army given to von Rundstedt to follow up the attack were of such poor quality that
they were not up to the task; and when he asked Himmler to release some of his S.S. Divisions from
the neighbouring front to support the armour; Himmler refused. Instead he despatched his reserve
divisions to Hungary, in another effort to prevent the Russians from capturing Budapest before all
the Jews there could be killed off. There you have our tragedy; the units of two separate armies
mixed up on every front, with the Generals of both hating the other, bitterly jealous and refusing to
co-operate. Goering said this situation must render all planning hopeless, and in such chaotic
conditions I marvel that Germany is still able to maintain any front at all. ‗Planning there is none.
Each General is fighting only a local battle to stave off defeat. None of them know what is
happening to his neighbours, because they are forbidden to communicate in case they get together
and decide to lay down their arms. The Fuhrer sitting in his bunker in Berlin not only decrees the

major moves but also directs everything, even down to the movement of battalions, with only a
vague idea of what is really happening in the battle areas. Quite frequently Hitler orders new units
of the Replacement Army to proceed to places that have been overrun by the enemy a week or
more before. That makes it all the more amazing that there has not been a general collapse. Two
factors account for that; the Wehrmacht Generals now ignore all the Fuhrer‘s more idiotic orders,
and the dogged determination of our soldiers to protect their homeland. We Germans and you
British are the finest fighting men in the world, both in victory and defeat. And the, Fuhrer‘s
distrust of the Generals and his fanatical belief that he can direct the war better than any of them
has brought us to this shocking pass. The German used to call me ―fat Hermann‖, and they loved
me. Now they blame me for the failure of the Luftwaffe and curse my name when the bombs came
crashing down. That is my personal tragedy and my heart bleeds for my gallant airmen. He said
they are humiliated and stigmatised as cowards. It‘s no fault of theirs or mine that the Allies have
driven the Luftwaffe from the skies. ‗Dominance in the air is largely a gamble on which nation has
the latest machine in operation when a war breaks out. It was no thanks to the British Government,
but because Lady Houston gave her millions to the development of fighter aircraft, that you had
your Hurricanes and Spitfires operational in 1939. Had the war broken out a year later, we would
have had a better type of Messerchmitt and you would have lost the Battle of Britain. But even then
it was not too late. I could still have beaten the Allies in the air, or at least have prevented the
bombing of our German cities later in the war, had I been allowed to manufacture our new types in
sufficient numbers. Instead the fools hamstrung the Luftwaffe by diverting irreplaceable
technicians and vast quantities of precious materials to the making of the V. I‘s and V. 2‘s. Goering
said, ‗all of us know that the Fuhrer is mad and has brought about Germany‘s ruin. But, all the
same, he had the touch of genius. There is not an iota of truth in those stories that he was no more
than a brilliant orator that the rest of us made use of as a figurehead. When he came to power
Germany had eight million unemployed. It was his brains and courage that saved her from
Communism, brought her back to prosperity and gave her again a place in the first rank among the
nations. Had he refrained from resorting to war and from persecuting the Jews, he would have
gone down in history as a great ruler. We others were no more than his servants and we obtained
wealth and power in his shadow. Others may betray him, but I never will. For some time past the
Fuhrer has treated you with little consideration. ‗That is hardly surprising in view of the failure of
the Luftwaffe. Hitler constantly rails at it and throws its failure in my teeth. What does surprise me
is that he has not deposed me as his successor in the event of his death. Himmler, Goebbels,
Ribbentrop and Bormann never cease from endeavouring to bring that about; but he won‘t listen
to them. It may be that because I did more than anyone to gain support for him in the days of his
struggle he still feels a certain loyalty towards me. But I‘m inclined to think the real reason why he
is reluctant to disgrace me publicly is that, if he ever did decide to throw in his hand, he believes
that the Anglo-Americans would be more willing to negotiate terms with me than with any other of
the Nazi leaders. ‗In that I‘m sure you‘re right. Himmler and Goebbels are loathed, Ribbentrop
despised and the name of Bormann is hardly known. Whereas there was a time when, owing to
your exploits as an air ace in the First World War, many people in England looked on me as rather
a glamorous figure; and even today none of the odium about lying propaganda, concentration
camps or the persecution of the Jews attains to me. Hitler‘ even signed the death warrant of his
favourite General, ‗Rommel, merely on suspicion that he had been implicated in the plot to kill
Hitler? People disappeared after the plot, between August and the end of the year over three
thousand men and women were executed for treason, and thousands more were carted off to
concentration camps. The Fuhrer‘s fury knows no bounds and he ordered that no mercy should be
shown to any blood relative of those involved. ‗Yes, Rommel was at his home, recuperating from
wounds received when the car he was in was bombed in Normandy. The Fuhrer sent his adjutant,
Chief of Army Personnel, General Burgdorf, to him with a phial of poison and an ultimatum. He
was given the choice of taking the poison or having his whole family put through the mill; so, of
course, he took the poison. ‗God help us! And after the brilliant show he put up in the Western

Desert. Such treatment of a national hero is almost unbelievable: U.S.S.R. Premier Stalin, married
to a Jewess; Vice-Premier, ‗Kaganovitch, a Jew; Ministry of State Control ‗Mekhlis, a Jew;
Military & Naval Construction ‗Ginsburg, a Jew; Minister Cominform Organ ‗Yudin, a Jew; Chief
Publicist Abroad for U.S.S.R. ‗Ilya Eherenburg, a Jew; Ministry of Building Enterprises
Machinery ‗Yudin, a Jew; Foreign Minister ‗Molotoff, married to a Jewess. Poland; Virtual Ruler,
‗Jacob Bergman, a Jew; Public Prosecutor, ‗T. Cyprian, a Jew; O. C. Youth Movements, ‗Dr.
Braniewsky, a Jew; Hungary; Yirtual Ruler, Mathias Rakosi, a Jew. Roumania; Virtual Ruler,
‗Anna Pauker, a Jew (since removed for ‗deviationism‘ but replaced by another Jew. Yugoslavia,
‗Virtual Ruler, ‗Moishe Pyjede, a Jew. ‗Just some extracts from a book called ‗The Nameless War‘,
by Captain A. M. Ramsay 1952; Published by the ‗British Publishing Company‘ of London:
Germany in March 1933, the Reichstag passed an Enabling Act, which gave Hitler absolute power.
Outside on the streets, according to one Nazi Storm Trooper, there was chaos. ‗Everyone is
arresting everyone else, avoiding the prescribed official channels, everyone is threatening everyone
else with protective custody, everyone is threatening everyone else with ‗Dachau; every little street
cleaner today feels he is responsible for matters which he has never understood. In those first
months of power the chaotic terror was directed mainly at the Nazis ‗former political opponents.
Josef Felder was an SPD member of the Reichstag who was picked up by the Nazis and taken to the
newly built concentration camp at Dachau, outside Munich. He was thrown into a cell and chained
to an iron ring, and his Nazi jailers removed the straw palliasse which was lying on the concrete
floor, saying; ‗you won‘t need this, because you‘ll only be leaving here as a corpse. ‗The abuse
continued as the guard took a rope and demonstrated the best way Felder could use it to hang
himself. Felder told him, ‗I have a family. I‘m not going to do that. You‘ll have to do it yourselves!
‗He was eventually released after more than eighteen months in Dachau, having contracted a lung
disease; (I thought everyone died in the Nazi gas chambers?). The pragmatists among the Nazis‘
political opponents either escaped Germany or tried to conform to the wishes of the new regime;
only the exceptional, like Alois Pfaller, tried to resist. In 1934 he tried to re-start his old Communist
youth group. It was a heroic act but, against a ruthless regime, which singled out Communists as a
particular enemy, failure was inevitable. Pfaller was betrayed by a double agent; a woman who
worked for both the Communist Party and the Gestapo. He was arrested, taken to a police station
and brutally interrogated; his nose was broken and he was beaten unconscious with leather belts.
And when I came to again, they did it a second time, again unconscious, the fourth time, again
unconscious, and then they stopped because I hadn‘t said anything. ‗Now the interrogation tactics
changed. One man sat at a typewriter to take down Pfaller‘s ‗confession, while the other smashed
his fist into Pfaller‘s face every time he failed to answer a question. The interrogation grew worse
after the violent policeman sprained his right hand and began using his left. Now he hit Pfaller on
the side of the head and split his eardrum. ‗Then I heard an incredible racket, ‗says Pfaller. ‗It was
a roaring, as if your head was on the seabed, an incredible roaring. ‗Pfaller resolved to kill the man
who was beating him, even though it would also mean his own certain death. He had learnt judo
when he was young and he intended to stretch out and stick his fingers into his interrogator‘s eyes.
But just as he decided on this course of action, he haemorrhaged. The interrogation stopped and
Pfaller was given a bucket and cloth and ordered to clean his own blood off the floor. Then he was
taken to a cell for the night and subsequently transferred to a concentration camp. He was not
released until 1945, (I thought everyone died in the Nazi gas chambers?). (Heil Hitler). Pfaller said,
the Germans did not confront the regime. More common was the experience of Manfred Freiherr
von Schroder, a banker‘s son from Hamburg, who welcomed the new regime and joined the Nazi
Party in 1933. He thought himself an idealist and believed that 1933 was the beginning of a
wonderful new period for Germany; ‗everything was in order again, and clean. There was a feeling
of national liberation, a new start. ‗Like most Germans, von Schroder knew that Socialists and
Communists were imprisoned in concentration camps, but he dismisses this as unimportant in the
context of history. If you were imprisoned in Dachau during the early 1930s, it was probable that
you would be released after a brutal stay of about a year. (Alois Pfaller‘s experience is unusual for a

political opponent arrested in 1934, in that he had to endure eleven years in a concentration camp);
on release, former inmates were compelled to sign a paper agreeing never to talk about the
experience, on pain of immediate re-entry to the camp. Thus it was possible for Germans to believe,
if they wanted to, that concentration camps were ‗merely‘ places designed to shock opponents of
the regime into conforming. Since the terror was mostly confined to the Nazis‘ political opponents,
or to Jews, the majority of Germans could watch what Goering called the settling of scores‘ with
equanimity, if not pleasure! Most Germans at that time, of course, would never have come into
contact with the Gestapo. If you were law-abiding (in Nazi eyes), you were safe. The terror was
rarely arbitrary, unless you had the misfortune to belong to one of the regime‘s target groups-
beggars, social misfits, Communists or Jews. Hitler appointed, Heinrich Himmler in command of
the SS. Head of the German police force, including the Gestapo. The chaotic nature of the Nazi
administration of Germany was one factor, which meant that Nazi anti-Semitic policy, until the
start of World War 11, was less consistent than one might have expected from a party committed to
hating Jews. The basic anti-Semitism, particularly among the hardline Nazis, never changed, but
the nature of the persecution varied wildly. Heinrich Muller, the notorious head of the Gestapo
from 1939, where he concentrated on the left-wing parties. He disregarded the rights of suspects
and pursued a strong law and order policy. Muller was Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard
Heydrich‘s lapdog! On the 6th July 1933, Hitler announced that he wanted an end to arbitrary
violence on the streets. ‗Revolution is not a permanent state, ‗he declared. He realized that the
Storm Troopers posed a threat to the stability of the new Germany. One group of powerful
Germans agreed with him wholeheartedly the army: Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill‘s official
biographer, points out in Churchill and the Jews, Churchill was seen as philo-Semitic in a
government that was often queasy about Jews. As prime minister he succeeded Neville
Chamberlain, who after Kristallnacht wrote, ―No doubt Jews aren‘t a lovable people.‖ Not one to
overanalyse motivations, Gilbert gleans quotes from speeches, letters, and meeting minutes to paint
Churchill as a steadfast defender of Jewish rights and appreciator of Jewish contributions before,
after, and during World War 11. Prewar, Churchill stood out for refusing to meet with the fuehrer
unless persecution of Jews was on the table. As wartime prime minister, he became deeply troubled
when reports seeped in about the alleged liquidation of Jewish communities on the eastern front
and the alleged mass murder of Jews in the camps: Heidelberg man, a primitive human type
―Homo heidelbergensis‖ reconstructed from a massive lower jaw with teeth which was discovered
in 1907 in a sandpit near Heidelberg; considered by some authorities to form a single genus with
Sinanthropus and Pithecanthropus. The Israelite peoples had long lower jaws, and so did Jesus
Christ, who was a tall man, and having a high neck, with light grey eyes, with straight red auburn
hair with streaky-black through it, from the top down to his ears; and the red auburn hair
continues down over his shoulders, and having a few light waves through it from his ears down over
Christ‘s shoulders. Christ having no wrinkles on his skin, and having soft hands, is fairer than the
children of man (not albino). Hence, white Caucasian male. How do I know this? Well I had this
vision of Christ in July 1960, and I believe he will return in 2015 or by 2020 A.D. That‘s my
interpretation of this true vision; and this was no dream: Strategic (1) of or serving the ends of
strategy; useful or important with regards to strategy, e.g., strategic considerations, strategic move.
(2) of materials, essential in fighting a war. (3) of bombing or weapons, done or for use against an
enemy‘s home territory as a longer-term military objective ―0pp. Tactical‖. Strategic defence
initiative, a projected ―US system of defence against nuclear weapons using satellites. Strategical
adj. ―strategically adv. Strategics n.pl. (usu. Treated as sing.). (F strategique f. Gk strategikos (as
Stratagem) (1) calculated, planned, deliberate, politic, tactical, well-thought-out, well-considered,
prudent, judicious, wise, clever etc: Warlike (1) threatening war; hostile. (2) Martial; soldierly.
(3) Of or for war; military (warlike preparations). (1) Combative, militant, belligerent, bellicose,
aggressive, pugnacious, hostile, bloodthirsty; hawkish, militaristic, jingoistic, warmongering. (2)
See ‗Martial 2, e.g., Warlike, brave; fond of fighting. (3) Military, martial: Warrant, anything

that authorizes a person‘s lawful arrest or an action, e.g., a lawsuit or a right, claiming a delay in
performing a legal duty, asserting a right, ―laches‖ privilege etc. Law of Moses, the precepts of the
Pentateuch etc:         Serbia (sur‘be-a) A constituent republic of eastern Yugoslavia; 34,107
square miles; capital, Belgrade; formerly an independent kingdom; formerly Servia. Serbo-
Croatian Sr-bi-ja (sur‘be-ya). – Serb, Ser‘bi-an adj. & n: Sentence, Siberia, Ann Vinnal Lehtmets
was born in southern Estonia in 1904 and educated at a girl‘s college. She settled with her lawyer
husband in Rakvere, a city in northern Estonia in 1941 she was arrested and transported to Siberia,
where for seventeen years she was forced to live and work in appalling conditions. Ann, now an
alert eighty-nine, lives in Adelaide, and still closely follows Estonian politics, ISBN 1 86254 324 0:
Croatia (kro-a‘sha) A constituent republic of NW Yugoslavia; 21,611 square miles; capital,
Zagreb; formerly an independent kingdom. Serbo-Croatian Hr-vat-ska (hur‘vat-ska):
Machiavellianism, The Machiavellian theory and practice of power politics elaborated from
―Machiavelli‘s‖ The Prince; envisaging (1) seizure, maintenance, and extension of absolute power
by the nicely graduated use of guile, fraud, force, and frightfulness respectively; (2) reliance on
expediency and reasons of state as justifying any departures from morality needed to hold power;
control being then maintained by the ruler of all avenues of communication, thus facilitating the
deliberate moulding of public opinion; (3) use of a common enemy as political cement in holding
together allies needed in acquiring power, and the ruthless liquidation of these allies and all other
rivals once power has been acquired; (4) the employment for surveillance and terrorist activities of
subordinates who can be disowned and liquidated by the ruler, who thus escapes the blame for
their atrocities:             Red Cross Society, ‗A society for the succour of the sick and
wounded in war, formed in accordance with the international convention signed at Geneva in 1864,
the members wearing a red Geneva cross as a badge of neutrality. These societies are now national
organizations, as the American Red Cross, and continue their beneficent activities in times of peace,
as in fighting disease, etc: Care (kar) A non-profit organization begun after World War 11, to
send food and clothing parcels overseas to the needy. ( <Cooperative for) American; Remittances;
Everywhere: Tim Doughney. ―Resistance Organization. www.resistance.org.au: www.sbs.com.au:
www.ingoodhands.com.au: www.bendib.com:
The Jews declared a Holy War on the Germans 1933; this was broadcasted by radio
in July 1933 at Columbia Broadcasting System, and throughout the United States in which in effect
said, ―The Jews, of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a
sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going
to use a worldwide boycott against them. That will destroy them because they are dependent upon
their export business. ―And it is a fact that two thirds of Germany‘s food supply had to be
imported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds of what they exported. So if Germany
could not export, two thirds of Germany‘s population would have to starve. There was just not
enough food for more than one third of the population. Now in this declaration, which I have here,
and which was printed in the New York Times on August 7, 1933, Mr. Samuel Untermyer boldly
stated, ―this economic boycott is our means of self-defence. Germany did not want a World War,
did not need a war period! So Hitler speech of 30th January 1939, which included these words, If
the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations
once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevising of the Earth, and thus the
victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe, e.g., the Zionist brought the
Holocaust on themselves, because they planned to kill all 65 million Germans. At first reading these
words seem unequivocal. Hitler talks of the ‗annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe, Hitler made
it very clear to the Jews; if you make war on us, than all Jews are ‗fair game. The ghetto managers
of Lodz in 1940 knew nothing of any planned extermination; instead, they had initiated a scheme
whereby the ghetto was functioning as a slave factory. And another significant clue about Nazi
thinking in 1940 exists in Himmler‘s memo, ‗some thoughts on the treatment of the alien population

in the east. When writing about his plans to educate Polish children only at the lower level and to
kidnap any Polish children who seem to be ‗racially first-class‘, Himmler adds the paragraph.
‗However cruel and tragic each individual case maybe, if one rejects the Bolshevik method of
physically exterminating a people as fundamentally un-German and impossible, then this method is
the mildest and best one. ‗Thus to Himmler, writing in the spring of 1940, ‗physically exterminating
a people‘ is ‗un-German. Of course, he could have been lying. He could already have known of a
secret plan Hitler had hatched to exterminate another group, the Jews. Himmler had no difficulty
in making inhuman statements once the Holocaust had been decided upon. (In a speech at Posen in
October 1943, talking of the ‗extermination of the Jewish people‘, he said, ‗We had the moral right,
we had the duty to our people, to destroy this people which wanted to destroy us, ‗and, ‗We have
exterminated a bacterium because we did not want in the end to be infected by the bacterium and
die of it). It therefore seems highly unlikely that, despite Hitler‘s speech in 1939, there was any
systematic plan to exterminate the Jews until 1941. But we can never know for sure, because we
cannot know the content of Hitler‘s mind; his secret intention. In the whole of Europe before 1939,
the Jewish population was no more than ―two-and-a-half million. And seven-and-a-half million
Jews throughout the whole world, and that‘s a fact. The Germans made the mistake of letting the
Jews live in their country; look what they are doing to the Palestinians. Everywhere the Jews go,
they takeover and exploit gentiles for their own ends: We Humbly Pray for Post Judas,
and too ―denationalize‖ the Bank‘s. And for the ‗Dissolution‘ of Parliament, this seems to be the
only option open to the public, or to impeach all those members who refuse to obey their countries
‗Constitutional Law‘s‘ when they were ‗sworn into office, they made a solemn oath of office to
abide my our reforms. One of their jobs must be too reform the Act or Bill of 1831-2, e.g.,
amending parliamentary representation of the banking system for the beneficial justice for the
entire human race‘ e.g., (Just conduct, fairness, exercise of authority in maintenance of right), that
means, for all of mankind. Just remember you are agents of the (peoples), the public, and you have
been elected to obey e.g., be ‗obedient to all gentiles who pay taxes, for we ‗employ you in the best
interest of ‗fair‘ justice, not the official denial of rumours (dementi), of what really is going on in
front of your very eyes, ‗open them, ‗so that the blind may see? Members of parliament, you are
our agent, our voice, our representative, our only hope is too smash the Zionist controls on all of us
little ‗Gentiles. Kerry‟s wisdom; fore the love of God do something for your country by not
participating in ―IT‖, and instead, take a holiday, and don‘t get involved in ‗usury? The Armed
Forces work for the public safety, therefore they work for the public. Our President and or Prime
Minister are nothing more then public servants of the peoples, who then appoints persons or ‗mates
to that position too draw a huge salary, that is subsidized by the general taxpayer who are just
‗slaves, that‘s what taxation is, a form of slavery too be used by the Upper-classes; but then, the
public control our Parliamentary System, our Government (representative) e.g., our agent in
parliament, ‗don‘t they? Not the executive governing council of the day. So don‘t think for one
moment that the public just can‘t drag you lot out of our parliamentary buildings for signing over
Australia‘s Industrial Infrastructure too ‗Asia‘ under a secret ‗Multilateral‘ deal, the Lima
Agreement, signed by the than Australian Liberal Party member ‗Andrew Peacock. You can
read the Lima Agreement, through http://toolbar.google.com/. Search engine! This agreement has
caused a massive increase in unemployment within Australia. Pauline Hanson tried to warn the
Australian Public about the ―Multilateral‖ policy of our Federal Government, and cautioned our
government against agreeing to ―IT‖. This agreement was signed by, the Liberal Minister, Andrew
Peacock. Our jobs and industries have relocated offshore to Asia. Pauline Hanson‘s maiden speech
to ―Parliament House Canberra Australia. She said, ‗I believe we are in danger of been swamped
by Asians. Her statement was never meant to be derogative. Now we have Johnny Howard pushing
his wagon for this globalisation for world markets, under the guise of ―free trade‖ agreements with
APEC; coupled with their cutthroat competition policy, can only spell disaster for all Trade
Unionist in Australia today. John Winston Howard‘s fascist right-wing ―Nazi Party, must have

rocks in his head to think this will reduce Australia‘s high unemployment rate in this country. He‘s
committing ―treason for a reason, that‘s for sure? Or are Bush, Howard and Blair, working hand-
in-hand on behalf of these Jewish International Body Corporate Bankers. It‘s believed the latter is
true (what does the average worker receive out of ―IT‖, ‗zilch: Author‘ Kerry Hay, alleges. ‗Pauline
Hanson‘s ―One Nation Party‖ is like the American pit-bull terrier. It barks, it bites, had no brains,
and dislikes people: Author‘ Kerry Hay, said. ―Sex is like chewing on gum, at first it‘s sweet, and
after awhile it‘s harder too swallow or chew on for any longer than is necessary. It‘s like having to
much ice-cream:             The US National Security Agency (Echelon), a lawless
monster is watching us all! For almost 20 years, Australia has been part of a top-secret five-country
alliance involved in the biggest electronic eavesdropping operation ever launched. Known as
Echelon, the system operated in partnership between the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain
and New Zealand; and is one of the most sophisticated developments in the intelligence-gathering
world. From satellite bases setup in the member countries, all telephone, email, fax and Internet
communications in the host countries and region, are routinely scanned and checked.
―Dictionaries‖ that contain millions of words, phrases and names are coded into the interception
programs, prompting the computers to tag and record or transcribe the message and buildup
dossiers. The US National Security Agency is the main Hoover e.g., (vacuum) for all this
information, with some of the key provider‘s bases sprinkled around Australia. The European
Parliament has twice attempted to crack Echelon‘s edifice, in 1998 and more recently in a working
paper from a parliamentary committee, which found its way to a British newspaper. After a two-
year investigation, the committee found that the spying network had the capacity to carry out
almost total surveillance of people and places globally, and operated worldwide on a cooperative
basis between the fire member countries. ―The Committee on the Echelon Interception System
discovered a cosy arrangement of fact-sharing where member countries placed their interception
systems at each other‘s disposal, shared the costs and often made joint use of the gathered
information. This is no partnership aimed at curbing terrorism and keeping the peace. The
committee says individuals and businesses are threatened by the sheer power of the monitoring
system and because it operates in a legislation-free environment. ―The person whose messages were
intercepted would have no domestic legal protection (and) would be completely at the mercy of the
system, ―the report states. While Australian politicians admit nothing, the documentary evidence
gathered by investigative journalists in Britain and New Zealand, and by former CIA agents who
have suffered attacks of conscience, suggests Australia plays a pivotal role e.g., a thing or event on
which an important issue depends upon. A base in Geraldton, Western Australia, allegedly
provides up to 80 per cent of the intelligence required by America in our hemisphere. Geraldton
was opened in 1993 with four intercept dishes targeted on satellites orbiting above the Indian Ocean
and the Pacific, according to American defence experts and Echelon-watcher Jeffrey Richelson.
Keywords in the Geraldton dictionary are related to North Korea‘s economic, diplomatic and
military situation. Japanese trade ministry plans and developments in Pakistani nuclear weapons
technology. Investigators claim a facility at Shoal Bay in the Northern Territory is another critical
intelligence gathering facility, with two dishes targeting Indonesian communications satellites.
―Pine Gap in the Northern Territory is also a key spying facility, some say, thirteen kilometres deep
with running streams? And can take a direct nuclear strike; but there are conflicting claims about
whether it is part of Echelon or used exclusively by Australia and the US. Michael McKinley;
international relations analyst at the Australian National University, says the Watsonia base in
Melbourne is also probably part of the network ―interestingly, Sir John Kerr visited there just days
before he dismissed Gough Edward Whitlam‘s Labor Government in 1975). Queen Elizabeth was
pretty happy; she inducted Kerr into the Privy Council and showered knighthoods upon him,
including the Royal Victorian Order (RVO), Kerr had become the Rt. Hon Sir Kerr, A.K.G.C.M.G.
G.C.V.O. K.St.J. The Queen was the largest private shareholder of Anglo American Corp, and Rio
Tinto. The House of Windsor cartel, controls Australia‘s raw materials e.g., RTZ; Barrick Gold;

Newmont Mining; Brascan/Noranda; Lonrho; N. M. Rothschild etc. The Whitlam ―ALP‖
government & Dr. Jim Cairns had attempted to raise a mere $8-billion (at a time when our national
debt was only $5-billion), too buy back the farm; the Queen had a lot too lose? Echelon was
established here for strategic and military reasons by the US in the ‗80s, but it has become a lawless
snooping monster. The US shares commercial information it intercepts with its big corporations to
give them a competitive edge. A former Canadian secret service operative, Mike Frost, told
Channel- 9‘s Sunday program two years ago that the British secret services organised spying
through Canada on two British Government ministers whom then-PM Margaret Thatcher thought
were not on her side. And former National Security Agency operative Wayne Madsen told CBS last
year that through Echelon the NSA had gathered a dossier of more than 1000 pages on Princess
Diana‘s murder, because of her campaign against landmines (they made certain that Princess
Diana never made it to the hospital alive, suspect the princess was given an overdose of morphine in
the crash car. Morphine, an analgesic and narcotic drug obtained from opium and used medicinally
to relieve pain). Diana, In Roman mythology, goddess of the hunt, virginity, and the moon;
identified with the Greek Artemis. Hence, the ‗moon. Diana of Poitiers, 1499-1566, mistress of
Henry 11 of France. Diana of the Ephesians, an Asiatic goddess of fertility, confused with the
Roman Diana, Acts xix 21. So how safe are Australian citizens? Not very, says Mr McKinley.
―What we have is a widespread interception operation with only government assurances that our
rights will be protected, and that is a problem, ―he says. Because most of the information
intercepted in Australia is passed automatically to the NSA, Australian officials cannot guarantee
that Australian individuals and companies are not being snooped on. But the Labor Party seems to
accept that everything is as above board as it can be in such an operation. Defence spokesman
Stephen Martin says Labor has previously pursued privacy matters in Parliament and has received
―undertakings‖ from defence officials that Australian citizens are not being compromised by any
surveillance operations. However, when Parliament resumes, Green Senator Bob Brown will
formally ask the Government to seek assurances from the US that no Australian names or
companies are contained in their ―dictionaries‖. Given that the Government won‘t acknowledge
that it is part of Echelon, this request will be met with a deafening silence from the Government,
that is. But someone, somewhere, will be watching and listening! Echelon, a staggered troop, fleet,
or airplane formation, one rank, ship, or airplane behind the other, but extending farther toward
one flank than the preceding rank, ship, or airplane; often V-shaped. One of the different fractions
of a command arranged from front to rear, to which a particular combat mission is assigned;
assault echelon, support echelon. One ‗of the various ‗subdivisions from front ‗too rear of a military
headquarters; forward echelon, rear echelon. A military unit regarded as having a distinct
function; command echelon, first echelon maintenance, etc. Echelonment (est‘e-lon-ment) n. The
act of forming or the state of being formed into echelons, including those of formation, position, or
function: Australia has a number of secrets ‗Nuclear Missile Bunkers, ready too strike the
perpetrators, if America is hit by a nuclear weapon. Pine Gap is a joint U.S. and Australian
intelligence base. Harold Edward Holt died in 1967, for refusing to allow the secret base at Pine
Gap to be built; so he was drugged at his home; put into his wetsuit; supposedly taken to a waiting
fishing boat at sea the night before on the 16th December 1967, and his body thrown into the sea;
(so he did drown). The next morning (Sunday) at Cheviot Beach a man in a wetsuit had
disappeared according to two witnesses; a Mrs Winston Gillespie, and Alan Stewart. Holt was
Prime Minister for just 692 days. Then John Grey Gorton was sworn in as Australia‘s 19th Prime
Minister on January 10, 1968: Fair Trial, a Human Right or Constitutional right to a trial that
provides certain practical protections for the citizen. Notable examples are under the US
Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Core concepts involve an impartial
judge, effective (and sometimes free) legal representation, a lack of undue delay and freedom from
self-incrimination. If this is true, ‗well what about David Matthew Hicks, the ―freedom fighter?
Any gentile person who is against our self-appointed government, who are elected by the ―Zionist‘s

Press‖, and or their ―Television Stations‖, is automatically ‗branded‘ as a terrorist for speaking
out? If our elections are rigged, then none of the former laws passed by parliamentary member bills
are lawful, therefore none of these laws can be valid, and cannot be legally enforced under our
statute law? All ‗gentiles ‗Candidates‘ running for elections must be given equal media coverage in
all newspapers without cost to them, only then will the general public have fairer elections! Gentiles
are the lessor; the owner of the Crown Estate. ‗Yet the ‗yuppie‘ element in society who hold land on
the beachfront, use the ―Riparian‖ illegal water rights to our ‗foreshore!‖ e.g., ‗riparian rights‘
to a ‗rivers‘ high watermark! Not the ‗sea or beach‘. No private owner has any right too take away
the access of our beaches, that privilege belongs to the general public only, the John Dow‘s of this
world, the taxpaying slaves? Access to use the beachfront and 1. 2 metres on top of the riverbank
―for right of passage by King John (1215). The general public has always had traditional rights to
this foreshore and their beachfront area along the seashore oceanfront. The public has always
claimed ‗vacant possession‘ too the foreshore and surf beach area‘s, and has ‗veto‘ over private
ownership of beachfront access of 1. 2 ―meters of pedestrian walkway ―on the top of the
embankment with complete access to the surf area for public use only. The truth is, ‗riparian
rights‘ only applies and is extended to ‗riverfronts properties‘, ‗Not the ‗Pacific Ocean‘ of non-
drinkable saltwater; thus ordinary farmers were given water rights to the rivers banks too access
freshwater for their livestock and crops only, therefore this law has absolutely nothing to do with
saltwater beachfront private land ownership too the high watermark on beachfront allotments that
deny ordinary people their legal right of access to public beaches along the embankment! The
public own this land and it cannot be sold for personal use, this beachfront land is a public utility;
‗it does not belong to the private individual as private property ―Keep Out‖ or whatever. (A private
owner cannot fence off what is not his), or what had always been a traditional right of passage of
―freeman‖ for thousands of years? I blame ‗lawyers‘ for twisting this law to suit themselves,
because it‘s a ‗breach ‗of the ‗law; the ‗yuppies‘ illegally coined this law to takeaway the rights of
‗freeman‘ from accessing their beach. The lawyers want to be ‗King‘. That‘s why we have laws like
the ―Magna Carta‖, or ‗Great charter, ‗so people like them cannot takeaway our legal right of
passage to walk along the embankment e.g., foreshore and or our sandy beach. For the freedom to
swim and fish as a ‗freeman‘ must! Re- King John (1215) gave it to us, not for ‗Us Yids? The
foreshore is ―Not for Sale‖ at any price? The ‗gentile‘ (goy) has built this land with their blood,
sweat and tears, Not these ‗yuppie‘ yuppie‘ (Yids), e.g., a well-paid young middleclass professional
working in the city, it‘s enough too give you the ‗flu? The Yiddish peoples founded taxation for
‗mankind‘ too work till goys drop-dead; than never too receive their ‗lump-sum‘ superannuation
until after death, aged over 70 years, but still subject to tax @ 15%? Said, Prime Minister John
Howard? Ownership of ones land in ―Fee Simple ‗freehold ―should not be subject to Council Rates,
why should old people without an income have to pay for Council Rates until they drop? ‗It‘s
blatantly wrong don‘t you think! Crown Estate Land rightfully belongs to gentiles, so why are we
forever paying ‗rigour City Council Rates! Not the (king or queen, regal power, the Supreme
governing power in a ‗monarchy). It‘s supposed to represent freedom for all gentiles, but alas, the
only freedom is to being dumb after all? With all the technology we have at our disposal today, ‗No
working gentile need work more than 24 hours per week on full pay, fore machines do the work for
many thousands of gentiles who once had to salve in factories and working long hours in third
world type labour camps! But now all big firms have realised the benefit of using other peoples
money by floating their companies business on the speculative Wall Street Stock Markets, therefore
any profits made, all go too the well off shareholders in our society, but when these companies fold,
their hard earned money goes out the window with them. It‘s a ‗Chess Game, just like war is, and
no ordinary person should ever participate in ―IT‖. What the financial experts tell gentiles. When
possible, instead of using ‗margin‘ lending, you are better off to borrow against the ‗equity‘ in your
‗home by giving the ‗bank‘ a ‗mortgage over ―IT‖, then they say, in this situation there can be no
margin call by the banker, unless your property values slumps (Don‘t be a fool, don‘t be a slave too
the Zionist banker! When you have a mortgage over your head, 99% of the time you do all the hard

work, and the bank makes all the profits, and in the end, the gentiles receive nothing at all, except a
lot of unnecessary stress, for what, my advise is, don‘t be a ‗goy? Ask yourself, ‗Why would a
financial adviser want your money, if he knows so much about the share- market? You see, your
money becomes his money, the moment you hand ―IT‖ over! He can do whatever he wants now
that he has your money, his promises mean nothing! He can illegally payoff his own debts with your
money or pay interest to an illegal pyramid scheme to a third party where he has offered them a
higher interest rate return on their money they have deposited with him; than he declare himself
insolvent, and does a runner with the investors money in trust accounts, and then he simply
changes his name by deed poll, and disappears to another country or whatever? A financial Adviser
is a person who lives off other people‘s money! The time has come for people power to rise up
against the Crown Law Estate System! We are the supreme force over the realm, for without
people, there is no executive governing council. So please don‘t fail us. Legislate too ―denationalise‖
the banking system worldwide, if not, the peoples will ―boycott‖ the Banks altogether and go back
too the old ‗barter‘ voucher credit system way of exchanging goods for (chattel), e.g., cattle etc, not
this Jewish ‗usury‘ system of lending money at exorbitant interest rates to gentiles, ‗nor do we need
the Jewish magic wand of some official authority too do ―IT‖. No, we will not need weapons of mass
destruction e.g., the ‗Magic (wand). Magus, member of ancient Persian priestly caste; sorcerer; the
(three) Magi, the ‗wise men‘, a wizard from the East who brought offerings to the infant Christ! We
little ―B‖ class gentiles someday will defeat the ―U‖ class ‗aristocrat nobles‘ thereby allowing the
legal printing of our own legal tender ‗Bills‘ using ‗voucher‘ notes, tokens, and govern new fair
trading laws against the Zionist Governments and their Empire. Not by Usury! The present system
is very carnivorous e.g., feeding on the flesh of its subjects e.g., person subject to political rule, any
member of a State except the Sovereign. We demand bank reforms now, not tomorrow! Or would
the ―U‖ people prefer a ‗Revolutionary Coup‘ on their hands, not the takeover kind either, but the
fundamental kind? (The general public have had enough of greedy bankers, and the gnashing of
their teeth; they are so full of gibberish talk! It‘s a disgrace that the ancient Hebrew Judges, and
the Zionist banker‘s are illegally in control of our ‗law courts, and therefore the worlds money
supply without proxy consent of the general public; why do you think the word‘ court, has the
letter ―U‖ in it. Why do you think, that our Parliament House seating is in the shape of a ―U‖.
That‘s because the ‗Jews control both the Courts and Parliament. The CIA Jews today are running
the American stockmarket on drug money to artificially prop ―IT‖ up; so it‘s drugs and oil that
keep Wall Street going! The year is 2004 A.D. The ‗White House‘, Washington D.C. is now run by a
bunch of murdering thugs e.g., (cut-throat assassins). The American people are good kind-hearted
people in general, but they have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by an elite evil force within,
whether these ‗aristocrat‘ nobles are members of the ‗Teutonic Knights or the Nazi ‗Black Order‘,
God only knows? Americans must ‗vote‘ them out of office before it‘s too late for ‗humanity‘. The
U.S. President George W. Bush Jr, Donald Rumsfeld. Its alleged, both men should face the
International Crimes Court, The Hague charged with genocide, and for their illegal invasion,
murder, and the plunder of billions of American Dollars stolen from Iraqi cities and towns. This
illegal trespass into Iraq, has caused massive damage too Iraq‘s infrastructure. The war damage
has run into the billions of dollars, not to mention the so-called human collateral damage! These
two great brave buffoon leaders are certainly not above the law, just because they think they can
exempt themselves from war crimes! These leaders, including George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and
John Winston Howard, the ―dead duck‖ Prime Minister; are exempt from any legal lawsuit served
upon them for war crimes, isn‘t that great, a corrupt Westminster legal system that protects it‘s
allege sovereign Yids, who are guilty of treason. It‘s not on. Impeach the Yids! The Western peoples
are not going to tolerate this Jewish legal‘ and ‗Capitalistic‘ system for too much longer! Wars just
don‘t happen; they are planned. Thank God we have gentiles (goys), protesting against the ―M1‘
Alliance! Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon must face war crimes in The Hague, for killing
Moslems in the Rafah refugee camps in Southern Gaza strip and in Beth Hanoun, and other West
Bank towns. April 13, 2004, Mr Sharon had talks with the US President George W. Bush to try to

win support for his plan to unilaterally pullout of the Gaza strip, but keep six-large Jewish
settlement (blocks) in the West Bank, e.g., combination of parties to support his government‘s idea.
Mr Sharon vowed Israel would keep the main Jewish settlements in the West Bank. He wants
Washington to secure US approval for a unilateral pullout from the Gaza strip. Infuriated
Palestinians, who want both territories for a state, said Mr Sharon‘s comments effectively, closed
the door on any deal under a peace plan to which US President George Walker Bush has
reaffirmed his commitment. Mr Sharon said the biggest West Bank settlement, Maale Adumim,
where there are almost four-times as many Jews as in Gaza, identified the settlements that would
―remain under Israeli control‖ and would ―continue to grow stronger and develop‖. There are
about 230,000 settlers in the West Bank, home to more than two million Palestinians. Mr Ariel
Sharon repeated Israel‘s determination to retain Arab East Jerusalem, seized like Gaza and the
West Bank in the Six Day War in 1967, (Israeli‘s attacked the USS Liberty 74 dead, 174 injured?
So the U.S. would blame Egypt and nuke Cairo to steal Arab oil for Israel). Then annexed in a
move not recognised internationally, Palestinians want it for their capital. ―With this statement,
Sharon is closing the door before any Palestinian-Israeli peace deal, ―chief Palestinian negotiator
Saeb Erekat said, ―The withdrawal from Gaza cannot be exchanged for maintaining Israeli
occupation in Jerusalem or in the West Bank. Mr Ariel Sharon visit to the White House to meet
with Mr Bush, Israeli sources said Mr Sharon expected a deal ensuring Israel would not have to
cede all of the West Bank in any future peace agreement. But Mr Bush, after meeting Egyptian
President Hosni Mubarak in Texas, appeared more cautious. Mr Bush welcomed any Israeli
pullout from the Gaza strip as a positive step but said it would not replace the plan to create a
Palestinian state, as described in a US-backed peace road map. Mr Bush also said; there will never
be a Palestinian state, in my judgment, if terrorists are willing to kill. And so, the first step we‘ve all
got to do is to work on the mutual security concerns of the region. The road map, laid low by
violence, envisages a Palestinian state in exchange for guarantees of Israeli security? Israel, 26th
July 2004, Ariel Sharon, said, he‘s determined to press ahead with his Gaza pullout plan, despite an
un-precedent protest against the Gaza move, Mr Sharon made the comment after tens of thousands
of Israeli‘s formed a human chain, running from Gaza‘s border to Jerusalem. Demonstrators held
hands along the 90-kilometre route, since the biggest show of strength since the planned withdrawal
was first announced. The human chain stretched from the border of Gaza to Jerusalem‘s Wailing
Wall. Many of those taking part were settlers, angry with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
―Likud Party‖ has plans to pullout of the Gaza strip and parts of the West Bank by the end of
2005: Palestinian, Yahya Ayyash, the first Palestinian suicide bomber; a martyr, a Leader.
Hedera, 13th April 1994. Every generation has more followers of Yahya Ayyash‘s vocation, and the
numbers increases each year. Every street must produce their own Aahya Ayyash, every district;
he is the person that all mothers want to be like; because Yahya Ayyash mission was to defend the
people. His mission was not one of evil or hatred. A few days after Ayyash‘s death, Hamas issued a
communiqué. Ayyash did not die, but left behind a new holy war; the chain of martyr will never
stop, don‘t be so happy, we are coming. Six weeks later, Hamas exacted bloody retribution, four
suicide attack‘s in seven days; killed 59 people. After ten years of fighting this new form of terror,
Israeli‘s prisons now contain more captured suicide bombers, then anywhere in the world. Put an
end to the Israeli occupation, and you‘ll put and end to the problem. All fighters are martyrdom, in
the end; we don‘t have rockets to send against Israel, or missiles to hit Tel Aviv. This land doesn‘t
belong to the Jews; it belongs to the Palestinians. It‘s for the Muslims, ‗not for the Jews. Hebron is
a city at the centre of this conflict, here in the Palestinian heartland. The price & blood of the
Israeli, Palestinian conflict has been high, with 1,100 Israeli‘s & ―4,600 Palestinians have died for
their Independence from Israeli occupation of their land: Jewish occupation of Palestine took place
on May 14, 1948, under the British Government mandate! The Persian Gulf War began on January
17, 1991 after the deadline set by the United States for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait. The 28-
nation allied force had about 690,000 troops in the region, of these 425,000 Americans. The Allies

had more aircraft and helicopters, Iraq more tanks and artillery pieces. High-tech U.S. arms
included F-117-A Stealth fighters, ship launched Tomahawk cruise missiles, and Patriot radar-
guided antimissile missile. Allied forces retook Kuwait after a 4-day ground assault. Iraq
Resolution, The U.S. Senate voted, 97-2, on August 2, 1991, in favour of a resolution supporting the
use of ―all necessary means,‖ including military force, to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction,
which they do not possess at all? The ―booty of war‖ is the spoils of plunder for the Yids. George
Herbert Walker Bush ‗senior (born June 12, 1924), the 41st Republican president, spoke on
television, saying he had no choice but force. He said Allied planes had struck at Iraq‘s alleged
nuclear bomb potential, chemical weapons facilities, and artillery and tanks. He saw victory in war
as leading to a ―New World Order‖ based on the ―rule of law‖. January 17, Israel declared a
state of emergency. On that day, Iraq fired 8 Scud missiles at Israel, causing light damage and a few
casualties in Tel Aviv, and 1 at Saudi Arabia. These Soviet-made missiles were notoriously
inaccurate! The Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defence, situated in Arlington, Va; it
houses more than 23,000 employees in offices that occupy 3,707,745 square feet! The White House,
the president‘s residence, stands on 18 acres on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, between the
Treasury and the Executive Office Building! Judiciary of the U.S. justices of the United States
―Supreme Court. The Supreme Court comprises the chief justice of the United States and 8
associate justices, all appointed by the president with advice and consent of the Senate. The
Supreme Court is located at the U.S. Supreme Court Building; 1 First Street. NE, ―Washington; D
C 20543. The Presidential Oath of Office‖, I do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will faithfully
execute the office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve,
protest, and defend the Constitution of the United States. ―(Custom decrees the use of the words
―So help me God‖ at the end of the oath when taken by the President-elect, his/her left hand on the
Bible for the duration of the oath, with his/her right hand slightly raised). The Great Seal, of the
‗U.S. 1782. The seal shows an American bald eagle with a ribbon in its mouth bearing the device E
pluribus unum (One out of many). In its talons are the arrows of war and an olive branch of peace.
On the reverse side it shows an unfinished pyramid with an eye (the eye of Providence) above ―IT‖,
providence e.g., look far ahead, and sacrifice the present to the future, saving as much as maybe
necessary for that end: May 20, 2004: Autocrat (1) A supreme ruler of unrestricted power. (2)
One exercising unlimited power over others. (3) An arrogant, dictatorial person, (<F autocrate
<Gk. autok-rates self-ruling, independent < autos self + kratos power) – au‘to-crat‘ic or –I-cal adj.
– au‘to-crat‘i-cal-ly adv: Charter of the United Nations. The charter adopted by the United
Nations Conference on International Organization at San Francisco, April-June, 1945, making the
United Nations a permanent organization, and establishing the General Assembly, the Security
Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of
Justice, and the Secretariat as its component parts. See United Nations, International Court of
Justice under Court: Anti-federalist, A member of the political party that opposed the
ratification of the U.S. Constitution. After it was ratified, the Anti-federalists, led by Jefferson,
opposed any extension of the powers of the Federal government: Anti-federalism, Opposition to
federalism, especially to the Federal party: Rafah; Israeli tanks kill children in Gaza
strip, Israel forged ahead with its offensive in the Gaza strip after Israeli tank-fire killed at least
10 Palestinians and wounded dozens of others who were marching to protest the military operation
in a refugee camp. A Street was drenched in blood and littered with the dead bodies, and there
were scores of wounded among those who had been protesting against Israel‘s massive raid into the
area. It was a peaceful march. Some 80 percent of demonstrators were women and children and
there were no gunmen, Misbah Abu Abed, 18, said he retreated after the first missile. Six more
Palestinians were killed early yesterday; three in a missile strike, two by tank-fire and one was shot;
as Israel faced down withering international criticism of its actions. Palestinian denounced the
shelling as a massacre. Israel apologised for loss of civilian life, but blamed the Palestinians for

allowing gunmen to mix with the civilian crowd. Look, how can Israel justify their actions, when
they had no right to be in the refugee camp in the first place? Israel‘s military said one tank shell
exploded in the crowd of protesters marching toward the beleaguered Rafah refugee camp. Three
militants were killed in a missile strike in the Rafah camp near the Egyptian border and a fourth
was shot by Israeli troops. The military said a helicopter fired at gunmen approaching Israeli
forces; and a tank shell near the border killed two more militants. Early in the day, Israeli forces
destroyed a four-story building in the camp belonging to Islamic Jihad leader Nafez Azzam and a
small Islamic sports club, residents said. The UN Security Council condemned the loss of life and
Israel‘s demolition of Palestinian homes. The US abstained, the first time in nearly two years that
the US allowed a resolution sharply critical of Israel to pass. Nabil Abu Rdeneh, a senior aide to
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, welcomed the US abstention and called on the US to ―force Israel
to accept international forces here to protect the Palestinian people‖. Israel appeared unconcerned
about the US vote. ―Palestinians expected an abstention, given the very complex and delicate
situation in which the United States finds itself today, ‖said Raanan Gissin, an aide to Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon, referring to the conflict in Iraq. US President George Walker Bush Jr,
(born 1946) called for restraint. ―It is essential that people respect innocent life in order for us to
achieve peace, said ―Mr Bush. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the Israeli invasion, dubbed
Operation Rainbow, was ―unacceptable and wrong‖, and urged both sides to resume negotiations
on the ―road map‖ peace plan, which calls for an end to violence and the creation of a Palestinian
state. Among six of the dead demonstrators identified, four were little children, aged from nine to
14 years. The two others were 17 and 20 years. In Tel Aviv, several hundred Israelis, including
reserve air force pilots, demonstrated in front of the Defence Ministry against the Gaza strip
incursion by Israel. July 2004, The Hague, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), has ruled that
the Israeli ―security wall‖ in Jerusalem must be torn down, because it‘s illegal, and it‘s a breach of
International Law. Israel said they would ignore the courts ruling, and therefore is defiant and
rejects the courts decision, as non-obligatory with no powers too enforce their Judgement or
directive over the Jewish Talmud Law, e.g., Body of Jewish law and legend comprising the Mishnah
(precepts of the elders codified c. 200 A.D.) & the Gemara, ‗the second part of the Jewish
―Talmud‖, an exposition of the first part (Mishna). (<Aramaic, completion). ―Gemara
(commentary on the Mishnah in recensions at Jerusalem c. 400 & at Babylon c. 500), (also, in
limited sense) the Babylonian Gemara. Hence Talmud‘ic(AL,) aa. (late Hebrew.,- instruction! Mr.
Hisham Melhem, Al-Safir Newspaper in Palestine; said, we are dealing here with a real court, now
people are saying, this decision in non-binding, its just an advisory, it maybe the revisory part that
is non-binding, but the way the court (read), came up with its decision is based on legal binding
laws, e.g., including for Geneva. So it is very significant that Israeli‘s can ignore ―IT‖, but the
international community won‘t ignore it. But it‘s a moral victory, it‘s a legal victory, it‘s a political
victory for the Palestinian if they know how to play it well. Israeli spokesman in Washington
Institute, for Near East Policy Mr. David Makovski was asked, can the Israeli government feel it
can ignore that ruling essentially with impunity, and he said, I think it really does, its own court is
trying to strike the balance between security and humanitarian concerns, the one American judge
on the High Court, the International Court of Justice Mr B? Said basically my own court here is
totally dismissing Israeli self-defence issues, never visited the area, and has no concept of the
security issues. So that‘s coming from the department of law school, that we are putting Palestinian
property over Israeli lives. What has the Bush administrations attitude been on this; last October
2003, Powell? Made a comment when he said the security fence was a problem. If you‘re going to
build a fence between you and your neighbour, you put it on your property line, you don‘t put it on
your neighbour‘s property; has the U.S. Government exerted any pressure on the Israeli
Government. Answer, (David Makovski), ‗I would argue that this is a very interesting case, where
the United States and the European Union, including France, and all the European Union
countries, went to the International Court of Justice, and said, you guys stay out of this, wherever
our issues with the fence, this is a political issue, not a legal issue, and stay out, and the only

countries saying, go to the (ICJ), were Cuba and North Korea. Israel said it was trying to minimise
hardship, for whom, I wonder? Hisham Melham, said, he would like to see some pressure on the
Israeli‘s, we don‘t expect it from the United States, I think we will take it to the ‗General
Assembly‘, because the court said that the issue should go back to the General Assembly and the
Security Council to act on it. They know that the American veto is inevitable, ‗I think too, that they
are taking moral support from the Europeans, and the International Community, because how we
have elected officials in Europe, and are calling for some sort of sanctions, some sort of real
measures against the Israeli Government, and I think this is not going to be a political issue, it‘s a
legal issue, because the International Court of Law and Justice have reaffirmed this fact, that Israel
is an occupying power, and this is extremely important for the Palestinians Fatah case against this
injustice: jinni, jin-ni (ji-ne‘) n. pl. jinn. In Moslem mythology, an order of supernatural beings
able to assume animal or human form, and often at the call and service of men through some
magical controlling object; the plural form is often erroneously used as a singular; sometimes
spelled djinni, genie. Also jin-nee. (<Arabic jinni): Mecca (1) a place one aspires to visit. (2) The
birthplace of a faith, policy, pursuit, etc. ―Mecca in Arabia, birthplace of Muhammad and chief
place of Muslim pilgrimage: Muezzin (myoo-ez‘in) n. In Moslem countries, a crier from a
minaret or other part of the mosque who calls the faithful to prayer. Also mu-ed‘din (-ed‘in).
(<Arabic mu‘adhdhin <adhana call): War Crime, A concept of international law that denotes
prohibited activities even during the carnage of war. It includes crimes against humanity, genocide
and mistreatment of civilians and captured combatants. The problem has been that familiar in
international law of enforcement. The high point of recognition was in the Nuremberg trials of
German politicians‘ soldiers and others after the Second World War. In more recent times, the
establishment of a war crimes tribunal, which has tried individuals during a state of conflict, has
lent the concept a stronger core. It will be a successful legal construct when a soldier can disobey an
order instructing a war crime without fear of penalty:           Magna Carta, the ‗Great Charter‘
of liberties, signed by King John at Runnymede, 15 June 1215. One of the foundations of the
(notion) of the ‗rule of law. The barons made it clear that the king operated under legal constraints.
Two clauses, 39 and 40, were developed to become a basis of the liberty of the subject to the
present; ‗No freeman shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possession, or
outlawed or exiled or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force
against him, or send other to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the
land‘ (Clause 39) ‗To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice‘ (Clause 40):
www.JoelOsteen.com:                       Human Rights, Legally enforceable rights to which people
are entitled in virtue of their humanity rather than dependent on citizenship. A modern concept, at
least under this name, human rights are legally significant in the UK and Europe because of the
incorporation into UK law by the Scotland Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998 (effective
October 2000) of the European Convention on Human Rights, ratified by the members of the
Council of Europe. Equally important is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by
the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Any provisions seeking to protect human rights
usually focus on life, liberty and freedom of personality, freedom of thought and religion. The right
to work (and sometimes a right to social security) often appears. See also, Bill of Rights, A
document, frequently but not essentially, of high standing in Constitutional Law, which sets out
protections for the citizen, usually from the state itself. Three notable examples now follow. In the
UK, an ―Act of the English parliament in 1689 on the assumption of the throne by William and
Mary. It was a reaction to the excesses of the Stuart Kings and declared the pre-eminence of
Parliament and the constitutional restraints on the monarch. Parliament‘s right to levy money and
free speech in Parliament were expressly provided for. Excessive bail and cruel and unusual
punishments were forbidden. It went on to provide for the Protestant succession. In Scotland the
Claim of Right was to the same effect. It is not, however, like the two more modern documents now

considered. In the USA, the first ―ten amendments of the Constitution of the USA. They protect,
inter alia, the freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to
assembly and procedural rules in criminal matters. Although they would appear to relate only to
federal matters, the Fourteenth Amendment, enacted to protect Blacks after the Civil War,
provides two clauses that have enabled the US Bill of Rights to extend to the states. The ‗due
process‘ clause has been treated as allowing the basic rights to be treated as applying to states, thus
in Roe v. Wade 410 US 113 (1973) the Supreme Court struck at state abortion legislation. The
‗equal protection‘ clause is directed towards discrimination and has allowed the court to interfere
with state education policy. ―Brown v. Board of Education 347 US 483; 349 US 294 (1955). In
Canada, the Canadian Bill of Rights, properly so called, was enacted in 1960. it was, and is, a code
of conduct to be followed in the creation of federal legislation; it is similar to the US Bill of Rights
and protects traditional freedoms. Subsequently there has been enacted the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms, which is entrenched in the constitution in Part (1) of the Constitution Act 1982
(Canada). The Bill of Rights remains law, and there are matters in the Bill that are not in the
Charter, and vice versa. The Charter is founded on a categorisation of civil liberties into
‗egalitarian liberties‘, relating to equality under law; ‗legal liberties‘, covering protection under the
criminal code; and ‗political liberties‘, like freedom of speech, assembly, etc. New categories of
rights were included; ‗mobility rights‘ and ‗linguistic rights‘, which protect people‘s right to use
their language if it is French or English. The Charter goes further and provides for education in the
first language learned and understood; it provides aboriginal rights. The ‗reasonable limits‘ upon
the Charter rights have been explored by the Supreme Court in R v. Oakes (1986) 1 SCR 103 and R
v. Edwards Books (1986) 2 SCR 713: Geneva Convention an international convention adopted
in Geneva. There have been a number of these. The one most likely to be encountered by the
general public is that on treatment of prisoners of war. As a convention it is part of international
law. Other notable conventions carrying the Geneva name are those on Law of the Sea 1958 and the
1951 Relating to the Status of Refugees: Genocide, the crime of trying to destroy a nation,
ethnic, racial or religious group, committed if there has been killing or serious injury to members of
the group with intent; Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide;
Genocide Act 1968. It is also committed by forcibly transferring children: The Coalition of the
Willing, George W. Bush Jr, Tony Blair, and John Howard; e.g., these gentlemen have
―indemnified themselves from been charged with War Crimes, because they control ―IT‖ all,
including the War Chest? Bush, Blair and Howard recite the ―Talmud‖ each day, because ―IT‖
teaches that, whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the ―Kol Nidre‖
prayer that you recite on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them. How
much can you depend on their loyalty to uphold the Constitution? These Yids have impunity, e.g.,
Freedom from punishment or from injurious consequences. Immunity, Freedom or exemption,
as from a penalty, burden, duty, or evil, such as the exemption of ecclesiastical persons and places
from duties and burdens thought unbecoming their sacred character: ‗Look at the collapse in the
housing market, and the escalating food prices; the massive job cuts going on across the country.
The Queensland Country Life (rural paper) had an interview with the owner of Johnson‘s
transport. In July of 2006, the government intends to increase their registration by 400%. An
article in the Australian Financial Review November 15th states that the federal government is
being urged by Australia‘s top regulators to introduce a bank deposit protection scheme that would
prevent retail customers of financial institutions from being out of pocket in any collapse of a Bank,
Credit Union or Insurance Company etc. The Federal Treasurer Mr Costello wrote to the
Australian Bankers Association and other industry bodies yesterday seeking comments on the plan,
which was formulated by Reserve Bank of Australia governor Ian Macfarlane, etc. Australia‘s
Prime Minister, John Winston Howard is pushing for fascism: The Bush clan is still looking for
Osama bin-Laden. A creation of Margaret Thatcher and George H.W. Bush; the family are friends
of the Bin-Laden‘s. Yes ‗Bush is more than likely to protect Osama-bin Laden from harm; there all

together: John Pilger, ‗said, Osama-Bin Laden, like promotion of al-Zarqawi is integral to this.
Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, he is everywhere but nowhere, www.zmag.org: www.lemonde.fr:
US Propaganda Conspiracy, ―Source: http://usinfo.state.gov/media/misinformation.html: US
War Crimes in Iraq, On the 20, May 2004, (Iraq), US helicopters targeted the wedding
celebration in the village of Makreddin in the Qaim region near the Syrian border, killing forty or
more people, mostly women and children; and witnesses said the aircraft destroyed several
structures in the village. Brig-Gen Kimmitt said the attack took place at 3am, 85km southwest of
Husaybah, and 25km from the Syrian border. Farmer Mortada Hamid, told reporters he had been
in his house, 600-metres from the strike, when two US helicopters opened fire as wedding revellers
were firing their guns in the air in a traditional celebratory manner. More than 40 people were
killed; bodies were everywhere, most of them women and children. US helicopters targeted a huge
tent pitched in the village for the wedding celebration. May 20, 2004, The US run Abu Ghraib
prison near Baghdad; the shocking photographs taken from inside the prison of Iraqi detainees
been abused by US soldiers who were ordered to do so by their superiors back in Washington D.C,
we can only suspect the Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld and other Pentagon officials were
behind the scenes issuing those orders. ―4,000 US. Soldiers killed in action 24/3/2008, 5-year-war:
Amnesty International, address, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London. EC2A 3EA. United Kingdom:
Under the International Charter, ‗Saddam Hussein cannot legally be put on trial for war
crimes, because Iraq is a Sovereign country, and therefore Saddam has full immunity from
prosecution. He is still the President of Iraq. George W. Bush is praying for Iraqis to do his dirty
work. Bush knows a successful conviction cannot be obtained in The Hague, under International
Law. If Saddam should die, Bush will wipe his hands of ‗IT, and blame his death on Iraqis. If
Saddam hangs, then so should Bush. They are both guilty of war crimes: Scapegoat, goat allowed
to escape when Jewish chief priest had laid sins of people upon it, and person bearing the blame due
to others? George W. Bush‘s (7) scapegoats charged for mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq‘s Abu
Ghraib jail. The seven US reservists charged were all under orders to mistreat the prisoners of war,
those orders would have come directly from Donald Rumsfeld etc, with Bush‘s blessing! In
Washington, General John Abizaid, head of the US Central Command, told the Senate Armed
Services Committee the military was investigating 75 alleged cases of prisoner abuse. Honestly G.
W. Bush Jr, ‗people are sick of your war on terrorist; you are deliberately putting terror into the
minds of gentiles throughout the whole world. They hates you for ―IT‖, ―you creep; you think you
can enter slowly into a person‘s affections, and than stab them in the back with a bayonet! Why
don‘t you do everyone a big favour, and take a leap off the Brooklyn Bridge for Us! The public
never want too see your face again on their television screens, you Mongolian yellow-skinned
straight-haired type of mankind class of idiot, and you think you are a ‗big man‘ destroying other
Nations! At the beginning of the Iraq war; at least six billion dollars in U.S currency, belonging to
the Iraqi government has been stolen or replaced with worthless new Iraqi Bills, by the American
Bush Administration, not to mention the missing $millions in Iraqi oil revenue up to June 2004?
www.keepwatch.com:                          High Tech Holocaust, by James Bellini, ISBN 0
86436 056 8: Nuclear Madness, by Helen Caldicott, ISBN 0-393-31011-6: America‘s nuclear
Intercontinental ballistic missile arsenals, totals more than 10,950, and Russia 9,500, and Australia
has about six? But the true figure is believed to be 35,000 nuclear warheads? IRBM, The
intermediate range ballistic missile, having a ‗range of 1,500 miles. Compare ICBM, The
intercontinental ballistic missile, having a range of at least 5,000 miles. When Bush sends men too
kill Muslims in other countries; he is dealing with a terrorist threat against freedom? When
Muslims send men too kill Americans; they are terrorist or combatants, not freedom fighters? It‘s
alleged that George W. Bush, has bombed and killed innocent men, women, and little children in
foreign countries; therefore Sir, you are a war criminal, and that you have committed a terrorist
act of aggression without a (UN), mandate. A crime under international law! Then you are guilty of

war crimes on Iraqi‘s, and you will be brought too account for those war crimes, because of
America‘s illegal invasion of Iraq, and for the ‗Booty of War‘ oil! With or without the (UN) United
Nations Security Council‘s resolution, too approval such action, and therefore this criminal act of
war by the Commander and Chief of the American Armed Forces, it‘s alleged, has committed
genocide? If America bombs another country; you become a terrorist just like them; if they are
‗evil‘, than you must also be ‗evil‘, don‘t you think? Bush, Blair, and Howard, belong somewhere
below the (abyssal), e.g., 300 fathoms below sea level, where their blood can freeze at 33 degree
below zero. We hear them talk of ‗war, as if they know what war is, fore they are ‗armchair‘
Generals! Wars are fundamentally wrong; and therefore an unnecessary evil force in ‗MAN‘, for
‗mankind is like a cow that doesn‘t know his own strength, and therefore is easily ‗culled‘ by ‗Yids
who create an enemy that never existed before! War‘s are ridicules, its absurdity too kill another
human being in cold blood, simply because he is ordered too kill, too humiliate or belittle prisoners
of war? Whom they have never meet in their whole lives, simply because soldiers are ordered to
‗kill‘ and ‗bayonet‘ their enemy, its ‗barbaric‘, and gentiles do this criminal act under a delusion
when ordered by these ‗Yids‘ e.g., Jewish generals, that are leading those wars on both sides of the
conflict! Gentiles must stop and think? Turn your guns on those who speak of war! If only we could
‗evoke‘ the dead spirits too talk to us; what would they say? What amazes me is, come Christmas
day, the soldiers can stop fighting each other on the battlefield? Lower-class ‗gentiles‘ are led to the
slaughter, because they are free to be dumb ‗freedom? I cannot help but get a tear in my eyes every
time I hear the sound of the bugle for the fallen soldiers on both sides who are forced to partake, its
liken to a Cockfight, and the Master is looking on with delight! Its so sad when young people march
to war, never to return too their love ones at home, in spirit ‗Yes, for those brave men gave ‗Us real
freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for generations to come after them. War‘s are wrong,
there is absolutely no need for warring parties to go into battle; but the reasons are, very high
unemployment, over population, greed, famine, and ‗Zionist bankers controlling the gentile world,
their solution to this problem, and its pure economics, create an enemy that does not exist, than sent
into battle as many gentiles as possible to slaughter each other, its for the good of the country they
tell you, they did the right thing by going to war, they saved ‗Us-Yids, for ‗Us too continue the
exploitation of gentiles until the next-war? When the Moslems come here too kill Americans for
killing their countrymen, Bush says its ‗terrorism? World Jewry, World Control? The Jews, and or
judiciary (JU), are writing all our laws for our parliament, just rubber stamp and (pass) ―IT‖.
Gentiles have no legal rights at all under the ―Jew‖ property act or illegal acquisition act, because
all property of other tribes, belongs to the Jewish Nation, God gave ―IT‖ to them. They are the
(Crown Law), they are the ‗aristocrats, those of a ruling oligarchy, a class of nobles. Gentiles have
to seek legal advice to receive any justice, if at all, because the modern day Jew planned it that way,
in order too fleece the goyim, and when they give you ‗Advice, it means too ‗add more ‗Vice! ―And
when the Lord brings you into the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Hivites
and the Jebusites; which he swore to your fathers too give you! You see, the land never belonged to
the Jews, and God would never give the Jewish people land that belonged to another tribe, now
would he? A land flowing with milk and honey, you shall keep this service in this month. Seven
days you shall eat unleavened bread, and on the seventh day there shall be a feast to the Lord.
Unleavened bread shall be eaten for seven days; no leavened bread shall be seen with you, and no
leaven shall be seen with you in all your territory. And you shall tell your son on that day, ‗It is
because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.‘ And it shall be to you as a sign on
your hand and as a memorial between your eyes that the law of the Lord may be in your mouth; for
with a strong hand the Lord has brought you out of Egypt. You shall therefore keep this ordinance
at its appointed time from year to year‖(Exodus 13: 5-10, RSV). The wisdom from the sage‘s who
wrote the Passover Haggadah. ―In every generation, one ought to regard himself as though he
personally came out of Egypt. ‖Just imagine,‖ the man remarked to his wife. ―It has been more
than 3000 years since the Exodus. Ancient peoples and nations passed away and new ones came into
existence. The Jews were scattered all over the world, and were strangers wherever they settled.

They were despised and persecuted, kept on the verge of extinction. But this Passover, Israel is
again in her ancient land! Hebrew may come from a word, which meant caravaneer, and Abraham
was a merchant prince who established a sales route, which extended all the way from Haran to
Egypt! The Jews were wanderers who passed from place to place. ―For the first 800 years of their
existence, ―says Max Dimont, ―they wandered in and out of the great civilizations surrounding
them. The Jews had no buildings, no cities, and no armies. All they carried with them were their
ideas, which eventually conquered the world without making them its masters! And Joshua said
unto all the people; not just one tribe? Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Your fathers dwelt on the
other side of the flood in old time, even Terah, the father of Abraham, and the father of Nachor;
and they served other gods. And I took your father Abraham from the other side of the flood, and
led him throughout all the land of Canaan, and multiplied his seed, and gave him Isaac. And I gave
unto Isaac Jacob and Esau; and I gave unto Esau mount Seir, to possess it; but Jacob and his
children went down into Egypt (Joshua 24: 2-4). This noble address, marked Joshua‘s valedictory
as a leader of Israel, and there remains an aura of mystery even within scholarly circles concerning
this people. The designation Habiru is first found in the Cappadocian texts (19th Century, B.C.E.,
later in the famous Mari Letters (18th Century, B.C.E.) and in the still later Nuzian, Hittite,
Amarna, and Ugaritic texts (15th and 14th Century, B.C.E.) If we remember that Abraham himself
did not begin life as a Jew, it is interesting to note that all uses of Hebrew in Genesis are used to
describe non-Israelites (14: 13: 39:14, 17; 40: 15; 41: 12; 43: 32). However, Merrill Unger notes that
Shem and Eber represent the line of which the people of the Old Testament formed a part. But, he
says, ―the Hebrews‘ ancestor Eber (Genesis 11: 16f) included more than the Abrahamic line. Some
of Eber‘s posterity remained in Babylonia when Terah left, and some in Haran when Abram
migrated to Canaan. In 1906 at that time there were about 70,000 Jews living in Palestine, and
these represented not only recent settlers, but those small pockets of Jews who had fled the
Diaspora over the years and had taken up a new life in Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed, and Tiberias,
which were called the four Holy Cities. Moreover, had it not been for the largesse of rich European
Jews like Baron de Rothschild, they would have been forced to abandon their magnificent obsession
as an exercise in futility. As it was, they had only a few hundred roubles among them when they left
for Palestine. However, these young Biluim had something that money could not buy. They were
fired by fresh memories of the pogroms and the Pale-bitter memories that guaranteed their
devotion to the Land of Promise. Their trust was in the Shema; ―Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God,
the Lord is One.‖ And their hope was in ―our land, Zion. So it was that ten young pioneers
ultimately settled not far from Jaffa. They named their new colony Rishon le-Zion, the First in
Zion. Than came other settlements; Petah Tikvah (Gate of Hope) in the same district; Rosh Pinah
(Head Corner Store) near Safed; and Yesod Hamaalah (Foundation of Ascent) near Lake Huleh.
As dawn broke on the twentieth century, the migration of European Jews had already begun to
flow in two directions to America; the new land of promise, and back to Palestine, the ancient
Promised Land. While Jewish immigration to the vast urban centers of the New World is widely
known, Israel Cohen has documented the more veiled movement in the Middle East. Numbers to
arrive; First Aliyah (1882-1903) 25,000 Jews: Second Aliyah (1904-1914) 40,000: Third Aliyah
(1919-1923) 36,183: Fourth Aliyah (1924-1931) 84,113: Fifth Aliyah (1932-1939) 264,585: WW-11 to
Independence (1940-48) 112,512: and 1948 (to September 30) 70,000: Grand Total=632,393 Jews:
Now allowing for the deduction of some 30,000 Jews who abandoned Palestine between 1920 and
1938, the population of Israel had swelled well past the million mark by the end of 1950. Today that
population stands at about three million, including Moslems, Christians, and Druze. And, despite
periodic wars, Israel still lives and grows. In 1974, the Jewish population in Tel Aviv alone from
40,000 in 1914 to 600,000 in 1974: Melchisedec (mel-kiz‘a-dek). In Old Testament history, a
priest, ―king of Salem. Gen. xiv 18. Also Mel-chiz‘e-dek: Salem, an Old Testament name for
JERUSALEM: The Order of Melchisedec—the Immortals. ―It should be seen from the foregoing
that Jesus did not come to save the world, or to save anyone in the world; that he came to show to

the world, e.g., to the disciples or any others, that each one could save himself by changing his
mortal body into an immortal body. Though not all that he taught has come down to us, there is
enough left in the books of the New Testament as evidence that Jesus was one of the ―Order of
Immortals‖, of the order of Melchisedec, one of the Order of those who had done what Jesus came
to demonstrate of himself, to mankind, so that all who would could follow his examples: Reaction
to the Talmud, the Talmud was believed by the Church to contain mysteries, devilish powers,
even orders to kill Christians. Therefore, Martin Luther reflected the general attitude of Christian
Europe when he dismissed this vast body of rabbinic writing as ―nothing but godlessness, lies,
cursing, and swearing. What were particularly reprehensible to Christians were reports that the
Talmud vilified their Saviour and Lord as a charlatan e.g., (Impostor in medicine, quack; empty
pretender to knowledge or skill), and illegitimate son of a German soldier. They were particularly
incensed by the blatantly anti- Christian references of the Toledot Yeshu, a Medieval fable about
the life of Christ, which the competent Edward Flannery believes may have rested on much earlier
sources: The Jewish scribes write these laws in ‗jargon, in such a way where ordinary people
cannot understand ―IT‖, and so they have to seek legal advise to receive any justice at all, if any, If
they have been robbed or deceived by unscrupulous rogues (knave miscreant), in our society, that
they cannot make an honest living been truthful. The ‗laws‘ are not written, so as to simply arrest a
person for theft or deceiving that person for their illgotten gains; No, they have to prove their case
in a court of law, too get any justice at all; and litigation cost are not cheap, and the victim can loose
all, if a law suit case should go against the plaintiff‘s case in a civil action suit? The laws are made
to benefit and improve their lot at the top, all at the expense of the gentile goy, when the bailiff
seizes his assets by (warrant or legal right) e.g., his or her assets to pay for all court cost if you
should loose same, under the Jew or Due Process etc. Our Government must denationalise the
Banking System. It cost the banker nothing to write a loan, except ink and paper, because it‘s not
their money they lend, but your money from your own assets as security for the loan (mortgagee in
possession once you sign them over to the Jew banker); You borrow money; your money, your
assets at interest over many years, to buy a property for $100,000 at 10% interest. You sell ―IT‖
later on to another sucker for $400,000 at 10% interest; instead of the banker earning only $10,000
in interest for the year from the first borrower. The banker now earns $40,000 a year from the next
home loan borrower if he does not pay cash for ―IT‖. You say; but the first buyer has made a profit
of $300,000 that might be half true, depending on how long he‘s been paying the liability to the
banker with interest over many years on the loan. But for him to buy into the property market
again will cost him $400,000, unless he downsizes to a cheaper house and uses the extra cash for a
long overdue holiday etc. Stay well clear of banks like Westpac Bank; because ‗it‘s owned by
‗Western Pacific Banking Corporation of America. This book is not about ‗black-mail or
‗extortion, its about a bank that sets people up in order too steals all, take the ‗Lot‘ (feloniously)
e.g., a ‗Criminal; Law of committed felony; this offence is legally graver than misdemeanour
offence, They literally steal your money by stealth and use of ‗mysticism‘, because they had lied
about their contract clauses in order to entrap (beguile, charm, deceive), their victims into signing,
and you cannot believe a word that comes out of their mouths. It seems to be a common practice of
Westpac Bank, because after a ‗default‘ they show little interest in you, because the bank is only
after your assets. This bank had tried to seize, steal all (place in legal possession to steal his wealth)
e.g., his remaining assets; than ruined his credit rating etc. This bank has had every opportunity to
return same or make amends to its victims for using ―Undue influence‖ in gaining the victims trust
in order ‗too defraud him by deceptive and unconscionable conduct by Westpac Banking
Corporations Management, There was never going to be any money made in the banks fraudulent
illegal contract terms and conditions, plus unfair clauses between the bank and their client who was
treated with contempt all the way through this so-called good deal they had complotted together for
their ill-gotten gain. The interest rates and penalties were far too high, ten-times higher than he had
anticipated. Their victim could only lose under their terms within the contract that resulted in

financial loses and trauma on his person, that could only force him into liquidation by going
bankrupt; all because the Westpac Bank‘s (mongrel) broker and the bank manager together, really
set this small investor up to be fleeced dry with huge unfair fees, penalties and extra bank charges,
and not to mention the banks broker, with his secret trailing commission that he would have
received over the term of the loan, for setting up the contract to favour only the banker, Yet the
broker had been paid $1,800 at the bank on that same day the contracts were signed for Westpac
Bank to take over the loans from the Credit Union. The broker had it both-ways, and he was
supposed to look after the financial interest of the small investor, not the banks interest. Instead he
turned out to be a good mate of the Manager at Westpac Bank! The victim was ‗duped‘ into singing
a one-way deal favouring the Bank. This corporation has committed a ‗breach of its contractual
obligations under the corporation law. The Westpac Bank manager and their financial advisor that
set him up were nothing more then snake-oil salesmen, or snake charmers! A claim was lodged with
Westpac Bank seeking damages totalling more then $600,000 plus litigation court cost to favour
their victim; which Westpac Bank failed to comply with an out of court settlement to their victim.
Therefore a demand was filed well before the three-year claim period had expired under the
corporation law. This bank uses extortion tactics to obtain money from their victim, and it matters
not that the money is legally due. They use mental anguish force to extract as much money out of
you in the quickest possible time, regardless of the pain and suffering they course. Extortion and
Blackmail by Westpac Bank, An unlawful or violent wringing of money or money‘s worth from
any man, (1) reference to demanding money or other property by threats, and menaces of various
kinds (Blackmail). In Scots law, the crime of using force to obtain money, and it matters not that
the money is legally due. Extort, Obtain (money, promise, etc.) by violence, intimidation,
importunity, etc. (from); extract forcibly (meaning, inference, from words, data), Hence, extortive.
Wheel clamping has been held to be a form of extortion; Black v. Carmichael 1992 SLT 897.
Westpac Banks dealers licence must be revoked by APRA, and the Federal Police should be called
in to force the Westpac Bank to have its ‗bank book ledgers‘ inspected by an independent ‗audit‘,
for an official examination of its accounts by the police department; they should ask questions
about their off the book illegal bank profits. I would like Dr. David Morgan and Westpac Bank to
issue an emphatic e.g., (forcibly expressive), apology to the small investors they have taken for a
ride, too absolute ‗despair, because Westpac bank has ruined their lives, their businesses, their
farms, and many of Westpac‘s victims have committed suicide, owing to the treatment given out by
Westpac Bank‘s Head Office staff, which has caused them and their families tremendous hardship.
When they lose everything the bank doesn‘t stop there, they want more, regardless of the pain they
have already inflicted upon their person; this bank would have to be the ‗lowest bastards‘ that
‗God ever put on this earth; even when their victims have lost everything of any value leftover by
their bailiff, I say ‗bailiff, because he is the bankers ‗Man e.g., ‗Bailiff, Westminster, King‘s
representative in a district (including mayor, sheriff, etc, for writs, processes, arrests; agent of the
lord of manor; landholder‘s steward e.g., It‘s alleged too be a highly organized legal crime network
that seizes ordinary peoples assets by stealth e.g., Secrecy, the secret procedure? Their grievances
with Westpac Bank (WBC) and ‗its CEO, Dr. David Morgan. The Scrooge Bank of the year; their
bank swindle goes on, and on, and on! There‘s no stopping ―IT‖. Then the bank starts playing silly-
buggers with your mind; playing musical chairs is their next mind game. They do this to ware you
out, too exhaust you mentally in a state of fatigue (exertion, weakness after repeated blows), It
makes you feel like some kind of ‗idiot to have ever trusted the banks personnel‘s verbal lies to
begin with, and you cannot sue the staff, you can only sue the corporation, the bank itself, to try
and recover your loses caused by their fraud upon your person. The banking staff tell you so and so
is taking care of your complaint when you talk to them over the phone-line; then so and so says,
that so and so is looking after it; this game of their‘s goes on for months; they hope you will just
give up pursuing them, it‘s a good ploy by Westpac Bank staff they are well trained in the (subject)
‗Sophistry, e.g., the ‗Yids‘ Jewish freemasons way of course. These ‗faggots e.g., are manufactured

by transferring sufficient property to unqualified persons, ―IT‖ tells you that in the Oxford
Dictionary. Unfortunately for this bank and Dr. David Morgan‘s, musical-chairs doesn‘t work on
me e.g., this ―jekyll & hyde‖ routine performance acts by this alleged uncultivated feral beast, they
call their CEO, ‗Scrooge, ‗fore I‘m not one to give up so easily as you can see? Because they,
(Westpac) refused to hand back cash and assets of some $630,000 that was lost through this banks
fraud on his person. His legal demand is for Westpac Bank to pay a penalty to him of not less than
10% compound interest calculated daily on this outstanding debt of $630,000 since 1997, is now
owing to him by Westpac Banking Corporation as of the commencement of this embezzlement of
his assets and forced to sell-up under duress, which also resulted in the loss of his home on the
waterfront at Woody Point in Queensland 4019. A claim for punitive damages on his person caused
by Westpac Bank and it‘s personnel is also pending an action lawsuit claim. A cockroach needs to
be stomped on so vermin can never again infest mankind and society again, the way Westpac has
done to this victim and other clients. When one takeout a mortgage through a bank, most wood-be-
owners finish up taking out a second mortgage when values rise in the housing market, and they
renovate the banks house and improve the value of their home. Why borrow money to improve the
house for the bankers benefit? You must own the house first, than renovate it yourself; don‘t wast
your time and money until you pay out the mortgage on it, OK. Still others borrow money against
their credit card too improve the banker‘s assets by renovating a house they don‘t even own yet, its
crazy. They fail to understand the banker‘s interest rates and their motives for lending you money
to improve the banks assets. All banks use a flat rate of interest on their Credit Cards, a 16% flat
rate, is 32% in simple interest rate terms, which you are paying your banker fore ever and ever;
you have become a slave too the banker, you are trapped forever in his net. The crafty banker cast
his net far and wide, when he runs out of fish (suckers), he simply moves his net into another area
too catch even more suckers in his net. What will happen to this banker when the fish are no more
to be had? This is the reason I am trying to educate you lot out their in ‗No Man‘s Land before its
too late in life too save you from these nasty Jew bankers, their corrupt, no if or butts about it. If
you apply for a Virgin credit card at 10% flat rate e.g., 20% interest on their card, and should they
reject it because of a bad credit rating, Westpac bank will write to you instead of Virgin, and reject
your credit card application in a very sarcastic way, just to rub it in! Scrooge, (skrooj), Ebenezer,
In Dickens‘s Christmas Carol, a miser whose hard nature is transformed by the revelations of
human joy and sorrow given to him by three spirits that visit him on Christmas Eve: World‘s
Weather, researchers suggest the US military is manipulating weather events using advanced
technology, even as part of a secret war to sabotage the economies of competitor and enemy
nations. It is indisputable facts that technology exists too manipulate the weather, and for many
years the Soviets and Americans secretly engaged in weather warfare. Some researchers believe the
US military has the ability to create storms the size of Hurricane Katrina,
www.Clip:zarqawi0704:www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO409F.html: www.americanfreepress.net:
www.jmccanney-science.com: www.krupper.com:                                        Pre-nuptial
agreement, Ante-nuptial agreement, an agreement entered into before marriage by which one or
both potential spouses exclude, so far as the law allows, his or her property at the time or to follow
from falling within the scope of the law of Divorce. Such agreements are clearly more important in
jurisdictions that have a Community Property rule and less important in jurisdictions that have a
separate property rule. They were very common in previous centuries when great landowners were
anxious to preserve estates against unfortunate marriages. States that allow such agreements are
likely to require them to be at least fair and reasonable when entered into: Warning, World
―Oil‖ prices are said to spike up to US$100 a barrel by 2006, because China‘s demand is
outstripping supply; that can only mean an economic slump leading to a worldwide economic
depression, far worst than the 1929 Wall Street stock-market crash. ―On the 7/5/08 Oil hits
US$123.53 a barrel, and by 2020 US$200: The AXIS of all evil must be defeated by economic

means, not with ‗gunpowder (Gunpowder, ‗An explosive mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal,
and sulphur, black or brown in colour, used especially in gunnery: No deposit loan. Ph. 136 126: A
Dollar Note is equal to 100% percent, or 100 cents of its true value! Why is it that our
governments can float our currency without due consent from the general public; one-day its worth
80 cents, and the next-day its worthless! Maybe shop owners should apply the same system (rules)
when selling groceries e.g., if an items (unit) price is $1, and the $ is worth only 75 cents on that
day; than the shopper should be paying the shop owner an extra .25 cents for this item, to cover his
true deflated loss according to the value of the country‘s currency of the day; what‘s good for the
banker, must be good for the shop owner too? Every country should fix their rates, and subsidize
their exports, instead of allowing Yids to profit from the phoney exchange rate we see in today‘s
markets. Are we all idiots or what? www.cyberlink.com: www.ulead.co.uk: www.techsmith.com:
www.technocash.com:                            Weimar Hyperinflation 1923, at the height of
inflation in Germany in the early 1920‘s, one American dollar was the equivalent of 4.2-trillion, or
4,200,000,000,000 German marks. German children play with worthless blocks of billions of
Reichsmarks during the 1923 Weimar hyperinflation: Reichsbank, the state or national bank of
Germany, founded in 1876: Reichsrat (1) The former parliament of the Austrian Empire,
excluding Hungary. (2) The Council of the Reich under the Weimar Republic. Also Reichsrath:
Reichstag, The parliament of the German Empire; the parliament of the Trans-leithan division
of Austria and Hungary; the Diet of the North German Confederation etc: Super choice
needed, Kerry Hay, said, Australians should have a choice between super funds or saving
accounts where employer and employee both contribute, Why can‘t employers contribute directly
to an employee‘s own bank account earning compound interest until retirement, without the
administration charges of insurance company and superannuation fund. Recent bad investments
are yielding only about 5% percent with no guarantee or indemnity against loss! The Reserve Bank
of Australia should fund any loss to the employer or employee through fraud or mismanagement of
one‘s fund, hence government guarantee: www.ucg.org.au: Baby care, www.huggies.com.au:
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Own a share of your home for only $50,000, With ―fee simple‖ title ownership‖ One
good idea is for you to own a property outright without a bank mortgage around your neck; all you
have to do is, have six good working friends or family members, to each pool $50,000 towards a
large six bedroom highset home close to transport, shops to live in, this will give your combined
syndicate $300,000 to buy a home with all your names on the title deed in ‗fee simple title‘ e.g.,
‗Freehold Title‘, so now none of the six persons on the deed, ever have to pay rent again; example,
say six nurses all working in the same hospital, they can all do it e.g., own a share in their property,
and they can later on, sell their share for a higher price if they like, its that simple! You could even
pool a vehicle together to travel too and from work, and the only personal debt is just $50,000 each,
plus Council Rates and new for old House Insurance Policy. But don‘t tell your banker what you
intend to do with the $50,000 personal loan from them, tell the banker you want to travel the world;
its not a crime to change your mind is it, and buy a property instead, besides you will never ever
have to pay rent to a landlord again, you can easily save up for a holiday every year, why didn‘t
your financial adviser suggest that; because he makes his money from your misery. Borrow the
$50,000 from your own Credit Union, and stay well clear of the banks, especially Westpac Bank! To
own your own home sooner; always pay an extra $8 to $10 a month for every $1,000 borrowed, this
will reduce your mortgage as much as $12,000 to $20,000 over the term of the loan; also make
fortnightly repayments instead of monthly repayments, this will take years off the loan and give you
some protection should you fall ill: Or investors could buy two houses in the same street. You rent
their house, and they rent your house. Now negative gear both properties, and receive a fat tax
cheque each financial year. Of course you can only claim a tax rebate on the interest you have paid

the bank. Therefore your personal loan of $50,000 each will pay for itself: Allodial, Law
Pertaining to the absolute ownership of land, free from rent or service; opposed to feudal. Also
spelled alodial, e.g., Fee Simple: Did you know that your bank could legally call in their loan at
anytime, even though your mortgage payments are up to date? The GST was introduced so that all
State taxes would be abolished by 2005 in Australia; but the Queensland Government has
introduced an illegal tax, call ―Property Tax‖. This illegal tax cuts in when a property is sold for
more than $255,000. The State Government has reneged on an agreement with the Commonwealth
Government to abolish all State taxes in return for the GST revenue. The State Government is now
double dipping into the GST coffers as well as collecting this illegal property tax revenue from
property owners: Property Investment in Australia could collapse by as much as 50% if ‗negative
gearing is withdrawn. If Australia were to be invaded by Rebel Armed Insurgents, or by a Military
‗Coup‘ e.g., (violent or illegal change in our government), within Australia; or if, no one wants to
purchase a family home anymore, maybe because they fear having a (Mortgage) e.g., a ‗Bank‘
liability debt around their necks for life; therefore it would be wiser for (goys) just to ‗Rent‘ a
property, rather than to buy their own home. If unemployment rises too 20% or more, due to the
fact of an economic world depression, brought on by the bankers too create the right conditions for
a Third World War too ‗cull millions‘ of gentiles off Jewish land, because ‗God‘ gave ―IT‖ too
them, and not too ‗goyim‘, for Jews say we are ―beast‖ e.g., an animal removed from the flock too
slaughter? Blank Acceptance, An Acceptance written on blank stamped paper and acting as
prima facie authority by the acceptor to complete a Bill of Exchange for any amount the stamp will
cover: European Central Bank (ECB) an independent financial institution established in
1998 to define and implement monetary policy for members of the European Union (EU) that have
adopted the EURO as their common currency. The ECB and the national central banks of EU
Member States together constitute the European System of Central Banks. Although all 15 EU
members participate in the system, countries (e.g., UK, Denmark, Sweden and Greece) that do not
use the euro have no official role in formulating monetary policy for the euro zone:
www.AETV.com: European Monetary System (EMS) a European monetary unit, an
exchange rate intervention mechanism and a transfer mechanism established in 1978 under the law
of the European Communities. It is this system that established the European Currency Unit
(ECU), a currency used to settle transactions between Community authorities and for operating the
other mechanisms of the system. Member States have fixed interest rates, and the European
Monetary Cooperation Fund (EMCF) supports intervention at levels around this figure. The
European Union tried but failed to move to complete economic and monetary union before the end
of the 20th century: APEC, globalisation & free trade. It spells disaster for the lower classes:
Contact Westpac Bank Yids, for a ―Usury loan: Meet a millionaire, www.seekingamillionaire.com:
ASX, Australian Securities Exchange:                                                        Westpac
Bank is on everyone‘s nose, they stink (smell) to high heaven! You better believe
it, ‗Read how Westpac Bank ‗exploits and ‗defrauds you‘, e.g., Utilize person for one‘s own
ends, and I ask the public, not too support this corrupt bank in anyway shape of form! Because
Westpac is nothing but ‗loan-sharks), at the end of the day; this bank will make very sure that
(goys), will make absolutely nothing from their assets, because they treat your assets as their assets,
your money as their money, that‘s why gentiles will make nothing at all doing business with this
bank. When asking the bank about there ‗five year fixed rate loans, Westpac tell you that there is
nothing you need too know about their fixed rates? For one thing you are not allowed to make extra
payments without the bank imposing a penalty. You find out later that the penalty, is your monthly
payments on the loan, and the loan does not reduce, regardless of making extra monthly
repayments. No other lender will take over this kind of contract, so you are stuck with the bank
that lied to you. If you break your contract in anyway, even if Westpac advised you to sell, the
penalty still applies regardless. On Westpac‘s advice, he sold his investment property to reduce his

debt with Westpac. The monthly repayment on a $122,000 loan was $1,012,00 per month, than to be
slugged $9,122,22 penalty, three years into a five year contract, when he asked Westpac bank to
explain this hefty penalty. They said that their five-year fixed rates were linked to the markets
variable interest rates, so if the variable rate changes, so does their break penalty, why didn‘t
Westpac explain this before he signed their contract, because they were out to set me up. Its fraud
and deception they use on clients. He sold the house at a loss because Westpac deliberately delayed
telling him the final break penalty cost, which he was told at the time of signing their fraudulent
contract, that it would be about $1,000. But now they turn around and say, but at the time it was
$1,000, but now it is $9,122,22. Westpac then advise me further, by saying they want to help fix the
problem, because there wasn‘t enough money over on the sale of the property to pay the penalty, so
Westpac advise me saying that they can transfer the extra debt to one of my other properties, which
they did. On this other property he was paying about $400,00 per month. After Westpac
transferred this extra debt of $9,122,22 of penalties. Westpac slugged him another $8,880,00 called
their transfer fee, and they were the ones to suggest it to me. So this extra total debt, now is totalling
$18,002,22 plus other fees and charges as well? What does Westpac Bank now do? They cancelled
the account number of the second property, and then transfer the account number of the first house
to the second house; so instead of paying $400,00 per month, he was now made to pay $1,012,00 per
month, therefore, this never reduced his monthly debt at all, but Westpac again set him up too Con
him into believing their lies, in order to call in the loans money in a conniving underhanded way,
and at the same time have their victim pay them back those heavy monthly repayments of $1012,00
per month. ―He‘s now calling for the general public to totally boycott this unethical greedy little
Westpac Bank. By asking all the small investors Mums and Dads to take all their money out of
Westpac Bank, and deposit their cash with the ‗Credit Union of Australia Ltd, ―CUA‖ Ph 07-
33650055, or 07-33650000, where your money; not their money, will be a lot safer then with a bank
like Westpac. This ‗bank in owned and controlled by overseas interest e.g., the Jews and top
Freemasons, and it‘s owned by Western Pacific Banking Corporation of America, incorporated!
They are bleeding Australian gentiles of their assets and cash, for their own ends! This Westpac
Banking Corporation is so inept, cocky (conceited) ‗slime-bag bastards in the ‗Head Office, they
think nothing can touch them! Westpac‘s response to your complaint! ―Well it‘s not up to us to tell
you; you read the contract! One of Westpac‘s tricks is to lie to you about the status of your account,
so as to impose a penalty upon you each month, or been in default with your loan repayments
without you ever been aware of it. That is how Westpac operate. Another one of their tricks when
they send you a ‗default notice‘, It is to call you into their bank too persuade you to vacate your
remaining home, or have the owner rent elsewhere or live again with his mother; this they say will
help you financially, it‘s a trick; the real reason the bank tells you this; its because they want too
help you recover from their fraud perpetrated upon you, and they want you to leave (vacate) your
property peacefully. You see, its to get you out on the street, they need you to leave and vacate your
property, e.g., vacant possession, so they can legally seize your home and assets for their mates;
that‘s why they want you out; you see its much harder for them to steal your assets whilst you are
living in ―IT‖. They only takeover your loans from other lenders too profit from your hard work,
and your years of building up substantial assets for your retirement, only to be fleeced by Westpac
Banks unlawful ownership, because they had lied in regards to their contract terms with their
potential victim. In other words, this bank is illegally fleecing you dry e.g., deliberately sending
their client ‗bankrupt. Its so humiliating when the bank forces you too sell up, its degrading when
you try so hard to hang onto your retirement nest-egg; its so hurtful when you have no where else
to turn, when the Banking Ombudsman was your only life-line leftover when he pulls ―IT‖ out
from under your arse! This ‗Freemason Pyramid‘ bank mostly targets small investors; because
they are more gullible and easy too take down, because they don‘t have the financial means to fight
back. Taking ‗Civil Action‘ against the ‗banker is useless, because they control the ‗bench; bench
means ‗Bank, they are the ‗Judges! Goys are easy targets too fleece by the ―bankers and ―courts‖.
They want you to seek legal advice; they want you to take them to court so they can fleece you

again, because the bankers run ―IT‖ all. The bankers are very reluctant to take you to court; they
want you to initiate a Civil Action suit against them. The newspapers and television stations wont
publicize ―IT‖ either, because the Jews own and run that to? I am telling you right here and now,
our legal and political system is corrupt, right up to the Prime Minister, too the High Court, too the
Zionist. Tell me, how many Jews do you know that have ever been imprisoned for murder or rape,
that‘s right, ‗none, they run the prison system:             The Temple, Herod restored the Temple
to all its former splendour. It stood in the centre of a courtyard measuring about 300 metres by 500
metres. It was the holy place, where God made himself present, though approaches to him had to be
strictly regulated. Only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies once a year, on Yom Kippur,
the Day of Atonement. It was an empty room, sealed off by the curtain of the Temple, which at one
time contained the Ark of the Covenant. Around the altar was a first courtyard reserved for the
priests. Next came the courtyard of Israel (the males) and the courtyard of the women, which was
separated from the courtyard of the Gentiles by a balustrade, which no Gentile might cross on
penalty of death. Sacrifices were offered on the great altar, twenty-five metres long and seven and a
half metres high. Here, morning and evening. A lamb was consumed as a ‗perpetual sacrifice, along
with numerous private sacrifices:         Haggadah (ha-ga‘da, Hebrew ha-go‘do) n. pl. –doth (-
doth) (1) A free interpretation or application; specifically, an illustrative anecdote or parable of the
Midrash; distinguished from halacha. (2) The ritual, including the exposition of the story of the
Exodus, read during the Seder on the first two nights of Passover. Also Ha-ga‘dah, Hag-ga‘da (
<Hebrew <higgid tell): Hierosolyma (hi-er-o-sol-y-ma), the ancient name for Jerusalem:
Jesuate (jezh‘oo-at, jez‘yoo-) n. pl. Jes-u-ates or Jes-u-ti (jezh‘oo-a‘ti, jez‘yoo-) One of the order
or congregation of Jesuati, founded by St. John Colombini of Siena in the 14th century, and
suppressed by Pope Clement IX in 1668. Their chief occupation was care of the sick, especially the
plague-stricken. Also Jes‘u-et. (<Ital. Gesuato<Gesu Jesus): Jesuit (jezh‘oo-it, jez‘yoo-) n. 1 A
member of the Society of Jesus, a religious order founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola to combat the
Reformation and propagate the faith among the heathen. Abbr. S.J. 2 A crafty or scheming person;
a casuist; an equivocator; a derogatory use originating with opponents of the order. (<NL Jesuita
<L Jesus Jesus): Jesuitess (jezh‘oo-it-is, jez‘yoo-) n. fem. A nun belonging to anyone of the three
orders of women who followed the teaching principles of Ignatius Loyola: Jesuitic (jezh‘oo-it‘ik,
jez‘yoo-) adj. 1 Of, pertaining to, or like the Jesuits, or their principles, methods, or practices. 2
Using ―crafty or insidious arts or methods; designing; crafty; a derogatory use. Also Jes‘u-it‘I-cal. –
Jes‘u-it‘I-cal-ly adv: Jesuitism (jezh‘oo-it-iz‘am, jez‘yoo-) n. 1 The doctrines, system, principles,
and methods of the Jesuits. 2 Practices such as those attributed to the Jesuits. 3 Deceptive practices,
subtle distinctions, or political duplicity; a derogatory use: Jesuitize (jezh‘oo-it-iz‘, jez‘yoo-) v.t.
& v.i. –ized, -iz-ing To be or make Jesuitic: Jesuitry (jezh‘oo-i-tre, jez‘yoo-) n. The methods or
principles professed by or ascribed to the Jesuits: The present Jesuit General is Peter-Hans
Kolvenbach ‗since 1983- at Notredame Vatican representative place in Jerusalem: Jean Baptiste
Janssens (1946-1964). The twenty-seventh Superior General of ―The Society of Jesus‖.
Janssens is in command of: - The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Scottish Rite Shriner
Freemasonry, The Order of the Illuminati, The Knights of Columbus, The Knights of the Ku Klus
Klan, B‘naiB‘rith, The Nation of Islam and its private army called ―The Fruit of Islam, The Mafia
Commission, and Opus Dei along with a host of lesser Brotherhoods: www.ezyline.com.au:
Al Capone (1899-1947), nickname Scar-face, he was an Italian-born Jewish American gangster
who was responsible for over 500 murders, the FBI tried to convict him, but lacked sufficient
evidence to obtain his impeachment, and was sent to prison for 11 years in 1931 for tax evasion, his
wealth around $100 million? Westpac Bank has been warned, what will happen if they do not
return all Mr. Hay‘s money and lost assets caused by their fraud, which amounts to more than

$630,000 over a five-year-period, plus a penalty of 10% compound interest per day since 1997. I
will not be held responsible, e.g., (libel by Law) for any action taken against Westpac Bank
‗bastards for any wrongdoing. Westpac has had ample opportunity to return the stolen booty.
Westpac Banking Corporation is now in ―arrears‖, and has defaulted on its obligation to pay the
claimant lawsuit, ‗penalty $10 million dollars. The CEO‘s of Westpac Bank will know what it‘s like
to have a broomstick shoved up their arse-hole, if the money is not forthcoming. Don‘t wary, you
still have time to repay all those gullible victims out there you‘re bank has fleeced over many years.
Your corrupt banking practice will be shutdown; it‘s only a matter of time? It‘s payback time for
all those businesses, homebuyers, farmers who have lost all hope of ever receiving a fair deal from
(Western Pacific), Westpac Bank. Its not very businesslike too run a dummy corporation such as
Westpac Corporation, now is ―IT, and their customer thinks he is talking to say Bill Smith on the
phone, but Bill Smith doesn‘t even exist in the bank. This Westpac Bank uses fabricated names that
don‘t exist on every letter they send to customer; its deceitful conduct to say the least. It‘s unheard-
of in the business world. Our elected Government doesn‘t care, or doesn‘t want to know the truth
of what‘s really going on. If the Jews and Freemasons running Westpac Bank continue in this way,
well they won‘t be in business for much longer? Westpac shareholders would be wise to pull their
money out while it‘s still there. In the ‗public interest, ―We are determined to expose this bank for
what it‘s doing to ordinary people in our community. This bank put so much pressure on me too
sell up or face been foreclosed on, they disregarded my pleads for help, he wrote too rescind his
contracts with this bank, which is constitutionally legal under the law to do so, but to no avail, or
amends to their fraudulent crime, except that the banking ‗Ombudsman‘ told them that they have
done nothing wrong, this was after he had complained to him about Westpac Banks fraud, and
what they had done to him (what a low-life hypocrite), his job is too protect him, not this bank, you
‗dough-dough! The Banking Ombudsman calls him up by phone, and implies that he‘s a liar, and
then he goes on to say that Westpac Bank wouldn‘t do that, ‗Can you see how they are all in it with
each other? Westpac just want your money and your assets. Westpac Bank staff it seems is well
trained in the art of deception and fraud. They are so one-sided and (avidity) in their attitude, they
are so awful, because that would not mean (worthy of profound respect) and he certainly cannot see
that? So one-sided they are when it comes to making illegal gains for themselves at your expense,
and far too greedy for one thing, now hopefully they are going to pay the ultimate price. What will
happen if Westpac Bank does not ‗comply with this (indorsed) payable to order notice? Now the
whole wide world is going to be told what these ‗avid scumbag vultures‘ are causing, they tear the
flesh off the bones of their victims to make sure that there are no scraps leftover for their victims,
what they do too ordinary people who are unable to fight back financially, because this ‗bank has
taken all. Westpac Banking Corporation had every chance, every opportunity to make amends, but
had refused to do so. They just say that‘s business; I‘ll give them business all right, a punch where
―IT‖ will hurt the most, their own greedy pockets. They‘re shit-heads. They certainly know how to
shoo-off their customers? Hopefully they won‘t be so up them-selves in the future, that‘s if this
bank is still doing business (Pray too God that this corrupt‘ Bank is shutdown soon, and cease
operations immediately. They ruined my life, so I don‘t see why I shouldn‘t ruin their life! When
Westpac fleece you, they say, that‘s ‗business! You could say that I‘m a ‗whistleblower‘ e.g., a
(dog), and therefore the ‗Law‘ must protect me for speaking the truth, slander or otherwise. (My
aim is to expose this corrupt bank for what they are doing to gentiles without any mercy or
compassion whatsoever). Your complaints just ring on deaf ears, our elected governments just
don‘t care, because most of then are Yids, all the Federal Finance Minister can say is; ‗how
wonderful ―IT‖ is to have very low interest rates in Australia, since our government (Liberals),
have deregulated the banking industry. What a loan of crap. Look at the huge unrealistic salary
remuneration packages for the banks Chief Executives are receive today, and that is a conflict of
interest when they can steal the assets of others to increase their share prise too cash in their share
options at an increase price, so the fat (CEO) of Westpac Bank, can retire on double figures e.g.,
$10 to $20 million dollars for himself, this can‘t be legitimate? These share option payouts to

bankers are illegal, because there is a conflict of interest involved, and therefore, this illgotten
illegal share gain by the banker is over, God wills ―IT‖. These illegal profits should be subject to the
same laws as the illegal gains of a drug trafficker. All the property of a drug dealer, whether legally
obtained or unlawfully obtained is Confiscated. The Westpac Bank holds two sets of bank ledger
books, one for goy shareholders, and another they call their ―off-the-book-bank-profits‖ seized
from clients assets, who had defaulted for the mortgagee in possession act, and this billion dollar a
year illegal business is mostly used to re-buy those repossessed homes and business, farms etc, at
wholesale prices, than resell their ill-gotten asset at real value market inflated prices for their
‗cronies. These insider traders are masquerading as legitimate private investors, some of the banks
agents work in the Real Estate Industry, so its in their interest to get a huge inflated market price
for ―IT‖? This law should apply also to the bankers! There is one law for small time drug pedlars,
and another law for big time crooks! The law takes care of their ‗crony friends it seems? What will
the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), do about this fraud by bankers (Cash, Bash & Dash),
good? Maybe the Federal Justice Minister, Senator Chris Ellison will read this document too, what
will he do, legislate new laws to protect ‗mortgage borrowers rights? The ‗Banking Ombudsmen‘
its alleged, is one of them, ―an‖ (ex) ‗Bank Chief Executive, now how can you win, they are all in
this ‗collusion‘ together, it‘s a conspiracy, and it‘s a fraudulent racket they‘re into; they are
protecting each other‘s backs from any legal ‗breach‘ that may be waged against them. According
to the Australian Constitution Act, 1936 on Page 111, ―Bank Contracts‖, Words to be given their
plain and natural meaning. That means all contracts written in ―Jargon‖ or any other corrupt
form, constitutes fraud and deception e.g., any form too snare their intended victims by deceit!
―IT‖ deem a contract null and void, and the right of the victim to rescind their bank contract in
writing without question. It‘s illegal for a Corporation such as Westpac Bank to write contracts up
in this way; their bank contracts are illegal under the Statute Act of 20/12/1936. Under the
Australian Constitution Act, a judaeo Judge must abide by the law and deem these contracts
invalid (having no legal force), therefore the banker must be charged with fraud! Order of
Discharge, An order obtainable by a bankrupt after passing his public examination, made by a
court of bankruptcy, which has the effect of releasing the bankrupt from his debts, except such as
are due to the Crown, and such as have been incurred by fraud. See ss. 26, 28 of the Bankruptcy
Act 1914. Never allow Westpac bank to collect charity on your behalf; fore one thing, they charge a
hefty fee, and this money they collect from customers, and its hard to believe how low they can
stoop, ‗but, they take all the publicity credit for collecting ―IT‖, as if they were the ones donating
―IT‖. It‘s just a crime syndicate tearing at your very heart and soul! Its an evil bank, the way they
do business setting people up for their illegal sting; they just don‘t care about anything or anyone
hurting their reputation, they laugh in your face, it‘s the biggest joke ever ‗initiated by ‗Jews‘ and
‗Freemasons‘ (the public is now been told the truth for once about banks, they are carnivorous
Yids) its not a ‗mystery‘ anymore as to why gentiles never seem to get off the ground too succeed in
business. Westpac has this secret slush fund account, its called, Off the book bank profits; it
amounts to something like one billion dollars each year; this ill-gotten gain is obtained through
fraud, by stealing your assets, then selling their assets, that are no longer your assets anymore,
these assets are than sold for their true market value, this illegal slush-fund of Westpac Bank is
distributed too their mates at a very low one or two percent simple interest; still others at the very
top are given free loans. This illegal system I believe has been going on for at least a decade or
more. This illegal cash money doesn‘t exist, because it‘s hidden from ordinary Westpac Bank
shareholders. But for simple folk there are gentile (goy) borrowers given unfair loans at extremely
high interest rates to start their own business, and the banks and our governments entice you too
have a go, mortgage your home, take out a second mortgage, that‘s how you make money in
business they say; but its simply untrue. Westpac is setting you up for a sting, because you can‘t
beat bank rates today, because bank rates will beat you, ‗and all goys are their bunnies in their
complot. Their mates at the top receive free cash loans or very low interest rate loans, and goys

subsidise these loans for those borrowers at the top e.g., ‗Yids, and goys (gentiles) are made to pay
higher interest on their bank loans, of course that means over the top repayments for your loans,
and you really do pay through the nose for ―IT‖. At the end of the day, the banker will have not
only taken all your money, but also your assets after they foreclose, they can legally take possession
of your once owned possessions, your home etc. The banker‘s know they are above the law, because
they are the law; above reproach, astute illogical little gentlemen called the ‗Zionist‘ complot. It‘s a
―Pyramid bank‖ run by freemasons and controlled by the Jewish-Yids, e.g., Yiddish (money-
lenders). I should know; this bank cleaned him out, ruined his credit rating, so he was unable to
borrow elsewhere. Therefore, he was forced to sell up at a great loss; or Westpac bastards would
have foreclosed: Remember when you put money in a bank, it‘s not your money anymore, it‘s their
money, its only your money if or when you get it back in your hand. The bank can legally close its
doors tomorrow, and all the pounding on its doors will not get it back. He had too laugh at the
banks tactics to entice more gullible victims; they have this new advert on television, now listen to
their words ever carefully about investing your money, this is what they are telling you gentiles out
there. Invest with Us! At Colonial First State, We manage the money as if it were our own, that‘s
because it is? You see, it‘s not your money once they get their hands on it; they can do whatever
they like with it, lose ―IT‖ whatever. Westpac doesn‘t care if they deprive you of your wealth, that‘s
their game. If you must borrow to buy investment properties, why not buy a ‗block of units‘ instead
of houses scattered all over the place? This way you will be able to keep an eye on your units, while
you live in one of the other units on site; don‘t trust agents to manage your investment properties.
There is one law for bankers who on a daily basis deal with drug dealers and their money obtained
from illegal drugs, and another law for gentiles who occasionally deal in drug trafficking; the
banker and the gentile are both guilty of the same crime in the eyes of the law, but only the gentile
is punished for ―IT‖, ‗the law says, ‗All the property of a drug-trafficker, that includes the banker.
I will say it again; all the property of a drug-trafficker whether it is lawfully obtained or unlawfully
obtained is confiscated, if the authorities can find a financial connection, the ‗Mr BIG‘ of banking
‗look-out‘ because you are next! Less then 10% of Australians trust Real Estate Agents! A survey
asked how they rated different vocations on honesty and ethics! ―Banks .05%. Journalists 9%. Real
Estate ―CFR‖ crime syndicate 8%. Car salespeople 3%. Nurses 90%. Pharmacists 89%. Doctors
80%. From this survey, it can be concluded that less than ‗one person in ten persons felt that Real
Estate agents are trustworthy. For an industry nearly a century old, it is a dreadful reflection on
this grubby industry e.g., infested with, grubs!            Exemption Clause, a term in a
Contract, that seeks to exempt or excuse a party from his liability either under the contract to be
performed or some other obligation. The clause must truly be part of the contract, and the court
will, in the absence of clear Acceptance, ask whether it was reasonable to say that it has been
included providing a control of sorts over clause included on tickets by reference. It must be in
words that could encompass the liability sought to be included. If the interpretation is ambiguous, it
will be construed under reference to the Contra Proferentem rule. Such ―clauses are now regulated
by the law on: - Unfair Contract Term, certain provisions in Contracts (and in some non-
contractual provisions) that are controlled by legislation because they are unfair (as defined). In
UK law, provision is now made to regulate unfair contract (and other) terms by the Unfair
Contract Terms Act of 1977. The provisions differ as between Scotland and the rest of the UK. At
common law, contract theory is such that men are free to make their own bargains, although the
common law has always exercised some restraint on the freedom of contract. The Act generalises
this protection. Although primarily directed towards contracts, it also covers other unfair writings
such as non-contractual notices, and since the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland)
Act 1990 does so also in Scotland. It excludes certain contracts from its ambit, notably Insurance
contracts, and does not apply in Scotland to unilateral gratuitous obligations. Terms that seek to
exclude or limit or disclaim liability in respect of breach of duty, as though Negligence, are Void so
far personal injury is concerned, otherwise they have to be fair and reasonable. Terms in a

standard form contract (which term is not defined in the Act) are also controlled. Any term that
attempts to exclude the implied terms under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 is void in a consumer
contract but must also be fair and reasonable in other contracts. In England the focus is upon
parties who deal as a consumer. A party deals as a consumer in relation to another if; (a) he neither
makes the contract in the course of a business nor holds himself out as doing so; (b) the other party
does make the contract in the course of a business; (c) in sale and other similar transactions the
goods are of a type ordinarily supplied for private use or consumption. In a sale by auction or
competitive tender, the buyer is not in any circumstances to be regarded as dealing as a consumer.
In Scotland, a consumer contract is a contract (not being a contract of sale by auction or
competitive tender) in which one party to the contract deals, and the other party to the contract
(the consumer) does not deal or hold himself out as dealing, in the course of a business, and where
the contract involves goods, the goods are of a type normally supplied for private use or
consumption. The time for judging the fairness and reasonableness of a contract is the time of
contracting, not once the consequences of a breach. For the purposes of the provisions relating to
the exclusion of the implied terms, certain matters are specifically included within the inquiry (so
long as they appear to be relevant) as to whether terms are fair and reasonable both in England
and in Scotland. Bank Contracts, other additional controls affect consumer contracts under the
Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1999. A term that has not been individually negotiated is
unfair if, contrary to the requirements of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties‘
rights and obligation under the contract to the detriment of the consumer. Written terms have to be
drafted in plain intelligible language and since the 1999 Regulations the Office of Fair Trading and
some other bodies can enforce the law and require business to remove unfair terms:
http://www.legit.gov.org:                         Westpac Bank staff lied to clinch their
good deal! They set us up by deliberately lying in regards to their fixed rate contracts, because
their interest rate contracts were not fixed at all, but had been linked to the markets variable
interest rates, instead of us paying something like $3,000 as we were told by this banker. Their bank
break penalty fee after just two years into the contract were eventually told the truth after months
of trying to obtain an answer. Their answer was that their break penalty fee was over $22,000, and
a switching fee charge of $8,880 it took us two years to find out what this $8,880 fee charge
originated from; these fuck-heads like too ―toy with your mind, because the bank staff get a real
kick out of doing this to goys. And the banks reply after we found out that they had lied to us. Well
the bank said, it‘s not up to ―Us‖ to tell you, ‗you read the contract. This bank did everything
possible to us to ruin our lives but help us. They said, where is our money, the bank cried out, even
after we had ‗rescinded the contract with them, they just took no notice of this at all. They sent us
Default Notices, the last one had this acceleration clause in it, which would allow the Westpac Bank
to seize all of our assets, and throw us onto the street. This bank had forced us to sell everything at
a tremendous loss, even our beach home had too go, just to getaway from these lying Westpac Bank
personnel bastards; their contract were unconstitutional by law, but that didn‘t worry this Westpac
Bank at all. We ask all borrowers out there, to stay well clear of doing any kind business with this
unscrupulous bankers fraudulent deceitful unconceivable unconscionable behaviour, their staff are
the biggest liars God ever put on this earth; we are telling people this, so the something won‘t ever
have to happen to them, all they did was harass us at work, at home, just pay up or else! There was
never an offer of assistance whatsoever, no moratorium on payments, nothing! Westpac Customers
are been charged a hefty fee for the privilege of their banks ‗Redraw facility‘ example, if you
reduce your loan by $10,000, Westpac will charge you something like $65 per month, and its your
money, not the banks; they should be paying you interest on your $10,000, not you paying them.
This banks, A ‗joke! This $65 per month for their Redraw facility‘ you probably never even asked
for, is costing you dearly, and its suppose to be their too reduce your loan; instead its added to your
mortgage without you‘re knowledge or consent! There are no consumer protection laws out there
against this Zionist Freemasons Bank, e.g., ‗bench of the Court! Unconscionable, is morally

abhorrent. In the legal context, from time to time and place to place the law insofar as not already
incorporating moral issues allows exceptions to allow parties some degree of relief from being
imposed upon. The modern legal conception tends to be discussed around the more practical and
objective concept of inequality of bargaining position, which can help consumers as much as the
more traditional beneficiary of protection the small debtor pressed for excessive interest or
repossession: www.whatif.com.au: Unenforceable, (of a Contract) unable to be enforced by either
party or unenforceable by one. In the former case, the contract is for practical purposes Void, but
in the latter case the other party may enforce. This question arises most often in relation to ‗illegal
contracts: Garnishee proceedings, a process of enforcing a money judgment by the seizure or
Attachment of debts due or accruing to the judgment debtor that form part of his property
available in Execution. As such, it is a species of execution upon debts, for which the ordinary
methods of execution are unavailable. As with Foreclosure, garnishee orders are in two stages,
namely, an order nisi followed by an order absolute: www.adma.com.au:                      Possession
of Land, the visible possibility of exercising physical control over a thing, coupled with the
intention of doing so, either against all the world, or against all the world except certain persons.
There are three requisites of possession. First, there must be actual or potential physical control.
Secondly, physical control is not possession, unless accompanied by intention; hence if a thing (be)
put into the hand of a sleeping person, he has not possession of it. Thirdly, the possibility and
intention must be visible or evidenced by external signs, for if the thing shows no sign of being
under the control of anyone, it is not possessed; hence, if a piece of land is deserted and left without
fences or other signs of occupation, it is not in the possession of anyone, and the possession is said to
be vacant. This proves that Riparian water right does not extend to the foreshore seafront or the
foreshore bank thereof; it was only extended to livestock drinking from the freshwater riverbank
or lake. Riparian, of designating, or situated on the banks of a river, lake, etc. ‗Nations possessing
opposite banks or different parts of banks of the same river. Riparian rights; the ‗legal rights‘
regarding a waterway (not ocean), which belong to one who owns land bordering upon it.
‗Riparian, one who ‗dwells on the banks of a river. Ripuarius, of or belonging to the bank of a
river; in zoology and botany, growing or living along the bank of a stream. The public have always
had a legal traditional right to walk along the riverbanks, streams etc, and therefore as freemen,
they claimed their traditional walking tracks along the tops of riverbanks and foreshores, thus
giving full unabated access too the public oceans and foreshores, riverbanks etc. Water Right, the
use by landowners of water adjacent to of flowing through their property presents many problems
in according equal treatment. There is no private ownership of such water in most cases, and hence
ordinarily it cannot be impounded and sold. The owner, however, may use the water for his
ordinary private purposes, such as stock watering or irrigation, and then return the unused
residue. Most uses of water affect its purity to some degree, but so long as pollution is not excessive
other users may not make legal objection. In certain parts of the United States, especially in the
arid and semiarid regions of the Southwest, the law has been modified to give the first user of water
the unrestrained right to it without regard to his neighbours ‗needs. This practice reflects the
original use by solitary settlers of streams for mining and other purposes, Throughout the United
States the rights of private owners in water can be set aside to construct public works, such as dams
and irrigation projects. The ownership of a streambed may depend upon whether the stream is or is
not Navigable Water. If it is navigable some states claim title to the bed, while in other states the
rule is the same as in the case of nonnavigable streams, namely that an abutting owner‘s property
extends to the middle of the bed and that those with property along both banks of a stretch own the
enclosed portion of the river bed and may exclude others who are not riparian owners from using
the stream at all. If the stream shifts course ownership of the former bed is not affected.
Underground and percolating waters have no easily determined course, and the usual American
practice is not to restrict a landowner who taps and exploits these waters; however, in some states
the rights of those who may be adversely affected must be considered: Vacant possession, Britain.

Ownership of a house etc, with any previous occupant having moved out:                  Don‘t sign
anything, by Neil Jenman, ISBN 0 9586517 44. Real Estate Mistakes, by Neil Jenman, ISBN 0
958651728: Look, forget about buying Investment Properties yourself, it‘s too much of a hassle,
and not worry about all that paperwork etc. Why not buy into a good ―Property Trust‖ that
invests in Shopping Centres & Office Towers, backed by a large corporation. At the end of the day,
you won‘t owe anyone, anything, including paying tax or needing a parachute to bail you out of
trouble, in the event you become involved with a disreputable Real Estate Agent, out too embezzle
for illegal gain: www.beyondblue.org.au:                            Real Estate Agents (realtor,
CFR crime member, e.g., ―Council on Foreign Relations, a crime syndicate). First of all, the agent
thinks he can treat you the ‗lessor or ‗vendor, landlord with contempt, because the agent is full of
false promises blare-blare-blare! Like letting your property to the ―Tenants from hell‖, this trick
does two things, ‗one‘ it either forces you (the landlord) to sell quickly, or ‗two‘, it forces the
neighbours to put their homes on the market just to getaway from those tenants. The Real Estate
Agent should be sued for incurring their financial losses due to valuations dropping because of bad
tenants next-door to them? When you allow Real Estate Agents to manage your property you
expect them to be honest and reliable, but instead most are shrewd, crafty (astute), they have this
mentality (intellectual power), too treat your investment as if it were their own property and to do
as they please with it. Been absolutely sure they are in some kind of illegal secret collusion, or some
kind of scam ‗involving the bankers and Real Estate Agents for allowing banks too cheat their
clients out of their assets, and by swindling them whenever they can; but it‘s hard to prove a case
against a spivs collusion in fraudulent behaviour? If you think they care about you and your
property, think again! Every time the Agent puts in a new tenant, the owner pays him the first
weeks rent, plus a monthly account fee! One Agent at TCB ‗FN‘ could not find a tenant, two years
in a row, six months vacant each year! The property was on the market for five years, and not one
enquiry to purchase? He paid to have the property put on their Website, but the property never
was on their website, and when He complained that the house was not on the web, they acted
surprised and blamed another staff member. On the agents website they advertised Westpac Bank
finance loans. He still believe Westpac was tipping this agent off too sink him financially to gain the
property under mortgagee in possession. He finally sold the property only after the agent found out
that the house no longer had a mortgage on ―IT‖. But too bad for this smart-arse agent, for he
never got the sale, another agent sold it. These real estate agents are up to all the lowlife dirty tricks
in the book! They don‘t care if you the lessor (owner), has to pay a heavy mortgage on it, because
his plan is for you to lose it to the bank or the agents middleman who will offer a ridiculous low
price, hoping you will take the bait, and if you do, the agent sells the house to a genuine buyer for
its true market value, and then the agent has the gall (lower animal), to ask for his commission for
selling the property, and he has just defrauded you of some $50,000 of your capital gain in that
property! They are nothing but ‗bastards! (Look the best thing is to never buy into investment
properties at all, because the only ones to make something from it, is the Agent and the Banker, the
whole industry is a fraudulent scam). When they say that it‘s a good investment, they mean, it a
good investment for them, not only will the agent get his commission, he also could make a capital
gain from the sale, if he has a middleman (insider), buying your property for well below the real
market value of properties in that area! The agent‘s commission is 5% of the first $18,000 then
2.5% thereafter, plus 10% GST for the government. On a $375,000 Sale = $10,807,50 in the total
agents commission on the sale, plus your solicitor cost and government stamp duty of around $600?
If the reserve price is not reached at auction, your agent should only receive half his commission.
After you first purchase an investment property or home from the Real Estate Agent, they are
forever annoying you too sell up again, they think that your property is their property once you
give the agent management rights! It‘s unconscionable behaviour to say the least! What are we,
some kind of commodity the agents think they can sell and buy us in order to raise cash for them?
Real Estate prices have doubled over the last decade, and so has agent‘s commissions. The criterion

or (criteria) has changed somewhat over the years in regards to agents fees on Real Estate
commissions, but that has to change! The commission fee method needs to be ‗fair and equitable,
after all the money doesn‘t belong to the agent? All property owners should petition parliament to
bring in legislation for a change in the law on Real Estate fees, and commissions kickbacks etc. The
commission paid to agents must be reasonable for their services rendered by property owners,
because at the moment agents are stealing money that doesn‘t really belong too them, the ‗law‘ on
Real Estate Agents commission fees must be amended to suit the criteria of the times? The
commission structure on an agents‘ fee should be at leased halved, because property prices have
doubled. What owners should be paying is not on commission basis at all, but on a capped agents
fee on selling your home, lets say the ‗agents fee for sell, is $600 fee up to $20,000. $1,600 fee up too
$50,000. $3,000 fee up too $$100,000. $5,000 fee up too $200,000. $6,000 fee up too $400,000. $10,000
fee up too $1,000,000. $30,000 fee up too $3,000,000 or more of fictitious dollars amounts. This is
what the Real Estate Agents commission fees should be now based on! It has got to the point now!
That the Real Estate Agents continually annoy or pester you to sell your property, they have no
(moral) ethics at all, and no code of practice to legally make them do anything e.g., make them
abide by the law? Remember, some Real Estate Agents behave just a like bank manager, that‘s
probably because some are ex-bankers or may have worked in the banking industry; in any case, if
the business is running on borrowed money through a bank mortgage, than the Real Estate Agency
is owned and controlled by the banker, just like if you had a mortgage on your home, it‘s the
bankers home, not yours! Here are just some of the unethical things the Real Estate Agent can do to
you, and it‘s highly unethical of them to do such things too their clients, but they just don‘t care
about you the owner, at all. For one thing they avoid finding the right tenant for your property
because they know you are desperate to pay the bank mortgage on it, and so this could take weeks
or months to let your premises, they do this deliberately, because they know when you have a
mortgage or second mortgage on it, and they know when the preoccupy rate is high as well; the
afore‖said, the foregoing, esp. (law) the aforesaid houses, lands, or tenements etc, because it‘s the
‗Hodos-way! The Estate Agents are up to all the dirty lowlife tricks there ever was, and they know
more about your financial situation then you think! They buy it from the Credit Reference
Agencies and local authorities; they know from your Banker if you are in Default or not. If you are
in default, and the banker wants his money, he calls in the loans via your Real Estate Agent, by
tipping them off about your plight! The investment property owners will find that most of the
tenants never pay their rent or lease on time, therefore the bank applies a penalty in breach of your
contract; every time you have insufficient funds in your account or miss a repayment. The penalty
with Westpac is anything from $50 to $100 on each property in default; every month you miss a
payment. You have to pay the agent management fees, every time the agent find a new tenant, its a
never ending cycle of greed by agents whom are supposed to look after their clients interest, sadly
the (landlord), not the lessor agent acting for the owner of a property who has to (ware) this cost?
An agent is one who does the actual work; well they certainly had a good go at me! When the
tenants trash your property, you have to foot the bill for refurbishment cost if you don‘t have
tenant liability insurance to pay for the damage of same; and don‘t bother suing the tenant, because
if he can‘t pay his rent, ‗he certainly won‘t pay you, will he now? He will never forget this agent
who for weeks could not find a suitable tenant,‘ liar! But than put her own son and his girlfriend
into his property to rent it; lets say on the 1st of the month his premises were to be let to them; so he
took a drive to see for myself, when he arrived and was about to enter his property to inspect it, he
was confronted by the agent who had arrived unexpectedly at the house that was to be let by her
son; her son had already moved in and had been living there rent free for god knows how long;
weeks perhaps? Because she, the agent had told me 48 hrs before that her son was moving in on the
1st of the month, but he was already living in my investment property before that date; she said
that he had just moved into it today; he guessed this agent panicked when she knew he was on his
way up to inspect his property! What can one say? And he said to her, that you had told him that it
was still vacant only yesterday! Then she said that he had no rights to enter his house, as she had

the management rights over it, hey, he thought? I‘m the bloody owner he said to himself, what a
bitch, ‗in other words, she wanted him too ‗piss-off. He was cheated out of a weeks rent or more by
this agent; and he couldn‘t change over to another agent there and then, because he needed the rent
money to help payback the bank mortgage on it; as it was, ‗he was subsidizing her tenant by more
than $400 per month, and she knew it. Twelve months had passed, and these tenants were never on
time paying their rent; and other times he would not receive rent at all for weeks on end, and they
were (overdue) most of the time; then they would catch up again with their rent payments! Finally
he told the agent to evict her son and girlfriend; and when they vacated his property, he had to
replace all the door-locks, because the tenants had lost all the keys to the doors; and the keys the
agent handed back would not fit the locks anyway, and these locks were not the originals? Even the
doors were half off their hinges, and this allegedly bad tenant smashed my double glass sliding-door
as well, probably in a drunken brawl, ‗the cost to him some $320 to replace the glass and fix the
rollers. The agent said the door just fell off, and she said that he could have been sued? Well the
place looked clean and tidy on first inspection. Until he opened the garden shed, for the tenants
dumped all their rubbish in it for the owner to have to take their unwanted rubbish to the dump for
them! It took three box trailer loads to clean out their rubbish, the agent ‗F N‘ Real Estate at
Mudjimba Qld, had given him a written report on his property; saying that the house and yard
were immaculately cared for; the agent allegedly put on a dummy certificate on the kitchen bench-
top, giving me the owner the impression that the house was fumigated by a professional pest-
controller, and even had the company‘s business card placed on the bench beside this certificate.
The kitchen bench top was not fastened-down, so when he inspected the house with another agency
whom had witnessed hundreds of cockroaches running out from under the kitchen bench-top, when
it was lifted up to take a closer look; because this bench-top was not fastened down! Over the last
year with this agent and her son and his girlfriend, he found out even more. That there were more
then two persons living in his property; for they were illegally sub-letting his house to some allege
unemployed drug addicts as well, and there were at least six juvenile unemployed dropout drug
addicts, and three dogs living and running through his investment house? These tenants had melted
candle wax onto the carpet downstairs, they left him to replace nearly all the light bulbs throughout
the premises; they probably had raging parties on the premises that he was never told about by the
agent whom supposed to be looking after it on his behalf? All these people living in his investment
property without his knowledge or consent; and this agent on several occasions had called
plumbers in too fix blockages in the drains etc, fix screen doors etc, none of these thing never
needed to be done or replaced to my knowledge; and he suspect this work was not carried out on
his property at all, but on someone else‘s property, perhaps the agents own home? And the agent
was sending him their invoices to pay for this non-existent work carried out allegedly on their own
property? And he was their stupid bunny paying for it all? Look real estate investment properties
are a nightmare, and he would recommend to any wood-be investor, to stay well clear of property
investments; and stay well clear of Westpac Bank as well? This agent had breach their agreement
with their client, and if you say something to them, they reply with a derogatory remark! He
further found out that this agent‘s son had allegedly trashed previous properties as a tenant. This
man, this alleged shit-head, is now working as a real estate agent for his mother and father, as an
astute Real Estate Agent? Wouldn‘t it make you cry! Agents are parasites, and they care very little
about you, their client; and he truly believed they had become jealous of their clients non-existent
wealth on paper e.g., mortgaged bank property! His complaints to Fair Trading about these rogue
agents seem to be a whole waste of his time and energy; his complaints to the REIQ weren‘t even
replied too, he was just ignored, and when he phoned them, they asked him if he was one of their
members, ‗when he said ‗No, ‗they hung up in his ear ―Look, these people are covering each others
backs, when the shit flies their way! You see these firms treat you with contempt, because there are
more suckers out there to be fleeced by the Real Estate industry and Banks. New investors don‘t
realize they are their next victims to be fleeced by a corrupt Real Estate system; such as we have in
Australia. If a person steals money from a cash-draw from a local store, they are jailed for five

years for taking a few hundred dollars. If a Real Estate Agency steals $100,000 from an insider
trading deal involving your capital gains (steal), from one‘s property; you are told to seek legal
advise to recover your losses through fraud and deception by your rogue Real Estate swindler. If an
agent buys your property, he must by law file a section 55 form with the authorities, ‗Why is that?
Why don‘t the authorities recover your losses from the agent that stole the $100,000 from their
clients‘ assets? The Queensland Government is now to legislate that a property sold through a Real
Estate agent, must not be sold for less than 5% to 10% either way of its (Real Value), e.g., real
market valuation price of one‘s property. And the Real Estate Agency must put this valuation in
writing; they must not sell it for below real market value. They must get the highest price possible
for the (deed title), holder of that property. No longer can an agent or salesperson sell it to their
middleman at the expense of the title owner of the property been sold to a new buyer. It‘s unethical
to do otherwise, and is a breach of regulations. To do otherwise is fraud and deception, which
carries a charge of embezzlement of one‘s assets. Protect yourself from insider trading, and get
your property independently valued. Never use an agent‘s valuer that your agent recommends,
unless you‘re willing to do your Dow by a slave-trader, e.g., a rogue agent would rather not sell
your property for months or years, unless he can get his hands on ―IT‖ for nothing at your expense.
Real Estate agents, who steal this way, are lower than ―bank robbers‖. For them, the penalty
should be ten years imprisonment, and all his assets seized by the court‘s bailiff, to payback their
gullible victims. Maybe a vigilante group should break both the agents legs, if the law does not
arrest these agents who think it‘s ethical too rip-off small investors in this way: The next Real
Estate Agent he used was (R W), ‗Marcoola? He wasn‘t much better either, full of false promises.
Straightaway he was offering to buy his property for himself, and his offer was $100,000 and these
agents knew what everyone had paid for their properties throughout Australia, for the agent was
well aware of the price he paid for this property was $122,000 one year earlier, plus legal fees. He
said that they have many tenants waiting on their list to rent this property of mine; because the
beach area was in great demand here he said; well it had taken them six weeks to lease his property
at a loss to him of some $1,400 in mortgage payments that were due to the banker on time every
month; and bank payments received after the due date, you cop a penalty of $90 plus, every time
you‘re late paying the bank on time? He was tidying up the house for three days, and he had
potential tenants looking through it whilst he was tidying it up to relet the house; whom he had
forwarded them on to the agent ‗R W‘, but it seems they never arrived to sign the lease to rent it at
their office, which was a load of bullshit. After about six weeks, the agent found this lovely couple to
rent his property, and the reports on them by the tenant authority was very good indeed, he would
be so pleased with them, this agent said, ‗this lovely couple whom he never meet personally signed a
six month lease. This agent said they had thoroughly checked them out, ‗well they did pay the rent
most of the time, which he was subsidizing each month to the tune of $400 to balance the mortgage
repayments with the bank; and he did this because he was banking on a good capital gains return
when he eventually sold the property. Well this was his plan anyway; so on paying this subsidy it
would eventually balance his losses for those high mortgage repayments he had to meet with the
bank every month. As it happens, these lovely tenants that the agent talked about so well; turns out
to be friends of theirs, who turned out to be not a couple at all, but one man with a truck on his
own, who was carrying out his business on his premises without his consent or knowledge. His lease
expires, and the agent tells him he has vacated the property some six weeks before (didn‘t you
receive a letter from us), ‗No, he said; and he knew nothing about him leaving at all. He only
inquired into it because there was no money going into his bank account to pay for his heavy
mortgage on this property. The agent said that they had informed him by letter, which was a total
fabrication, they were lying to him; too deceive him out of his rent money. So he drove up there to
take a look for myself which was 100 kilometres away, and when he arrived their, he was
astonished too find the tenant still living in the house, and not paying any rent to the agent ‗R W‘ at
all, or was he? This man had his truck in the driveway and no sign of him anywhere, a cement
mixer was in the backyard, hundreds of plaster of paris nomes or drone figurines scattered all over

the place, some painted, some not painted, the grass hadn‘t been mowed for months, ‗it was at least
one meter high; inside the house we entered, with the other agent. Just the new Real Estate Agent
and himself, we couldn‘t believe our eyes. There was no lovely couple living here he said! The house
had no furniture in it at all; it was full of plaster nomes in every room, with tools everywhere; in the
garage downstairs, it was chocker-block full of machinery and more tools; this man was using this
home as a factory for his business, ‗Yes an onsite factory, running a workshop for over twelve
months on his premises, and the agent had never informed him in this matter. Yet the agent had
full knowledge of what was going on at these premises, he apparently was a friend of this agent, and
the neighbours had complained to the agent about the noise, and to the council. He probably would
never have found out if he hadn‘t changed agents. After that lot, he sold the property because
Westpac Bank advised him too. He never knew it then, but the bank tricked him into selling it at a
loss, the Westpac manager even suggested that he let it go for $100,000, even though he had
borrowed $122,000 to buy it in the first place (he think Westpac had a buyer, a friend who wanted
it for nothing, He did not realise it then, but the bank had set him up to go bankrupt, because they
said that they would help him too reduce the overall debt with them e.g., reduce his borrowings
with them! After it sold, Westpac put a $9,122,22 penalty on top of the debt that was supposed to be
only $1,000 in a break penalty on this one property alone, not $9,122,22 penalty, ‗he was absolutely
shocked, when Westpac told him the penalty after he sold this property on their advice, the bank
had deceived him! It took him over two years of pressure on Westpac Bank to find out why he was
made to pay another $8,880 switching penalty fee as well, after that, the bank advised him to allow
them too transfer the $9,122,22 break penalty to another investment property as this was the only
option, because they said that they were trying to help him out of debt, plus other bank charges
which amounted to over $19,000. Where he had originally been paying about $400 a month on the
place the bank transferred the $19,000 too. The bank put this extra $19,000 illegal gain of theirs
onto this other investment property they said would help him. Then he was made to pay interest on
top of this debt that was illegally put onto this other investment property, plus $1,012 per month
repayments, whereas before the transfer he was previously only paying $400 per month on this
other investment property, because Westpac Bank had suggested it as a way of helping him out of
debt so he could afford to pay these other mortgages he had with them at the time. What this bank
had done was illegal, he never asked them too cancel the account number on a house he was only
paying $400 a month on, they did this fraud, they transferred the property account number on the
Mudjimba property that they had advised him too sell so they could help him, and then turned
around and later transferred that property‘s account number, and its $1,012 a month repayments
too the next property without his authority. He truly hopes and prays that people listen to him, and
have absolutely nothing to do with Westpac Bank. He ask the public to ‗withdraw‘ all of their
money (cash) out of this corrupt bank, and transfer all their (cash) too the Credit Union of
Australia Ltd. Westpac Bank is a fraud, because he was deliberately ‗misled‘ by Westpac
management, and his only crime was that he was too trusting in believing their lies and snake tricks
charms on his person! Don‘t very have anything to do with this lying banker ever! Westpac said,
that you came to ‗Us, ‗we never came too you. They said this after they had fleeced him of all cash
and assets. That‘s not true, it was a ‗broker who approached this bank and made the deal with his
‗mate the Bank Manager, not with him! It was a good deal like the bank manager said, but they
forgot to mention that this good deal only could profit Westpac Bank and never their client who at
the end of the day the bank had swindled thousands of dollars out of its victim over a five-year
period; only to send their victim almost ‗bankrupt e.g., failed, broke, ruined, insolvent. He was
‗bankrolled, that‘s for certain! My biggest business mistake was trusting Westpac Bank and their
lying bank managers, who had verbally lied to win the mortgage business away from the Credit
Union, and have Westpac Bank look after his affairs, all at his expense through the Westpac Bank‘s
broker and his Westpac Bank mate too steal the deal of a lifetime for their new client of Westpac.
The Bank had too lie to their client to win him over on this good deal they and their broker
concocted (plot) together too defraud him of his assets, that he had built-up over many long years of

hard work with the Credit Union who never had any hidden traps built into their contract clauses
like Westpac had in their contracts! The broker Bob Newbold had been paid $1,800 to look after
the interest of his client to swing a good deal, and do the right thing by him, but that wasn‘t enough
for him; he had to double dip, by arranging a deal between his mate at Westpac‘ Cameron Penfold
and himself, the beneficiary of the plot for illegal gains for themselves at their client‘s expense.
These types of scum don‘t care who they hurt in the process, so long as they make easy money along
the way! Westpac Banking Corporation has been given every opportunity for them to make
amends, and to compensate him for all his financial losses that were caused by their fraud and
deception upon this person; and if this bank thinks it can cheat this man in a bill and getaway with
it, you are horribly mistaken ‗Sir! People all over the world will smell (noisome) what Westpac
Bank stands for. A bank which treats you as just a number too fleece you of your cash and assets so
the Chief Executive Officer can retire on millions from a higher share price, when he cashes in his
bank share options, bought at par value, which is contrary to judaeo law to do so, because share
option held by the (CEO) are a (contravene) e.g., a conflict of interest, and therefore this becomes
an illegal gain by the ‗CEO, at Westpac Banking Corporation; even if those share options are
approved by their shareholders. Those ‗share options‘ are illegal under corporation law! Westpac
customers who borrow money from this bank, stand to lose everything they presently own and
worked and slaved too achieve those capital gains over many long years of hard toil, only then to
take a loss through Westpac‘s conniving fraudulent ways they do business with their clients. Do not
do business with this corrupt bank in anyway shape or form, because they‘re bastards. Therefore
customers and clients should grow very weary in doing any business with the Westpac Banker‘s,
because this bank is run by ‗Freemasons ‗and ‗Yids‘. This Bank would have to be a ―bogus
business‖ e.g., a Sham? Never takeout a bank-bridging loan at any price, in order too purchase a
house elsewhere while waiting too sell your existing house, it‘s just not worth it. The Real Estate
agents know you are trapped and must sell your house at any price; not only that, the banker has
you trapped as well, and they will bleed you for everything you have? If you have a mortgage, than
the banker is your landlord. Now if the banker is your landlord, and you have borrowed money
from him to purchase investment properties, then who really is the landlord, ‗you the borrower, or
is it your banker? (You silly-boy you own nothing). The government must legislate too protect
mortgage borrowers in the unlikely event that property prices tumble by 50% per cent or more: ―It
would be nice to say to your banker. ‗I owe you nothing? It‘s alleged that Westpac Bank treats their
clients, similar to that of the ―Black Hand. Black Hand, symbol and name often used by criminal
or terroristic organizations, and especially associated with the ‗Mafia‘ and the Camorra. The Black
Hand flourished in Sicily in the late 19th century; and in the United States it was especially active in
New York City at the turn of the 20th century. It is estimated that at one time 90 percent of New
York city‘s Italian population was blackmailed by letters threatening death and marked with a
black hand. Famous incidents associated with the Black Hand include the murder (1890) in New
Orleans of chief of police Daniel C. Hennessy and the shooting (1909), in Palermo, Italy, of Lt.
Joseph Petrosino of the New York city police! Camorra (kumo‘ru), ―Italian secret criminal
association; in Naples and Sicily. Of controversial, probably Spanish, origin, it first came to light in
1830. Its activities spread by intimidation, blackmail, and bribery until Naples was controlled by
the organization. In 1901 a league of Neapolitan citizens was organized to break the power of the
Camorra, which was finally dissolved after the trial and conviction of 40 members in 1911. The
Camorra frequently terrorized Italian immigrants in the United States: Work one hour a week in
Australia, you are fully employed: Bench warrant. A warrant issued by the judge presiding at a
session, directing that an offender be brought into court: Private property For Sale, log onto,
www.housesonline.com.au: IOU, a signed document acknowledging a debt, ( = ‗I owe you): Free
Palestine. www.resistance.org.au: www.fractureriskcalculator.com:                   Bank Mortgage
repayments must reflect the deflated house prices, in other words, if the valuation on

your house halves in price, so instead of paying say $1000 a month, all you should have to pay the
banker is $500 per month in bank mortgage repayments, regardless of a legally binding contract
with same? APRA said that if they receive over 3,000 written complaints of this nature, from clients
that have been defrauded in this way by Westpac Bank or any other way by using deceptive
conduct to deceive and defraud unsuspecting clients of their cash and assets, this is deemed as
unconscionability behaviour, and it deems your contract with the bank, null and void, this allows
victims to ‗rescind‘ the contract in writing, thus making the deal null and void in the eyes of the
law. Under the Australian Constitution, any contract written in ‗jargon‘ or any other form is
deemed illegal, thus making the contract unlawful. This banker thinks it can getaway with
defrauding their customers, and thereby treating customers with contempt, because the banker is
in control of the courts process? APRA said that they would seriously review this ‗Westpac
Banking Corporation by not renewing their banking licence to operate, and therefore ‗revoke‘ the
banking dealer‘s licence they trade under as a legitimate Banker! The Westpac Bank and their
‗Securities Dealers Licence Number is 15373. ABRN 33 00745 7141. APRA looks after the
‗Regulation of Banks‘ in Australia. This Westpac Banker has a disgusting attitude towards people
and clients whom they have just ‗cleaned-out their savings, their life‘s work gone by for nothing,
because of this banker and their lies to fleece ‗gentiles, but your game has been exposed for what
the bank stands for in the community, ‗hence, ‗Corruption all over! www.roxio.com:
www.mufin.com www.divxland.org:                                                                       A
Corporation must sue, or be sued, by its corporate name! That means, that you
cannot sue the little piece of shit they call Bank Manager‘s, which had told you lies at the bank, in
order to entice you to sign their one-sided fraudulent contract agreement, for its such a good deal
they are offering their (victim) their next sucker! If Westpac think they can do business this way,
than they have another thing coming too ―IT‖. It would be nice to see Westpac Bank go belly-up,
and sink like the Titanic! Corporation, A Corporation is a number of persons united and
consolidated together so as to be considered as one person in law, possessing the character of
perpetuity, its existence being constantly maintained by the succession of new individuals in the
place of those who die, or are removed. Corporations are either aggregate or sole. Corporations
aggregate consist of many persons, several of whom are contemporaneously members thereof, as
the mayor and commonalty of a city, or the dean and chapter of a cathedral. Corporations sole are
such as consist, at any given time, of one person only, as the king or queen, a bishop, a vicar, etc. A
corporation must sue, or be sued, by its corporate name. In a conveyance to a corporation sole by
his corporate name the word ―successors‖ need not be used. See s. 60 (2) of the Law of Property
Act, 1925. Misrepresentation! (10.4.21) This view of the law has been recognised by
parliament, see for instance s 3(a) of the Law Reform (Misrepresentation) Act 1977 (ACT); s 6(1)(a)
of the Misrepresentation Act 1971 (SA); s 4(2a)(a) of the Sale of Goods Act 1923 (NSW) and ss
100(2) and 111(2) of the Goods Act 1958 (Vic) which applies with respect to consumer sales and
leases: Misrepresentation and exclusion clauses (10. 5.1) Merger clauses and terms excluding or
limiting liability of the representor for pre-contractual misrepresentation may be effective in
preventing liability from arising with respect to innocent and negligent misrepresentations made by
the representor. Obviously, such clauses need to be clearly worded and defined so as to avoid any
ambiguity in their construction and application. Such clauses, however, will not be effective if the
misrepresentation was fraudulent. A common example of such a clause is one which provides that
‗the representee has not relied upon any representation, warranty or assurance made by the
representor‘ or that the written document constitutes ‗the whole agreement‘ between the parties.
(10. 5.2) In considering the effectiveness of such clauses, reference must always be made to the
provisions of any statute law that maybe applicable. In particular, reference should be made to the
Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and if applicable, the Misrepresentation Act 1971 (SA) and the Law
Reform (Misrepresentation) Act 1977 (ACT): The impact of legislation upon the law of
misrepresentation. The Misrepresentation Acts (10.6.1) South Australia and the Australian Capital

Territory have enacted legislation specifically reforming the law of misrepresentation. Such
reforms are contained in the Misrepresentation Act 1971 (SA) and the Law Reform
(Misrepresentation) Act 1977 (ACT). It is not proposed to discuss those provisions in detail;
however, the main points arising can be summarised as follows. Rescission is available to the
plaintiff even though the misrepresentation has become a term of the contract, or the contract has
been performed or any conveyance, transfer or other documents has been registered at any public
registry office pursuant to the contract. The South Australian legislation, however, specifically
preserves the general law with respect to the rights of third parties acquiring an interest in the
subject matter of the contract. In such cases, the principle that rescission is not available has not
been disturbed. The measure of damages is that which is appropriate for the tort of deceit rather
than for breach of contract. Thus, it is not a matter of putting the plaintiff in the position he or she
would have been in had the contract not been breached; rather, the inquiry would be to ascertain
how much ‗worse off the plaintiff is as a result of his or her entry into the contract. If the
representor had reasonable ground to believe, and did believe, that the representation made was
true, the representor would have a defence to an action by the representee. The representor shall
not be entitled to rely upon any provision in a contract, which excludes or restricts the
representor‘s liability in respect of any misrepresentation or the availability of any remedies. The
court may, however, allow reliance on those provisions in a contract when it is ‗fair and reasonable‘
to do so depending on the circumstances of the case: Under the Trade Practices Act 1974. A
‗person‘ shall not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is
likely to mislead or deceive. The conduct of the corporation must be in ‗trade or commerce‘. These
words have been given a wide interpretation and will cover most forms of commercial transactions:
Misrepresentation representing something incorrectly. A misrepresentation is distinct from a
statement of opinion. It may have the effect of making an otherwise valid contract void or at least
voidable. A distinction is made between innocent, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations. At
best, an innocent misrepresentation may affect a contract, a negligent misrepresentation may
attract in addition liability for negligence, assuming the requirements of that tort can be met, and a
fraudulent misrepresentation may attract damages for the ‗Fraud and ‗Deceit.
Misrepresentation. Representing something incorrectly, a misrepresentation is distinct from a
statement of opinion. It may have the effect of making an otherwise valid contract void or at least
voidable. A distinction is made between innocent, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations. At
best, an innocent misrepresentation may affect a contract, a negligent misrepresentation may
attract in addition liability for negligence, assuming the requirements of that tort can be met, and a
fraudulent misrepresentation may attract damages for the Fraud and Deceit:                   The Big
Four Banks on the Nose! Australia‘s big four banks may have to bulk up and join forces to
fight off takeover by foreign companies, ANZ chief executive John McFarlane said. Mr McFarlane
said while the Government was unlikely to support the removal of the ―Four Pillars‖ bank policy, it
could be necessary to ensure the survival of Australia‘s banking industry. (It makes one wonder
why these banks want too join forces when they are already in some kind of consortium in fixing
bank interest rates, for these banks too conspire together for their own remuneration interest, not
in your interest). Are they in trouble; is there a ―big black-hole‖ in their bank ‗ledger book values!
Why would the big four banks want to combine into one identity? They say there is the likelihood
of Australian major institutions being acquired by foreigners. How could that be! When foreigners
already control these banks; namely the ‗Zionist‘s also run the world‘s stock markets? We all know
that these four banks are already in some kind of collusion (Fraudulent secret understanding,
between ostensible opponents as in law-suit). Hence collusive, e.g., collusion within each other too
fleece the ‗Goyim‘ e.g., goy, gentile tribes of this earth? The National Australia Bank maybe the
Bank of England? The National Bank and probably the ANZ Bank, both receives their money from
the Reserve Bank of Australia? The Commonwealth Bank their money from the National Bank?
Westpac Bank their money from the Commonwealth Bank. Suncorp Metway Bank, their money

from Westpac Bank? This bank money transfer information herein could be wide off the mark?
The Banking Ombudsmen is owned and controlled by the Big Four Banks:
Banking the ancient beginning, primarily the business of dealing in money and instruments
of credit. Banks are usually differentiated from other financial institutions by their principal
functions of accepting deposits-subject to withdrawal or transfer by check-and of making loans. In
a simple form, banking was practiced by the ancient temples of Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece,
which loaned at high rates of interest the gold and silver deposited for safekeeping. Private banking
existed by 600 B.C. and was considerably developed by the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines.
Medieval banking was dominated by, the Jews and Levantines because of the prejudice of the
Christian Church against Interest. The forerunners of the modern banks were frequently chartered
for a specific purpose, e.g., the Bank of Venice (1171) and the Bank of England (1694), in
connection with loans to the government; the Bank of Amsterdam (1609), to receive deposits of gold
and silver. Banking developed rapidly throughout the 18th and 19th cent; accompanying the
expansion of industry and trade, with each nation evolving the distinctive forms peculiar to its
economic and social life. In the United States the first bank was the Bank of North America
established in 1781 in Philadelphia. Congress chartered the first Bank of The United States in 1791
to engage in general commercial banking and to act as fiscal agent of the government, but failed to
renew its charter in 1811. A similar fate attended the second Bank of the United States, chartered in
1816 and closed in 1836. Prior to 1838 a bank charter could be obtained only by a specific
legislative act. In 1838 New York State adopted the Free Banking Act, which permitted anyone to
engage in banking, upon compliance with certain charter conditions. Free banking spread rapidly
to other states, and from 1840 to 1863, all banking business was done by state-chartered
institutions. In many Western states it degenerated into ―wildcat‖ banking because of laxity and
abuse of state laws. Bank notes were issued against little or no security, credit was overexpanded,
and depressions brought waves of bank failures. In particular, the multiplicity of state bank notes
caused great confusion and loss. To correct these conditions, there was passed in 1863 the National
Bank Act, which provided for a system of banks to be chartered by the Federal government. In
1865, by granting national banks the authority to issue bank notes and by placing a prohibitive tax
on state bank notes, an amendment to the act brought all banks under Federal supervision. Most
banks in existence did takeout national charter, but some, being banks of deposit, were unaffected
by the tax and continued under their state charter, thus giving rise to what is generally known as
the ―dual banking system‖. The number of state banks expanded rapidly with the increasing use of
bank checks and has exceeded the number of national banks since 1892. Recurrent banking panics
caused by overexpansion of credit, inadequate bank reserves and inelastic currency prompted
Congress in 1908 to create the National Monetary Commission to investigate the field of banking
and currency and recommend legislation. Its suggestions were embodied in the Federal Reserve Act
(1913), which provided for a central banking organization, the Federal Reserve System. The fact
that commercial banks are able to expand their loans and investments or are forced to contract
them in accordance with changes in reserves and reserve requirements differentiates them from
mutual savings banks, where the volume of loans and investments is governed by changes in
customers ‗deposits. Commercial banks include national and state banks, trust companies stock
savings banks, and industrial banks, most of which render a wide range of services in addition to
their primary functions of making loans and investments and handling demand as well as savings
and other time deposits, Mutual savings banks, on the other hand, accept only savings and other
time deposits, and the types of loans made and services rendered are limited. Since the
establishment of the Federal Reserve System, Federal-banking legislation has been limited largely
to detailed amendments of the National Bank and Federal Reserve acts. The Banking Act of 1933
was a reform measure designed to correct specific abuses, which had been disclosed by events
leading to the bank holiday at the beginning of the Roosevelt administration. It strengthened the
power of supervisory authorities, increased controls over the volume and use of credit, and

provided for the insurance of bank deposits under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
(FDIC). The Banking Act of 1935 strengthened the powers of the Federal Reserve Board of
Governors in the field of credit management, tightened existing restrictions on certain banking
operations, and enlarged the supervisory powers of the FDIC. Membership in the FDIC is
compulsory for all Federal Reserve member banks but optional for other banks. Types of financial
institutions, which are not subject to the supervision of state or Federal banking authorities but
which perform one or more of the traditional banking functions are building and savings and loan
associations, mortgage companies, finance companies, insurance companies, credit agencies owned
in whole or in part by the Federal government, credit unions, brokers and dealers in securities, and
investment bankers. These operate under state or Federal laws, and most of them are under the
jurisdiction of the Dept, of Agriculture or the Federal Loan Agency. Other credit institutions
operating under Federal laws include the Postal Savings System, the U.S. Housing Authority, and
the Veterans Administration etc. Securitor. www.oya.com.au or 02-9970 3111:                Bank of
England, ‗has been popularly known as the ‗Old Lady of Thread-needle Street. It stands on the
street of that name in London and has a number of branches in England and the British dominions.
At first a commercial bank, it eventually became the central banking institution of England. It was
‗founded (1694), by William Paterson with a capital of £1,200,000-pound Stirling, which was
advanced to the government in return for banking privileges, including the right to issue notes up
to the amount of its capital. In 1709 the capital was doubled; the charter was renewed in 1742, 1764,
and 1781. The bank‘s facilities proved a great asset in English commercial and later industrial,
expansion. The bank‘s functions were both public and private; it safeguarded the English pound
and also operated for private profit. The Bank Charter Act of 1844, which laid the basis for the
bank‘s modern structure, assured efficient regulation. The issue department, which handles the
issuing of bank notes for general circulation, was separated from the banking department, which
handles the remaining banking functions, including the management of the public debt, and serves
as the depository of government funds and as the stable bank of England. The governor, a deputy,
and 24 directors control the affairs of the bank. It was privately owned until 1945, when an act of
Parliament provided for its nationalization. The stockholders were recompensed with government
bonds to the value of more than £58,000,000-pound Stirling, and the bank subsequently dropped
virtually all its private business: The Worst ―Recession‖ to come since WW11. That‘s
according to the economics Peter Brain, and I agree with him! House prises during the past two
years in Australia have risen by 50% (2002-2004) period. The housing bobble is over, and interest
rates are on the rise again! Many homebuyers are now very much over their heads into debt,
because of heavy borrowings from the bank! House prises are expected too drop by 30% over the
next few years. The average home in Sydney ten years ago cost was $180,000, today it cost $506,000.
Households now have to borrow sixty billion dollars a year to fund consumption and expenditure;
this is unprecedented, both here and overseas. The economy has been driven to the point of
vulnerability, where the household debt to income ratio is probably the highest in the world today.
Australians have taken on debt way-out of our proportion to our earnings! There‘s a 50%
probability that we will engineer the soft landing scenario, and a 50% probability that the
Australian economy will be plunged into the worst recession since the Second World-War! Peter
has been saying for years; nobody seems too take any notice. In October 1997, the economist Peter
Brain predicted correctly, that Asia‘s miracle economies were headed for a nasty fall! He said I
think also that they are integrated and linked together, they all or more or less got the same sort of
problems, that they will go into what I like to call a rolling sort of slowdown and recession! AMP
Shane Oliver, the Chief Economist said, that Australian house prices are 30% over valued, and the
property markets will fall by that much, or more likely stagnate while the economy catches up, he
said it will really take about ten years for house prices to adjust to what I would regard too more
normal levels. For most households, stagnate or even falling property prices, only really hurt, if
they try and sell the family house! The greatest worry for most is raising interest rates. John

Edwards, Chief Economist, HSBC said. The Reserve Bank of Australia which, controls mortgage
interest rates, is well aware of this, and well aware that small interest rates changes, have a bigger
effect than they use too. The Reserve Bank is aware, but what about circumstances where it has
little choice, but to move rates; while John Edwards looks out, and sees a recovering world
economy as a plus for Australia. Peter Brain‘s seen threats like a world terrorist event or ‗oil price
hike! As soon as a ‗oil shock gets translated into economy prices; expectations of future world
growth, then investors will look at Australia, and say, the risk premium on the exchange rate is far
too high, which will trigger capital flight, which will drive the currency down, which will force the
Reserve Bank too raise interest rates, and given our extreme internal weakness, will plunge
Australia into a deep recession. ‗Yet it gets worst, Peter Brain predicts household debt will be so
pervasive (saturated), many of us will retire, handing all our ‗Superannuation over too the
banker‘s, to pay our debts, before we die on the pension. Much of the debt to fund the consumer
debt has been provided by foreigners investing in the banking system. So if this goes on for another
few years, what‘s going to happen is, an increasing proportion of generations X and Y‘s inheritance
will simply disappear offshore when the baby boomers start dying, and then you really have a
‗Banana Republic‘ type society? Is debt just the new reality, or have we been kidding ourselves, as
the housing market cools, where likely to find out if the Zionist Bank Pyramid system hasn‘t
collapsed on itself! We face a world oil shortage within the next ten years, and corporate profits and
our lifestyle will be no more, because everything you buy now will rely heavily on the oil price that
keeps manufacturers in business. You will see hyperinflation coupled with the worst Stock Market
Crash in history by 2012 A.D? Australia‘s economy could mirror Argentina‘s economy within
fifteen years! The National Bank, HSBC Bank and the Argentina Bank has collapsed over there.
The government there changed over to the ‗Paso currency‘, therefore making their local currency
worthless paper, and these three banks have closed their doors; so the people cannot withdraw all
of their life savings from the bank. Only token amounts from the banks ATM machines are allowed
to be withdrawn each week to survive on? Kerry‟s Wisdom, All bank home loan mortgage
contracts, should reflect the market price of properties, because how it is structured, now put
homeowner in a precarious financial situation with their banker, if property values should fall
more than 50% in true housing market prises, e.g., a mortgage contract repayment should equal or
reflect market housing prices, too prevent home owners from owing the bank more than their home
is worth, thus, bank repayments are made on the present market price of that property, and not the
inflated mortgage price of a bank liability still owing on it, that is impossible for any person to meet
under that economic situation e.g., if a house is worth $100,000, and in fifteen years it is only worth
$50,000, than what I‘m saying is why should anyone still owe the bank $100,000, when the opposite
has accoutred e.g., ‗deflation or deflated falling house prices, and still are made under the law to
payback the original amount owing to the greedy bankers regardless of a falling house market
climate? Legislation reform should be enacted now, so that every bank must offer this protection on
behalf of their borrowers. This Mortgage Protection Policy for all borrowers must be introduced
before the housing market goes into a nosedive sometime in the near future. Home borrowers
should immediately take out ―Mortgage Protection Insurance ―of there own in the meantime, too
protect them against their mortgage contract agreement in the event of illness or unemployment so
that the mortgage repayments can be met; it‘s no good having ―Mortgage Insurance‖, because this
only protects the lender, if the borrower defaults on his loan agreement; it certainly will not help
you to meet your loan repayments with the bank, and most borrowers do not realise that they are
paying mortgage insurance that only protects the banker, and they have tricked you into paying
this insurance on their behalf. This new retrospective legislation if introduced into the House of
Representatives in regards to ―Mortgage Protection Insurance‖ been deemed compulsory, the
bankers will have too comply with this order or face losing their banking licence. This insurance
should be included in your mortgage contract agreement by law, and for you to have ―Mortgage
Protection Insurance‖ included in ―IT‖, retrospectively written into every bank loan contract
agreement with their client should be unconditional upon signing any contract regarding finance.

This compulsory Mortgage Protection Insurance is a must for all home loan borrowers. The greedy
banker will not like this legislation one idiota. And I must say that every loan that the banker writes
in his ledger book doesn‘t cost him one cent, except for ink and paper, and the banker knows ―IT‖.
All banks‘ should be ―denationalized‖ by our government in the ‗national interest? People should
only consider borrowing their money from a ―Credit Union‖, because this money is honest money
that is in their safe-deposit vault! Our legal system in Australia it‘s alleged, would have to be run by
an organised crimes network; calling itself just-Us. It‘s there too fleece the gentiles of their assets,
by contriving laws too prop-up the illegal litigation business that is generated; in order too fund the
Uppercases, all at the expense of the lower-classes in our society! In 2004 ‗Channel Seven said that
the Real Estate roulette-wheel, where homeowner have gambled with the banks money. You see, on
the back of last years escalating property values of $80-billion dollars worth of ‗home equity‘ loans
were written. But today as the market shifts downwards, thousands of families are realizing they
went in way over their heads; and the banks are moving in! On the surface home equity loans are
appealing as fast cash, easy money, too improve your lifestyle etc, all the while the banks gain even
a stronger grip over the mortgage belt of Australia and the economy. Banks are more than willing
to lend ―IT‖, and Australian homeowners are more than willing to sign on the dotted line. It
matters not if you sell or buy a property, because the banker‘s has a holdover that mortgaged
property in the majority of cases. Many homeowners are borrowing against their equity in their
homes, and buying investment properties with (worthless paper) share holdings; holidays, new cars
etc. But with falling property prices, and rising interest rates, it seems the good days of home equity
are coming to a grinding Holt; without ―Principality‖, owning a home can be somewhat naive;
unless you live in ―Monaco‖ where the rich and famous never have to pay taxes. Now small
investors are forced too sell their investment properties and shareholdings at a huge enormous loss
to them, because they cannot meet those rising interest payments anymore, coupled with falling
property values, can only mean the banker‘s are calling in their loans at the first sign of financial
trouble, when homeowners miss a few payments on their loans, than fall behind on their mortgage
obligations. They will be charged land tax, legal fees, and of cause penalised for terminating their
equity loan. The trouble starts when you takeout a home equity loan against the rising value of your
property. When they fall behind with their repayments; then all of a sudden another lender steps
in, and can help then out with their arrears. This valuer works for the banker, which is loaning
them this money, too takeover their loan, and wants the lot, including there other investment
properties. The lender who once offered them the lot, now wanted it back, the home was valued by
their own team, and was offered as a fire sale way below what their property was valued for when
they took out this new loan some years earlier. The banker put-up these mortgagees in possession
sign to be sold at the drop of the Auctioneers hammer to one of the bankers‘ mates. The investors
know that this is a fire sale. The predator‘s come out too buy the house at the best possible
wholesale price. The era of trusting bank lenders are long gone! Until April 2004 this year, more
than $80-billion dollars have been borrowed, using home equity loans. That‘s about 14% of total
housing credit. More Australians are buying cars, and using home equity loans then any other form
of finance to take an overseas holiday etc. Former bank manager Kevin Nolan, said, ‗if you have
just fifty thousand equity in your home, there are lenders out their and brokers especially, who will
try and get you to borrow more money. Falling property prices since December have also impacted
on home equity loans. As values decrease in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, the security banks
need from your primary asset is affected. His advice would be if anyone were considering an equity
loan, it would be to consider at the very least, too talk to your accountant. Please do not take the
advice of the banker or broker. Equity‘ mate, ―No-way mate; never fall for that trick mate!
www.click4credit.com.au:                             Freedom of Information! ‗Freedom of
Information, Act of 1982. Write to your banker and keep a copy of it. ―I request all information of
my records held by your ‗firm, ‗bank, credit references, documents etc. Under this act you have the
right to access your records and or information. It‘s ―Free for a ―fee. If you need to find out what

the Yid bankers have said about you, the little goy, and their sucker. Then tell your lawyer to write
and ask for the ―Master List‖. This list can be expensive to obtain. This list should inform you and
give all the information you requested etc. You may want too sue your bank manager perhaps, but
you cannot sue him, he is exempt from same, because he or she is protected from your lawsuit. The
banker can ‗lie, cheat, steal; do or say anything he wants. You can only sue the Corporation; you
cannot sue that employee that works for the banker, even though he may have lied to you, and
enticed you into the loan offer. His answer will be that you came to Us Yids? We never came to you!
The Jews run and control everything; so how can an ordinary person takeout a Civil Action
Lawsuit against these evil usury people we know as Yid bankers. The banker and the Judge have
the same identities, e.g., they are one; because the banker appoints the Judge to the bench too
protect his interest? When you approach the ‗bench in a courtroom; you are talking to the banker.
So there is little point in pursuing a just settlement from the banker that fleeced you, ‗now is there?
You are dealing with an organized crime gang believe me! Don‘t waste your breath taking the
banker to court, because you cannot possibly win your Lawsuit against these tyrants e.g.,
Oppressive or cruel ruler! They live off your misery they created in the first place. The law cannot
prosecute Judges and Magistrates; they are exempt from any legal lawsuit against them:
Commonwealth Bank! Here is a true story about a goy Mr. Burney Madigan who paid off his
mortgage and closed his account with the Commonwealth bank of Australia, The banks half owned
shareholder is the Australian Federal Government, who are elected by the Zionist Press and
Television Stations, brain-washing gentiles into voting for them, our leaders are ‗Dictators‘
working on behalf of the Zionist, most of whom are lawyers in both our houses of parliament. John
Howard calls it a ‗kind of ‗democracy‘. To show you how corrupt this legal system is in Australia,
just sit back and listen to this mans story. In 1999 a gentile (goy) had a simple customer to bank
dispute over a $65 bank fee that escalated to over $145,000 by year 2000, all because a transaction
was made on this mans account six days after he had it closed, and now he is looking down the
barrel of financial ruin all because the bank refused to hand him a bank statement regarding the
disputed transaction fee that was made by the bank without his authority or knowledge after he
had closed his account with them, this illegal fee was debited to an account that no longer existed,
this fee did not have this mans authorisation or consent for the bank to debit him at all because his
mortgage had been discharged by this very bank, so he owed the bank nothing, but the bank still
debited a non existing account six days after it was already closed by this man. This $65 transaction
fee by the Commonwealth bank was illegal. So he rightly took the bank to court and lost his case.
The bank then sent him their legal bill for $20,000, ‗So then the banks victim took ―IT‖ to the High
Court and lost again, ‗Now he is faced with a legal litigation cost of court fee of some $145,000 plus.
The Commonwealth Bank is at fault and should be made to pay all this man‘s litigation cost of
court for instigating this court action against the bank e.g., (Urge on, incite person to action), this
whole ordeal on this gentleman was absolutely unethical. The bank refused to give him his closing
statement for his last account which he is rightly entitled to, instead the bank slugged him with
additional fees and interest, even though his mortgage had been discharged after he paid out the
debt on his home and therefore owed the bank nothing. How outrageous. They deliberately forced
him to take his case to court, knowing that the bank cannot lose because they run ―IT‖. The legal
action came about because his continuous request for a statement was denied him. The bank
without their former clients knowledge had made the transaction fee of $65 from a closed account
that no longer existed in this dispute, closed some six weeks before the title office had even
requested the $65 title fee payment from the bank for them to pay the Titles Office for this illegal
transaction made by the bank in the first instance, and knowing full well that this man had
liquidated all his debt with the Commonwealth Bank some six weeks before the bank committed an
illegal act, fraud. The blame and all liability must lay with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
for this mans debt of over $145,000. The liability of the legal litigation cost of court and the bank
negligence in this matter must squarely be with the Commonwealth Bank itself for causing this

victim pain and unnecessary suffering on his person, which caused him to act in his own defence to
right a wrong. The bank had a moral obligation to settle this dispute fee out of court, without the
matter ever going to the High Court or any Court for that matter. The JU, Judges indirectly set this
man up just too fleece him, knowing he now owned assets, because the Jews hate gentiles too own
their own home, they want gentiles to be ‗slaves to their corrupt and unjust legal system. This man
never instigated the legal action; it was the banks ways of getting him too act under duress. If the
our government does not address this legal system, the ‗legal eagles‘ and ‗bankers‘ could someday
in the far distant future, may face a barrage of live bullets or worse! Drug Traffickers,
Australia has tough criminal drug trafficking laws. All the property of a drug dealer, whether
legally obtained or unlawfully obtained is confiscated. Miss Linda Gibbs has been divorced from
her ex-husband for over two years; apparently he was a drug dealer, and was married to her for 25
years prier to her divorce from this man, this former husband was dealing in the illegal drug trade.
Unfortunately for his ex-wife, it seems the government want to take her property (seize) e.g., take
legal possession of her home, because her ex-husband still has his name on the ‗title deed‘. Linda
Gibbs has had no contact with her former spouse for over eleven years, she has been paying the
mortgage on her home herself, now the government want to steal it from her, because the title is in
both there names, what a dilemma she is now facing, and it could happen to anyone. A wife must
prove she legally owns the property or lose it. The law department has been known to even
confiscate e.g., (penalty seize as by authority), as well as any inheritances, any good lawyer should
have advised her too remove her ex-husbands name from the title deed, lets face it, the lady has had
absolutely nothing to do with her ex-husband since her divorce, she alone has been paying off the
mortgage on her property; the government wants it all, not half the assets. She hasn‘t committed
any crime:             The Knights Templars, In Libson Columbus married Felipa Perestrello,
the daughter of a former Grand Master of the Knights of Christ. This Order was merely the
Knights Templars under another name. Columbus was given access to the records of the Grand
Master, his charts, maps and diaries. It is interesting to note the Knights Templars had in earlier
centuries sought to create a paradise, a Temple of Solomon outside papal authority to the west
across the sea. They became pioneers of oceanic exploration. Vasco de Gama was a member of the
Knights of Christ. Columbus himself sailed with the Red (Rose) Cross-on his sails, a symbol of the
Knights Templars, and the Rosicrucians. In the secret records of the Knights Templars there was
reference to Prince Henry St. Clair, a Knight Templars, who tried to colonise America in the late
1300s. Using the Orkneys and Shetlands as a base, Henry St. Clair sailed west to Greenland and
Nova Scotia on the American continent. Recorded in the Zeno Narrative of the mid 16th Century,
these remarkable voyages of discovery, by a Knight Templars; may have penetrated as far south as
Massachusetts in 1399-1400. But Henry St. Clair died on his return to the Orkneys, and the colonies
he established in the New World died with him. Columbus would have probably known of this
story, providing further evidence that land was a sailable distance from Europe. He was inspired
also by the assertion of Roger Bacon in his Opus Majus; ‗the sea between the end of Spain on the
west and the beginning of India on the east is navigable in a very few days if the wind is favourable.
This was cited without reference to Bacon by Cardinal Pierre d‘Ailly in his Imago Mundi, which
Columbus used as a reference book! Bacon‘s Philosophy, Bacon method for permeating his
philosophical ideas into the collective unconscious of the age can best be summarised in his motto;
bene visit qui bene latuit, ‗One lives best by the hidden life. He used secret societies to infuse his
ideas into society. Bacon resurrected the Rosicrucian Mystery tradition and the actual organization
of the Freemasons, injecting new life into them so they become vehicles for the new Baconian
philosophy of reason and scientific enquiry. Bacon, like Goethe, scorned knowledge that did not
lead to positive action and also scorned the denial of evil in ourselves. Bacon was grateful to
Machiavelli for his frank appraisal of the shadow side of human nature in politics; ‗We are
beholden to Machiavelli, and writers of that kind, who openly and unmasked declare what men do
in fact, and not what they ought to do; for it is impossible to join the wisdom of the serpent and the

innocence of the dove, without the precious knowledge of the nature of evil! Francis Bacon
=67+33=100. (33), has symbolic significance as mentioned in the chapter on Saint Alban. Albanus
was symbolically martyred in 303 A.D., 0 not being counted in the simple cipher. 33 is also the
number of degrees of Freemasonry: Parkinson‘s Law, by C. Northcote Parkinson, London.
The number of ‗Yids e.g., (Jew), ‗Cabinet Ministers‘ controlling each country‘ as of 1960? (6) For
Honduras, Luxembourg. (7) For Haiti, Iceland, Switzerland. (9) For Costa Rica, Ecuador, N.
Ireland, Liberia, Panama, Uruguay. (10) For Guatemala, El Salvador, (United States has 11 by
1945). (11) For Brazil, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay. (12) For Bolivia, Chile, Peru. (13) For
Columbia, Dominican R., Norway, Thailand. (14) For Denmark, India, S. Africa, Sweden. (15) For
Austria, Belgium, Finland, Iran, New Zealand, Portugal, Venezuela. (16) For Iraq, Netherlands,
Turkey. (17) For Eire, Israel, Spain. (18) Egypt, Gt. Britain, Mexico. (19) For W. Germany, Greece,
Indonesia, Italy. (20) For Australia, Formosa, Japan. (21) For Argentina, Burma, Canada, France.
(22) For China. (24) For E. Germany. (26) For Bulgaria. (27) For Cuba. (29) For Rumania. (32) For
Czechoslovakia. (35) For Yugoslavia. (38) For USSR. A study of the British suggests that the point
of ineffectiveness in a cabinet is reached when the total membership exceeds 20 or perhaps 21. The
Council of the Crown, the King‘s Council and the Privy Council had each passed the 20 ‗mark
when their decline began. The present British cabinet (1960) is just short of that number now,
having recoiled from the abyss. We might be tempted to conclude from this those cabinets or other
committees with a membership in excess of 21 are losing the reality of power and that those with a
larger membership have already lost it. No such theory can be tenable, however, without statistical
proof. Should we be justified in drawing a line in the name of ‗France? The ―Australian Nationalist
Movement‖ leader Mr. Jack Van Tongeren, because he has threatened, and called for ―treason‖
charges to be laid on John Howard, Australia‘s Prime Minister; now the Federal Police have a
warrant for his arrest. Is it because he dared to speak out against their rule of law? The Evil of
Usury! ―The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender‖- Proverbs 22:7
Alas, the above is only too true today as it was when formulated. The rich rules over the poor an
ages long fact. The borrower is servant to the lender; and what is the method used by the lender;
the insidious system of usury. The whole case against usury is too large to cover in the space of an
article so the following is a concise and brief explanation of the workings of this fraudulent system.
For the many readers who are aware of these little-known facts, the following will serve as a timely
reminder and hopefully, an incitement, to inform the many innocents who are daily losing their
farms, houses and businesses as a result of this unjust system. Even more urgent is the need to
educate the young before they embark on a future relationship with their bank or financial
institution; there is no turning back once those loan papers have been signed; you are trapped right
up till the day you pay it off. For the readers who have never been fortunate to know the following,
they may well be shocked and even angry. They will be angry at the banks, the Establishment that
permits such a swindle, and in fact, thrives off such a swindle. Money! ―For the love of money is
the root of all evil‖-2 Timothy 6:10 ―The most sinister and anti-social feature about bank-deposit
money is that it has no existence. The banks owe the public for a total amount of money, which does
not exist. In buying and selling, implemented by cheque transactions, there is a mere change in the
party to whom the money is owed by the banks? As the one depositor‘s account is debited, the other
is credited and the banks can go on, owing for it all the time. ―The whole profit of the issuance of
money has provided the capital of the great banking business as it exists today. Starting with
nothing whatever of there own, they have got the whole world into their debt irredeemably, by a
trick. ―This money comes into existence every time the banks ‗lend‘ and disappears every time the
debt is repaid to them. So that if industry tries to repay, the money of the nation disappears. This is
what makes prosperity so ‗dangerous‘ as it destroys money just when it is most needed and
precipitates a slump. ―There is nothing left now for us but to get ever deeper and deeper into debt
to the banking system in order to provide the increasing amounts of money the nation requires for
its expansion and growth. As honest money system is the only alternative. ―Frederick Soddy, M.A.,

F.R.S., Nobel Prize Winner, 1921. As the above makes clear, banks are able to manipulate ―money‖
using various methods like the debiting of one account and the crediting of another, and so on, thus
―balancing‖ the accounts. Banks also ―create‖ money in more ways than one, through a trick that
will be looked at later on. Economists use the term ―create‖ when observing the process by which
money comes into being. Thus, creation means making something that did not exist before. A
sawmill makes boards, workers build houses from timber, a glass blower makes fancy glass
ornaments. In these examples, they did not ―create‖, but converted already existing materials into a
more usable and thus more valuable form. However, money ―creation‖ is somewhat different. Here
and here alone, man ―creates‖ something out of nothing. Pieces of worthless paper are printed,
given various denominational values, which can be used to purchase, for example, a glass
ornament. Its value (of the money or piece of paper) has been ―created‖ literally out of thin air. As
we can see from the above, manufacturing money is dirt cheap, and whoever does the ―creating‖
and issuing stands to make impressive profits. The Supply of Money! ―Let me issue and
control a nation‘s money and I care not who writes its laws‖- Attributed to Mayer Amschel (who
later changed his surname to Rothschild and founded the largest financial dynasty ever to exist in
its influence and power). The proper use, distribution and supply of money is of vital importance to
the efficient running of society. Modern societies are completely reliant on an adequate supply of
money. Without money, industry would grind to a halt, farms would become mere self-sustaining
units, surplus food would disappear, jobs requiring one or more workers would remain unfinished,
transport of all goods would cease, hungry populations would kill and steal to stay alive, and
government would collapse leading to complete anarchy. It is not hard to imagine the catastrophic
conditions created if money was to completely vanish. Money remains the life-blood of society;
money flows throughout society just as vital nutrients flow throughout the body, giving sustained
growth, development and vitality. Money is the method by which goods and services are exchanged,
remove money or hamper supply and the results will be disastrous. We need only recall Australia‘s
Great Depression of the 1930‘s. Bankers Depression of the 1930s! Australians all know
about the Great Depression and the extremely hard times it brought about; but what of its causes?
In 1930, Australia did not lack industrial capacity, fertile farmland, or skilled, industrious and
willing workers, residing in both the city and country. Already, extensive systems of reasonably
efficient transport and communications were in place. War had not ravaged the cities or
countryside, nor had famine devastated the land and its population. The one thing that industry
and commerce lacked was a sufficient supply of money. In the early 1930s, Bankers, who were the
only source of new money or credit, deliberately refused loans to industry, commerce and
agriculture. However, payment on outstanding loans was demanded, which led to a rapid decrease
in the circulation of real money. This caused a complete standstill; jobs could not be done, goods
and services could not be purchased. This ploy by the greedy Bankers placed Australia in the Great
Depression of the 1930s, and moreover, placed extensive amounts of businesses, private dwellings
and farms in the hands of these same Bankers. The people, not understanding the system, were in a
helpless position, and were cruelly robbed of their hard-earned savings and property; they were
told things like ―times are hard‖, ―money is short‖, ―and everyone is suffering.‖ These same
statements come to mind when recalling them being made during Australia‘s recent so-called
―recession‖. This was ―a ‗recession‘ we had to have, ―the politicians proclaimed; and one I‘m sure
the banks loved to have. If you should have the opportunity, a check on how the banks faired
during the so-called ―recession‖ will reveal sustained and increased profits, with an abnormal
increase in acquired property assets! Money for Peace? ―No! Money for War? Yes!
―The Rothschild‘s can start or prevent war. Their word could make or break empires‖-Chicago
Evening American, December 3, 1923. World War 11 ended the Great Depression. Overnight, the
same Bankers who had no money for housing, food and clothing, suddenly had millions to lend for
Army barracks, uniforms, rations and weaponry. This was a remarkable reversal in policy by the
Bankers. They simply began pumping millions upon millions of dollars back into the economy when

war was imminent. The Great Depression ended because of the war! There will be some who
believe that a war will lead to a ―boom economy‖ because it leads to a massive increase in activity
and production. This fallacy is easily exposed. If we were able to manufacture millions of tonnes of
war equipment, dump it in the desert and blow it up, would we therefore have a ―boom economy‖?
On the contrary, wars create huge debts to the Bankers who are able to expand the money supply
and lend more money out. In the case of a war, the victor nation would have to seize the assets of
the defeated nation, occupy its place in the international trade system, and thus, sometime in the
future, be able to pay back all its debts (including interest) to the Bankers who made the war
possible in the first place. Big banks, that have traditionally been owned exclusively by a few
collaborating families, can change the course of history and have done so for much of this century.
Usury, ―Moslem and Arabs‖ ‗are totally against ―Jewish ―Usury; it‘s against their religion. ―Who
goeth a borrowing ‗goeth a sorrowing‖, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). The only method through
which new money (not true, real money, but ―credit‖ representing a debt) can go into circulation in
Australia is when it is borrowed from Bankers. When large amounts of money are borrowed and
utilised within society, an illusion of prosperity appears. Thus, when ―credit‖ is loaned out to
borrowers, more wealth circulates within society giving the outward appearance of abundance. Of
course when it comes to paying that money back, there is the question of usury or interest. As
―credit‖ is borrowed out, interest accumulates at ever-increasing rates, as we will soon see. The
transaction of borrowing money proceeds as thus. The applicant applies to borrow X amount of
dollars from a Banker. The Banker, by the stroke of his pen, issues the applicant the principal (the
amount borrowed) e.g., ―creates‖ the borrowed amount. This amount does not come from
individual bank accounts. The Banker lends the applicant nothing tangible (e.g., gold, silver, paper
or ink) on credit; they lend the applicant intangible ‗credit on ‗credit! Thus, the problem of limited
supply is circumvented; the Bankers are lending nothing which means they can go on lending
forever. A highly profitable venture indeed you say. To conceal the fraud of lending nothing,
Bankers charge interest, whereby borrowers (of nothing) agree to return more imaginary ―credit‖
than they borrowed. The borrower whose original loan consisted of principal only, must also pay an
extra amount that the Banker specifies (interest). Therefore, the new money never equals the new
debt added. The amounts needed to pay the interest on the original loan are not ―created‖, and
therefore does not exist! Under this insidious system, the new debt will always be larger than the
new money; as more money is needed to pay back interest, less money becomes available. This
whole system is particularly unjust when one realises that he/she is repaying intangible principle
(―created‖ by the bank) as well as interest (which is conceived from the ―created‖ principal!). The
above can be illustrated by the following. The applicant borrows $60,000 to purchase a home, farm
or business, and the Bank has the borrower agree to pay back the loan PLUS interest. At just 14%,
the borrower must repay $710.92 per month for 30 years. The Bank obtains its ―mortgage‖ over
the property and the borrower receives a $60,000 cheque from the Bank, which is credited to
his/her bank account. The borrower then writes cheques to the builder, contractors, other
institutions etc. these persons in turn write cheques. Some $60,000 of new chequebook money has
been added to the money supply. However, the flaw with this usury system is this; the only new
money created and injected into circulation is the principal of $60,000. The money required to pay
the interest was NOT created and was not put into circulation. In the above case, the borrower
must earn and take out of circulation $255,931, almost $200,000 more than he put into circulation
when he borrowed the original $60,000. Every new loan, big or small, puts this same process into
operation. The borrower adds a small amount of money to the total supply of money and deducts
more than quadruple the original sum (as in above example) to meet his ―obligation‖. Another
example given below illustrates the year-by-year progression of a loan for $100,000 at 20% interest
for 15 years. Take note that the borrower has repaid the principle after five years of payments! The
borrower continues to pay the bank a total of $216,134 over the next ten years. (Table). The
inevitable outcome of this system is the diminishment of money in circulation to the point where a

depression will be imminent. Money increasingly disappears into the Bankers coffers leaving less
and less in circulation. Debtors struggle against each other, vying (increase the stake) for new loans,
which will mean more ―created‖ money and more interest. The banker accrues vast sums of real
money and credit that he will gamble on the stockmarket etc. the Banker will also accumulate all
types of property assets, snatched from bankrupt farmers, businessmen etc. The Banker, who
produces nothing of value, slowly, then more rapidly, gains a death grip over the land, buildings
and labour of future generations. The borrowers have become the servants of the lenders and have
placed themselves on the economic treadmill of debt. Banks always Prosper, Through the
Bad and Good Times! Though millions of financial transactions are carried out every year,
very little money actually changes hands. 95% of all ―cash‖ transactions are done by cheque. The
Banker is perfectly safe in ―creating‖ the so-called ―loan‖ by writing the cheque or deposit slip, not
against real money, but against your promise to pay it back! The cost to the banker is stationary
and wages. The Greatest Swindle Ever! ―Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in
sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create
deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it all back again.
However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine disappear, and they ought to
disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the
slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits‖-Sir
Josiah Stamp (President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain).
Hidden under a veneer of respectability, integrity and competitiveness, the Banker awaits his next
unsuspecting victim. The Banker is partaking in the biggest swindle of all time, and he knows it.
The Banker‘s wealth, power and influence extend the world. We are ruled by a capitalist Bank-
owned Mammon e.g., (wealth regarded as idol or evil influence; the worldly rich), that has usurped
the mantle of government, and set about to pauperise and control the people the Jewish e.g.,
‗Zionist Way. It is now a centralised power-hungry apparatus, which promotes war, steals the
people‘s wealth and uses every type of propaganda to keep its position. The Banker realises that an
under-educated, ignorant and confused population is easier to subvert than a healthy and
intelligent people. The ruling Establishment therefore promotes all manner of degeneracy,
decadence and corruption including drug use, sexual perversion and trivialities. Through the use of
high technologies, the Banker and his other plutocratic cohorts will have a most efficient and
complete control over the nations finance and thus increased powers to amass even more wealth
through their evil use of usury by world Jewry. The future will give way to an even larger increase
in financial transfers done not only by cheque but also by computer transfers that the
consumer/borrower will execute from ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) and home computers.
When 100% of all transactions are processed in this manner, the cashless society will have been
reached- a Banker‘s paradise. The cashless society will be the ultimate instrument in social control;
no more tax evasion, no more ―extra money on the side‖, no existence outside the system. So what
can we do about this incredible rip-off? We can warn as many people as possible about this
deceitful system and we can tell them not to participate at all. The evil that lurks behind usury must
not under any circumstance be supported or encouraged. When enough people realise this iniquity
they will develop alternative methods of raising funds. They will come together in new community
structures; independent from the old, decrepit worn-out Establishment. For the love of money is
the root of all evil; and the evil that exists at the base of materialistic societies will one day be rooted
out and forever destroyed. ―Those who swallow down usury cannot arise except as one whom Satan
has prostrated by his touch does rise. That is because they say, trading is only like usury; and Allah
has allowed trading and forbidden usury. To whomsoever then the admonition has come from his
Lord, then he desists, he shall have what is already passed, and his affairs is in the hands of Allah;
and whoever returns to it- these are the inmates of the fire; they shall abide in it, ―From the
Qur‘an, Surah Al-Baqarah. The following are extracts from Rev. Charles E. Coughlin‘s famous
book ‗Money! Questions and Answers, the title is self-explanatory as to the easy-to-read format of

this wonderful book. The book is available from N.D.I.N.S, GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne, 3001 for
$16 plus $2 postage and handling. When an individual borrows money from a bank, does the
banker lend him money that other private individuals have brought to the bank? No. That is what
the bankers would like to have you believe, but it is not true. How do banks create money out of
nothing by mere bookkeeping entries? By the following manufacturing process ―John Jones, a
businessman, needs $10,000. He goes to the bank and explains the nature of the business he
proposes to conduct. He takes to the bank certified figures indicating the value of his business,
factory, farm, home, etc. if the banker is satisfied with the amount of real wealth to be pledged, he
gives John Jones a note to sign. This note is a mortgage upon the wealth John Jones owns, and gives
the banker legal powers to confiscate the wealth, if John Jones does not pay at a specified time the
number of dollars he is borrowing. The banker then manufactures the money on his ledgers. How
does he do this? ―When the banker accepts John Jones‘ note, on the asset side of the ledger he
writes; Assets Liabilities Loans and Discounts- $10,000 On the liability side he writes; Deposits-
$10,000 At that instant, there is $10,000 more money in existence and available for use than before
the banker made these entries. What does John Jones do with this bookkeeping money? ―He goes
back to his factory with a bankbook, not with actual currency, showing a deposit to his account of
$10,000. What is the exact nature of the item on bank balance sheets called ―Deposit‖? The
―Deposits‖ are actually and legally nothing but liabilities of the bank. They are the money the bank
owes, not what it has. A bank deposit is actually a bank‘s promise, nothing more. What can John
Jones do with this newly created deposit? ―He can and does write cheques against this deposit to
pay labourers, buy raw materials, and pay general overhead, incident to carrying on the
manufacture and distribution of wealth. How is this possible? ―Other banks are doing the same
thing at the same time. A bank against which cheques are drawn receives the proceeds of similarly
manufactured deposits in other banks. Each bank receives cheques drawn on other banks, which
offset those drawn against it. They all have to work together. If there were only one bank the fraud
would be soon discovered. Is this process honest where John Jones pledges real wealth to secure the
banker‘s fictitious bookkeeping money? ― No, because it enables the banker to lend purchasing
power (money) which costs him nothing but the general overhead of running a bank, and forces
John Jones-to pay interest for the existence of bankers ‗bookkeeping money, with which 95% of –
business is transacted. When the banker manufactured $10,000 and loaned it to John Jones, who
began to write cheques, exchanging that bookkeeping money for wealth and services, what
happened to the price levels? ―They were increased, because there was $10,000 more money in
existence than there was prior to John Jones ‗loan. This new money came into existence, however,
without a corresponding increase in the volume of goods and services, thus decreasing the unit
value of money already outstanding. The value of outstanding money went down, which meant that
the price level went up, e.g., the same amount of goods would then command more money. This
principle is well recognised by all economists. ―For example, if there are only $10,000 in existence in
the egg market and only 10,000 eggs to be had we will say that each egg is worth $1,00. Now
supposing that there is $20,000 in existence in the egg market and still only 10,000 eggs to be had.
Each egg becomes worth $2.00. It is the old law of supply and demand. The double amount of
money represents the demand. But the same quantity of eggs represents the supply. The egg
merchants desirous of getting as much as they possibly can per egg will exhaust the supply of egg
money. When John Jones, the businessman, is forced to pay his loan at the bank, what happens to
the volume of money in the nation? ―It is reduced by the number of dollars that John Jones pays.
What happens when a large number of businessmen are forced to pay their loans? ―A large volume
of the necessary medium of exchange is extinguished, e.g., cancelled out of existence. What is a
genuine loan? ―In making a genuine loan the lender advances real money which represents a
transfer of real purchasing power. Thus, if ―A‖ earns $1000 working at the production and
distribution of wealth, he may exchange that $1000 for wealth, or he may abstain from using or
possessing wealth and lend his $1000 to another. If he lends his $1000 so acquired, he is a party to
the making of a genuine loan. Why are bankers as a rule opposed to the existence of genuine money

and prefer the existence of so-called credit money? ―If bankers are compelled to lend genuine
money they are merely acting as agents for some real depositors and thereby are profiting only
insofar as they are handling genuine money to the extent of the total amount of genuine money
deposited with them. If bankers are privileged to lend credit money it means that they are not
lending, as a rule, depositor‘s genuine money but are lending ten or fifteen or twenty times the
amount of genuine deposits. They create credit money or fictitious money by a flourish of the
fountain pen. Thus instead of lending only actually, for example, a million dollars of total deposits
at 3% with the return of $30,000 profit the bankers are lending under the credit money racket, for
example $20 million, $19 million of which is fiction. In this latter case their profit would be
approximately $600,000. ―Therefore, bankers are opposed to honest money and to honest lending
because of the difference of profits which in the case above would amount to approximately
$570,000. But why should citizens be opposed to bankers making this extra profit? ―Because this
extra $570,000 must be taken out of the sweat of the labourer. It is a social injustice, which permits
privileged classes to reap where they did not sow. Do fundamental, Christian, moral, ethical and
philosophical principles harmonise with private ownership of property employed in or available for
use in producing wealth? ―Yes. Private ownership of honestly acquired property, employed in
production is in full harmony with Christian principles. Is capitalism, as we find it in operation
today, in perfect harmony with Christian, moral, ethical and philosophical principles?
―Emphatically, no. Masquerading under the title of capitalism, modern capitalism is notorious for
the following errors, which are contrary to human nature and to good government. ―1. Modern
capitalism borrows money at interest for non-productive and destructive purposes. ―2. Modern
capitalism, while professing in the belief in private ownership, concentrates the wealth in the hands
of a few and deprives the mass of private individuals from owning the tools of production. ―3.
Modern capitalism professes to believe in the private coinage and regulation of money. Does social
justice imply that its followers adhere to the doctrine of modern capitalism? No. In the four above-
mentioned errors of modern capitalism, social justice is opposed to this economic system. Did Karl
Marx ever attack private money creation privileges and international bankers? No, his whole
system proposed not the abolition of illicit private money creation and destruction powers, but its
consolidation under a system of complete economic, political and religious domination of the entire
world by a few internationalists. Do all people have equal opportunity under our present money
system? No, they do not. ―They say to us that we all have an equal opportunity, and that it is our
fault that we do not become rich. They seek, however, in every way possible; to prevent us from
taking the only opportunity we have to all become successful for they know that if we did, it would
end their exploits. ― (From ―Why is Your Country at War‖ by Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. in a
speech urging the passage of a bill to provide a honest money system). Why is it that the modern
newspaper (free press) upholds modern capitalist? Because the modern newspaper, in many
instances, is owned or controlled by the banker or the banker dominated advertiser who insists that
the editorial matter in a modern newspaper does not militate against the interests of the modern
capitalist? Is usury opposed to morality? Yes, and it is also opposed to Christian teaching. The End:
In the ‗Public Interest‘. This new ‗Scram Jet‘ technology in Queensland, that is up and running in
Australia. Was originally my ‗idea‘ in the first place? I sent this idea into them putting this idea in
writing to the Queensland University; and then a year later they announced this technology as their
own project, which it was, but not their idea! The University never replied to my letter explaining
this new ‗Jet theory idea of mine, that they now call their ‗Scram Jet, I never do things for the
money, when it comes to good ideas, I have a habit of telling others such as the University about my
‗Ram Jet‘ idea at the time: The public should know that the bank controls the bench e.g., the
Courts, and it‘s Judges; the banker appoints him, not the Federal Attorney (person appoints
another to act) that‘s the banker. That is why the banker wants you to take them to court, because
they know you will not win your case (lawsuit) against them; Why, because they run ―IT‖. The
more misery the Yids can put on you (goys), the better. They created this system for themselves, so
you will have to seek their legal advice to fix ―IT‖, They know this; which is why they coined the

law for this purpose‘ its called trickery, the (pitfalls), of deception; too fleece all gentiles of their
cash and assets. Freedom, Are you ‗free to be ‗dumb or what? The whole illegal system is a scam
too fleeces the gentile race. It‘s just a bloody-Octopus that uses its eight sucking arms too fleece its
victims out of all their wealth, right into its hungry mouth. It‘s a debt driven economy we are in,
where you are forced to pay the Australian Government a Medicare levy, or face a penalty if you do
not comply with the law. It‘s a ―pyramid‖ scam when you are forced into compulsory
superannuation, only to loose ―IT‖ all to rogue (swindlers), the Yids! God help Australia if ―IT‖
ever becomes a ―Republic‖, because ―IT‖ will lead to a dictatorship, a lot harsher then the present
one Australia has now. The ‗Yid leaders and the ‗Freemasons control the ―police service‖, the
police are not paid to protect gentiles as we have been told in the past; they are paid too protect
their corrupt organised crime network from been prosecuted, believe ―IT‖ or not? It‘s
(Pennsylvania Law) e.g., greed to by consent. It‘s unbecoming of our ―Crown Solicitors‖. They
should all hang their heads in shame for allowing this corruption to continue unabated. You work
for us, you‘re the public‘s agent, not the ‗Yids agent: ―Courts‖ Openness in Rule-Making. Abuse of
Process, page 321; by Sir Isaac Campbell in ―Rules of Court‖. Rules and forms of procedure,
―Griffith C.J. observed in Union Bank of Australia V. Harrison, Jones and Devlin Ltd, 37 ―are not
ends in themselves, but means to an end, which is the attainment of justice. ―On occasions,
attainment of that end may require that strict compliance with applicable rules of court should not
be insisted upon. On other occasions attainment of that end may require a court to exercise its
inherent jurisdiction to prevent abuses of its processes by staying proceedings or taking other steps,
notwithstanding that the party against whom those steps are taken has complied with applicable
rules of court to the letter. 38 ―A court of justice must, it has been said, possess an inherent power
to prevent misuse of its procedures in a way which, although not inconsistent with the literal
application of its procedural rules, would nevertheless be manifestly unfair to a party to litigation
before it, or would otherwise bring the administration of justice into disrepute among right-
thinking people. 39 ―This aspect of a court‘s jurisdiction can be exercised ―in any situation in which
the requirement of justice demands it 40 ―It maybe exercised by a stay of proceedings, permanently
or temporarily; by a dismissal of proceedings; by striking out of pleadings or other documents; 41
by removing documents improperly placed on the court‘s files; or by requiring a party to provide
security for cost. A court‘s inherent jurisdiction to prevent abuses of process by making orders of
these kinds is not inhibited by the presence of statutory provisions or rules of court specifying
circumstances in which such orders may be made. A statutory power to require a plaintiff to
provide security for costs will not therefore exclude a court‘s inherent jurisdiction to order a
defendant to provide such security, unless, of course, that statutory provision makes it very clear
that it is exhaustive of the court‘s power. 42; page 255 Openness in Rule-Making. Subordinate
lawmaking bodies are not, under Australian law, under any legal duty to conduct their proceedings
in public. They are not normally required to give notice of proposed rules or regulations, or to give
interested persons an opportunity to make oral or written submissions. Their legislation does have
to be published if it is to have any legal force or effect, but explanations or reasons for the
legislation do not have to be provided except when they are demanded by a parliamentary scrutiny
committee. Members of the public do not, at common law, have any legal right of access to the
minutes of subordinate lawmakers or to any other documents, which have been prepared for the
purpose of rule or regulation making. Freedom of information statutes may confer such a right, but
those statutes usually contain provisions, which entitle the agencies to which the statutes apply to
refuse requests for access on stated grounds. The grounds on which agencies are entitled to claim
exemption from the general duty to afford access usually allow an agency to withhold documents
recording deliberations which have preceded the making of a decision if they can demonstrate that
disclosure would not be in the public interest: If we in Australia truly believe we live in a so-called
Democracy; than why are ordinary people denied the right to become a Prime Minister, or
President, instead of having to vote for the bloodlines of a political system of the same clan? The
same system also applies to the United States of America; Great Britain etc. This statement is fact,

and is not derogatory at all. The Public are led to think they have a choice when they vote on
election day for a Federal Leader, little do they realise that the inapt leaders of both the
Government and their Opposition Party, are of the same ilk; unlawfully elected dictator, helped
into power by the Zionist Press and Television cartel network of complotters, both leaders are
working for the Zionist Bankers. ‗Zionism the Prophet founded ―IT‖ in 1897: Freedom, Liberty.
Independence; and Sovereignty, autonomy. Exemption; privilege, immunity, license, indulgence,
latitude: Its alleged; just ask ‗John Winston Howard, born 26, July 1939, another bloodline of
Henry V111; Alias, the ―Duck;‖ ‘quack,‘ quack, quack! Howard is the U.S. ―Deputy Sheriff‖ of
South East Asia; and Alexander Downer; Alias, widely known as the ‗fruitcake, ‗jolter-head; the
allege war instigator of the Bali bombing; his job was to stir up support for the pending US war on
Iraq, This was why Downer made a quick visit to Bali just before the bombings. Do you remember
him, Downer inciting violence e.g., (Downer), stirring up the Moslems just weeks before the Bali
attack took place; ‗Yes, they ‗planned ―IT‖; it was too agitate the Moslems too act, and they took
the bait; hook, line, and sinker! They have created an enemy that did not exist before, or was
passive (complacent and idle) before ‗Downer‘ made some derogatory comments towards the
Moslems in general, the ‗AXIS of ‗Evil. Well before those comments he made too incite violence, the
Moslems were not a threat to Australia‘s security or our interest. But because of our illegal
involvement in this ‗war on Iraqi soil without the UN Security Council‘s approval for this war, the
people of ‗Iraq feel only ‗phobia‘ towards the western invaders, whose only interest seems to be the
war for ‗oil (Booty of War act, ‗Oil), ‗Coalition of the willing‘ supporting the U.S.A; Australians
are much more likely now to become a terrorist target anytime, anyplace, all thanks to John
Howard and Downer. Hopefully the Moslem will realise that Australians are not with John Howard
and George W. Bush‘s silly little war games? Could Australia become just another bombed out
country, ‗Yes, but we should pray that it doesn‘t happen here, ‗ever! Why won‘t the ‗West‘ leave
the Middle Eastern people alone; leave them alone? Lay off them America! Does George W. Bush
want Australia to become another war zone like Beirut, ‗No? Well it sure looks that way too a lot
of Australians, that Australia may become easy targets for a ‗terrorist attack ‗here at anytime? The
Deadly Cloud! While the war against Iran was still raging, Saddam received reports from his
battlefront commanders that Iranian troops, aided by Kurdish guerrillas, had seized control of the
Kurdish town of Halabja. The town was based near a vital hydroelectric-dam. The information that
Iranian troops were involved gave Saddam reason to unleash his deadliest poison gas close to the
town, but the Iranian troops left the town only hours before! March 16, 1988, Iraqi troops kill over
4,000 innocent civilians in town of Halabja, Saddam Hussein or his brother-in-law has committed
Genocide on the small Kurdish town of Halabja, by either using hydrogen cyanide gas, a
particularly lethal gas which causes death within two seconds when inhaled. The gases were
mustard, cyanide and nerve gas. The injured suffered from the most appalling burns and their
lungs were all but destroyed, with skin peeling from their faces. The smell of rotten onion mixed
with burned garlic hung over the air, and when the shells dropped without detonating, soon palls of
sickly yellow, white and grey gas began to swell and swirl. Saddam also developed new versions of
the nerve gases Tabun and Sarun, pioneered by the Nazis during the Second World War, though
‗never used by the Germans. A very small quantity of either of these gases, will, when it falls on the
skin, cause a human being to go into convulsions, followed very quickly by death. American Army
has huge stockpiles of these lethal poison gases on hand in the USA (why?), too use chemical
weapons on gentiles, perhaps? Tony Blair is George W, Bush‘s ‗Lapdog, called ‗Noddy, and he
always says ‗Yes, Mr President! Alias, the ‗Babble baboon‘; too ‗cocky for his own good, this
‗warlord: It‘s like George W. Bush said about the terrorist; ‗bring ―IT‖ On, America is ready for
―IT‖. George W. Bush the ‗despot‘ absolute ruler must realise the consequences of a ‗Dirty Bomb‘
in his own back yard. A ‗Nuclear War‘ if it ever took place, would certainly kill up to ‗one billion‘
human inhabitants on this planet, plus most of ‗Gods creatures. David Icke, said in his book
‖The Biggest Secret‖, Leading ‗Brotherhood‘ families like the ‗Rothschild‘s, ‗Rockefellers, ‗Bushes

and the ‗Windsor‘s are all ‗full-bloods, ‗reptilians wearing human physical bodies, and according to
‗Miguel De La Madrid says to Cathy O‘Brien? The reptile-human bloodlines could fluctuate
between a human and iguana appearance through chameleon-like abilities; ‗a perfect vehicle for
transforming into world leaders. This psychic lady said that most of the people in position of power
appeared to be reptiles, but there were others who were still human and these people, she said, were
‗overshadowed and controlled ‗by a reptile, but they weren‘t actually reptiles. We would call this
being possessed, the reptile-human crossbreed bloodline reptilians from a third and fourth
dimension do not realise they are been used for their ‗Agenda: A book called ―The Dawn of Magic,
first published March MCMLXIII in Great Britain by Anthony Gibbs & Phillips Ltd, and
published in France under the title ―Le Matin des Magiciens by Editions Gallimard, Ltd 1960; It
tells you how ‗Einstein, ‗Hitler, and others, believe in the existence of ‗Supernatural beings, I know
mutants or ‗spirits exist, because I have seen them briefly on a number of occasions in my life; it‘s a
subject you can‘t explain to ordinary people, Call it time travel if you will; but there are viruses out
there too minute for the naked eye too see, but they exist just like spirits do, You have to be tuned in
on the right channel or frequency too see them; it‘s just a question of getting your ‗third eye‘ to
open (don‘t be blind, fore they can see). Just be open-minded, don‘t be ignorant just because you
are blind too the truth? I know it must be hard for learned (smart) Yids to understand reality when
they are unable too see ―IT‖ fore themselves, take a deep breathe-in, for they, the ‗Angels‘ are
watching over you, the ‗good and the ‗bad, for you‘re ‗Time‘ will come, Says Kerry Hay, ‗Lift-up
your-hearts too ‗God‘ in heaven, for Gods window in the firmament of heaven to open-up too you,
like a curtain opening from both sides! This author had a ‗breve‘ letter from His Holiness Pope
John Paul 11, in reply to his letter of June 1986, he received this letter from the Secretariat of State,
Vatican City, his letter sent and dated on the 29th September 1986, of Kerry‟s apparition of a ‗true
appearance of ‗Jesus‘ on July 21st or 22nd 1960. His Holiness wishes you to know that he
appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to write to him and he, invokes God‘s blessings
upon you, the Pope said; signed, Monsignor G. B. Re Assessor: Scientific research has known for
years and has clarified the outlines of Man‘s presentiment. Mesmer guessed it, and in the last ten
years of 1960, doctors have discovered the exact nature of this being‘s power before its
manifestation, they have experimented with this weapon of the new lord of the world, the
imposition of a dominant will on the human soul, which thus becomes its slave. To this power they
have given the name of magnetism, hypnotism, suggestion, and what not. I have seen them he said,
playing with it like silly children playing with fire. Woe to us! Woe to mankind! He has come; what
is his name? Yes, he is shouting it and I can‘t hear; say it again; Le Horla, I‘ve got it at last; Le
Horla; that‘s his name. Le Horla has come. The superior mutants would be revealed by their
prodigious intellectual activities, Not at all, replies Campbell in 1941. A man of genius, of the same
species as ourselves; an Einstein, for example; publishes the fruits of his researches. He attracts
attention. This often causes him a lot of trouble in the form of open hostility, incomprehension,
threats and perhaps exile. Einstein at the end of his life declared; if I had known, I should have
been a plumber. Above Einstein‘s level, the mutant is clever enough to conceal himself. He keeps his
discoveries for himself. He lives as discreetly as possible, and only tries to remain in contact with
other intelligences like his own. A few hours of work each week are enough to ensure the necessities
of life; the rest of his life he spends in activities of which we can have no conception: God himself is
a ‗Supreme Being, believe me, he does exist, for its no ‗fairytale: Gemara ( ge-ma‘ra, -mor‘a) n.
The second part of the ―Jewish Talmud, an exposition of the first part by Rabbi Juda, (Mishna or
Mishnah) ―Holy, born about A.D. 150 Of. the Jewish law. Mishna (<Aramaic, completion): Call 139
462, www.xinc.net.au:                                  Talmud Law of the Zionist‘s Jew! In the
‗Law‘ Dictionary it tells you, that all Jews are not bound by ‗common law‘, the Jewish Law binds
only gentiles! They control our court system today; they are the U.S Marshal, the Justice, or Just-
Us Yids. The Yids coin all our laws, because God gave them the land, and named them ―MAN; for
in the beginning, God made ‗Man! You see, (goys) or goi Gentiles are the ―B‖ class ‗goyim‘ peoples

called Mankind! So ―B‖ actually means, that all Goys are below the threshold of full
understanding: The Jewish Talmud is the ancient law of the Jews, originally the oral law, but later
written down. It is now codified and is influential in dispute resolution among Jews. See Din Torah;
Beth Din. Din Torah! In Jewish law, is a hearing of a dispute before the Beth Din? It gains its
secular authority as a result of the practice of the London Beth Din of having the parties agree to
arbitration: Why should gentiles have too seek legal advise from Jews in suits, and their judaeo
Judge on the bench (Bank), to indict you, e.g., legal process; so they can seize the goyim assets to
pay for litigation court cost? After all, didn‘t they coin your legal problem in the first place, using
mendacious laws? Most of the ‗Holy Bible‘ today is on ―Man‘s written Law, based on
―Deuteronomy‖, The Policeman‘s rule book! Deuteronomy is the ‗Fifth book of
‗Pentateuch. Hence ‗Deuteronom‘ic (AL) aa. (f. LL f. Gk Deutero (nomion f. nomos law), second
book of law). In Australia (2004), there are some 46,000 Police Officers. Police. The local
constabulary. In England, governed by the Police Act 1976 and in Scotland by the Police (Scotland)
Act 1967. Police generally have no more powers than ordinary citizens, but there are many
additional powers that they are given under legislation and under many other enactments. Thus,
police have powers of search, seizure and to obtain information beyond that of the ordinary citizen.
It is an offence to obstruct them in the course of their duties, as it is to waste their time. The Chief
Constable is vicariously liable for the wrongs of his force but answers on financial matters to the
local authority. The Metropolitan force answers to the Home Secretary, who himself is responsible
to Parliament. They will not generally be liable to a member of the public for a failure to prevent
crime. Hill v. Chief Constable (1988) 2 All ER 238. It is difficult to sue the police for negligence in
carrying out their duties, but it is at least now possible to argue such a case since the decision of the
European Court of Human Rights in Osman v. UK (1998) TLR 681. Police and Criminal Evidence
Act (PACE) an Act of Parliament from 1984 setting out for England and Wales the powers of the
police to arrest, search and question people. In addition to the principles set out in the Act, it also
contains a number of codes intended to give guidance on the operation of these powers: Under
Common Law. We have the right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness (as we
perceive happiness). The only limitation under COMMON LAW is that our rights do not allow us to
impinge upon the rights of others. ―We have the right to work. That doesn‘t mean WE MUST PAY a
fee for a licence. A right cannot be taken and sold. ―We cannot be compelled to incriminate
ourselves. That means we don‘t have to answer ANY questions other than our name and address.
Our spouses cannot be compelled either as we are one in law. ―Trespass is illegal. If the Therapeutic
Goods Administration ―TGA‖ asks to enter you say, NO. The laws that prohibit trespass are more
powerful than the petty laws that say they can. The bureaucrats don‘t want us to know or test our
laws. (Refer Dillon v Plenty—High Court—1991). ―You can‘t be compelled to incriminate yourself.
That means you don‘t have to give your records. ―Nobody can search your vehicle, person or
property without a warrant. It is all bluff. They ask, ―Can we come in. ―You do not say, ―No‖—You
say, ―Not without a warrant‖. You can‘t be searched, using this excuse. You can‘t even be breath or
drug tested. Under Statute Law. We cannot be put to trial ―on the word of a bailiff alone
without independent and reliable witness‖. That means neither a police officer nor a TGA officer
can cause us to be put to trial without a complainant as witness. ―We cannot be ―disseized of our
freehold‖ (our property). ―We do not have to prove our innocence. The Crown must prove guilt.
The makers of Cansema don‘t have to prove it works. The TGA must prove it is harmful. The
role of jury. The jury is not there to decide whether a prisoner is guilty of an infringement of the
written law. In 1670 the Crown lost that fight. William Penn (Quaker) was guilty under the King‘s
Law. The Church, the King, the Parliament, the Mayor, the Army and the Judges demanded a
―guilty‖ verdict. The jurors were starved, drenched with urine, smeared with faeces, fined, jailed
and brutalized. They said ―not guilty‖ because the law was wrong. That case set the standard and

ended the power of the government forever. That is why Trial by Jury is a sacred right. No jury
should ever sit without having full knowledge of their duty as jurors:          Under
Constitutional Law. We are entitled to a trial by peers. It states: - 80. The trial on indictment
of any offence against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be
held in the State where the offence was committed:           Adam and Eve (ad‘am-and-ev‘) n. The
puttyroot: Boanerges (1) Literally, sons of thunder; name given by Jesus to the two sons of
Zebedee. Mark iii 17. (2) A vehement preacher; construed as singular: International Court of
Justice (ICJ) the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN), the Court sits in The Hague,
Netherlands. There are 15 judges elected by the General Assembly and the Security Council. No
two judges may be nationals of the same state. Only states are competent to bring contentious cases
to the Court. The basis of the Court‘s jurisdiction is consensual and is prescribed in Article 36 of
the Court‘s statute. The Court‘s judgment is binding only on those states party to the case. There is
no Stare Decisis. The Court is also competent to give an advisory opinion at the request of the
General Assembly or Security Council or a specialised agency at any time authorised by the
General Assembly so to do. The Court‘s judgment is ‗final and without appeal‘. However, a request
for construction or interpretation of the judgment maybe made, as may a revision of the judgment
in certain specified circumstances. Advisory opinions are of no legal binding effect but have proved
to be highly persuasive. All members of the United Nations undertake to comply with the decision
of the ICJ in any case to which it is a party. In the event of failure to comply, the other party may
exercise recourse to the Security Council. The Security Council may make such recommendations
or authorise such measures as required to give effect to the judgment (Article 94 UN Charter):
www.scopetv.com: www.abc.net.au/gardening: www.HistoryNetShop.com: www.sbs.com.au
International Criminal Court (ICC) the statute of the International Criminal Court was
agreed in July 1998. This permanent court will have jurisdiction over serious international crimes,
namely genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression. The Court‘s
jurisdiction will be complementary to that of state parties. The Court will become operational only
following ratification by 60 states and only in respect of crimes committed in states that are parties
to the Convention or whose nationals are suspects. States that are not parties to the Convention can
also choose the ICC‘s jurisdiction in particular cases. The ICC will have its own independent
prosecutor, who will be able to institute investigations on his or her own authority as well as to
investigate crimes referred by state parties or the United Nation‘s Security Council:
International Law. Today, the law applicable to the relations between nations and, to an
extent, their internal conduct insofar as the subject of rules of international law. It also applies to
other bodies that have international personality. The rules of law are found in treaties, conventions,
rules of international customary law, and general principles of law recognised by civilised nations.
Subsidiary means for the determination of rules are judicial decisions and the teachings of the most
qualified publicists of the various nations. Its status as a binding form of ‗real law‘ is still debated
as a matter of legal theory. The active role of the United Nations (UN) in the second half of the last
century and the work of the International Court of Justice provide the traditional look of a legal
system. International law has expanded both in terms of the number of participants (there are now
189 members of the UN) and subject matter. Traditionally, the rules of warfare and diplomatic
relations formed substantive international law, but it now covers wider aspects of international
relations including, most famously, peacekeeping. Its perpetual weakness is that it can often be
interpreted as the law of the strongest: Private International Law. Today, the rules of a legal
system governing which rules are to be applied in cases with an international dimension, as where
one party is French and one German and the subject of the transaction is in Africa. It also
considers enforcement of judgments obtained. It does consider matters of public law, which are
treated under public international law: Arraign (a-ran) v.t. (1) Law To call into court and cause

to answer to an indictment. (2) To call upon for an answer; accuse. –n. Accusation; indictment.
(<AF arainer, OF araisnier <LL arrationare call to account <L ad- to + ratio reason) – ar-
raign‘ment n. Synonyms (verb); accuse, censure, charge, cite, impeach, indict, summon. One may
charge another with any fault, great or trifling, privately or publicly, formally or informally.
Accuse suggests more of the formal and criminal. Indict and arraign apply strictly to judicial
proceedings; an alleged criminal is indicted by the grand jury and arraigned before the court.
Censure carries the idea of fault but not of crime, it maybe private and individual, or public and
official. A judge, a president, or other officer of high rank maybe impeached before the appropriate
tribunal for high crimes; the veracity of a witness maybe impeached by damaging evidence. One is
arraigned at the bar, before the tribunal, of or for a crime, on or upon an indictment. Antonyms;
acquit, condone, discharge, excuse, exonerate, forgive, overlook, pardon, and release: Political
asylum. Today, refuge granted to a person in order to avoid political persecution or harassment.
Asylum. 1. a place of safety or retreat. 2. A place where the mentally ill stay or are detailed. Mental
hospital is the modern equivalent. 3. A country other than that of a person unable to stay in his
own. The applicant has to have a well-founded fear of persecution if returned (the Asylum and
Immigration Appeals Act 1993, the Asylum and immigration Act 1996 and the Immigration and
Asylum Act 1999). There has therefore to be a reasonable degree of likelihood that he will be
prosecuted for a conventional reason. There has to be a NEXUS demonstrated between persecution
and one of, or a combination of, the five enumerated grounds as stated in the 1951 Convention
Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol. The five enumerated grounds are race,
religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group and political opinion. In the UK,
political asylum is often granted whereas economic asylum, the seeking of an economically more
secure place, is not: Geneva Convention A convention for the amelioration of the condition of the
wounded and of prisoners in time of war, signed at Geneva, Switzerland, in 1864; also called Red
Cross Convention: Military law. Today, the law that regulates the conduct of members of the
armed forces; its essential concern is the maintenance of discipline. Military tribunal. Today, a
tribunal that is responsible for the trial and punishment of an offence against military law. See
Court Martial. Today, a court held to try matters of Military Law. Made up of serving officers
advised by a judge advocate, its sentences are subject to confirmation by higher military authority.
There is an appeal tribunal headed up by the Lord Chief Justice: War College, One of four
colleges in the United States giving advanced instruction to experienced military, naval, and air
officers; specifically, the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, under the
Department of the Army; the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, under the Navy
Department; and the Air War College, near Montgomery, Alabama, under the Department of the
Air Force. The National War College, Washington, D.C; operating under the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
prepares officers of the armed services, the State Department, and other executive departments for
duties on the highest level concerned with the national security: Anyone leaking U.S. Government
secrets other than the Bush Administration, can be charged under ―The Official Secrets Act of
1989: Refugees. Today, for the purposes of the United Nations, refugees are persons who, having
left their country, be determined to have a well-founded fear of persecution on certain specific
grounds or are unable to avail themselves of the protection of the government of their state or
origin: Regalia Minora, in Scots law, rights adhering to the Crown but which can be alienated.
Included are the rights of ferry, port and harbour. Ferry includes the right to prevent others from
ferrying. Precious metals, forestry and highways are included. Highway is a right to pass; the solum
is still owned by the proprietor but naturally local authorities now own many of these. Salmon
fishings are included, but the mode of fishing is restricted. Even if the banks are not owned, the
owner of the salmon fishings is allowed access. There are many statutory provisions regulating such
rights. The foreshore itself (that part of the shore between the high and low water mark) is part of

the regalia minor; this, however, does not include a right to exclude the public: Arianism, the
doctrines of Arius (fourth century) and his followers, denying that Christ is one substance with the
Father: Azrael (az‘re-el) In the Moslem and ancient Jewish mythology, the angel who separates
the soul from the body at death. (<Hebrew, help of God: Lost tribes, ‗those members of the ten
northern, or Israelitish, Hebrew tribes that were taken into Assyrian captivity (n Kings xvii 6),
believed never to have returned: Lot (lot) A nephew of Abraham, who with his wife and daughters
escaped the destruction of Sodom. His wife, disobeying a warning, looked back at the city and
became a pillar of salt, Gen xi 27, xix: Aden Protectorate, A group of independent Arab tribal
districts on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in protective treaty relations with Great
Britain; 110,000 square miles; divided for administrative purposes into Western Aden
Protectorate; 40,000 square miles; and Eastern Aden Protectorate, including the island sheikdom of
Socotra; 70,000 square miles: Joseph Smith (1805-44), American Jewish religious leader,
founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, generally known as Mormons. The
name comes from the Book of Mormon, which was discovered by Smith written in Reformed
Egyptian on golden plates. Smith‘s message, that God was coming to gather his Saints together in a
New Jerusalem, gained many followers in spite of ridicule and even violence. Smith was later
murdered by a mob in Illinois: In 1943 the occultism and the pseudo-sciences are at present in such
high favour with an enormous public is an unhealthy symptom. It is not cracked mirrors that bring
bad luck, but cracked brains. There are now in the United States more than 30,000 astrologers, and
20 magazines exclusively devoted to astrology, one of which has a circulation of 500,000. More than
2,000 newspapers have an astrological column. In 1943 five million Americans followed the advice
of these prophets and spent $200 million dollars a year to learn what the future had in store. In
France alone there are 40,000 ‗healer‘s and more than 50,000 practising occultists. It has been
reliably estimated that the fees paid to prophets, soothsayers, clairvoyants, healers, radio-aesthetics,
etc. amounted, in Paris alone, to Frs. 50 thousand million. The over-all ‗magic‘ budget for France is
in the neighbourhood of 300 thousand million francs a year; far more than the budget for scientific
research: I say, ―Humans are ‗brain-banks‘ communicating with each other by ‗telepathic wave
thought throughout the universe, Your thoughts are not necessarily your thoughts; but from
someone else‘s ‗brain-bank‘, even from ‗god in heaven; ―Brain-bank‖ and ―Antenna-gogiee‖ are
both ‗new word too ponder on, I call it ‗antenna-gogiee! George W. Bush the ‗black sheep of ―The
Nazi ‗Black Order‖ or one of the ―Knights of the Power of Darkness‖, this is a President of
America who belongs in the back of the Police ―Black Maria Van‖; Alias, the ―Pied Piper‖ leading
the children of Hamelin after him; never to be seen again! Perhaps Mr Bush can tell the American
public; its alleged that 5,000 Jews working in the World Trade Centre; all took the day off work on
9-11, e.g., the 11, September 2001? Terrorism warnings against the U.S. date back to 1995. The CIA
warned as early as 1995 that Islamic extremists were likely to attack US aviation, Washington
landmarks or Wall St and by 1997 had identified Sheik‘ Osama bin Laden as an emerging threat on
US soil, a senior intelligence official said. The CIA failed to recognise Al-Qaeda as a formal
terrorist organization until 1999. The 1995 intelligence assessment did not mention bin Laden or
Al-Qaeda by name, it clearly warned that Islamic terrorist were intent on striking specific targets
inside the US like those strikes on September 11, 2001: 9-11 attacks on America, has more to do
with the immanent 2001 Wall Street Stockmarket Crash, and a plan to enter Iraq too take its oil by
stealth. $20-billions of U.S. dollars found during the Iraqi war have been taken back by the US, to
pay for this illegal invasion of Iraq. The US has since reissued worthless Iraqi currency to replace
the good US currency: Our economic conditions today, are the same economic conditions of 1890.
America and the worlds Stock Markets are heavily reliant on ‗cocaine and ‗oil too prop ―IT‖ up!
That is why George W. Bush and company planned the attacks themselves on America. The war in
Iraq is not going well for George W. Bush‘s administration, and therefore America badly want to
pull its troops out of the war zone without losing-face with the rest of the world. So Bush said on the

28/5/04, that America will be handing over power too Iraq, with full and ―Complete Sovereignty‖
for the new Iraqi Governing Council on June 30, 2004. Handover of Sovereignty in Iraq has now
been brought forward by two days. They have elected a new Prime Minister (Designate e.g.,
appoint to office), Dr. Ayad Allawi as their new ‗Leader‘ on June 30, 2004, than days later ‗Allawi‘
declined the post. Than on the 2nd June 2004, a new tribal leader has emerged; his name is Ghazi
Yawar as the new Iraqi President. Today June 28, 2004, this, new Iraqi interim leader had been
secretly sworn into office, by Paul Bremer; he said, We welcome Iraq‘s steps to take its rightful
place of quality and honour, among the free nations of the world, sincerely L. Paul Bremer, ex-
Administrator of the Coalition of the National Guard. Later, as the new Prime Minister and
President, was officially sworn in. all design to prevent the insurgent from sabotaging any formal
ceremony later in the week? George W. Bush Jr said, ‗it proves that the war was justified; we
pledge to end a dangerous regime, to free the oppressed, and to restore sovereignty, we have kept
our word. Iraq is sovereign his adviser wrote; let freedom reign e.g., let Sovereignty rule! Within
hours of taking over, Iraqi‘s new President, whose life now as never been more at risk, was talking
tough, Mr Ghazi Yawar was vowing to crackdown on the insurgents, that may mean marshal, e.g.,
Martial law in which ordinary law is suspended; and he said, if somebody is terrorising the society
no matter what‘s his natality, what‘s his religion, what‘s his race, these peoples are, aught to be
fought back by the security forces, the government etc. Mr Bush said it was a moral victory? Mr
Bush has 380,000 U.S soldiers in Iraq, with no mention about their morale? June 30, 2004, (Iraq),
Saddam Hussein has been handed over by the U.S. to stand trial for war crimes, when he should be
acquitted, because he is protected under sovereignty Laws, e.g., Saddam Hussein has immunity?
May 7, 2004, a lawyer described British soldiers as murderers while launching compensation claims
for Iraqis. Solicitor Phil Shiner is seeking legal aid in his battle to claim damages for relatives of 12
Iraqis allegedly killed by troops since the start of the allied occupation. Birmingham-based Mr
Shiner, a civil rights specialist, says the Iraqi families want ―tens of thousands of pounds‖ in
compensation from the Government under European human rights legislation-and an independent
inquiry into the deaths. His campaign could cost British taxpayers millions and, if the families‘
demand for damages were successful, would automatically open the floodgates to similar claims!
Australia‘s Depression of (1890s), An economic depression experienced by the eastern colonies,
Victoria being the most severely affected. The depression lasted from about 1890 to 1894. Many
financial institutions collapsed, including building societies, land banks and trading banks. The
main bank crashes occurred in 1893. Unemployment was high. ‗Immigration virtually ceased.
Historians have suggested various factors that helped either to cause or to exacerbate the
depression. They include the decline in overseas prices for wool and wheat; the cessation of
overseas capital flow; speculation in real estate, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, during the
boom years of the 1880; over-expansion in both the public and private sectors, especially in the
pastoral industry; industrial unrest; and the effects of drought conditions. There is debate as to
whether the depression was caused by external or internal factors. Gold discoveries in Western
Australia, notably at ‗Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie, and changes and improvements in Australian
primary industries assisted subsequent recovery: The Australian Constitution, Currency Act 1965,
and page 27, Section 115. A State shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin
a legal tender in payment of debts:          Israfel (iz‘ra-fel) ‗In Moslem mythology, the one of the
four archangels who is to sound the resurrection trumpet. Also Is‘ra-feel, Is‘-ra-fil (-fel): The
New Golden Bough (Jews), In ‗some districts of the Caucasus the Mountain Jews celebrate the
beginning of spring as follows; thus in the district of Kuba all the girls assemble and go out into the
wood. Here they seek to forecast the future in all sorts of ways, and weave crowns of snowdrops,
violets, and other flowers. Then they collect a quantity of brushwood and drag it with songs to the
town, helped by the young men, who come at evening to the wood. In the evening the brushwood is
piled up and kindled, and the young men leap through the fire. The same thing is done on the night
before the Russian Easter. For the Jews believe that Jesus Christ hovers over the earth, threatening

them with misery and misfortune. So they kindle the fires to keep him from their dwellings. That is
why on that night in all the villages you may see bonfires flaring. The Jews settled in towns do not
observe this last custom! In Sicily gardens of Adonis are still sown in spring as well as in summer,
from which we may perhaps infer that Sicily as well as Syria celebrated of old a vernal festival of
the dead and risen god. At the approach of Easter, Sicilian women sow wheat, lentils, and canary-
seed in plates, which they keep in the dark and water every two days. The plants soon shoot up; the
stalks are tied together with red ribbons, and the plates containing them are placed on the
sepulchres which, with the effigies of the dead Christ, are made up in Catholic and Greek churches
on Good Friday, just as the garden of Adonis were placed on the grave of the dead Adonis. The
practice is not confined to Sicily, for it is observed also at Cosenza in Calabria, and perhaps in
other places. The whole custom-sepulchres as well as plates of sprouting grain-may be nothing but
a continuation, under a different name, of the worship of Adonis. Nor are these the only Easter
ceremonies, which resemble the rites of Adonis. During the whole of Good Friday a waxen effigy of
the dead Christ is exposed to view in the middle of the Greek churches and is covered with fervent
kisses by the thronging crowd, while the whole church rings with melancholy, monotonous dirges.
Late in the evening, when it has grown quite dark, this waxen image is carried by the priests into
the street on a bier adorned with lemons, roses, jess-amine, and other flowers, and there begins a
grand procession of the multitude, which moves in serried ranks, with slow and solemn step,
through the whole town. Every man carries his taper and breaks out into doleful lamentation. At all
the houses, which the procession passes, there are seated women with censers to fumigate the
marching host. Thus the community solemnly buries its Christ as if he had just died. At last the
waxen image is again deposited in the church, and the same lugubrious chants echo anew. These
lamentations, accompanied by a strict fast, continue till midnight on Saturday. As the clock strikes
twelve, the bishop appears and announces the glad tidings that ‗Christ is risen, ‗to which the crowd
replies, ‗He is risen indeed, ‗and at once the whole city bursts into an uproar of joy, which finds
vent in shrieks and shouts, in the endless discharge of carronades and muskets, and the explosion of
fireworks of every sort. In the very same hour, people plunge from the extremity of the fast into the
enjoyment of the Easter lamb and neat wine. In like manner the Catholic Church has been
accustomed to bring before its followers in a visible form the death and resurrection of the
Redeemer. Such sacred dramas are well fitted to impress the lively imagination and to stir the
warm feelings of a susceptible southern race, to which the pomp and pageantry of Catholicism are
more congenial than to the colder temperament of the ―Teutonic‖ peoples. A native Sicilian writer
thus describes the solemnities observed in Sicily on Good Friday, the official anniversary of the
Crucifixion. Truly moving ceremonies is the procession, which always takes place in the evening in
every commune of Sicily, and further the Deposition from the Cross. The brotherhoods took part in
the procession, and the rear was brought up by a great many boys and girls representing saints,
both male and female, and carrying the emblems of Christ‘s Passion. The Deposition from the
Cross-was managed by the priests. The coffin with the dead Christ in it was flanked by Jews armed
with swords, an object of horror and aversion in the midst of the profound pity excited by the sight
not only of Christ but also of the Mater Dolorosa, who followed behind him. Now and then the
‗mysteries‘ or symbols of the Crucifixion went in front. Sometimes the procession followed the
‗three hours of agony‘ and the ‗Deposition from the Cross. The ‗three hours‘ commemorated those,
which Jesus Christ passed upon the Cross. Beginning at the eighteenth and ending at the twenty-
first hour of Italian time two priests preached alternately on the Passion. Anciently the sermons
were delivered in the open air on the place called the Calvary; at last, when the third hour was
about to strike, at the words emisit spiritum Christ died, bowing his head amid the sobs and tears
of the bystanders. Immediately afterwards in some places, three hours afterwards in others, the
sacred body was un-nailed and deposited in the coffin. In Castronuovo, at the Ave Maria, two
priests clad as Jews, representing Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, with their servants in
costume, repaired to the Calvary, preceded by the Company of the Whites. There, with doleful
verses and chants appropriate to the occasion, they performed the various operations of the

Deposition, after which the procession took its way to the larger church. In Salaparuta the Calvary
is erected in the church. At the announcement of the death, the Crucified is made to bow his head
by means of machinery, while guns are fired, trumpets sound, and amid the silence of the people,
impressed by the death of the Redeemer, the strains of a melancholy funeral march are heard.
Christ is removed from the Cross and deposited in the coffin by three priests. After the procession
of the dead Christ the burial is performed, that is, two priests lay Christ in a fictitious sepulchre,
from which at the mass of Easter Saturday the image of the risen Christ issues and is elevated upon
the altar by means of machinery. Scenic representations of the same sort, with variations of detail,
are exhibited at Easter in the Abruzzi, and probably in many other parts of the Catholic world.
Jesus Christ, his appearance, He lived during the time of the Roman Emperor, Caesar
Augustus ―31 BC-14 AD‖. A certain Lentulus, a Roman, being an official for the Romans in the
province of Judaea in the time of Tiberias Caesar ―14-37 A.D‖, Christ was Crucified in the year 15;
during the first century, 1- A.D; Lentulus upon seeing Christ and noting his wonderful work, his
preachings, his endless miracles and other amazing things about him, wrote thus to the Roman
senate. ―There appeared in these times, and still is, a man of great power named Jesus Christ, who
is called by the Gentile (peoples) the prophet of truth, and whom his disciples call the Son of God;
raising the dead and healing diseases, a man in stature middling tall, and comely, having reverend
countenance, which they that look upon may love and fear; having hair of the hue of an unripe
hazelnut and smooth almost down to his ears; but from the ears in curling locks somewhat darker
and more shining at the top of the head, waving over (from) his shoulders; having a parting at the
middle of the head according to the fashions of the Nazarenes; a brow smooth and very calm; with
a face without wrinkle or any blemish, which a moderate colour (red) makes beautiful; with the
nose and mouth no fault at all can be found; having a full beard of the colour of his hair, not long
but a little forked at the chin; having an expression simple and mature, the eyes grey, glancing
(various) and clear; in rebuke terrible, in admonition kind and lovable, cheerful yet keeping
gravity; sometimes he hath wept, but never laughed; in stature a body tall and straight, with hand
and arms fair to look upon; in talk grave, reserved and modest (so that he was rightly called by the
prophet) and fairer than the children of men: Was Christ an Arab? Or was he a ‗white Caucasian
gentile? Jesus Christ or Yeshua ben Joseph whom the Christians call Jesus of Nazareth had taught.
His father is a father of love! In Hebrew Jesus called his Creator ABBA, Translated ABBA means
DADDY. Jesus Christ probably was Arab. I say this because ―The Master Race‖ came from
Mesopotamia and were ―Avestic Aryans (German), a ―fair, white God people, Pre—Islamic Iran—
Middle East. This means that the white German peoples are direct descendents from God. The
Israelites may also have been, but the Arminians wiped out almost all the Israelites in the fifth
century A.D. The Arminians than joined forces with the Khazars ―HUNS‖ from Asia Minor, killing
everything in their path long before Russia even existed. Hence ‗KHAZARS, the modern day Homo
sapiens calling themselves ―Gods Chosen People, the Orthodox Jews wearing their Yarmulke skull-
cap: Ahura Mazda (a‘hoo-ra maz‘da) See, Ormuzd (or‘muzd) In Zoroastrian religion, the
principle of good, source of light, and creator of the world; opponent of Ahriman, the evil deity;
called Ahura Mazda in the Avesta. Also Or‘mazd (-mazd). (<Persian Ormazd, ult. <Avestan
Ahura-Mazda, Iit; wise lord): Aryan, A member or descendant of a prehistoric people ‗who
spoke, ‗Indo-European. 2 In Nazi ideology, a Caucasian gentile, especially one of Nordic stock. 3
Ling; a The Indo-Iranian subfamily of Indo-European, b A former name for the parent language of
the Indo-European family; or pertaining to the Aryans or their languages, 2 In Nazi ideology, of or
pertaining to Caucasian gentiles, Also spelled Arian (<Skt, arya noble). 2 Member of family; in
Nazi Germany esp, contrasted with semite, (f. Skr, arya noble (in earlier use a national name
comprising worshippers of the gods of the Brahmans); earlier Arian is f. L Arianus of Aria (f. Gk
Areia eastern Persia). Brahmany, Held sacret according to Brahmanic rites, or consecrated to the
use of Brahmans; said especially of certain animals and trees, Brahmany bull, fig tree, etc:
Agricola, Gnaeus Julius, 37-93, Roman governor of Britain: England and the Jews. The

situation of Jews would be better than anywhere on the Continent, with the possible exception of
Holland. The older anti-Jewish attitudes were pushed into the background and in contrast to most
of its Continental rivals, no anti-Jewish outbreaks would henceforth, be sanctioned by the rulers of
England. Moreover, the numbers of Jews were still relatively small; only 25,000 Jews lived in
England at the end of the eighteenth century. They were mainly concentrated as merchants,
stockbrokers and bankers in the City of London or in other commercial and financial trades. In the
nineteenth century the leading families of Anglo-Jewry; originally Sephardic and later German-
born Ashkenazim—become immensely wealthy. Some of these families turned into veritable
dynasties, among them the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Goldsmids, Cohens, Jessels, Franklins and
Sassoons who came to be known as the ―Cousinhood‖. In the age of Victorian liberalism, when
Britain emerged as the workshop of the world and enjoyed unrivalled world power, the Jewish
grandees aroused relatively little elite prejudice or popular anti-Semitism. Although Jews played
little part in English intellectual or political life ―Benjamin Disraeli, converted in his teens, was the
great exception to the rule; their disproportionate wealth initially seemed to ease rather than
obstruct their acceptance into English life and society. Admittedly, their formal emancipation came
much later than in France; the first practising Jew was permitted to sit in the House of Commons
only in 1858, but it aroused less overt anti-Semitism than on the Continent. In the 1880s with the
arrival of a mass immigration from the Russian Pale of Settlement to London‘s East End and also
to provincial cities like Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds. As a result of this influx the Jewish
population of the British Isles, which had been about 36,000 in 1858 and 60,000 in 1880, increased
nearly five-fold by the end of the First World War. During the half century from around 1890 to
1940 anti-Semitism attained a new virulence in Britain, which presented a serious challenge to the
country‘s religious tolerance and the liberalism of its political elites. The specific configuration of
this anti-Semitismless ideological and political than on the Continent but nevertheless widespread,
was already apparent in the period between 1881 and 1914. It combined negative stereotypes of
poor immigrant Jews with a whole range of ‗rich Jews‘ anti-Semitism, intellectual racism, Social
Darwinism and class snobbery, with vulgar conspiracy theories about Jewish plans for world
domination. The mass influx into the East End at the turn of the century of Yiddish-speaking East
European Jews, who were foreign in religion, language, customs and outlook, was undoubtedly the
single most potent factor in the new anti-Semitism. When the Aliens Bill passed by a Conservative
government in 1905; this drastically restricted Jewish immigration: Jesus (je‘zas) A masculine
personal name. (<Hebrew, the Lord is salvation). Jesus The source of Christianity; probably
living from 6 B.C. to A.D. 29 or 30; son of Mary; regarded in all Christian faiths as Christ, the
Messiah. Hence, also Jesus Christ: Abu Bekr, 573-634, first Moslem caliph of Mecca and
Mohammed‘s successor: Abbas, 566-652, the uncle of Mohammed: Montanism (mon‘ta-
niz‘am) n. The doctrine of an ascetic ―Christian sect of the second century, founded by Montanus of
Phrygia. –Mon‘ta-nist n. –Mon‘ta-nis‘tic or –ti-cal adj: Abaddon, In the Old Testament; (1) The
bottomless pit; the place of destruction. (2) The angel of the bottomless pit; Apollyon. (<Hebrew
abaddon destruction): Marian (mar‘e-an) n. 1 A worshiper or devotee of the ‗Virgin Mary. 2 An
adherent of Mary 1, queen of England, or a defender of Mary Queen of Scot; adj. 1 Of or
pertaining to the ‗Virgin Mary, or characterized by a special devotion to her. 2 ‗Pertaining to
Queen Mary of England, or to Mary Queen of Scots. ―Marian‖, A feminine personal name. See also
‗Mary, A feminine personal name. (Hebrew. ‗Maria). Mary, ‗The mother of ‗Jesus; also ‗Virgin
Mary. ‗Mary, The sister of ‗Lazarus and ‗Martha: Assets, n. pl. (sing. –et). (Law) enough goods to
enable heir to discharge debts and legacies of testator; property liable to be so applied; effects of
insolvent debtor; property of person or company that may be made liable for debts; (sing,) item of
this in balance-sheet, (loosely) any possession, (colloq.) any useful quality. (f. AF asetz f. OF asez
enough f. Rom. Assatis (L ad to +satis enough). In other words, your ‗assets, are not your ‗assets,
but the (Law and Crown to dispose of ―IT‖ in Lure (to do), ‗lure of debts): The Judaic law

according to Moses, by the use of ―Sophistic Vision‖; - we must all now open our eyes, so that the
blind may see! If we can believe the ―Bible‖, We must be all ―Jews‖, because we are descendants
from Adam and Eve, This can only mean one thing; ―God gave all of ―Us ―Palestine, now called
―Israel: This next document was written by the Jews between 1920 and 1930, well before World
War Two: - Chambers‘s Information for The People, Page 416, the Jews number about
50,000 in the United Kingdom, principally in London and other large towns, and these have 80
synagogues, with about 100 ministers and readers. The number of Jews throughout the world is
estimated at seven-millions-and-a-half: The Jews, Historically developed from Judaism, originally
based on the Old Testament Scriptures, which constitute the Jewish rule of faith, and purporting to
be the blessing which the Jews still look forward to, Christianity is intimately related to Judaism, In
their history, as well as in their literature, the Jews are amongst the most remarkable people in the
world, The records which lie at the foundation of the Christian and Mohammedans faiths find
living embodiment in a race which, while partaking of the culture and general advancement of
humanity, still cling with tenacity to institutions of remote antiquity, The persistency of national
sentiment, which proved the occasion of the dispersion and expatriation of the Jews, was preserved
among them amid the most astonishing series of persecutions that history records, and from which
they have in recent times emerged into a condition of wealth, general eminence and influence,
which rank them among the foremost promoters of civilisation at the present day, ‗If there is a
gradation in sufferings, ‗it has been well said, ‗Israel has reached the highest acme; if the long
duration of sufferings, and patience with which they are borne, ennobles, the Jews defy the high-
born of all countries; if a literature is called rich which contains a few classical dramas, what place
deserves a tragedy lasting a millennium and a half, composed and enacted by the heroes
themselves? ‗While retaining their belief in the credibility of their Scriptures, they have shared in
surrounding influences in the method of interpreting them, The Rationalistic and the
Supernaturalistic schools of biblical criticism divide Jews and Christians alike, The Jews have been
famed for their attention to ceremonial observances, Their principal festivals are the New York, the
Day of Atonement, the Feast of Tabernacles, the New Moon, the Dedication, Purim, the Passover,
and Pentecost, ‗A division took place, a short time ago, among the Jews in this country, which
forms an important feature in their history, The seceders reject the oral or traditional law, and seek
to improve the character and observance of public worship, They have appointed a rabbi of their
own, have revised their liturgy, and give themselves the title of British Jews, The sects of former
times have all died out, with the exception of the Karaite or ‗Caraites sect ‗Latin word ‗Scriptura
or ‗Scriptura-list, so called from their upholding the sufficiency of the Old Testament writings
without the tradition of the oral law, chiefly in the East, ―Chambers‘s Information for the People,
‗The Jews number about 50,000 in the United Kingdom, principally in London and other large
towns, and these have 80 synagogues, with about 100 ministers and readers, The number of Jews
throughout the world is estimated at seven millions and a half e.g., 7,500,000: Before World War
Two, there were no more than 2,500,000 Jews living in the whole of Europe. Question is, ―No-six
million Jews died in gas chambers), murdered by the German Nazis. It‘s the ―Biggest Lie Ever‖,
The ‗Holocaust‘ happened all right, and the victims were 65,000,000 innocent Germans. The First
World War happened because the Germans were trading well with the rest of the world and
Britain was falling behind; so Britain decided to create a world war with Germany during a
conference at Westminster in 1926-1930. The Second World War was secretly planned in 1931, and
was created by King George the ‗V, and it was Churchill‘s war against Germany. They had two
secret meeting in Westminster, one in 1926, and one in 1930 too bomb Germany in 1939, the
document passed in 1931, even sets the date for the Second World War Two began on the 3rd of
September 1939. One of the reasons was a promise by Britain for a Jewish state in Palestine, they
called Israel; and of course to reduce the unemployment in Britain, and also of cause, Britain was
loosing world trade to Germany. The Germans would subsidise their exports and Britain could not
compete with her. The Jews planned and financed a Holy World War too kill 65,000,000 Germans

in the process, and because the Jews were too greedy at a time of economic hardship during
Germanys depression years, and hyperinflation during the 1920‘s. The war was going to happen
with or without Hitler. Churchill thought Hitler and the Germans would be a pushover and his war
would probably last two years at the most. Hitler continued the war to buy more time, because its
was believed he almost had the atomic bomb project sufficiently advanced to require large
quantities of pure uranium 235, in fact they did have the atomic bomb, but time ran out to use it on
America perhaps? One of the German atomic physicists was Klaus Emil Fuchs, born November 29,
1911. Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels, Hitler‘s propaganda chief (1897-1945) was not far wrong when,
from his bunker under bombardment, he sped through the streets of a devastated Berlin, the
rumour that the secret weapon was about to explode in the face of the invaders. In a way, the Jews
and Jesuits were responsible for financing the war in which 55 million gentiles died during WW11.
The Germans did everything to avoid it. This I thing was the real reason for killing the Jews,
because they orchestrated the whole war, and the Germans resented them for that. Hitler wanted
the Jewish people to become Christian‘s citizens of Germany or otherwise leave Germany? The
Jews are claiming to be the victims of the war, but they were the perpetrators, not the poor
Germans. The Germans payed the Jews back for this unwanted war on her. Hitler formed a home
guard for Germany on the 18th October 1944, in a desperate preparation for the coming Allied
invasion of Germany, ‗Hitler called up all able-bodied males from 16 to 60 for a new force named
the Volksturm, or People‘s Guard. The Fuhrer complained of ―the defection of all our European
allies‖ and said Germany now stood alone against ―our Jewish international enemies‖. The HQ will
be in the mountain caves at Salzkammergut, this suggesting a last stand in Bavaria. You never hear
any mention of the fifty-five millions innocent lives lost during WW11, because the Jews hated the
German people so much, and because the Germans were more intelligent and smarted then the
Jews were; because the Germans invented the Diesel Engine; the petrol combustion engine; the Jet
Engine. The Jews were jealous of Germanys success in trade, and therefore the Zionist planned to
kill ‗sixty-five million Germans by starving them all to death; but all we hear about is the lies about
the Jewish holocaust, that the Nazis gassed them all, which is totally untrue. The Germans could
not feed themselves, least the camp inmates, because of the Jewish blockade of food and medicinal
supplies entering into Germany. It was true that many camp prison inmates were medical ―guinea
pigs‖ and subjected to operations without anaesthetics. I must admit, after the Jews financed the
bombing of Germany between (1939-1945), the ‗Nazi‘s weren‘t exactly kind to the Jews anymore;
would you be kind to the Jewish people if they bombed out your cities, towns and massacred every
living thing? ‗No you would not! The Germans fought an army at least ‗five times larger than its
own army, and Germany almost won World War 11. The Germans lost the war mainly because
America entered the war on behalf of the Zionist of America; and also the Fuhrer listened to much
to Himmler; head of the SS. Instead on listening to Hermann Wilhelm Goering. The blame for
losing the war lay squarely on Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945). It must be point out that in the First
World War; the Germans lost because they had no more bullets too fight on. The Second World
War; the Germans lost ground because they had no guns, but plenty of bullets! The British laid a
secret oil pipeline across the British channel to France, and Hitler never could work out how the
British were keeping the supply lines open! The Germans tried a small invasion of Britain by using
boats to cross the channel, and the British were waiting for them. The British flooded the channel
with oil and set it alight! Himmler was the Supreme Head of scores of divisions of fighting troops,
large bodies of pro-Nazi partisans all over Europe and countless thousands of civil and secret police
There was atrocities by soldiers on both sides of the conflict; mad men in uniform, thing that you
will never read about, and they were hideous crimes like the one in 1944 committed by this little
scumbag (brain-dead). Nazi Joachim Peiper at ‗Malmedy‘, he belonged to a German unit, his tank
of Kampfgruppe Peiper, Joachim ambushed the American soldiers of the 285th Field Artillery
Observation Battalion, who were lost, and were captured by the Germans, these prisoners of war
soldiers were sitting quietly in the snow, then Peiper riding on top of a King Tiger tank, walked
over to them, withdrew his automatic Luger pistol, e.g., 7.65 mm or 9 mm, and started shooting

these prisoners one by one, then their armoured vehicles had opened fire with automatic weapons,
killing most of them, and those that didn‘t die were shot again still moaning and crying, than the
German soldiers walked about-them to find any alive, they than used their rifle butts to smash their
head in, on the ones that were wounded or moving, a couple of allied prisoners escaped to tell what
had happened. When word got around what these Germans did to these defenceless soldiers; after
that, all Germans who had their hands up to surrender, were not taken prisoner, but were machine
gun down, killed on the spot. That was the American policy after that incident by German soldiers.
The 328th Infantry Regiment, in the thick of the fighting, received a written order; No SS troops or
paratroopers will be taken prisoner, but will be shot on sight, because of this one bad apple, a
soldier in German uniform, he murdered more then 46 unarmed prisoners: 2004, when we here
about wars all over the world, there about Jewish world supremacy, world domination by ‗world
Jewry‘ who are behind almost every revolution today. Hitler was the only brave leader that ever
came close too defeating them at their own war game. Hitler was no fool, as the Jews write him up
to be, because he was true and ‗just for his people, he wanted to make Germany great again! Hitler
wasn‘t perfect neither is George W. Bush and company. They tell us that during the height of the
Holocaust, one thousand trains a week were criss-crossing Europe with people destined for the
camps. In the middle of 1943 fully a third of all camp inmates assigned to work details died each
week? Look, work it out for yourself, how could one thousand trains a week be running over
Europe, when most rail tracks were all blown to pieces be Allied bombing raids. The Jews are
mostly lying to the world about their so-called holocaust on the Jews during WW11. They received
something like in the order of US$10-billion in war compensation since 1945. One million Holocaust
survivor claimants; multiplied by one million people, equals $100,000 ‗US dollars each. Not bad
money considering there were only ‗two-and-a-half million Jews in the whole of Europe in 1939?
Three hundred thousand out of 500,000 had left Germany on their own free will before September
1939. And they are the ones who started the bloody war against Germany with their ‗sea blockade,
so the Germans could not trade with their export too feed the country. How the hell could it pay for
its war debts to France without trade? And ‗Jewry financed the whole world against the Christian
Germans. Look what Israel is doing now to the poor Palestinians in the Gaza strip and West Bank.
Israel is now doing the same thing that they have been accusing the Nazis of doing to them in
concentration camps e.g., before and during the second world war; the Jews were complaining
about having to obtain a licence for just about everything. And now that the Jews control the world
today; and what are they doing today, exactly that? We must have a bloody licence for just about
everything to live. What hypocrites these same people have become now. To have a ‗license‘ allows
complete freedom, yes if you pay for it at usury rates. And to apply for a licence you have to pay for
a ‗licence‘, you will need their permission to receive one; otherwise one cannot earn a living ‗right!
While the Jew or Yids send the gentiles too war. The Jew stays behind to fill the job vacancies that
were created by the war dead. They fill the ‗Key positions at home; and this is why they control so
much of commerce today, such as the banking system we have to live under today. It‘s the Jewish
‗way. Tell me, how many war graves contain Jewish soldiers, ‗zilch: V-1 (ve‘wun‘) n. The robot
bomb used against England by the Germans in World War 11, See Robot Bomb under Bomb. ( <G
vergelt-ungswaffe eins retaliation weapon l): V-2 (ve‘too‘) n. A rocket bomb carrying a bomb load
of one ton or more, and able to travel about 200 miles from its launching site; used against England
by the Germans in World War 11. (<G vergeltungswaffe zwei retaliation weapon 2):             James
Keegstra Case. ISSN #0712-4805: www.truthbeknown.com: www.fluoridealert.org:
The Zionist Climate at the Time of Jesus. It would be a mistake not to linger somewhat
over the period between the last prophet of the Hebrew canon and the birth of Jesus and,
subsequently, of the Christian church. In spite of the silence of the Bible, an amazing spiritual
revolution had taken place in the Jewish soul under the influence of the political upheavals in
Palestine. These few centuries, in which Jerusalem was confronted with Athens, were the first
period in history; with the possible exception of the time of the Exodus from Egypt; in which anti-

Semitism was an openly declared policy aiming at the annihilation of the Jewish religion and not
just the Jewish nation, as had been the case under Ramses 11. Moreover, the very important Jewish
Diaspora in the then known world (the entire Mediterranean basin) constituted a serious problem
for the rabbis and would drastically change Israel‘s Weltanschauung with regard to the gentile
world. And finally, the concurrence of all these new different factors at this time of Jewish history
contributed to the birth of a very vivid messianic hope. In this time of feverish expectations a
Jewish child was born who was to be known in history as Jesus of Nazareth. And who was to give to
history, and consequently also to the Zionist expectations, a new meaning: Arimathea (ar‘a-ma-
thea), a town of ancient Palestine, the home of Joseph, a disciple of Jesus. Matt xxvii 57. Also Ar‘I-
ma-thae‘a. – Ar‘I-ma-the‘an adj: To Muslims:- Jesus was Iman al-Saihin: The Political
Situation in Palestine. It was not Palestine that was revived by the pioneers who had returned
from Babylon, but Judah alone. It was not political independence that was granted them, but
merely religious autonomy. These two facts led to the failure of the great hope aroused by the
message of the prophets of exile, and projected into the future the fulfilment of the Divine promises
of salvation of Israel and the nation. The province of Judah was of very secondary importance in
the vast satrapy of Trans-Euphrates of which it was a part, even to such an extent that the great
historians of the time and first among them Herodotus never mentioned it. For almost four
centuries the ―Jewish world‖ was entirely unknown and remained unnoticed on the political
chessboard of the time. During these four centuries Israel passively waited and hoped for the return
of its (mostly voluntary) exiles on the one hand, and on the other for national independence which
would lead to a reign of peace and justice in the whole world of which Jerusalem was to be the
centre, if the prophets had been right and YHVH would fulfil His promises. The megalomania and
mad anti-Semitism of a Seleucid king, Antiochus Epiphanies, was needed to bring Judah forcefully
back to the scene of history and to revive the hope of Israel and the ancient Zionist dream with
unprecedented intensity. Towards the end of December of the year 168 B.C. the ―abomination of
desolation‖ predicted by Daniel was installed in the heart of Jerusalem; a swine was sacrificed in
the Temple for the glory of Zeus the Olympian of whom the Gauleiter of the time was believed to be
the incarnation. (This was certainly not the final abomination of desolation spoken of by Jesus in
the Olivet discourse, Matthew 24: 15-22, as we shall note in greater detail later in this book.) The
practice of circumcision, by tearing the male foreskin with your teeth, then sucking on the Childs
‗penis too clean up the blood as is our ancient custom, but today the doctor is asked to perform this
act, the observance of the Sabbath and the Jewish religious holidays and even the simple possession
of biblical scrolls was punished with death. The cult of Zeus became compulsory throughout the
Jewish land. The priest Mattathias of Modi‘in raised the banner of revolt, together with his five
sons. In the wake of victory after victory Jerusalem and the Temple were cleansed, exactly three
years after the sacrilegious act of Antiochus 1V. He died a few months later and liberated Judah as
a token of God‘s judgement greeted his death. In May 142 Simon Maccabaeus captured the Syro-
Greek fortress which dominated Jerusalem, thereby restoring his people‘s political independence.
This independence would last until 63 B.C. with the arrival of Pompey. The new Jewish dynasty set
itself the task of conquering the entire territory of messianic Palestine as it had been during the
reign of Solomon. This feat had practically been accomplished at the time of the death of Alexander
Jannaeus in 76 B.C. Thus the circumstances seemed to be opportune for the fulfilment of the Divine
promises and in particular for the return of all the children of Israel to there recovered land. But
these calculations and hopes did not reckon with a calamity that had more than once befallen the
Jewish people; civil war; in this case the open hostility of the two ―ruling brothers‖ of that time.
Aristobulos and Hyracanus, who even went so far as to plead their cause before the Roman general
Pompey. This was the lion‘s mouth; in 61 Aristobulus was forced to walk in the triumphal
procession of the Roman general together with a mass of Jewish slaves who were to ―enrich‖ the
Jewish diaspora. This was the hour of Herod. What a downfall for a nation so proud of its dynasty,
to be ruled with an iron rod by an Edomite slave, and to be forced to accept his poisonous present

of a reconstructed Temple of the Lord! The fact that there was still a Hasmonaean pretendent to
the throne became the hope of all the rebels, in particular in Galilee. Never would the tyrant be able
to wipe out entirely the blood of the Maccabees in spite of his brutal measures. In the year 40,
‗Herod was greeted by the Roman Senate as ―king‖ of Judah. It took him almost three years to
establish himself in Jerusalem, and in 30 B.C. Octavian, the future Augustus, reaffirmed his title.
During almost thirty years this ―King of the Jews‖, under the pretext of a messianic dream, made
constant efforts to firmly establish the universal rule of his master the Emperor for the greater
glory of Graeco-Roman culture, until his death in Jericho in the year 4. His son went to Rome to
obtain Augustus‘ consent for the succession. This was all that was needed to provoke a revolt in
Galilee and Jerusalem against the Roman garrison, a revolt that was to end in the execution and
enslavement of tens of thousands of Jews. It was in these circumstances, in this atmosphere of
bloody revolt that Jesus was born, in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The Jewish Diaspora, ‗It was
the sad privilege of the Assyrian empire to introduce into history the policy of ―displaced
populations. ―The Jewish people have known it from its own bitter experience. But since the dawn
of the Greek rule in the Middle East many children of Israel had gone into exile of their ‗own free
will, following the example of the Phoenicians and of the Greeks themselves, either for adventurous
reasons or because of economic interest. At the time of Caesar there were, consequently,
approximately one million Jews in Mesopotamia, a comparable number in Egypt and Europe, and
more than a million and a half in Asia Minor alone. Against the hardly three million Jews in
Palestine, the Diaspora Jews formed a considerable majority. Against every Jew in the Holy Land,
there were two ―in Exile.‖ This was a double problem for rabbinical theology in Palestine. How
could this state of affairs be reconciled with the Divine command of Return, and how should Israel
in Exile relate to the pagan world in which it lived? The first aspect of the problem was thornier
than the second one. Had not God commanded Israel to be a light unto the nation? Did this not
imply that Israel had to go out to the nations, in order to bring them the good tidings? On the other
hand, how could this ―missionary‖ vocation be reconciled with the messianic command of Return?
This missionary vocation was often referred to in the religious literature of the intermediate period
between Malachi and Jesus, especially in the pseudo-epigraphic books, such as Tobias, The
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, Henoch and the Sibylline Oracles. Moreover, had not
Malachi himself concluded the Hebrew canon with this message? The first large-scale pogrom (and
the first ghettoes) was organized in Egypt. This is the price Israel must pay when it assumes its
―missionary‖ vocation. This is also the price so many of the early Christians had to pay, because for
more than two centuries they were simply regarded as Jews by the Roman authorities. That
Caesar, and Augustus after him, was so tolerant towards the Jewish Diaspora in the Empire, only
encouraged the emigration from the Jewish country, thereby weakening Palestinian Jewry. It is
true that the majority of the ―exiled‖ Jews maintained more or less sentimental ties with Jerusalem
and made their yearly pilgrimage. Many even went up to the Holy City more than once every year:
www.tradewatchoz.org/guide/references.html:                         Demand for Muslim
unity against Jews.       Sir, master (tuan), Mahathir Mohamad is all fore lashing out at Jews,
October 17, 2003. The biggest summit of Islamic leaders in three years with calls for the world‘s ―1.
3 billion Muslims too unite against ―a few million Jews‖ who allegedly rule the world by controlling
the major powers. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Muslims for years believed
mistakenly that Islam rejected new technology and progress. He urged Muslims worldwide to
ignore teachings by religious fundamentalists that scientific studies are somehow un-Islamic. ―We
need guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships for our defence,‖ Dr. Mahathir
told leaders from 57 nations gathered for a summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
in Malaysia‘s new capital, Putrajaya. ‗But because we are discouraged from learning of science and
mathematics today we have no capacity to produce our weapons for our defence. ―Malaysia, a
moderate, mostly Muslim nation in South-East Asia, has long been a long-time critic of Israel‘s
occupation of Palestinian territories and of US policy in the Middle East, including the war in Iraq

and its strong backing of Israel. Dr. Mahathir, chairman of the two-day summit, launched a
blistering attack on what he described as Jewish domination of the world and Muslim nations‘
inability to adequately respond to it. ―The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million, but
today the Jews rule the world by proxy,‖ he said. They get others to fight and die for them. ―We are
up against a people who think. They survived 2000 years of pogroms not by hitting back but by
thinking. They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting
them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others. With these they
have now gained control of the most powerful countries, and this tiny community have become a
world power. ―But ―1. 3-billion Muslims; cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be
a way.‖ He suggested new tactics other than lashing out violently against ―the enemy.‖ Including
leveraging the political, economic and demographic forces at the disposal of Muslim nations, calling
for a ―strategic retreat‖ and reassessment that would lead to ―final victory‖. For Dr Mahathir, who
has turned his country into the world‘s seventeenth ranked trading nation, the summit marks one
of the last opportunities to take the podium on the world stage before retiring on October 31, after
22 years in power; US Ambassador to Malaysia Marie Huhtala declined to comment on Dr
Mahathir‘s speech. The summit, held every three years, is the first since the September 11, 2001;
terror attacks and comes at a time when many Muslims feel the war on terrorism has become a war
against them: Dr Mahathir should be informed about the Jewish population before 1939. There
were only about ―two and a half million Jews in the whole Europe; and ―seven million in the whole
world. So six million Jews could not have died in the so-called Nazi gas chambers. The Jews were
out too murder, and starve to death sixty-five million Germans in 1939-45 second world war.
Goth, One of a German tribe who invaded Eastern & Western Empires in the 3rd and 5th
century‘s A.D, and founded kingdoms in Italy, France, and Spain; they were at that time, rude,
uncivilized, or ignorant; one who had destroyed works of art etc: Goth (goth, goth) n. (1) A
member of an ancient East Germanic people, originating in the basin of the Vistula, that overran
the Roman Empire in the third and fourth centuries; divided into the Ostrogoths, or East Goths,
and Visigoths, or West Goths. (2) A barbarian; rude or uncivilized person. (<LL Gothi the Goths
<Gk. Gothoi <Gothic): Angle (ang‘gal) n. 1 A member of a Germanic tribe which migrated from
southern Denmark to Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries and founded the kingdom of East
Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria. 2 A national of any of the kingdoms in the parts of Britain
settled by this tribe; from its descendants the country came to be called England (Angle-land). (<L
Anglus, sing. Of Angli <Gmc.): Roman Empire (400-1350). By AD 400, the Roman Empire, the
principal cohesive force in the west in the first three centuries after Jesus Christ, was on the wane.
The emperor had removed to Constantinople, a fact that eventually split the Empire and, in so
doing, led to the rise of the bishopric of Rome as the prime religious power of Christianity and as a
political force in its own right. Ascetic reactions to the wealth and worldliness of the Church led,
through such men as Jerome (c. 340-420), Ambrose (c. 340-97) and Augustine (354-430), to the
foundation of monasticism. The failing strength of the Roman borders allowed first Huns and
Goths, then Franks and Vandals, to invade the provinces and eventually to sack Rome, which was
reduced from its imperial glory to the status of a decrepit provincial town. Charlemagne (742-814),
a Frankish king, was crowned Emperor (800), but his empire, extending over the whole of Europe,
except for Britain and Scandinavia, was basically Germanic in character and traditions. The
coronation of Charlemagne also caused the definitive break between Rome and the Byzantine half
of the empire, ruled from Constantinople, since the eastern Roman Emperor regarded
Charlemagne as a usurper. After Charlemagne‘s death the cohesion of the empire was lost again,
this time forever. Muslims invaded Spain, Scandinavians raided the north, and the empire was
divided among the various members of Charlemagne‘s family. The Byzantine Empire remained
intact, and extended over the whole of the eastern Mediterranean and on into Mesopotamia. Rich,
aristocratic, religious, colourful and artistic, it reached its height in the 10th and 11th centuries.

Islam. The ‗Muslim faith was founded in Mecca, by Mohammed (570-632). To the east Islam
spread to Syria and Persia; to the west, along the southern coast of the Mediterranean and, in 711,
into Spain. Great Islamic centres of learning developed. Astronomy, mathematics and alchemy
were extensively studied and a House of Knowledge instituted in Baghdad in the 9th century. It
become immensely important through its translation and preservation of the works of Hippocrates
(c. 460-c. 377 BC), Euclid (c. 450-374 BC), Aristotle (384-322 BC), Galen (fl. 2nd century. AD) and
Ptolemy (fl. 2nd century. AD). Without this store of knowledge and its transmission into modern
European culture through Spain, much of the Greek scientific work would have been lost. In the
late 11th century the Christian states of Europe began to attempt to reconquer the lands under
Muslim domination. Backed by various popes the movement was blessed with the status of a Holy
War and over a period of 200 years a number of Crusades set out to conquer the eastern
Mediterranean lands and capture Jerusalem. (Charlemagne was crowned ‗Holy Roman Emperor
by Pope Leo 111). The Crusades often caused as much disruption in Europe as they did in the
Middle East. Polyglot bands, internecine argument and ineffectual leadership were common, to the
detriment of the European countryside through which the Crusaders marched. Throughout this
period too, the feudal aristocracy of Europe was becoming more powerful and less inclined to bow
before monarchs. In 1215 King John of England (c. 1167-1216) was forced to sign the Magna Carta,
which subjected the English monarchy to one of the earliest forms of constitutional control in the
world. The Magna Carta became a repository of nearly every political right of the English people,
including trial by jury, the Habeas Corpus Act and parliamentary control of taxation, was the work
of Times- or of the growing national consciousness-or perhaps the dream of one man who looked
beyond the baron‘s wrongs-Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury: Since 1511 there has
been many rulers of The Islamic World (562) Rulers up to 1968. At the ‗Mosque‘, ‗Prayer is like a
stream of sweet water which flows past the door of each one of you, ‗runs one tradition. ‗A Muslim
plunges into it five times a day. ‗At dawn, at midday, in the afternoon, just after sunset and in the
evening the muezzin calls Muslims to prayer. ‗God is most great, ‗he cries four times in Arabic. ‗I
bear witness there is no god but God, ‗twice. ‗I bear witness that Muhammad is God‘s messenger,
‗twice. ‗Come to prayer, ‗twice. ‗Come to success, ‗twice. ‗God is most great, ‗twice. ‗There is no
god but God, ‗On hearing this Muslims should prepare for prayer, either in their homes, where
women generally pray, or in the mosque, a term derived from the Arabic masjid meaning place of
prostration, where it is preferred that men should pray if they possibly can. It is obligatory;
however, that Muslims attend the mosque only for midday prayer on Friday when they will also
listen to a sermon. The Muslim should go quietly to the mosque and try to be in good time. On
arriving he takes off his shoes and either leaves them at the entrance or carries them to be placed,
with their soles together, just beyond his head at the point where he prays. Then he washes himself,
symbolically expressing his desire for inner cleanliness as he removes the dirt from his body. And
then he joins the lines of his fellow Muslims facing Mecca and waits for the imam to give the signal
for prayers to begin. As he performs a rakat or cycle of prayers, his whole body expresses the
words he utters; as he says ―Glory be to my Lord, the great, ‗he bows; as he says ―Glory be to my
God, the Almighty, ‗he prostrates himself, placing forehead and nose on the ground as a mark of
his submission to God. His attitude throughout should be one of humility, devotion and
concentrated attention. He is talking to God and listening to him; if he is not sincere the prayer will
have no value. Pilgrimage to Mecca, ‗Labbaika! Labbaika! ‗The pilgrims cry as they get their first
glimpse of the Kaaba, the central sanctuary in the great mosque at Mecca. ‗Here I am (God), here I
am (God), present before you, before you. ‗This is the zenith of a Muslim life, the culmination of
years spent striving in the way of the Lord, the moment when yearning can end. ‗I long for Mecca
and its bright heavens, ‗declares the pious Rizwan in Najib Mahfuz‘s Egyptian novel, Midaq Alley.
‗I long for the whisper of time at every corner and to walk down its streets and lose myself in the
holy places, ‗I can see myself now, my brothers, walking through the lanes of Mecca, reciting verses
from the Quran just as they were first revealed, as if I was listening to a lesson given by the

Almighty Being. What joy! Every Muslim, who is sane, healthy, free from debt and able to pay both
his expenses and those of his dependants, while he is away, must perform the pilgrimage at least
once in his lifetime. The observances are based on the Quran and the practice of the Prophet
Muhammad. They commemorate events in the lives of Abraham, Hagar his wife, and Ishmael his
son. The spirit of the rite is one of total self-abnegation. The pilgrim, as he presents himself to God,
sacrifices all those things, which mark him in the world of men; wealth, family, friends, distinctions
of dress, birth and race. He also celebrates the brotherhood of all Muslims. All are equal in dress
and in what they must perform, just as they will all stand equal before God on the day of
judgement. Nothing, in fact, has done more to foster Muslim solidarity than the coming together of
this vast gathering each year through which a fresh charge of spiritual energy is transmitted to the
Muslim peoples of the world. Pilgrims mark their seven circuits of the Kaaba. The Kaaba, which
has been rebuilt several times, is believed to be the first place where the one God was worshiped.
The Muslim year is based on a lunar cycle, containing 354 days, and so changes annually by 10 or
11 days in relation to the Christian solar calendar. Hijra, migration, I Muharram, the first day of
the Muslim year, celebrates the very first day of the Muslim era when in 622 AD Muhammad left
Mecca to start a new community in Medina. Hence AH denotes the year of the Muslim era,
meaning ―After the Hijra‖, after the migration. The day is usually celebrated by telling the story of
how Muhammad and a handful of friends left Mecca for Medina. Ramadan, the month of fasting,
the ninth month of the Muslim year, when all Muslims who have reached puberty observe their
religious obligation to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations during daylight
hours. Observation of the rite can be extremely difficult in hot weather. Devout Muslims value the
training it offers in spiritual discipline, and in the triumph of mind over matter. Lailat Al-Qadr, the
―Night of Majesty‖, 27 Ramadan. Ramadan is the month in which the first revelation of the Quran
was made to Muhammad. ‗The Night of Majesty is better than a thousand months. The angels and
the Spirit descend in it by the permission of their Lord; for every affair, Peace! It is till the rising of
the morning ―Quran. Muslims spend this night in reading the Quran and in prayer. Id Al-Fitr, the
―festival of breaking the fast, ‗I Shawwal, used to be the less important of the two Ids; but so great
is the joy at the end of the hardship of Ramadan that Muslims have come to celebrate it with much
more festivity and rejoicing than the major festival. Id itself means ―festival‖ or ―time of
happiness‖ in Arabic, and at both festivals Muslims send each other wishes for a blessed and happy
occasion with cards. Id is a time of thanksgiving to God, who has enabled Muslims to overcome the
difficulties of Ramadan, and who provides for all man‘s needs. Muslims begin the day by bathing
and changing into new clothes. They then go to the mosque for prayers, which are usually so well
attended that the crowds of worshipers spill out of the entrance on to the road. Special
arrangements seem to have been made to accommodate members of this Id congregation, dressed
in their gleaming white new clothes, on a playing field at Balikpapan, Borneo.) After prayers they
exchange presents and visit friends and relations. They are also obliged to give to the poor.
Throughout the day Muslims try to ponder on the meaning of Islam and to bury their differences
with family and friends, so that they can make a new start to life in peace and forgiveness. Mawlid
Al-Nabi, the birthday of the Prophet, 12 Rabi al-Awwal. It began to be celebrated from the 10th
century and seems to have gained in importance as Muslims have encountered Christianity with its
especial emphasis on the birthday of Jesus. Muslims celebrate the day with gatherings to listen to
eulogies of the Prophet and descriptions of his life. For sufis, with their especial regard for
Muhammad as the ―perfect man‖, the day is particularly important and its observance may
sometimes be the culmination of celebrations, which begin on 1 Rabi al-Awwal. The Mawlid is the
most striking expression of reverence for Muhammad in Islam. Lailat Al-Miraj, the ―Night of the
Ascent‖, 27 Rajab, commemorates the night in the tenth year of Muhammad‘s prophethood when
the Archangel Gabriel conducted him through the Seven Heavens, where he spoke with God, and
from which he returned the same night with instructions that included the institution of the five
daily prayers. Muhammad is said to have made his journey on Buraq, a winged creature, half-
human, half-horse, and his ascent is said to have begun from the al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, which is

illustrated in stylised form. Muslims spend the day listening to stories of the Prophet‘s life. Id Al-
Adha, the ‗festival of sacrifice‖, 10 Zul-Hijja, is the second obligatory festival; the celebrations may
last three or more days. The origins of the festival goes back to the Prophet Abraham who
demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice all that he loved most dearly for God‘s sake, which act is
commemorated in the last rite of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims throughout the world celebrate
this day at the same time as those fortunate enough to be in Mecca. They begin the festival by
attending communal prayer, as at Id al-Fitr, and then sacrifice a sheep, a cow or a camel, usually
keeping one-third of the meat and giving the rest away to the poor: Why do we need a
―Constitution‖ or for that matter, a Bill of Rights‖, ‗for Governments to tell Us how to run our
everyday lives; where ordinary folk are kept under by coercion, and have no protection at all
regarding the Crown and its Sovereignty with its fundamental principles according to which a State
is governed with a ‗written‘ document embodying these outrageous draconian Statute Laws written
by gerontocracy old senile men whose laughter is liken to a Tasmanian ‗hyena‘. The constituency
must rise-up and fight for true political freedom from oppression. By the way, the word ―CON‖ in
Constitution means openly, that you are been conned by a corrupt political system, ‗You‘re not a
(Free) Man. We should ask ourselves the question. Do we really need a ‗Government at all; and the
answer to this question is ―NO‖, (we do not). Do we really care who our Masters are, ―No‖, The
People who control (Us) little gentiles all over the world everyday have us all in some kind of
quagmire: Statute, n. A written law of a legislative body, e.g. Act of Parliament; S-of Westminster
(in 1931, conferring equality of status on the self-governing British Dominions); -law, a-, (collect.)
the-s (opp. to Case‘ law and Common‘ law); ordinance of corporation, founder, etc., intended to be
permanent, as University-s; (bibl.) divine law, as kept thy-s; declaratory- (fixing interpretation of
existing law); private- (affecting individuals, opp. to general, public,-);- book, book(s) containing
the – law; -roll, engrossed-,-book;-s at large (in full as originally enacted). (ME, f. OF statut f. LL
statutum neut. p. p. as n. of L statuere set up (stare stand): Statutory, a. Enacted, required,
imposed, by statute, as- provisions, minimum. (-ory): Asia. As the Crusaders trudged eastwards,
so the Mongols were galloping out of Asia towards the west. Under Batu Khan (d. 1255) they
reached Hungary. Previously, with Genghis Khan (c. 1162-1227) at their head, the Mongols had
established hegemony throughout Asia and China, failing only to invade Japan. The threat
encouraged a great sense of unity amongst Japanese clans and tribes, which had been divided into
shifting, warring factions for centuries. A long period of imitation of Chinese culture, particularly
its literature and painting, slowly gave way to indigenous forms, a revival of the Shinto religion and
a strong period of Zen Buddhism. South America. Across the Pacific Ocean, cut off from the
rest of the world, developed the main South American civilizations, the Aztecs, the Mayas and the
Incas. Although the principle of the wheel and the manufacture of iron were unknown to them,
civilization developed to a high degree, particularly in the fields of astronomy, mathematics and
building. Complex and elaborate cities were inhabited by a highly developed hierarchic society.
Peasants, soldiers, administrators and priests were subservient to an emperor who claimed divine
birth. Eventually they were destroyed by the Spanish: There is a great ‗Leader, a great
‗Philosopher; a prophet of (God‘s will), Mutatis Mutandis Mutation, Kerry Paul Hay. He once said,
man cannot create; he can only copy Gods creation, for man is but a mere mortal (without
possessions), a mortal soul: Kerry‟s wisdom; -Women only listen to you when they want to marry
you, and after the ring goes on your nose; they no longer need to listen to their husbands crap
anymore; but before the honeymoon; it was very sweet indeed; than after the honeymoon is over, it
became hard too chew on for any longer than was necessary, Its like chewing on gum; at first it‘s
sweet, than after awhile, it becomes very hard too swallow in deed; but truly, all you wanted to do
was sleep; but then, ‗sex isn‘t everything, if you truly love each other, for better or for worse; a
sole-mate is what you both wanted after all, ‗except for the mood changes, and making love would
be great indeed providing it doesn‘t smother you too death. Love means never to chastise your sole-
mate, and if you can‘t stand the heat, ―Walkaway (get out), cool off, ‗for women have a fickle

nature, and are lethal in nature, because of their hormone level that pass into the blood and
stimulates their organs into action against their husbands: Kerry‟s Wisdom: - Wars are stupid, run
by stupid nobleman (aristocrats) e.g., Zionist‘s & Jesuit‘s who control the world under the Pope
Caesar (autocrat), the Holy Roman emperor. Their goal is to destroy, murder, and rebuild on
credit that they provide. They are a vicious circle of tyrants, for ―Man‖ has no ‗Soul; for
―mankind‖ must ‗suffer a terrible loss, for ―Man‖ too rule Usury (lending money at exorbitant
interest to goys): That was their plan. An earnest look into the heart and soul of Judaism; from
ancient Abraham to modern Israel; you need too read the book called; O Chris-tian! O Jew! By,
Paul R. Carlson (1974). ISBN. 0-912692-39-1: The Jews do not like the name ―Haman‖ called out in
public. It causes the Jews too ―cower‖. Youngsters boo, stamp their feet, and wave noisemakers
every time the name of Haman is uttered; and in some Jewish communities, Haman‘s name is even
written upon the soles of shoes, so that it might be blotted out underfoot. The sages wrote the
Passover Haggadah, and ―IT‖ has been more than 3000 years since the ‗Exodus from ‗Egypt, and
they prepare for the annual ―Seder. Free from Egyptian bondage. ―And when the Lord brings you
into the ―land‖ of the ―Canaanites‖, the ―Hittites‖, the ―Amorites‖, the ―Hivites‖, and the
―Jebusites‖, which he swore to your fathers to give you, a land flowing with milk and honey
(Exodus 13: 5-10, RSV). The ancient Jews were nothing more then ―mortal nomads‖; wandering
migrants, vagabonds and travellers. God promised the Jews nothing; because God would not give
something He knew belonged to someone else, such as the disputed ―Palestinians land title‖.
According to tradition,‖ Nisan (March and April), is not only the month of Pesach, or the Passover,
but also that of the creation of the world, of the birth of the patriarchs, of the erection of the
Tabernacle, and of Israel‘s redemption. Passover inaugurates and commemorates the birth of the
Jewish nation. Israel was prepared to face the hazards of the wilderness, so God, in His providence,
brought it to Sinai, gave it the Law, and concluded the Covenant. A Jewish wife is called a
‗rebbitsin. She is expected to participate in many synagogue functions etc. The Feast of Purim,
Ironically this happy celebration grew out of a near tragedy for the Jews. It all came about in this
way; King Ahasuerus (Xerxes), so the story goes, he fell in love with a Jewish beauty named Esther
and made her his queen. Unknown to the Persian monarch, Esther was the cousin of Mordecai; a
member of the court, and according to Talmudic Aggadah, none other than the prophet Malachi.
Whatever the case maybe, Ahasuerus had appointed an inflated buffoon named ―Haman as his
prime minister. In turn, Haman sought to exercise his newly acquired power by demanding that
people bow down before him, some thing that Mordecai refused to do. Therefore, when Haman
discovered that his recalcitrant subordinate was a Jew, he responded to the affront by requesting
the King‘s consent to liquidate all of the Israelites within the empire. When permission was
granted, Haman cast lots to choose the day on which to carry out his murderous plot. The date
decreed by a frivolous throw of the dice was the thirteenth of Adar. However, Mordecai learned of
Haman‘s scheme in time, and urged Esther to appeal to the king on behalf of her people.
Unhappily, the queen wavered because Ahasuerus was not then aware of her own Jewish origin.
But Haman still never got the chance to carry out his evil design. For, in the meantime, Mordecai
saved the king‘s life by reporting a plot against him. Esther ultimately summoned enough courage
to inform Ahasuerus about the true nature of Haman‘s lethal hatred against her people. In the end,
Haman was hanged and Mordecai was appointed chief vizier.‖ Ever since then Jews all over the
world have celebrated Purim each year,‖ says Edidin. ―The Rabbis of the ‗Talmud are quoted as
saying that Purim will not be eliminated even when the ―Messiah‖ comes. The ―Talmud‖ ascribes
the final decision on the Bible text of the Pentateuch; Ezra is further credited with initiating a drive
to make the Bible intelligible to his own and future generations. To appreciate the breadth of his
commitment and scholarship, it must be remembered that Moses and even David did not write in
the Hebrew we know today. It is probable, for example, that Moses wrote either in the cuneiform of
the Amarna letters or in the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian court in which he was raised. Moreover,
David‘s scribe most likely used an old Phoenician script similar to that found on the Moabite Stone.
It was therefore left to Ezra and the Sages of the Great Assembly (Knesseth Ha-Gedolah) to update

the ancient Biblical text by recasting it in the square Hebrew letters still familiar to contemporary
students of the Bible. But the Great Assembly did even more than that. It also served as the
spiritual and legislative institution of the post-prophetic era, laying the foundations of the
Halakhah, the Midrash, and the Aggadah: Aaron;- Chief Priest of the Jews. ―B‘NAI‘B‘RITH.
The Supreme Council as the directing head. The Sovereign Power ruling among all the Nations and
governing their political economic and religious, legal, and educations, policies; Founded by Henry
Jones ―Fraternal Jewish Societies. The Courts impose Jewish ―Halakhah,‖ the ―Midrash,‖ and the
―Aggadah‖ religious law. The Sages of the Great Assembly (Knesseth Ha-Gedolah), served as the
spiritual and legislative institution of the post-prophetic era, laying the foundations of the
Halakhah, the Midrash, and the Aggadah. Above all, these Sages were ultimately responsible for
transferring religious authority from the hereditary priesthood to the scholars (hakhamim). Ever
since then, the scholar has been accorded a singular place of honour in the Commonwealth of
Israel. This recognition of the authority of scholarship found expression in the so-called triple
maxim of the Great Assembly. ―Be slow in giving judgment‖ represented a commitment to judicial
decisions based on precedents, due or Jew process, and the rule of law. ―Establish many disciples‖
recognized the need to train numerous experts who were neither priest nor Levites. These
Sopherim established forever the authority of learning in Judaism. ―And make a barrier above the
Law‖ upheld the sacredness of the secular and raised ―a halo of sanctity‖ above Jewish personal
and public life. Memory Vision, ISBN 0-7153-9393-6; by Tony Buzan, this secret code book was
developed in the seventeenth century;-2001 is Day; 2002 is the year of Noah; 2005 is Law; 2007 is
Key; 2016 is Dash;- this code by the Yids, probably means Armageddon, dash for cover ( Atomic
bombs ), where some 144,000 from Israel on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the chosen Ashkenazim, or
Sephardim, the Spanish and Portuguese Jews or their descendants; distinguished from the
Ashkenazim, and originating from Asia Minor. The Doctrine of Avatar;- Order of the 15;- the
people will not seek the Kingdom through psychic development, but through the awakening of their
love and compassion, they will find The Christ-light illumining their hearts and opening all the
psychic doors normally and without effort. These will be the 144,000 who will ‗meet the Lord in the
air,‘ e.g., in the higher spiritual-plane to which they can penetrate because of the love and
compassion developed. Only when The Christ-love has manifested and has thus awakened the
hearts of a considerable number of disciples can a centre, and be formed in which this power can be
focused and individualized in the person of the coming Avatar. While there can be but one God, the
Absolute, there are many gods, e.g., Spiritual, Creative, Emanations; the Seven Creative Spirits, the
Dhyan Chohans, who correspond to the Hebrew Elohim. It is the same Hierarchy of Archangels to
which St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and others belong, in Christian Theogony.‖- Ibid. The Seven Spirits
of God sent forth into all the earth.‖ Revelation V. 6, ―The seven sprits which are before his
throne.‖ Ibid, 1,4. ―And I saw the seven angels which stood before God.‖-Ibid, V111, 2. May we say
a certain Ray or colour is presiding, in reality it is man‘s consciousness that is passing through that
band of colour or Ray of force and consciousness, learning its lessons and gaining its forces. For
example, a Celestial Being is the Progenitor or Father of the Red Ray or Hierarchy of Masters.
Under Him are the masters of His sub-rays and lesser sub-rays, and so on down to those Souls who
are achieving mastery and entering the ranks from the races now on earth. It is the aggregate of all
these Masters that is known to us as the Great White Lodge. It is called the White Lodge because,
like the white light, it is the harmonious blending of all the seven Rays. The meaning of the
―Freemasons‖ symbol;- the ―Pyramid‖ motto; ―Dare Do Keep Silent‖ Their Seal consist of a double
triangle inscribed in a circle, with an open Eye in the centre and their five pointed stars in the
spaces between the sides of the triangle and the circle. There are 33 levels of ―Freemasonry‖: Those
144,000 Jewish descendants may go to heaven? But not the present day orthodox Jews from Russia;
for they are not Jews, but Khazars; descendants from a warlike Mongol tribe who lived deep in the
heart of Asia, and the Asiatic drove them out of Asia into eastern Europe. They are the eastern
European Jews, who now form 92% of the world‘s Jewish population today: Jesus, ‗A masculine

personal name. (<Hebrew, the Lord is salvation). Jews, The source of Christianity; probably living
from 6 B.C. to A.D. 29 or 30; son of Mary; regarded in all Christian faiths as Christ, the Messiah.
Hence, ―also (Jesus Christ). Jesus The son of Sirach; lived about the third or fourth century B.C;
author of Ecclesiasticus: Jethro, (jeth‘ro) ‗Moses father-in-law. Exod. Xviii: Gehenna (gi-
hen‘a) n. (1) In the Bible, the valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem, where offal was thrown and fire
kept burning to purify the air. (2) A place of torment. (3) In the New Testament, hell; hellfire. (<LL
<Gk. Geenna <Hebrew ge- hinnom vally of Hinnom): The concise Oxford Dictionary ―Moloch‖,
Canaanite idol to whom children were sacrificed. ‗Jews, they were phallic (phallus) worshippers,
and that was their religion. ―Moloch‖ a god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom merciless
human sacrifices were offered. ―Tophet‖ In the Old Testament, a place in the valley of Hinnom,
near Jerusalem, where the ‗Jews were said to sacrifice their children to Moloch; later used as a
place for burning the city‘s refuse, A place of endless perdition; hell, Topheth ‗Hebrew, an altar:
Jesus was a white Caucasian male, middle tall, whiter than the children of man; Jesus said, if you
have seen me; you have seen my father in heaven. Today we have Black Jews, Brown Jews, White
Jews, Now, if the Jews are claiming to be descendants from the Israelite tribe, who were
predominantly white; than the Jews today must all be white? The truth is they are mostly non-
Jewish imitations. Believe me; I know what God looks like. There is a full description herein, read
my biography of Jesus: Beni Israel (Bene Israel), also called the ―Brown Jews,‖ a group of Jews
residing mainly in or near Bombay, but also at Rangoon, Calcutta and Malabar, India; in 1940 out
of the approximately 24. Up to 1934 certain sections of the Jews in India ‗refused to admit the Beni
Israel into the Jewish communities which they controlled. In Bombay and Calcutta such
restrictions were removed about 1915, but the Jewish authorities at Rangoon, and particularly the
trustees of the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue, stubbornly refused to grant equal rights to the Beni
Israel in religious and communal affairs, declaring that as the Beni Israel did not observe all of the
Orthodox Jewish customs (in particular those of Levirate marriage and the ritual bath) they were
not entitled to call themselves Jews. The result was a two years ‗legal battle in the courts of
Rangoon, which ended in a victory for the Beni Israel. One of the synagogues in Rangoon, Beth El,
admitted the Beni Israel after having received an opinion from Haham Moses Gaster that the latter
were to be granted full religious rights. Musmeah Yeshua was more recalcitrant, and it was only
after further legal pronouncements on the part of the courts, backed by expert testimony from
Gaster and from Benzion Uziel, chief rabbi of the Sephardic Jews of Palestine, that the last
remanence of decimation against the Beni Israel were swept away. The vernacular of the Beni-
Israel is Mahrati; that of the Cochin Jews, Malayalam. The Jews from Bagdad, Syria, and southern
Arabia use Arabic; and there are Jews from Persia who speak Persian: Jerusalem, Amongst the
Jews no iron tool was used in building the Temple at Jerusalem or in making an altar. The old
wooden bridge (Pons Sublicius) at Rome, which was considered sacred, was made, and this had to
be kept in repair without the use of iron or bronze. It was, expressly provided by law, that the
temple of Jupiter Liber at Furfo might be repaired with iron tools. Babylonian literature, or the
brief reference of the prophet Ezekiel, who saw, the women of Jerusalem weeping for Tammuz, at
the north gate of the temple. Mirrored in the glass of Greek mythology, the oriental deity appears
as a comely youth beloved by Aphrodite. There was a dispute between the two goddesses of love, so
Zeus decreed that Adonis should abide with Persephone in the under world for one part of the year,
and with Aphrodite in the upper world for another part of the year. The fair youth was killed in
hunting, by a wild boar, or by the jealous Ares? Taboo, when Abraham visited the city of Salem,
the local priest-king Melchizedek proffered food and drink so that by partaking of them his guest
might enter into commensal communion with the local god El ‗Elyon, ―God Most High‘ (Gen. 14);
and the same procedure was followed in the cases of Abimelech the Philistine and Isaac, of Jethro
the Kenite and Moses, and of the Israelites as a whole and the inhabitants of Gibeon (Joshua 9: 14).
The use of myrrh as incense at the festival of Adonis may have given rise to the fable. We have seen
that incense was burnt at the corresponding Babylonian rites, just as it was burnt by the idolatrous

Hebrews in honour of the Queen of Heaven, who was no other than Astarte. Again, the story that
Adonis spent half, or according to others a third, of the year in the lower world and the rest of it in
the upper world, is explained most simply and naturally by supposing that he represented
vegetation, especially the corn, which lies buried in the earth half the year and reappears above
ground the other half. Certainly of the annual phenomena of nature there is none, which suggests
so obviously the idea of death and resurrection as the disappearance and reappearance of
vegetation in autumn and spring. The annual death and revival of vegetation is a conception, which
readily presents itself to men in every stage of savagery and civilization. In connection with the
identification of Osiris with corn, it is of interest to observe that an early Egyptian text actually
describes threshing as ―hacking the god! ―Feast of All Souls, it is customary among Jews to visit
graves in the same month! The Feast of Halloween, it may be added, was first sanctioned as a
Christian observance for the Benedictine order by Odilo of Cluny in 998, and was enjoined upon
the entire Church by Pope John XIX in 1006.). An Arab writer tells of a golden locust, which
guarded a certain town from a plague of locusts; and he also mentions two brazen oxen, which
checked murrain among cattle. So when a swarm of serpents afflicted the Israelites in the desert,
they made a serpent of brass and set it on a pole as a mode of staying the plague. The Egyptian
pharaoh is a son of the god Re; the Babylonian king is suckled at the breasts of the goddess Ishtar;
and the Hebrew monarch; is formally adopted by Jehovah at the moment of his installation. I have
installed my king on Zion; my holy hill-Jehovah hath said unto me, Thou art my son, this day have
I begotten thee (Psalm 2: 6-7). In Psalm 29: 10, Yahweh is said to sit enthroned ―above the storm-
flood‖-a passage usually misunderstood. In rabbinic literature the foundation stone of Solomon‘s
Temple is said to hold down the subterranean waters of the deluge! Some persons are supposed to
be inspired for short periods by a divine spirit, and thus temporarily to enjoy the knowledge and
power of the indwelling deity. From beliefs like these it is an easy step to the conviction that certain
men are permanently possessed by a deity, or in some other undefined way are endued with so high
a degree of supernatural power as to be ranked as gods and to receive the homage of prayer and
sacrifice. Sometimes these human gods are restricted to purely supernatural or spiritual functions.
Sometimes they exercise supreme political power in addition. In the latter case they are kings as
well as gods, and the government is a theocracy, e.g., Jewish commonwealth from Moses to the
monarchy; the‘ocrat, ruler in, subject under, ocracy, so theocrat‘ic; believer in direct intervention
and authority of God through revelation in government of society etc. Thus in the Marquesses or
Washington Islands there was a class of men who were deified in their lifetime. They were supposed
to wield a supernatural power over the elements; they could give abundant harvests or smite the
ground with barrenness; and they could inflict disease or death. Human sacrifices were offered to
them to avert their wrath. There were not many of them, at the most one or two in each island.
They lived in mystic seclusion. Their powers were sometimes, but not always, hereditary. A
missionary has described one of these human gods from personal observation. The god was a very
old man who lived in a large house within an enclosure. In the house was a kind of altar, and on the
beams of the house and on the trees round it were hung human skeletons, head down. No one
entered the enclosure except the persons dedicated to the service of the god; only on days when
human victims were sacrificed might ordinary people penetrate into the precinct. This human god
received more sacrifices than all the other gods; often he would sit on a sort of scaffold in front of
his house and call for two or three human victims at a time. They were always brought, for the
terror he inspired was extreme. He was invoked all over the island, and offerings were sent to him
from every side. In the Pelew Islands it is thought that every god can take possession of a man and
speak through him. The possession maybe either temporary or permanent; in the latter case the
chosen people is called a korong. The god is free in his choice, so the position of korong is not
hereditary. After the death of a korong the god is for some time unrepresented, until he suddenly
makes his appearance in a new Avatar. The person thus chosen gives signs of the divine presence by
behaving in a strange way; he gapes, runs about, and performs a number of senseless acts. At first
people laugh at him, but his sacred mission is in time recognised, and he is invited to assume his

proper position in the state. Generally this position is a distinguished one and confers on him a
powerful influence over the whole community. In some of the islands the god is political sovereign
of the land; and hence his new incarnation, however humble his origin, is raised to the same high
rank, and rules, as god and king, over all the other chiefs! The ancient Germans sometimes
worshipped women as true and living goddesses. For example, in the reign of Vespasian a certain
Veleda, of the tribe of the Bructeri, was commonly held to be a deity, and in that character reigned
over her people, her sway being acknowledged far and wide. She lived in a tower on the river
Lippe, a tributary of the Rhine. When the people of Cologne sent to make a treaty with her, the
ambassadors were not admitted to her presence; the negotiations were conducted through a
minister, who acted as the mouthpiece of her divinity and reported her oracular utterances. So too,
among the ‗Getae, down to the beginning of our era, there was always a man who personified a god
and was called God by the people. He dwelt on a sacred mountain and acted as adviser to the king!
The Voice of Isis;- the teachings of The Order of Christian Mystics;- concerning the doctrine of hell
fire;- The Bible an allegory-scriptures universally true-teaching of the Johan-nites-use of myths-the
Path of At-won meant-Hebrew symbols-journey of the awakened Soul-the Master Jesus, a
historical person-age-Order Lord crucified in Sodom-hell-fire a bogie-its significance-the lake
which burnt-symbology of brimstone-gases gathering for cataclysms-body sees corruption-all pass
through karmic burnings-The Christ must descend into hell; hell-fire consumes only the false-must
weave immortal garments-the New Jerusalem. The cycle of fulfilment; -1912 begins an important
cycle-solar system enters Aquarius-the Year of Jubilee-the lower must be reaped first-influence of
Uranus in Aquarius-cyclic cataclysms-the Law of Divine Harmony-the swastika-illustration of the
dough-key-note of a storm-every planet is tested-origin of comets-alchemical changes within the
earth-the effect of the stars on each other-certain forces only now reaching the earth-planet
destined to become sun-through-force of a planet its key-note-Saturn the Initiator-earth the new
note-the Sign of the Son of Man-reign of Aquarius 217 0 years-cycle of fulfilment for each nation
and organization-reasons for poverty and sickness-earth evolving toward sunhood-find the Place of
Peace: What ―MAN‖ has done to ―Mankind‖ since 1119 A.D. The great military order called the
―Knights Templar‖. The king god ― Moloch‖ of the Phoenicians and Ammonites; -Tophet, In the
Old Testament, a place in the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where the Jews were said to
sacrifice their children in a merciless sacrifice to their god Moloch;-―To-phet‖ was later used as a
place for burning the city‘s refuse. It was a place of endless perdition; hell! During or about the 5th
century A.D; the Arminians and the Khazars formed a military pack, and wiped out most; if not all
of the Israelites!;- then they copulated their blood-lines, ‖hence‖ the modern day Jew, ‗look the
whole belief is full of Jewish ―mythology‖ of myths and legends, the Zionist to-day have a
mythomania, that is to tell lies, in order too control the world by the ―Machiavellian way!. The fact
is that 92% of the Jewish population today are not Jews at all, but are from a warlike tribe called
―Khazars‖, and they came from Eastern Europe, they were ancient Turkic people who appeared in
Transcaucasia in the 2nd century A.D. and subsequently settled in the lower Volga region, a part of
Russia. The Khazars will survive their own Holocaust, only to be eternally punished by Christ on
his return in the twenty-first century A.D; most probably around the year 2015; Christ in the End
Times, for only the immaculate Jewish people and the down-trodden gentiles (goys) of this earth. Is-
ra-el (iz‘re-el); Solomon, King of Israel during the tenth century B.C; noted for his wisdom and
magnificence; a son of David. Moses (mo‘zis), -ziz; Ger., Sw. mo‘ses) is a masculine personal name.
(<Egyptian, child, son)-Moses In the Old Testament, the younger son of Amram and Jochebed, who
led the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land, received the Ten Commandments from God,
and gave laws to the people; hence, a leader; legislator, ‗and Jethro (jeth‘ro) Moses‘ father-in-law.
Exod. Xviii. Star of Bethlehem 1 the large star by which the three Magi were guided to the manger
in Bethlehem where the child Jesus lay. The ―Magi‘s names were;-―Melchior‖ was an old man with
white hair and long beard. ―Caspar‖ was a ruddy and beardless youth. ―Balthasar‖ was swarthy
(dark-complexioned), and in the prime of life: Star of David, The six-pointed star used as a symbol
by the Hebrews; named the Mogen David. Mogen David (mo‘gen da‘vid, duv‘id) A mystic device

formed by the intertwining of two equilateral triangles; the six-pointed star; used as a symbol of
Judaism. Also called Star of David, Shield of David, and Solomon‘s seal. (<Hebrew, Star of David).
Hexagram (hek‘a-gram) n. One of various figures formed by six intersecting lines, especially one
made by completing the equilateral triangles based on the sides of a regular hexagon. Jewish
Capital;- Birobidzhan (berobejan) or Jewish Autonomous Oblast, administrative division (c. 14,800
sq. mi., pop. c.163,000), SE Asiatic RSFSR. It is in Khabarovsk Territory, between Manchuria to
the south and the Bureya range to the north, Primarily an agricultural area, there is also lumbering
and mining, notably for gold. The capital of the oblast is Birobidzhan city (pop. c.41, 000), on the
Trans-Siberian RR. The autonomous oblast was formed in 1934 to give the Soviet Jewish
population a home territory and to increase, by settlement, the defence along the borders of the
Soviet Far East. The Soviet Jewish Leader, Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) a systematic mass murderer
of at least twenty million of his own people. It was the largest cull of humans of any genocide of the
nineteenth century ever orchestrated by one man! The people can attest to this brutal Communist
system. The people thought that Stalin the Jew was a saint, a Holy of Holies, and that only Stalin
could save them, they prayed to his name, they worshipped him. Stalin was all-powerful and just
they thought. In the autumn of 1938, millions of gentiles (goy; Jewish name for non-Jew), had to dig
for gold in Kolyma. The human misery, death and tragedy; slaves workers froze to death in the
goldmines, they were literally starved to death, working ten hours under ground and a super
human quota, every prisoner had to haul one hundred barrows on rock each shift. If the quota
wasn‘t meet, they received only 200 gram of bread and half a herring as punishment rations. These
poor fellows had to work night and day; millions of prisoners died from exhaustion in the camp in
Siberia; they had no love, Friendship or Mercy in the Gulag. The NKVD systematically
dehumanised human beings. The USSR was one big camp, the ―Big Zone‖ as the convicts called it.
Stalin channelled nearly forty million slaves through the Gulag. By the end of 1939, Stalin
murdered some thirty thousand of his own officers as well? Also, Joseph Stalin 1879-1953, U.S.S.R.
statesman; real name (Iosif Dzhugashvili) had some 20 to 30 million of his own citizens killed. ―Sir
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, born 1874‖ it‘s alleged‘ warmonger; somehow a bloodline
connection to Stalin). Germany only wanted peace with England. Any opponent of Stalin was
systemically liquidated. Stalin campaign against his enemy; first he destroyed the Kulaks, then he
went after the Trotskyists or supporters of Zinoviev, many others had to be destroyed, so they had
to be arrested, this was a campaign against the ―Jews by Stalin? (Stalin himself was a Jew). And its
claimed that his enemies were hauled off too the Gulag by the thousands, Russia‘s elite; professors,
artist intellectuals, they were mostly accused of having links with JOINT. Joint was an American
Jewish organization. It is said that the so-called Doctors ‗Plot was an anti-Semitic act, but those
Kremlin doctors were a convenient target, they were used to show the people that even those in
trusted positions, could actually turnout to be people who could not only heal but poison. The
tyrant died on the 2nd March 1953 when he suffered a stroke and fell too the floor and
subsequently was soaked in his own urine or piss! The Jewish population increased in the 1940s,
especially after the Second World War. Under the Stalin regime, a program of anti-Semitism was
launched, and Jewish cultural activity declined. Though there has been emigration from the area
since 1958, one Yiddish newspaper still survives:            Israel, formerly called Palestine,
The State of Israel has been a thorn-in-the-side of her neighbours from day one. No peace
for goyim. This ―British Law‖ mandate to allow the Jews a State calling itself Israel is
invalid, e.g., ―null and void‖, ―Why should ―IT‖ exist at all. Israeli‘s should never have
been allowed to breathe life within Palestine, a State now calling itself Israel. ―IT‖ should
never exist. There will never be peace while the Jews remain on Palestinian Land. The
State of Israel is illegal. The land was stolen from the Arabs and Palestinians: - Israel, A
republic comprising parts of Palestine, proclaimed as a Jewish national state at four o‘clock on the
14, May, 1948; 8,040 square miles; capital, Jerusalem. David Ben-Gurion, the architect of the
modern Jewish State, a man with snow-white hair. He said; By virtue of the natural and historic

right of the Jewish people, and the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations, we
hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish State in ―Palestine, to be called Israel. He said, the
new state would be guided by the principles of ―liberty. Justice, and peace as conceived by the
prophets of Israel. This meant, he said, that there would be full social and political equality for all
citizens, regardless of religion, race, or sex (a pledge that would complicate Israeli politics in years
to come). ―We appeal to the United Nations,‖ he declared, ―to assist the Jewish people in the
building of its state and to admit Israel into the family of nations. ―With trust in the Almighty,‖ he
concluded, ―we set our hand to this declaration; in the City of Tel-Aviv on the fifth day of Iyar,
5708, the fourteenth day (14) of May, 1948. The proceedings had taken just 37 minutes. So hectic
were the hours immediately preceding independence that the Jewish Agency‘s representative in
Washington did not even know the name of his country when independence was finally declared!
Eliahu Elath had attempted to resolve this problem by referring to ―the Jewish State‖ in his letter
requesting U.S. recognition for his country. When word came from Tel-Aviv that the new state was
to be called Israel, Elath hastily pencilled the name into his recognition request. Britain‘s mandate
over Palestine expired at six pm. two hours after Ben-Gurion‘s historic appearance at the art
museum. At 6:12, President Truman announced American recognition of the State of Israel. Other
nations quickly followed suit, though war clouds were even then forming on the Middle East
horizon: For 1900 years the nomad Jews had wandered over the face of the earth, hapless victims of
the often-barbarous ‗goyim e.g., gentile race. Yet somehow they had managed to survive the
ghettos, the Pale of Settlement, the pogroms, and even the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of six
million? At the time of independence, there were less than 700,000 Israelis of Jewish birth, living on
a narrow strip of land. ―With 50 million Arabs,‖ said King Ibn-Saud of Saudi Arabia,‘ what does it
matter if we lose 10 million people to kill all the Jews? The price is worth it. Zion had taught
Israelis. Somehow they had brought illegal immigrants through the blockade of Germany during
the period of the British mandate. This British mandate of Palestine, had taken effect on the 29,
September 1923. In skirmishes they had challenged both British and Arab weaponry with
submachine guns fashioned out of smuggled war-surplus parts, as well as with antique French
mountain guns, affectionately nicknamed ―Napoleonchiks. How this Jewish State came to be with
world events prior to independence. World War (1) began history‘s conspiracy to lead the exiles
home. It all came about in this way. Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the Russian-born biochemist, had left
his native Pinsk to carve out a career and uphold the Zionist ideal in England. There he taught at
the University of Manchester, and later became director of the Admiralty Laboratories in London.
When hostilities erupted among the Great Powers, the British found themselves in urgent need of
acetone for war production. Without it, all naval guns would have to be rebuilt. But Jewish genius!
Saved the day. Chaim Weizmann discovered! a process whereby the critical substance could be
produced from horse chestnuts! In appreciation for Weizmann‘s contribution to the war effort,
Prime Minister Lloyd George asked the celebrated scientist to name his reward. ―I want nothing
for myself,‖ replied Weizmann in effect. ―All I ask is a homeland for my people. That Foreign
Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote a 117-word note to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, head of the
British branch of the great Jewish banking family. Known henceforth as the Balfour Declaration,
the historic document said in part. His Majesty‘s Government view with favour the establishment
in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate
the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may
prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the
rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. The only problem with the
declaration was that Palestine had been under the control of the Ottoman Turks for four centuries.
But even this obstacle was removed a month later, when British troops under General Edmund
(The Bull) Allenby staged a brilliant campaign against the forces of the Turks, a German ally. With
America‘s entry into the war, some 2700 Jewish volunteers joined Allenby‘s Royal Fusiliers in the
historic march on Jerusalem, including Izhak Ben-Zvi and David Ben-Gurion, destined later to
become president and prime minister of the ‗reborn State of Israel. Supported by a battalion of

Jews recruited in Palestine itself, Allenby‘s victorious troops entered the Holy City on Chanukah,
the Feast of Lights; one of the most joyous and holy days of the Jewish year. While his fellow
soldiers were ecstatic over the victory, David Ben-Gurion‘s sentiments had been expressed at the
time the Balfour Declaration had been made public. British have not given Palestine back to us.
Even if the British conquered the whole country, it would not become ours through Great British
giving her consent and other countries agreeing. Britain has made a magnificent gesture; she has
recognized our existence as a nation and has acknowledged our right to the country. But only the
Hebrew people can transform this right into tangible fact; only they, with body and soul, with their
strength and capital, must build their national home and bring about their national redemption.
Apart from the secular thrust of David Ben-Gurion‘s messianic vision, later events were to prove
him eminently correct. For initial Arab hospitality toward the Jews quickly degenerated into blind
fury. In April 1920, riots broke out in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, where the survivors of the
earlier pogroms became the fresh victims of murder, rape and pillage. A prime figure behind this
Arab violence was the sinister Haj Amin el-Husseini whom the British had appointed as mufti of
Jerusalem, making him the religious head of the Moslem community in Palestine. The fanaticism of
Husseini and his extremist clique soon made it clear to the Jewish settlers that they would have to
rebuild their ancient land with a hoe in one hand and a gun in the other. Moreover, as the Jews
continued to face fresh outbreaks of Arab hostility, they were suddenly confronted by an even
greater threat; the Nazis ―Final Solution of the Jewish Question. With the outbreak of World War
11, Husseini realized that he might be able to solve his own ―Jewish question. ―To that end,‖ say
Gervasi, ―the mufti entered into a secret alliance with the Nazis; he promised Hitler Arab support
in the Middle East in the event of war with England (his own political patron), in exchange for
German money and weapons. Great Britain emerged victorious from the ensuing war. But the Jews
still were not free of their struggle for survival. For those who did escape Hitler‘s gas chambers
were now denied access to the ancient homeland by a British government that seemed incapable of
administering a country, which, as Max I. Dimont suggests, resembled ―a schizophrenic patient. As
early as 1936, the British had attempted to solve the problem of Arab intransigence and Jewish
despair by appointing the Peel Commission to come up with corrective therapy. In due course, that
commission recommended that the country be partitioned along ethnic lines, a suggestion that led
some Christians to believe that the confrontation of Joel 3: 2 was about to be fulfilled. But then,
says Dimont. The Jews reluctantly accepted this recommendation, the Arabs vehemently rejected it,
and the British diplomatically ignored it, preferring a schizoid patient to none at all. To tranquillise
the Arabs, the British gave the Jews a shock treatment, the White Paper of 1939, which would
reduce Jewish immigration to 15,000 a year for five years and then stop it altogether, aiming at
freezing the Jews into a permanent minority in the Arab majority. The Jews vehemently rejected
this, the Arabs reluctantly accepted it, and the British enthusiastically enforced it. Ironically,
however, the Jews continued to support the British in the war effort, just as their Arab neighbours
left little doubt that their own sympathies rested with the Axis. ―We will make war as though there
were no White Paper.‖ Declared, David Ben-Gurion, ―and we will fight the White Paper as though
there were no war. That politics sometimes make strange bedfellows is illustrated by the fact that,
the end of hostilities, the British rewarded the Arabs by continuing to control Jewish immigration
rigidly. The burned-out hulks that did manage to sail through the British blockade were
impounded; their ―human cargo‖ (non-Jews!) was interned in new concentration camps on the
island of Cyprus. This was the volatile situation, which existed when the British did ultimately
relinquish political control in Palestine on the eve of Israel‘s independence. The remarkable growth
of the Jewish State has not dampened Arab determination to push the Jews into the sea, even
though the Arab nations were beaten decisively in the War of Independence (1948), the Sinai
Campaign (1956), and the Six-Day War (1967). The sacrilege of the latest confrontation; the ―Yom
Kippur War‖; has only strengthened Israel‘s resolve. Meanwhile the God of both Jew and Arab
weeps as He witnesses the senseless destruction of the seed of Isaac and Ishmael. His promise
remains sure. In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in

the midst of the land. Whom the Lord of hosts, shall bless, saying, Blessed by Egypt, my people, and
Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance (Isaiah 19: 24, 25), How long, O Lord,
how long! The Zionist Congress meeting in Basel on the 30, July 1905, had rejected the offer by
Balfour of a Jewish homeland in Uganda, and calls for one in Palestine. The Evangelicals‘ and the
Jews. Evangelical Christians look with awe and wonder at the drama unfolding in the Holy Land.
They remember the hand of God guiding British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, a
former Tory leader, as he penned the momentous words on November 2, 1917. ―His Majesty‘s
Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish
people. ―Look it wasn‘t His Majesty‘s land to giveaway in the first place. The land belongs to the
Arabs, the Palestinians, and the Muslims; not this Mongol tribe calling themselves Jews; they are
―Khazar,‖from Asia. The Jews have a homeland, it‘s called ―Birobidzhan‖ on the NE border of
Manchuria comprising of 13,800 square miles of Jewish capital. That is where the Jews should be
living. Not on ―Palestinian‖ owned title land. Now called ―Israel.‖ Is-rae-li (iz-ra‘le): Christian anti-
Zionism. Sami Hadawi, a noted Arab apologist, recently buttressed his claims against Israel by
quoting a well-known New Testament scholar. Here is the quotation that Hadawi used to support
his own anti-Zionist stand. The evidence is overwhelming that no true Christian, believing in the
New Testament, could possibly confuse the modern Israel, brought into being by political
machination and military power accompanied by ruthless deprivation of the native inhabitants,
with the Israel of God of Christian faith. These two Israel‘s contradict one another completely.
There is no basis in either Old or New Testament to support the claim of the Zionists that a modern
Jewish State in Palestine is justified or demanded by the Bible or by Biblical prophecy. The
‗promises‘ of Biblical prophecy apply to all mankind, and not only to Jews or Zionist; such terms as
‗victory‘ and ‗salvation, ‗in their true Biblical meaning, connote (imply), religious and spiritual
achievements and not the conquest or degradation of political enemies; and, more specifically, such
terms as ‗Israel,‖ the New Israel,‘ or ‗the Israel of God,‘ in the New Testament apply to the Ideal
Christian Church, or to a body of true believers in the religious sense. Bernhard E. Olson ―Student
of theological anti-Semitism almost totally ignore the anti-Semitic thrust in theological
universalism. ‖And, he says, ―Billy Graham is much nearer the truth when he asserts that the
central problem Christians have with Jews is the Christian‘s mistaken notion that God, in choosing
to include the Gentiles in God‘s promises to Israel, thereby excluded the Jews. ―Christians did not
displace the Jews, says Graham; rather Christians are grafted onto the Jewish people,‖ Olson
comments. ―And that is why Billy Graham, for all his Salvationist particularity, is a friend of the
Jewish people and an enemy of all anti-Semitism: In 1891, Blackstone declared. ―Israel shall be
restored to Palestine, the ‗title deed‘ are recorded, and not in the Mohammedan Serai of Jerusalem,
nor the Serglio of Constantinople, but in (the) Bible. Based upon this deep conviction, Blackstone
presented President Benjamin Harrison with a remarkable memorial signed by many prominent
clergymen, other professional men, and Congressional leaders. In this petition, the signatories
declared. What shall be done for the Russian Jews? It is both unwise and useless to undertake to
dictate to Russia concerning her internal affairs. The Jews have lived as foreigners in her
dominions for centuries, and she fully believes that they are a burden upon her resources and
prejudicial to the welfare of her peasant population e.g., ―the Russian Jews had wealth and were
not peasants! Russia will not allow them to remain. She is determined that they must go. Hence, like
the Sephardim of Spain, these Ashkenazim must emigrate. But where shall two million of such poor
people go? Europe is crowded and has no room for more peasant populations. Shall they come to
America? This will be a tremendous expense and require years. Why not give Palestine back to
them again? According to God‘s distribution of nations it is their home; an inalienable possession
from which they were expelled by force. Under their cultivation, it was a remarkably fruitful land,
sustaining millions of Israelites? Who industriously tilled its hillsides and valleys? They were
agriculturists and producers, as well as a nation of great commercial importance, the centre of
civilization and religion. Meanwhile, even as American evangelicals were expressing their concern
over the tragic plight of Russian Jewry, the stage was being set for the preparation and adoption of

an even more remarkable document in Great Britain. It would one day be known to the world as
the Balfour Declaration. British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour acquired his interest in
the Jewish people from his mother, Lady Blanche Balfour, the sister of Lord Salisbury. Of his pious
upbringing, Norman MacLean has written. At the time, young Balfour heard the pure evangelical
doctrine of his day with fire. ‗The Jew first must return to Zion and then will come the final
consummation. ‗When Balfour met Dr. Chaim Weizmann in Manchester in 1906, he realized that
his mother‘s faith was not a dream, that the New Jerusalem had firm foundations on earth.
However, it was Balfour himself who was to play a major role in turning the age-old dream into a
reality when, a little more than a decade later, a document was issued under his signature which
expressed the support of the British Government in the establishment in Palestine of a national
homeland for the Jewish people. At the same time, Balfour‘s own commitment to the Zionist ideal
was shared by two other world statesmen whose support was of crucial importance; Prime Minister
David Lloyd George and President Woodrow Wilson, both of whom were nurtured on the same
doctrine that inspired the British Foreign Secretary himself. July 30, 1905 Basel, Zionist
Congress meeting in Basel rejects the offer by Balfour of a Jewish homeland in Uganda,
and calls for one in Palestine: December 4, 1901 Germany, the Bavarian Parliament permits the
appointment of a Jewish judge, but will not allow their proportion to exceed that of Jews in the
whole population: March 13, 1902 Poland; schools are shut as pupils refuse to sing the Russian
imperial anthem: May 21, 1902 Germany, a bill put before Prussian Parliament to hasten and
intensify ―Germanisation‖ of Polish territories: April 16, 1903 Russia, A mob murdered scores of
Jews in Kishinev, Bessarabia; the first since 1881, The five million Jews (1903), now living in Russia
is believed that the Jews were responsible for 500 strikes this year, almost half of the 100,000 in
Kishinev are Jewish; at the same time a boy was killed by Jews, because they needed his blood to
celebrate the Passover feast; this caused the peasant mob to slaughter the Jews; this town was part
of Turkey before 1812. Sept 4, 1904 Russia, Decree defines residence rights of Jews: January 10,
1905 Germany, Jewish newspapers complains of a rising tide of German anti-Semitism: May 24,
1905 Poland, many Jews die in Warsaw anti-Semitic riots as authorities look on: November 8, 1905
Chicago, Fund launched to aid Russian Jews: September 12, 1906 Poland revealed that the Russian
authorities instigated Siedlce massacre of Jews, a city in eastern Poland; formerly, capital of a
political subdivision of Russian Poland: August 16, 1909 London, Tory leader Arthur Balfour tells
MPs that giving equal rights to South Africa‘s blacks would threaten white civilisation: Jew,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945): January 3, 1910 Melbourne, reports that Victoria‘s full-
blooded ‗Aboriginal population has dropped to 253, from 15,000: May 5, 1910 Christiania, Ex- US.
President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) gets Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in the Russo-
Japanese War. Theodore once said, The most successful politician is he who says what everybody is
thinking most often and in the loudest voice: September 11, 1910, the 12th Zionist Congress raises
100,000 marks to set-up the colony in Palestine: December 1, 1910 Germany, Census shows
population has grown by four million in five years to sixty-four points, nine million: June 9, 1910
Washington, delegation appeals to the President for aid for Russian Jews: July 2, 1912 US,
Woodrow Wilson win‘s the Democratic nomination: Coronel, a ―port of south central Chile; scene
of a World War 1 German naval victory, 1914: June 20, 1914 Hamburg, the Kaiser launches
world‘s biggest ship, the liner ‗Bismarck: August 1,1914 Berlin, the ‗Kaiser of Germany, the
former King of Prussia, now Wilhelm 1, declares war on his cousin, the Czar; the first shots are
fired on the 31? Wilhelm 11, Kaiser (1859-1941), A contemptible little army (Of the British
Expeditionary Force in 1914: November 1, 1914 Germany, General Paul von Hindenburg becomes
Commander-in Chief on the Eastern Front. May 8, 1915 ‗Lusitania‘ sunk off the Irish Coast,
torpedoed without warning by a German submarine; 1,400 drown: September 18, 1915 Berlin,
Kaiser, Wilhelm 11, the former King of ‗Prussia, Said again, that no neutral or passenger ships will
be attacked. Wilhelm 11 is the nephew of King Edward V11: November 5, 1916 Berlin, Germany
and Austria proclaim Poland to be independent: December 7, 1916 Poland, Germans reported to

have deported one million Poles for forced labour: Lusitania (loo‘sa-ta‘ne-a) n. A British
passenger ship torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland May 7, 1915,
with loss of 1,134 lives including 114 Americans: February 1, 1917 Berlin, Germans warn US and
other neutrals that ships trading with the Allies will be torpedoed without warning: May 7, 1917
Palestine, Reports that Jews are being terrorised by Moslems throughout the territory: The ‗Red
Baron‘ ace of the skies, shot down in flames during the second Battle of the Somme. Red Baron
Manfred von Richthofen, Germany‘s ace fighter pilot, killed 22, April 1918: The Kaiser Wilhelm 11
escapes to Dutch frontier with the Kaiserin, servants and possessions, in 12 motor cars driven by
Prussian officers. The German Emperor has abdicated, leaving behind him a country gripped by
revolutionary fervour. Socialist demonstrators fill the streets, sailors have mutinied and army
troops are seizing their command post. The Social Democrats seem to have the upper hand but they
are being challenged by radicals such as Karl Liebknecht, whose Spartacus Party has declared the
birth of the ―free socialist republic of Germany: November 11, 1918, Germany defeated. Shortly
before dawn today a party of Germans, including a Catholic politician and two army Generals,
entered a guarded railway carriage in the forest of Compiegne (kon-pyen‘y‘), a town in northern
France, scene of the signing of armistices between the Allies and Germany, 1918, and Germany and
France, 1940. Six hours later, at 11 a.m. on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, after four-and-
a-quarter years of war, the guns fell silent on the battlefields of Europe. Germany had admitted
defeat and signed an armistice. The terms are hard, but it is not unconditional surrender.
Germany has to hand over, in ‗good condition, 5,000 heavy guns, 30,000 machine guns, 2,000
warplanes and all her U-Boats; the surface fleet will be interned in British waters, with only
caretaker crews. Five thousand locomotives, 150,000 wagons and 5,000 lorries are to be delivered.
Allied troops will occupy the Rhineland, their upkeep to be paid for by Germany. Finally, the Allied
‗blockade of Germany is to remain in force. These armistice terms were accepted, not by those who
had started the war? But by men who had opposed it. The leader of the delegation received by Foch
and the British Admiral Wemyss at Compiegne was Matthias Erzberger, who last year persuaded
the normally docile Reichstag to pass a resolution calling for peace. The Generals accompanying
him had played no part in the senior councils of the war; they were there to concede their nation‘s
defeat: Arthur von Seyss-Inquart (1892-1946) Hitler‘s agent in Austria, who helped to bring about
the merging of Austria with Germany; the Anschluss. Seyess-Inquart was a member of the
Austrian Nazi Party, and Hitler forced Schuschnigg, the Austrian Chancellor, to accept him as
Minister of the Interior in 1938. By informing Hitler of all Schuschnigg‘s moves, Seyss-Inquart was
instrumental in preparing the way for the Anschluss in March 1938. He was, successively,
Governor of Austria and Deputy Governor of Poland and, later, German High Commissioner of
the Occupied Netherlands (1940-5), where he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews
and Resistance workers. He was hanged as a war criminal in October 1946: Meyer Rothschild
(1743-1812) German banker and founder of a dynasty of financiers and bankers who played a part
in shaping European history. Backing the new French and German education system, financing
industry and financing or refusing to finance wars, the Rothschild bankers became wealthy enough
to exercise an influence on international events. In London, they helped to introduce full political
rights for practising Jews when Lionel Rothschild (1808-79) became the first Jewish member of the
House of Commons in 1859 and his son, Sir Nathan Meyer, 1st Baron Rothschild (1840-1915), the
first Jewish peer to sit in the House of Lords: Joachim von Ribbentrop (1893-1946), German
foreign minister; after the First World War he grew wealthy as a champagne merchant and early
joined the National Socialist party. He served as German ambassador at large (1935-36) and was
ambassador to Great Britain (1936-38), returning a violent Anglophobe. He succeeded Neurath as
foreign minister. He was influential in the formation of the Rome-Berlin Axis (1936), in the
conclusion of the Russo-German nonaggression pack of August 1939, and in planning the attack on
Poland that set off the Second World War. Admiral Doenitz dismissed him after Hitler‘s death. He
was convicted as a war criminal and hanged: Martin Niemoller, born 1892, German anti-Nazi

Protestant leader:        The German Declaration, December 1923. (1) We express our
Christian conviction that war is not included in the original creative will of God, (2) We will, as
disciples of Jesus Christ, united on the Paris Basis, work with all our heart, all our soul, and all our
strength towards the aim that relations of mutual respect, equity, and brotherhood may be
established between the countries. We enter with joy on this work, since from the Holy Scriptures
we know that the return of Christ will abolish the curse of sin and, in consequence, also war. (3)
Since from the words of Jesus it appears that the tares will grow together with the wheat until the
time of harvest, and that the power of darkness will increase until the final judgement, we are
thereby compelled to pray that the Grace of God may hasten the day in which the holy will of the
heavenly Father, and in consequence eternal peace, will reign on the new earth. (4) We recognize
the unconditional duty of Christians to make repentance for the sins committed by individuals and
nations, and in international relations, and the need for creating a new spirit fully subject to the
spirit of truth, and the unquestioned indissoluble connection between moral, social, and religious
principles for individuals and for nations. (5) We condemn as impious the denial to the weak,
whether individuals or nations have the right to live, and we deny that the struggle for existence in
which the feeble are the destined prey of the strong must govern humanity. (6) We desire to give to
the young who are entrusted to us in the Associations a civic and broadly human education directly
inspired by Christ, helping them to understand that the country which they love is in common with
others as a province of humanity. (7) We welcome every means that is offered in the course of
history towards settling ‗Report of Meeting of French and German Delegates, Schaffhausen,
December 1923. The Alliance in a changing world; conflicts between countries through
international treaties, arbitration, or other mutual agreements, and thereby exempt the same from
a settlement through violence. (8) With invincible faith, we raise our eyes to the Prince of Peace,
Jesus Christ, the only living hope of all men: December 2, 1918 Poland, 3,200 Jews are reported
murdered at ‗Lvov; also, Polish ‗Lwow; a city in Ukrainian S.S.R; German Lemberg: February 17,
1919 Germany, the Government finally sign the ‗armistice‘, giving up her territory to Poland: June
17, 1919 Versailles Treaty, the German delegates are ‗stoned, when they leave the Peace Conference
for Berlin: April 1, 1920 Germany, the German Workers Party, becomes the National Socialist
German Workers Party: August 6, 1921 Berlin, ‗huge tax increases are imposed, to pay for
Germany‘s First World War reparation: August 15, 1921 Germany, one British £-pound is worth
340 marks; by 29, September 1921, it‘s worth 500 marks; by November 7, 1921 its worth 1,200
marks, and by August 1922, one £-pound is worth 8.000 marks: Pan-Germanism, German
nationalist doctrine aiming at the union of al German-speaking peoples under German rule. Pan-
Germanists considered that not only the German groups in neighbouring countries, such as
Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland, and Alsace, but even distant German-speaking
groups such as Volga Germans, Baltic Germans, Transylvanian Germans, and German-Americans
were linked by a blood tie to their fatherland. The doctrine originated in the late 19th century. As
an instrument of German imperialistic expansion, and it became particularly vocal after the First
World War had deprived Germany of some border territories and its colonies. National Socialism
appropriated Pan-German-ism; the annexation of Austria and of German-speaking parts of
Czechoslovakia in 1938 and the German demands for Danzig and the Polish Corridor in 1939
helped to precipitate the Second World War, which almost made the Pan-German program a
reality: Volga-Baltic Waterway, canal and river system, N. European RSFSR. It is c.685 mi,
long and links the Volga river and the Leningrad industrial area: February 1, 1923 Germany;
French troops put a cordon round the ‗Ruhr‘ to prevent movement of coal to unoccupied
Germany; inflation worsens, one pound now worth 220,000 marks. This was done to bankrupt
Germany; therefore Germany could not pay back its war debts, and feed her people at the same
time, because Germany relied on food imports to feed her population of 65 million; the ‗Ruhr‘ coal
resources were now occupied by Belgium, France, Britain, and Belgian, and so Britain and France
had orchestrated this whole complot e.g., (conspiracy) plan to force another ‗world war‘ onto

‗Germany: February 10, 1923 Berlin, the ‗Reichsbank begins large sale of ‗gold to bolster the
German mark; and by October 7, 1923 one £-pound was worth 720 marks: November 1, 1926
Berlin, Philosophy professor Dr. Joseph Goebbels is chosen to head the Berlin district Nazi Party:
January 31, 1927 Germany, Allied military control of Germany ends: May 1, 1927 Berlin, Adolf
Hitler holds his first Nazi Party meeting in the German capital: December 12, 1931 Germany,
Hitler tells the British and American journalists, that he is a Social Democrat: February 25, 1932
Berlin, Hitler is granted German citizenship; has said, he will run for ‗President, (how true his
statement was): September 8, 1932 Berlin, Hitler declares that providence has chosen him for a
great mission; how true, he pulled Germany economy out of the worst economic depression; no one
else could have done ―IT‖: December 15, 1932 London, Britain pays the US$95,500,000 or twenty
seven million £-pound in ‗gold, Why, was Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill of England,
getting ready for his ‗war on the poor German Aryans? Round about 1933 Germany; the Reich
may not have had the atomic bomb; they had perfected giant rockets unmatched by any in America
or Russia. They may not have had radar, but they had perfected a system of infrared ray detectors,
which were quite as effective. Though they did not invent silicones, they had developed an entirely
new organic chemistry, based on the eight-ring carbon chain: May 24, 1933 Britain UK, the TUC
call for a boycott of Germany to protest against Hitler: March 14, 1933 Germany, The Nazi ‗ban
―Kosher‖ meat, because the animal suffers, it bleeds too death; and the ‗ban is extended on leftwing
newspapers: March 15, 1933 Berlin, Hitler proclaims the Third Reich: March 13, 1933 Germany,
Jews are ―leaving Germany in ‗Great numbers; so why would Hitler gas them, if they are leaving
Germany? March 28, 1933 Berlin, Hitler orders a boycott of Jews and Jewish shops, because
American Jews boycotted and banned the sale in America of German goods made in Germany:
May 5, 1933 Berlin, Hitler proposes ―eugenic‖ laws to ban mixed Jewish and ―Aryan‖ e.g., (gentile)
marriages, because Jews have the same right (Jewish Law forbade Jews from marrying non-Jews:
July 18, 1933 Berlin, German citizenship is declared conditional on Nazi membership: January 16,
1934 Berlin, Hermann Goering orders the dissolution of all ‗Freemasons‘ lodges: February 24,
1934 Germany, millions swear allegiance to Hitler at ceremonies in Munich and Berlin: September
16, 1934 Munich, Lutherans march to anti-Nazi songs: August 24, 1934 Berlin, Hitler issues ―Ten
Commandments‖ for bodily purity‖ when choosing a spouse: October 19, 1934 Germany, the
German Army is 300,000 strong e.g., it‘s three times the legal size allowed by the Treaty of
Versailles: September 30 1933 Germany, unemployment stands at, ‗three-point-eight-five million
out of work: June 18, 1923 Germany, ‗a British one pound note is now worth 600,000 marks:
September 15, 1923 Germany, the ‗Reichsbank‘ raises interest rates to 90% (ninety percent) to
stem the demand for money: September 1, 1924 Berlin, Germany makes its first reparations
payment under the ‗Dawes Plan of 20 million marks: June 24, 1925 Berlin, the ‗Reichstag‘ is
invaded by people whose money has become worthless during 1923, ‗hyperinflation: November 9,
1925 Germany, the Nazis establish the ―Schutzstaffel‖ (Protection Squid) otherwise known as the
SS: May 19, 1931 Moscow, Stalin announces the second ―five-year-plan‖ for the Soviet economy:
On July 9, 1910 Egypt, discovered a tablet describing the fall of Jerusalem: It‘s a shameful act of
treason on the part of western leaders to accept large bribes from the Jewish bankers. That
malicious criminal act of damage, that act destroyed the lives forever of the Palestinian people from
the beginning of the first century A.D; had claimed their legal title in ―Fee Simple‖ to Palestine:
Pal-es-tine (pal‘is-tin) 1 In Biblical times, a territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, the
country of the Jews; Old Testament Canaan; also Holy Land. 2 Parts of this territory, not including
Syria or Jordan, placed (1920) under British mandate by the League of Nations. 10,434 square
miles; capital, Jerusalem; divided (1947) by the United Nations into independent Arab and Jewish
states: Jor-dan (jor‘den) The chief river of Palestine, flowing over 200 miles south to the Dead Sea;
and beneath the Dead Sea there is a bonanza of crude oil! Hitler‘s First Bid For Power ‗by Basil
Dean. Swinging proudly, defiantly alone the streets of Munich, Bavaria, they came, one autumn
afternoon in 1923, a band of perhaps 2,000 ardent young men, marching twelve abreast towards the
Town Hall. The streets were lined with cheering crowds, as if this were a victorious army coming

home. Mother, sisters, sweethearts leaned out of windows to wave at Hans and Fritz as they strode
bravely with their comrades, moving step-by-step towards the Revolution and Victory. For this was
the pride of Munich, the National Socialist‘ German Workers ‗Party, which had come to save
Germany from the perils into which the social-democratic revolution had led it. At the head of the
procession marched two men. They were a curious mixture; one, a tall, grave, dignified Prussian
general, who had been in the High Command during the Great War; by his side, with puckered
brow and pouting lip, goosestepping with some difficulty in time with his companion, a younger,
shorter figure, with a small moustache and hair that flopped down over his left temple. As the
triumphal procession neared the City Hall, the leaders saw that a police barricade barred the way
their progress did not falter. The police commander warned them to halt; the old general took no
notice, while his companion looked round furtively and had perforce to continue. After all, who
would dare bar the way of a great general and his followers? With dignity, and without disorder,
the 2,000 representatives of the National Socialist German Workers ‗Party would (it was planned),
occupy the City Hall and take control of Bavaria, and tomorrow Berlin. Before the intrepid
saviours of the Fatherland reached the barricade, however, the police opened fire. The old general
halted. The little man with the black moustache dropped hastily to the ground. As soon as there was
enough confusion to cover his flight, he proceeded with great rapidity to a waiting car, which
conveyed him with greater rapidity to a place of safety in the Bavarian mountains where he skulked
in hiding for several days. The general was taken prisoner, the procession broke up in complete
disorder, and for the time being the National Socialist German Workers ‗Party was deprived of the
honour of saving the Fatherland. It was five and a half years earlier, while Germany was still
straining every nerve to hold the world at bay, that a little group of forty Munich workmen had met
in a beer-house one evening and had expressed the hope that peace would come soon. They decided
to form a committee to press for an early peace which would not bring shame to their country, for
they saw that the Prussian military machine, which they as Bavarians hated, would soon run itself
to pieces. They called themselves the Committee of Independent Workmen. Their leader was a
locksmith, Arton Drexler, whose name is now almost forgotten. In 1919, the committee become the
German Workers ‗Party. There was in the army at this time a young corporal, aged 30, who at the
time of the armistice had been in hospital at Pasewalk. The army leaders were taking care to
educate their troops in political matters, so that when the time came the army would take its proper
share in overthrowing the revolutionary governments that had been set up all over Germany after
the expulsion of Kaiser Wilhelm 11. In these educational classes the young corporal took his full
share, soon established a considerable local reputation as a mob orator, and finally got himself
appointed education officer to the Bavarian Army. In the course of political discussion he came
across Drexler, who induced him to join the German Workers ‗Party. Accordingly, the corporal,
the young man, who, later, threw himself to the ground at the first sound of firing from the police
outside the Munich Town Hall, because a member of the inner political cell of the party. His name
did not matter, as they called him ―Number-7. In the party‘s records, he was entered as Adolf
Hitler. Germany at this time was seething with vague discontent, which manifested itself in serious
and frequent local rioting, attempted risings, and the existence all over the place of irregular
private armies in the pay of particular groups or factions, and fostered by the army as potentially
useful when the day dawned for revenge against the French. For one brief interval, an ill-starred
Communist movement had tried to setup a system of Soviet Republics. In Munich they half-
succeeded, until the Army took a hand, destroyed the government, and setup in its place an
ineffective social-democratic-bourgeois coalition which served as a cloak for rule by the military
leaders. Throughout Germany, the army openly displayed its contempt for the politicians of the
Republic, often publicly insulting them and defying their laws. Politics in Bavaria were a mixture of
hatred of Berlin and Prussia generally, and a desire for an independent South Germany or a new
Confederation of the Rhine, or even union with Austria outside the Reich. Coupled with this was
the desire; widespread amongst the working classes, for some form of Socialist reorganisation of
finance and industry to destroy the sinister power of the capitalists who were inflating the paper

currency and destroying the livelihood of millions of small traders. In this soil, the German
Workers ‗Party rapidly took root. In the first year of Hitler‘s membership, its numbers increased
from 64 to 3,000. As for policy, Hitler came under the influence of one Feder, a quasi-radical
charlatan who for years had been preaching about some pet plan of his for breaking the ―tyranny
of interest,‖ and from Feder, Hitler adopted many ideas which were later incorporated, together
with a lot of anti-Semitic rubbish, in the 25 points of the party programme. Hitler ousted Drexler,
took over the leadership, and re-christened it the National Socialist German Workers ‗Party, or for
short, Nazi. Hitler falsified his own early history in other ways. Once he became famous, he was
eager to show that he had been one of the earliest members of the German Workers‘ Party-member
number seven. The fact that Hitler had been party member number seven was expressed to us by a
number of former Nazis, proud of the fact that the Fuhrer had been in at the start, shaping the
fledgling Nazi Party from the very beginning. But it‘s not true. Anton Drexler wrote a letter of
complaint to Hitler in January 1940. ‗Nobody knows better than yourself, my Fuhrer, that you
were never the seventh member of the party, but at best the seventh member of the committee when
I asked you to step in as propaganda representative. A few years ago I was forced to complain
about this at a party meeting, that your first German Workers‘ Front card, which carried
Shussler‘s and my own signature had been falsified, whereby the number 555 (1920), had been
deleted and the number seven inserted. How much better and more valuable it would be for
posterity if the course of history had been portrayed as it really had happened! However, during
1919 Hitler discovered he did have one genuine and original talent-a gift for public speaking. So
effective was he at the kind of rabble-rousing speeches then necessary to distinguish one far-right
party from another that the German Workers‘ Party began to grow in membership. One of the
earliest to join was Ernst Rohm, a Reichswehr (German Army) captain, who rapidly came to
recognize the crowd-pulling attraction of Hitler‘s personality. Rohm was a man who liked action.
Its meetings increased in size. The ex-Austrian had an extra-ordinary power of transfixing an
audience with hypnotic gestures. At the climax of his speeches; which often lasted two hours; he
would gaze into space and bawl, ―Deutschland.‖ This would bring thunderous applause. The gangs
of hooligans, which constituted the party‘s inevitable private army, were trained to deal with
interrupters, even with police questioners, by throwing the guilty individual out. The police
tolerated more violence from the Nazis than from any other movement, at a time when violence was
taken almost for granted. (In one year there had been 400 political murders, none of which were
followed up). And when the army finally got fed up with and overthrew the social-democrat-
bourgeois coalition in Munich, and established an open military dictatorship under Kahr, Lossow
and Seisser, the Nazis became the veritable pets of the state. The new party increased its agitation
against the bourgeois and the left wing, insulting, accosting, blackmailing, terrorising. The gangs of
hooligans, who rejoiced in the name of Defence Corps, were incorporated in one army and become
Sturmabteilung, the brown-shirted S A of notorious memory. Into the S A there drifted many old
soldiers, demobilised under the conditions of Versailles, for whom civilian life was a slavery of
boredom; with them came social misfits, rogues, vagabonds, adventurers, criminals, who looked
upon service with the brown-shirts either as a last refuge from starvation or as providing good
opportunity for loot and pillage. Their leader was Captain Roehm, lately in the German Army. He
brought into the S A, several of his army friends and many who bore to him a less reputable
relationship. The brown-shirts became the vehicle of Roehm‘s own militarist policy. With France
occupying the Ruhr, the army was anxious to get as many young men as possible in training, and
had as good as issued instructions for the training of defence corps, of which the S A was by this
time the chief. Hitler perceived to his chagrin that his storm-troops, paid by the party, were
becoming not so much a militant political force for the advancement of Adolf Hitler (1889- 1945),
but a division for the defence of Germany. A new commander was found, this time an ex-officer of
the airforce, who had been a member of Richtofen‘s famous circus. His name is now known the
world over. It was Hermann Goering. Nothing could now stop the advance of this new party.
Money flowed in from the most unlikely sources. One man found the funds to buy one of the local

papers, which became the Volkischer Beobachter. Industry subscribed freely to this organization,
which was calculated to smash the power of the left and so save the country from Socialism. When
the fantastic depreciation of the paper mark was running small traders and bond-holders by the
thousand (and incidentally allowing big firms to pay off all their capital liabilities), the Nazis were
receiving steady supplies; nobody knows whence; in Swiss francs. Foreign millionaires are said to
have financed the German brand of Fascism through this trying epoch, oiling the works so that the
machine would be ready for use when necessary. And the inflation was actually valuable to the
party‘s propaganda. Setting himself up as the man who would save small people from the ravages
of the finance-sharks, Hitler declared that if the Nazis were in power, such things would not
happen; preaching against the very capitalists who were enabling him to carry on. Presumably they
knew how much of his evangelism was genuine. His aggressiveness and ferocity grew. ―Heads will
roll,‖ he declared, ―in this struggle; either ours or the others‘. Let us see to it that it is the others,
which roll. Mercy is not our affair. We can be comforted that we can be as inhuman as we like if
only in doing so we make the German nation prosperous again. ―No one would deny that he has
kept to his creed. It became more and more dangerous to go to his meetings except in an attitude of
complete agreement. Broken heads, slashed faces, shattered limbs were common features of these
orgies of violence. Always the ranks of ―S A‖ toughs were there to deal with critics. Always the
method was the same; kicks in the ribs and about the head followed by slinging down the steps. At
one meeting, the arrangements went wrong. The ―S A‖ was otherwise engaged. Some Social
Democrat, noticing this, shouted out the slogan of his party. There was immediate pandemonium,
and very shortly reserves of brown-shirts appeared, armed. There was shooting that night, and
blood flowed freely. It was only one of many. At lasts the State; that is the titular government as
distinct from the army which was really in control; decided that something should be done about
this brigand with his tribe of bullies, and charged him with a breach of the peace. He was sentenced
to three months ‗imprisonment, and actually served about a month. But four weeks is a short time
in the history of a political movement. The interlude is not considered worth a mention in the
prisoner‘s autobiography, Mein Kampf. Liberal supplies of funds at a time when all Germany was
desperately impoverished made the leaders of the Nazi Party a wealthy group. Hitler himself
flaunted a big, fast car (which was later to prove useful in getting him out of trouble). He and his
confederates began to mix in society; the party changed in tone and become bourgeois, although it
did not hesitate to attack the ―luxurious living‖ of the political opposition on the left. Nazism had
already acquired a foreign‘ policy of sorts, which aimed, roughly, at a Europe united behind a
National Socialist Germany, (with France toeing the line), against Russia, Britain and the Jews.
Somewhere at the back of this policy lay a group of Prussian officers, particularly General
Ludendorff, a rabid anti-Christian and late commander of the German Army, who was still trying
to discover how the politicians had dared to lose a war which the army, by all the books of rules,
had easily won. Hitler had met Ludendorff in 1921; now Ludendorff had come to live in Munich
amongst the Bavarians. The general was regarded with hatred and some suspicion by the Bavarians
as a representative of the despised Prussian tyrants. Even the army leaders distrusted him. ―He is a
wild man, with evil in his head, ―muttered Lossow. But Ludendorff was also shrewd. He quickly
saw the advantage, which might be brought to the Army by Hitler‘s flair for propaganda. A
friendship grew up between the two; the grave old general and the preposterous little ex-corporal.
Hitler on his side calculated that Ludendorff‘s support would be useful in handling the army, since
already the astuter army leaders were beginning to realise that Hitler did not so much want to
restore the power of the military leaders as to boost Adolf Hitler, and their attitude was becoming
less friendly. They did not propose wasting their energy in supporting a man and a movement,
which were likely to prove, in the end, difficult to manage. They had their own plans for settling
accounts with Berlin. With Bavaria safe under Kahu, Lossow and Seisser, they decided, the
National Socialist might even be ignored altogether. The counter-revolution could be accomplished
without complicated arrangements with other political parties. In this way a movement, detached
altogether from the Nazi plans for a revolt, sprang up around the son of the ex-king of Bavaria,

Prince Rupprecht. This relic of the old monarchic system became a show-figure for the army. He
attended parades, inspected troops, dined with the officers, presented flags, and did everything that
a reigning monarch or heir-apparent is expected to in support of his defence forces. It was no secret
that one day Rupprecht might be sitting on a new Bavarian throne, loyally supported by an army,
which demanded only that he should behave according to the book and do as he was told. As the
weeks went by, the threat to the Berlin Republic intensified. The State, without a guarantee of
loyalty from its own army, was powerless. It could only feebly acquiesce in the flouting of its legal
authority, referring anxiously to the Weimar Constitution and meekly pointing out that such and
such a practice was breaking the law. The army laughed in its face and carried on in its own way.
All though the summer the situation deteriorated, especially‘ in Bavaria. Hitler wistfully watched
his favour with those in authority lessening; even Ludendorff was despised by the army leaders; for
his participation in a proletarian, rag-tag-and-bobtail movement. When Adolf, anxious to regain
favour, suggested to the Government of Bavaria that his S A hooligans should use May 1st, as an
opportunity for smashing the Marxists, he was threatened with prosecution for another breach of
the peace, and it was only by blackmailing the authorities with a threat to expose their
machinations in open court that he wriggled out of an action. As it was, they pointed out that they
would carry through any revolution that was necessary at their own leisure, without of necessity
consulting Mr. Hitler or his Nazi movement. With that, the army for the time being dismissed
Hitler from their minds and carried on with the business of planning the overthrow of the Social
Democrats in Berlin. For a man with Hitler‘s vanity and conceit, this was really too much. All his
suppressed self-importance came boiling over. A snub to him, Adolf Hitler, leader of 15,000
National Socialist, Germany‘s one hope of salvation! He could scarcely believe his ears. But,
nevertheless, it was so. Kahr had turned him down. He sent Ludendorff to point out the seriousness
of such a step. Ludendorff pointed out to the Government that no counter-revolution could succeed
without the support of the Army‘s greatest war leader and his virile colleague. Kahr was still not
impressed. Ludendorff came away from the interview as ignorant of the Bavarian Government‘s
plans as he was when he went. ―Very well,‖ said Hitler; ―We shall see.‖The insult rankled deep. For
the first time in his short political career, Hitler cherished the suspicion that perhaps the ruling
gentry had used him as a pawn. He had done their dirty work, smashing the opposition, agitating
the mob with his oratory, breaking up meetings. And when the time had come to take power, he
was to be left out. Hastily, with Ludendorff, Roehm and Goebbels he laid plans for a coup d‘etat.
They planned to strike first, unexpectedly, suddenly, before the army‘s scheme was ready. The
struggle was no longer primarily against Berlin and for the Fatherland; it was against the
Reichswehr and its traitorous generals on behalf of the National Socialist German Workers ‗Party.
Hasty plans of campaign were prepared, so hasty that they did not stand one chance in a million of
succeeding. Their one advantage was sheer audacity; they ignored the possible hostility of the
crowd, the strength of opposition from the army, and all the other thousand-and-one things that
might militate against success. Opportunity was provided by the complete collapse in the autumn of
1923 of German passive resistance to the French occupation of the Ruhr. Nationalist and
Communist risings were springing up allover the country. Kahr, Lossow and Seisser in Munich
were putting the final touches to their plans for the great counter-revolution; they planned a March
on Berlin for November 12th. On the evening of November 8th, Kahr was billed to address a large
meeting of local dignitaries in the Burgerbraukeller. He was to speak on the need for a strong state
government, and the urgent necessity of smashing Communism. While free beer flowed liberally, he
began to read his speech. Suddenly, outside the main entrance, there burst forth a monstrous
commotion. Shouting, argument, and the stamping of many feet cut Kahr‘s speech very short and
brought the whole assembly on tiptoe to see what was going on. The door burst open, and in rushed
a mob of excited people, led by the ex-Air Force officer, Hermann Goering. As they barged their
way to the front of the hall, an earnest young man with a black moustache and carefully parted
hair, with a solemn morning coat and flourishing a pistol, followed them into the hall, jumped on a
chair, fired his pistol at the ceiling and shouted for silence. It was ex-corporal Hitler. His black coat

was, presumably; too show that he meant business. And apparently he did. ―The Revolution has
come, ―he declared from the platform, by this time evacuated by the astonished Kahr. ―I demand
silence, or a machine-gun will enforce it. ―There was silence. Kahr, Lossow and Seisser were
conducted to another room, and there, surrounded by armed Nazis, were invited to proclaim, the
new Government of Germany, with Adolf Hitler as dictator and Ludendorff as Army Chief. The
little corporal‘s taste for drama was being thoroughly satiated. ―I have four bullets in my revolver,
―he proclaimed with a flourish; ‗three for my friends if they forsake me (this meant Ludendorff,
Roehm and Goering), the last for myself. ‗And he pointed the pistol at his heart. Perspiration was
rolling off him. He drank a mug of beer to renew his strength, while the paralysed Government
chiefs frantically tried to collect their senses and decide exactly what this madman was trying to do.
They pointed out with some coldness that he had promised not to revolt. ‗Ah, yes, ‗he said
sorrowfully. ‗But it was for the Fatherland. ‗Goering handled the meeting, tried without much
success to address it and explain; Ludendorff hung around in the background, vaguely wondering
where he came in. but the excitement soon subsided. Surrounded as they were by armed bandits,
the leaders of the existing Government were powerless. They gave in. they accepted the posts in the
new German Government grandiloquently offered them by Hitler. Their one condition was that
Rupprecht should be approached with an offer of the crown of Bavaria. Hitler agreed. Kahr
announced to the meeting, (he had some sort of post in the new scheme of things), that he took over
the direction of the destinies of Bavaria as representative of the monarchy destroyed five years
before. Ludendorff placed himself at the disposal of the Government. The meeting broke up,
puzzled, bewildered, and with a woolly feeling that the young hothead, Hitler, ought to have warned
them what he was going to do. Wasn‘t it all very unconstitutional? They asked. But there was none
to give them a satisfactory reply, and they went home, dissatisfied, to bed. The Nazis, however,
swiftly took advantage of their newfound power. They plundered and looted where they thought fit,
beat up the Jews, suppressed one or two newspapers, and began to occupy public buildings. More
than that, they setup a revolutionary tribunal for the summary trial of political opponents, which
proceeded to outlaw (in their absence of course) half the members of the Berlin Government. The
displaced Bavarian leaders, however, had soon recovered themselves, and their first move was to
disclaim the Nazis ‗revolution altogether. They issued a proclamation, which quickly showed where
the next trouble was coming from. ‗The lies and deceptions of ambitious rogues, ‗they declared,
―have transformed this demonstration of Germany‘s national awakening into a repulsive orgy of
violence. The declarations extracted from us (Kahr, Lossow and Seisser) at the point of the pistol,
are null and void. ‗The Nazi Party was declared to be dissolved. Troops were collected from
provinces near by to turn Hitler‘s storm-troops out of the public buildings and arrest all who were
recalcitrant. Hitler became more and more worried. His revolution was fizzling out, and he himself
looked like being discredited for life. In a few hours, he decided, Munich would be too hot to hold
him. He was preparing to beat a rapid retreat when Ludendorff appeared, dignified as ever and
anxious for the sake of his own dignity that the rising should succeed. He had a plan. Soldiers of the
Reichswehr, he argued, whatever their orders, would not attack their former general. Let Hitler
therefore rally his brown-shirts in great numbers, and he, Ludendorff, would be proud to march at
their head through the town. Resistance would melt away in his path. The people would shout with
exultation at the sight of their beloved general once more at the head of an army. The police would
not dare to interfere. Even yet the revolution could be saved. Hitler seized upon this fantastic plan
as the one means of avoiding utter humiliation. Two thousand storm-troops were collected and
armed. The grand march began. Twelve abreast they marched through the streets. So far,
Ludendorff‘s assumption was entirely justified. The people massed in the streets to cheer. Whether
they know what they were cheering is, of course, another matter; but they cheered. They filled the
narrow side streets, milling to get a sight of the great procession. Slowly it advanced, Ludendorff,
Hitler, Goering and Roehm at the head, their self-assurance growing as they approached nearer
and nearer to the Town Hall without encountering opposition. But the way into the hall was
barred; not by the army but by the police, who took on an aggressive attitude behind their

barricade and shouted to the procession to halt. A marcher ran on ahead and pointed out that
General Ludendorff had arrived. The police‘s reply was to open fire. Ludendorff stopped dead in
his tracks, thunderstruck. Hitler dropped to the ground so hastily that he nearly broke his arm. In
all the Nazi legends he is described as helping to tend the wounded. In reality, he took the first
opportunity to run like the devil for his car and to drive away up into the mountains, where he was
discovered and arrested several days later. Ludendorff was taken prisoner on the spot. A few dozen
policemen had routed 2,000-armed storm-troops. The arrangements had been so hastily compiled
that Roehm had not even known what to do in case of emergency. His men never received the order
to fire. Most of them had done their best to get away from the scene of the battle as quickly as
possible. So much for Hitler‘s fighting militants. It cannot be denied that the people of Munich
would have supported this revolt. Unrest was such that any definite attempt to set up a new
government might hope for a reasonable chance of success. Demonstrations against Kahr continued
for several days after the Putsch had failed. Army officers were gibed at in the streets, windows
were smashed, students wandered about in bands shouting ―Down with Kahr and the other
traitors, ―hurling abuse at everyone who could reasonably be assumed to represent the existing
government. But the leadership of the revolt had vanished. Agitation was spontaneous and
undirected. It was only a matter of time before things became quiet again. In the battle, fourteen
people had been killed. At their trial for high treason the next year, the Nazi leaders expressed their
incredulity at Germans firing on Germans. (They had apparently by this time forgotten one or two
small matters of shootings at their own meetings), they had made the mistake of rising against the
interests which, in reality, they themselves represented; the army, industry, and military
dictatorship. They had attempted to substitute one set of dictators for another, without possessing
the obvious desideratum of superior strength. But the fiasco served to teach Hitler a lesson; it was
the last time he tried open revolt. And it divorced the party from the Reichswehr. On February 26,
1924, the trial for high treason against the German Reich of Hitler, Roehm, Ludendorff and others
opened in the Munich courts of justice. Goering had discreetly gone abroad. It rapidly developed
into a mud-slinging contest between the plaintive Hitler and the outraged Army leaders. He had
one ambition in life, he said; to be the destroyer of Marxism. If he had been sure that the Bavarian
Government would carry out its avowed intention to march on Berlin on November 12th, he would
never have attempted a rising. ―I do not consider it to be worthy of a great man to be content that
his name should merely be recorded in history as having been a Minister, ―he declared. ―I wished to
be the destroyer of Marxism. ―He vented his spleen on the Berlin Government, against which, he
said, his action had been directed. But Kahr, Lossow and Seisser were just as guilty of conspiring
against the constitutional government as he was; the Reichswehr itself had watched over the
training of his storm-troops, in many cases had had them paid out of Treasury funds. What right
had they to stand as judges over him and his friends? The prosecution witnesses began to hedge, to
admit half-heartedly that they had entertained some designs on Berlin. Only Lossow really
attempted to answer the insinuations. He came as a witness, ready to ―spill the dirt. ―Hitler, he said,
was eaten up with personal ambition. He was using the Nazi Party and the nationalist feeling on
which its support was based as a means of levering himself into power. He even hoped to ape
Mussolini, who had just seized power in Italy. He, Lossow, had always regarded Hitler as a possibly
useful propaganda agent; he did not regard him, as having the qualities of a dictator, and according
to his, Lossow‘s, information, and Hitler‘s reputation amongst the Prussians whom he longed to
represent was even lower. And anyway, he talked too much. ―We tolerated him, supported him,
―declared Lossow, ―Because we realized the value of his movement, its ability to win over the
working classes to the national cause. ―Hitler naturally replied to all this, and the trial became
something of a shouting match, with Lossow sneering at Hitler‘s methods, and Hitler exposing the
part that Lossow had played in the intrigues leading up to the revolt. Finally, Lossow was accused
of breaking his word. For a Prussian officer, this was worse than mortal insult. He left the court,
and no amount of importuning could fetch him back. And the State was not sure enough of itself to
subpoena a witness who held so high a position. Hitler was reproved for contempt of court. The

problem was never really settled. At the end of the trial, no one was quite certain how far the army
had been indirectly responsible for the revolt. And anyway, no one was really interested. The Court
puzzled itself for a long time as to what it should do with Ludendorff, finally deciding, to his utter
disgust, that the state of his mind on the night of November 8th had been such that he did not
realise what was going on, and that he could not therefore be held responsible for his participation.
The other got varying terms of imprisonment. Hitler himself was sent to the fortress prison at
‗Landsberg for six months. He spent the time writing his autobiography: The ―Falsehood‖ about
the six million Jews, said to have been gassed by Hitler ―Exposed‖ by Editor, Einar Aberg,
Norrviken; Sweden. Since 1945 the Gentile world has never been for one moment allowed to forget
the 6,000,000 Jews alleged to have been killed by Hitler in World War 11. Even memorials have
been erected to commemorate these 6,000,000 ―dead‖ Jews. World Jewry obviously wants
maximum publicity for these 6,000,000 Jews: -            Let us therefore turn yet another
spotlight onto this matter. In 1938 there were 15,688,259 Jews in the world; according to the
World Almanac for 1947. The American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Statistical Bureau of the
Synagogues of America gave this figure to the World Almanac. In 1948 there were between
15,600,000 and 18,700,000 Jews in the world according to an article in the New York Times of Feb
22, 1948 by Mr. Hanson W. Baldwin, a recognized and wholly impartial expert on population. Mr.
Baldwin can by no conceivable stretch of imagination be termed an anti-Semite. Moreover, his
―boss‖ and owner of New York Times is a Jew, Arthur Sulzberger, noted as a staunch friend of
Britain. Taking Mr. Baldwin‘s maximum estimate of 18,700,000, we get that during ten years, 1938-
1948; which includes the war years 1939-1945 when Hitler was supposed to have killed the
6,000,000 Jews; the Jewish population in the world actually increased by over 3,000,000 or; if for
purposes of argument we assume that Adolf Hitler really did kill 6,000,000 Jews, by 9,000,000; that
is to say the 3,000,000 increase plus 6,000,000 births to replace the 6,000,000 killed by Hitler‘s
Nazis? As there are now only some 18,000,000 Jews in the world, an increase of 9,000,000 Jews in
the ten years, 1938-1948, represents a total increase of population (in only ten years) of fifty
percent; an impossibility even for a race so immersed in sex as the Jews. Even if every single able-
bodied Jew spent 24 hours of everyday between 1938-1948 doing nothing ‗day-in ‗day-out; except
having sexual intercourse with every single Jewess (of child-bearing age), it is beyond the
possibilities of (eugenic science), e.g., human offspring‘s for them to have produced 9,000,000 young
Jews in only ten years. No wonder Allen Lesser, himself a Jew, was compelled to admit in an article
on ―Anti-Defamation Hysteria‖ in the Spring issue, 1946, of the Menorah Jeumal that, ―As
reported during the war years by Jewish news agencies, the number of Jews killed in Europe totals
several million more than the Nazis ever knew existed. In other words the whole story of the
6,000,000 dead Jews is pure fiction. Antoine F. Albina, Jerusalem-Jordan: Chambers‘s Information
for the people, put the true figure at ―seven-and-a-half million Jews throughout the whole world,
and two-and-a-half million Jews throughout Europe before 1939: SS slaughtering Jews in Warsaw
ghetto, Sep 2, 1942. German SS troops have mounted a major operation in Warsaw and ―cleaned‖
its Jewish ghetto, killing some 50,000 people. The destruction of the walled enclave with grenades
and flamethrowers took place over several weeks. Jews removed from the ghetto were either
executed by gassing or sent to concentration camps. The operation met with some resistance, while
other Jews committed suicide by staying in their burning homes or jumping from roofs. The SS
chief, Heinrich Himmler, last week ordered the liquidation of all Jewish ghettos by special groups
under his command. At the outbreak of the war there were more than eight million Jews in Europe,
including two-and-a-half million in Poland: Chief members of the Reich including Hitler, were
members of the Thule Group, they were going to be masters of the world, protected against all
dangers, and their reign would last for a thousand years, until the next Deluge. They undertook to
commit suicide if they ever did anything to break their pack, and to perform human sacrifices.
There seem to have been only ‗magic‘ reasons for the extermination of the Gypsies (750,000 dead).
War Crimes, the United Nations War Crimes Commission was setup in 1943 to investigate

German atrocities against Allied nationals, and at the Foreign Ministers‘ conference in Moscow it
was agreed that criminals should be tried at the place of their crimes. For the trial of major
criminals see Nuremberg Trials. Major Japanese criminals were tried before the International
Military Tribunal in Tokyo, and other by the legal section of the Allied supreme command. Up to
Dec, 1946, 24,365 persons were tried for war crimes before British, U.S. French, Greek, Norwegian,
Czechoslovak, and Polish courts, of whom 1,432 were condemned to death, and 16,413 to
imprisonment; in the Far East 1,468 persons were tried; 457 were sentenced to death; 735
imprisoned. These trials were to be conducted in the place where the supposed crime was
supposedly committed and not in story land called Palestine and fraudulently now called ―Israel‖.
The Nuremberg war crime trials were fraudulent trials that convicted innocent Germans and
sentenced them for crimes that were impossible to commit, because the 500,000 Jews who lived
among 65,000,000 Germans were alerted to the ‗Allied Plot‘ to manufacture and use giant bombers
that carry 10 ton block buster five storm bombs, to murder millions of Germans, once the Jews had
left Germany. Britain declared war on Germany before officially declaring war. The Jews of
Germany knowing about the ―Holocaust bombers‖ being built to destroy Germany with a
―scorched earth policy‖ had left Germany in waves. The first wave comprised of some 300,000 Jews
in 1933, and the balance of 200,000 had mostly left Germany by 1939. Therefore it was impossible
for the Germans to have gassed 6,000,000 Jews: Cassino Abbey, and scene of German
resistance to the Allied advance on Rome in World War 11, 1943-44: The Australia-First
Movement; Advance ―Australia‖ first! Founders; Nancy Krakouer 1942; Laurence Bullock 1942;
E. C. Quicke; 1942; P. R. Stephensen 1959? The puzzled patriots said in their leaflets to the public;
Wanted 500,000 young Australians; must be physically fit, perfect in wind and limb for use in
Europe as soil fertilizers. Apply stating nitrate content of body to No 10 Downing Street, England:
Ernest Bevin 1884-1951, English labor leader and politician during WW11, had veterans
conscripted to the coalmines: Churchill‘s four-day visit to Moscow, Aug 17, 1942. Senior American
envoys accompanied his secret talk with Mr Stalin. This meeting will mark a turning point in the
war ―for the complete destruction of Hitler-ism‖. No details were given, but the opening of a second
front in Europe was obviously discussed. Mr Churchill arrived in Moscow in a United States
bomber. The secret meeting was about the U.S.S.R. Soviet ―Five Year Plan‖, where the Jews
secretly sent military equipment to Russia between 1928-1933 using Liberty ships. The Five-Year
Plan, Rus. Pyatiletka. In the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Stalin, in 1928, launched a plan
designed to industrialize the USSR in the shortest possible time and, in the process, to expedite the
collectivisation of farms. The plan was put into action by ruthless means. It covered the period from
1928 to 1933, but was officially considered completed in 1932. The Soviets setup a dirty trap for
Herr Hitler; how could Hitler possibly win a war against four fronts, impossible? When you think
of it Germany fort and almost beat world Jury at there own war game. Herr Hitler was a brilliant
strategist, and I doubt that no one else could ever have achieved the things he did in such a short
time; he was simply a brilliant minded man! June 25, 1940 Germany, Troops are issued with
English phrase books in preparation for an invasion of Britain: Soviet Congress, the
administrative body of each constituent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,
empowered to adopt its own constitution based on the Union constitution; autonomous republics
are governed by executive committees elected by the local Congress of Soviets: On July 16, 1940
Berlin, Hitler is reported to have postponed his attack on Britain until the full moon: September
11th there were signs for preparations for invasion were been stepped up. Across the channel, the
number of (boats) e.g., landing craft had increased. Soon tide conditions would be perfect for a
landing. Intelligent reports suggested that September 7th was a more likely day for the invasion of
Britain than the 11th; and indeed something very big was to occur that very day? When dawn
broke on the 7th September, the weather looked like it was going to be clear and calm; perfect for
an invasion, but that entire morning, everything was quiet. Than the onslaught finally came, but
not in the way it had been expected. At 4pm the radar operator saw a growing mass of blips, not by

landing craft, but by the greatest air armiger yet seen. This time, they were heading straight for
London. Hitler hadn‘t ordered an invasion of Britain; he ordered the destruction of its capital. The
sky was filled with hundreds, upon hundreds of enemy plans, two miles high, covering an area of
800 square miles. Almost every bomber available in northern France was in the air, with nearly
twice as many fighters escorting them. They followed the Thames along the river to their targets.
Soon every squadron within 75 miles from London was scrambled to protect the City. From what
seemed to be the final reckoning, e.g., atoned or avenged. With 300 German bombers, escorted by
600 German fighters, the London docks on the north side of the river were the main targets on this
daylight air raid. The burning city was a beacon for German night bombers, which dropped
incendiary bombs from 8pm throughout the night along nine miles of waterfront; the all clear
didn‘t sound until 5am the next morning. September 15th 1940 was a decisive blow for the
Luftwaffe. It‘s now remembered as ‗Battle of Britain Day‘, because it was the moment that the
RAF finally robbed the Germans of any chance of victory. The Luftwaffe had thrown everything it
could at the Royal Air Force. But the RAF fighter pilots had shown no signs of weakening. Britains
success on September 15th was critical. With the threat of worsening weather, the window for
invasion had closed. Just two days later on September the 17th, an entry in the German staff diary,
stated bluntly. The enemies Air Force is by no means defeated; the Fuhrer has therefore decided to
postpone operation ‗Sea-lion‘ indefinitely. By the end of October 1940, the Battle of Britain was
over. In the 114 days of the battle, 544 RAF fighter pilots were killed. The Luftwaffer had faired
even worse, with double the number of plans lost, and over 2,500 airmen dead or missing. The
United States finally joined the war in 1941: Thanks to victory and the Battle of Britain, America
and Britains other allies, had a safe base from which they would launch the final offensive, to help
destroy Nazi Germany: Germans in May 11, 1941, had Londoners, hardened by the horrors of nine
months of the Blitz, were shaken by the terrible raid last night. In brilliant moonlight, 550 German
planes indiscriminately dropped hundreds of high explosive bombs and 100,000 incendiaries in a
few hours. The Nazi High Command described it as ―a reprisal for the methodical bombing of the
residential quarters of German towns, including Berlin‖. Civilian casualties were 1,400 dead; the
most for a single raid, and included the Mayors of Westminster and Bermondsey: Churchill‘s
Secret War, by Robin Denniston 1997. The literature on Churchill‘s use of secret intelligence at war
is large and growing, in the USA as well as the UK. This book studies his use of diplomatic
intercepts, based on newly discovered files Churchill himself hoarded during his lifetime. These
files, which came to him almost daily from his intelligence chief, Brig Stewart Menzies; contain a
surprise, in that together with much Ultra traffic (high-grade or Enigma/Fish intercepts frequently
referred to as ‗Boniface‘) there was much more diplomatic material in what warmonger Churchill
was reading than any historian has hitherto realised. It was widely recognised, of course, that he
studied the military, naval and air intercepts supplied to him from 1941. The main sources for what
follows consist of two documents, one handwritten until typed in 1994, covering the First World
War, the other the interwar period, both deposited in the Churchill Archives in Cambridge. By
linking the names which appear in both documents, and the cryptographic processes described in
them, it becomes possible to sketch the progress of British cryptography from 1915 to 1939 from a
primary source, part of which has not hitherto been referred to in print. The First World War
document, which bears no signature, was written by Cdr Alastair Denniston to answer an enquiry
put to him by Adm Sir William (‗Bubbles‘) James, who wished to include a chapter on Room 40 in
his autobiography, which was eventually published as The Skies Were Always Blue. The second,
also written by Denniston in 1944, also unsigned, was to rebut an assumption made by the then
head of (Government Code and Cipher School) GCCS, Gp Capt Eric Jones, that GCCS had failed
to prepare effectually for the cryptographic needs of the Second World War. Cryptography lies at
the heart of secret signals intelligence. It is a misleading word, though used by ‗the classical
cryptographers‘ of Britain‘s code-breaking operation, because it implies only the creation and
security of codes and ciphers, whereas the key part of the job, carried out by all the major
European powers since the establishment of W/T (Wireless Telegraphy); was the reading of the

secret diplomatic ciphers of other nations. And reading them e.g., successfully and continuously
solving them; was only part of an operation which started with interception and the channelling of
raw, authentic, relevant Morse messages to a central decryption unit, manned by ‗specialist‘ (e.g.,
cryptographers), and concluded with translation, assessment and distribution in suitable form to
the appropriate clients. Each part of the total process was essential for the production of useful
signals intelligence. Yet all these aspects were embraced in the one world cryptography. This
extended meaning will be used here. Efficient interception and intelligent assessment both proved
as important as decryption in the total cryptographic process whereby wireless intelligence on the
activities of foreign nationals was made available to named departments and individuals within the
British government who could use the information in foreign policy reports and recommendations.
This chapter charts the work done on diplomatic cipher messages between the wars by the classical
cryptographers, which brought both Ultra, and medium-grade diplomatic intercepts from 1941 till
―VE-Day, officially May 8, 1945. The interwar activities of these cryptographers, learning from
their own experience and mistakes, despite their exiguous resources, made possible the successful
handling of the exponential increase in traffic occasioned by the breaking of the Luftwaffe Enigma
cipher (using hand methods) in January 1940, which in turn played a key part in turning probable
British defeat in 1940 into Allied victory in 1945: During World War 11, German chemists
developed a successful process for making gasoline out of coal. Also, toward and after the end of the
war, many truck engines were converted to run on the fumes from plain firewood. (When you ran
out of ‗gas‘ you collected some wood along the road, chopped it up, and resumed the trip: Jordan,
Hashemite Kingdom of a constitutional monarchy comprising the territories of Trans-Jordan and
Arab Palestine; formed, with Iraq, The Arab Federation, 1958, but remains a sovereign state;
37,758 square miles; capital, Amman. Arabic Al Ur-du-ni-yah. Baghdad was once the greatest city
of the world; it had a population of two million, and was larger even than Babylon in its prime.
Baghdad‘s‘ most glamorous and legendary period began in 786 A.D., when Harun al-Rashid, or
―Aaron the Just,‖ ascended the throne: Israel 1962, despite warnings by the USSR and the UAR,
most of the new nations of Africa had signed aid agreements with Israel. Israel constructed two
nuclear reactors and fired a multi-stage rocket into space. When Egypt, with the aid of German
scientists, developed war missiles, the United States restored the balance of power by sending
missiles to Israel. Israel was the scene of the celebrated trial of Adolf Eichmann: True Story, the
Warsaw Ghetto, published 1972 by Clare Smythe. On the 6, September 1939, the vast steel-clad
brute, which was the German army, bulldozed its way into Poland. Although the Polish
Government decided to abandon the capital to the enemy, the people of Warsaw took it upon
themselves to defend their city, and their spirit of resistance encouraged the Polish army. But it was
a bitter and useless struggle, with an inevitable end. Large areas of Warsaw were reduced to ruins
by the German bombardment, and for some 150,000 of its Jewish inhabitants the fall of the capital
was their death sentence. In October, Warsaw was trying to struggle painfully back to life. All
utilities had ceased to function, fuel was almost non-existent and food scarce. For the Jews the
problems of survival were even more intense. The Germans at once began to pursue their usual
policy towards them of terrorization, ill treatment, cruelty, and resettlement, loss of freedom and
property, and sometimes death. This treatment the Jews of Europe had come to expect, but they
had no idea of the fact that the Nazis were now planning their total extermination. While the
Germans broke into Jewish homes, plundered them on the pretence of searching for weapons,
dragged young men off the streets to forced labour, banned Jews from the soup kitchens setup for
Aryans (gentiles), and ordered the appointment of a Jewish Council or Judenrat to be responsible
for Jewish affairs, the people of the Chosen Race (Jews), remained passive. Their energies were
directed towards feeding themselves and avoiding the worst attentions of their oppressors. As time
went on the German treatment of the Jews became more brutal, because the Jews brought on their
―Holy War‖ on the Germans. The Jews (Yids) were beaten up on the streets, their property was
destroyed or confiscated, and those with homes in the better part of the city were forcibly evicted

without being allowed to take their belongings with them. Finally the long-threatened decree was
carried out and in October 1940, a ghetto was established, separating the Jewish from the Aryan
(goy), population once and for all. The area chosen was a congested slum, already containing a
large Jewish population. It was completely inadequate for the 150,000 people from all over the city
who were now ordered to move in, in place of the 80,000 Gentiles who moved out of their slums, to
live as Jews lived. The exchange of dwellings had to be carried out and the move accomplished in
two weeks. The Jews were not allowed to take their belongings with them and although the Poles
were supposed to leave theirs in exchange they rarely did. The Speigel family was typical of many.
Bernard, a government official, had fled with his wife Hanna and their two children before the
advancing German juggernaut and taken shelter with his elder brother Abrasha in Warsaw. After
the fall of the city Bernard and Hanna had stayed on, for one of the first things the Germans had
done was to expel all Jews from government positions, and Bernard had no job to which to return.
The Speigels counted themselves fortunate, for they managed to avoid the attentions of the
Germans and were permitted to remain quietly in their own flat. In the end, however, when they
were finally ordered to move to the ghetto they were worse off, for the area was already crowded to
overflowing. The fortunate Polish family with whom the Speigels had to exchange found themselves
with a pleasant, roomy apartment overlooking one of Warsaw‘s parks, and expensively furnished.
The Speigels gazed with horror upon the four dark and dilapidated tenement rooms which they
were now expected to occupy, and which, despite the order that the departing Poles must leave
their belongings in exchange, contained nothing but a few essential pieces of furniture. The
children, Michel and Sonya, were especially loud in their complaints. The Speigels were a kindly
family and it was not long, therefore, before they were sharing their four small rooms with six other
people. Still hundreds of wretched newcomers to the ghetto searched from tenement to crumbling
tenement for a place in which they and their sometimes sick or feeble children and old people could
find a corner to live. On 31, October the wall of the ghetto was finished and the gates closed. Its
population numbered some half million, and averaged six to a room. The head of Warsaw‘s
Judenrat was Adam Cherniakov, a well-meaning and trusting character who for many months
refused to believe the warning of the militant section of the Jews, that deportation to the ―work-
camps‖ was in fact the deportation to the grave. When, several months later, Cherniakov was
finally forced to accept the fact, he killed himself. The Judenrat was ordered to establish its own
police force, and since being a policeman meant certain privileges there was no difficulty in
recruiting two thousand men. Most of these men, and in particular a notorious section known as the
―Thirteeners‖, who were blatantly tools of the Gestapo, were despised and hated by their
compatriots. By virtue of his past job and through the influence of his brother Bernard Speigel
contrived to be appointed to the Judenrat‘s administrative staff. This ensured a certain amount of
safety for his family and himself. For others the only passport to safety was the work-card, which,
later on, ensured their immunity from deportation. For starvation wages thousands of Jews worked
in the German-run factories, which had been established in the ghetto, or in the military shops and
railroads outside. The latter were marched out each morning and back each evening, closely
guarded, for no Jew could leave the ghetto on pain of death. In the early months thousands fought
among themselves for a crust of bread and a corner in which to sleep. Among those most closely
crowded together; the latecomers who had been herded in from country districts; disease soon
broke out. Typhus, dysentery and typhoid spread like wildfire, and by the beginning of 1941 the
death rate from sickness and starvation had reached six to seven thousand a month. From the
Speigels‘ window Sonya, fourteen years old, watched in horror as the daily death wagons came
round each morning to collect the naked corpses which had been thrown, divested of their valuable
clothes, out into the street. Bribery, corruption, smuggling, illicit commerce with the ‖Aryan side‖
were rife. And while bodies lay in the streets and homeless, parentless children, their bones starkly
apparent on their starving bodies, begged for food in the gutter, in some quarters there was plenty.
For the few who had managed to bring valuables into the ghetto there were restaurants with well-
stocked cellars and larders, and an unlimited supply of smuggled goods. Anything could be brought

if you had enough money, for the Gestapo were as vulnerable to bribery as anyone else. For a year
or more the struggle for life went on in the ghetto in this fashion. As yet mass deportations had not
begun and the only fear was the sudden swoops of police and Gestapo upon passers-by in the street,
to carry them off to forced labour-camps. Michel, now a strapping eighteen-year-old, was implored
by his mother not to go on to the streets. He refused to take any notice. ―I might as well be in a
labour-camp as live cooped up in these small rooms, and I cannot leave Sonya to take all the risks.
―At the mention of Sonya, Hanna Speigel wept with greater despair, for the girl took an active part
in the battle for food. To scramble up a wall or to creep through a hole was easier for a child, and
with money obtained from the valuables their uncle had managed to smuggle into the ghetto Michel
and Sonya, with a small group of adults, would wait at the appointed rendezvous for an Aryan
smuggler to hand over the precious food. Michel was also an active member of the Bund youth
movement. He had helped to organize the underground movement, deliver handbills and the illegal
newspaper, as well as to alleviate the sufferings of the starving and homeless. On the night of 17,
April 1942, the inhabitants of the ghetto were woken by shots, and shouts and gunfire were heard
throughout the night. Michel crept to the window and saw two Gestapo men dragging from the
house opposite a fellow member of the Bund youth movement and apprentice printer. Outside the
house the young man was ordered to stand against the wall and was promptly shot. Convinced that
it was his turn next, Michel fled from the room towards the attic and its skylight. It was rumoured
the following day that the mass executions of the night of 17, April had been aimed at the
liquidation of all illegal printing plants and those who operated them. Night after night the
executions continued as the Gestapo broke into tenements, dragged the people out into the street
and shot them. The next morning the Jews had to clear the streets of corpses. Soon afterwards the
mass deportations began. On the evening of 20, July Bernard Speigel came home with horrifying
news. The Judenrat had been assembled by a group of high-ranking Gestapo officials and informed
that labour was needed on the Eastern front and that sixty thousand of the ghetto‘s non-productive
inhabitants were to be deported at the rate of ten thousand a day. All who fell within the ―non-
productive‖ category e.g., who did not carry a work-card, were to report at the Umschlagplatz, a
square at the ghetto‘s edge, where the Nazis would select the victim? Michel leapt to his feet. ―It has
come! Our people will be exterminated, not put to work; the Bund has said this all along! We must
resist. ―Hush,‖ replied his father. ―For us it is all right. As a member of the administration I am
immune and so is my family. Besides, you are talking nonsense; these rumours of extermination are
melodramatic. ―With his eyes, Bernard warned his son to silence. Later, while the other excitedly
discussed the news, he took him aside. ―My family means you and Sonya and your mother,‘ he said.
―I can do nothing to save your aunt and uncle. Even the false work-cards which the Bund has
helped to print will hardly help them at their age.‖ Michel raged angrily off to the Bund meeting,
but the Judenrat turned down the policy of resistance, which the Bund recommended. Among the
panic-stricken populace the wish to believe that all the Germans intended was indeed deportation
to a work camp was stronger than their ability to face the truth. All the Bund could do by illegally
distributing leaflets was to persuade the people not to submit voluntarily. During the next few days
even the most optimistic were obliged to face the truth, and panic stalked the ghetto streets. When
the Germans, obliged to find their deportees by force, had cleared the prisons and infirmaries and
those places where the homeless had crowded in hundreds, they turned their attention to
orphanages and children‘s‘ homes, to the beggars and the sick who lay in the streets. No longer
could the Jews persuade themselves that work really laid at the end of the journey for such
labourers. The Germans‘ intention was brutally clear. The Judenrat now issued instructions that
whole families could be deported together to the labour-camps, that they could take baggage and
would be given extra food for the journey. By every means possible the Nazis sought to lull their
victims into a sense of security, and to a great extent they succeeded; but while they called for
volunteers they still carried out brutal manhunts through the ghetto. Abrasha Speigel and his wife
were early victims of the German raids. In order to prove their identity and benefit from the
protection of Bernard‘s job, his wife and children were obliged to spend everyday sitting beside

their father‘s desk in the administrative building. Such a pastime was not to Michel‘s liking and he
would frequently absent himself, giving his mother hours of anxiety. In August, at the end of one
such tedious day, the family had returned home together. In their tenement building there were
sounds of weeping and voices raised in anguish, but this was a common sound in the ghetto. The
building however, usually full of life, was strangely empty. A neighbour told them what had
happened. ―They surrounded the whole block. They dragged everyone out, because they refused to
obey an order; beating them with clubs. I hid in a closet and they did not see me, but your brother
and his wife were caught. They did not try to runaway; they just went, arm in arm, very quietly.‖
Day after day, week after week, these scenes were re-enacted throughout the ghetto. Victims were
dragged weeping, hysterical, calm or uncomprehending to the ―selection‖ centre in the
Umschlagplatz. There weak or ageing men and women tried pathetically to appear young and
virile; they would escape the selection only to be dragged off again a few days later. Women would
hide children under their skirts, only to have that child torn from them the next day. Terror and
panic spread; the inhabitants lived with death. By the end of September 1942, only about 40,000
inhabitants remained out of the original 500,000. The ghetto was reduced to half its size, and all
those who lived in the part, which was now being lopped off, were obliged to find new homes within
two days, but this time there was no problem of overcrowding. Belongings once so sought-after lay
scattered about. Where once there was teeming life an occasional figure scurried furtively. Almost
everyone who remained in the ghetto was an able-bodied man or woman; the workers. But at last
the resistance workers in the Warsaw ghetto were achieving their aims. The Polish underground
movement had finally taken action and had managed to smuggle some arms and ammunition to
them. Battle groups were setup under individual leaders, with definite points of defence. Michel
spent his days secretly drilling and learning how to make Molotov cocktails and to use a revolver.
In the Umschlagplatz the victims sometimes refused to enter the waiting freight cars willingly and
the guards were forced to open fire on them. The spirit of resistance was growing and everywhere
Jews were digging bunkers, secret tunnels, fortifications and escape routes. It was during one such
day of feverish activity that a man came running to the bunker where Michel was working. ―They
have taken your sister,‖ he cried. ―I have seen her, on the way to the Umschlagplatz.‖Michel
started, white-faced. ―But my father has a work-card, and my family; ―Your sister had gone to try
to find food; she was caught; ―Michel rushed to his section leader and demanded leave to go, but he
was forcibly restrained. ―You can do nothing, ―his friends insisted, ―nothing. And you may be taken
as well. It has happened to all of us. Do you think we have not lost everyone we love? All that
remains is to take our revenge. ―Now there could be no doubt that the Germans intended too clear
the ghetto of every last inhabitant, nor that the remaining Jews intended to fight too the death.
Food became so scarce that the remaining people were on the verge of starvation, fighting for every
scrap. Theatres, cafes and stores had disappeared. <you see, the Jews had food. Michel‘s mother
and father, no longer protected by the latter‘s employment, spent there days in a cramped hiding
place in the attic of the house in which they live. Like hundreds of others they tried desperately to
preserve their lives to the bitter end, hiding like rats in dark tunnels and bunkers, in holes in the
ground and dim crannies in the roofs. In the sewers another, underground, ghetto was established.
For some six months this twilight world continued, while in secret the resistance fighters prepared
for the last battle. The combat group was now the power in the ghetto and even the rich Jews were
contributing money for arms and food. The Germans, although aware that resistance was being
prepared, under-estimated its strength and so when in January 1943, they decided to clear the
ghetto they used a simple police operation. As the Germans entered the gates they were met by a
salvo of shots, which drove them back. Much encouraged by this effort the Jews redoubled their
resistance arrangements and the Polish underground gave them further help. They were all well
aware that it was to be the last battle; that there could be no hope of a successful outcome, but they
were prepared to sell their lives dearly. On 19, April 1943, the S.S. General, Stroop, launched his
final attack upon the ghetto. Two thousand crack troops, tanks and a battery of light artillery
rolled in at dawn. Faced with an enemy of a few hundred men, armed with revolvers and home-

made bombs, Stroop reckoned that it would take him at the most three days to mop-up the ghetto.
Michel and his combat troops had their headquarters close to the wall and from his lookout post at
a window Michel saw the first troops moving in. At once he gave warning and his section leader
ordered his men to open fire. The Germans were greeted by a heavy fusillade of bullets and a
Molotov cocktail set one of the tanks on fire. The soldiers promptly attacked, but Michel‘s group
had already prepared lines of retreat, over the roofs of the houses, through cellars and
underground passages. With flame-throwers and artillery the Germans fired on and captured
blocks of houses, only to find them already empty. In some places they were even forced to retreat.
In the first two days they achieved virtually nothing. On the second night Michel managed to get
away, taking food with him to the hiding-place of his parents. They were still safe, though hungry,
and resigned to their fate, aware that it was only a matter of time, aware that Michel‘s brave talk of
escaping through the sewers to the Aryan side and the comparative safety of the country was, for
them, meaningless. Two days later Stroop contrived to round up and deport some five thousand
unarmed inhabitants of the ghetto, but Himmler was now becoming impatient and he ordered
Stroop to destroy the rest by fire. His forces were soon built up to ten times the original number.
Regardless of the protests of the slave-driving factory owner‘s large area of factories and houses
were set on fire. ―We noticed that although the fire was much more dangerous, the Jews preferred
to go back into it, rather than fall into our hands, ―noted Stroop. ―The best and only way,‖ he
added a few weeks later, ―to wipe-out the Jews is by fire. These creatures understand that they have
only two possibilities; to hide for as long as possible or to come out trying to kill or wound the
largest possible number of soldiers and Waffen-SS men.‖ These tactics were successful up to a point
and periodically large group of unarmed Jews were rounded up and sent to extermination camps;
but still the battle raged on. As the days passed Michel visited his parents whenever he could to take
them food. But eventually the inevitable happened. Michel found the house a shattered ruin of
crumbling brickwork and gaping holes, and of his parents there was no sign. Michel‘s group had
now withdrawn and, with its depleted numbers, joined up with the headquarters group under
Anielwicz, whose base was a large deep shelter in the centre of the ghetto. On 6th May the Germans
attack the bunker with flame-throwers and artillery? Within the bunker the resistance fighters and
a number of women and children who had taken refuge there prepared for the last battle. In the
cramped quarters fighting was impossible. Some managed to escape to the sewers (from which they
were later driven by gas-bombs), others emerged to fight to the last with the enemy, yet others died
in the fire and the bombardment. Michel was among those who ran from the shelter, emptying his
revolver, to die face-to-face with the enemy. It was virtually the end of the ghetto and by 16; May
Stroop could announce that the major operation was over. His troops were withdrawn, but twenty
thousand of Germany‘s best fighting men had been tied up for nearly four weeks and the German
war industry had lost, in the ghetto factories, one of its more important supply centres. Most of the
inhabitants died during the battle. A few managed to escape through the sewers to join the
partisans in the country. Other survived among the ruins and for three or four months led an
animal-like existence, hunted by German patrols and surviving on hidden stores of food. For many
months the mopping-up operation went on. The ruined buildings were dynamited, a special railway
was built to bring salvage out of the ghetto, and the last, hunted people were rounded up and
deported. By September 1943, nothing was left of an area which had supported half a million
people but a field of rubble, twenty feet deep, The End: The concentration camps, called ―Ghettoes.
Rudolf Franz Hoess, was the SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer or commandant at Auschwitz. Hoess
refused to take credit for allegedly killing three million inmates, because he had been on leave of
absence while a portion of them died in the shower rooms where Zyklon B tablets were said to have
been ‗dropped through the roof, which is a load of bullshit. ―The International Red Cross was there
at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and therefore no gas chambers, only crematorium for cremating corpses in
the furnace too stop the spread of disease. Zyklon B was used for delousing prison inmates of lice,
beds etc:               Franz Stangl, was the commandant at Treblinka; and Josef Mengele had

been the doctor at Auschwitz; and jewellery from the Jews in jail, and gold extracted from the teeth
of victims at Auschwitz. The Jewish pawnshops in Germany were doing a bristling trade in gold
and silver; but there are not enough buyers from the general public. The Max Heiliger account,
referring to a special SS account in the Reichsbank. Max is so fat he‘s about to explode. In the SS
Conference Room‘ A, ―on the third floor, the SS men held nearly a hundred German industrialists
and military men, who had arrived for twenty-four hours of intensive conferences. Their agenda
was starkly simple; the planning for survival after defeat. There were 50 black SS uniform men,
read from a memorandum. ―Lufthansa flights to Spain have brought out more than three hundred
million Deutschmarks or Deutsche Marks in American dollars and British pounds. Of the pounds
more than half are counterfeit but so perfectly done that no problems are anticipated in marketing
them. ―As to the report on bogus corporations, at this moment more than six hundred have been
established, a third in the Middle East, some in Spain, but most in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay.
―In Conference Room C, down the hall, a less formal atmosphere prevailed. Only five men had
gathered here, around a table heaped with food and drinks. Two were from the Reichsbank,
Hitler‘s national repository for loot from conquered countries. The other three men held high office
in the SS; the senior of this group, a tall, extremely thin man, whose hooked nose dominated his
pinched, lean face, was talking rapidly, gesturing with his right hand in a broad sweep talking
about the Max Heiliger account: Adolf Eichmann, charged by Hitler with responsibility for the
final solution (deportation) of the Jewish problem. The gold was melted-down, and shipped to Swiss
Banks: Jewish media propaganda bullshit about the Nazi officials measure up a Jewish suspect, by
measuring his ―Semitic‖ nose: 14, Feb 1939, Germany launches the 35,000 ton battleship Bismarck:
London, Two million 19 to 27 year-olds are called up: UK, January 10, 1940 Britain, ‗35 die when
German planes attack 12 ships off the British coast, sinking three: January 17, 1940 UK, The
Thames freezes for the first time since 1888: Moscow, March 13, 1940 Finland signs a peace treaty
with the USSR; 500,000 Finns begin the evacuation of areas ceded to the USSR: March 27, 1940
Berlin, Himmler orders the construction of a concentration camp at Auschwitz near Krakow in
Poland: May 1st, Jews remember the ―six million‖ gassed:                                         Jewish
archive open to the public of alleged Nazi atrocities, ―Reto Meister, the ―Head of
International Tracing Service, ―Address, ―International de Recherd‖, Comite International de
recherd, Croix Rouge, Grosse Allce 5-9. D-34444 Bad Arols? India, under the British Empire
during the famine of 1876-78, was forced to feed Britain and its armies across the world, ―seven
million Indians died‖. With farmers taxed out of existence and starving; but nowadays all one hears
is how Germans allegedly murdered ―six million Jew:               Israel is a beacon of freedom and
hope—to the world generally and in a more important sense, to the Middle East. ―What a loan of
bullshit. The U.S. News and World Report editor-in-chief Mortimer Zuckerman reminds us that ―it
was ―Yasser Arafat‖ who described ‗all of Palestine, ‗which includes all of Israel, as a ―holy wakf,‖
e.g., an Islamic trust that cannot be given away. The state of Israel today had to maintain its
existence while being harassed by active Arab hostility often expressed by horrific terrorist‖ acts
and, more recently, continuous rocket and mortar fire well into its southern regions—now even
reaching into coastal city of Ashkelon, between the Gaza strip and Tel Aviv. The terror group
Hamas now controls Gaza and is responsible for the rain of rockets presently afflicting Israel. This
―Islamic resistance movement‖ was established in 1987 and is infamous for its suicide bombings.
The Hamas charter plainly states ―there is no solution for the Palestinian question except through
‗Jihad‘ and that ―Israel‖ will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it. ―Clearly
Hamas is devoted to the destruction of the illegal state of Israel. Meanwhile, ―Hezbollah fighters‘ in
Lebanon, where the terror group‘ has taken over much of the country along Israel‘s northern
borders. ―Iran, which has test-fired missiles such as the ―Shahab 3, is capable of reaching Israel
with nuclear warheads. Iranian leaders have repeatedly threatened to eliminate Israel. ―Israel
wants the whole cake, not just apiece, and therefore there will be no peace until the Jews lift their
illegal blockade on the city of Gaza in SW Palestine, and the West Bank. The Jews are totally

responsible for the deaths of 10 million goys in WW1, and 55 million goys in WW11. The Jews
financed both world wars. The Jews are lying about their story of six million Jews supposably been
gassed by the Nazis: April 8, 1940 Oslo, Norway protests as the Royal Navy begins mining of its
waters to hinder ore exports to Germany: May 6, 1940 UK, Unemployment falls below one million
for the first time in 20 years; thanks to King George ‗V‘ and Churchill secretly declaring war on
Germany in 1931, only to announce it on the 3, September 1939: Germany, August 10th 1940 today
is ―Eagle Day‖, the date by which Hermann Goering‘s Luftwaffe planned to win air superiority
from the RAF: UK, August 15, 1940 The RAF is reported to have shot down 144 out of 1,000
raiding planes, losing only 27 of its own aircraft: Baltic, September 5th 1940 4,000 German troops
are reported drowned when a Royal Navy sub torpedoes the ship Marion: Hamburg, September 9,
1940 The British RAF carries out a three-hour raid on the city: Berlin, October 21, 1940 RAF
causes severe damage in four-hour raid: Germany, October 25, 1940 high casualties and huge fires
are reported after further RAF raids on Berlin and Hamburg: Hamburg, November 16, 1940, The
RAF drops 2,000 bombs, in the heaviest attack yet on the innocent: The 6, Sep 1941, and German
Secret Police, all Jews over the age of 6 years of age are forbidden to appear in public, without
displaying a yellow Star of David on their person. The star made from yellow cloth with a six
pointed star and black edges: Bataan, a province in southern Luzon, Philoppines; 517 square
miles; capital, Balanga; occupying Bataan Peninsula, scene of World War 11, surrender of United
States and Philippine forces to the Japanese, April, 1942: Germany, Sep 10, 1942, The British RAF
drops 100,000 bombs on ―Dusseldorf‖ in less than an hour, killing tens of thousand of innocent
women and children on the ground: April 15, 1943 Germany; the RAF drops 8,000 pound
―Blockbuster bombs‖, and 4,000 pounds, ―Factory smasher‖ bombs on ‗Stuttgart: Germany 22,
February 1945, 6,000 allied bombers pound German transport lines: Germany, March 11, 1945,
1,000 allied bombers carry out the biggest ever daylight raid, destroying the Krupps Factory, a
former VW car plant: Many German soldiers who had no other choice, but too killed the enemy,
said, that too kill another human, it was not hate, it was either him or me, that‘s how it was when it
came time too kill another man!: January 7th 1973, Hitler‘s car is sold for $153,000 at an Arizona
Auction in the USA: Only a few kilograms of plutonium, or U235, are needed to make a relatively
simple weapon with a yield of ten to twenty kilotons of TNT –similar to the bombs first used on
Nagasaki and Hiroshima by Gi‘s; a U.S. war crime, that murdered up to 180,000 innocent civilians,
e.g., a grave offence; Charge with or convict of a military offence (crimen minis), judgement,
offence: Booty of war. Prize of war on land, as opposed to prize at sea. It belongs by right to the
Crown, but was at one time usually given to the captors. Jurisdiction on matters of booty of war is
in the Admiralty Division: Israel‘s nuclear arsenal: - America‘s most important military
secret in 1979 was in orbit, whirling effortlessly around the world every ninety-six minutes, taking
uncanny and invaluable reconnaissance photographs of all that lay hundreds of miles below. The
satellite, known as KH-11, was an astonishing leap in technology; its images were capable of being
digitally relayed to ground stations where they were picked up in ―real time‖ for instant analysis by
the intelligence community. This intensive security system was given a jolt in March 1979, when
President Carter decided to provide Israel with KH-11 photographs. The agreement gave Israel
access to any satellite intelligence dealing with troop movements or other potentially threatening
activities as deep as one hundred miles inside the borders of neighbouring Lebanon, Syria, Egypt,
and Jordan. The Israelis were to get the real thing; the raw and spectacular first-generation
imagery as captured by the KH-11, some of it in three-dimensional, and not the deliberately fuzzed
and dulled photographs that were invariably distributed by the American intelligence community
to the bureaucracy and to overseas allies in an effort to shield the superb resolution of the KH-11‘s
optics: Israel not surprisingly, viewed the KH-11 agreement as a reaffirmation of respect and
support from the Jimmy Carter administration, whose director of central intelligence, retired
Admiral Stansfield Turner, had abruptly cut back intelligence liaison with Israel and other friendly
nations as part of a restructuring of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Israelis, accustomed to

far warmer treatment by Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, saw the men running
the Jew ‗Carter administration as naïve and anti-Semitic; as men who perhaps did not fully
understand how entwined Israel‘s primary foreign intelligence service, ―Mossad, had become with
the CIA during the Cold War. The 1979 agreement on the KH-11 was no less than the twenty-eight
in a series of formal Israeli-American cooperative ventures in strategic intelligence since the 1950s:
In June 1981, the Israelis took out a nuclear reactor in Iraq with F-16‘s ― Israel, aided by long-
term, low-interest American credits, had been authorized in 1975 to begin the purchase of seventy-
five F-16s ―for defensive purposes only,‖ two days later, at a British diplomatic reception, Begin
again shocked the senior officials of his government, as well as the intelligence community, by
bragging that the Israeli planes also had destroyed a secret facility buried forty meters 130 feet
below the reactor at Osirak that was to serve as the assembly point for the manufacture of Iraqi
nuclear bombs. The appalled Israeli officials knew that Begin‘s remarks were descriptive not of the
nonexistent underground weapons facility at Osirak, but of one that did exist in Israel. Begin also
told newsmen at the reception that the Iraqi government had hidden the facility from the
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which had inspected the reactor at Osirak in January
1981, under provisions of the 1968 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, to which Iraq was a party.
Israeli government spokesmen attempted to recoup the next day by telling newsmen that Begin had
misspoken; the underground facility was only four meters, not forty, below the surface. The
government‘s worst fear, however, were not publicly realized in the subsequent days and weeks.
Israel‘s biggest secret remained a secret. By 1981, Israeli scientists and engineers had been
manufacturing nuclear bombs for thirteen years at a remote site known as Dimona, located in the
barren Negev or (Negeb) region south of Jerusalem. Aided by the French, Israel had constructed a
nuclear reactor as well as a separate facility; hidden underground for the complex process of
chemically separating the reactor‘s most important by-product; weapons-grade plutonium: The
Israeli ‗Nuclear whistleblower who disclosed secrets about his country‘s nuclear weapons program.
The Israeli spy named Mordechai Vanunu who told all in 1986, where he worked as a technician at
the Dimona nuclear reactor plant in the Negev Desert, had told The Sunday Times in London about
the secret Israeli facility where he had taken photos within the nuclear plant. Subsequently was
imprisoned for 18 years for ‗treason against the State of Israel as a spy. He was released from
prison on the 22, April 2004. Amnesty International has been calling for Vanunu release for many
years: The state of Israel has been a nuclear power for the more than thirty-four years. Israeli
officials deny that their country on lease from the Palestinians state possesses an atomic arsenal. In
The Samson Option Seymour Hersh tells for the first time the compelling story of the Israeli
nuclear weapons programme and its influence on world events. The establishment by the late 1970s
of a sophisticated underground nuclear production facility, that targeted and threatened Israel‘s
enemies in the Middle East as well as the Soviet Union. Israel would destroy those who would bring
it down. The message is stark; the next Middle East war may well be nuclear. There will never be
another ―Holocaust‖ Never again: 2004 A.D. Israel is known to possess chemical and biological
weapons, and 200 to 400 nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them: The Jews financed WW
1 and WW 11. They conscripted gentile soldiers to do their fighting for them. That resulted in the
deaths of over 60 million people culled for their cause. World domination by the ―Yids for the
―Yids; the ―New World Order: According to the Secret Society the ―illuminate‖. The Master Race,
the ―Jews‖ plan to use ―biological germ‖ warfare on 80% of the world‘s population. They only need
about 500 million people on this planet to sustain human life; most of whom will become slaves for
the Yids: On January 28, 1939. The German physicist Otto Hahn discovers ―nuclear fission‖. This
he said could be used to produce weapons of unprecedented power, or as a virtually inexhaustible
source of energy: Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said; If my theory of relativity is proven successful,
Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world.
Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German and Germany will declare that
I am a Jew. Einstein was a regular patron at the ―Patent Office, because he worked there, snooping
around for valuable information; It makes you wonder whose brain ―IT‖ was, his wife Melena, a

non-Jewish girl from Serbia, In 1896 both Einstein and Melena, enrolled in the same Swiss federal
polytechnic school working on the same subject ‗theological physics‘: The hydrogen bomb. Edward
Teller and other American nuclear weapons designers understood that a far more powerful nuclear
device, with fission as merely a first step, was theoretically possible. This new weapon, developed
under the code name of ―Super,‖ was the hydrogen bomb, known today‘s physicists as a fusion
device. There were two central problems in the development of a high-yield hydrogen bomb. How
too ignite the fusion material, and how to make it burn efficiently. After much trial and error,
scientists at Los Alamos developed a two-stage device, with two separate components inside a single
warhead case. A fission bomb would be triggered (the first stage) inside the warhead. Much of the
radiation from the fission device would be contained in the warhead case and compress and ignite a
special thermonuclear fuel in the separate compartment (the second step). Deuterium, a hydrogen
isotope twice the weight of hydrogen, or lithium deuteride could be used as the thermonuclear fuel.
Deuterium is the main fuel of the sun, and is burned there at temperatures of 18 to 36 million
degrees Fahrenheit. American physicists conducted experiments and came to understand, with
appropriate awe that a thermonuclear fuel, once ignited by fission inside a hydrogen bomb, would
burn at a speed, temperature, and pressure greater than it burned at in the centre of the sun. A key
to the hydrogen bomb was the initial triggering of a fission device, for only fission was capable of
generating the heat and, as the scientists later came to understand, the radiation needed to burn the
thermonuclear fuel. The thermonuclear device, when successfully tested in 1952 at Eniwetok, an
atoll in the Marshall Islands; U.S. proving grounds 1948 for atomic weapons in the western Pacific,
produced a crater 6,240 feet in diameter; more than a mile, and 164 feet deep. It was 650 times as
powerful as the primitive device dropped on Hiroshima. The Los Alamos team later determined
that the fusion of deuterium and tritium, another heavy hydrogen isotope that is a by-product of
lithium, could produce a thermonuclear explosion of fifteen megatons; that is, one thousand times
greater than the Hiroshima bomb: One H-Bomb can wipeout any City; New York and its
metropolitan area; the odds against your survival in an H-bomb war would be a million to one. The
first hydrogen bomb, tested in 1952, was as powerful as the total of all the bombs dropped on
Germany and Japan during World War 11, including the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki: On the 2nd Dec 1942, the engineer in charge of the Manhattan Project, Leslie Groves,
together with Presidential adviser, Vannevar Bush, were treated to a spectacular display of the
proof of the theories about uranium. Enrico Fermi successfully demonstrated the world‘s first
nuclear chain reaction. The reactor, or pile as they used to call it, consisted of 40,000 graphite
blocks arranged in a circle; inside it were 50 tons of uranium in metallic and oxide form. Inserted
into the uranium were neutron absorbing control rods that, when withdrawn, allowed the neutrons
to start their atom bombardment leading to a chain reaction. As the experiment started, Fermi,
using his slide-rule, predicted the exact moment at which the chain reaction would begin. The
reaction is self-sustaining. Then he ordered the control rods to be reinserted. The first planned
release of nuclear energy in history had been effectively controlled; It would be twenty years before
the centrifuge project made a comeback, proving, ironically, to be a highly efficient method of
producing U-235, one that used much less electricity than the others. The gaseous diffusion plant,
which eventually emerged as the most successful of the wartime plants, was a voracious consumer
of electricity. By the 1950s, the U.S. diffusion plants were devouring 10% of the country‘s
electricity. In the three decades after the war, similar plants were built in Russia, France, Britain,
and China, using millions of barrels of oil. Why is George W. Bush the real ―terrorist‖ trying hard
to tell Americans and the world, that other ―bad-guys‖ might obtain the plans to build their own
―nuclear bomb‖ to use on America. Mr. G. W. Bush Jr, You can find the plans in any
encyclopaedia book on how to build the bomb! America today (2004), is purported to have some
35,000 nuclear bombs of mass destruction? Every time you hear the President talk; he is the good
guy, and everyone who has any brains, is the baddy, ‗why: The bomb the U.S. created, was a
weapon of war, to be used by politicians and military officers. Those scientists who, after the bomb
was built, felt it was immoral to drop it on the Japanese; but the Japanese were in for a shock. In

the beginning, they had begged the politicians to make a bomb to protect the world against Hitler,
‗if necessary, to drop it on him. In the end, they should not have expected the military would ban
such a super-weapon before they had a chance to use it. Even as Germany lay defeated in the spring
of 1945, the engineer in charge of the Manhattan Project, Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army Corp of
Engineers, ordered his men to step up production, so that the bomb could be used on the Japanese.
What had begun as a race to build a bomb before Hitler! Now turned into a race too build a bomb
before the war ended. The enrichment plants, both gaseous diffusion and electro-magnetic, were
built at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the plutonium reactors at Hanford, Washington. Driven, first,
by the fears that the project had lost two vital years to Nazi Germany and then, by the prospect
that the war would end before they could build a bomb. It should be pointed out that President
George W. Bush‘s uncle, Vannevar Bush, financed Hitler‘s war, along with wealthy Jewish families
who controlled the central German coal belt, which stretches into Czechoslovakia, owned by the
Rothschild‘s, Weinmanns, and Petscheks. These people financed the war against Germany with the
help of the Zionist banking cartels, and John D. Rockefeller. Hitler himself had been a half-
bloodline of the Rockefeller‘s clan; that‘s according to the book: - The Biggest Secret, by David
Icke. ISBN 0 9526147 66. Visit the David Icke website. www.davidicke.com: I feel sorry for the
German people who were mostly ―Christians‖; they wrote the Christmas song; ―Silent Night, Holy
Night‖. In Germany the 6th army sang this song in the ―Volga‖(Russia), in 1942, during the battle
for Stalingrad, which begun on the 6th November at about 5.30 am. The German tanks were no
match against the Soviets ―T34 tanks‖, the Germans had run out of fuel, food. Their supply lines
were too long and disorganized, and the infantryman had discarded their winter clothing. Thinking
the war on the Russian front with the Red Army would be over before winter set in! On the 8th
January, the German Commander and Chief of the German Sixth Army, von Paulus, was under
strict orders from ―der Fuhrer‖ himself, not to surrender to Soviet forces, and fight too the last
man, because the 6th infantry army was taking off the pressure for the rest of the Eastern Front.
On the 24, January 1943, the Fuhrer sent the following communiqué to the Sixth Army at
Stalingrad, ‗Surrender is forbidden. 6th Army will hold their positions to the last man and the last
round and by their heroic endurance will make an unforgettable contribution towards the
establishment of a defensive front and the salvation of the ‗Western world. The Sixth Army
surrendered on the 31, January 1943 to the Russians. There were 23 generals, 2,000 officers and
130,000 other ranks. Over 100,000 Germans were killed and wounded in the battle; the Red Army
who dynamited their underground shelters buried many of the wounded alive. Shortly before the
German surrender, Adolf Hitler promoted von Paulus to Field Marshal. Of those who surrendered,
only 6,000 returned home. On the 22, August 1942 the battle of Stalingrad begins. Hitler has
directed his campaign in this direction in order to take control of the ―Baku‖ oilfield. The huge
battle drags on for five months. In it 750,000 Russian soldiers and 400,000 German soldiers will die:
On 15, March 1943, after losing Kharkov to the Russians, the Germans recapture the city. The
Germans have lost 500,000 during winter fighting on the eastern front: August 23, 1943, Russian
troops retake the city of Kharkov: Sep 25, 1943, Soviet troops retake Smolensk: February 13,
British bombers raid the German city of Dresden, under Churchill‘s orders, murdering 135,000
innocent civilians, the city was blanket bombed for maximum destruction; a war crime was
committed on the Germans by the warmonger Winston Churchill: On Tuesday, May 8, 1945 at one
minute after midnight, hostilities with Germany officially ended;- the German representative who
signed the surrender was ―Field-Marshal Keitel, Chief of the High Command, and the
Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, Navy, and Air Forces: August 2, 1945, Potsdam
Conference ends (Jew Truman, Jew Stalin, Freemason Churchill), determining that Germany is to
be disarmed and demilitarised, its leaders to be tried for war crimes. Churchill, the Jew ‗Roosevelt
and ‗Stalin, Yalta conference 1945: Germany, April 15th 1945, the Concentration Camp at
―Bergen-Belsen‖ near ‗Hannover is liberated, and all but one hut is destroyed by the British. The
camp held some 600,000 inmates, and up to 50,000 perished there, owing to the lack of proper food
and sanitation, e.g., sanitary conditions, because of the Jewish enemy‘s blockade of Germany

during the war years. May the 8th 1945, VE-Day: May 21st 1945, British authorities burn down the
last remaining hut at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp: September 30, 1946, the Nuremberg
Trials reach their climax as 12 leading Nazis are sentenced to death, including Ribbentrop and
Goering; Rudolf Hess (born 1894) or Walter Richard Rudolf Hess, received life imprisonment in
1945, his remaining years of life was served as an inmate of Berlin‘s Spandau prison for 46-years;
and also Walter Funk are sentenced to life imprisonment; Franz von Papen is acquitted: The
―holocaust; really was on the Germans, because the ―Jews‖ had declared a ―holy war‖ on them,
and threatened to starve every German too death. The Germans did not know it, but the truth is
that the Jews planned the Second World War with England‘s help, as early as 1926-30. See,
―Westminster Adoption Act 1942; Australia‘s ―Preamble‖. This document was passed on the 11th
November 1931; this Imperial Act entitled the Statute of Westminster, 1931; shall have effect from
the third day of September, One thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine. England declared war on
Germany in 1931; but 1926-30, thirteen years prior, e.g., before the 3rd of September 1939. When
the Second World War ended in 1945, the ―Allies‖ said, the ―German war‖ is therefore at an end.
After years of intense preparation e.g., German war debt from the First World War! Germany had
hurled herself on Poland at the beginning of September 1939. In fact it was on the 2nd of
September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Just one day before England declared war on
Germany; because the English planned to make war on Germany on the 3rd of September 1939 to
the day. Hitler or No Hitler, the war was going to happen in any case. Eastern Front; September 17,
1939, the USSR invades Poland, and Finland on the 30, November 1939; and Churchill could not
care less; because he was in with the Soviets. Germany invaded the USSR on June 22, 1941,
operation ―Barbarossa, e.g., Barbary pirates. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill and his War; it‘s
a pity he didn‘t die sooner, this ‗War Lord‖ was born (1874, and died 1965). Churchill was just a
mass murderer, only the ‗gullible couldn‘t see ―IT‖. England said, in pursuance of our guarantee to
Poland; this was England‘s excuse for making war; and in agreement with the French Republic,
Great Britain, the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations declare war upon this foul
aggressor. After gallant France had been struck down we, from this Island and from our united
Empire, maintained the struggle single-handed for a whole year until we were joined by the
military might of Soviet Russia; (what a load of bull); and later by the overwhelming power and
resources of the United States of America. God bless America, ―Yippy‖ for America, the ―Saviour‖,
a person who saves State etc, from destruction‘ etc. Planet Hollywood, or Plan ―IT‖ Hollywood! It‘s
ironic that America just happens to be there at the very last moment to save the world from
destruction. The magic ―Wand‖ is a staff symbolizing some official authority ―baton‖. A kind of
―Miracle force‖ don‘t you think! ―IT‖ stands for ―Weapons of Mass Destruction‖;- the ―New
World Order‖ or One World Government by stealth force: If Britain cared so much about
―Poland‖ in September 1939; than why after the war did the dictator Marshal, Joseph Stalin, a
Jewish communist siege control of Poland?. You see; the whole war was planned years before!
Russia under the ―Five Year Plan‖ was fully industrialised for war by 1932-33, complements of
the Jews of America using ―Liberty Ships‖ built in the United States in secrecy. Hitler; the
assimilation of fire to spiritual energy is another of Man‘s archetypal ideas. Whoever possesses this
force possesses fire. Strange as it may seem, Hitler was convinced that wherever he advanced the
cold would retreat before him. This mystical belief partly accounts for the way in which he
conducted the campaign in Russia. The Horbigerians, who claimed to be able to predict the weather
all over our planet months and even years in advance, had announced a relatively mild winter. But
there was another factor; in common with other disciples of the ‗eternal ice‘ theory, Hitler was
firmly convinced that he had formed an alliance with the cold, and that the snowy plains of Russia
would not be able to delay his advance. Humanity under his leadership was about to enter the new
cycle of fire. Winter would retreat before his flame-bearing legions. Although the Fuhrer usually
paid great attention to the material equipment of his troops, the only ridiculously inadequate
addition to the outfit of his soldiers in the Russian campaign consisted of a scarf and a pair of

gloves. Then, in December 1941, the thermometer suddenly descended to –40‘ degrees below
Celsius. (Human blood freezes at 33 degrees below Zero). The predictions were false, the elements
revolted, the stars in their courses suddenly ceased to work in the interests of the ‗just man‘. It was
the triumph of ice over fire. Automatic weapons ceased to function as the oil froze. In the reservoirs
the cold caused the synthetic petrol to separate into two unusable elements. Behind the lines the
locomotives were frozen. The soldiers were dying in their greatcoats and army boots. The slightest
wound meant death. Thousands of soldiers died of exposure while performing their natural
function. Hitler refused to believe in this first conflict between mysticism and reality. General
Guderian, at the risk of losing his rank and perhaps his life, flew back to Germany to inform Hitler
of the situation and to ask him to give the order to retreat. ‗As to the cold,‘ said Hitler, ‗I will see to
that, ‗attack. It was thus that the entire armoured corps that had conquered Poland in eighteen
days and France in a month; the armies of Guderian, Reinhardt and Hoeppner, the formidable
legion of the conquering heroes whom Hitler called his Immortals; slashed by the wind and
scorched by the frost, disappeared in the frozen wastes in order that a mystical idea should be
proved truer than reality. What remained of the Great Army had, in the end, to give in and make
at all speed for the south. When, in the following spring, the troops invaded the Caucasus, a strange
ceremony took place. Three S.S. mountaineers climbed to the summit of Mount Elbruz, the sacred
hill of the Aryan race, the seat of ancient civilizations, and the magic peak of the sect of the
―Friends of Lucifer‖. There they planted the swastika flag, blessed according to the rites of the
Black Order. The blessing of the flag at the top of Mount Elbruz was to mark the beginning of a
new era. In future the seasons would be obedient, and fire would triumph over ice for many
thousands of years to come. There had been a serious setback the previous year, but that was only a
trial, the last to be overcome before the real spiritual victory. And so, despite the warnings of the
official meteorologists who predicted a winter even more severe than the preceding one, and
regardless of innumerable threatening indications, the troops turned North again towards
Stalingrad in order to cut Russia in two. It was the ‗disciples of reason with their sombre mien‘ who
won the day. It was the practical men, men lacking ‗the divine fire‘, with their courage, their
‗Judaeo-liberal‘ science, and their techniques untainted by religious overtones; it was these men
who, aided by the cold and ice, triumphed in the end. They broke the covenant, and won a victory
over magic. After Stalingrad, Hitler was no longer a prophet. His religion crumbled. Stalingrad was
not only a military and political defeat; the balance of spiritual forces was upset, the wheel was
turning. German newspapers appeared in heavy mourning and the descriptions they gave of the
disaster were more terrible than those in the Russian communiqués. National mourning was
proclaimed. But this mourning was for something more than a nation. ‗Do you realize what has
happened,‘ wrote Dr. J. P. Goebbels. ‗It is a whole school of thought, an entire conception of the
Universe that has been defeated. Spiritual forces will be crushed; the hour of judgment is at hand.
‗Stalingrad was not just the triumph of Communism over Fascism or, rather, it was not only that.
Looked at from another angle, at the distance from which the meaning of such vast and far-
reaching events can best be judged, it will be seen as a victory of our humanist civilization over a
civilization of another kind; a Satanic and magical form of civilization designed, not for Man, but
for ‗something more than Man. There are no essential differences in the ultimate aims of two
civilizations such as the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. The Europe of the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries supplied the motive-power, which is still functioning. The engine does not make exactly
the same noise in New York as in Moscow, but that is all. It was not, in reality a mere temporary
coalition of basic enemies that went to war with Germany, but a whole world; a single, united world
that believes in progress, justice, equality and science. One world having the same vision of the
Cosmos, the same understanding of Universal Laws, and one that assigns to man the same place,
neither too exalted nor too humble, in the Universe. One world, that believes in reason and the
reality of things. A world, in a word, which was to have disappeared altogether to leave room for
another of which Hitler felt himself to be the prophet: Look, Communism and Capitalism are
controlled by the same people, the ―Zionist, the ―Mafia World Bankers: The Antipathy policy of the

Jews against the gentile race is barbaric, appal to say the least. In 1987, 26, April, the nuclear
power station at Chernobyl near Kiev in the Ukraine explodes releasing clouds of radioactive fall-
out, contaminating much of northern Europe; 30 fire-fighters and plant workers die during the
first few weeks after the accident; future cancer deaths resulting from exposure to the radioactive
fall-out may range between 7,000 and 40,000. Confidence in nuclear energy and its reliability as a
power source is severely shaken throughout Europe: Insignia of generals-United States
Army. Brigadier general, (1) star; Major general, (2) star; Lieutenant general, (3) star; General,
(4) star; General of the Army, (5) star: The Nuclear Barons, a nuclear nightmare! As the war
between Germany and the Allies intensified in the spring and summer of 1940, so did the guessing
about each other‘s atomic projects. Fearing the Germans were at work on a bomb, Britain and
France were eventually persuaded, despite scarce resources, to start their own projects. Ironically,
although the Germans had started the war with a greater experience of atomic physics, they were to
make little progress in producing a bomb. They did not have the vast resources available to the
Americans, of course; and if they had started building the huge atomic factories needed, these
would undoubtedly have been spotted by Allied intelligence and bombed. One explanation for their
failure much debated after the war, centred on the motivation of the German physicists; too build a
bomb for Hitler. In his post-war recollections, the leading German theorist, Werner Heisenberg;
sought to give the impression that he and his colleagues did not work on the German bomb project
as diligently as they might have done because they were reluctant to see an atomic bomb in the
Fuhrer‘s hands. But there is a problem reconciling that view with the facts garnered from captured
German documents. These show that at least until 1942 German physicists plunged headlong into
work on uranium projects that could easily have ended with a bomb. One of the main reasons for
the German failure was professional snobbery. When the time came for the physicists to put their
blackboard theories into practice, they refused to let the engineer‘s takeover. Engineering had
always been regarded by; the physicists as a lesser calling; engineers were dull, practical men
whereas physicists were bright, exciting inventors. The German physicists thought they alone could
build the atomic reactors needed to produce the bomb material. As it turned out, they were wrong;
by the end of the war, the Germans did not even have a working reactor. In truth, U.S. research
into atomic energy was far behind contemporary developments in National Socialist Europe, and
the Allies knew it. On the 27th of February 1943, an alarmed Winston Churchill frantically ordered
a British commando raid to destroy the Germans ―heavy water‖ plant in southern Norway, before
it could be put to use in nuclear arms manufacture. The Norsk Hhyro Company was attacked, but
works on Hitler‘s ―Victory Weapon‖ continued to out-pace similar efforts in the U.S. As a result,
the world‘s first nuclear bomb was detonated in the Harz Mountains of Germany in March 1945,
five months before the American atomic blast took place in New Mexico. See: - Black Sun, by
Joseph Farrell, IL; Adventures Unlimited Press, 2005, or Hitler‘s Miracle Weapon, by Friedrich
Georg, MN; Historic Aviation, 2004. While the Harz Mountain test was a success, additional
months of development were required before the ―Victory Weapon‖ could have become
operational, more time than Germany had left before the capitulation in early May. ―We National
Socialists are convinced that we are fulfilling the Creator‘s highest command by fighting for His
noblest accomplishment—the preservation and evolutionary destiny of the White Race! Once the
British and French governments had been persuaded of the importance of the nuclear chain
reaction that German physicists had developed, they acted swiftly to try to prevent Germany from
obtaining the essential ingredients needed to make a bomb. ―What a load of bullshit‖. The German
Jew physicist Albert Einstein gave German plans for a nuclear bomb to the United States. He stole
the idea from German physicists, and got the credit for been the brains behind the first atomic
bomb: In Paris, Joliot‘s research team was experimenting with ways of making a nuclear reactor
work. They had discovered that a chain reaction could, theoretically, be set-up in a lump of
uranium if the neutrons released by the splitting of the atoms were slowed down, or ―moderated‖,
thereby increasing the likelihood they would find their atomic targets. In 1939, Joliot‘s team found

this could be done if the uranium was surrounded with a substance called heavy water, discovered
by the American chemist Harold Urey in 1931. It is indistinguishable in appearance from ordinary
water, in which it is present in the tiny fraction of .15 % percent. By 1939 the only producer of
heavy water on a large-scale was the Norsk Hydro Company in Norway. The majority of the
company‘s shares 65% were held in France by the Banque de Paris et des Pays Bas; another 25%
of the shares had been acquired by the German chemical conglomerate 1. G. Farben; the German
scientists also suspected heavy water could be used to moderate the speed of neutrons. In the winter
of 1939, both the French and the German governments received urgent requests from their atomic
physicists for stocks of heavy water. In Paris, Joliot sent a message to the French Ministry of
Armaments asking them to buy up all that Norsk Hydro could produce. At the time, he knew
nothing of the German involvement in the company, nor‘ that the German‘ physicists were also
interested. In February 1940, four months after Joliot‘s request, the French government responded.
An agent from the Deuxieme Bureau, Jacques Allier, was sent to Norway to purchase the Norsk
Hydro heavy water and bring it back to Paris. Allier was well qualified for the task, having been an
employee of the Norwegian section of the Banque de Paris et des Pays Bas before joining the
Deuxieme Bureau. The Germans tried desperately to stop him. They followed him to Norway and,
when he was about to dispatch him precious cargo by plane to France, they intervened. The plane
on which Allier had booked the freight and him-self for the first leg of its journey was intercepted
by German fighters and forced to land in Hamburg. Allier, however, had outwitted the Nazis. At
the last moment and unseen by Gestapo agents, he had switched the cargo and himself to a plane
bound for Scotland. Several days later, the heavy water arrived safely in Paris via truck and ship
across the English Channel. Unfortunately for Joliot, the German defeat of France prevented him
from making use of it. In the spring of 1940, the Germans moved swiftly across Europe; by the
middle of June, they had reached Paris. Joliot and his two assistants, Hans von Halban and Lew
Kowarski, fled south with the heavy water to the town of Clermont-Ferrand. There, they hid the
heavy water first in a bank vault, and then, as the Germans drew closer, in a condemned cell in the
local prison. Before the Germans could get their hands on it, the British completed arrangements to
have the stock shipped to England, where it was stored for safekeeping at Windsor Castle. Halban
and Kowarski accompanied the heavy water in a coal barge to England, but Joliot refused to leave
France; he thought it was his duty to try to keep French science alive during the German
occupation. In London, Joliot‘s original neutron experiments had stirred the British scientific
establishment into a near panic. Within a few days of the publication of the results from Paris, the
British government approved a proposal from its scientific advisers designed to block the German
access to the world‘s known uranium stocks. One major source of uranium, the mines in
Czechoslovakia, was already in German hands; the other, high-grade ore in the Belgian Congo was
still available to the highest bidders. The British plan for acquiring the Belgian uranium called for
pulling a few colonial strings. The Belgian company Union Miniere de Haut Katanga had a British
vice-president, an English aristocrat named Lord Stonehaven. He arranged a meeting between the
company‘s president, Edgar Sengier, and the British government‘s chief scientific adviser, Sir
Henry Tizard. Sengier, however, was an astute businessman with excellent connections. He had
long been a friend of Madame Curie and had learned, through her son-in-law, Joliot, of the sudden
importance of uranium. As a precautionary measure, he had shipped almost his whole stock of
yellow uranium oxide, or yellowcake, to the United States. There it was stored in a warehouse on
Staten Island, a far safer place, Sengier rightly thought, than anywhere on Belgian soil. He told
Tizard he could offer the British only a few tons of uranium. But he also told Tizard that, thus far,
no one else had sought supplies of uranium in the quantities the British wanted; not even the
Germans. With the Belgian uranium and the French heavy water, the British now had the
ingredients for the chain reaction, but they were still reluctant to devote much of their scarce
resources to a bomb program because they had identified a special problem concerning the nature
of uranium. The element occurs naturally in the earth‘s crust in three different forms, or isotopes.
Two are important. The scientists write them in chemical formula shorthand, U-238 and U-235-the

U standing for uranium and the number for the atomic weight of each isotope. The isotope
containing what scientists call a ―fissile‖ atom is U-235. It readily splits, or ―fissions‖, when
bombarded with neutrons, but it is present only in minute quantities-less than ‗one percent in
naturally occurring uranium. More than 99 percent of the ore mined is the non-fissile U-238. No
one yet had any idea how much U-235 was needed to form a ―critical mass‖. It was generally
assumed that if buckets of uranium ore were heaped on top of each other, eventually there would
be enough of the fissile U-235 in the pile to start a chain reaction. At the time, estimates of the size
of the pile needed ranged as high as forty tons, suggesting that the overall weight of a uranium
atomic bomb would be too great for any aircraft to carry. (Even the ―blockbuster bombs‖ used at
the end of the war weighed only ten tons each.) Thus, the very idea of the atomic bomb seemed to
many British scientists totally impractical. In any case, the British were preoccupied by their own
demands for conventional weapons; their enthusiasm for the super-weapon wanted until two
émigré German research physicists, Otto Frisch and Rudolph Peierls, produced a new concept for
the bomb. Frisch and Peierls had been working in Britain at the outbreak of war and had decided
not to return home. In a remarkable report, only three pages long, they suggested that instead of
trying to increase the amount of U-235 by increasing the amount of uranium, the better approach
was to extract a lump of pure U-235 from the U-238. It would be a difficult and expensive
operation, but they believed it possible. The two substances were chemically similar, differing only
in weight-like the difference between cream and milk. And it would be worthwhile; the two
German scientists calculated that the energy liberated from five kilograms of U-235 undergoing
fission could equal that of several thousand tons of dynamite. The Frisch-Peierls Memorandum,
their paper become known, persuaded the previously reluctant British government to finance a
bomb project. It was code-named the Maud Committee, and by the end of 1940, significant
advances had been made. A team of British scientists had confirmed that the separation of U-235
from U-238 was theoretically possible. In the early summer of 1941, however, the British came to
the conclusion that they could not support research into an atomic bomb and fight Hitler at the
same time. Apart from anything else, the huge factories needed to produce the U-235 would be open
to air attack. They sent the Maud Committee report, uncompromisingly entitled ―The Use of
Uranium for a Bomb,‖ to America. The Americans, whose atomic research at this stage was behind
Britain‘s, were very excited by what the report had to say, and eventually it formed the basis of the
Manhattan Project. In America, Szilard had gotten nowhere in his original attempts to convince the
U.S. armed forces of the need to build a bomb. Increasingly frustrated, he had decided, as a last
resort, to try to persuade Einstein to write a letter explaining the importance of the bomb to
President Roosevelt. Szilard, never short of an exotic contact, had found a direct line to the White
House through Dr. Alexander Sachs, a member of the Wall Street finance house of Lehman Bros.
Sachs, a friend of Roosevelt‘s promised to deliver the letter. Einstein readily agreed to the plan. His
letter, dated August 2, 1939, began. Some recent work by E. Fermi and L. Szilard, which has been
communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element, Uranium, maybe turned
into a new and important source of energy in the immediate future. Certain aspects of the situation
which have arisen seem to call for watchfulness and, if necessary, quick action on the part of the
Administration. Einstein went on to list the successful experiments of the previous six months that
had made the construction of a new bomb possible. ―A single bomb of this type,‖ he continued,
―carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some
of the surrounding territory. ―He ended by suggesting that the United States secure a supply of
uranium ore-perhaps from the Belgian Congo-and speedup experimental work on a bomb project.
Noting he had heard that Germany had already stopped the sale of uranium from the
Czechoslovakian mines, he warned that this was an ominous sign of their own efforts toward a
bomb: The ‗Teller so-called clean bomb‖ known today as the ―neutron bomb‖. In 1957, the Jew
Eisenhower said that ‗ending the bomb tests might impede progress on the production of a fallout-
free nuclear bomb and on the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. American
chemist Linus Pauling led the public protest against the H-bomb, by Teller‘s clean-bomb idea, by

introducing the forgotten problem. The bomb‘s production of radioactive Carbon-14, When
Teller‘s clean bomb was exploded, it would release millions of neutrons, and these neutrons would
combine with nitrogen in the air to produce radioactive Carbon-14. This isotope of carbon has a
very long life; in contrast to Strontium-90, it would produce fewer harmful effects over centuries,
but had greater effects over thousands of years. The dangerous potential hazards of Carbon-14; it‘s
a radioactive hazard. Andrei Sakharov said He calculated the number of leukaemia‘s and genetic
defects that could result. The fact that the so-called clean bomb is a radioactive hazard. This
propaganda of those who maintain, that this is a qualitatively different weapon of mass
extermination. Sakharov started down the road of dissent‘ Beginning in 1957, he later wrote. I felt
myself responsible for the problem of radioactive contamination from nuclear explosions. It was
not just Carbon-14 that concerned him. Sakharov had also accepted all of the portentous views
presented by geneticist. In 1958, he published a paper on Carbon-14 in which he repeated that
there was no radiation ‗threshold‘ effects were proportional to dose for both genetic and immediate
injury-and they were cumulative. The total number of victims, Sakharov declared, is already
approaching one million, and each year of continued testing, increases this number by 200,000 to
300,000 persons: www.alaskainvasion.com: Buying a new computer, www.dell.com.au/info. Ph.
1800 881 139: Sell, www.keytes.com.au:
Nuclear umbrella, supposed protection afforded by an alliance with a country possessing
nuclear weapons: www.AustraliaFreePress.org: www.talktoyourkids.com.au: How does one
dispose of 100,000 tons of ―nuclear radioactive waste material‖ each year? The Bible
Fraud, by Tony Bush, the untold story‘ of Jesus Christ;-ISBN 0-9579007-1-6 PB. Now, in Memory
Vision; - 2020 is NASA; 2021 is Net; 2024 is Nero; 2032 is Man etc. Everything Man does is
meticulously planned, and I‘m not talking about mankind, and I am not talking about a human
hum-man, One who is put into a specified state or condition by humming; too hum someone to
sleep; A low, monotonous, or inarticulate sound!. Human (hyoo‘man) adj. 1 ‗Pertaining to or
characterizing man or mankind. See synonyms under Human. 2 Possessed by or suitable for man.-
n. Collog. One of the human race; a human being. (<OF humain <L humanus)-hu‘man-ness. Men,
the Homo sapiens descended from the apes, some 40 million years ago, were black hairy people. On
the other hand, the white Arab man was descended from Christ DNA stock, because Christ was a
Caucasian male, a member of the white race; now called a Indo-European inhabitant; Christ some
2000 years ago, looked like an Arab, yet we are told He was an Israelite, 1 Any of the people of
Israel or their descendants; a Hebrew; a Jew. 2 One of God‘s chosen people. Christ was a tall thin-
faced man, and he did not laugh. He had a protruding long chin, with no beard. His hair was red,
auburn in colour, and his hair was parted in the centre of his head, with long straight hair that
rested over his shoulders, and from his ears down, He had a few light waves, and from the top of his
head, down to his ears, He had black streaks through the red hair; than from there, it was all red,
all the way down over his shoulders. He had a trimmed moustache, brown in colour, with grey
hairs through it. His eyes were light grey, with deep-set bone features around his eyes, with a gazed
look. His eyebrows were brown in colour. His face and hands were without any wrinkles, and his
soft fair hands. His hair having a parting at the middle of his head, as was the fashions of the
Nazarenes. When Jesus the Avatar was seen in 1960 ‗above Brisbane, He was wearing a light cream
robe with sleeves, a long robe garment, curved at the neckline, and the garment had no visible
seams or stitches that could be seen on it. In the Middle East they word a jubha, and in Arabic, that
means, jubbah. A long loose outer garment; worn in Moslem countries. Jesus name is a Greek word
of the Hebrew name Joshua, in Hebrew Yeshua (Yahweh helps), which in those days was usually
shortened to Yeshua or even Yeshu, and a common name among the Jews: Roman history. In 313
A.D. Constantine legalized Christianity. The Emperor Constantine had sent his 80-year-old mother
to Jerusalem to find the true cross. Helena discovered three crosses in ‗326 or 328 A.D in
Jerusalem. She found the true cross that Christ was crucified on by the Romans. The Cross-was
found at the site now called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, she found the three crosses buried

beneath the rubble along with two other crosses in a chapel below this Church in A.D 326. Where
Christ was crucified died and was resurrected. This is the true site of the tomb of our Lords burial
place; called the ‗place of the ‗Skull; in Hebrew called ‗Golgotha. She identified the true cross by
placing a sick person beside it. The true cross was the one that healed (cured), the sick person. On
the 17th September 335 A.D; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is consecrated; it is
built round the remains of Jesus‘ tomb and the rocky knoll, Golgotha, where he was crucified. He
died at the hands of ―Pilaivs‖ or Pontius Pilate procurator of Judea. Had Jesus crucified for
sedition (agitation directed against the authority of the State), Jesus probably died on the 3, April in
A.D. 33? No one really knows the correct date of his death. The true cross was made of walnut
timber, but unfortunately it was burnt in a battle in 1187 A.D; and a piece of the headboard of the
cross was found in A.D. 1492. Jesus is said to have died in the ‗first century A.D. on the 7th April
A.D. 30. ―Jesvsnazarinvs‖. Constantine banned Crucifixion in 337 A.D. The plaque on the cross
read; Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. It was written in three languages in this order;
Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Jesus came from Nazareth, a northern village in the province of
Galilee. Christ died in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberias Caesar, e.g., on the 15th day, in the
month of Nisan; April; which we know from Roman historians was CE 28-9, thus making Christ
birth date 2 BCE; nevertheless, I believe Jesus birth was probably in the 15th year of the first
century BCE, because many believe that Christ died in the same year He was born and died at the
age of thirty, in the fifteenth year of July, in the first century A.D; still others say that Christ died
on the 7th April 30 A.D. or, (by another reckoning, 3rd April 33), So we know for a fact that Jesus
Christ died in the 15th year (1 A.D.) of Tiberius Caesar‘s reign (14 to 37 A.D), and that the last
supper probably took place on a Thursday the twenty-first day of month (Ab) July at about 7-15
PM, in the 15th year (1) A.D. Now Pontius Pilate reign was from (26 to 36 A.D.) some eleven years
after the death of Christ. But than, Valerius-Gratus (15 to 26 A.D.) He was the Governor when
Jesus was Crucified on the cross, Now Herod the Great was long dead by some three years before
the Christ child was even born (Herod 37 to 4 B.C: Now the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar (31
B.C. to 14 A.D.) was the Emperor during the time of Jesus, and Tiberius took over from him in the
1st century 14 A.D. and Christ was Crucifixed in July 15th the next year; just one year before
Christ Crucifixion had taken place in the year 15 A.D (1). Jesus sacrificed himself to his Father and
to prove that there is life after death for all believers in Christ our Messiah and the remarkable
resurrection from the dead: The historians could have all the dates wrong with Pontus Pilate and
Herod. In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, when Pontius Pilate was governor of
Judea, and Herod was district ruler of Galilee: Sometime during the first century under Caesar
Augustus reign, a silver and bronze coin was produced, baring the name Caesar Avgvstvs with
Augustus head on one side as Emperor, and on the reverse side of the denarius shows Divvs Ivlivs
and an eight-rayed comet as a signal of the divinity of the emperor‘s great-uncle. If Jesus was born
on the 15 year in (1) BCE, and he died in the 15 year in (1) AD; that means he was thirty years old;
so Christ should return to earth in the year 2015, but this is all hypaethral: Yeshu‘a was about
thirty years old when Yohannan bar Zachariah, called Baptistes (John the Baptist), baptised the
Rabbi Jesus, the Messiah, because Christ was baptized in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar.
Christ as we know was a Nazarene from Galilee. Nazareth (naz‘a-rith), An ancient town in lower
Galilee, northern Israel; the scene of Christ‘s childhood. Naz-a-rene (naz‘a-ren) n. 1 an inhabitant
of Nazareth; applied especially too Christ, the Nazarene, or disparagingly to the early Christians by
opponents. 2 One of a sect of Jewish Christians (first to fourth century) that observed the Jewish
ritual, but did not require its observance by Gentile Christians; they believed in the divinity of
Christ and the apostleship of Paul. Or is it possible that Christ was from the Sumerian sect! And
they settled in an area known as Mesopotamia; the land between the two rivers, which was in later
centuries, home to the Akkadians, the Babylonians and the Assyrians; until the conquest of
Babylon by the Persians in 539 BC made Mesopotamia part of an even wider empire; even today,
the Marsh Arabs of the Euphrates delta. The Tigris and the Euphrates pursue a meandering course
from northwest to southeast across modern Iraq towards the Persian Gulf. The country: Sick of

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on demand of some $10 million dollars. There will be a total worldwide ―black band‖ (boycott), of
your corporation and members of your board of trustees. Westpac, you have been getting away
with fraud by deliberate lying with regards to the contents in your said contracts. Therefore, we the
public have had enough of your ―fucking lies‖, trick on peoples minds. We are sick of your banks
fraudulent contracts. Your bank does not care who they destroy, So long as you make your profit.
Westpac Bank staff, you are nothing but the lowest evil conniving lying bloodsucking bastards, God
ever put on this earth: In 1947, August 16, the Australian Labor Party tried, but was unsuccessful
at the time to nationalise the banks. What now needs to be done is to ―denationalise‖ the whole
rotten banking system that we have running our lives today. These Chief Executive bankers, need
to be ―disembowelled ‗alive, and their carcass fed to the vultures too feast on their beast e.g., trunk
without head or offal; worthless remains! They are just parasites who are fleecing all of mankind:
Our Western Capitalist Imperialist economic system, is based on the Pyramid; by the Zionist
Bank‘s, and the Gentiles savings in them; also our Share Markets; the Housing Markets; and our
Superannuation savings; Look the Westpac Banking Corporation is run by a bunch of rogue
Freemasons;-( Dare Do Keep Silent). Please don‘t become another victim on this corrupt bank.
Only a bloody fool would ever do business with Westpac Bank! Like all Bank Pyramids, they will
collapse one day, especially when the Zionist money is made out of worthless paper currency; your
savings in their Banks are not guaranteed by anyone; when the economy comes to a holt and the
country is put into an economic depression, your once friendly banker will simply shut the door in
your face. The multilateral international Zionist mafia bankers are like fisherman, they cast their
nets day and night, far and wide, to get as many suckers in as they can, once caught, every penny
you owned would finish up in the Yids pockets. Than they simply move on to another area to fleece
some other unfortunate suckers! How the banks multiply the interest on your house when you buy
it; say you paid $100,000 for your house and the bank receives 10% interest for one year; you then
sell it to another sucker for $300,000, and he borrows this amount from the bank and pays the
banker 10% interest for one year. Now these loans have cost the Jew banker nothing, except ink
and paper for a mortgage; the bank has increased their return by 20% in interest payments from
the second borrower; instead of receiving only 10% interest from their first sucker. If you plan to
buy another house with your $300,000 around the corner, you will most likely have to pay the
inflated market price on your new purchase, so really you have gained nothing with the profits by
selling your old house! According to the Australian Constitution Act, page 111.‖ Bank Contracts,‖
Words are to be given their plain and natural meaning; that means that all ―contracts‖ written in
‗Jargon or any other corrupt form by a money lender, constitutes fraud and deception e.g., any
form of malpractice by a money lenders too snare their intended victims by deceit and fraud, deems
a loan contract under Statute laws illegal; this allows a person to rescind, cancel their loan contract
with their bank in writing, the contract then is made null and void. No further action by your bank
or lender can legally be made for recovery of money owing; and the constitution laws of the country
are binding on a Judges decision. A Judge‘s decision must abide by the rules of law, e.g., The
Australian Constitution‖, a point of law well made for the protection of its citizens. Bank

shareholders must put a stop to the Chief Executive Offers ―CEO‘s receiving bonuses and share
option, costing shareholders millions of dollars in lost dividend yield. It‘s called dividend stripping.
It‘s embezzlement, e.g., to divert money fraudulently to one‘s own use by deception, and ―IT‖ must
stop! It‘s a conflict of interest by those bank chiefs receiving Hugh remuneration salaries and share
options too boot. It‘s downright fraud by the bankers, and it also illegal because of a conflict of
interest by sacking personnel, and carving up a large slice of the cake for the Yids illegal gain. You
see a Bank does not loan their money too you, you borrow from the Jewish banker your own money
at interest from your own assets or from assets you just purchased, and it never cost the banker a
cent, except for ink and paper; and you will forever be in bondage to the Jews, because under their
Talmud; Mishnah law, the Jews are forbidden to give gentiles or goys a cheap interest rate loan.
When one owns a house or shares too make any profit on them, you need to find another sucker
like yourself, who is willing to pay you a much higher price for your house or shares. Everyday of
the week the Jew Bankers are manipulating the worlds stock-markets and the worlds money
supply, through insider trading, its called skimming, and all the goys (gentiles), that have an
interest in those markets, are been fleeced by the mafia bankers. The gentile (goys) put their money
in; the ‗Yids take ―IT‖ out. The world banking system must be ―denationalized‖ for the good of all
‗mankind. Not for the benefit of ―Man‖ or Mann‖; The People who put these letters onto the end of
their Sir names. The games up‘ for these greedy ―Bank Chief Executives & Company Directors. No
more big $ for them! There are new rules coming into force, stopping their Hugh payout, at the
expense of small shareholders. Executive salaries are out of control. Some Companies are going to
get a rude shock in the coming months. We goys must not let the ―Yids‖ push us around any longer.
The Jews absolutely despise non-Jews; to them all other humans are nothing but beast, human
sludge. Could the letter ―A‖ the colour red at the top and yellow below, stand for Atlantis, could
this be the secret mythical legend of the Egyptian Pyramids, and the blood-lines of the secret inner
circle of thirteen people, who today control the world? Just remember, the banks are a monopoly,
owned by the Zionist under the Hexagram; e.g., the Star of David, which is perched on top of the
Freemasons Pyramid. At-lan-tis (at-lan‘tis), A mythical island continent supposed to have existed
west of Gibraltar and been engulfed by the Atlantic Ocean. The name ―Atlantis is the Pyramid‖;
At-lan-tis, could have something to do with the Aztec calendar stone; the secrets and its
hieroglyphic writings may contain the sacred teachings of the hereafter, or the secret alphabet
codes of the inner circle of the JU-Man of the New World Order, for One World Government.
Their Babylonian past bloodlines, and their high priest‘s of the Egyptian pyramid, they were also
gifted astronomers. Their Egyptian calendar dates back to 4241 B.C. The Spanish conquest;- the
Aztecs saw themselves as a chosen people especially favoured by the gods. War had given the Aztecs
land and riches, but it was equally important as a source of captives for sacrifice; war was a
religious as well as a military and political activity. The Aztecs, once the greed and treachery of the
Spaniards, in which the defeated nation lost its political freedom, and it was allowed to keep its gods
and customs. The Spaniards on the other hand were fighting a total kind of war, where there was
no room for religious toleration. The struggle was not just between two armies, or even two
technologies, but also between two completely different types of civilization. The eventual outcome
was never in doubt; even if Cortez had not succeeded, others would have followed in greater
strength. The confrontation between Europe and America was inevitable, and the Spanish triumph
established 16th century European ways in the place of native Indian culture. At first glance,
Middle American civilization seems the greatest blind alley in the whole of human history. Apart
from certain food crops and medicinal plants, Middle America has contributed little to the
industrial and technological civilization of the modern world. But a closer look shows that Indian
culture is not extinct. Half the population of present-day Guatemala is Indian; mostly Maya-
speaking, and the old languages can still be heard in villages only a short bus rides from the
factories of Mexico City. On Sundays the people of the capital pour out to Teotihuacán too see the
pyramids built by their ancestors. In the folk culture of these villages many of the native customs
have survived. There are still people who understand the ancient Calenders, keep the old social

traditions alive, and burn incense to pre-Spanish gods who are only thinly disguised as Roman
Catholic saints. After more than four centuries of European influence, the gap between the‖ two
civilizations‖ has not yet closed: The high priest today, is the Magistrate of our court system; they
are also Freemason, and they control, like the Police force in Australian, Britain, includes Wales
and Scotland. In America, the Jews mostly control their Police, along with everything else, e.g., the
FBI, the White House. The Secret Society is, ‗I believe is the CIA, and the UN Security Council etc.
the United Nations Organization, (UN). An international organization established in 1945, shortly
before the conclusion of the Second World War. Its aims-to solve international disputes peacefully
and to foster international cooperation-are similar to those of the ‗League of Nations, which it
superseded. Australia was one of the UN‘s fifty-one founding members. The UN has six main parts-
the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship
Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. Related organizations in the late
1970s included the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the General
Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the Inter- Government Maritime Consultative Organization, the
International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
the International Civic Aviation Organization, the International Development Association, the
International Finance Corporation, the International Labour Organization, the International
Monetary Fund, the International Telecommunications Union, the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Universal Postal Union, the World Health Organization
and the World Meteorological Organization: www.bid.de:                       How many bombs does
America; Britain; France; Israel and Russia need, too blow up the whole world? They have
the Atomic bomb; Hydrogen bomb; Neutron bomb; Plutonium bomb. Ever since the ‗Cold War‘
America has detonated no less than 1,400 nuclear bomb tests, carried out in the Nevada Desert. In
1945 following the St. Valentine‘s Day order, the Cities of Dresden. Tokyo, and the Atomic bombs
dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which devastated those cities. The U.S. Air Force primary
objective was to make mayhem on the morale of enemy civilians. What country in their right mind
would want to join the Nuclear weapons club! The useful life of a nuclear plant is, on the average,
only forty years; but the plant will have to be mothballed for a century before certain radioactive
materials decay sufficiently to permit economical direct dismantling: The Mayor; the chief
magistrate of a municipal borough elected annually by the councillors under ss. 18-20 of the Local
Government Act, 1933. His chief duties are to act as returning officer at parliamentary and
municipal elections if the borough is a parliamentary borough, as chairman of the council, and as a
justice of the peace for the borough. Borough Rate Fund;- the revenues of a municipal borough
derived from the rents and profits of the land, houses, etc., belonging to the borough in its
corporate capacity and supplemented where necessary by a borough rate. The Commonwealth of
Australia, and its Constitution, Australia‘s written, statue law. It is the ninth clause of the British
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (1900). The Act created a federation, of which the
colonies became states. The Constitution consists of 128 sections, divided into eight chapters. The
Parliament; Our Executive Government. The Judicature. Our finance and trade in our states and
territories of the Commonwealth. Any alteration of the Constitution needs the majority vote in all
states. A referendum must be carried to alter the Constitution. Constitutional Law; On the 3rd
September 1988, a referendum with the following context (provided by the AEC) was put to the
Australian people. It was (3) Constitution Alteration (Local Government) 1988; Actual wording; -
The legislative proposal was ―119A. Each State shall provide for the establishment and continuance
of a system of local government, with local government bodies elected in accordance with the laws
of the State and empowered to administer, and to make bylaws, for their respective areas in
accordance with the laws of the State. The result of the referendum was, that the people of
Australia and the states of WA, SA, Vic, Tas, NSW and Qld voted ―No‖. It is clear that no ―system‖
established or continued‖ within the Commonwealth of Australia, or within any of the various
states. In fact, as a result of that referendum states are specifically prohibited from establishing or
continuing local government. No council officer is now indemnified from prosecution or from any

private form of litigation and no council ‗byelaws or ‗by-Laws can be used lawfully against any
citizen. All dispossessions, fees and fines imposed since the referendum took place, are unlawful. A
pretender claiming to be Minister for Local Government could be held to account under the Crimes
Act for sedition and malpractice. Recommendations; - 1 That all Local Councils, be restraint from
putting further fees and charges on its Rate Payers; 2 The citizen reclaim all lost assets, fines, and
legal cost immediately. 3 All Council Rate Levy‘s and other charges be capped at no more than
$600 per annum; and retired rate payers over 65 years to pay no more than $400 per year in rates,
and for this act to be enshrined in law for ever. 4 All Council‘s throughout Australia to be sacked,
and replaced with professional retiree volunteers in our community. 5 Abolish all land taxes etc,
because the GST has replaced all other State and Federal taxes in Australia or any ―value added
tax, ―VAT‖ as of 2005; therefore landowner no longer have to pay land taxes under the Federal
GST agreement with the State Governments, to do so is a clear breach of the GST agreement under
the Statute laws (the recipients States have received $36,.5-billion dollars from the GST for the
years 2004-5. Retrospective law must be passed to protect peoples rights under this new Right‘s
Law: Atlantis, its alphabetic meaning of the letters; - for an open future in a human way, by
tradition, for the learned, too control humans future with nationalising, or controlling humans by
Sophistry. The Parliament must not veto or reject these allegation contained herein! This contagion
of just ―Us‖ greedy parasites of this world makes us all sick, to have too live under duress, as wage
slaves for the upper-classes; its not natural for a human, even the type of human or man of the
Upperclassman, too behave in this manner. This story does not reflect in anyway by saying that all
Jewish people today generally speaking are conscious of the truth or otherwise. In a way we are all
Jews helping to bring about the destruction of all mankind, because the gullible, naive gentile
masses of goys, are actually working for them, as wage-slaves, and are being fleeced by their
taxation system e.g., we are working for the Upper-class plutocracy society for Jews; the Yids are
the ‗Upper-class‘ man‘, the ruling class of wealthy U-man. They have been in control of the worlds
Currencies and Financial Markets for more then a century. Even the stock-markets are been
manipulated, because every time the Federal Reserve Bank Board Chief comes out with a fiscal
statement on the economy; just watch, some share stock will come down, while others go up. By the
time the investor wakes up to the scam, its too late, and the share profits had already been siphoned
off by the Yids, even before he opened his mouth? It‘s illegal, and it‘s called‘ insider trading. The
Reserve Bank of Australia is the ―Seat Of Justice,‖ a Central Bank, with ―8‖ directors. In 1959 the
Commonwealth Bank of Australia was divided into the Commonwealth Banking Corporation and
the Reserve Bank of Australia. The latter‘s functions include regulating the Australian monetary
and banking system; acting as banker for the government, trading and savings bank, and other
financial institutions; printing and distributing Australian currency notes and distributing
Australian coinage; holding Australian gold and foreign currency reserves; and administering
exchange control. It is responsible to the Commonwealth Treasurer: The public should know, that
One can enter a plea of mute; if brought before the law, on a crime charge of felony or otherwise;
One does not have to plea Guilty, or not Guilty; by entering a plea of Mute; your case must be
heard before a twelve man jury to render a just verdict. Never take anyone to court; avoid this at
all cost, because it will cost you everything; instead, let the other party take you to court, for if they
should lose their suit action case against you; they will have to pay all litigation and court cost
themselves. Lawyers or attorneys have Codes and Passwords; it is a system whereby lawyers make
life easier for themselves and each other, generally at the expense of their clients. The legal practice
of lawyers are ethically bound to pursue their clients interests with all due diligence, and to steer
clear of any conflicting claims on their professional loyalties. All reputable attorneys treat that
fiduciary responsibility with the highest respect; and of course clients have recourse to malpractice
suits or complaints to local bar associations if they feel their lawyers have in anyway breached their
trust; in Australia, your complaints can be directed to the Law Society. You know clients are
generally too damn polite about demanding to ask why a given procedure has been postponed;
lawyers typically have the upper hand over clients. Lawyers are professionals at the art of

confrontation; clients tend to be amateurs. The Australian League of Nations, book ISBN, 0 86888
222 4; the League‘s National Director, Eric Dudley Butler; said there is a Judaic policy and that
policy is not a new product of a comparatively recent period. It is a policy of world domination and
has been consciously pursued at least since approximately 1789, at the time of the French
Revolution. The part played by Jews in every revolution since that time makes astounding reading.
At least it is being widely recognised that international finance with its debt structure and taxation,
and revolution are only different methods of achieving the same objective. Totalitarian anti-
Semitism finds its most recent expression in the increasing convergence of extreme left (communist)
and extreme right hostility to political Zionism, Zionist and Israel. The Jews controlled National
Socialism, the Russian Revolution and world capitalism; they founded the Jesuit order and
controlled the US Federal Reserve Bank and the Nazi Luftwaffe. Hitler‘s policy was a Jewish policy
that furthered the aims of international Jewry, based on Usury. The claims that Stalin, Marx, Lenin
and Bela Kun were Jews, and that Jews are ‗natural‘ espionage agents who financed the Russian
Revolution. Hitler to was a product of the conditions created by International Finance, because
after WW1. The process leading up to that present conflict seems to have been as follows; create the
conditions that will produce a Hitler. Help him to power. Then have a war to crush Hitler-ism; and,
in the process, build a system of ‗World-Hitler-ism‘ which is exactly where we are all heading at the
moment. ―Balfour (somewhat lightly): - We are probably fools not to find a reason for
declaring war on Germany before she builds too many ships and takes away our trade.
‖Henry White; you are a very high-minded man in private life. How can you possibly contemplate
anything so politically immoral as provoking a war against a harmless nation, which has as good a
right to a navy as you have? If you wish to complete with German trade, work harder. ―Balfour;
that would mean lowering our standard of living, perhaps it would be simpler for us to have a war.
―White; ‗I am shocked that you of all men should enunciate (pronounce) such principles.‖ Balfour
(again lightly), ‗It‘s a question of right or wrong? Maybe it is just a question of keeping our
supremacy.‘ From Henry White, Thirty years of American Diplomacy, by Allan Nevins, pp. 257-8.)
Of the years of diplomatic intrigue, which led up to, 1914, E. D. Morel, former Member of
Parliament wrote. ―British policy‘ was the policy not of Britain, but of the handful of liberal cabinet
ministers who, with their accomplices in the world of foreign office and embassy officialdom,
journalism and finance, were running the country onto the rocks.‖ (Secret History of a Great
Betrayal), T. St. John Gaffney, American Consul General at Munich at the outbreak of war in
1914, writes. ―For twenty years previous to the war I had been an annual visitor to England, where
I had also a large acquaintance with all classes of people. I was both astonished and amused at the
growth of hostility to Germany, and my English friends did not hesitate to declare to me with
perfect frankness and customary English bumptiousness that it was necessary to destroy Germany
or England would lose her commercial predominance in the world‘s markets. The question with
them was purely one of trade supremacy and with English arrogance they spoke as if they required
no allies to accomplish their purpose. I used to laugh at their fears and their boasts and assured
them that no spirit of hostility outside trade rivalry prevailed in Germany, but my views were not
taken seriously and they one and all declared that in the interest of British trade Germany must be
destroyed. Little did I dream at that time of the conspiracy that England had woven to mobilize the
world against the Germanic people and how she would succeed in using the blood and treasure of
other nations to accomplish her criminal ambition?‖ Breaking the Silence‘ (p. 11). Russian Foreign
Minister Sazanov need have had no fears of a rapprochement between England and Germany early
in 1914. It was not to be. Since WW 11: Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, author of The Genesis of
The World War, in quest of truth and justice, etc., wrote in part in The New York World Telegram
on March 29, 1940. When there were a number of responsible opinions on the Versailles Treaty.
Admittedly the Entente attempt at peace was a failure. We have also reviewed some influences
making that ―peace.‖ Germany, precariously shaky within, accepted an armistice on the basis of
Wilson‘s Fourteen Points, while her still well equipped armies were in the field. Forced to bear the
onus of the ―Guilty conquerors, Germany was made to suffer to an appalling extent from the

British blockade for months after the armistice was signed. For a complete description read Arthur
Bryant Unfinished Victory. Some maintain that one people are more cruel and brutal than another.
They point to the long-since-exploded German atrocities during the World War and to Hitler‘s
treatment of the Jews. But they overlook that fact far and away the greatest atrocity in all human
history was the British blockade of Germany for months after November, 1918, as a result of which
over 800,000 German women, children and old people were starved to death and millions were
emaciated and stunted. It was U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), on the 6th April 1917
who brought America into that war, only because of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), put pressure
on him to enter the war against Germany; or was it Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), War
Lords. Woodrow once said. The world must be made safe for democracy, Address, 1917; but in an
Address in 1915, he said; No nation is fit to sit in judgement upon any other nation. Wilson did not
want Americans to go too war. The Americans were all Pro-Germans before 1917; but that all
changed when the Zionist press told a lie; that the Germans were cutting off children‘s hands. That
slogan rings a bell, Australia‘s PM John Howard said the same thing about Iraq, Its terrible, they
are cutting off children‘s hands; he said this to justify an illegal invasion of Iraq. Part of the so-
called axis of evil! Now the Germans were been antagonised by the British sea blockade of
Germany in 1917-18; so the Germans started sinking merchant ships to Britain, because Britain
was doing the same thing to them! To begin with, Germany had warned that all shipping from now
on would be sunk by their U-Boats. This affected trade with America. America could not standby
and allow any more merchant ships to be sunk by German U-Boats any longer; so on April 6th,
1917 America entered the First World War. America badly needed this war to accelerate
production and reduce the unemployment queues: The position in what was called Palestine has
been one of perpetual turmoil. The Middle East, Palestine, regarded as the Holy Land, by
‗Christian, ‗Moslem; and the Jews, originally known as Khazars. The Palestinians have been
dispossessed of their lands, ever since the signed Balfour Declaration of the 2nd November 1917
had taken place; this declaration was merely Great Britain‘s promise to pay the Zionists what they
had agreed upon, as a consideration for getting the United States into the second world war. In
1933, when Germany refused to surrender to the world conference of Jews in Amsterdam, the
conference broke up, and Mr. Samuel Untermyer, who was the head of the American delegation
and the president of the whole conference, came to the United States and went from the steamer to
the studios of the Columbia Broadcasting System and made a radio broadcast throughout the
United States in which he in effect said. The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against
Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to
starve them into surrender. We are going to use a worldwide boycott against them. That will
destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.‖ And it is a fact that two
thirds of Germany‘s food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the
proceeds of what they exported. So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany‘s
population would have to starve. This declaration was printed in the New York Times on the 7th
August 1933. As a result, ‗One could not find one thing in any store anywhere in the world with the
words‖ made in Germany‖ on it. In fact, an executive of the Woolworth Company said; they had to
dump millions of dollars worth of crockery and dishes into the river; that their stores were
boycotted if anyone came in and found a dish marked ―made in Germany,‖ they were picketed with
signs saying ―Hitler,‖ murderer,‖ and so forth. No wonder Herr Hitler said in his public address
speech in Munich on the 8th November 1942. If Jewry think that it can ‗start a ―world war‖ to
‗exterminate the European races, the result will be the extermination, not of the European races,
but of ‗Jewry in Europe, they always laughed at me for my prophecies, many of those who laughed
then, are no longer laughing now. After the first world war, the Germans had every right to blame
the Jews for their hopeless plight; and after the Communist threat in Germany was squashed, the
Jews were still working, trying to get back into their former status, and the Germans fought them
in every way they could without hurting a single hair on anyone‘s head; there were 80 to 90 million
Germans, and there were only 460,000 Jews. About one-half of one per cent of the population of

Germany, were Jewish. And yet they controlled all the press, and they controlled most of the
economy, because they had come in with cheap money when the mark was devalued and bought up
practically everything. The Jews tried to keep a lid on this fact. They didn‘t want the world to
really understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that. The
Germans took appropriate action against the Jews. They, shall I say, discriminated against them
wherever they could. They shunned them. After the Italians had surrendered their Warships to the
British, a request was made by the Soviet Russia, to His Majesty‘s Government for warships. The
Russian sailors came to the United Kingdom in the spring of 1944, and spent some weeks there
working-up the ships preparatory to taking them to North Russia. When this important Fleet of 13
vessels sailed into the Russian harbour of Murmansk; ships transferred; - Battleship H.M.S. Royal
Sovereign, 29,150 tons. Destroyers; H. M. S. Brighton, Chelsea, Churchill, Georgetown,
Leamington, Richmond, Rosborough, St. Albans, and Lincoln; Submarines H.M.S. Sunfish,
Unbroken, Unison, Ursula, and in addition 20,000 tons of merchant shipping was also transferred.
The Russian Communist, ―Five-Year Plan,‖ Rus. Pyatiletka. In the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics Stalin, in 1928, launched a plan designed to industrialise the USSR in the shortest
possible time, and in the process, to expedite the collectivisation of farms. The plan was put into
action by ruthless means. It covered the period from 1928 to 1933, but was officially considered
completed in 1932. Liberty Ships were used e.g., A U.S. merchant ship of about 10,000-tons
displacement; designed for rapid manufacture and built in large numbers during WW11; these
ships I suspect were used in Stalins, Five-Year Plan, everything he needed was sent from the United
States by the Jews. Joseph Stalin a Jew, 1879 to 1953; U.S.S.R. statesman; real name is Iosif
Dzhugashvili: In Germany, winter of 1942-43, British attacks were made in Norway on two
occasions by small parties of volunteers from the British Commandoes and Norwegian forces, at
very heavy loss of life, upon stores of what is called ―heavy water,‖ an element in one of the possible
processes. The second of these two attacks was completely successful: German treasure hoard
valued at One million pound, was found on June 18th 1945, at Regensburg: On July 2nd 1945, 600
U.S. Super-fortresses dropped a record 4,000-tons of incendiary bombs on Japanese cities. British
submarines sank a 10,000-ton Japanese cruiser. July 21st 1945, A United States broadcast called
upon the Japanese to surrender: If the following Yids were alive today, they all would face the
International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg for war crimes against humanity; Field Marshal
Smuts (South Africa), Mr. Mackenzie King (Canada), Mr. Churchill (Great Britain), Mr. Curtin
(Australia), Mr. Fraser (New Zealand), and General MacArthur. The United States needed to have
a war, to pull the country out of its deep economic depression. But if it wasn‘t for the United States
of America, and their involvement, Australia could have finished up in the Japanese hands. Wars
are a gamble on both sides; and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had no choice, but to see it through,
once it started, He was President from 1933 to 1945, President Harry S. Truman, born 1884, U.S.
president from 1945 to 1952. All these brave armchair Generals. The Japanese soldiers were taught
too be ruthless, cruel, and most had no concern for other tribes, especially towards the Chinese in
Manchuria in 1931 to 1937; they next invaded North China, where they continued too loot, rape,
burn, and murder thousand of innocent men, women and children; they plundered everything in
their path; what the Japanese soldiers done to their enemy, was far worse, they tortured and
bayoneted them for target practice. The reason Herr Hitler signed the Anti-Comintern Pack with
Japan‘s military chiefs, was because they both feared their neighbour, the Soviet Union. The
Japanese downfall in this whole drama of events, was when Japanese aircraft sank the Panay, an
American gunboat, in the Yangtze-Kiang and machine-gunned escapees from her as they sought
refuge in the reeds by the river‘s bank, and of course Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, on Sunday the 7th
Dec 1941. The raid by Japanese fighter planes led by Mitsuo Fuchida, attacked Pearl Harbour
sinking five battleships at anchor and killing 2,344 men. The Jews or Yids planned the whole
attack; too bring the United States of America into the Second World War. The real reason was a
deal with Britain for a Jewish homeland in Palestine: The best defence against the atom bomb is not
to be there when it goes off; British Army 1949: American Declaration of Independence, 1776; We

hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable (inalienable), rights, that among these are life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness. (Inalienable means; - unable to be taken away‘ from or given away‘ by the
possessor. That means George W. Bush Jr, is breaking the law by locking up non-combatants on his
war on terrorist. In 2004, 17, April, the U.S. President said; Iraq will be a peaceful ―Nation‖, That
can only mean ―IT‖ will be part of the ―United Nations‖ (UN), Charter or League of Nations: Jesus
Christ, who was no more than thirty one or thirty two at his death; crucifixion was a means of
exposing political rebels to a public humiliation. After the defeat of Spartacus‘s slave revolt against
Rome in 71 BC, some 6,000 prisoners were crucified on the Appian Way, a paved road extending
from Rome to Brundisium (begun in 312 B.C. by Appius Claudius Caecus. In response to unrest
after Herod‘s death in 4 BC, the Romans crucified 2,000 rebels in Jerusalem, and Christ was thirty
years old in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar‘s reign, when Christ died on the 15th day of Nisan
in April. You know, Passover may have taken place on the 21st of July in the month of Tammuz;
and Christ may have been in his forties at the time of his crucifixion, as he‘d have to be if he were
born during Herod‘s reign. St Luke contradicts himself by saying that Yeshu‘a was about thirty
years old when Yohannan bar Zachariah, called Baptistes (John the Baptist), baptized him in the
fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius, which we know from Roman historians was CE 28-9, thus
making his birthdate 2 BCE. The Census took place thirty-seven years after Caesar defeated
Antony at Actium, which battle was fought September 2nd, 31 BCE, thus making the census fall in
6 CE; that Publius Sulpicius Quirinius was sent out to Syria in 6-7 CE. Lucius Pontius Pilatus,
Procurator of Judea said, I‘ll see what I can do for your Iesus Nazarathaeus. Give him a beating,
perhaps, and make him ride three times around Jerusalem on that undersized little ass of his. Do
you think that would please the Sanhedrins? Roman law, and their codes were scrupulously
obeyed; to do otherwise, meant treason. Jewish law at the time meant that they would have to let
Jesus free. The Levite Porters or Police, and Yeshu himself; Wait. It was now Preparation Day,
Nisan Fourteenth, and the Eve of Passover. So, despite your Besorahim, your Gospels, there were
no Priests, High or otherwise, present. Nor any elders of the nation, For, on Preparation Day, my
dear Theophilous, Jewish Priests are far too busy sacrificing the hundreds, and hundreds of
Paschal lambs for the peoples‘ Pesach to do anything else. Nor would they have bothered on any
other day. To you, Yeshu‘a ha Notzri, Iesous, the Nazarene, is the centre of history; to us, he was a
very minor Galilean Rab, who had made enough trouble to become a danger to Israel. Therefore-
regrettably-he had to be removed. I read it. It stated that Yeshu'a‘ben Yosef, called ha Notzri, a
native of Nazareth in Galilee, had been found guilty of perverting the people against their rulers,
both Jewish and Roman, that he had stirred all the people up, starting in native Galilee and
continuing his preaching of sedition all the way to Jerusalem itself; that he claimed to be the Jewish
Messiah, and hence a King. A scribe was more a lawyer than anything else, as these two proved by
the manner in which they responded to the question put them by the Nasi. They said, speaking not
in the more usual bad Galilean Aramaic but in courtly Hebrew. We charge the prisoner, Yeshu‘a
ben Yosef, called ha Notzri, the Nazarene, with false prophesy on the score of publicly abrogating
Mosaic Law. The trial of Jesus Christ was over, murdered by the Jews, because the ‗Father of the
‗Jews is the ―devil‖. Jesus said so! It is also suggested, that Christ was born in 2 BCE, at which time
Herod had been dead two years. A blood stained linen cloth on display at Orvieto, in northern
Spain, which is believed to be the face cloth mentioned in the gospel of St John. It is made of thin,
tightly woven linen of approximately the same weight as a good quality handkerchief. Bloodstains
on it precisely match those on the face area of the Shroud of Turin. The blood is the same group,
AB, as the blood on the shroud, and pollen samples taken by Dr Max Frei, a Swiss forensic scientist,
indicate the cloth came originally from Palestine. Face cloth written by, Fred Burges, Stanthorpe in
Qld. The Yids must repent, and become as a little child, and be baptised in Christ name; And again
I say unto you, ye must repent, and be baptised in my name, and become as a little child, or ye can
in nowise inherit the Kingdom of God. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that this is my doctrine, and
whoso buildeth upon my rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them. A certain

Lentulus, a Roman, being an official for the Romans in the province of Judea in the time of
Tiberias Caesar, upon seeing Christ and noting his wonderful work, his preachings, his endless
miracles and other amazing things about him, wrote thus to the Roman senate. There appeared in
these times, and still is, a man of great power named Jesus Christ, who is called by the Gentiles
peoples, the prophet of truth, and whom his disciples call the Son of God; raising the dead and
healing diseases, a man in stature middling tall, and comely, having reverend countenance, which
they that look upon may love and fear; having hair of the hue of an unripe hazelnut and smooth
almost down to his ears, but from the ears in curling locks somewhat darker and more shining,
waving over from his shoulders; having a parting at the middle of the head according to the
fashions of the Nazarenes; a brow smooth and very calm, with a face without wrinkle or any
blemish, which a moderate colour red, makes beautiful; with the nose and mouth no fault at all can
be found; having a full beard of the colour of his hair, not long but a little forked at the chin;
having an expression simple and mature, the eyes grey, glancing various, and clear; in rebuke
terrible, in admonition kind and lovable, cheerful yet keeping gravity; sometimes he hath wept, but
never laughed; in stature a body tall and straight, with hand and arms fair to look upon; in talk
grave, reserved and modest, so that he was rightly called by the prophet, and fairer than the
children of man. A True Vision of Christ was seen by a 12 year old boy named Kerry, who had the
vision (apparition) over Brisbane, ‗Australia, in July 1960: The word Israel really means, the three
Pagan gods, heathen;- Is, the god of Isis;- Ra, the sun god;- El, goddess Elagabala. Yet some say the
word Israel means, strength with God. In the Holy Bible; the writings of the old, and New
Testaments of 1582-1610 and 1604, 1611. So when One wants to know about Jewish history, we are
told to refer to their bible in Deuteronomy; their Jewish fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; In
Chapter 9, it talks about possessing nations, and possess land; its obvious, if One has to possess
something; that somebody else already owns. Than they have ‗free simple title‘ over the said piece
of land; anything else is theft, ‗besides; God never put up fences to keep His people in. Man was put
on this earth too hunt for food and barter for goods. Not this artificial capitalist system run by the
Jewish banking houses based on greed, not for need: Deuteronomy (doo‘tar-on‘a-me, dyoo‘-) The
fifth book of the Pentateuch, which contains a second statement of the Mosaic law. (<Gk.
Deuteronomion <deuteros second + nomos law. Nomad, the incursions of nomads into settled
civilizations marked the early history of ancient Egypt and Babylonia and reached their height with
the great Mongol invasions of W Asia and Europe in the 13th, 14th and early 15th century, notably
under Jenghiz Khan and Tamerlane. The Jews today are this Mongol tribe of pagan Khazars, its
empire extended the 8th-10th century, from the northern shores of the Black Sea and the Caspian
Sea to the Urals and as far westward as Kiev. They conquered the Vloga Bulgars and the Crimea,
levied tribute from the eastern Slavs, and warred with the Arabs, Persians, and Armenians. In the
10th century, they entered into friendly relations with the Byzantine Empire, which attempted to
use them in the struggle against the Arabs. In the 8th century, the Khazar nobility embraced
Judaism as a compromise between Christianity and Islam: When Jacob committed himself to the
chief god of Canaan, known as EI Shaddai or EI, who was one with the land itself. Accordingly, he
renamed himself Israel – isra-EI, meaning strength with God. From then on, his tribe, the
Israelites, saw Canaan- present-day Israel, as their rightful homeland. The Jews later claimed
Canaan as the land promised to them by their God when they returned from Egypt. In fact, it had
to be taken, by conquering three established kingdoms south and east of Jordan. As the walls of
Jericho fell, they seized another 31 cities in their conquest of greed. The Israelites immigrants
moved in from around 1250 BC; at first the Israelites occupied only the central hills; the Egyptians
were in command of the major routes, and not all the Canaanite cities could be overthrown. In
addition, there was a growing threat from the Philistines. Who settled on Canaan‘s coast shortly
after the Israelites arrival? A full-scale confrontation did not occur until the 11th century BC, some
150 years after the Israelites had come back from Egypt. The Palestinians had claimed vacant
possession of the disputed territory, long before 1917; therefore Israel has no legal claim. It must
pay reparation payments to the Palestinian Authority. Why is America and Britain, always

sympathising with Israel. The Palestinian people demand Liberty and Statehood of all disputed
territory; they claim civil rule, they claim supremacy as a natural right of Statehood, for all their
peoples, and Arabs alike: League gives Palestine mandate to UK, 25, April 1920, A three-hour
session of the San Remo conference today confirmed the British mandate over Mesopotamia and
Palestine. Syria is entrusted to France. These decisions practically wrap up the conference, which
has been hammering out a peace treaty with Turkey. Business was concluded so rapidly that the
British mission has ordered its special train to be ready the day after tomorrow. Zionist‘s and
Jewish circles welcomed confirmation that Britain is to takeover Palestine, and the fact that the
‗Balfour Declaration will be incorporated into the treaty. They said it meant that at last, after many
centuries, the Jews could begin work to re-establish their ancient homeland under a stable and
civilised government. The Jews had always desired to be under British trusteeship and the Holy
Land is of interest to all peoples. Zionist leaders in San Remo acclaimed the decision, which will
allow Jewish energy and capital to flow towards Palestine to develop the country to the advantage
of all its inhabitants. Dr Max Nordau declared. ―With one foot already in the Holy Land, we shall
now enter Palestine with firm steps, declaring e are; here we remain. ―After a three-hour meeting,
Mr Lloyd George and M. Millerand, the French Prime Minister, reached agreement about
enforcing the Treaty of Versailles: Israel declares independence, Tel-Aviv, 14th May 1948. We
appeal to the United Nations for help to the Jewish people in building their State, and to admit
Israel into the family of nations. We offer only peace and friendship to all neighbouring states and
people; and finally; With trust in God, we set our hand to this declaration, at this session of the
Provisional State Council, on the soil of the Homeland, in the city of Tel-Aviv, on this Sabbath eve,
the fifth of Iyar 5708, the fourteenth day of May 1948. It had taken exactly thirty-two minutes. Plus,
of course, 2,000 years; from Babylon and Pharaoh‘s Egypt and the deserts and the ghettos of the
world; what had seemed endless was now at last to have an end. Palestine in 1906 had a Jewish
population of about 70,000 Jews then had taken up a new life in Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed, and
Tiberias, which were called the four Holy Cities. The Jews say it is historically inaccurate to
imagine that Palestine was ever completely without a Jewish remnant. Even after the Roman
conquest, there were many Jews who maintained a foothold in the country. ―At no time,‖ says
Gervasi, ―not even during the worst period of famine and massacre, did they totally abandon the
land.‖ In a tightly woven brief against contemporary Arab claims, he writes. The Bible is not the
only proof of the Jews claim to Palestine. It exists in recorded deeds demonstrating Jewish
ownership in ―fee simple‖ of great tracts of land brought from various owners, and converted from
marsh and desert into orchards and gardens. And it also exists in a massive body of international
law envisioning and sanctioning the creation in Palestine of a Jewish national homeland. While the
British Foreign Secretary was not averse to Shaftesbury‘s proposal, says Cohen, ―there was no
Jewish organization capable of dealing with so stupendous a problem.‖ Even then, the British
Consul in Jerusalem was instructed to accord official protection to the Jews living in Palestine, an
overture that Cohen regards as ―the forerunner of the Balfour Declaration of 1917. By the end of
the 19th Century, the Zionist ideal had reached full bloom. Philanthropists such as Sir Moses
Montefiore and Baron de Rothschild had demonstrated a willingness to back Jewish national
aspirations with hard cash. And the long-dormant hopes of countless Jews were revived by the
timely evangel of Jewish spokesmen, both past and present, which held forth the vision of ―Next
Year in Jerusalem.‖ Indeed, the electrifying effect of a Hess or a Herzl can only be fully understood
in light of the earlier efforts of men like Jehuda Halevi and Rabbi Zevi Hirsch Kalischer. The
Khazars e.g., the Jews claim their homeland in Palestine in the second century AD by the Romans;
nearly two thousand years later, following Nazi persecution. Since 1948, the Israelis have occupied
and settled on more of what little remains of the Palestinians territory. Palestine was a dominion of
the Palestinians homeland; thanks to the greed of the hierarchy, hypocrite Zionist; they are left
with nothing. For Christ sack, why are the Israelis still refusing too withdraw from the occupied
territory; In 2001, the Israelis have defied the UN resolution number 1402, for them to comply and
withdraw from all occupied Palestinian area‘s immediately, but instead they have continually

attacked and killed innocent women and children of non Jewish descent. The Jews themselves told
the world that they are at war with the Palestinians; therefore they have committed war crimes
against humanity, by violating the direction of the UN Security Council resolution 1402. An Arab
revolution against the Zionist Jews who might possibly be the only alternative to achieve statehood
for the dispossessed Palestinian peoples! Tell the Jews, the only answer for peace in the Middle East
region, is for them to leave, and return to their Capital Birobidzhan; So why does the authoritarian
State of Israel want to inflame an already volatile situation; because they want to control all of the
oilfields in the whole Arab region. What the Jews today are doing in the year 2002, to the
Palestinian community by destroying their entire infrastructure, and with its infinite carnage. This
is what they themselves as Jews, accused the Nazi‘s of doing too them during WW11? If the Jewish
people today care so much about their Holy Sacred Land in Jerusalem; then why on earth, are they
blowing it all up! How could anyone justify this kind of behaviour? With the grey eyes of our Lord
and saviour‘ Jesus Christ looking on, and the birthplace of the Christ child, the people of Palestine,
once owned a State called Palestine, which today there is no such name on the map, thanks to
Israel: 1993, 24, March, President de Klerk admits that South Africa had nuclear weapons. Its
more likely that the nuclear weapons are in Israeli hands, because Israel owns the munition
factories in South Africa: 1993, 9, September; Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization
‗PLO, agree to recognize each other‘s legitimacy and rights to exist in a major step forward in the
Middle East peace process: 1994, 14, October, Yassir Arafat, leader of the PLO (created 2, June
1964), receives the ‗Nobel Peace Prize; died in 2004. Now the inter-Fatah movement and Hamas
leaders are infighting to be in control of the PLO. The Palestinian Hamas Resistance ‗brigade fights
on, June 2004. The Israeli, ‗Palestinian conflict, that is taking place almost on a daily basis by
Israeli ‗Bulldozers‘ in the refugee camp in Rafah, in Southern Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon, plans to withdraw from the Gaza strip, and Sharon‘s ‗bulldozers from demolishing
anymore Palestinian houses, in one such attack, ten houses had been flattened in one night alone.
According to Amnesty International, this is a war crime for the International Crimes Court to deal
with! Which contravenes International Law? Israel has put in this huge concrete security fence
barrier, known by Palestinians, as Caesars ‗rat-wall‘, built between the Gaza strip and Israel. The
only thing is, the ‗Rats‘ are on the Jerusalem side of the Berlin Wall, some call them, the ‗Jew-Rats!
‗Rats are ‗rodents. So all that the Palestinian will need to do now, is to call in the ‗Pied Piper‘, than
have him play the right tune of the Yids, and the ‗rodents‘ will vacate all Palestinian territory
overnight, and drown; never to return again too infest like feral pirates in our Holy Land! Ariel
Sharon said, Israeli‘s want ‗peace, not a small piece of cake, Israel wants the whole cake, so that
nothing (not a single crumb) is leftover for the Palestinian people! If Israel wants peace, than all
barriers must comedown, and the Israeli‘s must vacate (give up occupation) of our lands! The
United Nation said that Israel has demolished six hundred homes in Rafah, and Amnesty
International said, Israel is guilty of war crimes since October 2003. Some 600 homes in Rafah were
destroyed. Israel justifies its action as part of its war on terror! Israel has said it will bulldoze
hundreds of more Palestinian homes to clear a corridor between their camp and the Egyptian
border, what a waste of good money? Ariel Sharon plans to vacate the settlements on the Gaza strip
in 2005; and build another 35 settlements in the West Bank instead, still encroaching on Palestinian
territory; and he thinks this will solve the Palestinian problem in the Middle East: The Jews plan to
teardown the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar), too build their new ‗Temple‘ in Jerusalem.
The Temple Mount, although geographically divided between the Jewish and the Moslem Quarters,
is spiritually part of the Jewish heritage. Called Mount Moriah, or Haram el-Sharif; the Enclosure
of the Noble Sanctuary; it is traditionally the place where ‗the Lord God formed man of the dus