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									  Web Enabled Navy

         NMCI Industry Symposium
                     17 June 2003

Captain Skip Hiser, Task Force Web
                                              Task Force Web

•   In April 2001, the Chief of Naval Operations chartered TFW
    to lead the Navy’s transformation to a web-enabled
    environment by:
     – Establishing and maintaining a web architecture.
     – Providing recommendations on Web Enablement
     – Reviewing Operational Requirements for Web
        Enablement opportunities.
     – Working with major the Navy’s major System
        Commands to prioritize and migrate existing systems.

17 June 2003               Web Enabled Navy                      2
                                              WEN Benefits

  •   More ubiquitous access to information services
  •   Improved interoperability
       – Extensive use of recognized commercial standards
       – Separation of data from presentation enables support
         for multiple display devices
  •   Improved quality of information
       – Establish authoritative databases supporting similar
         services across multiple locations
       – Provides ability to aggregate data from multiple sources
  •   Reduced Total Costs
       – Software support & hardware costs reduced
       – Configuration management simplified

17 June 2003               Web Enabled Navy                         3
                                               NMCI / IT-21 / BLII / MCTN
                                            via Business &                          Distributed Navy Enterprise Web
                                                                                     Distributed Navy Enterprise Web
                                           Warfare Operations
               Navy Marine Corps Intranet                                       IT21 & OCONUS BLII
                                                                             Marine Corps Tactical Network
Partners               Internet                                                                              Replicated &
                                                                                                              Per Mission
  Extranet                                        Defense Information
                                                System Network (DISN)/
                                                Global Information Grid
       SYSCOM                Center
           8-12 Operating              Pier                                        ~300 Ships
                                                                                     Fleet & USMC
            8-12 Operating                                                          ~300 Ships
               Centers                 Connections                                   Deployed Forces
   HQ                                           Network Operations Center
                                                     (DISN Interface)

               Authoritative &                                                Common
                                                                           User Access                         MEB/MEU
                Data Sources                                              Afloat and Shore
           17 June 2003                                    Web Enabled Navy                                                 4
                                                        Comms Architecture

                                                                                    INMARSAT B

                                                         UHF MDR                      LHD
                                           HF           HF             CVN                                   UHF
                         (NMCI Embarkables)
                          (NMCI Embarkables)                                 ISDN

                         HF          HMS                     NCTAMS
                RFA                                  ISDN
                              SHF                                                                   DDG
                                        ISDN         Challenge   SHF
                 COMSNFL SERIAL                                                       FFG
                      The Hague       NC3A                   BATAAN
                                                                                                         INMARSAT B
                                                            LANDLINE         COWAN                CFMCC
                 HF      USMC
                                      ISDN                                     SHF
                                                       JFACC                                        HF       CG

17 June 2003                                                Web Enabled Navy                                          5

• The Navy Enterprise Portal is based on COTS
  technology and industry standards.
• GOTS technology is minimized and when used, is
  because either:
   – No clear standard exists, so a transition
     strategy has been implemented (Portal Proxy
   – Protection of Navy intellectual capital requires
     a specific GOTS component to implement a
     unique process.

17 June 2003          Web Enabled Navy                  6
                                                                                                  n-Tier Model

••      Presentation Layer
         Presentation Layer
          –       Multimedia access to
              –    Multimedia access to
                  web services.
                   web services.
          –       Common Look and
              –    Common Look and
                  Feel with User
                   Feel with User
                                               Presentation                                 Application                            Data/Content
          –       Single-Sign-On, Single        Internet Presentation Protocols           XML Based                                   Web-Services
              –    Single-Sign-On, Single                                                 Standards                                   Standards
                  Access Capability.
                   Access Capability.                                                          Desk Top
          –       Display and user
              –    Display and user                                                            Portal Engine                                         Documents
                  device independence.                                                         Server
                   device independence.                                  XML                                        Web
••      Application Layer
         Application Layer                                               HTML                                     Services
          –   Web Services                                                                         PRI /SOAP     Execution
              – Web Services                Desktop Clients                                                        Engine
              abstraction from                                                    SOAP
                abstraction from                                                                                  (WSEE)
              different Portal
                different Portal                                                             Web                                and
                Products.                                                                    Service                            WSDL Defined
         –    Content and Services                                                           UDDI
           –    Content and Services                                                         Registry
              Registration.                                                                                                                           Structured
•       Content                                                                                                                                          And
    •    Content                                                                                   PRI /SOAP                                         Unstructured
         –    Exposed Data.                                                       SOAP
           –    Exposed Data.                                                                                                                            Data
         –    Enterprise Service                                          WML
           –    Enterprise Service                                                             Wireless
                Taxonomy.                                                                      Gateway
         –    Replication &                                                                 and VoiceXML
           –    Replication &                                                                   Server
              Synchronization.                                                                                                              J2EE
                Synchronization.            Mobile and Telephony                                                Directory    Legacy         and
                                                                                         Embedded Services         and       Applicatio     .NET
•       Information Assurance               Clients                                             and               SSO        ns
    •     Information Assurance                                                                                                             Applicatio
           –    SSO                                                                      User Profile Storage    Servers     (JMCIS,        ns
             –   SSO
           –    PKI / CAC                                                                                                    GCCS-M)
             –   PKI / CAC
           –    Enterprise-wide
             –   Enterprise-wide
                Directory Service.
           17 June 2003
                 Directory Service.                               Web Enabled Navy                                                                                  7
                                           Reduced installation and O&M
                                              costs for fielding systems

           Traditional Client Server                            Web Services/ Portals

                                                        Client 1
                                                        Client 1     Client 2
                                                                     Client 2           Client N
                                                                                        Client N
Client 1
Client 1      Client 2
              Client 2          Client N
                                Client N                Browser
                                                        Browser      Browser
                                                                     Browser            Browser

                              COSTS                                                     • Developments M
                              • Developments M                      Portal              • Install 0
            Network           • Installations N                                         • O&M
                              • O&M                                                        0 clients,
                                  N clients,                        Network                M server
                                  M servers

Server App 1
Server App 1              Server App M
                          Server App M                   Server App1
                                                         Server App1              Server App M
                                                                                  Server App M

  17 June 2003                               Web Enabled Navy                                              8
                                  Enterprise Issues

• Requirements for IT-21, NMCI, BLII & MCTDN
    – Common directory with replication of user objects
    – Common user authentication procedures
    – Common service registry schema with replication of service
    – Common service registration procedures
    – Common content management procedures
    – Network trust relationships for replication and synchronization
    – Shared hosting resources (ASP model)

                        Industry Opportunities
                         Industry Opportunities
17 June 2003                 Web Enabled Navy                           9
                                  Status to Date

• TFW Portals installed at CFFC; CPF & CNE
  installation planned for June 2003 (NIPRNET &
• TFW Portals installed on USS THEODORE
  ROOSEVELT Strike Group; Commander 2nd Fleet
• SPAWAR planning to field Portals overseas in 2004
• Joint compliance testing (DCTS) in progress
   – Leverages Collaboration at Sea
• TFW Portal architecture aligned to fully support
  DON CIO NMCP implementation

17 June 2003         Web Enabled Navy                 10
Back ups

                  Functional Area Managers

•   ASNs, CNO, and CMC designated Functional Area Managers to
    DON CIO in May 2002.
•   FAM is responsible and accountable for:
     – Oversight of reduction and consolidation of applications and
       associated databases.
     – Authority to direct migration, consolidation, or retirement of
       applications and associated databases.
     – Manage development of applications and database portfolios.
     – Ensure that technology strategies are aligned with the business
       and administration processes and warfighter requirements.
     – Work closely with the DON CIO and DON Information Executive
       Committee (IEC) Service Representatives (Navy IO and USMC

17 June 2003                 Web Enabled Navy                            12
                         Functional Data Managers

•    Functional Data Managers Designated
      – CNO & CMC accomplished in accordance with SECNAVINST 5000.36
•    FDM is responsible and accountable for:
      – Functional processes to produce and monitor the use of data within and
        across functional activities, information systems and communications
      – Assisting Program Managers and other system developers in registering
        system/ application (Metadata) & data exchange formats & maintaining the
        Metadata baseline.
      – Developing/maintaining functional area views of the DON Data
      – Developing candidate DoD standard data elements in coordination with the
        respective DoD Functional Data Administrator (FDA).
      – Coordinate with applicable stakeholders to ensure DoD proposed Data
        Standards are useable by DON systems.
      – Designate Authoritative Data Sources for their respective functional areas
        and maintain the designation in the DMI Repository (DMIR)

    17 June 2003                    Web Enabled Navy                                 13
                                Current Web Standards
  • Currently published by recognized standards body, e.g., OASIS,
    W3C, and ISO
  • Expected to be used for portal content integration, when
     Standard                                           Body / Latest Specification
     HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 1.1             IETF, June 1999
     HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 4.01              W3C, December 1999
     ECMAScript (Javascript)                            ECMA, December 1999
     Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 (CSS1)             W3C, January 1999
     Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0               W3C, October 2000
     Namespaces in XML                                  W3C, January 1999
     Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) 1.0           W3C, October 2001
     XSL Transformations (XSLT) 1.0                     W3C, November 1999
     Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1           W3C, May 2000
     Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1       W3C, March 2001

17 June 2003                         Web Enabled Navy                                 14
                  Emerging / Future Standards

•   Emerging or currently in development by standards bodies
•   Probably will be used for portal integration in the future
    Standard                                   Body / Latest Specification
    Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP)     OASIS, n/a
    Extensible HyperText Markup Language       W3C, June 2002
    (XHTML) 1.0
    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1         W3C, April 2002
    Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2)     W3C, May 1998
    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.2   W3C, June 2002

17 June 2003                     Web Enabled Navy                            15

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