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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Embedded Enabling (EEF)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Windows Platform (API)
                                                                                                                                   Graphics & Multimedia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             WMI / Instrumentation
                                                                                                    Macro Component

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               App Compatibility
                                                                                                                                                           User Interface (UI)

                                                                                                                                                                                 Printing / Imaging

Component Name


                               Purpose                                       customizable
(Macro components are
                                                                             component settings
indicated in bold font)

                                                                             Specify Fonts, Code
                               Include the desired language component(s)     pages conversion
(…) Language Support                                                                                                                                                                                             X                                  X
                               you wish to support.                          tables and Keyboard

(Any Human Interface Device    A service that is used by various HID
component)                     hardware devices
                                                                             None                                                                                                                                X

                               This component includes the common
.NET Framework (pre-SP2)       language runtime (CLR) and the .NET           None                                                                                                                                X
                               Framework class library.
                               This component includes the common
.NET Framework 1.1             language runtime (CLR) and the .NET           None                                                                                                                                X
                               Framework class library.
                               This component includes the common
.NET Framework 2.0             language runtime (CLR) and the .NET           None                                                                                                                                X
                               Framework class library.
                               Adds the required dependencies to install the
                               .NET Framework 3.0 and, optionally, sets up Option: Install
.NET Framework 3.0 Setup       a First Boot Agent (FBA) generic command      automatically during                                                                                                                X
                               to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 FBA
                               automatically during boot-up.
                               Adds the required dependencies to install the
                               .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 and, optionally,
                                                                             Option: Install
                               sets up a First Boot Agent (FBA) generic
.NET Framework 3.0 SP1 Setup
                               command to install the Microsoft .NET
                                                                             automatically during                                                                                                                X
                               Framework 3.0 SP1 automatically during
                                     Adds the required dependencies to install the
                                     .NET Framework 3.5 and, optionally, sets up Option: Install
.NET Framework 3.5 Setup             a First Boot Agent (FBA) generic command      automatically during               X
                                     to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 FBA
                                     automatically during boot-up.

                                     Includes the KD1394.dll file. This dynamic-
1394 Kernel Debugger Support
                                     link library (DLL) is used for kernel-mode      None                             X
                                     debugging of the system over the 1394 Bus
32-Bit to 16-Bit Metafile Conversion The dynamic-link library for 32-bit to 16-bit
Library                              metafile conversion
                                                                                     None                             X   X
                                     A set of features that allow users to
                                     customize how the keyboard, display, or
                                                                                     Option: Use High
Accessibility Control Panel          mouse functions. The accessibility tools are
                                     available from Accessibility Options in
                                     Control Panel (access.cpl)
                                     A set of Component Object Model (COM)
                                     interfaces and application programming
Accessibility Core                   interfaces (APIs) that provide a reliable way None                               X
                                     to expose and collect information about
                                     Windows-based user interface (UI) elements.
                                     Guides users through the process of
Accessibility Wizard                 customizing the computer to meet vision,        None
                                     hearing, and mobility needs
                                     Accessible from the Start menu                  None                         X
Accessories/System Tools             Accessible from the Start menu                  None                         X
                                     Supports audio compression management
Acm Core Codecs
                                                                                     None                     X
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Fan                                                                             None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) fan
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Fixed Feature Button                                                            None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) feature button
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Lid                                                                             None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) Lid switch
                                                                                     Specify System
                                                                                     Identification, System
                                                                                     Pagefile, Power
                                     A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for ACPI
ACPI Multiprocessor PC                                                               Management
                                     compliant, multiproc motherboards.
                                                                                     Settings, Data
                                                                                     Execution Prevention
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Power Button                                                                  None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) power button
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Sleep Button                                                                  None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) sleep button
                                     Support for the Advanced Configuration and
ACPI Thermal Zone                                                                  None
                                     Power Interface (ACPI) thermal zone
                                                                                   Specify System
                                                                                   Identification, System
                                                                                   Pagefile, Power
                                     A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for ACPI
ACPI Uniprocessor PC                                                               Management
                                     compliant single proc motherboards.
                                                                                   Settings, Data
                                                                                   Execution Prevention
                                     Provides the basic functionality for ADSI.
Active Directory Service Interface   This component routes any requests to the
(ADSI) Core                          corresponding provider according to the path
                                                                                  None                      X
                                     it is provided
                                     Provides an interface for the communication
                                     with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Active Directory Service Interface
(ADSI) LDAP Provider
                                     (LDAP) servers, including Microsoft         None                       X
                                     Exchange 5 directory and Microsoft Windows
                                     2000 Active Directory.

                                     Is supplied by ADSI to communicate with
Active Directory Service Interface
(ADSI) Windows NT Provider
                                     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 primary domain       None                     X
                                     controllers and backup domain controllers

                                     Active Input Method Manager (AIMM) 1.2.
                                     AIMM is a Component Object Model (COM)
                                     server that provides Input Method Manager
Active IMM Library                   (IMM) East Asian Input Method Editor (IME) None                                X   X
                                     services to clients, such as Microsoft Internet
                                     Explorer or Microsoft Word, on non-East
                                     Asian versions of Microsoft Windows

Active Template Library (ATL)        Supports ATL applications                     None                             X
                                     Provides the Add Hardware Control Panel
Add Hardware Control Panel
                                                                                   None                         X
Add/Remove Programs Control          Provides the Add/Remove Programs Control
Panel                                Panel (appwiz.cpl)
                                                                                   None                         X
                                     Basic administration utilities and support
Administration Support Tools         routines (compmgmt.msc, eventvwr.exe,         None
                                     fsmgmt.msc, services.msc)
                                    Support for administrator accounts. Any run-
                                    time image that includes security features        Specify password
Administrator Account               requires a local administrator account. This      using                          X   X
                                    component makes it possible to set the            cmiUserPassword
                                    Administrator password
                                                                             Specify System
                                                                             Identification, System
                                                                             Pagefile, Power
Advanced Configuration and Power A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for ACPI
Interface (ACPI) PC              compliant single proc motherboards.
                                                                             Settings, Data
                                                                             Execution Prevention
                                 Bundles the components that are required to Pick and choose
Advanced Set Top Box
                                 create an advanced set-top box device       optional components
                                 Notifies selected users and computers about
                                 administrative alerts. This service
Alerter Service
                                 implements the NetAlertRaise and
                                                                             None                            X               X
                                 NetAlertRaiseEx APIs
                                    Bundles components that make it possible
                                    for applications to receive and display analog
Analog Television Support
                                    television. By using this component, you can
                                                                                   Yes                   X       X
                                    quickly add analog support to your device

Analog TV                           Support for analog TV                             None                       X
                                    Provides the core architecture needed to
AOL ART Image Format Support        interface with the Johnson-Grace graphic          None
                                    (.art) file format
                                    Functionality to identify specific applications
Application Compatibility Core      and insert any of several hundred                 None                                       X
                                    compatibility fixes
                                    Tools to support the administration of the
Application Compatibility Support   compatibility infrastructure, the external
Tools                               development, and the information technology
                                                                                None                                             X
                                    tools that are provided by Microsoft
Application Compatibility User      The Windows shell interface for users to set
Interface                           compatibility modes on an application.
                                                                                   None                              X           X
                                    An application based on the RTC application
Application Sharing for .NET        programming interface (API) that allows
Messenger                           whiteboard collaboration and application
                                                                                   None                                      X   X
                                    sharing between two parties
                                    A run-time verification infrastructure used to
                                    locate problems, such as heap corruptions,
Application Verifier                                                               None
                                    locks overuse, handle errors, memory leaks
                                    and so on (verifier.dll)
                             Help information to the user when they run a
Apps Help Services
                             program with a known compatibility problem
                                                                               None                                          X

                             A unified Web application platform that
ASP.NET                      provides the services necessary to build and      None                      X
                             deploy enterprise-class Web applications

                             A unified Web application platform that
ASP.NET 1.1                  provides the services necessary to build and      None                      X
                             deploy enterprise-class Web applications
                                                                               Option to specify
                             A unified Web application platform that           ASP.NET service
ASP.NET 2.0                  provides the services necessary to build and      listen port, and option   X
                             deploy enterprise-class Web applications          to enable remote
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
(ATM) Support
                             Networking support for ATM devices                None                      X

Audio / Video Core           Video control and other digital TV functionality None                           X
                             This component includes the Audio Stub
Audio Codecs                 driver in the audstub.sys file, and the           None
                             wave.inf file
                             This component includes the Audio Stub
Audio Codecs                 driver in the audstub.sys file, and the           None
                             wave.inf file
                             The Audio Control Panel component
                             provides the Control Panel application for
Audio Control Panel                                                            None
                             setting multimedia sound and audio devices
                             The Audio Volume Control component
Audio Volume Control         provides the user interface for controlling all   None                                      X
                             volume controls in the system.
                             Allows a user to automatically log on to a        Specify Domain
                             Windows XP-based system every time the            Name (if using the
Automatic Logon              system boots using configured information,        Domain Participation              X   X
                             and disables the Control+Alt+Delete logon         component), User
                             box                                               Name and Password
                                  Provides two registry keys that disable
                                  background disk defragementation and auto-
                                  layout services. This component should be
Background Disk Defragmentation
                                  used to improve the performance of             None                                  X   X
                                  Enhanced Write Filter and increase the life of
                                  write-wear-limited storage devices such as
                                  A set of Application Programming Interfaces
                                  (APIs) to create background, restartable
Background Intelligent Transfer   transfers to and from Web servers. The BITS
Service                           component provides a network-friendly file
                                                                                  None                         X   X   X
                                  transfer infrastructure which is primarily used
                                  for system and application updates
                                  Exposes performance metrics for the target
Base Performance Counters                                                          None
Base Support Binaries             Binary files for various core functionality      None
                                  Bundles the components that are required to      Pick and choose
Basic Set Top Box
                                  create a basic set-top box                       optional components
                                  Bundles components to support basic
                                                                                   Advanced Properties:
Basic TCP/IP Networking           TCP/IP services, including DHCP and
                                                                                                           X   X
                                  Provides the beep driver in the beep.sys file.
Beep Driver                       This component also Provides some                None
                                  supporting registry information
                                  This service is a miniport network driver that
                                  creates network connectivity between two
Bluetooth Device (Personal Area   Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth Personal
Network)                          Area network user interface provides a way
                                                                                   None                        X
                                  to initiate connections to a remote Bluetooth
                                  The Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol
                                  TDI) component provides a TDI transport
Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM
Protocol TDI)
                                  driver for RFCOMM (Serial Cable Emulation        None                        X
                                  Protocol). This component implements the
                                  Bluetooth RFCOMM protocol layer.
                                  File transfer capabilities using the OBEX
Bluetooth File Transfer           (Object Exchange) protocol over a Bluetooth      None                        X
                                  wireless network
                                  Provides the Microsoft Bluetooth Human
                                  Interface Device (HID) miniport driver to
Bluetooth HID Device              support HID devices including mouse              None                        X
                                  devices, keyboards, and joysticks, over a
                                  Bluetooth wireless network
                                      Bundles the components that provide
Bluetooth Human Interface             support for Bluetooth Human Interface
Device Support                        Device (HID) devices such as mouse and
                                                                                     Yes                   X   X
                                      other pointing devices, and keyboards
Bluetooth Modem Device                Bundles the components that provide
                                      support for Bluetooth modems
                                                                                     Yes                   X   X
Bluetooth Personal Area               Bundles the components that are used to
Networking Support                    provide Bluetooth Personal Area Networking
                                                                                     Yes                   X   X
                                 Bundles the components that are used to
Bluetooth Personal Area
Networking User Interface Support
                                 provide Bluetooth Personal Area Networking          None                      X   X
                                 User Interface
                                 Bundles the components that are used to
Bluetooth Printer Device Support
                                 provide Bluetooth printing support
                                                                                     Yes                   X   X       X
                                 Bundles the components that provide
Bluetooth Serial Device Support
                                 support for Bluetooth serial devices
                                                                                     Yes                   X   X
                                 Released C run-time support for Visual C
                                 applications running on Windows XP
                                 Professional-based embedded devices. The
C Runtime Library (4.0.1183.1)   C runtime that is shipped with Windows XP           None                                      X
                                 Professional is a variant of the Visual C
                                 runtimes that are shipped with Microsoft
                                 Visual Studio .NET
CDFS                                  Support for the CD-ROM File System (CDFS) None                                               X
                                      Manages certificates on computers and in
Certificate MMC Snap-In
                                      group policy (certmgr.msc)
                                                                                     None                          X       X
                                      Allows you to request certificates, find
Certificate Request Client &
Certificate Autoenrollment
                                      certification authority (CA) on the network,   None                          X       X
                                      and automatically keep certificates current
                                      Supports the shell's seamless display of the
Certificate User Interface
                                      objects provided in the Certificate UI         None                          X       X
                                      Services component
                                      Provides the user interface (UI) for displaying
                                      common public-key infrastructure (PKI)
Certificate User Interface Services   objects, such as certificates, certificate trust None                        X       X
                                      lists, and Public-Key Cryptography Standards
                                      (PKCS) #7 signatures on files

                                                                                     Specify Fonts, Code
Chinese - Simplified Language         Contains all necessary modules to support      pages conversion
Support                               Chinese - Simplified language                  tables and Keyboard
Chinese - Traditional Language        Contains all necessary modules to support
Support                               Chinese - Traditional language
                                                                                     None                                              X
                                    Support DLLs (Libraries) for the various
Class Install Library - (…)                                                       None                                         X
                                    device classes
                                    Supporting plug and play class installer DLLs
Class Installer - (…)                                                             None                                         X
                                    for the various device classes

                                    Supporting plug and play class installer DLLs
Class Installer - Bluetooth
                                    for the Bluetooth
                                                                                  None                             X           X

                                    Bundles class installers. By using this
                                    component, you can quickly preinstall all
                                    class installer components on your device.
                                    Preinstalling class installers can prevent
                                    problems from occurring when class
Class Installers / Hardware         installers that were not anticipated during
Compatibility                       design time must later be installed.
                                                                                         Yes                   X   X       X   X   X   X

                                    For more information about the associated
                                    services, components, and settings for the
                                    included components, see their individual
                                    reference pages
                                                                                         Specify Console
                                    The core system component that is                    Screen or Buffer
                                    responsible for managing Windows                     Windows
Client / Server Runtime (Console)
                                    processes. This component also provides              Width/height
                                                                                                                   X   X
                                    The user interface for console applications          (columns/lines) and
                                                                                         QuickEdit mode.
Client for Microsoft Networks       Support for a network client                         None                      X
                                    Used to enable a thin client that can print to a
Client Printing                     printer server through a remote procedure            None                      X   X   X
                                    call (RPC) printer connection
                                    Bundles components to create the
                                    infrastructure which is required to enable
Client Printing Support             client printing so that a thin client can print to   Yes                   X   X   X   X
                                    a printer server through a remote procedure
                                    call (RPC) printer connection
                                    Access to NetWare file and print resources
Client Services for NetWare
                                                                                         None                      X       X
                                    Support for kernel streaming on a closed
Closed Caption Decoder
                                    caption decoder device
                                                                                         None                          X
                                    This component supplies tools to support
Cluster Management Support                                                               None
                                    applications that manage clusters
CMD - Windows Command               The Microsoft Windows XP console
Processor                           command interpreter (cmd.exe)
                                                                                         None                          X
                                 The CodePage Application Compatibility
Codepage Application             macro component adds all Codepage               Pick and choose
Compatibility                    components that are in the default install of   codepages
                                                                                                   X               X   X
                                 the dependency database
                                 CodePage components are used for legacy
CodePage: (…)                                                                    None                              X   X
                                 application codepage support
                                 A COM library that makes it easy to create
Collaborative Data Objects       and send e-mail and newsgroup postings. It
Messaging (CDO) API              can also be used to filter incoming messages
                                                                              None                     X       X
                                 to an e-mail or news server

                                 Component Object Model (COM) includes a
                                 programming model and a set of application
COM Base
                                 programming interfaces (APIs), and does not
                                                                             None                              X
                                 include a dedicated user interface

                                 Support for dynamic-link libraries and COM
COM Server Registration
                                                                                 None                          X
                                 The next evolution of Microsoft Component
COM+ Services                    Object Model (COM) and Microsoft                None                          X
                                 Transaction Server (MTS)
                                 A command-line tool that helps diagnose
                                 name resolution problems by creating
Command Line DNS Query Utility
                                 domain name system (DNS) queries and
                                                                                 None                  X   X
                                 displaying the results to the user
                                 This component configures the system to
                                 use the command shell that is supplied by
Command shell                    the cmd.exe file, as the shell application. The cmiShellPath              X
                                 cmd.exe file contains the Microsoft Windows
                                 XP command interpreter
                                  A Properties dialog box for console
Command Window Property Page
                                                                                  None       X
                                  (Side by Side) Version 6 policy component
Common Control Libraries Policy 6
                                  provides common user interface (UI) control     None       X       X   X
Common Control Libraries Policy   (Side by Side) common controls libraries
XPSP2                             policy for Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                                                                  None       X       X   X
Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) Version 5 component provides
5                                  common user interface (UI) controls
                                                                               None          X       X   X

Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) Version 6 component provides
6 []                        common user interface (UI) controls
                                                                               None          X       X   X

Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) Version 6 component provides
6 []                       common user interface (UI) controls
                                                                               None          X       X   X

Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) Version 6 component provides
6 []                        common user interface (UI) controls
                                                                               None          X       X   X

Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) Version 6 component provides
6 [6.0.2800.1515]                  common user interface (UI) controls
                                                                               None          X       X   X
Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) common controls libraries for
XPSP2                              Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                                                                  None       X       X   X
Common Control Libraries Version   (Side by Side) common controls libraries for
XPSP3                              Windows XP Service Pack 3
                                                                                  None       X       X   X
Common File Dialogs                Support for common dialog boxes                None       X           X
                                   Add this component to your run-time image
Common File Dialogs - Extended
                                   when you require common file dialog            None       X           X
                                   functionality in a smaller footprint
Communications cable between       This component supplies the mdmhayes.inf
two computers                      file, a sample INF (information) file
                                                                                  None   X
                                Support for a communications port. This
Communications Port             component supplies the Serenum Filter        None
                                Driver in the serenum.sys file
                                The core architecture needed to expand files
Compression and Expansion Tools on The Windows XP CD drive (expand.exe, None
                                   Computer browsing functionality exposed by
                                   Windows through Microsoft Networking. It
Computer Browser Service           allows a client machine to browse its network None            X
                                   neighborhood for available computers
                                   exposing file and print sharing services
                                    Provides the Computer Name tab which
Computer Name User Interface        appears when you right-click My Computer         None       X
                                    and choose Properties
                                    This component, along with the Connection
                                    Manager Administration Kit and Connection
                                    Point Services, are a family of products
Connection Manager Runtime          which enable a network administrator to          None   X           X
                                    create, distribute, and update preconfigured
                                    dial-up and Virtual Private Network (VPN)
                                    remote access connections
Control Panel Applet for Wireless   Provides links to the Wireless Setup Wizard
Setup Wizard" and "Home             and the Network Setup Wizard in the              None   X   X
Networking Wizard""                 Windows shell
Control Panel Command Line          Command-line support for Control Panel
Support                             applications (control.exe)
                                                                                     None       X
                                    Contains command-line utilities to copy and
Copy and Compare Tools
                                    compare files, directory trees, and disks
                                                                                     None                       X

                                    Manages certificates and catalog files and
Core Certificate Services
                                    verifies signed files
                                                                                     None               X

                                    Provides basic networking capabilities to run-
Core Networking
                                    time images that require networking
                                                                                     None   X
                                    Support for a series of printer drivers. To
                                    Support both Unidrv-based and PostScript-
                                    based drivers with a minimal footprint on
Core Plotter Support                disk, this component is broken up into one       None           X
                                    component for each driver model: the core
                                    Unidrv driver, the core PostScript driver, and
                                    the minidriver files
Core PostScript Support             Core support for Postscript functionality        None           X
                                    Core support for the Universal Printer Driver
Core Unidrv Support                 (Unidrv). Unidrv provides support for non-       None           X
                                    Postscript printers
                                    Allows you to prompt users for credential
Credential Management User          information. For example, you can require
Interface                           data that identifies the user and confidential
                                                                                     None       X       X   X
                                    You use the Credential Roaming component
                                    to enable users to use a single set of
Credential Roaming
                                    certificates and private keys on multiple
                                                                                     None               X   X
                                  The Credential Security Support Provider
                                  (CredSSP) protocol enables an application
                                  to securely delegate a user's credentials
                                  from a client to a target server. For example,
                                  the Microsoft Terminal Server uses the
                                  CredSSP Protocol to securely delegate the
                                                                                 None                X   X
                                  user's password or smart card PIN from the
                                  client to the server to remotely log on the
                                  user and establish a terminal services
                                  Network support for the Core Certificate
                                  Services component. It supports the retrieval
                                  of certificate revocation lists, automatic
Cryptographic Network Services    updates of the trusted ROOT store, and        None     X           X
                                  certificate chains that retrieve certificates
                                  from the network if the required certificates
                                  are not present on your target system
                                  The Cryptographic Service Providers
                                  component provides the following
                                  cryptographic functionality:

                                  Bulk data encryption
                                  Cryptographic hashing, including Media
Cryptographic Service Providers
                                  Access Control (MAC) and Hash Message
                                                                                  None               X
                                  Authentication Code (HMAC)
                                  RSA and DSA digital signatures
                                  RSA key exchange
                                  Diffie-Hellman key exchange
                                  Public/private key storage
                                  Allows previous applications or controls that
                                  are not aware of Text Services Framework to
                                  take advantage of advanced text services
                                                                                  None                       X
                                  free of charge
                                  The Date and Time Control Panel application
Date/Time Control Panel           and supporting online Help documentation        None           X
Desktop Wallpaper                 Bitmap files for wallpaper schemes              None       X   X
                                  The Windows Device Manager application
Device Manager
                                  and related online Help files (devmgmt.msc)
                                                                                  None           X
                                 Provides the Device Update Agent (DUA)
                                 service. DUA is launched automatically at     Refer to DUA
Device Update Agent              boot time and allows system administrators    documentation for         X                   X
                                 and users to perform a number of remote       details.
                                 maintenance and administration tasks
                                                                               Specify Screen
                                                                               resolution, Color
Device: Display                  Display adapter.
                                                                               quality and Screen
                                                                                                             X   X
                                                                               refresh rate

                                 Registers and updates Internet Protocol (IP)
DHCP Client Service              addresses and Domain Name System (DNS) None                             X
                                 records for your target system

Dialer Application               Support for the AV Dialer Application         None                      X
                                 Provides the infrastructure necessary to
Dial-up Client for Windows       implement a Remote Access Service (RAS)       None                      X

                                 This component includes common resources
Dial-Up Networking Common
                                 that are used by the Remote Access Service None                         X               X
                                 (RAS) client and the RAS Server

                                 Provides the infrastructure necessary to
                                 implement a limited Remote Access Server
                                 (RAS) on this computer. The Remote Access
Dial-up Server for Windows       Server can accept a single dial-up or virtual None                      X
                                 private network (VPN) connection from a
                                 remote client computer to the private network
                                 to which this computer is connected
Digest Authentication Security   Implements the digest authentication
Package                          protocol in conformance with RFC 2617
                                                                               None                      X           X   X
                                 Bundles the components that are required to   Pick and choose
Digital Set Top Box
                                 create a digital set-top box                  optional components
Digital Still Camera             Uses USB Scanner Driver                       None
Digital TV                       Support for digital TV                        None                          X
                                 Bundles components that make it possible
Digital TV Support               for applications to receive and display digital   Yes    X       X   X
                                 Bundles components that support digital
Digital Video Recording
                                 video recording on a device.
                                                                                   Yes    X
Direct Parallel                  DirectX parallel port support                     None           X       X
                                 The infrastructure to use two-dimensional
                                 and three-dimensional graphics.
                                                                                   None           X       X
                                 The DirectDraw application and supporting
                                 registry information
                                                                                   None           X       X
                                 Contains a dynamic-link library (DLL), called
                                 Ddrawex.dll, which insulates the application
DirectDrawEx                     caller from version differences between the       None           X       X
                                 DLL and the installed version of Microsoft
                                 Allows applications to interact with physical
                                 input devices such as joysticks, game pads,
DirectInput                      and racing wheels. This component Allows      None               X       X
                                 applications to render force-feedback effects
                                 on devices that support them (joy.cpl)
                                 Provides core functionality for applications
DirectMusic Core                 using DirectMusic, including loading data and None               X       X
                                 managing the synthesizer
                                 Supports applications using DirectMusic
                                 performance features, including
DirectMusic Performance          management of instruments and WAV             None               X       X
                                 sounds, playing sounds, and sending
                                 Supports DirectMusic scripts, which may be
DirectMusic Scripting
                                 loaded separately or be embedded in content
                                                                             None                 X       X

                                 Supports style-based DirectMusic segments
DirectMusic Style
                                 used for variable and interactive music
                                                                                   None           X       X

Directory Service Common User    User interface (UI) extensions for integrating
Interface                        directory service with Windows Explorer
                                                                                   None       X       X   X
                                 User interface (UI) extensions to expose
Directory Service Find Utility
                                 DSQuery through Windows Explorer
                                                                                   None               X   X
                                 Provides a networking API that can enable
DirectPlay                       any application to operate over both a peer-      None       X   X       X
                                 to-peer and client/server topology
                                 Provides the ASF Writer and ASF Reader
                                 filters that are required by DirectShow
DirectShow ASF/DMO
                                 applications that read or write Windows
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 Media audio or video content
                                 Captures audio and video from live sources
DirectShow Capture               such as camcorders, Web cameras, and TV           None                X   X
                                 tuner cards
                                 Base filter graph and device enumeration
                                 support for all DirectShow applications. This
DirectShow Core
                                 component also provides most DirectShow
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 The video editing and transition effects
DirectShow Dexter
                                 component of DirectShow editing services
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 Compression and decompression of digital
DirectShow Digital Video
                                 video (DV) audio and video streams
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 DirectShow functionality that is required for     cmiDVDDriveSpinDo
DirectShow DVD
                                 DVD applications                                  wn
                                                                                                       X   X
DirectShow Indeo3                Provides the Indeo3 codec                         None                X   X
DirectShow Indeo4                Provides the Indeo4 codec                         None                X   X
DirectShow Indeo5                Provides the Indeo5 codec                         None                X   X
DirectShow Indeo5Audio           Provides the Indeo5Audio codec           None                         X   X
                                 Obsolete components that are not usually
DirectShow Legacy                required by Windows XP Embedded, but are None                         X   X
                                 included in Windows XP
                                 Enables legacy MCI applications to use
DirectShow MCI
                                 DirectShow for file playback
                                                                          None                         X   X
                                 Support for the few DirectShow applications
DirectShow MMStream              that use the Multimedia Streaming                 None                X   X
                                 application programming interfaces (APIs)
                                 Parses MPEG-2 program and transport
DirectShow MPEG2
                                 streams (not required for DVD)
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 Enables video for Windows capture
DirectShow Video For Windows /
                                 applications to use Windows Driver Model          None                X   X
                                 (WDM) capture devices
                                 Provides the Virtual Device Driver (VxD) for
                                 DirectSound mixing. It supports the
DirectSound                      DirectSound API, which Provides low-latency       None                X   X
                                 mixing, hardware acceleration, and direct
                                 access to the sound devices
                                 Supports hardware accelerated three-
                                 dimensional mixing DirectSound APIs
                                                                                   None                X   X
                                 Includes the Dxvb.dll file, which provides run-
DirectVB                         time support so that Visual Basic                 None                X   X
                                 programmers can access the DirectX APIs
                               Bundles the DirectX components that are
                               located in the Software\System\Multimedia & Pick and choose
DirectX 9.0c
                               Graphics\Infrastructure\DirectX directory of optional components
                                                                                                  X   X   X
                               the component browser
                               Gives information about the DirectX API
                               components and drivers on your target
                               system. Using this component, you can test
                               sound and graphics output and Microsoft
                               DirectPlay service providers, disable some
DirectX Diagnostic Utility
                               hardware acceleration features, use the
                                                                                None                  X
                               diagnostic tool to gather information during a
                               support call, and save the information
                               gathered by the diagnostic tool and paste it
                               into an e-mail message
DirectX Registry Info          Provides registry information for DirectX        None                  X
                               Analyzes local FAT volumes and
                               consolidates fragmented files and folders so
Disk Defragmenter for FAT
                               that each occupies a single, contiguous
                                                                                None                          X
                               space on the volume
                               Analyzes local NTFS volumes and
                               consolidates fragmented files and folders so
Disk Defragmenter for NTFS
                               that each occupies a single, contiguous
                                                                                None                          X
                               space on the volume
                               Contains the Diskdump.sys file, which is a
                               driver file used by the storage port drivers.
                               This component moves system memory to
                               disk following a system crash or error in
                               which a blue screen appears. It also writes
                               memory to disk during hibernation.
Disk Dump Drivers                                                               None                          X   X
                               If this component is not included, you cannot
                               write a crashdump file or place the system
                               into hibernation mode, for SCSI or SATA
                               storage devices.

                               Run-time support for partitions that reside on
                               basic disks. The partitions are exposed to
                               the system as volumes that can be accessed
Disk Management Basic Volume   using drive letters or mount points. The
Runtime                        volumes can then be formatted with a file
                                                                              None                            X
                               system. The component implements the I/O
                               path and volume specific commands for
                               basic partitions
Disk Management Command Line          A command-line utility for managing disks
Utility                               and volumes (diskpart.exe)
                                                                                       None                   X
                                      Provides run-time support for dynamic disks
                                      and volumes. This component exposes the
                                      dynamic volumes to the system so that they
Disk Management Dynamic               can be accessed using drive letters or mount
Volume Runtime                        points. The volumes can then be formatted
                                                                                   None                       X
                                      with a file system. The component
                                      implements the I/O path and volume specific
                                      commands for dynamic volumes
                                      A graphical user interface (GUI) for
Disk Management MMC Snap-In           managing disks and volumes                       None           X       X

                                      Support for disk and volume management
                                      operations. The component implements a
                                      Component Object Model (COM) interface
                                      that can be used to query and configure
Disk Management Services
                                      disks and volumes, both basic and dynamic.
                                                                                       None               X   X
                                      The component also monitors disk arrivals
                                      and removals and other changes in the
                                      storage subsystem

                                      Exposes performance metrics for physical
Disk Performance Counters
                                      and logical disks connected to your system
                                                                                       None                   X
                                    Interface to expose disk quota information
Disk Quota User Interface
                                    through WMI
                                                                                       None                   X   X
Display Control Panel               Support for the Display Control Panel              None       X   X
                                    Handles the Distributed File System (DFS)
Distributed File System Shell
                                    property page that is displayed in Windows         None   X       X
                                    A distributed transaction facility for Microsoft
                                    Windows systems, which uses transaction
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
                                    processing technology. MSDTC exploits              None   X
                                    loosely coupled systems to provide scalable
DNS Cache Support                   dnsrslvr.dll                                       None
                                                                                    You can enable or
                                                                                    disable each of the
                                  Bundles components which make it possible
Domain Participation              for an embedded device to participate in
                                                                                    Computer Name
                                                                                                          X   X           X
                                  Windows domain security
                                                                                    User Interface,
                                                                                    Windows Logon, and
                               Core architecture that is required to run 16-
                               bit applications on Microsoft Windows NT
                               (append.exe,, debug.exe,
                               dosx.exe, drwatson.exe,, edlin.exe,
                               exe2bin.exe, fastopen.exe, forcedos.exe,
Dos Windows on Windows Support gdi.exe,,,           None                                                        X
                     ,, mem.exe,
                               mscdexnt.exe, nlsfunc.exe, ntvdm.exe,
                               redir.exe, setver.exe, share.exe, sysedit.exe,
                               user.exe,, winhelp.exe,
                               winspool.exe, wowdeb.exe, wowexec.exe)
                                  A common redistributable binary file that
Down-level Shell Compat
                                  some applications use
                                                                                    None                              X                   X
                                  Provides the Dr. Watson Debugger
                                  application. Dr. Watson detects and logs
                                  errors that occur in Windows-based
Dr. Watson Debugger
                                  applications or in the Windows operating
                                                                                    None                              X
                                  system. Errors that are detected are logged
                                  in the user.dmp file
                                  Allows an administrator to enumerate and
Driver Query                      display the list of installed device drivers as   None
                                  well as their properties
                                  Allows you to set the system driver signing
Driver Signing User Interface
                                                                                    None                              X   X
                                  Bundles the components that are required to
DVD Playback
                                  support DVD playback on a device
                                                                                    Yes                   X       X               X
                                  Support for the El Torito bootable CD-ROM
El Torito CD
                                                                                    None                                          X           X
                                  Bundles the support components required to
El Torito CD Support
                                  create a bootable CD-ROM
                                                                                    Yes                   X                       X           X
                                  Windows NT embedded support dynamic-
Embedded Trust
                                  link library (DLL)
                                                                                    None                                  X   X
                                  Contains all MUI resources for the English
English MUI Resource
                                                                                    None                                              X
                                     An upper filter in the storage device driver       Refer to EWF
Enhanced Write Filter                stack that redirects disk write operations to      documentation for                        X   X
                                     volatile (RAM) or non-volatile (disk) storage      details.

Enhanced Write Filter API (EWF       The EWF API exposes a set of functions that
API)                                 allow an application to interact with EWF
                                                                                 None                                        X   X   X
                                     developed to provide a “plug-n-play” type
                                     functionality for devices, when plugged into
                                     an enterprise environment. Typical devices
Enterprise Features
                                     could be, but certainly not limited to, Thin
                                                                                        Yes                  X   X
                                     Clients, Point of Sale, Kiosks, Multi Function
                                     Printers and more
                                     Used to report kernel faults, program errors
                                     or crashes, system hang-ups, and unplanned         Enable Error
                                     system shutdowns. The data is collected by         Reporting, Enable
Error Reporting
                                     Microsoft to track and resolve these issues,       notification when
                                     and to provide solutions for these issues to       errors occur, etc.
                                     A dynamic-link library (DLL) that runs as part
                                     of Services.exe. This component stores and
Event Log
                                     retrieves events that can be viewed in the
                                                                                        None                                 X
                                     event viewer
                                     Provides a bridge between Event Tracing
Event Trace Provider                 sessions and the Windows Management                None                                             X
                                     Instrumentation (WMI) interface
                                     Ewfmgr.exe is a console application that
EWF Manager Console application      provides a command-line interface for              None                                         X
                                     managing EWF
                                     A modified version of NT Loader that is
                                     written for the EWF overlay mapping
                                     structures and that can access the most
                                                                                        None                                     X   X
                                     recent snapshot of the disk
                                     The primary shell application and libraries for
Explorer Application
                                     Windows Explorer (explorer.exe)
                                                                                        None                             X   X
                                     This component configures the operating
Explorer shell                       system to use the Explorer.exe application         cmiShellPath                 X   X
                                     as the shell application
                                     an infrastructure for network access clients
                                     and authentication servers to host plug-in
Extensible Authentication Protocol
                                     modules for current and future authentication
                                     methods and technologies
                                     Support for the File Allocation Table (FAT)
                                     file system. This component includes the
                                     fastfat.sys file, which contains the file system
                                                                                        None                                     X
                                     driver for FAT
                                     Command-line utilities to format, check, and
FAT Format
                                     label FAT disks
                                                                                     None               X
                                     Support for the File Allocation Table (FAT)
FAT Format/Tools                     file system. This component includes tools to None                 X
                                     use to format and manage FAT volumes
                                     Supports conversion of the file system from
FAT to NTFS Conversion               a file allocation table (FAT) to an NTFS file   None               X
                                     Files that are common to both the file
FAT/NTFS Common Format/Tools         allocation table (FAT) and NTFS file system
Files                                format tools such as chkdsk, chkntfs, label,
                                                                                     None               X
                                     format, recover.
                                     Allows you to send, receive, and manage
Fax                                  faxes and access archived faxes using a         None   X   X
                                     local fax device attached to your computer
FBA: Crypto                          First Boot Agent cryptographics support         None           X
FBA: Driver Signing                  First Boot Agent driver signing support         None           X
FBA: Net Common                      First Boot Agent shared resources               None   X
FBA: Optional Components             First Boot Agent optional components            None
FBA: PnP                             First Boot Agent user mode Plug and Play        None
                                     First Boot Agent Security Configuration
                                     Engine (SCE) support
                                                                                     None           X
FBA: SysSetup                        First Boot Agent system setup (SID) support     None
                                     Redirects all write requests directed at
                                     protected volumes to the overlay cache,
File Based Write Filter              which records and displays the changes          Yes            X   X   X
                                     while preserving the protected status of the
                                     target volume
                                     Allows users to store files so that users of
File Server for Macintosh
Management Interface
                                     both x86-based and Macintosh computers          None   X       X
                                     can access them
                                     The server side of The Microsoft File and
                                     Print Services solution. It allows Windows to
File Sharing                         provide file and print services to other        None   X   X   X   X
                                     machines through The Server Message
                                     Block (SMB) protocol
                                     Supplies the fs_rec.sys driver, which is the
File system recognizer
                                     file system recognizer
                                                                                     None               X
                                     A graphical user interface (GUI) tool
                                     targeting consumers who perform machine-
Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
                                     to-machine migration of users' files and
                                                                                     None               X
                                     specified settings
                                    Manages file system filters that are written to
Filter Manager
                                    the Filter Manager API set
                                                                                      None                   X
First Boot Agent (FBA)              Core functionality for First Boot Agent.          None
                                    Is the main client-side agent for processing
Folder Redirection Group Policy     Folder Redirection Group Policy
Extension                           configurations in a Windows Active Directory
                                                                                      None           X       X
                                    The main Microsoft Management Console
                                    (MMC) add-in functionality to configure and
Folder Redirection Group Policy
MMC Snap-In
                                    edit Folder Redirection Group Policy              None           X       X
                                    configurations in a Windows Active Directory
                                    Support for Explorer to display folders by
Folder Web View
                                    using the Web view
                                                                                      None       X   X       X
Font Object Embedding Library       Support for the font object embedding library None       X           X
                                    Pick and choose the font(s) required by your
Fonts: (…)                                                                            None   X                   X
                                    Provides the Format Manager for the
Format Common User Interface
                                    Installable File System in the fmifs.dll file
                                                                                      None       X           X
Friendly Logon User Interface       User-friendly logon                               None       X
                                    Supports full-screen graphics mode. This
                                    component makes it possible for East Asian
Full Screen Graphics Mode
                                    versions of Windows to display extended
                                                                                      None   X   X               X
                                    characters on the screen
                                     This driver provides full-screen video support
Full screen video driver for console for a console. This component also includes None        X   X
                                     the fsvga.inf and machine.inf files

Games                               Games that are included in Windows.               None       X
                                    GDI+ policy manifest for Windows XP
GDI+ Policy XPSP1
                                    Service Pack 1
                                                                                      None   X                       X
                                    GDI+ policy manifest for Windows XP
GDI+ Policy XPSP2
                                    Service Pack 2
                                                                                      None   X                       X
                                   This component provides information to
                                   applications that use GDI+ so they can
GDI+ Side By Side Manifest
                                   identify the proper side-by-side (assembly)
                                                                                      None   X                       X
                                   version of the GDI+ component to use
                                    Advanced graphics display interface (GDI)
GDI+ XP                             component of the Windows operating system None           X                       X
                                    for Windows XP
                                    Advanced graphics device interface
GDI+ XPSP1                          component of the Windows operating system None           X                       X
                                    for Windows XP Service Pack 1
                                    Advanced graphics device interface
GDI+ XPSP2                          component of the Windows operating system         None                      X               X
                                    for Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                    Provides support for generic text-only printer
Generic / Text Only
                                                                                      None                          X
                                    Bundles the components that are used to
Generic Bluetooth Device            support all supported Bluetooth devices,
Support                             including mouse devices, keyboards,
                                                                                      Yes               X   X       X
                                    modems, printers, and network adapters
                                    Provides classes of device drivers, including
                                    drivers that support the keyboard, printer,
                                                                                      Pick and choose
                                    and modem device classes. By using this
Generic Device Driver Support                                                         desired driver
                                    component, you can quickly add driver
                                    support for specific device classes to your
                                    run-time image
                                    A network component that consolidates
                                    packet classification functionality from other
                                    network components into a central facility. It
                                    classifies packets for other network drivers
                                    based on specifications established by those
Generic Packet Classifier
                                    drivers. While this component prevents
                                                                                   None                     X
                                    unrelated drivers from interfering with these
                                    classifications, it also provides a semi-
                                    structured communication channel enabling
                                    drivers to share packet-related information
                                    Bundles the components that are required to
Generic USB Input Device
                                    provide generic USB input device support for Yes                    X
                                    mouse devices and keyboards
                                    Provides core support files for the group
Group Policy Core - Support Files   policy core.                                 None                                   X
                                    The core group policy MMC snap-in for
Group Policy Core Administration
MMC Snap-In
                                    administering group policy settings               None                              X
                                    (gpedit.msc, rsop.msc)
                                    Refreshes Group Policies Settings
Group Policy Refresh Utility
                                                                                      None                              X
                                    Contains the library that supports GUI
                                    access to utilities to format, check, and label
                                    file allocation table (FAT) and NTFS file
GUI Based Format Common
                                    system disks. This component will                 None                                  X
                                    automatically be included through other top-
                                    level components, and should not be
                                    selected independently
                                   Installs the headless VGA driver, Tsddd.dll.
Headless VGA Driver                This driver is required for Terminal Server      None                         X
                                   and other headless configurations
                                   Provides access to the Microsoft Help and
                                   Support Center, which is a comprehensive
Help and Support Services          source for procedures, tutorials, and            None                         X       X
                                   overviews to help users learn and use
                                   Microsoft Windows XP
                                   A Telephony API (TAPI) Telephony Service
                                   Provider (TSP) that enables the use of
HID Phone Telephony Service
                                   human interface devices (HIDs), such as a        None                                 X       X
                                   phone handset device that is connected
                                   through a universal serial bus
                                   Bundles the components that are required to      Pick and choose
Home Gateway
                                   create a simple gateway device                   optional components
                                   This is a Netshell helper dynamic-link library
                                   (DLL), that implements the bridge context.
                                   This component allows the user to view and
Home Networking Monitory Library   set various flags for the bridge on each         None                         X           X   X
                                   network adapter. Because of the nature of
                                   the bridge, these flags can be set only by
                                   using this component
                                   This component includes common Help files
HTML Help (Shared files)           that are required by Help content in Windows     None                                 X
                                                                                    Choose whether to
                                   Support for Microsoft HTML Help. This            include art and
HTML Help Engine                   component includes common Help files that        shared help files that               X
                                   are required by Help content in Windows XP       XP help content
                                                                                    (*.CHM) require
                                   The core rendering engine architecture
HTML Rendering Engine              needed for Microsoft Internet Explorer to        None                                 X
ICM Core                           Support for Image Color Management (ICM). None                                    X
                                   User interface dialog boxes that enable
ICM User Interface                 International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles None                                X
                                   to interact with specific devices
                                   Provides common dynamic-link libraries to
IIS Common Libraries
                                   Internet Information Server (IIS)
                                                                                 None                            X           X   X
                        The dynamic-link libraries that supply the
IIS Core Libraries      core functionality of Internet Information     None                    X           X   X
                        Server (IIS)

                        Online documentation for Internet
IIS Documentation
                        Information Services (IIS)
                                                                       None                    X           X
                        Copies files to and from remote computer
IIS FTP Server
                        systems on a network using TCP/IP
                                                                       None                    X           X
                        The Internet Service Manager for Internet
IIS Internet Manager
                        Information Server (IIS) (iis.msc)
                                                                       None                    X       X   X
IIS Web Server          Allows you to create and manage Web sites      None                    X           X
                        Image files that are used by the shell
Images and Media
                        component of the Windows operating system
                                                                  None                             X   X
                        Provides the necessary framework for an
                        application to stage and burn a simple audio
                        or data image to CD-ROM and CD-RW

                        This component supports the following
IMAPI - CD Burning      formats: Redbook audio and data discs with     None                                        X
                        both Joliet and ISO 9660. The architecture
                        also allows for future expansion of the
                        supported format set.

                        This component is capable of creating multi-
                        session data discs
                        A prototype component that provides support
                        for input method editors (IMEs). This
IME Prototype
                        component contains resource settings that
                                                                     None                                              X
                        are common to all IMEs
                        Provides the Windows Indexing Service
Indexing Service        which offers faster search capabilities      None
                        Bundles the components that are required to Pick and choose
Information Appliance
                        create a simple information appliance device optional components

Infrared HID Device     Microsoft Infrared HID Driver                  None
Infrared Support        Support for infrared devices                   None
                                  The International Control Panel application
International Control Panel
                                                                                   None                           X
Internet Authentication Service
                                  Contains the Microsoft Management Console
(IAS) and Remote Access                                                     None
                                  (MMC) remote access snap-in
Common Files
Internet Authentication Service
(IAS) Net Shell Context
                                  Provides the AAAA Monitor DLL                    None                               X
                                  Contains the configuration API for IAS. The
Internet Authentication Service
                                  Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
(IAS) Server Data Objects (SDO)
                                  (RADIUS) protocol is found in a separate
                                                                                   None                                   X
and RAP Engine
                                  The Internet Backgammon game client
Internet Backgammon               portion of the Internet Games Core               None                           X
                                  The Internet Checkers game client portion of
Internet Checkers                                                                  None
                                  the Internet Games Core component
                                  Lets you configure an Internet connection on
Internet Connection Wizard
                                  a network or dial-up device
                                                                                   None                       X   X
                                                                                   Title Bar Text, Home
                                  The Internet Explorer Web browser that
                                                                                   Page URL, Search
                                  allows customers to connect to the Internet
Internet Explorer
                                  or to an intranet (see properties via
                                                                                   Page URL, Online           X   X       X
                                                                                   Support URL, Proxy
                                                                                   Server URL, etc.
Internet Explorer (Additional     for animation and offline browsing support of
Support)                          Internet Explorer
                                                                                   None                       X
Internet Explorer (Add-On Crash   Reports IE problems to user and to
Detection)                        Microsoft. See Q276550 for more info.
                                                                                   None                       X
                                  A macro component that bundles all
                                                                                   Select optional
Internet Explorer Full Features   components that are required to install all
                                                                                                          X   X   X       X
                                  features of Internet Explorer 7 on a device
                                  Enables administrators of corporate
Internet Explorer Group Policy
                                  environments to standardize Internet             None                       X
                                  Explorer installations
Internet Explorer Help Files      Online Help for Internet Explorer users          None                       X
                                                                                   Pick and choose
                                  Bundles certain components that provide
                                                                                   various technologies
Internet Explorer Technologies    basic Web-related technologies. This macro
                                                                                   associated with
                                                                                                          X   X
                                  offers configurability via its custom settings
                                                                                   Internet Explorer
                                  The core component for Internet games
Internet Games Core                                                                None
                                    Allows client computers on a local area
Internet Gateway Discovery and      network (LAN) to access the Internet through
Control Client                      one shared Internet connection on an edge
                                                                                 None          X
                                    computer, which functions as the host
                                    Enables home and small-office users to
Internet Gateway Discovery and
Control Server
                                    control and collect status information from a   None       X
                                    Connection Sharing server
                                    The Internet Hearts game client portion of
Internet Hearts                                                                     None
                                    the Internet Games Core component
                                    Bundles the IIS components that are found in
                                    the Software\System\Networking &
                                    Communications\Infrastructure directory in
Internet Information Services       the component browser. By default, this
Technologies (IIS)                  macro component will add only the IIS Web
                                                                                 Yes       X   X   X
                                    Server component to your configuration. To
                                    include other components, enable them in
                                    the Settings page for this macro component
                                    (NAT support) a kernel-mode driver that
                                    modifies and filters Internet Protocol (IP)
                                    packets. This component is required to use
Internet Protocol Network Address   Internet Connection Sharing, Windows
Translation                         Firewall, Microsoft Routing and Remote
                                                                                    None       X
                                    Access Service (RRAS), and Microsoft
                                    Internet Security and Acceleration Server
                                    (ISA) 2000
                                    The Internet Reversi game client portion of
Internet Reversi
                                    the Internet Games Core component
                                                                                    None       X
                                    The Internet Spades game client portion of
Internet Spades
                                    the Internet Games Core component
                                                                                    None       X
                                    The IPConf MSP (media service provider)
                                    that is contained in the confmsp.dll file
IP Conference Telephony Service     combines with the IPConf TSP (telephony
Provider                            service provider) that is contained in the
                                                                                    None       X
                                    ipconf.tsp file to provide conferencing
                                    capabilities to IP-based networks
                                    Implements the IP sub-context within the
                                    routing context. It supports configuring IP
                                    filters, persistent routes, logging level,
IP Router Monitor Library
                                    preference for routing protocols, net
                                                                                    None       X       X
                                    management routes, multicast scopes, and
                                    enabling and disabling of interfaces
                                    This component provides IP Security (IPsec)
IP Security Services
                                    services for all IP traffic
                                                                                    None       X
                                       Provides IPsec policy management and
IP Security Tools and User Interface
                                       diagnostic capabilities
                                                                                     None        X       X   X

                                       represents a suite of protocols designed to
                                       interoperate with Novell NetWare's
                                       Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)
Ipx / Spx Transport Stack
                                       standard. Because these protocols are
                                                                                      None       X           X
                                       broadcast-based, installing them will
                                       increase the broadcast traffic on your network
                                  Contains a handwriting recognition engine
Japanese Handwriting Recognizer   that is used to recognize hand-drawn               None                        X
                                  Japanese characters
                                  A workstation-based database storage
Jet Database Engine
                                                                                     None                    X
                                  Bundles components to enable the kernel-
Kernel Audio Support              mode processing of real-time streaming             Yes     X       X
                                  Supports the Microsoft Kernel Mode
                                  Cryptographic Module, FIPS Crypto Driver
                                  (Fips.sys), a general-purpose, software-
Kernel Mode Crypto Driver for RSA
                                  based cryptographic module residing at the
                                                                                     None                    X
                                  kernel-mode level of the Windows operating
Kernel Streaming User Mode        Support for user-mode kernel-streaming
Support                           operations
                                                                                     None            X
                                  Credential storage and management
Key Manager
                                                                                     None                    X
                                  The Keyboard and Mouse Control Panel,
Keyboard & Mouse Control Panel    applications, and supporting online Help           None            X   X
                                  documentation (main.cpl)
                                  Choose the keyboard components desired
Keyboard: (…)                     that correspond to international keyboard          None            X   X
                                  layout(s) you intend to support.
                                  Bundles the components that are required to
Kiosk/Gaming Console
                                  create a kiosk or gaming console device
                                                                                     Yes     X
                                       Includes the Korean handwriting recognition
                                       engine, which is used to recognize hand-
Korean Handwriting Recognizer          drawn Korean characters. This engine can      None                X       X
                                       recognize alphanumeric characters, Jamo,
                                       Hangul syllables, and Hanja characters
                                    A prototype component for all NLS and MUI
                                    prototype components. All NLS and MUI
Language Infrastructure Prototype   prototype components inherit from this            None                                   X
                                    prototype component. Language support
                                    components do not inherit this component

                                    A prototype component for all other language
                                    support components. All language support
                                    components inherit from this prototype
                                    component. This component contains
Language Support Prototype
                                    DHTML script to customize each language
                                                                                 None                                        X
                                    support component, in addition to component
                                    script to construct the configuration user
                                    Pick and choose the component(s) that
Language: (…)                       correspond to the languages that your image None                                         X
                                    Bundles the components that are required to
Legacy and Plug and Play Audio      recognize Plug and Play sound hardware
Support                             and to utilize it to process real-time
                                                                                Yes                          X
                                    streaming audio in kernel mode
Legacy COM Support Library (16      Provides 16-bit legacy support for the
Bit)                                Component Object Model (COM).
                                                                                None                                 X           X
                                    Contains MS-DOS-based command-line
                                    utilities that display and set the active code
Legacy DOS Utilities
                                    page, configure system devices, print text
                                                                                      None                               X
                                    files, and associate a path with a drive letter

Legacy Registration Wizard          The application registration wizard               None                       X
Legacy Shell Application Support    Menu support files for often-used applications None                          X
                                    Support for binary files that some
Legacy Support
                                    applications use
                                                                                      None                       X
                                    LDAP is a directory service protocol that is
                                    used for connecting to, searching, and
                                    modifying Internet directories. The LDAP
                                                                                      Specify Default LDAP
Lightweight Directory Access        Client component simplifies writing directory
                                                                                      Connection Signing
Protocol (LDAP) client              service applications. This component
                                    supports the LDAP versions 2 and 3
                                   Contains a network bridge driver that
                                   transparently connects two or more network
                                   segments so that hosts on those segments
                                   identify the resulting internetwork as one
Local Network Bridge
                                   network segment. This helps set up small
                                                                                     None       X               X
                                   multisegment networks where easy
                                   configuration is more important than
                                   Supports printing over locally attached
                                   printers and printing without a server. This
Local Printing                     component includes the core spooler and           None                   X
                                   router as well as the local spooler print
                                   Bundles components to enable printing to a
Local Printing Support
                                   locally attached printer.
                                                                                     Yes    X               X
                                   A registry hive and a set of folders stored in
                                   the file system. The user profile registry hive
Local Profile Core                 is called Ntuser.dat, and is mapped to the        None
                                   HKEY_CURRENT_USER portion of the
                                   registry when the user logs on
Local Security Authority Subsystem LSASS manages local system policy, user
(LSASS)                            authentication, and auditing
                                                                                     None                       X
Logical Disk Manager Configuration
                                   The configuration engine for dynamic disks        None                           X   X
                                   A display utility that renders the screen more
                                   readable for users with low vision
                                                                                     None               X
Map Network Drives/Network         Provides the Map Network Drivers/Network
Places Wizard                      Places Wizard
                                                                                     None       X       X
Mapi32 Libraries                   The infrastructure for e-mail support             None       X                   X
                                   Supports Media Control Interface (MCI),
                                   which provides applications with device-
MCI Support
                                   independent capabilities for controlling audio
                                                                                     None           X
                                   and video peripherals
                                   Contains media files used in system sounds
Media Files
                                   and schemes
                                                                                     None           X
                                   Implements the functions that are required
                                   by all medium changer drivers, which
                                   includes saving the changer minidriver entry
Medium Changer Class Driver
                                   points, creating a device object for the
                                                                                     None                           X   X
                                   changer device, and handling Plug and Play
                                                                            Options to disable
                                                                            MessageBox popup,
                               Provides an easy way to intercept any        specify Severity log
Message Box Default Reply
                               MessageBox calls and provide a default reply level, Log message
                                                                            information to event

                               Message Queuing is a messaging
                               infrastructure and a development tool for
Message Queuing (MSMQ)
                               creating distributed messaging applications      None               X   X
                               for Microsoft Windows operating systems

                               Message Queuing provides COM
                               components that support queue lookup,
                               queue management, message management,
Message Queuing (MSMQ) COM     queue administration, and transaction
Library                        support. As a group, these components
                                                                             None                  X   X   X
                               provide most of the same functionality as the
                               Message Queuing application programming
                               interface (API) functions

                               Message Queuing is a messaging
                               infrastructure and a development tool for
                               creating distributed messaging applications
                               for Microsoft Windows operating systems; it
Message Queuing (MSMQ) Core
                               provides guaranteed message delivery,
                                                                                None               X   X   X
                               efficient routing, increased security, support
                               for sending messages within transactions,
                               and priority-based messaging

                            Provides Distributed Component Object
Message Queuing (MSMQ) DCOM
                            Model (DCOM) support to access Message              None               X   X
                            Queuing objects located on a computer
Message Queuing (MSMQ) for     Allows users to connect to Active Directory
Active Directory Environment   servers.
                                                                           None                    X   X
                               Includes the online help files for Message
Message Queuing (MSMQ) Help
                                                                           None                    X
                               Includes SOAP Reliable Messaging Protocol
                               (SRMP) support. SRMP, a messaging
Message Queuing (MSMQ) HTTP    protocol based on Extensible Markup
Support                        Language (XML), has been developed for
                                                                           None                    X   X
                               delivering messages with high quality of
                               service (QoS)
Message Queuing (MSMQ)               Defines the Message Queuing performance
Performance Diagnostics              counters
                                                                                     None   X       X
                               Allows you to associate the arrival of each
                               incoming message at a queue with a
Message Queuing (MSMQ) Trigger response that depends on the contents of
Service                        the message and may invoke either a
                                                                           None             X       X
                               Component Object Model (COM) component
                               or a stand-alone executable program
                                     Offers command line NET SEND capability.
                                     Transmits NET SEND and Alerter Service
Messenger Service (Net Send)         messages between clients and servers. This      None   X       X
                                     component is not related to Windows
                                     Driver used by microprocessor chip
Microcode Update Device              manufacturer to upgrade the                     None
                                     microprocessor's microcode
                                     This component supplies the Windows Audio
                                     Service in the audiosrv.dll file. The Windows
                                     Audio Service manages audio devices for
Microsoft Audio Compression          Windows-based applications. This
Manager (MME Core)                   component also includes the Microsoft Audio
                                                                                     None       X       X
                                     Compression Manager in the msacm32.drv
                                     file, and several supporting dynamic-link
                                     This component includes ActiveX Data
Microsoft Data Access                Objects, an OLE database, and Open
Components (MDAC)                    Database Connectivity (ODBC)
                                                                                     None           X   X
Microsoft Ethernet PVC               Ethernet Permanent Virtual Circuit              None   X
                                     Provides the Microsoft RSS Feeds feature
Microsoft Feeds Manager
                                     for Internet Explorer
                                                                                     None   X
Microsoft Foundation Class Library   The released MFC40.dll to support legacy
(Legacy)                             Microsoft Foundation Class applications
                                                                                     None               X
Microsoft Foundation Class Library   The released MFC42.dll to support MFC
(MFC)                                applications
                                                                                     None               X
                                     Contains an Input Method Editor (IME)
                                     dictionary that is used by the Microsoft
Microsoft Japanese IME Character
Code Dictionary
                                     Japanese IME Core component to convert          None                   X
                                     character code strings into the corresponding
                                     Supports a Japanese Input Method Editor
Microsoft Japanese IME Core          (IME) that allows users to input Japanese       None                   X
                                     language texts
                                   Extends the Microsoft Japanese IME Core
Microsoft Japanese IME Speech      component to allow users to input Japanese
Recognition Program                language texts by speech through a
                                                                                    None                   X
                                   Includes the Korean Input Method Editor
                                   (IME) and Korean keyboard text input
Microsoft Korean IME Core          processor (TIP) for the Text Services            None                   X
                                   Framework, which allows users to input
                                   Korean text using the keyboard
Microsoft Korean IME Handwriting   Enables Korean handwriting using the
Program                            Korean Input Method Editor (IME)
                                                                                    None                   X
                                   Provides the Microsoft Loopback Network
Microsoft Loopback Adapter         driver, contained in the loop.sys file. This     None       X
                                   component also provides the netloop.inf file
                                   A framework for administering Microsoft
                                   Windows-based environments. MMC
Microsoft Management Console
                                   provides a simple, consistent, and integrated    None           X
                                   administration user interface and
                                   administration model (mmc.exe)
                                   Contains a set of Microsoft Simplified
Microsoft Simplified Chinese IME   Chinese Input Method Editors (IMEs) that
Core                               are based on the IMM32 Application
                                                                                    None               X   X
                                   Programming Interface (API)
                                   Provides an approach for users to input
Microsoft Simplified Chinese IME
Stroke Search Program
                                   Chinese characters whose pronunciations          None                   X
                                   are unknown
                                   Based on IMM32 APIs. It provides basic
Microsoft Simplified Chinese
Legacy IMEs
                                   methods for users to input Chinese               None               X   X
                                   Adds Windows Embedded Standard feature
Microsoft SQL Express 2005         dependencies to your configuration, allowing
Macro                              you to install the DB engine from the desktop
                                                                                 None      X   X
                                   as you would for Windows XP Professional

                                   Adds Windows Embedded Standard feature
Microsoft SQL Server 2000          dependencies to your configuration, allowing
Desktop Edition                    you to install the DB engine from the desktop
                                                                                 None      X   X
                                   as you would for Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-
                                   Used in analog video television filter graphs.   None
Sink Converter
                                   Enables the user to input characters in
Microsoft Taiwan CJIME98b Core     Traditional Chinese by using a ChangJie          None                   X
                                   keystroke on the keyboard
                                 Enables the user to input Traditional Chinese
Microsoft Taiwan IME Program     characters through handwriting or a             None                                     X
                                 dictionary search
                                 Enables the user to input Traditional Chinese
Microsoft Taiwan PHIME2002a
                                 characters with a phonetic keystroke through    None                                     X
                                 the keyboard
                                 a set of Microsoft Traditional Chinese Input
Microsoft Traditional Chinese    Method Editors (IMEs) that are based on the
Legacy IMEs                      IMM32 Application Programming Interface
                                                                                 None                                 X   X
                                 Support for Vector Markup Language, a
Microsoft Vector Graphics
                                 subset of XML that defines a markup format      None
Rendering (VML)
                                 for vector graphic information
Microsoft Visual C++ Run Time    The Microsoft C++ Runtime Library               None                                 X
                                 Services that implement the functionality of
                                 the HTTP protocol on a server
                                                                                 None                     X       X
                              Bundles the components that are required to
                              create a kernel run-time image. By using this
                              component you can quickly generate a          Pick and choose
MinKernel Sample Macro (Demo)
                              kernel run-time image using the Session       component options.
                                                                                                      X                       X
                              Manager (Demo) component, with a minimal
                              expected footprint of approximately 5 MB
                                 A minimal version of Winlogon. Used to
                                 reduce total footprint. Minlogon logs the user
                                 in with system level privileges and disallows
                                                                                ell,                          X   X           X
                                 creation of additional users.
                                 Bundles the components that are required to
                                 add Minlogon capabilities to your run-time
                                 image. By using this component, you can
                                 quickly generate a Minlogon run-time for a
                                 FAT or NTFS file system-formatted device    Pick and choose
MinLogon Sample Macro
                                 with a minimal expected footprint of        component options.
                                                                                                      X                       X
                                 approximately 11 to 17 MB. This
                                 configuration will boot your system to a
                                 command prompt shell, and only support
                                 internal MS-DOS commands natively
                              Pentnt.exe determines if the target system
                              exhibits the Pentium floating point division
                              Reg.exe is a command-line interface to the
                              operating system registry, which allows the
                              user to read from and write to the system
Misc. Command Line Tools                                                   None                                 X
                              registry on remote systems as well as on the
                              target system.
                              Shutdown.exe allows the user to either
                              restart or shut down the computer from a
                              command prompt.

                              Command-line utilities which change file
                              attributes, display Help for command-line
Misc. File System Utilities   commands, display output one screen at a         None                                 X
                              time, sort a file, and graphically display the
                              folder structure of a drive or path
                              Assigns drive letters for dynamic disk
Mount Manager                 volumes and for basic disk volumes that are      None                                 X
                              created after the operating system starts

Mouse Cursors                 Mouse cursor options                             None                         X
                                                                               Specify System
                                                                               Identification, System
                                                                               Pagefile, Power
                              The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for
MPS Multiprocessor PC                                                          Management
                              MPS compliant multi proc motherboards.
                                                                               Settings, Data
                                                                               Execution Prevention
                                                                               Specify System
                                                                               Identification, System
                                                                               Pagefile, Power
                              The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for
MPS Uniprocessor PC                                                            Management
                              MPS compliant single procmotherboards.
                                                                               Settings, Data
                                                                               Execution Prevention
                              System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe)
MS Config Support Utility     facilitates editing of startup mode, boot.ini,   None
                              win.ini, system.ini and services.

MSFS                          Mail slot driver                                 None                     X
                              Support for Extensible Markup Language
Msxml 2.6                                                                      None
                              Support for Extensible Markup Language
Msxml 3.1                                                                      None
                                Support for Extensible Markup Language
Msxml 6.0                                                                        None
                                Functionality for working with XML
Msxml Libraries                                                                  None
                                The prototype for all MUI resource
MUI Prototype
                                                                                 None                                      X
                                Support for the Windows implementation of
                                Multicast DHCP (Dynamic Host Control
                                Protocol), referred to as Multicast Address
                                Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
Multicast DHCP                  (MADCAP) in Windows 2000 and included in None                              X
                                the Windows 2000 DHCP service. MADCAP
                                supports dynamic assignment and the
                                configuration of IP multicast addresses on
                                networks that use TCP/IP

                                Bundles most of the components that are
                                used to provide multimedia services for
                                Microsoft® Windows®. This component
                                Bundles components that support features
                                such as GDI, kernel streaming, DirectX®,
Multimedia Application                                                           Pick and choose
                                OpenGL, and Windows Media®. (Add the
                                                                                 optional components
                                                                                                       X       X               X
                                Multimedia Application Compatibility
                                component to your configuration to help with
                                testing and troubleshooting issues in your
                                configuration that are related to application
Multi-Protocol Router Service
Messages Library
                                MPR Service Messages Library (mprmsg.dll) None                             X       X   X
                                The NDIS Library is a kernel-mode export
                                library that describes an abstracted interface
                                for writing network drivers and serves as the
                                run-time environment for network protocols
                                                                                 None                      X
                                and device drivers. The NDIS Library is
                                contained in the ndis.sys file
                                Provides the NDIS Tunnel Miniport Driver in
                                the tunmp.sys file. This component also
NDIS Tunnel Miniport Driver     includes the nettun.inf file, which is the INF   None                      X
                                (information) file for the NDIS Tunnel
                                Miniport Driver
                                Provides the NDIS (Network Driver Interface
NDIS User-Mode I/O Driver       Specification) User-Mode I/O driver in the       None                      X
                                ndisuio.sys file
                            A command-line tool that controls users,
Net.exe Utility             groups, services, and network connections        None                 X       X
                            The Netbios interface driver in the
                            netbios.sys file. This driver is the Netbios API
Netbios Driver              kernel-mode provider. This component also None                        X           X
                            includes the Netbios Windows Sockets
                            Helper DLL in the wshnetbs.dll file

                            Supports NetBIOS services in a TCP/IP
Netbios over TCP/IP
                                                                             None                 X

                            The INF file for 64 bit IP Address support (IP
NetIP6 Inf
                                                                             None                 X
                            Manages a computer's connection to a
                            Windows domain. NetJoin is responsible for
                            performing the operation that joins the target
Netlogon/NetJoin            system to a domain be creating an account        None                 X       X
                            in the domain for the target system, and
                            renaming the computer on the joined domain
                            during this operation
                            Internet conferencing functionality,
                            supporting features such as multipoint data
Netmeeting                  conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, and file    None                 X       X
                            transfer, as well as point-to-point audio and
Netmscli Inf                Used for run-time network binding                None                 X
Netrass Inf                 Used for run-time network binding                None                 X
                            ncpa.cpl - the Network Connections control
                            panel applet, plus netshell.dll and wzcdlg.dll
                                                                             None                 X   X   X

Nettcpip Inf                Used for run-time network binding                None                 X
                            A set of C-based APIs that applications can
                            call to manage security principals that are
NetUser Windows API
                            maintained by the Security Accounts
                                                                             None                 X           X
                            Manager (SAM).
                            Enables the operating system to participate
Network Access Protection
                            in a NAP-enabled network
                                                                             None                 X           X
                            Bundles the components that are required to Pick and choose
Network Attached Storage
                            create a network-attached storage device    optional components
                                                                                              X   X
                                  netsh.exe - a scriptable, command-line
                                  based tool that configures and monitors
Network Command Shell             many Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol None              X
                                  (DHCP), Remote Access Service (RAS), and
                                  routing network services
Network Command Shell Interface
                                  ifmon.dll                                           None   X
Network Configuration             Snetcfg.exe tool                                    None   X       X
                                  Comprises a Web page, an ActiveX control,
Network Diagnostics               and a Windows Management                            None   X   X   X   X
                                  Instrumentation (WMI) provider
Network Dynamic Data Exchange     The Network DDE service provides DDE
(NetDDE)                          transport and security
                                                                                      None   X
                                  The Network Location Service. This
                                  component provides the infrastructure that
                                  informs applications and the operating
Network Location Awareness        system of the network connections on a
Service                           specific computer and to adapt to that
                                                                                      None   X
                                  computer's connectivity. This component
                                  implements the NS_NLA Windows Sockets
                                  Allows the Network Monitor application to
                                  retrieve packets from the network. The driver
                                  can be installed without the Network Monitor
                                  application by installing either the full version
Network Monitor Driver
                                  of Network Monitor or Network Monitor Lite
                                                                                      None   X
                                  to enable remote attachment to the agent
                                  from another computer that is running the full
                                  version of Network Monitor
Network Performance Counters      Exposes performance metrics for the network None           X
                                  Allows automatic provisioning of information
                                  about networks on a client machine.
                                  Information is downloaded from network
                                  providers as XML configuration files. These
                                  files are validated against locally stored XML
                                  schemas. The Network Provisioning Service
                                  can be used to keep the information up-to-
Network Provisioning Service      date by downloading new content from the            None                      X       X
                                  network provider on a pre-determined
                                  schedule. The information downloaded is
                                  used by Windows to configure access to the
                                  relevant network. One application of the
                                  Network Provisioning Service is to configure
                                  wireless networks that support Wireless
                                  Provisioning Services technology
                                  Infrastructure to set Internet Protocol (IP)
                                  and Internet Packet Exchange (IPX) routes.
                                  When used by the Routing Common
Network Routing
                                  component, it provides the infrastructure to
                                                                                      None                      X       X
                                  configure a server to be a unicast or
                                  multicast router
Network Setup Wizard              The Network Setup Wizard                            None                      X   X   X
                                  Consists of one executable file, called
                                  NetSetup.exe. Netsetup.exe extracts and
                                  installs Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and
                                  Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) binary
Network Setup Wizard Down Level   files and support files on later version client
Setup                             computers. These binary files are linked into
                                                                                      None                      X       X
                                  the executable file similar to a .cab file. After
                                  installation, this component automatically
                                  starts the Network Setup Wizard to create a
                                  home network for the client computers
Networking Application            Supports a broad range of networking                Pick and choose
                                  applications for Microsoft® Windows®.               optional components
                                                                                                            X   X       X       X
                                  Core files that are required for NLS (national
NLS: Core Files
                                  language support)
                                                                                      None                      X           X
NPFS                              The Named Pipe File System driver                   None                      X       X
                                  The NTDETECT.COM file.
NT Hardware Detect                NTDETECT.COM detects and builds the                 None
                                  hardware component list
                                  Provides the NTLDR file. See also EWF NT
NT Loader                                                                             None
                                The NTFS File System driver (NT File
NTFS                            System). Use NTFS instead of FAT for             None                X       X
                                optimum file system security.
                                The functionality necessary to format NTFS
NTFS Format
                                file system disks using a GUI
                                                                                 None            X           X
                                Command-line utilities to format, verify, and
                                label NTFS file system disks. This
                                component also contains command-line
NTFS Format Tools
                                utilities to display or alter file compression
                                                                                 None                        X
                                and encrypt directories or files on NTFS file
                                system partitions
                                A utility for managing storage volumes. Most
                                functions are NTFS file system-specific, such
NTFS Management Utility         as managing quota, update sequence                None                       X
                                number (USN) journal, reparse point, sparse
                                file, object identification, hard link, and so on

Null Device Driver              Provides the legacy NULL output device           None
                                Provides the architecture needed to
Offline Browsing for Internet
                                synchronize when your computer is offline        None
                                and online with Internet Explorer.
                                A technology that allows software packages
Ole Automation                  to expose their unique features to scripting     None                    X
                                tools and other applications
                                This component provides the DAV
Oledb Provider for Internet
                                (Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and       None    X
                                WEC (Web Extender Client) protocols
                                In-process Component Object Model (COM)
                                server that provides interfaces for clients to
On Screen Keyboard Service      create standard and customized soft              None        X   X               X
                                keyboards using (Extensible Markup
                                Language) XML technology
                                A utility that displays a virtual keyboard on
                                the screen and allows users with motion
On-screen Keyboard
                                disabilities to type data using a pointing
                                                                                 None        X   X               X
                                device or joystick.
                                The OpenGL API is used by applications to
OpenGL Support
                                draw 3-D images on the screen
                                                                                 None        X           X
                                Supports the following TCP/IP services:

                                File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client
Other TCP/IP Services
                                Simptcp.dll – echo/chargen
                                                                                 None    X           X
                                Tcpsvcs.exe - TCP/IP services
                                Tftp.exe – Trivial File Transfer Protocol client
                                      Outlook Express is used to view and manage
                                      Internet e-mail protocols, such as POP3 and
Outlook Express
                                      IMAP, and Microsoft proprietary accounts,
                                                                                  None   X   X
                                      such as Hotmail, MSN, and http://
Parallel Port for Virtual DOS Virtual Parallel port support for virtual DOS
Machine                               machines.
                                      Partition Manager manages the logical
Partition Manager                     partitions of a storage device, including   None       X   X
                                      loading and unloading logical partitions

                                      Provides the Peer Name Resolution Protocol
Peer to Peer Networking               (PNRP), Peer Grouping, Peer Graphing, and None     X   X
                                      Peer Identity services

                               1. Logman, which manages the
                               Performance Logs and Alerts service for
                               creating and managing Event Trace Session
                               logs and Performance logs.
                               2. Relog, which creates new performance
                               logs from data in existing performance logs
                               by changing the sampling rate or converting
                               the file format. Relog supports all
Performance Command Line Tools performance log formats, including Windows None
                               NT 4.0 compressed logs.
                               3. Typeperf, which writes performance data
                               to the command window or to a log file.
                               4. Tracerpt, which processes binary Event
                               Trace Session log files or real-time streams
                               from instrumented Event Trace providers,
                               and then creates a report or text (.csv) file
                               describing the events generated.
                                  The base functionality necessary to install
Performance Counter Configuration and uninstall extensible performance counter None
                                  dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)
                                   Provides a bridge between the performance
Performance Counter WMI Provider
                                   registry interface and the WMI interface
                                                                                  None                       X
                                   Contains a dynamic-link library (.dll) which
                                   simplifies collecting performance data from
Performance Data Helper                                                         None
                                   real-time data sources or performance
                                   counter log files
                                   Provides the scheduled starting and stopping
                                   of performance counter and event trace log
Performance Logs and Alerts
                                   collections, and the processing of alerts    None
                                   against pre-defined performance counter
                                   Allows you to view system and application
                                   performance counters in real time or from
Performance Monitor                                                             None
                                   supported performance log files
                                   Provides access to the Phone and Modem
Phone and Modem Control Panel
                                   application in Control Panel (telephon.cpl)
                                                                                  None   X   X   X
                                   User-mode software plug and play
Plug and Play Software Device
                                   enumerator. Certain class drivers such as      None           X
                                   bus drivers require this.
                                   provides support for kernel-mode Plug and
PnP (Kernel-mode)                                                                 None
                                   Provides support for user-mode Plug and
PnP (User-mode)                                                                   None
                                   Provides the Powercfg.exe utility. Add this
                                   component to your run-time image to give
Power Configuration Tool           administrators command-line access and         None       X
                                   control over system power settings on your
                                   This component includes a dynamic-link
                                   library for power management features in the
                                   xpepm.dll file, and a command-line tool for
Power Management Application       using power management on a run-time          None                X   X
                                   image in the xpepm.exe file. Note: Instead of
                                   using this component, Shutdown.exe is the
                                   preferred method to shut down the system.
                                   The Power Management Control Panel
Power Meter Control Panel          application and supporting online Help files   None       X
                                 A reliable transport protocol for applications
Pragmatic General Multicast      that require ordered or unordered, duplicate-
(Reliable Multicast protocol)    free multicast data delivery from multiple
                                                                                  None     X           X
                                 sources to multiple receivers.
                                 Component Categories Manager is a COM
Primitive: Comcat                object that exposes the ICatInformation and      None                     X
                                 ICatRegister interfaces
                                 Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
Primitive: MMSYS
                                                                                  None     X

Primitive: NetMan                Network connections service                      None     X

Primitive: Uxtheme               Desktop themes                                   None         X

Primitive: winhlp32              Windows help (.chm) viewer, winhlp32.exe         None
                                 Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripts to
Print Administration Scripts
                                 support print administration
                                                                                  None             X
                                 Supports line printer remote (LPR) and line
                                 printer daemon (LPD). LPR and LPD are
Print Services for Unix
                                 utilities that enable Unix clients to print to any
                                                                                    None   X       X   X
                                 printer connected to a specified computer
                                 Together with Printer Common #1
                                 component, provide all files and registry
Print Spooler                    resources which are common for all printing      None     X       X
                                 components, and defines the basic
                                 dependencies for these components
                                 Together with the Print Spooler component,
Printer Common #1 (Client Side   provides the set of files and registry
Shared Components)               resources that are common for all other
                                                                                  None     X       X
                                 printing components
                                 Printer support. This component supplies a
                                 library of automation interfaces that are used
                                 to retrieve information about printer
Printing (Server/Shared)
                                 properties and SNMP. This component also
                                                                                  None     X       X
                                 includes the INF (information) files,
                                 printupg.inf and prtupg9x.inf
                                 This service provides protected storage for
                                 sensitive data from users, processes, and
Protected Storage Service
                                 services, that are not authorized access to
                                                                                  None     X                   X
                                 the data
                                     Includes a service that performs RSVP
Quality of Service RSVP              signaling on behalf of Windows Sockets           None                   X
                                     Specification 2 applications
                                     Implements traffic profiling on the local host
Quality of Service Traffic Control   computer through a system of flows and           None                   X
                                                                                    Specify User
                                                                                    interface language,
                                                                                    Standards and
                                     The Regional and Language Options              formats, Default input
Regional and Language Options        component controls the default user's          language, Language                   X
                                     language settings and geographical location. for non-Unicode
                                                                                    programs, and
                                     The Registry Editor (regedit.exe,
Registry Editor
                                                                                    None                         X   X
                                     The Remote Access Monitory component is
Remote Access Monitor
                                     a command-line and scripting utility
                                                                                    None                     X       X
                                     Responsible for providing the functionality to
                                     create the following objects in order to
                                     support remote assistance:
Remote Assistance Automation
Framework                            1. Remote Desktop session object
                                                                                      None                   X       X
                                     2. Support Automation Framework (SAF)
                                     incident object
                                     3. SAF encryption object
                                     Enables users to create a remote assistance
                                     (RA) incident that can be escalated by
Remote Assistance Channel            means of Microsoft Network (MSN) Instant        None                    X       X
                                     Messenger (IM), e-mail, or saving the
                                     incident to a file in order to seek expert help
                                     A bus-independent class specification for
                                     ethernet network devices on dynamic Plug
Remote Ndis
                                     and Play busses such as USB, 1394, and
                                                                                      None                   X

                                     Enables remote users to modify registry
Remote Registry Service
                                     settings on this computer
                                                                                      None                   X       X

                                     Provides access to communications
Remote Service Provider              resources not local to the current machine,      None                   X       X
                                     such as a company's modem pool
                                    Allows a user who is logged on know when
Remote Storage Recall Notifications he has accessed a file that is currently stored None                         X           X

                                    Helps manage and catalog removable media
Removable Storage Service           and operate automated removable media    None                                            X

                                    Bundles the components which are required
                                                                                       Pick and choose
Retail Point Of Sale Terminal       to support point-of-sale functionality on an
                                                                                       optional components
                                    embedded device
                                    Contains a scalable dynamic-link library
                                    (DLL) for text editing and display. Rich Edit is
Rich Edit Control Version 3.0       a small package and offers high                    None                              X       X
                                    performance and compatibility with Microsoft
                                    A single, scalable dynamic-link library (DLL)
                                    to help you display and edit text. This
Rich Edit Control Version 4.1       component is small, offers high                    None                              X       X
                                    performance, and is compatible with
                                    Microsoft Word
                                    Supports Roaming User Profiles, which are a
                                    type of profile centrally stored on a server.
                                    This profile is available every time a user
Roaming Profile
                                    logs on to any computer on the network, and
                                                                                       None                      X
                                    any changes made to this profile are updated
                                    on the server
                                    Facilitates local remote procedure calls
                                    (RPCs) using the ncalrpc and ncacn_np
RPC Local Support
                                    protocol sequences, and provides support for
                                                                                       None                      X   X
                                    dynamic endpoint resolution
                                    Provides remote procedure call (RPC)
                                    named services functionality, such as the
RPC Named Service                   RPC Locator. The RPC Named Service                 None                      X   X
                                    component exposes all RpcNs* RPC
                                    Provides a variety of RPC and Component
                                    Object Model (COM) services, including RPC
RPC Server
                                    Endpoint Mapper, COM Service Control
                                                                               None                              X   X
                                    Manager (SCM) and COM Object Resolver

                                    Support for Real-Time Communications
RTCDLL Policy XPSP2                                                                    None
                                    (RTC). Contains the side-by-side Policy file.
                                   Support for Real-Time Communications
RTCDLL XPSP2                                                                       None
                                   (RTC). Includes the side-by-side Manifest file.
                                   This component provides resources for the
                                   RTC Client API version 1.2 in Windows XP
                                   Service Pack 2. The RTC Client API gives
                                   developers the support that is required to
                                                                                       None                          X
                                   create multimodal communication
                                   Allows you to run interactive applications as
                                   different security principals, or in a restricted
RunAs Service
                                   security context. It is invoked using the
                                                                                       None                      X
                                   command-line tool Runas.exe
                                   Bundles the components that are required to
Runtime Quick Start Helper                                                     Pick and choose
                                   generate a Winlogon run-time image on a
                                                                               optional components
                                   FAT or NTFS file system from a .pmq file
                                   By adding the Safe Mode Support
Safe Mode Support ( available in   component to a run-time image, you make it
SP2 )                              possible for users of your target device to
                                                                                       None                      X
                                   enter safe mode by pressing the F8 key
                                   Used to enable hot unplugging of
Safely Remove Hardware Program
                                   dynamically removable hardware devices
                                                                                       None                  X   X
                                   A debugging tool. Save Dump is used when
                                   writing minidumps on a system crash. Save
                                   Dump is not needed for a kernel dump or
                                   complete memory dump. Savedump.exe
Save Dump
                                   creates a Memory.dmp file with the NTFS
                                                                                       None                      X
                                   permissions inherited from the parent
                                   directory. In most cases, this includes the
                                   Everyone group with Full Control.
                                   Enables you to add all the necessary
SCCM 2007 Client Prerequisites     prerequisite components to allow for the            Yes           X   X       X
                                   SCCM 2007 Client to install
Schedule Service Command Line      Schedules any script, program, or document
Utility                            to run at a convenient time for you
                                                                                       None                  X   X
                                   Enables you to add all the necessary
SCOM 2007 SP1 Agent
                                   prerequisite components to allow for the            Yes           X   X       X
                                   SCOM 2007 SP1 Agent to install
Screen Savers                      Screen saver applications (.scr)                    None                  X
                                   Provides scripting support for SMTP and
Scripto                                                                                None
                                   NNTP event sinks
                                   A task-oriented search interface for finding
                                   photos, music, documents, and other files on    cmiSrchEnableAnimat
Search Assistant User Interface
                                   your local and networked computers, as well     ion
                                   as searching the Internet
                                   Command-line utilities that search for text
Search Tools                                                                       None
                                   strings in files (find.exe and findstr.exe)
                                   Responsible for providing services to the
                                   NetUser Win32 application programming
                                   interface (API) and internal operating system
Security Accounts Manager Client
                                   (OS) components. This allows administrative
                                                                                   None                  X   X       X   X
                                   tasks to be performed on the security
                                   principals SAM maintains
                                   Responsible for maintaining security
                                   principals that can access resources
Security Accounts Manager Server
                                   protected by the operating system (OS).         None                              X
                                   Common resources include files and registry
                                   (SP2) provides a central location for
                                   changing security settings, learning more
                                   about security, and ensuring that the user's
                                   computer is in compliance with the essential
                                   security settings that are recommended by
Security Center
                                   Microsoft. Security Center is both a service
                                                                                 None                    X   X       X
                                   and an associated user interface. The user
                                   interface component of the Security Center is
                                   implemented as a new category view in the
                                   Windows XP Control Panel
                                   A command line tool that can be used to
Security Configuration Engine
Command Line Utility
                                   drive the operations supported by the           None                      X       X
                                   Security Configuration Engine (SCE).
                                   Edits security settings of the group policy
                                   object and security template, provides
Security Settings Editor           security configuration and analysis, and        None                      X       X
                                   views policy that has been applied or will be
                                   applied to the computer (secpol.msc)

                                   ISecurityInformation for the file system and
Security Shell Extension
                                                                                   None                      X   X   X
                               Provided in the Windows Embedded Studio
                               component database for use in custom
                               macro components. Use this component as
Selector Prototype Component
                               the prototype for a macro component to
                                                                            None                 X
                               allow the settings of the macro component to
                               be displayed and edited in Target Designer

                               Is used by Mycomput.dll, the Computer
                               Management dynamic-link library (DLL), and
                               Filemgmt.dll, the File Management snap-in.
Send Console Message Service
                               Both snap-ins use this component to send
                                                                            None     X
                               ANSI text messages to other computers on
                               the target system's network

                               In conjunction with a communications-aid
                               interface device, allows the user to control
                               the computer using an alternative input
                               device. Such a device needs only to send
                               coded command strings through the
                               computer’s serial port to specify keystrokes
                               and mouse events, which are then treated as
Serial Input Support           if they were standard keyboard or mouse        None       X   X
                               input. KNOWN ISSUE: see hotfix Q884565;
                               fix to skeys.exe when used in an autologon
                               environment. KNOWN ISSUE: Requires
                               Accessibility Control Panel to function. After
                               FBA completes, edit the Accessibility
                               settings, General tab, to turn on SerialKey
                               devices and set baud rate.

                               Contains command-line utilities that are used
Server Command Line Tools
                               to help administer the operating system
                                                                             None    X       X
                                  Supports local printing and printing to a
                                  server. It also Supports Internet printing,
                                  printing to a printer queue exposed by the
                                  Line Printer Daemon (LPD) protocol, known
                                  as request for comment (RFC) 1179, and
                                  printing to a TCP/IP connection.
Server Printing                   As part of Internet printing, TCPMon             None                      X       X   X
                                  Supports the LPD and Line Printer Remote
                                  (LPR) protocols. TCPMon can use LPD to
                                  communicate with a printer if that printer
                                  Supports LPD. LPRMon is only
                                  recommended for use with UNIX servers

                                  Bundles components that are required to
Server Printing Support           enable client devices on a network to print to   Yes                   X   X       X   X
                                  a locally attached printer
                                  Command-line tool, sc.exe, which
Service Command Line Tool         manipulates and manages Windows                  None                                  X
                                  A generic service host process used to host
                                  various Windows services, including the
                                  workstation, server, and DHCP client
Service Control Manager (SCM)
                                  services. This component is required for
                                                                                   None                                  X
                                  these services to run, as no other component
                                  is able to host these services
                                  A kernel-only demonstration application. This
Session Manager (Kernel-only
                                  application creates an endless loop that         None
configuration demo)
                                  prints "Hello world!" to the debug port
                                  Loads the Windows subsystem. This
Session Manager (Windows
                                  component is required to obtain the              None
                                  Windows subsystem
                                  Add the Shell Application Compatibility
                                  component to your configuration to help with
                                  testing and troubleshooting issues in your
                                  configuration that are related to application
                                  compatibility. You can use this macro
                                  component to find missing dependencies in        Pick and choose
Shell Application Compatibility
                                  your run-time image. After the component is      optional components
                                                                                                         X       X           X
                                  added to your configuration and your
                                  application works, you can exclude
                                  unnecessary components from the
                                  configuration to reduce the footprint of your
                                  run-time image
Shell Application Support Registry
                                     Support for the Windows shell                     None           X
Shell Control Panel Registry Data
                                     Registry information for Control Panel            None           X
                                     Registry information to support the core
Shell Core Registry Data
                                     functionality of the Windows shell
                                                                                       None           X
                                     Includes registry information to support
Shell Cursors Registry Data
                                     cursor functionality
                                                                                       None           X
Shell Explorer Registry Data (Pro)   Registry data for Windows Explorer                None           X
Shell Group Conversion Registry
                                     Registry data for shell group conversion          None           X
                                     Registry information for the HyperTerminal
Shell Hyperterminal Registry Data
                                                                                       None           X
Shell Legacy Registry Data           Legacy registry information                       None           X
                                     Common shell namespace and popular file
Shell Namespace Extensions
                                                                                       None           X
Shell Namespace Registry Data        Support for the Windows shell                     None           X
Shell Notepad Registry Data          Registry information for Microsoft Notepad        None           X
Shell Paint Registry Data            Registry information for Microsoft Paint          None           X
                                     Registry information for Windows screen
Shell Screen Saver Registry Data
                                                                                       None           X
                                     Registry information for the Windows Theme
Shell Theme Registry Data
                                                                                       None           X
                                     Registry information for Registry Editor
Shell Utilities Registry Data
                                                                                       None           X
                                     Registry information for the Microsoft
Shell Wordpad Registry Data
                                     Wordpad application
                                                                                       None           X
                                     Scans core system files, device drivers, and
Signature Verifier                   printer files and tells the user if any are not   None               X
                                     digitally signed
                                     This is a web presentation technology,
                                     supporting multiple browsers and enabling
Silverlight 1.0 Setup
                                     rich interactive experiences within browsers
                                                                                       Yes        X   X
                                     and devices
                                     SNMP is an agent service that provides
                                     management systems with information about
                                     activities that occur at the Internet Protocol
                                     (IP) network layer. The SNMP agent
Simple Network Management            monitors network traffic, and retrieves and
Protocol (SNMP)                      updates local management information
                                                                                       None   X               X
                                     based on the requests from the SNMP
                                     manager. The agent also notifies registered
                                     managers with traps when significant events
                                     Supports features such as smart card logon
                                     and improved e-mail security. Smart cards
                                     must be capable of certain RSA public key
Smart Card Cryptographic Service     cryptographic operations. These functions
Providers                            are exposed by using CryptoAPI and,
                                                                                      None   X           X   X
                                     specifically, through a CSP. Typically, each
                                     type of smart card requires a CSP, which is
                                     provided by the card vendor
                                     Based on Personal Computer/Smart Card
                                     (PC/SC) consortium standards and consists
                                     of the following parts:
Smart card Subsystem                                                                  None   X           X
                                     Resource Manager
                                     Card/Reader Selection UI
                                     Implements the client portion of the file-and-
SMB Redirector                       print sharing functionality exposed by           None   X       X
                                     Windows through Microsoft Networking
                                     Sets up intranet e-mail services that work in
                                     conjunction with Internet Information
SMTP Server                          Services (IIS). SMTP is a TCP/IP protocol for    None   X
                                     sending messages from one computer to
                                     another on a network
                                     Contains a graphical utility that allows users
SNMP Event Translator                to configure the translation of events into      None   X   X
                                     SNMP traps
                                     The client runtime that is required to run
Soap Client Runtime                                                                   None
                                     Soap Toolkit 2.0 applications
                                     The main client-side agent for processing
                                     configurations for group policy software
Software Installation Group Policy   installations in a Windows Active Directory
Extension                            domain. This component is required if you
                                     perform any software installation group policy
                                     processing on the device
                                     Provides the main Microsoft Management
                                     Console (MMC) add-in functionality to
Software Installation Group Policy
                                     configure and edit group policy              None
MMC Snap-In
                                     configurations in a Windows Active Directory
Sound Recorder                       GUI-based sound recorder program             None           X
                                     Provides the basic speech functionality
Speech API Core                      offered by the Speech Application            None           X           X
                                     Programming Interface (SAPI).
                                    The Speech properties in the Control Panel
                                    let the user select and configure speech
                                    characteristics throughout the operating
Speech Control Panel
                                    system (OS) for either the speech
                                                                                 None                             X
                                    recognition (SR) or text-to-speech (TTS)
                                    A Microsoft Windows input service that is
                                    based on the Text Services Framework API.
                                    In combination with the Speech API (SAPI)
Speech Text Services v1.1
                                    and recognition engine, this component
                                                                                 None                             X   X
                                    provides dictation, commanding, and text-to-
                                    speech services
                                                                                 Specify System
                                                                                 Identification, System
                                                                                 Pagefile, Power
                                    The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for
Standard PC                                                                      Management
                                    non-ACPI single proc motherboards.
                                                                                 Settings, Data
                                                                                 Execution Prevention
                                    Registration information for standard Start
Standard Start Menu Shortcuts
                                    menu shortcuts
                                                                                 None                             X
                                    Provides the released msvcp60.dll to support
Standard Template Libraries (STL)
                                    applications using STL
                                                                                 None                                 X
Standard VGA 640x480                Generic, default VGA monitor support         None
                                    Provides the temporary backing store
                                    functionality for real-time capture of
                                    multimedia broadcast, non-flow controlled
Stream Buffer Engine
                                    content to disk, and in-parallel readout. It
                                                                                 None                         X
                                    also creates permanent recordings from the
                                    broadcast content
                                    Provides supplemental Help files for some
Supplemental Help Files
                                    Windows applications
                                                                                 None                         X
                                    A utility that prepares a system on a hard
                                    disk for duplication and customization. Used
Sysprep (Windows System             with the System Center Configuration
Preparation)                        Manager’s (SCCM) Operating System
                                                                                   Yes                    X
                                    Deployment (OSD) feature for deploying OS
                                    images to multiple machines
                                  This component supplies the system cloning
                                  tools, including Fbreseal.exe, Setupcn.exe,
                                                                                   If you wish to
                                  and Setupcl.exe. This component
                                                                                   manually reseal your
                                  additionally supplies the minioc.inf file, an
System Cloning Tool
                                  INF (information) file that references the
                                                                                   image (run                             X
                                                                                   FBRESEAL …), set
                                  dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that are
                                                                                   cmiResealPhase to 0
                                  required to prepare components for
                                  A baseline set of assemblies that are
                                  accessible to all applications on the system,
                                  regardless of whether they have an
                                  application manifest. This is necessary for
System Compatible Manifest
                                  older non-side-by-side aware applications
                                                                                   None                               X
                                  that linked with dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)
                                  that are now part of system assemblies, such
                                  as Gdiplus.dll
System Compatible Manifest Policy Support for System Compatible Manifest
XPSP2                             policy in Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                                                                   None                               X
System Compatible Manifest        Support for System Compatible Manifest in
XPSP2                             Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                                                                   None                               X
                                  The System Control Panel application and
System Control Panel              supporting online Help documentation             None                       X
                                    Monitors system events, such as network,
                                    power, logon, logoff, terminal services
System Event Notification Service
                                    session connection and disconnection, and      None                   X                   X
                                    delivers these to applications and other
                                    system components
                                    All system locale components inherit from
System Locale Prototype
                                    this prototype
                                                                                   None                           X

                                    Monitors system and application changes
System Restore Core                 and is used to restore the system to a         None
                                    previous state in time

                                    Provides the system restore UI, which
System Restore User Interface       enables users to utilize the services provided None
                                    using system restore
                                    The Windows Task Manager application and
Task Manager
                                    supporting online Help files (taskmgr.exe)
                                                                               None                           X
                                    Configures the operating system to use the
Task Manager shell                  Windows Task Manager as the shell              cmiShellPath               X
                                Allows you to perform automated tasks on a
Task Scheduler
                                chosen computer
                                                                                None           X

                                The functionality to add, delete, or display
TCP/IP Arp Command              The IP address for Media Access Control       None         X
                                (MAC) address translation
                                Provides a TCP/IP diagnostic utility that can
                                be used to obtain information about TCP
TCP/IP Netstat Command          connections, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) None             X
                                datagrams, as well as network errors and
                                Implements the core TCP/IP protocol stack,
                                which includes the IPv4 version for the
                                following protocols: Transmission Control
                                Protocol (TCP), User Datagram Protocol
                                (UDP), raw, Internet Control Message
TCP/IP Networking               Protocol (ICMP), Internet Group Membership None            X       X
                                Protocol (IGMP), and Address Resolution
                                Protocol (ARP). The component also
                                includes Wshtcpip.dll, which is the Winsock
                                provider for TCP/IP to enable socket-level
                                communication over TCP/IP
                                Bundles components that provide basic
TCP/IP Networking with Client   TCP/IP services, including Dynamic Host
For MS Networks                 Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Winsock,
                                                                                Yes    X   X
                                and Client for Microsoft Networks
                                Bundles components that provide basic
TCP/IP Networking with File     TCP/IP services, including Dynamic Host
Sharing and Client For MS       Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Winsock,         Yes    X   X
Networks                        Client for Microsoft Networks, and File
                                Contains drivers that support networking
TCP/IP Over 1394                using the IP version 4 protocol over the IEEE   None       X       X
                                1394 bus specification
                                Includes a diagnostic utility that provides
                                path information, such as information on the
TCP/IP PathPing Command         intermediate routers visited on the path, the   None       X
                                Round-Trip Time (RTT) value, and link loss
                                 Provides TCP/IP management and
                                 troubleshooting utilities (hostname.exe,
TCP/IP Utilities
                                 ipconfig.exe, mrinfo.exe, ping.exe, rcp.exe,
                                                                                None                   X       X
                                 rexec.exe, route.exe, rsh.exe, tracert.exe)
                                 Implements Transmission Control Protocol
                                 (TCP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and
TCP/IP Version 6
                                 raw protocols over the TCP/IP version 6
                                                                                None                   X
                                 network layer protocol
                                 Includes the 6to4 service that configures the
TCP/IP Version 6 Service         Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) tunnel over None                   X
                                 IPv4 network layer protocol
                                 Includes the following files:
TCP/IP Version 6 Utilities
                                                                                None                   X

Telephony                        Provides support for telephony                 None                   X       X   X
                                 Contains the Tcmsetup.exe file, which is a
                                 command-line utility that allows
Telephony Service Provider
Configuration Utility
                                 administrators to configure the client         None                   X
                                 computer to use a specific remote telephony
                                 World Standard Teletext decoding
Teletext Decoding
                                                                                None                       X
                                 Allows users to remotely connect to any
Telnet Client                    device or server running Telnet Service.       None                   X       X
                                                                                Enable NTLM
                                                                                Enable Password
                                 Allows users to connect to Telnet servers
Telnet Server
                                 from remote computers
                                                                                Specify Operation      X       X
                                                                                mode, Specify
                                                                                Maximum number of
                                                                                connections, Specify
                                                                                telnet port
                                 Provides the functionality to administer a
Telnet Server Administration
                                 computer running Telnet Server
                                                                              None                     X       X
                                 Microsoft Terminal Server client application
Terminal Server Client
                                                                              None                     X       X
                                 remote access for the desktop of a computer
Terminal Server Remote Desktop
                                 running Terminal Services.
                                                                              None                     X       X
                                   Bundles the Terminal Services that make it
Terminal Services                  possible to remotely connect to and control a      Yes    X   X   X
                                   The core Terminal Services client
Terminal Services Client ActiveX
                                   component required by other components to          None       X
                                   run or host The Terminal Services client
                                   The core terminal services binary files that
                                   are required by various other terminal
Terminal Services Core             services components. This component                None       X
                                   should not be used as a stand-alone
                                   Installs tools that configure and run Terminal
Terminal Services Core             Services. These tools can be used only on
Management Tools                   the target system, which will be the local
                                                                                      None       X
                                   computer after the connect

Terminal Services Remote           Installs components that are required to
Assistance Component               perform remote assistance functionality.
                                                                                      None       X   X

Terminal Services Remote           Installs the Terminal Services tools that
Management and Command Line        enable you to manage terminal servers              None       X   X
Tools                              remotely
                                   A core operating system (OS) component
                                   that installs the binary files required by other
Terminal Services Runtime
                                   OS components that interface with Terminal
                                                                                      None       X
                                   Installs sample Web pages and other icon
Terminal Services Web Control
                                   and image files that are required to host a        None       X
                                   Terminal Services Web client
                                   WMI functionality for computers running
Terminal Services WMI Provider
                                   Terminal Services
                                                                                      None       X       X
                                   Adds all the other technology macro
                                   components to an image to assist customers
                                   with troubleshooting missing dependencies
Test Application Compatibility
                                   in their runtime configurations. Adding this
                                                                                Yes          X
                                   component will have a significant footprint
                                   impact to the configuration.
                                                                               Specify Language
                                                                               bar setting on the
                               TSF is a device-independent, language-
                                                                               desktop, Show
                               neutral, and extensible system for text
                                                                               additional Language
Text Services Framework        delivery and language technologies. TSF-
                                                                               bar icons in the
                                                                                                         X       X       X
                               enabled applications can access any text
                                                                               Notification area,
                               service that supports TSF
                                                                               Show text labels on
                                                                               the Language bar.
                               Bundles the components that are required to
Thin Client                    create a Windows-based terminal (WBT)       Yes                       X
                               Synchronizes a workstation's clock with other
                               computers using the Network Time Protocol
Time Service Core              (NTP) version 3. For increased accuracy,      None                        X
                               this component also incorporates algorithmic
                               enhancements from NTP 4

                               A configurable user interface to set the        Choose default time
Time Zone Settings
                               default time zone for the image                 zone

                               Implements the TDI library that is used by
                               network protocol components, such as
Transport Driver Interface
                               TCP/IP and kernel-mode Winsock
                                                                               None                      X
                               This component helps diagnose and solve
                               technical problems that occur on a computer.
Troubleshooters                When a computer boots, this component        None
                               requests that the user answer a series of
                               questions about the current problem
                               Provides the Universal Disk File System
UDFS                           (UDFS) driver in the udfs.sys file. Typically   None                                  X
                               used by CD ROM media.
                               Provides the infrastructure necessary for
                               applications to communicate with a modem
                                                                               None                      X   X

Uninterruptible Power Supply   Provides support for serially connected,
Service                        uninterruptible power supply devices.
                                    Enables dynamic networking of intelligent
                                    appliances, wireless devices, and PCs. The
                                    UPnP Application Programming Interface
Universal Plug & Play
                                    (API) consists of a set of Component Object
                                                                                   None               X       X   X
                                    Model (COM) interfaces used to find and
                                    control UPnP devices

                                    Contains a collection of private Component
Universal Plug & Play Device Host   Object Model (COM) interfaces for building     None               X       X
                                    UPnP v1 devices and bridges

                                    A Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
                                    (MIME) handler and Component Object
Urlmon Library
                                    Model (COM) application for the Wininet
                                                                                   None               X       X
                                    The core drivers needed to communicate
                                    with an Enhanced Host Controller Interface
USB 2.0                                                                            None
                                    (EHCI) that is compliant with The USB .95 or
                                    The bus and port drivers needed to boot
USB Boot 2.0
                                    from USB media
                                                                                   None                               X       X
USB Boot Mass Storage Device        Enables booting from USB media                 None                               X       X
                                    The user interface (UI) for universal serial
USB User Interface
                                    bus (USB) features
                                                                                   None                   X
                                    To create multiple user accounts, add
User Account                        multiple instances of this component to your
                                                                                                          X   X
                                    run-time image

User Interface Core                 The user interface (UI) for Windows Explorer Specify many major       X   X
                                                                                 UI shell options

                                    Include the User Local component(s) based
User Locale: (…)                    on supported languages and/or nationalities    None                                   X
                                    The User Control Panel application and
Users Control Panel                 supporting online Help documentation           None                   X
                                    (lusrmgr.msc, nusrmgr.cpl)
                                    Enables users to check an accessibility
Utility Manager                     program's status and start or stop an          None
                                    accessibility program
VGA Boot Driver                      VGA boot time display support                    None
VGA Save                           VGA display support                                None
                                   Supports streaming video capture and single
                                   frame capture using AVICAP. It also
                                   provides VFW-to-WDM mapper allowing
Video For Windows Core                                                                None
                                   WDM video capture devices to use existing
                                   16-bit and 32-bit VFW application using the
                                   AVICAP interfaces
Video Upgrade Device               Video support                                      None
                                   Enables users to manually choose which
Virtual PC 2004 Helper Macro       driver components in VPC are enabled or            Yes    X
                                   Enables users to manually choose which
Virtual PC 2007 Helper Macro       driver components in VPC are enabled or            Yes    X
                                   required for applications written in Microsoft
Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Library
                                   Visual Basic 6.0 to run.
                                                                                      None           X       X
                                   Provides the Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (Side development system redistributables
X Side)                            contained with the initial release of Windows
                                                                                      None           X       X
                                   XP Professional
                                   Provides the policy that is associated with
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries
Policy XPSP2
                                   the Visual C++ Runtime Library for Windows         None           X       X
                                   XP Service Pack 2
                                   Provides the policy that is associated with
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries
Policy XPSP3
                                   the Visual C++ Runtime Library for Windows         None           X       X
                                   XP Service Pack 3
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries       Provides the Visual C++ Runtime Library for
XPSP2                              Windows XP Service Pack 2
                                                                                      None           X       X
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries       Provides the Visual C++ Runtime Library for
XPSP3                              Windows XP Service Pack 3
                                                                                      None           X       X
                                   This Visual Fox Pro ODBC driver is required
Visual Fox Pro ODBC Driver Stub
                                   to support Microsoft Office.
                                                                                      None                   X
Volume Manager                     Storage device volume manager                      None               X
                                   A command-line utility that manipulates
Volume Mounting Utility            volume mount points and manual and                 None       X       X
                                   automatic volume drive letter assignments
                                   Allows a user to access previous versions of
                                   their files on a network share if Shadow
Volume Shadow Copies Client
                                   Copies for Shared Folders is enabled for that
                                                                                      None       X       X
                                   volume on the server
                                   The Volume Shadow Copy service, which
Volume Shadow Copy Service         makes it possible for applications to get point-   None       X       X
                                   in-time copies of volumes
Volume Shadow Copy Service       A command line tool used to list VSS
Administrator                    shadows, writers and providers
                                                                             None                              X   X       X
                                 Allows you to view, manage, move, copy,
                                 save, and rename files and folders you have
                                 stored on a Web server just as you would on
Web Folders
                                 your computer. The shortcuts are created
                                                                             None                          X       X       X
                                 automatically in My Network Places
                                 whenever you open a shared folder
                                 Enables Windows to log I/O against file
                                 servers using the Webdav protocol. The
                                 Webdav protocol is used by many Web
Webdav Client Redirector
                                 servers, such as Microsoft Internet
                                                                             None                          X       X       X
                                 Information Services (IIS) or the Apache
                                 Web server
                                                                             Specify many .Net
Windows .Net Messenger           Windows Messenger for Windows XP
                                                                             Messenger settings
                                                                                                               X   X
                                 The Windows Accessories component is
Windows Accessories              part of the Start Menu hierarchy            None                              X
                                 (notepad.exe etc.)

                                 The Advanced component provides
Windows API - Advanced           advanced Windows API support for base           None                                  X

                                 Provides the graphics display interface (GDI)
Windows API - GDI
                                 for the Windows operating system
                                                                                 None                          X       X
                                 This component provides Windows API
Windows API - Kernel             support for Windows NT kernel base              None                                  X
                                 Provides the user-mode component of the
Windows API - User
                                 Windows operating system API
                                                                                 None                                  X
                                 Bundles the components of the Windows
Windows Application                                                              Pick and choose
                                 API, including the Advanced, GDI, and
                                                                                 optional components
                                                                                                       X               X       X
                                 kernel-mode and user-mode components
Windows Backup Utility           ntbackup.exe etc.                               None                                      X
Windows CE USB Serial Host       Provides the Windows CE USB serial-over-
Driver                           USB host driver in the wceusbsh.sys file
Windows Clean-Up Utilities       Provides disk cleaning services                 None                          X           X
                                 Provides a barrier between your device and
                                 network connections to help reduce attacks
                                 by hackers, viruses, and worms across
Windows Firewall Control Panel
                                 networks. All networked devices, not just
                                                                                 None                      X   X   X   X
                                 devices connected to the Internet, are
                                 vulnerable to these attacks
                                 Provides the Windows Firewall. Windows
                                 Firewall Provides a barrier between your          Specify ICMP
Windows Firewall/Internet        device and network connections to help            Settings, Authorized
Connection Sharing (ICS)         reduce attacks by hackers, viruses, and           Applications, and
                                                                                                          X   X       X
                                 worms across networks. Strongly                   Globally Open Ports

                                 Both an application programming interface
                                 (API) and a device driver interface (DDI). It
                                 supports still digital cameras and scanners.
                                 WIA also allows the retrieval of still images
Windows Image Acquisition Core   from IEEE 1394-based digital video (DV)           None                           X       X
                                 camcorders and universal serial bus (USB)-
                                 based web cams. The WIA architecture is
                                 built on the foundation established by the
                                 Microsoft Still Image Architecture
                                 An application programming interface (API)
                                 and a device driver interface (DDI). It
                                 supports still digital cameras and scanners. It
Windows Image Acquisition User
                                 also allows the retrieval of still images from  None                             X       X
                                 IEEE 1394-based digital video (DV)
                                 camcorders and universal serial bus-based
                                 (USB) Web cameras

                                 required for the installation of any Windows
Windows Installer Service
                                 Installer-authored software package
                                                                                   None                               X

Windows Kernel Mode Driver       Required to accommodate drivers using the
Framework                        Kernel Mode Driver Framework model
                                 The interactive logon feature of The
                                                                                   Specify Friendly
                                 Windows operating system. Winlogon starts
                                                                                   Logon, Show
                                 core system components during boot time,
                                                                                   "Welcome to
                                 interacts with the Graphical Identification and
                                                                                   Windows" screen
Windows Logon (Standard)         Authorization Interface (GINA), and manages
                                                                                   before Winlogon,
                                 user logoff and machine shutdown. In
                                                                                   default domain
                                 addition, Winlogon creates and manages
                                                                                   name, default user
                                 transitions between the Secure, Default
                                 (Application), and Screen Save Desktops
                                Bundles the features that combine to create
Windows Management                                                                   Pick and choose
Instrumentation Technologies
                                the Windows Management Instrumentation
                                                                                     optional components
                                                                                                           X           X               X
                                (WMI) technologies
                                Provides access to the components of the
Windows Media Format Runtime 11
                                Windows Media Format
                                                                                     None                      X
                                    Bundles the components that are required to
Windows Media Player (Light)        install Windows Media Player on a device     None                      X       X
                                    that requires a smaller disk image footprint
                                    Plays digital media including music, videos,
Windows Media Player 11
                                    CDs, DVDs and Internet Radio
                                                                                     None                      X
                                    Contains several generic default playlists for
Windows Media Player 11 Playlists
                                    Windows Media Player 11
                                                                                     None                      X
                                    Additional skins that allow you to change the
Windows Media Player 11 Skins
                                    appearance of Windows Media Player 11
                                                                                     Choose default skin       X
                                 A macro component that bundles all
Windows Media Player
                                 components required to install Windows              Yes                   X   X
                                 Media Player 11 on a device
                                 Showcases the features that make Windows
                                 Media Player the center for playing and
Windows Media Player Tour
                                 organizing digital media files on your
                                                                                     None                          X
                                 computer and on the Internet
                                 Makes it possible for users to capture audio
                                 and video from a digital video (DV) camera,
Windows Movie Maker              an analog video camera or VCR, or a Web             None                          X
                                 camera, to a computer in Microsoft®
                                 Windows Media® Format
                                 Provides a text-to-speech utility for users
Windows Narrator (Screen Reader)
                                 who have low vision.
                                                                                     None                          X
                                 The Windows NT Multiple Access RouTing
                                 Authority (NTMARTA) Provider component
                                 supports the security Win32 API to manage
Windows NT MARTA Provider        the permissions of various objects, such as         None                              X   X
                                 files, keys and services. This component
                                 provides the core support for security
                                 Allows you to view images and faxes,
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
                                 including the default image preview
                                                                                     None                          X
                                 This component is used with the Remote
                                 Boot Embedded Enabling Feature. It
Windows RAM Disk Driver          deploys a software-only disk storage device         None                                      X   X
                                 that uses system memory (RAM) as its
                                  Complete scripting environment for
                                  Windows, including command-line scripting,
Windows Script Engines
                                  script languages, and the ability to host script
                                                                                   None       X
                                  engines within your applications.
                                  Provides the client engine for the Windows
Windows Security Configuration
Editor Client Engine
                                  Security Configuration Manager, along with      None        X
                                  supporting online Help files
                                  Support for the Windows Security
                                  Configuration Manager. This component
                                  provides the engine for the Windows
Windows Security Configuration    Security Configuration Manager in the
Editor Engine                     scesrv.dll file. The Security Configuration
                                                                                  None        X
                                  Manager is a server that manages the
                                  system security of policies, files, keys, and
                                  Allows assemblies to be repaired and
                                  reinstalled when they have been damaged
Windows Side By Side
Installation/Repair Support
                                  while the operating system (OS) is running.     None                X
                                  This component extends Windows File
                                  Protection to assemblies
                                This component supports the installation of
                                multiple versions of the same assembly, and
                                their use simultaneously. Components
                                constituting these assemblies are self-
Windows Side-By-Side Assemblies
                                described, isolated, self-contained, and must
                                                                              None                    X
                                be authored so that they do not conflict with
                                each other. Applications specify the version
                                of the assembly the application should use
Windows Socket2 NameSpace         Windows Socket2 NameSpace Library
Library                           support
                                                                                  None    X
                                  Provides applications with access to
Windows Sockets                   transport and network name resolution           None    X
                                  This subsystem provides base services for
Windows subsystem
                                                                                  None            X
                                  Consists of the files required to use the
                                  Windows Update Web site, whether it is
Windows Update Agent for SUS      used within Internet Explorer or in the Help
1.0 Servers                       and Support Center. This component is also
                                                                                  None    X   X
                                  required in order to use the Code Download
                                  Manager (CDM) component
                                  Windows Update Agent requires a Microsoft
Windows Update Agent3.0           Software Update Services (SUS) Server to        None    X   X
                                  communicate with.
                                  Provides drivers from Windows Update to
                                  the Device Manager wizards, including the
Windows Update for Device Drivers
                                  Add Printer wizard and the Add New
                                                                                  None                      X       X
                                  Hardware wizard.
Windows User Mode Driver          Required to accommodate drivers using the
Framework                         User Mode Driver Framework model
                                  Bundles components to support the               Option: Choose
Windows XP Explorer User
                                  Windows XP Explorer user interface on a         Windows XP Visual     X       X
                                  device                                          Style
Windows XP Service Pack 1         Resources that were added to Windows XP
Resource DLL                      Service Pack 1.
Windows XP Service Pack 2 OOB Resources that were added to Windows XP
Resource DLL                      Service Pack 2.
Windows XP Service Pack 2         Resources that were added to Windows XP
Resource DLL                      Service Pack 2.
Windows XP Service Pack 3         Resources that were added to Windows XP
Resource DLL                      Service Pack 3.
Windows XP Visual Style           The Windows XP visual style                     None                          X
                                  Bundles the components that are required to
Windows-based Terminal                                                            Pick and choose
                                  create a Windows-based terminal (WBT)
                                                                                  optional components
                                                                                                        X   X   X
                                  Supports the Windows Presentation
                                  Foundation (WPF), Windows
                                  Communication Foundation (WCF), and
WinFX Run-time
                                  Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
                                                                                  None                                  X
                                  strategic developer technologies for Internet
                                  Explorer 7
                                  Provides applications access to Hypertext
                                  Transfer Protocol (HTTP) services
                                                                                  None                      X
                                  Supports HTTP, FTP, and URL parsing. It
Wininet Library                   communicates with the server and receives       None                      X
                                  the response
                                  Bundles the components that are required to
                                  add Winlogon capabilities to your run-time
                                  image. By using this component, you can
                                                                                  Pick and choose
WinLogon Sample Macro             quickly generate a Winlogon run-time for a
                                                                                  optional components
                                                                                                        X       X
                                  FAT or NTFS file system-formatted device
                                  with a minimal expected footprint of
                                  approximately 65 to 70 MB.
                                   Wired AutoConfig Service (DOT3) identifies
                                   Ethernet connectivity and determines
                                   whether Layer2 security services must be
Wired AutoConfig Service
                                   performed. Layer2 authentication is invoked
                                                                                  None                      X
                                   on Ethernet networks that support 802.1X
                                 Support for the Windows implementation of
                                 the IEEE 802.11 standard. This component
Wireless Zero Configuration      performs automatic configuration and          None                       X
                                 authentication for IEEE 802.11 wireless
                                 network adapters
                                 Enables developers who want to use
                                 Windows Management Instrumentation
WMI ADSI Extensions              (WMI) to manage computer objects returned     None                               X
                                 from an Active Directory Services Interface
                                 (ADSI) query
                                 A command-line interface for the Windows
WMI Command Line Utility         Management Instrumentation (WMI)              None                               X
                                 Includes several Windows Management
                                 Instrumentation (WMI) event consumer
WMI Consumers
                                 classes, which provide prepackaged event-
                                                                               None                               X
                                 processing functionality

                                 WMI provides a common interface and
                                                                               Specify log file size in
                                 object model to access management
WMI Core
                                 information about operating systems,
                                                                               bytes, specify logging             X
                                 devices, applications, and services

                                 A device co-installer. This component is
WMI Extensions to WDM Property   used by the Windows Driver Model (WDM)
Page Provider                    device drivers to expose information within
                                                                               None                               X
                                 Device Manager property pages

                                 Is inactive and only used to solve backward
                                 compatibility issues with Windows 2000. This
WMI Extensions to WDM Service    component is needed only if there is another None                            X   X
                                 component that has an explicit dependency
                                 on this service.
                                 Allows you to use Windows Management
WMI Filter
                                 Instrumentation (WMI) rules
                                                                               None                               X

                                 The WMI Management Snapins component
                                 includes the following two main functions:
WMI Management Snapins
                                 1. System Properties snap-in
                                                                               None                               X
                                 2. Service Dependencies Extension snap-in
                                 Enables you to view and manipulate
                                 information available through Windows
                                 Management Instrumentation (WMI) using
WMI Scripting                    scripts and Microsoft Visual Basic               None           X   X
                                 applications that access the Scripting
                                 application programming interface (API) for
                                 Allows client applications to access static
                                 and dynamic Simple Network Management
WMI SNMP Provider
                                 (SNMP) information through Windows
                                                                                  None   X           X
                                 Management Instrumentation (WMI)

                                 A set of tools to support WMI development
WMI Tools
                                 and application users (wmimgmt.msc)
                                                                                  None               X
                                 An instance and method provider that
WMI View provider                creates new classes based on instances of      None                 X
                                 other classes
                                 Retrieves and updates data relevant to
                                 Win32 systems, such as the current settings
WMI Win32 Provider
                                 of environment variables and the attributes of
                                                                                None                 X
                                 a logical disk
                                 One of the built-in providers. It allows
                                 Windows Management Instrumentation
WMI Windows Installer provider   (WMI)-enabled applications to access             None               X
                                 information collected when Windows
                                 Installer–compliant applications are installed

                                 A set of WordPad text converters that allow
                                 users to open documents in Microsoft®
WordPad Text Converters          Windows Write, Microsoft® Word 6.0,         None            X
                                 Microsoft® Word 97, Microsoft® Word 2000,
                                 and Microsoft® Word 2002 file formats

                                 This service is required for certain key
Workstation Service
                                 network identity tasks.
                                                                                  None   X
Debug / Development Tools


                            Device Access
                            (hidserv.dll via




    (alrsvc.dll via


    ASP.NET State
    ASP.NET State
      ATM ARP
    Client Protocol

X     Service
    (qmgr.dll via
    Support Service
     (bthci.dll via




     COM+ System
         and MS
     Shadow Copy

    COM+ Event
    System (es.dll



    (browser.dll via


    (CryptSvc.dll via

Device Update

 DHCP Client
and DNS Client
(dhcpsvc.dll via

Remote Access
via svchost.exe)

 Routing and
Remote Access
(mprdim.dll via




       Logical Disk
    via svchost.exe)
       and Logical
     Disk Manager



    Enhanced Write
    Filter (ewfdll.dll

    Error Reporting
     (ersvd.dll via

       Event Log
X (eventlog.dll via







  Help and
     IIS Admin &
      Simple Mail
       (SMTP) &
     World Wide
    Web Publishing

      IIS (various)

      IMAPI CD-
     Burning COM

X       Service
    Policy Agent
X   (nettcpip.inf,
     running in
     context of

    (msgsvc.dll via

    Windows Audio






    NetBIOS Helper
    (imhsvc.dll via

       Net Logon
    (netlogon.dll via




    Network DDE

    via svchost.exe)

       Peer Name
    Protocol & Peer
      Networking &
         & Peer
     (p2psvc.dll via




X Logs and Alerts





    (netman.dll via
    via svchost.exe)


     Print Spooler

    (pstorec.dll via
     QoS RSVP



    (regsvc.dll via
(ntmssvc.dll via

Procedure Call
(RPC) Locator

 Procedure Call
(RPC) (rpcss.dll
 via svchost.exe)
X    (seclogon.dll
    via svchost.exe)




    (samlib.dll via



    Serial Keys


Smart Card &
 Smart Card



     System Event
     (sens.dll via

    System Restore
     (srsvc.dll via

    Task Scheduler
    via svchost.exe)




    (tapisrv.dll via



    (termsrv.dll via


    Remote Access


    Windows Time
    (w32time.dll via

    Windows Time
    (w32time.dll via


    Power Supply
    (ssdpsrv.dll via

     Universal Plug
    and Play Device
    via svchost.exe)

      Fast User
    Compatibility &
    Shell Hardware
    (shsvcs.dll via



    Shadow Copy

    (webclnt.dll via




    Layer Gateway
     (alg.exe) and
    Firewall (ICP) /
      (fwcfg.dll via

    Windows Image
    (wiaservc.dll via

    (wmisvc.dll via

Wireless Zero
(wzcsvc.dll via

 (wmisvc.dll via
 svchost.exe) &

    (wkssvc.dll via

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