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					                                  Meeting Minutes
                           Saturday, October 13, 2007
                         Chowan University, Murfreesboro

Called to Order by:   Ralph Evans, Director

Members Present:      Selma Allen, Brenda Dail, Karen Dameron, Betty Pugh,
                      Marianne Russell, Amy Steinert, Tonsa Walton-Gary, and
                      Brenda Winborne.

                      Also present were David Jones, Weldon; Dr. Brenda Tinkham,
                      Chowan University; and Ralph Evans.

Members Absent:       Tracy Gary, Anna Howell, Linda Mason, Paula Mickey,
                      Twanna Morales, Pearl Sutton, and May Wilkins.

Agenda:               The agenda was approved as presented. (Moved by Tonsa
                      Walton-Gary, seconded by Karen Dameron, and approved

Minutes:              The minutes were approved as presented (Moved by Brenda
                      Dail, seconded by Betty Pugh, and approved unanimously).

Budget Report:        The budget report was approved as presented (Moved by
                      Selma Allen, seconded by Brenda Winborne, and approved

Information Items:    Membership Dues: Ralph reminded the members that
                      membership dues are due September 15, 2007, and recognized
                      LEAs who had already paid dues for 2007-08.

                      Update Collaborative Calendar: Ralph opened the floor for
                      additions to the Collaborative calendar.

                      2007-08 Meeting Schedule: Ralph shared the revised meeting
                      schedule and confirmed January 3-4, 2008 as the date for our
                      retreat. Ralph, Karen, and Tracy will meet in Tarboro to look
                      at retreat location options and bring a recommendation back to
                      the Collaborative at the December meeting.

                      Website Redesign: Ralph reported that the new website had
                      been published to the official Collaborative web address and
                      was operational. He asked representatives to provide feedback
                      on the new site as they continue to use it.

      11/10/2011                    1 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
                    University Partnership: Dr. Brenda Tinkham, Dean of the
                    School of Education, Chowan University shared with the group
                    some of the services Chowan may be able to offer the
                    Collaborative. Quality discussion followed including concerns
                    about meeting the 10-day training required of later entry
                    teachers prior to beginning their teaching.

                    Dr. Tinkham informed the Collaborative that she would
                    request that some of our concerns be placed on the agenda
                    when the NC ICU School of Education deans meet November
                    9, including the 10 days of staff development that Lateral Entry
                    teachers are required to have prior to entering the classroom.
                    She would also inform them that several local LEAs have
                    asked Chowan to work with them in providing this staff

                    Questions included the following:

                       1. What are the guidelines
                       2. What are the options – all ten days at one time or can it
                          be spread out over ten weeks
                       3. Can some or all of the hours be offered online
                       4. Could Effective Teacher Training be used for all or
                          part of this requirement
                       5. What is the flexibility in the topics that need to be
                       6. Any other help would be appreciated

Action Items:       Strategic Plan: Due to the significant discussion with Dr.
                    Tinkham, the Collaborative decided to postpone action on this
                    item until the November meeting.

Plus/Delta:         See below.

Announcements:      The next meeting will be held at Perquimans County Schools
                    central office November 2, 2007

Adjourn:            With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

_______________________________________, Director

_______________________________________, Recording Secretary

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                     LEA Rep Drive-In Conference Feedback

                                      October 13, 2007

1. IHE collaboration. Great discussion. Ralph continues to provide great leadership.
2. Good attendance. Great discussion.
3. Good discussion with Dr. Tinkham (thanks!!!). 10 day LE planning. Meeting place. Great
4. Good info. Good for BT’s. Developed strategies for solving LE problems.

1. None

1. The NE has the potential to impact the state!
2. We really need to follow-up on the 10-day lateral requirement. We let the ball drop last year.
   Make it an agenda item for each meeting.

                 Support Coach Drive-In Conference Feedback

                                      October 13, 2007

1. INTASC activity – I can’t wait to use with my teachers. I got a much better understanding of
    these standards.
2. The INTASC information was extremely helpful. Activities that we could do in our Teacher
    Talk meetings were good.
3. Just the chance to meet with other support coaches is a plus. Barbara let the coaches describe
    what we needed help with. Good INTASC activity – got to work with and meet other coaches.
4. Enjoyed lunch. Useful and informative information. Standards in motion activity
5. Presentation was excellent, relevant, and very timely. The handouts will be effective and
    helpful in working with mentors. Suggestions for IGP development were helpful! Openness of
    session to share concerns/ideas. Group work – loved!
6. The handouts. The presenter. The INTASC standards in simple language.
7. Strategies for holding a Teacher Talk – INTASC standards.
8. Useful information. Good sharing. Information to be e-mailed. Lunch was good.
9. Useful information. Working in groups. Great ideas for Teacher Talk sessions. Good lunch.
10. Good information. Lunch.
11. Great planning. Interesting material and resources.

        11/10/2011                       3 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
1.   Breakfast!
2.   Lunch
3.   Support coaches needed time to be in the other sessions as well
4.   Hard to attend on Saturday. More bottled water available.
5.   Having to come on Saturday
6.   No stipend (I feel this is our time – Sat.). No breakfast. Some of speakers – no show. More
     drinks should be available.

1. I’m a new coach so this was great. I got a lot of my questions answered today. The chocolate
   chip cookies were great!
2. I loved this! It was very helpful to me.
3. Barbara is such a great collaborator 
4. Valuable information.
5. Thank you for well-planned conference!
6. Great presenter, great information.
7. Overall, a good session.
8. I really feel that although we are getting good information that we need to receive a stipend
   because we are attending on Saturday and taking our time to come.

                   New Teacher Drive-In Conference Feedback

                                      October 13, 2007

1.  Learned more ways to help me in classroom management – also classroom difference.
2.  Hands on activities. Valuable information. Excellent resources.
3.  Speakers were excellent. Technology in classroom very informative and helpful.
4.  The sessions were very informative and relevant especially differentiation in the classroom.
    Enjoyed our lunchtime away from sessions.
5. Beginning Teacher Seminar IGP, TPAI Resources. Differentiation Seminar modeled a
    classroom environment.
6. Technology session was excellent. Differentiated learning was good.
7. Enjoyed seeing difference in ethical, legal, and policy issues. Review of INTASC and IGP was
    helpful. Group participation activities in the differentiation session were fun and creative! I
    like having a group leader that modeled good teaching with interaction.
8. Enjoyed discussion about IEP’s. Very relevant. Liked how the differentiated instruction
    session was hands-on.
9. Ms. Askew informative (technology) hands on. Mr. Johnson wonderful speaker, informative.
10. I like the session topic: technology in the classroom.

        11/10/2011                        4 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
11. Presenters were excellent as always. Maybe take a little more time with certain websites. Have
    Ms. Beasley teach classroom management.
12. Sessions were very informative. Picked up some strategies to incorporate in the classroom.
    Instructors were well prepared. Had an opportunity to network with teachers from other
13. On schedule. Good information.
14. Great opportunity for first year teachers to gain greater understandings of objectives.
15. Choosing sessions to attend. Great information. Energetic instructors. Nice location. Good
    lunch. Friendly people.
16. I attended classroom management. I rec’d very enlighten information about learning to care for
    child and learn about the child. This will encourage the child to learn. Sometimes we as
    teachers need to come outside the teacher role and play the mother’s role.
17. Valuable information
18. Wallace Johnson. A great class. A very nice speaker. Urania Harrell: a wonderful motivator.
    She gave me many helpful ideas.
19. Info on teaching requirements. W. Johnson is the man!
20. Food, informative, wasn’t so long, Very friendly.
21. Mrs. Harrell was a great speaker, not a boring workshop at all. I enjoyed sitting, listening, and
    interacting with other. Very well prepared with lots of helpful information. Differentiated
    instruction workshop - very fun! Very hands on.

22. Very organized breakout sessions. Good sharing session with other coaches (support coach
    mtg.) Barbara did an excellent job answering coach questions (support coach mtg.)

23. Presentations. Hands – on activities. Time frame.

24. Technology in the classroom – fantastic. Differentiated instructions – wonderful.

25. New teacher requirement session was very informative. Great info. On IGP.

26. Informative. Both sessions helpful. Things I can immediately use.

27. Some websites given during the technology seminar were helpful. Thanks for lunch.

28. The differentiated instruction was very good. I got some good ideas about moving kids into
    groups and how each group does a different activity. Length of session was appropriate.

29. Very informative. Lunch was great. Staff was very polite and accommodating.

30. The sessions were very good and informative. Learned a lot.

31. Laughing is good. Lunch was delicious.

32. Some of the classroom management handouts looked very helpful. Lunch was yummy.

33. Clean discussion. The classroom management session had a lot of good info and I loved the
    resource packet.

       11/10/2011                         5 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
34. Lunch.

35. Good conversation. Ready to fill out IGP. Great information on requirements and
    differentiated instruction – great ideas!

36. Mollie did a wonderful job on her presentation. Very accurate and knowledgeable. Lunch was

37. Good discussion about a topic that does need changing.

38. Mollie did a great job. Good information presented at director’s meeting.

39. Beginning teacher requirements great presentation – good info engaging. Good lunch.

40. Very well planned, delicious lunch. Had a session for support coaches – excellent! Time of
    year for conference.

41. For classroom management session – a very good reminders and awakening for new teachers.
    For technology. Amazing! A lot of technology, which I will use in my class.

42. Workshops were actually something that I can take back and put into use with better

43. Great job. I had fun.

44. Good information.

45. The technology session was great.

46. I attended classroom management and both technologies were great. Lunch was great!

47. Technology in the classroom was an excellent workshop. It was very engaging and gave
    excellent resources. Differentiated instruction seminar was engaging and gave ideas on how to
    make learning more engaging. Very hands-on.

48. Professional development.

49. Enjoyed the opportunity to talk with other newbies and learn new things @ the beginning of the

50. Classroom management was very helpful as we were able to discuss what was happening in our
    classroom. Resources were great. Differentiation was also great.

51. Really enjoyed the classroom management session. Lots of good information. Feel like it was
    good information/resources I can use.

52. The sessions were very informative.

       11/10/2011                         6 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
1. More presenters. Signs indicating location of meeting. Opportunity to attend all sessions.
2. More examples of implementing differential instruction. Some sessions by grade level or
    curriculum to exchange ideas. Vegetarian meals. Continental breakfast. Cap size sessions (first
    30 people for example).
3. Was looking forward to motivating the hard to reach students. Continental breakfast will be
    nice and highly appreciated 
4. No breakfast. Differentiation was just a little crammed and a basic rehash of college class.
5. Meeting started late! Technology sessions were not setup before time wasting valuable time.
    Lunch break was too long – again wasting my time.
6. Have teachers from the same district split into groups for each session so there’s someone that’s
    experienced every session and can share with the others. Shorter lunch break with an earlier
    dismissal would be nice. Maybe shorter each session and allow teachers time to rotate to each
    instead of chaos.
7. Would have like to visit more sessions. No breakfast.
8. Breakfast. Pre-registration. Needed more time for technology session. She had so much to
9. Have breakfast snacks before conference starts. Have back-up instructors in case the assigned
    instructors don’t show. Make sure sessions are not crowded. Disappointed that I couldn’t
    attend the “Motivating the Hard to Reach Student” session – no instructor.
10. Need breakfast. Make sure session presenters are on time.
11. No presenter from the session “Motivating the Hard to Reach Student’
12. On a Saturday without pay. Misinformed about breakfast. Misinformed about start time. Some
    presenters did not show up.
13. Continental breakfast. More notice of the workshop.
14. They informed us that breakfast would be served and wasn’t. The principle of keeping your
    word was broken and even though I made do, the principle was the point. No pay. Teacher not
    available for class I wanted.
15. Disorganized. Was told to be 8:30; started after 9:00. Some session canceled because no
    teacher. Sat. and Sun. is usually my family time. My daughter had homecoming tonight.
16. More emphasis on examples of successful form completion.
17. Needs organized classrooms (have teachers assigned before hand? Maybe something they can
    fill out early and turn in.
18. Lunch was too long.
19. Too much time allowed for lunch since we didn’t leave campus – would rather keep working
    and leave earlier.
20. Directions needed (many people were lost signs should have been posted). Breakfast needed.
    Lunch chorus.
21. Dirty restrooms. Continental breakfast needed. Refreshments needed (especially water).
22. Was told to be here at 8:30; did not begin until 9:10. Intro seemed to be much disorganized
    with some presenters not present.
23. My one session I wanted badly “How to Reach Students” wasn’t able to. Wasted 30mins. On
    lunch break. 4 smaller concise sessions instead of 2 long sessions.

        11/10/2011                       7 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
24. I feel as if being given classroom management strategies other than Harry Wong’s would be
    helpful. I have been given Mr. Wong’s strategies repeatedly over the past few months, and
    would like some alternatives. Session lengths seemed a little too long. There wasn’t quite
    enough content to fill the time.
25. More suggestions and advice with classroom management. Not being able to go to more
26. Slightly disorganized.
27. I was unable to attend all sessions and I wanted to be in all sessions, so it would be good to have
    a longer time. I would have liked it if this was in August.
28. Differentiated instruction. I didn’t leave with any take always for my classroom. I learned
    more about why the facilitation runs workshops the way he does rather than about the
    workshop’s topic. Off topic (i.e. humor)
29. 2002 – 2003? Breakout sessions by grade level/subject. New material (beyond basic) or focus
    on specific strategies. Instructors should add more than facilitation of sessions. A lot of wasted
    time during sessions? Transition.
30. The differentiated instructor treated us like child learners. No info given, it was simply people’s
    opinions. I wanted more concrete strategies. Learning goals and objectives were not clearly
31. Too much down time lunch doesn’t need to be an hour long. I am leaving with absolutely
    nothing new. I appreciate the attempt but overall this was worthless.
32. Try assigned sessions – crowded. Some sessions were cancelled-not sure if they showed up?
33. Shorten lunch to 30mins. So we could leave 30mins. Earlier.
34. Reduce lunch break from 1 hr. to 45mins. Most people were finished eating in 30-35 minutes.
35. Concerned those presenters didn’t show and sessions had to be closed. (Hopefully everyone
36. One of the sessions was a little cramped.
37. I wish I could have heard all the speakers. Maybe make the sessions shorter just so we can see
    all the presenters.
38. Not enough sessions.
39. I think that the technology session should be longer or have a part two. I felt that there were
    things I missed out on. Bigger classrooms.
40. I could not attend all sessions.
41. Have easy access to restrooms. Include breakfast. More available space and time. Have
    opportunity to attend all sessions.
42. Technology did not hit on elementary very much. We need to know what is involved before
43. Shorter class time to rotate to all classes. Provide 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice off classes.
44. Wanted a chance to see all sessions or information from other sessions. Continental breakfast
    next year.
45. Some sessions were cancelled. Shorten sessions so we can go to more.

1. I nearly enjoyed the drive-in conference.
2. Mr. Johnson was a very good instructor.
3. Look forward to next year.

       11/10/2011                         8 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
4. I enjoyed being here, but it wasn’t what I expected. I learned very little about actually
    differentiating. I know what it is, but I still don’t have confidence in achieving it in a given
    class. I felt I needed more time in that setting.
5. Very worthwhile
6. Overall, it was worthwhile, but logistics was not handled well.
7. Hmmm…everything was fun and educational. Lettuce and tomato with the sandwiches would
    be cool…maybe bring back the continental breakfast.
8. Very good conference. I learned things I can use in my classroom. (can’t wait for Atlantic
    beach conference)
9. Possibly would be better longer session topics or the participants could go not only two session
    topics. I think could be more (three or four). Thanks for all!
10. Always good.
11. Didn’t really learn anything in differentiating instruction session.
12. I enjoyed this; however having on Saturday was not fun. Otherwise things were good.
13. Overall, not a bad experience. I thought it was going to be a waste of time, but I actually
    enjoyed it.
14. I found these workshops to be interesting and fun.
15. Really liked the early lunch-most of us are on a school munch schedule and can’t make it until
    normal lunch at noon.
16. This is my first year attending and I really enjoyed it.
17. Overall, the drive-in conference was an assist to our teaching.
18. Overall, was worthwhile to attend, thank you!
19. Differentiating between grade levels in the sessions would help immensely, especially in the
    classroom management seminar. Our facilities were an elementary teacher in a room full of
    almost all HS teachers.
20. There are specific definitions for differentiated and I don’t think what everyone said during the
    workshop was accurate. In terms of classroom management – all we do is talk about Harry
    Wong – yes Harry Wong is great, but what happens when his methods fail or aren’t applicable.
    Let’s really talk about management – especially in regards to students with serious behavior
    issues, and are currently unable to function in groups/social environments. Let’s get real about
    the demographics and attitudes of the students in our counties. Tell me ways to handle students
    who come to school high or dig pencils in their skin to make tattoos. Going to workshops is not
    useful if we talk about the same material every time.
21. The session goals were not clearly communicated, by now we should know the definitions of
    things like classroom management and differentiated learning. We should not spend 30mins.
    On this general stuff. Adult learning and childhood learning are different! Making a graphic
    organizer representing a topic is NOT going to make me a better teacher!
22. I don’t feel that I walked away with any new knowledge. The differentiation session was not
    informative. I feel the instructor could have been more prepared. It seemed that a lot of the info
    I got was just a reputation of the countless other worships and articles/books I’ve read. Nobody
    had any expert advice. This is not worthwhile and I will not recommend it.
23. Same conversations about what classroom management is combined with a fake PowerPoint of
    a student named Teddy who doesn’t work.
24. I enjoyed today! The time flew by because we didn’t have much down time. I feel the day ran
    rather smoothly.
25. Give us more chances to attend as many sessions because everything seems important.

       11/10/2011                         9 of 10af4b7a63-a364-4aa9-9e51-faafcc0910be.doc
26. Very good information – worth coming on a Saturday.
27. 30-minute lunch break.
28. Very good information for me.
29. Sessions were very informative – I was concerned when some presenters didn’t show but the
    variety was still there.
30. I enjoyed myself and have so much to take back with me.
31. The conference is good but I felt that some of the sessions should emphasize more on classroom
    management. Weekdays would’ve been better.
32. Great workshop.
33. Could’ve attended all sessions. More drive-in conferences.
34. This was an excellent workshop. I learned how to provide better instruction to my students.
35. Moms like this session to be done are appropriate time.
36. Enjoyed it 
37. Really enjoyed it! Opened my eyes to new ways to do things.
38. It was worth coming out on Saturday.

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