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									                                                     Coast Guard Island
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                                              Base Support Unit Alameda
                                                            Committed to Mission Support Excellence

                                                    17 – 23 July 2011
[ Uniform of the Day is Tropical Blue. ODU Sleeves Up is authorized when approved by Division/Branch Chief IAW ALCOAST 291/11 ]
 Customer Service ID Card Hours: (510) 437-2905/5648                                    Shuttle Schedule (approximate times):
 Mon 0700 – 1530 (walk-ins); Tue, Wed, & Fri – By Appointment Only 0700 –               1st Stop on CGI: 0520, 0550, 0620, 0650, 0720, 0750, 0820, 0850, 0950, 1050, 1120,
 1530; Thu – By Appointment Only 0700 – 1200 (Afternoon Closed for Training             1150, 1220, 1250, 1350, 1450, 1520, 1550, 1620, 1650, 1720, 1750
                                                                                        2nd Stop is OFB: 0535, 0605, 0635, 0705, 0735, 0805, 0835, 0905, 1005, 1105, 1135,
 Third Saturday of every month 0800–1530 Appointment Only
                                                                                        1205, 1235, 1305, 1405, 1510, 1540, 1610, 1640, 1710, 1740, 1815
 Medical / Dental/Pharmacy: All are closed Thursday afternoons                          3rd Stop is Lake Merritt Bart: 0540, 0610, 0640, 0710, 0740, 0810 , 0840, 0910, 1010,
 Medical - Please call for an appt 510-437-3581                                         1110, 1140, 1210, 1240, 1310, 1410, 1505, 1535, 1605, 1635, 1735, 1805
 Dental - Call for an appt 510-437-3615
 Pharmacy: 0630-1130 & 1230-1500 (510-437-3602)
 Optometry – Call for an appt 510-437-5988
                                                                                        4th Stop is North side of Embarcadero at Livingston: 0545, 0615, 0645, 0715, 0745,
 MWR Ticket Office: (510) 437-3578 Hours: Mon-Fri 1000-1530                             0815, 0845, 0915, 1015, 1115, 1145, 1215, 1245, 1315, 1415, 1515, 1545, 1615, 1645,
 Gym Hours: M-F: 0545-2100; Sat/Sun/Holiday: 0800-1800                                  1715, 1745
 Galley: Mon-Fri Breakfast 0630-0800 $2.30; Lunch 1100-1300 $4.25;                      Exchange (510) 437-3165 Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1800; Sat 0900-1700;
         Dinner 1630-1800 $4.25                                                                                        Sun 1000-1600; Gas Station is Self Service

 Sat-Sun: Breakfast 0700-0800 $2.30; Lunch 1115-1230 $4.25;                             Barber Shop (510) 437-3160 Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600
          Dinner 1730-1830 $4.25

                  COAST GUARD DAY INFO                                                                            OPM ROADSHOW
     Join in the fun and splendor of celebrating Coast Guard                              Date: Thu 21 Jul at 0930-1015 in Gresham Hall
     Day on Coast Guard Island Alameda on Thursday 4                                      Detailer: LCDR Ricardo Alonso (Prevention Assignments
     August 2011 from 0930 to 1430. “Tickets” are going to be                             (O4-O5))
     sold this year in form of bracelets. A bracelet is $1.00                             This is an outstanding opportunity to hear the latest and
     which provides entry, water, 4 food options and 5 game                               greatest information concerning the Officer assignments
     tickets. Family photo taken by CGEA is $1. Additional                                process and ask questions directly of the Detailer. There's
     food/game tickets may be purchase 6 for $5. Pre-Sales                                been some changes in the Resume submission timelines.
     will start soon (more info as soon as it becomes available).                         For anyone wishing to make appointments to meet with
     Bracelets also sold the day of the festival.                                         the Detailer individually, 12 appts of 15 min each are
                      Must be present to win!                                             available between 1045 - 1500. To make an appointment,
                        No Pets Allowed!                                                  please contact ENS Chris Schleck via e-mail at
     Door prizes and awards are given out starting at 1330 at
                                                                                          The appointment schedule will be finalized Monday, 18Jul,
     the stage. You must be present to win. Carpooling and
                                                                                          at which time a confirmation e-mail will be sent indicating
     using the shuttle are highly recommended. Parking plan
                                                                                          time/location and information to bring w/you to the
     to be announced as it gets closer to August. Shuttles are
     for Military I.D. Card Holders only.

     Click here to see what your unit is doing to help run the                            Submitted by LCDR John Taylor
     festivities. In addition to CG Members, Civilians and
     Spouses, several local organizations are helping out too!
                                                                                                  CG VOLUNTEERS AT GRAND PRIX
                                                                                          Infineon Raceway is seeking volunteers for pre-race
                                                                                          festivities for Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma Race 28 Aug.
               CUTTERMAN’S CALL 21 JULY                                          
     dPrix.pdf                                                                            POC is SK1 Shane Swartz, Station Rio Vista
     Submitted by ENS Zehringer, CGC WAESCHE
                                Love your work, be passionate, take pride in your contributions to our Coast Guard and have fun every day.
                     NEW ENTRIES                                                                     RECURRING FEATURES
               NEW ENTRIES                                                                              CGI GALLEY MENU
During my TAP classes I usually get at least one if not
several people asking me "what do you think will                                                     Don’t forget about the Grab N Go
happen to social security?" I did some research. I                                                   THIS WEEK
                                                                                                     lunches in the fridge at the Galley
found a little guide book put out by Boston College that                           Tue 21 Sep: CGEA Meeting
                                                                                                     entrance. Healthy, Quick Lunches
you can read for free at the below web address. The                                                  for those You on the Go!
book is called "The Social Security Fix IT Book."                                                SAVE THE DATE!

Submitted by CJ Johnson, HSWL Work Life
                                                                                 SEA WEST CREDIT UNION – News for You
                                                                                               “Alternatives to Pay Day Loans”
                                                                                 Pay day loans create more problems than they solve and
            VETERAN JOB FAIR                                                     yet, twelve million Americans are trapped every year in a
          INCLUDES BLOOD DRIVE                                                   cycle of 400% interest payday loans. Statistics tell us that
It’s time to register for the Early Fall session at                              many of those stuck in this cycle are members of the
Columbia College which runs from 15 Aug to 8 Oct.                                military. Payday loans are NEVER a good idea!
Registration starts on Tue 5 Jul.                                      
pdf                                                                                                           CGI SPORTS
Update provided by: Terry Garrison, BSU/PSSU                                     You’re invited to play Ultimate Frisbee every Tuesday and
                                         Ombudsman                               Friday on the CGI softball field from 1130-1300. All skill
                                                                                 levels are welcome! Contact ET1

               Alameda/Oakland Area                                              Try Whaleboat rowing every Mon & Wed at 1130 at Taney
Announcing the opening of a new shuttle service on 15                            Pier. Be sure to wear smooth (no seams) bike shorts or
Aug running from Alameda near the CG Housing area                                something similar. Be a part of carrying on the great Coast
to the Lake Merritt BART station. This service could be                          Guard tradition of whaleboat rowing.
of great use to personnel in housing or who are looking
to ride their bikes from housing to CG Island. The                               Indoor Soccer (Futsal): You're invited to play 5 v 5 Indoor
attachment includes a map to clarify the shuttle                                 Soccer (Futsal) every Wed at 1100 beginning 10 Aug. CGI
location.                                                                        tournament is in the winter. Contact LT Jorge Valente                     to sign up and for more
.jpg                                                                             information. All skill levels welcome!
There is also a ribbon cutting ceremony on August 15
at 10AM. At our meeting we will be discussing our                                CGI FUN RUNS: July 27, August 31, Sept 28, October 26
participation in the ribbon cutting ceremony.                                    and November 22 (Tuesday). Starts at 1130 at the gazebos.
                                                                                 For more information or to volunteer to help, contact
When: Monday, July 18 7pm                                               .
Where: Otaez Restaurant; on Webster between Lincoln
and Pacific. We usually meet at the tables in the back
of the restaurant.
See more info at:                                                                Incident Command System (ICS) courses are still being                              offered at CGI. The course list has been updated to include
                                                                                 classes through Sep 2012. 
Submitted by LTjg Keith Endres, MIFCPAC
                                                                                 POC is LCDR Lauren Cox, D11 ICS Coordinator

In keeping our roster of speakers current following the
transfer season, we're requesting interested speakers
(active duty, civilian, reservists, auxiliary) to please                                       LEGAL ASSISTANCE OFFICE
sign up on our website and fill out a speaker profile                                          “4 News at the Speed of Law”
                                                                                 California Allows Military Members to Terminate
Click here for the rest of the article:
                                                                                 Their Mobile Phone Contracts AND California’s Lemon Law
Submitted by PA2 Boehland & PAC Foster, D11 PAO

                         Love your work, be passionate, take pride in your contributions to our Coast Guard and have fun every day.
                      THIS WEEK                                                        NEED TO FIND A DUBLIN VAN POOL?
Mon 18 Jul: East Bay Job Fair & Blood Drive                                                               Click here:                   
Wed 20 Jul: Deadline for Car/MC Show Entry Applications
Thu 21 Jul: CPOA BBQ 1100-1300 near Softball Field
Thu 21 Jul: Cutterman’s Call 1600-1900 Chief’s Hut
                                                                                           “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”
                                                                                  Enter your ride in the CG Day Car & Motorcycle Show
                                                                                  Don’t miss the 20 Jul deadline! Fill out your entry
                                                                                  application today and email, mail or deliver it to Mr.
                  SAVE THE DATE!                                                  Guiteau. Parking starts at 0800. Limited to 50 vehicles.
Wed 27 Jul: Fun Run/Walk 1130 at the Gazebos                            
Thu 4 Aug: Coast Guard Day 0930-1430 on CGI                                       G-Day2011CarShow.pdf
Wed 10 Aug: Futsal starts, Gym 1100 hrs

                                                                                               MOTORCYCLE SAFETY
           REPEATED ITEMS                                                                 ALL YEAR LONG – ON & OFF BASE
    SWIMMING POOL CLOSURE UPDATE                                                  Operating a motorcyle on base is a privilege. You can get
The pool will be closed at 0900 11 Jul – 25 Jul for the                           cited or lose your on-base motorcycle driving privileges if
boiler replacement. The heat was turned off 7Jul and will                                 you are in violation of COMDTINST 5100.47
lose temperature approximately 1 degree every 8-12                      
hours. The pump and filtration will be turned off for                                                         e.pdf
demolition first thing Monday morning (11Jul). Lap swim
will be allowed until 0900 Monday the 11th. The pool will
be closed at that time but the locker room will remain
open. For further information please contact ext 3538.                                                  CG HERITAGE RUN
                                                                                  The Coast Guard Running Club is hosting an event to
                                                                                  celebrate the Coast Guard's and Station Golden Gate's
   COLUMBIA COLLEGE REGISTRATION                                                  Heritage. Below is a flyer and registration form for either a
It’s time to register for the Early Fall session at Columbia                      12k or 5k run. Please come and participate in this
College which runs from 15 Aug to 8 Oct. Registration                             celebration on Coast Guard Day, August 4th, 2011.
started on Tue 5 Jul.                                                             Contact BM2 William Fitzsimmons or BM3 David Jones                            with any questions or to volunteer to help with the event.
           JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                      HeritageRunRoute.pdf
HSWL-FO Alameda has now placed Job Announcements
on their public folder. Go to All Public Folders, click D11,
click D11-PF-HSWL FO Alameda & then click D11-PF-FO
Job Announcements.

                                                                                                   CALLING ALL GOLFERS!
      ALL SERVICES RETIREE SEMINAR                                                The CPOA-Golden Gate Chapter is excited to announce
The Northern California Coast Guard Retiree Council is                            their upcoming Charity Golf Tournament, to be held on
hosting an All Services Retiree Seminar on CGI on                                 Thurs Sept 1st, 2011, at Mare Island Golf Club.
Saturday 27 August 2011.                                                                             GolfClassic.pdf
ug11.pdf                                                                          Registration: OSCS Marsh at
                                                                                  Payments: $65 each

Don't miss this opportunity to score discount tickets for
upcoming race events! CPOA Golden Gate has teamed up
with Infineon Raceway and will be selling tickets for the
next two upcoming Infineon Raceway Events. ). Tickets
are $20 ea. Contact ETC for
tickets. Thank you for supporting the CPOA!
               Indy® Grand Prix of Sonoma
                  on Sunday 28 August

                        Love your work, be passionate, take pride in your contributions to our Coast Guard and have fun every day.

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