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					                             LETTER OF SPONSORSHIP
                            DALE CITY TRACK LEAGUE
                                     5884 Moonbeam Dr.
                                    Woodbridge, VA 22193

Dear Friend,

It is my pleasure to offer you, your company or organization the opportunity to become an
Official Sponsor of the “Dale City Track League”. We are a non-profit organization whose
primary objective is to cultivate and develop young athletes within the Prince William County
area to become the athletes of the future. We will kick off our 2006 track season beginning April
1 2006. We expect to incur many known and unknown expenses in the development of this track
club. The expense of creating a club and providing a safe environment for our athletes is much
greater than one might expect. For example, the cost of relay batons hurdles, starting blocks, and
other associated equipment for training will be a significant expense. These expenses in
conjunction with field maintenance, repairs and other miscellaneous expenses will exceed what
we receive in registrations. In addition, for those athletes whose parents financial limitations
prohibits them from participating, we will work with the parent (s) to provide some measure of
aid so that the child may participate. For our accomplishments check our site http://www.cya-

We rely on the support of individuals and local area business to help provide these services to the
youth in our community. We are in the process of developing a variety of fundraisers that will be
conducted between now and June 2006 to help fund our initiative. Our recruiting efforts indicate
that we will register over 50 kids this year. With this type of enrollment, we expect to be a major
player in the youth Track & Field arena. By helping us, you can help yourself. As a sponsor,
depending on what level of sponsorship you choose, your name and/or organization will follow
our track club wherever we go. If you have a web site, we will display your company or
organization on our web site so it can be viewed by thousands of people. In addition, your
contribution is totally tax deductible. If you choose to sponsor our organization, you can use our
Tax number EIN# 20-2722115 to write off your contribution. It’s a WIN-WIN scenario for all.

We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to your sponsorship and working with
you as we kick off our 2006 track season.

                                                     George M. Robinson

                        L                                    \l     ____________
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