Waiver of Subrogation by PastorGallo

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If anyone requests a waiver of subrogation to be added to a
certificate of insurance, let them know Youth for Christ will NOT
add a waiver of subrogation.

What is a waiver of subrogation? It is an agreement not to
subrogate on a claim. ???? Simply stated, a waiver puts ALL
liability on YFC regardless of possible negligence of the other

YFC does not want - nor can we afford - to accept complete

                         Here is an example:
YFC sponsors a baseball game at a park with a set of bleachers for
spectators. The park is owned by the city. The city requests a
certificate of insurance with a waiver of subrogation. YFC issues a
certificate with the waiver.

One of the benches, in need of repair, collapses causing injuries to
several people. The owner of the property was negligent in
keeping the benches properly maintained.

YFC paid for medical treatment for all injuries, and for the
replacement of the damaged bench, because we were the sponsor
of the baseball game.

Standard procedure would be for YFC to go the city for
reimbursement of all money paid out. However due to the waiver
of subrogation, YFC assumes responsibility for all injuries and any
property damage.

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The park is the only place large enough to hold our event. The
person asking for the certificate says we need a waiver. What do
we do about the waiver? You can ask the person requesting the
waiver a couple of questions such as:

     1. Is the waiver mandatory?
     2. Why do you need the waiver?
     3. Can the waiver be waived for this event?

If the city says the waiver is mandatory and will not waive it for
your event, an alternative must be found. YFC does not want nor
can we afford to accept complete liability.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss a waiver of
subrogation, please feel free to give Debbie Wederski a call at

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