New Balance 060 Trail running shoes

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					New Balance 060.
Trail running shoes.

Project                             Problem                               Objective
Using the Pronghorn Antelope        Antelope maximize the length          Create a trail running shoe that
as inspiration, create a piece of   of their stide, and therefore their   helps the user keep weight on
footwear with an emphasis           speed, by keeping their weight        the ball of the foot while running.
on speed.                           on their toes.

Concept   The concept began by looking at the Pronghorn Antelope, which is the second fastest
          land animal and trying to understand why it is able to run so fast. The way that the bone
          structure is contructed keeps the antelope on it’s toes - and keeping the weight forward
          causes the antelope to take longer strides and therefore allows it to run faster. My goal
          became making a piece of footwear that would help keep a runner’s weight forward.

                                                The mesh bootie provides sock like comfort to the
                                                wearer, and helps cover the foot and ankle.

                                                TPU straps run across the bootie and are attached
                                                to the midsole. They gently pull the heel forward
                                                towards the ball of the foot to help promote a longer
                                                stride while running.

Appearance   The appearance of the shoe come from several sources. First, the pronghorn antelope
             and it’s hooves. Also, there was a desire to illustrte some of the functionality throught the
             appearance - both it’s durability as a trail shoe, and it’s emphasis on keeping weight forward.
             Lastly, keeping consistent with New Balance running footwear.

Final Appearance
Final Design   The final design centers around a sock with a kind of skeletal stucture designed to slightly
               pull the foot forward. The lacing system is intended to keep the foot locked in place, and
               the panels on the front of the shoe are extra durable. The upper goes fiarly high on the
               ankle in order to help gently pull the runner’s weight forward.

                        Final Functionality
Final Design   The final design, is meant to be distinctive while maintaining a unique funtionality. It can
               potentially help runner’s perform at their best while still turning heads.

                              Final Design

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