Sample Sponsorship Letter

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									This is a template that can be used to customize a letter requesting sponsorship for a
particular event. The potential sponsor is asked to kindly sponsor the event in
exchange for exposure of their company. The requesting party can elect which benefit
the potential sponsor will gain from sponsorship. These choices include having the
sponsor's name included in meeting announcements and promotional materials, having
the sponsorship noted in the introduction, the opportunity to introduce the program and
the speaker, free booth space or table space to showcase products or services, or
acknowledgment on program learning materials. This template is ideal for individuals or
small businesses that want to solicit sponsors for a particular event.
                              SPONSORSHIP LETTER

Date: __________________

Last Name: _______________________               First Name: ____________________

Address:          _____________________________________
City:             _____________________________________
State & Zip code: _____________________________________

Dear Mrs. /Mr. _____________:
I am writing to see if you and [Company Name] would be interested in sponsoring a
presentation for the members of [Your Organization]. We would like to invite
__________________ to present a program on how [State the topic of the event].
The program would be {Explain the event and what the program consists of]. This
program is presented by ______________, a member of the [Name of Organization],
and has been presented to audiences across the ______________. More detail about
_________________________ and his/her presentations is available at her website,

The program would be held on [Date, Time, and Location]. Your generous sponsorship
would be highlighted by [Select from following list]:

                Company name in meeting announcements and promotional materials
                Your generous sponsorship noted in ____________’s introduction
                An opportunity to introduce the program and the speaker.
                Free booth space or table to showcase products or services.
                Acknowledgement on program learning materials.

You and any other representatives of [Name of Company] would be most welcome to
attend so that we could thank you personally for your support.
The estimated audience of [Number] would benefit tremendously from your generosity.
The cost to sponsor the educational program would be $_____. I would be most
appreciative of a telephone call to let me know of your interest.
You may reach me at [Phone Number]. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
for considering this request.



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                                                SPONSORSHIP LETTER

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