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					PowerBuilder 11’s Intelligent Updater:
.NET Smart Client Application Publishing
John Strano
Technology Evangelist
Sybase, Inc.
                                        PowerBuilder 11
      .NET Assemblies                      Overview                       .NET Windows Forms
                                      (presented Nov. 20, 2007)            And Interoperability
   (presented Nov. 13, 2007)

          Jim O’Neil                                                           Dec. 4, 2007
                                             Jim O’Neil
      Systems Consultant
                                         Systems Consultant
                                                                                Jim O’Neil
                                                                            Systems Consultant

   Web Service
                                            PowerBuilder 11
                                                                                  .NET Web Forms
                                            .NET Deployment
    Feb. 5, 2008                            Webcasts                                 Dec. 11, 2007
    John Strano                                                                       David Fish
Technology Evangelist                                                            Engineering Evangelist
                           .NET Web Services          .NET Smart Client

                               Jan. 29, 2008              Jan. 15, 2008

                                David Fish                John Strano
                           Engineering Evangelist     Technology Evangelist

• PowerBuilder Roadmap

• Smart Client Overview

• Demo: Publishing PowerBuilder Smart Client applications

• Additional Resources

• Q&A
PowerBuilder Roadmap

• Version 11 released in June 2007
• 11.1 Maintenance Release in November 2007
• Delivers on third-phase of PowerBuilder’s .NET initiative
      2008                         2008                           2009
 PowerBuilder 11.2            PowerBuilder 11.5               PowerBuilder 12

• AJAX support for Web        • Core .NET                     • .NET in IDE
  Forms Applications            enhancements                  • WPF support at
• EAServer .NET Client        • DataWindow                      design- and run-time
  Support                       enhancements for              • Fully managed code
• Enhancement requests          Win32 and .NET                  at deployment
                              • Updated database              • PowerScript
                                support                         Language
                              • Enhancement                     Enhancements

                                                   Multiple               Power
     Language            Application
                                                   Platform                And
   Independence          Connectivity
                                                   Support             Performance
PowerBuilder .NET Windows Form (WinForm) Applications
•   Preserves PowerBuilder development skills
     – Create a PowerBuilder application
     – Deploy it as a .NET Windows Form application

•   Supports most features available in PowerBuilder Win32 applications
     –   PowerScript language features
     –   DataWindow, Editmask, RichText, InkEdit, InkPicture,…
     –   DataStore, Transaction, ResultSet,…
     –   Most system functions
Why Deploy as a .NET WinForm Application?
•   Consume .NET classes via PowerScript .NET interoperability

•   Publish/Deploy PowerBuilder applications using Smart Client techniques
PowerBuilder .NET Smart Client Support

• Solves the biggest headache of all…
                   …Application Deployment

• The best of the Rich Client world
• The ubiquity of the Web
Comparison Among Rich, Thin, and Smart Clients
                                         Rich Client   Thin Client   Smart Client
Rich user experience                        Yes            No            Yes
Responsive                                  Yes            No            Yes
Heavy footprint                             Yes            No            No
DLL hell                                    Yes            No            No
Network dependency                           No           Yes            No
Easy deployment                              No           Yes            Yes
Developer productivity                      Yes            No            Yes
Occasionally connected                       No            No            Yes
Performs well in low bandwidth network       No            No            Yes
Uses local resources                        Yes            No            Yes
PowerBuilder .NET Smart Client Support
• Occasionally connected
   – PowerBuilder with MobiLink
• Always up-to-date applications
   – PowerBuilder’s “Intelligent Updater”
• Maximize performance using client resources
   – PowerBuilder applications deployed as Windows Form (Rich Client)
• Communicate utilizing Web Services
   – PowerBuilder’s Web Service DataWindow
• Utilize network resources
   – PowerBuilder’s Web Service DataWindow
   – PowerBuilder’s “Intelligent Updater”
   – PowerBuilder with MobiLink
Intelligent Updater Overview
 • Reduces pain of updating a typical client-server application

 • PowerBuilder 11 simplifies the “ClickOnce” technology
   of .NET Framework

 • Makes deploying a Windows Form application as easy as
   deploying a Web application
Deployment Model

 Application installations and updates are deployed via
  centralized servers (via HTTP, FTP, UNC,…)

 The Intelligent Updater in Action
Further Resources
 Prerequisites Packages use *.MSI files.
 You will need to author an *.MSI file for each prerequisite “package”.

 A profiling of multiple MSI authoring tools
 http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/msi/authoring.htm
Further Resources
   You can use InstallerEditor to customize a prerequisite component
   InstallerEditor is an OpenSource tool.
   It can be obtained from…
   http://www.devage.com/Wiki/ViewArticle.aspx?name=dotnetinstaller&v
Further Resources

 PowerBuilder Demonstration Recordings…

 http://www.sybase.com/products/development/powerbuilder/videos

 Recorded Webcasts from this series…

 http://www.sybase.com/products/development/powerbuilder/webcasts
Getting Your Hands on PowerBuilder 11

• Do you have an Update Subscription Plan (USP)?
   – Access the Sybase Product Download Center (SPDC) at
   – Download PowerBuilder 11 and companion products
   – Generate license keys
• Need new or additional licenses?
   – Contact your Sybase sales office (US/Canada: 1-800-8-SYBASE)
   – Visit e-shop at http://eshop.sybase.com

• Can I use the Intelligent Updater to publish my Win32
  PowerBuilder applications?

• The Intelligent Updater was designed to publish only .NET
  WinForm-deployed PowerBuilder applications.
   – However, if you can bear some limited functionality, a Win32
     PowerBuilder application can be packaged in an *.MSI file and
     published/deployed as a “prerequisite”.

• Do I have to use IIS as my Smart Client Publishing server
  when using HTTP?

• Yes.
• PowerBuilder's .NET Smart Client publishing enhances
  “ClickOnce” technology which is closely integrated with IIS.

• What tool should I use to author *.MSI files for use with
  publishing my application’s prerequisites?

• Profile of various MSI authoring tools…
• http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/msi/authoring.htm

• Will the Intelligent Updater publish my entire application each
  time, or just the modified portions?

• As of PowerBuilder 11.1, only the modified portions (.NET
  Modules) of the application should be downloaded.
• However, the .NET modules for all the PBLs in the application
  and any unchanged data files included as resources are
  downloaded to the client in the GA version of PowerBuilder
  11.1. [CR 479418]
Thank you.

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