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Strategic_Planning by B898s5U


									                             Strategic Planning
This list of suppliers was pre-qualified for the ICT Management Consultants multi-use list category
                                        of Strategic Planning.

                          Version 33.0 – 30 September 2011
                                    Service Type Definition

    Refers to the development and implementation of the planning process and documentation,
   examining how ICT should be used to achieve and support the organisation‘s overall business
                                    strategy and objectives.


 All supplier information is as provided by the supplier in their application. Accordingly, before
    relying on information provided in the ICT MCL, agencies should independently verify its
accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes. Agencies must ensure that any
             procurement process is undertaken in accordance with agency guidelines.

  In selecting suppliers, agencies may invite all or some of the listed suppliers to submit tenders,
provided that the largest number of potential suppliers is selected that is consistent with an efficient
             procurement process. (See Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines 8.24)

If you have any questions about the multi use list (the List), please call us on 02 6215 2030 or send
us an email

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             451 Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Gerard O'Hara
Address                       Level 1, 377 Montague Road
Suburb                        West End
State                         Queensland        Postcode             4101
Telephone                     00732550457       Facsimile            0732550119
ABN                           90079617575

Company Background
Since 2001, 451 Consulting has assisted over 45 government and private sector organisations
become more successful through delivery of 400 assignments. We offer highly responsive and
scalable solutions through our 32 experienced consultants and access to over 80 highly pre-qualified
contractors. Our business and government clients value 451 Consulting as trusted advisors and
capability partners in the formulation and realisation of strategic and operational goals. We provide
management and technology consulting services to Brisbane (headquarters), Sydney, Melbourne,
Canberra, and New Zealand markets. You can be confident in selecting 451 Consulting as over 90%
of the organisations we have partnered with since 2001 have nominated 451 as a preferred partner
when addressing new organisational challenges; a fact that is fully supported by written testimonials
and repeat work. The majority of people in 451 Consulting are long standing members of the
Australian consulting and contracting community, having served with international consulting
organisations and major public and private organisations over many years. 451 offers you a rich
history, deep experience and pragmatic methodology.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
451 Consulting has an outstanding track record of delivery insight, integrity and value on every
client assignment. We have a fully operational quality management system and our high-quality
performance is demonstrated by our appointment to numerous Government and private sector
panels, some of which include: - Department of Defence (Management Consulting Services) -
Department of Public Works (Whole-of-Government Panel for Project Management Coaching,
Training and Mentoring) - Ergon Energy (Six panels across Project Management, Strategic
Consulting and ICT Consulting Services) - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Aviation Safety
Consultancy MUL Panel) - Queensland Health (ICT Contracting Services, and Internal Audit) -
Suncorp (ICT Contracting and Project Management Resourcing) - Asia Pacific Utilities Group
(Management Consulting Services) - Department of Transport and Main Roads (ICT Consulting
and Contracting Services) - Corporate Services Queensland (PMO Panel) - Queensland Investment
Corporation (Program Health Checks & PMO Review Panels) - Department of Communities and
Disability Services Qld (Project Management Training, Coaching and Mentoring) - Local
Government Association Queensland (Learning and Development, and Business Services
Consulting) - Gold Coast City Council (Training, Organisational Development and People
Management) - City of Townsville (Panel of Providers for Business Management Consultant
Services) - Department of Emergency Services (Internal Audit)
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
451 Consulting possess strong expertise and experience in developing ICT strategy, converting
Strategy into Action, and delivering operational improvements. The 451 Strategic Planning
approach ensures a strong coupling between strategy, key performance indicators, line management
and projects, while simultaneously building bridges between Strategy and Operations, and between
Business and Information Systems and Services. Recent examples include: a) The Department of
Communities, Disability Services Queensland and Department of Child Safety have a dedicated
internal ICT function for each department and the three agencies share ICT services provided by
Shared Information Solutions. 451 was engaged to build strategic direction, clarify accountabilities,
identify future service requirements and build a transition plan for the new ICT governance model.
The COBIT framework was used to understand the key processes undertaken by each department,
together with a self-assessment of their existing roles and responsibilities. Particular focus was
given to developing a Value Proposition, strategic Governance Framework, Service Delivery
Model, and clarified responsibilities and accountabilities for ICT processes. b) Ergon Energy
identified gaps between their Business Unit and Enterprise level strategic plans. 451 was engaged to
redefine the strategic planning and business planning processes to further integrate the strategy into
action process. Working closely with business unit heads and facilitating several successful
workshops, 451 assisted Ergon Energy to consolidate their planning activities to align their future
direction. To provide further value, 451 provided significant knowledge transfer to the client
through this process, which will allow future planning to be undertaken in a more effective,
constructive manner.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             About Change Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mrs Kellie Turner
Address                       PO Box 7027
Suburb                        Yarralumla
State                         ACT               Postcode            2600
Telephone                     0410657074        Facsimile
ABN                           55111162317

Company Background
About Change Pty Ltd is a specialist change management company. Our focus is on helping
individuals and organisations to build their own capability in the field of organisational change
management. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to enable and support them through
the life of a change program or project. We offer services in change management strategy
development, planning, training, coaching and quality assurance. Our Managing Director, Kellie
Turner, has over 15 years experience as a change manager in both the public and private sectors.
She has successfully led change management teams on large change programs in complex
environments, including major government ICT projects.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
About Change Pty Ltd offers strategic planning services for ICT related organisational change
management. We collaborate with clients to develop a strategy that will enable the impact of the
change on stakeholders to be identified, planned for and managed. Key activities undertaken during
the strategic planning process include a comprehensive stakeholder and environmental analysis,
change impact assessment, communications analysis and training needs analysis. Information
obtained during these activities is utilised to develop a strategic plan and lower-level operational
plans. Our approach aims to minimise any negative impacts prior to the implementation of the
change, thereby maximising the opportunity for benefits to be realised.

About Change Pty Ltd is currently working with the Attorney General's Department to provide
guidance on strategic planning in change management for a major change project, including its ICT
components. We are working with the entire project team to develop a common understanding of
change management and how it needs to be applied. We are also providing practical advice to the
project leadership team and designated change manager on how to document their change
management strategy and operational plans.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Kellie Turner also recently worked with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to
provide strategic planning and advisory services in change management for the development and
implementation of automated border processing.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Acceleration Group Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Acceleration
Contact                        Mr Damian Anderson
Address                        Suite 901, 365 Little Collins Street
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria          Postcode             3000
Telephone                      00396024497       Facsimile            0386760300
ABN                            94113317972

Company Background
Acceleration is a privately owned management consulting and integrated marketing and technology
services company. Acceleration works collaboratively with clients to build market and customer
insight, build strategy that leverage ICT innovation and implement marketing and technology
programs with a customer / audience focus. Our holistic approach and depth of expertise allows
clients to fully explore the opportunities presented by ICT at a strategic level, whilst improving the
performance of operational and tactical activities and budgets. Since 1999, Australia‘s leading
businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies have chosen Acceleration because of our
ability to provide sound advice and solutions that improve organisational performance and enhance
competitive advantage. Acceleration has a progressive corporate culture with a commitment to
quality. We are known by our employees, customers and partners to value translating our client‘s
vision into our own objectives (and outcomes); closely aligning our business to the business of our
clients; understanding our client‘s unique requirements and delivering a sustainable competitive
advantage; managing projects with a continual focus on quality and control; inspiring creativity,
energy and enthusiasm in our staff, clients and end users; and client relationships based on mutual
respect and understanding.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Acceleration has considerable skills and track record in the delivery of strategic planning services to
Australian Government Agencies. We offer a structured planning service tailored to developing
strategy and implementation roadmaps for organisations wanting to leverage ICT, develop
eBusiness capability or implement ICT enabled marketing. Our approach is guided by three
principles: 1) External focus – who are our target markets and high propensity customers? What is
our value proposition to each of our high propensity segments? 2) Tailoring and differentiation –
what core product / service features and internal capabilities / building blocks meet the needs,
expectations and behaviours of high value segments? Have we been innovative in seeking
differentiation? 3) Organisational alignment and integration – how will we develop and manage
alignment and integration of each internal capabilities / building blocks? Have we created leverage
and efficiency to maximise ROI? Examples include: a) Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) –
Acceleration worked closely with MCA to develop a national ICT driven strategy to grow the pool
of skilled professionals and non-professionals entering the minerals industry in Australia. Elements
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
of the strategy included: integration of recruitment and reporting systems, cultural change, brand
repositioning and improved communication campaigns. b) J. Boag & Sons Brewery – Acceleration
worked closely with senior marketing and sales executives to develop a long term ICT strategy that
supported the company‘s need to market multiple brand and product lines. Elements of the strategy
included: centralisation of ICT infrastructure and the development of a corporate information
architecture for improved performance.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Accenture Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Accenture
Contact                        Mr Melissa Waldron
Address                        Ground Floor, 4 Brindabella Circuit,
Suburb                         Canberra Airport
State                          ACT                Postcode            2609
Telephone                      002 6217 3181      Facsimile           02 6217 3001
ABN                            61096995649

Company Background
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.
Combining experience and comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions
with extensive research capabilities, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-
performance businesses and governments. With more than 186,000 people in 49 countries, the
company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2008.
Accenture offers a wide range of management consulting services with specialisations across most
aspects of management and technology consulting, business service delivery and operation. In
addition, Accenture‘s comprehensive heritage in systems integration and outsourcing means our
consulting advice is pragmatic, outcomes focused, and mindful of implementation challenges.
Globally Accenture operates with one common brand and business model which allows us to serve
our clients with consistency. In Australia we operate offices in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane, Perth and Wollongong. Our clients span a broad range of industries worldwide and
include many of the Fortune Global 100 and Fortune Global 500 companies, and numerous
Government agencies. Many of our top 100 clients have been clients for at least five years.
Accenture‘s culture is strongly customer focused, results oriented and guided by our core values of
client value creation, best people, integrity, respect for the individual, one global network and
stewardship. We spend over $300 million pa on training each year and we seek out the best talent
and actively manage the development of our people to retain the best performers.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Accenture has the following accreditations:
Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM, CMMI) - Accenture has achieved Level 5 in both SW-
CMM and CMMI in key Delivery Centre Network locations, with 93% of seats being in Level 5
centres. We have global CMMI programs in our Delivery Centres and in all 5 Operating Groups
and have imbedded CMM into Accenture Delivery Methods. Our APIF (Accelerated Process
Improvement Framework) offering helps clients achieve CMMI-based objectives faster.
eServices Capability Model (eSCM) - As founding sponsor and contributing member, Accenture is
partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to create the eSCM. eSCM is a capability model that
addresses the entire outsourcing process (pre-contract, contract execution, and post-contract), with a
focus on building a foundation for sustained improvement of capabilities. Our Bangalore Delivery
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Centre is the first BPO organisation in the world to achieve eSCM-SP certification. We are a
corporate sponsor of eSCM-SP and have imbedded it into Accenture Delivery Methods.
ISO 9001 - We are certified in ISO 9001:2000 across all 5 global Operating Groups, Spain Delivery
Centre and European Service Centre (ESC).

Strategic Planning
Accenture has considerable skills and experience in the delivery of strategic planning services,
especially within large and complex Australian Government Agencies. Accenture delivers strategic
planning services through our Strategy practice. Services include:
(a) Strategic Planning, and Corporate Strategy, and we aim to help organisations set the strategic
agenda, identify value creation opportunities, redesign organisations and maximise cost efficiency.
(b) Growth and Marketing Strategy, which helps our clients to continuously improve customer
service delivery through innovative growth strategies based on a citizen-centred perspective and to
develop cohesive multi-channel and fluid cross-government services, proactive communications
and effective workforces.
(c) IT Effectiveness, which aims drive efficiency and effectiveness across an organisations IT
portfolio and operations.
Some recent examples include:
a. US International Trade Administration (ITA): The ITA urgently needed to transform itself to
better meet the heightened demands of globalised trade. Working closely with an executive
leadership team and undertaking extensive interaction with employees at all levels, Accenture
facilitated a strategic planning process to help the ITA define its mission, vision, and goals. These
steps enabled Accenture to subsequently design and execute a comprehensive approach to drive
ITA‘s high performance transformation.
b. Australian Customs Service – Accenture worked with ACS, to evaluate the potential for
collaboration technology to improve the performance of its Intelligence function. This work
included undertaking a strategic assessment of Customs Intelligence, development of future
scenarios, and the creation of plan and roadmap to transform their operations.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   ASI Solutions Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Darryl Maloney
Address                        Unit 4, Block A, Trevor Pearcey House Traeger Court,
                               4/28 Thynee Street
Suburb                         Bruce
State                          ACT               Postcode            2617
Telephone                      0262516499        Facsimile           262519477
ABN                            40068649972

Company Background
About ASI Solutions: An Overview Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian company
(ACN 068 649 972,) trading as ASI Solutions. Since its foundation in 1985, the Company has
grown to become one of Australia‘s leading ICT companies currently employing approximately 185
staff Australia wide. ASI Solutions‘ customer base varies in scope from Federal and State
Government Agencies to the SME market. Some of our major customers include: Department of
Defence, the Education sector, utilities, Police Forces, Telstra and major commercial franchises. In
a market of increasing complexity, ASI Solutions has the ability to blend both technical expertise
and business understanding into a unique and exclusive offering to its clients. This is achieved by
committing and supplying solutions with the flexibility and foresight which ensures we are one step
ahead of the competition. Planning, combined with a structured approach to management and
deployment, supports our model. This will help any client with forecasting its needs and with
developing its technology plans to align and integrate them with business goals and objectives. Our
strengths reside in Strategic Consulting - Service Management - Security Consulting (IRAP etc) -
Resumption Strategies - Solution Design & Implementation - Hardware supply

Company Accreditation (Optional)
AASI Response ASI Solutions is proudly an AS9001:2000 Quality Assured Company and operates
within the ITIL Framework for its service delivery. ASI Solution‘s activities comply, with the
requirements of the Commonwealth Protective Security Manual (PSM), the Australian
Communications Electronic Security Instructions 33 (ACSI-33) and relevant Australian standards.
The compliance framework for ASI Solution‘s IT security is the Information Security Management
ISO/IEC 17799:2001 against which the ASI Solutions undertakes regular Threat Risk Assessments

Strategic Planning
ASI Response
ASI Solutions‘ consultants, have years of experience in providing practical strategies for both
corporate and government organisations. They take into account the strengths, limitations and
directions each agency is planning to follow.
Our ICT strategic services include:
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
- ICT Governance, Policies and Procedures;
- Business - ICT alignment and integration planning;
- Strategic ICT plan development and integration;
- Tactical ICT plan development;
- ICT health checks;
- ICT policy and process advice, development alignment and implementation;
- Best practices advice in - ITIL, COBIT, AS/NZS 4360 etc.;
- ICT tender specification/requirements development and writing; and
ASI Solutions will utilise its capability to develop with a client, any strategic policy and advice.
ASI Solutions‘s staff have previously provided invaluable direction by developing strategic ICT
plans, development of standard hardware sets (utilising procurement guidelines), and strategic
budgetary direction for 2 - 3 year forecasting.
These tasks propagated a program of work which involved development of Information
Management Policy within the agency. In addition, the development and acceptance of service
management procedures, the implementation of technical solutions to complement and drive the
roadmap were all delivered as requested. The work listed above was conducted for DITR transition
planning and EDS Service management maturity program.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             AOT Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr David Taylor
Address                       Level 15, The Forrest Centre, 221 St. George's Terrace
Suburb                        PERTH
State                         Western           Postcode            6000
Telephone                     0892785000        Facsimile           892785099
ABN                           39009374001

Company Background
AOT Consulting Pty Ltd is an independent professional consulting service firm that commenced
business in 1989 and has since established a reputation for providing specialist skills in business,
management and technology consulting. We have been engaged on a range of projects both in
Western Australia for the State Government and the Commercial sector, as well as internationally in
Asia Pacific and Europe.
The services we provide include:
Business Planning and Analysis (Strategic            Governance;
and Operational);                                    Audit and Risk;
Facilitation;                                        Stakeholder Engagement and
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement;                  Communications; and
Negotiation;                                         Program, Project and Transition Management.
Contract Development and Management;
We have undertaken over 3,000 consulting projects, providing services across a range of sectors:
Commonwealth Government.                             Mining and Resources.
Emergency Services.                                  Oil and Gas.
Financial Services.                                  Online Services.
Health, Life Sciences and Education.                 Primary Industries.
Information and Communication                        Professional Services.
Technologies Industries.                             Science and Technology industries and
Infrastructure.                                      Science Parks.
Land and Property.                                   Sport, Recreation Tourism and Leisure.
Law and Order.                                       State Government.
Licensing and Regulation.                            Utilities (Gas, Power, Telecommunications,
Local Government.
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Company Accreditation (Optional)
AOT Consulting has reinforced its commitment to delivering a quality professional consulting
service through working in accordance with its ISO 9001 Quality System, accredited by Bureau
Veritas Quality International (BVQi) to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.
The firm first established its QMS in 1995 based upon ISO9001:1994 and has since undertaken
over 3,000 consulting projects for clients using this system. Professional consulting service delivery
and management, business and administration processes have been designed to meet the
requirements of ISO9001:2000, which provides consistency in our service delivery and quality
Where applicable we also use internationally recognised standards such as AS/NZS 4360 Risk
Management and AS/NZS 7799.2:2003 Information Security Management. We also reference
internationally recognised standards such as ISO20000 for Service Management.
While AOT Consulting has not sought accreditation for MSP, Prince2 or PMBOK, the principles of
these frameworks are applied to designing and managing programs/projects e.g. Prince 2 products
are described in our ISO9001:2000 as deliverable outputs.
At any one time, the company may be running 40-50 consulting projects (not all projects run
continuously – some are pending specific milestones such as tender close dates). All projects have
budgets, milestones and deadlines in accordance with the principles of Prince2 or PMBOK.

Strategic Planning
AOT Consulting Business Planning and Analysis (Strategic and Operational) service is designed to
assist organisations to develop and plan for new initiatives or review the opportunities for
improvement of existing initiatives. There can be many dimensions to this service such as
developing strategic plans, analysis of business processes, application of business systems and
enterprise technology planning. Another dimension is to assist with the development of a business
case to substantiate initiatives and return on investment.
Department of Treasury and Finance Government Procurement Systems Strategy - facilitates a
monthly strategic planning forum with senior directors to review and provide a sounding board for
strategic planning initiatives.
Western Australia Police (WAPOL) Information and Communication (ICT) Sourcing Strategy -
assisted WAPOL in developing a 10 year strategic ICT sourcing strategy, which formed part of its
IM&T strategic plan.
Office of e-Government Research and Analysis - assisted the Office of e-Government with a range
of strategic projects including whole-of-government enterprise collaboration, Identity and Access
Management and Directory Services.
Department of the Premier and Cabinet Functional Review Implementation Team and Office of e-
Government - engaged to undertake a feasibility study for a whole of government strategic initiative
to establish the Government Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP).

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Aperium Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Aperium Pty Ltd
Contact                       Mr Michael Holzer
Address                       Level 27, 101 Collins Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         VIC               Postcode             3000
Telephone                     00396539692       Facsimile            0396539307
ABN                           20097664018

Company Background
Aperium is an independent management consultancy group. Aperium was founded in the year 2000
and subsequently incorporated in 2001, with the view that prevailing consultancy models could no
longer meet the client need for demonstrably independent advice. Aperium positions its consultancy
services exclusively to encompass the development of strategic and operational business plans that
are effective and efficient, by the alignment of identified objectives with proven technological
capabilities to create implementation roadmaps at enterprise, business unit and technology levels.
We regularly have followed this by the provision of subsequent program and project management
direction to assure the best possible implementation process. Aperium employs and deploys only
most senior and experienced personnel, adhering rigidly to the principle that the level of service we
provide to our clients will be of a consistently high degree of excellence. Our consultants have, on
average, 15 years experience designing or managing major and large scale projects and programs
Aperium values highly, and vigilantly maintains its independence in its selection of technology
providers to avoid compromise in service delivery. Over the past 10 years Aperium‘s innovative
approach has enabled many successful programs and projects working alongside both private and
government organisations throughout Australia.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Aperium services are performed in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.
Additionally, we draw upon the standards that are applicable to our services and the requirements of
the client. We have adopted a series of elements from ISO 9001:2000 to utilise in our Quality
Management Process.
The Aperium Approach has been developed, to enhance the capability of meeting the quality
outcome of our client, this approach draws upon the tools of the appropriate industry bodies such
Strategic Planning Category, Version 18, February 2010 as; the Australian Institute of Project
Management, the Office of Government Commerce (UK) and the global Project Management
In each assignment the Aperium Approach is used to maintain compliance with the appropriate
client nominated standard and that of ISO 9001:2000.
Applicable Standards that form the foundation of our approach:
Office of Government Commerce (UK) – Managing Successful Programs
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Office of Government Commerce (UK) – Project Management Method, PRINCE2
Project Management Institute – The Standard for Program Management
Project Management Institute – PMBoK Guide, Third Edition
AS8015 – Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology
Preferred Supplier Panels include: Defence (DMOSS, LISTSS, Financial Systems), DHS(ICT
Consulting Services), FaCSIA (ICT Services) and Victorian Whole of Goverment eServices Panel.

Strategic Planning
Aperium‖s considerable Information Strategy Services have evolved from a combination of
globally accepted best practice standards and the specific concept of Strategic Alignment developed
by the MIT90s Resarch Programme. Services offered to our clients include Information Technology
Strategic Definition, Strategic Planning and Review, Enterprise Architecture and Strategic
Some recent examples of Aperium‘s work in this area include:
Defence WebServices Strategy in which Aperium was engaged to develop the Service Orientated
Architecture and Web Services Infrastructure with an outlook to 2012. The project included
development and delivery of the Initial Concept Document, the Project Definition Study and the
Procurement Strategy, forming valuable components of the overreaching Defence ICT Strategy and
Companion Documentation to the new Defence White Paper. This project focused upon governance
and organisational approach rather than technology, as the deliverables reflected upon SOA as on
organizational change agent rather than ICT infrastructure.
Aperium was engaged to complete the Project Definition Study for the Defence Secret Network
Data Exchange Management. This preparation of this document was in effect a Pass Zero Strategy
Paper outlining strategic requirements and tactical objectives, with a recommended roadmap for
implementation throughout the next 5 years.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Apis Group Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Grant Doran
Address                        4/18 Bentham Street
Suburb                         Yarralumla
State                          ACT               Postcode             2600
Telephone                      062060000         Facsimile            62325577
ABN                            91125472899

Company Background
Apis Group is a Small to Medium Enterprise specialising in the provision of high-quality,
professional business services to Government, leveraging a foundation of core management
capabilities. We have access to a range of consultants and contractors who have formal
accreditation in project management and/or an extensive track record in managing and
implementing projects.
Apis has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in working with a variety of cultures,
methodologies and service delivery frameworks. Our success demonstrates our ability and
willingness to use and/or adapt client processes and reporting mechanisms.
Apis is experienced in guiding and informing organisational improvement through technology, and
is adept at tailoring leading practice methodologies to the specific needs of client organisations. We
emphasise the importance of understanding an organisation‘s business and cultural drivers before
investing effort in developing and implementing an appropriate solution.
Apis offers more than a predefined number of consultants – we offer a capability that provides the
following benefits:
- Access to a broader range of expertise, as and when required;
- Flexibility and responsiveness;
- Quality outcomes through Apis‘ peer review system;
- Surge capacity during periods of demanding or conflicting task priorities; and
- Built-in redundancy to ensure seamless delivery of service.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Apis sits on over 40 Government panels, including:
- Australian Communications and Media Authority – provision of IT consultancy services;
- Centrelink and Medicare – ICT contractor services;
- Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs – IT contractors
- Australian Customs Service – ICT Market Testing;

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
- Australian Customs Service – Consultancy and business services;
- Australian Customs Service – ICT contract personnel and related services;
- Australian Public Service Commission – Leadership, learning and development provider;
- Australian Taxation Office – Design and strategy services;
- Austrade – Information management and knowledge management;
- Austrade – IT consulting and solution services;
- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Austrade – Management and professional skills
- Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy – Corporate governance
- Department of Human Services – ICT management consultancy services;
- Department of Health and Ageing – Organisational design, change management and facilitation
- Department of Health and Ageing – Panel to provide consultancy services 2007-09; and
- Department of Veteran Affairs – Provision of design and strategy services under a parallel

Strategic Planning
Apis offers key strategic planning services and experience in the ICT environment including:
- Environmental awareness and understanding;
- Consultation and facilitation capabilities;
- Research, review and analysis;
- Business process reform;
- Gap analysis;
- Change management;
- Portfolio, program and project management
- Strong understanding of technology trends; and
- Development of ICT strategic plans, especially for small to medium organisations.
Apis was engaged by the Department of Parliamentary Services to lead a team and develop two key
ICT strategic plans. Apis delivered plans with a distinctly business focus that recognised ICT as a
key enabler for effective business and not an end in itself. From analysis of relevant documentation
and critical business stakeholder interviews Apis identified business needs and distilled key
strategic themes that defined projects to deliver those strategic themes. In parallel, Apis reviewed
and analysed existing systems and architectures to identify improvements and opportunities to
consolidate and integrate in the future state.
Apis provided strategic planning services to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Global
Systems Environment program, to develop understanding of the strategic business initiatives,
current drivers and those projected five years ahead, linking them to a range of organisational
themes. Apis identified core requirements for the department‘s divisions and a range of technology
initiatives delivering a coherent, organised capability supporting business and underpinning the

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
GSE program. In support of the strategic planning Apis developed a series of business models and a
program of work that altered the development and delivery of IT capabilities.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Aspect Process Services Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Redline Consulting
Contact                       Ms Cecilia Ridgley
Address                       PO Box 132
Suburb                        Bungendore
State                         NSW              Postcode            2621
Telephone                     0414992817       Facsimile
ABN                           28102238442

Company Background
Redline Consulting delivers IT Strategy, Portfolio and Project Management, and Solutions Design
to Australian Government Departments and Agencies. With over 13 years experience in
Government and Industry, Redline's principal - Cecilia Ridgley - has successfully delivered a
number of high profile projects and enterprise strategies for large Government IT systems and
business programs. Cecilia‘s work enables executives and IT managers to progress their business
vision through developing an enterprise approach. Cecilia‘s knowledge and experience lie in
enterprise and information architecture and organisational modelling, program management, risk
management, business and IT analysis and transformation, security and assurance, and the decision-
making process. As a leader in her field professionally and academically, Cecilia's strong values
and depth of pragmatic knowledge offer an exceptional advisory value proposition for your
executive team.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Ms Ridgley holds the following qualifications adn accrediation: Practicing Computing Professional,
Member of Australian Computer Society (MACS, PCP), Member of the Institute of Public
Administration Australia, Member of the Australian Institute of Management, Bachelor of Arts,
Information Systems – UNSW 1994, Graduate Diploma, Information Science– UNSW 2000, PhD
Information Systems – UNSW - Current, Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching
– UNSW - 2006

Strategic Planning
Cecilia has developed ICT Strategic processes and documents for a range of departments including:
Centrelink - Research and Development - strategic analysis and documentation of Smartcard and
Internet Kiosk technologies; ACT Mental Health - Strategic Viablity of the MHAGIC Mental
Health System; Department of Human Services - strategic planning and implementation of
architectural capability for the Health and Human Services Access Card Program; Lifeline Australia
- Post implementation review of the strategic Greater Access Program with development of strategy
for future value creation from the program; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare -
development of new online strategy incorporating the publication of online information using the
COGNOS business intelligence tool and implementation of the approved strategy. Cecilia has

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
taught Strategy and Information Policy to Masters level and Doctorate level postgraduate students
at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Aspire Asia Pacific
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr James Bawtree
Address                        12 Judith Street
Suburb                         Seaforth
State                          NSW                Postcode           2092
Telephone                      00419533678        Facsimile
ABN                            82137050492

Company Background
Aspire are a company dedicated to helping organisations manage change successfully. We achieve
this by sharing and transferring our knowledge to organisations to aid the change process. Our
approach is fresh, innovative and energetic, we offer a unique blend of practical experience and
deep knowledge of the methods and techniques that we support. Change management is at the core
of our services, this is based on programme management, and in particular, Managing Successful
Programmes, within this we offer a range of service. We specialise in Best Practice, and in
particular focus on the use of the UK Government methodology called Managing Successful
Programmes we support this with strong capabilities in strategic review, benefits management,
project management using PRINCE2® and operational management processes. We offer a range of
services to support organisations through the full change cycle through our team of experienced
trainers, coaches, facilitators and consultants who will transfer our knowledge and skills to you and
offer the potential to permanently raise your competence for the long term value and benefit of any
organisation. Aspire is a knowledge transfer company which helps organisations improve through
it's four services. Aspire Academy Aspire Activate Aspire Accelerate Aspire Assess

Company Accreditation (Optional)
As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO)
Aspire has and follows a quality manual which has been approved by APMG, who specialises in the
accreditation and certification of organisations, processes and people, within a range of industries
and management disciplines.

Strategic Planning
Aspire's Operations Director, James Bawtree has supported ASIC by undertaking Organisational
Change Management role within the technology team sitting on the investment group (TGB) project
boards and steering committees to ensure the programs align to organisational goals and assist the
ASIC staff in achiving the goals. Aspire has a number of partnerships with specialist technology
knowledge who we leverage when supporting agencies in adopting new technologies

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              BearingPoint Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   BearingPoint Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Gideon Lupton
Address                        Level 17, 99 Walker Street
Suburb                         North Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode            2060
Telephone                      00289136600       Facsimile           0289136700
ABN                            38137030801

Company Background
BearingPoint is an Australian provider of management and technology consulting services, with
offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Our professionals are recognised leaders in delivering large scale
business transformation, strategic planning, enterprise resource planning system, case management,
information management, business intelligence and reporting, to clients in private sectors, federal,
state and local government agencies. Such projects are supported with our strong capabilities in
business analysis, system integration, and project and program management. With more than 100
people, BearingPoint‘s experienced team of management and technology consultants has built a
reputation for knowing what it takes to help businesses achieve their goals. Our practical and direct
approach to problem solving is always driven by the needs and timetables of our clients. Our
strength is our people - experienced, committed and ingenious - who understand the particular
needs of our clients. From strategy through execution, we help clients make the right decisions and
work closely with them to achieve sustainable success. Our core values are Visionary, Respect,
Integrity, Accountability and Collaborative which we strive to achieve within our organisation and
with our clients. These values reflect the importance we place on how we conduct ourselves in our
daily interactions with our colleagues and clients.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
a. BearingPoint is a certified alliance partner of SAP and Oracle. We have achieved these results
due to our significant investment in our people, tools, and vendor relationships. Our access, as an
Alliance partner, to people and information within the SAP development and support organisations
is a significant benefit to us and our clients. b. BearingPoint is a member of IBM Partner World.
BearingPoint was awarded "IBM System Integrator of the year" for Asia Pacific in 2008. c.
BearingPoint has a very strong capability in ERP implementations, as well as program
management, enterprise search, data management, change management, training and deployment.
We have received multiple awards of excellence from SAP, some in relation to our work in NSW
Government. d. BearingPoint has a strong focus on managing quality and risk from its roots as part
of a management and technology consulting organisation. Our Quality and Risk Management
system provides a pragmatic and collaborative approach to maintaining and improving the quality
of our service to our clients, and covers the entire engagement lifecycle from when the opportunity
is first identified, through to the project completion. e. BearingPoint has consultants who have
experience in projects adopting PMBOK and PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
We help clients crystallise their business strategy, define a delivery roadmap, and execute it. With a
blend of strategy and delivery capability, we help deliver the results that the business strategy
promises. We work with our clients to link business strategy to operational reality, helping them
integrate, innovate and grow. We help clients to: a. Articulate, validate, and deploy business
strategies to improve service delivery and deliver operational effectiveness to maximise customer
satisfaction, drive efficiency and achieve cost take-out b. Define IT strategies to support the
business strategy, particularly in the areas of Enterprise Solutions, Case Management and
Information Management c. Align organisational structures and processes with business strategies
to increase the probability of realising the benefits associated with transformation, with a particular
focus on organisational change management and program governance Some recent examples
include: a. Department of Justice - BearingPoint was engaged to develop an IT Strategic Plan that
would provide the framework for IT investment. A critical aspect was to support the Government‘s
strategy to invest in information and communication technologies to boost e-Commerce, connect
communities, improve infrastructure, and promote client access to services. b. Connell Wagner - In
order to support its expansion plan and go-global strategy, BearingPoint was engaged to review its
IT Strategy. Using our IT Management Practice‘s QuickScan offering, we developed a forensic
report on Connell Wagner‘s current IT Infrastructure and conducted an investigation into the future
manning and strategic requirements of IT.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Bevington Group
Trading Name                  Bevington Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact                       Mr Roger Perry
Address                       Level 5, 55 Exhibition Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         Victoria          Postcode           3000
Telephone                     0396635522        Facsimile          396635282
ABN                           12080534005

Company Background
The Bevington Group is a change management consultancy and productivity services provider,
based in Melbourne. It was established in 1993 and has refined its methodologies in over 350
assignments at large and medium sized organisations.
The Bevington Group has driven successful business improvement projects in many of Australia‘s
most significant businesses and institutions, including: ANZ Banking Group; Austrade (Australian
Trade Commission); Coles Ltd.; Department of Human Services (Victoria); GE Money; Pacific
Brands; Shell (domestically and internationally); Sensis; Swire Group; Unisys; Visy and; Westpac.
Over the course of the company‘s existence we have developed (and continue to evolve) a range of
repeatable methods aimed at delivering sustainable improvement for our clients. Our methods have
a number of distinctive attributes, including:
- Staff engagement;
- Detailed data;
- Quantified opportunities;
- Quick wins as well as longer term opportunities;
- Strong implementation focus; and
- Support for technology change.
Key to our company‘s ethos is an ‗engagement‘ model. We believe that the most effective change
outcomes are achieved when both the problems and solutions can be owned by the client teams,
right down to the people performing the work. In this case we would be highly focused on
knowledge and skill transfer to enable the team to do much of the work.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
The Bevington Group has extensive strategic planning experience. The key elements of the
Bevington Group‘s approach to strategic planning are based on those espoused by Hamel and
Prahalad (1994), including:
- Environmental challenges;
                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
- Current capabilities;
- Required capabilities;
- Gap analysis;
- Strategic architecture;
- Change architecture;
- Change plan.
Example 1: Hospital Re-Design Strategy Victorian Department of Human Services
In 2007, the Victorian Department of Human Services decided to embark on an investigation of
process improvement opportunities in the Victorian Health Services. The Department engaged the
Bevington Group to work with them to develop a comprehensive strategy. The result has been an
announcement by the Minister in 2008 to support by a funded process improvement program, which
has started with three highly successful pilots. The Bevington Group has been supporting the
project from strategy through to pilot implementation.
Example 2: Australian Envelopes
Australian Envelopes is Australia‘s largest manufacturer of envelopes. In 2008, Australian
Envelopes engaged the Bevington Group in the development of its forward strategy and in the
development of its management team. The Bevington Group has worked with the CEO, CFO and
Head of HR to deliver a readily implementable and broadly communicated strategy based on seven
strategic pillars.

                                                                   Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                    Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Beyond Technology Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Craig Reilly
Address                        87 Brook Street
Suburb                         Crows Nest
State                          NSW               Postcode            2065
Telephone                      0402420913        Facsimile           294052462
ABN                            16126850708

Company Background
Beyond Technology Consulting is a boutique Australian consulting firm providing expert
independent technology advice to our clients. Our aim is to assist our clients to increase the
efficiency and business value of their ICT activity. We ensure that ICT goals, processes, and
practices are optimally aligned with the business and prepare action plans to address shortfalls. Our
commitment is to provide business focused technology alignment through actionable advice.
All of our consultants are highly experienced IT professionals: all have a minimum of 8 year‘s
industry experience, they are practical people - most are engineers, and all are MBA qualified. All
of our principal consultants have Highly Protected security clearance. The advice that we provide
is based on real world experience, industry best practises, and proven technology to create optimal
technical solutions for our client‘s business.
Along with technology advisory, we have experience in Federal Government procurement
processes and have developed a methodology that meets the stringent requirements of FMA Act
agencies. We have constructed our business model and undertake all of our dealings so that there is
no conflict of interest, perceived or real. Whilst we maintain strong relationships with technology
vendors and service providers we are not aligned and we do not accept commissions or other
payments from any vendor.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Beyond Technology has several quality assurance processes in its delivery methodology to ensure
its service delivery continues to meet the highest expectations placed on it. All Beyond Technology
consulting partners have Australian Federal government highly protected security clearance status.
All Beyond Technology Consulting staff must have completed internal project management, client
communication, OH&S and TPM, TOIEM, BMAE and RA2 methodology training before starting a
client engagement. Beyond Technology Consulting is listed on the Federal Government ICT multi
use list.
Our service delivery model has the following Quality Assurance components as part of our
overarching RA2 consulting methodology:
* Permanently Assigned Beyond Technology Consulting Partner – Beyond Technology ensures
that each client has a permanently assigned Consulting Partner that is responsible for the client
relationship. This Consulting Partner is not a sales resource, but a highly experienced consultant

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
that is responsible for the review of all client presented reports and findings. All consulting partners
have backgrounds in senior technology executive roles and both technology and MBA
qualifications. In the unlikely event of a personality or performance problem, the client can raise
this directly with the Consulting Partner at any time or during the regular project meeting
* Ongoing peer review – At every stage of the service delivery process the Beyond Technology
consultant must undertake a peer review process. This process ensures that standards are maintained
and that several perspectives are considered throughout the process
* Regular Client Project Meetings – These regular (weekly) meetings aim to ensure constant
alignment to client expectations and ensures that time is not expended inappropriately. The meeting
will include the client project sponsor, the responsible Beyond Technology Consulting Partner, and
as required any Beyond Technology Consultant working on the project.
* Constant Client Communication and signoff – The RA2 methodology requires ongoing and clear
communication at all time during the project. This communication ensures that the client sponsor is
abreast of progress, current roadblocks or project concerns. Where appropriate a risks and issues list
is maintained by the consultant and included in the communication with the client. Beyond
Technology often works in a cross team environment with client resources using the same
* Constant Internal Communication – The Beyond Technology team works behind the scenes to
ensure that you receive the best possible advice. To achieve this across multiple technology
disciplines we undertake diligent internal communication on each project to ensure that secondary
staff are able to quickly take over projects in the unlikely event of sickness or accident, and also to
ensure that peer review is undertaken throughout the consult.

Strategic Planning
Beyond Technology Consulting‘s Technology Strategy Advisory practice is focused on developing
implementable strategies for organisations to align ICT capabilities with broader business goals.
Our engagements may take several forms:
* IT Business Alignment
* IT Operational Efficiency Assessment
* ICT Architectural Reviews
* ICT Health Checks
Our Strategy Consulting team performs their work within the 3 phase RA2 IT strategy lifecycle
model. These phases are:
  - Business requirements
  - Technology strategies
  - Best practice
  - Market trends
  - Industry standards
  - Current technology
* Assess
  - Gap analysis
  - Broad risk analysis

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
  - Comparison of alternative approaches
  - Target IT infrastructure
* Advise
  - Risk/reward analysis
  - Technology and project constraints
  - Action planning
  - Project planning
  - Critical success factors
We pride ourselves on delivering advice that is practical, achievable, cost effective, and business
focused. We do not seek to produce plans based on bleeding edge technology or esoteric reports
designed for little more than sitting on a shelf.
Recent client examples include:
1) For a regionally based Australian University, assessment of ICT operational performance and
business alignment. The outcomes of our review included a whole of business IT strategy, a
redefined budgeting and business justification process, IT reorganisation, and operational process
remediation plan.
2) For a national Federal government department, development of an enterprise mobility strategy
that included the review of operational readiness and processes, device selection, security threat risk
assessment, and procurement of mobile voice and data services and related devices.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Blue Zoo Holdings Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Blue Zoo
Contact                        Mr Anthony Friday
Address                        Level 1, 414 Murray Street
Suburb                         PERTH
State                          WA                Postcode             6000
Telephone                      00893212525       Facsimile            0894672459
ABN                            87119062850

Company Background
Blue Zoo is a boutique Australian advisory practice with a substantial international footprint;
delivering business in India, Singapore, Indonesia and the UK. The company specialises in
governance, strategy and risk; and is widely regarded as one of Australia‘s premier advisory firms.
Blue Zoo has an unparalleled depth of advisory experience, and operates across the three broad
practice areas of corporate advisory, professional conduct and technology advisory services.
Blue Zoo‘s point of difference is the approach that we take to the delivery of these services. Whilst
we use the same international frameworks and standards as our competitors; Blue Zoo is much
more focused on tailoring them for local conditions. This means that we only use seasoned and
experienced professionals within our business, and our recommendations are practical,
implementable and measurable.
These claims are based on a wealth of experience, innovation, pragmatic recommendations, and
Blue Zoo‘s ability to discover and understand business drivers before envisioning how an
organisation can best support them.
Many of Australia‘s most successful companies rely on Blue Zoo to deliver their products and
services more effectively, to enhance shareholder value, and to build more resilient and more
sustainable organisations.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The Blue Zoo quality management system is ISO9001-based, and consists of documented, planned
and industry developed systems; including internal planning and review processes; and external /
third party peer reviews. Control features in the Blue Zoo quality assurance program include
thorough planning and project management training; standard methodologies; standard report
formats; and thorough multi layered process reviews. All engagements are subject to file and report
review involving an internal quality assurance officer. This system ensures consistency of standards
in meeting the expectations of clients, the profession and the general public. Blue Zoo Advisors are
members of numerous professional bodies and holders of internationally-recognized qualifications.
The entrance requirements of these professional bodies and for attainment of these qualifications
are high, and continuing annual professional development is a mandatory requirement. Blue Zoo
Advisors are selected through their depth of experience in a specific practice area. All have an
impressive list of formal qualifications and certifications and, equally importantly, have a wealth of

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
pragmatic experience in fulfilling these functions. Advisors in the corporate advisory practice area
are all serving company directors, Fellows of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and
Fellows of the Corporate Directors Association. All have international exposure and have

Strategic Planning
Blue Zoo is able to leverage a wealth of experience in ICT strategic planning through our
Technology practice, offering CIO Services, IT Strategic Planning, Information Architecture, IT
Sustainability and Business Continuity advice in this area. Our experienced Advisors combine
many years of real world experience with a pragmatic, collaborative approach to deliver tangible,
realistic results. In order to provide a balanced approach that considers ICT process, governance,
organisation and architecture requirements while clearly aligning ICT strategic recommendations to
business objectives, the Blue Zoo ICT Strategic Planning process includes parallel streams of
business analysis and ICT architecture assessment that ensure that maximum focus is placed on
people, processes and technology that have the greatest impact on operations and provide the
greatest return for effort. Clough Limited engaged Blue Zoo to develop a 5 year ICT Strategic Plan
and a transition/divestment strategy to in-source technology operations from Jakarta. Blue Zoo
subsequently managed a portfolio of 50+ projects as part of the transformation, and as a result
Clough has improved service delivery with greater efficiency, at a reduced cost with better business
alignment and greater agility. Forge Group engaged Blue Zoo to develop a 3 year ICT Strategic
Plan across the group. Blue Zoo consulted widely with stakeholders and in parallel carried out a
quantitative capability assessment to identify business requirements, highlight gaps in capability
and prioritise initiatives for the next 3 years. Recommendations covered ICT structure, technology
and business processes to improve service resiliency and responsiveness.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Booz & Company
Trading Name                   Booz & Company (Aust) Pty Ltd
Contact                        Ms Jaidene Osborne
Address                        Level 7, 7 Macquarie Place
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode             2000
Telephone                      0293211900        Facsimile            293211990
ABN                            11130171658

Company Background
Booz & Company is a leading global management consulting firm, helping the world‘s top
businesses, governments, and organizations.
Our founder, Edwin Booz, defined the profession when he established the first management
consulting firm in 1914.
Today, with more than 3,300 people in 57 offices around the world, we bring foresight and
knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to building capabilities and
delivering real impact. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver essential advantage.
In Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia (ANZSEA), Booz & Company has been advising
clients since 1987. We‘ve worked on significant, large scale and high impact assignments for the
region‘s major corporations and government organisations. We combine extensive global
experience with local knowledge and understanding, ensuring our clients receive optimum
For our management magazine strategy+business, visit
Visit to learn more about Booz & Company.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is part of a continuum of strategic advisory services that Booz & Company
provides to its clients. It ranges from strategy development through to what it takes to operationalise
the strategy. In the context of ICT, we have an integrated ICT Operating model that encompasses
seven key elements:
1. Business and ICT strategies (linking IT to the business outcomes and setting objectives and
2. ICT portfolio management
3. Project delivery
4. Sourcing and vendor management
5. Enterprise architecture
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
6. ICT Operations and sustainment
7. ICT management, governance and organisation.
Further, Booz & Company provides ICT Value Management services that identify and unlock ICT
value in agencies under cost pressure. This approach provides the assessment and metrics to make
funding and strategic business decisions to ensure the financial sustainability of the ICT
Two recent client examples:
1) For a large Federal Government agency, Booz & Company conducted an ICT value Management
engagement that provided insight to the organisation on strategies to address increasing ICT spend
in the context of a large scale transformation.
2) For an Australian Policy agency, Booz & Company conducted an ICT strategy that included
outcomes to support greater linkage between the business and IT parts of the agency as well as
process improvements in portfolio management and IT business relations. The project further
provided insights into options for the agency‘s mainframe and other infrastructure requirements.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             BSTTech Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  BSTTech Consulting
Contact                       Mr Bruce Talbot
Address                       Level 1, 32 Northbourne Ave
Suburb                        Canberra City
State                         ACT               Postcode            2601
Telephone                     00262473372       Facsimile           0262473024
ABN                           79123098671

Company Background
BSTTech Consulting is a small to medium enterprise that was established in 2007 by a group of
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals with extensive government and
industry experience. BSTTech‘s focus is the provision of trusted information sharing and
management solutions to meet the secure information management needs of government. Rather
than focus on ‗perimeter security‘ of information networks, BSTTech uses Enterprise Architecture
(EA) principles, a consulting methodology, and the documentation of business processes, to create
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based information management systems. These disciplines
enable an organisation‘s ICT systems to deliver both information sharing and information security
business objectives. BSTTech‘s core services are based on a structured consulting methodology that
provides expertise in the design, build and management of secure information processing systems.
BSTTech are leaders in the design and implementation of system architectures that remove the
information sharing constraints imposed by traditional network security implementations, where
information is held in isolated domains. This capability has significant potential where the ongoing
challenge of sharing information between disparate government agencies‘ networks exists. In
addition, BSTTech can offer a range of generic ICT services including Project Management,
Business Analysis, Systems Architecture, and Technology Implementation.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
BSTTech Consulting is a Defence Industrial Security Program (DISP) member for personnel and
facilities, and is able to hold information security classified up to RESTRICTED on site. BSTTech
consultants hold security clearances ranging from SECRET to TOP SECRET Positive Vetting (PV).
BSTTech is an Associate Member of the Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE)
program at Defence. RPDE is a joint industry/Defence program that facilitates productive and rapid
engagement between the two groups to solve Defence business, military and computing problems.
BSTTech is a supplier under the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Services Supplier Panel
(DMOSS), offering consultants for Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Project
Management and ICT Accreditation. BSTTech consultants hold PRINCE2 and PMBOK
certifications for the supply of Project Management capabilities.

Strategic Planning
BSTTech provides Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture services for information-centric
organisations. BSTTech‘s focus is on the application of structured business logic and processes to
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
achieve the secure management, distribution and publishing of sensitive and critical information at
all security levels. Using our consulting methodology, BSTTech is able to align the ICT needs of an
organisation with their business imperatives. BSTTech develops superior technology transition
plans based on an in-depth analysis of the existing environment, the desired capability, and the gap
between the two. BSTTech‘s technology roadmap bridges the gap, and defines the business
processes and metadata tags required to support the desired capability. Recent examples of
BSTTech Strategic Planning activities include: • Development of a Systems Assurance regime for
Defence. This RPDE task saw the development of a high level Systems Assurance strategy, detailed
policy guidance, and the integration of the new capabilities into the existing acquisition and
sustainment processes. • Development of the mobile ICT strategy for the Chief Information Officer
Group (CIOG) at Defence. • Development of a Metadata Schema that supports the integration of
existing ICT systems and information between the United States and Australian Government. •
Documentation of a Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) compliant architecture for the delivery
of metadata to the US Department of Defense for an Australian ICT supplier. • Creation of the
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) ICT strategy to achieve budgetary
savings of $30M in a single Financial Year.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               Business Aspect Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                         Mr Brendan McLearie
Address                         588 Boundary Street
Suburb                          Spring Hill
State                           Queensland        Postcode             4000
Telephone                       0738317600        Facsimile            738317900
ABN                             11112888785

Company Background
Business Aspect was founded in Brisbane by a group of professionals in the business consulting
discipline of the ICT industry. The principals of Business Aspect are considered leaders in their
respective disciplines and have worked together for many years as employees, external consultants
and associates of a multi-national ICT infrastructure integration company.
Business Aspect offers a number of consulting services across a range of disciplines, including:
- ICT Strategic Planning and Architecture.
- ICT Program and Portfolio Management.
- Project Guidance and Recovery.
- Business Case Development, Tenders and Responses.
- Risk Management, Business and Service Continuity.
Our goal with every engagement is to deliver completely independent strategies and advice that is
focused on deliverable outcomes. We have no financial or other link to any vendors, infrastructure
or software providers. Our focus is always what is right for our clients.
What this means is that outcomes are developed with a proper understanding of the business drivers
and technology solutions. We assist in bridging the gap between technology integrators and
traditional management consulting.
We have developed exceptionally strong methodologies and intellectual property that contribute
additional efficiency to our consulting engagements, while also providing a solid framework for the
delivery of strong outcomes.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Business Aspect has commenced establishing its Quality Management System and is working
towards accreditation in late 2007.
Business Aspect is committed to quality in all activities and has set its goals to:
- Achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.
- Deliver services that are second to none.

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
- Ensure all customer services are provided within the agreed time.
- Provide a working environment to attract high quality human resources.
- Strive to continually measure and improve the quality of outcomes and processes.
- Ensure compliance with all legal, legislative and contractual obligations.
- Communicate the quality manual, policies and objectives to all staff and actively encourage
participation in quality improvements.
The Business Aspect quality management manual and the subsequent processes will be reviewed
formally on an annual basis. Additionally, as processes change or new processes are introduced the
quality manual will be updated.
The Business Aspect processes are intended to be preventative (i.e. to avoid creating quality issues),
continuously improving (i.e to incorporate learning's), adaptive (i.e. to adjust to changes in
circumstances) and controlled (i.e. to measure their effectiveness).

Strategic Planning
Business Aspect professionals are very strong in ICT strategic planning. The focus of Business
Aspect‘s services is the alignment of ICT capabilities with desired organisational outcomes. This
- Gaining a good understanding of the organisation‘s needs within the scope of a review.
- Understanding current and potential technology solutions.
- Review and alignment of ICT frameworks and capabilities to achieve business objectives.
- Ongoing review and mentoring to assist clients to implement strategies and realise business
We provide general business consulting services in strategic planning and architecture that are often
supported by domain specific experts (eg business architecture, change, information/data
architecture, applications, infrastructure and telecommunications) to develop business aligned ICT
strategies that effectively leverage technology to provide real outcomes.
Victorian Department of Infrastructure – ICT
Business Aspect consultants defined a strategy and architectural framework for the definition and
evaluation of future public transport ICT projects.
The framework was based on a Service Oriented Architecture model which assisted in overcoming
the challenges inherent in providing ICT services to an organisation that transcends geographic and
organisational boundaries.
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – 5 Year Technology Plan
Business Aspect Consultants developed a 5 year technology strategy for the Department of Prime
Minister and Cabinet in preparation of changed outsourcing arrangements in 2004.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Business Catalyst Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Business Catalyst International
Contact                        Mr Khalil Allahwala
Address                        L 18, 2 Chifley Square
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode             2000
Telephone                      0292466500        Facsimile            292466501
ABN                            11120213443

Company Background
Business Catalyst is a premier niche-consulting firm specialising in business and IT improvement
serving many of Australia‘s largest and leading organisations over 10 years. We provide clients
with a select range of services using a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of specialists
combined with a results driven approach. Our range of services includes:
1. Business Performance Improvement - Strategic planning, business analysis, process
improvement, performance measurement, business case development, governance design.
2. Sourcing Strategy - Global sourcing strategy, due diligence, contract review, vendor selection
and negotiation, governance design.
3. IT Project Management - Business IT strategy, management framework, benefits realisation and
effectiveness review, IT project strategy alignment and health checks, business system
implementation and support process management.
4. Implementation - Transition management, ERP consulting, sourcing management, training and
development, risk and compliance management, change management, business and IT engagement.
Business Catalyst is management consulting arm of the Dialog Information Technology group of
companies. Dialog is a national, information technology, services and applications development
company, with over 500 technology specialists. Together, we provide pragmatic and practical
business improvement and ICT services that begins with an improvement strategy and encompasses
a spectrum of end-to-end business solutions for an optimal balance between technology, processes
and people.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Our approach to ICT strategic planning ensures business and IT strategies are fully aligned so that
IT serves the business as a whole. Our approach is based on: (a) Developing a 'Business
Information Technology Strategy' with the business that sets out the business strategies that will be
supported by IT. This provides a structured approach to IT investment decisions and options. (b)
Developing the 'IT Strategy' with the ICT group that sets out how the IT function will deliver and
maintain the imperatives in the Business Information Strategy and implementation planning.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
NRMA: Conducted a strategic and organisational review of the IT function with emphasis on
business alignment and customer service delivery quality. Developed a Business Systems
Framework as a model for assessing current and future systems. Developed a comprehensive
business planning , review and reporting process.
Aristocrat: Developed strategic plans for Business IT Strategy, ERP and Technical Infrastructure.
Cadbury Schweppes: Developed the strategy, IT structure and processes and repositioned the local
IT operation to a Regional Information Centre for the Asia Pacific Region, in preparation for global
ERP implementation. Led a program to stabilise the SAP implementation and maximise business
Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Business Catalyst was engaged to facilitate the Bank‘s IT
strategic planning (working with the Bank and EDS) as an integral part of the business strategic

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Business Strategy Review Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  BSR Solutions
Contact                       Mr Greg Reid
Address                       Suite 902, 370 Pitt Street
Suburb                        Sydney
State                         NSW               Postcode            2000
Telephone                     00292676777       Facsimile           0292679987
ABN                           21100950516

Company Background
BSR Solutions is a business and technology consulting organisation focused on the delivery of high
quality, independent consulting services to public and private sector clients. Our key people have
been providing business and ICT strategy services, program management, business improvement
services and program/project evaluation services to NSW, Victoria and Commonwealth
Government agencies for over 25 years. BSR Solutions has focused largely upon the provision of
professional independent consulting services to the Government sector. Of our three directors and
principal consultants, two have had long public sector careers holding senior executive positions in
the IT and Communications arenas. BSR Solutions is accredited to a range of government panel
contracts, including NSW Government ITS 2020, NSW Premiers & Treasury Performance Review
Panel, the Victorian Government eServices Panel, Queensland GITC, and is an endorsed supplier in
relation to a number of Federal Government Agency Panels. Our understanding of Government
policy and strategic management frameworks are second to none enabling our people to offer
significant domain experience and knowledge to all potential government clients

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The ISO9001:2008 Quality System maintained by BSR Solutions and externally certified by BSi,
centres on 3 business processes (1) Sales and Marketing, (2) Tender Response Preparation, and (3)
Client Project Engagement and Delivery. Our Project Engagement and Delivery process requires
continual monitoring and management by the assigned Director and has stage checkpoints for
reviews with the BSR project team and/or with client representatives. Our use of the PRINCE2
methodology provides the basis of developing a project charter and plan which ensures the
appropriate management controls and review of stage deliverables. In 25 years BSR has not had a
client assignment which did not deliver the agreed quality outcomes, was over time or over budget.
All of our past and current clients can attest to this.

Strategic Planning
BSR Solutions has a depth of understanding of government processes, strategic management
frameworks, business planning, probity requirements and service expectations. The directors of
BSR Solutions bring over 100 person years of senior public sector experience and have provided a
broad range of strategic, management and operational advice to a large number of NSW
Government and Federal Government Agencies. The Directors of BSR Solutions have an extensive
knowledge and understanding of NSW Government Agencies and Public Sector processes,
                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
including the need to improve service delivery, drive efficiency and obtain value for money. We
understand the business of government, the accountabilities of agencies and their executive
management teams, together with a deep understanding of the expectations of central agencies. The
provision of strategy development services is a mainstay of our service portfolio ensuring the
alignment of business strategies and priorities with ICT directions and investment. Our strategy
development offering incorporates the development of ICT strategic and tactical plans, technical
architecture strategies, knowledge strategies, information management, business case preparation,
benefit realisation strategies and the development of appropriate governance and risk management
frameworks. Projects include a Strategic Plan for integrated Communications services South
Eastern Sydney Illawarra Health Service that covers an Area-wide integrated approach to the
provision of telephone (e.g. VOIP) services (landline, mobile and including PDAs) and video-
conferencing services capable of delivering unified communications. BSR Solutions also undertook
a high level strategic review of the ICT environment within the NSW Catchment Management
Authorities (CMAs).

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              CA Technology Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Collins Anderson Management
Contact                        Mrs Anne Hammond
Address                        Level 17, 45 Grenfell St
Suburb                         ADELAIDE
State                          SA                Postcode            5000
Telephone                      0419803862        Facsimile           889410848
ABN                            67076520324

Company Background
Established in 1996, Collins Anderson Management (CAM) is a consulting firm specialising in
providing management solutions through a range of innovative products and services to help
organisations achieve future success. CAM was established by Managing Director, Joe Collins, and
Director Daniel Anderson to meet existing and future client‘s needs, built on a positive track record
in providing personalised services and a reputation for developing outcomes that are strategic and
fit our client‘s corporate directions. With over ten years experience CAM offers an extensive range
of skills and experience that provide a value-added service to clients, with a commitment and
responsibility to successful outcomes. With over 50 successfully completed plans and with over 60
years combined strategic planning experience, our consultants are amongst the most skilled in the
business. Our consultants have previous local and state government and private sector technical
and senior management experience with qualifications in accounting, economics, business
management, quality management and marketing. CAM can tailor solutions that will work in
meeting organisation‘s needs in the following fields, Management Consultancy, Regional
Development and Project Management. CAM will in partnership with our clients, provide services
that add value and practical solutions utilising our extensive experience and professional expertise.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
C A Technology has an internal Quality Management System aligned to ISO9000 principles. CA
Technology/Collins Anderson Management have developed and utilise use of our own products
such as the Interplan® Risk module for our own identification of key risks facing projects. The
Interplan® products are utilised by over 90 clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Strategic Planning
CAM has been involved in the design and implementation of Corporate, Strategic and Business
Plans across all levels of Government and in the private sector. Strategic planning is our company‘s
core expertise. Our Strategic and Business planning methodology is based on a best practice
‗strategic management model‘, which deals with planning as an integral part of a complete
management system. The system also incorporates policy, services, budget and performance
measurement. CAM has developed its own strategic management software tool interplan® to
manage data input, linkage and reporting. Recent plans include Kakadu Health Service who is an
indigenous primary health care provider based at Jabiru. CAM were engaged by the Health Service
to facilitate the preparation of a three year Strategic Plan and Business Plan to identify and address
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
the many challenges faced, and to take advantage of major opportunities. Another example is
Anangu Pitjantjatjara (AP) Services who are a ‗key service provider‘ organisation providing a broad
range of services and support to communities. AP Services commissioned CAM to develop their
Strategic Plan. Key outcomes of the strategic plan included clear identification of the external
opportunities for and threats to AP Services, it examined the internal structures of AP Services,
identified strengths and weaknesses, clearly articulated a set of Goals, Outcomes and Strategies that
supported Anangu‘s and other key stakeholder‘s vision for AP Services and enabled management
and the Executive to build an organisation that could be effective in a period of rapid growth in
service delivery to Anangu.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              CardsConsult Pty Ltd as trustee for
                               CardsConsult Trust
Trading Name                   CardsConsult
Contact                        Mr Ian Povey
Address                        "Barwidgee"
                               Mates Gully Road
Suburb                         Tarcutta
State                          NSW               Postcode             2652
Telephone                      00407042885       Facsimile
ABN                            96158359036

Company Background
CardsConsult was established in 2000 to work with Government and the Private sectors to develop
and implement innovative card & payments service offerings. This includes ID, disbursements,
retail consumer payments and emerging channel solutions like Mobile. CardsConsult has an
extensive international client background and experience providing the foundation for business and
IT strategy consulting, training and product development services. Clients choose to work with
CardsConsult to challenge conventions; leverage practical international expertise; identify new and
different ways to create value from cards & payments; develop unique business models, strategies,
and solutions specific to your requirements; and to implement solutions. CardsConsult operates on a
National and International basis and is a regular contributor to conferences and specialist industry
media. CardsConsult is recently published in the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems,
published by Henry Stewart Publications, London.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
The CardsConsult approach with all clients is to recommend a four phased model that seeks to
deliver a comprehensive understanding of the Current State of Play; the Opportunities that present
themselves to the client; a prioritised consideration of where the focus should lie; and ultimately the
plans and steps required to achieve the desired strategic outcome. This process allows the client to
use check points along the way to modify or defer aspects of the work; while also providing clear
documentation and workshop settings for the client organisation to gain unilateral buy in from all
constituents. This approach was used while seconded to the Office of the e-Envoy in the UK
Cabinet Office as the Smart Cards Policy Advisor to all levels of Government. This consultative
approach delivered the resulting Smart Card Policy Framework that was subsequently delivered at
the time. Most recently, Australia's largest retail group having engaged CardsConsult to support
their migration to Chip & PIN, maintained the relationship to request a defined Financial Services
and Payments roadmap over the next 3 years. This leverage CardsConsult's detailed understanding
of existing ICT infrastructure and third party dependencies to deliver a road map that was both
constructive and pragmatic for delivery & IT prioritisation. Equally, a third example includes each
of the Issuing clients migrating their Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards to Chip & PIN. A key
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
requirement was ensuring that the roadmap pursued was open and avoided any undue sunk costs as
standards and mandates change over time.

                                                                   Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                    Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Centre for Health Informatics, University
                               of New South Wales
Trading Name                   Enrico Coiera
Contact                        Dr Enrico Coiera
Address                        Centre for Health Informatics
Suburb                         UNSW
State                          NSW                Postcode           2052
Telephone                      0293859026         Facsimile          293859006
ABN                            57195873179

Company Background
The Centre for Health Informatics (CHI) conducts fundamental and applied research focusing on
the design, evaluation and application of ICT, and in particular, decision-support technologies for
healthcare and the biosciences. CHI is research centre in the Faculty of Medicine at the University
of New South Wales and has been a research partner to major healthcare providers, other research
institutions and governments, including the New South Wales Department of Health and the
Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and the National Institute of Clinical Studies.
The Centre‘s funded research programs span clinical communication, safety and evaluation,
decision support and information retrieval, imaging informatics, biomedical systems stimulation
and public health surveillance. The Centre‘s work is internationally recognized for its
groundbreaking contributions in the development of intelligent search systems to support evidence
based healthcare, developing evaluation methodogies for IT and in understanding how
communication shapes the safety and quality of health care delivery.
Centre researchers are also working on safety models and standards for IT in healthcare, mining
complex gene microarray, medical literature and medical records data mining and building health
system simulation methods to model the impact of health policy changes.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
UNSW is a founding member of the prestigious Group of Eight research intensive universities in
Australia and a member of the Universitas 21 international consortium.

Strategic Planning
The Centre provides consultancy on the development of eHealth strategy.
The National Institute for Clinical Studies (NICS) commissioned CHI to assist with their long term
strategic planning and setting organizational strategy in decision support in 2004. Specifically, CHI
provided assistance for NICS to develop its work plan for electronic decision support. The British
Medical Journal commissioned Professor Coiera, Centre Director, to develop long-term strategy
options for its electronic publishing business.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
In 2004, CHI ran a forward looking one day workshop bringing together participants from health
and IT sectors, including NSW Health, Microsoft, CSIRO and R&D groups from across NSW. The
workshop resulted in an ambitious sketch of a 20 year plan for e-Health activities in Australia.
In setting its own research program, The Centre has conducted environment scanning, scenario
analysis and detailed planning and mission/vision and objective setting for itself. It has also
undertaken consultancies for external parties in a variety of settings. CHI staff actively engage in
State and National committees and policy fora, providing expert advice on health informatics
issues, including the Australian Health Information Council.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Chairmont Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Chairmont
Contact                        Mr Michael McAlary
Address                        Level 7, 88 Pitt Street
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode            2000
Telephone                      0292331111        Facsimile           292310300
ABN                            66067519680

Company Background
Chairmont was established in 1995 by Michael McAlary, a former Price Waterhouse director of 10
years. Our highly experienced consultants have conducted an array of assignments across a number
of industries. Our consultants have strong technical, organisational and people skills drawn from
very diverse backgrounds.
Chairmont is one of the few management consultancies which hold an Australian Financial Services
License (AFSL) which allows us to integrate our consulting and investment advisory services.
Chairmont provides a wide range of management consulting services with specialisation in strategy,
risk management, business process improvement, compliance, and IT development and
At Chairmont, we work closely with our clients to improve their revenue, reduce their costs and
manage their risks. As advisers and implementers we will not only provide independent, reliable,
and practical advice, but also manage the implementation in a planned and controlled manner. We
can provide full end to end solutions, or undertake specific project segments, or if the need arises
provide specialist skills from Programme Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers, Project
Coordinators to Business Analysts.
Chairmont is a member of several private and governmental organisations‘ panels and has, through
long-term relationship with some of its clients, achieved the status of ―trusted adviser‖.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The key accreditations are:
- Australian Financial Services Licence
- Microsoft Partner.
Committees and industry involvement:
- Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Risk Panel
- Australian Bankers‘ Association (ABA) Credit Code Taskforce
- Australian Payments and Clearing Association (APCA) Electronic Presentment and Dishonour
- Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) – SuperEC
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
- Lenders‘ Mortgage Insurance Industry (LIXI) standards.
Chairmont in 15 years of consulting has worked with all the major project management
methodologies e.g. Six Sigma, Prince and Agile, and the different information Technology (IT)
development methodologies, e.g. Joint Application Development (JAD), Rapid Application
Development (RAD) and the traditional approach.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning sets the framework for driving the sustainable success of an organisation or a
business unit. A key management process is being able to convert a Strengths, Weaknesses, Threat
and Opportunities (SWOT) analysis into operational plans. This can be achieved through structured
facilitation exercises supported by defined deliverables where there is an understanding of the
culture or change imperatives.
Chairmont‘s strategic planning services include:
- Sustainability services
- Gap Analysis
- Change management
- Facilitation
- Strategic to operational plan management
- Market research.
We have conducted or been involved in a number of strategic planning exercises in the corporate
Examples include:
1. Public Trustee of NSW - Chairmont‘s work with the Public Trustee of NSW (PT) won a New
South Wales Government Treasury Managed Fund award. This work has allowed the PT to develop
a more sustainable business model and provide new business opportunities. The project involved
conducting a strategic assessment of PT‘s fund management operation and determining with the
client its future direction given its risk profile.
2. Top 5 ASX listed company by market capitalisation - Chairmont developed business plans for a
number of business areas of a major institution and through a SWOT analysis identified the key
revenue drivers, internal challenges and the external factors impacting on the division.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Codarra Advanced Systems
Trading Name                   Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Warren Williams
Address                        251 Crawford Street
Suburb                         Queanbeyan
State                          NSW               Postcode             2620
Telephone                      00261281100       Facsimile            0261281199
ABN                            81008651723

Company Background
Codarra Advanced System‘s primary business imperative is the provision of consulting services in
ICT, security, project management and various disciplines of engineering. The development of
business solutions is offered to provide niche solutions to clients but only where this can be
undertaken without creating conflicts of interest. Codarra‘s training business provides a vehicle to
ensure the highest standards of professional services within Codarra and also to utilise our expertise
to train our clients to accredited standards in project management and related disciplines such as
requirements engineering. Codarra is a wholly Australian owned company, having been in business
for over 21 years. Codarra is an independent entity and has no parent company dictating its

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Codarra is an ISO9001:2008 certified company, certificate QEC27662. Codarra is a Registered
Training Organisation, certificate 2006\12520.

Strategic Planning
Codarra provides business analysis service for its clients as well as for its own internal projects
across Strategic and Operational areas of organisations. When for example, The NSW State Rail
Authority (SRA) had a project go wrong where the product that was to be delivered by the
contractor was not going to meet the expectations for the SRA. They did not know how the various
projects supported their mission and so Codarra was tasked to undertake a complete business
analysis of the organisation to map projects against business functions. Codarra developed a
Business Continuity Issues Paper and Strategic Plan for the Defence Communications Network
(DCN) with recommendations to senior Defence committees (and to the DMO Director General of
Communications in particular), on infrastructure and organisational changes needed to enhance the
DCN‘s survivability in the case of disaster or attack. The task involved travelling to various ADF
bases and interviewing communications staff to determine the issues faced when communications
failures occurred. The resulting issues paper and plan contained in excess of 100 recommendations.
Some of these were architectural and technical in nature, however the most significant
recommendations were of an organisational nature, and highlighted incompatibilities between user
needs, delivered systems, maintenance contracts, and service delivery contracts in support of
systems. The resulting documents have been used within the Chief Information Officer‘s Group.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Communications, Design Management
                               Pty Limited
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr David Waddell
Address                        Level 1, Building 1, 169 Gladstone Street
Suburb                         Fyshwick
State                          ACT              Postcode            2609
Telephone                      0262692204       Facsimile           262825756
ABN                            15053788720

Company Background
CDM is an ISO9001 accredited professional service company with a proven track record in the
delivery of innovative Information Communications Technology (ICT) projects and solutions,
professional services and technical expertise in the areas of ICT Project Management, Network
Design and Systems Integration.
Established in 1991, CDM is an Australian owned Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) with offices
in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Customer satisfaction is central to CDM‘s operating philosophy, with 80% of our business resulting
from repeat clients.
CDM specialises in analysing, planning, designing and implementing ICT solutions for Corporate
Enterprises and Government bodies. CDM‘s clients include:
- The Department of Defence
- Attorney-General‘s Department
- Attorney-Generals Department D Branch
- Australian Customs Service
- Department of Finance and Administration
- Australian Trade Commission
- Department of Transport & Regional Services
A pool of approximately 140 Project Management and Technical staff can be drawn on for any
given project. All hold relevant Project Management (eg PRINCE2 and MAIPM) or Technical (eg
MSP and CCNA) qualifications, are security cleared (up to TSNV) and have at least 5 years of
experience in ICT Environments.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
CDM‘s company accreditations include:
- AS/ANZ ISO 9001:2000

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
- Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
- Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
- UK Office of Government Computing‘s Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2)
- Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
- Australian Telecom Users Group (ATUG)
- Australian IT&T Security Forum (AITSF)
- Australian Business Limited
- BICSI certified.
- Defence Industry Security Program (DISIP) member; CDM complies with Defence Security
requirements and arrangements.
- Intelligent Transport Systems Australia (ITS Australia) member; ITS Australia is Australia‘s only
organisation focused on facilitating the development and deployment of advanced technologies
across all modes of transport; air, sea, road and rail.
- Microsoft Gold partner
- Technology partners (eg Juniper, Cisco, 3COM, Citrix, Molex, Microsoft, Novel, Siemens, AMP
Netconnect, et al)

Strategic Planning
Defining, documenting and planning for the strategic implications of ICT projects are core activities
for CDM. We have recently completed projects for the Department of Defence, the Attorney-
General‘s Department and the Australian Customs Service that have required requirements
definition, documentation of these requirements, the composition of a Project Management Plan
(PMP) and the execution of projects.
Our approach to strategic planning in an ICT context is derived from the ASDEFCON framework
(which is a standardised approach to Project Management that is used by the Department of
Defence and is comprised of a standard set of templates and procedures that minimise risk and
maximise project effectiveness), and, is based on PRINCE 2 and PMBOK.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Connexxion Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Connexxion Business Solutions
Contact                       Miss Donna Reynolds
Address                       GPO Box 1143
Suburb                        Canberra
State                         ACT               Postcode             2601
Telephone                     00262626288       Facsimile            0262629530
ABN                           80105196423

Company Background
Connexxion provides end-to-end corporate solutions from its head office in Canberra and satellite
offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. The company was established in the 1980s and has been
working closely with our clients to develop core business systems. We are known for high quality
service provision built on integrity and objectivity, and for providing an independent opinion in
complex situations.
The rebranding to Connexxion Pty Ltd in July 2009 has strengthened our position in the
marketplace by consolidating our business focus and strengthening our partnering philosophy that
underpins the company‘s client relationship model. Our service offerings and development
philosophies were re-aligned to better meet the changing business needs of our clients.
Connexxion‘s objective is to provide our Government clients with efficient, relevant, and cost-
effective solutions that meet today‘s ever-growing legislative reporting requirements. This has seen
us expand into a national service provider connected to a network of international partners such as
Microsoft, Oracle, Compuware and Agresso.
Your solution is delivered by a team of over 70 experienced consultants who you will find
approachable and focussed. Our clients tell us that our consultants are easy to work with and have a
genuine partnership mind-set. They see the benefits of our approach and have achieved effective
outcomes by partnering with us. We encourage our clients to embed their resources into our project
teams so they can learn to support their own products as part of operational handover in a live
business environment as one of our underpinning business philosophies is knowledge transfer

Company Accreditation (Optional)
TThe company and our consultants hold a range of independent certifications that demonstrate our
commitment to compliance with relevant industry best practices. Our primary certifications include:
•     Services that comply with the requirements and principles of AS 12207 (Information
Technology—Software Life Cycle Processes).
•      Consultants experienced in planning, developing and implementing the Information
Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management standards, including Service
Delivery and Service Support.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
•       Support services that comply with the requirements and principles of AS8018 (Australian
Standard for ICT Service Management) and AS17799 (Information Technology Code of Practice
for Information Security).
•      Risk management best practice (in accordance with AS/NZS:ISO 31000.2009.
•      The application of quality principles, as defined under AS/NZS 9001:2000, PRINCE2, MSP
and ITIL methodologies.
•      Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, providing the full range of Microsoft technical and
product related services.
•      Certified Project Management practitioners in the application of PRINCE2 ®, Managing
Successful Programmes ®, PMBOK and/or Project Management Methodology Version 2
•      Roadmap to gain the following accreditations: CMMI Maturity Level 3; Registered Training
Organisation (RTO) status; ISO9001; and EPA environment management plan licence.
•      Member of the Defence Industry Security Protocol (DISP).
•      Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management.
•      Member of the Australian Information Industry Association.
•      Member of over 20 Australian Government Panels.

Strategic Planning
Connexxion consultants have significant expertise in the provision of Strategic planning advice.
Our methodology commences with a review of the organisation‘s business operations, followed by
a gap analysis that results in recommendations as to the most efficient and cost effective solution.
Our services comply with requirements and principles of AS 12207 and include:
•      ICT Strategy and Planning;
•      ICT Best Practice Frameworks;
•      ICT Program and Project Management;
•      ICT Architecture and Information Management; and
•      ICT Procurement within Government legislation and guidelines.
Project 1: Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET).
Approach: Our consultants provided RET with a strategy for the ICT hardware and software
required to implement a SharePoint 2008 solution. Connexxion provided two options regarding
internal/external hosting.
Outcomes: The Department selected a service provider to externally host the solution at a
significantly reduced cost when compared to the internal option. Levels of access and control were
retained while adhering to Departmental security policies.
Project 2: Construction and Industry Skills Council (CPSISC)
Project: Resource Database
Approach: CPSISC required the Resources Database facility to be upgraded from a web page to a
database providing search and access to a greater amount and range of content provided by external
service providers. Connexxion developed a strategy to obtain the functionality and upgrade the ICT
environment to achieve CPSISC‘s objectives.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Outcomes: CPSISC successfully replaced the web page with a database with full Content
Management System functionality.

                                                                   Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                    Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Consulting Insights Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Consulting Insights
Contact                        Dr Phil Malcolm
Address                        PO Box 3218
Suburb                         Manuka
State                          ACT               Postcode            2603
Telephone                      0419359892        Facsimile
ABN                            32091631159

Company Background
Consulting Insights can help you add significant, measurable, and sustainable value to your
organisation. We can help you improve organisational performance, and learn for the future through
ongoing alignment of people with business, and performance management systems. We can help
you maximising the value added by your information resources by delivery of small amounts of
highly relevant, consistent, reliable information, and by focussed, rigorous, cost-effective data
quality management & information delivery. We can help you maximise the value delivered by
your IT resources by building top management ownership and understanding of IT strategy, by
ongoing alignment of IT with business, and by sharing and building on the experience of others. We
can work with you to build on the best from your existing organisation, developing a culture of
sustainable improvement. We have worked in over 50 successful projects for over 30 agencies, and
have facilitated over 250 workshops.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Consulting Insights is currently leading the development of a new Standard Operating Model for
ICT Strategy and Architecture at the Australian Taxation Office. This new model will integrate
processes and deliverables across the ICT function within the Enterprise Architecture Framework.
The new model will significantly improve interactions with the User community, and will introduce
ICT Portfolio Management. This redesign has involved facilitating workshops for SES Officers
from different parts of ICT, enabling them to arrive at an agreed, common view of how they should
be working together. Space Time Research Pty Ltd traditionally produces software used by
Statistical Agencies to process Census data with clients including the Australian Bureau of Statistics
and Statistical Agencies in a number of other countries. We developed a product development and
marketing strategy enabling STR to better leverage of their technology for storing and analysing
very large amounts of structured data, then, as part-time Product Manager, we helped to define
future products so that the Company can move from its traditional market-place of Statistical
Agencies into the more general Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics market-place. Also
for the Tax Office, we developed the target architecture of an Information Technology Strategy for
the Large Business and International Business Line, focusing on the acquisition, analysis, and
sharing of real time intelligence, and response to same, incorporating both hard and soft

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
information. We have also undertaken Strategic Planning for AGIMO, Department of Health and
Ageing, Department of Veterans‘ Affairs, and Shoalhaven Council.

                                                                  Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                   Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Cordelta Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Cordelta
Contact                       Ms Rebecca Edwards
Address                       Level 1, 44-52 Townshend St
Suburb                        PHILLIP
State                         ACT               Postcode            2606
Telephone                     00261624112       Facsimile           0261624122
ABN                           69107788401

Company Background
Cordelta is an ACT-based professional services company that helps to improve business outcomes
through management and technology services, solutions and capability enhancement. The company
was established in 2004 to provide an environment in which people could use their initiative,
experience and passion to deliver outstanding results on business and IT projects. Since then the
company has worked hard to improve the breadth and depth of its services through selective
recruitment, internal development and the successful delivery of client engagements. Cordelta
currently has over 150 permanent and contract employees within the ACT and revenue of
approximately $20m per annum. The company has successfully completed over 500 engagements
and is an active member of various management and ICT panels with Commonwealth Government
agencies, including the Department of Defence and the Department of Finance and Deregulation.
Our strengths include, experienced staff at competitive rates; detailed knowledge of public sector
requirements and reforms; tools and techniques that comply with industry standards and client
requirements; commitment to integration with client teams and transfer of knowledge to client staff;
a pragmatic and collaborative working style; and an excellent reputation for the successful delivery
of projects.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Cordelta has an established quality management system which aligns to ISO9001:2000 within the
following categories, document and record management; management responsibility; resource
management; and measurement, analysis, and improvement. The components of Cordelta‘s quality
management system are documented on the company‘s intranet site, as well as in management,
employee and contractor agreements. The Cordelta management team has defined a set of core
values which are frequently promoted and modelled and is responsible for quality assurance on
engagements. Employees are mentored in the Cordelta quality management system and every
engagement is subject to management review of inputs and outputs. Cordelta has infrastructure in
place to support its quality management system, including, time-recording system; document and
record management system; integrated engagement and financial management system and
employee enablement – email, SOE. In order to measure, analyse and continually improve
Cordelta‘s quality management system, Cordelta reviews management systems and procedures
monthly to identify and resolve issues. Periodic and post implementation reviews of each
engagement are also undertaken to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
includes a face to face meeting with the client to determine their level of satisfaction and identify
opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Planning
Cordelta‘s ICT strategic advisory services are underpinned by practical experience. We encourage
an enterprise approach tailored to identify business drivers, options and solutions and provide
insights into public sector and broader market directions likely to guide further technology and
people investments. Cordelta‘s strategic planning approach provides comprehensive insight into the
aim and objectives of the strategy, factors driving the need for change, options for meeting that
need, the strengths and weaknesses of each option, gap analysis and other considerations to provide
guidance on the most appropriate path. We develop a robust understanding of our client‘s business
models, capabilities and emerging requirements to compare operations, identify efficiencies,
operational models and relevant technologies and establish roadmaps for implementation and
improvement. Cordelta worked with a large Commonwealth Department to develop a strategic
sourcing solution for personnel recruitment. Cordelta assisted with broad consultations within the
Department to assess the suitability of current arrangements. We also gave advice on the different
sourcing solutions in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Framework and in
consideration of commercial market drivers. An open source solution was subsequently chosen and
a program of work established to deliver the solution. Cordelta worked with the ComSuper
executive in 2008 to help plan and deliver their Strategic Business Improvement Program, involving
a number of business and IT projects over a three to five year period. Cordelta provided a wide
range of architecture, procurement and contract management advice to establish a single
administrative platform for all ComSuper activities.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              CPT Global Limited
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Steve Hickey
Address                        Level 4, 161 London Circuit
Suburb                         Canberra
State                          ACT                Postcode            2601
Telephone                      0262069700         Facsimile           262069799
ABN                            16083090895

Company Background
CPT Global Limited is an established and proven independent technical and IT management
consulting services company with over 200 consultants working with almost 70 clients worldwide.
CPT‘s head office is in Melbourne with offices in Canberra, Sydney, London, Munich and New
York, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CGO).
With its IT management consulting services, CPT focuses on providing the IT organisation with
independent client-side consulting services leading, coaching and partnering with each client‘s IT
management team. This extensive and proven management consulting practice leverages the
extensive experience of our professionals to deliver practical quality business solutions and advice
to our clients.
CPT‘s professionals have experience in areas such as ICT Strategic Planning, ICT Sourcing
Strategies, Business Cases, Business Requirements, Information Architecture and Complex Project
Management. These services are predominantly provided to the Government, Health and Banking
and Finance industries.
CPT‘s independence and experience ensures that our clients receive strategies and ongoing advice
that has no conflict of interest with the selection of packages/products or delivery service providers.
CPT is always prepared to support the implementation of our recommendations.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
CPT Global is an ISO 9001:2000 quality accredited organisation. The application of our business
processes and policies ensure that only suitably experienced consultants deliver our services. CPT
Global services are delivered through the application of consultant experience, CPT processes and
client‘s processes to ensure that delivery meets the client‘s objectives and risks are mitigated.

Strategic Planning
CPT Global Limited provides ICT Strategic Services for both government and commercial
organisations including:
ICT Strategic Planning - CPT has a reputation for aligning the IT organisation with the business
plans of the organisation. This allows the funding of ICT to be directly linked with the funding of
business initiatives. Recent clients include Australian Customs Services, Medicare Australia,

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Department of Finance and Administration, Child Support Agency, Department of Industry,
Tourism and Resources.
ICT Sourcing Strategies - CPT specialises in assisting organisations to create tenders, contracts and
procure low risk multi-suppler sourcing arrangements where the IT organisation has the level of
control that they require and all service providers, both internal and external, operate in harmony.
Recent clients include Department of Finance and Administration, VicRoads and Office of Housing
(DHS) of Victoria.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Trading Name                   Deloitte
Contact                        Mr Dean Grandy
Address                        8 Brindabella Circuit
Suburb                         Brindabella Business Park
State                          ACT               Postcode             2609
Telephone                      0262637121        Facsimile            262637001
ABN                            74490121060

Company Background
Deloitte offers a leading global firm with decades of experience servicing Public Sector clients in
Australia and internationally. Our key assets are our ability to resource a diverse range of skills and
experience across our national practice to meet your needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Supporting our key personnel are Deloitte‘s global methodologies and tools together with a pool of
over 4,500 employees in Australia whose skills and experience are shared through an extensive
knowledge management capability.
Deloitte‘s depth of experience and our strong technology acumen together with our proven
methodologies and tools combine to differentiate us from our competitors. Our solutions are based
on the Deloitte CIO Management Framework™ and our Enterprise Programme Management
Framework (EPMF). These frameworks assist in the alignment of ICT strategy with business
strategy through the assessment of capabilities and opportunities and the optimisation of an
organisation‘s portfolio of programs and project.
Deloitte has a proven track record working collaboratively with our government clients to
successfully implement the frameworks. As a result, we are confident that we can bring a strong
combination of knowledge and technical expertise to the ICT Management Consultancy panel.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Deloitte‘s depth of experience working with the Public Sector, our strong technology acumen and
proven methodologies and tools combine to differentiate us from our competitors. We have a
proven track record in working closely with our clients to ―translate‖ and link business and IT needs
and capabilities. Our IT Strategy solution is based on the Deloitte CIO Management Framework,
which depicts an integrated view of IT, addressing the whole information and technology lifecycle
from IT strategy, through to planning and implementation.
The IT Strategy component focuses on an initial current-state assessment of the organisation‘s
strategies and priorities, architectures, sourcing arrangements, skills and capabilities. Deloitte
identify gaps, issues, risks and opportunities, bringing this information together to develop the IT
Strategy. We define and prioritise projects and activities to ensure achievement of a preferred
model and best practice IT environment. We have considerable experience and track record
undertaking this work. For example:
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
- Child Support Agency - Enterprise Architecture Strategy
- FaCSIA - ICT Systems Review/CCMS IT Strategy
- MPL - Business System Renewal Strategy
- Department of Human Services (Vic) - ICT Strategic Review & HealthSMART Program
- Department of Health - Health Corporate Network
- Department PM&C Shared Corporate Services Strategic Review & Implementation

                                                               Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Design Managers Australia Pty Limited
Trading Name                   Design Managers Australia
Contact                        Mr Justin Barrie
Address                        24 Mills St
Suburb                         Hackett
State                          ACT                Postcode            2602
Telephone                      00423302814        Facsimile
ABN                            21105405516

Company Background
Design Managers Australia was founded in 2003 by strategic communications consultant Justin
Barrie. After a successful career in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery and Australian Public
Service, Justin sought to apply his skills and techniques with a broader client group. DMA provides
high level facilitation, co-design skills and strategic planning for organisations looking to plan and
execute their business strategies in ICT and other related disciplines. DMA's background in
communications and issues management, combined with deep experience at the highest levels of
ICT planning and execution ensure clients receive high quality support at all times. DMA
consultants are experienced leading Executive groups in planning and supporting multi-disciplinary
teams (ICT, business, communications and informations mangement) in implementing excellent
ICT programs and portfolios of work. DMA has worked for a range of Federal and State and
Territory Departments and Agencies including the ATO, PM&C, Human Services and related
Agencies, Queensland Rail and National Water Commission.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Justin Barrie has been a member of the Australian Marketing Institute since 1998.

Strategic Planning
DMA has worked with a range of Departments and Agencies to strategically plan how ICT should
be used to support and drive business strategy. Our method is to develop ICT plans that sit within
formal planning frameworks - linking objectives to vision and ICT products, services and
measurement to the objectives. The first example of strategic planning is the Centrelink (now
Department of Human Services) Digital and Social Media Roadmap. The Roadmap used facilitated
workshops and Executive interviews to build a cross-portfolio plan for the use of digital and social
media. We started by defining the channels and matching these channels to intended client
outcomes. Then we worked with the Digital Team to capture all intended ICT projects that fell
within the framework to prioritise and plan the coming year. The Framework is now in its second
year and has become a critical planning tool between communication, business and ICT
representatives. To prove the veracity of the model in large and small organisations, the Framework
has also been used in the National Water Commission. In 2009 DMA was involved in a large ATO
ICT planning project - the Operations Re-Design Project. Working with representatives from ATO
Operations, DMA led strategic planning of the change in business processes, particularly in
Operations Correspondence, and planned the ICT and business process support required for the
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
change. Large scale business planning, and the implications for the ICT environment are a strength
of DMA.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Direkt Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr David Rowlands
Address                        PO Box 542
Suburb                         Pyrmont
State                          NSW               Postcode            2009
Telephone                      00420306556       Facsimile
ABN                            37119693275

Company Background
Direkt Consulting is a niche consultancy specialising in governance and strategy, standards,
performance improvement and informatics, primarily in the health sector. The consultancy has been
operating since 2005 and has undertaken a series of strategically oriented projects, primarily for
Government agencies and non-Government Organisations. Direkt Consulting uses a networking
model, assembling teams of highly experienced experts to match the specific needs of the project at
hand. These experts are typically industry leaders with 20-30 years of experience in senior public
sector roles, and clearly understand the multiplicity of needs of Government agencies operating in
complex environments. Direkt Consulting's principal, David Rowlands, is personally involved in
every project. David has 25 years experience in information management and strategic information
technology, in particular in ensuring business, information and technology alignment. He is
internationally recognised in the e-health arena.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Direkt Consulting has not yet sought third party accreditation but is well versed in quality
management, conformance, certification and accreditation. For example, Direkt Consulting has
advised both Standards Australia and the National E-Health Transition authority on conformance,
certification and accreditation issues in the health sector.

Strategic Planning
Direkt Consulting has undertaken ICT strategic planning activities in Australia and for the
Singapore Government. It's principal, David Rowlands, has led, managed and undertaken a wide
range of strategic planning activities including but not limited to ICT, in both public sector and
consulting capacities. He has held senior positions with ICT strategic planning responsibilities in
the South Australian, Queensland and Commonwealth Governments. Examples of ICT-oriented
strategic planning projects undertaken by Direkt Consulting including planning for e-health in
South-East Queensland, and development of a strategic roadmap for standardisation to support
Singapore's e-health program. Direkt Consulting developed a comprehensive and staged strategy for
ICT-enabled health service delivery in the greater Springfield area of South East Queensland, one
of Australia's most rapidly growing population centres. This strategy complemented a wider health
services plan being developed in parallel by Harvard Medical International. The plan was developed
in consultation with peak health agencies including Queensland Health, and drew upon national and
international trends in technology assisted health care. Direkt Consulting also developed a strategic
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
roadmap for Singapore's Ministry of Health Holdings that outlined how and when key elements of
information and ICT standardisation could be achieved to allow the flow of health information
between care providers. This involved recognising the limitations of legacy systems and finding a
pragmatic pathway towards national capacity building and transformation. Direkt Consulting has
also facilitated strategic planning and development sessions, for example for the Centre for Military
and Veterans' Health.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Doll Martin Associates Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Richard Baecher
Address                        Level 18, 323 Castlereagh Street
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode            2000
Telephone                      0292116200        Facsimile           292116311
ABN                            52002556710

Company Background
Doll Martin Associates (DMA) is an independent Australian management consultancy founded in
Our goal is to enable our clients to bridge the knowledge gap between corporate direction,
information technology and business operations. We have a well-established reputation and have
successfully assisted many private sector companies and government agencies throughout Australia.
The public sector is our biggest client. We have consulted to a wide range of government agencies,
and as a result we understand the culture, imperatives, structure and operation of the public sector.
We are committed to assisting our clients in the formulation of strategies, plans, architectures and
specifications for the acquisition, management, quality and use of information, and the
implementation of governance, processes, systems and solutions to improve business performance.
Our services focus on the effective use of information as an integrated business resource and in
enabling agencies to develop strong information management cultures, architectures and solutions
that are aligned with business needs. We primarily operate from Sydney, with a staff of some 25
personnel, and links to a network of complementary specialist firms. Our expertise lies in the areas
of strategic planning, information management, business systems requirements and acquisition, and
business performance.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Doll Martin Associates has implemented a Quality System and is accredited to ISO9001:2008 by
SAI Global (licence QEC6535), with recertification having taken place in 2011.
We are proud of our membership of the following panels:
New South Wales Government
•       ICT Services Approved Supplier Panel Contract 2020 (NSW)
•       RTA NSW - Professional Services (various)
•       Land & Property Management Authority of NSW.
Queensland Government
•       Government Information Technology Contract GITC

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Australian Federal Government
•     Australian Government Information Management Office - ICT Management Consultants
MultiUse List
•      The Treasury - ICT Business Support Services panel
•      Australian Securities & Investment Commission - IT Professional Services panel
•      Austrade - Information Management panel
•      Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care - Standing Offer
•      Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations - ICT Technical & Advisory
Services panel
•      Department of Health & Ageing - Information Technology Services panel.
We have a strategic alliance with Galexia, who are legal, policy and technical specialists in identity
management, authentication, privacy, public key infrastructure and e-commerce, with membership
of the AGIMO Identity Management and Authentication Consultancy Panel.

Strategic Planning
DMA applies its strategic planning skills at the corporate (corporate and business plan), information
management (information strategy and framework) and information technology (ICT and IM&T
strategic plan) levels. We have extensive experience in the development of information strategic
plans to support organisational objectives and enhance business processes performance. We have a
strong track record in the development of information management frameworks (eg NSW
Commerce, NSW Housing), information and business systems architectures (eg NSW DoCS, NSW
Police), and pragmatic strategic plans with realistic cost/time estimates and realisable benefits (eg
Sydney Catchment Authority, AGIMO). We have done this at the agency, state and sectoral levels.
We often work with Galexia to provide enhanced skills and experiences to clients such as Austroads
(NEVDIS information sharing) and AGIMO (AGAF(I) option development & economic
Example projects:
Austroads (2008 – 2009): Reviewed the service model and developed an information strategy,
business case, measures, and solution specification for the implementation of new directions for the
National Vehicle & Driver Information System program of work in Austroads across 7 State
Hunter New England Area Health Service (2011): Developed an ICT Strategic Plan that
consolidated and clearly communicated existing information held in state wide strategies and in
Hunter New England corporate plans and clinical services plans. Its scope included the
documentation of existing State and NSW Health strategies as they related to Hunter New England
Health plus consultation with clinical and non-clinical groups and the Executive Team to identify
any missing components and to establish priorities.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Dowling Consulting (Trustee for the
                              Dowling Group Trust )
Trading Name                  Dowling Consulting
Contact                       Mr David Dowling
Address                       3/312 St Kilda Rd
Suburb                        Southbank
State                         Victoria            Postcode         3006
Telephone                     01300137369         Facsimile        385985599
ABN                           63286680686

Company Background
Dowling Consulting was formed in 2002 and now has over 50 professional service consultants in
Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Frankfurt Germany with concrete plans to establish our Canberra
office in 2009. Our expertise is mainly in IT Management Consulting, Supply Chain process
improvement and transformation, IT Service Management, IT Organisational improvement and
Transformation, IT and Business Strategic planning and general management consulting.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Dowling Consulting are accredited ISEB ITIL trainers and Examiners and ISO 20000 consultants
and trainers.
We have qualified ITIL experts, 2 x ISO 20,000 accredited trainers, 2 x COBIT accredited auditors,
1 x CMMI accredited , Prince II and PMBok accredited project managers and qualified MSP

Strategic Planning
Dowling Consulting is an ICT Management Consulting organisation and has provided strategic
advice to many Australian government and private sector organisations. We have experienced
senior consultants that have held previous line mangement and consulting roles in IT Management,
ICT Strategy and Planning and Enterprise Architecture. Typically these senior consultants have 20+
years ICT experience.
Case Study 1 - ICT Strategy for Bluescope Logistics
Dowling Consulting conducted a comprehensive strategic review of the ICT organisation of
Bluescope Steel Logistics division. We conducted the assignment using our business aligned IT
Strategy approach and methodology. The resultant outcome produced a revised IT managagment
framework for the division, process improvement opportunities were identified and actioned,
outsourcing of some key business process and IT solutions was recommended and actioned and a
revised organisational operating model introduced. Business aligned scorecards were developed and
implemented to monitor the effects of the ICT strategy on business outcomes.
Case Study 2 - ICT Strategy for Visy Industries

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Visy Industries engaged Dowling Consulting to conduct an IT review of its Australasian ICT
operations with the view to increase value, lower costs and provide a future state ICT plan for the
next 5 years. Over a 6 month period, Dowling not only produced the strategy, we assisted with the
execution and delivery of the organisation, process and technology improvements to drive out the
strategic intent. The Visy business is delighted with progress to date and has extended our influence
and responsibility to their United States ICT operations.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             e8 Consulting Pty Limited
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Terry Rowlings
Address                       Level 11, 189 Kent Street
Suburb                        Sydney
State                         NSW               Postcode            2000
Telephone                     061293232877      Facsimile           61293232828
ABN                           25129731924

Company Background
E8 Consulting delivers strategic and business consulting services in four areas: business process
management to drive business efficiency, service improvement, and governance, risk management
and compliance; enterprise communication and collaboration, leveraging enterprise 2.0 tools, to
deliver business efficiency, enable high-performance teams and drive organisational knowledge-
capture; project governance that enables organisations to achieve superior returns from projects
(ICT and non-ICT); and the management of strategic programmes to realise business benefits.
Our commitment to customers is to help them achieve superior operating performance and above-
average returns. The consulting practice was established in 2000 as part of The Frame Group Pty
Ltd, providing business process management services, and expanded in 2008 to include
communication and collaboration strategy and implementation, governance of projects and
management of strategic programmes. Our clients include public and private sector organisations
across all industries. We are Australian owned with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and
Canberra. Our people are thought-leaders in their field, with unique experience and skills, and we
use, teach and contribute to the world‘s leading standards, frameworks and toolsets. We ensure
knowledge capture and transfer is embedded in all our projects. Our goal is to provide exceptional
services to enable our clients to be exceptional.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), ISACA Representative at Standards Australia on
the Standards Committee AS 8015, AS 8016; Corporate members Information Technology Service
Management Forum (itSMF); a number of e8 Consulting consultants hold Federal and NSW
Government Gateway accreditation.

Strategic Planning
Strategic value is delivered by strong management and excellent execution. E8 Consulting provides
strategic planning for organisations planning major system replacements, business consolidation,
systems integration, process improvement, and cost reduction. We bring business acumen and deep
experience to assist clients with: Strategy development to establish the organisation, programme
and people drivers; programme design and planning; benefits and risk analysis and organisational
impact analysis; Implementation, programme documentation and change management; success
criteria and measurement, monitoring and control, risk management, and benefits realisation.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Our client engagements have included:
Redesign of IT&T Sourcing Strategy for Commonwealth Bank of Australia – the redevelopment of
the sourcing strategy for the largest IT&T outsourcing contract in Australia. We developed a
structured and repeatable process to gather, analyse and interpret inputs, generate options and define
strategy and implementation. The project‘s success and acceptance by business was due to deep
stakeholder engagement at every stage.
Provision of an ICT deployment strategy to support Melbourne Airport‘s major capital works
program over the next 20 years. Our experience is across a broad spectrum on ICT, from data
centres, network infrastructure services, applications and business processes. We apply our proven
strategic planning process provide the airport with the appropriate framework from which to
measure and manage the deployment of ICT infrastructure to drive compliance, contain costs,
manage risk, provide stability and revenue, and provide for growth.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Enterprise Architects Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Enterprise Architects
Contact                        Mr Mac Lemon
Address                        Level 46 Rialto Tower South 525 Collins Street
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria          Postcode             3000
Telephone                      00396156500       Facsimile            0396156550
ABN                            76908214788

Company Background
Enterprise Architects is an Australian professional services firm specialising in enterprise & IT
planning and architecture. We supply expert Consulting, Training & Recruitment services,
delivering IT roadmaps and architectures and helping organisations to develop high performance
architecture teams. Operating since 2002, many of Australia's leading organisations have engaged
us as their strategic partner for IT planning and architectures, to improve architectural thinking and
to develop and recruit their Strategy and Architecture teams. As of May 2010 we are represented by
around 60 professionals in 3 locations in Australia and overseas. Our Consulting Division works
with CIOs, chief architects, strategy and transition managers to develop right-fit enterprise and IT
architecture capabilities for their organisation, and to deliver strategic roadmaps at an enterprise,
business or local level. Our Training Division is an accredited supplier of TOGAF training and
certification courses, world-wide. TOGAF is the Open Group Architecture Framework, a
methodology that unites business planning, IT architecture and project management. Our TOGAF
expertise enables our consultants to apply rigorous methods to the planning process, leading to
robust outcomes that stand the test of time and scrutiny. Our Recruiting Division is a leader and
innovator in staffing solutions for business technology architecture internationally.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) - Version 9, Enterprise Edition - is an open,
industry consensus framework and method for enterprise architecture. Enterprise Architects is an
accredited provider of TOGAF training services. TOGAF is developed and maintained by members
of The Open Group, working within the Architecture Forum (refer to The original development of TOGAF Version 1 in 1995 was
based on the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM), developed
by the US Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD gave The Open Group explicit permission and
encouragement to create TOGAF by building on the TAFIM, which itself was the result of many
years of development effort and many millions of dollars of US Government investment. Starting
from this sound foundation, the members of The Open Group Architecture Forum have developed
successive versions of TOGAF and published each one on The Open Group public web site.

Strategic Planning
Enterprise Architects is a specialist supplier of ICT strategic planning and architecture services,
using disciplined methodologies based on international standards, from beginning to end of the
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
planning cycle. Specific services include ? Business reference architectures and definition of
required business capabilities ? Current IT state assessments ? Definition of IT target architectures
and capabilities ? Strategic IT roadmap development and delivery ? IT strategy and architecture
alignment Our methods and deliveries are based on Version 9 of The Open Group Architecture
Framework (TOGAF). TOGAF is an industry consensus framework for business planning, IT
architecture and project management. Organisations can use their own methodologies and internal
processes within the framework to align IT and business needs. Our TOGAF expertise enables our
consultants to apply rigorous methods to the planning process. We‘ve developed a library of
templates that have proven themselves in the field. For example, our ―Business Architecture on a
Page‖ presents a map of business functionality, requirements and options that is comprehensible to
both business and IT stakeholders. Our Roadmaps present a graphic view of the transition from
current to future states, encapsulating timing, project size, dependencies and delivery of capabilities.
Reference projects: Melbourne IT (2008-9): development of a business architecture showing
integration options, target IT architectures and a combined business and IT Roadmap to achieve the
desired results. ING Direct (bank) (2008): development of a current and target state architecture
across business, application, information and technology layers, and of a 5 year Technology
Investment Roadmap.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Envista Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Envista
Contact                        Mr Daniel Murray
Address                        58 Dunstan Street
Suburb                         Curtin
State                          ACT               Postcode            2605
Telephone                      00414847501       Facsimile           0285881268
ABN                            26114790215

Company Background
Envista Pty Ltd is a Canberra based ICT and Business consulting firm. It provides specialised
services through the assembly of high calibre industry professionals who are regarded as leading
experts in their field. Envista holds specialisations across a range of technical and business
disciplines, including; ICT strategic planning, business case development and support, project
management and methodology and ICT systems Architecture development. Envista Staff have a
rich diversity of experience across a wide range of business sectors and disciplines. This includes
track records both nationally and internationally providing value adding services and advice to
clients across the Asia Pacific region. Envista only employees business minded technologists with
track records of delivering timely and quality outcomes. Collectively, the experience and reputation
of the team form a unique capability, delivering first class results and value for money. Envista
prides itself on the ability to engage and solve customer problems at any stage of the business value
chain. Envista Staff are renowned not only for their ability to develop unique and innovative
concepts to identify and address business and technology problems, but also their ability to drive
and implement those concepts across complex business environments.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Not Applicable

Strategic Planning
As an integrated technology and business company, Envista maintains a core competency and
significant capability in the development of organisational Strategic Business and ICT Planning.
Envista has firsthand experience in helping small and large organisations that have invested heavily
in the promise of ICT efficiencies but have had difficulty in measuring real business value from
their investment. Working closely with our clients, we provide a clear ‗line of sight‘ between ICT
strategy and business objectives. ICT strategy formulation includes the analysis, development and
integration of a wide range of topics such as the alignment of ICT strategic plans to business
objectives, ICT architecture, NPV analysis, Operations and Service Management (ITIL) and shared
services models. Envista‘s significant experience with ICT Strategy activities include: Strategic
planning and development of the Defence Information Systems Division Information &
Communications Technologies Roadmap (to be used for program management & investment
planning across the Department) Development and implementation of the Whole of Defence
strategy for procurement of national data telecommunications services. Development of the
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Department of Defence Information Systems Division (ISD) ICT Architecture Office Business Plan
Development of the Defence ICT Common Services Access Strategy; Completion of the Defence
Wide Area Communications Network Operational Concept Document (OCD) and Functional and
Performance Specifications (FPS) for Capability Systems Group Development of the Defence
Tactical Interface Strategy Development of the Defence Information Systems Division Business
Continuity Management Plan Strategy Development of the Defence Satellite Strategy, preceded by
detailed scoping studies relating to technology, regulation, policy, and futures.

                                                                  Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                   Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Ernst & Young Australia
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Andrew Garner
Address                       Ernst & Young, GPO Box 281
Suburb                        Canberra
State                         ACT               Postcode            2601
Telephone                     0262673888        Facsimile           262461505
ABN                           75288172749

Company Background
Ernst & Young helps companies in businesses across all industries — from emerging growth
companies to global powerhouses — to deal with a broad range of business issues. Our 114,000
people in 140 countries around the globe pursue the highest levels of integrity, quality and
professionalism to provide clients with a broad array of professional services.
Quality In Everything We Do
Ernst & Young‘s integrity and professional competence are the cornerstones of our global
organisation. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients‘ trust and confidence.
Services Offered
Ernst & Young provides a range of services, including advisory, assurance, tax, risk, technology,
transactions, and human capital services.
Industry Focus
Globally, Ernst & Young supports 26 industry sectors, including Government. The Centres are
dedicated to bringing insights to clients, sponsoring dialogue among industry stakeholders and
linking our professionals to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Ernst & Young would not be such a successful organisation without great people and strong
teamwork. We provide our people with solid career growth opportunities and a people-oriented
workplace environment. Our philosophy, quite simply, is that when our people achieve their best, so
do our clients.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
We are very proud of the fact that Ernst & Young has held ISO 9001 certification since 1993. All
Ernst & Young personnel are responsible for understanding and applying our quality procedures
and are appropriately trained upon commencement of their employment. Each person has the
responsibility and authority to initiate quality improvement requests for any non-conformance
encountered or for suggestions for improvement.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Ernst & Young offers a wide range of strategic planning services for ICT projects in order to
support the organisation‘s overall business strategy and objectives. Our strong experience and
position in the marketplace has been built on our service offerings of ICT strategic planning and
alignment, business processes reengineering, value delivery, gap analysis of the existing ICT
environment to the strategy and objectives, benchmarking of ICT unit requirement for the strategy
and objectives, stakeholder management and interviews, risk management, resource management,
business case development and performance management.
Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Developed an ICT best practice framework and researched and developed a model framework of
strategic management that could be used by DIAC to review and assess the effectiveness of its
management activities and governance.
Developed AGIMO‘s ICT Business Case and associated guide and training package which
represents global better practice in ICT business case development and assessment. Developed a
robust methodology for business case development and assessment which included the
consideration of economic, financial, qualitative and risk factors. This project also demonstrates our
expertise in ICT implementation management, governance, risk management, change management,
procurement and benefits realisation in an ICT-enabled project.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Eventra
Trading Name                   Eventra
Contact                        Mr Peter Howe
Address                        4/75 Lorimer St
Suburb                         Docklands
State                          Victoria          Postcode            3008
Telephone                      00396985454       Facsimile           0396985499
ABN                            43026013729

Company Background
At Eventra we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and understand your business. We design
solutions to meet your current requirements whilst supporting future growth and change. Our
strategic consulting services help clients reduce costs, drive efficiencies, improve service quality
and create business value by better aligning technology investment with your overall business
strategy. Eventra disciplines include: • IT Strategy planning and advice • Enterprise Architecture •
Supplier/vendor assessment • Business case preparation • Board and Executive Management
facilitation Eventra also provides Programme and Project Management services and resources to
large and SMB clients. Each resource has these skill levels to operate within a Prince2 and PMBOK
umbrella. These services have included the full spread of Project Management disciplines across the
systems development life cycle including (but not limited to) the management of: • Planning •
Scope • Cost • Quality • Scheduling • Change & Communications • Risk (identification and
mitigation) • Resource Management (internal and external) • Vendor liaison (including
procurement) • Implementation (including integration and transition management).

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Eve3ntra is progrerssing towards ITIL and CMMI accreditation and intend sto acheive both by the
end of 2010 FY

Strategic Planning
Eventra has consulted to some of Australia‘s largest public organisations and highly regarded
private organizations and has built a reputation as a trusted source of expertise in information
technology. Our strategic consulting services help clients reduce costs, drive efficiencies, improve
service quality and create business value by aligning technology investment with overall business
strategy. Eventra disciplines include: • IT Strategy planning and advice and alignment of IT
investment with the business direction. • Quality assurance programs; • The design and
implementation of a governance structure; • Information technology ‗road map‘ planning and
budget forecasting; • Trusted Advisor/Critical Friend • Enterprise Architecture • Board and
Executive Management facilitation Our consultants advise on the development and implementation
of organisational processes and procedures to identify, monitor, track and harvest the realisation of
project benefits. Australia Post: Eventra led the IT Strategy development within the Enterprise
Architecture branch. It included reviewing business strategies and developing the IT Strategy to
align and enable, where applicable, with the targeted business strategy. This approach provided the
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
basis for future IT Strategy development and was very well received by the Board. Large
Melbourne based law firm (Name withheld for commercial in confidence) 1. Eventra was engaged
to undertake a strategic review of IT including processes, architecture and capabilities and
developing a comprehensive IT transformation strategy to reduce costs and improve service levels.
These recommendations are being actioned by the client, together with Eventra, and are presenting
real benefits and efficiencies within the firm.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Exeter (AUST) Pty Ltd ATF Exeter
                               Family Trust
Trading Name                   DMV Consulting
Contact                        Mr David Vincent
Address                        PO Box 909
Suburb                         Jamison
State                          ACT               Postcode            2614
Telephone                      00261083368       Facsimile           0261083667
ABN                            88675004297

Company Background
DMV Consulting is a Canberra based consulting firm, which brings together a wealth of expertise
from a broad base of experience. Our team of highly motivated and skilled consultants are
committed to providing high quality, cost-effective outcomes for our clients using proven and
contemporary accountancy and business advisory methods and practices. DMV Consulting believe
that our professional staff and relevant qualifications and up to date experience, combined with a
demonstrated commitment and ability to deliver high quality, competitively priced solutions to
clients, make DMV Consulting an excellent candidate for inclusion on this Panel. We are focused
on helping clients use technology to create sustainable organisational benefits and to optimise
business performance. When we serve our clients on technology issues, we combine our industry
knowledge and practical ‗real world‘ experience in technology solutions with our traditional
strengths in strategy, organisation, and operations.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The DMV Consulting is applying a quality management system that is designed to maintain and
continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisations‘ performance. The quality
management system manual meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Strategic Planning
DMV Consulting has been involved in a range of strategic planning and risk assessment projects,
developing or contributing to the development of business cases. DMV Consulting have also
provided strategic performance reviews, including industry best practice reviews, contract
performance and compliance reviews of contracts, including auditing of contractor self-assessments
against contractor performance and compliance indicators for service delivery. Key steps and
outcomes are a clearly defined discovery phase, which involves stakeholder engagement, process
mapping of the baseline, and internal and external environmental scans. One of our senior ICT
Project Managers managed the identification of strategic developments for Defence‘s OHS Branch.
The role included identification and investigation of key strategic initiatives, which involved the
development of supporting business cases. In particular, our consultant undertook a strategic review
of Defence‘s workers compensation system in conjunction with the Senior Business User.
Subsequent to the review, he was involved in developing a report that identified and prioritised the
various strategic developments required for Defence‘s workers compensation system. This
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
document was utilised by Defence to drive the development of future system enhancements such as
the upgrade to the workers compensation systems. One of our senior ICT Project Managers
managed a strategic review for Defence Personnel Executive of the system change request process
for Defence‘s human resource information system. The review objective was to identify
recommendations for improvements to the underlying requirements definition process. The results
of the review were documented in a report provided to the Defence Personnel Systems Program

                                                                   Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                    Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             FinXL IT Professional Services
Trading Name                  FinXL Professional Services Pty Ltd
Contact                       Mr Gary Harb
Address                       Level 2, Ethos House, 28 - 36 Ainslie Avenue
Suburb                        Canberra
State                         ACT               Postcode             2600
Telephone                     00262436444       Facsimile            0262436499
ABN                           74104804793

Company Background
FinXL IT Professional Services Pty Ltd is an innovative Australian owned company that is part of
the Finite Group of ICT specialist companies. FinXL was established in 2003 to assist clients to
assemble specialist teams of skilled and experienced consultants to undertake specific ICT projects
and deliverables on an ad-hoc basis. With established offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Canberra, Adelaide and Perth, FinXL has over 450 specialist ICT consultants engaged on
assignment in six Australian states. FinXL‘s strength is the ability to source consultants from our
real time and virtual bench of consultants whom we have worked with previously and where the
quality of their work is known to be of a high professional standard. We are also a DIAC approved
Standard Business Sponsor enabling us to source, sponsor and employ international specialist ICT
consultants on subclass 457 visas for up to 4 years, and currently employ circa 40 of these personnel
around Australia. FinXL‘s top three Australian based clients are Telstra, Singtel Optus, and
Westpac. With significant contracts with Australian Government, State Governments, and a variety
of private sector clients including AMP and Macquarie Bank. Our major project is a five year
support contract with Defence.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
FinXL has a Quality Management System in place. We have appointed a third party certification
organisation to confirm we meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 with a target completion date
of December 2011.

Strategic Planning
FinXL has extensive Strategic Planning experience from providing strategy development services to
NSW Government clients over the past two years. Our services were provided to; Department of
Justice and Attorney General (DJAG), Department of Education & Training (DET) and Family &
Community Services (DOC‘s). FinXL provided; • ICT Strategy, Roadmaps and Evaluation •
Forecasting / Analysis of Future Trends • Desktop Standards and Strategy • Integration Reviews for
Shared Service Models • Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Frameworks • Strategic Research and
Analysis • ICT Capital Projects and Expenditure Reviews • Development of Request for
Quotation‘s • Development of and advice on Management Frameworks. FinXL helped our clients in
many ways, including validating their decisions, preparing long term plans, considering their
options, meeting their statuary obligations, ensuring cost effectiveness, identifying & mitigating
risk and communicating their vision. FinXL consultants are known and trusted resources with
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
proven experience in the local Australian marketplace with extensive experience in strategy
development. They understand the specific business and technology issues and challenges facing
Government organizations. The advice that our consultants give is completely independent and
objective. We are unencumbered by any alliances, allegiances or partnerships with any technology
providers. Our consultants work in a highly collaborative and inclusive manner. We ensure that our
client stakeholders have personal ownership and pride in the outcomes of the pieces of work. FinXL
consultants regularly attend and participate in industry forums. FinXL has held a number of
Government Breakfast briefings including, Innovative Cost Optimisation and Effective and
Efficient Shared Services.
Desktop Strategy
FinXL developed a framework for the provisioning and management of the NSW Department of
Attorney General and Justice (DAGJ) desktop assets.
DAGJ has a desktop fleet of 7,000 units across some 300 physical locations. The strategy provided
for the provisioning – SOE management and deployment, application versioning, deployment and
support; and asset control and retirement. The strategy incorporated the use of virtual desktop
infrastructure options and needs based service provisioning using terminal services.
ICT Capital Projects and Expenditure Reviews
FinXL co-ordinated and managed the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice (DAGJ)
response to the NSW Treasury 2010 Expenditure Review. This included liaison with Treasury
officials and responding to inquiries, clarifications and requests for supplementary information.
FinXL have also conducted a review of proposed future capital expenditure projects 2011-2012
financial year. The review made recommendations as to the relative priority/merit of the proposed
projects and provided an assessment of the robustness of the project costing and design.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Fortis Consulting ATF The Gurgone
                               Family trust
Trading Name                   Fortis Consulting
Contact                        Mr Adrian Gurgone
Address                        544 William Street
Suburb                         Mount Lawley
State                          WA                  Postcode            6050
Telephone                      00894672490         Facsimile           0894672491
ABN                            66100863751

Company Background

Fortis Consulting is a specialist management consulting firm offering only highly qualified (10
years minimum), expert consultants, with top-tier backgrounds and innovative client solutions. Our
consultants offer deep government experience and a holistic approach to project management. We
apply robust project management tools (Prince2) while taking into account stakeholder, financial
and environmental considerations.
Key areas where Fortis adds value to clients include:
Project & Programme Management: Project management excellence is the key to a project or
portfolio‘s success. Fortis‘ experienced Project Managers provide effective, timely and efficient
oversight of projects and programmes to scope, timeframes and budget.
Strategic Planning driven by Research and Analysis: Fortis delivers significant insight into
business data for our government clients, through specialist research, surveys and reports. We help
management cut through the myriad of data to identify key trends and uncover useful information
enabling strategic planning and decision-making.
Business Intelligence: Fortis helps clients leverage business intelligence solutions; we assist clients
to collect, understand, report –on and interpret data, an (e.g. business case analysis, KPIs or
balanced scorecard systems).
System Selection & Business Cases: Fortis helps client to develop business cases and select and
implement systems that meet their business needs, enable future changes and save valuable time
and effort for the business.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Fortis project managers are MBA qualified. Our trainers also hold Certificate IV qualifications in
training and assessment.

Strategic Planning
Service Offering: Fortis Consulting offers highly-qualified consultants with broad experience in
providing tailored public sector strategic planning services, including: -Targeted services for
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Government Departments with both ICT and policy focus. -Major restructures within/across
Departments, helping client staff to transition quickly/efficiently. -Specialised services dealing with
Indigenous issues, ageing population, disengaged youth and learning communities. -Facilitation of
transformational changes including ICT transformations, new business models, KPIs and new
organisational structures. -Alignment of financial and operational aspects of the business to the
strategic plan. Strategic Planning Experience: Project 1: Fortis recently provided significant
strategic planning support to an ASX200 company establishing a full-service shared service
organisation (SSO). Fortis oversaw the planning process, developed documentation, and examined
how ICT SSO solutions could achieve and support organisational business strategy and objectives.
The support led to establishment of a highly automated SSO, delivering services to Australasian
operations. The Fortis-led strategic planning enabled the client to deliver a successful SSO. Project
2: A Fortis Director supported a large government College (40,000 students, $60m turnover) to
facilitate the participation of targeted groups in all programs across the College. Strategic planning
support included: -Overseeing the planning process and documentation. -Examining ICT options to
achieve and support the College‘s overall business strategy and objectives. -Analysis of the target
population, industry needs and student population characteristics. -Review of the College program
area business plans. -Refining /integrating changes into the College Strategic Plan. -Developing
marketing and risk management plans. -Monitoring implementation of the plan.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Fujitsu Australia Limited
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Kym Petney
Address                        Level 1, 19-25 Moore St
Suburb                         Turner
State                          ACT               Postcode             2612
Telephone                      002 6250 9753     Facsimile            02 6249 1620
ABN                            19001011427

Company Background
Fujitsu Australia Limited is a full service provider of business and information technology and
communications solutions. We partner with our customers to offer services from strategic
consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services. Fujitsu has earned a reputation as
a supplier of choice for leading corporate and government organisations and has grown by
reputation into a full service provider in this region offering true end-to-end business and IT
We combine professional expertise, world-class methodologies and consulting and application
services with adaptive platforms, advanced solutions and products to deliver the business results our
clients are seeking - results that transform businesses and provide a return on investment.
Fujitsu has:
* Over 10 million customers and 160,000 professional staff in 60 countries around the world
* 3,000 Australian and New Zealand staff
* Long-term clients in every sector – government, healthcare, justice, finance, manufacturing, retail,
telecommunications, transport, distribution and utilities
* A proven track record for delivering successful projects that achieve real business benefits and
return on investment
* An annual investment of more than US$2 billion researching and developing cutting-edge
business technologies, resulting in over 32,000 patents with more being added all the time.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Fujitsu‘s Quality Management system meets the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. We
continually seek ways to improve our processes and ensure they continue to meet the requirements
of our customers and the technological and business environment.
Fujitsu is registered with SAI Global Assurance Services. The registration covers the Quality
Management System for design, sales, consulting, administration, installation, maintenance, service
and support of information technology and telecommunications solutions, products, networks and
services. These include management consulting; strategic planning; design and development,
logistics, integration, configuration and commissioning of hardware and software products;

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
management and operations of computer processing facilities; provision of help desk facilities and
Fujitsu's consultants are well versed in methodology and industry best practices including Portfolio
Management Capability Maturity, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and SEI Capability Maturity
Model (CMM).

Strategic Planning
Fujitsu has experienced consultants able to support the development, or the review and update of IT
Fujitsu has an integrated set of methods, tools and techniques that cover the full strategic
management cycle, incorporating multiple paths for strategic thinking and decision making, from
planning and process design through execution and management.
Our approach ensures (i) a strong alignment from business strategy and objectives into IT strategy
and objectives, (ii) a flow of IT enabled opportunities back into shaping business strategies, and (iii)
that underlying IT services capability (organisation, people, process, and technology) support the
strategic direction. We can also help integrate the outcomes of the strategy process into overall
business planning, capital allocation, investment management, and budgeting.
Fujitsu recognises the importance of innovation in shaping and implementing strategy, and has
enabled its clients to better manage innovation using our creative facilitation techniques and
rigorous prioritisation process. We help clients (i) understand which ideas to implement and when,
and (ii) apply the rigour, foresight and drive to overcome the obstacles that inevitably get in the
Recent experience includes IP Australia (IT Strategies & Directions) and NRMA (Alignment of
Business & IT Strategy).

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Global Sapphire IT (Australia) Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Joce Santa Maria
Address                        8 Carinya Road
Suburb                         Picnic Point
State                          New South         Postcode             2213
Telephone                      00422 188 272     Facsimile            02 9792 1163
ABN                            91106950565

Company Background
GSI‘s core competencies are in the areas of providing ICT solutions, strategic alliances and value-
added services. At GSI, we undertake strategic alignments, whether such alignment is between ICT
and business strategies, or a re-engineering of business processes. We adopt a solutions-oriented
approach to the application of its technology, and doing so with the knowledge and understanding
of key industries and business processes to deliver objectives. We work with you to facilitate a one-
stop-shop of integrated services which ensures that your objectives are fulfilled in a rapid
timeframe. Combining solid industry experience and technology skills, GSI possesses a strong
functional perspective that makes it effectively capable to provide counsel on technical information,
develop and link it to business strategy in a cost-effective manner. GSI resources have extensive
experience in the Information and Communications Technology industry providing consulting to
such arenas as Australasia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the US. Our experience and
reputation for delivering high quality outcomes and achieving outstanding results working with our
organisations continue to grow. It will come as no surprise to the market that we consider our
experienced team to be GSI‘s key winning differentiator.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Oracle Business Partner; Members of Australian Institute of Management; Members of the
Australian Computer Society; Members of the Project Management Institute; Members of the
Institute of Management Consultants; Prince 2 Practitioners; OPM Practitioners. PMBOK
Practitioners BABOK Practitioners

Strategic Planning
GSI helps the organisation focus on strategic objectives in line with global trends, the need to meet
the organisation‘s KPIs and provide the necessary business and ICT strategies through a structured
OPM methodology. This enables the demands to be met and ensures that the objectives are
delivered clearly. Processes include conducting interviews and workshops through a strict
pragmatic method agreed with the organisation. Mentor the organisation so that the needs are
understood and the deliverables agreed, and construct a roadmap to the Strategic Plan. GSI then
focusses on identifying the outcome of each strategic component that will be the key items within
the Strategic Plan and to manage/identify risks and expectations through each process.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Burwood Council: The assignment involved the mentoring of the organisation and developing the
Strategic Plan. Analysing, building and transitioning the outputs so each item within the Strategic
Plan is identified accordingly. Extensive industry practice allowed us to provide a roadmap
outlining the Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.
Panasonic: Our expertise and experience helped provide full mentoring, identifying and enabling
the organisation to outline their Strategic Plan with an expected budget and schedule.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Goal Professional Services Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Goal Group
Contact                        Mr Alan Rankins
Address                        7 Riverside Drive
Suburb                         Mayfield West
State                          NSW                 Postcode           2304
Telephone                      002 4967 4500       Facsimile          02 4967 4600
ABN                            65 122 098 695

Company Background
Goal and the Goal Group were established in 2006, utilising consultant/PSP experience in Project
and Program Management and Change Management, with a particular emphasis on continuous
Goal and the Goal Group assists organisations to analyse and better understand their operating
environments, in order to develop their capabilities in strategic procurement and supply chain
capability. We gain a thorough understanding of the commercial and competitive environment and
identify specific challenges relating to capabilities, policies and procedures. The Group‘s expertise
is in developing and implementing strategic solutions for our clients. Key to success is cost control,
management of budgets, and capability improvements.
Headquartered in Newcastle and open in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Wellington
New Zealand, Goal operates across Australasia and globally. We cover strategic planning,
governance, organisational maturity and portfolio/programme/project management consulting,
training and delivery support services.
Goal‘s clients have included KPMG, PWC, Rolls-Royce, Thales Australia, training providers, the
Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO); Federal and State government departments and SMEs. We
are innovators in the fields of leadership, learning and development. We have accredited Gateway
Goal is an Accredited Training Organisation for both MSP® and PRINCE2® and the Goal Group
boasts an RTO in Project Management accreditation and certification.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Goal Professional Services Pty Ltdis an Accredited Training Organisation for PRINCE2 and MSP.
A number of the Goal Group members hold ISO 9001/2000 accreditation. Specific members hold
required engineering accreditations.
A Goal Group member is a Registered Training Organisation able to provide Project Management
qualifications up to Advanced Diploma level.
Goal offers P3M3 organisational maturity assessments and Gateway Reviews.
Goal Professional Services is a member of the Defence Industrial Security Programme (DISP) and
maintains appropriate defence security clearances for its consultants.
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Goal's consultants performed a roll-out of the senior management selection process worldwide for
Cisco Systems, commencing in delivery of strategic and tactical management development in
Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia.
Goal's MD devised and implemented a campaign that saw development of a new product,
establishing new customers in South Africa, new channels in the UK and achieved preferred tender
status on a multi-million dollar, multi-national project covering the UK, Australia and Malaysia.
Goal was engaged to document the strategic direction and marketing plan for the Australian
Industry and Defence Network - NSW.
Goal's Operations Director established a strategic alliance with a British training organisation,
including co-branding of courseware. He assisted in the developed of a Corporate ICT Strategy for
the Victorian Department of Human Services; planning and managing its implementation. He also
established the strategy and business case for a $7M Electronic Document and Records
Management program for DHS.
 Goal boasts a former Adjunct Teaching Fellow at the Australian Graduate School of
Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology. Goal consultants lead teams on high
value/visibility initiatives with sensitive, complex and critical success factors. Consultants possess
excellent interpersonal skills, influencing abilities and incisive stakeholder management skills.
Goal can develop strategic insights through the application of Analytics, including the uses of
predictive modelling, forecasting, data visualisation, simulation, and other advanced statistical
techniques. Consultants pioneered the application of collective intelligence methods to
organisational strategy and planning processes through the development of the Decision
Performance Management and Forecast Performance Management methodologies.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Grerin Investments Pty. Ltd
Trading Name                  Grerin Consulting
Contact                       Mr Greg Mooney
Address                       15/18 Marr Street,
Suburb                        Pearce
State                         ACT                Postcode            2607
Telephone                     0418119280         Facsimile           262862365
Website                       not presently
ABN                           40089041636

Company Background
Grerin Consulting is the consulting company used by Greg Mooney to undertake
Strategic Planning, Business Case Analysis, ICT Management, Costing and Procurement
assignments for the private sector and government. Recent assignments have been minimal due to
the demands of Indigo Information Systems P/L (now Information Exchange Systems P/L)
However they have included some Business Case Analysis and Development at the Dept.of
Innovation Industry Science and Research.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The basis of accreditation is the successful undertaking of each aspect of the assignments at a
senior level in private companies an international consulting firm and at a senior level in
government. The quality of the results achieved, the judgement displayed, the conceptual/strategic
capacity of the ICT consultant can be readily verified by senior SES officers at Cenrtrelink, the
Australian taxation Office and other clients.

Strategic Planning
Grerin Consulting was required by the Board of IT Services Company Microview P/L to prepare an
annual strategic plan which directly impacted the performance and profitability of the company. I
developed a series of templates so that the sales/marketing, ICT development, ICT production,
support and finance staff could make concise targeted input to the process. I would then marry these
responses with
the customer/product analytics that I undertook myself and the key priorities such as growth targets,
ICT automation to increase margins, R&D etc, passed down from the Board. I would have a further
refinement process with individual functional teams before submitting the plan to the Board for
approval. These strategies and the associated business plan had not been undertaken like this before
and delivered considerable profit improvement and a more valuable company for sale.
Grerin Consulting also undertook a similar process for Indigo Information Systems P/L. There was
more focus on assessing the viability of the technology in the market place, obtaining funding and
finalising a strategic and business operating plan for its Board.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Grosvenor Management Consulting Pty
Trading Name                   Grosvenor Management Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Peter Macfarlane
Address                        Level 7/15 London Circuit
Suburb                         Canberra
State                          ACT                Postcode             2601
Telephone                      00262749200        Facsimile            0262749299
ABN                            47105237590

Company Background
Grosvenor Management Consulting is a private, Australian owned company and a leading provider
of strategic and operational advice to public and private sector organisations. Grosvenor has a team
of highly skilled and qualified consultants located in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. We are
practitioners in a range of services including strategic sourcing, business improvement and program
evaluation across a range of sectors including ICT. Grosvenor has developed significant ICT and
technology strategies for organisations as diverse as the National Water Commission (ICT Strategy)
right through to Centrelink (Digitisation Strategy). We have provided support in implementation of
ICT projects, including business process analysis pre-implementation, project management and
procurement support, through to evaluations and post implementation reviews. We have experience
across all levels of government and the private sector with clients as diverse as ANZ Bank, Defence
and the City of Melbourne. We are highly regarded by our clients, both for our ability to deliver,
and for our ability to ensure the advice is practical and business outcome focused. We can provide
full details of past projects and clients who will attest to the quality of our support. Further details
on our capability can be found at

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Grosvenor has in place a quality system modelled on ISO9001. Our system has key measures,
including meeting or exceeding expectations 100% of the time and resolving issues to the 100%
satisfaction of the client. Our post project customer feedback has delivered an average score of 8
out of 10 for meeting expectations (5=met expectations) and 8 out of 10 for quality of consultants
versus other firms (5=same).

Strategic Planning
Grosvenor has significant experience and expertise in the development and implementation of ICT
strategies, strategic level business plans, and the design and implementation of planning
frameworks and cycles. Two notable examples of our experience in this area are: 1) the
development of a digitization strategy for Centrelink and 2) development of the National Water
Commission‘s ICT strategic plan. Centrelink, Digitisation Strategy: Grosvenor undertook a
comprehensive review of Centrelink‘s business operations and developed a digitisation strategy
involving data capture, workflow and digital imaging. The strategy leveraged international
benchmarks and case studies and was very highly regarded. The strategy involved moving towards
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
a digital and workflow environment, away from a heavily paper based environment, to provide a
single view across any customer channel encompassing branch, phone and internet. The strategy led
to the Reduction In Paper initiative, a major organisational transformation project. Grosvenor was
retained to provide ongoing strategic advice, procurement support, investigation of legislative issues
and project management to aspects of the RPI project. National Water Commission, ICT Strategy
and Service Delivery Framework: Grosvenor was engaged to develop an ITC strategic plan for the
delivery of ICT in the organisation with recommendations covering reviewing and consolidating
ICT infrastructure, adopting a new ICT Service Delivery Framework, developing and implement
change control procedures, implement a Helpdesk System, rationalisation of suppliers and
managing change throughout the organisation.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              HineSight Development
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Simon Hine
Address                        PO Box 3080
Suburb                         Weston
State                          ACT                Postcode             2611
Telephone                      00262874963        Facsimile
ABN                            14110850747

Company Background
Achievement of your objectives depends on effective execution. Improving your capability and
capacity around project and program management can be a great way to improve alignment
between day to day activity, the delivery of desired outcomes and the realisation of benefits.
Projects – temporary endeavours designed to deliver specific outputs, and programs – sets of related
projects designed to achieve particular outcomes, are an increasingly important part of
organisational life. HineSight Development provides project and program management services that
help improve your capability, and enhance your capacity to deliver. Project and program
management consulting services support clients in the development and delivery of projects and
programs. Services include: • Design of project/program approach • Development of
project/program plans • Stakeholder analysis • Scope identification • Quality assurance of
project/program processes and artefacts Project and Program Management is becoming an
increasingly sophisticated and knowledge based field – there are lots of ways to go about it and not
every approach is right for every situation. Our consultants are qualified and certified across the
major discipline approaches and we use our experience in the delivery of projects and program to
help tailor an approach that suits your circumstances.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Our methodology base includes – Prince2, PMBOK, MSP, P3O, the Standard for Program
Management and more. Our consultants are members of the Project Management Institute, and
HineSight Development is an APMG Accredited Consulting Organisation.

Strategic Planning
HineSight Development provides facilitation services that are focussed on strategic planning. Our
guiding principal in the delivery of these services is that plans must be able to translate to action –
and that all operational activity must be able to trace its origin back to the organisations strategic
intent - as captured in the strategic plan. Strategic plans then should identify the relationship
between the organisations strategic intent and the activities that will be undertaken to achieve that
intent. HineSight‘s approach is to consider organisational Vision and Values – leading to the
Mission. The Mission will give rise to a number of strategic objectives –and each objective is
considered in terms of Critical Success Factors and Potential Roadblocks, giving rise to a number of
identified Strategies. Each strategy will in turn generate a number of Activities. This process results
in a visual ―Plan-on-a-Page‖ that enables the crucial mapping from activity to strategic intent.
                                                                            Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                             Version 33, September 2011
HineSight facilitators have delivered Strategic Planning workshops, and the development of
strategic planning documentation for several Government clients, including: • Attorney General‘s
Department – Information and Knowledge Services • Emergency Management Australia •
Australian Climate Change Regulator - PMO

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Holocentric Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Bruce Nixon
Address                       Level 2, 73 Walker Street
Suburb                        North Sydney
State                         NSW               Postcode            2060
Telephone                     00299573169       Facsimile           0289203802
ABN                           73052972095

Company Background
Holocentric provides services associated with business process modelling used in the context of
strategic planning, corporate governance, program and portfolio management, project governance,
management, business case analysis and development and project benefits realisation. Our
methodology has been implemented in two software tools, Holocentric Modeler and Modelpedia.
Holocentric Modeler allows for the construction of complex business models and Modelpedia is a
web 2.0 implementation of a managed discussion environment allowing participants to contribute to
a continuous improvement process. The models created in these exercises can be used for all of the
above processes as well as for activity based costing analysis and ongoing training of operational

Company Accreditation (Optional)
No accreditations have been sought or obtained to date

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning requires that the problem is roughly broken into three stages: 1.Understand how
your organisation currently works – you can‘t design a new way of operating if you don‘t
understand what you are trying to change 2.Design a new way of operating – this must take into
account process, technology and personnel constraints, fit within your culture and adhere to a
budget 3.Convince people to join you in change – the hardest part of change is motivating others to
change with you and not against you Using our business modelling products, our consultants help
you understand your organisation in detail, so you can better understand the challenges of change.
They also make designing your new solution easier and more powerful, by giving you the means to
gather your people‘s collective intelligence through model-based collaboration and continuous
improvement. Model-based communication means your people have a single source of customised
information about their role and your expectations of them, helping them become effective sooner
and more engaged in what they do. This approach has been applied at the Department of Human
Services and the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             IBM Australia Limited
Trading Name                  IBM
Contact                       Ms Permenthri Pillay
Address                       8 Brisbane Ave
Suburb                        Barton
State                         ACT               Postcode             2600
Telephone                     002 6201 8100     Facsimile            02 6201 8167
ABN                           79000024733

Company Background
IBM is the largest information technology services company in the world, with $US103.6 billion of
revenue, pre-tax profit of $US16.7 billion and total assets of $US109.5 billion. IBM service teams
link with IBM industry experts, research divisions and thousands of business partners to help clients
succeed in delivering business value by becoming more innovative, efficient and competitive
through the use of business insight and information technology (IT) solutions. Worldwide, IBM
employs over 355,000 people and has a significant global presence, operating in 170 countries, with
approximately 60 percent of its revenue generated outside the United States. Approximately 65
percent of the company‘s employees are located outside the United States, including about 30
percent in Asia Pacific.
IBM Australia Limited is a leading supplier of information technology, software and services. IBM
is a significant business in Australian terms with more than 14,000 employees Australia wide, and a
turn over of $AU 3.9 billion (FY2007). Entrenched professional networks with the wider
international IBM community enable IBM to tap into the broad and varied resources of the
corporation as a whole. IBM currently has a number of significant commitments under contract and
has a well established relationship with the federal government sector

Company Accreditation (Optional)
IBM across the whole of Australia and New Zealand has been recognised for its overall quality
efforts by the granting of a single AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
Requirements certification covering all Sales and Services activities. A condition of the
certification is that IBM Global Services‘ quality processes are audited on a regular basis and the
majority of the yearly surveillance program is conducted in Services aspects of our business IBM‘s
Application Management Services (AMS) Delivery group has been assessed at SEI © CMMi 5, the
first organisation within Australia and one of the largest world-wide to be independently assessed to
be operating at this, the highest, level by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).
IBM has undergone a number of audits to the AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17799:2004 Information
Technology - code of practice for information security management and on each occasion the
systems deployed to support clients have been found to be highly compliant.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
IBM‘s IT strategy and roadmap method is a proven and robust approach that enables organisations
to align their IT investments with their business strategy and business operations. A typical project
delivers a set of target architectures (applications, information, infrastructure, integration and IT
organisation and management), a plan to get there and a compelling business case to do so.
Our method contains three phases typically executed over an 8-12 week period.
1. Analysis and Vision:
Understanding the current state of IT and the key business and IT capabilities required to support
the strategic vision.
2. Conceptual Design:
Definition of conceptual end-state architectures for applications, information, infrastructure and IT
organization and governance
3. Building the Strategic Roadmap:
Identifying prioritised initiatives to close the gap, producing a roadmap of initiatives (sorted into
waves) and an overall investment view. Defining the governance structure for its implementation.
IBM has successfully implemented this methodology in many clients in both the public and private
sectors, including:
- A comprehensive business and IT strategy for AIG, a large insurance company in support of its
changing business model. The outputs of this project included: a Business Model; Operational and
Process recommendations, an SOA Based IT Target Architecture and IT roadmap, IT Organisation
and Process Recommendations and a Strategic roadmap and Investment case.
- Development of a prioritized time phased roadmap for Tennis Australia to ensure that IT is
optimally aligned with the business‘ strategic direction. Outcome encompassed the business
context, IT capability assessment and strategic roadmap.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             IDC Australia Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Gary Clarke
Address                       Level 11, 60 Marcus Clarke Street
Suburb                        Canberra
State                         ACT               Postcode            2601
Telephone                     0299252226        Facsimile           262434848
ABN                           13001657003

Company Background
Established in 1964, IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services
(including benchmarking), and events for the information technology, telecommunications and
home consumer market. In Australia, IDC has been operating since 1977.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
IDC has expertise in all facets of ICT strategic planning from strategy design, project planning,
execution and measurement. IDC's core business in analysing the future direction of the ICT market
and it's key players enables IDC to make more informed and accurate assessments of technology
and helps our clients make more informed business decisions.
Examples: 1) Customer: Orica. Contact: Brett Warne - IT Manager. Project. Develop a strategic
plan for the enterprise-wide implementation of VIOP including technology assesssment and
recommendations. 2) Customer: Anglican Church - Diocese of Sydney. Contact: George Lymbers -
CIO. Project. Develop and present a 5 year IT strategic plan for the Sydney Diocese based on the
IDC SOA model - Dynamic IT.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              IMA MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY
                               The Trustee for Metzke Nominees Trust
Trading Name                   IMA MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY
Contact                        Mr Ian Metzke
Address                        Level 17, 303 Collins St
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria          Postcode             3000
Telephone                      003 8633 7300     Facsimile            03 9620 9344
ABN                            37859379082

Company Background
IMA Management and Technology is a boutique information technology consulting firm that
provides strategic planning, project management, business analysis and specialist technical
expertise to deliver successful technology solutions.
With consulting experience across numerous industries, utilising various technologies and project
management methodologies, we have become the preferred partner for many of Australia‘s largest
corporations, universities and government organisations.
A key factor that differentiates IMA Management and Technology from our competitors is our
rigorous five stage recruitment process, of which only about 1% of applicants pass. Additionally,
we invest heavily in staff training and development ensuring that our consultants are at the forefront
of innovation.
The value proposition that we deliver to our clients is flexibility of engagement, competitive pricing
and most importantly, high calibre consultants.
Our company has grown on a reputation of retaining the most talented consultants to ensure project
success and technical excellence and we are well positioned to assist your organisation to realise its
business and technology objectives.
As leaders in innovation and experts in project management, we have developed our own project
management methodology which can be adapted to your organisation to ensure successful project
IMA Management and Technology, where People + Innovation = Solutions.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
IMA Management and Technology is currently undergoing accreditation to achieve ISO9001
Quality Management System certification, leveraging IMA‘s existing proprietary quality
IMA Management and Technology utilises industry best practice project management
methodologies in our service delivery including PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments),
PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) and Agile.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Most of our consultants have individual accreditation with the relevant project management
organisations such as Project Management Institute. Additionally, we conduct an in house training
program to assist our staff to gain recognised project management certifications.

Strategic Planning
IMA Management andTechnology has consulted to some of Australia‘s largest organisations and
we have built a reputation as a trusted source of expertise in information technology. We have
experience in the planning and implementation of information technology solutions at enterprise
We provide a holistic, high level perspective on how information technology should be used to
achieve and support your organisation‘s overall business strategy and objectives.
Our strategic planning services include;
Enterprise wide information technology reviews;
Information technology ‗road map‘ planning and budget forecasting;
The design and implementation of a governance structure;
Quality assurance programs;
Risk management reviews;
Change management policies and processes;
Stakeholder engagement mechanisms; and
Measurements to assess the effectiveness of the governance processes.
IMA Management and Technology can provide specialist consultation in relation to information
technology governance processes and we can reengineer and manage business process
transformation within your organisation.
Our consultants can also advise on the development and implementation of organisational processes
and procedures to identify, monitor, track and harvest the realisation of project benefits.
IMA Management and Technology has consulted for many years to Deakin University and has
provided strategic planning and advice across numerous divisions including Information
Technology Services Division and Knowledge Media Division.
We have also performed strategic information technology and business planning projects for a
major business unit within Australia Post (Parcel Contract Management System).

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              InfoRail Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Simon Claringbold
Address                        2 Friendship Street
Suburb                         Red Hill
State                          ACT               Postcode            2603
Telephone                      0416090388        Facsimile
ABN                            33008615441

Company Background
InfoRail is a small independent contract house which can provide a large number of highly skilled
IT professionals to work on a contract basis. Services provided include Business Analysis, Project
Management, Software Upgrade Management, Vendor Liaison, Solutions Architecture, Design and
Documentation, Database Design, Systems Build, Systems Testing, Solution Packaging and
Implementation, Systems Tuning including Stress and Volume Testing, Systems Tuning and
These services are delivered by a band of motivated highly skills and organizationally astute IT

Company Accreditation (Optional)
InfoRail was founded in 1987 by Dr P.J. Claringbold. InfoRail has continued to expand as more
highly skill professionals are drawn under the InfoRail service umbrella. InfoRail stands for
integrity, efficiency, and provides a value for money service.
At InfoRail we understand that highly skilled and experienced IT professional are in short supply.
InfoRail can provide accurate market terms to secure scarce resources quickly and efficiently.
InfoRail can also provide training for in house client staff if and when required.
InfoRail is on the Department of Finance ICT Multi User List. InfoRail currently supplies resources
to the Australian Customs Service, the Australian Taxation Office, and the Department of
Employment, Education, and Workplace Relations through various panel and deed agreement

Strategic Planning
InfoRail has experienced consultants who have developed Strategic Plans for both Government and
Private Sector clients. We understand that whilst it is imperative that the Strategic Plan represents
the direction an organisation wishes to pursue, we also believe that it should include a road map of
practical achievable objectives to actually implement the plan.
An InfoRail resource developed the strategic plan for the development of a GIS capability for the
Department of Defence. After the development of the plan InfoRail as further engaged to deliver the
capability. This project was successfully completed on time.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Another example of Strategic Planning development was undertaken by an InfoRail resource at the
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In this instance the InfoRail resource was required to
develop a plan for the long term delivery of Internet Services to overseas posts. This included the
costing and chargeback regimes, cost identification, infrastructure procurement planning and
producing technology roadmaps.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               Information Professionals
Trading Name                    Information Professionals
Contact                         Mr Mark Nicholls
Address                         PO Box 15390
Suburb                          City East
State                           QLD                 Postcode             4002
Telephone                       061733030396        Facsimile            61733031111
ABN                             73094990057

Company Background
Information Professionals is a specialist provider of management services for complex IT and
related initiatives. Information Professionals was conceived to fulfil the need of providing expertise
and experience on the delivery of Programme and Project Management outcomes free of third party
agendas. Our clients can be assured that we are product and vendor agnostic, and always respond to
client requirements with integrity and objectivity. We were established in 2000, and have grown
through successfully delivering services to government as a first priority. We now operate in
Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, with emerging business in Melbourne and Adelaide. We have
particular expertise in large complex change projects, and strong capabilities in connecting
governance, management, process, and quality. We have an adaptable approach to our assignments
and add lasting value to our clients. We work with the main-stream standards (PMBoK, PRINCE2
and MSP), applying them in a pragmatic way. This allows the topping up of an existing
environment without constant reinvention of existing practice. Information Professionals
consultants are valued by our clients for their deep experience, flexibility, reliability, and quality of
the outcomes they deliver. Feedback from a recent survey of clients rated the expertise of our
people as ―excellent‖.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
At Information Professionals, we promote a commitment to quality through both quality assurance
and quality control methods, and the application of established procedures, standards and tools.
Information Professionals has established and maintains an effective quality control system which
will operate in conjunction with other management functions within the company to ensure that our
customers receive quality service at all times. The basis of the Information Professionals Quality
System is the application of ISO9001 to Information Professionals daily business operation. This
quality control system is to be continually improved to ensure its effectiveness with changing
business and technology conditions. We can assist with developing and implementing practical
plans, systems and strategies that address the issues of quality. It is our belief that at the heart of all
good quality is the commitment to progress, to learning, and to sustainable and continuous
improvement. This is then underpinned by appropriate procedures and methods to capitalise on the
learning generated from the organisation. Our methods and skills leverage from PRINCE2, MSP,
PMBoK, Capability Maturity Model, ITIL, COBIT and Balanced Scorecard. Many of our
consultants hold membership with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), other
relevant professional associations, and relevant post-graduate qualifications.
                                                                            Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                             Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Information Professionals‘ Strategy Development focuses on helping clients with strategies to
deliver measurable business outcomes; mitigate and exploit changes in industry structure;
standardise, virtualise and secure infrastructure, applications, processes and resources; improve
worker productivity; and leverage opportunities in the marketplace. These include technology
innovations plus economic and environmental changes such as shifts in the employment market.
These are aimed at creating tangible business outcomes (such as lower upfront and ongoing costs)
and less tangible but all-important outcomes such as adaptability, thus avoiding vendor lock-in and
creating opportunities for future incremental and large-step shifts. In 2008, Information
Professionals were asked to provide a series of consulting engagements with the Queensland
Government Chief Information Office, reviewing ―in demand‖ roles on a whole of government
basis. The brief included identifying new and improved management frameworks for how the risks
associated with scarce resource and inter-departmental competition could best be managed in the
interests of the whole of Queensland Government. Strategies and recommendations were considered
in a strategic planning framework, prior to the final recommendations being accepted. In 2009
Information Professionals were working with the whole of Queensland Government shared service
implementation. As a result of this work, inter-government charging arrangements and associated
funding models were required to be established as part of the continuing maturity of that
organisation. Both strategic and operational considerations were an input to identifying the best
approach across stakeholder groups. Alternative models were identified and evaluated prior to their

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Ingena Group Limited
Trading Name                  Ingena
Contact                       Mr Michael Augello
Address                       PO Box 829
Suburb                        Woden
State                         ACT               Postcode             2606
Telephone                     0396705755        Facsimile            396705710
ABN                           52086879012

Company Background
Ingena is a specialist Information Technology consulting company, providing skilled individuals
and teams to work with clients to help meet business objectives.
Ingena was established in 1999 and today has more than 140 full time consultants based in
Melbourne and Canberra.
Our clients cover a broad range of industries and include Medicare Australia, DIAC, DoHA,
Telstra, Sensis, National Australia Bank, ANZ, BHP Billiton and the Victorian government. Ingena
holds head agreements with many of these organisations.
Ingena offers a range of management and technical consulting services, with a particular focus on
assisting clients optimise the benefit of their IT investment through effective programme
management, IT commercial services, planning and quality assurance.
In addition to our management and technical consulting services, we also offer a full range of
specialist software and systems integration expertise, including detailed functional
& technical specification, user interface design and custom web and software
Ingena has recently been admitted to the official list of the Australian Stock Exchange and we plan
to continue the successful expansion of our business in Victoria and the ACT by providing high
quality IT Professional Services using local talent and expertise at competitive rates.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Ingena‘s project management methodology is based upon the Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK) and many staff also have certification in PRINCE2. Ingena consultants are
also experienced in a range of complementary methodologies and tools such as ITIL and Six Sigma.
Ingena is commencing ISO9001 accreditation in first quarter 2009.
At a technical level, Ingena selects from a range of potential methodologies to fit the requirements
of the engagement. This selection is based on a combination of client preference, the nature of the
requirements and the professional judgment of the Ingena solution lead. Ingena has developed and
documented its own operating frameworks for core technical services (e.g. Capacity Management).

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Management processes for the delivery of services span from engagement logistics to support and
quality control for client engagement delivery. The rigor and formality of processes used by Ingena
is dependent on the size, nature and duration of each engagement.
Ingena‘s financial arm implements solutions that are both Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

Strategic Planning
Ingena provides strategic planning outcomes, defining a target business model that is aligned with
changing business and technical capability to achieve strategic business objectives. A unique aspect
of the Ingena model is the separation of service provision from product and service growth and
development. This focuses on protecting the business value and customer experience of service
delivery (increasing efficiency) while growing the brand value and reputation of the business
(improving effectiveness), represented through an holistic architecture framework. Developing the
strategic plan then follows the traditional approach including gap analysis, assessment of priorities,
assessment of capabilities, identification of risks, and scheduling project deliverables.
Ingena focuses its Strategic Planning engagements around the main priorities and drivers of the
Reference Sites:
Skills Victoria (Victorian Government) – Ingena developed the plans for the business architecture
model and ICT governance framework. Ingena then followed through with this work to implement
the business architecture and ICT governance.
Medibank Private – Ingena consultants have designed and defined the Data Privacy Compliance
Strategy as part of Medibank Private‘s long term ICT strategy.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Cameron Tuesley
Address                        Suite 13 / 83 Leichhardt St
Suburb                         Spring Hill
State                          QLD               Postcode             4000
Telephone                      0738391477        Facsimile            738391478
ABN                            38097602901

Company Background
Headquartered in Australia, Integral Technology Solutions (Integral) works predominantly with
Telecommunication Companies, Financial Institutions and Government Agencies throughout the
Asia Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand).
Integral‘s vision is "To deliver a successful outcome, for our clients and our colleagues".
Integral‘s heritage has been in Technical Solutions and services based on J2EE technologies. Led
by experts in their field, Integral‘s mature capabilities in project, program and portfolio
management has seen Management Consulting added to complement the Integral brand and service
offering. Integral employs only the highest calibre Program and Project Managers in today‘s
industry. Integral‘s Program and Project Managers bring a high level of expertise, acquired through
education and experience, to a variety of organisational cultures. They are skilled in knowing how
to organise and manage physical and human resources to best suit your organisational needs.
Whether it is taking full ownership for achieving the desired outcome, reviewing project success, or
simply offering guidance around practical solutions and best practice, Integral‘s Program and
Project Managers use industry standards and methodologies to address delivery, quality and
governance. Integral employs only experienced and qualified professionals who can manage the
spectrum from individual projects, portfolio of projects, or an entire program of work through all
phases of the lifecycle. Engaging any of Integral‘s professional staff can help your organisation
reduce risk and increase the probability of success for your projects or programs.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Integral commits to Quality by leveraging a variety of industry best practice principles, standards
and partnerships to act as enablers in each unique engagement:
•       Australian Standard 4360 - Risk Management;
•       ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Management;
•      Australian Standard 8015-2005: Corporate governance of information and communication
•       Member of Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA);
•       Memberships and accredited personnel in MSP™, PRINCE2™, PMBOK®, AIPM;
•       Integral is currently working towards accreditation in both ISO 9000:2001 and CMMI;
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
•      Integral Management Consulting Methodology (MCM);
•      Integral Integration Methodology (IIM);
•     Integral Software Development Methodology (IDM) Integral is also registered with the
Queensland Government‘s GITC certification Version 5. GITC Number ‗Q-2443‘

Strategic Planning
Integral has considerable experience and capability in the development and implementation of
Strategic Planning initiatives across multi-government agencies. Integral has delivered a variety of
strategic solutions ranging from analysis, design and development of strategic architecture, analysis
of IT effectiveness, IT alignment with strategic intent. Integral is able to complete a variety of
positional/ research papers which incorporate internal and external analysis (i.e. PEST/
SWOT/Balanced Scorecard). Development of Policy to underpin these strategic initiatives is also an
area Integral has delivered successful outcomes. In summary, Integral has senior capability to
quickly interpret and understand your vision for success and then translate current state in to a clear
roadmap which can then be used as an implementation plan to reduce the gap and realise strategic
benefits faster.
a)      A review of Corporate Services Queensland ICT environment with a particular focus on the
application of the web and database environments. The focus of this investigation was to examine
how upcoming infrastructure spend could be used to support the organisation‘s overall strategy.
Integral worked with client to then develop and deliver on this project in full, on time and within
b)     A back office architectural strategy and roadmap for the Cooperative Group (UK). This
involved business case development for data centre, server/storage, virtualisation and directory
services consolidation with implementation across a common desktop of ~10,000 users. The
engagement required aligning practises with business roadmaps and preparing a realistic roadmap
encompassing existing projects as building blocks for the roadmap.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             ITNewcom Pty Limited
Trading Name                  ITNewcom
Contact                       Mr Stuart Gibson
Address                       Level 6, 71 Walker St
Suburb                        North Sydney
State                         NSW                Postcode            2060
Telephone                     0289047777         Facsimile           289047788
ABN                           50077613828

Company Background
ITNewcom is a wholly owned Australian company, with offices in Canberra and Sydney. We have
a proven track record for delivering high quality, value for money outcomes for our clients in the
Australian and Asia/Pacific regions. We specialise in ICT focused benchmarking, consulting and
research services. Some of the many aspects that uniquely position ITNewcom to provide services
to government are:
Deep Knowledge of Commonwealth Government - We have worked with a wide variety of
Commonwealth Government clients, including the ABC, APSC, ASIC, the ATO, CSIRO, CRS,
CSA, Customs, DAFF, DOFD, DoHA, DIAC, DVA, FaHCSIA, IP Australia, Medicare Australia
and Tourism Australia.
Strong Track Record - Since 1997, we have performed over 300 benchmarks and advised on over
125 major ICT procurement transactions with a combined contract value of more than $11 billion.
Highly Qualified and Experienced Consultants - ITNewcom‘s advisors bring to the table strategic,
financial, technical, contracting and negotiation skills, combined with an average of over 20 years
ICT industry experience.
Comprehensive Benchmarking Databases - ITNewcom maintains comprehensive Australian and
New Zealand benchmarking databases which are second to none.
Rigorous and Proven Methodologies - Our advisers draw upon ITNewcom‘s comprehensive
methodologies and a suite of over 300 tools.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
To deliver reliable and consistent services to our clients, we have ensured that our methodology is
highly integrated and compliant with the relevant industry and government standards. Examples of
our compliance include:
- Our risk management methodology and tools, used to support risk assessments and the
development of detailed risk management plans, are aligned with the processes and tools used by
Commonwealth government agencies and departments and are compliant with AS/NZS 4360.2004.
- Our procurement methodology is aligned and consistent with the Australian Government
Procurement Policy Framework, including the CPGs.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
- ITNewcom led the development and establishment of a Benchmarking Code of Practice for
Australia and is one of the two founding signatories to the Code. Our methodology has been
reviewed and authorised by a range of leading probity, audit and legal advisors that service
Commonwealth agencies.
ITNewcom‘s processes and deliverables have also been audited against a number of ANAO
standards, including Contract Management: Better Practice Guide, and Selecting Suppliers:
Managing the Risk Guide. The audits confirmed that all requirements in these guides were met.

Strategic Planning
ITNewcom‘s core services include ICT strategic services, specialising in strategic planning and the
development, implementation and review of ICT sourcing strategies to support the delivery of an
organisation‘s business strategy and objectives. We can assist in identifying areas where synergies
and improvements can be achieved, and to develop plans to implement and capture those synergies
and improvements. As part of these services, we also assist organisations to establish planning
frameworks, including on-going analysis, monitoring and assurance processes. We have performed
a number of strategic reviews, including for DIAC, APSC and FaHCSIA. As the lead advisor on
the Medicare Australia ICT Services Procurement Project, we are also currently developing an ICT
sourcing strategy for the future delivery of ICT services within Medicare Australia and are assisting
Medicare Australia develop a detailed plan for implementation of that strategy. This includes
assessment against the following dimensions: Business Alignment (including the strategic and
operational value of the ICT service), Cost, Risk and Market. Our consultants are able to apply
their extensive experience and industry knowledge and draw on our proprietary databases, research
and market intelligence to assist in the delivery of these services. For example, in providing
strategic planning services we can utilise our benchmarking metrics (such as comparison of ICT
spend to budget appropriation) to assist in identifying improvements and on-going tracking against
those metrics. We are also able to utilise market intelligence data on the latest ICT trends and
practices to supplement the development of strategic plans for clients.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             J&C McNena and Associates Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name                  JCMA Consulting
Contact                       Mr Charles McNena
Address                       Level 40, 140 William Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         Victoria          Postcode            3000
Telephone                     00390130465       Facsimile
ABN                           86062464911

Company Background
JCMA Consulting is an Australian consulting company formed in 1991 providing services to assist
clients across a range of specialisation areas. JCMA prides itself on its partnering model where
focus is directed at understanding clients need and expectations. JCMA works collaboratively in a
partnering arrangement to ensure a high level of satisfaction and value for the client. Collectively
JCMA senior staff have over 60 years experience with public sector organisations. JCMA has a
range of service offerings including strategic consulting, project architecture & management,
collaborative application development and quality management & compliance. We also have
extensive experience in a range of industries including energy, science, government, defence and
telecommunications. JCMA continues to develop a strong relationship and presence within
Government through the provision of ICT related services in our core areas of Strategic Consulting,
Project Architecture & Management, Collaborative Application Development and Quality
Management & Compliance. JCMA has adapted these services into the framework provided in this
response document. For more information on the organisation please visit

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Quality Management and Compliance is one of four principle service delivery areas of JCMA. Full
details of the quality standards and processes utilised by JCMA are on the JCMA website
( JCMA adopts and maintains the following quality systems and continuous
improvement regimes: 1. JCMA quality standards and processes align to ISO9001: 2008 Quality
Management Systems. Where a client has a preference to use alternative quality processes, JCMA
works with the client to ensure the required quality processes are captured upfront. 2. JCMA uses
formal Issues / Risks and Change Control mechanisms ensuring all parties are appraised and
understand / approve proposed change. 3. JCMA uses a continuous improvement philosophy and
structured program. JCMA is currently introducing the Capability Maturity Model Integration
(CMMI) process across the organisation. 5. JCMA has a quality review process embedded in every
engagement. A quality review is conducted by an independent reviewer within JCMA 6. Project
communication and progress reporting to the client is regular, proactive, open and transparent. 7.
Deliverables and milestones are formally approved by the client based on pre-defined acceptance
criteria set for the engagement. 8. All formal reports / documents follow formal internal
documentation reviews and documentation standards.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
JCMA Consulting works with clients to recognise, assess and implement strategic opportunities in
the near, medium and longer terms, consistent with client goals and ensuring delivery of significant
value. Challenging conventional thinking within a business has led JCMA Consulting to identify
valuable new opportunities for clients. Services include: • Business review and assessment; •
Strategic business planning; and • Business unit evaluation; management and alignment to business
strategy. • Business process improvement mapping; • Mandated change assessment and
management; and • Business initiative/innovation — development facilitation. With extensive
experience in complex environments, including, defence, telecommunications, the life sciences
sector and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), JCMA Consulting has facilitated proactive
relationship management, negotiations and business improvement programs in a range of business
scenarios to support business goals. Recent engagements; Australian Energy Market Operator
(AEMO) (National)—JCMA Designed a process to evaluate the suitability of various data
management models for the electricity industry in Australia. JCMA evaluated the industry data
management maturity level and advised AEMO of the suitability of various data management
models for the electricity industry in Australia in support of the aim to develop quality systems
around data management. Essential Services Commission (Victoria)—JCMA led the review of
Electricity Distributors submissions for the Smart Metering (AMI) initiative to determine
compliance with the requirement for the regulator to evaluate the submissions.. Through this
engagement JCMA recommended and developed a more robust alternative to the content and
evaluation of electricity distributor submissions, so that all submissions were comparable and
quality assessed.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Kerry Dry
Address                        7/8-10 Hobart Pl, GPO Box 1976
Suburb                         Canberra
State                          ACT                Postcode            2600
Telephone                      0262720688         Facsimile           262306973
ABN                            12079749287

Company Background
Jacobs Australia (JA) is part of the Jacobs Engineering Group Inc (JE) headquartered in Pasadena,
California. JE is one of the world‘s largest and most diverse providers of professional technical
services. With annual revenues exceeding $US8.5 billion and over 54,000 people, Jacobs offers
full-spectrum support to government, industrial and commercial clients across multiple markets.
Services include scientific and specialty consulting as well as all aspects of engineering and
construction, and operations and maintenance. JE is therefore an extensive source of capacity and
capability should JA need to call upon international assistance.
Overview of the Group
Our immediate parent within JE is Jacobs Technology Inc, headquartered in Tullahoma, Tennessee.
Jacobs Technology is the Aerospace and Defence arm of the company and provides scientific,
engineering and technical services to a wide range of government clients, including NASA.
Organisational Structure
JA falls within the ‗Scientific, Engineering and Technical‘ core market of Jacobs Technology which
reflects our role of providing specialist professional project management, systems engineering and
management consulting services to government and commercial clients.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
We control the delivery of services (including Risk management) through the application of our
Client Service Delivery Model (CSDM). The CSDM itself and the organisational responsibilities
for its effective operation are detailed in JA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 200-6, an integral
part of our ISO9001:2000 certified Management System (first certified by Lloyd‘s Register in June
1999 and continuously certified since then). All system SOPs, associated forms and templates are
available to all employees. Documentation currency is controlled through all posted versions taking
precedence over any ‗uncontrolled when printed‘ versions.
The CSDM is an overarching SOP and hence separate SOPs are not developed for individual
activities, rather appropriate plans are developed where particular levels of detail are required. For
example, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) activities on software being provided to

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
a client‘s project are conducted under the control of the CSDM and in accordance with the
applicable standard as identified in the IV&V plans developed for the activity.
We have established an industry capability within Australia to perform independent Capability
Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) appraisals, training and consultancy.
This capability includes a formal Teaming Agreement with ‗The Process Company‘, a US-based
SEI Partner authorised to deliver CMM/CMMI related services internationally.

Strategic Planning
We provide a range of services that address ICT strategic planning to assist in setting strategy and
formulating plans. These services include:
- facilitating development and documentation of strategic plans through workshopping the key
elements of a strategic plan, including ICT, tailored to the needs and maturity of the organisation
- rapid maturity assessments of the plan and planning processes against a benchmark of best
practice to understand key strengths and areas for improvement
- environmental analysis around external customer, stakeholder and contractor analysis, internal
analysis of core capabilities, performance review and organisational self-assessments
- implementation of governance processes through establishment of reporting and review
mechanisms, accountability frameworks and supporting policy
We also integrate the strategy process and the budget process by establishing short-term customer
objectives, internal business process design, and innovation and learning targets.
We have expertise in investment appraisal techniques, such as net present value (NPV) and internal
rate of return (IRR) to provide cost/benefit analysis.
Examples of recent strategic planning assignments are:
We are advising Centrelink on the future of Federal Government service delivery through
identifying future technology trends and developing an operational concept for integrated service
delivery for consideration by the Centrelink Senior Executive.
For Defence, we have developed an Air Force Logistics Roadmap, in which the strategic context for
logistics was defined in terms of trends, drivers and challenges. Subsequently, we developed a
strategic direction for Air Force logistics that included delivery, systems and processes, overall
capability and addressed process deficiencies.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               Jakeman Business Solutions Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                         Dr Miles Jakeman
Address                         Unit 1, 10 Kennedy Street
Suburb                          Kingston
State                           ACT               Postcode            2604
Telephone                       0261621149        Facsimile           161621153
ABN                             72101963240

Company Background
JBS is a dynamic Canberra based company and wholly owned subsidiary of The Citadel Group
Limited (CGL), a leading professional and managed services provider with 300 staff nationwide, a
$65m annual turnover, and an ability to draw on the expertise of over 3,000 people. We provide:
tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients;
relevant products and services;
highly skilled and expert staff; and
management advisory and consultancy support services at competitive rates.
JBS has managed numerous projects with major Government agencies and the private sector and
delivered a wide range of products and services on time and within budget. We have a core group of
staff with a network of strategic alliances with business associates and partners. We have an
impressive history of delivering quality solutions to clients, working closely with clients to define
the problem, provide suitable and timely solutions, and then if required, assist with the
implementation program.
We have considerable expertise in the development and delivery of Security Risk Management
support. We have worked with almost all of the Commonwealth Government's defence, security,
border management and law enforcement agencies and represent a low risk solution due to our solid
understanding of Australia's complex security environment.
We were an endorsed supplier under the earlier Australian Government Endorsed Supplier program.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
JBS is an endorsed Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering national accredited training up
to and including Advanced Diplomas across a range of specialist business education and ICT
courses – our RTO Number is 88134 and can be checked at This accreditation
requires us to maintain a detailed quality management system that is reviewed annually and
externally audited.

Strategic Planning
JBS provides Professional Advisory services that support the strategic planning requirements of our
clients. Our strategic plans are fit-for-purpose, workable, and address the specific strategic needs of
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
our clients. We also provide support services for the unique and/or complex requirements of
Commonwealth agencies. Of particular note is our expertise on Strategic Planning and Security
Risk Management. We are able to target and achieve the specific results for our clients. For
Army: a JBS team member developed the Strategic plan guiding the Australian Army‘s
transformation to a Network-Centric Force; this plan ostensibly links information and intelligence
flows between systems, sensors and platforms.
Army: JBS developed the strategic sustainment training which integrates Military Risk
Management into the All Corps Officer and Soldier Training Continuums (ACOSTC). We also
provided specialists in support of the development of the Military Risk Management software
application and its integration with the pre-existing Military Appreciation Process.
People Strategies and Policy Group engaged JBS to conduct a strategic evaluation on the
appropriateness and effectiveness of the Defence Leadership Framework and its supporting tools,
and to make recommendations for short and longer term improvement.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Kata Professional Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Kata Professional
Contact                        Mr Ben Winter-Giles
Address                        4 John Denley Dr
Suburb                         Bungendore
State                          NSW                 Postcode           2621
Telephone                      00415468877         Facsimile
ABN                            14137381072

Company Background
Kata Professional Pty Ltd has a strong client focussed purpose, offering specialised UCD, UX, and
IT strategy consulting services and support. We have a successful history of providing superior
quality consulting services and the ability to leverage learning‘s from an astonishing cross section
of government and non-government organisations. We apply best practice management concepts, as
advised by our staff who are industry recognised experts in their own right. We pride ourselves on
having some of the finest consultants across the breadth of IT disciplines available for large
enterprise engagements. Kata Professional Pty Ltd consultants have a proud history of 15 years
operating at the Federal Government enterprise level, spanning various capabilities. Over the years,
this has ranged from visual design, to advanced interactivity / application or software design; OGC
MSP aligned program design; agile project management, and agile to ‗conventional‘ hybridisation;
modular program management design; change management/change facilitation; enterprise business
process modelling; design authority implementation; and, strategic enterprise design management.
Our senior consultants have 10 years experience in fields relevant to this procurement. We have an
active training program taking new consultants with a minimum of tertiary qualifications and three
years experience through a three year training system.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Kata Professional Pty Ltd has been formally assessed using a proprietary maturity assessment
technique (based upon the P3M3 OGC assessment methodology) as being at a maturity level 3.2 as
at July 2010. (stable trending towards leading).

Strategic Planning
In recent years, Kata Professional Pty Ltd has formed a specialised service offering called business
visualisation. This is a ‗story-telling‘ technique which embraces the art of collaborative consultation
with facilitation and design to deliver articulate ‗visualisations‘ of almost any aspect of an
organisations business. This practice enables our clients to produce a valuable and transferable view
of the now, past or future, to inform strategic planning and explore future designs. Many clients use
the products of a visualisation to enhance and add value to communications strategies as well. A).
Kata Professional Pty Ltd provided a Senior Advisor for the Systems for People change project at
DIAC. Our consultant developed material for ‗release 7‘ of the program. This work focussed on the
development of a historical view of the evolution of the program, its drivers, its outcomes and
alignment to the original strategic intent. The work turned to focus on delivering a conceptual and
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
informed strategic vision for the remaining overall organisation benefits that were to be delivered
by the program and identifying a communications plan and delivery mechanism to inform DIAC
staff. B). Lifeline Australia was contending with a large number of collaboration and co-ordination
issues due to the physically dispersed nature of their staff. Kata Professional Pty Ltd produced a
leading edge web enablement blueprint for their internal IT system which detailed the design and
planned a change program to implement Behind the Firewall 2.0, or social technology, to support
business effectiveness and conduct.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Brian Yates
Address                        L4, 11 Lancaster Place
Suburb                         Majura Park
State                          ACT               Postcode            2609
Telephone                      0261022600        Facsimile           261022711
ABN                            91007660317

Company Background
Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) Pty. Ltd. is an international company with over 65,000 personnel
located in over 43 countries. The technical and financial resources of KBR provide us with the
capability to tackle virtually any project. In Australia our Defence and Government Services
business unit has over 200 permanent employees with relevant Government experience. This
workforce is supported by an extensive network of over 400 long term sub-contractors and sub-
consultants. We believe that the capability to provide access to more than 600 personnel at short
notice, places KBR in the ideal position to be one of the major providers of support services for the
Commonwealth. Specifically, the Defence and Government Services business unit has:
- proven, extensive, and relevant experience in Defence Information and Communications
Technology (ICT);
- experience and capability in ICT facilities and personnel security establishment;
- ―hands on‖ knowledge and expertise of over 130 consultants currently working on a large range of
Defence projects, who will be available to support our consultants as and when required, within the
agreed price;
- acknowledged specialists in the areas of IT, requirements analysis, project management, systems
engineering and logistics management; and
- an accredited Quality System.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
KBR holds the following accreditations:
- AS/ANZ ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
- Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Corporate Member and Project Managed
Organisation (PMO)
- OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems.
- ISO 14000:2004 Environmental Management standard
- ACT Security Industry Master License

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
- ACT Government pre-qualification for Engineering Consultancy, Studies and Project
Management Design
- AS/NZS 4801:2001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

KBR is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), able to offer the following courses:
Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)
Certificate IV in Project Management
Certificate IV in Government (Project Management)
Certificate IV in Government (Procurement)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Diploma of Business (Frontline Management)
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Government (Project Management)
Advanced Diploma of Project Management

Strategic Planning
KBR is familiar with assisting organisations in their Strategic Planning. KBR takes a flexible
customised approach, working in parallel with client‘s preferences and processes when defining a
project. KBR can also assisted in follow up planning for resources allocations to pursue a chosen
strategy, including funding, people and physical resource disposition. KBR is not locked into a
particular method set, preferring to select techniques to suit the precise problem space. These may
be as simple as risk and SWOT analysis, but can range through complex architectural planning or
outcome modelling/simulation. KBR is familiar with presenting ‗To-Be‘ systems in forms that are
compliant to Government approval processes such as Defence Capability submission templates.
Example: JP2077 Future Maritime Logistics Information System (MLIS). In 2008 KBR conducted
a gap analysis to identify Logistics capability deficiencies not planned for remediation. The plan
provided for achieving a staggered development through to 2025 and acquisition strategies for each
enhancement (Major project, Minor project or sustainment/upgrade).
Example: In 2008 KBR provided business analysis and architectural analysis for a Defence CIOG
ICT area developing e-business solutions for Defence. The task was to support the definition of a
strategy for the adoption of an e-portal and publicly searchable industry capability information
Example: Implementation Analysis of the MLIS ICT Strategic Plan for Navy. In June 2007, KBR
provided services to Navy for the planning and implementation of a centralized Maritime Logistics
Information System (MLIS) SPO.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Government Advisory Group
Contact                        Ms Joy Murrell
Address                        36 Dirrawan Gdns
Suburb                         REID
State                          ACT               Postcode             2612
Telephone                      00411702785       Facsimile
ABN                            83137685628

Company Background
Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd comprises of two business units; the Government Advisory Group and
the Company Secretariat Group located in both Canberra and Sydney. The Government Advisory
Group works as a cooperative of like-minded and experienced public sector professionals to meet
the needs of its clients‘ and employees. The strength of this approach allows team members of the
Group to be highly flexible and innovative to perform complex tasks but provides structure and
certainty via the application of methodologies and administrative support required to deliver those
services. Each discipline specialist has worked in Government and the private sector delivering
public value for all Australians. Collectively they are responsible for superior standards of service
and a standing relationship committee of peer discipline specialists supports this. Their role is to
review all client satisfaction surveys to ensure client needs are being met or exceeded. Specifically
the committee will: - review delivery standards, quality and client satisfaction; - coordinate support
services and project teams; - coordinate all contracts established under the MUL; - coordinate
project teams is utilised - Approve methodologies for use; and - Ensure public value is being
delivered. The Government Advisory Group has access to a wide range of consultants and
contractors to deliver capability.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
All Government Advisory Group members hold current Australian Government security clearances
through our association with the Defence Industry Security Program and members hold one or more
of the following accreditations. - Australian Institute of Management - Australian Institute of
Company Directors - Australian Institute of Project Management - Australian Computer Society -
Institute of Actuaries of Australia - Project In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) - Information
Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Strategic Planning
Kitbag Consulting has considerable skills and experience in the delivery of strategic planning and
review services, especially within large and complex Australian Government Agencies. Services
include: Strategic Planning, and Corporate Strategy, and we aim to help organisations set the
strategic agenda, identify value creation opportunities, seek alignment within organisations and
maximise cost efficiencies; and Portfolio Effectiveness, which aims drive efficiency and
effectiveness across an organisations programs and operations. Kitbag Consulting uses SAI Gobals‘
Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) to conduct organisational maturity
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
assessments, as it is a non-prescriptive leadership and management system that describes the
essential elements of organisational systems. It enables an objective assessment of the key elements
of a Agency, Program, inter alia the projects, in seven categories and based on twelve Quality
principles. The Categories are leadership and innovation; strategy and planning process; data
information and knowledge; people; customer and market focus; processes products and services
and business results. The Principles are: a focus on the achievement of goals; mutually agreed plans
translating into actions; public value value, influences organisational direction, strategy and action;
to improve the outcome, improve the system and its processes; realised potential through its peoples
enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation; improvement and innovation depend on continual
learning; use of facts, data and knowledge leads to improved decisions; all systems and processes
exhibit variability, which impacts on predictability and performance; agencies provide value to the
public through their actions; sustainability is determined by an ability to create and deliver value for
all stakeholders.
Some of the assigments Kitbag consultants have been involved in are:
-       Attorney Generals‘- Crisis Coordination Centre. Perform high level enterprise business
analysis incorporating process definition of the CCC to support detailed design of systems,
processes and facilities. Develop CCC business case with supporting user requirements, integrated
with the Parliament House Briefing Room, which supports the development, refinement and
exercising of selected high priority CCC systems, people, and procedures.
-      Defence Science and Technology - Crisis Management Improvement Project. Project
support the analytical and science elements of the National Crisis Coordination Capability (NCCC)
Program from a people process and technology perspective

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Link Asea Pty Ltd.
Trading Name                  Link Asea
Contact                       Dr Ravindra Corea
Address                       12/40 Springthorpe Blvd
Suburb                        Macleod
State                         VIC               Postcode            3085
Telephone                     00394594149       Facsimile           0394594149
ABN                           20130355510

Company Background
Link Asea is an Australian company, founded in 2008 with a vision of assisting clients achieve
improvements in business performance, both continuous and transformational, through ICT-based
innovation. Focus areas include: Strategic integration of ICTs, including Web 2.0 technologies,
within core business processes; Strategic planning; Business process re-engineering; and
development of institutional learning and knowledge management solutions; Our capabilities are
built on a combination of in-house expertise, an international network of consultants and strategic
partnerships. Our service delivery model exploits Web and video-conferencing tools to the
maximum, forming a key part of our value proposition – "The best expertise, quickly, flexibly, cost-
effectively". A long-term partnership, backed by an open-ended Master Sub-contractor agreement,
with Kingslake Engineering Systems (KES) provides specialised capabilities in information
systems development and ICT project management. KES is UK based, with development centre and
offices in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. Development processes are CMMI level 3 certified and
project managers hold PMP certification. Link Asea holds positions on other Australian
Government panels - the APSC's Capability Development Panel being especially relevant, with
approval for the service attributes: Business Process Transformation, Programme Management,
Strategic Thinking and Planning; and Optimisation of IT.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Link Asea's ICT systems development capabilities, offered through its partner, Kingslake
Engineering Systems, are CMMI level 3 certified. Configuration Management, Process & Product
Quality, Risk Management and Decision Analysis and Resolution are areas of special focus in our
pursuit of high-quality client service. Our project management methodology is integrated with the
CMM processes, include use of SCRUM methodologies and closely follow the PMBOK
recommendations. Several project managers hold current PMP certification. Link Asea's
methodologies and standards in Strategy Development, Business Analysis, Business Process
Transformation and Business Planning are as yet uncertified, but based on internationally
benchmarked methodologies adapted to reflect the experience of our senior professionals. The
UML, supported by fully UML compliant tools, is used in systems modelling. The Business Process
Modelling Notation (BPMN) is currently being adopted as the basis of our business process
transformation methodology. Process Complexity Analysis, Critical Success Factors and cost-
benefit analysis are used as the basis of identifying process productivity gains and cost reduction.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Link Asea Strategic Planning services help clients to articulate their business strategies, to analyse
and refine them in the context of technological and operating environment trends and to develop
achievable implementation plans. Our services include: Alignment of Business and ICT strategies;
Integration planning; Tactical ICT plan development; Development and implementation of ICT
policy and processes. Our work with ASEAN (2009-ongoing) is an example. The Secretary General
led the vision of a technology enabled approach to implement certain policies of its ―Roadmap
2009-15‖. Namely, expansion of outreach and engagement with governments, community, civil
society groups and partners. Link Asea worked with ASEAN staff to prepare a strategy, drawing
directly from key provisions of the Roadmap. It included a technology strategy that would exploit
existing regional networks for compatibility and know-how, a business strategy for a budget neutral
or even positive financial plan and outlines of the required process transformations, over 3 years. At
the World Bank, between 2003-08, Link Asea principals, then World Bank staff, developed a
strategy in response to the Regional Vice President's concerns regarding its ICT-based knowledge
network in Asia (the GDLN). The strategy included a new business model and business processes,
and financing through a partnership with Japan. The strategy was endorsed in May 2003 and
funding of US$ 25m for a change and capability development program was approved. LinkAsea
staff were involved in implementation up to 2008. Following a positive project implementation
review, a second phase has just begun.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              McKinsey & Company
Trading Name                   McKinsey Pacific Rim, Inc.
Contact                        Mr Thomas Roets
Address                        Level 35, 88 Phillip Street
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          NSW               Postcode           2000
Telephone                      0282731718        Facsimile          282731718
ABN                            66055131443

Company Background
McKinsey is the distinctive leader in top management consulting with a deep understanding of ICT
challenges faced by governments. We have an extensive track record for delivering significant
value in government ICT projects, and have a distinctive business-driven approach to ICT in the
public sector. McKinsey has over 8,000 consultants and are present in over 80 offices in over 50
countries, and bring cutting-edge expertise in 18 industry sectors and 6 functional areas. We have
been serving clients for over 80 years, and our professional legacy includes 1) Professional values
and an enduring code of conduct, 2) Top management/integrated problem-solving perspective, and
3) Tailored approach and custom solutions. Our results-oriented Public Sector Practice that has
driven measurable improvements throughout several government agencies worldwide. We have a
specialised Business Technology Office (BTO) that serves ICT needs of public- and private-sector
clients through rigorous focus on impact. The BTO has competence and expertise in technology
with deep technical proficiency in systems design and IT architecture. We are objective and
independent from ICT product and service providers, i.e., we provide neutral, fact-based

Company Accreditation (Optional)
McKinsey & Company does not engage in any external accreditations

Strategic Planning
ICT Strategic planning is one of several client services lines in McKinsey‘s Business Technology
Office. We think of technology strategy in two related, but separate, parts: 1) Business Technology
Strategy is focused on using technology to help government agencies build winning business
strategies, focuses on applying technology outside the IT function (eg the eGovernment strategy);
and 2) ICT Strategy centered on diagnosing and improving the capabilities and execution of the ICT
function of a given government agency. We approach both of these by interviewing business
stakeholders, assessing external market trends, identifying and assessing future strategic ICT
improvement options, and evaluating feasibility.
Two recent projects include:
1) ICT Strategy for a G8 country‘s new national pension savings scheme, where McKinsey led the
assessment of the existing ICT platforms to apply to the new agency, performed a detailed option

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
assessment of ICT platforms and determined procurement/outsourcing strategy for the scheme (incl.
financial modeling); and
2) IT Strategy for G8 country‘s national employment agency, where McKinsey designed the ICT
strategy and advised on ICT architecture, which included addressing the complexities related to
multiple legacy systems.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             MXA Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  MXA Consulting
Contact                       Mr Justin Butcher
Address                       24 Richter Close
Suburb                        FADDEN
State                         ACT                Postcode           2904
Telephone                     00400383747        Facsimile
ABN                           16233295918

Company Background
MXA Consulting is an Architecture Services company formed by Justin Butcher in late 2010 to: -
Bring together some of the best ICT Architects working in Government in Canberra in a single
consulting firm. - Reward good architects for doing good work, by focussing on outputs and
outcomes. - Provide true value-for-money services. We achieve these goals by: - Employing only
the very best people. We engage only people we have worked with, whose work output we have
seen. Our operating model and values means that good architects in Canberra want to work for us. -
Demystifying architecture – we explain what we do in simple terms. We believe that everyone can
understand architecture: it should be practical and relevant. Architecture that is mystical,
mysterious, and can only be understood by experts, will fail every time. - Focussing only on
Government in Canberra. We know and understand the people doing Architecture across
government, the culture and history of major architecture initiatives, the forums and groups that
exist, Whole-of-Government initiatives, and so on. The MXA Framework has been proven to be a
powerful tool in delivering ICT Strategic Planning and Business Case Development. A
diagrammatic overview can be found at

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
The MXA Framework uses Enterprise Architecture to develop ICT Strategy for government
agencies. Enterprise Architecture provides a firm basis and a known starting point so that strategic
planning is focused and guided by proven methodologies and approaches. Enterprise Architecture is
a critical part of the strategic planning process. The MXA Framework also shows how ICT Strategy
provides input to the definition of Portfolios or Programs of work, each of which has an associated
Business Case and Solution Blueprint. If the business case is approved, a Solution Architecture or
Solution Design is created, followed by increasingly detailed levels of design. MXA Consultants
have successful experience and involvement in ICT Strategic planning at the ATO, DHS, AFP,
ITSA, Customs, DIAC, ACT Government, DEEWR and a range of other agencies. For example,
one MXA Consultant (Daniel Keys) developed several enterprise architecture statements that made
a significant contribution to the ―Tax Office Enterprise Roadmap‖ in 2010. Another MXA
Consultant (Adam Magee) developed enterprise architecture views and overlays, and worked with
senior executives to create an ICT Strategy. Adam then worked with the Enterprise Architecture
team and the Portfolio Management Office to ensure that Projects and Programs continued to align
                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
with the ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture during 2009 to 2011. MXA Consultants are
successfully using the MXA Framework at ITSA in 2011 to create an ICT Strategy and Roadmap
for the agency.

                                                                 Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                  Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             NCSI Australia
Trading Name                  NCSI Australia
Contact                       Mr Andrew Bremner
Address                       Level 4, North Tower, 1-5 Railway Street
Suburb                        Chatswood
State                         NSW               Postcode            2067
Telephone                     00296406615       Facsimile           0290330095
ABN                           38089983317

Company Background
NCS Australia forms part of the NCS Group, a leading information technology (IT) and
communications engineering services provider with about 7,000 staff located in 11 countries across
the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. To support its customers‘ business and technology needs
in Australia, NCS Australia started its operations in the year 2000. Today, Australia remains as one
of the key focus markets in NCS Group‘s global expansion strategy. NCS Australia has offices and
presences in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide. NCS Australia provides a one-
stop, end-to-end suite of IT and communications engineering solutions to its customers. With its in-
depth domain knowledge and unique BizvalTM methodology which focuses on defining, realising
and sustaining business value for its customers, NCS continually delivers new standards via the
innovative use of technology. Serving both the government and commercial markets, NCS Australia
is committed to bringing the best in IT and engineering solutions and services to customers. It
provides a full spectrum of information technology services: Business and IT Consulting, Project
Management, Development, Systems Integration, Outsourcing, Infrastructure Management and
Solutions. NCS Australia focuses on the following key industries and domain: Outsourcing,
Government, Healthcare, Financial Services and Telecommunications.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
NCS Australia holds ISO9001:2008 certification for establishing and applying a Quality
Management Systems for: 1. Provision of IT and Communication Engineering based Development
& Systems Integration, Infrastructure Integration and Project Management 2. Provision of IT
Communication Engineering Management Services which include Application Management,
Infrastructure Management and Operations Management 3. Provision of Consultancy Services
which include Application Consulting and Infrastructure Consulting Services Our parent NCS Pte
Ltd also holds: 1. ISO/IEC 20000 : for IT Service Management Systems 2. ISO/IEC 27001 : for
Information Security Management Systems 3. SS 507 : Standard for Business Continuity
(BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) Service Providers, awarded by SPRING Singapore, attained since
2004. 4. People Developer : Awarded by SPRING Singapore, attained since 2000. 5. SQA :
Singapore Quality Award, attained since 1999. NCS also are CMMI Maturity Level 5 certified for
our offshore Application Development and Application Maintenance projects.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Our Business Transition for Value (Bizval™) Suite of Methodologies focuses on value in all the
work that we do and comprises different methodologies with specific emphasis on each
organisation component to effectively manage business change. Of particular importance to
Strategic Planning is our Technology Transformation for Value (TTV) module which provides a
framework for ICT Master Planning. TTV derives a blueprint that provides a holistic view of
business functions, supporting data standards and ICT system and services. Over the past 25 years,
NCS have built this approach and also a strong track record for both enterprise level and national-
level IT master planning. We have been instrumental in providing Strategic Planning consulting
services to governments globally and some of NCS‘s high profile and successful projects include: ?
Western Australia Govt ICT Blueprint ? Victorian Business Master Key Project ? Sri Lankan e-
Government Blueprint ? Fiji e-Government Development Project ? Kuwait e-Government Blueprint
for Online Human Services ? Maldives, IT Development Project ? Qatar Government Portal Project
? Thailand eCitizen Portal Blueprint ? Hong Kong SAR Government Agencies‘ IT Masterplan ?
Singapore Intelligent Island : IT2000 Masterplan ? Mauritius Government IT Plan ? Malaysia‘s
Sarawak State Government IT planning

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              NINI Investment Trust
Trading Name                   Carlton Training Organisation Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Darryl Carlton
Address                        Suite 126, 8 Wells Street
Suburb                         Southbank
State                          Victoria            Postcode           3006
Telephone                      00405231577         Facsimile
ABN                            49862732034

Company Background
We work with CIO's and other "C" Level executives with responsibility for the Information
Technology decisions in their organisations. Our value-add is to assist with the task of Aligning IT
with the Business. Our goal is to help the CIO transform their organisation, to become a fully-
fledged member of the executive team, and to advance their own careers by moving from
technology leader to business-person responsible for IT. These products and services are offered as
First100Days - a set of Diagnostic and Consulting Tools to support these outcomes which,
depending on the challenge being presented may involve an assessment of the maturity and
readiness of an IT organisation across the dimensions of Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy, and
IT Portfolio Management.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
The CTO approach to IT Strategic Planning its to focus explicitly upon the alignment of IT with the
Business. This encompasses such activities as;
(1) benchmarking the current performance of IT across the dimensions of Vision and Execution
(2) building understanding with the Business about their core drivers and the outputs and outcomes
(3) modeling the IT spend against the enterprise business model to build a "spend matrix" which
can be correlated to business priorities
(4) prioritising the IT portfolio against the EA business and information models
CTO has recently completed assignments for a major Government owned energy provider where
we developed a five year IT strategic plan which for the first time was objectively linked to the
business drivers and key strategies. The result has been a Board endorsed IT Strategy which clearly
sets out the portfolio of new generation projects and the retirement of obsolete systems against an
expanded budget which is itself linked clearly to business outcomes and benefits.
We undertook work for a State Government agency to model their Business Plan outputs and to
provide an objective linking of these to the Outcomes required by the Government. These in turn
were linked to the IT Portfolio of acitivities to ensure that the IT projects were clearly focused and
delivering the required outcomes or the State.
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Noetic Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name
Contact                        Ms Carol Yong
Address                        Equinox Business Park,
                               Level 2, Equinox 3, 70 Kent St
Suburb                         Deakin
State                          ACT                Postcode             2600
Telephone                      0262326508         Facsimile            262326515
ABN                            87098132024

Company Background
Noetic Solutions Pty Limited (Noetic) is one of Australia's fastest growing management
consultancies with a proven record of performance being listed on BRW's Fast 100 List (2006), and
recognised as a Telstra Business Awards Finalist (2007).
Noetic is an Australian owned enterprise with a global focus and reach. It has offices in Canberra,
Melbourne, Brisbane and Washington DC.
The Company is recognised for providing its public and private sector clients with high-level
strategic analysis and delivering innovative, practical, implementable solutions that will assist its
clients to meet their key strategic performance goals.
Noetic has completed a comprehensive body of work for our government clients on ICT projects.
In working with government, Noetic has worked with Commonwealth and State/Territory agencies
of differing sizes. Our people have a wide range of backgrounds that mean we are able to bring
different perspectives and experience to develop client solutions.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Noetic is proud to have achieved certification as an accredited ISO9001:2000 company, registration
certificate number QEC 21615.
Noetic is also an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier.
Noetic has a number of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and PRINCE2
accredited consultants on its team. The Noetic team continuously improves their understanding of
best practice methodologies through ongoing corporate and personal development. For example,
Noetic ITIL consultants are in the process of transitioning to most recent version, ITIL v.3
Noetic places great importance on adding value by providing a quality product that meets, or
exceeds, our clients‘ needs. Success and progress measures are based on agreed milestones at the
project commencement stage. Performance criteria are based on feedback from the appointed
contact person/s to ensure that the different perspectives of the various stakeholder groups are being
considered appropriately; and that the deliverables being presented conform to project milestones
and standards required.

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Noetic Solutions has a wide range of experience in strategic planning for the integration of ICT into
the overall business strategy and objectives of an organisation.
Noetic has undertaken many projects that involve complex organisational issues with strategic
impact. Our strategic planning consultancy is guided by our Enterprise Management© framework.
This model ensures alignment between business strategic direction and ICT programs and
expenditure. Noetic also uses a Capability Development Framework to ensure that all underpinning
considerations are accounted for in strategic development decisions. The outcomes of these
interventions have been to achieve organisational alignment through the establishment of an agreed
common context, language and way ahead (via an implementation plan or roadmap).
- Department of Defence this included developing the Network Centric Warfare Roadmap 2007 to
align ICT capability until 2015 (both classified and unclassified);
- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade a complete recommendation on opportunities and risks
to its ICT operating environment; at
- Border Protection Command, development of Information Strategy, an Information Capability
Plan, and an Information Management Action Plan;
- Victorian Government‘s Office of the CIO development and implementation of an enterprise
management aligning ICT investment with government strategic and policy outcomes.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               Oakton Services Pty Ltd
Trading Name                    Oakton Pty Ltd
Contact                         Mr John Lewis
Address                         45 Wentworth Avenue
Suburb                          Kingston
State                           ACT              Postcode             2604
Telephone                       0262301997       Facsimile            262301919
ABN                             31100103268

Company Background
Oakton commenced business in 1988 and listed on the ASX in June 2000.
Oakton has offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Hyderabad (India), and offers
services across the lifecycle of systems and a range of different technologies.
For over 20 years, Oakton has consistently enabled some of Australia‘s largest organisations to
meet their business and technology needs with a flexible, cost-effective, results-driven approach to
service delivery. With a national coverage and over 1300 permanent Business and ICT
professionals, Oakton offers depth in a range of services across the lifecycle of business systems
and across a range of different technology and industry sectors.
Oakton‘s offers to its clients include:
•        Consultant experience – Oakton pride itself in providing consultant staff with the right
practical experience required to add value to the client environment and challenges. For example,
in all cases Oakton Project lead consultants have had a minimum of five to seven years actual
experience before taking up project lead roles.
•       Methodology - Oakton continually develop and update its own intellectual property
(methods, processes, procedures) based on its consultant‘s experience, industry and technology
trends, and actual assignment outcomes.
•        Track record. Oakton delivers what it says it will, and has demonstrable references to
illustrate its track record.
•       Oakton‘s culture - Practical, pragmatic and business outcome focussed.
In June 2007, Oakton merged with Acumen Alliance, a national management and information
technology consultancy firm. Acumen commenced trading in Canberra in 1996 and grew to in
excess of 350 consultants with a core emphasis on Assurance and Risk Management, Management
Consulting (including portfolio, programme and project management) and Financial Management
support. The Oakton service offering now includes these consulting services which it gained from
the merger with Acumen Alliance.
The achievements of the Oakton Group have recently been recognised with the award of the Best
Professional Service Firm (Revenue $20-200million) in the recent BRW Client Choice Awards.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Company Accreditation (Optional)
Oakton is a certified P3M3 Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO). Oakton underwent a full
assessment of its management systems by the APM Group to receive ACO status. This status is re-
assessed regularly to ensure compliance with APM Group standards. Oakton also has a number of
P3M3 registered consultants who have each undergone an APM Group assessment to receive
Registered Consultant status.
Oakton‘s delivery and management processes are part of Oakton‘s ISO 9001: 2008 0-accredited
quality system known as the Oakton Business System which is documented and published on the
Oakton Portal.
Oakton has been certified as complying with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 since
January 1997 and is registered as a Quality Endorsed Company under the Quality Endorsed
Company Program of Quality Assurance Services, a subsidiary of Standards Australia.
Oakton‘s ISO 9001 certified quality system incorporates Oakton‘s Development Methodology,
which is a deliverable oriented framework. Oakton‘s Development Methodology is encompassed by
a defined Project Management Framework approach that is flexible, customer oriented and result
Oakton‘s consultants have qualifications and a depth of practical experience in methodologies such
as PMBOK, PRINCE 2, MSP, P3O, P3M3, ITIL and tailored methodologies.

Strategic Planning
Oakton offers the full range of services related to Strategic Planning (for both ICT and business
needs). This includes:
Development of Organisational level ICT Strategy/Planning including:
•      ICT Strategic Planning
•      ICT Executive Facilitation and Planning Days
•      ICT Organisation and Functional Reviews
•      Enterprise and Solution Architecture
o      Business Architecture Development
o      Information Architecture Development
o      Application Architecture Development
o      Technology Architecture Development
•      Application Portfolio Assessment
•      Web Development Strategies
•      Channel Strategies (Web/Call/Counter/Electronic)
•      ICT Security Reviews (I-RAP) and Architecture
•      Security advice and planning.
•      Business Continuity Plans/Disaster Recovery Plans.
Implementation of ICT strategies including:
•      Change Management (Stakeholder management, Organisational Transformation and
Business Process Re-engineering)
•      Governance and reporting frameworks
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
•      Program Management Offices/Project Management (including mentoring of staff)
•     Systems development/support including requirements definition, development, testing and
ongoing support of systems
•      Web development projects
•      Security management
•      Application/infrastructure security testing.
•      Benefits realisation.
Business case development and support including:
•      Development of first-pass or second-pass business cases.
•      Support for Gateway Reviews
•      Cost-Benefit and ROI analysis
•      Procurement support
•      Development of IT costing tools and templates
•      Life-Cycle Costing of systems.

Reference sites:
Department of Health and Aging – ICT Strategic Plan and IT Investment Plan (2007-11)
Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – ICT Strategic Plan (2010-12) and
various ICT reviews
Australian Bureau of Statistics – Application Portfolio, Enterprise Architecture and Security
Services (2009-10)
Department of Health and Aging – Business Case Development for eHealth (2009-10)

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Object Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Object Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact                       Mr Teesaan Koo
Address                       Level 25 Northpoint, 100 Miller Street
Suburb                        North Sydney
State                         NSW               Postcode             2060
Telephone                     061294593300      Facsimile            61294593301
ABN                           55003682693

Company Background
For two decades, Object Consulting has successfully delivered innovative solutions and consulting
to Australia‘s leading organisations. Our 280-strong team delivers projects ranging from business
consulting, transformation projects, technical services and specialised training– supported by best
practice tools, processes and methodologies. Object delivers high quality, innovative, leading edge
solutions to realise business strategy. We are a local, responsive company, consisting of pioneers
who believe in continuous innovation. Object investments in intellectual property (iP) and people –
translated into deep technology, methodology and industry expertise; for corresponding customer-
centric solutions and products. iP helps reduce costs, risks and lead-times of engagements and
provides ongoing opportunities to our customers. Object‘s Practices provide the path to improving
capability and delivering innovation to our clients through customer-centric solutions. Our Practice
solutions are aligned with our market, customers, technical and other capability requirements and
partners. Object invests heavily in staying ahead of the curve to minimise our customers‘ risk on
leading edge approaches. We target selected, proven, leading edge technologies to provide
increased productivity, usability and longevity of all our solutions. Additionally our mature and
reliable processes from Process Mentor® provides a truly industry leading and unique advantage in
IT service firms.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Object Consulting uses an ISO9001 compliant process architecture platform called Process Mentor.
Process Mentor provides guidance and enhances consistency of outcomes on all Object Consulting
engagements. Process Mentor is a commercial product offered by Object Consulting due to the
demand for this product and its resulting compliance to both ISO9001 and CMMI Level 3. Object
Consulting provides CMMI certification, services, and training and are a registered CMMI
transition partner. It is this focus on the quality of outcomes that has placed Object Consulting
ahead of many other providers in delivery of ICT management services. Object Consulting‘s staff
are also qualified in the areas of corporate governance, IT Service Management (ITSM), Project
Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Benefits Realisation, ISO15504
SPICE, among others.

Strategic Planning
Object Consulting believes key to our additional value is the strategic approach we take, as well as
the strategic planning we perform. Object has assisted organisations move from vision to strategy
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
and often through execution, to support enterprise and business architects develop ICT strategies.
Object‘s Capability Improvement practice is formed of skilled architects, project / programme /
portfolio managers, business analysts, and change managers who aid decision makers and
recommend courses of action. When determining strategy, these consultants focus on reducing risk,
identifying opportunities, and improving the capability of organisations for greater productivity and
effectiveness. In developing strategy we adopt a balanced approach to technical and social
solutions, supported by our own iP in Process Mentor®. Service Victoria, (DIIRD initiative) was
created to provide Victorian citizens with a more convenient way of dealing with government.
Object translated Service Victoria‘s vision into a comprehensive strategy, providing an enterprise
architecture for Service Victoria‘s future. Within four months Object‘s 3-phase approach, as-is, to-
be, and roadmap provided the strategy for transforming the Victorian Citizen‘s experience of
government. The Deputy Director commented, that the ―blueprint developed by Object Consulting
will remain a vigorous foundation asset to drive uptake of an e-Government agenda.‖ To improve
efficiency of its services WorkCover engaged Object Consulting to develop an overarching
Enterprise Architecture to direct strategic planning. This enterprise architecture was used to
determine WorkCover‘s project portfolio for the support of the business. WorkCover continues to
use Object IP for Enterprise Architecture.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Ovum Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Ovum
Contact                       Mr Michael Hennessey
Address                       Level 1, The Realm; 18 National Circuit
Suburb                        Barton
State                         ACT               Postcode            2600
Telephone                     00261983256       Facsimile           0261983333
ABN                           92065393973

Company Background
Ovum is the ICT advisory brand of the Datamonitor Group, with a 25 year history of advising both
enterprises and their suppliers on the business value of ICT. Since 1984, Ovum has provided
reliable, trusted, independent and actionable research-based advisory services to government,
business and ICT executives and professionals. Ovum develops its research on the ideas of
Collaborative Intelligence, harnessing the huge variety of talents in the company to offer focused
and actionable advice. Over 350+ global business analysts in Datamonitor provide research and
analysis to key industries globally on the business agenda. The 150+ ICT global analysts in Ovum
then build on this foundation to advise both the ICT groups within enterprises and their ICT
suppliers on creation, selection and management of technology and services portfolios. Ovum offers
practical, research based and independent advice that is specific to the context and needs of public
sector ICT executives here in Australia across multiple government jurisdictions as they
contemplate ICT investments and the management of ICT centric business transformation
programmes and projects.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Ovum research is based on independently audited methodologies that ensure that our clients can
base decisions on rigorous and fact-based research, rather than unqualified, unjustified opinions.
The research draws upon over 400,000 interviews a year with business and technology, telecoms
and sourcing decision-makers, providing unparalleled insight not only into business requirements
but also the technology that organisations must support. Independence and integrity are at the heart
of Ovum's core values. It is vital that we behave, and are seen to behave, with complete
independence. Our clients need to know our advice has not been influenced by any vendor or
supplier. Our Independence Charter defines precisely what Ovum means by 'independence', so that
our customers can be confident they are receiving truly independent advice. Our analysts and
consultants have signed up to the Charter: - Ovum does not invest in other companies. - Ovum does
not publicly endorse vendors / service providers or their products / services. - Our research and
consulting is completely independent. - Ovum and its staff are completely independent. - Ovum is
wholly owned by Datamonitor plc. - Ovum is not dependent on any one client. Our largest client
accounted for under 3% of sales.

Strategic Planning
Ovum‘s research and consulting services in the area of Strategic Planning focus on 3 main areas:
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
1. Creating the optimum technology portfolio to align with business strategy, e.g. advice on the
potential of ICT to enable business transformation; reduce costs & improve efficiencies;
2. Selecting the appropriate ICT solutions, e.g. compare and select product and service offerings,
terms & conditions, improve negotiating leverage; &
3. Managing the deployment and operation of the resulting solutions, e.g. strategy and architecture
reviews, organisational design and governance.

Recent engagements include:
A detailed investigation for the Government Services Group into the ICT function within the
Victorian State Government. This study required Ovum to survey, analyse and provide
recommendations on a standardised approach to the ICT function within government agencies.
Advising the South Australian Office of the CIO on the development of a strategy for centralisation
and virtualisation of office productivity software across 35,000 desktops, laptops and thin client
Ovum informs and improves Strategic Planning by providing world-class ICT research and
advisory services in the following two ways: a. Ovum‘s Enterprise IT Knowledge Center
( is the core IT research and advisory service provided on an annual
subscription basis. This is delivered via the website and analyst enquiries. B. Advisory
Engagements / Consulting. Advisory engagements or Consulting provide more detailed research
advice to address specific research questions or requirements. These are provided on a fee-for-
service basis depending on the scope, effort and time involved.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Oxygen Business Solutions
Trading Name                  Oxygen
Contact                       Mr Datta Supomo
Address                       4A Whyalla Street
Suburb                        Fyshwick
State                         ACT               Postcode            2609
Telephone                     0404828844        Facsimile           262226501
ABN                           80117187738

Company Background
Oxygen Business Solutions (Oxygen) is the leading specialist SAP consulting and services
company across Australia and New Zealand. Our passion is delivering great SAP solutions to
enable our customers‘ businesses. It‘s that simple. Founded in 2001, Oxygen has built a strong track
record of growth and satisfied customers whilst retaining a tight focus on innovative SAP solutions
and services.
Oxygen partners with over 50 customers across multiple industries, including a number of
Australian Government departments and agencies. For some customers, we‘re adding value in small
ways with point consulting assignments. At others, we‘re outsourcing their entire SAP
infrastructure. Because we can do it all, we can give each of our customers as little or as much as
their business requires underpinned by our unrivalled ability to provide a true end-to-end systems
and application service, encompassing application hosting and remote support, along with a full
range of SAP consulting and implementation services.
Oxygen‘s 220 highly-skilled and experienced consultants work from offices in Canberra, Sydney,
Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington, supporting 3,000 SAP users. Oxygen delivers a
complete lifecycle of SAP solutions, is local and works in a close, highly flexible way to help
customers achieve the business benefits and outcomes they need. Also, our customers are able to
leverage through our parent company, UXC Limited, much broader IT/ICT solutions capabilities.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Oxygen is a certified SAP Services Partner, servicing and supporting one of the largest SAP
platforms in the region. Oxygen has a strong partnership with SAP, providing rapid end-to-end
services for SAP strategy, implementations, enhancements, upgrades and integration. Through
numerous successful implementations, Oxygen has an impressive track record and a strong network
of SAP consultants across Australia and New Zealand.
Oxygen is also a certified Microsoft Partner. Oxygen has been working with Microsoft since its
inception in 2001, providing rapid end-to-end .net integrated solutions that support our core SAP
ERP capabilities. Oxygen is a lead partner for SAP and Microsoft DUET the first collaborative
product between Microsoft and SAP, designed to empower the information worker and provide
access to SAP data and functionality directly through Microsoft Office System Outlook
Our company quality certifications include:

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
- Professional Services: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification Number QEC 5298
- Development of Frameworks and Methodologies aligned with the Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK),
- The National Competency Standards for Project Management (NCSPM)
- Australian Standard AS/ISO 10006-2003: Quality management systems - Guidelines for quality
management in projects
- Support Services: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification Number 149327
- Technical Support Services: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification Number QEC 5163.

Strategic Planning
Oxygen‘s capabilities include SAP Business Strategy Consulting. We help our customers to resolve
questions such as:
- How do I use technology to improve my business processes?
- What ERP application do I need?
- What solution architecture do I need?
- How do I ensure I don‘t duplicate functionality?
- How do I ensure value for money?
- Are my systems secure and compliant?
Our specialist consultants are true IT process and solution consulting professionals. They develop
solutions that align with, and are optimised for, business and organisational strategy.
Oxygen helps clients focus on and pin point areas where the organisation can benefit from adopting
best practice. Our expert knowledge of SAP best practices means we can generate faster returns on
investment for your SAP system through shorter projects, reduced risk, and lower total cost of
ownership. Our work is driven by a focus on customer value, robust project and change
management methodologies and a risk management framework.
We can connect your business with your customers, partners and suppliers. Oxygen consultants
smoothly integrate existing legacy systems, lowering costs and increasing revenue through the
effective integration and management of systems and business processes.
Our experience with Australian Government, include projects with:
- Australian Crime Commission
- Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
- Department of Finance and Deregulation

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              PACIFIC STRATEGY PARTNERS PTY
Trading Name                   Pacific Strategy Partners
Contact                        Mr Ian Clarke
Address                        Level 14, 2 Bulletin Place
Suburb                         Sydney
State                          New South         Postcode             2000
Telephone                      00292534922       Facsimile            0292534999
ABN                            42104807463

Company Background
Pacific Strategy Partners is an Australian strategy consulting firm with a track record of delivering
value to senior management in Australasian organisations. We have around 20 staff and offices in
Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Since our foundation in 2003, we have assisted many leading
organisations resolve complex issues of strategy and organisation and successfully implement
change. Our value proposition lies in developing practical solutions our clients can and do
implement successfully, using joint teams guided by deep Director expertise: a) Deploy low
leveraged teams ensuring deep Director involvement in every case b) Design practical, actionable
recommendations to complex problems and implementation programs in combined consultant /
client teams c) Enable excellent communication and decision making at top management levels
with iterative progress reporting and decision making d) Provide objective, independent challenge
and advice with hands-on involvement of Directors and experienced consultants e) When
appropriate, form joint teams with other professional advisors to our clients - both related
professionals and industry or functional specialists

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Pacific Strategy Partners provides a fact-based approach to ICT Strategic Planning, leveraging in-
depth knowledge of strategy ICT economics, including: a) Strategy and planning facilitation –
market structure and trends, portfolio analysis and initiative prioritisation b) Development of new
strategy and planning processes, initiative prioritisation frameworks and on-going tracking
mechanisms c) Development of rigorous economic framework for both cost and investment levers
to force ICT investment to support business needs and provide sound economic basis for business
decision making. Our Business Centric IT design approach seeks to develop a deep understanding
of the underlying client business needs first. Often ‗quick wins‘ or process redesign can deliver
some of the value of the proposed IT investment. We then seek to optimise & de-risk the required
IT projects by defining & sequencing each step so it delivers business value. More details on our
approach are on our website. Two recent examples are: 1) Working with a leading Australian
financial institution to deliver $3bn+ ICT investment program through a business centric design
approach which identified and valued the desired capabilities, and built a flightplan to capture
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
business value, sometimes by delaying ICT spending until business processes have been redefined
2) Developed an ICT strategy for a large Australian insurer, addressing the insurer's growth and
business requirements. In-depth ICT architecture and service models were developed based on
organisational strategic imperatives. Rigourous ICT economics modelling and analysis provided the
basis for business capability driven implementation plan. Performance outcome measures were
identified to track.

                                                                    Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                     Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Parisfirst Partners
Trading Name                   Parisfirst Partners Pty Ltd
Contact                        Ms Chris Sampson
Address                        Level 10, 140 Bourke Street
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria           Postcode            3000
Telephone                      061390098161       Facsimile
ABN                            13095682796

Company Background
Parisfirst is a recognised leader in online service delivery, particularly in the government sector. We
have contributed significantly to website strategy, information and design in the past 11 years,
successfully delivering over 200 projects from complex WOG strategic projects to department-wide
user research, business analysis, information architecture, and usability and design projects across
Government departments. Our core expertise and extensive experience over the last 11 years has
significantly extended our capability and provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the
Government sector, its stakeholders and website development issues - to the extent that we enjoy
high levels of repeat work from our clients with whom we have a built a strong relationship of trust
and professional respect. We take a strongly collaborative approach to all our work and provide
independent advice based on rigorous analysis and direct research with stakeholders and users.
Parisfirst was established in 2001 by principals with over 16 years' experience in key government
and commercial sectors. Parisfirst has led major research projects directed at performance
evaluation, benchmarking, risk analysis and website governance. 11 people work out of the
Melbourne office ranging from senior content specialists, senior business analysts, designers,
writers, programmers.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Parisfirst does not hold formal quality assurance accreditation, we have our own quality assurance
systems in place: • Methodology: Parisfirst uses a documented methodology including confirmation
of task, objectives, resources, timetables and regular meetings with clients to ensure agreement and
client satisfaction on all steps of a project and to continuously improve our processes. • Selection of
Consulting Staff: Parisfirst takes great care in the selection of consulting staff in delivering a high
standard of consulting services. • Development: Six monthly career plans and performance
appraisals are developed for each consultant and managed as a record of professional development.
For each project an assignment brief is completed covering specific skill sets and career objectives
to be achieved. • Senior Management Involvement: At least one senior manager is involved in each
project undertaken. • Professional Development: We maintain industry standards and best practice
through a rigorous commitment to research and professional development that incorporates internal
forums around new research trends, analysis techniques and web initiatives. • Management of client
information: Parisfirst follows a rigorous process for all client information management to ensure
compliance with privacy requirements, which includes contact management, dedicated client
subdirectories, systematic and secure archiving, and modern software backup systems.
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
"Parisfirst has significant expertise in strategic research and analysis and development of service
delivery management frameworks. In 2009 we developed the first Digital Media Strategy for
WOVG nationally, setting the course for social media use by establishing a framework of guiding
principles, recommendations and initiatives ranging from a charter of acceptable use policies &
codes of conduct for VPS staff to participate in Web 2.0 to providing greater access to government
information and data enabling innovative reuse by the public with potential savings to government.
In 2010 we developed Victoria‘s first Consumer Health 2.0 Strategy providing a framework of
goals, recommendations and initiatives for delivering health messages through digital media. The
goals centred on policy alignment, consumer needs and cost effective solutions. The initiatives
delivered the business transformation required to effectively harness Health 2.0, eg a personal
health management platform for consumers to actively self-manage their health via Web 2.0. For
both strategies our approach included conducting a strategic assessment of benefits and evaluation
of outcomes by developing an Investment Logic Map and Benefit Management Plan, conducting a
Risk analysis and developing an implementation roadmap with costing breakdown. In 2009 we
developed a management framework for Web Accountability at DSE. The framework set the vision
for management of DSEs websites based on recommendations for a governance model for decision-
making and escalation, a quality agenda for content and standards compliance, operations process,
customer services and technical support via process diagrams mapping roles to accountabilities.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               Petersen & Associates Pty Ltd
Trading Name                    Petersen & Associates
Contact                         Mr Brett Petersen
Address                         33 Darby St
Suburb                          Kaleen
State                           ACT                 Postcode            2617
Telephone                       00403149199         Facsimile
ABN                             15153020092

Company Background
Petersen & Associates is an Australian firm that provides independent ICT services. Our purpose is
to increase the efficiency and business value of our client‘s technology investments. Our services
are provided on a consulting and advisory basis applying a comprehensive range of techniques and
methods based on the practical application of better practice methodology and frameworks.
Services include strategy and governance, business case development, sourcing and procurement,
vendor and contract management, project, program and portfolio management, service management
and delivery. We have had numerous engagements across the Australian government in the
successful delivery of all of these services. Our staff are experienced professionals with a wide
range of qualifications, skills, certification and in depth practical experience across all of our service
lines. This includes personnel with relevant degrees, Certified Practicing Accountants, ITIL
certified, COBIT certified, Prince2 certified and business intelligence system certification (OLAP,
TM1, PowerOLAP). Our staff are members of the Australian Computer Society, the Australian
Institute of Project Management (AIPM), the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
and CPA Australia.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Petersen & Associates has a depth of experience and capability in the full end to end strategic
planning process for ICT in government. This includes the application and alignment of better
practice methodology including COBIT‘s Define an IT Strategic Plan process and ITIL‘s Service
Strategy book. We were involved in the development of an ICT service management strategy for
the Child Support Agency in 2007. This involved developing and executing a strategy and plan for
setting up processes and systems to support the Child Support Agency‘s ICT environment. The
result was a successfully implemented ICT service desk function, including incident and problem
management, as well as change and release management processes. These functions, processes and
tools then supported the ICT sourcing program and the business change programs. At the
Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) we were involved in the development of a base
case to support the ICT sourcing program, which involved moving from a single ICT infrastructure
provider to a multi-vendor environment. This work also included re-engineering the ICT
infrastructure vendor and contract management functions. We then built an ICT attribution model
that supported the alignment of the resources consumed by ICT with the overall business strategy.
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
This included driver based assignment to support the development of the business case for the
Systems For People Program. Further to this we were part of a procurement and implementation
activity for a toolset to assist in the governance of the Program.

                                                                    Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                     Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Platinum Insight
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Phil McFarlane
Address                        Level 3, IBM Tower, 60 City Road
Suburb                         Southgate
State                          Victoria          Postcode            3006
Telephone                      0396847780        Facsimile
ABN                            73115732440

Company Background
Platinum Insight is a consulting group that specialises in business transformation initiatives.
Platinum Insight was established in 2005 with the objective of providing a unique professional
consulting service focusing primarily on the financial services industry. We consider ourselves
specialists in implementing strategic change and compliance initiatives, both here in Australia and
overseas. Our consultants are specialists in business architecture, risk management, regulatory and
compliance, project management, system innovation and change management. In addition, we also
assist our clients in devising strategies to appropriately manage investment spend in order to
successfully deliver strategic and compliance initiatives.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Platinum Insight is a leader in the niche discipline of Business Architecture. Our people provide
'thought leadership' guidance to our clients by defining the alignment between the business strategy
and what technology is required to support the business. Our methods of focusing on the gaps
between the current and target business functions, and the current and target capabilities results in
the development of a target state blueprint with a realistic implementation plan.
Development of a corporate lending business operating model to align to our client‘s international
growth strategy. This involved the development of business architecture artefacts for each lending
business unit involving the mapping of business functions to existing and new technology solutions
to support their business strategy.
Design of a capital/balance sheet management business operating model for a domestic bank. This
involved obtaining agreement regarding the business design principles and then determining what
technology platform would be required to support Borrower/Investor client management, lending
pricing, full transfer pricing just to name a few.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Presence of IT
Trading Name                   Presence of IT Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Craig Cocker
Address                        Level 11, 157 Walker Street
Suburb                         North Sydney
State                          New South         Postcode            2060
Telephone                      00437170797       Facsimile           0299552241
ABN                            87113134875

Company Background
Presence of IT was incorporated in 1999 and has consistently expanded its capability to become the
largest specialist SAP and Oracle HR/Payroll consulting provider in Australia. A commitment to a
relationship based engagement model with our clients and actively recruiting only the very best
permanent consultants has ensured that we provide our customers with a level of service second to
none. As a focussed Human Capital business, Presence of IT provides specialist HR advisory
consulting and software development expertise to organisations wishing to gain maximum return
from their investment in Human Resources service delivery and HR related technology. We offer a
total business solution based on an in-depth understanding of business processes, IT systems,
software applications and integration complexities. Presence of IT has extensive experience and
expertise in HR & Payroll ERP System Consulting (Implementation, Upgrades & Support , System
Integration, Internet / Web-enabled solutions, Workflow & business process management), Project
and Risk Management, Workforce Management (Implementations, upgrades - Time and
Attendance, & Rostering), Human Capital Advisory Consulting (Aligning Business & HR Strategy,
Optimising HR operations, Enabling HR environments, Change Management, Training). Our in-
depth knowledge and comprehensive experience across a range of HR related disciplines guarantees
services and solutions of the highest standard.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
As an SAP partner – Services, Presence of IT consistently develop new skills and capabilities,
access information and knowledge, and engage more effectively with our customers. As an Oracle
GOLD partner, Presence of IT offers specialising in the implementation and support of your Oracle
HR / Payroll Solution.

Strategic Planning
Presence of IT achieve a level of trust and inspire confidence in senior leadership by delivering a
well defined approach in determining how ICT should be used to support organisations HR /
Payroll strategy and objectives. Our approach covers the fundamental components inherent in
creating a suitable baseline, developing the right solutions and finally executing the planning
required for value to materialise. Presence of IT worked with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to
assess the status of the SAP system and associated processes through four phases of assessment.
The specific deliverables included a strategic approach, business processes analysis results,
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
documented analysis and status of the FI, HR, ESS and Workflow functional areas,
recommendations of path forward and proposed enhancements, a high level project plan and a
presentation to the AFP Steering Committee. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) current HR
/ Payroll system and processes were reviewed, a strategic path forward defined including an optimal
approach to achieving ABS goals, costs and risks associated with re-implementation vs. upgrade,
and dependencies on pre-requisites for modules. Through a current state assessment we identified
HR/Payroll data maintained across multiple systems such as Multiple Lotus Databases; Rainbow;
Prism; Oracle Payroll; and Corporate Directory. Such diverse systems results in the absence of
―One point of Truth‖ and a duplication of the following data across the organisations Employee,
Organisation, and Company data.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              PricewaterhouseCoopers
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Ash Bassili
Address                        44 Sydney Avenue
Suburb                         Forrest
State                          ACT               Postcode             2603
Telephone                      002 6271 3641     Facsimile            02 6271 3641
ABN                            52780433757

Company Background
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC) brings the power of our global network to help Australian
businesses, not-for-profits and governments assess their performance and improve the way they
work. Growing from a one-man Melbourne accountancy practice in 1874 to the worldwide merger
of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia now
employs over 6,000 people and provided services to 80 per cent of the ASX 200 in FY10.
PwC is brimming with energetic and inspirational people from all backgrounds – accounting, arts,
business, economics, engineering, finance, health, law, tax – who ensure our clients receive the
depth and breadth of insight and perspective required to negotiate an increasingly complex global
environment. Across our Advisory, Assurance and Tax & Legal lines of service, we offer a breadth
of services that provide our clients with a range of end-to-end solutions. From improving the
structure of the Australian health system, to performing due diligence on some of Australia‘s largest
deals, to working side-by-side with entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals – our teams bring
a combination of knowledge and passion to addressing the risks and opportunities facing our
PwC‘s aim is to set new standards in responsible leadership, working with our clients to create
value and sustainable solutions. We realise that it takes more than rhetoric and good intentions to
remain a leading professional services firm. It is a mission requiring a daily commitment to
innovation and investment in our people, and to continuing a legacy of collaboration with our
clients and the communities in which we live.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Company accreditation and/or certification status e.g. ISO9001 certified Quality Management
System, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) appraisal certification status,

Strategic Planning
We ensure technology strategy is aligned to and supportive of organisational strategic plans and
direction. We also ensure that any ICT strategic planning provisions for the most common risks as
well as those specific to the organisation.
PricewaterhouseCoopers helps clients obtain the benefits they seek from Technology and associated
vendor relationships through:

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Providing advice on technology, contracts and negotiations
De-risking large, complex IT acquisitions
Providing a partnership bridge between the client and the service provider.
Our brand, our approach and our responsiveness, enable us to work with any Department as
advisors from the planning, to acquisition, to implementation.
With an unparalleled track record of delivering workable solutions to clients leveraging our
expertise in strategic change, process improvement and technology solutions we have:
People who bring both industry and technology experience
Corporate experience in implementing advanced IT solutions across varied industry that will be
engaged in solving your problem.
An operating infrastructure that supports every client through our knowledge base and global best
Project Management Methodology, supported by a Quality System that meets to ISO 9001:2000,
TickIT, ISO 27001 and SEI CMMi Level 5 guidelines.
Our recent projects in ICT strategic planning have included:
Developing a Capital Asset plan for ACT Health
Developing the RFT for a state-wide online learning and teaching solution for Victorian
Government Schools
Developing the ICT Roadmap for Sensis Limmited
Developing the ICT Strategic Plan for The Royal Children's Hospital

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             ProActive Services Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  As Above
Contact                       Mr Bob Philipson
Address                       Level 4, 60 Albert Road
Suburb                        South Melbourne
State                         Victoria          Postcode            3205
Telephone                     0396964344        Facsimile           396964565
ABN                           42006674791

Company Background
In 1987, ProActive Services was established in Australia with the aim of helping IT service
providers to deliver quality, cost-effective services aligned to business needs.
Since then, we have become Australia‘s leading supplier of IT Service Management (ITSM)
training and consultancy based on the best practice defined in the IT Infrastructure Library, and in
the international standard for IT Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000). ProActive is the leader in
the ITSM field – it is our single focus. This single focus has enabled us to achieve the honour of
having back to back "Student of the Year" award winners presented by the itSMF Australia, in 2007
and 2008.
ProActive were responsible for introducing ITIL into Australia. We are Australia‘s longest serving
ITIL training and consulting provider and have trained in excess of 22,000 students. An ISO
9001:2000 certified organisation and vendor independent, ProActive were also a founding member
of the itSMF Australia.
ProActive prides itself on the competence and expertise of our consultants, who are highly skilled
business process analysts. They have many years practical, hands-on experience of ITIL
implementation in organisations throughout world-wide. All hold the highest level of accreditation
in Service Management, the ITIL V3 Expert certificate.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
In 1987, ProActive Services was established in Australia with the aim of helping IT service
providers to deliver quality, cost-effective services aligned to business needs.
Since then, we have become Australia‘s leading supplier of IT Service Management (ITSM)
training and consultancy based on the best practice defined in the IT Infrastructure Library, and in
the international standard for IT Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000). ProActive is the leader in
the ITSM field – it is our single focus. This single focus has enabled us to achieve the honour of
having back to back "Student of the Year" award winners presented by the itSMF Australia, in 2007
and 2008.
ProActive were responsible for introducing ITIL into Australia. We are Australia‘s longest serving
ITIL training and consulting provider and have trained in excess of 22,000 students. An ISO
9001:2000 certified organisation and vendor independent, ProActive were also a founding member
of the itSMF Australia.
                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
ProActive prides itself on the competence and expertise of our consultants, who are highly skilled
business process analysts. They have many years practical, hands-on experience of ITIL
implementation in organisations throughout world-wide. All hold the highest level of accreditation
in Service Management, the ITIL V3 Expert certificate.

Strategic Planning
ProActive provides strategic advice as regards the implementation of IT Service Management. This
is delivered only through our BaseCamp service that now encompasses the lifecycle approach
defined in ITIL V3.
Whilst the V2 version of our BaseCamp service has been delivered to a range of organisations,
including NEC and Deakin University, variants of the V3 version, have been delivered recently to
the following organisations:-
ANZ College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).
The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MMHE)
In the case of the ANZCA all elements of the V3 Service Strategy lifecycle element were
considered in creating a strategic plan for them. These included:-
Portfolio Management
Financial Management, eg cost models for the delivery of IT services
Demand Management
Strategy Generation
There was a focus on improving the quality and timeliness of the delivery of IT services to the
ANZCA using the above strategy elements.
In the case of the MMHE, ProActive developed an overall strategic plan for the consolidation of
datacentres, applications and the delivery of IT services across Malaysia.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              professional continuity
Trading Name                   professional continuity
Contact                        Mr Paul James
Address                        suite 2.01 12-14 Solent Circuit
Suburb                         Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista
State                          NSW               Postcode            2153
Telephone                      01300806606       Facsimile
ABN                            32133084081

Company Background
Professional Continuity is a consulting, technology solutions and outsourcing company.
Professional Continuity believes that it is the delivery of a solution that solves an issue within an
organisation. The correct solution can take many forms and is driven primarily by the business
needs of our clients. Professional Continuity collaborates with our clients to help them become
high-performance businesses. Our services include Consulting, IT Services, and IT Resourcing.
These streams can operate independently or in conjunction with one another to provide the most
comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients. With over 15 years‘ experience in both the
private and government sectors Professional Continuity's Managing Director Paul James has
successfully delivered and aggregated advisory services to some of Australia's leading organisation
including NRMA, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Recovre Group, Dell, Coles and the
Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Professional Continuity has developed and implemented ―on
demand‖ advisory, services across advisory, solutions, support and resourcing that enables
organisations to scale and leverage current internal knowledge capital with Professional Continuity
expertise when required to deliver comprehensive project and advisory outcomes. Professional
Continuity is an example of an organisation that truly partners and delivers

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Professional Continuity does not engage in external accreditation and certification

Strategic Planning
•Professional Continuity‘s CIO-On-Demand Service is an advisory service designed to assist
organisations align and maintain their ICT strategy. This is achieved through the development or
improvement of IT strategic and operational plans. Professional Continuity believes a sound IT
strategy typically needs a rigorous strategic planning methodology. Professional Continuity has
developed its horizon strategy and successfully implemented this methodology into a number of tier
one organisations across Australia. The foundations of the horizons strategy are founded on a
current state assessment (CSA) which covers business engagement, foundational processes and
procedures, people structure and development, commercial and contractual relations, service
management and change management. Using the horizons CSA methodology Professional
Continuity evaluated the following organisations ICT investments to determine whether there was
an overarching alignment between the Business and ICT strategy with the following findings. 1 The
Recovre Group (health services) had a lack of ICT processes and documentation including
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
fragmented and inconsistent processes and procedures. 2 NRMA (motoring and roadside) and had a
lack of business engagement processes surrounding commercial contractual management including
vendor & supplier management. After both these engagements Professional Continuity provided
recommendations and detailed activity planning approach to support the implementation of the
identified improvement recommendations.

                                                                  Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                   Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Protegic Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Protegic
Contact                        Chief Executive Officer David Thompson
Address                        Level 1, 5/54 Melbourne St
Suburb                         North Adelaide
State                          South Australia Postcode               5006
Telephone                      00458 741 261      Facsimile           1300 558 006
ABN                            95104218804

Company Background
Protegic is an Australian-owned independent Management Consulting Company working across the
full spectrum of project management and specialising in the ICT sector.
The company provides strategic and practical project management services-both advisory and
delivery-that enable clients to thrive in today‘s business environment.
Protegic assists organisations to drive strategy and business improvement through the application of
common-sense and best-practice project management. Protegic‘s experienced consultants work
closely with clients to develop strategy, business and operational requirements and implementation
plans to successfully deliver the project, within one division or across the entire enterprise.
Protegic has a passion for excellence. Its people strive to deliver beyond the expectations of clients
by providing knowledgeable advisory services and delivering quality project outcomes.
With offices throughout Australia and in Singapore, Protegic is an active member of the Australian
Institute of Project Management

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Protegic have recently employed a Chief Financial Officer with experience in obtaining the
ISO9001 Quality Management System certification for companies. Protegic are in the process of
being assessed for ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Strategic Planning
Protegic consultants are experienced business professionals. Skilled in both business and
technology, they have many years experience on leading-edge technologies in small to large scale
projects. Our consultants have analytical skills that help create and develop ideas that lead to
business solutions which assist business transformation.
Protegic consultants ensure IT strategic plans support your company‘s business plan with
appropriate KPIs clearly identified.
Protegic works in partnership with our clients to develop IT Strategy. Protegic consultants assist to
identify future key IT projects and their resource requirements. Protegic are currently working with
Superpartners (Victoria) to design a strategy for ICT projects.

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Protegic utilises a proven methodology to conduct a thorough review of a company‘s current IT
resources and systems. With this information Protegic can provide documented IT disaster recovery
plans and assist in the implementation of systems to protect a company‘s information and business
IP. Protegic are currently working with the PMO of Health Super in Victoria, this assignment
includes design of an IT disaster recovery plan.

                                                                    Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                     Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Protegic Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr David Smith
Address                        Level 1, 189 Flinders Lane
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria           Postcode             3000
Telephone                      0408271778         Facsimile            1300558006
ABN                            95104218804

Company Background
Protegic Pty Ltd provides strategic Project Management services and practices to private, public and
government organisations in both the Australian commercial and defence sector. Protegic has
significant experience in the optimisation and implementation of ICT Project Management
methodologies and across a broader range of industry projects. Our personnel have experience in
projects and systems related to IT applications/hardware/communications, HR/Payroll, point of
sales, manufacturing execution, SAP/ORACLE/ERP, maritime infrastructure, space/launch system
infrastructure, building design, master planning, development strategy, and business process
mapping and improvement.
Protegic offers: Professional and Contracting Services - Program/Project Directors, Managers,
Team Leaders, and Project Support Staff; Consulting Services - Project Management Advisory,
Program Management Office (PMO) Establishment, Capability Assessment, Project Health Checks
and Recovery Services; System Tools and Methodologies - Project Planning/Monitoring/Reporting
Tools, Project Office/Document Portals, and Training.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Protegic consultants have the ability to develop IT strategic plans.
Protegic prefers to apply a partnership approach to our IT consulting engagement. We help develop
IT Strategy in total collaboration with the IT department and key stakeholders. Our consulting team
work closely with key individuals to develop the Business Plan that supports the IT department‘s
Strategic vision. As a result of this collaborative approach, Protegic consultants are able to identify
key future IT projects and their likely resource requirements.
Example: As part of their strategic management practice, Health Super uses projects to implement
its strategic plan, and have found that effective controls and governance processes were required to
manage each year‘s strategic projects. The Health Super customer asked Protegic to help design and
implement a Project Management System that would establish the basic processes within a short
timeframe, and grow with the business.
Example: Honeywell New Zealand engaged Protegic to develop an implementation strategy and
plan using their product for one of the largest Manufacturing Execution System (MES) projects in

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
the Southern Hemisphere. The scope of the project included integration to ERP systems (SAP/R3),
and covered more that 20 manufacturing plants and their supply chains.

                                                                    Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                     Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Pyxis Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Pyxis Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Contact                        Mr Albert D'Castro
Address                        PO Box 858
Suburb                         Woden
State                          ACT               Postcode             2606
Telephone                      0262888099        Facsimile            262874383
ABN                            71126406675

Company Background
Pyxis Consulting Group Pty Ltd founded in 2007 is an independent professional consulting firm
established by Albert D'Castro a leading principal in the Canberra IT market with over 20 years
industry-leading experience.
Pyxis through its permanent team of experts and specialist continues to enjoy considerable success
in providing Consulting and Project Management services to Australia‘s Department of Defence
and Federal Government agencies.
Pyxis specialises in providing innovative and leading edge solutions in a number of business areas
including: Systems Integration, Data Centre Storage, Managed ITIL Services, Application
Integration, End-to-End Project Management, Scoping and Strategic Planning and Business
Recent Public Sector clients include: Department of Defence, Australian Customs, Department of
Education Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Tax Office; and Department of
Corrective Services.
Pyxis Consulting Group sees its role not only as a trusted adviser to its clients through the
companies independence from major suppliers, but also as a counterpoint when it comes to
independent evaluation of solutions that have been proposed.
Pyxis Consulting Group through its accumulated knowledge of its permanent staff understands
implicitly the needs and outcomes required within the public sector. As a result, Pyxis has a proven
track record of successfully implementing its projects and business solutions.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
All Pyxis consultants have access to leading research institutions including:
        Harvard Business Review
        Australian Institute of Management
        Standards Australian and International

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Pyxis staff has professional memberships with a number of industry bodies including:
       Association of Professional Engineers, Managers and Scientists Australia
       Institution of Company Directors
       Australian Institute of Project Management
       Australian Business Limited – State Chamber – Defence Industry Forum
       Australian Information Industry Association
In addition, all employees of Pyxis Consulting Group (as a result of company policy) hold formal
qualifications in industry-shared methodologies, tools and techniques including:
      Registered Project Manager /Master Project Director (Australian Institute of Project
       UK Office of Government Computing‘s Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2)
       Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
      Project Management Professional certification through the Australian Institute of Project
Management (AIPM)
       Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
       Information and Communication Technology management and service delivery
(Information Technology Infrastructure Library certified)

Strategic Planning
Pyxis Consulting Group offers a full range of strategic planning services for ICT projects in order to
support the organisation‘s overall business strategy and objectives.
As part of its analysis Pyxis examines the feasibility, risk, performance and costing of the various
suggested or proposed options in consultation with Stakeholder groups. In doing this Pyxis
provides knowledge and understanding of the intented projects including value and individual
Other areas of Strategic Planning in which Pyxis excels include business process reengineering, gap
analysis of the existing ICT environment, benchmarking of ICT options, stakeholder management
and coordination, risk management, resource management, business case development and
performance management.
Pyxis also specialises in identifying future technology trends or developing an operational concept
for integrated service delivery to allow the organisation a cohesive strategy in moving into the
Leading on from the strategic plans Pyxis as part of its reporting mechanism provides fully
developed business cases as a way forward for the organisation.
Recent examples include:
Department of Defence – Capability Division. Pyxis analysts provided capability determination on
future communications directions including Cabinet documentation for consideration. Our analyst
undertook extensive market analysis determining best of breed and technology trends. In
determining strategic options, we considered both the capability gap, training, manning and
logistics support.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
A multi-national electronics business - Provided a fully costed Business Case for a new line of
business. This particular industry wanted to expand its professional services base – Pyxis proposed
a fully costed resourcing plan, which included market analysis, and ROI.
Australian Communications and Media Authority, the Department of the Environment and
Heritage, Department of Defence (Capability Division) and more recently IBM for the Department
of Health and Ageing and Australian Customs.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Quantum Transformations Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Robert Peake
Address                        1/26 Christie Street
Suburb                         Wollstonecraft
State                          NSW                Postcode            2065
Telephone                      061299066339       Facsimile
ABN                            34070914608

Company Background
Quantum Transformations has been operating within Australia and Asia through its offices in
Sydney since 1992, and recently through its offices in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
During this time, Quantum Transformations has established a strong and loyal ―blue-chip‖ client
base and reputation for excellence within the Asia Pacific region, which has translated into strong
growth and the decision in 2004 to open Quantum Transformations‘ regional offices in Asia. QT
has operated directly in its regional companies:- o Australia o Korea, and o Singapore. and through
organisations such as:- o META Group o Thoughtweb Inc and o Doll Martin Associates Pty Ltd for
14 years. Quantum Transformations now has assisted over 100 clients in 8 countries. The countries
are:- o Australia o New Zealand o Korea o Singapore o Malaysia o Hong Kong o Philippines o
India & o USA. Our client list now includes many clients that have now undertaken multiple
engagements with QT, which is a testament to their confidence in our capabilities and also in their
satisfaction with our work.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Quantum Transformations‘ Enterprise Architecture-based approach to the developing a Strategic IT
Plan delivers numerous benefits including:- Providing a formal and structured framework for
defining, documenting and communicating the client‘s IT Strategy direction and current IT
infrastructure; Providing proven, repeatable and transferable processes for establishing the
Enterprise Architecture, maintaining the EA over time and for generating and maintaining a
dynamic IT Strategy Planning capability; and Introducing a mechanism for assessing and tracking
the improvement in the client‘s internal IT capability and resources. Strategic IT Planning Process
Specifically, Quantum Transformations propose to leverage the initial Enterprise Architecture to
develop an initial IT Strategy for the client by exercising the process defined by the four cyclic
steps within the Strategic IT Planning Process. The four steps are:- i) Evolve the adaptive
infrastructure: In defining the initial IT Plan this step will focus on identifying and documenting the
current or ―As Is‖ infrastructure (Technology Audit). Effectively, this step will establish a snapshot
of the client‘s current technical infrastructure, information services, staff competences and
capabilities ii) Gap Analysis: Identifies the variance between both the current information services
and technical infrastructure and the desired state, as documented in the Enterprise Architecture. The
gap in required staff competences and capabilities will also be defined. iii) Migration Plan: Defines
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
the series of actions required to close the identified gaps chronologically. Usually defined for both
the short (e.g., 6 months) and long-term timeframes (e.g., 3 years) iv) The IT Strategy Plan
Singapore Whole of Government: Strategic IT MasterPlan to attain a Knowledge Economy
Quantum Transformations through Meta Group Asia Pacific was engaged by the Singapore
Government to develop a whole of Government IT Master Plan. This plan would be the foundation
for providing guidance to the Singapore Government in its evolution towards a knowledge based
The approach to developing the IT Master Plan was based on the development of a set of
architectures to provide the technology design rules for implementation. The IT Master Plan
implements the business strategy and the set of architectures directs the design of the
implementation. QT included the design of a service wide architecture to ensure that the currency
and relevance of the IT Master Plan was maintained.
The successful design of these architectures supported by the definition of the necessary governance
and control processes, resulted in 19 major initiatives to evolve the Singapore knowledge based
economy and these were announced by the Deputy Prime Minister in July 2000.
DRB-HICOM is the 4th largest Malaysian Conglomerate, comprising 85 companies across 10
Industries. QT, through META Group was requested to establish a Strategic IT Plan for the Group
and underpin it with an Enterprise Architecture so that the plan could be continually maintained to
reflect the aggregate and specific needs of the various businesses. After a very successful project to
achieve the Strategic IT Plan and the Enterprise Architecture, DRB-HICOM extended the project
and requested QT to assist with the implementation of certain aspects of the plan that pertained to
internal roles, responsibilities, processes and management structures.
Further information is available at

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Reload Consulting (AUST) Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Reload Consulting
Contact                        Mr Craig Somerville
Address                        4/33 Woodstock Road
Suburb                         Toowong
State                          Queensland        Postcode             4066
Telephone                      00733711055       Facsimile            0733711099
ABN                            15144746412

Company Background
Reload Consulting (AUST) Pty Ltd is an experienced strategic business planning, digital strategy
and process management consulting firm located in Brisbane. We service clients throughout
Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and offer a wide range of business,
communication and information management solutions, across a variety of industries. Our unique
consulting model enables us to have the ability to tailor our consulting services to achieve the scope
and intention of the project. Reload Consulting takes a holistic approach in its consulting, providing
a range of solutions including strategic planning and management, process evaluation and re-
engineering, change management and project management. We have a range of unique capabilities
within these areas and have commitment to providing high quality service delivery. Reload
Consulting‘s staff have extensive experience in developing, formulating and implementing
organisational strategies for federal and state government departments and large organisations alike.
Our consultant‘s commitment to delivering innovative, practical and measurable solutions results in
outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Reload Consulting has a range of industry qualifications, including: - ISO 9001:2008 Quality
Assured Company and operate under a quality framework; - Queensland Government Quality
Assured Supplier; - GITC (Government Information Technology Certified) Version 5; - Part of the
Queensland Government‘s list of preferred suppliers to the ‗Jobs Assist‘ program; and - Part of the
LGAQ‘s (Local Government Association of Queensland) list of preferred consulting suppliers.

Strategic Planning
Reload Consulting works closely with its clients to integrate a strategic planning process to enhance
the functionality and efficiency of their operations and strategy. This process involves the
evaluation of internal and external environmental factors including market metrics and
measurements, operations evaluations, innovation, value development and process efficiencies to
identify strengths and opportunities for the client, as the basis of the development of strategies.
Recent examples include: Reload Consulting was engaged to undertake a complete web strategy
evaluation and redevelopment project for the Queensland University of Technology, Faculty of
Business. Based on comprehensive research and a capability analysis, a range of strategies were
developed, resulting in an enhancement of website based operations. Reload Consulting was
engaged by Energex to strategically evaluate and plan the redevelopment of their Website and
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
Intranet. This involved a review of current systems and the development of strategies for the
enhancement of functionality and usability of the systems, in accordance with specifications and
timelines. Reload Consulting was able to successfully develop a range of strategies resulting in
project being completed in line with all specifications and within the desired timeframe.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Revolution IT
Trading Name                   Revolution IT
Contact                        Mr Jamie Duffield
Address                        Level 7, 170 Queen St
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          VIC               Postcode            3000
Telephone                      00396002566       Facsimile           0396002533
ABN                            32107913342

Company Background
Revolution IT is the leading Quality Assurance and Testing, management consulting firm in
Australia. We help our clients deliver IT projects and have core offerings across Project
Management, Requirements Management and Application Testing. We have over 250 staff and
offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Singapore. Our offering includes
delivery consulting, methodologies, tool solutions and training and have worked with over 100
public sector and private sector organisations across Australia. We have various engagements
models ranging from providing experienced consultants onsite through to offsite and offshore
solutions. We have been the leading HP Software Platinum Partner for 4 years running and are a
reseller, 1st line technical support, training and services partner. We are also partners with IBM
Rational, Oracle, Agile Academy and SAP and have chosen these strategic partnerships to underpin
our solutions.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Revolution IT has the following accreditation's; - HP Software Platinum Partner (reseller, certified
training, 1st line support, services) - IBM Rational Partner (reseller, services) - SAP Partner
(Services) - ORACLE Partner (Services) - AtTask Partner (reseller, services) - Agile Academy
Training partner - ISTQB Certified Trainer (Testing and Business Analysis courses) - Australian
Computer Society Company Member

Strategic Planning
Revolution IT has extensive experience in providing Strategic Planning and advice to over 100
public sector and private sector organisations across Australia. The engagements have included the
following areas; - Review, analysis and implementation of organisational frameworks (Project
Management Office, Requirements Management, Test Management Office) - Project analysis and
recommendations - Developing strategies and plans to deliver programs and projects - Advice on
accelerating and optimising project delivery - Developing and implementing methodologies,
templates and processes Case Study 1 Project Name: Strengthening Project Governance The
Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) engaged
Revolution IT to review their Project Management Framework (PMF) and provide
recommendations and a strategy on how to make their project governance structure more efficient
and effective. The scope of the project included a review of the PMF to ensure that it aligned with
industry standards in the areas of documentation and processes as well as digitise as many elements
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
as possible which resulted in us implementing Project Management software to align with the
framework. Revolution IT provided guidance and insight into best practices for Project, Program
and Portfolio Management activities based on our extensive client experience including CenITex,
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Goldman Sachs JBWere. Case Study 2 Project Name: Review and
Implementation of Testing Framework/Methodology Tru Energy engaged Revolution IT to review
their testing capability and to provide strategic advice and recommendations. We uncovered areas
for improvements which resulted in us implementing a new testing methodology including
templates, processes, tools and user training.

                                                                    Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                     Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             RPV Consultants Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  RPV Consultants
Contact                       Mr Greg Corliss
Address                       4/1 Gordon Street
Suburb                        Canberra City
State                         ACT               Postcode            2602
Telephone                     0261613346        Facsimile           261611191
ABN                           97117432354

Company Background
RPV Consultants is a specialist consulting company focusing on providing expert advice in ICT
Architecture, Commercial and Financial Management (inc tendering), Program and Project
Management and IT Service delivery . We believe in delivering results for our clients by providing
high quality people at rates to provide value for money.
Our goal is to be recognised as the leading practice for Australia‘s Federal Government Agencies in
the provision of trusted advice in the delivery of ICT services. To achieve this, RPV employs
senior people in our areas of speciality. In addition to having significant practice experience, RPV
staff are accredited in their areas of speciality and maintain relevant industry accreditations
including ITIL Masters, Chartered Accountants, MBA, Prince Certification etc...
Despite commencing in 2006, RPV has already established a strong track record of delivering high
value services to organisations including CSIRO, Department of Defence, Service Point,
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship
RPV believe in using a multidisciplinary approach to the provision of services. The skills
encompassed within the firm represent the ICT lifecycle from development of the business case,
through requirements development and definition, planning, project management transition and
ongoing services management.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
RPV‘s Consultants have developed a number of ICT strategies that have spanned across a number
of application and infrastructure platforms including telecommunications and varied in value from
100‘s thousands through to 100‘s millions over the life of the plan. These strategies have ranged
from a Department wide ICT strategy, to providing strategies for the implementation of specific
ICT enabling capabilities through a program of works as well as strategies on services delivery,
provision of data centre, resourcing, tendering etc.
We use a multidisciplinary team of experts in fields such as architecture and systems development,
transition management, commercial management including tendering, service delivery (ITIL and

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
ITSM) and benefits realisation to ensure the strategies developed can be executed and will deliver
the required outcome to the organisation.
Examples include:
1.     Identity Management and Messaging. RPV has worked with the Department of Defence to
develop an overarching strategy for the provision of identity management and formal messaging
systems including technology roadmaps.
2.     RPV was engaged to work with DIAC to develop their ICT strategic plan incorporating such
elements as the technology platforms, major initiatives, and service delivery models. In addition,
RPV is assisting with a number of more detailed plans such as the financial management plan and
data centre strategy.
3.     RPV was engaged to develop the service delivery strategy at CSIRO after the delivery of
ICT was centralised under CSIRO OneIT Plan. This strategy included the development of service
delivery framework, a program of service improvements and tendering strategies.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              S2O Group
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Scott Deacon
Address                        35 Canberra Ave
Suburb                         Forrest
State                          ACT               Postcode             2603
Telephone                      00408070625       Facsimile            0262395774
ABN                            32827407959

Company Background
S2O Group is a specialist consulting group that enables organisations to develop and implement
strategic change, undertake transformational activities and resolve tough operational problems. As
an amalgamation of several successful consulting practices, S2O Group brings together a depth of
large enterprise experience drawn from global Industry and Australian Government. Our key
priority is to deliver tangible, realistic and organisational enabling outcomes for customers. People
in our company come from a heritage of real world management experience and getting the job
done – properly. We offer significant flexibility and value in our approach. S2O Group has
extensive experience engaging across Government, Defence, National Security and Law
Enforcement, as well as Mining, Finance, Human Services, Manufacturing and the Education
sectors. The differentiator for S2O Group versus other consulting companies is our ability to
provide realistic and authoritative advice built on years of experience in the planning, delivery and
operation of ICT capability and its associated workforce.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
S2O Group strategist‘s accreditations include CISSP, TOGAF, ITIL, COBIT, P3O, Prince2,
PMBOK, MCSE/ITP and AFP Management of Serious Crime.

Strategic Planning
The S2O Group strategy planning services are closely aligned with the Strategic Planning
consultancy service as defined by AGIMO. S2O Group engages proactively with ICT senior
leadership and key portfolio owners. Our strategists assist ICT organisations in strengthening their
planning and delivery capabilities by demonstrating thought leadership that is proven and output
focused. S2O Group strives to strengthen relationships across Government and industry
communities by providing a capability planning service to enhance organisational strategies. Our
Offerings and Expertise include: - Strategic Planning – Provides organisations expert advisory
services to optimise capability and delivery strategies and reduce project and portfolio risk. -
Capability Road Map - Provides mapping of current and future organisational needs to realistic and
attainable capabilities through a practical approach. - Capability Alignment - Enables organisations
to leverage existing capability investments with a strategic change plan designed to reduce gaps and
deliver improvements. Recent initiatives: - Strategic planning for the upgrade and deployment of a
globally distributed unified communications system for an Australian Government National
Security organisation. - Strategic planning for the implementation of mobile and deployed systems
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
to optimally support the business objectives of a large Commonwealth agency, including focusing
on the re-use of existing capability, alignment with the organisations ICT strategy and overall value
for money approach. - Strategic Planning and delivery management of a multi-year Infrastructure
Improvement Program for a 30,000 client Group of 8 University. S2O Group Strategic Planning
extends to include Transformational and Operational Assurance consultancy.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact                        Ms Nola Hennessy
Address                        PO Box 4353
Suburb                         Kingston
State                          ACT               Postcode             2604
Telephone                      00418217977       Facsimile            0262276345
ABN                            75140517255

Company Background
Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd (SCPL) is a Small to Medium Enterprise, Australian company,
formed in January 2010 to provide a unique and focused international consultancy service in
excellence, great leadership and positive personal power. SCPL‘s strength and capability is founded
in having a team that leads by example, remains committed to 100% client satisfaction and
consistently delivers services and products in a timely, cost-effective, efficient and professional
manner. SCPL‘s Managing Director holds a Secret clearance valid until 2015 and has previously
held a Top Secret (NV) clearance. Our other consultants‘ clearances include undisclosable high-
level international clearances, Top Secret (NV), Secret and Confidential. Our most senior
consultants have also previously held Cabinet-in-Confidence clearances. SCPL consultants are
formally trained and/or possess years of experience in several ICT project methodologies e.g.
PRINCE2, MS Project, PMBOK. Their skills encompass all the major ICT practitioner disciplines -
language programming, database programming, systems analysis, systems engineering, applications
development, management information system design and development, networking (LAN and
WAN), data analysis, business analysis, project management, program management and
directorship, ICT training and education, configuration design and assurance, and strategic analysis
and governance.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The risk and quality management systems adopted by SCPL are in keeping with AS/NZS ISO
31000:2009 and AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 respectively. SCPL is underway in gaining full
certification under AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Strategic Planning
Two core services provided by SCPL are (i) strategic visioning, planning and documentation and
(ii) facilitation. SCPL assists, guides and supports its clients to determine exactly what they want;
facilitate information gathering and sharing; conduct thorough risk evaluations; articulate their
vision in organisational documents that drive action, manage change, monitor progress and inspire
continual improvement; and maintain focused on the bigger picture (the strategic outcome/s) they
seek at all times. SCPL consultants have recently completed the following relevant client activities
(Defence) - 2010: devised the strategy and plan for embedding a consistent management system at
all Defence Bases. Being a major business process and change program, involving ICT-enabled risk
management and auditing, strategic level documents included a comprehensive product
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
development plan, program risk management plan, budget and tender documentation, and a plan for
product approval, implementation and ongoing support. 2008: researched and developed a strategy
and implementation plan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Defence Support (DS)
workforce efforts and initiate its journey to Organisational Excellence. The strategy focused DS on
ensuring its workforce was suitably outcome-driven, proposing the use of an ICT-based system to
track workforce time against specific projects and activities, enabling a re-focus on core business. A
review of several external organisations was undertaken, including Commonwealth, to understand
and identify what (if any) ICT solution-based measures they had implemented to deliver
outstanding financial and workforce management. A further strategy was written to enable DS to
influence change back into Defence.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name                Smartnet Pty Ltd
Trading Name                     Smartnet
Contact                          Ms Suzanne Roche
Address                          4/18 Captain Cook Cres
Suburb                           Manuka
State                            ACT              Postcode            2600
Telephone                        0408232862       Facsimile           262956903
ABN                              40121011407

Company Background
Smartnet is a specialist solution and business process improvement advisor. We offer expertise in
the development of end to end business technology solutions, including
- provision of strategy, policy and business case advice
- analysis of business process and business re-engineering options
- consideration of stakeholder and potential third party issues
- establishment and review of supporting governance structures
- infrastructure and content options
- execution advice and support
- evaluation and review of program and project effectiveness.
The principals of Smartnet have extensive experience in the design and delivery of e-government
services, including a deep understanding of best practice solutions in Europe, Asia and North
Smartnet works with clients to optimise business outcomes using a combination of proven, modern
technologies and business process re-engineering. We assist clients through the project execution,
transition and benefits realisation process.
Smartnet‘s clients and reference projects include government, healthcare, identity, homeland
security (customs and law enforcement), airline operations, transit, finance and logistics. We have
extensive experience in areas including privacy, online service delivery, PKI security, registration
management, contact/less smart cards, and RFID technologies and standards.
We are very familiar with the operations of Government and have excellent credentials with privacy
and consumer advocacy groups.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Member of NSW Government Expert Panel for Performance Reviews and Management

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
(Deignated as specialists in program reviews; strategy, planning and risk analysis of infrastructure
and major projects; service delivery improvement and organisational capability review(including
business process improvement); and policy, economic and buisness case analysis and developmentt.

Strategic Planning
Smartnet‘s Strategic Planning methodology is based on:
- working with clients to identify and define the optimal business capability for their organisation;
- external/environmental validation of business drivers/imperatives;
- identification of specific business objectives related to the organisation‘s future business state;
- analysis of ICT capability/options required to support and deliver the future business state;
- gap analysis of current vs required ICT capabilities;
- identification of key ICT initiatives required to build the capability required by the organisation.
Our analysis includes identification of ICT priorities, financial implications, risks, and transition
plans/roadmaps. We also provide technology governance advice to ensure successful buy-in and
adoption among relevant stakeholders and internally.
We have applied this methodology successfully in a number of areas, including in the development
of a Business ICT Strategic Plan for Centrelink, which provides a comprehensive analysis of IT
capability requirements and the programs of work necessary to build capability over the next 5 to 10
years. Smartnet has also provided strategic planning and management advice to a number of private
and international companies, including Australia Post, international firms such as SAP, Sagem and
NTT (headquartered in Germany, France and Japan, respectively), and other Commonwealth and
State agencies, including the Victorian Department of Human Services.
In each case Smartnet has assisted its clients to identify and analyse environmental and stakeholder
parameters, and then develop and implement strategies that align and develop required
organisational and ICT capabilities; with the objective of increasing performance, reducing cost and
(where relevant) expanding market share.

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              SMS Consulting Group Limited
Trading Name                   SMS Management and Technology
Contact                        Mr John Kennedy
Address                        Ground Floor, 8 Brindabella Circuit
Suburb                         Canberra Airport
State                          ACT                Postcode             2609
Telephone                      0262797100         Facsimile            262797101
ABN                            17006515028

Company Background
SMS Management & Technology (SMS) [ASX:SMX] is Australia's largest publicly listed
consulting, technology services and enterprise solutions company. SMS has revenues in excess of
$247 million and around 30% of this revenue dervies from our services in the government sector.
SMS employs over 1,400 professionals through offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane,
Mackay, Adelaide, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
Established in 1986, SMS helps its clients improve their business performance through the
implementation of strategy and the delivery of business and technology projects. Industry expertise
spans the government, defence, health, financial services, ICT, utilities, mining, gaming and
infrastructure sectors. In the Governement sector, we specialise in assisting agencies to implement
new initiatives and new policy.
SMS delivery is organised along practice lines – Business Process Improvement, Opertaional
Learning and Change; Program& Project Services, Application Development, Information and Data
Management, Systems Integration and Customer Realtionship Management. The practices all have
Prinicpal Consultants and are supported by delivery management which ensures delivery quality is
actively managed.
What makes us different?
SMS Management & Technology differentiaties by:
•       Providing services that focus on Strategy Implementation and Project Delivery
•       Providing targeted, end-to-end management and technology services
•       Offering ‗Delivery Excellence‘ and services designed to improve business performance
•       Being a clear alternative to multinational firms
•       Continuing to leverage our resources, intellectual capital, infrastruture and financial
strengths as compared to smaller firms
•       Maintaining vendor independence, while supporting a client‘s technology preferences
•       Working collaboratively with our clients to deliver outcomes and practical results
•      Employing experienced and multi-disciplined professionals working within a culture which
focuses on client success

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
•      Specialising in Policy Implementaton Partnering

Company Accreditation (Optional)
SMS's Quality Management System is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 standards. SMS is one
of only 15 companies in Australia accredited as a registered Project Management Organisation by
the AIPM.. All SMS consultants have access to leading research institutions including Gartner and
Harvard Business Review:
In addition, the majority of SMS consultants hold formal qualifications in industry-shared
methodologies, tools & techniques including Registered Project Manager /Master Project Director
(Australian Institute of Project Management);/ PRINCE2/ P3M3/ MSP; Project Management
Professional certification through the Project Management Institute; Information and
Communication Technology management and service delivery (Information Technology
Infrastructure Library certified).

Strategic Planning
SMS has an experienced ICT strategic planning capability that encompasses effectiveness reviews
of existing IT infrastructure, provision of ICT strategic planning guidance, ICT strategic plan
development, and reviews of existing ICT strategic plans including assessment of ICT/business
strategic alignment.
SMS has a demonstable history in connecting business needs with IT actions. SMS approaches ICT
strategic planning engagements with a six stage process that encompasses establishing the business
context for the plan, analysis and identification of strategic drivers, establishment and confirmation
of planning principles, strategy formulation, plan development, finalisation and presentation. This
process is supported by a repository of tools and supporting collateral that our consultants can use
quickly and effectively to deliver outcomes based on best practice.
SMS has over 40 consultants who have experience in ICT strategic planning and leverages
recognised strategic tools, e.g. Mintzberg (Configuration), porter (5 Forces), Leavitt (MITS90).
SMS has successfully completed more than 30 ICT strategic planning engagements for large
government organisations in the last five years. These include the development of:
* CASA ICT Staregic plan 2010-2015
* IT strategic roadmap and architecture for AirServices Australia
* 5 year IT strategic plan aligned with strategic business requirements for Australian
Communication and Media Authority

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Solisma Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Michael Nyhuis
Address                        Level 8, 350 Collins Street
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          VIC               Postcode            3000
Telephone                      01300765436       Facsimile           380801644
ABN                            15108151837

Company Background
Solisma is Australia‘s leading provider of integrated service management solutions based on best
practice standards and frameworks such as ISO/IEC 20000 and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL),
along with other related practices in ICT Governance, Quality, Security and Software Asset
We provide specialist Assessment, Consulting and Education services to organisations looking to
leverage ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 for achieving business service excellence, cost-effectiveness and
improved service quality.
Service Improvement Manager (SIM), our innovative service management assessment tool, is a
software solution that allows organisations to measure the compliance, maturity and capability of
their ITSM processes according to both the ISO/IEC 20000 standard and ITIL. SIM provides
organisations with the capability to undertake an independent consultant-led or internal self-
assessment, along with benchmark scoring comparisons across the industry and the provision of
automatically generated activities that provide guidance on which process areas need to be
improved next. SIM was used by ANSTO who won the 2008 itSMF Australia ―Project of the Year‖
Industry Award.

Solisma also provides onsite education services to organisations across Australia or through public
training courses scheduled through one of our leading service management courseware licencees.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Solisma is an accredited training organisation for the delivery of courses in both ITIL and the
ISO/IEC 20000 standard.
Our consultants also provide comprehensive assessment and education services to organisations
within Australia and overseas for the implementation of the requirements for a quality management
system for standards including:
- ISO 9000 (Quality)
- ISO/IEC 20000 (Service Management) - replaces AS 8018
- ISO/IEC 38500 (ICT Governance) - replaces AS 8015

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
- ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management)
- ISO/IEC 19770 (Software Asset Management)
- ISO/IEC 15504 (Process Assessments)
Where relevant, our consulting experts also map the requirements of several other methods and
frameworks including ITIL, COBIT, CMMI and Six Sigma for a comprehensive and integrated
process-based approach.

Strategic Planning
Through an integrated approach to ICT strategy and planning, Solisma assists organisations with
integration between the Business and IT organisation through the alignment of strategies and plans
according to leading standards and frameworks. In addition to our core competencies in ITIL and
ISO/IEC 20000, we also leverage and overlap the requirements and recommendations from ICT
Governance (ISO/IEC 38500), Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001), Software Asset Management
(ISO/IEC 19770) and other related standards.
In the majority of cases, such planning usually coincides with assessments performed by our
consulting experts to understand the current practices in place and the existing standards, methods
and frameworks leveraged across the organisation. We then work with business and IT managers to
plan the specific requirements for ICT and to develop the portfolio and processes to ensure effective
alignment and integration between the Business and IT strategies and plans.
A comprehensive Service Improvement Plan was developed for the ANZ Banking group in
conjunction with its broader "One Technology" initiative to outline a detailed roadmap for specific
improvements to individual process areas, the overall service quality management system and the
consolidation of multiple Service Desks into one group. The final outcome of this project was the
delivery of a comprehensive ITSM Service Improvement Plan that is currently being implemented
successfully at ANZ by its own more fully prepared and equipped Service Management team.
Solisma was able to provide CSC Australia with a comprehensive report of their current levels of
maturity compliance and compliance to the ISO/IEC 20000 standard as well as a number of
strategic recommendations to meet the requirements of their customers in a more strategic,
beneficial and cost-effective way. The operating model recommendations from Solisma were of
such high value that these have subsequently been picked up by senior executives in the USA for
further adoption at a global level.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Strategem Management Consultants Pty
Trading Name                  Strategem Management Consultants
Contact                       Mr Leigh Edwards
Address                       Level 6, 356 Collins Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         Victoria          Postcode           3000
Telephone                     0409862058        Facsimile          398886968
ABN                           54964256036

Company Background
Headquartered in Melbourne and with staff across Melbourne and Canberra, Strategem
Management Consultants (Strategem) is an Australian management and technology consulting
services company providing hands-on service and advice to Australian businesses and Government.
Combining experience and comprehensive capabilities across a broad range of industries and
business functions, our consultants collaborate with clients to define, develop and implement
projects which improve performance and reduce costs.
Strategem offers a wide range of management consulting and program/project management services
with expertise across most aspects of management and technology consulting, business service
delivery and operations. Our consulting advice is pragmatic and focussed on implementation of
outcomes. We aim to form long-term, strategic partnerships with our clients offering continuous
improvement and ongoing value. We provide objective and fact-based advice and have no
affiliations with ICT product and service providers.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Strategem partners and consultants have memberships to the following professional organizations:
- Project Management Institute
- Australian Institute of Management
- Australian Computer Society
- Society of Certified Practicing Accountants

Strategem consultants are conversant with the methodologies and typically have accreditations
associated with the following organisations:
- Office of Government Commerce (UK) – Project Management Method, PRINCE2
- Project Management Institute – The Standard for Program Management
- Project Management Institute – PMBoK Guide
- AS8015 – Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology
                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
- OCG Information Technology Infrastructure Library – ITIL
- Information Systems Audit and Control Association – CobiT
- Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard

Strategem is also an accredited member of the Victorian Whole of Goverment eServices Panel.
Consultants typically hold post-graduate qualifications in Business, Management or Information

Strategic Planning
Strategem has developed a methodology for technology strategic planning incorporating Strategy
mapping and Balanced Scorecard. This methodology has been used successfully in a number of
strategic planning engagements including Victorian Government agencies and Chief Technology
Office. More recently Strategem has conducted ICT strategies for Scope and the Victorian
Department of Sustainability and Environment.
Assignment example – City of Kingston Council
This engagement was undertaken with tight time constraints imposed. The assignment benefited
from the process method and templates provided by Strategem as part of the brief. Client interviews
were conducted with various stakeholders and technical workshops conducted to short list and
select viable options to support future business directions and service offerings. These scenarios
were further refined based on an independent review based on organization maturity, cost, and
service provider capabilities. A comprehensive IT strategy was subsequently presented to the Board
and all recommendations were adopted by management.
Other assignments include Land Victoria, and State Revenue Office. Strategm has also facilitated
business strategy, Group business planning, and benefits realization assignments for the Victorian
Chief Technology Office.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Stratica International Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   Stratica
Contact                        Mr John Rundell
Address                        Level 2, Professional Chambers, 120 Collins St,
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          VIC               Postcode            3000
Telephone                      0396605700        Facsimile           396636609
ABN                            73095136208

Company Background
Stratica was established in November 2001 and is a specialist consulting firm that is primarily
focused on the provision of independent quality strategic sourcing, risk, governance, and
information security advice.
The key services offered by Stratica include: IT Strategy, Information security, IT performance
management, outsourcing advice, risk assessments, project reviews, governance, contract
renegotiation advice, market price ; service level assessments, and business continuity.
Stratica has a scalable team of 15 + fulltime equivalent (FTE) senior staff who have worked
together for a number of years on major projects ($250,000+ engagements) and smaller projects,
and who have been required to handle multiple projects and of varying complexity.
Stratica undertakes major projects for leading Australian Public Companies (such as Orica, Blue
Scope Steel and Worley Parsons) and for various State Government departments (such as Victoria‘s
DTF/DPC, DOI, and Essential Services Commission)

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Stratica‘s business processes are ISO9001 accredited.

Strategic Planning
Stratica works closely with clients to develop IT strategies that can improve services and deliver a
positive return on investment. This ensures that IT strategy is aligned to business strategy and
delivers greater value at lower cost. As the scope and depth of IT strategy advice varies greatly from
one client to another, our services are tailored to meet your unique business and IT circumstances.
The main areas of IT strategy advice offered by Stratica include but are not limited to - Return on
investment analysis, sourcing strategies such as shared service and outsourced IT environments, and
offshoring of applications development and maintenance, Re-aligning IT to the business to meet
corporate strategic direction, IT rationalisation- achieving common standards, shared IT
environments, and IT strategy reviews.
Recent projects include:

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
IT Strategy Development for Zoos Victoria- Conducted a strategic review of Zoos Victoria IT
Department and IT service delivery to the Zoos Victoria user base and assisted Zoos Victoria
management to develop an appropriate and business aligned IT strategy.
WorleyParsons - Advised WorleyParsons on IT strategy and the strategic ICT sourcing options in
relation to the services provided by Perot Systems following a major global acquisition.
BHP Billiton- Assisted BHP Billiton‘s Iron Ore and Stainless Steel Manufacturing customer service
groups (CSG) to identify and assess the sourcing options and recommended the preferred option for
the two CSGs' IT.

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              STRATSEC.NET PTY LTD
Trading Name         
Contact                        Mr Sean Wood
Address                        Unit 1, 50 Geils Court
Suburb                         Deakin
State                          ACT                Postcode           2600
Telephone                      00262608878        Facsimile          0262608828
ABN                            14111187270

Company Background
Established in 2003, stratsec is one of Australia‘s leading independent providers of information risk
management services; at the forefront of the information security sector in Australia and the SE-
Asian region. Our merger with SIFT in early 2009 further broadened our capability and capacity in
the technical sphere of ICT security. We now operate with an employee base of around 50 staff.
Our highly skilled and qualified consultants have extensive experience in the successful delivery of
large-scale information security, identity and continuity management programs across both public
and private sectors. Based in Canberra with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore and a
presence in Perth and Malaysia, our charter is to elevate security and information security
management in government and business through a unique, strategic approach: driving business-led
solutions enabled by technology. This innovative approach enables our clients to integrate their
security programs with their business objectives and operating environments. stratsec delivers
services to state government agencies, almost all federal government agencies, along with overseas
clients Microsoft, SAIC, SanDisk and the Malaysian Government. stratsec has also worked with
several financial institutions and commercial clients, alongside its government and international

Company Accreditation (Optional)
stratsec consultants have demonstrated their high level expertise and skills for clients on several
ICT security engagements; providing the required services in accordance with professional and
industry standards as follows. We have the current certifications/accreditations and can be provided
upon request: • Canberra office is approved as a Defence RESTRICTED operating facility •
Canberra office operates an ISO 9001 Quality Management system through SAI Global; all other
stratsec offices to shortly undertake accreditation requirements • Our Canberra office is ISOIEC
17025 accredited • Canberra has a DSD-approved and licensed Australasian Information Security
Evaluation Facility (AISEF) to conduct Common Criteria IT security evaluations. • We are close to
being approved (under our NATA ISO 17025 status) as a Digital Forensics facility (also in
Canberra) – expected in Nov/Dec 2009. • We have submitted our PCI-DSS application (expected
Nov 2009) • We have also submitted an application to be approved as a FIPS140 testing laboratory
(testing and site visit expected in Nov 2009). At stratsec we also have a very well qualified and
accredited team of over 40 consultants who possess a wide range of tertiary and industry
qualifications, and maintain a range of formal security and technical qualifications.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
stratsec has been involved in several large strategic planning projects with major Australian
government agencies. stratsec has always approached these projects in a methodical manner;
ensuring engagement with all relevant stakeholders through a variety of contact techniques,
reporting regularly through a project team lead by a senior consultant. The core business of stratsec
is to provide documented business led ICT solutions which meet Australian and international
standards. Combined with our experience is a heightened awareness of security and related
information security management issues; particularly in the global context. This enables our
consultants to devise and deliver the most current and effective security, identity and continuity
management strategies and solutions; closely aligned with the business objectives and risk profiles
of our clients. Our expertise lies in the specification, evaluation and deployment of security, identity
and information management technologies. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience
and our ability to independently assess their business requirements and recommend suitable
solutions. Recent engagements include the Defence Information Infrastructure Security
Improvement (DIISI) Project to consolidate, under the authority of the CIO, the existing policies,
plans, procedures and processes to enhance the management of IT security within the DIE. stratsec
was also engaged recently by the Department of Finance and Deregulation to assist with the
development of a whole of government e-Services capability, planning strategically with many of
the government agencies to achieve a whole of government approach to future ICT services

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  SYPAQ
Contact                       Mr David Vicino
Address                       Level 5, 441 St Kilda Road
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         VIC               Postcode            3000
Telephone                     00407 150 397     Facsimile           03 9867 8900
ABN                           90058352122

Company Background
Since 1992, SYPAQ (ABN 90058352122) has been providing advanced consulting and training
services in proposal support, strategic planning, project management, business analysis, systems
engineering, systems development & test, systems support strategies, reliability
engineering and quality assurance with a focus on effective value-added solutions across a broad
range of service applications and technologies in the Defence Aerospace, Information Technology,
and Telecommunications industries.
SYPAQ has been successfully operating for over 13 years using proven and scalable processes and
methodologies and has an established track record in managing the delivery of complex business-
driven projects on time, within budget and above expectations.
SYPAQ is vendor and supplier independent and works to ensure the most cost effective and
efficient solutions without conflict of interest.
SYPAQ is currently a member of the following supplier standing offer panels:
•       DMO Support Services (DMOSS) Standing Offer Panel as a Major Service Provider (MSP);
•       RPDE;
•       Victorian Whole of Government E-Services Panel;
•       Victoria Police Project Management Support Services;
•       West Australian Whole of Government SPIRIT IT Services Panel;
•       Customs - Provision Of Consultancy And Business Services Standing Offer Panel; and
•       CrimTrac ICT Contract Personnel Services Provider Panel.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
SYPAQ has negotiated and executed formal strategic agreements with Institute of Engineers
Australia (IEA) and Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). This is part of the SYPAQ
Professionalisation strategy which will reinvigorate and align our workforce development to that of
our major client (Defence).
This will result in improved organisational effectiveness via formal Professional Development
Programs (PDPs) with IEA and AIPM, leading to CPENG and RegPM accreditations respectively.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
SYPAQ has a Quality Management System certified by Lloyd‘s Register as compliant under
SYPAQ is also proud to be an active national corporate member of the following industry
•      Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA);
•      Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN);
•      Canberra Business Council;
•      Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM – Strategic Partner);
•      Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme;
•      Engineers Australia; and
•      Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA).

Strategic Planning
Refers to the development and implementation of the planning process and documentation,
examining how ICT should be used to achieve and support the organisation‘s overall business
strategy and objectives.
SYPAQ has extensive experience in the strategic planning space, particularly in supporting
Government agencies in acquiring ICT capabilities to support overall organisational goals.
SYPAQ‘s understanding of the linkages between ICT capability and business outcomes has been
key to continued success in this area.
Sensis engaged SYPAQ to provide strategic guidance on the Technology Horizon E-commerce
Project. This undertaking involved the architectural development for the Sensis Technology
Horizon E-commerce project. SYPAQ determined the strategic technology blueprint, and
performed over the horizon trends and analysis, to address the business functions identified as
required in response to the client‘s strategic business directions. Content Management formed a
key component of its strategic technology blueprint.
This undertaking also included analysis and preparation of detailed Business Requirements
Specifications, identification, and assessment of implementation options, preparation of feasibility
assessment including development of cost estimates and Return On Investment assessment as major
input to the Business Case.
SYPAQ has also completed a comprehensive study of the Air Services Australia communications
network infrastructure requirements for 2000 and beyond. The recommendations of this study are
being considered and their adoption will ensure that Australia‘s Air Traffic Management system
will meet the foreseeable demand well into the 21st century.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Tanner James Management Consultants
                              Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Daniel Oyston
Address                       Level 4, Law Society Building, 11 London Circuit
Suburb                        Canberra City
State                         ACT               Postcode            2601
Telephone                     01800774623       Facsimile           261620462
ABN                           91063977284

Company Background
Tanner James is a national company with a head office based in Canberra. Since 1994 we have
provided programme and project management training and consulting services to a wide diversity
of public and private sector clients. We specialise in non-proprietary programme and project
management methods in use by the project management community, including MSP, PMBOK and
PRINCE2. In fact, Tanner James introduced both the MSP and PRINCE2 methods to the Australian
market. Over the last 12 months, Tanner James has delivered over 800 Face-to-Face training
courses with a value in excess of $2m. These figures include in-house courses to over 60 different
public and private sector organisations, with the remainder being delegates at our regular public
training sessions. In Canberra, we understand the needs of Federal Government Departments and
the challenges they face bringing Government initiatives and parliamentary legislation to fruition.
Our Federal Government client list includes; Department of the Treasury, Attorney-General‘s
Department, ComSuper, CrimTrac, Australian Customs Service, Department of Defence,
Department of Education Science and Training, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,
Department of Family and Community Services, Australian Taxation Office, Murray Darling Basin
Commission, Department of the Environment and Water Resources, and Child Support Agency

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Tanner James is a training organisation and management consultancy. We are accredited as an MSP
Accredited Consulting Organisation (Office of Government Commerce - APMG/MSP/ATO,
Registration Number MSP/ATO/038) and a PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation &
Accredited Consulting Organisation (Office of Government Commerce - APMG/P2/ATO,
Registration Number P2/ATO/001) Tanner James is a Registered Training Provider (RTO -
Registration Number 88098) through the Australian Quality Training Framework. We have a full
understanding of the processes involved in conducting training and assessment leading to the issue
of nationally and internationally recognised qualifications. Tanner James‘ evaluation strategy for
existing education and training services are based on the competency-based framework of the
Australian Quality Training Framework. All Tanner James training providers are Certificate IV
Assessor and Workplace Trainer qualified (BSZ40198/TAA40104). Tanner James is an Australian
Government Endorsed Supplier (Tanner James Certificate Number 1521, Issued on 25 May 2000 by
the department of Finance and Administration, Last renewed 27 September 2004) As an
international ATO and ACO Tanner James have additional requirements placed upon relating to a
                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Quality Management System which exceeds AQTF standards. Tanner James has a QMS designed
by the Managing Director (John Howarth - who is an expert in ISO9000-based Quality
Management) which complies with ISO9001.

Strategic Planning
Tanner James assists clients to establish strategic change programmes and implement project
disciplines required to enable them to achieve their desired business strategies and objectives. Over
the last 12 years many key Australian organisations have chosen Tanner James to support their
strategic planning initiatives in ICT and to implement or improve their programme and project
management disciplines. Tanner James works alongside clients to understand their problems to be
fixed and objectives to be achieved, and deliver a tailored solution appropriate to the job at hand,
with a key focus on skills transfer to enable client self-sufficiency.
As an Accredited Consulting Organisation of the UK Government‘s Office of Government
Commerce (OGC), Tanner James is well-placed and experienced to provide technical planning
process and documentation support to Commonwealth agencies involved in the development and
implementation of strategies, policy decisions and other arrangements in the ICT field. Through
this connection, Tanner James has access to an array of appropriate tools (e.g., Gateway Reviews,
Managing Successful Programmes, PRINCE2, the Portfolio, Programme & Project Management
Maturity Model (P3M3), and others), as well as in-depth experience in the establishment of Policy
and Governance arrangements that align expenditure decisions with strategic priorities.
Recent and current clients include helping Crimtrac to develop their 2010 Strategic Plan and DEW
Approvals and Wildlife Division implementation of the EPBC Act 1999.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Tekbase Consultancy Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Peter Hodder
Address                       17 Banyule Road
Suburb                        Rosanna
State                         Victoria          Postcode            3084
Telephone                     0412701838        Facsimile           394572189
Website                       Under development
ABN                           92005997035

Company Background
Tekbase Consultancy Pty. Ltd. (Tekbase) is an Australian company that has operated in the IT
industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in Government, providing advice at senior
levels. Its recent clients include Department of Justice (Victoria), Country Fire Authority,
Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria), Land Victoria, Aboriginal Affairs
Victoria and Department of Primary Industries (Victoria). The company provides a specialized
service tailored to meet specific client requirements drawing on the skills and expertise of senior
management consultants, who possess complementary business and technology skills. Management
consultants utilized by the company have experience across all levels of government (Federal, State
and Local Government) and the private sector and a diverse range of business areas utilizing
technology such as Justice, Emergency Management, Land Management, Primary Industries and
Financial Services. All consulting assignments and projects delivered by Tekbase involve a senior
management consultant to ensure successful delivery of services or project outcomes. A broad
range of ICT experience and formal methodologies aligned to key industry standards and
frameworks support all company services. These methodologies are applied to each project and
adapted to suit each client‘s organization and standards.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Tekbase has established many effective ICT strategies for its clients such as Land Victoria where a
fully managed service established a clear strategy and roadmap to implement significant
organizational and technology change and consolidation. The Information Systems Strategy
developed for Aboriginal Affairs Victoria provided clear business direction for major legislative
reform resulting in a successful bid for $4.3million investment. In each of these projects, the
Tekbase team applied a structured approach working as a team with the client, broad engagement
with stakeholders, conducting facilitated workshops, performed formal reviews of all deliverables
and regular progress reporting to client management. This ensured a successful outcome with the
strategy delivered within the proposed timeframes and budget and a strategy that was successfully
implemented and used over a number of years. An ICT Emergency Management Systems Strategy
was prepared for Country Fire Authority that involved engagement with a broad range of
stakeholders across multiple organizations and was successfully presented to the CFA Board
gaining endorsement. A technology strategy was prepared to support numerous government clients
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
for a shared services IT organization. It involved developing enterprise architecture, implementing
governance arrangements across organisations and establishing a technology roadmap. Many
consulting assignments have been conducted where assistance and methodologies have been
employed to undertake ongoing strategy planning activities for organizations such as Department of
Justice and Department of Primary Industries. In each of these assignments substantial process has
been successfully implemented, key staff mentored and commitment gained from a range of
stakeholders across the organisation.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Terra Firma Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Mike Hobson
Address                       Suite 3, 86 Giles Street
Suburb                        Kingston
State                         ACT               Postcode             2604
Telephone                     002 6295 3944     Facsimile            03 6239 4974
ABN                           56072536700

Company Background
Terra Firma provides focused and specialist services, delivering certainty to projects or business
transformation by analysing, documenting and managing all facets of the initiative utilising industry
leading practices and approaches. Our key portfolios are: Business Transformation, Business
Analysis, Project Management; and Learning Development. Terra Firma is headquartered in
Melbourne and has over 160 personnel employed across Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and
We provide our services across multiple industries. During our 12 years of operation Terra Firma
has successfully completed in excess of 240 Government engagements, and last year was nominated
as a finalist in the Telstra Vendor Awards.
Our focus is on delivering key business outcomes by using proven techniques and qualified
specialists who are accredited, industry-experienced, and independent. Our approach to providing
professional services is based on routine and detailed review by senior managers responsible for
service delivery.
Specific to the AGIMO, Terra Firma has specialist expertise in business and systems project
implementations, organisational change, business systems development and ICT infrastructure
deployment. Terra Firma‘s Project Management methodologies are closely aligned with PMBOK
and PRINCE2, as well as components from other best practice methodologies, which have been
developed and refined successfully over many years in the Australian marketplace.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Terra Firma is an Endorsed Australian Government Supplier and is a member of various
Government panels.
Many of our consultants carry certification to project management methodologies and standards
such as PRINCE2, and the Australian Institute of Project Management‘s (AIPM) RegPM
qualifications. Our education and training strategies include encouragement for postgraduate
studies in Project Management and accreditation to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
Level 5 Project Management competency level (equivalent to AIPM‘s RegPM program).
We contribute to standards development, examples including: the Earned Value Management
Australian standard (AS4817), development of the Corporate Governance of Information and
Communication Technology standard (AS8015 - in which we have been contributors and
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
reviewers), and leading the development of the Earned Value competency standards for the
AustPMA. Our Business Continuity Plans adopt a rapid engagement approach that is aligned to the
BCM process as endorsed by Australian Standard (HB221).
Terra Firma has a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 9001
standard. Integral to our quality strategy, we have the flexibility to work with existing
methodologies, such as ISO standards, Six Sigma, CMMI, etc., as well as bringing proven methods
and best practices to bear where appropriate for our client.

Strategic Planning
Terra Firma‘s strategy specialists have a deep understanding of the business imperatives that drive
today‘s public sector organisations. All have MBA or other post-graduate qualifications and over
10 years experience in developing strategy and translating these strategies into practical ICT
implementation. We activate the organisation beyond planning into goal setting, action planning,
implementation, and to the ultimate achievement of business outcomes.
The services that Terra Firma offer in strategic planning and implementation cover: Assessment of
business directions, marketplace, competition and opportunities; Facilitation of business modelling
and transition planning; Process review and re-engineering; Goal, objectives and action planning;
Project definition and establishment; and Benefits realisation and outcomes management.
Grey World Wide Strategic Plan - Terra Firma facilitated the strategic plan using the Balanced
Scorecard approach, and worked with the executive leadership team to define and develop the
operational objectives for their departments. The executive team were assisted to develop a set of
operational values, as well as a new performance management system for use at all levels of the
Vision 2020: Strategic plan for Sector 2005-7 - Terra Firma assisted this organisation to take a new
strategic perspective of their role within the sector. We facilitated a workshop at the board level,
supported the senior team to develop strategic goals and objectives, established a framework of
strategic performance metrics and guided the development of the strategic plan.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               The Birchman Group Asia Pacific Pty
Trading Name
Contact                         Mr Peter Mahoney
Address                         Level 8, 256, St Georges Terrace,
Suburb                          Perth
State                           WA                  Postcode           6000
Telephone                       0289232533          Facsimile          289232525
ABN                             15116571361

Company Background
The Birchman Group is an independent, international management consulting company that
combines international experience and capability with local knowledge, relationships, and focus.
We deliver value to our clients through organisation, process, and technology change and have
developed a culture that revolves around: knowledge, integrity, partnership, pragmatism, and focus.
Birchman has been instrumental in delivering consulting services to an impressive global client
Birchman operates in 4 continents – and in Australia has more than 150 consultants based in offices
in Perth and Sydney. We deliver consulting engagements to key clients in the Public Sector
including: Western Australia Police, NSW Police, WorkCover Western Australia, NSW Attorney
General‘s Department, WA Department of Health, and University of New South Wales.
We are a flexible, agile organisation that takes pride in our ability to solve our client‘s problems.
Birchman is renowned as an independent provider of Value Management services that:
Delivers greater alignment of investments with business objectives,
Determines and communicates the overall value of investments,
Increases the value realised from new initiatives,
Effectively implements major transformation programmes,
Quantifies, justifies and optimises spending, and
Reduces costs and optimises expenditure.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Birchman has a team of senior, highly-skilled consultants who assist our clients in considering their
organisation‘s future direction and articulating how further value can be evidenced through change.
Our methodology and processes help our client‘s senior business stakeholders clarify their thinking
around short, medium and long-term challenges and articulate a roadmap to address those
challenges and obtain a successful and cohesive outcome.

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
We are outcome-focused and the plan is always practical and we take care to ensure it meets both
technical and business requirements while engendering a sustainable governance environment that
interfaces to areas such as Finance, Change Management, Development, Audit and Human
Resources. We do this though our team of consultants who have deep experience in industry
Our quality of delivery is kept at the highest level though a number of factors:
Expertise: We employ senior, industry recognised practitioners
Methodology: A proven methodology.
Independence: We are absolutely independent.
Practical outcomes: We focus on pragmatic, achievable and measureable outcomes.
Ethics: We do the right thing, each time and every time.
High-value proposition: Our business model is to provide high-value to our clients.
Recent examples include:
- For the NSW Police Force produced a strategic plan for their DA/DR requirements.
- For NSW Attorney General‘s Department, Birchman produced a Business Case for replacement of
core business systems. This included a strategy for the Department that aligned it with NSW
- For NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Birchman is currently undertaking the development
of a IT Strategy.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  As above
Contact                       Mr Axel Hofmann
Address                       Level 52, 101 Collins Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         VIC                Postcode            3000
Telephone                     0293235600         Facsimile           293235666
ABN                           70007347131

Company Background
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is widely regarded as the global leader in strategy consulting
and has offices in 66 cities around the world, including Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.
Our global ICT Practice has 750 consultants and brings together business insight and ICT to
achieve extraordinary impact. In the past five years, BCG has undertaken over 1,300 ICT projects
for some of the world‘s largest organisations, working with CIOs and CEOs to shape their strategic
agenda. Our ICT Practice has five focus areas: Strategy, Transformation, Sourcing, Organisation
and Performance, each one with various sub-topics. We remain strictly independent of product and
service providers to ensure we provide objective and unbiased advice.
We have worked with many Australian public sector agencies, including the ATO, AusTrade,
Centrelink, Defence, DEEWR, Finance/AGIMO, Health and Aging, DIAC, Medicare, and Railcorp.
Our highly effective stakeholder management skills and experience has resulted in a perfect track
record for delivering public sector projects in difficult stakeholder environments on-time, on-budget
and with high levels of client satisfaction.
We have received three BRW-St George Annual Client‘s Choice Awards – ‗Best Large Consulting
Firm‘ (2006 and 2008) and ‗Most Innovative Consulting Firm‘ (2007) – based on a survey of over
10,000 senior executives.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
BCG does not engage in external accreditation and certification

Strategic Planning
Strategy development and strategic planning is BCG‘s core business and is one focus area within
BCG‘s global ICT Practice. We combine our in-depth knowledge of strategy development for
organisations with a deep understanding of information technologies and how best to deploy them
to maximise their value to the organisation. Our ICT Practice is tightly integrated with our general
consulting practice: we develop strategies that are technology enabled, as well as ICT and sourcing
strategies that improve an organisation‘s core ICT capabilities.
Our strategic approach is fact-based and involves developing a clear understanding of value drivers
and economics. We approach the development of ICT strategies from the perspective of the
organisation‘s overarching objectives to achieve expected outcomes and significant bottom-line
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
impact. This typically incorporates analysing the organisation‘s strategic business plans, identifying
the required ICT capabilities, assessing current state ICT and considering external trends.
Two recent projects include:
1) Development of a comprehensive five-year ICT strategy for a major Australian federal service
delivery agency. Our approach was based on an in-depth understanding of the emerging business
model and its technology requirements, including the need to deliver more adaptable, customer-
centric services through a wider range of delivery channels.
2) Development of a whole-of-government ICT strategy for the Victorian Government. The strategy
was designed to maximise efficiencies across government while delivering the capabilities needed
to support integrated service delivery and whole-of-government policy outcomes.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             The Frame Group Pty Limited
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Robert Jackson
Address                       Unit 9, 25 Buckland Street, PO Box 224
Suburb                        Mitchell
State                         ACT              Postcode            2911
Telephone                     0261226897       Facsimile           261226868
ABN                           48095369403

Company Background
Frame is an Australian company with ISO 9001:2000 quality endorsement that provides technology
services to a wide range of clients including Federal and State Government Departments and major
commercial organisations. We act as a trusted adviser to our customers, using a proven lifecycle
approach that is customised to solving their business issues with technology solutions. Our core
capabilities are business process consulting, unified communications, information solutions and
data centres.
Frame‘s business consulting team can assist your organisation in achieving its short, medium and
long-term goals. Areas of specialisation include: strategic planning; implementation planning;
governance, risk and compliance (GRC); collaborative communications; business process
management (performance improvement and alignment); and sourcing and supplier management.
Frame has a demonstrable record of working closely with our clients. We work on building long-
term relationships with our clients and work hard on understanding their current and on-going
business and technical requirements. Through this understanding we are able to offer them cost-
effective, innovative solutions. We provide our clients with ongoing competitive analysis, pro-
active initiatives, on-going education and knowledge sharing.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Frames memberships, endorsements, partnerships and certifications include the following:
Corporate Partner, Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT Limited
Member Queensland BICSI
Member National Committee of BICSI Australia and New Zealand
Member Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
Member Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
ISACA representative at Standards Australia on the Standards Committee IT-030-01, AS8018, IT
Corporate member Information Technology Service Management Forum (itSMF)

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Member Institute Engineers (IE AUST), previously IREE
ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed Company, QEC 20120
Registered Training Organisation, 2004/08464
Partnerships and certifications:
Cisco Partner
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
FAST X10 Partner
Network Appliance professional services partner
Novel Authorized Partner
IPFX Certified Partner
Computer Associates partner
3Com Gold Partner
Cyclades Certified Partner
Siemon Certified Designer
Authorised Trend Micro Associate Partner
A number of Frame consultants hold Federal and NSW Government Gateway accreditation.

Strategic Planning
In order to provide the NSW Department of Commerce with the ICT requirements for a new Justice
precinct in Parramatta, Frame undertook a strategic review of the existing and future requirements
for ICT systems and facilities for the Attorney General‘s Department, The Office of the Protective
Commissioner / Protective Guardian, Legal Aid, and NSW Probation and Parole Board. The
assignment involved reviewing the current and future ICT systems and infrastructure for each
agency; the design for proposed new computer room, and impacts of disaster recovery options with
regard to the computer room, and provision of input regarding technology related issues that would
impact the relocation and future operations of the agencies.
Frame was tasked with the development of the data centre strategy that is aligned to Suncorp‘s real
estate strategy. The terms of reference were to investigate and document the long-term data centre
requirements of the business, review business requirements against existing standards and business
practices, document suitable options covering the real estate needs for data centres in the long-term,
and to assess the risks and threats to the current environment and proposed options. Frame
developed the financial models for each option and a roadmap to obtain agreement from all key
stakeholders on the approach moving forward.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               The Hackett Group
Trading Name
Contact                         Mr Keith Robbins
Address                         Level 34, 50 Bridge Street
Suburb                          Sydney
State                           NSW               Postcode             2000
Telephone                       0282160970        Facsimile            282160702
ABN                             45132863079

Company Background
The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, is a leader in best practice advisory,
benchmarking, and transformation consulting services, including shared services, offshoring and
outsourcing advice. Utilising best practices and implementation insights from more than 4,000
benchmarking engagements, executives use Hackett's empirically based approach to quickly define
and prioritise initiatives to enable world-class performance.
Hackett has worked with 2,700 major corporations and government agencies, including 97% of the
Dow Jones Industrials, 73% of the Fortune 100, 73% of the DAX 30 and 50% of the FTSE 100.
The Hackett Group has global offices in the United States, Europe, India and Australia and is
publicly traded on the NASDAQ as HCKT.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
An effective IT strategy is critical to identifying the IT capabilities and components that enable
improved business performance, and defining the implementation path for achieving these
The Hackett team works with the sponsoring organisation to: develop a plan for fully leveraging
technology to meet business needs and goals; define an approach for making investments that
significantly increases the value of IT to the organisation; identify initiatives to operate more
efficiently and effectively; determine the business case considerations for the future-state initiatives;
establish an IT organisation that is efficient; balance an organisation's strategic goals; determine
technology direction and corporate culture with industry trends to create a distinct IT strategy;
create an achievable implementation roadmap and clearly communicate the role and value of IT
throughout the organisation.
The Hackett Group has developed a business-driven IT strategy for Waste Management which
included the development of a new Technology Architecture and a Transformation Plan for their IT
Organisation. We then project managed the implementation of the plan.
At Equitable Resources we evaluated the IT group‘s Business Value Management capability, its
ability to provide support and strategic value to the organisation and identified the changes required
to migrate from a utility-based function to a strategic partner of the business.
                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              The Nous Group Pty Limited
Trading Name                   The Nous Group
Contact                        Ms Alison Hawkins
Address                        Level 9, 347 Bourke Street
Suburb                         Melbourne
State                          Victoria           Postcode             3000
Telephone                      0386026212         Facsimile            396705750
ABN                            66086210344

Company Background
The Nous Group (Nous) is a consulting company specialising in assisting complex businesses to
maximise their performance. We exist to achieve positive influence, which means working with
clients whose products and services we believe will improve our society‘s well being and working
on projects critical to our clients‘ success. We care about and deliver outstanding results for our
clients. We typically work on issues we believe promise character, challenge and multiple layers of
benefit for the client. We have expertise in strategy, organisational and information driven change,
information management and leadership and management development. Nous brings depth of
relevant expertise, a rigorous strategic thinking ability and insightful frameworks to its projects with
clients in both the private and public sector. Our clients include major state and federal government
departments and top ASX listed organisations across several industry sectors including health,
human services, financial services, environment, utilities, science and technology. Nous was
established in 1999 because its founders wanted to apply their management consulting and
leadership development capability to issues that mattered with clients who shared commonality with
Nous‘ values.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Nous is an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier. In our governance work, we use the key
standards AS/NZS 4360 (a minimum requirement of Victorian Government Risk Management
Framework) and the AS 8000 series of standards to identify key governance activities. We have in-
depth understanding of AS4360, CoBIT and Victorian/Australian government standard approaches
(such as VAGO guidelines for IMT projects, Victorian Dept of Treasury & Finance‘s Investment
Management standards and the ‗Gateway‘ Review processes of both the Victorian DT&F and the
federal DF&R) to identify, analyse, evaluate and treat risk to ensure projects effectively deliver the
identified benefits. Nous is expert in Prince2 and other project management methodologies and
applies ISO and Australian standards for security threat, risk assessment and strategic security
management. Nous consultants are skilled in project management toolsets for risk management and
we bring to our work the core competencies of deep expertise in organisational culture and
performance management along with organisational change management and the workings of
government, including e-Government and government service delivery models. This adds rich
insight into risk and success drivers in major government IMT projects. For our information
management and technology activities, Nous applies AS8015

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Nous develops technology strategies to meet clients‘ current and future business challenges and
ensure technology reflects corporate strategic direction. We strongly emphasise accurate alignment
of technology and priority business needs. An example is our development of strategic priorities for
information systems to support a Commonwealth Department‘s leadership role in the national
education sector. Nous consulted stakeholders nationally to understand sector directions and
delivered a strategy to balance delivery of short-term results and longer-term organisational and
ICT improvements. Initiatives included enterprise-search, business intelligence and national
websites for substantial improvements for stakeholders. A second example is development of a
whole of Victorian government ICT strategy and work program where we consolidated over 400
projects from every Victorian agency‘s ICT plans. Our business case (adopted by the Victorian ICT
Policy Committee) estimated annual savings of some tens of millions of dollars from a shared
utility approach to ICT infrastructure and the three year implementation plan forecast full benefits
after five years. Thirdly, Nous designed a Content Management Strategy for a website provided by
a large complex Victorian government department. After detailed analysis of critical success factors
to maintain relevant, high quality site content, Nous researched other effective information sites and
consulted key stakeholders to confirm priorities for the service. The outcome is a CM strategy that
ensures alignment of business and technology strategies, strong relationships with content
providers, efficient business processes and improved performance. Critical to success is our deep
understanding of how the website supports strategic objectives.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name                The Performance Technologies Group
                                 Pty Ltd
Trading Name                     PTG Global
Contact                          Mr Craig Errey
Address                          Level 16, 207 Kent Street
Suburb                           Sydney
State                            NSW                Postcode            2000
Telephone                        00292514200        Facsimile           0292517422
ABN                              27089738205

Company Background
PTG Global is a business consultancy specialising in the areas of business process improvement,
user interface design and usability. Operating since 1999, PTG Global is now the largest company
of its type in Australia, and is an Australian owned enterprise. Our world class methodologies in
high performance user interface and process design (XPDesign) and the IT Blueprint are having a
significant positive effect on the design and implementation of technology. Our tagline is ‗making
technology work‘ and reflects our commitment to making technology usable for people while also
ensuring that it is aligned with business objectives and their key performance indicators. Over the
nine years that we have been in business, we have built an extensive list of clients – including major
enterprise businesses and government agencies at all levels – as well as a wide range of different
domains and industries.
We produce real business benefits for our customers such as:
        100% increase in online conversions, 500% increase in page views and a 5,000% increase in
offline lead generation after redesigning a product acquisition website
          $2,000,000 pa salary saving after redesigning a government transaction service
          $7,000,000 pa increase in sales for an airline after redesigning the online booking interface
          600% increase in online sales for a telco by simplifying the sales message and redemption
       20% increase in customer satisfaction, across almost 2,000,000 customers, following
redesign of a retail internet banking service
          Methods to reduce administration time by 33% and uplift sales by 50% for commercial
          1,000% increase in online self service for a telco, migrated away from the call centre
          50% reduction of misdirection rates for a bank IVR, saving over $500,000 pa in salary costs.
Our core services include:
          Strategic vision and business alignment for technology initiatives
          Business case development for strategic and tactical programs
                                                                           Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                            Version 33, September 2011
       Business / user requirements and analysis
       Business process improvement
       User interface design and information architecture
       Usability Testing
       Training in requirements gathering, user interface design and usability testing
PTG Global is a profitable organisation, and, since 2003, has been investing around 20% of revenue
on R andD.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
PTG Global employs organisational psychologists, business analysts, computer and electrical
engineers. Our Chief Operating Officer Ray Bradbery is MBA qualified and has many years
experience running and growing large (well-known) organisations. Our senior consultants are all
trained in Prince2 project management methodology.
Our Managing Director Craig Errey has developed a scientific, repeatable methodology that is used
in all projects to inform consistency and quality of deliverables, called XPDesign. Craig holds a
Master's Degree in Organisational Psychology from UNSW, is a member of the APS and the APS
College of Organisational Psychologists, and is a Registered Psychologist in NSW. He is also an
Associate of the University of NSW and Macquarie University.
PTG Global was listed in the BRW 2004 Fast100 at position 64.
PTG Global placed third in the ―IT Secrets‖ competition run by DCITA. Our project, XPDesigner,
for which we have received a $567,000 Commercial Ready Grant from AusIndustry, was
recognised by the judges as representing significant innovation.
PTG Global is a current member of the following government panels:
       ICT Multi-Use List (formerly the Australian Government Endorsed Supplier panel)
       NSW Department of Commerce
       Queensland Government GITC
       AGIMO Web Management Services Panel
       Austrade Information Management and Knowledge Management Panel
       Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Panel for the provision of web design and
development services
Our interface designs are compliant with the following standards:
       ISO 13407-1999 - Human-centred design processes for interactive systems
       ISO/IEC 11581 - Information technology — User System Interfaces and symbol
       ISO 9241-11-1998 Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals —

Strategic Planning
PTG Global's methodology focuses on eliciting and capturing the Strategic Intent of an organisation
and then translating the Intent into deliverables and designs that facilitate the delivery of the
underlying KPIs and Objectives. PTG‘s IT Blueprint delivers a complete and unambiguous
technology specification that is a visual representation of the entire application process. Around 50 -
80% of all major IT projects fail — they are over budget, late, missing requirements or have poor
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
user acceptance. Until now, IT was the only engineering discipline to operate without such a
ASIC: Developing an overarching Portal Strategy supporting their initiatives in organisational
transformation. The strategy defines how to drive new behaviours and operational practices
through the use of technology. By integrating socio-technical system that will produce the outcomes
ASIC is seeking, and an organisational development plan to train and motivate the workforce, the
portal will provide the collaboration, integration, personalisation and search tools to support and
enforce the agreed priorities.
NSW Department of Environment and Conservation: Developed a strategic plan to direct the
website and intranet integration project. The strategic plan was needed because the department was
undergoing an integration of five agencies and their respective intranets and public websites. PTG
developed a strategic eBusiness and communications plan and determined the business needs and
management objectives of the new integrated department. The integration ran smoothly and the
implementation proceeded on time and on budget and delivered a very strong positive experience
for staff and customers.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              The Strategic Directions Group Pty
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr David Robinson
Address                        Level 6, St George Centre, 60 Marcus Clarke Street
Suburb                         Canberra
State                          ACT               Postcode            2601
Telephone                      01300786566       Facsimile           1300852343
ABN                            58103746872

Company Background
Since the Company was established in December 2003 in Queensland, Strategic Directions has
gained a reputation for delivering high level strategic advice to Federal Agencies, State and Local
Government Departments and Commercial Organisations.
Strategic Directions is strictly vendor independent, which enables the Company to provide
objective, master planning and strategic advice, free from vendor influences. We normally work
directly at CEO / CIO / Director level, aligning our Clients‘ business objectives and strategy to
specific ICT requirements.
The Company maintains five Practices including:- ICT Strategy / Telecommunications and
Networking / Project Services / Data Centre Design and Planning / Telephony and Contact Centres.
Recent Federal Agency assignments include:- the preparation of an ICT Strategic Plan to support
the Agency‘s 2007 / 2010 Strategic Plan:- a Technical Architecture Review:- Disaster Recovery
Planning:- the preparation of an ICT Services Alignment Review (to align ICT Services with
Business Priorities):- prepare a Service Delivery Model:- prepare a Governance and Performance
Measurement Plan:- a Data Centre relocation:- and the preparation of a Strategic Telephony and
Communications Review.
The Company has also recently been appointed to a Federal Agency Panel for the provision of ICT
Strategic Advisory services.
Strategic Directions has offices in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
The Strategic Directions Group is working towards ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation and expects to
be in a position to undergo the QA audit during 2008.
The Company has built a reputation for delivering top quality assignments since it was established
in 2003. This can be confirmed by references that can be supplied at the appropriate time. All of the
Consultants have extensive ICT backgrounds and experience and have either managed their own
companies or been in national management positions. As a result we understand the business
challenges facing organizations who are trying to provide a business outcome, using the appropriate

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
ICT strategies and plans. Although the Company has strong technical skills we are very business
focused and we work with Clients to achieve the right business outcomes.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Directions has a Practice dedicated to Strategic Planning, and is External CIO for a
number of large Organisations. Our vendor independence enables us to focus on our Clients‘
corporate objectives and priorities, and to develop an ICT Strategic Plan that supports the delivery
of those priorities.
In order to achieve this successfully we undertake the following:- a. identify and prioritise the
business outcomes that the Agency is looking for:- b. analyse the structure, processes and
performance of current IT services and support documentation:- c. review the Agency‘s Technical
Infrastructure relative to future ICT Strategy:- d. interview stakeholders responsible for delivery of
key services and define services with the highest business priority:- e. prepare an ICT Review
Report that identifies major areas of risk, and develop an action plan that mitigates the highest risk
components of the IT Infrastructure.
The next step is to formalize the Review findings into a high level Strategic Plan including a
detailed Summary of Findings, a Summary of Recommendations, and a Prioritised Plan of action
items. We will then prepare Standardised Procedures and Documentation methodologies to support
the Strategic Plan:- create a Disaster Recovery Plan (DR) and a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
that augments the Strategic Plan:- develop a 5 year ICT Strategy that is linked to the Agency‘s
corporate strategies:- and finally develop a Program of Work that includes priorities and
References for this category include the CRIMTRAC Agency in Canberra, and LOGAN CITY
COUNCIL (Australia‘s 6th largest Local Authority).

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             The Trustee for Pitcher Partners
                              Consulting Trust
Trading Name                  Pitcher Partners Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact                       Ms Christine Wigg
Address                       Level 19, 15 William Street
Suburb                        Melbourne
State                         Victoria          Postcode            3000
Telephone                     00386105552       Facsimile
ABN                           40584064318

Company Background
Pitcher Partners Consulting (PPC) is a full service business advisory firm which includes a strong
and experienced IT Consulting Division. With an indepth understanding of business and
technology, PPC is able to provide a diversity of advice and create tailored ICT solutions that
achieve tangible benefits. PPC has a national presence, with 42 partners and 520 professional staff
in Melbourne alone. The IT Consulting Division has a strong blend principal IT consultants, project
managers, business/system analysts and strong development team. PPC is independent of ICT
vendors and their resellers. This ensures our advice is independent and objective, and that
recommended solutions are in the best interest of our client alone. PPC has a suite of proven
methodologies and tools. Our client base is diverse including the following industries – Local &
State Govt, Education, Health, Transport, Financial Services, Superannuation, Manufacturing,
Primary Industries, Business/Professional Services, Property & Construction. PPC has earned client
respect and loyalty through continually exceeding client expectations, transparent communication
and integrity. PPC‘s IT Consulting Executive Director is Frank Zahra; our Managing Partner is Don
Rankin. Should our consultants fall short of expectations, both Frank and Don are openly available
as a point of escalation and discussion.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor; Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
– Corporate & Individual accreditations; Microsoft - MCTS; MCP; Gold Certified Partner; Lotus
Notes – Certified Lotus Specialist; Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board – APES 110
(Code of Ethical Standards); APES 320 Quality Control; Subject to the following Regulatory
Inspections – ASIC, ICAA, APEC

Strategic Planning
Services - IT Strategic plans, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Business
Transformation, eCommerce, Network & Infrastructure, Communication. PPC‘s key principles
strategic planning includes early/constant engagement of key stakeholders;
ownership/accountability by senior management; value-based thinking; specific/pragmatic
outcomes that can be implemented. Our methodology delivers on these principles – robust
governance framework; articulation of organisation drivers; prioritisation criteria such as value,
criticality and do-ability. Emergency Services & State Superannuation (ESS) engaged PPC to
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
development their IT strategies. Brad McSwain, GM Strategy Manager, stated: ―We engaged PPC
to work with our teams to assist in developing our IT and eCommerce strategies, two items high up
on the agenda of the recently defined four year business strategy agenda. The objectives were for
PPC to provide approach, framework as well as industry expert knowledge to assist key ESS
stakeholders to be self sufficient in taking the strategy forward. The final outcome was very well
received and endorsed, our teams now influence and contribute more proactive to the ESS overall
agenda.‖ Mercy Health Group (MHG) engaged PPC, with Carlos Arribas, CIO commenting on our
capability. ―PPC facilitated a broad and deep engagement across the various services of the MHG
helping us articulate a 3 year IT strategy. The clarity provided by the portfolio of initiatives
identified, supported by analysis of IT do-ability, allowed us to make a set of strategic decisions on
our agenda and embark more confidently on a two year programme of work. PPC kept key
executives engaged through the project, ensuring

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name               The Trustee for Third Horizon Trust
Trading Name                    Third Horizon Consulting Partners
Contact                         Mr Steven Metzmacher
Address                         Level 9, 60 Marcus Clarke Street
                                GPO Box 793
Suburb                          Canberra
State                           ACT               Postcode              2601
Telephone                       002 6223 1500     Facsimile             294602807
ABN                             77149865113

Company Background
Third Horizon was established in 2004 by former Arthur Andersen partners to assist clients in the
design and implementation of strategy and business transformation. Our focus on ICT includes the
assessment, transformation and implementation of IT strategy, operating models, outsourcing
programs, project delivery models, project management methodologies, IT cost management,
system evaluation and selection, and program management of large scale ICT implementation
The focus of Third Horizon is on being a practical consulting organisation that focuses on
implementation to ensure results are delivered. We have grown rapidly since commencement with
over 40 experienced consultants in our Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne offices.
Third Horizon uses experience and independence to deliver results to clients. We are a privately
held, independent firm that does not have alliances with technology vendors. Therefore we do not
have any conflicts of interest in the advice we provide. We have structured quality assurance
procedures that ensure we do not enter into any relationships that create conflict for our clients.
We offer an integrated set of consulting services to a wide portfolio of clients in industries including
government, financial services, industrial and consumer products, media, transport, water and
power utilities and government business enterprises.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Third Horizon has significant experience in strategic planning and the alignment of ICT to deliver
business and strategic outcomes. Specifically we have deep expertise in the following areas:
-       Strategy facilitation: through challenge and facilitation, we help businesses to articulate their
strategic goals; identify strategic opportunities for growth, in new markets or segments; and design
strategic cost reduction programs.
-      Information technology optimisation: through the development of operating models and
underlying process, in addition to organisational and IT architectures, we assist businesses to extract
synergies and efficiencies across their system and infrastructure management.

                                                                          Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                           Version 33, September 2011
-       Technology effectiveness assessment: through our wide experience in SLA/KPI
development for internal and external parties we assist businesses to align their technology to
deliver business outcomes.
Specific examples of our work include:
1.     News Limited - Third Horizon was engaged to undertake a strategic review of IT. This
included the review of IT strategy, processes, architecture and capabilities and the development of a
comprehensive IT transformation strategy to reduce costs and improve service levels.
2.      Macquarie Bank - Third Horizon was engaged to assist in a comprehensive review of an
acquired, large utility company. This included the development of an IT strategy encompassing
current and target architecture, preferred business model (insourced vs. outsourced functions), and
specific IT improvement initiatives to execute the strategy.

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              ThinkPlace Unit Trust Pty Ltd
Trading Name                   ThinkPlace Trust
Contact                        Mr John Body
Address                        Level 1, Unit 3, Green Square, Jardine Street
Suburb                         Kingston
State                          ACT                Postcode           2604
Telephone                      00262828852        Facsimile          0262828832
ABN                            34280130162

Company Background
ThinkPlace is a strategic design consultancy focussed on helping organisations articulate their
direction, designing services that deliver on that direction and bringing about the organisational
change to deliver those services. We have significant experience in designing architectures for
enterprise ICT systems that strongly link to agencies‘ strategic intent and business architecture (eg
Case Management and Customer Relationship Management), and in developing project
methodologies, investment and governance arrangements, and design approaches that directly tie
ICT to a business and strategic context. We work with complex organisations across the public
sector – government, not-for-profits, community, economic development, social development and
voluntary organisations. We also work with private sector organisations involved in delivering
public and community value. ThinkPlace has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge of
the public sector context. This means we can hit the ground running on complex projects to turn
ideas into reality fast. We have broad experience across multiple government agencies and public
sector organisations. We understand government service delivery, regulations, compliance and law
enforcement. ThinkPlace‘s unique design approach helps our clients view their challenges from a
different perspective and with an authentic focus on people, their experiences and opportunities for
innovation that creates public value.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
ThinkPlace employs strategic and design thinking to help clients to define their identity, directions,
goals and indicators of success. We offer strategy development, strategic navigation, business
planning and evaluation and measurement framework services. For the AFP‘s Integrated Workforce
project, ThinkPlace drove strategic planning within the National Security portfolio to enable risk-
based deployment of staff. Our approach was to understand the activities of staff, balance that with
the Executive‘s desire for change, and create a framework that took into account the environment
and expected outcomes. Our methods included interviews, business process mapping, workshops,
and collaborative design with subject matter experts and field research with staff. The process
commenced with an Executive intent session. We established a Core Design Team to develop the
plan then presented to the Executive for validation and endorsement. The outcome was a plan that
will alter AFP planning, L&D framework and deployment of staff. ASIC also approached
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
ThinkPlace to review their measurement framework. We worked with a small team from ASIC
taking a top-down approach, starting with their outcomes and legislation. We deconstructed these
high-level outcomes into a series of measurable outputs. The aim was to cover ASIC‘s entire area of
responsibility. This was validated with senior members of the Executive to test our hypothesis and
further tested in a larger SES workshop. The result is a measurement framework that is articulated
on one page. Supporting information provides detail about each of the measures including targets,
data sources and comparisons.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Toto Business Solutions Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mrs Connie Tasker
Address                        34 McInnes Lane
Suburb                         Sutton
State                          ACT               Postcode             2620
Telephone                      0418467921        Facsimile
ABN                            53108796854

Company Background
Toto Business Solutions is an independent consultancy firm founded in 2003 by a group of
professionals - each with over 20 years experience in the IT industry and a proven track record for
delivering results for their Customers. We provide objective, relevant and expert advice to both
middle management and senior executives on a range of issues including strategy, design,
technology and business process. Our customer base includes both State and Federal Government
Agencies and large private organisations. Toto Business Solutions provides a range of specialist
services to assist business clients in the analysis and design of their solutions and outcomes. We are
problem solvers that apply our extensive industry experience and analytical skills to your business
issues to provide you with clarity, understanding and proposals on the way forward. Our
commitment to quality service means we provide advice based on your specific needs rather than a
one size fits all approach, ensuring our recommendations are aligned with your organisational
objectives and that we have considered the constraints, cultural and governance requirements
relevant to your organisation. Our service offerings include:
Solution design
Strategic or Operational reviews
Design assurance
Conceptual model development
Problem identification and resolution
Functional analysis
Facilitation services
Strategy development
Business Process mapping
Enterprise strategy and architecture development
Best practice research
Risk assessment

                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
Toto Business Solutions has a proven ability to provide all aspects of Strategic Planning; including
developing the business and IT plans, designing solutions that balance immediate requirements with
strategic direction and providing design assurance services and governance processes to ensure
operational delivery maintains alignment with strategic intent and that the integrity of enterprise
solutions are protected.
Recent experience has included:
For the Australian Taxation Office:
Development of a model to support the ATO‘s Enterprise Business Architecture; identifying ATO‘s
key business functions, undertaking functional analysis of the performance framework outcomes
and ensuring support of these outcomes by business process and IT solution capability layers.
Numerous New Policy designs; assessment of the use of existing people, process and technology
infrastructure and then planning for its expansion / enhancement in order to deliver the new
Development of a conceptual model for intelligence gathering, risk management and complex
compliance in the ATO; highlighting how various capabilities within the ATO needed to work
together to support a single business outcome.
Development of a strategy for the continued use of mobile computing in the ATO.
Development of an Enterprise Architectural framework; including documentation of the business
context, development of architectural principles, conceptual models and service frameworks for the
information, technical and security architectures.

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              TransAction Resources Unit Trust
Trading Name                   TransAction Resources
Contact                        Mr Robert Roylance
Address                        382 Victoria Parade
Suburb                         East Melbourne
State                          Victoria          Postcode             3002
Telephone                      0394163674        Facsimile            394163675
ABN                            30516898722

Company Background
TransAction Resources is an independent consulting firm established in 1994. We provide advice
and support to retailers, merchants and governments on payment cards, payments system security
and standards, electronic payments processing and loyalty systems. We do not offer general
purpose consulting outside our specialist area.
We offer a blend of marketing, commercial and technology skills gained from extensive
international experience which allows us to deliver a range of services including feasibility studies,
evaluation of international trends and best practice, payments technology strategy and business case
Electronic payments technology is a highly specialised area. Examples include the AS2805
Australian standard for financial messages, RSA public key encryption, 3DES data encryption
standard, EMV standard for chip-based payments, PCI Data Security Standard, fault tolerant online
transaction switching systems and the ISO8583 international financial message standard.
We have also made submissions to payments system reviews conducted by regulators and
competition authorities in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.
Our government clients include the Transport Ticketing Authority (Victoria), Department of
Treasury & Finance (Victoria), the Attorney General's Department (NSW), Australia Post,
Medicare Australia and the Department of Human Services (Federal).
Our private sector clients include Shell, McDonald's, Coles, Bunnings and Tesco.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
The development of payments technology strategies to support the business objectives of our clients
is a key part of our consulting practice. We have extensive experience over many years with this
type of work in many countries. As payments technology and security compliance requirements are
evolving rapidly, specialist assistance is essential.
Our clients generally wish to reduce costs, reduce manpower requirements and simultaneously
deliver superior service to their customers. They also wish to have safe, secure and robust
payments processing systems that comply with international and industry standards and will deliver
a return on investment.
                                                                        Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                         Version 33, September 2011
Example: we developed a strategy for the Department of Human Services to deliver a targeted
electronic benefits transfer system that employed existing industry payments infrastructure to meet
tight project timeframes through rapid implementation. The new system went live only nine
months after our initial engagement and has delivered higher levels of customer service and
management reporting.
Example: we assisted Shell to develop a strategy to achieve payments security compliance in
twenty-five countries. This included negotiations with MasterCard and Visa and providing key
inputs to the business case for replacement or upgrade of retail payments systems. The
implementation of this international strategy has now begun.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Transformed Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                       Mr Michael Young
Address                       PO Box 7129
Suburb                        KALEEN
State                         ACT                Postcode           2617
Telephone                     0262596221         Facsimile          262596223
Website             ,au
ABN                           33120497501

Company Background
Transformed is an award-winning project management consultancy that works with individuals and
organisations to develop their project, programme and portfolio management capabilities.
Transformed delivers on complex projects for its clients and establishes key project management
processes that ensure good governance. Transformed provides the critical link between desire and
achievement of clients‘ business objectives.
Transformed is a wholly Australian-owned private company. With its head office in Canberra,
Transformed has a broad reach and strong profile. Working through strategic partners, Transformed
has delivered outstanding results in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and into South-
East Asia.
Transformed is an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier.
To deliver outstanding projects and develop award-winning project management skills,
Transformed offers the following services:
-Outsourced project management,
-procurement and contract management,
-tender evaluation and analysis,
-risk management workshops,
-project team kick-offs and planning session facilitation,
-project planning and delivery
-programme and portfolio management.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Transformed Pty Ltd holds the following accreditations:
- Registered Training Organisation (registration number 88152)
- Endorsed Assessor – Registered Project Manager Certification - Australian Institute of Project
- Endorsed Training Provider – Australian Institute of Project Management
                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
- Endorsed Recruiter – Australian Institute of Project Management
- Endorsed Gateway Review Team Member – Australian Government Department of Finance and
- Endorsed Gateway Review Team Member – NSW Department of Commerce
- Endorsed Gateway Review Team Member – VIC Department of Treasury and Finance
- Endorsed Gateway Review Team Member – WA Department of Treasury and Finance

We are currently pursuing ISO9000 certification

Strategic Planning
Transformed provide strategic planning to a wide range of clients based upon their broad
background in both the private and public sectors. Our consultants have multi-disciplinary
backgrounds that cover a range of commercial areas. We believe that this broad expertise is
essential for the delivery of successful outcomes.
The services that we offer in the area of strategic planning to develop and implement success
planning process and documentation to support the organisations overall business strategy are:
-Implementation of programme and project offices;
-Business improvement services;
-Information management;
-IT Strategic planning and implementation;
-Project methodology development, review and implementation;
-Programme and project management;
-Strategic procurement;
-Workforce planning
Transformed staff has performed theses services for a number of Government organisations,
-Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries;
-Australian Customs Service;
Specific Projects include:
- DAFF ICT Relocation Program which involved the strategic ICT and program planning to
develop relocation and transition strategies.
- DEW ICT Refresh Program the strategic ICT and program planning to implement migrate from a
Novell to a Microsoft-based ICT infrastructure
- Biosecurity Australia information management strategy and implementation program

                                                                      Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                       Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              UXC Limited
Trading Name                   UXC Limited
Contact                        Mr Joe Coombs
Address                        4a Whyalla Street
Suburb                         Fyshwick
State                          ACT                Postcode             2609
Telephone                      002 6222 6500      Facsimile            02 6222 6501
ABN                            31060674580

Company Background
Opticon Australia is a boutique Information, Communications and Technology consultancy offering
professional services in:
- Strategic ICT & IM Consulting, Planning & Governance;
- ICT Project & Portfolio Management Services; and
- ICT Project Services.
In addition to ICT strategic advice, Opticon specialises in:
- Information Management (including strategy, policy, procedures, taxonomies, KM, archiving);
- Enterprise Content Management (document, records, web content, imaging, workflow, e-
permanence, email management);
- Electronic Service Delivery (covering all forms of e-Business & online services);
- Contact Centres (including telephony, call handling, customer management, transactional systems
and computer aided dispatching)
Choosing a consulting partner is a critical choice but one where many firms appear to have
appropriate capabilities. Opticon‘s proposition to our clients is that we bring a superior client
experience, based on:
- deep and broad experience in developing ICT strategic plans and frameworks for both public and
private sector clients;
- ability to bring experience based on current practice, emerging best practice and contemporary
academic research;
- excellent knowledge of the Federal Government sector;
- specialist consultants, deeply immersed in ICT strategy and associated activities; and
- proven, robust and efficient methodologies for delivering our strategic and project services to

Company Accreditation (Optional)
ISO9001:2000 certified Quality Management System
                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Our strategic planning experience demonstrates our proven ability to prepare ICT strategic plans
and supporting ICT investment business cases which are both pragmatic and achievable. Our recent
experience in developing ICT strategic plans for organisations has allowed us to consult on and
recommend solutions to many issues facing our clients, including achieving sustained business
value, defining governance and architecture principles, delivering outcomes driven by corporate
priorities, defining and delivering best practice information management strategies, achieving
efficiencies in operations, defining the right models for sourcing, making decisions on the use of
emerging technology and so on.
Our experience covers many leading Federal government departments but also brings exposure to
ACT Government, Victorian Government and New South Wales government. This means our
consulting service is based on diverse experience, which reduces the risk of a myopic perspective
and allows both incremental and radical ideas to be properly assessed and combined. Without this
breadth of experience, the strategic planning could become a process driven activity which would
not provide the degree of innovation sought by our clients.
Selected Relevant Projects:
Australian Sports Commission - Development of ICT Strategic Plan
ASIC - ICT Strategic Advisory Services

                                                                     Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                      Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Weiser Australia Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name                   Weiser Consulting
Contact                        Mrs Sonya Weiser
Address                        PO Box 6372
Suburb                         Halifax Street
State                          SA                 Postcode             5000
Telephone                      00882936169        Facsimile
ABN                            84136475039

Company Background
Weiser Consulting has the knowledge, expertise and experience to implement effective solutions for
your business, delivering strategic IT and business planning advice that increases productivity,
reduces cost and improves service quality. Our clients typically rely on their IT investment as an
integral part of their business processes. The services we provide maximise value for our clients,
though the combination of a high level of business knowledge and the ability to implement and
support proven technical solutions. Whatever your size or industry, Weiser Consulting has the
knowledge, expertise and experience to implement effective solutions for your business, delivering
strategic IT and business planning that increases productivity, reduces cost and improves service
quality. Weiser Consulting specialises in transforming the value already invested in business assets
into solutions that meet new business demands, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty. We
have the expertise to develop tailored IT and business solutions that can save you time and money.
The Principal Strategic Consultant of Weiser Consulting is Sonya Weiser. Sonya has extensive IT
industry experience and formal knowledge of corporate governance and business requirements
analysis. This experience spans a diverse range of industries and organisations, including a number
of South Australian government agencies.

Company Accreditation (Optional)
Weiser Consulting has an outstanding level of experience in ICT strategic planning, project
management, business case development and business process improvement. Our Principle
Strategic Consultant, Sonya Weiser, has formal knowledge of corporate governance and business
needs through completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of
Adelaide (2009). Our experience spans a diverse range of industries and organisations, including
numerous South Australian government agencies. Weiser Consulting is a member of Women in
Innovation and Technology (WIT), the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the
Technology Industry Association (TIA).

Strategic Planning
Weiser Consulting provide strategic business planning services, offering review of strategic
direction, products, services and target customer markets, to help build value and reach growth
potential. Strategic capability identification services are also offered, including analysing and
modelling of organisations, process and information architectures, incorporating key Enterprise
Architecture concepts. The Principal Strategic Consultant of Weiser Consulting, Sonya Weiser, has
                                                                            Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                             Version 33, September 2011
provided strategic planning expertise within a number of organisations. Sonya reviewed the
strategic plan and growth targets of The Tennyson Group in 2009, in light of the global financial
crisis and resulting economic downturn in South Australia. The owner of The Tennyson Group used
this information to formulate an exit strategy and successfully sold the business to Talent
International in 2010. At Housing SA in 2008-2009, Sonya worked with staff of all areas of the
organisation to determine strategic business capabilities and create enterprise architecture diagrams
following the AGIMO methodology, including business model, stakeholder model, information
model, program-service-process model and high level business process models. A strategic plan for
system modernisation was developed, with a sustainable and sound approach to system change

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name              Windsor Place Consulting Pty Ltd
Trading Name
Contact                        Mr Simon Parker
Address                        22 Derby Street
Suburb                         Collingwood
State                          Victoria          Postcode             3066
Telephone                      0394198166        Facsimile            394198666
ABN                            89093284247

Company Background
Windsor Place Consulting ('WPC') is a is a specialist advisory practice that focuses on the business,
strategic and regulatory implications of the converging telecommunications, media and information
technology sectors. We have emerged as a valuable and trusted partner to leading government and
blue chip corporate clients both in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our team
maintains a long term association with the sector and delivers new, fresh and globally competitive
perspectives generated through landmark client engagements and executive roles within some of the
industry‘s leading stakeholders.
We understand that participation on the ICT Management Consultants Multi-Use List requires high
levels of expertise and associated experience in major public sector ICT strategy, transformation
and procurement projects. Within this context our advisory practice offers its clients a
complimentary and inter-dependent set of legal, financial, strategic and regulatory skills with a
central focus on ICT.
We are routinely involved in highly demanding work programmes and have a long standing track
record in collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams on complex ICT strategy, evaluation and
deployment tasks. Our overall approach to any proposed assignments will build on the practical
capabilities and extensive experience of our consulting team derived through successful
involvement in previous projects for a range of public sector agencies.

Company Accreditation (Optional)

Strategic Planning
WPC and its key consulting resources have extensive global experience in strategic planning
including assisting large commercial and public sector organisations with demand and user needs
analysis, assessing technology trends and the re-engineering of business processes.
In addition to general corporate experience in this area, one of our key consultants, Simon Parker,
was specifically employed by the Information Development Authority ('IDA') of Singapore to
manage the Government's globally recognised national ICT strategic planning agenda.
Successful strategic planning engagements have been built on advice that is consistent with the
individual circumstances or the organisation as well as global industry best practice. WPC devises
innovative, value-added solutions to a cross section of industry issues that aim to provide our clients

                                                                         Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                          Version 33, September 2011
with a clear competitive advantage. The firm has a underlying objective to develop strategies that
are inherently practical and feasible, including providing access to extensive 'on-the-ground'
assistance in order to encourage skills and knowledge transfer.
Reference projects include:
i) Singapore's e-Government Master Plan for the IDA in 2004 involving project management,
standards development and procurement of ICT systems and capabilities for the public sector.
ii) Appointed as strategic commercial advisers to the South Australian Government's Future ICT
programme since 2005 involving assessment of procurement of new ICT options.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Organisation Name             Wipro Australia Pty Ltd
Trading Name                  Wipro
Contact                       Mr Patrick Bodegraven
Address                       Level 1, 18 National Cct
Suburb                        Barton
State                         ACT               Postcode             2600
Telephone                     00411 657 063     Facsimile            02 6198 3373
ABN                           80121950463

Company Background
Wipro Australia Pty Ltd is part of Wipro Ltd which is a global management consulting, technology
services and outsourcing company. With more than 100,000 employee across the globe, the
company generated revenues of $US 5.4 billion with 28% YoY growth for the fiscal year 2008-09.
Wipro offers a wide range of consulting services with specialisations across most aspects of
management and technology consulting, business service delivery and operation. In addition, Wipro
provides ‗End to End‘ solutions in systems integration and outsourcing means our consulting advice
is pragmatic, outcomes focused, and mindful of implementation challenges. Our clients span a
broad range of industries worldwide and include many of the Fortune Global 100 and Fortune
Global 500 companies and Government agencies. Many of our top 100 clients have been clients for
at least five years. Wipro Consulting Service has a vast pool of qualified resources in the following
functional tracks - Business Consulting – 200, Architecture Consulting – 400, Portfolio consulting –
200 and Business Process Improvement – 400 consultants. Wipro Australia operate offices in
Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with over 700 employees servicing our customers across all of
our functional domains. Customers include the University of Canberra, Northern Territory
Government, Telstra

Company Accreditation (Optional)
CMMi Accreditation – Wipro is the first PCMM Level 5, SEI CMM Level 5 and CMMi Level 5
certified software & IT services company globally and the first outside USA to receive the IEEE
Software Process Award. ISO & BS Standard Wipro started its Quality Journey in 1993 by
adopting ISO 9000. Wipro was certified by BVQI and was recertified ISO 9001:1994. Wipro was
certified for the ISO 9001 2000 certification. Wipro is the first software technology and services
organization in India, to be certified for complying with the ISO 14001 standards for the
Environmental Management System. Wipro was certified as compliant with the BS7799 standards
in 2002. Wipro was awarded the BS 15000 in 2004. Wipro has adopted complete BS15000
framework processes and in addition project management which is extremely critical to manage
projects for any size organisation. We are able to address IT Infrastructure management and service
support needs for our clients while maintaining high standards of quality and cost effectiveness Six
Sigma Wipro is the world‘s first IT Company to adopt Six Sigmainternally. Six sigma
methodologies in practice include Six Steps to Six Sigma (SSSS), for transactional quality, cross
functional process mapping, DMADV, and DMAIC, in software development.

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011
Strategic Planning
Wipro offers ICT Strategic Planning services for government and corporate organisations. We
collaborate with our customers in drawing up strategic directions for the IT function. The major
activities which are undertaken during the strategic planning phase includes - Understanding
business strategies, functional strategies, business processes and assessment of automation levels,
infrastructure portfolio, governance structure, formulation of IT vision & strategy and IT roadmap.
Wipro‘s strategic consulting experience includes – Formulation of IT Strategy which includes
aligning of IT investments and priorities with Government / corporate strategies, Organizational
planning and Product strategy, Business Value & ROI Analysis, etc. We undertake identification,
analysis and alignment of product design to recommend IT strategies to meet customer or channel
requirements, market mapping, etc. Wipro‘s customers derive the following benefits: Better IT
investment strategy, Infrastructure and cost optimization, improved productivity and efficiency,
common IT standards thus ensuring interoperability, etc. Case Study 1 WIPRO worked with the
Planning Commission, Government of India and Ministry of IT, Government of India for the
formulation of a detailed strategy for the introduction of a Unique National ID for the residents of
India. We recommended the use of a federated database of national databases for generation of
UIDs for the more than 1 billion residents. Case Study 2 WIPRO has worked with a multi company
conglomerate in the Middle East to draw up a strategic plan and roadmap for IT for the overall
group and individual group companies. The client was able to have a comprehensive plan for the IT

                                                                       Strategic Planning Category,
                                                                        Version 33, September 2011

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