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					                              Robert Hogue
                                  Cell: 407-488-5149
                                 1550 11th st. ne. #A-2
                                Winter Haven, FL. 33881

Summary of Qualifications
         Skillful in object oriented programming, design, documentation, testing,
          implementation and deployment (C# and C++).
         Strong skills and experience in taking over a project completely from top-
         25 years of evolving computer experience.
         Application experience in the new Windows 7 & WindowsVista
          technologies such as .Net (3.0 – 4.0) with very high experience in WPF
          and SilverLight (2.0 - 4.0). Also experience with Microsoft Surface 2,
          Windows Phone 7, Prism(MVVM) architecture, XNA, DirectX, MFC,
          COM, ATL, GDI, GDI+.
         8 years experience with WPF\Silverlight technologies. I worked at
          Microsoft on the WPF team when WPF was being designed and created.
          As a technical editor of two WPF books, I know all aspects of
          WPF\Silverlight technologies.
         Experience in shipping many high quality products for over 7 years at
          Microsoft as a full time employee (Windows 95, Windows for
          WorkGroups 3.1 and 3.11, MS-DOS6, LAN Manager 2.1, WorkGroup
          Connection 1.0 and Windows Entertainment Pack 3, Windows Personal
          Web Server), with a 4.0 review and a few 3.5 reviews.
         Experience in Web development and design (FrontPage, HTML, Perl,
          MySql, ADO, CGI, PHP, and Python).
         Creative, Independent, Team Player with a strong desire to experience
          new technologies and to give the end user the most robust and entertaining
          experience possible.
         Exceptional communication and time management abilities with the
          ability to lead others.
         Graphics design, photography, musical composition and writing
Current Focus: WPF\Silverlight strategic consultant

Currently, I am focusing on strategic consulting. I provide expert analysis and
investigation on the latest technology innovations around WPF and Silverlight. My
clients are making critical business decisions on WPF and Silverlight technologies which
require a comprehensive study on the impact such a change or adoption will incur.

An analysis can include, architectural adoption, UI\UX exploration, management
workflow, training requirements, personnel hiring, and performance issues.

I have worked with such companies as Microsoft, Nike, Dell, AlienWare, Clear Channel,
and AnytimeAnywherel. I have also worked with Microsoft Partner companies like
IdentityMine and CSG to provide solutions for Sears, Macy’s, and Tesco among others.

Quick Background: 8 years of WPF \ Silverlight experience

I started working with WPF\Silverlight in 2003 when I joined the WPF team, and over
the last 8 years, I have been both a Frontend Developer and UI\UX technical designer
focused solely on WPF\Silverlight technologies. In that time, I have helped to train
groups in India, assisted CEO’s and CTO’s on technology selection for their startup
businesses in Silicon Valley and Denver, technical edited two books on WPF, and created
applications for numerous platforms (Microsoft Surface 2, Windows Phone 7,
SharePoint, most browsers, Windows 7 PC’s, Tablets, Touch Screens).

As a consultant, I have helped a team or teams around all aspects of WPF\Silverlight -
like the training up of potential frontend developers and technical designers,
performance testing, implementing frontend architecture, working with backend
architects to maintain Blendability, UX\UI Design, and helping managers create the
proper workflow between developers and designers.
Detailed Experience
3/07 – present: Private Strategic Consulting
            3/07 – present: I am a WPF\Silverlight strategic consultant, and I have
               worked with clients in Silicon Valley, Denver, New York and Miami. For
               my clients, I train, provide demos, assist with architecture, add targeted
               features too ongoing projects and provide insights for mangers ranging
               from development\design leads to CTO’s. You may view my personal
               web site at .
            8/07 – present: Responsible for the Open Source Xaml converter which
               works with the Open Source 3D software suite Blender which is available
               on - . I also work
               on 3D Data Visualization and 3D UI with clients and personal projects.
            3/10 – 4/10: I was responsible for the technical edit of the book “WPF
               Unleashed” which was revised to .NET 4.0.

5/06 – 2/07: Software Development Engineer 3 IdentityMine Consultant
            5/06 – 2/07: Traveled to India to train the IdentityMine India team for 8
               months in all aspects of WPF. I created educational material and lessons to
               build the knowledge necessary for the team to create production quality
               WPF controls.
            3/06 –12/07: I was the technical editor of Adam Nathan’s book WPF
               Unleashed for .NET 3.0. I was responsible for working with the editor to
               ensure not only technical accuracy, but to supply information and ideas to
               help make the book successful to the targeted audience.

9/04 – 4/06: Software Development Engineer 3 IdentityMine/Microsoft Vendor
            9/04 – 4/06: Working with the Windows Vista WPF team integrating the
               latest cutting edge technologies into Keynote Demos for Mix and PDC
               conferences. The News Client demo has had great reviews from Bill Gates
               to MS partners such as MSNBC and Yahoo. This is the first demo where
               3D was a main part of the UI. I work with technologies such as WPF,
               WPF3D, WinFS, and Indigo. I am a speaker for the Demo team on my
               Avalon3D demos to large groups – more of my work can be seen at my
               WinFX web page - .

5/03 – 5/04: Software Development Engineer 3 Siemens/Microsoft Contract
            5/03 – 5/04: Working with the Windows Vista WPF team integrating the
               latest cutting edge technologies into Demos. The CaseBuilder demo was
               part of Bill Gates Keynote address at PDC, and my 3D demos will be part
               of Keynote addresses at WinHec. I work with technologies such as WPF,
               and WPF3D. I was also responsible for http://avalon/demos website,
               management of all demo machines used by the Avalon team for events
               such as PDC, WinHec, and other conferences, and I am a speaker for the
               Demo team on my WPF3D demos to large groups.
11/02 - 3/03: Software Development Engineer 2 Siemens/Microsoft Vendor
            11/02 –3/03: Developed Software JukeBox 2 prototype in DirectX 8 using
               Keystone 1.1. Shared Gaming Services Architect and SDE for C# based
               SetupChecker tool. Also the SDE for Setup 1.1 PC Games installation
               software – added features include 32-bit animated features, multi cab
               spanning using Diamond API’s, and re-architect of re-install feature - also
               responsible for general Setup 1.1 development maintenance.

2/02 - 11/02: Software Development Engineer 2 VOLT/Microsoft Contractor
            2/02 –11/02: Shared Gaming Services Lead SDE in Keystone 1.1 and
               1.11 3D in game Help System for XBOX and PC Games – shipped in
               Ascheron’s Call 2, Developer for the Keystone PC to XBOX port,
               Developer for the XBOX Internet Simulator ATL/COM DLL using NT’s
               IM system driver - including extensions of the NT kernel driver, which is
               based on NDIS and WMI.

10/96 – 2/02: Self Employed

            6/01 – 10/01: Exclusively developed, designed, tested, documented and
             shipped TriPeaks 2001 available at
    . The program was written
             in MFC and Visual Studio, and added compression, CRC32, security,
             internet connection, graphic themes, and sounds to the original TriPeaks
             game I invented and developed for the WEP and BOWEP Microsoft
            10/96 – 2/02: Developed independent sample applications for research
             into new and upcoming technological advances using DirectX 5.0 and 8.1,
             COM, ATL, GDI+, C#, .NET, CGI, PHP, ADO, MySql and Perl. The
             involvement with these sample applications allowed better understanding
             of the changing technologies that would influence future projects like
             TriPeaks 2001, and my Direct X 3d Game I have designed and partially
            3/98 – 6/98: Developed and designed my website using
             FrontPage 2000.
            10/96 – 9/01: Owner contractor, architect, framer, supervisor for my house
             in Gold Bar. I was responsible for over 20 sub contractors. The house is a
             high tech automated building.
            10/97 – 10/98: Composed, designed and recorded the album Feel Your
             Emotional Spirit – available in e-stores now. I did all of the graphical
             design work as well as write the 28 page short story that follows the
             music. There are samples in windows media and real network formats at

7/89 – 10/96: Microsoft – full time employee (all of the products mentioned below
have shipped to customers)
   1/96 – 10/96: SDE responsible for Windows 95 Personal Web Server GUI and
    installation, SDE for Windows 95 network installation issues from fixing bugs to
    providing assistance to others in the company on its uses, SDE for Hot Fixes for
    the entire Windows 95 networking code (Hot Fixes are corporate bugs that have
    been raised to the level of must fix). The amount of code and the diversity of code
    I was responsible for was incredibly diverse and enormous in size. I should also
    note that I was doing all three of these jobs at the same time. Only with great time
    management skills was I able to handle such a large workload. I was in line for a
    SDE Lead position because of my accomplishments in handling this diverse
    amount of work.
   10/94 – 1/96: SDE for Window 95 Network Installation. I was mainly responsible
    for OEM network installation, but at one time I became the only team member. At
    this point I owned the entire code of 4 people. I did this for 2 months before I was
    finally relieved with new hires. The Windows 95 Network Installation code
    continued to be used with out much change until Windows XP – 6 years later.
   5/93 – 10/93: SDE for Windows for WorkGroups 3.11. I was the only developer
    for this project. I was responsible for Hot Fixes that had accumulated since the
    release of WfW 3.1. This means I had to make bug fixes in ALL Hot locations
    through out the entire WfW source code…Kernel, GUI or App. WfW is Windows
    3.1 with networking. So, the diversity of code was enormous.
   10/92 – 5/93: SDE for MS-DOS 6. I was responsible for fixing and designing
    utilities like Deltree and fixing bugs in Xcopy, Attrib, Mem and many others. The
    MS-DOS 6 team was behind schedule, and I offered my services to help them
    meet their time goals.
   12/91-10/92: SDE for WfW 3.1 and WorkGroup Connection. I was responsible
    for designing the GUI for the WorkGroup Connection Installation software, as
    well as adding additional features requested by the Program Manager. I was given
    the greatest compliment by the test team who congratulated me on the products
    ease of use.
   7/89-12/91: Builder for LAN Manager 2.1. I was responsible for building the
    LAN Manager 2.1 product, tracking build breaks, enhancing build performance,
    working with the development, test, Program Manager’, Product Support and
    Manufacturing teams to ensure product quality.
   5/91-9/91: SDE and inventor of the game TriPeaks. After developing the game, I
    pitched it to the Windows Entertainment Program Manager, and he decided to add
    it into the Windows Entertainment Pack 3. This was my first Windows Program –
    millions of units of this product has been sold, and TriPeaks has been ranked the
    15th best solitaire game in the world.

Skill Summary
   Language Skills are C#, C++, ASM x86, Pascal, Modula, Fortran, Motorola
    ASM, VAX ASM, Lisp.
   Experience in WPF, WPF3D, WinFS, WCF, Xaml, XML, DirectX, MFC, COM,
    ATL, GDI, GDI+, WIN32, HTML, Perl, MySql, ADO, CGI, PHP
    Microsoft development tools (Command Line, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET)
    Experience with Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Photo Draw, OpenFX, Sonar

1989, B.S. Computer Science, Western Washington University

    I was the head lab assistant for the 3rd, 4th and graduate year lab. I graded papers
     and assisted 3rd and 4th year students with programming questions and problems. I
     was also given the responsibility of locking and unlocking the lab which
     contained millions of dollars worth of equipment
    I was a main assistant for a small UNIX OS port to a customized Motorola based

      Arik Cohen Lead Program Manager US-Windows Client Platform at Microsoft
      Kevin Gjerstad Group Program Manager Client Platform at Microsoft
      Randy Shedden SDE Lead US-Shared Games Development at Microsoft
      V.P. of Microsoft Windows System Division - Upon Request

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