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					Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic
     FY 2007 Annual Report
      (July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007)

                                 Original Artwork, Cliff Questel 2007
Executive Director’s Report                                                                      We then turned to CGLA’s staff social worker for help. Joyce made a call to Strategic
                    Dear Friends,                                                                Christian Ministries (STRAT), a group of friends in the western suburbs who consider
                    I have never understood the purpose of figurines. Perhaps with               requests for financial assistance on behalf of CGLA clients in need. STRAT agreed to
                    the exception of that desperate moment when one can think of no              help by committing $500 towards Susan’s balance. We then approached a board member
                                                                                                 who had earlier offered to help a client with emergency financial assistance and, without
                    gift within an affordable price range to give to the friend who has
                                                                                                 hesitation, he and his wife wrote a check for the remaining $1,000. I cannot adequately
                    everything, I just don’t understand using one’s hard earned money
                                                                                                 describe in print how excited, stunned, and relieved Susan was when she heard that her
                    on ceramic, inanimate objects. Hallmark’s website says they are
                                                                                                 debt had been paid, that her cooking gas would be restored and, most importantly, that
                    used to “celebrate” important moments in life, but their allure has          her voucher and her home were no longer in jeopardy.
                    always been lost on me.
                                                                                                Soon after the case ended, Susan welcomed Andy, Joyce and me into her home to
That is, until Susan’s figurines caught my eye.                                                 thank us for CGLA’s work on her behalf. The threadbare apartment on the South Side
First, the background from CGLA’s Housing Law Director, Andy Dougherty, who                     had been carefully prepared for our visit. Though there was very little furniture, every
handled Susan’s case:                                                                           book and cushion was perfectly arranged, including Susan’s adorable, wide-eyed, four-
   Susan is a 44 year-old woman who lives alone in an apartment that is subsidized              year-old granddaughter who was sitting upright on the couch, still in school uniform.
   through the Section 8 housing choice voucher program. Susan’s only source of income          When I asked if she wanted to be a lawyer one day, she tucked her chin to her neck,
   is her monthly disability check which she receives for clinical depression and severe        shook her head and insistently said, “No!” Before long, Susan’s sons and other family
   rheumatoid arthritis, the latter of which has practically rendered her homebound.            members dropped by to say hello.
   During the summer of 2007, Susan received a termination notice from the voucher
   program.                                                                                     Despite the simple and sparse furnishings, a small coffee table held eight figurines.
                                                                                                Since it was oddly located in the center of the room, out of curiosity I asked Susan
   Over the past two years, Susan had accumulated a huge balance on her gas bill. This was      about the display. Susan responded, “Oh, I put these out especially for your visit.”
   due (in part) to the fact that Peoples Gas had continued to charge Susan for gas service     She explained that she keeps them locked away so her grandkids won’t break them, but
   at a former apartment for nearly six months after she moved out. At the former apart-
                                                                                                she wanted us to enjoy them during our visit.
   ment, Susan was responsible for both cooking and heating gas, so the bills and late fees
   that accumulated after she moved out were substantial. Eventually Peoples Gas shut off       It seems Hallmark is right -- figurines really do celebrate special events, and for Andy,
   service to Susan’s account. She had tried to resolve the double billing issue on her own,    Joyce and me, that visit to a home made secure through CGLA’s efforts was about as
   but she was unable to make any progress, and eventually she just stopped trying. Fortu-      special as it gets.
   nately, at her new apartment the heating gas was provided by her landlord and factored
   into her rent, so when Peoples Gas shut off Susan’s account, it only affected her stove      Like the figurines, this annual report is designed to celebrate; namely, the accomplish-
   and oven.                                                                                    ments of an outstanding year at CGLA. With your help, we enjoyed a great deal of
                                                                                                success serving individuals and families like Susan. In FY07, we provided zealous,
   One of the requirements of the voucher program is that the voucher holder maintain in        caring and free legal services to 116% more individuals – 3,960 clients and help desk
   working order all utilities and appliances for which she is responsible under her lease.     visitors, up from 1,837 in the prior fiscal year. And just like we did with Susan, in
   Since the cooking gas wasn’t operating, she was technically in violation of the obliga-
                                                                                                every instance we offered a model of services designed to reflect the importance of each
   tions of the voucher program and was now facing the very real likelihood of imminent
                                                                                                child of God we are privileged to serve.
   When Susan came to CGLA, her balance with Peoples Gas had grown to about $3,000.             As we tangibly live out God’s concern for justice, mercy and the poor among us, we
   After we accepted the case, I immediately called the hearing officer and asked for a         continue to look to you to partner with us. Susan’s very personal expressions of thanks
   continuance. The hearing officer agreed, but in doing so told me that unless the gas         are properly assigned to you, as well.
   stove was operable by the next hearing date, Susan’s voucher would be terminated. We         With the greatest appreciation for another year of friendship and support,
   had approximately two months to try to solve a $3,000 problem. We started by formally
   contesting the charges that had accrued to Susan’s account after she had moved out of
   her old apartment. After several letters, requests for accountings, and discussions with
   various representatives, Peoples Gas eventually agreed to forgive half of the bill. A good
   start, but Peoples Gas would not reestablish service until the entire balance had been       Robert B. Acton
   paid and we were still $1,500 short.                                                         Executive Director
Case Statistics                                                                      Client Demographics
                                                                                                                                    Nearly all of the clients we serve are living near
                                                                                                                                       or far below the Federal Poverty Level.
                                                                                                   Other                            (All percentages used are based on the 2007 U.S. Federal
 Recognizing a Tremendous Need                                                           Caucasian
                                                                                                    4%                                                 Poverty Guidelines)
 Every year, low-income Chicagoans face well over one million legal problems.                                                                            Above 150%
 Without resources to pay for an attorney, many are forced to handle them on          14%
                                                                                                                                           125 to 150%      6%
                                                                                                                                                6%                       Report No Income
 their own. CGLA seeks to bridge that gap by providing free legal services to
                                                                                                                                      100 to 125%                              28%
 those most in need. In FY07, CGLA provided legal services to 116% more                                                                  10%
 clients than last year, serving fully 91% of those who came to us for legal
Program                    Intakes           Accepted           %Accepted                                               76%

                        FY06 FY07         FY06 FY07            FY06 FY07
                                                                                                                                                           Below 100%
Family Law               267    292        147     183         55%    63%            Top Neighborhoods Served                                                 50%
Housing Law              200    201        132      117        66%    58%
Expungement/Sealing/     216    190        155     177         72%    93%
Criminal Defense        256       284      91        98         36%    35%                                                                    1. Near North Side
                                                                                                                                              2. Austin
Help Desk Cases         1312     3428     1312      3428       100%   100%                                      12                            3. Humboldt Park
Total                   2251     4395     1837      4003        82%    91%                          2      3             1                    4. Chatham
                                                                                                                                              5. Roseland
                                                                                                           11                                 6. Garfield Park
                                                                                                                                              7. Pullman
                                                                                                                                              8. Back of the Yards
             Individuals Served, FY03 - FY07                                                                         8
                                                                                                                                              9. Auburn Gresham
          5000                                                                                      6
                                                                                                                                              10. Douglas
                                                                                                                                              11. North Lawndale
                                                       4,003                                                         9                        12. Logan Square
                                                                                                                             5 7


          2000                            1,837
                                                                                Quality Legal Services with Lasting Impact
                                                                                A guiding principle of CGLA is “the aspiration to serve the whole person.”
          1000             567
                 492                                                            CGLA’s Client Support Services Program connects a staff social worker to
                                    471                                         clients needing assistance outside of the realm of their legal case. 41 clients
            0                                                                   received integrated legal aid through the Client Support Services Program
                 FY03    FY04      FY05      FY06     FY07
                                                                                this fiscal year.
Financial Summary                                                                    FY07 Revenue Sources
                                                                                                                                             FY07 Revenue Expenses
                                                                                                                                             Fund Development
FY07 Revenue Expenses to Seek Justice & Mercy
 Answering God’s Call
                                                                                                  13%                                              12%
                                                                                                                    Foundations        Admin/Building
     CGLA supporters contributed nearly $1.4 million in FY07, finishing the                                            35%                  9%
     year in a very strong cash position with increased revenue and expenses and a    In-Kind
     healthy net income. Notably, we received a transformational $130,000 gift
     from residual funds in a banktruptcy proceeding, made possible by Jerold S.
     Solovy of Jenner & Block (listed below in “Other Income”).                      Government
                                                                                         2%                                                                        Program Services
                                                                                                              Individuals                                                79%
                                                                                       Law Firms/                16%
                                                                                      Corporations    Churches
                                                                                          5%            1%

Financial Overview, FY07
                                                                                     Statement of Financial Position, FY07
    Revenue                        FY 2005        FY 2006        FY 2007
                                                                                      Assets                                 Unrestricted        Restricted     TOTAL
    Individuals                     195,279       238,670         219,188             Cash and Cash Equivalents                   374,289          5,000        379,289
    Foundations                     226,258       338,262        474,745              Accounts Receivable                          3,655                         3,655
    Law Firms & Corporations         66,312        80,582         73,940              Grants Receivable - Foundations                              9,667         9,667
    Churches                         18,460        24,445         17,295              Grants Receivable - City of                  14,250                        14,250
    Government                      30,750         29,250         28,500                Chicago
    In-Kind Contributions           280,552       278,505        389,791              Promises to Give                                             89,782        89,782
    Other Income                     47,315       107,5141       182,9552             Prepaid Expenses                             4,595                         4,595
    Total Revenue                  $864,926      $1,097,228     $1,386,414            Property & Equipment                        371,479                       371,479
                                                                                      Total Assets                                $768,268       $104,449       $872,717
    Expenses                       FY 2005         FY 2006       FY 2007              Liabilities and Net Assets             Unrestricted                       TOTAL
    Program Services               646,370          773,338       971,004             Accounts Payable                             12,218                       $12,218
      Admin/Building                62,033           71,283       109,967             Accrued Expenses                             10,079                        10,079
      Fund Development              86,364          120,179       155,031             Loans Payable
    Total Expenses                 $794,767        $964,800     $1,236,002               Current Portion                           17,685                        17,685
    Change in Net Assets            70,159          132,428       130,412                Long-Term Portion                        255,578                       255,578
Notes:                                                                                Total Liabilities                           $295,560                      $295,560
    Includes one-time Mayer Brown gift of $50,000
    Includes one-time cy pres award in the amount of $130,000                         Net Assets - Beginning of Year              323,798         122,947       446,745
                                                                                      Total Net Assets - End of Year              472,708         104,449       577,157
Source: Audited Financial Statements (FY05, FY06, & FY07), by Rosalie J.
Friedlin LTD., Certified Public Accountants. Copies available from CGLA upon          Change in Net Assets                        148,910         (18,498)      130,412
                                                                                      Total Liabilities & Net Assets              $768,268       $104,449       $872,717
Funding                                                                                     Matching Gifts                                 in-kind contributors
                                                                                            PepsiCo Foundation                 $1,000      Morgan Lewis & Bockius
  A host of generous individuals and organizations enable us to offer free                  Peoples Energy                     $1,000      Jenner & Block
  legal services to thousands of impoverished Chicagoans. On behalf of                      The Chicago Community Trust          $300      Quantum Advertising & Design
  all of our clients, we would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all                Microsoft Giving Campaign            $300      Lisa M. Dietlin & Associates
  those who so generously supported the work of Cabrini Green Legal                         ELD Associates                       $250      The Blue Man Group
  Aid Clinic in Fiscal Year 2007!                                                           Fannie Mae Foundation                 $50      Mays Photography
                                                                                                                                           The Golden Triangle
                                                                                                                                           Telchar Systems, Inc.
foundations                                      Law firms                                                                                 McDermott Will & Emery
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago $160,545      Sidley Austin                  $11,000                                                    Foley & Lardner
Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois        $75,000    Katten Muchin Rosenman          $7,500                                                    Jones Day
Illinois Equal Justice Foundation     $60,100    Mayer Brown                     $6,750                                                    Mayer Brown
Chicago Bar Foundation                $30,300    Jones Day                       $5,500                                                    DLA Piper
Polk Bros. Foundation                 $30,000    Hoogendoorn & Talbot            $5,400
Public Welfare Foundation             $25,000    Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione    $5,000
Tyndale House Foundation              $25,000    Jenner & Block                 $5,000    Jasmine
Illinois Bar Foundation                $15,000   Kirkland & Ellis               $5,000    When Jasmine was in her 20’s, she developed a crack addiction that lasted over
Amicus Foundation                     $10,000    Morgan Lewis & Bockius         $5,000
                                                                                          a decade. Due to her addiction, her life spun out of control. She was unable
Field Foundation                      $10,000    Sonnenschein                   $3,000
CAFLS                                   $8,000   Winston & Strawn               $3,000
                                                                                          to work, spent her days on the streets, and acquired a criminal record common
Public Interest Law Initiative          $8,000   Seyfarth Shaw                   $2,500   to that of an addict – a number of possession and prostitution charges. Most
Christian Legal Society                 $5,000   Chapman & Cutler               $2,000    devastating to her, she also lost custody of her four children, who were taken
Hewitt Associates Foundation            $5,000   Holland & Knight                $1,000   away by DCFS.
Out of the Box Foundation               $5,000   Jay Paul Deratany & Associates $1,000
Equal Justice America                   $2,000   Mauck & Baker                     $500   Seven years ago, Jasmine hit rock bottom and realized she needed to get clean.
Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing     $800                                            She started treatment, and has remained sober since 2000. She started a job at
                                                                                          a fast food restaurant, got her GED, and enrolled in school to become a Certi-
Government                                                                                fied Nurse’s Assistant. Notably, she was able to regain custody of her children,
                                                 Corporations                             demonstrating that she had successfully set her life back on track. Unfortunate-
City of Chicago, Dept. of Housing    $28,500     Integra Bank                  $2,000
                                                 Chicago Bears                 $1,000     ly, her record was the one remaining piece of her past life that was still standing
                                                 Forensicon                    $1,000     in her way.
Churches/Universities                            The Golden Triangle           $1,000
College Church                        $5,400
                                                 Morgan Stanley                $1,000     Jasmine came to CGLA’s Expungement Help Desk because she was unable to
Fourth Presbyterian Church            $5,000
                                                 Redeemed Partners             $1,000     find work due to her background. CGLA helped Jasmine file for a health care
LaSalle Street Church                 $2,580
                                                 Navigant Consulting             $800     waiver, enabling her to start work as a CNA. CGLA also filed a petition to seal
Grace Lutheran Church                 $2,500
                                                 C2 Publishing                   $750     Jasmine’s record, representing her in court to demonstrate to the judge that
Church of the Three Crosses             $665
                                                 The Alford Group                $250     she had improved her life and should no longer be held back by the mistakes of
Winnetka Presbyterian Church            $250
Spring Arbor University                 $100                                              her past. The judge agreed, granting Jasmine’s petition. She is now gainfully
                                                                                          employed as a CNA and has applied for school to become a registered nurse.
                                                                                          She remains active in Narcotics Anonymous and has a stable home and family
List of Contributors (July 1, 2006-June 30, 2007)                                          Louis R. Carlozo
                                                                                           Michael Cascino
                                                                                                                          Terrence Norton
                                                                                                                          David & Susan Oliveira
                                                                                                                                                         Stanley G. Buford
                                                                                                                                                         Walter Burnett
 CGLA Leadership Society      Gail Kim                     Stephen & Amanda Hall           Ivan Cegur                     Christian & Jennifer Poland    Rob Burton
 $5,000 - $15,000             Hugh & Nancy Magill          Case & Pat Hoogendoorn          Sherrie Chapman                Jerry & Mary Post              Frank & Carolyn Campbell
 James & Virginia Archer      Michael & Susan Mosher       Carl & Elaine Johnson           James & Marge Chesney          Rebecca D. Ray                 Terrence Carden
 Charles & Isabel Hughes      David & Kathy Neely          Tim & Kelly Johnson             Paula J. Clark                 Neville Reid                   Molly Carpenter
 Charles & Mary Jackson       Robert & Beth Niewijk        Tom & Virginia Johnson          Marla Cobb                     Brett Rousch                   Joseph Catalano
 John & Dawn Koch             Catherine & Cary Northup     Timothy & Margaret Jo Klenk     Lisa Colpoys                   Charis Runnels                 Ashwin Cattamanchi
 Ed & Ann Mason               Rev. Charles Rogers          Chuck & Patricia Larson         Kenneth & Robin Cozette        Frank & Karen Schneider        Len Cavise & Susan Kaplan
 Timothy & Deborah Melton     Courtney Rosen               Evans Legros                    Mark Darlington &              Edward & Sarah Schoenbaum      James & Rachel Chapman
 Jeff & Karin Meyer           Michael & Phyllis Ryan       Ronald Marmer                     Sarah D. Claassen            Jill & Peter Schwartz          Leland & Wilberta Chinn
 William & Sabra Reichardt    Cathy & John Sanders         Ann McKenzie &                  Melissa & Jayson De Vries      Andrew Shaw                    Thomas & Marilee Clausing
 Donald & Jo Ann Soderquist   Eugene & Faith Schoon          John Wischnewsky              Charles & Karen Dhyanchand     Evan Siegel                    Megan K. Coleman
 Christ & Cynthia Stacey      Susan Schwartz               Flynn McRoberts                 Lanier Dudley                  Percy Smith & Betty Eng        Phyllis Cozzola
 Terrence & Laura Truax       Mark & Jennifer Soderquist   James Melia &                   Elaine Filus                   Adam Stanley                   Marc & Tracy Crisenbery
 Daniel & Mary Wilkening      Jerold S. Solovy               Sandra Hoogland               Michelle Fisher                Sandra Storey & Alan Roche     Robert & Elizabeth Crowe
 Anonymous                    Brad & Diane Stevens         Richard & Karen Michaels        Hillel M. Frankel              Paul Stroka                    Dennis & Nancy Dassoff
                              Jeremy & Christian Taylor    Charles Middleton               Cary & Joan Gaan               Jerome Stromberg               James & Janis Devany
$2,500 - $4,999               Mark & Carol Taylor          R. Dennis Rasor &               Bridget Gainer &               Jason & Pam Sullivan           Adolfo & Sandra Diaz
Bernice P. Brandel            Margaret Taylor                Danae Prousis                   Dennis Kibby                 David Swanlund                 Renaldo Dixon
Frank & Janice Cicero         Doug Van Tress               Larry Raymer &                  John Griffith &                Kathryn Tack                   J. William & Virginia Doerksen
David & Denise Cohen          Joyce Vander Molen &           Gayl Carpenter                  Katharine Wark               David & Rebecca Taylor         Sam Dotzler
Martin & Vanessa Hayden         Jim Cook                   Larry & Sandy Reed              Debra & Kevin Grigg            Megan Turnball                 James Dykehouse
Christian Kemnitz &           Timothy & Bee-Lan Chan       Eric Reeves                     Michael & Mary Hamblet         Dianna Uchida & Roy Coleman    Bill & Lynette Ebel
  Julie Moody                   Wang                       David Reynolds &                Mark Harada & Deb Webb         Christopher Udry &             Johnetta Edwards
Dale & James Riemersma        Robert Watson                  Stacy French Reynolds         Bob & Janet Helman               Barbara O’Brien              Danuta Ehrlich
Sven & Julie Sykes            Betsy Wilson &               Robert & Elizabeth Richardson   Donna & Terry Hendrickson      Robert & Jane Vallin           Ben Ekelund
Roger & Maria Vander Werf        Per Jacobson              Rob Sansom & Scott Ashley       Kurt Hill                      Rachel Vander Griend           Robin Emmans
                              Janet Ytterberg              Richard & Judy Sawdey           John Hobbs                     Richard & Emily Voit           Margaret Esp
$1,000 - $2,499               Anonymous                    Roger & Lynne Tarras            Kathleen A. Hodgman            Daniel & Sally Wagenmaker      Carlos Estes
Bill & Jane Acton                                          Billy Thomas                    Charles Hogren                 Kenneth Watson                 Matthew Eyerman
Robert B. Acton               $500 - $999                  William & Susan Untereker       Skye & Amanda Jethani          Greta Weathersby               Tim & Maureen Fagan
David L. Bea                  John Adams & Grace Shaw      Sarah Vander Werf               June Kanner                    Donald & Ruth Whittaker        Christopher Fain
Duane & Helen Binns           Kimball & Karen Anderson Catherine & Warren Wallace          Philip & Lisa Kepler           James & Cheryl Wilkes          Connie Farmer
Dale & Charlie Branda         Stephen & Susan Bisgeier     Bennet & Stephanie Wang         Nesheba Kittling               Cheryl Zminda & Kevin Davey    Russ & Suellyn Felker
Cheryl Burton                 Jim & Noel Blackburn         Kimberly Washington             Matt Knight & Sandy Rathbun    Anonymous                      Ted & Trinaka Finger
Posh & Michelle Charles       Brad & Carrie Brasser        Francis Wolfe                   Robert Kohl & Clark Pellett                                   David Flowers
Bob & Rachel Cockrell         Christopher & Ami Campbell Bob & Anne Woodson                Andrew Konchan                 Up to $200                     Katharine M. Friedman &
Douglas Colber &              Herbert & Carol Carlburg     Anonymous                       Matt Lashey                    Alicia Alvarez                   Richard Greenberg
  Bethany Graham-Colber       Daniel Cherry                                                Joseph & Allison Lombardo      Lauren Anderson                David & Lori Gee
Robert & Isabel Curley        Stewart Clarke &             $200 - $499                     Henri & Arlynn Manasse         Reginald & Doris Andrews       Reynold & Jennette Gottlieb
Jay Paul Deratany               Mary Margaret Bartley      Steven Adell                    Vickie May & William Burdine   Jenell Austin &                David & Karyn Graham
Deanna Finley                 Robert Clearfield            David & Jean Allen              James & Lynn McClure             Randal D. Sconyers           Everett L. Green
Brian Heckler &               Charles Cozette              Gary & Valerie Anderson         Charles McMahon                Nat & Lois Barnard             Victor Grimm &
  Coley Gallagher             Lindsey Dates                Rishi Arora                     Sharon Minarik                 Vincent & Carmen Beckman         Kathleen Grady
Gerald & Becky Haase          Joseph & Paige Dooley        Robert Austin                   Barbara Morris                 Michael & Diane Beemer         Edward Grossman
Nathan Hancock                David & Holly Easterbrook    Frank & Katharine Bixby         David Murad                    Michelle Behnken               Rodmehr Hafezi
Paul & Joanna Hettinga        Peter & Cyrese Erickson      Greta & Richard Bowe            Dawn Clark Netsch              Kristin Bradley                Bill & Lynn Hall
Keith & Sandra Johnson        Christopher & Elizabeth Fung Michael Brody & Libby Ester     Kirk Nielson &                 Teresa Brinati & Clay Wilson   Karen Hamilton
Helen Kaminski                David Goodson                Richard & Carol Brook             Carmelene Stornello          Shirley Brunette               Jonathan & Beverly Hancock
Gene Hansen                  David & Valerie Johnson     Kokou Klevor                    Rose Malysiak                 Tabayah Pickett                 Som Snamthong
Joy Harris                   Deloris Johnson             William Knapp &                 David Mann & Leila McGowan    Zenzile Powell                  Erica Soderdahl
Kelli Harsch                 Donald & Louise Johnson       Cheryl Rusnak                 Faith Marshall                Brandi N. Pratt                 Kathryn Spradlin
Kathleen Hartmann            Kara Johnson                Erin Bond Knoska                Rod & Toni Mathews            Guadalupe Preston               James S. Stanhaus
Jeffrey A. Hasterok          Royce & Susan Johnson       Michael Kozubek                 Chrisy Matson &               Jazmine Preston-O’Neill &       Brian A. Stepp
Madalyn Henderson            Tom Johnson                 Jane Lambshead                    Abraham McClurg               Sean O’Neill                  Patricia Steverson
Dan Hetzel                   William & Patsy Johnson     Michelle Lammers                Marisa Matthews               Philip Pulliam                  Eva Stewart
John & Nina Hochevar         Nicee M. Jones              Julie Larson                    Shonda Maupin                 Lubaina Qaiyumi-Doriwala        Daniel & Caroline Stowell
Rosemary & Tom Hollinger     Shiela Jones                Karl Lauger & Dee Dee Parnell   Joel & Annie May              Patrick Racey & Sheila Murphy   Bruce Strom
Tracey Lamont Holtshirley    Michael & Dorene Jordan     Brandon Lawniczak               Abdi Maya                     Lynne Raimondo &                Stacy Sunderland
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Steven Hunt                    Beth Fulkerson            Richard S. Levenberg &          Kristine & David McKinney     William & Mary                  Vinh Tang
Thomas Hurley                James & Bonnie Kennedy        Patricia Booth                Llewelyn McPherson              Hutchings Reed                Dick & Nancy Temple
Rick Ingram                  Annemarie E. Kill           David Lindner                   Marena McPherson              Omer & Beverly Reese            Jenny Theis
Joan Jackson                 Kevin King                  Frederick Lochbihler            Tara Meadows                  Tim & Barbara Riggenbach        Win Nyunt & May Thin
TiShaunda Jamison            Earl & Kathleen Kirschner   David Luna                      Brian & Kimberly Medaglia     Roxanne Rochester               Earldyne Thomas
Karah Janssen                Charee Kittling &           Gregory & Karen Lyons           Barbara Megginson             Paul & Mary Roloff              Sarah Thomas
Mary Johns                     ArLester Brewer           Victor Macias                   Paul T. Metzger &             Elizabeth Rosenthal             Terri Thomas
                                                                                           Sarah Bradley               Hope Ross                       James & Susan Thompson
                                                                                         Michele Miladinov             Steven & Susan Roy              Dennis Thorn
                                                                                         Clarice Mingo                 Susan Ryan & Jim Morris         Andre Thornton &
                                                                                         Joseph Mole                   Seymour & Marcia Sabesin          Susy Francis-Thornton
 Ronald                                                                                  Pamela Muss                   Natalie Saltiel                 Amanda Toney
 Ronald is a 17 year old with both learning and physical disabilities. A ward            Michael Neller                Father Esequiel Sanchez         Madeline Troche
 of the state, Ronald was brought up by the Department of Children and                   Donna Nelson                  Mark & Elizabeth Sargis         Richard & Connie Turner
                                                                                         Paul & Beverly Nemecek        Rudy & Lucinda Schade           John & Linda Tyson
 Family Services (DCFS), and currently resides with a dutiful if somewhat                Lisa Noller                   George & Molly Schaefer         Marc Ungar & Judy Trombley
 distant aunt. He came to CGLA after being charged with a class X drug                   William & Barbara Norkett     Linda Schmidt & Larry R. Lang   Jed & Melissa Untereker
 offense he claims he did not commit, which left him facing 6 to 30 years                Keith Norman                  Lois Scott                      Robert & Rita Usselman
 in prison.                                                                              Bryan & Renee Oakley          Ted Scudder                     Avena & Thomas Corbett Ward
                                                                                         Robert Ollis                  Bill Shipley                    Cameron & Ruth Ann Webb
                                                                                         James O’Neal &                Carol Shukur & Art Gunther      Robert A. Weinberger
 After examining the facts of the case, it seemed very unlikely that Ronald                Bethsheba Cooper            John Silmon                     Jesse White
 had, in fact, committed the crime. CGLA took the case to trial, calling                 Lois M. Ottaway               Cathy Skala & Mike Hoover       Mark Wight
 witnesses that challenged the police’s version of events. The judge “split              Doug Parton                   Stan Sloan                      Shayna Williams
 the baby,” finding Ronald not guilty of the mandatory penitentiary charge,              Joel & Wanda Pelz             Gloria Smith                    Benjamin Wimmer
                                                                                         Anne Perry                    Jackson C. Smith                Laura & Harold Wright
 but instead guilty of a probationable felony.                                           Rudd & Gail Petrich           Judy Smith                      Sheryl Yarbough
                                                                                         Pablo & Jacqueline Petrozzi   Dr. Kenneth & Gladys Smith      Anonymous
 Not satisfied by what amounted to an unjust and unacceptable compro-
 mise, CGLA presented the court with a somewhat novel motion demand-
 ing a full acquittal. Eight more trips to court, including two visits to cham-
 bers with prosecutors and the judge, led the court to grant the motion
 for acquittal. CGLA is now working to expunge Ronald’s arrest while he
 prepares to start college in the fall.
Volunteers                                                                          Volunteers of the Year
 Coming Together to Tranform Lives                                                  Attorney Volunteer of the Year
 CGLA helps bring disparate worlds together through our volunteer program,          Dan Hetzel began volunteering at CGLA as an intake volunteer during the sum-
 which offers opportunities for attorneys, law students, and others to serve our    mer of 2006. From the outset, he showed great enthusiasm in his work on behalf
 clients. In FY07, 398 volunteers contributed a record 9,869 hours of pro           of CGLA clients. Dan was quickly identified as an extremely adept intake volun-
 bono service to over 4,000 clients, potential clients, and help desk visitors,     teer and one on whom CGLA attorneys can rely. He eagerly expanded his volun-
                                                                                    teer commitment by progressing through the volunteer program, moving from
 the equivalent of $389,791 in services rendered.
                                                                                    civil and criminal intakes on to jail intakes, clemency intakes, case assistance, and
                                                                                    ultimately to handling CGLA criminal defense cases on his own. He dedicated
                                                                                    over 160 hours of volunteer service to CGLA in FY 2007.
                                                                                    Law Student Volunteer of the Year
                                         10000                              9,869
                                            10000                                   Robert Augenlicht began his involvement at CGLA as an Expungement Help Desk
                                                                    8,162           volunteer in February of 2006. He has since dedicated over 115 hours of volun-
   Volunteer Hours

                                          8000              7,834
                                                                                    teer service to CGLA and our clients. Always eager to assist, Robert is a volunteer
                                            6000    5,553                           who can be depended on to step in at the last minute and assist CGLA’s clients.
                                                                                    He is an extremely knowledgeable Help Desk worker, and his professionalism and
                                            4000                                    dedication enable him to provide thorough assistance to each help desk visitor he
                                          2000                                      serves.

                                               0                                    Volunteer of the Year
                                                     FY04   FY05
                                                             FY05   FY06
                                                                     FY06   FY07
                                                                                    Cate Northup first became aware of CGLA’s work at the 2005 Annual Benefit and
                                                                                    began volunteering by assisting the development team. Through her extensive
                                                                                    breadth of volunteer tasks and contribution of over 100 volunteer hours, Cate has
                                                                                    become an integral part of CGLA’s fundraising activities. Director of Develop-
                                                                                    ment Tim Wallace says, “Cate is the perfect volunteer. She cares deeply about jus-
          Clients Served by Volunteers

                                          4000                              4,073   tice, and she delivers on her promises every time. She has contributed to almost
                                                                                    every major development task in the last two years.”

                                            2000                    1,837
                                                     517     592
                                                     FY04   FY05
                                                             FY05   FY06
                                                                     FY06   FY07

                                                                                                 Pictured, from left to right: Rob Acton (Executive Director),
                                                                                                 Dan Hetzel, Cate Northup, Robert Augenlicht, and Kevin
                                                                                                 Krainz (Volunteer Coordinator)
List of Volunteers                                                                               Steve Malina
                                                                                                 Daniel Mallon
                                                                                                 Alexander Mann
                                                                                                                     Natalene Ong
                                                                                                                     Tom Pacey
                                                                                                                     Charles Paradis
                                                                                                                                         Chris Rizzo
                                                                                                                                         Jonathan Rosemeyer
                                                                                                                                         Seth Rosenberg
                                                                                                                                                              Rob Stutz
                                                                                                                                                              Jeffrey Swatzell
                                                                                                                                                              Duvol Thompson
50+ Hours              Aisha Bunton              Jimmy Lee Ramsey          Brandon Dodgen        Quincy Maquet       Danielle Parisi     Sandy Ruiz           JaLyn Tiffany
Robert Augenlicht      Nancy Zarate Byrd         Srikant Reganti           Jake Downing          Kara Martin         William Patterson   David Saunders       Amy Tobagi
Theresa Buskey         Christina Catalano        David Rokicki             Kevin Dreher          Michaelene Martin   Ryan Patton         Linsey Schoemehl     Sammie L. Turner
Joan Escoto            Melissa Celeste           Brandi Sanders            Harry Dubnick         Steve Massie        Rick Pearl          Eric Schwab          Rachel Vander Griend
Dan Hetzel             Kyong Hun Chung           Meredith Schmitt          Jason Dyme            Vera McDonnell      Mike Persoon        Kent Sezer           Shaun VanHorn
Lori Koziana           Jennifer Cless Zehr       Tim Jon Semmerling        Harris Eisenberg      Kristine McKinney   Suresh Pillai       Peter Shaw           Andrew Vaughn
Samantha Malusky       Caitlin Cline             Sean Southern             Jacqueline Fellows    Philip Miscimarra   Jane Polansky       Peter Sheldon        Truong Vu
Joe Martin             Sylvia Coulon             Emma Sullivan             Steve Flores          Charles Mitchell    Catherine Pollina   Diane Shelleby       Mark Wallace
Beth Murphy            Debbie Davidson           Lorraine Tong             John Frederick        Marisa Nachman      Elizabeth Pozolo    Mary Kay Siebert     William Walther
John New               Lisa Dunsky               Sandra Vasher             Koh Fujimoto          Cheryl Nelson       Brandi N. Pratt     Melanie Sillas       Stuart Weg
Cate Northup           Anne E. Duprey            Gretchen Vetter           Joshua Gad-Harf       Glenn Newman        Eve-Lyn Rapp        Judy Smith           Julie Wenell
Kisuk Paek             Val-Jean Durr             Megan Wachspress          Laura Geiger          Nona Nolet          Rebecca D. Ray      Branden Smythe       Matt Wernz
Matthew Pavlak         Robert Felker             Ashley Wagner             Amy Ginger            Daniel Novellano    Connie Reinhard     Amanda Sonneborn     Lesa Whittington
Robin Stadler          Paul Freehling            Margaret Wakelin          Jonathan Goldman      Emma Nowacki        Gary Reynolds       Ty Sorrell           Susan Wyse
Grey Alexandra Tanzi   David Fuller              Jessica Walker            Everett L. Green      Allison Nugeut      Susan Rider         Brandon Spurlock     Sheila York
Jeremy M. Taylor       Hannah Valdez Garst       Matthew Walter            Ashley Griffith       Rebecca Nunemaker   Kevin Ridley        Kirstin Stevens      Lee Zeidman
                       Tracey Guerin             Lauren Wojtowicz          John Griffith         Ginger Odom
25-49 Hours            Jamie Haney               Prathima Yeddanapudi      Maher Haddad
Jim Archer             Kyle Hartman                                        Kristen Harney
Julie Atkins           Matthew Hofmeister        Up To 10 Hours            Megan Harrington
Michael Bartholomy     Thomas Holden             Fadia Akrabawi            Brendan Harris
Susie Chang            Elizabeth Holladay        Andy Anderson             Barry Hartstein
Justin Chi             Victoria Holland          Ryan Andrews              Jared Hasten
Elizabeth M. Dries     David Holtermann          Diane Aniolowski          Tim Havlir
Connie Farmer          Jennifer Hrycyna          Rebecca Ashcraft          Celona D. Hayes
Benjamin Findley       Stephen Hsu               Mimi Bahcall              Seth Herkowitz
Max Green              Kavitha Janardhan         Margaret Balsley-Cross    Matt Hernandez       Dennis
Paul Haidle            Candice Jennings          Sylvia Bateman            Trang Hoang
Sarah Kirberg          Bethany Johnson           Scott Beech               Bridget Howard       Dennis has two children, aged nine and five. He and the mother of the
Kevin Kress            Wanda Johnson             Laura Bennett             Esther Huang         children had worked out an informal visitation schedule that enabled both
Autumn Leslie          Stephanie Jones           Kimberly Berg             Hsienjan Huang
Joseph Lombardo        Molly Joyce               Rick Bernet               Charles Hughes       of them to be a part of their children’s lives. When Dennis started dating
Julia Loper            Julian Kirshner           Sofia Biller              Emily Inskeep        a new girlfriend, however, the children’s mother promptly prevented all
Patrick Lynch          John Koltse               Beth Black                Darice Irons
Susy Masih             David Kraut               Ellie Blevins             Alison Jenkins
                                                                                                contact between Dennis and their kids.
Sharone Mitchell       Katherine Lee             Kiley Bonk                Robert Johnson
Michael Nitido         Serena Lee                Molly Boren               Heidi Jund           The mother insisted that she would not permit Dennis to see the
Dale Riemersma         Agnieszka Lukoszczyk      Jeanne Brown              Avani Kamdar
Tyler Roeger           Sandra Makowka            April Bryant              Erin Kennedy         children because she did not like his “parenting style” and felt that Dennis
Jordan Russell         Rebecca Matthews          Pam Bullock               Kelly Kennedy        was allowing his new paramour to parent the children. Dennis valued his
Richard Sawdey         Elizabeth Mazur           Ami Campbell              Carli Kierny         relationship with his children, and came to CGLA seeking to protect it.
Frank Schneider        Raymond McMurtry          Sarah Cane                Andrew Kim
Gerald Skoning         Connie Milligan           Stephanie Christiansen-   Gail Kim
Daniel Szrom           Tony Neuhoff                Larocco                 Katie King           CGLA affirmed Dennis’ parental rights in court and acted as mediators to
Paula Williams         Michael Obernesser        Tiffany Clements          Blase Kornacki
Shermon P. Williams    Stephen O’Connor          Christina Coleman         Sapna Lalmalani
                                                                                                establish a written visitation schedule for Dennis. With a written schedule
Betsy Wilson           Elizabeth O’Halloran      Daniel B. Concannon       Jenny Lauth          in place, Dennis now has regular visitation with his children.
                       Deborah Osei-Agyeman      Devin Connolly            Chris Letkewicz
10-24 Hours            Gretchen Paine            Nilay Dalal               Renee Lewis
DeVan Ard              Chris Pashler             Vivek Dave                Jessica Lienau
Jonathan Beato         Bindiya Patel             Gregory Demo              Grace Lim
Phillip Brigham        Jazmine Preston-O’Neill   Michael Derksen           Kristen Lukaszak
Summer Brown           Susanne Pringle           Deidre Desideri           Justin Maleson
Governance                                                              Advice and Counsel
                                                                        CGLA’s Advisory Board members are interpreters and promoters of the
CGLA is governed by an independent Board of Directors that meets
                                                                        organization among member constituencies and the public. Members
six times per year. Board members receive no monetary compensation.
                                                                        advise and assist the Executive Director and Board of Directors in
Board terms are three years.
                                                                        matters concerning CGLA’s services and relationships between CGLA
FY07 Board of Directors                                                 and the community.
Chair         David Fuller, Accenture                                   FY07 Advisory Board
Vice-Chair    Greta Bowe, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren
                                                                        Chair         Charles C. Jackson, Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Treasurer     Christian T. Kemnitz, Katten Muchin Rosenman
                                                                                      James Archer, Sidley Austin (retired)
Secretary     Courtney A. Rosen, Sidley Austin
                                                                                      Melissa Hoogendoorn DeVries, Hoogendoorn & Talbot
Exec. Comm.   Jeremy M. Taylor, Jenner & Block                                        Rep. Ken Dunkin, Illinois House of Representatives
                                                                                      Charles V. Hogren, Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic (retired)
              John Adams, Kelly IT Services                                           Charles S. Hughes, Chapman & Cutler
              Brenda Asare, The Alford Group                                          C. John Koch, Jenner & Block
              David L. Bea, Law Offices of David L. Bea                               Timothy J. Melton, Jones Day
              Posh Charles, Northwestern Memorial Hospital                            Eric Reeves, Duchossois Industries, Inc.
              David Cohen, Law Offices of David T. Cohen & Associates                 N. Neville Reid, Mayer Brown
              Timothy Johnson, Phil Vischer Enterprises                               Dale Riemersma, AFS Intercultural Programs (retired)
              Nesheba Kittling, Fisher & Phillips                                     Dr. Kenneth B. Smith, The Chicago Community Trust
              Edwin Mason, Foley & Lardner                                            Rev. Laura Truax, LaSalle Street Church
              Father Esequiel Sanchez, Mary Queen of Heaven                           Terrence J. Truax, Jenner & Block
              Christ Stacey, Law Office of Christ S. Stacey
                      CGLA Staff
                 Robert B. Acton, Executive Director
          Darryl Apperton, Director of Family Law Program
        John Benson, Director of Criminal Defense Program
                     Regina Bryan, Staff Attorney
                   JaShawn Cannon, Receptionist
                Maggie Devany, Director of Operations
         Andy Dougherty, Director of Housing Law Program
                    Marissa Gonda, Staff Attorney
Beth Johnson, Director of Expungement, Sealing & Clemency Program
                  Dierdre Johnson, Client Specialist
                Kevin Krainz, Volunteer Coordinator
         Joyce Lucas, Coordinator of Client Support Services
                     Kate Sharkey, Staff Attorney
                Tim Wallace, Director of Development
             Laura Zumdahl, Associate Executive Director

         Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic
                 206 W. Division
               Chicago, IL 60610
                  (312) 266-1345

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