I WANT TO REGISTER; NOW WHAT by patrickoquinn



This lesson will:
   1. Make the students comfortable with the voter registration
       process and the options available for voting.
   2. Familiarize students with the wealth of assistance and
       information available to them for both voter registration and
   3. Bring students into contact with the form they will use.
   4. Increase the likelihood that at age 18 the students will
       choose to exercise their elective franchise, the right to vote.

               Handout for students
               Internet access for students
               Optional: Mail-in Voter Registration Forms for students

The student lesson is formed as a self-guided tutorial search through the Mail-In Voter
Registration Form. The students are directed to find the accompanying voter registration
form for this activity (www.vote.wa.gov, click on Register to Vote). They will have a
choice of the language they want to use. Students will also need to access the “Online
Voter Registration” page.

You have the option of downloading and printing a hard copy of the two-page form for
each student ahead of time. It is desirable that they navigate the web themselves to find
the form so they become comfortable with the process.

You must decide if this lesson is to be done solo or in tandem with other students. The
optimum for self-tutorials of this nature is probably two students working in collaboration
with each other. Direct the students to write their answers on the lesson pages as they
proceed through the questions.

A special note to emphasize with students: it used to be that registering to vote was
your ticket into the pool of potential jurors, so it kept some eligible voters from
registering so they would avoid jury duty. This is no longer the case and not a viable
reason not to register to vote. The Legislature changed the law several years ago. Now,
not only is the jury pool drawn from the voter registration database, but also from driver
license and ID card applications with the State Department of Licensing.

c868e6c7-5ca4-4be0-8abd-e756affe6a6c.doc 2008 - 1 -          Office of the Secretary of State
    1. What are the State Voter Hotline phone numbers?
    2. Besides contacting their county elections department, the public can
        receive election information by calling (800) 448-4881, namely the State
        ___________ _________________.
    3. Contacting your county elections department or County Auditor could not
        be easier since you have the option to use: a) mail, b) fax, c)
        _______________, d) __________, or e) to visit the office _____
    4. Where does someone check their voter registration status to see if they
        have ever registered to vote in Washington?
    5. What is the deadline for registering or transferring a voter registration?
    6. Other than age, there are two conditions must you meet before you can
        register to vote. You must be a citizen of the ________________
        __________, and also a legal resident of _________.
    7. In order to register to vote online, you must have one of two things. What
        are these two things?
    8. Paper registration forms are available in _____________________(a
        number) languages.
    9. On the paper registration form, box number 1 requires you to swear that
        you will be _____________________ and that you are _________________.
    10. Box number 2 requires that you provide your Washington State issued ID
        card number and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number.
        True or False
    11. Boxes 4 and 5 ask for your full name. What do you think you should do if
        you change your legal name?
    12. Boxes 6 and 7 ask for the addresses of the place you live and where you
        get your mail. Why might these be different?
    13. What do you think you should do if you move to a new address across
        town or to a different part of the state?
    14. Every voter should fill out box number 9. True or False
    15. What happens if someone in a county that is not vote by mail checks circle
        in this box?

     1. (800) 448-4881 and (800) 422-8683 TDD/TTY
     2. Voter Hotline
     3. phone, email, or in person
     4. MyVote
     5. 30 days before an election unless it is done in person. The deadline for
     in-person registration is 15 days before an election.
     6. United States; Washington
     7. A valid Washington State driver’s license or state ID card
     8. Eight

c868e6c7-5ca4-4be0-8abd-e756affe6a6c.doc 2008 - 2 -   Office of the Secretary of State
        9. at least 18 years of age on or before Election Day; a citizen of the United
        10. False; you are required to provide one or the other, not both.
        11. Update your voter registration by calling your county elections
        12. Answers vary; E.g. Someone might use a PO Box, someone might be in
        the military, living overseas, or attending college in a different city or state.
        13. Update your voter registration information by calling the county
        elections department.
        14. False; voters who live in a vote by mail county do not fill in box 9.
        15. They will receive absentee ballots for all future elections and will not
        vote at a polling place.

c868e6c7-5ca4-4be0-8abd-e756affe6a6c.doc 2008 - 3 -        Office of the Secretary of State

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