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NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                                                     ZONE PRESS 10.06

It would have been nice if it had happened          had to wait.”                                      “That’s never going to go away,” he said.
in time for this year’s European qualifying
ties, but on October 18th, at a ceremony in         The addition of the Chicago Bulls star should      “That’s just the way we’ve been raised at
Croydon, Luol Deng and his brother Ajou             help Chris Finch’s team in one of their            home. My family, we still remember where
formally became eligible to don national            weaker departments, namely scoring. He             we were born, where we came from.
colours as GB bid for a spot in the 2012            averaged 14.3 points per game in the NBA
Olympics.                                           last season, coming off a wrist injury.            “But this country has been great for us,
                                                                                                       helped us a lot and given us a second chance
“I’m very excited,” said Luol through the           But as Finch had noted the previous week,          at life and me and my brother are both
jetlag caused by an overnight flight from           when the long-awaited news came through            very proud to have the passport and it’s an
Chicago. “We’ve been waiting for a while            that the passports were to be granted, “he         honour that we get
– I’m just happy to have the passport and           has the ability to make those around him           to represent Great
hopefully represent Great Britain.”                 better.”                                           Britain and hopefully
                                                                                                       give something
Luol had played for England at the age of           Deng was born in Sudan but moved, first            back.”
17 under a special dispensation but had to          to Egypt and then to Britain, when the civil
be fully naturalised in order to play for the       war broke out in the African state. Amid the       Welcome on board,
senior team.                                        basketballs and trophies in the family home        guys.
                                                    on south London are mementoes of Africa,
“It’s a process that anybody would have gone        not that Luol would ever forget his roots.
                                                                                                                NBA Photos/
through,” he said. “It wasn’t frustrating, I just                                                               Getty Images

Jimmy “Jumpshot” Smith,                             Words cannot express fully the love and            those in the sports admin team, who ensure
Nottinghamshire County Council                      appreciation I have for the people of the          everything runs smoothly. I thank England
basketball development officer and                  County and City that befriended my brother         Basketball, Mini-Basketball England and all
coach will complete 25 years service on 2           Ron and me all of those years ago and the          the players, coaches, officials, administrators
November 2006.                                      friendships I have made almost everyday            and parents I have worked with.
                                                    of the year, year after year. My life has been
During this time, Jimmy has introduced over         blessed in many ways since I arrived in            “It has been an honour to have taken
44,000 children from every district of the          Nottingham for the first time on December          basketball out to the villages and towns of
County and the City of Nottingham to the            15 1976.                                           the County where it had never been before.
game of basketball.                                                                                    I have said many times before, I am proud to
                                                    “Of course I need to thank everyone who            have lived and worked in Nottinghamshire.
Smith, who was the first full time basketball       made it possible for me to be here. I thank        Nottinghamshire County Council has made a
coach hired by a local authority in England,        God, my family, my teachers, all my coaches        huge impact on Sport right across the board
graduated in 1976 at Loyola College of              (especially my college coaches Nap Doherty         and has enhanced the quality of life in the
Baltimore, Maryland where he achieved               and Tom O’Connor as well as Hall of Fame           County for many, many people. With the 2012
second team All Mason-Dixon Conference              Coach’ Morgan Wooten and Jim Phelan) and           London Olympic Games on the horizon, the
honours - averaging 10.8 points and 10.3            wonderful team mates who inspired me. I            future for basketball
rebounds per game.                                  have always done my best so I would not let        is very exciting. It
                                                    them down.                                         would be great to
In the past two and a half decades, Jimmy has                                                          have basketball
helped the County Council (in partnership           “I thank Nottinghamshire County Council            personnel from
with the basketball community) build a solid        for the opportunity to work in the Sporting        the County in the
foundation and infrastructure for the sport in      County, to strengthen the work of local            Olympic Games!”
Nottinghamshire                                     people who pioneered the game, and
                                                    continue to build the sport into this
Jimmy Jumpshot Smith remarked on his                Millennium. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve
25 years service: “I owe the County a               had great colleagues to support me - not
debt of love I will never be able to repay.         just managers, coaches and players - but

A full weekend of Under 14 Boys                     Fisher were on hand to make the selections.        1st - North West
basketball was held at the National Sports          North West won the title for the second year
Centre in Lilleshall on the 28th & 29th             running, coached by Phil McLoughlin and            2nd - West Midlands
October.                                            John Stainton.                                     3rd - Yorkshire
                                                                                                       4th - London
Players from around the country were                The final was a tough game but the strength
selected by their respective regions to attend      of the North West boys came through beating        5th - East
the event. Standouts at Lilleshall are then         a very good West Midlands team, 49-31.             6th - South East
invited to the regional Area Performance
Centres, from which players for the Under 16        Mike Maddox won the Dave Fisher
                                                                                                       7th - East Midlands
national squads are selected.                       Coaching Award for services to Basketball.         8th - South
                                                                                                       9th - South West
Former Under 16 England Coach Rick                  Across is the ful list of final positions at the
Wooldridrge and Assistant Coach Simon               2006 Lilleshall tournament for Under 14 Boys:      10th - North East.
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                                                                                                             ZONE PRESS 10.06

A New Experience For Muslim Women
In April of this year the Muslim                structured coaching, to grow as players and       aware of the interest in getting involved with
                                                to eventually play for a Muslim women’s           basketball and now here we are putting
Women’s Sport Foundation,                       basketball team.                                  together our aim of taking a basketball team
with the support of England                                                                       to the next Games.”
Basketball, held taster sessions                The level of knowledge of the game varied
                                                among participants and it was obvious             The taster sessions were simply the
in London and Birmingham                        who had and had not previously played             beginning and since these initial taster
where many Muslim girls and                     basketball. The sessions began with an            sessions, more have been held in both
                                                introduction to the basic skills and rules of     cities. The Foundation is also due to arrange
women were able to experience                   the game with the focus being on shooting         sessions in other areas of the country once
basketball for the first time.                  skills. By the end of the session the             the funding and support is obtained.
They were introduced to the fun,                improvement in each and every participant
                                                was clear to see. Many of the participants
fast and frantic pace of the game               expressed their surprise at the fitness
in each of the sessions and were                requirements of the game as well as how
left begging for more by the end                much fun they had during the two hours.

of it.                                          One participant, Aisha, commented: “Having
                                                gone to an all girl school I’d only been taught
Muslim women were invited to get involved       to play netball. I’d never even thought of
with basketball, as well as a number of other   experiencing basketball before this session
sports, with a view to training in order to     was organised and I just thought ‘why not?’ I
make the basketball team that competes for      can’t wait until the next session is organised.
Britain at the Women’s Islamic Games in 2009.   I’m definitely not regretting it – although I
The Games are a four-yearly competition         may in the morning!”
with the same format as the Olympic Games
and indeed endorsed by the IOC. It gives        These sessions were the laying of the
Muslim women a unique opportunity to            foundations on which the first British Muslim
represent their country in the international    women’s basketball team is to be built – the      Photos and report courtesy of the Muslim
arena in surroundings which cater to their      team that is to represent their country at        Women’s Sport Foundation
religious sensitivities. For example, when      the next Women’s Islamic Games in 2009.
athletes are competing in their sport, no       Between now and then the Foundation is
men are allowed and all referees and team       working on increasing participation in
officials are female.                           basketball among Muslim women through an          If you are interested in getting involved with
                                                increased access to the sport.                    the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation you
The participants at the taster sessions         Rimla Akhtar, the Chairperson of the Muslim       can visit their website at
ranged in age and background. In London,        Women’s Sport Foundation, explained: “Until
girls came from all areas of the city and       now the Foundation has concentrated on
others came from as far as Milton Keynes        badminton and futsal (a form of five-a-side
and Slough. In Birmingham, participants         football) simply due to the known interest
came from all over the city and the             in these sports among Muslim women.
surrounding towns. This was a unique            However, since we returned from the
opportunity for Muslim women to receive         Women’s Islamic Games in 2005, we became

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EB COMPETITION                                                      ZONE PRESS 10.06

Start the England
Basketball Season
With a Win!
England Basketball is pleased to open the 2006-07
season with an exciting competition for members.

To promote the launch of NBA 2K7 and the 2006-07
England Basketball season, we are giving EB members
the chance to win the Grand Prize of:

A PlayStation 2 console
A copy of NBA 2K7
And, an NBA jersey of their choice!

There are also four copies of NBA 2K7 to be won as
runners-up prizes. Winners of these may choose which
console they would like the game to be for – XBOX 360,
XBOX, or PlayStation 2.

For your chance to win, please answer
the following question:

Which current Chicago Bulls
forward was recently successful in
obtaining his British passport?

Please send your answer, along with the following

Your England Basketball membership number

Email address, postal address, and phone number

Club (if applicable)

Choice of video game console for Runner-up prize
(XBOX 360, XBOX, or PlayStation 2)

Choice of NBA jersey - should you be the lucky
grand prize winner!

by Friday, 24th November 2006 to Todd Stuart,
England Basketball, EIS-Sheffield, 1st Floor,
Coleridge Road, Sheffield S9 5DA

A random draw will be made to determine the winners shortly after
the competition deadline. Winners will be notified shortly after.
Terms and Conditions: Open to England Basketball members only.
Only one entry per household.
NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                                                   ZONE PRESS 10.06

On Saturday, 2nd September, England Basketball held an Awards Luncheon prior to the 63rd Annual
General Meeting in Northamptonshire. This luncheon celebrated and honoured the many volunteers
throughout England who help ensure the sport is played and enjoyed by our thousands of members.

        EB Annual Awards                            New Volunteer Awards - 2006                       Long Term Service Awards

 Harry Errington Award                               Statistician of the Year                         26-Years Service
 (Volunteer Administrator of the Year)              Chris Booth                                       to Wheelchair Basketball
 Brad Walker (Preston Pride)                        (Derby Trailblazers)                              Gordon Perry (below)
                                                                                                     -Created a resolution
”Brad Walker (pictured below, centre) alone        ”Not only does Chris (pictured below, left)       that allowed
has given up his own time in developing            provide stats for his own club, but he can also   national league
a team of dedicated volunteers and has             be seen at Leicester Riders games providing       players from all
lead this team in producing a Club where           stats at each quarter for the teams on            different disabilties
basketball is seen as an enjoyable team sport      request. He has also trained young people         to compete in the
by all.”                                           on providing this information. He lives and       Paraplegic National
Mark Baker, Preston Pride                          breathes basketball!”                             Games. Further,
                                                   Julia Booth, Derby Trailblazers.                  Perry became the
                                                                                                     first amputee to play
                                                                                                     for Great Britain
                                                                                                     in the 1982 World
                                                                                                     Championships in
                                                                                                     Halifax, Canada.
                                                                                                     - Oversaw
                                                                                                     development of
                                                                                                     almost 40 new
                                                                                                     national league teams, many of which he
                                                                                                     created, through Great Britain
                                                                                                     - Created first Women’s League in 1995.
                                                                                                     - Architect of several national junior leagues.

 John Sage Award                                    Team Manager of the Year                          30-Years National
 (Volunteer Coach of the Year)                      Graham Page                                       Teams Coaching
 Matt Johnson (Reading Rockets)                     (Essex/Herts Leopards)                            Rick Wooldridge (below)

                                                   ”Graham has never failed to turn up to
”Matt is truly a brilliant leader and visionary,   training sessions, even when the coach
with enormous output. He is keen on his own        couldn’t make it and arriving at games all
development and that of those for whom             over the country with a car full of players was
he has responsibility. He has also written         the norm. Through his hard work, patience
a coach’s manual, which he updates with            and dedication, the team formed a very
each person as part of their mentoring             close on and off-court relationship with him.”
programme.”                                        Claire Clark, Essex and Herts Leopards
Jo Bisley, Reading Rockets

 K K Mitchell Award                                 Young Volunteer of the Year
 (Volunteer Official of the Year)                   Ben Fisher
 Andrena Connor                                     (Reading Rockets)
 (Greater Manchester)

”Andrena is an excellent table official in         ”Despite being head coach of Rockets’ U13s        - First appointed as England U17 Men
every way and is always willing to step in at      and assistant coach to our U18s, Ben has          Assistant Coach - June 1976
the last minute if necessary. She has never        only missed one Senior Men’s game all last        - First International: England U17 Assistant
taken a penny for all these games – not even       season. He has often driven to afternoon          Coach v Netherlands, 30/12/76
travelling expenses. I’m delighted she has         away youth games and then driven onto a
received recognition for all her outstanding,      senior game later that same evening – never       International Appearances (England)
untiring, and unassuming efforts for the club.”    seeking financial recompense or accolades.”       Assistant Coach     55
Joe Forber, Greater Manchester Youth BC                                                              Head Coach          122
                                                   Jo Bisley, Reading Rockets

                     England Players of the Year                                                     Greatest Achievement
                                                                                                     Reaching European U16 Finals in 1995
Senior Women                                       Under 18 Men                                      beating Russia and Germany on successive
Andrea Congreaves                                  Joel Freeland
Senior Men                                         Under 16 Girls                                    Most Influenced By:
Jermaine Forbes                                    Georgia Jones                                     “My wife! It would have been impossible to
Under 18 Women                                     Under 16 Boys                                     undertake 30 years of coaching international
                                                                                                     teams without massive backup and stability
Johannah Leedham                                   Matt Williams                                     at home.”
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FEATURE                                                                                   ZONE PRESS 10.06

                               GB FINISH
                               FIRST HURDLE
                               2007 European Championships
                               Division ‘B’ Qualifying Round
                               Great Britain’s men’s and women’s teams
                               both finished with 2 win, 2 loss records in the
                               first leg of the 2007 European Championships
                               Qualifying Round in September.

                               The second leg continues in September 2007
                               when Great Britain will travel to the countries
                               they hosted last month and vice versa. The
                               dates for the second leg games have yet to
                               be confirmed.

                                 Men                                              Women
                                 2006 Roster:                                     2006 Roster:
                                 Eric Boateng, Joel Freeland, Steve               Kate Butters, Leanne Chandler, Stefanie
                                 Hansell, Chris Haslam, Roger Huggins,            Collins, Andrea Congreaves, Louise
                                 Tarick Johnson, Julius Joseph, Perry             Gamman, Meagan Hoffman, Georgia
                                 Lawson, Robert Reed, Nate Reinking,              Jones, Sally Kaznica, Kristy Lavin,
                                 Chris Sanders, Andrew Sullivan, Yorick           Michelle Lender, Kelly McHugh, Rosalee
                                 Williams                                         Mason, Sarah Naylor, Emma Pass, Jo

                                 2 September                                      9 September
                                 Spisska Nova Ves (SVK)                           Tallinn (EST)
                                 Slovak Republic                73                Estonia                     66
                                 Great Britain                  62                Great Britain               72

                                 9 September                                      16 September
                                 Edinburgh (GB)                                   Cardiff (GB)
                                 Great Britain                  63                Great Britain               72
                                 Netherlands                    39                Luxembourg                  50

                                 13 September                                     20 September
                                 Durres (ALB)                                     Sarajevo (BIH)
                                 Albania                        69                Bosnia-Herzegovina          82
                                 Great Britain                  72                Great Britain               51

                                 16 September                                     23 September
                                 Sheffield (GB)                                   Nottingham (GB)
                                 Great Britain                  68                Great Britain               54
                                 Belarus                        69                Portugal                    72

                               Nate Reinking              Chris Finch            Kelli McHugh            Mark Clark
                                                                                                                   Page 06
          All photos D Wearn
NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                                                   ZONE PRESS 10.06

The past couple of months have seen a huge influx of clubs applying         There are now a total
for and becoming successful in achieving Sport England – England            of 54 Clubmark clubs
Basketball Clubmark status.                                                 in the country with
                                                                            many more working
Steve Darlow, Club Development Manager for England Basketball,              towards the award.
said:                                                                       Below are some
                                                                            quotes from clubs
“This season we are delighted to offer clubs increased incentives           who have recently
for the achievement of Sport England - England Basketball                   achieved Sport
Clubmark. The accreditation scheme is certainly making a                    England - England
significant contribution to the development of our sport - increasing       Basketball
participation and raising standards.                                        Clubmark status:
                                                                                                                         Photo by Sefton Basketball Club
“We have been able to increase the funding on offer, in particular to
clubs that focus on increasing female membership in line with FIBA          Havant Basketball Club: “We would like to thank Sam Spare for all
Europe’s Year of Women’s Basketball. The Clubmark 100 scheme                his help in supporting us to achieve our Clubmark Award. This well
goes someway to rewarding the volunteers for all the hard work they         help us to promote our club more widely as well as allow us to access
put in.                                                                     wider funding streams and other benefits through England Basketball
                                                                            and Sport England.”
“In addition we are also offering incentives through the
SCL300 scheme - for schools, and School Sports Partnerships,                Northants Basketball Club (left): “We are delighted to be awarded
that agree formal links with Sport England - England Basketball             Clubmark. It is something we have been working towards for a long
Clubmark clubs. These partnerships are essential in building the            time and is an acknowledgement of the hard work of a large number
foundation of basketball in this country and we are pleased to be able      of dedicated and committed volunteers. We hope this award is an
to recognise them through this scheme.”                                     indication of our aim to become one of, if not the leading junior club
                                                                            in the country.”
                                                  A new addition
                                                  to the Clubmark           Sefton Junior Stars (above): “We are extremely proud to have
                                                  promotional scheme        achieved Clubmark and the three-star accreditation status. It is a
                                                  is the launch of their    definite reflection of both the leadership and teamwork the club have
                                                  new website, http://      undergone in the past few months.”
                                         The site          Eastside Heat: “We are delighted to receive this award. It’s a great
                                                  offers support and        achievement for female basketball and sport in East London. We
                                                  guidance to those         started in March 2004 and achieving Clubmark has really been an
                                                  who are working           important benchmark in our club’s development.”
                                                  towards Clubmark .
Photo by Inprints
                                                                            Guildford Heat: “We feel that the Clubmark Award reflects our
                                                                            desire to provide high quality basketball provision for players of all
“On the new site, there is a listing of all the Clubmark clubs in           ages and abilities.”
England (for all sports) and you can find out what other Clubmark
clubs are up to and hopefully get some fresh ideas. Above all it is         Further information can be found by following this link to England
demonstrating that Clubmark is becoming THE club accreditation              Basketball’s website:
for sport in England and it shows that basketball is part of this bigger
picture - helping to promote quality standards in the delivery of sport     d=46
to young people,” said Darlow.

RAF Jnr Officiating Programme                                               EB Equality Standard Update
As part of the RAF sponsorship        further involved in officiating in    England Basketball’s                 any under-represented groups.
of the EBL Youth Basketball           their local areas.                    commitment to equality has
Leagues, we will continue the                                               been recognised with the             Extensive work has been
initiative of running a Junior        Mentors will be available to          notification of the achievement      undertaken to establish strong
Officiating Award Scheme for          encourage and give advice. The        of the Foundation level of the       links with equity organisations
the 2006-07 season.                   programme will culminate with         Equality Standard - A Framework      and to identify the barriers that
                                      some of the qualified level 2         for Sport.                           may discourage participation.
The RAF Junior Officiating            officials refereeing in this year’s
Award Scheme has been set up          RAF Final Fours for the U13/          The purpose of the Equality          England Basketball will continue
to encourage young basketball         U14/U15 age groups, alongside         Standard is to assist sport          to work to increase participation
players to get involved in other      more experienced referees.            organisations to break down          and to progress through the
areas of the sport apart from                                               barriers that may prevent            Equality Standard levels.
playing.                              If you or your club are               participation by all and to
                                      interesting in running an RAF         ensure that their sport is
We are in the process of              Level 1 referees course, please       totally inclusive. To achieve
organising clinics across             contact simon.unsworth@               the Foundation level, England
England to enable U16 – U18  for           Basketball has demonstrated a
players gain their Level 1            further information.                  commitment to equality at all
refereeing Award. 20 of the                                                 levels of the organisation. We
attendees from the clinics will       Candidates would need to be           have also ensured that our Equal
then be selected to take their        between the ages of 15 – 19 and       Opportunities and Equity Policy
Level 2 award and all attendees       affiliated to England Basketball.     has been updated, as well as
will be encouraged to become                                                completing an audit to identify
                                                                                                                                            Page 07
FEATURE                                                                   ZONE PRESS 10.06

          Be fighting fit for the start of
          the new season with the RAF
          Being fit is more than being able to run long       week. To make sure you are doing it correctly,
          distances or lift heavy weights. It’s about be-     each exercise has a video clip of RAF person-
          ing able to work effectively when you’re tired      nel showing you the best way to perform
          and to think clearly in stressful situations – in   each workout. It isn’t a massive time commit-
          the RAF, you are expected to do this.               ment so you can include it in your basketball
                                                              training and fit it around your studies.
          That’s why every RAF base has a whole
          range of sports to choose from, so getting fit,     Get fit using your mobile
          staying fit, and having fun while you do, is
          easy. Sport is a central part of life in the RAF.   If you’re on your lunch break at school or
          It’s a great way to build team-working and          chilling out with mates and can’t get access
          leadership skills, keep fit and get to know         to a computer, there’s an option to see your
          colleagues that you don’t normally work with.       fitness programme on your mobile phone -
          There are teams and training facilities for         so it’s accessible to you no matter where you
          everything from basketball to windsurfing,          are or what you are doing!
          and RAF staff take part at every level, from
          fun right through to representing Great Brit-       Why not give it a go? It’s free and doesn’t
          ain at the Olympics or coaching our athletes.       require any expensive equipment or gym
                                                              membership. Not only will it help prepare
          Why not rise to the challenge                       you to get as fit as an RAF recruit, it will also
          and get fit the RAF way?                            increase your stamina and concentration lev-
                                                              els when training and playing basketball!
          The Royal Air Force has re-vamped its ‘Rise to
          the Challenge’ website –         We all know that exercise is vital when play-
          - to include a brand new fitness programme          ing basketball, but taking care of your diet
          designed to help young people prepare for           is just as important too. In the Healthy Living
          the ‘Pre-joining Fitness Test - an important        section you’ll find useful advice about eating
          part of the RAF selection process. Provid-          the right foods and which ones to avoid!
          ing advice on fitness and nutrition, includ-
          ing specially designed interactive fitness          Go to, click on ‘Next
          programmes, the standard training plans and         Steps’ and find a Fitness Programme to get
          tips can be followed at home.                       you into shape!

          Your personal trainer
          From press-ups to running exercises, the
          online fitness programme allows you to see
          your personalised programme week-by-

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    Get Qualified
Have you ever thought of becoming a coach or an official? Coaching and
officiating courses are held regularly around the country from the beginner
level up to the most advanced stages.

Listed below are the courses being held across the country for both coaching and officiating
in the next few weeks. All courses are led by fully qualified England Basketball tutors, come
with manuals (some with logbooks) and upon successful completion, students are awarded a

Information is updated regularly on the England Basketball website, so to find a course in your
area, please log onto:

Coaching Courses
Date                         Award                         Location

4 & 11 Nov                  Level 1                      Carlisle
Contact: Emily Hartwell, 0228 817581,

4/5 Nov                    Level 1                     Bedford
Contact: Gemma Dilnutt, 01234 793441,

4 & 18 Nov                 Level 1                    Birmingham
Contact: Anna Simpson, 0121 4142274,

4/5 Nov                      Level 1                   Wirral
Contact: Lisa Graves, 07990 800724,

5 & 12 Nov                  Level 1                     Leeds
Contact: Sam Parker, 0113 2837155,

11 & 18 Nov                Level 1                         Sheffield
Contact: Ryan Amos, 0114 2255765,

11/12, 18/19 & 25 Nov      Level 2                    Bedford
Contact: Gemma Dilnutt, 01234 793441,

11/12 Nov                    Level 1                       Manchester
Contact: Sergio Lara-Bercial, 0161 8810090,

12 & 19 Nov               Level 1                          Loughborough
Contact: Coaches Administrator, 01509 554460

18 & 19 Nov                 Level 1                     Cambridge
Contact: Sally Stanhope, 01223 457543,

19 & 26 Nov, 2/3 Dec        Level 3                      Stockport
Contact: John Brady, 0161 4802223,

25/26 Nov                     Level 1                      Sheffield
Contact: Julie Eborall, 0114 2735903,

Officiating Courses
Date                         Award                         Location

4/5 Nov                    Level 2 Referee            Southampton
Contact: Mark Byrne, 07736 283642,

5 Nov                      Level 2 Table Official     Southampton
Contact: Mark Byrne, 07736 283642,

5 Nov                        Level 1 Referee             High Wycombe
Contact: Jade Ilke, 01494 550286 or 07730 605564,

18/19 Nov                    Level 2 Referee              Isle of Man
Contact: Trudi Crellin, 01624 826119,

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NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                                                    ZONE PRESS 08.06

Arguably the greatest basketball player          annual game featuring some of the best               biggest cheer of the day and ultimately, the
ever to grace the court, Michael Jordan,         young talent from around the basketball              honour to play in New York City next year in
made a brief appearance in London                world.                                               the 2007 Jordan classic.
recently on a promotional tour of Europe
- one of his stops was basketball’s best-        He arrived in Brixton during the second half         This is a remarkable opportunity for the
known breeding ground in England,                of a game where the MVP would be a lucky             young London native, who will eventually
Brixton Recreation Centre.                       person from England to participate in next           take the stage that other greats such as
                                                 year’s game.                                         Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James,and Amare
Jordan stopped by Brixton Rec Centre                                                                  Stoudemire once graced.
(former training court of Luol Deng) to          The outcome? A 16-year old player from West
help choose one lucky player who would           London Basketball Club, Kenroy Wood, drove           Congratulations to Kenroy and best of luck in
participate in next year’s Jordan Classic - an   the lane threw down a dunk drawing the               New York City!

Suffolk’s County Sport Partnership hosted its    He was nominated for the many voluntary
first Awards presentation evening recently       roles he has performed at the club over the
in front of an audience of more that 200 in      last 20 years. Jobs and tasks have included
the Galleria Suite at Ipswich Town Football      club fixture liaison, booking of courts,
Club. David Sheepshanks, Chairman of             organising transport, finding officials,
Ipswich Town Football Club set the scene         official club secretary, table official, financial
and in doing so expressed the aspiration         assistance and the list goes on and on! Up
that Suffolk be a leading county for sporting    until the last couple of years he attended all
excellence, participation and inclusion.         home and away fixtures and even now has
                                                 only missed 3 home games in all this time!
It was Ipswich Basketball Club’s Pete
Kaznica who went away with the “Unsung           He obviously doesn’t get any financial
Hero” award. Pete first entered the game in      reward for any of this work and is motivated
college in Manchester followed by a spell of     by his love of the game and desire to                Recently Pete smashed his kneecap and was
teaching. He then moved to Suffolk where         see youngsters given an opportunity to               in plaster from hip to toe, but this didn’t stop
he has lived for over 20 years. His daughters    play basketball. Last year thanks to Pete’s          him ensuring the club had 4 teams ready to
both started out at Holbrook, learning the       organisational skills, the club received their       play National League this season. The club
game from Bernard Ball with Zoe having           Clubmark award and over the years when               celebrates 30 years of existence this year,
representing England at U18 and Sally            the club has struggled he has accessed               pretty good for a rural county with not one
currently playing at Rhondda and also part of    thousands of pounds by successfully gaining          city, and this was a fitting tribute to him and
the current women’s Great Britain team.          grants from numerous sources.                        the club.
                                                                                                                 Photo and report - Kathryn James

At the recent Men’s and Women’s World            As part of the UK Sport Anti Doping                  medications (e.g.
Championships FIBA launched a new logo           Programme ALL players competing in Senior            Diabetes) which
for the Anti Doping campaign, which features     National Leagues, EBL and BBL Competitions           contain substances
the slogan “Clean Game”. The campaign is         may be subjected to Drug Testing by UK               in the WADA CODE
a further step in FIBA’s educational effort in   Sport at any time during the season. UK Sport        Prohibited List
the fight against doping, especially focused     also tested the senior men’s and women’s             should download
on sending youngsters of the game a positive     Great Britain squads during the summer.              and complete a
message. A new video (available at www.          Following the UK Sport testing of basketball         Therapeutic Use promoting the benefits of drug         last season 3 positive test results were             Exemptions (TUE)
free basketball has been made featuring the      reported. These 3 positive results came about        form from the
world’s top players.                             through players being found to have an               England Basketball
                                                 illegal recreational substance in their sample.      website. Once
         “A message from the star                As part of the WADA Code these players               completed by the
         players of our game is                  were banned from playing basketball for a            player and their
         much stronger to kids and               noticeable period of time. We have also had          doctor, this should be returned to England
         other players than any                  recent incidents of players testing positive         Basketball
         educational material from               after taking everyday ‘over the counter’ cold
         FIBA. However, information              and flu products. Everyone involved within           England Basketball has adopted an Anti
         and education of our young              basketball as a coach, administrator or team         Doping Policy which is freely available from
         players, at schools and clubs           mate has a duty to ensure their players are          our website, click here for a direct link:
         as well as testing remains our          aware of the testing programme and their   
         other priorities.”                      own responsibility and accountability. UK            articles/articleaspx?aid=39&pid=80
         said FIBA President Bob                 Sport has provided an informative website
         Elphinston.                             to help them make the right decisions                The TUE forms are also available to download
                                                 about what substances they can and cannot            from our website, click here for a direct link
England Basketball condemns, and is              use. Further details on Anti Doping, Drug  
totally opposed to, the use of performance       information Database, the 100% ME Anti               articleaspx?aid=39&pid=102
enhancing drugs and doping practices in          Doping awareness programme and the
the sport of basketball and fully supports       procedure for testing is available from              Further details on the WADA Code, the new
the position of the International Olympic                          2006 WADA prohibited list, Frequently Asked
Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency                                                               Questions and TUE’s can be found at
(WADA), UK Sport and FIBA against the use        Players taking medication for illnesses or 
of banned substances and methods.                have conditions requiring them to take
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NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                                            ZONE PRESS 10.06

With the new England Basketball
season in full swing, this is
a reminder to all previous
members that your affiliation
from last season has now expired
– unless of course you’re one of
the nearly 7000 people who have
already registered for 2006-07!

Registration fees have remained the            If you’re interested in joining the rapidly     We welcome everyone back this season
same for both local and national league        expanding England Basketball League             and wish everyone the best of luck
registration and our new insurance             (national league competition), give the         whether they’re a player, coach, official,
coverage gives members better                  national leagues department a ring on           or even a fan!
benefits compared to previous seasons.         0870 774 3626/3629.
                                                                                               Enjoy the game!
For more information on registration,          Please remember – if you are a member
including current costs and insurance          of England Basketball, you may enter
coverage, please contact your local            the various competitions we will be
area registrar or log onto our newly           offering in Zone Press Online this
designed website:                              season – like the one you’ll find in this                   month’s issue!

New U13 League Formed in Greater Manchester
Calum Donnelly, the Greater Manchester         In the run up to the games, the monthly         gives clubs and teams a sense of identity
Basketball and Competitions Officer,           competitions will be hosted by the clubs,       where they have short-term aims of winning
started his new role by launching a brand      ensuring that overall, the event has a truly    their monthly games, and a long-term
new league in Greater Manchester.              ‘Greater Manchester’ feel to it.                ambition of being the team that, through
                                                                                               success in the league represents their
Boys and girls will compete separately         Calum says:                                     borough at the Greater Manchester Youth
in a league competition that takes place                                                       Games.”
monthly. Club teams will train and compete     “This is a great league for young people
throughout the year, with the overall aim of   to get involved in via their local clubs. The   For more information about the league,
representing their respective borough at the   whole process will encourage year round         please contact Calum Donnelly on
Greater Manchester Youth Games 2007.           development of players, young officials or visit
                                               and coaches. Getting young people to play
                                               regularly can be a challenge, but the league    basketball/under-13s-league.

                                                                                               AS THE ENGLAND BASKETBALL
                                                                                               LEAGUE’S ONLY TEAM TO BE
                                                                                               COMPETING IN MAINLAND
                                                                                               EUROPEAN COMPETITION THIS
                                                                                               SEASON, THE RHONDDA REBELS
                                                                                               ARE INVITING FANS TO SUPPORT
                                                                                               THEM AT HOME ON WEDNESDAY
                                                                                               8 NOVEMBER AND THURSDAY 7
                                                                                               DECEMBER AT RHONDDA FACH
                                                                                               SPORTS CENTRE.

                                                                                               ALL FANS WILL HAVE THE CHANCE
                                                                                               TO WIN £15,000 CASH OR A CAR
                                                                                               ON THE NIGHT!

                                                                                               LOG ONTO


                                                                                               FOR MORE INFORMATION
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