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					                               Playground Touring Presents

                              Australian Tour 2011
                                       Friday 18 Feb
                                      Brisbane – Hi-Fi
                                       Sunday 20 Feb
                                  Playground Weekender

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            COVER PHOTO/PHOTO CREdiT: STEVE GulliCk
                                                                              Feb 8            bLacK mouNtaiN
                                                                              2011             ON TOuR + ALBuM RELEASE
    wHat’S HaPPeNiNg
    muSic NewS                                                                         6
    NewSbeat                                                                          10
    baSemeNt raver DANcE & ELEcTRO                                                    22
    HeLL awaitS METAL                                                                 23


         Kate NaSH
         PAGE 21

    marK SuLtaN                                                                       12
    De La SouL                                                                        12
    DaN SuLtaN                                                                        12
    aNberLiN                                                                          14
    SwerveDriver                                                                      14
    moNSter magNet                                                                    14
    mr. maPS                                                                          16
    beLiNDa carLiSLe                                                                  16
    tHe vauDeviLLe SmaSH                                                              18
    uKuLeLeZaZa                                                                       18
    Jac StoNe                                                                         20
    georgia Potter                                                                    20

    aLbumS                                                                            22
    SiNgLeS WITH cHAD PARKHILL                                                        23
    iNDie reLeaSeS                                                                    24
    Live                                                                              26

    gLeN gatteNHoF MuSIcIAN                                                           27
    FairLigHt cmi-30a PRODucT SPOTLIGHT                                               28
    SigNaL NoiSe INDuSTRY NEWS                                                        28
    StatiStic FaNtiStic WITH SIMON TOPPER                                             28
    tHe biLLboarD cLASSIFIEDS                                                         30


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           …this album

                                                                                            New HeigHtS
    SacrÉ bLeu                                                                        32
    wiNDowS oN euroPe FiLm FeStivaL                                                   34

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       definitely wasn’t a
    ciNema                                                                            35
    coNtroL FreaK VIDEO GAME NEWS & REVIEWS                                           36

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      conscious attempt to
    Live FaSt Die YouNg                                                               35
    wiN StuFF                                                                         36

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       make radio-friendly
    tHe rat traP                                                                      36
    artS LISTINGS                                                                     36
                                                                                            Lee HutcHiSoN chats to bLacK mouNtaiN keyboardist JeremY ScHmiDt about the band’s origins, their
    coNcert caLeNDar                                                                  38
                                                                                            many side projects and new album Wilderness Heart – finding out why he thinks critics who label the record a
                                                                                            grab for commercial success have their heads in the clouds.
    gig guiDe                                                                         39
                                                                                                 Although it’s nearly 5pm in Jeremy Schmidt’s             before now. We dipped our toe in the water and liked       but it might have a polish that defines it as having
       Quote Of The Week                                                                    hometown of Vancouver and 11am in my native Bris-             the results … And with the third record we had people      more commercial potential.”
          comedy’s great                                                                    bane when we speak, we are both in matching attire.           interested in working with us, so we thought we’d take         This record also sees the conspicuous absence
       service is to remind                                                                 “It couldn’t be less glamorous; I’m in my dirty kitchen
                                                                                            in my pyjamas.” This casual approach to fame and
                                                                                                                                                          them up on it. It was a leap of faith.”
                                                                                                                                                              Was it flattering discovering that other well-known
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of tracks more than 10 minutes in length, an ele-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ment common in past efforts. “That’s true actually.
       us how close we are                                                                  mainstream recognition is a poignant reflection of            industry names wanted to work with the band? “Of           The songs are more concise and a little more vocal-
       to chaos, how the                                                                    not only Black Mountain’s origins, but also their con-        course, but working with other people is also a bit        forward, but that’s just how they ended up. They were
       more we claim to be                                                                  tinuing journey. The band came together “somewhat             daunting. When you’re very particular about how you        pretty much written and arranged before the produc-
       wise the more we                                                                     haphazardly” according to Jeremy. “Basically our first        do things, which we tend to be, it’s always difficult to   ers got involved with only small changes being made
       are fools.                                                                           album was like a recording project and people like            relinquish control. You get precious about your ap-        in the studio. The batch of songs that came together
       SAcRÉ BLEu'S EuGENE GILFEDDER,                                                       myself were invited to add some colour. It was really         proach and having someone else who comes from              happened to be more of that ilk. But it wasn’t a con-
       STORY ON PAGE 32                                                                     casual. The people who ended up in the band just              a completely different background can be jarring …         scious attempt to do anything other than to try and
                                                                                            came together as the record was being made. So the            But the people we worked with, they gave the impres-       make songs that had all the elements of a longer song
    creDitS                                                                                 band was born of the record.”
                                                                                                 As Jeremy explains, the tight knit nature of the
                                                                                                                                                          sion [laughs] that they really like the band because we
                                                                                                                                                          do our own thing and we have a distinctive sound. So
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     only shorter … that was something we were inter-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ested in doing – creating something that has all the
    EDITOR Chris Harms /
    PUBLISHER Colin Rankin /                                      Vancouver music scene played a large part in his ad-          they didn’t want to totally disrupt or negate that, they   elements that a longer track might have, its narrative,
    ADVERTISING Tony Vollmerhause /
    ADVERTISING Ross Kingston /
                                                                                            dition to the Black Mountain collective. “Josh [keys/         just wanted to beef it up in a way that would make the     etc, and see if we could micromanage that into a four-
    LAYOUT & DESIGN Aaron Sammut /                                drums] lived in my house, but I didn’t really know him.       record stand out.”                                         minute song.”
    ASSISTANT EDITOR Emily Williams /
    ARTS EDITOR Zenobia Frost /                                    He was good friends with one of my roommates. But                 So who are these producers Schmidt refers to? “We          “But I don’t think that points in any new direction
    DANCE EDITOR Alasdair Duncan & Scott Harms /
    INDIE EDITOR Jody Macgregor /
                                                                                            it’s like that in Vancouver – everyone knows one an-          worked in Los Angles with Dave Sardy [LCD Soundsys-        for us,” he continues. “The next record might be com-
    GEARED EDITOR Denis Semchenko /                               other peripherally and a lot of people play in several        tem, Johnny Cash, Rage Against The Machine] and in         pletely the opposite. It might be two sides of a vinyl,
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: Aaron Sammut, Davey Rintala, David Burness, Elleni                       bands. There’s a lot of cross-pollination – it’s a small      Seattle with Randall Dunn [Sunn O))), Boris, Kinski].      or three sides of a vinyl, all 18-minute songs and then
    Toumpas, Fiona Stafford, Justin Edwards, Justin Ma, Kristen Ashton, Kylie
    Keene, Mark Marin, Matt Palmer, Mitch Carlin, Nadia Hall                                world, the indie rock world.”
                                                                                                 This cross-pollination is a familiar concept to Black
    CONTRIBUTORS: Michael Pincott, Nils Hay, Alasdair Duncan, Alice Rezende,
    Andrew Tuttle, Ben Johnson, Chad Parkhill, Chris Driver, Denis Semchenko,               Mountain with several members involved in multiple
    Jack Langridge, James Stafford, Lindsey Cuthbertson, Luke Smith, Matt
    Thrower, Mitch Alexander, Michael Wendland, Sally Latter, Scott Harms,                  side-projects. These include fellow alpine-themed,

                                                                                                                                                               i love meandering, long songs that take
    Tess Curran, Tian Zhang, Tom Hersey, Victoria Nugent, Bonnie Gardner, Jack
    Reed, Amrita Das, Tim Milfull, Olivia Stewart, Anna Angel, Bianca Valentino,
                                                                                            shoegazing psych-rockers Pink Mountaintops, indie
    Chris Pickering, Darragh Murray, Dermot Clarke, Fiona Stafford, Heidi Axton,            rock hipsters Lightning Dust and Schmidt’s own ana-
    James Brindley, Krissi Weiss, Lee Hutchison, Nina Bertok, Simon Topper,

                                                                                                                                                            their time in getting somewhere and i like
    Sophie Benjamin, Susan Milanovic, Peter Taggart, Tiffany Bridger, Jason                 logue-synth project Sinoia Caves. With so many other
    Conlan, Glenn Manders, Zenobia Frost, Mel Stringer, Patrick Perrier, Liam
    McKernan, Rob Newcombe, Alastair Craig, Sam Hagaman, Brad Cameron
                                                                                            projects in the mix, is Black Mountain considered the

                                                                                                                                                             songs that are quick out of the gates.
                                                                                            main band by most members? “Well it’s definitely the
                                                                                            one that demands the most time because it has the
                                                                                            most profile out there in the world. But even the term
                                                                                            ‘side-project’ is a misnomer ‘cause they are as much
                                                                                            main projects as Black Mountain.”
                       11 Stoneham Street, Stones Corner 4120                                    He continues, “It’s really good to have those diver-
                           PO BOX 802, Stones Corner 4120                                   sions that require a different discipline, approach or        What can I tell you about those guys?”, he chuckles.       an etching on the fourth side. We’ll just do whatever
                        Ph: (07) 3397 2760 Fax: (07) 3397 0341
                          Web:                                      perspective. It’s good for the band [Black Mountain]          “They’ve done all kinds of stuff.”                         we feel like when it comes to that, but this album
     TIRED OF MISSING AN ISSUE? SIGN UP FOR THE FREE DIGITAL EDITION BY                     when people go and work on something else. They                   Working with two very different producers in two       definitely wasn’t a conscious attempt to make radio-
       SENDING A BLANK EMAIL TO SUBSCRIBE@RAVEMAGAzINE.COM.AU                               switch gears and then come back to the band with a            very different cities, were they concerned this might      friendly music.
                                                                                            clean slate.”                                                 negatively affect the cohesiveness of the album? “We            “When we do shows there are people who really
                           PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE
                                                                                                 So if during the writing process a less than popular     were conscious that could happen and we wanted to          want to hear Bright Lights or a 17-minute song, and
                                                                                            idea is brought to the table, is it common for other          avoid there being a real obvious duality in the record-    then there’s others who probably hate that and get
                                                                                            members to suggest those ideas be saved for a side-           ing. We didn’t want there to be a division where you       bored. But we’re not trying to take sides with either
                                                                                            project? Jeremy laughs at this suggestion “Yeah, that         think ‘Oh this sounds like the Seattle sessions or this    group, we like both things. I love meandering, long
                                                                                            doesn’t seem to happen, but that would definitely be          sounds like the LA sessions.’ But I can certainly hear     songs that take their time in getting somewhere and
                                                                                            the thing to say if you didn’t like it. You’d be like, ‘Why   a difference between the songs Dave worked on and          I like songs that are quick out of the gates. Both have
                                                                                            don’t you just make that a Pink Mountaintops song?’           the songs Randall worked on. But I think they blend        their merits and it wouldn’t work if we just did one or
                                                                                            That’d be a good passive aggressive tactic.”                  together well – it doesn’t feel like two half albums       the other. But you can’t please everybody.”                          Black Mountain’s third full-length release, Wilder-      grafted together.”
    Rave is published every Tuesday by RAVE MAGAZINE PTY LTD ACN 098 049                    ness Heart (look for an image of Jaws’ doppelganger               With these production changes there has also           bLacK mouNtaiN play the Zoo
    668. The publisher reserves the right to alter or omit any advertisement.
    Advertisers and/or their representatives indemnify the publisher in relation to
                                                                                            when you’re searching the CD racks), saw the band’s first     come increased criticism. The shorter, more radio-         on thursday Feb 17, supported by
    defamation, slander, breach of copyright, infringements of trademarks of name           real dalliance with not one but two professional pro-         friendly tracks on the new album have prompted             the Night terrors. their latest
    of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation
    of rights of privacy and warrant that the material complies with all of the             ducers. This move away from complete self-production          suggestions that the band are vying for greater com-       release, wiLDerNeSS Heart, is
    relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any        was not however, something the band jumped blindly            mercial success. “It certainly wasn’t a conscious move.    out now via Jagjaguwar/inertia.
    rights against or liabilities in the publishers, its servants or agents. Any material
    supplied to Rave Magazine is at the contributor’s risk. No responsibility will be       into. “John Congleton [Modest Mouse, Marilyn Manson,          I suppose by having a producer on the record, and          check out www.myspace.
    taken by the publisher, its servants or agents. Opinions in Rave Magazine are           Antony & The Johnsons] mixed our second record, but           someone like Dave Sardy especially, it has a more pol-     com/blackmountain for more
    not necessarily those of the publisher or staff of Rave Magazine.
                                                                                            that was the only outside person we’d worked with             ished feel. To me it’s not slick sounding in that sense,   nformation.

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                                                                                                                             NewS From tHe worLD oF muSic

                                                                                                         NewSbiteS                                                          been put together to help raise money for the Premier’s
                                                                                                          Moons Of Jupiter, The Frail Marys, The Ginger                    Flood Relief Appeal. If you donate $10 or more via the
                                                                                                         Witches and The Metric System all come together                    Queensland Government website you’ll be able to use
                                                                                                         for a good cause on Thursday night. They’re playing a              your receipt number to download a copy of the album
                                                                                                         flood fundraiser at Club 299 (Hot Gossip), with $5 entry           from
                                                                                                         so you can put the money you save straight into their
                                                                                                         collection tins. First band is at 8.30pm.
                                                                                                          The very excellent Running Guns play their first
                                                                                                         headline show for 2010 at Ric’s on Thursday, supported
                                                                                                         by Kennigo. The garage-pop five-piece are also recom-
                                                                                                         mending folks check out the latest in their ‘Sound Series’,
                                                                                                         A Very Running Guns Christmas Special, (only a little late)
                                                                                                         on There
                                                                                                         must be tumbleweeds on MySpace these days…
                                                                                                          Byron Bay rhythmic/electronic ensemble Red
                                                                                                         Bantoo bring their beat-driven, soulful tunes to Cur-
                                                                                                         rumbin’s SoundLounge on Friday night, supported by
                                                                                                         Brisbane’s Dubmarine. Tickets are $15 from www.the-
                                                                                                or $18 on the door.
                                                                                                          Punishingly loud local doom-drone rockers No An-
                                                                                                         chor take the midnight slot at Woodland this Saturday.
                                                                                                         The last time the trio performed there, drummer (and
                                                                                                         noted woodcut artist) Alex Gillies played so hard he               reD curtaiN For wHite StriPeS
                                                                                                         shattered a painting. What’ll it be this time?                          This one’s been on the cards for a while since things
                                                                                                                                                                            have been quiet on The White Stripes (pictured) front
                                                                                                         For tHe DiarY                                                      since the 2007 release of Icky Thump, but it’s still a sad
                                                                                                          Wiley Reed, Blind Lemon, Wasabi, Straalen McCal-                 day for fans who wanted to see them live one more time
                                                                                                         lum and more will be playing at the Ipswich Flood Bene-            that the band announced they have broken up. You can
                                                                                                         fit. As well as there will be markets, raffles and rides for the   read the full statement at, which
                                                                                                         kids. All proceeds go to the Ipswich Mayor’s Flood Appeal,         says they broke up for “a myriad of reasons” and that “The
                                                                                                         so head along to Cameron Park, on the corner of Brisbane           White Stripes belong to you now and you can do with it
                                                                                                         Road and Easton Street, Booval, on Saturday Feb 5.                 whatever you want.” Jack White will probably be using the
                                                                                                          Before joining up with Darren Hanlon to form the                 extra spare time to launch five more side projects. Actu-
                                                                                                         backing band on his upcoming tour, Portland, Oregan-               ally, do they still count as side projects if the main project
                                                                                                         based alt-folk singer Shelley Short is touring with The            is no more? We’ll get back to you on that.
                                                                                                         Gold Coats (aka Steph Hughes from Dick Diver and
                                                                                                         the amazing Boomgates) to promote their limited-                   DaStarDLY DeeD
                                                                                                         edition split 7-inch single (available for order via www.              Nathan Woodrow, owner of Brisbane’s Tall Poppy
                                                                                                You can (and should) catch them on               Studios, lost all of his gear in the floods. All, that is, ex-
                                                                                                         Tuesday Feb 22 at Ric’s – it’s free of course.                     cept for his trusty Soldano amplifier. That too has gone
                                                                                                          Brisbane City Rollers are hosting a fundraiser at                now, after being stolen on Friday Jan 28. Woodrow is
                                                                                                         The Zoo on Saturday Mar 5, owing to the derby league               offering a $1000 reward for the return of the amp, a
                                                                                                         being left without a place to train after the floods. With         Soldano SLO-100 with snakeskin finish in a black road
                                                                                                         $9 pre-sold tickets via OzTix and only $12 on the door,            case that went missing from Sherwood between 3pm
                                                                                                         the night kicks off at 8pm and features Sushi Monster,             and 7pm. If you’ve got any information, either contact
                                                                                                         Nuclear Buddha, Ironside, Girl With Cake and The                   Nathan on 0431 016 445 or the Queensland Police on
                                                                                                         Flangipanis. Local alternative clothing store Suburban             13 14 44 (report number QP1100079589).
                                                                                                         Mayhem will be selling wares and there’s also a raffle.
                                                                                                          The just-announced Sub-Vival flood benefit event                 SaLt(er) iS gooD For You
                                                                                                         will bring more than 40 DJs, eight live acts and four                    Gin Club member Ben Salter is currently putting
                                                                                                         MCs to The Jubilee on Saturday Mar 5 in a 15-hour mar-             the finishing touches on his first solo album, recorded
                                                                                                         athon of hip hop, roots, reggae, dubstep, glitch hop,              with The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard at his studio in Victo-
                                                                                                         drum & bass and more. The $15 door charge – to be                  ria. In the lead-up to its release, Salter is using Bandcamp
                                                                                                         donated to the Salvos’ Red Shield Flood Appeal – gets              to re-release his Perceived Slights EP (2008), a recording
                                                                                                         you acts like Broken Note (UK), Reason & Briggs with               previously only available at gigs. You can access it at
                                                                                                         DJ Dice (Melb), The Coalition Crew, MC Shureshock,        in a pay-what-
                                                                                                         Static’n’Lincoln, DJ Cutloose and many, many more.                 you-feel deal. He’s also setting up an IndieGoGo project
                                               SURFERS PARADISE TAVERN                                   Keep an eye out for further announcements.                         to raise funds for the album’s completion. See
                                                                                                          WA rockers State Of Order are set to release their      to find out what that’s all about.
                                                                                                         debut album this year after slogging it out in the Perth
                                                                                                         rock scene for four years. With new single Calling Out             ScorcHiN’
                                                                                                         – mixed by Tom Larkin (Shihad, The Getaway Plan) –                      The travelling new musical talent festival known as
                                                                                                         ready to release, the band will be travelling cross-coun-          SCoRCHeR FeST is on its way to the South East corner,
                                                                                                         try to play The Step Inn on Saturday Mar 26.                       with organisers calling for Brisbane and Queensland
                                                                                                                                                                            artists to apply to play. The Tempo will be the site of
                                                                                                         FLooD moNeY                                                        the Brisbane festival on Sunday May 1, while the Kin Kin
                                                                                                            B-Sides 4 Brisbane is a compilation of Brisbane                 Hotel hosts the Sunshine Coast outing on Monday May
                                                                                                         music that includes songs by Triple Z Hot 100 win-                 2. Each festival is set to include two to three stages and
                                                                                                         ners Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Mercy Beat,                      25–45 bands. If you’re interested in playing or just want
                                                                                                         The Good Ship and others – 25 songs in all – that has              to find out more, check

    Tickets available at
    Sat 12TH Feb TRUST N FALL / DRIvEN
                 FEAR / FRIENDS WITH THE
                 ENEmY / NOxIOUS
                 KEG & SPECIAL GUESTS              Needles In Red
          TH                                              + SPECIAL GUESTS
                 REvIvAL & SPECIAL GUESTS        TICKETS $15 PRE SALE @
                                                               or $18 @ The Door

                                               SURFERS PARADISE TAVERN
                                                  Cnr Cavill & Orchid Ave,
          Cnr Springwood & roChedale rdS              Surfers Paradise
                  ph: 07 3208 4444                 PHONE 07 5570 1322
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                                                                         more NewS & DaiLY uPDateS

                                                              capitals, until we can’t be arsed typing it that way).
                                                              The move comes as singer Shane Parsons and drum-
                                                              mer Simon Ridley head off next month to showcase
                                                              at South By South West, play US clubs dates and head
                                                              to the UK to play The Great Escape Festival. The name
                                                              change comes to avoid confusion with long standing
                                                              US dubstep DJ DZ. But wouldn’t a collab be amazing?
                                                               Queensland’s Woodford Folk Festival was in the
                                                              news after Angus & Julia Stone’s win in the Triple J
                                                              Hottest 100. Angus revealed that their #1 track Big Jet                                                                                  FRI Feb 11
                                                              Plane was written when he was attending the festival. It                                                                                 BLOWHARD
                                                              was so hot he sneaked off to Stony Creek to cool down
                                                              and met “a goddess sparkling in the sun.” They had a                                                                                    ACID WORLD
                                                              fling and then Stone had to leave to tour abroad, so he                                                                                THE VAMPERS
                                                              wrote the song as a way to ‘sort-of’ take her with him.
                                                              (*sound of entire Rave News Desk vomiting*)                                                                                            FLANGIPANIS
                                                               Guy Sebastian might have got the headlines after                                                                                    CITIZEN JOHN
                                                              being arrested at gunpoint by 10 heavily armed police
  LiviNg DoLL                                                 in Los Angeles and accused of stealing his own car (he
      Patricia Day (pictured), lead singer and double         had reported it stolen, but later discovered it had been                                                                               SAT Feb 12
  bassist of rockabilly band the HorrorPops, is taking
  Mattel and the Hard Rock Cafe to court over a Barbie
                                                              towed). But Queensland’s own Wishing Well had their
                                                              own run-in with the law during their recent European
                                                                                                                                                                                                 CELEBRITY STALKERS
  doll. The doll in question is Rockabilly Barbie, who        tour. On their third day in Zurich, they decided to hold                                                                                GOLDSTOOL
  comes complete with sleeve tattoos, fishnets, ‘50s
  hair and a double bass. The lawsuit charges that the
                                                              an impromptu Christmas street party. Cops hauled
                                                              them off and fined them 850 Swiss francs. “You can take
  doll was based on her image without permission,             away our money, but you can’t away the memories,”                                                                                 COKE BOTTLE GLASSES
  and demands it be removed from sale and all profits         they shrieked as they left. The band returns for another
  made from sales of Rockabilly Barbie be paid to Day.
  The HorrorPops will be touring in April, playing The
                                                              European run in April and then hit America in Septem-
                                                              ber. Maybe they can meet up with Guy…
                                                                                                                                                                                                      FRI Feb 18                ALBuM
  Hi-Fi on Saturday Apr 23.                                    Baby boom! The Audreys’ Taasha Coates in expect-                                                                                     THE BIG RIGS              LAUNCH
                                                              ing a little-‘un in early July, while Queens Of The Stone                                                                              & SPECIAL GuESTS
                                                              Age frontman Josh Homme and former Aussie musician                          proudly
wHat a reLieF!                                                Brody Dalle are expecting their second child on Aug 11.
                                                               RIP British composer John Barry, 77, who wrote the
                                                                                                                                         Supporting                                                   SAT Feb 19
                                                              James Bond theme songs as well as for Dances With                         Local Music                                                  TEST PATTERN
                                                              Wolves, Out Of Africa and Born Free. We’re currently
                                                              listening to Capsule In Space from the brilliant You Only
                                                              Live Twice score on repeat.                                                                                                            FRI Feb 25
                                                               Modular (The Presets, Cut Copy, Tame Impala) have
                                                              signed Architecture In Helsinki and will release the
                                                              band’s Moment Bends album on Apr 8. It gets an overseas                                                                             uPSIDE DOWNSIDE
                                                              release a month later on Cooperative/Downtown Records
                                                              The CD, recorded over two years in its studio space Buck-
                                                              ingham Palace, is described as “equal parts Italia 1982, Cal-                                                                           MESSIAM
                                                              ifornia 1979 and Melbourne 2011”, while songwriter Cam-
                                                              eron Bird adds it’s about falling in love with Melbourne.
                                                               Canadian indie rockers (and the highlight of 2009’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                    SAT Feb 26
                                                              Parklife festival) Metric are releasing an Original Ses-                 1154 Sandgate Rd                                                 CRAM
 Yoko Ono sent a message to The Beatles tribute
                                                              sions EP on iTunes, Feb 15. The EP was recorded live at
                                                              East West Studios in Los Angeles and includes a cover
                                                                                                                                        Nundah, Q 4012                                            uNDERWOOD MAINE
night at the Zoo on Feb 5, which was organized by
Dan James and Stew Riddle from Drawn From Bees
                                                              of Buffalo Springfield’s Expecting To Fly, recorded with
                                                              the help of a string quartet. As well as eight songs the
                                                                                                                                            PHONE                                                      & MORE
(pictured). It drew 400 people and raised over $10,000        EP features a 30-minute interview with the band.
                                                                                                                                         07 3266 8077                                   
for Queensland flood victims. Ono’s statement read in
part, “Yes it seems nature is expressing her outrage of
the mess we, the human race, are making of this once           5 miNuteS witH...
beautiful planet. We must wake up and stop!” Ono’s
close friend, author Ritchie Yorke, arranged for her
wishes. The All You Need Is Beatles show included The
Oceanics, The Slow Push, Daisie May, Charlie May-
fair, Lovers Of Modern Art, Inland Sea, 26, Blame
Ringo, Grand Atlantic, Drawn From Bees and a solo
set from now New York-based Tyrone Noonan.
 In other flood relief moves, the Australian Music
Association (AMA) is working with its 380 member
stores to help replace music instruments, print music
or high tech gear that was damaged or destroyed.                …indie-rock quartet and ‘bulk music’
 Sting, who already gave a sizeable personal dona-
tion to flood victims and donated his royalties from
                                                                proponents, rob robot.
Fields Of Gold from the Sony Flood Relief 3-CD set,
                                                                Apparently Rob Robot likes to play ‘bulk music’.
allowed selected volunteers free entry to his show on
                                                                What exactly is that?
Monday Feb 7 at the Riverstage.
                                                                The whole thing really started as a bit of a personal
 The Sony CD stayed at #1 on the ARIA chart and has
                                                                joke between the boys, using it as a description for
gone platinum.
                                                                things we like. For example, our song Shit Yeah Bulk
 A group of Aussie hip hop artists have released the
                                                                Keen just translates to ‘damn, I am keen as f#%k’. It
track Together under the name Rap Relief for the Qld
                                                                really just has a lot to do with the anthemic sound
Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund (
                                                                we possess so it’s really created by a mix of feed- It features Triple J Unearthed winner Seven
                                                                back towards our music and a bit of a laugh.
with Syntax, Choose Mics, Vegas Aces and Tommy Ill.
                                                                How did you go avoiding the FNQ and SEQ floods ?
                                                                The venue in Rockhampton had to be moved a few
gettiNg amPeD                                                   times and that’s when we realised the intensity of
     The 6th Australian Music Prize (The AMP) has an-
                                                                it all, I think. Pat and Jak [Pearson] (the two broth-
nounced its shortlist of local albums in the running to
                                                                ers) were stranded in Rockhampton for two-weeks
receive the PPCA-donated $30,000 in cash. These are
                                                                after visiting family over Christmas and New Year.
Cloud Control’s Bliss Release, recorded in bedrooms
                                                                Jamie and Kane, from Brisbane, managed a quick
and living rooms in their home base of the Blue Moun-
                                                                sneak down home after playing the new year show
tains; The Holidays’ Post Paradise; Dan Kelly’s Dan
                                                                in Rocky. It was surreal watching it happen to Bris-
Kelly’s Dream; Sally Seltmann’s Heart That’s Pound-
                                                                bane such a short time after.
ing; Gareth Liddiard’s Strange Tourist, recorded in an
                                                                Two-brothers make up Rob Robot’s four-pronged
isolated mansion 30-minutes outside Yass; Pikelet’s
                                                                attack. Is there much sibling rivalry?
Stem; Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Rush To Re-
                                                                The infamous Pearsons – Pat and Jak. There’s defi-
lax (which was cut in six hours); Tame Impala’s Inner-
                                                                nitely no holding back from each other as far as
Speaker and Richard In Your Mind’s My Volcano.
                                                                disagreements about making our music are con-
     At the Shortlist announcement at the Sydney Opera
                                                                cerned but that in itself can be very progressive and
House, AMP Director Scott B. Murphy said, “The judg-
                                                                productive with filling bumps on our musical road.
es had a tough time choosing these nine titles from the
                                                                You’re playing the Wednesday night slot at Club
200 or so entries received in 2010. It was a great year for
                                                                299 – what can hump-day revellers expect from
Australian music as anyone can tell from the strength
                                                                your show with Le’Suits and Apple Fat?
of our 6th shortlist.” (Although apparently not a great
                                                                Being the first gig of the year we are just going to
year for Queensland music if you trust the selections.)
                                                                go [and] rock as hard as we possibly can and run
The winner is announced on Thursday Mar 3. This year
                                                                amok on stage. There is too much excitement pent
Coopers brewing came in as a principal sponsor, host-
                                                                up! Just to be gigging again this year after all our
ing a series on the Amp process, from submission to
                                                                cancelled shows [due to the floods], and a couple of
final on Long time sponsor
                                                                new songs will be chucked in as well. Come have a
Red Bull’s award for Best Debut Release was recently
                                                                couple of beers and spend the night with us, some
won by The Holidays, who picked up $15,000 worth
                                                                of our great friends and some straight up amazing
of flights and accommodation to record in the Red Bull
                                                                live music. After all, that’s what we’re all here for.
Studio in LA.
                                                                rob robot play club 299 on wednesday Feb 9,
bitS’N’PieceS                                                   alongside Le’Suits and apple Fat. check them out
 Brisbane indie/thrash/punk two-piece, DZ, have
changed their name to DZ DEATHRAYS (yes, all in

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                                                                                                                       LocaL, NatioNaL aND iNterNatioNaL tour aNNouNcemeNtS
                                                                                                                                                                                           cHecK tHe rave webSite For more
                                                                                                                                                                                           tour NewS & DaiLY uPDateS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO CREdiT: OllE CARlSSON
                                                                                                                         iN gHoSt coLourS
                                                                                                                             As “one of metal’s 25 most important bands”,
                                                                                                                         Swede’s The Haunted (pictured) have a lofty reputa-
                                                                                                                         tion to uphold when they hit Brisbane’s Hi-Fi on Thurs-
                                                                                                                         day May 26. Not that they’re fearing it – rather, their
                                                                                                                         planning some very brutal shows come May, when
                                                                                                                         they kick off in the River City. Tickets are on sale now
                                                                                                                         from Moshtix, $49+bf.

                                                                                                                         You caN ruN….
                                                                                                                              Is Las Vegas really outlandish? Well I guess you’re
                                                                                                                         going to find out when you catch Nevada sons Escape
                                                                                                                         The Fate (pictured) on their national tour this autumn.
                                                                                                                         Bringing their quintessential rock & roll debauchery to
                                                                                                                         The Tivoli on Sunday May 1, under-18s get to pop in
                                                                                                                         and see what all the fuss is about too, with the show an
                                                                                                                         all ages event. Grab tickets from Ticketek on Friday Feb
                                                                                                                         11; Pierce The Veil support.

                                                                                                                       SurF FoLK                                                     YouNg guNS
                                                                                                                           Initially brought to prominence by Jack Johnson,              Brisbane’s Last Dinosaurs have teamed up with
                                                                                                                       surfer-musician Donavon Frankenreiter has an-                 Sydney’s Papa Vs Pretty to blaze a trail along the East
                                                                                                                       nounced a comprehensive Australian tour for March.            Coast (and some regional centres) in a show of com-
                                                                                                                       Playing coast-to-coast, and promoting his fourth re-          bined youth and strength. With their eyes firmly on the
                                                                                                                       lease Glow, Frankenreiter plays The Zoo on Monday             2011 prize (though, we’re still trying to work out what
                                                                                                                       Mar 14, The Coolangatta Hotel on Tuesday Mar 15 and           that is…) head along to Toowoomba’s Spotted Cow on
                                                                                                                       Byron’s Beach Hotel on Wednesday Mar 16. Look for             Thursday Mar 17, Woodland on Friday Mar 18, and Joe’s
                                                                                                                       tickets from regular venue outlets and OzTix on Thurs-        Waterhole, Eumundi, on Saturday Mar 19. Tickets are on
                                                                                                                       day Feb 10.                                                   sale Thursday Feb 10 from regular outlets and Moshtix.

                                                                                                                       HigHer grouND                                                 Swab SamPLe
                                                                                                                           Local favourites Topology launch their latest offer-          Local rockers The Bloodpoets are releasing their
                                                                                                                       ing, Difference Engine, at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Visy         new EP next month – so of course they’re hitting the
                                                                                                                       Theatre on Sunday Feb 27. The highly individual collec-       road to play it for you! Beginning the national tour with
                                                                                                                       tive is joined by special guest Emma Baker-Spink, and         a hometown show at The Hi-Fi on Friday Mar 25, look
                                                                                                                       tickets are $29/$24, available from www.brisbanepow-          for tickets from Moshtix for $8+bf. Good friends The
                                                                                                                                                               Catchment, Rob Robot, and The Drive offer support.

                                                                                                                       DeaD or aLive? DeaD oN arrivaL?                               FamiLY buSiNeSS
                                                                                                                           Canada’s founders of hardcore – or so I’m told –              So who is the brother of Madlib, the son of Otis                                                                                              D.O.A. head down to Australia next month, winding up          Jackson, and the nephew of Jon Faddis? Well that
                                                                                                                       their tour in Queensland playing on Saturday Mar 12 at        would be Cali-bred b-boy Oh No, and he’s coming to
                                                                                                                       Nundah’s Prince Of Wales and an all ages date at Gold         Brisbane to play for you. He’s headed to Brisbane’s un-
                                                                                                                       Coast venue Shed 5 on Sunday Mar 13. Look for tickets         official hip hop mecca, X&Y Bar on Sunday Feb 27. Lo-
                                                                                                                       from OzTix, available now.                                    cals Gavin Boyd and Tigermoth support, with tickets
                                                                                                                                                                                     available at OzTix
                                                                                                                       Your Heart’S DeSire
                                                                                                                           Byron Bay metal band In Hearts Wake are hitting           more Lior
                                                                                                                       the road on their Dreamcatcher tour, in support of the            Lior has added another SEQ date, complimenting
                                                                                                                       bands 2010 Split EP with Sydney metal outfit The Bride.       his Old Museum performance on Saturday Feb 26. The
                                                                                                                       Head along to any of the all ages dates at Byron Bay          troubadour now heads north to Joe’s Waterhole, Eu-
                                                                                                                       Youth Centre on Thursday Feb 17; the Lost In Sound            mundi, on Sunday Feb 27. Look for tickets from OzTix

    NEXT                                                                                                               Festival, Queens Park Toowomba, on Saturday Mar 12;
                                                                                                                       The Fort on Sunday Mar 20; or Expressive Grounds,
                                                                                                                                                                                     and the venues.

    WEEK!                                                                                                              Gold Coast, on Saturday Mar 26. In Hearts Wake then
                                                                                                                       join Deez Nuts at Rosie’s for Thriller on Saturday Mar
                                                                                                                                                                                     boNuS bibb
                                                                                                                                                                                         Eric Bibb plays as part of Byron’s Bluesfest on Friday
                                                                                                                       19 for an 18+ show.                                           Apr 22 and Saturday Apr 23, but will also venture out to
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bellingen Memorial Hall on Thursday May 5, Brisbane Pow-
                                                                                                                       SaLteD, carameL, roaSteD                                      erhouse on Tuesday May 10, The J, Noosa, on Wednesday
                                                                                                                           Kids & Clubs is the name given to Deez Nuts’ tour         May 11 and Currumbin’s SoundLounge on Friday May 13.
                                                                                                                       across the nation, calling into The Fort (all ages) on Fri-   Bibb is playing in duo mode, alongside Swedish guitarist
                                                                                                                       day Mar 18, and Rosie’s Thriller night on Saturday Mar        Staffan Astner. Look for tickets from the venues.
                                                                                                                       19. Special guests on the Kids & Clubs tour is Shinto
                                                                                                                       Katana and Dream On, Dreamer. Look for tickets at             SoLD out
                                                                                                                       the door on the night.                                            Mysterious art-rockers The Red Paintings have
                                                                                                                                                                                     sold out their first show back on home turf – so
                                                                                                                       moo cow, DoN’t botHer me                                      they’ve added another for Saturday Mar 12. You don’t
                                                                                                                            Groovin’ The Moo returns to the national festival        know where it is? Neither do we! So hook up with fa-
                                                                                                                       calendar, heading to Murray Sports Complex, Towns-   to buy tickets and get
                                                                                                                       ville, on Sunday May 1 and Maitland Showground                       the latest info.

                                                                                                                       on Saturday May 7. The first line-up boasts
                                                                                                                       AC Slater, Architecture In Helsinki, Cut                                   New DaY, New LiNe-uP
                                                                                                                       Copy, Darwin Deez, Datarock, The Drums,                                        Bluesfest has unveiled its line-up for
                                                                                                                       The Go! Team and many more. Some have                                       Tuesday Apr 26, with Bob Dylan being
                                                                                                                       already announced sideshows … should we                                    joined by Elvis Costello, Gurrumul, Paul

      M o u n ta i n
                                                                                                                       hold our breath for more? All signs point to                              Kelly, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tim Finn, Tony
                                                                                                                       ‘yes’. Look for tickets to GTM 2011 at gtm.                             Joe White, Eli Paperboy Reed and The Mad
                                                                                                              on Tuesday Feb 15.                                               Bastards. There’s still more to be announced,
                                                                                                                                                                                                and you can purchase stand-alone tickets
                                                                                                                       roLLiNg iNto towN                                                             online at or by
                                                                                                                           Ginger-ninja 8 Ball Aitken                                                   calling the Bluesfest office on 02
                                    australia 2011                                                                     (pictured) is planning to launch                                                  6685 8310.

             thursday 17th
                                                                                                                       his new release, The Tamworth
                                                                                                                       Tapes, with an East Coast                                                          StoP PreSS!
                                                                                                                       Australian tour kicking off                                                             Employing some of the finest
          f e Br u a ry, t h e z o o                                                                                   in his hometown of Bris-
                                                                                                                       bane. Head along to The
                                                                                                                                                                                                           rock & roll stylings going around,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           no B.S. dudes The Bronx will play
                                                                                                                       Joynt on Thursday Feb                                                              a special Flood Relief sideshow
               with guests         the night terrors                                                                   17 and Ric’s on Monday                                                             to their sold-out Soundwave ap-
        tickets from, oztix 1300 762 545, and all oztix outlets                        Feb 21 to see the grass-                                                          pearance. Grab your tickets from
                                                                                                                       roots troubadour in                                                              OzTix now for $40+bf ($38 going
                                                     wilderness heart featuring the hair                               the flesh. Both shows are                                                        to flood relief!) to attend The Step
                                                     song out now on jagjaguwar/inertia                                free, with Monday’s Ric’s                                                       Inn-located event on Friday Feb 25
                                                                                                                       show supported by The                                                                         (because these are sure
     ALSOTOURING: foster the people THE ZOO, SUNday 13 fEbRUaRy                                                        Reversals.                                                                                     to sell out fast!).

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                                                                                                                                                                        iNFormatioN oN FeatureD gigS

                                                                                      LiKe Pow. Pow.
                                                                                           They’ve played the Flood Bank ben-
                                                                                      efit, and now Bang Bang Boss Kelly                                                      aDoPtioN SYNDicate
                                                                                                                                                                                   Hailing form Hollywood, NME-en-
                                                                                      (pictured) continue with their Friday
                                                                                                                                                                              dorsed kids Foster The People (pictured)
                                                                                      residency at The Alley in Brisbane’s
                                                                                                                                                                              play The Zoo on Sunday Feb 13. Employing
                                                                                      CBD. With songs fuelled by an almost
                                                                                                                                                                              a ‘light-dark dichotomy’, tickets for the trio’s
                THU 10TH Feb                                                          colonial-bush-band fervour, teetering
                                                                                                                                                                              indie-pop (tinged with electronic flour-

        The Jon Experiment
                                                                                      on rockabilly (seriously, I want to break
                                                                                                                                                                              ishes) show cost $40+bf from OzTix, and
                                                                                      out the lagerphone) these guys are red-
                                                                                                                                                                              Mitzi supports. (Does anyone else think it’s
          + Templemount
                                                                                      hot live. Head on down with at least $5
                                                                                                                                                                              Dan Kelly on vocals when they hear that
                                                                                      in your pocket (to get in) from 8pm
                                                                                                                                                                              Pumped Up Kicks track?)
                + Hack
                                                                                      when The Incredible Kicks and The
                                                                                      Arachnids kick things off!

             + Trinatyde
        DOORS OPeN 7 - $12 - 18 ID
                             Pm   +

                 FRI 11TH Feb                                                                                                     StruNg uP coNverSatioN
                Screens               HaPPY birtHDaY!                                                                                 After recently supporting Mystery
                                          Saturday Feb 12 sees the first date in                                                  Jets at The Hi-Fi, and launching their

               + Big Dead
                                      the calendar for Rhythm Collision’s (pic-                                                   single Days To Dust at The Zoo, Tin Can
                                      tured) 2011 season. It’s a celebration for                                                  Radio (pictured) bring their ‘unasham-

        + Sunshine Ensemble
                                      Bob Marley on what would have been his                                                      edly melodramatic dance music with a
                                      66th birthday. Sets from Gregwise, Basma-                                                   good dash of New Romantic influence’

            + Simon Pitot
                                      ti and Johnny Wailer will feature; it’s up-                                                 to King’s Beach Tavern on Friday Feb 11.
                                      stairs at The Step Inn and tickets are $10.                                                 Arch Dukes and Cat Magic support –

           and the AlbumS
                                                                                                                                  good times!

        DOORS OPeN 7 - $12 - 18 ID
                             Pm   +

                SAT 12TH Feb
               F1 Elevens                                                             New iLLuSioNS                                                                           ecLectic eLectric
          + Sons of the Soil                                                              New Brisbane five-piece Screens
                                                                                      (pictured) are debuting at The Globe
                                                                                                                                                                                  Lutwyche’s Crown Hotel will be launch-
                                                                                                                                                                              ing their monthly rock & roll sessions, set
         + Homeless Yellow                                                            on Friday Feb 11, bringing their “ambi-
                                                                                      ent progressive post-rock soundscapes
                                                                                                                                                                              to feature, “an eclectic mix of original rock
                                                                                                                                                                              punk garage surf mod soul/R&B exotica
             + Stonechimp                                                             with multimedia elements” to the ven-
                                                                                      ue for the first time. Sunshine Ensem-
                                                                                                                                                                              powerpop and the like”, with The Vagina-
                                                                                                                                                                              billies (pictured), Generation Jones, Dark
        DOORS OPeN 7 - $12 - 18 ID
                             Pm   +
                                                                                      ble, Big Dead and Simone Pitot & The                                                    Lab and Wayne Keys on Sunday Feb 13,
                                                                                      Albums support, with doors at 8pm.                                                      from 2pm.
                SUN 13TH Feb
          Pre Valentines
            80’s Double
                Robin Hood:           aLL StruNg uP
              Men in Tights               Classically trained cellist Kathryn Mc-
                                      Kee has created a pop-fan-friendly distilla-                                                crawLiNg Home
              + Stand By Me
                                                                                                                                       After securing the #2 spot in 4ZzZ’s
                                      tion of classical, alternative and electronic
                                                                                                                                  Hot 100 of 2010, The Bloodpoets’ Bec

             + St Elmo’s Fire
                                      music in her first album, Sang Chaud,
                                                                                                                                  Plath (pictured) plays her first solo gig
                                      which she’ll be launching with her five-
                                                                                                                                  of 2011 at The Beetle Bar on Friday Feb
                                      piece band at the Brisbane Powerhouse
          TIckeTS $13.00 PeR PeRSON   on Sunday Feb 13 in a free Live Spark show
                                                                                                                                  11, supported by The Catchment and
                                                                                                                                  Lucifer Sam. Being a Beetle Bar show
                                      supported by Silver Circus (pictured),

                                                                                                                                  it’s sure to be a cheap and cheerful
                                      kicking off at 3.30pm. Head along to check
                                                                                                                                  evening out.
                                      out one of 2011’s new local talents.

                THU 17TH Feb
           My Escapade
           + Fever Pitch                                                              ScribbLiNg eQuatioNS                                                                    tHeme ParK weeKeND?
                                                                                                                                                                                  Inspired by popular cooling-off des-
                                                                                           Described by some as ‘a warm,

           + Alloneword
                                                                                                                                                                              tination Wet & Wild, Canberra sludge
                                                                                      grungy, indie-pop bubble of comfort’,
                                                                                                                                                                              merchants I Exist (pictured) and Sydney
                                                                                      locals Cartoon Physics (pictured) head
                                                                                                                                                                              ‘pseudo thugs’ Phantoms have commit-
        DOORS OPeN 7 - $12 - 18 ID
                             Pm   +                                                   on down to The Zoo on Friday Feb 11.
                                                                                                                                                                              ted to tape a track each named for a theme
                                                                                      Playing songs firmly rooted in their love
                                                                                                                                                                              park ride; the result is the Bad Romance
                 FRI 18TH Feb                                                         of ‘80s alt pop (think XTC, REM, Squeeze,
                                                                                      Pixies), ticket are $10 on the door, and
                                                                                                                                                                              split. Both bands launch it at The Step Inn

       Starlight Theatre                                                              support comes from Bazalgette and
                                                                                      The Brunswicks. Pop in from 8pm.
                                                                                                                                                                              on Thursday Feb 10. Head to www.resis-
                                                                                                                                                                     if you fancy picking

    + Words Versing Verses
                                                                                                                                                                              up their studio efforts.

            + Alibrandi
          + Luke Lukess
     DOORS OPeN 7 - $10+bF PReSALe
                                                                                                                                  HeartbreaK awaitS
           $15 ON THe DOOR - 18+ID    SiNg uS a SoNg…                                                                                 After playing a clutch of solo dates
                                          Piano-pounding frontman of Some-
                                                                                                                                  some years ago, Lloyd Cole (pictured)
                                      thing Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, An-
                SUN 20TH Feb          drew McMahon, steps out in solo mode at
                                                                                                                                  returns with his Small Ensemble, play-
         Rockumentaries               The Hi-Fi on Thursday Feb 10, supported
                                                                                                                                  ing The Old Museum on Thursday Feb
                                                                                                                                  10. With a new album, Broken Record,
     Sex Pistols’ Great Rock          by West Australian singer, songwriter and
                                      multi-instrumentalist Leena (pictured).
                                                                                                                                  Cole’s current live set contains rework-
                                                                                                                                  ings of some classics, and a sampling of
            n Roll Swindle            Look for tickets from the venue (and regu-
                                      lar outlets), priced at $39.60+bf.
                                                                                                                                  the newer stuff. Tickets are $56.10+bf
                                                                                                                                  from OzTix.
      + The Ramones’ End of
             the Century
         TIckeTS $13.00 PeR PeRSON

                                                                                      DoubLe troubLe                                                                          taLK & Strum
                                                                                          Local singer-songwriters Jac Stone                                                      Singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos
                                                                                      (pictured) and James Grehan launch                                                      (pictured) sits down as part of Brisbane
                                                                                      their EPs simultaneously at The Old                                                     Powerhouse’s Waxing Lyrical series of free,
                                                                                      Museum on Friday Feb 11. Grehan fol-                                                    artist run initiatives where creatives talk
                                                                                      lows up his 2009 Sketches & Silhouettes                                                 about – and sing – their works. Kicking off at
                                                                                      release with his new EP, Paper Parallels,                                               5pm on Saturday Feb 12, the event sets up
                                                                                      and Stone is launching debut EP, Leave                                                  at The Turbine Platform every second Sat-
                                                                                      Me Here. Emma Louise supports, and                                                      urday of the month. Edward Guglielmino
                                                                                      tickets are $15 on the door.                                                            also features this week. It’s free!

10 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au                                             FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                           ISSuE 977
                                                          marK SuLtaN
                                                          ON TOuR

                                                       maN oF
                                          Find us on

   Brisbane’s Premier
  Entertainment Venue
                                                       Sometimes he goes by BBQ, Needles, Bridge Mixture,
                                                       Kib Husk, celeb Prenup or a mess of other monikers.
                                                       Right now he’s marK SuLtaN and he’s talking to
                                                       PatricK emerY.
                                                           After being groomed on a diet of Beatles, Stones           young, but the dudes in the band were even younger,               songs in the style I now do. It came so easy and sound-
                                                       and Led Zeppelin, at the tender age of 15 a friend of          and we would play really fast rock & roll and go after the        ed decent, so I recorded right away and started book-
                                                       Mark Sultan’s introduced him to the Misfits as well as         crowd and destroy stuff,” Sultan says. “But we had songs          ing shows. After being in bands for a few years, this just
                                                       the wonders of tape trading and mailorders. Soon, Sul-         – we had the material to back up the nonsense. So we              seemed easier and kinda more chill.”
                                                       tan was playing drums in a local band, “trying to inject       were young and obnoxious, so people resented us. Peo-                 Sultan was last in Australia in the middle of 2010, as
                                                       my love of shit like Black Flag and The Mummies and            ple were jealous. Or people just hated on us. We had fans         one-half of The King Khan & BBQ Show. The tour ended
                                                       whatever else into it.” In a relatively conservative scene,    and all, but a lot of bitter people made our lives shit. We       in acrimony when Khan earned the ire of Sydney Opera
  Tuesday February 15                                  Sultan and his bandmates provided a spark that would           just wanted to play our songs. Folks would find out we            House management and staff for his provocative stage
                                                       lead eventually to The Spaceshits, the legendary garage        had records out in Japan or on SFTRI or whatever and              antics. Within hours of the incident, Khan had posted

  ROB SCHNEIDER                                        punk act featuring Sultan and on-again, off-again col-
                                                       laborator Arish Khan, AKA King Khan. “Our ‘fans’ would
                                                                                                                      just be furious. We started getting banned and certainly
                                                                                                                      weren’t welcome in the local scene’s strictly ‘we’ll never
                                                                                                                                                                                        his own emotive account of the unfolding drama on
                                                                                                                                                                                        the Internet, including describing Sultan’s anger at
                                                       light off fireworks, destroy everything, fight, steal, dress   leave this city’ policy. So fuck ’em,” Sultan laughs.             Khan’s behaviour. It was the end of The King Khan &
                                                       in weird costumes, that sort of thing,” Sultan recalls. “So        The Spaceshits eventually folded when King Khan               BBQ Show for the time being, and Sultan isn’t particu-
                                                       we would get banned and shit was very chaotic. A few           decided to settle in Berlin during a Spaceshits Euro-             larly interested in re-opening old wounds. “Read some
                                                       of the dudes who later started the original line-up of         pean tour. Sultan went on to form various outfits, in-            bullshit online. Everyone else did,” he says.
                                                       The Spaceshits would come to these shows and were              cluding Les Sexareenos, before establishing himself
                                                       pretty stoked.”                                                as a one-man band outfit. “I just had a million songs              marK SuLtaN performs at the Step inn on Friday
                                                           Not surprisingly, The Spaceshits attracted a reason-       and I wanted to play them, but I tend to do things very           Feb 11. the Horrortones support. check out www.
                                                       able amount of attention, not all of it positive. “I was       quickly,” Sultan says. “So I decided to try practising the for more information.

                                                          De La SouL
                                                          ON TOuR

                                                       De La SouL
  Friday February 18

         De la soul
                                                       iS (uN)DeaD
                                                       De La SouL altered hip hop with eclectic wordplay,
                                                       comedic skits and boundary-pushing material. aNNabeL
                                                       macLeaN talks to Kelvin Mercer, AKA PoSDNuoS/
                                                       PLug oNe ahead of their De La Soul Is Dead 20th
                                                       Anniversary Tour.

                                                           Kelvin Mercer is rarely addressed as such. ‘Plug One’      opment. “The big thing about that album is that it was            on it and a bunch of different other artists, Fresh Prince
                                                       and ‘Posdnuos’ are more familiar to the MC, rapper and         our departure from where we were when we were mak-                or whoever and it showed all of our dates,” Mercer
  Saturday February 19                                 producer. ‘Posdnuos’ is pronounced “like you eat pasta         ing 3 Feet High And Rising, which was just us as normal           says. “Dave was just so tired of us being on the road,
                                                       and a noose around your neck, so pasta-noose,” accord-         kids – what we really saw in front of us when we were 18,         he grabbed an eraser and erased all of our dates and

             M. WARD                                   ing to Mercer. But he isn’t the only one who goes by
                                                       several monikers; fellow member Dave Jolicoeur goes
                                                                                                                      young and growing up. De La Soul Is Dead was more like
                                                                                                                      ‘now this is us after the fame, I’ve seen great times, I’ve
                                                                                                                                                                                        wrote ‘De La Soul Is Dead’ and everyone started laugh-
                                                                                                                                                                                        ing because everyone just wanted to stay home, they
                                                       by ‘Plug Two’ and Vincent Mason goes by ‘Plug Three’.          seen the road, I’ve seen bad times’,” Mercer says.                didn’t want to work no more. And we were like, ‘You
                                                       These monikers came about when boys released Plug                  “It does feel good to listen back on an album like            know what, that could be a great title’.”
                                                       Tunin’ from their debut album 3 Feet High And Rising           De La Soul Is Dead and know that there is still relevance             With not long until the show goes down, Mercer
                                                       in 1989. “The actual song was a routine,” Mercer begins.       to it [...] Even fun moments like It’s Saturday, that still       says fans can expect more than just De La Soul Is Dead
                                                       “We just had a chant ‘plug one, plug two’ so it just hap-      feels good now hearing it in a club or someone playing            tunes. “It’s gonna be very hard not to include other
                                                       pened to be that I was the one who got chosen to say           it at a roller rink. It’s a blessing that we played a part        songs. We just want to do our best to implement differ-
                                                       ‘plug one’. It was never meant to be like that but people      in creating something that stands true even now like              ent songs and make sure the energy is high.”
                                                       actually started identifying us like that.”                    20-something years later.”
                                                           Touring their highly influential second album, De              And as for name of the album, it came about out                De La SouL perform De La SouL iS DeaD at the
                                                       La Soul Is Dead, to mark the record’s 20th anniversary,        of pure fun. “We were at our management company                   tivoli on Friday Feb 18. the winnie coopers support.
                                                       Mercer says it was an important step in the trio’s devel-      and there was a board which had De La Soul’s name       

                                                          DaN SuLtaN
                                                          BuMEHLA FESTIVAL
  Tuesday March 1

     wainwright                                        “i’m JuSt
  Coming Soon@                                         PLaYiNg

   WED MAR 2
    Thu MAR 3
                  The Waifs
     FRI MAR 4
                  Joanna Newsom
   MON MAR 7
                  Belle & Sebastian                    DaN SuLtaN may be Australia’s most recent
    FRI MAR 18
                  Eastmania feat. BillY Cobham         Indigenous rock star – but don’t call him a ‘role
    FRI MAR 25
                  DEAD LETTER CIRCUS                   model,’ he tells cHaD ParKHiLL.
   SAT MAR 26
                  Irish Festival                            Dan Sultan’s had a big 2010 – he released his second      Brothablack, and the Bangarra Dance Theatre. Despite              ing with his vocals in place of the late Michael Hutch-
                  feat. The Wolfe Tones
                                                       album, Get Out While You Can, won two ARIA awards              the festival’s focus – one comparable to The Dreaming             ence’s. “I wouldn’t want to come off like I could fill his
   THU MAR 31
                  URIAH DEEP                           (Best Male Artist and Best Blues & Roots Album), and two       festival held each year at Woodford, at which he is a reg-        shoes,” Sultan says. “I don’t think anyone could fill them. I
      FRI APR 1
                  LUKA BLOOM                           Deadlys (Best Male Artist and Single Release Of The Year)      ular performer – Sultan doesn’t want to be seen as a role         was just really happy to be a part of that moment – it was
                                                       – but despite this, he remains firmly grounded. In par-        model or spokesman for Indigenous Australians.                    very humbling, and I didn’t want to stuff it up too bad.”
                                                       ticular, he doesn’t want to speak for anyone but himself.           “Look, man, I’m just playing music,” he says. “I’m not a          Sultan’s vocal delivery on Just Keep Walking is more
                                                            “I don’t want to speak out of school and say any-         politician. It’s up to everyone else if they want to make me      Jimmy Barnes soul belter than Hutchence’s orginal
                                                       thing that’s not true,” he says when I ask him about the       a spokesman or a role model. All I want to do is play music,      choppy post-punker, but Sultan is keen to emphasise
                                                       Bumehla festival, a celebration of Indigenous culture          and it’s really not up to me if I’m seen in that particular       that this was equally INXS’s decision. “The arrangement
                                                       that will take place at the Broadwater Parklands this          way. I suppose that all we can do – anyone, Indigenous            is really different, too,” he says. “They’d done all of the
    52 Costin Street                                   weekend. “I just think any time we can get together,
                                                       and anything that portrays indigenous culture in a
                                                                                                                      or non-Indigenous, musicians or anyone – all we can do
                                                                                                                      is try to be as good as we can be. Try to be as nice as pos-
                                                                                                                                                                                        music before I’d even gotten the job. They had me in
                                                                                                                                                                                        to listen to the song before I recorded it, to get up to
 Fortitude Valley (opp RNA)                            positive light, I think that’s very important. It’s a good     sible – it’s nice to be nice, you know? There’s a lot of things   speed with what they’d done to it. It was very different.
                                                       thing to be a part of, and a good thing to do.”                I’ve got views on – I can be opinionated about a couple of        I had to treat it like a whole new song, really.”
  Tickets Available Through Ticketek                        The Bumehla festival is a two-day celebration of Aus-     things – but I’m not a politician, I’m a musician.”
    CALL 132 849                                       tralia’s vibrant Indigenous culture, and one that centres
                                                       around an NRL match between the NRL All-Stars team
                                                                                                                           Sultan’s success has come around because of his
                                                                                                                      consummate blues-rock musicianship, and a recent
                                                                                                                                                                                        DaN SuLtaN plays the bumehla festival on Friday
                                                                                                                                                                                        Feb 11 at the broadwater Parklands, gold coast. get                                 and the Indigenous All-Stars team. It also includes a raft
                                                       of free performances by artists such as Busby Marou,
                                                                                                                      highlight of his career has been working with INXS to
                                                                                                                      record a version of their seminal early hit Just Keep Walk-
                                                                                                                                                                                        out wHiLe You caN is out now through mgm. check
                                                                                                                                                                                        out for more information.

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   aNberLiN                                                                                                                        SwerveDriver
   SOuNDWAVE                                                                                                                       ON TOuR

                                                                                                                               DeaLiNg witH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  there are new
                                                                                                   i try to write                                                                                                              bands that have

LigHt a caNDLe
                                                                                               exactly what i’m                                                                                                            actually cited the likes

                                                                                             going through, i want                                                                                                            of Swervedriver as
                                                                                              to be very open like                                                                                                          influences. it seemed
Since their first Australian trip, aNberLiN have released five full-length                   an open book. i think                                                                                                         like a good time to get
albums, toured many countries and gained millions of fans throughout the world,               that is when people              SwerveDriver vocalist and human distortion pedal, aDam FraNKLiN,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           back together and play
yet frontman StePHeN cHriStiaN is still humble, says FioNa StaFForD.                            relate to you...               explains to Dermot cLarKe what’s behind the band’s reformation.
    Anberlin’s most recent album is Dark Is The Way,             shows the journey Christian followed to get to this               In 2008, Swervedriver broke a 10-year silence and               little sections of certain songs where we thought ‘why did
Light Is A place. It’s an album that surpassed the expec-        point. It is obvious as he speaks just how happy the          reformed, much to the delight and relief of their cult              we do that strange little thing?’ And change it around to
tations I had for it, based on their previous offering, New      band is with the final result.                                following. The bulk of the band’s reputation comes                  make it a bit more effective. It’s more honed now. People
Surrender, which as Christian explains was a particu-                “I try to write exactly what I’m going through, I         from their first two albums, and after second album                 who saw us in 2008 said we’re actually better than we ever
larly tough time for him. “It’s not the worst CD because         want to be very open like an open book. I think that is       Mezcal Head was released in 1993, they seemed to ta-                have been before. The whole thing is tweaked a little bit
of the songs themselves, I’m talking about mentally.             when people relate to you and that’s what people get          per off creatively before breaking up on a sour note in             better. One thing that struck me when we played again in
I was not there. I was just absolutely gone. The stress          from the record. I think there is a difference between        1998. One thing that didn’t waver before their split was            2008 was just how loud and fast everything was.”
was out of my mind. I grew a beard and ran away to               a timeless record and a record that is a pop sensation.       their fierce intensity as a live band. Yet they’re not in                 The main thing that devotees of the band justifiably
New Orleans for weeks because I felt this tremendous             Because people will definitely gravitate and say ‘oh this     any hurry to start up a new phase of writing.                       harp on about is a wish to hear new Swervedriver ma-
pressure. That is not art. That is not music. Music should       pop song is incredible’ but you can’t tell me that in 20          “The years certainly go by quicker the older you                terial. Adam’s quite evasive on this point, and is uncon-
not be pressured and calculated. Music should be the             years people are going to be listening to Justin Bie-         get. When we first got back together we couldn’t be-                cerned that this tour will get people’s hopes up. He’s
overflow of how you feel and how life makes you feel             ber’s Baby Baby you know? They’re just not! It has no         lieve that it was almost 20-years since the band had                focused on refining the live sound of existing material.
and I just felt like it wasn’t that way. I felt like I gave no   bearing on their life and that’s just it. I think when it’s   begun. You don’t expect to have people harking back                       “It’s a weird thing, the songs get committed to tape,
soul because at that moment I had no soul.                       bands that you can relate to and bands that you feel          to it, but there are fans that still hold the band in high          and then the songs quite often develop. You can only
    “Right now it feels like a heart-wrenching moment I          like you connect to, it’s stuff that you’re going to listen   regard. So it seemed to make sense, because the whole               play a song the way it was recorded X amount of times.
wish that I spent more time with and kind of had a bet-          to when you are 50 and still respond to and feel like ‘I      music scene had sort of come back around. There are                 Then 10, 20-years later, there are new avenues for the
ter collection of thoughts.”                                     was in that moment in my life’ and that’s exactly what        new bands that have actually cited the likes of Swerve-             song opening up. A song like Duress, which often closes
     Dark Is The Way... has a much more uplifting and            I was going through and brought back this memory at           driver as influences. It seemed like a good time to get             our set, we can’t listen to that recording because it just
positive feeling and reflects Anberlin’s growth as a             that time and so I want to be a part of people’s lives,       back together and play again,” says Adam.                           sounds so odd, because the song’s developed so much
band. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien                  not just a playlist.”                                             The band’s attitude towards their material has de-              from playing it live over the years,” Adam justifies.
who took out a Grammy for his work with AC/DC                                                                                  veloped over the last 10-years, so it’s not going to be a                 “As far as recording new music goes we’re not really
and has also worked with a vast array of other of the            aNberLiN are                                                 static replication of their previous visit in 1998.                 pushing it. We didn’t really push the getting back togeth-
world’s biggest acts including Bruce Springsteen and             playing Soundwave at                                              “There’s a slightly different approach because I                er, it just sort of happened. We didn’t really think too much
Pearl Jam. Christian was surprised when they were                rNa showgrounds on Saturday                                   think that in some ways we’re a little less precious                about it. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen.”
approached by O’Brien to work on this record but it              February 26. DarK iS tHe waY,                                 about it. One of the things about back in the day was, it
was a winning collaboration with the album peaking               LigHt iS a PLace is out now                                   was our livelihood, that was what we did, and everyone               SwerveDriver play the Zoo on wednesday Feb
at number 41 on the Australian Albums Chart and                  on universal. check out www.                                  was very passionate about it.                                       16, supported by giants of Science and Loomer.
number 9 on the US Billboard chart. Dark Is The Way...  for more info.                                       “I think getting back together you sort of streamline it,       check out for more info.

                                                                                                                                  moNSter magNet

                                                                                                                               boreD witH SorcerY
                                                                                                                               Dave wYNDorF may have sworn off the hocus pocus and trickery of the major labels, but that doesn’t mean
                                                                                                                               space rock titans moNSter magNet are going to be slowing down. tom HerSeY writes.
                                                                                                                                    If anyone’s qualified to talk about rock & roll's wild ride,   contemporaries, forcibly ejected from their major label
                                                                                                                               it’s Dave Wyndorf. For the last 20-plus years, the New Jer-         homes post-2000, this is a dude that hired a lawyer and
                                                                                                                               sey native has been out front of stoner legends Monster             fought to escape from one of the most powerful record
                                                                                                                               Magnet and this dude has seen it all; world tours, major la-        labels in the world.
                                                                                                                               bels, drug excesses, band break-ups. And, between drags                 “In the new millennium, we were on one of the big-
                                                                                                                               on his cigarette, he’s happy to talk about it all.                  gest record labels in the world, I couldn’t see a future
                                                                                                                                    We’re talking about the band’s illustrious, if check-          there. I saw what was happening, and realised that eve-
                                                                                                                               ered, past in the wake of the band’s latest album,                  rybody might think that we’re huge, but we’d actually
                                                                                                                               Mastermind, which was supported with the release of                 be quite small.”
                                                                                                                               arguably 2010’s best music video for lead single Gods                   After all the shit that the new millennium has put
                                                                                                                               And Punks. A clip showing a destitute supervillain                  Monster Magnet through, Wyndorf stands on the brink
                                                                                                                               down and out on the streets of L.A. set to the band’s               of a new decade and, although unsure about the fu-
                                                                                                                               soundtrack, a far cry from the video clips for the band’s           ture holds for career musicians like himself, he’s plan-
                                                                                                                               most recognisable singles Powertrip, Space Lord and                 ning to bullishly lead Monster Magnet into whatever.
                                                                                                                               the Gore-Pirates Of The Caribbean-Verbinski directed                When Rave asks him why he’s still at it, he laughs and
                                                                                                                               Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Heavily reliant on bikini-               responds he’s “a glutton for punishment.”
                                                                                                                               clad girls and big guitars, Dave explains how at the                    “I was always the guy in Monster Magnet that was
                                                                                                                               time, the band had labels throwing money at them to                 staying up all night and writing the songs. When every-
                                                                                                                               make brainless, MTV-ready video clips.                              one else was off getting stoned, watching TV and go-
                                                                                                                                    “Those videos were kind of like an in-joke for me,             ing home to their girlfriends, I was writing the songs.
                                                                                                                               because the labels didn’t want art, they just wanted a              There’s something in me that wants it more I guess. It’s
                                                                                                                               fucking commercial. So I was going to give them the                 just what I do.
                                                                                                                               ultimate commercial. Tits, money, fire. And they loved                  “If you’re the clown in the circus, man,” Dave sug-
                                                                                                                               them, and I had a great time making them with like                  gests, taking a drag at his cigarette, “you’re the clown
                                                                                                                               50-half-naked showgirls.”                                           in the circus.”
                                                                                                                                    Finding a creative freedom at their new home, indie
                                                                                                                               metal label Napalm Records, Wyndorf and his Monster                 moNSter magNet play the rNa Showgrounds,
                                                                                                                               Magnet struck genius, even working within the budget                Saturday Feb 26, as part of the Soundwave festival,
                                                                                                                               constraints of their smallest record label to date. “This time      alongside iron maiden, Queens of the Stone age,
                                                                                                                               around we could go with something, dare I say, artier.”             Slayer and heaps more. maStermiND is out now
                                                                                                                                    If the quality of Mastermind is any indication, life           through Napalm records. check out www.myspace.
                                                                                                                               outside of the majors is treating Monster Magnet well.              com/monstermagnet and www.soundwavefestival.
                                                                                                                               But that’s no surprise for Dave. Unlike his post-grunge             com for more information.

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   mr. maPS

mr. maPS PLaY
With their debut album Wire Empire out and carving up some hype, instrumental
math rockers mr. maPS tell us which songs they like most and why.

Andrew White (bass) – Tennis Party: This one re-            of the middle and Andrew would do the ending/               get there is so totally unique. Jac’s drums in the cli-   was a tad worried about my songwriting contribution to this
ally embodies the kind of rhythmically complex/             outro. I was more than happy to wank in some cello          max are also a highlight, and Andrei and Joss really      album would be well understated. Luckily, after coming up
harmonically simple sound we were going for on              to build the climax, but I always forget I am not a         added a lot to this in the production phase, making       with the initial guitar lines and beats, and being well pushed
this album, and I like that it gets quite heavy and         violin, and playing high parts gives me indigestion.        it way more than the sum of its parts.                    by an insomnia-induced Andrew, I had both Chloe and Chris
tough towards the end. The production process               Gleefully this plan succeeded and we ended up with          Chloe Cooper (keys) – Secrets You Could Sift:             pretty much make the song happen around me. I think this is
was interesting; I added a lot to this song post-re-        a cohesive song that, because of the difference in          Written at the height of my Ravel interest, I saw Mr.     the most psychedelic song on the album, I’m still surprised by
cording, including extra percussion, guitars playing        the writing process, is like the hot cousin of the al-      Maps’ potential and tried to structure the song in        its every turn each time I play it. It’s like Mars Volta takes an
harmonics, textures and harmony parts, which gave           bum.                                                        a more accessible way. The piano chords are quite         excursion to Wonka’s chocolate factory along with their new
it a pretty unique sound. It was fun to program the         Chris Perren (guitar) – Nostalgia Is Crippling: It          rich and contain intervals that are difficult to accom-   pet seahorses.
synth bass on this track, whereas I would normally          changes, but my current favourite is probably Nos-          pany, so we decided to keep it simple and spacious.
play it live. And finally Andrei and Joss pulled a killer   talgia. Briony wrote and recorded a lot of this herself     Andrew did an amazing job with beautiful and sub-         mr. maPS play the alley on Saturday
mix which made it sound huge.                               originally, putting layers of lush cellos over oddly        tle electronics that have made the song transcen-         Feb 12, supported by Skinny Jean,
Briony Luttrell (cello/synths) – Cover Your Heads:          cut acoustic guitars, then moving into a hugely epic        dental. I wrote the song at a time of inner conflict,     Doom Doom, and grids/units/Planes.
Going into recording, we really only had the middle         finale. It’s a fascinating song to me, because it’s sty-    trying to convey the veil put up between people           wire emPire is now out through lofly
chunk of this song mapped out. The plan was that            listically similar to other tracks on the album, but        when secrets are known yet not acknowledged.              recordings. check out
Chris would make an intro out of the recorded bits          the compositional approach that Briony has used to          Jac Hicks (drums) – Creature Crumpets: To say I  for more information.

                                                                                                                                                                                     beLiNDa carLiSLe
                                                                                                                                                                                     ON TOuR

                                                                                                                                                                                  iN too DeeP
                                                                                                                                                                                  A child of L.A.’s punk scene, beLiNDa carLiSLe fronted
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Go Go’s, the most successful all-girl band of the ‘80s,
                                                                                                                                                                                  then went on to a chart-topping solo career in the ‘90s. As she
                                                                                                                                                                                  returns to Australia, she tells aLaSDair DuNcaN about her
                                                                                                                                                                                  career highs and lows.

                                                                                                                                                                                       From the new wave pop of The Go Go’s to the slick, FM
                                                                                                                                                                                  radio-ready pop of singles like Summer Rain and Heaven On
                                                                                                                                                                                  Earth, the thread that connects all of Belinda Carlisle’s music is
                                                                                                                                                                                  her Southern California upbringing. “It defined me,” she said,
                                                                                                                                                                                  “it’s a part of my psyche. Growing up when I did, it was all

            Next !
                                                                                                                                                                                  about the beach culture and Brian Wilson. I like lots of melody
                                                                                                                                                                                  – I love melodic pop, and I’m sure that comes from growing up

                                                                                                                                                                                  in Southern California.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       Carlisle left home at 19 and threw herself head-first into
                                                                                                                                                                                  L.A’s burgeoning punk scene, playing drums for bands like
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Germs before the formation of The Go Go’s in 1978. “It
                                                                                                                                                                                  was amazing,” she tells me of that time, “I feel very fortunate to
                                                                                                                                                                                  have experienced Los Angeles in that era. There was a scene
                                                                                                                                                                                  that started in ’77 and went on to about ’81, and really for
                                                                                                                                                                                  those four years, it was so exciting – you could feel an electric-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ity in the air.
                                                                                                                                                                                       “There were so many bands and so many places to play and
                                                                                                                                                                                  outlets for creativity,” she continues. “There wasn’t a lot to be
                                                                                                                                                                                  angry about in Southern California. It wasn’t like London, where
                                                                                                                                                                                  they had plenty to be angry about, or New York, which was a
                                                                                                                                                                                  darker place anyway, at least at that time. In California, the scene
                                                                                                                                                                                  was about a celebration of creativity and art. There were darker
                                                                                                                                                                                  elements, too, like the beach punk movement that started about
                                                                                                                                                                                  ’79, but really, it was all about art.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       By the time she left The Go Go’s in 1985, Carlisle had sold
                                                                                                                                                                                  millions of albums with that band, and she would go on to sell
                                                                                                                                                                                  millions more as a solo star. She was a major star, but hopelessly
                                                                                                                                                                                  insecure, a volatile combination that ultimately led to a decades-
                                                                                                                                                                                  long drug habit. “I’ve been in the public eye since I was 17, and it
                                                                                                                                                                                  took me a lot of work going through 12-step programs to realise
                                                                                                                                                                                  that I am not what I do, I am not defined by my career.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       Carlisle finally quit cocaine five and a half years ago, and has
                                                                                                                                                                                  been sober ever since, but, as she tells me, it took quite a bit of

                               PARKLANDS GOLD COAST                                                                                                                               work. “I can say now that I’m very happy, and I have a pretty good
                                                                                                                                                                                  handle on things. Life never ceases to amaze, and it can throw

                               SATURDAY 19 FEBRUARY
                                                                                                                                                                                  spanners in the works on occasion, but I can deal with that now.
                                                                                                                                                                                  I’m a more rounded person, and I’m happy.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       When I ask Carlisle if she has any advice for aspiring musicians,
                                                                                                                                                                                  she seems genuinely stumped, for a second, then starts to laugh.
                                               18+ only. Valid I.D. must be shown to gain entry.                                                                                  “When you look back, there was no reason, logically, why The Go
                                       Public Transport to and from the event is highly recommended.                                                                              Go’s should have made it, other than the fact that we just never
                                                                                                                                                                                  gave up,” she says. “A lot of it was about attitude. We had some tal-

                                                                                                                                                              ent in the band, but a lot of people who don’t have any still end up
                                                                                                                                                                                  out there having huge careers, and I believe that pure and simple,
                                                                                                                                                                                  their attitude is what gives them the edge.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  beLiNDa carLiSLe plays at twin towns resort, tweed Heads,
                                                                                                                                                                                  on Friday Feb 18, then at Kedron-wavell Services club on
                                                                                                                                                                                  Saturday Feb 19. to read the full interview, go to ravemagazine.
                                                                                                                                                                         check out for more info.

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   tHe vauDeviLLe SmaSH                                                              uKuLeLeZaZa                                                                            KatHrYN mcKee
   ON TOuR                                                                           ON TOuR                                                                                ON TOuR

                                                                                 Belgium musician remco HoutmaN-JaNSSeN, or better known
                                                                                                                                                                         ceLLo meLLo
                                                                                                                                                                         classically trained cellist and purveyor of the electroacoustic

LiceNce to vauDeviLLe
marc LuccHeSi, lead singer of zany self-described “nouveau yacht
                                                                                 in the ukulele community as uKuLeLeZaZa, is heading to Australia
                                                                                 as part of The Melbourne ukulele Festival. Many artists playing at
                                                                                 the festival are also doing a showcase around Australia the week
                                                                                                                                                                         KatHrYN mcKee tells JoDY macgregor about her debut
                                                                                                                                                                         album, Sang chaud.

rock” band tHe vauDeviLLe SmaSH, talks to JoDY macgregor.                        before the festival kicks off. KriSSi weiSS finds out a little more                     JODY MACGREGOR: You’ve performed with a lot of people. What was it
                                                                                 about the man and his nifty, compact instrument.                                        like playing with Brisbane gypsy orchestra Doch?
JODY MACGREGOR: You just filmed a video for your song Roller Disco.                                                                                                      KATHRYN MCKEE: Faaaaantastic. An absolute musical buzz. I will be having
What’s the concept?                                                              KRISSI WEISS: I’d like to start by asking how you first got involved in                 withdrawal symptoms every October for years… And yes I have dubbed
MARC LUCCHESI: Well, none of us can actually skate, so we thought it’d be        playing the ukulele.                                                                    that month “Dochtober”. Not sure where else to get such a hit of raw musi-
funny to have us skating around with a whole bunch of people that could          REMCO HOUTMAN-JANSSEN: Music has been part of our family life for as                    cal energy with so many fab musicians in the one hotspot.
skate. We were thinking of shooting it as one long shot (a la Russian Ark)       long as I can remember. My mother and her group of friends always jammed                JM: And you also played for Kanye West? How did that come about?
but there were so many spills and general hilariousness that we’ll be cutting    at birthdays, playing old jazz on guitars, banjos, ukuleles, washboards. I was          KM: When he was supporting U2 in 2006 an agent was employed to find
a few of them together for an ultimate take. We even got hold of a whole         about 10 years old when I picked up the banjo-ukulele myself, inspired by               an eight-piece all-girl string section for each city. What can I say? As a cel-
gang of Roller Derby girls and told them to ‘smash’ the lead singer (being       the George Formby conventions my mother and her friends organized in                    lo-player, I got the gig. What else can I say? We spent all day getting our
me). I hurt the next day.                                                        Rotterdam.                                                                              hair and make-up done and about half an hour rehearsing!
JM: How’s your album coming along?                                               KW: I notice that you play mandolin, saw, lap steel and a few other in-                 JM: How would you describe your sound?
ML: Very nicely indeed. We’ve four of the songs completely done, Roller Disco    struments. How do you incorporate those instruments into your per-                      KM: Post-rock, post-classical, post-pop. Is there such a thing as post-pop
being one of them, and the rest not far away. It’s taken quite a while because   formances?                                                                              yet? I guess it’s most honestly described by the line-up: think emotive
we’ve taken the songs away and then come back to them, realising they            R H-J: Mandolin and saw I don’t play particularly well, but I do play lap steel         songs and electroacoustic works for piano, laptop and beats. Then think
needed extra parts. The truth is, we could probably keep refining until the      guitar and plectrum banjo a lot. However, I never use these instruments                 string quartet.
day we die but then nothing would ever be put out. We even had a 12-piece        when I perform as Ukulelezaza. Then it’s just me and my ukulele - or ukule-             JM: What can we expect from a live Kathryn McKee show?
string section come in... there’s nothing like a big old string section.         les, as I like to use different varieties.                                              KM: A re-creation of my album by lush musicians sandwiched between
JM: Three brothers in the one band – how does that work?                         KW: Is the ukulele community around the world a tight knit group? I                     great jokes and meaningful anecdotes… (do I get to insert a winky face
ML: It’s handy because even after the most vicious argument we’re still          have seen your posts on several ukulele forums.                                         here?) Plus a new tune or two.
forced to stay together; our mum would be upset otherwise. I also believe        R H-J: I think it is, although it’s expanding rapidly. You could say there’s a group    JM: You’re launching your album at The Powerhouse. Will there be any
that siblings have an innate connection that can make playing and writing        of hardcore ukers that you meet everywhere you go. I love that. We’re one big           special challenges in replicating the new songs live?
music together something special. Having a bass player and drummer as            happy family and as much as it is great to see familiar faces, it is just as great to   KM: I hope not! They’ve all been test-run… I just hope we can fit the whole
brothers means foot-tapping-good-time-get-down-disco.                            meet new people, who will then be part of that big happy family.                        album in the set AND have time for jokes.
JM: How do you keep yourself entertained on tour?                                KW: Your playing has taken you around the world. What has been your                     JM: How did you choose Silver Circus for your support?
ML: During the long drives we like to chuck on this Italian singer/guitar-       most interesting performance to date?                                                   KM: Actually, Jo Bell from The Powerhouse did. Pretty good coupling if you
ist/genius called Kokos man. My brother Dan and I first heard him playing        R H-J: Paris has a wonderful community of ukulele players. I have had the               ask me, given our line-ups.
solo at my uncle’s bar in Italy. He blew our mind and has around 10 hours        privilege to perform there twice and the talent and enthusiasm are just over-           JM: I don’t speak French so forgive my Google translating, but does
of recorded material. He butchers songs, can’t speak English yet sings in it,    whelming. But every ukulele festival I’ve performed at has its own charm.               Sang Chaud mean hot-blooded? Like the opposite of ‘sang-froid’?
but he’s probably the most relevant, unknown musical genius of the last 20                                                                                               KM: You’re onto it. Technically it’s more like “warm-blooded”, which is the
years. It makes the stretch from Melbourne to Byron seem like 10 minutes.        uKuLeLeZaZa will be playing at the brisbane arts theatre, Petrie                       what the album is to me, though I think the French do use it in the context
                                                                                 terrace, Friday Feb 20 along with uni & Her uke, Shelley o’brien, Paul                  of “hot-blooded”. Hmmmm.
tHe vauDeviLLe SmaSH play the Loft on thursday Feb 10, the Joynt                moore, and many more. tickets are available at
on Friday Feb 11 and byron bay beach Hotel on Saturday Feb 12. check             au or at the door. check out and                        KatHrYN mcKee performs at brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday Feb 13.
out for more information.                     ukulelezaza for more information.                                                       check out for more information.

                        Friday 11th February
                  Supporting Bang Bang Boss Kelly
                       w/ The Incredible Kicks
                             @ The Alley
              Ground Floor, 77 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City
                         $5 entry, from 8pm


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   Jac StoNe                                                                                                                     georgia Potter
   EP LAuNcH                                                                                                                     GOODBYE SHOW

DowN bY tHe river                                                                                                            FareweLL SoNg womaN
                                                                                                                             Before jetting off to expand her horizons in Europe, Brisbane Songstress georgia Potter gives JameS
                                                                                                                             StaFForD the lowdown on her life, career thus far and of course her upcoming farewell party.
Ready to launch her debut EP in a double-headed gig with James Grehan, Jac StoNe chats with KriSSi
weiSS about the opportunities she has had so far, and why success is probably just the luck of the draw.                          You may have seen her onstage as part of the Bird            when you’re a young musician, it kind of fast-tracks you
                                                                                                                             Fire Choir with Laneous & The Family Yah, playing solo            as well.”
     Stone’s first EP, Leave Me Here, is a downtempo, sing-         Playing guitar from when she was 12, Stone fre-          with guitar or on keys with Yeo & The Fresh Goods, but                 The chance to catch Potter leading a full band has ar-
er-songwriter collection of songs that sit perfectly with      quently performed at most of the pubs and restaurants         you really haven’t experienced Georgia Potter until you           rived, albeit briefly with a farewell extravaganza planned
an acoustic guitar and a glass of wine. Co-produced by         in her hometown of Charters Towers before heading             have seen her leading her very own band. It hasn’t al-            for February 10 at The Zoo. While usually encumbered by
Yanto Browning and Powderfinger’s Darren Middleton,            south to study. It was through university that she man-       ways been this way, as Potter explains.                           an acoustic guitar or keyboard onstage, she has some-
I start by asking Stone how she made the decision of           aged to make her connections. “I met Yanto through                 “I started out as a soloist, in 2006, in that singer song-   thing different in store this time.
what songs she would have on her debut. It’s gener-            James Grehan,” she says. “I met James when I was in my        writer format I guess. That was out of necessity rather                “I think my music has evolved a lot in the last year,
ally a tough decision to make for a young songwriter, as       second year of uni at Griffith. We met randomly at a gig      than anything else, I had only just started studying music        but probably the biggest change that people will notice
there is more often than not a plethora of songs in their      and he kind of took me under his wing helping me out          at uni and didn’t really know anyone to start a band with.        is that I’m not playing any instruments in this set. I start-
catalogue to choose from. “It was Darren, Yanto and I;         with uni and I also sang with him … Last year was my          It was a pretty quick evolution towards heading in the            ed out playing guitar and then I went back to playing the
we decided together,” Stone says. “We had maybe two            first year out. It’s pretty hard but it’s sort of fun; even   full band direction, and it just kept growing from there.”        keyboards and now I’m just free to rock the mic up the
or three that were definite. I did write one for it; I wrote   the hard work is fun. Brisbane just seems so small so it’s         While we here in Brisbane claim her as our own, Potter       front, and nothing else, which is exactly how I love it.”
River. I thought it needed something a little bit more         fun getting in amongst it. It’s so hard to live off music     was actually born and raised in the remote North Queens-               Fully liberated, and leading a stellar band from the
light-hearted and something a bit more fun.”                   alone though.”                                                land community of Aurukun, and it was there where the             front, Potter, who is also affectionately known as MC
     Recorded in Middleton’s studio, which is appar-                Some people often remark that there is a lot of rub-     seed of the musician we know today was planted.                   Gorgeous, has been working on something special for
ently in his back yard, he also played all of the electric     bish out there in radio land, which may be true, but               “When I was a baby in Aurukun, my adopted grand-             her last Brisbane set for the foreseeable future.
guitar on the EP, giving it an almost country feel while       at a grass roots level, you see just how many talented        mother, Granny Annie, would always baby sit me as she                  “Now being a home show, this show is going to be
still remaining heavily influenced by folk. Having spent       people there are slogging it out in the music industry        was the one that I wouldn’t cry around. I would spend a           a seven-piece, with a brand new line-up of musicians.
most of her time performing on her own, I asked how            even though the likelihood of success seems almost            lot of time with Annie. Annie was a song woman, a very            We’ve only just been playing with this line-up for the
she assembled the band that played on Leave Me Here.           arbitrary. I ask Stone what she thinks influences a song-     important cultural song woman, so a lot of my family up           summer festivals and for this show, so it’s a pretty fresh
“We assembled friends for the EP and they ended up             writer’s ability to be successful. “In the end it all comes   there think it’s pretty synchronistic that I’ve become a          vibe. Actually the majority of the backing band is The
playing with us as well because we got the Splendour           down to luck,” she says. “Talent, of course, is a big fac-    song woman myself. They say ‘It’s because Annie sung in           Family Yah, and even though they’re playing something
show and then the Powderfinger show.”                          tor, but I think it just depends on where you are at the      your ear when you’re were a baby.’”                               that’s so completely different to what Laneous & The
     And how did those two impressive opportunities            right time. If you enjoy it there’s no question that you           Taking over the reigns of her own musical develop-           Family Yah is, they still kind of have this magic threaded
arise given she only graduated from her Bachelor of            wouldn’t stick at it.”                                        ment, Potter enrolled at the Queensland Conservato-               through what they do.”
Popular Music a little over a year ago? “Through Darren                                                                      rium of Music in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since.
with the Powderfinger show, but he helped out with              Jac StoNe launches Leave me Here alongside                       “I did a Bachelor of Popular Music, which is their pro-       georgia Potter plays her farewell gig thursday
Splendour as well,” she says and then hesitates. “I’m not      James grehan, who co-launches his own eP Paper                gram that evolves around music technology and audio               Feb 10 at the Zoo with Hunz and Killbot Kindergarten.
sure how it happened, I think he owns part of it or Pow-       Parallels, at the old museum on Friday Feb 11. emma           engineering. I had no knowledge going into it and I               tickets are selling fast, so book through are $10+bf
derfinger have a big part in it or something.”                 Louise supports.                     loved it, I absolutely loved being in the studio, and also        from oztix.

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    Kate NaSH
    ON TOuR

A mere six months since her last visit, England’s own
sassy, silver-tongued songstress Kate NaSH is set
to make a return to antipodean shores, and it would
appear that mutual affection has blossomed. NicK
maSoN reports.

     As we prepare once more to welcome Kate Nash                she recalls.                                                          coupled with candid emotion and scintillating wit each                Unsurprisingly, Nash also aimed “to be more opin-
with arms wide open, she would appear just as enthu-                 “I think I was bored and exhausted really, that’s as              make their return, but sonically, My Best Friend Is You is       ionated and perhaps more political” throughout the
siastic on the eve of the tour. “I love it,” she declares, no    simple as it gets. I didn’t really have the passion to keep           brand new territory. “I wanted it to sound a little more         release. The songstress has, in the past, expressed her
hesitation necessary. “I love being out there so much. It        going,” she admits candidly. “I got really tired of touring           live and rough around the edges and have more influ-             commitment to the idea of female empowerment,
feels like a place I can escape into from stuff in the world I   and not really writing anything or being creative and                 ence from the punk stuff I’ve always liked, that harsher         averse to any form of sexism. Infamously outspoken
really hate! It just feels so chilled. I always meet cool peo-   just repeating made me feel crappy and low. I wanted to               sort of stuff that I’ve always really liked,” Nash explains of   on such issues, Nash inevitably acknowledges the im-
ple and have interesting times. I’m just looking forward         come home and feel excited and into music.”                           her latest record.                                               pact her comments can make. “You don’t even have to
to coming back out.”                                                 Which is precisely what followed: Nash negotiated a                   “I wanted to experiment sonically and play more in-          have opinions: when you’re in the public eye, someone’s
     Her return to Australia marks yet another chapter of        belated break from her touring commitments, gradually                 struments – play the drums, play bass. I started a new           going to be looking up to you because that’s just how
an extensive tour, Nash jet-setting around the world all         getting her life together back home. Typically, her time              band and I wanted those influences having an effect on           things are,” she nods.
in the name of her second full-length studio album, My           off would yield many important personal developments.                 the record.”                                                          “I have a lot of young female fans and I really like
Best Friend Is You. “We’ve been on tour a lot, so it’s been      Nash left home and found a flat with her boyfriend, The                   The album contains two of her best singles to date,          them. I’ve met a lot of them. I take responsibility for that;
pretty busy. A lot of traveling! I’ve been all over Europe,                                                                                                                                             I take it seriously,” she declares. “I feel like I have to hon-
the UK, Germany,” she begins, the volume of destina-                                                                                                                                                    our them, in a way, because they honour me in other
tions trickling out. “I’ve had a really good time!”                  You don’t even have to have opinions: when you’re in the                                                                           ways. I have a lot of respect for those girls.”
     Not too long ago, however, Nash desired nothing
more than a moment or two to catch her breath. Her de-
                                                                  public eye, someone’s going to be looking up to you because                                                                                When pressed upon her own perceived appeal as a
                                                                                                                                                                                                        role model, Nash exudes impressive modesty. “I’m not
but from 2007, Made Of Bricks, ensured sudden success                            that’s just how things are.                                                                                            going to claim to be a perfect person, because that’s
for the then 19 year-old. Its flagship single Foundations                                                                                                                                               never going to happen ... but that’s part of the appeal
ascended the charts at an alarming pace, the album soon          Cribs’ Ryan Jarman. She would also indulge in leisurely               the explosive ecstasy of Do-Wah-Doo and the memo-                and why people like my music anyway, because it’s real
shifting over 600,000 copies. Made Of Bricks would take          pursuits, learning to drive and taking up drums. Eventu-              rably blunt warnings of Kiss That Grrrl. Just as she did         and it’s human and it has flaws and imperfections. I’m
Nash across the UK and beyond, jetting the breadth of Eu-        ally, Nash would even welcome a smaller, hoppier addi-                with Foundations, Nash displayed not only a distinct at-         just into having respect for those young women who are
rope before tackling the big leagues, namely America.            tion to her life: her pet rabbit Fluffy. It was this and more         traction to pop music but the wares to pull it off herself.      at my shows and support me and talk to me and write
     However, the sheer weight of demand would even-             that contributed to the exact sense of normality Nash                 “Every piece of music that I’ve really liked has pop sen-        to me.”
tually remove the shine of boasting a hit record, as Nash        had longed for night after grueling night.                            sibilities, whether it’s like The Buzzcocks or Nirvana ... or         Fortunately, with anticipation for her return tour
became seemingly imprisoned and at war with her own                   That time spent recharging the proverbial batteries              Cyndi Lauper or Joan Jett ... whoever it is, I like the pop      now well and truly at its peak, one feels that support for
success. Despite the apparently endless promotional              also went a long way towards ensuring her sophomore                   melody,” she reveals of her approach to writing.                 Kash Nash won’t be in short supply.
grind, she would eventually enjoy a well-earned rest.            effort, My Best Friend Is You, saw the light of day. Al-                   “I think that comes from growing up and listening to
Nash reflects upon the era now with some trepidation.            though on the whole it has yielded a less emphatic com-               The Beatles and Motown music. I really enjoy melodies             Kate NaSH plays the Hi-Fi on Saturday Feb 19.
“It’s all kind of a bit of a blur. I can’t even remember being   mercial result than its predecessor, the record marks an              and I think that all of my favourite music has some kind         Her latest album mY beSt FrieND iS You is out now
excited about some of the things I should have been,”            evolution in Nash’s craft. Sure, her slick cockney delivery           of pop sensibility.”                                             through universal.

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                                                                                                                                                                band, blending knotty night narratives with       songs is more tangible and the songs are
  aLbum oF tHe weeK                                                                                                                                             dark, sensuous love songs.
                                                                                                                                                                   HHH                     MATT THROWER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  much more pop-punk than garage. You’re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Not That Good At Anything is endearingly
  DEERHOOF – Deerhoof Vs Evil                                                                                                                                                                                     snot-nosed, Heartbeat and Rock are short
  (ATP Recordings/Shock)                                                                                                                                                                                          but frantic. All The Time closes the album
  As always, Deerhoof triumph                                                                                                                                                                                     with infectious, jangly guitar pop. Baldi and
      There are few bands as inimitable and                                                                                                                                                                       Cloud Nothings are off to a great start, as-
  esoteric as San Fran avant-pop quartet                                                                                                                                                                          serting themselves strongly with two rock-
  Deerhoof. They seem to exist in a bubble,                                                                                                                                                                       solid releases.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Cloud Nothings)
  uninfluenced by musical trends, simply                                                                                                                                                                              HHH
  content to keep working with the common                                                                                                                                                                             HHH        (Turning On)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MICHAEL PINCOTT
  themes of Satomi Matsuzaki’s sweet, chirpy
  vocals, Greg Saunier’s mesmerising drum-
  ming and the intersecting guitars of John
  Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez. Though their
  sound isn’t that different from 2008’s Offend        is so perfectly adapted into the Deerhoof             AŞA – Beautiful Imperfection
  Maggie, Deerhoof still sound fresh – possi-          aesthetic that you’d swear they wrote the             (Cartell/SBS)
  bly because nobody else really sounds like           song themselves. Hey I Can feels like sever-          Beautiful, but not quite imperfect enough
  them. Opener Qui Dorm, Només Somia has               al 15-second songs sewn into a single two-                 Lagos-via-Paris chanteuse Aşa (pro-
  Matsuzaki singing in Catalan about Dracula,          minute one. I Did Crimes For You is more              nounced “Asha”) has been pretty heavily            THE CORIN TUCKER BAND – 1,000
  the instrumentation veering between fleet-           innocent pop fun while Almost Everyone,               feted, for reasons that are obvious when you       Years
  ing and forceful. The disorienting collision         Almost Always is a lovely closer that gives           hear one of her songs. She has a remarkable        (Kill Rock Stars/Other Tongues)
  of rhythms of The Merry Barracks is an early         Saunier another vocal turn. Although Deer-            voice – throaty, deep, full of honey-and-smoke     Light and shade from former Sleater-
  highlight, discrete riffs and beats forced           hoof Vs Evil is weighted too heavily towards          warmth but with a peculiar vulnerability – and     Kinney lady
  almost gratingly into convergence. Deer-             Deerhoof’s sugary pop side at the expense             her songs are simple, well-constructed, and            Before Portland’s Sleater-Kinney left
  hoof’s charming versatility is reinforced by         of their capacity for frenetic punk, you can          direct. Thus far her success has been restrict-    us with their extraordinary swansong The
  the flamenco stylings of No One Asked To             consider evil defeated. Deerhoof are a force          ed to France, where her global pop sound is        Woods, the all-grrrl indie outfit made a ca-
  Dance. A tragically brief cover of the 1967          for good and a force for good music.                  closely in line with the folksier edge of the      reer of agitated but peculiarly hip femme-        ROXETTE – Charm School
  Mikis Theodorakis piece Let’s Dance The Jet              HHHH                  MICHAEL PINCOTT             nouvelle chanson movement (think Manu              punk. That group’s vocalist Corin Tucker          (EMI)
                                                                                                             Chao) and in Nigeria itself, where a couple of     now emerges with her own band and makes           Roxette return with a defiantly mid-‘90s
                                                                                                             high profile support slots and a judicious col-    quite an impact with this debut album. A          sound
                                                       Better known as The Raconteurs’ rhythm sec-           lab with Tony Allen have made her a pop star       few of the tracks on the record follow the             It’s been 10 years since Sweden’s Rox-
                                                       tion and – more recently – Loretta Lynn col-          proper. Beautiful Imperfection, her second al-     Sleater-Kinney template (loud, discordant         ette released and album, and it was 10
                                                       laborators, Jack Lawrence (who also plucks            bum, looks set to break her on a global scale,     guitar, Tucker’s impassioned wail), but it        years before that when the band were at
                                                       the bass alongside Jack White in The Dead             and I for one won’t begrudge her if it does.       appears Tucker has been taking tips from          their hit-making, FM radio-dominating
                                                       Weather) and Patrick Keeler provide a rock-           Like her self-titled début, the songs on Beau-     latter-day PJ Harvey and Regina Spektor           peak. A lot has changed since then, but the
                                                       solid backing for Craig Fox’s vintage-flavoured       tiful Imperfection are well-crafted, almost to     as well. The latter artist is very much in        duo’s new album is defiantly out of step
                                                       vocals and six-string work. The opening dou-          the point of being too slick (some threaten        evidence in piano ballad closer Miles Away,       with contemporary pop trends – there is
                                                       ble, Saying Goodbye and Underestimator are            to slide through one ear and out the other,        while the vibe of Peej permeates the entire       no Auto-Tune present, no hip hop influ-
                                                       token power-pop cuts ticking the genre’s req-         but fortunately none actually does so). Unlike     album – Tucker is no copyist, but she man-        ence to speak of, and while there are loads
                                                       uisite boxes: a jangly/crunchy main riff; dense-      her début, there’s a fair amount of produc-        ages to create a record rich in texture and       of synths, they provide a polite backdrop
                                                       ly-harmonised chorus; sizzling lead break. The        tion nous here: lead single Be My Man has          wide-ranging moods like Polly Jean at her         to the songs rather than an invitation to
                                                       fuzz-led Need Your Love is a hearty chunk of          the same bright brass sound that made Amy          most evocative. The result is an album that       bump and grind. In other words, Charm
                                                       ‘60s psych-rock while the minor-key Jacob’s           Winehouse famous, while opener Why Can’t           has enough grunt to keep ol’ Sleater-Kinney       School doesn’t make any concessions to
                                                       Ladder flirts with a chugging polka rhythm            We has an appealing reggae-lite beat and           aficionados on track, and enough light and        anyone – it’s a collection of big ballads
                                                       and both Go Tell Henry and Get Me Out Of              lovely rounded bass tones. The only problem I      shade to attract a new breed of listener.         and pop rock tracks delivered in that super
GHOUL – Dunks                                          Here bear a particularly strong resemblance to        can point to with Beautful Imperfection is that        HHH                     MATT THROWER          cheesy, instantly-familiar Roxette style. My
(Speak N Spell/Inertia)                                The Kinks. Last and heaviest of all, the woolly       it is perversely altogether too perfect – with                                                       problem isn’t so much an aesthetic one, it’s
Cleansing the palate                                   I’ll Go Crazy is a tentative step into The Black      such slick production and crafted songwrit-                                                          that there is really nothing on this album
    Sydney-based quartet Ghoul roll with               Keys territory that surprisingly doesn’t land on      ing, it lacks the rough edges that make pop                                                          that sounds like the band at their best. Way
a couple of high-flying Aussie groups of a             its bottom. As cliched as they may seem, The          compelling. But if you’re after a feelgood sum-                                                      Out is an energetic enough opener, but it
similar mindset: not only experimentalists             Greenhornes are not attempting to reinvent            mery world music album, this one’s well-con-                                                         has nothing on The Look; likewise, Speak
Seekae and Pikelet, but also Australia’s only          the bicycle or come up with anything edgy             structed enough to last well into winter.                                                            To Me and In My Own Way are ballads that
act signed to Warp records, PVT. Dunks is              or angular, and that can only be a good thing.             HHH                        CHAD PARKHILL                                                        get the job done, but neither comes close
their second ‘mini-album,’ and a teaser for            Serve medium rare with a paisley shirt and                                                                                                                 to the drama of Fading Like A Flower or It
their upcoming full-length début: it’s not             some warm Farfisa gurgle on the side.                                                                                                                      Must Have Been Love. Roxette’s song craft
quite an EP and not quite a full-length. Given               HHH                   DENIS SEMCHENKO                                                                                                                is still spot on, but each of these 12 tracks
this, it feels like a palate-cleanser of sorts, like                                                                                                                                                              sounds a bit like the song that gets tacked
when an haute cuisine restaurant serves a                                                                                                                                                                         on to the end of a best-of; they’re nice
tomato and Campari sorbet before the roast                                                                                                                                                                        enough if you let them drift by, but you’re
squab in verjus. Like the sorbet, its function is                                                                                                                                                                 never going to blast them in the same way
to both amuse the palate with unorthodox-                                                                                                                                                                         as the ones you really like.
yet-appealing combinations and to remain                                                                                                                                                                               HHH                   ALASDAIR DUCAN
in essence unsatisfying, clearing the way for
what’s to come ahead. So on here the group
engages in some wacky shit: a thoroughly
detuned guitar lick on opener Milkily strad-
dles the line between charmingly sloppy and
actually cacophonic; the percussion on Good
Loops consists only of closely-mic’d, very soft
cymbal taps; and The Slip has the kind of                                                                    HUGO RACE – Fatalists
spastic, erratic beat that I can only compare                                                                (Helixed /Other Tongues)
to Mr. Oizo’s infuriating experiment Bobby                                                                   Oz veteran clambers from The Wreckery
Can’t Dance. Despite this, it’s not just experi-       NICK MURPHY – What’s In Your                          into Cohen-esque solo direction
mentation for experimentation’s sake: these            Mind?                                                      Although the name may not be famil-
guys are interested in the point where a kind          (Candles Flicker/Other Tongues)                       iar, Aussie ex-pat Hugo Race has quite the
of half-formed pop instinct meets a spare,             Sweet enough to cause cavities                        musical CV. As a founding member of Nick
minimalist kind of experimentalism, resulting               If Black Swan has taught us anything, it’s       Cave & The Bad Seeds, Race went on to form
in weirdly underdone songs that are, despite           that what’s in your mind can be disturbing.           The Wreckery in 1985, this band attracting
their ramshackle exteriors, tremendously ap-           Fortunately what is in Nick Murphy’s mind             quite the cult following with their inner-city     CLOUD NOTHINGS – Cloud                            THE AQUABATS! – Hi-Five Soup!
pealing. Like the sorbet, it’s startling and re-       is anything but, with his second full-length          Melbourne scuzziness. While The Wreckery           Nothings / Turning On                             (Fearless Records/Shock)
freshing, but I can only hope they follow up           album being psychedelic rather than psy-              attracted many of the wiry black-hairs who         (Rogue/Inertia)                                   This one’s for the kids
the promise of this tantalisingly slight release       chotic, and brimming with sunny lyrics and a          patronised Birthday Party/Bad Seeds shows,         Pop-punk prodigy can be both gritty and                Squeaky-clean joke rockers The Aqua-
with a more substantial début proper.                  sweet disposition. After disbanding from The          Race himself went on to travel a myriad of         gleaming                                          bats are back. More squeaky-clean and
    HHHH                         CHAD PARKHILL         Anyones in 2005, Murphy showed no signs               musical directions, basing himself in Europe            Damn these talented youngsters!              jokier than ever! Like, OMG!! (Do the kids
                                                       of post-breakup blues when he released his            and creating a number of records with Ber-         19-year-old Cleveland lad Dylan Baldi has         still say that? I must confess to being out
                                                       successful first baby Breaking The Light in           lin collective Hugo Race And The True Spirit.      busied himself the last couple of years mak-      of the loop when it comes to tween slang.)
                                                       2006. What’s In Your Mind is a product of the         Now comes his latest solo effort where, like       ing simple, melodic guitar pop as Cloud           With their fifth album The Aquabats deftly
                                                       same sensitive songwriting that proved so             many ageing Australian underground musi-           Nothings, which has busted out of his bed-        manoeuvre between ska, pop, calypso
                                                       successful first time around, bubbling with           cians before him, Race strips back his sound       room and onto a couple of CD releases. The        and surf rock vibes, but does it feel weird
                                                       varied influences like psych-folk, soul, coun-        and plays with acoustic textures. However,         first, his self-titled debut album, and the       listening to an album that charted on
                                                       try and pop. Apart from the nostalgic cover           he also avoids the dreary “ex-punk goes            second, a compilation of the 7-inch singles       the Billboard’s Kids Music chart? Yes. Is
                                                       reminiscent of the ‘70s, there’s something            all blues & roots” trend, instead exploring        and other odds and ends recorded in the           it ridiculous to hear grown men gloat
                                                       else here that makes you think back. It’s an          ambience and electronics not dissimilar to         meantime. The contrast between the two            about getting birthday money from their
                                                       album that has the potential to spark memo-           Brian Eno’s atmospherics on U2’s The Unfor-        releases is rather abrasive. Whereas Turning      grandmother, as The Aquabats do on the
                                                       ries of those perfect summer days and first           gettable Fire and Joshua Tree. This particu-       On bears the lo-fi grit of Baldi’s bedroom        bouncy synth pop effort All My Money!?
                                                       loves; it’s just that whimsical, especially with      lar style of sound painting is not limited to      recordings, Cloud Nothings is clear and pol-      Yes. Could one suggest lyrics like “I’m a
                                                       the second honeyed track Candles Flicker.             the Irish stadium rockers’ most enduring al-       ished. Although I personally prefer my gui-       shark fighter/ I fight sharks/ I fight ‘em in the
                                                       Standout songs include the melodic Dragon-            bums, however. Even Eno collaborators like         tar pop rough and bloodied, Baldi’s song-         water/ because that’s where they are” to be
                                                       flies, with its echoing vocals and mysterious         Jon Hopkins have a similar ear for unfolding,      writing ability is evident in either aesthetic.   asinine. Obviously. However, Hi-Five Soup!
                                                       bent, while Blemish On The ‘Scape is slightly         building layers of sound and Race appears          He definitely has a knack for a good hook,        has the same childish appeal as Sponge-
THE GREENHORNES – ****                                 haunting and moody before we’re taken back            to have been listening closely. With age, his      and both records fire them out with regu-         bob Square Pants. Is this sort of whole-
(Third Man/Liberator Music)                            to that happy alt-country vibe with Sunny.            real lowdown baritone sounds like a good           larity. Turning On’s highlights include the       someness funny? That’s probably largely
More like a solid three-and-a-half                     Repeat plays enrich the songs’ staying power,         wine should taste, all oaky and smooth.            brief, apathetic Can’t Stay Awake as well as      dependent on your level of maturity or
    Cincinnati, Ohio’s The Greenhornes are un-         as more influences can be milked out of their         The closest comparison would be Leon-              the more elongated micro-anthem You Are           how stoned you are. To suggest that The
ashamed classicists, firmly stuck in a dual ga-        layered construction. If you never got around         ard Cohen, but Race occasionally surprises         Opening. It’s also easy to see why Hey Cool       Aquabats! are simply too juvenile on Hi-
rage rock/early power-pop time warp around             to listening to his debut, What’s In Your Mind        with some occasional and pleasantly unex-          Kid got Baldi noticed – the distorted, sarcas-    Five Soup! is to renounce the swathe of
1966-67 and loving the hell out of it. The trio’s      is as good as any other introduction into             pected higher register vocals (though even         tic vocals and ear-snaring riff invite Wavves     fully grown adults playing in pop punk
fourth album proper and their first full-length        Murphy’s repertoire of songs, which speak of          then, you’d never confuse him for a falsetto).     comparisons. Understand At All opens              bands who are still singing songs about
since 2002’s Dual Mono (East Grand Blues EP            a world of vulnerability and wistfulness that         Over these eight songs (many of which ex-          the self-titled album, a grainy opening riff      being in high school. Hi-Five Soup! is no
popped up in 2005), “****” carries a tad-too-          even the most practical person can’t deny.            ceed the five-minute mark), Race conjures          quickly pops into perfect clarity. Baldi’s vo-    less juvenile than that, and decidedly less
audacious title, yet doesn’t disappoint either.             HHH                      SAM HAGAMAN             dreamy songscapes with his mostly-Italian          cals are front and centre, the energy of the      fraudulent. Efforts like The Shark Fighter!

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                                                                                                             SiNgLereviewS                            SiNgLeS & ePS witH aLaSDair DuNcaN
                                                                                                                                                                                                             aLaSDair DuNcaN’s singles column doesn’t have a
                                                                                                                                                                                                             gimmick this week, so i guess maybe that can be the
                                                                                                                                                                                                             gimmick? i don’t know, whatever. enjoy.

and Just Can’t Lose! are as good punk-pop              of winning the 1997 DMC championship                  KATY PERRY – E.T.                                        loved-up side of house music before, but           a song, it just kind of plods along agree-
tracks as you’d hear elsewhere. It might               at the tender age of 15. Unlike most other            (EMI)                                                    when they played this track during their           ably without really doing much or go-
not have the staying power of a more seri-             DMC champs, who go on to invent new                        So E.T. is by far the most bizarre track            recent Big Day Out set, the whole tent basi-       ing anywhere. Tokyo was a good track, a
ous record, but you’ll never have to worry             scratch techniques and descend into the               from Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, but then,               cally turned into one gigantic, sweaty group       cheeky pop song with a brisk pace and
about offending company when you                       underground of turntablism, A-Trak went               on an album packed with feel-good pop                    hug. Built around a pulsing beat, a shim-          a catchy-as-hell chorus, so hopefully The
throw on Hi-Five Soup!                                 mainstream: first as Kanye West’s tour DJ,            songs about first love, beach parties and                mering, French touch-y synth hook and an           Wombats manage to pull out something
    HH                        TOM HERSEY               then as a producer and remixer who rolls              making out in Mustangs, a song that riffs                uplifting vocal line, The Truth is one of those    similar for their upcoming album.
                                                       with figures such as Diplo and Switch,                explicitly on the theme of being kidnapped               tracks that just sound tailor made for strobe
                                                       then as the head of Fool’s Gold Records               and probed by aliens as a metaphor for sex               lights and festival stages, like their previous    GORILLAZ – Empire Ants (Miami
                                                       with Nick Catchdubs. It’s hard not to hear            was probably always going to stand out. E.T.             hit Embrace multiplied by a hundred. The           Horror Remix)
                                                       this, the label’s first official compilation, as      is a weird one – with its stuttering beats,              band have said that this track is a pretty         (EMI)
                                                       an epitaph to a sound that’s very swiftly             chrome-plated synths and S&M overtones,                  good indicator of what their new album will            Gorillaz are normally all about bouncy,
                                                       dying in the clubs – the second phase of              it’s the kind of track that would probably               sound like; if that’s the case, it’s going to be   hip hop inspired electro pop, so this Miami
                                                       obnoxious electro, which introduced a                 sound way more at home on a Rihanna al-                  the closest thing to swallowing a handful of       Horror remix of Empire Ants is an interest-
                                                       lot of fidget/glitch elements, some token             bum. Rihanna does slinky and sexy pretty                 ecstasy without actually doing so.                 ing change of pace, taking them further
                                                       world music influences after Diplo (per-              convincingly, and could probably sell a line                                                                into dreamy disco territory than they’ve
                                                       haps most egregious here is the pan-Af-               like “fill me with your poison” with a lot more                                                             ever been before. The stylistic change actu-
                                                       rican cheesiness of Flosstradamus’s Cape              conviction. You know what, though? I’m not                                                                  ally suits them really well – the track opens
                                                       Town Get Down), and a lot of Baltimore-               going to begrudge Katy Perry her alien anal                                                                 with falsetto vocals over pillowy clouds of
                                                       style rap. But the rap on here is bored and           probe; Russell Brand probably gives her                                                                     synth, then adds layers of beats and melo-
                                                       boring – Lil B delivers “Freeze your bitch            much weirder shit to worry about on a daily                                                                 dies until it sounds a little like Aeroplane’s
                                                       / Clean your bitch / Every fuckin’ day / She          basis, anyway.                                                                                              sublime remix of Friendly Fires’ Paris. Actu-
                                                       sucks dick,” with such deadpan anhedonia                                                                                                                          ally, it sounds a lot like that. If I were Aero-
STATELESS – Matilda                                    that I suspect he’s as sick of misogynistic           IAN CAREY FEAT. SNOOP DOGG &                                                                                plane, I’d maybe consider making some
(Ninja Tune/Inertia)                                   posturing as I am. Where the compilation              BOBBY ANTHONY – Last Night                                                                                  calls. But whatever, I’m not gonna dwell on
UK electronic-rockers retain the power on              does work is when the ‘80s disco elements             (Vicious / Universal)                                                                                       that, as this lush, lovely disco track is just
second LP                                              are at their cheesiest (it’s worth noting                  I’m not trying to impugn Snoop Dogg,                                                                   about perfect, and I don’t want to spoil it
     Leeds’ Stateless are one of those under-          here that A-Trak’s older brother is Dave              because he seems like a cool guy who has it                                                                 by thinking too much.
rated bands that absolutely need a bigger              Macklovitch of Chromeo fame), such as                 all figured out, and frankly, I’m sure we could
audience. Moody, melodic and with a heavy              Sammy Bananas’ Move Your Body, or the                 all learn a lot from him, but is having him
focus with thoughtful lyrics, the group only           Tensnake remix of Vega’s No Reasons. Re-              guest star on your track really that big a deal
made a minor stir with their 2007 self-titled          gardless, it’s a patchy collection, one that          anymore? If you took all the singles released            BETH DITTO – Beth Ditto EP
debut – one of that year’s undeservedly over-          DJs might mine for gold, but that home                last year and separated them into two piles,             (Sony)
looked gems. Newly signed to Ninja Tune, the           listeners will probably find full of pyrite.          one featuring guest raps from Snoop Dogg                     There has always been a dance floor
five-piece continue toeing the line between                HHH                         CHAD PARKHILL         and one not, the Snoop pile would be the                 diva inside Gossip’s Beth Ditto, just howl-
Radiohead and DJ Shadow, occasionally side-                                                                  bigger of the two, for sure. What about                  ing to get out and have a little fun, so you
stepping into Massive Attack’s murky sonic                                                                   this new one, you ask? Well sure, it’s a solid           would think that this EP, recorded in col-
den. More rock-oriented than its piano-rich                                                                  enough electro house track, featuring a                  laboration with Simian Mobile Disco, would
predecessor, Matilda uncovers additional                                                                     synth guitar riff and some Auto-Tuned hic-               be all about club bangers and sweaty house
strengths with each listen. Vocalist and princi-                                                             cups, but it scores major points with me for             tracks, but surprisingly, these four songs
pal lyricist Chris James still sings like a grievous                                                         using the line “I really, really gotta pee” as a         showcase Ditto’s more subdued side. If
angel (or a less miserable Thom Yorke, if you                                                                hook. I applaud this new-found candour in                that seems like a criticism, it’s not – these
like), the keyboards still tinkle and burr with                                                              club/hip hop crossovers, and eagerly await               four slow-burning tacks are actually really
authentic downtempo warmth and the beats                                                                     a song about how Nicki Minaj is feeling less-            fantastic. Any instrumental embellishment
are ever-groovy. First single Ariel packs an                                                                 than fresh.                                              is minimal – some neon-kissed synths on I          THE KILLS – Satellite
esoteric plucked instrument phrase straight                                                                                                                           Wrote The Book and a chugging Italo disco          (EMI)
out of Thievery Corporation’s ‘found sounds’                                                                                                                          bass line on Good Night Good Morning –                  If there’s one thing The Kills are really
library, while the subtle Miles To Go and ar-                                                                                                                         meaning that the focus is always on Ditto’s        good at, it’s writing dirty, fuzzed-out blues
resting album standout Assassins are easily                                                                                                                           lovelorn vocals. When it dawns on you that         rock tracks with an air of dead-eyed catwalk
on par with sparkling older cuts like Prism #1                                                                                                                        not all dance tracks are for dancing, this EP      model cool and an overriding sense of sex-
and Bloodstream. The album’s most musi-                                                                                                                               makes complete sense.                              ual tension just about to erupt … there are
cally heavy moment, Song For The Outsider              VARIOUS ARTISTS – Flood                                                                                                                                           a lot of adjectives in that sentence, I realise,
makes full use of its scything violin (a Stateless     Relief: Artists For The Flood                                                                                  THE WOMBATS – Jump In The Fog                      but what it boils down to is that Satellite is
trademark) and understated guitar riff and the         Appeal                                                                                                         (Warner)                                           just the kind of song that The Kills do best.
futuristic gospel-laden closer I Shall Not Com-        (Sony Music)                                                                                                       The Wombats took a lot of fans by              Slow, stomping and sinister, Satellite is all
plain bids the listener adieu with a haunting          Artists hand over tunes to raise money for                                                                     surprise with their last single Tokyo              about a crazy girl who will wreak havoc on
choir of multi-tracked voices and a rather gor-        flood victims                                                                                 SiNgLe           (Vampires And Werewolves), affecting               your life if you let her in, a lyrical theme
geous, minimalist piano-underscored outro.                 Of course, the fashionable thing to do                                                    oF tHe           a sudden transformation from scruffy               that’s well within Alison Mosshart and Jamie
The first hands-down grower of 2011.                   here would be to scoff at the 59 artists                                                      weeK             guitar rockers to slick Duran Duran-like           Hince’s capabilities. It’s not as dance-y and
     HHHH                    DENIS SEMCHENKO           who have donated songs for charity and                                                                         synth poppers. I guess you could say that          catchy as Cheap And Cheerful, or as mean
                                                       drone on about how “they’re only doing                                                                         this new single bridges the gap between            and nasty as Fried My Little Brains, but Satel-
                                                       it for publicity”. Then, there’s the songs            PNAU – The Truth                                         the two styles, with raggedy guitar-bass-          lite is big and dirty as hell and I really like it.
                                                       themselves – for the most part, populist              (EtcEtc)                                                 drums bits on the verse and sparkling              The “who-oh-oah” harmonies at the end are
                                                       motivational anthems from grizzled veter-                  PNAU have certainly dabbled in the                  synths underpinning the chorus, but as             quite nice, too.
                                                       ans (Sting, Billy Joel), grizzled young guns
                                                       (Kings Of Leon) and talent show winners
                                                       (Guy Sebastian, Altiyan Childs et al). Per-             ScaLe moDeLS                           PatricK Perrier has weathered the elements and
                                                                                                                                                      returned unscathed with a swag of new releases.
                                                       sonally, the flooding of our streets does
                                                       not inspire me to throw on Mark Vincent’s               THE GET UP KIDS                                         untouched by hype, but filled to                  DR ACULA – Slander
                                                       operatic You Raise Me Up or Farnsey’s A                 – There Are Rules                                       overflowing with talent. See How You              (Victory)
                                                       Touch Of Paradise, but let’s not forget who             (Quality Hill)                                          Are sees that band continue to push               Who Goes There?:
                                                       this flood affected – everyday folk, not                Who Goes There?:                                        the boundaries of metallic hardcore,              Seven dudes from New
                                                       just music swots like you and me. If ever               Five middle-aged                                        infusing each song with groove and let-           York who are trying
                                                       Queenslanders have earned the right to                  Kansas City gents                                       ting a mature sense of dynamics shine             to make party-metal a
                                                       bellow along with Foo Fighters’ My Hero                 who pretty much de-                                     through – all the while avoiding super-           household term. Seriously.
                                                       while dusting off their Best Of Red Faces               fined true emo over the past 15 years.                  fast filler tracks or typical breakdown           How Goes It?: In all honesty, it’s been a
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Fool’s Gold                          videos, it’s now. The people want escap-                How Goes It?: With such an impressive                   patterns. Warriors: one, cookie-cutter            long time since such a derivative band
Vol. 1                                                 ism, and I’m not going to be the arsehole               back catalogue, The Get Up Kids' first                  hardcore: zero.                                   has made waves on a label as big as
(Fool’s Gold/Inertia)                                  to deny them. Proceeds from this three-                 new album in seven years was always                     Sounds Like: 36 Crazy Fists / Dead                Victory, especially claiming to be some-
Some gold, some pyrite                                 disc set go to the Salvo’s Flood Appeal.                going to be coloured by expectations –                  Swans / Terror                                    thing different. With cookie-monster
    A-Trak has certainly made the most out                 HH                        MATT THROWER              and after one listen it is evident that all                 HHH                                           vocals, dull breakdowns, stale seven-
                                                                                                               such expectations were shy of the mark.                                                                   string riffs and lackluster lyricism, things
                                                                                                               For those awaiting the next Four Minute                 LAZARUS AD                                        were not off to a good start, but it is the
  Live aLbum                                                                                                   Mile, Something To Write Home About                     – Black Rivers                                    distinct lack of anything party-like about
                                                                                                               or even Guilt Show, it has to be said that              Flow                                              the release that just makes it so much
  LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – The                                                                                        There Are Rules sounds almost nothing                   (Metal Blade)                                     more insulting.
  London Sessions                                                                                              like any of those albums and if it weren’t              Who Goes There?:                                  Sounds Like: Failure.
  (DFA/EMI)                                                                                                    for Matt Pryor’s distinctive vocals, one                These four Wiscon-                                    H
  Live album captures band at their peak                                                                       could easily mistake this for a new band.               sin shredders like
       A lot of dance acts tend to half-arse                                                                   Fortunately in this case, different means               their metal with a dash of fist-pumping           ROSALINE – The
  it when they play live, standing behind                                                                      good, and with an open attitude, obvi-                  and it shows.                                     Vitality Theory
  a bank of laptops and pressing play on                                                                       ous maturation in the instrumentation                   How Goes It?: Far from afraid to chan-            (Goodfight)
  note-perfect recordings of their tracks,                                                                     and a bold new focus on keys combin-                    nel their influences, Lazarus AD are              Who Goes There?: Six
  and trotting out the odd vocalist, live                                                                      ing to give listeners a whole new Get Up                often the unwilling victims of compari-           young lads from Chica-
  drummer or cowbell player to give the                                                                        Kids experience.                                        sons to classic and thrash metal titans           go playing post-hardcore
  illusion that you’re watching something                                                                      Sounds Like: Reggie And The Full Effect                 and could easily have made the cut in             the old fashioned way.
  spontaneous unfold. With LCD Soundsys-                                                                       / The Postal Service / Blur                             the New Wave of American Heavy Metal              How Goes It?: Leaving the theatrics and
  tem, though, there’s never any doubt                 the emphasis is drawn to one particular                     HHHH                                                craze that swept the land a few years             overpowering keyboards at the door, Ro-
  you’re watching a live band, and not just            element – the propulsive bass line that                                                                         ago. Black Rivers Flow lives up to the in-        saline play a driving style of post-hardcore
  any live band, but a really, really good             underpins Us Vs Them, the gnarly synth                  THE WARRIORS                                            evitable contrasts and at the same time           that utilises the sing/scream combina-
  one. Their show strips their songs back to           riff at the core of Get Innocuous. On oth-              – See How You                                           is undeniable proof that the band have            tion to allow brutality and melody to mix
  their bare essentials – a crack rhythm sec-          ers, the elements are shifted around en-                Are                                                     brought a little something of their own           effortlessly rather than sounding like the
  tion playing live disco and house beats,             tirely – I Can Change is slowed to a crawl,             (Victory                                                to the table, including some refreshing           paint-by-numbers approach favoured by
  with the odd bit of guitar and synth em-             with a delay on the vocals, but with these              Records)                                                riffage and the odd twist on tried and            many. Throw in a few good sing-along
  bellishment as needed and James Mur-                 simple adjustments, it becomes a com-                   Who Goes There?:                                        true song structures. Perhaps the most            choruses that stop just this side of being
  phy’s half-sung, half-spoken vocals bring-           pletely different, much sadder song. If                 This Californian                                        exciting thing is that it only takes a few        too catchy and this release is a diamond
  ing it all together – but also transforms            I had to pick highlights, I’d probably go               quintet refuse to let the kids tell them                minutes to know this band would be                in the rough; a pleasant surprise in a
  them into repetitive, hypnotic jams. The             with the euphoric All My Friends or ‘70s                what to do.                                             amazing live.                                     saturated genre.
  London Sessions, recorded live in the stu-           Bowie pastiche All I Want, but really, the              How Goes It?: The Warriors have long                    Sounds Like: Lamb Of God / Metallica              Sounds Like: Vanna / Odd Project /
  dio on LCD’s recent UK tour, captures the            whole thing’s excellent.                                been a leader amongst the ranks of                      / Trivium                                         Alexisonfire
  best of their live show. On some tracks,                  HHHH               ALASDAIR DUNCAN                 under-appreciated hardcore bands                             HHH                                              HHH

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                                                                   at his musical throne hoping for a glimpse from a lazy
                                                                   left eye. Perhaps they don’t translate very well from
                                                                   their native Indonesian tongue, the way your foreign
                                                                   granddad’s jokes are never as funny in English. There
                                                                   are some cool riffs and ideas but they’re lost in space.
                                                                   If cultural difference is complicating matters, perhaps
                                                                   it will lessen now the band have moved to London. I
                                                                   don’t know but maybe it would help if they stuck to
                                                                   impersonating one of those bands or none at all.
                                                                                                            DASHA JOURA

                                                    oF tHe
                                                    weeK                                                                                                                         LaDYtroN reLeaSe beSt-oF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 at work
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 n (pictured) are currently hard
                                                                                                                                                                                  UK electropop group Ladytro                                         -of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ann ounced the release of a best
                                                                                                                                                                                  on their fifth album, but have                0, the album collects 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ladytron 00–1
MR. MAPS – Wire Empire                                                                                                                                                            compilation in March. Titled                                     Every-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ks. The track list goes Destroy
(Lofly)                                                                                                                                                                           years of the band’s finest trac                                 w, Soft
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  l Dateline, Discotraxx, Tomorro
                                                                                                                                                                                  thing You Touch, Internationa                                 ked LCD,
Local instrumental rock collective soar on long-                                                                                                                                                               Areas, Ghosts, Blue Jeans, Crac
awaited debut LP                                                                                                                                                                  Power, Fighting In Built-Up                      Runaway, The Last One
                                                                                                                                                                                                               & Magic, Playgirl,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Deep Blue, Seventeen, Light                                    To tie in
     Led by guitarist/composer Chris Perren, Brisbane’s                                                                                                                                                           e Black Angel and Ace Of Hz.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Standing and new tracks Littl                              March, with
Mr. Maps have transformed from a full-throttle post-rock                                                                                                                                                        gets a full single release in
                                                                                                                                                                                   with the best-of, Ace Of Hz
band to a tag-shunning instrumental ensemble. 2009’s                                                                                                                                                             ks Jump Up and more.
double EP Mimicry Of Lines And Light – the band’s first                                                                                                                            remixes from the likes of Pun
official release – was awash with tinkling, swirling six-
string and keyboard phrases and bombastic crescendos                                                                                                                                            CONTACT DANCE@RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU
and still sounds fantastic today, yet as this much-await-          BRIGHT KNIGHTS – The Ocean And The                                                 DANCE & ELECTRO WITH ALASDAIR DUNCAN & SCOTT HARMS

                                                                                                                                                    baSemeNt raver
ed full-length shows, the five-piece have comprehen-               Night
sively progressed. Wire Empire largely shuns the ear-              (Independent)
lier, 65daysofstatic-redolent laptop glitches in favour            Deep, relaxing and joyful all in one package
of a stripped-down, organic sound and melodic focus.                    The Ocean And The Night is definitely a fitting title
With Re:Enactment’s Jacob Hicks firmly perched on the              for Melbourne five-piece Bright Knights debut. Envi-
drumstool and Briony Luttrell’s cello more prominent               sion yourself kicking back on the calm coastline, being        NewS                                                           (Melb) take over the indoor and outdoor areas – they’ll
than ever in the mix, the album levitates and glides to            dragged in by their gripping, deep lyrics and orchestral       FrieNDLY FireS worK witH aNDrew weatHeraLL                     receive support from Cosmo Cater, Scott Walker,
gradual altitude peaks. The opening treble of Step Step,           atmosphere. Admittedly, it took a couple of listens to sway        The UK’s Friendly Fires head here soon for the             Dingostyle, Rich Curtis, Fuzion, CJM, James Hun-
first single Nice Flights and Tennis Party brim with Chloë         me in their favour, but their distinct guitars and breathy     Good Vibes festival, but even better news is that              der, Ben Smith, Dylan K and Christopher Brooks.
Cooper’s serene piano motifs, Andrew White’s insist-               vocals made me realise why Scott Horscroft (producer for       they’re hard at work on a new album to be released
ent, melodic basslines, Perren’s choppy riffs and Hicks’           Silverchair and The Temper Trap) was eager to work on          sometime this year. The legendary Andrew Weatherall,           tueSDaY FebruarY 15
riveting breaks. Later, the gentle, acoustic guitar-led            this album. Unpolished but eccentric vocals are the icing      the man behind Primal Scream’s early ’90s dance rock            There’s a massive double-header at The Zoo – Cari-
Nostalgia Is Crippling arises as a moment of pure sooth-           on the soothing synths and guitar picks for Bright Knights,    masterpiece Screamadelica, is producing the record,            bou (CA) and Four Tet (UK) join forces to explode an
ing calm while stop-start closer Totalism lets a graceful,         especially in Death Cab-esque first single This Love. Bright   along with Phones man Paul Epworth, and if that’s              orgasm of electronica all over your face. Doesn’t that
near-Eluvium tune float above the guitar/bass/drum                 Lights and Cold Faces are also highlights with absorbing       not enough awesomeness for one album, Alex Fran-               sound awesome?
tornado. Marrying emotion and academic precision,                  lyrics and rhythms. Be patient with The Ocean And The          kel from New York disco crew Holy Ghost! will make a
Wire Empire is both a creative triumph and proof that              Night and it will eventually hook you in.                      guest appearance (fans may recall that Friendly Fires          comiNg uP
Brisbane collectives can make compelling, world-class                                                         TRENT CLULOW        and Holy Ghost! split a 12-inch a year or two back,             Fort Knox Five play a DJ set at LaLaLand on Thurs-
instrumental music.                                                                                                               covering each other’s songs). The album is called Pala,        day Feb 17 and Alhambra on Friday Feb 18.
                                       DENIS SEMCHENKO             NICK BATTERHAM – Second Lovers                                 and there’s no definite release date yet, but with any          Lamb have a show at The Hi-Fi on Friday Feb 18.
                                                                   (Head/MGM)                                                     luck the band will preview some of the new songs in             Pete Herbert plays Ice Works on Friday Feb 18.
                                                                   Cordrazine guitarist’s solo album                              their Good Vibes sets!                                          Butch plays Monastery on Friday Feb 18.
                                                                       Second Lovers is either the sound of Bob Dylan gone                                                                        MYNC returns to Platinum on Saturday Feb 19.
                                                                   sleazy or Grinderman gone slick. I think it’s probably         arcHitecture iN HeLSiNKi PrePare New aLbum                      Tricky is at The Zoo on Sunday Feb 20.
                                                                   the latter. Yeah, imagine somebody took Grinderman,                 It’s been more than two years since Melbourne’s            Calvin Harris appears at Family on Friday Feb 25.
                                                                   shaved them up good and proper, then taught them               Architecture In Helsinki dropped their infinitely               Ewan Pearson plays BarSoma on Saturday Feb 26.
                                                                   how to do up a tie and wear some of Bryan Ferry’s old          catchy single That Beep, so fans will be pleased to             The Chemical Brothers perform at the Riverstage
                                                                   suits. Bingo bango, you’ve got Nick Batterham. Every           know that the band’s new album is finally on the way.          on Friday Mar 4.
                                                                   song sounds like a drunken late-night phone call full of       Entitled Moment Blends, the record will be out on
                                                                   horniness and self-hatred. “All I wanted was to have you       April 8 on the band’s new label, Modular. Sound-wise,          FeStivaL traiN
                                                                   for an hour or two / Anything more, I wouldn’t know what       the band have said Moment Blends does not deviate               Good Vibrations is at Gold Coast Parklands on Sat-
                                                                   to do” he sings in Lazy Predator Blues, before launching       too much from their previous records, which mixed              urday Feb 19. General tickets are $144+bf.
                                                                   into a wailer of a harmonica solo over fuzz-crash guitar.      indie rock with gleefully goofy synth pop. The track            Future Music Festival is at Doomben on Saturday
                                                                   Desperate come-ons and regretful morning-afters rarely         list for the new album goes: Desert Island, Escapee,           Mar 5. Second release tickets are $150+bf.
                                                                   sound this good.                                               Contact High, W.O.W., Yr Go To, Sleep Talkin’, I Know           Creamfields is at RNA Showgrounds on Sunday
                                                                                                         JODY MACGREGOR           Deep Down, That Beep, Denial Style, Everything’s Blue          May 1, lineup and tickets TBA.
                                                                                                                                  and B4 3D.

                                                                                                                                  DucK Sauce remiX cHromeo
                                                                                                                                      Last year, Chromeo posted a teaser video for
ALEXISONFIRE – Dog’s Blood EP/Australian                                                                                          their new single, a re-recorded version of Hot Mess,
Tour 7-inch                                                                                                                       featuring guest vocals from La Roux’s Elly Jackson. It’s
(Dine Alone/Shock)                                                                                                                been a while, but the track is finally getting an official
Canada’s post-hardcore golden boys continue                                                                                       release, and even better than that, the 12-inch sees
getting dirty                                                                                                                     Armand Van Helden and A-Trak delivering their first
    On 2009’s Old Crows/Young Cardinals, Alexisonfire                                                                             ever remix as Duck Sauce! You may note that this is
got gritty. A year on, their journey into the realm of the                                                                        something of a family affair – Duck Sauce’s A-Trak and
raw is complete. Dog’s Blood may be only four tracks long                                                                         Chromeo’s Dave 1 are brothers, who often tour to-
but in there you’ll find some of their heaviest, most ex-                                                                         gether – but nepotism aside, the remix is a cracker of
perimental and decisive recordings. Noticeable at first is                                                                        an electro house number, guaranteed to get people
the absence of Dallas Green – usually, the band’s ethereal                                                                        moving on dance floors. Track this one down if you
vocalist/guitarist is their clutch player. It’s hard to think of                                                                  can, as it’s sure to be one of the big tracks of the next
anyone else who can turn an average song into a good                                                                              few months.
one or make a great one unforgettable like Green can.                                                                                                                                              tHe gueStLiSt DaNK moraSS
Other than singing the vocal hook at the end of the title                                                                         DiSco iNFiLtrator
track, his voice isn’t heard at all. Instead, he focuses on cre-                                                                  FriDaY FebruarY 11                                               The boys in DaNK moraSS pump up the volume
ating dense guitar tones with Wade MacNeil, whose vo-              NIGHTMASTER – Tiger EP                                          Up for a weekend in doof wonderland? Earth Freq                with these five tunes – let’s check them out!
cals also take a backseat. In fact, you could say Dog’s Blood      (Wireless)                                                     starts at Landcruiser Park with a very long roster of live

is vocalist George Pettit and bassist Christopher Steele’s         Melbourne instrumental rock wizardry                           acts and electronic talent over four days: Monoloc,                  DOWNLINERS SEKT – Incerta Gloria (Dis-
defining record. The basslines on this EP really drive Alex-           Nightmaster self-released this EP back in 2009 when        Heyoka, SQL, An-Ten-Nae, Grouch, Kazu Kimura,                        boot): Second EP from the Barcelona duo deliv-
isonfire’s music into stoner rock territory, particularly the      it was heard by maybe 10 Melburnites. Which is tragic,         Janover, JPOD, Zavosh Rad, Opiuo, Spoonbill &                    ers weighty bass meditations, replete with schizo-
final few minutes of Black As Jet. If this is a sign of things     because it’s great stuff. Fortunately they’ve got Wireless     Dropbear, Dubmarine, The Upsteppers, Sufi Soul                   phrenic whispers deep in the mix.

to come for Alexisonfire, it’s a promising one. The band           Records looking after them nowadays and this gem can           Electronica, Sun Control Species, Unseen Dimen-                      UNKNOWN SHAPES – Shapes & Stars (CDR):
also released a commemorative tour 7-inch for Australian           finally be re-released and heard further afield. It raises     sions, Fyah Walk, Monkey Marc, Tetrameth, Kalya                      UK young gun Blue Daisy was slanging a free EP
audiences. Featuring a stellar cover of Midnight Oil’s Dead        several questions, though. First, is this post-surf rock       Scintilla, Sensient, Farebi Jalebi, Mystic Beats,                by this mysterious new act – which echoes his own
Heart and a whimsical acoustic rendition of The Saint’s            or surf post-rock? It sounds like Tortoise gone calypso;       Terrafractyl, Djambouki, Meat Axe, Circuit Bent,                 fulsome textures in a dubstep framework – from his
(I’m) Stranded, it’s a respectful and pleasurable listen.          Mogwai drinking a Mai Tai. The guitar has all the stop-        CC The Cat, Bran, Sun-Monx, Spankinhide, Sun In                  Twitter account.

                                       LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON         start repetition of crashing waves and the xylophone           Aquarius, Andrew Til, Truth Serum, Merkabah, Im-                     MONO/POLY – The System Crumbles (Taste-
                                                                   tinkles along like somebody plinking away at a row of          andan, Serotone, Bent Intent, Bumble – any many                      ful Licks): Sizzling percussion slices through
LUNARIAN – Experimental Thinking EP                                half-full cocktail glasses. It sounds tropical even before     more we can’t fit here. Tickets are $170 at the gate.            your space cruiser’s bulkhead and your skull de-
(Independent)                                                      the birdsong starts in. Good Time For A Conga Line is           Melbourne rave institution PHD throw a special                 compresses. In a good way.

Not over the moon                                                  as apt a track title as you’ll ever hear, but it raises more   party at The Hi-Fi with Soul T (Melb) and Hektik.                    oOoOO – Mumbai (Tri Angle): Gather round
     A list of legendary artists plus love, conspiracy and         questions: when is it not a good time for a conga line?         Electric Playground plays host to Dirty Dollz House                for some beautifully meditative droning witch
politics equals the kind of publicity hype that heralds            Also, is that a monkey screeching in the background I          featuring leading lady Gemstar, plus Loose Units,                house, with sitars. Not you, naan bread.

a snort and a rolling of the eyes from this reviewer.              can hear? And were they into these Paul Simon basslines        Wahoo, Kayli, Jessie Weyand, Monique Unique and                      OMEGA CLASH – Brick (CDR): Lorn collabo-
Having rattled off the likes of Muse, Radiohead, Mod-              before Vampire Weekend made them cool? Most impor-             Dirtie Cloud DJs.                                                    rates with Adoptabeat to once again extend
est Mouse and Bach, then claimed to embody them                    tantly, are they named after Nightmaster the 1987 movie                                                                         the hardcore continuum with subtle blasts of re-
all, Indonesian band Lunarian had me feeling a little              or Nightmaster the sword-wielding DC Comics charac-            SaturDaY FebruarY 12                                             strained sci-fi seething.
insulted. It felt more like I had listened to a Weird Al           ter? One has a secret identity as the lead singer of a band     Ulterior are going nuts: they’re covering BarSoma
version of a 30 Seconds To Mars song. They say their               called the Electrics, one of them stars Nicole Kidman.         all day, then all night! First up is an afternoon session        DaNK moraSS presents Lorn at the Step inn on
trademark is their abstract lyrics. Maybe, but not in the          These questions may have no answers.                           with Charlie May (UK) playing live – then for a musi-            Friday Feb 18.
way that Thom Yorke has millions enchanted, kneeling                                                       JODY MACGREGOR         cal after-dinner mint, PQM (Melb) and Kasey Taylor

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                                                                                                                             PHOTO CREdiT: OllE CARlSSON

                                                tHe HauNtiNg
                                                                                                               ut The
                                                                               site, Swedish thrash juggerna
                                                 According to The Hi-Fi web                                       string
                                                                              ding  back down our way, after a
                                                 Haunted (pictured) are hea                back of their Versus record.
                                                                             2008 on the
                                                 of successful shows in late                                  26, which
                                                                                 ng the West End venue May
                                                 The reports have the band hitti                      their soon-to-be-
                                                 will give fans two mon  ths to get acquainted with               album
                                                                                een, due out Mar 25. This new
                                                 released seventh album, Uns                                           d
                                                                              Gates spin -off once again sees the ban
                                                  from the celebrated At The                    and early snippets have
                                                                                  Tue Madsen,
                                                  work with long-time producer
                                                  it sounding very cool.

                                                                 CONTACT METAL@RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

                  HeLL awaitS
NewS                                                           newest record, The Destroyers. Ulcerate, Dining In Tus-
returN to eartH                                                cany, Eternal Rest and more still to be announced will
     Seattle drone metal progenitors Earth are gearing         play Rosie’s Friday Mar 11.
up for the release of their sixth album, Angels Of Dark-        French doom lords Monarch are teaming up with
ness, Demons Of Light 1, which is due this month. The          New York’s Unearthly Trance and Salt Lake City’s Sunn
first part of a two-album series, with the second due          O)))-affiliated duo Eagle Twin tear down The Hi-Fi Sat-
later this year, Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light           urday Mar 6.
is said to be more ‘melodically orientated’ than Earth’s        Swans play The Hi-Fi Friday Mar 11.
previous efforts. The follow-up to 2008’s The Bees Made         Hollow are playing a one-off reunion show at Ro-
Honey In The Lion’s Skull is currently streaming in its        sie’s Friday Mar 18 with support from The Dead and
entirety over at and is definitely worth a listen      D-Nine.
for fans of unmitigating doom.                                  Hobbit motherfuckers Finntroll are going to play-
                                                               ing The Hi-Fi Thursday Mar 24 with Aussie folk death
amoNgSt amartH                                                 metal types Claim The Throne.
     Swedish ‘Viking metal’ outfit Amon Amarth have             Motörhead and Black Label Society will roll into
released the title for their eighth studio album, due in       the Gold Coast to put on one hell of a show at the Gold
late Mar. Surtur Rising will be the melodic death metal        Coast Convention Centre Friday Apr 1.
outfit’s follow-up to the massively successful Twilight         A cock rock triple-billing that’s sure to please metal
Of The Thunder Gods. Talking about how the band                fans, Quiet Riot are headlining the Metal Health 2011
wanted to follow-up from 2008’s Twilight Of The Thun-          tour with support coming from Warrant and Phil Lewis’
der Gods, vocalist Johan Hegg recently told an Ameri-          incarnation of L.A. Guns. The tour will hit The Tivoli Sat-
can radio station, “we wanted a bit more aggression            urday May 7.
this time, a little bit more guitar in the production to        Alestorm will be docking at The Hi-Fi Thursday
make it more heavy and aggressive, an angrier sound,           May 12.
almost, so that’s definitely something what we went             The cyco loco sensation Suicidal Tenedencies will
for. Also kind of trying to explore the more brutal side       bring their crossover thrash sounds to The Hi-Fi Friday
of the song writing, so that also came into play.”             May 13.
                                                                Adelaide thrashers Truth Corroded are putting on
DoN’t HoLD Your breatH, but…                                   an all ages show for their Gold Coast fans at Shed 5 on
     Metal legends Metallica are already talking about         Saturday Apr 9 alongside Hypno5e, Humality, Erase
heading back in to the studio to work on the follow-up         The Thought and more to be announced.
to 2008’s Death Magnetic record. Speaking to a Danish           Australian extreme metal outfit The Amenta have
tabloid, drummer Lars Ulrich said “There’s a really good       announced a tour in support their of soon to be re-
vibe in the band at the moment and therefore it won’t          leased album V01D. Joining them on the road will be
be that long before we start working on a new album.           Tasmanian black metal act Ruins. The bands play Ro-
I think that we’ll probably already get the creative proc-     sie’s Friday Apr 15.
ess going in March or April and go into the studio. We          Kyuss Lives will play the Coolangatta Hotel Wednes-
really want to get back to Metallica quickly because we        day May 4 and Friday May 6 at The Tivoli up in Brisbane.
are enjoying it so much right now.” To put this statement
in context, the band started writing Death Magnetic in         metaL gig PicK oF tHe FortNigHt
2004, and commenced writing 2003’s St. Anger in 2001.

SuFFeriNg tHe cHiLDreN
    Since turning down that scene in Ace Ventura (ap-
parently they were Jim Carrey’s first choice over Canni-
bal Corpse), British grind pioneers Napalm Death are
making their television series debut with a cameo on
popular UK drama Skins. Band vocalist Barney Greenway
told Kerrang! Magazine that “the producers first submit-
ted the idea and they had me down to play this Axl Rose
type character. I told them we haven’t got our heads up
our arses and there’s no way that we’d behave that way.”
The episode is going to air the night we go to print, so
by the time you’re reading this footage should have sur-
faced on the Net. Not yet relinquishing their day jobs,
Napalm are currently working on a new record.
                                                               Soundwave @ the rNa Showgrounds, Saturday Feb 26
Home FroNt                                                     Even though it might escape this fortnight, the
 After a killer set headlining the local stage at the Big     Hell Awaits dungeon is already getting pumped
Day Out, it seems Brisbane metal fans can’t get enough         for this year’s Soundwave festival, and what is per-
of Lynchmada. The band has shows lined up to kick off          haps the best festival line-up we’ve ever seen come
what promises to be a very busy year for the band. If          through Brisbane. At the very least, sure to be the
you missed their recent Brisbane shows, they’ll be play-       biggest festival line-up we’re going to see this year,
ing Shed 5 on the Hysteria Magazine launch party bill          Soundwave will feature sets from bands like Fucked
on Saturday Feb 12 and Friday Mar 11 at Tatts Hotel in         Up, Monster Magnet (pictured), Saxon, Queens
Lismore.                                                       Of The Stone Age, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Melvins,
 Soundwave hits the RNA Showgrounds Satur-                    Kylesa, Rob Zombie, Dimmu Borgir, The Sword
day Feb 26. Flying the flag for the metal on the bill,         and heaps more.
there’s Iron Maiden, Slayer, The Melvins, Monster
Magnet, High On Fire, The Sword, Kylesa, Dimmu                 battLe HYmNS
Borgir, Saxon, Coheed & Cambria and Fucked Up.                 MONICA: Slayer – World Painted Blood, Dillinger Es-
Tickets for Soundwave are available now. Get one               cape Plan – Calculating Infinity
before they sell out.                                          TOM: Melvins – Bullhead, Pissed Jeans – Hope For Men
 High On Fire, Trash Talk and Kylesa play The Hi-Fi
Tuesday Mar 1.                                                 coNtact
 New Zealand death metal band Ulcerate will be re-                If you’re doing something cool, heavy or loud, tell
turning to Australia to play shows in support of their         us about it at

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               more Live reviewS & PHotoS

                       two Door ciNema cLub                                                            beacH HouSe                                                                                        cut coPY

                                                                                 PHOTO:DAVID BURNESS

                                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO:DAVID BURNESS
                       LANEWAY                                                                         LANEWAY                                                                                            LANEWAY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PHOTO:DAVID BURNESS

FLooD baNK                                                 straight-up western and it has the small but dedicated                        an afternoon highlight. To paraphrase Wayne, ‘These                         the sheer propulsion of drummer Jack Bevan that
the old museum – thu Feb 3                                 audience singing along to its refrain: “I’m a lone rider                      guys really wail’.                                                          truly impresses. He’s one of the best pasty white boy
     One of Brisbane’s standout venues, The Old Muse-      again.” Thinking about it, that’s a pretty funny thing to                          The pyrotechnics erupting from the Inner Sanctum                       sticksmen since the shoegazing Keith Moon, Ride’s
um comes alive with lights and music early tonight for     hear a group of people singing in unison. It’s a rough                        Stage aren’t about to intimidate Blonde Redhead: in                         Laurence Colbert.
a flood benefit gig aptly titled Flood Bank (one could     set from a band who may not have realised where                               fact, they are trying to keep up with beguiling bassist                         Canadian electronica instrumentalists Holy Fuck
suspect a play on a Bon Iver song, but I discard such      their strengths lie yet, but it’s promising.                                  and vocalist Kazu Makino. Her hoarse rendition of Dr                        are immune to the sound difficulties that affected
a thought). The colourful audience – largely a mix of                                            JODY MACGREGOR                          Strangelove towers over mountains of delayed twang                          other acts at Inner Sanctum throughout the day. They
music scene regulars, middle-aged rockdogs and hip-                                                                                      guitar effects and fast paced, semi-hardcore beats, es-                     present a more liberated and noisy show than the
ster kids – increasingly begins to resemble a dress re-    St Jerome’S LaNewaY FeStivaL                                                  tranged elements when combined pull punters into                            earthy woodgrain synths and almost ‘60s garage rock
hearsal for Laneway as more people pour through the        alexandria St, Fortitude valley – Fri Feb 4                                   an electro-atmospheric, reverb labyrinth. 23 illustrat-                     elements of their superb Latin LP. At times bordering
door and the music gets louder and louder.                      Though the words ‘denim pants’ and ‘overdressed’                         ing best why disparity and estrangement can occa-                           on the insane motorik that characterised portions of
     The bill is 95% local. Following Texas Tea’s warm     don’t usually fit the same sentence, his year’s Laneway                       sionally unveil delight when in skilled hands.                              Japanese noisemeisters Boredoms on their superb Vi-
alt-country stylings and The Baby Seal Club’s merry        Festival defies stylistic norms. Braving the 30-degree                             As the sun sets, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti                         sion Creation Newsun album, Holy Fuck are barking
indie-rock, Inland Sea’s massed harmonies sound            midday heat in fine Queensland form, the first 50 or                          take to the Car Park Stage for what is an intriguingly                      mad, danceable and furiously entertaining all at once.
huge in The Old Museum’s cavernous surroundings. A         so hip punters are happy to hit the sizzling gravel                           divisive set. With a large plastic snake draped over                        One of the day’s highlights.
(reasonably priced) beer in hand, I expect Bang Bang       for some early vodka mules and fairy floss (deadly                            his shoulders, Mr Pink’s distorted vocals and dizzying                          Closing the New Alexandria St Stage, Cut Copy
Boss Kelly to be an act of a Mumford & Sons-gone-          combo).                                                                       ‘80s-aesthetic pop has some confused punters de-                            (dressed in adorably dreary Joy Division chic) perform
hardcore variety, but the dudes crank up the electric           Armed with an arsenal of vintage-loving vocalists                        parting, but everyone else rather enjoys themselves.                        a blend of old favourites with cuts from the brand-
guitars for the first couple of hoary belters before       are locals Inland Sea, whose lush rock ballads have                           Beverly Kills gets a big audience response; Credit is                       spanking new album Zonoscope, which has indeed
strapping on the acoustics and strumming out some          had a significant festival makeover on the newly po-                          also a lot of fun. Pink’s fevered stage wanderings are                      “dropped” on this very day. Inevitably, it’s fist-pump-
of their trademark folk-punk.                              sitioned Alexandria St Stage. The result is a thicker                         fascinating to watch, especially in contrast to his tight                   ing dance anthems like Hearts On Fire that really ex-
     Back from their recording sojourn in New Zealand,     and stronger sound – a relevant first impression to                           backing band.                                                               cite the crowd, though audience members are already
Grand Atlantic treat us to a generous serving of solid     the new listener. Inland’s drummer, the veteran of                                 Yeasayer’s tribal art rock achieved something                          bellowing along with newies like the Depeche Mode
new material and a fine cover of The Beatles’ psych-pop    the bunch, tosses his sticks around with little to no                         approaching large-scale acceptance with last year’s                         swing of Where I’m Going. The overall set is a tad more
nugget, Rain. Next, Cairns’ The Medics struggle to get     effort and surges the band’s energy upon the grow-                            experimental yet pop-peppered Odd Blood album                               muted than the group at their best – Dan Whitford
together a Queensland-themed joke (with token floods,      ing crowd, from sweeping cello bass lines to stomping                         (which followed the ambitious but less engaging                             and co are capable of creating true euphoria when
cyclones and Origin mentions), yet exhibit enviable en-    acoustic-driven melodies.                                                     2007 debut All Hour Cymbals). As is understandable                          they reach their live peak – but the blend of trippy
ergy, climbing the speakers and using the venue’s natu-         Toy Balloon proves a popular choice for early                            amongst a festival crowd, the best responses at the                         visuals and ace synth pop still wins most of us over.
ral reverb to boost their post-rock-tinged songs.          Laneway attendees, and not just because they’re an                            Alexandria St Stage are reserved for avant-pop fa-                              The sheer energy of !!! make them a great choice
     Firm traditionalists, Blonde On Blonde showcase       escape from the oppressive heat outside playing in                            vourites Ambling Alp and O.N.E., where the band                             to close the festival at Inner Sanctum. At various times
some decent, but rather generic shoegaze-rock before       the cavernous Inner Sanctum [a place usually reserved                         showcases their skill at harnessing rhythmically com-                       featuring two drummers, saxophones, and Nic Offer
Violent Soho – who bring with them a few straight-         for judging roosters in August – Live Ed.]. Their hybrid                      plex material into air-punching dance anthems.                              trying on an audience member’s pants, the band’s
out-of-1992 “grunge” kids – kick off a brief ‘90s nos-     electronic rock sound is a great way to warm up the                                Resplendent in denim short-shorts and a hessian                        hyperactive disco punk is just plain fun. Must Be The
talgia party with signature stompers Jesus Stole My        ears for what’s ahead. Dig It ensures that the festival’s                     sack, the iconoclastic Tim Harrington wastes no time                        Moon and Heart Of Hearts are especially great, but
Girlfriend and Narrow Ways.                                cowbell quota is reached early.                                               in stripping off as he leads the ever-tight Les Savy Fav                    new tracks like Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass hold
     With frontman Sam Cromack’s beard heading in               With key member Brent Knopf having very re-                              through a set that quickly has the chin-strokers run-                       up well too. Shannon Funchess and Offer are a great
an exciting new direction and bassist/vocalist Jen         cently left the band, Menomena do an admirable job                            ning from the Inner Sanctum Stage. Once among his                           vocal team and Offer’s dancing is truly something to
Boyce looking ever-cute, Ball Park Music’s infectious      of keeping things on track in what is their first ever                        kin Harrington is streaking through the crowd, spend-                       behold (or attempt to clone) as we trickle out into the
energy ultimately leaves this writer too tired to stick    Australian show. Though Knopf’s tracks are obviously                          ing more time sharing silver body-paint on the faith-                       humid night.
around for erstwhile Butterfingers frontman Evil Ed-       excluded from the set, TAOS and The Pelican prove                             full’s level than preaching like a post-hardcore/punk/                                          MICHAEL PINCOTT, ALICE REZENDE
die and the surprise band (which turns out to be new-      that Menomena can still be a formidable live act at                           rock-Moses from the stage. This is music that needs to                                                           & MATT THROWER
ly-renamed DZ DEATHRAYS). Still – Brisbane music           the Car Park Stage. Though some of the Mines tracks                           be screamed in your face as you’re directly eyeballing
community, you really do care.                             featured are probably too sedate for a festival setting,                      a silver-encrusted, portly bearded man. Perfect.                            FLoat oN
                                      DENIS SEMCHENKO      it’s an enjoyable set.                                                             A festival seems an odd setting for Deerhunter,                        the Hi-Fi – Sun Feb 6
                                                                It is with enviable sound fidelity that Local Na-                        but they nonetheless impress in their 45-minute slot.                           I was in transit from Melbourne during sets from
baNg baNg boSS KeLLY / biXbY caNYoN / HowLiNg              tives take on the Alexandria St Stage and pull in a                           Lockett Pundt is cast centrally as frontman to those                        Little Scout and Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side
rabbitS                                                    mass of adoring feel-gooders. Three-way male har-                             unfamiliar to the band when they open with Desire                           (who I learned put in gorgeous and grimily passion-
the alley – Fri Feb 4                                      monies, percussion overlays and furry bearded play-                           Lines, but the rangy Bradford Cox is soon leading                           ate performances respectively), and there’s a certain
     Howling Rabbits, like all of the bands playing        ers are just some of the reasons behind the popularity                        from the side. The spiralling guitar outro of Lines is                      element of poetry in returning home to a night of
The Alley tonight, thank the audience for dodging the      of the Natives’ album Gorilla Manor. The crowd chants                         mesmerising, as is the extended jam in Nothing Ever                         Brisbane music. Only weeks ago this part of town was
Laneway Festival to be here tonight. You’re welcome,       blissfully along the appeasing Who Knows Who Cares,                           Happened, while the slow, sad Helicopter is an unex-                        ready to be washed away, but it is rebuilding (like
all 20 of us say in reply. They play stompy psychedelic    but it is toward the end of the set that guitarist Taylor                     pected crowd favourite. The set ends beautifully with                       much of Queensland) and tonight music plays a semi-
rock with some nicely spooky interplay between the         Rice decides to get his freak on and show fans that                           Microcastle combo Cover Me and Agoraphobia, leav-                           nal part. The almighty roar of Screamfeeder’s guitars
keys and the bass making it all sound a bit doomier        sometimes, even the best tribal spellmen need to get                          ing us ruing that there’s no sideshow for Brisbane.                         echoes these thoughts and pounce on the excitement
than your standard psych fare. In contrast Bixby Can-      guitars roaring.                                                                   Though sunburnt backsides aren’t worth the push                        of the audience. A mixture of old and new artists, nos-
yon (is that a Death Cab reference?) are harsh and              With the brutal sun setting in her eyes, Victoria                        and shove to the narrow Zoo/Big Sound Stage [located                        talgia and charity puts them on the edge of a group
grungy. Their frontman probably needs a bigger             Legrand’s languid presence is an icy cool in the face                         in a lane! – Live Ed.], Cloud Control surely are: oh, and                   hug at any moment. Cherubic radio friendlies Hungry
stage, even with the mic stands moved onto the floor       of oppressive heat as Beach House next step up to                             there they are, curly-haired and t-shirt sporting. Heads                    Kids Of Hungary are soon to follow, their pop melo-
he’s bouncing off his bandmates and running off to         Alexandria St Stage, transitioning us from a sweaty                           are bouncing and cameras are out for the defiantly suc-                     dies and tight harmonies charming gals and guys
do a lightning lap of the half-empty room. Their unas-     mess to Teen Dreamers swaying around oversized sil-                           cessful Blue Mountain folk rock trio. Do they win new                       alike. The feel-good atmosphere (and seemingly the
suming bass player looks like Michael Cera, so it’s an     ver baubles. Classy, as ever.                                                 ears with their girlishly shaded boy vocals and conta-                      crowd) falters for Kate Miller-Heidke, her vocal histri-
impressive surprise when he steps up to the mic and             A touring trio like The Antlers need impeccable                          gious psychedelic tempos? Oh yes. Is this free love circa                   onics and general quirkiness at odds with the remain-
screams like his guts are on fire.                         sound to capture their startling Hospice tracks – and                         the new millennium? Looks like it to us!                                    ing line-up’s insouciant coolness. After a heartfelt and
     Bang Bang Boss Kelly look like a hardcore band        while a concrete cavern may not be their ideal, Peter                              “Ow, we want the funk, give us the funk” George                        sappiness-free recap and thanks from The Hi-Fi’s man-
complete with sleeve tattoos who stumbled across a         Silberman’s passionate coda on Sylvia (and a bouncy                           Clinton once pronounced. Which Foals proceed to                             agement, Custard deliver their best reunion show yet.
cache of acoustic guitars and Hank Williams albums         new track) do their best to illuminate an otherwise                           do over at the Alexandria St Stage, though not in a                         In their natural environment, not open air festivals as
and had their lives changed forever. Even though           testing sound-mix within the Inner Sanctum.                                   manner even the Parliament mainman could have                               with previous efforts, the quartet glows as they rip
they play acoustic guitars in most of their songs, their        Meanwhile Los Angeles natives Warpaint prove                             envisaged. Theirs is a jerky, serrated groove, funk                         through a set of iconic singles. Regurgitator close
twang-tinged countrycore is loud as hell. The drums        that amps turned up to 11 is just the tonic with the                          with sharp edges that could remove an eye if you’re                         proceedings with a punk-fuelled showing of crowd
gallop through songs like Boneyards, Begged, Bor-          afternoon sun cast upon the Car Park Stage – an em-                           not careful. Their math-rock origins are replaced with                      favourites, even those played begrudgingly like Poly-
rowed And Stole and Bat Fetcher (“I set out to be feared   boldened sound (since their SXSW appearances) care-                           a steadily building set of spiky rhythmic fun. And                          ester Girl and Fat Cops. The cause for this grouping is
/ Instead I grew a beard”), but it’s a relatively sedate   fully balances the nuance of light and shade captured                         while pint-sized frontman Yannis Philippakis is the                         bittersweet, but tonight is all about celebration.
song that’s the highlight of their set. Lone Rider is a    on The Fool in a live setting; hypnotic layers creating                       man who dominates the band’s column inches, it’s                                                                MITCH ALEXANDER

26 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au                                                                                   FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                                     ISSuE 977
        gEArEd                                                       MUSICIAN PrOFILE :: GLEN GATTENHOF

                                                                     Having shared the same stage
                                                                     many times in the past, gEArEd
                                                                     sits down with local electro-rockers
                                                                     FELINEdOWN’s guitarist gLEN
                                                                     gATTENHOF for a chat about all
                                                                     things gear and recording-related.

                                                                     GEARED: Tell me what’s currently rocking your arse-                   dio Harmonic Transformer – I’ve emailed those blokes        nantly Mac and Logic. We do a lot of editing, vocals,
                                                                     nal, Glen.                                                            and asked them a few questions; they’re still boutique      guitars and bass at my house and the drums are pro-
             MUSICIAN'S gUIdE FEBRUARY 8 2011

                                                                     GLEN GATTENHOF: It starts with the Mesa Boogie                        enough to personally email you back. For the last           grammed between either studio. We’ll do the mixes as
                                                                     V-Twin rackmount preamp, channeled into a TC Elec-                    thing I was recording, I came across a Dwarfcraft Great     good as we can and then off it goes to Sydney.
                                                                     tronic G Major2 [effects processor]. I channel that into a            Destroyer and it is just an abortion of a sound – it is     G: What’s it like working with [Sydney industrial-
                                                                     Mesa Boogie 5250 parent, running through an Orange                    gross! – but we’ve found where we could use it. Also re-    rockers] MM9’s Daniel Sutherland?
                                                                     cab with Celestion V30s in it – I love that getup, it’s fuck-         cently, a friend of mine made me a custom fuzz pedal;       GG: He’s had some great ideas, which we’d take pro-
                                                                     ing mad!                                                              he called it a Jäger Fuzz and it was made specifically      duction-wise – songs we thought were good, we’d take
                                                                     A couple years ago, I’ve come across a Gretsch Elec-                  to go with the Gretsch. That has now been on the last       and develop into songs which could be singles. He’d
                                                                     tromatic which seemed to complement the crunchier                     couple of tracks we’ve recorded. I’ve been recording all    put a sound in there or emphasise something that we
                                                                     rock sound that I was looking for. The Rectifiers are                 the bass as well – I’ve got a MusicMan Sub four-string.     didn’t see, and it would just make the thing loud and
                                                                     massively heavy for what we’re doing, so the combina-                 Earlier on, I was using a few Fender Ps and a couple of     catchy. It’s been really good working with Dan; it’s been
                                                                     tion of the Gretsch and the V-Twin was nice and sweet.                really nice Yamaha five-strings, but I’ve bought the Mu-    a long process, but I don’t think we could have done it
                                                                     About 18 months ago, I got an old Tremonti PRS – it’s a               sicMan and I’ve been using it with some fuzz pedals as      any quicker – we all work full-time, he works full-time,
                                                                     cheap guitar and it wasn’t too bad, with a really sludgy
                                                                     sound. I bought some original American Eagle pickups                       ... I got an old Tremonti PrS – it’s a cheap guitar and it wasn’t too bad,
                                                                     – treble and bass – put those in it and they just brought
                                                                     the thing alive. That’s been rocking the arsenal for al-               with a really sludgy sound. I bought some original American Eagle pickups –
                                                                     most two years now, the Gretsch and that. I’ve also got                 treble and bass – put those in it and they just brought the thing alive.
  QUICK NEWS                                                         a floor controller – a Behringer MIDI controller – so the

  Armed Forces
  In a band? Got music to sell? Keen
                                                                     whole amp’s MIDI-switchable between channels. That’s
                                                                     the current live arsenal.
                                                                                                                                           well – through a valve channel to warm it up.
                                                                                                                                           G: You’ve mentioned you guys have a number of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       his band is full-time and he’s just about to become a
                                                                                                                                                                                                       father. We’ve definitely grown to something we weren’t
                                                                     G: And the recording arsenal?                                         new recorded tracks – is there going to be a new Fe-        when we started recording a year ago, that’s for sure.
  to do some distro? Valleyarm is the                                GG: For recording, I’ve tried a whole swag of guitars                 linedown release soon?                                      G: I imagine there’ll be plenty of Felinedown gigs
  place to go to. Formerly known as
                                                                     and bass guitars and ended up solidly recording with                  GG: Definitely a new release – we’ve got a lot of record-   this year.
  Musicadium, the company special-
  ises in digital distribution, publish-                             the Gretsch, the PRS and a Les Paul Custom. For a third               ing and mixing and it should be finished by mid-Feb-        GG: Absolutely – it will be similar to 2009 when we
  ing and online marketing of music and video                        of the tracks, we’ve miked up that live rig and the re-               ruary. We’re already planning the artwork and then a        played as much as we could to get ourselves out there.
  content. These days, it is the leading digital distributor         maining tracks we ran down the desk using a Blackstar                 bunch of meetings; hopefully we’ll get this thing ready     In 2010, we played less, but did larger support shows
  in the Asia-Pacific region, selling to hundreds of online          HT Dual Distortion. We’d do some pretty solid tracks                  for May.                                                    and had a few changes in the line-up. Once this thing is
  stores including such giants as iTunes, Amazon, China              on that as well as a mixture of fuzz... fuzz, fuzz, fuzz              G: Are you recording both in Brisbane and Sydney?           done, we’re going to play as much as we can.
  Mobile, Vodafone and Shazam. And even sweeter,                     [laughs]. Through that time we test-drove some Zvex                   GG: Recording in Brisbane between mine and the key-
  Valleyarm has an iPhone/Android app! For more info                 Fuzz Factories, ProCo Turbo Rats, some different bass                 boardist’s house – he’ll basically lay down all his Moog    For more info on FELINEdOWN, and any
  hit                                                 fuzzes and whatnot. I ended up loving the Death By Au-                and synth tracks and he’s got a home system; predomi-       upcoming shows, check out

                                                                                                                                               Darren Hanlon
            MORE HITS
            THaN THE
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             IN THE TOP 15 MUSIC
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             COUNTRY                                                                                                                                                   SAT UR DAY 26 FEBRUA RY
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             TOdaY (07) 3397 2760
             NEILSEN ONLINE RANKING REPORT 1/6/10 -30/6/10
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 INdUSTrY NEWS :: WITH CHRISTIE ELIEzER                           News, submissions and industry scuttlebutt for

  Signal Noise
                                                                  consideration in this column should be sent to
                                                          no later than 5pm
                                                                  Fridays. Check for
                                                                       more SIgNAL NOISE Industry news.

     The line-up for the inaugural Women In Music
 forum and networking event (Judith Wright Centre, Mar
 8) keeps a-growin’. The latest inclusions are Patience
 Hodgson of The Grates, Amandah Wilkinson of
 Operator Please, Katie Noonan (pictured), Oh Mercy
 bassist Eliza Lam, Butcher Birds’ bassist Joanna Nilson,
 guitarist, songwriter and live venue manager Sabrina
 Lawrie, Laneous & The Family Yah drummer Myka Wal-
 lace, Undead Apes and Seja drummer Rene Collett and
 performer, visual artist and Edge Of Colour producer
 Michelle Xen.
     Joining them are Megan Reeder-Hope (GM Secret                                                                          PrOdUCT SPOTLIgHT :: FAIRLIGHT CMI-30A
 Service Public Relations), Sam Cook (director, The
 Dreaming Festival), Natalie Bell of Milefire Management
 who look after Oh Mercy, Leonie Yeoman (manager of
                                                                                                                            Lights And Music                                                          The CMI’s main
                                                                                                                                                                                                 principle is that it can
                                                                                                                                                                                                 theoretically generate
 Chris Pickering), FasterLouder’s Qld editor Crystle Fleper,                                                                An ‘80s kid through and through, gEArEd checks out the modernised any sound possible by
 Roxy Burt (DJ/Director, Pistol Whipped Events & Promo-                                                                     version of the machine that produced so many instantly-recognisable drawing a “sound wave”
 tion), Belynda-Jane Hemmling (director, Cherry Red                                                                         sounds during the hairspray decade – the FAIrLIgHT CMI-30A.            on the screen...
 Music), Leanne de Souza (manager of The Medics), Na-
 talie Dodds who does PR for Mucho Bravado, Charlotte                                                                            Fairlight: does the name ring a bell? Not all Ableton      it for his experimental opuses Magnetic Fields (1981)
 Lynch of BATS Magazine, Lori Lee Cash (promoter, Robot                                                                     Live/Logic/ProTools users of today know where it all            and Zoolook (1984).
 International, Greazefest), Deb Suckling (director, Sugar-                                                                 started or can be even bothered to trace the true ori-                The CMI’s main principle is that it can theoretically
 Rush Records), and photographers Elleni Toumpas and                                                                        gins of their uber-modern software, which prompts me            generate any sound possible by drawing a “sound wave”
                                                                                                            KATIE NOONAN    to dedicate this piece to everyone who likes to play with       on the screen – and quite a lot of that theory is still practi-
 Silvana Macarone. See
                                                                                                                            different sounds.                                               cal. Unveiled at the Winter NAMM 2011, the 30th anniver-
  MTV, SOUNdWAVE, PrESENT THE SOUNdIES                         man told police Gibson had run over his foot in the               Back in the mid-to-late ‘70s, electronic music pioneers    sary Fairlight CMI-30A is the company’s first musical in-
    To reward the Soundwave acts who created vid-              car park with his car.                                       Kraftwerk may have concocted some of their best-known           strument in 25-years. Largely true to the original design, it
 eos to promote the festival, Soundwave has teamed              Jailed: a 30 year-old man for six and a half years by      tunes with the help of primitive early computers and ran-       retains the iconic ‘light pen’ stylus and the vintage ‘green-
 with MTV Classics to introduce the Soundies awards.           Maroochydore District Court, for raping a 14-year-old        dom number generators, but one bright Australian mind           on-black’ LCD display (a touchscreen would have been
 They’ve whittled the videos down to nine – by Dom-            performer in a tent at the Dreaming Festival in Queens-      dreamt up the concept of a device that would not only           “just too easy” according to Peter), still has the ‘grainy,
 min, Foxy Shazam, Less Than Jake, Mayday Parade,              land after coaxing her in promising her marijuana.           create new sounds, but also store and layer them – and          grungy, classic Fairlight sound’ and is able to store unlim-
 Nonrprofit, Protest The Hero, Taking Dawn, There For           Died: Irish guitar hero Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy           ended up building a revolutionary synthesiser/computer          ited-length samples on an unlimited number of channels.
 Tomorrow and We The Kings. Fans have to vote at               and solo (Parisienne Walkways) fame, 58, died in a ho-       hybrid that defined the next musical decade.                    You can also load any .wav file into the system and it will                     tel room in Spain.                                                Being the instrument responsible for bringing the          come out as a Fairlight sound. Adding a modernistic flair
 with_the_soundies. The winner will get an award in             Died: Gladys Horton, a co-founder of the Mar-              sounds ranging from the super-cool to the cringeworthy          to the classic setup, the CMI-30A includes an iPhone/iPod
 Sydney. One lucky voter gets the chance to meet the           velettes whose Please Mr. Postman gave Motown its            (such as the much-maligned “Fairlight brass”, one of pop        Touch nest (both of which can be used as a two-dimen-
 winning band and get a signed guitar from them, a             first #1, at 66 after a stroke.                              music’s truly unfortunate hallmarks) to the ‘80s sonic          sional controller, allowing the user to make the sound
 $500 Atticus clothing pack, a pair of Macbeth shoes                                                                        landscape, it came as a discovery to me that Fairlights         ‘broader’ or ‘narrower’) and runs off an HP workstation
 and a signed Soundwave skate deck.                            NEW SPONSOrS, FOrMAT, FOr JAZZ AWArdS                        were actually Australian-made. Developed by Sydney              with a crystal-core MPGA card. It also includes a whole
                                                                   This year’s Australian Jazz Bell Awards have two         electronics mastermind Peter Vogel (a fantastic person-         plethora of various outputs including MIDI and can be
 NOVA’S CASEY ON MATErNITY                                     new sponsors. Arthouse and foreign film supporter            ality in his own right and one of humankind’s true crea-        hooked up to practically anything remotely compatible.
     Nova Brisbane’s Asst Program Director and Mu-             Palace Cinemas will sponsor the new Best Austral-            tors – Google the photos of his self-designed limestone               The CMI-30A is available now, hand-built on order. I
 sic Director, Kate Casey, is on maternity leave until         ian Jazz Blend Album category. Monash University,            house in the Blue Mountains!) and launched in 1979, the         wouldn’t urge to immediately invest in one unless you
 Aug 1. Station announcer Georgina Myers will take             which already has a focus on jazz, will sponsor the          Fairlight II was the world’s first microprocessor-based         or your business have a spare $20,000 or thereabouts –
 over in that time, contacted at gmyers@dmgradio.              Best Australian Jazz Ensemble. This year’s judging           sampler. Its successor CMI was instantly hailed as the          “more expensive than buying a Mac with GarageBand on and 07 3872 6859.                                      panel has been widened as well, which could see              super-cutting-edge music industry sensation and cost            it,” Peter wisecracks in the demo vid – but it’s well worth
                                                               some unexpected results when winners are unveiled            insane money (often in excess of $100,000) at the time          having a thorough look at, regardless of whether you
 gCMIA AgM                                                     on Thurs May 5 at the Regent Theatre.                        – cue cult status and much reverence among numerous             agree or disagree with the ‘history repeats’ notion.
     The Gold Coast Music Industry Association Inc                                                                          tech buffs and progress aficionados. Groundbreaking
 (GCMIA) will host its Annual General Meeting on Tues-         NEW HOST FOr TrIPLE J’S LUNCH                                ‘80s artists such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel were           rrP $20,000. Check out the Fairlight CMI-30A
 day Feb 22, at The Cave in Nobby’s Beach. Nominations             Triple J has moved 23-year-old Lewi McKirdy              quick to recognise the Fairlight’s potential, while French      demo video at For news,
 for board positions must be received by Feb 15, nomi-         from doing Weekend Lunch to hosting weekday                  synth whiz Jean-Michel Jarre wholeheartedly embraced            updates and order info head to
 nation forms obtained by emailing dan.gcmia@gmail.            Lunch from Feb 28. He replaces Vijay Khurana, who
 com. Under president Daniel Ceh, the GCMIA has been           presents his last show three days before after five            FOLLOWINg THE CHArTS :: WITH SIMON TOPPER                                     An analysis of The Charts, be they

                                                                                                                              Statistic Fantistic
 kicking goals. Projects for this year – supported by GC                                                                                                                                                      from ARIA, AIR, airplay, iTunes,
                                                               years on the chair. The one-time Sydney harbour                                                                                               overseas or any other statistical
 Business and Gold Coast City Council’s Economic De-           cruise commentator is moving to Cambodia to train                                                                                             rock we can turn over and think
 velopment Department – include the development of             staff in research and production in a not-for-profit ra-                                                                                           way too much about.
 a rehearsal space, Big Sound, a compilation CD and GC         dio station in Phnom Penh.
 music industry/business reference book.
                                                               VALE BrUCE JACKSON
 APrA’S CONNECTINg EVENT                                            A founding father of Australia’s concert audio and
     APRA is holding another one of its free Connect-          lighting sector, Bruce Jackson has died in a plane crash
 ing Members events this week, for songwriters to              in Nevada, USA. He was in his early 60s. He set up audio
 meet others and also to discover how music industry           and lighting production hire company Jands with Phil-
 sectors work. They will be joined by Kellie Lloyd (Q          lip Story in 1968. They began manufacturing high-tech
 Music), Graham Aston (Footstomp, Big Sound), and              lighting, column PAs, guitar amps, power amps and
 Alicia Dodemont and Carli Whilock (Arts Queens-               mixers. Jackson moved to America and became sound
 land). It’s on Wednesday Feb 9 at APRA QLD (3 Winn            engineer for Elvis Presley (helping to create the first
 Street, Fortitude Valley), 6pm to 8 pm.                       hanging sound system), Bruce Springsteen (wiring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ANgUS & JULIA STONE
                                                               their instruments to get better sounds) and Barbra
 WOrLd THEATrE FESTIVAL FOrUMS                                 Streisand. Jackson headed research & development
     The World Theatre Festival (WTF) will present             in the digital realm at Lake Technology and Dolby and               This week, we examine the annual list that divides     20s, including the #1 voted Mumford & Sons (#16
 two free open forums addressing changes in theatre,           invented items that are commonplace today.                     the opinions of Australians like no other – the Triple J    airplay). 15 of the Hottest 20 songs came from the
 facilitated by Positive Solutions director Cathy Hunt.                                                                       Hottest 100. There has been some thought-provok-            Top 100 played songs, and only three of the 20 most
 The first one looks at what-if’s – like if young audi-        NEW SIgNINg #1: SUPAFEST ANd rABBITOHS                         ing blogging on this year’s list, particularly on how a     played songs weren’t voted in. In other words, there
 ences could transform theatre and started to camp                 Both Supafest and the Rabbitohs appeal to the              station with stagnant listenership figures (share has       was a much higher correlation between what Triple J
 out for tickets the way they do for rock festivals. The       same urban demographic. So both will cross-promote             typically sat between 5-6% nationally since the ‘90s)       played, and what their listeners voted for.
 second includes a keynote address by director of              each other’s events and have branded merchandising.            can see voter numbers expanding each year (2010’s               Still, when we look back at 2007 and 2008, their
 London’s South Bank Centre, Jude Kelly, on what’s             Supafest performers Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Taio                 155,222 voters was up 18% on the previous year). The        figures each fall in between the low of 2010 and
 next for the sector. Register at registrations@bris-          Cruz will get involved in the Rabbitohs’ South Cares           suggested conclusion has been that due to a grow-           the high of 2009, more often closer to 2010. In                                           community programs to mainly indigenous and multi-             ing voter base who don’t listen to Triple J, the Hottest    particular we can see that rarely does the #1 voted
                                                               cultural kids, and visit them when they tour.                  100 results seem to be increasingly pulling away from       song of the year get particularly strong airplay.
 BANd QUEST IN COOLUM                                                                                                         the station’s day-to-day playlists.                         Kings Of Leon’s Sex On Fire was #86 on the 2008
     A Battle of the Bands will be held at the Coolum          NEW SIgNINg #2: CUTTErS Add TWO                                     Is it the case? Was the 2010 Hottest 100 list less in- playlist, while in 2007 Muse’s Knights Of Cydonia
 Bizfest, on Apr 8 & 9 at Coolum Christian Internation-            Cut Copy’s boutique label Cutters Records have             dicative of what Triple J played than                                         reached #1 while only scraping in at
 al College. Its coordinator is Ron Neumann. Bizfest is        signed Nile Delta and Das Moth. Nile Delta is Joel             in past years? Let’s compare the lists                                        #92 in the most played.
 a business expo and family multicultural festival. See        Dickson, ex-Riot In Belgium and currently in Cutters’          from the last four years’ 100 most             …for those whinging                 When you line up 2010’s Hottest Volunteers contact Vivi-               house-disco-duo Voltage. Das Moth is the alias of              playlisted songs to the Hottest 100             that the Hottest              100 and the most played Top 100
 enne Simitzis on 0404 390 054                                 Tokyo-based Tim Sullivan, formerly of Damn Arms.               for that year.                                  100 isn’t what it             lists, they don’t match too closely, but
                                                                                                                                   If we compare 2010’s Top 20
                                                                                                                              songs in the Hottest 100 with the 20
                                                                                                                                                                          used to be, just keep 2009 aside, the correlation isn’t far off
                                                                                                                                                                                                            other recent years. Amongst the high-
 LIFELINES                                                     gUdINSKI CALLS FOr ArIAS rEVIVAL                                                                              in mind that from
  Marrying: Lily Allen will get hitched to building                At the AMP shortlist announcement at the Syd-             most played songs on Triple J, there                                          voted songs that weren’t played as
                                                                                                                              are just three songs that coincide
                                                                                                                                                                            1993 – 1995, the                regularly, there’s also a pattern. Typi-
 firm boss Sam Cooper on Jun 11 in a church near her           ney Opera House, Michael Gudinski urged ARIA to
 home in Central England.                                                                                                     (Little Red, Ou Est La Swimming
                                                                                                                                                                         lists included East 17, cally, between 30% – 50% are com-
                                                               remove “irrelevant people” from making decisions
  Injured: the London Sun reported that Neon Trees                                                                           Pool and Flight Facilities). Look at         Culture Beat, Ace Of mercial hit singles, always for acts that
                                                               about this year’s ARIA awards and asked the wider
 singer Tyler Glenn smashed his teeth after falling            music industry to help elevate it to its past glories.         the whole 100 most played songs,             Base, N-Trance and               still fit the Triple J mould (e.g. Angus
 off the stage during a show in Holland. But despite           This column’s suggestion: let awards producer Mark             and you’ll see only 11 of the Top 20                 Shaggy.                  & Julia, Birds Of Tokyo, or in 2009, La
 bleeding, the paper said, he jumped back on and               Pope have a free hand and keep out the TV busybod-             voted songs. Angus & Julia Stone                                              Roux and Lily Allen), and this figure
 kept singing.                                                 ies from making creative decisions and trying to turn          (pictured), Birds Of Tokyo and Boy &                                          was only 33% last year. While listen-
  Hospitalised: Prince’s ex-drummer Bobby Z from              it into “Idol”-lite.                                           Bear all made the Top 5 voted songs, but weren’t able       ers from other stations might be voting more, as
 a heart attack.                                                                                                              to crack the Top 100 airplay list. Correspondingly, there   some bloggers have concluded, the increased voting
  In Court: Bruno Mars will plead guilty to possess-          FUSE AddS TWO MOrE                                             are also five songs in the 20 most played songs of last     figures could just as easily be coming from people
 ing coke backstage after a Los Vegas show, in return              Adelaide’s Fuse Festival, held next week, has              year that couldn’t get enough votes to crack the Hot-       who have grown out of Triple J, but still vote out of
 for getting a $2000 fine, a year’s probation and 200          added two more international speakers. Terry Mc-               test 100, headed by songs by Kate Nash, Caribou and         habit. The numbers simply don’t suggest a huge pull
 hours of community service.                                   Bride of Canada’s Nettwerk Music Group, which                  Crystal Castles. If you expected to be able to predict      towards overtly commercial tracks – at least not one
  In Court: Charges against visiting US R&B singer            launched Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, and Sarah            voting by what Triple J played during 2010, then the        that’s increasing from year to year.
 Mario Norman of assaulting NSW MP Paul Gibson                 McLachlan, and co-founded the Lilith Fair tour, which          Hottest 100 would have been a huge shock.                       And for those whinging that the Hottest 100 isn’t
 have been withdrawn. Norman was accused of at-                comes to Australia in October. Guy Pratt, former                    Compare these figures to 2009. In comparison to        what it used to be, just keep in mind that from 1993 –
 tacking the 66-year-old at a McDonald’s restaurant            bassist with Icehouse, Pink Floyd and David Bowie,             2010’s three songs in the Top 20 of both voted and          1995, the lists included East 17, Culture Beat, Ace Of
 in Thornleigh, in Sydney’s northwest, on Jun 27. Nor-         joins the Touring Panel.                                       played songs, last year saw 11 songs in both Top            Base, N-Trance and Shaggy.

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                                                                                     GIBSON EPIPHONE SG ELECTRIC GUITAR Cherry red new Pots toggle switch                    ROLAND ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT Roland TD-6, Snare & toms are mesh heads,                  GUITARIST AVAILABLE FOR COVERS Guitarist (age23) experience playing
EQUIPMENT FOr HIrE                                                                   strings input gigcase VGC fast action easy to play $300 improvmatrix@live.              single kick pedal, stool, spare rubber pad set up as a china cymbal. All in great     pubs, clubs, cafes, parties. Looking to join/start a covers band for Brisbane/GC.
BEST PRICED PA FOR LOCAL BANDS Top of the line PA gear. Qualified Engi-     0424 812 460                                                                     condition & works well. Cost $2900 selling for $1800. Great kit. Call Shane           Looking for fun gigs & extra cash. Good equipment, I can sing backing vox &
neers Band packages & discounts available. We also offer booking & manage-           GIBSON ES-355 STYLE GUITAR Fernandes Burny semi-hollow body guitar.            3472 5830                                                 play some keys, contact Matt, cheers 0410 517 462
ment at               Made in japan. Cherry red finish. Rosewood neck. Very good condition. Dual              SPINAL TAP FRAMED PRINT 97 CM X 66 CM Wall hang-able PC $15 improv-                   GUITARIST SEEKS FUNCTIONING BAND Rhythm/lead guitarist seeking func-
0410 389 212                                                                         humbuckers. $1500 ono or will consider trades for a fender guitar or synths    0424 812 460                                                       tioning/working classic blues/rock band. Cover/originals ok. Gold Coast area
                                                                                                                                               TECH 21 TRADEMARK 30 MODELING AMP from makers of Sansamp. Excel-                      only 0425 564 828
MUSICAL EQUIPMENT                                                                    GIBSON FIREBIRD STUDIO USA Gibson Firebird Studio. Black w/white scratch
                                                                                     plate & chrome hardware. Reverse headstock. Some belt scratches on back.
                                                                                                                                                                             lent live & recording amp, many tones available from ‘Tweed’ Fender-type
                                                                                                                                                                             cleans, ‘British’ Marshall-like driven tones, down to ‘Calif’ Mesa Boogie-style
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   GUITARIST with lead/rhythm abilities available for band/trio/duo. Lots of exp.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Great gear, Very versatile, professional, reliable, Vox. Very large repertoire. Can
                                                                                     Awesome looking guitar & sounds great $1700ONO                        bulldozer riffage. Excellent condition $399 0416 166             play all styles (no metal pls)
                                                                                     GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO Stunning 2007 Wine Red in Gibson case both                       064                                                                                   GUITARIST/SINGER Available for duo, band etc. Experienced, presentable.
                                                                                     in mint condition. This guitar has hardly been played & never left the house.           THE WHITE STRIPES WHITE BLOOD CELLS Guitar notation tablature tran-                   Harmonies lead vocals etc. 0431 674 190
                                                                                     Unfortunately it has to go, you won’t be disappointed. $1550 ono qpcls@big-             scriptions full album 8 songbook mint $5 0424                METALCORE/HARDCORE GUITARIST Been playing 1 year 8 months look-
                                                                            0418 190 546                                                                812 460                                                                               ing for others to jam with and write songs, Inf are Parkway, All that Remains,
                                                                                     GIBSON LES PAUL TRADITIONAL 2009 model Gibson Les Paul Traditional                      TRACE ELLIOT BASS RIG FOR SALE Trace Elliot AH300 Head w/SWR Henry                    Killswitch Engage
                                                                                     in Cherry sunburst. Near new condition. Regretful sale $2100 jimmy454nsa@               the 8x8 Cab. Great condition. Will not sell items separately. Pick up only $2000      VERSATILE GUITARIST AVAILABLE Lead or lead/rhythm. Mature, reliable, easy-
                                                                            0400 770 985                                                                ONO 0421 830 685                                                going, quick learner, good ears. Fully equipped rig. Backing vox OK. Wide range
                                                                                     GUITAR BASS SEIKO CHROMATIC TUNER Variable A 438 - 444 microphone                       USED EVH FLANGER GOOD WORKING CONDITION Selling off my old EVH fl-                    of influences & styles. Covers/originals OK. Will commit to regular rehearsal & gigs.
                                                                                     & input output settings leather cased PC $25 0424              langer its a sad day as its definitely the best flanger pedal out there. Hoping for   Only genuine projects please. Terry 0409 727 910
                                                                                     812 460                                                                                 250 but will consider any reasonable offers. Have a wonderful day Hisgear@
                                                                                     GUITAR BASS TUNER BOSS CT-6 AUTO For 5-string bass & 7-string guitar                                                                                     SINgEr AVAILABLE
                                                                                     plus flat tuning & microphone as well as input/output setting works perfectly           VALVE AMP AND SPEAKER Valvetone 2-watt amp with Lorantz 12” Profes-                   BLUES SINGER Ex Gangster of Love looking for a already formed blues band
                                                                                     $25 0424 812 460                                               sional speaker in homemade box. Both as new. Unfinished project. Both for             or very experienced players. Have worked with: The Foreday Riders, Ray Bea-
                                                                                     GUITAR Electric, Paul Stanley (Kiss) designed, Signed, COA,2007 LTD Edit, 741           $300 firm 0419 689 136                                        dle, Dutch Tilders, Morningside Fats & many more. Really keen to Swing &
                                                                                     of 1344, New, Lyon by Washburn, Model LK60PPS, twin humbuckers. Blows                   VOX AC30 CC2 Vox AC30CC2 Custom Classic 30 watt Class A Valve Amplifier.              Jump like Louis Jordan, etc. 0488 360 999
                                                                                     Gibsons away $4250 3216 2628                                                            VGC, used only in the recording studio, also comes with footswitch & manual           CLEAN ALT ROCK/POP VOX Committed vocalist seeking dedicated alterna-
                                                                                     GUITAR METHOD BEGINNER BOOK Gary Turner Brenton white w/tape/CD                         $1000                                                             tive band. Chunky, but melodic guitars. Upbeat & dynamic. Inf: You Me at Six,
                                                                                     mint condition $5 0424 812 460                                 WANTED: LES PAUL COPY GUITAR AND BASS Looking to trade musical                        Story of The Year, The Geatway Plan, Red Jumpsuit, Saosin, Scary Kids, Unwrit-
                                                                                     GUITAR TAB 2003 2004 14 Songs tablature notation Audioslave - Thursday                  equipment or any other items for les paul shape electric guitar and les paul          ten Law to name a few 0432 849 382
                                                                                     mint $5 0424 812 460                                           shape bass. 0421 690 000                                           COVERS SINGER I’m looking for a covers band to start getting songs down &
                                                                                     GUITAR TECHNIQUES Approx 100 magazines with CDs $5 each dscarr@big-                     WARWICK CORVETTE STD 5 ROCKBASS 2010 Perfect condition, been pro-                     start doing some live shows. My influences are K.O.L Nirvana CCR, old blues to
                                                                            0402 284 776                                                                fessionally setup with new strings. Low action. Would consider a swap for a           heavy metal I’m very open to genre. Email ASAP!
                                                                                     GUITAR TUNER KORG GT-2 Regular & flat tuning microphone & input output                  good 4-string or a good combo bass amp. $520 ono                   EXPERIENCED EARTHY VOICE FOR ORIGY BAND 29yr old professional vo-
                                                                                     settings complete in box w/instructions $15 0424               au 0404 858 970                                                                       calist/guitarist looking for band to get together and make good tunes. have
                                                                                     812 460                                                                                 WARWICK DOLPHIN PRO 1 BASS GERMANY Neck Through, 2005 model                           songs already written but will also write with other members. Inf. PJam, Pow-
                                                                                     HARTKE BASS GUITAR AMP 350 watts dual pre amp 10-band EQ compres-                       4-String, Ovangkol Body & Neck, Wenge Fingerboard, Active MEC J/TJ Pickups,           derfinger, 3doorsdown, muse etc. Have gear/tport
                                                                                     sion DI effects loop cooling fan plus roadcase. Professional rig works perfectly        Consider offers 0414 065 531                                FEMALE SINGER - LOOKING FOR A BAND Inf. by a range of styles & artists al-
                                                                                     $300 0424 812 460                                              WARWICK QUAD VI BASS AMP &PEAVEY BOX This is a solid gig-ready rig.                   ternative, indie, folk, rock-Washington, Killers, Birds Of Tokyo, Snow Patrol, Script,
                                                                                     HARTKE BASS GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET 4 X 10 dual outputs 350 watts                        Head is 600 watts w/a vavle pre-amp & the Peavey tx 410 cab is rated at 700           Kings Of Leon, City & Colour, Paramore, Little Red.
                                                                                     rock solid crystal clear tone. Professional rig works perfectly $300 improvma-          watts & on castors. Good condition all working fine. $850 ono May consider            GRINDCORE/DEATH METAL VOX Aged 17 heavy grindcore vocalist has had
                                                                            0424 812 460                                                           swapping 0404 858 970                                            live experience (I do pig squeal & low grunts)
                                                                                     HIWATT CUSTOM 100W HEAD & CABINET As new & in immaculate condi-                         ZLIDJIAN CYMBALS For sale - 1x17” A custom crash, vgc, no cracks $350. 1x19           LEAD VOCALIST/BASS PLAYER (COVERS) Professional, experienced player.
                                                                                     tion, hardly played & regretful sale. Hiwatt custom 100w Head & 4x12’ Fane              A custom crash, vgc, no cracks $350. 1x20” K hybrid ride, brand new, NEVER            Available for paid covers gigs, any style. For joining a band or to dep for indi-
                                                                                     speaker cabinet. Retails for over $8000 Sounds incredible $2800ono kegzy05@             PLAYED, these rides sound amazing $500. Also, used K hybrid ride with small           vidual gigs. Huge repertoire, can learn new songs fast for late notice gigs. Own
                                                                            0404 419 931                                                                crack, easily repaired $200 0411 958 400                  gear & transport 0478 029 435
                                                                                     IBANEZ MIJ RG517/RG570 Made in 1997, Japan (Fujigen). Near mint condition.                                                                                                    MALE VOCALIST TO JOIN OR FORM ROCK ACT to gain work performing 40
                                                                                     Identical to a RG570, but with a limited edition green finish $700 0415 665 300         MUSICIANS AVAILABLE                                                                   years of hits 0434 086 715
                                                                                     IBANEZ RG517 JAPANESE 1997 model, rare sparkle green finish, V7/S1/V8                                                                                                         METAL VOCALIST LOOKING TO JOIN OR FORM BAND I’m a 20-year-old
                                                                                     pups, edge trem, gotoh tuners, cosmo black hardware. Inc. Ibanez MH100C                 BASS PLAYEr AVAILABLE                                                                 metal vocailst looking to join a band, mostly high screams, growls & mids.
                                                                                     hardcase, tools, strings, etc. Mint $775 0415 665 300             BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE Bassist w/harmony vocal ability, looking to join                Wanting to join a band similar to anything from parkway to black dahlia. Have
                                                                                     IBANEZ ROADSTAR SERIES II FOR SALE Black Ibanez Roadstar for sale, 1980s                a working cover band. Must be at least 2 gigs per week. Happy to do duo if            own transport & am dedicated. Cheers 0403
                                                                                     Japanese made, few knocks & scratches but overall a good guitar. Some fret              the work is there. Pub rock, country, blues or heavy rock. No metal or thrash.        291 227
                                                                                     wear but still a lot left. The pickups are after market good quality. Selling           Happy to travel. Pro gear & attitude                               POST-GRUNGE/ALTERNATIVE SINGER Post-Grunge/alternative style vocalist
                                                                                     $350ono 0401 297 560                                           BASS PLAYER Available for session work. Upright & electric. High rotation             seeks similar style band, Vocal Inf:Richard Patrick (filter), Brett Scallions (old
                                                                                     IBANEZ TUBE SCREAMER KEELEY MOD ts808, perfect condition, has chip,                     on Triple J, performances on Triple J’s Live At The Wireless & at major festivals     fuel),Billy Corgan (SP), shaun morgan (seether)
                                                                                     true bypass & LED mod. Still one of the most sought-after tube screamer ped-   0403 810 714                        042 188 0901
$1000 REWARD Soldano SLO-100 guitar amp recently lost in Sherwood Area.              als. $300ono. All offers considered, txt or email                                                                                                     SINGER LOOKING TO JAM Just looking to rehearse with a band & start get-
Was in a black roadcase with Soldano painted on side. White unit with Snake-                                                                                                 BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE Professional, reliable, pro gear, own transport, w/
                                                                                     0401 317 305                                                                            harmony vocal ability. Influences are funk/groove, soul, r&b, motown, blues,          ting myself out there, I enjoy a lot of alternative music & funk jazz. I am still
skin finish. Cash reward offer of $1000 for information leading to its return.       JOHN COLTRANE FRAMED PRINT 97 X 66 CM Blue Train wall hang-able VGC                                                                                                           practising myself! I’m 23 & can travel, Give me a yell if your interested! Peace
Contact for a photo 0431 016 445                                                                                                             jazz/swing. Ready to gig now with a professional established band! Tim bb-
                                                                                     $20 0424 812 460                                      0432 712 099                                               0435 715 748
$1 MASSIVE SALE FEBRUARY ONLY Everything must be sold music stands                   KRAMER STRIKER Hardly used, always polished, set up for low action, has                                                                                                       SINGER/SONGWRITER Dedicated, plenty of material, looking to join or form
guitar stands tuners charts books CDs DVDs MIDI files 3.5 discs speakers amps                                                                                                BASS PLAYER FOR HARDCORE BAND Bassist for hardcore/mosh band. Pro
                                                                                     been upgraded with Seymour Duncan invader, Floyd Rose bridge, black hard-               gear & own transport, I’m keen to jam, or start a new band. Inf: comeback kid,        rock/pop band, incorporating some indie/punk influence also. Bouncy, catchy,
strings mallets tambourine shaker posters leads power cords etc. improvma-           ware. Great axe. $600 call me for info. Zac 0433 700 735                                                                                                                      melodic, dynamic, emotional. Variety of infl from brand new, dashboard con- 0424 812 460                                                                                                                                                her nightmare, carps, STYG, first blood, have heart, etc. julianlang88@gmail.
                                                                                     LEFTHAND ACE FREHLEY REPLICA GUITAR Includes all the custom fea-                        com 0432 155 112                                                                      fessional, to saosin, scary kids 0432 849 382
ACOUSTIC\ELECTRIC GUITAR Martinez brand, small body with cutaway, brown              tures-Sunburst Les Paul style guitar with 3 humbuckers, Ace Frehley face on                                                                                                   VOCALIST LOOKING FOR GUITARIST Looking for& a guitarist in Gold Coast
headstock, blonde body, beautiful tone, built in tuner\equalizer. Brand new April                                                                                            BASS PLAYER LOOKING FOR ESTABLISHED BAND! 26 y/o bassist looking for
                                                                                     headstock, Lighting bolt inlays, Ace Frehley signature on 12th fret. Hardcase           a committed band. Have own reliable gear/transport. Inf: Cog, Tool, I Am Giant        & aged between 25-31 only. I have good original stuff I’m keen to get started,
2010, spotless $200 0412 543 909                   included $250 0414 815 890                                                                                                                         then build band from there. Inf: korn, alice in chains, system of a down, stp, etc.
ALTO Headphone amp 1RU in excellent condition including manual dscarr@                                                                                                       etc. Looking for easygoing, creative musos who are keen. Serious applicants
                                                                                     LEFT-HAND SCHECTER GUITAR Schecter Hellraiser Tempest. Excellent con-                   only 0457 235 607                                    0449 194 919 0402 284 776                                                          dition. EMG pick ups. Professionally set up. Includes Schecter hardcase $900            BASS PLAYER WITH VOCALS AVAILABLE Bassist w/harmony vocal ability,
ALVAREZ-YAIRI, G-1F ACOUSTIC GUITAR Hand-crafted in Japan in late 90s.
Solid spruce top, mahogany back & sides, Rosewood fretboard. Beautiful Par-
                                                                            0414 815 890                                                 looking to join a working cover band, originals, duo. Pub rock, blues, heavy          MUSICIANS WANTEd
                                                                                     LEFT-HANDED LTD/ESP FOR SALE Model M-100FM LH, 2006 Stock pickups                       rock, metal. Pro gear & attitude. Reliable. Sunshine coast to Brisbane. Link to
lor model in Sunburst. Great sound. w/L.R Baggs M1 Active Pickup System &            24 frets, see thru black w/ flamed maple top. Couple of dings & some rust on
hardcase $1000 0432 347 000                                                                                                                           recent gig
                                                                                     bridge, apart from that she’s good to go! Good for beginner/intermediate                0423 152 326
AMPLIFIER Fender Showman twin 1969 300 watt Valve pre-amp with transis-              shredder $450 0401 198 885
tor. Loud & clean. As used by Pete Townsend of The Who “This amp fell out of                                                                                                 BASS PLAYER/LEAD VOCALIST (COVERS) Professional, experienced player.
                                                                                     LINE 6 CAB Line 6, 4x12 slant cab. Perfect condition, 6-8 months old $300               Available for Paid covers gigs, any style. For joining a band or to dep for indi-
Heaven” (Harmony Central quote) $1350 3216 2628                                      0431 013 784
ANALOGUE SYSTEMS FRENCH CONNECTION Needing to sell this beauty! In                                                                                                           vidual gigs. huge repertoire, can learn new songs fast for late notice gigs. Own
                                                                                     LINE 6 Filter pro in excellent condition $350 0402                gear & transport 0478 029 435
excellent/practically unused condition. Played by the likes Radiohead’s John-        284 776
ny Greenwood 0423 734 834                                                                                                                 BASSIST SEEKING ESTABLISHED BAND 23yo bassist with touring & record-
                                                                                     LOCKING STRAPS 2x Chrome locking straps. Perfect condition. Can buy both                ing experience, not to mention an excellent t-shirt collection & a respectable
ARIA SINSONIDO, SILENT GUITAR AC-100C/SPL A portable & compact Ny-                   for $30 or separately for $20 each 0411 497 125
lon-strings guitar, Mahogany Body and Neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 650mm                                                                                                      comic book collection seeks pop/indie/pop-punk band. Recordings a must
                                                                                     MAPEX PRO M DRUMKIT Trans green, 10, 12, 14” mounted floor, 22, 14” snare.    
Scale, 46mm Nut width, Aluminum frame in soft Rubber Tubing. Can be played           Several cymbal stands - mapex boom stand, premier weighted boom stand,
through headphones or amplifier. Incl. padded gig bag $400 tsutai@optusnet.                                                                                                  POP PUNK/EASYCORE/POP ROCK BASSIST 19 yrs old, looking to join or form
                                                                                     mapex straight stand, dxp straight stand. Comes with billy hyde hardware                band. I have decent gear & my own transport. Lots of gigging experience im- 0432 347 000                                                                  bag & a set of Sabian B8s - $900 ono 0411
ATARI COMPUTERS FOR MIDI FILES Wanted Atari computers 1040st falcon                                                                                                
                                                                                     958 400                                                                                 PRO BASS PLAYER FOR WORKING COVER BAND 23yr old Ready to start
or a 4-meg 1040st anything I’m desperate                         MAPEX PROM WITH ZILDJIAN A CUSTOMS 5 Pc with 14” Hats, 16” Crash, 22”
BASS EPIPHONE LES PAUL BODY Sunburst, Rare, Almost New Condition,                                                                                                            now! playing since age 8, gigging constantly from age 16 to now, really fast
                                                                                     Ride, 8” Bospherus Splash. Pearl Dbl Kick & Gibraltar Stool. Comes with diff            song learner, professional, plenty of live experience, session player, great gear
Barely used due to work commitments. Comes with Bonus Case. $950 ONO                 snare, keeping orig snare - sentimental $2000ono havefunandtalktome@hot-
Will Swap for other musical gear and general items of use. jman0023@gmail.                                                                                                   & transport, on time every time
                                                                            0431 637 819                                                                   Player-wants-Band
com 0421 690 000                                                                     MARSHALL 1960A AND B VINTAGE CABS These cabs have a great sound
BASS GUITAR STRINGS ADAMAS Nickel Cryogenic EXN40 .040-.100 medium                                                                                                           PRO DRUMMER WANTS ESTABLISHED BAND Endorsed by Billy Hyde Mu-
                                                                                     with warm tone through the 4 x 12” Vintage Celestion 30s. Some minor                    sic, Extensive experience w/recording & touring, Reliable hardworking. Inf:
light brand new in packaging perfect for slapping & tapping $10 ONLY 4 SETS          scratches Will sell together for $2000 ONO or separate for $1100ea ONO
LEFT! 0424 812 460                                                                                                                                  Underoath, Poison The Well, Saosin, Dredg. Please contact for recorded works
BBE ACOUSTIC PREAMP Sounds great in good condition $150 dscarr@big-                  MARSHALL JCM2000 TSL100 HEAD Great condition, recently serviced/ 0402 284 776                                                                                                                                                     SOMETHING NEW 44 y.o. bass player looking for musicians to play original
                                                                                     revalved/rebiased. 100 watts of pure, ear-bleeding Marshall all valve tone! In-         music. Love new wave, postpunk, indie, alternative, shoegaze, dream pop,
BLACK LEGACY CASSIC FLYING V C/W HARDCASE Legacy Classic Flying                      cludes footswitch & roadcase. MUST SELL! $1400 don.macarthur68@bigpond.
V, mahogany body and set neck, EMG/HZ pickups. Great feel and awesome                                                                                                        trip-hop, ambiental, electronic dance, synthpop, downtempo, experimental
                                                                                     com 0415 339 496                                                              
rock tone. Comes c/w hard case. Absolute bargain, $250ono            MARSHALL LTD EDITION AVT TRIBUTE AMP & CAB As new. Limited Edition                                                                                                            BASS PLAYEr WANTEd
au 0403 839 645                                                                      Tribute Series AMP 150 HX-T - 150W, valve preamp, 4 chan incl acoust sim, 16            drUMMEr AVAILABLE
BOOKS 12x Tab books for guitar & bass. Various artists, Metallica, U2, Pearl                                                                                                                                                                                       BASS METAL/HEAVY ROCK NEEDED I’m the guitarist of Toranaga who were
                                                                                     digi fx, adj. & mix, emulated out, FX loop & h/phone out. CAB - 200w, 8 ohm, 4 x        COVER BAND DRUMMER Professional, reliable, experienced cover band                     at the forefront of the UK power metal/thrash movement in the 80s/90s. Look-
Jam, The Doors, Silverchair, Guns N Roses. Worth over $350, sell the lot for         12 Celestion spkrs. Regretful sale. RRP:$2499. Asking: $1800 ijustgotherenow@
$100ono 0411 497 125                                                                                                                               drummer available for fill-in gig or band, cover & corporate. Gear includes           ing to form band heavy as hell with vibe ie Sabbath/Soundgarden with that
                                                                            0424 326 199                                                                  rock, cocktail & electric kits, mics, lighting & reliable transport. Able to gig      kind of depth. Cheers Mitch
BOSS DD-20 SCRATCHED BUT WORKS PERFECT I am selling off my old BOSS                  MARSHALL RIG FOR SALE JCM2000 DSL 100 Head w/Laney Slanted Cab.
DD-20 in the hopes to buy a new multi effects rig. I am looking for about $250                                                                                               wherever necessary. Call anytime. Scott scot-               BASS PLAYER & DRUMMER WANTED Newly formed covers act req bass
                                                                                     Tubes Replaced last month, Celestial Speakers. Will not sell items separately  0432 030 278                                                    player and drummer. Inf: The Stooges, The Who, The Kinks, Alice In Chains,
but will consider any reasonable offers                          $1750 ONO 0421 830 685
BOSS GT6 PEDAL BOARD Never been on the floor like new with power pack &                                                                                                      DRUMMER AVAILABLE 25yr-old drummer looking for a hardcore/easycore                    Saving Abel, New York Dolls. Must be Brisbane-based, professional & reliable
                                                                                     MESA BOOGIE DUAL RECTIFIER 100 WATT HEAD Great amp, excellent con-                      band with more of a singing style as well as a bit of screaming. ie amity af- 0437 428 859/3267 6789
manuals. Many great sounds $300 or swap                          dition. Includes soft cover and footswitch. Regretful sale $2200 jimmy454nsa@
CAPARISON HORUS, ELECTRIC GUITAR Excellent condition. Black Night fin-                                                                                                       fliction, a day to remember, story of the year, escape the fate, etc a_j_m_17@        BASS PLAYER INTO VU, CRYSTAL STILTS Looking for a bass player to start a
                                                                            0400 770 985                                                                                                                                 band in the light of velvet underground, crystal stilts, dum dum girls, frankie
ish w/hard case $1900 0432 347 000                            METALLICA RIDE THE LIGHTNING Bass Guitar series notation tablature note-
CDS DVDS PS2 XBOX GAMES FOR SALE & SWAP Plenty of CDs DVDs &                                                                                                                 DRUMMER AVAILABLE for pro cover gigs in Bris or touring. Casual or perma-             rose & the outs etc. Cool, dark, dirty
                                                                                     for-note transcriptions mint $5 0424 812 460                   nent. 39yo. 22yrs exp. Rock blues hick. Recently returned from cruise ships.          BASS PLAYER WANTED Bassist wanted to complete lineup for British 60s
games available in many genres & styles. Will sell or trade for any items of use.    MICK THOMSON M7 SERIES B.C RICH WARLOCK I am selling my Black M7 0421 690 000                                                                                                                                              Keen to work. Cool to rehearse. Chart reading no prob for jazz/shows. Call or         show. Ability to sing harmonies essential
                                                                                     Mick Thompson B.C Rich Warlock. Apart from small chip on back of headstock              txt anytime 0417 60626                                         BASS PLAYER WANTED Brisbane-based New Wave duo requires bassist. Over
DEAN RAZORBACK EXPLOSION Dean Razorback Explosion for sale $1000                     the guitar is in Excellent condition. Original soft case also included k-j84@hot-
ONO. Bought 2 years ago at Guitar and Amp show for $1500 with a few minor                                                                                                    DRUMMER AVAILABLE for session, fill in and covers work. BMus. Toured origi-           18, reliable, committed and able to practice on Tuesdays. Inf: The Ramones,
                                                                            3348 3525                                                                      nals internationally. Studied percussion in India. I have a well tuned Sleishman      Ratcat, The Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Blondie, Julian Cope, Public Image Ltd, Japan,
blemishes but still sounds amazing. Includes hard case and will be getting a         MUSICMAN STINGRAY BASS $1500 MusicMan StingRay bass 4-string Active
full restoration before sale is done.                                                                                                                    kit, great feel, tpt, and heaps of experience. Dave Bell. inventionsmusic@gmail.      Trio, The Raspberries, The Beatles 0437 428 859
                                                                                     bass Made in USA good condition RRP $4000 Selling $1500 missbug10@hot-                  com 0403 977 394                                                                      BASS PLAYER WANTED Experienced male bassist wanted. Check out the
DIDGERIDOO Totally authentic, not a “souvenir stick”, Made & painted (Ser-  0414 220 733
pent Dreaming) by Indigenous Men. Perfect Con $675ONO freeboyforever@                                                                                                        DRUMMER AVAILABLE FOR SESSIONS Drummer available for sessions, 17                     MySpace. Inf: tool, karnivool, faith no more etc. Please don’t answer if you
                                                                                     NEAR NEW, D-DRUM KICK/SNARE TRIGGERS Near new kick drum & snare                         years experience, studio & live experience, great gear, own transport. Nic            don’t have demos or recent recordings. No timewasters 3216 2628                                                                   drum, red shot triggers, fix to outer kick drum ring & to snare ring, awesome
DRUM KIT ELECTRIC DTXPRESS IV - Standard Drum Trigger Module. PERFECT                                                                                               0404 995 569                                                icband
                                                                                     sound, very responsive, $125 for both MB                     DRUMMER AVAILABLE I’m an experienced drummer who is looking to do                     BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR HEAVY GRUNGE BAND Must be cool. 20-30 yrs old
COND. Only used for recording. Has 50 preset drum kits & heaps of other func-        0414 590 946
tions. Great for any player. Perfect for live sound or recording. Comes with Pearl                                                                                           covers and/or orignals. Have good quality professional gear. Offer commit-            with bass and amp & preferably car. 3 of us (2 guitars, drums, one guitarist singing)
                                                                                     OVATION 6778LX $800 US made. Acoustic/Electric, Op-Pro EQ and Tuner, Ova-               ment & a professional attitude. Not interested in playing metal or thrash or          are writing heavy originals - trying to get away from covers. Sounds like early Metal-
stool & pearl kick pedal. Sell $1200 0411 497 125          tion Hard Case. RRP $1799. As new condition. Ph for more info 0411 646 303
DRUMKIT FOR SALE Ddrum defiant 9-piece kit. Excellent condition, 1.5yrs old,                                                                                                 anything too heavy. Can travel to Bris 0413 635 537                  lica, early Suicidals etc. Call Troy 0449 672 816
                                                                                     PA COMPLETE Crown 1400w powered amp. Passive 9-channel mixer.                           DRUMMER AVAILABLE I’ve been playing in cover bands for the last 10 years. I           BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR METAL BAND Bass player wanted for new metal
kick drumsx2, snare incl. stand , 2xtoms incl stand, floor tom, stool, 1xsticks,     2xYamaha C115V 500W FOH. 2xJBL 500W Foldbacks. 2x Sennheiser micro-
Sabian B8s symbols, high hats 36cm incl. Stand, thin crash 41cm, Ride 51cm                                                                                                   have my own kit & transport. I mainly play rock & funk rock but dabble in other       band Inf: lamb of god, As I Lay Dying, Disturbed & many others, we are looking
                                                                                     phones. Leads & Stands. Amp/EQ Hardcase. Roland 15 band Equaliser. Prof                 styles. No metal drumming sorry                                  to make our own new sound, if interested please call or text me & I’ll give you
incl. stand $2500 0433 269 465                             gear. Awesome sound, Worth $9000, sell $3500
DRUMS ELECTRIC DTXPRESS IV - Standard Drum Trigger Module. PERFECT                                                                                                           DRUMMER AVAILABLE Looking for rock/electro band with influences such as               more details 0410 694 928
                                                                                     0411 497 125                                                                            FTSK, We Are The In Crowd, Fall Out Boy, etc. Videos available. Plays top-of-the-     BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR METAL BAND Bassist needed to join forming
CONDITION. Only used for recording. Has heaps of functions and is a great            PA COMPLETE Crown 1400w powered amp. Passive 9-channel mixer. 2xYama-
drum kit for all players. Perfect for live sound or recording. Comes with Pearl                                                                                              range electric drum kit. Email David                           Gold Coast death metal band. Have some material written which you can hear at
                                                                                     ha C115V 500W FOH. 2xJBL 500W Foldbacks. 3x Sennheiser microphones.                     DRUMMER FROM NEWCASTLE SEEKS GOLD COAST BAND Alternative rock                Vocals a plus 0424 712 797
stool & pearl kick pedal. Sell $1250 0411 497 125
                                                                                     Various Leads & Stands. Amp/EQ Hardcase. Roland 15 band Equaliser. Prof                 experience loves music to the core             BASS PLAYER WANTED to complete covers & originals rock band with female
EGYPTIAN DOUMBEK DRUM Black Drum, Comes with Bonus Spare Skin and
                                                                                     gear. Awesome sound, Worth $9000, sell $3650                  0403 947 030                                                                          vocalist. Must be dedicated. Diverse songs-Tool to Pink llama_rock@hotmail.
Black Carry Case. Great for Beginners to Semi-Pros. Will Consider Swap for any
                                                                                     0411 497 125                                                                            DRUMMER LOOKING FOR COVERS BAND Hey I’m Hugh, Really keen to get                      com 0408 647 465
items of use. Musical gear sought includes recording gear, mbox, mics, les paul
                                                                                     PA EQUALISER Roland 16-band equaliser. Great for live sound or when re-                 into a good gigging covers band 2/3 gigs a week. Lots of experience, great            BASS PLAYER WANTED To form rock/electro band with influences such as FTSK,
copy guitars/basses, pedals.. 0421 690 000
ELECTRIC GUITAR ESP/LTD M-200FM in see-thru black Cherry finish for sale.            cording. Has many functions. Great condition. Worth new $600. Sell $300                 gear transport. Check out my youtube link Cheers                    We Are The In Crowd, Fall Out Boy, etc. Email David
2 years old, very good condition aside from some finish wear on the bridge. 0411 497 125                                                  wheelerdrums                                           BASSIST FOR NEW ANGELS CONCEPT BAND Covering The Angels best. First
Feels great, sounds great. Includes gig bag. Paid $1200 Asking $550 Call/txt/        PA SYSTEM FOR SALE Yamaha EMX68s Powered Mixer w/pair of JBL SF25 Pas-                  DRUMMER SEEKS CORPORATE COVER BAND I’m a drummer looking to get                       Audition Feb 3rd at Redland Bay. Must be in a age group that grew up with the
email Matt anytime 0423 422 197                              sive Speakers. Price include two mics (Shure SM58, Peavey PVi100), two mic              involved with corporate cover gigs. 17 years playing experience, live & studio        Angels and loves the Angels. For audition Bass Amp not required just bring your
ENGL FIREBALL 100W HD & ENGL ST QD V30S Both in near new condition                   stands & all necessary cables. Perfect for small venue or home rehearsal space          experience, good gear, transport, pick up new material fast. Drop me a line           bass. Contact Brendan for details. 0438 788 346
purchased 2010, never gigged never turned up. $3500. This is your chance to          $1700 ONO 0421 830 685                                   0404 995 569                                                BASSIST WANTED - ESTABLISHED BAND Established band looking for a com-
buy this pro gear well below cost price 0450 921              PEAVEY 5150 RARE ORIGINAL TUBE HEAD The original & best 5150 good                       DRUMMER/VOCALS Mature player w/vocal (lead/backing). Anything consid-                 pletely committed bassist to gig & record. Alternative rock/pop, Brisbane-based,
335                                                                                  condition with footswitch $1500 0410 576 257                                            ered pref jazz/funk/blues. Worth a call 0437688 004               3 core members with female vocals. Together for over 2 years. Contact for demos
ENGL SCREAMER ALL TUBE AMP HEAD Pick up Strathpine area or can cou-                  PEAVEY 6505 HEAD Perfect condition Peavey 6505 Head, 8 months old $1500                 EXP.COUNTRY/COUNTRY-ROCK DRUMMER WANTS WORK CAN TRAVEL.                     
rier for extra charge Good Condition $1200 Cab also available 0410 576 257           0431 013 784                                                                            Are there any real pro musicians out there wanting a very exp drummer. I’m            BASSIST, BACKING VOCALIST Awesome opportunity for a talented 18-26 year
EPIPHONE SG G-400 WORN CHERRY FINISH Purchased in late 2005, guitar                  PORTABLE 120-WATT PA SYSTEM Brand new & unused, cost $995 when new.                     tired of the part timers/amateurs, want real musicians who do this for a living-      old bassist/vocalist. Our goal is to sign a record deal in 2011. Rehearsing for
is in near perfect condition. Almost identical to the Gibson SG from 66, minus       Ideal for small gigs. Absolute bargain, $395ono 0403 839              -Geoff 0416 479 980/3315 6562                          shows & writing 2nd EP now SarajevoRose-
the pick guard $350ono                                            645                                                                                     FEMALE DRUMMER AVAILABLE Looking for all-girl band. Inf: Sleater-Kinney,    
EXTREME 3 SIDES TO EVERY STORY BOOK Notation tablature complete                      PRINCESS THEATRE PA We have a bunch of PA equipment for sale that has                   the Organ, Young & Restless, Tegan & Sara, Love Outside Andromeda, Yeah               DOUBLE BASS PLAYER NEEDED Pro Double Bass - Swing/Jazz skills needed
album transciptions Nuno Bettencourt mint $5                been in use at the Princess Theatre: Australian Monitor Amps/Foldback Wedg-             Yeah Yeahs. Have good gear & transport                          for Brisbane Top Quality 8 Piece Neo-Swing Show Band. Reliable, committed
0424 812 460                                                                         es, custom foldback wedge/floor monitor, DBX 234XL stereo 2/3-way mono                  PRO DRUMMER WANTS ESTABLISHED BAND Endorsed by Billy Hyde Mu-                         players please. Style of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Cherry
FENDER 2002 AMERICAN STRATOCASTER USA STRAT Chrome Blue strat                        4-way crossover, Inter-M M1000 Power amplifier. Check out the list and prices           sic, extensive experience w/recording & touring, reliable hardworking. Inf:           Poppin’ Daddies. Good pay, Immediate start for booked shows www.thecali-
for sale, maple board, frets virtually no wear. Come by & have a play. It’s not      at 0400 404 919                     Underoath, Poison The Well, Saosin, Dredg. Please contact for recorded works 0438 651 987
a highway one but a real American standard $900 deancanada2002@yahoo.                PRO TOOLS Digidesign Mbox 2 Audio Interface & Pro tools version 7.0. This                                                                     FEMALE VOX/BASS PLAYER Creative, passionate artist required for original 3162 1244                                                                     is in good working order & comes in box w/original booklets & software w/                                                                                                     alternative/roots band, gigging & recording
FENDER JAGUAR 1994 made in Japan, sunburst body with rosewood neck.                  instructions & USB cord. $350 Contact Steve                gUITArIST AVAILABLE                                                          0408 206 545
Comes with padded Fender gig bag & whammy bar $900 yukonhomes@hot-                   0422 207 980                                                                            CORE-NOISE This is Rupen available for guitar sessions & play/performance.            GROOVY FUNK/ROCK BASSIST NEEDED! Established Brissy originals band                                                                             PROFESSIONAL PA EQUIPMENT 1 x Mackie Power Amp 500 watts per side.                      Visit website for some demos                                    seeks funked out groove train bassist with own gear and sweet chops! Contact
FENDER JAZZ BASS - MARCUS MILLER SIG. Marcus Miller sig.jazz bass with               1 x Sure SM58 Radio Mic. 1 x D112 Kick Mic. 6 x SM57 Instrument mics. 1 x               FRUSTRATED GUITARIST AVAILABLE 22yo wants to join or start a band. I’ve               Mitch 0421 858 306
upgraded Seymour Duncan SBJ1 pickups hard case. Great setup,really BEEFY             16/4 Multicore 50 meters. 1 dbx Stereo EQ 15 bands per side. All Priced to Sell.        got plenty of songs written, chunky metal to alt stoner. Inf: Tool, bls, the big      KIM DEAL WANTED Guitarist w/songs, looking to record/gig. Inf: Nirvana,
tone. Some minor playing wear/oxidisation on the bridge. .Willing to trade for       Phone Mark 0449 045 551                                         4, Sabbath, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, anything awesome. I’ve written & am playing          early Placebo, Pixies. Likes: Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Dino Jr, most
a Euro Spector, email for pics - $1200 ono dnorris3@            PROFESSIONAL PA MIXERS 1 x Soundcraft FX16ii unpowered mixer 16 mic                     everything but drums on the link darryl_young@               indie rock. Prefer someone who clicks personality wise & possibly contribute 0405 713 202                                                             channels 3 Aux outs inbuilt Lexicon Effects. Perfect Condition. Priced to sell. 0431 396 887                                                              over great skills. M/F no pref 0416 359 232
FENDER Stratocaster 1976 Hardtail. Mint Con. Restored & setup by John                Phone Mark 0449 045 551                                         GUITARIST 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE Been playing approx. 2 years w/some band                 METAL BASS PLAYER Metal band wants a committed bassist who loves
Youngberg. (“I wont sell my hardtail for $1 mill” Walter Trout) $6300 3216           PROFESSIONAL PA SPEAKERS 2 x JBL MP225 3 way (2 x 15” plus horn)FOH                     & gig experience. Prefer rhythm but can do basic lead riffs & easy vocals/ har-       playin melodic metal & wants to pursue music as a career think machine head
2628                                                                                 Speakers. Very good sound, perfect condition. Suitable for Bands or DJ’s.               monies. RHCP, Pixies, Nirvana, Children Collide, Radiohead. Keen to play with         killswitch trivium devin townsend 0411 557 321
FENDER STRATOCASTER classic 50s series Mexican Stratocaster. Maple neck,             Priced to sell. Phone Mark 0449 045 551                         other like-minded easygoing people 0435 012 931                 METAL BASS PLAYER WANTED! Bass player wanted for form lineup.
great-looking surf green body, hardly played as new condition everything             PROFESSIONAL STAGE EQUIPMENT 2 x Light Trees with 8 x Chrome Par 56’s.                  GUITARIST AVAILABLE 22yo, been taking lessons for about two years, infl               open minded musos. Various metal & non-metal influences appreciated
original. Incl gig bag $800 0410 811 457                   2 x Floor Lights Chrome Par 56’s. 2 x Floor Lights Black Par 56’s. 1 x mirror ball. 1   incl beethoven, bowie, manson, qotsa, talking heads, jack white, radiohead,  0422 346 974
FENDER TELECASTER VINTAGE 1986 E-series, made in Japan. Black body                   x small spot. Numerous Gels and sheets. 3 x Black Stage Curtains Fire Resistant.        the gallows, tom waits, pj harvey, etc. no cover bands please. contact andrew         NEED AN OUT-THERE BASSIST I’m itching to write some songs. I play guitar
with rosewood neck $875                                       Priced to sell. Phone Mark 0449 045 551                0413 264 573                                                      & will sing if needed. I have a very open mind & the sound will be somewhere
FERNANDO SEMI-ACOUSTIC FOR SALE Fernando Unique Series semi-acous-                   RECORDING SOTWARE ProTools 6.7 recording software with M-Box interface.                 GUITARIST AVAILABLE Am sick of half ass bands. Keen to jam all the time &             from soft Chili Peppers to heavy punk with piercing melodies & keys. I wanna
tic, 2 years old in very good condition. Slight fret wear, sunburst made in Ko-      Is an older version but works perfectly & is easy to use. Comes with all installa-      make a band happen. Into rock riffage like deftones, cog, karnivool, dub trio,        jam badly. Pref 21 y/o 0488 668 014
rea. Nice guitar $300ono 0401 297 560                       tion CDs & instruction manual book (worth $150). Sell the lot for $100 chrishar-        muse etc. Lots of effects good gear & transport & very committed Contact              NEED DEDICATED BASS PLAYER For Brisbane metal band Unholy Ground.
GAME THEATRE THEATER XP HERCULES Game port sound recording mod-             0411 497 125                                                          Damo 0425 794 112                                           We require someone who can play and who is dedicated (NO TIMEWASTERS)
ule, midi microphone guitar line optical input output headphone installation         RODE NT2-A FOR SALE Great Condensor mic with pad, 3-position pickup                     GUITARIST AVAILABLE Easygoing guy looking for some work in a working                  Great opportunity for the right person as overseas gig are on the cards for the
discs and PC usb 44 pin port, all perfect working condition, excellent signal to     patterns & HPF. Used twice. Perfect condition $400                 cover band/Duo. I have a good repertoire of songs,am willing to travel & have         end of this year. Check website for tunes. Contact Al
noise ratio $50 0424 812 460               0423 051 655                                                                            good gear. Cheers                                  0458 213 375

30 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// GEARED MuSIcIAN'S GuIDE                                                                                FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                                                                                    ISSuE 977
ROCK’N ROLL BASS PLAYER NEEDED Looking for a quality bassist in the                  PRO GUITARIST WANTED Established originals band with record-                                                                                                            RED STAR MUSIC Brisbane’s favourite rehearsal space offers great rooms at a
style of Duff McKagan (GN’R), Eric Avery, Paul Simonon (The Clash) for origi-        ing & management deal offer seeking pro guitarist. Must be willing to               rECOrdINg STUdIOS                                                                   great price in a central location. We also offer recording services, AC, flat load-
nals band. Must have pro gear, positive attitude & a cool rock image as well.        commit,creative& versatile,rootsy earthy,ready to travel OS. Pls only apply                                                                                             in, rental gear & shop for accessories, drinks & snacks. Currently some perma-
Between the ages of 25-32 only please                        if into our style. Pls send links to your playing                                                                                               nent rooms available. bookings@redstarmusic.
SPEEDRACER LOOKING FOR A NEW BASSIST! Looking for an experienced                                                                                                                                                   3257 7888
lead bassist with harmony vocal & songwriting abilities! Must have own gear &        ROCK/POST HARDCORE BAND LOOKING FOR GUITARIST Alt rock/post-                                                                                                            REHEARSAL ROOMS AVAILABLE Four great REHEARSAL ROOMS available.
transport. Classic rock, heavy rock & metal. Message us ASAP & let’s get it on!      hardcore Brisbane band looking for guitarist. Good gear & transport needed                                                                                              Flat load in, free parking, air conditioning, drinks & munchies, Strings & picks. 0406 127 340                                                                                                                                                          Open daily. Ring to Book. Groove Battalion Studios info@groovebattalionstu-
THAT ‘70S BAND NEED A NEW BOTTOM END ‘70s tribute rock band looking                  STILL LOOKING FOR A FEMALE RHYTHM GUITARIST to complete the line-                                                                                              5532 8266
for bass player with ‘flash & balls’ to get the show back on the road. Backing       up of an all girl AC/DC tribute show 0417 631 807                                                                                                 SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS Acoustically designed, air con, fully equipped,
vocals, experience, good equipment, transport & professional attitude pre-           VERSATILE GUITARIST WANTED We are looking for a versatile guitarist who                                                                                                 cheap rates. Brisbane’s best rooms. 47 Bunya Street Eagle Farm. www.screama-
ferred. Please ring Paul if interested pfb01@ 0411 460 058
                                                                                     has a vast repertoire of cover songs but also keen to work on writing & re-
                                                                                     cording originals. Must know your instrument very well. Must be prepared to              Purpose Built, Multi-roomed                                           3868 2633
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             URBAN HUMM STUDIO, WEST END. Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Studio &

                                                                                                                                                                                   recording studio
THE BASSIST THAT SHOULD NOT BE Established metal band seeking a bass-                put in rehearsal time                                                                                                                                P.A. Hire. Off street undercover parking, flat loading, aircond., P.A. provided.
ist to write originals. Inf Tallica, Killswitch, Parkway nick_theguitarman@hot-      VOCALIST LOOKING FOR GUITARIST Looking for a guitarist in Gold Coast &                                                                                                  Open 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Weekend and day slots available. Phone Andy. 0400 086 830                                                                aged between 25-31 only. I have good original stuff I’m keen to get started,                                                                                            Permanent monthly room hire available. Special weekend rates. 0411 632 023
THUNDERSTIKK NEED BASS Glam/punk/thrash/metal/shock band need a                      then build band from there. Inf: korn, alice in chains, system of a down, stp,                                                                                          VIA STUDIOS IS OPEN VIA STUDIOS REHEARSAL ROOMS is trading as normal!
bass player. we have songs ready & written just need the last member, must
be commited
                                                                                     etc. 0449 194 919
                                                                                                                                                                                     Pro Tools HD Toft Console                                               10 spacious air conditioned, high quality studios, Back line and storage availa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ble. Book now. We were fortunately unaffected by the floods. www.viastudios.
                                                                                     KEYBOArd PLAYEr WANTEd                                                                                                                                                  com 3252 1127
drUMMEr WANTEd                                                                       FEMALE SYNTH PLAYER/SINGER WANTED Must be willing to take lead vo-                                                                                                      WORX STUDIOS Best rehearsal rates in Bris, from $40/session. Session times
AFTER EARTH Established alt-rock band seeking drummer who is creative,               cals at times, indie-pop quartet, infl Death Cab, Drums, Machine Translations,           Urie-Avalon-JLM-Yamaha-Lynx-Neumann                                            10am/4pm, 4pm/10pm, flat loadin, air con, good PA’s, $33/hr multi track demo
steady & dynamic. One who listens & can shape a rhythm that compliments              Arcade Fire. Rehearse weekly. Pref age 24-30ish. We’re a friendly bunch so no                                                                                           recording (established customers only) PA/lighting Driveway hire, prefer
the whole. Sounds Neurosis, Cog, ISIS, Tool. Own transport & kit required            egos thanks! 0422 023 205                                             Rode-Sennhieser-Beez Neez- PRS                                              bookings by text please, contact FOG. 0412 700 889 0414 083 526
ANGELS TRIBUTE SHOW We are looking for a Brent Eccles to join the line up
                                                                                     FUNK, GROOVE, DUB PLAYERS Wanted to join Christian band Contact to
                                                                                     find out more
                                                                                                                                                                              Soldano-Vox-Marshall-Hughes & Kettner                                          TUITION
of a new Angels Tribute show. If this sounds like you, drop me a line geoff@         KEYBOARD PLAYER Required for jump blues band need to have good                            Fender-Gibson-Taylor-Laravee-Maton                                                                     knowledge of this style of music
DRUMMER DOUBLE BASS METAL/HEAVY ROCK I’m the guitarist of Toranaga                   KEYBOARDIST WANTED To form rock/electro band with influences such                             Sadaowsky-Pearl-Paiste-Shure
who forefronted the UK power metal/thrash movement of the 80s/90s. Look-             as FTSK, We Are The In Crowd, Fall Out Boy, etc. Email David davidsoole@
ing to form band heavy as hell with vibe ie Sabbath/Soundgarden with that  
kind of depth. Cheers Mitch
DRUMMER FOR ACOUSTIC SONGS Drummer wanted to join bass player(me)
                                                                                     KEYBOARDIST WITH BROAD TASTE WANTED No.1 on JJJ Unearthed Chart,
                                                                                     2 wonderful gigs at Woodford Festival & started a Creative Development                      Starting from $350 per song
& very talented singer/songwriter guitarist. This project is in its early stages     with QPAC. Need a talented muso w/broad taste&ability to work with soft-
but we expect a pro attitude & some serious dedication            ware/electronica to create/arrange new music. Brian thebspot@bigpond.                                                                                                               Unique,�self�paced�courses.
                                                                                     com 0427 427 037
                                                                                     RETRO ROCK KEYBOARD PLAYER We are an original hard rock band with a                             Dedicated Mastering Studio                                                        Flexible�payment,�flexible�hours.
pop band. EP released to great reviews. Shows at all major local venues inc.         ‘cool groove’ & we are keen to experiment with adding a keyboard player to                                                                                                         We�are�the�only�course�to�offer�you:
some east coast touring. Signed management deal. Intermediate skills & easy          our lineup. We have good direction & shows booked months in advance. If
to get along with guy/girl who can practice one/twice a week          you think you got it. Let’s jam & see what happens                      Artists we have worked with include:                                                 One-on-one�teaching,�hands-on�experience                                                                      SKA PUNK BAND Newly forming Gold Coast ska punk band w/vocals, gui-
DRUMMER FOR GRUNGE/INDIE BAND WANTED Guitarist w/songs, looking                      tar, bass & drums looking for keyboard player to complete lineup for Ska,                Brothers, The Moderns, The Cool Calm                                                   “I�learned�more�in�three�hours�than�I�did
to record/gig. Inf: Nirvana, early Placebo, Pixies. Likes: Smashing Pumpkins,        Ska Punk, Reggae & Dub originals & cover Inf: Rancid, Sublime, The Specials,
Sonic Youth, Dino Jr, most indie rock. Want someone who clicks personality           Goldfinger & The Toasters                                            Collective,Art vs Science, Stan Walker                                                in�three�months�at�Uni.”:�M�R�Gold�Coast
wise & can drum like the guy from The Jezabels but heavier fox015@yahoo.
com 0416 359 232                                                                     OTHEr MUSICIANS WANTEd                                                                  Band, The Beautiful Girls, The Galvatrons,
DRUMMER FOR HARD ROCK/METAL Two guitarists & bass player need drum-                  BAND MEMBERS NEEDED Trying to start a new band & need pretty much                          Kevin Borich, Soul Continuum etc.                                       Phone: 07�3343�9221
mer for original project. 25-35 Experience & the right attitude essential. We are    every thing, check out the link for recent tunes
looking for a new sound but some influences are, Tool, Cog, Karnivool, Faith
No More
DRUMMER FOR ORIGINALS PROJECT Drummer needed for originals project.
                                                                                     BLUES ACTS WANTED Blues acts wanted for upcoming regular bookings
                                                                                     on Gold Coast minimum 3-pce. Must have artwork plus demo or MySpace.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    0404 836 297                                             BECOME A MUSO! Study with performing musicians Adam Connelly & JB
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lewis, each with 15 yrs experience. Guitar, bass, sax, flute, clarinet, harmonica.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             All styles of music including exams 0413 582
plenty of songs. Have a listen to demos on website & touch base if you’re into it.
Cheers 0458 734 346
DRUMMER INTO VU, CRYSTAL STILTS Looking for a drummer to start a band
                                                                                     Taking bookings now contact Andy Old School Management oldschoolman-
                                                                            0412 837 439
                                                                                     CHOP SOME BREAKBEATS UP Any DJs out there want to chop some break-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             BLUES GUITAR & HARMONICA Tuition with multi-award-winning Mojo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Webb. Beginner to pro.
in the light of velvet underground, crystal stilts, dum dum girls, frankie rose &    beats & funk beats with a drummer if keen hit me up got a rehersal room 7                                                                                               0410 696 173              Ad�1:�School
the outs etc. Cool, dark, dirty                                days a week peace out                                                                                                                         FREE YOUR VOICE! Singing lessons with vocalist & teacher with 20 years
DRUMMER NEEDED for alternative/indie band - Inf: Radiohead, Muse, Built to           COMPERE/COMEDIAN WANTED for award-winning club show. Any age.                                                                                                           national & international performance, recording & teaching experience. Sup-
Spill. Songs written, few gigs played, old drummer moved interstate. Rough           Must be funny. 0407 644 350                                                                                                                    portive approach
recordings: Contact: Justin for jam jwool-          FUNK BAND Drummer looking to put together a funk band asap looking for                                                                                                  0416 934 554 0408 459 932                                                         bass guitar singer anyone keen to get some funk happing I’ve got a rehersal                                                                                             GET SERIOUS Get Lessons. Get Good. Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass
DRUMMER NEEDED Pro Drummer - Swing/Jazz skills needed for Brisbane Top               place if keen contact and we will go from there thanks clutch@virginbroad-                                                                                              Guitar, Keyboard, Strings and Wind. 3852
Quality 8 Piece Neo-Swing Show Band. Reliable, committed players please.                                                                                                                                                                   1116
Style of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.            HORNS WANTED 2nd trombone, tuba etc for established ska band rad rock-                                                                                                  GUITAR 1ON1 GUITAR LESSONS You got the Guitar for Christmas, new years
Good pay, Immediate start for booked shows contact@               ets are go & we are looking to gig asap. Need to be 20-35 experience, own                                                                                               resolution- learn guitar! We offer 30 minute and 60 minute weekly lessons. 0438 651 987                                                      transport gear & sense of fun. Videos on youtube, myspace & facebook call                                                                                               Teachers are friendly, blue card holders with many years experience. Book in
DRUMMER WANTED - ESTABLISHED BAND Established band looking for a                     Shane shane_wallace20 0412 522 711                                       BRISBANE’S FAVOURITE REHEARSAL ROOMS                                              toda
completely committed drummer to gig & record. Alternative rock/pop, Bris-            LOOKING FOR MODERN COUNTRY ROCK BAND Guitarist with 15 years ex-                                               371 MONTAGUE RD WEST END                                 y for your free trial lesson!
bane based, 3 core members with female vocals. Together for over 2 years.            perience looking to join or start a modern country rock band. Inf: Lee Kerna-                                                                                           0437 238 892
Contact for demos                                          ghan, Keith Urban, Troy Cassar-Daley, Brooks & Dunn, Ryan Bingham, Buddy                                  07-3846 0111 / 0414-369 286
                                                                                                                                                                                                     (all messages replied to promptly)                      GUITAR LESSONS IN TOOWONG Music theory, songwriting & solo improvi-
DRUMMER WANTED for British ‘60s show. Ability to sing harmonies essential            Guy, Albert King etc.                                                                                                                          sation. All styles. Relaxed atmosphere with take home CDs & texts Jason.Per-                                                                   LYRICIST WANTED Gold Coast pop/rock band requires a lyricist to cali-                                                           0410 251 381
DRUMMER WANTED to join a new Christian band, music style something like              brate with to complete original material http://ws7.websitepanelonline.                                                                   PRO VOCAL LESSONS Develop the singing skill required at the PRO Vocal
Thursday but a bit heavier. Still writing some material punkyourbrainsout@           com/~taorn                                                                                                                                           level. With over 15yrs of singing teaching experience, lessons with Daniel Kay                                                                          MUSICIAN SEEKING VIOLIN/CELLO If anybody who plays either the violin                         OPEN EVERY DAY (with booking)                                              will have you singing stronger, longer and healthier. Call Daniel to book your
DRUMMER WANTED FOR EXPERIMENTAL ROCK BAND I am looking for a                         or cello is interested in playing/recording some folk music, please contact                                  Huge air-conditioned rooms (6m x 6m)                       vocal session NOW! 3398 6758
talented drummer who is capable of learning quickly by ear. I have a wide va-        me. It is the only thing the music is missing & it would be fantastic to work                                           Quality PA systems                              STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP 6-week course. Have fun - learn invaluable
riety of styles, inf: Primus, Cake, Tool, Beck, Zappa etc.      with some talented people                                                    Hire equipment available (guitars, amps, drums)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             comedy, presentation & life skills from ARIA-nominated instructor Robert 0431 629 306                                                                                                                                                            Off-street parking (with undercover, flat load-in)
                                                                                     MUSICIANS WANTED Cheap studio recording/mixing rates based on Cen-                                     Supplies (strings, leads, sticks, picks, Drinks, snacks)         Grayson. Starts 12 Feb. (Gold Coast Feb 27) Intermediate course and private
DRUMMER WANTED Gigging recording band looking for new drummer                        tral Gold Coast. Professional, quality sound. Check out website for prices                                      EFTPOS and Credit Card Facilities                       tuition also available. 0401
punk/metal we are in Caboolture and try to prac once a week let me know if                                                                                                                                 834 361
keen 0430 587 222                                             MUSICIANS WANTED Musicians wanted for country music band bid-
DRUMMER WANTED Quality drummer wanted for Gold Coast based classic
& modern rock cover band. Please supply a name, phone number & email for
                                                                            0423 534 250
                                                                                     MUSICIANS WTD FOR GIRL BAND Out to endorse alternate lifestyles, look-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             VArIOUS SErVICES
further details                                                ing for bassist, keys, guitarist, drummer, backup singer/dancer. Over 18s
DRUMMER WANTED We are looking for a drummer who likes to play 70s to                 only, based in Brisbane. Variety of influences from 60s-90s pop/rock. No
80s rock, rock n roll & rocking Chicago Blues - no permanent gigs yet but they       princesses or timewasters please 0437 428 859
are on the way. We practise Tuesday evenings at Eagle Farm & some Saturday           SAXAPHONE PLAYER WANTED for one of Queenslands most popular cor-                    ALCHEMIX RECORDING STUDIOS Established 1998, superb facilities, best of
afternoons 0408 980 103                                        porate/club acts to share work with our current player, must be reliable,           digital and custom analogue gear, in house team who know the set up back to
DRUMMER WANTED! (DEATH METAL) Fast, blasting drummer needed to                       available, able to play a large range of popular music & work out song keys         front, world-class album releases to cost effective live demos. Producers to suit
help complete new Gold Coast death metal band. Have some material/demos              & construct fill parts/solos on the fly s-rowden@onthenet.         all styles of music. 5mins from Brisbane CBD. sound@
at Would like someone who could rewrite drum parts/   0417 728 754                                                       
put their own flavour in 0424 712 797                       SINGER AND DRUMMER WANTED FOR HARD ROCK GROUP We know                               INCREMENTAL RECORDS DIY attitude with a professional sound. Low daily
EXP METAL DRUMMER REQUIRED ASAP Must be exp & learn fast. We have a                  you’re out there! Inf: KISS, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Mötley Crüe - Must       cost. The band is the boss. Recorded releases for DZ, Little Scout, No Anchor,
fest on Mar 5 we dont want to miss. Even just 4 fill in. We have a very busy ros-    have reliable transport. Planning to gig/record as soon as possible rockn-          Lion Island, Velociraptor and more. incremen-
ter 4 the year with tours in Aus & NZ. Will be doing a full album as soon as we                                                       0409 830 607
find the right person. Please call 4 info davebigby@           SINGER SEEKS POPPUNK DUDES Looking for a Transit/Crime In Stereo/                   ONLINE MASTERING $99 PER SONG (PLUS GST) Everyone is talking about 0439 340 308                                                             Wonder Years-type thing. Must have own equip & skills. Must also dig pizza          Matthew Gray Mastering! Internationally recognized, Matthew Gray Mastering
INDIE HUM STRUM N DRUM JAMNIGHT If you are in a band or are looking for              & slurpees 0422 818 812                                           is your best choice for mastering right here in Brisbane. Online rates or hourly
a band come down to the manly for a drum or just to network. Every Wednes-           STOP Are you experimental? did u like brianjonestownmassacre/badseeds/              rates available. info@matthewgraymaster-
day. Cambridge Pde Manly from 8pm 0414 340 954                   eddiecurrant/marychain/BRMC/velvetunderground/crystal stilts? seeking      0412 741 677
LIKE PUNK? Currently auditioning drummers for a female fronted pop-punk/             drummer & bassist please. 0430 331 600                          SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS 47 Bunya Street Eagle Farm. Release quality at a
post-hardcore outfit. Inf: Old TBS, Mest, SYG, SOTY, FYS, Veara, The In Crowd,                                                                                           demo price. Full info at 3868 2633
With The Punches, Man Overboard etc. Must have own gear/transport. PLEASE            PrOdUCTION PErSONNEL WANTEd                                                         THE WHITE ROOM Mt. Nebo. 35 minutes from the city. The perfect place to
NO TIMEWASTERS!                                               ROADIE/GOFER WANTED for award-winning club act. Good conditions.                    make the perfect record with excellence, atmosphere and great rates. Clients
METAL DRUMMER WANTED Looking for an open minded drummer to join                      Friendly cast. Must be presentable. 0407 644               include The Go-Betweens, The Grates, The Stress Of Leisure, The Scare, The
lineup. 2 guitarist and vocalist with songs in the works. Dont be shy & try out!     350                                                                                 John Steel Singers and Yves Klein Blue. info@ 0422 346 974                                                                                                                            3289 8185
METAL/PUNK DRUMMER REQ FOR WORKING PUNK BAND We have been a                          SINgEr WANTEd
working, recording, touring band for over 3 years & are searching for a new ag-
gressive drummer. 20-30yrs pref but it depends on individual. Must have own gear
                                                                                     ANGELS TRIBUTE We are looking for a Doc Neeson to join the lineup of                rEHEArSAL rOOMS
                                                                                     a new Angels tribute show. If this sounds like you, drop me a line geoff@
& transport 0424 385 033           
ORIGINALS DRUMMER WANTED Rock band seeks original drummer. Band                      BRIS PROGRESSIVE ROCKBAND NEEDS A FRONTMAN Male age 22-32. We
has supports with international acts booked mid year, tours, agent etc. Must         have new drummer & awesome new set of material ready to perform. Fresh
be dedicated to music, have income, own transport & gear. Under 30 pref.             sound needed as our music has taken a new path. Exp, songwriting ability, 0429 923 172                                                 once a wk rehersal & being ready to rock out a must! Inf: Karnivool,STP,Queens
PRO DRUMMER WANTED ASAP Must be a solid player, have pro gear &                      etc 0415 527 080
be committed to music. Inf: radiohead, Byrds of Tokyo & muse. Many gigs              FEMALE VOX WANTED FOR ESTABLISHED BAND Covers band seeks an
planned for 2011. We are in our late 20s & have a good studio on hand. Heaps         exp/talented female vocalist. Band is already gigging with male vox, but
of songs ready to go theforeignnation-            would like to add female for variety and 4 more corporate work. Must have
                                                                                     professional attitude and be an entertainer. Keyboard skills would be prefer-
                                                                                     able. 0418 764 670                                                       Highest quality rehearsal
my working band. We play pub rock. We go on road trips. will not suit blue-
                                                                                                                                                                                 studio on the Gold Coast!
                                                                                     GOT BALLS? Energetic!, Charasmatic! ball-busting hybrid of Mike Patton,
collar stiffs. Under 40 preferred                             Ronnie James Dio & Jim Morrison! IS THIS YOU? We play open-minded dy-
SOLID DRUMMER Looking for a drummer to work with guitarist & bassist in              namic progressive, fusion, neo-classical, math metal! Interested? For rough
heavier genres. Need someone in their mid/late 20s, willing to contribute is re-     demos check 0423 636
liable & can hold down a groove. Inf: NIN, Parkway, Tool, Underoath, Deftones
                                                                                     INDIE HUM STRUM N DRUM JAM NIGHT Hey singers, if you are in a band or
                                                                                                                                                                              Superior sounding studios with up to
THRASH METAL DRUMMER NEEDED We are a newly forming thrash metal
band & are seeking a drummer, we need someone who can play fast & good
                                                                                     think your good enough to be part of a jam, come down and jam with us @
                                                                                     the Manly hotel, Cambridge Pde 0414 340 954
                                                                                                                                                                                 70dB of acoustic isololation
with timing changes, influences are the likes of slayer/pantera/lamb of god. If      MALE SINGER FOR ORIGINALS FUNK ROCK BAND 21 yr old guitarist Brizzy,
your interested, message me. Cheers Scott scotty_doesnt_know316@hotmail.             Early 30s Drummer & bass at goldy. Originals in the makin influenced by
com 0422 181 124
                                                                                                                                                                                          Recording Studios
                                                                                     chili peppers comin along together really well (not guitarist/singer) Must be
 gUITArIST WANTEd                                                                    keen, energetic, passionate & crazy 0427 810 884
                                                                                     MALE VOCALIST FOR SWING BAND PROJECT Professional female vocalist                                                                                                           Dedicated Mastering Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     with Rob McMullan
4-WEEK TOUR FOR MATURE LEAD GUITARIST Western Qld tour for 4 weeks                   mezzo soprano range to collaborate with compatible male for 1-hour mid
with singer/guitarist around Oct Nov playing 80/20 cover/originals, I have the       morning/Sunday afternoon shows. Swing era/Great American songbook.
PA & gig contacts. Do you have a motorhome or campervan. Must be compe-
tent lead player with good BVs. Some accom supplied. warren@warrentho-
                                                                                     Well-presented, able to move on stage. No egos required, able to rehearse
                                                                            0412 989 816                                                          Dedicated Mastering Studio 0405 374 217                                                      MELODIC ALT ROCK SINGER NEEDED Melodic alt rocksinger wanted for
& easy going disposition (age 30plus) seeks similar for regular duo work. Var-
                                                                                     band with songs written without lyrics. Looking for someone who likes to
                                                                                     have a good time while jamming & playing & has an obsession with music,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        RED ONE Camera
ied rep. with focus on sweet pickin’, harmonies & a steady swinging groove.
Drop a line ASAP if sounds like you. Cheers
                                                                                     want to take it all the way
                                                                                     METAL BAND NEEDS SINGER(MALE OR FEMALE) Looking for someone
                                                                                                                                                                              RED ONE camera with MX chip                                                          with MX Chip & Red Rocket
ACOUSTIC GUITARIST WANTED Looking for an acoustic guitarist with vocal
ability to form duo. Covers (80s to now-Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Etheridge
                                                                                     exp&dedicated. We have management & a very busy roster 4 the year. Must
                                                                                     have own transport, job&be able to write own lyrics, sing clean&scream a                    & Red Rocket real-time 4k                                                           real-time 4K rendering!
style) & originals (debut album launches/tours). Age 20-35, with interest in         bit. call for any questions
songwriting collaboration. Ready to gig asap
ANGELS TRIBUTE We are looking for a Rick Brewster to join the line up of a
                                                                                     0439 340 308
                                                                                     METAL SINGER Metal band wants a singer that sings clean over fast melodic
new Angels tribute show. If this sounds like you, drop me a line geoff@jeri-
                                                                                     stuff or whatever u think floats the boat think killswitch trivium machine
                                                                                     head 0411 557 321
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Professional Photography
CREATIVE GUITARIST New alternative rock/pop project looking for lead gui-
tarist. Keys & or back vox advantage. Think You Me at Six, Kisschasy, The Geta-
                                                                                     MIDNIGHT IN ALASKA We r looking for a vocalist, can scream & a plus if u
                                                                                     can do cleans, experience, car, job needed, we are looking for a dedicated                Live sound & Lighting production
way Plan, Gyroscope, Brand New, The Almost. Must be dedicated w/good gear
but in it for the fun 0432 849 382
                                                                                     person also, hear from u soon 0407 237 990
                                                                                     NEED SINGER 4 EP After a good clean powerful voice to start laying down
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Moving light rig
DRUMMER NEEDED FOR METAL BAND Inf: lamb of god, As I Lay Dying, Dis-
turbed & many others, we are looking to make our own new sound, if you’re
                                                                                     vocals on an already recorded ep. Sounds like dlc, killers, karnivool, alexis
                                                                                     on fire, birds of tokyo please leave a demo if interested attached to email.                                                                                               complete with trussing & LED
interested please call or text me & I’ll give you more details Connor@black-         Cheers                                                                                   0404 836 297 0410 694 928                                                           POP/PUNK FEMALE SINGER WANTED Want female pop rock/punk singer.                                                                                                                      fixtures
GUITARIST SEEKING SKILLED GUITARIST/SINGER 32 y/o old guitarist look-                Inf. Green Day, Rancid, Anti Flag, nirvana, Hole, Paramore. If you play guitar(or
ing for singer/guitar player to form duo playing mix of acoustic styles. Jazz,       others)cool! Check link for originals. Preferably 16-18 yrs
flamenco, roots/reggae, skillful but fun. Al Dimeola/Paco de Lucia crossed with
Dave Matthews. Serious musicians please kmatm@
                                                                                     POWERFUL SINGER Male singer. Aged 17-24, has powerful tone to there
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Artists we have worked with include: 0410 212 932                                                             voice. Wanted to be heard & want to put on a show. Originals band. Looking                                                                                                     John Butler Trio, Kate Miller Heidke,
GUITARIST WANTED To form rock/electro band with influences such as FTSK,             to gig soon as possible 0449 912 443
We Are The In Crowd, Fall Out Boy, etc. Email David           SINGER WANTED FOR FUN DUO COVER GIGS Guitarist (age23) experience                                                                                                           Stan Walker Band, The Beautiful Girls, The
GUITARIST WHO LIKES VU & CRYSTAL STILTS Looking for a guitarist to start
a band in the light of velvet underground, crystal stilts, dum dum girls, frankie
                                                                                     playing pubs, clubs, cafes, parties. Seeking singer who plays keys, guitar, etc
                                                                                     to start a covers duo for Brisbane/GC. Side project for fun & extra cash. I can
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Galvatrons, Panavision, Brothers,
rose & the outs etc. Cool, dark, dirty                            sing backing vox & play some keys, contact Matt, cheers musomatty@gmail.                                                                                                             Sneaky Sound System
GUITARIST/BASSIST WANTED (DEATH METAL) Still need a second guitar-                   com 0410 517 462
ist & bassist to complete new death metal band on the Gold Coast/Brisbane.           SINGER WANTED To form rock/electro band with influences such as FTSK, We
Check out some rough demos at to get an idea of the             Are The In Crowd, Fall Out Boy, etc. Email David                                                                                                                           0404 836 297
style 0424 712 797                                          SINGER/SCREAMER NEEDED FOR METAL BAND Inf: lamb of god, As I
INDIE HUM STRUM N DRUM JAMNIGHT If you are in a band or are looking for
a band come down to the manly hotel every Wednesday from 8pm for a play
or just to network 0414 340 954
                                                                                     Lay Dying, Disturbed & many others, we are looking to make our own new
                                                                                     sound, if you’re interested please call or text me & I’ll give you more details
                                                                            0410 694 928
INDUSTRIAL BAND NEEDS GUITARIST Industrial band req guitarist for live               THE VOICE WANTED! Original band seeking a dedicated vocalist to complete                                                                                                CD MANUFACTURING Acme Music Australia’s best CD manufacturing prices.
shows to bring own flavour & aggression. Inf NIN 16volt & IDM. Professional-         lineup. Lots of material written and some recorded. Inf Emarosa, Thrice, Brand-                                                                                         CD package including, CD full colour, Booklets, Reay inlays, cases, proofs &
ism, equipment & stage presense req. Keys & vox adv. Email for info distaudio.       new, Sent by ravens. Please Call! 0417 720 228                                                                                                 freight to Brisbane. 500= $765.05 inc gst. 1000 = $1320 inc gst. Australian
com/p/distaudio-live.html                                    VOCALS METAL/HEAVY ROCK I’m the guitarist of Toranaga who forefronted                                                                                                   made. Barcoding available $44 inc gst. kevinw@
LEAD GUITARIST Must be mature & versatile for country, 50s 60s rock, blues,          the UK power metal/thrash movement of the 80s/90s, looking to form band                                                                                        3107 1688
instrumentals. Will be looking to gig one day a week after songlists learned.        heavy as hell ie Sabbath/Soundgarden with that kind of depth. Cheers Mitch                                                                                              LAWYER:TRAFFIC, DRUGS & CRIME All court charges, work licences, un-
Southside 0458 127 517                                                                                                                                                                               licenced driving, drink & drug driving over 10 years experience, assault &
LEAD GUITARIST WITH VOCALS WANTED for popular local band with 60s                    VOCALS NEEDED Hard rock/metal band needs some vox. Some one with                                                                                                        public nuisance offences. visit or email for an
pop sensibilities. Many gigs, good money. Ideally male, ambitious, present-          a good heavy gravelly rock voice. Check out some of our songs on the link,                                                                                              appointment: Please contact my office on info@
able & professional, great player. Please call 0407         plenty more songs ready to go darryl_young@                                                                                           3210 1663
644 350                                                                                                                                             LUNA AUDIO REHEARSALS High-quality rehearsals in Varsity Lakes. Acousti-            HOW TO PLACE YOUR FREE CLASSIFIED Free classifieds are only available to
NEFARIA SEEKING 2ND GUITARIST to complete the new lineup. Must have                  YOUNG BAND SEEKING MALE SINGER Play both originals & covers, begin-                 cally designed, air-conditioned rooms with powerful, high quality PAs. Up to        private advertisers in the Musicians Wanted, Musicians Available, Equipment
decent gear, be able to rehearse twice a week, want to be part of the writing        ning to focus on making original material. Inf: Foo Fighters, Sum 41, The Liv-      70dB of isolation between rooms, means you are able to focus on enhancing           For Sale, and Accommodation categories. All other categories are charged at
process and have fun. No rock star attitudes. Call Jase 0417 632187 myspace.         ing End, Muse among others. Playing for fun at the moment but may gig in            the art of YOUR craft and not the band next door. luna.           a flat rate of $8.50 per week and must be paid for prior to publication. To place
com/nefariaband                                                the future                                             0430 294 878                                                        your classified, go to and follow the links.

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                                                                     INFORMER ARTS :: SACRÉ BLEU

                                                                     A Flood
                                                                     Of Foolery
                                                                     ZENOBIA FROST speaks with EUGENE

                                                                     GILFEDDER about SACRÉ BLEU and juiced-up
                                                                     baked goods.

                                                                     T   his month, Queensland Theatre Company serves
                                                                         up a double helping of fresh French farce. Brisbane
                                                                     will enjoy the English-language premiere of Eugène
                                                                                                                                    common threads between the work of Labiche and
                                                                                                                                    EG: Feydeau’s play shows an influence of realism in its
                                                                                                                                                                                                  a similar “well-to-do” opinion of himself, but he’s a dried
                                                                                                                                                                                                  up old herbalist and, in reality, a fool like the rest of us.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ZF: You’re a legendary character actor. How do you
                                                                     Labiche’s The Coal Seller Affairalong with the Austral-        concentration on character, but, in the main, the two         prepare for a comedy role?
                                                                     ian premiere of Georges Feydeau’s Jailbird. Labiche and        share the same sort of situational madness. Both poke         EG: I would have to say that I run on intuition mostly,
                                                                     Feydeau, master playwrights of the 19th century, wrote         fun at the bourgeois Parisian hypocrisies, the overly         and when it comes to comedy, it’s very hard to say what
                                                                     the comedies that set the scene for the modern sitcom.         “proper” wealthy teetering on the edge of disorder. In        “technical” considerations are put to use. You can’t teach
                                                                     But there’s no laugh track in Sacré Bleu; this is the good     both plays, the theme of “the chaos underneath it all”        comedy. I start with the text and what it tells me about
                                                                     stuff – farce at its most pure, its most uproarious. Eu-       binds the production and Matt Ryan adaptation re-             the character; rehearsals grow out of improvisation on
                                                                     gene Gilfedder, who recently lit up the stage in Grimm         peats little signs of this throughout the text.               the scene where the intuition can work freely. True, we
                                                                     Tales, plays a double role in this Gallic double bill.         ZF: Describe French comedy’s unique flavour. What             give this shape and refine moments, but ultimately, on
                                                                                                                                    makes it so consistently appealing to us?                     stage, I’ll be letting it fly. The plays work at a mad pace
                                                                     ZENOBIA FROST: How are QTC and QPAC recovering                 EG: The French farce was in full flight well before the       and the pace can get a grip on me and drive me even
                                                                     after The Big Wet?
                                                                     EUGENE GILFEDDER: The Bille Brown Studio was thigh
                                                                     deep and the QPAC electrics were flooded – but, like                 Comedy’s great service is to remind us how close we are to
                                                                     everyone else, there wasn’t much blinking before peo-            chaos, how the more we claim to be wise the more we are fools.
                                                                     ple were onto it and fixing.
                                                                     ZF: How will audiences feel about returning to the
                                                                     theatre after the last few weeks?                              English or American and there’s no doubt that our own         more. We practise sections over and over to get them
 QUICK NEWS                                                          EG: Sacré Bleu is a scream; audiences are ready for a laugh    collection of farcical pieces derive their mad magic from     right – on the night it’ll need that extra madness that
 Yogic Yowl                                                          after the mud and rain. It’s perfect post-flood foolery.       the vaudeville of 19th century Paris. What makes a farce?     might see something I’ve never seen or done before.
 Lauded by Cher (and an awful lot of yoga-practitioners) Deva
                                                                     ZF: What are the benefits of staging two shows in              One bad situation on top of another on top of another.        ZF: Which of the two plays is your favourite – and
 Premal, Miten & Manose (pictured) return to Australia, bringing     one night?                                                     Who hasn’t had to handle that? What else makes a good         why?
 with them their ‘uniquely blissful live concert of chants, songs,   EG: The farces of 19th century Paris were written quickly      farce? Characters who can barely handle it. What makes        EG: I like them both, in the main, because they’re full
 and silence’. Deva (hailing from Germany) and Miten (from the       and in great numbers. Labiche and Feydeau were the TV          us love them so much? That we can laugh at it all.            of social commentary. Comedy’s great service is to re-
 UK) perform live with Nepalese bansuri flute maestro, Manose
 (born in Kathmandu) at Brisbane Powerhouse on Tuesday Feb 22.
                                                                     writers of their times, so the pieces last circa 45 minutes    ZF: What defines your Sacré Bleu characters?                  mind us how close we are to chaos, how the more we
 Tickets are $35-$45, from               each. It’s a nice, tight show, moving very swiftly, rather     EG: I play Lenglume in The Coal Seller Affair – he’s          claim to be wise the more we are fools.
                                                                     like a little baguette on steroids. They easily make a pair,   woken up after a huge night on the booze and can’t
                                                                     with their shorter times each side of interval.                remember a thing. He describes himself as “well-to-do”        SACRÉ BLEU runs at Cremorne Theatre,
    Contact The Informer on (07) 3397 2760 or                        ZF: How does Matt Ryan’s adaptation colour the two             but he soon turns into a monster when the situations          QPAC, until March 12. Ph: 136 246 / www.                                  plays? Has performing them together uncovered                  spiral out of control. In Jailbird, I play Plumard, who has

                                                                                                                                      Feature Film                                                                A MILLION
                                                                                                                                      GRACE                                                                       (Madman)
                                                                                                                                      (Madman)                                                                    South Korean thriller arrives late to
                                                                                                                                      Baffling gender politics don’t do much                                      the reality TV spoof party, decides to
                                                                                                                                      to detract from the visceral horror on                                      stick around anyway
                                                                                                                                      offer in this latest entry to the demon-                                        It’s hard not to feel like we’ve seen
                                                                                                                                      baby subgenre                                                               this all before; by this point, reality tel-
                                                                                                                                           If expectant parents aren’t warned                                     evision is so firmly entrenched in the
                                                                                                                                      off Grace by its cover art, they’ll still                                   world’s media culture that it’s virtually
                                                                                                                                      want to think twice about watching it,                                      beyond parody. The mid-‘00s saw a
                                                                                                                                      at least before the little nipper is out of                                 glut of reality TV spoofs, from the sub-
                                                                                                                                      nappies. Eight-month-pregnant Made-                                         lime (Series 7: The Contenders) to the
                                                                                                                                      line (Jordan Ladd) and her husband                                          utterly ridiculous (The Condemned),
                                                                                                                                      Michael (Stephen Park) are in a car accident, killing       but they all had one faintly smug premise at their
                                                                                                                                      Michael and causing Madeline to miscarry. With the          centre; “Isn’t this whole reality TV thing, like, totally
                                                                                                                                      help of her midwife and former lover Patricia (Gabri-       voyeuristic? I mean, how long before people start
                                                                                                                                      elle Rose) she decides to carry the child to term. After    killing each other for prize money, right guys?” Well,
                                                                                                                                      a grueling bath-tub birthing scene, the child is born       Cho Min-Ho’s 2009 thriller takes that rather worn-
                                                                                                                                      alive, but with a thirst for blood and the smell of the     looking ball and listlessly kicks it about a bit. The
                                                                                                                                      grave about her. To what lengths will Madeline go to        set-up barely needs repeating; a Survivor-style Ko-
                                                                                                                                      keep her child alive?                                       rean game show sends eight contestants to the Aus-
                                                                                                                                           It’s difficult to know quite how writer/director       tralian outback to compete for a grand prize of one
                                                                                                                                      Paul Solet feels about his characters, and while some       million US dollars. It’s not long before a contestant
                                                                                                                                      have interpreted Grace as a post-feminist treatise on       is found dead, and the others realise that the sus-
                                                                                                                                      motherhood, the fact remains that his characters are        piciously bare-bones production crew aren’t what
                                                                                                                                      drawn in broad strokes, even for a horror film. The         they seem.
                                                                                                                                      men are all either downtrodden cyphers or oedipal                The characters, understandably, are stock
                                                                                                                                      cases, and the women are defined largely by single          reality-contestant tropes; here’s the rich girl with
                                                                                                                                      characteristics – angry lesbian, disapproving matri-        an excess of self-esteem, the alpha-male douche,
                                                                                                                                      arch, obsessive new mother. This all sounds rather          the stoic badass, the genre-savvy kid with the cam-
                                                                                                                                      more lurid than it is; Solet shows a                                         corder. But Cho fails so resoundingly
                                                                                                                                      good eye for composition, and he                                             to flesh the characters out that it’s
                                                                                                                                      keeps the pace deliberate, avoiding                                          difficult to care about them beyond
                                                                                                                                      jump-scares in favour of sustained                                           waiting for their inevitable demise.
                                                                                                                                      tension and queasy, blackly humorous                                         Lacking the anarchic zeal of Battle
                                                                                                                                      body-horror.                                                                 Royale, everything about A Million
                                                                                                                                           Adapted on from director Solet’s                                        seems perfunctory, from the inter-
                                                                                                                                      Sundance-screened short film of the                                          mittent use of voice-over for audi-
                                                                                                                                      same name, it’s difficult to escape the                                      ence info-dumps, to the half-cocked
                                                                                                                                      feeling that there wasn’t quite enough                                       flashback structure. If you have the
                                                                                                                                      material to spin Grace out to feature                                        stomach for gore, do yourself a fa-
                                                                                                                                      length – even at 85 minutes it feels                                         vour and check out Dead Set, Charlie
                                                                                                                                      overly long, and the gruesome punch-                                         Brooker’s 2008 zombie/Big Brother
                                                                                                                                      line of an ending would feel more                                            mash-up for the final word on reality
                                                                                                                                      earned with less set-up.                                                     TV parody.
                                                                                                                                           HH                 ROB NEWCOMBE                                             H                  ROB NEWCOMBE

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                                                  127 HOURS                                                 THE NEXT THREE DAYS                                              NO STRINGS ATTACHED                                              CHERRY BLOSSOMS

127 HOURS                                                           more with a poignant score, which is unpredictable and            years later, with bank accounts almost empty and facing          INFORMER CINEMA :: WInDoWS on EURoPE

In cinemas Thursday [MA15+]                                         as free of clichés as the film itself. It also features artists   yet another failed appeal for a fresh investigation into a
Director: Danny Boyle                                               such as Sigur Rós, Plastic Bertrand, Dido and Free Blood;         crime that saw Lara imprisoned for life, John and his wife
Runtime: 94 mins                                                    and perfectly captures the moments of intensity and               seem set to accept the prospect of never being reunited

    When climbing the Blue John canyons of Utah alone               frailty within the film. For those viewers who are particu-       as a family with their son, Luke (Ty Simpkins). When the
in 2003, 27-year-old engineer and mountaineer Aron                  larly squeamish (guilty as charged) there is an immense           desperate Lara takes matters into her own hands, John
Ralston slipped inside a canyon and a boulder pinned                amount of tension and dread leading up to that crucial            decides that he has to look for an alternative where none
his arm, trapping him. Stuck there, he survived for five-           scene, hovering over the whole film. But this adds to the         seems to exist. And so begins John’s plan to bust Lara
days on limited food and water before making the deci-              overall experience, creating a sense of euphoria when             out of prison.                                                   The WINDOWS ON EUROPE FILM
sion to amputate his arm in order to get free.                      Aron is finally free. Though not for the faint-hearted, this           From what I’ve read about the original – which stars        FESTIVAL is visiting Dendy Portside
    The film directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting,                remains a very uplifting film.                                    Diane Kruger and Welcome’s Vincent Lindon – Haggis’s             again between Saturday Feb 19 and
Slumdog Millionaire) is based on Ralson’s autobiogra-                    HHHH                                        AMRITA DAS       new version sounds like an almost scene-for-scene re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Friday Feb 25, and Rave’s film reviewer,
phy, Between A Rock & A Hard Place. From the open-                                                                                    make, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I was suitably
                                                                                                                                                                                                       TIM MILFULL managed a couple of sneak
ing scene this film feels like a countdown. Its almost              THE NEXT THREE DAYS                                               on edge throughout The Next three Days. (I sometimes
comic book style propels us from frame to frame with                Now screening [M]                                                 wonder if there’s a point in Hollywood’s remakes outside         previews to get an idea of what’s in store
exaggerated sound effects, quick camera changes and                 Director: Paul Haggis                                             exploiting audiences who can’t be bothered reading sub-          for audiences.
                                                                    Runtime: 133 mins
innovative angles. This keeps things interesting as Aron                                                                              titles, but that’s the subject of a whole other article.) The       was lucky enough to catch several of the 13 films
(played by James Franco) is on screen alone for much of                  I haven’t had a chance to see French director Fred           ever-dependable Russell Crowe does a fine job of portray-           on offer over the five days of the Windows on Eu-
the film with only a few flashbacks. Franco really rises to         Cavayé’s 2008 film Anything For Her, but after watching           ing the desperation of a husband who really has nothing          rope film festival. Cherry Blossoms – (Hanami) was
the challenge displaying tremendous range in the role               the Hollywood remake, The Next Three Days – adapted               to lose in terms of rebuilding his family, and Banks as          my favourite of the group, a charming and beau-
having to change between humour, self-criticism, anger              and directed by veteran thriller maker, Paul Haggis – I           Lara is quite convincing, if not a little underused – this is    tiful film set in Germany and Japan, and focusing
and desperation.                                                    think I’ll be heading along to The Schonell at UQ to see if       Crowe’s movie, after all. There are also a couple of excel-      on the relationship between an elderly couple who
    It is presented in a very stream of consciousness               the original is as good. Haggis has fine form with suspense       lent interactions between John and his parents, including        can’t quite work out where they fit in these modern
style, you see Aron’s thoughts and the film flits in and            and action, having directed the Oscar-winning Crash; he           a quiet but dignified Brian Dennehy as John’s Dad.               times. Exhibiting strong influences from one of the
out, like the Coca Cola commercials he remembers                    also wrote both of the Daniel Craig Bond films, so we can              HHH                                       TIM MILFULL       20th Century’s greatest filmmakers, Yasujirō Ozu – es-
when he is suffering dehydration. Boyle also uses split             comfortably expect to be taken on a wild ride.                                                                                     pecially his own film about the elderly, Tokyo Story
screen to break down parts of a moment and show us                       In Haggis’s version the action starts from the open-         NO STRINGS ATTACHED                                              – Cherry Blossoms – (Hanami) really is an exquisite
many things happening at once. The fact that the film               ing scene, with a blood-spattered John Brennan (Russell           In cinemas Thursday [MA15+]                                      story beautifully directed and filmed, and featuring
wasn’t over-the-top gory is a true testament to Boyle’s             Crowe) wildly driving through the suburbs of Pittsburgh           Director: Ivan Reitman                                           an excellent performance from Elmar Wepper as
restrained filmmaking, focusing instead on Aron’s ex-               while someone in the back seat of his car is slowly expir-        Runtime: 108mins.                                                the befuddled widower, Rudi Angermeier.
traordinary journey, and how he was able to get to the              ing. Cut to three years earlier, and we start to understand           Ashton Kutcher hasn’t responded to any of my letters              Skipping back and forth between the Italian
point where he could make an objective decision to save             exactly what has destroyed this happy family. After a             yet, but that’s okay, because he’s very busy making mov-         city of Trieste and the Slovenian city of Ljubljana,
his own life.                                                       dinner with his brother and their wives, John and Lara            ies and being handsome. I know he reads them, though,            Prehod tells the story of talented painter, Vlado
    127 Hours also features an outstanding soundtrack.              (Elizabeth Banks) head home to make love. The next                because the last time I wrote, I told him about a dream          (Jure Ivanusic), whose recent exhibition has been
A.R Rahman, who worked with Boyle on Slumdog Mil-                   morning, after breakfast with their son, the Brennans are         I had where he kept losing his clothes and had to walk           marred by an assassination attempt on his friend,
lionaire (and won two Oscars, Best Original Song and                shocked beyond belief when a pack of police invade the            around naked and he did lots of sex and made adorable            Izidor (Matjaz Tribuson). As Vlado gradually falls in
Best Original in 2009 for his efforts), hits the mark once          house and arrest Lara for the murder of her boss. Three           puppy-dog eyes and Mindy Kaling from The Office was              love with Izidor’s beautiful friend, Tanja (Iva Krajnc),
                                                                                                                                      there for some reason, dispensing sassy wisdom and               he realises that a common element in all of the re-
                                                                                                                                      snapping her fingers, and the next thing I knew, there           cent events has been a shady organisation called
                                                                                                                                      was a movie about my dream! The movie didn’t include             ZOM, which looks disturbingly like another organi-
                                                                                                                                      the ending part where Ashton tells Demi that he is leav-         sation frequented by certain Hollywood superstars.
                                                                                                                                      ing her for me and then we kiss and ride away on a pair          This strange and sometimes eerie thriller is set in
                                                                                                                                      of matching unicorns, but I’ve already written to him            some of the most beautiful regions of Europe.
                                                                                                                                      and told him that’s fine because I’m sure it will be on the           Ben X shouldn’t be confused with the TV series
                                                                                                                                      DVD. I also included a picture I drew of us doing sex, so        Ben 10, although both look at the ways in which a
                                                                                                                                      he’ll know I’m not just some wacko!!!                            young person deals with the world around them.
                                                                                                                                          Natalie Portman is in the movie too, and a lot of the        The Ben (Greg Timmermans) in this film has Asperg-
                                                                                                                                      time, it seems like she doesn’t know what she’s meant to         er’s Syndrome, and uses online MMORPGs to find
                                                                                                                                      be doing, or she’s confused about why everyone keeps             some normality in a world where bullying and mis-
                                                                                                                                      repeating the same lines of dialogue back to each other          understanding are constant and unwelcome com-
                                                                                                                                      and explaining all the jokes, but she’s a very pretty lady –     panions. Featuring some interesting special effects,
                                                                                                                                      the make-up team must have spent hours each morning              and a curious take on Asperger’s, Ben X offers a new
                                                                                                                                      plucking the feathers out of her back, covering her yel-         look at some of the troubles faced by teenagers.
                                                                                                                                      low eyes with contacts and drawing her hair-line in with              In Jacques Doillon’s very theatrical Three Way
                                                                                                                                      a touch-up pencil! I saw Natalie Portman’s yellow eyes           Wedding, playwright, Auguste (Pascal Greggory)
                                                                                                                                      in a dream once and boy was I scared, but then Ashton            has invited his producer, Stéphane (Louis-Do de-
                                                                                                                                      Kutcher came and scooped me up safely in his arms and            Lencquesaing), and their two lead actors – Harriet
                                                                                                                                      we danced a pas de deux together and it was perfect.             (Julie Depardieu) and Theo (Louis Garrel) – to his
                                                                                                                                          I have to say, though, I found the story of this movie       country home to workshop their latest play. The
                                                                                                                                      very confusing – something about a couple who say                trouble is that Auguste was once married to Har-
                                                                                                                                      they’re not going to fall in love even though everyone           riet, who is now about to marry Theo. And further
                                                                                                                                      knows they totally will – but the sex parts in it were very      complicating matters is the fact that Auguste has
                                                                                                                                      accurate (I know, because I’ve done sex one and a half           only just realised that his assistant, Fanny (Agathe
                                                                                                                                      times, and you’re meant to leave your socks on when              Bonitzer) might just be perfect for the role he had
                                                                                                                                      you do it or people will see your webbed toes). I knew           been writing for Harriet. What sounds like a French
                                                                                                                                      No Strings Attached would be excellent though, and it            comedy is actually a very tense drama featuring five
                                                                                                                                      was, because Ashton Kutcher, star of Texas Rangers, Just         quite unlikeable people.
                                                                                                                                      Married, My Boss’s Daughter, The Butterfly Effect, Guess
                                                                                                                                      Who, A Lot Like Love, The Guardian, What Happens In               For more information about what’s on offer
                                                                                                                                      Vegas, Spread, Valentine’s Day, Killers and the upcoming         at WINdOWS ON EUrOPE FILM FESTIVAL,
                                                                                                                                      New Year’s Eve, hasn’t put a foot wrong yet.                     visit
                                                                                                                                          6 UNICORNS OUT OF 5               ALASDAIR DUNCAN

                                                                                                                                        INFORMER QUICK NEWS

                                                                                                                                         Currently running at the Powerhouse you’ll find             a concert entitled The Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny
                                                                                                                                        the Nikon Walkley Photographic Awards 2011                    Tim Songbook Or Comparison Is Violence. The
                                                                                                                                        exhibition. Featuring more than 100 photographs,              gender-bending ukulele player is set to enthral on
                                                                                                                                        the free exhibition includes work by Australia’s most         Sunday Feb 27, with tickets available now from www.
                                                                                                                                        talented press photographers, capturing some of the 
                                                                                                                                        biggest moments of 2010. You can view it seven days            Dates for the Noosa Longweekend Festival 2011
                                                                                                                                        a week throughout the Powerhouse.                             have been announced, with the 10-day arts, literature,
                                                                                                                                         Running Feb 10 to Mar 19 at Artisan gallery in the          food and culture festival returning to Noosa Heads
                                                                                                                                        Valley is an exhibition by Australian rock photogra-          Jun 17–26 for its 10th anniversary. The full program of
                                                                                                                                        pher Tony Mott. Rock’N’Roll Is The New Trains-                75 free and ticketed events will be announced May 3,
                                                                                                                                        potting features work from his 30-year career and             with tickets on sale from May 9, but it’s been revealed
                                                                                                                                        includes images of artists and musicians like Queen,          that festival patron and co-founder David William-
                                                                                                                                        Powderfinger, Michael Jackson, Robert Smith and               son will be staging preview performances of his new
                                                                                                                                        many more. On Saturday Feb 19 at 4.30pm, Mott will            play At Any Cost during the celebrations. See www.
                                                                                                                                        also be hosting a personal guided tour of the collec- for updates.
                                                                                                                                        tion, detailing many of the behind-the-scenes tales            All-sorts literary journal The Lifted Brow is launch-
                                                                                                                                        that lead to the snaps. Lovers of rock photography            ing its February edition at Avid Reader in West End
                                                                                                                                        shouldn’t miss this one.                                      on Wednesday Feb 16 from 6pm, with entry $5 or $9
                                                                                                                                         New York performance artist, playwright and mu-             with a copy thrown in. In typically idiosyncratic form,
                                                                                                                                        sician Taylor Mac is returning to the Powerhouse for          expect a “live maths column” and more inspired fun.

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              control freak
                                                                                                 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
                                                                                                 NA... (DAMN, ONE TOO MANY)
   GAMING NEWS                                                                                                                       INFORMER BOOKS :: LIVE FAST DIE YoUnG

                                                                                                                                     Radio producer turned music
                                                                                                                                     writer CHRISTOPHER PRICE talks
                                                                                                                                     to LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON
                                                                                                                                     about exploring Australia’s
                                                                                                                                     musical culture.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   JOE HARLAND &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CHRIS PRICE ( L-R)
                                                                                                      BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

      New details about Batman: Arkham City have
  been dribbling out. While it won’t be a full open-world
                                                               giving them tips on their technique. It’s going to feel
                                                               very strange standing in front of the TV pretending to
                                                               swim, but good for a laugh for everyone else in the
                                                                                                                                     I t’s not an easy task to write a book. Even people who
                                                                                                                                       have spent their life putting pen to paper find it a
                                                                                                                                     challenge. So what possessed Chris Price to write one
                                                                                                                                                                                                      the media expect Australian bands to sound a certain
                                                                                                                                                                                                      way and have certain things, which are that they rock
                                                                                                                                                                                                      and they should roll. And bands that don’t do that don’t
  sandbox of a game, it will be about five times the size      room. Also coming to the Kinect is The Gunstring-                     of his own?                                                      really get a look in.”
  of Arkham Asylum and give players the freedom to go          er, in which players control a marionette puppet of                        The British media man – with experience working for             While Price has to remain quiet on the intricacies
  off-mission and have fun gliding down from rooftops          an undead cowboy. They just keep getting weirder,                     record labels, BBC Radio and MTV – and his good friend           of his upcoming project, it’s easy to tell that this will be
  and beating up thugs and escaped mental patients             don’t they?                                                           and colleague Joe Harland decided to turn their musical          a thorough investigation of the Australian culture that
  in alleys and whatnot. There will also be almost twice                                                                             pilgrimage to America in celebration of Gram Parson’s            spawned musicians from Nick Cave to Missy Higgins,
  the number of moves and animations for Batman to             MORE MMO                                                              birthday into a book. And that book, titled Live Fast Die        just from the directions that our conversation takes.
  use in all that thug-bashing.                                    DC Universe Online may have only gone live                        Young: Misadventures in Rock & Roll America, is a hilari-        Along with the aforementioned international views of
                                                               recently, but they’re already adding new missions                     ous insight into the music world told by two friends who         Australian music, we also explore The Tall Poppy Syn-
  PARODYSTORM                                                  to keep the subscribers happy. A Valentine’s Day-                     were learning how to write as they went along.                   drome and my personal favourite, Australian citizens’
      The makers of forthcoming mad-frenzy shooter             themed bonus will involve the goddess Aphrodite                            “Writing Live Fast Die Young was a way of reignit-          apparently strong bullshit detector.
  Bulletstorm have decided to have a bit of a laugh at         causing hijinks, players who have already hit the level               ing my passion for music. Having worked in radio, TV                 “Donald Horne once said that Australians are incapa-
  their competition with a parody of the rather more           cap will have access to a new raid taking place in the                and record labels by that point for about 15 years I had         ble of prolonged self-delusion, which I think is an admi-
  serious Call Of Duty games. They’ve called it Duty           Batcave and a chunk of story involving Catwoman                       forgotten what I’d liked,” Price explains over a coffee in       rable quality,” says Price.
  Calls – see what they did there? – and you can down-         stealing priceless museum artifacts (bet they’re cat-                 Fortitude Valley.                                                    “People like Jay-Z or Muhammad Ali don’t wake up
  load the one-level parody from www.thedutycalls.             themed) will also be added.                                                Price is far from home, but for good reason. He’s           in the morning thinking that they’re God-like in their
  com. It’s probably best to save yourself the 800MB                                                                                 caught the writing bug, and his next project will explore        abilities, but they create a persona and in a sense delude
  download and just look it up on YouTube, however,            IN BRIEF                                                              the culture that influences Australian music. He’s spend-        themselves or they’re deluding other people. Accord-
  as it only goes for about four minutes. The ending’s          Sony are hinting about a “Move Server Project”                      ing the summer researching for the book, meeting up              ing to Horne, Australians can’t do that. All of that stuff
  genuinely hilarious though, so you should definitely         that will allow designers to create software for the                  with prominent Australian musical figures as                                 is bullshit.”
  have a watch.                                                motion-controllers on their own PCs.                                  he makes his way around the country until he                                     Price smiles, sips his coffee and stares out-
                                                                Drifty racing game Ridge Racer is coming to the                     gets to Perth in time for Bon Scott’s birthday.                              side for a while before continuing on.
  DIFFERENT STROKES                                            3DS, as is Puzzle Bobble.                                                  “I’ve loved AC/DC for as long as I can re-                                  “Maybe that’s why Australia has, and has
     Blitz Games are working on a Kinect title called           Namco Bandai are working on a “spiritual sequel”                    member, but I’d be lying if I said that I had the                            had, a very healthy punk scene, especially in
  Michael Phelps: Push The Limit that will let players         to the dark fantasy PlayStation game Demon’s Souls.                   same level of passion as far as dead rock stars                              Brisbane.”
  compete in different swimming events with Phelps             It’ll be called Dark Souls.                                           go. I don’t have the same passion for Bon as I
                                                                                                                                     do for Gram, but this book is a musical journey                               LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG:
                                                                                              SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING              where I am aiming a little higher and a little                              MISADVENTURES IN ROCK & ROLL
                                                                                                                                     broader,” Price says.                                                       AMERICA by CHRIS PRICE & JOE
  GAME REVIEWS                                                                                                                            “The tragedy of how Australian music is                                HARLAND is out now. Check out www.
                                                                                                                                     viewed elsewhere, especially in the UK, is that                    for more info.

                                                                                                                OLLIE OLLIE
                                                                                                                OLLIE, OI OI OI


  SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING                                                Hawk will find this to be slow, stilted and
  [PG]                                                                     awkward. Tony Hawk was about speed
  Platform: 360 / PS3 / PC / Wii                                           and momentum and a very loose defini-
  Developer: Ubisoft Montreal                                              tion of physics. This is grounded and dull.
  No, I didn’t misspell ‘Tony Hawk’.                                       You can’t even make your skater bail! I
      Apparently former snowboarder Shaun                                  don’t know about you, but if I’m play-
  White turned his hand toward skateboard-                                 ing a skateboarding game, I need to be
  ing at some stage, and as all good skate-                                able to make my dude land on his face. In
  boarders know, releasing a video game                                    this area, and many others, Shaun White
  with your name on it comes with the ter-                                 Skateboarding simply doesn’t deliver.
  ritory. So can White’s game capture the                                      HH                       TOASTFARMER
  immense fun of the early Tony Hawk titles?
  Not really. But before we get onto the negatives, this       SEGA MEGA DRIVE CLASSIC COLLECTION:
  game deserves some praise for taking a different             VOLUME 3 [M]
  approach to the oft-repeated ‘skateboarding rookie           Platform: PC
  works his way up the ranks’ campaign structure.              Developer: Various
  Shaun White Skateboarding takes place in a dystopi-          The Mega Drive titles you never knew you missed
  an future where the evil Ministry has taken over, forc-           Yep, it’s another Sega Mega Drive compilation,
  ing everyone to conform to their fun-hating ways.            and you start to get the sense that Sega are getting
  Naturally, skateboarding is the only way to overthrow        a bit closer to the bottom of the barrel in terms of
  these tyrants. Naturally.                                    what ‘classics’ are being ‘resurrected’ here. There are
      Skateboarding brings colour back to the literally        some satisfying gems like Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic
  grey world. Perform an ollie near a depressed grey           3 & Knuckles, but there are also slightly less essential
  guy and he’ll become a fist-bumping bro in no time.          titles like Columns III and Flicky. There are a couple
  There’s definitely gratification to be had in skating        of delightfully kitschy but legitimately fun titles in
  around the city, sending bursts of colour into your          the form of Alien Storm, which is a side-scrolling
  surroundings with each trick you perform.                                  shooter, and Decap Attack, in which you
  There’s also something called the Flow,                                    play a skeleton who attacks his enemies
  which is basically momentum generated                                      by shooting his own skull at them. Nifty!
  by your skating performance. Often you’ll                                  Also surprisingly fun is Sonic The Hedge-
  find people and places that require a cer-                                 hog Spinball, which is essentially pinball
  tain level of Flow before they can convert                                 where you knock Sonic around instead
  to the land of colour.                                                     of a ball. There is some fun to be had here
      This is where it all starts to fall apart.                             but as Sega runs out of titles to deploy on
  Despite the innovative approach taken by                                   these compilations it becomes more of a
  Ubisoft Montreal, the actual skateboard-                                   collective novelty than an opportunity to
  ing itself is pretty poor. Those with mem-                                 play old classics.
  ories of the fast, fluid mayhem of Tony                                        HH                       TOASTFARMER

FEBRuARY 8 2011                                                      TIRED OF MISSING AN ISSuE? SIGN uP FOR THE Free DigitaL eDitioN BY SENDING A BLANK EMAIL TO SuBScRIBE@RAVEMAGAZINE.cOM.Au    INFORMER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE /// WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au 35
   win stuff              GIVEAWAYS
                                                                    arts                                                            ARTS LISTINGS
                                                                                                                                                                                              SEND ALL ARTS LISTINGS TO ZENOBIA FROST
                                                                                                                                                                                              ARTS@RAVEMAGAzInE.CoM.AU oR Po Box 802
                                                                                                                                                                                              STonES CoRnER 4120 BY 12PM THURSDAYS

                                                                                                                  L FEATU

                                                                                                                                                                                                        arts curious
                                                                                                                                                                                                        From the team that brought you La Boite’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                        record-breaking Hamlet comes a gutsy
                                                                                                                                                                                                        and contemporary retelling of Shake-
                                                                                                                                                                                                        speare’s greatest thriller: Julius Caesar.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Expect a night of high-octane drama
                                                                                                                                                                                                        where alliances are formed and faked,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        leaders are made and sacrificed, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ghosts stalk. You’d better watch your back.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        La Boite. February 12 to March 20. Ph:
                                                                                                                                                                                                        3007 8600 /

                                                      BEN X

WINDOWS ON EUROPE TICKETS                                           INFORMER ARTS :: THE RAT TRAP                                 FILM, FESTIVALS, ETC.                                        Aladdin And His Mysterious Magical Lamp: Grab

                                                                    An Itch To
    The Windows On Europe film festival returns this                                                                               Moonlight Cinema: Catch a flick in the great out-         your magic carpet and come on an adventure as Alad-
year to fill Dendy Portside with award-winning exam-                                                                              doors this summer. You can even hire a beanbag! Bris-       din ventures into the Cave of Treasures to retrieve the
ples of European cinema. The festival comprises 14                                                                                bane Powerhouse at New Farm Park. Until February 27.        legendary lamp containing the most outrageous Genie

movies, including Swedish anthology of the tragicomic                                                                                                           of them all. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. Season post-
Involuntary, Finnish family fantasy Christmas Story and                                                                            A New Tomorrow – Visions Of The Future In Cin-            poned due to flooding. Ph: 136 246 /
Ben X, a Belgian story about a gamer with Asperger’s                                                                              ema: GoMA presents screenings of film classics from          Alice in Wonderland: This charming ballet adapta-
Syndrome whose online dream girl helps him plan re-                                                                               2001: A Space Odyssey to The Matrix in a major pro-         tion of Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical classic will delight
venge against bullies. The festival runs from Saturday              FEZ FA’ANANA, back home after a                               gram of science fiction and related genre cinema. Gal-      the entire family. Playhouse, QPAC. Season postponed
Feb 19 to Friday Feb 25 and we’ve got five double pass-             Woodford run of the popular boylesque                         lery of Modern Art. Until February 27.        due to flooding. Ph: 136 246 /
es to a session of your choice on offer.                            show Briefs (the sparkly gumboots                             au/a_new_tomorrow/
                                                                    edition), speaks with ZENOBIA FROST                            World Theatre Festival: Embracing the new, the            VISUAL ARTS, ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                                                  risky and the independent from around the world, WTF         Vida Lahey – Colour and Modernism: Vibrant flo-
                                                                    about POLYTOXIC’s latest project.
                                                                                                                                  is set to seriously shake this city up. Brisbane Power-     ral watercolours and depictions of Brisbane in the first

                                                                    W      orks-in-progress get a chance to strut their
                                                                           stuff as part of the World Theatre Festival’s
                                                                    Scratch Series. One such project is The Rat Trap – a
                                                                                                                                  house. February 9 to 20. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.bris-
                                                                                                                                   Green Earth Day: A free, family-orientated, com-
                                                                                                                                                                                              half of the 20th Century are the focus of an exhibition
                                                                                                                                                                                              of work by Vida Lahey (1882–1968). Queensland Art
                                                                                                                                                                                              Gallery. Until February 13.
                                                                    performance piece set in a vaudevillian speakeasy             munity event that aims to raise awareness about envi-        Of Love And War: An exhibition detailing the pas-
                                                                    that’s populated by the twisted and the unearthly.            ronmental issues. Brisbane Botanic Gardens. March 12.       sionate relationships forged during times of conflict
                                                                                                                                                               – with the pain of separation and the great joy of re-
                                                                    ZENOBIA FROST: What’s Polytoxic’s manifesto?                                                                              union. State Library Gallery. Until February 20. Ph: 3840
                                                                    FEZ FA’ANANA: Polytoxic creates forward, entertain-           THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – NOW                          7666 /
                                                                    ing and robust work with a political, contemporary             Wicked: This hit musical tells the story of how two        Nikon Walkley Photographic Awards: Australia’s
                                                                    and often satirical bite. We want to make sure that           unlikely friends grew to become the Wicked Witch of         most prestigious press photography awards culminate
                                                                    Shazza from the sticks of Ipswich and Shasmina from           the West and Glinda the Good. Lyric Theatre, QPAC. Un-      in this compelling exhibition. Brisbane Powerhouse.
                                         FOSTER THE PEOPLE          art house of Melbourne can both laugh their asses             til March 6.                                Until February 27. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.brisbanepow-
                                                                    off, or be moved or just experience the theatre and            Cabaret - In 12 Easy Steps: Joymas Creative is  
FOSTER THE PEOPLE                                                   not walk away with the bad taste of pretension.               bringing cabaret sensation Queenie van de Zandt to           The Stoke – Skateboarding In Brisbane: This exhi-
   Straight from Hollywood to Brisbane come Foster                  ZF: What makes the Polytoxic crew so remark-                  Brisbane to perform her multi-award-nominated show.         bition manoeuvres behind Brisbane’s tight-knit skate-
The People (pictured). They’ll be playing their brand of            able?                                                         All profits go towards helping creatives affected by the    boarding fraternity and its camaraderie to chart the
sun-drenched summer hits, which is exactly what we                  The single most awesome thing about the Polytoxic             floods. Judith Wright Centre. February 8. Ph: 3872 9000     city’s historical affinity with skateboarding. Museum
need right now, with support from MITZI at The Zoo                  crew is the understanding of the importance of fre-           /                                of Brisbane. Until February 27. Ph: 3403 8888 / www.
on Sunday Feb 13. We’ve got two double passes to the                quent food breaks. My older brother, Natano, is the            Sacré Bleu! A double bill featuring the English-lan-
night to give away.                                                 coconut version of Charlie Chaplin – with a carnie            guage premiere of Eugene Labiche’s The Coal Seller Af-       Symbols of Australia: This exhibition explores the
                                                                    edge. Amanda Lyn Pearson is the flaming redhead               fair and the Australian premiere of Georges Feydeau’s       diverse range of national symbols that define and rep-
                                                                    who is a gutsy and beautifully Aussie larrikin with           Jailbird. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. Until March 12. Ph:       resent Australia’s national identity. Queensland Muse-
                                                                    some serious all-rounder skills. (I’m glad she can’t          136 246 /                      um South Bank. Until February 27.
                                                                    sing or I would have to hate her.) Mark Winmill has            Tuesdays With Morrie: An uplifting comedy                  AlphaStation/Alphaville: Performance artist Luke
                                                                    such a radical spin on the handsome strongman;                about a life-altering friendship between an inspira-        Roberts has been a key figure in the Brisbane art scene
                                                                    his stage presence is a dysfunctional marriage of             tional teacher and his student. QUT Gardens Theatre.        for over three decades. He has developed an intricate
                                                                    athleticism, comical satire, artistry and showman-            February 11 to 12. Ph: 3238 4455 / www.gardensthe-          personal mythology that collapses personal and po-
                                                                    ship. Lisa Fa’alafi is the stunning dusky maiden and                                             litical, local and cosmological, and past and future. The
                                                                                                                                   Freefall: Winner of the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Best         Institute of Modern Art. November 27 to February 26.
                                                                            Twisted, unearthly                                    Circus Award, Freefall is an exciting exploration of bi-
                                                                                                                                  zarre and everyday fears, human quirks and truths. Ju-
                                                                                                                                                                                               Light From Light: This exhibition explores the prop-
                                                                      characters are intertwined                                  dith Wright Centre. February 23 to 26. Ph: 3872 9000 /      erties and metaphors of light, and the idea of libraries
                                                                       in an epic potion of family                                                        being sites of enlightenment. The 20 light-inspired art-

                                                  THE NECKS                   secrets...                                           I Will Kiss You In Four Places: A collaborative
                                                                                                                                  project between Griffith Uni’s Applied Theatre Depart-
                                                                                                                                                                                              works will be displayed simultaneously in the Shanghai
                                                                                                                                                                                              Library in China. State Library & The Edge. Until March.
                                                                                                                                  ment and four prominent Queensland playwrights    
THE NECKS TICKETS                                                   “the everything girl” of the posse who has her keen           results in four stunning theatrical experiments. Sue         Hinterland: For William Robinson, the verdant rain-
    Cultish Australian three-piece The Necks (pic-                  eye for style, movement and theatricality. Leah is            Benner Theatre, Metro Arts. February 25 to March 5. Ph:     forest afforded a unique opportunity to explore a sub-
tured) are coming to town. Their live shows are a                   the classic 1950s screen siren but is definitely not          3002 7100 /                            ject that had previously been overlooked by Austral-
thing to behold, made up of lengthy improvised                      just a pretty face. She brings a stack of stage-mum            The Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim Songbook or             ian artists. William Robinson Gallery, Old Government
pieces guaranteeing a completely different experi-                  skills, kookiness and physicality and she references          Comparison Is Violence: A chameleon of words, music         House. Until April 3. Ph: 3138 8005 /
ence every time. The Necks will be performing at                    her crotch at least six times a day.                          and socio-political tirades, Taylor Mac employs gender-     au/wrgallery
the Byron Bay Community Centre on Friday Feb 18                     ZF: Just what is The Rat Trap?                                bending surrealism and glitter to provide a show unlike      21st Century – Art In The First Decade: Marking the
and at the Old Museum on Saturday Feb 19. We’ve                     FF: The Rat Trap is definitely a bit of everything – the-     any other. Brisbane Powerhouse. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.        end of the first decade of this millennium, this ambi-
got two double passes to each show to give away, so                 atre, dance, cabaret, puppetry, circus and music. It                                      tious and groundbreaking exhibition will occupy all of
make sure you specify which gig you’d like to attend                stitches together a modern take on old-world caba-                                                                        GoMA and focus on works created between 2000 and
when you enter the competition.                                     ret with a strong theatrical narrative that showcases         THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – SOON                         2010. Gallery of Modern Art. Until April 26. Ph: 3840
                                                                    each individual and the company as an ensemble.                Launch Pad: Four of Australia’s most exciting             7303 /
                                                                    The once Great Strappado has transformed into The             emerging choreographers team up with Expressions
                                                                    Rat Trap, a refuge for six oddities with some seri-           Dance Company to present an in-studio collection            MIXED BAG
                                                                    ously fucked up relationships. The plot is a thick and        of evolving work-in-progress duos. Level 4, Judith           Breath On A Single Reed: Critically acclaimed
                                                                    juicy vaudevillian “Days Of Our Lives” saga. Twisted,         Wright Centre. March 1 to 5. Ph: 3257 4222 / www.           Queensland musician Linsey Pollak presents his new
                                                                    unearthly characters are intertwined in an epic po-                                           work composed for 14 different variations of single
                                                                    tion of family secrets, sibling rivalry, physical tension,     Dead Cargo: The 2011 season of The Independ-              reed wind instruments and featuring four additional
                                                                    freak show fantasy, the rise and death of a celebrity,        ents kicks off with Tim Dashwood and Nigel Poulton’s        percussive instruments. Judith Wright Centre. February
                                                                    construed blood-ties and the mundane goings on of             highly physical absurdist work. Sue Benner Theatre,         12. Ph: 3872 9000 /
                                                                    this once extravagant bar dwelling.                           Metro Arts. March 9 to 26. Ph: 3002 7100 / www.              Teddy Tahu Rhodes: Australia’s favourite opera
                                                                    ZF: The Rat Trap is a work-in-progress. What are                                                star returns to his favourite orchestra (ACO) to per-
                                                                    your dreams for the show?                                      Riverdance: For the first time in eight years the         form twisted nursery rhymes and the first ever Ro-
                                                                    FF: We have big plans for the final product. This is          pounding feet and swirling music that has tapped its        mantic song cycle. February 14. Ph: 136 246 / www.
                                                   TOM PIPER
                                                                    why we are taking our time and meticulously mak-              way onto the world stage returns to Australia for a na-
                                                                    ing the show that we want. Annie Davey, who is a              tional tour. Lyric Theatre, QPAC. April 12 to 17. Ph: 136    For The Pets: Fairfield RSPCA lost 1400 wheelie
                                                                    renowned circus performer and director, has been              246 /                                       bins’ worth of goods to the floods, and will receive no
CLUBBERS GUIDE TO 2011 TICKETS                                      working with us, and it’s such a luxury to have her            Statespeare: The show that brought the audience           government funding to help get the shelter back on its
    Aficionados of the dance floor, DJs Goodwill and                juicy brain playing for our team. We want this to be          to their feet whooping with glee is back and “Barder”       feet. Come along for a fundraising night of visual arts,
Tom Piper (pictured), are teaming up for the Clubbers               a show that will travel around Australia and inter-           than ever! Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite. April 28 to        live music and performance. Bleeding Hearts Gallery.
Guide To 2011 tour, playing a batch of the music you                nationally to major festivals. Hopefully some rich            May 6. Ph: 3007 8600 /                   February 18.
can expect to hear filling nightclubs this year around              sugar daddy or mummy of the theatre world will                 Empire Burning: Eugene Gilfedder unleashes a               Pomp, Pipes and Pop: Australia’s favourite Scot, Bil-
the country. Perhaps time travel is involved – who can              just fund the whole show here on in and we won’t              searing script of myth and madness, trauma and terror-      ly Raymond, hosts a memorable concert featuring the
say? We’ve got two double passes to the Brisbane night,             have to deal with funding applications. By the way,           ism, throwing Western anxieties of the Other into sharp     best of military pomp and splendour. The Arts Centre
taking place at The Met on Friday Feb 11, to give away.             we love free things too!                                      relief. Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts. May 11 to 28. Ph:   Gold Coast. March 8. Ph: 5588 4000 / www.theartscen-
                                                                                                                                  3002 7100 /                  
To enter any of our competitions, head                             THE RAT TRAP runs at Brisbane                                 Jesus Christ Superstar: Harvest Rain presents              Tim Minchin Versus The Orchestra: Tickets on sale
to the WIN STUFF section of WWW.                                    Powerhouse as part of WORLD                                   Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s epic rock musi-          now for this comedy rock superstar’s national tour,
RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU and sign up to                                  THEATRE FESTIVAL from Feb 9 to 13, and                        cal – a must-see classic for all ages. Playhouse, QPAC.     complete with 55-piece orchestra poised to respond
have the magazine’s digital edition emailed to                      tickets are free. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.                        Postponed due to floods. Ph: 136 246 / www.harves-          to Minchin’s every musical whim. Brisbane Convention
you every week.                                                                                                                         Centre. March 18. Ph: 132 849 /

36 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// INFORMER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE                                     FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                      ISSuE 977
 coNcert                                                                                                                                                                                               oH, brotHer
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Oh Mercy (pictured) have added a Gold Coast date to their Fri-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       day Apr 1 show at Alhambra. The pop quartet are hitting the

                                                                                                                                                                                                       road in promotion of their sophomore LP, Great Barrier Grief
                                                                                                                                                                                                       (quite timely given recent ecological reports on the state of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       coral coastline – pun!), and will also head to Neverland, Coolan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       gatta, on Thursday Mar 31. Look to OzTix and Moshtix (respec-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       tively) for tickets.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       @ NeverLaND, tHurSDaY mar 31
                                                                                                             tour                                                                                      @ aLHambra, FriDaY aPr 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                       TIcKETS AVAILABLE AT &
viSit For tHe eXteNDeD coNcert caLeNDar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2    Bonjah Duporth Tavern, Maroochydore
                                                            FebruarY                                                                                                                                                                 Luka Bloom Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi
                                                            15 Rob Schneider Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                           Lonnie Lee Presents The Class Of 59 QPAC,
                                                               Caribou / Four Tet Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                         South Brisbane
                                                            16 Swervedriver Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                               Tim Barry / Chris Wollard / Addison Burns
                                                            17 Alpine / Boy In A Box Alhambra Lounge,                                                                                                                                Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City
                                                               Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                      Thriller: House Vs Hurricane / Your Demise
                                                               Return For Forever IV Brisbane Convention                                                                                                                             (UK) / Nazarite Vow Rosies, Brisbane City
                                                               Centre, South Brisbane                                                                                                                                                House Vs Hurricane / Your Demise (UK) /
                                                               8 Ball Aitken The JOYnt, South Brisbane                                                                                                                               Nazarite Vow (AA) The Fort, Fortitude Valley
                                                               Black Mountain / The Night Terrors Zoo, The,                                                                                                                     3    Bonjah Noosa SLSC
                                                               Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                 6    Cherry Poppin Daddies The Hi Fi, West End
                                                            18 The Necks Byron Bay Community Centre                                                                                                                             7    Barry Manilow & QSO Brisbane Entertain-
                                                               Lorn (USA) / Speaker Wrath / Swob / Walrii /                                                                                                                          ment Centre, Boondall
 New aDDitioNS                                                 Danck Step Inn, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                      Miles Away / Defeater / Fires Of Waco (AA)
                                                               Residency: Bang Bang Boss Kelly / I am Tiger                                                                                                                          Byron Bay Youth Activities Centre
   De La Soul perform their 1991 LP De La Soul Is             / Dead Shades The Alley, 77 Elizabeth St                                                                                                                              Dragon City Golf Club, Toowoomba
                                                               Lamb The Hi Fi, West End                                                                                                                                              Sparkadia / Operator Please / Alpine Coolan-
  Dead at The Tivoli on Friday Feb 18 – local hip hop          De La Soul / The Winnie Coopers Tivoli, The,                                                                                                                          gatta Hotel
  crew The Winnie Coopers (pictured) support. Tick-            Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                 8    Good Charlotte / Short Stack / Boys Like
                                                               Belinda Carlisle Twin Towns Services Club,                                                                                                                            Girls Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall
  ets are $62.30+bf.                                           Tweed Heads                                                                                                                                                      8    Dragon Southport Sharks
   Dubmarine will be performing this year at Good             The Like Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                   Miles Away / Defeater / Fires Of Waco (AA)
                                                            19 8 Ball Aitken Beach House Hotel, Hervey Bay                                                                                                                           The Fort, Fortitude Valley
  Vibrations after winning the festival’s Good Vibes Ris-      Turbine Jazz: Elly Hoyt (Launch) Brisbane                                                                                                                             Sparkadia / Operator Please / Alpine The Hi
  ing competition. They join Nas & Damian Marley,              Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New Farm

                                                                                                                    tHeZoo, SaturDaY Feb 19
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fi, West End
  Erykah Badu, Koolism and Ludacris – among many               Good Vibrations: Faithless / Phoenix /                                                                                                                                City & Colour Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                               Sasha / Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme /                                                                                                                          9    Dragon Bramble Bay Bowls Club, Redcliffe
  more – at Gold Coast Parklands on Saturday Feb 19.           The Ting Tings / Nas / Damian Marley / Kelis                                                                                                                          Miles Away / Defeater / Fires Of Waco (AA)
   What exactly is a ‘hobbit-muthafucker’? Our                / Ludacris / Erykah Badu / Friendly Fires / Mi-      @ tHe                                                                                                            Rosies, Brisbane City
                                                               ike Snow / Fake Blood / Rusko & many more            TIcKETS ARE $37+BF FROM                                                                         Truth Corroded / Hypno5e / Humality / Erase
  metal columnists like to use the term to describe            Gold Coast Parklands, Southport                                                                                                                                       The Thought Shed 5, Gold Coast
  Finnish act Fintroll. Are they lovers of Tolkien my-         Belinda Carlisle Kedron Wavell Services Club                                                                                                                          Jimmy Eat World Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                               Old Man River & Passenger / Daniel Lee                    Fortitude Valley                                       Gerry & The Pacemakers Jupiters Theatre,
  thology? Head to The Hi-Fi on Thursday Mar 24 to                                                                       The JD Set: MGMT / Pond Beach Hotel, Byron             Broadbeach Island                               10   The Script / Tinie Tempah (AA) Brisbane
                                                               Kendall Old Museum, Spring Hill
                                                                                                                         Bay                                                                                                         Convention Centre, South Brisbane
  find out; Dead Letter Opener support.                        The Necks Old Museum, Spring Hill                                                                           17   Last Dinosaurs / Papa Vs Pretty Spotted Cow,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tommy Tiernan QPAC Concert Hall, South
                                                               Kate Nash The Hi Fi, West End                             Ke$ha Brisbane Riverstage                              The, Toowoomba
   Happening Saturday Mar 26, Ric’s Big Backyard              M.Ward / Holly Throsby Tivoli, The, Fortitude             Imelda May The Hi Fi, West End                    18   Tim Minchin & Australian Symphony
  festival sees the addition of Violent Soho, Rat              Valley                                                    The Waifs / Mama Kin Tivoli, The, Fortitude            Orchestras Brisbane Convention Centre, South    14   The Holidays / Gold Fields Elsewhere, Gold
                                                               The McClymonts / Harmony James Twin                       Valley                                                 Brisbane                                             Coast
  Vs Possum, Richard In Your Mind, The Honey                   Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads                     4    The Chemical Brothers / Art Vs Science / Zane          Gerry & The Pacemakers Kedron Wavell                 British India Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
  Month, Ben Salter, Inland Sea and many more.                 The Books Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                      Lowe /James Holroyd Brisbane Riverstage                Services Club                                   15   Keith Urban / Lady Antebellum Brisbane
                                                            20 Melbourne Ukulele Festival Showcase                       Katie Noonan & The Captains Judith Wright              Deez Nuts / Shinto Katana / Dream On,                Entertainment Centre, Boondall
  Hit up OzTix for tickets.                                                                                              Centre, Fortitude Valley                                                                                    British India Coolangatta Hotel
                                                               Brisbane Arts Theatre                                                                                            Dreamer (AA) The Fort, Fortitude Valley
                                                               Tricky Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                         Hard Dance Alliance Masif, Gold Coast                  The Beautiful Girls / The Chemist The Hi Fi,         The Amenta / Ruins Rosies, Brisbane City
                                                                                                                         Craig Pesco: Freddy Mercury QPAC, South                West End                                             The Holidays / Gold Fields Zoo, The, Forti-
                                                            21 8 Ball Aitken / The Reversals Ric’s Bar, Forti-
                                                                                                                         Brisbane                                               Last Dinosaurs / Papa Vs Pretty Woodland,            tude Valley
                                                               tude Valley
                                                                                                                         Joanna Newsom Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley            Coniston Lane                                   16   The Holidays / Gold Fields Great Northern
                                                            22 Deva Premal & Miten / Manose Brisbane
                                                                                                                    5    Future Music Festival: The Chemical Brothers      19   John Williamson & Qld Symphony Orchestra             Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                               Powerhouse, New Farm
                                                                                                                         / Dizzee Rascal / Pendulum / MGMT / Mark               Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane           Supafest: Snoop Dogg / Nelly / Taio Cruz /
                                                               Dame Kiri Te Kanawa QPAC Concert Hall,
                                                                                                                         Ronson & The Business Intl / Ke$ha / The Pre-          Last Dinosaurs / Papa Vs Pretty Joe’s Water-         Bow Wow RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills
                                                               South Brisbane
                                                                                                                         sets / Leftfield / Richie Hawtin & Plastikman          hole, Eumundi                                   21   Bluesfest: RocKwiz Live / Jethro Tull / ZZ
                                                            23 Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman
                                                               Alder Pacific Hotel, Yamba                                & many more Doomben Race Course                        Unwritten Law The Hi Fi, West End                    Top / John Legend / Gurrumul / Toots &
                                                                                                                         Against Me! / Off With Their Heads The Hi Fi,     20   Unwritten Law Coolangatta Hotel                      The Maytals / Pete Murray / Wolfmother /
                                                            24 Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman                 West End                                                                                                    Funky Meters / Irma Thomas / Booker T /
                                                               Alder Beach Hotel, Byron Bay                                                                                21   Neil Diamond Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                                                                    6    Flood Relief Friends Of Folk: Robert Forster /         Boondall                                             Los Lobos & many more Tyagarah
                                                               Tin Can Radio (launch) Gold Coast Arts Centre
                                                               Planet Asia & Copywrite Step Inn, Fortitude               Don Walker / The Gin Club / Andrew Morris &       23   Neil Diamond Brisbane Entertainment Centre,     22   Bluesfest: Robert Randolph & the Family
                                                               Valley                                                    many more (AA) Old Museum, Spring Hill                 Boondall                                             Band / Fistful of Mercy / Mavis Staples Jeff
                                                               Toro Y Moi / Oh Ye Denver Birds Woodland,                 Monarch / Unearthly Trance / Eagle Twin The            Stone Temple Pilots Brisbane Riverstage              Lang & many more Tyagarah
                                                               Coniston Lane                                             Hi Fi, West End                                   24   Illy / M-Phazes Beach Hotel, Byron Bay          23   Bluesfest: B.B. King / Ben Harper & Relent-
                                                            25 Rihanna Brisbane Entertainment Centre,               7    Belle & Sebastian Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley        The Doobie Brothers Brisbane Convention              less7 / Grace Jones/ Elvis Costello & the
                                                               Boondall                                             8    Women In Music Judith Wright Centre, Forti-            Centre, South Brisbane                               Imposters & many more Tyagarah
                                                               Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Oceanics               tude Valley                                            Santana Brisbane Entertainment Centre,          24   British India Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
 cHaNgeS                                                       Elsewhere, Gold Coast
                                                               Calvin Harris Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                         Wavves / Bleeding Knees Club Zoo, The,
                                                                                                                         Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                Finntroll / Claim The Throne / Dead Letter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bluesfest: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Band / Robert Randolph & the Family
                                                               Gang Of Four The Hi Fi, West End                     9    Omar Souleyman (SYR) The Hi Fi, West End               Opener The Hi Fi, West End                           Band / Fistful of Mercy / Mavis Staples &
   Lone Pariah (White Rhino) has pulled out of                Evil Eddie X&Y, Valley                               10   Justin Townes Earle Step Inn, Fortitude Valley    25   Lionel Richie / Guy Sebastian Brisbane               many more Tyagarah
  Lorn’s Step Inn date on Friday Feb 18 – he’ll be re-      26 Martha Wainwright A&I Hall, Bangalow                      Best Coast Woodland, Coniston Lane                     Entertainment Centre, Boondall                  25   British India Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra
                                                               Tin Can Radio (launch) / Dubmarine Beach                  The Clean / The Deadnotes & The Legend /               The Bloodpoets / The Catchment / Rob                 Bluesfest: Bob Dylan /Booker T / Los Lobos
  placed by a brand new configuration of Brisbane              Hotel, Byron Bay                                          Blank Realm Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                 Robot / The Drive The Hi Fi, West End                / Kasey Chambers / Captain Matchbox
  drum & bass/beats act Speaker Wrath. Tickets are             Lior Old Museum, Spring Hill                         11   Mount Kimbie BarSoma, Fortitude Valley                 Illy / M-Phazes Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley           Whoopee Band / Tim Robbins & the
  $20+bf at OzTix.                                             Soundwave 2011: Iron Maiden / Queens                      Alan Jackson Brisbane Entertainment Centre,       26   Beyond The Darkside Brisbane Convention              Rogues Gallery Band & many more Tyaga-
                                                               Of The Stone Age / Slayer / Primus / Slash /              Boondall                                               Centre, South Brisbane                               rah
   Mondo Rock have been pulled from the Roxy                  One Day As A Lion / Bullet For My Valentine               Justin Townes Earle Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi           Usher / Trey Songz Brisbane Entertainment       26   Justin Bieber (AA) Brisbane Entertainment
  Music tour ‘due to forces beyond the band’s con-             / Bring Me The Horizon / The Murderdolls /                Ill Bill / DJ Eclipse / Sabac Red Step Inn (Up-        Centre, Boondall                                     Centre, Boondall
                                                               Dimmu Borgir / Millencolin & many, many                   stairs), Fortitude Valley                              Illy / M-Phazes Coolangatta Hotel                    Indigo Girls / Henry Wagons QPAC Concert
  trol’… anyone think that’s code for something a              more RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills                         Swans The Hi Fi, West End                              Big Backyard Festival: You Am I / Pangea /           Hall, South Brisbane
  little more interesting? Roxy Music play Brisbane’s          Deep Sea Arcade / Surf City (NZ) / Mosman                 Ball Park Music / Eagle & The Worm / We Say            Die Die Die / SixFtHick / Guineafowl / Big           Bluesfest: Bob Dylan / Elvis Costello /
                                                               Alder Woodland, Coniston Lane                             Bamboulee The Loft, Chevron Island                     Scary / King Cannons / The Cairos / We All           Gurrumul / Paul Kelly / Buffy Sainte-Marie
  Riverstage on Tuesday Mar 1.                                 Darren Hanlon Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                  The Besnard Lakes Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley           Want To & many more Ric’s Bar, Fortitude             / Tim Finn / Tony Joe White / Eli Paperboy
   Here’s hoping it’s third time lucky for Kings Of        27 Lior Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi                        12   Alan Jackson Brisbane Entertainment Centre,            Valley                                               Reed / The Mad Bastards Tyagarah
                                                               Oh No (USA) / Gavin Boyd / Tigermoth X&Y,                                                                        Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) / Dan Kelly
  Leon (pictured) who have rescheduled their Sunday            Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                27   Naturally 7 QPAC Playhouse Theatre, South
                                                                                                                         D.O.A Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah                                                                         Brisbane
  Mar 6 date at QSAC to Tuesday Nov 8 at Brisbane’s                                                                      Lost In Sound Festival: In Hearts Wake &          28   Cyndi Lauper QPAC, South Brisbane                    Ardal OHanlon Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
  Entertainment Centre. All tickets remain valid, though    marcH                                                        many more (AA) Queens Park, Toowoomba             29   Cyndi Lauper QPAC, South Brisbane               28   Naturally 7 QPAC Playhouse Theatre, South
                                                            1   Roxy Music Brisbane Riverstage                           Diesel Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude         31   House Vs Hurricane / Your Demise (UK) /              Brisbane
  people unable to attend the new date need to seek a           The Waifs / Mama Kin Great Northern Hotel,               Valley                                                 Nazarite Vow (AA) Byron Bay Youth Activities    29   Holly Throsby Brisbane Powerhouse (Visy
  refund prior to close of business on Friday Feb 18.           Byron Bay                                                Ball Park Music / Eagle & The Worm / We Say            Centre                                               Theatre), New Farm
                                                                High On Fire / Trash Talk / Kylesa / Protest             Bamboulee Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                   Oh Mercy Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay             Garterbelts & Gasoline: Rusty & The Drag-
                                                                The Hero The Hi Fi, West End                        14   Weird Al Yankovic Jupiters Theatre, Broad-             Uriah Heap Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley             strip Trio / Rocket To Memphis / Warren Earl
                                                                Martha Wainwright Tivoli, The, Fortitude Val-            beach Island                                                                                                & The Atomic Rockers / Pete Martini & The
                                                                ley                                                      Donavon Frankenreiter Zoo, The, Fortitude         aPriL                                                     Freight Jumpers / Doug Wilshire & Band St
 caNceLLeD                                                  2   Lily Tomlin Brisbane Powerhouse (Power-                  Valley                                            1    Oh Mercy Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley           Bernards Hotel, Mt Tamborine
                                                                house Theatre), New Farm                            15   Donavon Frankenreiter Coolangatta Hotel                Bonjah Beach Hotel, Byron Bay                        Hugh Cornwall (Stranglers) The Hi Fi, West
                                                                Imelda May Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay               Flood Relief: Les Freres Old Museum, Spring            Motorhead (AA) Gold Coast Convention                 End
   Doves have cancelled their headline date for                The Waifs / Mama Kin Nambour Civic Centre                Hill                                                   Centre                                          30   Disturbed / Trivium / As I Lay Dying /
  Tuesday Feb 14 at The Hi-Fi, citing ‘personal reasons         Silverstein / Bless The Fall / I See Stars The Hi        Weird Al Yankovic QPAC Concert Hall, South             House Vs Hurricane / Your Demise (UK) /              Forgiven Rival (AA) Brisbane Entertainment
  pertaining to the band.’ Refunds are available from           Fi, West End                                             Brisbane                                               Nazarite Vow Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise        Centre, Boondall
                                                                Slash / Coheed & Cambria / Taking Dawn                   Afro Celt Sound System The Hi Fi, West End             Lonnie Lee Presents The Class Of 59 Ipswich          Holly Throsby Brisbane Powerhouse (Visy
  the point of purchase.                                        Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                       16   Donavon Frankenreiter Beach Hotel, Byron               Civic Hall                                           Theatre), New Farm
                                                            3   Fans: Purple Sneakers Alhambra Lounge,                   Bay                                                    Luka Bloom Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley             Hugh Cornwall (Stranglers) Kings Beach

38 WWW.ravemagaZiNe.cOM.Au /// cONcERT cALENDAR                                                      FOLLOW RAVE MAGAZINE NOW ON                                                                                                                 ISSuE 977
      gig                                                                                                                                                                                      uKe-LaDY?
                                                                                                                                                                                               That crazy lady of creation, Amanda Palmer (pictured), is spending summer in Aus-
                                                                                                                                                                                               tralia – and of course she is playing some shows! Queenslanders get a date with the

                                                                                                                                                                                               enchantingly cheeky performer at Byron’s Great Northern on Thursday Feb 10 and
                                                                                                                                                                                               The Old Museum on Saturday Feb 12 (both shows are $55.60+bf from OzTix), and
                                                                          gig                                                                                                                  support comes from Mikelangelo & The Tin Star with Saint Clare, Steven Mitchell
                                                                                                                                                                                               Wright, and The Jane Austen Argument (the Byron date varies). Be sure to follow
                                                                          oF                                                                                                          to get the skinny on any ‘ninja gigs’ while she’s in town.
                                                                                                                                                                                               @ tHe great NortHerN, tHurSDaY Feb 10
                                                                          tHe                                                                                                                  @ tHe oLD muSeum, SaturDaY Feb 12
                                                                                                                                                                                               TIcKETS $55.60+BF FROM
                         wHo, wHat, wHeN aND wHere?

                                                                                                                                                                            Old Museum, Spring Hill: Amanda Palmer
    tueSDaY FebruarY 8                                                                                                                                                      / Mikelangelo & The Tin Star with Saint Clare
    Calypso Bar, Paddington: Burl                                                                                                                                           / Steven Mitchell Wright / The Jane Austen
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:                                                                                                                               Argument
    Casey Fogg                                                                                                                                                              Platinum Nightclub, Broadbeach: Mo Funk /
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Ryan Rushton / Rhys                                                                                                                              Stafford Brothers
    Bynon                                                                                                                                                                   Queen Street Mall: QSM Live: Polynesian
    LocknLoad, West End: Paul Young Trio                                                                                                                                    Weekend
    Mana Bar, Fortitude Valley: Yahtzee Croshaw                                                                                                                             Redland Bay Hotel: Marco
    Presents Video Game Trivia                                                                                                                                              Rosies, Brisbane City: Thriller: Heroes For Hire /
    Music Kafe, West End: Connor Cleary / Now &                                                                                                                             Skyway / Strickland / A Strobelight Summer
    Then / Winter Of Reason                                                                                                                                                 Shed 5, Gold Coast: Hysteria Magazine Launch:
    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Es-                                                                                                                          Lynchmada / Ironbird / The Vampers / Galactic
    calate: Hobo Instinct / SHFEET / Upsize / Sky Pilot                                                                                                                     Acid / The Jon Experiment / Hack / 50 Bags /
    The Bug, New Farm Bowls Club: Toni Pollard                                                                                                                              Crooked Face / 180 Down / Lita Lynx / Madeline
    Band                                                                                                                                                                    Milkshake / Lila Luxx (AA)
    Woodford Hotel: Mark Sheils                                                                                                                                             Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern:
    X&Y, Valley: Subsea / Swim / Butterz                                                                                                                                    Matt Okine & Tommy Little / Mad Mike Bennett /
                                                                                                                                                                            Gary Fludder
    weDNeSDaY FebruarY 9                                                                                                                                                    Step Inn (Upstairs), Fortitude Valley: Bob Marley
                                                                                                                                                                            Birthday Bash: Gregwise / Basmati / Johnny Wailer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   earS waNDer
    Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Le Suits / Rob Robot
    / Apple Fat                                                                                                                                                             Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Dead Letter Opener /
                                                                                                                                                                            Nemesphyxia / Automata / Fear The Setting Sun /         One of the more keenly awaited touring duos is
    Conrad Jupiters (Prince Albert Bar): Matt Okine
    & Tommy Little / Katrina Davidson                                                                                                                                       Shifting The Paradigm                                  Caribou (pictured) and Four Tet, who head across
                                                                                                                                                                            Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:

                                                           DubmariNe mouNtaiN ParK,
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:
                                                                                                                                                                            Chick & Stu / Superfreak                               the equator this week to play The Zoo on Tuesday
    Fiddlers Green, Surfers Paradise: Tyson Faulkner                                                                                                                        The Alley, 77 Elizabeth St: Mr. Maps / Skinny          Feb 15. Grab tickets from OzTix ($49+bf ) for the
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Easy-P / And Oh!                                                                                                                                 Jean / Doom Doom / Grids/Units/Planes                  electronic texturalists, who had two of the best al-
    Royal George Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Mark             eartH FreQ @ LaNDcruiSer                                                                                         The Crown Hotel, Lutwyche: The Vaginabillies /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   bums released last year in Caribou’s Swim and Four
    Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern:
                                                           FriDaY Feb 11 – moNDaY Feb 14                                                                                    Generation Jones / Dark Lab / Wayne Keys Show
                                                                                                                                                                            The Hi Fi, West End: The Getaway Plan / Alive /        Tet’s (AKA Kieran Hebden’s) There Is Love In You.
    RAW Comedy                                             TIcKETS $150+BF FROM                                                                           Secrets In Scale (18+)
    Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Kinoath / Stone                                                                                                                             The Loft, Chevron Island: Brett Hammond / Mark
    Chimp / Sons Of The Soil / The Green Whistle          Cube Hotel, Toowoomba: Summer Guitar Festival          Vanity, Gold Coast: Acid Jacks & Generik                   Boulle / Marc Bicer / Stephanie Pickett
    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:            Dublin Docks Tavern, Harbour Town: Rob                 Vida Amor Restaurant, Loganholme: Jz Jazz                  Victoria Point Tavern: Bud Manthey
    Alex Jones                                            Bostock                                                Crew                                                       Victory Hotel, Brisbane: Mark Bono Trio
    X&Y, Valley: Tiger Beams / Miramar / The Last         Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Kedron: The Front              Woodland, Coniston Lane: Little Casino                     Woodland, Coniston Lane: No Anchor
    Outlaw / DJ Maggie Collins                            Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:              X&Y, Valley: A Family Of Strangers / From The              X&Y, Valley: Baby Seal Club / Werewolves / Chris
    Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Cartoon Physics           Locky / Berst                                          Ashes / Cutloose / Danny Cool                              Brady / Montpelier DJs / Charlie Hustle / Aniki
                                                          Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Flight Facilities / Tim         Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Cartoon Physics / The
    tHurSDaY FebruarY 10                                  Fuchs / Audun                                          Brunswicks / Bazalgette                                    SuNDaY FebruarY 13
    Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Magic                Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Steve Hill /                                                                   Arana Leagues Club, Arana Hills: Darren J Ray
    Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley: Lambda:            Pulsar / Suae / Dynasty / Karma                        SaturDaY FebruarY 12                                       Duo
    Bleeding Knees Club / Gold Fields / Millions          Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley: Tag Team /         Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Live Stand                Archive Beer Boutique, West End: Leigh Robke
    Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane:           Ryles & Dreseden / Nicd & Panda                        Up Comedy                                                  / B-Bass
    Billy Connolly                                        International Hotel, Spring Hill: Adrian Keys          Archive Beer Boutique, West End: Mark Lowndes              Bearded Dragon Hotel, Tamborine: Mick
    Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Flood Relief: Moons       Jimboomba Country Tavern: Double Dose                  Barra Bar, Springwood Tavern: Trust & Fall / Hal-          McHugh
    Of Jupiter / The Frail Marys / The Ginger Witches /   Kedron Park Hotel: Live Wire                           lows End / Friends With The Enemy / The Final Fall         Benowa Tavern, Sports Bar: Brett Hitchcock
    The Metric System                                     Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra: Tin Can Radio           BarSoma, Fortitude Valley: Ulterior                        Boundary Hotel, West End: Mojo Webb
    Cube Hotel, Toowoomba: Summer Guitar Festival         (launch) / Arch Dukes / Cat Magic                      Basement 243, Fortitude Valley: Without Wings              Breakfast Creek Hotel: Adrian Keys
    Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:             La La Land, Byron Bay: Ryan Rushton / Daniel           We Fall / Road To Ransome / Winterside / As                Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New
    Locky                                                 Webber                                                 Paradise Falls                                             Farm: Live Spark: Kathryn McKee / Silver Circus
    Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: Amanda               LandCruiser Mountain Park: Earth Freq: Ter-            Beach Hotel, Byron Bay: The Vaudeville Smash               Burleigh Heads Hotel: Simon Meola
    Palmer / Mikelangelo & The Tin Star with Saint        rafractyl / Djambouki / Meat Axe / Circuit Bent        Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: Smokestack Orchestra /                Casablanca, Petrie Terrace: Zouk Lambarda
    Clare / Kim Boekbinder                                / CC The Cat / Brian Sun: Monx / Spankinhide &
                                                          many more
                                                                                                                 Ironside / Halls Of Justice / London Bureau
                                                                                                                 Brewhouse, Brisbane City: Adrian Keys
                                                                                                                                                                            Coomera Lodge Hotel: Zone Music
                                                                                                                                                                            Dublin Docks Tavern, Harbour Town: The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   KeeP tHe Date
    La La Land, Byron Bay: Buzz / Daniel Webber
    Mana Bar, Fortitude Valley: Test Drive Unlimited      LocknLoad, West End: Andrew Baxter                     Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New                Mustard Duo
    2 Launch                                              Logan Entertainment Centre: Altiyan Childs             Farm: Temannya si Deva                                     Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley:               Remember how the floods cancelled some
    Music Kafe, West End: Underwood Mayne /               Met, The, Fortitude Valley: Ministry Of Sound          Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm: Waxing Lyri-                Block Party                                            shows? (And ruined a lot of people’s lives?) Well Mr
    Brendan Agius                                         Clubbers Guide: Andee / Pete Smith / Goodwill /        cal: Catherine Traicos / Edward Guglielmino                Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Stretch Paper Cranes
    Old Museum, Spring Hill: Lloyd Cole’s Small           Tom Piper / Nick Galea / Hello Australia DJs / Bossy   Casablanca, Petrie Terrace: DJ Misqo                       / Giv                                                  Maps (pictured) get back to some kind of normalcy
    Ensemble                                              / Mr Sparkle                                           Centenary Tavern, Middle Park: Todd Burns                  Harrigans Drift Inn, Gold Coast: Mason Rack            with the rescheduling of their launch show for their
    Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Running Guns /           Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: Shifting The            Cube Hotel, Toowoomba: Summer Guitar Festival              Band
                                                          Paradigm / Nemesphyxia / Dead Letter Opener /          Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Malfunke / Brett Sell-              La La Land, Byron Bay: Discrow / Easy-P                Wire Empire LP on Saturday Feb 12. Mr Maps return
    Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern:              Automata / Jesus Gunn                                  wood / Thomas J                                            LandCruiser Mountain Park: Earth Freq:                 to The Alley with supports Skinny Jean, Doom
                                                          Music Kafe, West End: Triplickit / Mitchy G & The      Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Aston                   Dropbear / Dubmarine / The Upsterppers / Sufi
    Matt Okine & Tommy Little / Mad Mike Bennett /
                                                          Bad Sims / Scenic Tour                                 Shuffle / Habebe / Jeremy Iliev / Tim Plunkett /           Soul Electronica / Sun Control Species / Unseen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Doom and Grids/Uni.
    Gary Fludder
    Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: I Exist / Phantoms /      Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley: DJ         Jason Morley                                               Dimensions & many more
    Fires Of Waco / Thick Skin                            X-Factor / DJ Adam                                     Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley: Kayli / Dr Rob /       LocknLoad, West End: Burl Ivers
    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:            Old Museum, Spring Hill: James Grehan / Jac            Jordan Who? / Aniki                                        LocknLoad, West End: Burl Band
    Alter Egos / Rokeby Venus                             Stone                                                  Fat Louie’s Pool Hall, Albert St: Army Of Champi-          Manly Hotel: Mr Perkins
    The Hi Fi, West End: Andrew McMahon / Leena           Platinum Nightclub, Broadbeach: Chardy / Minx          ons / Kill The Matador / The Blasted Heath / Nuclear       Queen Street Mall: QSM Live: Polynesian
    The Loft, Chevron Island: The Vaudeville Smash        / Gerry Morales / Craig Roberts / Joey Mojo            Summer                                                     Weekend
    (MEL) / Electrik Lemonade / Russian Kidd / Scott      Queen Street Mall: QSM Live: Polynesian                Hotel Morrison, Woolloongabba: Hemi Kingi Trio             Redland Bay Hotel: Swing Thing
    Teelow                                                Weekend                                                Ipswich Golf Club: Darren J Ray                            Redland Performing Arts Centre: The Searchers
    The Treehouse, Byron Bay: The Baby Seal Club          Racehorse Hotel: Josh Henry                            Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Linsey             Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:
    X&Y, Valley: Boys & Girls: Moon Jog / For This        Royal Exchange Hotel, Toowong: Mirror World            Pollak                                                     Alex Jones
    Cause / Moonfleet                                     Sherwood RSL: Akasa                                    Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Linsey             The Hi Fi, West End: The Getaway Plan / Alive /
    Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Georgia Potter / Kill-    Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern:               Pollack                                                    Secrets In Scale (U18)
    bot Kindergarten / Hunz / Killbot Kindergarten        Matt Okine & Tommy Little / Mad Mike Bennett /         La La Land, Byron Bay: Rhys Bynon / Miles Jr               Waterfront Hotel: Clark Brick
                                                          Gary Fludder                                           LandCruiser Mountain Park: Earth Freq: Fyah                Waterloo Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Out Of
    FriDaY FebruarY 11                                    SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL: Red Bantoo /
                                                                                                                 Walk / Moneky Marc / Tetrameth / Kalya Scintilla /         Abingdon
    Albion Comedy Club & Restaurant: Live Stand                                                                  Sensient / Farebi Jalebi / Mystic Beats & many more        X&Y, Valley: Dalis Angels / Cortez & Crow / Sexy
                                                          Spotted Cow, The, Toowoomba: The Baby Seal             LocknLoad, West End: Timbah                                Pie
    Up Comedy                                             Club / Montpelier / The Peel St Band
    Alderley Arms Hotel: The Green Sinatras                                                                      Met, The, Fortitude Valley: Disko Diva / Paul              Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Foster The People /
                                                          Step Inn (Front Bar), Fortitude Valley: Weap-          Ison / Pete Smith / Andee / Nick Galea / Malcolm           Belles Will Ring
    Archive Beer Boutique, West End: Matt                 onhead / Eden Must Burn / Nuclear Buddha /
    O’Donnell                                                                                                    & Austin & Ellie / Jeremy Broughton / Mr Sparkle /
    Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: Bec Plath / The Catchment
                                                          Nobodies Heroes                                        Roman Flachs                                               moNDaY FebruarY 14
    / Lucifer Sam
                                                          Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Mark Sultan / The
                                                                                                                 Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: K2 Duo                      Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane:            SHaKiN’ aLL over
    Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane:                                                                  Music Kafe, West End: Leggless / Lattitude /               Billy Connolly
                                                          Stones Corner Hotel: Scooby Don’t                      Bear Pilots
    Billy Connolly                                        Sun Distortion Studios, Albion: De Hoje Haele /                                                                   La La Land, Byron Bay: And Oh!                          You may remember Mark Sultan (pictured) from
    Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New                                                                  Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley:                LandCruiser Mountain Park: Earth Freq: Monoloc
                                                          Pastel Blaze / Dirty Bangkok Downers / CPR             DJ X-Factor                                                                                                       his other band, King Khan & The Shrines, but he re-
    Farm: The Residents: Lion Island                      Tempo Hotel (Bowler Bar), Fortitude Valley:                                                                       / Heynoka / SQL / An-Ten-Nae / Grouch / Kazu
    Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast: Bumehla                                                                    Nerang RSL, Gold Coast: Stairway                           Kimura / Janover / JPOD / Zavosh Rad / Opiuo /         turns on a solo jaunt this month to playing The Step
                                                          Duck Duck Goose                                        Norths Leagues & Services Club, Kallangur:
    Festival: Dan Sultan / Brothablack / Busby Marou /    Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley:                                                                        Spoonbill & many more
                                                                                                                 Altiyan Childs                                                                                                    Inn on Friday Feb 11. Can he top the hip-shaking

                       Egig E
    Bangarra Dance Theatre                                Mick Danby / The Wind Up Dolls                                                                                    The Boroughs, Scarborough: Out Of Abingdon

                    UIDUIDguiDe LiStiNgS are Free
    Bunya Sports Club: Darren J Ray                       The Alley, 77 Elizabeth St: Residency: Bang Bang                                                                                                                         good times that floored Sunset Sounds in 2010?
    Calypso Bar, Paddington: Jimi Beavis                  Boss Kelly / The Incredible Kicks / The Arachnids                                                                                                                        All signs point to yes! In something of a Mere Noise

    Caxton Hotel, Paddington: Stifflers Mum               The JOYnt, South Brisbane: The Vaudeville
    Centenary Tavern, Middle Park: Rhett Chapman          Smash / His Merry Men                                                                                                                                                    Records party, The Horrortones support, and tick-
    Chatswood Hills Tavern: K2 Duo                        The Loft, Chevron Island: Andrea Soler /                 SuBMIT YOuR GIGS ONLINE AT WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.cOM.Au                                                              ets are $18.40+bf.

          IDEIG EGI
    Coolangatta Hotel: Mason Rack                         Lamplights

D D                        AY
                  SATURDBRUARY                                                                 AY
                                                                                        SATURDRCH                                                             Coming

                  1 1TH FE                                                              5TH MA
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                  MASon RACK BAnD                                                          MICKEY AVALonUSA
                                                                                                                                                            WED 4 MAY
                                                                                                                                                                        KYUSS LIVES!FEAT nICK oLIVERI,GARCIA
                                                                                                                                                                                    BjoRK AnD joHn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 venue or ozTix outlets                 OZ
                                  ALBUM LAUnCH                                                                                                              THU 12 MAY
                                                                                                                                                                        SUICIDAL TEnDEnCIES USA
                                 8pm // Tix $12+bf                                                      8pm // Tix $35+bf                                                                                                

    FEBRuARY 8 2011
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