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Topic   Material Type         Title               Author                                 Summary                                  Length
                                                                                                                                           APS   WyGEC NAPSA

                                                                  Definitions of elder abuse and neglect, causes and
                                                                  manifestations of abuse through conversations with
        Video           The Hidden Sorrow
                                                                  victims and health care staff, and professionals in the
                                                                                                                            24 minutes     
                                                                  elder abuse field. Provides effective insight into aging.

                                                                  Examines four actual cases of elder abuse. Social
                                                                  Workers discuss intervention strategies, including
                        In Pursuit of a Life                      conduction assessments, developing service plans,
                        Without Violence                          coordination community services, affecting use of the
                                                                                                                         26 minutes        
                                                                  legal system, and building trusting relationships with

                                                                  Focuses on one specific case of elder abuse. A
                         Difficult Choices:                       Caseworker, lawyer, and other elder abuse
        Video            Ethical Issues in                        professionals discuss the civil rights of clients and     20 minutes     
                             Casework                             explore issues of self-determination, legal
                                                                  competency, and quality of life

                                                                  A documentary training videotape and accompanying
                                                                  guidebook, covering a series of five topics designed to
                                                                  help law enforcement personnel incorporate victim
                                                                  assistance into their everyday work.

                                                                  The five topics are:
        Video            In Crime's Wake                                                                                                   
                                                                  1. Making a Difference on Patrol                          13 minutes
                                                                  2. Domestic Violence: Escaping Abuse                      13 minutes
                                                                  3. Sexual Assault: Listening to Survivors                 10 minutes
                                                                  4. Elder Abuse: Hidden from View                          11 minutes
                                                                  5. It Can Happen to Anyone                                07 minutes
                           Elder Abuse:
                                                                  Detection and Reporting A Training Tape for Home
        Video             Detection and
                                                                  Health Personnel
                                                                                                                            13 minutes     
                        Alzheimer's Assoc.
                           Safe Return
                                                                  Police Training video for roll call and other briefings   10 minutes     

                        Elder Abuse: Five                         Five abused victims, telling their story. Intervention
                          Case Studies
                                               Woodson, C. 1993
                                                                  efforts illustrated throughout the video.
                                                                                                                            40 minutes                    
                                                  Portrays elder abuse in the institutional setting. A
                                                  single abusive incident is presented from the
Video     Incident Report
                                                  perspectives of the resident, nurse, complaint
                                                                                                            24 minutes     
                                                  investigator and administrator.

Video     Lucy Is Still Here                      Drama exploring dynamics of Exploitation                  33 minutes     
                                                  Program portrays the reality of elder abuse through
Video        I Grow Old                           the stories of five elderly people who have               30 minutes     
                                                  experienced it.

                                                  Designed to involve the community in the prevention
                                                  of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable
                                                  adults. Aimed at raising public awareness gives an
           Not Forgotton
                                                  verview of APS services and                            17 minutes           
                                                  abuse/neglect/exploitation issues by sharing 4 stories
                                                  about elderly victims of financial exploitation,
                                                  domestic violence, neglect and self-neglect

                                                  Identifies abuse as well as neglect in both private and
Video    Unheard Cries (TN)                       public settings and institutions and its goal is a "call to 13 minutes      

        No One Should Have
         to Live With Abuse
                                                  Caregivers who abuse (Oregon)                             8 minutes      

        The Victimization of
          Barbara White
                                                  An Eldercrime victim's powerful story                     15 minutes     

                                                  Follows over a period of seven years the case of
Video   I'd Rather Be Home                        Norman, an older man repeatedly abused by one of          30 minutes        
                                                  his adult sons.
                                                  Shows ways to identify the various forms of financial
        Financial Exploitation                    abuse of older adults by sales people, service
            of the Elderly                        providers and by family members or friends. Also
                                                                                                        25 minutes            
                                                  shows how to prevent such abuse.

                                                  Addresses elder abuse in the elder's family home and
         Care giving series:
                                   Healing Arts   is designed for home health agencies, hospices,
Video      Elder Abuse &
                                 Communications   community service agencies and others who train
                                                                                                       29 minutes          
                                                  professional and family caregivers.

                                                  Wellness, acknowledging and diffusing difficult
          Caregiving Series:                      emotions, goal setting and action planning, exercises
         Caregiver Wellness                       for relaxation and renewal, role of respite and
                                                                                                        32 minutes         
                                                  caregiver support.
             Elder Physical &                            Part 1: Describes medical signs and symptoms in
Video       Sexual Abuse: The             CDAA           detail and how to collect and document evidence in       1 hour 5 minutes   
              Medical Piece                              elder abuse investigations.

                                                         Part 2: Explores interviewing, multidisciplinary
                                                         approaches and prosecution strategies.
                                                                                                                  1 hour 6 minutes   

              A Safer Place,
                                                        Profiles two older adults who have been abused.
             Recognizing and        Illinois Department
                                           of Aging
                                                        Daughter speaks about how she abused her mother                              
            Coping with Elder
                                                        (caregiver stress), MDT.
                                                         89 year old rape victim escapes her attacker who is
Video      Rape in a Small Town                          later offered and accepts a plea bargain without the     73 minutes         
                                                         victim's involvment or consent.

                                                         Defines Alzheimer's Disease and its effects and
           Alzheimer's Disease:
                                                         teaches communication techniques that can bring a
Video            How to
                                                         higher quality of life both to the person who has the
                                                                                                                  30 minuets         
                                                         disease and to the caregiver.
                                                         Defines the complexitiies of elder abuse and the
             Elder Abuse and                             different forms of abuse: physical, sexual, neglect, self-
                                                                                                                    29 minutes       
                                                         neglect, emotional or psychological, financial and
                                                         Compulsive hoarding may be linked to obsessive
                                                                                                             28 minutes
Video             Packrat                                compulsive disorder. Video looks at what we know of
                                                                                                             52 minutes
                                                         causes and progression of this disorder.
           Financial Abuse of                            People we know and those we do not know who prey
                 Seniors                                 upon seniors.
                                                                                                          17 minutes                 
            Aging I: Meeting        Greg Monaco, Jim
              Basic Needs              Smith 1992
           Aging II: Living with    Greg Monaco, Jim
Video                                                                                                                                    
                 Dignity               Smith 1997

           Community Supports
                                      Janicki, Ansello
Language   for Aging Adults with
            Lifelong Disabilities

                                                       To make things easy, simple do-it-yourself home
                                    Greenstein, Doreen
Book       Easy Things to Make
                                                       modifications for older people and others with                                    
                                                       physical limitations.
                   Elder Abuse
                   Detection and
Book               Intervention: A         Brandl, Bonnie 2007                                     
                     Elder Care Made
                      Easier: Doctor
Book                Marion's 10 Steps       Somers, M. 2006                                        
                    Give You Hope in a
                       Time of Crisis

                     End of Life Care:
                    Bridging Disability
                                             Gaventa, W. &
Book                  and Aging with
                                            Coulter, D. 2005
                                            IMO Productions
Video              F.A.S.T.
                                                                 Financial Abuse Specialist Team   
                                            Status of Women
                      Family Violence         Council of the
                       Prevention Kit          Northwest
                                             Territories 1992

Book       Video        Fred's Story              1996                                             

                    It Shouldn't Be This
Book                Way: The Failure of       Kane, R. 2005                                        
                       Long-term Care

                   Late Life Depression:    Dartmouth-
Video                Depression in the   Hitchcock Medical                                         
                           Elderly          Center 2004
                       Life Course
                     Perspectives on  Seltzer, M., Krauss,
Language                                                                                           
                    Adulthood and Old M., Janicki, M. 1994

                   Medicare Matters:
                     What Geriatric
                   Medicine can Teach
                    American Health
                                             Cassel, C. 2007                                       
                    Care, with a New
            Meeting the Needs
           and Challenges of At-
           risk, Two-generation,
                                     Davis, S. 1994       
              Elderly Families

              Mental Health,
                                    Davisdson, P.,
            Disabilities and the
                                 Prascher, V., Janicki,   
                                       M. 2003
               Aging Process

            Older Adults with
Book         Developmental           Lavin, C. 1999       

            Residence Options
Book          for Older and        Lawrence, F. 2008      
             Disabled Clients
            Service Delivery to
            Rural Older Adults     Goins, R., Krout, J.
            Research Policy &
           Staying at Home: A
                                      Association of
Language   Guide to Long-term                             
                                     Retired Persons
            Care and Housing
            Straight Talk about
               Dementia: A
Video                                     2006            
              The Way Home:
Video      Finding Your Place in     Martin, J. 2001
             the Golden Years
             Vision Loss in an
             Aging Society: A      Crews, J. and Frank,
                                        J. 2000
            When People with
Book         Developmental                1990            
             Disabilities Age
       Words in My Hands:
       A Teacher, A Defa-
Book       blind, An      Chambers, D. 2005                                                                                           

                                                  This statewide APS training folder includes an agenda,
                                                  speakers' biographies, training evaluation forms, a list
                                                  of videos for law enforcement training, worksheets
                               Colorado Adult for police, APS and probate investigators and a few
         Conducting APS
                             Protective Services, additional handouts. Three workshop PowerPoint           76 pages, 1 document           
                                 Nov. 2003        printouts include 1) Documenting investigative
                                                  findings and preparing for court, 2) Multidisciplinary
                                                  approach to elder mistreatment investigations, and 3)
                                                  CAPS data at-a-glance.

                                                     Conference folder outlining a 2-day series of 24
                                                     training sessions. The conference, "Mirror into the
                                                     Future: Protecting Vulnerable Adults," was aimed at
                             NY State Children &
                                                     addressing adult abuse and neglect, enhancing the
                             Family Services, NY
       10th Annual NY State                          skills and knowledge of professionals, and assessing
                             Office for the Aging,
         Interdisciplinary                           future criticla needs. The folder includes the training
       Training Institute on
                             Brookedale Center
                                                     agenda, brief summaries of workshop sessions and
                                                                                                               70 pages, 1 document       
                                 on Aging and
           Adult Abuse                               presenters, a New York State-specific discussion
                               Hunter College,
                                                     paper, registration forms, a participatn list, a resource
                                October 2003
                                                     list of the leading national organizations involved in
                                                     elder abuse prevention and a few workshop
                                                Multidisciplinary training manual about ethical
                                                concepts. Is a companion piece for a 1995 publication
                                                in Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, but is a useful
                                                resource in itself. Seven modules include ethical
        Elder Mistreatment:
                            National Committee conetps and issues, dilemmas and ethical decision-
           Ethical Issues,
                             for the Prevention making in the following topic areas: APS, Long-Term
PDF        Dilemmas, and
                               of Edler Abuse, Care Ambudsman Services, Legal, Medical, Mental
                                                                                                        Binder, 1 document          
                                 NCEA, 1998     Health, Case Management and Communicative Ethics.
         (trainers manual)
                                                Appendices include the codified ethical principles of a
                                                variety of relevant professions, an ethical frameowrk
                                                and diagnostic for difficult situations, and a half day
                                                ethics workshop agenda.

          A Basic Guide to
                                                     Section titles include: overview, guardianship,
                             Colorado Dept. of       conservatorship, power of attorney, medical advance
                            Human Services for       directives, representative payee, abuse of authority,
                                County APS           resources for further information. Each section
PDF     Powers of Attorney,
                             Caseworkers and         presents definitions, describes procedures involved
                                                                                                           163 pages, 2 documents   
         Medical Advance
                                Supervisors          (including changing and termination), along with
           Directives and
                              October, 2003          relevant statutes. Intended as a supplement to legal

        CDAA Elder Physical                        Two-part video featuring nationally recognized
                               California District
         and Sexual Abuse:                         medical, prosecution and social services experts
         The Medical Piece
                                                   addressing evidence-based prosection, and medical
                                                                                                         2 hours of video           
                               Association 2003
            (Parts I & II)                         signs and symptoms of abuse.

                               Oklahoma Adult
           New Worker         Protective Services,
          Academy 2004          Aging Services
                                                                                                         840 pages, 7 documents     
                                Division, 2004
                                CO Division of
                                Insurance, CO
                                                    Video aimed at helping seniors identify types of
                              Coalition for Edler
                                                    scams, recognize fraud situations, and know what to
         Senior Security:      Rights and Adult
                                                    do if they are victimized. Experts diccuss why seniors
Video   Avoiding Scans and    Protection, Denver
                                                    are vulnerable, common characteristics of con artists,
                                                                                                           29 minutes             
        Fraud in Colorado     DA's Office, Kaiser
                                                    types of fraud, the importance of reporting crimes,
                                                    adn resources for victims. Handouts available.
                                Denver TRIAD

                                                  One-day training offers an overview of the
                                                  intersection of aging and alcohol problems, explores
         Adressing Alcohol       APS Training
                                                  family and caregigving issues and discusses methods
PDF     Problems in Elderly   Institute - Rutgers
                                                  of intervention. Material includes articles,
                                                                                                          18 pages                
              Clients          University, 1997
                                                  descriptions of indicators and effects of heavy
                                                  drinking and assessment tools.

                                                  One-day training developed to provide workers with
                                                  information that will assist them in recognizing
                                                  potential risk factors as well as guidelines to
                                 APS Training
        Health and Safety                         safeguard them in the home setting. Though the
          Issues in APS
                              Institute - Rutgers
                                                  agenda for this training as presented is more
                                                                                                          11 pages, 1 document    
                               University, 1999
                                                  comprehensive, materials donated to the library
                                                  include only informational handouts on standard
                                                  precautions, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS.

                                 APS Training
         Family Dynamics
                              Institute - Rutgers                                                         17 pages, 1 document    
                               University, 1997

                                                  One-day training offers identifies ethical theories and
                                                  principals that will help participants in managing
                                 APS Training     ehtical dilemmas in clinical practice. Material includes
PDF      Ethics in Action     Institute - Rutgers analysis of ethical standards, a conflict mode index     26 pages, 1 document   
                               University, 1999 tool, mediation and dispute resolution strategies, an
                                                  article, consultation guidelines, a simulation and case
                                                  study exercise.
                                                           Training offers an in-depth look at a range of
                                                           personality disorders. Material includes discussions
                                          APS Training
                  Advanced Worker                          of the associated problems faced by social workers,
                                       Institute - Rutgers
                                                           various therapeutic approaches dependent on the
                                                                                                                     24 pages, 1 document   
                                        University, 2001
                                                           type of disorder and tips for managing difficult

                                                           This training offers an overview of case management
                 Working with Blind       APS Training     with blind and visually impaired clients. Material
PDF                 and Visually       Institute - Rutgers includes vignettes and guidelines for assessment and 25 pages, 1 document        
                  Impaired Clients      University, 2004 intervention, a functional vision screening tool and a
                                                           resource list.

                                                           Training includes definitions, descriptions, and
                                                           discussion of the distress and impairment caused by
                 Hoarding Behavior:       APS Training
                                                           hoarding behavior of older adults. An obsessive-
PDF               From Clutter to      Institute - Rutgers
                                                           compulsive rating scale, assessment tools, tips for
                                                                                                                     23 pages, 1 document   
                       Chaos            University, 2004
                                                           working with older adult hoarders and an article on
                                                           the subject are included.

                                                           This folder of materials contains an assortment of
                                                           handouts used over time for a variety of training
                                           Utah Adult      purposes by the Utah APS Division of Aging & Adult
                                       Protective Services Services. Content areas include APS philosphy, values
                  Utah Certification
Word Documents                          Division of Aging and ethics; domestic violence; writing/documentation
                                       and Adult Services, skills; healthy and unhealthy aging indicators; legal
                                              2003         issues and working with law enforcement; diversity;
                                                           interviewing skills; assessment; local collaborator and
                                                           county agency contacts; and case scenarios.

                                                       Includes a review of "Elder Abuse Case Worker
                                                       Training" sections on ethical issues, victim capacity,
                                                       guardianship, legal tools and going to Court. An
                                                       accompanying Forms Booklet contains forms,
                   Elder Abuse and
                                                       information and instructions for health/mental
                  Neglect Program: Illinois Department
                 Caseworker Training   of Aging, 2003
                                                       health, guardianship, domestic violence, financial     207 pages, 4 documents        
                                                       exploitation and legal issues. The accompanying
                       Phase II
                                                       "Elder Abuse and Neglect Program: Caseworker
                                                       Training Phase II Trainer's Guidebook," NAPSA library
                                                       ID#84 includes step-by-step instructions for this
                                                       Informational material detailing Elder Abuse and
                                                       Neglect Program standards and procedures. Material
                                                       includes in-depth information on administration, case
              Elder Abuse and                          planning and intervention practices, documentation
              Neglect Program:     Illinois Department requirements, legal issues, and so forth. Also
               Standards and           on Aging, 2002 included are a variety of relevant forms with
                                                                                                             700 pages, 4 documents   
             Procedures Manual                         instructions. This manual was developed specifically
                                                       for the Illinois Dept. on Aging and Elder Abuse
                                                       Provider Agencies, though much of the information
                                                       may be useful to other states.

                                                        Material covers APS screening and referral
                                     Oklahoma State
                Taking Adult                            procedures; assessing activities of daily living (ADL)
                                     Office of Adult
PowerPoint   Protective Services
                                   Protective Services,
                                                        capacity; dynamics and types of elder abuse and           21 slides           
                  Referrals                             warning signs. Also included are a unit quiz and
                                                        training evaluation form.

                                     Oklahoma State       Material covers ethical issues in APS relevant to staff
                                     Office of Adult      roles and responsibilities, caseworker principles and
PowerPoint   Ethical Issues in APS
                                   Protective Services,   client rights. Includes seven different case examples
                                                                                                                  33 slides           
                                          2004            and a training evaluation form.

                                                          This workshop discusses the aging process and
                                   Oklahoma State         addresses working with special populations in APS,
             Speical Populations   Office of Adult        including culturally diverse, developmentally disabled,
                   in APS        Protective Services,     mentally ill and substance abuser populations.
                                                                                                                  15 slides           
                                        2004              Material oncultural competence is more developed
                                                          while other topics are in brief outline format.

                                                        Training material contains basic facts about finanical
                                                        exploitation. Information includes: 1) issues
                                     Oklahoma State
              Investigating and                         particularly relevant to caretakers, 2) indicators, 3)
                                     Office of Adult
PowerPoint      Documenting
                                   Protective Services,
                                                        risk factors, 4) perpetrator characteristics and       27 slides              
                 Exploitation                           behaivors, and 5) inverstigation goals and procedures.
                                                        Material also included a case example for discussion,
                                                        a quiz and training evaluation form.
                                                          Training material contains answers to commonly
                                     Oklahoma State       asked questions, offers definitions of capacity and
             Assessing Capacity to   Office of Adult      undue influence. Looks at conditions impacting
                   Consent         Protective Services,   capacity, assessment issues and related law and
                                                                                                                 23 slides     
                                          2004            policy. Material includes several case examples for
                                                          discussion, a short quiz and training evaluation form.

                                                        Training covers assessing the value and reliability of
                                     Oklahoma State
                                                        informatino, discusses the substantiation process and
              Substantiating APS     Office of Adult
                Investigations     Protective Services,
                                                        offers tools and guidance for systematic decision-     16 slides       
                                                        making. Material includes a case scenario for
                                                        discussion, a quiz and training evaluation form.

                                  Oklahoma State          Training considers what constitutes an "emergency"
                                  Office of Adult         and discusses response priorities and conditions for
PowerPoint   Emergencies in APS
                                Protective Services,      immediate threats to life. Material includes five case
                                                                                                                   13 slides   
                                       2004               examples, a quiz and training evaluation form.

                                                       Training provides definitions, indicators, and
                                                       descriptions of self-neglect; and discusses Activities of
                                    Oklahoma State
                                                       Daily Living (ADL), capacity to consent, and other
             Self-Neglect: People   Office of Adult
                  on the Edge     Protective Services,
                                                       ethical dilemmas. Materials offer guidelines for APS 30 slides          
                                                       service planning for self-neglect cases, and
                                                       assessment tools. Case study profiles, a quiz, and a
                                                       training evaluation form are included as well.

             The How's and Why's
                                                          Training offers in-depth information related to the
                 of Due Process,
                                     Oklahoma State       Protective Services for Vulnerable Adults Act and
              Evidence, and Going
                                     Office of Adult      related laws. Material discusses due process, and
PowerPoint     to Court under the
                                   Protective Services,   provides legal definitions for such things as neglect,
                                                                                                                   46 slides   
               Protective Services
                                          2004            sexual abuse and financial exploitation. A quiz and
             for Vulnerable Adults
                                                          training evaluation form are included.
                                                      Training covers abuse indicators, investigative
                                   Oklahoma State
                                                      protocols, victim and perpetrator characteristics, and
             Investigating Abuse   Office of Adult
                 and Neglect     Protective Services,
                                                      intervention options. jMaterial also offers perpetrator 34 slides      
                                                      interviewing guidelines and a discussion of shame.
                                                      Training evaluation form included.

                                                         APS new worker training on case documentation
                                    Oklahoma State       contrains documentation guidelines, professional
              Documenting APS       Office of Adult      standards, observational categories, evidentiary and
PowerPoint                                                                                                       29 slides
                  Cases           Protective Services,   treatment considerations. A case study to practice
                                         2004            documentation skills and a training evaluation form
                                                         are also included.

                                                       Training covers definitions and myths around sexual
                                                       abuse, indicators, perpetrator characteristics, family
                                    Oklahoma State
               Introduction to                         dynamics, barriers to reporting, consent issues, and
                                    Office of Adult
PowerPoint       Sexual Abuse
                                  Protective Services,
                                                       other legal considerations. Material includes             42 slides   
                Investigations                         guidelines for building a sex abuse investigation, as
                                                       well as techniques for interview victims, non-
                                                       offending family members and perpetrators.

                                                         Training covers definitions, indicators, criteria and
                                    Oklahoma State       tools used to determine the existence and extent of
               Identifying and
                                    Office of Adult      verbal abuse. Investigative tips and intervention
PowerPoint   Investigating Verbal
                                  Protective Services,   strategies are emphasized. A bibliography and list of
                                                                                                                 40 slides   
                                         2004            useful website are also provided, along with a training
                                                         evaluation form.

                                                         Training describes APS service goals and components,
                                    Oklahoma State       and provides guidelines for developing a successful
             Service Planning for   Office of Adult      service plan. Material discusses keys to working with
                     APS          Protective Services,   neglect, abuse and exploitation victims and
                                                                                                               22 slides     
                                         2004            perpetrators, case documentation and service
                                                         options. Quiz and training evaluation form included.

                                                      Ethical issues covered include: gauging capacity,
                Ethical and Legal   Wyoming State considering key definitions (i.e. safety, justice). Good
PowerPoint   Issues and Standards   Office of Adult   discussion of autonomy and varying levels of          74 slides        
                   of Practice    Protective Services restriction. Includes practical guidelines as well as
                                                      case studies.
                                                       Explains prevalence and controversial nature of self-
                                     Wyoming State neglect in APS. Describes indicators, causes, APS
PowerPoint     APS Self-Neglect      Office of Adult   practice guidelines. Discusses capacity screening and 72 slides                  
                                   Protective Services action plan possibilities. Stresses the client's right to

                                                       Defines terms: vulnerable adult, self-neglect, capacity
                                                       to consent, verbal and physical abuse, exploitation,
              Vulnerable Adult       Wyoming State
                                                       abandonment. Also explains risk factors, barriers to
PowerPoint     Abuse/Neglect         Office of Adult
                                                       detection. Provides brief listing of APS services
                                                                                                               60 slides                
             Awareness Training    Protective Services
                                                       available to vulnerable adults. Discusses duty to
                                                       report and immunity, how to report.

              Crime of the '90's:
                 The Financial       Wyoming State
PowerPoint   Exploitation of Infirm  Office of Adult                                                           62 slides                
              Adults, Particularly Protective Services
                  the Elderly

                                                     Defines and discusses the different types and
                                                     prevalence of elder abuse as well as the role and
               Elder Abuse and                       responsibility of APS agencies. It ocnsiders causes and
                                    Brandt Chvirko,
               Neglect: Current                      predictors of abuse, examines profiles of victims and
                Research and
                                   Administration on
                                                     abusers, and additionally considers cultural barriers to
                                                                                                              37 slides                 
                                      Aging, 2004
                   Practice                          reporting and inverstigating elder abuse. Presentation
                                                     also rferences a companion video, "The Hidden

                                                         Training guidebook for training intended to bring
              Building a Coalition
                                                         people together to form coalitions against domestic
             to Combat Domestic Wisconsin Coalition
                                                         violence later in life. Guidebook discusses purpose of
PDF           Abuse in Later Life: Against Domestic
                                                         training, keys to success and how to use the training
                                                                                                                170 pages, 1 document   
                 Planning and       Violence, 2003
                                                         guide, including objectives, agenda, descriptions of
                Training Guide
                                                         activities, talking points and timing.
                                                         Goal is to increase awareness of mandatory reporting
             Elder Abuse, Neglect                        requirements and improve communication between
                                     Florida Dept. of
               and Exploitation                          professionals and abuse hotline. First half provides all
                  Training for
                                       Children and
                                                         necessary definitions of terms, such as vulnerable
                                                                                                                  27 slides        
                                      Families, 2003
                 Professionals                           adult, abuse, exploitation, etc. Second half explains
                                                         the FL hotline procedures.

                  Anticipate:                           Interactive training to enhance the safety planning
              Identifying Victim    Wisconsin Coalition skills of professionals working with older victims
PDF              Strengths and       Against Domestic and/or people with disabilities. Training was created       46 pages         
              Planning for Safety     Violence, 2003    to facilitate dialogue across disciplines. Complete
                   Concerns                             materials available from NCALL for $40.

                                                     Training material offers a review of the Adult
                                   Alabama Adult     Protective Services Act, and an elementary overview
PowerPoint   Abuse/Neglect/Explo
                                 Protective Services of abuse, neglect and exploitation issues including
                                                                                                                  34 slides        
                                                     definitions, indicators and photographs.

                                                       Comprehensive training material includes training
                                                       orientation, outline, four modules with pre/post
                                                       tests, training evaluations and final exam. Four
                                                       modules cover 1) overview of APS population,
               New APS Social       Las Angeles County
                                                       policies, porcedures, ethics, and legal issues; 2)
PDF             Worker Core          Adult Protective
                                                       worker safety, cultural sensitivity, time and stress
                                                                                                            25 pages, 1 document   
               Training outline       Services, 2003
                                                       management, other public programs for clients; 3)
                                                       mental health, scuidie, developmental disabilities,
                                                       conservatorship, domestic violence, substance abuse;
                                                       4) financial abuse and the criminal justice system.

                                                        Training material covers essential information
                                      Alabama Adult
PowerPoint      Worker Safety
                                    Protective Services
                                                        regarding worker safety, including predicting and         15 slides        
                                                        dealing with violence and action plans.

                                                        Basic guidelines for preparing for court, including tips
                                      Alabama Adult
PowerPoint   Preparing for Court
                                    Protective Services
                                                        for filing a petition, the hearing, demeanor in the      18 slides         
                                                        courtroom and testimony.
                                                         Mateirial consists of a PowerPoint presentation and
                                       Utah Adult
                                                         word document handouts covering how to handle
                                   Protective Services
             Intake Training 2003:                       intake calls, appropriate attitude and behavior,
                Just a Call Away
                                    Division of Aging
                                                         listening skills and building relationships. Training
                                                                                                               45 pages, 1 document     
                                   and Adult Services,
                                                         includes quizzes, exercises and summary sheets of key

                                                     The material describes a pilot training program
              Loss Management:                       intended to raise awareness and train financial center
                Elder Fraud and        Wachovia      staff to identify, prevent and report suspected cases
               Abuse Prevention    Corporation, 2004 of financial exploitation. The material includes pilot
                                                                                                            6 pages, 1 document         
                   Program                           training program history, training content outine and
                                                     pilot project results.

                                                        Training describes the components of an APS
                                     Oklahoma State
                                                        investigation process and defines differences
               The Investigative     Office of Adult
                    Process        Protective Services,
                                                        between an investigation on self-neglect and an        11 slides                
                                                        investigation on caretaker abuse or neglect. A quiz
                                                        and training evaluation are included.

                                                       Material covers elder abuse supervisor leadership
                                                       skills and worker motivation. Also discusses
               Elder Abuse and
                                   Illinois Department supervisor responsibilities such as interviewing and
PDF           Neglect Supervisor
                                          on Aging     training new staff, day-t-day activities such as billing,
                                                                                                                 20 pages               
                                                       assigning cases and monitoring quality assurance.
                                                       Additionally, some legal issues are covered.

                                                       Material consists of two booklets: a handbook for
                                                       participants and a trainer's guide. Trainer's guidebook
                                                       comes with instructions for activities, key points and
                                                       substantial background information for each segment
               Elder Abuse and
                                                       of the training. Participant handbook includes
               Neglect Program     Illinois Department
                Recertification           on Aging
                                                       objectives, agenda, handouts, sample forms and          362 pages, 2 documents   
                                                       worksheets. Content reviewed includes the Elder
                                                       Abuse and Neglect Act, assessing victim risk, cross-
                                                       cultural communication, interviewing skills, case
                                                       planning and maintaining APS worker's own
                                                       emotional well-being.
                                                       This program was developed by the Illinois State Traid
                                                       and its member organizations in conjunction with the
                                                       banking industry. Its purpose is to train banking
                                                       personnel in identifying situations in which seniors
            B SAFE: Bankers and                        are being financially exploited. Bankers, especially
               Seniors Against     Illinois Department tellers, are in a unique position to help prevent and   29 pages & 10 minute
            Financial Exploitation     on Aging, 2001 stop financial exploitation since many crimes and        video
               Training Manual                         frauds involving frinancial exploitation or anuse start
                                                       or end at the bank. The messages are equally
                                                       important for seniors. Therefore, the materials in
                                                       Section Three are adapted for presentation to

                                                    Booklet contains written text of the Elder Abuse and
                                                    Neglect Act, Code of Criminal Procedures of 1963,
            Elder Abuse Neglect Illinois Department Code of Civil Procedures, Probate Act of 1975, and
PDF                                                                                                         30 pages
            Act and Related Laws    on Aging, 2003 Power of Attorney Act of 1987. Material is aimed at
                                                    and contains a list of mandated reporters, and Illinois
                                                    elder abuse agencies listed by county.

                                                      Aimed at raising awareness and informing
                                                      professionals of their responsibility to report elder
               Reporting Edler
                                                      abuse. The material contains elder abuse definitions,
                Abuse: What       Illinois Department
             Professionals Need       on Aging, 2003
                                                      indicators and reporting information. Legal issues    18 pages                        
                                                      such as testifying requirements and protection for
                  to Know
                                                      reporters also discussed. Material includes list of
                                                      elder abuse agencies in Illinois by county.

                                                       This manual, specific to Wisconsin systems and
                                                       statutes is intended for professionals in the APS, elder
              Creating Safer          Wisconsin
                                                       abuse and animal protection fields to expand their
             Communities for        Department of
             Older Adults and       Family Services,
                                                       working knowledgeo f the roles of companion              156 pages, 1 document   
                                                       animals in patterns of abuse, exploitation and self-
            Companion Animals            2003
                                                       neglect. Also included is a flyer describing the video
                                                       "Animal Hoarding: A Community Task Force"
                                                         This is a comprehensive APS worker training program
                APS Training          APS Training       for new APS workers in New Jersey. Topics include
PDF            Institute: Basic     Institute, Rutgers   neglect, intake, gaining access, financial exploitation, 415 pages, 3 documents   
               Worker Training       University 2003     interviewing skills, medical aspects of abuse and
                                                         neglect, legal issues, etc.

             Abuse, Neglect and     Maine Bureau of
                                                                                                               16 pages, 24 minute
PDF/Video       Exploitation in     Elder and Adult
              Licensed Facilities    Services, 2001

                                    Michelle Haddock,
                 Elder Abuse
                                    Riverside County                                                           175 slides                  

                                                      This collection of materials includes a learning tool
                                                      titled "Twenty Questions," that addresses case
                                    Arizona Aging and
                                                      planning and family-centered casework, lists of core
               Ariona APS Core            Adult
                   Training          Administration,
                                                      competencies in various areas of APS, and materials      50 pages, 1 document        
                                                      that discuss adult learning theory. A brochure listing
                                                      course topic and content areas for the Arizona APS
                                                      Training Program also included.

                                                         This material describes an elder abuse prevention
                  Manual for
                                                         campaign developed to reach three target audiences
             Implementing Elder
                                                         in Pennsylvania: African-American, Hispanic and rural
              Abuse Prevention
                                      Pennsylvania       elderly. It contains documentation of the
             Media Campaigns for                                                                               79 pages, 1 document &
              Special Audiences:
                                     Corporation for     development of activities that created the media and
                                                                                                               3 minute video
                                       Aging, 1996       outreach effort. Designed to provide a framework for
              African American,
                                                         other communities that may decide to use all or part
              Hispanic, and Rural
                                                         of teh "Honor and Respect" campaign to reach special
                                                         populations and show the developmental process.

                                                         The stated goal of this training is to "enhance the
                                  Oregon Department      ability for quick and effective communication
               Nip It In the Bud:
                                      of Human           between residents and/or their advocates and
              Communicating to
                                   Resources, Senior     nursing facility staff when care problems arise so as to
PDF             Prevent Care
                                     and Disabled        prevent the situation from escalating into abuse."
                                                                                                                  43 pages, 1 document     
             Problems in Nursing
                                   Services Division,    Other topics include selecting a facility, role of the
                                         1998            family, outlining care expectations, care planning and
                                                         effective patient advocacy.
                                                    Designed to educate community about problems
                                Texas Department
            Adult Abuse                             faced by elderly and disabled adults. Discusses adult
           Prevention Kit
                                  of Family and
                                                    abuse and how to prevent it. Available in spanish or
                                                                                                            32 pages, 1 document   
                                Protective Services

                                                     This item entitled "Blended Learning for APS in-home
                                                     Skills Training" is a CD for a web-based training
                                                     program, meant to accompany on the job training.
                                                     Three modules on the CD. First module describes
                                Texas Department blended learning, distance learning and technology-
         BLAS Web-Based            of Family and     based training. Second module covers teh APS in-
           Curriculum           Protective Services, home policy handbook, client population, ANE and
                                                                                                             3 modules on CD       
                                       2004          investigation entities. Another module details APS
                                                     services, service planning and delivery, intake, needs
                                                     assessment, investigation, emergency services, public
                                                     and private resources, legal intervention, referrals to
                                                     guardianship and exit strategies.

            Response to
Video                            Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
          Vulnerable Adult
         When Help There
Video   Was: Four Stories of     Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
           Edler Abuse

Video    The Golden Years        Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
        Serving the Victim of
           Elder Abuse: A
                                 Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
          Team Approach

           Charting New
        Waters: Responding
Video   to Violence Against      Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
            Women and

Video      Breaking Point        Terra Nova Films                                                                                  
             Institutional Abuse:
Video             Everyone's        Terra Nova Films                                                                               

              Competence with
               Compassion: An
Video         Abuse Prevention      Terra Nova Films                                                                               
             Training Program for
             Long Term Care Staff

Video           In Your Hands       Terra Nova Films                                                                               

Video            A Safer Place      Terra Nova Films                                                                               

                                                         Illustrates via scenarios, visual descriptions and
                                  Oregon Department      interview the factors contributing to elder abuse in
                                      of Human           American Indian Communities and presenting ideas
             Restoring the Sacred
                                   Resources, Senior     on addressing the problems through a                   30 minutes         
                                     and Disabled        multidisciplinary effort. Accompanying material,
                                   Services Division     "Sample Tribal Abuse Training Manual" is also vailable
                                                         through NAPSA library.

                  The Multi-
             disciplinary Team in   Jean Craig, MSN,
PowerPoint    Action: Risk 2006     RN, CNS & Lloydel                                                          PPT                 
               Assessment and         Roesch, MFT

             Interview Techniques
              and Considerations
PowerPoint      for Victims with  Scott J. Modell, PhD                                                         1 PPT               
                Learning from        Holly Ramsey-
                   Victims           Klawsnik, Ph.D.
                                                                                                               PPT                 
             The Case of Verbalee
               T: Defining Elder
                  abuse and       Jane Raymond and
              Applications of the   Linda Dawson
                                                                                                               PDF (3 documents)   
              Power and Control
                  Creating a Virtual
                   Forensic Center:
                                          Mary Counihan,
Word Documents     Providing Expert
                                                                 Word Document     
                  Consultations and

                 Domestic Violence: A Chuck Diviney, MC,
                  Clinical Perspective       LPC
                                                                 1 PPT             

                 High-Tech Evidence
                      in Court
                                          Michael Fermin         1 PPT             
                 Where Angels Fear
                   to Tread: APS          Susan Castaño,
                 Worker Safety in the      MSW, LCSW
                                                                 1 PPT             

                      BITS Fraud
                  Protection Tool Kit:
PowerPoint           Collaboration     Joseph Snyder, MA         1 PPT             
                 Between APS and the
                   Financial Industry

                    Ageism and
                                          Kim R. Hubbard,
Word Documents     Protectionism:
                                                                 1 Word document   
                   Walking the Line
                    Ageism and
                                          Kim R. Hubbard,
Word Documents     Protectionism:
                                                                 1 Word document   
                   Walking the Line
                   We Are Not Bill
PDF                                     Patricia Stanis, Ph.D.   3 PDF documents   
                 Reaching Within: The
                                      Nyla A. McCarthy,
PowerPoint         APS Journey Into
                                         MSW, RMT
                                                                 3 PPT documents   
                   Ethics and Values

                 Interview Techniques
                  and Disability Abuse
                                       Scott J. Modell, PhD      1 PPT             

                   Decision Support
PDF                Systems for Adult        Mark Sellers         1 PDF             
                  Protective Services
               Investigation and
                                        Arlene M.
PDF              Prosecution of
                                      Markarian, Esq.
                                                            1 PDF   
                Domestic Elder
                  Abuse Cases

               DANGER ZONE:
               Assessing When          Carol Dayton,
             Caregiving Becomes         ACSW, LISW
                                                            1 PDF   

              Is It Abuse, Or Are
                    They 'Just
             Mosqueda, MD, and
                                     Arlene Groh, RN,
                Gerlyn Glidden,
                                     and Det. Michael       1 PPT   
               Evolution of the
              Restorative Justice
             Approaches to Elder
                Abuse Project"

                                    Bernardine Brooks,
                                     MPS, LSW, Susan
              Transforming Silos
                 into Bridges
                                     Goodwyn, MSW,          1 PPT   
                                    and Sylvia Pla-Raith,
                                         MA, LSW
                                      Holly Ramsey-
                                    Klawsnik, PhD, and
PowerPoint   APS Supervision Skills                         1 PPT   
                                     Joanne M. Otto,
                                    Laura Giles, MSG,
              The Archstone EAN            Lori
PowerPoint   Initiative: Innovative Delagrammatikas,        1 PPT   
             Educational Products MSW, and Betty
                                      Malks, MSW

               Serving Disabled
             Victims of Domestic      Heidi Galleone,
             Violence and Sexual          LMSW
                                                            1 PDF   
              Power of Attorney
              Abuse: New Legal
               and Legislative
                                       Lori A. Stiegel, JD                                                        1 PPT         

                                  Oregon Department
                                      of Human
             Restoring the Sacred
                                   Resources, Senior                                                              30 minutes    
                                     and Disabled
                                   Services Division

              What's Age Got to
                Do With It?
                                       Terra Nova Films                                                                         

                                                       Companion video to "Restoring the Sacred Circle:
                                                       Responding to Elder Abuse in American Indian
                                    Oregon Department
                                                       Communities," a video that is also available through
                                        of Human
             Roll Call: Elder Abuse                    the NAPSA library. Illustrates via several scenarios the
                 - Gary Farmer
                                     Resources, Senior
                                                       various types of abuse. Directed toward Tribal law
                                                                                                                14 minutes      
                                       and Disabled
                                                       enforcement officers, but useful for anyone working
                                     Services Division
                                                       with American Indian communities. Emphasizes
                                                       writing a report and contacting APS.

                                      Oregon Department
             Roll Call: Elder Abuse       of Human       Essentially the same as "Roll Call Elder Abuse",
Video              - For Law           Resources, Senior however, has a different host and slightly different     14 minutes    
                 Enforcement             and Disabled    script. Intended for law enforcement.
                                       Services Division

                                  Oregon Department
                                                             A revealing and moving description of her ordeal by a
                                      of Human
             The Victimization of                            90 year old victim of physical assault, robbery and
               Barbara White
                                   Resources, Senior
                                                             kidnapping. Also describes the reactions of the bank,
                                                                                                                   14 minutes   
                                     and Disabled
                                                             criminal justice system and her relatives.
                                   Services Division
                                                  Two videos and accompanying manuals. Set 1
                             Oregon Department    illustrates via several scenarios how bank employees
          Preventing Elder
                                 of Human         can recognize, respond to and report possible
         Exploitation: How
                              Resources, Senior   financial exploitation. Set 2 illustrates how banks can 32 minutes           
                                and Disabled      conduct educational seminars for older persons in
          Banks Can Help
                              Services Division   their communties regarding how to avoid

                            Oregon Department
                                                  Illustrates via scenarios examples of abusive behavior
                                of Human
         A Helping Hand for                       by caregivers of adults with disabilities and describes
                             Resources, Senior
                                                  warning signs for which caregivers can be on the
                                                                                                          20 minutes           
                               and Disabled
                             Services Division

                            Oregon Department
                                                  Illustrates via scenarios examples of abusive behavior
                                of Human
        Nobody Should Have                        by caregivers of older persons (one scene with
         to Live with Abuse
                             Resources, Senior
                                                  younger persons with disabilities) in different settings.
                                                                                                            10 minutes         
                               and Disabled
                                                  Discusses contributing factors.
                             Services Division

                                                  The overall goal of this training is to increase
                                                  awareness of mandatory reporting requirements and
                                                  to improve communication between professionals in
                                                  the service delivery environment. It includes Abuse
                                                  Hotline information that is specific to Floriday and
                              Florida Department
        Elder Abuse, Neglect,                     more generally applicable information about hotline
                                of Elder Affairs,
          and Exploitation:                       protocols. Learning objectives include recognizing
             Training for
                              Florida Department
                                                  indicators of abuse, neglect and exploitation;
                                                                                                       55 pages (1 document)   
                                of Children and
            Professionals                         understanding mandatory reporting' identifying and
                                 Families, 2004
                                                  defining key terms in Hotline reporting;
                                                  understanding hotline protocols and procedural
                                                  requirements to faster complete accurate reports;
                                                  and understanding the importance of confidnetiality
                                                  before, during and after a report is made.
       Call to Action for
         Responding to                            Paper presents suggestions for establishing and
                              The It's My Right
PDF   Violence and Abuse
                                                  coordinating system of services to prevent and           15 pages (1 document)   
      Against People with                         respond to abuse of people with disabilities.

                                                  Booklet was produced by the International
                                                  Association of Chiefs of Police as a resource for victim
                                                  service professionals who have recently entered the
      Backing the Badge:                          law enforcement arena, community-based advocates
      Working Effectively                         who law enforcement agencies and those considering
           with Law
                              Association of
                                                  a victim service career within the field of law
                                                                                                           8 pages (1 document)    
                              Chiefs of Police
        Enforcement                               enforcement. Introduces terms, concepts and
                                                  practices associated with law enforcement and was
                                                  created to offer victim service professionals basic
                                                  information on working with law enforcement.

                                                  Project catalogued and analyzed the 327 calls
                              County Welfare
      A Day in the Life of                        received by California APS offices on March 5, 2004.
PDF    Adult Protective
                               Association of
                                                  Purpose was to educate the reader about types of         51 pages (1 document)   
           Services                               clients served by APS, the array of calls received and
                              California, 2004
                                                  the complexity of issues involved.

                                                  This article presents a cross-disability review of the
       A Cross-Disability                         common elements of person-directed services;
                             In Press, Journal of
      Analysis of Person-                         describes three primary types of models- personal
      Directed Long-Term
                               Disability Policy
                                                  assistance services, brokered support and cash and
                                                                                                           40 pages (1 document)   
            Services                              counseling; and summarizes the research evidence
                                                  related to their efficacy.
                                                             Multimedia curriculum created to promote
                                                             community partnerships in combatting elder sexual
                                                             abuse. Goal is to ensure an appropriate response that
                                                             will not further traumtize the elder victim, but aid
                      Addressing Elder       Pennsylvania    healing from the profound emotional and physical
                       Sexual Abuse:       Coalition Against injury resulting from sexual violence. Introduction
PDF                    Developing a       Rape; Pennsylvania includes complete users guide to curriculum and 6     183 pages (3 documents)    
                        Community           Department of    separate learning modules: Sexual Violence 101,
                         Response                Aging       Gerontology 101, Elder Sexual Abuse, Detection of
                                                             Elder Sexual Abuse, How pA Laws Apply to Elder
                                                             Sexual Abuse and Collaboration. Modules include
                                                             PowerPoint Presentation, trainer talking points,
                                                             activities and handouts.

                                                            This course in Family Violence is part of a required
                                                            curriculum for APS workers in Kentucky, It foucses on
                                                            the nature and extned of domestic violence,
                                                            "common ground" differences between domestic
                                                            violence and child protection philosophies,
                    Meeting the Needs      Kentucky Cabinet psychological dynamics of battering, assessment and
PDF                   of Families in        for Health and  lethality/risk issues, service planning strategies, legal 72 pages (1 document)   
                    Domestic Violence       Family Services remedies for protection, model protocols for
                                                            addressing domestic violence, and community
                                                            resources. Library contains extensive training
                                                            instructions and lecture transcript only. Other
                                                            materials needed for training may be obtained from
                                                            the source.

                                                                Catalogue of videos covering a wide range of aging-
                     Videos on Aging &
                     Elderhood Catalog
                                           Terra Nova Films     rlated topics. Topic areas each include between 5-11                          

                                              Utah Adult        Aimed at new APS workers, this material examines
                     Documentation -- Protective Services       basic criteria for documentation, reviews elements of
                    Writing Skills for APS Division of Aging    APS activity log documentation, and analyzes actual
                                                                                                                      19 slides, 18 pages     
                                           and Adult Services   documentation.

                                              Utah Adult        Aimed at APS professionals, this material is an in-
PPT, Word and PDF     Assessment and      Protective Services   depth examination of the investigation process and
documents             Decision Making      Division of Aging    APS case assessments, including capacity assessment,
                                                                                                                     50 slides, 15 pages      
                                          and Adult Services    caretaker assessment, and allegation assessment.
                                                               Aimed at APS professionals, this material provides
                                                               definitions and philosophical considerations and
                                               Utah Adult
                                                               assumptions related to elder abuse. The training
PowerPoint & Word                          Protective Services
                     Assessing Capacity
                                            Division of Aging
                                                               compares approahces to elder abuse, highlighting     26 slides         
                                                               differences between legal institution and APS worker
                                           and Adult Services
                                                               approahces such as assessing "competency" vs.

                                                                 Financial exploitation and identify theft information is
                                               Utah Adult        provided for the general public in this training.
                    Financial Exploitation Protective Services   Material discusses the opportunities and challenges
                      and Identity Theft    Division of Aging    of the aging process, and gives figuresw comparing
                                                                                                                          51 slides   
                                           and Adult Services    Utah's aging populatin with national statistics.
                                                                 Resources and referral information icnluded.

                                                                 Information aimed at the general public and potential
                                               Utah Adult        collaborators includes statistics outlining future
                      Golden Years vs.     Protective Services   trends in aging, definitions of vulnerable adults and
                       Bruised Years        Division of Aging    elder abuse, indicators of abuse, as well as a gneeral
                                                                                                                        36 slides     
                                           and Adult Services    description of APS and reporting and referral

                                             Utah Adult
                                         Protective Services
PowerPoint          The Aging Revolution
                                          Division of Aging
                                                                                                                          18 slides   
                                         and Adult Services

                                                               PowerPoint slides offer a comprehensive overview of
                                                               A/N/E issues including reasons for training on
                                                               vulnerable adult abuse, statistics, definitions of
                                               Utah Adult
                                                               vulnerable adults, and indicators of abuse, neglect
                     Abuse, Neglect or     Protective Services
PowerPoint & Word                                              and exploitation. Material provides additional
                      Exploitation of       Division of Aging
                                                               information about intimidation, isolation, cpacity to
                                                                                                                     38 slides        
                     Vulnerable Adults     and Adult Services,
                                                               consent, and the referral process. Utah state 2000
                                                               APS data is also included. Accompanying Word
                                                               documents offer substantial training guidance,
                                                               checklists for investigation and a resources list.
                                                               Intended for new APS workers, this material examines
                                               Utah Adult
                                                               what 'values' are and where they come from.
PowerPoint & Word                          Protective Services
                     Values and Ethics
                                            Division of Aging
                                                               Specifically, it outlines Dept. on Aging and Adult   29 slides        
                                                               Services and social worker values and ethical
                                           and Adult Services

                                                               Intended for new APS workers and potential
                                                               collaborators, this material provides statistics on
                                               Utah Adult
                                                               aging, definitions of vulnerable adults, basic
                    Financial Institutions Protective Services
                       Teller Training      Division of Aging
                                                               information on APS services, and information on           49 slides   
                                                               mandated reported, referrals and resources. In
                                           and Adult Services
                                                               particular, the training reviews financial exploitation
                                                               and the various indicators of such exploitation.

                                                            Aimed specifically at the Four Corners region
                                                            including the Navajo Nation, Arizona, New Mexico,
                                            Utah Adult
                                                            Colorado and Utah, this material provides an
                    Four Corners Indian Protective Services
                                                            overview of abuse, neglect and exploitation issues
PowerPoint          Country Conference Division of Aging
                                                            and indicators. Statistics on aging, definitions of
                                                                                                                         51 slides   
                     Presentation 2003 and Adult Services,
                                                            vulnerable adults and caregiving, reporting
                                                            requirements, referral process and resource
                                                            information included.

                                                                Training provides definitions of workplace violence
                                           Utah Adult           and outlines different types of such violence; and
                    Workplace Violence Protective Services      discusses APS worker safety issues, warning signs, and
                    and Personal Safety Division of Aging       impacts on workers. Material also includes tips for
                                                                                                                       27 slides     
                                        and Adult Services      prevention, using ones intuition, facing aggression
                                                                and recognizing patterns of escalation.

                                                           This item is a 2002 literature review of research
                                                           addressing domestic abuse of the elderly in the US
                                         VAWnet Applied and Canada. Researchers reviewed 54 articles
                                       Research Forum and published between 1988 and 2002. Sections include
                     Domestic Abuse in
                        Later Life
                                       Wisconsin Coalition discussions of incidence and prevalence, cultural     15 pages            
                                        Against Domestic considerations, causation, victim issues, services and
                                            Violence       interventions, and potential implications. Material
                                                           also includes additional resources on the internet, a
                                                           reference list, and a 2-page handout of key findings.
                                                            This 8-day curriculum for advance APS workers is
                                                            broken into four modules: 1) cross-cultural
                                                            interviewing, 2) interviewing persons with
                                                            developmental disabilities, 3) strengthening report
                          APS Facility    Texas Department                                                         424 slides, 408 pages in
                                                            writing and 4) detection and confrontation of
PDF                 Investigations: Basic   of Family and
                                                            deception. Materials include participant handouts,
                                                                                                                   13 modules (7              
                     Skills Development Protective Services                                                        documents)
                                                            training instructions and PowerPoint presentations
                                                            for each module. Training activities such as case
                                                            studies and role play exercises, unit exams, and
                                                            reference list also included.

                     APS In-Home Basic
                                       Texas Department
PowerPoint & Word           Skills
Documents           Development\Modul
                                         of Family and                                                             Enormous                   
                                       Protective Services

PowerPoint & Word   Training More Staff
Documents            with Less Money
                                                NAPSA                                                              53 slides, 144 pages       

                                        California Attorney
                    The Financial Abuse  General's Office,
                         of Seniors     Crime and Violence
                                                                                                                   17 minutes                 
                                        Prevention Center

                                                              PowerPoint presentation discusses what determines
                     F.A.C.T.S. Forensic                      consent to sex, when it should be questioned, and
PowerPoint             Assessment of
                                                              pitfalls of an erroneous conclusion. The material    50 slides                  
                       Consent to Sex                         covers legal issues and offers a list of interview
                                                              questions from an instrument used to assess consent.

                                                             PowerPoint presentation provided an overview of
                                                             ethical, medical and legal views of capacity and
                    Autonomy, Capacity     UC Irvine Program autonomy, describes how capacity is assessed, and
                    and Right to Decide      in Geriatrics   various conditions that impair capacity such as
                                                                                                                  81 slides                   
                                                             dementia, depression and developmental disabilities,
                                                                    Project Visibility examines the lives and issues facing
                                                                    LGBT elderly andprovides training material for
                                                                    administrators and staff of nursing homes, assited
                            Project Visibility:                     living facilities, home care agencies and other
                                Seeing and                          providers of services to older adults. This training is
                                                  Boulder County
                           Understanding the                        comprised of a 20 mintue video that showcases the 20 minutes, 34 slides, 61
PDF and video
                          Strengths and Needs
                                                (CO) Aging Services
                                                                    lives of lesbian and gay elders; a PowerPoint            pages (2 documents)
                            of the Elder LGBT                       presentation, and discussion of steps needed for
                                Population                          service providers to provide appropriate services to
                                                                    this population. Booklet includes a historical timeline,
                                                                    terms and definitions, communication guidelines,
                                                                    articles and a resource list.

                           Operation Project
                                                    Rick Bartos                                                         51 pages                   

                                                Texas Department
PowerPoint & Word          APS In-Home Legal       of Family and
Documents                        Issues         Protective Services,
                                                                                                                        Enormous                   

                            Problems Facing
                               State Adult
                           Protective Services
                           Programs and the
                                               NAPSA/NCEA, 2001                                                                                    
                          Resources Needed to
                             Resolve Them

                                                Virginia Department
                           A National Study of
                                                 of Social Services
                          Self-Neglecting Adult
                           Protective Services
                                                Division of Planning                                                                               
                                                    and Program
                                                    Review, 2001

To access the resources for APS contact the State Consultant, Cheyenne, Wyoming at 777-3602. For NAPSA resources you
must be a member of the organization. Members in DFS are the State Consultant and designated APS workers. For WyGEC
contact the WIND resource Library, Dept. 4298, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming at 307-766-2932/TTY: 766-2720
or the Project Coordinator at Dept. 3432, University of Wyoming, 766-2829.

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