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									VWF313: Designing and Building
Workflow Solutions for SharePoint
           Tim Huckaby
        CEO, InterKnowlogy
        Microsoft RD & MVP
• InterKnowlogy (
  ●   Tim Huckaby, CEO - (
  ●   Custom App Dev / Consulting / Software & Systems Engineering
      Firm headquartered in Carlsbad, CA
  ●   Microsoft Gold Partner managed in SoCal and Redmond
  ●   Design, Architect, Build and Deploy enterprise class applications
  ●   Industry Experts:
       • 90% of the company is published
       • Microsoft .NET Application development for 7+ years!
       • Microsoft .NET Smart Client pioneers / industry leaders
       • Information Worker Solutions
       • Integration / Messaging, B2B / B2C, Wireless / Mobility
       • Microsoft BizTalk Web Services, Microsoft Active Directory, Security, SSO,
         Authorization, Authentication
       • Solutions on the emerging Microsoft servers
       • Largest Client: Microsoft
Session Objectives And
Key Takeaways
• Session Objective:
  ●   Office workflow development in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008
  ●   Windows SharePoint Services V3 & 2007 Microsoft Office system
      workflow built on top of Windows Workflow Foundation platform
  ●   Workflow is a powerful tool for driving customer business processes
  ●   Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 enables symmetric rich/reach form

• Key Takeaways:
  ●   Windows Workflow Foundation is a framework for building
      workflow into applications
  ●   A single workflow technology for Windows
  ●   WF has good integration into 2007 Office system & OSS
  ●   Solution Architecture is necessary
• 5 Options for SharePoint Workflows
• The business processes we will model
• Describe the design, develop, debug
  & deploy steps
• Demos:
   1.   Implementing Extensible “canned” Workflows in SPS 2007 &
        Office 2007
   2.   Designing & Implementing Extensible Workflows for SPS
        2007 in SharePoint Designer
   3.   Building, Implementing and deploying workflows for
        SharePoint & Office 2007 in VS.NET 2005 (and VS2008)
   4.   Building SharePoint Workflows with K2
  Using WF in SharePoint 2007 &
  2007 Office System
Tim Huckaby
CEO – InterKnowlogy
Microsoft Regional Director
Microsoft MVP – .NET
Windows Workflow Foundation Vision:
Deliver best-in-class workflow platform & tools for
Microsoft products and partner/customer ecosystem

Single workflow technology for Windows
  ●   Base for Microsoft products and ISV/customer solutions
  ●   One technology for human and system workflow

• A framework not a server product or application
  ●   An extensible framework based on Microsoft .NET
  ●   Ships as Part of .NET 3.0, which ships in Windows

• Make workflow mainstream for .NET developers
  ●   Strong workflow partner & solution ecosystem
  ●   Reach mainstream application developer
 Workflow Scenarios


Microsoft Visual Studio                   Purchase Order
and workflow SDK                          Product lifecycle

                                    Custom Tracking Apps
                                    Service Requests
                                    Asset Tracking
Office SharePoint
Designer workflows
                          Custom Form Actions       Document Processes
                          Email Notification        Spec Review
                          Exception Handling        Weekly Status Report


                                                                                     Ad Hoc
                                Application Task and
Solutions                       Issue Tracking
                                                              Routing & Approval
(with customization)
                       Office Server Features                 Review
                       List Moderation                        Approval
                       Publishing Process                     Signature collection
                       Document Expiration                    East Asian workflow
  Using SharePoint Designer to
  Build Custom Workflows
Tim Huckaby
CEO – InterKnowlogy
Microsoft Regional Director
Microsoft MVP – .NET
VS.NET SPS WF Development Steps
1. Model workflow in Microsoft Visual Studio
2. Create and bind Microsoft Office InfoPath
3. Deploy to Microsoft Office SharePoint
4. Debug the running workflow (if necessary)
Model & Building Workflows In Visual
Studio 2005
• Prerequisites:
   ● Office SharePoint Server 2007
       • .NET 3.0 Runtime Components
   ● Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 Extensions for
     Windows Workflow Foundation
   ● Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit
     (SDK) Microsoft Windows Vista
• Create project of type “SharePoint Sequential Workflow Library”
• Create the workflow
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
Types of InfoPath forms in SPS Workflows

•   Association form
     ● User adds workflow to a list
     ● For setting options on WF
•   Initiation form
     ● For manual workflow start
     ● Collects workflow parameters
•   Task completion form
     ● A user to edit a task from WF
     ● User edits or enters data
•   Modification form
     ● Linked off WF status page
     ● Can modify in-flight WF
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
InfoPath forms are used in these places
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
SharePoint hosts the InfoPath form

               Hosting Environment
                                     InfoPath Form
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
Data from SharePoint is passed in

               Hosting Environment
SharePoint                           InfoPath Form
object                               Templates
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
Submit the form, saves data to SharePoint

                Hosting Environment
SharePoint                            InfoPath Form
object                                Templates
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
SharePoint starts the workflow

                Hosting Environment
SharePoint                                InfoPath Form
object                                    Templates

                     SharePoint -> Task/WF Host
Create and Bind InfoPath Forms
Pushing data from WF task into InfoPath

   •instructions =             Task data as xml
   “Please do this.”

                       <z:row xmlns:z=“#RowSetSchema”

                           InfoPath Task Form
Deploy to SharePoint Server
• Generate Metadata files
  ●   Feature.XML
  ●   Workflow.XML
• Install/activate the “feature”
• IISReset
• Associate workflow to the list/library
Debug the Running Workflow

•   Visual Studio running on server machine
•   Open the workflow in Visual Studio
•   Attach to all of the W3WP Processes
•   Start the workflow
   Workflows built in VS.NET
Tim Huckaby
CEO – InterKnowlogy
Microsoft Regional Director
Microsoft MVP – .NET

                        SharePoint Workflow                                              K2 blackpearl
Data auditing           Available via SharePoint metadata and document                   Workflow designers have the ability to specify data auditing options at design
                        library/list versioning                                          time. All audit information is available in the K2 Reporting environment

Process auditing        Available via the “Activity Duration” or “Cancellation &         Available within the K2 Reporting environment in the out-of-the-box reports
                        Error” reports found on the list or library where the            provided with K2 blackpearl as well as available as data in ad-hoc, user
                        workflow is deployed                                             designed reports

Versioning              Versions of the workflow can be stored per document              A new version of the process is automatically stored each time it is deployed.
                        library or list. Options can be configured to set the            Versions can be managed via the K2 Management Console which allows
                        workflow version used for new instances as well as active        rollback to any previous version of the workflow.

State management        State information will be maintained in the document library State is managed within the K2 blackpearl server and data is available within
                        or list that the workflow is associated with.                the K2 Reporting environment.

Chaining workflows      Via Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) custom                      K2 blackpearl provides the functionality natively within the Inter-Process
                        development.                                                     Communication event wizard. The IPC wizard provides the ability to call a
                                                                                         sub-process synchronously or asynchronously

Actions spanning        Limited to the current site                                      Support for actions across SharePoint sites, site collections, servers and farms
across multiple sites

Content type            Not supported                                                    Fully supported

Access to originator    Access to author of the library or list item, but not the user   Out-of-the-box access to workflow originator information, including the
information             who started the workflow if different                            originator’s manager

Escalations             Via Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) custom                      Provided via out-of-the-box escalation wizards, including email, redirection, go
                        development.                                                     to another step, custom code

Task list               Includes an “Assign a Task” activity that can be used to         Tasks are available via the K2 Task List or K2 Task List web part. Task lists
                        assign a task to a user within a MOSS task list. MOSS            are specific to an individual user so users will only see tasks that they are
                        task lists are shared among all users so users with the          allowed to action.
                        correct permissions can act on anyone’s task

Host server             Provided via Windows SharePoint Services. The workflow           Provided via the K2 blackpearl Host server. Servers can be dedicated to
                        engine runs in process with SharePoint and cannot be             workflow transactions only and can be set up as a farm of server dedicated
                        separated out onto a dedicated workflow server                   specifically to workflow processing

Process Capacity        Suggested limit of 15 running workflow processes per             No set limitations per K2 server.
                        SharePoint server
   K2 Workflows
Tim Huckaby
CEO – InterKnowlogy
Microsoft Regional Director
Microsoft MVP – .NET
Call to Action
• WF plugs a large hole in the platform that used
  to be hard because it had to be built by hand
• WF provides a design time environment
  that makes it easy to build even the most complex
• The 2007 Office system and SharePoint 2007 WF
  integration is fantastic; consequently, integrated solutions
  are easy to design and build
For More Information…
WorkFlow on the .NET 3.0 Developer Center:

  ●   Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (Windows
      Workflow Foundation)
  ●   Hands-on Labs for Windows® Workflow Foundation
  ●   Experience the 2007 Microsoft Office system
  ●   Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™
      and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components
  ●   Windows SharePoint Services Software Development Kit (SDK)
  Tim Huckaby, InterKnowlogy
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• Contact me: Tim Huckaby
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   ● Phone: 760-444-8640
   ● Blog:

• About Tim Huckaby
   ●   CEO, InterKnowlogy
   ●   Microsoft® Regional Director – Southern California
   ●   Microsoft® .NET Partner Advisory Council Founder / Member
   ●   Microsoft® MVP - .NET
   ●   Microsoft® Surface Partner Advisory Council
   ●   INETA Speaker – International .NET Users Group Association
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