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									      Title                                Composer                Description                       Comments                       Workshop usage   Filed in garage
                                                                   EE euph ensemble
                                                                   TEE tuba euph ensemble
                                                                   ME mixed ensemble
                                                                   TE tuba ensemble
                                                                   EBE Euph solo w/ brass ensemble
A1    Adagio                               Mahler/Bale             EE 8                              4 trombones Euphs, very high
A2    Adagio for Strings Op.11             S.Barber/Bale           EE 8 TEE 8                        very high
A3    Adagio for Strings Op.11             S.Barber/E.Harris       EE6 TEE 6                         very very high
A4    Air for Tuba Ensemble                T.Rodgers               TEE 4                             Te BC
A5    Air from Suite No.3                  Bach/Werden             TEE 4 EE 4                        Te BC
A6    All in the April Evening             H.Robertson/Bale        TE 4
A7    All Those Endearing Young Charms     Mantia/Robertson        Solo and TEE 4                    not complete !
A8    Allegro for Brass Septet             J.Sibelius              ME 7
A9    America the Beautiful                Ward/Robertson          TEE 8                             TC BC Euph BC tubas
A10   American Tuba Patrol                 FW Meacham              TEE 7                             Te BC   no parts
A11   Andante and Rondo Ongarese           C.M.Weber/G.Robertson   EBE Euph solo w/ TEE4             BC
A12   April is in My Mistress'Face         T.Morley/M.Howard       TEE 4                                                            *
A13   Aria and Rondo Trbs                  Potter                  EE 3                              BC                             *
A14   Arrival of the Queen of Sheba clts   Handel/T.Kenny          EE 4                              TC
A15   Ave Maria                            Bruckner/Sabourin       TEE 4
A16   Ave Maria trbs              Victoria         EE 4 TEE 4                        BC
A17   Ave Verum Corpus                     Mozart/B.Seitz          EE 4 TEE 4                        BC parts                       *
B1    Batman, Theme from                   Arr.G.Robertson         TEE 6 (or 2 Troms and 4)
B2    Badinerie                            J.S.Bach/Bale           EE 4                              very high
B3    Ball of Fire                         Smalley                 EE 4                                                             *
B4    Battle of Jericho                    Trad/J.Pendlebury       TEE 5                             TC tuba parts
B5    Battle Royal                         F.Jewell/Smalley        TEE 4                                                            *
B6    Bavarian Stew                        R.Wilhelm               EE 4 TEE 4                                                       *
B7    Bayrisch - Zell                      Trad. /D.Schmidt        TEE 4                             only part 1
B8    Beatles, The                         Beatles/J.Mortimer      EE 4                                                             *
B9    Beer Barrel Polka                    Arr.S.Gray              TEE 4                             BC parts                       *
B10   Bee's Wedding, The                   Mendelssohn/Bale        EE 4
B11   Beneath the Surface                  W.Harrison              TEE 4 and RS                      Jazz parts poor
B12   Bohemian Rhapsody                    Mercury/Smalley         TEE 4                             no score                       *
B13   Brass Convention                     A.Frazer                ME 4                              Junior 1,2,4 TC 3 BC
B14   Brass Quartet, The                   S.Lawton                Bqa                               Junior
B15   Brazil                               Barroso/Morris          TEE 4 perc                        jazz parts poor                *
B16   Bruckner Etude for Low Brass          Bruckner/Crespo          TEE 6 ME 6 EE 6
C1    Cantabile                             C.Franck                 ME 6                       organ
C2    Canzon Triesimaquinta a 16            T.Massiano               TEE EE 16
C3    Canzona 1                             G.Gabrieli               ME 6                       organ
C4    Canzona for Brass                     R.Simpson                ME 8                       no parts
C5    Canzona, La Spiritata                 G.Gabrieli/Rauch         TEE 4
C6    Canzone Antica                        Marsili                  TEE 4
C7    Canzone XXX                           S.Scheidt/S.Gray         TEE 5
C8    Canzonetta (Barber of Seville)        Rossini/E.Harris         EE 4                       3 TC 1BC       *
C9    Carnival of the Animals, Three Pieces Saint Saens/Bale         TEE 4                      junior
C10   Carrickfergus                         Trad/Roberts/Stuckemeyer TEE 6                      BC parts       *
C11   Cartoon Symphony                      Arr.G.Bannetta           EE 6 TEE 6                 BC and TC      *
C12   Celestial Suite                       S.Bulla                  TEE 4                                     *
C13   Champions                             Snell                    BB
C14   Chanson sans Paroles                  T.Kuula/Karjalainen      EE 7                       2 TC 5 DC
C15   Charleston, The                       Arr.Weston               TEE 4 and perc             no parts
C16   Chit Chat Polka                       Stauss/W.Belshaw         TEE 4
C17   Chops                                 G.Martin                 TEE 5 and rhythm section   Jazz
C18   Chorales 2                            JS Bach                  ME BQ                      Reift
C19   Christmas Compendium                  Arr.E.Harris             EE 4                       2 BC 2TC       *
C20   Christmas Song, The                   Torme,Wells/Blaha        TEE 4
C21   Clair de Lune                         C.Debussy/Bale           EE 6                       difficult      *
C22   Come Sunday                           D.Ellington/L.Paul       ME TEE EE                  Mnozil Brass   *
C23                                          perc
      Concert Piece , Euph, Brass sextet andK.Karjalainen            ME euph solo and ME        2:1:2:2:1
C24   Concerto for Violin , finale          Tchaikovsky/Howey        solo and BQ
C25   Concerto Grosso for Low Brass Trio F.Geminiani/Winston MorrisTEE 3
C26   Conga from Beethoven 7                Beethoven/Bale           TEE 4
C27   Contrapunctus 1                        J S Bach/Winston Morris TEE 4
D1    Dambusters, The                       E.Coates/Wheeler         TEE 4                      no parts
D2    Dance no.1                            K.Wilson                 TEE 4                      no score
D3    Dance of the Cygnets                  Tchaikovsky/Andrews      TE 3                       low
D4    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy         Tchaikovsky/Smalley      TEE 4
D5    Dance of the Tumblers                 Rimsky Korsakov/Siekman ME 5                        euph and BQ    *
D6    Dance of the Tumblers                 Rimsky Korsakov/Siekmann ME 6                       Brass sextet
D7    Dance Suite for 3 Tubas               P.Sarcich                TEE 3                      no parts
D8    Dances                                J.Stevens/E.Harris       EE 4 TEE 4                                *
D9    Danza, La                             Rossini/Smalley          TEE 4
D10   Day Thou Gavest, The                  Scholefield/Wilby        EE 6 and BB                                   ***
D11   Deel 1                                P.Dzon                    ME euph solo and BQ
D12   Delilah                               Reed,Mason/Bradnum        TEE 8                                opt. Piano                     *
D13   Der Freischutz                        Weber/Harris              EE 4                                 1 BC 3TC                       *
D14   Dido's Lament                         Purcell/Smalley           TEE 4                                                               *
D15                                         F.Clinard Jr.
      Diversion for Seven Bass Clef Instruments                       TEE 7                                no parts
D16   Divertimento in C                     F J Haydn                 EE 4                                 orig. clarinet, junior         *
D17   Divertimento No.1                     Mozart                    EE 3                                 TC parts in C!
D18   Dysterpytter/Puddleglums              T.A.Nilsen                TEE 4                                BC parts
E1    Early in the Morning                  Arr.K.Karjalainen         EE 7                                 parts need transposing
E2    Earth Voices                          R.Szentpali               tuba/euph solo and TEE * and narr.                                  *
E3    Efflorescent                          T.A.Nilsen                TEE 4                                difficult
E4    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik                Mozart/Zelch              EE 4                                 2 TC 2 BC                      *
E5    El Capitan                            J.P Sousa/Winstron Morris TEE 4
E6    Elite Syncopations                    Joplin/Picher             TEE 4
E7    Endearing Young Charms                Mantia/Howey              solo and BQ
E8    Entertainer, The                      Joplin/Bale               EE 4 TEE 4                                                          *
E9                                          Fucik,                    TEE
      Entrance and Polka of the Bassoon Players anon/Carroll/Maldonado EE 4
E10   Episodes                              J.Reeman                  TEE 4                                difficult
E11   Equali, 3                             Beethoven/P.Jones         TEE EE 4
E12   Erinnerung                            Schumann/                 EE 4                                 score only
E13   Es ist eine Rose Entsprungen          J.Brahms/Gotoh            TEE 6                                BC only
E14                                         P
      Essay for Brass Quartet and Tuba Octet .Sarcich                 Bqa and TEE 8
E15   Euphonic Sounds                       Joplin/Werden             TEE 4
E16   Euphoniums Parfait                    Y.Ito                     EE 4                                 BC parts
E17   Explorations                          F.Glorieux                TEE 4                                                               *
F1    Fancys Knell                          G.Vinter                  BQa                                  brass band quartet
F2    Fanfare                               Rossini/Snell             ME 10                                Snell 10 piece
F3    Fanfare for a Friend                  J.Stevens                 TEE 5                                BC parts                       *
F4    Fanfare for the Common Man            A.Copland                 ME 10 perc                           perc
F5    Fanfare No.1                          J.Taylor                  TEE 4                                BC parts
F6    Fanfare, Hymn and Dance               S.Bulla                   TEE 4
F7    Fanfares for tubas, 3                 Bale                      TEE 9                                *
F8    Fanfares, 3                           Wagner/P.Jones            TEE 4                                orig. trumpet part 1 missing
F9    Fantasie Originale                    Picchi                    solo and TEE 8                       no score, Japanese                 ***
F10   Fantasy                               R.Martino                 TEE 4
F11   Favorite Rag                          S.Joplin/D.Sabourin       TEE 4
F12   Favourite Things                      Arr. Cherry               TEE 4 and rhythm section             jazz, parts poor
F13   Festival Fanfare                      R.Wilhelm                 ME 10 perc
F14   Finale from Tchaikovsky 4              J.Self                    TEE 6                                                      ***
F15   Fireworks                              J.Frith                   TEE 4
F16   Fireworks Music, Allegro from          Handel/Gohler-Goldbach    TEE 6               BC parts
F17   Five by Five                           F.Hidas                   BQ
F18   Five for 2 Tubas                       T.Albert                  TE 2                duet
F19   Five Fragments                         B.Cummings                TEE 4               BC parts
F20   Five Pieces for Brass Ensemble         R.Wilhelm                 ME 10
F21   Flanders Caldron                       K.Amos                    TEE 4               orig. trombone
F22   Flight of the Bumble Bee               Rimsky Korsakov/Childs    EE 4                TC parts                           *
F23   Flight of the Bumble Bee, The          Rimsky Korsakov/Bale      TEE 4
F24   Flower Duet from Lakme                 Delibes/Mead              TEE 4
F25   Fly Me To The Moon                     B.Howard/R.Hughes         TEE 5 EE 5                                             *
F26   Force of the Destiny, The              Verdi/Smalley             TEE 4
F27                                          A.Dubin,Warren/D.Minerd
      Forty Second (42nd)Street, Selections from                       TEE 4
F28   Four English Madrigals                 T.Morley/Bale             TEE 4                                                  *
F29   Four Golden Bells                      D.Armitage                EE 4
F30   Four in Hand                           F.Hidas                   EE 4 TEE 4          orig. trombones, no parts
F31   Frankie and Johnny                     Trad/S.Roberts            TEE 8 EE 8          TE and BC parts                    *
F32   Friendly Overture                      R.Wilhelm                 ME 10               4:1:4:1:perc
F33   Fuchsgraben Waltz/Polka                K.Vacek/Zelch             EE 11 TEE 11 perc   Austrian, no parts                 *
F34   Fugue                                  D.Bourgeois               TE 2                bass tuba/euph duet
F35   Fugue in G minor                       J.S.Bach                  TEE 4
F36   Fugue in G minor                       J.S.Bach/Smalley          TEE 4
F37   Fum, Fum, Fum                          Trad/J.Blaha              TEE 4               Christmas                          *
F38                                          K.Listov
      Funeral Fanfare for 3 Trumpets,Timp,snare Drum                   EE 3 and perc       perc
F39   Funeral March of a Marionette          C.Gounod/Fretwell         TEE 4               junior
F40   Funk Theory                            P.Meechan                 solo and EE 5       trombone quartet and solo, also CD
G1    Gavotte and Musette                    Greig/Bale                TE 4
G2    Gazza Ladra, La                        G.Rossini/G.Robertson     TEE8                BC                                 *
G3    George Cohen Medley                    Arr. Nagle                TEE 4               opt perc
G4    Get Me to the Church                   Arr.Ferguson              TEE 4               poor parts
G5    Ghost Busters                          Arr.Kipfer                EE 4                TC parts                           *
G6    Giocoso from Cosma Concerto            Cosma/Fletcher            solo and TEE 5      solo                               *   ***
G7    Girl With the Flaxen Hair, The         C.Debussy/Bale            EE 4                difficult                          *
G8    Glyder Landscape                       Smalley                   TEE 4               difficult
G9    Golden Rays                            R.S.Allen                 TEE 4               hand parts
G10   Golliwoggs Cakewalk                    C.Debussy/Bale            EE 6                                                   *
G11   Golliwogs Cakewalk                     C.Debussy/Bale            EE 6                difficult                          *
G12   Good Cheer Collection          Arr Werden            TEE 4                      Christmas                            *
G13   Grand Slam                     L.Niehaus             TEE 4                      swing, no parts
G14   Greensleeves                   Trad. /G.Buttery      TEE 4                      poor parts , no score
G15   Gregory is Here                H.Silver/R.Matteson   TEE 6 and rhythm section   jazz
G16   Gypsy Dance from Carmen        Bizet/Bale            solo and EE 5              trombone quartet and solo
H1    Harbour Lights                 F.Glorieux            TEE 4                                                           *
H2    Harmonius Blacksmith, The      G.F.Handel/Hunt       EE 4 TEE 4                 orig.trombones                       *
H3    Harold Arlen Songbook, The     Arr.Bulla             BQ
H4    Heal the World                 M.Jackson             EE 6 TEE 6                                                      *
H5    Here's That Rainy Day          Van Heusen/BTQ        EE 4 TEE 4
H6    Hey Jude                       Beatles/Robertson     EE 4 TEE 4                                                      *
H7    Holiday for Tubas              Rose/Morris           TEE 4                      BC only, poor parts
H8    Humoreske                      Tchaikovsky/Bale      EE 6                                                            *
H9    Hunting Song                   Brahms                EE 4                       BC only, short                       *
I1    I Feel Good                    J.Brown/Robertson     TEE 4                      BC only , no score
I2    In Modo Perpetuo               Y.Bouillot            TEE 4                      score only
I3    Inspector Gadget               Arr.G.Robertson       TEE 4                                                           *
I4    Inventio                       F.Fontanot            BQ                         no parts
I5    Iracunde                       E.Maccolini           TEE 4                                                           *
I6    It Was a Lover and His Lass    Morley/Bale           TEE 4
I7    I've Got Peace like a River    Trad/Kipfel           EE 4                       TC parts                             *
J1    Jelousie                       J.Gade/Zelch          solo and ME                4:1:3:1 and perc, no parts
J2    Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring      J.S.Bach/Yamamoto     TEE 8                      TC and BC parts                      *
J3    Jesus, Priceless Treasure      J.S.Bach/Collins      EE 5 TEE 5                 orig. trombones
J4    Jhon Come Kiss me Know         W.Byrd/Winter         TEE 4                      poor parts
J5    Jump Jive an Wale              L.Prima/J.Vinson      EE 8 and perc              orig. Sax quartet , rhythm section
J6    Just for Stephen               P.Dzon                solo and BQ                difficult
K1    Kelzmer Trios, Three           M.Curtis              EE 3                       TC parts                             *
K2    Kings Hunt, The                J.Bull/M.Howard       TEE 4                                                           *
K3    Kraken                         C.Hazell              ME 10
L1    La Bamba, La Tuba              Arr.JLF               TEE 4                      no score
L2    Lament                         Z.Kodaly/S.Gray       EE 3 TEE 3                 no parts
L3    Last of the Summer Wine, The   Hazlehurst/Bradnum    TEE 6 and piano                                                 *
L4    Le'go                          J.Reeman              TEE 4
L5    Leviathans                     J.D.Noble             TEE 4                      no score
L6    Liberty Bell, The              J.P.Sousa/Benson      TEE 4                      BC parts
L7    Liechtensteiner Polka          A.Lindt/Robertson     TEE 4                                                           *
L8    Little Suite, The              T.Adomavicius         BQ
L9    Londonderry Air                        Trad/K.Mehlan               TEE 4                      BC parts, no score   *
L10   Look for the Silver Lining             Kern/Holcombe               TEE 4                      BC parts
L11   Lullaby of Birdland                    Shearing/Perry              TEE 4 and rhythm section   poor parts, jazz
L12   Lute Dances                            Anon/J.Baker                TEE 4                      poor parts, junior   *
L13   Lyric Poem                             M.Franck                    TEE 5                      BC parts             *
M1    Magic Flute Overture, The              Mozart/Bale                 TEE 4                                           *
M2    Magic Flute Overture, The              Mozart/T.Hammond            EE 4 TEE 4                 orig. trombones
M3    Magic Flute, The                       Mozart/Wheeler              TEE 4                      no parts
M4    Man I Love, The                        G.Gershwin/Robertson        TEE 4
M5    March                                  Tchaikovsky/Smallet         TEE 4
M6    March to the Scaffold                  Berlioz/Granger             TEE 10                     no parts
M7    Marriage of Figaro Overture            Mozart/Ferguson             TEE 4
M8    Marriage of Figaro Overture            Mozart/A.Gottschalk         TEE 5                      TE and BC parts
M9    Marriage of Figaro Overture            Mozart/Zelch                TEE 12 and perc            timp.                *
M10   Mars, fro+A52m Planets                 Holst/D.Butler              TEE 6
M11   Meditation for 3 Trombones             E.Watson                    EE 3 TEE 3                 orig.trombones
M12   Merry Wives of Windsor, The            O.Nicolai/J.Smith           TEE 4                      BC parts
M13   Military Polonaise                     F.Chopin/Bale               TE 4                                            *
M14   Miniature Suite                        T.Worthington               Bqa                        junior, no parts
M15   Miniatures for Four 4 Valve InstrumentsW.Hartley                   TEE 4
M16   Minuet and Trio                        Schubert/Bale               TEE 4
M17   Minute Waltz                           Chopin/Mead                 TEE 4                      score only
M18   Miss Blue Bonnet                       F.Simon/Robertson           TEE 5 solo and 4           divisi euph parts
M19   Mon Coeur se Recommende a vous O.Lasso/Robinson                    TEE 4                      BC only
M20   Moondance                              Morrison/Kile               TEE 4 and rhythm section   jazz, parts poor
M21   Mouse Joins the Marines, The           Arr.Robertson               TEE 4
M22   Mother Machree                         Zedechlik/Gray              BB
M23   Music for 5 Trumpets                   V.Reynolds                  EE 5                       orig. trumpets
M24   Music from Harter Fell                 R.Premru                    ME 6
M25   Musica de Lupus                        Buttery                     TEE 4                      BC parts
M26   My Bonny Lass She Smileth              T.Morely/Bale               TEE 4                      junior
M27   My Girl                                S.Robinson/Robertson        TEE 4                      divisi euph parts
N1    Nabucco,Sinfonia                       G.Verdi/E.Harris            EE 4                                            *   ***
N2    Nabucco,Sinfonia                       G.Verdi/Bale                TEE 4                                           *   ***
N3    Napoli Variations                      Bellstedt/Hunsberger/Bale   Solo and EE 4 Trombone 4   Trombone quartet     *
N4    Night on a Bare Mountain               Mussorgsky/M.Bale           TEE 12 and perc            difficult            *   ***
N5    Night on Bald Mountain                 Mussorgsky/R.Curtis         TEE 9                      difficult            *   ***
N6    Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, A M.Sherwin/Smalley            TEE 4                                           *
N7    Nobody Does it Better                   C.B.Sager/Robertson      TEE 6                     TC BC Euph BC tubas    *
N8                                            M
      Nocturne from Midsummer Nights Dream endelssohn/Bale             TEE 5 or 5                                       *
N9    North Country Pastorale                 G.Langford               BB
N10   Norwegian Tunes, 3                      Grieg/PJBE               ME 5                      junior, no parts
N11   Notturno                                Rimsky Korsakov/Mead     EE 4                                             *
N12   Now Hear This!                          R.Dempsey                TEE 4                     BC parts
N13   Nuages                                  F.Fontanot               EE 5                      orig. trombone
N14   Nymphs and Shepherds                    Purcell/Bale             TEE 4 TE 4                Junior                 *
O1    O Come Emmanuel                         C.Warren                 TEE 4                     BC parts
O2    Odds and Endings                        Arr.Burgmayer            TEE 4                     no parts
O3    Odyssey                                 N.Corwell                ME                        music to go with CD
O4    On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss           D.Holsinger/P.StuckemeyerTEE 10 EE10               BC parts               *
O5    On My Own                               CM Schonberg/Mead        EE 6                      TC parts, poor parts   *
O6    On the Sunny Side of the Street         J.McHugh/Iiyoshi         TEE 4                     jazz
O7    Overture and a Finale, An               R.LoPresti               EE 8                      TC parts               *
P1    Palladio                                K.Jenkins                Strings
P2    Palladio                                K.Jenkins/G.Robertson    EE 4 TEE 4                                       *
P3    Parade of the Slave Children            J.Wiliams/Robertson      TEE 4                                            *
P4    Parade of the Tin Soldiers              L.Jessel/Childs          EE 4                      TC parts               *
P5    Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor        J.S.Bach/Smalley         TEE 4                     parts?
P6    Pastorale Fantasie                      K.Vlak                   EE 4                      TC parts               *
P7    Pavane                                  Faure/Bale               TEE 4                                            *
P8    Pcelinka                                Trad./Stueckelschweiger Solo and EE 4 Trombone 4   trombone quartet
P9    Pee Wee's Tuba Adventure                D.Elfman/G.Robertson     TEE 4                     TC euph parts          *
P10   Perfect Fool, The                       Holest/J.Friedman        TEE 12 EE 12              orig.trombones
P11   Perpetuum Mobile                        Strauss/Smalley          TEE 4
P12   Perpetuum Mobile                        J.Strauss/Smalley        TEE 4
P13   Perpetuum Mobile                        J.Strauss/Bale           EE 6                                             *
P14   Petit Caprice in the Style of Offenbach Rossini/R.Davis          TEE 4                     BC parts
P15   Pink Panther                            Mancini/Robertson        TEE 4                     BC parts
P16   Pink Panther                            Mancini/J.Krush          TEE 4
P17   Pomp and Circumstance No.1              Elgar/Wheeler            TEE 4                     no parts
P18   Poor Butterfly                          Hubble/Holcombe          TEE 4                     perc, Jazz             *
P19   Pop Suite                               A.Frackenpohl            TEE 4                     parts?
P20   Prelude (Euphonium Voluntary)           Purcell/Harris           EE 4                      3 TC 1BC               *
P21   Prelude and Fugue                       J.S.Bach/Bale            TEE 4
P22   Prelude and Fugue in C Minor            J.S.Bach/S.Gray          TEE 4                     parts?
P23   Preludes, 5                             C.Nielsen                BQ
P24   Procession of the Nobles        Rimsky Korsakov/Butler     TEE 4                                                   *
P25   Procession to the Minster       R.Wagner/A.Ito             EE 6 TEE 6                  TE and BC parts             *
P26   Procession to the Minster       R.Wagner/G.Robertson       TEE 4                       BC parts, no score          *
P27   Puttin' on the Ritz             I.Berlin/A.Gout            TEE 4                       parts ok
Q1    Quartet                         V.Strukov                  TE 4 TEE 4                                              *
Q2    Quartet Album                   J.B.Lully/J.F.Michel       EE 4                                                    *
Q3    Quartet for Brass               W.Ramsoe/G.Buttery         TEE 4                       BC part, parts not good
Q4    Quartet for Tubas               F.L. Payne                 TEE 4                       no parts
Q5    Quartet for Tubas               P.Holmes                   TEE 4
Q6    Quartet for Tubas               B.Wiggins                  TEE 4                       TC parts
Q7    Quartets for Low Brass          S.Bulla                    TEE 4                       Junior
Q8    Quatre Chansons                 Arr.R.Demspey              TEE 4                                                   *
Q9    Quiet Place                     Take 6/G.Robertson         EE5 TE5                     orig.vocal then trombones   *
Q10   Quintet                         R.Wilhelm                  BQ
Q11   Quintettes, 7                   G.Gastoldi/K.Sturenegger   EE 5                                                    *
R1    Radetsky March                  J.Strauss/E.Harris         EE 3                                                    *
R2    Recondita Armonia               Puccin/Bale                solo and EE 4 trombones 4
R3    Renaissance Dances              T.Susato/J.Iveson          BQ
R4    Renaissance Music               M.Thomsen/Andresen         ME 5 plus timp              timp
R5    Rhythm of Life, The             C.Coleman/Bradnum          TEE 6 and piano                                         *   ***
R6    Ricercar                        A.Gabrieli/Bale            TEE 4                       junior                      *
R7    Ride of the Valkyries           R.Wagner/R.Hall            TEE 12                      difficult, no score         *   ***
R8    Rite                            P.Meechan                  EE 4                        difficult, visual
R9    Ritorno, Il                     Arr.Ferguson               TEE 4                       difficult
R10   Robin Hood Fanfare              H.Kamen/J.Oliver           TEE 5                       junior
R11   Romantische Suite               R.Schumann/Ternes          EE 4                        orig. trumpets, TC parts
R12   Rondo                           J.Hook/Garrett             TEE 4                       Junior                      *
R13   Rosamunde, Ballet Music from    Schubert/Bale              TEE 4                                                   *
R14   Rule Britannia, Variations on   Beethoven/Werden           TEE 4
R15   Rumpole of the Bailey           J.Horovitz                 TEE 4                       BC parts
R16   Russian Sailors Dance           R.Gliere/F.Siekmann        ME 6                        brass sextet
S1    Salut D'Amour                   E.Elgar/G.Robertson        TEE 4                                                   *
S2    Sarabande                       J.S.Bach/Yodo              TEE 4                       BC parts
S3    Sarabande and Bouree            J.S. Bach/Yodo             TEE 4                       BC parts
S4    Scarborough Fair                A.Garfunkel/Reichenberg    EE 4 TEE 4
S5    Scarborough Fair                Garfunkel/Reichenbach      EE 4 TEE 4                  BC parts                    *
S6    Scarborough Fair                Trad/E.Harris              EE 4                                                    *
S7    Scherzo for Symphony No.2       Borodin/Bale               TEE 4
S8                                       Mendelssohn/Bale
      Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream                        EE 8               difficult
S9    Scherzo Op.46                      F.Moser                  EE 13              orig. trumpets TC parts          *
S10   Schindler's List, Theme from       J.Williams/G.Robertson   TEE 4                                                   GAR
S11   Semper Fidelis                     J.P.Sousa/Morris         TEE 4              BC parts
S12   Serenade for 4 Tubas               Tchaikovsky/R.Hall       TEE 4              no parts
S13   Serenade for Hassan                Delius/Bale              TEE 6                                               *
S14   Serenade in C in G                 Mozart                   TEE 4              BC parts
S15   Sheep May Safely Graze             J.S.Bach/Robertson       TEE 4                                               *
S16   Shenandoah                         Trad/J.Olcott            EE 9               TC parts                         *
S17   Shocktubafest Medley !!!           Arr.G.Robertson          TEE 7              divisi euph parts
S18   Sibling Rivalry                    J.Addis                  TEE 2              duet
S19   Sicily TE Quartet                  assorted                 TEE 4              mixed handwritten arrangements
S20   Silenzio ..Gli Ottoni              L.Santo                  BQ
S21   Simple Gifts                       Arr.G.Fritze             TEE 5              solo tuba featured
S22   Slavonic Rhapsody No.2             C.Friedemann/Bale        TEE 11 or TEE 15   difficult                        *   ***
S23   Smoke Gets in Your Eyes            J.Kern/G.Robertson       TEE                TC/BC euphs BC tuba
S24   Soldiers Chorus                    Gounod/Bale              TEE 8                                               *   ***
S25   Solottoni-Medley                   L.Santo                  BQ
S26   Someone Out There                  Arr.Sherman              TEE 4              BC parts
S27   Someone to Watch Over Me           Gershwin/Paul            ME 7               Mnozil Brass
S28   Sonata Pian' e forte               G.Gabrieli/Bale          EE 8 BB            TC parts                         *
S29   Sonatina for Tuba Quartet          J.Reeman                 TEE 4              difficult
S30   Song For Ina                       P.Sparke/Stuckemeyer     EE 6 TEE 6         BC Parts                         *
S31   Sortie                             L.J.A.Lefebure-Wely                         organ
S32   Spirituals, 3                      Arr.J.F.Michel           EE 4                                                *
S33   St.Louis Blues                     Handy/Holcombe           TEE 4 perc         jazz, BC parts
S34   Star Spangled Banner, The          F.S.Key/Robertson        TEE 4              BC parts
S35   Strike Up the Band                 Gershwin/G.Robertson     TEE 4              no score                         *
S36   Strike Up the Band                 Gershwin/Bale            TEE 4                                               *
S37   Suite                              E.Howarth                ME 4               junior, no parts
S38   Suite for Four Trumpets            J.Kimmell                EE 4               orig. trumpets TC parts          *
S39   Suite for Trombones                G.Richards               EE 4               orig. trombones
S40   Suite for Tuba Quartet             A.Frackenpohl            TEE 4                                               *
S41   Suite Russe                        Y.Bouillot               TEE 4              score only
S42   Surrey with the Fringe on Top, The R.Rodgers/Morrissey      ME 6               Brass sextet
S43   Suspended in Frozen Velocity       G.Steinke                TEE 4              BC parts, modern
S44   Swedish Tunes, 3                   M.Andresen               EE 4               orig. trombones, BC parts
S45   Sweet Georgia Brown                Arr.Fragomeni            TEE 4              BC parts
S46   Sweet Georgia Brown                  Arr.S.Olsrud          TEE 4 EE 4       BC parts
T1    Take Five                            P.Desmond             TEE 5                                 *
T2    Tambourin                            F.Gossec/Bale         TEE 4            TC parts             *
T3    Tancredi Overture                    Rossini/Bale          TEE 4                                 *          ***
T4    Tancredi Overture                    Rossini/Bale          TEE 4 EE 4                            *          ***
T5    Teddy Bear's Picnic                  J.Bratton/Bale        TEE 4                                 *          ***
T6    Tender Waltz, A                      Y.Murata              TEE 4            TE and BC parts
T7    Three Early Pieces                   Harding/Bale          TEE 4                                 *
T8    Three Moods                          D.Boone               TEE 6            parts poor,
T9    Three Pieces from Music Hall Suite   J.Horovitz            BB               score only
T10   Three Saxhorn Dances                 B.Fraser              TEE 4 EE 4       TC parts             *
T11   Three Short Preludes                 F.Chopin/Bale         TE 4                                  *
T12   Threnody                             R.MacNiven            TEE 4            TE and BC parts
T13   Thunder and Blazes March             J.Fucik/S.Gray        TEE 4            TE and BC parts
T14   Thunderer, The                       J.P.Sousa/Smalley     TEE 4
T15   Tico Tico                            Abreu/Robertson       TEE 4            BC and TC
T16   To Awaken a Sleeping Giant           D.Lovrien             ME 13 and perc
T17   To Know Gershwin                     F.Fontanot            EE 4 TEE 4       orig. trombones      no parts
T18   Toccata                              Frescobaldi/Skillen   TEE 6            BC parts
T19   Toccata and Fugie in D Minor         J.S.Bach/Yodo         TEE 4 EE 4
T20   Toccata, Finale from 5th Symphony    Widor/Smalley         TEE 4            no parts
T21   Toreadors Song, The                  G.Bizet/Bale          TE 4                                  *
T22   Trauemarsch                          Mozart/M.Heidler      TEE 6 EE 6                            *
T23   Trumpet Voluntary                    J.Clarke              TEE 4                                 *
T24   Tuba Funk                            P.Rauch               TEE 4            score only
T25   Tuba Juba Duba                       T.Hutchinson          TEE 4                                 *
T26   Tuba Magic                           R.Di Giovanni         TEE 6            no parts
T27   Tuba Musicale                        R.Di Giovanni         TEE 10           BC parts
T28   Tuba Quartet No.2                    P.Schulz              TEE 4            no parts
T29   Tuba Sauce                           Smalley               TEE 4            junior               *
T30   Tubach                               B.Moren               TEE 4
T31   Tubafest Celebration                 K.Husa                TEE 4            no parts
T32   Tubasonatina                         T.R.George            TEE 4            BC parts

T33   Tubular Octad                        F.Tull                TEE 8            BC parts
T34   Turkish March                        Mozart/K.Mehlan       TEE 4            parts?
T35   Twelve Days of Housetops             J.A Canter            TEE 4            Christmas no parts
T36   Two Pieces by Sir Arthur Sullivan    Sullivan/Bale         TEE 4                                 *
V1    Valse Brillante OP.34 No.3            F.Chopin/Siekmann         EE 2 and piano             orig. Trombones
V2    Valse Lente                           O.Merikanto/K.Karjalainen EE 8                       parts need transposing
V3    Variations on a Hebridean Folksong    O.Waespi                  TEE 4                      parts?
V4    Vaudeville                            D.Uber                    TEE 4
V5    Vilnius Screwtape Blues               T.Adomavicius             BQ
W1    Wabash Cannon Ball                    Trad./J.Garrett           TEE 4
W2    Waltz Op.64 No.2                      Chopin/Bale               EE 4                       high
W3    Waltz Op.69 No.1                      Chopin/Bale               EE 4                       high
W4    Washington Post                       J.P.Sousa                 TEE 4                      BC parts
W5    Wedding March                         Mendelssohn/E.Harris      EE 4                       3 TC 1BC                 *
W6    Westminster Intrada                   K.Forsyth                 TEE 4
W7    What's This?                          D.Elfman/G.Robertson      EE 4                                                *
W8    When the Saints Go Marching In        Arr.Gale                  TEE                        BC parts
W9    When You Wish Upon a Star             L.Harline/G.Roberston     EE 4 TEE 4                                          *
W10   William Tell Overture, Finale         Rossini/Smalley           TEE 4
W11   William Tell Overture, Finale         Rossini/A.Taylor          EE 4 TEE 4                 orig.trombones
W12   Willian Tell Overture, Complete       G.Rossini/G.Bannetta      EE 5                       BC parts                 *
W13                                         R.Vaughan
      Winds: 5 Descriptive Pieces for Tua-Euph Octet                  TEE 8                      TE and BC parts
W14   Without a Song                        V.Youmans/Robertson       TEE 4 EE 4                 BC parts
W15   Without Filter                        K.Bikkembergs             TEE 4 EE 4                 BC parts
W16   Wot Shigona Dew                       T.Wilson                  TEE 4 and rhythm section   Jazz parts poor
Y1    Yackety Sax                           J.Rich,R.Randolph/W.Zelchsolo and EE 8 or TEE 8                               *
Y2    You Made Me Love You                  Monaco/Holcombe           TEE 4                      jazz, BC parts
Z1    Zoot Suit Riot                                                  TEE 4
                                            Cherry Poppin Daddies/Robertson                      divisi euph parts
Z2    Zurich March                          Howarth                   BQ





Touch of Brass

MV M.Scherbacher





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 Glorious Sound
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 Touch of Brass

 Editio Musica, Budapest
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Touch of Brass
Touch of Brass



Title                                                Composer/Arranger               Scoring     Publisher              Difficulty
                                                                                                                        1-5 (easy-diff)
Abide With Me                                        S. Liddle                       PB          B&H                      3
Absolute Reality                                     P.Meechan                       P           P.Meechan                3
1812 Riff                                            P.Haack                         P           Southern Music Co. USA 3
A Little Flutter                                     K.Sinohara                      P           Manu                     5
Adagio                                               J.S.Bach                        P BE (10)   Bravo Brass Music        3
Adagio and Allegro                                   Schumann/Mead                   P           Manu                     4
Adagio and Allegro                                   Schumann/B.Wiggins              WB          Denis Wick Publ.         4
Adagio and Allegro                                   G.F.Handel/ R.B.Fitzgerald      P           Theodore Presser, USA    3
Adagio and Polacca                                   G. Bimboni                      P           Casa Musicale PUCCI      4
Adela                                                M.Bale                          P           Godiva Music             4
Ah fors'e lui (from La Traviata)                     G.Verdi/ F.Creux                WB          Manu                     3
Ah! Non Credea Mirarti                               V.Bellini/A.Bona                WB          Manu                     4
Ah,non Guinge                                        V.Bellini/A.Bona                WB          Manu                     4
Air (Orpheus and Euridice)                           Gluck/Hamner                    BP          Southern MC              2
Air Nostalgie                                        T.Huggens/B.Fraser              B           Musikverlag Frank        3
Air Varie                                            Vasseilliere                    P           O. Manu                  5
Alarms for euph/trumpet and harp                     G.Higgins                       Duo         Manu                     4
Alborado Spanish Dawn song                           G. Goodwin                      P           Southern MC              3
Alla Czardas                                         G.Orsomando                     WB          Manu                     5
All I Ask of You                                     A.L. Webber/ Mead               P           Manu                     3
Allegro                                              Fiocco                          P           GreenBay                 3
Allegro Appassionato                                 C.Saint-Saens                   B           Manu                     4
Allegro et Finale                                    E. Bozza                        P           A. Leduc                 4
Allegro from Bassoon Concerto                        Mozart/Henstridge               B           O. Manu                  4
Allegro from Bassoon Concerto                        Mozart/C.Randle                 B           Colin Randle             4
Allegro from Violin Concerto                         Mendelssohn/Harries             P           Paxton                   4
Allegro Maestoso (B. Trom)                           J. Koetsier                     P           Donemus                  3
Amazing Grace                                        P. Haack                        P           Southern MC              3
Amazing Mr Arban. The                                Arban/E. Howarth                BP          Chester M                4
Andante and Allegro                                  J. Ed Barat                     P           CBCI                     4
Andante and Allegro                                  Handel/ H.Gee                   P           Southern MC              2
Andante and Allegro (from Bassoon E minor)   A.Vivaldi/C.Randle              BP          Colin Randle             3
Andante and Alleluja                                 Mozart/A. Frackenpohl           P           TUBA                     3
Andante and Rondo                                    Capuzzi/Catelinet               P           Hinrichsen EL            3
Andante and Rondo Hongrois                           Weber/Dherin                    P           G.Billaudot              4
Andante from Violin concerto                         F.Mendelssohn/T.Wyss            P           Wyss Publications        3
Anderson's Medley                                    L.Anderson                      P           Toa IMC                  3
An die Musik                                         F.Schubert/T.Wyss               P           Wyss Publications        2
Angus MacDonald                                      J.Roeckel                       P           Manu                     3
Anna Karenina (Trumpet/Cornet)                       H. Johnston                     P           Allan &Co.(Australia)    3
Annie Laurie, variations on.                         W.Heaton                        B           Manu                     4
Annie Laurie (Trom)                                  A.Pryor/ K.Wilkinson            P           Black Squirrel Music     4
Annie Laurie, variations on.                         B.Martin                        P           Manu                     3
Apres un Reve                                        G.Faure/Mead                    P           Studio                   3
Apres un Reve                                        G.Faure/K.Karjalainen           WB          Manu                     3
Arabella                                             B. Chester                      BP          W&R                      2
Arabesque                                            J.Turrin                        BP          Rosehill                 4
Arbucklenian Polka                                   J.Hartmann                      B           B&H                      3
Aria                                                 E.Bozza/K.vdWoude               B           Manu                     3
Aria                                                 R.Finn                          WB          Beriato                  3
Aria                                                 A.Wimmer                        P           Musikverlag A. Wimmer    2
Aria Con Variazioni (Blacksmith)                     G.F.Handel                      P           Franco CI                4
Aria and Scherzo                                     F.Cardaropoli                   WB          Manu                     4
Aria di Chiesa                                       A.Stradella/Barbagallo          WB          Santabarbara             2
Aria from Saul                                       Handel/Fitzgerald               P           Southern MC              2
Air from Suite in D                                  JS Bach/T.Wyss                  P           Wyss Publications        3
Arietta and Allegro                                  Mozart/Powell                   P           Southern MC              1
Arion, Concerto for Euphonium                        U.Pulkkis                       SO          Manu                     5
Arioso                                               J.H.Fiocco / A.Bent,N.O'Neill   BE          Manu                     4
Armenian Grooves                                     S.Pilafian                      E           Focus on Music           5
Arpeggione Sonata                                    Schubert/Werden                  P          Whaling M                4
As Wonderful Things Drift By                         J.Censhu                        P           Zen-On Music             3
Ash Grove, The                                       H. Round                        PB          Wright and Round         3
At The Cross                                         I.Bosanko                       P           Manu                     3
Atlantic Zephyrs                                     G. Simons                       WB P        Fischer                  3
Attacca (Trom)                                       Mati Kuulberg                   U           Eres Estonia Edition     4
Au Temps de la Cour                                  J.Brouquieres                   P           Editions Robert Martin   2
Aubade                                               P.Sparke                        B P         Studio M                 3
Aubade (solo part /)                                 G. Wood                         P           R.Smith & Co             3
Auf dem Strom                                        F. Schubert/D.F.Bachelder       VP          TUBA                     3
Augen in der GrossStadt                              J.DeHaan                        WB          DeHaan                   4
Auld Lang Syne (Variations)                          S. Mantia                       WB P        Manu                     5
Ave Maria (Otello)                                   Verdi/Creux                     WB          Manu                     3

                                                          Page 23

Ave Maria                                                 F.Feliciangeli/Creux           WB       Manu                   4
Ave Maria                                                 F.Schubert/T.Wyss              P        Wyss Publications      2
Ave Maria                                                 JS Bach/Gounod                 P        Hawkes and Son         2
Ave Maria                                                 JS Bach/T.Wyss                 P        Wyss Publications      2
Aye Waukin' O!                                            Trad./A.Drover                 B        Adios                  3
Badinerie                                                 J.S.Bach/T.Wyss                P        Wyss Publications      3
Bacarolle & Chanson Bachanique                            J. Selmer-Collery              P        Leduc                  4
Bacarolle (Tales of Hoffman)                              Offenbach                      P        Toa IMC                2
Bacarolle (Tales of Hoffman) (opt.4 part)                 Offenbach/Mead/Sparke          P        Studio                 2
Bacarolle (Tales of Hoffman) , Duet                       Offenbach/J.Meredith           B        Manu                   2
Bacarolle (Tales of Hoffman),Duet                         Offenbach/D.Stephens           B        Sarnia Music           3
Bali                                                      N.Duhamel                      P        Edit. Robert Martin    2
Ballad                                                    B.Broughton                     P       Black Squirrel Music   3
Ballade (Trom)                                            F.Martin                       P        Universal Edition      4
Banjo and Fiddle                                          W.Kroll/T.Ruedi                PB       Obrasso                4
Baritunes                                                 L.Baker                        B        Kirklees               3
Beautiful Colorado                                        de Luca (Boddington)           WB B P   Studio                 3
Beautiful Dreamer                                         R. Salzmann                    P        Manu                   4
                                                          Trad./D.Hunsberger/Karjalainen SO SQ
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Duet version.                                      Manu                   3
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.           Boddington                     WB B P   Studio M/Manu          4
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.           Trad. /G.Langford              B        Chandos                3
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.           Trad./D.Hunsberger/Karjalainen SO SQ    Manu                   3
Belle Americaine                                          Hartmann                       B P      W&R                    3
Berceuse                                                  Jarnefelt                      WB P     Manu                   3
Berceuse                                                  J.Reeman                       P        Manu                   3
Better World. The (S.A)                                   N. Bearcroft                   BP       SP & S                 4
Birthday Tribute. A                                       P. Sparke                      U        Manu                   5
Black Bird (Jazz)                                         Anon                           U        Manu                   4
Blaydon Races                                             G. Langford                    B        Chandos                3
Blue Bell of Scotland, The.                               P. Sparke                      BP       Studio M               4
Blue Bells of Scotland, The.                              A. Pryor                       WB P     Fischer                4
Blue Lake Fantasies                                       D.Gillingham                   U        Manu                   5
Bolivar (Trom.)                                           E.Cook/N. Richardson           WB B     B&H                    4
Bombibone Brass Bit                                       J.Sandstrom                    WB B P   Warwick                5
Brahms' Lullaby                                           J.Brahms/J.Meredith            B        Man                    2
Bravaccio                                                 R.Fayeulle                     P        A.Leduc                4
Bravura                                                   P.Graham                       WB       Gramercy               4
Bravura for euph or four euphs and band                   P.Graham                       B        Gramercy               4
Brides of the Waves, The.                                 H. Clarke                      WB P     Warner                 4
Brillante                                                 P.Graham                       BP       Rosehill/Gramercy      4
Brillante (duet version)                                  P.Graham                       B        Rosehill               4
Brindisi (Drinking Song from La Traviata)                 Verdi /M.Bale                  B        Godiva Music           3
By Gaslight                                               T.Kassatti                     P        Editions BIM           3
Ca Suffit !                                               G.Barbera                      P        Animando               4
Café 1930                                                 Piazolla                       P        Manu (P)               4
Call of the Seasons                                       P. Catelinet                   BP       Cinque Port M          4
Call of the Seasons                                       E.Howarth                      B        Manu ?                 4
Camille (flugel/ trumpet)                                 A. Waignein                    WB B     Sc                     2
Campanella La,                                            N.Paganini                     B        MSWulrich              5
Cantabile                                                 Paganini/G.Richards            PB       Studio                 3
Cantabile et Divertissement                               J.Semler Collery               P        Max Eschig             4
Cantiphonia (Concerto for Euphonium)                      B.Appermont                    WB       Beriato                5
Capriccio and Humoresque                                  G.Wood                         U        Warwick                4
Capriccio Furioso                                         W. Ross                        P        B&H                    4
Caprice                                                   R. Woodfield                   WB B P   Hallamshire            4
Caprices , Six                                            D.Del Frate                    U        Milano D.Vismara       4
Caprices, Four                                            N. Paginini/Werden.            U        Whaling M              4
Carioca                                                   V. Youmans/Mead                BQ       Manu                   3
Carnival                                                  D.Stephens                     B        Sarnia Music           3
Carnival of the Animals, The (Flute/Euph/Piano)           C.Saint Saens /M.Bale          Ens.     Godiva Music           4
Carnival of Venice                                        Remmington                     BP       O.Manu/Rose.           4
Carnival of Venice                                        F.Bernaerts                     B       Manu                   5
Carnival of Venice                                        G.Bimboni                      WB       Lapini (Firenze)       5
Carnival of Venice                                        G.Briccialdi /A.O.Davis        P        Ludwig Music Publ.     4
Carnival of Venice                                        D. Staigers                     B                              4
Carnival of Venice                                        Arban. Japanese piano           P       TOA IMC                5
Carnival of Venice                                        Arban                           P       B&H                    5
Carnival of Venice                                        Giulio Benedict/Mead            P       O.Manu                 5
Carnival of Venice                                        D. Rimmer                       P       W&R                    3
Carnival of Venice                                        H. Clarke                       P       Warner                 4
Carrickfergus                                             Trad. Arr.Roberts              B        Tanglewood             3
Caro Mio Ben                                              Giordani/A.Bona                WB P     Studio                 3
Cavalier The,                                             E. Sutton/Rimmer               BP       W&R                    3
Centone Buffo Concertante                                 G. Jaffe                       P        Southern MC            3
Chamber Concerto no 2                                     D. Townsend                    CO P     Mercury MC             4

                                                             Page 24

Chanson de Matin (opt. Duet)                           E. Elgar/E. Wilson          P            Rose                       3
Chanson for Nick (tuba)                                J. S. Howard                P            Manu                       5
Chanson sans Paroles                                   T. Kuula                    P            Manu                       3
Chevailler d'Honneur                                   W. Relton                   BP           King's Brass               4
City in the Sea, The                                   Nigel Clarke                B            Maecenas Music             5
Classic Hymns                                          Trad/P.Sparke               P            Anglo Music Press          3
Clastics2 (Op.62)                                      M.Mailman                   PE           B&H                        4
Clear Skies (cornet) original version                  E.Ball                      B            SP&S                       4
Cleopatra (cornet)                                     E.Damare                    B            LaFleur & Son, London      4
Cloud Nine                                             D.Barry                     PB           Studio                     3
Coat de Bone                                           D.Bourgeois                 U            Warwick                    4
Concert Etude                                          D.Dragonetti                U            Music Evergrn.             4
Concert Etude (trumpet)                                A. Goedicke/S.Glover        PB           The Brass Press USA        4
Concert Etude                                          A.Goedicke/P.Stuckemeyer    Ens. TEE 5     4
Concert Piece                                          W.Brandt Op.12              P            IMC,NY                     4
Concert Piece                                          de la Nux                   P            SMC                        4
Concert Piece (Trumpet)                                W. Brandt                   P            International Music Co. USA4
Concert Piece for Euph & Piano                         R. Dillon                   P            Dear                       3
Concert Piece for Euphonium and Brass Sextet           K.Karjalainen               BE P         Manu                       4
Concert variations                                     J. Bach                     P            TUBA                       5
Concert-Fantasie                                       G.Cords                     P            CundyBettoney              4
Concertino                                             E.Bozza                     P SO         A.Leduc                    5
Concertino                                             J. Niblock                  WB P         B.L.P.                     4
Concertino - Euph and Winds.                           M. Angell                   CO P         Manu                       4
Concertino for Euphonium                               R. Wilhelm/C.Bell           B            Manu                       4
Concertino for Euphonium and Band                      G.Fritze                    WB P         Manu (TS)                  4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 S.Okpebholo                 SO P         Potenza Music              4
Concertino for Euphonium and Chamber Ensemble          S.G.Serraiocco              CO           TUBA press                 4
Concertino for Euphonium and Piano                     R.Wilhem                    P WB         Trio Blasemusik Edition    4
Concertino for Euphonium                               M.Putz                      WB                                      4
Concertino for Euphonium and String Orchestra          F.Glorieux                  SO           Manu                       4
Concertino for tenorhorn or bariton                    W. Rex/M.Heidler            P                                       4
                                                                                                Carpe Diem Musikverlag Germany
Concertino No 1 in Bflat (Ist Movt)                    J. Klengel/L. Falcone       WB P         Belwin                     5
Concertino Op.45                                       CM. Von Weber /W.Schaefer   WB           Denis Wick Publishing      4
Concertino(trom.)                                      F. David                    OP           IMC                        4
Concertino-Euph/piano/perc.                            J.C.Ross                    P            Whaling M                  4
Concerto                                               D.Bourgeois                 B            (R. Smith)                 5
Concerto - Euph & Band                                 A. Ponchielli               WB B P       Ed. Marc Reift             5
Concerto - Euph & Sym. Orch.                           J. Bach                     SO P         TUBA                       5
Concerto - Euph.& Wind Orch.                           A. Wilder                   WB P         Margun M.I.                4
Concerto - Tuba & Strings                              R. Steptoe                  OP           Stainer                    5
Concerto (Euph & Trom)                                 D. Bourgeois                O WB P       R. Smith                   5
Concerto 1 (cornet)                                    W.Brandt                    P            Cundy-Bettorney Co.USA 4
Concerto Euphonique (cham.Orch)                        M. Hopkinson                CO P         Manu                       4
Concerto for Euphonium or Trombone                     D.Cimarosa/P.Stuckemeyer    P       4
Concerto for Baritone and Band                         A.Duncan                    BP           North Music Holland        5
Concerto for Bass Tuba                                 Vaughan Williams            OP           OUP                        5
Concerto for Bassoon                                   Mozart/R. Marsteller        P            Southern MC                4
Concerto for Bassoon                                   Mozart/Henstridge           B            O. Manu                    4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 M.Amano                     WB           Edition MOITE              5
Concerto for Euphonium (Cantiphonia)                   B.Appermont                 WB           Beriato                    5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 M.Ball                      BP           Kirklees                   4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 F.Glorieux                  PO           Glorious Sounds            4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 V.Cosma                     OP           Larghetto                  5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 A.Gorb                      WB           Maecenas                   4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 V.Nelhybel                  WB P         TUBA                       5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 William Hill                WB P         Manu                       4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 M. Gileadi                  CO P         Jerona MC                  5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 P.Sparke                    BP           Studio                     4
Concerto for Euphonium No.2                            P.Sparke                    WB           Anglo Music Press          5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 P.Wilby                     B WB SO P    Rosehill                   5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 N.Clarke                    WB B         Maecenas                   5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 J.Filas                     SO WB P      EditionBIM                 5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 J.Linkola                   SO P         FMIC                       5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 M.Ellerby                   SO B P       Studio                     5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 J.Curnow                    O WB P       Curnow Music Press Inc. 5
Concerto for Euphonium                                 K.Downie                    B            Winwood                    4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 J. Horovitz                 O WB B P     Novello                    4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 B.McKimm                    P            B.McKimm                   4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 R.Jager                     O P WB       Manu                       4
Concerto for Euphonium                                 G.Wood                      WB           G&M Brand                  4
Concerto for Euphonium (Meditation on Reincarnation)   B. Keith Long               O            O.M.B. Publishing Co.      4
Concerto for Euphonium and Band                        S.Nordhagen                 WB           Nordic Sounds              5
Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra Op.55             T.Madsen                    OP           Norw.MI                    4
Concerto for Euphonium and Piano                       A.Horwath                   P             Manu                      4

                                                           Page 25

Concerto for Euphonium, Swimming the Mountain    A.Feinstein                  OP             4
Concerto for Euphonium , Three Worlds            P.Meechan                    B C.ens     P.Meecan                  4
Concerto for Euphonium and Wind Ensemble         P.Shultz                     WB          Manu                      4
Concerto for Euphonium No 1                      J. Golland                   WB B P      Chester                   5
Concerto for Euphonium No 2                      J. Golland                   B           Studio                    5
Concerto for Euphonium, Arion                     U.Pulkkis                   SO          Manu                      5
Concerto for Trumpet/Cornet/Flug.                A.Reed                       WB          Molenaar                  4
Concerto for Two Horns                           A.Vivaldi/C.Randle           B           Colin Randle              4
Concerto for Violin (finale)                     P.Tchaikovsky/H.Howey        BQ          Cimarron                  5
Concerto in F Major                              Porkorny/Baccherini          P           TUBA                      4
Concerto No.1 Op.11                              W.Brandt                     P           Fischer                   4
Concertstuck                                     J.Rueff                      P           Alphonse Leduc            4
Conqueror The,                                   R. Steadman Allen            B           SP & S                    4
Constellation                                    P.Schulz                     U           Manu                      5
Contest Piece Op.57                              G.Alary                      P           Cundy Bett.Co.Inc         3
Contrasts, 6 for eup/trom                        F.Glorieux                   U           Manu                      3
Cortege for solo euphonium                       A.K.Brandt                   U           Manu                      5
Couleurs en Mouvements                           J.Moreau                     P           A.Leduc                   5
Coulisse En,                                     P. Max Dubois                P                                     3
Cousins                                          H. Clarke/Maldonado          BQ WB       Maldo M.                  4
Cromagnon                                        A.Louvier                    P           A.Leduc                   5
Cujus Animam                                     F.Liszt                      Or           Manu                     3
Czardas                                          V.Monti/ E. Wilson           BP          Rose                      4
Czardas                                          V.Monti/T.Wyss               P           Wyss Publications         4
Dalla sua Pace                                   Mozart/W.Zelch               Ens         Manu                      3
Dance Du Diable Vert                             G.Cassado/T.Ruedi            BP          Obrasso                   5
Dance Suite                                      B.Israel/Theodore            U           Tritone Press             3
Danny Boy                                        Trad./Buckley/Werden         B           Whaling M                 3
Danza La,                                        G. Rossini                   P           Toa IMC                   4
De Facto (Euph/Oboe/Piano)                       T.Kassatti                   P           Editions Bim, Switzerland 4
Debutante. The,                                  H. Clarke/Maldon.            BQ WB B P   Warner/Maldo M            4
Declamations Op.181                              M.Cunningham                 P           Manu                      4
Deep inside the Sacred Temple (duet)             Bizet arr. Wilkinson         BP          Studio M                  3
Dein ist mein ganzes Herz                        Lehar /D.Woodcock            B           Manu                      3
der Baron von Bariton                            A.Wimmer                     WB          Musikverlag A.Wimmer      4
Desperado                                        Henley and Frey/J.McKenzie   WB B ens    Musikverlag Frank         3
Destination                                      J.Koskinen                   P           Manu                      5
Di Provenza il Mar, il Suol (from La Traviata)   G.Verdi/F.Creux              WB          Manu                      3
Distant Images                                   N. Corwell                   T           Nicolai Music USA         4
Diversive Elements (euph & tuba)                 D.Gillingham                 P           TUBA press                4
Divertimento for flute and euphonium             J.Perry                      U           J.Perry                   4
Divertimento Op.21 (Trumpet)                     O.Sommerfeldt                U           Norsk Musikforlag         4
Divertissement                                   C.Crawley                    P           CMC                       3
Divine Redeemer. O                               Gounod arr.D. Rimmer         P           W&R                       3
Dizzy Fingers                                    D. Stephens                  B           Sarnia Music              4
Dream Nocturne                                   H.Snell                      P           Howard Snell Editions     4
Drink To Me Only                                 H.Snell                      PB          Manu                      4
Drink To Me Only                                 J. Hartmann                  BP          Wright & Round            3
Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen                       H. Clarke                    P           Warner                    3
Duo Concertante for euph and trumpet             J.Barnes                     WB P        Southern M                4
Duet Concertino                                  R.Wilhelm                    P           Trio MP                   4
Duet Fantasy (solo)                              Adam B. Ferrero              U           Manu                      4
Duet for Trom.(Euph)and Organ                    G.Holst                      Or          Warwick                   4
Dulcamarata (Donizetti Vars.)                    K-Heinz Koper                WB O        Manu                      4
Duo Caprice (Euph & Sop)                         P. Catelinet                 B           Manu                      4
Duo for Euph & Marimba                           W.P.Dougherty                M           Heilm. M.                 4
Duo for Euph & Percussion                        C.E.Barber                   PE          Lud.MPC                   4
Duo for Euphoniums                               T.J.Powell                   B           W&R                       3
Ecnamor                                          D. Uber                      P           Southern MC               3
Eidolons for Euph & piano                        W. Latham                    P           Shawnee P.I.              4
Electric Reality                                 P.Meechan                    El.CD       P.Meechan                 4
Elegie Op.24                                     G.Faure/J.Mauger             P           Hamelle                   4
Elegie                                           R.Pezolt                     P           Manu                      3
Elegy                                            Woody James                  P           Ludwig                    3
Elegy for Mippy II (trom)                        L. Bernstein                 U           Chappell & co. London     4
Elfriede                                         G. Swift                     WB B        Manu                      5
Elgar Cello Concerto (movts 2&3)                 Elgar(Bourgeois)             BP          Manu                      5
Emmanuel                                                                      T           Manu                      4
En Coulisse (Trom.)                              Pierre Max Dubois)           P           Editions Le Rideau Rouge 3
En Glissant                                      C.Lesaffre                   P           G.Billaudot               2
En Priere (song)                                 Gabriel Faure                P           J. Hamelle                3
Encore                                           L.Minkus/B.Gay               B           Manu                      4
Endeavour (cornet)                               H. Johnston                  P           Chappell & co. Australia  4
Episodes                                         M. Patterson                 U           Manu                      4
Episodes and Fanfares Op.76                      S.Scott                      U           Manu                      4

                                                      Page 26

Escapade                                                   J. Turrin                     P        Rosehill                    3
Esquisse Concertante - concertschets                       F. Desprez                    P        Gervan (France)             4
Estrellita                                                 M.Ponce (Bennett)             U WB B   Unlim/B&H/Manu              3
Etudes,3 (tuba)                                            R. Wilhelm                    U        Trio Blasemusik Edition     3
Eulogy                                                     A.Blatter                     U        TUBA Gem Series
Eunique                                                    A.Blatter                     U        TUBA Gem Series
Euphemism                                                  A.Carastathis                 U        CMC                         4
Euphomania                                                 M.Remmers                     WB       Mythen Hollanda             3
Euphoniada (Concerto for Euphonium and Band)               F.Hidas                       WB       J.Kliment KG, Austria       3
Euphonic Moods                                             F.Glorieux                    SO       Manu                        3
Euphonic Variations Op.73                                  D.Babcock                     P        Manu                        4
Euphonism (Euph duet)                                      P.Sparke                      B        Studio                      3
Euphonium Fantasia                                         S.Bulla                       B        DeHaske                     3
Euphonium Music                                            B. Bowen                      BP       Rose                        5
Euphonium Sketches                                         T.Briggs                      P        Cimarron                    4
Euphonium Sonata                                           E. Young                      P        R. Smith                    3
Euphonium Suite                                            E. Young                      P        R. Smith                    3
Euphony                                                    R. Redhead                    BP       S.P.&S                      4
Euphony                                                    R. Jaggar                     P        Manu                        4
Euphoria                                                   D. Bourgeois                  BP       Vand. & Lm                  5
Excursion                                                  M.Tomaro                       P       Manu                        5
Façade Suite for tuba/euph+perc.                           W.Walton/M.Bale               Ens      Godiva music                4
Facilita                                                   J. Hartmann                   BP       B&H                         4
Fanfare and Air                                            M. Remson                     U        TUBA                        4
Fantasia                                                   G. Jacob                      WB P     B&H                         4
Fantasia di Concerto                                       Ed. Boccalari                 WB       Fischer                     5
Fantasia di Falcone                                        J.Curnow                      WB       Curnow Music Press Inc. 4
Fantasia di Foresta                                        M.Hirano                      P        Animando                    4
Fantasia for Euph & piano                                  S. Konagaya                   P        TUBA                        4
Fantasia for Tuba and Concert Band                         J. Curnow                     WB       TUBA                        3
Fantasie Concertante                                       Casterede                     P        Edition M                   4
Fantasie Concertante                                       F. Desprez                    P        Maurer                      4
Fantasie Concertante                                       P. Villette                   P        A. Leduc                    4
Fantasie Originale                                         E.Picchi/Mantia               P WB     Manu/Athens Press           4
Fantasie Originale                                         E.Picchi / Mantia/Frey        P        Athens M.P.                 4
Fantasy                                                    P. Sparke                     BP       R. Smith                    4
Fantasy (cornet)                                           H.Snell                       B        Kirklees                    4
Fantasy (Horn)                                             M. Arnold                     U        Faber                       4
Fantasy (Trom)                                             M. Arnold                     U        Faber                       5
Fantasy for Euph & Piano                                   F.Glorieux                    P        Glorious Sounds             3
Fantasy for Euph & Piano                                   H. Hoshina                    P        TUBA                        4
Fantasy for solo Euphonium                                 Constantinides                 U       Whaling M                   4
Fantasy of Minho                                           Afonso Alves                  WB       Cardoso                     4
Fantasy on La Traviata                                     Verdi/Arban/Fretwell          B        Collegiate Publ. UK         3
Fantasy on Moto Perpetuo (duet)                            Paganini / H.Snell            B        Manu                        5
Fantasy on Negro Spirituals (duet)                         Alan Fernie                   B        Bernel Music                4
Fantasy Rondo for Euphonium Duet                           D.Bourgeois                   P        Warwick Music               4
Fantasy Variations for Euph and Piano                      Y.Ito                         P        Studio                      4
Fast and Loose                                             D. Stephens                   P        Sarnia Music                4
Fatherland                                                 J. Hartmann                   BP       W&R/Manu                    4
Faure Duets, Two                                           G. Faure/Mead                 P        Studio music                3
Field of the Dead                                          S.Prokofiev/Mead              P        Manu                        3
Five pieces in Folk Style.Op 102                           R. Schumann/Droste            P        Ludwig M                    4
Flight                                                     P.Wilby                       BP       Novello                     5
Flight of the Bumble Bee ,The                              N. Rimsky Korsakov/M.Reift    BP                                   4
                                                                                                  Editions Marc Reift, Switzerland
Flight of the Bumble Bee, The (Hummelflug                  N.Rimsky Korsakov/A.O.Davis   WB       Ludwig Music                4
Flight of the Bumble Bee, The (Hummelflug                  RK / B.Slokar/Reift           P                                    4
                                                                                                  Editions Marc Reift, Switzerland
Flight of the Bumble Bee.                                  Harry James                   BP       Paramount MC                5
Flight of the Bumble Bee                                   N.Rimsky Korsakov/T.Wyss      P        Wyss Publications           4
Flower Song                                                Bizet/Snell/Maldo             BQ       BP                          4
Flower Song                                                Bizet/M.Bale                  P        Godiva music                3
Folksong                                                   B.Broughton                   P        Black Squirrel Music        3
Football (the greatest moment) for euphonium and snare drumT.A. Nilsen                   PE       Manu                        4
Four Dialogues Euph & Marimba)                             S. Adler                      M        C.Fischer                   5
Four Euphoniums for You for 4 Euphs and Harp               Y.Ito                         H        Studio Music                4
Four Lyric Pieces                                          T.A.Nilsen                    U        Nordic Sounds               4
Four pieces from the Carnival of the Animals               Saint Saens /M.Bale           P        Godiva music                3
Four Puccini Arias                                         Puccini/Spaniola              P        TUBA press                  3
Four Short Narratives                                      N. Corwell                     U       TUBA                        3
Foxtrot Between friends-Duet-cor.                          G. Langford                   B        Chandos                     3
From the Quiet                                             P. Hoch                       U        TUBA                        4
Furioso                                                    GF.Handel                     P        Wyss Publications           3
Furtiva Lagrima, Una                                       G.Donizetti                   P        Wyss Publications           3
From The Shores of the Mighty Pacific                      H. Clarke                     BP       Warner                      4
Gaelic Sonata                                              D.MacMillan                   P               4

                                                               Page 27

Galop from Jeux d'enfants                              G.Bizet/ M.Bale                P        Godiva Music             4
Gameplan                                               D.Stephens                     B        Sarnia Music             3
Gavotte and Rondo                                      J.S.Bach / M.Bale              P        Godiva Music             3
Gentle Annie (duet cornet/euph)                        S.Foster                       B        Manu                     3
Gesu Bambino                                           P.A.Yon/W.vander Beek          WB       Molenaar                 2
Girl with the Flaxen Hair,The                          Debussy/Snell                  P        Rakeway                  4
Girl with the Flaxen Hair,The                          Debussy . Juha Maattala        P        Manu                     4
Glorious Ventures                                      P.Graham                       BP       Gramercy Music           4
Glory (euph duet)                                      R.Pearce                       B        Ralph Pearce             4
Good Fellows, Be Merry                                 J.S.Bach/M.Bale                P        Godiva Music             2
Gramercy Solo Album (4 solos)                          P.Graham                       P        Gramercy Music           3
Gran Trio (Trumpet/Trom or euph,/Piano)                J.Koetsier                     P        Editions Bim             4
Grand Air de Zair                                      G.S.Mercadente/L.Vertommen     B        Band Press VOF           3
Grand Concerto                                         F. Grafe                       P        Cundy-Bett               4
Grand Duo on Themes from William Tell                  Rossini/Demersseman/Fritsch    P        Billaudot                4
Grand Duo Concertato for trom and euph and piano       E.Picchi                       P        Casa Musicale PUCCI      4
Grand Russian Fantasia                                 J.Levy/M.Bale                  TromQ    Godiva music             4
Grandfathers Clock                                     Doughty                        BP       W&R                      4
Great Adventure, The                                   N.Bearcroft                    B        SP&S                     4
Guamiliana                                             A.L. Artiga                    P        A.L.A                    4
Gypsy Airs                                             Sarasate/Snell                 WB B P   Manu/Rakeway             5
Gypsy Carnival                                         Yascha Krein/Naylor            WB B P   Manu                     5
Gypsy Earings for euph duet and rhythm section         A.Farah/R.McGeorge             RS       Potenza Music            4
Hail, Ancient Walls                                    Gounod/Snell                   BP       Rakeway                  4
Hamabeno Uta                                           T.Narita / M.Kanai             P        Manu                     3
Hans de Schnokeloch                                    R. Bariller                    P        Alphonse                 4
Harbour Light                                          N. Bearcroft                   BP       SP&S                     4
Harlequinade                                           M.Forsyth                      P        Manu                     4
Harmonius Blacksmith                                   Ord/Hume/Wilkinson             BP       B&H/Molenaar             4
Harp that once Thro'Taras Halls                        H. Clarke                      P        Warner                   3
Heart in Heart                                         I. Bosanko                     P        Manu                     4
Highgarth Invention                                    R.Kirk-Smith                   P        Rosehill                 4
Hijjazker Longa                                        Anon./G.Buttery                U        Manu                     4
Histoire de Tuba                                       P.Max Dubois                   P        G.Billaudot              4
Holy Well, the                                         P.Graham                       B        Gramercy Music           4
Home on the Range                                      E. Leidzen                     B        SP&S                     4
Hora Staccato                                          Dinicu-Heifetz                 WB       Fischer                  5
How Soon                                               Mancini / P.Maunder            B        Manu                     3
Hwmn for the Lost and the Living, A                    E.Ewazen                       P        Southern M               2
Hytten                                                 Grieg                          P        Manu                     3
I Masnadieri                                           Verdi/N.Micheletti             WB       Man                      5
Idylle                                                 Elgar/E. Wilson                P        Rakeway                  3
If with All Your Hearts                                F.Mendelssohn / A.Ostrander    P        Southern Music Co. USA   2
Il Sospiro Dell'Anima                                  G.B.Frosali                    WB       Italian ?                4
I'll Not Turn Back (duet, cornet & euph)               J.Larsson / I.Bosanko          B        S,P&S                    3
Impromptu for trumpet                                  M. Poot                        P        Andel Uit.               3
Impromtu for Tuba Bb                                   M. Poot                        P        Andel Uit.               3
Improvisations in a Japanese Garden , 3                P.Wilby                        T        Manu                     5
ImTiefsten Walde Op.34, No.4                           H.K.Schmid / T.Bacon           P        Southern Music Co. USA   4
Inflammatus                                            G. Rossini/Ephross             P        Southern MC              3
Inquieto                                               R.Coryn                        U        CeBeDeM Brussles         3
Interference                                           P.Manfrin                      U        Manu                     5
Intermezzo                                             M. Bitsch                      P        A. Leduc                 4
Intrada (tr. or hrn.)                                  O.Ketting                      U        Donemus                  4
Introduction & Allegro Spiritoso                       Senaille/Charrosin/Catelinet   BP       Manu/SP&S                4
Introduction & Serenade                                J. Ed Barat                    P        Alphonse                 3
Introduction , Romance et Allegro                      P.Lantier                      P        H.Lemoine &Co.           4
Introduction and Allegro                               A.Fernie                       BP       Bernel Music             4
Introduction Et Danse                                  J. Ed Barat                    P        A. Leduc                 3
Introduction et Polonaise (Ophi.)                      J.Demersseman                  P SO     Manu                     4
Introduction et Ronde                                  M.Faillenot                    P        Editions Robert Martin   2
Introduction and Tarantella                            P.Sarasate/D.Fretwell          B        Kirklees                 5
Introduction,Theme & Var.                              Rossini/S. Brennan             B P      Brennan & L.             5
Irisches Trio (Trumpet. Trom or Euph, Piano) Op. 126   J.Koetsier                     P        Editions Bim             4
Je te veux                                             E. Satie                       P        Toa IMC                  3
Jean Elizabeth                                         G. Richards                    B        Studio                   3
Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair                      S. Foster( E. Howarth)         B        Chester                  3
Jenny Jones                                            W. Rimmer                      B P      W&R                      4
Jerusalem                                              Parry / M.Bale                 P        Godiva Music             2
Journey into Peace                                     W.Himes                        B        SP&S                     4
Joy Untold A.                                          T. Camsey                      B        SP&S                     4
Joya Catalana,La                                       Spanish                        WB       Manu                     5
Jubiloso                                               James Walton                   B P      MGP                      4
Just a Closer Walk                                     P. Haach                       P        Southern MC              3
Just for Steven                                        P.Dzon                         BQ       Manuscript               5

                                                            Page 28

King of Infinite Space, A                    B.Clifton                      U           Manu                     4
Kino Concertino                              T.Kassatti                     P SO        Editions BIM             4
Kung Pao for organ and euphonium             C.Kingsland                    Or          Chappellissimo Music     4
Largo al Factotum                            Rossini/Sullivan               B P         B&H                      3
Lark in the Clear Air, The                   Trad./D.Catherwood             B           Curnow Music Press Inc. 3
Laudamus Te (from Cminor mass)               Mozart. A. Frackenpohl          P          TUBA                     3
Lay Thee to rest                             K.Mackenzie                    WB          Manu                     4
Legend                                       P. Catelinet                    P          B&H                      3
Legend                                       M.Kentsubitsch                 P           Ogi M.C.Yokohama         4
Legende                                      J.P. Beugniot                  P           G.Billaudot              3
Liebesfreud Euph duet                        F.Kriesler/Werden              P           Cimarron                 4
Liebesfreud                                  F.Kriesler                      P          Cimarron                 4
Liebeslied (Love's Sorrow)                   F.Kreisler/E.Leidzen            P          Charles Foley            3
Lillian                                      H. Clarke                       P          Warner                   4
Little Bear's Adventure                      F.Werner                       WB          Werner                   4
Locomotion                                   N.Bearcroft                    B           SP&S                     4
Logos                                        A.Ameller                      P           A.Leduc                  4
Lokk from the green island (2 euphs)         T.Aagaard-Nilsen               U           Manu                     3
Londonderry Air                              Trad/B.Geldard                 WB          Studio                   3
Long Long ago                                Boddington                     B P         W&R                      4
Lucy Long                                    F. Godfrey                     B           B&H                      4
Lucy Long                                    F. Godfrey arr.E. Wilson        P          Rose                     4
Lyric Piece for Euphonium                    D.Bachelder                     U          TUBA                     3
Lyric Suite                                  D.H. White                      P          Schirmer                 4
Maid of the Mist                             H. Clarke                       P          Warner                   4
Masquerade                                   L.Melissano                    WB P        LMMS                     3
Mazzo De Fiori, Il                           D.Gatti/L.Valenti              WB          Manu                     4
Mazurka                                      N.Falcone                      U           TUBA                     3
Me and My Shadow                             Dreyer/Jolson/Rose arr.Rydland B WB        Musikverlag Frank        4
Med Jesus vil eg Fara OP.41                  K.Habbestad                     Or         NMI                      3
Meditation                                   V. Bakaleinikoff                P          Belwin. Inc.             3
Meditation                                   F.Bridge                       P           Stainer and Bell         3
Meditation for Euphonium and Brass Band      A. Bach                        B           Manu                     2
Meditation from Thais                        Massenet/Ashmore               B P         Hallamshire              4
Meditation from Thais                        Massenet/Kanai                  P          Manu                     4
Melody from 'Orpheus & Euridice              Gluck/D.Winter                  P          Whaling M                3
Metamorphose                                 T.Imoto                        U           Manu                     5
Mexican Hat Dance                            R.Mendez / S.Roberts           B           Manu                     4
Mi Amor (tuba euph duet)                     Arr.Szentpali                  T           Manu                     3
Michelangelo                                 S.Dagsland/F.Rydland           B P WB      Fundamental Music        3
Midnight Euphonium                           G.Richards                     B P WB      Studio                 s#
Minute Waltz                                 Chopin/Werden                  WB P        Whaling/Cimarron         4
Morceau De Concours                          J. Ed Barat                     P          B. Crampon               4
Morceau Symphonique                          Guilmant                       B P         International            4
Mosaique                                     R.Boutry                       P           G.Billaudot              5
Mot d'Amour                                  Elgar arr. E. Wilson            P          Rose                     3
Moto Perpetuo                                T Ritter George                 P          TUBA                     4
Moto Perpetuo(Duet)                          N Paganini/Snell               B           Manu                     5
Mountains of Mourne, The                     R. Newsome                     B P         Keith Prowse             4
Multiplicity                                 M.Nightingale                  T.ens       Warwick                  5
Music                                        K.Vetter                        U          Music Evergrn.         ?
Mutability Fantasy                           D. Constantinides               P          Manu                     4
Mutations for Euph & piano                   C. Ross                         P          Manu                     5
My Love for You                              H. Clarke                       P          Warner                   3
My Unchanging Friend                         I.Bosanko                      B           SP&S                     4
Name, The                                    P.Graham                       B           Gramercy                 3
Napoli                                       H. Bellstedt/Maldo             BQ B P WB   R.Smith/Southern/Maldo 4
Nessun Dorma                                 Puccini(Wilkinson/Snell)       B P WB      Rakeway                  3
Nessun Dorma                                 Puccini/Bale                   TromQ       Godiva Music             3
Nessun Dorma                                 Puccini/Wyss                   P B WB      Wyss Publications        3
New England Reveries-Euph/Tape N.Corwell     N.Corwell                      T           Manu                     4
New Generated Norms                          D. Steiger                     U           TUBA                     3
New Orleans                                  E. Bozza                       P           A. Leduc                 4
Night in June, A                             K. King                        WB B        Manu                     4
Night in Spain, The                          K.Karjalainen                  SO          K.Karjalainen            4
Night Song-Euph & Taped Synth                Neal Corwell                   T           N. Corwell               3
Night Sun Journey                                                           T           Manu                     3
Nocturne (for Baritone)                      P.Mealor                       P           Manu                     3
Nocturne                                     J.Sibelius/Mead                P           Manu                     3
Nocturne                                     F.Strauss/Fischer              P           TUBA press               4
Nocturno                                     P.Stanek                       WB          Rundel Music             3
Norwegian Dance No.1                         A.Evensen                      P           Manu                     3
O Holy Night                                 Arr. Wilkinson                 B Or        Wright & Round           3
O Lovely Night (La Tyrolienne)               H.Round Arr. M.Hopkinson       B           Kirklees                 3
O My Beloved Father (from Gianni Schicchi)   G.Puccini/S.Smith              B           Kirklees                 2

                                                 Page 29

O My Beloved Father (from Gianni Schicchi)        G. Puccini.T.Wyss                P           Wyss Publications        2
Odyssey -Euph & Tape Synth                        N. Corwell                       T           N. Corwell               4
Old Kentucky Home                                 C.Smith                          P           C.L. Barnhouse           4
One Note Samba                                    Arr.M.Ohrwader                   TromQ       Manu                     4
On With The Motley                                Leoncavallo / R.Farr             B           Rosehill                 3
Operatic Arias, Three                             Wagner (D. Wright)               P           R. Smith                 3
Original Fantasie                                 Picchi arr.S.Mantia              WB P        Manu                     5
Oxford Study (euph & 2 troms.)                    O.Bourne                         Ens         Manu                     3
Pagan Dances                                      E.Debons                         P           Marc Reift               4
Panache                                           R.Dewhurst                       BP          Gramercy Music           3
Pantomime                                         P. Sparke                        WB B        Studio M                 4
Paris le Soir                                     E.Howarth                        B           Chester                  3
Partita                                           A. Butterworth                   P           Comus Pub.               4
Partita Piccola Canonica Seconda (Duet)           B. Israel                        U           Tritone Press USA        3
Party Piece                                       P. Sparke                        B           Studio M                 4
Peace                                             J Golland                        BPH         Hallamshire              3
Peace, Please !                                   F.Thingnaes                      WB          Mythen Hollanda          3
Pearls                                            R.Szentpali                      P           Editions BIM             4
Pequena Czarda                                    P.Iturralde/K.vdWoude            B           Manu                     4
Petite Suite for Euphonium                        T.J.Anderson                     U           Dorn                     3
Phenomenal (caprice Fantasy)                      F. N. Innews                     P           CMPH                     4
Phonema                                           F.Fontanot                       P           Brazinmusikanta          4
Piacer d'Amor                                     G.Martini (M.Kanai)              P           Manu                     3
Piccolo Concerto for Flicorno baritono and band   N.Micheletti                     WB          E.M. Eridania
Piccolo Suite                                     P.M. Dubois                      P           A. Leduc                 4
Pie Jesu                                          J.Rutter/J.Meredith              B           Manu                     2
Piece in F Minor                                  F. Morel                         P           Gostallet                3
Piece of Tuba                                     T.Inagaki                        P           Academia M.Tok.          3
Pokarekare Ana                                    P.Tomoana/L.Vertommen            B           Band Press VOF           2
Postcards                                         A.Skaggs                         TrQuartet   Gold Branch music        4
Pour Maurice (for baritone voice and piano)       I.Xenakis                        P           Editions Salabert        4
Preghiera for euphonium and band                  F.Feliciangeli                   WB          Manu                     2
Preghiera for euphonium, tuba and band            F.Feliciangeli                   WB          Manu                     2
Prelude                                           Y.Ito                            P           Ito Music                3
Prelude and Caprice                               T.Habe                           P           Edition D.S.S.Ljublana   3
Prelude &Rhapsody (Euph&Piano)                    J. Davison                       P           Manu                     3
Prelude for Euphonium and Piano                   Y.Ito                            P           Studio                   3
Prelude and Allegro                               E. Bozza                         P           A.Leduc                  4
Preludium                                         H.Johnsen                        Or          Norsk.MF.                3
Prelule et Cadence                                G.Barboteu                       P           Editions Choudens        5
Premier Solo                                      G.Pares                          P           Ed. MR Braun (manu?)     4
Pretty Jane                                       J. Hartmann                      BP          W&R                      3
Priere (Rukous)                                   C. Saint Saens/K.Karjalainen     O P         Manu                     3
Quintessence                                      D.Stephens                       B           Sarnia Music             3
Ransomed                                          G. Marshall                      BP          SP&S                     4
Ransomed Host, The(S.A)                           R.S.Allen                        B           SP&S                     4
Rant                                              D.Bousted                        P           Composer P               5
Reason The                                        E. Rance                         B P         SP&S                     3
Recondita Armonia                                 Puccini / D.Woodcock             B           Green Bay                3
Reflections                                       F.Siekmann                       P           Brelmat Music            3
Relentless Grooves 1 and 2                        S.Pilafian                       T           Manu                     5
Return to Sorrento                                E.De Durtis/S.Roberts            B P         Rosehill                 3
Rhapsody for Euph & piano                         Colin E. Cowles                  P           Manu                     5
Rhapsody for Euphonium                            J.Curnow                         WB B P      Rosehill                 3
Rhapsody for Euphonium                            J Brubaker                        P          TUBA                     4
Riders of Rohan, The                              R. Newton                         P          Rose                     3
Ritual & Celebration                              J. Spears                         P          Southern M               3
Romance (from Ivan Susanin)                       M.Glinka / K.Karjalainen         SO          Manu                     2
Romance (from Opera Pikovaja Dama                 P. Tchaikovsky / K.Karjalainen   SO          Manu                     3
Romance Concertante                               J.Filas                          P SO        Editions BIM             4
Romance in F. Minor                               T. Keighley                      P           O. Manu B&H              4
Romance Op 62                                     Elgar/E. Wilson                  P           Rose                     4
Romantic pieces Op. 75                            A. Dvorak/ D. Winter             P           Whaling M                2
Romanza (from Tuba Concerto)                      V. Williams                      OP          OUP                      4
Romanza Andaluza                                  P.Sarasate / K.Karjalainen       SO           Manu                    4
Rondaletto Op.193                                 M.Cunningham                     P           Manu                     3
Rondo                                             C.T.Smith/Freeh                  WB B        Wingert-J.M              4
Rondo                                             L.van Beethoven/R.Madeson         P          TUBA                     4
Rondo for Baritone Horn & piano                   W. Presser                        P          W. Presser               4
Rondo Giocoso                                     Weber/Siebert                     P          Studio                   4
Rondo(from Bassoon Concerto)                      Mozart/Wilkinson                 B                                    3
Rule Britannia                                    J. Hartmann                      WB B P      Manu/W&R                 4
Saltatio Diabolica                                E.Debons                         P           Marc Reift               4
Salut d'Amour                                     Elgar/Childs                     P           Rose                     3
Sancho Pansa (Spanish Burleske)                   S.Bethmann                       WB P        Loosmann                 3

                                                       Page 30

Scene & Bolero(Euph or Ophi)              Jos. Labitzky                 P        O.Manu                    3
Scene de Ballet                           C.A. de Beriot/Brennan & L.   P        Brennan & L.              4
Scherzo for Seamus                        C.Smith                       P        Rosehill                  3
Scherzo                                   E.F.Goldman                   P        Shawnee                   4
Scherzo Pericoloso                        E.Blatti                      P        Old Henry Editions        4
Scherzo Roman                             I. Dumitru                    P        Bruno Uetz                3
Scooter a Trois Pattes, Le                F.Thullier                    U        Feeling Musique           4
Secousse Electrique for euph and violin   E.Mallett                     Duet     Manu                      5
Secret de Maitre Cornille, Le             F.Poullot                     P        Pub.Musicales Lino        2
Sentimentale                              J.DeLuca/J.Smith              WB       Lismore                   4
Serenade                                  E.Elgar                       P        Rosehill                  3
Serenade                                  D.Popper / B.Trudgian         P        Tremelles M.              4
Serenade                                  Schubert(Wilkinson)           BP       SP&S                      3
Serenade for Euphonium & Band             S. Johnson                    B        Progress M.               3
Serenade-Les Millions d'Arlequin          Drigo/Wright                  B WB     O.Manu                    3
Serenade-Les Millions d'Arlequin          Drigo/D.Stephens              B        Sarnia Music              3
Serenata                                  T.Cliff                       B        Kirklees                  3
Serenata                                  E.Toselli                     B WB     Musikverlag Frank         3
Sextet for euphonium & ww quintet         W.Hartley                     WQ       Tuba Press                4
Shepherd's Song                           T.Davis                       B        SP&S                      3
Showers of Gold                           H. Clarke                     P        Warner                    3
Shusou for Euphonium                      M. Hidaka                     U        Manu                      4
Simbiosi                                  F.Fontanot                    WB       Manu                      3
Simple Song, A (from Mass)                L.Bernstein/J.Hauser          P        Manu,G.Schirmer           3
Six Miniatures for Euphonium and Tuba     P.Schulz                      D        Manu                      3
Skunk                                     S.Parkin                      P        Manu                      5
Skydream for Euph & Piano                 D. Uber                       P        TUBA                      3
Skye Boat Song                            Trad. / S.Roberts             P        Tanglewind                3
Slavische Fantasie                        C.Hohne                       P                                  4
Slavische Fantasie                        C.Hohne/P.Graham              B        Gramercy                  4
Softly as I Leave You                     De Vita (Catherall)           BP       Rosehill                  3
Soliloquy IX for Solo Euph.               C.D Wiggins Op 94 No 9        U        Studio                    4
Soliloquies                               J.Stevens                     U        Manu                      4
Soliloquy                                 M.Grady                       U         TUBA                     4
Solo de Concurso                          Miguel Juste                  WB P     Union M Espag.            5
Solo Rhapsody                             D.Stephens                    PB       Sarnia Music              4
Solveig's Song                            E.Grieg/T.Wyss                P        Wyss Publication          3
Solveigs Vuggesang                        Greig                         P        Manu                      3
Sonata                                    G.P.Telemann/I.Rudas          P        Editio Musica, Budapest   3
Sonata                                    A. Wilder                     P        Manu                      4
Sonata                                    G.Vollen                      P        Manu                      3
Sonata                                    I. Rekhin                     P        TUBA                      4
Sonata - Baritone Horn & piano            E.J. Ulrich                   P        T. Presser                4
Sonata - Baritone Horn & Piano            T. R. George                  P        Alphaeus                  4
Sonata - Euph & Piano                     A. Frackenpohl                P        TUBA ?                    4
Sonata de Abril                           Angeles Lopez Artiga          P        Manu                      5
Sonata -Euph, Brass, & Perc.              C. Gallaher                   B        TUBA                      4
Sonata Euphonica                          Walter Hartley                P        Tenuto                    4
Sonata for Euphonium                      D. Uber                       P        Edition M.                4
Sonata for Euphonium                      John Reeman                   P        Studio                    4
Sonata for Euphonium and Piano Op.104     J.N.Hummel/Broer              P        Brassworks4               4
Sonata for Euphonium & Piano              Y.Ito                         P        Studio                    4
Sonata for Euphonium & Piano              T. Rodgers                    P        Manu                      4
Sonata for Euphonium and Piano            N.Resanovic                   P        Manu                      5
Sonata for Euphonium and Strings          A.Roper                       SO P     Studio                    4
Sonata for Solo Euphonium                 A.Frackenpohl                 U        TUBA                      4
Sonata in Bb Major (Bassoon)              Mozart/Marcellus              P        Kendor                    4
Sonata in F Major                         B. Marcello/ Ostrander        P        IMC                       4
Sonata in F Major                         Marcello/Mead                 P        Studio                    4
Sonata No.III in A minor                  B.Marcello /J.Mortimer        P        Marc Reift                3
Sonata Op 17                              Beethovan/Blaauw              P        Molenaar                  4
Sonata- unaccompanied Euph.               F.L. Clinard. Jr.             U        Shawnee                   4
Sonatas (6)                               J.E. Galliard                 P        Josef Marx                3
Sonatas No 1&2                            J.S.Bach (R.Marsteller)       P        Southern M                4
Sonatina                                  D.Barry                       B        Kirklees                  3
Sonatina - Baritone & Piano               W. Hutchison                  P        Fischer                   3
Sonatina - Euph,Marimba,& Piano           D.Steiger                     MP       TUBA                      3
Sonatina - Euphonium & Tape               Boda                          T        Whaling M                 4
Sonatina for solo Euphonium               H.Hewitt                      U        TUBA                      3
Sonatine                                  J. Casterede                  P        A. Leduc                  4
Song and Dance                            A.Frackenpohl                 P        Horizon Press             4
Song for Euphonium                        P.H.Riddle                    P        Seesaw M.C.               3
Song of the Brother, The (S.A)            E. Leidzen                    BP       SP&S                      4
Sounds from the Hudson                    H. Clarke                     WB B P   Warner                    4
Southern Cross, The                       H.Clarke                      WB P     Warner                    4

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Spinning Song                                             Mendelssohn (D.Werden)          P        Whaling M                5
Spirit of Water, A                                        K.Nabeshima                     U        Manu                     5
Stardust                                                  H.Carmichael/E.Rousseau         WB       Manu                     3
Sub Tuum Praesidium                                       Mozart/H.Gurtner                Ens      Manu                     2
Suite Classique, A la                                     Y.Ito                           P        Studio                   4
Suite for Baritone                                        D. Haddad                       P        Fischer                  4
Suite for Solo Euphonium                                  D.Manuel Garcia                 U        Manu                     4
Suite in D minor                                          J.S. Bach/Frackenpohl           Tub.     TUBA                     3
Summer Music Op.77B                                       A.Butterworth                   OP       Manu                     5
Swan, The (in Eb)                                         Saint-Saens (Mead)              P        Manu                     3
Swan, The (in Eb)                                          Saint-Seans (Snell)            B        Rakeway                  3
Swan, The (in Bb)                                         Sait-Saens/T.Wyss               P        Wyss Publication         3
Symphonic Rhapsody- Euph,Band.                            E. Gregson                      B        SP&S.                    4
Symphonic Var- Euph & Band                                J. Curnow                       WB B P   Jenson/Manu              5
Symphony No29 - Euph & Orch.                              A. Schoonenbeek                 B        De Haske                 3
Takemitsu piece, untitled                                 T.Takemitsu                     P        Manu                     3
Tambourin                                                 F.J. Gossec/Wilson              BP       Rose                     3
Tango                                                     D.Sanson                        P        Manu                     4
Tango Etudes                                              A.Piazzolla                     U        Lemoine                  5
Teddy Bears                                               J.Szkutko                       WB P     SZK Music                4
The Way We Were                                           M.Hamlisch/D.Barry              B        Musikverlag Frank        3
Theatre Piece, for vibraphone, Cello and Euphonium        D.Bachelder                     Ens      Tuba Press               3
Theme and Variations (Russian)                            ?                               P        Russian?                 3
Theme and Variations from Symphonie Concertante K.297b Mozart/M.Bale                      P BE     Godiva music             4
There Will Be God                                         J.Webb/Richard Phillips         B        SP&S                     4
Three Worlds (Concerto for Euphonium)                     P.Meechan                       B        P.Meecham                4
Tico Tico                                                 Abreu/R.Mendez                  P        Hickman Music Editions   4
Timepiece                                                 N. Bearcroft                    B        SP&S                     4
Toccata for Euphonium and Piano                           Y.Nakahashi                     P        Kosei                    5
                                                          C. Bolling
Toot Suite(Euph & Jazz Piano) Allegro,Mystique,Rag polka,Marche,Vesperale, Spirituelle.   P        Editions C.P.            3
Totem                                                     P.Newland                       P        Manu                     5
Tres pastiches de Belem                                   E.Carrapatoso                   SO       ed. Montemel             3
Traumerei                                                 R.Schumann/T.Wyss               P        Wyss Publication         3
Trilogy for Euph & Band                                   B. Wiggins                      BP       Manu                     4
Triste Espana Sin Ventura                                 Encina/Buttery                  P        Whaling M                3
T-Tango                                                   D.Sanson                        P        Animando                 3
Tubade                                                    M.Hulot                         P        Edit.Pierre Duhautois    2
Tub'opera                                                 Y.Bouillot                      P        Robert Martin            3
Twilight Serenade                                         K. Schoonenbeek                 B        De Haske                 3
Two Insects for Solo Euphonium                            T.A.Nilsen                      U        Nordic Sounds            5
Two Part Invention (duet)                                 P.Sparke                        WB P     Studio                   4
Tzigane                                                   A van Zoelen                    U        Mansarda-Sintra          4
Una Voce M'Ha Colpito                                     Rossini arr. J. Ord Hume        P        O. Manu (B&H)            4
Vaga luna che inargenti                                   V.Bellini/A.Bona                WB P     Studio                   2
Valfickans Dans                                           H.Alven / S.Olsrud              P        Manu                     4
Valfickans Dans                                           H.Alven / S.Olsrud/Mead         B        Manu                     4
Vanishing Points                                          J.T.Gabel                       S.Tr     Manu                     4
Variants on St. Francis                                   D.Chaulk                        B        SP&S                     4
Variants on an English Hymn Tune (Holy Holy Holy)         P. Sparke                       WB P B   Anglo Music Press        3
Variations                                                A.L. Webber /Peter Graham       B        Rosehill                 4
Variations                                                J. Owen                         P        Manu                     3
Variations for Euph & Piano                               A.L. Webber /E. Wilson          P        Manu(Rosehill)           4
Variations for Ophicleide                                 G. Kummer                       P        O. Manu                  4
Variations for Ophicleide                                 G.Kummer /Mead                  P        Studio                   4
Variations on a Theme by Arban                            W.B. Hargreaves                 B        Wright & Round.          4
Varied Mood                                               R. Woodfield                    BP       Hallamshire              4
Vintage for Euph & Symphonic Wind Band                    David Gillingham                WB       TUBA                     5
Vi Ravviso, o luoghi ameni                                Bellini/A.Bona                  WB       Studio                   3
Vissi D'Arte                                              Puccini/Bona                    WB       Manu                     3
Vissi D'Arte                                              Puccini/Spaniola                WB P     Tuba Press               3
Vocalise                                                  Rachmaninov/Langford            B        Chandos                  4
Vocalise                                                  Rachmaninov/Mead                P        Studio                   4
Voce Nobile                                               R. Clerisse                     P        A.Leduc                  3
Walking Tune                                              P.Grainger/R.Block              U        MCMXC Philh              3
Walk in the Woods, A                                      J.Censhu                        P            3
Walthers Prize song                                       Wagner/M.Bale                   B P WB   Godiva music             3
Wasco e Alice (for Euphonium or trom and percussion)      G.Barbera                       PE       Animando                 4
Way We Were, The                                          M.Hamlisch/D.Barry              WB       MF publications          3
Weber's Last Waltz                                        Rimmer ed. Mead                 BP       W&R/Studio               4
We'll All Shout Hallelujah                                N.Audoire                       B        SP&S                     4
Welsh Fantasy for Euphonium and Band                      R.Pearce                        B        Ralph Pearce             4
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life                  M.Legrand/Frode Thingnaes       WB       Mythen Hollanda          3
When He Cometh                                            H.Evans                         B        H.Evans                  3
When You Wish Upon A Star                                 L.Harline (M.Kanai)             P        Manu                     4
Willow Willow                                             P.Grainger/C.Simpson            P        Masters M.P.Inc          3

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Winter's Tale, The         E.Watson       U        Edward Watson   4
Yorkshire Ballad           J.Barnes       P        Southern M      3
Your Tiny Hand is Frozen   Puccini/Bale   PB       Godiva music    3
Zeibekikos                 Wilby          P B BE   Winwood         4

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